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aff W is dh- f" ? 'A W Mmm A 0WfX 'IR 7 X, f-uma! Wl Ufiii E MI .. Z 1 - if , X influx 'Z' ffflf U ,fggf qj fa nm ,N V '. "" '.J f j 1 , 1 . 1, -.5 W 1 -f-. f f ,Z riff V 'f 1! 5' ,I -ff ,, U, N "Q JI, , Ax EX BPQS . , ,, EEE E THE IVILINHISKO Pictorial Number I 9 3 Q 5133 BNF PUBLISHED BV THE SENIOR CLASS OF IVILIIXIHALL HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATION In sincere gratitude and appreciation of her untiring efforts as class advisor, we, the Senior Class of 1932, hereby dedicate this our pictorial, to Miss Margaret MacBeth. TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Alma Mater Faculty . Seniors . Class Poem juniors Sophomores Freshmen . Sports and Activities Ambitious . "What Names Will Do" . Class Will Ads , Autographs 4 6 7-9 10-24 24 26-27 28-29 30-31 32-39 40-42 43 44 45-51 52 ,Q . .5 K ALMA MATER 'Mid the hills of Pennsylvania, At the gate way of the West Stands our dear old Munhall High School Loved by all of us the best. Gathered round her stately portals, Sweetest memories ever cling, Of the days when dear old Munhall Sheltered us beneath her wing. Old Munhall, dear old Munhall, Often have we heard thy praiseg Often cheered with waving banners, In our dear old Iwlunhall days. Still we love thee dear old Munhall, We, thy loyal sons and true, Here's a cheer and then another, Dear old Munhall, here's to you. MAX W. WHERRY Principal of Munhall High School CHARLES R. STONE Superintendent of Muuhall Public Schools Ill MUNHISKO o 1932 III Na. ' 5, ,fag 1. A.xv:guAMslf MQDALV QRUSI-4 FACULTY JI 3 I -li-,Ill MUNI-usko . 1932 III l-i,Ti2lMQLE- QAVALQE-r2'r TON Q.,JONEsS ' Vgigwlgukg-QESQGQR .J . as M. QUTTE-R xv.GaQLqLg.nm FACULTY JI 9 IL UIMUNHISKO o 1932 III DOROTHY A. JOHNSTONE "Dot" Munhisko Staff3, 45 "That's That"5 Class President 3, 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Pres. 45 "It XVon't Be Long Now"5 Chamber of Commerce 3, 45 Pres. 45 Student Council 45 Operetta 2, 35 Honor Society 3, 45 History Club 1, 25 Latin Club 1, 25 French Club 45 Annual Staff. A popular rapable worker, A fheerful busy lass, Chairman here, manager there, Tteire president of our dass. ALAN CHESTER LLOYD "Chester", "Shakespeare" l Vice Pres. Class 45 Editor of Annual, French Club 3, 45 Orchestra 35 Mun- hisko Staff 45 "That's That"5 Speaker at Commencement, Debate Team 4, Nat- ional Honor Society 4. The leading honor student, And Vice President of our class, Our silver-tongued young "Shakespeare" Certain to rise above the mass. EVELYN F. LEADBEATER "Eu "-- Class Secretary 3, 45 "That's That"5 "Gypsy Rover", "In Old Louisiana", Honor Society 4, Munhisko Staff 45 Girl Reserves 15 "lt XYon't Be Long Now", French Club 3, 4. Beautiful Ei-elyn-enehantress, Charming, lovely, sweet, No wonder all of us lore her. Each glance is sueh a treat. CARL WILLIAM ALBRECHT "Cal" German Club 4 Biology Club 25 History Club 2. If this lad muld change the rule, He'd do it with II smile, And make it 'iflirie no tests in SflI00lH, A nd use it all the while. CHARLES BAPTIE IR. "Chuck" C1 Volley Ball 3, 45 Chemistry Club 45 Stage Guild 35 Biology Club 2, German ub 4. L'Chuck" is handsome, lithe, and tall, .-l n arlist in many a line, lfVell known, 'well liked, admired by all, A courteous gentleman, and well rejned. SUSAN A. BARNES "Didi" "That's Th2lt',Q French Club 3, 45 Latin Club 1. If you need a helping hand, Ufhen your task is hard to do, You'll find a willing helper, In quiet, friendly Sue. E. BLAIR BAUER "Jiggs" Chemistry Club 4. Tall and rugged, quite a man, lVe'll recall him thus Quiet, steady, yet ready to laugh, Ile never made much fuss. WILLIAM HUSTON BOTSEORD "Bally" C1 Football manager 35 German Club 45 Stage Guild 2, 35 Orchestra 45 Biology ub 2. Good old Billy Botsford, Hou' he drives that car! Reliable, likeable, and helpful, In business he'll go far. GRACE CATHERINE BROADWRIGHT "Gypsy Rover"5 "In Old Louisiana"5 "Thats Tl13t.,,Q Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 French Club 3, 4. This fharrning girl is so petite, IVith hair 1hat's rurty too, A smile that isAOh so sweet, A friend that's always true. WILLIAM A. BROWNLEE "Bill" To travel was this boys delight, Far plates has he seen, You see our William once belonged To the L'nited States Marines. -i10l WMUNHISKO . 1932 ul FLORENCE E. BURNHAM "Thais That"3 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 33 Operetta 4. Florence is happy and gay She laughs and sings the entire dayg How she lowes to dine and dance A siren-how she does entrance! MARGARET BRIDGES SKI-Iun!Y cc Peggyy!! Operetta 33 History Club 13 Commercial Club 23 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 33 Student Council 4. "Peg" is an able typist, And 'APeg" can eren cook, "Peg" can do so many things, Enough to jill a book. ORA MAE CI-IAMBERLIN History Club 1, 23 Chemistry Club 43 Latin Club 23 Girl Reserves 1, 3, 4. This cute li'l Chamberlin girl, Has clever and witty ways, Which makes her an honor student, .-1nd leaves the boyfriend in a daze. ALBERT CHURILLA "Chick," "Cherb" Mushball 3, 43 Soccer 3, 43 Stage Guild 33 "It Won't Be Long Now"g Operettas 2, 3. No wonder he's a soccer star, Or the girls mob him when they can, For this little lad is none other, Than I'lflunhall's personality man. JOHN CLARK, JR. cccorkysa Jr. Chamber of Commerce 33 Chemistry Club 43 German Club 43 Stage Guild 33 Botany Club 2. "Corky" is a steady lad IVith clarity of thought, life guarantee he'll come out lnrst, In any battle to be fought. HOWARD EDWARD CLUTTER Chemistry Club 43 German Club 43 Soccer 2, 3, 4. Ile is so i-ery quiet, lVe hardly know he's here, Yet he has for everyone A friendly smile and cheer. AARON COIIEN German Club 3. A man sized lad is this one, IIe's tall with fuzzy hair, He's iiery good in German class, In other subjects, more than fair. MARY DOLORES CONNELLY Girl Reserves 1, 23 History Club 1, 23 German Club 43 Chemistry Club 4. Dolores is to be a nurse, This secret will we tell, So if you're ever very ill, Call her, she'll make you well. CHARLES I. COOKE HI-jidgew ccETtzn ccDeen "That's That"3 "Cookie" Latin Club 2, 33 French Club 3, 43 "That's Thittllj "It VVon't Be Long NOw" Football manager 43 Basketball manager 43 Hall cop 43 Annual Staff 43 Rotary Club 4. No cornrnitteels complete without Cookie, Who so willingly lends his handy .-1 popular, reliable Senior, A man who is much in demand. WILLIAM T. COREY "Bill" French Club 3, 43 Biology Club 23 Chemistry Club 43 History Club 1. .fl modest cheery fellow, TVell liked by all the boys, .rl rery quiet gentleman, lVho never makes much noise. ill? ........i..ulll MUNHISKO o 1932 III 5 MALCOLM RUSSELL COUBROUGH "Main History Club 15 Swimming Team 1, 25 Soccer Team 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 45 Rotary Club 45 German Club 4. Good old Malcolm Coubrough, With little to say, yet plenty to do, Through this life he'll work his way, Honest, steady, and true. WILLARD A. CREUTZER "Creurz" Chemistry Club 45 German Club 45 Biology Club 25 History Club 1, 25 Hall Committee 45 Rotary Club 45 Orchestra 4. , This chap recites quite easily, As a banjo player, he's good, We see why he's so popular, For he acts as a gentleman should. ALBERT R. DAVIS "Al" Operetta 2, 55 Hall Cop 45 Biology Club 25 Rotary Club 45 History Club 25 Sec. Library Club 45 Munhisko Staff 4. Albert is a twin, you know, Which often causes trouble, ln trying to distinguish him, W'e often get his double. ALYCE F. DAVIS "Shorty" A quiet little senior maid, Her equal's hard to find, For she's so z'ery thoughtful, So willing, and so kind. KENNETH W. DAVIS "Kenny" Operetta 2, 3, 45 Hall Cop 45 Cheerleader 45 Stage Guild 45 "That's That"5 Mughisko Staff 45 Rotary Club 45 "It Won't Be Long Now", Pres. Library ' u 4. Kenneth William Daifis On every committee and staff, Very popular as a senior, With a merry smile and ready laugh. FRANCIS WILLIAM DIENER "Pete" N Football 2, 3, 45 Track 15 Operetta 3, 45 "That's That"5 "It XVon't Be Long OW' . The center of our football team He's big and braife and bold, He held the center of that line, W'as worth his weight in gold. EDWARD EASTMAN "Peckie" German Club 4. Good natured jolly Eddie So tall, so strong, and so-shall we say Friendly, courteous, witty, He has a gentleman's way. HOWARD J. EBNER "Peanuts" History Club 1, 25 Science Club 15 Biology Club 25 Latin Club 1, 25 Hall Cop 45 Athletic Manager 35 'LThat's That"5 Rotary Club 45 Operetta 2, 45 "It VVon't Be Long Now". "A salesman born, a salesman true, He'll sell you all he can, But he'll extend no credit, For he's a "cashdollar" man. VIOLA ERLEBA "Vi" History Club 25 English Club 1. "Viola is a quiet lass, lVith disposition sweet, Popular with one and all, For work she can't be beat." REGIS FARLEY " Irish" Chemistry Club 45 French Club 35 Operetta 3. A peppy lad who can't be beat For vim, and vigor too, So if this laddie you should meet, A smile will chase your blues. 4112? I-UMUNHISKO . 1932 m ELIZABETH FERNS "Lib" C1 Eaiketball 1, 2 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 35 History Club 2, Operetta 39 Commercial u . She's a very popular young lady, V And since she's rather tall, .She's been a successful player In Varsity Basketball. IMELDA FERTIG "Bucldie" Commercial Club 25 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, "That's That"g Operetta 3, 4. Tall and slender, happy, gay, .She could dance the live-long day: And we predict, in graceful gowns She'll stampede the largest towns. ROSELLA FINLEY "Perry" 3 German Club 4g French Club 35 Basketball 3, 4, "That's That", Operetta , 4. Of course we know this miss, With all her boyish looks, Who is a star at Basketball, Just like her boy-friend "IIooks". DOROTHY MAE FLOYD "Dot" Operetta 4. "Here's to little "Dotty" She's well liked, we know, And when it comes to working t She isn't very slow". JULIA MAE FORSMARK "Jewel" A serious minded girl Who always does her best Having many personal friends And liked by all the rest' MARTHA FREEBOROUGH "Marty" French Club 3, 45 Girl Reserves 2, History Club 2g Operetta 3, 4. She sat so quiet at her desk, lVe knew She studied well, She knew she had no time to waste, And used each minute till the bell. ANNA GABOCY "Ann" Basketball 35 History Club 2. Ann spends her time in the Library Checking and giving out books She's forever and always smiling And never gives "mean looks". ANNA MAE GEHRIG "Bad News" History Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 33 Operetta 35 "That's That". Vou know the kind that works so hard, They seem to work the most, t7"ell, in this class of thirty-two Anna Mae Gchrig holds the post. LLOYD GIBSON "Hoot" French Club 4. IVe're presenting "Hoo!er" Gibson From out the Franklin way, IIe's middle sized and friendly, Yet hasn't mztrh to say. KATHERINE M. GOEDDEL "Kay" Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 History Club 1, 2, Latin Club 1, 25 "That's That", ' Operetta 2, 3, 45 "lt XVon't Be Long Now", Swimming 2. RSP She has a powerful "drag" in school 3 fi A Buffs liked for all that, 'W S IVe're sure her dreams will unfold true, She'll marry a man with wallet fat. l13lr i ......III MUNHISKO o 1932 IU--...T- - ALBERT F. GROSS "Al" I German Club 2. HWS above the average student 'Tis math where he ranks high U'hich proves to each and everyone That he does more than try. GRAYCE GUINEY "Gay" Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 History Club 1, 25 Commercial Club 25 Operetta 3. Grayce has pretty hair and a cheery smile And to please others is her aim: A little bird tells us she has a beau . And that Lester is his name. MARY ELEANOR HAGER "Mickey" "That's That"5 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Swimming Team 1, 2, 45 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 45 President of Student Council 45 Junior Chamber of Com- merce 45 Latin Club 1, 2. 5 Here's one of ,Munhatl's mermaids, She is our swimming star, With her high record and good nature, We know that she'tl go far. LAVERNE L. HALL "Downie" V Girl Reserves 1, 2,35 Latin Club 25 History Club Z5 French Club 3, 45 Chem- istry Club 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Operetta 4. Little ,Miss Ilall, with ehecry face, Ever working without a trace Of anything that isn't neat Which we must say, is quite a feat. ALICE HARDING "Al" Girl Reserves 1, 25 Commercial Club 2. If in silence there is wisdom, Then this girl is wise For she hasn't much to say Yet she succeeds in all she tries. BERNICE HARTLEY Gym Exhibition 25 Sewing Exhibition 45 Operetta 4. Bernice isn't talkative. But she's a well liked lass, "May she succeed in everything" Is the wish of the entire class. ALBERT HARTLINE, JR. "Abbey" Chemistry Club 45 French Club 3. 4. He always has his chemistry, And he always has it right. He works out equations. With all his main and might. ROY HARTMAN "Roy" History Club 2. When that smile lights up his face, Good humor spreads around: He's well received by all the boys, A better comrade can't be found. CHARLES ALAN HAWS "Flash" Hall Committee 3, 45 Student Council 35 Stage Guild 45 "It Won't Be Long Now"5 German Club President 45 Chemistry Club 45 Munhisko Staff 4. Eloquent Alan loves to talk, .4 nd does he have a line! If he could only capture the thought A nd write it, he'd do fine. HELEN GRAYCE HELSLEY "Hels" Basketball 3, 45 "That's That"5 Operetta 3, 4. IIere's luck to you Miss Helsley, May your voice stay ever clearg ,llay you join the Boswell sisters, A nd have a jine career. i14l -1.111 MUNI-nsko - 1932 Ill. Tl- DOLORES HICKEY "Dee" Latin Club 1, 25 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Varsity Swimming 1, 2, 3, 45 "Thats TlIat"5 Operetta 1, Z, 3, 45 Manager of Swimming Team -L Jolly little Dolores, Il'ho's full ry' pep and rim! How well she plays the piano, Hoa' swiftly does she swim. MARY ALICE HICKS "Snookie" History Club 25 Operctta 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. Mary Alice is always happy, We hear she has a beau, .-1 nd that he takes her ererywhere, That she might want to go. ROBERT HIMES "Punk" HTll2lf'S That"5 Student Council 45 History Club 25 G erman Club 4. This well-dressed, hair-combed fellow, IfVith a sparkling tooth paste smile, Likes to eoniierse with the weaker sex IVho fall for his fashionable style. JOHN A. HOEEMAN, JR. CLI-lu-gieil Biology Club 25 German Club 45 Chemistry Club 45 Annual Staff. He's made of touchy dynamite, With a dab of T. N. T. But like most high explosives, Ile's friendly as can be. JEAN M. JONES Girl Reserves 1, 2. A maiden witty. a maiden jolly, Opposed to all that's melancholy, She never frowns, but smiles all day, .ind rhases old man gloom away. WILLIAM R. HOUY "Gummy" Munhisko Staff 45 Orchestra 4. A steady commercial student A future business mang Jlusician, stenog, and worker IIe'll get there ifartyone can. KENNETH J. JONES "Kenny" History Club 25 Biology Club 35 German Club 45 Chemistry Club 45 Annual Staff 4. He doesrft say much to the girls, But isn't bashful or shy! Give him a task and don't worry, His motto is "Do or Die."' DAVID A. JONES lCDaql!e!l Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 "TlIat.'S That"5 "It XVon't Be Long Now"5 German Club 45 Chemistry Club 4. Dave Jones-now there's a live wire, Peppy in classes and hall, Our good nalured, jolly cheerleader, It's really a shame he's so small. PEARL MILDRED HUNTER "Pearl" History Club 1, 25 Latin Club 1, 25 "That's Tl1at"5 Cantata 45 Girl Reserve 3 Pearls are very rare This we know is true For there is but one pearl In the class of '33, EDNA FERN JONES Operetta 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 "Thats That" Sheff ladylike in appearance, IKFeTn?! 5 History Club 1, 2. ll'ith a manner high and proud .11 serious minded worker, Uilh no mistakes allowed. 1151 III MUNI-nslco . 1932 Ill DOROTHY HOMER "She's witty and she's clever, And to Munhall she's true, Classmates wish her joy forever In all she tries to do." WILLIAM DONALD HUFFMAN "It Won't Be Long Now." Flashy, "Joggers" Huffman, A splendid soccer star, Of Junior Varsity B. B. fame, A dancer well above par. WILLIAM JONES Science Club 1, Biology Club 2, German Club 4. In every class there's one or more, Whom everyone knows to meet, In our class, 'tis William Jones, A pleasant lad with appearance nea VIRGINIA JONES Operetta 3, 45 Commercial Club 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2. Not very tall, not very short, All in all, a genuine sport, For she's always ready to do, Anything we ask her to. WILLIAM KEMP Stage Guild 2, 35 French Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 Biolog Club 25 Operetta 3, 43 Tennis Team 4g Usher 3, 4. This boy is full offunny pranks, And you can bank on this If something happens in the ranks Blame him, you'lt never miss. MARGARET LAMB Commercial Club 25 Operetta 3. Margaret is a commercial student, And's at school on time each day, She's a steady cheerful worker, Taking life in a quiet way. FREDERICK KNAUSS Debating Team 4g Chemistry Club 4. He worked along with the debating team And gave it able support He's a dashing rollicking fellow, Whom we all term a good sport. BERT KONDIS Honor Society 45 German Club 43 Chemistry Club 4. A quiet boy who is so bright He never tries to stall, To his teachers, a delight, Admired by one and all. MARY KRISTOFIK History Club 2. He need not be prophet, TrVho can so easily see, That our everworking Mary, A jine stenog will be. LEONARD KUSHNER Orchestra 1, 2, 3: German Club 4. Square-shouldered Leonard Kushner, Who plays the steel guitar, A sturdy, solemn Senior- Who, in music, should go far. 4161 Soccer Team 2, 3. 43 History Club President 1, 2, Latin C "Dossy Library Club 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Operetta 2, 3, 4, "That's That." K6BillH l I. "Virginia" y Club 2g History Cfpegff "Kristy" "Kushie" 37 Ujaken lub 25 Mushballg ..........1...IIl MUNHISKO o 1932 III I SARAH LOUISE KLINE "Lou" ' CI girl Reserves 1, 39 "That's That", Operetta 39 Munhisko Staff 45 French u 4. This cute little girl of the name Louise, Is one of the type who tries to please: An excellent student, a popular maid, Who needs but to beckon, to get ready aid. JOSEPH LACKO "Lak" Swimming Team 1, 23 German Club 3. He's known for his good nature, By all the Senior class, We're sure his brand is sterling, Or gold-'and not of brass. J. STUART LAMONT, JR. "Stu" Science Club 2g Biology Club 25 German Club 3, 4, Operetta 3. Acclaimed by all the girls, As a dancer par excels We wish that we could mimic him, And dance half as well. ALBERT D. LEBEDDA "Lebby" German Club 45 Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4. Albert is a dandy lad, Full of pep and vim, And though he isn't very big, How that boy can swim!!! JOHN N. LESKO "Les" Chemistry Club 4, German Club 45 Football 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Swimming Team 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3. John is quite a musician, Really a one-man band: Saxophone, Xylophone, trumpet, And drums yield to his command. ALICE LEEMING "Prof" Operetta 4. She's sophisticated and clever. And though she's very small, She is the Hperfeet lady" To each of us and all. OLIVER J. LENGYEL "Ollie" Basketball 3, 4. Ollie is lanky and slender, And though he was new to the game, As a sparkling center in Basketball He won himself honor and fame. FREDERICK LEWIS "Fritz" Chemistry Club 43 Biology Club 2, History Club 2. This chap is such a gentleman, All of us think he's "swell" He's a tall and husky youngster, Who drives one-handed well. HARRY LEWIS "Flukey" History Club 25 Biology Club 23 Chemistry Club 45 German Club 4. An excellent mathematician, An expert in many a line: Harry 1ve'll always remember, As a scout true blue and jne. MABEL LEWIS "Mickey Mouse" History Club 2, Debating Team 4, Art Appreciation Club 3. From this artist's jngertips, The prettiest pictures spring: We're pretty sure the Hall of Fame, With her name will ring. -l17l 1.1.-III MUNHISKO o 1932 llI,...T.i...- THOMAS T. LACEY " Whitien Latin Club 25 Chemistry Club 45 Debating Team 45 Stage Guild 35 Oper- etta 3, 45 German Club 4. Thomas Lacey or Webster, Which knows the longest words. llfithout a doubt, our "l'Vhitey," Who simply must be heard. GEORGE FRANKLIN LLOYD 'KRed" "That's That"5 Operetta 25 Football Manager 45 History Club 25 "It lVon't Be Long NoW"5 Student Council 3, 4. George Franklin Lloyd, Like his futher is he, And he'll follow in his footsteps For a banker will he be. PHYLLIS MACDONALD "Phyl" Operetta 3, 45 Girl Reserves 35 Junior Play. Pretty, sweet, and dainty, This little maid appears: She's really quite a lady, And wise beyond her years. WALTER E. MAGNUSON "Swede"-"Maggie" President of Class 15 B. B. Squad 15 Varsity Soccer 2, 35 Vice-President Chamber of Commerce Club 35 Senior Director 45 "That's That"5 Hall Cop 35 Captain of Hall Police 45 Stage Guild 35 Stage Manager 45 Operetta 35 Student Council 3, 45 German Club 45 Editor of Munhisko 45 Business Manager of Annual 45 Honor Society 3, 4. The Business Manager of this book, The editor of the paper, Captain of the hall police, iVIunhall's "Business maker." K JEAN H. MARSHALL "Marsh" "That's That"5 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 History Club 25 Operetta 2, 3. This lofty little lassie, Is a singer 'very jine, lfVho likes to go out evenings, And loves to "Dance and Dine." DAVID S. MATHIESON . "Dave" lnterclass Basketball 1, 2, 35 Munhisko Staff 2, 35 Football 15 History Club 25 Mushball 1, 2. A Lady's man is Davy Dear, Despite his "casual smile" He'd like to have a great big mirror That he could look at all the while. l Lois CATHERINE MCCUEAN "Lo" l Swimming Team 2, 3, 45 History Club 25 Girl Reserves 1, 2. l 3 To swim is her delight: She's such an expert at it She must dream of it at night. SARA L. MCCUEAN "Sally" lnterclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Track Team 25 Latin Club 1. 2: K'That's That"5 History Club 2. Here is cheerful Lois, She isn't very tall, To everyone she is a pal, So if you need a helper Just call on friendly "Sal." LUCY MCDONALD "Lu" "Tliat's That"5 History Club 2. "Silence is golden," so they say, This must be Lucy's rule, Hardly making a sound all day, But always present at school. GAZA MEDLEY "GaZe,' Student Council 1, 2, 35 Basketball 3, 45 Football 45 Vice-President 15 Hall Pol1cev45 Mushball 3, 45 Tennis 25 "That's That" 35 German Club 45 Operetta 35 "It XX on't Be Long Now." This flashing, dashing athlete lVas the spirit of our teamsp Ile was an excellent actor, A And the hero offeminine dreams. l1Sl MUNHISKO . 1932 lu ALICE MORGAN "Red" 5 Student Council 2, 35 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 History Club 25 French Club 3, 45 Junior Chamber of Commerce 45 Honor Society 3, 45 "That's That"5 1 Operetta 35 Annual Staff5 Debating Team 4. Little .Miss Alice, Ilonor student Debater, leader, and poetg If things are successful in girls' affairs, l It's probably to Alice you owe it. , GLEN E. MORRIS German Club 45 Chemistry Club 45 Volley Ball 35 'lThat's That" 3. For Glen we see, in years to come, Traveling hither and yon: Too restless to stay in one quiet place His urge is always-".'l4ove on." I JACK HOWARD MORRIS Interclass BasketbalI'5 Botany C1ub5 History Club. t IIe's modest and retiring, A gentleman all the way through: And though he newer brags, We'll put praise where praise is due. ROD A. MUIR "Horse" Football 1, 2, 3, 45 German Club 45 Student Council 35 "That's That" 35 ' Operetta 35 Cantata 45 Track 25 Swimming 2, 35 Chemistry Club 4. He's a "beefy" fellow Who stars in a football gameg It really is a pity His classes aren't the same. WILLIAM Nuss Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. A ,ine mechanic he should be, This always-cheerful lad: If only he will follow The footsteps of his Dad. ROY C. QBRINGER "Oh, bring her back to us, ol' boy," We all are prone to say, lVherL e'er we see good-natured Roy, lVlzo laughs the pun away. CHARLES J. O,LEARY "Chuck" History Club 15 Latin Club 15 German Club 3, 45 Basketball 25 Football 45 Soccer 2, 35 Mushball 3. He played upon the football team, As a substitute: always good: He's liked by all the other boys, Just as a young man should. MARY ELEANOR O,LEARY "That's That" 35 History Club 25 Latin Club 1, 25 French Club 3, 4. She does her work and goes her way, Without so very much to say, Yet she is liked by eatery one, For she knows how to have real fun. LOUELLA EVELYN Orr "That's That" 35 Girl Reserves 45 Operetta 3, 4. Louella ought and must be clever, She wins the boys with slight endeavor, A pretty maid without a' care, Who kept her friends by playing square. MARY JANE PARKS "Jamey" Girl Reserves 3, 45 Operetta 45 "That's That" 35 Commercial Club 2. Llary Jane has a smile so sweet And a rery winning way, We're really very fond of her, Although she hasn't much to say. i191 . .III MUNHISKO 0 1932 III FRANK H. PATTERSON Latin Club 2 Junior Chamber of Commerce Club 4. A lad who speaks with perfect ease, A nd isn't very hard to please, Still waters deepest run, To him, success is sure to come. JAMES PERI-IACH etta 3, Cantata 4, Interclass Mushball 2, 3, 4. Slow he may seem, When he sits in a seat, But Boy! see him go, IfVhen he gets on his feet. FLORA M. PFEIFFER "Flo" French Club 3, 45 Latin Club 43 Cantata 4. For earnest ejlort she can't be beat, She does her 'work "Just So",' And all in all, she is so sweet, We hate to see her go VIOLET M. PFEIFER "Vi" Among the jiowers sweetest lt's the charming violet blue: She likes to eat all candies sweet, But she'll give some fo you. WILLIAM H. PRICE "Bill"-"Pricey,' Soccer Squad 3. 4. W'illiam is a dreamer, Of course we know it's true, For even though he is in school He sleeps the whole day through. DoRoTI-IEA E. RAYMAN "Derry" 'fThat's That." A very tiny little miss Just like a china doll: Who made the wooden soldier move And made Date Hacker fall. CHARLES ROBERTS "Chuck" He lived at peace with everyone, In friendship, always true, His knowledge hid from public sight, He seldom brought to view. ELNORA ROBSON "El" Elnora's a commercial student, She's had ojice practice you see, So surely in the future, Someone's "Stenog" she'll be. MAE ROONEY "Pat" "That's That", "In Old Louisiana." Small of stature, fair offace, With eyes of pretty blue, And yesAher very dainty grace, Prove Mae's quite pretty, too. AVONDALE RUEF "Gabby" So sparkling with mtschef, So gabby, so gay, She enjoys this life, By talking it away. i20l Basketball 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 4, German Club 3, 45 Chemistry Club 43 Oper- III MUNHISKO o 1932 III. ANN C. SCHAVONE "Bumps" "That's That" 3, Cantata 45 Operetta 3, Commercial Club 2. A fluffy pujjf, a mirror bright, .l smiling face rejleets, For art and nature hand in hand, l'rotlztfe the best etfeets. ROBERTA A. SHADE "Bobbie, Girl Reserves 1, 25 Latin Club 1, 2, History Club 33 French Club 3, 4. From break of day to set of sun, This girl is happy, full offun, She Smiles the blessed live long day, She'll gladly chase your blues away. CHARLES FRANCIS SHAWL "Knobby" Latin Club 1, 2, History Club 1, 2, German Club 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Chemis- try Club 4, Varsity Soccer 3, 4. "Knabby" plays a violin, But we like him just the same, He never shirks in what he does, He squarely plays the game. MARY ELIZABETH SHIELDS "Betty" Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4Ql'Tl'lE1t'S That" 33 Operetta 3, Cantata 4. Belly is so cheerful and nine, IfVe know her friends are many, And as for Betty's enemies, lVe know she ha5n't any. VERONICA E. SIEDLAS "Roni" History Club 1, 23 "Gypsy Rover" 2. Another of that working-kind, Who never takes a spellg Determination, and study, In them she loves to dwell. JOHN M. SLATER "Cappy" Track 2, 3, 4, Mushball 3, 4, History Club 3, German Club 4. Some are backward, some are gay, But Johnny has an original way, On the team he was a wow, ,ind he liked a girl-and how! STEWART SLATER "Stew" German Club 4, History Club 2, lnterclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, "That's That" 33 Operetta 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4. He had a laugh both loud and gay, Yet liked big things to do: For all of that, tho' he's not fat, We know you'd like our "Steam" WILLIAM GLENN SLATER "Duke" History Club 2, "That's That" 3, Operetta 3, 45 Hall Committee 4, Presi- dent of Class 2, Vice-President Class 35 Student Council 4. Talk about talking! He takes the cake, His timely wisecracks make classes quake, IIe's very popular, yau'Il agree, Ask the femmes, they'll say, "Out, Out." WALTER LE ROY SNYDER "Dian Munhisko Staff 3, 43 French Club 3, 4, History Club 2, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 25 "That's That" 3. Happy-go-lucky and rarefree, Ile ,hghts against life with ease. "I go along with merely a song, And rearh my goal when I please." JEROME SOLOMON "1erry" Biology Club 2, Chemistry Club 4g German Club 43 Speaker at Commence- ment 4. Ilerefs a toast to Solomon, 'Klflay his wit stay ever keen." llvllfl as an ideal yeritlermm .l nd friendly lad is seen. illl .T1 .. ,lII MUNHISKO o 1932 A BESSIE K. SPINELLI "Betsy" French Club 25 Girl Reserves 45 Operetta 1. Bessie seldom frowns or scowls, But is as happy as she can be, A And that she's liked by everyone Is very plain to see. 1 KATHERINE l. STANTON "Kay" Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Cantata 4. A player on the varsity, , CShe's the captain, tool . "We hope you always have success , In everything you do." BETTY JANE STEVIC "Baz" Varsity Basketball 2, 35 Operetta 3, 45 "That's That." A tall and graceful lady, Is pretty Betty Jane, An excellent basketball player, W'ho works with might and main. LILLIAN TAYLOR "Lili" Girl Reserves 1, 25 History Club 15 Operetta 2. She's rather quiet and rather shy But as it's often said You'll never know what a girl will do If she has hair of red. HAYDN E. THOMAS "Levy" German Club 3, 45 Science Club 15 Biology Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 Stu- dent Council 1, 2, 35 Hall Oiilicer 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 45 Operetta 35 Varsity Mushball 3, 45 "That's That." Our foremost star in basketball, His fame has surely spread: In sports he never thought to stall, And all the rest he led. ADAM THOMPSON A lady's man? Oh, no indeed: Yet with him we are pleasedg On school-days blue he'll smile at you, Your ire is then appeased. HOWARD D. THOMPSON "June" History Club 2, 35 Biology Club 25 French Club 3, 45 Chemistry Club 45 "That's That." A full-one grown is this young man, Leading always in social ajairsg Yet always has his work complete, For school he really cares. EVELYN E. TRAUTMAN "Eve" "That's That." Evelyn's tall and pretty And she doesn't lay or sheik For even if she likes ta talk She always does her work. JOHN B. VAKGO "Hans" Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 25 History Club 35 Chemistry Club 4 Ger- man Club 45 "Gypsy Rover." Johnny hasn't much to say, But what he says is trueg And though he's not the captain, He's a leader of his crew. JOHN R. VASKO Soccer 25 Cantata 4. A sure-hit member of the team In .Mushball he won applause: A nd if our team came out ahead, He probably was the cause. fl22l Ill MUNHISKO o 1932 III MARY ELIZABETH VINES "Betty" Swimming Team 3, 4' French Club5 Chemistry Club 45 "That's That" g Oper- etta.5 Girl Reserves 2, 35 Cantata. Belly is an excellent dancer And she's quite an athlete, For dainty charm and talent She's very hard to beat. VIRGINIA V. VINES "Ginny" History Club 25 Latin Club 25 French Club 3, 45 Girl Reserves 2, 35 Oper- etta 45 "That's That"5 Track Team 2. Here is jolly Virginia, Who isn't very tall, Yet with her pleasant chatter, She entertains us all. ALBERT VOGT "Al" Football 3, 45 Biology Club 2. Friendliness isn't the only gift That makes him a friend of all: He always plays the game of life, Just as he played football. RUTH J. WALKER "Dutch" Varsity Basketball 43 French Club 3, 45 Chemistry Club 45 Honor Society 3 ,45 "That's That"5 Girl Reserves 35 Munhisko Staff 45 Junior Chamber of Com- merce 3, 4. This excellent, quiet student, Is promised a ,hne career, lVe're sure her talent will come forth, And of her fame, we'Il hear. .IESSIE WELSHMAN "Jessica" Girl Reserves 35 French Club 35 Operetta 4. Jessie is a quiet maid, For while others never cease To chatter on and on, She's content to hold her peace. CLARA K. WEPRICH "Tomy" Chemistry Club 45 French Club 3, 4. This ever working senior girl Always makes good marksg She has a 1-ery pleasant face, And eyes cast out live sparks. JOHN C. WHALEN "Jack" Biology Club 25 Physics Club 33 Chemistry Club 45 German Club. Jack is a quiet boy He hasn't much to say But yet he still remains the same Steady and true from day to day. C. KATHERINE WILHARM Orchestra 3, 45 French Club 3, 4. A quiet sober girl, The kind who does her work, Steady, certain, reliable, Doesn't lag or shirk. ELIZABETH WINTERSTEEN "Betty" Girl Reserves2, 3, 45 Latin Club5 Junior Chamber of Commerce 45 Munhisko 45 Honor Society 3, 45 "That's That"5 French Club 3, 45 History Club 25 Debate Team 45 Operetta 3, 45 "It Won't Be Long Now." lfVho's in all the plays, Has lessons always done? Captivating Illiss Wintersteen, Surely is that one! RALPH A. WOLLETT "Smoothie" Football 3, 45 Track Team 2 5 M ushball 35 Chemistry Club 45 French ClI1b 2, 3. A merry guy is ltr. Ubllett .ii 3 Who likes to study French5 Yet if he'd see the t'cogs" of school I1e'd sure throw in a wrench. i 'l23l Ill MUNHISKO . 1932I II CLASS POEM ALAN C. LLOYD Hereis a Toast to Munhall, And her class of Thirty-two: May health, and wealth and happ Be brought to each of you. May great success reward you all, May love that will be true, A lengthy life, and happy days, Be wrought for each of you. May each be friends till death doth And more be found anew, May each attain a worthy fame, And God he sought by you. May each be blessed as now he leav Each friendly room and hall, And ever cherish in his heart, Kind thoughts of dear Munhall. l24l' WALTER ELWELL Wa t Orchestra 4g Munhall Quartet. Do you know lrValter El ell? You don't? He sjust like thrs Sandy-haired, and middle szzed A certain "Grace gou cannot mrss HELEN L. YARINA Reny Constantly workrng hard and steady Her work is always done She has an ewerlastrng smzle And many friends has wan HENRY WALTER ZIEGLER Hezme German Club 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 That s That If you want some one who s a tumbler Or need an able fiddler You'll find them both wrth one rtho szngs The three combined tn Henry Zregler iness, part, es, ,ff .-'ffl L' Q ' x x c..fcf Uk' ffgq- , . f g, LP-Cs ' ci .' Ll", L L K' ', 29' Ze, 4, ,fglf " -V' A L S741 Z bf 6 , . 74 L f' 54 fc 4, X QM. , M , X . X4 fflgi-. k, ,, .,-- rf k 1 L L K txt-as V A , A , L x,. ,Y I .-7 L' I JL , ,V rf., L-C, I Q Z 4 ,Af ,fri 1, v , zzz 2 f If 4 J' 2Vf,,5L 1 1, f , A , ,X 1 , k 4 f b, xl g Lf g C!" L X X 1 S-'C , tk rg- x' f'2c L. fifulfuif-'5 I, " Y gif , :far A IE 4 ff .Y Q ,-- A' I ' .5-. uri-V-1 ,f- y X ".f37'S.".J 'T'.aU.:l..I..I.J'T1I'al'a'1: V f 4 "LV, 6 A ' f . Q-.L 1.4 K ' ul MUNI-uslco . 1932 Ill i26lL JUNIOR BOYS II MUNHISKO o 1932 JUNIOR GIRLS i271 .III MUNHISKO 01932 III- JI25 P SOPHOMORE BOYS -Ill MUNHISKO 0 1932 III 4129? SOPHOMORE GIRLS N , 4-, J III MUNHISKO . 1932 In Jl30lL FRESHMAN BOYS eg' 6?34'fi'e X' 1 5 P Qlfsggisfgvfwx-f 1 1 III MUNHISKO o 1932 III -i31l- s 1 X .N EW V I - V , ' XFRESHMAN GIRLS Q il "C r' nf 178--fi wc J fc 1-7 I X w Q N .J f Q XX x - X lll MUNHISKO o 1932 IH FOOTBALL TEAM rzmcis es Garrity, F Jam Muir k eric od Roberts, R YY Knight, Har rt mas, Albert Vogt, Robe ho T Stefanchin, Haydn Charles O'leary, Andrew OVV : R FRONT as N sv an S. ua E 2 a 'S :Q o M 6 .Q as cn X4 aa .tl cv L3 ul GJ :: GJ 5 1: .E O r-5 amy mP es, XVillia tchel, Nicholas Buka, Arthur Grim M re, Jack as Hart, Matthew Cullen, O'l-Ia Charles Cooke, Alan Gifford, Thom W: RO COND SE ach Homer Boggs. Shea, Assistant Co d tephen John Swenson, Lane rv : o 2 O U1 1. 1: -1:1 :u U ES Tohne, h C oach 1 ci 4: y aw E is E6 gm Q2 CIS Z -4132? III MUN:-uslco . 1932IH-.-.-.T-.1 Munhall Munhall Munhall Munhall Munhall Mrlnhall Munhall Munhall Munhall Munhall Munhall Munhall Munhall Munhall Munhall Munhall FOOTBALL SEASON 1931-1932 O McKeesport - - - 18 Leechburg - O Duquesne - - O Swissvale - 6 California - - 7 Braddock - - 19 W. Bethlehem - - - 6 Tarentum - O Cvlassport - - - - - O Homestead - Won ---- 3 Lost - 7 Coach - - - RICHARD A. TOLINE Faculty Manager - ALBERT FRANTZ CHARLES I. COOKE Student Managers - STEPHEN 1. CLOONAN BOYS' BASKETBALL 1931 -1932 - Z1 Braddock - - - 37 McKees Rocks - 31 W. P. S. D. - - - 44 W. P, S. D. - - 20 Duquesne - ' - - 30 McKeesport - Munhall - 33 Avalon - Munhall - - 34 Clairton - Munhall - 13 Scott - - Munhall - - 17 Homestead - Munhall - 18 C. Catholic Munhall - - 26 Braddock Milnhall - 21 Duquesne - Munhall - - 40 Mclieesport - Munhall - 32 Avalon - Munhall - - 32 Clairton - Munhall - 25 Rankin - Munhall - - 13 Homestead - Miinhall - 22 C. Catholic Munhall - - - - Z8 Scott - - Won ---- 13 Lost - 7 Coach - - - RICHARD A. TOLINE M 7 , f I CHARLES J. COOKE Magus I STEPHEN J. CLOONAN dl 33 l' III MUNHISKO o 1932 Ill BASKETBALL TEAM , VValter Sabo, Andrew Stefzmchin, James Garrity. mas Robert Knight, Harry Roberts ho T Oliver Leugyel, Haydn FRONT ROXY: Charles Cooke, Coach Tolinc, Jack Tischler, Robert Davies, Jack Bytheway, Ray Haines, Stephen Cloonau. W: SECOND LO 4341 GIRLS' BASKETBALL Ijl MUNHISKO o 1932 III GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROVV: Manager M. Edwards. E. Vogt, C. Fox, R. Walker, Captain K. Stanton, M. Gustashaw, B. Stevic, E. Ferns, Manager H. Helsley. SECONDMROIYV: H. Uhrinek, B. Albrecht, G. Kushner, R. Lescinek, Helen E. Upton, Coaehg R. Finley, L. Coe, A. Gabocy, and M. at ieson. 1931 1932 Munhall - - 19 Brentwood - Munhall - - 34 Alumni - Munhall - - 38 Rankin - Munhall - - 12 Duquesne Munhall - - 16 Scott - - Munhall - - 9 Homestead Munhall - 8 Braddock - Munhall - 5 Swissvale Munhall - - 29 Pitcairn Munhall - - - 19 Rankin - Munhall - - Cforfeitj Z Duquesne - Munhall - - - - 18 T. C. Union Munhall - - - IO Homestead - Munhall - - - 20 Pitcairn - Munhall - - 6 Braddock - Munhall - - 15 Scott - Munhall - - - 11 Swissvale - Munhall 1 - - 1 17 T. C. Union Won - - - . - 8 Lost 10 - - HELEN UPTON f HELEN HELSLEY 1 MARGARET EDWARDS C oach - - - M anagers - 1351 Ill MUNHISKO o 1932 III First Group V Second Group u Third Group STUDENT COUNCIL JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL MUNHISKO STAFF MMUNHISKO . 1932 IlI.... 5 S Wk: I W XIFSL , My ,II gf. sf? 595 'I QI: .W in - gg, 1. P 'vm "H 1 GIR First Group Second Group Third Group Ls' SWIMMING TEAM SOCCER TEAM Boys' SWIMMING TEAM g, YW Y, I If l,.......III MUNHISKO o 1932 III,1...,..... First Group, HONOR SOCIETY Second Group, ORCHESTRA JI 38 lb L III MUNHISKO o 1932 III i39lL MUNH SKO STAFF N C , R 'Q Z1 A, wi I-IJ -ll-I cc.. EF: fi U 1: 530. E 5.. .sf-5 Vi .35 'SE -E2 fE,..I :LI-V :-Z Q53 iQ U5 ze '55 40 'a EE E5 QL-Ll .QE S5 ti -3, I-uf EVELYN LEADBEATER Art Editor AGNUSON M ER WALT x. 'U C10 G C B 2 V7 m 2 'as 3 cn COMMITTEE Mary Hager, john Hoffman, Kenneth jones and George Lloyd lll MUNHISKO o 1932I1l NAME CARL ALBRECHT CHARLES BAPTIE SUSAN A. BARNES BLAIR BAUER WILLIAM BOTSFORD GRACE BROADWRIGHT WILLIAM BROWNLEE FLORENCE BURNHAM MARGARET BRIDGES ORA CHAMBERLAIN ALBERT CHURILLA JOHN CLARK HOWARD CLUTTER AARON COHEN DOLORES CONNELLY CHARLES J. P. COOKE WILLIAM COREY MALCOLM COUBROUGH WILLARD CREUTZER ALBERT DAVIS ALICE DAVIS KENNETH DAVIS FRANCIS DIENER EDWARD EASTMAN HOWARD EBNER WALTER ELWELL VIOLA ERLEBA REGIS FARLEY ELIZABETH FERNS IMELDA FERTIG ROSELLA FINLEY DOROTHY FLOYD JULIA FORSMARK MARTHA FREEBOROUGH ANNA GABOCY ANNA MAE GEHRIG LLOYD GIBSON KATHERINE GOEDDEL ALBERT GROSS GRACE GUINEY MARY HAGER LAVERNE HALL ALICE HARDING BERNICE HARTLEY ALBERT HARTLINE ROY HARTMAN ALAN HAWS To To To To To To SENIOR AMBITIONS AMB ITIONS be an aeroplane mechanic fall in love teach French become an aviator be a minister be a domestic science teacher None To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To travel marry be a teacher travel around the world be an electrical engineer be an electrical engineer be a lawyer be a great nurse be a great surgeon be a French teacher be an educated hobo be a famous chemist be an industrial engineer marry rich be a football coach be a coach To be an engineer To be a success in business To marry a blonde from M. H. S. To be a social secretary To be field manager of air-Held To be an artist ' To marry a '28 grad from M. H. S. To marry a fair haired athlete To be a private secretary To be a stenographer To marry a millionaire To be a private secretary To bowl a Score of 198 To become the president of U. S. To be an artist To be a pretzel bender To be the wife of a bank president To go to the Olympics To be a teacher To be somebody's stenog None None To be a candy taster To sleep at home instead of English Class i40l To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To TO To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To SENIOR DESTINY make mechanical airplanes be an etiquette teacher be a chorus girl be a truck driver be an Evangelist be a head cook become a commissioned Officer be a prison matron be a spinster be a wife of a noble be a Stoker in a steamship be a radio tube tester sell electric trains be a justice of the peace be a humane society nurse be a butcher write French poetry be a banana salesman be a detective be a janitor be a blues singer be a playground director be a pullman conductor be a streetcar motorman be a polygamist be a colored impersonator be a gunmoll be a greasemonkey be a cartoonist be a golddigger be a nightclub hostess be a restaurant waitress be the wife of a coalminer be a scrubwoman be a peanut vender be a pretzel bender be a whitewing be a dishwasher be a penny arcade expert live in a poor house swim the Atlantic grow up be a cook on a boat do the rumba collect butterflies be a window washer be a night watchman .III MUNHISKO o 1932 lu NAME HELEN HELSLEY DOLORES HICKEY MARY ALICE HICKS ROBERT HIMES JOHN HOFFMAN DOROTHY HOMER WILLIAM HOUY DONALD HUFFMAN PEARL HUNTER DOROTHY JOI-INSTONE DAVID JONES FERN JONES JEAN JONES KENNETH JONES VIRGINIA JONES WILLIAM JONES WILLIAM KEMP LOUISE KLINE FREDERICK KNAUSS BERT KONDIS MARY KRISTOEIK LEONARD KUSHNER THOMAS LACEY JOSEPH LACKO MARGARET LAMB STUART LAMONT EVELYN LEADBEATER ALBERT LEBEDDA ALICE LEEMING OLIVER LENGYEL JOHN LESKO FREDERICK LEWIS HARRY LEWIS MABEL LEWIS ALAN C. LLOYD GEORGE LLOYD PHYLLIS MACDONALD WALTER MAGNUSON JEAN MARSHALL DAVID MATHIESON LOIS MCCUEAN SARAH MCCUEAN LUCY MCDONALD GAZA MEDLEY ALICE MORGAN GLEN MORRIS JACK MORRIS R-5MUfR To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To Q To SENIOR AMBITIONS Daly CContinueclJ AMBITIONS make the Boswell Sisters a foursome go to the Olympics live in California with ? choke Rudy Vallee be a lawyer crash the movies be a business man be agreeable with Madmoiselle teach school teach in Munhall High School be the tall man in a circus please be a stenographer be a columnist be a nurse own an Auburn sport roadster own a set of golf clubs become a private secretary - have wavy hair be a billionaire make harder and heavier biscuits become an aviator be a great scientist be an ambassador meet him ? get home at ten o'clock travel be a national swimming champion own a Chrysler roadster be as husky as he is tall be a chemist ride a bicycle be a commercial artist marry a student of H. H. S. be be be be be 3 21 3 Z1 3 great lawyer and politician finger-print expert great piano player mechanical engineer successful school teacher live out in the park be a great swimmer be a successful gym teacher be a private secretary be the leader of a famous orchestra be a teacher travel and bowl a 300 be an actor be gsoagi i411- To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To SENIOR DESTINY be an opera singer make the Ziegfielcl follies famous live in Alaska receive our best wishes be a politician work in a box office be an air mail pilot be a gigolo make a good wife run an elevator join Singer's midgets be a shorthand teacher be a lovelorn columnist be a second Sherlock Holmes capture alligators be a wall paper hanger CCan't be predictedj To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To T? be a second Greta Garbo be a Sports writer be a newspaper man be a pastry artist go to Hawaii study worms become famous be a novelist be a milkman be Miss America teach gym be a social secretary be a Houdini be a bonesetter be a heavy weight champ replace Hamm Fischer sell penny candies be a newspaper editor be a bank policeman invent a piano attachment go to Sweden be a hick School marm be an undertaker study flowers teach math bottle paste be a stage success be a Second Clara Bow visit Mars assassinate Bing Crosby 1 l if 2 be a brick-layer , IH MUNHISKO o 1932 llll.-.-..l- NAME WILLIAM NUSS ROY OBRINGER CHARLES O,l.EARY MARY OYLEARY LUELLA OTT MARY JANE PARK FRANK PATTERSON JAMES PERHACH FLORA PFEIFFER VIOLET PFEIFFER WILLIAM PRICE DOROTHEA RAYMAN CHARLES ROBERTS ELNORA ROBSON MAE ROONEY AVONDALE RUEE ANN SHAVONE ROBERTA SHADE CHARLES SHAWL MARY SHIELDS VERONICA SIEDLAS JOHN SLATER STEWART SLATER WILLIAM SLATER LEROY SNYDER JEROME SOLOMON BESSIE SPINELLI KATHERINE STANTON BETTY JANE STEVIC LILLIAN TAYLOR HAYDEN THOMAS ADAM THOMPSON HOWARD THOMPSON EVELYN TRAUTMAN JOHN VARGO JOHN VASKO ELIZABETH VINES VIRGINIA VINES ALBERT VOGT RUTH WALKER JESSIE WELSHMAN CLARA WEPRICH JACK WHALEN KATHERINE WILHARM ELIZABETH WINTERSTEEN RALPH WOLLETT HELEIQ YARINA HENRY ZEIGLER To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To TO To To To SENIOR AMBITIONS QContinuedJ AMBITIONS be president of the U. S. be an electrician succeed in something different be a domestic science teacher be soInebody's stenog get married be a i'Push-Pin" expert be a sailor be a cowgirl be a stenographer lead the U. S. Steel Co, live and be happy be a business manager be somebody's stenog be the president's stenog crash the movies meet Cab Calloway Own a Pekinese pup travel go to college stay single graduate from High School become an electrical engineer become an accountant try to have something join the Navy and see the world be a kindergarten teacher own a Cadillac Sport roadster marry a swimmer? be a dancer crash the movies be an aviator be a metallurgical engineer learn to be quiet be the president of the U. S. be a typist marry a student of H. H. S. get an A from Miss Wingard be a coach be a famous stylist live in California and be happy be a journalist make the U. S. socialistic be a nurse be a farmerette study French be somebOdy's stenog replace David Rubinoff i42l To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To SENIOR DESTINY be an automobile salesman be electrocuted succeed be a dressmaker be a Xylophone player take in washings run a toy choo-choo be a boot-black ride a merry-go-round make sausages be a first-helper in the mill never grow up be an office boy be a restaurant waitress be a cashier on a merry-go-round be a movie critic meet Andy Brown go to China run an elevator be a nurse be convicted of bigamy run a store run the electric train at Kennywood Park be an Algebra teacher be a hobo be a farm-hand work in an orphanage drive a kiddy-car catch some poor-fish be a bookkeeper be a stage-hand be an airplane mechanic be a coal miner be a commercial teacher be a street cleaner in Washington be a type-setter be an aviatrix be an Algebra teacher be a Pitt football star be a manniken in Gimbels move to Baffin Island write for the Messenger be a jailbird be somebody's maid marry a Wall street broker dust electric chairs be a manicurist be a strong-arm man .l...,w MUNI-usko . 1932 I WHAT NAMES WILL DO JOHN A. HOFFMAN, IR. WE ARE about to relate one of the many adventures in the life of the renowned adventurer, Allan Haws. Today we find Allan leisurely riding in BOT'S FORD taking pictures of the beautiful scenery and of the BRIDGES and BARNES with his new EASTMAN kodak. Allan soon became tired, however, and stopped beneath the SHADE of a huge tree which was covered with clinging VINES. Our young adventurer while cooking his lunch, discovered one can BURN- HAM if one doesn't know how to COOKE. Owing to his inexperience in the culinary art he had to be satisfied with SIEDLAS raisins and some HAWS from a nearby bush. When Allan and his friend johnny Jones went for a ride that evening they en- tered a town named FREEBOROUGH. You will HARTELY believe it but our dear friends were arrested by an oflicer of the law and were taken to a small HALL in which there were a number of coun- try HICKS. Here, the old MARSHALL gave them a lecture and dismissed them. Rambling on, our dear friends entered a large town where they met a fair young maiden. JOHNSTONE of voice was like that of a gallant KNIGHT as he asked her if she would like to ride through a PARK. Like a LAMB she answered, "Yes, but I OTT to go I-IOM-ER to church." So our NOBLE hero took her home dropping Johnny en route. There, they sat in M3.B.LS chairs and looked at the bay. The tide neither EBNER rose. When she would look at him with those de MUIR eyes his HART- LINE rose. As the radio bellowed forth a MEDLEY of popular tunes he shouted UOBRINGER here." While dancing they were disturbed by the rattle of a GROSS of bottles as the COOKE entered and asked in a RUFE voice "SABO, where do you want this milk?,' "Just set it over therell' Allan asked his lady if she would like to go for a stroll. She agreed to let him WALKER around the house if he would find her SHAWL. But not being a good HUNTER, he decided to keep her warm with his ARMSTRONG heater. Later in the evening they went to the DAVIS Theater and as the show was un- interesting they left and went to THOMPSON'S Restaurant. They did justice to the last TRAY of food, but when he reached for his WOLLET to pay the bill he found that he had lost it and didn't have the PRICE of a CLARKE bar. As the waiter threw him out the door Allan said, "I think your story is a lot of HOUYV' -I43I l A Ill MUNHISKO o 1932 III Zami will sinh Efvatamvnt WE, the class of 1932 of the Munhall High School, of the borough of Munhall, County of Allegheny, and State of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make publish and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by us. First. We direct that all our just debts and commencement expenses be fully paid and satisfied, as soon as conveniently may be, after our departure, by Mr. C. R. Stone. To Mr. Wherry we leave our appreciation for all he has done for us. To Miss MacBeth we leave our love and best wishes for having been our 'Kguiding light" during our four years at Munhall High School. To the Faculty we leave all the text books and the task of making all pupils as noble-minded and high-idealed as we of the Class of '32, To Mr. Toline we leave our sincere wishes for a team strong enough to beat Homestead. To the juniors we leave the title of "Dignif1ed Seniors". To the sophomores we leave the privilege of holding a "prom" next year. To the freshmen we leave this advice: "Don't be too proud when you become sophomoresfit leads to disaster". Individually we bequeath the following: Alice Harding leaves her silence to Lois Chamberlin. Pete Deiner leaves his position on the football team to Nick Baka. Elizabeth Wintersteen leaves her debating ability to Elsie McGuire. Knobby Shawl leaves his "pony" to Howard Crisp. Allan Haws leaves his imagination to Ray Haynes. Dot Johnstone leaves her drag to Clara Fox. Evelyn Leadbeater leaves her personality to Olive Mesing. Louise Kline leaves her "job'l to a bright junior. "Little Shakespeare" leaves his mighty oratory prowess to Bennie Seigal. Chuck O'Leary leaves the S O'clock Club without a friend. Kay Stanton leaves her basketball ability to Elizabeth Vogt. Pearl Hunter leaves her front seat in sociology to the Junior who bids the highest. Roberta Shade leaves her sunny disposition to Ursula Hickey. Ralph Wollet leaves his French book to who ever wants it. Rod Muir leaves the task of entertaining sophomore girls to George Demerest. Hayden Thomas leaves his basketball prowess to "Red" Davis. Bill Brownlee leaves his tales of distant lands to an ad- venture-seeking freshman. Howard Ebner leaves his high-powered salesman "line" to Howard Pietsch. Ora Chamberlin leaves her "power of speech" to Ruth Hepps. Ollie Lengyel leaves his size to Mabon McCullough. Grace Broadwright leaves her curls to Edna Westland. Tom Lacey leaves his vocabulary to Leonard Mosbacher. Mabel Lewis leaves her drawing ability to Ruth Kenny. Helen Helsley leaves the management of the girls' basket- ball team to Peg Edwards. Avondale Ruff leaves her title of "Gabby" to Grace Bertram. Susan Barnes leaves her curls to Sue Lloyd. Bill Slater leaves his personality to Matty Cullen. Mickey Hager leaves the presidency of the Student Council to a bright junior. Petty Finley leaves her popularity to Thelma Neville. Dolores Connelly leaves her German book to Mr. Walbert. Charles Cooke leaves his initiative to Lawrence Zim- merman. Walter Magnuson leaves the editorship of the Munhisko to any capable junior. We do hereby make, constitute and appoint M. W. Wherry to be executor of this our Last Will and Testament. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We, the Seniors above named, have hereunto subscribed our name and afiixes our seal, the fifteenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirtyftwo . Signed, sealed, published and declared by the above named Senior Class as and for their Last Will and Testament in the presence of us, who have hereunto subscribed our names at their request as witnesses thereunto in the presence of said Seniors, and of each other. EDNA RISHEBERGER j. SGLON WILSON GEORGE WALBERT 144i -...-...nj MUNHISKO - 1932 l1l. .i.. 'Q C Q M P LI M E N T S JOHN FORBES 8: SON vu cc malty A memo DRY GCODS Store .,. COMPLIMENTS 1"'f .p-a. f of f T H E HOMESTEAD PARK "The Best in Everything" GARAG E COMPLIMENTS 1 of 1 LESSIG and WHETSTONE, Inc DR. GILMOR W. DEAN Dentist Florists PHONE HOMESTEAD 1547 FLOWERS FGR ALL OCCASIONS THE DAVID BEVAN HARDWARE SUPPLY CO. gg I Hardware, Nails, Paints and Glass TIN AND SLATE RooF1No 222 E. Eighth Avenue Phone 1160 5 -1451 250 E. E1G1'1T1-1 AVENUE Phone Homestead 2800 iii.-III MUNHISKO o 1932 III-... Q COMPUMENTS OF NEW CLASSES Now . . . BEING ECRMED 7tl1 Avenue Filling Station NEAR AMITY Q wk Call, Write or Phone for Details HOMESTEAD, PA. Q Pittsburgh School Smitws of Accountancy O FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS LAW St FINANCE BUILDING O 429 Eourth Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 3317 Main Street Phone 3410 Atlantic 0923 HCMESTEAD PARK COMPLIMENTS OF , S O L O M O N S RICHARD E. LLOYD Justice of the Peace Clothes FOR TI-IE YCUNG FELLOW Eugene Avenue and Main Street 0 0 0 HOMESTEAD PARK MUNHALL, PA' 8th Avenue at McClure HCMESTEAD 1 FLCWERS FOR ALL QCCASIQNS Sllefman S Pharmacy M. A. SHERMAN . . . PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Johnston the Florist HOMESTEAD PARK 202 E. EIGHTH AVE. HQMESTEAD ' PHONE HOMESTEAD 1275 Phone Homestead 1214 J. L. GIBSON, MANAGER FLOWERS BY WIRE JI 46 1 III MUNHISKO . 1932 In BUSINESS TRAINING SINCE 1839 ir Ninety-two years of effective preparation for business employment is the answer to your question . . . "Which School Shall I Attend?" 'A' DUFF'S IRON CITY C O L L E G E 424 DUQUEsNE WAY PITTSBURGH ATLANTIC 4875-4876 'A' Fully accredited by the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools Compliments of . . . Q THE COMMUNITY PHARMACY o ANN sTREET HOMESTEAD, PA. o We Employ Only Registered Pharmacists 2 COMPLIMENTS GF ir THE HOMESTEAD MOTOR SUPPLY COMPANY Ewing's Quality Food Products are Unquestioned MEATS, BUTTER, CHEESE, EGGS AND GROCERIES O DELIVERY O GEO. EWING 81 BROTHER AIexander's Meat Market Quality Meats i' 330 E. EIGHTH AVENUE We Deiiyer Phone Homestead 3611 Compliments of H. A. JONES o Shoe Repair Shop Q 5 Main St. and Eugene Aye. Homestead Park T471 III MUNHISKO o 1932 IH , , QQ , yyyyy yrir I 1"' "' "WQ .,.A. I ,. .. -i13i3i7i:3'3'3'?:i:1:5:i:i .-.3If2315I5I5Zl1i5I:I:Zi1il3ZiZi-:I , ' "" .-.- :V1-.3:-:':''':3:I:I.1112:I:-13:3:3:':i:i:3:3:1:11 w ..3:3:5:7:1:i SP01'tSmC11- si ,.,. Whatever the SIL!!-you,u and , Mime Emi:iiiiiiiwizii iii' In every Spalding store you'lI find a wide and gggggggg varied stock of every kind of athletie goods equipment, With experts to assist you in your 52525 choice-and at prices that fir every pocketbook. Drop in and See what 2 gg "man-S ,,.,..r has fo may 5 ,mf If2552523232525252525255551 'e2522225E2E222i2:: ...Q . ' .... 2:s2a252e2e2a5sE2222322L fl 'ESEEEEEEESQEQEQEQ l5f5i5i5E5Q5i5i5353Q52i5E2:11.11:r-' ,Q .,., STREET .I.11115252335523231555Q355i53Q3i5E2E1-yr' -3Q15:,f15EQEQEQEEQEQE syroy 608piXi9r2gURGH X ' ""' 4,-.-. .......-.- I H """""" ililiizliiizii ii 'i21222221EQIEIEIEQEIEQSQSEQEQSQSQ2522225525s2sis2si2222a:a:5E22522252522252a2s222a2ai5e2s2s:sis:2:2:3:a:5:a:s:2:2:z:s:a2:2:agsga:s -'i"'-'-""" QA,, jj'4'g'1'ffA1'1-5' :zgzgggigf 4i-'----4'-- A A TI-IIE STUDICD GRANDE Pittsburgifs Largest Studio of Photography PHONE ATLANTIC 4059 233 OLIVER AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. I 43 I gn MUNI-usKo . 1932HI JAM E S C. K U H N SUCCESSORTO ELICKER 8: STRONG HOMESTEAD REALTY CC , F lorzsts Q Q REALAEETATE DECORATIONS, DESIGNS AND CUT FLOWERS INSURANCE Q Furnished on S hort Notice PHONE HO 1001 ca, if 130 E. EIGHTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. 328 E. EIGHTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. D UNITED CAN Y SHOP WM- SEI-I-Z FOR Better Candy and Ice Cream Staple and Fancy Groceries, Etc. LUNCHEONETTE Q 230 E. EIC-HTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. Corner Main and Eugene Avenue Phone H ead 9490 Phone Homestead 9450-J HOMESTEAD PARK THE MILLER GARAGE HILL FUNERAL HOME Corner Main and Lehigh Avenue REUBEN TETER HH-L HQMESTEAD PARK FLLT'LeTCll DiTeCKOT ,I o Phone Ho. 2193 Extends its Congratulations to the HOMESTEAD PARK CIGSS of 3 Main at E. Virginia MUNHALL, PA. AI 49 P Ill MUNHISKO . 1932 III-1...-. ESTABLISHED 1884 Q I y We OITCT a Superlor Service ERNEST CRAMBLET Gillen and Coulter Company P , MORTICIANS Tmfgf Ambulance Sewice We Specialize in Printing School Papers and Magazines O 322 E. EIGHTH AVENUE f HOMESTEAD, PA. Phone Homestead 4100 12 HAMILTON STREET DUQUESNE coMPuMENTs A, E, B E N T Z f Of f Confectioner NEFF'S Q N T D G S C O 4111 MAIN STREET HOMESTEAD PARK Phone Ho. 3518 PAINTS f OILS f VARNISHES f BRUSHES AUTO GLASS, ETC. Dutch Boy Lead THOMAS LAIRD Staple and Fancy Groceries O BUTTER, EGGS, CHEESE AND sMoKED MEATS I O O 318 E. Eighth Ave. Phone Ho. 0686 M Phone 23151 1410 Mifflin Street 4? 'I 50 lb III MUNI-nsko . 1932111 Makers of .... HIVIUNI-IISKQH ,, ,, P7 2 foT193Q COLLEGE AND SCHOOL PRINTING SOLICITED WESTINGHOUSE VALLEY PRINTING COMPANY WILMERDING D .Q PENNSYLVANIA WRITE US BEFORE PLACING YOUR NEXT ORDER 1fQFQiZin Q , Q? A1,xET?56?E?1xon YRINITJG E 7-ES , 1 EAW QQ, .. 1 ust1'aTo1's 11 N . C-,HT 1 5 up erzor 1 I1l g35i.T5g.?54,.Xyg 1 6 .E s a x C 1 iIn?,E'eLVe1'S?I: 1 "WY 1 a -tone - II c3Q?'2I55 . Q 1 nc etchixiis .. . ' , , M M, . ' 'fini' I' fI51I

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