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Munford High School - Conqueror Yearbook (Munford, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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X, .x Z' 9 - -X C,ON+E N'f'3 Simpy Jmwiliix GJQQAMA, hmmm CLEA ALULXWV Jzxaiwun. I , qv 9, 1' B Z K X 4 QQ Z' 5 wx W f? M Mfoyyxw mwh.-.moQin.nuu.10-Quai l.s.9.1...V3WNk. d..A.mi,5:3wo.Mw.9.q5 QNL.51,.:..,A.--Tm.S.c.P,Qagxv:n. 2 'K A eww ESE m h 'wr g'f 5 3 ALMA MATER Our Mumford High School's praises sin Mumford High, Our Mumford High Her lovlmg children tribute bring, Mumford Hlgh, Our Mumford Hlgh' Of Mumford High with record grand Her meme beloved im all our land Of Her we sing for her we stand Mumford High, Our Mumford Hlgh Brave men amd true have fought for thee Mumford High, Our Mumford High Mumford High, Our Mumford High' Far shines thy light o'er land and sea The light that comes from Calvary And guides thy host to victory Mumford High, Our Mumford Hig In calm and storm the same for aye Mumford Hlgh, Our Mumford Hlgh' We follow where she leads the way, Mumford High, Our Mumford High We bless the bonds that bind us near We praise her name who brought us here It is our Alma Mater dear, Mumford High, Our Mumford High' 4 S, 2 D I , D ' 2 ! For Country, God, and Liberty, D hi E 1 3 ' lllil I 'g-W1 Wpwmmm N. FIRST ROW Joe Hanks, Betty Sue Gross, LOUISE Pouncey, Becky Glover, Bllly McCullough SECOND ROW Martha Cousar, Georgia Sartain, June Moore, Mary Cousar, Jimmy Wlley TIBIRD ROW Ed Maughan, Faye Wllson CEditor in Chiefl, Edna McCollum K Assistant Editori, Betty Jean Coleman NOT PICCIURED Alice Morgan, Charles Carter, Shirley Beaver Shvrle Beaver Charles Carfer' Afrce Mor an, , 1 1 Q 1 - A b new I Wanna I humor f 'A can f LX f , K 6.80 . V I . -ff W K, Q, g yr , Www... ,rV, . 'fx 'mm A N V I l I . . 1 1 l ' ' O I 95 ' 1 ,ff 2 5 x P -f Q 5 f nn 'Vx ' J KL , f -vr so I? M L si Q L M' Mt, YHQTQABY-a,phe,rs K K gg, l Toe Hanks SHIYICU-1 Beaver ...ti , 1 fi S' g fi AYCHSTS 5 0Y'1'5 5 5A1,'u M r Y l 0 QV' - ' c KL Charles Cavfev- Bleu-jf Qjavgvfwxk E W Edffc rs 5,1575 MLM Us 'W lass e ah ws EJIMA 7ft fb. Q. WIISOK, Vw, M 0 am mmmw DK se T p s ross My A604-154V corvbfa MAY Cousar fpfemgu 'fi' 43' M al - H ' ' , 3 1 7 X ' c nl' oorrf . ' ' 55 E ' 0 'L ' I1 LC ' : c n T L I. POKLCC7 5 if G H1 5 '-S Q 0 7 G yfdll- if L 2' '31 'fi- ' t V A 5, a, rykffb, K N iii, - Q, . ' ' QA . . x ig- ,, A gg: 5.1, :xv 22- . as-JSF I a' IUC -Q. -.. vw -.... A a U H t1'lc1VMc1 COQCF hlatory up H1Sh Shannon Faulkner Muslc Math xii Wallace Morelock dl Algebra SC1GHC6 Evelyn rletcher F ome Elo onomlcs Clayton McGee Engl1sh Prlnclpal C T WllllS Math Physlcs 'QR .p--'ff E C PFltCh6tt AgF1CUltUF6 Chemlstry 8 O 'M 4-, I ! fa sw Y g If .. - AM , 1.4 3 img ' i w 9 Q' Wa. I in ' f ,i W 4: Flower lP1S Colors OFCh1d and Gold Motto We flH1Sh to begln Mlss Flora Hart Hlstory and Engllsh IO Mlss Almeda Berry Commerce ww Y t -3,99 YN 9? wvffxe wi xew' Betty Sue Gross Secretary SpeaKs what she thlnks e e5ld Joe Hanks Treasurer Women are H15 weaknesses' Becky Glover Reporter Llttle, but loud. E dna Earle McCollam Vlce PFSSld9Ht Modest, lntel llgent, rellfous nonoraole, ano trustworthy toat' Edna mari Loulse Pouncey Sweetness sln cerlty, and good looks are rarely found 1D one but 1D kNOWlDg Loulse we flnd all 3 31'-A Margle Dlxon The reward of a thlng well done 15 to have done J T For s If talklng wlll hrlng one suc cess then J T should have no fear of fallure Shlrley Beaver We all love her and she loves all of us! 12 'bm 0293 Q5 M836 GQ 6 1 5ie0i335xNz9X O XSQSZGYN on iiik 8 35 L N 'f 0 av xxx 9' 1 v lie A X5 3 Q - . YK . . Q 496,06 :LX . 306 'xx iid . A 8 . 9 it. W . . be a 43009 yngafgoa yXaY?9 Wallace Joyner He speaks when spoken to Mary Frances Morgan A glrl of few words Blllle S McCullough A pPOfeSS1OD3l qUSStlOH asker I3 Mary Cousar sweet as a klss Honest as Mother Earth 'Sv' Faye Wllson She 15 one who has remalned loyal to her work and seen lt through 1 fe has Worth lnlcle hat U at SP a S Maurlce Turnage jnd'gr5QS pfffgs He who follows the U be In hat Golden Rule ls llkely lSSed to be every 1HCh a man Alice Morgan Vim, vigor, and vitality that's Alice Bobby Bomar The boy who had nothln wanted nothln, dld nothlng and now here 13 HOthlDg I4 2 SSPQ17 ASI S f e Cp- t QVSQ in f H' Ch h , . , S an E ' . . g ge 0 0 , 'L eOf 5eQ6D 0 vial 3 L33 ble 3 '55 xwigl 50.9 sbe June Moore she thlnks men's hearts are tops Donald Dyer Is always there wlth hls same dry wlt Joy Rowland A spirited, beathtaking th' best described by a low whistle of amazement 15 Thurman Billings It is plain-this boy is wide eyed wlth love Jofce Fletcher bo allve every ounce of her ,,.,-' S aarles s o 0 S fl ang S beanl S O-Z lj? QZJJSQ t opl0e .1 .1 Jasper Sage lat Llttle, loud, and mlschlevlous Cleo Smith Talks and walks 1D Lloyd Gray When I go wlsdom will be no more. 16 hurry Mary Faye Pollard Wlth a dlsposltlon llke ours, who could hel P thlnklng nlce thlHgS about you I :gil Q- X l a f itil N O4 c O Y OO .la Pt P d in ' r , Gif D ' a . YN y . . n 4 Q 3 , ,hx c s 3 9 WW Q0 5 Q59 Wimeo 6 fo 9 9 GM wp Oo K' 9 e 65 bYQfQ 5 OO of Austln STPlCll nd FT1ld est mannered man that exe? out 1 throat or souttled a shmp Betty Jo Bomar S lience 1S a thlng f beauty Betty Wooten She has t hat glint of m1SChiSf in her e yes that no one A ' could miss. Juanita Simmons hose qulet One of t lHdlVldU8lS 15- Tmspu- S. v-V . Q' D' Aug-tn :JS 3',NX A,.+hu'+., M,,,.J, NYSQ eQ . In 18 62,55 Me, the Senlor Class of l95O of Munford Hlgh School, havlng been oroclalfed by everyone as of lnsa rlnds and unsound bodles do hereby rake thls our last wlll and testa ent In order that the faculty nd students of the aforementloned Munford Hlgh School shall not be too dis apoo nted at our l63VlHg, we do hereby wlll and beq e th thls our ost prlceless possessions to sald enefactors Artlcle dunford Artlcle Mr WIIIIS, we leave t e hope that he may remaln at dear ole' Hlgh for another twenty years M Prltchett, we do herebv wlll and bequeath the hope that hls fared De Kalb corn prows and grows and grows Artlcle III To nur sponsors M Berry and Mlss Hart we leave the hope that they w1ll not be elected Senlor sooasors next year and have to fool wlth th1sx '9 Artlcle of mlnd Article ve Junk Mary annual the remalnlng members of the faculty we leave them thelr peace and broken health after havlng taught us four years the Senlors of l95O wlll and bequeath the followlng collectlon to the underclassmen Faye Pollard, do hereby wlll and bequeath my qulet angellc manners Imogene Hoy Thls excludes fllrtlng, Imogene ahlrley Beaver wlll my long dark halr to Atrell Boswell Now you won't so spectacular, Atrell Jlmmy Wlley, do hereby leave my back seat 1D the study hall to the Walker boys Don't let Cha les beat you out of lt, Doug I, Sarah Ashworth, do hereby wlll and bequeath my qulet demure manners to Mary Gross Youfll have to stop your fllrtlng now, Mary' I, Edna Earle Mcnollum, w1ll my wlnsome ways and stralght HA'sN to Blllle oyce Maughan ou have the ways, Blllle Joyce, how about the HA's H I EG Maughan, leave my full backlng dUt1GS to Carroll Flte See you at your funeral, arroll I, Becky Glover, do hereby wlll my ceaseless slster Pat Pome on Pat, keep up the famlly I, Betty Sue Gross, leave to Mary Forbess y flow of conversatlon to my tradltlon Job of checklng the roll You'll llke that Mary, I check the boys slde I, Maurlce Turnage, do hereby wlll and bequeath my tall, dark, and handsome ways to Calvln Fletcher. Go get 'em,HDynam1te.U I, Margle DIXOH, wlll my ablllty to make HA'sH to Charles Walker. You won't have to worry about playlng football now, Charles. !9 Al X .L I I 1- 1 ll 4 , ei ' I To A . rf- - X - ' II To r. ' L ' 5 vias I ' , . - ' A Ll , f Q 0 ' IV To . . . ' V W . , . . . of ' . I, I 1 . ' ' to . ' f . I, ' ' ' 'll ' . be I I . I, . . . . J . Y ' ' - . ' I C L - ' Z 1, Juanlta Slmmons, leave my peaceful serenlty to Mrs Darrell Procter Now you can really settle down, Jane I, J T Borbess do hereby leave my lazy galt to Robert McPeat Take your t1me McPeat, take ya' t1me I, Faye Wlleen, do hereby W111 and bequeath my place as edltor of thls annual to any smart JUD1OF who wants a headache It'll run you craz crazy I tell you' I, Jasper Sage, leave my Job as cheerleader to Glenn Glldewell Now you can yell all you want, Glenn I, Elelsa Woodbury, wlll my glggle to V1v1an Owens, come on Vlvlan, now lets have a grln I, Betty Jean Coleman, do hereby w1ll my cute freckles to my dear ole cousln, Almet Gross Thank me, Almeta I, Austln Strlckland, w1ll my place as M Pr1tchett's rlght hand man to Fredrlck Smlth Thls means a fleld trlp every day, Frltze 1, Betty Wooten, wlll my ablllty to spell to Robert D6l8Shmlt Now you can make A's, Robert We, Mary and Martha Cousar, do hereby w1ll our curly red ha1r to Mar Jane Sartaln Now you won't have the Job of rolllng your ha1r, Mary Ja I, B1ll1e McCullough, do hereby leave my Jalopy to Norrls Adklns Don't I, Al1ce Morgan, do hereby w1ll and beoueath my gTaC1OuS flgure to B1ll1e Jean Campbell Now you'll be able to walk down the study hall alsles, B1ll1e Jean I, Lloyd Gray, do hereby w1ll and beoueath my n1ckname of UB1rd1eH to B1ll1e Browder L1ve up to lt, B1ll I, Cleo Smlth, do hereby w1ll mynflylngnw lk to Nell Montgomery Come on Nell, step lt up' I, Wallace Joyner, leave the hope that all tre boys left 1n Munford Hlgh w1ll be as qulet as 1've been these four long years I, Betty Jo Bomar, do hereby w1ll my rosy cheeks to Katherlne Valentlne You won't have to wear make up any longer, Katherlne I, Sonny B1ll1H5S, leave Gurnell to Munford Hlgh for another ye r Take good care of her, I dld' ' I, Mary Frances Morgan, do hereby leave school as qU1CKly as posslble so that I can go to Brlghton to get my man I, June Moore, do hereby wlll and bequeath my seat on the front row 1D Mr Faulkner's band to anyone who cares for lt Don't rush, glrls' I, Donald Dyer, wlll my foghorn volce to M153 Cllfton Now you can out talk Mr W1ll1s' I, Joyce Fletcher, do hereby wlll and bequeath my welght to Marlene Talley Grow up, Marlene I, Joe Hanks do hereby wlll and be ue th l Yochum C,mgn bled, get hepl Q 2 my ove for the women to Cled 20 , ' ' ' - ya - - I N ' a . ' . u A 4. o r-'n y . ne. . . 1 . . . . kill yourself, HReno.H . . . , 5 V . .. 1 ' Y , . . . . 5 . u A V K W I, Louise Pouncey, will my quiet ways to Miss Annie Almeda Ernestine Berry. Goodness knows, she needs fem! I, Bobby Bomar, do hereby leave, just as fast as I can. I, Joy Rowland, do hereby leave all my charm and womanly wiles to ULittleH Joyce Fletcher Use 'em wisely I, Georgia Sartaln, do hereby will and bequeath the honor C?D of keeping Mr Willis' office to my sister Mary Jane Don't let him lose any more hair, Mary Jane I, Charles Carter, will my long hair to Jimmy Cooper Now you'll really be handsome, Jim SONN B Bah-Y E' him Y CeoS :Emmy VV Ska-YQYIS BHQM LIOYJG TTFM-bass Juan xh S l. at I f ai ww Q' li sw If vi ,, y -.Rn Q in ' . AW . K I L 4, N 4 WJ Q WM , rn 5 . . 5, v 3 GSS PYOPkeS It 1S the year 1960 Ten long years have passed and the Munford hlgh b6HlOFS are preparlng to embark on the annual Senlor Trlp Going along as chaperone lS Mlss June Moore, commerical teacher at the Hlgh School, who 1S determ1ned to flnd what has become of her classmates of 1950 lhe day of departure flnally came ard as the bus drove up, who should be the dF1V6F1JUt J I Forbess, the owner of the prosperous bus llne he at once began dlrectlng the loadlng of baggage, but suddenly a clamor arose' Llttle Thurman Bllllngs Jr had fallen from the bus and had broken a leg Thurman Jr 1S one of Sonny's seven boys Mr W1ll1S lmmedlately called the Turnage Ambulance Servlce, run by Maurlce and h1s brother, Wlnston He was taken qulckly to the hos pltal where Blelsa Woodbury was engaged as h1s nurse Lucklly th1s was the only casualty and the group left wlth destlnatlon unknown Pass 1ng through Mllllngton, they saw Betty Wooten, now Betty Thomas, hanging out a washlng Contlnulng southward, they stopped the flrst night at New Orleans an V1S1t6d the nSage Henn a nlghtspot run by our old frlend, Jasper H1s chlef attraction was NCurvesN Rowland, a wonderful opportunlty to watch geometry at work, so Mr Willls told the Senlors il C U J and stopped to speak to Professor Margle Dlxon, head of the h1StOFy Department lhat nlght we spent at El Paso and the next day we crossedthe border into Mexlco Havlng heard reports of the f1ve frult grown by Senor Bobby Bomar, we d6Cld6d'bO V1S1t h1s huge manslon Bobby showed us around hls huge frult farms and gave us all several samples CTOSS1ng the border agaln, we drove steadlly until we came to Los Angeles We decldedto stop there for a few hours and drop 1n on our many old frlends Flrst we v1s1ted the great commerclal artlst, Charles Carter, who was at that moment worklng w1th the famous Tonl Twlns , Mary and Martha Cousar Leavlng them, we stopped a few moments to watch a motlon plcture belng made Donald Dyer the f1ne actor from Drummonds , nnessee, was starrlng 1n a new release, Hypnotlsm and Bees We left the next day for San Franclsco, arr1v1ng there at noon We were pleasantly surpr1sed to f1nd that Faye W1lson, edltor of the San PFaHC1SCO Post, on hearing word of us, had arranged a parade 1n our honor We engoyed th1s 1mmensely but we had to leave that afternoon Our tr1p took us on through Washington and Oregon 1nto Canada We were well lnto Canada when our bus broke down one sultry even Eggiibutsmuch to our surprise and pleasure who should come along but 6 pec McCullough He lnformed us that he was on h1s way Alaska to dig f0T' Sold Our bus was finally fixed and we were on our way once more' 22 d . . . , . Driving through Texasthe next day, we passed Peekaboo College ,N . ' ' Il ' ' YI Te ' ' .I .S ll ' . ll , ' ' ' ' to Several days later, without further mlshap, we arrlved 1n Ch1cago That n1ght we declded to attend a radlo broadcast We managed to secure tlckets to a concert by the HAll Girl Orchestra,U of wh1ch our old classmates Shlrley Beaver and Mary Faye Pollard were members Loulse P0UHC9Y, another of our classmates, was the featured vocallst for the nlght We spent the nlght 1n the suburbs and left the next mornlng for New York City Two days later we arrlved in New York C1ty determined to see every thlng the huge city offered We declded to spend several days there so we spllt up into groups and went our separate ways Halllng a cab, we were astonlshed to d1SCDV6T that our dr1ver was our old frlend and classmate Lloyd Gray We dlrected h1m to take us to the Emplre State Buildlng as our first stop Upon arr1v1ng there lt was suggested that we purchase a paper to determine the n1ght's aCt1V1t16S Playlng at the Metropolltan Opera was that Southern Belle, Georgia Sarta1n1a, the famous Munford pr1ma donna Turning to Sports, we found that there was to be a pT0feSS1Onal basketball game 1n Mad1son Square Garden to nlght Star and Captain of the M nford Moochers was Ed Maughan, a former star at Munford Hlgh Scheduled to referee the contest was Jimmy W1ley, alumml of Tlpton County State Inst1tut1on for teachers of course Becky Glover was in charge of the score keeping and scores's desk In the Arena, there was to be a wrestllng match for the Lady Champlon of the World between Joyce UK1llerU Fletcher and an unknown opponent We were still undecided as to what we would do that night when we lunch, we began an lnspection of Wall Street The flrst offlce we saw was that of the Gross Moving Plctures Inc of which Betty Sue was Pres1 dent and owner Contlnulng our tour, we passed a studlo, 1n wh1ch we were surprised and happy to see Sarah Ashworth modeling the latest type French bathlng suits We saw many other interestlng slghts before we started back to our prearranged meetlng place wlth the other students We spent several crowded and very interesting days ln New York and then left on the last leg of our Journey home We arrlved in the Capitol of our great country the next day The f1PSt thing we heard was that Wallace Joyner had Just been elected Senator from Tennessee The news, lt seems, hae gust leaked out through h1s pretty secretary, Betty Jean Coleman We v1s1ted betty Jo Bomar, the head of the National Home Ecomomlcs Department, before we left that afternoon On our trlp through Vlrglnia, we managed to buy a copy of the Memph1s paper Edna Earle McCollum, noted colummlst had wrltten an artlcle on Joe Hanks, the dlminutive C?J outflelder of the New York Yankees, formerly a classmate of ours Also in today's headllnes was the announcement that Cleo Smlth had Just become the f1PSt woman to sw1m the English Channel Arrlvlng ln Nashvllle several days later, we were met by Juanlta Slmmons noted social worker ln Nashville who had us a place to stay that nlght Mary Frances Morgan, famed woman Judge, V1Sit9d us and told us of Austln Strlckland, who was at that moment ln the m1dST of a hot electlon for Govennor of Tennessee T home hs next mornlnga brlght and early, we left on Highway 70 for e arrived ln Memphls at four that afternoon and in M P un ord igogogfter We had been gone exactly s1x weeks and had traveled , mlles and had engoyed a wonderful trlp BY Al1Ce Mcrgan, Editor, Munford Weekly 23 finished our tour of the tallest building in the U. S. After eating 1 Gllers i 1 A Ruth MacMurraY Hayes Murphy Shirley Ross Billie Starnes Pe Ma e ESV lon Vivian Owens . 1 1 Bobby Ruleman Kathryn Valentine Lucille JQ Ce Y Maness Milligan Bgtty Buck Parimo re 9101481661 .ff Q 9 J, T, Qessie Sartain bheffill 'pax W A656 i f Y ii ,J g if Charles Ray Walker Wilson 25 f n Q 15,4 f Q' I' Nellie Darrell Montgomery M0019 fag? i 5 iii, S Jane Joanna Proctor Branson , :iff , if 1, E is Z gh' f W M an , ?, J. B. Sadie Lee Staggs Timbs M ca ga .lm - ' is ui, .4 3 A Douglas 3111y Walker Apthuy M fiww QL I mv x if J fn. '11 f' ieiifffs iff WMF wi! w'Ivl9lWU mmf' Mm Mana un. wayltqf A-1. if 1 ww aff ww lib wid MWMWMMW , w ' -, 1 ,fi?i' Gene Anglin A av 0 -fi' U HEUNQH 1.-L 2511 Laverne Brashier ' 3WERa5f ,iz Z, Q QEQW B H QWWB at E ' Q Milton Cole Qni .d,, A-6 WQVGLFA1 ,V 'AYL gfl Pat Glover Mary Jobe Anna C. Ballard Sue Brister Eusephine Craig Mary Ann Gray Geraldine Lallar .45 'Q Frances Earl NGTY Baskin siiiings Bomal' Billy Betty Lon Robert Browder Bumpus Burrougn '1 ' if 4 , U5 A ii Wil Charles Billy Dorothy Curtis Elam Embry Sig: ' I K w . i 54 , g in If - , V V' i 5, 3 x 5, 4 . x A V ,, S 4.S's RUUY Calvin Eurene Harchfleld Harvell Haiwcock if I! .v tm, Marie Billie J. Robert Marcum Maughan Mcpeak Norma Jean Bowers Bobbie Cole Carroll Fite Wayne Hutchison -5 17 myrtle Melton ef wmv SAL!- ghv B 11'NBAa.o-ans.. Nw 9' Hs lg fm wmv-Xuan' 5Q '! B5-3 'ln 'QQ is Bimi- 30 Y Vx A W ' 5 g 15 Pi f Q L V X! ' W AK .m ' AMA -Q :FM 3 i I 3, id 5 wa Q , , f ' ' K W A . 0 I - Q '- si - A - gg .- ,fy in . Qlls :R :-. 5 , K A ki A I . I 4 ' o' J Q J Q' L iw 9 l Wvwmkk - ' '.1 3 A 5, -V V . Lf A 1 iff A L ' i ' X 'fx ' 'N 0-1, O 'I-Lu.31.:' S49-A.7-9-fb A-D-ur-'rs' X-A-A.n.P-vsA.sQ., -gxx W . ,.., . , A ,V I' hx ,of wo fe -ZJJJS t f I 651 L' ' W' ' 1 m. pl , Afax ,f Iin ,V f 'A - ., , , , i s .NJ ' A -' ' - - is ' :'f : A - H if 4 , 2 1 S, A t F . a1:Tl 'V mf . Louise Max !E 7 M H, fggi Q! Marilyn Dillings , f -fy i Bonnie Pittman . , if if ,Y wi, 4 A- 413 Y M i ,Q- Betty Fern Smith my-1. M.,-.W M! an f , W' .A ' T5 Y 1 iff!!! .J I Gearldine Simmons if 2- Dorothy Malone E3 F ' if Pauline Milligan EN .ad ,5, :DL .W by viT' David Pouncey . Z! fy!! Joe Burney Willis V Byrl Ann Talley Q. ll .. Q . -K 3 Charles Bobby Mathis Mosley if 'ffvjm 4- I Q xi -o 9 t Scott P9883 Maoill Maples '!g!N!l!ll fo 7' xg 1, V H 1 V? . . A . ., Q .,,.. i if I Mildred Jerry Prather Sage 335i swf W Q 0 ual! . , Jiiig wks? f a, 4 'P EE Aa 5, 5 Imojean Emma Jean smith Staaas Bobby Todd Dorothy Wilkins Mary Allen Willie C Monasco arfai .3 W Ruth MbKenzie fs f2EaAi Wayne Sartain Huey McCollum 4? Sue Marshall Janice Sloan ! 4 Joseph Standridge Sullivan lllll a faf W 3 W YI I irwwiiiil, I 1 Faye Willard Williamson Williamson TN 5 Q 'zn- aQ, ,A A -, if M1 E 1 fi s 5: AA . I W7 QEp,M. ,:1,.,:xiz:y ff r HQ 5 , , A 43,5 Fm X , I Al ff 2 f rv. gig , . kg...-0-uw annum H424 ' . 111191 BETA CLUB FRONT ROW Faye Wilson, Louise Pouncey, Joyce Millican, Mary Cousar, Sarah Ashworth, Martha Cousar, Betty Jean Coleman SECOND ROW Peggy Malone Gurnell Billings, Patricia Hartsfield Jean Hanks, Georgia Sartain, Margie Dixon, Edna Ear e McCollum THIRD ROW Joe Hanks, Jimmy Wiley ,WW 41' -21 eva? 'QHPJP' 2 I 2 1 I I e J fha ' ' f 1. Qigfe ,hff - . . W ki Vx, 17' V. ,. ' I . D ry D' , E 3 , y , , , I Twwigip 1 we J O V ' ' ' , , , 4. 1 f' , f ' I bf, ,7 A, ' if x j gg 'Hr y TRUMPETS Scott McD1ll Dan Wlley Jlmmy Wooten Tommy Barnes Floyd McCullough Lloyd Hlcks Juanlta Slmmons Jlmmy Lumpkln TROMBONES Carolyn Smlth Bobby Ruleman DaVld Pouncey Bobby McDill Bllly Joe Hutchl FLUTE SOD Mary Allen Monasco MELLOPHONE Bessle Sherrlll Peggy Gilllhan SAXOPHONES Loulse Pounce Sadle Tlmbs Roy Norman Jeff Forbess BASS HORNS Jlmmy Cooper Glen Glldewell BARITONES B1ll1e Joyce Maughan Cecll Dyer 36 CLARINETS Becky Glover Paula Scott June Moore Shlrley Beaver Dorthy Wllder Mary Gross Mary Faye Pollard Una Rogers Pegcy Maples Gordon Hopklns DRUMS Bonnle Stlmpson Mary Julla Bomar J T Sartaln CYMBOLS Pat Glover . . Y Joy Rowland - Bonnie McClain Johanna Willis Be am L V Q OU QK G- 'V' scoff' omue o Ml ,J I Dlrector- Shannon Faulkner 3 37 FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW PRESS CLUB Ada Frances Bowers, Bonnle McCla1n, Betty Wooten, Becky Glover, Carolyn Smlth, Dorthy Wllder, Mary Julia Bomar Eleisa Woodbury, Allce Morgan, Sarah Ashworth, Blllie Jean Campbell, Georgla Sartaln, Mary Gross Jlmmy Wlley, FPltZl Smlth, Mlss Almeta Berry, Robert Delashmit, Mr McGee CPQMSJ IELAAMLIJJHJES k 38 . , 1. - I M ,. 1' 5 an-A ': at Thr Q algo R H' ,R r 4 - FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW FOURTH ROW SIXTH ROW SEVENTH ROW HOME ECONOMICS Emma Jean Staggs, Peggy Hester, Betty Smith, Mary Gross, Evelyn Fiveash, Sarah Dixon, Mary Forbes, Mona Cullum, Margaret Nichols Jane Proctor Annie Ruth McKenzie, Louise Max, Jean Arthur, Marilyn Billings Doris Bomar, Dorothy Wilder, Sue Marshall, Shirley Hill, Carolyn Smlth, Pat Glover, Marie Marcum Gearldlng Lollar, Bonnie Stimpson, Mary Julia Bomar, Laverne Brashier, Thelma Hoye, Nellie Sue Woefle, Byrl Talley, Mildred Prather, Martha Sullivan, Cearldine Simmons, Faye Cole, Juanita Valentine, Kathryn Bomar, Mary Jane Sartain, Velma English, Anna Ballard Gladys Millican, Juanita Brrd, Marlene Talley, Miss Fletcher Dorothy Malone, Mary Monasco, Janlce Sloan, Polly Millican, Atrell Boswell, Imojean Smith, Faye Williamson, Shirley Brister, Sue Brister, Doris Slough, Shirley Ross Willie Kate Lewis, Dorothy Wilkins, Carolyn Fite, Myrtle Melton, Lucille, Forbes, Frances Baskins Mary Ann Gray, Vivlan Owens, Peggy Maples, Betty Bumpus, Norma Hanks, Elizabeth Cole, Helen Anglin, Almeta Gross, Velma Cullum, Frances Kite, Thelma Hutchison Bernice Kenton Beatrlce Finley Jo Anna Branson, Bobbie Cole, Helen Martin Lucille Manness, Una Rogers, Norma Jean Bowers, Jean Hanks, Eusephine Craig, Billie Joyce Maughan, Dorothy Embry, Billie Campbell PRESIDENT Mary Julia Bomar VICE PRESIDENT Jane Proctor SECRETARY TREASURER Pat Glover F H A QUEEN Mary Julla Bomar 39 : 1 9 FIFTH ROW: Ruby Harchfield, Mary Jobe, Kathryn Valentine, Una Mae Zenar, , 0 : ' 3 9 FIRST ROV SE OKD ROW THIRD ROW FOURTH ROW FIFTH ROW SIXTH ROW SEVENTH ROW NOT PICTURED FUTURE FARIERQ OF AM RICA Earl fllllUUS, harles Walker, Charles Carter, Maurlce AGKIHS, Darrel Moore Jerry Sage, Davld Pouncey, Huey Stgndrldge, W1ll1e McCollum, Lloyd Gray, Austln Strlckland, Wallace Joyner, Doyle Mllllcan, Chester Owens, Dupree ooper, Bobby Klng, Buford Plckard Robert Burrough Bobby Yarbro, Bub HUtCh1SOD, llnton Edmls ton, Joe Wlll1S, Tommy Cole, Scott McD1ll, Charles Forbes Aubrey Anglln, Gene hathcock, Bobby Dean Mosley, Wlllard Wllllamson, Calvln Fletcher, Charles Curtls, Glen Glldewell, Bllly Joe Hutchlson, Lloyd Hlcks Charles Mathls, Bobby Ruleman, Jerry Maness, Don W11llS, Jlmmy Burgett, Bllly Elam, Wayne Sartaln, Bobby Todd, J V HlQglHS Gordon Hopklns, Bobby McD1ll, Troy Walker, Wayne Hanks, John Flowers, Robert McPeak, Joseph Sulllvan Blllle S McCullough, Norls Adklns, Hayes Murphy, Mr E C Prltchett, Roy Walker, Frltzl Smlth, MHUFICG Turnage, J T Sartaln, Bobby Bomar Ray Wllson, J B Staggs, Donald Dyer, Mllton Cole, Calvln Harvell, Cecll Dyer, Arnold Greggs PRESIDENT Bobby Bomar VICE PRESIDENT R y Wl1SOH TREASURER Mllton Cole SECRETARY Darrel Moore REPORTER B1ll1e S McCullough 40 N , - . N1 ..- . ' In V Iva: J. . C C V . . . N . T C T ,,: . . . . A . . V U o . ' v, - ' fi ' - - . 1 I 7 s W 9 Kenneth Forbes, John Harrol Flte, Tommy Barnes, Jackie Bell. an ' Ia . I . O ffl! E-,wk Cfxn xv vfk Mom '51 Bm F H.1y.e.en L se oumce. Q, Yxepti-x Y 8 Fo PPP Allis? ,qu QQ G-,DAYS M jf, QAM F' 5cbo.U.lVln. s y 1 bfi 6' 0 xg ee? on ' O 1 Q S . ' 1' ll u. 'nm o QUT' oufs 'P 21 'Suv 5 ' F j ! , X 00 'IA 'ff f Emi. g-bb 1T1nnaeai!Tl1-B-JD in Tug em., Blwmwam -vm.: a...,,..y..z.J 0 'N-it iJ.n...t gnu mum. LAAMENMAMX .7 Sugennk 1, Yu t lea.-vnmai. inns-'PU-sawn-vm o I O ' o 0 ... ,., . O -ISI!! ' Q 9 C 9 -. .. qi! '12 LA kilt, rn 42 Kvmmiw. JL B+-x f-lcaw.. 'Ti'-PW kS 'kw'0J 'k PM:::..4r.MA.hx..x 3ou'Yt-aim.-L. Vwmw P...xx...rMa.'Vm-'sa Nmmimm Wm Bmw? Smma hmmm 0.Ah.w-Aa 56.-wmvasdmu Q25 E 'limi-.Hn MNA. wsmwm... OFFIoE GIRLS lary Forbes, Faye Wilson, June loore, Betty Jean Coleman, Betty Wooten, Louise Pouncey, Joyce Fletcher Georgia Sartain X.v 's 4aN9-'-R 6 e541 1 INIYYV Back 3 nrle. Wy F'-12 3 'f: 1..'.-ale ESIEQ Hy E dd To Boqorwfe Y K 5450, . , - I 1 , x 2' 9 . Y - h' me Chee? Leo.62T'S Evmuces sk!! 3 Yqe F-Ilxtktf svctmra' Nur-RUB. Ugume, lout G-I ysM qc-N U'a.sperSq.qe TB Shqqs 4g X 11 El Welcome o..AA'rX'RoN 'Sum e Nm-vi ww c ouch H use Ro, Way '55 0 e A .N AQ 90 , W- + 4 -ff , Q V f M . A ff h Q W. YQ fc Q 9 CAPTAIN CO CAPTAIN June Moore J R l d BASKETBALL GIRLS Oy ow an MANAGER Betty Wooten COACH Hathaway FIRST ROW Billy Joyce Maughan, Louise Max, Mary J Bomar, Carolyn Smith, Margaret Nichols, Dorthy Malone, Joy Rowland, Mary Forbess SECOND ROW Mable Milligan, Betty F Smith, Janice Sloan, June Moore, Norma Jean Bowers, Anna K Ballad, Peggy Malone, Imojean Smith, Gladys Milligan, Faye Williamson, Mary Ann Gray B fag f5JJak54L 'Nh-f k E AIO- mnam Q--Uv? f X Slam 46 2 n 2 . 0 I -P L 1 r ' A , J I ' A 'lv A Q fj 1' 'I f,j K f' 2 .W I f . at 2 - J ' w x . N . , 'A I Q x 5' f 330. 1:,'i'fg, s ' . Z ,aff , Awami 'Val CJ 6 h V V7 . 'rgglrgk I K T , I N L .I ,gg ll, :X 3, BASKETBALL BOYS FIRST ROW Joe Hanks Jlmmy Wlley, Ed Maughan Charles Walker, Blllle McCullough SECOND ROW Scott MoD1ll, Earl BllllHgS Douglas Walker, Bobby Todd THIRD ROW Bobby Mosely, Jlmmy Burgett COACH Hathaway CAPTAIN CO CAPTAIN Ed Maughan Jimmy Wlley MANAGER James Robert Cole 47 . . n . , 9 . . . . . 0 ' 9 . FIRST ROW Bobby McDill Joe Halks Jimmy Wiley Clinton Edminston Calvln Fletcher Douglas Walker Billy Starnes Bobby Bomar F-ooTball POSITION Center Halfback End Tallback Quarterback Halfback Guard Halfback SECOND ROW Charles Carter Ed Maughan Ray Wilson Bub Hutchison Charles Walker Billy McCullough Earl Billings Buddy Smith Sonny Billings Maurice Turnage 3 Hg! -v--ax POSITION Tackle Fullback Quarterback En Guard Center Tackle Tackle Tackle En ' 'd V m sl Y I' 'fe U ...- Ji G I N I . qu l , W ' 'W , Q. 1 - d d AB 0093 Q09 Co Captaln Wlley vi Coach Hathaway Capfal a ughan OO- mxe X99 'x gill ,,.-4-' Mm QQ' .VA Ma U63 FO EQTS T583 Cole ig, Walker, D Hanks Turnage Starnes Murphy Fletcher Delashmit Smith Bomar Adkins Moore 50 h A is M A MCDi1l Edminston Walker, Sartain Carter Wllson Wlley 51 Bllllngs Maughan Pickard Qwfiwfww C795 QA,,,w.Q7 29271-MI 721 7'1'la-Lofvol QUMQM-Q 5 Z9 MQW f?.11i'-'17 ,4o.74.iim0L X 539 . Q 541171447 Dfw EZME7 WHS W M ' ' ll . . VUNFLRD THEATRE MOTION PI TURES ARE YOUR BEST ND EEST WISHES TO OLASS OF 'SO FIRST STATE FANK COVINGTON, TENNESSEE A MOST EIONOMICAL RECREATION LINDbEY'Q PLACE PATTERQON'S CAFE TEXACO GAS AND OIL LITTLE PLACE BIG EATS GROCEHIES AND DRINKS JACK PATTERSON, OWNER CROSSTOWN, TENNESSEE CONPLIMENTS PAN AM CENTER LESS SMITH SAS OIL ACCESSORIES GAS EROGERTES EARAEE U s ROYAL TIRES AND TUBES GILT EDGE TENNESSEE MADEN TATE MGR COVINGTON TENNESSEE SERVICE CENTER FARMALL TRACTORS FARM EQUIPMENT OF ALL KIND JUNE WOOTEN COVINGTON, TENNESSEE w U T C' 1. Ny W , w w R 1 w, -Q N 1 1 i .1 J o o ' 1 1 , a D MUNFORD AUTO SUPPLY HEADQUARTERS FOR HOT POINT APPLIANCES WILLARD ARTHUR, OWNER WILLIE BURROUGH GENERAL MERCHANDISE DRUMMONDS, TENNESSEE MILLINGTON LAUNDRYETTE WWE STRIVE TO PLEASE YOUN MRS OMAR PITTS, MGR NAVY ROAD MILLINGTON, TENNESSEE BOOTS MEDOWS GENERAL MERCHANDISE DRUMMONDS, TENNESSEE WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE WHERE S WHERE YOU SAVE' THOMAS F HALL, OWNER MILLINGTON, TENNESSEE M A WALKER 8 CONPANX HARDWARE FURNITURE FARM EQUIPMENT THWEATT GIN COMPANY GILT EDGE, TENNESSEE Q Q Tv o o 1 Y V u Q PADDAD'S DLPARTMENT DRY GOODS FURNITURE AND APDLIANCLS WUNFORD TLNNESS STORE E JOOTLW BROS GROO LEAD AY NO 85 RILS C J VALKER MERCHANT AND GINNJLR ATOKA TLNNESSEE OOMPLIMLNTS J E BO AR DUNFORD, THNNEOQEE 1' , T E 1 TJ . X MUNFORD, TENNESSEE OF . T. M Y wx w GASOLINE, KEROSENE TRACTOR FUELS AND MOTOR OILS 'FINE AS THEY COME' BILL WOOTEN DISTRIBUTOR OVINGTON PHONE 3342 GRACEY BEASLEY R SAGE INC STORE OF FRIENDLY SERVICE CURLEE SUITS RH THM STEP SHOES UOMPLIMENTS COMPLIMBNTS OF WESTERN AUTO NILLINGTON, TENNESSEE COVINUTON, TENNESSEE 1 ' I 3 3 ' OF RUTH PHILLIPS FLOWER SHOP POUNOEY BROS MERCHANTS AND PLANTERS QUITO, TENNESSEE FOR YOUR FARM DEPENDABLE MERCHANDISE FOR YOUR ROME NUN1-'ORD SIN COMPANY NUNFORD TENNESSEE CAIO ELLIS, MANAGER DEPENDABLE TENNESSEE HYBRID SEED CORN 9 BANK WITH US BANK YOUR LAST MUNFORD UNION BANK MUNFORD, TENNESSEE VETS SERVICE STATION WASHING GREASING OIL CHANGES AND C B PICKARD QUINLEY'S GROCERIES C P FORBESS SHERIFF MUNFORD TENNESSEE COVINGTON, TENNESSEE LEONARD GLIDEWELL OMPLIMENTS JOHNNIE FRIGGPR ELE TRICAL WIRING MMNFORD, TEINESSEE HERRY'o DEPARTMENT SIORE, INC ECVINGION, IEFNESSEE DRLGS, scum, OSLETICS XADE rf BIBB, :mn GER MUINFORD, T121 1wEsbP.E BASS SERVICE STATION PAN AN PRODUCTS MUNFORD TENNESSEE V OF JY woofrm BROS. DRUGS T I. ' in 7 in MARSHALL MGQUISTON DRY GOODS, SHOES 8 READY TO WEAR COVINGTON, TENNESSEE PHONE 481 R A BAXTER A SON ERIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES LUWBER BUILDING SUPPLIES COVINGTON TENNESSEE DAY H PLOY'S FLOWER BOX 128 E LIBERTY COVINGTOI TEN1ESSEE ONE 2225 NIGHT PHONE 2642 HEBERT SILVERSON, JEWELERS BARRET'S FANCY FOOD STORE COVINGTON, TENNESSEE EVERYTFII THAT IS JOOD TO EAT YCUR AUTHORIZED BULOVA DEALER SINCE 1935 PHOTE 56 DILLINJION, TENLESSEE WAX SERVICE STATION WASH, GREASE 8 FLATS FTXED DELCO BATTERIES E LEE TIRES MUNEORD R TIPTON CROSSROADS H R MALONE A - . . ' W 1 1 . . V - , I Xl, Xl 4 J I L I7 ' f X ,W A -1 ,fu 1 I :J ,X 1-. v . , I fum 1 wx' I .J 'w . U v . . 1 COMPLIMENTS MILLINGTON DRUG COMPANY PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Dr E FELDMAN, PROPRIETOR PHONE 125 COEN TROBAUGH GAVE THIS AD TO THE SENIOR CLASS TO GET RID OF GROCERIES MUNFORD, TENNESSEE TRE MATOR SHOP PINE WATCH REPAIRING NAVY ROAD MILLIYGION, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS PIERSON CASH GROCERY SERVICE WITH A SMILE DRUMMONDS GIN COMPANY W R MILLILAN, MANAGER TPOMPSON E SON THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TIPTON COUNTYW PENERAL MERCHANDISE TRAVIS N THOMPSON MANAGER TIPTON, TENNESSEE WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS BEAVERS STORE BEAVER, TENNESSEE OF Us I h, V v OF yr A I HGOOD GRACIOUS THEY ARE GOODN ll J I D 1 . , KANSAS CITY LIFE INSURANCE GUY T WARD, A ENT BURLISON TENNESSEE V T T TE GENERAL M RCHANDISE DRUMMONDS, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS SH LTON MOTOR COMPANY COVINGTON, TENNESSEE HOME OF KEEPSAKE DIAMOND COVINGTON TENNESSEE J S RALPH, MANAGER JEWELRY GIFTS RING COMPLIMENTS STEPHENSON FURNITURE COMPANY COMPLIMQENTS MCCORMICK DRUG STORE COMPLIMENTS OF PRESCRIPTIONS A FRIEND YARDLEY AGENCY ' . . 'A . G , F A COVINGTON JEWELERS OF ! OF OF YOUR XQUR 5-1a1G1L1RL LLALEH may 1J1aAL5,H ahLES-SERV ILE SALES-SERVICE r.fwmD's ,.LLLLvL11ON'b Gnhz-x'lES.L STORE 4LLlx1G1CN, 1h,NNESbEE Prblvn, 91 Uumzbilc sawn crlNL DEALEn gxigglg DLALER bALEs bmvlui. ERWCPJ ,- A ,-r yffrf H 'X ' . rf - .1 yi -rv w' rf' ' lh .L . X-,- . Y, V W ,.. .,. r, X ,Y X ' 1 1 -7f- --1 w-Q -.11 A A A , , N - - CO PLIMENTS H E B YD GROCERIES, FEED, SEED MUTFORD, TENNESSEE BEST HOUSE WIRING SEE Wm A EASLEY SIMONTON, TENNESSEE ELLIS FOOD MARKET COMPLIM DTS 'QLALITY SERVICE R FINE FOODSn MUNFORD TENNESSEE PHOAF 40 THE GRILL COVINGTON TENNESSEE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '50 WOOTEN H BASS GENERAL INSURANCE MUN12 ORD , TENNESSEE COMPLIMEATS WESTERN ALTO COVIIGTON TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS GUTTMAN'S DEPT STORE JAKE GUTTMAN, MANAGER COVINGTON, TENNESSEE N M OF . . O OF , TT T i I Y OF OF J ,, LOWENEAURT HARDWARE CO JISIT QLINN'S TEDDY RAR SINCE 1397 COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE COVINGTON, TENNESSEE ADMIRAL APPLIANCES MILLINGTON, TENNESSEE RADIOS 8 TELEVISION WALKER CHEVROLET COMPANY MUNEORE EAREER SEER CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC INVITEQ YOUR PATRONAGE SALES SERVICE TWO BAREERS GR DUTY COVINGTON TENNESSEE 3 BADDOUR'S AUTO MACHINE CO REBUILDINC R RECONDITIONINC RADIATOR REPAIRS HIGHWAY 51 PHONE 2349 COVINCTON, TENNESSEE WHEN IN MUNFORD YOU ARE INVITED TO ATTEND THE ASSEMBLEY OF GOD CHURCH WHERE THE SPIRIT OF GOD MAKES CHRIST REAL. SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:45 A. M.g SUNDAY EVENING WORSHIP 7:30 P. M.5 G. G. PRESLAR, PASTOR ' QUINN'S ICE CREAM CO. CAP AND GOWN and llfetlme Towle Sterllng Her happlness w1ll be complete' And you w1ll have the Sat1SfaCt1OH of KDOW1Hg that Towle 1S more than a glft 1t'S an Investment 1n beauty for a llfetlme Let us show you the many exqulslte patterns In thls beautlful S0116 sllver A S1X plece place Settlng Cknlfe, fork, teaspoon, cream soup spoon, salad fork, butter spreader-D can cost as llttle as E522 50, Includlng Federal Tax ff' gqmm' 'gait- Nef TUWI E P li I I OLD MASTER GIN WITH UQ Glk FCR LESS BEAVERS blk COMPANY BEAVER, TENNESSEE THE MUNFOAD EEESDYIEEIAN CHURCH RUFUS G EICKEY, PASTOR CHURCP DLLOOL 10 A M DIVINE WORSHIP ll A. N. SECOND E FOURTH EVENING WORSHIP 7 P. N. SUNDAYS A CORDIAL WELCOME TO ALL . . . . n . . . . . V . - . . I . . l ' .q 322, fx Vg.. 'r-+L ,M I, ' 'iffxl HQZQQKF, 3' wh T ,f5.f H: ,'- eff 'eg-E..- '..:'--f 1' -1 - ,lv 4 . fp. .0 . 5 i , Y HJ 1 S 1' I . PQIQ 1 M. I 4 ' 'W T 'E . E . W , L P' T , . . , -nv - 4 AA. ' ' CO PLIVENTS JNION SAVI LS BANK QOVT FTON TENNESSEE POVPLTMENTS OMR L U CUM INN LCM ON THE PORNER COVTT TON, TENNESSEE BLS1 WlSIES TO LLASS OB 'SO U W LLKANGE GEhhRAL MLRSPANDISE SIMONTON, TBTNESSBE 'M 'X , , A OF TY N NV' x Y .Y r 1 , S N1 X . ' A Q C . UNTETXTTS J . GFI OF COURTESY CAFE 'T FU - - n .1 K FY 'V Niki M ,1m:'-:- . -, - Q I S l rv Tv' YA , f. . , - 1 f- A A 4 ,C - S X P x R BO 0 K if Q S L? KANSAS IX L I TOPEKA -ff' X Mvsns AND c0- 'Nc ,V xl! ,J , wi ...l.a. Y .- KRN N, h-U ' un. ' P K f.x'iVM K 9::s ,,H, I 0 an ' A 4, 'lo . gn, :fling ' ll ff IUll.0.:.. , lOlog ' ., Ono-A . lin' Qc

Suggestions in the Munford High School - Conqueror Yearbook (Munford, TN) collection:

Munford High School - Conqueror Yearbook (Munford, TN) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Munford High School - Conqueror Yearbook (Munford, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 72

1950, pg 72

Munford High School - Conqueror Yearbook (Munford, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 42

1950, pg 42

Munford High School - Conqueror Yearbook (Munford, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 35

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Munford High School - Conqueror Yearbook (Munford, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 37

1950, pg 37

Munford High School - Conqueror Yearbook (Munford, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 56

1950, pg 56

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