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- f' . - - ' ' " ' . -uv - ' '-1" ' ' uw, , 4. ,, . --V . ': - '-J ""' . - ' . . 'wi N, ' 'af . , I ff 75 A: , 3 . 1 ' fry ' -- 5' , ' - r- Vx M fm' '1, 331'- C ' ' . ' 0' - - ' 5 ,, Y , ll. , Q I wk W I' I ,- V - A I W0 K0 ' X L N45 n f v ' -.," 1- . A W ' K Y' V.: V! A' 2 A I b ', , ' . AMS' ' i ' , ' - 409 A MGM' 3 "M F H -vlb , 4J N a , , 4 P . , .V U' , .gn -ff ' fel , 'Y . ' ' jg' v Q: 1 5 - 4 A il. 5, Ytll . -.:,., G has-,w flg fffs 'N LQ... V, Lf ' FQ I ggjf q M :I X ,I '15 " 7 IL"S'1f5Q ' f I7 ' ' 1 ' if 1 f?'.fif5. ' Q- ' '41 ' I , f V - k"' 935: '- ,, ' 1 1 H f , y w . . 'L"Qf2f5fA M bwfmag 4 E' , egg ' , 'fs-v,6Q," V 2 ' TLs?b'm'f?Alf555"' 5-W5 ft' ii if Q- ' 0-any , ' J.: WK, 7M,Z3Zi?M Z f f wmfh, 4 fwff f W5 012 ' H Zffgffw W R K!! Q 'pwigwjw ffl WW M . , 5 Q',j?ff'?'c6'4i3ffg?b ' LW Www WTQW I Lf W O N hw X an X ..:fNxSfXTf-,NZM L1 H HM EH? zxraffzx R Tb Q g faux, A H E EBM Y . ff-v MUNDELEIN CATHEDRAL HIGH SCHOOL 750 Norfh Wabash Avenue Chicago 11, Illi R int P if T-K! X N-PXXFQ JN? 1 Z :ARI I- G YB QM -- fff ff a H L?- vm H E wm a nl DEDICATICN To Sister Mary Cecil, B.V.M., who has dried our tears with a veil of under- standing, lovingly helped us to carry our crosses up the hill in our quest for the pinnacle of knowledge, and rejoiced with us in our mental and spiritual res- surrection, we are eternally grateful. As freshmen, entering into a mystifying land where Latin l was the mother tongue and the solving of an algebraic equation an everyeday occurrence, our qualms were allayed by the calm assurance of her manner. As sophomores, amused by the antics of all things, especially those of a pet frog in biology class, our humor was sweetened by the sound of her laughter. As juniors, making the first decisive steps toward the future, our burdens were lightened by her never-ending counsel. As seniors, emerging into a new world, our thoughts will be filled with memories of people who meant so much to us and especially of her, to whom this book is dedicated. 15' ' . 1 -4 an N. 4: 4 s v Q : 1 ie . K f wx.-of . Q' Q' s ' ss 1' if f Page 4 Contents Dedication Theme ..... .... Faculty .... .... Seniors .... ..,A Iunlors .....e - a , Sophomores Freshmen ..e, 7, ,, U Stuches .,,w c A a ,, Activities cc.. - cA,- Sports no Patrons ..,, Page Page Page Page cPage Page Page Page Page Page Page 2 3 6 8 20 24 28 32 44 58 65 Ri. Rev. Msqr. Poiriclc l. lldyes, our beloved rector, hos liven our quide ond inspiroiion lhroiiqh our high school veors. lie hoe woteliecl river us with lovinq und lender de' vcolion and lids helped us to niuin- loin thc hiqh idedls which ore trodi- iionol of Mundelein Cdlhedrol high school. Cnr CIllfCITOl1I1Cl ednctoiion hos dlwoys been his prime interest. Hnv. Ernrneit Regan Sfifllfll Flfxllfllflfl lnsfriif-'nr Rev, Willixnn Qglll l ins Fieszlirnfin H:-li-lion lristriivtoi L QC? x Rev. lfnnvs Miiitfiiiqli C ?QV' Wllllcllmr Goederl hum, HMI Ji, N 1H5mM.tM dog: iomoie Religion lnstructor llevl lohn MCNflmfIY41 Rev. Holuert Horne Counselor Counselor FACU LTY To bring the inspired light ot wisdom into our lives, and promote love and service of God is the primary concern oi our Cathedral priests and the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Young students are molded into prototypes of Christ through the lessons which are im- parted to us in our high school years. A practical belief, an unquestioning trust, and an everlasting love for Christ are the fruits oi our taculty's labor. Each priest and each Sister is a representa- tive oi Christ, our Teacher: endlessly they ex- hibit the patience ot Iob, the wisdom of Solo- mon, the faith ot the Centurion, and the mercy ot the prodigal's father. The memory and Work of our faculty will linger with us as we Walk through life, for they have given us our most treasured pos- session, our Catholic education. B.V.M. 1 Sister Mary Sharon, Senior Instructor Sister Mary Gerard, B.V.M. Iunior Instructor Sister Mary Ianelle, B.V.M. Sister Mary Charmaine, B.V.M, Freshman Instructor Sister Mary Daniel, B.V.M. Librarian Sophomore Instruct Of Sister Mary Cecil' BvV'M- Sophomore Instructor Principal Page 7 Sister Mary Adeleita, B.V.M. Senior Instructor Sister Mary St. Theresa, B.V.M. Iunior Instructor ' Sister Mary St. Bertha, B.V.M. Sister Mary of the Rosary, B.V.M. Freshmen Instructor Sister Mary St. Marguerite, B.V.M 3 History Instructor 1 Whirling away as swiftly as the fierce Winds of a hurricane have been our few years here. Remaining is the realization that God, Our Constant Friend and Ad- visor, will live forever in our hearts just as He lived with us during our high school days. Months spent in running up and down the never- ending flights of stairs, getting our faces washed by "Old Facefulf' and dashing to the library to get a copy of "lane Eyre" or "Wuthering Heights" have flown away. Days passed in absorbing knowledge and observing human life in its fullest have also left us. Hours in which we prepared for the tots' Christmas Party, rehearsed for the PHOENIX Patron Drive skits, cheered at the basketball games and danced to the music in the auditorium have gone. Our hearts are filled with gratitude toward the Sisters and priests who have made these experiences of our high school days cherished memories that time will never fade. L Page 8 Page 9 AMARI, FRANK ANTHONY St. Andrew "To make the weeper laugh, the laughei weep, he had the dialect and different skill." Senior President Room 5. Student Coun- cil President 4. Class Treasurer 3. Great est lmprovement Award 2. SCHWIND, CAROLYN SUSAN St. Edward "A servant that is diligent, honest, and good," Senior Vice-President Room 5. Student Council 1, 2, 4. Class President 1, 2. Honor Society 4. Kate Clifford Award l. Shorthand Award 3. Citizenship Award 2. Voice of Democracy Contest 4. S.D.S. Fashion Show 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3. Spanish Club l, 2. Christmas Show 4. MCBRIDE, DeLOURDES VIOLET Our Lady of the Angels "Sacrifice and labor without pausef Senior Secretary Room 4. Student Coun- cil 3, 4. Honor Society 4. Betty Crocker Homernakinq Award 4. Shorthand Award 3. Citizenship Award 3. Na- tional Publicity Director S.D.S. 3. Red Cross 3. Cisca 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. Spanish Club l, 2. ALMIRO, BENNETT IOSEPH Our Lady Help of Christians "A noble servant in the common cause." Senior Treasurer Room 5. Student Coun- cil 4. Senior Vice-President Room 4. Student EMERICH, SALLY ANN CATHERINE Holy Name Cathedral "Reason and calm judgement, the quali- ties specially belonging to a leader." Senior President Room 4. Student Coun- cil Vice-President 4. Student Council 3. Class President 3. National Honor Society 3, 4. New World Scholarship Winner 4. Red Cross 2. S.D.S. 2. ,Ros- ary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. Cheerleader 3, 4. Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4. Christmas Show Stage Crew 4. BRANNIGAN, DANIEL PATRICK Holy Name Cathedral "His noblest motive was the common good." Council Treasurer 4. Student Council 3. Class President 3. Class Treasurer 2. PHOENIX 3, 4. Yearbook 4. PHOENIX .Photographer 4. Perfect Attendance l, 7, 3. Rosary Club 3. Vocation Club 3. Foot- ball 3. Basketball Z, 3. Audio-Visual Operator 3, 4. Altar Boy President 3, 4. PAGE, IOYCE NICOLETTE Our Lady of the Angels "Her pencil 'was striking, resistless and grand. Her manners were gentle, com- plying and bland." Senior Secretary Room 4. Student Coun- Cil Secretary 4. Honor Society 4. PHOE- NIX Art Editor 3, 4. Yearbook Art Editor 4. Shorthand Award 3. Red Cross 2. S.D.S. Fashion Show 2. Cisca 2. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. Pep Club' Leader 4. Pep Club l, 2, 3. School Art Projects 3, 4. Christmas Show Stage Crew 4.' Operetta Stage Director 4. KERN, THEODORE I EROME Our Lady Help of Christians ?'He was always zealous in a good thing." Senior Treasurer Room 4. Student Coun- cil 3, 4. Class Vice-president 3. Audio- Vlsual Operator 3, 4. Altar Boy Club 3, 4. Christmas Show Stage Crew 4. Operetta Stage Crew 4. A , 3.1 , .I wr!-T2'fA-"Wi pr FELIKSIK, ELAINE MARIE St. Bruno "Her work a labour of Iove." PHOENIX Co-Editor 4. Class Vice-Presi- dent 'l. National Honor Society 4. PHOE- NIX 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Perfect Attendance 1, 2. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. 3. Ros- ary Club 4. Mundelein Press Conference 3. Catholic School Press Association Conference 4. Christmas Show 4. LILLIG. IOANNE MARY Our Lady Help of Christians "The image ol devotion." PHOENIX Co-Editor 4. National Honor Society. President 4. Student Council 3, 4. Class Secretary 3. Honor Society 3. PHOENIX Photographer 4. Yearbook 4. PHOENIX Essay Contest Winner 3. Retreat Publications 3. Citizenship Award 3. Perfect Attendance 1, 2. Cath- olic School Press Association Confer- ence 4. S.D.S. 3. Cisca 2, 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. Pep Club 2, 3, 4. Operetta 4 CASALETTO, NANCY HELEN St. Boniface "All writing comes by the grace of God." PHOENIX Alumni Editor 4. Class Sec- retary 2. PHOENIX 3, 4. Yearbook 4. PHOENIX Photographer 4. Retreat Publi- cations 3. Voice of Democracy Local and Sectional Winner 4. Kate Clifford Award 2. Extension Teen Board Representative 3, 4. Mundelein Press Conference 3. Cisca 1, 2, 3. Rosary Club 3,,4. Pep Club l. Operetta 4. KRULL, SHIRLEY ANN St. Peter and Paul 7 "In common things, the law of sacri- fice takes the form of positive duty." Yearbook Co-Editor 4. PHOENIX 3, 4. Retreat Publications 3. Perfect Attend- ance 2, 3, 4. Shorthand Award 3. Citi- zenship Award 3. Mundelein Press Con- ference 3. Oratorical Contest I. Cisca 2. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. May Procession Apparition 4. Pep Club 2. Spanish Club l, Z. Christmas Show 4. Operetta 4. WOZNIAK, MARY ANN THERESA St. Boniface "lnwardness, mildness, and self-re- nouncement." Yearbook Co-Editor 4. National Honor Society 3, 4. PHOENIX 3, 4. Four Year Perfect Attendance Award. Shorthand ,Award 3. Citizenship Award 2, 3. Mun- delein Press Conference 3. Christmas Show 4. Operetta 4. Page I 1 BERTOLOZZI, EVILIO IOI-IN BERTUCCIOLI, LEO PETER Our Lady of the Anqels Holy Name Cathedral "He has been with us only a .short "To all men was he kind, and .vith time, yet he is no stranger." his neighbors did gladly lend and hur- tow." Perfect Attendance l, 2, 3. Altar Boy Club 4. Christmas Show Stage Crew 4. ALMQUIST, HERBERT IOSEPH Our Lady of Mount Carmel "Nature has put the stamp of cr gentleman upon him." ANDERSON, SANDRA LEE St. Mary of the Lake "Her crown is in her heart, not on her head." S.D.S. 3 Rosary Club 4. Pep Club l, 2. BALACHIA, MARY ANTOINETTE Our Lady of the Angels "Gaiety without eclipse." Perfect Attendance 2. Red Cross 3. S.D.S. 2. Rosary Club 4. Pep Club l, 2. BOZEK, BERNADINE ANN St. Philip Benizi "The liumblest service done with a willing and discerning soul." National Honor Society Secretary 4. National Honor Society 3, 4. Perfect Attendance 2, 3, 4. Shorthand Award 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4. S.D.S. Fashion Show Z. QRIQZIEY. IOAN YVONNE BRUNNING, GERALD PAUL CANDELLA, JOSETTE H ' 9 m St. Boniface How sweet and gracious even in corn- "He hated naught ., but ,O be Scdvff MARGUERITA mon speech." Rosary Club 3. Vocation Club 3. Student Council 2. Class Vice-President 2. Kate Clifford Award l. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. 2. Rosary Club 4. Christmas Show 4. CARTIN, IANICE ELIZABETH St. Vincent De Paul "Never an action but it was gentle." S.D.S. Fashion Show 3. Cisca l, 2, 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. Pep Club l, Z, 3, 4. Spanish Club l. CARTIN, PATRICIA ANN St. Vincent De Paul "An abridgement of all that was pleasant." Perfect Attendance 3. S.D.S. Fashion Show 3. Cisca l, 2, 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. Spanish Club l. CASSETTARI, EDWARD MICHAEL Holy Rosary "His enactment of joy was infinitely more dilti- cult, more rare, and more triumphant." Class Treasurer I. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 4. Spanish Club l, 2. Basketball 3, 4. Base- ball 2, 3, 4. Operetta 4. Holy Name Cathedral "She made two grins grow where there was only one grouch before." Greatest Improvement Award 3,4, Per- fect Attendance l,2,3. S.D.S. 2,3 Rosary Club 3, 4. Cheerleader Co-captain 3. Cheerleader Captain 4. Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. CLOUD, RAYMOND DALE St. Stanislaus Kostka "Always kind in his assistance." Student Council 4. Yearbook 4. PHOENIX Photo- grapher 4. Rosary Club President 4. Vocation Club 4. Football 2. Audio-Visual Operator 1, 2, 3, 4. Christmas Show Stage Crew 4. Operetta Stage Crew 4. Disc lockev 4, COLLETTI, VIRGINIA MARIE Our Lady of the Angels "She had no Wish - but to be glad," Kate Clifford Award 3. Red Cross 2. S.D.S. 2. Pep Club I, 2. COMELLA, MARY NANCY Holy Rosary "There are indeed some spirits so ardent that change ot employment to them is rest." Class Treasurer 2. Four Year Perfect Attendance Award. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. May Procession Ap- parition 4. Library Club 2, 3, 4. Pep Club Leader 4. Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Spanish Club 1, 2. Christ- mas Show 4. CONNOLLY, MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER St. Mathias "A gentleman by nature." Perfect Attendance 4. Library Club 2, 3, 4. Basketball 2. Operetta 4. DE GRAZIA, IANET IRENE St. loseph, Round Lake "T'was her thinking of others that made you think of her." National Honor Society 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Perfect Attendance 3, 4. Shorthancy Award 3. School Song Contest Winne 4. Rosary Club 3, 4. May Procession Apparition 4. Library Club 3. Christmas Show 4. Operetta 4. CUFF, PATRICIA CATHERINE Our Lady of the Holy Mount, Cicero "Her eternal energy is our eternal de- light." Greatest Improvement Award 3. Short- hand Award 3. Red Cross 2. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation 3, 4. May Pro- cession Apparition 4. Library Club 3, 4. Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. CZECH, RAMONA HELEN St. Francis Borgia "We could both sing lhy praise and praise thy singing." PHOENIX 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Christmas Show 4. Operetta 4. DERUSIA, LORETTA MARY St. Anselm "A fault-mender, not a Iault-finden' S.D.S. 2. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. Pep Club l, 2. UINCOGNITO, THOMASINA IOAN St. Vincent De Paul "ln every gesture dignity and gentlenessf' . Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. 3. Rosary Club 3,4. Vocation Club 3,4. May Pro- , H ---- Xiir r ffl-3 cession Apparition 4. Library Club 4. Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Spanish Club 1.2. ' li - A figif Christmas Show 4. .. iii DONAHUE, JUDITH ANN St. Vincent De Paul "Her mirth changed the most common gathering . ' r-il into a feast." I Greatest Improvement Award 2. S.D.S. 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Pep Club I, 2. Christmas Show 4. FLYNN, CAROLE MARIE St. Matthew "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." S.D.S. 2, 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. May Queen Attendant 4. Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Spanish Club 1. Christmas Show 4. . .t. FOLEY, MARY BETH St. Irenaeus, Park Forest "ln faith, lady, you have a merry heart." PHOENIX 4. Yearbook 4. Perfect Attendance 3. Shorthand Award 3. Citizenship Award 2. Ros- ary Club 4. Christmas Show 4. FUERY, WILLIAM IAMES St. Mark "Gentle in manner, strong in performance." Student Council l, 2. Class Vice-President l. Class President 2. PHOENIX 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Greatest Improvement Award 3. Perfect Attend- ance 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Football 2, 3. Basket- ball Manager and Scorekeeper 3, 4. Baseball 2, 3, 4. Altar Boy Club ,4. Operetta 4. GEDDES, ALEXINE LILLIAN St. Ioachim "One to whom patience hath such mild com- posure given." National Honor Society 4. PHOENIX 3, 4. Year- book 4. Operetta 4. May Procession Apparition 4. GILL, LA VERGNE THERESA GRIMM, RICHARD MICHAEL ST. Columbfmus Our Lady of the Angels "Here iS U GIS-G12 U 11116, l1'1dUSfffO1-IS "There is a lair behavior in thee." friend." S.D.S. 3. Rosaiy Club 4. Library Club 3. Christmas Show 4. Operetta 4. HANLON, PATRICIA OROSCO Holy Name Cathedral A happy soul that all the way to heaven will have a summer day." Four year Perfect Attendance Award. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. 2. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Pep Club 1, 2. Christmas Show 4. Operetta 4. KUNIO, IERALDINE KATHERYN St. Nicholas, Greek Catholic "Never anything can be amiss when simple- ness and duty tender it!" Class Treasurer 1, 3. National Honor Society 3, 4. Perfect Attendance 1. Shorthand Award 3. Cisco 1, 2. 3. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 3, 4. Pep Club 1, Z, 3, 4. Christ- mas Show 4. NEW WORLD Scholarship 4. KWOLIK, NADINE DIANE St. Nicholas, Greek Catholic "She is pretty, and honest, and gentler and one that is your friend." PHOENIX 4. Yearbook 4. Shorthand Award 3. Propagation of the Faith Representative 4. S.D.S. Fashion Show 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Pep Club 2, 3. Spanish Club l, Z. Operetta 4. Greatest Improvement Award 4. LAMBERT, ROBERT ARTHUR St. Iohn Berchman "A silent, shy, peace loving man." PHOENIX 4. Yearbook'4. Perfect Attendance 4. Rosary Club 4. Christmas Show Stage Crew 4. HARRITY, THOMAS WILLIAM St. Vincent De Paul "ln quietness and confidence shall be your strength." HANDSCHIEGEL, EILEEN MAE Our Lady of the Angels "Happy is your grace that can translate the stubborness of fortune into so quiet and sweet a style." Perfect Attendance 3, 4. S.D.S. 3. Cisca 2. May Queen 4. Operetta 4. INFANTE, CATHERINE MARIE St. Genevieve "She is gentle that doeth gentle deeds." Perfect Attendance l, 3, 4. Shorthand Award 3. Red Cross 3. Marquette Press Conference 4. S.D.S. Fashion Show 3. Cisca l,2,3. May Procession Apparition 4. Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Operetta 4. LAVORATA, BARBARA LEE Annunciation "And what she greatly thought, she nobly did." Student Council 4. Honor Society 3, 4. PHOENIX 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Perfect Attendance 2, 3. Short- hand Award 3. Citizenship Award 3. Catholic School Press Association Conference 4. Red Cross 3. S.D.S. 3. Cisca l, 2, 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3. Vocation Club President 4. Cheerleader 3, 4. Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Show 4. NEIJV WORLD Scholarship. LECHOWICZ, WALTER STANLEY St. Boniface "A man of letters ond ol manners too." PHOENIX 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Rosary Club 3, 4. Oratorical Contest 2. Football 2, 3. Track 2, LEE SHEW, MARIAN RUTH St. Therese Chinese Catholic Mission "Not much talk - a great, sweet silence." Perfect Attendance 4. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. Rosary Club 4. LEMAK, ROSE ANN St. Nicholas, Greek Catholic "Order is a lovely thing." Honor Society 3, 4. PHOENIX 4. Year book 4, Perfect Attendance 3, 4. Short- hand Award 3. Oratorical Contest 2. S.D.S. Fashion Show 3, Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 2. Christmas Show 4. Operetta 4. MAHONEY, HELEN IOAN St. Mel "In you there is respect of place, per son and lime." Rosary Club 3, 4. LEWAKOWSKI, NORBERT LEROY St. Pius "A qentleman, well skilled in music." Cisca 3. Football 3. Basketball 3. Altar Boy Club 3, 4. Christmas Show Stage Crew 4. Operetta 4. S MARSI-IALEK, WILLIAM GEORGE St. Genevieve "Youth shall never rust in his position." LORENZ, ROBERT WILLIAM St. Andrew "A man he seems oi cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrowsf' Perfect Attendance 2. Voice of Demo. cracy Contest 4. Spanish Club I, 2 Christmas Show 4. Operetta 4, MCCOY, DIANE MARIE Holy Angels "A simple maiden in her IIower." Perfect Attendance 3. S.D.S. 2. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. May Procession Apparition 4. MILLER, RAYMOND FRANK St. Clement H "Thy greatest praise has been to live unknown. MONAGI-IAN, GRACE ANN St. Gertrude "She is as kind as she is lair." Perfect Attendance 4. O'CALLAGHAN, PATRICIA BRIDGET St. Margaret Mary "OI manners gentle: of affection mild: in wit a woman, simplicity, a chiId." Christmas Essay Contest Winner 4. Greatest Im provem,ent Award 32 S.D.S. 3. Cisca 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Library. Club 2, 3. Pep Club l, 2. Spanish Club I, 2. 5 ,t 51 v fr .gi .1 3 4 sa it St E i ft 1 tl i .4 Q . 'i it 3 I Y 1 ii 4 fi PITTMAN, PHYLLIS MARIE RADOHA, SHIRLEY ANN Holy Cross Holy Name Cathedral "Charity in all things." "She softly spoke and sweetly smiled." S.D.S. 2, 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation S.D.S. 2. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club Club 3, 4. Pep Club lv, 2. 4. Pep Club l, 2. PEDROZA, IOAQUIN HECTOR Holy Name Cathedral "A friend who bore his friends' infirmitiesf' Perfect Attendance 4. Basketball Manager 2. Track 3, 4. PEDROZA, VIRGINIA MARTHA Holy Name Cathedral "One vast, substantial smiIe." PHOENIX 3, 4. Yearbook 4. Mundelein Press Con. ference 3. Catechetical Instruction 3, 4 Rosary Club 3, 4. Pep Club l, 2. Vocation Club 3, 4. May Procession Apparition 4. Operetta 4. PFEST, FRANCES ANTONIA Holy Name Cathedral "Her heart dangles on a jolly thread." Perfect Attendance l, 3, 4. RENDEK, VIRGINIA ALBERTHA Ss. Cyril and Methodius "So excellent in art and still so rising." Yearbook Manager and Artist 4. PHOE5 NIX Artist 3, 4. Four Year Perfect At- tendance Award. Voice of Democracy Contest 4. School Art Projects 3, 4. May Procession Apparition 4. Pep Club l, RODGERS, PHILIP GEORGE St. Vincent De Paul "ln the morn ol his youth: ripe for gaiety and for mighty enterprises." School Sport's Letter 3. Perfect At- tendance 4. Student Council 4. Bachelor Button Ball Committee 3. Cathedral Carnival Committee 4. Rosary Club 3. Football 2, 3. Basketball Captain 4. Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 2, V3, 4. Swim- ming 4. Christmas Show Stage Crew 4. SEVERINO, ROSE MARIE EMILIA Our Lady of the Angels "A hand as liberal as the light of day." National Honor Society 4. Perfect Attendance 4. S.D.S. 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. Cheerleader 3, 4. Library Club 3, 4. Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. Spanish Club l. Shorthand Award 3. SHABAN, WALTER St. Nicholas, Greek Catholic "Never in the way, and never out of the way." STOLTMAN, MARILYN AUDREY Our Lady of the Angels "Everything succeeds with such a one of sweet and cheerful disposition." Class Secretary l, Z. National Honor Society 3, 4. S.D.S. Fashion Show 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vo- :ation Club 3, 4. May Queen Attendant 4. Library Club 2, 3. Pep Club 1, Z, 3, 4. Pep Club Leader 4. Spanish Club l, 2. Operetta 4. Short- hand Award 3. Christmas Show 4. Operetta 4. SCHULTZ, I AMES HENRY Our Lady of Good Counsel "How long has he been with us? Why, always I should guess." Rosary Club 4. Basketball 4. Operetta 4. SELSKY, MARIAN PATRICIA Sacred Heart "She has enriched us with her kind- ness." Four Year Perfect Attendance Award. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation 3, 4. THEOBALD, I AMES PAUL Our Lady Help of Christians "He is a gentleman because his nature is lcmcl :md allable to every creature." Perfect Attendance 2, 3, 4. Christmas Show, 4. THOMPSON, CAROLE LEONA Holy Name Cathedral "As merry and always in taste as good com- pany can be." Shorthand Award 3. Rosary Club 4. Vocation Club 4. Library Club 3. Pep Club l, 3, 4. Christmas Show 4. VALENZUELA, MARGARET HERNANDEZ Holy Name Cathedral "Her speech flowed fair and tree: in phrase at qentlest courtesy." PHOENIX 3, 4 Yearbook 4. Kate Clifford Award 3. Shorthand Award 3. WEDGE, WILLIAM ARTHUR WlLl..ARD, RICHARD THOMAS Sf, Boniface Our Lady of the Angels VITELLO, MARIAN "BashtuIness is a tough husk in wh:ch HHS SP9UdS his CYUYS in Serene GIUOY a delicate bud is hidden." ment." St. Philip Benizi "A gentle heart tied with an easy thread." Shorthand Award 3. Red Cross 2. S.D.S. Fashion Show 2. Rosary Club 4. May Procession Apparition 4. Pep Club l, 2. WIN CHESKI, l EAN FLORENCE Annunciation "Never idle a moment, but kind and thoughtful ot others." WILLIAMS, CAROL ANN St. Peter Canisius "Her quiet presence was always wel- come." National Honor Society 3, 4. Four Year Pertect Attendance Award. S.D.S. Fash- ion Show 3. Cisco 1, 2, 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4. Christmas Show 4. Perfect Attendance 1, 3. S.D.S. 2. Red Cross Z. I E WIN KLER, CAROL I OAN N St. Vincent De Paul "A happy tempered bringer ot the best out oi the worst." Shorthand Award 3. Red Cross Z. S.D.S. 2, 3. Rosary Club 4. Pep Club 3. Christ- mas Show 4. WOLAK, IACQUELINE IOSEPHINE St. Boniface "A decliner of honors and titles." Perfect Attendance 4. Red Cross 2. S.D.S. 2. Pep Club 1, Z. Christmas Show 4. ZAHORA, REGINA THERESE St. Thomas Aquinas "Vast, inextinguishable laughter." Perfect Attendance 2. Shorthand Award 3. S.D.S. 2. Rosary Club 4. Pep Club 1, 2, 3. Spanish Club 1. Operetta 4. ZULASKI, DOLORES HELEN St. Daniel the Prophet "My cup rurmeth over." Greatest Improvement Award 3. Perfect Attend- ance 3. S.D.S. 3. Cisca 3. Rosary Club 3, 4. Vocation Club 3, 4. Genius is at rest as newspaper and yearbook caeeditors Shirley Krull, Mary Ann Wozriiak, Nancy Casaletto, Elaine Felilcsilc, and loanne Lillig take time out for a coke, "ll, for one brief moment, the world would hold its breath and men would stand with muted ton- gues in mouths agapef' intones senior Nancy Casaletto, winner of the local and sectional divis- ions of the Voice of Democracy contest. "Mary, we give thee the veil of our purity, the meekness of our love." Mar- gie Valenzuela and Shirley Radoha erect one of the many lovely shrines to honor Our Lady on the feast of her lme maculate Conception. A congenial attitude prevails over the initial senior ring ceremony breakfast while action centers about Student Council officers Sally Ann Emerich, Frank Amari, loyce Page, and Danny Brannigan as Father Regan looks on with an approving smile. Page 18 .ML Gathering around the piano to sing a popular tune are Carol Williams, Richard Grimm, Wil- liam Wedge and loan Bracy. Carole Thomp- son plays the accompaniment. A stained glass Christmas window is set in place by Artist Virginia Rendek. Attractive bulletin boards and novel posters are also some of Virginia's projects. SENIORS G0 THEIR WAY Up in the air is a whole fleet of bal- loons being admired by Hector Ped- roza, the first graders, and Sister Mary Cecil. Back to the "Roaring 20's" went members of the PHOENIX staff, as they sang their way from room to room urging the students to obtain patrons. Mary Beth Foley, Mary Ann Wozniak, Shirley Krull, and Nancy Casalet- to performed the skit. Page 19 Bunkwo1'nrs? Yes? Exploring llre tools of l-:nowlodqe found in the lilnrury ww Iuniors, Sue Mcrnqcrno, Ann McGovern, Curol Page, Cf1rGl Ann Bnrrlello, und Gmrcxldine Curtin. S1-lxfadulcls for rumor yeur crclivme-s rue peuusfvd lwy Qseute-dl: Pcxtricicr Conway, vicwf-presidorrty Iulisf Slcvcrremnu, srl: relcxryy Plllflflfl Winqerl, secreluryg Thomas Flynn, president: and Cstcxnd- inqj: Ioseplr Rcmlrez, vice-president: luck Glun7, trefixsurery Anthony De Gmzicr, treusurorp and Rusmo Cosini, presrdrenr. Rudolph llrc Rod Nosnd RC'lIli'lQ9I has tlrmu jL1l'1lOI helpers, Icsfrplximv Drlilurvrto, Kflllllli-v"Il Guuqlwn, und Dermncr Gncnek pulling Sfxmrfs slrviqlr Getting acquainted with the third floor, the "PHOE- NIX Nest," guarded by senior inhabitants, and climbing an extra flight of stairs explains the wonderment oi junior year. Experiencing the title Hupperclassmenf' learning newspaper publishing in journalism class, scribbling short- hand notes and attempting to reach the 60 words a minute goal in typing are the advantages of the juniors. Through days of retreat and recollection, Vocation and Rosary Club membership, have we developed spirit- ually. Now we are prepared to exchange the yellow dinks symbolizing a golden junior year tor the red ones which at last give us, the privilege of being hailed as "seniors" 'Reside in the Climate of God," is the theme being empioyed hy Junior journalists, Mary Ann Szymcyak, lane Bezak, Anthony De Gra- zia, and Thomas Klosinski as they prepare the three day publications of the Hetreatant. The questioning minds of young America seek the answers to the difficulties that face our contemporary democracy. National Prob- lems students Marilyn Rizzo, Thomas Weron, and Al Mangano lend their talents and opin- ions to the problems oi world economy. Listening to yourself as others hear you is a rich and maybe mirthful experience as William Gaudin, Josephine Diliberto, Robert Tomasetti, and Jack Glanz discover while re- hearsing their version of "The Cask of Aman- tillado" for the junior English class. Lucille Barbara Phyllis Virqinia Susan Baron Carol Ann Robert Constance lane Bezalc Marion Amarillo Angelo Anqelo Barnes Bartello Bernatski Beutel Blake Patricia Eugene David Arlene Bozek Nancy Sandra Burns Flasmo Casini Nancy Choy Michael Dorothy Conway Crudele Bollie Brandenburq Coconato Conway 'NSQFL' 1 sliffg K .,,. " 1. .. as t 'TT f?5f'l?f5f?Y5s tVV z1'j"e .wits Q V ma. V J Wsif ,J iztrx i i ' 0?--' E? 'es QS . ' --'11 ti' v ig?-.-'. - i 5-S1 ew-ii'QIitVl:. A Q S551 . -V 1 ggyst -oz7V5:1p,.s Q25 -- -- ti-' ,Z H. V gsgies- ,Q l '- tier :L 555, 'ifii , ' 1 , Ffiiffg' Sflfi f-533 'k'k 49555 V- 5 'vi - wr--'gr fgy.: 5 V1 ,gwf ffm 1 gt: 142 -fgffgr V ' . 1 - : - Q 2 V .L 1 - , f if , Q.. - - - f . .. . .,,..,.,,. .fi ,. . 2. .. . . , . 1.. .. fi, ,W , . 1 .. A. .. .. . .. . .JW ,Q - . ,ew fc, f. Ai- f , 511 g 1 is ,5 ,. 5 ,,.-Q, X . felis-.s2'. , ,-' V -Vw V 26211-215 S .. 1. ?"i.':Jr FM' " ."'eS2iF'iL::f-ii -:S F- i wi .- . G ttf? . .. .. ,, i,.. ,,,v . . M .M . L,r ,. . ..., ,t ,t , .,. t,,,... ,. ... ., .. .V .. , : ,W , . 5 I' ' -Q W " .-Ve . Qgzs-Vig-ilg Q 3 - U . ' 5 Q-if-f ' ' EQQ'1'VV- 1 'K 4 -13? vfeff A :- 3- ffm- F. -Qi - :fl gifeffi iff--2 " ' ' ' tk: H, , 13: ' SV: Vfvfli K ' K' z ggfiifl- f i 2- 11 5-V I V 2 Ii ' -W V' --' -5 :", 7: 55 V W-ff?lk.g5Qf5, l, KVVLK LL' 55 3 V ' fljg 1 A .:'::: 'V K V 51' ., Firm '-:Ei'5.C.15i.: If-as V Li 'Ii in-I if X -Q S5 . f -- - WMV, - ,tg We E , V 2V..,,--,,,3X1g?,aeg, ., tt . gsii,t.V,.. Q-ig? -, , V. , .f gsgwft r if .W 5 -, .. 1151. tsp-..--. -,.w-- K-e, , ., :,- I-.M L-its - Q ,fs .., V--..V-.-.,,flmf,, -. . -te-V, - ,V . 1 Z-V-at ..,,.. -' .N 5,5-V,. - V t-5s,,A,W :,.ta!2Es.k-, .-qgggif , nr f 'f .t t- t -A --we-is-'N-t . --. t - wzfii , -7 . -- , 12? .':::.iW5:ga -- 559 L- .- ff, ' I . if -ig: awi.f,.:V,gy,.pgg 321-V-4,-3tsgQ.V:i ge., J QV ' , 5521: VQeS3f2ig5?'g f " ' sf' " f-if - K. ' ' f r1r4fV,-ff -' f 2- K ' pf : K Y' M if .1 ' '57 f 555- kt 7 1 g 'F Lilief D.. ligiliff ff f' 3 PS in 5522" ii ' ' . E b n X - - - V A M V wt-ai , . 5. Geraldine Anthony De Catherine Iosephine William Dini loseph Duffy Adolph Mary Ann Arlene Felty Edith Curtin Grazia Derby Diliberto Durpetti Falco Ferguson Dorene Mary Flaherty Thomas Flynn Iames Franzen Kathleen lack Glanz Deanna Ioan Gorski Rocco Greco Samuel Greco Fischer Gauqhan Gnatek Stephen Greco James .tU.,e.t ., inomas r-larry Kral Ernest Lewis Matthew Alphonso Susan Hanrahan Hernandez Kennedy Klosinski Lonqtin Mangano Manqano Not Photographed: William Gaudin Edward Notz Shirley Novak Iulius Rodriguez Lewis Secor Suzanne Tierney P' "AV ' ,Q if, 4.1 0 Marietta Ann McGovernDolores Melera Patricia Loretta Carol Page , Matilla Mika Miller Edward Rose Marie Yvonne Ioseph Marilyn Patricia Parsons Pawlicki Pesarisi Rameriz Rizzo Sbalchiero lean Shulak Constance Elizabeth Tulie Amelia Ioseph Simioni Slaclek Skvarenina Sokalski Straube Mary Ann La Vergne Robert Carol Ann Barnette Steve Tuqman Szymczak Szczech Tomasetti Tousant Tucker Patricia Paul Vargas Thomas Patricia Van De North Weron Winqert Page 23 i 4' ...quam E 2 W Li '-fs. .. f-:: ' - I f y WW'l'WMIwf C , A ff, f X - Wulf C All A ,. - , rf ww- M- W A:-: f y r - V' MTTMC. 4m-, A mm'A A -A 't ,,...aQt 253, .,..1 4 "Student leadership is our job," Un selfishly avowinq their cooperation to school and classmates are sophomore class officers: Rose Del Dotto, Diane Hall, Richard Lupo, William Eranniqan, Robert McDermott, lay Ernerioh, lames Rerxtas, and Rita Kelly. Imagine wearing a hat that big! Latin Loadinq sophomores down the roads of Ierusalem and Nazareth following Christ's footsteps, Father Goedert re- veals the great virtues found throuqh- out Our Saviour's life to students of Room 7. lloliday atrrrosphere entered Room 9 throuqh the efforts of Allan Adams, Thomas Connolly, and Robert Lawicki. American History students loAnn Avant, Paul Straube, lohn lusino, Charles Ra- doha, Marva Stinson, Frank Fieri, and Barhara Casey recognize the sombrero as the traditional headgear of Mexico. Engrossed in an atmosphere of dismembering frogs, checking Caesar's battlefield and solving geometric prob- lems are the experienced sophomores. Breathless pounding hearts from gym class, combined with paper and handy Valentine hearts provide a true picture of the average sophomore girl. English class brings out the poetic talent of the soph- omore boy as he becomes inspired with "Silas Mar- ner." Now we are waiting to exchange the blue dinks which symbolize spiritual Mary-like qualities tor the yellow ones with the added title, "upperclassmen". A lowly but highly interesting creature, the stariish presents a new challenge to biology students lean Durpettig Iohn Harte, Nancy Sermonte, Richard Iuar- ez, and Olga Pedroza. A rose by any other name would be dissected with just as much enthusiasm and awe by biology students, Marianne Simioni, 'Theresa Pacione, and Vivian Faraci. Allan Russell loann Richard Barbara loanne Ioseph Lydia Frank Ioanne Adams Anzalone Avant Arellano Astrella Azara Barbera Bella ndi Belluomini Bonqiorno William Patricia Robert Eleanor Barbara Eileen Thomas Mary Eileen Margaret Brannigan Brunninq Calderisi Casacchia Casey Coniqlio Connolly Catherine Coyne De Cori Cotseres Ronald Rose Del DottoMary Theresa Lawrence Neil Dillon Catherine Richard Leonard lean lay Emerich Delaquila De Notto Derby Di Venere Donati Dudas Durpetti Prank Fieri Geraldine Stephanie Rose Robert Thomas Diane Hall Raphael Iohn Harte William Flynn Gale Gorny Gozdecki Grabowski l-landschiegel Herlihy Ge ' nn Mary Ellen Florian Leontine William Ronald Richard John Melanie Rita orqia Hodum Hughes Ianesek Iankowski Iedlink Iones Iuarez Iusmo Kaczmarski Kelly Page 26 v f 5 Y xii , K V -- ' N Q ludy Kiolbassa iw:--.V . i -rw2ge3g.'-:f:,.5i1, - 1, ,Q , 1: 1- ,V1,V-izwzwrwilfvz ,,-ww we-.2fwm:wV V- ww-wffga f' , i ' V. :iifwif ziaswfti - V ' rrfffwii -Im ' ' -' are ff M. ., afgggmf 1: - i ,zfifk we 'Fifa . W siwi qwiisitf 2fVgf4,m wa ,ff waii - -me V EV V' A : - ATX? - ' - ' ' g STIQSEQS, .. . V 1 t -- 1' 2 .- - FF? 'V - Vrffefilfwiftrf -T: . , . ,,.. , A 3 " retire '. i- ,. 1-45. . -3,51 V- ,. .. .gzip -- . ,, it .Q ag: ,ge - . 1 ggi:V:?5?3g?2 - , ., - ' ,f ,V 9 V - . : X in f .. V - A NSN- ,V ' , ., . P? " ei--fV,.:1'21V.-?:nf3',, r 1'12V.?V1n i, fsfz-:sv " gerwiii-iii, t f -- .fe I wwty- - V -- ygwff 1-w:r,Vfv-f. , I - V J, rf, Qreigfwgy I .. f :el j :- Marlene Kuszynski Robert Richard Lawicki Lupo Michael Malchiodi Christine Maltezos lohn McCann loseph Robert McDermott McDermott Mary Ann Albert Shirley Yolanda Mee Michalak Musial Orsucci Q Theresa Barbara Salvitore Jeannine Pacione Pancyrz Pariso Peck '- if A - , A , Ti 2 'ff1'Q452?,i,f2 V, .af , ff: Vf V Ve V ,,.r .. .- . ..r,. VZ ,,r. W.-, . ,,.., V ,, . , -V f , M ,, H 1 3 krrrh A 1 V rim : , fir. - v -ft.: , V. -. - sake - - - e w- ' - - 7 Q Em, . .- . V ' wgi - ,. my 1 .. - f " -- ' , " . , - .. ,V Q -, -' ' ,. - is f -, -- V .L A -1 , M 4.1--fV-V, V -- zfeffsigff -V - :- - ?,fV:1?rf1, vi -f L 9 -eww-.V.,: f tt 1- 1. , A2292 fi 122, ,V ,. ,, is V? .ny -1 . + V f -- y Q ' I , - 7 ' 'f K- ""V' mf K , - -f, ,- Vw .--if , r 95 1134 1-jg: ll Olga Pedroza Vincent 2 M . S Y, Patricia Peterson - 3-Q, .V D : up Edward Powell ' V Charles Radoha .... ., uliw ii Z 2 X f I Vf Nick Sabatino Carol lean Nancy Ryan an we if -QE v lean Terdina Sellers Sermon te , X it at E 1 N ,- A-.f q-W 'rx 'fg- K 4 fr Yi gin? Em Q5 vw 9 x -1' if :FN 0 r Q Io Ann Randazza -.W ,,"k, .ff 25. : V 1 Vein V .,, Nw. I , William Shafala . 1 3 Iames Rentas Manfred Ruckser New-wwir-ww, .e - N, , eMVw"'ev2 -M2 VU -mfisfgfft, EV -- ' Q2 iwiggfg ' ' it za , . ' i353-nel-f . Kathleen Ryan . , - S A ' Q LV! . V Fit '55,-fffsfgif ,g vg.-gg.-1 ' -"- V W 5 '. 'Y V 9 , ff -55.3-:..a QV51 ez, Q i' , f V,tf'S'f'7 F: 1 .4 ttf 5933 wi' i it ,K 3 N ,.,, im e it 5515 4 SP Z if as. is N Q , Y WF? -1 L - .L :..- V if ff E r A WQ44 dl' get 4 2 ,P Q 1 Marianne Simioni Marva Stinson 4V V4 :Ss mx. 5 . .fum ,, iwigmw- P,1-wie-. .f1fy,Lrp:-- - meg i wr gy' r yew: frgwffr .. - - - , ,- V , -time V H , M : .1-2 A V. m e 455255815 2 fV V- W i-V VI - .1 .- ' L .. . V, -- f ,- , I -39' " V. " , 5 ffq-wzggrz , . V i -- 145, , gg-gp, . .... P : - 55531 -.Vw - F---if? Ki a -- V- 'a 1-f,,1m?tsg xr., 4. . -1' - -41--'?w: ,' - -- - 'sw' 'ff -325 Vwixgiz-' ww.,,V?1,f-Ve, . - V 5, mr, .1 -- . :nw 1 -, V -mt. , .af - -- M3 . QQ ? . -V1. ' , Q-:.Vfw - ai- f Cecelia Tongson Edward Toniolo Claudette Toussaini rw--- nfl Ioan Viverito Diane Wielgcls Iohn Zurawski Paul Straube Not- photographed: Vivian Faraci cm 'F A new world of student government un- folds for first year class officers, Andrew Stoltman, treasnrerg Beverly Pulsa, secre- taryg lack Almiro, president: Arlene Kern, president, Thomas Swezenski, vice-presi- dent, Patricia Hoffman, treasurer, Lydia Flores, secretary, and Carole Piazza, vice- president. "Ascension Thursday is our next holi- day" says Father Guhhins as he checks a liturgical calendar for Mary Ann Schulves and Richard Claudio. Carolers Mary Lou Franzen, George Wedge, Richard l-lach, Thomas Grimm, and Anthony Cartina, supply an addi- tional touch of qaiety as they render their own interpretations of Christmas Carols. Wiste not a rnornent and there will lie fewer hooks to carry horne freshmen learn as they delve into their homework during study period. Nearing the end oi their freshmen year are the first year tledglings. Timidly We dipped into Latin, learned the Whys and Wherefores of the plus and minus in algebra, and grew to love our hurried rneals in the lunch roorn. We have been proud of our green dinks, sym- bolizing our newness, but now We look with long- ing and eager anticipation toward the blue beanie, which will announce to the World that We are sophomores. Functions of the incandescent bulb are explained by Russell Zanoza and Edward Giomi to Virginia lalowiecki, Barbara Schmit, Iosephine De Rosa and Savira Kulas. 'Pnnn 29 Strains of rock and roll music echo from the walls of the freshmen room during their Christmas party as Christine Comella and Robert Gallo dance while Lydia Flores is an interested spectator. lack Peter Diane Gerald Edmund Alfredo Mary Barbara Louis Thomas Almiro Antich Armendariz Bardin Bart Belluomini Bernardini Bernatski Beugnet Brannan Iacqueline Barbara Anthony Richard Wanda Thomas Christine Camille Bonita Carolyn Brzank Carr Cartina Claudio Clavecilla Colonna Comella Conti Cotseres Cucciq Margaret Ioseph Iosephine Linda Lydia Maureen Mary Lou Mary Lou Robert Verna Cullerton Deganci De Rosa Dini Flores Flynn Franzen Gale Gallo Geddes Edward Michael Barbara Dolores Thomas Dolores Richard Veronica Fred Daniel Giomi Gorgo Grabowski Greco Grimm Gritis l-lach Hcxch l-lammerschmidt I-larrity Erasmo Patricia Gregory Carol Ann Virginia Dolores, Diane Antoinette Catherine Arlene Hernandez Hoffman Hugh Hughes lalowiecki Iedlink lohnslon loyce Kelly Kern Paae 30 Y. 9 , t 8 " , a -W as asgerfwrpef'fvtrs.1fseWtsiLes2f -1, gitwsttiiiififi vti+tf'SQt"f2K5?2E4f tix, , sf?- ' M. Q X X V- g is Q iif7F5?ass ifilli 'wifi' M 5 f'1.aa?3?sf.:-'til Nw" 3535555 Eitbifk i 1' 'li fiiv? z5'x??Z5ffj.gQ , EQTQEQ , 5 1 X351 fl ew 5159252 swf fiiiftigiw X Ewa: I a-: -: f . -., WW it-7 :- ,gf M . we ,f s o View 71555118 ,E few at 1, I .. v -. X, ,im ., iw, it 5 W . rm Ma f ff-fr we, : ,ee -I V f r it in ix 1.1 8 .Q my ffmti .. 52z,.i,l 2 ' ' tin . .:a,'1f, ' - 1 12 , ,A a- 1 gig args r, , , jtfggfzvfs " . 91 ,- 225 55 -1-V fi ,ft -: .,, -V V, 5 ' K L, .- -1 V , , ' - - ' H .. - M- 2 r' -" "'-5715: ' - ' :ir-" ' ,E - ' ' 1 :5 'W' L xii ' -'52 'M t V -' - W' 512 5 isijiw 1 ' :igigf 'Y , , , Zeer if K Patricia Klinkefus Krcll Charles Charlotte La Polio Walter Larkin Rose Lee Gordon Marlene Lee Luczak Phyllis Mahoney ig i is Carol Mares , ,W ,ll-rffvliiulgf-ttfelwmerz. ,w,.w:wv4-szgfrw ..,l Eel- "Nf4M wwi:egmz:ez:.3xgQepggg5' m:"21 gwS'W 'c"' " - lltgibtt gifi lfulmzffi ,ilfflf 225215151 ihliilfmfi i' 59542554 "-lf-H . P A ' A ' , . 4: .: izwezisi 1 wiwibszf tk rf- :- SSM iageazh f :gf S 2 3 S 5 , :tm G HE, t il if 7 H if f. K ni. .,.. I Z -. f , . , ' ' 1 1 P , . ' f ' V '- V-,gtg " N, X r ' , wif:-rf: aw ' - fl cwigliiw lil -we w,m,1 'W -far-is-I-12 fwfs'fSf'12 , wifi, K :f.., Q rastgsgy w 4 r P . W f- M r--- M get n L lt i K 1 5 5 .9 ,. 1 F lames Gerard Kenneth McDonald Mcl-lugh Mocarski Robert Mulligan Betty lean Patricia Murphy O'Callaghan Ostrowski Frances Palrnissano Alice Pantaleo Marianne Marilyn Leona Parker Parker Parsons -rv ::'2a:.f,,.H.:' '- New , . if i , ii! 5 1 , lv? ' , 1 ' I , l , ef, ri Q Maria Barbara Scheuer Schmit Lawrence Seymour Carole Piazza Ioseph Poternp-:1 Roger Plichta Beverly Pulsa Rita Ryan -Qs " ....,,..1. , Z ,. ,L ..,,. , , . ,, A H - 'A Qi - WHWYM ' " 1 - fill .. 7 ..., ,., Ml, ,iw . K,- ,.,. C . Q AHF: ,1gg,wf2:1. Q Roselyn Sonzero Marybeth Spatafofe Andrew Stoltman Sandra Surby Thomas Swezenski Mary Ann Schabes isvzmiei M H ffszzfw -W Mme f ti t 'VWEEELEL P ' Viilrflli ' 1 .M - , , .. Nif- lh mstagff st irs: ' iitsiif-is-5 , .w,zf,,i, ,vt "2 . - M - f- .:-Q,-:: ,, r ,f 5 5' if f5 V, :gf t loane Totari Not photographed : Edward Abbess Robert Bassi Savira Kulas Henry Iohcmn Geraldine Ann George Anth' OTIY Phyllis Russell Mary Valenzuela Viverito Vogel Vogt Wedge Zahora Zaino Zanoza O'Sh9C1 Page 3 1 2 2 62 it 2 3 it K 'M' fl ' Lftsjelfgf . 'E , 5 i S in K. S it . Q., fret 2 lx STUDIES 7 Weaving a magical path through our school, we traversed the roads of religion, literature, history, languages, the sciences, and business and gained knowledge in our ventures. Mysteries of God's love were unfolded through the un- quenchable knowledge of our religion instructors. The fascination of Shakespeare's "Macbeth", "lulius Caesar", and "The Merchant of Venice", and the long ac- quaintance with "Love ls Eternal" held us awestruck during our course through literature. Ancient roads of Babylon and Palestine and the annals of American history were lighted by the lamp of years to guide us to the future. We developed a scholarly appreciation for the antiquated tongues of Spain and Rome. We were exposed to the vast scope of the biological world and scientific knowledge. We attained the business-like qualities connected with the thoughtful study of bookkeeping, shorthand, and typing. The windows of the world were opened to us and we were urged on by the shadow of time. ANYWAY WE SAY IT Six pesos isn'1 very much money, even when it's Spanish Currency agree Ray Miller, Helen Mahoney, lim Schultz, and Lo- retto Miller. Page 34 nMML2blfflgZiHE5 Pvc -a-. r: M The second person plural is ul- wciys Confusing illuslrczies Arlene Felty to her Gltentive Clusssrnnles Matt Lonqlin, Ernest Lewis, Ed Parsons, and Iulius Rodqriquez. Second year Latin students Diane Wielqas, lohn MC- Cann, Raphael Handschie- qel, Catherine Di Venere, Melanie Kaczrnarski, Lydia Bellandi, and Richard Arel- lano attempt io decipher the conflicts belween Caesar and The Helelians. To speak with precise diction and cordial cour- tesy is the ideal anticipated by shorthand stu- dents Eileen I-landscliiegel, Rose Marie Severino, lean Wincheski, Marilyn Stoltman, Thomasina D'lncognito, Marian Vitello, Regina Zahora, and Mary Balachia. TRAINING FOR THE BUSINESS WHIRL Canxluining Bookkeeping Itinda' mfrntals and practical knowlcclge in preparing financial reports are James Franzen, Bill Dini, Ioservh Duffy, Edith Ferguson, Marian Vitella, lean Sliulak, Patricia Cuff, and Catherine lntante. Page 36 HMUKU dordllhomecudywues mern7' Knowirrq the answers ure: Amelie So- kdsh,PcHkK1Von DeNoNh,LqVmqne Szczech, Doroihy Conwcry, Plirtricio Sbnrl- chiero, Katherine Derby, Ncrrlry Choy, Dolores Meleru, Mory Flaherty, Shirley Novak, Murion Blake, Mary Ann Frrlco, and Sondra Burns Page 37 Future seamstresses, Elizabeth Sladek and Nancy Brandenburg put principles into practice at the sewing machine. AND SO TO HEAVEN Chalk talks given by Fattier Regan prove both interesting and effective to seniors Eileen Handschieqel, Phyllis Pittman and Michael Connolly. Page 38 IT ISN'T i ttttll TWO TIMES TWO 'S' Alqebraic equations aren't as Confus- inq as they might seem as demon- strated by Rose Lee and Bonita Cotseres while Camille Conti, Robert Burns, Verna Geddes and Louis Beuqnet Check the correct answers in the book. Their newly ,required skills with com- pass and triangle are eagerly demon' strated by Leonard Dudas and leanne Peck at the board, Page 39 itemized accounts of where all tbeir money qoes are the primary interests of tlxe fresltmen qeneral math Class, lacqueline Brzank is at the board. Tak- ina advantage ot this opportunity to plan for the future are: Larry Seymour, Marlene Luczak, Patricia Ostrowski, and Robert Gallo. 0 5373 SCIENTISTS CGLE "OLlGIES" jf Q i l Aquatic specimens are the attraciion of sopho- N5 N more enihusiasts Ronald Delaquila, Barbara As- irella, Iosephine Szymczak, and Ioan Viveriio. as VI' gssivxr Want to know how io be popu- lar? Ask senior psychology slu- clenis: Robert Lorenz, Ianet De- Grazia, William Marshalek, Frances Pie-si, and Carole Flynn who are arriving at iheir own personality l.Q. Peacetime uses of atomic energy are explored in senior science by Ianice Carlin, Gerald Brun- ninq, Leo Beriuccioli, Patricia O'Callaqhan, and Dolores Zula- ski, Page 4U WE CCVER THE WCJRLD win References are examined by lacque- line Wolak, Virginia Colletti, Walter Shaban, Bert Alrnquist and Marian Lee prior to a current events discussion in U. S. history. Australia, the "down under" country, is shown to Cecelia Tongson and Mar- garet Decari by lohn Zurawski during a world geography class. Page 41 "The Great Alexander con- quered all of Mesopotamia in 300 BC," explains Sandra Surby to attentive students: Edmund Bart, Dolores Iedlink and Ken- neth Mocarski in a World history class. l IS THIS A BOOK I SEE BEFORE ME? Concentrated study, the only valid torrnula for scholastic success, is demonstrated hy Senior Room 5. Pertinent facts, history, adventure or just a light selection of fiction are pro- vided for library patrons, Grace Mon- aqhan, Florian lanesek, Patricia Han- lon, and Vince Peterson. Shakespeare came to life when seniors Virginia Rendek, Sandra Anderson, Nor- bert Lewakowslci, and LaVerqne Gill come piled facts and fancy into original "Mac- beth" books. Page 42 Smiles mean approval to Ioanne Lilliq as Sister Mary Cecil presenls ihe report card to Mr. and Mrs. Lillig at the first Parent- Teacher meeting of the year. OPERATION REPCRT CARD Usherelte Marilyn Stollman, Honor Sociely member, enjoys direclinq Mr. and Mrs. Surby to Room 8 for a report card conference. Page 43 ACTIVITIES Within these pages, echoes resound and vivid pictures recall the excitement that was experienced by all of- us. The din of afternoon pep rallies, the hubbub of school mixers, the light-hearted babble of 400 voices at the carnival, the grandeur of an auditorium transformed into a gay cavern, depict the spirit of gaiety interrningled with all the realities of school life. Contrasting sharply, our religious devotion matched our Wit as We solemnly sang the "Pange Lingua" and "Adora Te" at the close of Forty Hours. We were showered with the love of Christ on that glorious Sunday afternoon when we crowned His Mother, "Queen of Our Hearts". A precious crown for a priceless queen is placed upon the Blessed Virgin's head by Eileen Handschiegel in the ever lovely May Coronation cere- mony. Attendants are Marilyn Stolt- man and Carole Flynn. WE GIVE THEE OUR LOVE Loving devotion to Mary shines in the eyes of senior girls portraying the many apparitions of the Blessed Virgin. Catherine lniante, Our Lady of Mount Carmelp Virginia Rendek, Our Lady of the Green Scapulary Shirley Krull, Our Lady of Fatimap Ianet De- Grazia, Queen of the Universey Nancy Comella, Our Lady of LcISaletteg Marian Vitello, Our Lady of the Immaculate Heartg and Thomasina D'lncognito, Our Lady of Lourdes. Page f Q s 2 in 3' fs is if SO M 50 'R O 8 Q 'af it' Q 'v Q 5 2 l , ,.: .: t ZA M16 "5 W Q Y an if .. L V E m fra D e " xr rw L Q3 Q Zigi E is E2 ii? HI L ww f 5 I fs :W V Aix 1 E i? ,432 I 742 -,L+ :wi Q ' ' tm Sf my ' M it . f" , if Hg Salesmanship is advocated by juniors Marietta Mattila and Nancy Choy, who good fellow class' mates on to victory in the PHOENIX patron drive. NO IDLE MOMENTS HERE Armed with Sponges, steeplejacks Lewis Secor and Tony De Grazia Wipe the dust and dirt from the ceiling of Iunior Room 2. H we wi, in 'E f -,vm--v wr. , .V ii., . lf .M e ff' - " -sl " . E 535: ii?5i::,,': 'T,":f" "ffm Q" ,:--gf, " 1f:s,5,-,,-,:,:-Qt, V, pw W , M W . u f. .. .. 'w,g,, iw? , My L mi M it W ,ig f wisp it gr gi if its mst S we wx Zi E2 M X wt U 1-m2L'12ssf ,:1vilgll,xi1 61 4. 2 wi ,QHEXE rp- xi sg ,Highs WF 1,, 5 , i x J, 1,1 W J qw.: 2 r I K I by r, ..,,,,.. ,. , ., . .. .. ,..- it , 1 ...,,,.,,,.,,,.,,,-, W. ,M . ,, 'Q L few. 7 f ' - 7' 51 cf- s , F Sy -'gy Ji lainie 'fog 'ry gse-far: 'Z EW ' ' V A :,, . 55 ' 3' - gr i fibiiifarl sat ' :fr K W-1'-f-lf?" T1 :wi l m .r:s.::fe:.:.i.- : :rite 4,4223 IM' f fl '. YEAH Ilsixfvzfx rggr.. Ll :: - L We ' 'Tis' Nsif ' .if 557- 55597 5' iii :5": ':::? A " 'L I cttw,-ggrfw-,M ,12-fi--L,fg,ywww- LVM ! '- ,.,. LES-rsgglvrwsifm f: - A- ' Q3 ' i 13 H if i if , if t S ' 55' 515-5zf5'5f53i ,, 5 ,.,. Q ,S . . ,..,,. . . 3 'x X xx .. .v,..,, fmt?E?fQg,3giig 3 S , , in ,,:h ' 7 if 'V . 751 - -E lack-o-lanterns, carved by Virginia Re-ndek, flicker smiles at expectant first- qraders as they assist her in preparing room decorations. Page 47 With a pledae of school fidelity and love tucked in their hearts, Mike Cassettari and Patricia Cuff display their Class rinqs to Father Regan. Cisca representative, Bah lvlf- Dermotl takes time out to read the latest edition of the Cisca News. ,ft , 1 wllnwm- CJUR PATH TO GOD IS PRAYER Consultation, amiable voice and smile are all a part of the essential faculties of a retreat master such as Father lohn D. Hoffman. Conversinq can- tidinqly with Father is Nadine Kwolilc. Page 48 Lighted tapers lead the way in the annual Forty Hours proces- sion for junior-senior girls: Doro- they Conway, Patricia Wingert, Ramona Czech, Shirley Krull, and Ioanne Lillig. Flaming love for the Sacred Heart is signified in the glowing taper held by Barbara Schmit, Sally Emerich, Frank Amari, Father Gubbins and loseph Po- Prayerlully pacing the Way oi the Cross is a familiar Lenten devotion. tempa take part in the Enthronement ceremony in Freshmen Room 6. Sorrow intermingled with love evokes the mercy and kindness of the Good Shepherd in His quest for souls. Page 49 -- B1 ws ulllil l1f1111,1l1i4 II1 iwislvfl, lnllfifbtfl 111111 nvfl 1I'llf1 1111 111lvfn? w1e'111l1 ly l.1111 liu1t11f'fic:l1, li1y Cflcznzl 11111l Uv l.CTllICll'S lVlc'li11flm "Hr i11r"vi111l1ly 11r11l vc11'1l111c111sly Sllflil Oll kwy", 1'1y 1'l1c11isl01S Alsfxinzf Gfwlrlefs, Sllirly Krnll, Many Both livlvy, 011010 Flynn, P111 lllllllflfl, H1150 AIIII Ls'11111k, l111'q11Pli111'1 Wrzlwk, L11V1'-11,111rw Gill, lmwt D11 G1 1,ii 1, lr'1111 H1.1vy, NkII1L'Y Cf'1'111ffllf1, C11111lv Sf'l1w111cl, l11f'k Dr' l,.1 Font, leri Knnirv, V1111111i1 l?w'11r'l1Hk, Flllilfltl Fwllk- sik, 11111 llcwlw lJ111'117, Ol1j1-vi of Ilwir f1c'c'11S11114111 is l'l11Il 11111 l,11vc1111111, who 11c11l1 1yf11l 11 f'l111111l in "'l'11v1 Lllllrsl A1111-1l", 111 llw C'fl111:-11111-1s 111c1Y11'11111, Thv l,iql1f of the VVc1ld is lvcrn mncev 11131111 in the sy111l,1oliv liqlninq of the Clnistmsis Candle by Sludenl Council Presidonl Fmnic Amari. 'Tom Flynn, Rusmo Cnsini, Cmrble Piazza, Arlene Kflm und 1eproscv11l:11ivPs Ol the qrommmr school marched in solemn pro- cession to the stage hearing their Class tap' ers. S.. .lp-1 ' 5 I 5 1 3 F ,, ll- X .1-f ss' fflylg l ., WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS First surprised gazes, then broad arins liqht the faces of the first and second graders as they tear the aay wrap- pinqs from their Christmas presents with the assistance of the just-as-eaqer sen- iors, Two leather suitcases from Santa's bag are received happily by Monsignor Hayes as a token of the appreciation and admiration oi the students, Shyly smilina as she receives her present, Maraarita Lcpez listens to Santa's jolly :hat- ter, While Sally Ann Emerich stands by to help him distribute aifts to the rest of the tots. Page K ...2 ,Q 2 fi X1 . .: Li: A LB: if R., All work and no play set the rules for a group of enthusiastic campaigners. WHO ARE WE FCJR? Congratulations echo from Ted Kern, Carole Schwind, Sally Emerich, Dae McBride, Danny Brannigan, Bennett Al- miro, Ioyce Page and Father Regan to the new president, Frank Amari. "Don't be cruel," plead Carole Schwind and Danny Brannigan during one of the most hectic weeks of the school year, the some- times dreaded, but always loved election campaigns. Campaigners follow their chosen candidates, De Lourdes McBride and Ted Kern, as they parade around the square on election day. BW! Dreams are feathery fragments ot fan- tasy as pantomined by lulie Skvarenina in "The Flower Girl" dream sequence. CBe- lowl Stealing the show as they glide through the "Embassy Waltz," are Ramona Czech and loe Ramirez. Downcast Ramona Czech, the leading lady, sobs under the stern glance of toe Ramirez, the lead- ing man, while Connolly looks on disapprov- ingly. CBelowj The flower of chivalry buds forth at the "Spring Cotillion" in a scene from 'he musical production, staged and directed try Father Regan. 4 1 WE COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT Curtain calls bring Ramona Czech and her two gallant ad- mirers loe Ramirez and Mike Connolly to the center ot the stage, While the rest of the cast smile and applaud after the clos- ing performance. Because a variation of types displays a good story, PHOENIX Co-editors Elaine Felilrsik and Ioanne Lillig check the headline chart While preparing the dummy. Galley and Hound Doa supervise the yearbonlc editors, Mary Ann Wozniak and Shirley Krull as they mull through the tiles looking for inspiration from by-gone publications. WCRDS FEATHER THIS HERE'S PUBLISHING AT Honorable actors of the "rising sun" Give note that there's plenty of Worlc to be done. Yearbook patrons are their quest, For this they give their very best: QStandingD Shirley Krull, Bill Fuery, Elaine Feliksik, Walter Lechowicz, Vir- ginia Rendekp Qkneelingj Mary Ann Wozniak, Alexine Geddes, and Bar- bara Lavorata. NEST ITS BEST The PHOENIX Nest, tucked away in a corner on the third floor, is a journalists abode engulfing loving memories of heartaches and joys amidst the pungent odor of rubber cement. Assuming duties of junior journalists, we regarded the Nest as the prized possession of the senior staff. It was in this domain that our first publication of the PHOENIX was born. Here we learned from experience the problems of assigning stories, making dummies, copy reading, checking, proof-reading, pasting, cutting, and count- ing out headlines. During our senior year the Nest became our second home. In it we spent long hours before and after school on Sundays and holidays employed in the privilege of publishing the PHOENIX, the yearbook, and the PHOENIX ALUMNI. For two semesters now we have reigned in the Nest, gaining inspiration from our skunk mascot, Gal- ley, but time refuses to stand still and so we must pass on. Well we know that the spirit of our journalism office will be left behind to furnish future staffs with the fire from which the PHOENIX rises. Writing captions without any rest Report the news, write the story All this and more for the PHOENIX glory: Walter Lechowicz, Nadine Kwolik, Mary Beth Foley, and Bob Lambert. Those who, Measure the story, write the "head" Type the galley, and so to bed! Virginia Pedroza, Barbara Lavorata, Rose Ann Lemak, Bill Fuery and Margie Valenzuela. These brave souls pose in the Nest, Ramona Czech, lack De La Font and janet DeGrazia. A process in reverse! Usually on the other end of the picture, PHOENIX photo' graphers, Ray Cloud, Danny Brannigan, and Rasmo Casini inspect the abductor of school spirit and warmth. Page 55 Character, scholarship, leadership and service are the requirements for National Honor Society members: Bernadine Bozek, Patricia Conway, Susan Baran, Ieraldine Kunio, Sally Emerich, Constance Simioni, Ioanne Lilliq, Elaine Feliksik, Alexine Ged- des, Rose Ann Lemak, Carole Sch- wind, Ioyce Page, Marilyn Stolt- man, lane Bezak, Mary Ann Woz- niak, Mary Ann Szymczak, lulie Skvarenina, lames Hanrahan, Ras- mo Casini, Patricia Winqert, Con- stance Beutel, Ianet De Grazia, lean Wincheski, Rosemarie Severino, and Barbara Lavorata. CLUBS Voicing their praises to honor the Christ Child are Student Council members: Sally Ann Emerich, Arlene Kern, lay Emerich, Thomas Swezenski, Carole Piazza, lack Almiro, Robert McDermott, Daniel Bran- nigan, William Brannigan, Frank Amari, Raymond Cloud, Ioyce Page, Philip Roda. ers, Bennett Almiro, Patricia, Conway, Ioseph Ramirez, Barbara Lavorata, Carole Schwind, Thomas Flynn, Diane Hall, Rasmo Casini, loanne Lillig, DeLourdes McBride. The never-ending support of the senior cheerleaders, Sally Emerich, Barbara Lavorata, Rosemarie Severino, and Iosette Candella spurs the Pirates on to victory. "Come on Pirates, Le-e-et's go" cheer enthusiasts at pep rally before the first game of the season, F 2 Z SPCDRTS Page 58 swim As Mass and Holy Communion strengthen the soul and good books form a sound mind, so too, sports de- velop a strong, healthy body. Our Pirates have that physical agility which Christ displayed as He romped through the streets ot Ierusalem. Win or lose, they play as Christ did, for the love ot the game. Sportsmanship as Christ would have it, is what the Pirates strive to attain on the basketball court or in the pool. Though our athletic facilities be limited our prowess is unsurpassed, because Christ is our Coach. Page 59 BASKETBALL X a valuable two pointer. Small but mighty are the members of the Liahtweiqht Baskethall team: Clst rowj Nick Sabatino, Dick Donati, Sol Pariso, Bob Cald- erisi, Larry Derby, C2nd rowj Steve Greco, Sam Greco, Mike Cassetteri, Lou Secor, Mike Malchiodi, and Tom Grabowski. Resplendent in their new uniforms purchased from the I-Ieavies: ers, lay Font, Ed gan, Iim proceeds of the Fall Frolic are the Clst rowl Matt Lonqtin, Phil Roda' Emerichy C2nd TOWD lack De La Parsons, Sonny Durpetti, Bill Branni- Schultz. "Mr, Bounce", Phil Rodgers, easily out- iumps two A.G,O. goal tenders to pop in Page 60 Soaring over eaaer hands, Phil Rodgers at tempts to snag a loose hail during an on siauqht. W Eyes are taisea as a rebound skims the rim of the basket in the A.G.O, game. Nick Sa- hatino is poised to arab the hall, while Dick Donati charges forward to lend assistance. ..l11 Two points are chalked up by Iay Emerich Page 51 despite defensive tactics of the onnonents, ..-.Qi 4 "Taking five" from a l'1ard practice of sprinls arid dives are Ed Parsons, Iay Emerich, Bill Shafala, Dick Donati, Bob Tomaseiti, Lou Secor, Tony De Grazia, Bob Hernandez, and Matt Lonqtin. X n if meet. Siraininq and siruqaliriq splashing and raub bling, Bob Hernandez and Tony DeGraz1a fight neck to neck to ihe finish of a practi The shriek of the starting whistle will send Dick Donati, Bob Tomasetti, Bob Hernandez, and Tony DeGrazia knifing their way through the water. Going head over heels, Bill Shaiala executes a , perfect "jackknife" for his fellow team-mates Returning from a refreshing dip, Iim Schultz, Iim Honra- han, Ioe Ramirez and Matt Longtin "call it cr day." "Proper form is just as neces- sary as speed", explains Miss Virginia Trahey to onlookers Bill Shaiala, Dick Donati and the water bound Iay Emerich. Page 63 GYM Over and in flies the ball as freshmen anxiously await the descent of the elusive sphere during a pre-class basketball game. "Keep your eyes on the ball" advises Alice Pantaleo as Barbara Carr, Iosephine De Rosa, Ioan Tofari, and Marybeth Spatafore await their turns to shoot, Page 64 Sophomores ludy Kiolhassa and Carol Self lers demonstrate athletic abilities on the rings under the watchful eye of Miss Terry Kurtz, gym instructor. wg' " " 'mfr f SPECIAL PATRONS His Eminence, Samuel Cardinal Stritch, Archbishop of Chicago Rev. Emmett Regan Rev. Iames Murtaugh Rev William Goedert Rev William Gubbins Rev Rev Rev Iohn Banahan Robert Herne Iohn McNamara Mother Mary Consolatrice, B.V.M. Sister Mary Ramona, B.V.M. Sisters of Charity, B.V.M. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Ioseph F. Cussen Rt. Rev. Msgr. Ioseph Morrison Rt. Rev. Msgr. Wm. I. Rooney Rev Iohn Boyd Rev Iames D. Brett Rev Robert Clark Rev Leo Coggins Rev. Alfred Corbo Rev Rocco Faechini Rev. Richard I. Feller Rev. Ioseph Gilbert Rev Arthur Godin, S.S.S. Rev William Hogan Rev Kao Io-Shan Rev E. I. Liebrich Rev. Iohn McAvoy Rev Ioseph McDonnell Rev S. Rokicinski Rev. Anthony I. Vader Rev Vincent I.,Walsh, C.M. Aquila, Mrs. Ann Akers, Iudith Ann Al's Dairy Store Al 6- Dave's Sandwich Shop Alamo Food' Shop Alexian Brothers Hospital Almiro, Fiances Almiro, Iack Almquist, Mrs. Ann Almquist, Bert '57 Almquist, Bruce '52 Almquist, Lois '53 Amari, Frank '57 Anna Flower Shops Antich, Mr. Peter Anzalone, Mr. 6 Mrs. Samuel Balachia, Mr. G Mrs. S. Bardin, Mr. Gt Mrs. Ottavio Baran, Mr. :St Mrs. Edward Barnes, Margaret Bart's Superette Bassi, Mr. Victor Beck's Book Store Bellandi, Mr. 6 Mrs. V. Belluomini, Selvino Bernardini, Mr. G Mrs. P. Bertuccioli, Mr. 6 Mrs. Aldo Bertuccioli, Lea '56 Beuqnet, Mr. Gi Mrs. H. Biegaj, Mr. 6 Mrs. W. Biltmore Paint G Hardware Bozek, Richard '56 Brannigan, Mrs. Margaret Rt. Rev. Msqr. Patrick I. Hayes Burns Family Buttitta, Mr. 6 Mrs. Samuel Calderisi, Mrs. Beatrice Candella, Mrs. Anne Marie Candella, Constance Carr, Mr. 6 Mrs. Harold B. Cartin, Mr. 6. Mrs. Iohn Cartin, Patricia and Ianice '57 Casacchia, Mrs. A. Castiglia, Steve E. Chan, Russell Chicago Coin Meter Co., Inc. Comella, Mr. 6 Mrs. C. Connolly, Mr. 6' Mrs. Iohn Connolly, Mr. 5- Mrs. M. Connolly, Mrs. P. Courtesy Food Mart, Inc. Cozzo, Iames Cunningham, Thomas Curly's Hall Czech, Mr, 5. Mrs. Alex Czech, Ramona '57 Damen 6. Superior Service Station Delaney's Pharmacy Delaquila, Mr. 6- Mrs. Rocco Del Dotto, Mr. G Mrs. DeMichael, Margaret and Carmela Democratic Organization, 32nd Ward DePaul Settlement Derby, Mr. 61 Mrs. Iames Derby, Patrick '54 Deruisa, Mrs. Vivian De Voe, Frank Di Brito, Mrs. Christina Diliberto, Mr. 6 Mrs. Angelo Di Venere, Mr. G Mrs. Ios. Donahue, Iudy '57 Donati, Patricia Dudas, Mr. G Mrs. Louis Duffy, Ioseph P., Sr. Dunne, George W. Eveready Metal Finishers Falco, Mr. 5 Mrs. Frank Feliksik, Mr. 6. Mrs. W. Fertack, Ed Feulner, Mr. E. I. Flores, Manuel Fonda, Rosa Frank's Market Franzen, H. I. Freshmen Room 8 Fuss Tap Garcia, Mrs. Frances Gaughan, Mr. 6 Mrs. Iohn 6 Family Geddes, Verner L. Gilhooly, Mr. G Mrs. Raymond Gnatek, Mr. 6 Mrs. Iohn Gorge, Josephine Gorman, David B. Gorny, Rose Grand Insurance Agency Grilli, Torello Hammerschmidt, Io-Ann '56 Page 65 Handschiegel, Mr. G Mrs. A. Hilty, Constance P. Howell, O. C. Hyman, Maureen Imperial Hardware Co. , Iedlink, Mr. :Sf Mrs. William Iones, Mrs. Agnes Iunior Room 2 Iunior Room 3 Kaczmarski, Mr. ci Mrs. S. Kapper's Shoe Store Kelly, Marie Kern, Mr. 6. Mrs. Ted Knitter, Vincent Kohler's Pharmacy Kosowski, Andrew I. Kral, Mr. 6- Mrs. Frank A. Kral, Gina Kritikson, Iohn H. - "Food-O-Rama" Kuhle, Mrs. Otto Kulas, Anton Kunio, Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Kuszynski, Mr. 6. Mrs. Edward Kwolik, Mr. G Mrs. Vtfalter Lambert, Antoinette Lambert, Robert '57 La Palio, Mrs. Philip Larkin, Mr. Fay Lauber, Clover D. Lavorata, Barbara '57 Lavorata Cleaners Lechowicz, Mr. G Mrs. Walter Lemak, Iohn Lewakowski, Norbert '57 Ley, Burt Lillig, Ioanne '57 Lillig, Mr. G Mrs. Mathias Little Eddie's Inn Lopez, Mr. Iesse Lorenz, Robert '57 Luczak, Mr. 6 Mrs. Adam Lupo, Sam Lynch, Iames P. Mackin, Lill Majka, F. L., Realty Co. Malec Funeral Parlors Mares, Mr. G Mrs. George F. Mazza Bros. Meat Market Mazzarella, Mary Ann '56 McCann, Peter I., G Family McGrath, Mrs. Catherine McLennon, Iack Michalik, Mr. A. Midwest District Council-Fur 6. Leather Union Midwest Store Molidor Chevrolet Sales Morris B. Sachs Inc. Near North Guild Nugent, Richard O'Cal1aghan, Mr. G Mrs. Iohn Osrrowski, Mr. :S Mrs. R. Our Lady of the Angels Convent Our Lady Help of Christians Page, Mr. :S Mrs. D. Pancyrz, Mr. :S Mrs. Stanley Pariso, Mrs. Madge Parr, Phil, Midwest Regional Director, Fur G Leather Union Paterek, Ann Petrone, Patrick P. Plichta, Mr. G Mrs. Charles C. Pociask, Anton A., Funeral Horne Polacci, Mrs. Ann Presentation Church Radoha, Iohn Radoha, Mr. 6 Mrs. Martin Radoha, Shirley '57 Rago Brothers Red Pagoda Chop Suey Rendek, Mr. G Mrs. Iohn Rentas, Diane '56 Resurrection School, Sisters of Rush Industries Inc. Ruzzier, Iohn Sack, Mrs. Frances Salad, Mr. Tom Sbalchiero, Mrs. Helen Abell, Mrs: R. Active Motor Service Agerenza, Mary Anne '53 Aguayo, Iuan Ahamnos, George Al's Red Hots Amarillo, Marie '55 Ambassador Book Shop Anderson, Mr. G Mrs. Roy Angelo, Mr. 6- Mrs. Phillip Anktoni, E. L. A :Sr I Hardware The AGP Store Astrella, Mr. 6. Mrs. William Avant, Mr. Arthur Azara, Mary Babula, Mr. -5- Mrs. Bruno Babula, Mr. Ed Balachia, Mary '57 Barbar, Mrs. Irma Barr, Ray R. Bart, Mr. 6. Mrs., Edmund I. Bart, Ilomae '54 Bartello, Mr. G Mrs. Mario Baumgartner, Mr. G Mrs. Iohn Bennett, Mr. G Mrs. DuLany Bernatski, Marion Bernatski, Robert Beutel, Connie Beutel, Mrs. Mary Bezak, Mr. 5. Mrs. I. Biegaj, M1. :S Mrs. B. Biegai, Wally Ir. Bielat's 5c to 31.00 Store Blake, LaVerne Blake, Marion Bledsoe, Mr. Harold Boblewski, Mrs. Mary Bollie, Mr. 6: Mrs. C. Bolling, Mr. Henry Bolling, Iohn Boulevard Cleaners Bowman, E. A. Bowman, Ioseph E. Boyle, Mr. 6. Mrs. Patrick Bozek, Mr. G Mrs. A. 61 Family Bracy, Mrs. Hannah Brandenburg, Richard '56 Bremer, Iohn H., Ir. Brown, Earl Brumtield, McKinley Bruno, Linda Sue School Schmit, Mr. 6. Mrs. Iohn W. Secor, Lewis '58 Sedalek, Mary 61 Theresa Sentelik, Mr. 61 Mrs. I. Sermonte, Mr. 5. Mrs. O. Shaban, 'William Shatala, Margaret Simioni, Attilio Skvarenina Family Small Auto Service Smart Set Beauty Salon Smilor, Walter Solomon's Drugs lnc. Sophomore Room 7 Sophomore Room 9 Sportsman's Lounge Standard Photo Supply Co. Stouifers Restaurant St. Boniface School Gertrude's Teen-Age Club Mercy St. St. Vincent's Convent, Sisters St. Vincent's Parish Priests Szymczak, Mr. 6. Mrs. Ioseph of Charity Texas Tamale Shop Thompson, Patricia Thompson, Mr. G Mrs. Ray Tomasetti, Mr. and Mrs. Iohn I. REGULAR PATRONS Brzank Brzank Brzank Brzank, Butirro i 1 Mr. G Mrs. E. Mr. 6. Mrs. F., Sr. Mr. 6- Mrs. F., Ir. Mr. G Mrs. I. Mr. 5: Mrs. M. Caravette, Mr. 6. Mrs. P. Carranza, Crispin T. Carter's Restaurant Casaletto, Nancy '57 Casaletto, Mrs. Ioseph Casey, Barbara Casey, Maureen and Ellen Rask '55 Casini, Ada DaPrato Chan, Mr. 6: Mrs. Benny Charlie's Laundry Chase Confectionery Choy, Mrs. Helen Childers, Mr. :Sr Mrs. Roy Chmiel G Chmiel, Doctors Chromoptics by Iay Reed Cinderella Fashions Cius, Stanley Clark, Raymond Coconato, Michael Coconato, Otto Coleman, Ioan L. Colletti, Mr. G Mrs. I. Colletti, Virginia '57 Coniglio, Mr. :Sf Mrs. L. Conroy, Iohn Conti, Carl Conway, Mr. :St Mrs. I. H. Conway, Sara Sf Kathleen '56 Cornelia Curtain 6- Dry Cleaners Cotseres, Mr. 5. Mrs. Harry Cotseres, Mary Kay 6. Bonnie Cottrell, Mrs. Emilia Crespo, Mr. Nicholas Crosoli, Mrs. Iohn Curriere, Mr. G Mrs. Peter Curtin, Ed Czerwinski's Hall Davis, Mr. Albert DeCori Family Delaware Drug Co. Delgado, Marvin A. Delgarian Amusement Co. DeMar's Restaurant DeNotto, Sarah Page 66 Deruisa, Lorraine '56 Devoy, Mrs. Frank Dietz, Mr. 61 Mrs. Robert Tongson, Tony Tonkovic, Martin Van De North, Mr. G Mrs. H. A. Vanity Beauty Salon V. I. P.'s CSocial Clubj Virginia's Tap Vitello, Marian '57 Viverito, Mr. 5. Mrs. O, Waclawski, Mr. LS Mrs. E. Walsh, Catherine Walsh, Karin Wedge, Mr. Edward Wedge, Mrs. Luella Weron, Lillian Willard, Frank Williams, Mr. 6- Mrs. H. Wincheski, Mr. G Mrs. C. Winqert, Mr. :S Mrs. Arthur Wolak, Walter Wozniak, Mary Ann '57 Wucki, Mrs. Roger Zahora, Mr. G Mrs. Chas. Zei, Edwin Zulaski, Dolores '57 Zurawski, Mr. 6. Mrs. Iohn G Family Diganci, Mrs. G. Dini Family Dini, Linda Dini, William Dominelli, Mr. 6. Mrs. Victor Dominican Sisters, St. Philip Benizi Duray, Anne '56 Dworak, Mr. 6, Mrs. W, F. Edwards, Tom A. 61 Co. Emerichf Mr. :St Mrs. Hugo Erie Foods Evans, Adla Falb, Mr. 51 Mrs. Kurt Fantell, Mr. 6- Mrs. Lawrence Feliksik, Elaine '57 Felty, Frances Felty, Ioy Fischer, Mr. 6. Mrs. E. Fisher, George Fitzgerald, Florence Flaherty, Mr. 6: Mrs. Patrick Flynli Ann Flynn, Martin P. Flores, Anastacio Foley, Alice '55 Fo1eY, Ioan Foley, Mr. 6 Mrs. H. R. Food Frank's Barber Shop Frank and Tony's Barber Shop Frediani, Andrew Friends Fuery Family Galella, Anthony Gazda, Mr. :St Mrs. E. Geddes, Mrs. Marguerite George, Mr. 6- Mrs. Iack Gervasi's Fuel Oil Gilman Builders Giomi Family Giuffre, Vincent Giuliano, Iames Glab, Frank Glanz, Dorothy '55 Gomez, Mr. Emilio Gora. Iim Gorski, Gene '55 Gorski, Mr. 6- Mrs. Roman Grabowski, Mr. 6- Mrs. S. G Family Grand Finance Corporation Grand West Auto Parts Co, Grundvwoslorn Currency Exchange Fair .mln Inc Greco, Steve '58 Grelewicz, Ray Grice, Ieanette Grimm, Mr. G Mrs. H. W. Grimaldi, Nick F. Gritis, Stanley Grossman, Mr. 6. Mrs. Grundhoefer, Carol '56 Guirdarelli Nut Co. Hach, George Ir. Hach, Mr. 6. Mrs. George Hain, Mrs. G. Halka, Mr. 6. Mrs. Ioseph Hall, Mr. 6. Mrs. Fred Hamlin Cleaners Hansen, D. B., G Sons Harriet's Bake Shop Hdrrity, Daniel Harrity, Mrs. Mary Harvey's Super Mart Healy, Iohn Helen's Variety Store Hidaka, Shiz K Hill, Mrs. G. P. Hoellen, Mr. 6- Mrs. M. Hodum, Mr. G Mrs. G. Hoffman, Mr. 6- Mrs. George Hoffman, Mr. 61 Mrs. Iames Hoffman, Robert A. Holy Cross Rectory Holy Cross School Holy Name Cathedral Grammar Grades l-Z . Holy Name Cathedral Grammar Grades 3-4 Holy Name Cathedral Grammar Grades 5-6 Holy, Name Cathedral Grammar Grades 7-8 Home Iuice Company The Honor Society Hughes, Mr. 6. Mrs. Felan Husak, Mr. G Mrs. M. Infante, Mr. 6. Mrs. Al Infante, Charlotte '55 Ivan, Helen M. Iamrozek, Ken Iankowski, Mr. :S Mrs. C. F. 1,1-im., Iimmie Fulton's Liquors Iohnson, Mrs, Ben Iohnston, Mrs. Frances Iohnston, Mr. Iohn R. Iohnny's TV Joyce, Iohn I. Iuarez, Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Luz Kahn, Melvin A. Kappas, Mr. Karabin, Steve '54 Karas, Mr. 6. Mrs. Harold Kaski, Mr. Theodore Kay, Mrs. C. Kay's Food Shop Kern, Arlene Kiolbassa, Mr. 51 Mrs. S. Kosidlo, Mr. 6. Mrs. Bernard Kozie, Dr. 6: Mrs. D. P. Krasovskis, Mr. :S Mrs. O. Kroll, Mrs. Mayme Krull, Shirley Ann '57 Krull, Mr. 61 Mrs. Stanley Kurek, Mr. 61 Mrs. Adam Kusse, Mr. Henry, Ir. Kwolik, Nadine '57 Lady of Lourdes School LaPelusa, and Mother Bruno Lee, Mr. 6- Mrs. Iock Lee, Marilyn '56 Lee, Mr. Kay T. Lemak, Rose Ann '57 Lewis, Mrs Rosie Lite-House Grill Logan, Lorraine Logan, Mr. 6 Mrs. Patrick School, School, School, School, Page 67 Lopez, Frank, Ir. Lotoszynski, Mr, :St Mrs. E. Lucky Coffee Shop Lukasik, Kenneth Mahon, Mr. 5. Mrs. R. Mahoney, Mr. 6. Mrs. E. Malchiodi, Mr. 6. Mrs. D. Malchiodi, Mickey 6 Torn Marabotti, A. Marsolais, Mrs. Leah Martino, Mrs. Mary Mathis, Donna M. Mattila, Mrs. Ruth H. Maturi, Mrs. Af Mazzuca Food Mart Mee Family Meehan, Mr. Thomas Melera, Mr. G Mrs. C. Mendozen, Frank Menotti Plumbing 6. Heating Meyers, Iune '56 Mikol, Roy Mikulec, Mrs. Stanley Milford, Mr, G Mrs. Frank Miller, Loretta '58 Mocarski Family Moe G Marty, Polk Bros. Monaco Alamo Pharmacy Monaghan, Mr. Iames Monaghan, Iim Moore, Pvt. William A. Moreno, Mr. 61 Mrs. Anthony Morris, Mr. Ioseph Motch, Ioe Moy, Iohnny Murphy, Mrs. I. Murray, Officer Thomas Musial Family Musial, Ron McBride, La Velle '53 McBride, Mr. G Mrs. Robert, Ir. McColgin, Frank McCoy, Diane '57 McDermott, Mrs. E. McDermott, Robert McGovern, Mr. :S Mrs. Arthur McHugh, Anne McHugh, Thomas A. McLennan. Thomas '55 McSween, Steve New Sedgwick Market Normandy House Restaurant Ogorek, Mr. 6 Mrs. Iohn Olson 6. Bro., E. H. Olympia Cleaners Our Lady of Lourdes School Orsucci, Mr. S Mrs. Rudolph Pacione, Michaelene '56 Pacione, Pat Page, Theresa Palmissano, Theresa '56 Pang, Mr. Harry Pantaleo, Mrs. S. Panzarella, Michael Parrish, Robert C. Parsons, Mrs. Mary Pat's Lounge Paterek Funeral Home Paul's Food Shop' Pawlicki, Mr. S. I. Pawlicki, Rose Marie Pedroza, Iesse T. Pennella, Rocco -Pesaresi, Gus Pete G He1en's Lunch Piazza, Carole Piazza, Mr. G Mrs. Charles Phil's Food Shop Phil's Lounge Phillips, Champ Pluta, Anna Polishak, Mr. 6. Mrs. Thomas Potempa, Iean Poyraznik, Mr. :S Mrs. I., G Son G daughter . .V ..-19- .E -,,,.,,, .www-. Powell, Mr. 6 Mrs. Pyra, Patrick, F. R. M. Pharmacy Ra-Mil Tavern Raffle, Mr. G Mrs. Robert Ray's Food Shop Rentas, Iimmy Ricci 6. Company Rickie's Pizzeria Rizzo, Mr. G Mrs. Nick Rodriguez, Mr. QS Mrs. Thomas Romito's Sweet Shop Ross, Frank K. Ruch, Mr. G Mrs. George Sabatino, Mike Sak, Mr. 6 Mrs. Stanley Salad, Tom Sally Food Shop Salvestrini, Charles T. Sandstrom, Mr. :S Mrs. V. E. Savage, E. I. E' ,Ll Schabes Schafer, Scheuer, Scheuer, Schlage, Schmidt, Schofield, Schwartz, Mr. G Mrs. Family Mr. 6- Mrs. Ioseph Katharina Markus Mr. G Mrs. E. Marie C. Wm. F., :S Sons Schwind, Betty '53 :S Nancy Schwind, Carole '57 Schwind, Mr. :S Mrs. H. A. Scott, Mrs. Anna Security Hardware Selsky, Mr. 6 Mrs. Iohn, Sr. Selsky, Mr. 6: Mrs. Iohn, Ir. Senk, Mr. 61 Mrs. Stanley Shew, Mr. 5. Mrs. Ioe Lee Shotwell's Athletic Club Shreed, Sanford Shulak, Mrs. Bernice Silva, Anastacio Simioni, Agnes Sisters ot Mercy, St. Lucy's Sladek, Mr. 6. Mrs. George Sladek, George 51 Daniel Slay, William Smietana's Food Shop Sokalski, Mr. G Mrs. Walter Solik, Mary 6: Ioe Spatafore, Mr. 6. Mrs. Ioseph Spino's Restaurant Spisak, Mr. 6- Mrs. I. Stadium Oil Stamatoff, Peter Staritz, Walter '55 A. Szczech, Gerry '56 State-Chestnut Centrella Staup, Audie Stockler, Bruce I. Stoltman, Andrew R. Straube, Mr. G Mrs. Chester Sung, Mr. Sze Lee Surby, Mr. :S Mrs. Michael Surby, Rita '56 Surby, Sandra Surby, Mr. G Mrs. William Swanson, G. M. Swardstad, Mrs. Marianne Swidnor Laundromat Tabarracci, Leonard Teasdale, Mr. G Mrs. Richard Terdina, Mr. 6. Mrs. Iohn Termine, Mike Theobald, Mr. G Mrs. Raymond I. Theobald, Robert I. ' Thomas, Celine Tierney, Margaret Tofari, Mrs. Mary Toles, Rosie L. Toles, Mrs. Rosie Tomnitz, Ioanne 6. Iimmy Tonis Beauty Shop Totcni and Sons Trucking Co. U1 U7 .i,...3441. sri: 1.15 .iff-I -. It 1 ,L -... M5792 W M' my Q WW! 5?W9j5CnvffZV A M X Skiig MYflWX NSE wfdjfywgjg is QQ? wwY,!i?"fHXiy ESQQJJQ QJQJ V! X' V , . R1 V -1- EsQtC4gf55-? X fm Q72 ,gef-l, ! . f. E gx g yyjjlff pa i L k 9 , -

Suggestions in the Mundelein Cathedral High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

Mundelein Cathedral High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Mundelein Cathedral High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mundelein Cathedral High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Mundelein Cathedral High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 59

1957, pg 59

Mundelein Cathedral High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 52

1957, pg 52

Mundelein Cathedral High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 11

1957, pg 11

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