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at Avy iw' ,. 1. 'Sn .,,e, .Q -f., , n w 4 s 5 4 ' .V , r ,2 .',f- R. , 4 4' , an www' X TEE lu, -. 5.42 '-, , Slug A sr 153 f"-j1g.- ,jf :f,'f' ' Ian ' .-,ff-:H ' I Awg,g' ' - Lp'-:fx 1' I 1' 54 + 'ff'Ql'1 J f 1- gif.. Y ' ,IKM ' ' K. X A 1,- - " D wr "df ' " ' ei 'K ' 'L' 1 adv' ' -' 'Le 'ig P "Q-." J X992 I ' 'Q 4 'gif if 'f Q . I ,MJ W 1 ...a ,.....,.,- ..................., . .. ff f -. ,T , ' - -Q 1 N . :"', :.'! -' f 'XI 21.,0T'i ,JV , 1 , ., 1'-a:f"'- , 1. 1 . , 2.35, ', ' X .' f f lfffff. ' - J. J Q5 -.,T?'Ef-aff' I :si-i . A -f QQ, ..,,,-geifp A ' '- L- ,-,,.V A ..,,n Y, - F ,'f,,f1if' ' 'gif' , . ' 2,1-,1 - I ' . . , ggnxr 5 2, -- , , I yfff?-'fr ' -'i n it frlfjq-z' . ' 1, v' , , V-Z ::' j 52' ' I if-53-'.' g " 5 ' rw ' If If 1 -4' ' 1' ' , 5 , T l ff.-5 Y. K , f -.wr-y., . , , 5- .1 '- Y-.41 H -1, ' ' us' f :Ag f.,i-. z:1f.fE"l.-, Q, ' f I, if ' Q- 1 A . -in E' i V3 "5 ' ' . 1 -gif - .f " ,E -. ' v -' w -1, --J V 5 . 1g,fg.3, BQ -' gg ,E .7 ' 11 -'V n , -Q- A A A , Lf- 3' Fr: , ,,,, .4 17 Y ,J . ,. 'LTP , 2 X X Q3 x 14.22 . 'gif . . , 1. . , vw g .3 me 3, ..-V I, J' 'Q -ww , ' 5331 -Jeff,-ISI' .sk -- , E!-.. -1 a Sag, A' if-r .2 . iii ' V 35,1 WY .,g.. ,, af- 'Q -5,9-Y-: . v1 M , . :fy Elllf A 4 K ff' 5 1 1, I in J F 159:53 - . s s..fw - 2. :fir ' 'Eff' T , .1 ' fbi .' Q 1.3, AL '? ' f1 - M '- np '- -c. - 1 2 15,4 , 4 jew ' . 'iiisfi ' .1 V .513 .1 ' : 1 , ,. ,.v- I ' ef f w' ' 1 4 I , 72 im". - L f- w- 1 N" S QW!! 1 4 4j9f"" Maw- A R- , by W2 W W il umm: win hw-' ron NINETEEN HUNDRED Ann 6 g FIFIY - EIGI-IT . A X x f ' 'J Q- PW Zkf 5 fn ,- - fb-. Lic 4 6 E 5' ' xy 7? .JH ef" .xv ' ' 'I , ' 4 S: - '24 0 .-f' 2 -f N K"-'v'Z1 ev f !H:- f N .0 ,..,3',- 44.- - 'spin 5 'X' "Y 1 y X - ag-' 499 VAQQ1 af. W Q' 'x K 17?-ji g' f f,,.5QQQ1':' ', ,Q fvfvqf -wwf, L-gi: 5113335 1 gs X 'xxizff-y .. - L 4 my ' lllfjggegg-D ' Wh- L , lf 'gl' fig' 4 " f 552-f f 2 1 - ,M -Tir,-+ .y ' 5 -' FIIl1,,l,,5l V 'N E9 5 if - .f.f4-ima:-'F?A:g -. -., H - - , . 11 , KK kfxxw . Q -Iii? Z j , 4' 'ia t-1 ' - , N X A ...f 'fig f H.. T ,Sf Q f 'K' M 'VII - c: .f -L f - 9- ' f wg f 1 , :VX-AI, I. , - 1 , 5 3 ' if ? A gf I 5' - W PUBILSHIED BY THE SIENIDR CLASS' 4 x Q cQwf7, tg ,vmgjgjcjfg ,g X G4 Ida- . 4 X c X x N1XsQNS xxxxNxSi , X XXX 'I-vin-ug School Front A school, like an individual, in time developes a personality, a distinctive atmosphere, which impresses itself upon its students and largely determines their general attitude. A school aids in molding their character for all time. Few educational institu- tions have had a better chance to develop a distinctive person- ality than Muncyg for the Muncy of today, as the general theme of this annual has endeavored to show, is the product of a rich background of excellent schools. Let us always remember that these stout walls are not held together with mortar alone, but with the tradition that Muncy has always had fine schoolsg and someone once said, "Muncy is a traditionf' 2 Editor-GERALDINE TILBURY Foreword The theme of the 1958 CANUSABAGO is the long succession of institutional schooling in Muncy. Through its history of education, Muncy has fostered many different schools. In this sixteenth edi- tion, We have attempted to show the various stages of education from 1799 to the present period of construction. These stages present a picture of the increasing development from the small log cabin school to our present high school. We would like to extend grateful acknowledgements to the following peo- ple for their service, time and patience, understanding and guidance which they have given to our class in presenting this issue: our advisor, Mr. Stanley Schuyler, for sacrificing his own time in order to help us, our photographer, Mr. James Minnich, lay Schoch, for his ex- cellent art workg Mr. Barnard Taylor, for advice, the Luminary, for help in research, the faculty, for their patience and understandingg the merchants, for their financial aid in the purchasing of advertisements, and especially to YOU -the reader, for it is you who make our efforts fruitful. -THE Enrron Q MW X! -2 if 1? sl-as fa? W M We arg f l is ,,y X -f""Wn,y,. 7 fi agiaawa W Q X ,ill X x f ll td f ,im X 1 f R M. X Q , X yy X J! X li MISS BESSIE M. LONG N THE CLASS of 1958 is happy to dedicate their yearbook, THE CANUSARAGO, to I f Miss Bessie Long. i Everyone in the school has an appreciation and esteem for Miss Long's f "t0uch,' which is apparent at whatever she does-from maintaining a neat and X orderly class room, to her unmatched skill at decorating our stage for important f events. V The girls, in particular, are grateful not only for her help in solving the Y problems of homemaking, the most important of all jobs, but also for her guidance and direction. The usual "drab', and udrearyn of the school day is made brighter by the UN i e charm and graciousness of our Miss Long. Q f jp! l I l' f , fl Z f Q? if , ff L g f 57-ETA W MIHZWW' S "1 f N DMINISTRATION mmf .ull ff 4 4! f LASSES 2 M lfvyflflf y CTIVITIES Q 1 '-ff X f' 'N A th' PORTS M W DVERTISEMEN TS Q NM W' , 'Tgf WZ ' A ff WM! f f f lxf' -V X " ' 4' y My ZX W f QA ig Wig- gawk iff Z ff X x f ,J N SX 'MN K ,Q N x wi 4+ A WM, Q SENIORS THIRD GRADE SENIORS 1958 M N X i X 5 4 X' xr 'g 'ici , - 'i , Q iii- I f f Z X xr 111- i -' f - Zfgifr X ,g3:J-f A , ff? ' -5-?""' ,Z-11",-"' .T ,.. gifs'-li PT yjh ., . tts? I J, 7 0,4 SWK, ' f 1- fa , 1 ' f '7 fv L' M1 ji' Q 0 W W' - V4 -Hr' 1 -1 A ,, 5 x -1 0 15551 : K 2...-af' K wx W wif-A K. X , 3 ' ay- j Q,-271 ' ....- ' 'Z' V .,-ll N ' xixig mffffwfn- ', 3285 N, ip - .1 2645. N 411635 fffi- -,ngq,w.f, , 'xv - gsm A 4.1 ff ' . M f +-N -Aw" 'f - M f,:f'f2f'1-5221 f 1,1 f,..g w .. , ,Q , y-Wffd - Q - .' .wi f. 7 .5 1-4 :I Ira WW' 12, 145 fifk? 1 f ' U - A 1 -if "-P "-i r. "Xi .1 gf' K 'X -.C Q ',, A Qgmmsz' 'MA 'l Ag ,P f N 1 U ..:p-.B,,51gif4fs13:.fzf:,'- ...::' I., , . .Q 1 1 x 'ii '-'-'-59"-'N -. .,..2Ql'f.. 54" 950' , 'U ' V 1 X . A' . 14 'VV' Yrs 4 mv - J '-l.,- X - 'A-ravi KV gg' kd x.,.- K , -S A Q Qi .f AQLLW 1630 Rn Ah X Z My 1 1 Wf ff f fa Seniors ,W 6 tv-if S WM SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right-Ronald Frey, Treasur- er, Nancy Musser, Secretary, Eldon Reed, President, Iames Kennedy, Vice-President. MR. STANLEY SCHUYLER Class Advisor OUR ADVISOR We wish to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Stanley T. Schuyler, for his guidance through- out our senior year. As a result of his co-opera- tion and patience, our most important tasks were accomplished successfully. Through his leader- ship, and understanding, he became a friend as well as a teacher. Once again, we wish to express our deepest appreciation to you, Mr. Schuyler. 8 GARY DEAN ALLEN Business. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, Baseball 2, Gym Team 1, 2, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, "M" Club 2, 3, President 4, Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4, Magazine Sales 4, Patrol Boys 1, Plays 4, Scoop Stall 4. MARY ANN ALLEN Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Iournalism Club 2, Librarian 1, 2, 3, Magazine Sales 4, Plays, Student Director 3, swap Staff 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, In- tramurals 1, 2. but the memories of a by-gone clay still remain' Lois ELLEN BANGHAET Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Magazine Sales 4, Plays 3, Scoop Staff 3, Student Council 2, 3, Class Officer 2, 3, G. A. A. 2, 3. RAY S. BANKES General. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, "M" Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Magazine Sales 4. 'H GEORGE WILLIS ARTLEY Business. Football 1, 2, Magazine Sales 4 JAMES FRANK AHTLEY General. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, "MD Club 3 4, Magazine Sales 4. DORIS JEAN BLAIR Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerlead- er 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, journal- ism Club 2, Magazine Sales 4, Scoop Staff 3, Student Council 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Intramur- als 2, 3, 4, May Princess 1, May Court 4. LINDA HOPKINS BOAK Academic. Booster Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Magazine Sales 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Yearbook 4, May Court 4. ml' P the horse and buggy . . . long since SUSAN ELIZABETH BROWN General. Band I, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, journalism Club 2, Mag- azine Sales 4, Plays 3, 4, Scoop Staff 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, President 4, C. A. A. 3, 4' Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. a GORDON WILLARD CHASE Academic. Glee Club 1, 4, Magazine Sales 4, Plays 4, Scoop Staff 4, Yearbook 4, Stage Crew 2, Intramurals 1. PHYLLIS GRACE BOOTH Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, journalism Club 2, Magazine Sales 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 4. IOYCE ELAINE BRITTAIN Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Journalism Club 2, Magazine Sales 4, Photography Editor-Yearbook 4, Plays 3, 4, Scoop Staff 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. have gone to . pasture . NANCY IANE DEWALD Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, journalism Club 2, Magazine Sales 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2. MARY ANN EDGEWORTH Academic. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, District Chorus 3, 4, Cirls' En- semble 2, 3, 4, May Court 4, Scoop Staff 4, Plays 3, Magazine Sales 4, Advertising Edi- tor 4, Journalism Club 2. JAMES LEWIS CHASE General. Football 1, 2, 3, Plays 4, Scoop Staff 3, 4, Magazine Sales 4. 4 .Q PHYLLIS ANN CRAWFORD Business. Sports Editor-Yearbook 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, Gym Team 2, 4, Journalism Club 2, Magazine Sales 4, Plays 3, 4, Scoop Stall 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, C. A. A. 3, 4. IANET LoU1sE EDWARDS Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 2, 3, 4, Gym Team 2, Iournalism Club 2, Magazine Sales 4, Scoop Staff 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. CELIA IANE FENSTERMACHER Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Iournalism Club 2, Librarian 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Intra- murals 1, 2, Magazine Sales. x 3 the eerie glow of the candle RONALD SOHUYLER FREY General. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Gym Team 1 2, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 2, 3 Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4, Magazine Sales 4 "M" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3 DIANNA LOU FRY Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, journalism Club 2, Librarian 2, Magazine Sales 4, Plays 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE SPENSER FRY General. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Magazine Sales 4, "Mn Club 4, Intramurals RICHARD ATWATER FRY General. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Magazine Sales 4, "Mn Club 4, Secretary, Scoop Stall 4, Circulation Manager, Student Council, President 4, Intramurals 1, 3, 4. KU . 1- 1 .' N. P' -1 2 , hi - V 12 ROBERT GARMAN GIRVEN Agriculture. Magazine Sales 4, Projection- ist Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A., Treasurer 4. DONALD LARUE GOTTSCHALL General. Magazine Sales. s 1 ARTHUR MELVIN JOHNS General. Baseball 3, Basketball 3, Football 3, 4, Magazine Sales 4, "M" Club 4. T HELMA LOUISE HAWK Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, journalism Club 2, Librarian 2, 3, Magazine Sales 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. . . . no longer casts its shadow JAMES JOSEPH KENNEDY Academic. Football 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Magazine Sales 4, "NV, Club 3, 4, Plays 3, Scoop Staff 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Class Editor of Yearbook 4, Vice-President Senior Class 4, Projectionist Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent Sportsman's Club 3. RUTH ANNE LOWE Business. Band I, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Journalism Club 2, Librarian 1, 2, Magazine Sales 4, Scoop Staff 3, 4, Student Council 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Vice President 4, G. A. A. 2, Secretary 3, 4, Business Editor of Yearbook 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, D. A. R. Award 4. EMMA CATHERINE MALLOY Business, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 2, 3, 4, Iournalism Club 2, Librarian 2, Magazine Sales 4, Scoop Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Sportsman,s Club 1, 2, 3, 4. IOANNE ELIZABETH MCCOY Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Magazine Sales 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 4. 13 RUBY ELLEN MCCOY Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 3, 4, Magazine Sales 4, Student Council 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. DONALD WILLIAM MITCHELTREE Agriculture. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Magazine Sales 4, "M" Club 4, Plays 3, 4, Projectionist Club 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 4, Stage Crew 2, 3, 4. the muddy, unpaved streets JOHN EDWARD PATRIZIO Academic. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling Man- ager 2, Wrestling 2, 3, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Feature Editor of Scoop 4, President Band 4, Sportsman's Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Projectionist Club 1, 2, 3, 4. WALTER LINCOLN PRINCE ,X General. Baseball 2, 3, Basketball 3, 4, v Manager, Magazine Sales 4, "M" Club 4, ,gif Scoop Staff 4. Sox, ,. , ,I V no longer NANCY ANN MUSSER Business. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Journalism Club 2, Librarian 2, Magazine Sales 4, Plays 3, 4, Scoop Staff 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, May Queen 4, Secretary of Senior Class 4, Intra- murals 1, 2, 4, Flaming Foliage Queen 3. ALYCE JEAN PARSONS Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerlead- er 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, journalism Club 2, Librarian 2, Student Council 3, Sec- retary 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, May Court 4, In- tramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, G, A. A. 2, 3, 4. JJ. catch and hold our wagon wheels GEORGE EUGENE RISHEL Business. Basketball 2, 3, 45 Magazine Sales 45 "NIU Club 4. DALE EDWARD SCHENCK Academic. Football 2, 35 Wrestling 2, 3, 45 Baseball 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 District Chorus 45 Magazine Sales 45 "M" Club 45 Plays 3, 45 Projectionist Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. I. KENT RACER Business. Band 3, 45 Baseball Manager 1, 2, 35 Football Manager 25 Clee Club 1, 3, 45 Magazine Sales 45 "M" Club 45 Plays 3, 45 Scoop Stall 45 Sportsman's Club 1, 2, 3. ELDON WILLIAM REED ,iq Academic. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 45 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 25 Class President 2, 3, 45 Sports Editor of Scoop 45 Assistant Editor Yearbook 45 Clee Club 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Magazine Sales 45 "M" Club 2, 3, 45 Plays 3, 45 Student Council 25 Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 45 American Legion Award 1. ...but... x , L XJ JAMES EARL SCHNEIDER, IR. General. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 45 Wrestling 3, 45 Baseball 25 Magazine Sales 45 "M" Club 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 1, 3, 4. RITA JUNE PIDGEON Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Clee Club 1, 2, 35 Magazine Sales 45 Librarian 2, 35 Intramurals 2, 3. I ANN MARIE SCI-IOOLEY Business. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Gym Team 2, joumalism Club 2, Magazine Sales 4, Plays 3, 4, Scoop Stall 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Trea- surer 4, Yearbook 4, May Court 4, Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4. I .X 'V I y fxj DOUGLAS BRYANT SHOEMAKER LU tfAcademic. Football 1, Clee Club 1, 4, EJ joumalism Club 2, Magazine Sales 4, Plays 3, 4, Editor of Scoop 4, Assistant Editor of Scoop 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Presi- den 3, Layout Editor of Yearbook 4, Sports- man,s Club 2. the lamplighter no longer lights our way WILLIAM LEMONT SOMMERS General. Football 3, 4, Basketball 2, Maga- zine Sales 4, SpOrtsman's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS DEAN STUTZMAN Academic. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 3, 4, Magazine Sales 4, "M" Club 4, Sportsman's Club 3, 4, Projectionist Club 3, 4. .,' .X , GERALDINE ANE TILBURY Academic. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 1, journalism Club 2, Librarian 1, 2, 3, Magazine Sales 4, Scoop Staff 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 1, 3, May Court 4, Yearbook Editor 4. GEORGE WALTER VANDINE Academic. Clee Club 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Magazine Sales 4, Scoop Staff 3, 4. GIDRIA JEAN WEAVER Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Sales Editor of Yearbook 43 Magazine Sales 4g Scoop Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2. MARY KATHLEEN WEBSTER Business. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, 3, 4, Magazine Sales 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. but the memories of a by-gone day still remain Vw I RONALD EUGENE WERTMAN General. Football 3, 4, Baseball 2, "M" Club 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Magazine Sales 4. WILLIAM VVILBURT ZIMMERMAN Academic. Magazine Sales 45 Plays 4, Hon- or Society 3, 4. kfx Q- vv fx- A i bv' llkj f Z 75' ff f X 7 4 'Wm X f I Z f l Z I X Q . yn I 5 Z wa-rfgaa ,Wa CLASS HISTORY As we met for the first time under the leadership of Mrs. Dice and Miss Koons, we found everything new and exciting. This year we participated in the Rhythm Band, which was led by janet Edwards. We also made an oatmeal and a shoe box train for our Valentines. The teachers who led us through our second year were Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Goodenow. During this year the boys began to notice girls. Playing prison proved this point clearly. joining us this year were: Thelma Hawk, Emma Malloy, and Cary Allen. As we moved on to the third grade we were greeted at the door by Miss Shook and Mrs. Stahl. We spent time learning higher arith- metic and other interesting subjects. We ended this year with a pic- nic held at Mrs. Stahlis house. Willie Chase joined our happy group. Climbing the stairs for our next year was new and exciting. We were welcomed by Mrs. Fry and Mrs. Smith. This year Dale Schenck joined us. Our fifth grade leaders proved to be Miss Griffith CMrs. Ritterl and Miss Keener. This was our first year for changing classes. Many of the students joined the Glee Club and were pretty proud of them- selves. Sixth grade brought on some romances. A few of these being: Mary Ann Edgeworth and Ralph Hitesmang Ann Schooley and Bill Sommersg Alyce Parsons and Ronnie Fryg Dianna Fry and Don Mitcheltree. Our teachers were Mrs. Stine and Mr. Douty. This year Kennedy and jim Schneider came to our school. An exciting new year started out with our homeroom teachers as Miss Withers fMrs. Blairj and Mrs. Arthur. Getting into the habit of changing classes six times a day was fun but quite confusing at first. The Pennsdale group joined us this year. ZZ ff! ff 'Z f T' ZGZA V Q 3555 wa Eighth grade doors were opened to us by Miss Waldron and Mrs. Houk. This year Doris Blair and Gail Bryfogle were elected to be members of the Junior High Cheerleading Squad. We also took tests to determine the course for which we were best suited. Gloria Weaver and Joyce Brittain joined our class this year. Ninth grade was a busy year, with Miss Zimmerman and Mr. Schuyler leading us. Doris Blair was elected May Princess. This year we were graduated into the Senior High School at Commence- ment. The American Legion Awards went to Eldon Reed and Mary Geist. The Poetry Awards went to Gloria Weaver and Donald Mitcheltree. Many of the boys were sports minded this year. This year we entered tenth grade or Senior High School. The class elected oilicers who were: President, Eldon Reed, Vice-President, Mary Geist, Secretary, Lois Banghart, Treasurer, Ronnie Fry. During this year we joined clubs and participated in many school activities. Four new students were added. They were Joanne McCoy, Walter Prince, Bill Zimmerman, and George VanDine. This was the year a lot of the boys and girls started to drive and this was OK with us. Our Junior year was high-lighted by the receiving of our class rings, hats and pennants. Our class presented the annual Junior Class Play, which was "Cupid in Pigtailsf, The play was directed by Mr. Myers. Linda Boak and Artie Johns came in with our small, but highly activated group this year. Our last step upward was led by Mr. O'Boyle and Mr. Warren Maurer. Mr. Schuyler took over as Class Advisor after Mr. Houk, our former advisor, went to another school. The annual magazine drive was successful. On December 5th we presented the annual play called, "Finders Greepersf' Nancy Musser, this year, represented us at the Flaming Foliage Festival. Our class oflicers were the same as always with the exception of secretary, who was new, Nancy Musser. That is our twelve years at Muncy High, the best years of our lives. 7 A fj Z ,,f T! gxfx-'V T 7""- "Thi " a ll ? ZF W it ag wg mg. Q we ff f 1 l . ll X X ull 0 f Wh. Q Q f yi f Z Z 9 f 4 Z I l X Z X 72' CLASS WILL 619589 We, the class of 1958, wish to leave lasting memories to future Seniors, of the Muncy Joint Schools. This being the case, we declare this our last will and testament. We will to the girls of the Junior Class Alyce Parsons, shape, The boys of the Senior Class want the boys of the Junior Class to have a look at true form. Joyce Brittain wills her size 535 shoes to Kathy Walen. We hope it won't be too tight a squeeze, Kathy. Joanne McCoy wills her bashfulness to Jerry Johns in hopes he will make good use of it when dating. Kent Rager leaves his seat in typing class to Dale Hessler. "By the way, the ribbon needs changingf Gloria Weaver wills her ability to go to school, work, date, and still be able to stay awake in class to any sleepy Junior who can use it. h Phyllis Booth wills her bobby pins to anyone who might need t em. Jim Schneider wills his ability to hook school without getting caught to Bill Hughes. Maybe he needs it. Eldon Reed wills his nickname "Boo" to Dick Williamson. One slight alteration Dick, please pronounce it as a long "0"-"Boo.v Bill Sommers wills his beastly pranks and jokes to Terry Schwenck. We hope you'll have as much fun as Beast had. Warning to all teachers! Bill Zimmerman wills his ability to iind misaakes made by the teachers to any Junior that doesnit value his a es. gr To anyone that doesn't want to take French, Larry and Dick Fry will their ability to charm Mr. Cresh. Mary Ann Ed eworth wills her quiet ladylike ways to Judy Houseknecht. Mayie she can Hnd some use for them. Donald Mitcheltree wills his stage crew ability to Allen Smith. Walt Prince wills l1is height to Paul Auker. How,s the weather up there, Paul. Ronnie Frey wills his hunting season illness to any Junior who wants to hunt and come back to school with a blue admission slip. George VanDine wills his brains to any Junior who is smart enough to figure out how to use them. Phyllis Crawford wills her worn out chewing glum to Miss Long. Don't stick it under any desk when you're throug with it, please. Ruth Ann Lowe leaves her osition as Business Manager of the Yearbook open to any Junior who wants it. Robert Cirven wills his prize winning ability at the farm show to Arlen Swartz. To any girl who has diet problems, Celia F enstermacher wills her ability to eat heartily and stay thin. Susie Brown wills her Ford to Mrs. Viracqua so she will have a way to get to Millville every night. ' 14 ij f-' M W In Z f f f f ,, Q - ,AV fx-J -A t A wr' ? lllM Z 1 f aaa fag? wa ff f Z X f Z Nancy Dewald wills her ability to put lipstick on without a mirror to any Junior who can't find her lips. Gangway! Here comes Dave Fry, Mary Ann Allen has just willed him her driving habits. See if you can talk your way out of as many tickets as she has. Linda Boak wills her bottle of peroxide, for lighter and brighter bangs, to Pat Temple. For your bangs only, Pat. Emma Malloy wills her freckles to Mr. O,Boyle. Jim Kennedy wills a dull church key to Sam Walker. Don't use it too often, Sam. Doug Shoemaker wills his smile to Mr. Sauers, and his seat in the Student Council to any tactful Junior who wants to give it a try. Rita Pidgeon wills her red hair to Judi Carter. Now you can stop dyeing your hair, Judi. R Geri Tilbury wills her "Do it yourself hair-do kitv to Joan Martin. XX See if you can do any better than Geri did with it. We know you can ' "I, make good use of it. 4 Mary Webster wills her ability to hook school and get a blue slip and not get caught to Kay Balliet. Miss Leffelaar isnit quite tall enough to handle the Ag. boys, so y W" Ann Schooley is willing her her height. We hope this will bring results. Nancy Musser bequeaths her "golden blonde locksv to Barbie Book. We certainly hope you appreciate it, Barbie, because they are a treasure to be cherished. To Bob Flayhart, Gary Allen wills his intestinal fortitude Qcour- agel. Q It seems every Child Care Class Ruby McCoy gets called on XE quite often. She wills this blessing to Sandy Schooley. You have f 1 our condolences, Sandy. 1 f Janet Edwards wills her natural curly hair to Connie Bair. No more pin-ups at night, Connie. 2 Jack Patrizio wills his job as head of the tablet and pencil dis- I tributors to Dave Youtz. And Dave, please don,t hook any tablets or pencils. Dick Rhone hit the jack pot. Artie Johns wills him his Pepsodent smile. And in case of girl troubles, Tom Stutzman Wills him his ability to play both ends against the middle, believe us, he has the ability. Z Dianna Fry wills to Mr. Schuyler her trim waist line. Dale Schenck wills his sour notes on the trombone to John Mc- ! Carthy. After all John, he has to get rid of them some time. Willie Chase doesn't will anything to anybody as he can't afford to give anything up. X We hope everyone is pleased with what they were willed, and those who aren,t well, they will just have to pass it on to someone else. With this we, the class of "58", close our last will and testament. U A ,x 5 4 1 f z V Z ,ff M f f W ,Q X Xxx I 'I Jill g 4 2 Z 54 CLASS MOTTO The ropes ofthe past shall ring the bells to our future. ALMA MATER Hail to Alma Mater dear, Spread her fame in accents clear, Shout her glory to the skies, Tell the praise of dear old Muncy. May our hearts be ever true, To the colors White and blue, Muncy High School, here,s to you Hail to Alma Mater, Hail. SCHOOL SONG Here,s to our dear old Muncy, Praise to her colors true, Junior and Senior High School, Hail to the white and blue, Rah! Rah! Rah! Good times we had about her, Sad times occasionally too, But when it comes to good schools Oh! Muncy We,re for you. CLASS PLEDGE We, the class of nineteen hundred fifty-eight, with the help of God, promise to set good standards for our future life. These stand- ards will be formulated from the ideas we have received from those with whom we have associated during our school years. We are leaving Muncy High School with the idea of trying to make a place for ourselves in the world. With this in mind, and with the thought of bettering the generations to follow , we shall endeavor to carry on the duties of useful, Worthwhile citizens. - is - Most Likely to Succeed Most Studious Eldon Reed Ruth Anne Lowe George Van Dine Ruby McCoy Most Athletic Best Looking Gary Allen Susan Brown Ronald Frey Nancy Musser Best Dressed Best Natured jack Patrizio Ioyce Brittian William Sommers Dianna Fry Best Marmered Walter Prince Joanne McCoy HALL FAME 23 ., fx-V 4- pf X Z f ,N a ,Wg X ' A ll 1 A , Wh. I TEACHERS 19 13 i iii TEACHERS 1958 l Z Q E . E Z f r N f 4 1. Z X W ff f '? I Wagga ig Wk 35323 S P 'sin' 5 5 1 Wg W yfg fff i A 'wi HH I W f r I w f i 7 fflkjfiilf g Z W fff Administration fly N I I I r Ma H 4' Seated, Left to Right-Max Womelsdorf, Mr. Clifford Wentzlerg Harry Stein, First Vice-Presidentg Howard C. Opp, Presidentg Malcolm Muir, Second Vice-Preside-ntg Michael Aldish, Secretary. StandingfC1ifton Fry, H. T. Young, Harold Cummings, Stewart Reed. School Board The Graduating Class of 1958 would like to express their deepest thought of appreciation to the Muncy Ioint School Board members for the role which they have played during the past years. The class is grateful for the splendid co-operation and approval by the board for our many activities. The members of the board are those who, most graciously, devote their time and patience to see that We, the students, obtain the best education possible during our years at Muncy High. OFFICERS HOWARD C. OPP - - - President HARRY STEIN First Vice-President MALCOM Mum Second Vice-President MICHAEL ALDISH - - - Secretary Administrative Assistant dministration MRS. I1-:AN WINNER School Secretary 5 MR. LARUE C. WILLIAMSON Supervising Principal MH. ZICMUND MUSIAL High School Principal MRS. BETTY ZARR School Secretary 27 F acult it was with patience they taught and lead US... BESSIE M. LONG Home Economics. Muncy High Schoolg Mans- field State Teachersg Bucknell University. 25 years service. GEORGE R. DIETZ JANET Science. Stage Crew Advisorg Science Club English, Advisorg Advisor of Class of l959g Blooms- Baltimore, School, New 2 years service. hurg High Schoolg B.S., Bloomshurg State Teachers. 316 years service. VIOLET RILEY College. English, B.A., Pennsylvania State University. Social Studies. MHHHESYQ 1 year service- Student Council Club Ad- visorg Ashland burg Collegeg 1 2 years service. State Teachers. K B.A., Gettys- STANLEY T. SCHUYLER Business Education. Football Coachg Senior Class Advisorg Yearbook Advisorg Watson- town High Schoolg B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachersg Bucknell University. 14 years service. THOMAS E. O'BOYLE Languages. A.B., Wilkes 1 year service. Nw L 1 -MV' IEAN. F. DELSITE Vocal Music Supervisor. junior High Glee Clubg Senior HiglL'Glee Clubg Girls' En- semble Director: Sunbury High Schoolg B.S., Susquehanna University. 7 years service. 7 fl . cf sl' Ou ANNABELLA LEFFELAAR Business Education. Advisor, Scnopg B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers. 1 year service. IOHN E. DENNEN Algebra, General Math, Plane Geometry. Norih Mont High Schoolg B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers College. 2 years service. PHYLLIS S. WOOL Librarian. A.B., Lycoming College. 1 year service. .fl GEORGE SAUERSA J Physical Educatiori. Assistant 'Coach, Foot- ball and Wrestlingg' Selinsgrove High Schoolg B.S., Lock Haven State Teachers. . 1 year service. ' RONALD OLMSTEAD Driver Education. Lock Haven High Schoolg B.S., Lock Haven State Teachers College. 1 year service. GEORGE B. HOUSEKNECHT Social Studies. Varsity Basketball Coachg Hughesville High Schoolg B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers. 12 years service. 29 SHIRLEY S. VIVACQUA Physical Education. Coach, Gym Teamg B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers. 1 year service. PAUL K. WINNER Agriculture Supervisor. F. F. A. Advisorg also Advisor, Projectionistsg Advisor, Sports- meng Dickinson Seminaryg B.S., Pennsylvania State University. 6 years service. MARYELLEN WALDRON Math, Algebra. Junior High Chapel Advisorg Muncy High Schoolg B.S., West Chester State Teachers. 24 years service. L L MIRIAM MCCARTY Registered Dental Hygienist. Mount Joy High Schoolg University of Pennsylvania. 3 years service. WARREN M. MAURER Philipsburg High Schoolg B.S., Penn Stateg M.S., The Stout Institute fWisconsinQ' Doctoral Study at Penn State. , 1 year service. NED EUGENE MILLER English. Montgomery Clinton High Schoolg A.B., Lycoming Collegeg University of New Hampshire. 6 months service. DONALD C. BERNINGER Instrumental Band Director. B.S., Susque- hanna Universityg M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University. 1 year service. PAUL F. GRESH Mathematics, Guidance. Assistant Football Coachg I. V. Basketball Coachg Advisor, Class of 19575 Watsontown High Schoolg B.S., and M.S., Bucknell University. 4 years service. MRS. MCCORMICK English. Montgomery Clinton High Schoolg M.A., Bucknell University. 1 year service. 30 LILA L. CRAWLEY School Nurse. Lewis High School iKansasJg R.N., Halstead Hospital Training Schoolg Bucknell University. 6 years service. WALLACE M. MAURER Social Studies. Wrestling Coachg Philipsburg High Schoolg B.S., Penn Stateg M.S., The Stout Institute iWisconsinJg Doctoral Study at Penn State. 1 year service. W WARD L. MEYERS Elementary Principal. B.S., Carnegie Techg M.S., Penn Stateg Lycoming Collegeg Buck- nell University. 14 years service. LUNCH STAFF Standing, Left to Right-Mrs. Murray Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Stroup. IANITORS Standing, Left to Right-Mr. Mark Waltman, Mr. George Beilhartz, Mr. Wilmer Waltman. I W f ggi f Wk? Wk X, k ? ff XXX f Ml f X I Q. , , x X MMI 0 ffla, NES CLASS OF 1903 Wg Z XX V Y Q W N WX xxx S ,WS 1 WN' ff i ff S W2 gag f Q f , ,,ff4fff2'f44M, -if .v77'55?2g 1 ' fa f , X X' TMW 4 1 Q WM 1 ' W' S , 2 X-gag? - QW? ' s, ' s .Nw 22 "ali , I . A VT! ,aw r fff, X' 4 A f fm W " X 1" Classes -11.- , ' A -A :'?""'f-,f-s Z X JM f 4 X X . ' wx s x ,Z unior Class GEORGE DEITZ Class Adviser JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated, Left to Right-Kay Balliet, Secretaryg William Hughes, Vice-Presidentg Kenneth Gardner, Presidentg Terry Schwenk, Treasurer. Standing-Leon App, Historian. OFFICERS President - - - KENNETH GARDNER Vice-President - - - WILLIAM HUGHES Secretary - - KAY BALLIET Treasurer ---- TERRY SCHWENK Historian - - - - - LEON APP The junior Class started out their year by working on the project of selling Christmas cards and candles. This annual project made them the richest junior Class in the history of Muncy High School. The money earned from this project will go toward the class trip, year- book and various other expenses which will occur during their Senior year. By the Way, the juniors have already been very busy on their yearbook for "59." The juniors became officially known as jun- iors after they received their hats, pennants, emblems and class rings bearing the inscription of the year, 1959. Much of the amazing success of the juniors is due to the fine leadership which they have. Besides a group of capable officers, they have an energetic adviser in Mr. Dietz. He has helped and guided them and has become a familiar figure to the class of nineteen hundred fifty-nine. Junior Class 11-A-HOME ROOM 54 First Row, Left to Right-Barbara Fry, Sandra Alexander, Joan Martin, Yuanita Fry, Donna Detrick, Judy Houseknecht, Doris Craig, Barbara Lowe, Donna Anderson, Kay Balliet. Second Row-Barbara Elliot, Connie Bair, Barbara Book, Judi Carter, Carolyn Applegate, Joyce Hessler. Third Row-Leon App, David Fry, Steve Boak, Lane Bitler, Jack Engle, Roger Breidinger, Larry Gruver, James Fetter, John DeWald, Dale Hessler. 11-Z-HOME ROOM 44 First How, Left to RighteBarbara Tubbs, Jacquvlyn Wiser, Georgianna Walkman, Nancy Zarr, Pearl Sheridan, Joanne Ponst, Sandra Schooley, Violet Ryder, Delores Smith, Jane Stauifer. Second Row-Mr. Stanley Schuyler, Teacher, Patricia Walton, Kathleen Whalen, Janis Somerville, Joyce Schneider. Third Row-William Hughes, Robert Stroup, Paul Sheatler, David Youtz, Arlan Swartz, Sam Walker, David Wenzel, George White, Terry Schwenk, Allen Smith, Larry Smith. 35 Sophomore Class R S o Q 10-Z-HOME ROOM 41 First Row, Left to Right-Loretta Reeder, Sylvia Schock, Nancy Pepper, Carol Smith, Ruth Sellers, Ann Patrizio, Dorothy McCoy, Sandra Sedan, Mary Ann Lorimer, Peggy Lee. Second Row-Robert Hughes, Home Room Teacher. Third Row-Linda Maurer, Gail Shively, Mary Stroup, Elaine Smith, Ioan Mitcheltree, Donna Ulmer, Sandra Walton, Nan Wood, Audrey Little, Kay Sense- man, Sandra Miller, Nancy Snyder. Fourth Row-William Stroup, Donald Puderbough, William Miller, James Maust, Ronald Temple, Donovan Shultz, Ronald Poomxan, John McCarthy, Joseph Rose, Richard Williamson. 10-A-HOME ROOM 43 First Row, Left to Right-Gloris Covert, Connie Hall, Connie Lee, Patricia Adams, Marsha Bontomase, Sandra Frick, Iune Anstadt, Sandra Feigles, Connie Houseknect, Mary Ann Hartman, Lois Abbott. Second How-Mr. George Dietz, Teacher. Third Row-Paul Auker, Ann Gautsch, Evelyn Gardner, Ioyce Eves, Indy Crawford, Sally Banzhaf, Sally Cummings, Carol Kepner, Ioy Eves, Lila Lee Hilner, jean Hall, Edward Foglcman. Fourth Row-Rodger Herr, Thomas Hivcly, Gary Bennett, Harry Fry, Phillip Danley, Reginald Gardner, Larry Magargle, Gary Edwards, Clyde Houseknecht, Bruce Hall, Harold Lauchle, Robert Flay- han, Sherman Lupold. 36 Freshman 9-A-HOME ROOM 25 First Row, Left to HighteBarhara Fisher, Betty Carson, Linda Bair, Louise Ienkins, Linda Artley, Nancy Cor- son, Jane Baker. Judy Brittain, Roberta Cook, Doris Carson, Donna Deppen, Isabel Malloy. Second Row- Miss Waldron, Wayne Fry, Francis Auker, Ioseph Cipriani, Ralph Buck, Richard Hill, Max Bieher. Third Row-Steven Frantz, Carl Laird, Peter Carlucci, Ted Frey, Dorland Hanford, Wayne Bradburn, Ted Engle, Byron Bassett, Stephen Anderson, Richard Fry, Eugene Greene. 9-M-HOME ROOM 53 First Row, Left to Right-Paula Winner, Ruth Ann Leech, Bernadine Speary, Carol Foley, Nancy Wenzel, Carol Venneulen, Gloria jackson, Sharen Scott, Nancy Weaver, Kay Kepner, Ioyce McCarty, Sherry Keyser, Nancy Rhone. Second RoweMiss Long, Mary Hed- dings, Peggy Ann Smith, Grace Lormier. Third Row- Helene Newman, Ellen Stroup, Barbara Iacobs, Donna Ritter, Gloria Smith, Lydia Sheridan, Shirley Harris, Ann Long, Connie Hill, Austina Tilbury. 9-Z-HOME ROOM 24 First Row, Left to Right-Mary Dietrick, Betty Girven, Carol Fetter, Lynne Fromm, Barbara Griggs, Bonnie Gardner, Diane Dugan, Donna Gortner. Second Row- Miss Annabelle Leifelaar. Third Row-Keith Shoe- maker, Ronald Hill, Tom Springman, Gene Ott, Rich- ard Iohnson, Robert Musser, Duane Shultz, Malcolm Muir, Brian Kennedy, William Peterman, Ierry Stauffcr. Fourth Row-Wayne Rishel, David Meserole, Tom Robb, Bill Rothfuss, Gordon Washbum, Charles Scott, Ronald Houseknect, Robert Temple, Wayne Sager, Steve Opp, John Myers. .ex 1 Eighth Grade First Row, Left to Right-Ioan Hall, Shelby Freeh, Diane Ferguson, Georgia Lee Artley, Joan Baker, Roberta Frey, Millicent Barge-r, Judy Gruver, Susan Dildine. Second Row-Mrs. McCormick, Teacher. Third Row-Eddie Hill, Kenneth Charles, Carl Hawk, Helen Carson, Aloha Biddle, Mary Gottschall, Candy Carlncci, Rae Ann Griggs, Phyllis Hawk, Ronnie Hilner, Clyde Biddle, Jim Girven. Fourth Row-Paul Herman, Richard Cotner, Ronald Buhb, Kenny Fry, Peter Brant, Tom Edwards, Gary Alexander, Dick Arthur, Dale Fisher, Ronald Green, Roger Becht. Absent-Berry Dingle. 8-M-HOME. ROOM 29 First Row, Left to Right-Wilma Rose, Susan Pfleegor, Barbara Poust, Yuanita. Hoback, Nancy Miller, Patricia Moser, Wanda Oyster, Mary Linaherry, Henrietta Holzwarth, Nancy Long. Second Row-Mr. House- knecht, Teacher, Robert Houseknecht, Alfred Poff, Keith Rager, Carol Hoffman, Barbara Martin, Virginia Johnson, Joyce Oberdorf, Mary Huffman, Fred Koons, Kenneth McCoy, James Hunt. Third RowfGary Rager, George Lupold, Iohn McCuaig, Martin Houseknecht, Ronald Richart, Lynn Phillips, Iames Mathers, Philip Robbins, Gerald johns, George Houseknecht, Garreth Kirkner, Lester Lyons, james Musser. 8-Z-HOME ROOM 30 First Row, Left to Right-Rita Wertman, Betty Sheatler, Mary White, Patricia Wertman, Marcia Rothfuss, Con- nie Sones, Nancy Schell, Arlene Yagel, Rose Ryder, Shirley Wertman, Cheryl Sheridan. Second Row- Mr. Maurer, Linda Stein, Thomas Walton, Verland Springman, Blaine Sellers, Ronald Stackhouse, Marjorie Webster. Third Row-Ray Rothfuss, James Sedam, Ronald Wilson, Dick West, Iohn Williams, Edward Wert, Grant Swartz, James Sheatler, Glenn Schell, Iames Rodger, Thomas Yost. Absent-Janette Young, Lucella Smith, Dennis Warg, Edward Wertman. Seventh Grade Z , Z 7-A-HOME ROOM First Row, Left to Right-Sandra Hall, Margaret Fry, Sharon Meserole, Grace Holtzworth, Patricia Kersetter, Bonnie Covert, Chris- tine Brittain, Genevieve Little, Patricia Miller, Susan Lyons, Edna Carson. Second Row-Mrs. Riley, Donald Hill, John Ohcrdorf, Donald Beneisen, George Hawk, Charles Lauchle, Donald Bahh, Jack McCoy, David Alexander. Third Row-Robert Fisher, James Blair, Leslie Brown, Connie Fry, Linda Houseknecht, Judith Karschner, Linda Moser, Jane Johnson, Sandra Halderman, Joanne Cipriani, Thomas Herr, Robert Miller. Fourth RoweDavid Hunter, Harold Miller, Steven Musser, Roland Nuss, James Gray, John Gray, Frank Boudman, David Merrick, Fred Hcilman, Stanley McCarty, Harold Lowe, John Leech, Frank Fenstermacher. E 5 1, Q-W?!1smg 7-Z-HOME ROOM First Raw, Left to Right-Judith Ritter, Paula Ulric, Janet Stackhouse, Linda Wiser, Penny Schneider, Sandra Zarr, Nancy Moyer, Elsie Stepp, Helen Puderbaugh, Donnette Tubbs, Sharon Sidel, Mary Ann Rothfuss. Second Row--William Senseman, Stephen Young, George Weaver, Barbara Stroup, Lulu Ryder, Helen Welsh, Beverly Stover, Jean Rothfuss, Stanley Richart, Charles Ric- hart, Stephen Waldron. Third Row-Carl Swartz, Gary Speary, Michael Wood, William Wood, William Scott, David Pepper, Don Trinkle, Jack Williams, Peter Robbins, John Zimmerman. Fourth Row-John Schwenk, Ronald Poust, Jim Parsons, Ed Smith, Oliver Sones, Robert Shipman, Robert Walters, Dale Pepper, Don Walton. 39 if 1 I . K X L f1 f ?f fix- '- ' 7' 2' W, 25 W N f QA ig Wk gawk-2 ff Z ff K X T X 4 MAY DAY Q 4 V Z Z f w 's 5 X X N 'f Z fy 7 ff Z W ,..! '77,-4 f2:'-:1"T':T -- .77 7 7 - ,521- f f f' W ff 'fgffi' as , 25" , '-P ix f X Z Z Z 1 -', 1 ,,,-fl' 7 - 'T -, 4. 7,f::4- i., .ig- 2.:. i ffw ,il ,,., jg ,,?Ql1'.,y f' Q f " 'l"?.,-1f-1 , J-. I 7-V.. .,g,, !::7"'3 -ef f n 4 L -'Q 5 X , . la , if ,. , i- 7 -1' 4 . ,J V vw A 4 'QQNNQRXXQQ-?,',.7N, A N N - ,N , vy VW V , ,N 1 -qilxxxqgxrxxazmififc.xx N ,-1' 1695 1 If 'I f 1+ f Sikrzzxiixmzxmxiifkxqsf? . J ' W W 4' W' A if XgcsxxxztiiiirzrzziSims:-, ' J.. Milf! I, W ,Sm nr ix - X X X ' xxx Www 1 -.. .... fi xiigggxxwwtngf' wif L M Q gy +. A X i.-IllS'..'E.-1 . iz' w:Q2:r:::,NMQ:1w.x 1 4- - ' E 1 'f ' I ..--1-.2 ff E7.i7.,7.fi3::s ' llj11,,,f17.,, WMI IA 2 2-... fff Y 'Q 7 - -L ,-f-:.-' !,i,Ffmmff:'q4jjYnIl Q5-I'-SQ,-"LafF!Fmi:5fIH! 1 HT- -"' Til' ' I iw" ' 1 " v 4-"f-"-"' .vu-1: M A W 'I .. f A 1 utr: --51" f --1-" J A 9K , , WD my .Q I E' '4 15 ' ' ' ' ,si ' 2 " .. I ,Nw 'ff 4 f f lil fnfvf. FX , ' L 7- H ,mam 2. w'Q'EUFiQff ' ' 'V i' if '-A5255 :WEN 1-mi' is sm" ' Ia '-nah: - 1: l:..: 'L 'VCI !E' . ,.., .. .. , 9, Qzaiil Nl ss. .9555 2 'I :1. ..'1g1, I :lk , SI V -- X H H' ,. I: U." M 1: 1.2913 All' -.iii 1' 'f ,!f ,' IEE ' 1 .I ,Jeff A sz' .W if II N M ,:1:, ,H 1" fi 11 - ,A A f ml 'Z :1"M' x I l- Il: I rv 7 wi ", ,f 5'-if W Y'-1 . f" Ffa 7777 ' , '. 'nf '. '- 3, Y, ' ii 'gf .1' .',,., ---Y '-4?E:f' .L Y ' ,.f-f- ,...-1: , .---f Fe x 4' SF Wh lm N! - ng! Php 41A , 'siilll WW X unml N1 - '--'l IH' 'H' -1 I in Z' fmzy- 7-4 1 X59 Q5 I7 ,mx :WT "'. xi ,MQ ,Nunn an: 519.14 gtg-' ,Q I If EH f-'pn , All IQ is , 1vcfffil91-7 ' ' ,X , 251 ,fi ff""'5ffi'?? i'9'35s 1 l ffaiif if 4 - r f , vv.4',nutf-5'-"L: I' Ihyl 'f f - --- + lvllfwll! ll lllllllllllllm ill EQEEELQF1 - 25552:-".1"' X ' IIIIIIIHT- W 1 J I ,Q-12 193'-12223I.':'f 2:1 '3 ' .1 i ., .... , .:::-:eel-H .- x I ng:gn::iillIi'illlIIllIiIIl,-:Ill ' W by , ,, II IIMIII iiiiisal ,ghd gf - ,M 7 , f Z f f 4' f ff f-ff f g -'S-fffsixg? 7 5 77,,..- ? E ff' 1 -, M , 'Qs 3 Li ' i A 4-- Y ,V - :V !' 7 7, f 2 2 w ff df 6 Q 7 4 , lf , W Acti ities W M 5 if M N M , f X QEX XX , 7 Q f x X f X 7 YEARBOOK STAFF Seated, Left to Right-Mary Ann Edgeworth, Ruth Anne Lowe, Geri Tilbury, Ioyce Brittain, Phyllis Crawford, and Gloria Weaver. Standing-Mr. Stanley Schuyler, Eldon Reed, lack Patrizio, Doug Shoemaker, Jim Kennedy. YEARBOOK EDITORS Left to Right-Eldon Reed, Assistant Editor, Douglas Shoemaker, Layout Editor, Geri Tilbury, Editor. Canusarago Staff Late in our Junior year, We entrusted the publishing of our yearbook to the capable hands of Geri Tilbury by electing her Editor-in-Chief. To handle the business end of producing the yearbook, the class elected a capable commer- cial student, Ruth Anne Lowe, as Business Manager. With the aid of our yearbook ad- visors, the remainder of the CANUSARAGO Staff was chosen. After many meetings and head- aches, we selected the photographer, the pub- lishing company, and the type of printing for our yearbook. Keeping in mind the importance of classroom instructions, the staff did as much of the work as possible after school hours. Through the fine co-operation of the members of the staff and by working many evenings our deadline was met. We would like to thank our advisor, Mr. Schuyler, who devoted much time and energy in helping us to publish this book. SCOOP STAFF Seated, Left to Right-Janis Som- erville, Sandra Schooley, Assistant Editorg Douglas Shoemaker, Edi- torg Kathy Whaleng Miss Leffelaar, Advisor. Standing - Eldon Reed, jack Patrizio, Willie Chase, Dick Fry- l Scoop Staff The Scoop Staff plays a very important part in the school program publishing the news and views of the students. It is through their tire- less Work that the honor and dignity of the school paper is up-held. The Scoop published four editions during the past school term. The last issue of the year, was published by next year's future staff. The advisor, Miss Leifelaar, helped greatly with her friendly advice and splendid supervision. Left to Right-Assistant Editor Sandra Schooley Editor Doug Shoemaker Much of the success of the play can be Seated on Floor, Left to Right-Dianna Fry, Dale Schenck. Seated-Alyce Parsons, Joyce Brittain, Phyllis C f d N M L d k G All Eld R d Sh k ill Z'mmerman Don raw or , ancy usser, in a Boa , ary en, on ee , Doug oema er, B I , Mitcheltree. Standing-Miss Leffelaar, Willie Chase, Kent Rager, Ann Schooley. Senior Class Play The Senior Class Play, presented on Decem- ber 5, 1957, was a big success. The three-act mystery-comedy, "Finders Creepersi' was en- joyed by its audience, which displayed its ap- proval with outbursts of applause, and uproars of laughter at most of the humor and even some parts that were not meant to be funny. attributed to the talented acting of William Zimmerman, who was a lifesaver to the play. During the play there was a catastrophe but Bill filled in so well that it turned out to be the best part of the play. Miss Leffelaar, the direc- tor, Mr. O'Boyle, an advisor, the cast, and all who helped to make the play possible did a marvelous job. The Seniors had fun and enjoyed presenting the play and also, had some Wonderful times at practice. It is a happy memory that will linger on for many years to come. CAST Harry Shuster ...... .............. ....... K e nt Rager Nina ..,,,....,.,....... ....., N ancy Musser Mrs. Nelson ...,., .,,........... A lyce Parsons Mr. Nelson ..,..,. ...... D ouglas Shoemaker Celeste ,....., . Wilbur .... , 4 . Hercules ........ . Dr. Brown Madeline ...... .,,... Granny .....,.... .... Mr. Quigly ......., .,...... Linda Boak Willie Chase EldonReed DaleSchenk Ann Marie Schooley Phyllis Crawford Donald Mitcheltree Helper .,,....,... ..,.....,,..,,..,.. G ary Allen Daphne .. Frankie ...,.,. Ioyce Brittain . ,..... Dianna Fry Upper Right: STUDENT DIRECTORS Seated, Left to Right-Susan Brown, Mary Ann Allen Standing-Jack Patrizio, lim Chase. Right: SHOT OF PLAY Left to Right-Don Mitcheltree, Eldon Reed, Willie Chase. Below: SHOT OF PLAY Left to Right-Willie Chase, Dianna Fry, Eldon Reed, Dale Schenck, Phyllis Crawford, Don Mitcheltree, Ioyce Brittain, Bill Zimmerman, Linda Boak, Nancy Musser, Ieannie Par- sons, Doug Shoemaker. JE SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL First Row, Left to Right-Mary Ann Lorimer, Ioan Martin, Janis Somerville, Lila Lee Hilner, Ruby McCoy. Second Row-Dick Fry, Allen Smith, Reggie Gardner, James Fetter, Douglas Shoemaker, Iohn McCarthy. Senior Student Council The student council was divided into a jun- ior Council and a Senior Council. The Senior Council is made up of two representatives from the 10th to the 12th grades. It is through this organization that all school-sponsored activities are co-ordinated and approved. The annual Student Council Convention was held at Hughesville. Three representatives from Muncy went to the convention. The project of the club consisted of selling Prom Peanuts. The sale was considered a suc- cess. From this money, social events such as dances are sponsored. junior Student Council junior High Council composed of representa- tives from the seventh, eighth and ninth grades met almost weekly to talk over problems that confront them. They were quite successful in their locker check up. It made pupils conscious of their responsibility for their belongings. The Council is deeply concerned with pupil behavior in halls and classrooms. They are expending their efforts in making students realize that the school is being judged and will continue to be judged by their actions irregard- less of teachers' preachings and parents' teach- 1IlgS. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL First Row, Left to Right-Mrs. Riley, Mary Anne Rothfuss, Linda Stein, Ellen Stroup. Second Row-Linda House- knecht, Ann Long, Linda Bair. Third Row - Barbara Poust, Candie Carlucci, Donna Gort- ner. Fourth Row-Robert Ed- wards, Gary Rager, Dennis Warg. Fifth Row-Kenneth Fry, Gene Ott, Wayne Brad- bum, james Parsons. BAND First Row, Left to Right-Bob Temple, Barbara Elliott, Barbara Book, Kent Hager. Second Row-Sally Cummings, Linda Artley, Sandra Alexan- der, Ioan Martin, Steve Anderson, Helen Welsh, Barbara Lowe, Nancy Zarr, Barbara Fry, Mr. Berninger, Sally Banzhaf, Judy Ritter, Bonnie Covert, Paula Winner, Mary Linaberry, Eddie Wert, Lila Lee Hilner, Lin da Maurer, Rae Ann Griggs, Fred Koons, Delores Smith. Third Row- Tina Tilbury, Jackie Wiser, Susan Brown, Joyce Hessler, Kathy Whalen, lack Patrizio, Janis Somerville, Joanne Poust, Judy Houseknecht, Emma Malloy, Sandy Schooley. Fourth Row-Wayne Fry, Lois Abbott, Ann Pa trizio, Lynn Phillips, Ann Marie Schoolcy, Nancy Musser, Wayne Sager, Nancy Corson, Elaine Smith, Linda Wiser. Fifth How-Sylvia Schoch, Pearl Sheridan, Gail Schively, Richard Fry, john McCarthy, Philip Danely, Dale Schenck, Tom Springman, Ruth Anne Lowe, Betty Girven, Lucella Smith. Band - The Muncy band was under the leadership of Mr. Donald Berninger, new to the faculty this year. This highly active group has been participating in such activities as playing for football games, pep rallies, parades, concerts, and school assemblies. The progress of this organization is due to their constant hard Work at rehearsals during the year. Their rehearsals take place before classes during the winter and throughout the summer rehearsals are held in the evenings. MAIORETTES Left to Right-Susan Pfleegor, Linda Bair, Sandra Frick, Connie Bair, Carolyn Applegate, Nancy Rhone, Candy Carlucci, Mary Ann Lorimer. BAND DIRECTOR-Mr. Beminger 47 F. F. A. First Row, Left to Right-Bob Musser, Don Shultz, Allen Smith, Don Mitcheltree, President, Arlan Swartz, Vice-President, Bob Girvin, Treasurer, Paul Sheatler, Lane Bitler. Second RowAPaul Winner, Advisor, Earl Laird, Butch Hanford, Harry Frey, Bruce Hall, Joe Rose, Duane Shultz, Eddie Fogleman. F. F. A. We started this year with a smaller enroll- ment in Vocational Ag than usual, however, we have accomplished more larger shop and group projects. We participated in the Fair and Farm Show exhibits and gleaned more than the usual amount of prizes and prize money. In addition, this year we entered Mummeris Parade with a shop exhibit and won some prize money. We will lose only two seniors this year, namely, Robert Girven and Donald Mitcheltree. Thus far this year Dorland Hanford has distinguished himself with total seed sales of over 8100.00 Stage Crew One of the most active organizations in our school is the Stage Crew. This club, under the direction of Mr. Dietz, a member of the science department, consists of 13 hard-working, effi- cient, and helpful boys who play a large part in maintaining the high quality of our school productions. Included in the activities of this group are the supervision, and installation of all lighting effects for all stage presentations, the construct- ing, painting, setting and changing of all scen- ery, and the operation of the public address system. During 1957-58 the Stage Crew successfully staged and provided lighting for the Senior Class Play, junior Class Play, the Annual Band Con- cert, Rotary Minstrel Show, Fashion Show, May Day, and all assembly programs. STAGE CREW Advisor-Mr. Dietz. Front Row, Left to Right -Larry Smith, Dick Williamson, Steve Frantz, Allen Smith. Back Row-Gary Alexander, Philip Danely, Dave Wenzel, Reggie Gardner, Bob Musser, Donald Mitcheltree. First Row, Left to Right-Nancy Zarr, Patricia Adams, Pearl Sheridan, Gail Schively, Ioanne Poust, Ruby McCoy, Mary Stroup, Sandra Feigles. Second Row-Loretta Reeder, Sandra Sedam, lane Stauller, Thelma Hawk, Jackie Wiser, Delores Smith, Kay Senseman, june Anstadt, Dorothy McCoy, Joanne McCoy, Emma Malloy, Kay Balliet, Mary Ann Hartman, Nancy Pepper. Third Row-Mary Ann Lorimer, Cloris Covert, Carol Smith, Sandra Alexander, Elaine Smith, Jean Hall, Ann Patrizio, Sandra Frick, Nancy Snyder, Connie Lee, Lois Abbott, Sylvia Schoch, Connie Houseknecht, Connie Hall, Donna Anderson. Fourth Row-Joyce Eves, Wilma Rose, Ruth Anne Lowe, Linda Maurer, Evelyn Gardner, Alyce Par- sons, Barbara Lowe, Ioan Martin, Donna Detrick, Nan Wood, Susan Brown, Ann Gautsch, Marsha Bontomase, Ioyce Schneider, Georgiana Walt- man, Pat Temple, Sandra Schooley. Fifth Row-Lila Lee Hilner, Sandra Walton, Judy Crawford, Sally Cummings, Connie Bair, Carolyn Applegate, Kathy Whalen, Janis Somerville, Barbara Book, Judy Carter, Patricia Walton, Sally Banzhaf, Phyllis Crawford, Carol Kepner, Judy Houseknecht, Joy Eves. Sixth RvwfMary Webster, Doris Craig, Mary Ann Edgeworth, Doris Blair, Nancy Musser, Mary Ann Allen, Phyllis Booth, Rita Pidgeon, Gloria Weaver, Ann Schooley, Celia Fenstermacher, Dianna Fry, Ianet Edwards, Donna Ulmer, Barbara Elliott, Ioan Mitcheltree. "Mn Club To the seniors of the Varsity "Mn Club, we wish to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for actively supporting the athletic activities. As graduating students continue to promote a sound understanding of the objectives and values taught to you by sport participation. The jackets you have received are a symbol of good sports and of our club. Wear these jackets with honor and the knowledge that you have given as well as received from your school curriculum. Booster Club The Booster Club, one of the more active clubs in the school, is under the leadership of Mr. Hughes. Its purpose is to maintain a high interest in sports activities during the year. Buses are taken to most of the uawayv basket- ball games and wrestling matches by this club. The club members decorated the football field and streets and advertised the games during football season. They also sold programs at the home games. This year the club bought large posters for schedules of sports and dances. Officers of the club this year are: President, Joanne Poust, Vice-President, Anne Patrizio, Secretary-Treasurer, Cail Schively. f f, .uit ,si .. 1, 3 .2 SENIOR M-CLUB MEMBERS First Row, Left to Right-Dick Fry, Gary Al- len, William Sommers, Iames Artley, Thomas Stutzman, Artie johns. Second Row-Gene Rishel, Donald Mitcheltree, Walter Prince, Iames Schneider, Ray Bankes, Kent Rager, Eldon Reed, George Sauers, Advisor. TRI-HI-Y First Row, Left to Right-Officers: Joan Martin, Ann Schooley, Susan Brown, Ruth Anne Lowe, Barbara Lowe. Second Row-Loretta Reeder, Joyce Brittain, Thelma Hawk, Jane Stauffer, Sandra Sedam, Ann Gautsch, Nancy Snyder, Connie Hall, Linda Maurer, Carol Smith, Gloris Covert, Lois Abbott, Sylvia Schoch. Third Row-Mrs. Vivaqua, Advisor, Jackie Wiser, Mary Ann Lorimer, Connie Lee, Dorothy McCoy, Ann Patrizio, Evelyn Gardner, Gail Schively, Joyce Eves, Mary Ruth Stroup, Sandra Feigles, Connie Houseknecht. Fourth Row-Sandra Schooley, June Anstadt, Nan Wood, Nancy Zarr, Georgianna Waltman, Marsha Bontomase, Mary Ann Allen, Carol Kepner, Nancy Musser, Alyce Parsons, Sandra Frick, Mary Ann Hartman, Nancy Pepper. Fifth How-Mary Webster, Ruby McCoy, Judy Houseknecht, Joanne Poust, Rita Pidgeon, Donna Detrick, Donna Ulmer, Sally Banzhaf, Lila Lee Hilner, Elaine Smith, Ruth Sellers, Sandra Miller. Sixth How-Jean Hall, Joy Eves, Joan Mitcheltree, Phyllis Crawford, Judy Carter, Barbara Book, Sally Cummings, Judy Crawford, Sandra Walton, Audrey Little, Kay Senseman. Seventh Rowe Dianna Fry, Gloria Weaver, Nancy DeWald, Cathy Whalen, Jan Somerville, Connie Bair. Tri-Hi-Y The girls Tri-Hi-Y in Muncy High School has worked hard to develop and maintain the high Christian ideals set up in their constitution. During the past year the girls have sold candy, and soft drinks at wrestling meets and basketball games. "Mn Club , The "Mn Club, this year under the guidance of Mr. George Sauers, has revised its Constitu- tion and by-laws. Since this revision it will be increasingly more diflicult to gain membership and, most important, more honor will go with the membership of those who qualify. At Christmas time the girls collected many gifts for needy families at an impressive Christ- mas program in the school auditorium. M-CLUB First Row, Left to Right-Larry Fry, Donald Mitcheltree, Gene Rishel, James Schneider, Gary Allen, James Artley, James Kennedy, Dick Fry. Second Row-Dale Schenck, Kent Rager, Walter Prince, Eldon Reed, Thomas Stutzman, Ronald Frey, Robert Flayhart. Third Row-George Sauers, Advisor, Richard Williamson, Kenneth Gardner, Robert Stroup, Allen Smith, Sam Walker, Jack Engle, William Hughes, Kenneth Lee. ' 41 M a Q m5i.'::.'i15ff:sf-: SCIENCE CLUB First Row, Left to Right-Brian Kennedy, Ronald Hilner, Bob Houseknecht, Bill Peterman, Bob Edwards, George Hawk, Eugene Green, Wayne Fry, Steve Frantz. Second Row-Grace Lorimer, Phyllis Hawk, Helen Newman, Donna Ritter, Barbara Poust, Susan Pileegor, Linda Houseknecht, Wanda Oyster, Mary Detrick, Jean Rothfuss, Patty Kerstetter, Mary Linaberry, Virginia Johnson, Mary Hoffman. Third Row-Mr. Dietz, Joanne Cipriani, Donna Deppen, Linda Bair, Nancy Miller, Donna Gortner, Nancy Rhone, Paula Winner, Nancy Robbins, Tina Tilbury. Fourth Row- John McCuaig, Roberta Cook, Louise Jenkins, Joyce McCarty, Carol Fetter, Marion Patrizio, Linda Artley, Pete Carlucci. Fifth Row+Steve An- derson, Pat Moser, Nancy Corson, Lynn Fromm, Gloria Jackson, Barbara Griggs, Judy Brittain, Bonnie Gardner, Gene Ott. Sixth Row-Kip Muir, Dave Meserole, Ted Frey, Bill Rothfuss, Wayne Bradburn, Wayne Sager, Ted Engle, Gary Alexander, John Williams, Steve Opp, Gordon Washburn. Science Club This is the second year of the Science Club, which in its short existence, has been very suc- cessful. The club advisor is Mr. Dietz. During their meetings which are held once a month in the evening, they have lectures on various phases in the Held of science. The club also publishes a science paper, the Science Scoop. Librarians This year there are fifty-four library assis- tants whose duties are varied. Besides stamping out books, signing pass slips, and filing cards, they also act as student librarians. They help other students to find books and reference mate- rial, use the card catalog, and, in general, to use the library correctly. They also learn to replace books on the shelves and to keep the library in order. LIBRARIANS First Row, Left to Right-David Alexander, Georgie Weaver, Stephen Young, Robert Miller, Donald Trimble, Steve Musser, Michael Wood, Stan- ley Richart, Charles Lauchle, Billy Senseman. Second Row-Mrs. Wool, Peggy Lee, Sylvia Schock, Connie Hill, Linda Stein, Ellen Stroup, Ruth Ann Leech, Violet Ryder, Lulu Rider, Sherry Keyser, Paula Winner, Elsie Stepp, Jane Staufler, Lois Abbott, Sharon Meserole, Janet Stackhouse. Third RowfWilma Rose, Helen Puderhaugh, Jean Rothfuss, Nancy Rhone, Delores Smith, Linda Houseknecht, Candy Carlucci, Susan Dildine, Jane Johnson, Rae Ann Griggs, Aloha Biddle, Donna Anderson, Patricia Kerstetter, Gloris Covert. Fourth Row--Donna Gortner, Nancy Robbins, Ann Gautsch, Shelby Freeh, Joyce McCarty, Sandra Alexander, Barbara Griggs, Mary Stroup, Georgianna Waltman, Arlene Yagel, Linda Moser, Bonnie Gardner, Lynn Fromm, Linda Maurer, Gail Schively, Louise Jenkins. Fifth Row-Donna Ulmer, Anne Patrizio, Evelyn Gardner, Mary Webster, Carol Kepner, Marcia Rothfuss, Sally Banzhaf, Barbara Cook, Philip Danley, Larry Magargle, Fred Heilman. Indv Carter. Gloria lacksnn. c-n..f- ........f.. mv- f- - --K - -- -V- First Row, Standing, Left to Right-Ruth Ann Lowe, Janis Somerville, Mrs. Vivacqua, Connie Bair, Susan Brown. Second Row-Gloris Covert, Mary Ann Lorimer, Carol Smith, Sandra Alexander, Elaine Smith, Jean Hall, Ann Patrizio, Sandra Frick, Nancy Snyder, Connie Lee, Lois Abbott, Sylvia Schoch. Third Row-Patricia Adams, Gail Schively, Linda Maurer, Alyce Parsons, Barbara Lowe, Ioan Martin, Donna Dietrick, Nan Wood, Joanne Poust, Ann Gautsch, Marsha Bontamase, Georgianne Waltman. Fourth Row-Lila Lee Hilner, Sandra Waltman, Judy Crawford, Sally Cummings, Carolyn Applegate, Kathleen Whalen, Barbara Book, Judy Carter, Patricia Walton, Sally Banzhaf, Phyllis Crawford, Carol Kepner, Judy Houseknecht. Girls, Athletic Association Girls' Athletic Association KG. A. AJ has been organized for the purpose of the girls in- terested in playing intramural sports and ref- ereemg. In order to become a member of the club, one must have 100 points and must keep the 100 points in order to remain in good standing. To receive the designated number of points for each team sport the player must participate in 901 of the scheduled games. A member who acquires 500 points by the end of her senior year will be awarded a blazer. Under the leadership of its advisor, Mrs. Vivacqua, the G. A. A. has proven to be suc- cessful this year. Z Sportsmen,s Club This is a universal type club with member- ship in almost every school, the intent and pur- pose of which, is to study and promote the best interests of Sportsmen and Conservation of Wild Life and Natural Resources. This club offers many opportunities, if fully exploited, such as Conservation contests, field days, participation in rifle, pistol shoots, camping and picnicing activities. The membership is usually quite large and the club tries annually to help the game commission in a nearby fishing-stocking activity. SPORTSMEN CLUB First Row, Left to Right-Paul Winner, Ad- visor, Susan Brown, June Anstadt, Joan Mar- tin, Alyce Parsons, Nancy Musser, Ann Schoo- ley, Janis Somerville, Phyllis Crawford, Mary Webster, Joanne Poust, Juanita Fry, Sandra Schooley, Paula Winner. Second Row- Richard Williamson, Leon App, Mary Ann Hartman, Nancy Rhone, Sherry Keyser, Emma Malloy, Connie Hill, Grace Lorimer, Brian Kennedy, Clyde Biddle. Third Row- Steve Anderson, Bob Musser, Tom Edwards, D avid Messerole, Philip Robbins, Dave Hughes, Malcolm Muir. Fourth Row-Bob Flayhart, Bob Stroup, James Artley, Ken Gardener, Dick Akers, Charles Scott, George White, Sam Walker, Don Puderbaugh, Har- old Lauchle, Jim Mathers. First Row, Left to Right-Eddie Fogelman, Dave Wenzel, Arlen Sllrll't7 Allen Smith Donald Mltcheltree Dale Schtnck Tom StutLm1n Svcond Row-'Harry Fry, Lane Bitler, Bruce Hall, Don Shultz, Bob Gervm Ixck Patrwio james Ke-nnodv Paul Shtatler Cary Btnnttt In Rose, AdvisorfMr. Paul Winner. StandingfClyde Houscknccht, Phillip Danley Projectionists Club The Projectionists Club was Hrst organized in 1954. Its purpose is to provide faculty and stu- dent body with operation of projectors of various kinds for classroom and chapel activities. The members of this club are trained in the operation of three makes of 16mm sound projectors as well as slide Hlm projectors and the opaque projector. They are licensed through the Pennsylvania Asso- ciation of Student Projectionists. Projectionists usually begin their training in the 8th or 9th grade. An additional purpose and privilege of this club, although not fully exploited, is the activation of a camera club branch. SENIOR HIGH CHORUS First Row, Left to Right-Lois Abbott, jackie Wiser, Emma Malloy, Nancy Snyder, Nancy Zarr, Elaine Smith, Linda Maurer, Ioyce Brittain, Kay Ilouseknecht, Kay Balliet. Second Row-Marsha Bontomase, Sandy Schooley, Alyce Parsons, Pearl Sheridan, Nan Wood, Doris Blair, Lila Lee Hilner, Sandra Frick, Ann Gautsch, Gail Schively, Pat Temple, Sandra Alexander, Georgianna Waltman. Third How-Ioanne Poust, Connie Bair, Sandra Waltman, Rita Pidgeon, Sally Cummings, Kathy Whalen, Barbara Book, Ann Schooley, Sally Banzhaf, Nancy Musser, Janet Edwards, Indy Houseknecht, Barbara Lowe, Mary Ann Edgeworth. Fourth Row-Dick Williamson, Dave Frey, Bob Flayhart, john McCarthy, Douglas Shoemaker, jack Engle, Kent Rager, Phil Danley, George Van Dine, Willie Chase, Eldon Reed, Jack Patrizio, Terry Schwenk, Dale Schenck, Leon App. unior High Chorus The Iunior High Chorus held its Hrst re- hearsal in October this year. The chorus con- sists of fifty-five boys and girls chosen from seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Under the direction of Mrs. jean Delsite, the group met once a week for rehearsals, and worked very diligently on two and three part music. Their yearis work was climaxed by their appearance in the Annual Spring Concert on the evening of April 11. Senior High Chorus The Senior High Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. lean Delsite, participates in the Christ- mas Concert and the annual Spring Concert, which was presented April 11. This vocal group also makes trips to nearby communities to present programs for school assemblies. The fifty members of the chorus are chosen from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. IUNIOR GLEE CLUB First Row, Left to Right-Mrs. Dr-lsite, Advisor, Susan Lyons, Sheron Meserole, Margaret Fry, Linda Stein, Carol Hoffman, Linda Wiser, Ellen Struup, Crace Holzworth, Cheryl Sheridan, Janet Stockhollse, Grace Lorimer, Judy Hitler. Seeonll Row-Rae Ann Griggs, Linda Bair, Nancy Rhone, Nancy Robbins, Leslie Brown, Millicent Barger, Carol Fetter, Sharon Keyser, Susan Dildine, Barbara Stroup, Ann Long. Third Row-Connie Hill, Connie Fry, Louise jenkins, Bernadine Spcary, Lynn Fromm, Roberta Frey, Nancy Corson, Helen Welch, Nancy Wenzel, Wanda Oyster, Roberta Cook, Linda Artley, Paula Winner, Austina Tilbury. Fourth How-Stephen Young, Eddie llill, james Blair, Wayne Frey, Fred Koons, Gary Hager, Fred Heilman, Wayne Sager, Wayne Bradbum, John Myers, James Musser, Cary Speary, Ronald Stackhouse, Alfred Poff, Robert Houseknecht, John Oberdorf. MRS. DELSITE Girls' Ensemble Director GIRLS, ENSEMBLE This relatively newly organized musical or- ganization in school has added much to Muncyls musical program. The twelve girls presented several numbers at the Spring Concert, chapel programs and at several other musical affairs at school. Miss Nancy Snyder is the accompanist at the piano. Mrs. Jean Delsite is the director. Director Mrs. jean Delsite has been very active dur- ing the past year as she directed the Girls' En- semble, both the Junior and Senior High Chorus and, in addition, planned and helped direct the May Day Festivities. Left to Right-Barbara Book, Ann Marie Schooley, Connie Bair, Nancy Musscr, Mary Ann Edge- worth, Sandra Frick, Lila Lee Hilncr, Ann Gautsch, Linda Maur- er, Sandra Alexander, Nancy Sny- der, Lois Abbott. M ay Queen and Ma ueen Flaming Foliage Queen - NANCY MUSSER Miss Nancy Musser reigned as Queen of the May at the annual May Day exercises. This impressive program was again held on the spacious and beautiful lawn in front of the high school building. Nancy's court attendants were members of the Senior Class. Miss Musser was also a representative at the Flaming Foliage Festival held in Renovo. Nancyys escort at this affair was Eldon Reed. Mr. Reed was also Miss Musser's escort for the May Day activities. While at Renovo these representatives and their escorts were guests of honor at a banquet and dance and took part in the other activities which preceded the crown- ing of a Queen. 56 May Court PHDCCQS Lynn Fromm bln Tilbury, Alycc Parsons, Ann Schooley, Nancy Mussc-r, Quccng Linda Boak, Mary Ann Edgeworth, Doris Blair. Lvft to LYNN FROMM M ay Pri ncess SAW Z Z 1xf - -vf 74" 'A My 35 N f kqgg-3 ig Wigs 33352 X f X NN f ,M X 1 ,Wg BEFORE THE GAME Milf, ,,, f X? XL Z Z X' 1 Q X nl I f Wkgm W2 Q, f W X 9' f 1 jZ Zff X , f f ' j,,Z.7? ,, I X N5 n,frm'f V -- yi' M1 .,ff ff if -Ai 1-fi. fide" I ' ' Q M !fl""m H 5 IllHlllll l l 'lIlII -"AZ, 13 ? 7'- .L- ' 'l":i 4-"""""" nmll A A - Q ,Jan-1. "'L . .p-F: ' ' , . ' 'f ' 2. 'r',fz: u 1 ?! 251322 f Q P f MX V if Z 4,-,..-,.', -Z' I 1 f - 7 ff Wfff if Z f y 0 ' Sp01'tS 3+ f , l 29 I gunman' an 51 4523 15 4 is Q - df HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Zigmund Musial 6 s' A A. ...-14 . FOOTBALL-George Sauers, j. V. coachg Stanley Schuyler, head coachg t Paul Gresh, assistant coach. e Ad ' s -' f-" -3 4, WH5f'6NgfUVI 'vis , . Vrkh I ,V frgiwf ' - V sm I W 5135? LSQ, 'wmagiavw . ff995wT' f 5 T358-ff 2 W y. Z ' rf rwh.7 if? 4 I ' BASKETBALL-George Houseknecht, varsity coachg Paul Gresh, j. v. coach. DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS WRESTLING-George Sauers, assistant coachg Wallace Maurer, head coach. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. CHEERLEADERS Kneeling, Left to RightfDoris Blair, Alycc Parsons. Standing-Georgianna YValtman, Marsha Bontomase, Connie Lee. ' he Cheerleaders These five cheerleaders contributed much toward the many victories won by Muncy ath- letes during the school year. These girls were faithful to their teams throughout the sports seasons by leading the students and Muncy fans with cheers both at home and away. They arranged for weekly pep rallies during the foot- ball season and had a special rally before the Montgomery game complete with bonfire and snake dance. During the winter sports season they divided their time and talents between basketball games and wrestling meets. Two girls, Doris Blair and Alyce Parsons, both seniors, will graduate this year. Doris has six years service-both junior high and senior high-and Alyce has two years with the senior high group. Both girls will receive "Mn jackets for their work. Mrs. Vivacqua, girls' physical education teacher, has acted as their advisor and coach during the past year. SENIOR CHEERLEADER CAPTAINS Left to RightADoris Blair, Alyce Parsons. 'vi :aes ff ,nslfm Rr Football Muncy's football team posted a six-three record for the season. The wins were decisive and the losses respectable. The Indians scored 194 points to 87 for their opponents, gained 1786 yards from scrimmage to 1431, completed 35 passes for 711 yards against 24 for 343 yards. For the Hrst time in years the football squad attended a training camp. Thirty boys and the three coaches attended Camp Nik-o-malls, near Harlton, for one week in August. Work and fun helped mold a strong team for the ensuing season. The highlight of the season was perhaps the Mill Hall game in which the Indians broke the Shippers, two-year win- ning streak and, of course, the Montgomery game in which Muncy has won for the sixth straight season. Three games were broadcast, one from Lock Haven and two from Williamsport. Eldon Reed broke the scoring mark for an end in one season at Muncy by catching seven touchdown passes and two bonus points. Gary Allen was high scorer with 48 points. Twelve seniors on the squad will graduate-eight regulars- leaving three juniors, Engle, VValker, and Rhone as a nucleus for next yearis team. 62 First Row, Left to Right-Gary Alexander, Football Manager, Iames Kennedy, Gary Allen, Eldon Reed, Tom Stutzman, Ronald Wertman, Iames Schneider, Ray Bankes, Marty Houseknecht, Manager. Second Row-James Artley, Steve Boak, Larry Gruver, Bob Stroup, lack Engle, Sam Walker, Dick Rhone, Artie Iohns. Third Row-Gordon Washburn, Kenneth Gard- ner, Bill Sommers, Don Mitcheltree, Bobby Flayhart, Wayne Bradburn, Bill Hughes. Fourth RowATed Engle, Don Puderbaugh, Lee Anderson, David Meso- role, Ronald Houseneck, Leon App, Steve Opp, Robert Musser. Fifth RowAGeorge White, Dave Fry, Eddie Green, Mr. George Sauers, Assistant Coach, Mr. Schuyler, Coach, Mr. Paul Gresh, Assistant Coach, Joe Cipriani, Gene Ott, Reno Hill, Charles Scott. 1957 SCORES Muncy. ...,.... 39 Renovo ., .. ,,... 0 Muncy . .....,.. 20 'Bald Eagle Nittany Area 7 Muncy , .,.. 20 'Montgomery .. , 13 Muncy ,, .. 9 'Mifllinburg H19 Muncy .. 6 'South Williamsport , .. 7 Muncy .....,.... 34 Canton . . ..... ..,,, , 7 Muncy ......... 28 'Hughesville . , 7 Muncy ..,,., 25 'Warrior Run ,.., ., 7 Muncy. ,,...... 13 'Montoursville . H26 ' Conference Games W: i 33" 'Wie ' , J fx., 'fi . 1 A X . gzw sg 5 3 .I f 4-Q r 9 4 . . 4 Q HV , ,X . 5 ., ?K,.,,, 3 , iff s im 21,5 ,K F I E 'r I Y 1 Q I H 1 Q '4 'fi 35" in A ,V ff an :ff Q . kfuxi.-X' what K ., , 5 Varsity Basketball Squad Muncy's last basketball season in the old gym featured many close games. Five contests were lost by a single field goal and the Indians, 7-14 record could have read 12-7 with the help of a friendly basket rim. Popular favorites were the identical twins, Dick and Larry Fry, who lacked only height in their outstanding play. K'Boov Reed proved to be the floor leader and a high scorer, and Ray Bankes turned in some good box score efforts. Anderson and Engle divided the starting assign- ments as fifth man and Mitcheltree and Bishel were steady reserves. Back next season to initiate Muncy's hand- some new gymnasium are Lee Anderson, Iack Engle, Kenny Gardner, Rodger Breidinger, Chuck Scott, Bob Flayhart, Dave Fry and a host of promising sophomores. Next yearis sophomore prospects from the successful V. team are Scott, Opp, Bradburn, Houseknecht, Messerole and Ted Engle. Muncy's new V. Coach-George Houseknecht. Left to Right-Gene msnei, noger Breidinger, Donald Mitcheltree, Eldon Reed, Iack Engle, Lee Anderson, Dick Fry, Larry Fry. coach this year has been Paul Gresh and George Houseknecht has again led the varsity. Muncy's basketball fortunes should improve as a taller team will begin play on the spacious floor of a new gymnasium next season. SCORES Catawissa ,..,,..... .,..... 5 3 Muncy ......... ,......., 4 8 Danville ,..,,.... .... H58 Muncy .,.... ,. ..,.,...46 Northumberland .,..., .. .. 37 Muncy .......,. ..,.. . ,. 38 Danville ...,. ..,.. . ............ 7 2 Muncy . ,. .,.. 56 Northumberland .,...,. .... 5 5 Muncy ...... . . . 49 Montoursville .. . ...... 61 Muncy .,.....,. . 59 Hughesville .. ,......,..,,.. .. 46 Muncy ..... 49 Mifllinburg ...., ., .. ...., ...53 Muncya. 1,36 South Williamsport ,....... 62 Muncy ....,..,. .,.... . . 69 Warrior Run ,...,,..,......... 70 Muncy ...,.,... . .. ..,. 51 Montgomery ,..,........... ,... 6 1 Muncy .....,.,. . ..,..,. 42 Bald Eagle Nittany .....,,. 41 Muncy ....,., . 56 Montoursville .,.....,....,..... 56 Muncy .,....,.. ..,.. 5 2 Hughesville .....,.,..,......,.. 51 Muncy ..,..,... ....,.... 4 8 Mifllinburg ..., ,.....,...... 4 9 Muncy ,..,..... ,..,.., . ,48 South Williamsport ,..,.... 47 Muncy , ,.... , ......., 50 WarriorRun .,..., .. .. ..,.. 52 Muncy... ,....,..67 Montgomery ,... .,,......,.. 8 6 Muncy . .... . . . 52 Bald Eagle Nittany .... 38 Muncy .,,.,. , .. . 66 Fairview ..,...,., ......,..,., 4 0 Muncy , . , ,. 54 Ringtown . .,......... ....... 5 7 Muncy . 46 s f 2 ' f ' ' Q if lg ! J6 1 . ,1, f'- Q 'fi'i?', 1 g?'N5, A 5 I, i uw ' i 5 ,' 4g 1,3E A ,, QE 3 Xe K fffr 3 1 ' ' AX I v , ,XR-...--:ff Q 'gf 1 , f i T Ar , A,,,u'i'- i Q .PL Q iff if -4 f in. 12" M W1 Q1 F 5' 1 if , 4 Z ff I JW' Q vw X W H 2 Wrestling The Muncy Indians continued to field an unusually strong and successful wrestling team despite having only four regulars from last year's District 4, P. I. A. A. Championship team. In assuming his new coaching duties, Mr. Maurer spoke of "anxious anticipation, fond aspirations, and cautious optimismv and the need for Hunquenchable spirit, hard work, and personal sacrificef, To those who were close to wrestling this season, their reminiscences mark the accuracy of Coach Maureris pre-season remarks. With a handful of experienced veterans and a strong aggregation of eager replacements, var- sity and junior varsity teams were formed under Coach Maurer and Coach Sauers, respectively. Both teams met with grand success. Looking back at the calibre of the opposition, the scores, the spirit and sportsmanship of our teams, we are sure that the best traditions of "Dear Old Muncyi' have been met and fulfilled. Likewise, great personal gain will accrue to those boys who have been privileged to work, train, and sacrifice for the battles of this past season as they journey on in the greater battle of Life. l First Row, Left to Right-Richard Akers, Joseph Cipriana, William Hughes, Robert Stroup, Allen Smith, Ronald Frey, Richard Wil- liamson, Richard Hill, Malcom Muir. Second Row-Robert Stanf- fer, Mr. Wallace Maurer, Max Bieber, Brian Kennedy, Dale Schenck, Cary Allen, james Schneider, David Wenzel, Sam Walker, Shemi Lupold, Kenny Lee, Mr. George Sauers, Ralph Buck. Third Row-Dick Johnson, John Myers, Terry Schwenk, George White, Steve Anderson, Gerry Johns. VARSITY WRESTLING 12 Wins, 4 Losses-.750 Muncy .,..,...................,. 32 Ralpho Twp. ...,. . .,.. 11 Muncy 31 Kingston . I4 Muncy ,..,.,.. 34 Coal Twp. ...... ...... 1 1 Muncy ........ ll Lock Haven ...,... ...... 3 4 'Muncy ........ 33 Montoursville .. ll 'Muncy ........ ........ 4 5 Montgomery ,.,..... ..,.,. 8 Muncy ..,..... 20 Williamsport ...,........, . .. 18 'Muncy ,..,.... 3 Bald Eagle Nittany ....,.,. 40 Muncy .,..,.. 18 Shamokin .,,.......... . 31 'Muncy ........ 22 Hughesville ..,.... . ..,.... .. 18 'Muncy ........ 39 South Williamsport . , 9 'Muncy ,, .... 23 Mifllinburg .,...,.. ,...... . .. 24 'Muncy ........ 40 Warrior Run .,,. 8 Muncy ..,..,.. 27 Mt. Carmel .,.... ,. I6 Muncy ........,...,..,.....,.... 30 Sunbury ......., . ...,.. 15 Muncy . ,,................,..... 25 Montgomery ...,,.. .......... 2 0 " Indicates West Branch Conference Meets. Participated in the State College Invitational Wres- tling Tournament as the only "small town" school. Placed second to Shamokin in the District 4, P. I. A. A. Championship Tournament. Victory in thc semi-finals. Gary Allen and Coach Maurer at State College. zz JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING Muncy Jay-Vee Muncy Jay-Vee Muncy Jay-Vee Muney Jay-Vee Muncy jay-Vee 3 Wins, 2 Losses-.600 . . 7 Sugar Valley Varsity 43 Montoursvillejay-Vee 35 Montgomery .lay-Vee 41 Danville .lay-Vee , I4 Shaniokin ,lay-Vee . INDIVIDUAL DISTI NCTION GARY ALLEN-Placed second at the State College In- vitational Tourney. North-cast P. I. A. A. Regional Champion 154 pound class. Current 1958 P. I. A. A. State runner-up at 154. WVon 27 matches, lost 2 up to Regional Level competition. ALLEN SMITH-Placecl second at the State College Invitational Tourney. North-east P. I. A. A. Regional Runner-Up for seconcl consecutive year. Won I9 matches, lost 3 up to Regional Level coin- petition. BILL HUGHES-Placed fourth at the State College In- vitational Tourney. P. I. A. A. District 4 Runner- Up for the second consecutive year. DICK WILLIAMSON-Placed fourth at the State Col- lege Invitational Tourney. ' K ' 12- mv W we K . ' W' . M 5 .. K 3.4, 1 u , . I 5 . , 4 4. W, 4 , 7 5 ., Q A . 1- ' 4 I q Q Holy Cow! """""""""""E High Lights The 6th Grade Syndicate. W ...W do ,V """'W" K . J F'-malaria-K fha! The ones that got away. Tilbury. I don't get it. 68 Blackboard jungle. 'ef' wg 5 ,. g L. .. g s , A kj' g,QiiL.1LZgM AE 3 fi Zz Y 3 has f A 'Az" f-- This is class?? .mix W. ww.,-V-0 W, The Roaring Twenties. Are you shocked, Mr. Schuyler?? Juniors living it up. ' iii 11 fi ggi? 'Y fue? ,WM JT Don't look now!! RipP!!! Typical Happy Senior- Walt Prince. , , M 'Z' . K fm 5 . ik. ' K ' if if K: . fl 3 tx . .,,,fS,,, f f i iohlhh ' i igfiigi 'z K sf filiv- wg is Y- 4 ' gk? W5 Q .4 J rr:f 69 1, . E, , ., S Yi "' fQw,i, sg 5252.1 .i v.. ifiiiikg 2 ., . ,I , ziv. 5 ,, S' , gi Ill'-11' Santa visits the grades. Ruthie. Yeah! Who says? Mung-the Mad Artist t Asif, Highlights we will never forget . . Whozit? Abe. Onward Muncy. The show must go on. Senior beauties. Senior make-up. Our Philadelphia Friend. Love. - -- Y' ,iw . :Au vw. ,ua J, ? ff' P Civeablast. yf f f if 1 lf 1Sf -vf 7x' "A ' 7' ' Nm, Z Z5 W N 7 Z 0 MUNCY 1958 I N Q 4 'F ' 4 5 3 7 f 5 I 's f? A L f 5 X X 5 N MW 35, Z W1 y ,Z X 5 Z f , , f gg Wk Qgwkz um sum. Hmmm PM ' , 'X"'v4 W! W 5 ,,1 1 -V7 ff ,f W f' W 1 dxf? f'Z' ! ' W ii 7 ami X Z Mun 2 f f f f Q J 1 7 lm, 2 j Z 5 I A f .-'f,??15w5f5f1?2!,f 2? f 2? Kg 5' ?f,fQii7f,'Z A WWXZQK K-dj ' .H 2 :-2"i'!f:E?2E":f. 5 fy' - "IST,-' '12i:F:51r'.fE2f5,-- W 00 if " OVW' 2 ff:5ffis"G"' 2 Ji ffy X Q -Q? + L'-A 3,151 ,ii12'E?22: iii: ' 4' f f 1, ' 'H-"s'+"9'7' Q' - j'.:Pf:.'1P-'-f- 'I 3 m 1 f Eiga 'QL'-rf'14"'-J"7"' f- W M211 Fllgf fl LAL!!-F L ",f,.4f:5 -ci' - Y- , Wg ' 4-3 I .11 Ar' Z... 41' --f4'- - 11 - , - va' f J nf'-I v, 9 -,.-', h ' ' 42-1 y' FIJI BS-if Sb., :f 9 W, 'fyn 1.41 'mf wr Q f ,ZAAZKY 154.3 .pak f' 4, .., 4' Isl. -I ,Ja fi, ' . f- ' 5 bf -f.---'L i , ,g,' f '. ,y ,f K' I r :xv - F'-t, f 'J . I pf 17 , Ll-' I . W I - 1 ', f ' , v 1 9 ,P Q1 I 1, 1. x , - f ' " lj . l,'. ' 'xv ,. c .pf-1. , .i af! f , ' 4- X L. I 4 "sr 2 57 ' , - su xt? ff.,, 'li 1 "9 , 5? f Q ' X ,fb " AA"f-M-Qizg-'f N, X f-':,f -"" V 12' """,.'i.-'f-.gfd l ""2-3?-.--.. 3956 N A vertisement E:-32 3 1 ' 'J il 2-.:'-:f ' .Z u E..-5-jf., .IONES AND LAUGHLIN STEEL CORPORATION WIRE ROPE DIVISION MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA It is a strong and confident man that gets ahead and working gives one greater confidence than to have money in the bank. CITIZENIS NATIONAL BANK MUNCY, PA. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Deposits Insured Up to 810,000 Compliments of AUTO HAR L D L KELLER GENERAL LIABILITY FIRE 0 ' ACCIDENT AND LIFE HEALTH PoLI0 Insufance BURGLARY AND Heritage Securities ROBBERY Phone 6-3229 207 Sherman St., Muncy, Pa. 74 Compliments of PRO T, ALDRO 0 PA Y, I Who Wishes The Class of 1958 The Best of Luck MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA 75 Compliments of Compliments of STEIN'S SALES 81 SERVICE MUNCY DRY GOODS CO. Gasoline and Fuel Oils MUNCY, PA. Phone 6-3146 MUNCY, PA. GILBERT BRO . MUNCY 31 YEARS OF MONTOURSVILLE "Floyd" "Ward" Dial 6-3220 DEPENDABLE SERVICE Dial 8-8677 X - KXNQXw NK mxmwx gi xx N Q SUPER SERVICE X k Compliments of ASHKARS JERRY'S GULF HAI-LS STATION HUGHESVILLE, PA. Muncy R. D. 722 Phone 6-3930 76 Compliments of THE GRANGE NATIONAL BANK HUGHESVILLE, PA. C0mP'ime"tS0f MUNCY MOTOR Co. BOB FREY'S BUICK SALES and . SERVICE MUNCY, PA. P-hone 6-3940 MUNCY, PA Compliments of WILLIAM J. EDGEWORTH ROLLIN S. SHERIDAN CLYDE A. KEPNER Prudential Insurance Representative Life, Group, Sick, and Accident Phone 6-3860 MUNCY, PA. Compliments of HARTER'S DRUG STORE E. B. IVICCUAIC, Prop. MUNCY PASTRY SHOP Phone 6-3270 9 S. Main sf. MUNCY, PA. 77 IT'S SMART TO BE THRIFTY SAVE YOUR MONEY WITH SYSTEM AND SAFETY The Muncy Banking 'Company MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation LAD 81 LASSIE SHOP For TEEN DRESSES AND SHOES BOYS, SHIRTS AND PANTS BARTLOW'S JEWELRY HAMILTON WATCHES KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS 8 N. Main St. MUNCY, PA. Phone 6-5460 MUNCY, PA. Compliments of Compliments of PAUL'S STORE THE SOPHOMORE CLASS CLOTHES MEN'S, WOMEN'S and CHILDREN'S WEAR SHOES and RUBBER FOOTWEAR Phone 6-3510 MUNCY, PA MUN CY LIME PRODUCTS 66Chippewa" PRODUCERS OF Agricultural Limestone and Ground Burned Lime Phone 6-3005 Plant and Kilns at CHIPPEWA MUNCY, PAENNA. Compliments of LOWE'S GRANGE NEWS AGENCY Self-Service Grocery PAUL, ARWOOD, AND BILL ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES MUNCY, PA. Phone 6-9313 CLARKSTOWN, PA Say I t With Flowers BRYFOGLE'S FLOWERS LARGEST GROWERS OF FLOWERS IN LYCOMING COUNTY MUNCY PENN A. 79 SPORTS EQUIPMENT THAT'S A SURE HIT WITH EVERY SPORTSMAN FRESH AIR COMPETITIVE SPORTS - CONGENIAL COMPANIONSHIP RELAXATION These are the things that keep a mall in tip-top shape to enjoy his work in this busy world. Our pleasant share in your outdoor life and play is to provide everything you need. We are ready to help you select the right equipment or clothing from our stock. WILLIAMSPORT STORE LOCK HAVEN STORE MYERS AUTO PARTS MURRAY MUTOR CO' and FORD AND MERCURY SALES-SERVICE-PARTS SPORTING GOODS Dial 6-3090 Phone 6-5336 MUNCY, PA. 101 N. Main sm. MUNCY, PA Best Wishes to Class of 1953 MINNICH STUDIO Portraits That Live Phone 1415 odd Fellows Building, MILTON, PA. 80 Compliments of LYCOMING COLLEGE A.B. and B.S. Degrees LIBERAL ARTS - PRE-PROFESSIONAL - BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION FIVE YEAR COURSES IN FORESTRY AND ENGINEERING DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS-Phone 3-9411 Founded 1812 LYCOMING COLLEGE, WILLIAMSPORT Compliments of OLD FORT NURSERY BURKHOLDER-WATSON Beautifiers of AMOCO SERVICE Homes HEATING AND DIESEL OILS Phone 6-5305 MUNCY, PA. MUNCY, PA Compliments of RING'S AUTO WRECKING Phone 3271 TURBOTVILLE, PA. 81 Compliments of L. C. BALL TOURS "Complete Travel Servicel' Phone 3-22621 WILLIAMSPORT, PA. Compliments of Compliments of MELODY BRYFOGLE'S FLOWERS RECORD SHOP 11 W' Fourth St' Where Williamsport and Vicinity Buy Records WILLIAMSPORT, PA. Phone Williamsport 2-4201 Phone 7186 47 W. 4th St. WILLIAMSPORT, PA. CARL L. STOVER Rugs 1 Furniture 1 Bedding Franchised Dealer for Pennsylvania House Cherry and Maple MUNCY, PA. Compliments of Established 1896 Phone 2-4629 VARSITY SHOP XQgRYTH'Nc CLOTHING for Young Men Phone 3-6929 fgiqyclhv 358 Mamet St' WILLIAMSPORT' PA' 230 Pine street w1L1AMsPoR'r, PA. 82 Compliments of Compliments of Romig Sunoco Service Tires, Batteries, Rerreeding THE Phone 6-3861 JUNIOR CLASS No. Mein st. MUNCY, PA. Free Piek-up and Delivery Service MUNCY HIGH SCHUUL Compliments of STERN BROS. CLOTHING INC. Fashions' for Young Men STERNCRAFT CLOTHES-VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS JARMAN SHOES MIKE'S ' SERVICE PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE xl9w'wm"0 Phone 6-5393 9 ' MUNCY, PA. "lLLw4snoi' 83 Compliments of The Young Machinery Company Manufacturers of Chemical Processing Equipment MUNCY, PA. Compliments of BRELSFORD MOTORS 37 N. Main St. e 6-3960 MUNCY, PENNA. Compliments of DOW,S PHARMACY MUNCY, PENNA. J. s. RUDNITZKI, INC. C0mP1imenfS0f DIAMONDS-JEWELRY BUCK'S STORE WATCHES GROCERIES- 123 West Fourth St. WILLIAMSPORT, PENNA. PAINT AND HARDWARE CLARKSTOWN, PA. 84 Compliments of SMITI'I'S TRUCK LINES MUNCY, PENNA. Compliments of WALLIS FUNERAL HOME H. E. WALLIS 121 S Main St t MUNCY PA. Compliments of L. J. EAKER'S GARAGE RAMBLER MOTOR CAR 6 5126 MUNCY PA Compliments of MUNCY FABRICS INC. 85 Phone 3-9 762 HENRY H. WEINHARDT Electrical Contractor Residential - Commercial - Industrial 1218 Memorial Ave. WILLIAMSPORT, PA ZIMMERMAN'S LEVINSUNS WILLIAMSPORT Atlantic Service Station BOTANY 500 CLOTHES 109 N. Main St. MUNCY, PA. ARROW SHIRTS Phone 6-3505 FLORSHEIM SHOES LEE HATS FORT BRADY HOTEL MUNCY, PA. 86 BOYD H. KLIN E c EMORY L. MILLER 81 SON General Contracto AMOKIN, 1" Quality Dairy Products ILK ICE CRE P W . ,L 9091 .VP N Lois Harris Beauty Salon Compliments of Phone 6-3087 THE RITZ THEATRE 435 Main St. MUNCY, PA. Phone 6-3740 MUNCY, PA. Compliments of P BETTY'S DRESS SHOP THE TOWN SHO MUNCY, PA. Phone 6-5200 MUNCY, PENNA. 88 " fx Y. ,- y W. 1, 1 rd I, 'T 2,.i.Q f y: fa 'if W ' 4. 5544 5555 53.5. . A' 3 33-' PM. . ., W., .. Qu- r f-an wear'-H 3 '.J5"'. 5 in ,,,,. if 5 ' ' eg A4 L, il?" rl 2552" fi 4 -Qa'?4u L. 5542 dv Qi if . ' -4: mr: ' D!" T, 3- , :QF .Ffrr . ,gg . ,,... , -..,, JI Q E. . c L 1 -K ' ., -. : - gy . 'I M dm .V g f if -. I f N A ' 'Y ' if gx .. f-. N :EQ s....J V ' 'r-X, ,, m W 'W' gig Q . 9 ' , 1 . EQ, Qi 1-,..mQig'X l . ' ' 1' 5 . .1 J nk 5 N 1 X . , .H-. A , J , 1 . ,, f, i ,. ',!' z ' . 1' J , Y - . W .Mg an .. . v , - ' F 'X r -.s.. -.fl w ., In . . ' , f f'-- 'E f " c .wg-'W L sv Am , v- '- 1- ,i.,,,,:v..i.,. AK, X .,.:Y ,, - A f . ,Q v . fu A, 4 9. . - ,, - -q..q,,i.AL:,.g.LL,,,:,I3,.:,N, ,. ,, .-. .... :.. --- ,g. ,, - -,,.,, :'-.-,..-'14 , .mv E- -v ,vu -4 Q I L ,- wah-f 5i'r':.r "': .. 5.1.1-1- .4 'wr-I x . -- HM' -15111, 1-an --f. 3153 ,yr QQ W 'F ff fm, Q W W' WHA 3 , ,M Q A m M WWQZ W Wefwk E259 Qfwffggffii ' W1 ww WW is 38QLf'fj,Wfiqw3w 4 ,W WV ff WMM! QW-A43 'Ev f ,. QWWXQX W , K . ww M1 1 fTC?1"4'j9PcTq f1fR!A- ' -g 3- ffl ,JUL ,jf 'jim' ' JMR Wf ff f i ff . 055, WM f Fwpwj ff' fwfvy .5h,,k k + mf' 3 J Q if X? fx fi Q : glib?-figrjff ' Y -- A ' '

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