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Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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-1 "fd 1' 'v A. . 1 - -. ' 1' bfi 1 .. ,r .qfi'1" ., 1- 1'-3? 4 1 'x."A:' .,, . 'R .. Y.: -94 . E., 1- .1 1 1 an s - 11. f . 15' w. -'.,'fq,1jj -11"'!' ' .f' .,l'.11L Li ':. .1 .I , .. H . . ,. , v' .. f- 1 .l. SX' fry' 1, lg J 1 - 1 . .! .. A. A Aj' A7 1 "' f ' :x 1. , Q,-i" 4' A V ,J 3 V111-1. H - 1 fn 3' . i . i V , '1 -9 1 1 15' ',i"1-1' ' ' 11.1 . .ful .. 1.1 . ' , t 1 F' 1 . Y J .A . i .Ll - A , 11, -"j1.'4y EL' -I . "'A V T f "'11f J 1 1 '.... PM 31 - J N5 . 1 K f 1 r. F ,.',. 1- - V, . , ff xi- v . .- 1 . 1.41 .1 ,, ...nik 1-, . Q E lf?-1... . . tx., , ,'. 1 1 1 lv if ' A... .v,'.,,,y 1 1. at . 4 1 In ,. .x '. if I . '- , X, ,A if . .,1 f 1-x ' 1 A 1 . 1 1 . 1 'W' 4. I la ij.. I. , . . - Mr: -1 ' -1. 1 - .li .JN - , fi 1: 1 ' . . 1 " 35. -11 Q. -1 . ' 2- 1' 'Vs . - M1 ' .f 11 . " 11 , I' Q . , , -..1.' -X .., Q Ri f. uf -f Hd..-I , KA' --"' .xx - -. A - a 1' - . 'U .1 ' . Q- 1 1- . - 1- .1111 . . l 'v . X.. 7,1-. ,, " x V. vw-, ' 4 Ag' M : , 1.1.1 "-',x , 1 rl 1 4 I . '. ' '-mfr. . 1v,..z L 1- , . 11' 1 ""?1 .55 ' r.. ' 1 - Q X.. .N .A :1 -1 . ,.r! -f., f ' fizj -' .:-ag' ' ,' N 5 ". 1 . 1 . .11 . 11. 1'g"fI. .' 1 , , 9 , M .A . 1 1 Lp '1 , .-.1 11. -1" -,J ' T11 W- .fmj g .f I 5 ' 4114.23 . a ' . . 1 I - 1. QW- 1 4,2 1 .x 1 1- .11 1'-2 - - 7.11 .3 1, ' c- 1 ., 11"1.Qi" ' 1: .- - 115.1 " T'1 . 7- az 1 ", 0 , ,-I . -' 1- ",,1 1 X 1 F" ,1 ' 'V 1 . . .41 .. , . 'M ' . ,V a ...fllhlq Vw ,.,.xZ!A . 1 .4 .,. 1 ug 4- , ,k Q l' ,-+s,. 1,1 v A ru.. -' Jkx-.fbjgl '- 1 -. 3 11 , .QE ..11. . 1,11 VV... .. ,N Y 19. 3 1 1 1, .JZ , ,. 1 -fmt., ' xi' W 'A FH. "'."'- I 1,, ,M .,1... ..1- . - ':S.u.1,.:.. .en ,e'f'+:'2 1 .1 .J-5.4 ' W1 5 f 1- . ' -,, .:...1'1g'- rj ' "J 1 . 1 ' . w. 1'. . .r 1.1-" ,.. I-'Ap.s,n, .4 T. .li t 1 '.-1. .,'1, .f:.1- g 11 11 VL 1 'Gi 1 V, .,. .H E,w..1JAj-'V " .1 - K, Aff. 1 'iq '1.Lj.:, ,W 1,-Y ' f.. -' f'f', 1 13-'f11' I 5 WHY 1. - I .M 1 fr ff ' 'S1"i111,-- i.'?'T' 11? 1 1..f. U '1 1 : 1 ".1. ,1 A W. .I 4 1 i, . 1, Q1 1'-,1,,. . 1.1.0 V v, xx, ibm.-, :MI FU. ,A 4 '- 1.1 .11 1 .. 11. .'fMm.-- 11.11111 -1 . .1311 ,L , - f it-e:.l:,1m,-I ? . 1 ' 'a I 'M' - ..'-.1 ---4 ' A 1-ur'3:f1. ..e1..1-- 1 ff .:..1 .-1.5: 1' 'Q.- 1 M ' 1'1i"1111,5g'1"' pax' i:l'?l". . I. ,LH-. , -1 - 131 -1 up -aff.: v 't1,141f.'.:r13- " :V 1 ':",'.f3 '4jya".'9!13J-1 f ,H 723 '11 1- " .. . . -211 j . . A. . 155 ,-Ef'Tg.'-fuzzy? J31f1e!,M,E,,. J 1. AV 1:7 E,-V111 -1 1.1.2. .. 1. 1. A-L 1 m 4 J' 'If L ' 'ffW'i" 10:11 1 .-... ff.-if ' " ' 11 2 f'.JYQ.A.1T1?g..,i,gh:1-e.'.-7. '.. 3-5. . Q1 nys , . .Qu-1 1y. i N .,3.., 1 , 11 'i-'f,r1fn1f 1, ,J G'-sw' xfg , P1 1. 1 - '. 1 Q-1-19 1 1.1 1151. iff.: ' 1, g, P1 if 'rf . ,Mx 1,121.1 , 1' ' . . A 2,5 41 71.11. 5134.-113 . a, U Q 1 I ,fnliqa - , ,. 1 5 A. Liv. N + 1.11.2 . 1.1.1 1 1 11- . .-. .- ' .. 61 4, PM I., -'rf 11-YH 1:, ' 1' , f , A . ...yu f-. "11.1f,f3-.' 1. rt! 'Kula '11'95f1-1-llbmkfnf' 'LK' "f!'.'.- 1 1 ' . ' '1-1JfluxLlFs3-.'.1?s '.n37a.5.-kfiiafilsmlfnq ' -"M ,X 1 mnasn .s 'ff r Vi 3 Ei la s. J 'v Q! 5 5 Ea 'Y H Z E 5 4 5 R 5 5 lv L L 51 QI K! ', 53 A 5 2 Q if E' 5 4 .- 3 3 u E 5 the 1950 IIll11ll1iSli0 ,MW f 5? 5, rl. ff, 5 , , 1.4 1 QM ,, 3 I JU zz E is 'Zu ,355 gi ,iz ,G 21132 if? W fgif fi!!! ? TEE? E 55 i, 51 e 'Q 5 I ,555 5 I if if -M.M..s,. QS? 5 U if ,iff ,uf 'fn 'ZX Q! 2 ,J gxviffff sg 5' 22? , Q Q, H ,Ef fa 3, as M? ga, f ,Q , iw f r 32255 ZW: 21 25:5 ' ZW: if , fi xy 1 , if ', W x 5 ha, 3 .fix ,,, M 1 !s5f i: , 9flF,,,, 1, ff, 2? M i diff ,fy is f A 1,-,W fff, M, , X 1 Q, , Q5 ', ,U KA? 12 4 , W, ' Q in - may 'ff is ii ,,,,, , , M4 W., f 7 f , ',:i9g.1W , 355, 'Q v H 4 . ' 1 511 ll? ,A , 12433456 ' mi ,T 25 is 2 i' 4 S ww J '11, - 11. 1 - rf "P i. - 3 - ,, ff? .. , J .-L, V I' I fe Fx? F, fr 'x r " L P' 1 -v i lr ' Q- -af if .,. ns L' ff -f '.1lf7i. zgfz 'V' 5,1 Q ,Jr Lei' ' 1. 2 pdllllolli the loniorelalsoimlmlmll kill! lulmol nnlhall. pennsylvania . 3 2+ in-44.44- ....... . 1 ....p.,.. in -.. .. -..a, ..4 u...nniMu..x., HQ- 3 1 WP UL M, mg .N 5 1. V ,, X .A., - , . . q,AA, L ,A 8 i N ,WWW - L, M N BE 'him , A N W 'M' If F 'R WV A ? 1 V, , - 'V : wwf MH f f A - H., K 1 4023, - f 11 :VM-5 :ff Qi -IIV K-My Q was A' 41 ff . dn- v- . contents 'lr :administration and faculty School Board, page 8: Dr. E. O. Liggitt, page 9: Mr. M. W. Wherry, page 10: Mr. Homer Beggs, page ll: Mr. Richard Koehler, page I2: Faculty, pages I3-18. classe Senior Class, pages 22-51: junior Class, pages 52-56: Sophomore Class, pages 57-61: Freshman Class, pages 62-65. organizations Publication Editors, page 70: Annual Staff, page 7l: Munhisko, page 72: Hi- Lites, page 72: Student Council, page 73: Senior Executive Committee, page 74: National Honor Society, page 74: Woodlawn Student Council, page 75: Woodlawn Home Room Representatives, page 75: Munhall and YVoodlawn Hall Patrol, page 76: Munhall and Woodlawn Stamp Salesmen, page 77: Y- Teens, page 78: Munhall and Woodlawn Hi-Y, page 79: Munhall and Wood- lawn Library Club, page 80: Munhall and Woodlawn Latin Club, page 81: Woodlawn Stamp Club, page 82: Woodlawn Dramatic Club, page 82: Senior Leaders, page 83: junior Leaders, page 83: Munhall and Woodlawn Red Cross, page 84: Photography Club, page 85: Noon Candy Salesmen, page 85: Woodlawn junior Choir, page 86: Woodlawn Girls Glee Club, page 86: Woodlawn junior Leaders, page 87: Woodlawn Cheerleaders, page 87: Band, page 88: Choir, page 89: Majorettes, page 89: Cheerleaders, page 90: Stage Guild, page 91: junior Play, page 92: Senior Play, page 93. sports Football, pages 96-99: Basketball, pages l00-102: Rifle, page 103: Wrestling. page l04: Baseball, page l05. advertising 5 ldd dff ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY 6 Q". ' H+" - fm! .,-wi """""""' z Ullllllll' ' 'I' 'I-mv' administration .xx M., cft no rightffi., A. Partcrson. G. Garland. C. H. Redshaw. W. Schwartz. Mrs. Eleanor C. Edmundaon. T. NI. Rutter. W. A. Smith. school board Behind thc arcllcs ill Munlmll High School, lllcf School Bil2ll'fi l'2ll'lklCS on its work. Ihc lllCIIliXfl'S ol thls gfmu 1 YIVL' lrvc-ly ol IilL'll' 5 i 5 tune and CIICYQV. NVQ, thc class ol I950, ZIIJIJITCIZIIL' Iilt'llk sc'1'v1c'c's :md express our Silli'Cl'l,' thanks. ,,. H1411-LN O I 00l.lf Axim 1':I,l B ZAISI-Q'l'll lfmm Sl'I'lY'flI rim' administration DR. O. I,lCLCLl'l"l' SllfN'l'l-I1fI'IlIlI'lll Nluuhzill Schools C lztss ol lflntl, You, tht- lllt'llllJt'l'S ol tht- Cllaiss ol' '50, aut- grxttlttzttiug iii tht- mul-xt-zu' ol' tht- 'l'wt-utit-th fll'llllll'Y. lt has ht-cu sztid thztt this xt 'tt' wt- nrt- tomplt-ting tht- grt-zttt-st llllll-t't'lIllll'Y tu t-dtu'zttiou thzit 1 , t t , tht- world has t-vt-t' known. St'it-tivo :uid ktiowlcdgt- liatvc tlt-vt-lopt-tl lu' ht-voud tht- wildt-st dt't-:uns ol' t-:trlit-r gem-ttttiotis. lu tht- Ihtlsl 1 t lllll-l'l'llllIl'X' wt- liztvc lormulzttt-d at tuzuiut-t' ol living wlurli wt- , t htvt- proudly tlt-siguzttt-tl tht- ".Xu1e1-itzut XVzty ol Lili-." 'l'hc piuil ,Xtut-rit'ztt1 todzty is out- who, t'it'h ot' poor, ht-lit-vt-s loyztlly tu his t'ouutt'y s institutions :uid tht-tt' tuitlt-rlytug' lJl'llK'llJll'Sl out- ttho livt-s tht- lilt- ol at good fitift-tt :ind at good nt-iglthor. .Ks you grzultuttt- lroui tht- Nlunhatll High School, tht- culmin- tstrauiou cotigrzitttlzitt-s you upon your zu'ltitx't-tut-ut and wisltcs xou 6Yt'I'y stttu-ss in st-1'x'it'c lor thc ltlrtllct' clt-vt-lopttit-tit ol' yout ition's wt-ll':u't-, 9 administration MR. MAX YV. XVHERRY High Sc11rmlPrir1cij9aI Class ol 1950, Today, you, like thousands ol' other high school seniors, hold the spotlight of the nzttion. All eyes and thoughts are centered on you. You are about to he grunted at high school diploma-one of the privileges of living in zt lree nation. You also have the right to enter now upon your chosen career. These rights :md privi- leges which are yours were fought for hy others. Do not be waste- ful of their sacrifices. Hold these rights sacred-he zthle to pass them on to future youth of our country. Be good citizens. As you take your places in your conununity, help to improve our schools. Remember, thc foundation of our country is in the education ol' our youth. Your teachers and I send with you every wish for your future success. IO 2ldll1illiStl'ilti0ll XVL- nlzu' point nnl nlanx' llllswlls lm' UlJllllllSlII ns You cr MR. HOMER XV. BEGGS Wfwdlnzuri junior High School Principal plclc llic high sclmnl cmirsc. 'llxc unc l1z1x'i11gg1'L-:llcsl prmnisc is In-lic-I' in sell, growing ont ul' 1-clue-:nixm anal 4-xpn-l'ic11c'c zinc lillL'lll5 qiwn In won. ln school won Cli'lll0llSll'LllQ'll pznlcrns lm sllcccss, but ai design lor living will lx' nizulv :is you niccl firm' SIZIIICCS. lnml 1 'intl llic rights ol ullu-rs acc-ins likc-ly lo rcsnll in luippicsl lm and vu cznionzil living. 11 nn l the inn cpcxlclc-ilu' ul lllllllglll :incl lll'Il0l! inmliliul by lrziini g nn administration MR. RICHARD D. KOEHLER Vocational School Director You have now established a pattern which should be a valuable asset in determining the road which you want to travel toward a successful and happy future life. I sincerely trust that you will take advantage of the good habits that you have learned and properly apply them to the difficult problems that lie ahead. I2 Row Row Row liuw left ro right-!lVlary D. Bane. Charles lf. Blick. lrcne E. Bollinger. -flmslie Brand, Ruth Briggs. iG. Edward Bunch, Iris Nl, Cantwell. Elizabeth B. Carroll, Theodore T. Charlton, Helen C. Copeland. faculty 13 x r faculty Row I. left to rightfSarah E, Cox. Willard L, Curry. Elizabeth F. Donaldson Row 2---Wilbur C. Eichler, Benjamin S. Elkins. Row 3fAlbert C. Frantz. Betty I, Graham. Row 4'-Ruth N. Gray. Elsie G. Groax. Eleanor V. Gustafson. ,. 'XXX 1 f ,f Lf 14 flirt A ,ff vflffffx -w f, u R n w R uw Row R nw I. left to rlghlfjcwheplmnxam- O. Hill. Margaret S. Howar. Mildred M. Kr-Itz. .Z Nirholnr. H. Klinkcy. joneph S. Lnrlco. 5 Mnrgarct A. Marlin-nh, Margaret M. Marks-y. 4- -Rohm-rr Markle-V, Rnclmrd Marrinko. John L. McCarthy. faculty 15 faculty Row Row Row Row left to right-Jean E. McClatcl1ey, Thomas McGrath, William J. Mihm -Clyde F. Mock, Dorothy G. Newell. -J. Harold Noroski. Robert G. Ridge. +Thelma A. Rush, Paul H. Schalles, Elsie Mae Serbic. 16 Row Ruw Row Row left to righrf- Ri-gix V. Shalley. J. Lewis Shannon. Hubert C. Shiring. 'Horace H. Trimble, Erika H. Van Gord:-r. S f-Bm-uv j. Waeisworzlu. Lorme A. Wliirn-. 4 fAdn H. VVidJow5on. Solon Wilgnn, Peter Zvrra, faculty 17 faculty Loft lo right-Alznncs I.. Zimmelmzm. Stanley A. Zinglr. secretaries w I, I. to r.-B. jones. M. -I. Olcn, E. IXICC2ll'lCI'. M, Mach. xv 2-NI. I.. Bennett. H. 0"l'00Ic. second semester teachers JEAN GRAVAI' I' HARRY J.' 18 fm'- W. , has-, A 4 . ffl Q 'lf' 3.2 , ZR E U f'-' . ' 4.- " l ' , M. gg? 2' ll.! , F P nineteen hundred and fifty CLASSES e,.. .-IU' 1 ,ff Ex 32 1' s' . -f ' . ' 1.-- Y" 1 .4 . I A-. My I 5 ll 1- - 1---f-" ""' :pw Jin. Ia., .44 ,n,.-vw' , .1 ,.,,,,,-1-as I - ,113 .,.4 S S' Q- .y 9 - ' an ' ff' " if if 4' aff' 'H ""'b.. 52,3 4.2, V' , !, N senior class sponsor Miss XVIIJDOXVSON It scvtns that Miss XVicldowson has at spcfizil l2liClll lor Continuing whcrc SOIIICUIIC clsc lcil oll. In our SUIJIIOIIIOYC your Miss XVidclmvson acufptc-d thc position of sponsor of our class. ztftcr our lorincr sponsor, Miss I,0i'i'lACd2l, IL-l'l us. This was nothing ncw to Miss XViclclowson. She wats also sponsor lor thc Iztst two years ol' thc flziss ol' I9-45. 'l'o our flztss ol l950, Miss XViclclowson has burn thc hvst sport, most SiIlCCl'L' ztclviscr, and, to top it ull. ll rcztl lricnd. class of 1950 senior class officers Left to right-R. Kazimer, E. Slllilllil, l,. Florian. X'Viihin the next llllily years or so, one ol' our li2lY0l'llC pastimes will he remembering the lun we had in high school. Our senior year is one ol mixed emolions-happy thoughts lieeznlse one has anlziined his real purpose in coming to school-an high school education, und he is ready to lance the world. But mixed wilh this leeling ol' pride come l'ceollec'lions ol' V2ll'l0llS events. That day, so lan' in the lulure. is urllmlly here. class of 1950 23 Class of 1950 JAMES ACKERMAN "jeep" Quiet, nice looking lad: Senior Play: Photography Club: good student: works at Kennywood: undecided about the future. ROBERTA ACKERMAN "Bobby Ann" Pert brownette with a smile for everyone: .Xnnual Sales- man: plans to enter Nurses trainine. EDWARD ALESIUS "jecl" Quiet: friendly: takes his studies seriously: Hi-Y: Wrest- ling 'liC2l.lllI will make a good artist. ROBERT ALEXANDER "Alex" Black. wary hair: likes to sing: good dancer: junior and Senior Plays: Choir: plans to attend college. MARGARET ALL "Marg" 'l'all, dark-haired miss: sparkling personality: liked by all: Hall Patrol: Munhisko: future is undecided. ELIZABETH ALLEN "Betty" Quiet. well-liked girl: one of the smaller lasses: Intra- mural Basketball: Munhisko: wants to work in an office. MERCEDES ALLEN "Cede" A swell gal: has a friendly word for everyone: Choir: Annual: Intramural Basketball: Munhisko: plans to work in an office. LOIS jEAN ANDERSON "Lu" Cute lass: Y-Teens: Hi-Liles: Nlunhiskoz Annual: Library Club: will wear a white cap. BETTY JANE ANDREWS "Betty" Friendly: always laughing: likes to eat: Annual: would like to do office work. MARCIA ASSON "Marcy" Quiet, likable girl: has a nice smile: likes to laugh: will make an efficient nurse. 21:1 ERLENE ASTON A friendly smile for everyone: Annual: candy salesman: junior and Senior Plays: President of Y-Teens: Senior Executive Committee: Hall Patrol: undecided abottt the future. WILLIAM BAIR "Bill" Curly, black hair: likes to tease and joke: hails from vocational: future plans are ttndecided. FLORENCE BAKANIC "Flo" Nice personality: Y-Teens: Hall Patrol: candy salesman: secretary to Miss Cox: Senior Executive Committee: An- nual: Statnp Salesman: plans to be a secretary. KENNETH BALOG "Ken" Tall: blond hair: always doing something: Rifle Team! will work for Uncle Sam after graduation. VINCENT BALUKAS "Vince" 'l'all, friendly lad: painted scenery for Senior Play: wants to attend college. RICHARD BAPTIE "Dick" Quiet. friendly fellow: struggles with his stttdies: always busy: plans to operate a garage. RACE BECKET "Trigger" One of Ulll' husky football players: "lloltz' " other half: hails from Whitaker: Football: Baseball: plans to attend college. DOROTHY BELAN "Don" Long, brown hair: nice personality: junior and Senior Leaders: Annual: Senior Executive Committee: secretary to Mr. Shannon: Stamp Salesman: Red Cross: Hall Patrol: will make an efficient secretary. DONALD BERGER "Berg" Short: quiet and friendly: one of the Whitaker gang: Baseball 'l'eam: futttre plants are undecided. BARBARA BESEROCK Short, darkahaired girl: always doing something: Choir: plans to be a secretary. 25 class of 1950 class of 1950 SHIRLEY BEVAN "Shirl" Ambitious lass: likes to laugh: Rifle Team: Senior Play: Hall Patrol: Hi-Lites: Y-Teens: Choir: will continue her education. MARCELLA BICKUS "Marcy" Quiet: dark hair: loves to eat: Choir: future plans are Ato enter Civil Service work. MARIORIE BINKNEY "Margie" Another of our tall lasses: Annual: Photography Club: plans to be a photographer. JOAN BISHOP "joanie" Quiet: always reading: Y-Teens: Photography Cluh: Red Cross: will make a good nurse. THOMAS BISHOP Tall, good looking lad: Electric Shop: will work for "Uncle Sam." LEDA BOGER One of our short red heads: quiet: future plans are undecided. ROSINA BOGESDORFER "Zeen" Tall blonde: enjoys bookkeeping: junior Science Club: will make an efficient secretary. RITA BONGARTZ "Rita" Pleasant girl: always in a rush: likes to have a good time: good cook: undecided about the future. EDWARD BORKO Short: friendly: likes to tease the girls: Munhall Recre- ational Baskethall: plans to be an engineer. THERESA BORNAK Nice gal: has a hello for everyone: pleasing personality: Annual: Photography Club: Munhisko: secretary to Miss Groat: will work in an office. 26 BETTY LOU BOWERS "Boo" Cute brownette: usually seen laughing: Annual: Choir: lntratnttral Basketball: plans to do missionary work. RAYMOND BOYTIM "Boltz" Good looking lad: friendly: hobby is to tease the girls: one of the Whitaker gang: Football: Baseball: plans to attend college. .IOANNE BRENNAN "jo" 'l'all: nice personality: Y-Teens: Red Cross: representa- tive for home rootn: will work at Bell Telephone. ROBERT BRIERLY "Bob" Big joker: friendly: Hi-Y: Hi-Liles: Wrestling Team: future plans are to attend college. JOAN BRINKER "Brink" Short. pretty blonde-haired miss: always seen studying German: will wear a Waves ttnifornt. MILDRED BROADRIGHT "Millie" Short, witty girl: a good singer: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: Choir: plans to enter office work. RICHARD BRUNO "Sam Shovel" Quiet lad: shy with the opposite sex: Munhall Recre- ational Basketball: future is undecided. DOROTHY BUBAN "Dot" One of our quiet girls: lots of fun: Senior Leaders: secre- tary to Miss Cantwell: Annual Salesman: will make a good secretary. ELAINE BUGEL 'l'all blonde: Hall Patrol: Atmual Staff: secretary to Mr. Lacko: Hi-Liles: plans to be a secretary. BERNARD BUKAUSKAS "Bemie" Tall: black curly ltair: always seen with Len: drives a mail truck for the government: Auto Shop: plans to be a mechanic. 27 class of 1950 class of 1950 CURTIS BUNCH "Benny" Likes to have a good time: always teasing the girls: big joker: his future is undecided. SHIRLEY BURK "Shirl" Pleasing personality: Woodlawn Hi-Lites: Stamp Sales- man: Y-Teens: Library Club: Munhisko Salesman: Home Room Representative: plans to join the service. WILLIAM BURKE "Hammer" Quiet lad: manager of the basketball and baseball teams: Hi-Y: future is undecided. DORIS BURKHART "Red" The singing twin: entertained in many assemblies: Choir: concerts: Y-Teens: Munhisko: Library Club: Junior and Senior Plays: undecided about the future. DOROTHY BURKHART Tall, friendly girl: the other twin: Choir: Library Club: will study the piano. ROBERT CADMAN "Cad" Short, blond lad from Electric Shop: lvrestling: Choir: future is undecided. DALE CANNON "Red" Bright-red hair: always teasing the girls: Electric Shop: will work at the lvestinghouse. ROBERT CARNEY "Bob" Short: lively lad: member of the wrestling team: Hi- Lites: undecided about his future. WILLIAM CARR "Bill" Blond-haired fellow: always laughing: plays a trumpet: Band: hails from Franklin: future is undecided. SHIRLEY CASHDOLLAR "Cash" Friendly, blonde lass: one of our cheerleaders: Hall Patrol: Annual Salesman: Miss Mach's helpmate: unde- cided about the future. 28 CATHERINE CHASKO "Kay" Quiet miss: likes to draw: President of Red Cross: Hall Patrol: Mnnhisko: Annttal: Senior Iixectttive Committee: hopes to teach. DOROTHY SUSAN CHETSKO "Chet" Small blonde: friendly: Marg's other half: Munhisko: Annual: Stamp Salesman: plans to enter nursing. NANCY CHILLI "Chilli Bean" 'l'all, clark-haired girl: enthusiastic artist: Band: Orchesl tra: Y-Teens: will enter the Pittsburgh Art Institute. MARY CHILTON Quiet lass: hookkeeping fiend: loafs with Doris: Hall Patrol: plans to he at seeretary. jOHN CHURMA "Yuneh" Friendly. quiet lad: Wrestling 'l'eam: interested in sports: hails from Homeville: works at Isaly's: to join the Armed I"ot'et:s. RICHARD CLEVER "Dick" Short, good looking fellow: Machine Shop: Red Cross: lli'I.ites: Hall Patrol: Choir: plans to join the Naval Air Corps. WILLIAM COLES "Bill" Blond. Curly haired lad: likes to sing: Choir: Stage Guild: junior and Senior Plays: Wrestling Team: Photography Cluh: to join the Navy. MATTHEW COOK "Matt" Nice looking chap: likes lo tease: Football: Student Council: Hall Patrol: j. V. llasketlrall: Wrestling: to study srientific farming. ALBERT CSIDER "Tm" Short fellow: Wrestling leam: Hi-Y: llall Patrol: Hi- I.ites: 'I reasurei ol' lfreslnnan Class: future is undeeitled. ALBERT CZYZ "Al" Dark-haired lad: likes to argue: always struggling with his French: plans to go to school. 29 class of 1950 class of 1950 CHARLES DALY "Chuck" Small: blond lad: quiet when Rudy isn't around: Wrest- ling Team: Hi-Y: future is undecided. GAYE DAMICH Short, peppy miss: friendly: Munhisko Co-editor: An- nual: junior and Senior Plays: Hall Patrol: Student Coun- cil: candy salesman: National Honor Society: to attend college. RUDOLPH DANIS "Rudy" Short, friendly fellow: likes to laugh: Hi-Y: Wrestling Team: future is undecided. JAMES DEBRESNEY -'jiggy' Husky football player: formerly in the army: Hall Patrol: Hi-Y: Home Room Representative: Football: plans to continue his education. BERNARD DOBOS "Lover Boy" Blond, shy lad front Voc.: usually seen with Bill: wants to be a machinist. DOROTHY DOBRANSKI "Chicken" Cute and friendly: one of our popular cheerleaders: honor student: National Honor Society: Co-editor of An- nual: Hall Patrol: junior and Senior Leaders: junior Play: candy salesman: to attend business college. BETTY DONNELLY "Liz" Neat dresser: friendly to everyone: Munhisko: Annual: will succeed as an interior decorator. ARLENE DOYLE Isn't very noisy: one of Room 20l's big four: to work in the Bell Telephone. HELEN DURKOTA "Durk" Tall, dark-haired lass: active in intramural sports: future is undecided. MARILYN DURST "Dusty" Quiet, blonde lass: Photography Club: Annual: Choir: wants to work for Bell Telephone. 30 PAUL EBRIGHT "Whitey" Tall. hlond latl: Hand: interested in sports: one of the Honteville gang: studies diligently: resorts to ludicrous re- tnarks: will attend tollege. CATHERINE EDNIE "Cassie" lllonde, vivaeious miss: Red Cross: Hall I'atrol: Senior Play: Senior l-Ixecutive KIOIIIIIIIIICCZ junior Leaders: Intra- mural sports: ftlture is undecided. ARDEN ELKINS "Ardie" 'I'all, shy lad: honor student: I-Iditor of the Munhisko: National llonor Society: Photography Club: junior Play: to attend college, EVELYN ELLIOTT "Ev" lfriendly lass: active in sports: Stzunp Salesman: Choir: Nlunhisko Salesman: Annual: to he a nurse. LEONARD EVAGUES "Len" Light. rurly hair: shy around the opposite ses: Auto Shop: will he a mechanic. LOIS FAITH Une of our quiet girls: likes bookkeeping: Y-Teens: plans to work after graduation. MARY FEDORKO llark-haired lniss: well-liked: junior Leaders: Library tlluhz Hall Patrol: junior Play: Band: Red Cross: future is ttndeeided. ELEANOR FERTELMES Happy-go-lurky iniss: full of fun: Baud: Hi-Liles: Dra- matic Cluh: Woodlawn Y-'I'eens: Hall Patrol: to do offire work. BARBARA FISHER "Dude" Short. quiet girl: likes English Ol: hails front Bull Run: sister of Rilo: ftlture is underided. JOHN FISHER "Rilo" Likes sports: tall, dark-haired: usually in trouhle: likes to joke: future is undecided. 31 fl , class of 1950 class of 1950 G. MALCOLM FISHER "Malcy" Dark-haired lad: continually joking: friendly: Band: member of the Homcville gang: interested in sports: un- decided about tbe future. NORMAN FISHER Tall, friendly lad: Woodlawn Sophomore Class Treas- urer: Hi-Y: Student Council: Reserve Basketball: plans to become a pharmacist. JANE FLAHERTY Short, cute lass: pretty blue eyes: always talking: is un- decided about the future. MARY ELLEN FLAHERTY Well-liked by everyone: hard-working lass: manager of Cheerleaders: Senior Leaders: Hi-Liles: Hall Patrol: to join the Waves. LAWRENCE FLORIAN "Moose" Blond, nice looking fellow: nice personality: Class Presi- dent for three years: Photography Club: Football: Science Club: Annual: will attend college. DOLORES FONOS "Dolly" Small, blonde gal: friendly: usually seen with Ella: Choir: Photography Club: office work is part of her future plans. BARBARA FORBES "Babs" Neat dresser: pretty brown hair: Majorette: Annual: Munhisko: Hi-Liles: will attend business school. EMMETT FOWLER "Kentucky" Quiet around girls: lots of fun: Machine Shop: to join the Navy after graduation. BEVERLY GASPER "Bev" Cute blonde: full of pep: Cheerleader: Red Cross: Senior Leaders: Mr. Wilson's secretary: to go to business school. LaVERNE GENT "Bemie" Friendly miss: always going to Pitt dances: Hi-Liles: Munhisko: Library Club: Dramatic Club: Y-Teens: would like to go to college. 32 GEORGE GOMBOS "Horse" Tall, well-liked lad: 'l'om's twin: Auto Shop: Basketball: plans to go to college to study Physical Education. THOMAS GOMBOS "Tom" Dark-haired lad: good-looking: rather quiet, but friendly: formerly of Rankin: Basketball: undecided about the future. MARSHALL GORDON "Marsh" Friendly: always pestering sotneone: Student Council: Munltisko: Senior Executive Conunittee: Annual: Hall Patrol: to be a successful businessman. BEVERLY GRAY "Bev" An attractive miss: friendly: Hall Patrol: Red Cross: Senior Play: Rifle 'learnt Annual: Y-Teens: will attend college. ROBERT GREEN "Gunner" Neat dresser: friettdly: Football 'leatnz Senior Play: Senior Executive Committee: Annual: Hi-Y: member of Homeville gang: will attend 'I'eaeher's College. ANNA MARIE GRESS Attractive: junior and Senior Leaders: Annual: Choir: Stamp Salestnan: Student Council: Senior Executive Com- mittee: Muuhisko: junior and Senior Plays: will go to eollege. GERTRUDE GRESS "Gert" Active in sports: usually seen at basketball games: Miss Howat's mcretary: future is undefided. ELLEN jOANNE GRIEB "Blondie" Petite. blonde-haired tniss: Hi-Liles: Annual: Y-Teens: randy salesman: undecided about the future. DON GROSSETT "Red" 'l'all, quiet lad: friendly: tnetnber of the lland: would like to obtain a good paying job after graduation. PATRICIA GUSTASHAW "Pat" Pretty red hair: friendly: plans to be a secretary. 33 class of 1950 class of 1950 MARY CATHERINE HAVRILLA Short, hlonde lass: quiet: Choir: Y-Teens: Stamp Sales- man: future is still undecided. JOSEPH HEARD "joe" Nice, friendly fellow: rather quiet: Band member: Hi-Y: President of Home Room: Woodlawn Hall Patrol: future plans include college. CARL HENRIKSON "Swede" One of our good looking Vocational boys: blond hair: shy with the opposite sex: Baseball: plans to be a machinist. DARRELL -IA MES HESS "Knobby" Nice looking: dark curly hair: Student Council: Junior and Senior Plays: Munhisko: Hi-Lites: Hall Patrol: Hi4Y: to he a school teacher. LAURA HESS "Smiles" Quiet: has a smile for everyone: Stamp Salesman: wants to work for the Bell Telephone Company. CHARLES HOVANEC "Chud" A quiet, friendly lad: shy: blond hair: future is unde- cided. WALTER HOWCROFT "Bud" Dark, wavy hair: goes to Voc.: Secretary of Band: always clowning: to join the Marines. RUTH HOWELL A pretty miss: neat dresser: friendly: junior Leaders: Library Club: Red Cross: junior and Senior Plays: Hall Patrol: future is undecided. MICHAEL HREHA "Yirk" Short, quiet lad: Electric Shop: wants to work in a bakery plant. EDWARD HRINDA "G. R." Doesn't talk much: Machine Shop: plans to be a machinist. 34 MARY HRITZ "Rit1y" Blonde haired lass: quiet and friendly: plans to he a telephone operator. ALBERT HRUSKA "Al" Quiet: always seen with Mike: Electric Shop: future is undecided. j0AN HUNT "jo" A friendly miss: has a smile for everyone: Red Cross: will work at the Bell Telephone. j0SEPH IMRO "joe" Good looking lad: dark hair: very quiet: an usher at the Manor: Homeville gang: will take up husiness admin- istration at college. ELLA MAE IRWIN "Ella" Short. blonde girl: loves to roller skate: wears a diamond on her left hant: Photography Cluh: will keep house for Vince. MARY JACISIN "lace" 'l'all, dark-haired miss: works in Carnegie Library: Munhisko: Photography Club: hopes to he a medical technologist. CHARLES jACKSON "Chuck" A furly haired lad: academic student: always seen with Bernie and Swede: Science Cluh: will attend college. FRANK JACOB "jakie" Very quiet, hashful lad: member of the Rifle Teani: plans on doing electrical repair work after graduation. FLORENCE jANOSKO "Flo" Short and cute: nice dresser: French Club: will join the service or do office work. MARY LOU -IONES "jonesie" A quiet and friendly lass: a whiz at Spanish: Annual Staff: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: plans to become a nurse. 35 class of 1950 class of 1950 j0AN KAMP "Camp" A friendly lass: full of fun: favorite pastime is ice skating: will attend college. GEORGE KAVINSKY "jute" Curly blond hair: Auto Shop: likes to sleep: seen at "Krazy Korner": future is undecided. RONALD KAZIMER "Ronnie" Neat dresser: works at Isaly's: Vice President of Senior Class: is undecided about the future. DONALD KELCH "Don" A curly-haired lad: friendly: works at lsaly's: will join the Armed Forces. MARY CAROLE KENNEY Short and cute: very quiet: Woodlawn Y-Teens: Library Club: Hall Patrol: future is undecided. EDWARD KING "Ed" Good looking: hails from the Park: Xvoodlawn Hi-Y: Red Cross: future is undecided. MARIAN KISH Very attractive girl: beautiful long hair: Head Major- ette: Red Cross: junior Science Club: Munhiskog future plans include college. EDWARD KOEHLER "Ted" Shy: curly black hair: Golf Team: Electric Shop: un- decided about thc future. MARY ANN KOMAR "Mare" Pretty green eyes: friendly: talkative: Stamp Salesman: Red Cross: Munhisko: plans to be a telephone operator. CHARLES KONDAS "Chuck" Tall: hails from the Park: friendly: academic student: plans to enter college. 36 QIOSEPH KORMOSH "Bumper" Quiet and friendly: rides around in at tihevic: Machine Shop: plans to be a machinist. DOLORES M. KOSSEFF "Dolly' Sweet lass: likable: pretty black hair: quiet: Rifle 'l'eam Y-Teens: Hall l'atrol: will attend business school. j0HN KOSTRUB "johnny" Neat dresser: friendly: always talking: Football: Hi-Y: Red Cross: will enter college. VALENTINE KOVAL "Skip" Blond, curly hair: quiet around girls: Baseball: Machine Shop: plans to join the Navy. MARGARET LOUISE KRACUNOSKY "Peggy" Short blonde: nice smile: Red Cross: Senior leaders: Hall Patrol: Annual: lkllllllllfilkllj will go to business school. STEVE KULISEK llark-haired lad: friendly to all: quiet: future is ttn decided. BERNADETTE KUNDRAVI "Bunny" Long brown hair: Hall Patrol: junior and Senior leaders: Red Cross: Annual: Photography Club: Munhisko: Miss White's secretary: wants to go to business school. IOSEPH KUSHNER "Bud' Good-looking lad: shy around girls: takes the academic course: l'rom Committee: will attend college. ANN KUZMA "Dolly" Brunette: twill dresser: band activities: Home Room Representative: Senior Play: plans to join the service. MARY ANN KUZMIK Short. cute lass: friendly smile: junior Leaders' Red Cross: Annual: will attend business school. class of 1950 37 class of 1950 CHARLES GORDON KYLE "Gordy" Tall, blond lad: always wisecracking: Hi-Y: Red Cross: future is undecided. JOSEPH LACEY "joe" Bashful lad: good looking: nice dresser: undecided about the future. LEONA LACEY "Lee" Tall, blonde girl with pretty hair: nice personality: likes German: Choir: Band: Stamp Salesman: future is unde- cided. REGIS LACEY "Rege" Tall, good-looking lad: friendly: hails from the Park: Baseball: Basketball: Football: Hi-Y: plans to go to college. RONALD LADICK "Gus" Friendly, joyful boy: Woodlawn Hi-Y: likes to tease girls: plans to attend college. ANASTASIA LARKO "Ann" Quiet girl: Y-Teens: Science Club: Intramural Basket- ball: future plans are undecided. ROBERT LEE "Bob" Quiet: likable: likes to dance: will dance his way to fame. WILLIAM LEES "Bill" Quiet: shy: usually seen with Len: Electric Shop: future is undecided. WILLIAM LEPPLA "Bill" Friendly, good-natured kid: Woodlawn Hi-Y: junior Varsity and Reserve Basketball: Baseball: future plans are undecided. RICHARD LLOYD "Dick" Short, quiet lad: friendly: hails from the Park: usually seen with Bern and Ed: Woodlawn Hi-Y: undecided about the future. 38 WALTER LORENTZEN Tall: attends Vocational School: works outside of school: will work as a mechanic. DONNA LYNCH Friendly lass: junior and Senior Leaders: Red Cross: plans to attend business college. j. COLEMAN MAGNUS "Coley" 'I'all. dark and handsome: always smiling: a ntemher of the Football and Basketball Teams: Munhisko: Hi-Y: Hall l'atrol: Home Room Representative: plans to attend rol- lege. CLARICE MANDELL Dark-haired: good student: Hall Patrol: junior and Senior Leaders: Red Cross: Munhisko: secretary to Miss Tillman: ambition is to be a secretary. ROBERT MANTIA "Manchu Always downing: extraordinary sense of humor: Wood- lawn Hi-Y: Varsity Football: plans to further his education. GLADYS MARESCH "Glady" Very quiet and friendly: Hall Patrol: j.V. Cheerleader: Woodlawn Y-Teens: undecided about the future. AGNES MARGIE "Aggie" Likes to laugh and have a good time: Munhisko Sales- man: Red Cross: Y-Teens: Science Club: future is un- decided. DONALD MARTIN "Mutt" Quiet, dark-haired lad: works at Franklin Super Mar- ket: wants to he a hutehcr or interior decorator. EDWARD MASZLE "Ed" lfortnerly in the Marines: good artist: likes to clown: Art Staff: Golf: Football: will continue in art work. uiet: easy to get along with: excellent student and ath Clei Wrestling: Football: Baseball: Woodlawn Student Council: Hi-Y: Hall Patrol: to attend college. GEORGE MATTHEWS 39 .Al- class of 1950 class of 1950 ANNA MAE MCCANN Long, brown hair: high stepping majorette: j. V. Cheer- leader: Y-Teens: Dramatic Club: will wear a white cap. WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN Hails from Voc.: likable and always looking for fun: one of the manly type: ice cream hasher at Isaly's. VIRGINIA MELISH "Judy" Well-liked: likes to roller skate: Munhisko: Library Club: Red Cross: Miss Markey's secretary: Stamp Salesman: will work in an office. JOHN MIHALYCO "Sub" Auto Shop: hails from Projects: drives a truck: hopes to see the world. JESS MILLER "jess" Soft spoken: likable fellow: Hall Patrol: Hi-Liles: plans l0 be a disc jockey or band vocalist. LEO MILLER "Red" Red hair: quiet fellow: excellent pin-boy and pool shooter: will join the Navy. ROBERT MONIK "Moe" Carefree, jolly fellow: Stage Guild: Science Club: plans to continue his education. WILLIAM MORGAN "Bill" Slim: likes classical music: bashful: chemistry fiend: will join the Navy. JAMES MORRIS "Rusty" Curly, red hair: quiet: Stage Guild: junior and Senior Plays: Munhisko: will study for ministry. MARY ANN MOSKAL Always in a hurry: seen at basketball games: undecided aboutthe future. - H 40 MICHAEL MRAZIK "Mike" Gund-looking lad from Vocational: quiet: junior Varsity Ilaskethall: will wear a Navy unifurln in the future. CHRISTINE NAGY "Chris" One of nur quiet girls: always husy: Red Cross: Mun- hisko Staff: Lihrarv Club: secretary tu Nlr. Nlcilartliy: her future lies in secretarial work. DONALD NAGY "Don" Friendly: une of the Hmnexille gang: llev's constant ctnnpaniou: lfontlrall learn: Basketball Reserves: Senior Play: undecided ahout the future. THOMAS NEE "T. j." .Mtlnnn hair: always leaves theni laughing: Machine Shop: will join the Merchant Marines. j0HN NEEIDHAM "jack" Well-built buy: Wrestling leant: Choir: lakes his studies seriouslx: d0esn't like the girls Hy: future is undecided. AUDREY NEMETH "Amis" Cute lass: quiet: nice pcrsunalilv: neat dresser: Mun- hiskug Red Cross: plans tu go lo Business School. ROGER NEUNDORF "Nix" 'I'all, lnlmnl-haired lad: very talkative: Wmnllawn Hi+Yl Hi-Liles: Ilasehall: Muuhisku: plans to go to college. MARCELLINE 0'BRIEN "Marcy" Quiet. shy girl: frequently seen at St. Mary's dances: is undecided almut the future. VIRGINIA PALCHIK "jean" Slmrt, blonde girl: friendly: Red Cross: Yfleens: par- ticipates in all intramural sports: plans to he a Secretary. ELEANOR PAVASKO "Ele" Tall: likes tn listen to good niusic: a whiz in bookkeep- ing: undecided almuut her future. 41 class of 1950 class of 1950 ROBERT PASKERT "Bob" Small, quiet student: seen with "Rizo": Bull Run gang: Golf Team: future plans are undecided. JANET PEARSON Cute. friendly lass: well liked by everyone: honor student: Student Council: junior Leaders: Annual: Senior Play: secretary to Mrs. Bane: wants to work in an office. ANTHONY PERHAC "Patches" Dark, wavy hair: Auto Shop: plays tuba in band: works at Victor's: plans to be a shoe salesman. MARIAN PEROFF Quiet, attractive miss: hails from Duquesne Annex: Choir: Annual Salesman: will be a telephone operator. JOAN PESTA 'fjoaniev Short miss: friendly and cute: Student Council: Photo- graphy Club: Annual: Senior Play: likes bookkeeping: plans to bc an Airline Hostess. ANDREW PICHORA "Louch" Tall, blond-haired lad: always full of jokes: Electric Shop: future is undecided. ANN POLLACK "Ank" Short, jolly miss: likes to have a good time: her hobby is dancing: Choir: plans are to go to business school. THOMAS PRUSAK "Tom" Wavy, black hair: Rifle Team: rides the "59": a ladies' man: future plans are undecided. LORRAINE PUPIK "L0rry" Tall, blonde: friendly: junior and Senior Leaders: Mun- hisko: junior Red Cross: Photography Club: Hall Cop: junior and Senior Plays: represented Munhall at Horne's square dance contest: plans to go to college. PEARL RACE "Pal" One of our tall girls: nice to get along with: lots of fun: hails from Whitaker: undecided about the future. 42 WILMA RACE Short, cute miss: wears a diamond on ber left band: future is undecided. 1 l l 1 CHARLES RAGER "Charlie" Quiet: friendly: well-liked by everyone: Football: Basket ball: Baseball: plans to attend college. .IOHN REABE "jock" Tall. well-built lad: hails frotn Forest Hills: friendly: Baseball: Football: Wrestling: plans to go to college. IIOAN REDPATH "joan" Attractive: long blonde hair: friendly: likes to dance: Hi-Liles: junior Leaders: Yfleensz future is undecided. AGNES RICHARDS Blonde lass: pleasing personality: hails from Hotneville: Red Cross: Choir: junior Play: Miss Newell's secretary: would like to enter nursing. ROBERT RICHEY lklischievous: neat dresser: struggles with his studies: Basketball: Baseball: plans to turn professional baseball player or join the service. HELEN RIPPER "Rip" Always cheerfttl: continttally laughing: full of pep: Stu dent Council: Hall Patrol: Annual Salesman: Stamp Sales- man: Property Manager of junior Play: future is uude cided. GEORGE ROBES Tall, quiet lad: likes to sleep and eat: goes to Vocational: undecided about his future. LORRAINE ROMAN A very quiet, bttt cooperative tniss: friendly: ttnior Red y Cross: plans to go to Central Schools. GORDON ROWE "Bagpipes" Popular musician: President of Band: Red Cross: Sci- ence Club: Home Roout Representative: All Western and State Bands: will attend college for a musical career. class of 1950 43 class of 1950 ROSE MARY RUDOWSKY "Rose" Wears an engagement ring: active in intramural sports: Red Cross: Annual Salesman: Junior Science Club: will be a good housewife. JOHN RUFFING "Dugan" Tall lad: always joking: loafs in the Park: Varsity Basket- ball: Hi-Y: future plans are tlndecided. MARY ANN RUSCAK "Mary Ann" A very friendly girl: nice dresser: pretty black hair: Choir: Red Cross: plans to study at the School for Medical Secretaries. GEORGE RUSHE "Bud" Blond-haired joker: loves chemistry: likes to sing: leases opposite sex: Hi-Liles: Hi4Y: plans to join the Navy. HELEN SABO f'Sahe" Likable girl: always laughing: Red Cross: Home Room Representative: Junior Science Club: wants to become an Air Hostess. JEAN SABO "Jeanie" Friendly gal: hails from Mttnhall Carden: Red Cross: Home Room Representative: Munhisko Salesman: will be an office worker. JOHN SABO "Jack" Always ready for a laugh: likes to dance: Recrcatfon Basketball: Hi-Y: future is undecided. CECELIA SALAJ "Link" Blonde lass: whiz in gym: peppy: Woodlawn Y-Teens: Woodlawn Cheerleader: Junior Leader: Intramural Basket- ball and Volleyball: future is undecided. JOSEPH SA LAJ "Joe" Short, good-natttred: goes to Vocational: Stamp Salesman: Home Room Congress: future is ttndecided. MARY ANN SALOPEK Friendly girl: black hair: Munhisko: Annual Salesman: Stamp Salesman: Photography Club: Choir: Hall Patrol: Intramural sports: will enter the commercial field. 44 EDWARD SAMS "Ed" "Crooner" of Senior Class: loves to argue: Hall Cops: Hi-Y: junior l'lay: Student Council: Munhisko: Annual: plans to attend college. ROBERT SANITRIK "Buttsy" Good musician: pianist: lil-tes to joke: Choir: Hi-Y: is interested in Spanish: plans to go to college and stttdy the piano. EVELYN SATALLA "Honus" Small, neat girl: popular: Student Council: Library Club: Red Cross: junior Science Club: Munhisko: Stamp Sales- man: Secretary-Treasurer of Class for two years: future is undecided. MARIAN SAVKO Cute miss: friendly: Munhisko: junior Leaders: junior Science Club: Secretary-'lreasurer in Freshman year: plans to be a secretary. DELPHINE SCHAFF "Dell" Quiet and neat: pretty brown hair: plans to loaf for about ten years then retire. BERNICE SCHICK "Bunnie" Light-haired and friendly: Student Council: Secretary to Mr. Elkins: Stamp Salesman: will attend business school. RICHARD SCHMELTZ "Dick" Quiet. dark-haired lad: Hi-Y: Basketball League: junior Science Club: future is undecided. BERNICE SCHNEIDER "Sis" Engaging stnile: popular: long black hair: Y-Teens: I.eadcr's Club: Red Cross: Intramural Basketball and Volleyball: would like to be a telephone operator. PAUL SCHRADING "Slim" Tall, amiable fellow: good student: Woodlawn Dramatic Club: Hi-Y: Hall Cops: junior and Senior Plays: Executive Committees: Student Council: Annual: National Honor Society: Stage Cuild: to attend college. RONALD SCHWARTZ "Stretch" Loafs with Bern and Ed: tall, studious boy KPJ: Hi-Y: Woodlawn Dramatic Club: Varsity Volleyball: Hall Cops: will learn the mechanics of automobiles. 45 K n class of 1950 class of 1950 ROBERT THOMAS SCHWER "Blackie" A good student: well-liked: likes German: Annual Ctr Editor: Stage Guild: Student Council: Senior Executive Connnittee: Member of the Dukes: to attend college. DUNCAN SCOTT "Dunk" Good student and able leader: President of Student Council: junior and Senior Plays: Varsity Football and Basketball: Hi-Y: National Honor Society: Senior Exec- utive Connnittee: Hall Cops: to be a success. jESSE SELLERS "Tony" Quiet, but friendly: likes to laugh: Mr. NIcCarthy's handy man in the shop: took Drivers' Training Course: his future is undecided. WILLIAM SHERMAN "Bill" Good student but likes pretty girls: Hall Cops: Hi-l.ites: Nlunhisko: Business Manager of the Annual: Hi-Y: candy salesman: Senior Executive Committee: will go to college to study medicine. BERNARD SHIPE "Pete" Seen with Ed and Herby: Soda jerk in Park: likes to have fun: Woodlawn Hi-Y: Member of the Dukes: will join the Navy. HAROLD SHIPE "Pete" Small, quiet lad: future to be a carpenter. EVA SIMKO "Sim" Tall. nice looking girl: quiet but friendly: pleasing personality: Choir: Band and Choir Concert for 3 years: her future is undecided. RAYMOND SIMM "Ray" Enjoys teasing girls: a quiet lad: Munhall Recreational Basketball League: German Club: Hi-Y: he will serve Uncle Sam in the Army. ANDREW SKARUPA "Andy" Popular fellow: very amiable: Hi-Liles: Woodlawn and Munhall Student Council: Secretary of Woodlawn Hi-Y: President of Woodlawn junior Red Cross: Woodlawn and Munhall Hall Cops: to attend college. ANNA jANE SLAVA 'l'all: quiet: likes to have fun: Science Club: Intramural Basketball: Choir: Ba-nd and Choir Concert- for 3 years: plans to work in an office as a secretary. ' 46 ROBERT SMITH "Cubby" Short. friendly latl: always up to something: goes to Voca- tional School: untlecitletl about the future. -4 t 5 i ELSIE SOLOMON "Else" A tall frietully tniss: junior Leaders: junior Science Club: Real Cross: Choir: Annual Salesman: her future is as yet utuleeitled. BETTY SOMUK "Bee" A pretty blontle. with a L'lllC smile: secretary to Miss Mafllelh: Red Cross: Hall Cops: she plans to be a serretary. FRANCIS DONALD SPISAK "Spike" Loafs with llutl and jack: cheerful: pleasing smile: I"renc'li Club: his plans after graduation are to attend follege. LEONARD STAHLIIERG "Lennie" Pct pccve of some teachers: explosive: fricnzlly lad: always getting into something: Hi-Y: German Club: Basket- ball League: plans to go into some sort of business. PAUL STASKUS "jake Quiet: shy: likes to have fun: Hi-Y: German Club Rerreational Basketball League: will serve in the Navy. EILEEN STEFANKO "Lena" Cute smile: light-brown hair: Choir: Photography Club: Annual Salesman: Real Cross: junior Leatlcrs: to become a secretary. DAVID STEVENS "Dave" A quiet. serious lad: rather bashful: will make his future in the Army with l'nt'le Sam. FRANCES STOKLAS "Fran" Clan wltlom be heard: bookkeeping fientl: Munhisko: future plans are IIIIIICFIIICKI. MARTHA jANE STEVENSON "Marth" Shortest girl in the Senior Class: Annual Salesman: Mun- hisko Salesman and Typist: Choir: Statnp Salesman. class of 1950 47 class of 1950 JANE STRANG "jane" Tall. blonde lass: Munhisko Art Editor: Y-Teens: Band: Senior Play: would like to be a nurse. DOROTHY STROTT "Dottie" Quiet, shy girl: nice curly hair: likes basketball: to be a beautician is her ambition. CARLTON SWICKLEY "Carl" Tall lad: honor student: Stage Guild: Rifle Team: Stu- dent Council: junior and Senior Plays: Hall Cop: will at- tend college in the future. ALEXANDER SZATKOWSKI "Buddy" One of the class cut ups: Band: Orchestra: plans to enter college after graduation. WILLIAM TARR "Will" Loafs with Al and Gordy: always seen in Homestead: Hi-Y: Band: future plans are undecided. GLENN THOMAS A thin boy with a quiet sense of humor: likes to have fun: Hi-Y: Wrestling: plans are to join the Navy. Lois ANN THOMAS "Happy" A quiet girl: well-liked: Hi-Lites: Y-Teens: Secretary of Munhall Y-Teens: Munhisko typist: future plans are un- decided. LYNN THOMPSON "Pitzie" An attractive lass with big brown eyes: very quiet: Y-Teens: Hi-Lites: Majorette: would like to attend college. KATHERINE TICE "Kathy" Popular: honor student: Y-Teens: Annual Staff: Junior Play: Library Club: Munhisko Staff: Hall Patrol: Stamp Salesman: will be a receptionist. MARGARET TIMA "Tim" Cute miss: friendly and quiet: bookkeeping fiend: Com- mercial student: her future lies in typing. 48 HELEN TIMKO "Timmie" Actin' iu sports: Choir: lizuuli xl2IitlI'l'lll'I will he msn'- rietl alter gllltlllillltlll. ANNA TOMASCIN "Ann" 'l:1ll. lrlauk lmirt-il girl: Y-'l't-cus: Rt-tl Cross: .Xrmuul Szrlesmaurz plains to go to llllYllK'SS srhool. ALBERT TOMKO "Al" Mr. Shulleys riglit-lrauul mam: plays an lfrvurh horn: uu- tlefitletl zllmut the future. j0HN TOPERZER "Zack" Well-likecl: Student tloumilz Hi-Y: Aluuior Play: Fresh- mam zmtl Soplimmm- Vin- l'rcsitlcul: Wrestling: milk sulesmzm: Hull I':ntrol: will utleml rollcge. STEPHEN TOTH "Steve" One of our quiet lzuls from Vorntiorml: intcrestetl in pllologruplry: lropa.-s to work zu Westinghouse. WILLIAM ULEVICH "Bill" lull, nite looking: louis with the Homeville gang: xxllllllill l.lli'l'2Il'y l-Itlitor: Stage Guiltl: Ifoollmalllg National Honor Society: junior :tml Senior Plays: Reserve llzlskel- hull: will zutcutl an Scrrirc .-Xuulermp DOLORES URBAN "Dolly" Short. lrlontlc lnztirml girl: illleerlt-zulerg llsill Cop: junior :mtl Senior Lcutlers: Startup Couuniltcc: Xluuhislao Sales- mam: Choir: will altlvrul an lrusim-ss sthool. IIOSEPH VAVREK "joe" Sluxrt. l'l'it'tully smile: rurly rt-tl lulir: Nlllfllllllf Shop: future is umlcwitletl. ELSIE VOLINSKI "Elsie Marie" Pretty hlnck hair: .Kmmnl Salesman: wamts to help people get well. ELEANOR VRABEL "El" Short, quiet miss: light hrowu huir: usually seen :lt the lmsketlmll games: will hc an secretary or reteptionist. 49 class of 1950 class of 1950 LOIS WALICK "Wally" A neat miss: pleasant personality: Choir: Color Guard: Red Cross: would like to become an air hostess after graduation. ROBERT WALLS "Bob" Brown, curly hair: is never quiet: Auto Shop: plans to work in a circus. JACK WATKINS "juan" One of the Homeville gang: Stage Guild: Hi-Y: Photo- graphy Club: Student Council: Senior Executive Commit- tee: Annual Staff: junior and Senior Plays: will go to college. RICHARD WATKINS "Doc" Well built: spends most of his time training: likes to travel: will be a professional boxer. CHESTER WAWRZYK "Ches" Quiet: friendly: attended school for a short while in senior year then moved to New York. r PATRICIA WELSH "Patsy" Curly black hair: quiet: always smiling: Red Cross: Library Club: Y-Teens: junior Leaders: secretary to Mrs. Copeland: will work in an office. JAMES WILKINSON "Wills" Short, quiet lad: wonderful personality: always blushing: Football Manager: Baseball Team: Hi-Y: future plans are undecided. LOIS WILTROUT "Lo" Tall, friendly girl: a whiz in Sales: Y-Teens: plans to go to business school. JAMES WINTRUBA "jim" Quiet: shy: Electric Shop: future is undecided. RONALD WOLK "Walk" Wavy hair: class poet: Hi-Y: Munhisko: junior Play: honor student: plans to go to college to study journalism. 50 DONNA WOODS "Woody" One of our jolly seniors: Choir: seen with Marion: will take up nursing. NICHOLAS YATSKO "Nick" A rnenther of Voc.: hails from Whitaker: shy with opposite sexlijz Plans to join the Navy. WEE HONG YEE "Ozone" A good-natured kid: likes to go fishing: a friend to everyone: studies hard: will attend Penn State. CHARLOTTE YUHASZ "Ch Plensing personality: honor student: Munhisko: Stttd the ara! Chl Council: Senior Executive Connnittee: Y-Teens: Band: candy salesman: Hi-Liles: Senior Play: Hall Patrol: plans to attend Business College. PAUL YURKO Quiet: friendly: painted Senior Play scenery: interested in sports: will he :t successful architect. RONALD ZAMBA "Ron" One of the tall lads: studious: likes to draw: resides in West Mifflin: active in class work: would like to be a chemical engineer. PAT ZANOS Short miss: Mr. Frantis pet peeve: member of the Band: to he a nurse. GEORGE ZARAK "judo" Vocational lad who hails from Edison: fttture is ttnde- cided. DOROTHY ZAVODNICK "Dot" Can never he heard: Hall Cops: Y-Teens: I-'rench Club: Hi-Liles: Driving: will he a success in office work. Zin Mrmnrtam MARIE ROWELL EDWARD BUDAI 51 f': qu. ' fliglxgvllg '- ' 5-22: 'Qfi.fgga,5 ' uW'?""if . A u. class of 1950 junior class officers Lcfl to right-P. Pzlvloff, N. -lurso. T. Rnllcr. -Iuniors! XYhy it hzlrclly seems possible! -Inst think, two ycans algo wc wcrc "grcc11ics',g next yn-zu' wc'll gl'Zlllll2llC. Our junior yczn' can bc sunnnccl up in linn' phases: gclling started: o1'gzn1izing and plunningg putting thc plans to wm :md finzllly, K'2il'l'f'illg' this work through to ccnnplclirm. nwk' sponsor class of 1951 Miss Cox , 'N WX ,, 1 ' 4. '-X I gf' H . l 9 u I 'J1' fn, ,ann C A - :xii .. , . 2.3 . V - t 222 .335 V H5 i '?' 5 . ..... 7 4 s 1 Q , ..,,. ,, ,L. ik.. - ., rj 1: , , ,gr 5- . . 7 3 -...Q W 52 1 1 if Q rf I 5 it A E wel if M s wa if W in UF H' Q gf is 4, L y I , A 7 if W -:L. if B . . , -9. .a '- .H . , ' ...ff Q xr Q .,. if is E S 1 J, 2 L. ,vfw x 'T at if 9 Fi Yin' L FT . XS' R .ight .- li 'K iki' K ' K 1 EMQ, h lik, mK VAA A .K :ll ., 'F ,,ZA , gr A , . QQQQQB e3!am . if I .Q pgs 9 , lk 7 if Q A ws 4 i A':: A . . fifiii ' if . , Q I I- L I J T. H, 5.74 9,3 . I af .lzgjijf Q is A 1 ? '21, 1 "iQ . me F- v e W class of 1951 Left to right: Row l-D. Ackerman. R. Ackerman, P. Adams, L Andras. L. Axelson, B. Baran. Row 2-L. Barlog. M. Behun, E. Bevan, C. Biery, J Bishkoff, Z. Blasko. Row 3-W. Bloomer, D. Bodnar, A. Boldizar, G. Bon ner. E. Boot, M. Boytim. Row 4-L. Brekosky, C. Brotherton, E. Brown, F Brown, j. Butko, H. Campbell. Row 5-W. Capp, L. Chesmer, R. Cook, E. Crane R. Crawford, D. Cutller. Row 6-R. Cultler, A. DeGuilio, R. Devey, M. Din dak, M. L. Dobranski, R. Doran. Row 7-J. Dorko, C. Dougherty, D. Dunsavage, H Dzvonik, H. Eckbreth, T. Eden. Row 8-A. Ferchak, R. Finnecy, j. Fisher, M. Flah erty, R. Casper, E. Gelsy. Row 9-J. Combos, G. Granite, K. Grieb, E. Guidish B. M. Harrey, D. Hartman. Row I0-E. Havey, E. Havrilla, M. Heidel, S. Hepps 'l'. Hodges, T. Hollis. Row ll-XV. Hovanec, R. jackson, B. jano, F. Javor sky, E. jeffrey, N. -lurso. Row 12-J. Katrinsak, D. Kazimer, S. King, E. Koch 'l'. Kondis, D. Kontra. Row 13-J. Koslelnik, T. Kracun, A. Kucera, M Kurtz. F. Lahorco, F. Laird. Row 14-W. Laird, D. Lanchester, G. Layton, L Leskanic, A. Liposky, D. Litz. Left to right: Row l-A. Lorenz, R. Lucas, W. Luthy, 'l'. Lyclen ll. Martin, ll. ul. Matlar. Row 2-M. ll. hlilllllCS0ll, A. Mayer, li. McCallistf:r G. Mcilloskcy. 'l'. McMullen, R. Miller. Row 3-Ci. Misla. F. Molnar, F. Muha, 'l'. Murdock C. Olson. R. Onclick. Row 4-R. Orris, C. Pasternrtk, B. Pavlik, P. Pav loff, l'itlo. J. Pingrec. Row 5-H. Porter, B. l'rusak, M. l'rusak, M. Prusak lb. Puchy, M. Race. Row 6-S. Ravenscroft, ll. Reeves, R. Reinerth, R Rcillnnillcr. K. Rietly, R. Robertson. Row 7-C. Rucci, bl. Rogers, 'l'. Rutter, Sargo A. Schultz, S. Schultz. Row 8-F. Sclai, Al. Senich, R. Serechin, M. Situko, ll. Smith. S. Sninsky. Row 9-ll. Sorolmth, -I. Southatn, M. j. Stallartl, N Staskas, R. Stuart, l'. Stuffel. Row I0-ll. Stump. D. Suchy, 'l'. Takach, D. Taylor ll. 'l'ilves, D. 'l'imms. Row Il-I'. 'I'ishon. R. M. Tobias, M. Toperzer. M 'l'oth. V. 'l'oth. l.. lllilllllllilll. Row I2-F. 'l'utko, G. 'l'ykc, L. Ullom, M. Urban, C Varner, W. Walker. Row I3-W. Wallace, ll. Walters, W. Walnpler. R Watkins. R. Welsh. J. Wilcox. Row I4-R. Wilhelm, R. Williams, M. W'ilson, j Womack. M. Wycich, B. Zapf. K3S1 9 2 193393 n .2 U ' .x 'Q 54+ air 5? S ,J ily an , I. J 5.44. Q' fi-x 99,3939 3' 3 'fl 1 QWQBQ 393913 1 I 1 :Sf I5 -,Q if i class of 1951 . Ei. Fifi". f - ,qw :ew K . . tn I H 3 F . . Q 3 F . 1... xv.. . is xii gf 2- Y ' Q is tif, J n . . Q. f T 1 2 L1-L ,. . s.s K , J 1 ikz Q. F I .L i S". ,,. . 'P nw- i l class of 1951 Left to right: Row l-B. Zehner, P. Zogran. vocational Left to right: Row 1-P. Balint, R. Barrett, W. Boldizar, E. Bufko I.. Byrnes, J. Ducar. Row 2-E. Fawcett, R. Firestone, D. Franks. M. Gazda W. Harr, R. Hess. Row 3-J. Hofmeister, T. Holoman, E. Kargol, R King, D. Kolesar, J. Lebecla. Row 4-J. Lutzko, A. Mzirgo. G. Martin. J. Mikulu K. Parker, F. Pietryga. Row 5-P. Potnpenko. R. Rall. D. Ries, J. Ryan. .L Salapa. R. Shields. Row G-F. Sknrski. D. Stuart. W. Tonlko, C. 'I'nperzcl' J. XValker, M. Winters. Row 7-J. Yarkosky, L. Yanyo. absentees J. Frankwich, T. Hrahic. B. Hill, C. L. Scaniahorn, H. Raschak. H. Bailey. J. Kirk. B. Dieucn, R. Guidish. B. Luther, D. Cannon, J. Zavoclnick, R. Hrehu. 1 y snplmlnnre class officers lnunhull I.vfl us ugh!--j. Nlarxm, A. Lundberg. D. Nanm. .Xl llw lmll-way mark wc' palm- In lnok lJ1ll'kXN'iIl'll :II lwu Xl'2ll'5 nl QHHYIIIQ Iuivmlslniln gnml lln- Ilkgillllillg ul new lcanrlling. .X lillli' win-1' nmv, wc' su' wiclvx' HIDIHIIIIIIIIIIVN Nllll In-Imv us. XM' nn- libtbklllg Im'w:u'ml lu Ihr- Illlll' WIIVII ilu' Sulmlunmm-s ul xYlNNH2IXX'll :mil lhv High Sclmul 'join lo lhlillllidl mm' l1'ivmlsl1ips :xml lm-lllmxnlmlm' llllll'NIUlll'S on Ihc' mzul zlllvzul. g 4 - - X 1 . L 1 1 F 5 f I.-tu in rughl H. fh-rlwrvrlu. R. Nl. Slumko, K. Knxunmhkn. G, Tire. wmnlluwll class of 1952 57 00-5 Illlll SUFS NIR. linux Nlks. VAN fillklllik ,. K 3152 : . M.. 2 ... --, . R A . I V VVk,kVL , , .Q fn K, I f m . .1 K , j 5 . xii' .M .... a 1 1 ' 2. 21,1 . , Q U . - gpg' ,.., afira gzz. i s K 1 X , a. - -- , , L, , F gf it HEI' P. i " - L I 5? nw? wr is f 1 r as lf' 7 ', Q' class of 1952 Left to right: Row l-M. J. All, D. Amhro, K. Anderson, J. Ander- son. J. Anderson, S. Burany. Row 2-D. Barnes, I.. Barnes, E. Belan, E. Belyan D. Bene. R. Bland. Row 3-R. Brecht. J. A. Bryan, I.. Burkholder, J Butala, M. A. Llhasko, S. Chileote. Row -I-M. Clutter, R. Cogliano, .-X. Dcvey, J. Dodge R. Dodge, Dunn. Row 5 - L. Ehirght. A. Ehnol, 'l'. Elkins. Ells worth, F. Faith. E. Farrington. Row 6-E. Fuga, B. Glunt, R. Graham, Granada B. Grieser, M. Guidish. Row 7-J. Hadvah, B. Havrilsak, H. Healey, D. Hen ley, D. Herhst, B. Hcrrnansdorfer. Row 8-'l'. Hooke, M. Horvath, 'I'. Houser, R. In glass. M. Jackson, R. Janosko. Row 9-D. Jesko, D. Joseph, A. Jusko, C. Kamp, R Kazirner, K. Keller. Row 10-J. Kennedy, F. Kern, E. King, M. Koehler E. Kolesar, M. Kostelnik. Row ll-V. Kristovny, M. Kresoski, E. Kristofik, P Kroll. K. Kura, F. Kushner. Row 12-B. J. Lacey, J. Lacey, B. Latzy, Layton, M Lehedda, J. Lesko. Row I3-A. Lindberg, D. Lukacs, R. Luptak, M Maddigan, R. M. Malloy, Martin. Row 14-M. Martin, J. Martin, F. Mason, B. Mathos l'. McCullough, A. Medve. I4-ft lo right: - - . , I Row I-M. Monk, R. Mortimer, A. Nzulzznn, D. Numa, xi ' , V , I. Ola-xzl, A. Omlcck. f -1 ' V' - fm 1 0 f I Row 2-Il. Undo. II. Orros, NI. 0"I'ooIc, IT. Pzlskcrl, ,, al. Q ,Q A. NI. lvgllrifk. V, lmvmxko. 1 W . I V V1 - Q. ' .7 ' :gi Row TIME. Pcslu, Ii. Pishinski, O. Popoff, ll. I'ovo1:m, . I". I'l1skan'. M. Rm-llkimvicl. . I , ' ',, Q 'wr I' 'A MQ' Row I- il. Rillcr, W. Rogcrs, M. Rosgonc, R. Shipc, R. NI. Silllko, Ii. Skorski. I . ' X Row 5- R. Slum. IJ. Sninsky, IJ. Slzlnclu1k,j. Slcinvr, 'IA ' S. Slvillcr. II. Slcwurl. I b V J V v f ' L 'V A Row owl. SIIIICIQ I". Ilxomaxs, II. Iopcrlcr. S. l'In'in. Q N. Y:lrgo.'N. IVHIIS. A A Q Row 7-IT. Walters, W. Wmnplcr, M. Wise, G. Williams, M. I.. Wood, N. YIIITOII. Row H-I'. Z1-nlucr. Woodlawn Row I-R. Iicrhcrich, R. Iioltcsrh. Borsh, H. Boyer, Il. lloylim, M. Burke. ' 1 ' ' I V ' '44 X Row 2-ll. llaulmnn. I'. CIul'ncy, C. Czlnig. M. Cloo- I nun. 'I'. Cook, I-I. Collcrcll. . M jg Row 3-A. Crux, I-'. Crux, W. Clultlcr, W. Dcvcy, A. Ilurzmko. A. IIIIIYIIR. Row 'I-I. I-Qrklxrclln, Ii. Iihnol, I". I"luI1cl'ly, B. Frcnzx, 4 A K Q I.. Glwring, Gillooly. x . ' . 'I 5 Q.. Row 5-I-'. Gollus. ll. Gustafson, E. Hzunpson, NI. Imldon, Il. jackson, K. Kumcshku. I 4 I . fl 'K 1' class of 1952 A K :sy A : Qin as 4 . , . is av QQ wil 'iii agile ' . ' su sf KH if lit " In S 1 . 5 'el I , H WX 1 if 1 33 ml A:,1, -- ilk 1 I+ . ln lv f .. . . W T it 9, :t K til V Q . 21 . Q r ml 43 1- . i, 'I iii' N . in . if Q mi .L 'f vocational at E " ,ff l Q . 2 f K K , vii , class of 1952 Left to righ t: Row l-W. Kane, li. Kale, F. Kazimer, E. Kelley E. Kliuko, S. Knight. Row 2-G. Kuhancsek, M. Lacey, B. Lairtl, W. Leitch W. Lowstetter. V. Luther. Row 3-T. Mantia, C. Martin, D. Mcllueau, M. Mc llonough. R. McCulloch, R. McLaughlin. Row 4-R. Meehan, N. Miller. M. A. Novotny, j Oneufer, j. Parsons, R. Patsen. Row 5-j. Patterson. D. Pcrston, H. l.. Peters, G Pingor. R. Proud, L. Race. Row 6-L. Reithmiller, RI. Rock. R. Roscoe, D. Ruf- fing. K. Rush, W. Ruston. Row 7-M. Sargo, N. Savolskis, M. Schamus, R. M Shimko. M. Somuk, R. Sosman. Row 8-A. Staskus, R. Steiner, R. Stevens, W. Stewart J. Stoffel. L. Stupar. l Row 9-P. Suhoza, M. Sullivan, G. Tice. E. Tomko M. Turocy, M. Votjko. l Row I0-W. Wain, R. Wallace, L. NVillianis, C. NVil4 trout, II. Zuhkus. Row l-E. Adams, B. Ballog, E. Banyas. J. Bickus. D. Boclnar, R. Boltlizar. Row 2-P. Cook. D. Cyhator, R. Dargo, G. Dintlak. R. Dohos, R. Dohrausky. Row 3-J. Iluumire, R. Fuga, R. Graham, L. Guitlish. A. Harklcss. QI. Hrabic. Iflz mniflnz w hxlltlil. I'. lun.: . A . D F if Run I R. Imam. l4Ilkll Il. Ixvllx, Kusllelil. Nl. , L 1 , Run 2 lx lrluwlgl, Ii. l,luxml. Xl. lulnmslu. xllll' Mr ,fb umkn. XI. XI.lmu'II.n. X, Xlilllillvl. X , 45 Q I ' 4.2 . . U .. Ron IS NI. XIVXIIIIV. lb, Xllmlmil. I-, Xlnzunlx. Xu: - 5 V Nvlnszik. ll. Nubuk. W9 . ,A 1 ' K f Q Rem I XX. I'uI4wl1:lk. li. l'luuvlI. lx. l'x'ulu1. 1 E, V 'mI1:lll. l, IQVIDLU. li. Nnknlmim, A W, . vu Run .3 Su.ulL41, IUIII. la. Hulglk. Lnmllmk. 4 4 F1 . I 2 if absentves In-In In rxglxl Gudlsh. -I. Konlrn. Humla. R. Sh1mko,T. Prima R. Orlllk. Cordir. class of 1952 EPPSIIIIIPII student council Lefr ro righr7S, Lizz. N. Lalich, lll ll ll hu ll XXX- lx-vnu our school Xl'Qll' lC'l'llll" SIHIIIUI' :xml Ivll mul. liul :as thc u ll '5 W 'W l . XVCIII on um' grzullmlh Iouncl mnrsc-lws IIZIYIIIQQ an womlcrlul llllll'lJ1'lllLQlJ'll'lUl the 4 Q high sclmol. .Xl rnicl-yawn' xx'c'ulm'c'Ic1cl mu' claim 0llll'i'l'S zmcl ll SIJOIISOIL Llllbl' on un hclcl nur claw party. Now wc :irc lnuknlg lUl'W1ll'lI ln nur lflllilllllllg vm ns rl Nlllllllilll High Sclmul. woodlawn class of 1953 Left to right-AR, Ramsay, Saracco, H. Doukakig JD l,cfl lu right: , - , Row I-M. Aglllk S. Bzxmfnrml. I-1. llnmlik, l'. Balrno, L. A 1. :sim-y. K. lxigm.. -' , 'h 47, Q . Ruw 2-M. lluhirk. Nl. l'nulnzll', R. Pmrlcu, Y. Husserl. Q "', Il. Brown. lhmvn. 1 h - ' 'r ' Row 3-R. Ilruno, R. Burns. R. Clhvuslzl. W. Coles. I A K- R. Cowan. M. llnyuc. 0, I. , j L - 'L' F 'Fi ' ' 1 -5 Row 4l-A. Cumlu. ll. Cllllil, I". Dullus. ul. Dick. D. ' ' h Dulms. ll. Dllcur. A Q, Q 4' L. Row 5-R. llmluw, lb. lluricu. I, lluric'u. Al. lllujkn. G. .L Q livzlm. W. I-'l'ushw:lICI'. up Q I '15 Row Ii-li. Can,-rily' A, flCllS2lIIll'l', A. Glick, W. Cru- . 1 Q ham. G. Grcss. D. Grihhlc. 5. A . I ,kj A I 13. I , , ,,.. . an 5 Row 1-I. buha, A. K-ulcy. K.. Harris, R. HIHKCI. P. ' Hlusnicck. I'. Kuscuk. 7 ' b Row H-ll. Kish. I. Kish, E. Kopie, S. Kmncll, lf. Q 9 . A V a Knplr. M. Kushner. - , I X A . J V 4 ax l - Row 9-S. lalclivk. N. l.nlim'h. ll. l.arko, M. A. Irs- v Q Q 1 ' killlif. W. Lippzly, S. Lili. , ' ' I j ' ff! if I h QA - Y 1 . 1 N vu, ' E Row I0-li. l.u1':ls, I". Mudzlr. D. Mnclzin, l.. Mu fuirc. S Y ' , "' L 4 9, W. Muicxnik. C.. Malo. I A . ' ' 5 ff . Q. l JV I Row ll-R. Nfillllilllk. IJ, Mnrzlnlhu, I.. Mun-. 'll Mc- 9 Q I . -Xlcvr, il. Mihulrin. D. Nlihulko. 4" f"-4214.11 ' 1 l . Row I2-rl. Mikuhl. A. Mimk. l'. Morgan. Cl. Muhu. . . Al. Nzldlalm. A. Opsilos. ' , - w , I . . . . 5 h ' f Row I3-ln. 0Rourkc'. I-.. Pcrhzlc, N. l'run1s, H. Y . . l'r0uclfcml, I. Plasicnski. G. Pupik. ' ' :lx h ' EQ 5' . 4' ,1 . , Row I-1-li. Rainy. j. Rim-hzmls, IJ. Rogers. R. Rusnank. - ' ' I.. Sflllilllflk. ll. Slcvu. , , , In - J . j 1 I 5 class of 1953 'f . fp . . Q, iqefifn. ,, , K f X - I 1 . 1 Q fi J K f .- ,ff l .' . K 'H' K 4 4095 Woodlawn 3 ' Q 9 3 .12 ,:'f45, , . V . K :ai t. + I. , ', 'K 5 K K e 8 Q 1 M E? . . 13 ea e .1 gi S :K 4 . x 8 A 'K . -I ,ge :if if class of 1953 Lcfl lo right: Row l-R. Sinoley, I.. Stagon. Slupar, B. Sialkow ski. ll. llioinas. R. Tkacll. Row 2-H. lllilcr, NI. Yan-ek. S. Verelm. H. Veseleny CZ. Viable, F. Walnpler. Row 351. Hanless. Whalen. M. Whalen. I' lalsku. ml. Zak. Row l-Cl. .XllllCl'S0ll. P. .'Xrliuc'klc. H. Ilalinl. Barry, G. Bcrml. C. Bislikoff. Row 2-W. Biltncr. N. Boolli, ml. Ilotlescli, R. Brick ner. Cl. lhuaclriglit, C. Brown. Row 3-S. Bugos. G. Byers, 'l'. Caddy, W. Caclman D. Clever. R. Cusack. Row bl-j. Daly, A. EI. Davis, D. Derry, S. Dolras, H Dmherly. 'I'. Dnrney. Row 5--H. Dnukakis. M. U. llllC'll, E. Dnru, F. lislnk M. Flaherty, A. -1. Franklin. Row li-R. Ifraiikliii. il. Franks, W. Gcnl. CZ. Gxinl Hanipsnn, Hood. Row 7-j. Howe, I Hriczo, I.. Isaac, S. Kenders, li Kenney. W. Kennedy. Row 8-R. Kerrigan. W. King, -I. Kovark. Kula, C. Kyle, A. Lees. Row 9-V. Lcngycl, l'. Lewis. C. Lucas, N. Malsonc, F. Marlin, M. Martin. Row 10-K. Matthews S. Mciflnean 'l'. McDermott J. Mi-cali, 1. McKnighl,,j. Mcslume., i I1-ll In light: 3 Ina 9 Rum I I. XIi4I111IIx. R. Xlidlllrnliw, ll. NIiI1:lI1I1ik. K, ' Il. Xlillvt. XIlli1.IX'. XQIIKIIVI. I I M 'I 911' I I Ram 2 I-, Xmmrllm. S. XIl'llll'Il. If.. XIIXUIIILIIM I H I Uluv. I.. I'.ull1'xwn. I'oIm4nIx. I ,fb f 1 I . 1 A r I A I Rmm fi R, Rlllll-IIN. R. Rilvlm. II. Ri1I4IiIn'. If. Ria- II I. Rimlx. R.R11lm-uill. . I 1 6YN9.I Ram I l. Rn-IIL.u. Hnlznl. Al. s1ll.IllU. I. Smlmln i '4 ' X.Smlulmmacglm-.RX.NaI1m'l1. I , pri! tis , 7' I ' 1 N-14 Ron 3 ll. SKIIIIIII. li. INIIIIIII. XI.NI:1l1'l. I..5IlNlIl'l ' I 'I K. Slvlku. XI. NIVXVIIN. Q, 4 . ' f . xi 'M5' ,I . Ram ii IX. SIVXVIIN. R. Sinl'I1m'I. XI. I. SlL'Ix1'Ix. R. I Hn-In-lx. N. Sn-Iwlx. C. Ilmllllmwxl, . fx K fl' Run T X. lmlnkivxxiu. l. lkulm. l. lln'm'l. I I 5 I Llxsill. Cl. I IIIIIIQVI. ll. Xuliu-Ixi. ' 1. 4 s A Rim H I'. xI.IIll'I. I.. Nzuik. XI. IYIlilc'. XI. IYILIIILH .1 I mam, R. Nilkinwn. I, limrm-nuuam. I ' ' I Y . fx 4 class of 1953 gnu" , f e 'Q WJ k fi 1' W 9' Q, ., mf aw NJ mary' '5E!?5?Il i?yBR X Jar' rl :!g ki wg hdddff ORGANIZATIUN S I. if S ssl 'S WK 3, , 'N in A :. :-.- .- 1 W, . ,X .: ,sw , ,Q-xt, J., ,L ,J ,fa fm.. wa , N . - , Q ja 1'1 13.34 5 W 1 i mm 4 A. X n 3 wi , 43f:N+' -hung!-Q. mag' n'.- BMV QI' 'rf -YQ, ,, 13 1.9 F ' 9 'F lg 1 'kwa 1 144 1' A 4-Sf' :Ut 1 ' v n -I ' " 'wifi' 1 1 n 1 M' :J publication editors WILLIAM ULEVICH DOROTHY DOBRANSKI ROBERT SCI-IWER WILLIAM SHERMAN Literary Editor Co-Editor Co-Editor Business Nl2lllilgCI' annual The Publication Editors, under the sponsorship of Miss Waclswcmrtli and Miss Grout, control all student publications at lXIunhall High School. They discuss and decide on problems ol' policy and see that both the yearbook and the paper meet all deadlines. munhisko CAYE DAMICH .XRDEN ELKINS Co-Ed itor Co-Ed i IOI' 70 annual staff Row l. ln-li to right ll. Ripper, li. Axion. A. Nl. Grvm. M. J. Su-vm-muon. M. A. Snlopuk. lf. linknnu l7. Clin-lxkn, Cf. lVl1mnl1-ll. Row J lf. Yulmv. R. Ruvlovvxkv, Nl. l.. -loin--., D. lhlmn. Po-.m. C. fflmsko. lVl. A. Kunnik. llow 4 ll. Slum-rm.m. lflovnn. li. Guy, D. lh-lan, li. Bugs-l. Row 4 li. Silwuvr, M. Conlon, I.. lflorinn. li. lllvvifh, ll. Srlxradiimg, j. Wnlkulux, Row 5 ID. llurkhnrx. ll. N. Ci. Ruwlw, lf. Srunx. R. Gu-cn. Row lx M. lt. l"l,lln-ny. l.. Andi-rxon, P1-nlwon. 'l', liornalc. D. liiilmli, A. Sknrupn. C. linlnw. llow 7 lf. film-lv, ll. lforlws. P. Xxfclmll, K. vliirv. H. Kundrnvi, fi. ljnmitlm, R Wgalk. ll has ln-1-li Ihr lllxlfllll in Ihi' pus! lor lhc S1'l1lUl'S ol Nlunhnll Iol1l'L'sc'lll llll Lllllllllll, wx ivwing lhm-ii' paint l'ol1l'yc':u's in high school. 'lhis yi-zur, ilmlc'l'llu'mlii'c1 lion ol llorolhy llolmuiski znml Rolwri Pscliwcr, thc- c'o-mlitors, :mal XX ilhznm Ulm virh annul William: Slim-rmzm, lhi- lilvi'zli'v Clllllil' :xml business Ill2lllIlUl'l' 11-sn'4'lix'c'lx 1 H . :xml Xliss C-rout, lhi- zulxisvr. thi' zumuzll slzlll has workrcl many halrcl hours lo Imng Io you ll good zmmml. :mal your szmslziclion will lx- oui i'c-waml. 71 1llllIlhiSkO staff Woodlawn hi-lites munliisko staff Row I. 1. to nil. Pido M. Hotlzutolu. A. M. Green C. Yuhasz. M, Stevenwon M. A, Salopek, D. Chetako C. Chasko. M. Toth. 'I' Kracun. Row 2-M. C. Kurtz. M Majernik. D. Burkhart. I Pingree. K. Tice. T. Bornak C, Mandell. V. Toth. B. .I Stump. Row 3 4 A. Margin-. C Rocci. A. Kucera. E. Sarns. P. Schrading, B. Ulevich. Row 4-E, King. A. M Patrick. M. Savko. M. All. B Sherman. Watkiima. G Damich. B. Gr:-en. Row 5--J. Katrinsak. C. Misla. P. Buygoa. Nl. Gordon. L. Florian. E, Niazzle. Row 6-M. J. All. D. Ambro. G. Williatttx. A, Devey. A. Lindberg. Butala. C. Nagy. M. Urban. R. Wolk. G. Ghent, Row 7fG. Granite. R. Dodge. A. Elkins. Nlorrls. D. Hess. V. iviviiah. Insert f- Mi:.s Wadsworlix. aponsor. Woodlawn hi-litcs Row l. l. to r.--R. Grirzcn. E. Paatrick. D. Wfaltfrra. A. Tomkiewicz. C. Czyhtuch, I.. Kane. H. Bonner. D. Cad- man. N. Churma. Lacey. D, Gustafson. Rock. S. Knight, Patterson, Row 2iMr. Martinko. lf. Popko. S. Nlccuean, D. NIC- Cuean. C. Koval. M. Ham- mond. N. Smith. L. Rzepka. P. Vvicheiman. R. Nl. Role- witz. Kenney. S. Niemetz. E. Cotter-ell. Row Biff. Lucas. R. Stein- er. C. Cadman. Klinko H. Miller. F. Ehtok. A. J. Franklin. C. Bishkoff. A. Davis. M. Lacey, P. Suhoza. M. Somuk. Row 4-H. L. Peters. M. A. Novotny. N. Nliller. Nl. Cloonan. R. Bottcbrh. T. Cook. G. Bye-ra. W. Natrher. M. Turocy. M. Burke. The Nlunhiskn and Hi-I.ilt' Slzlflis uri' za group nl' CllC1'gCliC bow 'intl gurls who write, typo, zlsscmblc, and then still thc IJZIIDCI' to thc students ol' Munhztll High School and XVOUCIIZHVII junior High School. 72 student council Row I, ln-fl um riglnflVI. lVIathn-son. H. Schick. C. Yulmv, M. Urban. P, Slufflc. J. Woxxmnck. B. J. lVl.ld.u Row 2 j. Pvnrmn, D. Hn-ss. j. Topurvvr. R. Srhwvr. M. Gordon. N. Lalirh. S, l.i17. P1-am. Row i H. Hoot. H. Rippvr, D. Sfmt. H. Same.. P. Sfhrnding, A. Sknrupn. F. Kvrn, XV. Capp. Huw 4 ff, Swlcklvy. luv-ru - Nlr. Larkn, Mr, Schnllcx, xpuluora. 'ills yn-:urs munul was untlc-r ilu- spmmsnrsllnp nl Mr. l.zu'kn amd Nh Scllzlllc-s. Manlysuc'inl1'x'1-lmls we-rc' spunsorc-cl by llll'0l'g1lllilllli0ll lm' lhvL'lllil'm'sm'l1oul mc luclmg il'llll'L'S, skating IJ1ll'lll'5, :uul hzlkc szllcs, lx-sulcs i'lll0l'l'lllg thc sclloul laws 73 senior executive committee senior executive committee Row 1. I. to r.7D. Heian H. Ripper. C. Yubasz. L Florian, E. Aston. F. Bakanic B. Ulevich. Row 2-M. Gordon. N Fisher. A. M. Grass. P Schrading. Watkixms. Row 3-W. Sherman. A Skarupa. Insert g Miss Widdowsoxx sponsor. national honor society D. Dobranslci, G. Damich. Elkins. P. Schrading. D. Scorr. Insert-fMiss Pfowar. spon- snr. national honor society The Senior Executive Connniltec is the gov- erning body of the Senior Class. The purpose ol' the orgzinifznion is to l'nnc1ion as un admin- islrzniye body. The Nznionul Honor Society is an organ- ization composed ol' El limited number of sen- iors chosen by the faleulty. The lTlC1llbC1'S are ehosen on :I basis ol' oulstuncling seliolzwsllip, service, leadership, und flizirzlrlcr. Row 1. 1. to r.-D. Urban. Row 2 -B. Ulevicb. A. student council student council Row I, l. ro r.-H. Dou- kakis, li. Saracro. W. Jackson, A. Wilkinson. M. Sullivan. E. Couerell. J. Saracro. Row Z--Mr. Martinlco, j. Smith, R. M. Shimko. B. Laird. F. Martin, G. Novach. Miss Bollinger. Row 3- R. Bom-sch. R, Ramsay. home room representatives Row l, l. lo r.-Mr. Mar- linko. C. Broadrighr. S. Lewis. R. Scott, W. jackson. R. Sumo. H. Doukakis, M. Suhoza. M. Catena. Row 2--J. Patterson. ldclnn, J. Kovach, ,l. Howe. C. Wiltrour. R. Sroffel, R. Ellis. Miss Bollinger. home room representatives 'l'he Woodlawn Siuclcm Council :incl I-Ionic ment in ihe school while each home room has Room Represenlzitives make up the govern- one repll-semzuive. The school chances, hall ing hoclies all the .Iunior High School. The lrzillic :incl other problems concerning the Councils number is decided by the enroll- students uresellled by these groups. 75 hall patrol hall patrol Row 1. 1. to r.+C. Yuhasz. G. Maresch. D. Urban. M. A. Salopek. S. Cashclollar. C. Mandell. C. Chasko. F. Bakanic, E. Aston. Row 2 1 H. Ripper. G. Damich, M. L. Jones. R. Howell. L. Pupik, B. Kun- dravi. P. Kracunoslcy. Row 3-M. All, M. E. Flaherty. C. Ednie, B. Bese- D rock, S. Bevan, B. Gray. . Belan. E. Bugel. Row 4-P. Schrading. C. Swickley, L. Florian. A. Slcarupa, M. Gordon. R. Wolk. Row 5-W. Sherman. C. Magnus. D. Hess. E. Sams. Insert - Mr. McCarthy. sponsor. wnodlawn Row 1. 1. to r.+Mr. Mar'- tinko. J. Patterson. M. Turocy, B. Laird, R. Shirnko. H. L. Peters. M. Votjlco, P. Suhoza. M. Somulz. M. Sulli- van. E. Cotterell. A. Crux. Miss Bollinger, Row 2 - R, Steiner. A. Staskus. L. Race, H. jackson. T. Cook. M. A. Novotny. L. Reithmiller. XV. Stewart, D, McCuean. N. Miller. S. Knight. K. Kamerihlca. Row 3fC. Kubanselc. G, Tice. R. Wallace, R. Bottesch. K. Rush. N. Savolslcis, T. Mantia. lddon. I. Eck- breth. E. Kate. R. Sosman. Row 4 - D. Perston. W. Leitch. Woodlawn 111Q duty ol lllt 11.111 p.11ro1 is Lo keep order lain grucles above average. Mr. lxlifllllllly was IL 1 lllLlL ne two 112111 l11e C2llJ2llJlC sponsor at Mu1111z111, while Miss Ihllllll SqlllilS 21111111 nltunlle c llll week. Bollinger and Mr. 1x'l2ll'llIllC0 llilil Clllllgi' ol' In oiclu to bc .1 1llLHllJLl one must llllllll- the group ill XVooc11z1w11. '76 stamp salesmen Slillllll SRlll'hllll'Il Row I. I. In r. WB. Pavllk. V, Muha. if. Me-rmelsle-in. A. filirk. R. Watkilis. Nl. Ague. D. Milxalko, A. Brutus. T. Kmrun. Row 2 D. Urban. H. Rip- per. l.. Barlog, ii. Bakauif, Ci. Granite. M. C. finvrliia. K. 'liirn-. D. Chetsko. Row 3f'B. Ax. V. Mr-lush. A. Margin-, Ci, Ru-im-rlh. R. Bland. H. M. Hcrmnnsdorfrr. Row 4 H. Srhirk. Rich- ards, B. Frazer, S. Hn-pps. P. Walters. H. Porter, N. Prnnis. Insert Mr. Shrmnnn sponsor. wmnllawn Row I, I. to r.- Smilh. lf. Adamilz. A. Dzurik. M. Snrgu. Marklin-ws, P. Hen- neu. Row 2 W. Gum. S. Smror. M. Lau-y. M. Mnrun, J. Munir, M. I.. Sm-kcly. N. Mala-y. Mrs. Fm-nrh, R. iflidrvss. W00dlZlWll 'l'he Stump Szilesmen are boys and girls bought. :incl the lllllillllll ol' money reeeix ehosen lo represent ezlrh home romii. livery 'l'his is then remrclecl in ll notebook. 'l'he pui 'I'hursd:iy pupils bring in inmiey for slzinips. pose ul' this :l4'liN'ily is lu enzihle the slumlc In order that no errors :ire mantle. ezirh week :i lo prepare lor their future hy sawing nnw! slip is filled out showing' the number ol' stumps 77 y-teens Row 1. l. to r.-D. Burk hart, D. Burkhart, G. Damich B. Forbes. E. Aston, F Balcanic, V. Palchick, l.. Thompson, J. Redpath. Row 2-M. Prusak, M. C Havrilla. E. Greib, J. Strang C. Yuhasz, K. Tice. S. Hepps J. Katrinsalc, C. Misla. Row 3-J. Fisher, L. Bar log. M. L. Jones, L. Ander son, A. Mayer, T. Hrabic, L Axelson. Row 4 - A. Larko, A Margie, B. Hill, B. Jano. W Wampler, M. Race. B. Zapf D. Taylor. Row 5 1 D. Martin, J Womack, S. King, M. Wilson R. A. Reithmiller, B. Boot Tomascin. y-teens The Y-Teens, composed of junior and Senior girls, is primarily a service organization, but it also sponsors some social events. At Christmas time, the girls made favors which were sent to the Braddock Hospital, and S10 was given to the Aspinwall Veterans Hospital for its record fund. Miss Margaret MacBeth is the sponsor ol this organization. SPO ll SOI' s s M Iss M ACB1-:TH 78 E. Crane, J. Butko, B. Bevan: Row 6-R. M. Tobias, P. Stuffl-e, M. Mathieson. N. jurso, M. Simko, J. Bishop. L. Ullom, C. Dougherty, A. hi-y Row I. I. to r. R. Will- mnu, F, Laird. H. Port:-r. Ktrk, Suutham. W. Laird. lf. Nlolnnr. Row 1 G. Orru, R. Undlrk, W. Ulvvlrh. A, Olson. H. Slu-rmnn. T. Mun duck. Row 5 IJ. Cttttlvr. B. jackson. R. Un-tu-n. R, Robertson. P, Pnvloff. T l.vdn-n. K. Rt-idy. Row 4 R. Cultlvr. Rngvrs. P. Srhrndung. R. Wt-l5Ix. R. Cook. IE, Mcflnl- luster, R. Duran. Inna-rt Mr. Lncku, xpon- snr. woudlznvn Row l. I. lu r. li. Hursh W, Lowxu-Klvr, W. DL-vm-y. I". Wnlxa-rly, Gtlloolv. D. Per' Num. Om-ufcr. D, Hovltm. I". Knnmur. Paraonm, R. fitvtm-r. I., Rau-. Row 2 fubkus.. R. Mm-han. F. Guttus. H. ,lark- wun. R, IVICCUIIUCI1. T. Cook. R. Hutu-'-.rh. l.. Rvtthmtlln-r. N, Snvulslcir.. W. Wain. R. Stmxlmn, J. Hmnpsun. Row 3 F, Crux. G. Tico. G. Kul'ant'r.n-k. K. Rubh. W. Sta-wart, R. Walla:-t-. W. Cut, tlt-r, H. Huyvr, I. lirkhrt-th. J. lddun, Mr. Shtrmg, Row 4' M. Hurkv. R. hi-y nt-fb .-r..- tt. cz. cam... W. K. uums - . 'l'. Mamma. Woodlawn liztrly in tht- school yt tt tht Ili-Y orgalllilt-tl 'l'ltt- lli4Y p:trtic'ip:ttt'cl in tht' Sttulcttt Cm uttclvr tht' sputtsursltip ol Nh. l.:tt'ku att Nlun- t't't1mt'nt IJl'0gl'2llll2IlNl1l lmztskctbzlll ltllltllllllltlll hull :tml Nlr. Sltiring nt XXKNNHZIXVII. 'l'ltc lirst spotmsorvtl by tht' lucztl Y.M.CI..X. :tttivity was am itnprt-ssiw induction st't'vit't- Nluvics Int-low liztstcr, :tn ztsst-mbly pmgrzttn lm' lmullt ttlmnln-t's :tml olltccrs lfollmving tht' :mtl tht- joint attmuatl llilllfl' in C'0lIjlllll'lt twgzttlifzttiml ui t'ullllItlllt't'S thc- Hi-Y stztrtt-tl with thc- Y?l't-ons. lmlcmlccl tl1cmst'lx't's in wttlt un its mtnsv Im' tht- vt .u. thc' sofiztl CYCIIIS ol' thc school. 1 79 library club Woodlawn library club Row l, l. to r.-P. Welbh D. Burkhart. Stewart. Row 2-M. Repko, L. Bar log. F. Javorsky, M. Madar A, Davey, Butala. C. Biery J. Dodge. G. Grass. C. Nagy D. Sleva. R. Graham. E. Sat- alla. R. Howell. Row 3-D. Burkhart, L Axelson. R. Dodge. A. Lind herg, A. Liposlcy, M. Wilhon P. Tishon. V. Melish, G Williams, E. Lacey, D. je-:ako E. Srupar. woodlawn Row l, l. to r,-E. Klinlco M. Srhamus, A. Tomkeweicz: E. Kenny, H. Miller, S. Nei- metz. C. Grim, S. Mccuean F. Nia-metz, P. Lewis, V. Lu ther. M. Stevens. R. Middle miss. S. Tomko, M. Sullivan Row 2-C. Caclman, N Miller, Hood, S. Bugos. C. Pysolar. D. Schultz, D Schultz. P. Wichelman, I. Mr- Knighr. A. Davis, N. Mala zone. Rock. F Cntterell Nl. Turocy, R. Shimko. Row 3-M. A. Novotny D. lVlcCuean. M. Somulc, L Rzeplca. L. Willia'ns. R. M. Rolewirz, D. Derry. F. Estok 1. Zimmerman, M. L. Szekely A. Crux. M. Lacey, Patteri son. Row 4-M. Martin. S. Ken, der. C. Koval. B. Frena. M. Cloonan, L. Ghering. M. Flaherty. Riedy, Muir. F. Nlartin. A. Durai1ko. L. Stupar. S. Szekely. c flubs unclu llmc sponsorship ranging sliclvcs. :incl keeping thc lllJl'lll'y in llss Hou it ncl Busc 1 na 0lQl'2lIlllCll lDl'ClCl' lirmn 8:15 2l.lll. unlil -1:00 ulp thc I clgnls lincl Q 1 lLllllllLll rclcra During thc past year, Zl lmzlkc szilc, and ll L monk obs :irc swinnning' party hznvc bccn held. as wcll ns :L x 1 in. c mls slipping books, ar- club panty at Cjllristnlzls Illllll. BO latin club lulin club Row 1, 1. ii, f, if. mn. sllll. 5. l.lll. Nl. Agni-. lt. King, IJ. Rogers. S. llnmfurd. P. linrnu, A. Glick. Ruw 2 ll. Smrkuwski, C. Mailiw, S. l.aldu'lc. R. liurns. fl. Nlulm. N. l.nlltl1. Row 4 Nl, Wlinln-im, R. Nl, fflivnsm. fi. Williniims. A. juslcn, llirk. Nl. llurvntli. S. Knvarll. Row 4 ll. lVlad1ln, R. lin-flu, P. Nlffiullmxglm, A. Lindln-rg, R. Malloy. G, Pupils. Row 5 R, Bruno, ID. Nlar- anmlm. ll, Lars-y, A. Pairiflc. J. Slvwzlrl, ll jr:-lin. li. livr- nmnsilurfvr, R. Dudas. Row lv llzviylco. li. Krixmllk. ll, Nlormm-r. Huw 7 ll. Mnlinllnk. H. lop:-rn-r. IJ. Navnn. V. Koa- Kuvny, j. Ki-nm-dy. j. Martin. wmnllalwn Row l. l. In r. ll. llrlvrs. l'. Sulmm, A. Crux, K. Kam- a-slllta, V. l.ullwr, lf. Cnth-rn-ll. Nl. Sullivan. Row 1 'l'. Cook. li. l..nul, N, Nlillvr, R. Carney. ll. lflolu-xrli. K. Ruhh, Mrs. llill. Row 5 W. Sli-wnrl, Zulwkur.. H. llalrksnn. lf. Got- iuw.. R. Miffullucli. R.W:ill4i1-i-. Woodlawn llu' rlzissiiul clubs. uncle-1' ilu- spmmsorsliip ilu-1' ri llricnclly Illlllllilt' for ilu- classics: ul' Miss Wzulswurlll ill Nlunlmll :incl Nils. llill lllIl'0llll1'L' IJl'Ugl'lllIlS In wimlcn thc gvnu ll :nl lVUOKllElWll.i0ll5lSlOli1lll2lIlllJlll0llS gI'UlllJ0l. klmwlcmlgi' nl' lllk' rlznssim: :incl lu bring clm lirsl :mil sccuml yn-zu' lilllll 5llIlll'lllS. llw IJlll'- lcllmvsllip lllfllllgll social l'lllll'llUllS. pow ul' this Ul'g1lllll2lll0ll ia to limslcl' :xml lui'- 81 Sta mp club dramatic club B2 stamp club Row 1. l. to r.-Mrs. Craig R. Murdock. A. Nagy. T Sherman. G. Romig. Row 2-C. Wegliorst, R Wallace. W. Leitch. B. Stew art. dramatic club Row l. l. to r,-B. Har lcovich. E. Klinko, M. A Hamilton, N. Smith. H. Mil ler, Hood. S. Bugos. C Grim. C. Thompson. V Schlossnagel, E. Kenny, D Schultz. A. Tomkeweicz. D Volinski, H. Balint. R. Mid dlemiss. D. Beseroclc. R Scott. A. Cotterell. N. Chur ma. R. Cook. D. Gustafson Row 2-C. Cadman. T Sherman. G. Cartmel. C Creagon. S. Neimetz, C. Pyso lar. P. Wichelman, L. Rzepka D. Schultz. R. M. Rolewitz N. Booth. D. Mihalchik. H Peters. D. Zanotti. J. Rock E. Cotterell, Patterson. M Lacey. M. Sullivan. S. Lewis Row 3-N. Miller. F Shellman. M. Bishlcoff, V Luther. C. Broadright, I Hriczo. Franks. G. Burns M. Flaherty. F, Neimetz. J Muir. B. Riclclile, I. McKnight P. Lewis. A. 1. Davis. F. Mar tin. M. L. Szelcely. E. Borsch W. Wright. Row 4-C. Koval. C. Bish koff, G. Byers. M. Cloonan B. Balint. T. Cook, C. Brown T. McDermott, H. jackson D. Bottesch. L. Wasik. D Riecly. K. Rush. S. Kender G. Tice, N. Nlalzone. I. Zim merman. M. Stevens. D. Mt Cuean. S. Mccuean. w l'. rlnvnrxlcv. ll. Mmlnr. P. ff. fflmxluw. ff. Nlnunlvll. ll. senior loaders M-uiur lcaulvrs lmw 1. l. um 1. ll. Pm.-Ink. l'nslmu. ff. llmn. Pulu. M. llrlwzm. M. lf. l:l.1lu'rlv. Row 2 li. llrlmn. ll. l'unl1V. fl. vllvlcv. ll. fn-lwm-r. Kululmvl. ll l.','url1. Huw 5 ll. flalspvr. ll llr- l.m. li. llulmu. M. l.. Dulw- mnslu. l.. l'up1k. l5u.1nlcf wuln. M. Kr.:-urmslcv, lnwrl Nlnx flamwn-ll, spunwov. junior lvaulcrs Huw l. l. lu r. S. Su-mn-r. A.. juxlcn. M. Winn-. M. Aguv. lf. llalullll. R. A. Clrzllmln. M Mmlslxpmlx. A. Clark. ll. J.-4... Row 2 M. A. fflmsku, C. lVl.ll0. S. l,1ll. S. llmmlnrnl. J. Amlvr-.un. lf. Kuslnm-r. I", lVl.lnl.u'. Row l l'. Wflmlvn. M. llnrv.n. lhrlc. N. l,.xlxrlx. M, nlmlcxuu. A. l.uullu-rg. V. lluxwr. Huw 4 ll. M. lVl.xlluv. M. J. All. A. IM-v--v. M. Marian. IS, flu-un-r. J. A. Slvuwr. llnw 5 ff. lVlulx.l, lf. lP.lll.lw, ll Hoge-rs. Slvw- .1rl. ll. Mrffullougll. A, M. l'.1trnl1. lf. juuior leaders .xllllllllgll ilu' l.1-zulu-rs Club was Ul'g2lIllll'll llu- girls in lmlh clubs :nv taught lmm' only an In-xx' l1'IIl'8 Zlgfl. il has 2lll'l'2lCll gnillvcl ilu- l'L'hlJL'll. :mal l2lll'Ill'S5. Illlll' l.l'1Illl'l'S prmu 1'4'sln1l ul lNlIlI ilu- zulmiuislrauirm :Incl llu' gmail will lllllllllljy llu-ir 1m'lnlu'1's :mil help mln sluclc-ul lmclx. lls mln- I1lll'l1uw is to tl'1'2ll1' :I xvlulr guml C'll2ll'2Il'll'l'. gn-.ulvr lim-rc-sl in ilu- Ilin-lcl ol plmysicnl cclucu- lifm. 'In ln- ll I.:-:ull-r. um' must nm mxlx ln' Smm' ul' lllv 4-wlmls lu-ld Ilxlmlglmlll llu ullllvliraullx im liuccl lmul Illllhl lmu' ll guml Hill' .Il'l' lmwling l12ll'lll'S, slccl rimlus. lxlkc sz: smlmlzulic' slznmling. lm! clog mlm, :mal clznllcillg. 83 red cross Woodlawn red cross Row I. l. to r.-D. Sl:-va R. Dudash. Pingree. C Rocci. Pido. Nl. Houston D. Chasko. C. Chaslco, B Kundravi. P. Kracunosky, P Loposky. Row 2 - E. Stupar. M Leskanic. E. Koch. A. Kucera B. Palmer. A. M. Patrick E. King. B. -I. Stump. T Hrabic, Row 3 1 F. Muha. R Rudowsky. R. Dodge. M Kostelnik. M. Toperzer. M E, Kurtz. M. Toth. V. Toth Row 4 - B. Pavlik. M. Patric. H, Toperzer. Malo S. Nuss. E. Green. G. Granite D. Belan, Brennan. Row 5 + M. Ague. M Cami... D. Florian, W, jf Wampler, R. Howell. N Lalich. Butala. D. Ambro V. Palchik, A. Margie. Row fail. Dick. G. Pupik M. Repko, H. Ptoudfoot, R Burns, B. Maclar, S. Ladick 1. Dodge. Row 7 4 M. Clutter. S. Barney. L. Wnlick. Row 8 4 A. Glick, P. Welsh. E. Kolesar, M. Bobick, M. Bodnar. D. Dobos. Row 9 1 C. Muir. Pranis. M. Urban. B. Her- mansdorfer. C. Muha. D. Rogers. B. Tetz. Inserts - Mrs. Gray. Mrs Donaldson. Sponsors. Woodlawn Row 1, l. to rf-I. Burk P, Bennett. D. Person, R. Stitt. A. Nidgeway. N. jurso. M. Lanyon. V. Luther, C Weghorst. C. Uplinger. Row 2-J. Patterson. R. M Shimko. J. Kovach. L. Pat- terson, L. Matthews. I. Mr- Knight. A. Franklin, B. Frena. S. Knight. B. Laird P. Suhoza. Row 3 i I. Eckbreth. F. Flaherty, Idclon, Howe. R. Bottesch, R, McCulloch H. Doulcakis. N. Savolskis. M. Lacey, A. Crux. E. Co!- lerell. Row 4-W. Cuttl-er, W. Lutch. Miss Charlton. K. Rush. R. Wallace. The .junior Rod Cross has been vcry znctlivc Under mln: wry crzipzllalc sponsorship ol' Mrs. this YCZIY, sending lilly gill boxcs overseas. Gray :mtl Mrs. Donznldsmm ill Nlunhzill and knitting zilglmns. :incl llllllilllg' lzivors for vel- Nliss Clluirllon at x'VO0lll2lXVll, thc inc-nlbcrs c1':111's hospilzlls. have entllllsizastitully C0lIlIJlClLKl cvcry projcfl untlcrlzukcn. 84 Row I. I. IH l. II. l3'sIu'I1. I''nI, II, IluIu-slum, II, Wfllxun. I' IQWIUH. III-.Iuxgy IJ Iuuo,, If, IVI Iuwm. 'I', Iirxxmlz. I'. Anluu--. I IH--.x.u. Row .' II. fIlluIl-III. II, ,I.u'I.xu1v I". II:uva-v. 'If IImIgnw. I'. Su-Lanka 1 I M. IIrIw.m. j. Inln. j, Iumgn-nf. M Ilur-.l. lm.-rn r.1. lc..1,:.-. NW...-.. photography UI ull -Imiivfiff - A ' In IVQIHII lIu'I1llmI1L'II Il Isllvl ns can 1lfs2IIIlIlLll. Ilns zunlnlmus QIIIIIIJ nl lunmrs :xml NLIIIUIN Ii"lI'lIk'KI Imw to alum-Iulm, 1-nI'n'gc' 'mal print lJHIlll'l'N. Ilu- III'5I 5l'llIl'5l1'l' Il was lllIlILI ilu KIIILIIIUII 1 . 1 1 ul NIV. Ridgv, :mal IIIVSHUIICI scrum-stun' lllIiIQ'I'III1' Il'lliIl'I'5IIIlJUI NI1'.R:nns:u. 85 noon candy salesmen Row I. I. uw rf Ii. Slwrnmn. If. Gru-Iw Ii. Hnknnlc. D. Urban. Top ro Bnrmxn-fli, Aston. D. Dobrnnskn U Damich. C. Yuhmz. Ii. Iforbva. junior choir girls glee club 86 junior choir Row l, l. to r.-A. Lewis B. Harkovitch, A. Yar koslcy, A. Wilkinson, R. Scott R. Cook, P. Elicker, N. Kus ko, E. Pearson, R. Adams. ,I Hooper. T. Ilyas, A. Cot terell, B. Kuzma. Row 2 - Miss Gustafson P, Gates. C. Thompson. L Kameshlca. P. Hunt, C Brown, O. Custle. C. Weg horst, R. Novak. P. Buran, E Cotterell, Rock, C. Koval M. Sullivan. Row 3 - C. Cadman, G Cartmel, V. Schlossnagel, C Bishkoff, R. Wilkinson, R Bottesch. W. Stewart. M Slater, K. Rush. R. Wallace P. Lewis, S. Kender. J. Gar land. girls glee club Row 1. l. to r.-A. Wilkin- son, T. Sherman, N. Smith. J. Ryczelt. P. Flaherty, P. Gates, M. A. Hamilton. M. Lanyon, D. Ridgeway. R. Scott. A. Cotterell, T. Ilyas. A. Lewis, G. Kazimer. Cadman, L. Kameshka, J. Stewart, P. Hunt, J. Mantia. E. Shirokie. R. M. Diduch, M. Orris. G. Owston, E. Cot- rerell, Rock, C. Grim, I. Row 2-Miss Gustafson. C McKnight. Row 3-D. McCuean, C. Koval. K. Greenhow, A. Ferreri, D. Nlihalchilt. G. Byers. F. Nemeth, S. Kender, N. Malzone. R. Cook. C. Brown, Franks. P. Lewis. junior lvmlcrs Row 1, l. to r.-f Franks. A. Ynrkoslcy, C. Tlxompnon. V. Srhlossnaglm-, G. Cartmel. B. j. Harkovnrh, D. Schultz. Row 2-f-Nlisr. Graham, P. Sulmza. B, Laird. M. Turocy. l.. Matthews.. K. Kmm-shka. G. Owstnn, Nl. Sullivan. Row 371. Patterson, C. llisllltoff, C. Andi-raon. li. Nlarlin. J. llrnnklin, G. Len- gylv. rhccrlcadcrs l.a-fl to right-A. Yarlcosky. C. Thompson. V. Schloss- naglv, P. Suhoza. B. Laird, M. Turncy, li. Kenny, M Beavers.. junior leaders clloorloadors 87 I-L' band Yau Xm I'z1l 11,5 fill Cl2ll'illClS I-urxlon Rr C'I1illi I Kllllllll l.Imm-r Halxcy Ill? FXYK' jzmc Sll'1l l,ol'c'llu l'1'nlllm1m n.11'cl SjDjS1lk Louis RL'jlj1llljjjL'l' lim' ng I l'llllt'lS VUL-lm .lm-1 I'1'z1 klin Flute Ruth R1'jlj1lIlljjl'l' YUHIIZI .jursu Saxophone lilczmm' l'1CI'lL'jlllCS Alto Clarinet uscph Richzlrds Bassoon Ruhcrl Wnllzlfc Drums Dun CQIUSSCII XI.u'y Ajzmc All llfgk' Nlnrlm Ellj2jCllC .xlj2IIlIS Paul l'1n'loI'i' Karl liigclu Rolxcrl lnglcs Im l'1l'jij7I'L'lj1 jflilllk Fzlwccll Nlirlmcl Nlc-linux' Tuba Dunulcl fjlllljL'l' lkmx j'l'ljl1ll lk-al I'l'ic'c Trumpets joseph Hczlrd john Soulhalm lfrccl Kern Waller Hmvuvfl .Xlcx Slznlkuwski xvjjjiillll Blmulllcl' j"l'lllljk Nlolnzn' IQIIOIIIQIS Huukc Kzlrl Rush Robert Nlllllcn Cihzllnlcrs l'jJjillgCl' Sirlllcy CLl'i11l1C1'g jzlmcs Daly llcmallcl Njlllliil Rmlallml C1ruu'fm'1l 88 HCIlj2lllljll Wcilllucrgcl' li-rl lirlcn Tromhoncs William fIlllljL'I' IQcu1'gc- 'I'iu' XYilli1un jjvlljll john Koxzuh Paul Cook Baritone N'illizun 'l'zlx'l' Cihurlcs VZIIIIUI' Ruin-rl lfinnccy jusvph liishkofi' liell Lyrc jzmiu' l'z1tlL'rm11 llolmzl Njllfljll livclxxm CYZIIIL' xjilfj' .j2lI!C xjZlljljCS0ll Kzllllcrilu' Muir Xlalrllmzl Muir Rosemary Malloy A l to Horn .Xllmcrl 'l'umLu Imcrl-Nh: Slmllvy. clircuo choir choir Row I I. un r. M. fanny I7. Iwvlnvx., Il, Burkhart, I., XV.1IxIk, M. Smllnrd. M IH-vm-II. M. I.. Wcwmwgi. Ruw ,Z II. M. Hnrrvy. D , Ilzulemr, M IUHINI, S. llhrln ' In, Izllmu. If. Su-fnuku, M. Allvn. IJ. Wmmsrgiw. Ruw 4 R. Slava, Il, Tim- 1 ku. M, Monk, IA. Kuxhm-r, D. I I' Hmuw, M. flnrr. ' J . Row 4 Mr. Shall:-V, R. I hnigr. IK. I.. Huwn-rs. Ii. H4-wrmk. M. Hrondruglu. If. Sulnmon. M, Iiwkux, M. Ilrlmn, How 5 I,, AmIrn-N. P. Admins. Ii, Hunt, A. Slnvn, 5. Ik-van, H. janv. If, Crum' Rum rx IU. I'n1rlfI1.n'l, If Snnkn, I.. l..uu-v. Nu-dlmnm. J m lc. sM.....k, W. f..1.-., R. - 4 4 - I . j.ums.ku, R, IN-vm-y, D. h4lflllll'l'. 0 1 lll2lj0l'l'tt0h Illkl,i0l'1'Ill'S I.:-Il ru rlglxr Il. Iforlws. I., Ilmmpxun. ID. Iludnnr. A. IVI, IVIHCQLIHII. M Kr In CQ Knnnuu-. It, Klux A. Omh-rk. 5. If Iimll: .X wluslln- Ixluws, an Immun IIYIIIS, :mal our IIIIQII-Slblilllllg lmmlurcllvs mzmh clmvn ilu- In-Icl lluwv gn-Is rc-alllx' strut Illcu' slull III rI1x'llm11m' IWLIIS, nun ur SIIIIIV. IIN-x' mm-rlzunlx clc-aa-rxc- an lol ol VIACKIII. Km 'IIN' QIYHIIIZIIIIIQ lIIllIOI'l'IIl'N this ya-:nr un' Nlalriam Kish, li:ll'IJ:u':1 l"m'lmvs. 1:1 Mau' Nlcllunn. :Incl Lynn 'l'I1rnnpsu11. B9 Row 1, left to right-S. Cashdollar. B. Madar, B, Gasper. D. Dobranski. Row 2-D, Puchy. D. Urban. cheerleaders I-2-35-'I XVl1oz11'c you going lo light lor? LN-D-I-.X-N-S INDIANS sponsor and llIllll1lQl'I' Mass ll.fxN'rw1a1,I,, Alfxkx Il:l,I.I'1N l'Nl.AIll un 90 stage ,Qu ild J..,,,A , 7, , 'ff'-" 3ffs1",w gas, : Q W S1-nn-d. ll-fx to rmh! P. Schrading. B. Coles. R. Schwer. Wfarkins. Smndmg- -H, Ulvvlch, Morris. R, Mnnlk. In IIIIIIIIJCI' lllcylx' Ivw Hut thc july llu-x mln ls ns wsclllizll by lin' .Xa ilu' work ui lllc' 5IQll'. 91 pgkyw -- X- Y' Sllllll SUI' MlssR1'sH "young april" Pclc , A .. Slcwzlrd Miller Mrs. Miller .. .. Milcllvcl Izmc .. ,. .. Ijiillllf Gilmore Party Gucsts ., 1 Pam mglyh I HLX EdVV2iI'dS2lI1lS uk IOIJQTILIN Ronxld Volk I lc Robut MXlL1xllldLl :Xrclc-11 Elkins Dun us X 1- X 1 x H1 2 .E iv g 15 - f 1 K- V V X 'Z '4 tif f- fig 7 an Gi P' pf g ,i I L Q. -. 1 if . A 'Q "star light, star bright" haue' llznnlcll llullczln Scott l7Lll'l'1'll llcss Slliflff lic-xml R1llK'l'l Axli'XZIllllt'l' lRlllt'l l'm':1rwn Pzlul Slllflllllllgl, lic-x'n'l'lx' Gran' f1lI1ll'l0lll' Yllllzlsl lion Nagy .xllllll Nluru- Gross Alum- Strung, ' . -J ,AF Q' l1mL Nl ulln XX1ll1:u11l lux ull lhulmlx' Dun Spun l"1m0Ilxc'1' Ruth Hum ll 'mlm lznnvs .Xikl'l'lll ll! nam R1-almnn lfl'h'm- .Xs C.c'm'gc' lllllll' Rulxcrl Chun Doris lglIl'kh2ll4I, llnrolhy Hlll'kl11Il'l, flllll trim' liclnic. xxlllll' Kulmzl. -Imam Put l.rn'mim- Pupik, William Colm. Rum mms Xlmrns. Ruin-rl N'l1wc1'. l ul lllll Swicklvy. 'luck xvlllkillx nineteen hundred and fifty SPORTS 94 .N x o 1,4 ,t,.,-u, 'fc 5 S I ix' 'TI s a 0 .. i bn A 41 ' ff sa b 1' m 'J x Q AQ - '- ll 5 5, -f R 5- f'.A . X W U ' , -fm. Q I f - f ,Ai I . ulll,i.l .M ,ff-'T ,M ff,-wwf 'W' ff-4" 1 Ng - ,f Q ., ,f Z' Xl' 'U I QA, , . 'Q R M.-vfl, football teanl 5: Row l. left to right-R. Green, W. Rogers, T. Cook. R. Berbericlx, L. Florian. Kostrub. T. lVlclVlullen. L. Leskanic. P. Kozak, G. Matthews, R. Boytim. Row 2412. Roscoe, C. Magnus, J. Reabe. j. Debresney, E. Kargol. B. Tomko. W. Wampler. K. Parker. W. Walker. C. Rager. J. Wilkiimson, Mgr. Row Zfw. Kane. E. Farrington, W. Ulevich. D. Nagy. R. Becker, M. Wiimrers. M. Cook. D. Scott. H. Healy D. Kelly. J. Senich, J. Dorko. Thc Indian Football team, Composed almost cntircly ol' scniors, whilc fuiling Lo coniprisc Zl winning record, sported thc fighting spirit than opponn-nl lczuns will long rcnicmbcr. coaches Left to right-Mr. Mihm, Mr. Kliskey, Mr. Shiring. 96 4 C V Row 1, lofi to right--J. Kosrrub, W. Ulcvirh, R. Green. M. Cook L Florxan C Nlatl cw Row 2-j. Wilkixmsorm, Mgr., R. Becker, C. Magnus, D. Nagy. Reabe R Bovilm D SFO!! Dlbli' HPV . . , iiwwr i li Row 1, left to right-C. Magnus, J. Debresney. J. Reabe L Florian R Boynm R Green C Rager Stilrtlng lnellp Row 2--M. cook, D. sam, W. Kane, J. smich. munhall lineup I,.li. l,.I. I..C-. CI. RL Rfl' lu.. Qu. l..H R. H ICB. Ragcr llclwcsnmcy Grccn Boyl im Florian Rcnbc Magnus Scott Slflllfll Cook Kam: 97 FSI 50 357 22 28 -I0 26 411 :si ijt! is Y? ilk Q if W N 9 M wWm m QW 'Ws19ei"1'fW5VaEf3r QNUWQSK IQKHQWW? NQWRWSWQFW N umlefeuted junior high football Row I. If-ft to right--J. Hows-. G. Lucas. C. Moller, F. Sarge, K. Proud, D. Shimko. Row 2 W. Dcvry. Mgr.. I.. Stagou. W. Graham. F. Xvampler. S. Verieh. W. Freshwarvr. E. Garruy, Barn . Sarnfrn. W. Nalrhvr. W. Gent. Brown. T. Holdsworrh. Mgr. J Row ,X A. fwnrirk. M. Can-na. R. Cowon, W, Coles. Smith. T, Turner, C. Lucas. R. R1-rsrh. Storm Row Nlau l'. Dorm-y. lf, Zak. li. Duffck. 4 fi. Ul.lssm. Brown. D. Kish. lf. Lucas. R. Flows. R. lindrrss. Carney. W. 'lin-rrvll. W. Ma-u'l'i1ik j. Znuos. R. johnson. 'l'h1' junior High Ioolhzill scluaul. llllCil'l'l'0lll'i1l'S XX'illzu'll cilllil'N'lIlHi Rolmcrl 'kh-X, has just l'0llllJil'll'Ki its Iiirsl llIllll'i.K'2llQ'll SCQISOII with an l'L'C'0l'Ci ol' six um svultivm' x'iz'lm"ivs. liIIiOl'lllll1lll'iy, this junior lligh lilcvc-u haul insuI'l'ic'im-nl points ulul I Ihr frlliillll point SXSIKIII lo XXIII lh4 luuun XX l'l Xl Chuupu hula C" ' 2' " ' ' ' .2 IIIS UI lhm- Iour illlclc-If-:lu-il In-zuus, hIlIllIl1lill'1llK'li lhircl. coaches I4-fl to right Mr. Curry. fvlr. Markle-V. 99 basketball team Row l, left to righrfw. Kane, C. Carrig. Row 2-T. Gombos. B. Richey. Gombos. Senirh. A. Nlartinez. Rodgers, Row 3-R. Lacev. R. Hreha. G, Gombos. B. Walker. C. Nlagnus. B. Burke, Mgr starters Left to right-J. Senich, G. Gombos, R. Hreha, T. Gombos. 100 Munhnll IIS I2 I2 I7 llfl I9 47,0 I7 "ISU ' 53 8 'ISD 'IT 50 SU '57 "Sli '32 'Eli 'fflfi . vura-ally l5l'L'lllw1 xr ntl Swissvzl lc' Iirnclmlurk .Xrnulcl Stull fLl'i'L'llSlJlll4g Cliliflflll l,K'llll lluqm-sumo Nh Kuvspori llmm-su-and l,0llUl'lI Stull North Clullmlim Cllzxirlun lllulucsm' Nh K4'c'slml'l Ilmm'xIv:ul Ilmmrzx " Ilvlrolcs lvzlgl basketball scores l'PSl'l'V PS Opponent M unhall Opponent ll' QUIIICS PCSPPVGS 22 Brcmwnml 35 I Swissvzl lc 22 Brzulcluck 36 :XFIIOICI A12 Stull E53 Grccnslmrg 36 Cllznirlml 27 Penn 22 llllqlwslu' 'l2 Nli'Kl'L'SIJUl'l 43 Hl3lllk'5lL'2lCl 28 llmlom 2-1 Sum 39 Norlh Clznlholic 38 Cllznirtcm F40 l,llilllk'Slll' 2'l Nlc'Kc'c'spm't 20 Hmm-slczul 37 Donors: Row l. left tu right-E. Garrity, R. McCulloch, T. Cook. Gillooly. Row 2-M. Burk. Mgr.. B. Finnecy, Mgr., W. Rogers, H. Healy, E. Farrington. 101 basketball coaches MR. SHIRINC NIR. CURRY NIR. NI.XRKl,lCX YZll'SilY Couch Reserve fi0l1lill junior High Clozicli junior high basketball Row 1. left to right-L. Maguire, J. Carney, R. Johnston. F. Saracco. A. Varwich, J. Smith. R. Brennan, M. Suhoza. K. Proud, R. Howe. Row 2-T. Holdsworrh, Mgr.. W. Graham, H. Doukakis, W. Coles. W. Narcher, M. White, W. Gem, W. Freshwater, J. Saracco, W. Devey, Mgr. 102 rifle tflillll Row I. lt-it tt: right -S, Laclick. D. Komeff. B. Gray. J. Patterson. M. Lacey. L. Stupar. C. Uplinger. Row Z R. Graham. N. Juno. Nl. Urban. S. Bevan. M. Wilson. P, Tishon. A. Crux. R. Chvasla. Ruw i lf. jnfolw, K. Halog. R, Gnxpvr, W. Luthy. C. Swickley. N. Lalich. D. Rogers. T. Prusak. llm wars Rlllt' Iczum IS lJl'UYIlIg lmt-xtt-pliol1 In lllost' ol tht- Illlhl. lllt ll'1llll, supvrlxlx m:tt'l1t'tl ln' Nlr. f,Il1ll'll0ll :mtl Nlr. XVilsm1, is again tht- clt'I't'ntli mutt' :mtl nanlnmztl l'I12llIlIHUll.ZIllll has ht-lpctl put Munhztll on tht- mztp. 00.11.1105 NIR. WILSON 103 NIR. KIILXRI. Wrestling team E. Harkless, Mascot. Row l. left to right-J. Daly, S. Stefko. S. Sum. M. Coyne, T. Morgan, Kovach, Durica. D. Sninhlcy K. Proud, R, Mortimer. Row 2-j. Dorney, J. Nadzam, F. Puskar, R. Sokolovic. T. Lacey. R Wilkinson, B. jackson, R. Meehan F. Gottus. C. Daly, W. Harkless. Row 3fMr. Mihm, coach, R. Novak, Needham, D. Barnes. M. Cook, R. Cook, W. Wampler. G. Matthews R. Cadman, T. Mantia, J. Churma. J. Martin, Mgr. Row 4-B. Briefly. Mgr.. W. Wargo. G. Martin. J. Ryan, B. Cuttler. B. Berberich, D. Nama, F. Pietryga. T1 - we-.W1 in ILSL ing 'l'eam, composed chiefly ol' all experienced lllL'IlllJCl'S. hail a very good season. The team won almost all ol' its matches and with a "never die" spirit gave its followers plenty to shout about. 104 baseball tllillll Ruw I. lvft to rnghr l.. l.n-xlfnmr. H. j.u'ksm1. B. Rlrhvy. R. I.nrov. fn km-ls-cava. f,, Hvnrukyon, H. Caspar. R, Huymn. ff. Rngvr. Huw .' Svnlrlx, li. I4-ppln. H. Alnbrnsr. R. H1-rkvl, ff. Hlrovik. R Nm-unniurf. H. WH lkvr. Y. Knxxll. IU, Hvl',gn-lx XlIll'll'K'Il lrnlx mm' was 1lllUlIll'l' xnmrmlls hl'2lNUll Im our lrlwlmll Iuun wlmlx was unnprmfl mmllx nl wnmrs. I In-x won ilu' SHIIUII mlm ulnlmnmllnp Imm H1 Kc'1'slJul'l. 105 ooucll XIR. KIJSKIQX ' ,lg ,mmm 1 A ff W ,EYILiwfv 55,ilX'i Z4 -. ,,.. . , :wp N , , . ,"wv -H ..MQ.www- , T QM 5 wx m......W ans' A N a .. Y' s . 4 png x' X' W. 1 -n R1 rp' ,if KL. I z ,, -sm, qs: Index of 1950 Advertisers Ackerman, Alfred ,...,. . A1exander's Market ...,... Amos Super Market .,.,,.. Anderson's Clothing ....,.. Ann's Flower Shop ..... Ann Street Radio ..,.r. Atlantic Service ...,..,. Bake's Market ............. Bamford Brothers ,,......... Black 8c White Market . ..,... . Blattner's Friendly Service . Bonn's Men's Wear .i,..i....i Book s Shoes ,.,.,....,. ....... ..,... ...,. . . . .. Carnegie Library of Homestead .,..,. , . , Chedwick, Craig QPorkyj .,........,.... ii.. . Clark Chevrolet . .,i,..,. . Community Pharmacy ,..,.. Diamond Market .. ., , Douglas, VVilliam ......,...,.. Duffs-Iron City College .. Elicker and Strong .... ..,. Evans Cut Rate ., Evan's Dairy ..........,..,......,.. Evans, W. M. QM.D.j .........,,,......., .r... Firestone Stores .....,.............,... , ., ..,...i .ii. . .. First Federal Savings 84 Loan Assn Frederick's Super Market ,.,... ,...,.,.. . - 1 Friedlander s .4......i,.,,.,.,..., .,,. . .. George's Market ...,..,. . ...,..... ..... , Gillen and Coulter Company . .. Glenn, W. fD.D.S.j .i......., . Gordon 8a Jacobson ,i..r Green, George Irvin ,.i.,,. Gress Meat Market ..,., Gus the Cleaner , ...,...,. ,........ . .. Gus Sc Sal's Market .............. .,.i... Hahn 8c Skyrmes, Incorporated Half Brothers .s,..r.,.....r.,......,,......,..... ,.,,.. Hall, George M., Incorporated Haver's Pharmacy ............. ..., . ., , Heard, Joseph QMajorj .... Hi-Hat Cleaning Shop .,.... Hilk's Furniture ............. Hill Studio ....,....,.... .,..,.... ....., Homestead Buick Company ...... Homestead Ice Company ., .,....,......... ,... . . Homestead Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. .....,.... , Homestead Paint and Glass ,,..,.,... ..,... Homestead Pontiac Company ..,... .,.... Hook's Paint Sc Glass Company ..,.. .,.,,. 126 117 126 119 125 121 117 109 112 123 123 115 123 115 112 110 117 117 123 109 115 113 110 109 111 127 119 121 109 111 109 111 110 117 115 117 124 127 110 119 125 111 115 120 117 119 117 115 119 109 108 8a I. Dairy .. ..,.......,....,,,..,. .. -Iahn 8c Ollier ........... ,.,,,.....,.,,.. johnson's Odorless Cleaners .... ....... Johnston the Florist ..,..,.,..... ., Jones, Diroderich ...... jones Sc McClure ..... Katilius, A. E. ....,.......,.,... . Kerr 8a Ingram ....,............,..... Kuzma, Margaret fMrs.j ,..,. Lena Catena Beauty Salon , Leona Theatre ., .,.......,.,.... . Levine Brothers ...... . Lincoff, M. L. fO.D.j .,.,. Lobono, August . ..,, .. ....., Marks Brothers Printers ,. ., ,. Meadow Gold Dairies, Inc. .. Mervis Motor Sales ...,.,....... Morris Grinberg's ..,...... Mox1ey's Drug Store ....., Nagy, Stephen B. ,.... Newland, L. E. II ...,.,..,. North Pole .......,..,.,.,... Ohringer .......,..,.................,.. . Park Beauty Shop ........,....... ...,.,......,,......... Park Cycle Sc Auto Supply Company ..,..... Park Dairy ...,....,.....,.........,.....,,......,..,.,......,. Park Electric 8: Hardware ....., .............. ..., Park Theatre .. ..,.,..,........ ,. Pelger's .,,....,.,..,. ...... , ., Post Shoes ........,....,....,........... Prokopovitsh, Joseph A. Ray's Men's Wear .....,.,.. Sally Sage Shoppe ...... Saron, H. A. QD.D.S.j ...,. Schuette's Pharmacy ...,.. Schwartz Tire Service ....,,. Sherman's Pharmacy ..,.,,. Shupink Credit jeweler ...,., Smitty's .,..,......,.,.,,,.....,,,,. Smoley, George ..,... So1omon's ,..... ..,.,...... So1's Clothes Shop ,......,..,.. Steinsapir, .Iulius L. ,........,. .. Toohey Motor Company .. .. Weaverling Printing Company We1nberger's Drugs ........ ..,.....,,,.., , ..... . Whetstone's Flower Shop ...... ,. ..... ., Wilkens jewelry Company ....... ....... Wolfson .,...................,............ 115 122 113 125 109 123 123 125 109 123 125 111 109 109 125 116 119 121 109 111 109 112 121 113 113 113 113 111 119 113 126 109 115 109 113 119 114 121 121 125 121 121 126 124 111 123 125 118 127 DU FFS-IRON CITY COLLEGE 412-I l,llllllL'h E X l. I--1877: nn- xV'lV l'ittsh1n'gl1, Pu. PZIYFOIIS NI. I.. l.lNCOIfl", O.lJ. RAYS MENS XVEAR XV. S. GLENN, lJ.D.S. I.. E. NEXVI..-KNIT, ll XV. Nl. EVANS, NLD. CLICORCIUS NI.-XRKEPI' .XUClUS'I' LOBONO INROIJIZRICH JONES MRS. NIARG.-XRET KUZMA HOOKS l'AlN'l' K- GLASS COMPANY ISAKIYS NI.XRKE'l' H. A. BARON. lJ.ll.S. ' ,"'E'fffS. 200 East Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pu. Phone: HO. I-2833 109 H Olnestezul 1-2727 SALES Clark Chevrolet SERVICE 243 YV. EIGHTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. Best Wislles to the CLASS OF 1 9 5 0 For Happiness and SIl!'I'K.!'S Geo. M. Hall, Inc. "Do It With Wood" 135 W. SEVENTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. Phone: HO. 1-1168 Res. and Office Phone: HO. 1-6394 DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE George Irvin Green FUNERAL PIOIWE 3511 Main Street Homestead Park, Pa. Evan's Dairy Since 1901 HOMESTEAD DISTRICT'S ONLY MILK PLANT HO. 1-0983 924 Eighth Avenue Munhall, Pa 110 GILLEN AND COULTER CO. Phone: HO. 1-2870 FUNERAL DIRECTORS 'his home is dedicated to the memory ol' STEPHEN B' NAGY' JR' lose who in Eternal sleep repose herein, t " ' he use and comfort of rela- Ifzzrzeral Dmfrtor ., , , . L md is lor t ' 1 with no extra chaigt. 21 ives and 1-1610111 s, 319 East Ninth Avenue HO. I-4100 Homestead, Pa. Mfest Street M unhall, Pa. Graduate Class BSON FIR ESTON E STO RES GORDON 8: JACO 530-44 Eighth Avenue Munhall, Pa. 135 East Eighth Avenue Phone: HO. I-2700 G- E' WELLS enuvstua PLvMouTH M II n agar Homestead, Pa. Phone: HO. 1-3000 LEVINE BROS. HI-HAT HAT CLEANING SHOP Corner Eighth Avenue and Ann Street Homestead, Pa. We Gunwuzlee Our Work to B11 liqunl lu the Best HARDXNA RE H!IIl'IffSl6II!l'.Y Busiesl Store 324 E. 8th Avenue Homestead - Duquesne Rochester - Turtle Creek HO. I-3300 WEAVERLING PRINTING C CONGRA 'FULA TIONS EDGAR M. IYIAY to the Class of '50 PARK THEATRE 104 East Seventh Avenue Homestead, Pa. Phone: HO. 1-1848 111 Crmzplimffnts of amford Brothers MUNHALL, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: HOmcstcad 1-2224 CONGRA TULA TIONS to me Class M1950 North P016 from , H H , Real Cralg Porky Chedwlck Your ICC Cream GAME ANNOUNCER 112 Grace XVztlker Shoes for NVomen Curtis PQ john C. Roberts Shoes for Men Red Goose Shoes for Boys and Girls POST SHOES lfoolziteni' for the linlire lfmnily X-Ray Fitting SOL POST Phone: HO. l-8200 322 li. 8th Avenue Homestead, Pa. Compliments of AUTO SUPPLY CO. PARK CYCLE 8a SMIQTANA Bkos. 3814 Main Street Homestead Park, Pa. Phone: HO. l-21 I0 CROSLEY REFRIGERATORS AND TELEVISION -.. PARK DAIRY ICE CREAM- SANDNVICHES DAIRY PRODUCTS 39l2 Main Street HO. I-9324 Homestead Park, Pa. PARK BEAUTY SHOP 3903 Main Street Homestead Park, Pa. Complete Beauty Service Phone: HO. I-7066 PARK ELECTRIC 84: HARDWARE M. LUVKA, Proprietor 3?il7 Main Street Homestead Park Munhall, Pa. SCHUETTE'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS - SUNDAI-Ls - Sotms Edwin R. Schuette, Ph.G. 3502 Main Street Homestead Park Phone: HO. l-0254 Phone: HO. I-3188 1. - , ... Am. fiARMIiN'l'S lnsmuiu , EVANS CUT RATE Phone: HO. I-0 I 28 JOHNSON'S ODORLESS CLEANERS All Deliveries C.O.D. -2 Stores- llth and Amity Sts. 305 W. 8th Ave. -lol-IN B. EVANS, Prop. 3909 Main Street HO. I-9354 Homestead Park, Pa. 113 Best VVi.Sl1es lo the CLASS OF 1950 Shermalfs harmacy NIEYER A. SHERMAN, Ph.G. K5 tal! 4I!f I' gj Twenty years of professional service to the Munhall-Homestead District 3417 MAIN STREET HOMESTEAD PARK, PENNSYLVANIA 114 HOMESTEAD PAINT AND GLASS SALLY SAGE SHOPPE Hearlquorters HOSIERY XVNISUN, S'rAN1mRn PRom'c:'rs LINGERIE MILLINERY 318 East Eighth Avenue Phone: HO. l-I I73 Homestead, Pa 228 E. Eighth Ave. Homestead, Pi For Quality Cleaning "GUS THE CLEANER" l.1ulies' and Gents' Work n Speeially Dependable Service Most Reasonable Prices Years of Experience Our Suc'c'ess-Your Satisfaction 109 Whitaker Street HO. I-9l8l XVhitaker, Pa "The l.il1rury nearest to you is your library" Visit the CARNEGIE LIBRARY OF HOMESTEAD 5l0 Tenth Avenue Munhal Call HO. l-2697 l, Pt BONN'S MEN'S WEAR "Where Spending is Sawing" 323 East Eighth Avenue SPORTING Goous PANTS, SXVI-IATERS, SHUI-is, Boors -All Types- WE GIVE S Sc H GREEN STAMPS "Say It With Flowers" The Gift With A Soul ELICKER AND STRONG 328 East Eighth Avenue HO. l-1775 Homesteac l,P J. 8a I. DAIRY Corner l3th and McClure Homestead, Pa. "Where all the teenagers meet" HILK'S FURNITURE Your Home Should Come First 320 Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Telephone: HO. l-2228 5 CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of 1950 WE APPRECIATE THE PRIVILEGE OF SERVING THE STUDENTS OF THE MUNHALL SCHOOLS Meadow Gold Dairy Produeis cl. Meadow Gold Dairies, Inc. 126 DENNISTON AVENUE PITTSBURGH 6, PA. For home delivery call-Hlland I-5000 116 Drugs PI'escI'iptioIIs COMMUNITY PHARMACY HOM ESTEAD LINCOLN-MERCURY, INC. I,Rf,FESSH,NAL -Il-1RRY RUBIN, PIIOP. PHAkMAt:Is'I's 127 East Seventh Avenue H01 I-3442 8l5 Ann Struct Phone: HO. l-6700 Homestead, Pa GUS 8c SAL'S MARKET 615 E. Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Phone: HO. l-l3ll NVIIIQN BI-1'I"1'I1R PHITOMOBILES ARE BUILT Bulczx WILL BUILD THI-:M HOMESTEAD BUICK COMPANY 221 East Nilllh Avenue Phone: HO. l-1017 Homestead, Pa. CUNGRA TULA TIONS 'l'o the Class of '50 ALEXANDER'S MARKET HOWARD HESS ATLANTIC SERVICE 17th and West Street Phone: HO. I-9304 Homestead, Pa DIAMOND MARKET GROCERIES, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES " We l,f?Ii'l'Kl'H HO. I-5400-Ol H9 E. Eighth Homestead, Pa. Ave. GRESS MEAT MARKET 117 CONGRATULATIONS MUNHALL CLASS Ol' 19 0 Wilkens Jewelry Company Wilkens Amateur HOur DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY, RADIOS ON E-Z CREDIT EIGHTH AVENUE AND XNNI STREET HOMESTEAD A Phone RI 11888 Burn Hl-CO Coal "The Hottest Coal In Town" HOMESTEAD ICE CO. HO. I-H66 XVest Honlestezul, Pa. Cadillac Pontiac HOMESTEAD PONTIAC CO. 22l W. Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Phone: HO. l-0660 HAVER'S PHARMACY Runs Hlxvi-ZR, Pl1.G. Cmrzplimenls of FREDERICK'S SUPER MARKET . . . Quality . . . MEATS AND GROCERIES ltilll McClure Street l"IOlIlCSlC2lll, Pu. 2126 Wllitrlkcr Way HO. l-4422 HO. l-2266 Ivhitaker, Pa. SCHWARTZ TIRE SERVICE ANDERSON'S TIRES - BATTERIES Seat Covers for all cars Clothing - Hats - Shoes 332 E. 8th Avenue HO. l-8810 434 E. 8th Avenue HO. I-2820 Homestead, Pa. MERVIS MOTOR SALES PELGER'S "Studebaker" 18th and Maple HO. l-9297 420 Eighth Avenue HO. l-l707-08 Homestead, Pa. "We sell a little of e11e1'ything" 119 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1950 HILL'S STUDIO Your School Photographer SOLOMON 'S HOMESTEAIJ'S BEST STORE FOR MEN Eighth Avenue at McClure Street Hoinestezul, Pa. HO. I-1566 SM ITTY'S fiUIIl6.Y16!ld,S Largest Exrlusive CI-IILDREN'S STORE 237 East Eighth Avenue HO. I-8811 MORRIS GRINBERG'S l"a.vhi1ms for WOMEN AND CHILDREN 309 E. Eighth Avenue HO. l-2l2l lixperf Watrh and jewelry Repairing J. J. SHUPINK, JR. RELIABLE CREDIT JEVVELER HO. I-5529 l42 East Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Since l899 it's been FRlEDLANDER'S "FOR IFA SH I ONS I"lRS'I"' 221 East Eighth Avenue HO. l-1750 Hotnestead, I' Zl. OHRINGER Home Furniture Co. Brucltloek Avenue at Seventh Street Brzuldock, Pa. Open Monday and Saturday li1fen1'r1gs Phone: BRandywine I-4300 -A RR 0 W- SHIRTS, TIES, UNDERNVEAR SOL'S CLOTHES SHOP Eighth ut Amity Phone: HO. I-1385 HOtnestead I-8400 ANN STREET RADIO 812 Ann Street Homestead, Pa. 121 .fish , or M .. ... . ., L , ri-11' an " iyfe l. X If QVZIIHED "JAHN S OLLIER AGAIN" A slogan signifying a service created to excel in all things pertaining to yearbook design and engraving. We have found real satisfaction in pleas- ing you, the yearbook publisher, as well as your photographer and your printer. JAHN 8 OLLIER ENGRAVING CO 8I7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. 122 LENA CATENA BEAUTY SALON Specialists in COMPl,IiTli BEAUTY S1iRVICli 3500 Main Street Homestead Park, Pa. Phone: HOmesteud I-01304 WILLIAM DOUGLAS INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC Holuestezul Park CONHRA 'FULA TIONS to the Class of l950 A. E. KATILIUS HO. I-0930 Office: HO. l-5500-0l HO. I-1376 JONES 8c MCCLURE fNotary Publiej INSURANCE OF ALI. KINDS R1-:AL ESTATE AND RI'IN'I'INfi SERVICE Ifwelry lilerlriml Applianres 820 Ann Street Homestead, Pa. Congratulations to the CLASS OF l950 BLATTNER'S FRIENDLY SERVICE B00K'S SHOES AAA ROAD SERVICE For The Entire Family MOBILCAS - MOBILOII. 3400 Main Street HO. I-925-1 Homestead Park BLACK 8a WHITE MARKET WEINBERGER'S FRANK IMMICH, Prop. ,ukldlfllsi 3414 Main Street Homestead Park, Pu. Corner of 8th Avenue Rc McClure Street HO. l-1044 Phone: HO. I-3917 123 Toohey Motor Co. Sales and Service 412 EAST EIGHTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: Rlvcrsidc l-0600 Hahn Sc Skyrmes, Inc. GENERAL REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE DEVELOPERS OF HAMILTON HILLS HOMESTEAD PARK IRWINDALE LINCOLN PLACE MIFFLIN MANOR WEST MIFFLIN 803 AMITY STREET HO. I-4444 124 WHETSTONE'S FLOWER SHOP l"low1'r.s' For A ll f,l'l'!lSlUIlS Wrmnmas fll1R S1'1'KZ1A1.'1'Y 815 Amity Street Hcnnestezttl, Pu. Phones: HO. 1-4006 Res. 1-IO. 1-6630 MARKS BROTHERS PRINTERS Munhall, Pa. ANN'S FLOWER SHOP 136 East Eighth .fxvemw HO. 1-1024 Homestead, Pu. ANN 1'niN'1-ING, PllOlJl'1CI01' Congratulations LEONA THEATRE Congmtnlations to the Phone: HO. 1-1715 Res. HO. 1-3193 CLASS OF 1950 GEORGE SMOLEY -INSURANCE- JOHNSTON THE FLORIST lflozuers For All Orcasiorzs 131 East Eighth Avenue Phone: HO. 1-1275 Homestead, Pa. REAL ESTATE - 1N'IoR'rcAci:s Ri:N'rs Cots.:-:c:'1'14:n - No'rARv PUBLIC 518 East Eighth Ave. Munhall, Pa. Best Wi.sllf'.s' to the CLASS OF 1950 MAJOR JOSEPH HEARD KERR 8: INGRAM LUMBER and MILLWORK Doors, Roofing, Flooring Insulation Materials Storm Doors and Windows Building and Industrial Lumber Phone: HO. 1-0900 101 XV. Seventh Avenue 125 AmOs Super Market POULTRY STORE Q5 "The Store that Qunlz'1yBuilf' XE HO. 1-3334 HO. 1-2267 Ambulance Service PRIVATE CHAPEL Compliments of joseph A. Prokopovitsh FUNERAL DIRECTOR 413 Ninth Avenue Munhall, Pa. ENGRAVERS STATIONERS SCHOOL -I1-IXVICLERS COINIMICNKZEMI-1N'l' INv1TAr1ONs Julius L. Steinsapir Established 1887 425 SIXTH AVEN U E Compliments of Alfred J. Ackerman .1UsT1eE OF THE PEACE and NIXON BLDG. PITTSBURGH BURGESS Makers of Munhall High School's Commencement Invitations and Diplomas AT. 1-5878 AM 126 CllllgfflfllllllTUHS In CLASS OF '50 Jlalj Bm. Since l809 HO. 1-0800 me Wolfson Your Con1n1unity's Favorite -jEI'VliLE1f- All Work Done on Premises 207 EAST EIGHTH AVENUE Phone: HO. 1-1500 Nationally Advertised Merchandise IJTZIIIIOHOS Reset XVl1ile You Wait TPIAMILTON, E1.cslN, AND Bm,ovA WA'rc:Hr:s DlAMoNDs, Eu:c:'1'Rlc:A1. Am'1.lANc:r1s Home of Diserilninating jewelry Costume jewelry SAVE TO COMPLETE YOUR EDUCATION LEARN TO SAVE REGULARLY VVHILE fi' vwnnss no 4 g age? .ll 3 INSURED 3 ,ga urn' ,S ' YOU ARE YOUNG, SAVE AT First Federal Savings gl Loan Association of Homestead HOMESTEAD, PA. 300 EAST 8th AVENUE Phones: HO. I-8433-HO. l-8434 127 Autogmphs X I X. Q N Wg. X5 LV I M W '- 5 x :XS is ji ,E .fC:f'-4',,f CF 77 NJ X121 4 .L kv N. I N KX :L , v ,J 1, , 1' 13g,511.,"wE 51 4 Lv' n 'K I i I I Q X 1 ' I . 1 A . 114.3 . 11' 1 11b,,1..,:. I -.L W. 1 --, '1. .w.1 W ,'. 1 ""j . " ' .r .1 ' .,, , 'fr' ' 151- 11 1 1 1, 'f ' ' " -A , f'-1.1 1 . . .1 1 1 ' 1 1 . - L- '11 '1-1-1. .- J ' I 1 - .1-1--v Lf ,- -- 11w11.- - fi 1 -1 1 1 - 1 111- -14 1 .- rv ,-, f,.'.1.4-1'5yg1f vw M mf.. 1:3',::11',1 1, fu.,-" ' "'ff"!'1f X" 1 F U1 47 I ' A :Y . 152'-' '1 54: 1-'31 . R' -"a rf-' . 14? " . lx "11 F. 'J V." L1 ' f -' 1 '1 , '1 .' 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Suggestions in the Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) collection:

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