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Text from Pages 1 - 78 of the 1934 volume:

f I 2 n 2 5 E F l v 3 3 E V E Q ! i 3 E 1 c Q E a 2 E E E E r1w4f:fmv mw:aaxyfaa:,,-,,..,.nwa1 vmwfp ,,4.,-asm .gm 'Wa-awww'-1-z'. 'm A :-1 i.xXAz,a1cu:s:,ss,a wftL:1aAsv.-'gfwwasaf'u-m...aaQ:,42, - , 5 , ., 'H-,lfmadm 1 cl . .J v, 1 4 ' Y J f 414 f W W x " wx V., f 4 LII BPQS ffl Q 0, , Q4 M0 X ua W 0' X X , 'J f if H-1 9 3 X f 46!K?i V, 1 Ri ,Z Z ..1 ,Q , , W ff5 L.': ',-fl' , A' .. .g.g:.:., X , ,115 nfffh ' 'Q' f, ? cf? '.-'f I, - W qirzzgigff ,,1 ff ,4 ,...:::s1s. H - ,nl wk ' I ' f , ' -'ff f ,-f'f 16 f f 1-,ftp 4 ff, ' 'fr fy ff WM y ' 1-f "'3'l:': . f , , , v ?:'L 5 1,1 M T! W ,. ',,, , Ni.: v Y ' ll.. ll mx? .vm K. -Q 5 y ' .5:f.QgqIgQ' 'Ji-L , ,. , . . Y ' N73 .- ,.,, S E E E Ia-E' I-.. 5...-3: E .1 TP IH IKE M UU N IH If S HU 4lD QDWF N 11K N IIE WIFIIHFN H 'IWU N IPD IVQ 1, IH? WITHlHQ'lWY2lF1PDI1U UQ AN AN N IUZML WU14B1!L1!f41U1AN1H1l NDN .mmf mmm mi SIIENIMDNQ UUIPLANN 0814? 1 lW1lUNl?H4l1AM1Ll?L l!HlHMfl1HK N11UlH1UlD'VD14L lWl1UN1lHIlAlIL1IL,, IMEN N NNYIMWZAXN MA zbhllhlwllzbh NVll1f3MlFllEllQ 'Mid 'rhe hills of Pennsylvania, A+ lhe qafeway of fhe West Slands our dear old lvlunhall High School Loved by all of us 'rhe best Galhered round her slafely porlals, Sweelesl memories ever cling, Of lhe days when dear old Munhall Shellered us loenealh her wing. Old Munhall, dear old lvlunhall, Ollen have we heard rhy praise: Oflen cheered wilh wavinq banners, ln our dear old lvlunhall days. Sfill we love lhee dear old Munhall, We, +hy loyal sons and Jrrue, l-lere's a cheer and +hen anolher, Dear old Munhall, here's +o you. . IIFIIDIIQIIETWVIIDIIQIID SUCH A TRANSITORY RECORD AS A CHALK INSCRIPTION MAY BE ERASED FROM MEMORY BY A MERE SWEEP OF AN ERASER, BUT THE IMPRESSIONS THAT ARE GAINED FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE MAY BE EOR- EVER MAINTAINED IN THE TABLETS OF MEM- ORY. MAY THIS BOOK BE, IN LATER YEARS. TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF US, A MIRROR THROUGH WHICH WE MAY REVIEW THE JOYS, PATHOS. HUMOR, IDEALS, AND RO- MANCE OF EACH PASSING EVENT OE OUR HIGH SCHOOL DAYS, AN INTERPRETER OE OUR IMPERISHABLE DREAMS WHICH MAY YET BE REALITIES IE WE STRIVE TO MAKE THEM BECOME SO. 'UTD N TT' ITN ' ITS ADMINISTQATION AND FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOP!-IOMORES ERESHMEN ACTIVITIES CHRONOLOGY ADVERTISEMENTS iii IIDIIEIIDIIIIILZANITIIIIIDN WE, THE MEMBERS OE THE SEN- IOR CLASS, DEDICATE THIS I934 YEAR BOOK TO MISS CHARLOTTE E. BALL, OUR SPONSOR, WHOSE UNTIRIN6 EFFORTS AND WISE GUIDANCE HAVE MADE OUR EVERY UNDERTAKING A SUCCESS AND WON EOR HER A PLACE OF ESTEEM IN OUR HEARTS. ' AIIUMIIINIIISUIHHQAUHUSN ANNE IIFZAMUIXUINUWY H MR. CHARLES IQ. STONE Superintendent TO Tl-TE SENIORS OF I934: Cid lwlunhall l-ligh School has now abouT con'ipleTed iTs Task in your educa- Tion. VX'heTher l'haT educaTion is Tinished or iusT beginning is a maTTer Tor you To de- cide. The school may noT have succeeded in sToring your memory wiTh a mass OT isolaTed TacTs. WhaT iT has done, I TrusT, is To inspire you To be ever alerT Tor The besT OT The old and The besT OT The new. Do noT accepT everyThing new as The besT. nor believe everyThing ThaT you see in prinT. Prove everyThing by a careTul analysis oT iTs pros and cons. lT's noT always whaT you acTually learn ThaT counTs in liTe. lT's knowing where To geT The TacTs when you need Them ThaT counsls. Our well equipped library has doubTless added To your enioymenT oT high school liTe. lTs Treasures have shown you where you can geT desired inTormaTion. May you always be acTive readers of The besT oT books and magazines is my wish. Your inTeresT in books is whaT l call The school's greaTesT conTribuTion To your TuTure liTe. Our reading courses, while slighTly compulsory, have opened your eyes To porTions oT liTeraTure which you migh+ noT have discovered wiThouT school assisT- ance. As you look back on your school days in lvlunhall l-ligh School, l Teel sure ThaT you will always have a warm spoT Tor The books which you road and ThaT They will be your besT Treasures among your souvenirs. Now Tor The sake OT your parenTs who have sacriTiced and will conTinue To do so Tor your educaTion, l TrusT ThaT you will always sTand Tor The noble Things oT liTe in spiTe oT whaT oThers are doing. Make proTiTable and worThy use oT your leisure Time. Cordially your Triend, CHARLES R. STONE. Page ele MR. M. W. WI-IEEIQY principal TO THE CLASS OF I934: You are To be conqralulalod noi only upon lhe cornplelion ol your hiqh school work, loul also because you are enlorinq anolhcr period in lilio's work. Many problems dislurb lho world lo-day. 'lheir solllornonl' will roquire hiqh inlelliqence, breadlh ol vision, anal baerilifoe. 'lho World riohlly expocls lhoir sollle- rnenlr by Jrhose who have had lho aelvanlaqe ol a lilgoral oduealion. ilihe world ex- pecls your aid. May you enioy a large measure ol ULlC'fCf:b in your l'ul'uro work. MAT1 VV. Wlhllfllliiif. A. B. Umversify of Pilfsburgh Teacher of English Homer E. Beggs, A. B. Wesfminsier College Teacher of Physics and Chemislry Rulh M. Bendall, B. S. Universify of Piflsburgh Teacher of English B. Universify of Plflsburgh Teacher of Biology and English Rufh Briggs, A. B. Miami Universify Teacher of Bookkeeping, Office Pracfice and Typing B S L Universify of Pilfsburgh Columbia G. Edward Busch, A. B., Universily Teacher of Algebra Shippensburg Sfale Teachers' Col- Teucher of Mafhemafics Agnes H. Clarke lMrs.l Librarian J. Freernonf Cox, A. B., M A L D Universily of Piffslsurgh Teacher of Social Sfudies Teacher of French and English Rufh Downey, B. S. Carnegie lnsfilufe of Technology Teacher of Typewrifing and Com- mercial Geography Beniarnin Elkins, A. B. U niyersify of Pilfsburgh Teacher of l-lislory Elizabelh M Frederick, A. B. Pennsylvania College 'for Women Teacher of English .lane E. Golden, A. B. Geneva College V Teacher of Lalin and Hisfory Alfred l-lyall, A. B. Befhany College Teacher of Hislory M red M Kelfz A. B. Universify of Plflsburgh Teacher of English and Librarian Margaref A. MacBe+h, A. B. Weslminsler College Teacher of English Margaref M.' Markey, B. S Carnegie lnsfifufe of Technology Teacher of Shorlhand and Typirq Dorofhy Miller Teacher of Music Harry Ramsey, A. B. Wesf Virqinia Universify Teacher of Biology and General Science Edna Risheberqer, A. B Thiel Colleqe Teacher of Lafin and Hisfory Thelma A. Rush, A. B., M. A. Muskinqum College Teacher of Enqlish Hilda E. Smifh, A. B. Universily of Piffsburqh Teacher of Hisfory Jennie Sfevens, B. S. in Commerce Grove Cify Colleqe Teacher of Shorfhand Typinq and Office Pra cfice Horace H. Trimble. B. S., M. A. Universify of Piffsburqh Teacher of Science and Supervis- inq Principal Georqe E. Wallserf, M. E., A. B., M. A Keysfone Sfafe N o r m al School Washinqfon and Jefferson Colleqe Teacher of German Walfer F. Vlfeaver, B. S r Edinboro Slafe Teachers Colleqe Teacher of Arf Jeanneffe Welsh, A. B. Wesfminsfer Colleqe Teacher of Hisfory Ada B. Widdowson, A. B. ddf Norfhland College M 6 Teacher of Mafhemaficx Aqnes V. Williams, A. Alleqheny College Teacher of Enqlish J. Solon Wilson, A. B., M. A. Geneve Colleqe, Universify of Piffs- burqh Teacher of Hisfory Bernice Jones Secrefary fo Principal Cafherine Cosqrove Secrefary fo Principal A NNli.lXXlis Q Alan Leeper ,, William Reich .,., Rody Cluller .f,.w.a,.H.k..4..L, 4.4. ., Gwennie Homer , Jean Srnillw . . Jack Percival . . Adverlisinq Assislanls Susan Llovd Kennelli Clever Ronald Dreslwer Lilera ry Assislanl Edna Jolwnson ii W N'lfXlfll' . Eolilor-ineclwiel . .... Business Manager ,f .f 4 Adverlisinq Manager Y Z Assislan? Egilor Lilerary Edilor Plwolo Edilor Business Assislanls Roloerl Wolnerspoon Eleanor Slevens Joseplw Bayulc lvlarqafel Knapp lflarqarel lvlalnieson William Knapp S IIE N IH WD HQ S lDllFllFllllUQllEllQ9S Vlfilliam Norlhrup . ,. . ...,., Presidenl William Reich .,.,.. ..,. , Vice-Presidenl Allan Gilford , . , .... Socrolary-Treasurer Alexander, Calhcrine "Kay' fnlherine is a preily girl, Yfilh hair lhal is so curly: She wears a smile in every class We never find her surly. Bald, Sara Wiley "Sally" Quiol Sara---nol a sound ls heard from her all day She qreels you wifh a friendly smile Then qoes abcul her way. Bauer, Carmella -lvl. 'Cammie Carmclla is so iolly We hear she has a beau Bil should you ask her if she does She answers "l dunno." Barron, Naomi "Baron Fair, pelile and oh, so swcel She has such pleasing ways 5he's liked by all her classmales And leaves "Chuck" in a daze. Bayuk, lvlarqarel "Peg A sfudious lass, more or less. Ye? 'ro all we musl confess She lakes fun where she linds il Bur wilh whom, you'll have lo quess. Page seventeen l SENIORS Anawall, l'lelen "l.elly" i Leily l-as a lomboy way Yel, vfilh 'rhe boys, lhey say She qives lhem quile a whirl E By lellinq her personalily unfurl. Boron, Margarel' "Peg" A chubby lillle rascal, A Who cgces aboul her way r Spreading sunshine, qossip, and .3 ' iokes And proclaims, "lhe devil lo pay". -2 fl - e ee Blolzer, Helen M. "l3lo'rzer" ii l-lelen has ambifion V: And we hope she makes The qrade For lhe slaqe is her diversion, And dancing is her lrade. Bayuk, Joseph "Joe" Joe is such a quiel boy Ancl shy as he can be Bul he can make lhe qirls, you bel Thaf's plain for you lo see. - Sokesch, Helen M. "Bokesch" Helen slars in baskelball She plays a winning' game And when if comes 'ro winning he-arls V The answer's iusl lhe same. V T' .ir I Bollon, Rulh E. "Ru+hie A fall and sfalely female Who wins friends one by one Wifh her cheerful, carefree way And her smile, brighf as lhe sun. Bos+, Charles H. "Grub When in Sociology He sure does know his sluff l-le'll gel ihrough high school Even Though he has fo bluff. Bugel, Mildred A. "Millie" Mildred would rafher +ype Than ear And fhal is saying a lof She cerfainly can rickle rhe keys For fha+'s wha? she was faughf. Bunch, George S. "Bunchie" He's wiffy and he's clever And he surely has a line: When he 'lakes fhe girl friends ou? He has 'them in by nine, Caddy, Dorolhy "Doi She goes ro every dance in 'rown This charming dimpled "Frail" And haw she kicks her heels around When saxophones 'gin wail. SENIORS lQ3LL Boolh, Rhoda "Myr+ A girl who's always carefree, She fakes 'rhings as rhey come, Bur when if comes lo finding lun You're sure Thar she'll have some. Boylim, Mary "Lou Mary, Mary's noi confrary She's lalenfed in many a line She can work and she can play And in cooking she is line. Brown, Jean Lucy "Brownie This sfafely maid is pleasanf With dimples oh, so nice She gives her smiles fo many lads Bur saves her hearf for "Bryce". Bungerf, Genevieve "Gen Genevieve is peppy Genevieve is sweef And when if comes ro dancing She's surely hard lo bear. Carr, Leonard M. "Puss This Senior lad from Homeville hails l-lis hair iusl curls and curls And Though he's popular wilh +he ooys He doesn'+ care for girls. Page eighteen Chamberlain, Lois "Lo" Such a sweef liffle girl wifh curly locks Whom every one fhinksi is neaf She's never sad. she always Talks Which makes her hard of beaf. Cluffer, Rody Joseph "Rod Rody, Rody. busybody Likes a qirl named Jean Af dances or af school affairs With a red-head he is seen. Cook, Philip Earl "Phil Here's a boy who hafes fo sfudy Enqlish, Soc.. and such Buf is he inferesfed in qirls, Our answer is, nof much! Crifchlow, Marqaref M. "Peg Peq, fhe sweefesf girl in fown, Likes a boy who's name is Brown. We admire her boy friend's fasle Wifh Peg, his fime he doesn'f wasfe. Davies, Evelyn N. "EHy" Tis said fhaf "Silence is Golden". This phrase is fo be found ln fhe case of quief Evelyn For she never makes a sound. Page nineteen SENIORS s s 1934 Cosqrove, Jerome E. " Clever, Kennefh E. "Kenny' Thouqh he's nearly always napping lAnd of fhaf hels nof ashamedl If any mischief has been done lf's Kenny who qefs blamed. Cook, Josephine F. "Josey' Josephine always wears a smile She never has a care Whenever help is needed She always does her share. l-le's liked by all fhe fellows And many females foo Our "So's" a reqular fellow And a qood friend, all frue blue. Czaikoski. Vincenf W. "Vince Vincenf Czaikoski A quainf, quief lad l-le's qood af his sfudies And never is sad. Davis, l-larry W. "Puz The qirls all rush "our l-larry" For he's qof lofs of pep And when if comes fo dancinq This lad can surely sfep. So' Dean, Rulh l-lilma "Blondie" She doesn'l' care a liq 'lor school, And lhough she doesn'l poul, Shell surely "hip-hooray" will-i ioy The day 'rhal school lels oul. Dierken, RayjQll "Dirk" l-le's iusl, ag regular fellow l-le lils in any crowd And when' he sleeps, he really sleepsn I, No 'fooling is allowed. Dresher, Ronald J. "Ronny Quiel, rather bashful Y l-le cloesrfl go lor "dames", ln facl. if he had his way They'd all qo up in flames. Dudas, Joseph A. "Du+ch Al loolball Joe was quile a sporl l-le playeki a winninq qame And laler in lhe qame of life We know he'll do lhe same. Ednie, Nellie Frew "Ednie" Direclinq lrallic in 'rhe halls To her is an easy lask. And can you lind a nicer girl Than Nellie, may l ask? SENICDRS IQ3Ll Debiak, Louise Agnes 'flvleaze" Conslanlly minding her business, She qoes aboul her work, And when il comes lo laboring, Louise will never shirk. Donaldson, John lvl. "Don lvlerle's highesl ambilion ls TO be a greal musician: Bul when he plays lhal coronel The neiqhbors all begin lo frel. Ducla, Slella Clara "Du She surely knows her shorlhand Enqlish and lyping 'roof We know some day she'll reach her goal And receive lhe praise +ha'r's due. Dunlap, Glenn W. "Noog l-le'd make a qood philosopher l-le seems lo know his "slull" , Despile his philosophic way He's never known lo "bluff", Eqerman, Theodore R. "Ted l'le's been wilh us bul one shorl year We hope he liked our school l-le seemed lo be a pleasanl lad Abidinq by +he rule. Page twenty Emery, RuTh Lucille "Gabby RuTh Lucille Emery Likes a boy named Richey We hooe in The nearby TuTure The preacher Them will "hiTchey". Evans, William E. "Bill "Herr Evans isT ein "quTer knabeu. This everybody knows. His sTaTisTics and his German, To every one he shows. Eerencz, Olqa Teresa QuieT, reserved is Olqa And really raTher clever. We like her Tor her willinqness And he-arTy True'endeavor. Eudala, Anna Alvina AnoTher quiel Type oT qirl The kind ThaT does her work She does her very besl To please Sho doesn'T Tail or shirk. GarriTy, MargareT M. "Peg This qirl is everlasTinqly In 'weed oT eiqhT hours sleep ln school she's always napping, WhaT laTe hours our Peo musl keep! Page twenty-one SENICDRS T931-L Esken, George Nicholas A Senior lad aT Munhall Hiqh A sober lad aT besT He seemed To lack ambiTion For he came To school To resT. Fedor, Joseph Paul "Joe' Joe is small, BUT he is wise. ThaT's why we Don'T mind his size Ereehling, RoberT N. "Bob' AlThouqh he seemed so innocenT Whenever pranks were done. We could see mischieT in his eyes, He was so Tull of Tun. C-3arriTy, James Leo "Jim Jim is happy, carefree, gay l-le's never known To pouT He loved our Munhall High School so He haled To qeT ouT. Garvey, John F. "Johnnie John dashes here. John dashes There Always cn The run AlThouc1h he sTrives wiTh business Tasks He doesn'T miss The Tun. 1 Galehouse, Amelia J. "Mimi A quiel, demure lype One who minds her own alfairs A qirl whose laughing, lovable ways Can? possibly pul on airs. Gilford, Allen A. "Gill ln classrooms he's a crackeriack We like his hearly lauqhler To qirls he never lurns his back, We wish him ioy herealler. Glover, Eleanor C. 'Hon We hear lhal Eleanor is enqaqed To a chap from l-lomeslead Park We all hope lheir married lile Will be as happy as a lark. Gross, Elmer A. "Daz A qross, lwelve dozen: A hundred 'lorry-four Here we have iusl Elmer And we don'l need any more. l-lamnell, Charles "Chuck" Charley's six feel four we hear, To :olleqe he will qo. We wish him luck for each new year, l-le loves his sluclies so. :lives fls'-3' T7- .FW SENIOQS IQBLL Gilford, Grace "Gracie l-larris, James "Jay Gibson John W. "Wally" Wally can qel' women And qel lhem prelly quick Bul when il comes lo German l-le doesn'l seem so slick. She's quiel, very likeable, And knows iusl whal lo say. Whenever school is finished, To her deliqhl, she'll play. Greenslein, Merle lvl. "Greenies Lack of sludy 'lis needless lo say Will never sland in Marlin's way. For he was lhe slern old socialisl And acled in lhe senior play. Guesl, Ellis Russell "Farmer" A iall, blonde qallanl, Who lauqhs al life: Forqels all his worries, Slavs away from slrile. Doesn'l care a fiq for qirls, Or even wine or sonq: l-le's sober and he's serious ln life, he'll qel along. Page twenty-two fi? SENIORS Harrison. George E. "Judge" V l A shy and bashful red-head Who freafs his sludies well. When ambifion slands The lesl Our George will sound The bell. Havrilla, Alberi "Al A+ firsl we lhoughf fha? he was shy Bul now he's proved his worlh As a business man he's rafed high Of work he knows no dearlh. i i Hleba, Frances "Friiz Frifz iusf loves her dancing And loves To falk To boys Bur you can be sure she is refined And doesn'l make much noise. Hoffman, Charles T. "Bud 'Tis said Thai 'Gen+s" prefer lhe blondes This may be +rue---and yer-- Gur handsome "Bud" seems To prefer A cerlain small brunerle. Homer, Gwendolyn "Gwennie" We never hear of Gwennie Unless we hear of Bill And has she go? vifalify? l'II say, she's never slilll lQ3l-L Page. twenty-three Hari, Thomas F. "Tommie' Tommie in fhe waler ls like en airship in The air Jusf swings his arms and kicks his Feel A flash---and he's there. Hill, Margarei E. "Peggy A plump, a cheery li+fle maid Who, we're sure will make ihe grade When if comes io being sweel Peggy Hill iusf can'+ be bear. Henderson, Donald H. "Don A freckled lad from Whi+aker A boy of bashful ways Bur when he walks along fhe sfree+ The girls qo in a daze. Hollis, Elmer F. "Chief "No, if can'f go in This issue" Or, "we musf add a leaf". Are fhe words of Mr. Hollis Our Fdifor-in-Chief. Hough, Donald "Houghie A slender breezy windslorm, A frumpef player loo. We hear he likes a cerfain one Who's known 'ro us as Sue. l-lorval, Andrew J. "Andy When il comes 'ro ialkinq Andy can play lhe game With his iokes and slories l-le puls lhe Baron lo shame. Flulme, 'Florence E. "Flossie When il comes To niceness Our Fl-ossie Jrakes rhe cake. She's a True blue personalily Posifively no? a fake. "J Jacobs, Virginia ake Jake has dancinq abilily - As all of us can see Bul only one ambilrion To chanqe her name lo "Dee", Johnson, Edna "Ed A qirl whose Tale-nfs may noi be known Bu? a poel she aims lo be May her fame reach all lhe bound- aries Of every well known sea. Jones, Gladys "Gladdy We seldom hear 'from Gladdy She's so quiel and so neal ' - She never fails 'ro give a smile To every one she meels. SENIOQS l-I resko, M ary Eliza belh Mary only slays al school Bur half The lime you see She works for a livinq, She qrasped opporlunily. Jacobs, Andrew "Yuck Good old Andy Jacobs Jolly, happy, bul dumb: And wlien he slarls lo arque l-le can slrinq you round his Thumb. Johnslone, Charles M. "Chuck A blonde and handsome chap Wl1o's as liclcle as can be. How many qirls were lhere lhis week? Answer, one, lwo, fhree. . ll Jonash, Margarel A. Peg No beller shorlhand sludenl, She knows her oullines well, Sure as a privale secrefary ln diclafion she'II excel. Kane, Frances Mary "Fran 'Tis said Thar persons wilh red-hair l-lave fiery disposilions Bur Frances is a palienf girl Wirh hiqhly aimed ambilions. I i IQBLL Page twenty-four liarch, Lillian Ann "Lili Hard work and ambilion Will carry lhis lass lhrough And when she reaches The lop She'll reach down and help you, liinq, Anna Rila "Ann A shy lillle qirl Bul never by herself When il' comes lo niceness Sl1e'II roi land on The shell. Knapp, lvlargarer E. "Peg Marqarel never braqs or boasls Abouf whal she can do Bul iusl works on and never fails To iacklo somelhinq new, all - Kovalik, Erma Od fflllfdllli A in Enqlish, A in Soc. A sludious lass is she Always sludyinq, always readinq She rales a hiqh deqree. Krell, Oliver O. "Krell A dashinq cabellero Who rides aboul in a car And when if comes lo personalily Onr Oliver is way above par. Page twent71-five SENIORS c so '9?33c c Kasnik, lvlary Helen Mary never qrurnbles When she has work lo do To say she will succeed ls nolhinq else buf lrue. Kline, Helen Pearl She's younq and ambilious She has nolhinq lo fear If she qoes lhrouqh lhe world Like she did This lasl year. Kolson, Edward lvl. "Eddie l-lere's a boy lhal worked And lrudqed riqhl on 'through I, Therels nolhinq he shirked Or ever failed lo do. Kowalski, Ellwood D. "Doc Throuqh lhe halls he slruls Nauqhl cares he for life Always searching, always Iookinq For a diminulive wife. ..l l Kuloasak, Lucille lvl. Lucille's velvely skin ls like buddinq rose pelals And her beauliful, biq, brown eyes Are as shininq as melals. ' Kushner, Gerlrrude lvl. "GerJrie" Sporls are Ger+ie's diversion ln baskelball she excels When givinq her own version Of wha? her qame enfails. Lacey, Hilda lvl. "Smiles Hilda draws, And Hilda sinqs. leefs hope Hilda Excels in all lhinqs. Leadbealer, Dolores "Dee" A blonde, curly haired girl Who sels boys' heads in a whirl. When she sieps in sighl They are bound lo fiqhl. Leppla, Ernesline D. "Em" A black haired maiden Wilh lauqhinq counfenance Always aqreeable Never showinq imperlinance. Lloyd, Susan "Sue" She -vas a capable Senior She has a clever brain She slarled lasks by leading And we followed in her frain. SENIORS IQIBLL Kuzma, John l.. "Kelly" Happy Q0 lucky John Nor a care in This wide world Always qivinq and faking puns The flaq of fun unfurled. Lang, Marlin "Marry" An honor sociefy fellow One of lhe slaqe quild foo. And lei us lell you This fhinq His 'Friends are many, nor few. Leeper, Alan B. "Leeper A member of The Annual Slaff Who worked wilh miqhf and main His clever quips aren'+ always heard Bu? he makes fhem iusf The same. Link, Francis E. Jr. "Frank A sfudious chap Wifh friendship sincere His parh will surely Brinq a professional career Lobona, Slella C. "S'rel As a winsome brunefle Wilh a smile so sweef We all aqree Shels duife a lreal. Page twenty-six Lucas, Mary Helen "Dee" She worked on 'the paper slall W'ilh earnesl True endeavor We always will remember her And wish her ioy forever Malone, Margarel Olive Black hair and prelly eyes She'd caplivale boys wilh her charm Bul Olive's only ambilion musl be A qreen and while home on a farm. Marsh, Merel Russel Jovial, likeable Merel Halls from Vondera Plan And when you are in need of aid l-le'll help you if he can. Maris, Margarel "Peg This blue-eyed blonde is prelly Bul my, oh my, she's shy. And if you look your sure lo find Some misohief in her eye. McDonald, Lawrence "Leaner" Somewhal a ladies man Ye? iusl a wee bil shy Bu? he is iusl a dandy lad l-le makes lhe qirlies sigh. Page twenty-seven SENIORS so V234 Magnuson, Dorolhy l'l. "Bagga' lnlelliqeni in German B.iqhl in English Class She's an honor sludenl Sure lo rise above The mass. Markowilz, Frank In baskelball he's quick oi fool' In class he's quick of mind We all agree he's one qoad soorl Nor many of his kind. Malhfoson, Margarel A. "Peg This deliqhllul girl is, oh, so nice She has many moods lhey say, Sornerimes she Ts. oh, so serious And olher limes so qay. McClalchey, Jean E. "Mo Shes so versed in vocabulary Tha? when she slarls lo speak Her many words of wisdom Our "WebsTer's" we do seek, McGill, James VV. "Jim We lhink his aim in life should be An announcer iine and lair Bul as yel he's iusl a Gigolo With a way Thai gels him There. W - Marley, Ruih A. "Rul'hie' We he-ar she's in a glee club OF dear old Whilalcer "U" So l'rn sure she'll sinq us a lillinq Whenever we are blue, Milchalc, Josephine M. "Jo" She's a capable liclcel seller Af The lhealre every niql-i+--- A cheerful, busy maiden Who works wilh all her rniqhl. Morgan, Cafherine M. "CaHy Sweel lilfle Caiherine Wifh eyes of qreen She's very shy And does nor preen. Murphy, Mary E. "Curly Mary is a quief miss A maiden sweef, buf rare Jusf one qirl in a car-load Who hasn"r bobbed her hair. Noroslqi, Dorolhy V. "Doi If eyes are "mirrors of Jrhe soul" Jusl loolc inlo our Do+'s For her's reveal The sparlcle of youfh Wilh mischief found in "spols". f SENIORS Michaels, William "Bill" Tall and dark and handsome And a lirsf rale crooner, l-Ie also rales wilh fhe weaker sex We wish we had me? him sooner. Milliren, Violel "Bunny Tall and very slender Wilh hopes Thai are so high Shell never be happy "Till she's The beller half of a .if he . Morris, Charlolie Ann A nicer qirl could noi be found ln any olhcr s'ra+e We 'rliinlc in life she will succeed Bur Hia? is up lo Tale. Neville, Thelma M. "Tiny Of all The Boswell Sislers Kale Smifh and So'n So's NVQ choose our sonqsler "Tiny" To render la's and do's. lsloroski, Gerirucle J. "Geri" Liille Geri' is noi a lilirf ln lad she's very shy Bul wiih her sweet demure-like smile We"e sure she will gel by. IQ3LL Page twenty-eight Noroski, Marie C. "Blackie" This qirl is very lalkalive She's qol a clever line So when if comes lo passinq She'll never have lo pine. Nuss, Mary June "Junie' June is a prelly maiden Buf shy and so demure Some day she'll win her hearfs desire Of lhal we're more fhan sure O'Malley, Anna M. "Bul'ch' Nofhinq more Nolhinq less A cheery maid From M. l-l. S. Papay, William A. "Bill ln loolloall games he scored a poinf ln classrooms knew his lesson Bul whal' he does oulside of school l-las us all a'quessin'. Palrick, Joseph D. "Joe" Joe is such a sober lad We know nol much aboul him Bu? he's so True and honesl We couldn'l do wilhoul him. Page twenty-nine SENIOQS L 19254 Norlhrup, William C., Jr. "Bill" l-le worked lo make our class suc- ceed l-le deem? braq or boasl And of all his school acquainlances l-le likes his "Gwennie" mosf. O'Donovan. Lois M. "Bulch' Cheerful, carefree Lois ls never in a hurry Thinks some day she'll qraduale Blll doesn'f care 'ro worry. O'Neal, Dorolhy M. "Do+' We wonder iusl how Dorolhy Dislinquishes her beau For she likes a cerlain Davis boy Who is a lwin, you know. Paslor, Louis J. "Feck' l-le would make a good debaler For in law class every day l-le always raised an arqumenf And had his share 'ro say. Percival, Jack "Percy Anolher M. l-l. S. chap Who likes lhern sweel and shy Thal's why he's so sfuck on A qirl from Woodlawn High. Pelers, Norberl P. "Nook" A red haired boy Whom you'd lhink would be a riol Bul Nook looled us He's awlully quiel. Ragan, John F. "Rals" ln Soc. class he can surely lalk He has an endless line Bul we hear lhal he is quile a sporl And lakes lhe qirls lo dine. Reich, William A. "Bill Manager ol lhis 'n lhal Tickel seller here Always busy al somelhing Throughoul his senior year. Ridqway, Harry Reynolds He's a very quiel Senior His hair's a mess ol curls And lhouqh he doesn'l say much He's liked by many girls. Rowe, Charles E. "Chuck" Our handsome lillle Charles Chases Helen all lhe lime If we said whal he lhinks ol her This pos-rn wouldn'l rhyme. SENIORS IQ3l-L Posipanka, Helen "Blondie Her eyes are blue Her hair is blond And ol many beau brummels Our Helen is lond. Reed. Belly "Bells" Talkalive Belly Friendly lass Liked by all In lhe Senior class. Reposky, Mary Theresa "Tess Sludious Mary Clever girl She slands oul Jusl like any pearl. ii Roberls, John E. "Johnny He's briqhl in all his subiecls His dress is spick and span We lhink in fulure years, he'll be A successlul business man. Rusho, Eugene A. "Gene" He's slayed wilh us bul one shorl year He came lrom Cenlral High He look lhe qirlies all by slorrn And aller him lhey sigh. Page thirty Rusnak, Louise Anna "Weez" Quiel an sedale ln her own way Bul qrasped al opporlunily And lhen made hay. Schwarlz, Harry W. "Wes A qood sporl and a mixer I-le's liked by one and all He surely is a powerful lad Tho' nol so very lall. Sharpe, Thomas l-l. "Tommie" Handsome Tommie Ladies Lisl Sweel Sixleen Never missed. Sholly, Thelma Fay "Fay" She possesses wisdom And admirers by lhe score She's willy and she's prelly And she's never been a bore. Smilh, Jean Dolores "Capl." We know nol whal she aims lo be This willy clever maid Bul wilh such a personalily Shed excel in any lrad s .1 Page thirty-one SENICDRS Schoup, Thomas Warren Women don'l inleresl him a bil And neilher do his sludies Bul you always see Warren Wilh plenly ol his buddies. Seach, l-lelen E. "Bundy' She'd make a qood slenoqrapher For she knows shorlhand well ' Bul as lo whal she aims lo be We really igannol lell. Shioe, William P. "Bill Mr, Shipe in Chemislry ls prelly smarl we lhink And when il comes lo debales l-lis Doinl is plain as ink. Shook, Mildred Rulh "Millie Mildred was quile clever She knew iusl whal lo say When someone asked lor her niqhlwork She answered, "qc aboul your way". Smi-Hn, Rulh "Smilly Rulh is iusl a liny blonde Wilh lealures neal and small She qalhers lriendships by lhe score As lor boys, she likes lhem all. .s-io34--s-He-e- eeeeeee New Smoley, Andrew John "Abe Ouief and serene A boy of likeable ways His sludies are never neqlecled As he passes ihrouqh school days. Spahn, Helen Aldridge A smile 'lor every classmale This lifile miss beslows And she's chuck full of goodness From her head down To her foes. Sfarr, Fern "Fain Fern Sfarr is lalkalive Secrefs are noi in her line She and Winchell make a pair Wifh news lhey're always +here. Slrang, Evelyn "Ev Evelyn never sfudies Unlil lhe elevenfh hour Then she has fo 'fry To "cram" all in her power Svianiek, Marlin R. "Marry" Mariy's always in lroulole l'le's always in scrapes galore Bu+ even so we assure you l-le'll never be a bore. SEINIOIQS IQ3LL Solak, Johanna Josephine Sunny Jo she should be called For she's pleasanl all The while We never see her anylime Wiihoul her charming smile. v i Sianron, Marlha Louise "Marry Marlha sews al all her clolhes And makes her own designs Anoiher "famous" in laler years F By improving cusiomer's lines. i v Slevens, Eleanor l-lonor "Susie Quiet shy, and pelile Minds her own affairs Knows iusi when lo say "Yes, sir" Or remedy someones cares. Surinctik, lqnalius W. "Iggy" Iqqy keeps lo himself l-le's never in Trouble wilh life l-le minds his own affairs And in lhis way avoids siriie. Tarasovic, Malilda M. "Tillie" Bright laughing maiden Always gay as a lark If 'rhe world is sei on fire Tillie will Touch The spark. Page thirty-two Tonnanl, Winilred E. "Winnie" Winnie doesn'l need a draq To qel alonq in school She :an qel her work all clone Because she doesn'l lool. Timms, John "Johnny When if comes lo a qood lime Johnnie's always lo be found Riclinq. lalkinq. or dancinq wilh qirls Lel's hope he's nol qivinq Them lhe run-around. Toole, Marie "Mud l-ler eyes are prelly And she rales hiqh l-ler ways are willy Success in Ari is niqh. Whilehouse, Dorolhy E. Dorolhy look chemislry She knows aboul an oxide Bul even if she is a blonde We know il's nor peroxide. Wilhelm, Helen E. "Belly" A proleqe ol Miss Miller's ln music she will slar When her lirsf concerlo is played Men will say. "She will qo lar". Page thirty-three "Dol" SENIOIQS Thompson, John "Pudclin Head" Thompson and Trouble Go hand in qlove When his lho'ls lurn 'ro mischief i-le's sure To qive Them a shove. . Tolloorl, Virqinia lvl. 'llolloerl' Tolberfs prelly Tolber+'s lair A qirl whose nicencss is known Here, lhere and everywhere. Waclwa, Florence S. "Flossie' We hear Flossie plays lhe uke, And lhe moulh orqan loo We hope fha? some briqhl day Success will come +o you. Wihmer, Roloerl "Wibl3y" School is such a worry To Vlfibmer every day Some leacher always makes him work Jusl when he wanls 'ro play. Williams, Anna Belle "Bella" To be an Olympic swimmer , Our Anna Belle aspires 3 To These heiqhls she may rise Z IF she'll praclice lor hours. i .'93LF---- o. -. P in In Williams, Mary B. "Punk A pefife liffle miss Who came from Homeslead Hifqh One whose maqneric personalify Cafches every boy's eye. Wilson, William J. "Bill Bill is lall and handsome His ways are brighi and mellow A boy wifhouf a worry l-le's such an eleqible fellow. Woiherspoon, Roberr J. "Bob A boy who's fair and square And knkows iusi how fo acl Tellinq you he's a "regular" ls iusf a well known fad. SENIORS Yosr, Dororhy Vera "Doi" You never seo Rufh unless you see Dol Their paihs are 'rhe same al all limes May Dofs desiiny be a happy lol Sc she can 'rravel 'ro disfanf climes. IQSLL 'Wilson, Dororhy "Dol Dol can make a mean baskef When in lhe qame she plays indeed she's sweli in everyihinq Even in all her ways. Winfersfeen, John C. "Esquire Johnny is a hall cop Like a dummy, 'rhere he slands Bul he's nor such a dummy Wifh a "friq" book in his hands. Yopko, Dororhy E. "Doi Doi is in lhe Honor Socieiy Why? Because she's smarr l.e+'s rhank our dear old high school For qivinq her a sfarf. l L Page thirty four SENICDQS Corso, Nunzio Nance Kirsch, Charles John "Chuck' Tall, dark and handsome He also dresses neal Af school he always sludied hard Thai, we lhink, is quile a leaf. Flaherly, Agnes Florence Jus? a "miss" from our hiqh school Quiel and refined And anofher qirl more diligenf NVould be hard lo find, Holler, Margarei A. "Peg Peg is never in a hurry She knows school slarls al nine Ancl lhouqh she fries To keep lhe rule She's never here on lime. Inglis, David Fleming School is fhe leasf of lhis boy's worries l-le's lull of English qril Buf when il comes fo liking qirls He cares for fhem, nol a bil. I age th1, rlllzfive When problems rnusl be done Chuck surely knows his Malh As a business accounlanl We're sure he'll sland lhe gall. Lindberg, Paul L. "Lindy A handsome dancer and swimmer A boy of likeable ways l-le loves lhem and leaves lhem which only shows If isn'+ always fhe fellow who pays. Spangler, Margarel May "Peg Whenever we see Marqarel We rhink we're seeinq double For Marqarel is a Twin you see Thaf never causes lrouble. Spangler, Mildred A. "Milly Mildred is fhe olher half Of lhe Spangler lwinr we know Wilh curly hair and prelfy eyes And feefh as while as snow. IQBLL To make a pile ol dough. 1AklkVlllllBlllllllll1IDNS .ID Name Alexander, Calherine Anawall, Helen Bald, Sara Baran,, Margarel Bauer, Carmella Barron, Naomia Bayuk, Joseph Bayuk, Margarel Blolzer, Helen Bokesch, Helen Bollon, Rulh Boolh, Rhoda Bosl, Charles Dudas, Joseph Dunlap, Glenn Ednie, Nellie Egerman, Theodore Emery, Rulh Eskeng George Evans, William Fedor, Joseph Ferencz, Olga Flaherly, Agnes Freehlinq, Roberl Fudala, Anna Garrily, James Garrily, Margarel Garvey, John Galehouse, Amelia Gibson, Wallace- Gillord, Allen Glover, Eleanor Greenslein, Marlin Gross, Elmer Guesl, Ellis Gilford, Grace Hamnell, Charles Harris, James Harrison, George l-larl, Thomas Havrilla, Alberl Hill, Marqarel Hleba, Frances Heller, Margarel Henderson. Donald l-lollman, Charles Elmer Hollis, Homer, Gwendolyn Hough, Donald Horval, Andrew Hresko, Mary Hulme, Flossie David Andrew Inglis, Jacobs, Jacobs, Virginia Johnslone, Charles Johnson, Edna Jonash, Margarel Jones, Gladys Kane, Frances Karch, Lillian Kasnik, Mary King, Anna Kirsch, Charles Kline, Helen A mbition To be a slenographer. To leach French. To become a leacher. To go lo Hollywood. To lravel To be a 2nd Joan Crawlord To break par. be among N. Y's. 400. be an aclress. To To 'lo be a model To be a buyer. To be an airplane hosless. To be Dean ol Sing Sing. To lind why people save la money. To lind happiness. To be a leacher. To become weallhy quickly. llDllESllllllN lllllES To become Mrs. Bob Richey, To be an engineer. Destiny To be a peanul vendor. To be a chorus girl. To make a good wife. To be a spinsler. To be a prison malron. To be Kale Smilh's rival. Job replacing lurl. To be a ianilress. To be a gold digqer. To be a- dress maker. To be a mannikin. To be a nighlclub hosless. To be ianilor al Slale Prison. rge gums OFN millionaire. An underlaker. A sales lady. To become a marine and see lhe nexi world from an airplane. Mechanical Engineer. Gym leacher. To leach hislory. To marry Belly Wilhelm. Privale Secrelary. 'School direclor. Concerl pianisl. None. Secrelary lo lhe Presidenl. To live in Homeslead Park. Barlender. Privale secrelary. Allorney General ol U. S. A coach. To lind oul whal German is Domeslic science leacher. Teacher ol Theology. Conlinue ealing big meals. Baseball slar. Swim lhe Allanlic Ocean. Journalisl. Some kind ol musician. To marrv a billionaire. Slenographer. To be an honesl polilician. all aboul. Love, Honor, and Obey---Flossie. To complelely salisly---lhe blond. To be an ice cream lasler. Keep away from women. Commander-in-Chief ol: lhe Air Corps. Typisl. A hobo. Marry a redhead. To be a shoemaker. 'Be a lruck driver. Slreel car conduclor. To be a greal swimmer. To be a poel. To be a garbage man. To be a chorus girl. A magician. A blues singer. To grow up. Janilress in While House. To be an explorer. An evangelisl. Opera singer. A bank presidenl. Waler boy al Pill. Holel Manager. Dish washer. A rackel eer. Skelelon in lhe circus. To be a milkman. To be an avialor. A newsboy. A piano luner. To sell penny candy. To collecl bullerllies. An iceman. To be a polygamisl. Marry a brunelle. To freeze lo dealh. Presidenl ol a Girls' School. U. S. ArmyDeep sea diver. To marry an accounlanl lo be. Cake decoralor. Missionary in Alrica. Real eslale aqenl. Big league baseball player. To marry a surgeon lo be. lnlerior Decoralor. Journalisl. To be a midnighl prowler. Marry a millionaire. Secrelary. Slenoqrapher. Marry a millionaire. To lall in love. Sucesslul business man. To Go places and do lhings. Ping-pong champion. To be a scrub woman. To be a bricklayer. Second Samuel Johnson. Nurse in cal hospilal. To be a scrubwoman. Second Clara Bow. Housewife. To live in lhe Poor House. llarachule iumper. Fuller Brush salesman. To be a seamslress. Page thirty-six AllVlllllBlll1llllllDNS AN lU lllllligillllllollllllig Name Knapp, Marqarel Kolson, Edward Kovalik, Erma Kowalski, Ellwood Krell, Oliver Kubasalc, Lucille Kushner, Gerlrude Kuzma, John Lacey, Hilda Lanq, Marlin Leadbealer, Dolores Leeper, Alan Leppla, Ernesline Lindberq, Paul Link, Francis Lloyd, Susan Lobona, Slella Lucas. Mary Maqnuson, Dorolhy Malone, Olive lvlarkowilz, Frank Marsh, Merel Malhieson, Marqarel Malis, Marqarel McClalchey Jean Murlha, Roberl McDonald, Lawrence McGill, James Marley, Rulh Michaels, William Milchak, Josephine Milliren, Violel Morqan, Calherine Morris, Charlolle Murphy, Mary Noroski, Dorolhy Neville, Thelma Noroski, Claire Noroski, Gerlrude Norlhrup, William lluss, June f7'Donovan, Lois O'lvlalley, Anna Marie O'lXleal, Do'olhy Papay, Vlfilliam Paslor, Louis Palrick, Joseph Percival, Jack Pelers, Norberl Posipanka, Helen Raqan, Regis Reed, Belly Reich, William Reposky, Mary Ridqeway, Harry Roberls, John Rowe. Charles Rushe, Euqene Rusnak, Louise Schoup, Warren Schwarlz, Wesley Seech, Helen Sharpe, Thomas Shipe, William Y Y Y Y Shollyf Thelma- -- Page thi'rty-seven Ambition Privale secrelary. To be a chemisl. To be a llaq pole siller. Learn how lo drive. Pide a horse riqhl. To be a success in lile. Baskelball coach. To become a Priesl. To be a lomboy. Slarl workinq. To lravel. To beal Joe's par. To be a slenoqrapher. To be Clark Gable lhe second. To become an aqricullural Chemisl. To be a lamous diplomal. To qrow up. Control lhose blond curls. To have a lol ol lriends. 'lo be an old maid school leacher. To be or nol lo be in love. Cerlilied Accounlanl. Learn whal H.,O is. Business woman. To qo lo colleqe. Champion Liar ol lhe world. To own lhe Waldorl Asloria Holel. Fake a check on Michael. Marry a weallhy good-looking allenliv younq man. Banker. Go over biq as a "liclcel qirl'. To enioy lile. To qel married. To qrab lhe lirsl weallhy man alonq. To qel married. To cruise alonq. Radio sinqer. To be a qreal aclress. To marry a millionaire. To make a million dollars. To become a nurse. Bridqe experl. To be a secrelary. To qel married. To be a bachelor. To be a biq shol rackeleer. Nol have lo work. To be a mid-shipman in lhe navy. To be a rackeleer and boolleqqer. To be a second Jean Harlowe. Superinlendenl ol somelhing. To be a movie aclress. To say "lhislles" wilhoul "lilhpinq". To own a Chrysler roadsler. Enioy mysell. To knock oul Primo Carnera. Salesman. To have a Harem wilh 40 wives. Privale secrelary. "Knock around" and see lhings. Destiny Success. To sludy worms. To succeed. Thirly days. Slable boy. To drive a Lion lamer. To be convicled ol biqamy. To be a manicurisl. kiddy-car. Baker. To be a slreel cleaner in Washinglon. Explorer. To be wile ol a coal miner. Orqan qrinder. A larrn-hand. A preachers wile. Win success. Privale secrelary. Teacher. Marry a pupil. To calch a poor lish. Slorekeeper. Chemislry leacher. Clerk in lhe live-and-len. To bollle pasle. Sunday School leacher. To be a bool-black. Cab driver. 9To be a lovelorn columnisl. A second Binq Crosby. lnlormalion clerk. Have her lillle lun. Success in order. lhal comesGolddiqqer. Chorus qirl. Where lhere's a will lhere's a husband To ioin Sinqer's midgels. To work in a box ollice. Success in quanlily. To be a sporls wriler. Raise chickens. Hosless. Prelsel bender, She'll be married. To be lhe slronq-arm Ollice boy. Policeman. A lisherman. A success. man. Run a beauly porlor. Chiel ol Police. To be an usher. Radio announcer. Roller skale champion. driver. Truck Flallened by a sleam roller. Commissioner ol slreel cleaners. A bachelor. Clerk. Ambilious all ol a sudden. To be lhe lirsl lo swim lhe AllanlicA barlender. Ocean. Successlul business woman. To be a Giqolo. To be an enqineer. Sla'qe'or'sUeen aclFess. Y Y Y Y Y Y Courl Reporler. To do lhe rumba. Dilch fliqqej. YYYY Y,,, Y , gecond Mae Wesl. AllVlllllBlllTlTllllTDNS KNIT? llDllES1lTlllN1llllES Name Shook, Mildred Smilh, Jean Smilh, Ruih Smoley, Andrew Solak, Johanna Spahn, Helen Spanqler, Margarel Spanqler, Mildred Slanion, Mariha Slarr, Fern Slevens, Eleanor Slranq, Evelyn Surincik, lqnafius Svianlek. Marlin Tarasovic, Mafilda Tennanf, Winifred Thompson, John Timms, John Tolberl, Virqinia Toole, Marie Wacha, Florence Whifehouse, Dorolhy Wibmer, Roberl' Wilhelm, Elizabelh Williams, Anna Belle Williams, Mary Wilson, Doroihy Wilson, William Winlersieen, John Wolherspoon, Roberi Yopko, Dorolhy Yosl Dorolhy Ambition To fly. To be a banker. To be a Sienoqrapher. an avialor. l-losfess. To be Airway To be a school Teacher. Slenoqrapher. Sienoqrapher. Desiqn l-lollywood's clolhes. Librarian. To be a candy iasler. Aclress. Doq-cafcher. Win Grand Nalional Sleeple Perlecf Sienoqrapher. To run an orphan asylum. To be a docfor. Mechanical enqineer. Radio arlisl. Comic arlisf. To be a beaulician. To be a nurse. Surveyer. Musical comedy direcior. Privale Secrefary. Own ermine coal and have orchids af my weddino. Denial l-lyqenisl. Live nexi door io Rushe's l-larem. To become secrelary of aqricullure. Aufomolive enqineer. Fan dancer. Inferior Decorafor. Chase. Destiny Go lo Heaven. To inherif a million dollars. Shorihand Teacher. Sewer cleaner. To be a cook on a boai. Be a playqround direcior. Fall in love. To make a qood wife. Waifress. Sell books. To have a ioolhache. Colored impersonalor. Presideni of U. S. Work for his livinq. To visii' Mars. To siudy flowers. A horse doclor. Sireef car molorman. Librarian. Replace Seqar. A pasfry arfisl. A success. Gardener. Prison malron. Second Grela Garbo. To be disappoinied. Sell loofh-brushes. lCan'+ be desliriedl. Radio Tube Tesfer Crooner A nun. A Window Washer Page thirty-eiflht ilbekgii NWVillilLilL 2AkNllD ilillESilf2AMWlilENili MQEQEW Prornpfed by a few miscellaneous hearf-aches and so forfh---We, fhe class of '34, aware of a creeping sensafion in our bones, a premonifion of expirafion, deem if advisable fo impose all our righfs and possessions on fhe sorely misguided Juniors, who, we fear, will receive a sad iolf when fhey sfack up againsf fhe frials and lribula- fions of fheir lasf period of high school life---or should we say sfrife. We hereby do appoinf "Alice fhe Soon" and one of fhe "Jones Boys" as ioinf execufioners of our fesfamenfary documenf. Where upon, where by, whaf so ever, and whaf's fhe difference, we do be- queafh fhaf mysferious brofherhood, fhe "Club Embassy" fo fhe male porfion of our successors, and earnesfly frusf fhaf fhey will nof allow fhe disrupfion of such an il- lusfrious old order founded on such noble principles. We also mighf as well officially offer fhe feachers a liffle resf and appoinf fhem adminisfrafors of fhe "breaks" which we didn'f get fo fhe mosf deserving of fhe underclassmen. Individually we hereby leave fhe following fo our successors: James Garrify leaves---his superior danc'ng abilify fo "Diddle" Brown. Jean Smifh---her heighf in fhe world fo "lnl:y" Sfrang. Bob'Wofherspoon---his "ignorance" fo any claimenf. Sue Lloyd---her driving lessons fo no one. Allan Gifford---his air of brawn To "Cupid", Eleanor Sfevens---her cufe curls To Alma Lynch. Bill Wilson---his "high pockef" characferisfic fo Dick Whifrnan. Flossie l-lulme---her clufches on "Bud" fo fhe wide world. John Roberfs---his powerful physique fo "Tiny" lvlifchell. Dof Magnuson-V-her abilify fo make friends fo "Nookie" Cosgrove. Jack Percival---his Irish girl friend, Presgaslopski, fo anyone. Beffy Wilhelm---her man eafing abilify fo some cufe lion. Alan Leeper---his opporfunify fo some sucker fo make fhe same misfakes. Naomi Barron---her acfing abilify fo Rifa Diefzen. Bill Michaels---his crooning abilify fo Jack Bowers. Gwen Homer---her pleasanf disposifion fo somebody. , Bill Norfhrup---his-classepresiderrcy and ofherworries To his' successor. ' Virginia Tolberf---her abilify fo hand ouf a line fo some gabby Junior. Page thirty-nine llhbkgll lWVlllllLllL fhlxlllli lllllES1lF2XllVllQllEN1ll K 'X f N Cl lvlarly Greenslein---his socialism lo Jrhe highesl bidder. Slella Lobona---her snappy looks lo Marion McGill. Joe Bayuk---his lun and memories io Jrlie Hlasle-sl guy John Kuzma---his knowledge of "Soc" fo Mr. Wilson. Bill Reich---his oriqfriol ic-lces lbolh ol lheml lo Mr. Cox. And now, Class ol '35, 'leveri,fl'liinq we have is yours". Vlfe honeslly 'rrusl lhal you will carry on and shive loward lhe accomplishmorils ol your success, as we deparl inlo The queslioning lulure. lSiqnedl Tl-IE CLASS GF I934. Paf i dl? HU N IVE UD HQ S 1 Page forty-two ilQiID SiliilEilQ i Frank Ackerman Helen Anderson Helena Ba-glues Thelma Baqley Jean Bair Kaihleen Baker John Balini Anne Banyais Thomas Barnes Harold Berqer Howard Berqcr Roberl Berreii Cyril Bielek Olqa Bielek Alice Blewiil Eleanora Selibruch Jack Bower Edward Boyle William Brown Janei Byee Marqarel Cain James Caldwell Edward Calhoun Maxine Carney Julia Cherep Louise Clarke William Clifford Elsie Crawford Janer Crawford Kalhryn Crilchlow Hudson Coley Olive Corey Joseph Corso Mary Cosqrove Cainerine Courier Lau'a Coyne Andrew Uankovic Robzri Davies Jack Debrick Theresa Dedik Ri'a Dieizen Esiher Douqlas Wilma Duehe John Dudas Vinceni Dulfey Thelma Eckley May Ednie Paar j?n'fy-flzwrr Gerlrude Eqerman Mary Enriqhi John Evan iieqis Fechier John Fedor Marlin Elaherlv Edward Frankwieh Marqarer Georqe Maxie Godleski Enehemia Graham Helen Granqor T!-omas Grilolale Bernice Guiney Mae Gusiaison John Hacker Ceorqe Haqer Som Ganqlo Rebecca Harrison John Halbob Jane Henny Alberi Henry Loanore Hickey Rurh Hicks like Hoblac Berry Hoffman Clifford Holder LaCiair Hollis Andrew Hudak Joseph Hvaszia Belly James Eva Johnson John Johnson Belly Jones Clair Jones Hall Kane Olive Kenvin Mary Kino Janel Kniqhl John Kohui Slephen Kolsun Georqe Kornlos John Kopacz John Koslow Frank Koval Edward Krall Mary Krayczar Howard Krell Callierine Kuloan Dolores Lacey Olcia Laelxo Cha lolie Laird Elizaboih Lamb James Lancas lwiarie Laziqhran Uxrnard Lolafe James Len Cornelia Lenqyel Elhel Lenqyel Thooilore Lesko Reqina Lesnicek llariei Link Andrew Lipnickey John Losz I lolene Lukaizak Alma Lynch Ma yzfifi MacKenzie Georqe Macko Eleanor Mahony Vifilhelmina Manns Roloerla Mansell llarqarel Maniirs Aloi Malhie Chrissie Malhie Daniel Maries Andrew Mawin Lois McAnuliy James McClaichey James McLauqhlin lloward McCollum Marian McGill Mary McMahon Acines McKinney Vicloria Merva l'iar'olyn Meyers Berrha Miller Jngk Mirchell Jane Moon Anna Mae Moore Raloh Moore Dororhy Morqan Joseph Morqan Jane Muir Rosaleon Munnelv Marqarel Murphy William Nady Violei' Naqy Anne Naicher Ruih Newman Kennelh Niles Siewarl Nolale Vfilliain lloel Cliayles Noroski Rf ',e.'i Noroski iiihn Olaah Paxil Qrner .lslizs Orosz Grace Orris F cncis Oioole Pail Owioole Josephine Polcrylka Helen Palsa ilarciaei Popp Aqnes Parks Elhel Parks Rifa Palierson luiaroarei Pefers Vfilliim Refers Lill an Pieiior iioroiliea Piloqhar Aqries Pido Grayie Road Anna Radaci Merle Redpalh Charles Redshaw Ire"e Repovsky Reynolds Helen Daniel Richards Elrier Rilchie Philip Rolaefis l 'aomi Robson Caiherine Rodqer Frank Rusnak Alma Ruiler Minnie Rydesky William Sabo Lillian Saico Roberi Schillinq Kennelh Schofield Edward Seeman Paul Seqida Juno Soiss Mary Severa Annelie Siedlas Sisan Simko il iih Siviis Allneri Slarupa Bernard Skerlaa Jack Skerloa Emil Slivka Clarence Sloan Joseeh Smeiana Clyde Srniih Emmeii Smiih Joseph Smiih lfao'ni Smiih Ada Slaley OI ga Sarika Marie Sleiner lsabelle Siranq James Summer Louise Susdy Harry Sykes Sleven Sylveslro Louis Tackach Ceorqe Thomas lliok Threliall Caiherine 'lichen lleleri 'iinal Eiizabelh loih Elmer Troui Loziis Uhler Joseph Varqo Mary Louise Vines Janelle Walson Vfillanr Weckerle Richard Whiiman Louise Wiclcerham Elifabeih Wilkeson Berry Wilson Marqarei Winlers Paul Woelke No man Worley Mary Yanqo Iiarqarei Yarina Maroueriie Younkins Anne Zencuk Raymond Zimmerman lllllllllSllllDllQNY AnoTher Senior Class is ready To sTep inTo The world QT Today and To make room Tor The ever advancing underclassmen who are also sTriving To assume The role oT graduaTes OT Munhall l-ligh. IT Those seniors will sTop and look behind Them They will see a Junior Class composed oT sTudenTs Trom many secTions oT lvlunhall, conTaining The TirsT group oT graduaTing sTudenTs Trom Woodlawn, sTudenTs who have been in Munhall lrom Their TirsT year, sTudenTs Trom ouTlying disTricTs and Trom parochial schools. They will see aThleTes who have wriTTen a page in hisTory by beaTing l-lomesTead Tor The TirsT Time in ThirTeen years and who will send TorTh a Team nexT year To wriTe TurTher in The his- Tory oT The school's aThleTic accomplishmenTs. Since our enTrance as Treshmen we have worked hard Toward The Junior Prom by giving dances, bake sales, Tea dances, selling magazines and candy, and in oTher ways making money Tor This long anTicipaTed evenT. The seniors will see a prominenT scholasTic group who are doing Their besT To Top The Tine record oT The Class oT '34, Miss Williams has, as The FaculTy Advisor, made a Tine Tinancial record lor This class. AssisTed in her aTTempTs To organize The class by George l-lager, Charles Noroski, Richard WhiTman, and John Hacker, as class oTicers, she made a record oT cooperaTion oT which The Junior Class will be proud. ln saying goodbye To This graduaTing class, The Junior Class expresses The hope To leave behind, when They in Turn receive Their diplomas, as line a record as The Class OT '34 is leaving upon graduaTion. Page fbr -T'T- I 5 N i lr W4 X SUDIWHNK4NDlW4JD1NQ1JES F1 I I H' H 1 W iy W Hi iv W w H ff V M W N! QM w l i W U n Nj MH Vw w w 1 I MM w My W 4 . Um 1 5 W W 11 1 5 N , 1 il I" If June Abboll Alberl Adams Jerome Alexander Verna Anlol I-lelen Bailey Georqe Barna Edna Barron Belly Barry Helen Barry Ivan Bielek Francis Boqus Jane Bonalice Virqinia Bosl Harriell Bowers I'fall'ryn Boylim Louise Brinker Mae Brinker Robefl Brocki Edward Buqel Paul Buqos Chrislina Cairns Garnelh Canfield Helen Chonlas Edward Coslelnik Foslus Cloonan Mildred Cloonan Belly Clark Joseph Connelly llellie Corso Helen Crawford John Curlis Elizabelh Czaikow Mary Davis Nancy Davis Roy Davis XfValler Demski Paul Dielzen Berllaa Domeiczay Earl Ackerman Roberl Allman Marian Arlman Rila Baker Jack Bool Roberl Blauqher Andrew Beveridqe William Barry Richard Bamlord Belly Caldwell John Chamberlin Slurley Cook Efiel Coombes William Dahlman Robe-rl Davis Charles Dixon Roberl Dixon Page fo ski lliQ,lD STITIIEIIQ llildred Douqhly Dorolhy Downey Milze Ducar Jean Dunlcle I larry Dunlap Lewis Eakman Roberl Eberharl Frank Eqecl Eilward Ellis Thelma Emery Paul Feder Virqinia Fosler Sieve Gabocv Jack Gafrily Helen Gaub Sophia Geary llolvin Gehriq Jack Glick Irene Gonqla Ilelen Gollus Anlhony Greco Helen Grierbar Genieve Grob Harriell Guesl Anna Guidish Paul Hanchak Paul Hancock Joseph I-iavrilla Andrew Haylko Charles Haynes Vililson Henderson Marion l-Iill Sylvia Hollman Paul Howell Clarence- Hoza Anna Hudack Melva Hull VVilliam Hunler John Evans Roberl Ferllemes Marie Fisher I larrison Freidel llorrnan Floyd Leonard Fleming Paul Fleminq Joseph Fullon XVilliam Gibson Elmer Gross Dorolhy Guslalson Mary Gollschlinq Anna Haqerly Lois Hallam Oliver Handlesman Samuel Harris James Hollis MUN!-IALL Pauline Jacko Louise Jacobs Roborl Jacobson l'ary James Joseph Jenko llelvin Johnson Roberl Jolinslon David Jones S'ephen Kacin Edna Kernohan Belly Kinq Marcia el Kilzinqer Joe Knapp Myra Kohn Madeline Kondis Susan Kornak Joseph Kosuda Lillian Koza Oliver Krall Dorolhy Krames Vi qinia Kuhn Joseph Kushner Charles Lacey Clara Lassef Elizabellw Lescanrc Edna Lewis Edilh Link Aqnes Lipnickey Sarah Lorah John Marcinko .loseph llarcinko S'anley Marzic I Ialan Masenko Marcella McCarfhey Florence McCallerly Virqinia McGarey Roborl Merrick Kallie ine l,lolnaf WOGDLAWN Joan Hulme Harold Johnson Millard Jones Creorqe Koko William Knapp Andrew Krall XViIliam Laikov Elsie Lesko John Lucas Clarles Maloney Doris Meyers Eileen Milz Juno Milz Isabelle McDowell Ma qarel McDowell Helen McGuire Jack Neunclorl Mary Murray Emma Naqy Helen Naqy Gorlrude Nau Marie Nan Be nard Noroski Harold Noroslii Joseph Nuqenl Olive Obbaqv Aqnes Olack Dolly Olcnik Verona Oross Joseph Orosz Evelyn Owen Aqnes Paha Elizabelh Popovich Lois Palmer Michael Pasay Elizabelh Pearson Francis Plapperl F ancis Pokrywka Elmira Polls Alice Pulaski Louise Redpalh Jack Reed Florence Richards Lois Richards Howard Richey Palrick Rodqers llellie Rowe Elsie Rusnak llelen Savko Viqinia Schmidl Peqqy Schmill Susan Seqas Wilma Seqas Russell Seqida Rachel Shawl Rulh lleville Thomas O'NeaI Virqinia Ord Allan Pearson William Pleiller Louise Piall Florence Raman Dorolhy Redshaw Lfeorqe Reese Ea'l Rowse Roberl Russell llichael Rusnak Phillip Schavone Arlhur Seibel Roberl Shissler Slanley Skyrmes Aqnes Smidansky Madeline Shook Helen Smilh James Smilh I-lelen Solay Herberl Solomon Mary Sovaslnka llarlha Spahn Loma Spidle John Spisak Aqnes Slaska Michael Slricho Edna Slewarl llerela Sleull Raymond Sullivan Charles Sumpler Andrew Swelz Roberl Thomas John Tomko Andrew Tolh Malilda Tasco Violel Voql S-isan Volessko Michael Vrabel Malilda Wacha Verna Walker Alexander Wallace Joe Wasko Rulh Wassell Alberl Wehrer Zella Wilkinson Belly Williams Donald Williams I Iuqh Winlersleen Jean Winlersleen Sarah Worlon Roberle Wolherspoon Helen Yopko Evelyn Zaiac Rusell Zeiqler Rila Sleimer Roberl Sleiner Roberl Slobey Lloyd Slranq Naomi Slranq Slephen Szokoly Almira Taylor Marjorie Taylor Henry Theil Joseph Wall Josephine Wandzora Marlha Walerman Gordon Walson Thomas Welsh Thomas Wilson TTHTTTTTSTTQTDTTQNY MUNI-JA LL ForgeT The sophomores? Impossible---Tor under The leadership oT iTs capable presidenT, Alber Wehrer, This class has gone Tar. The sophomores organized early This year Tor class elecTions, The ouTcome oT which was The selecTion oT The Tollowing oTTicers: A!berT Wehrer, president Jack Reed, vice-president Virginia SchmidT, secreTary-Treasurer. As sophomores, They celebraTed The beginning oT a year OT social acTiviTies wiTh The Sophomore ParTy. The TirsT oT a number oT successTul aTTairs was The Sophomore Tea Dance. To The sophomores goes The honor oT sponsoring The mosT successTul Tea dance OT The season. The second and Third Tea dances were equally successTul Tor The class seT a higher sTandard Tor conducTing dances oT This Type. The Two bake sales which Tollowed These dances gained The hearTy supporT of members oT all Tour classes. The enTire sTudenT body ioins in wishing Tor This class as much luck in The TuTure as They have had in The pasTl WOODLA WN When we enTered The building as Treshrnen lasT year, we were The TirsT 'Fresh- man class. We were very proud OT our school and were willing To keep iT as nice as we possibly could. The mosT ouTsTanding acTiviTy ThaT we, ourselves, puT on was "Polished Pebbles". This was an opereTTa dErecTed by our music Teacher, Miss Mil- ler. The ouTsTanding parTs were played by The sophomores. We were laTer organized inTo one large group, appoinTing Mr. CharlTon as class advisor. AlberT Wherer was our president DoroThy Redshaw, vice-president and ArThur Seibel was secreTary and Treasurer. Our class was noT organized unTil The laTer parT oT The year and we did noT have The cooperaTion oT The pupils in order To raise money enough Tor a parTy. AT The close oT The year, mosT oT The Treshmen leTT To go down To Munhall To become sophomores. Those ThaT sTayed were The ones ThaT Took The academic course. The Tollowing SepTember came and we enTered as sophomores. Thar year everyone had a raTher superior Teeling, being The upper class. lT did noT Take long, Tho, To knock ThaT Teeling ouT and seTTle down Tor anoTher Term of hard school work. AT The beginning oT The year we were organized, Mr. CharlTon being our class ad- viser. ArThur Seibel was elecTed president MarTha WaTerman was elecTed vice- president and George Reese was elecTed Treasurer. We goT Toge-Ther in one oT our meeTings and decided To have a parTy. The parTy, Thanks To Miss Golden, was a big success. During iT, we danced, played games and served reTreshmenTs. The TirsT week in April, The Woodlawn school was honored by having a conce:-T by The Oberlin Women's Glee Club. The proceeds Trcm This enTerTainmenT were used in The pay- menT OT The new scenery which was dedicaTed aT This Time. Page forty g 1 11? IQ IIE S H M IIE N I u s w Y l U in Y W N w ! 1, i l I Y I ff! Reqis Ackerman Calherine Bakanic Dennis Balinl Mae Barry Frank Barsic Russell Bauqhrnan Aqnes Birovek Louise Berlram Helen Bishkoll Belly Blewill Dorolhy Bobbin Eleanor Bodnar Henry Boqesdorler Anna Beldizar Mariorie Bolslerd John Brinda Sue Buchko Anna Bulka C-eorqe Bulka William Capo Muriel Carler Anna Chorba Virqinia Churma Kalhryn Connelly Evelyn Corey Marqa'el Cosgrove John Cowalsh Anna Czyz Irene Danscak Louise Davis Wilbur Dell John Demko Gail Douqlas Frank Dullek Pearl Dursl Rulh Eichler Alberl Enqlish Ralph Espy, Calherine Evans Mary Evans Michael Abraham Mallhcw Albrechl Arlhur Allman Louise Anderzon Elvira Baker Alberl Baloq Howard Bamlord Rose Barnosky - John Balchen Mildred Berqer Roberl Blacla Helen Bollon Calherine Bool Peler Bool Leis Braddock Elhel Crawlord Nell Croco Richard Clark Wm. Couller Relda Curran Jean Davis Marqarel Donahue James Dresher Do olhy Dunkerlon Florence Dunsavaqe Reqis Dunsavaqe Rila Easlman illaremce Ebrifer' Y Y Nalhan Elder Alberl Filz Madeline Filz Page fifty-one Jack Evans Anna Fechovic Marqarel Feodorke Mildred Flaherlv Seward Flelcher Janel Foresl Wesley Fox Florence Frankwich Mary Frena Marqarella Fudual Charles Fullard Elhel Gallagher Marqarel Garrily David Georqe Genevieve Gessner Russell Gibson James Gleason Louis G-lessner Edward Gross Florence Guiney Henriella Hacker Cverlrude.l'lGmlllOf1 Paul Harberl John Harrison Alberl Hlasnicek Rose Hlasnicek Audrey Horner Anna Horval Elizabelh Hrilzo Berlha Hulnaole Dorolhy Hellman Andrew Jacobs John Jacobs Rulh James Marqarel Jones Rachel Jones Joseoh Karch John Kaslelnik Marqarel Kazirnir Vernard Fleminq Belly Flynn Reed Freeborouqh Charlolle Geisl Helen Grillilhs Kennelh Grossell James Guesl Marlin Guslalson Dorolhy Haqer Mary Harlman Thos. Hardinqlon Geo. Havrilla Carl Hess Lois Hess Grace Hill Clyde Holder Rila Houy Jane Howell John lnqlis Gerlrude Jonash Mariorie Jones Marqarel Kovacs Thelma Kraeuler Marqarel Kurzdorlery Eric Lammerl Viclor Lenqyel Madeline Lewisi i i HEr6ld7.mkT Thos. Link Earl Lloyd Vincenl Labona lllQ,lD Sllllillkl MUNHA LL Slephen Kazimir Edward Knapp Mabel Kolson John Komar Elizabelh Korody Sleven Koslra Mary Koval Julia Krayczar Aqnes Krisik Clara Kenvin John Lacey Marlin Lacey Mary Lacey Mary Lalish Frank Lanq William Laylon Helen Lauqhran Dorolhy Lawrence Dorolhy Long Joseoh Lucas Chesler Lukaszak Slella Maqiera Vicloria Maluly Emma Manlics Mary Marcinko Mae. Markey Charles Marlin Elmer Marlin Vivian Marlinko Thomas Malhie Richard Malhieson Aqnes Malliko Harold McCarler Malcolm McConnell Julia Medar William Melcalle John Mihalcin Elmer , Milchak Nellie Miller Joseoh Mooney WOODLA WN Edwin Lynch Edilh Lewis Belly MacDonald Pauline Malis Olive Marsh Mary Jean Massie Anna Maxwell Joseph Maloney Clair Manns Hazel McComb Carolyn MacKenzie Joseph McDonald John McManiqal Edna McMillen Edward Menk Georqe Miller Mary Milco Alberla Miller Waller Moore Wm. Morgan Lynn Monlqomery Bernadelle Mooney Morqan Edilh Noel Morrison James Mulliqan Flora Mylord ' Naqy Julia Y Y Bpelw NiEhoTson Belly Niles Charles Neundorl Alice Nall Alice Moore Thomas Morqan Lucille Morl Delmar Needham David Noroski Peqqy Norlhrup Hele1 Novak Loona Novak Tillie Olack Mary Olenak Harold Oliver Thomas O'Malley John Ondo ,V Pearl Oll Helen Papo Roberla Parks Alberl Pa.k Alice Parish Francis Pasay Anna Pavlik Mary Perhac lfichael Price Elizabelh Prislas William Puqli Jean Reed Belly Reinerlh Joseoh Relick Virqinia Relick Elizabelh Rodqers Fern Rossiler Charles Rushe Helen Rusnak Violel Sable Andrew Sabo Marqarel Saicoe Rulh Saly Edward Salala Joseph Savko Elvira Schneider Andrew Schwarlz Louise Noll Allan Nuss Wm. O'Leary Rose Olinqer Chesler Orris Winilred Owslon Wanda Paslernak Wm. Pallerson Harold Pearson Mariorie Phillips Raymond Pleiller- Wm. Redshaw June Reese Donald Ridqeway Howard Rilchie James Rilchie John Rilchie Wm. Roach Mae Roberls Vifilma Robson Paul Rock James Rodqers Frances Rowell Harry Saunders Rila Schall Joan Schuchman Reqinil XhQleJl Y Y Rulh Sharp Slanley Siniawski Evelyn Slaler James Sleiner Mary Scdlack Sleohen Sedlack Nicholas Seech Julia Selai Mary Siarlo Vincenl Simko Sleven Sipos Kalherine Slava Helen Smilh John Smoley John Solak Peqoy Slanlon Vincenl Slumpl Olive Swanson Dorolhy Sweden Euqene Swenson Edward Threllall Anna Tischler Rose Tischler Emil Tonsen Marqarel Tubridy Edward Tulko Alma Veney Joseph Veslany Waller Wasowsky Marqarel Wassell Paul Wassell John Weber Edward Wildino Mable Winkler Cornelia , Wise Imelda Wodrick John Wolak Mike Yanqo Alberl Zapl Hilda Zeiqler 'Leonia Zsidi Herberl Zukerman Roberlri Qiianq Helen Slropka Marion Slullle Wm. Szokoly Marqarel Savko Ernesl Takacs Kalherine Theis Clarence Thomas Anna Urinak Elsie Voql Chesler Wakelield Ca olyn Weber llarqarel Weber Ellis Wherer - Jack Wiechell Samuel Wilkinson Charles Williams Belly Wilson Evon Wilson Lewis Wilson Roberl VVilson Wallace Wilson Dorolhy Woodley Marlha,'Woolaohan Rulh While David 'Asson Miqnon Bolobirp - Marqarel Erleba Eblaa Henrickson Ellen Thompson llHll1llSTlT4ID1llQ,Y MUNI-IALL Al' fhe beginning of The freshman year, we were bofh anxious and excifed as we hurried from one room fo fhe ofher frying fo locafe our home rooms. Many of us were nof acquainfed wifh fhe rooms or fhe Teachers and each one was responsible for himself. As days passed by, we became accusfomed fo bofh feachers and rooms so fhaf soon we moved aufomafically fo and from fhe class rooms. Noi' only from our maior subiecfs did we obfain lcnowledge buf from our minor subiecfs also. Our clubs and organizafions, assemblies, class room programs, and ofher acfivifies have played a large parf in sfrengfhening our capacify +o fhinlc. Through our minor subiecfs such as gymnasfics, domesfic science, shop, music, and arf we have learned fo build fhe body bofh physically and menfally, 'ro prepare for our own homes in fhe fufure, and fo enjoy many ofher Things of inferesf. Many fresh- men belong fo fhe Hobby Club and Girl Reserves. ln fhe Hobby Club we discuss inferesfing hobbies and each one receives help and encouragemenf in his own. The purpose of fhe Girl Reserves is 'ro develop characfer. Bofh social acfivifies are enfer- 'laining and insfrucfive. ln +he home room programs which are given each weelc, we learn many Things of inferesf in an enjoyable manner. These programs afford expression for falenf 'rhaf fhe boy or girl may possess and fhey may lead fo useful vocafions in lafer years. From ofher acfivifies as playing baslcefball, hoclcey, and dancing, we acquire good sporfsmanship and sociabilify and we form new friendships. Wifh The various acfivi- 'ries menfioned we have had our sfruggles, gains, losses, and fhrough each one, we have developed our power fo succeed. WOODLA WN The presenf year for fhe Woodlawn freshman class hasvbeen a very evenfful one. ln January, fhe class organized and elecfed fhe following officers: James Dresher, presidenfg Grace Hill, vice-presidenfq Jean Davis, secrefary: Relda Curran, freasurer: Mr. Busch, class adviser. A dramafic club, composed of 'rhe freshmen English sfudenfs, was organized af fhe beginning of 'rhe school year. Plays were sfud- ied and dramafized and presenfed in fhe audiforium af special assemblies. This organizafion, under fhe supervision of Miss Bendall, was very successful. Miss Upfon organized fhe Leaders Club for girls excelling in personal neaf- ness and gymnasfic abilify. The biggesf evenf of fhe season was The freshmen parfy, which was held in fhe Woodlawn gymnasium on April sixfh. The special feafure of fhe evening was a floor show made up of special dances, a panfomine, a minsfrel, and singers. Page fifty tw A NU 11? Nl W III UNT Ill HE S IIBASIIRIIEIIIIIBZAXIILIIL IVIunI1aII IVIunI1aI Munhall IfunI1oII I.fu:'II1aII I.4unI13II I.'IUl1I'IGII P.funI'mII IfIunI1aII I,IunI'1aII I.ffunI1aII NIunI1aII IvIunI'1aII IVIunIwaII 3I R:xnIgIn 22 Ifra-3IQIock 27 SCOII I9 Swissvolc 37 CIaIrIon 3 I Sfowc 33 IVIcKees Rocks 2I Duquesne I6 I Iomesfead 28 McKoespor'r 33 CIaIrIon 20 Duquesne 23 I-Iomes+ead 24 IvIcI4eesporI AWARDS Davies C. Noroski OIacI4 Garriw To+I1 Thomas I-I. INIorosIcI Sabo Gross Alexander Page fif7y17 Page fifty--five 1iID1U1iilZiiEiiiQn Munimii O Cfirfic' Vunhmlf 2 D.fnwrwf:oJ iil,Ii'1i1':il O C Wi'Y'iCi4 fili:Q!f1"ii I Vf. P. S D. i'f:l:'i1iriii 2 Slmciydwle Tfiiziiwiiii O CtWViDCIiX,f Iiiir,lm'l O if X-'. . Pi S. D. ifiriiiiil I I,DiCZ'l'f"i'i'7J FRESI-iMEN fufumimll 2 Afiderdico Munhail 2 Ralsion SOCCER AWARDS Jerome Alexander Alberf Henry Leonard Carr Roberi Davies Roy Davis Paul Fiemiriq Melvin Gehriq Wiisom Heridc Frank Markowih Alec Mafhie Harold Noroski Reqis Regan Michael Price rsom Thomas Rydowsicy lEllllllQllLS9 lll5ASllMElllllB2AXllLllL l933' l 934 lvlalhie, Chrissie Arlnnan, Marion Ednie, Nellie Malhieson, lvlarqarel Kushner, Gerlrucle O'Donovan, Lois Losnicek, Regina O'Leniclc, Dolly RESERVES Bair, .lean Poad, Grace Cvuiney, Bernice Redpalh, Louise Nau, Marie Rydeslvy, Minnie SCHEDULE Munhall Glassporl lvlunhall Belhel Munhall Turlle Creelc Munhall Alurnnl Munhall Easl Pillsburqh Munhall Glassoorl' Munhall Ensl Pillsburqh lfunhall Belhel Munhall 'liurlle Creek Freshman Calhoun Freshman Calhoun Page ,fifty H III EY Qfficers Richard Whifman . ...., ...,.,. , , Presidenf James Sump+er ....,, Vice-Presidenf Frank Ackerman . , SeCre+aryfTreasurer GUIHIQDIIL IYQIIESIHQWINES Qfficers Louise Wickerharn . . , , . . ,...,... Presiderfr Louise Jacobs . .. ..,.., Vice-President Margare+ Garrify .....,.. Secrefary Audrey Homer .. ,, Treasurer f f a Bororny iframes' 7 Droorafmffhairrnan P y Jiffy NllllllNllHll1llS1lR1lD Sllikllflr Elmer l-lollis .. ,. ....,.,..,................, ,,,. , , ..,......... Eclnor Alberl I-lavrilla ..,,. .,..,. A ssociale Eclilor John Garvey . . ,. . ,. , Business Maniqer llHlllDN 1lDllR9 SlDlUlllllE1lfXY William Norllirup Alan Leeper Doroflwy Mangnuson lvl Jr' L arm ang Oliver Krell Dorolrliy Yoplco Erma Kovalilc Sue Lloyd Alberl l-lavrilla Virqinia Tolberl Joan lVlcClalcliey John Garvey Belly Vlfill'l6lI'T'l Jaclc Percival lvlarqarel' Knapp 1 ffm 'HUM ID liN1?V1'1Pf 'D Ui I 'UN IL 111 ,lil lM'E1EQ1X MY ,fxf 0 N lv I In w ,J J , 1JUlFQ,4Qf1lHH IFS1li'liQfX V ci lTZllHlillQlON lOllLllllEZNY SEPTEMBER Dear old golden rule days sTarT, and everybody's happy. Some oT These seniors geT away wiTh no "Soc," books, buT look aT Those English books. Woe is me Tor a new schedule and some diTTerenT Teachers. Have you noliced This year's renovaTion in The sweeThearT parade? Bud and Floss are leading. Hurrah, we can see Through The windows This year. Ereshies begin To Tind ouT ThaT we have hall cop' Tor a purpose. Our romeo Teachers begin To Think ThaT The vi- cinily oT B-4 is a preTTy nice place. Leeper sTarTs wise cracking in Trig. class. Wilson makes iT known ThaT horses are raised, but children are reared. ElocTions aT school. TolberT spends a day "in bed" and appears in a new dress The nexT day. Who sTarTed The yell abouT publishing The "Mun- hisko". Help! l'm up To my ankles in Treshies. They won'T leave my shoe sTrings alone. Garvey skips ouT oT a Three day Turlough while Wibmer Takes The rap. Ereshies begin To realize ThaT seniors are To be respecTed. MacBeTh doTh give a quiz. OCTOBER Andrew Jacobs pokes his head ouT oT The window and hears Miss Risheberger call: "DosT Thou wish ThaT ouTsiders shouldsT Think This is a zoo?" ATTer a long sociology session Mr. Cox asked iT he Told The same ioke Twice. Oh, These class hookers. BeTTer waTch ouT. Len Carr begins wriTing poeTry abouT Leeper dur- ing lunch hour. The daily qrind is geTTing Tougher. Mr. WalberT begins passing ouT slips in German class. You should rcad some oT The Tall sTories he geTs: They have Lowell Thomas' beaT a mile. l-HY Club has TirsT meeTing. Bayuk senTimenTalized wiTh B. Williams. NoThing serious Though. AnoTher unevenTTul day: excepT Tor NorThrup and Homer. Club Embassy organizes. Bunch rioTs Miss STevens' sTudy hall wiTh one OT his iokes. P. Cook is having guiTe a Time wiTh The women. A new romance is aTloaT---B. H.-F. H. Some oT our Hi-Y members geT inTo a biT of a iam. Miss Risheberger chrisTens Them "iail-birds". Dierken is sTill sTruggling along in English. IT seems as Though Neville can'T geT Bayuk inTer- esTed. Hollis Tound his True love Today. lT would have To be a blonde. Bill Reich wriTes a Theme abouT ThaT cuTe liTTle dip in Eleanor STevens' chin. NOVEMBER A senior girl discovers Mr. Beggs has a sense of humor! Shipe coming home Trom The PiTTsburgh School Tor Blind remarks, "l Think I slayed ThaT gi,l, did you see The look in her eye?" Mr. Cox is Talking abouT crime. He inkled a Theme Today. Boys in room I2 sTarT To sing "Miss Risheberger, May l sTay TonighT?" Some louse sTole my lunch Today. WoTherspoon Thinks abouT combing his hair. RecoqniTion Se.vice Tor Girl Reserve. Such beau- TiTul blue Ties. Ho, hum---Chorus Today. How l wish my English was read. New map oT Germany on The bullefin board. l like new scenery. I sTayed awake lasT nighT Trying To Think up an excuse To geT a new TableT in The middle oT The monTh. lThese darn noTes Take so much paper.l Bernice had indigesTion Today. Why do The girls in The cooking clases send her all The samples? Soccer season ends. S. EayeTTe 7---Munhall I. The Tellows' new winTer sweaTers are nice, buT why have so many The same? Munhisko ouT Today. Sociology Forum---IsT meeTing---assisTanT disTricT aTTorney. MacBeTh doTh murder sleep! AnoTher quiz. The nexT person ThaT unTies my shoesTrings or bel' gels "sTooged" wiThouT piTy. Three monTh5 oT school gone, boys and girls. DECEMBER Ever TaiThTul---you know, Old Dog Tray and Freeh- ling. ExTra work Tor Mr. Riley---Wissinger losT anoTher hair worrying. Xmas should be This week, we need new Ties and brighTer hair bows. Mr. Cox Tells us we are Too agreeable. Weire TirsT raTe acTors. WaiT unTil Miss Risheberger and Miss Miller see The carToon in The Munhisko. More people Take The "rap". Who sTarTed This sTyle oT girls rolling Their hair inTo a million TighT curls on back oT Their heads. Miss Williams' sisTer arrives. Some exciTemenT. Cinderella Rose. Junior Play. SumpTer is sTill crooning around. Munhall I9-Swissvale IB. JANUARY Back To school aTTer New Year's. NoTice Those Ties. D. Magnuson Takes a spill and scars her wrisT. Where were all The dashing heroes? Page 81.97511 lUllHlllQ1lDNlDllLlll'lElSY Soph. Tea Dance. Franlz's "brighl" chemislry clasi has an eller school session. Senior hall cops bid adieu lo duly. End ol lirsl semesler. Munhall loses lo l-lomeslead 20-lo. Junior cops lake lhings in hand al lhe iam al lhe annex enlrance. Reporl cards. How many A's did you gel? Whal. no answer? Hi-Y lakes rap lrom varsily 7l-9. Can lhe l-li-Y lake il? Some sappy Juniors lry lo gel up lhe lronl sleps in lwo leaps. Wilh some bad resulls. Hi-Y lnilialion ceremonies. Wonder how many members ale oll lhe manlle? l bel "Red" did. Firsl day ol Junior girl's hall cop duly. How lhe boys dash oul in lhe halls now. l wonder why? The varsily look one on lhe nose lrom Calhoii: l-liqh. FEBRUARY The nwonlh wilh iusl lwenly-eighl days. Jusl lour more monlhs, lhen Seniors adieu lo good old M. H. S. Varsily lakes W. P. l. A. L. game lrom Clairlon. Calholic High deleals lhe varsily again. My, my, we can'l lel lhal happen. Brr, il's cold. Gaze al Marie and Jean minus lheir shoes---lhey're warming lheir leel. Remember lhe Graywood Parly?---Ed Boyle, Gene Ruslie and Ray Dierken. Can'l you boys lake il? Today we celebraled lhe l25lh birlhday ol Abra- ham Lincoln. Fancy Rachael Jones lalling down a pair ol sleps. Hough reciles in Solid class. Valenline Day. Did all you lovers gel Valenlines? ---Pass lhem around. Did you see Room lO's knockoul Valenline? Lel's hold our brealh.---To-morrow nighl we play l-lomeslead again. Aller I3 years we gain a viclory over Homeslead ---23-l5. Hall-day holiday. l-low many ol you saw "Roman Scandals" al Slahl's lor nolhing---Boy, did we celebrale? Well, now a couple ol more l-lomeslead deleals.-H We don'l mind. Bunch lhinks Whilaker is a prelly swell place. lNews ileml. Everyone knew his Chemislry problem in Mr. Begg's lourlh period class loday. MARCH Good old reporl cards lo-day. Well, seniors do you lhink you will make il. Any exlra aspirins in the crowd? Dress rehearsal lor lhe operella lo-nighl. ilio coslumes sure were swell. Nolice Eleanor Glov- er and Cowboy Garrily. The operella "Jerry ol Jericho Road" wenl over swell, Miss Miller. Operella Parly wenl over as big as lhe rehears- als. Junior Tea Dance loday. Look who won lhe cake walk, Merle Donaldson and Teed Walker. No-l-ice lhefseniw picliirE Tl6alFgYaBuFd ichocg. Some ol lhem are nice. l lhink l'll make me a colleclion.---Now lislen Page siastywme Look al lhe lassies wilh green on lo-day. Where's Dresher? Our gallanl hero Hough lakes a "shaving holi- day"---Mr. Wilson, could you give lhal guy a raz- or? Kuzma becomes "bell-boy" minded. Munhisko oul loday in a new prinled edilion. Signs ol real spring---Link isn'l llashinhg his red gwlchies any more. Jim McGill sleeping in Soc- iology class. New maior Munhisko slall members elecled. J. Bayuk gels lhal way aboul anolher Williams. The Frehlinq-Wilhelm romance ship goes inio dry-dOCk. APRIL Back lo school eller Easier. Whal a nice piclure lhese lovers make. strolling around lheir alma ma- lor. Sophomore Dance and everyone had a good lime. Who lolci lhese senior boys lhey could roller skale? Some ol lhe ambilious seniors apply lor iobs al lhe sleel works. Such senior play praclicesl Leeper gels away wilh falling Miss MacBelh "Mac", and Miss Ball "old kid". Personalily lhemes lor sociology due. l-li-Y and Girl Reserves hold a dance. We come lo lhe conclusion lhal lhere is no argu- ing wilh Cox. F'an+z is on lhe warpalh righl: only lwelve lell in Solid Class. Il won'l be long now. On lhese nice days you can see lhe ape inslincl in lhe lellows who swing in lhe lrees. Garrily is good al il. Sue look l-loughie lor a ride Cxlulle' invenled anolher "lheorem" in Solid lo- day. Walch oul Einslein. Il won'l be long now. 'Wish I had one ol McNair's apples. MAY The worries ol lhe annual slall are oll lheir heads. M. Slanlon is slill "crealing" clolhes. A linal edilion ol lhe Munhisko is underway. Gym Demonslralion---high school gym. Wall, here il is. Senior Play, "Soulh is Soulh". Evidence ol spring lever is lound in Schwarll eyes. l wonder if lhe lellows ran oul ol socks and shirls? Are we qelling "panned" lor being emolional veslerday? Someone will render a greal service lo humanily by presenling lhe seniors wilh plenly ol sleep. Senior Receplion---High-school gym. Commencemenl---Carnegie Library. ih6oVpTcnE-iirveyrarid YLeeperYlell 'og ihe merry-go-round. Lasl day.---Gosh, where do we go lrom here? rig' I-I. N. LELQND photographer Y? I 30 'iii CVS 3 YOUR ANNUHL PHOTOGRHPHER 'W ? Scif 'ffzf ,Q J ' 6 Q3 oi A FISHER STUDIQ SOUND managerial policies and long, successful experience have provided us with sufficient equipment, adequate personnel, and ample resources to render dependable service as artists and makers of fine printing plates. That you will be secure from chance, is our first promise. .IAHN 8t OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 817 Wes! Washington Blvd., - Chicago, Illinois ln the foreground' Ft. Dearborn re-erected in Grant Park on Chicago's lake front. Illustration by Jahn 6- Ollier Arr Studios. l'u,gr: sixllldbur l l Homestead's Best Store tor Men! HATS . . . SHOES SULUMUWS AN1D1E1IEtiSDN9S Community Pharmaey Homestead, Pa. "1UO Per Cent Satisfaction" The Samp1Ie Pants Stare "WE FIT DAD AND LAD" Hometead, Pa. 815 Ann St. Phone Ho. 3442 Kelvirgatfolr and Servet Greybar' Etectricau --- e ruqerators Appliances S'11'A1LN1EC1K1E1R BRDS, Graybar Radio Service ALL MAKES OF RADIOS REPAIRED ELECTROLUX -- The Gas Refrigerator 135-137 Sth Ave. Homestead, Pa. CALL HOMESTEAD 2423 Homestead Printing Ce, Ct-IAS. I. REICI-I, Prop. 2I9 East Ninth Ave. 400 Center St. Homestead Munhall, The Texaee Fire Chief sizavice sTAT1oN 4600 Main St. Munha11, Pa. 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"Happy Home Furnishers" Established 1899 120-122 East Eighth Avenue P ROBBINS SHOP UA Smart Shop for vvomenu I-IONE 1-IO. 0348 LEONA BLDG. 128-250 Eighth Ave. If U V! slwable Wall Paper Paml, Bruslwes, Enam ls NEFF PAINT AND GLASS CO. O E. Qlffwllw Avg, HOMESTEAD, PA. Plwome l-lomcsloacl C5 6 JOHN FORBES 6' SON LESSIG 5' WI-IETSTGNE, INC. FLORISTS TI CVJERS FOR ALL GCCASIQNS 200 D1 L L jllih Ave Phone Homeslccrd 2 WJ Compliments of a Friend I f l OF COURSE-- You won't wait until Picnic Day to visit Kennywooo' parte You'll want to go at the very start ot the season to see the pop- ular playground all dressed up t'Bigger and Better than ever." Picnics commence, with the park open daily, Friday, May l8th. KENNYWOOUS greater l934 season opens May 6th, MUNHALL SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITY PICNTC THURSDAY, MAY 24 "Everything to Wear, For Women who care" V Eriedlandefs COMPLIMENTS OF Gillen 81 Coulter 322 East Eighth Avei l O STE N' S TREASURE-CRAFT JEWELERS Q Class Rings Club Pins Medals Trophies Pittsburgh Office ?32-B Union Trust Buildinq Pittsburgh, Pa Page sixty-eight YOU CAN GET SO!IfIEWl-lEl?E--- WITH BUSINESS TRAINING NINETY-SIXTH YEAR! DUFFS- IRON CITY COLLEGE 424 Duquesne Way PITTSBURGH AtIantic 4875 487 COMPUMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF John prokopovitch I-Iyman'S Ladies' Wear "WI-IERE STYLE AND OUALITY MORTICIAN MEET PRICE" Homestead, Pennsylvania 203 Eighth Ave, Homestead, Pa. United Candy Shop CIarCFey'S Beauty Shoppe 208 EAST EIGI-ITI-I AVENUE FOR K -IOMESTEAD 1048 BETTER CANDY AND ICE CREAM I-UNCHEONETTE Standard Croguignole Permanent Wave, S2400 203 Ee 8111 Ave- Hemeereed Live Steam Wave .... 53.75 SERVICE SERVICE m,,,,,,,m, PAINTING. BODY AND FENDER WORK I Homestead Buick Company'm' 22l E, 9th SI, Phone Homestead IOIS SA!-E3 REPAIRS - PARTS T- ACCESSORIES o1L1No - GRIIASING A WASHING y S I I I A ee 'TIRES AND TUBESF I Pg ty NASH PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER Jacobson - Gordon, Inc. Phone I-Iomesfead 3600 EIGI-ITI-I AVENUE AND LIBRARY STREET Homestead!-Munhoii, Po. WTillian1 C. Clements Guaranieed Waich and JeweIry Repairing A ' - A, Ae?-Jmirii L., . r siwqfwfb' I ' N" I 5?5q,.gs2?'lKvi-H Iii. few? ..I 54:3 I '-ww-' 3:3-BE l A 'imssffbu AUTHORIZED DEALER -- ELGIN WATCI-IES "Time From The Stars" 33I7 MAIN ST. HOMESTEAD PARK Sfore I-Io. i775 Residence I-Io. I6I3 "SAY IT WITI-I FLOWERS" "TI-IE GIFT WITI-I A SOUL" Elicker 81 Strong .Siotionery Sporting Goods MCCONEGLYUS KODAKS AND SUPPLIES MAGAZINES, CIGARS AND TOBACCOS NOVELTIES, ETC. 328 E. Eighth Ave. Homestead Eighth Hwesiwd, PC1- Tuxedos Julius L. Steinsapir Esiablished I887 Engravers Sloliioners School Ieweiors Commencement invitations NIXON BLDG. 425 SIXTI-I AVE. Pittsburgh, Po. MaI,ors of MunIwaII I-IiqIi ScIwooI's Com- mencomenf Irivifaiions and Diplomas 'mv J 'Q I 3v!flj'? Theairical Cosiumes "JM T , Wiqs, Make-Ulo . PIaybooI4s and Curiains , ,A ' . af ii I IV 'rv ui H I ' II T 'T , J W I if illiiiiiiii I ii I' 'Q'JK'I"'IIf'II I. 5 iii Y ,H ay 'L ly ESSER BRO . WM. SEITZ STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES, ETC. PIIONE 0305-J Corner Main SI. and Euqome Ave. I-IOMESTEAD PARK Pfzfn' s 1 I a ' 1 ' - U' r f" I? 1 . ,J H., , ' kfwfffffff MH WW HW -Wm YW! YU Y W! e I HM! HM! MW WH Mm Mm yy Mm 1. gl EVN! W M W MM N Nw Um! MM !H!y . U M Wx! HM! UMW WMU N1 Vlf VN Mm Mu WM ww M W WW Mm mm my r I N YUM WH y , 1 HHN l WW WM v M MH vi 1 1 Y' I ml! ' I Jo' D xl ' lu x . X 1 M! inf ,I .15 008. , 1- f .V - gX 7 f F. -N - . 3 1M OU.. W , f' 1 . , 0 if 1,1W,,4H,f ,AJ .Az Vl,,.'y - ,1lfK. 4341 7 5 .N,.441.,,,, had A! XR - 'QAO " J-wiv E. M, f' I 1 I Nw , -A ,N J' 3,2 A "' ' 1 iq V' 1 . 5 ' .. IL' rl I 2 4 -Q 'Q ff . W Jo' ' 1 . -vw A-ff., rxv 'O . ' vv. ,. .o I 1 X S rf' , J I -X 1' '-' .v 43 f 1

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