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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1946 volume:

mucf gn.-a. , , I 'V "I-"-+Z::f'51" - "'-f 4, m ,r 5 . -H - 2- LY. f'1w:t.., -, .. ' E- '.:A':3Eg" mpg- w -. , ' .. fd" - w fm14kz-f.:-1-4 - '-A.4w- " 'T ilk J -'i'f"7f?f:'i : Ex 4" . .. . - 1. . ,ESQ .Ogg M 55-fer -jqwgy - 2 A A TR, ,, 8' ' ' , - , si' 'QT 1. 0-Q , . . , - .ff-.11 Qi .Tw F17-IV f -' ' r ' ' j . ' E: -f ,, 'M -. . 1 r. I 1 1 4 4 . 1 'vw --:.f,., -- .ferigg ez FI . - 4.2: . ' """ " ' "fi 2:13 I I I I 1 I 1 i I I I I I 3 I I i I E I I I I a I I I I I I Q x I r I,.1.1.1-.1-.f.,.,-1.1-1-1.1-1-1-1-fr.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.1.1 HE TI94!-6 C ENIHDSAEQAG Prvsfflztva' by Ihr' SENIORS OF MUNCY HIGH SCHOOL NIITNCY, PENNSYLWANIA 1.I.,-.1.f.,.,,.1-.f.1.1.f.f.f.,1.1.1-.,.1.f.j.,-1.f.1.1,f.1.f.f.1.1. Sxzliff it a g g, QQ! 659 4' ZW Q6 wx I A, vw C Q X O YK O-. If V 69' .firbi 93 .f s ff' lldf Ks' f r 'vs' x X 'I W rx 5 Z awe Q, ,Q Smicx f fx 0,lf fr xg fc! .ii-C9 f ' . 6 aww 'Z S' gp N 60 K Q db,0 xx,,xX. Q' xse,-ielolliiri ix t EFCCDREWQETREID This issue of the CANUSARAGO, presented by the seniors of Muncy, is an expression of our desires, hopes, and ideas. We want to leave behind us the urge to obtain the higher things in life. To the teachers we give our sincere thanks for guiding us along the proper lines and in helping to make this issue of the CANUSARAGO possible. In these pages you will find our fun and sorrows, our work and play. We hope they help you recall the memories of your high school days, and the real spirit of oul Muncy High School. THE EDITOR DEDUCEFWUQINI The senior class of 1946 dedicates this issue of the CANUSARAGO to the Fathers and Mothers, who are con- stantly serving humanity. We want you to know the sac- rifices you made to clothe, feed, shelter, and educate your child were not in vain and never will be forgotten. The little things you do and did to make your children happy were and is an indication of your love and desire for them to obtain the goal they have set. You may think the little things you did for them were overlooked, but they weren't. Everyone knows well what his parents have undergone to raise him properly, especially if they only had one parent. We understand their sorrows and troubles they must have had and we are ashamed to think that we were sometimes the cause of their worried air and appearance. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your wonderful care and guidance throughout our entire life. We hope you like our book which we dedicate to the most loved and appreciated people in the world--our Fathers and Mothers. THE EDITOR. I'-I"l"l'l'l'I-Ivlvlflfl-l'l'I',1.141-I-1411.1-I-1.1.1-I UIIDEGQIINUING QF CGQINQUSFDMIGQ g'Canusarago,, was an aboriginal name for what is now called Muncy Creek and is the earliest name preserved and handed down to us on good authority. In 1731, Conrad Weiser, the celebrated Indian interpreter and guide, reported this name as it was pronounced by the Indians of his generation. In proper interpretation of the syllables of the Iroquoian dialect, he had the assistance of the Iroquois chief, Shikelli- my who was with him at the time. Weiser's journal was written in German and later translated by Dr. Muhlenburg, a man of great learning and knowledge of Indian languages. It then found its way into Schoolcraft's great work and throughout its many editions, the spelling of Canusarago still conforms to that given above. In 1755, Weiser again passed this way and upon reaching the mouth of what is now Muncy Creek, he again called it Canusarago and writes in his journal: "And as we passed Canusarago, where a town now is," and again, speaking of the inhabitants, "They are chiefly Showneos fShawanees1 and Chickasaws. There are about 20 men in the town when they are all at home." Evidently upon his first visit, the village- site on the rock to the north of the Creekis mouth had been unoccupied. It was now tenanted by a mixed population from various roving tribes. While the name of this town in Weiser,s day was Iroquoian findicating a previous outpost settlementl it doubtless was originally a Susquehannock town with a name now lost to us. The quotation above is dwelt upon as the term Canusarago, in the Iroquois language, signifies a "Town on a Rock or a high place." Those acquainted with the character and lay of the land at uthe point" will readily see the application of this description. The deduction is, that the Iroquoian town on this rocky height gave its own name to the creek. In 1768, the first surveys were made in the valley, at which time the beautiful name of Muncy was definitely attached, first to Muncy Manor, then to the Creek, to Samuel Wallis' plantation, to the Fort Muncy, to the Valley and lastly in 1826, to the present town of Muncy and the almost equally beautiful name, Canusarago, was forgotten. It was not that there was anything in the name Muncy to characterize any of these except that a tribe of Indians called Muncies, Monseys, or more correctly Minsies, was found there, temporarily residing, at the time that the pioneers came. This was not their permanent home. They were here under the direction and orders of the powerful Iroquoian Confederacy. T. KENNETH Wooly, M.D. 4 SCHQKDQR. SONG llvrv's to our mlvur old Mum-V. l'rulsv lo our volors lruv. Junior and Senior High Sc-hool lluil lo lhv while and hhlv. Huh! Huh! Rah! Good limvs wcfvc' haul ahoul he-r, qilll time-S owusiomllly too, Hui whvn ii vonws to good svhoc Uh TVIIIIIFY. wffre for you! lah! 7 EUUSTQEY QE TEIE EITWEJINEYSUTMUINICY EEEEH5 GEBELDE EIEND HUGE! SEEIQQDIL As we look back through the years at the history of education in Muncy, we are profoundly impressed by the zeal with which the people have promoted the education of their children. Muncy is twice blestg blest first in the fact that she has really made some genuinely significant educational history, and also blest in that she has had persons with foresight enough to record that history for future reference. The old school building situated in Muncy Borough, although a masterpiece of architecture when built in 1873, had outgrown its usefulness several years before a new building was contemplated. When this building became overcrowded, the old insurance building situated on the northwest corner of Main and High Streets was purchased for school purposes. Later still, two rooms in the Masonic building were rented to help house the ever-growing number of students. After struggling along in this crowded condition for several years, a definite movement was made toward the erection of a new and adequate school building for the Borough of Muncy by the definite selection of a site. A plot of approximately 12 acres, the present school site, was purchased. The conditions revealed by a survey of both the Muncy Borough and Muncy Creek Township School Boards were considered by both boards, and it was found to be to their mutual benefit to contemplate a consolidation in the interest of adequate school building facilities for the joint districts. An organization was effect- ed and the school districts consolidated under the name of Muncy-Muncy Creek Joint School District. At this time, the township students had been attending one of four different schools: the Glade Run School, the Port Penn School, Turkey Bottom or the Clarkstown Schools. A private corporation of local business men was formed to sell bonds to raise the money for the project. Under this system, the building is legally owned by the corporation and leased to the school districts for a rental which gradually will retire the bonds. The building, which was begun in October, 1931, was completed at an approximate cost of 3185,000, and ready for delivery to the hands of the Muncy School Association and the Muncy-Muncy Creek Joint School District on .luly 15, 1932. Tentative plans for future additions to the building have been submitted by the architects. These plans represent three separate additions. The one on the west end of the building would include a vocational shop, a new shop for the agricultural boys' program, a cafeteria, and four additional rooms on the second Hoor. The proposed addition to the central part of the building would carry out the enlargement of the present gymnasium, and provide seating space for 1,000 spectators. The gymnasium, would also have moving partitions and the auditorium would be extended to the rear. On the east end of the building the addition would provide for six additional elemen- tary class rooms. Thus, after studying the history of our school, we come to the conclusion that, if the number of educational institutions and developments is an indication of true culture, then surely Muncy can be assured of a reputation second to none. Of this record we students are truly proud. We feel the same as Daniel Webster felt in his plea for Dartmouth College when he said, "lt is a small school, but there are those of us who love it." 6 ERNEST H. ENG!-:LHARDT MA., Supervising Principal G-DDEDUIID ENUSTERFWUQMNI ESTHER H. PoUsT M.A., Administrative Assistant 7 HTTWJPNICYSEITNQUINICY CREEK GERD GEF EEDHDCGQTUCCDIN OFFICERS President - - - - - J. ROLLIN EBNER Vice President - - HAROLD M. SOARS I Secretary - - HOWARD C. OPP Treasurer ROBERT L. PLANKENHORN Members JOHN L. BRUCH C. WILBERT REEDER CECIL LANDIS RUSSELL VERMILYA The school board's effective work through the years has provided us with an excellent school and a fine faculty. Their co-operation with the faculty has helped old activities continue and new Ones progress. We know they will continue their fine work helping other students as they have helped us. 8 EQICHDETY WAl.1.Ac:E J. MUSSHLMAN Serial SIIIIHPS BS.. Stalv Tvavhz-rs Colle-gm Rust Slruuds- lung. ,IANET W. ENcl,m1,xRn'l' ElI!2'lI'Sll A.H.. Blll'kIlt'll l'lnixvl'si1y. IREM: Z. NlAR'I'IN Fnreigrn Language AB.. Ursinus Cnllvgvz Pvlmlmsylvnrlin Slain Collvgv. Wum L. Mwclss llII,IlSfl'l-Ill l',vllll!'!Ifl.!III HS.. Currwgis' T04-lllmlugxg I,l'HIlSylV8lli Slulv Cmllvggv. ZICMUND NIUSIAI. Sf'1'f'I1rP BS.. BIKDOITIEIITIIIQ1 Slatv 'I'f'um'hm's Collvgv. llmxwoon J. Cum' i1'llIflll'll1lIlI'l'S MS. and BS.. IglIl'klN'll I-lliXI'I'Sily. l,M'MoN A. GIRVICN l 0!'Illi0llll1 f4gI'l'!Tlllllll'P HS.. Pmmsylxunia Statv College. ST.xNl,m' T. Sr:l11'x'l.r:R 1 Cnmmerrial 1 HS.. BIOOIIISIHITQI Sluts' 'l'0zu'lwrs Colle-go 9 BS.. NIQIIISGPICI 512110 Tvzu'l1Pl's Collvgv HCM T DORIS G. CARPENTER Physical Education BS., Lock Haven State Teachers College. GEORGE BELLAK Physical Education A.B., Bucknell Universityg M.Ed., Univer sity of Pittsburgh. MARGARET H. REUTHER Dental Hygienist R.H.C. Temple University. BEss1E M. LoNc Home Economics Mansfield State Teachers Collegeg Buck nell University. JAMES PEARCE Music B.S., Susquehanna University. R VIDA W. ROGERS W Social Studies Mansfield State Teachers College. 10 CUTE' ANNA C. BRASUELL Music B.S., Pennsylvania State College. REBECCA ARTHUR Science and Geography Muncy Normalg Bucknell University. MARY ELLEN WALDRON Mathematics B.S., Westchester State Teachers College. DELOS M. BITLER English, Science, Mathematics Muncy Normalg Bloomsburg State Teach- ers Collegeg Bucknell University, Potts Shorthandg Williamsport Commercial. HOWARD S. HARRISON English B.S., NLS., Pennsylvania State Teachers Collegeg State Teachers of lndianag Ohio University, New York University. FLORENCE H. LEIBY Registered Nurse Bloomsburg Hospital Training School, Pennsylvania State College. 11 EP EBEENTSTEGQIGHIEIFS S3153 CUEFDTUCQENI The P. T. A. have been very active in their work this year. One of their main projects has been the redecorating of the school library. They have purchased new drapes which will add much to the comfort and beauty of the room and have planned for tapestries and oil paintings. This year as in other years they have carried on their excellent Student-Aid work in which students needing glasses were supplied. Open meetings were held every month except January and Board Meetings the second Tuesday of every month. The P. T. A. has strived for attendance at their meetings hy awarding prizes to the home room influencing the most members to attend. Several of their enterprises for raising money were food, rummage, and pie sales, all of which were successful. They have aided a number of causesg mainly, the Red Cross, Tuberculosis So- ciety, Cirl Scouts, and the Community Chest. OFFICERS President - - - - MRS. JAMES M. PHILLIPS First Vice Prcsiilcnt lhlR!4. HILBI-IRT W. HoUsi:KNl-:Cnr Svczmri Vicc Prcsiricnt - - MRS. HOWARD W.ALLIS Secretary - - - MRS. EARL Hovsrzxwrzcm' Assistant Secretary - Mns. ll. F. BAKER Treasurer - - MRS. Romznr ABROTT Assistant Treasurer - MRS. FRANK HRLLER COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN Finance Committee Publicity Committee Chairman ........... MRS. HAROLD M. SOARS Cllaifman ------------- MRS- EVGENH BERTIN Co-Chairman ............. MRS. Jesse ELLIs Program Attendance Committee Chairman ...... MR. ERN!-:sr ll. ENG!-QLHARDT Chairman ........ MRs. VAN DoRN WERTMAN Slllflefll Aid CoAChairman -- ....-... Mas. JOHN Comms Chairman -- ............ MRS. JOHN BRITCH 12 fk ,f f' if 17' K ff? S X if X ' iieniotgi TW IQ I x gflwff , z M ff xx! 7 ff !! XX ff!!! W, img C ,ff A Maw 5, JN 2 X Q ,ff Q MQ 1, I - fl l l V 5 M ff ' SEENIUCCDE3 CMXSS QFFUCEEBS 3 QQ yi HAROLD EUGENE AKERS Academic 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Basketball 1, 4, lntramural Sports 1, 4. LOUISE RIIEA HAIR Academic 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Scoop Stag 3, 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Cborus 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 4, Li- brarian 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Booster Club 4, Class Play 3, 4, lntramural Sports 1, 2, 3. 4. DONALD MARVIN B.xRTLow Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 4, ln- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 4, Yearbook Staif 4, Class Secretary 4. BETTY MAE BAYsoRE Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Modern Miss Club 3. GENE BIEBER Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 4, lntramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Student Council 3, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Keystone Farmer degree. DoNALD BocAR'r Keystone Farmer degree. 14 Agriculture 1, 2. 3, 4, Band 1, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary County F. F. A. 4, GLADYS LUCILLE BRASS EDWARD LAMARR Bowan Academic l, 2, Commercial 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Scoop Staff 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Class Song 4. Academic l, 2, 3, 4, lntramural Sports 1 2, 3, 4, Scoop Stall 3, 4, Yearbook Staff, Editor 4, Librarian 3, 4, Clee Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y Executive 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Class Travel Committee 4, Booster Club 4, Class Play 4, Chapel Chairman 4. CLADYS PAIILINI5 CAMPBELL H Academic l. 2, Commercial 3, 4, Band l, 2. 3. 4: Orchestra l, 2, Scoop Stall 3, 4, Clee Club 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, ln- tramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, Class Song 4, Class Travel Committee 4, Class Play 4, Chapel Chairman 4. ARLIJNIL MARIE CRAIG Commercial l, 2, 3, 4, Librarian If RANGES LUCILLIJ DIMM Academic l, 2, 3, 4, C-lee Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 4, Student Council 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Class Poem and Pledge 4, Class Play 3, Chapel Chairman 4. KATHRYN JOAN DUGAN 3. Academic l, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club l, 2, Scoop Staff 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Tri Booster Club 4. HXROLD JONAS EGLI Academic l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports l, 2. 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, Scoop, Editor-in- chief 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, M-Club l. 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, Baseball 1, 2, 4, Class llresident 4, Class Play 3, Chapel Chairman 4. -Hi-Y 4, LoRMA RAE Ecu Academic l, 2, Commercial 3, 4, Scoop Staff 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3. 4, Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Librarian 3, Band 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Class Will 4, Christmas Play 4, Chapel Chairman 4. 15 MARK ALLEN FEIGLES Academic I, 2, Commercial 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Student Council 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Sextet I, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4. BARBARA JEAN FUNSTON Academic I, 2, Commercial 3, 4, Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, Yearbook Staff 4, Librarian 3, 4, Class Play 3, Farewell Song 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3. HENRY GORDNER Agricultural I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4, President 2. ROBERT GOWERS Academic l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Spots I, 2, Senior Class Play 2, 4, Mixed Chorus I, 2, Boys' Glee Club I, 2, 3, Basketball Manager 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Scoop Staff 4, Sportswriter 4, Class Trip Committee 4, Student Council 4, Booster Club 4. LEE GUISEWIIITE Academic l, 2, 3, 4, School Patrol l, In- tramural Sports I, 2, Christmas Play 4, Senior Class Play 3, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Boys, Clee Club 2, 3, 4. DANIEL HEYL Academic I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4 Foot ball l, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4 Scoop Staff 4. PHILIP HITESMAN Commercial I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 4, Boys' Sextet 4, Canteen Secretary 4, Clee Club 4, Class Will 4, Yearbook Staff 4. N XOMI JEAN I'IOI-'ER Academic l, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Scoop Stall' 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y Presi- dent 4, Librarian 2, 3, Class Play 4. DoRo1'HY HELEN HOLDREN Academic l, 2, Commercial 3, 4, lntra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, 4, Prophesy 4, Scoop Staff 4, Farewell Song 4. Horn ARLEN15 HOUSEKNECHT Academic l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council Secretary 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Scoop Staff 4, Clee Club l,2, 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Intramural Sports l. 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Class History 4. BARBARA RICNE KAHLI-IR Academic l. 2, 3, 4, Cleo Club l, 2, Intra- mural Sports I, 2, 3, Scoop Stall 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor of Scoop 4, Librarian 3, Al, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Booster Club 4, Cheerlead- er 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Hallowe'en Council l, 2, 3, 4, Hallowe,en Treasurer 4, Class Song 4, Band l, 2, Teen Canteen President 4. CHARLES KAIILER Connnercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports l, School Patrol 1. LHROY KARSCHNICR Boys' Sextet l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3. 4, Scoop Staff 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Varsity Football 4, Basketball Manager 3, School Play 3. CYNTHIA ANN Kress Commercial l, 2, 3, 4. GRACE IRENI-I KILGUS Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, 4, Intramural Sports 3, 4, Band 4. ETIIEL MARIE KLINGERMAN Academic l, 2, 3. 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Captain of Li- brarians 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Booster Club 41-: Scoop Staff 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Chapel Chairman 4. 17 DEAN EMERSON LANDIS Academic 1, 2, Commercial 3, 4, Wrest- ling 1, 4, Intramural Sports 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Senior Boys, Chorus 4. NELSON E. LEVAN Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, School Play 1, Intramural Sports 1. WILLIAM LIKENS Academic 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Var- sity Football 3, Student Council 3, ln- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Chapel Chairman 4. DALE RICHARD LITTLE Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, Boys' Sextet 1, Boys, Clee Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Scoop Staff 4, Student Council 4. GEORGE AIIoIIsTUs MARTIN Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. Secretary 2, 4, Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestlirig 3, 4, Baseball 2, 4, M-Club 2, 3, Student Council, Vice President 4, Hallowe'en Burgess 4. ANITA ANN MCMICIIAEL Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Scoop Stall 4, ln- tramural Sports 2, 4. BETTY FoIIsT MICIIAEL Academic 1, 2, Commercial 3, 4, Senior Class Treasurer 4, Clee Club 1, Associate Editor of Scoop 4, Assistant Editor of Yearbook 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4, Class Play 3, Farewell Song 4, Chapel Chairman 4, Student Council, Secretary 4. BETTY IRENE MILLER Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 4, ln- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. 18 BETTY MOTTER Commercial l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, Scoop Staff 4, Librarian 3. JANET RAY N1xoN Commercial l, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club l. 2, Farewell Song 3, Class Play 3, Scoop Staff 4, Booster Club 4. BETTY LOUISE OPP Comniffrvial l, 2, 4, Scoop Staff 4, ln- tramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 4. CAROLINE RODESSA OPP Academic l, 2, Commerx-ial 3, 4, Scoop Stall 4, Librarian 4: Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Class Motto 4. MAX REUBEN PERSUN Agriculture l, 2, 3. 4, F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4. HAROLD REED Academic l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports I. 2, Student Council 2, 3, Christmas Play 3, Yearbook Stall 4. ROBERT RUSSELL RENN Commercial l, 2, 3, 4, lntramural Sports l, Varsity Football 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Senior Boys, Chorus 4. l.o1s JEAN RIDER Commercial l, 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 4, ln- tramural Sports 4. 19 MARY LoU SCHICK Commercial l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES Siioigris, JR. Commercial 4, Senior Boys' Chorus -'l-. RICHARD Li5HoY SHoL'r1s Academic l, Commercial 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 2, 3, 4, Boys' Sextet 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, School Play l, School Patrol l, Music Association, Vice President 4, Scoop Staff 4, Yearbook Staff 4. HAROLD SNYDER Commercial l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Football 2, 4, Varsity Basketball 2, Intramural Sports l, 2, Mixed Chorus 4, Senior Boys' Chorus 4. MARJoR1r: Louisa SPOGRN Academic 3, 4, Booster Club 4, Scoop Staff 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Librarian 4, Class Play 3, Farewell Song 4, Class Play 4. SHIRLEY Doi' S1'RoUP Academic i, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Booster Club, Chairman 4, Scoop Staff 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Librar- ian 4, Chapel Chairman 4, Class Day Dec- oration Committee 4, Student Council. President 4. LORRAINE B. TAYLOR Academic l, 2, Commercial 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Clee Club 4, Student Council 2, ln- tramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Scoop Staff 4, Librarian 2, Mixed Chorus 4. LEON TEMPLE Commercial l, 2. 3. 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Scoop Stall 4, Clee Club 3, Senior Boys Chorus 4, Intramural Sports 2. 20 1 GERALDINE REBECCA THICK Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Scoop Stall' 4, Student Council 1g Intramural Sports 3, 4 Lois ELNOR WHITMOYER Academic 1, 2, 3, 43 lntramura 3, 4. JEAN M. YoUTz Academic 1, 2, 3, 45 Clee Club 1, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1. 2, 3, Scoop Staff 4, Yearbook Staff 45 Librarian 2, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Booster Club 4, Hallowe'en Council 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Farewell Song 4. 21 l Sports 'Wai' CIM, Song Tw.: "wf+wwu..14 L'.v.:, 5,1 , in rc., emu.-Aa' V G.C-...full gf Jyilfllf WISVV JVFD1 Lf, au.,, LM.-m sm-on N... our H-in s.u..Z 1:11 an. -Pkv.-wk 21111-5JfpfB'rr-JLQH Bflald -ff ad za.1.,.'.tL ku...-Ida. Sa wo. KVW! uv-v lines wifi- 1... , WJ 3611.14 JJ L-ffr-Haw wp an LJ --'W -.T -L...-'--1 -.y wh' -v-5' '2P""4 U-'--zu , a Q QJQQJ GHC, L4 J -E? J gy M48 lnkk-Cf Qu 'fig we w',ll for sync-cess Lt f'7 CD g,LffffefJJwww2ff1 fffaff 1 RWM. ., VG+ ko ww' +A'-M11 HA wiv We J-H Qf2ffEwfvfHfTffdffwa f-EH for AGU ani - - un - i - 111 H, gal, gif- i -fam sL...ll Q J 0 ULa+ uv.'vglc1n.J un lun nav-MA :ml -:UU new-nf fu- -arf TLa+ is Q - - if QHVPV1 'E1'HJlfEQf1 MLN M si.g+1.g, L. T.-- , gene., WW. CILGQSS LPLBQJFPIHIEC Knowing we had the Class Prophecy to write, we took a trip to New York, where we visited the office of a famous mystic, Rabbi Zimbovich, who has been most successful in predicting the future. He ushered us into a dark den, the walls of which were draped in black velvet. He himself was attired in a golden robe and turban. In the center of the room was a large crystal ball. As we gazed into it, he made odd gestures which brought the spiritual world in front of our very eyes. We were much concerned about the futures of the members of the Class of 1946. It took us all evening to acquire the following knowledge that we were seeking. Harold Akers owns a large garatge in Williamsport. As we look closer we see a large slgn: "Autos, Helicopters. Autoglros, Bombers, an Transports." Gladys -Brass having completed four years at Temple University is now a nurse in the Veterans Hos- pital at Valley Forge. qt Pan Heyl. because of his ability to get along wlth others, ls now personnel manager with Bethlehem . ee . Barham Funston has used her business ability to a high advantage and ls now Secretary to the Presldent of Roblnson's. Charles Kahler owns a farm just above Cogan Station. Cynthia Kless has secured a husband by those faithful trips of the "Black Beauty" back ln "48." Harold Reed is proprietor of a Bachelor's Home ln Georgia. Grace and Harold are married and are llvlng on Mechanic Street, ln Muncy. Louise Bair ls now an English Teacher in Harrisburg. Max Persun has his own machine shop ln Rabbit Town. Betty Baysore and Ray Baker are now happily married and are living in Pittsburgh. Charles Sholtls has a prosperous machine shop in Harrisburg. Dorothy Holdren having completed four years at Indiana State Teacher's College, is now back at Muncy teaching others the fundamentals of Bookkeeping and Shorthand. U iMarik Felgles has been graduated from Susquehanna University and is directing the hand at Colgate n vers ty. We flnd Jean Hofer teaching Physical Education at Stevenson's. Phil Hltesman is singing over the Carnation Contented Hour every Wednesday evening. Edward Bower is a famous criminal lawyer ln Los Angeles. Ethel Kllngerrnan is head librarian at the Brown Library ln Williamsport. Betty Miller with her shy Chippewa glamor has married and ls llvlng ln Hughesvllle. Harold Snyder ls working at the Wire Rope. Leon Temple has one of the largest pool rooms known to man, located ln Wllllamsport. Rodessa Opp is now employed by the Pmdentlal Insurance Company. Robert Renn is a famous artist ln New York. Betty Motter now owns the Chere. Janet Nlxon's married and is llvlng ln Delaware. George Martin is a personal valet to Mr. Hurr. Dale Little is a clvll engineer in Ohio. Betty Michael is now married to Dan Heyl and they are llvlng ln the large city of "Clarkstown." Henry Gordner owns a prosperous farm in the "Hills of' Tennessee." Harold Egll, due to his millions, is now President of Mexico. Joan Dugan having graduated from Temple University, is now a nurse at the Williamsport Hospital. Ruth Houseknecht ls teaching Chemistry at Wellsboro. Robert Gowers reports news for the "Muncy Times." Donald Bogart owns his own cattle ranch in Utah. Gene Beiber ls making out flne as a farmer. He now owns a large dairy farm which supplies Muncy and vlclnity with "Belbers' Bottled Milk." Gladys Campbell having finished a business course at F. and M. College is now a private secretary to the manager of the Amco Feed Co. Betty Opp ls a filing clerk at the "Missing Heirs Corporation" in Arizona. Dick Sholtls after learning the trade of lumbering. has taken over the Faxon Lumber Yard. Jean Ryder having finished a course at the Reading Bible School is now a missionary in India. Lorma Egll is Vice President of the Muncy Banking Company. Dean Landis ls a forest ranger out in Washington. Nelson Levan ls famdng ln Strawberry Ridge. Lucille Campbell, formerly Lucille Eichenlaub, ls married and ls llvlng ln Arkansas. Bill Likens is proprietor of' a clothing store in New Jersey. Leroy Karschner is a Private in the Army and is stationed at Fort Custer, Michigan. Barham Kahler has reached her aim, that of being a florist. She has bought out Bryfogles and Muncy now has "Kahler's Blooming Flowers" to its credit. Lucllle Dimm is teaching at Ralston. Arlene Craig ls married and living ln Indiana. Lee Gulsewhlte ls just llvlng a quiet life in Kentucky. Mary Lou Shlck has her own 'Beauty Parlor in Montoursvllle. Marjorie Spogen is assisting some famous sclentlsts on a new type of' invisible bomb. Shirley Stroup ls now a photographer for the "New York Times." Donald Bartlow has obtained his goal and is now an aviator ln South America. Betty Louise Yoder ls married and llvlng in Philadelphia. Jean Youtz is proprletress of an Old Maids' Home near her father's ranch in Nebraska. Lorraine Bankes, formerly Lorraine Taylor, ls residing in South Carolina. Geraldine Trick is a secretary for Sears Roebuck. Lois Whitmoyer is an Alrllne Hostess from Seattle to Hawaii. Anlta McMichael ls a secretary at Lycoming Motors. 23 Name Louise Bair Betty Baysore Gladys Brass Gladys Campbell Arlene Craig Lucille Dimm ,Ioan Dugan Lorma Egli Barbara Funston .lean Hofer Dorothy Holdren Ruth Houseknecht Barbara Kahler Cynthia Kiess Grace Kilgus Ethel Klingerman Anita McMichael Betty Michael Betty Miller Betty Motter Janet Nixon Betty Opp Rodessa Opp Jean Rider Mary Lou Shick Marjorie Spogen Shirley Stroup Lorraine Taylor Geraldine Trick Lois Whitmoyer Jean Youtz Harold Akers Donald Bartlow Gene Beiber Donald Bogart Edward Bower Harold Egli Mark Feigles Henry Gordner Robert Gowers Lee Guisewhite Daniel Heyl Philip Hitesman Charles Kahler LeRoy Karschner Dean Landis Nelson Levan William Likens Dale Little George Martin Max Persun Harold Reed Robert Renn Charles Sholtis Richard Sholtis Harold Snyder Leon Temple 09416 HOESUBOHBSCOPE Nickname Saltwater Basie Brassie Camel Cragie Dimmy .loan Egli Barb Hofer Dot Ruth Barb Cinnie Gracie Ethel Anita Mitch Siccum Moto Nick Elmer Rodessa Mazie Shicky Spogen Stroupie Blondie Gerry Lois Gabby Peachie Whitey Beany Don Ed Cork Toots Hen Goudy Mush Dan Gub Chuck Dink Salty Nel Bill Dawse Tojo Red Dizzy Renny Charlie Dick Head .lap Pet Aversion Staying Home Nights Not Receiving a Letter From Ray Crabby People Not Printable Sailors Pessimists High Heels With Socks Getting Up Mornings Cork Not Shaving Crabby People Men Drivers High Heels With Socks Funston's Nagging No Mail No Mail Only 24 Hrs. in a Day Typing Mistakes Bookkeeping Tests Whispering Night Hawks at the Chere "Butch's" Corny Jokes Chairs in Miss Long's Room Bookkeeping Tests Miss Long,sTests Typing Class Boys Who Gossip Conceited People Typing Class Teasing Writing Essays Mr. Engelhardt Flat Tires Expenses Ding! Ding! Unprintable Girls Heyl's Corny Jokes Martin's Persistance A Refusal Chemistry Women Egli's Philosophy Bookkeeping Hillbillies Lipstick School School Flighty Girls Women Drivers Starving Girls French Class School Women Drivers Red Heads The Army School Batty-By- Word After All! Hubba-H ubba! Oh Lovely! Mer-cy! Oh Heavens! That's Tough! Jeepers ! Brother! Gol-ly! Oh, Gee! I Thought I'd Die! Oh, Gee! Don't Get Your Teeth in a Sweat! Phooey! Hubba-Hubba! I Dunno! Ye Gods! Oh Gee Wiz! Can That Stuff! Oh! Fiddle! Ooo-la-la! Quit Racing Your Motor! Oh Don't Be Silly! Oh Shoot! Oh Darn It! Oh Gee! Sez You! Hiya Stinky! Ooo-la-la! Oh! Jeepers! Heavens to Betsy! Oh, My Goodness! Holy Cats! Not Printable! Get Off My Ear! Ding! Ding! Well l'll Swan! Stop It! Scram! Ding! Ding! Not Printable! How Are Ya Doin'? Hello Sucker! Hey! Say! You know it! That's for sure! Howdy Ranger! Fer cryin' out loud! What do you want? Don't know do ya ? Nuts to you! Whoopie! Well! I guess! Why? What do you want, a medal? 99416 LHIQJli3L'RCfDli3SCQ9E9E Song I Wish I Knew Dream Long Ago and Far Away lt's Been a Long, Long Time Cotta' Be This or That It Had to Be You .lust A Little Fond Affection Till the End of Time I Wish It's Been a Long, Long Time I Can't Begin to Tell You Till the End of Time Something Sentimental You'll Never Know There's No You They Always, Always Pick on Till the End of Time I Can't Begin to Tell You Some Sunday Morning I Can't Begin to Tell You It's Been a Long, Long Time Dream I'll Buy That Dream I'll Buy That Dream It Might as Well Be Spring White Christmas I Can't Begin to Tell You Till the End of Time Till the End of Time Homesick That's All You Came Along Till the End of Time I Wish I Knew Till the End of Time Till the End of Time Always Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall Fishin' for the Moon Let the Rest of the World Co By Chickery Chick Cotta' Be This or That Love Me Till the End of Time It Might as Well Be Spring Let the Rest of the World Co By I Wish I Knew Some Sunday Morning I Wish I Knew I Can't Begin to Tell You I'll Be Seeing You Accentuate the Positive Chickery Chick Symphony You Belong to My Heart Let's Take the Long Way Home I Can't Begin to Tell You It Might as Well Be Spring Pet Diversion Dancing Writing Letters to Servicemen Dancing Music Reading Optimists Ice Skating Reading Dancing Music Horseback Riding Reading Sports ' Hooking School Sports Reading Sports Dancing Sports Vaughan Monroe's Songs Dancing fwith Chucki Sports Reading Sports Sports Iack'n .Iilling Making Pictures Skating Writing Letters Smiling Faces Playing Hooky and Being Late Sleeping Hunting Hunting Hunting Hooking School Sports Hooking School Hunting Sports Hooking School All Kinds of Stuff Wolfing Swimming Swimming at Midn',llt Hunting and Fishing Saturday Night Sports Driving Sports Midnight Shows Sports Swimming Reading Study Periods The Girls Pin Ball Machines 25 By-and-By English Teacher Secretary Air Line Hostess Private Secretary Housewife Teacher Nurse Private Secretary Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Florist Housewife Housewife Librarian Stenographer Housewife Housewife Housewife Typist Stenographer Secretary Beautician Laboratory Technician Photographer Housewife Housewife Airline Hostess An Old Maid Owner of Gas Station Aviator Farmer Farmer Lawyer Millionaire Milkman Farmer Reporter Aviator Man Hermit Farming Pvt. Forest Ranger Farmer Naval Aviator Civil Engineer Farmer Machinist Aviator Artist Tool Maker Time Will Tell Mechanical Engineer Pool Shark THE C HSS HUSTCNBY Our first experiment began in 1934, with Mrs. Dice, Miss Koons and Miss Minsker as our leading scientists. Enrolled in our class were 43 girls and 45 boys. Many of the students were able to show their acting ability in the Tom Thumb wedding. Bonnie Bennett was the bride and .lack Stolz the bridegroom. Betty Louise Yoder was the Maid of Honor. People who liked to talk got their name in a house drawn on the board. .lean Youtz usually managed to get her name there. At the end of the year we enjoyed our first picnic at Van Rensler's Park. The scientists for our second year were Mrs. Goodenow, Mrs. Kschinka, and Miss Dunlap t Mrs. Marvin Hartmanl. This year we were confronted with many new and strange experiments, but managed to come through successfully. This year Ethel Klingerman joined the class. We put on a play for P. T. A. which everyone enjoyed. Our third year found us with Miss Dewald tMrs.Elderi and Miss Stahl fMrs. Stahli leading us. This year Danny Heyl entertained us one day by bringing a snake to school. It scared the teacher and she jumped on a chair. We did quite a bit of writing this year in Penmanship Class. Our fourth year found us climbing the steps to be greeted by Miss Berriman tMrs. Max Frey? and Miss Betty Hafer tMrs. Seith Schockl as our scientists. This year Dorothy Holdren began her career as a writer, writing long and humorous stories for English Class. We lost, this year, Lucille Eichenlaub from our group and Harold Akers joined us. Beginning our fifth year, we found the experiment becoming more complicated and difficult. This year our experiment was conducted by Miss Brelsford tMrs. Graham? and Miss Waltman tMrs. Voneidai. This year Ethel Wallis left us and we were joined by Louise Bair. Sixth grade found us under the leadership of Miss Waldron and Mrs. Kschinka. This year many were in the Glee Club. During this experiment Barbara Kahler joined us with her witty sayings and also Lorraine Taylor became a member of our group. If you should look outside of Mrs. Kschinka's door this year you usually found someone in the hall. Sometimes you could find five or six. We had our first Chapel Committees this year and this ended our first successful half. The seventh year of our magnificent experiment found us going downstairs to a new and dif- ferent world. Changing classes every period, found many of us becoming lost, but everyone seemed to receive a thrill from the new things Junior High School had to offer. This year our home room teachers were Mrs. Arthur and Miss King. The girls put on a gym exhibition under the supervision of Mrs. Weaver. The scientists for our eighth year were Miss Stiber tMrs. Winter? and Miss Stewart fMrs. Weaverl. During the winter the class enjoyed a sleigh ride in the country, but some found them- selves behind and had to walk back. Our section had quite a time this year with the changing of teachers. Mrs. Morgan took Mrs. Weaver's place after substitute teachers had been there. Our ninth year found our experiment coming to a more decisive point. Our leaders for this year were Miss Long and Miss Wolfgang tMrs. Latshawl. Betty Baysore joined us this year. At our promotion exercises this year Lucille Dimm read the Bible and Betty Michael led the entire grade in prayer. Our theme "What America Means to Me" was given by Barbara Kahler, Ethel Klingerman and Dean Landis. Ethel Klingerman and Harold Egli received the American Legion Awards. Our tenth experiment was bringing us near the close of what we have been trying to attain. Mr. Crist and Mr. Musial helped us with our experiment. ,Ioan Dugan became a quiet and shy member of the class. We were faced by many problems in Biology, but were helped over the rough bumps by Mr. Musial. This year was very exciting, and what was classed to most of us as an "aeronautic class" undef the supervision of Miss Garnaucia. We lost Don Freeh this year. At the end of the year some of the class held a picnic at Rolling Green Park. The eleventh experiment found us under the leadership of Mrs. Martin and Mr. Myers. Donald Heincleman left for the Army and Majorie Spogen joined us. Some of us were in the class play this year "As You Like It." Lucille Eichenlaub left this year, but hoping to return sometime in the future. Ethel Klingerman won the State Essay Contest on the subject, "Thomas Jefferson, His Contribution to American Democracy." Our scientists, this year of 1945-46, were for 12Z Mrs. Engelhardt and 12A Mr. Clendenin, who was replaced by Mr. Musselman after Christmas. ,lust before Christmas we had a farewell party for Mr. Clendenin, who left to go to higher institutions of learning. Harold Akers once again came to Muncy High and LeRoy Karschner left for the Army. The potential energy that for twelve years has been stored up is about to be exploded into a new type world. 26 Cl. SS will We, the Class of 1946, of Muncy High School, being of sound mind, memory, and understand- ing, and about to leave the beloved halls and classrooms of M. H. S., do make and publish this, our last will and testament, hereby making void any former wills or promises, made at any previous time. To the faculty we bequeath our most sincere appreciation of their efforts in trying to make us study and learn, which did not go entirely unheeded. To the Junior Class we leave our ability of getting along with the teachers. We hope you'lI mnke good use of it. kids. To Mrs. Engelhardt we leave our interesting books for use in her future Engllsh Classes. We leave our sophisticated and serious ways to the Sophomores. You can't use them more than we did-or can you? To the Freshmen we give the courage that carried us through our arduous years of mental strain in Senior High. Our personal bequeaths are as follows: Jean Rider bequeaths her bashfulness in the classrooms to Betty McManlgal. Dick Sholtls wills his ability to sneak out and see Ethel Harmon without Spook finding it out to Butch Balllet. Geraldine Trick bequeaths her knowledge of rural routes to future bus drivers and mapmakers. Leon Temple wills his artistic ability and his "Walt Disney" cartoons to Kenny Rohm. Shirley Stroup wills her bottle of shrinking fluid to Elsie Campbell. Lee Gulsewhite wills his job at Murray's to Keith Michael. Phil Hltesman wills to all Port Penn boys, the ability to keep the path across the ball diamond clean for future use. Lorraine Taylor wills her wasp waist line to Rena Houseknecht. Bill Likens wills his name of "Captain" to a good and close friend. Paul Stackhouse. To Mary Louise Bostwick. Mary Lou Schick bequeaths her pleasant giggle that always comes at the right time and right places! Betty Miller wills her glasses to Mildred Bair. 4Do you need to see any better, Mllly?J Harold Akers leaves to Gene Baysore the ability to drive up to a Clarkstown gas station and get more than gas. Betty Opp leaves her ability to be at ease in dresses as well as slacks to June Brass. Ed Bower leaves his intelligent and upmost attention in Bookkeeping to anyone who needs it. and someone will. Betty Motter bequeaths her long black tresses to Sara Evans. "Moose" Heyl leaves his strong and muscular build to Dick Rogers and hopes he'll use lt. To Corky Dugan. Rodessa Opp leaves her ability to know what is going on in Clarkstown at all times. "Dawse" Little wills his height to Kimber Smith to use in future Basketball teams. Betty Baysore wills Mary Lou Hill the ability of having the mailman deliver mall regularly. Ruth Houseknecht and Lucille Dlmm will their wr rides at noon to all future Senlors that bring their lunches. - Don Bartlow wills his ability to get the ear on Sunday night to go to Young Peoples Meeting to Raymond Laird. "Dot" Holdren wills her ability to get along with Mr. Musselman to Betty Bellak. Charlie Kahler wills his nice car to any future Senior. To Jane Poust, Barb Kahler leaves her place as a member of all organizations. "Bob" Renn wills his ability of only being a week behind in Bookkeeping and getting along with Mrs. Poust to Bill Reeder. Joan Dugan wills her sophisticated ways to Ann Vredenberg. Cynthia Kless wills her pleasing personality and ability to win friends to Janet Anderson. "Salty" Snyder leaves to any future discharged Sailor a date with Louise Bair. Barb Funston leaves her ability to go with several boys at one time without getting into too much trouble to Gladys Ellis. Dean Landis leaves to "Domer" Balliet his ability to get acquainted with more than one glrl ln Williamsport and Montgomery. tl Lorma Egll wills her ability to get honor roll cards to any one in Senior High who thinks they need lem. Mark Felgles leaves his ability of being a lady-killer to Ben Sevlson. Afnttla McMichael wills her shy and reserved ways to Mary Jane Moran, hoping she'll make good use o em. Jean Youtz wills her ability to speak and yell "buddy" to the future cheer leaders of M. H. S. Cork Egll leaves Bill Danley his position in every active sport. Lois Whitmoyer wills her time spent at I-lurr's to anyone who thinks she can meet friends there. Gene Belber leaves to Hook McKee his strenuous activity ln Agriculture. Jean Hofer wills her alarm clock to Shirley Seibert. so she can get to band practice on tlme. To anyone who wants a test from "Zig," Gladys Brass will give her book entitled, "Ten Ways to Get a Test From Mr. Musial." Don Bogart leaves to James Hlll his love for the Clarkstown girls. Gladys Campbell leaves her position as Saxophone player ln the band to Roberta Michael. Henry Gordner leaves to Sam Newman his ability to have a car and never be seen with a girl ln lt. Lucille Elchenlaub leaves her ability to take everything with a smile to anyone who ls unhappy. Max Persun leaves to his brother. Harold. his flaming red hair that all the girls love. Marjorie Spogen leaves her ability to get along with the Turbotvllle teachers to "Dot" Riley. Ethel Klingerman leaves her straight "A" report card to Alida Kerstetter. Nelson Levan leaves to his brother. Paul, his friendship with all future Senior glrls. Grace Kllgus and Louise Bair will their love for boys on the Football team to Phyllis Balllet and Joan Taylor. George Martin leaves his position at Hurr's of giving bigger cones for 5 cents to Jackie Bennett. Arlene Craig wills her red face when angry to Joanne Purpuri. Charles Sholtls leaves his wavy hair and plaid shirt to Torrence Stackhouse hoplng he uses lt. Janet Nixon bequeaths her reserved seat at the Chere to Lois Derr. Mrs. Martln's pet. "Dizzy" Reed. leaves to a poor unfortunate French student hls book entitled. "How to Try to Learn French. but Not Like It." Betty Michael wills her studious like nature in Problems of Democracy class to Eleanor Waldron. The above will has been subscribed. sealed, published. and declared by the Senior Class of the Muncy High School, the testntors. as their last will and testament given in our presence. who at their request and ln each others' presence have subscribed our names as witnesses, this lsth day of May. 1946, ln the clty of Muncy and state of Pennsylvania. Signature- Ssmoa Hlcr-I Scnoor. FACULTY. 27 Qi ' . f at 'fu ' , .Bo ,v, , ol h T11 'af ' A . ,... 0 941-C5 As we the Class of '46 Together strived each day K N , V -. 47 . K I A Y ,- at r N, , .,, , f x.kJl-it I . . N I3 :Q ' x ' f X 1 :WJ I 'y r ' 1 X 1 ..' 1. -1 f , I x 1 new-:r'g:'.' A, 1. I x 'I D u 1':,g:sS:N , f l N .KP JS..-. I-J' ' lj- D r f I ' Q I 1 I ' .L'53'.. ' 123 aus. '14-.' sig -A I N -0 , ' A li k il For courage, truth and faith firm fixed We're ready not to sway. We may not yet have won our fame, Or gathered large success, Yet we have this to our acclaim We've always done our best. Excellent teachers have helped us From the first to this day, Our parents also have led us Straightforward-lest we stray. We leave with courage strong and true With truth we have no strife Our faith will be our guide to do Our best, in this new life. Molto: THE SKY,S THE LIMIT Class Colors: BLUE AND GOLD Class Flower: BLUE AND YELLOW CARNATIONS C GQISS EWLED E ? 11941-C5 As we, the class of 194-6, go forth with the query of youth, we set forth this pledge as a reminder for all the worthwhile ideals we have learned in our school life. We pledge to our country and community to try always to live as worthy, useful citizens. To our school we pledge wholehearted loyalty in years to come. To ourselves and following generations we pledge an honest effort to live decently and honestly and to X help make our world a better place in which to live. May God always he with us in this our pledge. I 'b -7' Q, 4? K' -:vo za xx Q 9, 1 . ' 2 h :ya 110 Y Y u .i Y V ,I lv r mt - I xx x f X 561 WW A M 05? E4 ff J. ,X r ', L? QNX Qf !lg..,'f -x 2. 5 'A Y V K QAAZA W Cf 3 Xxx S1'l'lllHI Row Brady Luwv. ,loan 'l'aylm'. Norma Smith, Mary .Iunv Horan, Dllftlllly Rilvy. BP E9 S Bm-nm-ll. Phyllis Hallie-t. Nlargurm-l Hart, Nlarlhu F1-i UQQ? lirsl How, lmfl In Higglml lflinor llivks. Bc-tty Rf-Ilak. llnlwulllw Drick. Rum' Una Xpp. .Iill'lllI1'lyll gl:-s. wuml Huw Slvllu Fry. Min-v Dvrr, lnmgvm- Hankvs. lilsie- llamplu-ll. Nlury l3ul'l1mlr,,Iuu11 Illia-5 3 ku man, Gladys Ellis, Hvnu ll0ll24l'lxll4'l'Ill. Hvlty ,Ivan fu lllirml Row Cllvslvl' Flllllll. Us-lfre-al llnlnws, john Capps-s, Umm- Baysurv. xVt'll!Ull Falls:-y. I4-wi Hngurl, Maurice- l3im'ln'l'. Lvwis ,lone-s. n 'llil'l. V' li uurlh Huw 'l'lwmas lls-ilmun. :Xuslin .Nrllc-y. Gmrgv lluvvrt. Frank U:-rr. Hn ln-rl Bd xllllllll Hurt. llurulal Urivk. First Rnw. IA-fl to Right FlUl'l"lll'QJ Rislwl, .'X1'lf-lu' H1 lilvuuur xvilllllwllh CUl'l'iIlt' Lowe-. Charlulle Wvawr, Mufwunigal. Lois L1-v. Richard Rugvrs. " ' Cliil'll'S 0'ifm111ul'. ,lulm Vhllkf-r, Rivllzxwl Nusa. Xvillianx Rf'l'1lt'I'. Hililllfll Whip r lllml Huw ,I Bl'll1'K' S0111-ra, Br-nlun Scwismx. Hulwrt Mym-N. 32 use-nlnuuln. live-lyn Sllac-H1-1', Ellllllll Sally Smith. Kuhlu ple MESS F 11941 Firal row. l,1-ft lu lligrlll .Ivan llill. lflm-1-m-v l.iIllm'. Nlury lfrunlz. Sum lfxuns. lh-wily Luwv. Car I4-nv l"vig:lm's. Xlury l,uu llill. l,ouisv llnslwivlx. Qcwviiml Huw lflizzilwlli GI'lIlll'I'. Luis Di-rr. .Nliilu Kl'l'hl1'lll'l'. C1'ln'xim-w lim-rrivlx. llvwrly llwrs Nlililn-ml Bair. Nlilclri-il Baylor. Nanwy Bl'Il1'll. l'lliril Row .lLllllK'S llill. l"l'n-il liilguif. Philip Ilall. Alun llugiun. l"r1'1l 'Xiulr-rfmi. Wilfrrwl llunli-y lfurl Fry. .limmiv llill. l"tllll'lll Huw l'flm4-r llrvsll. Dull- Ilniisi-lxm-rlll. l'illQl1'll4' l"e-ililvr. lfrunlx lfmisl. Nlurxin lfry. llunulil xlltlt'l'Slhll. llvan llugzil'l. First Row. l.z-fl Io Right .laim-5 Svliivlx. Cvralml Slllilll. llarlvm- Nvvvlnun. llarrii-I Ragvr. xl2lfQlill'1'l Xlillvr. l.z1rulim- Slurr. .lunc Nlillvr. Bm-ily Nlya-rs. llarulml l':-rsiil1..la1'k Xml:-r. 5l'l'lllNl Row SillllllQ'l Nm-wmun. Xlurggurefl Nluyvr. 'llwrvlla Xlivliavl. Ili-lvn X-i'llllgllSlxll'li. Sylvia Rugrvrs. Uloria Slilllvr. lYlilI'll'llQ' Xllll'I'l1j'. Jllilllllf' l'u1'puri. lluwzml xll'Kl'f'. Rulu-rl Lillvnf. Ki-nm-Ili Rohm. Tllirml Row lmslm-i' Snyilvr. Carol Tailor. l"iXl'lYll Smivs. Paul lmxan. Frml Sllllllllllli. nlrlvm- 'l'ri4'k. M'le'm- Yanilinv. Rivlizlrxl Sliuilmliiilx. I mirlli Row Rilyllllillll Lziirml. .-S1111 Yre-rlvnlnirg. Arnulfl Smith. Km-itll Mic-lla:-l. 33 EF-30553 QW 11941-9 l"ir:4l Row. Lt-ft to Right Bvtty Martz. Dvlorc-2+ lfx-nstx-rl11zl1'l11'1g Uliw Bomhoy. lln-tty lfisln-r, Donna llllvlx, Doris lfllia. Rita Nlae- llall, .Ivan Alh-n, Cllr-atns Kahlvr. 51-1-onml Row Nl:-rla llackvr. Donna Fry. Esthvr llill, Gladys Biggs-r, Dolly Fry. FlllI'l'Ill'1' Hall. 'I'hi1'rl How Ray Nlcllarty. Kay Nlicliavl, Rolwrl lNlcNlanigal. llarry :Xntlre-ws. Slanlvy l.m'as, Carl lliggvr. Nlax Evans. ,Ianni-s Fviglvs, William Carpe-ntvr. Donahl Balliol. lla-nry Kilgus. First Row, Lf-ft to Right 'Donald Rvvml, Charles Pc-rsnn, Nlary Lon Kahlvr. janv Youtz, Frame-s Som-s, Doris Shook, Shirley Svihvrt, jane Poust, liarl Stackliouse, Kimlwr Smith. Scvonrl Row lfrlwarrl Shitw, Bruce Mille-r, Rohr-rta Mioliavl. Hs-tty Nlillvr. Shirlvy Starr. Barhara Ann Nlvrrill. Hvwrly Miller, Rohvrt W'oomll:'y, Rohr-rt Yvttvr. Thiral Row Afllllll' Uprlvgraff, Bvnjaxnin Rf-nn, Paul Sl3Clill0llSl'. Sylxia Randolph, Florence Wm-rtman, Nlary Nlillc-r, Richard Soars, Paul O'Dell. Fourth Row llarnwn Rislwl. Bvverly Turner, Harry Stump, lingem- Warn-n. William Taylor. l.iilI10Ill Wallis. Donald Weaver. Tho Ninth Cratle' this yt-ar start:-tl its lligh School Carvvr. Eavh lnvnilwr of tht- vla:-5 triwl the' vonrst- for whivh hc is ln-st suitr-ml anrl vach om' was ht-lpml to grasp the- knovvlf-rlgs' with thc- ,LIlIltl2llll't' of CUlIlIJ1'l6'I'll tvaclwrs. Many of the hoys are onlhnsvcl ahout joining: the Xarsity Foothall tvam. They wvrv also happy to join the ,lay-Yves Basketball tram. 34 ESS 9 0 First linw, L4-lt In Right Ruth Baysurm-. H:-gina lf?-iglf-s. Wancla Ellis: llulurvs Uri:-lx. llc-tty ,Ivan ltauuu-r. Juni- Be-nm'tt. .ldltll't' ltvans, Lottie- Harmlo. Mary lztta llvrrirlt. Palsy lluuss-lun-1'lit. Svcoiul Huw Rulwrla Foiglvs, Arlt-iw .'Xmlm'rs4u1. Yiula Arthur. Uiant- lfalwr. llnris Buwi-rs, B4-wrlw Bair. ltuna llUltSl'lxIN'l'ltl. YlE'lfjlll'lt' lllll. Patricia l'1'IlSll'I'lllill'llt'l'. Nun l.uuisn- lfrlwartls. 'l'hirml Row De-I Rayinuntl Baysurv. Rolwrt De-rr. Roh:-rl llaysnrv. Barbara liulwr. .llIlll' lfalwr. tlarl llarnvs, ltinfurfl Frm-y, lillglvltl' Burns. Us-orgv Frantz. First How. l,t-ft to Hight B1-the-I Javolvs. lilizalwth Mr'tIarty, Lf-all KI:-vknvr. Duris Laura-nsnn llravt- Kvpn:-r. Charlotte- Oth-n, Martha Mulligan. Ruth Ann Murray. Shirlvy Slt01'Ill8l'il'f lllwmlolyn Smith. SQ'l'0ll4l Row Patrivia lflavk. .Xnn She Martha Walmlrun. Martha lm-. Yinla Opp. Ann Rishel. Thirml Row ,lzunvs Rogvrs. llharlvs Wallwr. Melvin Myt-rs. Marvin Mya-rs. John Km-lly. Holwrt l'aiutun. .lame-s Updf-rgrapll. Laurvnct- Sayr:-. wrnakvr. Doris Rohm. l"ram'vs Ann .lal1n. Charlotte' Youll Fourth Ruw Huh:-rt Svhmlt. Oscar Kilgus. Richarel Mivhavl, Dr-an Spring, Lynn Yagvl. Donald Pvgg. Husserl Yovuin. Rolwrl Stow-r. This year thi- Eighth liradt- is doing tinv. handling tht- task of We-tting: re-ally to inuw- un to tht Ninth Uratlv and the diff-r t '1't"'t' f tlen F f an a nt ws ur It 1. Thvy have a rf-pre-sentativv on tht- Studi-nt Counvil. as does the SPV!-'ntll Cratlv. They cuntinuv work in all sc-twol suhjm'ts. trying to finml whvrv tht-ir best talents and abilities lie-. 35 SS T195 lfirst Row. IA-ft to Right- Clifford Koehler, Hruvf' Ilill. l,or1-lla Fry, H+-tty Funaton. Rae Byerly. llelvn llotner, Ruth lfeiglt-s. Barbara Frantz. Peggy Fislier, Charles Hardo. Jann-S Drm-hr, Se-vmul Row Kenneth Dunlap, Ruth Bartlow, ,lohn Billhime. Benjamin Gardner. William Kahler. Ls-onard lfiraulo. Grave Barto. l':llll0I'lS Gideon. Richard llall, Kenneth Brink. Third How Dah- Craig, Edward Hitler, Dorotln-a llarmon, Ruth Britlain. William llrt-hr, Marjorie llieluer, Phyllis llc-lwrling, llarry Colm-r. Warren Allen. John Brooke. Rohm-rt liiirkliolclell Wal- ter llartlow, Ann Ummm. First Row. Left to Right Gene Shoemaker, ,lack Rohm. Doris Temple. ,lanive l.upold, Connie' lleim. Us-lty Miller. Patty Klecknrr, Mary Tallman, Louise Peterlnan, Nlark Waltrnan. Donald Wleavvr. Svcontl How Hivharrl YanBuskirk. Harold Leech. Russell lllshalfer, ,lark 5:-vison. live-lyn Weawr. ,loannv Lowe, Nlilrlred Rishel, Evelyn Miller. June Taylor, Carl Narlwr. Third Row Sara Little. Wallcla Stililer, Florenve Wcille, Torrenve Stavkliollsv. Rove-rt Smith. Paul Rwvt-. JUTOIIH' Levan. lloward Wallis. Dale Spencer. Fourth How We-Sl:-y Mann. Melvin Mcflarty, Robert Woodley, Rieharml XVt'I'lIUiiIl, Charles Yovuin. This year when the Seventh Grade Came into Junior lligh School. they found something entirely ns-w and unknown to them. The boys have taken shop for the first time, the girls have started ss-wing, and all change rooms fur different classes. Junior High Varsity work is started in the Seventh Grade. 36 l'll'Ql lu lllll pluyt-il for us to sing: carols: Wvslcy Mann playa-tl piano se-lr-c'Iinns. aml Ilia- Sixlli I :alla ' ',. lW Print nl C CFDSS GLF 9522 'I'1'lN'l1:'l' NlRs.S'I'lNH Firwt Row. Svatvil. l,a't't tn Rigzlit .limo Frey. llom' App. lillvn Aka-rs. Doris llrnwn. Patty Ann K- Willwlmina llrcm-isun. Priscilla lim-nnott. Sliirlvy llnrk. Nlarin-nlon l,anri-nwun. Slim-rr' l,uu Kvllvr 5 l. Sucuml lluw l'arulyn llryfoglv. llvlnrvs Frey. lilvaimr llill. Nlartlia F1-ns!L-i'ii1:u'l10i'. Marv Katlirvn llivlslliigrt-i'. llcu-rly llill. llarliara .tim lattlo. llovvrly Svll:i0lTt-r. Lynn Di-rr. i i 'l'lnir1l Ruw Ilunalml llit-ks. Damalcl litlwarils. l'aul tillisvwliitv. f'lIJll'll'S l.ittlt'. Alliiuii lluwt-rw, Uwai lm-1-li. 1.1-u tirnm-lwrg. .Iulm llalliut. William llaywrc. lfunrtli Row .lamvs lirittain. .lnlm tlarllnvr. l.arry lkmfvr. .laim-s Arincs. 7'f'ur'liw' Miss G,xs'rr:ii " I w. Scatvil. Loft to liigrlit .Xila Vlsliafcr. Ann Vvrmilya. Sara Nlillvr. Nlarg:ars-t Nlottvr. .Ianii-0 ' cr. Ilt-lon l'onst. Ilnris Nlillioim. Alive- Ann Swartz. lit-tty lam Nlim'1-nmyor. Nurlna Sllllllllblli. Gvvuinl limi' .l0anm- Svllmwk. Nlill',L'!2ll'0l XVilliams. IJ4 I ldllvn lhlim, Gloria Warren. Nl:irg:arct l'vclclit'. lla-lon Spalilingr. I'liiril ltuu Ill ill Willi ' arntliv Nlillor. Slim-ryl Swim-rvillc. Nlary lam Uilun, V ' ax' : s, Nlarlm Wolf. 'l'lmmas Myers. 'lllI0llltlS l'mlauI'. Alvin Narlwr. llvralil Ymlvr, NM-sh-y Shank. Karl Nciils-rm-rgoi'. l'aul We-rtman. 'mirth lion' Nvil Nnss. 1ll'0l',Zl' Xlnlligan. XVayi1v l'rintzvnlmtf, l.arm- Smith. Rivlmrtl Smith. Km-nm-tn S4lIllIlll'l'S. lfloyil S1-llvrs. Wi' liail a spvvial prograin t'2ll'll morning: tln' wvrk lwforr- ffliristinas Vlllilllllll. Nlr. l,l'ltl'tc L" - Unarli-t 1lHlSlsllllU in aym' 4' lt' mtl, 'llll0l1lilS Nlyvrs. ,lanws ulrnlvs. and William lfilgxvwurtli. sang for s. Nlany uf ns partiviputml in lllv gli-e vlnli lllis yt-ar. Our lmys r-njuyf-ml playing luualwlliall. 37 mllmt. QLGHSS 9 3 Tl'IlI'hf?f7lVlRS. GRAHAM First Row, Seated, Left to Right ,'-- John Brink, llarper Ahhot, Virginia Bartlow, Patricia l.auehle, ,lanet Bartlow, Doris llill, Yvonne Fenstermacher, Mary Ann Ciraulo, Frederick Lewis, Ken! neth Frey. Second Row fRiehard Cipriani, Ralph Feigles, Ronald Feigles, Marie Dimm. Rosemary Ellis, Betty lfeigles, Sandra lfaker, George Barnes, Donald Blair, Jack lfdwards. Third Row Lena Arthur, Thomas Dewald, Cary Camphell, Kenneth Feigles, John Camphell. Mal- eolm Barlow, Rohert lflmer, Fannie Evans, Charlotte Dugan. Teacher-Miss KEEMLR First Row, Seated, Left to Right V-Paul Funston, Rohert Vredenherg, Dawn Merrill, Merala NleKee, Nancy Taylor, Betsy Youll, ,lean Lowe, Doris Mines-moyer, Neil Mieltael, ,lohn 0'Brien. Ser-ond Row James Yoeum, Donna l.owe, Romania Yoeum, Catherine Shook, Mary Purpuri, Evelyn Williamson, Shirley Nixon, Blanche Stackhouse, Leona Mellarty, Kathryn Keener. Third Row Elherl Williams, Alhert Kelly, Ronald Hartman, Brady Snyder. Harvey Green, James Seltoelt. Charlie Opp, Ceeil Laurenson. We enjoyed our Christmas season and had a good time making Valentines. Some of our class won prizes at the llallowc-'en Party. This year the hoys played gym under Mr. Bellak, the coach. The hoys and girls of this grade are getting interested in their future hy keeping materials that can he used in their later years. 38 QLGFDSS 9541- l'irst Row at Bottmn, Lt-ft tu Right 'Ivan Hartman, Richarfl tlottevliall. William fifvrwli. Siiirlvy .Xntlc-rson. Nl:-riam Bic-lwr, Cynthia Guisewhitf-, Phyllis App. l'atri1'ia tlarimvr. Clara Kilgus. tfliarlvs llill. Rivllard Brittain. tlvnrgt- Bartluw. 'Nlitlallv Huw Ralph llallif-t, Nlary Arthur. Carnlinc- llallman, Sllirh-y Cnnfvr. Hvlra l.un Kahlvr. I latriviu Hvllak, ,loan Ht-ilman. Faye' Frvt-ll. Edna Crm-11, llaroltl All:-n. Rivharml llicks. lluvk Ruw 'l'imuthy tfmnnum. Rivliartl Ft-iglc-s, Norma Jn-an Kilgus, Sandra FilllI'f'llglt'I'. llvnnis I iuh Twu-lzvr 'Miss Rm NINGI-IR Front Huw, l.m'ft tu Right Huy Xlaurvr. Patsy Rec-sc-r, Ruth l,llI'2lS. Shirlm-y St'1'lIll'S. Shirlm-y Nlil- li:-im. Nancy Wallman. Clara l.:-vt-li, Patricia Kilgus. Cimlon Stroup. Nr-volul Row Earl Poust. llunalrl Rc-cvv. Dc-lnrisv Warren. Nl2lI'gllll't'l Spalding. Luis xlt'fl4IWt'll. ,lm-an Umlon. Ruth Wulfv. .lam-t Nluorv. Ruth Svllc-rs, Clay Simian, Nlax Whipplz-. Buvlx Row lfrm-st Hishvl. Rohr-rt We-rlman. Rulwrt Stump. William Wallis. l':llfll'IN' Lupohl. This your lla haul lun putting: on a play for lj. T, K. "A Colonial Tm Party in the- Days uf Xvttslliiiggtoiif' il-1 mutla- mural paintings nf the Nativity Svviu-. in r'olorwl chalk. Our lmys playt-tl ym uncle-r tht- clirvvtiun of Nlr. Bellalx. the marll. this ye-ar. 39 1 4 MDS 0955 Tl'llf'1Il'fA' Mas. Smut. First Row. Svalvrl. Lvlt lu Right- -'Harry Brilharz. llaroltl Bitlt-r, Donna ,Ivan lmwis. Barhara IH-mltliv. Susanna Flivk, Shirley Briltain, Margarvl Bargrr, Cvralmlimf Hrclwisvn. Yvonne Allen. l.uthc-r Barilu, Frank Ciraulo. Svvuml How 'Jams-s lftlwards, Frank H4-llvr, Rugs-r Kurtz, Kenneth llill. llnmf-r llilm-r. llans i':ItQlt'lll2lI'tll, Nlax li-igln-s. Wlilliam Laura-nsun, Samui-l Feiglvs, Dunaltl Alu-rs. Tllirtl Huw Uvnnne- llarlman, Shirley tfipriani, Jean Gardner, Rnhert llultzapplv. Tvar'l1vr"-Miss Suomi First Row, Si-atc-tl, l,t-lt to Right -Nlarlin Wvrtman, Naumi Ytwuin. Barhara Piflgt-nn. Nanny Riltvr, ,lutly Vt-rmilya. Sara Rirhart, Doris Selle-rs, Nancy Smith. William Nviilvrlwrgc-r. Sf-vnml Huw ,lay St'lltlt'll. William Little, Williaili Burnlmy, just-ph Wliilmnyffr. Wayne' Springi. Paul St-ilwrt, Shvrman lllnyvr. Lynn Puusl. 'fltinl Huw William Sonu-rvillv. Kr-nt Smith. Fflwarcl lllivllac-l. Hulwrt 'l'allman. lfmlwarml Mr'- tfarty. Max Slam-kltoust-. Kvnnvth Nluyer. Pupils of thc- lhirll graflt- start to rvarl Currvnt vvvnts from a small nvwspapvr Callml "The W1't-kly Hl'il1lt'l'.u ln numlwrs we ll'Zll'll thc- four funrlamvntal prom-sscs. namt-ly: aclclitinn, sult- travtinn. multiplivatiun ancl mliwisiun. Our other Sllllj1'f'lH arc spelling. writing, art, gvngraphy, lu-altll. langzuagv. anml nature- study. This year the lnoys arf- taking gym unmlf-r the tlirevtiun of Mr. llc-llak. the coavll. fl-0 lL.G'3SS3 LF H9565 T4-uf-lzvr xlllii. CUOIII-INKWV bllllllf. IA-ll lu lliglil hairy lfrvy. Xl lllmm llvivly. .Inliivo Craig. llsirlmrai kilgzus. lzllcn lxulilcr. .l:u-qm-lim llivks. l.1-0 liumlviimv. Nlilllrwl l'r:1wi'ul'1l. Sm-mul Row lk-lzizmm llurus. F11-alan Nlillor. l.uw:lml:i Loc llaipp. Wziym- llmierlwrly. linrmuml lCx':inw. .lnlm k ldlmcr. llomilll lluuk. lrn llivlwr. Remy llaikvr. llnrvoy llrm-m-iwii. liiipzm-iw llurklmlnll-r. William llm- llcvcl'lr llzlll. Sliirlvv lialiizlizlrl. l.m'vtl:l lIlllliKlkllL'1'lll. lluucr llirsmi. .Ximnlii-llv Nlillvr. f-Ullilllllll l'umming:s. .xllll2llN'llll' llmokv. Stzimlinu lim-k llmliwy lizixtvr. limlm-y l"n-vli. llulu-rl llsmzliuf. lzurl llioln-r. Ki-nm-lla liilwzirilw. 'I'mrl11'r Nllws SIIIIROTII Siltillpf.'l lu Right Xurnmn llziwk. Ks-ilnulli llurllmv. l'l:nl'1-lun-v lfirgroliiwli. Kalliryn limmkv. Xvlllblll M1-l':irty. Wzlym- Clmrlvs. Nlnrlluu f'll1l'lillll. lizilph llitvsmsm. llmmlll Nil-klvw. Slnmlim: Vliznrlcs l'ir:uulu. Szmmiy Svllurs. l.:iruv Nlii-lim-I. l':iul lfl-igli-w. llzili- llnyeurv. l.a-um llnrllmi lllmulil liosvnliuliin. liiclmrll Yuilcr. .lzmws lfn-nslori11:u'lwi'. ldlllliv xl4'f'1INl'1Ill. .lulm Sm-lim-ll'or'. Tvrzrlivr Nlih. llor'rx1Aw Scznlvml.'t lo liiglil lloyd lmcvll. l'l1:irlcs l,mv1'. llairlmrzi Slicppursl. fmmic Nairln-r. l.v:ill l'1-l1'rln:ln Nilllfy 'I'1-mill-. lioln-rt Rnlmi. l"r:lnlx Nlnorv. fill l,t'Sk .Kllll SUIISUIIIJIII. llmmlil Km-llvy. I Stnmling Kay Swartz. lioszilic Slroup. .Xrnolil Wyningrs. Yi-rim Siimmmw. Wnmlzu SIN-runnin, Norm: NIIHTIIX. Ifllsiv Zzirr. Larry l.:lwlmm. Polly 'l'lmm:is. Nlzirlin Williams. William Nl:-l'ni'ly. In-lln-rl Sumw Nnnry Wznllxorn. Gary Svliwvllk. liuimlsl 'l':iylor. Billy liillvr. Nlyrmi Sin-:ills-r. .lzlimw l'r:ml'nril 'l'l1cmms l'illg:4-nm. Marry I.m-0 Xvillllill, Nniwy Nil-Kvv. Alisa-nl .lIIIllt'S Vi-riiiulilen. 41 CNRS CW? W TF!lt"hl'l'-lxrlRS. Koons Seated, Lf-ft to Right--Allen Bennet, Joanne l'louselcnecht, Lois Ann Cruneherg, Ava Jo llilner, .lane lloltzapple, Dennis Gardner, Susan Brown, Venetta Gardner, Shirley Feigles, Gary Allen, llarry Cauteh, Thelma Hawk, Marilee Campbell, Shirley lleddings, Lyle Bitler, Janet Ball James lloffmau. s Standing ,Roger Frantz, James Cottschall, Harold Fry, Ronald Frantz, Joann Derr, Janet Lauren son, Donna Lee Figels, Patricia Heller, Gordon llill, James Hall. TL'lI!',1l'fS7lWlRS. DICE AND Mus. HMM Sitting, Left to Right-V-Pearl Miehael, Larry Lauchle, John Little, Rodney Opp, Nancy Peddie, Gail Neuter, Raymond Long, Beverly Parsons, Frank Leech, Alice Little, Retty Jane Rothfuss. Second Ruw -Donna Mae Sheppard, Mildred White, Sylvia Smith, Wanda Stroup, Barbara Lucas Marjorie Moyer, Ruth Bomhoy, Emma Malloy. Third Row Myron Le Van, Alfred Snyder, Ronald Houseknecht, John Saxman, Roger Lupold, Donald Poust. Shirley lleddingzs and James llall won the Grand Prize at the Hallowe'en Party. We had a lovely Christmas Party. Our Rhythm Bands entertained for P. T. A. with Rodney Opp and James lloffman directing. 42 X Si y N , SJ X pi . Q..--M X ., K N 1 N W 0 S X C-.f-3 J X 5 x f THE SCEHJCCDQH. HBEHIND THE 8-BALLV, This year on the evening of April 5, the curtain rose on a bright new comedy cn- titled uBehind the 8-Ballln, written by Nell Crawley and presented by the students of our senior high school acting under the excellent direction of Mr. Wallace Musselman. The east included: Lois Derr, Ruth Houseknecht, Gladys Brass, Thomas Heilman, Louise Bair, Robert Gowers, Mark Feigles, Richard Rogers, Marjorie Spogen, Jean Hofer, Fred Anderson, Betty lVIotter and Betty lVIclVIanigal. Also helping the cast were: Gladys Campbell, prompter, and Lee Guisewhite and Dale Little, stage managers. During rehearsals the cast had so much fun that there were several long pauses while the actors and actresses howled at the many funny lines and situations. It was surprising, indeed, to see the thorough manner in which these rehearsals were con- ducted. Time and again a halt was called while some minor difficulty was ironed out. One would have thought that preparations were being made for a performance on Broadway rather than right here in our own town. It had a bigger set of laughs than any other play you have ever seen. When the night of the performance came, the high school auditorium was packed with fun-seeking people. After the big performance, g'Behind the 8-Ball!" was the talk of the town. Everybody had enjoyed the laughs and entertainment when they had witnessed the smooth and brilliant performance of "Behind the 8-Balllw 44- MUSIC ASSOCIATION Faculty Members MR. PEARCE MR. ENGLEHARDT Mas. BRASUELL MRS. Pousr School Board Member MR. PLANKENHORN Student Members GLADYS CAMPBELL MARY BARBOUR Lots DERR RICHARD SHo1.T1s K FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES GLEE CLUB Sopranos-Blanche Stackhouse, Romona Yocum, Mary Purpuri, Shirley Nixon, Janet Bartlow, Yvonne Fenstermacher, Nancy Taylor, Merab McKee, Wilhelmina Breineisen, Doris Brown, Sandra Eaker, Joan Koons, Carolyn Bryfogle, Martha Fenstermacher, Cary Campbell, Jack Ed- wards, John Campbell, Ronald Hartman, Lynn Derr, William Edgeworth, John Gardner, Paul Cuisewhite, Ralph Feigles. Altos-Louise Gardner, Doris Hill, Mary Ann Ciraulo, Marie Dimm, Mary Ellis, Betsy Youtz, Kathryn Shook, Dawn Merrill, Donna Lowe, Ellen Akers, Ilene App, Priscilla Bennett, Mary Kathryn Breidinger, Dolores Frey, June Frey, Beverly Hill, Maryellen Laurenson, Eleanor Hill, Sherry Lou Hill. Patty Ann Smith, Joanne Schoch, Norma Simmons. Ann Vermilya, Mary Lou Oden, Jack Brink, Robert Ebner, Robert Vredenburg, James Arms, John Balliet, Thomas Myers, Larue Smith, Wesley Shook, Richard Smith. Director-Mas, BRASUELL 45 JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS, GLEE CLUB l" Sopranos ,lm-an All:-n, ,lttnv Brass, June- Honst-km-clit, Barbara Nl:-rril. Jane- Poust, Sylvia Rantlolplt, Bovrrly 'l'ttrne'r, llolort-s Urivk, Diane lfalwr. Holwrta I-'t-iglt-S, Patrivia l4't'r1ste'r- ntavln-r, l"ram'c-s Ann Jahn, Be-tlivl jacohs, Martha Nlulligan, Ann Sltovntake-r. Shirlvy Shov- nialwr, llws-ntlolvn Smith, Martha Waldron, Charlotte Youll, Cram- Bartlo, Barbara Frantz, l'n4lorw tml:-on, 'Phyllis llt-he-rling. llf-len Ifotncr, Wancla Lew Stiillvr, Ifvelyn Wvavvr. Svrornl SUIIITIIIUS l'1lOI'Q'Ili'l' Ball, Mr-rla llavlwr, Shirlvy Svilwrt, l7ram':-s Som-S. l,ottir' Barrlo, Wantla lillis. Rvgina lfciglvs, Lotta llottsclxnvcltt, Marjorie Bic-ln-r, Lon-tta Fry, Ilonniv Lou llt-int, livlty lllillvr. Allox lllary l,ott Kaltlvr, Doris Sltoolx, Shirley Starr. ,lanv Yotttz. Arlvnc' Amlvrsort, llc-vvrly Barr, Barbara Balwr, ,ltmv H4-nm-tt, Nlary Etta Dvrrivlx, Janice- Evans, Nlarjoris- llill, Patsy llnttsv- lxnt-t'ht, Nlartha l,e1r'. Ruth Ann Nlttrray, Doris Rohm, Ruth Brittain, Ruth l"t'iglc's. I'1'1111isl ,lunar ,Xvntalmmtv Ilirvrlorff Mus. Bit-wt'r:I.l. Charlt-s llarelo Raymond Baysore lohn Billhimv Bill Hrinlx llolwrt llttrkltolrlcr llarry tlotnt-r llalt' Craig Bill D4-ltr:-r JUNIOR HIGH BOYS' CHORUS Rolwrt Ut-rr ,lack liclwarcls Bran Gardner Ricltartl llall Bill Kaltlvr Clifforcl Ktwlnlfrr Usvar Kilgus Dirrclor Raymond Little Wvsley Mann Melvin Nlcllarty Holrcrt Painton Jimmie Rogers Jack Rohm Lawrence Sayre MRS. BuAsur:LL 46 .lack Svvison Torrvttvv Stavliltottsc Russt-I Illsltafvr Ric-haral Yanfluskirk Mark Waltmm-n llnwarrl Wallis llarolrl Woutllvy Lynn Yagel SENIOR HIGH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Firxl SUIIITIIIIJX Cllamlys Brass. l,11cillz- Dlllllll. II2ll'lDill'il ISIIIISIHII. Rlllll lIllIIN'lxIll'1'lll. ,ll'Llll Nvllll lil-lly HilySlll'4'. l,0I'lxlllll1' luylor. Rau- IIIIZI Mm. ,lilK'lIlll'llll1' ll1'lllI1'll. llllflillly Ilrivk. lilmlys lil ll ,lnun ll1l1's111:111. Phyllns Bulllvl. l',l111o1' H11-ks. Nlilflrml Bair. Nunvy BlAlIl'll. Nlurx l.Illl llill . Y , N 'Hula lu-me-II:-r. ,lm111111- l111'p111'i. fylxia RlPj1l'l'S. fIu1'uli111- Starr. - Sv:-nrul SUIPIAIIIIUS Clzulys llz1111plwll. .lQ'2lll llufvr. Nlalry lIill'llHIII'. Nllflllil Slllllll. .lnun 'lluyh l3vw1'ly ,'XlQl'l'S. Nlary Ilrlllll'l'. lfarol lllilj'l0I'. Allll xlI'l'lll'l'llPlll'fl. ffllox l.u11isQ- Ilillf. l.ul'111z1 ligli. Sllll'l1'y Struup. Hr-ily llvllulx. l.uis Irv. ,Ivan llill, H1-ily XIVNIQIIII gall. Ulblilllly Rilf-y. Luis Dc-1'1'. xlilfj l"1'u11ll. l'1lUl'4'lN'1' l.illl4'. ll1'l1'11 xilll llllhlxlflx. l,l'fIIll'Sf 01.411111 S'1'11'1'1.1111 lh'rw-mr N111-. I311xN1111,1, GIRLS' EN SEMBLE lflnrra Slllllvr. 11111111 Snprurmx lim-wrly .-Xlwrs, Nlllfy lflixaln-ll1 liurl1u111'. Luis D1-rr. flurul 'l'11xl0r, ,Xnn X1-ml,-ll. lmurg. I Hlux Llllllhl' Hair, Bvlty B1-lluk. l,o14111a ' 1 llgli. livlly xl1'xllllllgIill. lllllilllly Nil:-3. l'1'r11zi.stf Mus. B11-ul 111.1. 47 Hrs! Solrrfzrlfws Nlilmlrm-al Hair. l.u1'ill1- Dlllllll. lllanlys lillis. ,Ioan Illll'SIllLlIl. .'Xli1la Kf'l'Nl1'lll'l'. SENHH2IHGHQBOYS'CHORUS wnnrx ll:-ln' Bi:-ln-r, Lu- GlllS1'Wllilt'. 'lllmnuis llc-ilmau, RlK'llLll'll Shollis. Flwl Kilgus. Rivliarll Roggviw. rzrflumxv l'lI'4'1l .hlllll'l'hllIl. Hill lkuilvy, Jimmiu llill, Ke-ilh Nlicliuvl, Ruin-rt Lilwns, Ls-un 'l'e-mple ,luck Ymlvr. Rnlwrl liallim-I. lfmlvvunl Bow-r. Mark Fc-iglc-s. Dulv Litllv, Bill Hvvclcr, Kf'IlIll'lll Rohm Bun S1'Vlh0Il. liliurlvs Shullis. llurulml Snymlvr, R0lIl'l'l Rvnn. Ilirw-lm' Alles. Blmfl ICLL BOYS'SEXTET Tvnnrs Rll'llHl'll SlllhlliS, Richarrl Nuss. Phil lllll'SIIlHl1 lm'11ssc's Holm-rl llullivl. Mark Fvigh-S. H4-n St'NlS0ll. Pianist Lois Illini: IIz'raclor'f-'Max BRAMEI-LLL -18 Gillkl Conductor'--Mu. JAMES PEARCE Drum Majorette-Gmnrs CAMPBELL Color Guard-Lorraine Taylor, Grace Kilgus, Beverly Turner, Barbara Merrill. Twirlers--Connie Lou Heim, Carolyn Bryfogle, Rae Byerly, Doris Hill, Eleanor Hill, Dolores Fry, Betty Miller. Clarinezs'-Dorothy Riley, Lois Lee. Jean Hofer, James Hill, Janet Anderson, Sylvia Rogers, Carol Taylor, Evelyn Weaver, Betty Miller. Saxophonesillladys Campbell, Roberta Michael, Ruth Ann Murray. Piccolo-'Jane Youtz. Trumpets-Shirley Stroup, Gladys Ellis, Mary E. Barbour, June Brass, Joan Hitesman, Jean Hill, Max Whipple, Doris Rohm, Gwendolyn Smith. .Velophones-Fred Anderson, Betty McManigal. Trombones-Lois Derr, Shirley Seibert, .lack Edwards, Charlotte Youtz, Henry Kilgns, Martha Lee, Frances Ann Jahn. Bass H0fllfM8fk Feigles. Glockenspeil-Arlene Anderson. Percussion-Gladys Brass, Robert Vetter, Edward Bower, Barbara Baker, Mary Lou Kahler. Our band, under the direction of its new leader, Mr. James Pearce took part in many musical events during the year. During the football season, the band with its intricate formations, put on a fine display of band marching. Our band presented two concerts, a Mid-Winter Concert and the Annual Spring Concert. The band will also present concerts during the summer. This year the band will lose six members but these will be replaced by members of our Junior Band. We believe that our band will continuc to be successful in the future. 49 MIXED CHORUS Fira! S1l1ll'1Ill1lN Naney llrnvh. Sylvia Rogers, Gladys Ellis. .loan Ilitvsinan. lilinor llicks. Rae Ona App. .lavkio llennetl. l'hyllis llallicf. lilleanor Waldron. Ruth llonsekneeht. l.m'ille llimin. Mildred llair. Gloria Sliffler. Dorothy llriek. Gladys llrass. lletly Baysoro. Alirla Kersietter. Mary Lon llill. Carolyn Starr. Lorraine Taylor, Mary Louise Bostwiek, Ilarhara Fnnslon. .lean Yontz. er-om! Sopranos Alice lk-rr. Arlene Rosenbaum. Evelyn Shaffer. Norma Smith. Mary llarhonr. .Xnn vl'k'fl0lllllll'2, Carol Taylor, .loan Taylor. Beverly Akers. Lois Derr. Mary Grnlwr. .lean llofer. Gladys Ca inphell llfns' .lean Hill. Mary Frantz, l.orma Egxli. lilllllrlt' llair. lk-tty llvllak. Florenee Little. Dorothy Riley. lletly M4-Manigral. Lois Lee. Helen Van llnskirk. 7'1'ilm'x llen Sevison. Mark Feigrlvs, Emlrlic Bower. l'hil llllf3SIllllll. .laek Yoder. Gone llaysnrc. Donahl Amin-rson. John Copies. .linnnie Hill. I-'rofl Anderson. Rim-harfl Nnss. Bill llanley. IJ:-lfrvml ll0lIllfS. s , ' 's ' . roi 'num Richard Sholtis. Ks-iih I Leon 'l'0llllll0. Robert licnn. Cliarlcs Sholtir. lee hulnvwlnto lla ll is ji". Michael. Frank Ik-rr. Robert lialliet. Dean Lamlis. Iirl llrwclv Iowe llill lieeflcr Kenncih Rohm Gone His-her. Fred Kilgns. Ric-haril lio ni ssrfx . y , Dirvrfor Mrs. Brasnell gs. THE LIBRARIANS l.il1rnrim1 Miss Loma Caplain of Librarians ETIIEI. Kl.lNlLlCllMAY Belly Baysore llraee Kilgns Marjorie Spogen Elinor llieks llarriel Hager Evelyn Snnes Mildred Baylor Beverly Lowe Carol Taylor Gladys Brass Ethel Klingerinan Shirley Stronp ,loannv Taylor Betty Myers Darlene Newman Beverly Akers Louise Bair Jackie Bennett Belly Mivhael Dorothy Holdren Belly Mc'Manigal Joanne Pnrpnri Ann Yredenhurg Mildred Bair Dorothy Riley Rodessa Opp Barbara Fnnslon Harhara Kahler ,lean Ynnlz Phyllis Ballivl Mary Grnher Sylvia Rogers Mary L. Bostwick Nancy Brush Lois Derr THE STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST SEMESTER Elinor Ilieks Florenee l,ittlf' ,lanet Anderson Franees .Iahn Emerson Barrio Shirley Stroup, Pres. Roherla Nliehael Evelyn Sones George- Martin, V. Pres. Connie lleim Bruce Miller Donald Bartlow Rohert Balliet Ruth llouselineeht, See. Benton Sevison Jimmie llill Betty Mehlanigal. Trans. Arnold Smith Q K - - U 1gQ SECOND SEMESTER Barbara Funston, Pres. Huy Nleifarty Evelyn Som-s Thomas llc-ilman. V. Pres. Linford Fry Jane Poust Rohert Cowers Dale Little- Betty Michzlel. See. .loan Taylor Bruce Som-s Rohert Likens. Treus. Bill Danley ,. Q 3 ,. o pn 5- t Betty Bellak Beverly Akers Esther llill llarry Coin:-r llarry Stump The Student Counvil. orgxunized in l9fl3 as 21 first attempt at studvnt government. this year followed tht- original purpose of gatliering and acting on the students' ideas. Otlivers were elected each semester from the delegates representing the home rooms. The vouneil mel twice a month for a reeular business meetin' and s eeial meetin fs were called 1- P l- wheu necessary. The Student Couneil this year did a splendid joh of keeping up with and enlarging upon the line reeord established in former years. Two Athletic Banquets were sponsored, also numerous dances: and the Chapel Periods were rearranged so as to enahle Senior High students to enjoy the Chapel Program twice a week. The Class of 1946 wishes the Student Council continued success throughout the coming years. 51 HE YEHEFB QKJUS STEP? Editor - GLADYS BRASS Assistant Editor Art Editor - - - BETTY NIICHAI-IL - - - Loliisi-L BAIR Assistant Art Editors - - Laow TILMvI,Is, DALI1 LITTLE l"af-nity - - - JDAN Dl'cAN, DONALD BARTLow Senior Class Editors BARBARA FUNSTON, LI'cILLIs DIMM History - - - - - RllTH HoIIsIsKNI-:CI-IT Poem and Pledge - - - l,l'CII.I.l-1 DIMM Prophesy - A NIARK FILIGLES, DoRoTIIY ll0LDRl-IN Will - - LORMA EGLI, PHILIP HITL1sIvIAN Class Editors - - - JEAN YOITTZ 1-5, l'lAllULD RI-:ED 6-11 Actilzitics Editors - JEAN ll0Fl-LR, ETIIILL KLINGIHIMAN, RHLIIARD SHOLTIS Sports Editors - - - - ROBERT COW!-IRS, HAROLD EGLI Photography ----- SHIRLEY STROVP, NIARJOIKIE SPOGRN Business Managers 'DANIEL ll!-ZYL, WILLIAM LIKENS, HAROLD AKERS, Rom-:RT C0wI:Rs Class Son ------- CLADYS CAMIIRRLI, E Farewell Song ----- BARBARA FIINsToN, BETTY MICIIAIIL Facility Adviser ------ MRS. ENGLEHARIJT The members of the Yearbook Staff have spent endless hours of work making this Yearbook a success and satisfactory to everyone. They made arrangements for pictures, art drawings, and several other things which they felt would make it inter- esting and different. This is the fourth yearbook ever to be published in the history of the Muncy High School. We owe much credit to Mr. Engelhardt for his encouragement, generosity, and co-operation in helping secure information for the yearbook. We appreciate the generous willingness and invaluable aid of the school faculty and student body. We trust that this yearbook will be cherished throughout the coming years and will be remembered as the work of the Class of 1946. 52 S600 FF Editor-in-Clzief 4 - HAROLD Ecu AssistantE11ilor.s f- BARBARA KAIILER. BI-:TTY MII7IIAI1I. Boalfcvywrs -M. BARRoI'R, B. BIZLLAK. E. WAL- nRoN Carer Design- -L. BAIR. C. BRAss, A. SMITH. K. M1f1IIAi:I.. D. HYLI: Sports f-- S. STROI'l'. R. COW!-IRS. M. MoRAN Snoop - - - A ?????? Sarial - V J. TAYLOR Ser1'icePage - - L. LI-:I-1 Literary - - - L. BAIR .llasir - D. RILILY. B. BTCNTANICAL Srlzolastif- - - - G. TRICK Jokes D. HYI.I:, D. HoLnRI:N, J. Cowes Agriculture - - E. FREY Faculty Adviser - MRS. I-I. ENcI:I.IIAImT Exchange--D. DRICR. J. PIfRI'I1RI. J. BRNNHTT, G. STIFI-'LI-:R Mimeograph - R. Cowl-:Rs, D. lIoLMi:s Fashion Page f- N. SMITII, M. BARBOIYR, J. HIrI:sMAN. B. MoTTI:R. B. AKIJRS, S. ROGERS .illaiiie Review -MAJORII: Svomzw. EMMA KAII- LILR Grade News- AJ. DIIGAN, M. BAIR. B. BTOTTI-IR, J. Hon-:R, R. HoI1sI3RNI:cIIT Typisls' C. CAMI-RI:I.L, R. OPP. L. Ecu, E. Bowan, B. OPP. R. SHOLTIS, D. LITTLE, A. YVICMICIIARI., B. lNllI.I.EI!. J. RID!-IR. B. FUN- sron, D. BARTLow, L. TLMIPLIL Mimeosroping- G. BRASS, E. KI.INcI:RMAN, S. STROIIP Our "Sc00p,, staff should be congratulated on their hard work and many hours spent preparing the paper for us. Their aim was to keep us informed with up to date news about school. They had many new features both entertaining and helpful to the student body. By having such a school paper it not only reaches school pupils but parents read it and we exchange our paper with other schools. This promotes interest and co- operation hetween the school and the outside world. We wish to thank the "Scoop,, staff, Mrs. Engelhardt, and Mr. Schuyler for their sincere help and co-operation in editing our most welcomed school paper. EFDGESUCHD NBER Sitting, Left to Right-Henry Gordner, Dorrence Laidacker, Nelson Levan. Standing, First Row-Donald Bogart, Earl Fry, George Martin, Thomas Heilman, Maurice Bieber, Gene Bieber, Austin Artley, Mr. Girven, Harry Andrews, Raymond Laird, Robert Woodley. Second Row-Howard McKee, Harold Persun, Joe Merrill, Sam Newman, Dean Bogart. Third Row-Wilbur Kelly, Chester Frantz, Harold Drick, Eugene Fedder, George Covert, Harvey Myers, Max Persun. The F. F. A. Department was first established in 1936. In 1941 a group project was added to the course for practical experience. This has grown now to such an ex- tent that the boys farm approximately 150 acres in general farm crops each year. They have a lot of machinery and equipment which is essential to the successful operation of a modern farm. The boys hope to operate a school farm with all kinds of livestock and poultry to make the curriculum more complete. Along with regular classroom activity the boys repair farm machinery in their shop. Many new articles, such as range shelters, elevators, feeders, wagon beds, etc., are constructed. 54 Yquurf ,4 Kay Nll1'llZ1l'l. Paul ,lai'ol1s. Nlarlx Wqumf lf Klllllwl' Slllllll. lflnersou Barilo. Rus- BOOSTER CLUB l-'irsl Row. Left to Riglun -Phyllis Balliet. Beverly Akers. .lacqueline Bennett, Jimmie llill. Bill llanley. Rolwrt flowers. Eclwaril Bowers. Glailys Brass. llarriet Rager. Shirley Slroup. Second Row Norma Smith. Mary Jane Moran, ,lean Youlz. Betty Nlcfllanigal. llorolliy Riley. ,loan Taylor. Nlarjorie Spogen. Joan Dugan. Tllinl Row .loan Ilileslnan. Nlary Barbour. Louise Bair. Betty Belluk. Barbara Kaliler. Floreuu Little. l.ois l,ee. linuua Klilllt'l'. Alive Derr. lflc-anor Waldron. Back Row lfllu-l Klingerman. Nlr. Crist. Margaret Moyer. THE SCHOOL PATROL Ifaplzzin Ku' Nllfilluil. Squml If Wilbur Kelley. l,ynn Yagzel, Billy Kalile-r. wullmml. Sqlmrl I" Roller! Nlvlllanigral. lfarl Stark- liousi-. ,lanu-s Rogers. gill Mwuln Sllllllll C Rolmer! Woodley. Donalil Frey. 'I ' renee Sayre. quail ff Rlt'll21l'1l Soars. Liuforcl Frey. Rus- Squml H Ray flleflarly. llonalil Pegg. llow- sell lllsllalm-r. aril Wallis. Squml II 'lli-rrill flrawlorml. Rolu-rl Slowr. Sljllllll I -llonalcl Balliet. ffllarles Wallwr. Dean Spring. Rivllarml wlf'Tllll8Il. 55 TRI-HI-Y l'rvsiflw11 - ,luv llUFlf1lH Sw-zvlrzry - - l,lIYl.LIS HNI,IilH'I' I i1'l'I'l'V.Yilll'IIf Klum' Bixlmulli !fu1'rv.v1m111lir1g Swrelrzry janv llI'I'I'1NNl'XV 7'r'm1.w111'vr - - l2l.xmwIii,1iis ,41l1'i.wr - - - Klux. lxl'Xli'I'lN Hill' Una ,Npp Nlilflrml lluir Nlll'IIIil Slllllll Dumlliy Rile-y lim-lly llvllzik Nillltj BflIl'lI Carol Taylor He-Ily xl1'xl2iIllgIl1l ,lawlxiv lim-nm-ll Jxlllll' YI'Q'Il1'IllDlITQI Mary l.mi Ilill ,lr-an llill llnrnlliy llrivlg lflllol Klingge-rnum Sliirlvy Slrnilp Flui'n'l1s'n- l,illln- l'iliiwr llivlxs Xlury llrulwr ,lnun Tzlylul' Mary llnwtvvirlx Sylxi:1Rug14-l's lmiiiw Bair Clzulys Brass juan Dugan Luis LN: Alirm' llvrr'ille- llimm l,ur1nu lfgli Maury ,lunv Nlnrun lfmniu Kulilvr Rlllll llmm-lxm-rlil CHAPEL CHAIRMEN l,iu'illm- llimm lfllivl KllIlQ1l'lAIll11ll llalrulml I-lgli Sllirlvy Slrullp lmuism' llzlir l.urmu ligli ll:-lly Nlivliuvl Ilunulll Hurtlnw William Lilwns lllzulys Brass Claulys lluxnpln-Il 56 ,VI 'S:ub:6, 5 , 'sunburn :2::" 5 1 .Ji sunburn lllllllhbl 'hllhllnlll Illlhilllbns nununuuuuo- lllhlllbhl lllllblllh L lllllllll 1 illlillllb' Ullllllllh ' shun... I ?. ill .lata .:.:hl - . . ' sun pf Q 1' ' . 'f 1 if-I 4 324355, .f" 7' I ul v 35:S W w YJ-' S E9 Q9 E3 T S TEACHERS AND ADVISERS 8 SENUQEB HUGH CtHIEEE'3l.tEGJlDEl?3S Again this year the cheerleaders spread their cheers and yells over the gridiron and the basketball court. The girls sacrificed a great deal to get to the games. A few new girls were added to take the place of last years graduates. They have developed some new yells which are very good. This year was unusual for the cheerleaders because it is the first time for a while that they have had boys in their cheerleading section. Jimmy Hitesman, a little boy starting out young, is our new addition. We congratulate them on the good work they have done. 59 OQT IFDM. 11921-5 September 15-f-Burnham .... --- 20 Muncy --- -- 0 Away September 22-Muncy --- --- 20 Mill Hall --- -- 0 Home September 28-Muncy ..... --- 2 Danville .... --- 0 Away October 5'-Bloomsburg --- --- 24- Muncy ..... -- 6 Away October 13-Selinsgrove - --- 25 Muncy ......... -- 0 Home October 274Muncy .... --- 0 Montoursville --- -- 0 Home November 3-Muncy .... --- 13 Canton ..... --- 0 Away November 10-Muncy .... - --- 12 Lewisburg .... --- 6 Away November l7AJersey Shore -- --- 19 Muncy ..... -- 6 Home Ten days before the fall school term began the Muncy High School football team began a pre-season training period under the direction of our new coach, George Bellak, of Johnstown, Pa. Because some boys had jobs two sessions were scheduled so that all would receive the benefit of the early morning training. Sixteen boys reported for the early morning workout and nine for the evening period. With enthusiasm and pep the boys were conditioned to a high degree of skill. The fundamentals of stance, charging, blocking, passing, kicking, and tackling were soon learned. Our captain Harold Egli deserves a lot of credit for his fine work and effort. The team's record was four wins, four losses, and one tie. There were many outstanding games in which Muncy fought hard and good, such as Montoursville and Jersey Shore. The Jersey Shore game was the most outstanding. Our slogan for next year, spells the enthusiasm of next year's team, "Beat Selins- grove and .lersey Shoref, 60 December December December January January January .lanuary January .lanuary January .lanuary January February February February February February February February S SH3E'U' LFlM. 1129941-C15 Lewisburg -, --- llugllesville --- --- -Muncy ..... -U Muncy ......... ,,, Mifllinburg --- --- Mifllinburg --- --- Muncy .,... ,-- llughesville --- --- Ralston .... ,U Muncy ......... ,,, l3wMuncy .... 15- 21--Blomnsburg 4, ge, 11- 15 ish 22'-Alllolllollrsville 25'--Montgomery 28? 30- - 1,,. 57- gn. 12 --Watsontown 15-A- 19f lllontollrsville 22 -Montgomery Muncy ..... --- Ralston .... --- Alumni --- Nluncy --- Muncy Picture Rocks Muncy ..... Muncy ..... Watsonlown -- --- Sonestown -- Muncy --- Muncy --- Muncy --- Munev ...... U, Picture Rocks Muncy ..... Muncy --- Muncy ..... Sonestown --- --- Muncy ..... Muncy ..... Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Auray Home Away Away Home Home Away Home Away Home Away Home In basketball, with only Harold Egli back from last year's g'Near Champion," lVIuncy's team experienced a lean year. The team finished in fourth place in the league. With nine of the fifteen players back for next yearis team, besides a good squad from the Junior High team, Muncy should be a real threat in the West Branch League. Egli lead the team with scoring, followed by Smith, Rohm, and Akers. rsswxw- - .lluncy Junior High Junior Iligh Junior High Junior High Junior High .lunior lligli Junior High .lunior High Junior High .lunior lligh Junior lligh Junior High Junior High Junior High .lunior High Junior High Junior High Junior High Junior High Q Q GQ USE EFJM. Juniors ....... .......... ........... Bloomslmurg Junior High Roosevelt Junior High --, Roosevelt Junior High ...... lllonloursvillc Junior High Sunbury Junior High ..... Hughesville Junior High Freshmen .............. Curtin Junior High -- Curtin Junior High --- Stevens Junior High ..... H ughesville Junior High .... Watssintown Junior High Soneslown Junior High ..... Montoursville Junior High Sunbury Junior High ..A.. Vifatsontown Junior High All Stars ............... Opponents 16 -- 7 -- 39 ---- 23 M 12 -- 31 -- 11 ---- 21 -- 24 -- 21 -- 40 -- 13 -- 16 -- 13 ---- -- 8 -- 13 -- 6 -- 18 This season's Junior High School Varsity combined speed, good hall handling, and sharp shooting to compile a successful record. Only defeats suffered were those by VVilliamsport's Junior Highs and Sunbury. No West Branch opponent was able to beat the Jr. High, either at home or away, and strong teams from Bloomsburg and Sunbury were beaten by safe margins in the local gym. Lucas, Soars, Vetter, Michael, Kelly, Taylor and Manager Kimber Smith are two-year veterans who leave the Junior High squad this year and their places will not be easily filled. Stanley Lucas was an able captain of the team, which Coach Myers considered better than last year's strong outfit. EBASE ZMH. EAM DB0 HUGH QW LE EEALEEB Thx' ,lunior High 1-lwvr lvaclvrs wvrv l.0l'll1Pl'l for Ihv first time- this war to t-In-vr along thvir lf'2lllllllill0S in baske-tlmall. With tht- V0-4lIN'l'illiUll of our lutslwllulll fans. tht- ,Iunior High vIn-t-r- l0aul1'rs wvrc' altlt- to put out some rc-al good polls. 'l'hvir yt-lls mul 1-ltvws lu-lp inspire tht- Junior High lmskvllmall le-:un on lo a lot of good xivtorivs. A lot of vrvflit gon-s to those' girls who wvur tht- Ufilllsll' mul lmlm-k outfits. 'lllwy clicl an tins' jolt. and ull of us mutt to sm' thvm out llwrv nrwl ,PHY plziyvi doing lhvir lwsl. and the fans too. l'l1f'PI'lllQI on our lqlllllfl' xursity 'S. 63 1946 RECORD WEQEST MMG Muncy's 1946 wrestling team, led by its undefeated honorary captain, George Martin. progressed steadily through its season after getting off to a slow start against strong State College and Forty-Fort teams until it emerged to win twice from Hughes- ville in the last two contests. This year a captain was appointed for each meet on the basis of accomplishment in his preceding match. Meet captains for the season were: William Likens, George Martin, Frank Derr, Maurice Bieber, Robert Likens and Kimber Smith. Team mem- bers elected George Martin honorary captain for the season. Martin proved to be the outstanding wrestler not only by his record of seven straight wins with no losses, but by his able leadership which proved to be an inspiration to the team when the going was the toughest. Muncy was represented at the State College Tournament by George Martin, Frank Derr and Maurice Bieber. Martin was decisioned 5-4 by Cope from Bethlehem. Derr was pinned by Wilkes-Barre Coughlin's District 2 champion, Bieber made the best record at State by winning from Singo, District 5 champion and then losing to Machi- tis, Washington 4-2 who went on to win the state title at 133 pounds. The prospects for 1941-7 are good. There will be at least two boys back with experience for each weight class. Our middle weights with Bieber back, supported by Sones, Miller, Feigles, Whipple and Stump should be especially strong. There will be plenty of lightweight material to support Smith, Likens and Dugan, and we wonlt have to forfeit our heavyweight match with Merrill, Jacobs and Wallace back and Nuss and Snyder to hold down the light-heavy weights. Slate College Port y'Fort --- Muncy Muncy Lnck Haven Mlmcy Lewistown - Muncy Lock llaven MIIHCY Hughesville --- MUUCY llughesville MIIUCY SNAPSHOTS ABOUT SCHOOL 6 SNAPSHOTS ABOUT SCHOOL 66 SNAPSHOTS ABOUT SCHOOL 6 "ma" Fareueu amz L:::i.'T.?ggaQI'U' ,5,f.?f:.:":J'a,,1: Q... n ' 'H 'aPw.ErrLrf+ -1 I F'-Exim ow 5.10.4 a.,.lL.-L.LJ w.1L,7l- Qt.- E... FUJ--ffJ'J.J.,Q I-ff-T -'Q J 1 L!-1vl3'50HnJYp'u1.LqlpT-:TS ln X no vain -'1 wa '15 F. f 1"'pql?..1g V V I Ge, ....'lf.I., mf-1.I...ll-lwsnfq Juan uu'n. kai .K Hu fini XJ.. QNVVT'-Ef1VVrJ--VI IJLJJ. ,H km wwf ww., ...Q...-...'., ...-.lllad4Tf..1 sw- have L,..gx.+ 5 . I J I .J Ji PF J1'1 'E M' Q" Now.-.KM 1 -I L lu. .W-M ...fganl'ILYf... .,..'W,m Q.. 'rrf-Ur? ia'-PTV1-21 JM-L J w.f1l.1w.1, c.. QW. wfnx n.,...,:,,,.,, 61.1 nwq H.'.,L - - -- wg A 4, A rr r-LJ-Biff:-f-'fErrtFL.LJi 5.51, L.I.1v.1nkl,..1H1p.'llL.,-..g5.,.',5 .W fl-2:3-:Q Un.- L A "4 - i f 'THVVE' V V'l'iFTL"-P' V lull su Juv- Yamila-.nfs ue km-s .1..,.'lILe 'fwe 'nm F fa x - V J' H J f I tagfgf, will sureLr'w-Ellmhvv'-al-B'+ W' """9+ go JJHI.f,6EEf"IVfV1 61 971 +5 'Hag' SLNX S. w!'rg 531-:na gguJ'L1p 68 ' xx X X Z is X ln '4? if df: f 'i M x P X iq XX fa N 'sl Nw fi X X 4 HK 'X X, SJ NJ RINTING We do a variety of commercial Printing - including Catalogs, College and School Year Books Consult Us before placing your next order for Printing. Qcwz CAN USARAGQ Was Designed, Engraved, Printed and Bound in our College Annual Department GRIT PUBLISHING COMPANY WILLIANISPORT. PENNA. ' cfublafilefa ' c9f'z?z!ef:i'00e,,1z?fzef'.,1 ' fgflyfd vera fN fi Continuous Banking Since 1893 Total Resources in Excess of 82,900,000 All types of loans including Farm, Home, Collateral, Personal, and Auto Ifs Smart io Be Tlarifty Save your money with system and safety in account with The Muncy Banking Company MUNCY, PA. Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporafion WILLIAMSPORT DICKINSON JUNIOR COLLEGE PREP SCHOOL Two Years Four Years CO-EDUCATIONAL CFu11y Accreditedl ART SECRETARIAL SCIENCE COMMERCE 81 FINANCE STENOGRAPHY LIBERAL ARTS MEDICAL SECRETARIAL MUSIC LABORATORY TECHNICIAN ENGINEERING PRE-NURSING Let us show you how two years spent at Dickinson Junior College will prepare you for a desirable vocation or for admission to the 'unior class in the colle e or universit of I S Y your choice, whatever your chosen field may be. For Fuirllocr Information Write fo: DR. JOHN W. LONG, President WILLIAMSPORT DICKINSON JUNIOR COLLEGE WILLIAMSPORT, PENNA. 71 DAVE SHOOK Self-Service Open Friday and Saturday Nights l 300 S. Main Street MEYERS FREY'S HARDWA'RE BUILDING MATERIAL DAIRY AND POULTRY FEED Hunting and Fishing Liccvzscs MUNCY, PENNA. Compliments of AUTO PARTS SPIGELMEYER and JEWELRY STORE SPORTING GOODS MUNCY, PA. MUNCY, PA HARTERS M1 ,IS DRUG STORE "' J l, l I mf l S E. B. MCCUAIG, Prop. l I Y fzf, 1 Phone 183-A ' J' 9 south Main st. MUNCY, PA ICE CREAM Compliments of Bos FREY'S 'ii' MARKET if MUNCY, PA Williamsport Milk Products C0 BARBoUR's GOLDEN l U Compliments of MUNCY- PA- H. L. BYERLY Sell Unto Others as You Would MEAT 'MARKET Have Them Sell Unto You. Compliments of Compliments of L. ARTLEY MUNCY DAY AND NIGHT El6Cfl'iCGI AppliGl'lCeS MUNCY' PA' Phone 217-B-2 Edwards Lakes-to-Sea System Regular Scrvicc to New York City, Willianmsport, Elmira, Buffalo, Pi liCll1DLCh ds'fc'p lbllfg 1, LIIIL CVC LIYIL. C UXC ZIFCCYC CFVICC OI' IFOU S. GRANGE NEWS AGENCY MuncyAg t Ih IIS- 242 K 2 1 Compliments of Compliments of l HARDER'S WELDCN MFG. 3 CO SPORTING GOCDS 1 W. HERBERT POFF, Prop. C I MUNCY, PA. WILLIAMSPORT, PA. E. P. HALL'S GARAGE B' R' GRANGE I Newspapers, Magazines, MOBILGAS AND OIL and Radios GENERAL REPAIRS Agency for Edwards Bus Terminal MUNCY, PA. MUNCY, PENNA. 1 MARTINS DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY Small Weekly Payments Eyes Examined - Glasses Fitted 31 West Third Street WILLIAMSPORT, PA 74 STERN BRO'S. , F. B. HEAL CLOTHIERS AND FURNISHERS 5C TO 31.00 STORE 14 West Third Street MUNCY, PA. WILLIAMSPORT, PA. SEARS ROEBUCK 62 CO. Complete Shop S3075 and Save Farm Store: 469 Pine Street SUPPLIES Opp. Rialto Theatre Department Store: 130 W. Fourth St., WILLIAMSPORT, PA. Phone 2-4751 HOYER'S WILLIAMSPORT, PA. BEST or LUCK CLASS OF "46" Compliments of T The Reliable Furniture AMERICAN STORE V Meat Department -Company WILLIAMSPORT, PA. 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MUNCY, PA Compliments of PURPURI'S DRUG STORE MUNCY, PA. Finest Quality jewelry Gifts For Every Occasion Nationally Advertised Watches, Silverware Diamonds Cask or Charge Klivans Jewelry Co 6 W. Third St. WILLIAMSPORT, PENNA. "jewelers 011 the Square PAUL'S SHOES, CLOTHING Compliments of AND DRY Goons The Water Street Lunch MUNCY, PA Compliments of COVERT'S Compliments of Murray's Bottling Works i GIFTS CANDIES AND ICE CREAM MUNCY, PA MUNCY, PENNA. Say It With Flowers BRYFOGLES FLOWERS Largest Grower of Flowers in Lycoming County 83 AUTOGRAPHS ,r I ' ,J -.. A 4 X. , ,. A ,u .z-f 2-.K Q '1 . A 1 k Q1 P j ' b-Z',,Eg. '1'. ,gh ff' ' ' 'L,,, 1 -Q 1:13 :'f,13.f ' "' 1 " L'...,Y,J.a,,, ,, , ' . me-5.' '.' 1 -, ,. Xa,-2. K: - ,gikngs ff x JK, .kr 4 '15 ,sl fgij . D 1 '19-,gn 4 , , s , Q. , if fs

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