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Munhall High School - Munhisko Yearbook (Munhall, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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x 1 n , i 5 Q X i Fl X 4 I Y 7l i 5 i 5 1 5 n E I H Q E E NINETE HUNDRED THIRTY NIXI MUNHISKO THE ANNUAL I'Ul5l.ICA'2'IfDN Ulf MUNHALL HIGH SCHOOL MlfNHAu.l.. l'1gNNsw.x1xxr x L . DEDICATIO 1- IL. ilu- mluss of 'm0. wnsln lo 1-xprc-ss our snnu-rv upprcmn- lion to our class sponsor. Nlr. llynll, lay Cllxflifillillg to lnm lllis annuml. Tflrougll luis l'Ilf'6l'rlllllCSS uncl willingness ln lwlp in clinirully llc 'ms IDPCOITII' nn inlvgrnl purl of lllv ilss of 1030. lfsuuuy. Iwingj an lnmnlwr of lllc- rilfllhy places unc on zu mucrll higher levvl lllzxn il slutlvnl. This lligll Ievvl proviclvs for linlilm-cl exssociulion uncl lilllc' purlicipnlion in sluclcni ixvlivilivsz luui nol so willl Nlr. Hyull. 'lqllfllllfjllfllll P lime that lu- has uctccl as our Class sponsor. lm 'ms pul lorlh every 6-Horl to zu'lnic-vv thc sllcvffssc-s we may IIZIVQ' lmcl. X01 only thai. lu- Inns lmrouglml flirnsclf clown from tlw percln of an slrifl pcclnnl lo :nuke us iIlCliViCIllilHy his friends. Ihr IS as Hlllfll il sluclenl ns il lc-214111-r. So we, who leave- Nlunfmll ilnis yr-nr. ronsicler lllis yenfs book ax lrilmulv lo Iris fri:-nclsllip. I OPEN THE BUCK Back in the eariy l800,s a group of fore- sighted settiers cooperated in erecting the tirst schooi huiiding in what is now Mun- hait. VX7oricing industriousiy, they had soon completed a crude, dratty iog structure on Twenty-second Street, which was destined lo serve as the oniy piace of learning in the great curve ot the mighty Monongaheta River. Students in search ot education came from miies around to master the rudiments and iiundamentais of the three Rss. Later this venerahie edifice was razed, and the Franiciin School was huiit on the same site. In 1895 the iiirst humioie huitdings of the present Tweifth Avenue Grade School were erected to meet the increasing demand of the territory, and to accommodate the swarm of new students. The thriving new Com- munity immediateiy showed its interest in furthering education ioy purchasing the QF LEAR property hetween Eleventh Avenue and Boone Alley. ln 1904, upon this new1y-ac- quired plot, was lJuilt the eight-room struc- ture which is now the central part ol the high school. The lar-seeing lxflunhall residents were not yet satistied, and they soon made lurther acquisitions. The lirst ol these was the four- roorn school which stood on land purchased lrom John Nlunhall. Then in 1915, a tour- room school was established at Twelfth and Andrew, and later in the same year ten new rooms were added to the high school. Progress on the schools was temporarily delayed hy a disastrous tire in 1918 which destroyed the high school auditorium. Alter repairing this damage, the school authorities added tive rooms and an auditorium to the high school. Then in 1951, an eleven room addition was made to the high school, to G T0 ALL accommodate a sudden increase in enroll- ment. ln 1952, Vvoodlawn Junior High School. a highly modern structure, was erected to serve the Parlc residents and to prevent over- crowding. ln all respects, Woodlawn is well equipped and suited for modern educational purposes. The latest acquisition lo lvlunhall Schools is the Marigold Street School, huilt in 1936. Thus, in loolcing over the history ol Nlun- hall Schools, it is plainly evident how lar- sighted 1V1unha11 residents were. Those pioneers were not too concerned with their own vital affairs to realize that education was worthy ol their whole-hearted support. From the humhle heginning, which they made in 1800. has developed a networlc ol inter-related school huildings which ade- quately serve to train Nlunhall youth. The Clxghzfee BOQKS GF, KNGWLEDGE THE SCHOOL "A tiuman being is not, in any proper sense a human being tilt Ile is educated." A H. MANN. ORGANIZATIGNS HOur ancestors have traveled the iron age: the gotcten is before usf, ST. PIERRE t ATHLETICS UTrue enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the Inoctyg the two are ever t unitedf, HUMBOLDT. c-3 Sc LQJ WIZHVAIISA' Acijusting Time Lilimrary ot Learning BOARD MEMBERS ljrr-siclz-nl - ---f-- - F. VV, Evnns lflvnnor liiilllllllilylll I- A. Ilil-Iwy ill. XV. Brysni fi. l". Sinnnr-n lj. ,l. Dixon lxfllllilll SCHOOL BOARD AKlNG possilmle llle inesl ecluvulional liarililies lor lvlunliall sluflenls is ttle cluly ussignecl lo lime sclwool lxoflrtl. lls guiclance uncl help is responsilalc lor lllc line sliowing lvlunlwall Higli Scliool lmas made. Vlqlmis year in ull llielcls ol ixclivities llley Cooperulecl anal lmflcecl llie loollyall l0illT1 in its great vicxlory and llwy otlerecl more opportunities lor Nil1IlllElll,S cielmlo lcznn. il-lle seven mr-miners, receiving insullicient creclil lor ltle opportunities otlerecl lo us, do llieir lmesl lo give us time llinesl class ol cclucnlion. liy selecting line leactlers. goocl materials nncl equipment, anal interesting l'flLlf'ill.i01'1E1l assvrnlplivs. llle svllool lponrcl is kept busy llirougtiout lim entire year. VXfe Cleeply upprcfiule its splc-nclicl worlc in our lxelmll in llle pusl alncl wllut il is lo do in tlie lulurc. OXV long wc'll rc-memlwr llu-se l'lmrnr'le-rislic poses ol Slr. Xvlierry ancl 5lr. Trimlnlc. our printi- pals. wlmo urs- always conu-rnecl llc:-ply willx our prolplemsl U ilu- svuiors wlmo ure- grmllmlimf. we cv lencl our Cong,5rululnlions. You will lum- clillifull prolwlcms lJul llwe inlc-lligcnl. well lruinccl youlll wlm go lorlll willm an rf-sululv clvlvrmirmlion lo lincl ax plan-1' wlwrv llxvy ram rcmlr-r usvlul SI'I'I7il'C nc-ml lmvc no lmxr ol ullimalr lnilurc. liven rlmnu- lavurs lllv lrainvfl minrl. TIN- parumounl nvvcls ol' youlln locluy arc' failll in sociely mul in lllllllilli rvsourrvs ol mincl aml spiril. vouplecl willw an alpprc-fialion ol wlml lms lx-vu ixcromplisllvcl mul il will lo Q0 lor- wurfl lo nvw goals. may you cuclx one lmvc an slumvsslul uml usvlul lilf-. L, 3 ,, 5 was :nam A The unliall Faculty xxjllill coulcl Flr. Xvallnerl lmvc louncl so inla-resling on tlmc lmullelin lmarcll' ll clovsifl loolc lilce il German lest lo mv. Nlr. XNIGUVETI' and Nlr. NlcCurll1y. our arl anml sllop inslrurlors. are uclmiringf llmir lmncliworli on llll' slnge selling. ,lusl lmelwcen you ancl HIP, llmvysc- gol somellling lllerc-. llonil Xvoodluwnis llislory lf-arllcrs malu- un inlvrvsling pivlurv? :Xml Nliss xXiPlSll uncl Nlrs. Hill cs-rlainly mexlw lnislory jusl ns inlcrc-sling. Nlr. Uslcr. VVooclluwn's now gym lCilCllCl', lulcf-s ir USlllIlllllQH on tlmc lronl slvps wlic-n llmc nlmircliei' gels llim. ililmrcv llislory lcarllcrs gel llxcir llf'ilKlS logvllwr. Nlr. llyall is cloing all lln- lullcing wllile Nlr. Xvilson and Nlr. Nlcl.c-an nrc llmc innocr-nl lyyslzxnclcrs. l.ooli ul lllosr' smilcsl Coulfl Nlr. Xvic-lnncl nncl Nlr. Frnnlz luavv iouncl za IIUVQ' Hpuzzlc-rn lor llieir gcomclry classes? All gfnllm-r nrourul, lollxs, wlmilc Nliss lliflfey uncl Nlr. l5llSQ'll give us u clucl. Hy Bliss lgollingeris wicle smile. we can soc il isnil loo lmcl. Fincl llmc Orror in llmis pirlurc. rl-lmlis il. NI0lliVC Qol ill Nlr. l.loycl ancl lxlr. Sllilllllllll lnelong lwlliml llu- lypcwrilvr, llul Nlr. Clmrllon Sllfllllll lmve nn nlgclmru lmoolc. llislory lvnclu-rs-fNlrs. firuy, Nlr. Cross mul Nlr. Ellcins-gel logfelln-r again! Coulcl Nlr. Elkins lme smiling almoul luis sufvc-sslul Dvlmle' Clulm? ililmrev clmrming svlmool mnrms-Nliss Kvllz. Nlrs. Dorlcls uncl Nlrs. iliminor. Vlilley ccrlninly do llleir parl in muliing Engflisll ix pleasure. Nlore English leacllersl 5lz1yluc Nliss Ball anfl Nliss lrreclvricla are clisrussing yvslerclayis lesl or is it llwe Mllilllisko? . ....,....1.:.:: lfizff f The unliall Faculty ixlr. Toclrl, lxlunhallvs Chiel' halon wielcler, is pleased ahout something. het itis some new musiv lor the Choir. HHH. liaec, hoe." Souncl lamiliar? Xvell lxliss Risheherger certainly hopes so. Nlaclemoiselle Daly loolcs puzzled, niesl:-Ce pas? We present lxfliss Xvilliams ancl lwliss Allbert, the Hguicling hanclsn to many English stuclents. Thanlcs, Bliss Xvilliams, lor helping us with the Annuall Nlr. Ramsey is showing Nlrs, Nippes his gracle lmoolc. Xvhy rloesn't he show her some grasshoppers? liet shell he scarecl. Xve woncler what the commercial tf'Ztl'll6TS lqincl so interesting. ljrohahly one ol Nlr. ljirancls lorilliant icleas has caught the attention ol Nliss firoal ancl lvliss hflarlcey. These three, Nliss Bertram, Nliss Rush. ancl Nliss ixlE'tflJ6tl1 liolcl the late ol this Class in their hancls. For what senior has esvapecl Dramatic, Debate, English, or lvlunlzisleo? V J Could this experiment he clealing with elements more clangerous than Hfj? Vvith lxtlr.'lco, lvlr. Beggs is here a victim ol one ol his own Camera Club lans. Nly. loolc how stuclious Nliss Berger ancl Bliss Briggs are. XVI: het thereis a lot ol worlc in store lor somelbofly. lvliss Forest ancl lxfliss Vviclclowson talre time otl from their math Classes to pose lor the ramera. l.ooli pretty, pleasel Nliss Cox, the roolcing instructor, must have invitecl Nliss Howat, the lihrarian, ancl lvliss Nexvell, the seamstress, to tea. lylay we Come, too? Three cheers lor our athletic instructors-Nliss Barnes and ixlr. Rutter, our gym teachers-anal lxlr. Nlarlcowitz, our lootlgall and haslcethall coach. 9 X e ' X 'YQ BUILDING UPKEEP l.illle nolifecl in ll1e lnusy rusll ol sfliool, ancl yel very ilnporlanl in lieep- ing us comlorlalmle, is lllis exeellenl group ol worla-rs. Tllese selclom nolifecl people lceep tliinggfs running smoollwly. ln proporlion lo llie vasl amounl ol worlc llley clo, llley seem lo rereive less allenlion ancl reeognilion llian any olller lJl'illH'll ol llle sc'l1ool syslem. No. llwis isnil a Xvilson millx acl piclurecl almove. llls jusl our smiling allencl- ance ollicer, Nlr. Clmilcole, performing one ol luis many clulies. lVlr. ljovle, Nlr. Davies ancl Nlr. Turner clonyl ollen lmave lime lo sil clown ancl resl as llie pirlure SllOXX'S. Cleaning and liixing llle sclmol Cerlainly lieeps lllem quile luusy. lxlr. Nl. Cox, Serrelarv ol llwe Board ol Direclors and Superinlenrlenl ol lluilclingjs, and Nliss Eleanor Pleilcler, Assislanl. are llie Capalale supervisors ol' llle lill'1Hl1l'f'S ancl llle maintenanre ol llde sfllool. Nlrs. Jones, nlrs. Pearce, Nlr. ljmearrl ancl Nlr. Nlyers are mainly responsilvle lor Xvooellawnls excellenl Conclition. All ol ll1em have gainecl many lriencls ll'lI'0llQ'l'l llmeir willingness lo liix lliis ancl mend lllal. Nliss Cosgrove. Nliss .lones and Nliss Nloslmaelaer are our lliree smiling sefre- laries. Tlley are always willing lo lencl a laelping llalifl. Have a lieacl-aelqe. Dr. Darsie ancl Nliss Connelly lnave an ever ready supply ol: aspirins anrl medicine on llancl lo lalie slcillecl care ol' your numerous allies ancl pains. Nlr. Priceys ancl Nlr. Rowleyis wicle smiles and elmeery Ul'lellosH greet many persons as they sfo aluoul malfing us Comlorlaimle. Do we neeol lo say more? SENIOR CLASS HI TORY NINETEEN HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE RADUAPHCJN dayl Here al lasll Xve ll1e courageous seniors are ainoul lo go oul and iiglrnl our iuallles. lt doesnit seem so long since we were lresiimen, does il? Xve can still see ourselves, slly. inexperif enced, iriglilened by llle sopllomores, loolced down upon by llle juniors, and scorned ihy lime seniors. Nlosl ol lime lmys wore lcnee panls and tile girls were loo old lor iuows and loo young lor lpeaux. il-laose lresimmen days were l1igi1-liglxled ivy our memoralale lresllman party. lt was a red-letler day in our young' lives. Smoolli ilowing rilylllm. lovely colors, spring lmreezes-and tlxe dance progressed. Our iirsl lmig social evenll lt wasnil long iJelore lime slly lwoys found parlners and danced-liul lllen. we asserlecl ourselves as sopllomores. Taking a liirnl grip, we slarled oul as an organized class. rlilien, it was our turn to lease llle lresiliesl Tile class induslriously lregan lo sell seeds lo swell llie treasury. l5ul all was not worli. Rememlder llae sopiiomore parlyl lt was a grand affair and lols oi lun. Alter a year ol algelnra and "Tile Rime ol llle Ancienl ixlarineru, we lyegan lo be jolly and lo enjoy scilool as well. However, we lmecame soluered. lo some exlenl, upon assuming lile responsiloilily ol upper classmen. Xve were no longer sopliomores. Anollmer year llad given us time mucll anlicipaled title ol juniors. Vvllo can lorgel lime excilemenl and llle lleauliiul music ol time All-Vvestern Cjrclmeslra when lwllllfli1Hll was ilosl to sciiools from ali over Western Pennsylvania. Qur dramatic offering of tbe year, "That Giri Patsyi' Won speciai notice as a successful ciass piay. Studies, tests, gossip, and extra-curricuiar activities icept tbe class busy untii May 6, time nigiit of time Junior-Senior prom. Time gaia affair was beid at Vvebster Halt, with dancing to tile music of Aiex Morgan. A senior at iastt Qur dream came true, and we started off on a round of elections and committee woric. Election day savv Tom Slater re-eiected as presi- dent, Bernard Coiey as vice president, and Zeiia Wiiicinson as secretary. Tile Annual Staff was ciiosen and Woric began in earnest. in the midst of ati this, tbe iootbaii team expioded their 27 year jinx by beating Homestead 13-6. More cause for jubiiation, for ten seniors served as co-captains in tide gamet Events happened fast and turiousiy after tbat. The senior piay, 'Spring Feverf, featured a taiented cast at tbe Carnegie Library. Then before the dis- cussion ot tbe senior piay was Finished, MUHhRiliS annual Cbristmas piay en- iivened the scene. Here again seniors took an active part in matting a successful venture of it. i itil! Ciiristmas vacation, exams, and term papers followed in quick succession. Qrcbestra and band members were sent to various parts of tbe state to participate in tile festivais. The operetta, 'iH.M.S. Pinaforen scored a tremendous iiit VVitil seniors in prominent roiis. Easter siipped by. Tilen in tile center of ati tbese activities, Prom bids circuiated ireeiy and tile gaia junior-senior day came, Yvebster Haii was iiiied witin merriment. Loveiy irociqs oi organdy, iace and net, curis and iiowers of tile giris'-vvilile coats and sieeic bair of tile ieiiows-aii created a picture of coior and movement. Now it was springHaimost summer, tile busiest of seasons, tile saddest of timest it was tile time of commencement-time time of beginnings and endings. Every senioris tbougilt turned to time senior assembiyf--siovv and grave. Commence- ment-pensive and pompous. Gray-govvned seniors marched down tbe aisies. We bad entered Ntunbaii as freshmen to gain icnowiedge. As seniors We are going forth to serve. AABRAIIAM, T. IXIJAMITZ, E. A l.lslzl- 1 CIIT, L. Ai.uRlacuT, M. AN lmls nsoN, R. ARC!!!-IR, R. AsToN, R. HAIL:-LY, ir. BAKLR, if. BALD, A. BA 1.x.l NT, D. BAPT lli, N. BARR!-.'l'T, BARRY, .i. BARSIC, .l. SENIORS 1959 TQHOBIAS .ABRAIHBI . . . furiy, iriarii irair . . Pnjoys Dating . . Snraii, isnt iiw-iy . . irivmiiy . . roiivrts pivturvs. ELNA .'Al7AFlI'l'Z . . . svt on iwing a sufrvss . . piays tin- ciarinz-t . . taiiiativv . . ramps witii tin' Giri Stouts . . iinits ami iff'-siiatc-s. LOUISE IALISRFFIIT . . . a iimm-viiiv ings witil a iuvc for irasiwtimaii ami rc-acting . . Rf-J Cross rr-prr-svnlativl' , . nrvrniwr ni tilt' Hmriv .i:l'llIl0lIliCS Citrix . . wants to in- a str-rmgrapiwr. A xiA'l"l'llEXV Al.l5llIi'Il'I' . , . rxuisvinivvmls . . iiiu-Q iontimii . . Louisr-is imrutiuc-r . . By rrariiyi wiii visit lin- unit-rrwci" iuiii-iviiiic-s, RCTII .ANIHIRSOY . . . ruriv ixiafii iiair ami sparifiing 1-yr-s . , suavz- , . a ilaii ron . , niiuring . , ciznifs-S nnri rniivr sicatc-s . . wiii rmnpf-tc' witim gririaparc-iii. RVISY AARCHTR . . . tim giri witil tin- Urinawlningu Fngikir m't'r'nt . . illii oi wut , , iinris tin- innmmrous Qinim- ni vvvrvtilirig . . aims to wr-ar a uwiuitt- rapf, Romwr .ASTON , , , taii ami timin . . Uiiigivn , IDOIOIIQS to iilf' Hxxiiliiiliivl' GElHg,, . . IIHIFYUIOIIS SCHFF ui illllllltl' . , lllf'lIliH'f' ni iilf' FTUSS l'0lll1il'y IPIHH . . to iw a rrlvriiariir. FRANK BAILEY . . . inh-rvstvci in aviation . . iY'if'llLiiy smiiv . . nmcirst ami vairn . . iris aim in iliic is ta gr-t a wliv El typist ior tim iwuniuisim . . B.-UD . . . a vaiuaimic- mm-min-r staff mr-mi'wr . . ran-iy sz-rious piuy imsiwtiuaii . . nn-mime-r of rapaimirf nnci c-lwrgvtic' . . a Sz lll1'lIli!I'f' . , soriaiuiv . . wants . . wiiizzvs arounri in a rar . . . tu iw an as-mnautirai cnginc-1-r. EILEILN i5,xKl'R . . . rimzmningiy pc-titre tirvrvis spariiir' in C-abil ivinz- 1-ye' , . riraws in in-r ivisuro tinrv. ARTIIIJR oi iris ciass , . prociurtiun mzmagm-r ni tin- ivfuniuisieo . . cirivatur . . Annuai , , plays tim piano. IDORUTIIY BALLINT . . . qui:-t . . fiilfii . . iiiws To tim Etiqur-ttv Ciuiw . . siy inmmr . , cirivr-s an rar. NORVAI, i3.Xl'TlI1 . . . ra Stout . . anutimr aviation aciriirt . . silinvs in ixasiictiyaii . , Annuai staiii tn iw a miiiionairc. IQITXVARD BARRETT . . . aiaric fturiy imair . . rimiwifmy . iianciy wilir louis . . imsiriui , . Sviciom ilvarai. ,IANF B.XRRX' . . . nmfivst . . irit-miiy . . iiiivs ta sing anti piay tunnis . . witty . . aims to inf' A SlICfl'!4!4i-Ili iwautirian. ,irlliw igKRSlC . . . tiarii . . atilix-lil . . Ill0llliJK'1' ni tin- trafic tczun . . iiiivs tim Hr SIN'f'iili1iIllllliJIIl'gI'l'S . . tu irc' an rlllifl lIl0l'ililHiL. -T :if SENIQRS VYVILLIAM l3l.A'l'TY , , . lalliativc' . . lirorililvs . . plays soctror . . Ucirumsn luis limf' away lor Nlunllall No. 4 . , Collfrvls souvvnirs . . will maint iris millions in tin' lvusincss worlcl. l'iRANli BLLI .... liiglmly imiwucci witli tllc- spirit ol' lX'l.l'l.S. . . liranlc ami lirif-mlly . . Hfiggyu . . lvlarli liair . . plays lootiqall ami tlir' trumpot. IQRNA l'Jl-.Rl5Ql'IS'l '.., om' ol tin' twins . . swm-t . . always gravious . . rurly llair . . wants to lmr' a fiivlifian . . tiki-S to swim ami rvacl. VX'Il.NA l3l.RUQlil5'l '... tin' otllr-r lmlli ol' tivo Bcrrgquisl twins . . ciimply smilr' , , quivt, lmut lots ol' lim . , to iw a svcoml i:lorvm'f' Niglutilrgzlli-. EL'GIiNI BIQVLRIDGE . , . SUC't'f'SSliltl Slralu-spf-arc-an actor 4 . clarli iuair . . plvasant !'0IlX't'I'S2lliHlltlliSi . . worlis on tim Annual . . favors sports ami ciriving . . cntliusiaslit, ill-.I.IiN BlI.l.X' . . . clark lnair ami lovely oyvs . . lvoyisli . . actin- in sports . . oats ice cream , . livrly 4lam'r'r . . liricncily . . will worli lu-lnimi tire counter, NIARGARET BILLY . . . HlJr'ggyN . . small anfl flilfli . , misc'llir'vous . . inlvcttious gzggtf- . . Gorman is lirr Xvatvrloo . . quivt. yllfllltxlil. Bll.LY . . . Hivlilir-H . . worlis at a liruit nlarlcvt . . quic-l . . tall . . Holcnis lvrotln-r . . polito . . 4-njoys sports . . wears a lmw tif-. CHIARLFS BIROSCAK . . . always plays a vlcan. liarii game of liootlxall . , quivt llumnr . . lost a lwt ami tlncrnlwy paid oil witli a Hvonviritw lvair-Cut . . nirtlcnarnftcl uCurlyH . . lilivs to toasrx JULIUS PSLASIQU . . , quiet . . lias visions ol' luring wcaltlly . . plays iootldall . . rollvrts sport picturvs . . to luv an aviator. JULIA BODNl:R . . , lrails lrom XNilliiElliL'T l . . l3lOHdC . . Sl!'l1flf'I' . . Slly . . liiivs B6'I1Hy Citlflfllliillt . . NVill i717 Zi SiCI10gl'Elpll0I'. ixlARY BOIYNER . . . follvcts autugraplvs aml souvonirs . . tall , . fric-mlly . . lilu-s spaglictti ancl Framsliot 'liom' . . aspirvs to lin a ivoauty operator. IQLSII-. lgOI.IBRlfCIt . . . lair-luairvrl lass . 4 momiocr oi tlu- Canwra Clulm . . lilies to rooli and sew . . low-ly smilr- . . will liinci lmrsvll a lnamlsoim- licro. 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RUTII BUST . . . a motiest, sliy lass . . original icieas . . lilies arl, f'Illill'Oifii'l'iI1g, ancl linitting . . memlqer ot Cliess Cluln. SHIRLEY BOSTOCK . , . Nlunliallvs .luliet . . excels in ciraniaties . . well-lilieci . . lmappy-go-luelcy . . always laugliing . . to ine a serretary. IJOROTIIY BRADDOCK . . . prize memlyer ot tile Rifle Team . . rliarming leading lafiy . . roots lor Milt-fl" ami Tyrone power , . Pepsoclent acl . . wants to ive a nurse. C4LARtiNCE BUGEL . . . sliort anti quiet . . anotlier ol time lwoys witlt a neonvietw liaireut . . ioais witli tile Uciangu , . to lie an engineer, .IOIIN BLTJKO . . . liails from Flevenlli Avenue . . quiet in sfilxooi . . tall anci ciarli . . lilies Kay Kyser and Deanna Durlnin . . to work in tile mill. lxLBERT BURCII . . . liigit-stepping clrum-major ol Nluniiall No. 4 . . atliiete and all-arountl gooci lf-llow . . gracious to Grace . . imloncl and well-lvuilt. IQLJTH CADMAN . . . ineonlparalnle sense oi liumor . . genial . . arcient tan ol: Sonja Henie . . laugliing eyes . . wants to ine a liuyer, NXHLLIAIVI CiA31PBFLL . . . starreel in football . . clark curly liair . . Hasliing smile . . loses every argument to a cielnator . . always out to win. .IIZANNE CARR . . . wavy, refi liair . . reservefi lass from Homeviiie . . lively disposition . . clinics witii time Camera Club . . lilies tn dance. ELAINE CARRICR . . . reel liair and brown eyes . . Bolvis one anti only . . plays time saxaplionc . . lively interest in claneing . . aspires to ine anotiier Hina Ray Huttonn. IQAZNIER CHONTUS . . . twinkling, brown eyes . . unlimitefl sense ol luumor . . iiails from iionieville . . aims to lie a VV,lJ.A. foreman . . rnemlber ol Clmess Clulv. BZIARGARILT QiIIURB1A . . . makes giggling anti talking a pastime . . lmloncie, blue-eyefi lass . . rarely seen witliout Louise . . commercial stufient. JAMES cjLOONAN . . . tail . . wearer ol tile green . . fiarlc liair . . lives at tire lilarary . . lllt'JlIliJCl' ol lli-Y . . lias a line all liis own . . sulntlc HBaclmelorH. BERNARI7 QRJLEY . . . Niunliallvs olasliing Romeo . . plays tlie trumpet . . llincis time tor Hi-Y anti lmiooreu avlivities . . winning smile . . genial . . Presiclent ol Stucient Council, L .,. ' " ' " ' ' ' ' ' -I-:-:-:I:J-:-:I .L -ii- SENIORS ARTHUR CONRAD . . . popular quarterloaclc . . lxlt. Lelaanonvs gilt to Niunliall . . independent . . jr-rlis sodas . . distinctive dancer . . dark lrair . . UB,E.C." ini-inlwr. CfIIARI.Iis Ciorzso . . . coal-lvlacli lrair . . . enjoys arguing . . uplmolcls tire Debate team . . Inatter-ol-l'ar't, goorl sense . . Student Council rm-mixer . . expert salesman. IQOBITRT COX . . . liiiealule . . sliort ol stature . . drives a car . . wurlas in a garage and rneets Elaine . . lwusiness-like . . to lm an aeronautical engineer. ljlilild' ci0YNii . . . tall . . lwlonde . . quiet and dignillicci . . lilies Englisli and reading , . wants to lie a salesgirl. xXYlLLlA1Nl CRAIG . . . lriendly . . Biunlralls electrical wizard . . Camera Clulm 1-ntliusiast . . plays pool and drives a car . . casual . . argues and argues . . eternal tease. LARRY cjULLliN . . . a Ulgaclielorn lvruni Nvliitalier I . . lxloncl and good looking . . rates witli tlie wealier sex . . srnootli dancer . . lnriendly . . will lee a plrysical cd teacller. JOHN DAIJRIA . . . tlie dance lloor demon ol time nifaclielorsu . . a pleasing personality tliat gets lrinr places . . Student Council representative . . willing to excliange luis looks lor money. GEORGE DAN'ID . . . cynical . . Business ixlanager ol tire MlIll'liSl21J . . sell-assurerl . . a ilall cop . . sicating entlrusiast . . resourcclul . . to loc a management engine:-r. SARAII DAVIILS . . . quiet . . writes poetry . . unrulllled . . a Frenclr student . . can't refuse ice cream . . to imc a secretary. PAUL DEN'EH' . . . jolly . . one ol tire football eleven . . cliulzlny . . liale and liearty . . roots lor Pitt . . to become a cartoonist. ROBERT DIERKEN . . . inland . . cliecrlully casual . . lx'll1llllilll'S all-around atlilcte . . A tislietl A tasliell HDierliH IUZIIKCS anotlrer iaaslcetl . . tall, irandsorne lieart-lvrealxer-laut girls, lIe's a Hl5ilCllCl0l'H. NVALTER DIETZEN , . . delvonair . . romantic lead in time class plays . . natty dresser . . deliglits in dancing . . volleyball star . . imall cop. THOBIAS DONAl'IUE . . . engaging personality . . owner ol brains, cliaracter and Business ability . . cleloate speeclmes are spicy and sparkling. lVlARoARIaT DONNELLY . . . gracious . . slim . . triin . . National Honor Society Illlflllliffl' . . dark liair and lvreclilr's . . good at ljrencli, nvest-ce pas? . . to lie a nurse, EMMA DUFFEK . . . tall . . giggles and tallis . . canyt resist cliop sucy and Bing Crosley . . lnmwnette . . collects souvenirs . . to inc a saleslady. CONRAD, A. Coizso, C. Cox, R. COYNE, P. CRAIG, VV. CULLEN, L. DAURIA, J. DAVID, Cv. DAX'lES, S. DEVEY, P. DIERKEN, R. DIETZEN, VV. DONAHUE, T. DONNELLY, M DUFFEK, E. DUNSAVACili, R. DURAN, M. EAKMAN, B. EISIQRNVLIN, H. E Iwli N, C. ELITER, if. EMERY, H. ENR lczl1'1', R. IIZVANS, I". EVANS, O. IJARLLY, J. FARMER, A. I7E'rsKo J. FLEBIINLB, H. FOV, B, CLASS 1959 Rl-.UIS IJUNSAVAGIZ . . . fun liz- qlqyrnclcfcl upon to lmlnl up luis vncl ul tluz- mlm-ul . . unusually lim' mulr' voifc . . Consricntious stuxls-nt, NIARIE DL'R.'XN . . . unc' ol tlic lvw girls wlm still lxas long curls . . originzxtvs flnnre routines , . luvc-ly nltn vuirc , . lu-tulml lor A tlicaxtricnl rnrc-vr, BKTTY IEAKMAN . , . lmrownvttf' . . flinging vim' . , only lvCllllll0 tnliing trig . . ilnmvs ancl irc- slxnlvs . . lrinnrlly . . tn ln- ll comin:-rciul trfnclicr. l'll-.I.l-QN l':l5l:RVVIIlN . . . tall . . stucliuus . . lmnunns, slmrlluunnl, ami Clnrli finlslv un- lwr lnvorilrvs . . rcarls in ln-r lc-isurr' time . . likuiilt- lnss. KBFNIQ lf1l3iN . . . tall ancl pf-ppy . . lilies tn rolls-r slintc- . . nn-rnlmcr ul tlu- rlmir . . llunlornus . . runccntratvs on in goml limo . . to lic n srvrvtziry. EIDXYARID ISLDER . . . sliort . . iinpisll . . Llccp voiu' . . listons to Ml..igl1ts ffutsw . . lmuilcls swanliy nirplnnvs . . wants to iw an aviator, l'lANNAH JANE EBIFRX' . . . quiet lass wlm imnvs lirmn Hoincvillc' . . rlnrli llair . . lynn ol Bing Cruslvy . , tu lvv n tcleplxono opt-mtor. REGXNA FNRIIIIIT . . . always in lor n gmail tinm . . lu-up ol llilarity in tlw grumlstaml . . Cmnt-ru Clulm inc-rnlfwr . . guml clunccr . . prnctirully livvs at lin- nmvic-s, FRED EVANs . . . Clark Galvin- nl tht- Ul5nc'ln-lorsn . . pr:-sitln-nt ul Hi-Y . . mur1-ulmu11t- town . . rnmnxgcr of tht- tfmitmll tmrmn . . good-louliing . . In lm an morticinn, CJLGA EVANS . . . slnnll . . lilies to LIHIICC ami rolls-r slinlv . . a scmnstrc-ss . . llomc Economics filnls nmmlmcr . . will fic-rli in rx rlnpnrtlncnt storc. JACK l:ARl.l.Y . . . wllistlvrl luis wny to radio lillllf' . . rnrvly soon witlmut Nnrinn . . lxlurli, Curly llair . . drivvs an nc-w car. ANNA NIA!-Q FARMER . . . stutlious . . sannly lmir . . wculu-ns to lriml rlliclivn and wulillvs . . quiet . . roots lor Notrz- Dunne . . an c-llifivnt s4'c'rvtury, JOSEPH l'4l.TSIQ0 . . . Llilfli lmir . . miscliic-vous lull , . collects oflcls nncl vnmls . , lmopes to win ilu- lrislx Swvcpstnlws lvut will sottlc lor zu 151' lnanuna split. l'lELliN 1:-Ll:MlNl2 . . . lric-nclly miss . , wnrlcs in tluc ollicv . . wvnrs n J V l l sweaters . . sluclvnt coach ol Senior llny. BERT!-lA Vox' . . . golcl lnutlmll . . lcnits scucls ul ov:-y l'n's gonrl' lhoolis mul suit llllISiC . . tllinlis slvvping is lun . . quivt . . Cllilflilillg nncl mllbitious . . 015 y Currcspontls witll lurcrign girls. ! JOHN l'4RI-LNA , . . one ol our mosl versatile atllletes . . luis witty remarlis interruptefl many il rtlass . . well-liliecl ami popular willi every memluer ol time class, EVFLYN GUST . . . aclmiralwle curly liair . . unassuming . . enjoys ire cream anfl Sliep lfielcls . . lwluslwes lor no reason at all . . preparing to be a nurse, NIAURICE GLICK . . . lcnown for isis sulxtle liumor . . plays a saxaplione . . can lie swing itl . . lrienelly . . ancl tliey say girls tall: a lot-1. NlARGARIi'I' GODISI-I . . . talkative . . little . . clotes on Spanislr riee . . collects stamps . . iwrown liair . . to lie a private seerelary. PEGGY GRAIIANI . . . auburn liair anel lreeliles . . Collects autograpllefi pictures anti reacls . . galvlxy . . liopes to llc a secretary. XXIALTER iDOXN'NEYl GREENE . . . a sueeessiul Sea Scout . . lilies to l1isl1 and liunt . . partial to a Xxfllilfikffl' lass , . camera entliusiast . . amialwle. FRANK GRIBBl.E . . . a wlmiz at any sulvjeet as liis gracies SllOVV . . can be elepeneleol upon at any time . . imlispensilvle to tlie Cliess Clulo. FRED GROSS . . . quiet, considerate . . a true gentleman . . aspires to a military career . . struggles witli German . , lilies Chemistry. MARGUERITTE GROSSIC . . . secretary supreme-time title awarded to Margucritte . . loounul to malce a mark lor liersell in tile worlri. LUIS GUSTAFSON . . . lair-iiaireei lass ol consicleralnle pep . . possesser of an infectious giggle . . leading laely ol time Junior play . . never seen witliout cliewing gum. EIMOGENE GUTHRIE . . . enjoys cooking anfl sewing . . blonde . . elieers witlr time Pep Club . . lilies to sing . . talks in study iiall. HAZEL GUY . . . Coquetle anti cleuiure . . nice dresser . . sweet as l'Ioney . . lilies to coolc anti sew'-flooys, sireyll malie time perleet wilel VIRGINIA GUYDOSPI . . . laughing, darlc eyes . . talies tlie Commercial course . . a twin . . quiet . . Horneville lass, REBECCA HIXIRSTON . . . lier genial air ancl smiling eyes liave won lrer a liost ol lriends . . always eliecrlul ancl oialiging . . a good singer . . lilies to coolc and sew. JOHN HALYKO . . . dark iiair . . quiet . . saves lnciian-lieacl pennies . . Nliclcey Rooney and Ginger Rogers are tops . . listens to "Big rllownl' . . a meelianical engineer. FRENA, J. GEIST, E. GLICK, M. GODISI'I, Ni. GRAHANI, P. GREENE, VV. GRIBBLI5, F. Gizoss, F. CBROSSIC, Ni. GUS'l'A1fSON, L GUTHRIE, E. GUY, il. GUYDOSII, V. llAIRSTON, R. Hfxuixo, J. HAMPSUN, U. l1ANLON, D. Hmwrxcz, lf, HARRIS, lf. Hxaxmuisox, l,. S H n:,1.. C.. Huu.L, D. Huuvzm., II, Hoifi-MAN, R. llomii-us1'uiR, VV. Hocc, XV. llui.M1-Ls, li. HQRNAR, C. IIUDACR, U. HUNRER, .l. Zi El Q. 2 l i is C L A S S 1 9 3 9 DORIS llA3lPSON , . . iinv arlisl willu an vqually liim' voicv . , wants in slucly arl allvr gramlualizun . , lilws Kay Kyser ami linglislu. DORru'I'ulu' HANLON , . . a star ilvlualar . . luas a yr-iu lar lmuolluall playvrs . . praclifally stall- tluc- slunuw in lluc- Svnicur Play, ELINL llARDlNl .... luulululvs ruvvr uxillu 1-uuvrgy . . HEviuicH . . goofl luuuuuur , . fiirl Ri-si-rvc . . liriomlly , . ictc slialvs auucl plays lluc- rlariuucul. FZIYGAR I4ARRlS . . . sluort . . l'uusiiuvss-liliv . . plays rlumlicurs, lislucs ancl cnllc-cts slauuups . . rluulwluy . 4 gcnial . . 1-njoys rluiclivn . . to wurli iuu an ulvlivi-, LOLIISI-1 HFNRIKSON . . . luliuuuclc' . . always a suuuilc angl a flux-4-ry worcl . . alto voiro . . rluarnuing as Cousin HL-lic in lim Ofumurm-lliu , . says wlual sluc- lluinlcs. clI,ARliNCli HILL . . . lilcvalulv . . tall . . uuuarlv a luil iuu lluc Scnior Play . . wrull-liuuzuwuu Ulillfurluugu , rlr-pm-rucls-rut . . iauunus for surprise- luuuuuar, DORIS l'llLL . . . ellicicuucy pi-rsnuuilii-il . . null lurunvllf' . . will graclualv at sixlftcn . . luonor sluclvuul . . mlilor ol Miiniuisko . . iuumuuluvr ol' mlvlualv lvauuu. HLNRY l'llNZfiL . . . llasluliul . . lisluns to Kay Kysvr . . alvrl . . tl'uis yvaris ruvw aclcliliruiu hu lluv class . . quiet . . to lu- a nvws reporlvr. Roni-,RT ll0lflfMAN . . . small lad lrouuu tlui- lyarli . . npliuuuislir . . prclcrs Pill . . quiet . . clrives zu car . , lo iuualu- luis way in lluc lvusiness worlcl. XXVILLIABI liol-'Mu-.ls1'u,R tall anti nlarli . . clrivvs lluc Ugangn amuncl in luis Furcl . . pranliislu . . lilivs lnls ul' lluiuugs lucltcr tluan sfluool. XXVILLIABI Home . . . larifaluri- arlisl anal wciglut lillfur . . -liarzanis rlusi-st rival . . om' ol tlue "B.E.C." . . Sir ,loseplu ol llus- Uliiiuzulurl-H . . slr:-auuuy 1-ycs . . a gr:-at luuuulvr nl wilil Iiil- anal lulnnclus. BARBARA HOLMES , . . Girl Rvsm-rym' . . tall , . vnioys rvafliug . . lots ol lun . . lilws lriml rluirlu-ru . . clvvcr . . to lun a private sr-are-tary. fiiuARu-.NCu-. HORNAR . , . wlucrcvcr llucri-is lun, lui-'s in an it . , mall . . lsuullwall playcr . . liliocl luy vvvryiuuuc- , . rum-yr-r sc-rizuus. 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RlClt.fKliIl ,lM'KSON , . , Xxvllllill'iI'f'S "gilt ln NYOIIIPIIH , . lmll Cop . . inisrlmivvous glint in lixosm- willc' lvluc' cvyvs . . 1-xpvrts to go plncvs. NlliRLli .IACOBSON . . . rurly, lmlnfli lmir . . Senior lijlny invmlmor . . uxxillill lin' wi-il flrvssccl man Sltlllllil wc-nru . . witty . . wnnls to lm grvnt-sn lm Gals spinnrlr. 'lilttQLB'IA JACOISSON . . . cligniliofl . . axppvnlingly lcinininc . . rollvctts pc-rlunws . , fuslxion plnlv lronl Vogue . . Llznmvs to Kay Kyscr . , to lm zu second Aclrinn. IQDVVARD .lANOSKO . . . lJlonc,l . , lnilinlivi' . . 1-nlliusinslifr sports lynn . . Ml1ltIllSIi!J rc-pnrtvr . . lrionglly . . lislvns to Baron Elliot , . to inc- zu sul:-snmn. 51.81-ZION ,llxlilxs , . , quivt . . funn- from Englancl , . lilcvs l.:-slie llownrcl mul Katlmrinr' fiorna-ll . . pop Clulm mmnlnvr . , to ine an nrlrvss. HARVEY JOHNSON . . . livvly, tnllmtivc rasrnl . . lxulxlnlvs over witll qurstions . . lilcvs to swim nnml Hl'Z4'!'flH . . strugglvs wilil trig . . 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JOSEPH XVAIALZIQ . , . full, C'I1l'iy-lliliYf'd lafl . . lmil from Honlcvillc . . liluvs liricnl rtliialicn, scicfnrf- and Sonja Hvnic , . liricnclly . . will imc ix pclroicun X?XiAlil5FlliI.ll, VV. VVAIJQER, J. VVALLAC 141, N., R. XXVLST, XV. XXiHl'l'ENIlLIIT, H. XXVIIENER, B. XNYICIIELIVIAN, VX' XrivIl.DlNG, S. NVl1.inil.M, IS. XXVILIIELINI, R. KINSON, Z. Xxill. XX'n.1.lAMs, .i. XVl1.l.l.x:ws, R., L. 's S 1-nginccr, NXIARJORIH XxXiAI.LACl: . . . prool' liinl gooml illings ronm in small parliagcvs . . coal iJl21Cl4 imir . . lively young miss willy il giggle . . fl Girl Rcsvrvc. ROBIZRT XXVELSH . . . burly, iilzwli lmir . . lxaul S llur Hirmnlilin Cnngu urounLl . . lauslu-ls ol lun . . lull . . Hizolrn . . 1-njoys sports. VVILLIAM VVEST . . , H lifiellfily, illOl1li iilil . . N!1IlIli'lEllliS SllpCI"Sklif'SlllaIl . . Stfiligilt-iOl'NVElI'fl . . iiiil'S Kay KySC'l', llllfi Sp:-nccr Tmry. IIARRY XVrllTENloH'l' . . . a S021 Scout . . 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Youxmlxx, H, ZAPF, D, C L A S S I 9 5 9 Gliokcilz XXYILSON . , . loullmll :uplain . . l'llll'l reason llnr our grc-nl virlory . , Llrivcs A Fornl . . lull axncl lmnmlsome-lwul ills no usr' girlsl Hays nnl inlvrcslc-fl. l.l,N.x XXYILSUN . . . flnrli lmir . . llrim-mlly . . Ml-illivu . . Bing fmslmy ancl Kay Kyscr am- lups willy llc-r, HENRl1Il"l1x YOl.'Nl?BI.XN . . . rcs:-rvul lass . . nf-uint-ss pcrsnniliml . . wx-ll-liliul . . nu-mlmvr ol Stumlvnl Council . . Hllcnnyu . . lwlonflc . . lo llc El nursv. DOR0'I'lIN' ZAPF . . . plm-usfxnt laxss . , Cxprrrl lypisl . . a mllvr slmling mlllmsizusl . . lislvne lo Kay Kyscr ., lo lm il slcnograplwr. NO l'lC"l'L.'RIfS EDWARD LQYURISIN . . . lqlonml . . nval Llrc-ssvr . . collvrls stumps . . quivt . . Iikf-S only ilm Fluniv pvriogls in smlmol . . imlvpvnclcnl . . In llc a lzmnc-r, JACK SMILSCER . . . rccl lmir . , clrivcs u fur . . :usual laul . . livvs across lllf' slrvz-I lkl'Ulll llw Sflmul . . 'Alle-flu. xl.NRClIl.I.A RHUDIN . . . lvrnnriiz' lussic lmnl llorncsh-ml llurli . . martin: Hlbxlwuys smilc-N , . gm-s lor .lr-znlwllv NlucDmmlml nncl Rivlnml Urvcnv . , wnnls lo luv il nurse. cllllkiili RHS , . , ax m-w-num-r lo ilw- szlurml . . lurmc-rly lmm 'lnyl-rr Allflvrrliu' . . slmrl , . nvnl . . szuncly lmir . . xxnrlxs in El lllllllllllllg slmp. Zin l emnrg HARRY SHARP CZHARLIAQS STINNER MR. JOSEPH KING L ,. - A-ftii ' - ORCHIDS T0 THE SENIORS-ESPECIALLY To DORIS HILL and ARTHUR BALD, as Editor-in-Chief and Production Man- ager, for their work on the hi-vveeiciy puhiication of the Munhisko . . . EDWARD ILACKO for his work on the stage guild . . . ROBERT VVILHELM for his trumpeting that represented us in many competitions . . . GEORGE NVILSON and ROBERT DIERKEN for their field and Noor work . . . JOHN DAURIA and HARVEY JOHNSON for their efforts in raising money for the senior class . . . NIARTHA PILLAR and ivlARION ROWELL for their praise-Worthy work on the Annual and Munhisko staffs . . . NIZLL MCDOWELL who has achieved the successful position as our favorite secretary . . . FRANK GRIBBLE for his ahiiity to make consistant honor grades . . . DOROTHY HANLON, CAROLINE KUKUCZKA, THOMAS DONAHUE, and LOIS NEUNDORF for mak- ing our Dehate Team Allegheny County champions . . . JUNE HUNKER and 'DOROTHY BRADIJOCK for their ability to he hoth leading ladies and riiie champions . . . ERXVIN KOVAL and WILLIAM CRAIG for the interesting photographs in the Annual . . . MABEL NIOORE, Editor-in-Chief, GEORGE DAVID, Advertising Manager, and BERNARD VKNAPP, Business Manager for their leadership in the production of the Annual. SENIORS HAVE THEIR DAY Vve tootc in on noon dancing, ttme favorite pastime tor our ujittertaugsu. Yea Team t t t tytuntlatt cetetmrates ttle great victory over Homestead. Ttme 27 year jinx is tmrotcen. Ttlis year Santa Ctaus was too tmusy, so ttwe atmte students fame to tlis aint anct presented ttle Ctlrislmas program. The saitors anct ttle sisters antt ttle Cousins anct ttme aunts saitect rigtlt into our tmearts in ttle H.tVt.S. Pinaforv. Enjoying ttle program? Viqtlff seniors get togettler tor one ot ttleir many inter- esting assemtaty programs. 1 1 X Junior Class History NINETEEN HUNDRED FORTY AITING to ascend to the supreme position of seniors is the class ol 1940. The guiding hands of lVliss Fredericlc, sponsorg Ed Boytim, president: Betty Jane Lloyd, vice president: and .laclc l'loten, secretary are ready to lead the class to the greatest heights ol success. Y But let past achieve- ments spealc for themselves. Qutstanding among their activities are the two highlights ol their sophomore year, their party at Halloween and the party in Nlay. Not to he outdone hy other classes, they have sold vegetahles and llower seeds, and shared in the prolits ot movies shown under the joint sponsorship ot the Junior Red Cross Council, and the junior and senior classes, ln the second semester the class really asserted itself. New' laces appeared in the halls as junior ucopsn tools over the jolp of lieeping order. The candy and millc concessions came under the supervision of Juniors. Remember, everyonels Wearing those personal labels? That, too, was a project ot clever juniors. But the climax ot all class activities came in the Fehruary presentation ot HFriend Hannaliu. This was sure proof that Nlunhall students are Willing to accept dramatic and costume productions. Building three different stage settings really showed the ability of the stage crew and also provided the lovely loacliground for the drama. All this, cornhined with the acting talents of the juniors, helped to malce the play a huge success. lvlany things have already tween accomplished hut much more is in store for this active class of 1940. lin , i is 1 'F 1 H Q I M,yA!yl6'1f' Row Bnpiic, NI. Da CIUOIIIIJS IQOWV ISIIICCF, I Inrd, D Row CNHIIIIUII Iionson, ROV' IXSIIOIII, C F XI K UIII' IfI IX If BUIICI Q II II I I CYSOII IIXIUSCII. C BKDLUS R nu' I II I I I"igIL-I, D Dunn X D IrI 'I X Elll I Ijin rw I I ,resc Ill Duran, V H In UNNIII Row 2 I I on on Ijosh-r, P D r R Dur I IIII D nr lllilll, A I IUIIHIII. Row I I I I I I'IiISIlllZlI1 XX I lsIl CI. fvrm X IQONY 1 IU 'lllll OII IIoIz'n, II ru I IJIIIIII-jcLv J N R Duc WOIIII Iiilllv. Row I IILII II ng I ron I IICIQI-y, I1IIIIIr H Ir IHC I Ioppvr, A unc I s II Row 2 I III TSIIT KI.-in. I Hum I In x Krc A II. IIYEINIFIXIII II Kmg I I IzIrcIiIIg Row J R IIrIL,L, f Ix Illilll, Q Row 4 I IXIIIpp NI I R. Kr1IILr I If 0 TN IIuros1 Row I ru, I I'I l1lITl'l NIZIIOIIC F l I X IIIIIQ D 0 Ill r NI. La ov lllllll I-I 1F05 I-zIcL-y, D IVI1 nom 3 Row 2 D I I IVILC ulre V ky Ii. Lon 0 II K INIITIII-I 5IiIIirc-II B X X Inni N on IIIUTP. Row I.. Ixllllll I N1 ILI ll uc I NI. IAIox xIIIIIlL,oIIIcrx N I IN XV, Rossvr I rc I XIHIIIICQ Row 4 III I BeIun IXXIITCEIFIKI I I cr G N IX wcII, D X III IHS! II Ira I C-s 0 I. I'Xrisc'Ic I I, IIIIII I ROOM 22 Row I uvfl hw riglllj: N.4lN1yf4frLl, Ruff-, Pilrllfurnl, N. Nlorgnn. IL. Nalmy, A. Floom-y, Z. Nuss. D. Ns-H, V. Paslvrnuk, E. Pulau. Row 2: .l. Nun, A. lxlurgun, Bl. Rugs, Nl. Rusmhzuli, fi. Page-. P. Nagy, G. Push-rik, Pupnvirll. Row 'iz R. Pugh, D. Piutt. J. Nesliy, ll. Nou, Perkins, D. Nlunrv. Row sl: VII. 0.11-ury, R. Ixluuigan, 1. Pnlyku, A. llvrrin, .l. R4-an, Puskus. ROOM 00 Row I U4-Il lu Figlliwl D. Sharpe, .l. Sharp, C. Sulm, A. Smiilx, E, Surg, V. Rush. B. Ruwlf-y, Nl. Svc-rlx, A. Spulxn, R. Sh-ilnvr. Row 2: B. Smnrl, D. Svunzxn, Siruli. Nl. Slupur, lf. Russrfu, B. Srxnc-lsr:-r, P. Rulxus, 51. I.. Svivllnrz, G. Snlnlu. Run '31 A. Jnvolss, R. Balm, B. SVIIIIQIIITIRIH, I. Re-ow, H. Sc'l1nf'icl0r, J. Slrzmg. R. S1-iss. I.. Srluiuing. Rm 4: If. Sauk, fx. RIHIUNVSIQY, R. Siviis, J. Srluirin. XY. Ruslw. XV. S1-iss, T. Rulwnn, fl, Silnnu. Sfllllff. RCUNI 03 Row I Us-ll lu rigllfj: .XL .l.'XX'illis. L. Sllflilllilfk, D. Zulnlmrsky, Nl. lkklfll, Nl A. 'Hin-", S. Vvixltvrslm-11, Nl. Sulxnly. Row 2: R. Xvlmlling. B. XxYUnll'fSfI00D, I, Vs-rely E. Zemin, A, Tonxko, H. Voylku B. Yurinn, CJ. Xvilsnn. Row 'ic P. Folku. A. Ynisliu. XV Xvasowsky, FI. Yurinu. Fl. XVL-Ish, A Nl. Nvebc-r, A. XVu4lric'k, Xvilson, .I Vvillianls, J. Tinnl. Row -1: T. Zmllmrsky, BI. Sullivan, XY Youslio, K. Surmly, CY. ,I1ll0lllEiS, R. Tlurcl fun, E, Swiden, Tulrofzy, N. Xvllilv- niglwl, J. Xvllile. HResoluti0n is omnipotent.--Determine lo be somatlzinq in the wor ld. 111161 YOU, be Something,-Aim. at excellence, and exceurmcp milf be attained.-'This is the great secret of effort and 9m,mf,nm." J. HARVLS. .:-:-:rg:':asia13f:25:f:f:r5:f:2:rE'' -:1:1.E:1:2f:f:f:15:1:Q:5:1:1::3f:r:: .gh 1 Q 3 Ei 3 5 Yi 3 ophomore Class Histor f NINIQTHEN HUNDRED FORTYIJNIZ HBetwixt and laetweenu is the wail ol the Sophoe more-not old enough to do as a Junior does and alo- solutely not young enough lo act lilce a Freshie. This has loeen the predicament of Sophomore classes down through the ages. But to prove that our history is not dim, here is the record ol the class of 1941. Two years ago an energetic Freshman class entered hlunhallys portals. This was our present Soph- omore Class. Organized in the second semester. they elected officers and student council representatives. Be- ing Freshmen, having a numlaer ol new things to understand, and having to acquaint themselves, the class was not ahle to accomplish much. However, they held a party on lylay 13. The next year brought a more active schedule for the Sophomores. After settling down to routine worlc, the group planned a Hallowelen party in the gymnasium. Ghosts danced with witches, pirates romped over the lloor with ho-peeps, and clowns lroliclred with old-fashioned ladies. A11 in all, the evening was enjoyahle and it proved a good start lor their activities. On general election day the lqollowing officers Were elected: Dale Fox, presi- dent3 lylartha Laclco, vice presidentg Jaclc Grosset, secretary. lxlr. lvlccarthy, always popular with the students, was heartily endorsed as Class sponsor. These industrious sophomores then turned their attention to matters of lvinance. Several slcating parties were held to obtain funds. During that lime. pleasure again toolc the upper hand. To climax a lausy year, the class party in Flay was all that was needed. The pastel shades of pinlc and lblue worn hy the girls mingled with the darlcer colored suits ol the boys. For the first time lvlunhall sophomores invited Vvoodlawn sophomores to their party. 11' is a proven lact that when a Class hegins such industrious and energetic XVOTIC EIS S0pllO1TlOl'6S, H Qfeill. C1931 Hlily he 8XIJ6t'l6d of lllerfl E15 UDPGI' CIHSSITIGD. gg' ff?- 52 ROOM 3 Row I Ilelt Io riglrtl: P, Bugcl, VII, Goclncr, I. Duclas, D. Balsingc-r, B. Douglas, Y. Carrick, V. Carr, D. Brucas, I.. Bower, A. Ferlco. Row 2: P. Evans, A. Pmollx, T. Czyz. D, Czylioslii, lvl, Bollncr, lxl. ljufar, H, Butala. Row '51 A. Butlco, R. Dursl, R. Cal- lloun, Cjllllfy, J. Bislxop, .l. Allison, klx. Biroscalc, N. Anlol. Row 4: Dclniali, P, Bosl, Anawall, H. Ackerman, E. Dullelc, C. Poole, C, Bair, J, Butala, ROOM 6 Row I flell to rigllllz .l. Cqrossrvll, l. Lasser, A. Kuzmic, A, Gicuvslcy, lj. Lalis, L. Howden, J. Howal, Bl. Lavliu, lj, Howell, IVI. Julma. Row 2: E. Kalvin. CJ. Jcnlmvr, Gcary, lvl. Grylx, Nl. llrusl-La, lr. lllasnicli, K. Clrosili, Kol1uI, Kasnili. Row 'iz J. Kane, P, Larcli, J, llreslio, D. Kontra, F. Forgarlm, S. Jacolms, ll. Kolm, G. Hulrlrinson, I-. lfranliwirlx, Larcy, .I. Harvuy. Row 4: D. llowcll, I". flrvlz. Hon- rilison, .l. Fulton, J. Kalu-, .l. Knslra, .l, ljilzgilnlmons, VXI. Layman, .l, lloza, .l. Kvlly. ROONI T Row I flvll In riglrll: D. Lvslio, D. Lmpovsliy, A. l-!'Sl'i8l1If, Fl. lxICDfDllkllfl, I. Luvas. D, Poliryllia, Nl. Slrmrgan, Nl. Low'- flay, .l. lvlaguirc. Row 2: V. Lyme, I.. Flurgan, l. Quinn, V. Linli, O'Lc:zlry, IJ, Nilvs, A. Ovluolc G. Ixlilliren. Row 3: ylorgan, S. ffross, .l. Blan- lrrfl, I.. lvlelcallc, fy. Nlillz-r, lxl. Novak, lf, Onclo. XV. O'.Vlallr'y, A, Popox'ir'l1, Row 4: G. Nalray, ,l. Nlruzili, .l. O'NPill, Imliaszali, li, Hlasnicli, I., Cjlmlvagy, R. PQSI, T. Noroslii, .l. Nliclwacls. ROOM B-3 Row I llcll I0 rigl1Il: Nl. Sullixan, .l. Srnclsrvr, R. Ragan, Nl. Raclaci, A. Slnpv, A. Siarlo, Sclmlvl. Bl, Kosralslii, lfrlman, lvl. K, XValIc-rs, FI. llwis, l'. Voyllio, Nl. Srlroup. Row 2: Nl. Tinal, Xvilliams, xl. Rc-nves, lvl. Sulcaly, I.. Zaplv, Bl, Sulcaly, R. Dauria, XV. Vogt, I-. Strung, B, Rusnalx. Row '31 B, Xvallwr, A. Zi"Hl'lIl1, palyoli. Nl. Yangn, ,l. Orris, H. lomsin, M. Vvalsun, S, Zanos. Row 4: K. Slflllllpl, .l. Sayno, XV. Vvatts, C. Slava, F. XValson, L. VX'ar1-on, J, Salnol, .l, Xvasscll, Row 5: F, Xxyilllillg, .l, XXVUQIICI, NI Rollall. .l, Sl:-erik, S. lllomas, ,l. Czvz W, 1.0, ' I ROOM 201 Row I IIc'Ii Io rigI1lI: C. FiIzgiI1Imns, j ll I R ID. XYiIson, R. .uyc, . Guvsl, xv. Iirtsllxzxrk, S. .IuIlnson, IT. UrImn, R. GriImI:Ic. Row 2: I. llmlfln, I . NIIIZ. A. Uyrurisin, I.. Kirk, ,I. IVIIIVIICII, IVI. Horvnill, FI. Davis. Row 3: D. VX'uIIm'c, If, UuslnIson, IJ. Iluompson, IXI. Urnlmrn. D. Posh-r, NI. Ilragula, H. YL-nLImI4, S. Sanus, Row -I: I. Nnvolny, IS. IQ.ri1 son, BI. SI1i:sIr-r, If. Iionnvrl R. OUIIQUIQ-, S. Dc-vvyi, A. IIEIIIOTSOD, N. BIIIIIII, I. IIUIllll'ISIl'I', S. NIarsI1zuII. Row 5: ,I. ASIIUII, G. Gllml, R. Slrung, I. U'Brim-n, R. IDlllIiZlYllgP, .I. SyIvf'5Irn, CI. IXIc'SImnz-, I. Iinrrvll, I.. fngmn, Rt D051 203 Row I II4'II In riggIlII: SIIIYIII, BI. IIuIyIxo, IT. GuslnIsnn, I7. Huliam, II. xlnssiv, Surg, C, I.ycIr-n, R. BurIi0, XV. fxurr. Row 2: S. Sums, A. IXIoyln, R. SI..-fk. Il. I'nIsex, CI. Cc-nl, NI, I3nrrIxIcIcI, A. IInrr, I. IayIur, XX. Ilms. Row 3: Rippvr, A. 'I'I1i1-I. D. IBHIIYKIS. If. GrimIIv, D. SImrp, A. R4-nyc'Ii, S. InrcIun, .I, Sivils, fi. fIvI1ring. A, yIz1iis. Row I: II, IQUIIIIPIIY, I-. Barlpaip, I.. IXIHDIIQ, G. Pvlossi. R. ArIanli!z, XXI. I.IoyfI, R. Iflmning, R. Xvriglnl, R. IXIan- sr-II, .I1lCOI7S. ROOM 301 Row I il--In lo rigI1lI: R. KKIIIIDII. IJonnIxu1-, FI. I'Iox'am-c', R. AnrIrr'ws, A. Burr:-II, II. Nagy, I.. KIlIDElI1SCCk, E. SrIx11II'cut, R. I'Iugzun, XV. VII:-nmms. Row 2: Younliins, .I. N'IoszIc', NI, CIIIYCIUSII, G. Siviis, II. Xvorlon, D, fIc-nu-inImrI, I., SluII'Iv, I,ovusa'Iia, NI. 5I1'IlIIl'fIll'l', I. I InImm-islx-r. Row 7: C. 5ImIr'r, R. bllzxrp, Q.. XII' GIII. IA. fIoIIsc'I1Iing. D. I.vppIen, NI. Surg. IX-I. 5c'Iwrra, R. VX'uIsIu, II. PII-iIlIm'r, I. Izlvk. Row 4: B, SmirIousIay, A. IQUSIIEIIQ, II. I,nrI4inson, S. fngmn, K. Horlln-y, R, 5I1C'uI'Ii-rcy, R. Igrotlwrton, C. Frvltcrs. I.uCas, R. VX'nIIzuv, III. Ixlunsr-II. Ulgibflffll education clavnlops fl Sense of right, duty and honor. and more and more in tha modern world, large Iyusinass rests on mcmucle and Ilonor as well as on good juclgmentf, CHARLES W. ELIOT. Mlf1VA!16'6'f I I i, I I Freshman Class History NINETEEN HUNDRED FURTYfl'XVQ fxtld TIOYV, ACH? Feilltell muy we present to you our Frestiies, ttmt Ctmuttering. enltlusiastic group wtio ine- curne a part oi' ixiuniiati tiigti Sciiooi for lime iirst time iast Septeminer. After settiing ltde mystery oi wtlere time imtis anct rorri- ciors ieact to, tiiey tounct tiiat nnoliier misery imct to ine ctoctgect - initiation. Tilen. after tile upperfiuss- men were satistieet, time ivresimmen were niioweci to ,Qo on limeir wily-iinding ntgetmra unicnowns, conjugating ifxlin verims anct rtisvovering tile mysteries oi science. 2 X , 1 in time rourse oi time year. ttie oict unit eslutviistieti organizations saw new iqnees in ltieir micist, Fresiiinen imefzune tviunlzisko staivt inemiuers, cteimters, riiie silooters. nnct fvirt Reserves. Hut, ns n ciuss, noliiing was cione unlii time seronct semester. Tiien, Nir. Xiviierry cniiect liiem togeltier in il meeting, Out oi ttiis, tive iiome rooms were weictect togetiier ns one Ciuss-ttie class oi 1042. To teaut tiiem Corneiin Reciesicy was eievled president, ,iotwn Foster as vibe presictent, anct Jenn Garianct as seeretaryftreasurer. Wir. lnctco was eieetert as ttle iacutty sponsor. Because LIPDCI' CiElSSOS Ctllfniflfltff SCi100i i'1E1llpCI1il'lQS, ti1C Cii1SS HS il NN'i'lOiC dict not imve a Ciianve to ineforne motive cturingf ttie spring rnontiis. But on Ntay I2, ati ttiis was marie up for wiien time Fresiiies nttencteft tiieir tirst rent soeini event. XX'7i'lPl'l tile mrty was over, tiiis grou 1 oi iweginners returnect to ttmeir evervdax' I I , , . i . . . - tives ns NI.H.S. irestnnen. tiowever. it remains one ot' ttieir ivest memories. Noxx' ttley are unxiousiy iooicing forward to tiieir tust tiiree years in iiigti sctiooi. Ttien surety ttieyiit reaiiy ine atyie to arfomptisii sometiling. ROOM 2 Row l QJ1-fl to rigtxlJ: JW. Onllunlc, NJ. Quinn, JW. Rodgers, R. Polls, WJ. PavJik JVJ. Pokryflm, J. Saicoe, JJ. Sillm, J.. Sfxfniln, cJl1SlflJvS0n, E. fjnofrvy. Row 2: J. Pnstimk, J. Palko, E, Sauk J. OJJ-ary, J, Scvera, P. Sniroc. L IzIIJJCl'lSliC'l1, A, fvmlc-ck. Row 'Sz R. Novak, J. Rr-pJm, T. Rogers J. Olcn, R. Nugf-nt, R. Ridgr, B. fjzllrvs VV. Rowkowsliy. Row 4: NJ. Paco, H. Safran, B fjlsavickv K. R an J... Ric-s. B. Rohan . - Y 1 - D. prirc, JJ. Pnylok, H. fjtnringvr, R. J I Carson. ROOM 8 Row I fJcJ't lo rigJ1lJ: A. Ynngo, A Tobias, NI. lvllfillilli, E. Toth. A. Starglc B. Vogy, FJ. 'JJiar'J1, CJ. Vinvs, J.. Young Row 2: F. Slntxlbe-rg, D. Nvolack, E Stewart, A. Slocklas, J. Zsnk, R. Stout, V. Vviniams, A. Vvaltvrs. Row 3: J. Tvtuor, R. Xyilson, NJ Votoclian, G, Visvonti, B. Stump, J Xvintfxrs, J. J-irnlin. .. . , Row 4: NJ. botak, Ji.. Xxnsscll, J Siccnarz, IT. Sluimcl, Yurinn. B. Zcdo G. VViJson, J. VX'iJ:ncr. J. Strock. ROOM 41 Row I flvtt to rigJ1tJ : J. Bugcl, R. Dolny, H. Bugc-J, J. DoJny, L. Bc-rringer, R. Chaslm, I... All. VV. Conrad, J. Colleclgc, D. Bzunford. Row 2: J. Butmn. E. Bnlmnif. A. Durica, A. Bmlnnr, J. R. Barry, H. Carr. J. DULIEI, cw. IEHISZO, E. BIlJ3iln. Row 5: A. Daxnsak, XV. David, R. Ellis, E. DHN'iPS, CJUVVHJSJI, BKTJJIUHP, R Biclek, E. Biroviv, E. CJ1uJ1a. Row 4: JJ. Bfuylon, J. Bersik, Adams, J. Barry, J, Dzmliuvic, VV. Anclrnws, K. Koller. ROONI 42 Row I flvft to rigJ1tJ: I", Jardine, B Junsirom, R. Gross. N. Floyd, J. Gustaf- son. 51. Dznmko, Kocis, CJ. Knllun, NI J-. Hnrvai. Row 2: P. Jlorvat, BI. Honnmn, J Horton. A. Kasper, V. Haines, V. Kofzku N. Gee-ddr-J, JW. Jutm. E. Kano, Row 5: fr Gcrgzx, Hagan, Ehuker Nl. Jacobson, J. Garland, E. Hrnlm, S Glick, J'J0oJi. Row 4: J. fflnnnl, J. Gelutko, J... Gr-roslay J. Foster, J, HzxrlJ0, P, James, R. Jarisin, J,. JBCOJJSUYI. v 4Lmr ROOM 45 Row I Ilvll Io rigllilz I..airLI, I: Nifk.-I, G. Nluzr-, A, Niles, E. Komlis, A Kulcs, A. I4-slum, .l. Anclreuco, ,I. Lnjlim IJ. Korlmzxli. IQOVV 21 lx1Il1ElIli0, Killllilf. Kontru, IXI. Kuscli, K. Nlillcr. .I. Nlnrzm' P. Nlilmlrin, If. Ivlczinzc. T. ylftljonnlcl. Row 5: C. Noroslci, I.. Lision, R. Ivloorv NI, Ivlycrs, D. Ivlarkin, J. Lclacclclu, II I.avinc, .I. Novacclc, F. IVIc-glviclx, IJ Lnposliy. A Row 4: .I, Rovnl, R. Duspoy, .I. I-ipzl ll . l,Lll'ZlS. ROOM 202 Row I IICII lo Tiglllll VV. ID'ArgU. U Rusnali, R. Olysnv, S, Cacrns, Ivlurgnn S. Canmron, E. Noll, IVI. Amlrrvss, II Houglx, .I, Davis, Row 2: V. Swvcny, .I. IVICKQ-nm-y, ,I K1-If-II, N. Gurvsl, Sfillcy, I... I'-ivrli. R Travis, C. Ingliss, R. ylcflallon, H. I..IoycI G. NIOSZIO. Ruw 5: D, Nlamns, Rcvvf-s, T. Bailvy, G. Bonner, VV. Anclcrson, I'- Ivlulligzm, G. Gm-rllolcl, A. Kopm, Ii Prounl, C. Vvilson. ROONI 206 Row I CII-lx lo Tiglllli CJ. Illir, Lloyfl, R. Ijorlvr, R. Xvilliinson, H, C1-rm. Ruw 2: ,I. Allison, L. Swinglc, IXI Novohmli. Zciglcr, Cvzltcllousv, R Holclcr, R. Sctlmvonc, D. Slvlzxnirt, A Asmongn. Row 'iz R. Dias. B. Dursl, N. Nclsun. R, Dillvr, E. Xwiltroui, R. Brennan, T. Kc-nm-Lly. Row 4: XV. Ilffss, Blasco, .I. Xvullu-r, I.. George: R. Swilcli, XV. Kvorlon, T, Sancllvc-rg, N. Xxlilliinson, XV. Krm-ulvr. ROOM 303 Row I Ilcft io figlllli H. Vvilsun, II. Kisll, Simlio, .l. 'I-Iiranc, J. Fleming. Row 2: D. .lissl-. A. Simon, ,I. Crnwlurcl, H. Faust, V, Siarlccy, BI. Kislm. Row 5: A. Bojus, N. BIICCIUITP, R. Strang, I. Hcnriclison, G. Xvillis, FI. Prosser, O. Young, R. IN'Icars. Row 4: E. XN'uIIicr, R. Bost, VII. Boll, B. Agnrrly. E. Lalzy, H. Pusnpvs, R. .lorLIzm, S. Nluir, .l. Fiiz. Rf :cm ao: g Rim I lIr'Il in riglnltz XV, XXIIJJUY. R. NInrino, If. Ifzuust, II. Iiamz-y, V. bElIilllCI'. XXI, Ijinlvy, I. Smkoly. Row 2: C. Reagan, A, Ilznmcir-Islnlmm, E, Iinmlus, XY. IlllllIl'lIlI'I'yS, J. SICIIIICI. Row 3: SAIIILIX, D. Xxiriglxi, II. Xxiillizuns, AIIQH, C, Jurlison, fiilvrlli. Rage, Nagy. Row QI: I. I. SIIIICIHHSIQY, G. NIiIIr-r. IL. AIuin, VX. Vx cIm-r, R. IEKIIISCII. I, SNWII, II. NIcfNmmviIIe. ROOM 303 Row I fieit In rigIllI: I'. IxIiIIio, If SIIIIIII, XV. SIlerImn, S. XvImiIing, XI. I,0lJl7'x'IIiII, If. IiIrIr'r, E. Iiorgzm, NI. I,gCSIllill'Ii, XXI, Dom'Ixc'rly. R. Slvilner. Rexx lx I. Xxntsnn, II, HzuIiImI, .I. Xvinlers. I'I, IIvIrif'Ic, NI. CIxisneII, IVI. Killllll, Il, AIIrrcr'I1l, K. Legg. VIA. Rngnn. .I, Youslum. Row 3: .I. Reic'Iu. I:. I.uI1onu, If. RusnaIx, XY. Iioxsvr, IJ. NIoI1om-y, R. IIumaIx, C. Iturry, Imvis. SENIOR CLASS "Experience silows limi success is due less to ainilily than to zeal. Tile winner is ite who gives izimself to ills work. inocly and soulf, CHARLES BUXTON. JUNIOR CLASS "ln science, reafl, ily preference, tile newest works: in literature, tile olclest. Tile classic literature is always moflern. New books revive ami rerlecorate oiri ifleasg olcl izooizs suggest :incl invigorate new icleasf' BULNX'ER. SOPHOMORE CLASS "Youth will never live to age unless tizey keep tizemselves in irealtil with exercise and in heart with joyfulnessf' SIR P. SIDNEY. FRESHIVIAN CLASS nlvo roafl is too long to tile man wino afl- Uances rleliimerately anrl without unflue iiasleg anrl no ilonors are too flistant for tile man wlno prepares izimself for litem witit patiencef, BRUYERE. Mlf1VAf16'J f Gr anizations l -llii LEADERSHIP IN STUDENT COUNCIL THE important Iegisiative powers of the Student CounciI give it a pIace of significance and Ieadership in schooi Iife. The representatives are nominated and eIectecI hy the student hody. Any memher of the cIass who has a 2.5 average is eIigiIoIe. This year the counciI is composed of fourteen seniors, nine juniors, four sophomores, and four freshmen. They meet once each WeeIc to perform their assigned duties which incIude: adjusting all controversies, granting charters, pro- viding traffic reguiations, eiecting hall cops, and controIing all sociaI events. This year the counciI moved the date oi cIass eIections from the second week in Septemioer to GeneraI EIection Day in Novemioer. They aIso changed the re- quirements for meriting a Goid HIVIU and passed other reguIations necessary for the hetterment oi the schooI. The iacuity representatives, aIso eiected hy the students, are IVIr. I'Iyatt and IVIr. Vvieiand. These advisors together with the councii members are to Ioe commended for their wise Ieadership and guidance during the year. The officers are: President, Bernard CoIeyg Vice President, Rohert Brinkerg Secretary, NeII IVIcDoweII. STUDENT COUNCIL Row I fieit to righti: Brinker, Corso, Siater, Coicy, Baid, Cvrihhic, Hoien, Dauriu Bernard Co ey DfJIlklilUl', CTIIOTIIOS, ZCLIO. Row 2: Youngmnn, Ammcrman, yIorgun, Ohringcr, Iiowat, OlLC?lfy', Strang, Lutsch, Neil BICDQWCII ILICIOII, IQUSII. Row 3: Sharp, XN'iIcIing, Anderson, IVIcDoweII, Matiiiews, PiIIar, Baptie. Robert Brinker THE ANNUAL STAFF t.ANNtNG a yeartwootc tor the ctass ot 1950 is the tastc which contronted the annuat statt tast tatt. This tastq presented many serious prohtems. The statt was organized earty in the year and tnegan wortc immediatety. The tousiness statt interviewed ad- vertisers who generousty contrihutect. The ctass witt- ingty cooperated hy presenting a ptay and setting Christmas cards and candy. Vtqtlt' titerary statt wrote and rewrote artictes. The student photographers toott pictures ot the intormat tite ot the students. By cteyer advertising the statt urged the students to tbuy the annuats. The tvIlll'lIlliSI20 room was a whirt ot activity. The students wanted more pictures. good write-ups. a good theme-a yearhooti that pictured the true tite at Ntunhatt. This was what the statt aimed to give them. Their goat was to produce tor the ctass ot 1930 the tiest twuntlistzo ever. They attended an exhibition ot prize yearhootis to tlind ways to hetter their own annuat. The ctass bought a camera tor the schoot which was immediatety used tor tatcing more and hotter pictures. After seyerat compromises. the theme and the type ot cover were decided upon. The schoot hoard turned over to the students a room where they worked during study periods and atter schooi. The statt, under the supervision ot the ctass act- yisor, Ntr. Hyatt, and with your cooperation. has puh- tished this twunllisleo. They hope that you witt enjoy this annuat and witt ever cherish it as a pteasant re-- minder ot your ctetighttut years at Ntunhatt ttigh Schoot tirtitor-in-titiivt - - - Atatwt Ntoore ttnsinm-ss Ntanagn-r Y tic-rnant Knapp Assistant tfmtitor - - Y t"rvct IQVKIHS Literary tfztilor - Ntarttna tlittar Sociat tittitor - xtarion Rowvtt titlotoglraptn-r - tirnin Koyat Sports tfititnr - - Noryat ttaptie it ,llltiil ccreturx o tw Nctt XtcDowctt ffffffffv L it:-act 'typist --A- -A1111 s-Q ., . Q . R x TQP aygs Tlie Tlming. "THAT GIRL PATSY" NIFS. Xxlilffell A - liolm Xvarren - Fred Coulson Susie - - Palsy - Nlr, Xvarren Uenny - - Violel Nlanners lulia Vvarren Nliss Harper - - Slmirley Boslocli Xvaller Dietzen - - FTCJ Evans Helen Fleming Lois Gustafson Clarence Hill rr Vg, C Vr,.-I l.4INN111 LJ. 1XUVcl1 lx'IE1l36l Nloore Eileen paslier lvlarion Rowell ljrol. fJrlando Powers - Nlanuel Ruloin ljliillip Greer - - Edwin Vvillis "SPRING FEVER ANRC PUfl'6ll A DOl'0ll1y B1'HC,lClOCli Doctor Dixon f Howard Branl - Lou Herron - Eel Burns - - Nlrs. Spangler Maude Corey Prof. Virgil Bean Vic Lewis - pl10ClD8 Purcell - Vivian Cieorge Gerry Purcell - Larry Cullen Xvalter Dielzen D0fOll1y Hanlon Clarence Hill - Doris Hill f June Hunlcer - Robert Jack Wlerle Jaroloson Maluel Nloore Eileen Paslxer Tliomas Slaler I'21II1Z1 38 uccesstut 621 STAGE GUILD tfit'tTSt Curtaint Actiont ,title ptay is ont Ttxe audience apptaudst Ttie Stage Guitd is at wortit Backstage worries tlave tbegunt Eactl assemtJty program and ctass ptay is ttte etimax to ttle cooperative spirit ot a group ot tlard working. dirty-faced, overattect boys who comprise ttle Stage Guitd. ttitleir ettorts are indespensitate to successtut productions'-eactl one ot ttieir tastcs ptays a vitat part in any presentation. Ever atert. dependatmte, and wittingf to wortc are ttrese Mmen tmetnind ttue scenesu. Ttle Stage Guitct is ctlosen and supervised tpy Ntiss Ttretma tQlIStl. Eill'tl troy must wett informed in cratt, etectricity, xvoodxvortc, and painting, tor ttme smoottt coordination ot ttleir duties is ltte answer to an excettent ptay. A NVtltSti ot a paint tprustl. a sttitl in turniture, a snap ot' a tigtlt swilctt, and ttle scene ctlanges. To ttie memtmers ot ttie Stage Ciuitct-credit is given xvtnere crectit is duet DRAMATIC Ct ,UB GC Hti ptayts ttle ttaingftu-ttle xvtxote xvortd agrees xvittm St'liiti0SIJf'ill'f'. ttttll' Vktoocttaxvn Dramatic Ctutu gives ttte community vvttat it wants. Ttlis ctutm tlas gained wide recognition taecause ot' its excettent dramatic pre sentations. Under ttle capatyte direction ot Ntr. tiusctt, ttre organization tlas taken ctnarge ot numerous assemtmty programs and given many evening pertormances. Atter six weetcs ot instruction during ttne summer ttle ctutu presented tive one-act ptays. tn ttte tvatt tor tt1e ttitltn time ttley staged uttomeo and .tutietu tor ttle tmenetit ot Carnegie t.itJrary. Ttlis ptay made Ntuntuxtt Stlatcespeare conscious. Ttle memoratyte scenes Witt tong tive in ltle minds ot tt1ose xvtlo saw this excettent production. t.ater in tile year ttle audience was spett-tmound tly ttle touctiing scenes ot Wtitiings Tttat Countn. and ttle dramatic episodes ot' ttNtQtlt Ntust Fattn. During ttle Cttristmas season ttle organization presented an entertainment at ttxe Carnegie Steet Xvortcs tor ltle emptoyees. tn ttle ttuture ttle community Witt continue to enjoy and apptaud ttlis ctutfs excettent presentations. , , , ,.-,.,.-:-:5g:-:5:ig:,:-:Ig:5:f:- ,!g:5:-:-1.3:-:-5.5:-:-.-,. .-:-:-g.-.-:-:.-:f:,:-':-:-:-'--:-:--.-' qI:g.g.g.-g.5.g.-1.g.- gi ' .g2::,.gi:g.-.5159 -':g.'.-I-5-1.35'.'.:.5:.5.gJ' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row I their Io righll: Nvilliinson, IVIoorc, Pillar, Hill, Juha, Ijonnelly, Kuliucztca. Row 3: Ivtatthews, Shope, Stillc. Rowell. Reich. Hunker, Lactic, Braddock. Row 4: Slater. Evans, David, Knapp, Grihlxlc, Bald, Kovat. Rubin, CHESS C'I.I,7B Row I tlc-It to rightl: Yango. Nvitliams Vvallers, Scrnan, Starglc, Kocis, fyhringcr Vines. Row 2: Hairston. Halnpson, ijleming David, Dllfifil, Cowalsll, Popovicll, Corso Chontos. Row 5: Holacn, Palyoli. Hogg, Swiden IXnapp, David. Nahay, 3111 Brand. Row 4: Donahue. Slargle. Keeler Qirihhle. Koval, xIoInar. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY CPIQLARSHIP, Leadership, Character, and Service are the high ideals of the National Honor Society, one of the most important organizations in the school. Chosen Ioy the faculty and approved hy the sponsor, IVIr. Vvalhert, the memloers slrive to uphold these worthy standards. To helong to the Athright Chapter ot the National I'Ionor Society is considered one ot the greatest honors bestowed upon a Iviunhall Senior. The otticers are: President, Niarion Rowellg Vice President, Nlarjorie Stilteg Secretary-Treasurer, Fred Evans. CHESS CLUB S a means ot wholesome recreation which stimulates the thinicing' powers ol an individual, chess is unsurpassed. The Chess Club originated al Vvoodlawn a few years ago and has now he- come a member ot the VVestern Pennsylvania Inlerscholastic Chess League. The ciuh has secured chess sets and manuals demonstrating various gamhits and piays ot the game. Vvith the aid ot the sponsor, IVIr. Brand, the group has become a team Worthy ot competition. The cluh has arranged matches with other schoois of the League and, although inexperienced. has won many victories. The officers are: President, Bernard Knappg Vice President, Kazmer Chontasg Secretary, Helen Fleming. Row 2: hir, Nvalhcrl, t'-lClllil'lg, ilanlon. Kupcc, Iveundori, Otmringcr, Boot, Phillips. Row Pillar, Row Rowell Xvillcii RON' Rubin, CTOTSO. Row 4: Evans, Jones, Beveridge, Davicl, Luppoltl, Knapp. Laelio, Jackson. Row l flelit to riglitl: ixliss Huwat, Pitchlorcl, S1-eclx, Grula, Kazimer, Gray, fluinn. Kumar. Row 2: . , Grossili, Rules. Rowley, Jacohson. Kline. Row 3: Hamilton, ixlitz, Poole, Rage, Raschali, Xvillis, ixluir. , Hunlier, Vvilcling, lvlclgrwvvll, mson, Anrlerson. nm I 1 l HALL COPS I flelt to riglitl: larasnvic, Laelic, ivloore, Brarleloclc, lvlaltllews. 2: Bali:-r, Gustalsnn, Stille. 3: Blr. Xvielancl. Kolson, Oiflalley. Slater, Ridge, Baptie, Donliue. LIBRARY CLUB Hickey Russell Vovtlio, HALL COPS i AINTENANCE of orcler in the halls is the chief cluty ol' the hall cops. Elected lay Student Council, the tralzlic directors must have a 2.5 average. This year the posts were changed each clay in order to hring ahout more efficiency and hetter order. The cops were captainecl lay Zella Xvillfinson, Frecl Evans, and the faculty supervisor, Nlr. Vvielanfl. This year, the hall eops helcl a lipolicernanis Balln. The success oi the event will prohahly malie it an annual allair. LIBRARY CLUB IDING the students to hecome heller acquaintecl with the lilmrary is the primary purpose ol the L,ilJrary Cluh. Under the supervision oi the lilmrarian, iwliss Howat, the memllers are taught lilmrary worlc: checking lxoolcs in and outg numbering and filing of lmoolisg hincling and repairing oi hooks. The high school lihrary contains approximately seventeen thousand volumes including home reading hooks, encyclopeclias, and supplementary reference material, To Nliss Howat and the Lihrary Cluh goes the creclit lor malcing the lihrary a worthwhile place for study for the whole school. The cluh olliicers are: Presicient, George Gray: Vice President, Alherl Grulag Secretary, Hilrla Kazimer. , -1 GIRL RESERVES GG S a Giri Reserve, I will try to fare life squareiy and find and give the best." - Tile Ciri Reserve endeavors to follow this Code. As a larancia of the Young VX!omen's Cilristian Association, tiley strive to uptloid tile same ideals oi Chris- tianity. Time giris are taught to ine gracious. tolerant, loyal, sincere, laeipfui, de- pendable, friendly, and reverent. in lX!It.Il"Ii'lUll tide organization is so iarge that it is divided into two groups, tile Senior and Junior Giri Reserves. The juniors and seniors belong to tile senior group, and the freshmen and sopilomores Compose tile junior group. Tllis year the ciuin had approximately S0 members. The supervisor, Miss Daly, and line Program Chairman, Mildred Boot, arranged many interesting programs for time giris. Frequently, guest speakers were invited to the meeting. Tile officers of tile senior division were: president, lvlaibei lviooreg Vice President, Zeila XViiicinsong Secretary-Treasurer, Dean Urquhart. SENIOR GIRL RESERVES Row I tlcft to rigtntlr Tuite, lVIacKcnzic VVihcinson, Piilzxr, Urquhart, Surg, Neff Smart. Y Youngman, lXIc'Dowell, 'I opp:-r, Stillm- Gustaison. Fleming, XVallur'e, Bust, Hump son, Nuss, FRONT -if .Anllllfxl'llIiln, lxiltirgan, Boiibfucll Nxyilutiing, I-0YIgllltll'C, Kfilllllxr, RiCIll'y' Owlioole, Vvoclriclq, Yarina, lwurris Xvllerry. Gill, Boot, Rowell, Reicll, Hunlier Plxillips, Cadnlan, Holmes, JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES Row I fielt to riglmtiz Zanos, Stuart Quinn, Kane, Lycoe, Nliss Daly, Quinn Stailliuerg, Giicic, Laird, Rodgers. Row 2: Liston, Vines. Howell, Lacico Zapi, Strang, Rusnaic, Urioan, Pailocic Allison. Row 3 : Paytolc, Nlyers, Jacobson Owldoote. Kowalski, Karcll. Oiaringer VValters, Niles, Owiiooie. Row 4: O'I.eary. Onrlo, Jardine ivlorgan, Howat, lxictcalie, Nliller, Vvalker, Conrad. SIIODC, lxiort, Turasovic. Nioore, Nliss Daly Row 2: i.iu'0 , XNYilIiC'I'Stl'1'Il, Slurei Row 4: Harding, Lloyd, lvlcfiuirc, twic- t IQ OWV train. Divrtir-n, Cult:-n, Evans, StliK'tftS, Ntrfiarltuy, Starter, Rifige, Dauria, Rim 2: hir, Lactio, Xvatu-tieirt, Xvii- iu-tyn, Grass, Lactm, fiotcy, Birusactt. tQUiSUl'I. Row 5: Xviituetin, Donatluv, Niotleranr. ttitt, Xxiitson, fiunrart, Ctnonan, Beverictge, Rutmin. Row I ttctit to rigtuti: Ltrryct, tiess, Xvittiinson, .iactg iiiinnns, Carr. Row 2: tiamttesman, ttumpturcys, Xvaticer, Hunrptueys, Kc-nnmty, D1-an, Jacotxs. Row 7: ix"IK'SiIilH0, Bust, t"1-tters. Bartoiilln, xinss, Partiinson, L. fngran, Zngran, Barrett. Raw 1: Shatter, Bmlherlnn, Lioyri, Xvaiiace. Row 5: ixir, Vl'l'illli'Dif'. Switch, finest, lllfiii, HI-Y O teach hoys to tive according to high icteats is the protntem confronting the Hi-Y. This Y.iVi.C.A. group operating in the high schoot has the sincerest coopera- tion anct hacking ot the schoot actministration. The hoys are trying to tind out their goat in tite and the best ways ot thinking. Their aim is to exemptity these icieats in their school. home, and community. Ntany members ot the Hi-Y have active parts in other schoot organizations and thus the inttuence ot the ctuiJ is spreaci throughout the high schoot. Through a program ot varied activities, inspirational, sociat, organizationat, the rnemtmers ctiscover the things they are see-icing. There are group discussions on retationships with other peopte, respect tor parents, anct generat-conduct at home. Frequentty the ctutb invites guest speakers to the meetings. The otticers are: Presictenl. Fred Evans: Vice President, Bernard Cotey3 Secretary, Robert Xvittnetmg Treasurer, Rohert Diertcen. - , Elrfi ,,,A W-wf f-wi' Ill-Y I ttrtt to righti: Jactxson, Neeli- IVNIUR HIAY .AttHl1!it7, Sharp, G1-rtmtnt. Mlf1VAfi6'A'f gift!-f'9Z r I'UBI.IC SPEAKING CLUB Row I tictt to rigtitis RuIwnstcin Elkins, IIanIon, Kupstr, NCUIltItlfi, Rubin Donatiue, Suctiinacti, igilllliitlfll, Fisiiman Kutiur zica. Row fl: Loveciay, Iviaguire, Gryiw i,Cllf'KlCIEi, SICIHUFZ, iiftllllififti, Spililll Willis. Raw 5: Suu-itzer, Jeniiins, xiorgan Oimringer, Lcincttmta. Kline, HIII, Ecion. Row 4: Xxvtiliillg, Kotson, Biotnar, Batct Xkyilitiffligilt. Corso. CAMERA C'Lt.'I5 Row I to rigtitiz Reese, ifnapp ionvs, firossvt, Sivrtiarz, Kowalski, Cannon Bl'tilllIlC, Siiyes, Xxviiflillg, Donaixue, Row 2: Biyivorci, Sim'Is4'c'r, Ibaytoii Kutwan, iioiitxrucii, Lesiio, Goertctct iVIElttIl02'VS, IVIacKr'nzic', Bostocii. Boot Bosl, i'ox. Illilll, xxYiltSOIl, ViV0IllSill, Btllltlitf, IQOTOAY Doweti, tfnrigiit, Lactic, Bracictocii, I.itra Exten, Xvaiters, Douglas. I Row 4: x'X,IlItClliQilt, xvatts, Knapp Kuims. Itogg, Craig, KovaI,'Iio, Uavimi W Post, Ovutxa, Harding. PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB O teach students to speatc iJeI'ore time puibtic anti to cteveiop their reasoning power is tile vatue oi tire Putmiic Speaking Ciillij. one oi ttle busiest groups in Nillltiililii. Vvitii a Ivirst piace in ltleir section in rninct, the ctuim rnemioers started tI1eir wort: eariy in Septemiber anti continuect untii tate in Aprit. Clue of ttle Iiigtiiigtlts oi ttie season was time tournament iweict at IVIunI1aII on January 7. Under the co- sponsorsiwip oi Wir. Etiiins and Biiss Iiertram ttle Ctuim, this year, enjoyed one oi the most successiut seasons since its inauguration. Atttlougii ttle ciuty ioses many senior memix-rs inciucting Ctiarics Corso. Thomas Donahue, Dorothy Hanton, Doris Hitt, Ntarion Jenicins. Carotine Kuifucztca, Heien Kupec, Lois Neundort, Cattierine Qimringer, iyianuei Ruinin, anti 'Harry Xvtiitenigtmt, ivir. Ettcins iias txigti tnopes Ior next year. Ctuim officers are as Ioiiows: President, Nlanuet Ruining Vice President, Timomas Donaiiueg Secretary, i.ois Neunctorf. CAMERA CLUB 0 iurttier ttle interest in ptlolograpiiy, a group of science students formed the Camera Ctuiu. This organization is now in its second year ot' progress. During tI1e course ot ttie sciioot year ttieir program consisted ot: construction oi a box camerag printing oi pictures: cteveioping ot Iitmg eniarging of pictures: experiments on preparing gtass ptatesg reftuction oi printg and intensifying ot print. The oiiicers are: president, Ectwin Kovaig Vice President, Edward Lactcog Secretary. Etiiei Niattiiews. Row 3: I.ayinan, Downey, Xvetsil, Eati- paytotc, X'X'iIltCl'Stt'l'l1, Lacey, Kramer, Nic- Row l ttett to rigtitjz taacitm. ttownt, Raetaei, Oiiaeary, yiorgan, Cftrringer. Row Barry, Row Vvattier, ytitter, Oncio, Vtw0IllElSK'0, Row 4: Xvitcting, t'-ox. Layman, Dona! true. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Row I ttett to rigtiti: Dotny. Xvittimns, Yango, fbnotrey, Potts, Horvat. Qtxilmll, Kontra, Rogers, iutxn, Stripe, Ntanns, Detmricti. Row 2: Neweit, Natlay, Viiutmricty, Bost, Paytoti, Atizrectlt, Kotxter. cziiillllllll, Dotny, Lucas, Kutiut, Ryan, Noyacti, Row 'ir Ntorgan, Pace, Fianna, Emery, Larinc, iuipa, Lopostiy, Ntitxatcin, Vtiotti, Hretla, Buget. Row 4: jacotrson, Ryctestxy, Durtmin, Ftoyet, Xvitson, Niarzer, fiuttmrie, Snlottey, ii0titlIlilll, tlavtit. Row 3: Vtitiactn, tgrucas, Grytr, ,iunstronn Berringer, Siintio. MATH CLUB fyvttonte, Niittiren, 2: Forrest, Cotter, Vines. Urtmn, Strung, Rusnati. Rowett, i.ycoe, 5: Karctx, i.iston. Vkiatters, t,ycoe. tVIA't'HtiIVlA'I'lCS CLUB Q Create interest in mattmematics anct to stimutate time reasoning atmitity ot time inctivictuat is tile purpose ot tile NiflttlPlHiltil'S Ctuim. tn its two years ot existence, tile ctutm tias matte remartcatmte progress. Time memtberstlip tlas increased anct time interest tlas tween turttierect. At ttie meetings tt1e memtJers ptay games anct wortx puzzie protmtems sutmmittect to ttlem ily Niiss Forrest, ttle sponsor, and ttle program committee. During time year seyerat parties were tletct and on tmotidays speciat programs were ptannect. Time otticers are: President, .iean Gartanctg Vice Presictent, Violet O't.earyg Secretary, Niarttia t.actco, HOME ECONOMICS CLUB ROVttDiNCi a sociat outtet tor stuctents ot tile toocts anct i't0ttliIl2.f ctasses is one ot ttie main purposes ot ttle Home Economics Ctuim. The organization Otters to its memtners speciat instructions in mocteting, use ot matce-up, and various ottmer items ot interest to ttie average girt. 'iwtll'0l,lQt1 time sate ot maroon and wtlite novetties tor ttie tootixatt games, ttley tietpect arouse sctwot spirit. Uncter ttie supervision ot Ntiss Cox anct tvtiss Newett, ttie Home Economics Ctuta tias made great strictes in tile past year. Vlqillf otticers are: Presictent. Gtive tvtorgang Vice Presictent. Tilettnil ,iacotmsonz Secretary, Niary .iutpaz Treasurer, Lena Vvitson. 7 i 0 th T e Eclimtors an Re Cross RED CROSS Row I UPN In figlltwi Spalxn, Kem:- CYI-nnlv, Xliss XXYRILIUNVSOII, Lloycl, Krannc r Quinn, Bgxlgznnr. Vlllcnr, Nlrmrc, Bznugfxnlan, Carr. Clnllsvllling. MUNI IISKO STAFF Kuskn, 1.4-slum, Urnssik, Tllmn, Row 2: NIRIKIEPIII, Iurns1 xn l.fmglnurf', Hirkvy. Irsliu, Nlcmlgnnwrx lclllon, Julia, Bulk-r, Row 5: Rvivll, Hunkcr, Rush, Imlrmlxlzu 1 Llnyzl. l.uls1I1, IXIIIIP. Kr:-H, Rmvc-H, Phillips, Lloyd, Urqulmrl Buni. Crzxni. KUIIIIS, XVOC DDI .ANVN HERALD S'l'AIfI" Hrss, Slniclolls!-ay, Nlansell, Filxgilwlmcmxls Blokis, Lloycl. Bl'SlIlilfIC, ZUQHH1, I..IOyCI. Row 5: Aslmff, Rcclslmw. NIH! Gnlisrlllillg, Criicllluw, Patlcrson, Sllnrp IilCl'. Row 2: Slznvu, Sicinmr, Allmriglxl, Hunl, Row 7: Hrrwnl, Hz1rhnm1, XNVIIHOIIIQIII, Row I flvltl ln figlllji I'iUIlllK'S, Sunli- nmrk, Olwringc-r, Vines, 51nrgnn, Illulurk, Xvilvrry, VX'inIvrs2CCn, Nlnrgnn, lillnr, Rnw -1: Rulxin, Post, flrily, .lillmslim Row '33 .lnncs, Baptiv, Xvllilvniglnl, Row 1 Uvlvt in riglxijz Xviuis, Xvzxlson, IQOXY 21 SIIEIUHOII, Zflgfilll, NIC'- SIHUIP, llililflilfl, BLlfkC, PYOSSCT, NIIUHYS, Ericson, Surg, Pfciffcr, NIL-lullicrluvr, Xyul- Organizations ot Great Hetp RED CROSS ERVICE is ttme primary otmject ot ttme .iurmior Red Cross. Time etutJ tmas suereeded in aiding many poor tamities ot ttme romnnmummity and in spreading good tettowstmip in Countries atmroad. Xvittm time airt ot time entire sctaoot ttmev titted tiroxes wittm toys to tme given to time setaoot Ctiitdren ot C.fZ6C'tl0- stovatcia. At Ctmristmas, ttiey gave a taastcet rontaining tood. etottming, anft toys to a poor tamity ot ttme Community. Ttmey atso etected a detegate to ttae Red Cross Convention at Vvastiington. Ttmis detegate attended tertures and sociat functions. and met representatives trom ottmer sftmoots. Ttme detegate received mnany tmetptut ideas to tme used next year. Ttae organization is sponsored tmy txtiss Xviddowson and is tleaded tpyz President, txtarttma t-toydg Vive President, ttarry Xvtmitenigtmtg Secretary. Heten O'Toote. THE HIVIUNHISKOH STAFF HE twuniiisieo, txtuntnattts tmifweetcty newspaper, is putatistmed tmy ttmis tmard wortc- ing group ot boys and girts. Time statt menmtmers are tcept tmusy writing artietes. typing. Cutting stenfits, drawing, assemtmtimmg papers. and setting ttae editions. Ttme students devote muetm time to iwurmtmisieo woric tmut in returmm receive pricetess journatistic' training. The paper putatistmes news. tmumor, editoriats. personats, poermms. stories, puzztes. anct exftmanges. Under ttme ctireftion ot ttme spommsors. Ntiss Batt and Ntiss tX'tac'Bettm. and ttme editor, Doris Hitt, ttme statt tmas sueeeeded in putmtistming a very worttmwtmite newspaper. VVOODLAVVN HERALD UBt.tSHtNG a newspaper for time students is ttme duty ot time Vvoorttuufn Heratct Statt, one of time tmusiest groups in ttme sctmoot. Ttmis year tor time tirst time time Woodtciufri Hercmtct was putatistmed as a weetcty newspaper. Ttme paper contains tour pages ot news, sports. editorials. personals. tmumor, and exetmanges. tt is sotd tdy sutascription onty. Ttmere are twetve students on ttae titerary statt wtmietm is tmeadect imv time editor-in-Ctmiet, Cattmerine tytitz, and time tarutty sponsor. txtr. t.toyct. Time nmvinmeo- graptming squad is tmeaded tmy Rtr. Simannon. Time statt nmimeograptms teatures on Ntonctay, sports omm Vvednesday, and news on Ttmursday. On Friday, attcr a wc-eta ot rtitigent worti, time Xvoocltawn Heratct is ready to ime put on satei lf'l'lQ l 7If'l'lilf CU 'IS niglll. Sylics, Nec, Ncvcllmallm, ,laclismm Xvlmilz-, Cannon. Sic-cilarx, Suciinmacli, Nliss Briggs, Kap:-f, illarosovic, Reml, llilffllllg. Row 5: Nuss, Krell, Anclvrson, Steiner Xvilson, liosler, Svman, Sllarpc, Balivr .Allllll1'rlllillI. Row -I: Xvlmalling, Xvlu-rry. Salala Xvelmvr, l l0lIll1'S, Halnpsun, l'-leming iliulmricly, Nlcfiill, Xvollmerspoon, V4-rc-lm Iilllcry, ZPIIU. PEP CLUB racl, ff loolv, Row 2: Gullmrey, Kolmlcr, Stout, llruslia. Sykes. Row 7: llnlilinman, Hrasnvy. Xvilliams. Riclmr-y, Ohlioolv, l.acr-y. Rusnali, Strung. l lnwal, Flccill, Hrr-lla, Nerrlliamn, Simlm, ljllllklllllv. Row -I: Korlinali, ljavolili, Call:-gf-, ,larrlinc-, Dunsavagc, Onlimrle, Xvlmile, l:aircl, Slrang, Go:-llnlvl, Vlinlli, lmpmxsliy, iliularirly, ti'l'lQUE'I'VE CLUB HE stuciy ol etiquette is llme purpose oi llme Etiquette Clulm. Uncler time clirection ol tlme sponsor, Nliss Briggs, tlme memlmers lmolcl cliscussions on points ol eliquelte. Tlmey are lauglml tlme proper conduct al parties and pulmlic places. Time juniors and seniors wlmo lmelong lo tlmis organization serve lo uplill llme moral ot llme selmool and sel an example ot courtesy for time otlmer stuclents. Time memlmers ol llme Program Committee are: Harry Vvtmiteniglmt, Harry Nvtmile, Norman Neecilmam, and lxlilcireci Baker. Time olllicers are: Presiclent, Helen Kupec: Secretary. Caroline Kulcuczlia. PEP Cl ,UB ETS give llme Olci Locomotivel Are You Reacly? l-el,s gol Time Clmeerleaclers give llme signal ancl a group ol lmiglm spiritecl sluelents clmeer witlm all ttmeir nmiglmt lor Dear Qld Nlunlmall. Tlmis new entlausiasm in tlme grancistancl is tlme re- sull ol tlme organization ol tlme Pep Clulm. . A special section in llme lmleactmers was reservecl tor tlmis group wtmictm togetlmer willm tlme clmeerleaflers lecl tlme tans in all ltme clmeers ancl songs. Tlmey proveci tlmeir originality lmy introclucing new clmeers ancl lmy sponsoring one ol tlme lmest pep meet- ings ever lmelcl ini lvlunlmall. Time success ol tlmis Clulm during its lirst year ol exist- ence lmas no rloulml gainecl lor il a permanent place in time lmigtl sclmool. Time co- sponsors are lyiiss Cox anti Nliss Howat and time ollieers are: Presiclent, Eileen Kramer: Vice Presiclent, Rita Lacey: Secretary, Jean Howat. Roxy I ll.-lr lo riglmll: Donaliuv, Vvlmile- Row 2: Sorg, Xvvlsli, Kuliuczlia, Slum-lx XVillis, lxlurris, B4-rquisl, Arrlmcr, Hirlu-y, Row l llell lo riglmll: Bugr-l, lianmlorll, Cylgeary, lylyr-rs, Ciarlanci, Lislon, Nic- fiuire, Harvallm, Visconli, fuller, Crylm, l,ycof', Vvinlerslven, Berringer, Nlorl, flun- Kuliuczlca, Sturm-lc, .lacol'mson, Kramer, Nliss fox, Kupec. ylillvrin, Vines, iXomar, iliarasnviri, Smalley, lXolmul, lXun1lravi, l.ycoe. lXilSCill2I, i,.ISll7I1, IAISIIIIIRD, IAITIIIC- NYC X DDI ..-XXYN TR.-XH 'K ' Ol"I"l1'lfRS Rim' I tlelt to riglltlz farr, Ripper. NICSIIRHIO. fngran, hlansc-ll, Km-nm-dx. fogran. Row 2: lliurlie. l3ilI't'llltl'lfl, Surg, Sivils. llarr, Vvallare, fiustalson. Row '52 hlilv. Slnissler, Siyils. Sharp. liricson, Bonner, lllviller, Sflltffit, hlelnl- l1'rl!r'l', C Illl. XX'OUlDI..'XXX'N S'l'l'DliN'l' l'Ol'NC'II. Ron l tlclt to riglxtl: Ragan, Kondas, Anderson, Carr. RUN' 21 xll'S, RiC'llilrilS. Xxlflllsvr, Kriuull, twfltI'lll0VY, CCZIIIIUFOII, l5lll'l'iC, x,li'SlIilHl', X . . Irss XX'vIsli. Row 5: fugran, lfri: son, Sore, Xviltrout, Siyits, Nlrcuire, Yango. VVOODLAVVN HALL COPS O maintain order in the halls is the purpose ot the Vvoodlawn hall Cops. Any Freshman with a 2,3 average is eligible For election lby Student Council. Qnc'e elected, the cop serves the last semester ol his Freshman year and the first semester ol his Sophomore year. The hall cops are dismissed from class a few minutes early to get to their posts. Vvhen the students Change Classes, the Cops direct tralzlic' and preserve order at all times. The captains are Xvilliam Dougherty and Edward Kondis. WCJODLAWN STUDENT COUNCIL fJVERNlNCi the student body is the duty ol the Vvoodlawn Student Council. I To hecome a memher, a student must have a 2.3 average and he elected lay his flass. The council malces laws lor the betterment ol? the school, gives Charters lor cluhs and parties. grants candy Concessions, and settles disputes arising in the school. This year the group lnought two pictures lor use in the building. They also liept a llower lund XVl1iK'll was used to send Howers in vase old the death of any memher ol the immediate family ol a Xvoodlawn student. The sponsors are Nliss Xvelsh and hlrs. Richards. Officers are: President. Vvilliam Carr: Vice President. lfdward Kondisg Secretary, Rosemary Burke. i .-r-f-:f'f-r'---fff ' 5-1+1 C. c-:tics VARSITY FOOTBALL . . . KING OF SPORTS in tiie iast two weeics oi August, wiien tire caii oi time pigsicin was in tide air, preliminary training got under way at Camp Sagamore. Here ttle iyoys re- ceived time iundamentais oi ioottnaii-imiocicing, taciciing. passing, and punting. it wasnit iong imeiore aii their vigorous exercises ioosened tigint. sore muscies, in- creasing the vitaiity and the piwysicai condition oi tiie team. You can readily see tiiat ati couid not ine woric when a group of iun-ioving imoys get togetiuer. Lake Erie certainty was inviting to tiiis group for iJoti1 swim- ming and iboating. Tiley aii stiared in providing tileir own entertainment even if it was oniy iaiiing from a canoe in tiieir Sunday ciotiies. ngciiooi daysi Sciiooi daysi Dear oid goid-N Your imow tim resti Vveii tilOSC days came with their nigtatworif and strenuous iootiraii practice at Vvood- iawn. But ttmat got resuits. Aittlougii ixtunidaiiys iootinaii season didnit start out so weii, it worked up lo their biggest victory-beating Hornesteadi Time otiier seven games ended witil one victory, and six tosses, Xviiat was a iittie thing iiice ttiatt On Armistice Day. November Il, we met our ancient rivats, Homestead. For txventyeseven years we iiad not tasted victory. Tire cry ttlat circuiated around time sctiooi Was, Wfidis is our year.H Tiiis turned out to the true as we conquered Homestead decisiveiy by a I5 to 6 score. First it was iviiiwaicin Wiio received a iligii punt and stnaicing oii att wouid-the taciciers sped sixty yards for a touchdown. At this time Devey con- verted for tile extra point. A migienty Ciweer iburst iortii from ttle crowd as ttiey seemed to sense that iviuntlaii wouid ine victorious. A siaort wtliie iater Homestead FOOTBALL fcontinuedi tried a Hat pass and Biiiy Niccarter snared it out of the air and tore down the sideiines to score without an opponent touching him. Homestead did not score untii the iinai minutes when Votyica plunged over. in another minute the game was over, but it Wiii iive forever in the hearts oi aii ioyai iviunhaiiers. The end of the game however just mariced the iaeginning oi the ceieiyration. iviunhaiiers swarmed onto the iieid and hoisted their heroes to their shouiders. Cheer aiter cheer arose and some enthusiastic ians uprooted a goai post and marched up the field with it. Juiniiant ioiiowers formed automohiie parades in the evening and gave vent to their ieeiings hy a noisy ceiehration. The ioiiowing Nionday, the students gathered at the Niunhaii playground to hear impromptu speeches hy the team and iacuity. At this meeting the Xvoiison trophy was pre- sented to iviunhaii to remain in their possession untii next Armistice Day when the Winner oi the annuai Niunhaii-Homestead ciassic wiii again receive the trophy. The team winning the trophy twice in three years wiii retain permanent possession of it. Schooi was dismissed and a gigantic parade oi aii students hoth vvaiicing and riding, marched down Eighth Avenue headed iay the High School Band and No. 4 Drum and Bugle Corps. The iun-maicers covered most oi the streets of the district and iinaiiy ended up at the starting point where they disbanded and ieit to continue their ceieioration as they pleased. As an aftermath, a victory hanquet was heid at the Masonic Temple for the teamf M'ff'VJVf56'f fContinuedi This year the footiaaii and hasicethaii teams were under the tutelage of a new coach as Mr. R. Markowitz moved up from assistant to head coach and Mr. H. Beggs took his piace as assistant. it is a icnown fact that in coaching the first year is always the hardest. However, these two men proved that they were capaioie of the task. They did what no other coach has done at Munhaii since 1911 when they turned out a team capaioie oi defeating Homestead. These men are admired not only because of their coaching aioiiity hut hecause of their friendliness. An- other person who deserves credit for the success of the team is Mr. Rowley. Acting as trainer, he kept the boys in fine piaying condition during the season. FOOTBALL SCORES Munhaii 6 - ------- - Duquesne 15 Munhaii 6 - C. Catholic 18 Munhaii O - - Norwin 6 Munhaii O - Braddock 14 Munhaii 0 - - Ciairton 55 Munhaii 12 - N. Kensington O NIUHIIHH 0 - - Swissvaie 18 Munhaii 15 - - Homestead 6 FOOTBALL Row l fieft to righti: Hinicie, Bogvr, Lucas, Conrad, Vvright, Ellis, Birosacic, Agardy, Connelly. Smeitzer, Ashoff. Row 2: Coach Niaricowitz, Barrett, Mccarter, Niiiiaicin, Crow, Schirra, Hornaic, Badaiata, Dvvey, Linsenioigier, Seiss. Niles. Row 5: Hess. Asimff, ijitzgihhons, Dankovic, Camphcii, Poole, Niasenko, Dicriccn, Yviison, Tinreifaii, Seiss, Syivcstro, Boggs fAssistant Coachi. STARS OE THE ORIIJIRON JOHN FRENA Stellar end . . . alert . . . dependatvte on tl0ttl detense and ottense . . ttie tnrunt ot ttle tiietcing . . . txotd . . . good pass reeeived. PAUL DEVEY Hustxy tinernan . . . retiatmte . . . exeettent line plunger . . . migtity . . . treads-up ptayer . . . dependalute . . . lwtuntmattys tieavyweigtit ptayer . . . tiard ptayer. ROBERT DIERKEN Triple ttireat man . . . sturdy . . . exeettent detensiye ptayer . . . valiant . . . intattitmte taetder . . . speedy . . . stettar taatt player . . . agile. GEORGE XVII .SON Co-Captain . . . tvutwartc on detense . . . super supertp Center . . . treroie . . . exeettent intereepter . . . eapatmte passer . . . sure taetiter . . . trietcy tif-Id man. NVILLIANI CAMPBELL Speedy, Competent guard . . . potent . . , good tine plunger . . . vatorous . . last statwart detense player . . . also otztense . , . eteyer . . . plays tiard. CLARENCE HORNAK Big . . . lmrieti watt in detense . . . dependatxte . . . rteared Dilttl tor tiatttmaetcs . . . tlard ttigtlter . . . statwart . . . alert . . . nligtlty . . . tilted tiis position eapatmty. FRANK LUCAS Stuart. tivetv, tceen tlatttmaetc . . . on tlis toes . . . excellent taetcte . . . dependatute . . . line tmrotcen tietd runner . . . enduratute . . . adroit . . . tteet-touted. ARTHUR CONRAD Excellent quartertmaetc . . . daring . . . tmoon passer . . . stmared ttie signal tyartcing duties wittl Rustie . . . speedy . . . tatt and rangy. CHARLES BIROSACK Ettieient line tnuetcer . . . duratite , . . wide-awatie . . . expeditious . . . sturdy defense player . . . switt . . . good tiietxer . . . daunttess . . . never gives up FRANK BEI .t. t'tard-tlitting guard . . . tteet-looted . . . dependatmte . . . tiard ttigtiter . never gives up . . . good tietd man . . . tilted tiis position eapatmty. BASKETBALL STARS JOHN IRIZNA-stuart . . . goal NORVAI- ttAtyt'tt'1-sinatt . . . getter . , . good rtetense man . . ctepenitatmte , . . stalwart detense clever passer . . . plays tlarrt. man 4 , . adept . . . mat ttmmr man, 8454.3- ROBERT IJIERKEN-exft-ttf-nl tit 'GENE KITBANSICK - wap- ttoor man . . , perteet stlot . . , atvte sutm . . 4 stiort . . . plays tuant Cteyer . . . in ttle game untit ttie . . . atert . . . nz-yer gives up . . . tast minute, atmte. ANDRI-IXX' NIICHAELS-tall . . gtllttt itPt4'llSl' llllltt , , . IIPYVY gtX't'5 up . , , trirtiy ttuur man, f:.g:5::g.-:-:.g.':-:-''-3' 5: ' 'I:J:L,.gQZ-'Z:f:I-" :fi-:.g.::55.-. et , BASKETBALL IAUCUS. Row 2: Burr-clison, Dierlxr-n lllnsniclc, Davies, Hoza, ljrena. JUNIOR Donald, Corey, Rowliowsliy, Foster Aiorgzin. Row 'lc Nugent, Koslio, Grylm Barry, Air. Cross, Rolminson, Bercili fiomorosliy. BASKETBALL Uifmoys interested in laaslcetiball report to gym at 5:18 tonight." Sucll notices lJI'0llgl'lt out a group of aspirant ldoys lor luaslcetlbali eliminations. After a lew practices, several lnoys were eliminated. tlle number diminislied until only tlde more talented cagers remained. Fundamentals were taught first, tlien metlaods of sluooling and passing, and lastly, various types of offenses and defenses. Cooperae tion, concentration, and coordination gradually crept into tile practices. and time looys iouglit liard to gain supremacy and win greater glories For tlweir teams. However, tliougll tile spirit oi lceen rivalry existed, good clean lun was enjoyed. By tlie efficient guidance oi Wir. lxlarlcowitz, and assistant Wir. Beggs, lime team emerged tlirougll a rallier successful season scampering a total of tllirleen victories and len defeats. Due to tlie lact lllat liley were only tlrree regular seniors, including Baptie, Dierken, Frena. and two oi tiene reserves, Michaels and Kuloanselc, lllere were several times tile learn was confronted witil other squads entirely out VARSITY Row I: SlliTTil, Kolm, Kuiwanseli Nlaierniclc, lxir, Nlnrliowitz, ,l N'1iCll2H'lS, Connelly, A. Niicliaels Row l: fulierman, Poole, ixic- P H llil BASKETBALL tContinuedi ot their Ctass: however, they weathered the defeats. and in spite ot att otnstavtes. tinished in great styte. The season Commenced with defeat after defeat, hut with a tittte more ex' perience, the team about taced and tmecame victorious. The tirst game with the Btuc and Gotd was more exciting than the second game with Homestead triumphant. Another thritter was the second tVir'Keesport game, the tead see-sawed hafta and forth during the entire game. Fifteen seconds to ptay with ivtvtfeesport in the tead, Diertcen snared a pass and tossed the trait into the hastcet which spetted victory for the Maroon and Vvhite. in VV.P.t.A.t,. Competition tviunhatt finished third in Section Vi with a tive win and tive toss average. Excettent materiat devetoped from this Congeniat group. The intattityte seniors again dominated the Court with their perpetuat Uspuntcu, coupled with their Courage and sportsmanship, rated them among the hesl group oi senior hoys to he graduated from the athtetic' department. Baptiv Kuhanssrtc Diertien Ntictiaets f , 4:15 Rlltif 'IEANI Row I. Xvitsurr, Ragarr, Row 2: Pi:-ittr-r, i.f-ttter, Niitz, Reirtr, Rnwett, ituntu-r, Xviitiinsnn, Brartctocii, iarttic, fiartantt, Row 'iz txtr. Nvitsurr, Strarp. Surg, tjaltersorr, tiarr, Ntiss niariiey, Ntcfiuire, Xxitrerry, Ltoynt, ixtr. titrarielorr. Row -I: icrrgyei, Bit-it-ti, Sic-ettarz, Xvalt, Corey, Post, iotrnsorr, Xvittretrrr, Partiinsnn RIFLE TEAM HE Ritie Team opened tire 1038-50 season wittr ttre titie ot ctetencting ciranrpions ' in Nationat Competition. For ttrree successive years tire team tract won tire Nationai ctrampionsirip. Ttris was a recorct ot wirictr to ine prouct-a record wirictr tire team must strive to iceep. tt was agreed ttrat practice siroutct start ttie tirird weeic in Septenriner owing to tire irarct sctredute for tire coming year. A iarge arrct entirusiastic group turnect out, since ttre success oi ttre team tract grown and interest tract ctevetopeci. Tire team tract iost try gractuation oniy one merrrirer ot tire IU57-38 varsity squact. Tirus, ttre sirooters starlect tire season wittr a very promising outiooic. During tire year tire team competed in tri-weetciy matctres wittr I73 otirer SfllIE1ltS representing tire Canat Zone. Canada. and 32 states in tire Union. Eactr learn is composed ot ten nremiaers, taut onty tire tive trigtrcst targets count as team scores. Ten sets ot targets are usect in tiris iii-weetity series, one set ot targets sent in every two weeks. Ntuniratt was successtut in sencting to Xvasirington a perfect score oi' 300 tor eactr event. Vvittr suctr outstarrcting strooting as tiris. tire Nturriratt Riiie Team again won tire nrucir covetect titie ot Nartirrrrzri Ctrampions. Tire suc- cess ol tlle team was largely attrillutecl to tlie allle COE1Cl'lil'lg ol nliss Starkey. Nlr. Cllarlton and Fir. Xvilson ancl to tlie marlcmanslmip ol Dorotlly liraclcloclc, lrene l-aClir, June Hunlier, nlary Louise Reivlm. Xlarion Rowell, Catlierine Nlitz, Blar- iorie Stille. Zella Vvillfinson, lvlilflllil l.loyrl, and Bert Sclluellman. lxfilullllilll also competed in several otller events. The lqoysi learn sliot a pistol match willl lowa City Higll School ol lowa City. ln tlieir request lor tlwe matrll they speeilically stated uno girlsf' Tlie Nlunlmall laoys won lny a score ol 499-479. ln tlde tiltlw annual invitational meet at Carnegie Tefli. Ligonier Clt'tllTOIlPLl tl1e ixlunlmll ,Qurmers wlmo had won tlme tropliy for four suc'c'essix'e years. Blunliall teams No. I ancl No. 2 toolc second ancl Ilmircl places respevtively. Little is lmown outside tlme team ol tlle accomplisliments ol some ol tlwe members. For llme lvirst semester Dorotlmy Bl'ElClCl0Cli, a senior, ancl lxlarllia i.loycl. a junior, lmtll memlners ol tl1e Varsity turnecl in perleft seores lor eaclm matclu. Zella Xvillcinson anal Catllerine Nlitz clroppecl one point eaclm. Nlarjorie Stille slml a perfect score ol 200 at tlie Teeli meet. All ol tlme Blunlmall sllooters plafecl lliglx in individual rompetition. 1 'E E VOLLEYBALL First Row tieit to rigimtfz Bost. Repico Oiwiaiiey, Mr. Vvieianci, Koim, Grosset Pzliyoii. Second Row: Gray, Janosico, Michaels Hoten, Anderson, Bureciison, Keeier Feisico. Yvatls, Aston, Hoiiis, Hogg. SGCCER First Row tieit to rigirtiz yiazei, Durgo Xyiison. terzuu. Dauria, Diericen, Davies, Keeler ix'2iiilHiCiIl, iviaseniio, Ristiowsiiy. Viiiiirci Row: Sciiirra, Bosser, Guest Aston, Vasico, Kinavey, Fetsim, Cuiien Yiartin, Bair, Patisie, Fitzgiiuimons, Seiss Nir. Rutter. Fllufiil Row: Rusnaii, Zccio, Seiai Stumpe, ivianns, Julia, Knapp. VOLLEYBALL Aitiiougii tilere imas ineen no Vx7.P.I.A.L. League in Voiieyioaii this year, Munhall presentect a iine team. 'Under the Capaioie coaching of Wir. Xweiiand, who devoted ilis time to teaeiiing the boys, tile team deveiopeoi rapidly. As the first practice was caiied, more than 50 iooys answered, tilus siiowing tide popuiarity ot tiiis sport at Niunilaii. Piaying other teams from Western Pennsyivania, Niunilaii Compared favorabiy witil aii its opponents, meeting such scirnoois as Coraopoiis, Braotciocic, Giassport, and Latrobe. Timirci Row: Conrad, Hiasnicic, Davies, Second Row: Siaiwcinik, Beatty, Mol- 'lille annual XV.IJ.I.A.I.. tournament was I1eIcI at Ijitt. and BIUIIIRIII Iooliecl IIOTNYEIITI eagerly for II1e litIe. -I'I16 games playefl were as Iollowsz Games Ist Qncl 3rcI Coraopolis ..,,. I3 7 I3 IXXIIIHIIHII ...... 7 I3 I2 :I:I3raCIdoCI4 ,... O I 2 3 :i:IVIunI1aII I3 I3 I3 :kGIassport .... I3 8 IT :l:N'IIIT1I"li1II 3 I3 I3 Glassport ..., 8 I3 I3 Ixlllflllilll ,.,.,. I3 6 0 ziicoraopolis ,,,,, I3 I3 I3 IIZNILIDIIEIII .,,.., I2 T I3 :I:I-atroIJe ..,... T I0 O QZNIUHIIQII .... I3 I3 I3 AISI .atrolue .,.... 3 T 0 :I:IVIunI1aII .....,.., I3 I3 I3 :ICIVIOITIP QIXITICS. SOCCER XVHI1 tI1e memories ol II1e IootIJaII ancl IJasIcelIvaII seasons quic'I4Iy Iarling away, a group ol enII1usiastic' atI1Ietes watr'I1ecI II1e almsentees wllirll Icept tI1e Imoys inlormecl ol tI1e opening oI tI1e soccer season. 'IIIIK' erisp spring air, tI1e Iieen Competitive interest, ancl lI1e willingness to participate signiliecl tI1e commenting ol tI1e season ol II1e great out-ol-Cloor sport. XVImen Ixlr. Rutter, tI1e soerer coarll. issuecl a Call For players. I1e Iouml that I1e Ilacl len Iettermen arouncl to IJuiIcI Iris team. Tlle team tI1is year was made up ol ten seniors witI1 previous experience on tI1e varsity:-XV. Beatty. I.. Cullen. I. Ijauria. R. Dierlcen. I. Fetslio. E. Keeler. XV. Kinavey. I. Nlartin. If. Nlotteram. BI. SIoImorIniIx. GOLF Hf3oII tI1is alternoonlu Tlmis Iamiliar piurase ec'IloecI IIIYOUQII tlle I1aIIs ol IIIQII sc'I1ooI on a sunny clay. Having electecl Nic-I4 Krenieliy as Captain, ancl Imving rereivecl extensive training. II1e Imoys witI1 tI1eir g1oII stielis paraded out to tIle Qreens and tanglecl in Irienclly Competition until some one emerged vielorious. Sllouts ol eestaey ancl swinging ol sticlcs sllowefl tI1e encl oI tI1e game. Every game was Iuriously playecl and tI1e spirit ol rivalry was very Iieen in PEICII Contest. Its attraflion can Ime attrilimutecl to tI1e Iart tI1at it is an outcloor game anfl tI1at it provided pure wllolesome exerfise Ior its parlieipanls. L1 SEPTEMBER Thursday 1,-Schooi ioeginsi Back we go to the oid Alma Materi Friday 2-Students catch first giimpse oi the new superintendent Mr. Liggett, and the two new teachers Mr. Lacko and Miss Barnes. Not had, eh V? ? ? Monday 5-Lahor Dayi No schooii Yippeei Wednesday 7'-Vvoodiawn students and Freshmen are stiii walking around in a daze. They canit find Room B-5. tits.-it took me two years to find it myseiiii Thursday S-Uh-h-h myi itys surpris- ing what you can forget in three months. Ask Wir. Vvaihert. Friday 9F-iVir. Liggett speaks to the Seniors for the first time and ieaves with them this thought, Uiinow thyseii, con- troi thyseii, give thyseiif, Nionday I2--The honnie iassies oi the HKiitie Kiann come to schooi wearing Scotch piaid hair rihhons. Tuesday I5-N.H.S. eiects officers at its First meeting oi the year, Thursday I5-Boys appear with convict haircuts. Qhi Vvhere are aii those curiy iocks? Friday 16-iViunhaii ioses their first ioothaii game oi the year. Munhaii 6, Duquesne 12. Oh, weii, had beginning, good ending. Nionday I9-Bangi Bangi is that the Riiie Team or Gussie cracking her gum? Wednesday 21'-Staff puioiishes first Munhisko oi the year. Cl am now a nickei in debt., Friday 23-Played Centrai Catholic. We iet them win, I8-6i Big party at Caihoun afterwards. Monday 26'-Senior ciass eiects Annuai Staili and new sponsor. Congratulations Niaivei, Bernard, and Fred. Aiso Mr. Hyatt. Tuesday 27p-First Northwest As- semioiy. Mr. Gacher teiis about iife in Aiaska. Thursday 29-Wir. Beggs shows movies in chemistry ciass. Niary Lou remarks. Mi-hat sky iight iets in too much moon.U Friday 30-Harvest Assemioiyi The Seniors Hwhoopn up the oid harn dance, hy crackyi OCTOBER tvtonday 5'-Btue Ntondayt VX!e tost to Norwin Saturday, the pirates tost the pennant, and t tost my nicket hett Tuesday 4-The Annuat Stott hotds its tirst meeting. Vvednesday 5-Vvhat hright senior tisted UFtat Foot Ftoogyn as a kenning? Shamet Friday 7-Vve tost to Braddock I5-0. Tough, tooyst Ntonday I0-The chemistry ctasses go to the ohservatory. Vvere they disap- pointedt They tooked and tooked hut coutdntt find the Hman in the moon." Vvednesday I2-Tryouts tor the Senior Ptay are hetd in Room 7. Standing Room Only! Thursday 13-N.H.S. hotds instatta- tion and takes in I6 seniors. The higgest Honor Society in ixtunhattys history t t t Friday 14-Teacherts tnslilutet No Schoott Xvahoot Lost to Ctairton and got tost in a fog coming home. Ntonday 17-Senior ptay cast is an- nounced. Just took at those heamingj tacest Tuesday 18-Xvoe is met Report card dayt Get out the aspirin tahtets. Thursday 10-Ntanuet returns to schoot minus his appendix. Boy, can he tett about his operationt Friday 20-Xve won. we won. we won. hy gotty, we won t t t Beat New Kensing- ton I2-0. Ntonday 24-Dontt he atarmedt Thatts onty the Hxvhitaker Gangn a chug-chug- chuggin' up the hitt in Chickts car. Xvednesday 26-Twetye steepy peoptet The senior ptay cast had practice this morning at 7:30 ABI. Friday 28-'Dismissed at 2:30 to see the Swissvate-Btunhatt game. Xve tost I8-0. Ntonday 31--Hattoweien t t t Ceet Xvere we scared ot att those ,qhostst NOVEMBER Tuesday I-mtqhe Swamp Spirit.. is presented in assemhty. A reat thrittert Thursday 5-Students nominate candi- dates tor ctass ottticers and Student Councit. MlflVAff6'A' f .sf Friday 4-The election Campaign he- gins-soap hox speeches. posters, and everything! Donahue vs. 'Slater vs. Evans. Tuesday 8-Election Day l l l Con- gratulations Tom, Bernard, and Zella. Vvednesday 9-Parents, night. Vvhy must they have such things? Thursday I0--Usmear Homestead" signs loloom everywhere. Had gigantic, Pep Nleetingl Vvilson and Frena are C0-Captains for the laig gamel Friday ll-The hig dayl Vve smeared Homestead 13-6 l l l Dirt we Celehratel Toolc looth goal posts l t t paraded all afternoon! Made whoopee in the eve- ning! The thrill of a lifetime l l l Nlonday I4-'Still Celehrating our vic- toryt No sehooll Everybody parades through Homestead. Never had so much fun in our livesl Tuesday 15-All good things must Come to an end. Bark to worlc againl Oh, mel Thursday 17'-Pictures are talcen lor the Annual. Loolc pretty, everybody. Friday I8-The Senior play Hspring Fever" presented at Carnegie Lihrary. A hig sucfessl Nlonday Qi-Dot Hanlon malces Nlerit Parade. h Tuesday 22'-Une of those famous quizzes in English class. The ghost doth haunt Nlacheth and lxlaclneth doth haunt me. Vvednesday 25-Dismissed for lour days ol vavation. Thanlcsgiving, and howl lvlonday 28--Baci: to schooll Vvhy, oh why. l eat so murh turkey? Vvednesday 30--Three months gone and six to go. DECEMBER Thursday I--Bud Hill demands more dances. Quote: UUS jitterhugs just got to livef' Friday 2-Baslcetloall season opens. Alumni 57, Varsity 55. Tuesday 6-Magician entertains us in assembly. He aslcs for two hig strong hoys to assist him-and secures Hornalc and Devey. Xvednesday 7,-Senior ciass votes to huy a Camera for the schooi. Friday 9,-Hail Cops hoid a Hpoiice- man's Batty, in the gym with ice cream, punch, and everything. ' Tuesday 15-played Braddock and iost 41 to 54. Vvednesday 14'-Good Old Santa Ciaus-er, I mean N.H.S. memhers put up the Christmas tree. Gee i i i Ain't it perty? Friday I6-The student hody attends the Christmas service in Carnegie Lihrary. ixfionday 19-Gift Reserves hold a Christmas party in the gym. Tuesday 20-Last day heiore vacation. Class rings arrive and everyone shows off his tirst Christmas present. But the hest Christmas present of ati is the I5 days vacationi Oh, hoyi JANUARY Tuesday 3,-Baci: to schooi again t t t First ieague game--we iost to Nicifees- port 28-25. Thursday 5-Bright senior remarics upon getting his pictures, UOh, is that what i iooic like?" Friday 6'-fin assemhiy hir. Jones pre- sents a program, UDancing Eiectronsf' in the evening we played Homestead and iost 22-50. Oh, weiit Remember No- vemher llt Nionday 9-Room 16 votes upopeye in Gooniandn as the hest picture oi 1038. Thursday I0-The schooi is saddened hy the death of Nir. King, gym teacher at Vvoodiawn and one of our hest iiiced teachers. Friday I3-in assemhiy, foothaii piay- ers are awarded their ietters for the lO58 season. Nionday 16-i am Udisgustipatedni Exams hegin today. Tuesday 17-Munhisko out today. Xvednesday I8-Big penciis with hig erasersi Sad students with sad iacesi Vvhy? Chemistry test today. Friday 20-Camera Ciuh hoids a dance after the game. hionday 23-Prom hids hegin to maice the news. , ...,, .,,,,. . ,4-ig 1 Vveclnesclay 23-Nlunliisleo lmegins sulr seription Campaign. Dicl you see all tliose pretty signs? Twenty-live cents, please. rl-lwursclay 26-Baclielor Cluln celelorales tlleir llirst anniversary. lVlonolay 50-Dear olcl report Carcl clayl Fooeyl Tuesday 3l-Beat Nlelfeesport 36-54 in last minute lliriller. FEBRUARY VXfednesciay 'I-Naliorlal lwlonor So- ciety presents a play, Millie Xvomen Folks". Tliurselay 2-Grouncl laog elayl tHe clielnlt see liis sliaclowli Friclay 3'-lplayecl llomesteacl ancl lost. Nveclnesclay S-HDuluarryU is sliown in auditorium lor lnenellit of Junior anal Senior Classes. -lluesclay I4-Xvlio wants to lie my Valentine? Xvliat? No answersl Friclay I7-.lunior Class presents Hljriencl I'lZ1IlI1E1l1U. Excellent acting. Left us witlu tears in our eyes. rlluesclay Qlwvve won tlie last lmaslqel- lmall game ol tlie year. VNXIECIIIGSCIEIX 22--Celelnratecl Xvasliingg- tonls lmirtlldayl Friclay 24-VX7l1at Senior girl lriecl to lxlearli ller liair in Cliemistry Class? Tuesclay 28-Farewell to Felmruary. MARCH Vveclnesclay ll--Nlarvli comes in lilie a lionl lrriclay 5-Xve USl'li1ggCdH at tlme Hi-Y elanfe. lvlonclay fi'-'CllOFllS loegins evening praetifes for operetta. lt wonlt loe long now, lollcsl Tuesday 7-A program ol liglit opera presented in assernloly. Tliursclay 8-Hi-Y initiation. 'lille next clay tlie juniors ate off tlie mantle. tlianlcs to llie seniorsl Friclay 9-Tom Donaliue macle spealcer ol tlie Senate at tlie Forensic Conference. lVlonday I3-Our neiglitnor Homestead visits us alter winning anotlaer VV. P. l. A. L. play-oil game. Tuesolay I4-Committees for final Senior Assembly and Commencement announced. Thursday I6-Everyhodys passing around their name cards. Friday 17,-St. Patriclcs Day l l l Just loolc at those lrishmen shinel Tuesday 21-Stage Guild excused to put up the operetta scenery in the lilorary. -Thursday 25-First night for the operettal Superhl Friday 24-Second night for opereltal The parties afterwards were as success- ful as the productionl Monday 27--Homestead parades again. Now State Champsl Tuesday 28-Did you see the Bad Eggs' new emblems? Qh, hoyl Are they classyl Vveclnesday 29-The Rifle Team goes to Indiana State Teachers College for a match. They won, tool Thursday '50-French class presents play, Hl-a Surprise dllsidoren. Parlez- vous francais? Friday 31-l.ilJrary Clulo holds slcating party. ,lalcey Ulaw down and go hoomf' APRII. lwlonday 5-Dehate Team declared County Champs. Tuesday 4-Nliss NlacBeth gives the lwunhisleo Staff candy for their hard worlx. Yuml Yuml Xveclnesday 3-Ali! At last! The clay arrivesl Excused for Easter vacation. Hurrahl Tuesday ll--Baclc to school. No more vacation until June 2. Thursday I5-Themes are due to- morrow. Seniors hurn the midnight oill Nlonclay I7-Nlaurice Ciliclc must have had a hig weelq end. Did you see his car? Tuesday IS-Dr. Hutson spealis to students in assemhly. Thursday 20-Vocational fiuidance Clinic. Eddif- l.aclfo decides to laecome president of United States. Friday Qi-Hoggy is wallcing around in a daze. Hels in loye with a Xvoocl- lawnitel -lqraitor. lxionday 24-Last weelc in April. Ho- hum l l l Tuesday 25--Vyyho are all the visitors at school today? Friday 28-J.U.G. girls hold a slcaling party. MAY Nlonday l-The lueginning of the end. VX7ednesday 3-Oh, these class hook- ersl Got spring fever? Friday 3-Junior-Senior Prom held in Vvehster Hall. 'iVVe won'l he home until morninglu lxlonday 8--Col. Holloday entertains students in assemlply. Vvednesday I0-VX7hat happened al the HUsn's" meeting last night? Thursday ll-Fashion show and ex- Intuit. Friday I2-Dierlcen and Cloonan at- tend the four oyclocli class. Nlonday l3-Signs ol' springl The hoys are llashing new sweaters. Xvednesday 17-First thunder storm ol the seasonl Vvolce up all the Usnoozersu in study hall. Thursday I8-Bohhy and Nlargey still lead the Sweethearts Parade. Friday IO-Senior Receptionl The last Killing" oi the yearl Nlonday 22--Xvell. it's all over hut the exams. Seniors. Tuesday 25-Final Senior Assemhly. Hxvelve come a long way together." Thursday 23-Fly. isnlt Nlunhall quiet without the Seniors? Friday 26-Commencement at Xvest Fieldl The goal is reachedl Tuesday 50-flxlemorial Day. No school. Saw everylmody at the paradel JUNE Thursday l-Xvhat' is so rare as a day in June-especially, when it's report card day? Friday 2-All ahoard lor Kennywoodl Did we have funl And so larewell for'-1 ttNothing now is left But a majestic memoryf' MVNHIS ffutoglfaphs wfafqepefv Autographs 'S' 'M' lii? ' illl 1' -' 1111-- 111--1111 1 -nl- nl: l WELL BE SEEING YOU AT THE BIG MUNHALL SCHOOLS PICNIC FRIDAY, JUNE 2 AT KENNYWOOD PARK But you'll want to go beforehand to see Kennywood all dressed up lor its I939 Season. The Parlc reopens Sunday, April I6. Picnics commence Wednesday, May I7 when Kennywood will be open daily thereafter. nf: inn-nu :-1----v-i------i--l1-1:T- nu- .In lla -ml ----11--1----1-- 1 t - r 11-1--11 uni ofa HAHN and .SKYRMES REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE AGENTS FOR ALL HOMESTEAD PARK LOTS CARNEGIE PLAN HAMILTON HILLS PLAN HOMESTEAD PARK PLAN MIEELIN MANOR PLAN I 803 Amity Streef, Homestead, Penna. PHONE HO. 2252 I 4. -,,.-.... ---.-----.-...... ......-. . -....- 4. aio -..-..- - -ii..........-....-..I-,.,-..i-..I-.I-.I-I,...i.-....-...,......-...-.....-..i-.i-..- .. -..-..-4. 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Printing Company T j GARDEN PLAN, MUNHALL 1 : PHONE HOMESTEAD I9s6.I T T GENE MORGAN, Proprietor i i in T -...-................-..-.... . .--- I.-I.- -9--..-n ------ - - - ------- --I--I--I--I--------n-------I--I-----------if +--I---- ---------------------- ------- l Q CQMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS I T I I O I I O Alfred J. Ackerman ISmythe'S D,-ug Store JUSTICE OF THE PEACE i CORNER EICI-ITI-I Ave. T. ANN ST. HOMESTEAD 3386 i E HOMESTEAD' PA. -..-..-..-..-..-,.-..-.. .... ..-I.-4. i.-..-..- -..-..-..-..-..-..- - -..-..- W- .... -.I-,II-.I.....,-..........,,-...I-I..-.........-...g. .g.-,..-,,.- - -..,-....-......,,,,......-,... ..,,,.-...- T I WOLFSON'S MCTVIS RELIABLE MOtOf SBICS, IHC. JEWELERS --- OPTICIANS I I SALES SERVICE WATCHEEAEKQQAMONDS 1 I CARS AND TRUCKS I 1 - . i venue 207 E. EICI-ITI-I AVENUE 4l8:I2MEES5gAg, IPA. HO. ISOO HOMESTEAD, PA. HOMESTEAD I707.I70g -------I--.M - -..-..-.....-..-..-..-.i. ,.i..-..........-..-..-..-..-..-..- - -......- 1.11 .. 14...-nuinu-.iiri1uu.-yi.-un, 1mi..n +-..-..-..,.-...-........r..,.................i-.i-....-i..-...g. 4,-..T.-...T-....-............i..n-..-......... 4. Your Home Should Come First H I L K ' S FURNITURE CARPETS 320 Eighth Ave. Homestead, Pa. PHONE HO. I78I -..-I.-......-.....-..-. ...I-ii.. ...................,..g. Jacobson-Gordon, Inc. Phone HOmestead 3600 Eighth Avenue and Library Street HOMESTEAD and MUNHALL, PA. -1- -4' .g.-......- -W-..i.-...-,.,.-i..-.....- ..- ...I-T.-ng., JAFFE'S EOR YOUR SUIT OR COAT "THE STORE FOR DAD AND LAD" 335 E. Eighth Ave. Homestead, Pa. .-.....m..m1.,.1..,-., 1 1111.-,.1,,.,-.rin-,,,.1...... .m.1,w... 1.011.lliuii-.iii1.,.-...1..,1 1.u..M.-q COM PLI M ENTS ot CIaf'Fey's Beauty Shoppe Open Every Evening eos AMITY ST. Ho. 9288 cfs 1nn-mi1nn1nu--nu ---11- ini-T.--...refs ---+ COMPLIMENTS OE Amos Super Market AND Poultry Store .1..1q...M -,..1,,,.-...T-.imlgn-..i.1,..i-.w....1. 1.,1....'.1nu1iin1nl1..1pg United Candy Shop EOR BETTER CANDY and ICE CREAM TASTY LUNCHEONS VISIT YOUR STORE WELL KNOWN FOR QUALITY AND SERVICE -mr-,,H...M.1i,i.-uuiynldn.-u.1.n...n George H. Chilli GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTOR First National Bank Building HOMESTEAD, PA. 1,,,,..,..1,m1u.1,......,.- 1 -EiilwilH..irri1r-u1....un.-..1.,.-l. Gillen 8: CouIter Co FUNERAL DIRECTORS New Home New Location New Equipment In Public Confidence Over 50Y No Charge 'For Use ot Funeral Ho 3l9 E PHONE HO. 4I00 ....,.,..,,,,1.,,.1,i,1.u....,.....1 . Ninth Ave., Homestead t , -x--M ------ '1-- - '--' - --" - -'1- - --ll - -'-- - --lv - -'1- - 'lvl - ---' - ---- - I--- -1-' -I----I- ---' - ---' ---- I ---I--I+ T I I BETTER BUY BUICK THE BEAUTY 1 I I : i HOMESTEAD BUICK CO. T L T 22 I E. NINTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. i---i----i-------- ---1 - 11-- ------i-- TTT- - '-'- - - -I ------ M- '--- -I-I--B---I--------I---PM -T- 1- --I- - -' ----- I- "" - f'-' - -"' - T-f- - 'f-' - "" - T-fT -I--I-W M------ I---I---If A STOP AND SHOP T T AT I 1 I I I F O R B E S I IBS EAST EICHTH AVENUE HO. 27oo .L--.-- ---. - .-.l -..i-i--- .,., - ,.,- - ITT. - -... - -.-- - -,-. - T... - -TTT - Tfvl ------- I - - -.--- --T. ----.i--.i- .B .f1u ---- TTTT 1 Tlll 1 TTTT 1 .-.1 - TTTT 1 .TTT 1 TTTT 1 TTT- -- M1 TTTT 1 TTT- 1 TTTT 1iIiI1mi1IiIi-MI1IIiI1 VTTT 1 TTT. -BII1 1 1iI1n'1II4: I NEFF'S PAINT GLASS CG. S Q I WALL PAPER FLOOR COVERING I i PAINT BRUSHES ENAMELS I 308 Eighth Avenue Phone HOmestead 0686 Ii----,-- -LL- -i-- L1-L -I-----I-.ii-I--A -1-' --i- ---- - -1-- - TLTL - 1-Q- - '-'1 - ---- - ---- - '-'- - KTKT --i- T1-1 -I---ii------I--I-I--Wfi- ESTABLISHED IBPP six ELOORS OF FINE FURNITURE WOMEN'S APPAREL SHOP YOU're Invited TO Open A Convenient Payment ACCOUnt -3- ----"'--I- - - 'III - - 'I" - 'I" - "" -I"- "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" -I'2-"'-"'- "" - "" -"'- '-"I-"T-"'-"P I 5 T T E R R A C E I N N I WE MAKE OUR OWN ICE CREAM 7 CONEECTIONS AND NOvELTIEs 1 GREENSPRINGS AVENUE TERRACE, PA. -i-i-II-N--I--I---I---in---I- III- -I-- --'- - II-- - I'-I - I-'- -------- ---. - -'-I - -I-- - II.. - -'-- - I ---I-I------I-i -r'-I---------------H-f-I-- ------------ I-------i- --'- - -I-' ------I--H------A5 I Private Exchange I'IOmestead 2732 I HOMESTEAD PROVISION 8: PACKING CO. I HOME DRESSED BEEF, VEAL, LAMB and PORK I 32I BALDWIN ROAD HAYS, PITTSBUROH, PA. .g..,-...-..-...-..-..I-I.-.II-...-II.....-.I- - - - - .....I-....-..,.-....-II-..I-I..-...-I..-.,.-....-...-.I-5. ,P --nu--un-au-nu-ua--nn---mr-un-un-nu1.1II-In-un--nuiuninrr-un-un-mr-mr-Imin-I-ian-uu1uu-nu1un-an1nnf HOMESTEAD PONTIAC COMPANY I CADILLAC LA SALLE I SALES AND SERVICE T I 22I-3-5 WEST EIOHTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD. PA, i I PHONE: HOMESTEAD 0660-I T 3"'l5""iI"l"i"'4l""T""i 4"' YWT"IY"T""i""i""""""-"'I""""' "" Tm" "" T'I"LU"'U''I"""'I""""""""1',.i' 1--I--f-----'--I-W-----I'---f- 'fff -A-H--I--I-W-r----f---------H-f-'--H--H-----H-------If I : I HOMESTEAD PAINT 8: GLASS COMPANY PAINT -- VARNISH -- ENAMEL -- GLASS I 3 PHONE HOMESTEAD II73 I 1 3:8 E. EIOHTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, RA. ,E-.,-..-.,-.,-,,-,.-,.-,.-..-,.-., ......... I.-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-4. ago -..-. ..... ..-..-..-...-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.......-..-.. -.-- .- - -------p I E I It I SOLOMONS' E . HOMESTEAD'S BEST STORE FOR MEN T - I I CLOTHING TAILORS FURNISHINGS I 1 EIOHTH AVENUE AT MCCLURE 4,.-.,-. ..... ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.....,-....I.-..- - - - - -..- 4. -Q -.I-I..-..-....-..-.I-..-..-...-..-....-..-..-..-.I-..-.II-...-...-...-...-I.-...-..-..-..-..-...-I? I SEE FOR YOURSELF THE NEW ROYAL PORTABLE I The Perfect Machine 'For Students Special Rates for Students T TOUCH CONTROL --- EASY PAYMENT FORT PITT TYPEWRITER COMPANY I 644 LIBERTY AVENUE ATLANTIC 8320 .i...-...-..-...-..........-.I-...-......-..-..-..-...-..-...-...-..-..-..-M-...-..-..-..-..-..-..-. S. ,!,-..-.. .... ..,.-..-............-...-..-...-...-...-.............-..-....-....-..-..- - -..-..-.......E. ! : I MAY DRUG COMPANY 1 : 1 CORNER OF EIGHTH AND AMITV I : T HOMESTEAD 4..-.. .----.- ..-..-.I-..-..-..-..-..-I.-.--..---------- - - - - - ------S 'Q''-"-"-"-"'-''-"-"-I''-"-'I'-"--'--'-"--"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"'-"-"-"- '- '-"-'4' I CAMPBELL'S QUALITY STORES I We specialize in freshly dressed poultry, 'Fresh fish, finest butter, eggs, cheese, t , : E coffees at our BUTTER STORE, and all kinds of Iive poultry and fresh fish at our I I FISH and POULTRY STORE. I I: CAMPBELL'S BUTTER STORE I I25 EAST EIGHTH AVENUE HO. 0776 i CAMPBELL'S FISH 81 POULTRY MARKET E : siz McCLURE STREET HO. 23:4 I ofu1ll1-uI1III1IIn-un1uu1IIn1au1nn-nn:un-nu1nu1nu-un1nn-nn-nu-nu-nu-n-in-n1:n1nn1un--uliuliuni sic 1.,.1.,,,1,,u1,I,,1,,,,1,,.1I,,,1,.,.1,,,.1,,,,1,I,,1.,I,1,.,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -.IIII1.,.,1,,.1IIII1Im1W1,,.,1 1..1..1u.1I..1,,,,1uII1IIII1,,,,1IIII1IIII1P41IIu1IIu1IIII-IIII1IIII1IIII-IIII-IIII1IIII-I-II-IIII-IIII-uII-IIII-ul1IIu-M1 -..,I1...1I..1W1,....1,,,,1,.,,1.-,.1,,,,1,,,,1,,,I1.,1 .1 1 .1 1 .1 1M1,,..1,,,.1,..,1,,,.1.,,,1,...1,..1...,.1,.,,1 1.0.1 1 1 1IIII1IIII1.mI.-.,.,,1..,,1I,,,1U.,14,1,,..1....1..I.1...I1H.,1,,,,1,,,,1,,,,1uII14.p1,m1.,.1 1 1.I1,,.1u 4. 1...1,...1....1..,.1,...1....1....1....1.1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1...,1....1..,,1.,,.1....1....1...!. ,I BERT KONDIS, Proprietor HO. 5643-W I KONDIS PRINTING COMPANY I ZI6 TWENTY-FIRST AVENUE MUNHALL, PA. I -1- 1....-........I1....1....-....-I..-....-....1..I.-...........1....-..,.....,.1....-...I-...,-I..-....-....1I..-I..1...-...1..1....-....-I4. GRIFFITH SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE THE OLDEST BEAUTY SCHOOL IN PITTSBURGH REASONABLE RATES CONVENIENT TERMS 437 PENN AVENUE OPPOSITE JOSEPH HORNE COMPANY WRITE, PHONE OR CALL FOR FREE CATALOG GRANT 4I I7 -"Ili "" "Wi 'fll i 'K4' TWT "" T "" TW" lll' i lfl' 1' IVTI " 'l" "" l4ll 1 llll T 'INI Y 'VI4 T llll "" 'IIYI T VVII '1 llll l llll T llll T llll 'Y Illl 'Till-Hllvllllv li! 1....1 1 1 1 1 1....1..,.1....1..,.1....1..I.1....1,...1..I.1.II.1..I.1IIII1IIII1..u1..I.1III,1.I..1 1 1 ...III-..m1..q. NATIONAL GARAGE TEXACO -- SUNOCO -- GULF -- SINCLAIR GASOLINE LUBRICATION -- BATTERY SERVICE -- STORAGE PHONE HO. I4O0 ALWAYS OPEN OO! ANN STREET HOMESTEAD, PENNSYLVANIA '5- 1...1 1 1 1 1 1-1,...1...,1I,.1..,1....1....1.I..1....1....1,.I1..,.1:.,.1...1.,,.1,1 1 1 1 1...1...1,..5. I SINCE I895 I MORRIS ORINBERO CHILDREN'S AND LADIES' WEAR I EAST EIGHTI-I AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. if 4: JOSEPH A. PROKOPOVITSH FUNERAL HOME I 457 PIPTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. I HOMESTEAD 2267 4. 1.. .1111.11111111- 11111-1---- . I-....--4. T -..-.........-....-...-...-..-...-..-.... -..-...-....-..-..-......-......-..-.................-....-...-........ 4. ENC-BRAVERS STATIONERS SCHOOL JEWELERS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS ESTABLISHED I887 JULIUS L. STEINSAPIR Nixon Building PITTSBURGH 425 Sixth Avenue MAKERS OF MUNHALL HIGH SCHOOL'S COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS. RINGS, AND DIPLOMAS 1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1..1 1.1 1..1..1.g1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.---n1 1..1..1111111111111111111111.-11.1nu1 PATRONS BILLS PALACE MRS. BINKNEY CLARK CHEVROLET COMPANY MEYER I. GRINBERG GEORGE M. HALL LUMBER COMPANY LINCOFF JEVVELERS GEORGE F. LLOYD MAZURS PITTS DRESS SHOP ROBBINS SHOP ROBERTS TIRE 6 BATTERY SERVICE CO. Q20 H. N. L-IfI.AND, Pilotograpily PQNFIIIAC, Engraving LI. C. PARK, Printing 4. -.....-..-.. --.------------....---- ..-.-- of L I . P l V P Y Y r

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