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 - Class of 1971

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Muncy High School - Canusarago Yearbook (Muncy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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'JI' y E gy , 9 Hie r' Ur x ' , Y A W 'V ,f K . N Ng r 1 1 ' ' ' M ' , 2-5.54. 5 N 11 f , A fn k 13" ' v R if gif if is . -1mm,..M , - WLS "W: M ,W . Aw M.,-Ang.,-.ilk ' '5',QfLiL.. E K O 'E ' 1 U55 7Q77 C6112 LL5.Cl7.QgO Presented By ggi Sznioz Cfaza of Jmuncy 506005 Jwuncy, Qannijfuania I am still runnin but my road has seen many changes for I've served my time as a refugee in mental terms an in physical terms an many a fear has vanished an many an attitude has fallen an many a dream had faded an I know I shall meet the snowy North again - but with changed eyes nex time round t walk lazily down its streets an linger by the edge of town an find old friends if they're still around talk t the old people an the young people running yes . . . but stoppin for a while embracin what I left an lovin it - for I learned by now never t expect , what it cannot give me 2 gczgfs of Confsnfi gacuffj ana! Oqcfminiifzafiozz . Sanioza . Vllnclmfafmmm. . Gqfgfafzfca. Qkfzvzfzgi. . Spain! Evmff.. . Oqcfuazfiaemanfi . .6 .24 .52 . .64 . .55 HO 720 7Q72 Dscficafiom ffwfza. 35126012 qflfz, me cfczia 172 flzoucffy Jscficats fgs fffizflfzfg acfifion. O anuaazago to you, cfwu. Benion . . We take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to Mrs. Benion for her unselfish efforts on our behalf. She will always remain in the memories of the students for the many things she has done for us and others. She has continually Worked with us this past year in an effort to prepare the college-bound students in the area of English. Along with teaching, Mrs. Benion annually undertakes the task of aiding in the preparation of commencement speeches. In addition, she held a book fair this year for a week which benefitted the entire school. Mrs. Benion joined the staff of Muncy High School in 1961, and has served as an excellent teacher for the past eleven years. A native of Milton area, she resides there with her husband and family. 5 gb 53 Qi, N.. 4" EEmE5Qg2gQ?D ff f 1 CPW '. n ,1 , - ., ,W I ,f ff! , x ,J A 1' iff ! K IT ' xx 7f4 iu4 ' G A Hx 4 J ,wJM 4'x vwx'W io Uf ji f X, 1 +f ff' :W ixianf f, f N f-1 f X M ff JO N-lx -f!Kmd ... 7 I l i I I i I 1 I I I 1 5 V, I 1 I r W I u I Scgoof BOCUZC! SEATED: James Bahr, Harold Davis, Charles Pfleegor, Joseph Wentzler, Robert Rinn. STANDING: Robert Campbell, Lester Knarr, Robert Eck, Mark Brelsford, Barry Crouse. SCHOOL BOARD OFFICERS 22 2: Q 73 2 as President .... . . Charles Pfleegor Vice-President . . . . Joseph Wentzler Secretary . . . . . .Harold Davis Treasurer . . . .Robert Campbell Harold N. Davis Business Manager 8 WARD L. MYERS Supervising Principal Gqcfminiifzafion X...f PAUL F. GRESH High School Principal SS ,,..'-- 9 E. MAE BIDDLE Secretary RUTH 0. HARTZELL High School Secretary PHYLLIS J. TREXLER Administrative Secretary safzafaziaa 10 MARY W. WALTON Secretary ROBERT J. WINN Bookkeeping, Notetaking, Typing B.S., M.Ed., Bloomsburg State Colle X V5 L ,.,. w 1 N ge ELINOR S. BURLEY Shorthand, Typing, General Business B.S. Susquehanna University uainaii flcfucafiorz LARRY L. SONES Typing, General Business B.S., Bloomsburg State College STANLEY T. SCHUYLER Law, Office Practice, Salesmanshi Consumer Economics B.S., Bloomsburg State College l P, 11 JAMES E. DIEHL Frenchg B.S., M.Ed.g Bloornsburg State College K CAROLE G. CROUTHAMEL English, Hygieneg B.A. Gettysburg College, Bloomsburg State College NOLA L. BAYSORE Spanishg B.A., Douglass College of Rutgers 1 fa, K' ifffawiu ' W 'A V ' State College 1 2 CECELIA F. VAN EEDEN Frenchg B.A., Mary Washington College C2129 LLCL9 TERRENCE L. CROUTHAMEL Englishg B.S., M.S., Mansfield sfzazfnzanf LOUISE B. WERTMAN Englishg B.A., Lycoming College LORRAINE M WILT Journalism B.S., University of Illinois KATHERINE I. BENION Englishg B.A., Susquehanna Universityg M.A., Bucknell University BARBARA K. MCCLAIN Reading Consultant B.S., Lycoming Collegeg M.S., Bucknell University LAURA M. MCVEY English, Drama, B.S., M.Ed., Bloomsburg State College ERMA J. HOUSEKNECHT English B.S., Bloomsburg State College 13 LAWRENCE W. GRIECO Chemistry B.A., Duquesne University M.A., Bucknell University CLEIZCE HAROLD P. SHRIMP, JR Science, Physics B.A., Lycoming College 45" UUlJx GEORGE R. DIETZ Biology, Science B.S., Bloomsburg State College Qbaflczfzfmznf JOHN T. HOSE Science B.S., Lock Haven State College he new HARRIET F. KESSLER Mathematics, Algebra A.B., Bucknell University fflflatfi MARYELLEN WALDRON Mathematics B.S., West Chester State College E E LEWIS C. HOWER Algebra SUZANNE F. BURKHOLDER B.S., Bloomsburg Algebra, Mathematics State College B.S., Bloomsburg State College 2-Dsflazfmsnf SANDRA L. PYSHER Mathematics B.A., Pennsylvania State University 15 ociaf Studies i WILLIAM H. BIRD History B.S., Lycoming College M.S., Bucknell University GEORGE M. WILT History B.S., University of Illinois ROBERT S. HUGHES History A.B., Gettysburg College ROBERT J. WOLFE History, Geography B.S., Mansfield BRADLEY H. OECHLER History B.S., Lock Haven State College G. LYNN POUST History, Sociology B.S., Lycoming College M.Ed., Bloomsburg State College State College 16 gwflaciaf Egflaifminfi Q 3 . X iff E? 21.541 , nzfzwix. Efwfflliif: ft if 5,21 12531 E ALFRED B. SNYDER Special Education A.B., Wittenburg University f f' GRACE C. WERT Librarian B.S., Pennsylvania State University JOHN B. McLEAN Driver Education, Geography B.S., Lock Haven State College M.S., West Virginia University PAUL E. KELLEY Guidance Counselor B.S., Lock Haven State College M.S., Bucknell University naw 'MW ll A ,rf ' s K Q,,a..,e PAMELA A. REESE Art nit 5 we B.S., Mansfield State College ARNA M. DERSHEM Vocal Music Speech and Theater B.S., Bucknell University M.S., Ithica College G46 an asia sflaztmsnti FLORENTINO J. CAIMI Instrumental Music B.S., Mansfield State College M.A., Pennsylvania State University 18 .Umcfusbzicvf Hifi aim! omama ,in J. ALAN LITTLE Industrial Arts B.S., M.Ed., Millersville State College EARL L. POUST Vocational Agriculture B.S., Pennsylvania State University SUSAN E. GILES Home Economics B.S., Mansfield State College 19 ANN C. ROYER "1 iL P School Nurse B.S., Lycoming College R.N., Bryn Mawr College is M.A., University of Toledo Ggsaffg Esfzcvzfmsnf SANDRA K. NITTINGER Physical Education, Hygiene B.S., Lock Haven State College F :- MARGARET H. REUTHER CHRIS S. KLINGER Dental Hygienist Physical Education, Hygiene O.H., Temple University B.S., Lock Haven State College B.S., Bloomsburg State College M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 20 cafeteria :Staff ROW 1: Dorothy Vermilya, Amelia Laughlin, Mildred Smith. ROW Johnson, Pat Alexander, Elva Snyder, Barb Mitcheltree. , . 4 .4 st, x'7fr'f 'M AQ? ,J ,S f14,:,?, r f M Gffm W3 A if ia w 2: Mary Rosenbaum, May 1 .. iny, , -Q RJ If 'U ,, 4 fW' Mf""l e I uifocfiaf Staff Harold Snyder, Carl Poust, Robert Hartzel 21 57 D Yi 'K 5 1 ,, WE' gk' f - gi? M ' ' 1: -ii 'flu . , as 5 VZ in , i xrttfggw 3 ,ff ig, . Smile, you're on candid camera. Hard at work or just sleeping?! "I doubt it . . Would you believe . . . Lady Godiva?! 'rxi DODO xv w I is RN 'S . CWXQQN ,N SQL .MSN 'self 73 A . 51,5-, xg 57.55 'wg as bf .45 1, 'X X' s V fx. fx X, 1: gg x 5 A 'IE 2 ,I I . 1 ,' I s X ,ww 23 "But I always thought six plus six was eight!" "But I haven't written on a desk since I was eight." GG 77 MMM!!! A ALBERT M. SNUDTLE PHoIoqRAPHE'K BXTRAORPIHAIRE EMSMBHR FP Wvrsl. ASNITTLE Pqofro fw' f,"Jf' mn 026 Box no lV.Y,N. v. WWW! f ff ff7'7f f gpg' .tvq,':1- I . f 2:-1' C 1 ww - - 0 - . . lv N ,, 7 w, , V F . XM - , vm Q f ' fff 4 fy ' ' L '- , 41 1 Al l'llllf'rf1-0.7 I' f If I' f - y 0 11111 ff PII ,v fa' 1111 If rf ,uv af fwlffffffzrflf Fllllflfffflllf Ax JR ,P ff' .4717 INY1 If W' 'X I 4' J II if 4 1191111 FN xx' villa' fir 'll D m 1 I I 1 x s me ' 5 C 'lx 5 kwf. ,I 1,111-f J'4r.1.f4'-.f.f,..,r,r,f1..r 1- I ' "' ' "" "" " J'-'i,l.lf'4-fa' If-'filgfl av. lp '. 4 ,.- -. L -I u . - H I Q ra Mrk W X ag 1 A Q f 'Misa I 'C .I ff 11411- its ard IH 1 J devil! Jig! an v I I D 4' N 3 7 1 x E I Ki h Q E MQ x Q i vf' S vi, F x :f-1 . 6 l 2 I lt? H4 .-34' 4 .. US: , ,,,. it f V, I A 1 5572 V x ,, H I, ' Ek , A E: Vylf ., , nr H , L S Q A I VVAA i ,,L', ' v 4 w i X V V, A V ,,.' Q 3 i 5 ff Q f fr 3' X ,Y P f Q I Q ' f 1:23 ' V , X g ' Ilil N .3 ' 51 K 4 :::: n J K X Y e Q Y' A fax sy x 254' Q 1 wg: :Q V Q y Q fy Q 'Q " H Q x 4, f 1 A mx 2 .siuou A - .- ,- -.. -L ' xx '- I !-1-9521+ --V---' i1rr ' .N"""bv-1"i'qhe"' i l' v CLASS OFFICERS: Tom Breneisen, Presidentg Lorraine Oberdorf, Vice-Presi- dent fNot picturedjg Ella Krueger, Secretaryg Conrad Shull, Treasurer. Cami .fflffofio Cfdii of 7Q72 Jfffiu mania gzifz gfaming 9050.95 Queen ,ig Our restlessness is largely due to the fact that We are as yet Wanderers between two worlds. Cllm Cofou Blue and White diaii GIG MIST Carnation ' in W W5-v C g ,ft 23" W 26 Clinic O ,72 Oqcfviioza iliigzpg 3 fi L vwz:!?'f, - s i s l Lg Q il k l 'z. .fifffs 5 cfmza. ccfain THE BALLAD OF TWO ADVISORS 119701 "Who's that knocking at my door? Who's that knocking at my door? Who's that knocking at my door?" Said our Mr. Little. "Oh, we just thought we'd stop by your shop, Said the kids who had been knocking. :'Oh, We just thought We'd stop by your shop, And for you we have a riddle? "Oh what could you want from me? Tell me what you want of me. No, you wouldn't possibly mean-?!" He said getting wiser. "Just think of the gas you could have with our class,', Said the kids who came a-knocking. "Just think of the gas you could have with our class. We all want you for advisor." "Oh, I could not work alone. No, I could not work alone. I can't handle you alone! I would need help," said he. We know what you're sayin', there's Mrs. McClain," fOn wood they were a-knockingj We know what you're sayin', there's Mrs. McClain. g She's been asked and agreed already!" 119711 "We will build ourselves a float. We will build ourselves a float. We will build ourselves a float, With the hopes of winning." To no one's surprise we won first prize, And proudly we accepted. To no onels surprise We won first prize. Our advisors joined our grinning. '4Where's the money for their prom? Where's the money for their prom? They've no money for the prom," Said the Seniors sighing. "You don't understand, we've built it by hand," Said our coaches and class together. "lt looks so grand 'cause We made it by hand, Which is better than one could by buying!" 119721 Well, the years have come and passed. Yes, the years have come and passed. Oh, the years have come and passed, And we'll soon be parted. "But We'll always be glad for the times that we had And hold with deep affection, Mr. L., Mrs. M all the time they would spend - How they helped and were kind-hearted. Thank you, the Class of '72 :Rita :Roxana csoazaa CIE dfmgda "Rita" Academic To look up and not down, To look forward and not back, To look out and not in, And to lead a hand Stevan EFL Sqlfgiy Arfey Academic There is nothing permanent except change. straw" Oqmza fflffaus Zqtlff "Anna" General "Farewell, farewell parting is such sweet sorrow." Cfl'zLifLan. Sta van ligazfow Chr1s Academic "When I die, I want to go to heaven for the climate but to hell for the company. 955501615 Lynn ECZLLD2 Deb Academic "The Bird of time has but a little way to fly . . . and the bird is on the wing? .qDa9s Oyzatflsz lCPage73 Academic "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is be- cause he hears a different drummer 28 cf" 1 Cam!! Ggmz LGKig7! Academic "Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself, in your way of thinking." cziifina lynn Bzzicfingzz 1. ucrisas Business "Do you want an aspirin?" fj5OI7'LCI.i B 'LCICILEAH 'we '-N... Bzznaiian "Brenny" Academic "True knowledge is knowing what you know and not knowing what you don't know." LISIZOZQ Zqflfl B'LLLl'LgC2.'LC! "S1ssy', ,. Academic "What really matters is what hap- pens in us, not to us." 5-dp 'ya QDQMQHS gall, BLl190."l.C! upollysu Academic "No matter how brave you are, or how heavy the burden nor long the road, JUST KEEP SMILING." :jeffrey Klflfaffzz Byszfj "Jesse" General Emoy while you can. 29 "4'?."-a-Q cflffamffia :Raja Canon z4Martyaa General Luck belongs to the good play ersf' Jffazy ways Canon. Shorty General "Cowards die many times before their death' The valiant never taste of death but once." Sbawrz .fouiaz cgbziani Dawn it 1 01095. Hive N1-e...,a.. SHS Busi ness "Business is life." cfvstf cfwfiazcf Confsz llNeil7 9 General BQZEQZQ cpufg Clopfzza. B. R. Coppes" Business "Life is yours to experience." Oqfan cgnzifg dzawagaw II "Crawsh" Academic "God helps those who help them- selves." 30 me gcuffl csfaifa ECILLEEZDZQIZ "Fa1th', Academic Go placldly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence " fbcfwazcf game Qsmzm Academic "Any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a man with some sense to know how to lie Well." gflflifzta Sus Qbauia "Mileta" Academic "I am only one, But still I am one, I cannot do everything, But still I can do somethingg And because I can- not do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do." 6117221 3591012 QLLSQCIVZ Diego General "Still, I look to find a reason to believe " .fflflafzy Qzancsa lCMary3I Academic Everybody thinks we re wrong, but who are they to judge us." 'l'J3"'N Batty 041112 959124 uBettyn Academic You are today where your thoughts have brought youg You will be tomorrow Where your thoughts take you . . ." 31 'wa Kilim 'Nv- Qbonalhf Qzangfin Qouat "Foost" Academic "I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than to be crowded on a velvet cushion." GO lAIZ7E'Z HJOH Business "Look to this day! For yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow only a vision." Eanizfiifsvin guy "Mr, Frey" Academic "Silence is golden, so shut-up! as QEIZLQE Ecana qgufz ilDede5? Academic "Understanding is the key to friendship " . . E Ll as il 3 onzaa .ffvaz sz Q15 "Tom". , I Academic i' .L .. . "A person that never made any mis- ,N 1 takes never did muchf, L w Q guy la ug A ' a nm "Terry" Academic "Our generation is called stubborn 3-A, and rebellious, but weren't the ' 'ap- - '-', " Ii. founders of our nation also called ,lg we this' " - 32 ,V gs A sl, . sais 5f:'aA.J if gba I F 5 l7f5n.r1.5ffi cpaynzoncf gi iff: - .T W gmaca Y' U Kenna 5 we General M "Happiness is the key to life." jfaffizyn .:f?o55 5 we 5' 'M cvuzfiazf A Q Kids A if: it is K3 " ii' 'l A "Kathryn" 3' A as s 3 Academic 53' A -,ew "On ne voit qu 'avec le coeur. L'es- sentiel est invisible pour les yeuxf' CfZa'zf751 Ebougfai gafz "Chuck,' Academic "All's quiet on the western frontf' cflffazg Qbaugizcfa 155115519 KlGreb!! Academic "And something's happening, but you don't know what it is do you, Mister Jones?" qfV5ncfH cqmz GLf0f5 cz Wendysa Academic HHYPERBOLICSYLLABICSES- QUEDALYMISTICH ggffuy Baud GLW ClJeff79 Academic "The secret of success in life is known only to those who have not succeeded." 33 Nuys cgzwflfg fmmam cfm ' ' Joe ' ' Academic 'Tm really draggedg but nothing gets me down." joazfzfi Dfmafzad 54Ofl'72Si "Joel, Academic "I donit know but Ilve been told It's hard to run with a weight of goldg Other hand I,ve heard it said It's just as hard with a weight of lead.' Oni fflflaziz Oblofynzsa "Joni" Academic "In loyalty to their kind, they can- not tolerate our minds. In loyalty to our kind, we cannot tolerate their obstruction." orzaffian 0452113 04052 wozffi "Hunk" Academic "Make the most of your life now for it will repay you in the future." Dorothy liouiaz Oyuggszf "DOW General "Today's fires are burning brightly. Yesterday's ashes are buried." Awfsybfian. jfaiffi Clpunkii General "I was not born for courts or great affairsg I pay my debts, believe and say my prayersf' 34 avi? wg., Q"""'1,, Y. 'Huw gm, 'UW -fr Gaiam cmfggmff "Guerilla" General Try lt you'll like itf' fee fifafgfa "Butch" Academic Chance makes our parentsg choice makes our friends - but someone who really cares, is with you, as one soul ln two bodiesf' wcfon. gfsnwooc! 175 aziagnsz Burton" General cyonafzf Uqfan .fffazacllnm "Rock" Academic One must change with the times unless he is big enough to change the times." sum gnaufyf " Kevin" General Bazgaza cffflaa .7515 CiBarb!7 Academlc For everything you take with you ln life you leave part of you be 35 goin Kjos jfizgnsz " Kevin" General .fsifsz 1,510-cj nam IH llTraCy7! Academic "There comes a time in every man's life when he must take the bull by the horns and face the situation." any cputfgszfozcf 12551 liTerry7! General "I may not agree with a word you say, but I'll fight to the end for your right to say it." 22170. Liouiiz 'zusgsz "Kansas,' Business "Business is life." Lkncfa L, wcfz Linda Q Ei .0 we Gia 2 . v -3 35. .Q S Q, X E is gi s l 3 s ,jbgx Q 5 A. Q 'Y f5555555l?b55l"'bl? ' . ,. . V ,.,,,. M A. fg f 'N' - - -,53,:,:,3-F -- -:M fQggi:gv4if3,. X .Q - ' .Q , "BQ, X fs 324 . S, D o,?y:V ,.i. my ifwwifi - W g - 22313 ff. W: new ,li A ,af K H4 S . N S ' as'a o -ig 5 - fu. , i my IN' aiasi ,.., ' sossi -.2 : X M S X X N M J X Y A A We SX so N , 4 1, 5155 N Q fr 0 K VR vis X 1 2 s. Q wi sN X -n iw X M5 1 is ,r K x kia wg 8 . 3 K 12,5 N 'l Xp Swv: , iw 3 fkgf was Q 3' 'sr Tl as N ' Q 5 iw X N fl' Z H .if w -2 we 5-11 I I -.,: wi 533 . , if aku-lisa gi . f' R , 2 i ,A N f N ' fix ff 352155 "" 1,i Quan Business Thought alone is eternal Qafucg cflflaugaf fsnzg a Academic Dont convict before you con ' Q suit " 36 Not Pictured 041212 .Long "Julie" Academic "The world stands out on either side no wider than the heart is wide." Carl? fog Qmscfzif-Q lm! "Carl" Academic "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaveng a time to be born, a time to die, a time to love, a time to hate, a time for war, a time for peace - it's not too late." Bazgaza glans .LIHIZIZ "Barb" General "Smile.', 'jszsaa 041212 as "Teresa" Academic "I do my thing, you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations nor you to live up to mine." Steven Jlflazfin "Mongoose" General "Find what you want in this world, then drink it." ggabzicia 041212 .fflfliffiaim "Millie" Business "Love is beautiful as long as you share it with someone dear to youg but once you lose him, it's a long lonely road without him." 37 Slip' 'Ba-vu... Bi gafsrz. Eugene cfwiffsz "Hotdog" Academic "Win one for the gipperf, :fwicgasf Klfyayns Jlflzfalleff "Mitch,' Academic "Old soldiers never die, young ones do . . . too late the herofl ggffu, cfgmfa M0351 uJeff:s Academic "Anything worth fighting for is worth cheating for." Ezgozafi jfaffizzina away ccMurphv7 Academic "We can make our lives sublime." amz: .fufsz usa. II 4cNusSyvs General "I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees." ouains aziz ozlwzmf "Obie" Business "Within you there lies a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and still be your- selff, 38 . , , ,.,, W., f .4 - 's '. 1--5-fggettasfsm-lzfi -F ' - ' I' Lx " fi.-N'QAQ-i."5sEfl r ' ' ' , r - X y55"?Zl'ff3?igS 1' f A 'Kr it . ,w.,,.gk ,itat :Zi is ' -mu-.S!' .,:vf.14:- 7. ' i f a mswg A - V ff - YR-4 his . ss: of 1- -whea- -i2,"'k' - mm. Qi.-.sf Li 115613- M . .Q r. fig. i at., ,Q , . - em ' - xl -1- '- ' ff,.-'ima "ian ., A ' Q2 ' f i:U.4', wr - 2 - i -I mga, y A 1:2 f , V sig 'Y ,, iaeggg 552425 , 'S S 'Mi 3 . . --'53 ,gqs?5.,ei.g,,,qs,,sH. - i ' iss iii? .545 ' . , W ' NL' . ' Sf" Q V I 'W ,ww A' mf' . X W , ,fi 'f at W A avifi llziii " ' ,wzEf'i?,, ' ekiifgv rl mx ri 1 Q K . . ,gg QQZZH Uwe I2 cf Odie Business "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." lizwu. UZQL9 Qsfszman Loomis Academic "I note the derogatory rumors con- cerning my use of alcoholic stimu- lants and lavish living - it is the price of greatnessf' gf-ajcfs jfisu ggffssgoz ' ' Kiess" Academic EZTEI2 cflffazis cpsufgaz "Hellen of Troy" Academic "You can say I want to be freeg I can say someday I will be." ggazon :you :Q "Richie" General "Hold fast to love For if it dies Life is a broken heart That cannot be mendedf' Bonna cflflauz :Raza "Donna" Academic "My interest is in the future, be- cause I am going to spend the rest of my life there." 39 Cormis .Lynn cQofZm "Connie" Academic 'He who thinks himself to be some- :hing when he is nothing deceives mobody but himself." 'janya .fou :Ream urranyaas General "Fear is very heavy. Worry is very heavy. The heaviest thing of all is to have no beginning and no end." mafia 5417602 A0041 "Dale" General ECLUH l7aU.7'7f,l'LCE "Dave" Academic "Two dangers constantly threaten the world: order and disorderf' :Ray CSCIZHSQIE1 "Mike" Academic "The great end of life is not knowl- edge but actionf' linda .fee gicfiocff "Schotzie" Business "Love is a river that is so deep and fast flowing that most drown." 40 Not Pictured cgogszf L55 Sacgziaf Bob Business "Those who try to kill me make me stronger? ggomaa :Neff cgvgagssn "Monk" Academic "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." gina gagqzman "Mike" General bwiggf manic! Sgosmagsz " Dave" Business "Treat others as you would like them to treat you," Conrad Sbauicf CSVQJZ7 US otsa P Academic "Doctors say what's normal is what's normal for you." jfrlm. Smitg in "Buzz" Academic "Winners never quit and quitters never win." 41 magma ,Way gvrzycfsz Deb Academic "Pm on my way to better things,I got myself some wings, distant drums are calling mef' jfaatg .fuzwoocf Qlrzycfsz "Wild Child" General "First is better than second." B QZEQZQ cglfacgfzo me " Barb' ' Academic "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quickerf' ffbianz Efains Sfaimfing ii Business "Look at love the way it is todayg for tomorrow it may be gone. cyancfafzy fazwn cgiigsz "Ziegy" General "The optimist sees the doughnutg the pessimist, the holef' ans fznzatins gfugazf "Stugie" Academic "Eat your heart out." 42 ggazon 9560.125 Uzaais "Sharon', Business i'Smile, today could be the happiest day of your lifef' Bums cfiffonzos "Bruce" Academic "You can't succeed if you don't work." 041112 'jzinzgfs llTrudy3! Academic "Speak your truth quietly and clearlyg and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant: they too have their storyf, cyclin cgogszi Kuszrnifya, gr. "Gounk" Academic "The world's great men have not commonly been great scholars, nor its great scholars, great men." cpsgacca ans KWQMZOH uBeckyn cademic Zounds!" A jfazsn. Oqrzn Kmjzntzfsz "Karen" Academic "By their fruits ye shall know them." 43 5-bf K cgrzrz Kwifhox "Cinder" Business "Business is life." - , A , W it ' lf' 3? F!! E:5 7S1+'t t':'1fwe "" " a . J , A J 525, . . .5 li gf s fiz sp K . , '- 4314 - is 33 LOIZLQLO 0.172615 'HOA "Nicho" Academic "El verdadero valor de una persona no consiste en su aspecto fisico sino en su aspecto moral." Eonagrf .Lynn Gqlrsn "Yuen qjsazicg gr. Academic "Why then look at the speck in fGA11enH your brotherls eye and pay no at- Academic tentffm to the log in Your Own "Be ashamed to die unless you have eye- won a battle for humanity." This year Muncy High School is pleased to have had the addition of Dionisio Ramas Ar- ras of Chihuahua, Mexico. Arriving in Muncy last August with the returning Donald Yagel, "Nicho', has lived with the Yagel family dur- ing his stay. Nicho enjoys Art and Physics classes, "every girl," the Beatles, Beethoven, and good Mexican music. He claims that "American food makes you fatv and prefers his Cigarros Mexicanos to our Marlboros. During his stay he has learned fluent English While teaching many of us handy Spanish Words and phrases. After returning to his home in Mexico in July, Nicho will study two more years at his Bachillarato Where he is enrolled in the Math program. He then plans to attend a university for another five or six years as he studies for an architectural degree. We hope Nicho has enjoyed his year here as much as we have. an awgmmf, Cf .fpogezf cgazfey Q-Dyazffow gi. U4 if eo imagya Ming go gave 5I'Ll'O.ljIC! ffge ian, 'jo gave Eve! in ffle s7f1'zi1z9, 'jo gave fov,cL fo gave ffziougfgf, fo gave done? --afwaffgew Oqznollf M W f f gg 1,5 w,,. :QL I Q 0401 of 1 BEST LOOKING Tom Breneisen and Denise Fritz v""'f"M are MISCELLANEOUS Jonathan Holzworth and Dorothy Hubbert MOST COURTEOUS Tom Fry and Connie Rohm ,, MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST DEPENDABLE Carl Lund and Deb Snyder Chris Barlow and Page Biddle 46 0,2725 MOST CREATIVE Joe Holmes and Ellen Reuther BEST NATURED Joe Hill and Polly Burgard BEST DRESSED Jeff Byerly and Dawn Cipriani MOST WITTY MOST ATHLETIC Mark Greenberg and Joni Holmes Galen Miller and Betty Feigles 47 News W x -we www wwf! xv-w as - 'Q' 'k wwih. K if 1, fi Mies A , M R - , 5, My , - ' N - Q., X. . "- P - ffgwwf-:4:..Af I N xii mxnmg Q4 ., , +- wx . WW . i ' Lx Ai Q rf SS 2-N vw ! kk X .PM . A Xxlx-4-x xx wa v ..., .X X wi S . X Ni X x, XX w X E AS Q ff vifigei S7 im i 2, M 2 Q i 3? . . 2' K .L iw '3 . S. :55 Q' xr. : f :. .:g ffafiafrx : -: , Q .A N , 3 .V . x Q-1 ws QQ xg Q ani Dear Parent, Your ch1ld's class will be taking it's annual Class Trip next Friday. We will leave the schoolhouse at 9:00 A.M. and return at 4:00 P.M. Each child should bring a box lunch, drinks will be supplied. Thankyou, WAMQLQZZZUX.. Mrs. Bilker 52 ! I i 4 ! L 1 I I K I l E I ! L I v I 1 Q i ! I F I I I Y I CLASS OFFICERS President . . Andy Johnson VICE Pres1dent .... Steve Miller fnot picturedj Secretary Rae Ann Gordner Treasurer .... Paul Miller Advisors Mr cgz Mrs. Crouthamel S. Akers, J. Ansifglt, P. Ault, L. Balum, R. Barnes, R. Barrows, L. Baysore, C. Bennardi UUJUJ S255 P73 E! Or' E Soma EDI E"'1 W. N,x.g-E avg, O .. gdb UUCJQ 9000 5 Q Q o S583 ' iw rn FCP--"F 2701579 W. U09 obs o.ff'o 011041: .m.:.f" 9 Eiswerth, N. Eschen- bach, S. Feigles, D. Fialla, S. Flock, C. Foust, H . Fraley , M. Frey E. Fritz, D. Fry, B. Gil- lette, R. Gillette, J. Girven, J. Gleason, G. Glidewell, D. Gordner R. Gordner, S. Gresh, J. Haney, C. O'Connor, J. Hester, S. Hitesman, B. Houseknecht, R. Houtz 7 t S f1" Y Jiei 55 R. Hughes, J. Hulsizer, A. Johnson, L. John- son, R. Johnson, S. Johnson, D. Kahler, M. Kepner L. Kibby, C. Knox, B. Kout, J. Krysik, B. Laird, K. Lambert, S. Little, J. Lockard L. Long, D. Lowe, V. Lowe, A. Lupold, M. McCarty, D. McCoy, B. McMichael, M. Mack J. Martin, B. Mays, J. Michael, J. Michael, B. Miller, G. Miller, H. Miller, J. Miller P. Miller, P. Miller, S. Miller, S. Miller, K. Muffly, D. Murray, J. Murray, C. Myers I. Narber, L. Narber, R. Narber, W. Pauling, L. Persun, S. Rathmell, D. Reese, P. Reitz J. Rhine, M. Rinn, D. Robbins, C. Rohm, K. Rohm, C. Schwenk, D. Sechrist, S. Shaner R. Smith, C. Snyder, E. Snyder, M. Snyder, C. Solomon, H. Stauffer, B. Steimling, K. Stiger C. Stroup, L. Stump, D. Tallman, D. Taylor, R. VanHorn, R. Walkup M. Wall, K. Walters 9 N. Warren, G. Wertman, K. Wertman, S. White, J. Whitmire, S. Winters, M. Yearick, B. Young 67542.51 7974 ADVISOR: Mr. Bird I C. Anderson, G. Arthur D. Artley, R. Bachle, D Balliet, R. Bardo, D. Bay D. Bay, D. Baysore, N Baysore, W. Baysore, P Berfield, D. Bernd, D Berninger. D. Bitler, D. Bitler, N Bogart, N. Bower, Bower, J. Brelsford, Brittain. R V G. Budman, S. Burley, J Cunningham, D. DeWald D. DeWald, L. Dodge, S Dunlap. M. Eiswerth, R. Engle, L Entz, T. Falat, R. Feigles E. Frey, J. Frey. C. Fruet, A. Fry, D. Fry C. Fulmer, A. Funston, S Garnhart, B. Hall. A. York. C. Haney, K. Hawkins, C Hose, A. Hutchins, S. Ise ley, D. Johnson, C. Kar schner. P. Kelley, R. Kennedy, R Kern, B. Laurenson, G Long, K. Long, M. Lowe W. Lowe, D. McCo1lin, E Maurer, J. Miller, J. Miller L. Miller, M. Miller. J. Moore, J. Murphy, T. Myers, D. Nearhoof, P. Oden, L. Odon, D. Ott. S. Pfleegor, S. Renn, K Rider, J. Rupert, K Schodt, H. Shaheen, D Shaner. R. Shaner, K. Sheatler, W. J Sieg, P. Shoemaker, Smay, M. Shull, S. Skript- chuick. S. Smith, F. Snyder, J Stroup, J. Stroup, O Swartz, S. Tallman, A Taylor. D. Temple, F. Thompson, D. Trick, D. Trimble, K. VanBuskirk, C. Waldron, N. Wall. D. Wentzler, R. Wertz, R Whitmoyer, L. Wilson, J Winters, S. Worthington S. Yagel. 1 ROW 1: H. Bitler, P. Banzhof, B. Dugan, T. Deppen, M. Bartlett, K. Ault. ROW 2: M. Baum, J. Barnes, M. Aldish, P. Brown, R. Brungard, C. DeWald, M. Burkholder, K. Baysore. ROW 3: M. Breidinger, H. Baskin, M. Bower, A. Davis, V. Bellanca, B. Bartlow, P. Carstetter, K. Balliet, G. Dugan. ROW 4: T. Fairchild, P. Burgard, B. Barrows, J. Bennardi, T. Aunkst, B. Davidson, C. Colburn, J. Corson. CKQM ROW 1: L. Ellis, J. Flock, D. Hill, C. Fiester, C. Friant, K. Gottschall, D. Gautsch. ROW 2: J. Herman, M. Fritz, D. Eichenlaub, L. Fry, M. Gresh, B. Gray, A. Hayhurst. ROW 3: P. Freeman, E. Knox, J. Fisher, K. Frey, P. Drick, M. Hessler, C. Grot, K. Greenberg. ROW 4: E. Little, J. Lenig, J. Kapp, D. Lambert, J. Heberling, M. Glidewell, R. Holt, D. Fritz. 58 ROW 1: J. Landis, J. Miller, J. Holmes, B. Noble, A. Michael, T. Hill. ROW 2: D. Milheim, J. Reed, S. Myers, C. Myers, D. Lauchle, R. Rader. ROW 3: R. Persun, L. Michael, J. Little, M. Reed, K. Houseknecht, T. Miller, C. Johnson. ROW 4: W. Murray, L. Pifer, S. Lyon, L. McCarty, K. Nuss, V. Levan, R. Martin, C. Renn. I O ROW 1: G. Smith, P. Thompson, T. Young, B. Stump, L. VanBuskirk, P. Yearick, T. Smith, M. Yost. ROW 2: R. Rinn, D. Shively, T. Treese, R. Waldron, L. Robbins, S. Temple, P. Reitz, B. Walkup. ROW 3: M. Swizinsky, J. Thomas, L. Sullivan, L. Vermeulen, L. Williams, J. Treese, R. Taylor, M. Reuther. ROW 4: T. Spring, K. Walker, R. Stover, J. Rupert, P. Shull, R. Stroup, M. Young, S. Schuyler. 59 ROW 1: D. Brennan, S. Aldish, A. Bruch, G. Brooke, E. Bullock, S. Baysore, J. Charles, B. Bartlow. ROW 2: D. Dietz, C. Crawshaw, D. Andrews, T. Barnes, C. Detrick, S. Davidson, R. Balliet, K. Balliet. ROW 3: C. Cryder, L. Bacon, D. Breidinger, D. Arthur, D. Adams, J. Fisher, V. Allen, E. Finkler. ROW 4: V. Chirdon, D. Aunkst, B. Campbell, M. Bush, B. Barlow, J. Bennett, D. Charles, B. Aunkst. CEM ROW 1: T. Ferrar, M. Lynn, L. Frey, R. Hoagland, K. Griggs, J. Hessert, L. Gautsch, P. Frey. ROW 2: W. Fry, K. Hawkins, K. Gansell, M. Dodge, J. Covert, B. Fry, M. Derr, R. Fritz. ROW 3: G. Deffenbaugh, A. Frey, F. Fry, H. Crawshaw, K. Hausemmann, J. Hayhurst, B. Hall, V. Hitesman. ROW 4: J. Garnhart, R. Fry, R. Dunkleberger, K. Hess, C. Hes, D. Ciraulo, D. Chirdon, R. Gardner, K. Feigles. 60 ii ROW 1: M. Johnson, C. Miller, C. Lambert, B. Houseknecht, D. Hill, D. Krysik, B. Hill. ROW 2: K. Knarr R. McClosky, C. Myers, C. Lowe, V. Little, M. Pifer, B. Nearhoof, R. Miller. ROW 3: C. Lyons, D. Kephart M. McCabe, J. Livingston, B. Hess, L. Johnson, M. Miller, C. Lyons, C. Hose. ROW 4: B. Koch, J. Hines, K Hollenback, W. Hunter, C. Jacobs, R. Houseknecht, L. Lund, J. Long, R. McCormick, R. Mack. I Of ROW 1: M. Wright, E. Musser, A. Mitchell, R. Sanders, N. Shaffer, J. Rosenbaum, D. Swartz. ROW 2: D Wodrig, H. Waltman, P. Warren, L. Shadduck, C. Renn, C. Yearick, D. Solomon. ROW 3: S. Woodley, S Whitmire, T. Shull, D. Schrader, R. Ryder, M. Pifer, S. Wall. ROW 4: P. Story, G. Schneider, M. Zielinski, J Winder, T. Robbins, D. Trick, K. Minier, L. Triolo. 61 ROW 1: B. Bower, F. Crawford, J. Bullock, C. Firikler, J. Fisher. ROW 2: L. Felix, S. Ferrar, L. Crawshaw, D. Adams, R. Emick, M. Fraley. ROW 3: K. Bigger, P. Baysore, R. Brittain, D. Berninger, J. Dugan, C. Clark. ROW 4: D. Bartlow, B. Barrows, H. Charles, C. Dougherty, L. Campbell, M. Coppes, I. Bitler. 67562.54 ROW 1: L. Harris, B. DeWald, C. Gottschall, V. Fry, J. Funston, E. Fiester. ROW 2: G. Houseknecht, J. Fritz, G. Fry, G. Gordner, R. Hilkert, J. Hessler. ROW 3: C. Feigles, J. Fenstermacher, K. Fritz, C. Glidewell, C. Gresh, B. Guthrie. ROW 4: P. Heberling, P. Gansell, G. Hilkert, G. Hilkert, D. Fry, J. Kahle, L. Houser, R. Friant. 62 O ROW 1: J. Kutz, E. Kyle, D. Nuss, M. Lund, L. Oden, S. Mitchell, M. Miller, J. Oden, ROW 2 B. Noble, H. Miller, R. Miller, R. Houser, C. Leech, G. Michael, J. Pfleegor. ROW 3: K Kapp, J. Ott, P. Kepher, K. Kahle, D. Koch, C. Martin, K. Long. ROW 4: K. Little, T. Lupold H. Kneer, D. Robbins, T. Rizzo, C. Koch, S. Moore, D. Johnson. 77 ROW 1: C. Snyder, D. Smith, K. Rood, J. Rodarmel, K. Winters, J. Smith, L. Smith. ROW 2: T. Williams, D. Yagel, K. Stiger, T. Ritter, T. Smith, S. Smith, C. Vandine. ROW 3: J. Wertman, N Temple, B. Sones, J. Story, L. White, P. Winter, T. Stroup. ROW 4: L. Wood, S. Wertz, F Temple, C. Steimling, R. Temple, K. Yearick, K. Swizinsky. 63 Cl-I Rl-B 'ILA 5' 11311150 encfan CAN CHA GE OUR urL..4f :LPN ff ' f 'ff 1-X ARE You Asunmeo oe , ja ' f youu sow! vo You envy fl 'Qty 'mos e msn w urn A BCTTER is, DEVELOPEP Owl-D? 0 0 A cams squeeze You! A26 -df-N you Looccuvq G-'osuw ANS wel? f' A 'mea 1'ueumQeexAr1.A s CHAQLEMTMS UYNAMKCTENSION CU'-XRS? A- fs son. you.: EIGHT SHORT WEEKS! 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Vermilya, G. Oden. ROW 2: L. Blaser, S Winters, E. Fritz, T. Knarr, S. Little, R. Barnes, J. Martin. ROW 3: T. Buck, D. Shaner, L. Johnson R. Shaner, B. Lowe, F. Thompson, S. Gresh, H. Eck. ROW 4: M. Shull, G. Long, R. Feigles, R Gillette, P. Waldron, R. Kennedy. ROW 5: J. Rupert, B. Hall, T. Myers, C. Myers, D. Ott, J. Smay. Muncy 0 Muncy 6 Muncy 0 Muncy 0 Muncy 0 Muncy 8 Muncy 8 Muncy 22 Muncy 6 Muncy 16 66 . . Canton 28 . . Mifflinburg 20 . Warrior Run 20 . . .Loyalsock 52 .Montoursville 26 . . Hughesville 27 S. Williamsport 28 . Montgomery 26 Bald Eagle Nit. 44 . . .Lewisburg 44 1 'WW ff Manager: Mike Schneider Mr. Crawshaw and Dr. Abbott. Coaches: Bob Wolfe, Chris Klinger, Bob Winn. 'Hi-Captains: Chris Barlow, Carl Lund Galen Miller. 4? .sri 3 Xu 1 'C' .Wi 493' X Oo JOHN VERMILYA JEFF BYERLY CARL LUND anion TRACY KNARR GARRY ODEN 68 CHRIS BARLOW GALEN MILLER Qoofgaff Gqcfion X, W? 69 3 f Q Muncy 5 Muncy 58 Lewisburg 80 Mifflinburg 70 M. Schneider W " C. Birch t l J. Michael 5 ,X o I auify Baagafgaff Muncy 50 1 4 Montour 64 Muncy 5 ,. . Loyalsock 78 u nc QP Coach: Bob Wolfe Mont omery 68 Hughesville 60 C. Barlow , I. G. Miller 513. 724 F f J. Verrnilya Martin Muncy 48 Millville 61 Muncy 62 Muncy 48 ughesville 6 U gomefy 5 Muncy 57 B.E.N. 64 R. Barnes A. Yearick C. Myers 70 Muncy 54 G. Miller, J. Winters, D. McCollin, G. Glidewell, J. Coppes. g fu 2sQ.Q.f5...ff Coach George Dietz L. Entz D. Berninger D. Wentzler F. Thompson T. Falat, J. Smay Managers: Barry McMichael and Dave Robbins. f f Galen Miller l Allen Yearick Baigafgczff 555126011 E Chris Barlow 1 if , ' 5 72 John Vermilya Mike Schneider ,, -Lsyfhlf'-1'twam f . Y'"mcf,.1w5f::f,..:mz.- , ff f JEW' . L.,, x.-Q,-ff,,,:vw.: Q 'L V7 Y Q., J A m, ,. W , mm,, i - , Af ,..,, ,,A X 4 V " 'I 1 5, My w- -- W? ' if -1, ,V X Z, 4 ni' ' 3,3119 . In . fish k-:,, A 4 3 J wi, -1 1, . , , " ff? i '-use A s A via , W Qi 3 ' C , 3? 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Muncy 34 16 Montgomery Muncy 6 43 Williamsport Muncy 29 21 WHIIIOI Run Muncy 20 28 Shamokm Muncy 33 25 Loyalsock 95- 103- 112- 120-L 127 133 138 Artley . Smith Hill Balum Oden . Artley Fritz Muncy 24 32 Berwick Muncy 20 20 Hughesvllle Muncy 21 18 Lewisburg Muncy18X24 Jersey Shore 74 HWT-C. Lund 180-R Gillette 165-L Johnson 154-T Buck 145-S. Miller 145-S. Gresh Ll R. Feigles, R. Kennedy, P. Kelley, H. Stauffer, P. C. Stroup, M. Eiswerth, S. Winters, D. Shaner, D. Ott, J. Arthur, S. Smith, A. Johnson. Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy - 50 Berwick - 5 - 25 Hughesville - 17 - 15 Lewisburg - 25 - 16 Jersey Shore - 15 Waldron, G. Wertman, P. Miller, T, Myers, R. Hughes, K. Stiger. Muncy - 42 Montoursville - 6 Muncy-39 B. E.N.-12 Muncy - 32 Montgomery - 11 Muncy - 3 Williamsport - 46 Muncy - 18 Warrior Run - 8 Muncy - 23 Shamokin - 24 Muncy - 47 Loyalsock - 8 Managers: John Hulsizer and Lewis Peterman. Head Coach, Earl Poustg Assistant Coach, Lynn Poust. Joe Hill Garry Oden Carl Lund 1 'zsiffin anion Tom Fry Steve Artley Tracy Knarr Jim Dugan Tom Shaheen Steve Miller 76 -- EIB, .9 5 -wx IL'-.f""f .?S!fii'fe 5191.-13-,K-fi :rv L,,, 1,g1 1- 212 V ,, F :Q X U A X N + Xi XB NW Y xx A. 3' Q gm, JK L X 5 ,, X S sg Q R393 N5 .X is ff? my wx Aw X ww. ,- . v x-'-- lzzff K1 'I . 5 ' -f:,H:5 iiaix. :. " 'N SY .. 5111254 Muncy 5 . . . . Montoursville 2 Muncy 4 . . .... Mifflinburg 3 Muncy 3 . . . . .S. Williamsport 4 Muncy 1 . . . . . Williamsport 6 Muncy 5 . . .... Jersey Shore 2 Muncy 2 . . . . Central Columbia 5 Muncy 4 . . ..... Lewisburg 3 Muncy 3 . . .... Loyalsock 4 Muncy 5 . . . . Montoursville 2 Muncy 4 . . ..... Mifflinburg 3 Muncy 2 . . . . .S. Williamsport 5 Muncy 1 . . . . . Williamsport 6 Muncy 4 . . ..... Jersey Shore 3 Muncy 4 . . . . Central Columbia 3 Muncy 5 . . ..... Lewisburg 2 Muncy 1 ....... ......... L oyalsock 6 Muncy WON 9 LOST 7 'Kaye gy wg, 4 . M. 5fZagef2?5!43g.gi25? fQ17?ff3Q3f+ ftp 9614 fav :Wea 3+im32.'w. aa is wt o 4 , Zamaiagsfwpwgaikkgfg 3 agiajqlfagiaiaiajagiafagfiagig . ia aw we afwgb 4 any WW Q ram awake Sewage? Weitw QSM llfgtiajaglfaiaialigiai aaeaaalaiaiwagawwtaafs faaafaaifiaalaa qfg ' am 1 :. lst . fa ,, . i'f'LWg 7 f YMi...... I' 7 ' 7 I 5 7 3 Z? 'it' 4 ROW 1 C Pfleegor B. Hall D. DeWald S. Gresh C. Stroup L. Peterman. ROW 2: T. Knarr M Schneider P. Waldron J. Hill J. Vermilya T. Brucklacher R. Barnes, Coach 78 EIZIZLLS, .szuou , e ee Mike Schneider Jeff Hill w QQ s .. ' ..' lin, 4 5, , fa., f ffffn W' ' e 'aw .I ' L ,H John Vermilya Tracy Knarr 79 i flfafzaify cgssfaading CENTER: Jayne Rhine. LEFT TO RIGHT: Marlene Mack, Page Biddle Cathy Rohm, Deb Dunn, Betty Feigles. TOP: Patty Reitz, Mary Wall. Miss Nlttlnger Page Biddle, Captain Advisor Betty Feigles . . , i ,gi f s 1 l . , I 1 5 Hamm LEFT TO RIGHT: Marlene Mack, Patty Reitz, Deb Dunn, Page Biddle, Betty Feigles, Mary Wall, Jayne Rhine, Cathy Rohm. 80 Luzioz Qfauify Cjflsadyaading 5 X. f ' l 'Q I wp Captain: Linda Clark: Asst. Cap- tain: Roberta Boffo. J. Miller, P. Reitz, N. Wall, M. Rirm, L. Clark, R. Boffo, H. Shaheen, M Fritz, S. Burley. E ROW 1: J, Miller, M. Rinn, L. Clark, R. Boffo, M. Fritz. ROW 2: P. Reitz, N. Wall, H. Shaheen, S. Burley. 81 uniofz 04696 'EEZIEQCIL Captain: Michelle Baum: Asst. Captain: Mary Reed. ROW 1: K. Hawkins, S. Wall, H. Waltman, T. Barnes. ROW 2: G. Smith, M. Baum, M. Reed, P. Brown, J. Barnes. E' gig 'zczcfs L9 Cgaazfzacfing ,f ROW 1: S. Moore, B. Houseknect. ROW 2: D. Dietz, D. Schrader, G. Brooke, C. Crawshaw, Aldish. ROW 3: E. Bullock. Captain: Chris Crawshawg Advisor: Betty Feigles. x ,Magi 55655455 E, 3 Mm ij Q We - - sw - ffwg, -M ,,, ,, . ,, 4 A K -pn.: :-iw - ' b . 3.-'FH' -'f - ,H -A 1.5 S., b I V N . gg: , iz Q I, ' 4 Q. . ' 1' - - G --is " , , " , , 1 ' 2' , P1 ,r S fx ' .K faiths,-f:?I'2 -K 51 , . 3 h. ,w,,, ,. - .Qs ismgxjg gQi3Efafi3 353mg 5 Q www MMM 83 ROW 1: M. Reuther, S. Rupert, R. Holt, J. Bennardi, B. Barrows, J. Little, D. Fritz. ROW 2: B. Brungard,M. Hessler, T. Spring, T. Aunkst, M. Aldish, M. Glidewell, A. Davis. ROW 3: M. McCabe, E. Knox, M. Gresh, D. Lambert, L. Michael, K. Walker, R. Persun. ROW 4: H. Crawshaw, D. Chirdon, J. Livingston, D. Adams, L. Johnson, R. McCormick, R. Houseknecht. ROW 5: T. Fairchild, manager: M. Miller, B. Bartlow, D. Trick, T. Ferrar, M. Dodge, V. Chirdon, D. Aunkst. ROW 6: K. Minier, D. Breidinger, D. Hill, R. Fritz, D. Solomon, K. Balliet, A. Mitchell, K. Hausemmann, R. Mack, S. Myers. wzioz Qoofgaff GAME SCORES Muncy 6 . . . .B.E.N. 44 Muncy 16 . . . Hughesville 27 Muncy 0 . . . .Lewisburg 20 Muncy O . . . Mifflinburg 44 Muncy 8 . . . Montgomery 44 Muncy 0 . . . Warrior Run 44 COACHES: Paul Kelley and Larry Sones. 84 l I 4 A M . - 17: . . ROW 1: R. Holt, T. Spring, E. Little, T. Fairchild, L. Michael, M. Bower. ROW 2: J. Rodarmel, B. Flayhart, K. Kutz, T. Stroup, A. Mitchell, P. Winder, D. Soloman, K. Fritz, D Gautsch, Manager. ROW 3: R. Balliet, S. Moore, K. Hausemmann, R. Rader, R. Cooper, M Coppes, D. Adams. ROW 4: G. Hilkert, M. McCabe, E. Knox, R. Houseknecht, D. Ciraulo, P Freeman, M. Bush, D. Aunkst. ROW 5: D. Chirdon, L. Triolo, R. Dunkleberger, B Campbell, D. Adams. 04576 Qiligfgafi l Coaches: George Wilt and Bradley Oechler. 85 ROW 1: M. Reuther, L. Johnson, T. Young, G. Dugan, M. Gresh, B. Dugan, M. Aldish . Derr. ROW 2: P. Burgard, J. Bennardi, D. Fritz, T. Aunkst, T. Rupert, R. Stroup, . Hessler, H, Knier. ROW 3: R. Brattain, R. Friant, D. Brelsford, C. Glidewell, Berninger, T. Smith, H. Crawshaw. ROW 4: K. Stiger, O. Guisewhite, R. Bower, Bartlow, J. Bullock, D. Trick, J. Livingston, R. McCormack. ROW 5: B. Barrows, Martin, A. Davis, S. Myers, D. Milheim, R. Taylor, T. Miller. wswcgvg NE 55 FJ :mlb E153 as '11 EF? U1 ES: 'E I 0 VI Yi. FD '1 WO is Ea gm: :YJ FD ff' Z I" rn :s '41 ca. CD "1 wziofz l zziffin 86 x f W uw 3 ,Q ....' h ' . f:-- Y W W Q ' ' X 13 I., xx :- Q x K X 1, 5, ix, ENN 1 ,. X: IL, V A -we 'I-3- gt F 0 'Q 4 2 , F Q k at 1 , J.. ' f x 2ii l 5 X f f E 5 , nw., . me fklsg g:Jcm00W awk, Ql 1 AY5 N .O ' 2' - H,-ix - mix!! lik X ' ' X X Q A W ' ff - X X a DAL W ff fa '-J, ' bfvblfi' Y' ' ' W' " " Cf " " 'FW Y ' N - U . ' 1'3'l. " 9 6"'xxN D A iffgw x If 5- 1-of f W M aww 4 111111 ffmrrlrlvfrruur fa-f.v1lllf14rrr11rfI1f!IQYIAIIPPIIIIIIQfifllflllfllfllld l MM i N iff!!! 4 1 .I I if Idililla JIM uf ,IG- ,g1guww4'IF'- will J! 'S KF l Qc: ,vplgrzlflf PA! 1121111 I I fill 1411 -1 -f 114.1 avarffx ff 1 1 be 5 4 W i F .!' Ix I :gh l Q -X 1 : ... I 'tg 3 5 Q 9, - Bjjfi "f"fr4f.fJ"'-4"-f.f-f-'I-f..r4f-'J-f f 'H' ' Q 1 1,11 , ifffi, sf' i 'I I' F Y , 5 i g n- rig, ..d 'RA 1- W s ' ' ' A . I 3 ,Wall-,L n,g ,fg wqgggg 54CfLULfLE5, ' W Q1 3 M, ,ss BANNER CARRIERS L. Vermeulen and M Bartlett G' fifin .gzzcficuz cvzcfiin ana! CLARINET Karen Nuss Joyce Ann Herman Deb Nearhoof Donna Rizzo Vicky Brittain Jo Ann Haney Karen Muffly Joy Stroup FRENCH HORN Holly Baskin Janet Corson FLUTE Darlene Shively Christine Friant BASS CLARINET Rae Ann Gordner Deb Sue Hill SAXOPHONE Deb Lowe Kathy Frey Rosa Van Horn TRUMPET Connie Foust Paul Freeman Phyllis Kahler Carol Myers Cecelia Bennardi Pat Thompson TROMBONE Dan Kahler Brenda Walkup Jan Whitmire Connie Haney TUBA Jim Murphy Bob Walkup Don Foust PERCUSSION Brian Aunkst Joe Covert Don Brennan Joe Holmes Letha Miller Deb Snyder Bruce Miller Alice Hutchins Earnie Snyder Gary Wertman Judy Hebefling David Ciraulo Brenda Kouf BARITONE David Wentzler Jean Lockafd Lenora Brungard Robin Bardo Jane Miller Cindy Karschner Steve Dunlap 90 Mr. Caimi FEATURE MAJORETTE Pat Milheim J ,,L. . MAJORETTES: R. Bardo, C. Fruet, C. Solo- man, K. VanBuskirk. DRUM MAJORETTE Sue Rathmell COLOR GUARD: ROW 1: J. Cunningham, P. Shoe- maker. ROW 2: K. Bigger, W. Baysore, J. Thomas, P. Oden, L. Robbins, L. Pifer, K. Wertman. ROW 3: F. Snyder, S. Hitesman, D. Bernd, C. Anderson, A. Yorke, P. Yearick. 91 ROW 1: K. Muffley, D. Nearhoof, R. Gordner, V. Brittain, J. Stroup, D. Shively, Hutchins, J. Lockard. ROW 2: J. Herman, K. Nuss, H. Baskin, J. Corson, J. Heberling, Friant, B. Kouf. ROW 3: C. Foust, D. Snyder, C. Bennardi, D. Lowe, R. VanHorn, K Frey. ROW 4: E. Snyder, P. Freeman, C. Myers, P. Thompson, L. Brungard, C. Haney, B. Walkup, J. Whitmire. ROW 5: B. Miller, B. Aunkst, J. Covert, R. Bardo, D. Brennan, B. Walkup, J. Murphy, D. Foust. ROW 6: S. Dunlap, G. Wertman, D. Wentzler, D. Ciraulo, J. Holmes. A. C. e .rw doncszf Band BAND COUNCIL: ROW 1: D. Snyder, P. Milheim. ROW 2: R. Bardo, J. Corson, B. Walkup, C. Bennardi. ROW 3: B. Walk- up, L. Brungard, J. Holmes, D. Foust, D. Lowe. SENIORS: Joe Holmes, Lenora Brungard, Don Foust, Deb Snyder. DISTRICT BAND: Rae Ann Gord- ner, Cecelia Bennardi, Connie Foust, Don Foust. President .... . .Deb Snyder Vice-President . . . Don Foust Sec.-Treas. . . . . .Deb Lowe 92 Q fo- ,-f . CL x -X KW QZOZLLQ, Senior ROW 1: R. Bardo, J. Landis, L. Ellis, N. Bogart, M. Yost, M. Frey, P. Burgard, C. Snyder, A. Frey, P. Burgard, K. Wentzler, S. Yagel. ROW 2: H. Baskin, K. Frey, M. Young, D. Trick, E. Knox, I. Aunkst, T. Spring, L. Pifer, L. Frey, P. Banzof, P. Yearick. ROW 3: H. Shaheen, M. Davis, R. Gordner, M. Snyder, J. Treese, B. Sechrist, K. Garlick, J. Bennardi, J. Smay, C. Solomon, S. Dodge, K. Wertman, S. Bubb, K. Rider, D. Bitler. 52-L-Pfiw.d5 Cjunioz SR. HIGH DIRECTOR ROW 1: B. Fry, L. Gautsch, P. Frey, B. Houseknecht, B. Hill, T. Miss Dershem Smith. ROW 2: L. Fritz, C. Gresh, J. Wertman, L. Shadduck, J. JR. HIGH DIRECTOR Fritz, L. Crawshaw, P. Kepner. ROW 3: L. Finkler, T. Crawshaw, K. Rae Ann Gordner Knarr, C. Dietrick, P. Price, J. Whitmire, B. Fry. ROW 4: B. Barlow, C. Hess, C. Dougherty, D. Ciraulo, K. Hess, L. Lund, R. Rider, D. Dietz. 94 THE LYRICS ROW 1: M. Davis, R. Gordner, S. Bubb, D. Snyder. ROW 2: M. Young, N. Bogart, M. Young. ROW 3: D. Dunn, F. Dauberman, B. Laird. OFFICERS ROW 1: Kathy Rider, Librarian, Deb Snyder, Librar- ian, Diane Bitler, Librarian. ROW 2: Robin Bardo, Asst. Sec.-Treas.g Karen Wentzler, Librarian, Faith Dauberman, Sec.-Treas.g Deb Bitler, Librarian. ROW 3: Polly Burgard, President, Lucinda Dodge, Librar- iang Sara Dodge, Librarian, Ed Fritz, Vice-President: Cynthia Collier, Librariang Bonnie Laird, Librarian. THE BEL-AYRES ROW 1: T. Treese, E. Snyder, R. Gordner, C. Bennardi, D. Snyder. ROW 2: J. Treese, F. Daub- erman, B. Laird, S. Dodge. ROW 3: D. Trick, J. Smay, M. Kepner, E. Fritz, D. Dunn, D. Murray, L. Dodge. DISTRICT CHORUS C. Bennardi, D. Snyder, F. Dauber- man, D. Dunn, S. Dodge, L. Dodge, E. Fritz. THE CHORALIERES ROW 1: J. Treese, T. Treese, E. Snyder. ROW 2: P. Burgard, J. Smay, B. Sechrist. ROW 3: E. Fritz, J. Bennardi, M. Kepner. sfzioz Avtucfsnf foams' OFFICERS: Vice President: Sara Dodge, Secretary-Treasurer: Cindy Wilcox, President: Carl Lund. ROW 1: S. Burley, J. Arthur, S. Smith, K. Hawkins, R. Feigles, J. Rupert, M. Mack. ROW 2: C. Wilcox, C. Bird, J. Holmes, S. Winters, J. Frey, K. Lambert, S. Dodge, D. Foust. ROW 3: S. Gresh, S. Iseley, M. Greenberg, P. Waldron, C. Lund, D. Yagel, T. Breneisen, H. Eck, C. Meyers. 96 Luzioz gfucfanf Cowes' OFFICERS President . . ........... Mike Aldish Vice-President . . . .Heidi Waltman Secretary . . . Michelle Fritz Treasurer . . . .Cheryl Gresh i ROW 1: E. Bullock, K. Stiger, D. Gautsch, E. Bullock, J. Oden. ROW 2: B. Noble, M. Miller, A. Mitchell, C Renn. ROW 3: K. Hawkins, R. Miller, C. Gresh, K. Long. ROW 4: P. Reitz, D. Adams, G. Deffenbaugh, M Aldish, H. Waltman. ROW 5: T. Spring, M. Bush, R. Persun, S. Colburn, K. Nuss. 97 ffvafion onoz ociaf ROW 1: B. Waldron, P. Biddle, B. Feigles, J. Anstadt, K. Wentz- ler, C. Rohm, I. Narber, D. Baum. ROW 2: A. Johnson, S. Gresh, D. Fritz, F. Dauberman, C. Lund, D. Snyder, J. Coppes, A. Yearick, C. Barlow, J. Hill, D. Shoemaker, S. Artley, K. Stroup, S. Winter, T. Fry, G. Wertman, Mr. Poust, advisor. OFFICERS ROW 1: L. Stump, D. Tallman, C. Foust, M. Colburn, C. Ben Denise Fritz, Treasurer, Deb Snyder, Pres- nardi, D. Lowe, R. Gordner, C. Dalton. ROW 2: J. Rhine, C identg John Coppes, Vice-President, Deb Schwenk, K. Garnhart, D. Foust, M. Greenberg, W. Hale, J Baum, Secretary. Holmes, J. Trimble, J. Hill, S. Rathmell, R. Karschner, G. Miller M. Kepner, D. Gordner, L. Clark, S. Hitesman. PATHFINDER STAFF Denise Fritz, editor, Deb Snyder, Page Biddle, Chris Barlow, Wendy Hale, Judy Trimble, Don Foust. 98 uainaaa l f fjcfucafron CLE Treasurer ..... Program Chairman Advisor ...... ROW 1: G. Oden, R. Narber. ROW 2: E. Maurer, K. Long, P. Oden, D. Johnson K. Hawkins, W. Baysore, S. Tallman, S. Miller. ROW 3: J. Girven, B. Steimling, I Narber, B. Houseknecht, L. Narber, J. Miller, C. Wilcox, J, Michael. ROW 4: J: Fowler, L. Schodt, L. Oberdorf, S. Treese, E. Krueger, N. Bogart. ROW 5: D Fry, C. O'Conner, K. Lambert, D. Cipriani, D. DeWald, V. Lowe, P. Milheim, B Coppes. 99 OFFICERS President ......... Ella Krueger Vice-President . . . Lorraine Oberdorf Secretary .......... Pat Milheim JoElla Fowler Cindy Wilcox Mrs. Burley 5 Deb Snyder Editor .scvzgoofa cgfaff ROW 1: Linda Schodt, Cindy Wilcox, Ella Krueger, Deb Baum. ROW 2: Pat Milheim, Page Biddle, JoElla Fowler, Sharon Treese, Lorraine Oberdorf. ROW 3: Lewis Peterrnan, Betty Feigles, Cris Breidinger, Kathryn Garnhart, Ron Kar- schner. 100 EDITOR: Deb Snyder, LIT. EDITOR: Mark Greenberg, PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS: Allen Yearick and Chris Barlow QAbsentj, ART EDITOR: Joe Holmes, SPORTS EDITOR Ka ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Carl Lund, JUNIOR EDITORS: Jayne Rhine and Sara Dodge, BUSINESS MANAGER: Dawn Cipriani, ASSISTANT EDI- TORS: Denise Fritz and Faith ' Dauberman fAbsentJ. l I 4 ROW 1: S. Burley, K. VanBuskirk, S. Yagel, P. Burfield, J. Miller. ROW 2: W. Hale, D. Baum, D. Snyder, C. Karschner, C. Hose, C. Haney, W. Baysore, D. Baysore. ROW 3: D. Dewald, V. Brittain, D. Bernd, B. Laird, S. Garnhart, C. Fruet, J. Miller, P, Burgard. ROW 4: C. Barlow, J. Coppes, S. Dodge, N. Bogart, L. Dodge, R. Bardo, B. Young. Biofogj STANDING: Connie Haney, Secretary-Treasurerg Robin Bardo, President, Gerry Long, Program Chairman, Advisors, Mr. Doebler and Mr. Dietz. 101 OFFICERS President ......... Karen Wentzler Vice-President . . . Cheryl Schwenk Secretary . . . . . . Ella Krueger Treasurer .... . . . Donna Gordner Candy Manager .... Dorothy Tallman gifs Giffifgfrc iiociafion Lady and Karen , sec, A t.- J- seg ,B l A 5505575 ROW 1: D. Fritz, D. Baum, D. Baysore, J. Miller, S. Yagel, W. Baysore, J. Cunningham, P. Oden, Long, E. Maurer, D. Tallman, L. Schodt, L. Oberdorf, C. Rohm, C. Knox, M. Wall. ROW 2: Snyder, B. Coppes, D. Murray, D. Fry, D. Johnson, K. Hawkins, M. Davis, C. Hose, H. Shaheen, Wentzler, J. Trimble, P. Burgard, C. Rohm, C. Foust, D. Gordner. ROW 3: W. Hale, E. Reuther, Tallman, S. Garnhart, N. Bogart, C. Bird, C. Wilcox, D. Ciprani, E. Krueger, L. Dodge, C. Fruet, VanBuskirk, S. Burley, J. Miller, L. Stump, G. Hester. ROW 4: M. Egli, B. Kilgus, T. McKee, M. Mack, K. Garnhart, J. Rhine, M. Rinn, L. Clark, M. Colburn, P. Biddle, N. Wall, L. Kibby, C. Schwenk, K. Muffly, J. Lockard, D. Lowe, R. Gordner. ROW 5: P. Kahler, D. Rizzo, J. Long, J. Holmes, B. Stackhouse, B. Young, B. Laird, B. Houseknecht, C. Soloman, B. Feigles, P. Reitz, S. Shaner, J. Brelsford, D. DeWald, C. Bennardi. ROW 6: D. Dewald, J. Miller, J. Girven, V. Lowe, P. Milheim, D. Dunn, D. Steimling, D. McCoy, K. Lambert, S. Miller, B. Steimling, K. Wertman, C. Haney, D. Nearhoof, K. Rider, A. Fry, D. Bitler, D. Bernd, D. Bitler, S. Johnson, S. Dodge. 30075125 Q. cgfzofzfa OW 1: K. Wentzler, S. urley, R. Boffo, B. tackhouse, M. Davis, . Cunningham, E. aurer, L. Long, P. den, S. Miller, L. tump. ROW 2: J. olmes, J. Long, D. aum, H. Shaheen, D. ordner, C. Hose, D. allman, J. Rhine, C. ox, K. VanBuskirk. cage OW 1: D. Murray, D. Baum, E. Krueger, . Davis, B. Kilgus, E. Mauer, J. Cunning- am, K. Long, P. Odem. ROW 2: M. Egli, Long, J. Holmes, D. Gordner, D. Tall- an, S. Miller, C. Rohm, S. Iseley. ROW : S. Rathmell, K. Wentzler, M. Mack, P. urgard, J. Trimble, B. Steimling, C. Wil- x. ROW 4: W. Hale, V. Lowe, D. Dunn, . Lambert, M. Colburn, L. Clark, P. ilheim, B. Stackhouse. 103 chlocgshzj ROW 1: S. Burley, K. VanBuskirk, B. Stackhouse, M. Davis, B. Kilgus, W. Baysore, J. Cunningham. ROW 2: D. Baysore, S. Yagel, J. Miller, D. Gord- ner, M. McCarty, L. Dodge, S. Miller. ROW 3: Miss Nittinger, D. Bernd, K. Wentzler, M. Mack, P. Burgard, J. Trimble, D. Bay. ROW 4: S. Dodge, V. Lowe, D. Dunn, K. Lambert, M. Colburn, L. Clark, M. Wall. - ROW 3: D. DeWald, J. Girven, J. Miller, C. Schwenk, M. Mack, B. Feigles, B. Steimling, C. Wilcox, L. Oberdorf, E. Krueger. ROW 4: D. Mur- ray, D. Cipriani, S. Dodge, H. Shaheen, V. Lowe, B. Young, D. Steimling, D. Dunn, C. Fruet, J. Miller. Ooifsz OFFICERS Mr. Schuyler and Pat Milheim ROW 1: Mr. Schuyler, advisor, D. Snyder, J. Miller, S. Yagel, J. Stugart, D. Murray, L. Oberdorf, K. Long. ROW 2: C. Wilcox, D. Cipriani, E. Krueger, D. Steimling, P. Milheim, J. Holmes, B. Coppes, P. Oden, L. Schodt. ROW 3: D. Johnson, K. Hawkins, C. Karschner, J. Stroup, K. Garnhart, B. Kilgus, E. Maurer, W. Baysore. ROW 4: D. Fritz, S. Garnhart, S. Burley, J. Miller, C. Fruet, K. VanBuskirk, C. Hose, R. Bardo, D. Bernd, L. Miller. ROW 5: D. DeWald, I. Narber, B. Houseknecht, H. Shaheen, L. Dodge, P. Biddle, E. Reuther, B. Feigles, W. Hale. ROW 6: D. Baysore, J. Michael, S. Miller, K. Lambert, L. Kibby, J. Long, B. Stackhouse, M. Egli, D. Rizzo, T. McKee. 104 President . . . . . .PatM11he1m Vice-President . . . Joni Holmes Secretary . . . . . Ella Krueger Treasurer . . . . .Pat Milheim JV!-CZLL3 W ROW 1: T. Fry, J. Hill, G. Oden, J. Dugan, L. Balum, S. Winters, B. Lowe, G. Miller, Mr. Schuyler, advisor. ROW 2: D. Artley, S. Artley, S. Little, T. Gardner, M. Schneider, R. Gillette. ROW 3: L. Blaser, C. Lund, J. Vermilya, C. Myers, T. Myers, E. Fritz, J. Hill, L. Johnson. ROW 4: K. Stroup, R. Barnes, T. Buck, T. Breneisen, A. Yearick, H. Eck, J. Byerly, J. Martin, C. Barlow, T. Knarr. OFFICERS President . . . ............ Tom Breneisen A Vice-President . . . . .Carl Lund X Secretary , , . .Chris Barlow Treasurer . . . .Joe Hill Q ,fwfr Mr. Schuyler 1 05 rg. Using OFFICERS President .... . . Kaethe Greenberg Vice-President . . .... Julie Miller Secretary .... . . . . Carol Grot Treasurer ................... Eva Bullock Chaplain .............. Christina Crawshaw Inter-Club Council Member .... Heidi Waltman Advisor ............. . . . Miss Reece The Shutter-Uppers: Pattie Brown, Jody Holmes, Mary Reed. ROW 1: K. Griggs, K. Frey, E. Bullock, B. Houseknecht, S. Smith, R. Emick, K. Winters, J. Fisher. ROW 2: C. Martin, J. Dugan, J. Fritz, S. Ferrar, L. Crawshaw, S. Aldish, S. Bruch, G. Brooke, B. Noble. ROW 3: S. Wall, C. Detrick, K. Hawkins, D. Kephart, K. Kahle, D. Schrader, C. Renn, B. Little, M. Johnson, C. Miller. ROW 4: A. Hayhurst, B. Noble, D. Hill, B. Stump, L. VanBuskirk, C. Crawshaw, K. Knarr, D. Andrews, S. Woodley, H. Waltman, T. Barnes. ROW 5: J, Miller, M. Fritz, J. Landis, M. Baum, J. Barnes, R. Rinn, P. Reitz, C. Myers, D. Shively, L. Robbins, P. Brown, J. Holmes. ROW 6: C. Cryder, H. Baskin, K. Frey, J. Corson, J. Long, D. Arthur, R. Temple, D. Eichenlaub, J. Fisher, T. Rizzo, C. Koch, C. Steimling. ROW 7: N. Wilt, B. Barlow, M. Young, S. Colburn, C. Dougherty, K. Nuss, M. Reed, K. Greenberg, C. Grot. 106 Qufuzs warez ROW 1: S. Yagel, A. York, P. Oden, E. Maurer, K. Long, L. Stump. ROW 2: D. Baysore, W. Baysore, R. Lowe, R. Johnson, D. Lauchle, B. Noble, P. Thompson, C. Fruet. ROW 3: L. Kibby, C. Anderson, G. Covert, J. Stroup, J. Haney, P. Drick, A. Taylor, D. Bernd. ROW 4: M. Young, P. Kahler, J. Heberling, N. Eschenbach, C. Breidinger, J. Stroup, D. Fry, L. Vermeulen. OFFICERS President ........ Lee Ann Stump Vice-President . . . . Ruth Ann Lowe Sec.-Treas. . . . ..... Joy Stroup Program Chairman . . Nancy Eschenbach Advisor . . . . .Mrs. Royer 107 Luzioz cqzr ROW 1: C. Yearick, J. Smith. ROW 2: D. Schrader, B. Stump, L. Ellis, J. Holmes, P. Brown, C. Johnson, M. Burkholder. ROW 3: D. Hill, J. Barnes, P. Reitz, J. Miller, M. Fritz, J. Landis, R. Rinn. ROW 4: D. Lauchle, V. Little, M. Baum, C. Myers, L. Sullivan, K. Greenberg, C. Grot, M. Reed, J. Herman, K. Frey, Miss Reece. ROW 5: J. Long, C. Renn, M. Johnson, C. Miller, L. Van- 2 OFFICERS A President .............. Carol Myers i Vice-President . . . . .Jody Holmes Secretary . . . . . Debby Ann Hill Advisor .... . .... Miss Reese Buskirk, G. Smith, C. Friant. ROW 6: H. Baskin, E. Knox, A. Davis, K. Nuss, M. Young, J. Heberling. ROW 7: R. Stroup, D. Fritz, J. Bennardi. 512602 O46 l Ellen Reuther, President: Joe Holmes, Vice President: Mel Rinn, Secretary Conrad Shull, Treasurer: Miss Reese, ad: visor. ROW 1: A. Funston, P. Reitz, C. Knox, L. Miller. ROW 2: W. Baysore, S. Dodge, L. Dodge, N. Bogart, M. Rinn, J. Cunningham, C. Karschner, M. Mack, R. Almeida. ROW 3: Miss Reece, N. Wall, P. Biddle, L. Clark, B. Gillette, D. Gordner. ROW 4: S. Pfleegor, A. Crawshaw, C. Shull, J. Holmes, E. Reuther, D. Fry, S. Shaner, R. Karschner, D. Yagel, M. Greenberg, P. Kahler, D. Ramos, D. Baum. 108 lligzazy Gqaaiifcuzfi , XQB C' E asia -'isfr .. c. . -- :Xl 51' .f :N ' . :HE Cf:ZQE' . r L-:.' . A 15" SENIORS: Mrs. Wert, Advisorg Kathryn Garnhartg Karen Wentz- lerg Polly Burgard. KNEELING: C. Johnson, B. Gillette, J. Murray. SEATED: K. Garnhart, Mrs. Wert, K. Wentzler, P. Burgard, V. LaVan, M. Swizinsky. STANDING: C. Soloman, L. Kibby, B. Houseknect, C. Snyder, L. Flock, C. O'Conner, S. Garnhart. 109 OTI CE The Nomen's Society of the Willow Run Valley Church will hold its Quilting Bee cm the Second 'Ieufday of every Month in the Refi-- dence of' Miss Effie Slocum OC'tober 11 f' ,, V 110 fa an N S191 3 A S X Q11 , ' " 'Qf i' 7?""1 -' S x V x - 1115. 5. - -iv" QF' ' f' - 2- . A vw-. fn I ? 9 1, M , N 6 Q . , -2 ' 4 " .fff 5' Pbf r wifi? -0 'Iliff flmnrlfifrrrxul' ff.-I-fllllfffrrlfzrfiy ffl lA5ovI1m"A!.49'If'lIl.4Hllllllllflllllll 1 X ' 1 he J 'W X K K . . I 1, K1 1 N - 9 5 ! ' ai ' 5 1' E . 5 X ' . Vi'-Z2 K4 ' . W5 1-2 -1 ku ,Fx ,Y DVI' .4717 fffi .4 wx 2' - 1, ,, 1 353 V i 1 1 X '25 M . W,, . , , Y x N N f 1 I .T '1:' K" :1 xfk' im: LA:mAA: VV : f " Q , x I E 5 g f, E 1 b 4 ' J P. E Q 1 'E ' " I " ?U v4. .WI I ,MaYf'7'Il'1' If . x - A if A L, l "' SSH? x-'H x ! ' . ,, L,.v ,K::-'. 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Knowing memories are all We can keep. 113 lk ggi QLLEEI2 IQ fl cfwin Daniaa Gzifz 114 Page Blddle Betty Feigles and and Tom Shaheen Jeff Byerly Deb Baum Denise Fritz and and Allen Yearick John Vermilya me IQ72 cfwaj owzf Joni Holmes Barb Kilgus and and Larry Johnson Tom Breneisen Julie Long Deb Snyder and and Garry Cden Carl Lund Ella Krueger and Tracy Knarr 115 Karen Wentzler and Dave Batchelor ,Q fr " . . iff. ' ' wg N ggi K Ti . ilk, , , , - :r ww THE R C Qwsgisznm 2 A , 1- g Zh, " 'x 1 iw: A . QW ,I . w ,,fy1,f, ff f y iw , Q 'f' - - ,, -. ' 211, , 5 if +"F:v-,Msgv ,- wk 1-Q K , , W ,ffl Q -,fL 1. 4 S N' 5115 L I P ,K W F :X ff, 3 Nm B is lim X1 , 'T X, x S258 KN vibe! 'WX 'S W- if , V g' -,M K '-1, 5 if? 3 . " mag sr. gi Q 'x:::JsQa-"-ff? "fi:-'5?5?:5'f :.": :. I. -:'?1 , ' 91155 f' :iii f' i:f?S21,?IE?s:?iI' :-, 'fu 4' 75 3' ' A '4.'1:.35"i'5qea:-'MEF J '. e'f:S:'Qf' '.'L:::. " is ::'EE..". V1 .. . fl J .- fy - - .... 4552? wg. 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Since his arrival, David has become interested in two of our school sports, which are quite new to him, namely, basketball and wrestling. At home his interests were held in several different areas of sports such as rugby, tennis, and surfing. He was actively involved in all three. After returning to Duban, David plans to attend college followed by a compulsory year of military training. Every- one in Muncy is enjoying his company and extend a sincere wish for a pleasant year as exchange student. ' Y ' 5' Q 118 3 3' .- bew.-WMI-i - W-ww fi S WE 9 Al HI QM T 9225 4 9fr4',Ef?w'A'Q1fWfvv'wWU' ' -'ww Xl -4.. - , Q , f Y ww 11111 fl fx: 1 1111 A I 11:1 I ent lf'p'.v9'll'III,v IIIFI filllfll 'iff ff - Q 0 Q-J.. 4 .N ' gif' , Gywvwf PV f Q ,XT-f'35Y 'Ol Lv r mravrnrfqp-fw,vr fl 1 1 ' rt I 1' f , All V II 1, -Ja- x Q -K K f' x " Qs L 1 .-S Y-"9 2 2 :FQ R 474 if IJJJJII4- .Ill if -lgvlllnfvr J l foil Cs x ,ts -I Ill! 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I Qwanfzfaz 1 gjwotowfa 9 G gnafa-cfwafic 1 'f 'un LLL Q Uofoz Uuning Contrast Hue Q9 ,.. X Brightness R.D. No. 2, Muncy, Pa. E9 6U1'fGN6 X ,,.. , , Aft Intenslty Qing Quznifufzs Keystone alfouaing Co. P12 cflffuncslj, 9341. gniauzcfion. Koufax 220 JV E5 147 Phone 47173 546-5958 Jvdlgil Gly 5' 50225, fiusafocg - clfaufing gang Jmsafa Euzing qfyinfsz cfwonffia Phone: 546-6806 R.D. 4994 Muncy, Pa. Gunszaf Olforrzz lr 'E gg-, ax E pig A fl V xg- 'Q 'il 4 L MTS? A5 G.-5 Q, fi ,. ' Y, M P . Williamsport uncy' 3 Loyal Plaza - Route 220 Howard E. wauis David E. Wauis The depmment St9re for the entire fam11y Congratulations and Best Wishes C B 0 A M N M K O N Sz W E T A R L U T S H T "Your Community-minded Bank" Bowl,-04-:Rana 335- Q Q gzcmgs cfvafionaf Bang .Lycoming gifica .Sand Co. CJVOME fflflain .Swat afugrmrfg, gba. Dffks: 420 Broan! Sinai The Bank of Friendly Service Jwonfouiivifu, Ta. Complete Banking Facility For Every Need 365-2457 Free Parking Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 4 is A Congratulations 4 , r i 3 Class of 1972 'Q Wig ' , XX , .,,g,,,r.,,.,,,s,.,,-, B50 :Mc Coznzicgli Beauty Sllop lt o r ,--'V K A, A :,,,,tt -. 43 S. Main Street Mum, Pa' 5466588 I fvwrfr Q 64. Um CQOHJJL M Centra Alsar Sz Aloan Alum. Siding CQ ga Mundy, 'ma' Alum. Storm Doors 8a Windows R.D. 42 Muncy, Pa. Free Estimates Ogf M25 if Phone 546-2083 1 OULTE 5, gn Cfazflafown 4 ggi? I kim "if cha Qvggangg r cgzflfifafzcf cmc! gift Bazaaz U.s. Rt. 15 In Allenwood, Pa. Phone 717-538-1869 cgazollf 561615, gawsgsz Gqugflsauigys, 9961. fu 'P 5 9 Y. X 115' Sf .XJ MM' ' 9 '..3?'E-Q-,f3 f":. . -,-ss-L a .. .gn sw 4 P . X , P ex Q . PT cgfrcingja fjsxcwo P P -wil- . SS, Y sf .- -'Mfg ' W, ,,., ..,.. -wif M - Rises - 1 ' ' ' '- ' rigs L , ,. K " E , M.gim3-Q J 555 AALhg 1 Q iff 31 1., zz, . 'ff gasp ---.: PM- . 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CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '72 FROM THE uainsu Education C615 SENIOR MEMBERS Dawn Cipriani JoE1la Fowler Ella Krueger Pat Milheim Lorraine Oberdorf Garry Oden Linda Schodt Sharon Treese Cindy Wilcox Cjofgn Ewell Oqgancy Masonic Building Muncy, Pa. Get Insured - Stay Insured - Rest Assured B546 5120 QZI725, aifzj wuz Qfus gratefully acflnowfscfgz ffm aufzfzozf of H2515 owz Mr. and Mrs. William R. Barlow Mr. and Mrs Arden Biddle Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Breidinger Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Buchsen Paul and Thelma Burgard Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cipriani, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold N- Davis y Mr. and Mrs. Bryon M. Dugan Harold Eddy Mr. and Mrs. James Feigles Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Foust Mr. and Mrs. Harry R.fFritz Michelle, Kurt, Sz Mitzi Fritz X Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Garlick Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gatz Mr. and Mrs. Paul Greshm . Mr. andMrs. W. B. Hale, Jr. Herrls Texaco .qDCI.f'ZOl25. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs R Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Lester Knarr, Jr. .. .Henry L. 8: Waneta Knier Roy Lund Maynard Milheim Kenneth H. Miller Henry M. Murray John G. Oberdorf, Sr. Larry C. Peterman Robert J. Reuther John C. Rohm John Schneider Mr. Stan Schuyler Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . Roy Stiger Mr. and Mrs C. Arvvood Snyder Donald B. Snyder Robert Stackhou,se . Mrs. Betty Treese Charles Lester and Ocie Sellers Carson Garry Oden and Barb Coppes I r I 4 1 ! I F I i i V l 'CI YI I' A 'Ll E3H I lS 'J 'l'2 .. ' ' I F' I .. 3 5. c ETWH 5553 5535 iiii F243 E543 7273 'TTS 'HWS llll Il l llll llll llll llll fill llll MM iiil Illl llll llll 1. K 1 ,Nw 1 ' 1 . 1',1 no -Bw 1 . A Nr, 1 4:1 J 1'1- -3 P ul"-" 11 V V. -'1 -j 3'-5 J.Sf' 'J- '. --' .:' 3 fr- -1-',9.., ' ,Aff .qv .I -2, 1 .gat ul. .' ff ,IS- ,. .--x ' Ag' 4 S-.Y:, ' 4 Q x..T" --W-, 4-. , X F. -1 :A 'V -, . 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