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 - Class of 1949

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. .' x , 3 .- EJ .I hvajfi :fr- I A-ini . .x A - tl " A r x ff' wwf is 5 a U Q Y - Qin ML yt , , 1 , .iw r 'aa X an 1: 0 Gvmmis 'UP-SA' DAISY'... SV? -,i 5 CII. ,lui a x V Wk! b Af, :WN ' .4 5 . . ' QQPEYQ ' A ' f A -sri '4 , " ., ' 'T -X - r .. -. W J., Q.. FOUR WOMEN WHOM WE RPPRECIATE... 21 51 4 using BU K Ngw- T SOME DECORATION! 1! fa- Q K, "?"r:yff if 'x THA T INDUS SMILE. BETTYE4 . . rf " ,, fL .4-W" , V .,,,.,. J X174 I E55 411' f 'I 4 is 5 . L, gf 5 S jillff, X 3 Q xifm J' Q53 X ,, I, X W T TAPP CORONATION OF THE HALLOWE'EN QUEEN I DoN'T, Lou... 'Bo O .EEEAE 1 Kwon . . E .I J K Ghz ?' 49 K , PUBLISHE mf emu aj Wim ag 79024 Qian! Editor-in-Chief... .o.. GWYNA LEE SMITH Assistant Editor... ...MARGIE LOU CAMPSEY Business Managers . . . ....... DURWOOD SCOTT IESSIE SMITH Sponsors... ... .. .... D. F. SWINDALL IAS. H. BARDWELL V wf"vnll!w""-W--ff - I 2. UIQ O'Z50LTO'Z THROUGH THE PAGES OF THIS 1949 MOGUL. THE STAFF HAS TRIED TO ASSEMBLE EXAMPLES OF FACULTY AND STUDENT LIFE ON THE CAMPUS. IT IS OUR HOPE IN COMPILING THIS VOLUME OF THE MOGUL THAT IT WILL SERVE AS A STOREHOUSE FOR YOUR MEMORIES OF THE MANY ACTIVITIES WE HAVE ENJOYED AND THE MANY FRIENDS WE HAVE MADE WHILE ATTENDING HIGH SCHOOL FOR THE 1948- 1949 SESSION, THE STAFF GWYNA LEE SMITH EDITOR E i,., , W T I r ,4 W '33, Escficafion TO DR. R. L. NEWSOM FOR HIS INTEREST IN OUR SCHOOL. FOR HIS ENCOURAGEMENT, AND FOR HIS PROFESSIONAL SERVICE RENDERED THROUGH THE SPIRIT OF SRIENDSHIP TO THE ATHLETIC DE- PARTMENT, WE. THE SENIORS. GRATEFULLY DEDI- CATE THIS MOGUL OF 1949. ,Qi Q Q I5 'if ' A 4 ufzs 'zilzfslzcfslzf A school annual is far more than just an ordinary book with an accumulation of pictures. events. and records. It is the recordings of memories and senti- ments that grow richer through the years. It is the work of hands that labored industriously, will- ingly, and nobly because the contents lived in the hearts of the workers. Therefore. in the tomorrows when this book is opened and through the power of recall these memories live again, a path will be made brighter. a load will be made lighter, and a smile will be made just a little sunnier because this volume was brought into existence. Best wishes to the Staff, to the Faculty. and to the entire Student-Body, and congratulations to the fine corps of workers that made this Annual possible. Sincerely yours. . Z ,f fzincifzaf To prepare for a definite attack on the problems of every day living should be the particular aim of high school education. May each student acquire this knowledge and inspiration that will enable him to help make his community a good place in which to live. I wish to congratulate each one responsible for making this annual possible. The pages within will be cherished by many for years to come. Qi oa 'ad of flcfucczfiolz BOARD OF TRUSTEES First Row: RAY HALCOMB I. C. ELLIOTT. vice-president JIM HEEVES. president Back Row: LELAND HANNAH. secretary J. B. SCOTT GENE HABRELL RAYMOND BATLIFF Knot shown! czcuffy C0129 H1980 E C . Ae 6 . L Q A 69 SQ .- .QY be C0 99. eix OJ D OLS 599 1-in of DQ! nffzfa T Fl MR. IAS. H. BARDWELL MRS. R. B. BOWDEN Science Mathematics 90 Co .9 vo '4 9. Bxoi 86 YV Q 9-6,5 bd dfeo 9' oo CQS xl- xx .6006 Qoqigfl' Q' H ,nw 61656 fl-on L czcuffy 9 fs Ofnsxx C' be G M '. M we we 0810 QQ MR. E. Fl. PONDER MISS EUGENIA ROBERTSON Agriculture Home Economics 5' ggofa . .8 P S - ' oo ai fb 'fb X18 SCX, afrqebs 09' - Qqxe Mb J' fa ff. 9 , , 'B Q B4 5' 0 Qxxg Qtio GDP M ff' G QL MR. C. E0 FOX MHS. WINSTON BLACKLOCK Social Science Reading and Spelling X 9 A Kw, Gi 5 9 5 . www fb C34 SA, 'de I L 5 Y xpC S 501' e T5 .6- 6 1 L QQ'O16 rd . VV' XX Cr COO - ix od LSR 99 Q00 G MRS. C. C. BROWN MRS. REX HOWELL MRS. B, B. CLOUD Third Grade Second Grade Second Grade Qkrs . 9 C 9S5Q35 rodeo M. ff fffibbgw WNWVQW Kiwi? ,7f'7f7X C Y QEQBQE' ON W 'W Q Mf 1 f .2 ff M Zfifaqzr' W??ZZ?E Q Q W A Wlyiivffwy 9 fy! gg t 4,f 1 . if I V N if K -' J --fp .. H k , X , J W!! K X N 1 A! -4 '. 21"'1 -I 1 41' Y Z f-'! '!"31 , Ml! n. ff f !QM!l7 x, I 4 Zlwuyu f f ' lflllzigg g l f . mug' If llllian L X ' IHEWQQQQ 5 2' U K 1 li M E X A 5125021 Left to Right: TOMMY SHAW--Vice-President igp3Q5F IAS. H. BARDWELL HATTIE PHILLIPSQ-Reporter GWYNA LEE SMITH--Secretary-Treasurer DURWOOD SCOTT--President Avx Sponsors: 5'QQ ir D. F. SWINDALL sf JIMMY BOYLES MARTHA BULLINGTON Football 2 yrs. Basket- Volleyball, Pep Squad ball 2 yrs. Track 2 yrs. Chorus. Spanish Club Spanish Club 2 yrs. Jr. Tom-Tom Staff, F.H A Play, Mogul Staff. King Ir. Play. of M.H.S. .4-""N PEGGY CLOUGH Drum Major l yr, Vice- president of F.H.A. l yr, Jr. Play, Class re- porter l yr. Tom-Tom G Mogul staff. Class prin cess l yr. Band. volley ball. Spanish Club Sec. l yr. Qflln AVN ELVIS DAVIS Basketball, Soccer Baseball, F.F.A. if TWI If '- gs. .iw cw WYNELLE FITZGERALD BETTYE HENDRIX Volleyball, F.H.A.. Chorus, Band. Spanish Chorus. Duchess of Club. Library Club. Senior class. F.H.A. Sec. 2 yrs.. Princess l yr.. Queen of M.H.S.. Who's Who yrs., Tom-Tom 6 Mogul Staff. JOE MAC HILL JOHN H. MCCLARAN Prince of Junior class. Vice-pres. 1 yr.. Band Duke of Senior class, Library Club, Who's Band. F.F.A. Who 2 yrs. . a 1 L. f. s ' K " in ' VK. 5 eff R - . x 5 fi..EH:"f.if, S YVONNE MORRIS Pep squad. Pep leader Chorus, Library Club F.F.A. GLENN MORROW Jr. football coach, Football mgrq. Basket ball, Spanish Club, F.F.A. Sec. BILLY JAKE MYERS Basketball. Baseball President of Class FRANCES NANCE Majorette 2 yrs. Band Spanish Club. Library F F A Club. Jr. Play, Tom- 3 yrs. . . . Tom Staff HATTIE PHILLIPS Duchess 46, Princess 47 Class reporter 2 yrs. Spanish Club Sec. Lib- rary Club--Chief lib- rarian, F.H.A. Reporter Who's Who 2 yrs. Volley ball. Band. Orchestra. Junior Play. DON REYNOLDS F.F.A., Football, Jr. Play. Sr. Play. Mogul Staff. DURWOOD SCOTT Vice Pres. 46. Pres. 47 and 48. Class Duke 2 yrs Most Popular boy 48 Who's Who 3 yrs. Foot- ball-Captain 48. Basket- ball, Track. Baseball. F.F.A.. Junior Play. Annual Staff 48. Pres Soph ball club 6 Ir clas Vice TOMMY SHAW . of class Fresh. G . yr., B team basket Fresh 6 Soph.. 4-H Pres.. Fresh.. Soph. . plays. Sec. of Jr. s. A team basketball, Pres. of Sr. class. 'I Cs' GWYNA LEE SMITH Freshman and Jr. Duch- ess. class sec. 4 yrs. Band 4 yrs., Pres. of Home Ec. Club 3 yrs., Pres. of Spanish Club. 47. Editor Tom-Tom and Mogul, All Around Girl. Whols Who 2 yrs., Jr. Play. Most Popular Girl JESSE SMITH Football. Bond. F.F A Junior play in 1948 Mogul Stuff l il X f I ,vt WILMA TUGGI-E JOYCE: YARBROUGH PGP Squad and Chorus Pep Squad 3 yrs.. Chorus F.H.A.,Vo11eyball, Jr Play. Tom-Tom Staff. 1 cuziou , om left to right: GARON TIDWELL-:President TROY LOWRANCEB-Vice-President COLLEEN IAMISON--Treasurer Sponsors ALFRED GUINN--Reporter JOE STEVENS--Secretary gun ' fvf MISS EUGENIA ROBERTSON MRD E0 L. GOOLSBY A O4 RJ2gwQQ 33QgmM33mW:svw BOYD BAKER JOAN BURGESS jk r Dsnwoon CADE if f"' pilf X 1 MARGIE CAMPSEY JESSE FORD NEWANA GOOLSBY , if 4-A Ali ALFRED GUINN MAHGUEH ITE HAMMEN'I3i' MAx1Nr: Hanson COLLEEN JAMISON WANNA JOHNSON DARLEE JOHNSTON ROBBIE JOHNSTON TROY LOWRANCE ILENE McCLARAb 5 'A . ' SAHAH REED ix Jos s'rEvf:Ns Z B CAROLYN STONE Knot Shown V, BURNA SUGGS DICK SWOPE K f 'I 'S 1 o 1 4 .fi . 1 W GABON TIDWELL BOBBY WINCHESTER BETTY YOST , .. , , , .X .,,, . N..M. E,,.4vwm,wwWWn Vs 9211 7 V ' . Q, f L! f 1 -?-Y M P AQ. X A .v. 44 , . K ."'Q .ww SEB? Q , vm N J f'i ESCS7 N we 1. Guess who? 2. F.H.A. Sweethearts. 3. No harm in trying. 4. Cousins. 5. Do anything for a ride. S. Superman. 7. Can't tear her away. 8. Back interest. 9. One down--three to go. 10. One alone. 11. The mob. 12. It speaks itself. 13. And with a slight alteration. 14. Shirley. 15. Does it for tickle, Wanna? 16. Looking down. 17. You guessed it. 18. Which is which? 19. Where have I seen that before? 20. Pretty tie. 21. Good luck boys 22. That isn't nice. cgobgomozai From left to right Sponsors i VIRGINIA THORN- -Reporter SHIRLEY YOST--Vice-President PATSY MORHOW--Secretary SCOTTY PONDER--President Wi I A- ' II- . , I H fIIIr S ' I WrM,g1q 3 ,4wfww5,g I r A ., I VL,ff i ' I S, ,, 0 Q, QW? 'fm S' ' x N fa, rr., . , A . ,--- nf -Q ,k'A -- MISS LEONA HAVHON MH. B. BD CL OUD GEORGE BATY Knot shown? EDITH BAYS OLGA BINGHAM THELMA BOOE BILLY JOE BROWN DONNIE COODY EARLENE CRUMPTON LURLENE CRUMPTON MARILYN DAVIS M. J. FIELDS . Knot shown? J. L. Foam HAROLD Fox --as "Z-0 Q 2103 K7 '19 -......-9p'N' ,X xx ,Q , Q65 ,.. 4 X6 N -..... .. - ,. sv .--.-...-.-w- ,4v-Lf s.-. new-g..f"" , x ---l -o-,,.4-- ,.-.- iv- W I 4 -as., ',,..-...- vunshv ' -...,.., ,JWTKM WU in ck DON HAYNIE PEGGY HARRISON JUNIOR HOWETH INA MAE JONES BOBBY LAWRENCE LYNN LEMLEY HOMER LOWRANCE BILLY MAYBERRY ROYCE MCGRAW JOYCE MELTON BETTY MORROW CHARLES MORROW A may fjzmimw From left to right: GLEN HENSON--President HERBERT FORD--Vice-President Sponsors Q ooo R IFVVEE BIII 2 Li M 'i ' F 1 , . a wo? w 735119 .M MRS. R. B. BOWDEN MRS. PAUL FERGUSON JOYCE BREWSTER--Secretary JODIE WESTMORELAND--Reporter JAMES SIMPSON--Treasurer JAMES AMERSON Qnot shown! HELEN ARMSTRONG BETTY BLACKLOCK JO ANN BRYAN JOYCE BREWSTER JIM BOB CADE LEE ARNOLD CADDELL NANCY DeBUSK PAUL DeBUSK EVELYN FORD HERBERT FORD BOBBY JOE FOREMAN THOMAS FRANKLIN MELVIN GRAY GLEN DEE HENSON KENNETH HENDRIX JOHNNIE INMAN MELBURN JOHNSTON VERNA KINNIBROUGH NORMAN MOORE GERALD MORROW JERRY DAN MORROW JOHN ODELL IIMMIE PROFFITT LYNN REYNOLDS JERRY ROBERTS JOE ROBERTS SHIRLEY ROBERTS JAMES SIMPSON GEORGE SPANN NORMA SMITH KENNETH STUBBLEFIELD CLETA TRAMMEL PATSY WALLACE GLENN WEAVER JODIE WESTMORELAND OMER YARBROUGH ' ASQENE -if EEi:?ggSf?if5? 'Qll ink-,Q,Qgg Q wmfx Li,,A TQ 1 xi . ff,-f . f' in . f 1 wi UH- .,i5 ,:Z V v . A 1.73. iHg?EhQi3gQu+. 5. is if I 1. Going someplace? 2. 'The Big Sleetn. 3. 'The winner.' 4. He man. S. It shou1dn't happen to a dog. B. Glamour boy. 7. The other half. 8. The perfect copy for today. 9. N.C. Cnc commentl. 10. Camera crazy. 11. Drive slowly, nuts at work. 12. Look out boys. 13. Roll out the barrel 14. 'Nuff' said. 15. 'Roll 'em boys'. 16. Down on your knees. 17. Hang on Sis. 18. The bigger half. lv 9. hz. 1 fwmdxfiwn K P 09 xg 466443 ll Y?-9 U" Avi NEBZHZVIRIH LM X v-.fs 'W M 75-v A ff K ,vim mihx 3 if"""' 4 MR N7 gm I 4 'x xf 0 4, Q I 1 al' f 'V JOE BAILEY ROBERTS JIM BOB CADE Freshmen Candidates 9 .... y A .Sn Ngggx . -I NEIL BROWN, SANDRA STUBBLEFIELD, JUDY GREEN ' Wa 12 ,iw Q , 4 Y "ff Ji: . A if 5' A9 1 3 If-r , 4 Q 'IS x I A A Seniors Il1I1i0rS JOE MAC HILL BOBBY LAWERENCE WYNELL FITZGERALD MARGIE LOU CAMPSEY My I , ,xy .. g 6 3 I t Y-fm' ' TY' Qbvf Sophomores Freshmen DONNIE COODY JAMES SIMPSON VIRGINIA THOHN PATSY WALLACE fiZf73f'?'V 'Af , ' 1 kigik xi, E 'F '55 W i Y I Ii M A it ,,:V ' ' I ' ' 5353 if V, If , fax . ir Y cgcfloof ?aUozif55 ijziafzdfsaf gfudslzf Jimmy Boyles Scgoof ?aUo'zif51 ozf gDof2ufa'z gizf Gwyna Lee Smith --rf' .wngvvwwg , . I, , -W v, , , V I W M 1 K A Scgoof Iqauozifaa , .ffmomf ggofaufaz Boy' Johnny Durwood Scott gD'zsffLaaf gi if Patsy Morrow ffmoaf cglancfaoms Boy Glenn Ray MOWOWQ it flflfiok WWZO SENIORS Nmmmwmn JOHNNY DURWOOD SCOTT ALFRED GUINN IUNIOHS BETTYE HENDRIX NEWANA GOOLSBY WMO 'Q flflfflo SOPHOMORES SCOTTY PONDER HAROLD FOX FHESHMEN M A JOHN O'DELL NANCY DeBUSK eefjg L QQQW ' m 5 lt E ' 1 Z -sq . 6 if l all . M -xxx X 7 , if .. ,, in TNQ W PKWVVWW eeyt 4' gf? - f sq . - if K .21 21-3 . 40 ,W i E 16.i1qf".."U-'e .- 1 ,1 if ' Jr' , . 1 A Q Q ' iq 5 n!"". 9.0 f 1. .M L Eg? Q-, ff NLR: -Map I ' 'NWN M .:t, Wm 1. Purse packing mamma gets rolled. 2. Among my souvenirs. 3. Sitting pretty. 4. 'Her Majesty. the Queen.' 5. Lovers? 6. Where is Rosie? 7. The Muskteers. 8. Watch your lanauaae. 9. A familiar sight. 10. The ole wreck. 11. 'Rosie 6 Wanna.' 12. Leg art. 13. 'Scott Stuff.' 14. Could be. 15. Sit down and 'Gif Uwhile. Jimmy. 16. And at the left you see an X- 17. Blacklock, that is. 18. Pin-up boys. 19. Easy does it. 20. Action. 21. The editor. 22. Cheese. I I x 1 fx? l 5 f Qwg . my M X If . - ff N f -1: t 525, 4 l.'q.'b.: :gi xii , Y' 5 1, ff, LE? gf fr- ax., , ' , X 2 'gs 'Q X. ff'-J g f i QM x 1 . f ' 9 5 gs ,u 32 lm nj I f 1 xx 55 X ' 1 , , , 52' is 'ii A fp iii' f - M- ff' "" 5- 5 2:3 S I 1-" y, e xf 5 ff z 'QW '55 5 ffl? Ili 11 x fx ,wmif N UNI 1 Q' ,., 'W w.w Qhlgm wal sit 1 3 Q11 'Q '1nsF -1'-sci' Yc'!.c4. A V Jfx. . My V V L.,r ,V V if., , ' A Q 4. ?' " X , -M V "' ,. - A First row: Kinnibrough, Henson. Phillips a. .,.' 2' f- 1 X ,-...f A .. ., bg, J ,.."M.'k 'f' t Nui' fy ,. Clough, Hammett. Thorn.lSecond row: Burges Suggs, Campsey, Johnston. D.. Heed. Iohnst ton. L.. Crumpton, E.. DeBusk . Third row: Nelson, Davis. Yost. McClaran, Tuggle. F Inman, Harrison. Bayes. Booe. Fourth row Goolsby. Brewster. Wallace. Bryan. Smith Quintero. Trammell. Q Qwiqww P it L-sk, 1 V gk, Hendrix. Smith. G. L.. s, Morrow. B., Morrow. P on. R.. Whitworth. Crump Miss Robertson. Bingham zgerald. Johnson. Melton Cade, Westmoreland. Ford Roberts. Blacklock. qmd Left to right: Miss Robertson. Sponsor: Bettye Hendrix, Secre- tary: Hattie Phillips. Reporter: Gwyna Lee Smith. President: Peggy Clough. Vice-President: Patsy Morrow. Song Leader: Vir- ginia Thorn. Treasurer. A 4 y , s X W J I 'x , N , , W., '- '- 5'r:Y'Z.-. :- M QA Lef 31. vw-0' 3,6 i . hx First row: Caddell. Amerson. Spann. Second row: Lowrance Ponder, D., Swope. Lawrence. Lemley, Morrow, I., Tidwell, Roberts. Jerry, Johnston, T ....-.-,Q -...-H'.......,., ,- Franklin. Searcy. Henson, DeBusk ., Morrow. G., Morrow C., Howeth Myers, Simpson. Third row: Gray. Roberts. Joe., Quintero. Sponsor , Lowrance. H.. Batey. Ford. I., Mr. Ponder. Fourth row: Coody Ford. J. L., Weaver Davis. r to Right: GABON TIDWELL--President HOMEH LOWHANCE--Vice-President TROY LOWRANCE--Reporter DANNY PONDER--Secretary JOYCE BREWSTER F.F.A. Sweethear om OH2 Staff figzazy TOM TOM STAFF Seated: Frances Nance. Typist: Margie Campsey, Editor: Patsy Morrow, Ass't. Editor: Hattie Phillips. Typist. Standing: Bobby Lawrence, Sports Editor: Joyce Yarbrough. Typist: Marguerite Hammett. Feature Editor: Newana Goolsby. Society Editor: Martha Bullington. Struttin' Senior Editor. I 1 LIBRARY CLUB First row: Nancy DeBusk, Patsy Wallace. Glenn Henson. Mrs. Ferguson. Sponsor. Second row: Hattie Phillips. Head Librarian: Marilyn Ddvis. Rnffv Mnrrnw Ffuniun PA-A l.l...--1.i U--. Q KRW a in igih It r, GWYNA LEE SMITH Editor 5499 Q If QEHUQ iw. D. F. SWINDALL Advisor f ofya :Sfaff f 'Lg f M b , js HJ' g 'Q MNA, R DURWOOD SCOTT Business Manager , ,,..,.,-f--,,...ggnrn-""'f W ,f ,' J .N nz..-fm, , I Seated: Gwyna Lee Smith. Editor: Hattie Ann Phillips, Typist: Standing: Betty Hendrix, Feature Editor: Peggy Clough, Ass't Feature Editor: Margie Lou Campsey. Ass't. Editor: Durwood Scott. Business Manager: Jimmy Boyles, Sports Editor: Jesse n--,-- cma+h Agg't. Business Manager K Luzioz goofgaff First row: Killian, Stubblefield, Smith. Stevens. Rogers. Haynie Second row: Killian, C., Bell. B., Campsey, Hardgrove, Killian B- Howeth. Gaines. Hatliff. Johnson, L., Third row: Offutt. Phillips Bell. J.. J0hnB0n. D.. Morrow, Coach. cmiofz .f ap cglcfua V Jw ,, , T First row: Littlefield, Suggs. Majorettes. Second row: Cloudis, Stodghill. Hannah, Hill, Morton, Strickland, Burr. Yell Leaders. Third rowf Foshee, Stodghill. B.. Spann. Cuddell, Johnson. Guffey. Hallmark, Lawrence.Michea1s. Fox. Fourth row: Cook. Smith, Elliott, Hill, E., Lemley. Phillips, Yeager. Sokora. Fitzgerald. Mrs. Swindall i -..-Q...--.....4..'... R 52416 , Q, fm 'K saga? xxioowg X ' ' ' wtf' owl? - 1 , ff, "LP" , ff X ,ow-"' 159 xv I Q O 0 5 I . Nh 1:-if ll , .J+- dx ,ki-9 il Ql 1-ni THE COACH AND CO-CAPTAINS Left to right: Troy Lowrance. Coach Billy Cloud, and Durwood Scott. nw W.. VA.-1, ,f V7 gm- 1- A Q fl 1. f. ,. - Q 4' THE SQUAD First row: Johnston. Stevens, Morrow, Manager Baker. Ford uw rence. Second row: Couch Cloud, Smith. Howeth, Boyles, Pon er D., Lowrance, T., Third row: Tidwell, Lowrance, H.. Ford S cott. McGraw. and Ponder, S. OTOIZCIHOIZ of goofgaff gwasfgaazf CORONATION OF FOOTBALL SWEETHEART Left to right: Jimmy Boyles. Patsy Whitvorth. Sweetheart. and Troy Lowrance, Co-Captain. W L -We, fu, ,H iw 4 CO-CAPTAINS JOHNNY DURWOOD SCOTT Co-captain of the 1948 Moguls. a three yr. let- terman, and a great power plunger who help- ed pull the team out of many tough spots. TROY LEE LOWRANCE The other co-captain of the Moguls was 'Frog He was a good openfield tackler and a two year letterman at his tackle potition. MELBORN JOHNSTON- A good ball handler who showed ability for a good season next year He played at blocking back. 'WY JIMMY BOYLES-One of the fastest men on the field was nHed.' He is a first year letterman and a good broken-field runner. HOYCE MCGRAW-'Rosie' was one of our best pass receivers, who played at left end, and at the end of the sea- son he played tail-back. JOE STEVENS Poker two year letterman at center. was good on offense and defense SCOTTY PONDER- A great He could reall back pass receiver who th 1. Y played right end. He played a good game both on offense and defense He also played the whole field in a few of the games. at ine BOBBY LAWRENCE-He was the Moguls' key man who played at several positions. At the end of the season he play- ed left end, and he played it well. C. A. HOWETH-In the opponent's backfield most of the time on defense was Howeth, who held his ground position down with force. .,Y, MELVIN GRAY-A hard- charging, defensive man playing guard is 'Meg.' He also liked to be in opponent's backfield. 'Q 11 HOMER LOWRANCE-A hard charging de- fensive player that we're expecting a lot from next year. He is a first year letterman. 1 'Q GARON TIDWELL-Another good end who will be a credit and mainstay on the team next yr. J.L. FORD-A hard- charging defensive player that we're expecting a lot from next lealon is 'Scooter.' JESSE SMITH-The lar- gest boy on the team is Jesse and his hard charging and chatter helped keep the team'n fighting spirit high. ,' -V-.2 -w""' DANNY Ponnfza- Another 'illinqneu 'Wie UP small. hard hittinq for hi! light Weight. back, who will account for himself on next year's team GERALD MORROW- A very good snap-back play- ing center. Gerald's HERBERT FORD- A good pass receiver who should do a lot for the Moguls in the next three seasons. THE 1948 MUNDAY MOGULS READY FOR ACTION X 2' I , 43' J, .Q .ff--. ix .v A X, ws .-ff I ,:'1b5..,,M X... .fi Ji y ' M is QT 4 A 1 K " g gh . F 'A .Q .,,, '7-Pvl N. . ' K x .r SQ . ,Y , ml n H., s L -2- v .M Q 2 , X ' 3 x. Mp! 2 . ,J Q., gf Q , Q . wr ' 1... A 4 Lf 4 " , X f 3 9 X ,X Q , ,, I . 4 1 I im '. w. K , ,,A..X 5,4 if - , E' ' ,,.L , , .,... . ..,. , . , eim.fx:,1Q 0 . M -T u Lf ' 01109015 85.l?'o,.d Y WJ, TP QW QQ0 1 I 2 Center DURWOOD SCOTT Sc, 9 0 o 606130999 Okobuor .gi 4100 O4 '74 my I First row: Scott, iw Ford, Boyles. McGraw. Ponder, S., Second row: Lowrance, Stevens, Ponder. D.. Tidwell. Johnston O0De11. Couch Cloud. ' 'I f U1 r K, V' i X i mi 'fb' , 54-Ig 1+ , ':" VW 2 N ' - ?'ff'fX"'TQ'1""vj"'l'45',f,,W ,V ,V p illww' yq,,g,,-,r, - eyftwf 3 V1 X 5 'Y f E K .nfl 6 are t Anson Game It's in the bug, gan Q2 F' ,Q Q2 Ss 5 ,Q gl! Throckmorton Game! et High, Scott. Iimmy's waitin . Q 5 'ik 5' Q 04630999 -L 996 "'f fl- g.Zg ' Center GABON TIDWELL J P SR6o,d RQMS 'YY ,M I . , may ai. My . Center TROY LOWRENCE G06 on . C956 41 O67"Sz-A ffl, A A h rg s . QQ? in 'f 'i" ' Q gif" H fn ,-,Q no ' . - 4 . N ftiZ'?iz'7?',v . 1 I 2375 s. A , K, if 2 V? 5? M ball, kiddo! .Jw First row: Bays. Phillips. Yost. and Jamison Second row: Clough. Armstrong. Melton, Morrow, and pggwgg That's slugging the wUwMVf I ' 1. , . e" g'f,'7, 7 Ready and waiting!! X g . fm? ' Y.. i K 4, . My.. , -is- Suggs old 0 R 2 QL . . + , .wg W-,mum . gist.:-:.w.aL'1w44 Y v 'Q i f 'S I7 ,A x hm QR If Q Q . . , - '.1lI"i':N5x -nik F f A ' K .Q . -f 'LnE'm"'. wi 3 Q. X . 5 N Q-: fx ES-.511 Ti-fl. BS... s.,Q3Y2'Rzji .M vfigfkfivik. D Q L 'wx WMI 'Ns N, an l iff' vii!!! 1. K IF? M . K, 1 f r 5 n U I 2""f1rrig S Ceikt ri-Th 'Il-V ash-4-svn .- . 1? .QW . . ,Q f.. - .W vw-wi-Az! ,gf lg' ,.., K fygw-4, QQ-.f Y . ,Q ,1wfs'a1axg K my . . .. ' :fwigfsfm :w.fg1A3r,, F' .vgggtff - N , ..-w xgzsy? i . 53 Vx... wg . iv,-.. - . Q, 5 xP'fff - . - ,Q gg.. - . Wy 15- f PM M3 Wg - -aw' Q, ' D ww N - "fa s ' - -g...agi ,!, .75 - . 15. - . I i L. U . i "' if . A - -- . ,, 1. .4 ...N .f f, xg ag. gk-1-w . . .. 1 , 3 I : , - 4- Q S Q ff- X- N-..:-.g..ff f., 5 4 H 3 -. .SY '. f 5 15563145 Z:-1 i, -. M 5 69 iii WWYX 'X' 'W-wig Q. 1 : 5-fx fl an Lf . . . 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Trammell, Tidwell. Searcey. Estes. Jetton. Second Row: Jetton, Norvill. Kegley. Gray, Duke. Beck. Offutt, Howard. Third Row: Peddy. Heddell, Yeager. Decker. Trail. Latham, Hawes, Mrs. Howel . X i First Row: Dean. Shahan, Rogers, Nail. Hopkins. Grulick, Miller Cunningham. Bingham. Perez, Allred. Jackson. Melton. Second Row Booe, Clark. Hhinehart. Blacklock. C., Howell. Holcomb. K.. Sanchez. Weatherly. Call. Third Row: Browning. Blacklock. S.. Lee. Holcomb. H., Arjuijo. H.. LOPGZ. Arjuijo. Mrs. Cloud. ' THilRD'GR' bE ,ff Q. . H, , A. .M '..-' f Q- W.. . .f..A. r i P55 '??fff?fE?"i7Ef Qi ,iii SSN 'M isggglw , ,fl First Row: Tidwell. Green, Moore. Brazell. Graham, Elliott. Greeson, Michels. Gresham. Second Row: Guinn, Jacobs, Jackson. Russell. Miller. Donoho, Proffitt. Third Row: Smith. Hammock. Booe, Harrison, Mrs. E. L. Goolsby. Q' First Row: Enriquez. Hogan, McNeill, Offutt. Phillips, Blaha, Meers, Tankersley, Elliott. Foreman. Second Row: Sokoru. 111 Ballard. K-. Bullard. S.. Gaines. Harmon. Clowdis, Booe, Boggs. Nichols. Mrs. Brown. ,.,, i W"':g'e- fa . A 4 ?15Q,,a .s,, Q , Jig W I ni, rx Ju .J ' K IA 5 1, W' ,l -:r 'F- I 'XZ i FIFTH AND SIXTH GR DES First How: Blaha. Melton. Gray. Hogan. Conwell, Guffey. Brazell. Norvill, Enriquez, Thigpen. Second Row: Langley, Franklin, Whitworth. Proffitt, Harrison. Melton, Gass. Miss Smiley.Thifd HOW Wallace. McAnally, Lemley. Laffler. First Row: Honeycutt. Reynolds. Hargrove. Bell. Campsey. Guinn, Edwards, Elder. Lain. Second Row: Scott, Wallace. Jones. Smith, Ford. Allred, Killian. Patterson, McNeill. Mrs. Winston Blacklock. Third Row: Greeson. Ballard. Clark, Parks, Williams, Laffler. Bryan. Swope. Johnson. . IXTH AN SEVENTH GR DE X fi First How: Coody. Martinez. Howeth. Wallace. Elliott. Peek. Mil- stead. Guffey, Wardlaw. Second Row: Harrison, Booe, Ford. Nor- vill, Thiqpen. Liles. Trammel. Smith. Morris. Third Row: West. Weaver, Sharp. Bruce, Harman. Tidwell, Carver, Guinn, Mr. Fox. First Row: Wardlaw. Elliott. Inman, Paxton, Johnson. Fox, Law- rence, Fitzgerald, Ponder, Killian, Owens, Hawes. Lain. Second How: Greeson. Moore. Spann, Stodghill. Elliott. Brazell, Rutledge. Rodgers, Henson, Fields. Fields, Knapp. Third Row: Mrs. Bardwell. Sokora, Tomlinson' Yeager. Smith, Caddell. Phillips. Haynie. Offutt. Rutledge, Edrington. Thorn. EIUI'1II'I UKHUIQ ANU Ll I ILIZNDHIIJ LLLII5 A W y. A , f V .R,5,g1,Y, , ,, .ay M f rirst How: Killian, Polnac, Langley, Stubblefield, Gaines, Eiland Stevens, Smith. Second Row: Barr, Gray, Rodgers, Hatliff. Patton Massey, Lambeth, Guffey. Hallmark, Micheals. Martinez. Powell. Third Row: Mrs. Swindall, Foshee. Patterson, Wallace. Tugqle, Hill, Hannah, Cloudis, Stodghill, Morton, Cook, Donoho, Price, Proffitt. Fourth Row: Johnson, Lambeth, Howard, Bell, Phillips. Hill. Strickland, Yarbrough, Walker, Peek, Lemley. S Q T L . First Row: Wins Tidwell, Clotile Elliott. Chariot Wayne Smith. Norman Gaines. CNot Shown, Janice Johnson! OFFICERS President, Wayne Smith: Vice-President, Norman Gaines Secretary. JoyKGye Morton: Treasurer. Charlotte Hannah el Norvill, Jerry Scott, I. W. Inman, Patsy Io Swope. Gwendolyn Fox. Second Row: Gloria te Hannah, Joy Kaye Morton. Rilly Ray Henson, Q e Vx sfloee ., gh-Q 1 aw 'Ev 9 no My Q1 sl '50 ff' IF I Dom 0,99 Yqgfeewf ser A DA 'MY WW pwffk' A DATE E A AM NOT , Qvffsvltf 21- mars A IWEIWUSE 4 TE an m" 'x'v-2.--A - ' Wg.-ww +: 1: I 1: I I :Y : Z: 1: 1: : I I 1 I 1 + -v 1nuugq1q-un:-uma-113-nu-unian-uu1u1p1m-m-nq1uq1pn1m1pq-.3 +u1q1ga-Qwnnlniw1mu-m1uq1pu-nnuqu-uqigg-ugiulninnillnimmnuu1ua-no-nngilqiqin1u11uq-uzun-nu wx H Y I H H H ll Y I H H ll ll T 7 H fl H N I Y Y ll U ,wtf CN K X gx GLS ' v P xx K 7 'f Q , M f 1 V If If '.,:.I'w-,vzyx w '-3 , I ,.fiQ- V -1-1--11 P- 'IL A 2 ? me-425 463535, U 1:1:Q:5J.-Sgggqzlsg -v,, Egg Q, f9zi9Qff:y . V f 'calf-1 0 .wr-h29.f'11e: A f 3.1, L szgqayfiy 51 1 QSC:-I I ' ' ' lf' ' '13, Hi:-,..,.M:.:1. 31- rs-. ' J '5:' -W 4-.. X , . E E . . A 0 I 91 A 5 I ll' Qg..-9 I Fill: A X :ir fy :5:a,. , 5 :::::,i6" x X 111.1 :::::y BAKER M-CART Hll1LlNLH 1l1anq-nu ill ill mn: ix-111 iii .4 if? 1qqanmu-lIl1ln6llll-my iii n an H A H .lm Wad: 5246 PHILCO WESTINGHCUSE - Qazwzyrfwzz fafdcffff WIRING ei Pwmsuue- Z?n4Aj7ffwiflo PHONE 73oRlX r V1-1 11 fa: HIM" J 0 Lowesr Palais Q2 ,We i Q ,, 911594 BIGGEST vALuEs 'sm , I . -. x VISIT 21452 131--gq1g,.1g--igigfq-.-p-gin-gi .I -1 9 ii i wif cunom omnens ,lemon auvens Willem Qi' DISTRICT MAN Ae e P. iii'-H-5 QM ,604 Wffpddffw M U N DAY --AUTO CO. 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STODGHILL 'mmpqmmmm fbTQ'G 'm ::::::: jjj f55" Xa' 15551553 YOUR GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALER q1q.-,q1q-nn-u- I-g-.g-g.-p-g1g1 --.... 1..u.1....1....1...1....1....1....1....1....1....-....1....1....1.u-1....1.... -. -M. 1.1. 1....1.... 1....1....1. jw DIZUOOIIT DFEQQ5 519.55 JQLQMQQQMM C0 E I WJ X sa " N E. 4. Ill! ,, ,.,.,'.,., SEE 593492 THE GRE T BARGAINS O 4 7 AT CUROCERV if MARKET MUNDAY, TEXAS I '? Q I1 ,, x' I N! 53.255239 I , x GOOD I I seavuce GUIIS ' S ' GUII . b , eraes d ccessornes Good Gulf Gas pYOU 6 93:33 gems X: f 1 5- 'Emi If U ' iii I sv ' " -. 'T . T. ', ll-Q -' 'ff J I-MVJL'lrQf' 'Q' ' Q .N , .- N 'nN':?a'c Pu-nous ss ' 'D -JKT Wafmefzm .9 fa hc. BUILDING MATERIAL D E A LEIL -2sIaBHshed IQEQ- Qzgagimwtwgfwqwmdk A 36 1 ' ca A D ml inn.-mr ...vm inn.-lm 1,,,,.1m1- m,.,, 1..,,v-uiuninn-1m1.m..nn -mirm-uninnimlinn.-un--nniluliur Y ARE, ROU6 I-I I-IOTE L Qfjmf Qlpwzf juwt: ' JCM LQWN corrfs snoo 3 Blocks Wes+ of 'Hue Red Ligh+ W 1 .J ff MUNDAY, TEXAS 90667 QQAEMJQ . 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Mihzhell , ,.,., , , , , ,, ,.1-.-..1,,1-1... , Y Y V Y Y Y ,,,i,i---,1,1n1qigi- BUTANE AND PROPANE 'V ' BUTANE PLANTS 1 'M MAGIC CHEF RANGES A A Wmmw APPLIANCECO. E A phone '79 Munday, Tex. E ' T I Iii llililil-1lilililiiil-lil-'viiillvlv-i111-hill- U-i1l1lih1-livin-lvl-1 1 I I "' 'I e Qulllg 7 3 Q 2 qw 7:5 ? W is "lm "' eddy Kilowatt, your PLUG IN... ,. ,, Q Q E electric servant, extends his ,H .F ' I - nov' ff 9 t I congratulations. as ' B I 0 Remember, Reddy is waiting X s I to serve you with low-cost, f E dependable electric service. l Let him bring you the conven- I, ience and comfort of electric i living. x I r "Ill I , , , Qaeow mtownr M Qff, I Wksflgxas Uulmes YW' fwfk Sew-I I 0ll1pdIy! 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PHONE 88 MUNDAK TEXAS -'min',MTm..-giqlT,g.1wing..mlqm-...n1m..1nn.1ngi,..... 223 Il JUST A sooo DRUG sToszE" Www owual Mun DAY TEQKAS gn-gig-.5311-13-pg--1g1g1g1 51311-ni'-rg-1 T..-....,..-,.-,,,-.-,.-..-..-,.-,,-,..- .-.-..-.-. -T QW TAILOP. snow COME CLEAN WITH U5 .... Www, ZW iqmiun.-nqilm.-,...lm,1,,g1uu.1:w1,qlTuu in-min-qi-.11 WW PRODUCE PLlOY1C'3O - Muwofw Q TEXAS NNN- Q QNXXNX ' I r tat ',cw'f!97 ' or 'ow' 1 fy' x lf, 0 .-M ...IuI..un-.mimim,m1nuinniuniunip1q pgigig- -q.-g.--.-.g....-.1-1...g.-37.-i--.g...q..g- Wu! frm, Kluwer CO. NEW Wea' 4lZfS66f GE.N.CHEVROLE'I' PARTS AND ACCESSORIES SERVICE I ALL MODELS plane 205' Zfldky. M.,-1, 31' ,...,...,- fa ,,,-..--I 1- lgig, , qigi-,anim1uu1uI11u-In-as-.nn..-..-min-In-m1Is PONTIAC Muueavous MQLINE Sales 4Service Fnrmlfquapmeni' I . 6 ll WE QEPAIR ALL NIAK E 'S ... Phone 277 NIun0Iay,TZjf0lS ATLAS TIRES 0 TUBES 0 BATTERIES ffmfaf Slam gnu E550 'I ' I If vit-VET 997 FOR SERVICE AT ITS BESTSTOP AT' PAS BAYTON Ol L. 4 - . 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Suggestions in the Munday High School - Mogul Yearbook (Munday, TX) collection:

Munday High School - Mogul Yearbook (Munday, TX) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Munday High School - Mogul Yearbook (Munday, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Munday High School - Mogul Yearbook (Munday, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Munday High School - Mogul Yearbook (Munday, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Munday High School - Mogul Yearbook (Munday, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Munday High School - Mogul Yearbook (Munday, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 66

1949, pg 66

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