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I Il I 9 3 8 MUNI-IISKO Swan flow ww ummm mom Mm PNTYXBL YEAH HAS BEEN XH7lYY,YwXE'S' www Wimxm. Ks was PAM 'YO YYABSXSYNXL mme, 'mass G KO, WRX X BN YNL in mm NX N xx se ova was me Wm Seann Hx 090 Yvismxcmxo , NS of mow fi of NMS Bi MEA, awww Yowixo, Scuooxl in Hxswoai. WP SKO 99 Q JOSE EDN O PM Ski mwax Wxmmx wpwvsm ugh RNXES THE SENICR CLASS OF MUNI-IALL I-IIGI-I SCHOOL MUNI-IALL - PENNSYLVANIA - PRESENTS WU QV N A5 XS, Q ' QQ . A -N x 3 x A WS To Miss Smith - - - As we go forth into the outer world And leave our high school friends, We ascend the path of adventure, That the course of life wends. II We eorne to the house of courage, And open the door of good cheer, Here we find an invalid teacher Whom all have learned to hold dear. III A teacher who always has helped us, One in whorn we all could eonhde, A teacher whose spirit and friendship Will be our future guide. IV We must leave this house of courage To battle unending strife, But the spirit of her will be with us As we tread the path of life. EILEEN COOMBES I IT IS AN HONOR TO 1 DEDICATE OUR BOOK TO . . . O I-IILDA E. SMITH The Family o1MunI1aII I-Iigh School L111 us 1111111 II walk 111-11:1y, 011 Z1 V1'I'y h1'11a1I 11ig11w:1y1 f Whi1-11 we sh:1I1 1-1111 hy 111111111 -I111:1gggi11:11i1111-f As W11 wz11I1f1I111's 1hi11k 11111's11IV11sf -as 11111111h111's 211111 111111 palsf Of 21 13111211 17:1111i1y 111'ggz111iZ:11io11. XY11 2Ll'Q h11i1's of 1h11s11 w1111'v11 pz1ss1111 i11111 11111 11111111111 chissf W11 21111 110111111 1,11 t1l0I1l by 11111111111111 1.1'z111i1,io11sg '1'h11y hz1v11 1111111 11h11 F:1111i1y r11l'l1SI1, 119111911 111 11111111 111111 f111'g11 for usf 1 '1'h11i1' Spi1'i1,f1sh11u11I 1113111 us 111 new z111111i1i1111s. Thus 1111 this w:1Ik 10-1121y-218 1h11 S1111i111's 1111111 1h11 way :XIII1 W11 1:91'1 11111 11111111 01' 111yz1I1y g1'111v 1115111111114 W11 S111111111 1'e:11iz11 11111' sh111'11, 11111 pz11'1 111:11 w11 811011111 1111111 -- 'I'11 111111111 11111 17z1111i1y 1115111 :1 1111111 1igh1111'. I11 th11 C'1111111:i1fw11011 W11 lIl0C'1,, 1111 1,1111 15111111 wh111'11 W11 1111111p111111f - I11 1,h11 C1z1ss1'1111111S, 1,h11 Ass11111I.11i11s 111' 11111 Hz1I1S11f L1111'S 1'e111111111111r 11h:1t NVQ 111111411 uph11111 11111 1"m11i1y Trustf T17 GIV 111 'FII E REST WE HAV1C-f- OUR VER Y ALL. III 1h11 11111128 W11 h:1V11 111 1111141111 Sh11u11I II11Il1i of 0111618 toof 'I'h11 150:11'11, 11111 11'z11'u1ty 111111 Pz11'11111s 11'L1i'i' Who have h111p1111 us 1111 our way -t111'0L1g2Q11 FOLR. YEARS to 111111 1Iz1y When C'O1NI1NIF1Nf'ElI1'1N'1' s111111s us forth to w111'111s z11111W, A1111 now this Stop is wmifwo hz1v11 wo1'ke1I SLIIL1 W11'v11 112LC1 fun With 111111 u1111111'1:1z1ss11111n, f:11:uIty 211111 :111 XV11 h:1V11 t1'i1111 111 1111 our hest-f win :1 111111111 111 NI. 11. S. AS :1 w01'1hy 1+':1111i1y h'1G11111111' of 1VII1Il1l1l11 II11,11A E. 91111111 Our 1-lome . . . Our 1111111111111 1'lz111'11ly s1'z11't1111 111 111111111 S111'I'O1111Cl1I1gS, just 11s inost f:11111lies 1111. As years passed, growth 111114 forc111l 11. to 111111111 io C11V0l11I1QQS wl1icl1 11111111 n1111rly 11o1111111l1111 with its ne1111s. The historv of 11s 1'rowtl1 1S 10141 111 the followin ' storv. .1 8 , The first school within 11111 1'onf'1n11s of 1V111I11121ll liorougzgh was EL s111:1ll, 0110-I'0O1111OQj1J1111f11I1g er11ct1111 so111e1,111111 b11tw111111 1790 211111 1800. This 1311111111111 which stoo1l about 200 feet north of thc Mllllllklll B01'011g11 i11ci11e1'11to1' o11 221111 Street was li11OXVI1 ILS the Neck School. 1111111525 the Ollly school 111 the great 1:u1'v11 of 11111 lX10110I1QQ2111Cl1L 111v11r :1t that time, it drew pupils from Bccks 111111 o11 1,1111 VVUS11, 1JI'2LVOS1J1l1'g on the lCz1s'1, 111111 Lebanon Church on the South. This log st1'11c1v111'11 was tO1'11 down in 1841 111111 21 111111111 one roo111 brick lmuilding was 111'11ct1e1l on the s1111111 site 111111 cz1lle1l the Franklin School. 111 1886 this building was a11a111lo11111l. A four roo111 1011111111 lnuilcling 01'6Ct6Cl at this time on the 11z1ste1'ly 111111 of Iilcventh Avenue later s11rv1111 ZLS 11ez11lquz1rt11rs for 11111101111 Snow- 1l11n, who 11on1111z111111111 11111 troops here during the 1'Ho11111st11z111 Strike of 18927 111 1893 the Car- negie Steel Co111pz111y 1lee1le1l, to M1111111 Township, the portion of ground lying 11etw111111 Boone Alley 111111 Tw11lftl1 Avenue o11 which r1l11I1Sf21,11 311111 11311111J01'QQG1' erec1111l the present 0111 Twelfth Avenue G1111111 School 1111 11 cost of 822,208,211 This four room fr111n11 11u1l111ng1 was purchased by the c1ELI'116QQ1C Co111pz1ny 211111 IIIOVQC1 to thc COI'I101' of Twelfth AVGIHIG 311111 lV1s1rthz1 Street WVl1OI'O it was COI1V01't9i1 into LL two-fz1n1ily dwelling. 111 June 1902 the liorough of 3111111112111 was 1.01'I110i1. It took ov111' 1,1111 school prop111'ty fron1 M1f11111 Township 211111 th1111 p111'C11E1S011 thc property lying 1111tw111111 1'1lGVOI1111 Av11nu11 A1111 Boone Alley from 0111111155111 C'on1pz111y for 1514,000. 111 1904 the l1o111estef111 11u1111111r C7o111pz111y 1111111111111 1111 eight room 1111111111112 Cnow the 111111111111 part of the high schooll at the cost of S13141,305.41 for the 131111111112 11n1l 11qu1p11111nt. A four P00111 building was oroctoml by tho Clvorgo M. llall Cloinpany i11 1905 o11 thc- land lc-asod by tho Board from John Munhall. Tho cost was 817,180.ti1. ln 1913 Morgan and Foinpany c-wctofl a four T00111 school at the f'01'I1l'1' of Twelfth Avouiiv and Androw St root at cost of 51S23,3549.13. An addition on tho wc-st sido of tho high school building, con- sisting of ton 11101118 and a gyn111asiun1, was o1'oct0d by the .1. Cl. ltllllllllilll C'on1pa11y for 892,122.1 1. Tho 8,lltl1tU1'luII1 on tho third tlool' ot' tho high school was dvstroyvd by fire i11 1918 ontailing a loss of 5tB25,000. 111 1921-22 the Ley c,j0IlSlI'11Cfl0I1 Clo1npany oroctotl at tho vast sido an addition oon- sisting of five I'0O1l1S a11d an audito1'iun1, tho total cost of which was S220,9ti9.10. ln 1927 tho J. G. Fullnian C'on1pany construc-ted an addition to tho Andrvw Stntvt building Csix 1'oo1ns, board roorn and gyninasimnj which cost 5rS17ti,550.57. 1Cquip111v11t1 cost 584,881.15 Tho Ni11etoont1h Strevt playg1'ou11ds were purcliasocl fronx Munhall liorough by tho Board in 1928. In 1929 Goorgo Clhilli o1'vc'tv1l a ICOUI' 1110111 grado school tho vost of which invluding equip- IIIQIIU was 8104,63 1 .90. An olevcn P00111 addition to the high school building was o1'0ct,otl by tho lylorgan X Company i11 1931, costing S125,830.23. ltlquiplnoiit cost 84,392.41 ln the sanic y0a1' tho woodworking shop was installed i11 tho high school at a cost, of S11S7,817.72. T11 1932 tho Board purcliascd four- teen acres of land at llvoodlawn and Charlos Strovts on which tho llvoodlawn Svhool, consisting ot' oiglitcon rooins, gyrnnasiurn, and auditorium, was built by tho Hodder cl0Il8tl'llt'llO1l Uoinpany at the cost of S5342,143.22. liquipnlont cost S23,221.tS4. An eight TUOI11 building was erected by G1-orgo 11. C'11illi i11 19313 on Marigold Stioot on tho land purchased i11 1917 fl'0II1 the Hays ltlstato for 83,012.00 Tho cost of building a11d vquipinont was 892,041.42 Q In 1929 the Borough annvxed a portion of Mifflin Township known as Hl7l1ltl8f0Q1ll Park taking over two school buildings, Franklin School an eight P00111 building, C1'l'Cl't'Cl in 1897 at the cost of 325,000.00 and Hmnostead Park School consisting of twenty-two 1'oon1s. It was ervctod in thrf-0 portions-in 1909, 1919, and 1928 at a cost ot' 8191154.23-1. T110 Munhall District paid 35102329.74 in S6t1,l91I1CI1t with lNTifHin Township. Tho prosolit valuation of our svhool p1'opo1'ty is: Land, S102,99-1.22, Buildings, S1,043,750.l2g Equipiiient, S110,3521.10g a total of81,917,103.-50. In 1902 tho 1no11tl1ly salaries paid Zllllllllllliltl to 8730.00 in cro111pz11'iso11 to 822,000.00 i11 1937. This CO1I1p21.l'lSOI1 holps show the growth of tho District whivh is a far 011' 1.111111 tho one P00111 school Orectlvd in 1800. xxx YYUUTII IS 1M1-ULSIVE AND VIVACIOUS. AGI-1 IS MICLLOW 'PIIROUGI1 1+1X1f141R11cNclQ. Wie ARE GLAD THAT Wm HAV14: A HAPPY CoMB1NA'1'10N IN OUR MUNIIALI. FAMILY, VVIIERIG EFFICI IGNT AND s.YMPA'1'HE'1'u: ADMINIS'l'RA'I'O1iS Am: Icvlcn w1LL1Nc: T0 OFMLR r4mDANC1f: TO XYOIITH. N .i. L..l. ZEXEMHNUSWVUMWHQDN Providers for Our Family The Munhall School Board Olll' s1-111101 111111111 is 1'o111p1'1s1111 11fs1'V1111 1111111111111's 111111 XVI' 1111-1 111111 0:1011 1111-11111111 has put forth his utiuost 13f1'111'ts to soc-111-11 1'111' us 111111 1111511 11111z111s for 21 first Q1:1Ss 111111c:1ti1111. We 111111p1y z1pp1'11ciz1111 its sp1111111i11 work i11 our 1111111111 ill 1111- past 211111 that which it 1fo11t1'111p1:1t11s 111111111 ill 11111 1'l11ll1'l'. Its :1SsiSta11C11 111111 gui11z1111'12 1111s 1101111 1a11'g111y 1'11spo11si11111 for 11112 fi1111 s1111wi11g2g that 1XIl1Il112L11 High has 111111111 this yoatr with its Illitlly z11'1iviti0s. T11 its fi1111 s0111ctio11 is 11110 our sp1111111i11 1-iLCl1111Y, :11111 H1111 C11u1's11 01' S1l111y. T110 skill 111111 wise z1111r1i11ist1'f11iv11 :111i1i1y of hT111111:111 50110111 1311:11'11 has 111:11111 1X'Il1Il1lil11 High 111111 of 1111- most 2-1llI'C'0SS1'll1 111111 :111v:1111'1- s1-1111111s of its sim' i11 P1-1111sy1v:111i51. BOARD MICMBIFIRS 1'1'1's1'1lm1t ..... . 1 CI. F. SIMMICN lCL1f1AN11R E11MUNDsoN IJ. J. DIXON J. A. Hiciiicx' CX A. AR'I'NI,'XN 'l'. W. BRYAN F. W. 1Cv,1xs C'11A11L1cs 11. S'1'11x1a 1 11 1 Charles R. Stone Srzpermtendent of Srhools "My dear children: So I address you in the spirit of this "family" album. In a way this is true because among the class of 1938 is my own son. I have watched the progress of most of you from first grade through the twelfth. Soon others will direct the progress of your education. The years I have spent with you have been among the most pleasant in my life. If I have failed to reach your expectations in any particular, it is because I eould not, and not because I did not try. As you go forth out of high school life, step bravely and boldly, resolving to prove all things for yourself, and to hold fast that which is good, make the world better, wiser and happier because of your living in it. Some of you will, no doubt, become doctors, lawyers, engineers, and perhaps statesmen. Some may don the robes of the judge or occupy seats in the great legislative assemblies, but Wherever you are or whatever you do, I feel sure that you will look back to your school days here and say that they were some of the happiest and most profitable days of your lives. This portion of the annual is usually left for reading twenty years later, but if you chance to read it now, be sure that the school directors, teachers, and I extend to each of you our best wishes for a happy and prosperous life. Your 'f1"athcr," CnAnL1-is R. SToNE l12l Mr. M. W. Wherry This world needs young people with modern learning and old-fashioned morals and principles. lt, needs young workers who expeet to workg who are not looking for soft snaps or easy roads to prosperity. It needs boys and girls with perseverance and courage. lt needs the youth who can stand up under poverty and make an educated man of himself. It needs the girl whose ideal of womanhood lifts her above her cheap or costly gown and makes of her an intelli- gent, thinking woman who expects to give value received for everything she gets i11 lifeg whose ideal makes her a true gentlewoman Whether in the home, school, or in society. This world wants boys and girls who conscientiously strive to embody within their own characters the best of all the attributes that the ages have taught us it is good for men to possess. May Munhall High School have helped you, its 1938 graduates, in some meas- ure to approach these ideals. M. W. WHIQRRY l13l The Faculty . . . The daily contact of the younger Il10IIllJPI'S of the hlunhall Family with their grown brothers and sisters, has developed a feeling ol' friendliness and Companion- ship, that exists no other place except between parents and children at home. We are grateful to our brothers and sisters for their part in this splendid relation- ship. Big sister says donlt say Haiiitfl livery time we speak we get our English adjusted. Oh welll Wie 1 :ke it, since they are only trying to make the entire ,,,,, 1,11 INA T 11 V , Front Row: Ball, Alberts, Williams, VVelsh, Rush. dell, lNTacBeth, Fredrick, Keltz, Royeroft. Front How: Elkins, Newell, Gray, Hyatt. Second Row: W'ilson, Mark- owitz, W'eiland, King. How our big history brothers changed our infantile opinions! They make us look at everything from all sides of the question. Since this has been done, our heroes are Il0l just what they used to be. Then too, who was it who kept us running to the library? None other than those who are pictured above. When we got there, who was it who greeted us With, Hlieep quiet, o1' your names will appear on the bulletin board. Push the Chairs back on leaving. Pick up all papers. Single file and step to the right?'l l14l Second Row: Bertram, Ben- Fr1111I 1111111: Wi111111ws1111, 11211Y. l1is111111111'pg111', 1'10I'I'ITS11, 11111. S1'1'11111f lf1111'.' T111111, 1,,111y11. C'11111'111111. 1'1l'i1!l1Z, W111111111. Frrnzl lf0ll'.' .l111111s, l'11sg111V11, 11D11OIl, BIOH11111-h111'. S111'011rl l1'11111.' 111111111, M1'C'111'- thy, 1Ye11V111'. The FBCUHZY1 C,'n11fi1z 1101! 1111111011 M111'g1111". 1J2LI'110l1 11111 11111011111 11c1:11111. W11 111111 11x1f11s11 111111- 111' 11111 311111112111 1'1ilIl111j' 1111 111111111 1111111:111, 15111 NYC 1-1111 11111 11X1'l1Sl' 11111111 1111 Il1t11'l11IJt1llQQ 111 111111111 11s sp111111 111 111111 1112111111112 'ZX11 I'0VO1l',H '1S1111111111"1 IS. This 1111 s11111111s 111111111 111 us. ' ' ' S1111111 111' 1,1111 11111 111'11111111's 111111 Sis1111s 21111 "1111111111w11 111111111i1i11s". '1'1111y 11111111 111 1111'111s 111' X 111111 Y 111111111 :111 1'11s1111s 111 111111111111 111 1-i11'1Qs. 11111 1'l1I1Il1IlQj 111 1'i1'1'111s l'OSl111S 111 11111 I112l111l1I112l111'7S 111111-11111 111111111 1111 1111 21 1IlI1gI1'1l1. 1 1 NY11 111s11 121111 11111 1111111111 1-111111111111. T1111 1111ysi11i1111s 111111 11111's11s 1111 1111s 111111 111111 1ll1'Il us 11v111 111 11111 gym 1U214'11l1l'S 101' 11111111 c111'1'111:1,i1111s. N11111i11g s1111111s 1ig1111, 111111111 11s. 11' 111111111121 11s 11111's11i111 111111 lll211i1Il1I Ulll' 11111s11111S s111'11 1-1111 i111111'11V11 1'111111i1i1111s, 1111111 1111 2lI'0 LIC'111Ilgl' 11. 110NV1'V11I', 111l1j' 111111111 111111 il s11'1111g 11111-11 111111111s 21 w111111 111i1111. 11111 fll1l1I'l1 is 11v1111 1111111 1-11111111111. '111111' 11111 115 111111 1111 girls s111111111 1l'1L1'll 111 1-111111, si111-11 girls 11111 11111111s1 1'11I'12l1Il 111 1111 ll12lI'I'10l1. Thus, 1111 1111111. W11 11v1111 1111 S11 fill' IIS 111 s11w, so 111111 11111 1111111111115 11111 will 1111 1111si111' 1111 11111 1111s11111111s. W1111 11111115 111 W11111' il 111111111 111111111 11111Qs'? As 1111 11111 1111ys, 111115' 111s1,1 11111 11111111111 1111. 13111111 111 11111 s1111p N1lIIl1111111S 1ill1lll'1' 1111s11111111s 11111 1111111111111 111 i11111111V11 1111' 111111111 11y using 1111111' 111111115 i11s1111111 111' 1111111' "11111111111s.1' 1151 Olll' U111' F1'o11,1f 13010: Nlclleaui, Shannon. Sammi Row: Grout, l"2'o11t Row: Cox, Bollinger. Sammi Row: Berger, l Cross, Trinible, Beggs. The FaCullCye4C'011fi111wd The science clepzirtinent is our 'tlmoogiem Cll2LSK'I'. With facts, aulequziie proofs, theories, experiments, :rnml remlings, our ininrls are swept clean of superstition. We are given a new outlook on life which makes it :ill so real. Are we the business inenls worry? These eoinrnereizil brotliers and sisters of ours are teacliing us all the tricks. Once we get going, we will he able to out- wit Dzivifl Harem. That is if we had ai horse. PERSONALS CBUT Noi' Too Pi+:RsoNALJ Spot those two Curly heads. All the chips from the hloek :ire not in the shop. The clogfs picture arrived :Lt lieudquar- ters to represent Tell Charl- tonls family. "Hanan must have l'U1nph" to rate in this inzinner. How eoulrl this ever have lizippenecl to 'Top Slninrionll? l16l f i rs' ,rw . lXlarliey, Berger, So Brand, Briggs, nnners. lflowat, lzlriisay, Busch, More Personals .... What could the RZIIIISHZVS have been doing? lt Inust have been Hdirty work." Poor bunnies! What chance have they with a Markey in the woods, or is this a product of one of those fisher- man's photographic galleries. Did Miss Bendall read the book? Your guess is as good as ours, but we think there inust have been something more fascinating behind that plant. You tell us who her girl friend lVho's back yard did Wilson use? That grin indicates that he got away with it. Peggy inust have been pearl hunting. .lust a little lesson boys. Uniforms do rate. 'tllole in one Alf' has not learned to keep his eye on the ball. There lnust have been a girl out front. Look at that hungry crowd. Any-one would know that they were headed for lsalyts. The lady on the grass is a favorite with us. Since this is the only place we have found her, we grasp the opportunity to mention that she sponsored the Woodlawn group. All five of these guys are Elkins. ltlven if we had not been told, we would still be positive be- cause of their resemblance. We thought a bi- cycle built for two was a vehicle of our grand- parents. However, pictu1'es do not lie, and we can not that we blarne Weaver. l17l Maintenance oi Buildings .... Knowing this Elllllllttl would not he eolnplete Without mentioning the entre- tztkers of Munhall High, We would like to introduce them to you. The gentlemen in uniform :ire responsible for the heziting, lighting, and cleaning of the buildings its well :is attending to the general niaintenance and ordinzlry repairs. Due to lVIr. Turner, employed for sixteen years, lVIr. Russel Priee for eleven years, Mr, liiohzn'd Rowley and Mr. Vvilllalll Davies for six years respectively, and Mr. lvllllillll Doyle for two years the buildings are kept in excellent condition :ind show the genuine interest which they take in their work. Besides their work, they show at kindly spirit to the students and :ire well repaid hy the smiles :ind 'tHello's" ofthe boys and girls. Two very pleasing personalities are lidwzird M. Vox, Secretary of the Board of Directors and Superintendent of Buildings, :ind Miss Eleanor Pfeifer, Assist- nnt Secretary, because of their efficient Work, they have been in the service of the schools for eighteen 'years rind three years respectively. In their othce, all the business of the school that is under the direction of the School Board, such us keeping the accounts, paying all sz1lLu'ies:1nd hills, inaintaining grounds and school repairs, is attended to and well supervised. Approxilnzitely 53375000.00 is expend- ed for the district and they have helped to produce and lnaintziin :L well hal- nneed schoollmudget. MR lil. BI. Vox . S1apc1'1'nlenflenZ of l3z.1z'lfz'z'ngs lint-:Axon Prniruic . . Serrviary to Mr. C7112 RUSSICL XY. Puleia 12111 and Anflrew FRANK S. 'l'iiRx1cR . . 11th and ilfarilza XYILLIAM P. D.-xyiics . Ilflz and Amlrew RICIIARIJ II. Rownny . l.2tl1 amz' .llnrilm XYILLIAM IJOYLIQ . . 11th r4I'C7l'IlC, Ucnlev' ' til, ,i5:lL The Sfzmlehf gf Muhhall Hzgh School has traveled for afohg the road fo ea'z4oafz'oh through his classroom froz'hz'hg and hiy porfz'ezloozz'o7z in .rohool efvehfs. . . IJURING OUR DAYS A'l' NIUNIIALL wr: UAW: LIVIGD 'I'OGlCTIIl'1R. As BROTHERS AND SISTERS wr: HAVE GROXVN TO RIQSPICCT ONT: ANOTHER. SOLVED OUR PROBLEMS AND WORKED OUR DES-'FINIES OUT TOG1'l'l'HI'IR. ALL UF THIS HAS WRLDIQD Us INTO ONE LARO14: OROU1' WIIOSIG BONDS WILL LINK Us P151mAN1aNT'I,Y INTO THIS NIUNIIALL FAMILY. THE MMSSES rlllllx s11111111ss 111' 11111 1'l11ss 111 '38 is 111111 111 11111 11111i1'i11g 1111111'1s of E111 111110111111 111111111111 1'11111p11s111l 111: C11ARL1:s C'11s1:11111'1c . EIJNIIQR GICNT . . IDA MA1: B1"1'111cw,11' 111111 111 H1NI1'. l111111s11y, 11111' 1'l11ss s111111s111', who 1111s 1111f1f11lly 51111111111 11s 111111115111 11111' 111111' y11111's 111 high s11111111l. 1111 1111s 121112111 11S 111111p111'111i1111 111111 1'esp111'1 f111' 111111 1111111l1111', 211111, wl111, l1y his 11w11 11x1111111l11 111111 111111 1'111f111'11, 1111s gLiv1111 us p1'11111' . . 1JI'l'NI'Il1'IIf . l'1'1'11-l'1'1f.w1'1l1'11L . S1f1'1'11f111'y-Tr1111.111r1'1' 111111 11 1111111 111113' 110 11 1111111111113 II 1111111111111 s111111- s111', 111111 il sincere f1'i11111l. 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ACKEHMAN, W1I,1i1AM- 'lB'ill" S!f7'C7LtT6 'I'rffLcl7m' P1'c2sid0r1f Public Spvzzkiug Club, Nzmfiouzll llrmm' Sovivty, llzxll Cop. ALEXANDER, FKANCIS-'lPnm'!1y" . ' u ElLg'ZI1,6GI' I ' f':b,,f-4 H1-Y, Hobby Club, ASHQ,IIll1lY. . 1 1 ANDERSON, HILDA-'l111'lrIf1," Sz'r'r1f!fu'y V U 'N Gym lCXhibiiifm, Girl Rvsrwvvs, f , ,J My . Blllllfilili, CrLI+1NN'-H1fIlI'?'lf'.!jll llfzirfsvl IETIQYUICWV' Football, 4 ycvrus, llzmskc-Tlmzmll 4 ycv:1i'S, lli-Y. fi 0 IEINGMAN, lX'IAliIlU'gii.l1!lI"fI' Mac" Ninzsc' Library Club, Iiuprvlixss lizlskvllmll, Gym Exhibition. ISLACKIIQ, Dmlc0'1'HYf"lJ0i" Sfvwrelriry Hobby Club, Clic-ss Club, Gym Exhibition. Q ' V 'L ISUUTH, l+l1.1.1cN-"EZZ1,rf" , f . A ' .X ll rsc' L Girl ll,0sv1'vc's, AH54fll11lBll0S, Hobby Club, Photim Club. i lgIiUTIIICli'l'ON, ALLAN - 'i'fl1'llI'A'l'7'ly I' Il lilff' A wif inf mul Clivss Club, Hull flop. l5m'cJl41, AN NlCfUr'l7l7I1'l' Sifyzgrr Choir ISLTBA N, JOHN --' ' .W'if'A'r',zf' A !,'YiIl,fU7' Asscilnblicfs, Hobby Club. BYTHICXVAY, IDA lvl.-xlc-"BWI" Gym Tcmzhar - llzill Cop, National Honor' Szmrzioty, Sfufloni Coulwil, Swrolziry- 'llI'I?2liSllI'0I' 2, 3, 4. I' CALHO U N, R.-x YMOND-L lldugf' lfirli L-' i 'x Assvlnblicis, V X? CERRA. lJOiiOTlIYfUDI?fll Srfc1'f'Ir1ry Sriuior Play, Girl Rosmrvvs, Auuuzil Staff, Varsity Bziskoiibull, CHAMB1cnL1 N, VVIliDAgi ' lfViZl2'r"' Vrflffrinflry Librziry Club, Hobby Club, Assvrrilmlios. I 24 l i CIBULKA, MAruoN-"0ibby" Radio Entertainer Girl Reserves, Choir, Asseml ily. CLARK, INA-"f7lark1'0" 'Iyar . ,. Dancing I nst rnctor Stage Guild, All VVestern, Assembly. CLARK, RICHARD-'tIJ1Tclf" .Waehinist 0 Dramatic Club, Library Club, Hall Cop. Xb ' C1.ooNAN, Josnrn-".Ioe" To f17'!Id'1ll1l6' R X Basketball, Assembly. - 9 CONWAY, CATHERINE-"Kay" The Seronrt Benny Goodman Band, Hobby Club, Girl Reserves. CooMBEs, EILEEN4UEl1ilI'0IlH Prfiziate Serretnry Writer's Club, Gym Exhibition. I Conmf, EVA-HS7'l00k'Il'IIZN'l F X Nothing In Particular v V 'i L3 X Assemblies, Girl Reserves, Home Pleonomie Clubf I 1 X 2 , ax Cosanovn, CHAuL1cs-Hllfivlf'' ' XS M alfe Goof! Senior Class President, Junior Play, National Honor Soeiety, Hall Cop, Band. ,, ., u Cosonovn, HPZRBPIRTY Bozzy S wiinmer A Hi-Y, Assemblies, Swimming Team, President Student Couric Q-'fy "lb I eil, Secretary Hi-Y. sl A , . ,C I+. ' af' " - L CoT1'Eu, JACK+U-,1Il'li'7-PM n I PrzU?1ss1'o1ml Socver Player fx Soeeer, Basketball, Junior Play, Hi-Y. CUKAS, T1-1oMAs-"Tom" Underfiderl Student Couneil, Hall Cop, Science Club. ,. 91545 CURTIS, lNIARTHA-"Curt" AC!! llom ptomeirisl Girl Reserves, Hall flop, Student C'ounr'il, Munhisko, Annual Staff. CZAJKOSKI, ANTHfJNY7iiClI1jl' Professional Football Player Football, Basketball, Assemblies. DADEY, LA VERNI-:f"IJr1dey" Beanticlan Girl Reserves, Assemblies, Library Club. l25l sp DANIS, ANNA-"Danny" Private Secreiary Writer's Club, Assemblies, Girl Reserves. Air Hostess 1 DONAHUE, MAIIGAIIET-il1WG7'g,, . f Girl Reserves, Hobby Club. DRAKE, EV'ELYN-KAEUGZQJHYY Secretary Science Club, Hobby Club, Munhisko. 'Q Z, DUDA, BERNICE-'fBer1zie" Singer Assemblies. DUDAS, STEVEYHT. N. T." U mlecifled Football, Hobby Club, Assembly. DUNSAVAGl41, FLORENCE I Travel and foreign eorrespondenee, Ettiquette Club, Red Cross Representative. DURHAAM SAMUELAUSIIIIZU 7 Beeovne a goof! boxer Football. DZAMKO, S'I'EW'lG-liD'iZll Travel Hi-Y, Stage Guild, Bzisketball. l L. EDNIE, WILLIAM-UG01"' Travel Hi-Y, Vice-President of Hi-Y, Soeeer. ELLIOTT, ALLAN-"Cl1.ubby'l Business ,Man Hi-Y, Seienee Club. EIALIOTT, BETTY-UI3etts'l Private Secretary Assembly. EVANS, LESTER-HLes" Lawyer Freshman President, Ili-Y, Hobby Club, Assemblies. f P 'JSF 1-X If" F1-IRENCZ, ANDRENVfUfl7Zl1QIjU 5 'Q' .X 17 Engimfer X '- lWunhisko, Hobby Club, Football. 9 I l. 1 " FISCHMAN, CAliL7llKGCiJ67, X 0. P. A. Commercial Club, Hall Cop. l 26l FLYNN, Joslcrn-".Ioe" To Live Drzunatir- Club, Sc-nior :ind Junior Play, Co-Odiror of Wood- lawn Herald. ' :- f . 1, .. I FREDA, LUCIA-HLuf-rf" " , - , . , ' I , I 01nmz'r'1'1r1l 7l'IlChf'7' ' , - Q Assemblivs, Cj0IIlI1'14'l'i'lii.l Club, Rml Cross. Fm+:NcH, HAZEL-AAI"1'e'r1clLie" L- I y f. .. W , xi , R, . X K ' 1 Tra1'1'l Junior and Senior Play, Assemblies, Studvnt Counvil. WL! Mi N , v GEHRIG, HEN1u1+:TTAf'fHen" xp W Bea uiiria n Girl Rvsvrvos, Hobby Club, Ushvr. GEISEL, EI,1cANolc-MINI!" Cosfzzme llfwigfzor Band and Orchestra, Assornblivs, Hobby Club. GEMEINHART, C:l'IARI.l'IS-HHIEPTLOH Gym 7lI'1IllhF7' Football, Hi-Y, Stage Guilcl, Roprvsvntative. GEM:-IINHART, IXIARIE-"Sis" Swwlrzry Assvrnbly, Gym Plxhibition, llshor. i4 1, fj Q" J .f 7 ,Vfj ' 'QQ Vw". GENT, lCI.:xu:ic-"Gm1t" ,f ' ff f' . . - f 1 liz4,sww.w.w Efffrflalzue , Dralnxiiir' Club, Hi-Y, Senior XYl4'0-Pl'9SlLl0llf. 3' 3 GLICK, NIARTHA-U,l'I!lI'fl Unflrfcidrvl Munhisko, Assoinblivs, Homo Economic Club, Hobby Club. GoicDDlf:I,, DOIiCDTHX'ii'DIIf'l M 1187.67-IIN Junior Play, Orr-licstra, Hull Cop, Girl Rc-svrvos, G1coB, ,DClliflTl1X'-iiD!I1ll f 4 x Language Tl'!lCl'It'l' ' ASS0l1'1lJlll'S, Hobby Club, Girl Rvsvrvvs. GUEST, -lfJE+H,lI7ilfl'U fllilliil E Il gin ew' Library Club, l'lflQl1l'lf0 Club, Club. GRULA, C.-ual,-HGrillrz" Engzfnrer Bzuul, Assvinbly, Gym l4lxhibitior1. FRANK-UD 1111-11 ' ' G USTAFS-ON, 0lf'll,!'ll"1!1 if: .s I' ll ' Z 1 '11 t Vollc-y Ball, Cross Country Tvarn, Assembly. Annual Staff Assembly, Public Spvaking, V :QA . ff-0-,,f GWYNN, JANE-HJIL71f7:6H Singer Assemblies, Glee Club, Operetta. I'lAMl'SON, LAURA-l'R'11ll1" 0. P. A. Writer's Club, Girl Reserves, Assemblies. Ii.-XNDELSMAN, Plum,-"Sl1n1'ty" Gym Teach cr Hall Cop, Student Couneil, Annual, Assistant Editor, Varsity Basketball. , ' 1. H ARBERT, AGNES+l 'Agg1'v" Elemmztary Tearfllw' '-A, ',,,Rill0 Club, Library Assislzml, Girl Reserves, Assemblies. HAun1NG'1'oN, ToM-UGoosw" A lllillffll' Assemblies. Hiaufr, JOHNAHIQF' Football 671111711 V Football, Hi-Y, Assemblies, Swimming Team. , '.'p'lvff'-I-J HARVEY, .lAMEs--'l.l'1imm.y" , 1 nil, -.zifdna V .fl fi' A S urrfess Assemblies, Hi-Y, Swimming Team, X IIAVRIIZ , NIICHAl'1l4"Hr7lfl'1ilC0H Ell'!'17'if7!ll E!lfgi7'l6'l'l' Home Room Representative, Hnss, MAliilAliPIT7AlP9Qll C0'lIL7I'1f67'Cil1fl Teacher N. H. S., Assemblies, Annual Staff, Hall Cop. PIOFFMAN, WALTEIQ-"Baal" Aviator . ' v - - - T' U C-vm Exhibition. yy' . , ' I c I' :til HOIlLIS, RAY-i'ID06', Chemical Research ' A Science Club, Hi-Y, Library Club. X 'K H HKJIINYAK, lNI1cHAIf:I.Af'Spr'efl A uto Illechanic Tumbling Team, Soeeer Team, HUMMEL, MAR'1'HAf"IIwn" QW Av'i11trigr Girl Reserves, Assembly, Basketball. HULME, XVALTER-Hlyllflku Electrician Assemblies. l28l I Assemblies. Secretary of Etiquette Club, Choir, '- f, If X.. ' Volleyball Team, Basketball i. ' A 1 lhx..A.Nf1 'l "fx . 5 IlU'1'C1-uNsoN, Cimnmis-''Hulclf' Elr'z't1'1'r'1'1111 Vollvybzill Tvzun, Assn-rnblics. .I.wKsc1N, DALE-UQIIIIIIZU I"111'111f'1' Gym Exhibition, Assolnblivs, Sc-nim' Milk Szilvsinzui. JAc:oHsoN, Iiif:oNA1u1-''.lr1k1f" Br' A U1'r'ul film! IJflCli'1'I' Froshnuui 'l'1':u'k Nlzimigvr, Gym Hxhibilion. Moons, lXI1cHAELf"Lvfly" Play 111 Big Leagues Assvinblivs. JmiNsm1N, IJ0li0'I'HYf"1J0lu ' . 'L '11 I IIll77'I'0I' D1fcf11'nl111' F Studi-nt Council, llzill Cop, Girl Rcscrvegi Baskf-tlmll. .IoNics, .IACK-"Juclf" Ell'Cfl'fCifL7L Assvlnblicfs, Hobby Club. rx af-1, JUN1-Qs, l5u,1,- f"lf1fll" 1 . , ix F . ,. J 'l - f-,. llllllfl ,.An 1.41 If Ah -4,- Hi-Y. Up:-wtlzi, Hlumlvnt CU11l1f'll. V. liAI,v1N, Vl'IRONICAfUlYI'U1I Bw: Ilf iffu Il ASSl'IIlllll0S, Hobby Club. KAmaol,, .Im-iN---".l11.s" Sllcrrvss in lflzff' Hobby Club, cllLIIll'I'1L Club, Assemblies. Iirxxmms, ANNEf"A1111" Typixi llnbby Club. Baskctlulll, Lilmrziry Club. IQING, 1iU'l'H7ull,llflIn iq!!! AvllI'S4' l Assvnllmlic-s, Prvsicln-lit of Girl Reserves, Ilzmll Cop, Junior :incl Sm-nior Play, N. ll. S. ff WW .VI ll I, Kia lir1nl.i:1i, AUIJELLA-HSZISH 7'4'r11:hc'1' Gym Exhibition, Colnlnorcizil Club. X Koxms, .IUl.117s-''.l111'1'y" ,X X- f'l1v111 fs! x A Junior Play, llzill Cup, f,liiI110I'Li Club. Vjj , yy kg Jfj' ' liciicicimci-1,H1-JLIQN-"Kr111L'1'y" 'jf J , l lf QYllI'Sl' . . . . . 1 . . . . s.- Gym Exhibition, Sewing Exhibition, Assvinblivs. XJJ' i l29l Kosxo, ROBERT-'tBob" f A ' Business 'WA fi W ' "N- Footl1al AssemlJly. M 7! IKUBAN, HELEN-iiII6l67L,, Secretary Girl Reserves, Library Club,,, Gy 'Exhibition A N, . Ml., ,Z A ri iJ63""n KUKLINCA, JOHN-HKl'aclc't 3515, Traveler . Woodlawn Herald, Assemblies. Kvocnxo, ELIZABETHTiiEliZdb807, Secretary Assemblies, Hobby Club. LACEY, NELLIEiiiJ6lll, Private Secretary Girl Reserves, Assemblies, Student Council, Gym Exhibition. ' Beautician Assemblies, Hobby Club, Gym Exhibition. 3 My LACEY, REBECCA+iiB6CiCi6,i LANG, KATHEn1NEf'tKaidee" A Success National Honor Society, Senior Play, Hall Cop, Munhisko Editor. u A feta are f j 'fy' ,, LAYTON, WILLIAMfiiBill7y Engineer In Air Conditioning Assembly, Hobby Club. LEAMER, VVIIJLIAMYHSHYHN Golf Coach Assembly, Hobby Club, Gym Exhibition. LEE, ALEXANDER-'tBert" Aviator Assemblies, Science Club. LEFKOVICS, RUTH-"Ruth" M H 4 Commercial Artist A Assembly, National Honor Society, Art Editor of Annual. LELAND, THOMAS-HTom" Orchestra ' Band, Annual Staff, Bobby Club. Lizsxo, MARTHA-"Mart" Private Secretary Assembly, Hobby Club. LEWIS, ELIZABETH-K'Seotty,' N arse Junior Play, Operetta, Assembly. l30l Loma, DmmTi1Y-''lloflgf' .il Szlccmx Sl-udcnl. Council, Namlionzxl Hminr Socivl-y, Assvlnblic-s. Lrmixsmx, C1iAlcl,Es-"VI:urls" MJ, flllllvilllifh X Pliulogrzipli Club, Rifle Club. lNl.xcUuA, lll4:l,14:N-",lIru:y" f'i1w'zfl Sl'l'l"l-l'l' lVorA'z'r I ' .Xssoinlmlim-s, Ilobby Club. V fr IMA , JV j ,rf . ,, I' MA1.oNw, Glculuufx-"Bu,w.w lla To Vollrfgrf Football, Baskc-tbzill, Soc:r'0r, Assembly. I' r -,rl f"' 7 BIARONIGY, liU'l'HfH1lllf0H M" ,f i Nurse x' 1' fl 'J' 1 1 Cirl Rvswvvs, Assvinblivs, Gym. X' lvl,-Xli'l'lN, '1'11oMAs-'fTips" Tl'Ill'l'll'I' Assvinbly, Scis-nr-0 Club. MATSON, lil-:'1'TY-"l3z'tt,s' L'luz'eC'1'fl1'1l Assembly, llobby Club, May Dziy, Fashion Show. WW 1 1 lxIClj0XVl-ILL, li:KTHldRINICfiiKl1!jll lyf V J I , v ,,-' Sc1'1'vlary 1 L Drzunulic Club, Writers Club, Assn-mblies. N lX'll4lDLl4lY, ll1ci,ENil','lI1'rl" Dress IJl'N'1'g7lCI' Junior Play, Hall Cop, Bzmskvtlxzill, Annual Staff, Student Council. I l A ,V Y ' x f ,' AIASICNKO,I,I'1'1'l'llliiiPt'lUll J LA!! V Couzrlz ' i in Ilolnu Room I'rvsidcnf, Assembly. lX'll4ILCHUK, lXrIARGAlilCT'irljllggyll Url .lIlII'I'fl'lI Etiquvttv Club, Gym Exhibition, Assvniblivs Miami-x, llELl'lN'AH,lIZlf'12lI'l Typisl Hobby Club, A'iSOI1'1lbllUS. M11,l.1cn, l5111'r'rY-'Alivltff' l'1'1'1'ula Sm'1'f'!111'y f AHS0lHlllY, .lunior Play, IIOIIIU liooni 1l.i'lPl'l'SOIllIlllVl'. 3llI,I4IRIN, EIDXX',XliID7iiEllfIll W I Arzfulor Rifle Club, Stzigv Guild, Sm-rc-r, Assn-mblies. Cisij U f 'QQ - 5517x479--4 M1Tz CHESTER'-HBUSU ' f4-x., Chemist L' J, Junior and Senior Play, Libl my Club, Hall Cop, H1 X Dldlndilf Klub BIORGAN, JAMI s zm Rrulin Engincn Rvcl Cross, Stage- Guild Assemblies Momus, EDITH-' 'Patsy' Tclegra ph Opcmtor Assembly, Sewing Exhibition lXl0RRISON, lHoMAs bpferl Tmvcl Assembly, Siruox Play, H1 X Club NADZAM, GEORiil'l7'ifI60l'gil5 A S access Assemblies, Hall Cop NAGY, BERT Embulmer Assvmblics, llobby Club Cams! 1 C lub NIC!-1oLsoN, AXNNA lX'l.-xE-"IN I'1"iUa!e S1'CI'C'lf1J' y Hall Cop, Junior Play, Amu Gym Teachm Varsity Bask OLACK, ANN-'lOlc:" l3Cllfl,lf1iC'i!lIL Assemblivs, Gym Exhibition ONDU, JOHN- A Success As:-svmblios, llobby Club 0'N1a1l,L, IQOSEMARY-HR080 Sl67L0g7'fL17,lCT Assemblivs, Hobby Club. IJAHA, HELIQ Sta nog raph cr Librznry Clul PALSA, Ac:N1as-l'Agncs'7 SCCl'6lIlfl'jf Assemblies, Girl Rcsorvvs, ll PANGRACE, M Bm utician mfr Assombly, Fdblllllfl bhon Homm llcououuc Club 2 l l NUIQIA, Vivm PRoKoPov1TsH, DoRoTHYv"Dot" Teacher President of National Honor Soc-iety, Junior and bc 111or Pl ix Literary Editor, Hall Cop. PUGH, R.IlTHiii1Ill0l1f6!j'l A ir Hostess Writers' Club, Assemblies Llbrlrx C lub QUIGLEY, lDICKfUQIlig'l Dude Rauch Owner Senior Play, Hall Cop, Assemblies, Rifle Club RASCHAK, JOSEPH-"ChinA Gag-Wrilvr Assemblies, Hobby Club. REAGAN, DAliYll+iilJllTjjl'l Stenographcr Dramatic Club, Hall Cop, Junior Play. REESE, CLEDA-"OcliZs" Bmutician Junior Play, Assembly, Homc Room Piogr un R1-zcmsnm, J0SEl'H+HClf1NhH Architect Chess Club, Dramatic Club, Home Room RITCHIE, l'lAliRY-Aiilflifhn .NC'll'S1Il11Jl'I' Reporter Football, Basketball, Soni 1, 2, 3. RHODEN, IVIARCELLA-''l'1Lggy" Marry Library Club, Assemblies. RHODEN, LFRELIA-"R6'iCli Work Al A Good Job Home Room Program, As RCJDGERS, ELIZABETH-"Betty" Undecided Assemblies, Gym Exhibition SABor., :ANNA-HSt'lbf'jj'i Boolc-lffeping A 7I1ll'67lfI.C6' Girl Reserves, Assemblies, bition. SCHAFF, LEON.-kRDfi'LG7ZH A Success Assemblies, Gym Exhibition. SCHEHGR, JACQUELINl'17MJfll'f ze A rcozzntant Assemblies, Home Room Program 1 inc Junioi llu C lies liuiccnt scmblus -3' flu lk' 1 lu 1 .Pl 'vi' 1 5 Sci-i1I,1,1Nu, ALBlili'l'N'UIltfllf'y A Succfws Assvmlmlios, Homv Room ljrogrzuii, ' SCUFFLE, VV11,l,IAix1-'llfilll' Q Own A N1:w.sp1Lpe1' lx Junim' Play, Czimvmi Clulx, Munhisko, Bzuicl, Public Spvukiiig Club. SEIQA, l5i+1T'1'Y-'Wisxy'' PI'l'l'llfC' S6CI'l'fKII'jj Assvmlnlios, llall Cop, Gym lflxhilmitioii. SHADE, IBIQTTY-"lids" S1fn,g1'1' Gym Exliilmilion, Opwc-Ita, Assvinlmlivs. SH.-xlzvlc, :XUNES7HSlNll'jlI.l'.l Social Workzfr Girl Rf-servvs, Assc-iulwliw, Hobby Clulw, Home Room P1'og1'a1ms. Sinxlcr, 1iI'I',-XY:iSllIll'1J!'lY lien ll lvfcfrzwrzf .XS5i'II1lJlll'S, Vollvy Bull, I111u1'1'l:Lss liaskotlmll. SHARP, 1iIf'l'lI+'ilillfllliifl Lim' Lung Assemblies, Senior l'l:Ly, Munllislw, 1Jl'llIIl2LlllZ Cluln. S11':nl,Aicz, KA'1'H1f1mlm:-l'Ka,y" lic' lI1lll'jlI'ILII!'llf Xulimizil Hmmm' Socil-ly, Pulmliu Spvaking Clulw, Hull Cop. Sklcium, lilC'1"1'Y'iil,t'lIlNf.'Ill' U mlffciflcfal Hull Cup, Juiiim' anal H1-uiui' Play, Assviiilmlicls, Upm-11-tlzn. ,, n I, I, VFVI :Z if A Sxwimias, W1I.I.1.-xM-l'Bz'll" " ., llivsrfl Ellfj'fIll'l'7' X , Stagg: Guild, Busiucrss Mzuiagor ol' Alllllliil, Rifle Tulum. 1 yup: 'il V l ti ' ' 7? bMITH, AUIJILEY- Smzllm , , 4 1, ur Do Somvllimg fnwlz' At .fn National llonoi' Soc-ivly, Junior :incl Senior Play, Hall Cop, Dulzatu Team, gxllllllill Staff. SMITII, vVIl.lilCR'I'""HSIIZZ.flIAlfll Clllzil EIlfffllf'I'l' IIOIIIF? 1100111 PI'OjlQl'21!llS, Assviillmlivs, Gym Exhilwiiioil. Sczummj, Wimm-''Sc!1n1zff1'Zfrf' Bmuli1:'inJ1, Hobby Cluln, Gym Exliilmiticm, liziskvllmll. SMYTH, lQliNiXf"EI'Il1lll Bm 11Iz'c'1'u IL Assuuilvlivs, Gym Exhibition. l34l SOULUJR, .li:ANf'tJm1L" School Teacher Library Club, Girl Rosurvm-s, Choir, ltltiqlictto Club, Asst-mbly. S'rAiucKA" 7 lJf11'ry FlL7'IlIl'T llall Co 1 Junior llome Room R0 n'csc'r1t:Ltiv1- ASS1'IlllJlll'H. y I 1 STASKQ1, ALBICRT-i'HiI'!ljjH Salrfsnum Commercial Club, Assvmblics. STEINER, filiACE7UGl'l3fl7hll SlCN!lg?'ll1llI!'I' Assvmblies, Indoor 'l'rz1c'k, Gym Exhibition. ST1-:1N1cR, I,AUuA-HLa11ra," QV ww-'L' Stenographzzr 0 . f . 'i Baskctball, Gym Exhibition, Assn-mbly. f 4 STONE, REYNAno-"SLom'y'' if :W ft Vhenzicul Engiuver R, J Ll iflv Club, Debate Club, Czuru-ra Club, lxll1lllllSli0, lli-Y. - ,l+"' L, Srourr, Domrrux'-"Dot" Secretary Girl Rvserves, Homo Erouoliiirs Club, Asseinblirs. SULLIVAN, MARGANET-''Pegygf' 13Ufl'llf'lC'l.ll7L Girl Rosvrvvs, Assvmblics, Gym Exhibition. SU1c1No1K, AMuL,1.-x-"JIilliu" Business W oman Library Club, Girl Ri'SL3l'V6?S, Assciublios. , THOMAS LUCIliLEfHTl!CH . S - ' 7 Singer . O merotm Asscmblu-s G1rlRc'scrVcs. Y l TICHON, Hi1:Li-1Ns'7'isl1" Iiuszfrufss Womzm Varsity Baskvtbzill, llomv Room PI'0,Lfl'illI1, Assvrriblics, Cup- 7 tain of Girls Varsity. 'l'oMAsCo, R,I'l'AfHll?lillL.l Nf!'7Lllf1I'!l IUIICI' Hobby Club, Gym Exhibition, Vollm-y liull. UHLIQR, P1'l'l'ElCiiiPl'fl5li Courier! Violin zfxl All XYCSTOFII f,,I'Cl10Sfl'll, fJ1'i'lli'5lI'ii, ,xSSt'111lJlli'S. X Vixmao, JOHNZLLJUATIIIICU N7 lizwiucss fllrm , -4-ff 19 Football, Assemblivs, Gym Exhibition. J-X5-fjfg, l35l it - " 1 . .v,. .N I ,-.vm 4 .aj 4 K' VAsKo, JOHN-'tJoh.n" . .1 X Business ,Man ' Football, Assemblies, Gym Exhibition. 1, K gf" VESELANY,JOSEPI1-Hljlllltlll X WJ Business ,Mari , aw! Gym Exhibition, Assemblies, Hobby Club. J VINES, AGN!-lSf"Agll Private Seerela ry Girl Reserves, Assemblies, Munhisko, Hobby Club. Vom-:sKo, Iii-:TTY-"Bettyl' Reporter Munhisko, Student Council, Assemblies, Home Room Program XVAGNER, Doao'ruY-"Dot" Private Secretary Girl Reserves, Junior and Senior Play, Munhisko, Assemblies. WALKER, EsTi+:nf"Essie" N arse Orchestra, Assemblies, Publie Speaking Club, Science Club. WAI.Kwa, ETHEL-"lIo1iey" Conzptometer Operator Girl Reserves, Interelass Basketball, Assemblies. WIALL, BETTY-"Bets" Private Secretary , 7 J Girl Reserves, Hobby Club, Yiee-I resident Home Economic Club, Etiquette Club, Animal Staff, Assemblies. .5 -I I VVALLACE, ANNA M.-xi:ft'Ann" Beaulieian Girl Reserves, Junior Play, Munhisko, Assemblies, Red Cross. WANDZORA, ALEXANDERmHB67LH Diesel Engineer Assemblies, Hobby Club. AVARGANICH, rllIHOIl1HT7:blIyu Play In The Orchestra Assemblies, Hobby Club, Orchestra. Wowrow, Lois-"Lo" Private Secretary Assemblies, Gym Exhibition. Wfxsxo, .losicrn-f'.Ioe" Ph ysieal T eaelzer Annual Editor-in-Chief, Hall Cop, Junior Play, National Honor Society. Y VVATSON, GEORGE-URefl" Office Worker I I Library Club, Gym Exhibition, Assemblies. 36 , ' 1 g WECKERLE, JOSEPH+Hl'V6ClCii ls, i Success Y , Junior and Senior Play, Library Club, Soeeer. W WILLIAMS, lVIAuoAu1+:T-UPeggy" Nurse Girl Reserves, Assemblies, Basketball, Gym Exhibition. I 4 J :JMX Mb National Honor Society, Assemblies. J. WYITT, OLGA-'A Wiltiew Registered N mcse Hall Cop, Munhisko, f. , , Yosr, HELEN-ttYosty" Beaulicfian Girl Reserves, Hobby Club, May Day Program, Assemblies. ZAPF, ALBEnTiHAlbert" Chemist Gym Exhibition, Shop Exhibition, Assemblies. ZENCHU, PAULINE-'tPau.l" Success Library Club, Student Council, Sewing Exhibition, Assemblies. 1 ' , ,i Bi-JRGER, MILDRED-"Pm'n-n+e" K Pianisl Varsity Basketball, Assemblies, Orchestra and Band. HOWCRAFT, NELI.IEfiiAV6llll To Be Successful Assemblies, Gym Exhibition, Clubs. Losz, JoE-'tLucy" 0419! Work Gym Exhibition, Assembly, Hobby Club. POSIPONKO, lVIARoARET-"Pussyl' Gym Teacher Cheer Leader, Assemblies, Inter-Class Basketball, Volleyball. l'lANACEK, ALBPJRT-t'Hon.ey" Travel Hobby Club, Assembly. Ita Sharp l37l Credit Where Creclit ls Due . . . Three willing candy sales ladies played a prominent part in obtaining funds for the elass of 1938. Florence Dunsavage and Agnes Har- bert, could be relied upon at noon and in the evenings. Helen Kupec, although not a member of the class was always on hand when there was candy to be sold. A unique service was carried on by Dorothy Long and Elizabeth Lewis in the capacity oi stu- dent coaches assisting Miss Rush. Wihen the applauding took place, no one realized what they had contributed. The "vital lady,H Betty Sher- ba, has always been of great value to the class in the sale of anything. Thomas Leland is responsible for many ol' the pictures which appear in this annual. To him the class is grateful for this service. Those flying feet of Les Evans have entertain- ed many a crowd. Les has been at the center of our social life and an active president in the Sophomore year. Vifhen it came to tickets and programs, Julius Kondis not only produced them but took care of their distribution. Charles Cos- grove has been valuable in planning the activities of the class and is president of the senior class. Three girls have been prominent in the pro- duction of the annualg Nellie Lacey has typed and gathered some advertisements, while Audrey Smith and Dorothy Prokopovitsh have carried the burden of producing niost of the literary work of the annual. liay Siedlarz and Ruth Pugh have lightened the burden of our sponsor. They have constantly taken routine work out of his hands and given him more time for class activities. ggrw rw lhe lhree Muskateerst' have been an asset to usg Joe Flynn bought candy for the class and was prominent in dramaties. Harry Ritchie acted as Junior President and participated in sports. Elmer Gent has been valuable as a ticket sales- man and has been vice-president of the senior class. Joe VVasko and Dale Jackson handled the milk sales in an etheient manner. Joe has also been active III the production of this annual. llelen fvledley and Lucy Freda have been ever ready to type for the class. Tsiartha Curtis has been capable as the head of the typing com- mittee for the annual. Last but not least, lda Mae Bytheway has acted asSecretary-Treas- urer for four years. This she has done in a willing and efficient manner. For all of the above services, the Class of 1938 is grateful. l39l Xlllllllild Row: U. Af'kc-rnian, T. .allwa- Junior Class .... That olcl saying, H'llI'01llJl9S nc-ver como alonoyn has proven truce for the class of '39, llvo wc-ro voryunfortunatein thc' first. two yvars ofour school lifv duo to the fact that We wero not organizml until lato in our Sophomoro yoar. Mr. Clemens was chosen as our sponsor lint unl'o1'tunately rvsigiivcl lx-fore we were able to unite thoroughly and plan our social and lmusinvss activitivs. llowovor, in our .Junior year, with Mr. Cross as our otlicic-nt Sponsor, and an alort calvinvt vonsistingzg of: lII'C?81A!lI"Ilt . ,...... . THOMAS SLAWR l'1'f0-l'1'0s1'flf'r1! . BIQRNARIJ C'oLr:Y Scvrvlrl1'y-T1'ms1m'r ....,... ZELLA lV1LK1NsoN wo liopo to SllCK'Pt'il in clcvolopinpg a suc'c'vSSf11l class and one to be prourl of. ln Spitv of all our rovorsvs, wo llavr' acconiplisliocl some things, but our carvvr is by no moans colnploto. Vlll19l'0 aro many mort' trials and triumphs in storo for the livoly vlass of T39, but wo liopv to coins- "Smiling 'llhI'0l1gIl1.ll ROOM li l lcorvl' Row: fluff lo Iffylzlj J. lilasvo, VY. livrgqiiisl, l'w1'ggq11isl, D. liiuclflovk, D. Ballint, J. ll0llIltll', ll. liilly, M. liilly, IC. liollnwir-li, M. .Xll'i'm'rl, M. Hotl- n:n', S. liostovk, W. livaitty. lizun, li. .XlliI'1'f'l1l, L. Host, l'l. Arlaunitz, Ii. Boat, M. lioot, ll. liliwk, li. ,Km-l1v1', li. Anil:-rson, l'l. Bakor, J. liarry, M. Bl'2lIllI1Ul', F. liailvy. ACK Row: U. liirosvak, M. Billy, J. liarsic-, A. lialml, N. Bzlptic-, W. l50llll'Ill'll, ll. Aston, YY. Clraig. ll. liosl, l". I41-ll, IC. liovoriflpgo, lfl. liarrotl. 1 30 1 R R4 1 oom7... W 1: llnfl In Highly! 11. Cox, T. 1Jnr1:11111v, R. c1ill1II1LLl1. J. Carr, M 1Jlu'zm, 15. Enknrm, IC. c1ilI'I'14'k, J. 1J1'IIlk0, M. Donmllly, li. c1III11IJ1Jl'11, CT 1 Hu Engel. W 2: lu. 12141913 lx. C11u11l:1s. C. Vorso, 1'. Coylxr-. M. C'11111'm:1, 15. Duffvk, 11 1'11ll'I'W1Ull, Ci. Edvn, S. Dzxvivs V. Vw L. U1111011, .1. DiillI'1il. 1 1111 W 3: 15. C011-y, Wf Dowm-y, R. 1311-rkvu, W. D1l'1Zl'I1, 19. Bzulsvll, L. f1y1lbl.t-0l', A.Con1':u1, J. 15l1jko,P.1Jvv1-y, G. Dzxviml. R 110 oom 8 . . . W 1: fluff to lffglzlk 1'1. Harris, L. f1IlS1il1'S0l1, H. Guy, M. C11'ossi0,V. 11113 Y , -- clush, X. Cmllgla, M. Cx1'ti11tlIll, E, 11:1111- mgg, D. 11z1mpsm1, 11. 1"0uTon, E. f1j'lll'1S1Il. Hu W 2: 1C. f1llfhI'1l'. 11. 11hnrmy.O. 1'1Va1ns. 1'.. Cwlsi, .X. 1'2ll'1Ilf'l', R. 112l11'S1UIl, H. c11lI'I'11j', 13. Hzullon, 11. Flvmilmgg, 15. Fwy, R. 141m'ig111, J. Gzzlmuvy. Ro w 25: W. Ha11.v1". Grilmlwls-, Cllivk, 1m Grosx. R. km: A. 11z1u111I1m, 1'. 141V2lI1S, J. 1"1'v11z1, .1. 14':n'11-y, M. 11:L1y1m. Room I6 . .. 110 N N W 1: Cl.1fllr:lf1'gl1lJ J. .1u11vs, M. .1:1r'o1m- mm. H. 11o1T1u1111, 1'. Iiusnik, T. .1:xr-u1f- 1111, S. 111lWl'j'11l1, 1'1. 1'1llIl1l'I', 12. lim-1-lm-, KT. 1121I'1lIl2l.Il, R. Jzwk. RU w 2: A. lirxhlr-V, L. 1iflIJ11lIl. 11. 111l1IIllK'S. O. 11llt1tl1i, L. 11m'm'1kso11, M. -11'Ilk111H, M. 11ur1i, 13. Hi11. .1. Hunkvr, D. 11lmf, X 1u1m, .L Kel:-11. Huw 3: W. Iiimxvy, H. .1U1111SU11. 111. 1101'Il1U1S1l'1', W. lhmgg, C. 1'10I'I12l1i, 13. Knapp,1+1..1zuwsku, R. .1au'ks4m, R. 11vss R Iii 1 OOIT1 . . . W 1: t'l.fQ!'lltw lffglztl 19. 1i11z111:1. F. 1.l1r-as, 1. L:1d1c', R.. L:14:vy, 11. Ii11lX'f', R. M :xc-Kmnziv, C. Iiukucxkax, P. Iiulmzm, 1'1. 1iovu1. N. Kxwmivky. Ru W 2: R. Legg, 19, Kosku, D. Iiulnul, C. Litrax, .1, Listuu, J. Lyn-uv, A. Iiormly, 1+1. Maw 1J4ll1011g11, 11. Imskn, J. Imng- wl H0 W 3: C'. Iiolsun, M. liristofik, J. zlvko. M. Ll1?b01l1, A. Yvrm-11, J. M 1 I 1illSK1k, 1'1. Luvku, .X. 1i1':u'11r1, .1. Link. il. 1ill1HlIlSl'K1k. 1 4 01 ou, Room I8 . . . Row I: lI,wfiluIf1'gI:!JJ. M:u'1ir1. .X. Muir' N. M1'IJuwm-II, U. IxI4ll"4Il.lI, G. Monk, I l xi " P- BI. .I llc-r. A. NIIIXIIIII, NI. IXIcmi'v. NI Maiwinko, CI. M1'INIiII1-ii. Row 22 III. lXTOIIt'l'2ll1. T. Mailw-ky, I5 Mort, M. BIoi'ris. J. Mvllill. II. Milli-1' IC. Mairslizill. J. Nlnroiivy. IC. Muttlivws IC. Muluur, J. Nillllfilll. Row 3: J. IXl1'4'nrll1y, S. Muliirir. .X Mivhzuils, R. Mzirtiliku, VY. Nii- Nlalieni J, Morris, A. Mi-Iiiiiiwy. Room 20 . . . Iimv I: 11,4117 ln Rliflllfl Ci. Nuroski. J Ulysar, II. U"I'uoIm-, 0. Phillips, NI Nzilmy, I". lN'IllI'IJl1j', C. Ulwirigc-i'. L Nviiiiclorf, E. Pzmlivr, N. Nvmllizuii. S Novatmik. RUW 22 BI. U'M:iIIi'y, J. U"l'ouls-, BI Ile-4-sv. M. Niiss, M. Howl. II. Popovivh M. L. Pziytok, I". Pziylok, A. Oral, H Olin-stm-1', I". Pzitrivk, T. 0'I.0z1i'y. Row 3: S. Niiss, T. Puskus, J. I'o1'lvr N. Ovuku, Ii. Nuruski. J. 0'I5rivn, I, Nflmetll, J. Race, B. Pvliclmvis, .I. Popp K. Parkinson. Room 2I .. . Row 1: Ilxfl lo Righll T. Si-gimlu, 'I' Slatvr. G. Simku, J. Shook. .I. SIliI'Q1QIU li. Sykvs, K. Sivss. Row LZ: Ii. Stuffle, D. SI'0II11l'l', M. Pillai' M. Stillv, F. Ruin-rls, F. Slnollvy. L Shopv. D. 'I':ii'asoVir-, A. Skzxriipu. II Shiva, M. Pastvrik. Row 3: M. Rulvin. J. S1-Iuivom-, .X Simko, G. Rivlxvy, M. Ii. R1-if-Ii, IJ Svhwviiilwrg, M. Rowell, IC. Slviiin-r. R liimlggv, Ii. Shivlds. S. Salvo. Huw -It Ii. Shivk, M. Slcrlmomliiik. J. Som .I. Riislilon, II. Sharp, R. Sivils, J Sin:-Is:-1-r, if SIIIIIIPT, R. Sivss, T. Iillll mlm-Il. J. Strung. Room 22... Row I: LL1fl In lfighli Ii. Willivlm. J Vvsvlzuiy. II. Yllllllgllllilll, NI. IY:iIlz1n'4- M. 'I'11i'ovyz, J. 'I'I1i':iu, Ii. Wilson. Ii Wilmur, R. 'I'i1lm1'imIy, C. 'I'oppc'i'. H. Wil Iwliu. IJ. 'IlIli'IlIIl1lII. Huw .ZZ .X. VIIIIIIIIIIIIS. .I. Tuitc-, II. Zvg n1111ik,IJ.Z:lpf.A.'I'oi1msko. I.. 'l'I1i'f-fzill IJ, I'i'i1ql1I1zu'l,Z. Wilkinscni, S.Wilrlii1g Ii. XM-st. limi' Ii: T. Zziiilwmsky, II. Wliitviiiglit Ii. Wvlsli. X. Williauns. II. Williams. ll Wilsuu, .I. Wull:u', T. Willis. W. Wil-klv maui, W. Wzikm-Iivlil. PANIC 37 l41l in flilemnrp Eaarrp Sharp Qlbarles btinner Row l: 1111117 111 111111111 111. .X111l111's1111, 11. Row 2: 111. ,xI111I'L'!ll'll, 11. 1JfY1111Skf', 11. R1111' ii: H. 1Jllf'1iW41l'111, D. c1I1l1ll111l, 11. Sophomore Class . . . 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NI. 11llI'1l'2l, w - v 1 Xl. 11z11l11, 11. 111Illl11ll'l1,X.f 111111111. 1i1'i11k111', 111. lS11y1i111. F. C'11111111'11Sk1'. KI. 1gl'QQil1ZL, 11. liogiis, J. C111111'11:1, .1. ASI1111, .1. 11llI1l?11, D. C11f1I1Il1lI1. .'xII111'l'SHll, 11. D1111k11vi11, 'l'. 171111111111-zyk, YY. C'1'11w, W. 17:1vi11x. 11, 11llI'l'f'1lS41ll, if c1t1I'l'X, W, 11111111-Q. 1 4.2 1 Room2... Row 1: flmft In Iffghfl D. Gulf-y, D l'llJOI'IH2Lll, M. CI1'1111g01', M. Hl'C?ll2l, A Jacko, li. Hoppvr, O. Fustw, H. llzlrt- lilllll, H. lf2lZlI1ll'I', P. G:11111':1t. Row 2: lfl. lliII'dlI1g2Q, J. 1iLlSlllli,.l. Fllllkllii., M. Glick, N. l4l1r1c1'y, E. .l2LI1tSl7ll, C F011to11, P. Fectko, N. llvzxszta. How 3: XY. Horzisz, C. Kzxrgol, R. Jones 'I'. Knpp, M. llollis, .l. Fulton, C llinklcf, li. Hogg, lf. Fvr'kovic', J. G1-rvk Room I-Ll . .. Row 1: fLqft lu lfighiil J. Krczko, A Lvbedflzl, M. Lloyd, A. Lzuwy, H. Lxmccy M. Lujkov, B. Kuzxna, D. Leann-r, L lillZII1i1. Row 2: P. Lacck, M. Krvll, V. Kylv, J lVl2i.g'l1ll'l', H. L111'u.s, H. IQIIZIIIH, li. Lung A. Komlis, J. Knight. Row 3: J. Kriuk, A. Mzulamr, J. Knapp l+1.Kish, li. Kellvr, K. lilfikll, G. I1LLllg.flllI1, S. Kusumlzl, J. IA-ako. Room I-12 . .. Row 1: fluff Z0 lfiglzil D. Piull, J. Martin, li. M. Millirvu, U. Manfrvml. V. Mo1'g1111 D. S0111:111, E. Russvll, G. l'itc'l1fo1'rl, D Slmrpv, L. Moclvick. Row 2: K. Pugh, E. Popovich, M Mihulc-111, H. Mzmrsulvk, li. M. Blillllllix, M. Rnsmfluxk, Cl. Sutalzl, M. Salam, M. S1-0011, R.. Szxlm. Row 3: .l. Nvsky, XV. Pamstur, C. Past- 1-1'11z1k, A. Rllflollsky, VV. Ali'C2lI'lPl', W. Rushu, lfl. Sauk, .l. Palvok, .I. Pastor, J. lNlanti1-s, ll. Sl'l1lN'lkl9I': Room 143 . . . Row 1: CLzft lo If1'ghlD li. Wolak, M. Sukaly, A. Spzzlm, I. Vorcwlr, B. lV0lll0l'- spoon, li. Smart, li. SII1PlS!'Ul', D. Smith, J. SIIlOll'j', L. Su1li11111ck, D. Zz1111lm1'sky. Row 2: S. VVll1l.l'I'Sll5EI1, G. Sulm, M. Sotak, M. Slllpilf, M. 'l'kzu', E. Z1-110, A. lYelw1', M. Simllaxrz, ll. Voytku, M. 'llli2I0ll, A. Vl'o1l1'i1'k. Row 3: R.. iS1Ill'lSf'Pl', .I. lV2'l21lK'I', J. Sizlrfo, lC. SlVlllllll, R. 'l'l11'0lfz1ll, F. Weckn-rlv, C. lllllfllllilrl, A. Yatsko, M. Y2Ll'l11Zl. l 44 l 7 Room 203 . II1m' I: 1I.1f! In IIIIIIIIIII II. II1m1-r. N I 111l11 I II1IIi1 I" I"i11I1x I XIII lun ks, .1 :1 1.. lll1'I'IIliIll, In. I,1'IIl'lt'Ii II II11I'I', .X C11nt1s1-I1Ii11g1. II1m 2: ID. f'I1IIIi, .I. II:1j11w. II. II:1I11g I' II1111I'1n11I NI IJ11I11 II Iull I 1111 I' li . II1m' .IZ II. II1'11s1111, II fl1':111I. II. I'.:1Xl 111:111. II. f'u111':11I. ,I. I1I71"iI1I11111s. IJ II11g1-1', II. AIIIIIII. 1- II1m' 4: W. I+'isI11-13 A. IIlIlII. IS. .XsI111II II. IYI1it1', IJ. II:111mr'I1 II fI:111-I11111s1'. Room 303 . - 1 II11w I: lI,1Q!'l In l1'1'g1l1lJ IC. N:1I1:1y. IC IIIIII X II11 I1 IJ NIllllIx N gill I 1... w..I , BI111'r: IC. BI1111tg1'11111-1'y. II. XI:11111s, I. Nagy C I'1g.,1 1 . IV' Row 2: IJ. IXIo111'1f. fl. P1 tirik. J. I':1v 11sk:1. .X. NI1111111-y, M. I,lIf'Ilj', .I. WI11-1'1'y Z. Xuss, LI. I':1p:1y. .I. Nilll, .I. Noll I1. SffI1iIIi11g. I-Iuw 551 .I. II1'1'41L, .-X. P1'1'1'i11. II. BIz1'ux'r'II 'I'. I'111'k111s. .I. S1'I'11'1':1, II. Millvr. IJ Blllx, II. 5lIlIIIl, II. AIIIIIIQIQIII, II. Null Room sou . . . . , j . II1111' l: rlnjl In l11g1l1f1 II. XXI1z1lI111u'. II IJ111'I1:1111. IC. Nmrg. ID. NMI. IC. I I11'111:1k .I. S111i1I'1, II. SIl'IIIlI'I', .I. SI1:11'p. M. NI NX1'IsI1. II. 5Ii:ll'llIJ2l. II1vw 2: W. W:1s11wsky, U. NMIQU11, BI ,I.NN1II1-, .X. l11k:11's, II Qtrult. A. IIIII' II. X:11'111:1. X. P:1st111'11'1k Cl. Si1111111 Ii. WiIs1111. II.1mwJi1 II. Sl'Ill1l'I'. I". 'I'111'1v1-xy. Ii. S111'1Iy .I. ST111':1k. NI. S11II1v:111. W. S1-iss, N NYI1it1111igI1l, II. S1-I111r-I1111:111. 'I'. II11I1s1I11 NI. IIIOIIIIIII. Room 307 . . . II11w l: 11.111 In lffqlf I I I111Is1'I1, ID NI:1I11111r-y, IIC. I1I1I1v11. I.. II:1s:1k, .X .I:11'11I111s, II. II1':1s1'yz11:1, M. I11n1g3111111'1' Nl.II11-k11y,NI.II11t1111.111,X. II:111k1m'itx IIHW .21 II. IIv11s1111, I". I'11p11v11'I1, II. .I I.I11.x'1I, IJ. I.1-skn, KI. I1.1Im, I.. IIIIIIIIIII . . , rvys. I7. IxI1'111. 41. C'1'-1V NI. II:1II:1111 II11w3i: .I. ,I11111-S. .I. NI1 .XI1.1.. .I. II1.1. II II:11'I111:111. II. Iiulms. If. .I:11-11I1s. .X 1I1'11I:1, S, SI:1mxI1'. 1451 The Seniors have znliniraxhly justified their existence as leaders of Munhnll lligh throughout the year, and leave their school to conquer new Worlds. The Juniors with some trepidzttion, step into the places vaezttecl hy their upper clztssinen, fearful of the increasefl responsibilities their new position creates, but determined to do their best. The Sophomores 'twise foolsw though they ure, are zlssuniing upper class clignity :unl should clo credit to their new status us Juniors of hlunhnll. The Freshmen no longer green, now nceliniatod to high school life, will he the "guy, young Sophornoresl' of another year, appezniiig wtrefree, but taking their place as at Very important unit ol' Munhall lligh. l46l Freshman Class . . . We have just completed our Freshman year and find that high school is Uno hed of rosesfl It has been a harder pull than we anticipated, hut we have tried, and are pleased to admit that we have upheld the high standards which the elasses before us have set. By continuing to take pride in our school and work, we will try to make the class of '41 the most outstanding class that has ever been in Munhall High. Then, when that day of graduation comes, We will have the satisfaction of knowing that we just didn't drift through the four years but worked and made a class of which wc, and Munhall High, may he proud. I Freshman Class Officers President . PHYLLIS l'lOVVELL Vzfcfc-Pz'c.side1zf . . XVILMA Your Scr'rctm'y-Trcrmwcr . . Hl'ILP1N BUTALA Fcufulty Sponsor . MR. MC1flARTll1' I Room 305 Row lg Left to lffghlli M. Mehlfcrlucr, H. Nagy, J. Mitchell,l'l.Mol11a1',C. McGill. M. Shissler, L. J. Miller, M. IilllllS, C. Mitz, R. Best, G. Sivits. Row 2: li. Shcck, G. McShanc, J. Novot- ony, R. Mansell, A. Matis, H. Marshall, R. Lloyd, C. Lyden, F. Gustafson. Row 3: IC. Lucas, R. Dunsavage, R. Mc- C'aff1-rly, VV. Lloyd, S. Marshall, K. Manns. 'l'. Mansell. l47l Room3... Row 1: fluff in lfiyfhlii D. C'z:1jkuski. D Iizilsiiigf-ig P. Biigvl. J. Allison, .I. Bish op, 'l'. Iimlnvr, I. Iliiclzis, A. Dzilion. Y Czirrivk, Y. Varr, A. I"01'ko, Ii. Dvlmizik Row 2: li. Ilnrst, Ii. Dmiglzis, 'I'. Czyz, M Dur'ui'. II. Iillilllil. S. B2lIU.ff1I', Ii. Cal- houn. A. Booth. I". f1I111I'A'. I.. IIOXYK-'1'S P. Bziiint, A. Bntko, 'I'. Igi1'US1'2lk. Row Zi: N. Anlol, I". I"vcIaI'k:i., R.. Elwr- wivn, .I. Iiiitzilzi, Cl. ICrIOIm:1, II. Avkw- main, IC. llnffcik, Ii. Anriwall, J. C'onns-I- ly, P. Iiost, XY. Iillis, XY. Biggs. Room 60 . . . Huw 1: ILM! I0 li'1'glfli: Ii. Iizisnik, A Lalis, I". I'IIasnir-4-k, L. Ilomlvii, A Gicovski, W. IiIlI'l'Il, E, Iirilvin, E Geary, M. Iiohnl, M. Iincko, I'. IIow0II Row 2: I". Ffn'gac'Ii. IU. Iioiitm, .I. Ilrwko C. Gmsik, A. Iinzniiv, T. Iiussviy M III'llSk1l, M. Grvzb. J. IIow:1T, L. Ifmnk- wich, II. Kohn, IVII, Julia. Row 3: S.:I21I'0IJS, IC. IIc'in'iIQsoi1. IJ. How- vll, A. Ixxinv. F. Clrvtz, W. Lziyrnzin, J Iianv. J. IIuza, J. Iiusrm, L. Iim-vy, G i'I11fC7I1iIlS0ll, J. II2ll'Vl'A'. Room 63 . .. Iinw I: Qing!! to lfzgflli IC. Onclo, Cl. Mill- irvn, M. Mr'Donnc-II, D. Lupin-Iiovsky D. Pollyfkzi, M. Morgxzin, I. Liivzis. D NiIOS. A. IVIIOOIG, IJ. Lcisko. Row 2: .I. O'NviII, Y. Iiyvoo, I.. Mvtvalfi- M. Novak, V. WIA-:ii'y, V. Link, J Nlagiiirf-, I. Orosz, I.. IXIorgu.n, A. Mars- nlvk, A. Imskziliiv. J. Ahinfrml, Ii0XY31fi. IXIm'gan. G. Nzihay, .I. Mir-havls J. Mi':1xr'k, T. Xoroski, J. I':lsIor, J Mzisvnko, A. Popuvivk, J. IXI:1.gic-Vai, VV O'MiiIIvy, S. Lukziszaik, L. Olvlvzigy. R POST. S. Omss. Room B3 . . . Row 1: CI.1Qft to Iffglilil F. Wililing, .I Wassvll, J. Sa1IxoI. A. Svdlzik, Al. ROIMII Ii. Slnniff. J. Stair-ik, J. AYIIQJQIIOII Row 2: A. Shipv, L. Zzipf, Cf. Wzisowsky H. Tonizisvin, A. Z1'llf'I'lll, M. Yzinko, M Tinal, J. Hlnvlsivr, S, Zanos, L. Sfrangg E. Slaivzi. IV. Yogi. Row 3: M. Svhoup. M. Rcvvvs, AI. Rari- zmf-0, M. Siikaly, A. M. IYv:ivvi', M. L Sullivan, I. Quinn, A. Semis, A. Svlmff D. IIi'Ii:1.n, AI. Ii. Wziltvrs. IS. Iiiisiizik IJ. 'I'I1mnpson. Row -I: Ii. AAV2lIkfAI'. J. Vzisku, S. VIIIIUIIEZIS f. .v., . 4 4- J. 5.15 nu, C.. Elma, A. RoImIl, I. YIM son, IA". Watts, M. Iimlzufv, I". Voyf-ko AI. Thvis, IS. Williams. I 48 I Room 20l . . . Row 1: Cliff! to lfiglftb J. Tziylor, J. Sivils, H. Worton, H. Massio, A. Moyttzx, D. YVallucc-, R. VVz1lsh, IC. Sorg, D, Sposvt. Row 2: H. Ye-nchck, W. Tilnrns, S. Zogrziu, D. Younkins, L. Zogran, F. Urhzxn, D. VVilson, B. Slnidansky, R. Burkhart., D. AYZ1ii2llfl', B. Stuffio. Row 3: R. Strang, J. Sylvostro, F. Gidus, A. Soltoz, G. VVright. Room 206 . . . Row I: Chef! to Rightj A. M. Bicklvr, R. Andrews, S. Dvvvy, A. liarrvtt, I. Elvk, BI. Balvhiivld, R. Burkv, E. Hounvr, NI. Dragulzl, G. Douzxhuv, i5.,I'il'il'SOH. Row 2: D. GOII1PiIlh1Ll't, J. Ashoff, R. Flcming, R. Konuemly, H. Ainis, W. BOSIIl3,1'k, li. Carr, C. Fit-zgilmhons, L. Badnlatto, C. Gvhring. Row 3: NY. Agardy, C. Fvttvrs, D. Adn- rnitz, H. livnnvdy, R. Brothvrton, F. Drozd, J. liorrctt. Room 302 . . . Row 1: flmft to Rfghlb E. Smyth, E. Svhutt- vrt, D. Sharp, M. Schirrzl, R. O'Toolv, H. Paisa, A. M. Rinyik, H. Pfvitlfvr, D. Pastor, S. Sums. Row 2: N. Smith, S. Jordan, M. Schick, A. Rusnuk, T. Corso, S. Ripper, S. Stanlvy, A. Pavusvka, A. Puttvrson, F. Gustafson, Row 3: C. Shafer, G. Pitassi, R. Sharp, C. Poolv, H. Parkinson, J. O'Brien, S. Johnson. Room 306 . . . Row 1: CL1fft to lrfightb J. Hofmeister, M. Graham, L. Kirk, M. Horvath, M. Guy- dash, M. Halyko, I. Ilacldad, A. Gyuri- sin, E. Grindlc. Row 2: A Harr, F. Gottschling, M. Hukoy, F. Holian, G. Gent, A. M. Gustafson, R. Holian. Row 3: XV. Hvss, G. Guost, K. Hartivy, J. Hofmr-ister, R. Guest, T. Jarfohs, R. Kohan. i491 V I I I 1 I N I I I I A BALANCED LIFE MUST CONSIST OF I PLIQASURLS AS NVELL AS WORK. 'PHE MUN- I HALL FAMILY PARTICIPATES IN A NUMBER OF ACTIVITIES VVHICH DEVELOP OUR SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS, OUR SPIRIT OF COOPERATION AND AFFORD US VVHOLESOME RECREATION FOR OUR LEISURE HOURS. ZMTWUTHES r 4 The Munhislco Stall E511-flll' . . ,l.ws1'.vl11r1f Eflftm' 1gllNl4Ill'NN ,llflzzflgw . LZifCl'fll'jf Iffllilllil' . . .lffiisl . , . Sports lfflztm' . S0l'1'lll l2'rlf1'or . . IJ,l0l0gI'Il1IllI.f' lL'rl1'Im' . NC'f'l'f'llll'vlf of Nlllllfli . llvorl Tfjpfsf ,...., . . -IOSICPH .l. Wfxsiio . Pia.-xiii,IIANn1.14:sx1AN . XYILLIAM Siniuiitgs l,0RO'I'llY llli0KOI'0Vl'I'SH . lll"I'II I,iaFimV1c's . llARRYllI'I't'IIIIi IIIQLIQN Mrgnnl-:Y 'l'noMAs l.ic1,,txND . Ii,n'Sii4:ni,.xnz . . NI.xn'ri1.-x fll'R'I'I5 Tho ainnuul Stull' for tho 1938 llffunhislio consists of pupils who lizivv hu n choson for thvii' spt-c-i:1l zilailitios. Tho vntirv class has coopvmtvcl in tho prom tion of this zlnnuzll. lgtlCi1L1SC' ot' this fact tho stuff wishvs to vxnrcss its grraititutlc It is our wish that you oxpcwic-iirro many onjoyzilmlv hours in scainningx tho pug ot' our hook. ISVSINICSS STAIVI9 livyinml Stono, Nvlliv l,:u'c-y, llviltlai flll21II1lJ0l'l1llIl, Vlvilliznn AC'liflI'IIl2LIl, B1 Matson, lillcin Boothcn SALES l'llIl10l' flvnt. Ruth King, lflsthvl' Wzilkvr, livtty Yolvsko, Furl l'llHf'l111 , llzlzvl l'l1'txIll'l1. Bvtty Skcwlmzi, .lost-ph Flynn. Rivlnilxl Quigrlc-y, llorothy Wugnti .lunv Gwynn, Kay Svifllmy, Vlivstvi' Blitz, lillon liooth. I,l'l'lCRA li Y STAFF llorotliy Got-mlvll, Aiulrvy Smith. liotty Yolvslio, Blill'gLilI'QT Ilvss. Filtmn fl0llllJS, llorothy clt'l'I'2l. Annan Maw Nic-holson. TYPING t'UMMI'l"l' Bvtty Wall, Lucy l'll'0ll2l, .Xnnv litycv. l53l ifif , , "New Fires" "New Fires" was given two nights, April 8th and April Qth. This is contrary to the usual method followed at MUNIIALL. Two distinct casts were used, work- ing in competition to each other. This plan, as well as being novel, has many good points. Both casts did themselves proud. l "The White Cast" Jim. .Urzrslzull ..... Donorni' GoEnIaI,L , Szlsamic ,,,.,, . ,ANNA MAE W ALIIACIC Dr. Gray ..,,..... Cimiuins COSGROVIC Ubirff .......,........ LDARYII RIQAGAN Anm' ............ , . . .AUDIIIQY SMITH S1fflSprrry ............ JULIUS liONDIS Marg! Merslmll .,...,... CLICTA RIQESI4l Jerry ,,.,..,. . .,,, .loslcrn WIQCKERLIQ Em' ........... ........ R U'1'H IQING 1J1'f-If ..,...,....,,..., Josnvn FLYNN Slvplmn Sunlry .....,. HARRY IUTCHIIG I'l1yll2fs ...... Donorni' PRokoi'ovITsH Irifllff .,... .....,... C 7HIcs'r1-:iz lXIITZ Angjiz' .,... . , ,.,, ISIQTTY BIILLER Lucfffflfz .... .... I 5E'r'1'i' SKERBA Stage Guild M vm bers-Sic NIORS Spolzsm'-lNI ISS RUSH Chrirles Gemeinhart, Charles Cosgrove, l'Idward lXIlll0I'1l1, Williani Skyrmes, John Kargol, Charles Lukzizzik, Jack Cotter, James Morgan. JUNIo1is Edward Lueko, George McMillen, John llnlyko, Bernard Coley, Emory Mol- nar, Vilesley VVakefield. --,f -l..l - ' Stage The stage guild is chosen and conducted by Miss Rush. By filing application in their junior year, the boys are trained all year to be able to fill iII the vacancies left by the seniors the following year. Being a member of the guild is no easy task. Informed in craft, electricity, woodwork, painting, etc., the members are relied on by the school to take care of "back stage worries." The important events of the school year as the Junior and Senior Play and Operatic Assemblies are partly successful because of the cooperation and work the guild contributes. Thus the stage guild has earned the honor of being "In- dispensable to the School." l54l Lucinda Susanne .... Dr. Gray .4.. Olive. . , J crry ,.,.... AJLHU .,..... ilfary Miirsliall ....... DIJIIOTIIY XV,xoNi:1c Billy ...,... Phyllis . Dick, , . Eye ..,. Siephcn Sa iuzlry ..... W1l.l.1,xM A eK1-:im AN Sid Sperry ,.........,,... h.v1'r1.xx Aixrs Angie. . .... .....,,. 1 iU'rH SHARP Mrs. Marshall .,.. . . .liU'I'll Mmaoxilzx' Dramatic Club-Woodlawn FfRS'l' Row: Chef! In Righlb Rinylk, Grindle, 'Erieson. Rush, Longmore, Him-key, Hoff- Jnau, Miller, Shissler, Pfeiffer, Sharpe, lilein, Host, Walker, Abdou. Sizeoxn Row: Willis, Sams, Clemeinhart, Lesko, Nuss, Marino, Gustafson, Sivits, McGill, Neff, Slurek, Murphy, Lloyd, Sorg, Carr. THIRD Row: Wallace, Jones, Guest, Lloyd, Barehfeld, Gray, Burke, Perrin, Prosser, Sehurr, Moore, Sehirra, Fitzgilmboxis, Mansell, McCaH'erty. Tor Row: Conrad, Maxwell, Clrula, Ilarr- Inan, Milz, Miller, Mr. G. Edward Busch Csponsorl. "New Fires" Under the efficient guidance of Miss Rush, the characters were taught their parts. Within six weeks of hard practice, at eight o'elock in the morning, the play progressed rapidly. The successful performances were due to the work of the casts as Well as the generous aid offered by students of the class. The Woodlawn Dramatic Club The Woodlawn Dramatic Club is an organization with no formal ofhcers, nor stated formal meetings. When meetings are necessary, they are called by the sponsor, and a student chairman is appointed to handle the business. Any stu- dent acting or assisting in any production, automatically becomes a club member. This season the club has produced the following full evening performances: . . .EI,rzAB1c'rH LICVVIS . . . ,. ,.H1a1,1f:N lVlEDIil'1Y . . .C'1iARLi4:s Cosouoyiz . . . . . .HAZIQL F111-:NCH ...., ......,.JAcK C0'l"l'ER . . . . . . . . , , , .Do1aoTHY Loma . . . . , . , . . . .VVILLIAM Soni-'FLE . . . . . .ANNA M.-xii X101-iol,soN . , . . , ,Josizvu Wasxo . . . . . . . ,I1m1w1A1c ISYTHIQWAY Hi7f!f'llI'ilfZ.0l2 Week Pl'0g1'U7ll,'ll "Noz'liing Bur' the Truihgl' Hflze Sibullf' f'Rome0 and Juliet." It has been connected, either directly or indirectly, with the majority of assembly programs. Besides these school programs, it has played before 700 men in a Christmas program presented in the Steel Works proper, and as far as we know, it was the first time in the history of the United States Steel Corporation that such a group has been invited to produce any such program. It also pre- sented 'fll'aiite1l, ri Wife" and some one-act plays to assist worthy organizations of Munhall. li-il Munhall l-ligh School Bancl National Honor Society FRONT Row: Clmf! to Irlightl M. Hess, K. Lang, I. M. liytheway, R. King, ll. Long, R. Sharp, O. lViIf. larz, hi. Surincik, R. Lefkovies, D. Prokopovitsll .X Danis, Mr. Wvalberl. Tniim Row: J. Wasko, C. Cos. grove, YY. Ackerinan, ll. Ritchie. Munhall l-ligh School Band The Munhall lligh School Band may be defined as an enthusiastic group of Music Makers. And as to the results of the enthusiasin shown by these pupils, it will hardly be necessary to mention that Mr. Todd, the director has built up a worth-while band. During the football season the band has entertained and given support to the school by its poppy, snappy inusic. At inany other activities, the band has con- tributed its talent, and this group of players has truly been rewarded for its eiforts by the approval of its progress and its initiative. National l-lonor Society The Albright Chapter of the National Honor Society closes once more after a year of successful existence in which it endeavored to uphold the cardinal objectives: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. These are the qualities by which the eligibility of pupils for the National Honor Society was deterniined by M1'. llvalbert, the sponsor, and the 1'0l11ZllIllIlgIH0ll1lJO1'S of lVIunhall's faculty. The official leaders of the chapter are: lJ?'G8tfl6IIf ........ Donornr PnoKoPovrrsH V1cc-P1'cs17dent .......... Josnru WAsKo Scrrctrz1'y-Tzwfzsurcz' ........ IDA MM: BY'rHEwAY The inernbers had aided in attaining a successful year which now is completed. l 56 l Sucoivo Row: A. Smith, K. Sicd- Student Council The Student Vouncil is nn iinporlnnt orgzinizzmtion in gi school It is nude up of niomlnors who are vlvcftecl lwy thc- sludont body. Oni xx ho lmclongs To ns orgzmizaition is looked upon :Ls :L Worthy pc-rson. The purposvs of this organization nrv: CID To give the comet ti mining, citizenship and S0lf-I1llLl1iLgCIl10Ht. C23 To stimulate tlu Spllli of cooperation among the students. Q35 To further the gviiornl we-ll'zu'e of thu sc liool The officers of this OI',QQ2l11lZ2LiflOI1 ziro ns follows: Prosidm nl Illllmc 11 C OSQJOXI xiii?-Pl"K'Slll0Ill, Fred livnnsg :ind Svmw-lzu'y, hlzxlwl lVl0oin Munhall Student Council FRoN'r Row: Chqft to li'1'gliIlI'l. lioy tim, M. Hiilmin, U. liolson, K' Cosgrove, E. Lucko, ll. Cosgrovo F. l'lv:1ns,'l'.Slzxtm', li. Colvy. Siscoxn Row: Mr. Wim-land, li Brinker. Wilding, li. King, Ii Lung, I. M. liythvwaiy, D. Pro kopovilsh, D. Johnson, M. Kow- Q11, Mr. Iiyiin, rPHIRD Row: Ii. Clhontos, W. Beatty, BI. Moore, P. Zenvlni, ll. Mod- loy, H. M. Malone, M. L. Soid larz, li. Morgan. M. Lavko, P HKiIllll'lSIH2LIl. Woodlawn Student Council FRONT Row: Chfjft io Rfglitl B. lllrir- son, S. Slunrp, M. Prossc-r, J Baplic-, V. Rush, E. Sorg. SECOND Row: Miss Brown, L. Zog run VV. Don 1-lwrtv L. Swicklvv 1 I-. . f . y G. McSh:1nr-. R. Wallace, G Gray, Miss NVQ-lsh. THIRD Row: W. Anderson, E. Mil ler, W. Sciss, 'l'. Perkins. l57l The Girl Reserves The Girl Reserves are the younger members of the Young Womenls Christian Association, a world-wide Christian organization with centers in 52 eountries. The ultimate aim of the Y. VV. C. A. and consequently of the Girl Reserves, is the interpretation of Christianity in terms suitable to present-day life. Club life ggivcs the Girl Reserves an opportunity to strengthen their own thinking, to become understanding of the opinions of others, to grow in personality. They are taught to adapt themselves to society and the social side of life. In the Munhall division there are 75 members under the capable supervision of Miss Daly. Officers for the junior and senior division are President, Ruth King, Vice-President, Mable Moore. For the freshman and sophomore division they are President, Betty Ilopperg Vice-President, Marion Davis. Throughout the year they have carried out several worthwhile projects among them the Girl Reserves and Hi-Y annual Christmas dance, and the sale of sandwiches and milk to the debating teams during the debating tournament. Growing: up in the world of today is an important task for any teen-age girl. It was never simple but these days it is especially complex. For our Girl Reserves it becomes more friendly and less confusing thanks to the friendly supervision of lVIiss Daly. We sincerely hope tor a bigger Girl Reserves eaeh year to come. Conway, Drake. Reieh, Ladie. Davis, Lyeoe. nak, Lucas. i l Kazimer, Sl rang. l i l58l Senior Girl Reserves FRONT Row: CLefL1o Rzqhtj Hunkm Pillar, Urquhart, Boot Routll SECOND Row: Kine' lhldllllli x KN 1 PM 1 laee, VVibner, Iland 1 sm in 1 m ulka, Anderson, Cui ls roi illllllilb Row: Wilkinson K idmin Bytheway, OlToole, liolibiuii Adamitz, Wallace N11 1 Schmidt, Sharp, Nlatthuxs W Lll FOURTII Row: Tarisovic 1'11I'1g.,lli Braddock, Ord, Moon NIrDoxx ell, llarding, Hainpson Phillips Junior Girl Reserves FRONT Row: CLcfZ lo Riqhlj Lahsh Quinn, 0'Toole, Carrick Hoppmi Kuzma, Lucas, Ducai, IXl1SIIll, Sncoun Row: Suba, Ilrusk 1 L iban VValter, Balsinger, Doug.,l1s But ala, Sharp, Spahn, Smut Ru rllHIRD Row: Pokryfka loved LN Kundravy, Ondo, llartl Lnd Burns, Sai ala, Cloon in Luc 5 Tnilcn Row: G. Mzixwvll A. Grula, Eleventh Avenue Building I-li-Y l'lliUN'l' Row: QLfjf'1IoI?1Agl1Ifl Kinavy Qniglvy, XVi1hehn Colm-y, Alcfxamdox' ltlvains, Stone, Jzu-olmson, Ilzirt. v SECOND Row: Mascnko, Morrison, Ja- ' volwson, Cotter, lic-rgvr, Blitz, H Fosgrove, Dzannko, ,M-kcwinan, Giivst. Tninn RoW:M1'. Briggs, liolson, Flynn, Blorgzni. Skyrinc-s, llollis, lil'0ll'lt'l'- ton, Panilton, Eclniv, Moltvrvln. l"oiin'i'n ROW: Konclis, Jonvs, Gustaf- son, l'lltI'0lN'Z, lx'llll0l'lIl, Nagy, Mal- oni-, C'. Cosgrovv, Svufllv. Lzufko. Woodlawn Junior l-li-Y l"noN'i' How: CL1ffl in Iffglltl ll. Svhurr, C. Poole, ll. Ainis, G. IXl1'Sl1:1nc', R. Wnllaivo, D. Moorv, W. l'l:l5lIll211l, K. Wvilson, Cl. Gray. Siavoxn Row: T. Perkins, R. llzirtlnzxn, . , . D. Blitz. T. Robson, NX. N-Iss, J. SI5llll'l'll, J. Ron. Mr. 'l'1'i1nhl0, R. Clonrnslf ltl. Miller. Munhall and Woodlawn I-Ii-Y Thi' BIVNIIALL High Sr-hool Ili-Y was first 0I'QillllZGll in thv full of 1932 with :1 111ClHlJ0l'Sl1ilJ of six boys. Sinvv thvn I1101'0 :intl more boys have lJ0l'0111P ilitvwsti-il in this :ic-tivity until tho chili now hoasts 50 :lic-i11hc1's. Thv purpose- is the sznno throughout ovary high school in the Unitocl Staitog- nzunoly tio wozmto, Inziintziin, and vxtvncl l'll1'Ol1Qjl1 thc' Cfllllllllllllty high Slf2lIlll2lI'IlS of christian Cll1ll'21Ct0I'. For tho lust two years, it has been tho Onstoni of the Ili-Y lmoys to Conrhivt holy wvvli services at lizistol' time in the BIVNIXALL High School i1llQlll01'lllIll. lvnclei' tho :ihlv sponsorship of lX"I1'. Boggs, tho boys holcl wvvkly nivvtings with their progrzuns consisting of discussions :intl 0llltSlllO Spvaliws such as niinistvrs and profc-ssioncil men. Yr-airly, the boys trzivvl to Allegheny Olmsmvaitory. Othuvrs of tho club this yvxn' wore: Prvsimlvntt, C'h:n'les C'osgi'ovvg Vice-Pwsiclvilt Wvilliuni l'l4lniv3 Sc-C1'cet:1i'y, llc-1'l1v1't Cosgrove- :incl 'l'1'e:1Sl1i'01', Imstvi' livfins. l59l Library Club Flcoiwr Row: Chit to Rightj Surineik, Youngrinan, Tarasovic, Morgan, Link Donnelly, Jacobson, Dadey, Bost, Boot, Siacoxn Row: Guest, Watson, Kupee, Maroney, Miss Howat, Ixendcrs, Eeeii, Rasehak, YV1I1l8l'SfG9I1, Sukaly. 'l'H11uJ Row: Bausch, Pugh, Zenchu, Vines, M. Rhoden, Matson, Craw- ford, Reese, Uhler. F1toN'r Row: QLQft to Riglztj Morgan, Kohut, Metcalf, Emery, Mitz, Love- day, Kuzrnic, Milliren. S1cCoND Row: L. Lacey, Seech, Pitch- ford, McGuire, Rage, Miss Howat, Russell, Howell, O'Leary, Howden. 'l'uiun Row: Lacko, Ilowat, J. Kane, Bausch, Hollis, Niles, Karch, VVeck- erlo. A prominent educator has called the library the "heart of the school." Our high school library was organized in 1925. lt is now located in the main 'high school building and occupies two rooms which have been combined into one. Over fifty students may have study and reference facilities at one time. The library has grown from a small collection of books to approximately 16,500 volumes. This includes encyclopedias, supplementary reference material, and home reading books. From this number, the schools in the district, with the exception of lYoodlaWn, are supplied. XVith the exception of the librarian, none of the work is done by trained people. Student help is used entirely. These people check books in and out, and do much of the mechanical Work of the library. The Library Club is composed of students interested in becoming better acquainted with the library. Discussions are held in meetings, and questions which arise are clarified. President . . . HELEN TQUPEC Vifse-P1'esz'flent . . RITA LACEY Secretary . J EAN MARONEY l60l I-Iall Cops The hall cops ziro scloctod froin tfho high ranliingg girls and boys of our school. They are self-c-tod lmoczuiso of their scholastic ability and good Qlnn'zu'te1'. To hooorno a Hoop," one must have zz scholastic stzinclingg ol' 2.5. Tho Student council is rosponsihlc for choosing tho group of boys :ind girls who sorvo :is hull oops. Always courteous and helpful, tho "cops" ziidod many il now lHOIDlJOI' of tho student body find his way around to tho scl1ool's nniny rooms FRONT Row: Clmft to Rfglztj Siodlnrz, King, Skvrlm, H2lllillPSIIl21H, Reagan, Curtis, Prokopovitr-h, Sora. SlcCoNn Row: Mr. Hyatt, liondis, "MW Smith, Lang, Bythowzxy, Mocllvy, Johnson, Gooddol, Fisvlunzin, Mitz. THIRD Row: Quiglvy, Af'lil'I'IH2Ll1, Was- ko, Clark, Cosgrovv, Sturm-kai, Bro- thcrton, Cukzls, Nu-holson, Nzmdzaun. FnoN'r Row: Clnft Io Ilillflllll liaptio, Dolmriok, Lloyd, .l1l1fSK'll, lltlfiflllilll, Sorg, Rush. SECOND Row: Sc-hurr, iLongmorv, Hivkvy, XY0lSc'l1, Drztko, Gottsc-hling, Iddon, Schilling. 'THIRD Row: Conrad, H2tl'lI11llIl, Por- kins, Mitra, Svhirru, Soiss, Whitc, Millvr, Gray. l61l l l . Debating Team The Munhall liebaters took second place in their section. Duc to the splendid ' coaching of Mr. Elkins, the squads were able to travel wiclely and offer inuch opposition to their opponents. They attended about eight tournaments usually taking second or thirml place. Duc to graduation, Bill Ackerman, Bill Scuflle, Reynarcl Stone, ancl Dorothy Grob will be lost, but the coach has plenty sopho- mores and juniors in reserve. The Camera Club 1 The Camera Club was created for the interest of students oi' aniateur photo- E graphy. At the elub's meetings the correct inethorls of taking pictures so as to T give it personality and depth were discussed. Various types of cameras were shown and the particular uses of the essential parts clernonstrateml. The rneinbers took many pictures of interest about the school, some of which appear in this annual. These pictures were cleveloperl in the club's dark rooin, and on sonic I , occasions, enlargements were inatle. The rnost interesting meetings were spent i on the art of canclid camera photography, the newest and niost popular pastime. l Under the faithful tutelage of Mr. Boggs, the club was able to advance greatly. l Debating Team tl"aoN'1' Row: Left In Rfyllll Neun- l dorf, Kukuszka, liupee, Aekernian, Stone, Sucliinaek, Obinger, Lebeflcla, Grolv. l S1aooNoRow: Mr. Elkins, Donahue, 1 Guest, liauseh, Seuffle, Leland, Rubin. Ofltieers of Debating Team are: Presi- flenl, Bill Ackermaiig Vice Presitlent, 5 Reynard Stone, Seeret ary-Treaslirer, Helen liupec. l Camera Club FRONT Row: tL1Qfl to Ihfghlj lXIcMahon, Stone, Gustafson, Billy,1Gden,Bost, Bflcaiillan, O'Leary. SECOND Row: Mr. Beggs, liargol, Quigley, Koval, Kontlis, Mitz, Seuihe, Knapp, Meliiniiey. l62l l. Etiquette Club .l'lli0N'l' Row: CLqfl In l?I'Q.lifVl .I:10ol1s, lillklllllwtl, Stztsrwm. lg21lIHf'll, llollis, Watsmi, W111'g:111i4-li, Stutllv. SECOND Row: Sttmv Sl2LI'll'ktL Wzilkm' I 7 Q Y 7 L1-wls, ll2lI'lJ2lI'l, 11111-st, IAIIIQQ, 15. ljlliott, lt. Lzwvy, ll. liulmii, Ilow- croft, lic-uclvrs. 'l'liI11D liuw: Stviiiviy 'llOIIlilSl'0, Dun- szivugv, King, S1'l1111i1lt,YlNIillc'i', Clrolm, Slllylll, Glivk, Yiiivs, SlllllV2lll, Mr, Mc'L1':111. l"oU11'1'ii Row: Ls-sko, Stcirutr, Wall, I7. Rlioclmi, S1'hllxl'l'l', M. Rlmclvii, Mm'- VQ1, lilllgflllilll. linm-liatch, M1'C'11g:1. l"1u1NT Row: Cl.1gl'l In High!! liovul, llollis, Lmig, Guvst, lillllll0Zll2i, liilly, liiipvv, lllll'lllg1Ql'I', Lzwvy, ltncliv, Uril. SECOND Row: Kiiliiilimcn, Iiyc-uv, Bolt'- lrriivli, lXltlI'Ol1l'y, BllfDKlXN'l'll, Mau'- Kciiziv, Nlalttlu-ws, Enriglit, li0lllffI', llziiiipstm, Mr. iXll'l1f'21l1. 'llHIRD Row: Jaicnlvs, Bausch, Watson, Bust, llilfdlllg, l5:1,llint, F. Paytok, Popuxitc-li. .l1ll1:1, M. Paytox. Etiquette Club The z1i111 of our newly o1'gz111izurl Ettiqiivtttc Cflulw is to lu lp tht student 1 t 1l1 lisli goml 1112illllK'l'S in sm-iul life :mtl at zlll times. l'I1Cl0I' tlic li1Cl1llX Npoiiwi 1 1Icl.0:111, tho vlulm 1110lIllN'I'S holtl tl10i1' weekly iiivvtiligs to 1 OXCI me 1 11 lOl 1 etiquette in the liomo, business, :md i11 social 1'0liLitl0Y1SlHlJS Seve-1'z1l p:11'tic1S illlil spcciul IJI'0g1'21I1lS were lic-ltl, elim IXIIIQ, uit 1 1 N 1l1 ll lI1L Day clzmco. This popiilui' and 1-mluca1tio11:1l club elm-ctecl is its ofliui IJl'l'NI-11,0211 . Vz'c'c-I'1'csz'fI011t Secretary . l63l Mathematics Club The Math C'lub of Munhall High School was established in order to create a greater interest in mathematics and to develop a better insight on mathematics throughout the student body of this high school. The officers selected were:'dcnl . . Vzffcc-Prcszfflcnt Secretary . , Treasurer . . Program Committee Social C0'I7I,'ITLtff6!3 . Mathematics Club FRoNT Row: Clnft to Rfglzij Walker Miller, Radaci, Toinascin, lfrbin Strang, Rusnak, Balsinger. SECOND Row: Miss Forrest, Gribble Donahue, Downey, Coley, Bald Bunch. THIRD Row: Carrick Eakman Grvzb f ww I l '- lxarch, O loole, Lycoe, Quinn Pokrllka. The l-lome Economics Club l"uoNT Row: Chef! tn Rfglzij Nicholson Miller, Zamborsky, liusma, Grosik Hreha, Kusma, Davis, Dunn, Jacko Regan, Quinn, Tinal, Foy, Coyne. SECOND Row: Miss Newell, Dadey Corey YllOIH2lSf'll1 Sukalv Grvzb . 7 7 . 7 - Lveoe SII19.I'l.fJLl'Zil'Y Lucas Mar- . Y ' A V Y salek, lxazuner, Barry, Bostock Miss Cox. 'lllIlIiD Row: Paytok, llzunpson, Hum- mel, Freda, lflden, Sloutt, Blackie Walker, VVorton, Archer, Wallace. . ARTIIUR BALD BERNARD COLEY . ELAINE CARRICK . BETTY EAKMAN . GEORGE DAVID BERNARD COLEY 1 Publicity Committee . . TIIoMAs DONAIIUE The l-lome Economics Club The Home Economics Club is a compara- tively new club to Munhall. Organized ex- actly three years ago the club has made great strides for the short period that it has been established. All girls who are enrolled in either clothing or food classes are eligible for membership. Realizing that more can be ac- complished that will benefit the girls if the groups are smaller, the club has been divided into two parts-the freshman and sophomore and the junior and senior divisions. Both divisions are engaged in the same activities, however, taking lessons in professional model- l 64 ing, learning the types of clothes each should Wear, and the hair styles and cosmetics each individual girl should employ to bring out her best features and mask her defects. Officers for the junior-senior division are: President .... LA VERN DADEY Secretary . . . BETTY MILLI+JR Treasurer .... BERTHA FOY The officers for the freshman-sophomore division are: PI'CSZ'fl6Vlff .... IDOROTHY IDUNN Secretary BETTY SMART Trcasurev' . ANNA LALIS Red Cross F110N'i' Row: Chrjfl In Iffylflj Slavai, Blilllgllll, McDowell, l5l':1cl1lm:k. Kiipvv, l32lllg.fl11I12lIl, Spahu, Stiv111v1', llunkvr. S1-LCUNIJ Row: Gryln, Maguire, Staxln, ZOIl1'lll'l, flllllI'II12l, O"l'0olv, Long, Frlwlai, Miss NV1dclowson. 'l'1111w Row: XYvst, EI'll'lrbl, Nw. Munhislco Ficorwi' Row: Chef! Io Riglili Nalmy, BIIlllfl'PCl, Rulmiu, David, Ublmzigy, Post, Morgzm. SECUNIJ Row: Rowc-ll, Hunkvr, Pillar, Laing, l'lilI'lll'I'l, xY2lQf1ll'l'. Vines, Lziwy, Draikv, Hess, Phillips, Rviuli, Mutihm-ws, Litra. 'l'H11c1J Row: l'll'I'C1'lf'Z, Kliupp, lzllllltlk, I10vml:1y, llill, HllI1l,I4liJj'll, BI0l'g2lll, 'llt'I'2lSOVlf', lircll, VVl1itC1iigl1i, Bapi iv, lizilcl. F01711'1'11 Row: Witt, Slmrp Cllivk, 1.4-- l,avflfl:1, lvl'fllll12iI'T, limit, fiorwlclvl, Jnliiistnn, XV:1ll:1c'v, l'lf'fl1PXVI1j', Mnmw. Siiriiicik, Yolvsf-ku, Pru- kr,qmviIr'h, lisikvr, llv111'if'kso11. Herald Staff 1"11ox'1' Row: Clwfl In Rfgliln ll:11'1', B2Ll'f'llflL3lCl, liiirke, lllJi'fIY1flI1, l'l1I'lI1illi, Rush, Bapliv, llauldacl, l'lic'koy, Cooiiilws, liuwrws, Sll2l1'Pl', lilciu. SECOND Row: lXIo1itgo1ns-1'y, Idlluii, lYl14'l'I'j', Pz1l101'so11, Sl1?ll'IN', Sc'l1i1'1':1, Shisslvr. L1JllglHOl'l', lj1'ic'su11, Nagy, Latzy, Lloyd. 'l'11111i1 Row: liosko, gxllflflll, Wvlsli, Hl1lIlllllI'Qf'S, Sorggg. Lloyll, .X111111c1'- maui, Nuss, Dcllarif-k, Guitschliiig, Lulsch, Nuir. Fo1f11T11 Row: Mr. Sllilllllllll, Grrmt, Gray, Mulligzm, S1'l1ii'1':1, llILl'lII11lIl, Perrin, Mr. Lloyd. Ya . T.4...,........1,q...,..,,,,L -..LAM L.,,..iw,.d, Red Cross Club flllfx of fhv lI10Sl lIlflllSll'l0llS o1'g1gz111iz:1li011s for The ziiml oi' the imc-fly is ll1o lim-ml Cross Club. lfnclor the oflic1e11t SllpUl'VlSl0Il of Miss Wiilmlowsmi the lI1C1I1lN'l'S I65I were able to distribute Christmas and Easter gifts to the children of tl1e neighbor- hood. The regular meetings are held every other Tuesday. Sometimes programs are given to encourage cooperation among the students. Under the leadership of their officers, the lied Cross has successfully flourished.'rIent .......... Donorm' BRADDOCK Vice lJ7'6StffI3'l'Lf . RAYMOND NICE Secretary . HELEN TQUPEC Treasurer LUCY FREDA 0 Munhislco The Munhisko, Munhall's semi-monthly newspaper, is the pride and joy of anyone who ever attended Munhall. Established in 1915, the lVIunhisko has grown from a few copies for the first issue, till now the average number of copies per issue is about 450. The paper has become an industry within an industry. Those participating in it get invaluable journalistic training. The staff is coached in the writing of the paper and the actual printing of it by Misses Ball and Macbeth. A special office has been turned over to the staff where the students write the paper, type it, cut the stencils, and Hnally print it and assemble it. Those interested in drawing for the paper join the art staff and submit cover pages and original cartoons. The finished product is considered one of the best papers in this part of the country. And now that you know all about itfherefs to a bigger and better MLlHl1lSk0 for many years to come. Woodlawn Herald The YVoodlawn Herald, now in its third year of publication, has grown in form and content until it is now a well-organized news magazine. The Herald took second place in the state-wide contest for junior high school news-magazines. Its circulation touches practically every family in the Vivoodlawn School. The Herald is organized in four sections: Articles, which deal with school problems and side-views, Student Activities, or news of the school, Literary, and Special Feature, which concerns biographies, humor, contests, personals, puzzles, and exchanges. The Herald was edited this past year by Yirginia Rush, assisted by lietty Jane Lloyd, Edith Iddon, and Elinor Sorg as special editors. Edith Iddon, was business manager. Mr. Lloyd and Mr. Shannon were sponsors. l66l The Cafendar yr ffzeyear IQ38 at Mania!! Hzlgfz S6600! .... This is the story gf ffzey mfs ac- fz'fvz'fz'es in pz'c'fw'es and words. Munhall's Calendar, I938 ,Way 25, 1937 The Ulass of 1938 took control of things at MUNHALL High School on this date. This came about with the graduation of the Class of 1937. What a gala event their graduation was! A white stair-case against a black velour curtain formed the setting for the commence- ment. On the stair way was enacted the pageant, f'Steps to Il Fuller Life," which emphasized the ideals of health, faith in a Supreme Being, a proper civic attitude, the right use of leisure, and a useful and honorable Vocation. Colorful light- ing and bright costumes enhanced the beauty of the spectacle. Staff officers were selected. September IJUI. Can you imagine! We had the first test of the year. It was in German, and what a test. lt must have been to see what we forgot during summer Vacation. September 15171 Election of the officers for the classes. September ISH1 Foo'1'BALLl First game with Etna, and We tied them ti to G. September 20th Home Room Programs had their beginning. September lst 19.37 The first day of school. C'lean faces, new clothes, and pleased expressions marked this day. There were lost Freshmen, lost Xlioodlawn Juni- ors, and Seniors who knew all about it. September oth Boy! lVe had our first day of vacation. September 7th First home work was given to the classes. Books were distributed. Schedules were adjusted. September Sith The Senior Class had its first, nominations for elections. National Honor Society and Annual l68l 1937 C'oMM1cNc1QA1 ENT National Honor Society met and elected ofiicers. Biology test. September 21st First Assembly, with movies, was a good one. September 222ml Test from otiice. They found out what we knew about "America" September 24th Mr. VVherry talked to us in assembly. September 25th. and 26th VVhat a week end! MUNHALL wins over Rankin ti to 0. lite changed our clocks and took advantage of that one hour. September 27th The first edition of the MUNn1sKo appeared on the marketg so, we are off to bigger and better papers. The German classes started practising songs for Christmas singing. Septezizber 30111 The football squad attended assembly full force. A pep meeting in preparation for the Scott game was held. October lst What a night! Scott ran wild on lateral passes. Oh, welll We decided to let them have it 32-0. October Zml and 3111 Seniors were mugged at Leland's Studio. Mr. Leland didnlt put numbers on them. October 15th Munhall defeated Cllairton in a thrilling game. Score was 7-3. October 1 81511, First major disaster, report cards were given out. On this date, also, the Seniors were called to try out for their annual Senior Play. October 22ml Another victory for MUNHALL by defeating Rankin 6-0. October 29th Seniors get together for their first dance of the year. It ended at Murreyls Farm. .iVOI'f'Il1b6l' Is! MUNHALL took it right on the nose. Swiss- vale d1dn't seem to mind. The score was 25-0. HI'IEADI'ID FOR EDEN!! Oeiober 7th Students met and elected officers. October 8th MUNHALL went down in defeat to a strong Braddock Team, 28-0. First Northwest Assem- blyg these assemblies are a gift to us from the School Board in order that we may have the benefit of a broader education. October 11th Library Club comes through with the first Tea Dance of the season. Oscar Barry's orches- tra, composed of students from School, played well. Nice crowd attended. Uctober 14th National Honor Society took in seven new members from the class of 1938. TVOZFCIIZIJGI' 2nd Had the second Northwestern Assembly. Reno and Morgan didnlt mind losing the shirts off their back as long as it was to a magician. Ne11e111be1' 9th Students took the teachers, places in the classes. VVonder if anybody learned anything? November 10th Parents' niglitflYonder if they learned any- thing? Nozzcmber I Ith Armistice ProgramfWhat an afternoon! Our "Beat Homesteadsn were louder than they were for years. Still they mauled TNIUNHALL. Score 13-0. November 18th, Australian speaker was heard in assembly. This was the third in a series of Northwestern Assemblies. l69l Nozfcmber 79th For the first time in three years, the Senior Class of MUNIIALI. held their play in the Car- negie Lihrary, The Production was entitled Hllcrulczl For Erzfcnf' The plot revolving around a murder mystery was solved hy the east who also provided a humorous and romantic element. Cast consisted of: B. Berger, B. Skerha, A. Smith, H. Ritchie, D. tlerra, D. Quigley, Cf. Mitz, R. Sharp, U. Prokopovitsh, D. Wagner, tl. Lang, J. Flynn, li. King, H. French, T. hiorrison, J. llvcckerle, I. Bytheway. Norcnzbcr 2.4511 Io 2801. Thinksgiving Vacations- llere we retired for a few days so that we could he ahle to stutl' our- selves. But not with knowledge! Many of us on our return looked as if we had hcen through the mill. N otzcmbcr 29511. Return from Thanksgiving Vacation, Oh! November 30th Plans for the Annual were one step nearer completion. M1'. Leland took cluh pictures on this date. December 3rd Bright spot in the middle of winter. lYe liked the acting in the flower shop. December 9th, IUU1, Iizfh The All lVestern Orchestra this winter took place in Carnegie liihrary with TXTUNHALL School acting as host. One hundred and eighty four high school musicians from forty-five Western Pennsylvania High Schools appeared in the con- cert. For two days the Musicians, picked from schools of lVestern Pennsylvania, practiced under the direction of nineteen guest conductors. At each performance, nights of 10th and llth, a l70 ALI. WESTIQ RN Oitcirasrim crowd of 1300 attended and greatly appreciated the fme music. The TXIUNIIALL C'hoir of eighty- five memhers, under hir. Toddls direction, sang, accompanied hy the orchestra. December Ifiih National llonor Society placed the Christmas tree in the hall and decorated it. llccellzber 1.4111 foul litll. Christmas celebrations took place around the Clhristmas Tree. There were German Clhristmas songs sung hy Mr. Vl'alhertls classes, French carols hy Bliss llaleyls French classes, and all the old time C'hristmas carols hy other groups includ- ing grade school children. ln the home rooms and classes there were many entertainments, exchange ot' gifts, and parties. IJIWCIIZZWI' 10111 The Student Body moved to Varnegie Lihrary and held a Clhristmas service. The program was very effective and inductive of Christmas spirit. There were two phases to the entertainment. We had a visit to Toyland with a small girl where she met the Crystal Lady, St. Nicholas, Jack Frost, and many of the toys! The second phase of the entertainment took on a religious nature. A picture of the manger with Joseph and lVlary, and the wise men in attendance took the central portion of the stage. The choir, as angels, appeared over snowhanks at the rear of the stage. accompanied the choir in Mr. Stone at the organ heautiful hymns. The program ended with the entire audience joining in hymns. Iiccenzbcz' 17th This was the last day hefore Christmas vaca- tion. On this evening the Girl Reserves and the Hi-Y hoys held a joint dance. The decora- tions were appropriate for Christmas. All were amused hy participation in the 'tBig Applef' l January 3111 Vacation over! All settled back for the long winter grind. On this date the annual committee selected the cover to be used on the 1938 annual. January 4th I3asketballfMelieespert at MtfN11ALLf First league game. January 5th Tongues wagged and ears stretched. News broke that Miss Upton was now Mrs. .l. Vlyde Miller. January I IH1 We lost one of our students. Betty Shade moved to Philadelphia. February 3rd and 4th Both senior girls and boys aeted as hall cops to finish up their week with a bang! February 7111, Juniors took over hall dutv. February I ith Etiquette Club held an open dance in the old gym. February 1.4112 Home rooms had Valentine Day programs. There were lots of heart exehanges among the pupils. February 78th. Track Team finally got their long yearned for sweaters. February 24111 Graduation invitations ordered. February 25th Juniors gave as their Junior Play 'tTl1al Girl Patsyfl There was a eapacity crowd and the play was enjoyed by all. ,March Ist Last tea dance before Lent was held. lllareh Ilth, Seniors visited the XVestinghouse plant. As souvenirs, they got notebooks describing the plant and some of its functions. illarch 30511. V Annual sample eovers arrived. Approved by the staff and semors. A prfl lst MUNll.NLIa beats Robinson 3-0. April Fool! A prfl Sill lt followed the seventh. A prfl Zltlt The Northwestern Assembly Program was held. Bob llanseoni iinpersonated Characters from the "Tale af Treo C1'Zfes,'t The Ili-Y and Girl Reserves held lloly Week Services. Relig- ious instruetors from various denominations were featured speakers. A pri! 21st Home lieonomies held a Tea Danee. April ,Rnd National llonor Soeiety held its initiation for the first group from the class of ,39. A pri! 35111 Mr. Quiek of the University of Pittsburgh eame to interview seniors with respect to seholar- ships. A przfl 28111, An exhibition was held for the Art, Shop and Food Departments. The girls modeled many sport clothes which made quite a favorable im- pression on the audience. The boys made small furniture and molded metal figures. f ee NIUNIIALL Vuom i 71 1 y gase s Aywzfl 2.9111 The Sophomores held a semi-open dance. Music furnished by Oscar Barry1s orchestra. A floor show was enjoyed by all and also refresh- ments. Alloy 6111 Junior and Senior Prom held at Webster llall. Major Ul1I1GS1.l1l'1llSl'lCC1 the music. Caterers served refreshments. MUNHALL did herself proud again. .lfny 1.3111 The Athletes for the year 1937-1933 were called to the stage of the auditorium. llere they were awarded with letters for outstanding activities. There were all types of letters given, and the audience was enthusiastic in its applause. illay 13111 Freshman held their first party. They all turned out in their best clothes and bright clean shining faces. As is the custom with Freshmen, the boys stood around the edges of the gym try- ing to muster courage to ask for a dance. In the meantime the girls tried to amuse themselves by dancing with eaeli other. Even at that, they declared it was a good party. .ll fly 18112 Senior exams started. lYorryl Wvorryl Tllorryl VVe were all afraid of failing even at this late date. jllfljj 1.9111 More Senior exams. lX1ore worry! The later they come, the worse they get. l May 20th lVhoopee! Today we have taken our last exam which will ever be administered to us at MUNHALL High School. Jlay 24111 The day for final Senior Assembly. 1Ve have looked forward to this day for four long years. Only to arrive at the threshold with tears in our eyes and a lump in our throat. The services started with the procession of Seniors to their seats. This was followed by appropriate music. The presentation of Senior awards consisted of gold M's, honor roll awards, and medals. The president of the Senior Class attached the 1938 link to MUNHALLTS silver chain and presented it to the Junior Class Pres- ident to be held and cherished by the class of 1939 until it would be eventually passed on to future classes. The President of the class of 1938 presented the President of School Board with a memorial gift. lt was a stage curtain made of saluda velour in a dark red color. The valance was decorated with a gold monogrammed M. In the left corner of the valance appeared the word class while in the right corner was monogrammed the figures 1938. The class was justly proud of this accomplishment. The assembly ended with the singing of MUN- HALLTS Alma Mater and the recessional. The underclassmen stood in reverent silence while the Seniors departed from their last assembly. 721 HCIHRISTMAS SIERYICEH ,llflff 25111, 26111, 27111 The liliclwclzlsslxlvri niet thvir tvzrchors for thc- lzist terrifying oxpvrionce of the your. Nxznns Wuro not easy. With thoir completion most vvvryonc' IT1OV0ll forwzxrml onv stop in his high school carcvr. .llrly 27111 C'zLrn0gie lrihrzlry hocfuno thv sconce of tho IQCSH C'oninivncvn14-nt. The- Svniors, clrossml in thc-ir gray Caps nnml gowns, !lli1l'i'llOll in thc- pro- cossional to :L front hlock of Saints whvro thvy took thvir positions. With the opening of the curtarin, the stinge was rovonlofl, hzmkocl with flowvrs, ferns, and palms, :Lpgninst il lmlnvk vvlvot curtain with rhinestonvs. Soatml on tho stage worn tho principal spoakvrs and il group of seniors who roprosvntcd various organizations of tho school. 'z 'llhv invocation was givvn hy fl Illfxllllltxl' of tho class Tho prvsirlentizll grlwrtiiig was than mloliver- od. This was followc-cl lay Ill1lHlJ01'S in this order: Vlairinet Solo. Pliysicul Soc-nrity. Ncfonornic Svvurity. Mcvritzrl and lVlor:Ll Security. Plvclgv of thx- Cllnss of '38 Yovul Solo. Prvsentntion of l1lIJl0II1ilS. llvcossion. June 27111 Our school czlrovr was brought to :L Close in 21 hilarious day spent :Lt Iionnywoocl Park. 731 I r I I I I , SPORTS ARE NOT OVERLOOKICD AT MUN- IIALL. IT IS 'IIHIC DESIRE OF OUR FAMILY TO DICVIGLOP PHYSICALLY AS VVELL AS MICNTALLY. XVII LIKE TIII5 FICICLING OF YVELL ISICING, THE .'X'I"I'ITIfDE OF SPOIQTSMANSHIP AND TII IC ALERT- NIIISS YVHICII SPORTS BRING ABOUT IN US. THE SWLHHVS Varsity Football ,li FRONT Row: CLr'fl to Righli Conrad, Siess, Ferenez, Campbell, Beverage, Hess, Ashoff, Bunch and Hart. SECOND Row: Kosko, Bell, Lucas, Ritchie, Vargo, Comorosky, Mc-Carter, Yasko, Devy, Knight, Berger. THIRD Row: Manager Jones, Sharp, Trelfall, Rushe, Czajkowsky, Gemeinhari, Malone, Dudas, Frena, XYilson, Cybator, Crow, Hornyak, Assistant Manager Duckworth. August the 22nd saw Munhall in the midst of great activity. The team boarded busses with such expressions as, "Oh boy! Sagamoren, "XYhoopee,,' t'Get that lake ready, here we come." On arrival at camp, they soon discovered it was not to be all fun and no work, The boom of the cannon and the blare of the trumpet brought the pride of Mun- hall issuing from cabin doors plenty early. VVith yawning and complaining, the boys descended on the wash stands where the first scrimmage of the day always took place. Soon the dining hall became the field of battle. Could those boys eat! After breakfast, Berger, Beggs, Markowitz, and King had the habit of taking things in hand and getting their own way about it. This always resulted in two hours of hard and intensive practice on the field. These same boys repeated this same routine after lunch. This happened day in and day out during their stay. All was not work. Swimming was permitted three times a day. Boat riding and games were permitted in the evening. At times, Twilight and Carmel broke the monotony. Then on a special occasion, Walter Berger, dressed in a white linen suit, should be counted upon to do a balancing act in a boat in the center of Elk Creek. Glenn and Harry, too, came through with their share of the entertain- ment. Lost in a fog in the center of a farmers field, these boys turned out to be a problem to the coaches, but a joke for the crowd. l77l Munhall and Homestead Football Game For the first time in many years Munhall was given an even chance of beating Home- stead. The game was played before a huge crowd in ideal football weather. It looked though Munhall was going to make good because the first time she got the ball she made three consecutive first downs. However, the score was G to 0 in favor of Homestead when the first half closed. Both teams came out at the half with renewed spirits but Homestead scored again in the third period on a long forward pass. The fourth period was played largely in mid- field with Munhall trying desperately to cross the goal line. Munhall was on the short end of the score when the game ended. The final score was 13 to 0. Munhall had little to be ashamed of because it was a great fight and she out kicked and out scored Home- stead in the first downs. GAMES The Munhall football season started with an unfortunate event. The date September the 11th had been reserved for a game with Vlfilnierding, to be played at VVilmerding. The construction of their field was not complete and this caused the cancellation of the game. Etna thus became the first test for the team. In this game, a big Etna team was tied at the score 6 to 6. The Munhall team threatened the Etna goal many times during the first period but did not score until the second period when Berger went around end for the marker. Etna came back to score in the third period. Each team missed its point after the touchdown. The first victory of the year was gained over West Newton. Showing a good offense in the first two periods, the Maroon and lVhite team were masters of the situation. A pass from Ritchie to Frena brought the touchdown. Munhall suffered the first defeat of the year when they met Scott. The Purple Raid- ers showed too much power, and had too many reserves that one Friday night. The Clairton game was the most evenly matched game of the season. Neither team was able to score until the final quarter. lllith few minutes left to play, Clairton kicked a field goal. With determination, Munhall marched down the field. Vargo then tossed a forty yard pass to Frena, which resulted in a touchdown. Geminhart was successful in kicking the field goal and the game ended in a hilarious uproar. The Football Schedules VARSITY Munhall .... Munhall .... Mllllhall .... Munhall .... Munhall .... Munhall .... Munhall .... Munhall .... Munhall ....,......, . . . JUNIOR VARSITY Munhall ........... . . . Munhall .... Munhall .... Munhall .... Munhall .... Klunhall .... XRvTT111C1'ilTl1g . . Etna. ...... . VVest Newton .... Scott ....... Braddock. . . Clairton.. . . Rankin .... Swissvalc.. . . Homestead. . Duqucsnc. . . Swissvulc.. . . Clairton.. . . . Braddock. . . NVashin fton Tw 1. . . . 5-5 Nloncsscn .,....... CHEERLEADERS Cancel! cd 6 0 32 28 3 0 25 13 213 li 35 34 4 1 53 24 L. EVANS, M. LoNcaMoR14:, II. Iitlflcc, WlNTL:Rs'1'1c1N, R. VONRAID, JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD FIRST Row: CLf'fi in Rfghll Bllbfgilll, Malloy,Connolly,0'l5ricn,Sc-:mvn,L11cas. SIQCUND Row: Kc-lly, Guiduk, Strung, Badclzltto, Gerluold. l79I C. HAMMAN, CT. MlLLl:11i Varsity Basketball ' 1 1 Q 1, Q . 1 Q ' f .l... , f Z ' t Fnoxi' Row: tlLrQ!'! to Ii'fgl.'tJ IDtU'kNYO1'lll, Baptio, Bt11'c'4'liso11, Ritc-liiv, li1'l'QQl'l', Cotlvr, Sll'ilI1fQ, ltll'0H2l, hl2LIl2LQQl'l' Jonvs. " SIQFUNIJ Row: Assistant C'o:ic'h Mxnrkowilx. lvlJllllSl'lfk, lJl4'1'lif'll, Dzivivs, D:x1'1'io, Mulorw , 7 Williauns, Comorosky, Cfovwli liC1'gl'l'. Nillllllilll haul :L successflil your in tho lizmlwoocl sport. hy winning tho nizijoritiy ot' its gznnos. XVO also plzicvfl higher in tho Svction Six than in thc previous yezux Much smfccss shoulcl he in storv next. your as Diorkc-11, Willianis, Dzlvios, 1311112011- son, Strzing, llztptiv, ztntl some froslinivn will he inaliing hicls for the stzirting positions. Thr- most lIllO1'l'Sll11g'1Q gzuno of thc your was thv gaiiiv with lloinc-stczul on our own court. The finail scorn was 27-23. Tho ganna was vory fast. It was MllIll12LlllS passing :incl tlvfclisivv ability which nizulo hm' tho victor. lt was tho thirtl fllllit in l'Ol11'fUi'I1 yt-airs that Munhall has hvutcn lloinostuzid. Anothvr th1'ill01' was the last ganiv of tho your in which Munhzill was nosvrl out 36-34. Munhzill holrl ai lozicl throughout the first three quz1rto1's hut, Scott, finishccl fast in thc last qilzirtc-1' with 35 socontls lvft to go, when thvy szmli tht- tlvcicling tieltl goal. l30l Dec. .I au. Fell. SECOND Row: CLQIY tn High!! Ellis, Mzxsvn lm, DllllSllY'2igl', Maltiku, Bulzllu, IQOZII, Kane, Slzlva, Connelly, Kohn, T. M. Rutter, C'oz1c'I1. FIIUWI' Row: Admnitz, Asl10lT, limos, Ulv lmgy, Luvams. VAIISIT Y 7 IVillii11slxl11'g. . . 10 Brzulflock.. . . 14 Swissvalo .... 17 Swissvale. . . . 28 B1'a.clcl0Ck. .... . 30 AVIIIQIIISIJIIIQI, . . 4 Melia-espmt. . . 7 Ilomvstezul .... 11 Scott.. ...... , . 14 Clairton ....... 18 CIGIIIIUI llxtllolic.. . . . 21 IJUQIICSIIO ..... 25 Brentwood.. . . . 28 Mclieespmt. . . Central C':Ltl10lic'., . . . 4 IIOIIIOSIOZHI ,... 8 Elizabeth. . . , . . 11 15 IDUQIIUSIIO. . . Clairlon. . . . 18 Brentwood.. . . . 1 22 bcotl.. ..... . . M A l.0N1f: A w il y A w 21 y I lomc A way Ilomv Ilmuc Ilomc Away A w 21 y I I 0 mv A way A way llomv A w ay Ilomv Ilomf' llomv , . . .Away llomv A wa 5' Ilomo x I I SFO li IC M 0 20 I0 24 20 30 30 33 23 30 32 37 252 27 34 30 48 34 39 30 Jil I9 22 23 20 30 24 I9 30 30 l9 27 23 49 33 44 34 25 50 31 20 34 34 RV: Basketball Schedule I937-38 'Cl-Ill 1AIllllI12llI IVIunlmll. Munhall Munhslll Muuhall. Mullhzlll Munlumll Muullzill .lA'1llIlI'11LlI Blllllllilll Munllall Muulmll .l UNIOH. ....31 .,..l8 ....28 ....l9 9 ,...28 ....l5 ....l4 9 ,...l0 ....l4 ....29 Ifldliiilll VARSITY Port Yue. , . C':Lll101111 ,........ No. Vvrsnill I IoIr1vs'rvzul . BICIQPUSIJOIW Port Yuma . . Uh .... Swissvallo. . , flillllflllll. . . . I lou1osl'vz1cl . Mcrlivc-sp01't ..... Swissvulo. . . limrlrlmflc. . li 20 2 5 13 L77 ISI 27 20 ...AS 53 44 gg ......4 ...XII flwl' T14 li Basketball Team l"noNT Row: King, Hancllesman, Noel, 'l'ic-hon, Medley, Johnson, liytheway, Ord. Slcczoivb Row: Miss Upton, Allmrelrh, Bzn'ry, Morg:in, lX'leDowell, Lewis, Cerra. THIRD Row: llzivey, lllzlsiiivek, Durliaiin, Morgrin, liulzila. Although the girls, basketball season was not entirely a successful one, it gave the girls thircl place in the league. Miss Upton was forced to leave because of illness and her place was eapably filled by Miss Markley who worked patiently with the team. Those who played their last game for Munhall were: llelen Medley, Helen Tielion, lcla Mae Bytlieway, Vivian Noel, Pearl Hancllesiiiziii, Dot Johnson, Dorothy Uerra and Elizabeth Lewis. Although practically the Whole first teain will be gone, there will still he inany girls left to carry on the fight for first place in the league. At the close of the season the team had five victories and five defeats. l82l 1 Glrls Basketball T,H,,,,, ,IHC th Glassport .... .. 1 Elizabeth ...... . . E. Mclieesport ...... W. Newton .... , . Elizabeth.. . . . . . Glassport. ..... . . E. Melieesport. .... . . W. Newton ..... . . Cathedral .... . . Cathedral .... . . Volley Ball Schedule Munhall ..,.. Braddock .... Munhall ....... Coraopolis ...... Munhall ........,... New Kensington. . , Munhall ......,..l.. East Pittsburgh.. . . Munhall .......... Coraopolis ,... Munhall. ...... . . Braddock .... Munhall. ........,. . New Kensington.. . Munhall .....,...... East Pittsburgh.. . . Munhall Munhall Munhall .... . . . Munhall .... . . . Munhall Munhall Munhall Munhall Munhall Munhall 15, 15 10, 10 1,2 15, 15 13, 15 15, 10 15, 15 4, 3 2, 3 15, 15 15, 13 15, 15 13, 15 15, 0 15, 15 7. 10 l83l IL gn s va1s1 y wi owe ese seniors this year. Ruth King, who acted as manager, H. Medley, H. Tichon, D. Johnson, I. M. Bythe- way, V. Noel, P. Handlesrnan, D. Cerra, and E. Lewis. Miss Markley, posing with Ruth King, is our efficient coach and has been with us since Miss Upton resigned. Pearl Handlesinan and Hazel French are here by error. Their picture should have been on the honor page Where they should have been given credit for faithful service tO the class. , Volley Ball Team FnoNT Row: tLefl to Righty Palyok Hogg, Sabo. Janosko, Hollis, Rnshe, Burchcson Dietzen. Volley Ball Team As :L leisure time activity volley ball must he ranked near the top in any list of games since it can be played by all age groups above the fifth grade. The absence of the element of personal Contact in the game enhances its recreational value and points toward the development of a high degree of individual and team skill one of the major objectives of the game. A W. P. 1. A. li. Yolley Ball League was fornied for the first time. Since five of the regular players were juniors or sophomores and since the majority of reserves were underclassmen, we are looking forward to a successful season again next year. Munhall was the winner of Section I1 in the NY. P. I. A. L., defeating teams that had many more years of experience. They came out on top in every league game, and the only team outside the league that defeated them was Coraopolis. At the annual volleyball tournament at the Pitt Stadium, Munhall was second totlielmest although they did not enter the finals. Coraopolis, the winner of the tournament, defeated Nfunhall in the semi-final round. Prior to this round, our team, in the Hrst round, defeated Burgettstown, one of the strongest teams in the tournament, and Braddock in the quarter-final round. Much thanks and credit goes to Mr. YVieland who devoted his time and effort in developing a fine team. l84l Manager, Iiado, Hutchinson, Gherigl SECOND Row: Mr. NYM-land, Mieheles, 1 NICHJNID Row: Mr. Ruth-r, thc vorwlig Cross Country Team Howl' Row: tlwfl to lffgllly Dzmko- Vitvh. lNIzirtm, Link. Wzisko, Sauk. Yvrvli, fl0S?QI'0Vt', ICVILIIS, lXI'lSttJf'lk, M:u1z1g.54-l'. Cross Country Team The Mllllhilll Vross Country Tvzuii had 21 modorzttoly successful svasou this year. With little matorial with which to huild up :L good tC2Llll, Air. liuttvr, thv voavli, did his lwst. Although thv few hoys who trivd out for tho te-:mi wc-rv hy no moans first class I'L1IlIl0I'S, thvy had plenty ot' Spirit :uid fight. The season hogzui for Mllllllllll with at two :md it quartz-r milf- rzicv at ltlvzms Pity in which six tozuns werv OIltfCI'0tl. The nc-xt two mvets wort' czuicc-lc-d lJOC2LllSO of tho great distance from Munliall. Munhull ran :xt lirentwood in at rain which inado the truck trecliorous :md slippery. The W. P. I. A. Ii. :uid thc- P. I. A. A. raicos followcd in tho nvxt two wot-ks. 'llhvre was strviiuous trziilliugg in order to C'Z1pl.l1I'0 :lt lvzist at fc-w medals whic-h wore givvn to tho first ttxll wiunc-rs. In thv NV. P. l. A. li. Dick Cfosgrovv, the valptziin of tho tvzim, got at modal. Pmut in thv P. l. A. A. we Wore lt-ss f0I'fl1I12Lltt'. 'Pho host that wo could do was at twvlfth place 1 v , '. , . l2llil'Il my Jon ll .1slxo. lflvaus City. . lil't'IltXVOOtl. , . Ucztohvr 9 tlctohor 22 Scflielxlvy Park. . . NfDX't'1l1lDtxl' I3 l t':m1ln'idpgv Springs .... Novviulwr 15 Scwlienlvy Park. . . Novi-nilwr Ztlfl' l VXA i851 Soccer 1"l111N'1' Row: QL1Ql'l L12 Highly R111111wsky, W1:ck01'10, Y0s011111y, M11tl01'111, 1i121111vy. SIAICOND Row: :x11'X3I1110l', 11o1'1111k, 1i1'C1OI', C1111011, C'11t101', S11'1111g, E1111i0, IX1111CI'1'I1, Mr. 11111-10I', f:0!LC1l. 'TNIIIRD Row: Asl1111, S11111o11ik, Nagy, .Xsi1111, .1o110s, Iiimpp, PlIQ:11, M1111:1g01'. Dup1i1:11ti11gg 1l110iI' p01'fo1'111z1111:0s 11s i11 D1'CV1Ol1S y0111's, lL11110llQQ11 with 11 11i1'1'01'0111 S11111111, 1h0 S0c1:01' 1.021111 1111s 11311 QL V0l'Y s111'c0Ssf111 S1-11s1111. .12I.C1i 011101, 11111 c11pt11i11 112LS 1011 11111 1011111 t111'11ugh 1111111y vi1f1111'i1es. T110 211111 111' th0 1.011111 is to 11111110 SOCC01' one 111' tho most pOIJu1iL1' sports i11 1V1l11111iL11. Wi111 th0 0X1'0p'1i1111 111' C7o11.01', 1310111- CII, 1i111111vy, 1'11111i0, 111111 Mi1101'1-11, 1111: 1.011111 is p1'11cti1:1111y IIOXV 111111 C1111Ch 111111.01 is w011 p1011s011 with th0 boys 111111 0xpec'1s Q lmrighi' s011s1111 110Xl1 YOZLI' with 1110 c11p- 11l111e 1'11s111'ves. I11 the past., 1NI1111h1111 10111113 11:1v0 2Lt1'2L1Il011 11 11111110 for t110111s1z1V12s i11 this 0111 Sport, 111111 this y0111',s 1011111 Slll'0 has 110pt up 1111- 11111111 work. SOCCER SQUAD SPRING W.P.I.A.L. G0111 M111on11 M111'ch I8 1V1111l1l1I11 ,..3 xV111i1I1S1Jll1'Q. . RB. W'11erc1'4B11z1ty " 22 M1111111111 .... 2 Mt. 1101111111111. LB. Konavy--31011111111111 '1 25 1111111111111 .... 0 SIlOWl10l1 Twp. R.A.B. TD113Tk1FH7M1111?F6D April 1 M1111111111 .,,,. 111,1bi11so11 Twp C.1'1.B. S'1.I'H.Hg71i001CI' H 8 N11111111111 ,... C'111'1111po1is. . , . L.11.B. 1Vi1SOI14R0f1OWS1iy 1' 13 1111111111111 , . , S1111w11011 Twp. 0.11. HOI'r1y211i- 13GT'3i0I'f 111111011 ' 22 Ml1Il1lZL11 , . . 111111i11s1111 Twp 1.11. E11I1iG"-MfJf1G1'2LI11 1 29 311111111111 , , , 1'111'1111p111is. . . . C. C"11tterwN11gy 1.11. V11se11111y-A111x1111111e1' FA LI' 0.11. D2lVi0SfD1H1l'i2lfAS1l0U 1111111111111 ...... 2 ,'X110g111011y V111'111i1111a1. MllI1hiL11 ,..... 2 S111111ysi110 A1:11110111y. . 1861 Rifle Team Again the rifle team is possessor ot the National Uhalnpionship Title after a series of matches shot during' the first and second semesters. The honor means more this year since there were 160 teams competing --30 more than last year. As a result of winning these lnatehes, they have added three cups to their already large collection. The second team also competed in the second semester matches, and made an excellent record for their first year ot shooting. Next year there will he plenty of rivalry between the first and second tealns. And since the first team will lose only one member by graduation next June, it looks as if Mnnhall will he on top FIRST TEAM SCORES 1937-1938 again. MATCH Seonn 1 500 2 500 3 500 4 500 5 500 6 498 7 498 8 500 9 500 10 500 FRoNT Row: tLfj't lo Riglatb Mr. Charleton, Barchfield, Harr, Miss Markey, Slille, Wherry, Skyrines, Mr. Wilson. SnCoND Row: Patterson, Braddock, En- right, Ladie, llowat, Rowell, llunker, Sharp, Reich, McGuire, Lloyd, Flrric- son, lVilkinson, Mitz. Truim Row: Elliott, Lneaszak, Coley, Parkinson, Wilhelm, Millerin, Shuch- inan, Lneaszak, Johnson, VYa,lt, Post. PLACPJ First First First First First First Second First First First 87 Autographs Autographs Autographs H. N. LELAND 'Photographer 0 Your Annual Photographer FISHER STUDIO Vi, Homestead Park AATIIIC LAND OF SUNSHINE!! HAIIN AND SKYRMES AGENTS FOR ALL LOTS IN THE HOMESTEAD PARK IDISTRICT, INCLUDING HOMESTEAD PARK LAND COBIIHXNY, CARNEOIE LAND COMPANY, HAMILTON HILLS PLAN, BRIERLY PLAN, AND IRIVIN FARM. OFFICE: SECOND FLOOR 803 AMITY STREET HOMESTEAD, PA. HOMESTEAD 2252 Kennywood Park OF COURSE YOUYLL NOT XVAIT UNTIL THE SCIIOOL PICNIC TO SEE AND ENJOY TIIE NIEVV AMUSEMENT FEATURES AND EN- LARGEMENTS THAT KENNYWOOD OFFERS TIIIS SEASON. TIIERIE ARE EVER SO MANY IMPROVEMENTS AND MANY MORE AMUSEMENT5 THAN BEFORE. ICENNYXVOOD IS OI-EN DAILY FROM APRIL I7, 1938. IXIUNHALL SCHOOL PICNIC, JUNE 3, 1938 BOOKING OFFICE: Atlantic 0850 ENGRAVERS STATIONERS SCIIOOL JEWELERS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS Es'1'A111.1s111a11 1887 Julius L. Steinsapir Nixon Building-PITTSBURGH-425 Sixth Avenue Makers of Klunhall High Scl1ool's I1OlI1I'lICl1FL'lI1l'll1 I11vitz11io11s and Diplonias Hazel 0113 Grace Martin's School "A School Discriminate" S1ccfR1c'rAR1A1. 1-'oR Youxcz VYOMICN 16111, 17111, and 18111 Floors, Ken-112111 Building PITTSBURGH, PA. Mics. GRAC143 AIARTIN Couxi-:l,117s, I,l'1l1l'1IJi11 A'r1..xNT1C 6309 Sc'11o1z1rs11i11s are z111'z1rdcd to those who qualify YOU CAN GET SOMEWIIERE WITH BUSINESS TRAINING Duffs Iron City College PITTSBURGH N1N1cT1'-NINT11 YEAR Duquesne Way Atlantic 4875 Joseph A. Prokopovitsh FUNERAL IIOME 457 F11fT11 Avuxm- Hc1M1c5'r1c.x11, PA. Hf,NIICS'IiI':xxD 2267 James C. Kuhn SUccEssoR To HOMESTEAD REALTY COMPANY REAL ESTATE and FIRE INSURANCE 130 EAsT EIUIITII AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. PIIONIQ: Homestead 1001 The Business Training College SECRETARIAL, ACCOUNTING, and ALLIED SUBJECTS DAY and NIGHT COURSES IfULToN BUILDING PITTSBVRCH, PA. PHONE: Atlantic 2678, 2679, 2585 Jacobson-Gordan, Inc. Eighth Avenue and Library Street HoMI4:sTIcAo ANIJ AIUNIIALI., PA. CampbeII's Quality Stores YX'e specialize in freshly dressed poultry, Finest butter, eggs, Cheese, teas, coffees at our Butter Store, and all kinds oflive poultry and fresh fish at our Fish and Poultry Store. CAMPBELL'S BUTTER STORE Phone Homestead 3600 125 East Eighth Avenue HO-0776 Campbell's Fish 81 Poultry Market 609 Amity Street HO-2314 Sherman's Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST 3317 Main Street I IOMIESTIEAD PAR Ii The Rexall Drug Store Homestead 1214 SEE FOR YOURSELF THE NEW ROYAL PORTABLE TUE PERVIICT AIACHINE IfoR STUImENTs SPIQCIAI. RATIcs IfoR STUDENTS ToUCH CoNTRoI,-A EAsY PAYMENT Fort Pitt Typewriter Company 644 Liberty Avenue Atlantic 8320 Neff Company Glass-Wall Paper Paint-Brushes-Enamels Phone Homestead 0686 308 East Eighth Avenue HoIx1IcsTI3An, PA. Kondis Printing Company 216 21st Avenue AIUNIIALI., PA. As Near to You as Your Telephone Phone Homestead 1643XY Half Brothers HAPPY HOME FVRNISHERS FOREMUST FEBIININE APPAREL 120-122 East Eighth Avenue P:STAIiI.lSHElJ 1899 Phone Homestead 0800 COMPLIMIQNTS 014' Bamford Brothers Homestead 2224 DAY OR NIGHT CREGG SIIORTIIAND 'FYPEWRITING BooI4KEEPINGfAcCoUN'I'ING REVIIQWA- FINISIIING COURSE NIQW C'LAssIf:s JUNIQ, JULY, ANI: SIQI-TEMIIIQR "WIC SAYIQ YoU TIMI4: AND NIoNIcY" ATTR,xCTIx'I4: Rooms IN f,iflfICE BUILDING 23 SUCCIcssIfUL YIQARS IN PITTSBURGH Boyd Business College TIIIRII IfLooR BIQSSIQMER BUILDING ATLANTIC 7370 SALl+ISfSiC RYIC 'IC Clark Chevrolet 243 WIALST 11IIuH'I'H AVE. Phono Ho. 2727 Crtzaftsmanshi W The finer material things of life are made by a fusion of the baser elements of nature with human aspiration---which finds ex- pression in superior---CRAFTSMANSHIP A high tribute to human intelligence is that man can take a piece of clay and make of it a thing of beauty. ln all of the processes of this transformation there must be a guiding mindg that mind itself is guided by aspiration. Skilled hands alone cannot produce the high- est grade of printing. There must be aspir- ation to do better what thousands do well. There must be a combination of natural talent, knowledge gained from experience and, of course, the necessary tools. livery printer has these in some degree. The difference between printers is the degree in which they have them. XVhen they are pres- ent in a high degree, they result in beautiful and useful printing. The extent to which We have them, has gained for us a high appre- ciation among many patrons. The Gray Printing Co.. DuBois and Falls Creek, Pennsylvania Printers of the Nineteen Thirty-eight Munhisko Y. I LQ FROM THE PRESS OF THE GRAY PRINTING COMPANY DUBOIS, PENNSYLVANIA PLASTIC BINDING sv STANDARD COLOR CARD ag MFG. Co. u. s. PAT. No. l.970,2B5, LIC. Is BUFFALQ, N. Y.

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