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i . , W I' 1 --Q--gn, V- 'A'LBlCZK!1L' ' Y ' ' ' 'BAKE Mliiii' M:-LL. LHS' iii 13213: WERE-H'A?Hiil ,a '-'ff' QV! amy V44 4 unc, p 05562062 je 7947 90 Q 5400! y 812125 ! g wzmd OVQ lfU0lf' N this issue of CANUSARAGO, presented by the class of 1947, we wish to bring you glimpses of our high school days. To all who helped make this publication possible, our sincere thanks. It is the hope of the stall that the 1947 CANUSARAGO will take an honored place in a long line of future year books. The Editor ft- r l . 1 ' ' V - 3,19 ,if J up E8AC6lfl:0l'i p y i W " if , 'W .5 rmjxi . , 'fn HE class of 1947 dedicates this issue of CANUSARAGO to the Faculty. 1 They have guided us throughthe happiest years of our lives-our high 1 55 school days. Our teachers have helped us in our difliculties, cncour- MQ, aged us when we faltered, and by their exemplary characters pointed us to the ways of better living. Our class of 1947 can best demonstrate 1 ' ' appreciation of its teachers by striving in the years ahead to in some measure justify by our lives the confidence our teachers must have had 's tl in our inherent worth. , N The Editor i e'.' viii' i 'izifi nf are ink' if - -. .L vi A ,H ' wig? i ,wuljgi r ,MQ 1 if ' 'x3:H ,. f'1':.f,i ' ww ,. , :Ll J, : :,w.,f-'H . , ,, ,. V - h ,gf -- ' ,47??v? A A . A Y ,nys f-f"":g'A ,---f , ' 5,7-:le ff at - f 2-+1-We g ay fm X 'wav Mx 'f :W ,f f M eg i' 'T""" , 1 e ,Sm M l X lj 'lliifi ' ff!! MIM. g PHY .gchfksimas W QW Q S . .4 .-,:'m. 3 140127 ' N i. N Arek fo leaf Wane? ldfenis p HERE'S TO OUR DEAR OLD MUNCT PRAISE TO HER COLORS TRUE, YUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, HAIL TO THE WHITE AND BLUE. RAH! RAH! RAH! GOOD TIMES WEIVE HAD ABOUT HER SAD TIMES OCCASIONALLT TOO BUT, WHEN IT COMES TO GOOD SCHOOLS, OH, MUNCT, WE'RE FOR YOU. RAH! 55 wwe ai 2' gsofxe' r .Keep arty your Nose Back .fgalminisfrafion gan! O! 6-,c1!oica.fio1fL MUNCY-MUNCY CREEK BOARD OF EDUCATION Ofieers President ............... ................. ........... J . Rollin Ebner Vice President ......... .......... ........ H a rold M. Soars Secretary ........... ............. H oward C. Opp Treasurer .... ................. ......... C . Wilbert Reeder Members John L. Bruch Cecil Landis Robert L. Plankenhorn Russel Vermilya We consider ourselves fortunate in having at the head of our school organizational plan a School Board of such quality. These men, representing our community, have always had as their goal better schools for the pupils of our community. The Staff of CANUSARAGO takes this opportunity of expressing the sincere appre- ciation of the student body for the school you directors have made possible. . ff ERNEST H. ENGELHARDT rl:VlfCl'Pa' Supervising Principal ' M.A., Bucknell Universityg New York Universityg University of Pittsburgh Principal AKDT LH MR' ENGR istrative Assistant ESTHER H. POUST Administrative Assistant fx F . . A3f".4'f2 LMAR TI WARD L MYERS J: Industrial Education B.S. Carnegie Institute of Tech- nglogyg Pennsylvania State College. ENE Z U . an N Van!-a 5513111 usgzgge rare Gogh-ge. ege. I Penllsji. En lish JANET W. ENGELHARDT 3 A.B., Bucknell University. GEORGE B. HOUSEKNECI Social Studie: B.S., Bloomsburg State Tez College. GLENWOOD J. CRIST Malhematicx B.S., Mansfield State Teachers Collegeg M.S. and B.S., Buck- nell University. DORIS G. CARPENTER Phyxical Education B.S., Lock Haven State Teach- ers College. ZIGMUND M. MUSIAL Science 6 B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers College. 45" YN YWIY ST ONE xhcr- XOHN W. E 'sh ' uvgg BD., Lu Scfiknarg , COX gc ugh PMB., Gettysb an 'YXxcoXogfxcaX Yconsgwanka Stase Xe . B S - , QQXXQ LAY . MO V ,N A Bfgagonal 'AGIRVE n cnnsylViri?ultuN ma Stix e Cone 33. 5 die s 'ours OGYJYS A Social Sw SVALQ 1630 S xl EP- SNK Eg ng t yhmxsixcw gc. G H 077 16 Evonomu 155 B S ., W Man Sficld S tate Teachers Con, xSc5 B ucknell Un- lversitv 53.06 vi PAD 'Y each- Wqpz YJXAXN h m 11.05 bag . ,Z Waesxcbesxei 51MB C 5 C,oXXeg,e. JALIEY? PEARC B,M 6 E I, Susflu cha nna Univcrsitv . . "YXUYy YJBYJQDP P193 Y, Qcienca and Geogmphv XX Uifx- bYAooc,Q Soiiiwxk 59396 vevixw- LAK . 'rs' ORGE E-Egcdfgn Ungvesiltts' A,B.,Ed,, M. burgh' DELOS 6 M I . BITLER H35-r6, Jn' 0 J 5 - Afluncy Noi11Z1KlIa21ggl,,?3E State T0-3cl1ers,' Bu Potts Shorthand D0rt Com Clrllf-Ill? I J WIYIILEIUS- erclal ER UYL h- SCH Teac NLEY state STA mmffffainsbufg C0 B O et Bhs-1 Colleg cfs ROBERT s. HUGHES Jloczol Jtuzifgf 4.8, G BIO ettlx sbu 017185 urg S rg Collbge. College ,- ta te Toa C11 ers LHR KEL chf INIA F' state Tea VIRG 'C heS'er Mufl Wegtc B-iibllege' HANNAH JANE REEDER Regzkfered Nurse Bryn Mawr Hospital Trahuh Sclzoolg Pennsixlvanzlz College. Sta I1 R THE REU H1 , icy- Unlvers Defltgq, Tem R-H' xggniom ff RAE ONA APP Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4' Clee Club 2 3 4g.Scoop Staff 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 42 AUSTIN MILLIARD ARTLEY Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 43 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 4, Keystone Degree 4. "Quiet and sly, yet ever resource- ful." Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Modern Miss Club 2, Class Play 3. "Silence is szijrrcnzef' ROBERT DELROY BALLIET PHYLLIS JEAN BALLIET Commercial l, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Academic lg Commercial 2, 3, 4, Year- gilofbzliu if2E,ifS,46li1sk5til115'3-53 book SMH 49 Tfi'Hi'Y 2f 3, 44 Sem' si-limi 1, 2 3 4' lVIixed chimilk 4 tary 35 Modem Miss Club 25 Booster Baseball 3, 4,' Stuclent Council 1 Presi: Club 3, 4, Ensemble 25 Clee Club 1, 2, ' l ' 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Intramural fem 4' , . . sports 1, 2, 3, 4, student Council 2, 4, 'Wwrwrl 75 Often hvklvf fvolwh 15 Class Secretary 45 Class Play 25 Libraf hy who trusts hcrf' rian 2, 3, 4. "Good things coma in small pack- ages? CLASS OFFICERS President Thomas Heilman Vice President Benton Sevison Secretary Phyllis Balliet Treasurer Dorothy Riley 34 . ai as . IIQVY F' EL SS UF ' as 415 fMOGENE BANKES Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. 'She's not noisy, loud or gay, but enjoys life in a quiet way." MARY ELIZABETH BARBOUR Academic 1, 2, 3, 4, Scoop Stall' 2, 3, 4, Modern Miss Club 2, Assistant Edi- tor of Yearbook 4, Chapel Chairman 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 3, Ensemble 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, gvlixed Chorus 2, 3, Student Coun- ci . "It's nice to be natural, when it's natural to be nice." MAURICE BEIBER Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4' Varsity Football 3, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, F.F,A, 1 2, 3, 4, Keystone Degree 4, A man unmoved by distraction is he who shall succeed." . r BETTY BELLAK Academic 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Ensem- ble 3, Intramural Sports 3, 4, Student Council 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Booster Club 3, 4, Year- book Staff 4. "Not a flower, not a pearl, just a regular all around girl." 1947 JACQUELYN BENNETT Academic 1, Commercial 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 3, 4, Booster Club 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Librarian 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Modern Miss Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2. "The only solution to love, is to love more." MADELINE BOOTH Commercial 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Scoop 4, Glee Club 4. "Some think the world is made for fun and frolic, and so do I." 11 LEWIS BOGART Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff Varsity Wrestling 4, Student.Counc1l 4, Assembly Program Committee 4, Yearbook Stall' 4, Football 3, Baseball 4, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. "Let any man speak long enough, he will get believers." JOHN COPPES Academic 1, 2, 3, 4, Scoop Stall' 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, -2, 3, Class Travel Committee 4, Business Manager 4, First Aid Warden 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Class History 4, Chapel Chair- man 4, Christmas Play 4, Fire Squad -1-, "There are two ways of rising in the world, either by one's own in- dustry, or profiting by the foolish- ness of othersf' if NL?n.---' GEORGE SNYDER COVERT Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3 "Silence is golden." born not made." WELDON DILDINE FAUSEY Academic 1, Commercial 2, 3, 4. "After crosses and losses, men grow GLADYS LUCILLE ELLIS w,,,,,y Academic 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Modern Miss Club 25 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Essay Award 15 Yearbook Staff 4, Music Association 4, Christmas Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Ensemble 2, 33 Stu- dent Council 2. "Busy hands are helping hands." MARTHA MARIE FEIGLES Academic 15 Commercial 2, 3, 4, Tri- Hi-Y 2. "Good conduct is a fitting dress." 41 STELLA GRACE FRY Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. "Be patient 'til the last." 12 ALICE JEANNE DERR Academic l, 2, 3, 43 Scoop Staff 2 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Modern Miss Clul Booster Club 3, 45 Librarian 4g C Poem 45 Yearbook Staff 4, Journa Club 45 Band 1, 25 Intramural Sp 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Stun Council 4, Class Play 3. "If smiles designated wealth, would be a rnillionairef' DOROTHY EDITH DRICK Academic 1, 2, 3, 4, Poetry Award lg Yearbook Staff 4, Modern Miss Club 25 Journalism Club 45 Class Play 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 25 Band 2, 35 Scoop Staff 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 45 Chapel Chairman 45 Christmas Play 4. "The dramatist, like the poet, is CLASS Ulf Academic 1' Commercial 2 3 4' Ye book Staff 4' Tri-Hi-Y 2 3 4' G Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Librarian 35 Band -ICHARD GARNHART, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 45 Scoop Staff ommereial 1, 2, 3, 45 V3f5ltY Basket- Modern Miss Club 25 Mixed Cho all 35 Managfrf 1, 2, 4s SCOOP Staff 4' 2, 35 Student Council 3. No nzan's defectsseeks he to linowg Ulf friendship is an aft, She is 4 J never makes hzmself a foe. artist? 'HOlN4AS NEWTON HEILMAN griculture l, 2, 3, 45 F,F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 :cretary 2, President 45 Senior Class resident 45 Mixed Chorus 25 Football , 3, 45 Chapel Chairman 45 Scoop Staff , 45 Yearbook Staff 45 School Play 35 hristmas Play 2, 4. He has the qualities that make a rader-he takes advice." rek- ' Q s-HT l9-4 DONALD RAY HEINCELMAN Commercial l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 35 School Patrol 15 Intramural Sports 15 Varsity Baseball l, 2, 35 "M" Club 2, 3. Ideal boy's feet. "My only books were woman's looksfj 7 I I3 ELINOR REBECCA HICKS l HARRIET JOAN HITESMAN Academic 1, 2, 3, 45 Scoop Staff 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Modern Miss Club 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Chapel Chairman 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 45 Corresponding Sec. 35 Booster Club 3, 45 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Ensemble 2, 3, 4. "What's life if you don't enjoy it?" RENA P. HOUSEKNECHT Commercial l, 2, 3, 45 Scoop Staff 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. Ideal girl's friendliness. "The only way to have a friend is to be one." . DELFRED O. HOLMES Academic l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l, 25 Booster Club 35 Scoop Stall 3. Ideal boy's wit. "Study is the food of youth, the consolation of age." LEWIS CHARLES JONES Commercial 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 45 Intra- mural Sports l. Ideal boy's ears. "There are dreams that cannot die." l l MARY JANE MORAN Academic 1, 23 Commercial 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 23 Tri-Hi-Y 23 Booster Club 3, 43 Modern Miss Club 23 Mixed Chorus 23 Class Play 23 Yearbook Staff 43 Scoop Staff 2, 3, 43 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Journalism Club 43 Band 1, 23 Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Hallowelen Council 1, 2, 3, 43 junior Farewell Song 3. Ideal girl's humor. "The opportunity to do mischief is found a hundred times a dayf, ROBERT HARRIS MYERS Academic 1, 2, 3, 43 Glce Club 23 Mixed Chorus 23 Christmas Play 3, 43 Chapel Chairman 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Scoop Staff 3, 43 Intramural Sports 1, 23 Wrestling Manager 43 Baseball 43 Jour- nalism Club, Editor 4. Ideal boy's hands. K'Sweet is the remembrance of troubles, when you are in safetyii 1u S Ill" lll Ill I EMMA IRENE KAHLER Academic 1, 23 Commercial 3, 43 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 43 Booster Club 3, 43 Modern Miss Club 23 Librarian 43 Class Play 33 Yearbook Staff 43 Scoop Staff 2, 3, 43 Intramural Sports 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 23 Glee Club 2. Ideal girl's lips. "A pocket edition of laughter, fun and friendliness." BRADY HAROLD LOWE LOIS MARIE LEE Academic 1, 23 Commercial 3, 43 Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Bot Club 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 Librarian 43 Chapel Chairman 43 X book Staff 3, 43 Scoop Staff 3, 43 I1 mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 journalism 4 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Song 4. 1 gir1's complexion. "Music at her fingertips." Commercial 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 33 Mixed Chorus 33 Varsity Football 3, 43 Baseball 33 Track 3, 4. Ideal boy's bash- ulness. 'Thy modestyjs a rneritfj Academic 1, 23 43 Student Coun Staff 43 Scoop Sports 1, 2, 3, shape. candle to thy BETTY JANE MCMANIGAL Commercial 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Booster Club 3, 43 Modern Miss Club 23 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Ensemble 2, 3, cil 1, 2, 3, 43 Librarian 2, 3, 43 School Play 2, 33 Yearbook Staff 3, 43 Intramural 43 Christmas Play 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Hallowelcn Council 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Prophecy 4. Ideal girl's "Wit is the salt of conversation." HARVEY ELMER MYERS Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 43 F.F.A. 1, 2, 33 Treasurer 43 F.F.A. Reporter 2. Ideal boy's legs. "True happiness consists alone in doing good? RICHARD LAMARR NUSS Academic 1, 2, 3, 43 Glce Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Boys' Sextette 33 Student Council 23 School Patrol 13 Yearbook Staff 43 Scoop Staff 3, 43 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 33 Varsity Foot- ball 2, 3, 43 Wrestling 3, 43 journalism Club 43 Christmas Play 43 Hallowe'en Council 3, 43 Movie Projectionist 3, 4. Ideal boy's physique. "Friendliness of heart and spirit scattered lavishly." 14 EL SS Ulf ARLES O'CONNER mcrcial 1, 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 4. l boy's ncatness. e virtue of silence is a great e of knowledgefj DOROTHY LOUISE RILEY Academic 1, 25 Commercial 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Booster Club 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, 35 Student Council 1, 25 Librarian 3, 45 Chapel Chai 45 Class Treasurer 45 Scoop Staff Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Class Song 45 Class Will 45 J Farewell Song 3. Ideal girl's hair weatherl. "Personality, brains and wit, tered lavislzlyf' RICHARD GEORGE ROGERS Academic 1, 2, 3, 43 Glfe Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 School Patrol 15 Class Play 35 Chapel Chairman 45 Yearbook, Editor-in-Chief 45 Scoop Staff 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3g 1388652111 45 journalism Club 45 Band 1, 2, 45 Movie Projectionist 3, 45 Christmas Play 1, 2, 3, 4. Ideal boy's ambition. rman 3, 45 1, 2, unior ffair .S'ClZf- HA , ' FLORENCE RISHEL . " U mo Commercial 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Booster Club 45 Modern Miss Club 25 Mixed Chorus 25 Scoop Staff 45 Intramural Sports 1, 25 Libra- rian 45 Yearbook Stafl' 4. Ideal girl's feet. "Her pencil drew wlzateler her soul designed." re godlike than science." ARLENE JESSIE ROSENBAUM Academic 15 Commercial 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Modern Miss Club 25 Scoop Staff 45 Intramural Sports 1, 25 Band 1, 2, 3. Ideal girl's neck. :'Wornan is tvuly at her best in the graceful art of skatingfl EVELYN LOUISE SCHAEFFER Commercial 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 35 Booster Club 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Modern Miss Club 2. Ideal girl's teeth. "Good sense and good nature are never separatedf' RUTH SASSO General 45 Glee Club 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Librarian 45 Intramural Sports 45 Student Council 4. Ideal girl's person- ality. "She entertains a cheerful disposi- tion." THOMAS BENTON SEVISON Commercial 1, 25 Academic 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 35 Boys' Ensemble 2, 35 Student Council 2, 35 Vice President of Class 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Scoop Staff 45 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Hal- lowe'en Council 4. Ideal boy's smile. "Keen, blissful, bright, never to be forgotten." 1947 . I5 l ELEANOR JEANNE WALDRON Academic 1, 2, Commercial 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 23 Booster Club 3, 45 Modern Miss Club 2, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4g Christmas Play 23 Scoop Staff 3, 4, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. Ideal girl's fingernails. "True to her work, her word and her friends." NORMA JEAN SMITH Commercial l, 2, 3, 4, Glec Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 25 Booster Club 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 2, 3, 43 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Hallowe'en Council 3. Ideal girl's voice. "Speech is great, but silence is greater." BRUCE CHARLES SONES Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4g Student Council 3, President 4, Yearbook Staff 45 Intra- mural Sports l, 25 Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 2, 3, Baseball 3. Ideal boyls friendliness. CHARLOTTE E. WEAVER Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Play 2, 4. Ideal girl's eyes. "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an excellent thing in a woman. "Honor is the reward of all virtue." SALLY ANN SMITH Academic 1, 25 Commercial 3, 4, Club 1, 25 Librarian 2, 3, Intrar Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. Ideal girl's whis "She scarce awake her eyes c keep." SHIRLEY JOANNE TAYLOI Commercial 1, 2, Academic 3, 45 Club 1, 2, 3 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Bc Club 3, 4, Modern Miss Club 2, IN Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Counc Librarian 2, 3, 4, Chapel Chairma Yearbook Staff 4, Scoop Staff 3, ciate Editor 4, Intramural Sports 3, 45 Journalism Club 4, Band 1, Hallowelen Council 4. Ideal girl's per. "Who mixed reason with plec and wisdom with mirth." RICHARD JAY WHIPPLE Academic 1, 2, Commercial 3, 45 School Patrol lg Chapel Chairman 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Intramural Sports 15 Wrestling 3, Student Council 4. Ideal boy's danc- ing. "Wherever you find humor, you find him close by its sidef' is M f"""' M -1-4 XL! WILLIAM EDWARD REEDER Commercial 1, 2, 3, 14, Glee Club 33 Intramural Sports l, 43 Varsity Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4. Ideal boy's build. "To be strong is to be happy." I6- SENIORS SINGING, CLASS SONG -X X 3 X I1 H ' CLASS SONG gb 1947 ff X' TVfQ:Cofl The Sunny Sxbg QQ We SYRSB uexwayixmi X I use ace XX ff Qui ovr memox-xes beluncx ug, t f Fam we3H QMVGCT Quv QeeT " X To We Sunny Sxbe O? The STREET. W ff wiv 'Rake 0M The Wmqs we Xeovvxed f'f To XQQA us wwe 'We Quvu-re, ,ff ,ff-. Di? if Omg wg have we meet ff if Qfxyjf 3 S T G ff MLW! We 9005! XREQ f J I 1 'tw 'V' ' fwfflwe ll' -H N we Qxx wlN qc 5N'i?f'C'W MV 1-O groan-W Qu-C new YNGFFNI 36415 Ana when our MQQ x5 Av Thfu' Iv I r I 1 NUJ3KlTNxxnK 0? Qwm wx'TYx you. New We QUOQOVS TQKQ We PXQCQ w Og: 'We tsenxo-rS, buf vemembev, 'Pleoxsqdwecw youxi QQT W I I I I . ' I ILII! ' w W y Y l ' . 1 4 ' r W W' f i I I I 3 x., Q , X . I7 To 'We Sunny Sxbe 091116 STRQCT. rl M"0l9A8Cy .4 .ln 1 il - "ik The year--l957.' The scene-a remodeled Beauty Bar operated by Joan Taylor and Norma Smith. The motto ot this establishment is, 'fWe Make Ugly Women Merely Homelyf' As I entered the shop the girls didnit recognize me. After giving me the once over, we fell to the discus- sion of our old classmates and what each was doing. We find that Dorothy Riley reached her aim as a successful band leader and is now doing a one-night stand at the "Rush Inn, Stagger Out" hotel run by Richard Whipple. And what do we hear on the back row? It's none other than Richard Rogers beating on the skins. After winning a contest between some unknown drummer, by the name of Krug? he was pronounced the No. 1 drummer of the year. On the road .to ughesville their tell me Jackie Bennett, now Mrs. Pat Haines, is living on a farm where she has been raising monkeys. ju ging by ,her records more peo le buy monkeys than one would realize. This lgas developed quite a feud between the Haines and joneses, as iewis Jones is a well-known rabbit breeder in tus vicinity. Mary Barbour is practicing all the things Miss Long taught her, on her unfortunate husband, Tom Heilman, who owns the largest farm in these parts. Up the street we find Rena Houseknecht has a small business of her own. She specializes in making fat people plump and thin peo le skinny. Since Mrs. Poust retired, from school work we find Phyllis Balliet taking over the office. Everyone is hoping she fills the position as well as the former did. hBen Sevison is now running a silk mill of his own and takes pride in being the fastest "loom jazzer" in I C state. Muncy takes pride in sending to the Olympic Races the two outstanding track men, Brady Lowe and George "Lightning" Covert. This race is to determine the champion runner of the world. Another happily married couple of our class is Gladys Ellis and Harold Drick. She spends the greater part of hier time gollowing Harold around the country, in his never tiring effort to break "Joey" Chitwoodls out- stan ing recor s. I was surprised to learn that Robert "Butch', Balliet has recently become engaged to something besides the poolroom. We all knew those trips to Montoursville would blossom some day. Charles O,Conner is now one of the big owners of American Chain Stores. Dorothey Drick, who has been studying dramatics for the last ten years, has finally landed a part in that Broadway show, 'SAway With the Breeze," which is a continuation of the once popular "Gone With the Wind." K-lBiIll :leader ,and Donald "Tut" Heincelman have taken over the poolroom and are using as their slogan, ' a e t asy. We find Florence Rishel and Arlene Rosenbaum happily married and living in Hughesville. After all their school spirit, their children will play against their old t'A.w.x Mater." Our ittle town of Muncy seems to be up in the poi 'al world with Ruth Sasso, famous for her oratorical Bowergsgained by her arguments in P.D. She is rumors. to be a natural for the first woman president of the nite tates. We were interrupted in this discussion by the entry of Mary Jane Moran, now Mrs. Mark Feigles, who was delivering the milk at the shop as the girls were too busy to stop for lunch. She tells us that they are doing a. booming business since the "cow strike' has been settled. Continuing our discussion, I learned that Lois Lee, after frequently making trips to Mexico and India hunt- ing for that lost gold mine, has finally settled down with Johnny Sasso. The poor boy only waited ten years. And who do we find working in the K'High-Hattersi' club in New York? Yes, it's our own little Joan Hitesman. After giving up her chase for Lewis Soars, she again set her sail toward her childhood ambition of being a cigarette gir . Down on the road to White Deer Valley, we see none other than Austin Artley and Weldon Fausey setting up their own school of teaching boys 'Khow to work a farm without working yourselff' Stella Fry is right next to these boys with her home cooking based on Miss Long's recipes. Bring your own bicarbonate. Delfred Holmes has his own broadcasting station. His program consists of household hints to farmers-how to kee chickens behind the stove-pigs in the parlor-and count eggs by two. Line of our classmates who hasn't been seen much lately is Martha Feigles. It has been rumored that she ran away to marry her sweetheart in the service. After many years of thought Dick Nuss has finally started a Bacheloris Home. That triangle of girls at last got him down and rather than disappoint two of them, he broke all three of their hearts. Since things got a little warm around here for Madeline Booth, she has gone to Alaska to cool off. John Coppes, after years of persuasion, has bought out Elmer Barbour's store. His slogan is, 'KWe Sell Everything From Eggs To Corsets." Remember Betty McManigal? She is now the nation's No. 1 Powers model. She had stiff competition from one of Daleis old girl friends, but came out on top like a true Venus of Modern Times. Down in the most remote part of Australia we find that Alice Derr and Emma Kahler are married and on their own at last, D n n A Dick Garnhart is captain of the All-American "Tiddlyw1nk" team. His only hint to competitors is, "Keep your hands in shape." Norma said she ran into Betty Bellak the other day and found that she married some Swiss clockmaker. It seems she got a little mixed up in her countries when she went abroad. Anyway, she said everything is ticking fine now. She reported that Rae Ona App is doing landscape work in the Bald Eagle Mountains. Harvey Myers is head waiter at the "Greasy Spoon Drive Inn," where he can hardly wait for guests to get inside so he can relate his latest story of "Back in God's Country"-Muncy, that is. Louis Bogart has written a play, UThe Ride of Paul Revere," or "Who Went There?" We are told it has topped all sales. Q - U A . U h Lharlotte Weaver is a well-known voice culturlst. She specializes in teaching her students radio commercials. We notired in the New Lfgminary that Maurice Bieber is giving muscle-building courses. He has been world- acclaimed as a second Arle 'hatles. Elinor Hicks is the juice-harp soloist in 'fPeter 81 Repeats Orchestra," head every Saturday night over T. I. T. O. tWhen translated means "Tune In, Tune OHYUJ Robert Myers owns a little 'fFlower Shopi' next to 'fTut" and 'fCoon,s" poolroom. We are told the smells don't blend so favorably. Eleanor Waldron is his private secretary. Evelyn Schaeffer and Imogene Bankes have taken over the Wire Rope in Angletown. We find Bruce Sones and Gloria have settled down in Turbotville and are running a crocodile. I see my time is running short and I have a rocket to catch, but come and visit me. I live on Riverside Drive, N. Y. It has been fun reminiscing. 0 I 0 I 9 , I , 0 A 0 0 4 ' N' 5 w Q S .1 , - I ' 4 I ,' 5 pf? Q A Dgilikii' x i' J I KW r md Q if by 4' X Tin get fl gig -1 7 - W V s. -""' 5.-'52 4 'Gen Qi , fam ' EIO' Studenf Band 131.2 DoroKl1Y Rl 1' f 61105, B01 C' AL!! O! Jlame 6 . Alan ' S7 Laplam r . ICC ber J' ' V!! 41.15 H . PM-'1?1'er1g Yhomas Hpilma ll Lx Jfer Cfllb Pr esidenl Betty M ' CMan1g1c 'ldblrm Edna, Bob AIUTS Ewhsr of JF 0 Dial, Nu Op SS founcil PreJif1'ent5 dent ' . , Stu Bruce Sonfs Robert Balhct '-vm. , s. gfcwd .Mdfory Punching the first eyelet in our new shoe in 1935 we served the first step of our apprenticeship under Miss Koons, Miss Minsker, and Mrs. Dice. John Coppes added to the merriment of the year by pull- ing a chair out from under Betty jane Baker and had to sit in a corner awhile. We ended this year by scrubbing furniture and then having a party. In the attempt to punch our second eyelet we had Miss Dunlap, now Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. Goodenow, and Mrs. Kschinka as our instructors. This year joan Hitesman lost her hat in a snowball battle. We left second grade in a cloud of dust created by Mary jane Moran and her classmates partaking in a sand battle. Our third year found us with Miss Dewald QMrs. Elderj, and Miss Stahl fMrs. Stahll, leading us. This year, Mary Barbour, among others received a ruler on her dainty little hands administered by Miss Dewald. Jack Schoch and Joanne Taylor being scientifically-minded wanted to see what made a gold- fish tick, and they found out that a goldfish will not tick unless in water. We climbed the steps to fourth grade this year to be greeted by Miss Hafer fMrs. Schochj, and Miss Berriman now Mrs. Fry. This year proved to be less eventful except for Miss Berriman pulling the hair of some pupils and Delfred Holmes being sent home all the time for his glasses. Beginning our fifth year, we found the ejelets becoming harder to punch. Miss Brelsford Qlvlrs. Grahml, and Miss Waltman fMrs. Voneidaj, led us through the year. Dot Riley entertained us this year with her melodic voice. Sixth grade found us under the leadership of Miss Waldron and Mrs. Ksehinka. We were joined this year by the Barlows-English refugees. Brian was fascinated by what he thought to be peculiar window shades. Betty McManigal and Benton Sevi- son made news this year with Ben completely cap- turing Phyllis Balliet's heart and Betty continuously biting her fingernails. The seventh year of our apprenticeship found us going downstairs to a new and different routine with Miss Waldron and Mrs. Arthur as our leaders. Gladys Ellis and Kenneth Harrison had their love affair interrupted when Mrs. Houseknecht intercepted one of their many notes. The instructors for our eighth year of apprentice- ship were too numerous to be correctly remembered. This year jane Bergquist added to the intelligence of the class and Arlene Grove and Betty Lou Boyer to the merriment. The atmosphere was sweetened when someone, unknown to the rest of the class, emptied a bottle of very expensive 1Oc a bottle Blue Waltz perfume down the ventilator. After punching the ninth eyelet our shoe begins to take on a better appearance. This year Mr. Girven and Mrs. Latshaw at the beginning of the year and Mrs. Rogers at the end, led us through a very eventful year. At the commencement exercises the essay award was presented to Gladys Ellis, the poetry awards to Dorothy Drick and Richard Rogers, and the American Legion awards to Joanne Taylor and Richard Nuss. Our tenth year found us nearing the end of our appenticeship under the skilled leadership of Mr. Grist and Mr. Musial. Almost every Sunday after- noon you could see students of Mr. Musial's biology class out looking for seeds although very few were gathered. The second year algebra class seemed to have great difficulty but managed to get along with Mr. Crist's able assistance. Beginning our eleventh year we were under the instruction of Mrs. Martin and Mr. Myers. This year Bookkeeping, Physics, and Plane Geometry added to the troubles of many. Many of the girls namely: Arlene Rosenbaum, Alice Derr, Martha Feigles, Eleanor Waldron, and Emma Kahler de- cided to add to the industriousness of the class and work at Weldon's. We ended the year with stand- ardized tests. The twelfth year found us under the leadership of Mr. Myers and Mrs. Engelhardt. Much time was spent on the editions of the Scoop and the Yearbook. A class party was held at Tom Heilman's and a good time was had by all. And having had our shoe polished as much as possible by the teachers Cwho, incidentally, developed a good sole lclass soulj on our shoel, our shoe is ready to be laced for us to start out on the sidewalks of the world. M.. l., .ayf-... 20 'Y fi. ci... will .f 194 7 We, the Senior Class of 1947, Muncy High School, Town of Muncy, County of Lyra., State of Penna., being of sound mind H1 after I2 long years of servitude, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. To the faculty we ive our deepest appreciation for all their time anf effort spent throughout our 12 years. To the juniors we leave our ability to get along with the faculty. We bequeath to the Sophomore class our scholas- tic standing. See if you can beat it! The Freshmen seem to be badly in need of every- thing so we give them our best wishes and three cheers for good luck! Amen. Lewis Jones bequeaths his little black book to Curly Rohm. Think how far you'll be able to go with a gift like that, Curly. To Dale Houseknecht, Phil Hall, and anyone else who can use a gun, Coon Reeder leaves his. Here's hoping there are no casualties next year. Eleanor Waldron presents Jane Poust with her wiggle. Keep it under control, Poustiel Since the band is without a piccolo, Sally Smith has agreed to give Mr. Pearce her whistle to help out in future concerts. "Tut" Heincelman wills his fondness for "Wine, Women, and Songj' to Paul Stackhouse. Will you accept? To anyone who is unfortunate enough to have French next year, Delfred Holmes and Johnny Coppes leave their exceptional skill in the mastery of the art of this subject. "Dot" Riley has decided that Bertie Michael will treat her wicked line the best. It's all all yours, Bertie! Donlt hang your clothes on it and don't hang your- self. Use it to an advantage. To Minda Byerly, Rena Houseknecht takes pride in giving her slacks and sneakers. fWe make no further comment here.l Brady Lowe bequeaths his exceptional ability for bookkeeping to Keith Michael. I'm sure you'll appre- ciate it, Keith. Am I right? Norma Smith very reluctantly leaves behind a picture of that sailor in China to jean Allen. Con- fidentially, the boy doesn't go with the picture. To Martha Myers, Mary jane Moran presents her driver's license. Only a rocket ship can beat her record. Charles OlConner very willingly wills his height to June Brass. What will you do with it all? WE think you ought to know that Marvin Fry has accepted wholeheartedly Harvey Myer's seat in P. D. class. Let's not give the teachers too rough a time, Marvin. Since Stella Fry and Martha Feigles never have too much to say, they think it only fair to have Jane Youtz take advantage of this gift. Not that you need it, Gab. To Mildred Bair, Dick Nuss gives his heart. Donlt return it broken, Millie. Dick Whipple leaves his taste for nothing but the best in women-folk to Arnold Smith. Take good care of it. To Mildred Bayler, Ruth Sasso wills her ability to argue while Eleanor Hicks leaves behind her cigars. You can really go to Congress now. Betty Bellak presents to Dorothy Cotner her hu- morous personality and laughable manner. Treat them kindly. We have received information that our popular pin-up girl of the Salvation Army, Madeline Booth, gave her position to Alida Kerstetter. Watch those poses! To Jimmie Hill, Dick Garnhart bequeaths his title as captain of the A. C. Basketball team and hopes they win every game. Dot Drick and Raona App give pleasure in will- ing to Arlene Anderson and Diane Eaker their out- standing recitations .n Miss Long's class. Put forth a little effort, girls. Butch Balliet agrees to give Johnny Bilhime his 31way letter. We hope it doesn't get moth-eaten. To Kay Michael, Harold Drick bequeaths his quaint manner to get along with a certain girl. See Harold for advice, Kay. Arlene Rosenbaum, our queen on roller skates, thinks janet Anderson could use them to get to school faster. Never put them in reverse. joan Taylor leaves her cud of gum to Ann Vreden- burg. You'd better put it behind your ear before you go to English class. To Bill Danley, Ben Sevison presents his smart remarks in Chemistry class. We could do without it. To all tomboys Jackie Bennett leaves behind her ability to have a boy's name and still act like a girl. CSometimes.J Engagement ring. are flying so Florence Rishel gives her diamond to Genevieve Derrick. We hope it fits. Austin Artley and George Covert leave their vast holdings in farm lands to Earl Fry. Don't let the milking interfere with your homework. To June Houseknecht, Betty McManigal presents her fur coat. We hope you never run into that lamb's brothen Evelyn Shaffer leaves behind her shorthand notes to Mary Lou Kahler, while Imogene Bankes gives Rita Hall her meek ways. For anyone seeking information about the philoso- phy of chess, Robert Myers gives his knowledge willingly. If you like chess, it's likely to prove exciting. Bruce Sones bequeaths his technique in getting dates with Turbotville girls to Kim Smith. Still water runs deep, Kim. To Tommy Umlauf and Larue Smith, Gladys Ellis and Mary Barbour leave their trumpets. See if you can give Harry James competition. joan Hitesman, against her better judgment, feels it her duty to present to Regina Feigles her blonde hair rinse. A double dose does wonders. To Kilroy, in tenth grade, Lewis Bogart leaves his skill on the typewriter. No erasers allowed. Lois Lee leaves her place at the piano to Mary Gruber. If you don't C sharp, you'll be flat. Weldon Fausey and Maurice Beiber present to Bogey Marshall and Bruce Miller their shyness around women. Handle with care. To Connie Heim, Phyllis Balliet wills her power to play Cupid and still not land a man herself. QNO offense, Phyllis.l ' Alice Derr has decided to give Florence Little her great love for one man. As if you need it, Floss. Does anyone want a proposal? Erma Kahler gives to any girl of age the many she has refused. Dick Rogers presents his place on the honor roll to Bob Smith. Do you need it, Bob? Seeing a great opportunity to help someone out, Tommy Heilman bequeaths his ambition for being a good class president. To Martha Lee, Charlotte Weaver sends her book entitled, "Being Quiet and Liking Itf' Silqnce is golden. Last, but not least, the class of '47 wills to M. H. S., its affection and sincere grati- tude for 12 happy years. Thus, we close our last will and testa- ment, given at Muncy Muncy Creek High School, this 19th day of May, in the year of our Lord, 1947. Name DONALD HEINCELMAN RICHARD WHIPPLE WILLIAM REEDER HAROLD DRICK DELFRED HOLMES THOMAS HEILMAN BENTON SEVISON HARVEY MYERS ROBERT MYERS BRADY LOWE BRUCE SONES CHARLES O'CONNER DOT RILEY MARY JANE MORAN NORMA SMITH BETTY MCMANIGAL SALLY SMITH EVELYN SCHAEFFER ELEANOR WALDRON EMMA KAHLER RENA HOUSEKNECHT RUTH SASSO JOANNE TAYLOR FLORENCE RISHEL ROBERT BALLIET LEWIS JONES RICHARD GARNHART WELDON FAUSEY ALICE DERR CHARLOTTE WEAVER MARTHA FEIGLES ARLENE ROSENEAUM RICHARD NUSS RICHARD ROGERS GEORGE COVERT LEWIS BOGART LOIS LEE MARY BARBOUR JOAN HITESMAN STELLA 1-'RY DOROTHY DRICK AUSTIN ARTLEY BETTY BELLAK JOHN COPPES IMOGENE BANKES GLADYS ELLIS JACQUELYN BENNETT RAE ONA APP PHYLLIS BALLIET ELINOR HICKS MAURICE BIEBER MADELINE BOOTH Nickname Tut Whip Coon Barney Del Sniffy Sev Hump Sonny Lefty Sonesey Charlie Dot Moran Smitty Sheasley Whistler Schaeff Ellie Penny Chtibby Sas Taylor Floss Domer Turkey Dick Tombstone Sassafras Charlotte Mart Rosie Dick Dick Lightning Lewis GYPSY Liz Jo Fry Dot Artley Babs Coppes Lime Shortie Jackie Honey Phyl Jib Maurice Boots 7947 Pet Aversion Working Getting in early at night Classes Loud girls Women Lone wolves Chemistry Smells Greenhouses Typing Student Council Getting up early Moran's ignorance Dotis nagging Montoursville girls Out-of-town girls Homeroom Bookkeeping class C. T. Weldon's Shorthand Mary Jane's voice Waiting Packards Classes Spelling English class English class Disagreeable parents Typing Bookkeeping class Study Hall Certain girls Nuss's women Women Hughesville Sophomores Girdles Chemistry Pukes Typing Chemistry P. D. class Smarties Chemistry Staying up late Riddles Bellak's hair Secrets Conceited people Waiting for people Starving Walking in town .- 1-M .sez '2f':f1'Z' .' -A 9153! 'Wi' L' QL2 :?1::,'--emu -' 1, . . . ' - Q , L Q- -54 , - . 1 . 1: ,. ' M 352 fiffigf' ayffigfi-1 f"l5'sf f5 '-'lla '::g,ji,'5"Li - ' mg , H " it " ., Lehi Mgr' f ,eff faffgsg Y fr 'I'-gp gif.: fl L W "" " K' ii Vi' ff'i'1't f' - . M , . 7 . 1 4. fa. so 2 " 1. 1 25 is " " ' ' drama it 'l.:l'i 4 ' 0r05c0 e . K i . I , I .,,, It . V , '1's'.ff'1"3 Batty By-Word Howdy-Howdy You don't know, do you? I don't know That's the - of it! Pshaw! Huh! Fudge No Kiddin' Turn 'em off Jimney Chrisemas That's enough Will you cut it out! Or something like that Do you drink milk? Where's Butch?? Where's my English? Good enough I'll tell ya why Huh! Golly Moses! Gee whiz! Oh! Sugar! Aw, forget it! Good duty Speak to me, baby! Doggone Whatcha doin! S-C-A-T-T-E-R Yeah, I do! Oh me! My heavens! Are you kiddin'? Holy Gee! That's what you think So what? - You should know Who said so? Gosh! Aw, Heck No kitldin' Jeepers Get off my ear Yipes I don't know How can you tell? Cripes You don't know, do you? Ooh, for heaven's sake Jeepers Are you kiddin'? Oh, y-e-a-h How can you tell? Song Stardust Buttermilk Sky Guitar Boogie Rumors Are Flying Temptation Stardust Five Minutes More I Used to Work in Chicago Sioux City Sue Wave to Me, My Lady The Old Lamplighter Buttermilk Sky Things We Did Last Summer Serenade in Blue Stardust If I'm Lucky Day Dreaming For Sentimental Reason For Sentimental Reason Irish Eyes Are Smiling I Don't Know Why I Don't Know Why And Then It's Heaven Stardust Guitar Polka Things We Did Last Summer Filipino Baby Guitar Polka Crazy 'Cause I Love You Because If I'm Lucky If I'm Lucky Stardust Stardust Rumors Are Flying Five Minutes More The Man I Love Polonaise Because I Don't Know Why 'Til the End of Time To Each His Own Stardust I'll Get By For Sentimental Reasons ' If I Loved You Oh, But I do I Don't Know Why If Iim Lucky For Sentimental Reasons Five Minutes More Things We Did Last Summer Pet Diversion Sports Turbotville Shoot pool Park Women Are you kiddin'? Janet Farm Stamp collection Trap Turbotville Turbotville 12-Z gang Cheerleading Butch B. Dale Dancing Muncy, R. D. No. 3 Dancing Montgomery, R. D. Reducing Talking Dating Hughesville Sports Women Sports Speeding Man from Virginia Reading Reading A soldier Night life Hunting and fishing Hunting Midnight rides Men Food Singing Hiking Sleep Driving Boxes Fun of any kind Dancing Surprises Pat Muncy, R. D. No. 3 Men Cigars Food and more food Roller skating N By-and-By Poolroom owner B. T. O. W. P. A. Farmer Preacher Bush pilot Loom jazzer Milker Pianist Prisoner of love Lumberjack Married man Band leader Milkmaid Beautician Dough-slinger Musician Housewife Secretary Housewife Secretary Housewife Beautician Housewife Adventurer Rabbit breeder Athletic coach Pilot Journalist Receptionist Housewife Housewife Family man Public Accountant Farmer Bookkeeper Career in music ? ? ? ? Z' Vocalist Beautician Nurse Farmer Physical Education teacher ? ? ? ? ? Housewife Music teacher Hughesville citizen Housewife Private secretary Truman's secretary Bachelor Beautician 401 .1580 A iw.:-3 Q YI 'Pima V 'NB 0 8f8I'WLLl7,6lfL0l'L We shall, we will be great .No matter what the cost. gy, Q s 's 5 QQ? i f Q Q3 . . J N From us we will create What is gained or lost. Though the way, long and hard, Shall press our spirits low, We place our trust in God. On and upward we go. By ALICE DERR 64455 fgaafge of 194 7 We, the class of 1947, set forth this pledge as a reminder of all the worthwhile ideals we have learned here at Muncy High. We pledge to our country and community to always be worthy and useful citizens of the land we love. To our school we pledge our undying efforts in years to come. To ourselves and to those following in our work, we pledge our honest effort to live decently and wisely and to help make our world a better place in which to live. May God always be with us in this our pledge. Motto A step at a time one goes a great way 24 Cfddded X. fx F Q .X gffxx X Q6 U X X xxx ws. . , X 'WQN I XX ' ' 'J 0 S! A , A X 1 X Q " ' af N X 4"D I 4 x MJ, , X Q Q X 4 ., N., fy 1 , .I FXS X X , i -A J I X x FX. X X X K X X 3 x X X V v vii N N ...ik lla i ,S jx' i M V K" . A" - is...- CQOMISQ5 1' 'lclred Baylor, Gen Mllclrecl Balr, little Sarah Evans, Seated, left to right: Allda Rerstetter, Mr , Lols Derr, Dorothy Gotner, Mary Frantz, lrene Bela, Florence r , Gardner, Beverly Lowe, Mary Lon Yllll. 'n left to right: Earl Fry, Maryln Yry, Nancy Brnch, Dale Ylonselcnecht, lean Yllll, Gruber, Elmer Gresh, Mllclrerl Drnrnrn, Rayrnond Lalrd, Mary Wllirecl Danley, Yhlllp Hall. Standt g, ' lf. Rllgns, Mary Yl'll Yranla Youst, Yreclerre Loulse Bostwlclf., R. Karnes r , 'YlNfH0me1oom Teacher. MRS. MP-R Clem 0? 1948 l r Carol Taylor, Prlyeretta Mlchael, Sylyra N wrnan, loanne Ynrpnrl, berg, lone Mil e , ' Darlene e Seated, left to fight: Ann Vreden , Rogers, Arlene Trlela, Evelyn Sones, Marleane Murray, Margaret Mlllcr, Betty Myers.. Standing, left to right: Garollne Starr, lilwln Marshall, Rrcharcl Shadclnclc, Ylarolcl Yersnn, lack Yoder, Yanl LeV an, Robert Lllaens, lielth Mlehael, Arnold Srnlth, Kenneth Rohrn, 'Yfl-Iomeroom Teacher. lflarrlet Rager. MR. GEORGE- HOUSEKNEGH 26 evleye Derrlcla, Margaret 11 row, Jeff lo ngflzt: June Houselmecht, june Brass, Jean Allen E anet Anderson, Rita Hall, Doris Ellis, Delores Fensterlnach Serofza' row, left to rzffzf: Dolly Fry, Gladys B' Dora Fry, Charlotte Gray, Betts' Fish Tfzira' row, left to right Meltlanigal H M Fir .l , sther Hill, Merla Hacker igger, Cletuselfahler, Florence Ball, Dona Buck, .' Harrf' Andciglvs, Donald Balliet, Alan Dugan, S N , enry Kilgus, john Gramley, Dean Bogart, Ka I' ' lUlSD?CItilS1ALXlioh1er0ofn Tearfzef. tanley Lu 5 Michael cas, Robert , James Feigles Z4JaMf949 Ray ., , ated, left to nfght: Doris Shook, Shirley Seibert, Frances Son Michael, Beverly Turner, Mary Lou Kahler, Martha M' Rishel, Betty Miller, Betty Martz, Shirley St ' Sfandzlng, left to rlzgfzlf Lamont ' Soars, Bruce Miller Wertman es, Mariarl Snyder, Roberta yers, Jane Youtz, Jane Poust, Carmen arr, Lois Rupert. Wallis, Kimber Smith, Lester Snyder, Charles P , Edward Shibe, Earl Staelchouse, Robert Vetter , Mary' Miller. AIR. CRlSTXHameroom Teacher. ersun, Riche- ' 1 Donald We-a"" 27 .v L ma C3 - ,,.aw""' 44 . derson Diane Baker, Mariorie Hill, Patsy d, l Q t 1 ght: Lona Honseknecht, Arlene An A, . . F m her, iigfieknim,oBlrbam Baku, Beverly Bair, june Baker, Viola Arthur, Patricia enster ac Lottie Bardo. ' , X. D xd G nr ., Cygg,-,fd Fry, Donald Fry, Standing t wg ,Ishii Dllgdxrixfgdxvjrriaxgjogdxaarsggell, Mis' llitta Derrick, june Bqrcett, Robert 1? Or, El rerilde Koch janice Evans, Liniord YYY, Cafl Barnes, Baines ljgldsg George rantz, 5 , Y, dz Pau, Bambi, Qscm- Kiigus, jack Edwards, Ann ours ' Drick, Robert Baysore, Eugene R berta Yeigles, Patricia a , I Bcdwards, Roy Derr, Betty Gwmef, Maflm Hallman' Dolores B Q5 Regina Feigles. ur , . b ts Howard Bieber. A Sm 1 ZHOMZTOOTN Teacher. MlSS LARYE-NT?-R Cam of 19 0 First, mw, left to bright: Ann Rishel, Bethel Jacobs, Mary Worthington, Martha Waldron, bharlotte Youtz, Vida Qpp, Doris Laurenson, Leah Kleckner, Grace Kepner. Second ww: left fo flghfi .l8mfS.R0gCrs, Arlene Whitmoyer, Ann Shoemaker, Ardella Mar- shall, lanet Rogers, Phyllis Van Dine. Standmg, left to 1ight: Carl Warren, William Souleret, Benn Renn, Richard Sayre, Robert Y l R'chard Michael, Henry Painton, Paul Stackhouse, Donald Pegg, Marvin Myers, Lynn age , i C D an Spring, Matthew Sasso, Frances jahn, Charles Walker, Moser, Elizabeth Mc arty, e Doris Rohm, Martha Lee, Melvin Meyers, Martha Mulligan, Ruth Ann Murray, Gwendolyn Smith, Charlotte Oden, Shirley Shoemaker. A ' ' "- lames Updegrafl. "c-Meroom Teacher 28 Q Q f F1 Seated, left to rzlglzls Phyllis Heberling, Ann D Brittian, Helen Corner Rae B Beiber G . Flllnm, Loretta Fry, Barbara Frantz, Ruth 1 YPFIY, Ruth Felgles, Dorothea Harmon, Ruth Bartlow, Marjoriqf , race Barto. Standing, left lo right: Betty Funston, Clifford Keebler, Charles Bardo Edward Bitler rr- Allen, Dale Craig, Jerome Levan, Kenneth Dunlap, Robert Burkholder, john Billhirhewjoli: BFOORP, William Kahler, Richard Hall, Walter Bartlow, Robert Derr, Benjamin Gaidner Harry Cotner, Del Raymond Baysore, Leonard Ciraulo. ' MR. GIRVENXHomeroom Teacher. my M7957 O 5 'Ti so fa t 1' 4- Seated, lefl to ' rzglzt: Janice Lupold, Florence Wolfe, Mary' Tallman, Patty Lou Kleclmer Evelyn Miller, Joanne Lowe, Evelyn Weaver, Connie Lou Heim, Betty Miller. Standing, lefl Io rzLgh1'.' Louise Peterxnan, Lyvonne Tule, Hene Shoemaker, Doris Temple, Sara Little, Mildred Rishel, Jack Sevison, Basil Bostwick, Mark Waltman. .S'randz'ng, top, left to ngfzt: Edward Tule, Wesley Mann, R Howard Wallis, Frederick Spogen, M l ' house, Jack R h ' ussell Ulshafer, Donald Warren, evin McCarty', Richard Van Buskirk, Torrence Stack- o m, Richard Westman, Harold Woodley, Robert Stover. MRS. ROGERSXHomeroom Teacher. 29 J Hn r Barts Ellen Akers, Doris Brown, Afffllma Hepa App, Mariellen ' ht: P tt' Ann l4r'llCY, He CH r . . ted left to ng a iam Shkrey Buck, Mary Kathryn Brmdmgef, . D Madelvn Ylacls, joan Koons, Wrlhelmina Sea , Keller, lone Frey, BCVCYH' , A Lamenson, Dolores Frey, Martha Fenstermaker, , EZZTJEZZ, lZ??'lf'J W we W time Defhililii Bowers william Bnvgore, james Brittain, Carolyn Bryiogle, Larry on er, .eerie D E XA Lee Crrnneberg, William Edgeworth, Bflflce Blu, Donald alexis, Paul Gmsew ne' Ona fds Charles Little, Harold LCCCh. Teacher. Eclwa , MRS, AR'l'1'lUXlfHO1'Yle100fY1 Clam of 19 Q Swartz Dorothx' Miller , Seated, left to right: Shirley Mendelsohn, Gerald Yoder, Alice Ann , , Paul Wertman, Mary Lou Odon, Helen Youst, Thomas Myers, Ada Ulshaier, Helen Spalding, Larue Smith, Sheryl Somerwille, Karl Neiclerherger. Standing, left to fight: Marlin Wolfe, Wayne Yrintzenholl, Robert Smith, Davis Wallis, Gloria ' ' ' h rd Yagel, Betty Temple, Doris Milhcim, Kenneth Sommers, W'll' s oanne Schoch, Ellen Warren, Betty Mrncemos er, Ric a Norma Simmons, Wesley Shook, Thomas Urnlaui, Margaret i iam , S Oflen, Carl Narber, janice Ritter, Ann Vermilya, Floyd Sellers, Richard Smith, Beverly 'l N ss Sarah Miller. Schaeffer, Nei u , "' WAX.-DRONfHome1oom Teacher. 30 LL, It .. Sealed, lefl lo nglzt: Rosemary Ellis, Marie Dimm, Bertha Branning, Doris Hill, Virginia Bartl0w, Janet Bartlow, Patricia Lauchle, Fannie Evans, Charlotte Dugan, Barbara Little, Yvonne Fenstamacher, Sandra Eaker, Lena Arthur, Mema Brittain, iS'mnding, left Io nlglzl: Harper Abbott, Ralph Feigles, Ronald Feigles, George Barnes, Donald Blair, jack Edwards, Kenneth Frey, Paul Funston, Richard Gipriani, Thomas Dewald, Gary Campbell, Robert Ebner, Mrs. Stine. MRS. STlNEXHomeroom Teacher. may M1953 Sitting, front row, left to flkllff Betsy Youtz, Catherine Shook, Merab McKee, Leona McCarty, Margaret Motter. , Sitting, second row, lefz lo rzglzl: Jean Louise Lowe, Blanche Staclchouse, Dawn Smith, Grace Marshall, jean Shipman, Shirley Nixon, Mary Purpuri, Donna Lowe. Sranding, int row, lefz to night: Cecil Laurenson, Charlie Opp, Fred Lewis, Harvey Green, Elbert Williams, Robert Vredenburg, John O'Brien, James Schoch, Alvin Narber, Elizabeth Gaster. Standing .reeond row, left to night: Brady Snyder, Neal Michael, Ronald Hartman. MISS GASTERXHo-meroom Teacher. 31 af xl Ffont ww, left to right: Cynthia Guisewhite, Shirley Anderson, Clara Kilgus, Patricia Gaumer, joyce Gressley, Mary Arthur, Faye Freeh, Reba Lou Kahler, Edna Green, joan Hcilman. Second row, left to vight: Shirley Conier, Phyllis App, Norma jean Kilgus, Sandra Yahringer, Meriam Bieber, Patty Eellala. Back row, standing, left to 1ight: George Bartlow, john Campbell, Dennis Little, William Corson, Harold Allen, Richard Gottschall, Timothy Commomg Teacher, Miss Griffith, Tyan Hartman, Ralph Balliet, Donald Marshall, Diclc Hiclss, Richard Erittain, Charles Hill, Edgar Smith. MlSS GRlFl7lTHfHon1e1oo1n Teacher. Clem 0f19 4 , W , I , l 1 ' . it "fi .. -500904, left iv NZM? 30395 Shipman, Margaret Spalding, Patsey Reeser, Nancy Waltman, DCWUS9 WHYYCU, 3221100 Odon, janet Moore, Ruth Wolfe, Ruth Sellers, Mary jane Mw'ers Maryland Luft, Shirley Secules, Ruth Lucas, Lois McGowan, Shirley Milheim, Clara Leccha. Standtng, left to nght: Henry Sweeney, Paul Temple, Robert Wertman, Robert Stroup, GOfdOn Stroup, Harvey Moyer, William Wallis, Ray Michael, Earl Youst, Max Whipple Roy Maurer, Earnest Rishel, Gene Lupold, ' MTSS KEENERfHomeroo1n Teachev. 32 Sealeaf lefl to rzlglzts D Deonne H onna jean Lewis, Shirley Cipriani, Patricia Kilgus, Shirley Brittain, artman, Margaret Barger, Geraldine Breneisen, Susanna Flick, Jean, Gardner, ar aret S ith. , Jllifanjing, lg! to night: Luther Bardo, Roger Kurtz, Max Ft'1gl6S, E l Hill, Robert Holtzapple, Harold Bitler, Samliel Feigl hartz, Frank Heller, Hans Engelhardt, H MARTHA B. SMITHXH ar Shoemaker, Kenneth es, William Laurenson, Richard Beil- omerH1lner. omeroofn Teacher. gun M7955 f M N """-g,,,Ma. . in-. Fin! f -N. h row,' leff fo fllehf-' Jay Schoch, Sara Richards, Doris Sellers, Betty Sweeney Nancv Smith, Janice Stroup. ' ' Sffond f0lU, iff! 10 flfllff Nancy Ritter, ud'th V 'l , h Wh't l' . 91 I? P: M-ix Staclthouse, Samuel Sasso. J I emu ya Josep I moyer' Mann Wen ' :rd row, left to night: Edward MCCart , K th M , Ed d ' h l Rilly Little, William Somerville, Lynn l3l:ustEnSzliermar?yIMoyerIvar Mm 'ael W Billy Neiderberger. JENNIE RE'NNINGERXTeacher. ayne Sprin , Paul Seibert, Kent Smizli 33 Qi I 5 . v. W! 14 J' Wanish, Ann Grade ?szfLeft to fight Seated: Barbara Sheppard, Norma jean Murray, Nancy Tempie, Mary Lee Senseman, Leah Yeterman, Verna Simmons, Nancy Waiborn, Bisie 'L-arr, Yohy Thomas, Rosaiie Stronp. Second vow: Richard Yoder, Charies Lowe, Robert Rohm, Ronaid Tayior, Larry Lawton, james Vermenien, Boyd Leech, Martin Wihiams, Larne Michaei, Edward McCowan, frank Moore. Thivd row: Donaid Rosenbaum, Garry Sehwenk, Robert Tahman, Donaid Nickies, Nyie Yagei, Thomas Yidgeon, Wihiam McCarty, Kay Swartz, Myron Sheatier, Deibert Sones Miss ShookfHome1oom Teachev. Cfcccc of 195 6 'M s A. . ,fw- Grade '5afLcft to right iiatigs Lee Goodenow, Donaid Book, Breda Miher, john Bbner, Robert Banzhai, Sudith on e. Second row: Beyeriy Hah, Connie Cummings, Biien Kahier, jacqneiine Hicks, janice Craig, james Edwards, Loretta Honsekneeht, Nancy McKee, Annabehe Brook, Raymond Evans, Barbara Kiigns, Rodney Baxter, james Yenstermacher, Wayne Daugherty, Ray Baker, james Crawford. Thini row: Roger Corson, Kenneth Edwards, lra Bieber, Cari Bieber, Harvey Br-eneisen, Ciarence Fogieman, Gary Frey, Yaoi Yigeis, Charies Cirauio, Rodney Yreeh, Mrs. McCarty! " 'refoom Teacher. 9 Cft-we of 195 7 Seated, left to right: Frank Leech Mildred Crawford, Kenneth Bart: low, Norman Hawk, Janet Ball Dennis Gardner, john Little. Standing, left to right: Billy He-ivly Eu ene Burkholder Al .1 S Q u- drey Campbell, George Artlev john Schaeffer, Joanne Derr Ralph Hitesman, Wayne Charles Alice Little. MRS. FRY-Homeroom Teacher. I-e Sitting, left to right: Thelma Hawk, Gary Allen, William Ritter, Kathryn Brooke, Vinetta Gardner, Harold Fry, Lyle Bitler, Ava jo Hilner, Lois Anne Gruneberg, Allan Bennett, Roger Frantz, Shirley Heddings. Standing, left to right: James Hall, Donna Lee Figels, William Buck, Martha Cipriani, Gordon Hill, Shirley Feigles, Marilee Campbell, Ronald Frantz, Patricia Heller, Joanne Houseknecht, Su- san Brown, James Hoffman, Jane Holtzapple, Harry Gautsch, Elea- nor Green, Lowanda Lee Dapp, Mary B. Goodenow fTeacherJ. Seated, left to right: Janet Lau- renson, Gail Neufer, Barbara Lu- cas, Marjorie Moyer, Beverly Parsons, Connie Narber, Pearl Michael, Shirley Banghart, Donna Mae Sheppard, Mildred White, Betty Jane Rothfuss, Sylvia Smith. Standing, left to right: Larry Lauchle, John Saxman, Paul Smith, Arnold Wymings, Jesse Lowe, Sammy Sellers, Alfred Sny- der, Donald Poust, Rodney Opp, Ronald Houseknecht, Raymond Long, Rodger Lupold, Wanda Stroup, Myron LeVan, Evelyn Snyder, Mrs. Ida Hoffman fTeacherJ. Absent: Emma Malloy. I Ji! ,Q JF Clow OF 58 ,dl Seated, left to right: Phyllis Crawford Geli F , a enstermacher, Gail Bryfogle, William 4Gardner, Robert Girven, Lane Bitlcr, Don- ald Gottschall, Doris Craig, Lynn Houseknecht, Janet Edwards, Doris Blair, Josephine Cipriani, Harriet Feigles. Standing, left to right: james Art- ley, Mary Ann Allen, Harold Far- rell, Mary Geist, Mary Ann Edge- worth, james Gottschall, Alice Green, Ray Bankcs, Nancy De- Wald, Marshall Dapp, Richard Hester, Dale Fenstermacher. MISS KOONS-Jfeacher. ,M fy,-fe 36 QQN' , H6557 KW' 4 ht: ' Kath' f 20 'lg R SV, 11 k ,owfeln ygeryi gmqh, AL- Bac Rxilhe ' Uviv an Y Y,uSelgmm0n5, Nyce 3:6 Shofikf H1122 wma. V v 5095, LFS evnv leasglaw Sho? Laffl 'ma Vx 5 r D0 Hght' Ya' linens' Mme ,left to lack , - Ke , Bobw pfonf 'Ogden' ?Q?RxbiAfYY1T0mmY Smlfh' Geraldlne Mussel, dngman' wma' Nancgmrabel 59 T 1 gizutzigyaix 7 mais l haf. Billv Son' nfnac mls- ow .fgcfiuilfied 551 vu E42 7: K I . 3 V, Y ' f , Posting Gradvs Shop Work n aw School Dance 3 7 av' . ag Lon' wum "FWS 1 -vt-"'?' Lo OK Assembly Program umm af Watch Your Copy NX Experiment in Physics I vw gpg X Eff" ' Ik, i X . N. ,-I .Y Chemists at Work Dorft Burn 'Emi ,"""' SQHOOL BAND M R. P Yi :NND NM' 'NFIDUV EARCE, DIRECT L C3 W YW OR NW uw? ORM -il. gmc! fxll'1M HERS OF l 'I'lIl2 HANIJ fflrlrirlffi Dnrulliy Rilcv. l.0is lmc, Sxlxin llmgrrs Carol lziylur, llxclyn VYv:xu'l, Cnnuia' llm-im llvlty Milli-r. Tzunifnh Glmlys lfllis, Mary llmlmur, llllll' llmxx Doris Rohm, jx-an llill. Max Wliipplv Gnvmlnlyn Smith, 7 mrfllmrzrx Lois Dru, Sllirlvy Svilvvrt. Nlairllln lmv, Frzxnrix Ann Jalm, jnrk l'l1lh.lIllN, llrmy Kilgus, l'.nxl fiuiwulmiu-. Snxnjvlrnrns Julie lluust, Ruth A, Mmr.n'. Ann Slim-- maker. .llnllofnlmnrs Betty ftlcilxlllixgzxl, Rulwrt l'ainlun. llmilnnr Paul lmxun. Drurnx Barlmrzx llzxkrr, Martha Wailrl1'4mii, Dim k Rogers, Os-ar Kilqus. .llajnrrtlr Rae Byerly. Twirlrrw Connie H ' mm. Eleanor llill. Carolyn fogle, Doris Hill. Bry4 K 'L , 1 U ii w ,T 'Y P Yamini! S600 ogglhe K' C0019 Ska? The Scoop, our mimeographed school paper, is pub lished six times during the year. This year's staff ha exceeded previous ones in turning out better and bette copies of our popular student paper. The staff has ga1ne4 experience in writing, editing, and publishing the paper Outstanding this ye issues. ar were the November and Christma WM - Scoop Staff it SCOOP STAFF Mrs. Janet Engelhardt ,........ . ...................... Faculty A Mr. Stanley Schuyler ...... ....... F aculty A Richard Nuss ................ ...... E dztor-m Joanne Taylor ....................,....................... Asszstant . Eleanor Waldron, Jacquelyn Bennett, Lois Rupert, Mar' Moran, Richard Rogers, Keith Michael, Philip Hall, Smith, Thomas Heilman Richard Whip le, Richard Ga Jane Youtz, Jane Poust, Mary Barbour, Alice Derr, Nancy Lune Brass, June Houseknecht, Dorothy Riley Lois Lee, I aylor, Austin Artley, John Coppes, Doroth brick, Sylvia Madelaine Booth, Emma Kahler, Phyllis Iiialliet, RliaebOn. Joanne Purpuri, Janet Anderson, Benton Sevison o ert Norma Smith, Joan Hitesman, Sarah Evans, lilorence Arlene Rosenbaum Mildred Bair, Mary Louise Bostwick, Frantz, Rena Houseknecht, Mary Gruber, Ann Vredenburg mond Laird. si X M' it i 40 Hneographjn ,X S arenf- sjzacAer Aaociafion PARENT- Our Parent-Teacher Associati ' h on is one of t e largest in Pennsylvania. In general, they attempt to carry on a program of promoting cooperation between the home and the school. Our Parent-Teacher Association has been re- markably suecessful in this work. Among many fine things done for the school this year's Parent-Teacher Association gave S500 for the purchuse of new band uniforms. TEACHER ASSOCIATION 0lfl.l'l'Ld A5171 JOURNALISM CLUB W. E . ith the revival of the M uncy Luminary, our school publicity has been greatly increas d. Each we -lt ' e 1 the Journalism Cl b u has supplied news items for one page in the local news- piper. The group is organized with editor and reporters. A high light of our year's activity was a field trip to the William Sun sport 41 PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Uffn Hit President ....,, .. . ...... .. .. ,. ,Mrs. James Phillips First Vice President.. Mrs Cla Second V' ice President. . Secretary ....., .,,,,, . . . Assistant Secretary ,....,,.. Treasurer. .. . , . Assistant Treasurer .. .. . ' retire Goodenow .. Mrs. H'lb t ert Houseltnerht Mrs. Earl Housekneeht ....Mrs. Leonard Hill ....Mrs, Robert Abbott Mrs. Frank Heller Commitlrr Chairmen Firiarzrr Connnilln' Chairman, Mrs. jacob Erlcman Co-Chairman, Mrs. Ray App AHFIIIIHIIFI' Cornniillrf Chairman, Mrs. Van Dorn Wertman Co-Chairman, Mrs. John Srhorh Hotfiiialily Cnmmiflrr Chairman, Mrs. John Co pes Co-Chairman, Mrs. Frank Eleller Program Commilln' Chairman. Mrs. Howard Wallis Co-Chairman, Mr. Ernest Engelharrlt Mt'mlIf'V5'ijifl Cnmmiltez' Chairman, rs, Ora Weaver Co-Chairman, Mrs. Leon Lowe Publifity Cnnznzitler Chairman, Mrs. Eugene Berlin Sltulnrl Aid Cnmmiiln' Chairman, Mrs. Reheeea Arthur Pu'-Srltool Clinir Chairman, Mrs. john Brurh Pforrdure and Hy-I,azu,r Chairman, Mrs. Virginia Funston Purrhasing Cornmillrr Chairman, Mrs. james Hitesman JOURNALISM CLUB Rohert Myers, Editorg Mary Jane Moran, Joanne Tay- lor, Lois Lee, Mildred Drumm Alice D Iois R , err, jane Youtz, . .- upert, Wilfred Danley, Dirk Ro ers, Dorothy Drirk, Jane Poust. Betty Martz, Richard Ixluss. Roberta Michael, Florence Little, Nancy Brueh, june Brass, June Houseknerht, Henry Kilgus, Rita Hall, John Gramley. use og rariarw J A . ,,:. ,,A. , . , 1 . ii N "" "i-533 2" 'l 'Ei :'- , H . I We I M.. I . ' 1 7' 1 , X ,' I so +1 , " . . -merits?-v gwwfiifw-..QewW'w' it ,L '--1,.- ,L 's ,. V H Si-,y5w,wlQ My rg' ,mviiiu pf, f""."ix. V ... w- m"'t3.P"- 'nw-it Q.- s Y . .. '- t 4-uf, .I ,.,,,.f... 'Iv-gt. I wet.,-". :sn-1.--'i 7:-Lv:-fi-sL.t'f,,-,:r:Fi"ff'ff --. .. M- . IHS-X LIBRARIANS Our library is certainly one of which we students are proud. Inasmuch as our school does not employ a full- time librarian, student librarians carry on most of the duties under the direction of Miss Long. The order- liness and general attractiveness of our library is due in large measure to the service rendered by these student librarians. LIBRARIANS Mildred Baylor, Joanne Taylor, Betty McManigal, Phyllis Balliet, Ruth Sasso, Alice Derr, Emma Kahler, Florence Rishel, Dorothy Riley, Dorothy Cotner, Sarah Evans, Jean Hill, Beverly Lowe, Sheila Wolfe, Ann Vredenburg, Carol Taylor, Joanne Purpuri, Mary Gruber, Irene Eck, Mary Louise Bostwick, Mildred Drumm, Evelyn Sones, Arline Vandine, Sylvia Rogers, Detly Myers, Lois Derr, Mildred Bair, Jean Allen, Dora Fry, June Houseknecht, Mary Lou Kahler, Marian Snyder, Martha Myers, Rita Hall, Roberta Michael, Jane Poust, Esther Hill, Francis Sones, Sylvia Randolph, June Brass. Substitutes: Lois Lee, Harriet Rager, Florence Little, Nancy Bruch, Darlene Newman, Mary Frantz, Gladys Bigger, Delores Fenstermacher, Mary Miller, Lois Rupert, Betty Martz, Dolly Fry, Florence Wertman, Beverly Miller. MISS BESSIE LONGfA1lz'in'r. AGRICULTURE Seniors: Maurice Bieber, Austin Artley, Thomas Heilman, Presi- dent, Harold Drick, Secretaryg George Covert, Harvey Myers, Treasurer. juniors: Harold Person, Earl Fry, Raymond Laird, Elmer Gresh, Fred Kilgus. Sophonzonis: Dean Bogart, Harry Andrews, Robert Woodley. Freshmen: Carl Barnes. Robert Baylor, Robert Bavsore, Howard Bieber, Roy Derr, George Frantz, Clifford Fry, Donald Greenly, Disan Kock, Matthew Sasso, Carl Warren, James Updegralf, Mar- lin Hartman, Paul Stackhouse. Adrisn: MR. L. A. GIRVEN. gricngfure THE MUNCY CHAPTER OF FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Our Chapter was chartered in 1936 as an organiza- tion composed of farm boys studying vocational agri- culture. Our Chapter ranks among the best throughout Pennsylvania. In the past the Muncy Chapter has had project activities which were outstanding from a na- tional viewpoint. There are twenty-eight active mein- bers enrolled in grades '9 to l2. The class work and practicum consists of forestry, poultry raising, vegetable gardening, animal husbandry, farm crops, farm account- ing, rural sociology, and farm shop work. ttstxxxgxxxtzxit agifucfenlf Ciufufzci First Semester l2iX Lewis Bogart, Alice Derry llA Willian D Mildred Bair' IOA E 1 anley, , merson Barrio, Esther llillg 9A Lin- ford Frey, Barbara Bakery 122 Bruce Sones, President, Betty MeManigal, Secretary: llZ Keith Michael, Ann Vredenburg, Treasurerg 102 Kimlwr Snxilh,. Shirley V ' Seibertg 9Z Charles Walker, Martha Lee. ' X I Arlzrixn: MR. ENGELHARDT. 'fi' ivfif E , A . STUDENT COUNCIL O . ur Student Council at Muncy serves a vital need in the school. Through this representa- tive body, many projects are launched, which students think will make a better all-around school. The Council is organized on a demo- cratic, representative basis and meets every two weeks. This year they have sponsored dance parties, a d b ' Ss n anquets for athletic teams. Second Semester l2A Robert llalliet, President: Phyllis Balliet Set l'ZZ Richard Whiw l , 'retary: tpe, Treasurer' Ruth Sasso llA - mic llill Mild d , ,. 5 Jim re Baylor: llZ Keith Michael, Evelyn Sonesg lllfk Alan Dugan, Rita Hallg 102 Bruce Miller, Shirlev Seibertg 9A Donald Fry, Beverly Bairg 9Z Wil- Qxllh.SUllll'I'Cl, Charlotte Youtrg 8 Betty Millerg 7 David n is. 5. marriot sw YEARBOOK STAFF Ri h c ard Rogers M . , . Awixlan! Editor ols Lee, Gladys Ellis, Dorothy Riley, Dorothy Drirk, Joanne Taylor. Thomas Heilman, Emma Kahler, Jacqui-lyn Ben- nett, Betty MrManigal, Brure Soni-s, Join llitesman, Roherl Bnlliet, Alive Dcrr, Florence Rishel, Rirliurtl Whixple, Mary jane Moran, Eleanor flicks, lieity Bellak, Benton Sevison, Robert Myers, John Coppes, hliuirire Bielxer, Clmrles O'Connor Richard Nuss, Lewis Bogart, MRS. JANET ENGEl,HARD'I'-Adz'i,wr. YEARBOOK STAFF The Yearbook Staff can justifiably be proud of its product. The various staff committees have produced a book of excellent contents. The business staff has been very successful in financing the project. Their promotional plans had the full cooperation of the seniors. TRI-HI-Y CLUB The local chapter of the Tri-Hi-Y Club has twenty-five members enrolled, and meets every Wednesday after school under the guidance of Mrs. Harold Martin. The Club has been active in attending conferences during the year, and all enthusiastically participated in the Spring Conference for Older Girls held in Muncy during April. Club officers are: President ...,,............................. Mary Barbour Secretary ...,. ....... G ladys Ellis Treasurer .... ......Sylvia Rogers . .. . ,,., Editor-ill-Chirf Laiy Barbour POETRY AW: 's Dcrr, Mildred Bair, 'n Fry, Madeline Danley llll Mildred Drun , Jane Moran, Mary Gru , D Booth, Earl Fry, Gladys Ellis ' Bcllak Keith Michael. ARDT-A1l:'i.vrr. B .IK wills. ENGLEH XRDS Alu c MarY her Maru Wilfred poefry warcb POETRY AWARDS an activity of instruction in elhardt directed the 'n enter- As M rs Eng tudents 1 logy English, . Senior High School s ing the National Poetry Antho Contest. Many of the entries will bc published in the Anthology for this ' of the United States includ- ' Virginia, and Ohio. ' and scction - svlvania, outstanding ' 'on uw 9 Silva! Paffof ing Pc nn A Four poems were will be starred in the 1947 editi Our local branch of this national organization is 100 percent successful in preventing accidents to school children while coming to and going from school. Our Patrol has always been composed of junior High School boys with 9th grade boys serving as captains of squads. SC -Yfluad 13001. LATRO XA M Iiawfen L S iw gfofw' pg' Sayre gl' ty' Silluajrgs Bslgsbeu 'I We , P 1313163 Roger t V, Q Albi' Bfofik, S I f Rm Y sfgqdog, Bowers Jgvgllggi ifey yquages Arngfhbr 9 Paul D Mark Jafllbs alllnan 9 Tl S7 " 451135 'Myers Lai' 7ua4r,:,, Clinic, Linford Frey ' Cam I f'1ual1"aQ' Edgeworrh Rirhar d V a , Wifi -Set-eS::BUs1firk onli Primlen 5? .s Umlaufhoff 7 7 s,S,,m, I USS 1 Leonfirdlgfilafer glrlin Wag-aufo 3 Ay n - 1- 8 'Iuaa' ith Sommer, 7 7 gizlvaig Wallis 081-31 erlflja d yodern 52 7 IJPHI Ri,-hir Sllrin d Half 9 8 Wald Wa Tren 8 7 Harrvc , 1 C 5!'2:5fy 4622? svuad Hwallisn If 7 - 'ffzf' if C7 amor zgz Jiri ee 14 SENIOR IIIGII IAIRI S' I, , . .. lllillli lIl,I'li zrxt .S.nj1n1r1m: juni' linux, Rim Ilzxll, Rau' Una .-Xpp ,Ianni Allrn, llmntln Ilrirk, Me-ilu Ilnrlwu, Pllxllix lim-1, joan Ilitmmiimii. fllziclyx lillix. Ifli-Lximi llii-lu, Nlil Llrml Hail, Nancy livufli, Klum' Lou llill, .Xlimlzx livr- xtvttvr, llxmllnc I'm'puri. S5lxi.x liuuvn, Klqiulim- Shui, Mary Cullum-r. Klum- llmm-km-rlit. june' Puust, SyIxi.i Rglllllolpli, I"lm'c'l1c1' Ball. Iivxs-rly 'l'uim'1, l5.nls:u.i Smith, Lumix IM-rr. Srfrlllff .S'njn11f1m.' Sllirlvy Svilwrl, If.unl il.lYlui, -Iimli 'I'uylm', .Xml Vu-clviilmlu, I"lui'm-mv YY:-llxxmii, lfu-lxn Sz'lmrll'c'r, I"lm'm-mm' Rislwl, Nlilelu-fl Duiilliii, fXl.ull1.x Myers, Rolla-ilu NIifli:u'l, Many Klilli-r, lim-ily Kluxtl. Allawi: IIFIIY lirllulx. Juni lllll. lhvrutln Kiln-v, lh-tu Mcllaiiliuixl. I:l0i'vm'L' I.illlt', luis Irv, Xlnxx ll.uluuul. fSIzul4'lim- Iiouih, Ruth Slum. Slmlrx' Suzi, llmix Slumlx, I"rumi-s Snnm, Nlzxrinn Snynlcxy K'.xxnwn Riwln-l. IXIISS VIRGINIA KIQLIIIIR Iizffilm. ,IANET :XNDICRSON ,-Iiimrzfffznzif. 'Q is P"fl. en for MW i,Sifxl'0l'i SENIOR llIl'lI li 1 UYS' SliX'l'I'.'l"l'I'i rm-cl Ilolnnw, lim-nlon Svxi mrzl R " sun, liirlmul I uL,Ln, Rolmvll Nlyrlw. vlilnunqx III-ilm X 2- WWA, CM rlllllllll' N X67 1 Qu' .5 Ji 1 N'nffff1fmw N411-lx Ifllxx. .I.m1'l Rum-lx. ,Mum Uvumm. I,uzm'Il.x l'xx, l'u'1lu'l -Imulux, Xlmlnlln' Him'llz'1. linux' Ikmlu, Xl.ulh.x Nlullxznn. Hvivn Qulxwl. Umm Xlllhn-lm. Ninn I1 l4.nxP-.nm l'1.m1 llmulhy Nlxlfvr, .Xlimv Xlm Sum 1 MM I lJ1.nlvx. -I.m1nm' Rillrl, lflxnumx Hxll. Vxmlxn Ihxlmglv. Xi.ux k,url11xn lixvimlilxuvl. Umm linmu. l'.nIrn1.u Ifzuxq-1llx.uxkm'lg llululnw Urlrk. Hvilx Milla-1, I,u-Ixn NM'.uvx. l71.un' Ilnkvl. Rm' Iix'm'x'lN. .lllm hlum- l.mkvv. lmmu j.ulm, Lflmrlmlm' Youll. lfllvn llmlvn. H.ulv.u.n lhkv' Hvxmlx 15.111, .Xllm-nr .Xl1clvr'nw. ' ' ' ux l'II.l Uvlllrk. Ruill I4n"'1n.n I1-:Ulu R1 Uh l'1'lgI1'y XI. . ' - ' llmix Rnlum. Hlxllaln, l'.nllx Xml lxvllnw, Koruni: Hmllll. Vunlululxlv Numb. XI.ulh.u Ln-v. Shrlry l.m1 km-llm. Iiulmaw l'u-x l"II"'l'll XND SIK1 H GLEN CLUB . ' in srhool with 'l'l1:' ulclvst YUKXII 0I'g1Hl!llllUI1 I xvxrs of llIlI1l'Olxt'I1 FL'I'Yil'L' mzfor 5257.5 7 92410 Rir'h4u'1l .-Xllvn,'s .Xrlny john linlllvl. l.xnn Dru, ' 1 ' ' -Main- 'illmlll lfliqvnullh, 'Luk l'.4lxxAl1is. Inul lnnsn , N'ilIixln Kwlxlvr N1-xl:-x Mains, lhmlmx Rirlmrcl Hull. . . . , ' "' -nlmll lic-nl.ullln R4-lm. .I.unn-x . ww, XX.nnr I :mln . linux-rx, .Luk Rnhm. Hallllvu Smxu. lfu-411-In L Spun-n, 110.111 Slllillll. Rnlmvrt Slmrl. Russrl l'lxh.lI1':', 'l'luml.1x ' ' 1 xlfl lmlxui Rirlnncl Y.1x1limlxixk, l.h.ulm-N XS.nllwl, ll.x4 Wuwllvy. Clwfvlg Cliaifmw .ohm-6 L owwiil L52 . 9 f C6155 'YayX3f,QbS:,cx3AltLiarv Ba 0 rs, -X 5, t 9.0455 oth? Doroghse Rigqchagzpvesi Do' Whivv 'q whit Hellln:3xeS"'an ' 303 Emfw CM BOOSTER CLUB The Booster Club is one of the more active organizations in school. For all school events, they have carried on very effective advertising campaigns. Without their help, the success of all school programs would probably have b een lessened. Czafoef Cytairmen CHAPEL C Every member of the senior class serve for three weeks on a chapel committee let by the chapel chairman. Each committei has the responsibility of conducting devo tions, making announcements, and occasion ally providing entertainment at the morning chapel exercises in the auditorium. All wh- served expressed appreciation of the train ing received. HAIRMEN iv 1? Nl 48 YW R CLUB. LCC - Dowtxufr BOOSTE ' Q! 1. L09 Nlofvw- so 90 esiden ' L ne Marv meth Bagan' er Maw e3aY0,.x3,aMf .xS:f"3a,,e M0553 Savill' 5 S?"R0y,m, .l grille Sabah gem' 'Norma h EW' boils Qhvlllghnlei youu- gxxe-1, 3 Swim Lena., xvllgmtm. .various wane. ri' wx w'i'23t.S0m 0 3 T291 ' ' gala ' e 0 v Pulau Eve Y f sr. CNET 4UNcY 1 Q 1 s"' f fri KNOB? Y W-I I I im, fb 'X wfwaff SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS During football season most of the cheerleaders ma d age to get to all of the games, in spite of the bitt cold toward the end of the season. For basketball seas4 the girls bought new jackets and skirts The two new Sophomore cheerleaders el td , ece tl year, Rita Hall and Jane Youtz, proved to be capal and reliable. Florence Little and Mildred Blair, t Junior h 1 ' ' ' c eer eaders, will be the leading captains nf year after four Seniors graduate: Mary jane Mor: Norma Smith, Jacquelyn Bennett, and Betty Bellak. warliligllyigiisiiiy . as uszizml C0 tef Doris ?2?illst1W'0' GMS' Ph' CAST Glexlwood awe' Favuuy A 50 We congratulate the cheerleaders on the good wc which backed up the players on the gridiron and t basketball court. Stanley Schuyler Wrextling Coach George Bellak Football, Baxketball, Baseball, and Track Coac Zghnlebazf ' 6 9 i-We 5 QNNM UN 46 uyaf 10 Wav NSN lu WN, tl M15 , 'lvl BASKETBALL H With Seniors and Sophomores interchang- if yffffffjfji I .f-952 3 'tr-ewgi' nggf Q Muncy .,....,, Muncy ........ MUIXCY ........ Muncy ......,, Munry .....,.. Muncy ........ Muncy ......,. Muncy .,,.., . Muncy ........ Muncy ........ Muncy ..,,.... SI Muncy ........ Muncy ........ Muncy ,,... Muncy ........ Muncy ....,... ing frequently in most games, our team was at its best in only two West Branch con- tests, against Montoursville and Hughesville in Muncy's gym. Heartening are prospects of the return of many of this seasonls regu- lars for two more years, and with added strength from junior High, Muncy's climb to a high place on the West Branch ladder seems about to begin. BASKETBALL Alumni ,,,......... 28 home Mifllinburg ..., 30 home Savona ............ 34 home Montgomery ,.4O home Watsontown .... 44 away Montoursville 39 home Sonestown ...... 36 home Hughesville .... 50 away Ralston .,.......,,. 40 away Mitllinbllrg .... 20 away Montgomery H38 away Watsontown ..45 home Mon toursville 35 away Sonestown ...., ,53 away Hughesville ..,. 31 home Ralston ...,........ 39 home 39 , Qc- .vjdyv q.. ' nth if if Q 1 I 1 "' 1 , 51 X ' Nita. g f is-Q in 't S' i Q ' v w - L 7 ,. fo . r KL 'J .. we A Q K A .:-.:1:at.:. f H. :.f"s-,: 2 H ll Q r L f w , ' ., 2 -. 2 ..-. sf 3 ff. ,, P 1 C 'NY 6 ' " . '-" . - " s ' M 4 Q: af-'Elia - 352 s Q L H v'r,?fx1sf1MN,sa . - t if - gist-fsikffsstai , V jf, fQ0fM A victory over Canton, who the previous week had upset Montgomery, pro- vided a highlight in the picture of the 1946 season. Other contests against Susque- hanna and West Branch opponents showed less consistent play than early season battles at Danville and Mifflinburg. With thc entire backfield and several linemen gone from Coach Bellak's ,46 squad, the Indians will face a revised West Branch schedule in '47 with a free-for-all battle for varsity positions. 0 Burnham .................. 24 .... ....... h ome Muncy ........ ..... 0 Northumberland ...... 26 home Muncy ....... ..,.. .... .,..... Muncy ........ ...., 0 Danville ..,........ 7 .... ....... a way Muncy ........ ........ 2 l Mifflinburg ..... O .... .... z iway Muncy ....... ..... 7 Selinsgrove ..... ...... 3 3 .... ......, a way Muncy ....... ..... 0 Montgomery 45 ,... ..... 1 iway Muncy ....... ..... 6 Montoursville ...... 18 .... ....... a way Muncy ....... ........ 2 7 Canton ...,....... 6 .... ....... h ome Muncy ....... ..... 6 Lewisburg ....... ...... 4 0 ..., ....... h ome Muncy ....... ...... O Jersey Shore ..... 51 .... .... 1 iway ' -E' 1"' sw Q4 , ' -4 'r V"-uv "-I 'gm ' Q A - 1. A+ yum, 84.5 , 'fb .1 N. ' . .A , dbh, 4451 iw' f"" g . . lg it M? -dh- . 497455-'Mx ,' , 1. 4. BN4 ! J U 'x- --I omior ,Mg LSZAUUZ Z?cwLefAa! in- JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL Undefeated at hom I established a record which will not easilv be equalled Th ' e and awav this earas unior Hi h team I Y S . eir spirit, style of play, and all-around ability drew favorable com- ments through the season. Winner over all West Branch oppo- nents, the juniors also numbered Lewisburg, Northumberland, and Milton among their victims. Coach Mvers believes that this team, captained by Carl Barnes, made fewer mistakes in play than the two previous teams. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL ilflunry junior High Opjmnrnlx 36 F.F.A. fMuncyj ,.,,. . 49 Lewisburg jr. High ......... ,,.. l 40 Milton jr. llighm.. . 2 28 Montgomery "J-V's" ....,.. 1 23 Watsontown jr. High. ,,... l 21 Montoursville Jr. High .,,,...... 2 20 Sonestown "J-V's" ....... ., 1 37 Hughcsville jr, High ..... .. ll 31 Milton Jr. High .,.. ,,,.., . 2 18 Montgomery "J4V's" ,. l 30 Watstontown Jr. High. .... ll 25 Monloursxille Jr. High ......,. . 2 27 Sonestown "J-V's" ............,, ,. 1 29 Hughesville jr. High .........., ,, l 33 Senior Stars ......,,, .. ..........,,.,.. 2- Northumberland jr. High ,, l 251 ll melting WRESTLING llozieh Qiehux Ir ' . 'rs grnpplf-rs estah- Iled 'i fi' . xc'-nlutth victory string gains! postwar Distriet Four rivals fore they slowed SOIIIPXVIIZII against 'Ong tt-:uns from Lewistown, Lock elven, and Forty Fort. They roared ek however against Hugh:-sville and -llefnntm' :ind took high honors in 1- District Four Championship meet Id in Our own gym. Captain Bielwr, Charles Walker, 'ure Millvr, and Lester Snyder were ir most Consistent winners and much our well-balanced squad will re- rn to face a schedule f o ever :teasing diffi I' ' ' eu ty next year. -0 .. E I l wr' '7- if N-an Munry.. .. Muncy Muncy ........ 33 Munry. Muncy, Mun1'y. Munry.. Muncy.. Muney., Muncy.. WRESTLING Hughesville . 0 Sunbury ,. .I I Sunbury ... . ...IO Shamokin . .I9 Shamokin ....., 20 Lewiston . 29 Lorlt Haven ,. 29 Forty Fort .,...... 25 Hughcsville I4 Bellefonte ..... H24 home away home home away home home away away away The Cream of Creamery Hill. Don't Lot Her Get Away! Hin-m-m, Nice! Hi, Going My Way? Snooty Seniors! High Water! Still Trying, Dick? Looking for Models? Hold THAT Pose! 5' 1" .., ffm. 1 e ,amlbfi ii- fggx 2, Oh! When He's a Senior x un Smile, Please. Does It Take Two- Look at That Crew! Is That Snake Real? 5' A aa Body gun rdx. ei? g 1 Y ouf DMC Books' Are 'HWY ' Again! c Rxdes Q Lookin S for Trouble? YZ: ,nj ' V, ,, P, ,U wg bbcrl Cfadxc R0 We PA C-apon Marryln Sam Look Open Y our EWS. L- i lm 'I an 1 at the Niusdes. L, "The Store of Tomorrow" BARBOUR'S GOLDEN RULE GROCERY Self-Service "Sell Unto Others As You Would Ilavc Thom Scll Unto You" -'OUR MOTTO- DAVE SHOOK AUNT NELLIE'S Self-Serwce mrhe Store of Open Friday and Saturday Nights Today, 300 S. MAIN ST. MUNCY, PA. MUNCY, PA- Continuous Banking Since 1893 All Types of Loans, Including FARM, HOME, COLLATERAL, PERSONAL, AND AUTO It's Smart To Be Thrifty Save Your Money With System and Sufvty In An Account With THE MUNCY BANKING COMPANY MUNCY, PA. MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Compliments of WALLIS FUNERAL HOME 121 SOUTH MAIN STREET MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of COVERT'S GIFTS, CANDIES AND BREYER,S ICE C-REAIVI MUNCY, PENNA. Compliments of Compliments of E L - D O R BEAUTY SHOPPE Legion Building MUNCY, PA. Compliments of B O B F R E Y ' S A FRIEND MARKET MUNCY, PA. Compliments of DRUG STORE N ETTIE MAE E. B. MCCUAIG, Prop. BEAUTY SHOP Phono 183-A 9 S MAIN ST. MUNCY, PA. 33 N. MAIN ST. MUNCX P THE CITIZEN'S NATIONAL BANK MUNCY, PA. COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Cooperation with Customers in Good Times and Bzidg A Primary Regard for the Safety of Deposits Com liments 0 P f Compliments of PURPURPS CITY FLOURING MILLS DRUG STORE . MUNCY, PA. MUNCY, PA. MEYERS Happy Motoring AUTO PARTS CLASS OF ,47 and AKERS Esso STATION SPORTING GOODS MUNCY, PA. MUNCY, PA. M A R T I N S DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY Small Weekly Payments 31 WEST THIRD ST. WILLIAMSPORT, PA. Compliments of F. B. HEAL SPIGELMEYER Sc TO 31.00 STORE JEWELRY STORE MUNCY, PA. MUNCY, PA. Compliments of THE AMERICAN STORE MUNCY, PA. Compliments of Lowe's Service Station General Electric Appliances Dry Goods, Farm Supplies Groceries, Tydol Gas and Oil MICHAEL BROS. HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY 27 S. MAIN ST. MUNCY, PA. Phone 297-A Firestone MARGARET C. CLARK General Insurance and Notary Public Phone 89B-2 Masonic Building MUNCY, PA. l1I'1'iS' ICE CREAM M WILLIAMSPORT MxLK PRODUCTS Co WILLIAMSPORT DICKINSON Founded I8-I8 JUNIOR COLLEGE PREP SCHOOL Two Years Four Years ' CO-EDUCATIONAL fliully Accreditedj ART SECRETARIAL SCIENCE COMMERCE 84 FINANCE STENOGRAPHY LIBERAL ARTS MEDICAL SECRETARIAL MUSIC LABORATORY TECHNICIAN ENGINEERING PRE-NURSING Let us show you how two years spent at Dickinson Junior College will prepare you for a desirable vocation or for admission to the junior class in the college or university of your choice, whatever your chosen field may be. For Further Informafion Write to: DR. JOIIN W. LONG, President WILLIAMSPORT DICKINSON JUNIOR COLLEGE WILLIAMSPORT, PENNA. P A U L ' S Compliments of SHOES, CLOTHING AND W . R . L O N G DRY GOODS MUNCY, PA. MUNCY, PA. McCORMICK-DEERING FARM MACHINES Cofnpliments of Sales and Si'7'1l1.fE The Water Street Lunch ARTHUR MYERS 160 E. WATER ST. MuNcv, PA. Compliments of SAM DERR'S GARAGE MUNCY, PA. HEMLOCK GROVE SERVICE STATION C. G. SNYDER MUNCY, R. D. No."1 BILL HEINTEL Paint and Wallpaper Greeting Cards 326 MARKET ST. WILLIAMSPORT, PA. HARDERS SPORTING GOODS CO. Complete Lines Of GUNS AND AMMUNITION PHOTO EQUIPMENT FISHING TACKLE WHEEL GOODS LUGGAGE Phono 2-3100 336 PINE STREET WILLIA M SPORT, PA. Compliments of WM. S. OPP TYDOL GAS AND OIL General Mercha11dise P. O. MUNCY, PA., R. D. No. 1 Compliments of WELDON MFG. CO. O MUNCY, PA. EDWARD'S LAKE TO SEA Regular Service to NEW YORK, WILLIAMSPORT, ELMIRA, BUFFALO, PITTSBURGH AND CLEVELAND De Luxe Charlered Service For Groups GRANGE NEWS AGENCY Muncy Agent Phone 242-A Compliments of ROBINSON'S MFG. CO. MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS GF "1947,' The Store For All Your Needs FREY'S HARDWARE Phone 187 We Deliver Muncy, Pa Compliments of Compliments of L. Eaker's Garage H. L. BYERLY I HUDSON MOTOR CARS Phone 148-A Munc y, Pa. MEAT MARKET MUNCY, PA. S T E R N B R O S . Fashions For Men 14 W. THIRD STREET Wn.L1AMsPoR'r, PA. Compliments of DUTCH KITCHEN Main Highway, North of Muncy, Pa. Compliments of A FRIEND CHARLES C. MUSSINA Established 1873 Diamonds, Watches, jewelry Sterling Silver 18 W. MARKET ST. WILLIAMSPORT, PA. Compliments of THE RITZ THEATRE MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA SEARS, ROEBUCK 86 CO. Shop Sears and Save Farm Store: 469 Pine Street Opp. Rialto Theatre Department Store: 130 W. Fourth St. WILLIAMSPORT, PA. Phone 2-4751 Compliments of Compliments of A FRIEND Joi-IN BILLHIME Q6 M O D E C R A F T APPLIANCES MUNCY, PA. 33 S. MAIN ST. MUNCY E. P. I-IALL'S GARAGE C. WILBERT REEDER CHIPPEWA LIME MOBILGAS AND OIL General Repairs MUNCY, PA. ICNES AND L CGRP GILMORE Wlf MUNCY, GHLIN STEEL ATIGN DPE DIVISION YLVANIA J. S. RUDNITZKI, INC. Diamonds - jewelry - Watches 123 W. FOURTH ST. WILLIAMSPORT, PA. Compliments of THE LAD AND LASSIE SHOP 32 SOUTH MAIN STREET MUNCY, PA. Complete PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES H O Y E R ' S WILLIAMSPORT, PA. David? Outfitters to Boys and Men 350 PINE STREET WILLIAMSPORT 8, PA. Finest Quality Jewelry Gifts For Every Occasion Nationally Advertised Watches, Silverware Diamonds Cash or Charge Klivans Jewelry Co. 6 W. Third St. WILLIAMSPORT, PENNA. "jewelers on the Squareu Compliments of LOCUST INN Compliments of S T E I N ' S MAIN ST. MUNCY, PA Say It With Flowers BRYFOGLES FLOWERS SQ Largest Grower of F lowers in Lycoming County HOFFMAN SEED AND GRAIN CO :Ig "Ski, Growers of Quality Sccd Corn Shippers of Sccd and Grain Big Chief Grains MUNCY, PA. Comjzli is f Complznzzfntx of WARR MU men 0 ' EN BIEBER MUNCY PASTRY SHOP NCY, PA. MUNCY, PA Best Wishes To THE CLASS OF '47 THE MUNCY LUMINARY MUNCY, PA. Compliments of JoHNsoN's RADIO and RECORD SERVICE MUNCY, PA. DON ZARR'S BILLIARD PARLOR MUNCY ATHLETIC CLUB Compliments of THE MONSEY Sporting Goods Leather Goods and Novelties MUNCY, PA. Phone 72-B MUNCY, PA. Best of Luck CLASS 017,47 THE MORAN HOTEL CHERE TEA ROGM Under New Management Dinners Served 11:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M., Compliments of THE RELIABLE 5 :00 P.M. to 7 : 30 P.M. FURNITURE Also Sunday Dinners MUNCY, PA. WILLIAMSPORT, PA. :rm , 4, . ...U if 2 nf? ML. I LF, 3, V swf, , K. E55-'T , . x5:-- A 1 1 'KX-. xv,- I U , 'e Qi 7?-A, ., '.i51:Y, K.. gr-ex :im , xiifguf. -.TIT ' , 'v-ji A ' wk , v ,:-5. 1: Emi' I Q, 3' L- f- , s 4, .-.. iw V- E1 5 1, . 1- . g.- Eif A"-3. f ' -4 '- ' Sr- . -.. ' " v'.-'- Mix ,W , Q.. .,........ I Ny: .!., 4 ,Yay ,f n., , ,Y.,1.AV -- ' -' 1 ,fuk ',5,,:'g ,.Le:,.ff1. ' ' K .V sig, 4 E .,,. .,-. K J Y 5 .v .-1 if-.,':w.-.'. is in -V, . ,-,i y , x,. 1 - , ,,,,.. .i.l.,1,! Q -n-51 .WS-"',-,-X511-,,,F" ' ,-:Tk ..,, J 'I-'Sky V ??'., kG! ,, , "Em f -, we - waz., fir? . I., E. v . . in ,, , ' .a f Ting. y K , ' 5-ri-'ff , - F35 min, wr.:-5 - ,-: awww1:,,-,:.,,,-,-,J Q H"---5-',,,---,Y F-L ,. L 5. - -A ,Q J f-T, 1-" 7.4 . ' 5 r, 4. . , r ,,T.-4311:-'nf '2 L- .Tm ,,-4 .. ,, U 1 ' 1-.f f' ww Q ,:fJf1,'-"Q rx .-.J , ' :Vw .1 5 -,J.,W.,.' . .-7'-M.. Qfflf. w.1,4..v1..-Q, , 2-ii-35:5 ' Iwi' ..-.Lx-if .. " 1,1 K., ,, .pf--,iw A ,:.:.s.,,a I. .,..,.., , .uffwf-: uf.-'u,. v.:.-f . ,-A .4 Vv s 4 15115-' ,,, -'Q - 1,3 jv,,,.,:.,A ,, ,Q ,1 cg? , V. I . .,f' . .R ... - , K, - . gnu, -lf' ' ' -- fQ3F1'r'4f - f ff. - Vx.. , .6 5. ,. , I, 1.:

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