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Muncy High School - Canusarago Yearbook (Muncy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Yi' il' M ', ALMA MATER Hail to Alma Mater dear, Spread her fame in accents clear, Shout her glory to the skies, Tell the praise of dear old Muncy, May our hearts be ever true, To the colors white and blue, Muncy High School, here's to you- Hail to Alma Mater, Hail. -E. W. ROBERTS SCHOOL SONG Hcrc's to our clear old Muncy, Praise to her colors true, Junior and Senior High School Hail to the White and blue Rah! Rah! Rah! Good times we've had about her, Sad times occasionally too, But when it comes to good schools Oh Muncy, we'rc for you! Rah! -G. PALMER ..f.-as f Xyk Presentmg lv 11 UL uf I! W va W Irv 1 ff I CAI CHR HD SNITH EUITOR The Greatest Show on Earth Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS of the Muncy-Muncy Creek High School 4 , I Vv ' If , .71 ff 1 ff 0' f f 7 V SW ew - ' 7 f f Q f f ff fe R I 44, M W XJILEK vfifmfkyfmwwfjffqi , I W A X f i I , , N a NL 7 122" .- A WMA E F XXX Cmcu EVENTS? ' " Semori PARADE I H RiNgI CLASSES N PHE 1952 W I U Hzwcm S905-VIS I 1 Ill L F. X 4 L , , ilu : if Q .'IS'.'M'i.'L1ZifJ ' , .KM M121 - X f Lf , f 4 , I W 1 MR. MUSIAL Dedication The senior class of 1952 dedicates this issue of the CANUSARAGO to MR. MUSIAL, our High School principal, science instructor, and past faculty manager of athletics. Mr. Musial has been a wise counselor to all of us and has always been eager to help us with our problems. To us he represents our ideal of principal, faculty member, and friend. With this issue of the CANUSARAGO, we wish to thank him for the counsel and guidance he has given us during our high school days. In Memoriam We, as the class of 1952, will al- ways remember those classmates who were taken from us during our school years. PFC. WARREN ROBERT ALLEN LEWIS EUGENE BEILHAETZ FREDERICK DONALD GORTNER 5 GRADE PARENTS PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION SCHOOL BOARD Lrffi fu Hiyhf Mr. Robert Staunton Mr. lluwurrl V. Opp. Mr. C. Wil In-it Homin". Mrs. .Imnes Phillips Ihr. C. S. VV. liickolt. Administtraxfuimn Ring Masiers X ,I 1 acl , I MRS. POUST AND DoR1s SHOOK lmfzdling nzullvrx in Ilan' ofj5vr'. MR. WILLIAMSON, Our Supz'rz'isi11g Prinrijwal MR. MUSIAL, Our Prinripul LOTS M. HEYD English B.A., Pennsylvania State College WARLJ L. MYERS Imluxfrirll Arlx B.S., Carnegie Technical lnstitutc M.Iid., Pennsylvania State Col- lege BI-ISSIF M. LONG Hmm' El'0HOIlIlt'X Mansfield State Teachers College Bucknell University STANLEY T. SCHUYLER C:0llll71l'P'l'i41l l3.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers College REBECCA S. ARTHUR Gmgmpb-y Muncy Normal Bucknell University Mansfield State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College GRANT THOMPSON luxlrzumvzlal Mum' S111n'rz' B.S., Pennsylvania State College Eastman School of Music 8 The Faculty GEORGE B. HOUSEKNECHT Social Studies B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers College NADINE E. EUSTIS Langnugrx A.B., Gettysburg College St. Lawrence University ZIGMUND M. MUSIAL Sviwzrc' B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers College MARIAN L. STINE Pbysirul Ezlnz'ulion B.S., Lock Haven State Teachers College IRVIN T. HFSS Pby.viz'al liallzrulirzll Drivers Edlluafirzlz B.S., Slippery Rock State Teach- ers College IRENE M. WITHFRS Sl'il'I1l'!' A.B., Lebanon Valley College St. Lawrence University Our Tru imers ROBERT S. HUGHES Social Sluzlies B.A., Gettysburg College MARYELLEN WALDRON MHflll'll1Hfll'X B.S., Westchester State Teachers College DELOSE M. BITLIZR Hixlory, English Muncy Normal Bloomsburg State Teachers Col- lege Bucknell University Potts Shorthand Williamsport Commercial School SHIRLEY S. MUFFLY Denial Hygienist R.D.I'I., Temple University Bluomsburg State Teachers Col- lege LARUE C. WILLIAMSON SIlpl'fl'iSillg Prinvipul A.B., Pennsylvania State College M. lid., Pennsylvania State Col- lege C' fp auf' Ill iii JEAN F. HILL Vocal Mnxir Slzperuisor ILS., Susquehanna University ITLBIN J. FARABEE Agrivullnrz' B.S., Pennsylvania State College LILA L. CRAWLEY School Nurxc R.N., Halstead Hospital Train- ing School Bucknell University AARON M. COBLENTZ Mulbeumlivx B.S., Millersville State Teachers College Temple University ESTHER H. POUST .AlIllIilIiXfYdfil'l' Axsixfmlt B.S., New York University M.A., New York University Pierce Business School Columbia University W 9 s f Y 1 ? w x ' 5 A-J W X' 5- ij an at XT: is Jiwk 55' ig 3' Q QM if x'f V595 M, Q1 V4 ,W.5, 42 'I A K Q E M awww . M Q A 9 , Mi . W ,, xg - , ev. U .mf -Tum ,V 4 -.J 3 my Mx. . , H . A T-42 V wmggig W, L V. " A K ,asp . L . x O A-2 3 .igigg-1 f an W v X gk ' fig 3 ' g 3 ,, wg X m ggi '93 x i , Q , xr 'ak' M mi' ii QF: , 32 as G wk if E W me P F' A 72 : 0 33,7 55 7 --':.. ' W 1 They Managed Uzuzr Circus GEORGE B. HOUSEKNECHT The class of 1952 wishes to express its most sincere gratitude to Mr. George House- kneehr, our class adviser throughout our high school years. Mr. Houseknecht assumed his duties as our adviser in our sophomore year and has been a great help in solving our problems and keeping our class working in harmony. To him goes our most grateful thanks for his leadership, judgment, under- standing, and patience. Senior Officers Senior Class Adviser I- i. F fb 'ii 3 f if SeatedAGerald Yoder. President. Sfflllflfllfly Left fn I?iyl:!4Helen Spaulding, Secretary: Thomas Umlnuf, Vice Presirlentg Marlin Wolfe, Treasurer. 12 pk 1,1 sc. gl ELLEN LOUISE AKERs "Sister" Enthusiastic collector - speaks with ease before a group. Academic, Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Journalism Club 2, 3, 4, Gym Team 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staif 3, 4, CANUSARAGO Staff 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Stu- dent Director 4, Poetry Award 3, Oratorical Contest State Finals 3, Minstrel Show 3. ILENE LUCILLE APP PPAppyU Loves to travel-relaxes over the ivories - ardent reader-graceful hands. Academic, Glee Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Librarian 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Minstrel Show 3. JAMES MEREDITH ARMS "Armsie', Enjoys model airplanes and Guy Lombardo. Academic, School Patrol 1, Scoop Staff 3, 4, Boys' Sextette 1, 2, Gym Team 3, 4, Intramural Sports 3, 4, Magazine Drive Captain 4, Glee Club 4. SHIRLEY MAE ARTLEY "Shirley" Tiny, with the ideal waist-air minded-she's either rushing or eating. Commercial, Minstrel Show 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Student Librarian 3, 4, Booster Club 4, Journalism Club 4, Scoop Staff 4, Intramural Sports 3, 4, Class Play 3. WAYNE HOWARD BACON ffBakeJi Flys Indian motorcycle-works at Western Auto-very friendly. Commercial, Basketball Team 1, 2, Student Council 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play Stage Crew 3, Manager 4. HELEN RETA BARTO "Mickey" A snappy cheerleader- friendly - small feet. Commercial, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Journalism Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 2, 3, 4, Gym Team 3, 4, Min- strel Show 3, Glee Club 2, 4. WILLIAM LESTER BAYSORE "Basie" Likes bowling and gym team--quiet around the opposite sex. General, Gym Team 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Class Play Stage Crew 3, 4, In- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, School Patrol 1. JOHN MORRISON BILLHIME fflobn ny!! Likes sports and girls-follows both closely. General, Football Manager 1, 2, 3, Baseball Manager 1, Wrestling Man- ager 2, 3, 4, M Club 3, 4, Scoop Staff 4, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4, Class Play Stage Crew 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Minstrel Show 4. 40 I0 Q9 . Il! , PRISCILLA DENE BENNETT rrpillv Seen but seldom heard-born to be an angel of mercy--always neat. Commercial, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. MARY KATHRYN BREIDINGER ffKittyH Posscsses a pair of beautiful brown eyes-clear soprano voice-plays the ivories. Commercial, Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Z, 3, 4, Student Librarian 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2. WILIIELMINA M. BRENEISEN "Billie" Iilushes easily-swimming and bowl- ing rank high with her--friendly, naturally easy-going. Commercial, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri- Hi-Y 1, 2, Secretary 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Journalism Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President of Class 3, Glee Club 1, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, CANUSARAGO Staff 4, Intramural Sports 3, 4, Student Council 2, Minstrel Show 3, Chapel Chair- man 1. JAMES FRANKLIN BRITTAIN ffIi1n7! Red hair-bookkeeping whiz-all ,round guy. Commercial, Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling Team 1, 2, 3, 4, M Club 3, 4, CANUSARAGO Staff 4, In- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. 'S X.-J o AV , . ,. '.. 5' M kts, I4 'L W lf y ' , CAROLYN GOULD BRYFOGLE "Bubbles" Drives 351 Hudson-enjoys all sports -presides over Tri-Hi-Y-neat dresser. Academic, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Vice Pres- ident 2, President 3, 4, Scoop Staff 3, 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, Booster Club l, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, journalism Club 2, 3, 4, Glce Club l, Chapel Chairman 1, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, ,Iunior High Cheerleader 1, Foliage Queen. ALENA AMM COLLEY "Collie" An up and coming Florence Night- ingale'-lcnit one, purl two-ideal girl's handwriting. Academic, Glee Club 2, 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 3, 4, journalism Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, CANUSARAGO Stal? 4, Minstrel Show 3, Quill and Scroll 4. LARRY LEE CONFER PfUnklJ Always ready with a wise remark- lots 0' fun. Academic, Baseball Team 1, 2, 4, Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, President 4, Intramural Sports 2, 3, Scoop Staff 3, 4, CANUSARAGO Business Mana- ger 4, School Patrol 1, Chapel Chairman 4, M Club 4, Christmas Play 2, 3, Class Play 4. WILLIAM E. EDGEWORTH ffBilPP So lively-music is his hobby- nice to have around. Academic, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Team Z, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 3, Scoop Staff 3, Class Play 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, M Club 2, 3, 4, Boys' Sextette 1, 2, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 4, Christ- mas Play 1, 2, 3, Minstrel Show 1, 3, 4. :R l L: N ' nl H DONALD LEE EDWARDS "Donnie" Blushes easily-fond of fruits- peaches? Commercial5 Football Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Wrestling Team 2, 3, 45 M Club Secretary 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council2. MARTHA B. FENSTERMACHER "Mart" Proud owner of naturally curly, red hair-friendly smile- Pill's constant companion. Commercial5 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Stu- dent Librarian 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. MADELYN LOUISE FLACK "Tubbie" Dark hair is her pride-plays her trumpet with ease-a typing whiz. Commercial5 Student Council 15 Band 1, 2, 3, Secretary 45 Chapel Chairman 15 Student Librarian 2, 3, Captain 45 Booster Club 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Sroop Staff 2, 3, Features Editor 45 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 journalism Club 4. JUNE ELEANOR FREY Pflunieii S' SM"-a joke for every occasion -beautiful white teeth-enjoys sports. Commercialg Journalism Club 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Booster Club 2, 3, 45 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Intramur- al Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Scoop Staff 35 Minstrel Show 3. LAURA DOLORES FREY ffsisii Short and very sweet-her motto is sports-june's partner in crime. Commercial5 American Legion Award 15 Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 3, Treasurer 45 Student Librarian 2, Captain 3, 45 Scoop Staff 3, 45 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Journalism Club 2, 35 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, Chapel Chairman 15 Minstrel Show 3. JUDITI-I WATSON FRY ffjudyfl Cover girl legs-takes to water with the grace of a mermaid. Academic5 Scoop Staff 3, 45 Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 2, 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 45 Chapel Chairman 45 Student Librarian 2, 3, 45 Class Play Usher 35 Minstrel Show 3. BENJAMIN C. GARDNER YCBEMLY East side kid-agriculture enthusiast --Little's sidekick. Agrieulture5 F u t u r e Farmers of America 1, 2, 3, 4. LORRAINE MARIE GORTNER "TootU Always with her double-likes to dance. Commercialg Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Student Librarian 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Sroop Staff 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club 2, 3. fo I0 I0 ' 19 3, ,' LORRETTA MAE GORTNER "Toot" The blushing twin-Lorrettzfs left handed double. Commercial5 Band 3, 45 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi.Y 1, 2, 3,45 Scoop Staff 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club 2, 3. LEE ADAM GRUNEBERG rrclgipn Garage holds Hudson and Harley- Davidson motorcycle - mechani- cally minded. Commercial5 Scoop Staff 3, Business Manager 45 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Christmas Play 25 Chapel Chairman 15 Intramural Sports 3, 4. PAUL ERNEST GUISEWHITE "Guisie" Slides a trombone-knows all about bottles. Commercial5 Band 1, 2, 3, President 45 Scoop Staff 3, News Editor 45 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Intramural Sports 3, 45 Boys' Sextette 1, 25 Chapel Chairman 15 School Patrol 1. GLEN HOWARD HESSLER "Hc'sslc'r" Enjoys g r e a t out-of-doors - likes hunting two and four legged "deer". Academicg Glee Club 3, 45 Intra- mural Sports 3, 4. 'S 1 W M ,W SW ill all 3 N X ff DONALD HARRY Hicks "Hickey" Football center - soda jerk -- Ed- wards' partner in crime. Commercialg Football Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Wrestling Team 3, 45 M Club 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. BEVERLY ANN HILL fPBe,U!3 Number, please-one of the Penn Street gang-clear blue eyes. Commercial5 Band 1, 2, 35 Student Librarian 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Scoop Staff 3, 45 Minstrel Show 35 Class Play 4. PATTY ANN KELLEY ffPat7! Long walk from East Muncy-ab tracted to roller skating--pos- sesses long, Enely manicured nails. Commercialg Student Librarian 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi- Y 1, 2, 3, 45 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Sroojz Staff 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. SHERRY LOU KELLEY "Sherry" Shares Patty's walk-square danc- ing a favorite pastime-a one- armed wonder in basketball. Commereialg CANUSARAGO staff 45 Svoop Staff 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Librarian 2, 3, 45 Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. E E .A i JOAN BORDER KOONS "Koonie" Music ranks high-true friend to all -originator of many cute say- ings. Commercialg Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 45 Scoop Staff 3, 45 Student Librarian 2, 3, 45 Minstrel Show 35 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Journalism Club Z, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES ONEY LITTLE "Chuck" Bookworm-loves fishing and Sones- town. Commercialg Intramural Sports 1, 2. ROBERTA C. MCCOURT ?fB0bbyU A true hillbilly at heart-pretty dimples-enjoys lab work. Academic, Band 2, 3, 45 Scoop Staff 3, 45 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Journalism Club Z, 3, 45 Booster Club 45 Student Librarian 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2. SHIRLEY MENDELSOHN "ShirI', Keeps a lively conversation-the high school girls' longed for com- plexion-"May I help you, please?" Academic5 Scoop Staff 3, 45 Tri- Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 25 Journalism Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Class Play 45 Intramural Sports 4. DONALD EUGENE MILLER rrB0neyu Dick Tracy fan-loves to sleep in class--oh, those blue eyes. Agriculture, F u t u r e Farmers of America 3, 45 Wrestling Team 1, 2, 3, 4. K DELPHIR MINIER "Minier" Import from Montour-dislikes hav- ing people misspell his first name. Commercial. THOMAS LEE MYERS ffT0m7, Tall, dark, and wow-likes sports and pretzels. Academicg Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Scoop Staff 2, 3,45 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 P o e t r y Award 15 Student Council 25 Class Play 3, 45 Pennsylvania Week Win- ner 45 Christmas Play 15 M Club 2, 3, Secretary 45 School Patrol Captain 1. KARL I. NEIDERBERGER "Toscanini" Blush matches his hair-quict, rather shy student. Commercialg Scoop Staff 3, 45 Base- ball Team 25 Football Team 35 In- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. 14' 0 lo I ,ole .X ,,' ,U 1 al' JAMES STARR NICHOLSON fflimfi Very, very quiet unless he has some- thing important to say-hails from Pennsdale. Agricultureg F u t u r e Farmers of America 2, 3, 4. NEIL LAVONNE Nuss "Nussey" Oh, those shoulders-handsome is as handsome does-likes school fire alarm. Generalg Football Team 1, 2 , 3, 45 Wrestling Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Sfoop Staff 3, 45 M Club 45 Intramural Sports 45 Class Play Stage Crew 4. MARY LOU ODON ffL0uD Shy and quiet until she gets to know you-she draws what she loves- a cutie with pug nose and freck- les. Commercial5 Booster Club 45 CAN- USAKAGO Staff 45 Scoop Staff 35 In- tramural Sports 15 Student Libra- rian 3, 4. HELEN LOUISE POUST "Po'ost" Pilots a Pontiac-ardent wrestling fan-she's a curly headed blond. Commercial5 Student Council 15 Scoop Staff 3, 45 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Student Librarian 2, 3, 45 Boos- ter Club 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club 2, 3, 45 Chapel Chairman 15 Assis- tant Manager Magazine Drive 45 Class Play 35 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Quill and Scroll Club 3, 4. ff? .,.- ,-. , nu M lo lg - SM ci? 'pl W gllh l ,I I JANICE ARLENE RITTER CPjanlQ A whiz in bookkeeping-personab ity plus-flys a blue chevy. Commercial5 Band 1, 2, 3, Vice President 45 Student Librarian 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club 2, 3, 45 CANUSARAGO Staff, Assistant Editor 45 General Manager Magazine Drive 45 Chapel Chairman 15 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Scoop Staff 3, 45 Class Play Usher 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 4. KENNETH ELWOOD REED fPKennyl7 Most bashful boy in class-finds a way to get undone homework done. Academic5 Intramural Sports 3, 4. DORA EDITH SCHENCK "Rabbit" All 'round athletic girl-an import from Hughesville-tres petite ears. Academic5 S t u de n t Librarian 2, Captain 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 45 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Scoop 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 35 ,lournalism Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 25 Min- strel Show 3. DOROTHY JOANNE SCHOCH YPIOU A person with much creative ability -well known for her parties- fair skin, and blue eyes. Commercial5 Chapel Chairman 45 Student Council 1, 2, 35 Journal- ism Club 2, 45 Scoop Staff 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 2, 3, President 45 Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 15 Minstrel Show 3. 1 K F W 2 . ' In ROLAND EUGENE SCHODT "SflJodi" 6' 4"-has a very friendly smile for all of feminine gender. Agriculture5 Basketball Team 1, 2, 35 Intramural Sports 45 Future Farmers of America 2, 3, 4. WESLEY WILLIAM SHOOK rfHiL,n Toots a tuba-engineers a bucket o' bolts Canother name for his carl. Acndemic5 School Patrol 15 Band 2, 3, 45 Sroop Staff 2, 3, 45 CANUSA- ItAGo Staff 45 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 45 Chapel Chairman 15 Glee Club 15 Christmas Play 35 Gym Team 4. RICHARD ALAN SMITH "Dick" Trombone player-likes Chem class -cherche la femme. Academic5 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Scoop Staff 3, 45 CANUSARAGO Editor 45 Class Play 35 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 School Patrol 1. SHERYL ANN SOMEIWILLE "Bessie" Owner of the only doghouse on wheels in Muncy-our CANUSA- Imco artist. Academic5 journalism Club 2, Soph- omore Editor 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 CANUSARACO Staff 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 15 Class Play 3, 45 Stu- dent Librarian 2, 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Glee Club 4. KENNETH G. SOMMERS ffBun5l Booms a brass horn-drives a big, two-tone Mercury-one of three musketeers-Hic, Dick, and Bun. Academicg Band 3, 45 Scoop Staff 3. 45 Glee Club 1, 25 CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3,4. HELEN ELEANOR SPALDING "Nellie" Hers is the art of concentrated study-a natural leader-enjoys languages. Academicg Tri-Hi-Y 15 Scoop Staff Assistant Editor 3, Editor 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Chapel Chairman 45 Student Council 3, Secretary 45 Christmas Play 25 Property Mana- ger Class Play 3, 4. TORRENCE M. STACKHOUSE "Smokey" Third baseman-Port Penn guy- likes Chem class duh-whot's HEC? Agricultureg Baseball Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Football Team I, 2, 3, 45 M Club 45 Future Farmers of Amer- ica l, 3, Secretary 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Minstrel Show Stage Crew 3. HAROLD MUNROE STEPHENS "Shorty" 6' 3" hubba-hubba-blushes a bright fuchsia. General5 Basketball Team 35 Foot- ball Team 45 M Club 4. '01 I0 5 09 . ll! I A ALICE ANNA SWARTZ "Swartz,' Enjoys all sports-especially swim- ming-takes her place among the altos. Academic, Poetry Award 1, Jour- nalism Club 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 3, 4, CANUSARAGO Staff 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Christmas Play 2, Class Play 3, Glee Club 1, 2. RUTI-I EILEEN THOMAS ffRuth,l She sketches her dreams-a quiet, studious miss-formerly from Tamaqua. Commercial, Student Librarian 3, 4, CANUSARAGO Staff 4. ADA LORETTA ULsHAFER "Ginger" Our glee club pianist-owner of the only squeaky clarinet-Ven onica Lake of the class. Academic, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi- Y 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, journalism Club 2, 3, 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 3, 4, CANUSARAGO Staff 4, Chapel Chair- man 1, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 3, 4. THOMAS BAYAND UMLAUF frumieri Class clown - tall - good-looking and such a special student. Academic, Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 2, 3, 4, M Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Minstrel Show 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice Presi- dent 4, Chapel Chairman 4, School Patrol 1, CANUsAIxAco Staff 4, Christmas Play 1, 3. .1 . I- 4 , 'l 3 I mb I JN lox .W s' Sb , 2 It I: N N Y I bfi A ANN ROWENA VERMILYA "Touts" Very petite-swoons over Mario Lanza-enjoys Wrestling. Commercial, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Journalism Club 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Scoop Staff 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Chapel Chairman 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Minstrel Show 3. DAVID EDWARD WALLIS fPDaUeJ1 All 'round athlete-always seen with his double. Academic, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Team 1, 2, 3,4, Football Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, M Club 1, 2, 3, Presi- dent 4, Scoop Staif 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Minstrel Show 3, 4, CANUSA- RAGO Staff 4, Gym Team 3, Christ- mas Play 1, 3, School Patrol 1. PAUL WILLIAM WERTMAN "Willy Quite a temper-but really a nice guy-loves sports. Academic, Baseball Team 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 3, Scoop Staff 3, 4, CANUSARAGO Staff 4, School Pa- trol 1. MARGARET E. WILLIAMS ffPeggy!1 Feels equally at ease on the square dance floor and the roller skating rink-her heart lies in Williams- port. Commercial, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 4. 1 K I lr X X. pl ' al RICHARD KENARD WINTERS ffzuflf' Import f t o m Mont-Cli - drives around in a green Plymouth- always seen but never heard. Commercial, Band 1, 2, 3. MARLIN HENRY WOLFE ffMoteyl, 133 pound wrestler-always class treasurer-real nice guy, Academic, Basketball Team 1, Wres- tling 2, 3, 4, Baseball Team 2, 3, 4, Football Team 1, 2, 3, 43 M Club, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4, Class Treasurer 3, 45 Student Council 1, 2, Minstrel Show 3, 45 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Chapel Chairman lg School Patrol I. I ,,- illylj l I ffl fl RICHARD PAUL YAGEL ffnfflw Gene Krupa the second-blond hair and blue eyes-wow. General, M Club 4g Band 1, 2, 33 Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play Stage Crew 3, 45 Minstrel Show Stage Crew 3, 4. TRUMAN GERALD YODER ffGerry77 Always last but never least-on the honor roll every time. Academicg Wrestling Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball Manager 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Class President 3, 49 Ameri- can Legion Award lg M Club 1, 2, 3, 4, CANUSARAGO Staff 45 Scoop Staff 2, 3, 49 Minstrel Show 3, 45 Gym Team 3, 45 Chapel Chairman 45 Student Council 1, 2, 4, School Patrol 1. fo to 'Q ,af 0 J we Class History During our first year under the "big top" we were guided by Miss Koons, Mrs. Dice, and Mrs. Skouger. This year we had an exciting adventure. The whole class Went for a train ride to Montgomery. The biggest event of the year was the "Tom Thumb Wedding" in which "Billie" Breneisen was the bride and Dave Wallis was the groom. Our trainers for second grade were Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Goodenow, and Miss Beilhart fMrs. Edwardsj. This year we started our reading circles. We continued with our rhythm band which was begun in the first grade. The third year found us in the homerooms of Miss Shook and Miss Stahl fMrs. Stahlj. Everyone participated in a play, "Christmas With the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe," which was the event of the year. Physical Education classes were begun for both boys and girls. For our fourth year in the "big top," we climbed the stairs to the homerooms of Mrs. Smith and Miss Young QMrs. Broderickj. During the year we took an interesting tour of the Muncy Historical House and the gardens and presented a program of poems in P. T. A. Our trainers in fifth grade were Miss Brelsford QMrs. Grahamj and Mrs. Kashinka. Mrs. McCarty replaced Mrs. Kashinka, who was forced to resign because of illness. We changed rooms this year for the first time and had two teachers to make our work more interesting. Several students became members of the Fifth and Sixth Grade Glee Club. Miss Gastor and Mrs. Stine were our leaders this year. The hardest subject seemed to be geography. Much of our time in school seemed to be spent in the corners. Every noon hour was spent playing "prison" on the playground. This was an exciting game and resulted in at least one bloody nose we know of. Puppy love in full-bloom was witnessed this year when Dave Wallis and Margaret Peddie, "Toot" Hill and Tom Myers, and Carolyn Bryfogle and Wayne Printzenhoff started dating. Several members of the class began their social life by taking dancing lessons. In seventh grade our trainers were Miss Waldron and Mrs. Arthur. We had quite a time getting through the halls. "Willie" Wertman especially went in circles, so he was finally brought under control by Mrs. Arthur and led to the right room. Some of the boys went out for Junior High Basketball this year. Miss Carpenter fMrs. Reagenj and Mr. Girven were our leaders for eighth grade. A sextet composed of Jim Arms, Jack Balliet, Bill Edgeworth, Tom Myers, Paul Guise- white, and Lynn Derr was formed. Ninth grade was a busy year for us with Mr. Schuyler and Mr. Hughes leading us. Many of the boys went out for football and wrestling this year. Our class went on an exciting trip to Hershey Park at the end of the year. The trip was a great success with only three flat tires and engine trouble on one of the buses. Our com- mencement was a thrill to all of us. Gerry Yoder and Dolores Frey won the American Legion Awards. Alice Ann Swartz and Tommy Myers won the poetry awards. In tenth grade we were capably led by Miss Eustis and Mr. Houseknecht. "Watch it! Here comes an eraser," seemed to be the battle cry of our class this year, with everyone participating in at least one battle a day. Many of the kids joined clubs for the first time this year. Our Journalism Club took a trip to Williamsport to tour the Grit Publishing Company and Brown Library. 22 The leaders for eleventh grade being Mr. Musial and Mr. Houseknecht, we began one of our hardest, busiest years. We elected class oihcers who were: Gerry Yoder, l president, "Billie" Breneisen, vice president, Helen Spalding, secretary, and Marlin Wolfe, treasurer. Mr. Houseknecht was appointed as our class adviser. We had a X food sale and a class play to raise money. Helen Spalding was elected editor of the H Scoop. Carolyn Bryfogle was chosen to represent Muncy at the Flaming Foliage 1 Festival. - Our last and final year, twelfth grade, was led by Miss Heyd and Mr. Myers. A A Our officers, flower, colors, and motto were chosen early in the year. Tommy Myers X and Helen Spalding won the Pennsylvania Week Contest. The annual magazine drive went over with great success and we went way over our goal. This year we were very proud of our runner-up football team. On December 6, we put on the class play, "The Kissing Link." And so with this, our grand finale, we walk out of the big tent into the world. 195152 Calendar of Events September 4, September 15 . October 13 ..,.,.... November 3, 4 November 21 ..... ...... December 6 ,,,.., ...,.., December 1 3 ...,.. .. January 2 ...,. January 4 ...,. January 23, 24 ....... February 16 March 7, 8 ...,,., March 21 ..... April 8 ...... May 1 ...., May 2 . ,,...,, , May 1 S ..... May 16 .,...,.. May 18 .....,.. May 23 ..... May 26 ,..,..,. I School Opened First Football Game-Athens .. Muncy vs. Montgomery 46-6 Institute Vacation Thanksgiving Dance Senior Class Play, "The Kissing Link" First Wrestling Match-Mill Hall Back From Christmas Vacation First Basketball Game-St. Mary's Mid-Year Test Valentine Dance Minstrel Show Junior Class Play Fashion Show May Day Ceremony Spring Swing Spring Concert, Band and Vocal .. .,,..,.. Class Day, Class Day Dance Baccalaureate Commencement, Alumni Dance ,. Class Trip, New York City Class Will We, the seniors of the class of 1952, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make this our last will and testament. To the teachers, we leave peace and quiet for the summer months. To the juniors we leave the marks on the walls, the limburger in the radiators, the vaseline on the banisters, and the paper airplanes so they can continue our policy of harassing the teachers and pupils of the lower classes. To the sophomores we leave two more years of school. To the freshmen we leave all our books. To satisfy the teachers, use them more than we did. To all future academic sections, the twelve academic section leaves their ability to talk Mr. Musial and Miss Eustis out of tests. If you don't try it too often, it will work. iEllen Akers leaves her feud with Mr. Houseknecht to John O'Brien. She also leaves you her score and hopes that you will win, John. So there won't be so many boys standing around at the dances, Judy Fry wills her dancing ability to all of them. Jim Brittain's educated toe is left to "Burp" Stroup. Be sure to put it to good use, it may win the Montgomery game next year. To Deonne Hartman, Shirley Artley wills her ability to live on top of the school and still be late. Don't use it too often. Gerry Yoder wills his wrestling powers to Earl Poust. Make good use of them. Helen Spalding's ease in learning languages is left to Donny Marshall. Karl Neiderberger wills his ability to make it to school jus! as the bell rings to anyone living in Port Penn who sleeps until 8:15 a. m. If the class of '53 should hear a sudden loud crash, it's not the roof falling in . . . it's just Carolyn Bryfogle's sneeze which she wills to Peggy Lorimer. Customers beware! Larry Confer-sometimes called Abie, "honest" Abie-wills his ability to short-change all unsuspicious people to all future storekeepers. Torrence Stackhouse leaves his position on third base to Max. To keep it in the family. Joanne Schoch entrusts her ability in decorating stages, posters, etc., to Doris Shook so that it can be given out as it is needed. Ah, ha! You still hear a squeaky clarinet at band practice. Welre sorry, but Ada Ulshafer has left her squeak to Jeanne Gardner. Wayne Bacon leaves his drums and talent to be put to good use by Pug Miller. If you see Judy Vermilya going to Hughesville a lot, it will be because she has been willed Helen Poust's way with the men there. Sheryl Somerville commits one jeep into the hands of Mr. Robert Ebner. Girls, please wear only full skirts, or you'll never get in. Wishing to be of aid to everyone, Dave Wallis leaves a slightly used cane to the M Club to be used in case of injury next year. flf the person is beyond the need of a cane or similar device, notice the advertising on the handle-"National Casket Companynj. Dora Schenck bequeaths her habit of going to bed and getting up the same morning so that she can get to school on time to Edna Mae. Knowing full well she wonit want them, James Arms passes his freckles on to Margaret Story. After careful thought Shirley Mendelsohn has decided to will her gift of gab to Marie Dimm. So there will always be some pictures in the process of being made in the school, Ruth Thomas leaves her art ability to Blanche Stackhouse. She excelled in action shots of horses, Blanche. Dawn Smith is being willed Ilen Appls naturally curly hair. So Muncy will always be in there lighting, Helen .Barto wills her cheerleading pep to all future cheerleaders. Listen, all girls! Peggy Williams wills anyone her ability to go steady. The position of quarterback is left to Ronnie Feigles by Marlin Wolfe. Don't call your own plays too often. The Gortner twins will their trick of taking tests for each other and getting away with it to anyone who can use it. Several loud shirts are being willed to Ivan Hartman by Glen Hessler. To anyone who wishes to keep from falling for any football or basketball player, her last two years in high school, Janice Ritter wills her mastery of that art. June Frey wills her subtle jokes to Jack Edwards, not that he needs them. 24 Do you ever expect to see Miss Heyd in size 135 shoes? Well, we hope she will use them for something after "Shorty,' Stephens is kind enough to will them to her. Next year you should see Roy Mauer playing a baritone horn in the band because Roberta McCourt graciously turns hers over to him. Mary Lou Oden wills her shyness to "Toot" McCowen. One perfect attendance record is willed to Fae Blakeslee by Bill Baysore. When you see Louise Porzelt with red hair next year, she will be making use of her in- heritance from Martha Fenstermacher. Tom Umlauf's witty remarks and classroom jokes are willed to Harper Abbott so that he can provide the needed distraction from lessons every ten minutes. Alena Colley leaves her elderly ladies' parts to anyone who Wants to play them. To all future athletic managers, john Billhime wills lots of good luck. To Miss Withers, Tommy Myers Wills his short hair cut. With this you won't be able to pull it out so easily in play practice. Arnie Reed will inherit Paul Guisewhite's trombone. The ability to have two or three girls on the string at the same time can be disastrous, nevertheless that's what Neil Nuss wills George Barnes. Madelyn Flack leaves her well developed ability, for writing love letters, to Jean Shipman, who seems to be keeping the postman busy already. So that all future bookkeeping classes will be able to keep up to Mrs. Poust, Ann Vermilya leaves them her plan for the mastery of this art. Donny Hicks leaves his nickname of "Gabby", which he never liked, to his brother, Dick. One motorcycle is left to "Wimpy" Funston by "Chip" Gruneberg. Don't spin the rear wheel, "Wimp,'g it's hard on the tire. Charles Little loves to tell hunting stories and does so each time he gets a chance. He wishes to bequeath these to Mr. Houseknecht. Donny Miller Wills Mary Purpuri his beautiful big blue eyes. The shortest first name in school is left to Georgianna Eisenhauer by K Minier. We hope you are able to use it. "Billie" Breneisen wishes to leave her ability to make friends easily to anyone who has al- ways wished to be able to do this. Feeling he won't need it, Paul Wertman leaves his classroom temper to Dolores Rose. Dick Smith wills his firm political convictions to anyone who wants them. One double identity is willed to Merab McKee by Patty Ann Kelley. It seems she already has one in the person of her sister, Nancy. Sherry Kelley wills her double life to Jo Ann Felix. Don't use it too much, Jo Ann. To Kenneth Frey, Benny Gardner wills his ability to pay attention in class. Bill "Eckstine" Edgeworth bequeaths his combination Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Al Jol- son voice to Ronny Hartman to be used in the boys' shower room after the games. One used car is left to any needy "hick" by Wesley Shook. ' If you wish to test the springs of your car, Dick Yagel leaves you his carload of kids. No more than can breathe, please! Her love for dancing is left by Mary Breidinger to Roger Wagner. If you see a new, quiet Jim Robison next year, it is because he has inherited Kenny Reed's quiet ways. That is presuming he will use them. Donny Edwards wills his cart to some lucky person. "Just try to get itf' Around a foot of his excess height is willed to "Ed" McCowen by Roland Schodt. This is to be used in basketball only. Priscilla Bennett wills her cool, calm attitude toward all matters to Betsy Youtz. To Peter, James Nicholson wills his offices in the F. F. A. We hope you do as Well. The ability to talk like james Stewart is left to Ernie Rishel by "Bun" Sommers. Joan Koons wills Turbotville to those girls who have grown tired of Hughesville as a source of manpower. Mr. Hess is willed Dick Winter's Joey Chitwood driving ability. Remember, Mr. Hess, this isnit to be used in driver's training classes. Beverly Hill bequeaths her English accent to the future classes to be used in their plays. Dolores Frey wishes to leave her lack of height to Pete Temple. Last but not least, Alice Ann Swartz has decided to leave her home-permanents to Mr. Schuyler. She does this with the hopes that they won't stop the growth of his hair. With this we close our last will and testament, given on Class Day, at the Muncy-Muncy Creek High School, in the year 1952. 25 " Our Lives in Circus Form" With crayons, books, and tablets, We had a lot of fun, When first the big top opened, Our school days were begun. All through the acts and side shows, We, each, did play our part. With teachers as our trainers, The same as from the start. Oh, now the circus closes, But really not to end. Just into another season, And then to begin again. ROBERTA MCCOURT MOTTO-An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promise. FLOWER-White Carnation COLORS-Green and Gray Class Pledge We, the performers of the class of 1952, as we leave our Alma Mater with high hopes of success, do hereby pledge our loyalty and integrity to God, our country, our community and to ourselves. We pledge to use the skills we have acquired from our teachers throughout our school life to strive for world peace and unity. May God help us in this our pledge. 26 Qin, Class Song Worzls By ROBERTA MCCOURT Tune of "Mr, Touchdown U. S. A." JJ! QQLQAJJ K' it HJJJ QJJF Jjdh Ji !JlJilL'FZ'-D Q J.f.1.,5lf.1.rJpj We've had such fun in Muncy High School We hate to see our schooldays end. Tricks we played were not very bad They really made our teachers so mad. So it's goodbye fellow students You soon will graduate too. So its stand and cheer Muncy's We're the Seniors of '52, 27 class of the year J N...- JI F315 JEjJ Class Prophecy It was a sultry, hot July afternoon in 1962 and we were headed for the circus grounds. As we walked into the big top it brought back memories of our senior class when the theme of our graduation program was "the circus". The first person to greet us was the circus clown. We couldn't tell what his face looked like because of the grease paint, but we soon recognized his voice as that of Tom Umlauf. Tom informed us that his boss was Gerry Yoder, co-owner of the Yoder and Wolfe Variety Show. Gerry also acted as the strong man, thanks to Mr. Schuy- ler's miraculous wrestling formula. We had seen Marlin outside barking out the wonders of his great show. Tom had to hurry because it was about time for his act, so we went to find seats. Just inside the tent we saw the first-aid station which was run by Ilene App and Alena Colley, two R.N.'s. Their motto is "Always have plenty of bottles on the shelf-medicine, that is." They told us that Madelyn Flack and joan Koons were still on the farm as Mrs. James Martin and Mrs. Kenneth Snyder. They have circuses all their own-three kids apiece! Billie Breneisen is out in California running an ice cream parlor called "Dip 'em Up and Scoop 'em Out". June Frey is Billie's personal dress designer. As a sideline she designs clothes for Warner Brothers Studio. She is now working out costumes for the movie, ujolson Comes Back" or "Mammy Swoons" starring King Brosby, commonly known as Bill Edgeworth. And, of course, because she did so well in our class play, "The Kissing Link", Shirley Mendelsohn plays "Mammy". Kenneth Sommers, who was owner of Warner Brothers, is so rich that he even owns a baseball team, "The Sommers' Sliders". The star players are Larry Confer, catcher, and Beverly Hill, pitcher. You see, since 1958, baseball teams have been a combination of male and female players. just a few days ago, "The Sliders""took the series. We knew this because we heard Paul Wertman, the famous sports announcer, bring us play by play description on his own station -Station WERT. Just as Ilene was telling us about Ken, the blare of the trumpet announcing the start of the show interrupted reminiscences. We found our seats and waited very eagerly for the stars to come out in the three big rings. We looked over to see who had made the noise on the trumpet and found that the circus band consisted of Paul Guisewhite and Dick Smith playing trom- bones, Janice Ritter and Ada Ulshafer playing clarinets, and Ellen Akers on the trumpet. Of course, the biggest part of the band consisted of the bass horn which was played by none other than our own Wesley Shook. Right then, out on the track came three elephants, being ridden by Martha Fenstermacher, Priscilla Bennett and Helen Barto. Mickey was doing acrobatics she had learned while cheer- leading at old M. H. S. The trainer of the huge elephants was John Billhime, who had gotten his experience from managing the M. H. S. football team. Next in the parade came the bare- back rider, Dora Schenck, riding a palomino pany. At the end of the Very colorful parade we saw Neil Nuss and his trained monkeys. It seems that the monkeys were donated to the circus by Benjamin "Frank Buckn Gardner, the big game hunter who had been in Africa for the past five years. Another blast on the trumpet led our eyes to the main ring where Judy Fry, world-re- nowned bubble-dancer was performing. Right then we remembered that judyis odd ambition in school was to be a bubble-dancer. During the performance, we heard a loud voice yelling "Peanuts, popcorn, soda-pop.', In order to purchase any of these articles, the buyer had to look way up to the seller, for it was-you've guessed it-Harold "Shorty" Stephens. He had lost out in the competition for tall man of the circus to Roland Schodt by two inches. Soon the show came to a close and we went out to walk around the grounds. The first side show we came to was a flea circus conducted by none other than Jim Nicholson. Jim had collected his fleas in the thriving metropolis of Pennsdale, where Donald Miller had just been elected mayor. While talking about politics, Jim told us that Glenn Hessler was running for state senator and Kenneth Reed for state farm inspector. We didn't know that Pennsdale had become a first class city, led by its society matron, Mrs. James Kilgus. Remember Carolyn Bryfogle? She and several of her maids are kept busy taking care of her eleven little wrestlers and one little majorette. 28 Moving on around the midway, we noticed the thriller show owned by Charles Little. He had quite a few thrills in his show, but the main attraction was the collision of Lee Gruneberg and Wayne Bacon on their motorcycles. While we were watching this event Judy came run- ning out to see us. Tom had told her where we were. She had lots of news to tell us. Tom Myers and Dave Wallis had each married within a year after they had finished high school and they each had their basketball team now. Tom had been admitted to the bar in 1958 and was a well- known lawyer in a divorce court. Dave, although everyone thought he was going to take over his dad's business, had fooled everyone by becoming a doctor. Looks like he wanted to make them well instead of burying them. It seems that Shirley Artley had also married in 1953. She did so hoping that the ship would come in, but all she got was a raft of kids. Oh, well! She always did want a football team. Dick Yagel was then part manager of Weldons. But it wasn't called Weldons anymore. It was Y. W. and S. Company. That's right-Yagel, Winters, and Stackhouse. They didn't make pajamas anymore, either. They were making ready- make hotrods! Well, they had to keep Mary Kathryn Breidinger supplied. Mary Kathryn was the first woman to win the races at the Indianapolis Speedway. Paul Wertman announced this on WERT, too. Just then we heard a familiar voice behind us and turned around to find K Minier, the wise cracker of the class of '52, talking to Bill Baysore. K was the leading joke writer for Bill's magazine, the "Friday Night Splinter". They were both doing well in this field, too, because they had scads of money. Bill brought his latest magazine over to let us see it. We were leaf- ing through, looking at the pictures, When we came to one of the ads that usually said "Which twin has the Toni?"g only this one said "Which set of twins has the Toni?" It had a picture of the Kelley twins, Patty and Sherry and the Gortner twins, Lorraine and Lorretta. So they were models! Goodness, it didn't seem anytime since we had seen their pictures in the '52 year- book. K told us that Peggy Williams had married Tom Hinaman and was living in Hinaman Heights in Williamsport. Helen Spalding and Bobby McCourt had become inventors. Since they were always busy using their telephones, they thought it would be nice if everyone could see what the person to whom they were talking was doing, so they invented televised-telephones. Bill and K had to go home and Judy had to get back in the big top for the second per- formance. We were tired because of the long day at the circus and were leaving, when whom should we meet but Alice Ann Swartz, Ann Vermilya and Joanne Schoch, more class-mates! We wondered if they were working with the circus and they told us that they were. These three were busy selling raffles, luncheon tickets, and tickets to every sideshow on the midway. This was one job they had all had in school-selling things. But they must have liked it! They had just been talking to Helen Poust, who was running for "First Woman Mayor of Hughesville." Well she was in Hughesville more than, Muncy during school days-she ought to make it. While we were there talking, all of us as tired as could be, we had to sum up our last bit of energy and hurriedly jump out of the way of a huge truck bearing down upon us. The truck screeched to a stop and a tall, lanky, redheaded boy appeared with a smile on his face. Out of the other side of the truck came another redheaded fellow. They were Jim Arms and Karl Neiderberger, both truck drivers for the circus. They had just made a trip to Florida and brought back eight huge alligators for the Circus. Jim and Karl yelled "Hi" and hurried on into the manager's office. We soon decided that if we didn't leave we wouldn't get home before mid- night and so parted company with our old girlfriends. The bus was just leaving when we got to the stop, but we yelled at the driver and he stopped to let us on. Why, what was Donnie Hicks doing driving a bus? He recognized us and started to talk while the bus moved. Don said he liked this job because he didn't have to say anything except "Fares, please." He didn't say much but he did tell us that Don Edwards and Jim Brittain owned a gym in New York City. You've heard of those places. A man goes in to learn how to wrestle and comes out bloody and black and blue not wanting to learn how to wrestle. Dolores Frey, the secretary of this establishment, wrote down in her books the amount they had to pay to Sheryl Somerville, the doctor across the street, for damages and for flowers. As we settled into the seats, we noticed that all the advertising in the signs over head were signed M. L. O. and R. E. T. So Ruth Thomas and Mary Lou Odon had made out in advertising! They were always wonderful artists. We were so sleepy that we leaned our heads back on the seats and thought of all the wonderful times we had had in school .... 29 'fi we Q: 4. s Mk, 1 BW Sf ifhlifiv-af M N X ' 3 3:36 Bi? w NNW ,M ww E Bn E S645 aww Wham 'isa 2? Us Egg WQQQQWW YMMW HLA , Radar F. xi Yi ff 1 R5 mv CLASSES L F 9-xXx f- '-32" x yd- 'favs .QUA P51 -1 W .1-- i First lfnlr, Lvff In Right Georgiuliu iflisenlinuer. Shirley Allen. Lemi, Arthur. .lflxlllllll Fx-lix. Betty Feiglvs. Luis Hrigzggs, Virsrinizm Ilurtlow. Yvonne Fcnstl-l'm:u'l1el'. Arlvlw Harris, Sumlrai l'l:ikcr. Swwunl Ifmr Faith .Xll4l0l'SUII, Ilslrpvr Ahhott. Rnlpli Feigrles, liouruv llzirm-s, Itmmlrl Fvizlvs, liohcrt l'lllIlL'l'. Kolinctli Fwy, Faye lllsilu-sim-. Tllirrl ffflll' --Sir. Fnlilcntx. f'llill'lt'S Ilnvis, Dunslhl lllnir, William l4'ri1'k, ltuhcrt Frzllcy, l'l4lN'2ll'll lluuth. .lliwnf--.izlvk l414lw:11'ils, 1iUSK'lllill'j' lillis. Class Ulf N53 :Wifi :'1' 5-5 - . - ,5 ,Es Q no WW S f fj"5"f,,gf W WWW? ur M' ,j First How, Lwft to Ifiglht Betsy Ymltz, Betty Pilllllllg, Bwiliali Nsirhvr. lwgrgry l4Ulllll'l'. Nlnrie llimm. .loam I.uwv, .lean ltil1,1:. Delores Ruse. Bl5llll'll St1ll'kllUllNP. Dawn Smith. Swrmnl Ifnu' lluris llill. llunim Lowe. Shirh-y NIL-tzgzcr, l':itrit'i:i l1illll'lllk'. Betty 'l'0n1pl0. l.L-mm NIvC:1rty, Gran-e NI:n'simll, Caitlwliiilc 2-thunk, Nlsiry l'urpuri. .icuii Sllllllllilll, lllK'l'Jil7 MrKv0. Third lfuir John 0'lll'i0n, Ifrecl Lewis. Owen Hzlnlxicr. l'l:lii's- l'c-rsun. Cm-1'il l,2llll't'lIslHI. lizirlh Iluivly, I+llhn-rt lvllllilllli, Eldon Hilncr. Robert Vresienhurg. I"m1rIli lfuu' -.Inu-k Idmlwainls, lhumhl llalrtmzm. .Xruulcl In-ml, Juinvs Svlnm-li, Clmrlus Koch, WVZIYIIC Malgzlrgle. 'I'1'm'Iia'r Mr. lllDllSl'kllt31'llt. 32 Firxi Iran-. Lvff fu Hiylff-lilalna Green. Ruth Lnvas. Maryland Luft, .Ioan Ileihnan. Merialn Beiber. Faye Freeh, Sandra l-'ahrin::er. XUTIIIZI Jean Kilgrnw, lleha Kahler. Esther lJOWalcl. Sw-will lfuu' Mies Stine. Cynthia Guisewhite. Shirley Confer. Phyllis App. Linzla Heiyly. Clara Kilgns. Mary Arthur, Elsie Johnson. Tflffll Hair Rli'llill'Il Gnttxvhall, George Bartluw, Harold Gray. Richarrl Brittain, Ralph Balliei. William fl0l'SOIl. Ivan llilfllllilll, lflngrcne Fisher. Fourth, Iiuu:4li0hcrt Fry, l'anl l'lllllSlUll. Dennis Little, Harnlll Allen, Thonias l7eWahl. liivharml KUIIIIAISV. Class of 11954- Firsf Razr, Lffff fn Right-Lois Mcfowan. Mary .lane Myers, Violet Magargle, Margaret Spalding. Shirley Milheim. .Ioyve Stephens. Delurise Warren. Shirley Sem-ules. I-'rm-ala Wallis. Janet Mnnre. Sl'l'UIlfI Run' -Jnann Solomon, Doris lNIinveinoyer. Patsy Rohhins. Patsy Reeser. Jeanne Orion. Maxine Martin. .lnann Shipman. Edna Mae Sm-henvk. Ruth VV0lfe. Nancy Waltinan. Beverly Miller. Luuiw l'nrzelt. Louise Werner. Thiral Hun' Max VVhipple. l'e-ter Nic-lmlsmi. Donald Marshall. William Story. liarl l'nnst. Robert 'l'ulv. Harvey Moyer. Hugger Wagner. 1"ourt7: Hou' Robert Stroup, William Wallis, liuhvrt lVL'l'lIllIlII. Ray Maurer. Gurflnn Stronp, Philip Siury, Phillip Shnltis, .Inc xVUl'llllll,2't0ll. .Ihsvnf -Franklin Teinplc, Ernest liifhvl. T4'fIl'llWIA-"xll'. Robert Ilngrhes. 33 X K Ffrsf Row, Left In Right- Deonne Hartman, Susanna Flick, Nl2ll'5.!Hl'Gl l3:xr,2er, Shirley Brittnin. Rulxertu Artie-y, Shirley Cipriani. Geraldine Breneisen, Jean Gardner, .Ionn Friek, Pntriein, Kilgrus. Svzwnul Run--Beverly Dirk, Ilene Crist, l.nwern Kuck, Kenneth Hill. VVilliam llEllll'6IlSOH, Pierre Fritz, Robert Guttselmll, Yvonne Allen, Beverly Fry. Thirrl 131:111-- Floyd Fry, Homer Hilner, Lynn Hess, Sammy Feigles, Frank Heller, Barry lleillmrtz, Mus: Feigles. Fourflz lilIPll'7BllSS Eustis, Roger Kurtz, Donald Baylor, Joseph Andrews, Harold Hitler, Robert Holtzzlpple. Class of 31955 Firsf Rom, Leff fu Rfgfhf-Doris Sellers. Sallie Rivllurt. Nflllfy Ritter, Erlnn Rk'l'Il0lllS, VVilln:i Svlmtielcl. Putty Munn. NEIIIUS' linhh. Jufly Vermilyai. Bnrlmru Pirlgerm. Sf-vmul Ifml'--l"ziye Stziuffer. .lainic-e Strnup. llairiil Yiul. liclilie ML-l':11'ty. Ssinnn-I Sassu, Shernmn Moyer. Nlnx Stneklinuse. Imlzl Mm' Solomon, Dllllllili Lewis. Tllirfl Ifuu' Wayne Spring. XV:iyne Smilli. Lynn Poust, Ellflie Illivlnlel, Bill Somerville, l':ll1l Seibell, Bill Neirlerheryrer. Kenneth Moyer, If'nnrfl1 l.'uu'-- Nlr. Schuyler. Rnhert Wertmnn. Bill Little, Bula Sterner, Kent Smith, Paul Rider. Duviil Winter. 34 ........,....,.. 4 I"ir,vf Ibm-, Lfyr fu Hiyflff Bevvrly Iiall. .l:ls-qiwlilm Hivks. Nancy NlvKm-0. .lunly Kmmkle. T' Fnmiie f'llIllIllillES. Barbara Kilgus. .lanivv Vraiu. .Xnnahollv linvoka-. lillvn Kalilvr. I,nl'1'c-it:i Hl7llS0kIlt'l'lli. Sw-mul lfmr Juno llvssler. Gary Fry. Fliarlc-s l.uwv. C'l:il'n-ilu' Vuxiviliisiln. limlm-v I-'H-Ovll. limi: llrl Hunk. Carl Ilivlwr. Ira liii-lwr. linyll 1,v01'h. IAIITX i,2lWt0Il. IA-'A' Gumli'lnm'. Tlfjrfl I.'uu' lingri-i'1'ul'sml. Iiharlmw l'iraulu, .IJHIIUS l"t'IlSft'l'Illilx'll0l', Xvillilllll NlL'l'arty, Hubert Billllllilf. llarvuy BrL'IIL'iSl'll, l':11lIiwi::Ie-Q, l"11ln'flil.'ul1' Mr. i"aralw0. Patrick Nl l'aul DUIl!lll'l'tX'. Ilaymuml Hvzlm. m'Cluskvy, Hubert Kv1nl'vr. .lamcs Glass of 1195 l'11lNill'II4. Dalv Iirmike. .IHIIII l'1bllL". al' : " I-'irsf I.'uu', Imfl in Ifigllil Nlary Luo YVania Yuviniii. lbuiwniliy' SIIFIIIUV. I-'rmla Nlillvr. Nor Stlhllll. Gary Swliwonk. .laimw YL-rim-ulvn. il. Varnl fNl0r'kls'y. Jillll' liivhmunrl. livllla Swartz. Margaret Rnhh. Naomi ma .lean Murray. Nauvy 'lk-mplc. Sw-mul Ifuu- -Earl Shm-maker. Rosaliv Xlariin VVilliame. lfmh-i' Nletzuvr. Franklin l'uust. Ruhr-rt Rohm, lflilwin hi-ir. l',1Iw:u'4l Nll'fllXYJlll. liarlsara SIIPIIDIIHI. broilVV1n"tlui11gtm1 Tliirrl Ifnu' Rnnahl 'l'aylnr. Daniel Nlvfumrt. Nyh- Yagrvl, Nlyrun Shuath-r. .lay Si-lim-h. William 'l'homas Xfilflill Wcriliiall. 'l'liumae l'icl:rv1m. Gerald Sl llunalsi liuwnhaiini. , William Ring. Kay Swartz. William Swartz. Ifnurfli Hou' Richard Ymler, niih. Joseph XV'lifIll0X0l', Bliw Walrlmi. KPllIll'tll Snyder, Tlmmas XViIltUl'S. 35 ' lim ' WE' Emi' '- First Rorr, Lrfff In Right--Sliirley Feigrle-s. Patty Heller. .lzrw lloltzapplo. Donna l,0e Fizels. Kathryn Brooke, Mmjiery Dewalml, l40VV1lllllZl Dapp, Shirley Brown. Sliirlcy Guttsvliall, Rita, l'm'vrt. Svrmul lfulzf- 'l"lll5It'Il0 Bui'klmlclm', Luis Grliliebergr, Avu .lu Hilner, Milflrerl C'!'axx'fm'rl. livity Jam' lillis. Yom-Ita. iiarilm-r. .Iusyln Fritz, Shirley llangrliart. Jam- Ball, Martlia l'ipri:uii. Thirfl Hnlr- Harulal Fry. flunlnli Hill. .lcssv Low'-. William I,-n'riimfr. Larry l.Hlll'llll'. Itaymnml lamgr. Nlyrun Le Van. Lyle Bitlvr. liugvr Frantz. Waync lJl7llL!lI0l'ly. lfmrrlll. lfilll' .l2lIll0S Fry. .lanws llzlll. -lillllCi l'1'awI'u1'cl, Duane lk-slit. James Huffman. .lamvs Chase, ltunalil lluuscklicclit, Kmualtl lfralitz, Mrs. Arthur. Class mf 1957 S in ...anis First Row, Lwff fo Riflllff-Xvilllilil Strnup. Plilx-ull l,9l'Sllll, Cozlnii- Xarlxcr. Pearl Nlivliaol. lhwcrly l'al'suns. Flm'em'e Story. Mslrjurie Moyer. llarhara Lucas. .Iuaimc limiscklu-clit. Sylvia. Wlxitmnyer. Swv-mul Hun' Ann Si-nsonian. Gail Xvufor. Ilmmu Slwpparll. Virginia Sprimrlnan. William liittt-1'. li4r'wrt Staiitfvr. Betty .lane liutlufusw. Nlilrlrwl XVliitu. .lam-l l,:un'ei1slm. Sylvia Smith. Tllirrl Hun' Miss Witlwrs. Kivliaril Warn: .lnhn Willismirum. liuilxvr Iaipnlil. .lamcs Nlc'1'al'ty. Kmllwy Opp. llunalil Puust. li:lyulUmI Smith. lhmalil l,. l,UllSl'. l"wrl1'fl1 Ifuu' llunalal Xivklcs. l'll:11'ln-5 XVK'l'tIllilll, .llbllll 5l'llJlQll'0l'. l"l'Ellll'i Muurc. .Xlf'n-rl Smyth-r. John Saxman. l,arur Blix-hai-I. Ili-lla-rt Som-s, SillllllL'l Svllt-rs. 36 lirsf l.'111l'. Lfjf fu Ikiyflff-V-liit:1 l'i1l::x-1111. flL'l'3lIllllli' 'l'ill1111'y. Allll Nluriv Si-liimluv. Mary Allll l'11lg:ew111'tl1. Allll?lll0ll0 Miller. liuilu .xllll l,41wv. Nlairy th-iq. llnris lllziir. l'l1yllis fvl'6llYl'lll4ll. Sffmml lfllll' 'Maury Allll AllL'll. Kt'lIllL'lll l3:11'tl0w. Gorcluli Kllzlso. Vlvlllblllfli Sllllllllilll. l"1':111k l,uovI1. llzile Svlwiik. Dllllillll fill1ttSt'IlJlll. .l:11110s fX1'tlvy. l':1r11l llilcl0l11'11111l. Tllirrl I-foil' - Xlrs. Slim-. li:1l11l1 Hill-s111:111. ll1111:rl:1s SlllIk'llHlkL'l', .l:111u-s G11tiS'I1:1ll, Ray UJIIIICKN. tis-u1'Lrv Artloy. ,'llPNl'llf--KCIIIIUHI l'lilwz11'cls, 11111-s K1-1111v1ly. Class of i958 Iwrxf I.'u1r'. Inj! fn l.'1'g1l1f Slnirln-5' lfry. lfllllllil lx ly llvw. N.fw11111l lfmr fl-lizx lf'v11sh'1'111:11'kc'1'. Bllll'l'. lie-11l R!l2't'l'. .Xlirv l.illl1-. t':11'oli111' 'l'1111p1'1'. lli-rr, .Ivnu Rielivl. tiziry .llll'll. ,llwffff Luis li: :1lluy.'l'I1ol111:1 llnwk. Num-y Blusscr. N:111cy IJcW:1lll. Janet l'1llW?ll'IlS. Gail ll1'yt'41:rlc, liumllml Frey. l,y1111 llo11svk1104'l1l. Billy S0111111e1's, l.:111e 7'l11'1'rlI1'm1' li1111:1l1l We-1'T111:111. .lzu-k l':1t1'izi11. .li111111io Scl111ei1le1'. Bobbie 111::l1:11'l. lie1'l1111'1l Sluml. Billy Hn-11'ly. 7'f1rr1'I1w' M11 Drruty. 37 W -- i First Ix'ou', Lvff fu lfiyhi -l':it1'iein Walton, Harriet Feigles, lletty Miller. Janis Soniurville. l1illtlJl Griggs, Sainmlrzl Svlmoley. lllilllliil Fry, Maury VV0lt'e, Doris Crnif. Srfrmlrl Rowe-Paul Zellers, Gloria! Sllllill, Terry Schwenk, Dmnni Antlersun, larry Smith, Katy llnlliet. .lznnes Fetter, Geurginnim Wvilltlllllll, Duviml Ynutz. l'1,-:url Slierimlan, James Mzinst, Num-y Zzirr, orniun l-lnwk. Third lfnw ---- Stephen Whetstone, George VVhite. Snmnel Gregg. .luck Engle, Roger Breitlingzer, Mnrslmll llupp. l':1nl Shentler, I.:i Hue llilllgllilff, Kenneth llemlner, Bliss Griflith. .-llisvnt---I.e0im Hull. Class of 1959 Iirsf lfulr, Left fo Hiyllf .lean Ann VVu04lley. B2ll'lHll'2l Lowe. Cnrnlyn Fry. Durotliy Yerniuelen. Rosenizlry Henry. Ruse Xnn Dnnley. .ltltlll Martin. Kathleen Whalen. lisirlmnru Book. Nwmul Hun- .luainne Dunst. Suntlra Alexander. Jean Robbins. In-qncln Wiser, Connie linir. Joyce Sc-hneitler. Delores Sxnith. .lnmly Hmnisekneclut. Thin! Roll'---llzivirl Wenzil, ltuhert Nlnsser. Kenneth Lee. John Dvwulnl. Dnvitl Fry. Leon App. llnhert Strunp. Joseph Rose. Snninel xVJllkf3l'. I"mn'fl: Iffnr - Xllen Smith. liiclmril Rhone, Mic-lizwl Emlrimlgre. llonulml l'uclerlmngrIn. Kentlrn Anrlersmi, Dennis Gnrclenier, Miss Keener. lmvni t':irolyn Applegate. 38 I-'iff-l Iran-, Lwft in Hfgfllf .ln-an llall. lsahel Malloy. Joyce lflves, Joy Fives, Phyllis Hawk, Sally Cl1lllllllll,2'S, Margaret Saxlnan, Sanllra Frirk. Iris ,Xnn Cunfer, Hffmnrl Hun' Elaine Smith, Naney Snyder. .lully l'l'iHVf0l'll, Connie Huusekneeht. Luis Ann Ahhott, Sylvia Srlnn-ll. Ann Bill'2'l'l'. .inn l'alrizin. Ann Gantseh, Terry llirner. fltllllllt' Lee. Thirrl Hou' Nancy Bieher. Tlimnas ldflwaillx. Carl Ka-il. liim-liaicl Hill. William Peternian. Kleurgre Iillswurth Harris. William Danley. Richard VVilliainson. June .XngNt.nll, fum,-fl, lfnu- llemwun-fiarrlner. Slierman Lupulrl, William Struup, Rohm-ri Peeting, Phillip Danley, Harry Frey, liivharll .Xkei'N. liuln'l't Blyera. Class of ll960 Flrxt l.'fw'. Inj! fn I.'iy1l1l Patsy lmyns-. Donna lllniur. Kay HLlll5Pkllt'i'llf. Ann Smith. Linda Maurer, Josephine Cipriani, Kay Sensi-man. Nlary Anne llartnian. Ruth Ann lmerli. Svrvmrl lfuu' -Gail Scllively. Sandra VValt0n. Marsha Bontuinzlse, farnl Smith. gill Ira ihaner fil4ll'l'l Covert Q11 la FV' " i'l- V ' 'f ' - '- ' - ' , ll , . 4 . .. lllf uglu., Jniu, .ll'lt'fflI, lmalyn halmlnei, Lila Lee Hllnei. balls' llanzliaf. Thin! lhfu' llnnalll lluhh. Lee AllllCl'SUIl. Charles Phillips. Stephen Amlerson. 'l'hLnnas Sn-att. Thonias Heivly. Eflcli-e lfnarlelnan. Hari' lil-nnell lin 'llrl l'u ' 1 ' A ' ' ' ' - '-' - " -' ' '- f ' " ' ' ' ' I . n. mxnan. Iwlnfll llnu lliflm Ilouukneiht, harp lurlnarcls. .Iohn Felix, keith bll0t?llHlkEl, lluhln' l-'la5'hart. Charlef Sm-ntl. Slvhlu-n Reed. Mivllael I.ennar1I. T:'rr1'll1'r Mrs, Fry. .lhszfnl VVJIXIIC liishel, Franklin SCI lers. 39 I'ir.ef lfnzr, Lwfl fu I-fiylff iilurizi Smith. lsalu-llc Gregg. I.inll:L Lee Artluy. Slnalrmi Kcyscr. Curnl Vcrlnculen. Connie liosv Sum-s. Num-y Cursuii. Glurizi .lane-kwin. Swrmul Hou' Nlilflilll Pzitrizin. vllllllll' llill. Ann Lungr. lhmlm liittvr. llulrrrcs Malloy. Dtbllllil H4'llIllllQIN. lillcu Slroup. .Xustinu 'l'ilhury. 'l'hirrl Hou' -Flyilv lliilmllv. llilyflill llaiilcy. Jznncs lNlllSS0l'. Y0l'l2llllI Spring- nmn, llmmlml llill. Wnymw lfryc. Stn-plus-ll l4'r:mtz, William 'l'uppc-r. I"nuril1 lffru' Joseph l'ipri:111i. .lmnes hl5lHl0l'S. .luhn Xlyi-rs, iimwlmm Wuslihurn, lliclmrll Fry, liilgviiu if-roon. .lunics limlggcrs. Nlnlvolln Muir. Nlrs. Stahl. Class of 1961 Ifirsf Ifulr, lmfl fn Iiiylllf l,y4lial Siu-rimlam. iieurgiai Len- Artluy. Kay Kopner. Nam-y Bliclmel. Betty .lean Shezltler, Can'- mzlletn, l'IJlllSQ', lhirhsirsl .lzu'uhs. llminie iizlrmlllcr. licwllzuliilv Spunry. Sawmill lfmr .luzin Ililftlllllll. Slmmii Scott. fnrul Fct- ur. Diane Dugziu. .lozinnzl Fi-izlvs. Shirlcy HJll'l'lS. N5lllC'y NV:inzcl. lin-ily Sulunimll. Pugrgry Ann Smith. Nancy lilnmic. Thirrl full' Rim-lmril .lulmsmh Ralph lim-k. Klux llii-ln-r. VVzilfcr Le Yun. Huy llutlnfuss. limmic liivlmrt. Wuym- Sum-r. GL'0l'LIL' ,upnlsl, Ifmlrfll l.'wn' 'l'lwu4lure lduglv. Furl llaiwk. Sh-plu-in Opp, Duvicl Nil-esi-i'ulu, lll'i1m-Iiislumlil. ,fllfsrnl Byron llzlssvtl. lirinn Kennerly. Tfwv-h1'r Miss Shook. 40 Firxt Ifurr, Lvff fu Higflif- Mary White. Helen l'lnlvrhangll, Susan Fry, Yirprinia .lulniQun. Keiih linger. liarhara Scott, Dunahl llah .Uh-ne Yagrel. Henrietta llolzwur'rll. l'?lll'll'l2l llapp. Svrmlal H lm. rl ani. Tlflrrl lmu- Mrs. Uomlnimiv. Donald Henry. Saniuul Mvfan l'lllWJlI'll llill. l'l4lwar1l lVl'l'tlll2lIl. llalrnlcl lmwc. I"uurfh ffllll' --Gu Xnss. .lainvs Hnnt. fir-Miro Stantun. Olivcr Slums. Dihline. Lum-ella Smith. Karen Dirner. Carolyn Whetstunc. ll' Nlillicent Barger. George Hawk. Aloha Birlrlle. David Yamini Laiflam-ker. Frank l"lL'llStE'l'lll2lCllC'I'. .Joanne Cipri- 'tv Tmnniy svillflllllll. Gary Hager, Ronald Stacklmnse, urge l'lUllSt'lill9L'lll, John Mvlinsiigr, Garreth Kirkner, Roland Class of 1962, 'ik' qw 4 x First 13011-. Lvff to Higflif llarlmra Punst. Nam-3' llnhhins. lliam- l"m-mriisirii. RlllJl'l'lIl Frey. linth Shook, Connie l'arrlue, Snzalnainiah l'Ilevm1r. Xanvy Schell. .Inaniia lluhack, Swan! lfnu' Susan ldllrillgv. Varnl-' Hnflinan. Shclhy Frvch. Rav Ann firigzs. .lnilith l'uiit'ci'. Flu-1'yI Shvrimlan. Nancy Lung. Barlzara, Martin. Kathleen llarger, Kita We-rtinan. Wilma Ruse. llarlcnu .laL'ubs. Tlfirrl I.'u1r Rohn-rt llUllSOlill0i'lIl'. lii1'hai'4l VW-si. liunahl Green. Dale Fisher, Dennis VVarg. Garrcy Alexan- aler. liuhhy Sm-llers. Fra-:I Kuuns. l"1:urfli lion' .liIlllt"S Slicatlur. lii4'Il:il'fl .Xl'llllIl'. Kim-liaril fl0fllPl'. llaruhl Miller, Iiynn Phillips, John Williams. Tl'll1'fl4'I" -Mrs. Heini. 41 Class of 19 3 Firxf Ifulr, Imff to Hfllhff-B0lllllC Kahlcr, Di-an Amlvrson, Charlotte Miller, Carl Jalvohs. I'0nny Schnei- der, Donald Ilill, Limla Shoe-inakcr, Gary Craiz. Patricia KvrSlvttei'. Sffrmul Hou- Ralph Fogrlcinan, VVilliam Sn-nsuman, U-ary llarto. liohert lllsv. William Brooke. Roh- crt Shipman, .Ian Shmllv. Timothy lfeiisti-l'iii:lclwr, llirllard Fisher, llaviil Aloxamlvr. Mrs. Nlr'l'arly. ii 42 Fira! lfozr, Lvff In Rigfllf VVilliam Rivliarils. Juclith Vllinflcr. James Blair. Connie Fry. Rohn-rt Miller. liimla Honsekncclil. Stvvvn VVal1l- ron. Sandra Karr. Charles liim-hart. Swrmnl Hun'--Rlissel l'irlcov, Stan- lcy Iiicharl. Judith Karsulmer. Christine llriitain, Joyce Lawton, .lane Johnson. Glenda Crist. Phyllis Anderson. John Schwenk, Donald Scott. Tllirfl Hon' Miss Koons, Stanley Nix-Party. William l'fi-iifer, .Iohn Kohler. From! Hcilman. James Herr. .-llzsvuf Janet Siavklloilsv. lfirsf Ifllllf, Lvff fu lfiyfllf- Mary Rothfuss. Susan VVoocl. Judy Kit' ter. Sharon Mosse-role. Graco Hols- worth. Polly lllrivh, Nanuy Moyer. Susan Fraliues Lyons. Vonnie West. Sw-mul Hou'--R o lm 0 r t Plslwarmls, Billy Geist, Gary Speary. Billy Malloy. Nelda Simon, lionnic Co- vert. l.in1la Wiser, Donald Brcnev een. llonalxl Poust, Donalml Walton. .lohn Zlllllllllflllilll. Third Roll'- Mrs. Dice, Stephen Mnsser. Bill Scott, Emlwarcl Smith, Max Mincer moyer, John Leech. CTI ITIES XJ. X I! f J X 42 X A + W , I 01- o In f , mfs ,Y A 1 1-2S'i x f X 3 Q L 5 5' K if --,, -.- ii gl' 1. Q-..- X -mimi frnni luhlr' fr-lm-lnris1'l --Beverly Hill. .llllll' lfrey. linlu-rtn. llll'flUlIl'l. Ellen Akers. llulores Frey. Alive Ann Swartz, Xlulm Colley. Duran Sl'lll'lll'li. First Hou' Ruth Vllllilllllli Slleryl SHlllL'l'Ylll0. Willwlminu lll'k'IlL'lSL'll. Nlsuclelyn Flzwk. l.:1rry Fun- lrr. liiullnrml SmItll. .l6lllll'l' Ril'fv1'. llelun Vuust. Arla IllSll2lfl'l'. Sum Miller. .loam Koons. Putty Ann Kelley. Sherry Lou Kelley. 1-mul Il'0ll', Sfunaliuyf- Mr. Cnlxleulz :lml Miss Ha-yrl. :ulvisr-re: 'lllllllllJlH llllllilllll. .lzuncs llfllllllll. Lee lil'l1lu'lmel'2'. liurisl znllis. Wesley Sllnuk. l':lul lllllit'NYllll0. 'l'lmnms Myers, Km-lmetll Sm11lm'rs. l':lul lVL'l'llllSlll, flerzxlcl Yoder. Imff fn High! Nlzulelyll lflm-k. l':lul Guisewluite 1 l,1'e1i1'1111elmel'u. .lmmn Koons. ll95 Z Carmusarago Staff This year the staff has worked hard to make this yearbook an especially good one. The staff learned to co-operate and com- promise on some points, and the result is a CANUSARAGO we can Well be proud of. lflirsf ll'ulI', l,r'ff fn I-'iflllf f lst lnmu tl Slleryl Slum-rvillv. Beverly llill. lla-len l'u:.'. .z Ri er. liivllzllwl Smith. l.:xrry Cun- fur, Sw-fmrl Hun' - Alim- .Xnn Swartz. Nlzulelyn l-'lzu'k. First Rau-. Lvft tn Riyzlit--Patty Ann Kelley, Sherry Lou Kelley. Ellen Akers. .Iurly Fry. Sheryl Somerville, Lee Gruneberg, Helen Spalflinz. Plclitnr-iii-Cliiefg Thomas Myers. Mmlelyn Flaek. Arla. lllshafer. Ann Vermilya. Alive Ann Swartz. Loretta Gartner. larrraine Gnrtner. Sw-fmrl Iffm'--lleverly Hill. Alena. Colley. .lnanne Sc-lnwh. Shirley Artley, .loan Koons. Roberta Nleeuurt. Dura l-lzlith Si-henek. Delores Frey. llelen llartp. Ilene App. Varnlyn llryfogrle. .Ianire liitter. Shirley Nlenclelsohn, Helen Puust. Sara Miller. Third Ifffu' Nlr. Schuyler. Adviser: liiellarrl Yagel. Neil Nuss. .luhn Billhime. l'aul Gnisewhite. VW-sley Slmnk. ltieharml Smith. Larry l'nnt'er, 'l'humas Umlauf, James Arms. Kenneth SUIIIIIIUFS, Karl Neitlerhergzer, Paul XVertman. Dnvirl VVallis, Gerald Ymler. Scoop Start' Under the leadership of Helen Spalding, the Smojr did Hne with its staff of tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders. They all learned 21 great deal and gained valuable experience in the Held of journalism by publishing Hve interesting editions this year. .vuffffl ur 1-7-mfr Tnhlr. 1,1-ff fu lfiyflif Patty l,auehle. Shirley Allen. llnnna Lowe. Joanne Shipman. Leona Nlc-Party. Nleriam Bieher. Katherine Slmpk. Faye Freeh. Svr'unfI7'1rl1I1' Mary l'urpnri. Jenn Shipman. Gemgziaiisi liisenhaner. Samlra lflaker. Doris Hill. Grace Marshall. Runalil Feigles. assistant eclitur: .lean Lowe, Nlerah Meliee. Delores Ruse. Illanehe Stack- huuse. Nlnrsraret Spalrlingr. Virginia llartluw. Tliirri lfflll' Garth lleivly. Mary .lane Myers, Luis Mefowan. Ruth VVult'e. Nl2ll'X'lilllll Luft. ltnth linens. Betsy Yuntl. Iletty l'anlin:. l'l1yllis App. .lnanne lleilman. lirlna Mae Sehenek. Dnnalrl Nlarshall. Dawn Smith. lieha Kahler. Louise l'urzelt. Fmrrfll Ifwu' Mr. Svlniyler, adviser: William XVnlIis. Manx Whipple. liuhert Struup. Kenneth Fry. William l'orsnn. Robert Plhner. Roy Milner. Harper Ahhott. llonalrl Blair. lflclwarrl Bnuth. Ralph Feigzles. .luhn 0'llrien. Rohert Yreilenhur::. fienrge llarnes, James Sl'lllUl'll. .lark lirlwarlls. ltnhert VVertn1an. Phillip Shnltis. Arnold Reed. First Rom, Left tn Iflffflffdxllll Vermilyn, Nzuln-lvn Flack, Dorn S4'l1um'k. Ilene App. N1'1'Ulff,li'HlI' l'l0lt'll Vousl. Sheryl 5llIIlUI'Ylllk'. llK'll'Il hpzlhllmf. ournalism Club Quill and Scroll Club ' The Quill and Scroll Club is it local branch of 11 national society. Our school is proud of its members who have obtained their membership on their scholastic rating and their journalistic and literary creativeness. This club provides the school news for the Muncy Llzmiuary every week. The members of the Journalism Club gain knowledge in writing good news items that will be of interest to the community. First Rolf, Left fu Ifiyrlff NlJll'LC'2llAl'f Spzulllmg. fNI:1ry1'urpur1. lla-ur' App. lli-len hpznlflmu. 4-alllurz .Xhec .hm Swartz, .xllll X 0l'Illllj 1 Slleryl Somerville. Mlu lllslmfer. Shirley Nlemlelsnlm, lalli-11 Aki-rs. S:'1-onnllmll' Doris Ilill. Sumlrsi lrlnki-r. Luis Nll'f'0XYJlll. R1 I,um':us. .l0Jlllllt' Sc-lioell. .lean Shipmziu. Dorn Svlwm-k, .lnnice Ritter, lleleli Puusl. 7'l1irrlI.'-lu' llulen liairtn. I,4-opal Mi-f'zlrty. NlIllX Kathryn Bl'C'llllIl,Lf0l'. Shirley Allen. fiC'0l'l.C'l2Illil l'llSUllll5llll'I', lirnri- Blnrslmll. Putty I,:iui-lnlv. Maury Jam- Nlyi-rs. Vzlrnlyn l!ryt'm:u I"uurfl4 Rmr- Ili-lures liorw. l.Ul'l'illll0 Gnrtne1'. l,m'ett:1 I-miller. Nlil1l0lXll l"l:u'k. .loam Koons. .lime Fri-y. Alvlm Colley. Wilhelmini llwlleisx-11, lqllllll Mane Sl'll0lll'k. Fiffll Hou' i':illni-ripe Shook, llnwn Smith. lll:lm'hu Slill'klllll1S0. Us-Hy llilllllllf. .li-:111 Lowe. llomii Lowe. Marie llimm. Betsy Yuutz. llnln-1'l:i Mcilnirl. Niffli I.'n1r Shirley l'm1I'i-l'. Nlsury Arlhur. Phyllis App. Ri-hu Kzihlvr. Nllfllll .loam Kilgils. Elsie .lUllIlSUll. Nlvrisuu Bi-iln'1'. .limp Il0llllHlll. l,lllll.l lleixly. SV'l"'llfll lffrlr Nlr. Vulmluiilx. zirlriwlt llllllilltl lllilll Robert llllmer, Kl'llIl0tll Fly. .luck l'I1lwur1ls. lilly Blzuivr, Manx XVhlpph-. l'lllXYill'4l Bnutlu. l'irsf Iflllf. lwff fo Right -Judy Fry. llvlen Spnlalintr, l.:u'r5' Vonfer. Marlin YVUIF First Rm:-. Lvft fu Ifiylzt Maury .June Myers. Kenneth Frey. Georgrizuni Fliscnlmuer, .Inrlv Frv, I,:n'1'v Von fer, Helen Spalrlingr. Gernlml Yoder, Moriznn liieber. Srmml ,i"lll'f'Nll'. Hughes. Gt-rsnlml Smith, Sillll-SZISN Manx Feigzles, Itlsi Male Snlolnnn, Beverly Fry, June Holtznpple, Donulll Mzxrslmll, Ivun Hzlrtnmn. Student Council The Student Council members are the representatives of che student body. The Student Council sponsors some dances and extra curricular nc- tivities around school such as clean-up drives. Each home room chooses a boy and L1 girl representative. ,v. Betts' Paulina. Yr-mul Run' Nlnx Stnvklimlse. Yvonne lsifllhlilIll1ll'll0l', Yvonne Allen. Ruth l,lll'JlS. NIIIICYAXvilltlllilll, ll:n'bul':1 Piclgeon. John Williamson. Thirrl Him' l"iSll'l Ponst. XVilli:nn Cursors. Donnlml ll0S0lllJJllllll. Hi . ... 53,532 2 R V W First Noir, Imff fn lfigfhf- l,11r1':1i111- fillI'llli'l'. lAll'l'L'llil flUl'tIll'l'. .l1lJll! K111111s. S:1111l1':1 l'i2lk0l', 1':1tly l,:1111'l1le. Doris Hill. l.11111se 1 li11w11. .l11:111111- SL'lllK'll. l'l'l'Fl'lt'lllI Sl1i1'l1-y .Xlll'll. Vive l'1'1-si1le11t: 1l1':11'1- Nl:11'sl111ll. Nlnry K:1tl1ry11 B1'ei1li11g:e1'. .lo:11111e Felix 1 1111 lyll llryt'11grle. Hl'lK'll llilflll. Nl:11l11ly11 F1111-k. Sllll'll'Y Artley. Sl1v1'1'1' 1,1111 Kelley. l':1lty :hllll Kelley. S1'l'11n1l Ifvru' Mr. l'lll2,'lltN vi:-ser: .I11:111111- Sllllllllilll. .l11111- Frey. .Xlive .xllll Swartz. Allil lllsI1z1fer. Iie11rg:i:111:1 l4lise11I1:1111-1'. .llllll Fry. .l:111i1-e Ritter, H1 kll l'1111sl. Nl?ll'Q.Z'Jll'0t Willi:1111s. .XXIII YL'l'lllllyil. Mary l.1111 Ullt'll. lJ11l11r1-s l"1'ey. Willu-l111i11z1 lll'l'lll'l50ll. lJ111'11 Sl'llK'lll'l'i. M1-1'11l1 'NI1 llexerly Hill. 7'I1ir4l Nou- Beverly Mille-1'.K11fl1Wolfe. Louise l'111'z1-ll. Nl1'1'iz1111 llieber. Betty Feigles. 141111121 S1'l1e111'k. lull 111 Sllillfllllg. Mary .lilll0 Myers. A11-11:1 Colley. l'l1yllis App. liIYlll'l'tH NlC'f'Ulll'l. Ilene App. Shirley l'1111fe1'. .l11:111 Heil111:111. f'l1llH'fl 111 Sz11'z1l1 Miller. Louise lN63l'll0l'. Faye l'll'00l'lI. lJ:1w11 S111itI1. lllJllli'll1' St:11'kl11111s1'. l,1-111111 NlC'fl2l1'l5', Jean Ri11g:.li11se111:11'y I-Lllis I11 5lL'lJll0llS, C'y11tl1ia1 filllSU'WllltL', Ifllsie .I11l111s1111, I,i111l:1 Heivly. lWill'yl2lllll Luft. Booster Clu The Booster Club advertises the various activi- ties around school and promotes the interest of the students and townspeople. This year they did a splendid job publicizing Muncy's football games. For the Hrst time this year, the club had a treasury. Joanne Schoch, who is president, deserves much of the credit for the club's ac- complishments. M Club The M Club was again organized this year and was brought into full-scale operation by Mr. Hess, the director. Oflicers were chosen and the results showed thus: David Wallis, President, Marlin Wolfe, Vice President, Tommy Myers, Secretary, and James Brittain, Treasurer. As a result of the hard work in producing a minstrel show, all the senior members of the club are to be given a special jacket. 1' fu I-Figlif--D1111a11l E1lw:1r1ls. IJ1111:f1l1l Hicks. Ralph Feiglas. Willizixn Erlgzexx'-1-"rl1. F1':111kli11 'l't'lllDl9. Roy Mmier. .lames ll tllll. 'I'1'e:1su1'er: Dnvirl Wallis. l'resi1le111: NI:1rl111 Wolfe. View l'1'1-si1le11t: 'l'l111111:1s Myers. l.:1r1'y f'1111f11r. Ro11:1l1l Feitrles. 1 lllfl B1'itt:1i11. H?ll'llltl Skt-11111-11s. Bula Tule. l'1:11'l l'lllISl. li0l'illll Y0lll'l'. 'l'0l'l'L'llL'0 St:11-kl11111s1-. lil'4ll'QIt' li11r111-s. lllllllly ll:11't111:111. 1 Yslgrel. li11l:1111l S1'l1o1lt, 'l'11111 llllllilllf. Neil Xuss. Bill Wallis.. D1111 N'Iill1'1'. .l11l111 lliIll1i1111'. F1'r.wllHul1', Left fu Right--I,uis Blefhwziii, Ruth I.llt'ilS, Nlnrgzaret Williams. Ilene A sf. Secretary: t':irolyn lh'yf'ogle. l'resiilr-nt: VVil- I I lui-'m.n:i Bl'l'lll'lS.'ll. X .re I're,+icle1it: Delores lfrey. 'l'l'K'llNlllil'l'Q Jenn Sllilllllilll. Shirley l'onI'er. .Kiln lllslmfer. Sw-:mal lfnuf .limnne Selmeli. Shirley Arilty. Ellen Akers. Putty Luui-lule. Grave Mzirslmll. Ann Yermilvu. Alice Swartz. Beverly Hill. Dora Selleuek. Third Hun' Doris Hill. Szlnilrn linker, Shirley .Xllr-il. fil'Ul'lIlJlll2l l'ilSI3lllIilll0l'. Mary June Myers. Nl2ll',LT6ll'6.'t Spalding. Faye Freeli. Louise Werner. .luunne Shipmzin. l-lilmi St-ln-liek. Bliss Eustis. Ailviser. l"1nn'Hi 1.'uuL- 'l.l7l'l'2lllll' Gurtner. l.m'rett:1 Gorlner. Helen llnrtu. Nlzulelyn lflnrk. .Ioan Koons. June Frey. Ali-nan Colley. I'riss'illullenl1et. lNl:nrih:i F01lSi'k'l'lllil4'llL'!'. l'z1ttyA11nKelley. Fiffh Hou- - Delores Rose. Kkitlieriiie Selmok, Dawn Smith. lllsuu-lie Stueklmiise. Faith .xll4l0l'S0ll. Marie Dimm, Donna Lowe, Betty Paul- ing. .lr-:in Lowe. xl1ll'l'l'l!li7lll'l. N1.rtl1 Iron' Mary Kutliryn llri-irlinprer. .Io Ann Felix. l,eolm Nlcfzirl '. Arlene llzirris. Luis l 5 Grimes. Vezsry lxrrrimer. Rehn Kzililer. .loan lleilinsm. l,ii1il:i llively. Cyntliizi filllSl'H'llil'0. Swiwilfli Ifrru'--Beverly Miller. Nancy VValt1n:111. Ruth XVolie. YUTIVIEI Jean Kilzus, Shirley Kilgrus, Joainne Solomon, Shirley Nlillieim, Phyllis App. Elsie Jolmson, xlk'l'lJllll Beiber. Tri-l-lifY Chapel Chairmen The Tri-Hi-Y was reorganized this year for These chapel chairmen are responsible for each girls in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. Tuesday's assembly program. With the assistance The Club Sponsors H-lany Social functions and of all senior class members, they have entertained raises money for their yearly project, which is U5 with movies, talent Shows, skits- and mam' purchasing a mat cover for the wrestling team. Ofhef mtefesfmg Programs- Firsf lhiir. lmft hi lfiylif Juunm- Sr-lmeli. Ami Vermilyzl. Ilelen Bslrto. Judy Fry. Helen Spalding. mfmilfl Hou' Larry Cinifc-r. 'flmmzis limlauf, Gr-ralil Yoiler. 49 if 2 Rl1lllPlARS,XI, Ilnviil Wallis Q llll 1 Miss win 1.-1- S. llirr-chi The play entitled "The Kissing Link" was presented on December 6, 1951. The large crowd that attended this farce-comedy proclaimed it a rollicking success. Wlfhe Kissing lLmlk" CAST Penelope Link Cllennyl Shirley Mendelsohn Peter Wfetherill Linda Link , Carolyn Bryfogle Mrs. Ada jones Mrs. Alicia Link , Sheryl Somerville Godfrey Gayheart johnny Miller . ,.,. . . David W'allis Susan Piggot ., T. jasper .lelks . .. . Willigini Edgeworth X. Y. Zileh Miss Winona Wetlierill ,. Alena Colley Thomas Myers Roberta McCourt Thomas Umlauf Beverly Hill Larry Confer lfirsf lfulr. lmfl lu filflflf lllUIIlJlN lllllillll. hlnrley Nlenilelsnlin. llnnnzus Xlyi-rs. Xhlllaun l'1il:rewm'Ili. Svrvlllzl lfnn' lllDlN'l'lZl Nllflllll Xll W '. . viz: Volley. liIll'I'l' f'llIlfi'l', lli-xvrly llill. Slieryl Solm-ryllls-. Carolyn lll'yI'nula-. lim e Wallis. First I.'nu', Lrfff fu I.'iy1lit Shirley Allen. Delores Kose. llnris llill. Sw-nnrl Hou- lieorgrinim Risen' llsiuer. Dawn Slllllll. Xlr,::iiil:l lllllilllllil Thiril lfou' Robert lilmiivi. ,xflllllll Reed, .IJIIIIUS Hllllllliilll. John liilwiillls. unior Class Play "MURDER MANSION" llbl' QjllVll.l,l: SNAPI' Mary Marley . ,. . Georgiana Eisenhauer D-,, ,I ,-L V M. H 2 Madame Marie Ravoli ,. Dawn Smith HU U, on IYD Flora Manning , Virginia Bartlow Palmer Keen ., ,. A , james Robison CAST Inspector Benjamin Hicks Carlotta Cramer , Doris Hill jack Edwards Ophelia Smith A . Delores Rose Albert jackson . , Arnold Reed Mimi Spaulding . Shirley Allen Dr. Lionel Hamilton .. Robert Ebner The junior Class took pleasure in presenting evening, March 21. Laughs and thrills rewarded l""-9-V P ff Hiyfllf .laiek lflllwurrls. .Xruolml Reed, Georgziziim I-1 eiilriuer. Ilsiwu Smith. Delores Ruse. Doris Hill. 51 a three-act mystery comedy Friday the audience and players alike. Left to Ifigllf --Sliirley Allen. Robert Ellllel Doris Hill. Virginia Burtlovr, First Rnir. Left fu Ifiglzf--'i'orrenee Stncklmuso. Dnvitl VVinter. George Bartlow. VVilliam Story, Earl Ponst, Pierre Fritz. VVilliam Lanrensnn. lflllilii- Mcfnrty. Harvey Moyer. linggcr VVag:ner. Dunalrl Miller. 'l'eam-her Mr. Eilvin Farahee. SNWUIIII Roar- .ine Vilurth- ingrtnn. I-laroltl llitlur. Owen Gardner, Peter Nicholson. VVayno Smith. Clara Kilgns, Harold Gray. Rnhcrt W1-rtman. Fnly Fry, Benny Ilzirrlliur. lilmlon Ililnur. Tlzirzl Rua' linhert Fry, Jainos Nicholson. linlantl Schuilt. l'hilip Story, Richard K91lll'Cl'. i-lbsviiff iistlier Dewalil. Paul Funstnn. Richard Hicks. F. F. A. The F. F. A. is made up of farm boys studying Vocational Agriculture. Some of their varied ac- tivities this year have been-projects for the Hughesville Fair, excursion trips to the Blooms- burg Fair and the Farm Show at Harrisburg, and judging individual projects. atro Boys Our patrol boys are selected from junior High School. Their job is to protect the primary chil- dren going home from school and this year they have been successful. This year's captain is Sherman Moyer. First Ifwlr, lmff fn lfiylht -Larry Lauclilv. James Ilol'l'man. Lyle llitlvr. llarohl Fry. llngrt-1' Lnpnhl. Ronald ll4lllS0lilll'l'lll. Rmllivy Opp. ltaynmml Smith. l'arl Ilia-ln-i'. SI'I'UllIl Ima' -VVilliam Sunn-rville, ltonalll Frantz, .lalnwz llall. Jay Sclna-h. lingrer Frantz. John Williamson. Dnnahl Vonst. John Saxman, VVilliam lNlcCarty. Ira Bit-hor. Donald Bunk. l-lrlwin Seigr, liuhert lloltzapple. Tliirrl limi' --llarolrl Hitler. linger Cursnn, Rnnalrl 'l'aylur. James Vernwulen. lioyil Leech. Rnhert Itnhm. Fharlvs Lowe. Jesse Lowe. Raye munil livans. John Iflhm-r. Myron Sheatler. Dnnahl Baylor. Fourth Rau' Gary Svlnvenk, Max St:lL'liI1UllNt'. Herald Smith. Iinhert K0llll'k'l'. XVillia1n Ringr. Daniel Mn-Court, Sherman Moyer. Marlin Vl'L'rtman. Homer llilncr. Fiffli Iffrir--llslvill Winter, Earl Shoe- maker, Kent Smith. Kvlllwfll Hill. lfrnnk Ilellvr. l'anl Seihert. Max lfeigles. Dunalfl Rosenbaum. I-'lrsl 1n'4Ill'. Lfff! fu I.'ig1lff ll2lllIll'l' l':irriers l,m'relt:1 Hurting-l', liurraiiiie fi1ll'lllK'l'. Sf-rmni Irvin- Gail llryt'u,2'le. Third Ifnu' win lirmvii. Phyllis App. liutli Wolfe. .luiiy Yermilyzi, Mary Lee Wmiisli. Cairulyn llryllnrle. llnriw llill. Luis Nlm'Cmv:ili. Alla lllx fer, .lzmiye Killer. lice lQU0ll0'Il1lXY. I"uu1'tl1 lfnu' -liuliorhl Arfley. Sllcryl Sillllibl'-VlllL'. Willivlminzi Bl'l'll6lSt'll. .lean Lowe. Shir Xrtley. lzlien Xkm-rw. Miiwy Ritter. liuluertzi Nlvfullrt, Norm-1. -1 . '. ' , . . Ia in xllllldj immune C IllllllllIl,2'S. .loam flJll'llllt'l'. Jo in KINIIIN. llelsy Yuulz. I"1'flli Hull' liillllll llslllief. liyllll Hess. Vllilliulll Somerville. Rll'lIill'll Smith. 1':1ul liuisewliite. Nlzxrlin Vlut lllilll. Arnnlml lieu-il. liuuer l'ui's1m. lfrziiik llvller. lfrefl Lewis. Paul Ss-ilu-rt. .lay Svlmvlu. Siffli I.'uu'- Roy Slam-1'. lisirl Slim-mal Wesley Sliunk. lil iimth I-liuiiim'1's. llulierl Slruup. Manx Vl'lii1ipl0. William llnrsull. lil4'll1ll'Il Y:l::0l. .llmfnl Nlmlelyu l"l:l1'k. Band This year. with Mr. Thompson as director, the band gave line performances at football games, in parades. and in COHCCITS. Band oflicers elected rhis year were: Paul Guisewhite, Presiclcntg Janice Ritter. Vice Presidentg and Msdelyn Flack, Secretary. hli .KN 'I' 'l'll0Nl VSUN. llircrtnr l!lPlll' lJll'C'I'lIll" l',XI'l. GITISICXVH Flaming Foliage Queen With all the eleventh grade girls competing, Dorie Hill was chosen by the student body to rep- resent Muncy High School in the Flaming Foliage contest. DORIS HILL During Pennsylvania Week, a test on facts about Pennsylvania was given to the seniors. Thomas 0 Myers and Helen Spalding, the two highest scorers, lnners received cash awards. Thomas Myers submitted an essay in the State Essay Contest. Thomas Myers. Helen Spald- ing, Mr. Williamson. 54 May Queen H amd er Court First lfwlr, Lrfff fu lx,i!l,lf'fYSllil'I9Y ,X rtl ey. Shirley Nlinrlelsohu. Sw'- nml Ifurr Imrmim- Gortner. Lor- 11-tt: x Gurtm-l'. 'l'hir1l l?uu'-VVilhel- 1:.,,1- v '-- - :nina Bl'0I!HiSL'll. HBIIL' App. Fourth Iurh I-lu JUDY FREY May Qlll'l'Il YVONNE ALLEN The May Princess FH? Q63 5 l'vfI'Nf1il1l'll',l.I'ffilllflflllf lk-lures Ruse, Luis Griprgs. Mmlelyn Flnek. Shirley Artley. Maury June Meyers. Grslee Nl2ll'SiHlii. Mary Kzithryn Bl'0lillllQIk'l'. .luzinne Selmeh. iAll'l'5lilll' Gnrtner. Lurrettzi Gartner. Doris Hill. Putty l.Gllll'ill0. Jenn Shipnnln. Betty l':inling: Shirley Allen. Marie llinnn. l'zirulyn llryfngrle. Luis Nit'ClWY2lll. Sillliifil lrluker. lienrgrizinu Pliseilllnuer. .Iurly Fry. Ann Verniilyzi, NlJll'Ll'2ll'0lf Willienns. Alive Ann Swnrtz. Shirley Menmlelsohn. Louise Wurnur. Beverly llill. Sw-mari lflPIl'7xVllil0lllllllfl Breneisen. Miss Lung. .loan linens. Maury l.nn Oflen. Ruth 'l'hun1:is. Sheryl Somerville. Ilene A 1 1. liohertn Mefuurt, Alena Colley, Sherry l,nn I l Kelley. Putty Ann Kelley. Merah Meliee, Donna l,nwe, .lesln Lowe, l,eunu Mel':lrty. l'e,u,ary lAIl'iIll9l'. Arlene Harris. .laniee Ritter Helen l'nust. Shirley LTunl'er. lmnise Vurzelt. llelures lfrey. Helen llzirto. Patsy linhhins. Mary Arthur. Faye Freeh. Third Hun' Nlillj' l'urpuri. Betsy Yuntz. Ywnnie FL'llStt'l'lllZIl'ilL'l'. Virginia Ilzirtlow. Arln lllshnfer. l'l'iSl'iliil Bennett. Mnrtlm l-'eiir-aternizieluer lletty Feigrles. Shirley Metzger. Roseinnry Ellis. S2ll'ilil Miller. Dawn Smith. lllzini-he Stsneklnmuse. Cynthia Guisewhile, Elsie John sun, Merialni Beiher. Phyllis App. l'liln:i Many Sehenek. Ruth VVnlfe. Nziney Wziltlnnn. .lunnn Shipinnn. .Ioan Ileilnmn, Mzirylznnli l,nft, Shirley Milheiln, Nurninn .lean Kilgrns, Ilurai Sehenek, .loainn Sulunnmn. Shirley St-enles. Librarians Senior Higb Glee Club Under the direction of Miss Long, thc student librarians have done fl fine job of keeping nn orderly, well-run library at all times. First Rani, Imfi fn Ififflff Ellen Akers. Snlnlru linker. Gralee Mzxrshnll. Doris Hill. Sheryl Smnnnieryille. Alena Pulley. .l0Ann l-'elix Jenn Lnwe. .lean Sliipnnnn, lNl:iryl'urpl1ri. .Ulu lilSiHlfL'l' fpinnistb. Swmul Hun' Miss Hill fclireeturl. Faith Anderson. Louise Por zelt, Shirley Cnnfer. Beverly llill. Shirley Allen. llnth linens. llnnnzi Lowe. l'hyllis App. .lurln l'I0lilIlJlll. .limn Knons. Third Hou' .Inn Sehneh. Kenneth Smniners. Glen Hessler. llaivisl VYnllis. .linl Arms. Ruhert Sirnnp. Hernnin llnrtinnn. VVillinn1 l411lg-:ewurtli TIIOIIHIS Ullllllllf. ltnhert Frslley. 'l'll1llllJlS Myers. .lan-k l'l4lwzlr4ls. linherl Werlninn. Fred Lewis. Ceeil Lzinrenson, Fourth li'uu'-- llunzihl Mnrsliaill, ltny M-iner. NVilli:nn l'ursini. fierulrl Ymler, Willizun llnysiwe. Flnire l'ersnn, l.nrry l'unt'er. Arnulcl Reerl. Roh ert Vrerlenlmrg. 56 First Hou: Lfff fo Riylzf llarhara Lneas. .lane Holtzapple, Donna Fiegles, Lois Grnneberg. Mary Lee Wanisli. Rosalie Stronp, Barbara Sheppard. Nancy Ritter. Janice Stronp. Wilma Seotield. Judy Vermilya, Roberta Artley, Geraldine Breneisen. Seeoizd Hou- -Sylvia Whitnioyer. Kathryn Brooks. Deonne Hartman. Shirley Cipriane, Alfred Snyder, Lyle Hitler. .Iolin Williamson, Don- ald Rosenbaum. William Ritter. Rohert Holtzapple. Edward Melfarty. Rodney Opp, Margaret Barger. Barbara Pidgeon, Elsie Zarr. Margaret Dewald. Miss Hill. Third Hon' -William Ring, Edward Mellowen, Nyle Yagel, Donald l'oust. Robert Rohm, Mar- tin l'VillHiii'Hs. Carl Bieher. Donald Book. Ira Bieber, Robert Kem rer, .lay Sehoeh. Foster Metzger, Charles Ciraulo, Paul Daugher- ty, l-'ran ' . oore. Junior High Glee Chih Fifth and Sixth Grade Glee Club First Hair, Left fo Right-Barbara Lowe. .lean Ann VVoodley, Rosemary Henry, Delores Smith, Doris Craig, Linda Griggs, Juanita Frey. Georgiana Waltman. Gloria Smith. Kay Balliet. Pearl Sheridan. Nancy Zarr, Connie Bair, Rose Ann Danley, Sandra Alexander, Ann Sehooley, Carol llildehrand. Annabelle Miller. Nancy DeVVald. Sw-ond Roar- --Mary Ann Allen. Kathleen XVhalen. Syndie Eveden. Phyllis Crawford. Mary Ann lldgeworth, Doris Bair. Ruth Ann Lowe. Joanne Poust, Barbara Rook. Judy Honseknem-ht. Gail Bryfogle. .Ianet Edwards. Aliee Little, Thelma Hawk, Lois Banghart, Celia Fenstermaker. Mary Geise. Tlzirrl 1.'ou', l'anl Sheatler, Allen Smith, Robert Musser. Samuel Walker, Carolyn Applegate. Harriet Fiegles. Mary Wolfe. Rita Pimlgeon. Xaney Mnsscr. Stephen Whitstone, David Fry, LaRue Banghart, Richard Rhone, Michael liiiridge. David Wenzil. James Fetter. Fourth Hou-iSainnel Griggs. Larry Smith, Kendru Anderson. .Joseph Rose, .lack l'atrizio. Kent Razer. Lynn Honsekneelit. Bernard Shook. l-'ranek Leech, Lane Hitler. Ralph Hitesnian. George Artley. Gordon Chase. George Vl'hitE. Roger Breidinger. Dale Sehneek. Tom Stutzman. David Youtz. Leon App. 57 -f-- E W 'F M fi SPORTS fi f 4 '7 I NON f , Y Y, , " 64 Z- X A Y . ,Z e. 'X 3 wig v fv ' K 'x Q, 1 f 5 Q 2 A V," f 5OOf SOO X-I X 4 I f H 5 M , X 4 . 11 I' , , 4 74 -xxx n , X M ' X DONALD HICKS l,..'XRliY CONl"l4lR 'l'IIllNl.'XS MYERS KGICIQALD Yillllili MAHLIN VVOLFE 0lilil'lNl'I'1 S'l'.Xl'KIIOUSl'l H.XliUl,IJ S'l'l'll'lll4lNS .l.XNll'lS Blil'l"1'.XIN NEIL NUSS RICHARD YAGEL lll XX XI I IH IJZbX,XI,ll ICIJVVAIIIJS VYII,l.I.XM l'LIlliI'lVI'Uli'I'II 'l'Ii0MA!-3 I'NlI,.XI'l" IUHX BH I II Pictured are the lettermen and the cheerleaders who are members of the senior class. There were two boys who received letters in three different sports. They were Marlin W'olfe in football, wrestling, and baseball, and Dave Waillis in football, basketball and baseball. Dave W'allis and -lim Brittain were voted C0-captains of the football team. Tom Myers and David XX'allis eo-eaptained the basketball team. Players who won letters in two sports were jim Brittain, Don Hicks, Neil Nuss, and Donny Edwards for foot- ball and wrestling, Bill Edgeworth for football and basketball, Torrence Stackhouse for football and baseball, Tom Myers for basketball and baseball, and Gerry Yoder for wrestling and baseball. Larry Confer won a letter in baseball and a managerls letter in basketball, football, and wrestling, and Dick Yagel for basketball. Single lettermen were Roland Schodt and Harold Stephens in basketball, Tom Um- lauf in football, Don Miller in wrestling, and Paul Wfertman in baseball. Judy Fry and Helen Barto received M's for cheerleading. They were in action at football games, basketball games and wrestling matches both at home and away. DON XI D XIII I I-Ii ROIAXIJ Sflilllfl' l'AI'l. Wl4LIi'l'Nl.XX .ll'IJY FRY HI I PN B XR F0 First Hmr, Lvff fu l.'iyl:r'-lra llieher. Neil Nuss, James Brittain. llonalcl Hicks. Tliomas llmlauf, David Vl'allis. Marlin Wolfe. William lflllgeworth. Donald Eclwarils, Harold Stephens, 'Forrence Stackliouse, Donald Book. SFCUIH1Iiliillf-'l"lTllk?St liisliel. Robert Wcrtman. William Wallis, Etlward Booth. Robert Vremlenbergr. Ronald Feigles. Richarrl Brittain. Robert Holtzapplo. Ronald Hart.nan. Franklin Temple. Tlzirri Row- Mr. Schuyler. ClHlK'llZ Mr. Hess, Assistant Coacllg Pierre Fritz. Sammy l-'t-igles, .lack lflllwarels, Philip Story, Donald Blair, Bill Little, Ralph Feigles, Harper Abbott, Robert Sterner. FOOTBALL The Muncy High School football team completed one of the most sensational seasons in its history by walloping a hapless Dalmatia eleven by a 54-13 score. Highlights of the season were the convincing wins over our tra- ditional rivals Montoursville and Montgomery. After losing to a powerful Athens team, the Indians played a heavily favored Watsontown team to a hard fought 13-6 defeat. After this heartbreaker, the Indians won their next seven games in a row, five against league rivals, placing them second in the West Branch. The following members of the squad are members of this year's graduating class: David Wallis, Marlin Wolfe, William Edgeworth, Tor- rence Stackhouse, Thomas Umlauf, Neil Nuss, Donald Edwards, james Brittain, and Donald Hicks. 62 Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy FOOTBALL SCORES ... 0 Athens . ,,.... ... 31 6 Wntsontown 13 7 Mifflinburg 0 13 Trcvorton 6 46 Montgomery ... 6 18 Montoursville 0 14 Canton 7 19 Renovo 6 54 Dalmzltia .,.... ..., 1 3 Varsity Basketball First Hou-, Left fo Rlflflfililtllillll Hartman, William Edgeworth. David Wallis. Thomas Myers. Ronald Feigzles. George Barnes. VVillialn Vllallis. Sl'I'UllfI Hour- Max Whipple. Student lWflllilECI'1 Ernest Rishel, Robert Wertman, Robert Vremlenberg, Ivan Hartman, Jack Edwards. Riehard Yagel, Student Manager. The class of '52 furnished only three members to our successful twelve man basketball squad. Bill Edgeworth, Tom Myers and Dave Wallis will be lost to the start- ing five for next season. Myers and Wallis, co-captains, teamed with Edgeworth, George Barnes and Ronnie Feigles to present a well balanced attack which proved successful in eleven out of eighteen games. Early season double victories over South Williamsport and lewisburg were followed by a seven to one record against traditional West Branch rivals. Next season's regulars will be found among George Barnes, Ronnie Feigles, Bill Wallis, Ronnie Hartman, jack Edwards, Bob Wertman, Bob Vredenburg, Fuzzey Hart- man, and Ernie Rishel, as well as promising sophomores up from Junior High. Pros- pects for a successful season are good. COAl'll VVARID l.. MYFRQ SEASON RECORD Muncy 325 South Willianispert ,i.. . Muncy 32g Danville . ,,,.. ..,...,. ..,. . Muncy 38g Lewisburg Muncy 415 Danville ......,.....,..,.. Muncy 313 Lewisburg ..,.... . Muncy Q South Williamsport ,,,,. .,..., Muncy 385 St. Mary's ...,.... , ....,. . Muncy 54g Watsontown .. . Muncy g Montgomery ...,. Muncy g Montoursville . Muncy g Hughesville Muncy g St. Joseph's ,... Muncy f St. Mary's .,.... Muncy 554 Watsontown ...,. Muncy 61g Montgomery ..,.. Muncy S43 Montoursville Muncy 5 Hughesville .,.. Muncy 3 St. joseph's .,.. 18 47 23 65 26 40 58 47 22 42 41 S3 69 39 30 49 Sl 53 unior Varsity Basketball The Muncy Junior High Basketball team completed a very good season with .1 record of sixteen wins and four defeats. The season was featured by victories over the tough Williamsport Junior Highs, Stevens and Roosevelt, after early season setbacks. They missed a chance for a tie for the league championship when they were upset by the Montoursville five. Kenny Hill led the team in scoring with 256 points. The team was paced by Hill, Jim Edwards and Earl Shoemaker who consistently scored in double figures. The team loses Hill, Edwards, and Bob Sterner this year. Muncy . 19 Muncy , 55 Muncy .. 45 Muncy . 30 Muney .. 38 Muncy . ,, 44 Muncy . . S7 Muncy , ,. 35 Muncy ,. 50 Muncy 47 Roosevelt . ,...,.. Lewisburg Danville ,. Lewisburg . St. Mary's .. Wfatsontown Montgomery .. ,... .. Stevens . . Montoursville . .. ,. Hugliesville SEASON RECORD Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy Muncy Muney Muncy Muncy St. ,loseplfs , St. Mary's Wntsontowiu Montgomery Stevens ,.,.. Roosevelt . Montoursville ......... Hughesvillc . . .. St. Joscplfs 57 35 17 22 46 25 32 27 34 First lfuar, Lwff fu lfiyhf Sfmln-Ill NlJill2lLTl'l'h. l.S'Illl l'uusl. Kllyllllbllll Smith. Swmnrl lfuu' Hubert Rollin, liulrerl Sterner. Earl Slim-nmker. James lflclwsinis. Kennetln Hill. Nlzix St:wklinuse. Thirrl 1fllll'Y'RUIlllE'Y OJ , Mr. Housekneelit. Cunt-li: llumer Ililner. Huy Baker. Donailrl Rusenlmllm, Frank Illoore. Flmlwzirrl ID Nh-Guwain. Iloimlrl l':1usl Senier High Cheerleaders I n I I mr, Iwi' In lflgllfi .Indy I'l'y.1-1-fmrlzllllm I'.ls0llIIJlIll'l'. Ilvlvu Iizlrln. wnul Iinu- .Immun FIIIIIIIIIIIII. lir4u's- Nlurehznll. Nzxuvy Wzlltmnn. unievr High Cheerleaders I,fqHhfIf1y1lfi lluxzllivSTl'ul1p..I:llli4'n' PIIVUIIIJ. !,vufimuIv1mxv. IIilI'I!2ll'2l I'irI,Qvrm. 66 First Rolf, Left to lfiylir Earl Poust. Donalrl Miller. James Brittain, Gerald Yoder, Marlin Wolfe. Donald Edwards. Ser mul Ron'-Mr. Schuyler, Coach: Donald Hicks, Ralph Feigles, VVil1ian1 Little, Daniel McCourt. Richard Brittain. Neil Nuss John Billhinie. 'l'hi1'1l Huu'-- -Pierre Fritz. Sherman Moyer, wyllllillll Neiflerbelger, Barry Beilliartz, Robert Tule, Sain Feigles Roy Maurer. Cecil Laurenson. Wrestling This year,s wrestling team, under the careful guidance of coach Stanley Schuyler, enjoyed its best season in history by posting a record of seven wins and four losses. Highlights of the season were the victories over Lewistown and Lock Haven. Unde- feated Gerry Yoder was high individual scorer with 49 points. Following closely was Jim Brittain with a 9-1 record and 40 points. Yoder and Brittain captured District Four honors in 112 lb. and 138 lb. classes respectively. Lost by graduation are: Yoder, Brittain, Wolfe, Miller, Nuss, Edwards, Hicks, and Manager Billhime. Gerry Yoder and Jim Brittain were the co-captains of this year's team. SEASON RECORD Dale Opponent Munvy Opp Plan' Dec. -Mill Hall ...... 39 14 Away jan. -State College ...,, ,.,... 1 8 28 Away jan. -Hughesville ..... ,.., ...,.. 3 1 14 Home Jan. -Derry Township ..,... ....,. 2 7 15 Home Alan. -Sunbury ....,.. ..t,. ,. 36 9 Home jan. -Williamsport ..... ,..... 1 S 24 Away Jan. -Mill Hall ...... .. .. 44 12 Home Feb. -Lewistown ,,.. . .. 30 18 Home Feb. -Shamokin ,...,. ...... 1 5 33 Home Feb. -Hughesville .,.. ..... 1 4 26 Away Feb. -Lock Haven ,... 22 18 Away GERALD YODER istrict 4 Wrestling Champion, 112 lb. class. JAMES BRITTAIN Regional Wrestling Champion, 138 lb. class. Gym Team Tfyvy Fly T!Jl'!1lllQ!J ibn' Air Wiflr flu' Grf'afz'xf of Hun' GLRAIJ1 Yonua XVILLIAM Bmsolu. IJAVID WAl.I.lS 1 68 Farewell Song Words By ADA ULSHAFER, JOANNE SCHOCH, MARY K. BREIDINGER Tune of "I'll Sec You in My Dreams 6? , l '-v -. ., ' lalxhagmwflol g"1r,l44l"'4JiJgrlJ4 ?9l+llEP?lf',lJ-'flJl,e,f Ju dc' fl- i il IR- i Q e Q23 J- ORN-ljcfk! i We're Leaving Muncy High, So now we say goodbye. Schooldays, fundays, all in the past Still we hope our memories will last. As we climb the ladder to success We'll try to do our best. Our "Thanks" we give, as long as we live For our schooldays at Muncy High. 69 S Name Ellen Akers Ilene App James Arms Shirley Artley Wayne Bacon Helen Barto William Baysore John Billhime Priscilla Bennett Mary K. Breidinger Wilhelmina Breneisen james Brittain Carolyn Bryfogle Alena Colley Larry Confer William Edgeworth Donald Edwards Martha Fenstermacher Madelyn Flack Dolores Frey june Frey Judy Fry Benjamin Gardner Lorraine Gortner Lorretta Gortner Lee Gruneberg Paul Guisewhite Glen Hessler Donald Hicks V Beverly Hill Patty Kelley Sherry Kelley Joan Koons Senior oroseope Pet Aversion Band Directors Being Called Misshap Solid Class People who change their minds Class Dues Gaudy Colors General Math The way Mr. Schuyler parts his hair Selling Class Teasing Cottage Cheese English The Color Red Having My Name Mispronounced Teachers in General Billhime's Pessimistic Attitude Bookkeeping Nosey People Being Called "Girlie" Show-offs People with no sense of Humor Bossy People Mr. Farabee Conceited People Toot's Clothes Gen. Motor Cars Corny jokes English class The Name Gabby Poor Losers Boys who gossip Patty's brains Homework Batty-by-wonls Man Dear! Oh Heavens! You Dog! Dang It! I Mean Honestly Allamengo Yes, I'll Tell You Amen Heavens! Oh Well, That's Life Gee Whiz! Well, I'll Be Doggoned! Holy Cow! Oh, come on! jiminy Crickets Abey Gink Gink! Yes, I'll tell you Hey! Honey! Now Listen! Huh! Is It Now? Yes! Oh My Heavens! Oh My Stars! Look here son! Yes sir! Now Look Buddy! Huh! Gee Why? Why? Hi, Haggie! 70 Pet Diversion Dreaming Reading and Sports Jean Dancing Going to the Stone Quarry Pontiacs and wrestlers Going out in the Country Women Reading Dancing Swimming and Skating Shirley Blue Eyes Reading and Knitting Making People Laugh Louis Armstrong's Music Pretty Girls Gossip Pinochle Sports Sports and cooking Swimming, Skating and Music Fishing Dancing Dancing Passing Oldsmobiles Driving Fords Loafin g Hunting Sports and Reading Roller Skating Roller Skating Lots of Money By-and-by P Nurse Truck Driver Airline Hostess Pilot Nurse Army Engineer Penna State Trooper Secretary Bill Deitrick's Wife Nurse Coach Phys. Ed. Teacher Nurse Time will tell Millionaire Pro Football Player Sylvania Worker ,Iim's wife WAF WAF Bubble Dancer Farmer Airline Hostess Airline Hostess Millionaire Detective Contractor Big Game Hunter Time Will Tell Stanley's wrestling manager Housewife Ken's wife Name Charles Little Roberta McCourt Shirley Mendelsohn Donald Miller K Minier Thomas Myers Karl Neiderberger James Nicholson Neil Nuss Mary Lou Odon Helen Poust Kenneth Reed Janice Ritter Dora Schenck Joanne Schoch Roland Schodt Wesley Shook Richard Smith Sheryl Somerville Kenneth Sommers Helen Spalding Torrence Stackhouse Harold Stephens Alice Anna Swartz Ruth Thomas Ada Ulshafer Thomas Umlauf Ann Vermilya David Wallis Paul Wertman Margaret Williams Richard Winters Marlin Wolfe Richard Yagel Gerald Yoder Senior Horoscope Pet Aversion Bookkeeping Being Called Dimples High heels with Socks Zig's Homework Girls Mendelshohn's Gabbing Brown Noses Chemistry Class Grades Bookkeeping Tests Basketball Games Schodt Gossiping Being Called Rabbit Chairs in Miss's Room Bill Edgeworth Flat Tires Die-Hard Democrats Stalled Jeeps Black Republicans Not Printable Girls Being Called Schodt People Who Brag Bookkeeping Conceited People Jim Robison's Wild Tales People That Argue Girls That Whisper People With Swelled Heads People Who Call Me "Red" Women Drivers French Class Lipstick French Batty-by-wonls Amscray! Sugar! Big Deal! Yah! Holy Cow! That Sounds -Logical! Not Printable Daw! Oh, My Gosh! V Well I'll Say! Well Now! Good Gracious Ignative! Say! Gee Louise! Holy Cow What Did You Say? Get This Show on The R Step On It! How Romagnetic! Not Printable? Think I Was Never Coming? Get Off My Ear! Ain't It The Truth Ye Gads! You Didn't Ask! I'll Say! Hey Buddy! Honest To True Get That, Would You? Gad! Well! That's For Sure! Gee, I Didn't Know! Huh! You Aren't Kidding! 71 oad Pr! Diversion Fishing Having fun Cleveland Indians Running around Eating Sports Plunging Neck Lines Girls Girls Brown Eyes Dancing Hunting Dancing Horses Decorating Things Basketball Tinkering With Guns New Cars Books and Such Hunting Work Loafing Movies Swimming Making Jewelry Music Shooting the Bull Sports Sports Baseball Roller Skating Study Periods Sports Senior Class Trip Sports By-and-by Mounty Nurse Speech Teacher Contented Husband Navy President of Brooklyn Dodgers Millionaire Farmer Navy Stenographer Housewife Riflesmith Charlie's Wife Nurse Interior Decorator Farmer Mechanic Teacher Doctor State Cop Million airess Pro Baseball Player Truck Driver Teacher Commercial Artist Nurse Explorer Teacher Undertaker Time Will Tell Get Married Old Bachelor Traveler Millionaire Teacher SPli0U'l', WALIIIHDN 81 UUMPANY, INC Manufacturing Engi JONES AND LAUGHLIN STEEL CORPORATION WIRE ROPE DIVISION MUNCY PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of WELDON MFG. COMPANY Manufacturers of PAIAMAS - NIGHT ROBES - SHIRTS 74-A M P Floyd - GILBERT BROS. - Ward 4:E5f:I52523l:2:5:5'5'5'1'l' "-"-F-' ,-:f:!:f:l:!:t5:5:5:?:2:l:5:2''""' """' ' "3-Q-eff EEEE c H Evno LET EEEVEE Market and Water Streets, MUNCY Broad Street, MONTOURSVILLE Compliments of SMITH TRUCK LINES MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of M O M ' S L U N C H Home-Made Ice Cream Compliments of MUNCY MOTOR CO., INC. Buick Sales and Service 103 E. Water St. MUNCY, PA- 74 SAY IT WITH FLOWERS BRYFOGLE'S FLOWERS LARGEST GROWER OF FLOWERS IN LYCOMING COUNTY Compliments of WALLIS FUNERAL HOME 121 South Main Street MUN CY, PENNSYLVANIA Fifty-Seven Years of Continuous Banking in This Community It's Smart to Be Thrifty Save Your Money With System and Safety THE MUNCY BANKING COMPANY MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of The RITZ THEATRE MUNCY, PA. 75 Congratulations to the CLASS of 19 S2 The Store for All Your Needs FREY9S HARDWARE WE DELIVER Phone 187 MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of ROBINSON MFG. COMPANY MUNCY, PA. Compliments of H. L. SCHOCH 81 SONS Contractors and Builders Phone-177-Big 246-A-2g 131-B MUNCY, PA F. ur" Cr 0' 3 53' Cb W "-l-IAMs P0111 'V 76 For 111 Years THE MUNCY LUMINARY MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of JOHN BILLHIME Electrical Appliances MUN CY, PA. Compliments of BETTY'S DRESS SHOP Specializing in Sports Wear MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA J ERRY'S GULF SERVICE J. E. HOFFMAN 8: SON Corner Water and Washington Street Famous Reading Antbracite Bituminous Coal MUNCY, PA. phone 334.A MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA MARIE'S RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours Platters and Full Course Dinners Phone -101-A-2 V4 Mile North of Muncy Compliments of BOB FREY'S MARKET Compliments of COVERT'S GIFTS-CANDIES and BREYERS ICE CREAM MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA R. F. BARTLOW WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIR SETH THOMAS WATCHES 15 West Water Street MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of RENN'S CAFE Compliments of CITY FLOURING MILLS MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of VMYERS AUTO PARTS Albert W. Welsh Funeral AND SPORTING GOODS Home 108 North Main street Phone 217'A Phone 358-A MUNCY, PA- MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA ROSS AND JIM'S CAFE 11 W. Water Street MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of C . E . Z A R R GROCERIES and MEATS 114 West Water Street Phone 130-A MUNCY, PA Compliments of LOCUST INN PURPUR1 DRUG STORE BAR-B-Q 24 South Main Street MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA P A U L 9 S HARVEY F. CORSON SHOES-CLOTHING Allis Chalmers Farm Machinery and CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH DRY GOODS SALES - SERVICE M UN CY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of MUNCY PRESS SHOP O East Water Street MUNCY, PA. Compliments of LAD 81 LASSIE SHOP Muncy, Williamsport, Milton, Pennsylvania MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of BRELSFORD MOTORS KAISER-FRAZER HENRY J. Phone 42-B MUNCY, PA Compliments of L. EAKER'S GARAGE HUDSON MOTOR CARS Phone 148-A MUNCY, PA STEIN,S H eating-Diesel Oils Main Street, MUNCY, PA. Phone 364-A DINE and DANCE at TALLMAN'S RESTAURANT HOMEMADE PIES 15 and 17 E. Water Street MUNCY, PA. HAPPY MOTORING STEIN'S Sales-Service Dodge-Plymou tb Phone 364-A MUNCY, PA BARBOURS GOLDEN RULE GROCERY Our Motto: "Sell unto others as you would have them sell unto you." Compliments of MIKE'S ESSO EMPLOYEES Phone 220-B MUNCY, PA. H. L. BYERLY QUALITY MEATS HOMEDRESSED BEEF, VEAL, AND PORK U. S. Government Inspected Compliments of A. 81 P. EMPLOYEES HARTERQS DRUG STORE GRANGE NEWS AGENCY E. B. McCUAIG, Prop. Phone 183-A . Main Street MUN CY, PA. Compliments of FORT BRADY HOTEL MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Neufer's Service Station Sunoco Gas and 0i1 Goodrich Tires and Batteries Hotpoint Appliances ne 92-A MUNCY, PA. Compliments of MUNCY PASTRY SHOP REECE and SNYDER MAGAZINES and NEWSPAPERS ICE CREAM - CANDY - TOBACCO Bus Terminal Phone 242-A MUNCY, PA Compliments of WINTERS' GRILL MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA With Compliments MUNCY AUTO GLASS PARTS'SERVICE Rear 110 S. Market Street Phone 287-B ' MUNCY, P Compliments of MICHAEL BROTHERS MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA A BEST WISHES From THE CLASS OF 1953 Compliments of E. P. HALL GARAGE 100 W. Water St. MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA HILNER'S STORE GROCERIES-FROZEN FOODS-MEATS 331 West Penn Street Phone 134-B-2 MUNCY, PA. L. S. SWARTZ Electrical Contractor 302 Sherman St. Phone 138-B MUNCY, PA. EDDIE DOYNE PLUMBING-HEATING APPLIANCES Phone 247-A MUNC Y, PA. ELVA,S TEA ROOM We Cater to Receptions, Parties and Clubs Cor. Penn and Market Sts. Phone 36 MUNCY, PA HAROLD KELLER 207 Sherman Street Phone 18-B-2 MUNCY, PA FARM BUREAU gem Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Life Insurance Co. Home Oflice: Columbus, Ohio Compliments of MUNCYV SPORTS CENTER H. E. AKERS, Prop. SPEND YOUR DOLLARS IN MUNCY See SHAHEEN MOTORS, INC. Sales - OLDSMOBILE - Service 308 N. Main St. MUNCY, PA It is a strong and confident man that gets ahead and nothing gives one greater confidence than to have money in the bank. CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Deposits Insured Up to 510,000.00 YEA '52, Good Luck MORAN HOTEL Compliments of L. T. WERTMAN SERVICE STATION ATLANTIC GASMAND OIL FIRESTONE TUBES AND TIRES Phone 199-A MUNCY, PA. 83 BRUCE H. HUNSINGER PAINTING AND PAPERHANGING C0mP1imenfS of Williamsport, Pa, HI-WAY CLEANERS Phone Williamsport - 6531 or Muncy - 49-B-2 YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS AND CONSULTANTS VAN BAELEN STUDIOS Photographic Arts Telephone 2-7546 414 Academy St. WILLIAMSPORT, PA Compliments of CARROLL HOUSE ee Muncyls Department Store 84

Suggestions in the Muncy High School - Canusarago Yearbook (Muncy, PA) collection:

Muncy High School - Canusarago Yearbook (Muncy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Muncy High School - Canusarago Yearbook (Muncy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Muncy High School - Canusarago Yearbook (Muncy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Muncy High School - Canusarago Yearbook (Muncy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Muncy High School - Canusarago Yearbook (Muncy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Muncy High School - Canusarago Yearbook (Muncy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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