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Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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ALMA MATER Mid the hills of Pennsylvania, At the gateway of the West. Q t Stands our dear old Munhall High School Loved by all of us the heat. Gathered round her stately portals, Sweetest mem7ries ever cling, Of the days when dear old Munhall Sheltered us beneath her wing. 2 3 4 IQ 2 Z Q R Q 5 Q 5 xi 9 'i f 2 5 E Q 2 2 1 2 Q av 55 fi 5 x E 2 2 5 1 3 C 2 E B 55 E 3 W! 3 Q 2 2 9 aw m E 5 5 2 INTRODUCING fn' .l W X I 493 '54 'x Mx ' el xv N3- Q! ff! V I. gf vii- ff? . ,vw ' 'll' f -' 'I xr", 1 f 2 ifbf, .4 , w'lE.L fa' 'iiffj if .Ja JZ?" 'X W- ?'?v ,fnyzsqxxf H54 ill Q NVQ! 421 yur A I fC' Wbhfif' ,f ' , fn 4 . ". ' - xx 'H'- X 21, fl I, ., f f7 W ' . x:' ryf W XXX!!! Y 1 I M A, ff 1 f ' f f f X I f C 5 xk ' ! y XX 1 ' f X x X r X. l I 'I 1 gl K K I g Wi W g , Wax! XX ry,-XXI M ffl A Qgff X ? Y .Yu fm- V HZ, iw gr- Nr. W9 if If H. 'QQ 155, . . Q Rivgn E-2 Cin, F ETTYAND BOB MUNI-IA LL Q4 45 lazzlfzklcff Ly THE SENIQR CLASS MUNHALL HIGH SCHOOL MUNHALL, PENNSYLVANIA ii..l.i-1-11 .il- N "N"-.. X ! 3 l 1 'KN N.. ' ' M Q., , ' .aw A- ur Success - Their Only Reward Left to right-Row I: Nlrs. .Xliee ll. XX'rigl1t. XY. .X. Smith, Nlrs. lilezlnor CZ. licltnnnclson. Row ll: li. R. lferris. Dr, R. NI. Nliller. CI. H. Retlshztw. -I, G. lislrlztncl. W. R. XVilson. II. XY. St'llXV2lI'Il. oard of Clueation These men :intl women have given nnieh ol' their time :tml energy that the school might, sneeeecl. They serve without. pzty and perlorni their clnties us Il inzntet ol servtee to the eonlnlunttv. XX e, the elztss ol l948, zlppreetztte then' services, :inc express our sincere Ihztnks for :ill they llztve clone to give Blllllllllll ll line school sf SlCl1l. XIISS lCl,lfXl3li'I'lI FORRI-IS'l' Ser l't'Illl'Y Superintendent Dear Betty and Bob: To you, Betty and Bob-the representatives of the Class of '48-the admin- istration extends congratulations upon the completion of your high school course and best wishes for your success throughout life. Upon your entrance to high school, you began making a record in the form of academic credits and extra- curricular activities. The school furnished the bank books-permanent record cards-which now indicate that you, the members of the Class of '48, have earned the required credits for graduation. In addition to academic credits, the bank books show that you have deposited to your accounts records of participation in many school activities in which you have learned lo lose as well as to win. X'Vithin the next few years, many inquiries will come to the office concerning you-Betty and Bob--and you will begin to draw against the deposits which you have been accumulating in your school career. As you draw from your accounts, it is the sincere wish of the administration that no checks will be marked N. S. F. Qnot sufficient fundsj , but that you may always be given a double A credit rating. The administration bids you Godspeed. 6 DR. lQAR1.1f1 O. LHCI11 NIUNI-lAI.l. SCHOOLS To the Seniors: "Betty" :intl "Boll" ltzive ztttentlecl high scliool lor loin' years. 'lihey hzivt stutlietl the subjects which they, their parents, ztncl the scllool Counselors lelt would prepztre thein lor luture ecltifntioii or lor their lile's work, 'lihey hziu pzn'tit'ipzttetl in activities which helped to give them training in social living :int they have enjoyed lirientlships with other boys :intl girls which they will treztsurt lll yi'1ll'S to COIIIC. 'lhey :ire proud that they have ecnillmletetl their high scllool courses :intl hztvt earned :t high school tliplonlu, hut they IIIUSI not lorget that it is not the diplomat hut what they will do with their training that will be their ztchievetnent. Nor does the lllpllllllil fotnplete their education lor "lt, is no shznne for Zl ntztn to learn thzit which he knoweth not, WVll2llk'YC'I' he his age." NVQ wish lor them every success :incl hope that we will he proud to cztll tht-in "Betty" :incl "Huh" Nlunhztll. 'Wav Mk. MAX XV. XVHICRRY Principal Nll'XH.XI.L HIGH SCHOOL 7 To the Class of l948: You have now conipleted another step on the road that will eventually lead to a use- ful, productive life. Your ability to go further depends on your desire for Inore education Zlllll. training. I siIIcerely hope tlIat such a desire is constantly in your minds Zllld ready for expression. Mk. llllll-IARD D. KoIcIII.IaR Director, Vocational lillllfillltbll NIl'NH.Xl.L HIGH SCHOOL Senior Class: There are opportunities for you. A 1112111 of influ- ence in nearly every generation has risen to make a pronounceinent of pessinIisIII for the future. Little notice is paid to these forecasts, and fields of oppor- tunities continue to open. Since you have been attending high school, undreained ol' fields have opened upon the ones already at haIId. Preparation, willingness, and vision will be tlIe requirements. Mit. hl0Nl1iR XV. Brees Principal woonI..IwN JUNIOR HIGH 8 s ia, ,Q , 5513 fy S 395 if X fi ,F 3 W. 6 S ., 'P . Q e 5 x. a W Qs al k tn , 155 4 . , ,Mg ,f 1 K '5 rf -- ..-. ..-.K ..- Y! jg mm gg, -6 ? 254 I 3315? K . if W Miss Margaret Markey, Mrs, Mary Bane, Miss Margaret AIacBeth. Miss Mildred Kr-liz. Nliss Sarah Cox. Nliss Irene Bollinger, Mr. Eclwarcl Busch, Miss jean Mrfilatchcy, Mrs, lilsic Mae Scrbic. Nlr. Albert Frantz, Mr. joseph Lueko, Mr. Horace Trimble, Mr. Blames Zimmerman. , Ja " ' MF , .. ..,... 4 - L R1 N 3 ? f 51525: i : . gfgiv- Y ' , 7 . L E Wi 1- A .,, 4 --Lf ,?S,z.5,1 ' r", x, " 1 3 J f 5 K Lg? sw 7' 'pn , R ' llbi MNH' figg v.: as ,E 'Q 'w Qfffx 'fu 1 i 3' 42 it .msg ,. Jw- . 4 .- P dggv ss. -- 135 5. JM.-,ww 9 2 Q 1 waysdlf , X , WA .Q 4 Eff Top to bottom: Miss Bcity Lloyd, Mr. Charles Blirk, Mrs. Ruth Cray, Mr. Lewis Shannon, Miss Rulll Briggs. Mr, Clyde Mock, Mr. VVillian1 Balionis, Mr. Leslie Brand, Mr. Clark Campbell, Mr. Harry R21lllSHy'. Wg 9 ATE? 9 .S A W- wg. J G 2 L 'P ,rl fx- 211, .ww 1- -, 5 f mm- , 1' 4lf.4. 'U Q fs, W , s mf Lg: 'U . vf 2 5 N' l r f , EE f x fly-xg K i A ,, .,.. . W, E E" L 2 W 3 g fs, Q uf M 2 Q T 3 f A 'A M 52 2? kai .V.L 4 ,aw M Elliijiig ' I k fxf? A 1 545' , L5 ' X mfs- :Q X s Q 5 -1. if ,M ,sr 1, 35,5 gg image, me sg ,eg , ' asm as 2' N, Y i WM if 'ME . k J "-M--..,N, -..,., RQ, LQ 'vgm' V' ww, fig rm 1-'ES .. . l g5fsi 52 Eg 5 it ,KN W ,,k .gi 3' Kim Nlmjlnrlc Nlzuh Xhs laclna. spzmglcr, Miss Hclcn O"TmiIc- Mrs In-ssc Cottvr. Misa lJo1'oll13 Newell BIN Xmllcx Wchcr, Bliss Bernicc lomrx Nh lznmcs Zimmerman Nh. William Davies. Ml, William IQOIDCYISOII, Mr. Ridmzml Rnwlcy Mr. jzuncs lillklllilfl, MI. Louis lim sos. Mr. Fred Stevens. 4 Determine to be something in the 'world and you 'will be something. IN Cloflss M348 M L3 JKXIZY fm' will .ff Friend - A Guide Mas. lim B. C,xxIi'i:E1.i. YVe, the Class ol: 1948, have indeed been lor- tnnate lo have Mrs. Campbell as our sponsor and adviser. X'Vith her untiring efforts she has helped us along crossroads ol' ease and hardships. At times, we l'elt the low tide, but with continuous help and eo-operation we were able to overcome our troubles and again reach high tide. On many occasions we approached Mrs. Camp- bell with our numerous problems, to which she listened so patiently and succeeded in helping us solve them. XVorking along with so line a sponsor made our school years simple, pleasant, and interesting. Mrs. Campbell has ll0t only been our adviser but our lriend. 18 'EDATE Q I TIORQ Left co rightfpresident: George Pavloff: Secretary: Bcrnndine Loper: Vice-President: Rudolph Janosko. .ls wc arc almunl lo gn out inlu lllc world, wc would lilac lo lc-ll urn 2llJOlll cnixrsvlvcs. YH cnlvrcml Nlnnhall as linlicl lrcslnncn. lllll lmvzml lhc vnrl ol' lhc Xlfilli wclhacl l'2lllCll into linc and wi-rc having a grand linux lhc IICNI fall wc clcflccl George- Paxilufll prcsimlcnt. as wc did in 0111 lnnior annl Svnim' ycarm. and nlmccl along with our Soplioliinir l'l2ll'Xi'Sl Party, thc lx-sl cu-11 .Xa juniors. joined by lVUUlll1lN'll.ll'l'lDlil'iCl1ll'1l our Claws Play. 'IX llalc XYill1 llnclyf' Zl clclighlfnl Cmn- ccly anrl, incidentally, unc of thc num mcccssiill plays 1-wr ll1'Olllll'L'Kl at Nlnnhall. l'hcn, thc hig nmnicnl. Ihc prom. thc social highlight ul' the year! Oni' final year. fillccl with lllllIl0I'0llS activities incluclcil mn' Scnim' I'lax. "lannarx I'haw." We hznw- enjoyed mn' iliin' ycais in Nlunhall High Sulmol. Wu will miss our lC2lC'llCl'S. especially mn' Senior llmm-rormi lcaihcrs piflnrccl lmelmv. lluwcu-r. wc know that wc arc really to fam' all i thc prolmlcms ll11ll Iifc- may pre-si-Ill lu ns. lhm haw 1Jl'ClJ2ll'l'1l uw wcll. XVQ wish to thank thcnl for their loxal hvlp. Left no right First rowfMr5, Banu. Nlrs, Camp- bell, Mr. Elkins. Miss Keltz. Second row+lVlrs. Van Gorda-r. Nlltxxfilson, 19 ----- - Hlidueation is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity" WM ilu Donald Abraham "Abe" lVitty: very curly hair: live wire in German class: runs around with "Boom Boom": would like to continue his edu- cation. Q A fry ,i K A F' ' S 1- V1 g: Eleanor Adams "EIU Quiet, dark haired miss: never seen without the gang: nice per- sonality: enjoys going to parties: future is undecided. Mary Alexander Ready to help on any class project: quiet: pretty black hair: has a friendly word for everyone: member of the Red Cross: Mun- hisko Salesman: treasurer of Y- 'lieensz future is undecided. at Grace n "Boots" Quiet: hails from Homeville: a true friend: Munhisko staff: ,Xnnual staff: will be a secretary. Dorothy M. Anderchak "Dottie" A quiet and likable lass: friendly: pleasing smile: always ready to give a helping hand: member of the Y-Teens: Choir: Hall Patrol: ambition is to bc- come a secretary, 20 Robert Ackerman "Acky" Quiet: friendly hello for every- one: one of the Whitaker gang: drives the XN'hitaker bus: a con- firmed bachelor: Photography Club: plans to attend college. Owen Ague Talkativeg works at lsaly's: served in the Navy for 20 months: was formerly from Ohio: would like to be a man- ager of lsaly's. john Allas "Ears" Tall: dark hair: always late for seventh period study: hangs around with jake: would like to be an airplane mechanic. Janice Anawalt "jay" Pleasant: friendly: talkative: happy go lucky: member of the Latin Club: loves roller skating: always ready for a good time: wants to become a saleselerk. Marguerite Andres ':Peg" Cute and lively: happy-gd lucky: never a dull moment: likes to dance: commercial stu- dent: b2iSIlil decided about her future yet. cc W I . V . . . H l Cooperation requires intelligent tompiomise x s Geraliiefne Barrett "Gerry" quiet type: tlestinetl to boa sitlgfess: Y-leens: will be a xteaelier ol Religious latliiezltioii. x ,I 5, . as, i, Qs. Virginia Barry "Ginny', .X friendly gal: loxes to giggle: lots of fun: coininereial student: Annual: Red Cross: Xloodlawn Y-'l'eens: will work in an office Zllillil' attending set'retarial school. wllfilf Ann Behnn "Inka" .X lively. blonde-lizliretl iniss: eonunereial student: Nloodlawn Hall Patrol: Y-'lt-ens: always seen with .Xnn and "t1upcake": will work after graduation, Alice Belan "Acey" l One of Muuhall's hruneltes: l always smiling: seen with i "fNlamie": usually up to some- thing: Stamp Salesman: Red Cross: will make a very good housewile. J l jean Benson "jeanie" Pleasing personality: always in a hurry: honor student: Red Cross: student roach ol' Junior Play: Annual liditor: Student tlounril. junior and Senior Leaders: will wear a white cap. Donald Barron "Don" Known hy all for his ability to play the saxophone: always seen buzling in the halls: Wood- lawn Hall Patrol: Band: hopes lo arrange music. jack Beck "Boom Boom" A tall blond: quite a char- acter: full of pep: likes to tease the girls: Hi-Y: Varsity and Re- serve Basketball Teams: will make a swell professional basket- ball player. Albert Belan "Bud" .X tall. light-haired athlete: plenty ol' personality: favorite subject is gym: three years ol' baseball: is sure to he a second Bob Ifeller. Mary Lou Bennett "Lon" Popular lass: natural curly blonde hair: XVoodlawn Student Council: junior and Senior Leaders: Hi-Lites: Hall Patrol: Woodlawn May Queen: will he a success in office work. Harry Berger "Bones" One of our tall, dark-haired lads: works in a gas station: seen with "Worm": always joking around: likes the girls: I.ois's twin: wants to be a inacliinist. 21 My ' w I HPurpose should come before action" Joseph Berger "Hamburger,' .-X well-known, well-liked mem- ber of the Stage Guild: always has a good time: thinks "Bunny" is O,K.: future is undecided. Robert Bishop "Red" Tall, has flaming red hair in crew cut style: aims to wor' in XVestinghouse: pet peeve is Ir, Wilson: says "l ador the 4 low": reading books 1 - 'irst with "Red" X' WW Florence Blasko "Flon Friendly: full of wit: active in all sports: nice personality: usu- ally seen with Steve: tnember of jr. Leaders: hopes to be at beau- tician or housewife. Shirley Blattner "Shirl" Pretty black hair: quiet, but very friendly: Girl Reserves: Choir: Stamp Salesman: Munhall Indian Maiden: will do some sort of office work. x.- T' bit! 1 Frank R..Bod,1f:r? V xii fCotton" T' l: flats" lmlolixtyx air: nice lookix : li s tri ii: .kate and play fot ,.ll: one! o the gang from Nl ihall Giar uns: aspires to be a dollar-a-yq, man. Lois Berger "Berg" YVonderful personality: neat dresser: likes a certain Don: Stamp Salesman: will do office work. A .f 7 1,21 fj,f2' ' i I5-" .ty Q, if'j:,,!ll Terry Bishop i "Stretch" Happy-go-lucky boy with a great deal of ambition: has a smile for everyone: Hi-Y: Home Rootn Representative: Band: in- tends to go to college. Mildred Blasko "Milly" Small, blonde lass: Hloodlawn Y-Teens: Hi-Litesg Home Room Reporter: Basketball and Volley- lal Tezuus: will do office work. Robert E. Bodnar "Bob" llrowu-haired lad: nice smile: easy to get along with: one of the crowd from Munhall Gar- dens: would like to attend sotne school. Margaret Bongartz "Margie" .X short, peppy miss: a whiz at gym: seen with "Rit" and 'KCLoaty": commercial student: Mr. Shannon's secretary: An- nual: Munhisko: will work in an office. J. Y Y . N54 Kitty Lou Bonner "Kitty" Tall: natural curly hair: friendly: nice personality: Hall Patrol at Woodlawn and Mun- hall: junior and Senior Y-Teens: Annual: Senior Leader: plans to attend college. Af L 1 Paul Bracken "l'. BP' One of M:unhall's small, quiet lads: Afriencllybelots of fun: pleas- ant: 'eitjoysfice skating: member of the-,Hi?N: Rifle leam: plans to go to college. Leonard Robert Buban "Len" Quiet: friendly: liked by everyone: kind of shy: nice per- sonality: atnhition is to become a detective. Mildred Elaine Bujko :'Millie,' H'orks at Kaufmann's: would rather not come to school: good for a joke anytime: would like to do office work. x . way Mildred Virginia Bunda "Millie" One of our friendly lasses: al- ways neat: thinks Ann Marie is tops: good dancer: a loyal Gim- helite: Annual: plans to enter the commercial field. U 93 Man is what he thinks 23 Eugene Boytim "Gene,' lfriendly: always seen hut sel- dom heard: nice to everyone: en- joys playing foothall and has- kethall: memher of the Hi-Y: frets over hookkeeping: to join the Navy. .Mffgit Brazinskas "Bo0psie" One of our best inajorettesl has many friends: Secretary of Student Council at WYoodlawn: Hall Patrol: Hi-Lites: Y-Teens: Stamp Salesman: junior Play: to he a nurse. Elhert M. Buff "Caveman', .X comedian: Mrs. Bane's pet peeie: favorite pastime is look- ing at girls: always studying chemistry: would like to be a nullti-millionaire. Phyllis Ann Bunch "Shan" Pretty. brown-haired: always seen with "I-ll" and "lits": wcll- liked: Band: plans to attend Zlrl school. Q ' . si Il' 2-, 7- J.- i -' ,Ir . ' P 4 V 1 I Charles Burke "Quink" 'l'all: dark. wavy hair: joker of xocational group: always loafs with "l'oky": hails from Frank- lin: wants to he a hutcher. ,VJ- HSelf-seeking is always self-defeatingw Wvilliam Cavanaugh "Cavy" Full of mischief: quiet around girls: good-natured: loafs with the Whitaker gang: works as an usher in the Leona 'llieaterg aim is to play professional lxasehall. Richard Chasko "Chas', Quiet hut friendly: has a smile for everyone: academic courseg chemistry fiend: Hi-Y: attend a college of engineering. :SMH f 7' L, james G. Chrestay njilllv Quiet ladg Munhiskog Annualg Hi-Lites: will enter priesthood after graduation. A . f 1. swf. L J jjj L iw 7779 Anni ,arie Churma gli-tjetty, lnownehaired lassg rqsflikes to dance: pleasing person- ality: pals with Millie: Student Council: Stamp Salesmang An- nualg loyal Kaufmanniteg likes sportsg will enter the commer- cial field. Leonard E. Cibulka "Lemons" Ifriendlyg dark-haired lad: one of the Munhall Garden gangg always seen with "Stun: plans to Sam Catena "Mums" Very mischievous: always seen with "Schreck" and "Ahe"g girl shy: drives his l'athcr's truck: future plans are to be an auto mechanic first class. xvillikllll Chinchor "Chin" 'l'allg likesfo take it easyg loafs with !:?iRfetl"g rgever has unch o s gl fxtyemb r of the lVl5fit llyglllfge Jliiylls' to he a carpe " rid I sf! Donald Raymond Churba "Ray" Friendly toward the girlsg hails from llloodlawnl loyal member of the Bandg Hi-YQ fu- ture plans are to attend college. 'lo if Vt ' Of QQ,-ay, Stephen Churma "Steve" Outstanding wrestlerg Ann Maries cousing likes to tease the girls: works at lsaly's: hopes to enter the retail business. Robert Stanley Clever "Bob" Ladies' man: dark-brown, wavy hairg friendly to everyoneg good artistg his future plans are to he he an engineer. a success. b 5 lf, an x 3 rl h I K- W' I -l el ll NW ll 1 . My if A Q, ii YN xy its wr y., it , ...rubs Q - i ...MQ gg t may, Q 3 ,Ny ' wif ig., 3 V Ks. ' '. Z4 , t , y f is. 'X O! JI. .Xe gt, ct, llo live in a friendly world one must be friendly-"' Millard Crane "Cranie" Pleasing personality: drives a car: lVoodlawn I-li-Lites: XVood- lawn Dramatic Club: loafs with Chuck: plans to join the Navy. Edward Csider "The Angel" An outstanding wrestler: friendly to everyone: believes in having a good time: member of Hall Patrol: future plans are undecided. Clara Czudek "Clare" Never worried: always in a hurry: loafs with "Honey" and "llottie": a loyal member of the Y-Teens: her future undecided. Ethel Danis "Etsy One of our tall gals: a loyal tnemher of the Y-Teens: plans ttW a b 1sit1es ge. l' -A Il f 1 Steve Domen "Ab" Admired by the opposite sex: neat dresser: friendly to every- one: Noon Salesman: All-XVest- ern Band: wants to become a Navy Radio Operator. 25 Jack Critchfield Tall: blond hair: quiet: likes to drive automobiles: likes to joke: quit school and is now working on the railroad. ,J ll' J f i li-J'0flflUf'l Mary Lou Cullen "Lou" Beautiful, blonde, curly hair: friendly: loafs with "Dot" and "Zeke": Bowling Club: Student Council: Y-leens: junior Lead- ers: Annual: to he a future sec- retary. Ray Czyz "Ray" Always driving a car: loafs with "Urban" and "Gensie": partial to a certain senior: future is undecided, -f :l fiii r Y E N" 3 f Edward Demski "Demps" A likable sort of lad: pretty blue eyes: believes in taking it easy: Sophomore Home Room Representative: Reserve Basket- ball 'lieamg future plans are un- decided. Theresa Dorney "Tessie" A quiet blonde: usually seen at Office Practice: Y-Teens: Bi- ology Club: Annual: junior Play: "Prop" manager of Senior Play: will be an office worker. gr. W. 'E'-J'-. In -.., D ' ll ...dl ,v,,.,p-G? Q Hlcleals are the most real and abiding things Milton Doukakis "Duke" Believes in having a good timeg is always teasing the oppo- site sex: hails from XVoodlawn: future is undecided. i Mary Louise Drobne One of our short lassesg quietg a good worker: works in Me- Crory'sg Munhiskog plans to be- come a nurse. : . t kv i-kjtti!-fvui N . -Q, ' 6 Leonard Ducar "Duke', Light-haired ladg mischievousg loafs with Ravine Street gang: wants to be an auto mechanic. Margie Ann Dunn Curly, red hairg doesn't have much to sayg hails from Du- quesneg talented art student at Techg plans to attend Tech after graduation. Charles Durica "Umbo" 'l'all, blond chap: Hlrestling Teamg Hi-Yg Munhiskog future is undecided. 26 in the worldn Ralph Dowd "Ike', Brown-haired ladg always in troubleg hails from Homevilleg seen with "Duke"g hopes to be- come a successful pattern maker. .. ' -at .. f "J ' ,445 ,M cf .I . 4 X 04 John Ducar Tall, thin lad: goes to Voca- tional Schoolg likes baskethallg lilectric Shop studentg hopes to enter the electrical field. Nancy Duleba Small: d0esn't have much to sayg always seen with "Dot" or "Peg": Intramural Basketball and Volleyball Teainsg will enter nurse's training after graduation. Albert Durica "Al" Quiet: works after school in Whitaker Metal Worksg loafs with VVhitaker gangg plans to be a machinist. Dorothy Durica "Dotty" Small blondeg has a smile for everyoneg always seen with Clara and "Honey"g Y-Teensg plans to attend business school after graduation. as . . ,, A wise man cares not for what he cannot have Elmer Durst "Bus" Quiet lad from Homeville: lloine Room Basketball: hopes to continue his edutiation after graduation. Ben Elkins "Ben" Tall, quiet lad: takes things as they come: plans to attend rollege after graduation. I l William Ellsworth "Skiing Black curly-hair: nice singing voice: pleasing personality: Base- ball leam: future will be sing- ing. IN i N91 joan zel Evans "joanie" Curly, black hair: friendly: junior and Senior Leaders: jun- ior and Senior Plays: Red Cross: Nlunhiskoz plans to be a sten- ographer. john Florian "Cindy" Friendly lad: one of llaker's Store gang: loafs with the Ra- vine Streeters: his future plans are to be a success. Andrew Ehnot "Iggy" Rather quiet lad: believes in having a good time: NIunhall's lJeVinci: Hi-Y: Basketball Man- ager: lfoothall Reserves: paints stage seeneries: will be a future artist. ll If M, I, X0 li ff 'yr Robert Ellenberger "Bob" .X blond lad: always takes his time: loafs with Don: member of the lland: baritone horn solo- ist: his future is a question. Russell Emery Blond, wavy hair: good-loolv ing: member of the Class ol' 45: belongs to the National Guard. Leona Flent "Le" Student Council: Hi-Lites: Dramatim' Club: junior Leaders: Stamp Salesman: aspires to be a success in whatever occupation she enters. S X ii, f 5 ty' VH' x ,f L , 5 M 'TX 1 I ' ix . L i ,.. J i Xu : - wp' 1 Jia i Pelegia Foradas f'Pndgy,' Illack hair: witty: has a joke for everyone: always seen with the "gang": good athlete: Y- leens: to attend California State College. 27 -iWN ' l i , , - - ,I Q an HYou ean't push yourself forward hy patting yourself on the baeli Margaret Forbes "Miggy" Natural curly hair: always in a hurry: neat dresser: Woodlawn Dramatic and l.iln'ax'y Cluhs: Senior Leaders: Annual: inter- ested in secretarial work. Mary Foster "Mamie" Lots of fun: takes a eommer- rial course: secretary to Nlr. Balionis: Stamp Salesman: Choir: junior Leaders: Hun- hisko: usually seen with Stte: one of Miss Nlarkey's "head- at:hes": to he a future secretary, Dorothy Fuga 'fDotty" Long, dark hair: always smil- ing: Mttnhall Indian Maiden: Rifle Team: hasn't the slightest idea about the future. .V . ' X t A , 5 i, l L Thomas Gamble "Gumps', Blond, curly hair: helieves in taking life easy: hails from Mun- hall Gardens: his future plans are undecided. , ., 4 'E 1 f :Iii f , I A 5' ,1 : :sw-5 -.1 iff J,i.4-we . I wiv Q,y,,:g,..y, . Stephen Getsy "Tee" .Blond hair: loafs with "Duke" and "l'1cl": works at the Elite Theater: his future plans are undecided. A ., v, 'ig y i bp: ,. . .ia Evelyn Forgacs HEY" Small lmlonde: quiet: Choir: x'-'let-ns: plans to do office work. Loretta French "Lo" Long, red hair: pleasing smile: likes gym rlass: Intramural Bas' kethall leam: is undefided ahout her future. l Emogene Funk "Kelly" Lively lass: friendly to every' one: Clheerleaderz Girl Reserves: Biology Ilnh: Hi-lftes: future is nndecic d. fi RJ. rl i 7 ! f V f I is ,l George C. Gensamer 'fGens" i 'l'aIl: dark hair: always laugh- l ing: seen with Ray: one of the Nlunhall Garden gang: future is undecided. Patricia Gillard "Pat" 'I'all. dark-haired miss: hails from Charleston, West Virginia: prefers chemistry: Senior Lead, ers: plans to attend college after g,g'raduation. H othing Cooks your goose quicker than a boiling temper" Sandra Lynn Click "Sally" Beautiful red, curly hair: pet peeie is chemistry: Nlunhiskol plans to attend college after graduation. Mildred Irene Gresko "Milly" .Xlwztys doing t'l1ClIllSll'yI Stu- tlent Council: l'resident of Red tlrossz junior and Senior Plays: Manager of Ciheerleadersz -lun- ior and Senior Leaders: llall l'atrol2 .kllllllllll Choir: future lies in the medical field. Ethel Gribble "Ets" flute and quiet: pals with "Shan" and t'lil": Tied Cross: Howling tiluhz Latin Club: usu- ally seen at St. NIary's dances: plans to become a secretary. i 1,f ,f t , L, -.1 Q fl-J I ral l J PM My ,V Q1 :bn fi 'P ii L7 sf fr ef Rita V. Gross "Grossie" Hard worker: wonderful ath- letic ability: one of our top shooters on the Rifle 'l'eaui: junior Leaders: llall l'atrol: .Kn- nual: will iuake au efficient serreta ry. Dorothy Gyduska "Dot" Quiet: pleasant girl: always seen with "l'eggy": cau't get along without buses: usually found in Room 202:'will study to he a heautieian. . ' F " -Fiiis - Eugene Godleski "Ginn 'l'all lad: hloud hair: lli-YZ played lfoothall Sophomore year: coke salesman at liaskelhall games: plans a higher education. Dolores Gretz "Del" lllonde. lalkalixe lass: hails from llliitaker: Xluuliisko Sales- iuau: Choir: nice voice: works at the Leona 'lheaterg wants to he a heatltitiiall. 4' ff 4' i' ' ,L Dorothy Grim "Dottie" Pretty long. lmlaek hair: nice dresser: always seen with Donna: Ili-Liles: Choir: Y!l'eeus: An- nual: Hall Patrol: lYoodlawn Student Council: "jtuly" in Alun- ior l'lay: Senior l'lax: plans to go to college. V 1 i 1 ,i M.: Lorraine Gryh "Lu" Friendly: likes to dance: Stu- dent tiouneil: Choir: Hall Patrol: qlunior l.e:ult-rs: .lnnualz usually found in the halls: wants to attend some business school alter graduation. john Gyurina Tall. dark haired: friendly: honor student: Rifle Team: Hi- Y: takes an interest in his studa ies: likes chetnistryi not inter- ested in girls: plans to attend tollege and study engineering. X. vu UA sm dward Nicholas Halko "Shadow" Likable chap: mischievous: al- ways telling a joke: usually found in the auditorium: I-li-Y: art student: Stage Guild: works at Stahl's: will join the Army after graduation. Paul Harry "Prince" Xvell-mannered lad: nice per- sonality: good worker: sure to be successful: President, Student Council: Home Room Repre- sentative: Noon Salesman: in- terested in the business field. Margaret Hasak "Marge" Quiet, reserved lass: nice com- plexion: does very well on the dance floor: "Tom" occupies most of her time: Latin Club: usually seen with "Houckie" or "Lo": collects snapshots: will take up beauty work. Hussain R. Hellett "Ocean" Tall: dark hair and eyes: wise- cracker: plays a good game of basketball: likes women but can't see going steady: enjoys eating: a very good dancer: Hi- Y: Biology Club: plans to attend college. :Jw- U NK Robert Hoffmann "Bob" Tall, well built lad: enjoys all types of sports: all round ath- lete: likes to eat: always "Look- ing Busy": first team lV.l'.I..-LL. in football: Football, Baseball, and Basketball Teams: plans to attend college. X all profit is better than cl big loss Beverly Hammond "Bev" Pretty red hair: always willing to work: well-liked by everyone: Senior Leaders: Dramatic Cluh: Library Club: Y-Teens: will be- come a secretary a r gradua- tion. Lf ylb' " ,- ls Jean Harvey "jeanie', Dark-haired girl: quiet and friendly: Stamp Salesman: Bowl- ing Club: enjoys writing letters to a certain someone: likes to read: writes poetry: plans to enter the business field. Aurella Heidel "Sugar'l lVears the latest in fashion: likes to dance: secretary to Miss of our Cheerleaders Homeville: to ing. I ,Uwe I 55417 vi 0 U cheerful' Eleanor Hoblak Tall, dark-haired girl: nice looking: quiet, but very agree able: a certain someone occtlpies all her spare time: Annual: will enter the nursing profession Raymond W. Hollis "Wesl' Likahle lad: hails from "Whit- aker'l: always doing chemistry: likes "lfool": capable southpaw pitcher in lVhitaker Borough Baseball League: plans tojbe a f , - success. E , , X if MV , V ' fs." If , W f AJ 30 Fortune does not change men: it unmasks theml' Josephine Horvath "jo" Hard working lass: friendly: employed at Woolworth's Store: junior Red Cross: Y-Teens: al- ways cheerful and being funny: to be a future Secfelitfy. N, . f V f 1 J ,l ,Q n ' '1 fr, .Y r Raymond Hovan "Ray" Quiet, reserved lad: usually seen with "Strich": likes to type and roller skate: doesn't bother with girls: goes to the St. Nlarr 's dances: plans to be a successful businessman. Verna M. Hritz "Vern" linjoys a good "chicken" din- ner: dances: likes to sew in her spare time: never misses Alan Ladd: would like to work in an otlicc after graduation. Patrick Huber "Red,' Nice looking: red hair: enjoys having fun: kind of bashful Gy: likes to go wading because he czut't swim: smooth dancer: Base- ball and Basketball leant: Hi- Y: plans to become a Daredevil, if possible. Lois Fay Irwin "Lois" Nice looking: always smiling: good dancer: Girl Reserves: Woodlawn Hall Cops: Dramatic Club: Hi-Lites: Annual: junior Play: Majorette: Stamp Sales- man: hopes to dance profession- ally after graduation. Lois jean Houck "Houckie" Cute, fun loving miss: sharp dresser: very enthusiastic: Cheer- leader: Student Council: Home Room Representative: Yffeens: Annual: will attend business college. Mary Ann Hreha "Mare" Pleasant girl: good worker: Home Nursing: Concert: Choir: works at Autenreith's: likes to play volleyball: usually seen at the movies or at dances: comes from Whitaker: ,will becotne a Bell Telephone employee. F ,. MMS: Owen Hruska "Oh" Noisy, but likable lad: always in mischief: happy-go-lucky: avoids all types of work: Base, ball Nlanager: enjoys being fun- ny: likes all sports: good volley- ball player: has no future plans. lf? ff If I ' iv i, , ,. fx ' M. Michael Humanic "Mike" Quiet and friendly lad: a very determined wrestler-l50 pound class: likes to eat in his spare time: "Chemistry" is his favorite subject: undecided about his future. Rudolph E. M. janosko "Rudy" Magnificent acting in both junior and Senior Plays: Annual Editor: Vice-President of Class for three years: Student Council: Munhisko: Hall Patrol: Stage Guild: Baseball letterman: Noon Salesman: will study p?'meCl. 'll l'lII " X40 I fa! if ' Aw-16. JA A .fit apfefy' 0 l J-we Hlinow ledge is boundless but the capacity of one man is limited" Jeannette Johnstone "Jeannie" Quiet, ambitious miss: por- trayed an unforgettable "Mitzie" in junior Play: Senior Play: Stamp Salesman: Choir: Hall Patrol: good speech student: plans to become a nurse. Donna Mae Kampman "Don" Nice disposition: Program Chairman of Y-Teens: Annual: has pretty dark brown hair: al- ways seen with "Dottie": likes Florida the best: always having fun: future is undecided. Florence junstrom "Flo" Small, friendly: always puts pep into a group: Majorette: member of choir lor four years: would rather dance than eat: a great football fan: her ambition is to become a good housewife, joe Kane "Yo Yo" Handsome and shy: engaging smile: a good athlete: always seems to be doing chemistry ex- periments: Football and lVrest- ling Teams: Hloodlawn Hi-Y: isn't particularly interested in 'l.': li S L' l 'll T . Vlbglf S Il HIS to a tent C0 ege N-, 4111 cf ff , .gf I f' ,fl ,. 0 65' 4142, .fza.av?'i X i Q' " fd 4.,, fl 7, 4.66 ? 55. fc, ,,cz4x.f K1 .X ,gf-y?'Z'7 1' 'A Robert Karnes "Bob" Sparkling eyes: usually smiling or cracking a joke: likes to tease girls: Hi-Y: YVrestling Team: junior Varsity Basketball: his future is undecided. Verne Kinzel "Vernie" Always laughing: good in ath- letics: Senior Leaders: loves to roller skate: pals with Audrey: one ofthe old "H0meville" gang: plans to become a beautician. Toni Kochowski Tall, thin lad: likes to dance: friendly: always knows the right answers QQ: Basketball Team: enjoys good books: has high hopes of seeing the world. 32 Eugene M. Kelley "Gene" Light brown hair: hails from Nlunhall Gardens: seen mostly with Ray: likes the opposite sex: wants to join the Navy. Sally Kitzinger "Kiln linjoys dancing: has a very soft voice: doesn't like home- work: Bowling Club: Annual: Stamp Salesman: Red Cross: Choir: would like to be an ins terior decorator. Richard Konis "Rich" Tall. nicely built lad: hails from "Campbell Circle": lots of fun: loves to swim: Rifle Team: likes chemistry: will answer Uncle Sam's call. f ' -' J X y ,tv .ow if 'ff l I ' , I N, - A ,J , A' ,. R! . 7, ii" 4 ,Y , f-'41-'UU vii' 1 1. "l"""'t 'Q v .IM 'WM I . tl it-NV" 2. ,Nl , ..f A -. Elizabeth Kura ::Betty" john Kurtz f'Kurtz" Always smiling: likes a good lli-Y: one of our Basketball time: loud ol' dancing: always lettermen: hails from Xl'oodlawu: seen with A'UUl'l'1l'H2llll1u1,1llll1uI always seen with the gang: fu- zunlmitiou is to he a model. lure is to he a 1llIlt'llllllSI. 'J' l' . , . re, .Q,zA"if 4 r' - fi.4A,1I4- .ff gffff "ll . Ljjlfffl William Lammie A'lSi1l" Chester Larko 4'Ches" Friendly: Choir: will montinue Home Room Representative: working at 1sah's: loals with loals with the Nlunhall Garden Walt. gang: plans to he a machinist. xt 1 I 1 'vw Q- -f ll is-f 1- if: . K . L 10113 5 ,fl 0111 C1 111111 WON S It t lf ' , 3 -4 ,Lf YA t,, + gala 5' Z x ' Dorothy Kormbsh K'jean" Carl Ernest Kosko "Casey" Cute: petite: feminine athlete: Good looking lad: another lots of fun: IICXUI' serious: nice good daneer: listens to the radio dresser: Senior Leaders: Hun- often: heats the late hell every hisko: works at the Clamly Shop: time: Football, Basketball, and would like to trawl. Iiasehall Teams: will join the Navy. Edward Kovarh "Ed" Lorraine joan Koza "Goaty" lall. quiet boy: girl shy: likes Xlways laughing: big hrown strawherrx shortcake: enjoys eyes: seen with Margie: Band: Boris Karloff pictures: eolleets Red Cross: Nlunhisko: to he a stamps: doestrt like school: secretary. dot-sn't have ans future plans as yet. , J... , 4' x ff',f!"4 ffuff .H Il J Qrfco Dorothy Anne Kriso 4'Kris" Loretta Lois Kulisek "Lorrie" Dark hair and eyes: Senior Pretty hlark hair: likes to Leaders: Red Cross: Woodlawn talk: lond ol' roller skating: is Girl Reserxes: Hall flop at always seen with Dot: amlxition 1Yoodlawn: Biology Club: sefre- is lo he at NCl'I'Cl2ll'f'. llllil' to Miss Nlarkexz loud ol 1 - . 14 roller skating and damning: to ' Q Q 11C il Sl.'t'I'l'lll1'y. I 1' My 33 Most people see the wrong they have done, but not the 1 , -'f ,'. .. . , I , V if Wa. ,., .K fv LJ' ,, -' ',,'f,.l. 4 it 4, Audrey jean Lauderbaugh CiAud9! A Woodlawnite: talkative: Woodlawn Girl Reserves: YVood- lawn Dramatic Club: likes to roller skate: to be a beautician. Mary Laychak "Merch', Black hair: happy-go-lucky: always chewing gum: enjoys bas- ketball and volleyball: wants to be a model. Edgar Leech "Humps" Tall: light. wavy hair: loafs with Scannell: one of the Mun- hall gang: would like to join the Navy. Geraldine Lesko "jerry" A friendly brown-haired miss: usually wears a smile: Red Cross Representative: Y-Teens: An- nual: secretary to Mr. Ramsay: honor student: plans to be a secretary. Bernadine Marie Loper "Bern" Class Secretary-Treasurer for three years: popular with every- one: Red Cross: Annual: junior and Senior Leaders: Student Council: Hall Patrol: Band: Jun- ior and Senior Plays: a future nurse. wrong they are doingn Margaret Laughlin "Marge" A cute, black-haired miss: al- ways friendly to everyone: always seen with "Verne": future plans are to be a beautician. john WVi1liam Lebedda 'john' Tall fellow: nice, dark, wavy hair: always has a funny remark: well-liked by everyone: Hall Patrol: Latin Club: "january Thaw": future is undecided. Eleanor Lesko "Les" Natural curly hair: nice per- sonality: pleasing smile: friendly: whiz in gym class: Y-Teens: Sen- ior Leaders: XVoodlawn Library Club: plans to go to Slippery Rock to study Physical Educa- tion. : : . 12 ,df 7 f"f :tJ,f4a',ff,f .I , X, - - J J! : 1, df' Ann Catherine Lockmar "Locky" Always has a friendly smile for everyone: long, pretty hair: never seen without "Mae": plans to enter the commercial field. john Loposky "john" Quiet: enjoys all sports: loafs with "Casey": his future is un- decided. v . vw, . ,. . . . W P X' 9 As the twig is bent, the tree is inclined" Jw,yf"f'j7 WW J .. 7, my Milton Lucas "Luke" Rose Lucas i "R0SiC" One of our reasons for a suc- cessful Football Team: husky and good-looking: nice person- ality: always smiling: lVrestling Team: plans to attend college. Donald Luce "Don" lVell-liked by everyone: plays a saxophone in the band: Or- chestra: Munhisko: Hi-Y: "Date With judy": Dramatic Club: Annual: hopes to become a teacher. June C. Luther "Julien A newcomer this year: came from St. Rosalia's: Glee Club: Retl Cross: Student Council: Sei- ence Club: will be an 2lCCOLll1l- ant. df 5 Z Q ,bf C44 Dorothy jean Lynch "Dot" Attractive smile: always seen with Bern: Annual: Y-Teens: Real Cross Representative: Band: Munhisko: alnbition is to be a nurse. ,zwjdiy mffu-rf-Us Wa iQ J" Harold Marsh "Son" A person with very few words: one of the Franklin gang: en- joys all sports: Wfoodlawn Hi-Y: plans to be an electrician. Neat miss: a sweet smile: pop- ular: one of our peppy cheer- leaders: a member of Student Council: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: secretary to Mrs. Cahoon: will make a lovely model. WM George Luteran "Dirsy" Short: shy: enjoys all sports: loafs with "Beers": cheerful and obliging: hopes to be a manager of a store. John Lutsch "Fish" Tall, good-looking: gives every- one in chemistry class a tough time: always seen with "Lefty": livewire in German class: future is undecided. joseph Mann "joe" Dark-haired boy: rather quiet: polite: 'Hi-Y: Wrestling Team: would like to be President, but will settle for photography. Charlotte Martin "Char" Blonde: good-natured: Red Cross: Library Club: Latin Club: Annual: Y-Teens: future is un- ed. WValter Mathos "Mole" Short: quiet: enthusiastic about sports: llaseball Team: his fu- ture is undecided. john McCann 'iMac' 'l'all, light-haired lad: loafs with Park gang: always making wise cracks: his future is unde- eided. Rita MeClosky "Reef, Curly. brown hair: one of our smooth dancers: always laugh- ing: Stamp Committee: Red Cross: Y-Teens: a future secre- tary. f 'x 45 f " l Maryhelen Mihalchik "Judy,' Always seen with Pat: con- tinually giggling: Munhisko: .Kn- nual: XVoodlawn Dramatic Club: to become a secretary. Sally Moore "Sally" Honor student: hangs around with "Rusty": quiet: a whiz at chemistry: Woodlawn Girl Re- serves: Wloodlawn Hall Patrol: nursing is her career. x KC u u Invest in your nnndl' Lawrence Mattiko "Matt" A member of our Golf Team: sometimes quiet: nice, light, brown hair: loafs with Mario: future is undecided. Gladys MeCarter "G1ady,' Brown hair: pleasant smile: Red-Cross: Y-Teens: Munhisko Salesman: hopes to enter a busi- ness college. Marilyn McShane "Mickey" Cute: pretty hair: Choir: Woodlawn Dramatic Club: Glee Club: Swimming Team in Flor- ida: Stamp Salesman: plans to zittytl college. 1 ww:-ifwiit 'Qt . g1,.p.g.4.,W'i 7 ' V - f by uf if lwyzy ilt,l..::: ,ya if Olive Miller "Olive" Quiet: always seen with Gloria and livelyn: Y-Teens: Annual: Nlunhisko: Hi-Liles: expects to be a beautician. William Moore "Be" Smiling blond: works in a drug store: Stage Guild: Hi-Y: Home Room Congress: to be a pharmacist. 36 N L X X little learning is z1,glz111ge1eotrssthing" tl ' 'V -v . X L iiif J . ,P iff' . 1 . it li J, i james Morgan M "jim" Good natured: Manager of Rifle leant: XYoodlawn Ili-Y: Biology Club: wants to see the XVild lVest. I , V , ,L , Y' X, ,Sf 4 ,M .'-ff ' .4 is-V Q -, 4 3,5 . 1 Q' , 4 VY: U A U . I. HN. ul 4, ,. Arina Margaret Murphy "Murph" Une of our high-stepping mtijorettes: secretary to Nlr. 1-11- kins: '1 nlemher ol' the Student Council: Home Room Represen- tative: wants to he :1 comp- tometer operator. Patricia Needham "Patty " l-'riendlyg talkatiiez lots of fun: .Xnnuzilz Red Cross: Y- 'lieensi Choir: Xl'oodlawn llrii- matit' Club: Hi-l,ites: would like to he a llell llelephone Oper- ator. -142, ff' 'vi J 1 1' J' fi f- t. , AL , Swv, Velma O'Donnell "Ve1' Choir: always seen with lilea- nor: likes roller skating: enjoys playing basketball and volley- hall: her future is undecided. F, i uf , , lt, 4 ffl. ', ' , I 4,4 ' u L i, . , ,sg Evelyn jean Ohm -t" "Evelyn" Always seen with Gloria: Woodlawn Girl Reserves: Hi- l,ites: .Xiinual: Red Cross: plan- ning to keep house for Johnny. 37 Donald Murdock "Dit Sports editor of Munliiskog quiet: wrote high school sports for Nlessengerz to he another Klrantlzind Rice. YVillia1n Nau "Lefty" One of our good wrestlers: forever teasing the girls: pals around with "lfish"g helped paint scenery for the stageg plans to he ll carpenter. Ann Catherine Noroski "Annie" One of our peppy cheerleaders: Student Council: Home Room Representative: Red Cross: sec- retary to Miss Rush: Annuall Howling Cllulm: Ujanuarx lVll1lWHI eo-captain of Hall Patrol: to he a secretary. Betty Lou Ogonosky L'Slim" Quiet: has a smile for every- one: I.atin Cluh: Y-Teens: wants to lieeome a model. . K lvl P ' 7 3. hir, kji A fx, , ,gt it is it fr-if tl- Q .il Htl' 7 z, - 'YL' . if A Dorothy Olen "Dottie" Senior I.eader's President: Nlunhisko .Xrt Editor: Stamp Salesman: Student Councilg co- eaptain ol' Hall Patrol: Annpalg secretary to M1 Blick: to ,study secretar or n ierci Ill. YQ 1 of iw rs Hrllbe greatest of faults is to be conscious of none" if Kenneth Ondeck "Ken" One of our short boys: always friendly to everyone: nice hair: pretty green eyes: always seen with "Shorty": plans to be a truck driver. Gerald Paskert "Fritz" Likable fellow: usually seen with Ken or "Ern": Golf Team: future is undecided. .4 . Dolores Pastor "Do0kie" A petite, brown-haired miss: one of the Homeville gang: Kaufmannitei Y-Teens: Hall Patrol: Annual: to be an office worker. . ll lv aff? jfjfiilligy sul' s,,, UW Le0ra Pearson "Lee" Friendly: brown-haired lass: likes to dance: Y-Teens: Biology Club lans to be a beautician. eflfwfff li Marjorie Pesta "Margie" Cute brown-haired miss: Cheerleader: Y-Teens: Biology Club: Choir: plans to work in an office, S , a iff " 38 Ferd Brownlee Park "Ace" Junior and Senior Plays: Stage Guild: Munhisko: Photography Club: Student Council: Baseball and Basketball Teams: Hall Patrol: Choir: Noon Salesman: Annual Editor: will attend col- lege. Eugene Pasternak "Benny', Tall lad: plays an accordian: was on Mlilkens Amateur Hour: works at A1exander's: plans to be a produce manager. George Pavloff "Tubby" Class president for four years: Varsity Football Team: President of Hi-Y: Co-Captain Hall Patrol: Photography Club: Annual: Business Manager for Junior and Senior Plays: future plans in- clude college. f 'Rf-' o W 'N Ll wt lf few? Francis Perhac "Frank" Quiet, short, light-haired lad: loafs with Ravine Street gang: ambition is to travel. William Phillips "Bill" Tall, good-looking chap: "New Moon": Munhisko: Choir: "jan- uary Thaw": Concerts: Hi-Y: Biology Club: will go far in the field of music. "Ex'e is the arehitetq of his ou n foituncw I .gy , jo-Anne Piatt 4, "jo" Quiet. clark-haired mis, Rifle 'l'eam: Munhisko: Latin Club: President of Y-Teens: Stamp Salesman: Annual: Hall Patrol: will teach art. im' f'i!iQii1ff'f3 X '?ff'f il Jil john Pingor "Yanks" Short, blond, reserved lad: "Kin " of the in hos: good 3 . . P. V- . bowler: ambition 15 to own a big howling alley. Elizabeth Popko "Cupcake" A short, darkshaired miss: usually seen with "Margie": en- joys volleyball and basketball: will he an efficient beautician. Dolores Ptasienski "Dolly" .X brown-haired lass: takes commercial course: a whiz in gym class: will work for Bell Telephone as an a ountant. wyigvyogwe Lois E. Reese "Rusty" Cute, brown-haired lass: lots of fun: Y-Teens: Munhiskog Hi- Lites: Biology Club: Stamp Salesman: junior Leaders: to be- eoi a nursex s My . Ann Pido A blonde: quiet: usually seen with Betty: takes a general course: enjoys basketball: wants to he a beautician. 4.-.6 if-",f"4 'wr-""' Karl Pitassi "Ern" A husky chap: usually seen with "lfritz": XN'restling Team: Golf. Jane Prologo "Shorty" Another of our short, dark- haired gals: one of the in y who likes gym: enjoys volleyb ll and basketball: will be an 'A eountant. O 'i U' james Ramsay "Rams" One of our taller boys: well- with mannered: usually seen "Chal": Hi-Y: Rifle Team: Hall Patrol: Photography Club: plans to he a petroleum engineer. Arthur Edward Richards iiOCkcy!! .X short, brown-llaired guy: usually laughing: gets a kick out of life: WVrestling ' am: will wear hell bottom tml ers. J' CC , ay ODF lsortune joh Leslie Richards "Rich', X 'Q A5 f -v -if if tl Tall, friendly fellowg usually seen with f'l1lackie" and "llulchl': just crazy about I'.O.D.g plans to be an accountant. . 4 -3 i .'m"z-3jiXj52i,xn"l,"X fl' Henry Riley Xlunhall's Harry .IZIIHCSI NIP. Todd's pet peeve: very intelli- gent: Band: Dramatit: Clubg Munhisko: Hall Patrolg plans to study medicine or law. . -fe' s .i mx , RX ' Xl 7 ' ,533 Christine E. Roberts "Chris" A friendly lass: has a smile for everyoneg long, brown hairg quiet: will put .-Xzens out of business as a furrier. j-fm 'Mir fx 'fill t Alan David Rosenthzi "R0sey" A curly top: usually seen with "Pav" and "Spike"3 likableg Hall Patrolg Photography Clubg Red Crossg hopes to be an electrician. janet Rushe "Mare,' A cute blonde-haired inissg al- ways has a jokeg Carol's other halfg Checrleaderg Choirg Biol- ogy Clubg will be an asset to 21 Q office. My 40 'A 1 sometimes favors those she destro5f's ' UVM my Ji Izetfa Ries "Zeke" Long, brown hair: forever writing letters to nklllllff loafs with "Lou": Junior and Senior Leadersg Munhisko: Annual: Y- Teens: Bowling Clubg will be an efficient medical secretary. .tr N- P. A' ' If ' .xi - W .K e A tg- XL Carol Robbins "Mare" A giggling brownetteg Janet's other halfg forever chewing gum: very neat: takes a general course: Choir: Y-Teensg Biology Clubg will wear a white cap. Edward E. Rohall "Species" Light-haired ladg loafs at Orris': never seen without "Scot- ty"3 wants to be a machinist in the Navy. Dick Roth "Worm,' Short, brown-haired: niec- looking lad: always seen with the Xl'hitaker gang: loafs in Louie's1 liked by the girls: al- ways teasing SUIIICOHCQ future is undecided. Ray Sabo "Sabe,' Dark. curly hair: Munhisko artistg drives many different carsg always seen with Betty Loug painted scenery for some of the school playsg ambition is to be an artist or an auto racer. M "Honesty is the hc-st policy" I ll:vWMgyW,g,.iM,,3 Mary Margaret Sarosy "Mary" .X short. hrown-haired gal: quiet: pleasant: Y-teens: Stamp Salesman: Munhisko: Annual: Stamp Committee: will he an efficient secretary. Chalmers Saxon "Chal" .X dark-haired lad: usually seen with "Rams": claims Gerf man his favorite subject: Hi-Y: Rifle leam: will he a future dairy farmer. S in -Pa,-, Edward Seherhick " Ed" lfriendly to everyone: hails from Homeyille: a transfer from Homestead High: a Munhall ln- dian: future usdecided. J rf X ' - t Ixl ta N x f fi xy' of Q Qi X xx l JE 1 , i Y W- yi ti X y Gerald H. Sehryver "Gerry" Tall, dark, and handsome: Student Council: Hall Patrol: Hi-Y: Rifle Team: "january 'l'haw": Red Cross: Nlunhisko: will make an efficient doetor. Susan M. Semancik "Sue,' Always huzzing around: .Kn- nual Editor: honor student: Red Cross: junior Leaders: Hall Patrol: Munhisko lixtthange Edi- tor for three years: Latin Club: Stamp Salesman: will he an effi- cient private secretary. 41 f,- 'Uv Elmer Savko "Softy" Forever in troulmlez engaging smile: quite a chemist: dislikes homework: friendly: plans to continue his education. William R. Scannell "Russ" Drives a car: always seen with a gang: camera fan: loafs with Humps: amhition is to he an army photographer. john Schreckengost "Rufus" lall lad: tl1ll'li,CllI'll hair: one ol' the tlllClCl' vocational slu- dents: sometimes seen with 'ZStan": luture undecided. Jfiil'-J xl sw' Belva Seitz .X friendly miss: forever jok- ing1".X Date ll'itll ludy": "janu- ary 'l'haw'l: Student Council: Dramatic Club: Home Room Representative: Biology Clulmt lYoocllawu Hall Patrol: will at- tend college. Donald Sharp 'fDon" .X tall, good looking guy: usu- ally seen with "Berg" or "Smitty"3 forever teasing: win- ning smile: Varsity Foothall 'l'eam: will put in time at Too- hey's in the future. Vrv J 55224 if Lois Shi pe "Shipe" A short, brownehaired lass: quite a whiz in any kind of sportg takes a general eourseg plans to be a secretary. Pauline Sineak A quiet missg never has much to sayg black hairg takes a general courseg plans to be a ecretary. S. A F f JJ WVilliam Smith "Smitty" Curly-topg a handsome fellowg likable: Football Team: usually seen with Don and "Luke"g will probably ent r the field of avia- tion. bf Anna Marie Sorobach "Re" A black-haired missg another of our quiet girlsg has a smile for everyoneg will be an asset to some office. Thomas P. Stagon "Beers" Another one of our tall guys: keeps his distance from girlsg quictg usually seen with George: Varsity Football Teamg Hi-Y3 future is undecided. ., ZOOAQN ff.,-wrt.. It is nelgritog late mf' Mary Dolores Simath "Mae" A neat, brown-haired galg has a very friendly smile: always seen with "Locky"g commercial student: intends to go to busi- ness college. Doris Smith "Smitty" Brown-haired lassg quite a whiz in gym classg llloodlawn Girl Reserves: plans to be a secretary le M Evelyn Somuk "Even Tall, blonde-haired lassg plays basketball very wellg likes sports: wants to be a nurse. WM." John Spisak L we with A witty chap: loafs "Pav" and "Rosey"g Latin Clubg Manager of Football Teaing says l1e plans to be boss of a large business firm. Edward Stanchak "Suhy,' Tall, brown-haired ladg good- lookingg never says much to girlsg will continue his educa- tion. 42 to learn" if it 'Q 5 Ablk Stix? ,Fu cc, '1 fact is good taste in action" 6 .11 K7 W i V Y joan X nn Stawiany " Betty Ann Steiner hill Cl12lI'll0ll'S secretary: Il- A Short, black-haired miggg Ql- ior and Senior Leaders: Latin Club: Red Cross: Annual: Mun- hisko: Student Council: student coach of junior Play: "prop" manager for "january Thaw": future is undecided. ,all jean Strang "Twin" llrown hair: short: very quiet: usually secn with june and Betty Ann: commercial student: will be a secretary. Edward A. Strichko "Ed" Friendly lad: likes to tease all the girls: always seen with Ray: played Intramural Basketball! plans to be a machinist. Betty Lou Stuart "Lu" Small and cute: Dramatic Club: Girl Reserves: giggles fre- quently: always seen with "El" Yacko: ambition is to become a model. Francis Stupar "Stu" Husky, well built: outstanding in football, basketball and base- ball: fond of the opposite sex: future plans are to attend col- lege. 43 ways seen with the "Twins": takes the commercial course: Mr. Wilson's secretary: her goal is to be a secretary. M iijim june Strang "Twin" The other twin: same course as her sister: loafs with Betty Ann and Jean: never has much to say: plans to be a secretary. - . Q il r tripa "Millie" .a 1 ': junior Leaders: Hal 'atrolg Home Room Rep- resentative: Annual: a friend of Miss VViddowson: ambition is to become a secretary. Howard W. Stumpf "Stumpy" Drives a truck: one of the NVhitaker gang: likes all sports: belongs to the Vlhitaker Atha letic Club: wants to be a machin- ISI. Magdalene joan Suchy "joanie" Pleasant personality: very good artist: Red Cross Repre- sentative: painted scenery for "New Moon": works on the Munhisko Art Staff: will study Industrial Arts at Carnegie Tech. Lire to love and you willflove to f --, egg I tr ,t.f.,,lw, ! t. , P . - x - 'L P , 1 p, f rr' 5.4-7- -1-f-' yi 61-ftvaim L, .f53An,5,f,,c,.2,-aaa.,---"CDI ,-.we f james Sullivan "Sully,' Dark-haired lad with a swell personality: outstanding roles in junior and Senior Plays: Stage Guild: Hall Patrol: Hi-Y: Vice- President in junior year: For- ensic Competition: plans to study medicine. Ardeth Swanson "Any" Friendly: ready to do anyone a favor: wears a ring on her third finger, left hand: Choir: musical programs: likes to sing: future is already evident. Beatrice Thir "Reels" Always having a good time: will laugh at anything: Y-Teens: Hi-Lites: Stamp Salesman: Choir: always working at office practice: plans lo do office work. ry ,,, A 2 ' f, V , 5 ' ' if I , I I M - ' I4 ' N., "'1,w'f w . ,. A A V .,.l, 7, it WAI' f 1 Frank Lawrence Thomas "Frank,' Likes to argue: Stage Guild: Woodlawn Dramatic Club: Li- brary Club: 'January 'I'haw": "A Date With -ludy": his goal is to be a teacher. Marilyn Thomas "Lynn Cute lass with pretty black hair and a pleasant smile: well- liked: member of XVoodlaWn Girl Reserves: commercial stu- dent: hopes to enter a business school in the future. 44 live" 4 ' . ik rA,X Hlilham M. Sullivan "Bill" Likes baseball: Intramural Basketball 'l'eam: Student Coun- cil: his pet peeve is staying in after school: plans to be an en- gineer or lawyer. Irvin Tennant "junior" Black-haired lad: short: quiet: always late: seen with the Park gang: plans to be a mechanic. H v, 'ji . l f 'A ' 4 KM' V A " Y , , is ix! S' V Til. 7 't RK the "ix i f l Eleanor Theresa Thomas "El" Neat dresser: cute: shorthand is her pet peeve: ambition is to be an office worker. james R. Thomas "jim" Quiet lad: loafs with Park gang: works in a store in the Park: future plans are to be a machinist. Verna Mae Thomas "Vern" One of our tall, clark-haired seniors: friendly and always smiling: member of VVoodlawn Girl Reserves: Hi-Lites: ambi- tion is to become an interior decorator. james Thran "Thranny" Light-haired lad with a pleas- ing personality: academic stu- dent: member of Hi-Y: aims to be a physics teacher in the fu- ture. jack Travis "Max" Tall, good-looking lad: has a wise answer for every question: likes to tease the girls: Football 'l'eam: future plans are in the field of aviation. Joan Tutko "Jeanie" Very friendly: pretty, brown hair: Y-Teens: Red Cross: An- nual: Dramatic Club: Biology Club: Hi-Lites: Munhisko: plans to take up designing -in the fu- ture. I tl'-5""' qw Edward Urban "Ed" lall, blond lad: Electric shop student at Vocational School: likes baseball: aspires to be an electrician. y 2 ,x If l I . U il t .Fey ,fly If-I i Paul Vargo "Hairless" Big tease: always whistling at the girls: favorite pastime is teasing Dale: pet peeve is Eng- lish: hopes to play professional baseball for the Pirates. UVVe learn to do by dilllig Marian Tomascin A quiet lass: friendly: liked by all: attractive dresser: arrives every morning at 8:35 on the dot: Y-Teens: Rifle Team: Hall Patrol: Stamp Salesman: plans to be a nurse. Florence Turcovsky "Flo" Beautiful, black hair: always working: honor student: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: .-Xnnual: Secre- tary to Miss Groat: Choir: plans to do secretarial work. Dorothy Uhryniak Roller skating is her favorite pastime: one of Lexingtons steady customers: quiet type: cn- joys playing basketball and vol- leyball: future is undecided. I Roy Uplinger "Uppy" Short, quiet lad: friendly: al- ways teasing the girls: Hi-Y: Band: Annual: Munhisko: Hi- l.ites: Library Club: Dramatic Club: hopes to become a teacher. Irene Volinski "I" Light-haired: friendly: Red Cross: Stamp Salesman: Wood- lawn Girl Reserves: commercial student: plans to become a book- keeper or a housewife. 45 "VVe are apt to believe what is pleasant rather than what is true" Dorothy Vrabel "Dot', Cute smile: always studying shorthand: Y-Teens: Munhisko salesman for two years: plans to go to business school after grad- uation. Doris WVain .X hotneyille lass: friendly: can always find something to talk or laugh about: works at the airport: forever worrying about English: plans to attend business college. I? 7 A .L A 0 L James WVebb "slimy Good-looking: usually causing a commotion: one of Mr. Frantz's headaches: personality A-lg Hi- Y: Woodlawn Student Council: President of Freshman and Sophomore Class of XVooKllawn: Hall Patrol: plans to,be lull' en- gineer. N vi 110 132 fr""h KM 'fan zf s ' Dale Wvhite "WVhitey" Nice, blond hair: quiet: good sport: can take a lot of teasing: Rifle Team for three years: Hi- Y: works at YVhetstone's: hopes to become a success as a me- chanic. 1 wav QIEV S fads 5 fm aa ,'- ,rj-' I . t, 1 .XY Charles WVilk1nson t "WVilk" Short as the word "I": friend- ly: another of our less noisy fellows: liked by everyone: Base'- ball Team: takes life easy: fu- ture is undecided. Rodger Wages "Humphrey" Tops the scales at 2025 loves to tease the girls: always causing a commotion: Football and Wrestling Teams: plans to be a truck driver. jack Wvatkins "jackie', .VX very good boxer who plans to become a better one: partici- pates in wrestling: Hi-Y: one of the Homeville gang. Griff West "Griff" Music mad: a friendly well- liked lad: always ready with a jokeg an active member of the orchestra: Band: Hi-YZ Hi-Lites: Nlunhiskog his ambition is to become a pharmacist. Herman Wfhitenight "Bowze" First string football player for three years: athletic type: draws exceptionally well: quiet: paint- ed scenery for school playsl studies art at Tech: Jr. Red Cross: Barbershop Quartet. Carl E. Willis "WVilly" Dark-haired lad: works at the Project Market: very witty: likes the opposite sex: plans to be an electrician. 46 l NBC Gloria Wiltrout Natural, eurly, red hair: pet peeve is chemistry: Woodlawn Girl Reserves: Biology Club: junior and Senior Red Cross: Hall Patrol: Annual: Secretary of the Y-Teen: ambition is to be a teacher. kt 'e lf Eleanor Yacko "El" Brown-haired, commercial stu- dent: pleasant personality: al- ways ready for a laugh: Hall Patrol: hopes to he a success. Betty jane Zedo 'fBee-jay" Short, brown-haired lass: hails from Homeville: one of Lexing- ton's steady customers: Stamp Salesman: works at Bonnie: fu- ture is undecided. sure you're right, then go ahead" l Shirley Wotherspoon "S'hirl" Short, lively girl with light, brown hair and friendly person- ality: member of the Girl Re- serves: junior Leaders: Annual: Choir: plans to enter business school. Marilyn Yousko "Honey,' Always seen with Clare and Dorothy: forever giggling: frientllyg as sweet as her nick- name: full of fun: Y-Teens: Choir: Kauflnannite: future is undecided. Melvin L. Zook "Melv" Short, brown-haired lad: quiet except when with the gang: hails from Franklin: loafs at the Kozy Korner: interested mostly in elee' 4 1 S A dl., I 5 ,ll L, I .4 QQ! lriral work. Fae Jeanne Burkholder "Fae" Medium height: dark haired: hails lrom Hoineville: quiet: friendly: plans to be a sten- ographer. 1111 emurinm BERNARD ROSENAL ' Every day the Father ealleth 4 Some loved one to eternal rest, And the heart, though filled with anguish, Can but ery, "He knoweth best." 47 Tlle Big Qnes N w and the Small CAMERA SHY First row. ll. to r.l-Richard Spivalc, Ray- mond Chulxa. Owen Agua. Second rowf-Robert Seiberr. James Andrews, Robert Chopnek. Seniors Omittecl: Ruth Fraser, Edward Grzyb, Mario Mari- otti, Dorothy May Nlclfinney. Daniel Surincik BABY PICTURES First row--Gloria Wiltrollr, Margaret Forbes. Evelyn Forgacs. Second rowfLorr:nine Koza, Mary Margarel Sarosy. Third rowfMildred Bunda, Harry and Loia Berger. Mary Simath. JULLY JUNIURS l President: Donald Srrang: Secretary: Kathleen Lacey: Vice-President: Norman lVlcXWhinncy. This yuan' wc XVCYC ioinccl by thc students lroui xVO0Cll2lXVll :incl now wc :irc onc big llztppy lznnily striving towzircl thc sznnc goal. .X corn roast at Calhoun Park hczulccl our social r'zilcmlzl1'. The Cliristmas 'Snow Ball" was wcll 4 M V L zittcnclecl by incinbcrs ol' all cilzisscs. Our Class Play 'llllmlli HIM Hollll "Tho Divine Flour," in l"L'lJI'll2l1'y kept us quite busy us wc wznitc-cl it to bc il hugc success. One ol' thc long ziwziitccl :ill'z1i1's ol' our high school GUCCI' was thc Junior- Scnior Prom. This lullillecl 0lll'g1'C2llQCSl cxpcctzltions. Now wc :nv looking l'oi'w1n'd lo our svnioi' vczn' with high hopes thzit il will bc as SlICi'CS5lilll :is our lirsl tlm-Q vczirs lizivc bccn. The lllL'IIllJL'l'S ol thc class ol. 1949 wish thc lncnlbcrs ol' thc flziss ol' l9l8 thc' very bcst in :ull thc-ii' lvlllllfl' ambitions. 49 Left to right: Row l--R. Adams, S. Anderson, IV. Anderson, A. Andras, Andrews, M. Ashoff. Row 2-L. Banyas, N. Barlog, D. Bartlett, M. Badalato, G. Baur, R. Becket. Row 3-M. Belyan, D. Benny, S. Bishkoff, M, Bishop, M. Bodnar, A. Borsh. Row 4-H. Bost, B. Bradish, E. Brain, I". Brandt li. Brecko, H. Brown. Row 5-M. Bugos, R. Bugos, R. Burk, T. Burke, j. Cadmun, D. Campbell. Row G-J. Carbaugh, R. Carney, H. Casper, I.. Chilli, M. Chvasta, M. Colbert. Row 7QC. Coon, A. Dargo, M. Davis, C. Dcmko II. Devey, M. Dobos. Row 8--1. Docherty, F. Dnminski, F. Duffek, D lickbreth, G. Eden, E. Fawcett. Row 9-li. lferchak, li. lferchak, R. Fertlemes M. Franklin, R. Frinsco, V. Georgieff. Row l0--M. Godish, XV. Gustafson, ul. Guidish, M Hall, N. Hampson, D. Harr. Row ll-E. Harvey, G. Hasapes, G, Havrilcsak, J Hicks, A. Higham, J. Hill. Row I2-H. Hilligsberg, L. Hillman, N. Hinkle B. Hlebz1,j. Holly, A. Hornyak. Row l3-A. Howell, E. Hromanik, D. Hruska, S Irwin, D. Isaac, P. jackson. Row 14-W. Jackson, W. Jakub, W. jones, M juun, D. Kinavey, T. Koehler. Left to right: Row 1-0. Koslow, S. Koslow, R. Koslelnik, M Kraft, D. Krepps, M. Kurutz. Row 2-M. Lacck, K. Lacey, D. Laird, R. Lalish j. Lanchester, A. Lcbeda. Row 3-R. Leheclda, M. Lees, M. Lepolt, j. Lesko B. Long, A. Loposky. Row 4-A. Lewis, D. Loutscnhizer, B. Lyden, R Lyle, M. Macko, H. Maresch. Row 5-E. Masley, Maszle, W. Matthews, C. Mayo, S. Maze, M. Madar. Row 6-I. Mcllloskey, V. Mcilloskcy. .L McGill B. Nlcllonough. N. xfCXvlliIlllCy, R. Mikulu. Row 7-M. Mencely, D. Minosky, D. Molinda, M. Molnar, S. Moller, Moore. Row 8-M. Morgan, A. Morris, YV. Mortimer, M. Mralik, T. Muha, V. Muha. Row 9-B. Muir, B. Muir, M. Noble, YV. Noroski, R. Novak, M. Novosel. Row I0-M. Novomyak, F. Novotny, B. Nuss, D. Opsitos, D. Ord, A. Pastor. Row ll-li. Pavlik, M. Pavucsko, A. Pearson, R. Peters, ll. Pikutis, F. Pingor. Row 12-D. Pollard, R. Prosser, M. Pryle, R. Puspoki, S. Quinn, Race. Row 13-J. Rakowski, Reid, C. Ries, L. Rhey, H. Richards, J. Richards. Row 14-E. Rinyik, A. Ripper, WV. Ririe, G. Roba, R. Robinson, D. Rogers. Left to riglll: Row l-L. Rogers, II. Rowc. il. RllSll1lR, C. Szabo ll. Salm, D. Szxlliugcr. Row 2-CI. SCllI'llI'Ollgll. R. Sclmlf, ll. Scllcclz. 13 Schell. A. Snzllick, li. Schick. Row 3-G. Scslnk. R. Hlllllllilh li. Slliclcls. C Sikorzl. R. Sikoski, L. Simko. Row fl-ml. Simko. Nl. Skurski. li. Sllllllillwliy, l' SlllUlCf. Sninsky, E. SP2i1lglC1'. Row 5-R. Stahl, M. Slcincr, L. A. Stephens, J Slcvcus, C. Slicllm, Slolfcl. Row 1ifR. SlOI'Cl', ll. Slrzulg, Cl. Slrult, Slllpan' P. Sturck, li. Swiuglc. Row 7-Nl. Llllllillfll. 'lf 'l'c:r1'ic'k, C. rl-ll0llllJSUIl, L 'l'Ilcmlpson. ll. 'l'isI1u11. CI. 'l'lSllUll. Row S-Il. blllllllkil. XV. 'llUlJCl'LCl', M. NIQISRU, YlI1i'CYllill, li. Vojlko, R. Yulillski. Row El--ul. XV:ngnc1'. V. lV1lgllCl', N. XV:mlcss, R Wussil. II. Watson. V. Wclmcr. Row I0--l.. lllCl11'Cl', N. lX'cisLr, Cl. llliffll, G. XYil aux. XX lllI2llllS, IN. XX llll1lIllS. Row llfil. Wcrlllm-1'spoo11. L. Yamzlxik. .X. Yuuyo M. Yzmyo. M. Yunyo, Nl. Ycsko. Row l2-l". Yonick, l'. Ylll'CUll, .X. lzlli. M. Zzlp R. fligfllll, P. Zuru. 1. QOPHISTIC TED SOPHUMOREQ X 3 Ag X Vim- I'l'i'SiliCIllf -IXCIK 'I'0l'liRlliR Sct'l'c't:1l'y- DURCH IIY BICLXN i,l'L'9itil'Ill- IMXRRY l"l.ORl XX f,lll' touting to Nlunhnll for tht' first time was NCIAQ Our first social CYClll wus il mkzlting putty, which itittwcstiiig' for wc wxmtc-cl rt-zilly tu know what ll high prmcrl to hc ll big SIICCCNN. Ill xiilf our Suplimliort- V'i"'Ul. Wm MW- -X5 dui' 17155111 hi: CVTVJW' I'Cf'i"'1C putty toppccl OH' tht' yczn' :md cwcrymic sign-1.-ti wt' zlc'qtlztlnlt'1l :tml CXl'lllll1liif touml his XVQIQ to class. would haw mon, XYhcn thc Iltll tt-rm 2ll'l'iNCti. wc wcrc Cilllllgillg iilxtllll 4 E . 1:1-L-mics. gl-4-L-H lin-mil-S. U, 5l,pl,,,,m,l-CSA yyl. 1,11 pn, Now wc await our illllllfll' Nutr with plum zllrczlclx cIt':lxo1'L-tl to mzlkc' im cfhwt to improve nut' class. in thc lllilkillfl. Xthntllaiwll Sttult-nt tinuncil Nlcmhers: .VXI Clsitlcr. Mutt Cook. Clhanrlcrttc- Yuhalsz, and llllxxcxtll Stott. 53 Xtlx iser. NIISS XYIIJIIOXYSOX Left to right: Row l-j. Ackerman, O. Ackerman, R. Ackerman, R. Alexander, M. All, Allen. Row 2-M. Allen, B. J. Andrews, M. Asson, E. Aston, F. Bakanie, V. Balukas. Row 3-R. Baptie, R. Beckett, D. Belan, M. Belan, D. Berger, M. Bickus. Row 4-M. Binkncy, nj. Bishop, Bogesmlorler, R. Bongartz, li. Barko. Row 5--'l'. Bornak, B. I.. Bowers, Brinker, R. Bruno, D. Bnhan. Row li-D. Burkhart, D. Burkhart, Churnia, UI. Churma. YV. Coles. Row 7-J. Cook, R. Crawford, A. C Aj. llelanrlro, ll, Dohranski. Row S--B. Donnelly, .L Dorcak, Durkola, M. Durst, C. Eclnie. Boger. R. Boylim. ll. Chasko, .-X. yz, A. Danclar, Doyle, H. Row 9-A. lilkins, E. Elliott, -I. Evans, L. Faith M. Feclorko, li. Feeney. Row I0-B. Fisher, 'l'. Fisher, Flaherty, L Florian, D. Fonos, li. Fowler. Row ll-M. Ganzy, B. Casper, I.. Gensamer, R Ginlus, M. Gordon, A. M. Gress. Row I2-G. Gross, D. Grossett, l'. Gustashaw, M Iflavrillu, I.. Hess, N. Horvat. Row I3-C. Hovena, XV. Howeroft, R. Howell, M Hrilz, QI. Hunt, Imro. Row 14-E. Irwin, M. jacisin, C. jackson, F jacob, F. janosko, J. Kampe. y Left Lo right: Row 1-D. Keller, D. Kilcll, M. Kish, M. Komar M. Kracunosky, julisck. Row 2-B. Kumlravi, -I. Kuslmcr. A. Kumla, M A. Kufmik, -I. Lacey, L. Lacey. Row 3-A. Larko, R. Lee, D. Lcnarl, M. Levkus ll. Lucero, D. Lynch. Row 4-J. Madclison, A. Margie, A. M. McAllislcr V. Melish, M. Monk, R. Monik. Row 5-W. Morgan, J. Morris, M. A. Moskal, C Nagy, D. Nagy, T. Nec. Row 6-A. Nemclh, M. O'Brien, V. Palchik, J Pearson, 'I'. Pepke, H. Perhac. Row 7-M. Peroff, AI. Festa, A. Pollack, T. Prusak 1.. Pupik, l'. Race. Row H-XV. Race, QI. Reahc, R. Ries, A. Richards N. Ringliloom, L. Roman. Row 9-R. M. Rurlowskv, M. A. Ruscak, Il. Salvo 11. sum., R. sanmik, E. Satalla. Row I0-M. A. Savko, R. Schmelz, R. Schwcr R. Sega. M. A. Selapcc, Sellers. Row ll-D. Sllaff. H. Sllipc. E. Simko. R. Simm A. J. Slava, li. Solomon. Row 12-D. Spisak, L. Stahllmerg, li. Slefanko M. ll. Slexenson. I-'. Sloklas. il. Strung. Row I3-D. Stroll, C. Styles, A. Szalkowski, AV 'lv1ll'l', M. lima, H. Vlillllliil. Row 14-A. Tomascin, J. Toperzer, A. Tyke, W lllevich, D. Urban, J. Vavrek. Left to right: Row IWL. VValic:k, NI. XVatkins, R. Hlatkins, D. XVoods, M. Yucko, N. Yatsko. Row 2-XV. H. Yee, P. Ynrko, R. Zznnha, l'. Zzxnos, li. Alesius. l.. .xIltlC1'SUll. Row 3-B. Beseroek, D. Besnak, S. Bevan, B. Bingle, -I, Brennen, R. Brierly. Row 4-M. Bmzulriglmt, 'l'. Brosky, E. Bugel, S. Buck, WV. Burke, L. Byrnes. Row 5-R. Carney, NV. Carr, N. Chilli, R. Clever E. Cloonan, M. Cook. Row 6-A. Csicler, C. Daly, G. Dznnich, R. Dznlis Danko, li. Ferllemes. Row 7-N. Fisher. M. li. Flaherty, B. Forbes I.. Gent, J. Gibson, B. Gray. Row 8-li. Grielm, KI. Heard, D. Hess, L. Hopwoocl NI. Jones. M. Kenny. Row 9+4I. Keslle, E. King, C. Konelus, ll. Kosseff QI. Koslrob, N. Kyle. Row 10-R. Lzulick, UI. Lebedu, R. Mantia, G Maresch, D. Martin, G. Matthews. Row ll-A. McCann, D. Miller, Miller, L Miller, ll. Neeclhzim, -I. Nenndorf. Row 12-E. l,2lVZlSli0, A. Polzlcok, C. Rager, J Redputh, H. Ripper, D. Rolewitz. Row l3-J. Ruffing, C.'Rushe, C. Sums P. Sehrading, R. Schwartz. Row I4-D. Scott, Sedlak, W. Sherman, B Shipe, A. Skarupa, F. Snyder. f clmc, C. Swicklcy. A. 'l'l1ir. Row 2-G. VIQIIUIIHIS, I,, VIXIIOIIIIIMIII, K. Tice, NI N lodcl, 12. Yolinski, li. Yrnlmcl. Row 3-l'. H'cIsl1. M. XYCTII, il. XVilkinscm I Wiltruul, R. Wimlcrson. R. XVolk. Ruw 4-KI. Yuhasz. D. Zzlvodnicll, YV. Lcppla Lloyd. HSNAPPEDU 57 Left lo right: Ruw lfli. Somuk, P. Sl2lSkllS. D. Stevens. ' ERDANT FRESH EN Nlunhall Student Council Mcinhers- Mary l.ou Dohransky, 'lhoinas Rutter. The school term l9f17-48 has come and gone, hut it doesn't seein too long ago sinee we were "greenies" at Munhall High School. After the novelty and newness had worn off, we soon aeeliinated ourselves to a hetter-than-average year Qwe thinkj at our studies. As other Freshinen have done at Munhall High lor nigh on to lilty years, we heeaine interested in the various clubs and organiza- tions and were soon participating in them. XVe complete our lirst year at Munhall High School with a feeling ol aecoinplishnient in knowing that we lived up to the records ol' Freshman Classes helore us, and with a hope that when that day in june, 1951, arrives, we may he a class of whieh we, as well as Mun- hall, may he justly proud. Woodlawn Student Council Mcinhers- Nllflllll -Iurseo, xliin Rodgers, Pat Stuffle. Left to right: Row I-D. .XCk6I'!ll2lll, P. Xdzims, I.. Andres, B. Bllfllll. L. Barlog, C. Biery. Row 2-D. lloduer, A. liolmlizzir, YV. Boldizzir, L. lhckuskx. li. liruwn. lf. Bmwn. Row 3-H. Campbell. XV. Cnpp. W. Cernizlwski ciilllilll. R. fiIiZlXVf0liKi, Nl. ljillllllk. Row 4-NI. Dohrzmski, QI. Diiczir, I-I. Dlvonik, T. licien, li. lfnwcell, R. Fekely. Row 5-R. lfinnecy, -I. Fisher. X. lforsmark, J. Hznnkwich, Al. Uurrily, B. Harrey. Row ti-S. Hepps, T. Hodges, Vl'. Holmnan, R. H11-lin. P. Hll!II1ll1iC. ll. jzum. Row 7-'l'. -lz1vo1'sky, lf. -lzivorsky, Nl. Kauuinsky li. Knrgul. ll. Kuzimir, ll. Kmeu. Row Sgll. KUl1ll'2l, Il. Kostelnik. j. Kosudzl. G l.ziylon. I.. Leskzmic, A. Liposky. Row EP-R. Lucas, G. l.llSI11lk,.I. Lulzko, ll. Mrulzir X. Nlzzrgo, j. Mikulzi. Row IU-C. Moore, F. Nillilil, R. Ogilvie, M Opsilos. Pi. l'2lYiik, P. l,2lYi0ff. Row ll-M. Petro, I-'. Pietrygu. J. Pingree, I2 l'okryi'kzi, P. Pnlopenko. R. Price. Row I2-R. Rall. H. Rzisrthzlk. D. Ries, R. Roh- erlson. 'l'. Rutter. tl. Ryan. Row I3-B. Sakanich, C. Snrzmlzlhmn, I". Selzni R, Shields, F. Sknrski, QI. Soullium. Row I4-S. Sninsky, il. Snyder. R. Slzmclizlk, D Slltiily, l-'. Smlkowski. 'l'. vliklkkllill. Left to right: Row l-T. Thomas, P. Tishon, M. Toth, L Traulinan, G. Tyke, NI. Urban. Row 2-D. XVallcrs, R. Hlilhelm, BI. lVilson, lXI XVinters. L. Yanyo, B. Xapf. Row fl-li. Zelmer, M. llaclzilalo, l'. llalinl, R Burrell. M. lleliun, A. llernd. Row 4-li. Bevan, J. Iiislikoff, Z. Blasko, YV Bloomer, G. Bonner, ll. Boot. Row 5-NI. Boyriin. C. lirotlierlon, J. Bllllifl. L Cliesniar, R. Cook, li. Crane. Row 6-D. Culller, R. Culller. J. Danko, J Davies, A. Dc-Guilio, R. Devey. Row 7-R. Dielzen. J. llorko, C. llouglierty, D llunsavage. .L lfereliak, NI. lflulierty. Row 8-ll. lfrzinks, li. Gelsy, I. Halko, XV. Ilarr li. Havey. A. Havrilla. Row 9-ll. Hill, J. Hoflneisler, C. Holgerson, T Hralmie, R. Jackson, N. Jurso. Row I0-J. Kalrinsak, W. Kestle. NI. Kline. 'I' Konclis, T. KI'2lClII1, A. Kyle. Row ll-D. Lancliester, F. Laird, YV. Laird, D Lilz, F. Lolmoseo, XV. Lutliy. Row I2-T. Lyclen, D. Martin, M. J. Matliieson li. BIc'Callisler, C. McCloskey, T. McMullen. Row 13-R. Miller, C. Misla, F. Molnar, T. Mur clocll, C. Oleson, R. Onclick. Row 14-K. O'Neil, R. Orris, S. Ravenscroft, J Reeves, Reinhart, R. Reitlnniller. I4-fl xo right: Row l-li. Riccly. Rngcrs, Szlrgfr. ,X, Sflllllll I. Scniclx. R. Sc1'cm'I1in. S , .m'ulmalcl1. N. SIZISIGIS, R. S 1 '. Row I5--ll. Slllklfl. l'. Sluillc. ll. Slu1np,D. 'ltilvcs Y. lkvlh, N. lkflllllxll. l'Ilom. LI. XYZIYIICY. W, Wullzlcc. Row 5fR. XYQISI1. R. XYillialms. XYOIIIHCR, Y:1rk0x'slu. NOON SALES, INC. 1 Sw- s 1 I Hzlrry, F. Park. S. Domcn, R. jzuwskcr 61 Row 2-l'. SIILIIIQIIIIUNAB. NI. Slllnlko, IE. Hlllllll, lu ul Row -1-W. l'omLo, R. Nl, Icrhlzu, I". rlilllkll. L. Afiivities cover cz 'wide -'variety of intereiis. fs? C5 QW 3 MISS CRUX 1 RIFDOLPH AIANOSKO FER13 PARK THE ANNUAL XVe, the Class ol' 19118, proudly present our Munhisko. Jean Benson, Sue Seniancik, Ferd Park, and Rudolph -Ianosko are the Editors. Under the wise and faithful guidance ol' Miss Groat, this group chose the Betty and Bob Munhall plan l'or the book. Publishing a yearbook takes a considerable amount of time. After the style is picked, pictures niust be taken, mounted and sent away to be reduced. Then come hours and hours ol' endless writeups and typing, all ol' which are checked and double checked. A cover is then chosen and the hook is published. As a record ol' the outstanding events and activities in our days at Munhall High School, the graduating class ol' 19118 presents its masterpiece, the 1948 Munhisko. JEAN BENSON SUE SEM,-XNCIK 64 Xlllllllll Stuff ut XYcn'k lirst row, fl. to lljifl. I4-xko, BCIISUII. F. vl'lll'L'ONYl-RX. XI. Bllllllil. .X. Nl. Cllllflllll. S. BIZIIIIICI' , . . I'. Nccallmln, Tulko. Sm-umlul row-XI. Blzuku. NI, NI. SIIVOSN. G. Xllcn. NI, Slripzly. NI. BOIIQZIVII. l'llil'd row-li. Illlhlllk. IS. Ilzummmd. ll, Ulvn, .X. Nurmki. S. S1'Ill1lllK'ik, Sl1lXVillllf'. NI. Crcsko. luurlh rmvfS. XYull1c-rmpooll. U. xvillfillll. li. Ohm, Ci, Nlllflill, D. Killlllblllilll, l'iz1ll, ll, Grim I. Rics. l'if'lI1 row-O. Nlillcr. R. lllllillgbll Nl. Cullen, li. l.opcr, ll. I.ym'l1. I,. Irwin. li. CLriImI1lc'. S Kilfingc-1',Y. Bznry, ixllm row-R.-l:l111msko.lJ. lAllf'l'. Cl. l':1xlol'l', l,. Huurk, lf, Park, D. I'11slm4. Sullivzln. NV. Phillips CQ.S1In'yxc1'. ANNUAL STAFF A in H-3 as First row, l. to r,-A. Glick. R. Lucas. L. Houck. Benson. B. Loper. A, Noroski. Second rowgl.. Gryb. L. Pupik. Pearson. Stawiany. M. Gresko. B. Muir. Third rowgll. Sega. L. Banyas. L. I-Iillman, D. Olen. B. Seitz. F. Park. Fourth rowflVl, Gordon. M. L. Dobranski. E, Saralla. M. Noble. B. Sullivan, P. Harry. Fifth rowfw. Matthews. W. Nlelnick. N. Mcwhinimey. W. Toperzer. Watkins. Sixth row-R, Janosko. lVlr. McCarthy. T. Rutter. F. Kern. Mr, Blick. ST DE T COUNCIL This year the Student Council has carried on its work under the guidance of Mr. Mcflarthy and Mr. Blick. Its inembers, chosen by their respective classes, directed all student elec- tions, handled the hall patrol, acted as ushers at open houses, and sponsored after-game dances. To become a member of the council a President .,...... .. Virz'-l're5i1fm1I . ,... ., SI'I'l'l'lIlTV . .. . student must first have a 2.5 average before he is permitted to seek this office. This year one seventh-grader and one eighth- grader, two freshmen, six sophomores, ten juniors, and fourteen seniors are serving as members of the council. The project for this year is the publishing of a revised edition of the school handbook. ........,...PAUL HARRY .XVILLIABI MELNICK NOROSKI 66 HALL PATROL First row. l. to r.--L. Bra' zinslcas. R. Lucas, M. Gresko. A. Norosl-ci. D. Olen. D. Pastor, Benson. Second row-D. Anderchak. L. Gryb. F. Turcovsky, M. Stripay. 1. Johnstone. B. Loper. Third row-A. Rosenthal. R. Gross, S. Semancik, Evans. Piatt. K. Bonner. H. Riley. Fourth row-J. Ramsay. F. Thomas. Sullivan. Le- bedda. Webb. Fifth row4G. Pavloff, F. Park. R. -Ianoslco. HALL PATROL First row. l. to r.-C. Kon- das. E. Sams. G. Matthews. A. Csicler, R. Clever. W. Carr. A. Skarupa. D. Hess. Second rowflVl. C. Ken- ney. M. Broadwright. B. Beserock. M. E. Flaherty. B. Somuk. D. Zavodniclc. H. Ripper. G. Maresch. C. Yuhasz. G, Damich. M. Todd. Third row -A K. Swickley. K. Tice, L. Anderson, E. Bugel, S. Bevan. W. Sher- man. P. Welsh. B. Gray. Reclpath, E. Fertlemes. Fourth row-R. Neundorf. N. Fisher. M. Cook. Heard. R. Schwartz. P. Schrading. Miller, D. Kosseff, C. lVlag- nus. M. Jones. D. Scott. Mrs, McGibbeny. Y l l HALL The members ol' the Hall Patrol are the policemen in charge ol the high school halls. They are chosen hy the Student Councils of their respective sehools. In order to be eligible lor the Hall Patrol a student Nlllst have a 2.5 average and maintain that average throughout his term oli duty. The members ol the Munhall llall Patrol serve the last semester ol their Junior year and P TROL the lirst semester ol' their Senior year, while the members ol the XVoodlawn Hall Patrol serve the last semester ol' their Freshman year and the lirst semester ol' their Sophomore year. The faculty members who are advisers for these organizations are Mr. Blick and Mr. Me- Clarthy at Munhall and lN'Iiss lX'lenk and Mrs. McfGihbeny at NVoodlawn. HI-Y The lnuflmose ol the Hi-Y Clluh is "To cre- ate, niaintain, and extend, throughout the school and connnunity, high standards ol Cllnistian Character." The club had an active year in business and social events. Each nionth it sent two 1I1C!l1lJC1'S to the meeting ol the General Council at the Pittsburgh Y.M.C..X. to gain new ideas. As in HI-Y First row. l. to r. 1 R. Schmeltz, T. Schmer. A. Rich- ards. J. Richards. Mann. R. Lyle, B. Matthews. Second rowfG. Pavloff, R. Sanitrik. R. Chasko. B. Toper- zer. P. Smoley, D. Strang. Third row7B. Ririe. E. Fcrchak. B. Moore, Toper- zer. R, Uplinger. D. Luce. R. I-lromanik. Fourth rowfA. Tomko. R. Prosser. V. McCloskey. NVatkins. T. Bishop. B. Tarr, E. Godleski. Fifth row-T. Stagon. G. XVc-st. Sullivan. R. Zogran, J. Wlchb. nl. Guidish. R. Bugos. Sixth row 7 D. Campbell, Mr. Blick. WVOOIJLAWVN HI-Y First row. l. to r. A G Thomas, R. Dennis, D. Lloyd, 1. Wilkiiison. B. Carr. A. Csider, A. Thir. Second row-E. Alesius. R Walk. R. Ladick, G. Rushe. B. Sherman. D. Hess. P. Stas- kus. A. Skarupa, G. Nlatthews. Third row-J. Heard. King. Kostrob. B. Burke. B. Lcppla, B. Cadman. Fourth row Y Mr. Shiring. P. Burns, Il. Gibson. R. Mine doysli. B. Ships. Rutflintz. C. Swicklcy B. Nlantla. E. Sams. Fifth row - R. Lacey. C. Rager, M. Cook. W. Kyle. P. Schrading. C. Kondis, R. Swartz. C. Magnus. D. Scott. l lorlner years, the Hi-Y again took CllZll'g'C ol' the Easter Lenten Services, which were held dur- ing the noon hour. On the social side, the cluh held a picnic, gym party, and basketball games lor its mein- bers, and a swinnning party lor the whole school. Together with the Y-Teens the Hi-Y sponsored a St. Patricks Day dance. Q f ' g- 0 1-fl, .413 YVOODLAYVN STUDENT COUNCIL First row. l, to luis, Mc Cuen. C. Yuhasz, G. Dnmich lVl. Sullivan, N. Jurso, P Stuffle, M. Slater. thews. D. Scott. M. Cook Mr. Zinglc. YVQJKJDLAYVN HONIEROQJNI CONGRESS First row. l, to r.-J. Soto' bach, Muir. C. Anderson. E. Crane. E. Cotterroll. S. Knight. Schlossnagle. Second row - A. Skarupa. W. Leppla. Mr. Zingle, Mrs. McGibbeny. G. Matthews. P, Byrnes. l OODLAVVN CO NCIL - CO GREQS '1'hc XVoocllawn Student Council and Honic Room Clongrcss nizikc up thc govcrning bodies :it thc junior High School. Thcy work to- gether with thc vicc-pivsiclclit ol' thc Council presiding over the Congress. The Councils nunihvr is clcciclcd hy thc population ol thc school whilc- thc Clongrcss has onc rcfprcscn- ' 69 tutivc lironi cach holnc rooni. Thu school clzmrcs, their hall trzillic, and othvr zirtivitics, such as niovics, roinc unclcr thc jurisdiction ol' thcsc junior-sized law inzikcrs. If they cn- conntcr soma- obstacle: which prescnts ll proh- lcni, they can always turn to thc-ir sponsors, Mrs. Mcflilmlmciiy :ind Mr. Zinglc. Second row 4 Mrs, MC. Gibbeny, D. Hess, G. Mar- LIBR RY CLUB The Library workers are 'Abusy little beav- ers" stamping, Clllflllig, and shelving books. 'lhis goes on before school, at noon, and alter school. Collecting permits and straightening shelves keep the club members busy during study hulls. Before Christmas, the nleinhers sent El Con- tribution to help finance a Negro library. Noon dancing and Z1 skating party were spon- sored by the eluh. Miss Howat ol Munhall and Mr. Busch ol' Xlloodlawn ure the sponsors. MUNHALL LIBRARY CLUB First row l. to r. - R Howell. M. Fedorl-co, C. Nagy Miss Howat. Wagxwer. J Docherty. B. Tishon. Second row-E, Satalla. C. Mayo. V. Melish, M. Noble A, M. McGill, R. Graham, A. Pearson. M. Belyan, A. How- ell. H. L. Brown, M. A Madar, N. Barlog. Third row -f Lanchester. B. Nuss. S. Quinn, K. Lacey M. Davis. WOODLAW N LIBRARY CLUB First row, l. to r. - R Stuart, B. Stump. M. Kenney Z, Blasl-co, P. Flaherty, J Sorobach, C. Misla, B. Somuk F. Tutko, E. Vrable, M Behun. Second row-M. Flaherty B. Beven. A. Schultz. S. Stas lcus. E. Crane, R. Reirhmiller C. Yuhasz. G. Damich, M Todd. A. Ferchak. Third row f V. Toth, L Ulum, S. Ravenscraft, B Smith. D. Martin. M. Mathe son. P. Stuffel. K. O'Niel, N Jursco, R. Devey, L. Anderson Fourth rowfB. Hill, M Thomko. B. Boot, Butl-co, C. Doclierty, P. Schrading. j. Brennan. R. Clever, P Welsh, K. Tice. Y-TEENS First row, 1. to rfl. Ries, D. Grim. A. Piatt. O. Miller, L. Houck, R. Lucas. D. Pastor. L. Reese, L. Bra- zinskas. Second row-D. M. Kamp- man, J. Tutko. M. L. Cullen. L. Rodgers, M, Takach. Vincevich, Wagner, Rowe, Third row-J. Docherty. Williams. M. Yanyo, M, Yanyo. N, Wanless, R. Was- sil, P. Yurcon, M. Yesko. C. Coon. Fourth row-S, Irwin, N. Barlog. M. A. Maclar, B. Tishon. G. Wiltrout, D. Pol- lard. L. Pearson. B. Ogonosky. M. Davis. Fifth rowfB. A. Muir, L. Vrahel. E. Shields. E. Swin- gle. D, Anderchak, D. Eck- breth. L. Thompson. Sixth rowYN. Williams, T. Dorney, M. M, Sarosy, D. Sallinger, M. Hall, Pikutis. Miss MacBeth. Seventh row-D. Ilarr. E. Schick, G, Lesko, Car- bough. L. Banyas, E. Spang- ler. E. L. Brain, B. Thir. Eighth rowflVl. Steiner, l'l. Hillensburgh, G. Barrett. S. Maze, E. Lesko, K. Bonner. M. Alexander, M. Bishop. XVOODLAWVN Y-TEENS First row. l. to r.fE, Cloo- nan. D. Dzvodnik, S. Burke. A, Wertz, B. Somuk, G. Maresch, M. C. Flaherty. Kestle. H. Ripper. Second row7M. Todd, G. Damich. M. Broadwright. B. Beserock. L. Thompson, E. Vrable. B. Forbes. Grieb. L. l-Iopwood, Brennan. E. Fertlemes. Third rowfM. L. Jones. P. Welsh. D. Kassof, N. Chilli. F. Snyder. E. Volinski. B. Gray. E. Bugle, C. Yuhasz. Fourth rowfMiss Menk. A, Pollack, D. Rolewitz, R. Win- Clerson. C. Salaj. L. Wiltrout, L. Stoebe. K. Tice, L. Ander- son. S. Bevans, L. Gent. Reclpath, A. M. McCann. Miss Carroll. Y-TEE T The Y-Teens have as their purpose, "To lind and give the best" and their creed: Graci- ous in maimerg lmpartial in judgmentg Ready lor service, Loyal to lriendsg Reaching lor the bestg Earnest in purposeg Seeing the beautilulg Eager lor knowledge: Reverence to Godg Vic- torious over selfg Ever dependableg Sincere at all times. The Y-Teens under the capable sponsorship ol Miss lNIacBeth, Miss Menk, and Miss Carroll have had a very active year. ln October, the mothers of the girls were honored guests at a formal ceremony when lorty-six junior girls were initiated into the Y-Teens. At Christmas time, approximately fifty girls enjoyed a party. The Y-Teens have sponsored a bake sale, a St. Patricks Day Dance, and numerous other ac- tivities at the Y.XV.C.A. An outstanding event was the Easter services which were co-spon- sored with the Hi-Y. i 'WOODLAXVN JR. RED CROSS This 0l'g2lI1ll2ll10ll 11115 long been under the eapzilmle supervision ol' Miss C112l1'llOl1. The lIlClllllC1'S are elected by their 1101116 rooms Zllltl ably represent x'VO0C1l2lXVI1 Junior High i11 t11e 11atio11-wide Ol'g?lITll2iliOll of t11e Red Cross. Their job is to do kind things for other peo- ple wherever they may be - whether it's l,0illlI1li, U. S. A., or Billlgil-BOIlg0, A1'ricz1. T11ey work 1121111 at their zissigninents and they get wort11w11i1e results. NVit11 111e111ories of past 2lCC0lllIJl1SlllllC11KS and visions of future accom- I1lis11111e11ts, the club has lillllllll incentive lor Zl very sueeesslul year in 1948. First row. 1. to r.-fA. Franklin. J. 1VlcKnight. M. Zelceley. B. Beseroclc. C. Koval. H. Ripper. G. Damich. R. Devey. Davies. Second row-D. 1-less. A. Skarupa. S. Burk. B. Forbes. B. Laird, R. Clever. B. Tice. N. Jurso. M. Todd. B. Cook. Third row+T. 1Vlurdoc':. P. Schrading. R. Carney. L. Ullurn. Kostrob. L. Burnes. B. Bingle. P. Shaughnessy. L. Anderson. P. Welsh. XVOUDLAXVN TALENT CLUB First ruw. 1. to r.-J. Sarge, M. E. Flaherty. B. Somuk, M. Broadwright, J. A. Brennan, E. Shultz. C. Misla. Second rowal. Stuffle. C.Be-snak, B. Binglc, j. Miller, Miss Wasserman, Mr. Zingle. XVOODLAXVN DRAMATIC CLUB More of the inexperienced members get ll chance to work with the Drztmatie Club this year than has been possible for many seasons. "The just Cause" a choral speaking presen- tation using lilty voices was aeelaimed our best .Xrtnisticze Pregrant. Headed by Mr. Busch, the club has eapably supplied entertaimnent, educational and inter- esting, for the Hloodlawn students and faculty. The members will put their drzunatic training to good use in future years at Munhall. The 1948 outlook is bright because of the talents of these energetic meulbers. First row. l. to Vrabel. A, Nl. Wertz. A. Shultz. B. S, Stump, B, Bevan. D. Martin. Soro- bach. C. Misla. B. Somulc. Cv. Damich. M. Todd. L. Anderson. Second row-L. I-lopwoocl. H. Ripper, A. M. lVlcCann. V. Toth. E. Crane. R, Reithmtller. C. Yuhasz. Nl. E. Flaherty, R. Devey, E, Fertlemes, Third row-P, Sruffle. M. Shimko. M. 1. Tomko. l.. Ullum. B, Boot. Burke. K. OlNeil. Nl. Nlatheson. N. Jursco, -I. Wolxxmac. N. Miller, Fourth row-C. Dougherty. P. Schrading. R. Schwartz. C. Swickley. R. Ladiclc. B. Shipe, B. Cuttler. D. Scott. C, Tice. kIUNlOR HIGH CHlQl'lRl,EADERS First row. l. to r.-B. Laird. B. Somulc. G. Nlaresch. Second rowflVl. Flaherty. A. McCann. Third row-P. Flaherty. B. Bevan, Mrs. lVlcCvibbeny, C. Salaj. P. Suhoza. 74 STAMP SALESMEN First row. l. to r. - L. Rogers, P. Argyle. L. Bra- zinslcas, D. Sabo, L. Irwin, D. Kuzma, W. Race. B. Mor- timer. Second row4A. M. Gress. P. Walters. L. Barlog. G. Tyke. M. Stevenson, G. Butala. Third rc-WYNI. Novasel. H. L. Brown. Fourth rowfR. Wertz. B. Thir. S. Maze. I. McCloskey. HOME ROONI CONGRESS First row, 1. to r.fJ. Rich- ards. D. Bodnar, l.. Houck. P, Sturek. C. Larko. Second row!-B. Mortimer. W. Noroski, R, Rall, S. Irwin. L. Hillmaii. STAMP SALESMHN liven though the war has been over for several rears the stamp salesmen haxe continued their joh-namely helping students to preserve their future ln' init-sting in saving stamps, ln this way they learn to he thrifty and also help their government. liaeh rear these stamp salesmen are selettetl from eatih home room hy the students, Their joh is to sell the stamps and at the end of the day they turn in a report oi the sales and percentages. lfroin there the stalnp totnniittee takes oxer. lhey ltll the enielope and eherk on all money hrought in. 'lhe committee this year consists of three girls: Nlari Nlargaret Sarosy. Betty jane Ogonoski and Rita Nlelllosky. HOME ROC JM CONGRESS .X representative from each home rootn is elected to form the Home Room Congress. This body can he likenetl to the House of Representatiies in our lfederal tlovertnnent. I he Student Council is the parent organ- ization for this group. lt is through this group that the Student Council keeps in touch with the ideas 4-xpressetl in the home rooms. JUNIOR LEADERS First row. l. to r.fD. Dob ranski. M. A. Kuzmilc, A. Pol lack. D. Urban, R. Sega, B. 1 Madar, F. Javorsky, Fran lcowitz. Second row-E. Stefanlco D. Belafi. B. Kundravi. N Barlog, G. Tylte, M. Wilson J. Fisher, E. Solomon. Third rowihfliss Debacher D. Lynch, E. Satalla, Pear son, L. Pupik. N. Rinpgbloom B. Zebner. C. Mandell. XV OODLAXVN livan, j. Part:-fson, B, Laird B. Somuk. C. Yuhasz. G Damich. path. UNIOR LE DERS The Junior Lenders is 21 eluh under the direction ol' Miss 1JClJ2lCll6l' und Mrs. MctGih- heny. lt is made up ol Freshmen and Sopho- mores. The purpose ol' this club is to create :nn interest in the field ol' physical education. The Leaders take charge ol' the gym class when the teacher is culled from the class or there is Il substitute. Before the class they mark the roll and check uniforms. They also help direct the volleyball and hzlskethzxll tourna- ments zllter school. The Leaders hold meetinffs to Jlan their D activities. Some ol the activities they partici- pated in this year were: swimming, dancing, mow ine, nooi in ei f, zu c Ju e sn s. I lw 1ln ir nllk le l , First row, l. to rf -M. Sul- Seconcl row-Mrs. McGih- beny, J. Womak, D. Nlartin. B. Bevan, M, Nlarhieson. P. Stuffel. M. Todd. Red- MUNHISKO First row, l. to r. + S. Scmancik. Il. Piatt, D. Olcn. M. Yanyo. M. Yanyo. Wagner. J. Vina-vich. E. Aston, R. Crawford. Dqfh. erty. Second row?-I. Williams- N. Barlog. B. Tishon. L. Baflogs P' TiSh0l1. D. Isaac. D. Sal30. V. Melish. C. Nagy. F. Dominski. Third row-E. F1-rchak. B. Muir. M. Alexander. M. Mor. gan. S. Maze. M. Dobos, A. Borsch- L- B3nYas. G. Lesko. D. Burkhart. D. Burkhart. Fourth row i F, Thomh. W, Toperzer. R. Uplinger. D. Luce. M. Chvasta, L. Rhev. Miss Lloyd. Fifth rowflf. Maszle. H. RUQV. M. Lacek. R. Zogran. D- Campbell, D. Murdock, ia. Bugos. HI-LITES First row. l. to r.fL, Repko. A. Shultz, L. Patterson. P. Lewis. R. Szekely. C. Yuhaszy B. Carney. E. Klinlco. A. Csider. M, C, Kenney, R, Clever, G. Damich. D. Welch. Second row+l, Eckbreth. B. Booth. Butko. B. S. Somulc, S. Bevan. M. E, Flaherty, D. Zavodnick, H, R1PD9r. Grieb. B, Forbes. L. Hopewood. S. Burk. M. Todd. Third rowfw. Stewart. L. Ulum. P. Stuffel. N. Tomko. C. Bishkoff. B, Sherman. C. Brown. C, Misla, E. Fertlemes, Fourth row-C. Grim. R, Bottich. G. Rushe. E. Volin- ski. R. Winderson, C. Swick. ley. D. Ladick, K. O'Neill, Redpath. Womack. C. Thompson. Fifth rowfD. Besnack. D. Martin. P. Byrnes. F. Schrade ing. R, Neundorf. E. Sams. R, Wolk. Mr. Martinlco. N. Chilli, J. Kc-stlc. C. Tice. P. Welsh. A. Scrippa. HMUNHISKO' 'LHI-I.ITES" The "Munhisko," our school paper, is a bi- weekly publication lor the students ol' Mun- hall. There are two editors-in-chief, Ronald llugos, and Donald Campbell, who, with the assistance ol' sectional editors, artists, report- ers, typists, and advisers, make up this paper. Miss Betty llane Lloyd, adviser, has contri- buted greatly to the publication of our fine paper, which is assembled and printed by the Olliee Practice classes under the direction of Miss Margaret Markey. The "Hi-Lite" publication, similar to the uhllllllllSliO,H serves the students ol' XVoodlawn. Duncan Scott as editor-in-chief and -loyce Xiloinack as co-editor, with the eo-operation of the entire stall, have helped to make this paper a silcress. XVitl1 the advice ol Miss Elizabeth Menk, Nlr. Harold Noroski, and Mr. Richard Mar- tinko, the advisers, "Hi-Lites" has attained the popularity ol' its nlany readers. SENIOR LEADERS J. Moore. Brown, D. Rodgers, G. Roba. SE IOR LE DERQ One ol' the most active girls' clubs in Mun- hall High School is the Senior Leaders. This year two girls were elected from each gym class. Requirements to join the club are an A or B in Gym and Hygiene and a C average in other subjects. The purpose ol' the club is to create an en- thusiasm lor superior achievements in the CHRERLE "Yea, team, sock it to 'em." Yes, here are the girls to whom you should give credit. They cheered our teams on to victory "rid also pep- ped up the team in deleat. They are under the sponsorship ol' Miss Debacher. The cheer- lield ol' Physical Education. The Senior Leaders take charge ol' the class lor Mrs. Cahoon and olliciate at intramural games. Some ol the activities are skating parties, swimming parties, bake sales and dances. .Nt the end ol' the year money is do- nated lor the purchase of a movie projector to he used in the interest of Physical Education. DERS leaders lost by graduation are Aim Noroski, Rose Lucas, -Ianet Rushe, Lois Houck, Emo- gene lfunk, .Xurella Heidel and the Manager, Mildred Cresko. CHEERLEADERS First row, l. to rfll. Lucas. A. ldcidel. E. Funk, L. Houck. A. Noroski. Rushe. Second row i Nl. Greslco. Miss Delzacher. First row. l. to r.-C. Salvo. E. Lesko. K. Bonner. L. Rhey. M. Nlorgan. Rusnala. Second row-D. Kriso, V. Kinzel, B. Hammond. F. Yoniclc, D. Kinavcy. D. Olen. K. Lacey, P. Gillard, I. MCA Closlcey, Lesko, Benson. Third row-D. Hart, R. Kostelnik, A. Howell, R. Frinsco, M. Noble. H. L. STAGE GUILD Even Illllllgll 1111- 11151 11e1'l01'11111111'1- 01 21 5u1'f C1-551111 l1111y is 0vc11, 11111111 i5 lhlll' 110111 111115111-11 101' ll 11101113 01 l1111'11 w01'l1e1'5, Mi55 Ri1511 211111 1111- Stage CL11i111. S11-11c1'y w11i1'11 10011 W1-1-115 10 11111111 1111151 be 111111-11 1111w11 211111 1'll1'l111ll1kL' 11-- 1u1'11e11. '1'111f5c 111'e lllll El 11-w 111 1111- 1l111ie5 111-V1-1' 511i1'11c11 by M155 R11511 111111 111-1' guild. N0 111211- 1c1' YV1l2lI 1111151 111: 110111- you C2111 111' 511111- 1111- stzigc 111111115 111-1111111 1111- 5ce111-5 will 1111 it 111111 1111 i1 W1-11. if ' STAGE GUILD Left to right-15r:111l: Thom- a5. William Moore. 1V1is5 Rush. .lim Sullivan, -10591311 Berger. Edward Hallco. omit- ted from picture Ferd Park and Rudo1ph ja11o5l:o. 1'HO'1'UGRAl'HY CLUB 11111-11,11111l 1111-11i1'1u1'Q i5 111111-111 11111 llllllly 01' 1111- 1111-11111e115 i11 1110 11111111-1'11 Club 1.11111 111111 1111- 11111i11g 01 11 pi1'1u1'c 181111 Kllllll' 115 1f115y 215 jusl ll 111111 111 1111- 1'111111:1'11. 1211111 1111-111111-1' l11'i11g5 i11 0111- 01' 1111111- 11i1'1u1'1-5 111- 11115 I2l1iCI1 111 N111 R2llI1S2ly, 1111- 5130115011 1111-50 11110105 1111- 51111111111 111111 1111-11 111' '15 1111 11111111-. r1111l'O1lg1l 11115 1110- l'Cl1ll1'C 5111111-1115 11i51'0v1-1' 1111- 11-1'l111iqu1- 01 11111i11g 211111 i1L'YC'10IJ1llg 21 lJ1CIl11'C. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB First row, 1. to r.-N. Wan- 1a55. L. Rogers, K. Lacey. lV1. Noble. A. Howell. L. Hill- man. Sninslcy. Second row-G. Pavloff, 11, Park. G. Eden. R. Ackerman. j. Ramsay. E. Morri5. A. Rosenthal. M. Lacey. Third row-E, Vrahle. 1V1r. Rammy. BAN D The hancl. untler the capable direction ol' Mr. Ken- neth V. lotlcl, can he heartl practicing the third period each morning. During the sunnner they also practice regularly, working very harcl to win the approval of the puhlicr. This year the hand has niatle niany appearances in parades and at foothall games, Our hand provides the musical entertainment for class plays. ancl the spring inusiral is an annual treat. MAJORETTES .X whistle hlows, a haton rises ancl legs start stepping. Yes. here come the Nlttnhall High School Nlaniorettes, 'I hese girls really strut their stuff, rain or shine, snow or sleet. 'l'hC-y really tleserve a lol of creclit. lhis year, the graduating niauiorettes are .Xnna Margaret Murphy, Flo hlunstroni, Loretta Brazinskas ancl Lois Irwin. l Left to right-F. Junstrom. L. lrwin. D. Sldeetz, A. M. Murphy, P. Sturelc, L. Brazinslcas, Rowe, D. M. Sallinger, D. Bartlett. Jill CHUIR The lirst lmeriocl ol l'YCl'y inorning, the choir breaks into Nlemlaers ol' the clioii' must ln- Senior High memlmers. Tllev Q 1 e in assemblies, musicals, anal also appear lu-lore civic a song. partici- groups. ery year the choir galliers around lllc Cllirislmas tree lo spread gxutine, -- ' s ol' the yulelicle. '1'liecl1oii',also, is under the capable baton ol Nlr. 'l'oclcl. 'I ODD liirst row. l. to r.fD. M. Kampman. Nl. C. Havrilla. lf. Tiircovslw. Nl. Pc-sta. l.. Gryh. M. Greslco, li. Sega. M, Yousl-co L. Stevens. Second row+F. Pingor. E. Popko. B. Hleha. D. Dolvranski. Suloman. M. Ganzy. Nl. Stevenson. Nl. junn. Pollock. D. Llrhan. A. Gress. . I. Stoflel Evans. A Third row'-B. Thir. D. Burkharx. M. A. Ruscalc. Evans. A. Slava. S. Maze. S. Irwin. Johnstone. S. Kitzinger. S. Wfoilmerspoon D. Krepps. P. jackson. liourrh rowflVl. L. Cullen. A, Swanson. P. Needham. Rushe. C. Robbins. D. Eckbreth, l.. Brazinsl-cas. C. Saho. E. Richards. A. Hunt. Breclco. liifth rowfB. Coles. W. Phillips. D. Grim, Brain. D. Rodgers. P. Srurelc. 1. Pelcuras. L. Lacey. F. junsrrom. Burkhart, W. Ellsworth, Mix Todd. Sixth row-D. Leheclda. W. Toperzer. li. Park. C. Thompson. R. Santrik. 81 Simlco. A L. Walik, D 1? .if hw. gf. 5 -1 - 16.13.511 Q MA DATE VVITH J DY7' '1'11e story takes place i11 Hznnilton, Ohio, i11 t11e 1101110 ol' N1elx'in Foster 2lllL1 11211111152 -Indy, 21 vivaciiolls 211111 very 1lIl1J1'CSS1Oll2l1J1L' miss, gets into 2111 kinds ol trouble. Her 11111111 interest is becoming "Queen ol' 111e Bzillf' sponsored by the c1OlllIHl1l11Iy Reliel' Fund. klucly enters Mrs. Foster i11 El uS1l2l1JC1y A12lIl'Ol1,SH eon- Lesl, and 111istz1ki11gly semis 11Cl' 1':1t11er's lJ1Cllll'C Lo Zl A1K1SS2l1J1LT Lips" contest. Mil- fie, -I11c1y's 1.2i1l111'll1 friend, does everyL11i11g she can Lo help Judy win the 11o11o1'. Even Rz1nc1o11J11, 111e lll1SC'111CY0llS son ol' t11e 1"oste1"s, tries lo help. -Indy loses to ll rivz11 girl l'riend XV11Olll Oogie is to escort to the 112111. .X11 goes we11, 1lOYVCVC1W, when L11e supposed queen Comes down with il 112111 ruse ol' hives. XVit11 L11e closing ol' "A Dzite XVit11 .I11dy," 11 g1'c'z11 s11c'c'1'ss, we lookecl 1.01'WV21l'l1 to our next VCIIUIVCZOIII' senior Play. if Q, 1 1 . ,g,.,1gf...,f1.11:'f-Q,qa1.1r,-1. Wmxiif-H-, Q ima, M sl'-A, Sw 1 in 1, 5. , ff., -Q.. , in -, Q.. fn 1,-64-. :Ev-1, 54 .QZSW5 ' 4 if 1' ' 84 "JAN ARY THA " Our Senior Play, "january Thaw" was presented on November 20 and 21 The house was erowdedg the play was a sueeessg and the actors and actresses ol' the class of '-18, had presented their linal production. The success ol' "lanuarv Thaw" was due to the hard work ol' the east and Stage Guild, and the wonderful eoaelring ol' Miss Rush. Reinenlher those 7:30 rehearsals when another half hour sleep would have COIIIC in verv handv? .Xnd those evening rehearsals when we had to eateh up on chemistry experiments or write out a problem in l'.O.lJ.E lint we had lots ol' lun along with our hard work. XVhen the curtain closed on the linal act we regretted just one thing-the play was over. So to Miss Rush, the class ol' V18 expresses their sincere appreciation lor making "january Thaw" the success it was. 85 -Il Athletics develop charaeter, leaclershi P and clean sportsmanship. I 7 K - .-.........5...h,.,sW,MWx:.,7,4,, 5 K s' 3 -...,,,.., MQW W. s ? Wm.- LA x i i Coach, NICK KLISKEY CHAMPS The 1947 season brought Munhall its first football championship. Our team won the Steel Valley Conference with four victories and no losses in conference play. The team set a new record in winning eight games while los- ing one. In the XVPIAL class AA we won six and lost one. The offensive power of Munhall netted 172 points while stubborn defensive play gave up only 39 points. YVe the class of '48 will long remember with pride that the "greatest lX'Iunhall Team of all time" represented us on the gridiron in our senior year. MUNHALL 31-WEST DEER 0 Munhall won its opener trouncing West Deer. Joyce and Hoffmann scored twice. Rager scored once. MUNHALL 13-DUQUESNE 0 Alter a scoreless first period Hoffmann scored for Munhall in the second quarter. Nunhallls defense stopped Duquesne cold. Joyce scored the final touch- down in the fourth quarter. MUNHALL 13-SCOTT 7 Outfought by Scott and trailing seven points the Indians flashed back in the fourth quarter to win with Stan Joyce scoring twice. MUNHALL 25-BRADDOCK 0 Munhall easily walloped Braddock, scoring in every period. Hoffmann, Kosko, Joyce, and Sullivan scored for the Indians. MUNHALL 32-BALDNVIN 0 Baldwin was no match as Munhall scored almost at will. Stupar, Hoffmann, Albrecht, and Kosko with two, scored for Munhall. MUNHALL 6-PENN 0 Stupar clinched the game with a spectacular run after receiving Hoffmann's pass in the second quarter. Both teams fought hard throughout the game. MUNHALL 20-MT. LEBANON 0 Taking a quick 13 point lead, lX'Iunha11 coasted to a 20 point win over Mt. Lebanon. l-loffmann scored twice and Joyce tallied once. HAR-BRACK 20-MUNHALL 12 Scoring two quick touchdowns, Har-Brack copped the game when Modzelew- ski ran 70 yds. for a touchdown. Hoffmann scored in the second quarter and Joyce tallied in the fourth. Hoffmann ..... Joyce ..,..,... Kosko ...... Stupar ...,. . Albrecht ...... Rager ...... . Sullivan ...... Scoring Touchdowns Pts. After Total 9 10 64 8 0 48 4 0 24 2 0 12 2 0 12 1 0 6 1 0 6 88 SRNIORS t lo right-IJ. Shllfll, R. Stahl. W. Smith, R. I'i4JH,llI2!I1ll. Cl, Kosko, G. Pzxvloff. Spiszlk, M. I,ucz1s, J. Kzmc, H. XvllilClligllK, j. Sullivan, 'IQ Sl2lg01'1, lf. Slupur. STARTING LIN EU P First row fl. to Inj R. Stahl, li, Filzgiblmons, G. l'zlvIoff. XI, Lucius, J. Kzmc, H. XvllilClligI1 Slupar. u Second row-W. Smith, S. jnycc, IJ, Sharp. R, Hoffmann, CL. Albrecht. 90 First mw fl. lu lxpfll. Nliklllll. Dcxvy. I.. lflcnizm, R, Xililllli, IE. XV1ll'g1r, ll. Nagy. ll. Strung. IC. NIZINIIC. Nl. Cook. IJ, mul! Su-emu! ww-li. lfillflilllllllli. R. Stahl. K.. XHll'l't.hI. S. ,loyal-. Il. NYl1ilc11iy'I1l. Cf. Kusku. R. Hoff' , Y , , Illilllll, NI, l.lll2lS. Kam-. KL. I'z1xIui'i.lJ.SI1all'I1. lf.Slupz11'. 5 Ilxlrcl ww-l. 5l2lgUIl. -I. lnlmul. 11. Ixzlrgol, 5lllllXlll!. XX. 5lllllll. QI. Rn-aulmc. C.. xlllglllli. R. l'llsImki. W. l IL-xiclx. 6. Ralgur. -I. Spiszlk. Scnim' Nl2ll!llgl'l'. Ifirsl row 11. lu lyjflf, Kzlfimur. ll. lfmllks. ll. Umlick, R. SIIIJIVL, R. Nlcliullmlgh, R. Iimlmlll. v V NX. liurkc. Nl. l5114l:ulz1Lu..l. Rclucrlh. Svunnl rem'--I. lilflllilllx. Xl. xYiIIIl'l'i, llrrrku. li, l'NI1lllCI'lX. 5l'IliK'h. W. Rum-. l. Look. -I, r 1 Y X llngcrs. Imlnlun. ll. Clzmlplmcll, 'I. Nl4'NIullvu. Bfxll, 1I:ird1'owkD. Xc'kC1'nl1ln. C. Kmvnlski. Nl. xlL'll'llZiC. Xl, Iumku. CL. Xlcllxullixlm. IE. Hl'l'lN'l'itfl. R. Rall. N. Yau1'gu. C.. Xlfmrc. CI. limnwr. .X. l"0l'5Ill1ll'k. 91 First row. l. to r.fC. Kosko. T. Kochowski, P, Huber. M. O'Toole. R, Adams, Kurtz, lVlr. Shiring. Second row+lVlr. Curry, F. Stnpar, H. Hallett, J, Robinson, Beck. C. Rager. BASKETBALL 'l'he Munhzill bzisketbzill lC2l111 started oll with il bang, winning four strziighl exhibition gznnes belore losing one to Swissvzile. ln the exhibition gznnes Munhzill wound up by win- ning six :ind losing lour. The lndizlns sczilped Rankin twice, Arnold twice, Uniontown once, and Turtle Creek once. The losses were to XVilkinsburg twice, Swissvzile once, and -lean- MR. SHIRING nette once. Munhull, however, lound Section 6 much tougher and begun sliding. Though beaten many times, the Indians were never outlought and lost niziny zi gznne in the linzil quarter. Mr. Shiring tziuglit the boys to shoot, pass, and dribble. Above ull, the boys learned never to quit, but to light until the linul whistle. SEASON RECORD Nlunhzill 4l Rankin 34 Munhzill 50 Arnold 32 Munhzill 45 Rankin 36 Nlunhzill 29 Uniontown 26 M unhzill 30 Swissvale 44 Munhzill 52 Turtle Creek 29 Munhzill 38 NVilkinsburg 48 M n nhzill 49 Arnold 30 Munhzill 50 YVilkinsburg 59 M u nhzi ll 4 fl Clziirton 49 Nlnnhull 40 Donora 47 Munhzill 52 Monongzihela 40 Munhzill 29 Homestead 33 Mnnhzill 20 Duquesne 39 M unhzt ll 34 Mc'Keesporl, F59 Nlunhzill 44 -Iezinnettc til M unhzi ll 05 Clziirton 4 fi M unhzill 52 Donorzt F5 I Nlunhzill 455 Monongzllu-la 335 Rlllllllilll 40 l'lOlIICSIC2lll 44 Nlnnhzill SS Duquesne -Ili Nlunhzill .rl Nlclieeslaorl F19 JUNIC DR VARSITY Bgwk row I. zo 1.ff Mr. Curry. R, Iloyrim. IVI. Cook. W, Ulcvich. ID. Nagv. C. Nlagnun. R. Hrcha. R. Lacey. rout row--N. Ifnlwr, R, Rnclxcy, II. Nlikuln. E. Mayley. W, Leppln. D. Scott. .IUNIC JR HIGH B,XSKII'I'B, ILL Back row. I. ro mail. Senich. E. Bucko, A. Nlarrinuz. B. Kemp. R. Robcoe. Rogcrm. T. Cook. M. Nlezclxzh R. Flaherty. Nlanager. Front rowfj. Davies. Nlanagur. W. Freshwater. R. Inglis. G. Boytim. B. Berbc-rich. R. McCullough. Lyden E. Fawn-rr. 93 First row, l. to r.-J. Molincla, W. Mathos, C. Wilkinson, S. Hendrickson, C. Kosko. R. Ritchey. W. Ellsworth. R. Lacey, P. Huber. Second row-R. Janosko, A. Belan. F. Stupar, E. Szekely, F. Park. Smiclnnsky. li. Rcsetar. D. Devey, Burke, Manager. BASEBALL - c'Se6Zi0naZ Championsv The Munhall High School baseball team, piloted by Mr. Kliskey, had a high- ly successful season, winning six games while losing only Iwo. This record was good enough to give Munhall the section XV championship. The team however, lost to Dunbar in a playoff game by the close score of 3-2. The Indian nine defeated Mt. Lebanon twice, Duquesne twice, Clairton twice, Homestead once and McKeesport once. Their only defeats were to Homestead and McKeesport. The team played good ball all through the season featuring superb pitching, excellent fielding and heavy hitting. Many a team went down swinging or had what looked like a sure hit turned into an easy out. Although several good boys were lost by graduation, an experienced group of boys will be back to form a nucleus for another successful season in l948. 94 First row. l. to LYC. Silcorn. Ramsay, B. Muir. G. Schryver. D. White. R. Konis. Second row-D. Ord. A. Pearson. P. Bracken. Piatt. R. Gross. Gyurina. Kormosh. RIFLE TEAM - Ccfilnother Trophyi' The Munhall Rille Team under the able leadership ol' Mr. Hlilson :md Mr. Cllulrlton, has I7Cl'l'0l'lIlCll excellently in past years and has won Z1 proud display ol' trophies. This year was no exception. The line-up ol' lnatches for the your was us follows: Corziopolis, Millvzxle, Mt. Lebanon, Uztkmont, and Aspinwull. There were two n1z1tc'hes with each teznn, one being shot at the home range and one away. This year, the teznn lost some ol' its ublest members by graduation, but it will do its best to curry on the good work. Those lost are Rita Gross, Io-Anne Pizltt, Marian Tonmsein, Paul lirucken, .lim Rzmnlsay, Gerry Schryvcr, -Iohn Gyurina, und Dale YVhite. 95 First row. l. to r.-A. Csider, R. Carney. G. Thomas. C, Daly. W. Bloomers. P. Pavloff. Churma. W. Wallace B. Shipe. G. Matzliews. Second row-E. I-Iromanik. W, Funk. W. Sherman. W. Kepes. M, Humanic. Marcinko. A. Richards. P Csider. Cadman. Third rowflVlr. Oster. 1. Stupar. Needham. K. Pitassi. W, Nau. M. Lucas. S. Churma. Kane. Secllals R. Briefly. A. Lebeda, Manager. VVRESTLING - M uildingfor the Fuzfurev In the second season ol' wrestling, Nlnnhall ol' the linest squads in the state. Thouvll lick lligh School lielcls a team that is definitely an ing in experience, the boys have the will Incl improvement over the last season. Mr. Oster determination to work hard and to lt nn has worked tirelessly with l1is hoys looking lor- through the season the team showed that ward to the clay when Mnnhall will have one important never-say-die spirit. SEASON RECORD l Nlllllllllll Nlunhall Mnnhall Nlnnhall Nlnnhall Munhall Nlnnhall Mnnhall Nlunhall Mnnhall Klnnhall Nlnnhall i Mnnhall NIR. OSTER Klunhall 96 Trinity ileaniiette Shaler Shadysicle Xllest View Greensburg Dornlont NVaynesburg Trinity -lean nettc XVest View Shaclysicle fil'CCl1Sllll1'g Shaler ' W. M. EVANS, Min. 1. R. FOSTER, inns. A. SARON, D.D.s. s. RosENTHAL, D.s.c. J. c. SULLIVAN, D.D.S. E. NENVLAND, II CYHARE, D.1J.S. H. L. P. C. R. R. McXfVHINNEY C. R. SMITH, M.1J. ,-X. A. SZATKOIVSK1, D.D.S. Activities .......... Aclniinistrzation PATRUN S INDEX E1NcoF1f's RAY'S MEN'S IVEAR POT'1"S CONFECTIONERY A FRIEND JOHN PEDEN MRS. NELLIE McSHANE, Tax Collector CHIEF ROBERTS BONIVS MENS IVE.-XR FASHION DRESS SHOPPE G. R. SIPPEL, M.D. 62 - 85 H5-8 Athletics ....... . 86 - 97 Faculty ...... . ..... 9- 14 In Mcmoriani . . . ..... - 47 junior High . .... ..... . .. .. ..118 - 119 Patrons and Advertisers .. . .. 98 - 117 School Buildings . . . - 4 Scniors ol' 1948 .. ............. . . 16 - 48 Snapshots .... . ....... . ..... 15, 71, 82, 83, 97 Unclcrclassmcn ol' 1948 . . .. .............., 49- 61 98 Compliments of Park Cycle 81 Auto Supply Co. 3814 Main Street Homcstezul Park, l'cnnsylvzmiz1 llO.2lI0 HO.flll7 S S M M SMETANA SMETANA A A N N A A GLl1mDr1N TIME-Tr1s'1'11:1m PAINTS SCHXVINN-Bllllfl' Blc1Yr:1.1cs MoToRo1.A RAIJIKDS -louxsoxls FLOOR POLISHERS QQ l'R1islcRv1cRs EI.1cc:TR1c:AL ,APPLIANCES Tovs XVHU411, Goons fJl'R Sl'1fc11Al,'1'x' SALES SERVICE I-lO1ncstcz1d 2727 SALES Clark Chevrolet SERVICE 243 XV. Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. GOOD LUCK SENIORS Colm' In and Sec Us EVANS CUT RATE JOHN B. EVANS, 1'mp. Cflllgllll I ll If1l1'o11.x from MU NHALL VARSITY CLUB 99 CONQRATULATIONS . . . MUNl'l,XLL CLASS OF 1948 Wilkens ewelry Company Wilkens Amateur Hour llczzdq llzll ' LQ-rs for DIAMONDS, WATCHES, J1awm,RY, RADIOS ON E-Z CREDIT EIGHTH AVENUE .XND .XNN S'l'R1C1i'1' HO,XIES'1'EAXlJ, PA. 100 HILK'S FURNITURE Your Home Should Colne First F420 East Eighth Avenue Hotnesteatl, Pa. Telepltonesz HO. 2228-2229 COHIfJ1iIIlf?lIf.Y0f BEEDLE BROS. BLACK 8: WHITE MARKET FRANK DANIICH, Prop. fill-I Mztin Street Holnestezttl Park, Pat. I-IO. HH-I AMOS SUPER MARKET POUI,'l'RY STORE "The Store That Quality Built" C. C. Davis PLUMBING AND HEATING New Installations :ind Repairs on PLU MBING AND HEATING EQUIPMENT Service on Autoinatie Heztt Controles -124 Green Street Phone: HO. -1015 Homestead Park. Pzt. Listak Gulf Service Corner of Matin St. :intl Miller Avenut GREASING AND WASHING Phone: HO. 94157 Hotnestezttl Pztrk, Pat. Prop. -Ioiix S. 1,151-,xx 101 Courtney Electric SALES AND SERVICE 1002 Main Street Phone: HO. 0801 XVESTINCHOUSE DEALERS Pmja. N. L. CoI'R'1'N1-ix' Res. and Office Phone: HO. 65194 DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE George Irvin Green FUNERAL HONIE 3511 Main Street Homestead Park, Pu. Cr CON GRA TULA TIONS to the Class of 10418 1'1l'0Ill aig uPorkywCheC1Wie1i Your CANIE ANNOUNCER Phone: HOn1estez1d 6700 Homestead Lincoln-Mercury, Inc -IIQRRY RUmN 127 E. Seventh Avemle Homestead, Pelmsylvzlnizl 102 1 " quxYfN2-I-sus "A 7 1 1 V cis 5 xv? I if 3 1 1 L x el -P f g i 'WQH' 3" "A' i44P5jr ,,s 5 1 ' . A-f+"' :ff f 'Ionic 2 -5 Q m y "J HN S CLLIER P GAI " The slogan ti1at's laaclzeci lay genuine goociness in quality anti service, time result of 43 years successful experience in the yearlooolz field. We finci real satisfaction in pleasing you, the year- iaoolz publisher, as well as your photographer ami your printer. .IAHN 8 OLLIER ENGRAVING Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers SI7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. 103 WIX - CAN - FIX Plurnbivzg and Healing Install a new furnace or lnathrooni Payment plan il' desired 811 Amity Street. near Boro Bldg, Phone: HO. 1248 WICKES 8: COMPANY IVE CALL FOR AND DELIVER Phone: HOmestead 0372 CAPITOL CLEANING AND DYEING 1.owesI Prices Always Your Garment Insured XVhile In Our Care Corner Eighth and McClure Munhall, Pennsylvania Shermanls Pharmacy M. A. Sniciuifxw, P1i.G. gi. 5417 Main Street Homestead Park, Pennsylvzniia 'l'oday's Improved Pittsburgh Paints are The Finest Your Money Can Buy Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company F508 East Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pennsylvania Phone: HO. 0686 Phone: H O. 3320 SCHWADRON X'VALLPAPl'lR AND PAINT CoMi'ANY 100 East Eighth Avenue Opposite Hi-Level Bridge Homestead, Pennsylvanizt KOZY KORNER SNACK SHACK Anything, Anytime lor Anybody 2615 Main Street Phone: HO. 9266 104 Wo1fson,s All XVOrk Done on Premises 207 E. Eighth Avenue Phone: HO. 1500 Your CKITHIIIIIIIHQPYS l"mfor1'le JEWELER Nationally ,-Xdvertised Merchandise Diamonds Reset XfVhile You X'Vait l'IAMll,'l'ON, ELGIN, liL11.ovA 84 YVALTHAM XVA'rc:H1cs, DIAMONIJS, E1.lcc1'1'klc:A1. APP1.1ANc:i1s Home of Discriminating jewelry Costume Iewelrx' HO. 2207 .xllllllllkllllf Service Private Chapel C0ll1lJ1liIIlCII1S of os. A. Prokopovitsh FUNERAL DIRECTOR 4134 Ninth Avenue Nlunhall. Pa. CARLTON MEN'S SHOPS F535 East Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pennsylvania SOLOMON'S HlJAIl'lS'I'EAIJ,S BEST S'1'oRl-1 FOR NIICN Eighth Avenue at Mc'Clu1'e Street Homestead, Pa. Phone: HO. 2888 COLLINS AND SCHWEINBERG THE BEST COAL IN TOXVN 35500 Main Street Homestead Park, Pa. KOHUT'S CONIPLETE NIARKET l700 hICClul'e Street Phone: HO. 22-lil Homestead, Pa. 105 Sinee 1899 it's been Drugs 1'1'eseriptions FRIEDLANDEIVS COMMUNITY PHARMACY "FOR FASHIONS FIRST" PROFESSIONAL 221 East Eighth Avenue P1'1A'ARM-ACISTS Homestead, Pa. HO. F5442 815 Ann Street CmzgmtuIafimzx to lim N-S1131 It With I"10wzf1's"' The Gift X'Vith A Soul ELICKER AND STRONG 328 East Eighth Avenue CLASS OF '48 PM HO. 1119 Homestead, Pa. alfa!! 8404. HOMESTEAD PAINT Sc GLASS -Hez1c1tluz11'ters- WATSON - STANDARD PRODUCTS 318 East Eighth Avenue MHCC1899 Ifiifmez no. mfs Hon1est,eac1, Pu. RUBEN'S HOMESTEAD HARDWARE STORE FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Open Evenings by Appointment 312 East Eighth Avenue Phone: HO. 1225 Homestead, Pa. A1.1siiR'1' D1CIKS'1'I4I1N, Prop. A 222 East Eighth Avenue Phone: HO. 0619 Honiestead, Pu. 106 COFFEE SHOPPE 3908 Main Street Hoinestezul Park, Pu. Home Cooked Dinners SANDXVICHES ICE CRF 'XM TAKE THEM OUT Phone: HOniesteztcl l389 Shoes for the entire Family X-Ray Fitting' tLittle'sJ VICTOR SHOE STORE "I-1mneslend's Largest Shoe Store" Lows PAPP,hl2ll12lgCl' Filti E. Eighth Ave. Homestead, Pa XVHEN ISETTER .XUTOBIOBILES .XRE l3UIl,'l', BUICK XVILL BUILD THEM Homestead Buick Company 221 Exist Ninth .XYCIHIU Phone: HO. H117 Honiestezttl, Psi. SALLY SAGE SHOPPE Hosiery ljngerie Millinery 228 Ernst Eighth ,Xvenue HO. 4999 Honiesteacl, Pu. GILLEN AND COULTER CO. IVUNISIL-ll. Dl1iEC'l'ORS This horne is clecliezxtecl to the memory ol' those who in Eternal Sleep repose herein and is lor the use :intl eonilort ol' relatives :incl friends. with no extrzt charge. 1519 East Ninth Avenue HO. 4100 Homestead, Pu. DODGE :incl DODGE Pl,YMOU'l'H TRUCKS TRI-BORO MOTOR COMPANY 229 XVest Eighth Avenue BOOKS SHOES Hmncglmd pil Ifm' the lfnlire Ifzznzily MAX Rohm-1x', Alrrlzzlgrfi' Phone: HOniestez1cl 27157 107 Complirnenls of FREDERICICS SUPER MARKET Qllillily Complimerzls of XIEAEVS ANU GROCIERIES 2126 XX'l1iiz1kci' XX':1y' HO. 2266 XVhitakcr, Pa. Alfred J. Ackerman Vim the New JUSTICE or THE PEACE H. Kc H. SANDVVICH SHOPPE Excellent food ill and Niodcrzite Prices BURGESS Ol-ERAT1Nc: 24 I-Icarus Fifodcrn Air Conditioning 23213 E. 1-Qighth Avo. Homestczid, Pal. FARMERS PRIDE POULTRY S.-XVE wif . . . . Specializing Ill Cut-up CIIICRCII :my part, any amount, any time Szilbly :incl I'ml'it:ilJly FARM FRESH EGGS with 330 East Eighth Avenue V ' IIO. 8340 Homestead, Iflrst federal Savlngs 81 Loan Association of Homestead ciflflllfi' 8111 Avenue and Ann Street , I immzts Honlestczid, Fm Ip, of Pen nsvlvzi n in ' SHUPINK CREDIT JEWELER 'Al77.S'1IVf'!1 Su1fz'ng.s' Armiznf' 108 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1948 HILHS STUDIO Your School Photographer G HAVER'S PHARMACY IQEGIS HAVER, PHIL. ltiI9 lNIeClure Street Homestead. Pu. Teleplione: HO. +122 G. C. GARBER DRUGS. CONFECTIONERY FOUNTAIN SERVICE 3502-04 Matin Street HO. 3188 Homestead Park, Pu The University of Pittsburgh Arts - Sriezzces - ljllginecrillg - Business Tezlclling - Il'rilir1g and llrnzlrrzalisnz Medidne - Law - Dentistry Social Work - Pllarrzmcy Nu1'si11g,' For Information, Aimiugss THis R1-1eIsTRAR .Iones 85 McClure Successor to .IOHN XV. BAINBRIIJGE Aeicxczx' NOTARY PUBLIC Insurance of All Kinds Real Estate and Renting Service 820 Ann Street Phones: HO. 5500 lk 1376 Homestead, Pa. Cmlljalinzenls of RIES VARIETY STURE 231 X'Vhitztker Street HO. 2760 XVhitaker, Pa. For Qualify C16llIIIi1Ig "GUST" THE CLEANER Ladies' and Gents' Wcmrk A Specialty Dependable Service Most Reasonable Prices Years of lixperience Our Success-Your Satisfaction 109 X'Vhitaker Street Ho. 9236 IVhitaker, Pa. 110 WHETSTONE'S FLOWER SHOP I"lozue1's For All f,Fl'I!S1UI1.Y 1Vf'rldings Om' Sperially 815 Amity Slrc-cl Hmncstczad. Pu. Phono: HO. 1006 Rcs: HO. 11639 2111 1 Our CUIlg'1'1ll'lllK111,071.1 MEYER I. GRIN BERG 1'IOl'S1-Y FURNISHINGS and Ei1if1c1'i'Ric1Ai, Sioizia 'iighlll Avcnuv 11mliust:-2111 lies! 11"isl1es in ilu' CLASS OF 1948 for HA PPI.Y1'fSS ,-I ND S l 1 CCESS Geo. M. Hall, Inc. "Do It With YVood" 1515 H1651 Scvcntli .bhciillc HO. I 168 Homestead J Il NIORRIS GRINBERC'S Ifnslzirms for KVOMEN AND CIHILUREN F109 Eighth JXVCIILIC ZAIMES l.z111'1'f'.x" 117111 Cfl1lfi1'HI1'.S' 11'e'?Il1' 129 East Eighth .'xVCl11lC Homcstcad, Pu. ,-IRRO W SHIRTS, TIES, U NDERYVEAR SOL'S CLOTHES SHOP Eighth at Amity Phono: HO. 1385 YVHITAKER DRUGS York ClcmAl1'N1'1'Y 131111: S'lO1l1'I, Louis X'VL'1Il1JCTg'Cl', PILC. 11.8. NV1iitz1kcr, Pu. v CU7lllI11llIE7lfS of amford rothers NIU N1 IALL, PIQN NSYLVAN IA FORD TOOHEY MOTOR CO. Sales and Serrfirrf 112 12. Sth Avcnuc Homestead. Pu. 1l1101H?I HOmCsLcz1c1 311550 JOHNSTON THE FLORIST 1251 E. 8111 Avcuuc Phone: HOmcstcz1c1 1275 LOMA-HAVEN CANDIES for 1"1N1c C.-XNDIIES, SANINVICIIIZSV Fo1'NTA1N SPrirz1AI1T11as CompI1'meni.s'nf A. E. KATILIUS . . . EXVELRY . . Electrical Applizmccs 112 RICHARD E. LLOYD ulrlslirn of llm Pr'f1fr: Mnnhzill, Pal. CINDERELLA SHOE SHOPPE SMART SHot4s Fox XVOMI-iN EXc:l,t'slvt41l,Y Phone: HO. I-lil Iteunai 'l'Ite:tt1'c Building 236-238 East Eighth .Xvc-nnt- Hrnnestead. Pa. NIFTY SHOPPE FOR NIFTY CLOTHES C1m'net' ol' Eighth :incl Aniity 0 Phone: HO. I7l5 Res. IIO. 4,1051 GEORGE SMOLEY -INSURANCE-- in all its bl'2ll1t'iN'S R mi, lis'I'A'1'141 - MoR'1'c:,xm-is Rtixrs ciOl.I.lf.fI'l'lilJ - NOTARY 1't7v.l,lc: if ,. D. Hmmm 'ld' 1"' 5 I8 E. Eighth Avenue Mnnhztll, P.i. 0 CU7l:Q"JYlf'lllIIff0Il.Y front CLEAN E R - S C' DYERS TRI-Bono CAB 110. Bl1'1"1'lcR CI,i4:ANiNc: - Bii'1"1'1aR Stcrwicziii 812 Mclllure Street Homestead, Pu. We Call l"m'nnf1lJelivm' Phone: HO. 2400 Serviciing :ill Butwfs 24 HOUR SERVICE Phone: HfJIllfTSLif2lti 8000 Phone: HOn1estead 0347 R. COX GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING DEPENDABLE SERVICE H15 XVest Street Hmnesteztd, Pai, GORDON-j,xc:0RsoN. INC. Eighth Aventtt' and I,iln'zn'y Street Ilmnesteztcl - Munhull. Pu. Phone: HO. 35000 113 fll2ll1fJl1'Illf'Ilf.S' of Rcclslmw Mcrfs XWCL11' l'llc ir'- ..-KH mc: HC J, Dill! f,'m11,12I1'111e11l.x' of SMYTHES DRUG STORE l'1'f'.s'1'i'fj1linns - Cn.s'r11rflir'.s' fi0l'lIL'1' Eighth .AXYCIIIIC and ,Mm Hrmicswzinl. Pai. Tclc-plimicrz HO. 35597 Sm-c l.i1 lazwl l',Ig'llllI.xYl'l1lIl' lflrmic wlnwicl. l'c'i1i1svlx'zml:l UNITED CANDY SHOPPE Ullll'HA7l7f1TUIlSUNY' Fm' Qualify Svi'vii1gl'i1hliC Sim? lllffl 230 Eighth .XYC'llllL' l"l0l1lCSlK'2lll, Pal. 1. v llllll IIU. 21 500 khlcli. Zlflflyi iiimermzm ClC?l,lilCl'S lfurs zmcl Colcl Storzigc lil l'l"l'1CRNlIl,K lfIOl,l,OXX' ROAD HO MlCS'l'li.XIJ, IPX. 114 Elhll gl Sk YIIICS Real listutv 111111 I11s111'z1111'11 .xgflllh for Pl'UlJL'l'Iy A11yw11L'1c ill District S1212 OUR NEW' PLAN 1WlHl1'11 lwcznor Wc's! Mlf7ll1'11 also our Hamllfwl Hills Plan - H011zcsteacl Park H055 ,X M I'1'Y S'1'R1Qli'1' HO. '14-111 HUMES'1'E.XlD, PK. , . VIQCICIJIIOHCZ HO. 1121411 lludnlluc l'om121C V-8 li-8 Ho111csLcz1d 111111111210 Co. 221 111 leigllm 111111111- ll fblll Cslvllcl. P11. il11,xs. li. E 1cg111 Q11 ROBBINS SHOP "lJi.s'l1'11c'If1f1' l.1uli1's flj1j1r11'el" 1,1-01121 'I'I1cz1lrc B11ildi11g Ho111c-sicad, Pa. Lz1cly-1fz1shio11 Shoes for NVo111c11 kjolm C, Robcrls Shocs For M011 Rod Coosc Shoes For Boys :mal C1115 POST SHOES Frmlwca 1' for ilu: E7'll1.'V6 l"r1n'1lly X-Ray Fitting SOL POST VIYCICIJIIOIICZ Pllollei 810 Anlity Struct Ho111Qstcz1cl, Pu. 115 GENUINE MOTOR PARTS 215 XVest Eighth Avenue UO. 05 lti-40132 Hoinestezul, Parts for All Makes of CARS, TRUCKS AND BUSES 1 i1iCiClJilOllCI 1'ifJ1llCSLC2ld 29250 F. A. NAAIESKI Rigrxi, EsTA'r1c -A INsU14ANeic NO TA R Y PUHLI C E301 East Eighth Avenue Hontestezul, Pu. 'l'elephone: HOmestezul 1707-08 MERVIS MOTOR SALES 420 Eighth Avenue Hcnuestezul, Pu. ANN'S FLOWER SHOP AND GIFT POTTERY CENTER Since 1932 1315 Ez1stEighth Avenue Phone: HO. 102-L Hmnesteztd, Pu. Al JA M G. WIGKERHAM litQuls1'1411ua1J ,XRc:Hl'1'1',c:'t' Forbes Building 1255 East Eighth Avenue Phone: HO. l00l HtJ1IlCSlCklLl, P1 L'07lg"Vll1'l,l lzttirms lo the GLASS OF V18 Meet your Friends at zt Friendly Store GRACE WILLIA M S CONFECTIONERY Phone: HO. 7870 S Sc R Quality Market 71004 Main Street Hontesteud Park, Pzt. RALPH GHRESTAY LANuscA1'iNcz and GIQNERAI. GAR1m1eN1Nt: 420 Ellsworth Avenue Homestead Park, Pu. 116 Index of 19448 Advertisers Ackerman, ,Xllrcd AA AA Animerman Cleaners AA Amos Super Market AA .xI1l1'S Flower Shop AA Bamlord Bros. AA A A lieedle Bros. A A Black K Xvhite Market ,..,. Books Shoes A A Capitol Cleaning and Dyeing Carlton Men's Shop A Chedwick, Craig A Chrestay, Ralph A A Cinderella Shoe Shoppe A Clark Chevrolet A A A Coffee Shoppe AA ..... A A Collins QQ Schweinberg AA A AA Community Pharmacy Courtney Electric Sales ze Service Cox Garage AA AA A AA Davis, C. C. A A Elicker Xc Strong A A Evans Cut Rate A A Farmers Pride Poultry A A First Federal Savings IQ l.oan AXssociation Frederick's Super Market Fried1ander's AA A A A A Garber, G. C. AA AA Genuine Motor Parts Gillen tk Coulter Co. A Gordon--1acobson AA Green, George Irvin AA Grinberg, Meyer 1. A Grinberg. Morris AA Gust, the Cleaner A A HKHAAAA Hahn tk Skyrmes Hall Bros. Hall, George 1X1., Inc. AA l"1aver's Pharmacy AA A Hi1k's Furniture AAAA Hill's Studio AA AA Homestead Homestead Homestead Homestead Homestead Buick Co. Hardware Store Lincoln-Mercury Paint it Glass A Pontiac Co. A 1nc. AAAA A 108 1 1-1 101 116 1 I2 101 101 107 1011 105 102 I 16 1 13 911 107 105 106 102 113 101 106 99 108 108 108 106 110 116 107 115 102 1 11 11 I 110 108 115 106 11 1 110 101 100 107 106 102 106 I 15 117 hlahn K Ollier AAAA Alohnston the Florist AA -Iones lk McClure AA Katilius, A. E. A Kohut's A A Kozy Korner A A I,istak Gulf Service A Lloyd, Richard E. A AA Loma-Haven Candies Mervis Motor Sales AAAA Midway Cleaners AAAA Munhall Varsity Club Najeski, F. AA Nilty Shoppe A Park Cycle AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA Pittsburgh Plate Glass Post Shoes AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA A A Prokopovitsh, Jos. A. Redshaw Men's XVear Ries Variety Store A A Robbins Shop A Ruben's AAAAAA A S EQ R Market AAAA Sally Sage Shop AA Schwadron AAAAAAAAA AAA Sherman's Pharmacy Shupink Credit Jeweler Smoley, George AA AA 0. A AAAA AA SIIIVIDCYS Drug Store AAAA A Solomon's AAAAAAAA Sol's Clothes Shop Toohey Motor Co. A AA 'Fri-Boro Cab Co. A Tri-Boro Co. United Candy Shoppe A A University of Pittsburgh Victor Shoe Store AA AA I'Vhetstone's Flower Shop A X'Vhitaker Drugs IVickerham, Adam G. X'Vickes It Company 1Vi1kens AAAAA AA A AA Mlilliams, Grace AA XVo1Ison's A A A A A Zaimes AAAA 1021 1112 110 112 105 104 101 113 112 116 113 09 116 113 S10 10-1 115 105 114 110 115 106 116 107 101 1011 108 1131 llfl 105 111 112 113 107 114 110 107 111 111 116 104 100 116 105 111 'l'Hli MILK 'IUR HI JH bll'NlUK llltjll 'l'l'.AC'lll'lRS Miss Mary Koch, Miss Maree lielgar. Miss Nell Welsh. Mrs. Waixda Swanson. jl 'NIOR MliRl'l' CLUB First row. l. Lo r. '7 A. Lindberg. R. Graham, A. Oncleck. N. Yurcon, I. Olexa, E. Beylan M. Chasko, A. Glick. Second row-S. Jones, E. Oesterlmg. D. Lloyd. T. Price. l". Kern, G. Dindak, M. Lebedcla. Third row-N. Vargo, Miss Felgar, D. Nama, K. Kazimer, D. Sninsky, 1. Godish, W. Freshwaler. 118 119 .Iunior Scirlwr Cllub First row. l. to r.+A. On deck. A, Elinor, N. Yurcon M. Zanos, D. Rubenstein, H Oross. N. Walls, F. Laychak D. Mihalko. D. Gribble, A Glick. Second row-A. Lindberg -I. Butala, E. Sega, I. Olexa Beylan, M. Muir, D. Lucas M. Ague. B. Houck. Third row7A. Graham, D Pene. H, Proudfoot, S. La dick. L, Lalich, S. Litz, S Bamford. M. Repko, E. Ban dik. Fourth row7E, Oesterling E. Adams, N. Pronis, B Freshwater, E. Garrity, H Palmer. M, Monk. Fifth rowil. Richards, C Davis. N. Vargo, D. Nama D, Lloyd. D. Sninsky, G Semancik, D. Largo, R. Mor nmer. Sixth rowfR. Martin. R Kcazmer. R, Hinkel, J Brown. G. Dinclak, Brown F, Vereb. Mrs. Swanson, .Iunior 'l'1'Z1VtTl Vlub liirst rowfM. Wilson, F Bakanic. L. Andres, R. Craw ford. E. Satalla. R, Urban, C Chasko. R. Sega, Second row f Miss Koch A. Elkins, L. Florian, R Robertson. S. Hepps, D l.vnch. l.. Pupik, Miss Welslx Hobby Club First row1A. Ondeck. N Yurcon. N. Walls, H. Cross E. Sega. E. Skorski. Second row-D, Lucas, l Olexa. Mrs. Swanson, I. Pal mer. M, Nlonk. , Al .. A. ' 5 N W" Jg,4,w ' 11, Jill U' gyqutographs . 4 , W 1 ' ff . . F I ,i3"L' I if .521 6' f f - ff A iv ' I Q "rf flrlcrlrmflerlge lin' V11l1ml1l1f lI1'lj1nf-- " MWQQSKIR. lgmm ,. . , A ....,A.,4,44.,.,4,, ,,...,A.,A . .HILL STUDIO L 'A' A XIR. NICXVILIJANIS A ., . .KIAHN AND OLLIIQR 'lf M 0 ,UL ' 25,31 MR. Rucll N u12N1QR,x1. Plucss , Q H 1 iv' 9,",, 4' AV gm::. xx if Q E SE WE 3 Bs RT vi ,A 2? E 4 3 5 1 BZ H 5 5 35 sz 3 2 sax fi E 3 E sg 32 QE 2 3 E 22 2 Q Z4 ev

Suggestions in the Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) collection:

Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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