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Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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if ,sc A ill 3: A F' 12 in .Iwi Mi. 'N 'QE' L - if M , 4, S, . -A --a , -7 .3 - - -A .ln Wifw, H 5 v E 3 i 5 I z 2 G Q 5 5 5 I E 2 E 5 3 5 2 5 x . 5 5 '. 2 E E A T U al .if-'s w' -all X z U. ' 'fi' 4 5 1 VQQ.-xifkx b N . W -' -hP",LL' , .x X, I-1.4- jwgsv v.--4: A 4' . , " f 1 W-4? x' an , V 1. ' ,.4 ' ' , r . 'af if mg-ar "1"-T1'g'F411,,'-U4'5'l'!f'Y',-'g'Kf1j Q, . r wi, '::' E.: -, W I . . , ' ' .. F, L.: . gM,, .. , , . ,. .W "Sf l'2'61ffaaSf.1-3'.. 4 . -, giifi' 1'-4-xii:-.Lf f. V-' M21 V , E f - "w,H1Yi'r.n.u 5f:ig1 'S' I ' .f Q fl: 71" '.-P 1- . '-..-j!"1,- 43 f , l - , ' i 1' vp . -, gl.. . , 4 , -mjtagfiifza-,auf -, nijl . .H ,. s ,, 144,51-,V 1-15-- 9: E W55725 if Q43 "2 , I e -Q-1 ,gh q T Vgwig "-.511 A -fr. 'ki ,-c",u"'3?f-332 1 ' A ' A " NL- 'E sr, ,:f ' .v,,'a' f. ' r 51:1 V' 1 1 ' 'lffwr A - ,V pgqpmz ' ff,-Qi-"9.?1fU ' . 5' fgg: -r L, .1 , . ' ' 4N.ff'f,- As 1 ,':..1 ' ' ' Tfii.. - .,' 'LL N - , .1 3441: - vf 0.5.--,. .. ', g ' g -L 114' ., ',':'aJ-.,- 1 Y, .2 JE "'!"A.x,, x 11 ,..w' L . A was f 'fu l--+ if.'E1':i Hh' S, S 6 T- I-fy. 2 I F' ,-'fi-'s:a?e'5iTi"1'?'f'vf1'-'f ' . ' ,: v.-eff:-7 2,111 . 'V15 ' '. . . J L5. ' - ,.f I P ' f?":.ff,s'Q " fgggj -3 n . :W ' ' Q. .' ff z -'az' - 1 ' ' Y ' i Y. I K' c H W :frv.T,C L 'ir " J iw 'H' -pf . '- 'v vi ., 'X 4 ,iQ--ff PCN , A , ,. f 1 .ly 5 . L gi. ' ' fe . 4, , i' Y F, A1 WE- j:Qi'qi1".E?kv:,'x.' -5.3- I . ,X ' .",. r, 'ff 1f,- -- 1 , .:g- ' .' W.x.,,,-V1 --, 5 , , ., 'L T, , kg :Zin , , x . yr, - -:. , 4 :.-V7 335 .-?2.' ' ,lf -1- QQ" all .LH 1'F .A .L 1-1 4,--Q ,..,.y 'Aff .- ,: as 2 9 'kfiviflg' .QM fgx-f , .. ,.,J!,, P " 'f . ' Tr.. .: 'f 4751 , Ll' Q,-. :?va,g 4 ' " QAH- F ' 075' :fum .Q , .-, f 'FGZISVLV -"L f2,,1r,'5 ' gwp. ,- z , ' ,,.A. , . m:.1?,-.J -- -Ag, lf ru, :.,,., .,.'x fs f -:fs Ta- . - f ig: rl-54 P' U,-, 1 1 ' w , e .-11.1 1,5- -'K1u,.,Qf11 '-Q-ki" - rv' 441 .j 4-f ' flglfwff -1 -1, , - A V H' ' f, N - 'HQ -A' 'nv , 3,-- My nj I V . - f fe- E 1 1 ' ' ' ml-' . , a , ,r , ,J ,V , x . 1 1, ' 1 ' AQ f-qi! V- it ,, .7 ,V V yr ur Y' . . v 5 . 3 . ,X- MUNHISKO 1 9 5 1 X wif f J .- P- S- . 1 z'La' ' "v w. 1 --' 1 " F x-.f s 2 sv , 'SSX - -14", 2 N- n . 1- . 1 J' M, "tfif'3,,k . FWFFW 41 1 ,A qv x 4 - fx, ' 4 Sr . n Y.-' 1? ' 4 .X 1 ., H54 X ,- x' 'n' ' 7 'X' ' 1. .- -. .. ,.,. 'V' 9-5 , , 1 A " . -.y,., L., N, . .AD- Fa -22' M...-e ... ' .'4'1' x rv . 1 f . Z' .- . Q" f lg gf. :-7-gi, . W.. fl". , ' "rn -J?-I - ' ': af' '4 ik ffl.. .., - s " . .V 4 , ,.i a'-15 - L52 -. ,. - ,,. , an 'YL H T- - . 'M L 1 7" .vw :- "E ' ,W :i-. . .. fff-2 . .,gp.,1 Q, K- 'lv -'.. .vi-ff ' -H. ' .- ,.".,'. EV- .Wiz 13, V 3'-ig. A., f 1 S ,., .g,-, , , f ...Q- I 'Y 9. ...L , , J - :A 7 'X A34 ,L , . , , , 'ts Evirff.-' wi , . '.-.L '- . ,in--. jaw-k , 1- A . ' qf., f 5 .N ,g 'ffzg-. N, 0 , -el .. ,- A 357 . ,. ' a,,:..' , .- P ',. 4 '. .-+- ir: nf' 4 ' - m"1 + ' . li' " 'ff' V' . 4-,'.4. V " - 5?YixC" xl M '--.. ff .r -.-1+ . ' , ",. 1 2 5. R . ,. , . .. .i" ' ,v f 1- .. ,.-V, I L '- rf. W 1 H .T. , 5. fb . xi, I . .. W , 'f W . . . . x V 4 n, ,.l. ' . A, - .1Q Q-fr '-.1 a 4,-V -,qty - -11 'FA' ,Y my--if :A H V , .1 ' in-. w' .A , ig..--..Y . . A.. : , ww, 2. :My lu' jf? QE if ,+A r . , -. 3 ' - TZ.. H, ' 1.1 e-53. 'fa tv 1 '51 11,5 1 . H H, 9, , 5, , . . H , 4 4, J. ya , ., ' Y - ..,,, y-9 6. ' A f wsrr '. ' 1- , .Av r , v,-. 4 .ay . 1, 2 il. -'N .3 - F E., THE MUNHISKO 1521 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF MUNHALL HIGH SCHOOL Au.. PENNSYLVANIA ALMA KUCERA Typing Editor THOMAS MU RIJOCH Editor ROBERT ROBERTSON Business Manager THOMAS IxOND1b Literary Editor MISS ELSIE GROAT Sponsor 4 uyovczu womrixcgk Copy Editor ---Organizations Pages 14-38 Tndergrads Pages 40-55 iraduates Pages 56-87 Athletics Pages 88-lOl Activities Pages 102-107 The class of 1951 dedieates this annual to Miss Sarah E. Cox, our sponsor and friend. To her thoughtful guidance, en- during patience, and wise advice we owe, in a large measure, whatever success We have achieved. 6 ,,,x, . ' 7 Left to right-Mr. L. A, Patterson. Mr. J. G. Garland. Mr. C. H. Reclshaw. Mr. J. W. Schwartz. Mrs. Eleanor C. Edmunclson. Mr. T. lVl. Rutter. Mr. W. A. Smith. School Board XVithout fanfare and without remuneration, the Munhall Board of School Directors faithfully per- lornis its varied duties. For a task which souietimes seems thankless, we of the graduating class of Muuhall High School wish to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation. MR. R. R. MLNVHINNEY. Solicitor 8 DR EARLE O LIGGITT Superzntendent, Munhall Schools To you, the lllCIlllJCl'S of the Class of 1951, your Superintendent extends sincere congratulations upon your completion of the high school course and your achievement of the goal of graduation. You are graduating in a time of confusion and in a period of great national concern. Many views are expressed for the solution of the critical national problems. In high school you have had xnany opportunities to learn the techniques of arriving at the proper solution of the issues which confront the nation and which face you as indi- viduals. Nay you always seek to discover the nlain ideas - political, religious or economic - and always cherish and defend the basic principles upon which this nation was founded. May you, each one, contribute your share to the ilnprove- xnent of the national welfare, and may you ever achieve success in your life's work. 9 l MR. MAX W. XVHIZRRY. Class ol' l95l, A writer with international vision proclaims that the world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience. Ours is a world ol' nuclear giants and ethical infants. NVQ know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living. It is to you that we look lor the spiritual well- being and material prosperity of our country in the future. May we make as much progress in the science of peace as we have in the science of war. May you lace these questions of the day with intelligence, a high degree of honesty, and una bounded courage. 10 High School Pr mr: pal MR. RICHARD D. KOEHLER, Vucalimml School Director My sincere congratulations upon the complc' tion ol' your high school education. You have finished the first step on the road to a successful :md satisfied way ol' life. Now, whatever progress you make will depend, to El large extent, on how well you take :iclvz1t1tug'e ol' your high school training. The application of the good habits and characteristics you developed along with the uhil- ity to profit by past mistakes will determine your place on the "ladder of success." 11 MR. HOMER W BEGG5 junior High School Prmczpal A few years ago high school graduates were lacing problems similar to the ones which con- front you today. It was easy then, as it is today, for the class of 1941 to let a certain feeling of futility modify their outlook. Yet the decade gave them undreamed of opportunities and advan- tages, such as no generation has had on such a vast scale. This time for decisions is vastly different. Ten years ago few harbored the thought that America could be attacked and that there would be a chance of losing the American way of living. Today certain dangers exist for the safety of freedom. To reinforce your ability and will to preserve the rights which are yours, decisions must be made, and strong stands taken. Security for you, and no less for the nation, depends not upon status or promises, but upon needs and upon your will to work for the things you know are good. 12 -NX ? T g. fi 4 x 1 w T"" X 'Nik X ' x 1-'g ! 'f ,K X A ,meni- 5, at 2 1 Q 5 ' S. X14 f""'-g A 8 J' -1 P . 1 Q Y 5 5 w ! -I --P' t,,..... ..' 1 . . . ,AU , . U ,ms H ' . Qgfn... . . 'M' nan:-ull ".'CQ ' u 1 ',,',"',.w uixls . , .- . HHH... - , , ' L. ---. as f . 1'- ' -il . ..,, Q . - .LQ V... 'w -mf. -1-.Zz 'M-23-1. 1 -5, zu f-A bn 2 Q.. r-, , Y A 1 2? WPA, , m 3 'Q 4 1. ' 'li ,nnons hffv..,,-w, Q.:-,:". . . . . .. LN.: ,"ue'.A:,.- '. ' ."jf ,..- .- - ' - H ' ,." 1 . Q .Qu f',.v,'.- ' . ,- 'n nv .' -. .QW o' ,,.' ' wx., 1,5 .. . . Q . Row 1. left In right7M. Flaherty. P. Walters. H. Eclcbreth. S. Hepps. M. Toperver. B. Hill. C. Misla. S. King. M. Urban M. J. Nlarhieson. Row 2-T. Murdoch. P, Sruffle. N jurso, B. Boot, M. Wilson. E. Koch, M. E. Kurtz. Fido. A. Boldizar. Miss Groa! Row 3iM. Prusak. Nl. Simko, Womack. B. Smith. M. Heidel. B. Jano. A. Mayer. Row 4-45. Schultz, G, Tyke. Havey. R, Robertson. T. Kondis, H. Porter. C. Dougherty, Annual Staff Tllcsc sluclcnts l12lVC worked llurd during the past school term to make this Animal an success. Endless hours ol' work were put into thc orgzmization, C011SIl'llCli0ll, :md publication ol' THE MUNHISKO. Duc credit must bc' givn-11 to Miss Iilsic' Grout, who guvc frccly ol' llCl' time and effort to kccp the work running smoothly. XViLh thc clistribution ol' thc Annual, thc last Senior Class project has been coniplctccl. 16 1 l H 1 vu ln ll. lull. ll. lmlw. R. A, Cn.nl1.1m. W. lnpvr. A. Crux. A. l.mdlu-rg. l'. Lulu-n zu. N lull-lm. ,l l'l.xm-., A lllmi-u. Nl, llolnfc. S. A. l"1.wn-x'. l". Nlmlfux vs 4 ' Slulllv. Nl. Al lNl.lll1.-Amlv. ll. lin-ml. Nl. llllmn. A. Nl, llnlru-L. -l. XVu1n.u'l4, S. King. ."X. ,lu ku l l lm mu-mls. l lhuyxwlx. ,l. Suullmxn, VV. Cfnpp. 'l' CJ-llc, lg lm-rn. Nll. Srlmllcx. Student tllill neil llla' SllI1ll'lll Klrwumil Illix xvsu. :ln in ilu' paul. ll1lS um' lllluc-ml In :ml lllv lllgll Srlluul l'lllt'l1'llllX. l'mlc'1' Illl' .lKlXIlt' ul Xll. l':luI 5t'llJllll'N. ilu- lzuullx' SIDUIINUIQ Illc'X lmxm' lu-lml illlIlll'N, xlxznliug ll1ll'lll'N, :mal lmlw mlm. 'lllll' unumil :elm lms lwc-11 wlling milk, :ut xml lnicfy, In llu' Nlllll1'lllNLll llllltll llllll'. 17 HI-LITES Row 1, l. to r.-P. Lewis, M. Orris, A Wilkinson. I. McKnight. N. Stephens, G Kazimer, C. Churba, B. Kortnak, B. Wallace V. Cirilli. kiewicz. H. Miller, C. Cregan. J. Franks M. Hamilton, S. McCuean, S. Niemetz, I OFICQH. Row 3-D. Zanotti. Garland. C. Bish koff, J. Franklin, A. Davis. N. Jurso, G Miller. B. Balint. J. Muir. S. Suto. Row 4-M. Slater. G. Scott. MUNHISKO Row l, 1, to r,fM. Sinai. J. Anderson, E Pasta, V. Pavuslcc, M. M. Agua. C. Muha M. ivlereniclc. L. Secllalc. A. Glick, L. Ulevich G, Bernard, R. Graham. Row 2-C, Rocci. L. Puspoki. M. Rosgone M. XVise. L. McCloskey, J. Wassil, M. Toth B. Stump. A, Crux. M. All. Pingree Mrs. Metz. Row 3-D. Ambro, R Dodge. J. Butala J. Stuler, J. Ritter. R. M. Chvasta. M. Carr D. Rogers, N. Lalich. D. Stuart. M. E. Kurtz J. Pido. Row 4-P. Bugos, L. Eskin. G. Reinerth H. Tishon. A. Kuc-era, G. Tylce. R. Kozalc D. Madzin. Row 51R. Bottesch, T. Kondis, R. Craw ford. T. Cook. School Papers The school Jaaers are Jublished Jeriodicall throufhout the school ear l l 1 I Y S Y to kce J the Ju Jils u J to date on the news. The XVoodlawn Hi-Lites is s Jonsored l I l l l by Mr. Richard Mzlrtinko and the Munhisko, by Mrs. Bette Metz. In the school paper, 21 student can read the news of the activities of the extra-curricular organ- izations. The Hi-Lites and Munhisko help break the monotony of school life. 18 Row 2-G. Byers, G. Cartmel. A, Tom- MllHlliSkll Salesmvn Nlunhisko Typists 'l'his grmip ul stutlt-nts sultl tht' Mtlllliisko llwst- typists plziyul .in inipurtzint mlt' in in l'2lK'll lltllllt' romn. 'l'ht'y took SlllJSC'l'llJllOllS lit-lping to kt-vp our sclioul lit-wspzipvr. tht it tht- lwgllllllllg ul' tht' sclmol yczir, :intl they NllllllllSliU, going. 'lht-il' jul: was to type tht clistl'il1utt'tltht'fNlllliliisk0Cvt'rytwnwcclxs. Iiist mpitfs llllt'l' thc :urticlt-5 haul ht-vn writtt n l'mlt'r tht' t"lp'ihlt' li"itlt-rsllip ul Nlr l.t's llunt l5IUNHlSKfl SALESMEN Ruw l, l in r C. Rago, S, Herman sdorfer. Nl. lVIaddugan, P. Kroll. C. Kampe, L. lihright. Row 2 A. l.. Defiuilio, G. Granite. Nl. Pru .ala H. Stupar. Row 3-S. Lialuwr. M. Toth. M. Merv- nirlt, ll ljllflfil, Nl. Nl. Bolnifli. Standing -H L. Brawfly, R. lVliller, U. Walttfrs, A. Nl. Patrick. MUN HISKO TYPISTS Row l. l. to r--lf. Kelly. V. l.u Psmu. j. Ander:-nn, E. Klinkn. ther. E. Rnw 2- Nl. A. Novotny, P. Kroll. Row 3-AJ. Pido, D. Puchy. Row 4--- M, li. Kurtz, A. Kurera. Stancling7lVlr. Brand, B. Pavlik. l'. javor- Nlcy, C. Koval, C. Kampe, F. Mason. Hall Cops The trzillic' in our hulls and on our steps is regulated by za group ol' students known as "hull cops." Students desiring ineinbership in this 01'g2lIlll2lll0Il must have at 2.5 average lol' the previous semester. Mr. Joseph Lacko is in Cllilfge of the hull-cops ut the high school, and Mr. Richard Martinko is in Charge of the IIlC1l1lJCl'S :it XVOOlll2lYV1l. WVOODLAWN Row l, l. to r.+S. Tomko, P. Lewis, S Niemetz. N. Malzone. A. Tomlciewicz. M Stevens. G. Byers, R. Szelcely, W. King D. Derry. Row 2-Mr. Martinlco. Riedy, F. Estok M. l... Szelcely. A. Franklin, Muir, V Schlossnagel, C, Brown. R. Briclcner, T Caddy. M. Slater. Row 3-R. Wilkinson, H. Doukalcis. F Marlin, B. Riddile. C. Anderson. C. Bishkoff T. Dorney, R. Franklin, R. Stophel, T Schorr. MUNHALL Hepps, D. Puchy. F. javorsky. Row 2-M. Prusak, S. King. C. Misla R. Reithmiller, B. Stump, B. Hill, M. J Mathieson. Mr. Lacko. l'lavey. Southam, P. Pavlcff, W. Capp, Rogers. Row 7-H. Porter, T. Murdoch. Row 1, I. to r.-R. Watkins, T. Talcach. D. Martin. C. Biery. B. Pavlik, F. Selai, S. Row Zip. Stuffle, Vl. Toth, A. Boldizar. M. Urban. Pido, Womack, M. Simko. Row 4-N. Jurso, M. Wilson, J. Pingree. V. Toth, B. J. Madar. L. Axelson, B. Jano. Row 5fA. Mayer, R. M. Tobias, L. Bar- log, P. Tishon, J. Wilcox, T, Rutter, E. Row 6 - K. Riedy. R. Robertson. J. H I -Y Row l. l. In r. -ll. Jarksnn, D. Konrra, J. Soiillmm. li. lnird. P. ljavlnff. D. Cunler. Rnw I Rugs-rs. K. Ricdy, Kirk. ll. l'0ru'r. Row i 'l'. Miirdorli. R. Cook, R. Will- iainx. R. Wm-lslm, Standing R, Rulu-rtaon. R. Ondirlc. lVlr. Srlinllvs. Y-TEENS Row l. l. in r. Nl. lVladcliga.i. V. l.i1!l1vr. '.. llrawly, ll. Marxism, li Hn-vnu. M. Sullivan. S. llm-ppx, D. Taylor, C. Nliala. V. llavucalco. M. Siliainu-Q. J. Su-wari. li. l.aird. , . . . , . . liuw - C.. lkuval, li. lklmku. li. Cm- ii-rvll. Nl. Carr. Nl. lVlrDonmigl1. A. Su-nu-r. ll. llill, K, Kama-s.lilca. j. liutala. A. ffrux. Row 5 rl. lluilco. S. King, lfislwr. ll. lllvnmlc. R. Ri-itlimillor. lf. Cranc. li. O"l'ouli- ll. Nlnillus. Ci. Williaiiia. H. King. lVl. Simlro. li, K1-Ily. Row 4 ll. Hoon, R. M. 'l'ului:m. Nl. A. Nuvuiny. N. Mills-r. l'. Suifflc, Nl. lVlallm-Non. N. Juno. ,I Vfuiiiaflc, Nl. Wilsmwli. Nliv. Nlafllr-Ili, lf. lli-lan. Raw 5 l.. Axclann. ll. janv. A. Nlnvvr. l.. liarlng, A. l.. Ill-fiuilin, W. Wainlwlm-r. lVl. Prilsrilt. ll. lin-l'ii1.uisdorl'4'r. O 7 W H1-Y 1 -rl cons 'l'l1c' Nunliall lli-Y is a lmy's organization ilillk' Y-'l'vviis, cmllposul ul' ulunim' aml Sui mach' up ul' Alunim-s anal Seniors. This ya-ar tlu- im' girls, is mainly a scrviu' club, but it li is lli-Y was umlc-1' ilu- lic-w spmisorsliip ol' Mr. om' annual ililllfi' aml manyoll1crsuc'ial alla Paul Scliallc-s. its main activity was an Easter during ilu- ycar. This yvar "'l'l1c XVinlc1' Cn pmgrain. ll also lic-lil socials llllxflllgllfblll ilu- nival" will ln- rc-im-nilwrcnl lmy all. 'l'l1c cluli fvar. is ca Jalmlx' s J0llSOl'K'll IW Miss Nllll"'iIl'l'l Mac l , . w llt'll1. 21 XVOODLAWVN Row l. i. to r. - S. Freebotough. B Fawcett. E. Obester, j. Koza. D. Ridgeway M. Orris. Row 2-J. Barry, M. A. Chilli. S. Broad right. Standing - Mrs. French, L, Repka. S Ball-ig. M. Bishitoff. H Miller. Hamilton MUNHALL Row l. i. to r.-G. Ladick, Moody, A Glick, M. A. Leskanic, R. Watkins. B. A Bevan, P. Adams, D. Puchy, Mr. Shannon. Row 2-F. Javorsky. B. Laird, B. Glunt G. Granite. M. Prusak. B. Stump, J Baker, S. Vajda. Row 3-E. Cotterell, L. Traurman, M Lacey. B. Mathos. R. Steiner. Stamp Salesmen The Stznnp Club is one ol' thc more uctivc flnbs of thc school. It has bccn orgzinizccl since thc beginning ol' thc sc-fond XVorld XV:u'. In this club is a stamp roinniittc-Q consisting ol' loin' incnibcrs who tzikc carc of books, salcslncn, and thc promotion ol' sales. In rcccin 11-ports, it has been stated that stamp sales are illL'l'C2lSiIlg. Mr. Lewis Shannon is thc ziblc sponsor at thc high school, while Mrs. Iva i'1l'Cl1i'il is in cliznrgc at XVoodlziwn. 22 National Honor Souix-ty XIVIIIIJVIISIIIID in thc Nanionnl llol1o1'Som'ic'ly is one ol ilu- highest honors Il high school slu- lll'Ill nuuy win. Xh-nnhc-rslmip is hzlsvcl upon Cl1:n':uIm-r, Hcholanship, I.c-zulu-rslup, und Sn-11 xiu-, :nul cl:-non-s il w4'll-rounclc'cl lwrsonulity Miss NIlll'g2Il'4'l llownl is lhc sponsor. Sr. Iixvcutivo Couuuittov 'l'hi S IS lll OIQIIIIIIIIOII muh up ol the SIUIICIII Council, Cl:1ssOllluls lull thc llo Room Rc-prn-sn-lllzlliws Ihr SLIIIOI lx u fnllllllllllll' IS IACSIJOII S uhm' S1lll'Jl'f lwss ll as sponsolul hx Nlxss Sn 1h Cox. NATIONAL IIONOR SOCIETY Snung. l. xo r, j Wlonmvk. M. J. Marlo.-son. P. Tlslmn. Nlns-. Huwm. N. jursn. Stamhng NI. llvlmn. 'I', Nlurdnfh, 'I'. Rum-r. SENIOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Row I, I. to r, D. Purhy, S. HL-pps. P. Suuffln-, NI. Mntlnvso-1, S. Kung. NI. Urlmn. N, jurso, Wmlxnnrk. Row Z- 'IL Rohn-rlsfm. Souxlmm. W. Walk:-r, M. Wilscmnl, Il, Hom. 'l'. Ruuer. R. jarkson, R. Crawford. Row 3 I'. Pavloff, W. Camp Rngm-rs. II. Porn-r, Iilshlcnff. Biology Club Students of the Sophomore biology classes interested in special projects constitute the Biology Club. Miss Irene Bollinger is the sponsor of this organization. The main pur- pose ol' this club is to further interest in bi- ology. Red Cross 'Ihroughout the year the Junior Red Cross has been busy making favors, sending boxes overseas, and collecting various things to be sent to different institutions. This organ- ization is under the capable sponsorship of Miss P. M. Charleton. BIOLOGY CLUB h Row 1, l. to r.-J. Riedy. F. Nemeth. E. Kenney. C. Grim. I McKnight, P. Lewis. D. Schultz. Franks. N. Stephens. Row 2-Nliss Bollinger, V. Schlossnagel, L. Repka, R. M. Rolewitz. J. Muir, T. Caddy. R. Brickner, B. Bingham, M. L. Svekely, C. Thompson. Row 34M. Slater, T. Schorr. C. Bishkoff. A. Corbin, C. Stefko. V. Lengyel, F. Martin, A. Franklin, C. Brown. RED CROSS Row 1, l. to r.-J. McCarthy, P. Flaherty, A. Yarkosky. M. Lanyon, J. Ebner, A. Lewis, I. Andreo. A. Blasko. ,I A. Bretsnyder. Row 2-F. Martin. 1. A. Doerr. J. Ryczek, L. Matthews. A. Franklin, A. Tomkiewicz, C. Cregan, S. Stickle, C. Grim, I. McKnight, D. Derry, I. Zimmerman. Row 3-Miss Charleton, J. Saracco, R. Ellis. M. Schenly. J. Kovach, T. Schorr. J. Barry, I. Don-iey, R. Wilkinson, C. Bish- koff, V. Lengyel. Ruw ff, Kr Slawml M, Palchilc, I., 'lkhon1r.on, M Huston, Row Gllrk. G. Hurvnllu. S. Km-pm-5, A. Angst, M Krlxko. IP, Bublk, C. Uohlk. Row l U. Uugus, M. Rutter, Pmnix. M. Mau-rnik, li. Cvphm-r, I.. Puspoki, S. Lndirk, R. Chvaxtn. R. Burns. Evans, G. Hvrvmrd. Row 4 G. Rv.-invrth. M. Bobick, Ka-Jxulwa. N, l..ll1rh. D, Rogers. M. Rcnko. I.. jnruh ll. Kumar. ff. Muir. Row Row Audm-rw. n-r. R. M. Slumkn, Stull-r, R. Shimko. W, D4-vry. Row 2 S. Kmgzht, K. Kalnvshka. J. Pnl' u-rson, lf. Ks-Hy, A. Crux, Hulnln, R, llsmnlgn-, li. Amlnu, B. liarau. Row 4 M, If. Kurw. Pido. C. Rocci. A, I.. lh-Clullm, li. Knrh. li. M, Hx-rmans durfvr, I.. Axvlsnn. A. Lxndhcrg. Row 4 Mrs. Gray. S. I.nymn. M. Clutter, N. Nndfam, A. Kun-rn, Mrs. Donaldson. I, l, to r. M Lou-.z, G, Patrirk. nrulm-,kV. M, Aguv. C. Muha, W. my, D. ffhasku. D, Sh-va, R. Dudas. Z - - D, Milmlko, M. Kushner, A. P, Harno, M. A. Im-aknnir, Wawxil. M. Ax:-Isun, S. Andrcws. M. Hoduar. 5 Mrs. Gray. Mrx. Donaldhon. REID CROSS I, I. In r. N. Walls. S. Bamny. J. un, M. Kwan-l1uk,h. Pazvlxk. M. 'I'om'r Red Cross 'l'llc hfuuim' Rrcl Cross, umlvl' tha- Sl1UllMll'SllilJ ul! Mrs. Ruth fll'llY lllll l'.lIl2IllL'lll llmlzllclsrm, llzns flour' :I grunt lub ul ilu' IJZISI ycxux zxllllbllg thc many 2ll'liVilii'S wcwv: srmling gil! lmxmm'c1'sc'zns, lll1lkiIlgl,2lX'l lor V1'll'l'1lllS lll our Yl'IK'l'llllS hospitals, :md kllllllllg ZIIQIIQIHS. y - . . , 25 lkhs Latin Clubs NV OODLA WV N Row 1, l. to r.-F. Nemeth. E. Kenney. A. Tomkiewicz. C. Grim. I. McKnight, P. Lewis. N. Stephens. J. Franks. Row 2-A. Corbin. A. Davis, C. Brown, V. Schlossnagel. A. Franklin. Muir. C. Thompson. J. Riedy. Row 3-Mrs. Hill, M Slater, T. Schorr. J. Saracco. C. Bishkoff, C. Stefko, K. Matthews. MUNHALL Row l. l. to r.-A. Glick. L. Sedlak, P Barno. M. Merenick. L. Ulevich M. A Dzuiko. C. Muha. M. M. Ague. J. Wassil A. Kaczon. B. Szatkowski. G Halter. Row 2-D. Ducar, L. Macoskv. P. Ceyba K. Muir. M. Rutter, D. Mccloskey, F Mermelstein, 1. Pranis, B. Bogesdorfer, G Patrick. Row 3-E. Mortimer. B. Fitr. P. Malus R, Burns. R. M. Chvasta, L. Pusnoki. S Watkins. M. Whalen. S. Andrews. S. Ladick F. Madnr, S. A. Frazier. Row 4-R. A. Gasoer. D. Rogers. N Lalich. L. Esken. H. Tishon, A. Gensamer L, Lacey, 1. Drotar, Critchfielcl, M Belyan. Row 5 1 D. Marmaba, D, Maclzim, J Baker. R. Bruno. R. Halka. B. Ax, E. Meze jewski. N. Pranis. Dzujko. R. Cowen. Row 6-R. Duran. G. Semancik. The Latin Clubs, under the sponsorsltip of Mrs. Bette Metz and Mrs. Iosephine Hill, are organized to aid Latin students in their knowledge of the classics. .Xntbitious and eager first-and second-year Latin students ntake up the club. 26 Junior Science Club 'l'hc scientists ui' tutncmwmw :irc starting out yuung in this lblgllllllilllllll, which Czirrics its stthjt-c't zt littlt' lilll'lll1.'I' thztn ortlitlztry clzissromn tlisc-ussimt. Mrs. XVztml:t Swanson lcztcls tht-sc' scvt-ntlt :tml vighth grzultr students. German Club This club is mzitlt' up ul' thc st-niors I1llilIlQ Gcrlttzltt. Under thc tlircftiott ol' Mrs. lflllxl x!11IlfiOl'lli'l', thv sponsor, lhcsc sttulcnts ut littrtltt-ring their lmowlctlgc ol' thc Gvrn t lllllgllilgl' :tml tho Gt-rtnzitt pvoplc :ts zt wh sing' itttcrcsting things :ihout thtst lzvoplt' in thct cluh llll't'llllgS. jttmok sczllzrwn CLUB Row I, l. to r.f D. Seman. T. Whatley, T. lhngor, G. l.adurk, M. Huston, A. Bugob.. W. Ladick, R. lnletvpr.. john, Salvo, G Marsh Il. lialu-n. I.. Thompson, Row Z- --M. Palchik, M. Patrirk. T, Long. W. l.opt-r. H. W'arren. Martin, B. Splatt R, Wytlcr, R. Salman J. Baptie. Mrs. Swilllhllll. Row 3 - G. Hagrrduch. Harry. C. fflmrlm, C. Knlupaon R. Mizalc, Malo l', Vt-rs-lv, H. Slarluxwsqlci, M. Krvto, P. Duclas, Cl, Opsitoh. D. lilorian. llnw 4-f A, Lippny, P. jalcim. N. Lyons. M. Maja-rnik, H, Palm:-r, li. Grecn. S. Nuas, Ci. llrugo'-, li. Albrecht. GERMAN CLUB Row I. I. to r.-R. Stuart, R. Devey, P. Wallin-rs. M, Toperzer, S Hepps. j, Burke li. Koch, I.. Trautman, M. J. Mathivson. Nl. Wfilson. Row 2---D. Litz, J. Womack, M. Simko, li. Jann. li. Zcbner. W, Bloonwr. C. Paner- nalc, H. Bailey, lf. Guiclish, Mrs. Vanfiorder Row 3- -E. Havey, K. Riedy, G. Bonner: l'l. llorlcr, C. Dougherty, D. Dunsavagc. R. R1-int-rth. Row 4- llishlroff, E. Brown, T. Eden. Library Club The Library Clubs this year have Carried on their usual duties of stamping and slipping hooks, collecting permits, straightening shelves, and helping students lind hooks for which they may be looking. The girls make the lihrzzry more c'olorl'ul with their interesting exhibits, and displays ol' various kinds ol' hooks. These groups are under the direction ol' Xliss lNl:1rguret Howzit, the librarian ut the High School, and Mr. Edward Busch at Xlloodlztwn. WOODLAWN Row 1, l. to r.-M A. Hamilton, I. Zim merman. D. Volinslci, M. Wichelman, M Stevens. Row 2-H. Bonner N. -Iurso, A. Yar lcoslcy, P. Arbuclcle, H. Balmt. MUNHALL Kneeling, l. to r.--N. Walls, H. Oross. Sitting-J. Patterson. D. Sleva, D. Komar P. Walters, R. Watkins. Standing-E. Stupar. N. Yurcon, A. M Patrick, J. Bulala, R. Graham, D. Jesko, A jusko, A. Devey. A. Lindberg, M. Wilson P. Tishon, B. J. Madar. F. Javorslcy, W Wampler, L. Barlog, Miss Howat. fl. Iiusltkofl, liranklxn. STUDENT COUNCIL Row I, l. to r -L. Kameshlca, F. Nlartin, I". Iilirkn-r, lf. Pt-arson. W. King, St. Clair, IJ, Hogs-rs, A, Lewis. Row 2 Mr Mnrrlitko, M. Slater. Nl. Snliovrt T. Srhorr, ,I jlncslco, Garland, IIOM E ROOM REPRESENTATIVES Row I, I to r. N. Stephens, NI. Sn-ke-IV. II. I.. Ka-nrton. Row 2 W. Jarlrson Kish, B. Dough- 4-rly. R, Cook, A. Cook. Row 4 - Mr. Marlinko, j. McGill, J. Ilowu-, G. Novak, M. Cawna, B. Sallinger. Student Cgunqgil Home Room Rt-prvsvlltativvs 'l'llt: XVootlIztwn Student Counril, with Nr. 'Hn' llonu' Room Rt'ln't'st'nt:ttivcs group Ritllaml Mztrtinko :ls Iztcnlty zttlviscr. lI2lIIllll'S consists ol at IIICIIIIIUI' Iroln t'zu'h I1o1nC room thc stnclcnt problt-nts of thc school. This yt-an' whost- tlnty it is to l't'lJl't'St'lIl tht- homo room tht- Illt'IlllJt'I'S sponsortttl SCVCTZII intcrcsting in Stntlcnt Council. Mr. Rit'hzn'tI Nzlrtinko social functions. is tht- sponsor. 29 Cheerleaders The Junior Varsity team can always depend upon its cheerleaders to stay behind it. These junior Varsity cheerleaders, who are from XVoodlawn, practice hard to cheer their team to victory at all the games. CHEERLEADERS Top-C. Thompson, L Repka. V. Schloss nagel. Bcttom-E. Lazey, K. Laird, P. Flaherty G, Kazimer, A. Yarkoslcy. JUNIOR LEADERS L. Matthews. T. Ilyas. A. Corterell. A. Yarkoslcy, B. J, Harkovich. V. Schlossnagel. D. Schultz. Thompson. J unior Leaders This organization is doing its duty by devel- oping outstanding leaders from those Junior High girls who show extra athletic ability and interest. Sponsoring this group is Mrs. Betty lXlartinko. Row 1, l. to rf-F. Martin, G. Cartmel, Row 2-J. Franklin, R, Cook, G. Owston. Row 3-C. Bishl-coff, E. Lacey. V. Lengyel. Mrs. Nlartinlco, C. Anderson, Franks, C. Y'I'uulc- I. 54'nIl.ll:, ff. IVIull.l. IVI, IVIML-null. bl. lim-III, NI, NI. Alun, A, flllrk, II. I'1ll. I', IVI.llus, If. IVIurlmu-l', f,, IVIAH. fn- ' -I. .f '. f-I . , '. w. M, lluuvr, 42, II.-rlmnl. If, Ihmlnlc, If, Sluymr. IVI Axn-lwnn. Row I Il, Ilmgm-rw. N. I.nlu'lx. If. lVI.uI,n'. II. Soil-umm, M l,. Whunplvr. I.. Iixkl-n. M I'.lvl1lc. ll, fuvulmrn. I7. Purluv, N. Yummy. J. A, Swuwr. IJ. -Ivwlzu. f.. Runs. Ifnw I I7. Llnvm'-.I-cy. Ilmnl-zwnll, IVI. AI, All. IVI Illlmn. II. llll:-an-V. II.'. lVI. If. Kurll, I'nIu. Huw 4 Ii, fn-Inu-r, A. Ikun-rn. Cl. 'I'ylw-. A, l,llullw-ry, NI. I., I5nIvr.m-Jcx, lVIlw wx-Il, 1 1 ,u Le-zulors llluhs ,xllllbllg ilu' lllllllf urgzzlllfzlllrms :ll sclloul Illc' I4c':1clc'l's' IIIIIIDS ramlx llig lllllmllgllllv. 'llu-il' pllxlmw ix to c'l't'2lll' gmnl spurlslllzlllsllip anal an sn-use ul' l'.lll plan JIIIIUIIQ, llwn lnvmln-rs..X4lm1lI:1m'c'Inlllvsvrllllms ISIJZISCKIUllQYIIIIISINIIVIIIJII , . 1 , IIY,lt'1lllt'lSllIlJ,1lll4lNtlltlllllslllll.NIl'lIlIJl'l'NllllJlSllllllli'lI1IlIl'l't'l0l'l',ll IS collslclvlul gm lmmn lu IDVIUIIQ' In lllvw clulms. 'lllmvrv 1111- Iwo clivisimms: ilu' Iunim' Irzulmls im lurling QIIIS Imm glzuluw IlIlll'1IIIlI lun: ilu- Scnim' I.c':ulm'l's. Illfllllllllg gi1'lsl'1'r gnqulvw-Ivu-11 :null lm-lw. 'Iln' SIJUIINOIN ul' llu' clubs am' Nliss Iris Clzllllxwll an Xlisslv1nl1lLn:ux:uIl. -IIINIUR l,l-LKDIZRS Row I, I. m 1. IJ. M.uImx, I'. Ihr-um. K, Ilnw I 5. Ihrnlmul. IVI. Iln-ly.ln. S. Ifllz. I 'S S1 llnl IJ Suu: un -I I'lln1 1-,S Cir.w.m. SENIOR l.liAlDl'1RS Ifuw I. I. lo r. It. I'--xm. I'. IkuwI1xlm'. Ii. ll Ill Left to right4E. Klinko. A. Ondeck, S. Watkiims. D. Lukacs, G. Granite. I. Olexa. C. Cadman. D. Walters. P. Kroll. Majorettes Our high stepping majorettes really create a school spirit. How could anyone watch them go through their stunts and drills and not feel proud of the school? This year we lose two of the best: Georgetta "Tootsie" Granite, the head 11121-iOl'CIl6 and Dolores "Patty" Walters. We'll be sorry to see them go but anxious to see how well the new ones will take their places. U 32 I IIVIIIUIIA rs umlu lIll lIIIl1ll0ll ol NI1 I hum IN I mlml IIIIN xc II Its mam Iwls Iralw IJLIIIIIIIJZIIVQI 111 use anplwznlm-QI In-low umm' fun groups Ihr alum I1 is hun mllxlclul into lun gmups this wan. IIN' .X K'IlHII ulmll unmsls mmllx ul Sunnis mul 1 lux IIIIIIUIS IIIV "II" mI1ui1,un1sistiug ul Supllmllrms :ml lllllll "II" IIIIUIR new I, I I. .. ca. v..,W. 1, MU.-. 1 c...1-.., 11. sl.-I.. I: 1w..I1..., cg. Vmlv.-I, cg IIIHIIIIW-l'. Huw .' IVI. IX. I, ff. IVIuIm. I. S.nIn5-I-lm, 1, f..nIm.m, M. Ik:-1-nmkn. In, III-lynn INII. Izxnnn-I. Ibm 4 If, Svugmu. N. IVIIIII-x, R, SInz1xI4n I7 flunlwlwll-, S, Chlnlun-1, "A" CIIIUIR Ihnv I, I. ln r. ff, fallow. Il. Kzlnnu-r I. Knnun, NI. M. Agn:-. NI. 5l.1II.lre'I. A S4IuuIu, R. NI Iirn--In IX IVI.n'lm. S. Iiloln-r II. III-um, IJ. ,I'.uylm'. IVI. ff.n'r. Huw .I fy. M1C.Im.Iu-v. II. Izrklwn-III. 5 II:-pus. K.uu'm5.1Ic. S. Ravcnyrrull. I' I'u-Inv, R, Ilmhgr, ff. Mnsln, -I. Su-wart. I, Amllax. Mr. Itmnwl. Ifnw I A. I.. Ilofnulm, It, f,rnm-, R SI.n'.u. IVI. I'xIml1, M. fVI.lIIxu-sm. N, jurxo I. W" M. V011-mn. II. Hum, I. Axvlxon II. Inu. ,I. I'm,gr4-1-. Ifuw -I II. M. II:nrvV. X, Imlx. A. I,rmI In-ug. ff. Ilmn,gIu-Hy. IF, Stuart. Il. Slulnky Il. Sulhy. I. W1I4'4xx. Ifnw 5 'I'. Ilan-N. R. Slvvvllx. If. ,Ivth-rv II I'1ul4-r. Il1mI1.lrcIs, I'. ffrux. W, Rugvrx vs' Row 1, l. to r.--B. Hermansdorfer. N. Miller, Klinko, A. Ondefk. S Watkinx, D. Lulcacs. lVlr. Shnlley. Row lil. Daly, F. Kern. F. Nlolnar. A, J. Franklin, F. Fawcett. M. Nlcnzcnzie, T. Price. Adainf.. Row 3-A. Porter, F. Ve-reb. P. Bennett. D. Martin, R, Spisak. K. Mtiir, Kovach, P. Cook. Row 47R. Finnecy. T. Hook, R. Wfallace, R. Crawford, M. Muir. Franklin. Richards, Band "l lctt' unites our Initial!" Y1wllCSL' strc wtntls volt livin' lirmn thc- SlllllL'lllS :lt Mttttltztllk lbotlmztll gamut-s. Ol' C'0lll'SC, almost L-vt-t'y loyal sttulcnt likc-5 tht: lmzttul l'I'0lll his sfltuol, hut hero strc il lbw l11c't01's which hull: cvt't'v 11015011 lil'OllI Nlunhatll to think his huml is thc best. The hzlml showed its llllllflllllg skill :tt tht- lkmotlmll gamut-s with ncix' lm-- Cisimt tlrills. It zltlclvtl spirit L0 thc pep zlssctnlmlivs, set thc' mootl lim' thc hlllllllll 34 Row I. l. ln r fl. Clrunuu-. l. Olm-XJ, ff. Cf.ulln.u1. I7. VU.1llvl's. l'. Krull, N. lullirll, ll. Nl. l'lnr4-v. Row J xl. llnxlnlcufl. ll, l'.1vlul'l. ll. lnglls. Cl. lVInrun, l.. llxgda. R. R4-nlxmillvr, lx Dnwuy. G. llalufr. if. Uplmkn Huw 4 IQ. V.u'm-r. W. lllumnrr. Kufrra. lf. Cram-. l.. 'l'rau!m:m. R. Nlulllup. H. Sllirk. Nl. Slum. Row 4 li, Havvy. Renlumnllvr. Sourlmm, .l. Parte-non. K. Rush. R. M. Nlallov, D, Currle-r. Band :mal Svnnm' plays. :lmllscml VIYIK' prulc- :ll Ilu- llzllluwn-L-I1 :xml Nlm'lnm'1ul lDllIlI1l4'S,1lllilllINlJl2lYl'll IIS 2ll'I ill llll'2lllllll1Il c'm1m'c'rl. ll ll wus sc-Imlulmmm-mlm lllllll'l,ll1Illl'NllL'lllllYl'l'SllYlllbllll'-CUIIIIIIQ. ganna ll l'lllSI1lllllllll1 il lbLIl'lltl,J1ll4'll in llu- lfvslixnul nl llaumlx :al lic-llnywoml lam Sllllllllll :mal lmmslu-ml lls slum- ul Illll'llK'lIJ1llllS lll Ulllllllx .nmlmlnslm-1 lmmls. 35 Pep Club Tho Pop Club was l'0l'lIlCCl to support otn' llztrcl working Cl1CCI'lC2illCl'S. It consisted ol' more than two hundred girls and Cach onc PllI'Cl12lSCil 21 Pop Club hat. The mcinbtrrs learned thc chccrs and songs of the school and attended all the gznnes with thc greatest enthusiztsni. The sponsor of this orgzniizatioii is Miss Iris Cantwell. 36 I1-Ir tu rlglxl T. llrullm, H, Gln-N-l', 17, Vuclly. H, Nlndnr :lm M, NL' . fl-mn-I ll. Xvnlklnw Ulm:-rlozulers l,4-IK gn XIZIIHUII :mtl XYIlilc'Y lllm- lzlmlllsn xxx Im' XlilUl'X um SIIWZINS lu' llunml hum um' sux pr-pin mln-c'1'Ir':lmlm'l's ill :mv ganm-. 'lln-xv gills wfnk Ilzml :ll ralllics zum! Q1llllt'NllDllI'Ql'lIll' IIHIIRIIIN on to Will XI lJl"It'- lI1l'HlIll'f slrnw Im lmwlvc llflll. lIlQ'f'1Il't'llllil1'l' lllm' spullsmslmlp ul Nllss lrls c1llIlIXX'l'H. I, -I.uv-nwky .mul M1-6. Cf.mlw1-II Seated. l. to r.fW. Bloomer. Miss Rush. P, Pavloff. E. Plavey. Standing--R. jackson. H, Porter. R. Robertson. Stage Guild This is ai group ol' Senior boys sponsored by Miss 'l'helmzi Rush. XVorking Saturdays and late in the evenings, the guild was responsible for the scenery used in the -Iunior and Senior plays. These boys took care ol' all the lmzlckstzlge duties and properties during assemblies. They have worked hard during the past year und have done 21 good job. 38 ,.- 1. . - -II" T- ,rig auf I ,- .1 11 ff , . . 5:1 .J-4 I . -Lf" 7 ' 0' ' K Agx 13, -.J "N ' .- J Y 4"' ' - 1. , :ui F S X .xx A Q wh -Al A . if-Y AJ .Mu-,, ,,,',,.,..., -451-wht ua-dw--P' -4'4" f 1 ,FM t ,, ff Su " x A V , Q-' . K 1 I ' '.. 1,5 , Q kt I1 I-, - 1 f 1' l' K- . If . Af. . V , I iii! 1 ' 44 AFV Q A 4' I , I 1 w 1 , 1 i Wu! T . J 5 fl ,Q-'T' L P' 0 U.. .f - n p- . w. 1. 4 ,J X iw ,, W. 7 1 rv. Q A., N af--'I si Na I I -'V Og' . o , . fx, ,- fs-, " if ANN 1.1 qi, A I' I N A 1 P n' If i L gf. ii QQ" Qi 3 Q., D if 4 'F pl 'A mia! Af.. 5 r I . X ,X Q-4151. ifkifi Q3-'Hi' gsjf- ..,.,.- - --- ' -we-11qnlug, 1 .4 ' .WLM K' ,flung L--.1--.. L. il 1-L L......., Q, 'ws U-V. Aa u +1 SF we 1 Xi, ' , n-Nu, .,,, Y .J .Q N.-. c-fr ro rigl1rfB, Firz. J. Pranis. Freshmen Hi-rc wc lll'L'Ygl'CCIl Frcsllmcnl XVe bcgin to rczllilc what 21 llznrcl job wc liuvc laelorc us. l'lowex'cr, yC2ll'S pass rapidly soon lllc doors of Munhzill High will close behind us. 42 Seated. 1. to r.-J. Garland. Standing-L. Kameshlca, M. Suhoza Franklin, Lcfl to right: Row l-ll. Ax. ll. Bulirxt. S. Bullug. j. Bamyzls, G llalrlck. M. liclyam. Row 2-l'. Bcnnvll. M. Bislikoff, G. Black, l'. Blazer C. Ilulrik. D. Bolmik. Row 3--I. Bm-liz. ll. liogcsclmlcr, E. Borcik, I.. Bur sky, I". lluylim. I'. llrzlllun. Row 'I-F. llrzlwcly. R. llrcnnun. S. llrozulrighl, C Brown. l'. llugus. l'. liurzm. Row 5-j. Burk. K. Byrnes, j. Carney, T. Carr, G Clzmmcl. ll. Castle. Row li-M. CZIKCIIZI, P. Ccylm, D. Chasko, C. Cllilll ll. Clu'r1.'p, Clunmn. Row 7-S. Cmmully, A. Cook. R. Corel. C. Crcgzm Al. Critchficlml, A. Cush. Row N-CI. flIySlllC'll, G. Dcliulh. R. Dlilllfll, F. Dm' nvy. C. llrngo, lj. llrotar. Row 9-D. Druid, ID. lluczn', ll. llurunku, l.. lluricn A. Dllflilllll. M. llzujko. Row 10-R. Ellis, M. Eskcn, W. Evans, F. Fawcett, S Ifcrrhak, A. lfcrrcri. Row ll-E. lfclsku, B. Fitz, l'. l'll2lllCI'lf, I". Ponzi j. Franklin, D. l'll'1lllkWiClI. Row I2-W. Fraser, j. l"rccborougl1, j. Garland, I' Gates, J. Gavlak, R. Gavlnk. Row I3-li. Gillol, K. Grccnhow, S. Grinberg, R. Grzyh. R. Hulka, M. Hamilton. Row l-I-M. llilllllllflllll. li. Harkless, B. Harkovich J. Healherington, j. Healhcrington, R. Heininger. -.5 ' I fr, 1 l K 'E N Ll - ' ugugfgfj . 2, Q, ' li f 9 l V 5 4 2 if J: V ' X ly l e- il- l' ff! A l 4' . F K sf. 1 L5 5 .H - gel I K: I ll 1 Fi A Fl W i ' if ' if '-f?l'!f!' 1 fl "2 A M 1 In W-J.141,LmQ, V f M.'.w : ' if ar ff . . Az . V ' -' ' 1 If . :fl . veil 1' v u' . '. .IL H 1 iii- ' R f . K . ' I 'I ll' wif' w . .fff.Z . .342 fg.!f.l2. A ' .. R ' .. ' l .saw ' ..,.f1. . 'Z Left to right: Row 1-R. Heiningcr, E. Hoffman, T. Holdswurlli BI. Holcwinski, E. Hollis, R. Horner. Row 2-M. Hornyuk, G. Horvath, R. Howe. F Humzuiic. Humenik, Hunt. Row 3-A. james. R. johnson, N. jurso, A. Kaczon l.. Kzmicsliku. C. Kuzimer. Row -l-B. Kcurlon, M. Kelcli, S. kepm, ,-X. Kirk. j Kmelz, J. Kohut. Row 5-D. Komnr. sl. Kormzlk, W. Kosko, KOZZI. G Krzicunosky, R. Kupcc. Row 6-P. Kura. T. Kuzmk, E. Lacev. 'l'. Laney, N Lzifko, F. Lnychak. Row 7-J. I.eskanic'. S. Lewis, T. Lippay, M. Loosz .-X. Loposky. T. Lorden. Row 8-I.. Macosky. P. Mulus. J. lxlllllllil, M. Marlin P. Marlin, R. Mason. Row 9-L. Maulicws. IJ. McCloskey, F. Mermelslein. R. Miklusku, R. Mikula, C. Miller. Row 10-B. Misko. E. Milcjewski, C. Moller. E. Mor- Cno, E. Mortimer, R. Moyla. Row ll-F. Mulia. K. Muir. M. Muir, R. Mullen. G. Novak, O'Donnell. Row l2-P. Olcn. R. Onaitis, I. Olll'CZl. M. Ori is, G. Owslon, D. Palmer. Row 13-R. Pastor, M. Pzimik, G. Patrick, W. Peters, Al. Pido, M. Plutlo. Row l4-F. Popko. A. Porter, Pranis, K. Proud, P. Raclisauky, D. Rall. I.:-fl to right: Row I--AA. Rilllilllil. Ki. RClllL'Illl. 'II RClllKlCWlK'l. A Riilgwzly, K. Rulics, Nl. Rulms. Row 2--C. Rnmig, V. Russel, R. Rowell, R. Ruclilk. M. Rulufwn, N. Ruslic. Row Ii--Nl. Rullur, Il. Ryuck, H. Snlml, I". sillgll. R 5Kll2llllllS. Nl. SKlll'l'll. Ruw I-HI". Salim-llmzm, M. Scliiculc, M. Schultz, R Scllwzlllllwlgw. G. Suwll, R. Sioll. Row 5 -VR. SUYCIZI. 'IQ Slll'lilliilll. XV. Slliclils. li. Shim Liv. X. Slim-ski. lu. Slalvzl. Ruw li'-I, Smith, M. Smith. R. Smullcy, ll. Snlmnon Snlliw. ll. Slziszlk. Rim' Slvwilll. R. Still. S. SlUl'l'l', A. Slllllfl. Sllllllll, Nl. Slllllllil Rim' H-W. 'ln-in-ll. R. 'l'1-rrimk. A. vl'lNlIllilS. S lllUIllJlS. Nl. lnlimi, ll. lisllml. Row U' M. 'l'mnkn. li. 'l'Ulll'lill'l'. IL. Yzilko. I". Ycrclw I'. VCIIIUII KZ. Yilnslvk. Row HI-W. Yi-sclviiy. I'. Yolinski, A. Vulosky. .-X Vrzlhlv, Nl, Wznnpli-r, ll. Wnssil. Row ll--KI. lvL'gllUl'Sl. S. Wclircr. .-X. Wilkinson, A Williams. S. XYisc, l'. N'ulf. Ruw I2--.L Xnrkusky, lm Lzulory, ll. fillllblli, M Zzivmlniik, A. fWill'll'll. Q5 '.?' .- 1 . , .,f , in 5 R' ' 'Lui . "Wx: K. ' L . - - . R R fl ' if V Q 3 ' ' 5- li Q... , I X - . P 'fl slr - ' GZ! mf., k W if .5 . Dj! l 1 i Q' f .ll L Y H i,1!l..f.. l :JA F55 K , If ,. l . lliifffffl V ym l ill:-fl ,if Q IA, :ii .win-ini ' x A 4 ' 31 5. .. ,M . , A , 4 A ' .,, r ' .,v:.f+,if:. Class of 1954 Sitting, l. to r.-R. A. Gasper, Miss White R. Cowen. Standing-J. Biery. Sophomores XVe have progressed one step upward. Now, as Sophomores, we are pre paring for the lortllcoming years which will terminate our high school career. Sitting, 1. to r.-C. Bishkoff, F. Martin. Standing-T. Schorr, H, Doukakis, M. Slater, W. King. 46 lm-ll In night: V' I' 4 '- Run I NI. .Xglu-, KZ. .Xll1ll'l'iUIl. R. ,xIllllK'S. R. Ami- 1 I Q ,Xmlxm-xxx, IJ. Xlllillll. Y A ' 1 .LL Q., . H-ws, S if. .Vik .A wifi A-:ie-1 - V . -fit A ' ji Rm. 2 In .Kl'lulxLl1'. xl. .Xu-lwll. ul. lm.-IV, ll. llnlinl 'T R . V S. Ilannfmml, l".. lialmllk. 1 - . S .R . il.. . , ' 4 . A ti Rmv IM--l'. Ilnrnu. ll. Bully, li. linyuk, G. lkcmzml W I.. Hflllil. ll. liirkus. Vg ,. t . ...ess .s - I Row I Al. Ilia-xy, K. lligmial, ll. nillglllllll, C. Bishknff. A A A W. Iiillm-r, S, BIUIIQT. . 33 . 1 . vi '. s I . . Q. RW 3 xl. mmifk. xl. mill...-, ca. lzugm, x. mul., ' R. limku. I'. lkurnzzk. TQ .. , H V 1- "Eg '41 I .... lv .ff ff V A V VV .xi -.dl Ram' ti Ql. Ilulu-smln. R. lglilLlll'l', C. l'n'0:lmll'igl1l, Ll. lhmvn. ll. lhmvn, Al. lirmvn. if W Rmv 7 R. lhlllnrm, S. lhngm, R. lkums, M. Bum, G l:xl'lN. I. Lzuldy. Ram' N -W. f.ilKllllLIIl, KI. 6.114-vsvlllzlll. R. Clllvalslzl, ll. f.ll'Xl'l'. W. flulvs. C, Ciunk. Row Ei -R. CIINCII, Nl. lluym-, IL. Cll'c'xzll'. Cuzlzl. R. Luszuk. IB. f.Nl1!ll'l. Row I0 lm llzlllals. Daily. .X. Ilzlvls, .VX. Davis. llcznkin. Ib. lmlms. D 'f - num ll s, mlm, ll. lmmnmy, 'l'. lm.-m-y, H. 'T V llmlkzlkis. R. Dmul, Il. lhzlgnjcxicll. sg . A ,. . K Run' I2-li. Hman. G. lllull, R. lllulzls, R. Dun- V I P Q V' R- 'Q if 3. 1 Run' IIS Ii. Dum, lj. l,lllilx0, I". lisluk, G. EYQIIIS. M. A Row ll-A. ul, Iwzmklin. R. Hunklin, ll. lfrzmks, S. A. I'4liIlil'l'. ll. I"l1'l'IN7l'Ullgll, ll. l"ll'llKll. . Q 47 I.efl to right: Row I-W. Freshwater. IV. Calliford. F. Garrily, R Casper. F. LICIIICIIIIILIFI, A. Gensanler. Row 2-NK. Gent. I.. Celli, I'. Girlus, S. Gilfllrisl, 'I' Glace, A. Glick. Row 3-W. Graliam. CL. Grcss, II. Grilmlnle, Cl. Grim I. Cuba, A. GnIey. Row 4-N. Hakes. G. I-Ialler. E. Hampson, G. Harris G. Harms, I.. I-Iile. Row 5-F. I-Ilasnick. J. Hood. M. Honke, J. I-Iowe I. Hriczo, L. Isaac. Row GWR. Isaac. I.. Jacob, P. Kascak, Kashuha, A Kavulie, F. Kazimer. Row 7--S. Kenders. W. Kennedy. Ii. Kenney, W King. V. Kirlz. D. Kish. Row H-J. Kish. R. M. Knhul, li. Kopie. J. Kovach S. Kovach. E. Koza. Row 9-R. Kozak, F. Knpec, J. Kucera, M. Kushner S. Ladick, N. Lalieh. Row I0-IJ. Larko, A. I.el1ecIcIa, A. Lees, V. Lengyel M. Leskanie. R. Lesko. Row Il-I'. Lewis. W. ljppay, S. Lili, M. I.op0sky. ll I.ncas, E. I.ucas. Row I2-F. Madar. D. Madzin. I.. Maguire, XV. Maj ernik. C. Malo, N. Malzone. Row I3-R. Mandzak. II. Maramlma. I". Marlin, M Marlin. M. Marlin. D. Malhos. Row IIIHK. Matthews, I.. Maze, 'II McAtccr, S. Mc Cnean, 'I'. Mrllermoll. McGill. In II . 'uIlc'mixs. .. 'in 4 ' .N ' il lil I.l'I'I 'igilli Q 4 Row I-I. Nlcknighl, Al. NIcSl1:lnc. NI. Nlcrcnick, R. 4 Q VLLW 1 XIII II XIII I Ink, ,I hh I 11. I 0 5 , 511 I If Row 2 -Il. Nlillulku. bl. Nlikulzu, II. Miller, R. RIUIILTIQ il. NIuI1:1.j. Muir. Row Ii' II. Nlurpliy. -I. Nzullnm. W. Nzmlmcr, I- NCIIIPIII. S. NICIIIUII, II. Nmzlfk. Run' Ifli. Nmullmk. fl. I,IlI'IIIgl'l'. .X. Opsilus, I. Ornsl, Ii. fyRUlIIIxI'. K. 0"I'nulc. Row SRM. l' I.. I'iIlIl'l'SUIl. II. I'zu'l1sku, li. l'alsoly:1l'. Ii. I'c'l'Ilzic'. Polzuuk. Rim' Ii-KZ. Imlmllalk, W. lmlnsnnk, N. I'r:u1is. R I'rnmI, II. I'1'mulI'um.'l. I'l:1sir-nski. Row TAIL. Pllpik. I.. I'uslroki. R. RZIIIISZII. II. Ram dulph. Ii. RIIIEII, NI. Rcpku. Run' N- R. Rl'IIIl'I'IIl, I.. Rvpkzl. R. Rvlsdl. Rid! amls. Ii. Rival. ll. Rivrly. Row SI--II. Ilngcrw, I'. Rogers, R. NI. Rulcwill, R Rnssvr. il. Snlalj. I.. Szilnlwk. Row IU--Al, Szuucm. Ii. Scllimk, Y. SIIIIUSSIIZIKCI, NI SlIIl'l'l'l'IlgUSl, I'. SCIIIIOIT, XV, SCIIIIUII. Rmv II-II. Schultz. II. SKIIIIIII. R. Schunlzu'I1cr, I.. QUIIISIIQ. S. Sc'iI'i'ic'4I, U. Sc-lnznuik. Rnw I2-NI. Sinai NI. Slnlvr. II. Slum. R. Snmlcy. 'I Slunlgrnws, I.. Slngon. Row III-KZ. SICIIIKU, N. Su-plmcns. NI. Slcvcns. W Slmvlis, R. Slnplwl, SIOIII. Row II-I.. Sliuli. Ii. SIIIIHII, S Sum, II. SWZIIISUII II. Slnlkmwki. NI. I.. Slvkcly. I ' . Q " I I 'P' Qfi I i . . i I , .4 . . I . " R ' 9 R i -'1. IP l . ' j 9. -. A 1 K , I ... . . r. I if . 1. If me ITV: 6'y d 1 . 1'-' QQ . 4 fi Q., 33.9 Jw 5 .5 I K I I 1 .1 L . . I M WL .W -'Qi -I-U, I 5 ' ' 4 5... -5 ..,f 155 bf 1 1H'- 'gk x.: 'fu bf . ll I l f I il P f, 2 it -111 if i , gif if' . 2 -I. If" f .' I fi I fp 49 Q2 we Q5 -N . ,,,!: 2 . 3 gl . iw Q , I l.L'I'l lu right Row I-R. Szckcly. S. Sn-ki-ly, If. Icrck, J. Thomzis C. 'l IIOIIIIISUII. R. Ikzlch. if . . ,ii I" Row 2-A. 'l'm11kimx'ic1. I.. 'l'mnko. S. Tomko, S. .Q .L .',' 'I10llCI'ZCl', .-X. Toth. K. 'IImx'nscmI. 4 -I Q ' Y .5 ' -i:f!..' I ik fri, - 'I , . - 5 .7 N J " in Row X-'l'. 'l llI'IICl', II. I'hlc1'. G. IIIZISSIII, I.. Ulcvifh H I . ci. Ifplmgi-r. xi. xumck. iff, ,-.gifs , ,,.. A V . 119 ' . QI 54:94 I ' is .I Ii: ' I 5 K j Row I-S. Ycrclm. H. Ycwclciiy, ll. Voliliski, C, YIYIIJCI, I I , If. Vmlmcl. KL. Walker. ' ,f ""': if . . I Y gf f' ' W . . .f gxnwig 1 .I ' T.: - I I K , f Q MV Row 5-ll. Wanili-sw. lf. Wznnlplur. I.. Wzlsik, S. Wall- is I , ' . . kins. Ii. Whzllcn, NI. XVIIZIICII. ,, --L A 'Q L, -. . 2 , ',.,., I f If 4 i 75741 wg, 1 kk . Row iifkl. Wliilc, Nl. XYIIIIUIIIIZIII. lf. NYici'I1cll. R. . . fy V? g ff, . I' Wilkinson, I.. V. Wilson. H. Wumlx. ' ,, W ? ,-. ' --2 fi, ' si H w " :," 1 Row 7-l'. Ynlsko. fuk. I, fIIllllICl'llI1lIl, R. lulllzlk. ' ' 4' 1 SODh0lll0l'0 Absentees Sitting, I. to r.-R. Kerrigan. R. Hinkel, R. Borish. C. Sipos. Standing. I. to r.-B. Riddile, A. Corbin, D. Derry. J. Evans. Standingfl.. I-Ioilis, II. Laposky, W. Kazimer. V. Bussert. Class of 195 3 sm ll Row I. l. I0 r.--Mrs. VanGorder. M. Sullivan, G. Ticv. Row 2---Mr. llrancl. Dirk Holter-flm. uniors XX'c'l1nw just mumlm-cl Ilmc- IICXI In llll' lam lmcml on llll' ruzul Illftlllgll high Ulllll, lmul llll'UllgllUllI, our clzlsslllzltcs ll2lX'1' lwlml l0Q,K'IllL'l' to Illillit' lllis vczll' um' ul work, lun, :xml l'l'W1ll4ll. llllllillly, zlllczul, wc' :Irv glzul lllzll wc still lmvc' um- umm- In-ml In rmmcl tw-cllwr 3 . .Xs llu- Ill'l'5l'Ill SVIIIUYN turn ull llllS mall, wv. ilu- Cllzuss ol lll:12, H'l5ll llN'lll mm ll 5llii'l'5N. 51 mal. lnuking lmck, wc liml llml scum- ol' lllc' lrxzwl was Hlllgll :Incl swim' was DHL, Left to right: Row 1-J. Ahholt, G. Adams, M. J. All, D. Ambro J. Anderson, Anderson. Row 2-B. Ballog, E. Banyas, S. Barany, D. Barnes L. Barnes, E. Belan. ' Row 3-E. Belyan, D. Bene, R. Berberich, J. Bickus E. Borsh, R. Bottesch. Row 4-H. Boyer, D. Boytim, L. Brawdy, R. M Brecht, M. Burke, J. A. Bryan. Row 5-L. V. Burkholder, J. Butala, D. Bodnar, R Boldizar, C. Cadman, D. Cannon. Row 6-M. Carr, C. Carrig, M. Chasko, S. Chilcote M. Cloonan, M. Clutter. Row 7-P. Cook, T. Cook, E. Cotlerell, A. Crux, F. Crux, W. Cuttler. Row H-D. Cybalor, J. Davies, A. Devey, W. Devey, R. Dohos, R. Dobrzmsky. Row 9-J. Dodge, R. Dodge, J. Dunn, J. Dunmire, A. Dnranko, A. Dzurik. Row 10-L. Ehright, I. Eckhrelh, A. Ehnot, E. Ehnot, F. Faith, E. Farrington. Row ring. J Row ham, J Row Hrabic, Row ll-F. Flaherty, B. Frena, R. Fuga, A. L. Geh- Gillooly, B. Glunt. 12-J. Godish, F. Gottus, R. Graham, R. Gra- Granata, B. Grieser. 13-D. Gustafson, L. Guidish, J. Hadvab, J. W. Harkless, B. Havrilcsak. 14-H. Healey, R. Healey, C. Herbst, B. Her- mansdorfer, J. Houser, T. Hooke. f It-ft to right: Row l-M. Hurvatlr. ltltlon, R. Inglis, -I. Jacko, H. jackson, M. jackson. Row 2-ll. -lcsko, A. jusko, K. Kznncshka, C. Kampe W. Kant-, l-I. Kate. Rim' 3-R. Killlllllf. IJ, Kelly, li. Kelly, E. King, j Ki-nnt-fly. R. Kcrrigan. Row tl-lf. Kern, li. Klinko, S. Knight, M. Koehler li. Kolesar, AI. Kontra. Row 5-M. Kostclnik, V. Kostovny, l'. Kott, Kos- ntla, C. Koval, l'. Kroll. Row li-M. Ku-soski, E. Kristofik, G. Kuhancsck, K Knra, l". Kushner, B. Lacey. Row 7-j.'t'y, M.'cy, B. Laird, S. Layton, E Lvlwtla, W. I.citt'h. Row H-j. Lesko, A. Lintlhcrg, W. Lowstcttcr, D l.uLat's, R. Luptak, V. Luther. Row 9-ll. l.loytl, M. Matlcligan, R. Malloy, T. Man- lia. C. Martin, j. Martin. Row 10-M. Martin, R. Martin, F. Mason, B. Mathos, ll. Mtllnvan, R. McCulloch. Row ll-l'. Mtliullough, M. lkicllonough, R. Mc- Laughlin, A. Mctlvc, R. Meehan, N. Miller. Row l2-M. Monk, R. Mortimer, M. Mannella, j M:n'cinko, 'l'. Martinez, M. Mczinzc. Row I3--D. Minfhoff, A. Nacllam, D. Nama, M Novotny, j. Nec, R. Ncmcsik. Row I4-H. Olcxa, A. Ontlcck, D. Ondo, Oncufcr H. Oross, R. Orluk. nf-s -w-9.11 ,,. S . is rf - . x..-!.E 2.2221 . .pf Ag? K fx", 5 xg , far X tt , . t if l I i g A 4! 9 l - , 'lf - . - , ff2.'f't Left to right: Row 1-F. O'Toole, U. Paskert, A. Patrick, R. Patsen, J. Patterson, D. Povozan. Row 2-V. Pavucsko, H. Peters, G. Pingor, D. Pers- l0l1, E. Pesta, E. Pishinsky. Row 3-O. Popoff, N. Price, L. Race, J. Reinhart, J. Reithmiller, M. Renkwicz. Row 4-J. Rock, W. Rogers, R. Roscoe, M. Rosgone, D. Ruffing, K. Rush. Row 5-W. Ruston, M. Sargo, N. Savolskis, M. Schamus, R. Shimko, E. Skorski. Row 6-R. Slava, D. Sninsky, M. Somuk, D. Stanchak, A. Staskus, Steiner. Row 7-R. Steiner, S. Steiner, R. Stevens, J. Stewart, W. Stewart, J. Stoffel. Row 8-J. Stuler, L. Stupar, P. Suhoza, M. Sullivan, J. Swatko, F. Thomas. Row 9-G. Tice, B. Tomko, Il. Topcrzer, M. Turocy, S. Uhrin, N. Vargo. Row 10-M. Vojtko, XV. Wain, R. NVallace, W. Wal- lace, N. Walls, U. Walters. Row ll-W. Wampler, G. Williams. L. Williams, C. W'iltrout, M. Wise, M. L. Yvood. Row I2-N. Yurcon, C. Zanos, P. Zentner, J. Zavod- nick, J. Zuhkus, E. Besnak. Row 13-G. Dindak, M. Kosuda, P. Kozak, F. Mrasik, L. Repko, Toth. Row 14-E. Vereb. Class of 1952 Freshmen Alrsentoes I.:-N In rlglu- R. Belyqn, NI, Stanclmk. Junior nAbS0llt00S Smmg, l. to r. R, Novak, R. Cogllano, D. Dunxnvagv. Slandmg Cfnrdir, T. Elkins, Ritlvr. R. Soxnmn, Custodizms and Bliltfllll zlllvlllug. I. In r. I.. Uursfws, F. Sluvvlu. lung ll. Shawl. j. lf,uk:n.m, M. Hrvlm. H. Dnvnw. Mrx. jvssim- Corn-r, R. Ruwlvv ,r V' I" 73.4 " 5' .1 vu fJ"' 7.1 ' I 9 I ...V gs? Juf K4-'IY"""'f"w . 1 if f' if vim F 43 4 5 if MISS THELNIA A. RUSH MISS MARGARET S. HOXVAT MR. T, T. CHARLTON DONALD ACKERMAN ROBERT ACKERMAN PAULINE ADAMS LORRAINE ANDRAS LOUISE AXELSON HERBERT BAILEY PAUL BALINT BETTY ISARAN LUCILLE BARLOG ROBERT BARRETT MARY BEHUN ELIZABETH BEVAN CAROL BIERY JOSEPH BISHKOFF ZITA BLASKO WVILLIAM BLOOMER AGNES IIOLIDIZAR GEORGE IIONNER WILLIAM BOLDIZAR BETTY IIOOT MICHAEL BOYTIM LA SVR ENCE ISREKOSKY CH A RLES IIROTHERTON FREIDIDIE IIROIVN EDWARD BROWN EDIVARD BUCKO JOAN BUTKO HARVEY CAMPBELL WVALTER CAPI' ROBERT ALLEN COOK MRS. RUTH N. GRAY MISS MARGARET A. MacBETH EVELYN CRANE RONALD CRAWFORD ROBERT CUTTLER DONALD CUTTLER ANN LOUISE DeGUILIO ROBERT DIETZEN ROBERTA DEVEY MARY DINDAK ROBERT DORAN MARY LUCILLE DOBRANSKI JOSEPH DORKO JOSEPH DUCAR HEL CELINE DOUGHERTY EN DZVONIK HELEN ECKBRETH MR. JAMES L. ZIMMERMAN MR. JOSEPH S. LACKO MR. ALBERT C. FRANTZ MISS ELSIE G. GROAT MR. LESLIE BRAND, jk. MRS. MARGARET M. YVALKER THEODORE EDEN EUGENE FAWCETT ROBERT FINNECY AN N A FERCHAK RUSSELL FIRESTONE MARGARET FLAHERTY JOYCE FISHER JANET FRANKWICH MICHAEL GAZDA REGIS GIDUS ROBERT GASPER GEORGETTA GRANITE KENNY GRIEII EUGENE GUIDISH WVILLIAM HARR MISS LORINE A. WHITE MRS. ELIZABETH F. DONALDSON MISS MILDRED M. KELTZ BETTY MAE HARREY DONALD HARTMAN EMIL HAVRILLA MARLENE RONALD HESS BARBARA L THOMAS HOLLIS WILLIAM H ROBERT JACKSON C. ELMER HAVEY, -IR. HEIDEL SANDRA HEPPS EE HILL THOMAS HODGES OVANEC THERESA I-IRABIC BERNADETTE JANO FLORENCE JAVORSKY EDWVARD JEFFERY NORMA EDWARD KARGOL JOAN KA REGIS KING SALLY ETHEL KOCH DONALD DON A LD KONTRA JOSEPH K jukso MARVIN KAMINSKY TRINSAK DOROTHY KAZIMER KING JAMES KIRK KoussAR THOMAS KONDIS OSTELNIK THERESA KRACUN MR. ROBERT MARKLEY MR. BENJAMIN ELKINS MR. SOLON WVILSON ALMA KUCERA MARY EVELYN KURTZ FREDERIC LAI GARY LAYTON DAVID LITZ FRANK LABOSCO RD IVALLACE LAIRD DORIS LANCHESTER JOHN LEBEDA LAWVRENCE LESKANIC ADOLPH LORENZ RONALD LUCAS IVALLACE LUTHY THOMAS LYDEN BETTY JANE MADAR MISS RUTH BRIGGS MRS. ERIKA H. Vanf-ORDER MRS. MARY D. BANE A, , .4,,g Q 'C' W 1 . Q' 17. r -'P' f A MR. THOMAS I'. EMMEL MR. RIQUIS V. SIIALLEY MRS. HELEN C. COPELAND A LIIERT MA RGO ,'-1.1 1. DONNA MARTIN X in 'V fri- ' ,N ,':' M A ln' .IA N Ii M ATII msoN GEORGE MARTIN ALMA MAYER KJERA LDI NE MQIILOSK EY GENE MCCA LLISTER THOMAS MfMlILLEN RONALD MILLER CONNIE M TIIOMAS MURDOCII .IOIIN MIKULA ISLA FRANCIS NIOLNA R CIIA RLES OLSON RAYMOND ONDICR 5 . 9 K Q ,I I . 5 ,, I . , - , e , 1-AE' F R I 'B omg M xx K A 67? Ji MR. STEPHEN V. DCAUGUSTINO MR. WVILLARD L. CURRY MR. NICHOLAS H. KLISKEY RICHARD ORRIS CHARLES PASTERNAK BERNADINE PAVLIK PAUL PAVLOFF JANE PIDO FRANK PIETRYGA j0AN PINGREE HARVEY PORTER PAUL POTOPENKO BERNARD PRUSAK MARCELLA PRUSAK X. UW MARY CATHERINE PRUSAK MA" , r' , 1 yv ' ., A XC? my I SY! xy, L V DHIROTI-lv PUCHY MARLENE RACE HELEN RASCHAK MR. I'AIVL H. SCIIALLES MR. ,IOHN L. MQIZARTHY MR. CHARLES E. IILICK SHIRLEY RAVENSCROFT IOSEPHINE REEVES RICHARD REINERTH RUTH REITHMILLER KERMIT RIEDY DONALD RIES .1 ,I Lv. ,.:3 ff V , w, A Y WF . , . WILLIAM Rf. ROIIERTSON CORRINE ROCCI JAMES ROGERS THOMAS RUTTER jAMES RYAN ALBERT SALAPA ARLENE SCHULTZ SYLVIA SCHULTZ FLORENCE SELAI ML JAMES SENICH ROBERT SERECHIN MARLENE SIMKO RONALD SHIELDS FRANK SKORSKI SHIRLEY SNINSKY BERNADETTE SMITH JOANNE SOROBACH JOHN SOUTHAM MARY JANE STALLA RD NINA STASKUS RUTH STUART DAVID STUART PATRICIA STUFFLE BETTY STUMP MR. HORACE H. TRIMBLE MR. LEWIS SHANNON DAN SUCIIY FRA NCIS SZATKOIVSKI DOROTIIY TAYLOR THELMA TAKACH DONALD TILVES PATRICIA TISHON ROSE IVILLI A M TOMKO DONNA TIM MS MARIE TOBIAS NORMA JEAN TOMRO CURTIS TOPERZER MARY TOTII VILM M ARLENE TOPERZER A TOTH LORETTA ANN TRAUTMAN MISS ADA B. IVIDDOIVSON MR, HARRY RAMSAY I Q ge MR. IVILBUR C. EICHLER MR. THOMAS MQGRATH MR. PETER ZECCA FRANCES TUTKO GERALDINE MILDRED ANN URBAN TYKE LILLIAN ULLOM CHARLES VARNER WILLIAM WALKER DOLORES PATRICIA WALTERS WILDA JEAN WAMPLER RUTH WVEIR RUTH WATKINS RICHARD WELSH RICHARD WILHELM JOHN wxLcox ROY WILLIAMS MARGARET WILSON MR. CLYIIE F. MOCK MISS IIOROTHY G. NEIVELL MISS SARAH E. COX MICHAEL WINTERS jOYCE WOM ACK LARRY YANYO MARIAN WYCICH IOHN YARKOSKY IIA RIIA RA ZEIINER IIERNADETTE ZAPF PETE ZOGRAN MISS IRIS M. CANTWELL MISS MARGARET JEAN CRAVATT MRS. BETTE METZ .3 ' ' Class of 1951 X : miss,-aug: .air xxx Y S Q ,X .g s Q --F 5 if if in gym.-Numan mi '- jwb' N,1F .,,,,. XM ,mi- ra pix Q , 4 f 9 ,::i5f::f':I:5f iwsgk J: S ,. .,,,.:, i V i Q V qz , ,,ii if y . X. X ix .3 V ii e,,1' ' Y Q i S H ssfilifli' - A if si 5 S ieii5ffH'7A ,,,-. 5 Lir' ' Z' "f':IifI3f'S il i 3 B52 I I V g Mg? 25 fe L3 1 3 Qu- 17 . ,if I ' y H Q, 51. fkfafkifizieffi A 0 if wi Y ' J1..: f SQ 1 M R 3 5 'Q M-aw ig - .wir- is-'f Y.. -Q wwf. fl 5. 35 7,.7 if MX- '1 O SBIIIOYS 'I'he time has cmne when we the Class nl' l95l nl' Munhall High Seliool must lake leave ol our Alma Maier. Our hearts are happy because the goal ol' graduation has been reached, but al the same time sad because the final chapter ol' our high school career has been written. XVi!h this last work, the MUNI-IISKO, we depart saying. "Ava-l Valel' Hail! and Farewell! SENIOR CIASS Olfl"lfZliRS l.ell lo right: Nmum llvkso , S1'rr1'l11ry-'l'rr'u.vln'c'r lIAlu'lw l'ok'ii-ik l'if'4'-1'n'sirlrlil lVll.l.I.-XXI R. Ruin-:kisrw .l'r1'.viflw:r 73 Senior Directory DONALD ACKERMAN "Ack" Tall, good lookingg blond wavy hairg shy with girlsg hails from Whitaker: future is undecided. ROBERT ACKERMAN "Bob" Quietg friendlyg always has a smileg hard workerg undecided about future. PAULINE ADAMS Shortg well-likedg amiableg Choirg Senior playg Red Crossg Stamp Salesman: Latin Clubg plans to enter nurse's training. LORRAINE ANDRAS Prettyg pleasing personalityg always laughingg Choirg Junior Travel Clubg Latin Clubg Stamp Salesman: will become a nurse. LOUISE AXELSON Good-naturedg neat: always joking: junior Leadersg Red Crossg Hall Patrolg Y-Teensg Library Clubg usherette for Junior playg plans to become a medical secretary. HERBERT BAILEY ' "Herb" Very quietg seriousg well-likedg came from Newfoundlandg good studentg German Clubg future is undecided. PAUL BALINT "Ted" Hails from the Auto Shopg usually seen with "Scut"g Woodlawn Hi-Yg future is undecided. BETTY BARAN "Beets" Doesn't talk muchg shortg nice dresserg Red Crossg shy with boysg plans to go to business school. LUCILLE BARLOG "Luc" Tallg pleasing personalityg junior Leadersg Y-Teensg Red Crossg Munhiskog annual salesmang Senior playg usherette for Junior playg Library Clubg Hall Copy candy salesmang to attend nurse's training. ROBERT BARRETT "Tahee" Smooth dancerg attends Vocational Schoolg never unhappyg will continue to work for Barrett Cleaners. MARY BEHUN "Mar" A pretty missg neat dresserg quiet but friendlyg junior Varsity Cheerleader: Woodlawn Y-Teensg Hall Patrolg Library Clubg Woodlawn Hi-Litesg plans to become a receptionist. ELIZABETH BEVAN "Betty" Smallg a friendly lassg cousin of Bobg junior Varsity Cheerleaderg Y-Teensg Stamp Salesmang Latin Clubg Junior Leadersg future is u.ndecided. CAROL BIERY Shorty quietg good-naturedg serious workerg Library Clubg Hall Patrolg plans to do office work after graduation. JOSEPH BISHKOFF "joe" Tallg friendlyg likes to tease girlsg excellent violinistg Band: soloist for junior and Senior playsg district and state orchestrasg Woodlawn Dramatic Clubg Senior Executive Committeeg will become a professional violinist. ZITA BLASKO "Zeet" Always smiling: full of fung can be seen with "Dot": Munhisko: Woodlawn Library Clubg Y-Teensg Hi-Litesg plans to attend business school after graduation. 74 WILLIAM BLOOMER "Bill" Band for five years: Stage Guild: Senior play: German Club: nice personality: usually seen with the kids from the Park: plans to join the Navy. AGNES BOLDIZAR "Ag" Short: pretty black hair: nice personality: Red Cross: Hall Patrol: annual salesman: usherette for junior and Senior plays: plans to become a steno- grapher. WILLIAM BOLDIZAR "Baldy" Always whistling: from the Machine Shop: will be a success as a machinist in the U. S. Navy. GEORGE BONNER "Bones" Usually teasing the girls: loafs with the Park gang: Latin Club: German Club: Woodlawn Hi-Y: junior High football: volleyball: Red Cross: plans to attend college. BETTY BOOT "Bootsie" Curly-haired miss: cute and friendly: Hall Cop: Student Council: Y-Teens: junior play: Choir: Woodlawn Y-Teens: to go to business school. MICHAEL BOYTIM "jukie" One of the project gang: friendly: baseball: Junior High basketball: Wood- lawn Hi-Y: undecided about the future. LAWRENCE BREKOSKY "Larry" Nice looking: neat dresser: usually seen with "Ack" or Mary: nice personality: undecided about the future. CHARLES BROTHERTON "Chuck" Tall, quiet chap: usually seen with joe Bishkoff: Woodlawn Hi-Y: Wood- lawn Hall Patrol: to do electrical work after graduation. EDWARD BROWN "Browny" Tall, quiet chap: nice personality: Freddie's twin: German Club: one year of football: volleyball: to study law at Pitt. FREDDIE BROWN Tall, quiet but friendly lass: Red Cross: German Club: Junior Choir: Girl's softball and basketball team: plans to further her education. EDWARD BUCKO "Country" Tall, friendly fellow: hails from the Auto Shop: basketball: intends to enlist in the Marines. JOAN BUTKO "Joanie" Pleasant lass: nice personality: pet peeve: Bob: Woodlawn Hi-Lites: Hall Patrol: Dramatic Club: Library Club: Y-Teens: secretary of German Club: hopes to be a seamstress. HARVEY CAMPBELL "Herk" Blond, curly hair: handsome: friendly: intends to join the Navy. WALTER CAPP "Bub" Likable lad: enjoys having fun: honor student: president of Student Coun- cil: junior and Senior plays: Hall Patrol: Annual: will go to college to study engineering. ROBERT ALLEN COOK "Goo" Cute: dark hair: Woodlawn Red Cross: Woodlawn Hi-Y: Woodlawn Latin Club: wrestler for four years: to attend college. 75 EVELYN CRANE "Eve" Very friendly girlg easy to get along withg Hall Patrolg Junior and Senior playsg Choirg Y-Teensg Bandg will attend B.T.C. RONALD CRAWFORD "Red" Red, curly hairg cuteg friendly to allg Hi-Yg Munhisko Staffg Bandg Senior Executive Committeeg future is undecided. DONALD CUTTLER "Lunkhead" Tallg good-natured fellowg Bandg Hi-Yg sold refreshments at gamesg future is undecided. ROBERT CUTTLER "Bob" Tall ladg Don's twing friendlyg likableg Woodlawn and Munhall Hi-Yg plans to attend business school. ANN LOUISE DeGUILIO "Baby" Sweet lassg likableg Munhisko Salesmang Woodlawn Library Clubg annual salesmang Dramatic Clubg plans to be a nurse. ROBERTA DEVEY "Bobby" Friendly galg athletic abilityg Woodlawn Dramatic Club: Hall Copsg Library Clubg Manager of Jr. Varsity Cheerleadersg Choirg German Clubg Junior Executive Council: plans to enter Pitt Pharmacy School. ROBERT DIETZEN "Dietz" A tall, curly haired ladg hails from the Parkg Hi-Yg plans to go into cabinet making. MARY DINDAK "Mary Dee" Quiet, dark-haired missg hails from Whitakerg will be an asset to any office. MARY LUCILLE DOBRANSKI "Mary Lou" Tallg friendly lassg Red Crossg annual salesmang Senior Leadersg Hall Patrolg Freshman Student Councilg secretary to Mr. Wilsong will join the service. ROBERT DORAN "Clark" Pleasing personalityg likes to tease the girlsg Latin Clubg Hi-Yg will go to college. JOSEPH DORKO "Joe" One of our muscle-bound wrestlersg was a member of our Steel Valley Champ- ionship football teamg Auto Shopg future undecided. CELINE DOUGHERTY "Doc" Very pleasant personalityg silky black hairg has an infectious laughg Dramatic Clubg Library Clubg Y-Teensg Red Crossg German Clubg Choirg Annualg will wear a white cap. H JOSEPH DUCAR "Joe Tall blondg shy around girlsg Electric Shopg one of the Ravine Street gangg future undecided. HELEN DZVONIK "Babe" A cute gal with an engaging smileg Y-Teensg Munhisko Salesman in Fresh- man yearg will make an efficient secretary. HELEN ECKBRETH "Eckie" One of our shorter lassesg Y-Teensg Library Clubg annual salesmang Choirg plans to be a beautician. 76 THEODORE EDEN "Ted" Tall, shy QQ lad: likable: part of the lVhitaker gang: good musician, Band: plans to become an electrical engineer after graduation. EUGENE FAWCETT "Popeye" Hails from Munhall Neighborhood House: Electric Shop: played junior Varsity basketball: loafs with joe Kostelnik: future lies along electrical lines. ANNA F ERCHAK "Ann" Halls from Woodlawn: Y-Teens: WVoodlawn Hall Patrol: Hi-Lites: Library Club: Dramatic Club: will attend business school. ROBERT FINNECY "Finny" Loves to tease people-particularly girls: a member of the Band and the Science Club: undecided about his future. RUSSELL FIRESTONE "Russ" Hails from the Auto Shop: his greatest pleasure is in driving his hot rod: will drive one at Heidelberg. JOYCE FISHER "joy" A pretty brownette: full of pep, vim, and vigor: active in the junior Leaders: Y-Teens: Library Club: plans to become a stenographer after graduation. MARGARET FLAHERTY "Peggy" One of the junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Dramatic Club: Y-Teens: Hi-Lites: Munhisko: annual salesman: intends to enter a business college. JANET FRANKWICH "judge" One of our shorter blondes: often seen with "Babs": a member of the junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: Pep Club: plans to seek a career in the business field. ROBERT GASPER "Bob" A friendly fellow with a very nice personality: painted scenery for the jun- ior and Senior plays: intends to be a successful salesman. MICHAEL GAZDA "Mike" Attends Vocational School: Electric Shop: a great friend of "Greene": hopes to obtain a job after graduation. REGIS GIDUS "Joe" Tall: nice curly hair: always joking: he is now serving Uncle Sam. GEORGETTA GRANITE "Tootsie" Friendly miss: has a smile for everyone: head Majorette: Munhisko Sales- man: to rest after graduation. KENNY GRIEB "Ken" A pleasant member of the Bellwood gang: has nice curly brown hair: plans to attend school and study to become a draftsman. EUGENE GUIDISH "Gene" A pleasant lad with a lot of ambition: German Club: good with his hands: hopes to become an architect. WILLIAM HARR "Big Bill" Tall, light haired lad: usually seen with Firestone, Rege King and "Punchy" Barnes: Auto Shop: hails from Homestead Park. 77' BETTY MAE HARREY "Betz" Friendly and popular, Choirg Red Cross Representativeg annual salesmang color guardg will do general office work. DONALD HARTMAN "Don" Neat dresserg usually seen with "Twitch," Rogers, and "Dewey"g intramural sportsg hails from West Miffling plans to attend college. C. ELMER HAVEY, JR. "jack" Friendly ladg Band, Woodlawn Dramatic Clubg Hall Patrolg Junior and Senior playsg Stage Guildg Annual: German Clubg County Bandg plans to attend college. EMIL HAVRILLA "Cook" Popular ladg seen around school with Molnar, and Tilvesg hails from the Projectsg future plans are undecided. MARLENE HEIDEL "Mar" Popular missg usually seen with Marcie, Ritter, and Stularg annual salesman' a good jitterbuggerg will do office work. 1 SANDRA HEPPS "sandy" Cute blonde missy Y-Teens, Red Crossg Hall Patrolg Choirg Latin Club: German Clubg Stamp Salesmang annual salesmang substitute cheerleader, junior Travel Clubg will enter nurse's training. RONALD HESS "Ron" Tall, thin fellow, usually seen with Ruby, Jim, and Edg in the Whitaker gang, baseball, very bashful with the opposite sexy will be a machinist. BARBARA LEE HILL "Butch" Jolly miss with a pleasing personalityg Y-Teensg candy salesmang Hall Patrol: Hi-Litesg Stamp Salesmang Library Club: Miss Newell's secretary: hopes to be a secretary. THOMAS HODGES "Gil" Short, friendly lad, usually seen with Vince and Johng plans to attend Car- negie Tech to study nuclear physics. THOMAS HOLLIS "Huck" Friendly, tall, dark haired lady usually seen with "Ade," Wilcox, and Griebg Choirg hails from Bellwood. WILLIAM HOVANEC "Bill" Friendlyg whiz at science G53 shy with the opposite sexg seen with Jimmy and Knobbyf' plans to be a salesman. TI-IERESA HRABIC "Tessie" Long brown hairg popularg Cheerleaderg Y-Teensg plans to do office work. ROBERT JACKSON "Hooty" Pleasing personality, loves a good timeg usually found with the Laird twins, Hi-Yg Woodlawn Sophomore secretaryg Student Council, Latin Club, Red Crossg Stage Guild, Munhiskog to go to college. BERNADETTE JANO "Bernie" Neatg pretty hairg Y-Teens, Choirg Red Cross, Hall Patrol: annual salesrnang German Clubg plans to be an airline hostess. FLORENCE JAVORSKY "Fuzzy" Our peppy cheerleader managerg always laughingg junior and Senior Leaders, Red Cross, Stamp Salesmang candy salesmang Hall Patrolg secretary to Mrs. Neundorfg to do office work. 78 EDWARD JEFFERY i"Tex" Quiet: nice looking: has a friendly smile for everyone: Choir: plans to attend college. NORMA jURSO "Norm" A peppy miss: National Honor Society: secretary-treasurer of junior and Senior Class: junior and Senior plays: annual salesman: rifle team: candy salesman: Hall Patrol: plans to attend college. MARVIN KAMINSKY "Marv" Quiet but friendly: formerly from Scott: usually seen with Dave and Frank: undecided about his future. EDWARD KARGOL "Ed" "Voc": played football: usually seen with "Ron" and "jim": future undecided JOAN KATRINSAK "Joannie" One of our smaller girls: usually seen with "Cookie" and "josie": Y-Teens: future undecided. DOROTHY KAZIMER "Dot" Quiet lass: Choir: concert: Science Club: plans to do office work. REGIS KING "Regus" Good looking fellow: friendly: Machine Shop: undecided about the future. SALLY KING "Sal" Blonde-haired miss: friendly: Y-Teens: junior Class play: Hall Patrol: Student Council: Miss MacBeth's secretary: to become a secretary. JAMES KIRK "Jim" Friendly, good-natured fellow: likes to tease: Hi-Y: to join the Air Corps. ETHEL KOCH Friendly: blonde miss: Red Crossg- German Club: German Music Club: Annual: will enter nurse's training. DONALD KOLESAR "Kale" Tall, good-looking Vocational lad: Electric Shop: plans to become an electrician. THOMAS KONDIS "Tom" Tall: friendly lad: Hall Patrol: literary editor of Annual: Latin Club: Senior play: Munhisko: Woodlawn Dramatic Club: to go to college. DONALD KONTRA "Don" Friendly: nice smile: wrestling squad: Hi-Y: Science Club: plans to further his education. .IOSEPH KOSTELNIK "joe" A friendly fellow: has a nice smile: likes to tease: Home Room Representa- tive: Hi-Y: Stamp Salesman: undecided about the future. THERESA KRACUN "Trese" A short, friendly miss: Library Club: Choir: Y-Teens: Munhisko typist: Stamp Salesman: to do office work or join the Waves. 79 ALMA KUCERA "Kuch" A cute missg a friendly smile for allg Senior Leaders: Editor of News for Mun- hiskog president of Red Cross: chief typist for Annual and Munhiskog plans to enter nursing. MARY EVELYN KURTZ "Melee" Blonde haired missg quiet and friendlyg Munhiskog Annual: annual sales- mang Senior Leadersg secretary to Miss Whiteg plans to become a secretary. FRANK LABOSCO "La-Be" Dark haired ladg friendly to everyoneg pleasing personalityg can be seen with Daveg future plans are undecided. FREDERIC LAIRD "Freddy" Pleasing personalityg loves to tease the girls: lVally's taller twing Munhisko: I-Ii-Yg hopes to attend college. WALLACE LAIRD "VJ ally" Fred's flirting twin: verv cur: liked bv all: '.'.'o'vl'a'vn and Nunhall Hi-YQ Woodlawn Hi-Litesg can't quite make up his mind about the future. DORIS LANCHESTER "Chick" Shortg well-liked lassg Y-Teen and Library Club at Viloozllawng plans to be a secretary. GARY LAYTON A tall, quiet ladg pleasing personalityg his plans for the future are undecided. JOHN LEBEDA "Hank" Tall, good-looking ladg hails from Vocationalg footballg will make a nice sailor. LAWRENCE LESKANIC "Larry" Tall, nice-looking fellowg neatg well builtg good dancerg hails from Ravine Streetg football teamg baseball teamg undecided about the future. DAVID LITZ Q "Griz" Friendly, good-natured ladg was in the Latin and German Clubs: Hall Copg Annualg future plans are to attend college. ADOLPH LORENZ "Aden Tallg likes to have fung volleyballg plans to be an interior decorator. RONALD LUCAS "Boris" Good-lookingg neat dresserg quietg future plans are to be a printer. WALLACE LUTHY "Luth" Good-natured and good-looking ladg rifle teamg Latin Clubg I-Ii-YQ plans to go to collegeg will be a success. THOMAS LYDEN "Ernie" Nice red hairg liked by everyoneg neatg usually seen with "Tex"g future is undecided. BETTY JANE MADAR NB. I." Good-lookingg always laughingg Cheerleader: Junior and Senior Leaders: vice-president in Freshman yearg Library Clubg Hall Patrolg Munhisko Sales- mang will go into nurse's training. 80 ALBERT MARGO "joe" A short, mischievous fellow: Machine Shop: hopes to become a radio and television technician. DONNA MARTIN . Short: sweet personality: Band: Y-Teens: student coach for junior play: Choir: Hall Patrol: Latin Club: future is uncertain. GEORGE MARTIN Short, quiet lad: one of our Vocational boys: Band: wrestling team: will enlist in the Navy after graduation. MARY jANE MATHIESON Very good-natured: honor student: National Honor Society: Student Council: Annual: junior and Senior plays: Y-Teens: German Club: Hall Patrol: Band: candy salesman: will be a successful piano teacher. ALMA MAYER "Bunny" A very jovial, blonde lass: secretary to Miss Gravatt: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: Red Cross: annual salesman: German Club: to attend Robert Morris Busi- ness School. GENE McCALLISTER "Tortoise" Good-looking: curly hair: one of Munhall's wrestlers: Hi-Y: played junior Varsity football: joined the Navy. GERALDINE MCCLOSKEY "Gerry" Short: blonde miss: seen driving the car quite often: Y-Teens: Choir: will look forward to becoming a bookkeeper. THOMAS McMULLEN "Mick" Very good-looking: neat dresser: ask him if he's Irish-: Woodlawn Hi-Y: football: wrestling: serving in the Navy. jOHN MIKULA "Grennie" Enjoys having fun: shy when it comes to girls: hails from the Electric Shop: luture plans include furthering his education. RONALD MILLER "Herky" Quiet: tall, thin fellow: likes the girls: plans to attend college to become an engineer. I CONNIE MISLA "Cookie" A friendly, dark-haired lass: candy salesman: Cheerleader: Hall Patrol: plans to be an efficient secretary. FRANCIS MOLNAR "Moe" Blond hair: likes girls: plays the trumpet in the Band: member of the Hi-Y: plans to join the Marines. THOMAS MURDOCI-I "Mur" Tall: everyone's friend: excellent actor: always clowning: editor of the Annual: junior and Senior plays: National Honor Society: president of Hi-Y: Hall Cop: Munhall's Indian: honor student: assemblies: to attend college. CHARLES OLSON "Asa" Well-liked: lots of fun: often seen with Ray: plans to become a baker after graduation. RAYMOND ONDICK ' "Ray" Friendly: hails from Homestead Park: Hi-Y: Latin Club: likes sports: basket- ball manager: junior Varsity football: plans to attend college. B1 RICHARD ORRIS "Gopher" Friendly, good-natured kidg likes to tease girlsg Christmas playg Hi-Yg plans to join the United States Marines. CHARLES PASTERNAK "Grass" Quiet blondg good German studentg hails from Homevilleg hopes to attend Penn State. BERNADINE PAVLIK "Bernie" Cute, blondeg Mr. Trimble's secretaryg junior and Senior Leadersg Hall Patrolg Red Crossg hopes to go to business school. PAUL PAVLOFF "Pav" Handsomeg friendlyg vice-president ol Hi-Y and junior Classg junior playg Hall Patrolg Stage Guildg plays the drumsg likes girlsg wrestlingg hopes to attend Pitt. JANE PIDO "Janie" Cute missg sweet smileg likableg co-editor of the Munhiskog Annualg Hall Patrolg candy salesmang Junior and Senior Leadersg vice-president of Red Crossg property manager of junior play: will wear a white cap after gradu- ation. FRANK PIETRYGA "Fruit Cake" Friendlyg likes the opposite sexg can usually be seen drivingg wrestling teamg plans to join the Navy. JOAN PINGREE "Joanie" Tall lass, with a nice personalityg co-editor of Munhiskog Red Crossg Hall Patrolg will enter St. Frances's School of Nursing. HARVEY PORTER "Big Port" Tall ladg likes to tease the girlsg Junior and Senior playsg baseball teamg Choir: Stage Guildg Hi-YQ president of the German Clubg Stamp Salesmang Senior Class vice-presidentg Hall Copg junior Executive Committeeg will attend college. PAUL POTOPENKO "Pinky" One of our vocational boysg always seen with "Mike" and "Lutz"g plans to become a mechanic. BERNARD PRUSAK "Geez" Quiet, bashful ladg hails from Homevilleg plans to go to a trade school. MARCELLA PRUSAK "Marcie" Cute brownetteg friendlyp Hall Patrolg secretary to Miss Rushg Home Room Representativeg annual salesmang would like to attend Business College. MARY CATHERINE PRUSAK "Mary" A friendly missg always jokingg nice personalityg Y-Teensg Munhisko Sales- mang Stamp Salesmang plans to be a secretary. DOROTHY PUCHY "Dot" Cute and friendlyg one of our popular Cheerleadersg junior and Senior Leadersg Choirg Stamp Salesmang Student Councilg Hall Patrolg secretary to Miss Cantwellg Munhisko typistg plans to attend Business College. MARLENE RACE "Neue" Short missg friendly and cuteg always smilingg junior Leadersg Y-Teensg will make a successful beautician. HELEN RASCHAK Tall, blonde: likes to talkg member of the Pep Clubg plans to work for the Bell Telephone. 82 SHIRLEY RAVENSCROFT "Liz" Cute blonde: full of fun: Woodlawn Hi-Lites: assemblies: Y-Teens: Choir: future plans are undecided. JOSEPHINE REEVES "Josie" Cute: neat dresser, quiet: Hi-Lites: Y-Teens: plans to'work in an office. RICHARD REINERTH "Rich" Tall, good-looking chap: quiet around the girls: German Club: will attend college. RUTH REITHMILLER "Ruthie" A cute blonde haired miss: a live wire in gym: Woodlawn Library Club: Y-Teens: Band: Hall Patrol: Latin Club: would like to be a medical secretary. KERMIT RIEDY "Kerm" Quiet: belongs to the Hi-Y: Hall Patrol: German Club: Latin Club: German Music Club: Annual: will attend college to be a nuclear physicist. DONALD RIES "Don" Nice looking: likes to dance: gets along fine with the girls: comes from Whitaker and works 05 hard in the Machine Shop: seen often with "Ron" and "Jim": to join the Marines. WILLIAM R. ROBERTSON "Robbie" Senior Class president: has a "Hi" for everyone: president of Sophomore Class: Stage Guild: Junior and Senior plays: business manager of Annual: Hi-Y: Hall Patrol: reserve football: will attend college. CORRINE ROCCI "Corri" Short miss: nice black hair: vice-president of Senior Leaders: art editor of Munhisko: Red Cross: would like to attend college. JAMES ROGERS "Octo" A tall friendly blond: always gay: Student Council: reserve basketball: Hi-Y: volleyball team: president of Freshman and Sophomore classes at Woodlawn' Co-Captain of Hall Patrol at Munhall: plans to attend college. 1 THOMAS RUTTER "Tom" A very busy young man: president of Junior Class: active in Student Coun- cil: Junior and Senior plays: assemblies: Hall Patrol: National Honor Society: Senior Executive Committee: would like to be a lawyer. JAMES RYAN "Jim" A nice-looking lad who hails from Voc: nice personality: shy with the op- posite sex QPJ : usually seen with "Ron," "Ed," and "Donn: plans to join the Marines. ALBERT SALAPA "Cowboy" A swell lad who hails from Voc: easy to get along with: usually seen with Bernie": plans to be a mechanic. ARLENE SCHULTZ "Schultzie" A cute dark-haired miss: likes to dance: seldom seen without Shirley: Junior High Cheerleader at Woodlawn: Hall Patrol at Woodlawn: Annual: active in Junior Leaders and Library Club: would like to attend college. SYLVIA SCHULTZ "Red" A friendly red head: Hall Cop: annual salesman: Red Cross: Munhisko: secretary to Mr. Elkins: future plans are undecided. FLORENCE SELAI "Flo" Short, good-looking girl: Hall Patrol: annual typist: secretary to Miss Groat: can always be seen with Thelma: hopes to enter secretarial work. 83 JAMES SENICH "Turby" Nice-lookingg dark hairg quietg active in all sports-football, basketball, and baseballg future is undecided. ROBERT SERECHIN "Spooks" Tall, nicerlooking lad: one of our quiet boysg never has much to say to the girlsg undecided about the future. RONALD SHIELDS "Serious Sam" A short, happy-go-lucky fellowg Vocational School: hails from X'Vhitake1': future plans are undecided. MARLENE SIMKO "Mar" A friendly girlgg Hall Patrolg Y-Teensg Student Council: Dramatic Club: Senior playg German Clubg Biology Club: plans to become a laboratory technician. FRANK SKORSKI "Scut" Quietg hails from Vocational: one of the Auto Shop gang: can always be seen with Tedg his future is undecided. BERNADETTE SMITH "Bernie" A tall blonde girlg hails from the Parkg Library Clubg Dramatic Club: Y-Teensg Hi-Litesg annual salesman: future plans are to join the NVacs. SHIRLEY SNINSKY "Shirl" Nice-looking: member of the Red Crossg hopes to be a secretary or a Bell Telephone operator. JOANNE SOROBACH "Jo" A short, nice-looking girlg Latin Clubg Biology Clubg Hall Patrolg Library Clubg future plans are to attend dressmaking school. JOHN SOUTHAM "Lefty" Good-looking ladg curly hairg Hi-Yg Hall Copg president of the Bandg Stu- dent Councilg plans to further his education at Business School or college. MARY JANE STALLARD "Janie" One of our short girlsg very pretty dark hairg good voiceg belongs to the Choirg to go to Business School or to be a piano and singing teacher. NINA STASKUS "Sally" Prettyg nice personalityg Wocmdlawn Biology Clubg Library Clubg Y-Teensg Dramatic Clubg future plans are undecided. DAVID STUART "Stu" One of the Voc. boysg Junior Varsity football: Choirg Munhisko sport staffg Stage Guilclg Band managerg Home Room Representativeg to join U. Marines. RUTH STUART "Ruthie" Short, pleasant girlg Y-Teensg Dramatic Clubg Library Clubg Choirg usherette for the Junior playg to go to college. PATRICIA STUFFLE "Lizzie" Peppy missg has a big smile for everyoneg Student Councilg Hall Copsg Jun- ior and Senior playsg Y-Teensg Annualg Junior and Senior Executive Com- mittees: Woodlawn Hi-Litesg treasurer of Sophomore Classg plans to be a Spanish teacher. BETTY STU MP "Jo" Pleasant lassg Junior Leadersg Hall Copg candy salesmang IfVoodlawn Y-Teens: annual salesmang Stamp Saleslnang Miss Brigg's secretaryg Hi-Litesg to attend art school. 84 DAN SUCHY "Dangerous" Quiet: Choir: always seen with "Rich": will enroll at Cornell. FRANCIS SZATKOWSKI "Cupcake" One of our quiet Vocational lads: lives in Whitaker: will make a successful machinist. TI-IELMA TAKACH Alwaws smiling: can be seen with "Flon: secretary to Mr. Shannon: plans to attend business school after graduation. DOROTHY TAYLOR "Dotty" Short, black-haired miss: easy to get along with: Library Club: Art Club: Y-Teens: plans to work at Bell Telephone. DONALD TILVES "Til" Loals with "'I'urb" and "Miken: junior Varsity softball team: Woodlawn Hi-Y: plans to open a business of his own. DONNA TIMMS "Tim" Cute smile: full of fun: one of the Home Economics girls: plans to be a beautician after graduation. PATRICIA TISHON "Pat" Sweet smile: sparkling personality: Freshman and Sophomore Class secretary- treasurer: rifle team: Library Club: Red Cross: National Honor Society: candy salesman: property manager of the junior and Senior plays: plans to become a nurse. ROSE MARIE TOBIAS "Rosie" Quiet and friendly: Biology Club: Y-Teens: Hall Cops: Latin Club: student coach of Seniqr play: future is undecided. NORMA JEAN TOMKO "Jeannie" One of our new girls this year: usually seen with Joanne: Library Club: plans to be a telephone operator. WILLIAM TOMKO A "Putty" One of our Vocational boys: one of Munhall's backs: "Arcl1ie's" other half: football team: plans to be an auto mechanic. CURTIS TOPERZER "General" Quiet: hails from Homeville: attends the Vocational School: plans to attend prep school after graduation. MARLENE TOPERZER "Mac" Quiet and neat: has a friendly smile for everyone: Red Cross: German Club: German Music Club: to go to college. MARY TOTH "Tothsie" Dark-haired lass: pretty smile: cute dimples: Red Cross: Hall Cops: feature writer and typist for Munhisko: annual salesman: plans to be a beautician after graduation. VILMA TOTH "Vil" Tall blonde: friendly: Library Club: Hi-Lites: Y-Teens: Hall Cops: annual salesman: Munhisko typist: Mrs. Walkers secretary: plans to be a secretary after graduation. LORETTA ANN TRAUTMAN "jim" Quiet miss: Band: concerts: Red Cross: future plans are undecided. 85 FRANCES TUTKO "Tootsie" Pretty long, brown hair: short and cute: NVoodlawn Y-Teens and Library Club: will be a telephone operator. GERALDINE TYKE "Gerry" Tall and friendly: likes sports: Red Cross: junior and Senior Leaders: intra- mural basketball, volleyball and softball: will attend nursing school. LILLIAN ULLOM Friendly girl with a cute smile: Y-Teens: Woodlawn Hall Patrol: Latin Club: Woodlawn Library and Dramatic Club: future is undecided. MILDRED ANN URBAN "Millie" Attractive miss: engaging smile: Hall Patrol: rifle team: junior and Senior plays: Student Council: National Honor Society: Choir: Annual: plans to do office work. CHARLES VARNER "Chuck" A true Senior in the Spanish Class QQ: Junior play: Band, plans to enter the business world. WILLIAM WALKER "Bill" One of our big, handsome athletes: lootball team: baseball team: and basket- ball team: plans to attend college. DOLORES PATRICIA WALTERS "Pat" Nice personality: cute: Library Club: Majorette: German Club: intramural sports: treasurer of German Club: future plans are undecided. WILDA JEAN WAMPLER "Garbo" Peppy lass: always on the go: Junior Leaders: Library Club: Red Cross: Y-Teens: plans to be a nurse. ' RUTH WATKINS "Ruthie" One of our peppy cheerleaders: pretty strawberry blonde hair: Library Club: Stamp Salesman: plans to be a nurse. RUTH WEIR "Ruthie" First year at Munhall: pleasing personality: hails from the South Side: plans to attend Business Training College. RICHARD WELSH "Dick" Friendly: Woodlawn Hi-Y: Woodlawn Latin Club: Red Cross: future is undecided. JOHN w1Lcox "Jack" Well-liked: always up to something: reserve basketball team: baseball team: Hall Patrol: Choir: future is yet to be decided. s RICHARD WILHELM "Dick" Quiet boy: his favorite subject is History: hopes to wear navy blue. ROY WILLIAMS "Bud" Quiet, blond haired lad: always seen with "Asaf' and Ray: Mfoodlawn and Munhall Hi-Y: Hi-Lites: future is undecided. MARGARET WILSON "Peg" Pretty blonde haired miss: Library Club: president of Y-Teens: Choir: jun- ior Leaders: Red Cross: Hall Patrol: rifle team: candy salesman: German Club: Senior Executive Committee: plans to attend college. 86 MICHAEL WINTERS "Mike" Popular lad: hails from Vocational: always seen with "Lutz" and "Pinky"' football team: plans to become a mechanic. JOYCE WO MACK "Juice" Well-liked: pretty blonde hair: junior and Senior plays: Annual: Y-Teens: assemblies: Student Council: National Honor Society: German Club: Choir: Hall Patrol: plans to become a speech teacher. MARIAN WYCICH "May" Short, quiet miss: liked by all: plans to get a job as a secretary. LARRY YANYO "Moose" Small, quiet: blond lad: hails from the Auto Shop: plans to serve his country. JOHN YARKOSKY "Yark" Hails from Vocational: one of our less talkative students: plans to join the Marines. BERNADETTE ZAPF "Bernie" Small, dark-haired lass: very vivacious: Y-Teens: plans to do office work. BARBARA ZEBNER "Barb" Has a friendly smile for everyone: junior and Senior Leaders: German Club: German Music Club: Junior Executive Council: plans to be a receptionist. PETE ZOGRAN "Pete" Quiet: but friendly: hails from Whitaker: plans to join the service. . B7 ?' i Y dl M 5 wx A i ,Q W ,M il VARSITY SQUAD Row 1. l. to r.-W. Kane. R. Berberich, H. H-ealey, T. Cook. J. Dorko, J, Senich, D, Barnes. J. Iddon M. Winters. Row 245. Vereb, L. Leskanic, W. Freshwater, R. Roscoe, W. Wanxpler. W. Walker, W. Tomko. B. Galliforcl W. Rogers. Row 3-J. Gillooly, F. Wampler, R. Schumacher, D, Kelly. E. Farrington. R. Stagon. W. Gent. R. McCulloch R. Graham. Football eam RECORD 19 Vandcrgrift 7 F59 Tzlylcn' Allclcrdicc 0 37 Scott 6 26 Braddock 0 32 Clairton 7 14 Turtle Creek O 19 Penn 0 27 Duquesne 7 O HarBruck 6 COACHES Left ro right-James Gillooly, Stephen DeAugus:ino. Nicholas Kliskey, Hubert Shirmg, William O'Rourke. Row I. l. to r.-Healey. Walnpler, Cook, Dorko, Berberich. Barnes, Winters Iddon, Walker. Row 2-Tomko, Kane, Rogers, Senich, Leskanic, Roscoe. football 'l'he Indians enjoyed probably the best football season in the history of the school. Pre-season forecasters gave the Indians little hope for a successful sca- son. However, in the first game the Indians startled these forecasters by winning over a strong Vandergrift eleven. They then knocked off 'I'aylor-.Xlldcrdice, Scott, llraddock, Cllairton. and 'l'urtle Creek in that order. They upset the dope further by defeating a strong Penn squad. The following week alter rolling up a big lead at half time, the Indians then coasted to an easy 27-7 victory over Du- quesne in their annual rivalry. By this time, Munhall was recognized as one of the top teams in the XV.l'.l.A.l,. Then came the big LCSL against Har-Braek. Two thousand Munhall fans stood in the mud and rain and watched their team lose a heartlneaker to llar-Brack. The boys ol Nick Kliskey certainly deserve much praise in view ol' the fact that every team they faced was bigger than themselves. Besides winning awards from local papers. they won the Steel Valley Conference Trophy. HEAD COACH Mr. Kliskey X M 42' 35 fly Q. .UR 'b nn n R H 5 .,, Q abs. lr-4 -I 1 6' ,, - A p - V , H ' ! " 4 V , , 'T ' ' I Q13 A ., A' 'I ' ,. 8 ' ,U Nz fr I ' A 4 ' K Q if , k x ,.,,.L- r,,, I 1 a 9,3 A P xx V. fl 'W ? '- ' J' N ff e. S an 1 , itiiuu I -'iff' it Q' 9.32-QA iw . Q 5 l :ie e f 4 Q Q q 1 ' g - :We I H 7 O JIS' or Q- p ' 3' -' f ? : Q . , J , 'gy U , , Q 38 fSX.v W-S 33 1 - Sis' Row 1, l. to r.-L. Patterson, J. Baker. 1. Brown, W. Graham, R. Retsch E Lucas R Cowen R Meehan R. Wilkinson, G. Crevar. Row 2-R. Healey. II. Zak. J. Abbott. W. Natcher. F. Gottus. N. Vargo M Whlte T Manua R Dowd J. Kennedy. Reserve Football The Reserves, made up of Soplxomore and .ILIIHOI bow ne hlndled In Coaches Gillooly and O'Rourke. lt serves as 21 valuable lrfunmg ground lol Ill nn of the boys who lzuer play varsity ball. Munhzxll lxlllllllilll lwlllllllilll Munhall Munhull SCORES 0 Swissvzl le 0 Braddock 27 Swissvule 21 Duquesne 28 Brentwood 94 Row Row Row Row l. ro r.-QP. Rock, T. Meister. R. Gentile, R, Grirzan. L. Bartek, E. Spisak, D. Shimko. G. Lucas. Pearson. 2--A. Zwarirh, K. Rowell, R. Johnson. Nl. Catena. P. Vernon, R. Oriaitis. S. Storer, J. Zanos, P. Wascliak. J. Carney, J. Smith. P. Blazer. --W. Terrell, K. Nagy. D. Walters, R. Heininger. D. Nlastascusa. E. Dufek. M. Suhoza, C. Mulzer. Heminger, K. Proud. T. McCarrer. "l'. Holdsworth, G. Novak. F. Popko. F, Fonzi. P. Wolfe. R. Miller, Pido. R. Dugan. R. Howe. Junior High ootball The Junior High is an football team composed of boys in the eighth :mtl ninth grades. It is coached very ably by Mr. Willard Curry and Mr. Robert Mzlrklcy. These boys make up the nucleus for future Munhull tcums. COACHES Mr. Curry and Mr. Markley l 95 R 1, l. to rr-J S ll. Gillooly. E. Bucko R Nl C 11 l ,en . res wa er W. Kane, R 2-M. Burk B F h t , H. Healey. B. Walker. E. Garrlry, C. Carrxg, Wilcox, e. Basketball Teanl VARSITY SCORES lxllllllllill M Llllllllll Blllllllllll Munhzlll Munhull Munhzlll lwlllllllllll Munhull lxlllllllllll Munhzlll xlllllllllll Nlllllllllll Nlllllllilll lxlllllllilll Muuhull Munhall Nunlxzlll NI llllllilll Munlmll Alllllllllll ESI 52 E59 51 -I2 62 50 ST 46 258 535 :rl G0 0 56 39 -lf? '13 5 2 'Pl Bren l wood czmnclle Swissvzllc Braddock Cllzlrlcroi Scott Ran k i n Homestead ML. Lcbzmon Duquesne Clzlirlou Shady Side North Clznlholic Mc'Kcespo1't Xllusllington Homestead Penn Duqucrsnc Clzlirton Nlc'Kccspo1't COACHES Mr. Curry Mr. Slxiring Mr. O'Rourk RESERVE BASKETBALL RESERVE SCORES Nlunlmll 2I Bra-nlwuml IH xlllllllllll T65 lcullllc-llc' 20 xlllllllilll I2 Swissxzllc '15 Nlunlmznll 28 Brmlclmk 23 Nlllllllilll 27 C.l1:n'lm-mi 22 Xlunhxnll IT Stull 27 Alllllllllll ll llmlwslvzncl 50 Alllllllllll iff Nll. I.L'lJ2lll0ll 25:3 xlllllhllll 2U llllqllcsllc' 'll AIIIIIIISIH II C.lzlirlrn1 I0 Ruw I, l, m r. J. Unvlak, li. How--, If Hnllxwnrlh. Row J j. Yaxmx. P. Waa- mk, H. lf. Pmr- nn. l. Mm-avr. H. Hurna. Kvlllllv. P. lflrrkvr. lf. lluffvk Huw 4 Mr. Mnrkln-V. Snmh. CQ. Novak. A. Zwaru' M. Sulxum, ffnrm-v. R luluuun. 5. Smrvr. lx. R. Hrs-mann. Rum-l, Nlllllllllll 30 Alllllhllll T48 Nlunhanll 20 Munhull 550 Alllllhllll fil Alllllllllll 27 xlllllllilll 33 Alllllllllll 10 A Alllllllllll .SI JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Row 1. l. to r,-Y--W. D1'N'm'N' L. NlCGuirx-. H, Doukakis. G Bogcr, Snrnrro, Wnl1Is'as Row 1 -- W. Graham. T Cook. MrGill. M. Wlmitv D. HL-rbnt. Pa. Bcrlwrifh. D Bunn-sch. Sllilkly' Sidi' ISI Nm'll1Cl:lIl1nlic'-IT Bli'KCCSlN7l'l 213 XV2lSllillg'l0Il 'I2 llomllcslvnll fi-l PUIIII 30 Dllllll1'5lll' 28 Cllalirlon -I7 AIl'KCL'hlJ0l'l 30 97 PINNED! TIED UP! SWISH! HOOK SHOT! Row Row Row Row w l, l. to r,- -lf. O'Rnurlzt- llVlanagc-rl: R. Nlorrirner. S. Sum, M. Coyne. Daly, B. Slckvly, W. lfvans lf, llmkla-ss, Nlarttn lN1anagc-rl. 2 R. llmklc. Dttrlca. T. lVlfAtecr. YV. Su-vm-ns. R, Ht-pps. ll. Kovnrh. lf. Slnck. G. l..u:lick, 4 ID. Nnma. R, Graham. 4 ln. Ulasstn. lf. Nleehan, l'. Vflaxnpler. Darko. lx. larrlnglon. W Xvaxnpler. ll lvlanua. ll. Cook ll llarnt-s, ll. Wllklnsorm, Gutdish. W. Harkless. 7 I 1'0StllllQ Wrestling has hccotne st well known sport :tt lXIunhztll. ln tht- past, wrcst lung wats only prcvztlt'nt in the colleges, lnlt in the lust lew ycztrs, high schools haul- :tlso tzlkvll :tn interest in wrestling. lxlllllllllll, whose lcznn is coztcltvtl by Mr Steplwn lltalugustino, has also taken Il great interest in its wrestling teznn, :tml Nlunhull hats one ol' the best mat lcunts in Xllestern PCllllSylN2llllll. Mt. llc.-Xugustino liozttlt 99 Row 1, l, to r.-VV. Luthy. B. Stewart. K, Rush. R. Wallace. Row 211. Patterson, A. Crux, M. Wilson. N. -lurso. P. Tishon. Row 3-A. M. Patrick, M. Sullivan, Garland, R. Graham, Nl. Urban. Mr. Wilson Rifle eaml 'lhechiendhggsuue ChunqHondHp RlHe lbunlis peHinnUng dudng Um 1950-51 season in its usual style. The XVJFIJXIU nuuehes have been in the vkuny UAUHUlHHd unnpeddon wHllm kuminlheNnmnmlRHkfMMmMUmL 'lllis ICZUII is ulmly c1mucl1ecl by' Nllz 'Il1eochmre'lI Cllurlurn alul Nlr.j. Solon NHMm. COACHES 100 ll I' Row 1. I. to r.--J. Wilcox, R. Hess, B, Kushner, R. Leppla. B. Freshwater. R. McCulloch, T. Jacko. A. Skarupa Row 1 R, llnynm, R. Larcy. D. Herbst, B. Walk:-r, Ruffing, H. Porn-1. R. Nlantia. W. Bair. aseball Tezun Rasa-lmzlll is :mother sport in which Munhznll fields zu strong ICZIIII. lWlIllCl Clnzlcll Nirk Kliskcy, Nunhzlll :always fields il lczml which is d1lllgl'l'0llS, UIIICII zu llll'l'2ll fm' district honors. Mr. Kliskcy Cllllfll 101 wi- ,jz-.sL' 4' hi ?y QQ ' "7 MJ :- a 2 :, - ' , 'a l . . It ' . v rr. , Q ' I . .-IA . gm , 'Ewa If, my , Al. 7,a,. ' , . M ,311 I ,Q..f,1,f, Q.-qu... , .1 ' 'f w -Q. x. '. . , ."ill-..-,- ' yu i' Speaker's Bureau The Munhztll Community er's Bttrezzu was organized to eztuse ol' the Cotnntunity Chest the distrirt. lt is sponsored by Rush. SUMMERACHEVEMENT Left to right--George jefferson, President Truman. Thomas Rutter. Chest Speak- lJl'0lll0lC' the Czttltpztign in Miss 'l'helntzt SPEAKERS BUREAU Seated, l. to r.--J. Womack, T. Murdoch. Standing-T. Rutter, M. J. Mathieson. Summer Achievement Last summer Tom Rutter was selected by the American Legion to attend Keystone Boys Clznnp. While there, he was elected :ts one of two "senzttors" to represent Pennsylvztnia :tt Boys Nation. At the purley in Washington, he wats elected national vice-president of Boys Nation, l950. This picture was taken at the NVhil,e House us President '1'runtztn congratu- lated the president, George Jefferson, of Ore- gon Qleltj, and Tom. 105 Aloznn Ezistworth A A Hortense Eustworth .Xliee Eztstworth Letitia Eztstworth A George XVCl1lSl11lJlC lfretl Rogers A Detective Green A AA Lizzie AA .,..... A "Four Cheers For Joan" Junior Play Albertine Chester ..... Ralph Ezistworth A Rinatldo Gomez AA Joe Bzlntling AA A Mrs. Bantling Albert Chester A, Robert Brent A A A -Ioyee Xllonlzlek Mary .lane hlzlthieson A A Mildred Urban AA Norma .Iurso A ..FIlll0Il12lS Rutter ,ATho1nz1s Murdoch Wlalter Capp A Pat Stullle Sully King ,A A Harvey Porter A Paul Pavloll' ..ElII1CI' H2lN'Cj' Elizabeth Boot ,A A Robert Robertson A Charles Vztrner :mm .Xlln-ll XIIIIHW IUIIUS Xllllll' l,llllIlJi'l'l Xlllllllllil .Xllvn l,l'll'l' Xllvll 5lC'llIN'll Ramclull fill' l'clgc'lmnlI Q81 l'.aul .XII4-11 I clxvml l.Ow1-n 111113 Uwe-u Ulllly liurnsimlc l'.nm'l'z lxvnn IUl'l' Riahzml Kl'lllllUI'C' I 1ml.1 mlm l llc-11 mr u Jvrkj is ' 99 Happy ltvor A ftvr S1-ninr Play -loyal: XYOINZICIQ Pill SIIIHIC l,m lllv liznrlug Nlzlry -lam' Nlanlllwwn Rulmwl RUlll'l'lwUII lllfllllllh Mlmloclx llawwx I'm'Ic'1' VIKIIUIIILIS Rullm' .IRHIICS Rngvrs Nlllmlrucl l rlmn xyillilllll BIUOIIIVI' Nurnm lurm XYRIIICI' Clanpp l',YClf'll Lrznm- 'l'lmnms Komlix Panulim- .Xmlznm lilmcl' llalxuy M 1431 i 1 3 if '9 W ' 'E , 4 . .MM-1 T ' 'wmvwwfmgggr '- f V- -" nw---'-:...j7' Q 7 I - R .,,,.,... 4"' "v, A , H W7 .R , Eg 'P Q. , ' f, -:'2:z,,f- ,Z 3 L., .Nw L 7 Y- Q . , -wk'?ilf'4ff"3' If as M, S f '-. 'Y y .. Index of 1951 Ackerman, Alfred J. A..,..,,........A... . A1exander's Market ..V..,....,,....... ,... . American Shear Knife Companv .. ...A..... ,. Amos Super Market ...,, ..,..... ...,e.,,., . A.... . Anderson's Clothing 4,.. . . . Ann's Flower Shop ,l4, Ann Street Radio ,. Autenreith's ...l.,..l. Bake's Market ,l...t.... Bamford Brothers .,,,,A.. Barrett Cleaners ,.r,.,.,l.,,.,.., Berky's Dress Shop .....,.,..4..,.. Black and White Market . Bonnie Frocks ,r4..,.t,.....,..,.,, Book's Shoes ,...,.... .. ..,l.......l...,. .. Bretsnyder, M. R. ,. .... . Capitol Cleaning and Dyeing .. Carlton Men's Shop .,..,4,. ,. ., ,. ,.,...... Carnegie Library of Homestead ,, Carpe's ,l.. ...l.l..,.,.,..,.,,.. ....r....r.,.,,..,., .... Caspar's .,.4l..r...,.,l.,.,ll.....,..,.,,........ Chedwick, Craig f"Porky"J Cinderella Shoe Shoppe ..l,.,.. Clark Chevrolet .,..,....,,,4,... Coffee Shoppe ,,... l.r..,.,... Community Pharmacy ..,.,,i Compliments of a Friend ...... Corbett's Pharmacy ,.....,..,. Craft, Harold D. .4.,...,,.,. . Douglas, William .,...... Elicker and Strong ..,,.. Evans Cut Rate ..s,.,..,..4.,. Evans' Dairy ..,......,.,..,............. Famous Candy Company ...,.. Fashion Dress Shoppe ..........,.......... .... . Firestone Stores .,.,....i.....................,...,......... First Federal Savings 8a Loan Assn. , .....4.. . Frederick's Super Market , .,........ , .....,....... . F red's Sports Wear .......4,.,.,....,.. F riedlander's ,..4....,...s....,.s.,....,,..,.. Gillen and Coulter Company .,.,..... ,....... Gordon 8: Jacobson ,..,....,.....,.,.... Grant, W. T., Company .......,,, Green, George Irvin .......,. Gress Meat Market ,.,,,.... Gus the Cleaner .,,, A .......,,........,...,.., H 8: H Restaurant .,.,,,....,.......,......., ......,. Hahn 8: Skyrmcs, Incorporated .........,.,.... Half Brothers .....,....,.....,...,,,.........,,,.,..,...... Hall, George M., Incorporated ...... ...,..,.. Hartley, William B., Construction Haver's Pharmacy ,.,,,,......,.....,......,....,.....,... Hawkc's Cleaners ..,.........,,..........,.......,....... Hess, Howard ,....,.,....,..., Hi-Hat Cleaning Shop ..,,............,............... Hilk's Furniture ,...........,...........,................. Hollis Brothers Furnace Company Homestead Buick Co. ......,...,.,......,..,...,.,.... . Homestead Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. ......,..,, . Homestead Paint and Glass ,..........,............ Homestead Pontiac Company ,.,...... ........ 129 116 117 129 127 118 116 110 110 111 126 118 112 118 112 120 116 110 118 129 120 119 117 125 114 118 128 114 129 112 113 113 125 117 110 114 123 111 110 127 113 118 126 125 128 118 126 121 123 125 120 114 120 117 116 116 114 130 112 112 120 Advertisers Hook's Paint and Glass Company J 8c I Dairy ..,..,...............,.,..... ..,...., Jahn 8c Ollier ................................... Johnston the Florist .,.. . Jones lk McClure .,..... Katilius Jewelry ..... .. ..... Kerr 8c Ingram .... .....,..,.....,,,......,. Kramer's, Joe, Music Center ......, Lena Catena Beauty Salon ......,. Leona Theatre . ,..,.,,....... ...,. , . Levine Brothers .....,........,, Lincoff, M. L. fO. D.J ..... Lincoff's Jeweler ,......... Mary's Confectionery .... .. Mas1ey's Flower Shop ,,., . .. Meadow Gold Dairies, Inc. Mervis Motor Sales .....,....,,.,. Meyer I. Grinberg ...... Morris Grinberg's Moxley's Drugs ........,...,... Nama's Dairy 8a Bakery .,..... Nash Main Street Motors ....... Newland, L. E., II .,..,............ Nifty Shoppe ..................... Ohringer ....,...,.,.,. Onaitis ......,.............. Orris Dairy Store ....... P. T. A. ..........,..........,.. . Park Beauty Shop ............. Park Dairy ........,................,... Park Electric 8: Hardware ...... Park Theatre ,.,.....,. ....................... Pe1ger's ........., ,.,........,....................., Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company . Post Shoes .....,.,.,.,..........,................ Prokopovitsh, Joseph A. ..,.......... . Ray's Men's Wear .....,....... Redshaw Men's Wear ..... Robbins Shop ,....,..,......, Ruben's ,.,,.......,,........, Ruth's Millinery ........ Sally Sage Shoppe ...... Sherman's Pharmacy ..,... Smitty's ,.,....,,..,............ Smoley, George .....,. So1omon's .........,....... Sol's Clothes Shop .... Steinsapir, Julius L. ..,..... . Strem's Picture Corner ......,.. Surman Electric .,...,.......... Tauber's Market .......,.....,..... Toohey Motor Company ........, Tri-Boro Taxi Company ....,.... United Candy Shoppes ...........,. Varsity Club ,........,.......... Victor's Shoe Store ,,...... Weinberger's Drugs .,......., Weldon's Pharmacy ,..,... ,... Whetstone's Flower Shop .,.,.,. Wilkens Jewelry Company ....,. Wolfson ,..,.,.............,.,... ............ Patrons M. L. LINCOFF, O.D. RAY'S MEN'S WEAR L. E. NEWLAND, II FASHION DRESS SHOPPE HOOK'S PAINT AND GLASS COMPANY BAKE'S MARKET LINCOFF'S JEWELER FRED'S SPORTS WEAR CARLTON MEN'S SHOP RUTH'S MILLINERY AUTENREITI-I'S MARY'S CONFECTIONERY SURMAN ELECTRIC 110 ORRIS DAIRY STORE 113 Whitaker Street Whitaker, Pa. Delicious Sandwiches - Sodas - Sundaes Complete line of MAGAZINES, DAIRY PRODUCTS Gnoczmurzs AND PAsm1Es HO. Compliments of FREDERICICS SUPER MARKET . . . Quality . . . MEATS AND GROCERIES 2126 Whitaker Way 1-2266 Whitaker, P SALLY SAGE SHOPPE HOSIERY LINGERIE MILLINERY 228 E. Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. NIOXLEYWS DRUGS 200 East Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Phone HO. 1-2833 Busses Available For Group and Party Service FOR PICNICS, BASEBALL TEAMS, LODGES OR SPECIAL OCCASIONS -CALL- Bamford Brothers HO. 1-2224 111 BLACK AND WHITE MARKET FRANK DAMICH, Prop. 3414 Main Street Homestead Park, Pa. HOMESTEAD PAINT AND GLASS Headquarters WATSON-STANDARD PRODUCTS 318 East Eighth Avenue HO. 1-1044 Phone: HO. 1-1173 Homestead, Pa. HOMESTEAD WILLIAM DOUGLAS LINCOLN-MERCURY, INC. JERRY RUBIN, Prop. 127 East Seventh Avenue INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC HO. 1-6700 Homestead, Pa. Homestead Park PARK DAIRY Phone: HO. 1-1715 Res. HO. 1-3193 GEORGE SMOLEY ICE CREAM - SANDWICHES -INSURANCE- DAIRY PRODUCTS 3912 Main Street HO. 1-9324 Homestead Park, Pa. A REAL ESTATE - 1VIOR'1'GAGES REN'rs COLLECTED - N OTARY PUBLIC 518 East Eighth Ave. Munhall, Pa. BOOK'S SHOES For The Entire Family Office: HO. 1-5500-01 HO. 1-1376 JONES 8c MCCLURE QNotary Publicj INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS REAL ESTATE AND RENTING SERVICE 820 Ann Street Homestead, Pa. 112 GILLEN AND COULTER CO. FUNERAL DIRECTORS HO. 1-2267 Ambulance Service Compliments of This home is dedicated to the memory of those who in Eternal sleep repose herein, JOSEPH A, PROKOPOVITSH and is for the use and comfort of rela- tives and friends, with no extra charge. FUNERAL I E TO 319 East Ninth Avenue D R C R HO. 1-4100 Homestead, Pa. 413 Ninth Avenue Munhall, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS EVANS CUT RATE to the Class of '51 JOHN B' EVANS' Prop' 3909 Main Street HO. l-9354 PARK THEATRE Homestead Park, Pa. PARK ELECTRIC 8c HARDWARE C. B. ARCHER, Proprietor 3317 Main Street Homestead Park Munhall, Pa. Phone: HO. 1-0254 3417 Main Street Homestead Park Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1951 SHERMAN'S PHARMACY j. H. DARLING, P1-LG. '1'went years of professional service 1' to the Munhall-Homestead District , Pa. HO. 1-1214 WEINBERGER'S DRUGS Corner of Eighth Avenue and McClure Street Phone: HO. 1-3917 "Say It With Flowers" The Gift With A Soul ELICKER AND STRONG 328 East Eighth Avenue HO. 1-1775 Homestead, Pa II3 FIRESTONE STORES W. W. CARR, Manager 135 East Eighth Avenue Phone: HO. 1-2700 Homestead, Pa. CORBETT'S PHARMACY 404 Main Street Homestead Park, Pa. HO. 1-1776 Complete Drug Store Service HAVER'S PHARMACY REGIS HAVER, PH.G. KERR 8c INGRAM LUMBER and MILLWORK Doors, Roofing, Flooring Insulation Materials Storm Doors and Windows Building and Industrial Lumber 1619 McClure Street Homestead, Pa. Phone: HO: I-0900 HO. 1-4422 101 W. Seventh Avenue PELGER'S COFFEE SHOPPE 3903 Main Street 18th and Maple Homestead Park, Pa. HO. 1-9297 HOME COOKED DINNERS "We sell a little of everything" SANDWICHES ICE CREAM Take them out MERVIS MOTOR SALES "Studebaker" C0mPlime7lf-9 Of 420 Eighth Avenue HOLLIS BROS' HO. 1-1707-08 Homestead, Pa. FURNACE COMPANY 114 flew L L ll 6 if ' - uV?:s.nxn , '71 iv V if L c A L 'tha .f I -9 FK, 'ri xlv , y lf time-V T EX 5 H ---..g,,--?-,f " L, .rw l - L, ,J " L LLLL ww 'Il l-ni ff l? "JAHN a CDLLIER AGAIN" A slogan signifying a service created to excel in all things pertaining to yearbook design and engraving. We have found real satisfaction in pleas- ing you, the yearbook publisher, as well as your photographer and your printer. JAHN S OLLIER ENGRAVING CO sn W. WASHINGTON BLVD., cHlcAGo 7. ILL. CONGRA TULA TIONS to the Class of '51 ALEXANDER'S MARKET HOmestead 1-8400 ANN STREET RADIO 812 Ann Street Homestead, Pa. HILK'S FURNITURE Your Home Should Come First 320 Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Telephone: HO. 1-2228 HI-HAT HAT CLEANING SHOP Corner Eighth Avenue and Ann Street Homestead, Pa. We Guarantee Our Work to Be Equal to the Best CONGRA TULA TIONS to the Class of 1951 KATILIUS JEWELRY 24-Hour Cleaning Service Phone: HOmestead l-0372 CAPITOL CLEANING AND DYEING Lowest Prices Always HO' 1-0930 Your Garment Insured VVhile In Our Care jewelry Electrical Appliances Cor. Eighth and McClure Munhall, Pa WI-IETSTONE'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions Congratulations Weddings Our Specialty LEONA THEATRE 815 Amity Street Homestead, Pa. Phones: HO. l-4006-Res. HO. 1-6639 116 WELDON'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Free Delivery -IAM!-is E. W1-1l,noN, PH.G. 3502 Main Street Homestead Park Phone: HO. 1-3188 HOWARD HESS ATLANTIC SERVICE 17th and West Street Phone: HO. 1-9304 Homestead, Pa. NAMA'S DAIRY 84: BAKERY We Sell the Best of Everything Try Our Milk Shakes and Banana Splits THEY ARE TOPS 2131 Whitaker Way CINDERELLA SHOE SHOPPE SMART Snons FOR WoMEN Excwslvi-:LY Leona Theatre Building 236-238 E. Eighth Avenue HO. 1-9496 Munhall, Pa. Phone: HO. 1-1444 Homestead, Pa. Grace Walker Shoes for Women J. gc I, DAIRY Curtis 8: Iohn C. Roberts Shoes for Men Corner 13th and McClure Homestead, Pa. Red Goose Shoes for Boys and Girls POST SHOES Footwear for the Entire Family X-Ray Fitting SOL POST "Where all the teenagers meet" Phone: HO. 1-8200 322 E. Eighth Ave. Homestead, Pa. Compliments of the FAMOUS CANDY CO. WHOLESALERS AMERICAN SHEAR KNIFE COMPANY 504 E. Eighth Avenue West Homestead, Pa. Homestead, Pa. 117 CHIC CLOTHES at BERKY'S DRESS SHOP 129 E. Eighth Avenue For Quality Cleaning "GUS THE CLEANER" Ladies' and Gents' Work a Specialty Dependable Service Most Reasonable Prices Years of Experience Our Success-Your Satisfaction HO. 2-0784 Homestead, Pa. 109 Whitaker Street HO. 1-9181 Whitaker, Pa. Drugs Prescriptions Compliments COMMUNITY PHARMACY of PROFESSIONAL PHARMACISTS BONNIE FROCKS HO. 1-3442 815 Ann Street GORDON 8c JACOBSON 530-44 Eighth Avenue Munhall, Pa. CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Phone: HO. 1-3600 Telephone: HO. 1-0348 ROBBINS SHOP "Distinctive Ladies' Apparel" Leona Theatre Bldg. Homestead, Pa. "The Library nearest to you is your Library" VISIT THE CARNEGIE LIBRARY OF HOMESTEAD 510 Tenth Avenue Munhall, Pa. Call HO. 1-2697 ANN'S FLOWER SHOP ANN BUNTING, Proprietor 136 East Eighth Avenue HO. 118 1-1024 Homestead, Pa. VV olfson Your Community's Favorite . . JEWELER.. . All Work Done On Premises 207 EAST EIGHTH AVENUE Phone: HO. l-1500 Nationally Advertised Merchandise Diamonds Reset While You Wait HAM1I.'l'0N, ELGIN, AND BULovA WATCHES DIAMONDS, E1.r:cmucAL APPLIANCES Home of Discriminating Jewelry Costume jewelry PITTSBURGH WALLHIDE Today's Improved Pittsburgh Paints are The Finest Your Money Can Buy Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company 308 EAST EIGHTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: HO. 1-0686 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1951 from Craig "Porky" Chedwick Your Game Announcer Tauber's Market MEATS GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS Corner 14th and Andrew Street Munhall, Pa. HO. 1-3221 HOMESTEAD PONTIAC COMPANY 221 W. Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Telephone: HO. 1-0660 Phone: HO. 1-3800 M. R. BRETSNYDER DE SOTO - PLYMOUTH 301 West Eighth Avenue West Homestead, Pa. Phone: HOmestead 1-8000 TRI-BORO TAXI COMPANY FOR QUICK TAXI SERVICE 24-Hour Service Day and Night Homestead, Pa. HOmestead 1-0762 WILLIAM B. HARTLEY CONSTRUCTION CO. BUILDING CONTRACTORS INSULATION ENGINEERS Estimates Furnished Homestead, Pa. NASH MAIN STREET MOTORS N A S H 4600 Main Street Phone: HO. 1-9376 LEVINE BROS. HARDWARE Homesteadlv Busiezst Store 324 E. Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. YOUR FRIGIDAIRE DEALER Munhall, Pa. HO. 1-3300 HAWKEKS CLEANERS RCA RADIOS TI-IOR WASHERS ALTERATIONS Phone: HO. 1-1611 CLEANING PRESSING C A S P A R I S REPAIRS Eighth Avenue at McClure 4002 Main Street Servel Gas Refrigerators HO. 2-2062 Homestead Park Electric and Gas Ranges 120 Toohey Motor Company Sales and Service 412 EAST EIGHTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: HO. 2-0600 Hahn 8a Skyrmes, Inc. General Real Estate and Insurance DEVELOPERS OF HAMILTON HILLS HOMESTEAD PARK IRWINDALE LINCOLN PLACE MIFFLIN MANOR WEST MIFFLIN 803 AMITY STREET HO. 1-4444 121 . 161 NINTH AND ure CQITI PE NNATFVENUES - D 6010 PENN ' 1-4575 OYVN'f0wVN AVENUE, EAST EM, 1- . ' LIBER . ikfifiz 3567 1 Y - .. . 1 'rifl- HKGH SCHOOL DAYS1The greatest days for ak boys and gids. So gay, young and careheet Days 'ggi . . Y e t . .:f:.1::..1:1g ou wana to rememberfthais why W 501565 Suem Camera Portraits, a phowgtapkic ICCOIG to have iorevet and ever! 51531. --12:asgsgzsgsgeggzggsgssgsggz lm, 'ifsfisiiiiiig XVESTERN C-jing C PENNSY amefa D . .E LVALXNIAAYS L X ozfzaifgs A OQL PHOT OGRA 1 P 122 HERS Congratulations to the CLASS OF '51 .Jlalj Bm. HO. 1-0800 SAVE TO CONIPLETE YOUR EDUCATION LEARN TO SAVE REGULARLY WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG, SAVE AT sv We I.: MEMBER 7 ' . 5 FITSI Federal Savmgs SL Loan 8' voulsmm Q Q' . 1 S151 - - q,gf'T'5'f,,,5 ASSOCIHIIOH of Homestead C0 Phones: HO. 1-8433-HO. 1-8434 500 EAST Sth AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. 123 C ON GRA TULA TI ONS MUNHALL CLASS OF 1951 Wilkens Jewelry Company Wilkens Amateur Hour Headqua S for DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY, RADIOS ON E-Z CREDIT EIGHTH AVENUE AND ANN STREET HOMESTEAD PA Phone HO 21888 HO. 1-2727 SALES Clark Chevrolet SERVICE 243 W. EIGHTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 For Happiness and Success Geo. M. Hall, Inc. 'foo It with Wood" 135 IV. SEVENTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. Phone: HO. 1-1168 Res. and Office Phone: HO. 1-6394 DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE George Irvin Green FUNERAL HOME 3511 Main Street Homestead Park, Pa. Evans' Dairy Since 1901 HOMESTEAD DISTRICT'S ONLY MILK PLANT HO. 1-0983 924 Eighth Avenue Munhall, Pa 125 VICTOR'S SHOE STORE HOMESTEAD'S LARGEST ONAITIS FLOWERS AND GIFTS Decorations and Flowers SHOE STORE For All Occasions 316 E. Eighth Avenue 3905 Main Street HO. 1-1389 Homestead, Pa. HO. 1-7188 Homestead Park, Pa W. T. GRANT COMPANY KNOWN FOR VALUES Open Evenings By Appointment Phone: HO. 1-1225 R U B E N ' S FURNITURE and APPLIANCES 319 East Eighth Avenue 312-314 Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Homestead, Pa. Telephone: HO. 1-8811 SMITTY'S H omesteadis Largest Infants and Children's Store 237 East Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. H 8c H RESTAURANT 326 East Eighth Avenue 7 Homestead, Pa. "An Ideal Place to Dine" MEYER I. GRINBERG HOME APPLIANCES v HOUSEWARES - ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 217-219 Eighth Avenue BARRETT CLEANERS McClure Street Munhall, Pa. Homestead, Pa. HO. 1-8854 126 NIFTY SHOPPE Homesteadis Classiest Store for Men MANHATTAN SHIRTS DUMONT HAND TAILORED CLOTHING Corner Eighth and Amity Street HO. 2-2144 -ARROW- SHIRTS, TIES, UN DERWEAR SOL'S CLOTHES SHOP Eighth at Amity Phone: HO. l-1385 Compliments of REDSHAW MEN'S WEAR Phone: HO. 2-1100 137 East Eighth Avenue ANDERSON'S Clothing - Hats - Shoes 332 E. Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Phone: HO. l-2820 Homestead, Pa MASLEY'S FLOWER SHOP SOLOMON'S Corner Eighth Avenue and Dixon Street HOMESTEADS BEST STORE Munhall, Pa. FOR MEN Call HO. l-9919 QAll Hours, Weddings and Funeral Arrangements Corsages and Plants Eighth Avenue at McClure Street Homestead, Pa. HO. 1-1566 Since 1895 MORRIS GRINBERG'S WOMEN AND CHILDREN Since 1899 it's been FRIEDLANDER'S "FOR FASHIONS FIRST" FASHIONS 309 E. Eighth Avenue 221 East Eighth Avenue HO. l-2121 HO. l-1750 Homestead, Pa. 127 jon KRAMERS MUSIC CENTER Musical Instruments and Supplies 315-317 E. Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Phone: HO. 1-8114 Expert Instructions on All Instruments Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1951 JOHNSTON THE FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions 131 East Eighth Avenue Phone: HO. 1-1275 Homestead, P UNITED CANDY SHOPPES Delicious Homemade CANDIES AND ICE CREAM LUNCHEoN15'rrE AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE 230 E. Eighth Ave. 730 Braddock Ave. Homestead, Pa. Braddock, Pa. Also available at RADIO CENTER SWEET SHOPPE PARK BEAUTY SHOP 3903 Main Street Homestead Park, Pa. Complete Beauty Service Phone: HO. 1-7066 OHRINGER HOME FURNITURE CO. Braddock Avenue at Seventh Street Braddock, Pa. Open Monday and Saturday Evenings Phone: BR. 1-4300 Compliments of A FRIEND LENA CATENA BEAUTY SALON Specialists in COMPLETE BEA UTY SER VICE 3500 Main Street Homestead Park, Pa. Phone: HO. 1-0604 GRESS MEAT MARKET 128 Amos Super Market POULTRY STORE "The Slore that Quality Built" HO. I-3334 ENc:RAvuRs STATION!-:Rs Scznool. nlrixvrzmzks Co1wm1nNer:Mr:NT INvrrA1'1oNs Julius L. Steinsapir Established 1887 245 FOURTH AVENUE NIXON BUILDING PITTSBURGH Makers of Munhull High School's Commencement Invitations and Diplomas AT. l-5878 Compliments of Alfred J. Ackerman -IUSTICE OF THE PEACE 2 illc l BURGESS X! Compliments of CARPE'S MARKET 333 E. Seventh Avenue Homestead, Pa. '1'ClClJllOllCI HO. 1-9308 HAROLD D. CRAFT .. . .IEWELER . . . Main Street Homestead Park Munhall, Pennsylvania Guaranteed Watch Repairing Gifts - Appliances HO'. 1-3313 129 Compliments of MUNHALL VARSITY LETTER CLUB Compliments of BIUNHALL P. T. A. When Better Automobiles are Built, Buick Will Build Them Homestead Buick Co 221 EAST NINTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. Phone: HO. l-1017 Munhall Schools Picnic - WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 at KENNYWOOD 5 "The Nation's Greatest Picnic Park" Compliments of A Friend 130 CONGRATULATIONS To thc Class of 1951 WE APPRECIATE THE PRIVILEGE OF SERVING THE STUDENTS OF THE MUNHALL SCHOOLS Meadow Gold Dairy Produols 69 Meadow Gold Dairies, Inc. 126 DENNISTON AVENUE PITTSBURGH 6, PA. For home delivery call-HI. 1-5000 131 5llLt0?Zdf,9A.4 . . . iw XM io WLM ff 0 W , ngfvlblflfknd a il, 1 . F1 ' , ,gg . l Q.. V Q : "l1 1 L., ' V12 . 1 9 x E K' 'Q 119' Q . 4 FL E' 1 f -1 I --rr 1 i I. 1 1 'J I T11 -1 . 1 6 . i 1 1 1 . E Qi Al. .1 1. .,. .J X 1 .i, .,. f 5 1. I 1 fs .wg ,'V l . 4 -. -. r.. - f1' "Q . 'LL 11 x 1 4 - 1 , . . . - L . , .4 .., .., .1.,g uf . 41.-Lg-1.4,n4A .4i.5:3j -. WL Q1 -r., - ,. S rig 1 Q -J" ' F5 ' '- ' 11 ' I ' X I X '4 1 1 1, ,1 L., 1 3' - 1 R: vb 1 ,,.'. 4 'n.1 , -ji, , '1.Q 2154.3 J5' . , ,. ., ,.,....,. , I, U .5 ,E ,J ,Nz .. 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Suggestions in the Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) collection:

Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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