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'I z Pic 1 . P' :P-a 535 'IT R82 'wr 1 W4- Qi L 94 GROUP HB.. k 7 1: L1 Q J L ... D ? ,- L L V LIT E 9 L4 L Q L4 x Q La f C I, Z .12-, .. A I Q: ft A L4 Report of Prophetess of Class B Toronto, Canada. August 20, 1924. My dearest Paul : ee Immediately upon our arrival we came to the Prince lidward Hotel. where our rooms had previously been engaged. You could never guess who had a place beside me last evening at dinner. It was our old friend President lielly. lle is attending the International Stewards Association convention which is being held here. ln the course of our conversation we tell to talking ol' the famous ltllfm Class "B" of XI. N. l. He knew the wl1e1'eabouts aml occupations ol' most ot' our old friends aml I will write some of the news to you. Kathleen Carlos has at last a chance to talk uninterruptedly as she operates a tea room in this city which l intend to visit this afternoon. Buddie t1artwright's success in selling Annuals led him to become a "speiIer" for Ringling Brothers circus, while Bishop, who is utilizing his training in the care ot' Caesar at Nl. N. l.. is head anilnal trainer in the same show. Cupid snatched XVillis Hanlin for Cora liellam but despite all. XVillis together with XValter Garinger, is making rapid progress as head chef at the Chet' School. 'l'he most romantic couple ot' Class "B" was Frances Miller and lfranli Scott who eloped in a submarine. Our former legal advisers on clothes, Lloyd Brown and Russell Pyle. are still true to their hobby and jointly manage a department store in Plainfield. You remember the greatest social worker in all Class "B", Mary Sills? l'pon her failure to capture a man she established a Home for Injured Dogs. Alice Cramer whose ability as a story teller was universally recognized. is now editor of the "Beauty llintz" Department ot' the Ladies' Home .lournal. True to his instincts to please the ladies Frank Park has become the greatest designer of millinery in Paris. Among l"ranlt's best customers are Margaret Faye. Evelyn Hayes and Mamie Hollingsworth, who sing in the French grand opera. Most ot' the remainder of our class has continued in their chosen profession ot' pedagogy. 'l'omorrow we leave for Quebec where we intend to spend the rest ot' this week. Your loving wife. Lettie lllunnl liepner. livelyn Yund. Prophetess Class B. Friend Sorrow lalyrtle li. Sevitsl Friend Sorrow comes to meet thee on the road Nay. spurn him not away from thy abode lf he would enter. Greet him as you would Your strange. chill friend who comes to do you good. Respecting. yet not fearing, let him stay L'ntil his errand's done- then bid good-day And gladly let him pass and leave you free-- But study thou the message left for thee. 95 T- -l. 17: ,tx 4 , V Q , ,: -ff? .,.N ff, ,AF J '34 'iw v ,-'S - ffm bw . ..x,4..N.. ,... .5 +5 "X r + A' -W., -w '1 I. 2 14 f. J L D IJ f A 14 Q Z D lu 11 A 4 D 11 Q' Lf 5 :L P, QE EL: h... ft fa Qu up '11, :- 'Zu 914 :J :Q ...L QI "L, E1 2.- .19 5:L Class "A" Prophecy Nli Sunday afternoon I was lying idly under the lrecs near the tennis In courts, hoping against hope that some fair, unoccupied co-ed would if stroll by. Gradually I grew drowsy and bclore I knew it I was sound asleep, and out ot' my dreams the Nl. N. I. ol' 1925 arose. 'I'o thc west ol' it was the magnificent tlhet' School. liverything was changed, houses were everywhere. I looked about t'or Caesar, but no Caesar was to be seen. I was walking past the fountain, when, near it I saw a solitary grave. I came nearer and i'cad upon thc gravestone: ullcrc lies Caesar. Drowned .luly lil. 1923. Itequiescat in pace." Ilrying my tears, I entered thc old Nl. N. I. building. The lirsl strange thing I noticed was a small room. which had besn constructed next to the room labeled "President's 0l1'ice." I entered this small room and found. neatly pigeon-holed, records up to present date, ot' the students who had attended NI. N. I. I immediately sought out the records ol' the Class students ot' the summer term, 1915, and began examining them. 'l'he lirst one I drew out was that ol' .lolm Linn. I lound that .lolm and his devoted wit'e, Iisthcr, who had gone as missionaries to the Solomon Islands, had been devoured hy the cannibals. Next I discovered that Ricliard Taylor had re- signed his position as assistant grammar instructor ot' the NI. N. I.. and to- morrow was to take a position in Indiana llniversity. 'l'he vacated position was to be lilled by Harry Ilarvcy. with licss Lyons as Secretary and con- tidenlial adviser. Iltley had become cooking instructor, but was at present in danger ot' losing his position. because his former teacher, Miss Hall, had been made viidently ill by eating a doughnut he had cooked. Lcota Coleman and Mary Iienny had become invetcratc ice cream licnds. Herman Sampson had been married. but was having trouble with his mother- in-law. Althea Swihart, Carl Shirk, Glenda llakins and Lillian Lake are teaching kindergartens in the rural districts ol' New Zealand. They are applying to the young aborigincs the principles learned in their observation work. Rutledge was now principal ol' the Training School. He is the proud possessor ol' a lull-grown Yan Dyke. I was just reaching for the record bearing my own name, when I lelt something walking upon me. and awoke to lind Caesar standing upon me. devouring my new straw hat. King Norsworthy, Prophet. v u tl? "'I'XYU YIi.XII" liIIUI'l' 'Ihr "'I'wn Yu:1r" llniirw nut nnlx 11111-iw ll splcncliil i11xl11cL'111c11I In lL'iICllL'l'S In lbI'L'lJill'L lor lk'LIt'llIIlgL I'1lllIL'l' than lor I-xz111111141l1n11s, hnl ll gin-N an Imrmul hzisis cnllccrllllig lhc prau liunl lbI'4llIlt'llIN nl' cu-1'y mluy IURIUIIIIIQ. Classmates NX ilhin tha- halls ul' XI. X. I. Ifilling null- Inmlas nn mluys nf QI"lL'C I ingur 1111-l111v1'iL's lhail shull nut qlic. lI1'z11111ni11g. Slllllyillf-Y. lIlilll1llL'l'III5f in ll2lSlL'. I :ch Iris-111-' urn' nun V111-N lil'IIl"N ' H . 4 ' F' , . , IJIIUIIIIILI claus, il pnur CXUIINL' In lzilw Ihr plain' nl pzlsl IHIYC-lM'L'lI'w. ' lillllllllll lC2lL'llUl'N hy an rnsv. Ihc t'll11I'IIlN unil g.L1'411'u nf Illusww "li". Nunn' ul' llww thc "Two YL-airs" try Un 'lfw rull slaind mul clisliiiclly, 'lhnngli lc111pl:1liu11's nflcn nigh. Xnnu 1-:un my i11 ycziiw lu 1-11111u. 4 IIIU5' lgnvlawl Lilly nl' fiwilic :incl fun. Hui UNIV kiwi' loyal mul imc' SIIlCL'I'L' i11 wurli-lmnlli nhl :nnl ncw. Claus "Ak" snugly! flu- qgqinpiis gi-uiinil 'I'u1.iuII1L-1' plumhlilig luwaiiwl lhc gmail - Xnil tlwrc ul clans-liinc wcrc thuy lillllllll. SIILTUNS spells un lifl-'s lnvinmr roll. X lllclalrss. L'JlI'L'lIl't'L' hnncli In su-. X I . 541 ull. wc lmpc. 111 yours In cnlnc, lXCI'j'IIIlL' Ilmnghl. bn! thc tncnlty. ,A , . . H111 Clllllll thc lzidmlcrs IIIQIIUNI rm11111cI. Ilw "ISR" haunts. :is unc might gncss And standing :it thc imp-111ust nlairu urc wllcru uncli flziy they wrulc ai tn-sl. lfclipsc all ntlu-rs i11 lifl-'s l'ill'L'. lhu claws IWYUIIIQN 1-nulvsl plum- lhny Nlfllglll, ln gcl su-ll discipliiil-il :incl Iuught. usllwcsx' mtl" li' you ullcml .Ind linppim-ss with ull things IBICIILI... lntn-ing in thuir highvsl illlll. Wg- hind and praise you to thc sky. ' - -I - 5411111-1 Uh! Fluwcr. Oh! Prize of M. N. I. In LXLAI Ill Nullx thu 98 li. Carlos Some o f Our Friends The City Girl ........ ...... .......... I 1 'mu Ohl The Stylish Girl. .. . . .Althezi Swihart The Musical Girl .... ..... I Ruth XVcntzel l'he liig-hearted Girl.. .. .Maury liclle Clark The Giggley Girl ..... .... I flossie Money The Care-l'ree Girl. .. . . .Evelyn Smith The .Iolly Girl ....... .... E velyn Hnyes The llruinutic Girl. .. .. .lilsie XVillit'ord The Studious Girl. . . .. .Eunice Vickery The Helpful Girl ..... ...... I tuth Ford The Brilliant Girl. .. . . .Verna Light The Precise Girl .... .. .... Marie Snepp 'l he Lovesick Girl... .......... Revo Shepard The Spilelul Girl... ...Minnie Hollingsworth The Futtest Girl ..... ........ E thel Nlctlool The Smallest Girl .... ...Bernice Hunter Jokes Mr. Cartwright, hiding behind ii douhle dish ot' ice cream. at picnic, was k11own to stty to Mr. Park twho was dishing ice crczunl: "l'll help you dish ice cream, when I get this eaten." Z2 Z2 Z! "l'xvns :it Mclllellzius' tirft they inet, Ihut ltomeo und .IllIIL'i2 'Twaer there he run into debt. lfor ltom-e-owed what .Iul-i-et. 22 22 23 Manager of Blctlulloch Park to Mr. Park at picnic: "Blix Park, I wish you would keep the college girls out of the colored division ol' the park." x N'-Q W, KODAK I'lt1'l'L'ltliS A more jovial enthusiastic or patriotic group is not to he found in this Institution than those who took purt in the tlluss "B" and "Two Year" picnic held at McCulloch Park. It rained, yes, hut nevertheless fl hundred and seventy-seven took part in the even- ing's enjoyment. 99 XY W Our Dear Class K. . . H .. IIL llic lIlL'Illl!t'l'5 ut blush .X , lu llllx kL'lltNll lI:lYc l'tlllIL', Wim ml uvci' xiucc nur lJllIlL'll :nl'l'iu-tl lliiugx linvc ln-vu ou tht- hum. llit- tucultv tu-:nts us quite wt-ll. .X Nu l hum s is ut' vuursc. tlic rulu. wt' ll-t-l uxtzilllisllccl lluw lx part nl this gruiid sulmul. ci' Ntutlcuts nt' thc sulmul. llit- nlli ll.nL- llL'L'll rn-:nl lillltl in us. wt-ll. Su Ill5l us ltlllQ1INllllllQN gn X YQ lluu- nu runnin tu tuss. L' :irc llic pl.'tlugugilus lu llc .Xml tln-ucv nut' t-mii'w lJlll'5llU, Su ll4lll.l think wt-'rc lin-rc ,iiwt fur full .Xml tliux our anim L'0ll5ll'llU. til L'4Illl'N1.' ut- Iiuu- KUIIIL' lllll. ut lt-:nxt lu Nliw liiugk gl'1llllllllII' ulum, iut SllL'll ui wc L'II.lUj' with llL'l' Will liurl nu lull ui' luv. lm lm R ting nur cxlrai lwilliuiil ullcs. lXlll Yeti-xxx'wi'tliy sliiut-s null XY1' U 5. l it wt- llll5NL'tl our llziru-y tlt-ur. wuultlu'l lic tlt'Y4llll. Nu lvl llic uiw lu pvawc Xlut-in un, 'l'lic lmilixli :lu thc Nuiiic. Xml nt-'ll not kIlt'1Ili ut' :any ixmrc Hi' lllL'IlllUIl tltivui by iiumc. tluift lwluiig lu L'll1Illt'N mul clams llinit iulwt 4lt-:ir Nl. N. l. no ut' tlic punt' "giultx" uc lun l,1lw sm XYlm tl-ml :uwuy up liigli. Num- liuu- to linux- an glint lu Vitlc. lu urmlvi' lu gut tliruugli, Stlplmw siullt- um- wuulcl "gut tlwii' glut Su XYli:il ilu ynu tliinla tlicytl mln? gin' linul' L'llL'UI'N litll' Wlltll wc urv. ,XII "Q "1 . l'I'JIj', lil! ml tm' just wliut su' my: l'i'nl1. lluiiu Huii all llu lu llll'Ill1Il'Y ul Llxuxx A. vltlllll Nl. limi l 1 ff if 'f 1, ix n . ia? Fig ' 'Q .rffk lim -x P4 X 1 1 ,ff I' -S., ki' 1 N 1 1 1 1 4 1 o Z 1 1 Y i 102 iff L1 A .f Ill 'C -w -X V I f,w -v-1 .4- F. 2 Z 4 :L Z 2 F .- fn A A - I L. 2 f,w ...- IL. A .f I 'Z - Lf F Editorial 1,559 IT is not necessarv to emphasize tl1c powel' lllltl i11tl11e11ce of lllllSlt' i11 tl1e ll0lllC illlll in ll1e school. lt's val11e is universally appreciated. "Music comes lll'UIll ll1e feelings more tl1a11 l'l'0lll ll1e reason." so says one of our greatest authorities o11 tl1e art: it is an expression of tl1e e111otio11s, pI'0llll!lt?tl by experience. Music, the suhtlest of tl1e arts, demantls more tl1a11 elaborate designs lllltl tl1e prompting of ambition. It is an ex- pression of tl1e inner life of tl1e composer. 'l'he history of a nation is portrayed, largely, lllllbllgll the SClllllllL'lll of its so11gs. Good songs are 11ot si111ply good poetry set to music, as so llllllly see111 to think, but tl1e 111usic of tl1e song tells its ow11 e111otio11al story and is aided i11 expression by words expressing tl1e sa111e feeling. Une of tl1e good illustrations of Sllt'll SOIIQS is tl1e resurrected "Silver 'l'hreads Among the tl1e tloldf' il is so alive with feeling in both music and words, tl1at it did not "rest lll0l'll0llS desuetude" as Grover Cleveland said. but still exhales that mysterious heart touch that gets i11to so111e songs. I11 direct contrast to this most llCtllllll.lll song, comes "Bob l'p S1-renely," a wild two-step that stirs tl1e blood of tl1e meeltest of beings. Then another llllll one of the best uses of tl1e art of so11g, is lllll l'lllll'l'lI choir: 11ol a paid quartet, but tl1e chorus choir, used i11 tl1e SlllllllL'l' lUXX'llS and cities. lt is often the means of lltlltllllg the interest of ll1e yo11ng people to the better things in life, simply because tl1ey lllllSl express their better feelings and have 11ol 1'eacl1ed tl1e stage where tl1ey are co11te11t to listen to sermons. For them. lllllSll' is worship and is their only way of expressing it. 'l'he gl'01ll temple of Solomon had a choir. consisting of twenty-tive lllUllStllltl singers, divided into twelve cl1oi1's f-one for each 111o11ll1, of two thousand each: and ll1ese XVQVL' subdivided i11to four smaller ones. one for each week, of live hundred each. The chorus has many advantages over any otl1c1' form of cl1urcl1 music: o11c 111ay have anything l'l'0Ill an Aria to tl1e llallelujah tlhorusf IllllSlt' fro111 Handel and Hayden are all possible. XVagner says, "lt was tl1e spirit of Christianity which animated LIIIEXY tl1e soul of music." Many there are wl1o can take a part i11 a chorus who t'illlllOl. i11 any otl1e1' way, express themselves, sthey have 11ever had lllc advantage of taking i11stru111e11tal 1n11sic, or of vocal lessons, but have an inherent love of 11111sic a11d ti11d a solace i11 tl1e church choir. Now just a word on instru111e11lal music. A child lllllSl learn music just as it does a language: naturally and without too lllllt'll rule. Accustom tl1e pupil to different keys early i11 tl1e stages of practice: so many instruction books use the G clef alo11e for so lo11g a time. that when he comes face to face with the bass clef. tl1e foundations of the world are shaken. liring lI1e bass elef into play at the earliest possible instance. A sense of absolute pitch in a cl1ild is a good indication of tl1e 11111sical se11se, but 11ot of a musical genius. Some pro111ine11t musicians do not possess it at all, while many mediocre ones do. Relative pitch is another matter and should he cultivated as early as possible. This means identifying of any tone. after some other l0IlC has ltlil Vos Salutamus, tum Valete S we send this Arhor Vitae to the press we lind il necessary to stop and pen a few lilies to carry our greetings to fellow students and our heartfelt gratitude to our helpers every- where. XVe found at the very heginning that we had a united support such as we never thought of hefore from the stu- dents. As our work has progressed we have found that every appeal has met with a response, such as we could hardly have hoped for. Especially do we wish to express our thanks to the Stall' whose untiring elforts have la1'gcty lnade this hook what it is, and lo the Art Department, who under Bliss Sinclair and Ntiss liutcher, have given us such splendid illustrations. XVe hope that as this hook goes forth it may tl'llty he a 'l'ree of Life and that il may inspire higher and hetler achievements from those who read its pages. XVhatever may he its intrinsic value, il must stand as a continued triumph over difficulties. From the tirst move we have mel with things seemingly impossihte to overcome. hut we have found that lhe true spirit of College life is that of pushing ditficulties aside, so that we think in this respect we have so much the more made our hook represent the spirit of the school. XVe have no douht that the critic can lind many tlaws hut we are not sending this hook out for that class ot' people. YVe are intending to please our fellow students, who in years to come will wish to look hack to the old days in our Alma Nlatcr. in the year of nineteen tifleen. And now farewell. 'l'he year that is gone has heen titled with much of hoth failure and triumph. No douht to all of us at times have come suggestions of failure, of defeat. Uftentimes the reward seemed hardly worth the price. yet we have struggled on and now as we near the end of our school work and stop to take a hackward view at the path over which we have come. we cannot hut feet that we have gotten a little farther on our way, that we have risen, at least, to some height. Like the traveler on the mountain side. the way seems rough and often he is going down rather than upg yet tinally he emerges on a mountain peak and tinds that he in his toilsome path, has risen perhaps even mites ahove the plain helow. And now may we, fellow students, in our work in life make use ot the trials and triumphs of this year to good advantage, for in the words of the poet: "I aln a part of all that l have met Yet. all experience is hut an arch, Where thru' gleams that nntraveled world XVhose margin fades forever and forever XVhen l move." Lyman I.. Hann, Editor. 5 F s - been sounded and named. as a clue. ll is a science ot' intervals. This is an essential part ot' Public School Music and is a vital part ot' any school cur- riculum. This study is called "solt'eggio." Vocal instruction in the Public School Music is not necessary, but the solleggio part is valuable to every student. XVe nmst read music as we read our grammar. or any other study: without hearing the sounds. Solteggio is the first stcp towards this desideratum. Singing is ot great help to the pianist. Any method that takes up the two clet's in the early stages and does not cling too closely to the key ol' tl, is good. liut no method is good without a good teacher. Only hc. who can demonstrate every possibility. is a good teacher. The sympathetic bond between pupil and teacher must never be lost sight ol: it is a most impor- tant factor. Another thing- the juvenile recitals are injurious to thc pupil. They dwarl' the growth. l'iubenstein's mother was wise in relusing to allow the boy to give concerts, in spite ol' their need ol' the money. .losel llolmann was the greatest child prodigy ever heard in music. but tailed to become the wonder he was expected to become, in later years. Richard Strauss is still the foremost living composer, though not what we expected ot' llotmann. This is the age ol' scientilic pedagogy. "Education" is derived from the l.atin "educo" meaning "to bring out." and it is the aim of every teacher to elicit all they can from thc pupil that he naturally has instead ol' trying to hammer in. ttf course it was not always so. Hayden. Beethoven and Paganinni sullered many severe punishments for the slightcst mistakes. liut music is being composed for children today. by liizct, liheinberger, Schumann and others that will enable thc youngest student to play and comprehend. The time is al hand when music has its rightful place in the education ot' our children and only those who are well qualitied in the reading and execution ot' it may be able to procure positions in our schools and colleges. "'Thc nian that hath no music in hinirclf. Nor is not moxcd by the concord ol' swccl round - ls tit for trcasons. ftrzilagenis and spoils, The innliolls uf his spirit arc dull as night. .ind his allcctions darla as lirclnisg I.ct no such man bc truKtcd.' Said Lorenzo." Shailicspcarc. "Nh-i'chant ui' Venice." .Xcl Y. Scene l. 'wr e 1 w if YQ, X AM, . .1- 104 l ,Qin !, ,. ll " uf 4 wwf ' " WW im' www 5' mBv'f'Wis...iQ I-fS'l'.X IIARIHS USA XVUUIDRING l'II,I.,X 'l'llHl"l' ILXIRIHIC ll, HAZl.l'l"l I,I'l1Il,I.Ii BIN 'NNICR V.. .. .,gf, 5 Q vwmg' 'W ., an :jk an Yghizg M. MNA liliRNI'fIllI'I YANNE' lIlCXIilli'l"l'A SMITH MHS. NlYli'l' lll'l.l X IQIJITH HAWLINGS HIiI.liN LUIKTON lI'lll fp: i -Q' , -,pq . 7 KA'l'Hl,l'IliN FITZPATIRIQII EVA .IACKSUN MARTPIA .IUNIES VIVIAN REED PAVI. BFNSOLD A imumsxczic Muiumw X , .,-x1"J?K-'T-' .' Q .,, , . get U, R v --vi 6. awk -wig.. ,paw X I ll.Xl.l'll lillltIllNl'Ill l'Illl'l'll ISl'INtlli The MUSIC Department ll euu well he will nt' this l,L'lllIl'lIllL'lll, thul the prugress luis heen tur gm-1,u,,. i, Il 1-t year than ex er lmefhre, The -ueeesr thus fur llltlllllL'tl is largely due tn the great etturts ut l'rut'. ll. 12. tlnst. ln-:iii wt' Klusie. :tml his exeellent assistants, ,J Prnt. tuul has llt'k'Il Imuureml hy heme re-eleeleml t,l1uil'l11:ui ot lzxeeutive t,tlll1lllllIL'g' iii fillllt' lezuehers .tsrueunliuir lhis is ai xery respnnslhle INl5IllllIl. Une ut the duties is that ut' Illillxlllg out the musical lJl'llQl'lllll fur the Slate Assueiutiun, His enthusizism nm e quality ut his wurlt 'llL'1tli mu.-.t highly ut his sterling illlllllj' as an tlireetur. Mrs. l.uur:n Lruig l'ul41iul, heaul ul' l'inim DL'I3ill'llll0lll, is nn artist whore sei-viees urn Ill tlL'lll1lllll in enueerl. She is Ll lllikl-Qllltllllllt' in the Artists' tluurre from The College ol liherxul .Xrts umler Ulirer NVillnrtl l'ieree. llicliulunpnlis, The glwltlllantiuii reeitalls hy her' pupils :ire :ilwu5s hmlaesl l.llI'XNill'tl tu hy the lllllislfill puhlie ut' Muncie, us :I great ll' xeurf. She is ll teacher with grunt tuel :mtl is very 5llCt'L'55llll with lleglllniug pupils: s Miss lierthu llurluii, lu-truetur nt' l'iz1uu. has heeu with the tlullege fur the past thren Ives pruluise nt' lmeenmiug the lending teueher in this enmmuuity. Mr. ltuht-rl l't-it-rf, 'l't-git-Iiei' ut' Yiulin, is zu young artist with in very lH'tllIllSlllQ future , Q 4 - -- 1 S' 1 s ll1lIs:'-rl""w -1--llen 'mia :mil Ile is i iuluntt lllllltl lutliuumi tlllllltl Ili Ill ue ul nut t w eir lllwviii-1 if verv I5ll'1l5lll: IHS it he The Choral Society Q Blu ol thc litlllllldl mg.g.11111.1l1c n ul lllc sm-.nsoil xml .1 4 ll0l.ll .in clx. I . . , . . Q S rmiipuscfl ol sluilenls lrmn lllc Norinall lJCll1ll'll1l0lll :incl Music Supcr- 1 , xi XVo1Ix mi cwml ulil iimslcix xwic xluclicil .mil xwic - 1-il gn-L "stirs, " Vs ' " ' ' J ' ' ' ' urifry wry much by all Ill0llll1t'l'S. 'l'hc Sucicly rcmlvrcil llic l'uIImvi11g prugraiiu. which clrcw l'orll1 grcul pruisc by llic music Im'crs ul' lllc vily: MAY MUSIC l"liS'I'lY.X1, liy Alum-ic Nurinul lllmrnl Sm-il-ly. Gin-IN him' 1111111 und Urrlicslru 'l'11n-filaly l':Yt'Illl1H. Xlaiy 25, 11115 ll.4I.Gz1st,llircctfii' lllIllQilI'lill1 llill1L'L' Nu. 5 ........,,....... lirzuliiiix Sulul ilixllllllll' ...,... .... l 'lllilI'll lilgzir, Up. 12 I'izzic:11ln Pollen ...... ................. S lI'1Ill5f- Noclurnu .......... . ....,...,. ,. 1111-ipin "A Nlorning in Xmilfs ,Xrl" HllIIllPl'0ll5 l,l1ill1l2I5j' in four sci-iics. Srcllu 1. Allugru. Srcnc 2. .xlltlillllkk 300110 il. .lllcgru .Xllug1'L'1lw. SCCIIL' 4. lilL'lDlHll1l :mil Nlulilicy lJSllll'L'. lN'l'lilU1lSSl0N Gloria lXll Alnsv .................. ...Nluzairl Gypwics lilmrus lliullcminii Girll... ..,. linlfc lil11r1'l1s M Iluwniiig Flulc Swlw. Pwlrn lllIIllll'CZ Lullully lub Lisl! llic lll1L'I'lll1lL' llusf Spurinl Girls lllwriis mln l Hcurcl flic Voice of H1ll'IlL'l'N .....,,. Gaul llxilph lill't'l1IlL'I'1lllll Girls lllmrus Xl"l1ir.lli11g Solo .,,4,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,4 S1-li-gh-il Mr. lmriiig lllll'l0ll SlllIllllL'I' Now Hillli 1101110 .xlllllllg l'. Girls lil1Ul'llN l'lc:u'c11 :mil lizirth Display ......... ML-iislclxmliii Full lllwrus 109 r-,QM To 7?mfI-ffl 1-f16HlV0T5 ,. X "' 1 f ' I 1 ., 1 P .001 iffy 'WL,,Qab,ivML 'lm f , , , fl, H 1 I 'IW fl? L 1 i1f1 1'k1M12fH-lk Li Mu 111 X' f', W s Z' 'P f 3 A 1 If I if j 1 :Q ,I L' f X ' ffl ll , W XX T any N' RX f 5, J ffl X " 'Q 1-' iz I , 6, C i , 3: fx' hi 7-A1,j,?EAC!k . KQV, fgaxxgw 2 Cu , F I f X!!! If ,' 'N ,M--,Lv.3.f,,' ma? VN ff' 1 Q I I pg Q1 ff?-. ,. ' Q fag of r pm if ,'L:f WWI ' ff l : Y - fig? 5 "! ' H,ll'!' ll If F 2? l . Wm ,' .A A . " ' , ii? 5?'7'i'f'2 W' f ' ' A ' Wwi 'I . I 'P I, P ' ' SVXMXX-fix 'fl f I 0 X 7 if Qi5L il 74 T f -iggi I ' WN Y f W Trwf FQ T T ww URC 5 TRA , i 'I - - , K 'M W K7 , H Q Musa: Clhss l' PROFGAST-MRHANNIIWJIHAVE T0 X WAVE Smsnuanzn -mpg pm- DN X THAT CHAIR To keep ,T ', , PWM SLIPPING- l , 5 f'r1XI ' 1 1 'l ,.f 'Nj xx 'ff 4 1 L. fi L1 YTLEYJLATE ug r1w.HMvN-0357 GET ONE PM I Il My rfzaw. W M YN Q .,,, 9 f 4 G -f as , - f 'V I W ,- i ' My ' S ,f X gg ,Ja ff-'ir--S TP an l X., fil. M III -'asv' 'Q- .33 75 .I Ill ..C 59' :LE L- '11 v Q-1.1 v L ni L D., ...-: -14 CL P 11 -1,-. f... -Aa- k.. 1:2 9,- 3' f 'CL ,- 5... IZ: ... D Q., Z"'- L ll :I ICE u'7 fu J... JI 1, I 5 f 11 .A f V 'C 14 .: Q F ul Ib ' 5 t.. 3: LL :L- 'JE .fy WI 531' 51 -D ...,. f-I fu 11 L.. .Z 51... Editorial ' llli Art Department ol' the Muncie Normal Institute though perhaps not known as the largest department in our school, ranks very high in importance and is rapidly coming to he one ot' the large depart- ments as is shown hy the tact that an additional Art Instructor is necessary during the summer term ol' the present year. The work is carried on under the ellicicnt direction ot' Nliss Iiva Sinclair, who is a graduate ol' Pratt lnstitutc, Brooklyn, N. Y., and her allle assistant. Miss Magdalene Butcher, a graduate ol' the Chicago School ol' Applied and Normal Art. The Art Department is assuredly the husicsl and most congenial depart- ment tlial we have in school. 'l'hc standard ol' work is the very highest and we lll'L' sure that all the students make a noticeahle etl'orl to maintain this high standard ol' work. Une has only to look at the arl work ol'ten on exhi- hition in the art room, on the walls and in the cases, to know that this is true. 'l'he lines ot' cratt work are leather, tooling, hasketry, pottery, stenciling, weaving, and hookhinding, and include drawing, painting and clay modeling. Nor was this high degree ot' excellence ohtaincd al one stride. It repre- sents the 1'esults ol' a slow hut steady growth toward the high ideals patiently held hefore the students. 'l'he aim is to present the study ot' al't in high governing principles which can he developed in such a way to equip the student at the end ot' his Art Course not only with a knowledge ol' the under- lying principles ol' ai'l and heauty lound in all material things in the world ahout him hut to give him a hetter appreciation ol' the good work ol' past ages and a fuller understanding ot' art in its relation to his own lite. Art is a universal language. lt is more torcihlc than any ot' the higher arts cultivated hy nations with the exception ol' music. The two, arl and musie, walk hand in hand, heing the deepest expressions ot' the nohler and higher ideals that touch and move human hearts. Those who renieinher the work in Art which was lirst done in the BI. N. l. tell you that the Art Department was very small at the beginning, having a very few students and only a small room in which to work, however, under the guidance and perservance ol' our splendid teacher, the Art Department grew, hoth in numhers and interest, hecamc too large for its room and moved twice into a still larger room and now occupies a la1'ge, well-lighted room on the second lloor at the east end ot' the building. The numher ot' students has increased at a rapid rate. During the past school year there has heen a total enrollment ot' four hnnd1'ed and titty-two in the Art Classes. NVQ' hope that in the future our department will still contimle its good work and show as much advancement as previously. Lucille Brunner, Associate Iidilor. 113 ,, ,. v I -. 4 t I f MN -V f--7 . gg 5..-9.354 1 N" 'W 0' l.l'11ll.l,IiBIKVXNEIH lruu merit, lilw an rivcr. thc dccpcr it is, u lg-rn :misc it lIlllliCS.N lilll'I'H HISNGIE Wo gnu-fi uuml guzcd. and still thc XVUIHICI' uruw. lllill unc small huzul could hold an muny - N 1 Lwllilllh. "Gi ,. C , liS'l'.'X H.XlllllS VL' wllul you lluu- tn mmlcullvs. il Illilj' be I' lllanu you think," l"l.Ulll'IN4Ili MUHIKUW l,un'li is an Yury gnml word if you pu! il l ln-lure ll. li'l'Ill'Il, ll.lllNl'I'l"l' Nlnlh L'IlL'llllL'S unknown and fricmlx by thc x g'Ul'L'. XX 1- klmll rcxm-lulwx' hcl' l'm'1.-vol' und uvcr- -- llllll'L'. M.XllClil.l.A GOHTON "l ill- willluul lznuglllcr would hc an mlm-ary .- lrl llllx. 0' CIARA Pllilllll-I ll you lmvo lumwlcmlgc. lut otllcrs light --- ll uanmllus luv xt. The Psalm of Art Tell me not with long drawn fares. Art IS but an empty dream, For the Art Class does not slumber .ind things 1ll'C really what they seem. .tri is real. Art is earliest, And the tire is not its goal, Paper thou art. to ash thou burnest. tlannot be spoken of its soul. lt s not singing and not talking, That's our business for the day, But to work so that tomorrow Finds us wiser than today. Art is beauty: Time is useful. And with weapons, clean and neat. We our conquest carry forward. And we know no word Nl'k'll'L'itl.n ln the M. N. l. of Muncie, ln the Art Department there, NVL-'re not like dumb driven eattle, For we paint the pictures fair. us then be up and weaving. On a basket for our mate. Still a-tooling. still a-painting. xvlllllllg for some news from Fate. l' l l'1il 7. . l'i. Jokes Mr. liepner: "I love you so mueh Miss Spivey." Miss Spivey: "Tell me something I don't know," Z! X3 22 Miss Buteher tealling rolll: "Mr. Bishop?" Mr. Bishop: "Present," Miss Butcher: "ls it Miss or Mr?" ZX 23 23 Bishop and XVhetzel are preparing to enter business. They have supplied themselves with blotters for advertising matter. 32 32 22 6:50 class in leather tooling: Miss MeNoun: "ls it all right to use two dillerent designs on one purse?" Miss Sinclair: "No, don't do that, just use the one." Miss MeNoun: "XVhy Mr. Park has used two dillerent designs on the purse he is tooling!" Miss Sinelair: "VVell, he didn't know any better." Z3 23 22 Time 4:30 VVed. Eve. Frank Park seen talking to a girl for the lirst time and fl'Olll the way his knees shook it was dilfieult to tell whether he was nervous or just trying the latest danee. Later in the evening he was seen with the same girl getting on a VVestside ear. XVe don't know where he was going but heard him ask for transfers to the VVhitely ear, In changing ears he was either dizzy-headed from his first ride on the city ears or nervous over his first date for he put the wrong girl on the VVhitely ear and left the other one standing on the street in front of Rowlett's Department Store to look at the "pretties" in the window. 115 4 iv' ,L ., f y, 121 5- ... -,-H 5:5 33: 1.7. iv: G ...Eg , ,. .,. :.x,,,L .H E .'- i"1 '. Q 6 1 . eg 1555.- , ,, . 4 '- we .. - , 52,2 n7.v'?,. gage 222- -2, Q - gm 22:1 J SE' 212. '- efz- .ig . 1 :II w :gf A ,, ": - 4 ,SF u , g - .-. 547322 - I ants? . I . .. , - I S ,' :,,.v- "gh fi. 54- R' - - ja f " 'fy 4 f a 'n ' ti' f. 'H we. J.. fri 1 :Q - :f 9 .A .3 621' h ,G L 5 ' .Jig fin: 'E 'J ' :Q,: ,-:gf ., J ig- q -f '11 'uf 4. .vf u ,, - f-Q.. J L ,g f L g, ig Q A 6 L A f ""iQ,- 1 6 "H 153 2 "F, r 5'1" - J 5 ' '53 5-3 . 6 . uc N. 522 ,- i i iff: - . Iwi 4, 1 f ,k 1 . J" 'ti ' . F-qHJ,t. " " fl- - fa :fb J' fi All ,-2 iz: 551. , ,Af nl- N, 1:2533 A I, I ., ,. I,,. ,.' gf. r -'Mhz .::. r- - 3 'I . v iz ,' Q . - T'. :ei 351 ' 53' '35 :ii 1, 357 :if-L3 ..-: .-I ,gl-ig ff 4-5 .,,4g,.. . g.. '3 ig. -,ff1'1"S1 -r' :nf-gg -1: ' Q -f -N:-an -.x 'M ' . 3 if .tg 'Fr ' 2- .int lux, . 1 IG Rfb' ,Ng 5 afirf. 4 P 'Q' A vm V ,f 117 v lb 5 3.5 1 ll' 7 The Art Picnic lf X W N the beautiful evening ot' .luly 13, 1915, which was a very unlucky day for those who do not belong to the Art Department, the teachers 4, and students ol' the Art De iartment -fave one ol' the tinest "s xreads" is l at Nlctlulloch Park that the eyes ot' modern man has ever looked upon. XVhen the feast was spread, it was with great dill'iculty that the students were persuaded to retrain from partaking long enough to have Miss Sinclair and Nlr. Bishop take snap shots ol' the bounties and their destroyers. XVhen supper was announced all the members ot' the department turned traitor to the cause for which they stand and instead ot' making beautiful pictures they all set to destroy a beautiful picture which the table presented. This picture had been made possible by the ellicient work ot' the conunittee in charge. For lack ol' forethought they began eating in a standing position but after eating so long, as has been said before, "Necessity is the mother ot' in- vention." and they invented a way ol' sitting down. This was done by means ot' those who were yet able to carry seats. carrying them for the helpless and themselves. 'l'he lirsl course over and the table cleared, Mr. Bishop showed his ability as a spooncr lot' ice cream! because he used a spoon in the absence of a dipper, and the guests were served with ice cream. 'l'hey were all very modest at this part ol' the supper, eating on an average ot' tive dishes ot' cream apiece. But as usual Nlr. Cartwright "took the belt" although Miss Trout ate till she was sick trying to outdo him in the contest. Along with the cats went the witty sayings such as only the Art De- partment can produce and the motto ot' the occasion was, "laugh and the world laughs with you, XVl'Ilil' and you weep alone." This picnic, the like of which can never again be produced, will long be a pleasant memory in the minds ot' those present. ltah, rah. rah. ltah, rah. rah. llah, rah. rah, .trt llcpartnicntt 719. 'l" P' txt' all the boys l meet in school. llc wields the pen. he smears the paint. lispecially in Art, llis hand is very true. There's one that does appeal to me lint when he hears a voice so faint. .Xnd that slim boy is "tIarl." 'l'here's no lnore "art" to "do," Now "t1al'tle" is the swcllest boy Then tiartwright lays aside his paint. The nt-att-st liuj' in town. And pills away the scroll. lint when yon sec him lose his joy, lfor near him stands a girl so quaint. llis .Xrt has pnlled him down. Who wants to take a "stroll." l-or strolling is his highest aim. The goal ol' all his study. llc soon will major in thc game. 'l'hen stroll with everybody. --Nl. lf. Needlcv we 118 1 nf ii f 1 , f X K A .fx -'F ff? t kr t fif f c 'RRR 5 Wfit ff W si. K e he 1nl::e:Q ,, . s, .f"'w'N tg, . 6 ,v i i 1"X,j iQ1iIIitIIYf1ll1DC'fFl1' 11124 t C t i ' 55152-TSX mfg 7 f - , ff! X i HE Penmanship Department is recognized not only in this part ot' 551'-5 the slate, hut in all parts of the slate, and in t'act in every state ol' 1:81 the l'nion. The students from this department are now teaching penmanship in many good schools. ll' we had space we would give names ol' a very large number who are making good along the penmanship lines. such as business writers, card writing, engraving and as special teachers. XVe have in this department one ol' thc hcst known pcnmen in the states, and is recognized hy every great pemnan ot the l'nited States. He is an up-to-date man in teaching pedagogically all lilies ot' penmanship from the start to the Iinished product. Ile has in this Annual a portrait, lil'e size, ot' Nlr. Kelly, which was made with a pen freehand without print or any instru- ment for measurement other than the well trained eye ot' his. The picture is valued at 5200. There are a number ot' classes each day where rapid muscular movement writing is taught, in the most practical up-to-dale method. A great numlrer ol' students come to this school in preference to others on account ot' superior advantages they get in learning the most practical style ol' lnusiness penman- ship and getting methods ot' teaching it. There is nothing I value higher than the training I received in this insti- tution in the penmanship lines. My testimony is the testimony ol' hundreds ot' others. Anyone finishing any hraneh ol' thc work, such as husiness writing. will receve a certificate, and on linishing two or more lines ot' the penmanship work, such as lettering or engrossing. will receive a diploma. XValter Glentzer. 119 20 fn v ,J wt - A 1 .A f ' f xglv Xb . X Rx , K " , ' gr QA , . 6,5 - - " ' -:'. -. ,J rv, -:H -, ,, n A , ,lfi - , 1 , '1f-4:i-'i- , wif f - -fr ..?JQf3? if' fin- wsn - 3 Q'-1.1 1 -,f "' .f- , --V .,.-7444 vc .?5',..A,.,f- 1 - -Q' ..: , ,r J 173, , 2 Nfeli vn A51 '11 .112 '-fi' 22 .Ilia-'affzrftifll "sry,-X. ', gf f inks-532-EFL. - N " if-3?f.'fY5wh4f f'f:'f---.'. .V:.2'-13, ' 'iiaiizssriifili fs' , ' 1-Iafkirgzdsi ' f-'iisqkggngw , " '- . ' v' 'iff 42:52 I"'h3 ' F' 5 -' . ' '. .4 . ' N . .NMFQ-I . , ?,' I V N V3.3 U, fsgbgzf ,ffrg if ,f - 2' - -' ' , . K "P- X-gjg1Z'1VCr?" ' ,.- ',f4v9f - -Lum:C?'sf'- ,I " -1-31f:fz2ri:Ei2?15 . ' f 4?-1 3 -3 ,-.u:"-xr" . - f -1 -- X .'.f"r.-1'-:Y'4'1."e1 '. - v - I- ,l 1r'f!"" 1 is 'I' gg: , A F L ' fiv ' fy r Q ff 5-'?i4:z22iEt5'q: 1g4 ,.f15f.::-?f?-:r1': 2:12.21fi-'.eL.e'yrf'g?a-'-Z1 -2- zum' za. gjj::-:,5g.,yf4i'.-:1111" 42, , , ff1g,'i':f133f.3P1:gi-,. 5:9 3, WQJF, 4:-. . -gilffiff-ffy1-15-,.'-, K, '- '-'iw P' 1" ,'Q,' lggfffgiffgg-::ff,figQ-,fmv.z'-f:g..f..1':':,,- '. '. gi :- .. V - ,f 'LEW ffl! filer .41 ff -fii-HP' 33127 f ,, . 2,rfyf :.-Img A -AT, ,, Q tx .11251rgfffaf5ga2wsf5gip5,2,1J35:9'L.:L:'QS?r:1n1'sl'i":g111g 'iii'-'T u 13. '-P... , 'V . -V - f -f: ,!i4f"5!fd?-f'fI1ffi..4"f24?1"e2i5'12-'lxms , f,f,' ' na, ,, u v, gl ' 45 iq ,gjwhff ,grgif,g.v?h.f .,1-SEAS?-?.M-.ur, , . , ' f 'Z' ' ' ' '- '-'?"f,' "-' '--- . if 4 4' 3-1?-1 ."45f5 .13 '--ff " 1 " 2'r,':i'- ' H55 im?-'q2'5 -if , A - 1 - ww ff - if ,fy xii' ,irffl .1 1.2 : iwgfv eff! ,y,.1l .-4 Q ,EegEt:g::5"'?iWQf- ff f fifff- -' 4, f 'f'i' sf' ,. 55,3 P, H91 ' -' f iff 1411?-"lf W?-.:f.g,Pf ' 5- ,'iff2?zl7- f ats, 94 'QQ' -fv -f".,-,- ,L I. Y, N. hx , A If mf Q5 ,M 1 ffqff., -MWF, 1 ,Q . f,rfZH.fx- - ggi? Q Lag 3: z- A ,. :f,,z1,f'.,-f?.g,,,.fg': Q, - .. .3Xg5g.g3.c,.w,1.x am 1449? sf- vp ,.-zf - J- 4 ,- 14-it Fsgxfmw-,-fc .! ,J Mgr 55. , ..,,.,' I I, , . L-'r' 1-1, nl f, 1, L, 1 ,jf , 1 1 ,gm-3 ,X,fq.,,.3MyfXj.h'f b -YNY ,L JV V ,A , If . '. . Lffy 5 K, 1 - ska-ich of l'1'csidvn! Iiclly. by Pruf, Frmn an fwc-lluml lltll ' Vlurk Th with the pa-I is givus only :nn id ut' thu rcnmrkublc skill U11 I' D I displuycd in thc original picture. 121 Pen Points Marie Holdren to Mr. Mercer: "I don't see how you whistle through your fingg,-3 that way. l eould never do it in the world." Mr. Mercer tyvishing to L'liIllpliIllL'lIt her delieate little handslr "No, Miss Holdreng it you should try it your whole hand would slip into your mouth." X3 Z!!! In Uratory lllass, seleetion from "lien Hur," Mrs. Hogan to Mr. Hodson: "Mr. Hodson you didn't hold tHurw her long enough." Z! Z!!! At the Domestic candy fair: "Why wonit you buy some eaudy at my table?" Prof. Quear: "Because I only buy from the homely girls, they have a harder time making sales." She was not ottended and he worked this right down the line. 33 2222 In Prof. 'l'aylor's Geography tllass: "What is lthode Island eelebrated for?" Elmer llulter: "Rhode Island is eelebrated for being the only one ot' the United Staten that is the smallest." xx ,, N X! President lielley to a student aeensed of a misdemeanor: "Haven't you been llet'ore nie before 7" "No, y'r honor. l never saw but one taee that looked like yours an' that was a photo- graph of an lrish king." "He,-re. Dean, sign his excuse." 33 The NYhittier sehool has on exhibition .1 and tive feet yyide. 2: 23 32 map ot' ltaly. made by a pupil. seven feet long 22 22 l'rot'. Sunnners met a little girl in the -treet who was erying very pathetieally. she eontided to him that she had to-t a penny. Seareh for tlle missing treasure proved useless so Mr. Summers produced another and gave it to her, "Uh," uttered the ehild in shoeked Q I aeeents. "and did you have it all tae time' 32 31 XZ Tell l'rot'. Steward there are 2Ttl.ltiEl,325,- , X 481 stars, and no doubt he'll believe you. 'ER EY PM but if he sees a sign "fresh paint" he'll xerv likely have to nlake a personal in- vestigation. 5 5-s 'QQ 33 XX 22 A German captain in a dangerous en- gagement, in faet almost hopeless, said A All eheerfully to his men: "My brave fellows. f," ' tight like heroes till your an1munition's "f , l gone. then run for your lives. l've got a V I -,ore foot so l'll start now. Ant' Wieder- ' tm E515 -ehn." ' , .-fl l Mr. tlhas. Farmer wore a rose on his eoat lapel. the other evening to see Miss Mossy :mmf Abshire. They were alone in the parlor 1 and silenee had reigned for some time QQ? when l.ueille said: "tIharleyl l'll give if' N l you a kiss for that rose." xs Q , After a little hesitation on Charles part f' it the exchange was made, where upon he X t grabbed his hat and bolted for the door. I 0 gli "Why: where are you going tIharles" she 1 l Ml asked in a surprised tone. wi- ll., U "To the tlorists for more roses." was the I hasty reply- AY ,0w,,L,,.,,,,f4,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, zz zz xx , ,'kWf.1.,.M,,, ' ' ' First College Fellow: "Watson is quite -:fifty-JI:-iZL.fgQ1 iii 5117 a magician." Y , -V 'ZYZW "T- . -- -if: Second College Fellow: v"That so?" - ,:?7,,2,4, "'-' First tlollege Fellow: "X ep. l ,lust saw fi : """'9"""f'f'ff Hfff-M, him turn his bieyele into a lamp post." X 122 iff X 4 , f ,fa J fi f ffl? ,ff 1 R Z' 1,2 X ',.::f 4' ,L--l' f-.-:Q 77, - r 'll g'i" -iQ Vi- f, lf" 2P"" -flif C LURE 1 "Suffer little children to Come unto Me and forbid them not, for ofsueh is the Kingdom of Heucen."- St. Matthew. Chap. IU. l'. H. "W'h0soeuer offend one oflhese IiIIIP ones lhut believes in file. il is better jbr him that a millstone were hanged aboul his rzeclr. und he were rust into the sea."- St. Matthew. Chap. 9, V. 42. 'Ig D. Hli above quoted words of tlhrirt are as universally familiar to teachers as are any of the words of.Scripture or the injunctions of our tlhristian religion, They are frequently and tamiliarly quoted. Among those whose special bent. or M-L-3- 'V ' dental convenience. or heart interest. or who through the stress of economic m-L-t-ggityg or fi'om any of the lnultiude ol' causes or aspirations, are thrown into the teat-ll- ing profession. none should be more sincerely or carefully applied. tlapital punishment for crime is becoming less and less frequent. With the passage ot' the old dispensation, with its eye for eye and tooth for tooth must also go the beating and mal-treatment and physical punishment ot' children, tlorporal puiiislnnent of children is reciprocally brutisb. reflecting its sinister elleet upon those who administer and those who receive it. lil the recorded history of man it is noted that a father once bad the power of life and death over his child. He could beat it at will or even kill it and no man. aye. not even the great power of what we now recognize as the Stale, was able or even thought of rising up to say him nay. Those were the "good old days" when wives and children were regarded as property and chattels. rather than as companions and equals and household jewels and social blessings. liven in the recent history of the making of the common law of England. which is the foundation of our government and of our civic and religious liberties today. we find that less than two hundred years ago inorc than four hundred crimes were punishable by various forms of death and torture in "merry I-lnglandf' Our grandmothers of yesterday were treated as chattels to be used or misused according to the sport and play or whim of the "lords of creation." A gradual cessation of the rigors of childhood and woinanhood found l.ord Blanstield. the great English jurist. even in his time. interpreting the common law lip ht- that 1, ,mm had the right to chastise his wife. but in doing so was permitted to use no instrument in the way of whip, scorpion. or bludgeon larger in diameter than the size of his thumb, The enslavement of the lives of women and children was finally conceived to be rather too severe for a people who had been taught to say. Uttar l'l2llllL'l'M to a just but forgiving God by a Savior. xvlltl, in the bloody sweat of a Gethsemane and in the agonies of a cross. had no reproach except to say, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." I cannot conceive of those who are perlnitted to follow the Master. even into the sacred ministrations of the teacher, presuming to bring to that task other than the spirit of meekness. forbearance and kindness. How long will it take a blood-stained world to learn the truth tllat hate begets hate. and that love and order is the only fruit of love? As we go to our labor in the interest of the State and for the uplift of lnnnanity let us ever go with presence ot' mind and conti'ition of heart. believing and practicing those things ot' faith and those acts of service for which we have but the one divine and the one great Teacher of all as a guide. liven with nation at war with nation and with the spectacle in this year of a world in arms and in a sea of blood, let us still hold fast to the faith which we are told will remove mountains. For through it all. and in spite of it all can we not still hear. "Verily, l say unto you. that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, 'lie thou removed and be thou cast into the sea' and shall not doubt in his heart but shall believe that those things which he sayeth shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever lic sayt-th." Git-cn thu power and tht- opportunity to teach and to lead. how awful is our respon- sibility! This privilege and this right has come through the ages only to those who have been specially selected through the laying on of hands. ln our commencement. marking the end of our college days and our beginning of a greater life-service, let our minds and souls he not only open. but our prayers be fervent for the visitation of that Pentecost which will go with us through the years. M. IJ. lil'Il.I,Y. i Editorial M QNIC clay a farmer no tlilferenee as to his hahilat. as the ineiclent is 1 ' typieal of a large elass of so-eallecl farmers fwent to the Bluneie fair f rj' . . . . . . , 'ti while his liartl-working wile remained at home to see that the tarm sul't'ereml no loss during his alrsenee. .lust about clark he returnett home, and. eoming to the poreh where his wife was taking a little quiet rest. introdueecl the following eonyersation: "l'm aliout tireil out. Sallie. ls the eows in the lnarn 1"' "Yes, long.: since." replietl his wife. "ls the hosses unharnessenl anal teclZ"' he askeit. "Yes," "lt'owls loeketl up'."' "Yes." "XVootl ehoppetl fer mornin"."' "Yes." "Be them ehiekens piekeil an' clressetl for market'."' "Yes." "XVagon greased and realty to start in the mornin"?" "Yes." "XVa'alI. then." he eoneluitecl. as he stretehetl himself with a sigh of re- lief, "let me have my supper. Sallie. an' l'll go to hell. lfarmin' is hegiiznin' to lell on nie." i This man was NUT a farmer in the moilern sense of the woril. but a nontleseripl "Parasite" tlrutleing his life out on the farm. llis wife was the farmer. antt perhaps the nohilily of her eharaeler lnlossoinesl there, in the environment of Nature's lneauties antl promluets as il eoultl not have clone untler any other surroundings. though toueheit antt yeneereil with all the polish at the eommanml of opulenee. lfarniing as a seienee anal as a husiness a yoeation eonunaniling the respeet antl esteem of mankinml is a reeent oeeupation from the historian's viewpoint. The tirst real experiment station was estalrlishetl within the memory of the olilest inhaliitants, ahout 18443. Sinee that lime, no other husiness, perhaps "profession", is not now amiss has matte sueh striiles. Antl sueh institutions as the Nluneie Normal Institute have hall mueh to do in lmringing lhis ahout. Booker T. XVashington says: "livery tlay, weather permitting, l go into my garmlen or perhaps a nearlvy tieltl anal mlelye into the soil with a hoe or spade. just to remintl myself that l am still on tloil's green earth. anal that l owe my living ancl suhsistanee to her hountiful generosity." So. if the ohjeet of etlueation is to "luring man nearer to Gott." a man eannol omit from his eirrieulum a Course in Agriculture. antl presume that he is "eclueatett." Personally, we like the intlepenmlenee of farm life. The farmer is the real protlueer. Ile is free to express his opinion on all suhjeels at all times. He is not eourting tramle or elients or patients. llis wife ean he frienllly or snuh at will all who eome her way without fear of the uneomfortahle feeling that she has seareil away a pi'ohahle eusloiner. Then they lioth know the souree of the foocl neeessary to sustain physieal life. know it lirst hantl. fzintl eau feel that only the hesl of Nature's stt-re is hanttetl out to them, a satisfaction than whieh there is none equal. "There are lietter ways ot' tloin' thing-. II' you have un-urpasfeil sueee-S. ll' people tliml hut know. Xl'hy. tell your hrothers rio. Amt so 'tis little 'helps' we neetl. Ilon't hesitate to make it known. As through this world we go, 'Tis what they want to know." lil ,ao X 3. 35? 5 MQ 211 I V Z., 'C A Af .1 Af V 1 L ,,.. Ati 1 '15 Y THE SPAN UI" 'l'l'llf tilfN'l'l'l'tlliS Agricultural Department M. N. . in cu-ry uthcr lim' it ttl't'crs. thc Blum'it' Nttrmztl lllxllllltk' mgty well l1tl:tst of its lJcp:trttm'nt tit' Agricttlturc. UWWHQ m-:trly Hill :tcrcs nt' latml thu In-titutt' is t-tntlmlctl ltr tttlt-t' ptutcticc :ts wcll :ts tltt-wt'y. Un tht' lurnml :tort-s ttwm-al hy tht' Instituto tlu.-ru :trc llclds of wnvtng grztiu :tml gtwtzing cztltlt- :tml hnrsus. Um' htrgu tit-ltl w:ts sown Inst l':tll to whcztt :tml :tlt:tlt:t. Thu whcut has hccn cut :tml tht' :tlt':tlt'.t is in :t tlttttrishing uutttlilitttt. Un :t six-:tvrc pit-cc tht-rc is :ts tim' :t stnml of lllttuli 'l':trt:tr tutls :ts t':tn hc wt-n 1!Ilj'VllCl'C. Um' twtt-:tcrc ticltl tit' :tlt':tlf:t Shows the cltcct txt' litm- :tml imtt'ttl:ttiun whilu :tcliuitting is :t striking t'x:tntptt1 ttf tht- t-tt:-ct of :tuitl sttil upon :tIt':tlt':t. Ton :tcrcs tat' corn, um--hatlt' pl:tntt'tl with tustucl rut-tl :tml thc other ttntustctl 11l'mt's thc x:tlm' tit' st-ml utvrn tt-rting, 'l'wu pm'-hatlt' :ture plttts ttf ryu. sttwn w'ith sch-ctctl fc:-tl. nm' piuvt' with strung. htrgc :tml plump st-ctls :tml thc other with rmull. wculi st-cd shttw :tt :t gl:tm't' how' it p:tys to f:tn :tml Ql'3IflL', :ts wt-ll tts st-luct tht' suctl. 'l'ht- ft-rtiIit5 t-xpt-rimcntztl pltttx twcr fttrty in IIllllllJL'l', mtl only furnish striking vxntnplcs tit' what huppuns wht-n soil is Iatcltillg in ucrtztin t'lcntt-nts :tml how tht- plztnts rt--pttml tn ft-rtilizcrs. hut furnish :tlstt many nppttrtunitit-s tor thc cI:tsst's in crwps :tml Ntlll Nllllllus. :ttljttinittg the lnstitntc grttttntls is tht' up-ttf-tl:tlu :tml hv:tutit'ttl Shit-la Dairy F:trm. Ktttclictl with swim- ut' thu tincst .lurst-ys :tml Httlstcitts in tht' st:ttt'. 'l'hrttugh at w'urking qtgtwulttt-tit thc AQl'lClllllll'L' t1l:t-ws t:tltt- trcqttcnt trips tu this tl:tiry fttr milk tcsting. uttttlc tut-:ling :tml sttwl: judging. Thu lllFllllllL' uwns :t llllllllltl' ttf small ttt't'l1:trtls :tml in tht-sc thcrc is :tn HlIDUl'lllIlllj' tnr Stmlying tirst httml Httrticulturc. Un tht- cztmpus tht- clttssus in l'lu1'tict1lttlt'c h:tvL' st:trtctl :tn ttrt'h:trtl consisting txt' :tpplt-. pt-:tuh :tml pt-:tr lrucs. ltcrry hushus, vtc. Thu :tpplc trcus :trc nt' thc smztllcr vnrictics :tml have ht-cn wt thirty-lix't' tcut :tp:trt, Thu pt-:tuh trucs :tru -t-t :ts "till:-rs" h:tlt'w:ty hctwt'ctt thc :tppli trct'-. tlurratttt :tml gttttist-l7t't'1'y hushcs :tru set in tht' :tpplc :tntl pc:tt'h rttws su th:tt tht-3' tltt mit llltk'l'l'L'l'L' with L'IllllY1llltJlI uttltc ttl'cIt:tl'rl. Un tht- lllYI'll1llUl'j' grttumls tm-rc is m:tint:tim-tl :t lurgc gurtlcn. umlvr stmlcnt ctttttrttl. ln tht- city is lttt':ttt-tl :tn up-tu-tl:ttc Vt-tcriu:try Httspihtl ut' Drs. limit' :tml llnlmstttt. HL-rc. thrttttgh thc intcrcst. kimlnuss :tml ctntt'tt-sy of thcst' :thlc nu-n. thc stutlcnts :irc instrm'lvtl in tht- twltttit-:tlitit-s ttf :tnint:tl jutlging, tlist-:tstts :tml :tn:ttttmy. .trttuml hlllllL'lL' :trc many htrgu. wcll stttulit-cl :tml Suit-tttitic:tlly m:tn:tgctl stuck, grain. tlntry :xml fruit fatrmsg :tml tu tht-sc :tml tht' lztrgc f:tt't0l'iL's tht-rc :trc fl'L'tlllCIlt L-Xctl1'siHlts lij' grtillps ttf bllltlvlils. 'l'hc wnrl: imltmrs cttnsists tit' l:tlm1':tttt1'y :tml lcuturc work: t-hurts :tml lttttturn sliclc' 54 E: lt-t'tttt't'r. :tml tht' -t'tn'ing :tml Allllljflllg ul grains. Tho l:tlntt':tlttry wttrl: in stvils is tlircrtctl sn :ts tn multc SlllflL'lllS :tcquztintccl with tht' physit-:tl pt'ttpcrtit-s of :t llllllllltdl' nt' thc wlttttnnt suits ut' this :tml nearby lttc:tlitics. Soil tt-xtnrc :tml wil strttctttrt- :tru stmlictl. the t-tfuuts ttf tlrztitntgc. :tml thc uso nf fertilizers. mtttturcs. :tml soil LtlllL'llIll1lL'lll'4 :trc :tlsu rtutliutl, buth in thc l:tl1tmr:ttttry :tml upon thc plots ttf thu tztrm :tml ttpun tht' farms tit' thu ltttutlity. ln licltl t-rups thc grutt t'crt-:tl t't'ttps :trc lttlwn up :ts :t clztss. 'l'hc important imlividuztls. cttrn. whcatt. nuts :tml ryu :tru givnn L'iIl'L'lilll :lt-tttilctl rtmly :ts tu gruwing, llLll'YL'Sllllg :tml thu tlispttsitittn tit' t-:ich urttp. l-'ttrugc :tml rtlttt crops :tru trcatlctl in thc Smut: wtty. Such :tttutttittn tu t':trm CL'4lIlUllllL'N is givun :ts will lczttl to thc stmly of such problcms :ts thc laying out of :t f:trm for :t 5llL'L'L'SFflIl urttp rtttzttiuli. for cctntttltticztl cultivation, :tml fur thc highest ut'l'icicltt'y in m'cry L-l't'ttrt put forth :tml uv:-ry work umlert:1lic'n. The fztrm is stmlit-tl :ts :t hmm: tnr mt-n :tml wtttm'n. :tml wlturg- chilclrun grow up in culture :tml rclinumcnt. :ts well :ts :t plucc whurc crops grow. 126 I When I Had The Mumps tltespeetfully dedieated to Howard Higginml Tonight as I sat at the tal'Ie They passed to lne the meat plate My head tied up in a eloth XVith smiles so sweet and kind I longed for food more substantial. They tell me to help myself Than a little weakened broth. To whatever I can tind. .tt tirst I felt sort of backward lint lest they would think I was :hy I tried to eat a small pieee, lint the thought of it now makes me ery. When I tried Io open my mouth With a howl that set them all laughing To put the bite within I grabbed my jaw with my hand 'I'he hinge that is in my jaw And the way I did those waltzes XVorked like a piece of ru:-ty tin. It surely must have been grand. I then went back to the table And with a weary sigh I thought I'd try the sauer kraut. Standing in a dish nearby. Ilanding my plate to my brother Taking my spoon in my hand NVho was sitting there elose hy XVith an air that would stand no defeat I said I would eat that sauer kraut I foreed the stutl' down my throat, Or in the attempt l'd die . And my victory was complete. I then thought I'd taekle the Murphies It took all the nerve I eould gain ' liut. I was hound I'd finish my supper So I went at it again. I took up the food placed before me With a look at the things on the lahle XVith a feeling something like dread And a look at the folks sitting there. My jaws refused flatly to open I knew unless something was doing St. l'eter please don't reeord what I said. I never would get my share. .Ks I sat there in hunger and anguish Knowing not what to do I at last spied my Cllp of eotfee My good friend so true. Now I was desperately lningry I raised the eup up to my lips And seized it eagerly, And with an effort mighty and strong Like a drowning rat that ean't swim I got the hloomin' stuff down me In the middle of the sea. .tfter a time so long. I say this havin' the mumps .tin't what it's cracked up to he If you don't helieve what I say Try it yourself and see. 127 Short Stories and a Few "Crouch Tonics" QQ fgyifbg 'l'llIi OLD MANS 7 X ' ,f i ADYIKIE f 3 li in .: 52' 'C "" " Lixtcn Dziuglitcr: I I, X Wlit-in-vcr' ai town girl ff guts too proud to Illlll'l'j' , I X703 fp' u mann with ltlll acres of 1,14 'I hind :ind 20 red pigs, 4 lllNl lwuzillst' bc weurz. , jczins und t':in't tell tain- , guu go from ai sloc gin 0 ,v riuky. you can wt it 0 If "V P down that xhe will I' I Q tithur die un old muiil - or nmrrv ll H6 ai wt-ua A QV? .-it-I-it with .i ima full .if ozone and only one N. clianigu of hole proofs. . 0 XXX' would ruther we !-, you hooked up to sonic ' , follow that wears 49-ct-nt overalls und knows when I N to hit the top of thc X, lt 4 lll1ll'lit'l than to be yoked 'kill ' ', x L" 1' ' W to sonic tluthbcrt who t ,V W' L-5'U"""ll' . ,i , plays thc mandolin. T' 7' 'WU xinokcw Turkixh cigar- "Xou. Kt'Illlt'lllt'Il. thu dix- "Xon. lgiilicx :incl QL'llllL'l1lt'll. ?mY11I,f:lNliL,12:15 Un hu tiimw- lN'lXYt'L'll tht- vt-i'tcl1l':w through Nix thouazind yuiiiw mSciL,L,tmL lIllllL'illL'k U i'ci'unlw li:iu'il1.'Yt'lopL'ilfroln " Z3 3 Z! HY 'l'llliASl'llY The cggx my hcnx do laiy t-:icli daiy. .tru Qu an lu-up ot' coiny to nie: l count then: cwi'y one aipiirt. My 'l'l't'iI'wlll'j'. my Trumiii-y" lfgirli t-gg tour centx four cunts in uzwh lo till ai iurw lonf xniut- wrun-f dry' I 5 l price lac-up hi h l count cziuli egg within L-null nt-Nt. .Xnd praiy tu' n . - U. pnllt-tw dt-:ir thut uluck :ind lily! U. tant :alll huns with yellow li ' I -trokc your jlllllllL'N, bnrrt-d. white and gray. .Xnd Hell your cggx. dcgir hun- und sell your eggs, 8 3 X2 Tllli l-'AllXllilt'S lll'ISOl'ltt1lit"t'l.N I"urim-VN. who lluve loxt their rrops in thu l'L'L'L'llt tloodx while hit hiird. IIHYL' ai rlluiirc to get men. Plant turnipxg they insular- tint' liorwrzidixli. zipplc butter. peucli DI't'SL'l'Yt"v, ctr. " X3 2 'Xt l'l'l5l.lK1 liliXlil"AtI'l'tJll ix one who nizikus two grins grow where an grouch grew ln-fol'0." Elbert Hubbard. Z2 32 l.ittlt- girl: "l'upu. Our thur ways thrt it mix till ilt-gives in thc shade today." l lkipnz "Arthur who. my'." l.ittlc ll.: "Why 44 X2 lzhb - .wx -. . ilon't you know? Our 1 ""'U1 of Q thi-r. Hur thcrmoin- , f,,,,,, gf t ig , .I L' t 0 r." I., ' f VN 6 -. M-. it i 3 3 3 ' If il ,f' Y 'bv-:ffm 1 . ll ' "Arc you un zigron- X M I X P 1lllllNl?u ziwked Prof. ' 1'5"- Stt-wiirt of Bishop. YL l, ! Li "No, aii'fi'ec. l'ni al h ' ll 1 - X , L qt? liziptist. ii llcmourut. 1, LU ,i X' 'I - za frcc Maison. ai gen- I 1' JITLL tlt-iniin und ai farmer. X lV'+ Y .N 1 I in-vt-I' hcaird of any J Chaslco 'H :igrononiists out our 7 E: way." The old folks and the kids: essential labor-saving devices of the farm. 128 ELL 7-1 1 A 1 1 , In -, 11111'111g 1 111Q1l1 11 11-1-11111 NlI11l1-1'1x '. M. C. A. N1 111101. IN 11111-11 ,1lll1L1L'11 1111-Q1-I1 111' 1111- "11L'1k'1IL'X 11 k111111111'1N. IIN ll lllllll IN 111' 1111- N111-11-15 111- 111-1-ps. -1111-1- 1111- -111-11-111-1 11-11 111 S1ll1lL' 1-X11-111 1111- L'1llI1'i1L'1L'1' 111. 1111 N1lll1L'l11N 111 1111- 11'1111111. 111110 N111111'11- N111-111111 11I'111l11l' 111lN 1-111'11111'11g1-11 111111 111111111111-11 1111- Y. KI. 11. .Y 111- 11-1-1 51-111' 111-11. LI1ll1 11111115 g111111 1111-1-1111gN 111111- 111-1-11 11lL' 1'L'NlI11. A1lI11j' 11 '1'111-111111 11 111111 111111- 1111-1 111141 11N1L'llt'11 111 A111 11111-1'1--1111g 41111111-w 111' 5111111- 1111-111111-r 111. 1111- 111- w111111- 111111-11 111' x1l1Ilk'lt'. .11 111111-1' lIlL'L'1111QN 111- 111111 1111111- 111-:111-11 11111-11w11111x 1111 kl1QgLL'X1L'11 111 k'll111111I11IlN 111 N111'111111 1,111 111' 1111- 1,11111-Q1-1 115 111iIj'1Ilg 1111111 111' L'ZII'l1 l1JI111'1IlL1. 111. .11 11111 111111-I' ll11'1'1111gN XY1' 111111 111'11.111-- 111' k111'1'I:I1 111'11g1-111111 11'111-1'1- g111111 IIILIN 111111 1-1111111111111 11111' 1'1'1-11111-1 111-11-g1111- 1'1-I1111'1 1 '11111' 1111- 11110 111 111 11'1-1'1- 111-111-11. 111, 1111 51-111' 11111 11l'1l'Qll1t'N 1X1'l'L' -1-111 111 1111- S1il1L' 11111111-11111111 111 1.1l1l1Ij'L'11l'. 111 11 11'1s -1-111 111 11 11IL'L'11I1g1 111' 1111111-gc Y. 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'l'he succeeding meetings justilied our expectations. XVe not only had most interesting programs, but our membership and attendance increased. and the Literary Society became a popular organization. lt was not until after we had had several meetings that the committee appointed for the purpose could decide on a name. At last they chose the name "Mi-Nerv-Ian" for the "baby." as embodying both the profound wis- domt 'U connected with it and the name of our school. No doubt the greatest single element of success was our efficient Program Committee. headed by Nlr. Hodson. ln fact a great deal ot' the time the committee practically consisted of one memberf Perhaps the most interesting feature on our program was the debating. These debates were not models of Iinglishf neither did they always keep on the safe side of Rules of Order and Debating, but they at least gave the desired experience in public speaking. and at the same time proved very interesting to our audiences. XVe will not soon forget the impassioned elo- quence of our friend Harding, or the ltuent pleading of Mercer. or the staid. "partiamentary" dignity of 'l'eter. Another single event that made perhaps the biggest "hit" was the mock trial. Our honol'able Mr. Mercer was brought to trial on the "infamous charge of trying to burn down the Nl. N. I." After legal "eloquence" unheard of on both sides, the jury returned the verdict ot' "Not Guilty." XVe cannot forget in this short review of the organization the wonderful help of the students of the tlratory Department in making our programs interesting. nor the elforts ol' Mr. Norsworthy to supply us with music. Last. but not least, we lnust mention the "College Sidesplitterf' originated by Nlr. 'I'eter and furnishing us so much of wil and humor, as well as a condensed report of the doings around the school in the intervening times. 'I'o sum up the work in general we would say that the "Minervian" has been in a very true sense benelicial and entertaining. Lyman L. Hann. 132 I-EfIxr,n , 'ev X- -- 1. .1'v4"' '.Jxx A-14 -:fa-aw "' .. Wi-aw-, v- "' '4:ii'jE"' haw-ww. 5. l mm YHULPF1 Q- Y'.m. ED WARD sump,-, wk . Q 11 I mmm. .04 "AA , 'K-I " V5 v H 2 0 ' ,Q- I fl rw lj -fniswfw. .. s 9 I :LQ ,ft Y' , Mu iw X "4 5 .- r H , 4 1 NM' W4-r ki ' X ' Ig ' 'H ' ,A E Q iwfiifr- 5715 ,VWP 1 W0 Iii Iflk XNIQ NI. l.ll-'li lhunu nl! Hn' XHl'l:1.1I Spluuml .md lla-:ul -rl NI.llIH'llIJIllx'N crc ix Illlllllllg illlllt' wa lwlmui III cI1.nx'.u-'lm' lvllIIllIIIQ .lx In-I'--v1l.uI IIlnlIx'llA'i' nm in mmm tllllll' wr lIlPNl'l'Illl .mx lllqal rm-l'!u4I Ivy .I rIr.ull. wflvlxll-lui lllr ul -L-rx1u'. f I t'IlIl1lNlN't'll1IlHl INHIL' llnllllvmw lvll In IHU-4' 'lNXIN'1.Ilt'Al ulllm lln lhum uf Ihr Nl. N l S ,A F H5 2 qi? .4 Q L13 f if "iw .t5"'g' '4 rx I A wg if ,-SM, 44.2 f 5' 1' v.4'l.' , ty, ,. 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'I I el 'lll'4lllllIlg School was opcllcml, ll1lU5ill' was Q I lllll'L'llZl5l.'ll by lllc slllllvllls lo llUlIll il lllg paradu about lllU1k'lly slrccls. ll I. was 1lIllll'HlJl'.l1llC lllal l.1lL'hLlI'. XYl,lU llilll 'il Off!! long llllk' ol 1lllL'CSllll'S noll-ll for lllqll' l1'!7',ffFZ7,fLF' llnllin' lll'llDCll5lllL'S. Nllllllltl ln: L'llll1wL'll lo In-ali lllk' pl-ocussion llllll ll5llL'l'L'il ill lllc lliggcrl Cllllllllllgll of lllc kind uvcl' ff! 'larlcd ill xlllIlL'lL'. llacsal' L'UlNlllt'lt.'ll lllIIl'L'll' ill 1ltllllll'lllllL' IlllllIllCl' lllal 3 cy L-ning. '-5-43-'-i'1 l'llll' a lllllL' il NL't'llIk'll lllal llc wonlll llc llllI'L'L'll lo rl-lil'L' lllltl lllc :slalc of flnlpul lllL' Illk'lllUL'l'L' so ollcn llL'L'lllllL'll lly onc- ltfl I will llay llk'I'UL'?. llnl l.1IL'5-ill' was original ,NI lj so also fvas lllu largc pci' cl-lll of lllc Nil! , Nlll4ll'lll molly. "llilll, Becomes College Mascot. ' ll ' llc lN'L'lIlllL' lllc nlascol ol' lllc L'llll4.'Qk' l t and -inuu lllal lilllc lliI5 llucll allowv.-ll ' lllc lll'L'L'llUlll of lllc L'lIlllllllS Llllll lllk' Nl'llll4ll l'lllllllN, llc llilN llllL'll1lL'll L'lil,.2x Glllll-BLACK GUAT MASGUT UF All M. N. I. STUDENTS Caesar, as He Is Officially Designated, Is the Hero of the Place. HE HAS FIGURED ALREADY IN NUMEROUS ESCAPADES Has Been Chased Out of More Class Rooms Than Pro- verbial "Bad Boy." A goal. lllacli as llllx, slccpy-uycll and wcaring a .llhll llln-kills llcarll. is :ll Ill'k'kl'lll lllm' llL'I'U ol' lllu' NlllllClL' NllI'Ill1Il lllfllllllllk llc is llilllltll lllllL'I' onc ol' lllc lllU5l llrillialll llQlll'k'S ill lllNllll'j'. llc-ing known as llal-sal' lu lilc- cnlirc sllllll'lll holly anal llall' lllc city as wcll, ll1lL'5llI' lN.'t'lllIlL' lllc ollicial nlascol ol' NlllIlL'll"N llllI'Ill1ll svllool lllillly wcclis sc-ssions ill cvcrv SlllllL'L'l l'lll"l1l lll lllc 1 rw llllIllllllQ ansl llilg lM'L'Il "lllx'lln-ll onl ol llllllll' class l'HlllllS lllllll lllc Ullllllllllull Nllilll lloy"' ol' lllc 5L'llUlll. Ill- lI"lll'L'Ll lll onc ol lllc lnosl cx- rl ciling "NllIllL'lll lx-l'olllliolls" L'YL'l' llc- glllll al lllu collcgc. llL'lllQ clclailul lo L1llill'll lllc l'L'lll' slllc ol il piano lll lllc lNllIl'lllllg llllllNL' of lllc llcv. .l. xxllllL'I' lllllkllll UIIL' Illglll following a nl'lIIll 'Q- Ull lllc llonlc ol 1 nuyly IlllI'l'lUll Clllllhll' al llk' collugc. l.LlL"lll' iIL'IllllllCll llilll- -cll Ill hllfll a way lllal SIIIUL' lllal linlc llc ll1IS llllll .l lll.IllxLll lHL'lL'l'0llL'L' lol' wooll lllal has llL'Ull ual'cl'lllly X'lIl'Ill5lIt'll. For M. N. l. First and Lasl. IX llllllllll lowaral l'lc li1lk'SiII' is vc 1: " 4' Xlnncic N0l'lll.ll lllslllllll llilll IS XVlllIll2 lo llacll ll lo llIL' lllllll againsl lllly ol' lllc collcgcs ill lllc lllllll, XYllilc llc is a goal ol low words. llc ll1l'w ycry lla-cilll-ll lllblllllllllllliv X l'L'lNll'lL'l' llllclwlcwcll CRIUSIII' ycs- lL'I'4l1lj. nxvllill alo von llllllli ol lllc 4llllL'l' . .,.. l-ollc-fcs ol llllllllllll. llc was aslacll. rw ,, .4 liall! llc xlllll wllll a s lIlltlL'll Slllllik' ol' llis llcall and a sullllcn fUl'XY1Il'll lllllYCIllL'Ill lllal an-nl lllc IIl4llllSllUl' llllI'- vying away on illl 2lllllllNl lol--follcll llllf- rl ago. and llzls llglll'L'll in so lllilllj' cs- sion. MllllL'lL'Sl1ll'- lllc N1lI'lIl1Il llllyS lllcy llllllglll il goal Yca! Yca Sll'1lllllIlgl llilll 'Saul-rs, lllL'j' lblll lllcil- t'.lllll'S l'0llllll llis throat. Ull ycs. 'lwas wcll llonc for lin- rlollars, Xnd as for lllIl'llL'Sh, Oli! il's sonic class And you will llltill' ll llllllll'lllllll Sllllllfl llll' on il llis llillllk' is NVl'lllL'll ill llrass. xvlltll Ulll' hilly goal is pill llIlllCl' lllc gvol K llillllt' lllcy llill provillc lla' llilll So wc will sing a lilllc song. lllis lllllllli wc-'ll cllanl ill lllc lllllllXYllIg llylllll, .Xml il will not llc YL'l'lY long. s llacsar. llacsar. llllL'81ll' all-ar. ll is: "Long livc Ulll' ll1lL'S1ll' goal. Xxlllllll yon'll always linll a llIlg.l'lIlQ llk'lll'. NVilll lllc lllaull and Ul'IlllQL'1ll'0lllfIllllSll!l'0lll 3 --XValdo SL'l1llllZ ind 'ww -M . W 'px . ,--i z ' ,,. 1 519-f' '1-wk ' , ,, .. A, 0 Q . Li NM f if X f 'E V qig. -a S 5' J YS 1 wb g M ,W S L ,. ,ML , x 4 va EAR E SEVEIXQWLTQN. 92 0 S 7? U? ux, , RO F' B CUTS E 1.. W W. 7 W rife: . A fav, . ..., A I MVP 'L I A r Q w f "ff RT Q 55 'ww QSM? Q Es ae gis Qu SQ 5 sm W ' NJ 137 U A Real Episode In Art 'l' ' - t 'i., i ill dncctions inside tht Bluneie XOII ay" Q 'a ' 'z ' ' 1 -Jcuse oi . o tzy nnrni S ei ll pi-UL-U U-L. LIN z ot students were seen iurryu gf n : ' f ' - - , -' A' -114,1 'Lin 1 l"Slllllll'- l'2lL'l1 Wlftllills ln Nfl into his 1"-'Citation room on time in order to escape il hi ine to f ill on the Dc in toi in ex I Bl ull 1 ne u l . lt l wi not h nt stut l el it ht iw -- 'wuld i '- . 4 ' et the we-X ,its rig . Several among the crowd were Art students who hurried into the Art ltoom, hastily' opened the lockers. removed the materials needed. and within five minutes were busily engaged in finishing soiue doll furniture started the Friday hetore. Bliss Sinclair. the instructor. had stepped out ot' the room to get her roll hook. when Bliss Boyer Slimwd in, and reached her desk without being detected as a "Tal'dy." "Fire minutes late!" eanie from one corner ot' the room, ulteport to the llcan at once for an excuse!" sounded lirom another corner. "l'm going to tell on you." chiiued in a third. "Wt-ll." said Bliss lioycr. "thc three eorners ol' the earth have been heard from. l'n1 waiting lo hear from the t'ourthf' All was quiet. "Ahl l have one friend in this crowd. l'll get along all right. And remember that l'll retaliate it' anyone lel's Bliss Sinclair find out I was not here on tune." Now this same Bliss Boyer is a happy-eo-lucky girl who never worries about unfinished tasks. who has her share ut' fun every day. who is a "Hail t'ellow. well met." and whom everybody likes and delights in teasing. She glanced about the room to ree what t'ie rest were doing. lieautitul eardhoard doll- turuiture was ranged ahout on the stndentsi desks. An idea struck her. Bliss Sinclair was alisent, BB'hy not have an auction and sell those pieces ot' furnitureil Quiek as a flash slte jumped from her chair. snatc'ied as many pieces as possihle from the desks ot' the students lielore they were aware ot' her intentions. elimlmed upon her own desk where she worked lor pretended ton and proceeded as follows: "Ladies and tientlemen: I have here a he an -ti -t'nl solid mahogany piano the equal ot' which was never liefore seen. The ivory was hronght directly from .tfriea hy Blr. Bishop who single-handed slew the girafte from whose tnsks these keys were made! The beautiful carvings on the piauo's limhs were made by Blr, BVhclzeI's wonderful scissors. The music rack was carved hy Blr. Park. lt was intended at first lo he used as a sink drain. hut the holes were found lu he too large. so hc very kindly and condescelltliugly donated it to he used as a part ot' this wonderful instrument! lt's music can he compared only to the inaudilile whisper ot' the leaves on the campus trees on a Decemlier evening! lt's pedals 'ire three in nuniher. Press upon the left pedal and hcautilul liass music comes forth. l'rcss upon the right one and flute-like soprano is heard. Press upon the middle pedal and that sweet silence one reads ol' lnit never hears. is the result. Now. how much lllll l bill for this snperh speciman ot' human entertainment'.' Une cent'.' Two cents? Three cents? Sold to Bliss lirunner!" Then -he picked up a sidchoard whieh it had taken a whole halt'-hour to make. "Ladies and Gentlemen: Look at this he' u- ti- tul - " .lust then some one Clllllg' past the duor and said, htlflllllllglu Bliss lloycr understood. ller sentence was left unfinished. She scrambled down from lier desk. jerked out some art niatcrials. and hy the time Bliss Sinclair entered she was the mort innocent looking and most industrious student in the room. The wave of mer- riiuent was suppressed at once, With the exception ot' a few. everyone got to work. Blr. liishop took a severe coughing spell. and had to leave the room. Bliss Hazlitt upset her hox ot' paints and gave some an opportunity to laugh at her awkwardnessl71. Bliss licehe whispered a joke to Bliss I-'ciuiiniore and they giggled. Blr. Park had lJL'Ull working very busily upon a piece of cardhoard. livery time Bliss Boyer looked in his direction he pushed it out of sight and at once bnsied himselt' with something else. She had finished the bedroom furniture. and so she went into the other room for some watel' in order to paint the pieces so they would look more real. Now was l'ark's chance. He hastily pinned upun the front hoard a large plaeard and returned to his seat. BYhen Bliss Boyer came hack the-e words in hold type stared at her: NDISHONOR ltOl.l.. Ted lioyer tardy ten minutes." "BB'ell the deed was done! A resolution was formulated at once. Someone had better look ont! 138 l ll luippcilcd lllnl ai conlwl haul been in progress for ai numliul' of stlcucssivc llllll'lllllg5 hclwcun ai ccrlziin young lady in thc Ari lllziss :ind Mr. Purlx, L-:u'h trying lu get lu ilu class ronin licforc lllc ollicr. 'l'ln-ru was un llIlllL'l'Sl2Illlllllg lhail il' lhu young lzidy 1lI'l'lYL'll lirsl the following morning hc wus lo buy lu-1' ai liox ol' lint- cliocolqilus. ll' lu- lll'l'lVL'll lirsl slu- must spend lu-1' good inoncy for cigars. Now sho was an friend of Miss lioycl' und il' LIIIXUIIC haul passed hy lhc 5UlllllL'lISl L'Ul'llL'l ol' the cznnpus :ihoul 5 p. m. on the day ul' the auction. hc would luiu' found lhcsg- two 'plotting zigaiinsl the whilt-s" and glppairclllly having :i gm-:il dczil ol' fun oul nl' il. l':n'li Flairlud lo scluiol :il six thc nm-xl morning l'L-cling sure lu-'il hc lhu lirst unc lllL'l'L' llc wont without his ln'c:ilcl':isl :md sau-i'ilica-ml his cusloinan'y morning wulla lo st-liool with Nliss Sinclair. XVlu-n nhoul xi squxirc from lhi: Nl. N. l. hc hc:n'd swim-oiiu calling his naimc. llc llll'llL'll :round :ind -uw Miss liuyul' lllIl'l'j'lIlg lowaird him :is faisl us sho could run. She told him lhu ripcciall clclivcry poslnuin had lcll ai lcllci' :il his room, :intl thu laindlxuly had signed llu hook :ind lll'llllll5L'll lo soc lhnl hc would gel il. Tlu' lzindlaidy had lold hcl' lo lull him ilioul il il' she linppuiiwl ln sul- him. Now that It-llcr surely wus imporlzuil or it wuuldn'l luiu- hut-n st-nl hy spuuizil Llk'llYL'l'f' llc run haiula. liursl into tht- room, und iiuluirod xxlu-ru that It-llci' wus. llc wus told no lcllui' haul comm- for him. l-'oiilt-tl. :ind hy in girl! for ai tlonhll- plin-po-c. loo' to give Miss linyt-1' In-r iw-wligt' :ind ii ' '- him huv lh-il box ol' elicit-iiI'ilt-sl l nmllt h . . . . . Arriving in thc Art rouin lu- found t-wr5iiiu- busy. 'l':u-lu-d lo thu front lioaird wus i lDlLlL'lll'll on which were lhcsc words: "AVI, lhou :n'l ii wonderful power! 'lihou piulurn-lli ilu- univcrsc :is il I'L'1lllj' is! 'l'h4 L'l'L'lllL'lll new worlds lu conquer! Thou dwcllclh L-vt-il in lhe l'L'lll0l4.'5l pzirls of lhc uairlh' l'hou giivclh lhu ailluliolict-I' such Clillllllllllil ol' words :is movulh lhu llL'IlI'L'l'5i hainds lnwiiril llu-ir purses! 'l'hou uw-n sculiclli sliullt-I' in ni wom4in's lu-:n'l! Tllllll hlilulclh lln- uyus ol thc xulorzihlc men while lhc women ll-vllulli lhum upon niislcaiding words in order lo roint ill iiil aihcaid in :i julio! U. Ari. lhou url gre-nl! PIL-:msc linss ilu- elim-ol:ilus!" Williimison. Distinctive y The Best Men's Apparel Store C L O T H I N G Hats, Furnishing Goods, Shoes The Keller Compan Johnson Block Corner Walnut and Charles Sts. 139 ,. , x 5- H. - -. murmur Ml nummn f HHHHH! mm 1 ,WZ , -1 1' mmrrvur 222 Hmmm 7 ' r, ZW I f. ,- 1:12. , - ! , -A ',Q,,..,,,.'gL.:3i5 iz' . . ,,,.g.., ' -van ::,,,1g-,-,,,,,,q..,.,, r , 5 y X 4 ,1 1 -.,,!. ,JM x ' ,D E is pn .1 x ir Y' " 'gvw ssx msdfx '. u, yvjuv Hn: ,xx JV 5.14 aww- X -NN nv . 1 1 f -.J .vt ? 4 . Mn l 'V wi f - .s d A I i bfxz..,aQ. 7 T" . 1 JM i L 5 4 u . , A 5 bf-xy. , . M J' ' 2433 ,y 9 I gi If X mv fhwgii - n' l A .-VID , f N 7 1 , f .- 1 I' C f rg ,,.f Dpi -4.1 .4 W22k7W77vfffffffZrf47f44W HU li GIi0MIi'l'RlCAI, DIiI"lNl'l'lUNS Miss Dl'llIlllll0lHiZ "XVhal is ineanl hy lhe hase ol' a Parallelog.gram'?" Nina Ball: "VVell eh- il's whal il sils on." X3 22 32 Mrs. Slewarll says: "Mary ancl Sylvia are g.galhering hrick for their bungalow." 3 3 3 lllzlll Music Class. A wasp enlerell lhe room and buzzed arounll lhe girls. Mahel: "0hY Uh! Oli?-3' Prof. Gasl: "Leave il alone, il won'l hurl anyone." The wasp llew on llireclly lo Prof. Gasl and kepl gelling nearer and nearer until he look a lahle and chased il away. He: "ll is hurling lhe llowersf' lI.ouml laughing from lhe class.l 22 22 23 Prof. McMullan: "Tell lhe 1lil1'erence helween expression and impression." XVills: "Impression is receiving a lhoughl in lhe lnincl anal expression is telling il lo someone else." McMullan: "Goollf" S. C. Davis: "I llon'l get lhe clislinclion yet." McMullan: "Mr, XVills lry and say it so Mr. Davis will receive the ini- pressionf' XVills lafler one look al Davisi: uIlllIl0SSiiliCiu XZ 22 22 Cecil S.: "1 inacle a New Year's resolulion noi lo keep company IIIICI than 10 o'clock." Bryan D. las the clock slruck lenlz "NVell really 1 ll1llSI go. l lhink il is wrong lo make anyone hreak a good resolution." OUR MAIN ATTRACTION IS PRICES Now showing all the New Novelties as well as Conservative Styles in Footwear Pumps, Colonials, Colonetts, Strap Pumps and Lace Oxfords DULL AND PATENT LEATHERS ARE MUCH IN DEMAND The Fancy Cloth Trimming Eliects. You will Find proper colors here to match your gowns "High-Archa" Quality 52.50 to 55.00 Etollifliii 51.48. 51.69. 1.98, 52.48 You Will Save a Dollar or More on the Pair Frank W. 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INDIANA 142 1 .3110 are Ill4llIL' in Nlnncic. exclusively for di'-- L'I'lIltlIl1lIlIIQ musicians. and arc sold wher- ever artistic pianos arc apprccizxlcd. lhrough these iniproxcincnts results in thc choicc ol artists and teachers. lSliI.I, IEHUS. PIANO 410- Nlnncic. lnmliauna. Ilcar SIVSI I tnlae great pleasure in l'CL'lllIIIllL'lllIII1g your beautiful Vprighl Piano, Iiavin: used same in many of lllj' concerts. lt gave Inc splendid satisfaction and tinc sup- port, especially in beauty and quality of tone. Yours respectfully. 220 Lalic Terrace. liradlcy lleach UIlYlI.l.lf I'IlXIlIlUl.lJ. New .Icrscy GOI JD SPICNIJER Every Saturday night when Glen Taylor would come hoinc from work, his father would always count his inoncy, and Glen would he Iivc cents short. After coming holne live cents short for sevcral weeks, his lalher said to hinl, "Glenn, I am on to you. I know what you do with your money, you have been out to Margguerite Hukillsf' OO O9 Ol OO OO OO Prof. Gast to Roger Downing: "XVhal is thc dillerence lrelwcen teaching two-part and three-part lllllSIt"?'I Roger: "There is only one more voicc added." Z2 Z2 23 AT THE liANQl'li'l' Girl Friend: "l"lorence. they arc passing.: the salted almonds." Florence Morrow: "Very well, I have my knife ready." Z3 Z! 22 IN MISS CASELEY'S ENGLISH CLASS Miss Caseley: "Florence XVood, where are your school lJooks'?" Florence: "XVhen notices appeared that books were wanted for thc wounded I gave mine to them." oo 23 22 0 Six thousand years of sweat and toil, have passed since our Lord quit making soil. But don't forget! the Lord is making people yet. Then wise the man who has the sand to invest his money in Normal City land. 143 MRS. HMKIXII-I'I' Nl. .IUIINSTUN Registrar and De-an of Women icicnl, alvvnlcd. 5-j'lllll1lHlL'liL' xhu :lim-Il:ul'1,4L-s 1ll'4llllPll5 mlullcx with N un hand hul nlwuyw with j.fl'1ll'iUllS cuurlusy. 9 5 HARTLEY BROS. GARAGE -"'- 'fff ' M ?,. . 5 ' y ..... :vs ,Jlfllbu X 595 il - ggggx.-..:f:l35.54 A ,I I V ' Ewa - "4"'-"' :'2'1'f'f'1'1" """" 1 5252325255:5:5555525555555E5E5E3E5E5ErEfE:5:5:g: f , E: , V- .Eiigiglz he-:-:-:-:-N-, 2- "" Effr. I'I'I-Z-Z-I-I'Z-I-5I-I-I-2-I-If-'-'-'3'Z'I'Z-I .- : Aw-N I -f' if "I4'+f' 'VI-I-I-P?-'Nb - '"""""'':-:-:1:Igrg!g:g:g:g:q,,:, Sgt. ,I :" 'f:N 2-2' ,V ' -f '::,::-1:53 5 43- :f:f:f:f:f:f:f:Q:1g',Q: on QM'-'ff -f .,z5 . V, . . Q, .. . 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Gol anylhing on lmase-i'unning.g'."' oo oo oo oo oo 00 'l'hey haul a1'i'iyeml al lhe pielure show liel'oi'e lhe reel haul lmegun lo eliely may its slory, aiul I'lI'L'll S. haul a eluiliee lo nerve lliIllSOII. lo lhe lasli which he haul alreauly UIICIIIIPICII limes wilhoul nuinlmer. .Iusl helore lhe lighls well ilinnnecl he hlurteal oul: "XYhen the lights go out l'ni going lo kiss you. Clara XX ill you eall for lielp'."' lllara. shyly: "Noi il' you lhinli you can Illilllilgt' il alone." oo 1' oo oo oo Q0 of Orville NVoolei's. in Agl'iellllul'e Class: "l'l'ol'. liloilgell, whal ahoul llllllll- ing in lhe sign?" I'1'ol'. liloilgell lliillll' several quaint reinarlis: "You clon'l helieye in any llllatf like lhal, ilo you'."' XVoolers. turning lo Lucille I-'enwielaz "She lolml me lo ask you." Prof. Bloilggell: "How naluralf liyei' since lhe time ol' Aillllll. man has lurneil lo woman and saiil, 'You tolil nie lo clo il.' " X! 32 22 Toni 'Illll'llCI', UVIIUIIIIIIQXN Muncie. Illlllllllil gYa1'sily Baseball. "'I'oinmy" is the man who has inzule baseball a seienee. who plays il like I heniistry. Ile owns the true lin-soliliei' slriile. 0, what a shape, says she like ll13llllHLi'S. llis llllil' is like "Bill's" only a lillle CI1ll'liC1'. - Ill Let this Nameplate be Your Guide to Quality and Economy . iv' '37 si 1 "T 'MQ Dry Goods, Carpets, Women's and Children's Apparel 'll Il L, ll Ihln' td I g'Il I I Ih li thl I WEAR FLOWERS QSBQE Choose Flowers to harmonize with your costume. Call Us by 'Phone We are prepared to make prompt de- liveries with orders large or small. The Williams 85 Clark Floral Co. 'Phone 970 l2-1 East Maln Sam Ringold "ON THE SQUARE" GOOD CLOTHES FoR MEN AND Bovs 104-106 N. Walnut St. Muncie, Ind. TO YOUR GROCER JUST SAY1 - - M . Q 7 lllllfgll DELICIU 5151 T B RAN D 1 coFF+:E TEEL CUT ID LEASE "Delicious" by name, In the cup the same. JOS. A. GODDARD CO., Distributors I..-KST XVILI, AND 'l'liS'l'ANlliN'l' Ulf' Tllli IJUHBI GIRLS XVe. the ilorniitory girls, having livetl twelve weeks in the straight and narrow way. being ol' sounml ininll and lrainell for soeial aetivities, do hereby will antl bequeath our property antl jewels to the following: First: XVe as a hotly bequeath our eozy anal mag.5nitieently lurnishetl apartments to the next buneh ol' girls wishing to prepare. as we, for a shining eareer. Seeontl: XVe. Irina Uhls and Nlaniie Hollingsworth. bequeath all our late leaves antl ealieo ilresses to Nlarjorie lirown and Margaret Quigley. 'l'hircl: XVe. lflossie Nloney annl Nlary lielle tllarli, being aware ol' our mental state leave our gooil inanners. quiet ways and kill eurlers to Marie Snepp anil Blamlge Guthrie. l-'ourthz XVe. livelyn llayes anil livelyn Smith. being weak from long.: hours ol' stuily antl worry, ilo hereby will our pious natures and tlelieate appetites to liuniee XYalker anal Blauil Titeliie. l"il'th: XVe. liuniee Vielxery antl Opal Lamb knowing our eareer is about to encl. leave our boisterous ways anil unruly manners to Blanche Hazelrigii and Nell Jones. Sixth: XYe, Ruth lforml and liuth NVenzel. do in the presenee ol' the eleventh legion. will our rights ot' running tlown the halls and eallings that gently follow, to Alla lietehein and Anna Palehes. Seventh. Allhea Swiliart and Bernice llunter. bequeath our graceful toe tlaneing, potatoes and hash. to Lueile Detraz anal Verna Light. Eighth: XVe jointly and singly oeeupants of the seeoncl lloor, with tears in our eyes and heavy hearts do leave all our theater parties, golf games. turkey mlinners ancl surt' bathing to CAESAR. 146 Just the Place to go on a warm evening ---to the hite River Creamery and get a dish of their "TANGO" AND "TlPPERARY" ICE CREAM OUR RETAIL COUNTER IS OPEN EVERY EVENING UNTIL 10 P. M. White River Creamery Co. "CREAM OF CREAMERIESU Phones 443 and 447 211-213 W. Seymour St. Muncie, Indiana PROCURE YOUR Films and Camera Supplies AT THE DRUG STORE OUR AMATEUR DEVELOPING IS OF A SUPERIOR QUALITY 1'F1EZ florence Confectionery COLD SODAS, CANDIES AND FRUITS 113 E. Main St. 308 S. Walnut St. Phone 588 Phone 3802 T XYl1nl is Ilie 4lill'ei'enee lrelween life :mtl love? Answer I,il'e is one ID lliing lI41l'I' unollier. Love is Iwo ID I lliinggs nllel' eueli ollier. X2 Z2 Z2 Nliss Ikiseley in Aneienl Ilislory: Ilairry. why was lhe lower ol' Iillw lol ' 1 y 1 never Iinisl1e1l'." llairryz IiCl'1l1lSL' people llicl nol linow foreign I1lllglIilQ.fL'.N Z! 32 Z2 Gibson House. Sunday ul'ler clin- ner l'OIIYL'I'S1lIIOIl. Present, Feminine Nlujorily, one ol NIQISCIIIIIIC sex presenl ulso. Bliss Nlefhinn luneonseious ol' mule lmeinglz "Oli, I :lo jusl lizile an wixle skirl on an wimly lluy like Io- mluy, lhey Iilow everywliere. I lliink llie nalrrow skirts are so llI1ll'Il more l'0IllI'UI'liIIlIC.u Demi Sileneef sniekers, llien loiul luuegliing. Mr. Hunn. rising lo leave: "I um not run out. but um 1IlI'O1lg.fIl.u e Store of 40 Departments THINGS TO EAT, T0 XVEAR, AND TO FURNISH THE HOME NYl1itc tinmls lit-cluling lllfamts' XVCZII' lhm-as tlumls lllllll0IlN Skirt Making limlJrnltlcl'5' Glurcs lJI'L'S5lllillilllg llail' Gumls lluxit-ry Nlillim-l'3' llnil' llruswcl' -lL'Vl'L'll'j' lllltlCl'NYL'llI' NY:1fl1 tlmulx llcmwstit' tlnttunm lf11l'nit1H'c Wall l,2lllL'I' Nlcnk l"l11'nixllings Hztrtlwzlrc 'l'uilct Slllltll'lL'N Nlcn'-X tllntlxillg NL-crllcwurlt Sllltx XYulucl1K Nt-cliwcnr SlilllHllCl'j' l.lllL'Ilx l,L'lllllL'l' tlumls Papur l,illlk'l'llN l Slmt-N thu Vput x llnnlix AQ- df-,. llllQ'S l.lll'L'N fllll'lAlllIN flHl'XL'lN ji l'lL'llll'CS Ulwliciam Gl'm't-I-ics YL-ilmg Xutimms Tru ults ii tlllina llll1l3I'L'llJIN Stuvcs - 'l lll-I NluXrXl'Gll'l UN l1l'll.lJlNtl lfixt- Ilumw :tml lmwlnvlll, H5 ft-cl NlIllkll'L'. mvlxpiccl in ltr k'Illll'L'lj' IQ XY. .X. XlcN:uugI1tm1 tm.. l',1lklk'l'Il llltll1llllIN lnggct :tml lxvkl clu- purluwut Nlwwc. THE STORE THAT GIVES GREEN TRADING STAMPS Extra stamps each Rod Letter Day. the last VS'ednesday in the month. Double stamps in all departments un 'Tuesdays and Thursdays. Dnuhlc stamps in the grocery every day except Saturday. Munziei' Bl! Department .Store ivegzdtbjlbrtveqbogy 148 ee ' Our Line Lasts S r of ' , W Classy ' W iff' 'll L I l:ASl'llllllA l.E Flllllwflll THE REGAL SHOE for the man who cares ALWAYS lN THE LEAD Its Easy for Us to Please You Good Style, Good Taste, Good Price The Merz-Roberts Shoe Co. Tl-IE EAGLE 122 S. Walnut Street 110 E. Jackson Street Shoe Repairing by Expert Workmen GUMBI ER BROS. HOME OF Hart, Schatfner 8: Marx CLOTHES Stetson Hats Manhattan Shirts Gumbiner Bro Muncie, Indiana S. Prof. lit-lly in Clmpcl: "lt has lwcn said thul lcn young.: mcn cam inc nn umpire." 4Yery lruc providing thc inhulrilamls ol' said L'lltlDll't' :irc ol' tht lclnule scx.J M. IC. N. X3 Z! 22 Mrs. Morse in Clmpcl: "President Kelly. how much more time linu- Prol. Kelly fconsulling XX'1lll'll and wiping pcrspirulionl: "NVQ In ' since suspended thc opvrulion ol' time so now you will hc gg "' 1 iw lon oxuntd luv thi lL'lllliCI'tlllll'C.n Z! Z! 23 "NVhy didn'l Glenn Taylor get to luke his ticonwtry cxaun. on tha' nl IX spccilie1l'?" "Miss Drummond l'org.5ot to toll him il wus postponed, tllllllilltlll sit thought ol' it when sho suw Jos. liro4lel'ick." oo vo oo oo 00 oo Kelly lsluppirig Harris on the shouldt-rl: "I want you to understan Mrs. .lohnston orders everything from the sky down." Harris: "l hope to G - wc will lmw lziir wcnlller tomorrow." Miss Cust-Icy: "XVh:1t does n pt-rson do when in an sw:unp'?" Lunncttc MvN1mg.:liton lwildly waiving her hund in thc uirl: "Sin X! S2 Z2 lfrcd Mvtlalll fin AlllL'l'lt'illl Litcralturel: "Although llolmcs took gn interest in Tlwology yet hc llI'9tll'llL'tl an great dead." 223 2 Joe Broclcrick: "l uslied her il' I might soc her homo." Earle Rctl1ert'01'd: "XVhait did sho say?" Joe: "Shu said sho would st-nd me u picture ot' it." 149 lv in x , Q5 6 L ff Q!!! 44' ' C' QN 66 Q3 I'i'ul'. Si-:irlv lu mic ol' llic girls iu lliv IIHUSQII' Class: "You :irc om' ul' llic XVm'sl vaisvs I I-wi' haul. 22 ZZ 23 Gul Iiivli Quick. lriuu. 'l'lu- Cliicugu IIxI'IIDllllL' is palyiiig NIMH for czivli unique pmpusul. 23 22 Z2 Slicriiiziii NV1i"1'u1u-1' wliilc waillgili-f mlowu luwu lrccziiliv ilcs iurzilc in lliiuli- Z'kI'S FI 11154 ol llu- tics wliu-li lmuuml liim lu Lclzi lxuux :null as lie zippmaiclicil llie liriilifc lic saiiil, "I lliiuli l'll 'um 1 in :mil ilrmvu iiivscllf' 2'i . V I -. A ymiiig lquly wlw wus waillxiiig in lrunl ol liiui. lurucml ruuiul :xml saiul, H' Lurlis allways llmml. you wuu'l mlrmx'ii." 33 Z2 Z3 In I'i'ul'. 'l'lylmii"s Ili-oRi':1lili5' Class: "XVli:il ilu we soc on llic l'au'ms in lliu Cculrul Stan In-W" Izairl li.: " Xll liiiimls ol' lin- stock iucluiling l"u1'ils." Q: V1 oo Q 00 eo Pruf. XVliilui:u'sli: "Blix XVillis, wliail can you lcll us :ilioul llic uimliliocl Cauiiln'iilg.gc plain .yn NIV. XYillis ljusl woke upl: "I 4lon'l rciiiciiilici' cvci' li:ix'ing.g visilcil the svliuuls :il Cziiiilzriilgzgc ilily, Illll all Cm1uc1'sx'illc llicy proniolc lwicc ai yvau' 1'vgul:1i'ly." oo oo Q9 so oo oo Prul. XX IllIllILll'SIlI "NIV, Gl'1lI'IlIIIICl', how ilu you 1ll'l'UllllI for llic l':u't llizll lliv Russian mul Swvilisli cliilmlrcn rcuiuin in suliuul lougui' lliziu tlic Auiei'i1':1i1 vliilclrcu '?" NIV. Gl'1lI'lllIIICl'I "I 4Iiilu'l lcalvli in llic section, lPI'UI-CSSOIQ wlivrc llie Rus- sians live.-ml. Illll lliosv la1i'g.5e Swcilisli girls :irc so iluvilc lllzil I li:u'cu'l llic licairl to ilrivo them 1 vi put. ISU C PM L, f of Banto Tailored Clothes om ee :neo gy" Sp,,,.ti,,g FA:z:AJJ5:ozS1ot?:::DY -'- Goods Ex JOHN C. BANTA .fi 'Oil S shown at all timesl T' :I 115 S. Mulberry St. Tennis Rackets OF ALL GRADES AND MAKES Gordon Sf Bishop Sporting Goods und Toys 120 W. Charles St. Q I '- munitions of ilu' Niglll II'uiclul'k. TRAVEL Quickest VIA Possible Delivery Via UNIUN our Freight and Express Service THE LINE OF BLOCK SIGNALS :: STEEL CARS S , A 'Urns coNvENlEN'r WAY" Dem arson ppm mn UNION TRACTION COMPANY OF INDIANA l'l Qlly I M X in ' ?E51:- 7' . ggi 3, 5 .Q W if -E' 7 ff" .25-i ' -T QE: ig 10.5 4 ?, -:, 5 f , , K, A w... gs-Q 4 ,- , ,R , ' 'I x lx , K X jlll flj ggl, L.. fl lll 1 .4 'lm all l - llll if -,-. "1 -7 - 'll A -2 if OO lm. If 'i 4' li M I l lin Gllduz IAIl.0R:lBogs,lhm's some dur! mixed in llus Llaodf Jenn 1'N0 wonder,I'vt been cali al ilxe dorrnllor ," 3 'VI 9 Nlrs, Queur lo Nlrs. Sunuucrs lhc olhcr mluy: You surcly 4lou'l gim- your lIllSlb1lI1ll il lu-rklic cycry hirlh- mluy hc has." Nlrs. Summcrs: "Uh, ycs, I clof :xml lhc poor llcur ucyvr su-ms lo know lhul il is lhc szuuc om- cyvry VCR! l'. 0 Q0 9 .3 N X. Iial llauwuivllawl was lacing exam- llltxll hy an physician lhv other mlny, who ullcr applying the slulllescopc. szlimlz "I see from your lu-url uvliou lhul you luxyv haul some lrouhle with 'Auginu-peclorisf " "XVcll. yes," zulmillcal Iill. ralllwr shccpishly, "You gol il :ull righl. clom-lor. excl-pl lhul uin'l hvr nannc. II's 'Ccrclizxf " Z! 23 22 Prof. Searls haul jusl ch-llvc1'c1l :lu IIIIIDITSSIYC lulla in Clulpcl and ul ils closv 1'cm:1l'lic1l: HRUIIIUIIIIJQIX :ll- wuys, lhut wlmlvycr you sow, ihzll also shall you rump." Slewurml IIllllQ.f01l Scullalcr null clulvlalexlz "Nol allways. Not il' your Ilt'Igl1ll0l'S liecp chiclicus nexl to your Q1ll'tI0ll.n In rw' fs 94 Jw 4... -,O , A:,..... H7171 ' Nlrm lh-ugc: "Why. Yirgiuiu. arrc you ruu . .,.. ulu-' 'nflcr lhc wc t'I'UlIIll mam. ,, . Yin'-liuixlz "Shiv, I lIlIYCIl.l :muy lllolluy. rw llo lllw lo lu-:ur thc hulls!" oz on on o so Q0 ol'li INIPROYICII DIIITIUNAIIY DIQPA RTM IiN'l' Nolhing is SUIIIEIIIIIIQ which run uol lac fell nor heurll :null you ram not suv il when you are looking all ll. Douwsliv SCICIIUQ includes cook- ing, XX'UI'liII1Q :lull physical lorlurc. A liullrcss is an femulc goal. -X slr'u-'hl hue I9 one wluch :xl- xyuys . Q r, . runs in lhc szuuc mllroution un- lcss il is heul. .loam oi' Arc was Nouh's wife. Nellie Rahul Nlillcr. KODAKS WE ' SHOW YOU HOW wl Drug Store hut I I i ik, ' -'rn is .. .Q ' Q lsl lsl K A . . , Av, v 51 Qi, l ig-sf Sl ' I 2 :Wil J ' Q5 l t X f wg 5 we -s- 'Q N M 3 LIZ.-PN 24 ' 3-rii, f I "'1 ra :lil 52 I - - sig, 5 - - 5,153 ual1ty uallty Plates Q if N55 rl: :" , . . . . . ,.'?f-:S'- swf lhp same exceptional skill is All "J, KU." College plates . . . , . , . J' :af E133 displayvd ln "J. X O.' Cullege are caretully re-etched: that art work and rl e s i gi n i n Q as is why they print better than .i .N N b Q4 ,- appears in their high gi rad ce others. 'l hey are also cleliv- commvrcial bunk. ered on lime. H N' li 250 Skilled Artisans Day ancl Night Servlce . -if at at 0 12 C AHN LLIER NGRAVING O. ?"fEl CHICAGO Atlanta Davenport Des Moines Minneapolis South Bencl 153 436' 0 Xl I. 5l'..XIiI.I'. l H1111 I I--lu-I-'nu l III 111 - IIILIIII lu 'ml ll I N I Il WIlI'l'Xl.X III-'ui UI lJu1rnl'tlm'nl Il Ieim 111 I1 I I NI.nuNlI'I.I.XY I II ll Xlllx IIIII I III I-In ,lluII.IIL'l'lI1ll'u Inn XII IM blllllltllt JH ,i....ii.. iffy,-l W, ,,i .J flr'G'l of 9 Lx 1' , f. 1, , - P 45 Q ll, Tj 14 A l 4 l En d. . Q.. 2 - : .I , ' , , i i' ' -- L sv-z .-1-1 ,I ,' - A fl ,mf:iz:f.53,feE: . M lien- Wa' the e 60 :CH 3 o a he 7 Vlr Mc i.. ' J r Dean 1.ife:'No,noth.n3,lw-1.5 Jusl: looking For d man." UD rj u w n d " ONNELL ART PT NYlio saiiml lliere wus ai uliliml Pig" in the kilelien? oo oo oo 04 00 oo Cnrlwriglil wamleml am Ingersoll so llml he could gel lo the 7:5ll elzlss on lime. EVERYTHING .N.. STUDENTS PENZEL' Book Store 211 S. WALNUT ST. ED F. BENDER Good Tailored Clothes Get that millon dollar Ioolr Its the Royal Tailor look 109 W. Jackson St. Muncie, Ind Nlr. Kern leuting supper :il the ilorm.J lo the waitress: "Here's ai nickel I fouml in the luislif' The XVuitress: "Yes, I put it there. l umlersluml you've been eoinpluiningg about the laiek ol' elmnge in your meals here." X! 32 XZ Prof. Nlcklullain lin American Lit- k'l'2lllll'C Claisslz "Blix Dewey, what mliil Samuel Sewzill XYl'lll'?H Nlr. Dewey: "A clziiryf' idia1'y.l GOOD S HO E S Reasonably Priced Take time to study the merits of our footwear and you will undoubtedly buy your next pair of us. Sole agents for W. L. Douglas, Howard and Foster and Dr. A. Reed'5 Cushion Shoes for men. Selby and Tread-easy Shoes for women. Prewitt8:Cunningham 117 EAST ADAMS STREET Court Pharmac WYSOR BLOCK iw Always a Good Soda OUR BUSINESS CREED SAFETY Capital Liability, S6tl0,000.00 SERWCE Commercial Department Savings Department Investment Department Mortgage Loan Department Safety Vault Department Ladies' Department EVERYTHING IN BANKING MerchantsNationaI Bank YES' WE PUT ON Qoqdsef . :XS A RUBBER HEELS 0 BALL mme To M9 '- nonmfxt Harm 711017615 I-HGH Cx la 5 AT '0 ff L GHU76 Tl0R TTIUVICIE 9 gqme B In Atl 0'SulIivan's and I. F. S. Fine Shoe Repairing STAR SHOE REPAIR SHOP Miss 'Favener to Miss XVillit'o1'd Are Ameriean arms as etleelive is tlerman'?" Miss XVillil'0i'd: "I should eonsid A e American arms dangero have around me." 23 22 SX M1'. Ilolwson to Mr. Stoops: "So Nliss List played for you. She elai Q she ean make the piano talk." Mr. Stoops: "XVell. it' it could fn talk it have played me t'alse.' " , ' would say, 'XVoman you IIIS The Young Women's Christian Association S205 IC. Adams St., Muncie, Ind. Telephone 1657 The .lswleiallinll 1lL'L'llllik'N Ll Ilt'1lll- lil'lll llllnle-lille llllilllillg which is tlllL'll ln alll yllllile XXOIllL'll. ll IILINIlt'L'4llllllllllI1lIltlllx I'1ll'IXXt'lllj'- lile jlillllg XKllIllt'll IIXYLIA frnlll Iltllllel :ill elliplnlllleill IlIll'k'llll. ll well lllll' plieil reilllillg Vtllllll. ll eiizy ll1ll'IUl'. :l llullle-lille lllIlL'Il l'll0lll UIlL'll lu llle lllllllie. liilile illltl L'lIllL'ilIllllllII elnisse.-., in well oi-giillizeil liil'l.' 1IL'llill'IIllL'llI illlll IIlI'lXlIlpf L'XIL'llNlllll tlt-pill'llllelll . 'lille .ls-oeiiiliull ulliee is il llllplllxll' lllIxll'lllllIl4lll IllIl't'Jlll. TheY.lV. C. A. is a place wllel-Q Cl Qirl will always fiml a friend. McClellan Restaurant SHORT ORDERS ics CREAM, cANDll-Ls, cicARs BOARD AND ROOMS Special Rules to Students Miller's Greenhouses Cul Flowers and Decorative Plants Floral Designs lor All Occasions STORE Corner Main and Walnut Phone 533 GREENI-IOUSES Kilgore Avenue-Phone 86 607 N. Madison Sl.-Phone 533-2 , w v 1 . . Ille lieogl'-lpllv lililss 'SYZXS lIlSt'llSSlllQ Auslrillial als loelinlzlle,1ll'ollllels.ele. - Nliss King: " "1 x 'A I"I'1llll'lSI Nliss King. llesllalllngz "All rig , 22 23 Xxvily Nliss King lllushes when slle . ."1-1 lm:-' " Illlltls NUPIPUNQ wt sl Ill to Ausll llll lux "XVell, I Uilllil Il1ll'lIIy go lmlalyg lel's go next l':lll." ' ' ' lll l'i'- cis" .Ill .. O0 O4 llleets lllivel' Gl'ill'lllillel'. Une llily while ezlling l'IlUt'UI1lIl:'S ill the lioolistore. il l'L'l'l1llll college slll- ilenl :lsllell Bliss King.: why slle alle so l reply, that she lovell ellueolalles, wllen llllt'Il Ulllllly. Nliss King wus reallly to ill wzllkell Oliver Iil'ilI'IlllIIl'l'. :intl inslealil, she l'0lll1ll'IiL'lI. "I love IlIlYL'l' Iil'ilI'lllIIICl'.u hvllill will the Nlrs. say? 40 00 oo oo l 3, '3' 4 'mnwslf Bliss Ill'lIIlllllHIllII "l'l'uf. Life :lllil I were Illllxlllg when Bliss llnseley UIIIIIL' llll. Illll she llidn't INPIIIUI' slle lalllieml right :wer lllll' IlL'LllIS.u 23 Nh: XVilliilnl 'I'lll'llL'l' talking to Mr. lfesler: "I Slly, olil pall. I'lll in SIlUl'Iilllf.f lllek. I NYRIIII money llalllly :incl Il1lYL'll.I the lealsl illeal where I Ullll get il." Mr. lfeslerz "XVell, I illll glalll to IICQII' tllill. l thought IDEYIILIIDS you haul illl iilezl you eolllil llorrow lronl N IIIU. oo oo oo so so ao Pi'ol'. XVIlIIllllll'SIl tin Iillliesl: "XII: NVilson, XYIl1ll'S alll ollliillisl'."' Nlr. XVilson: "A ilealcl broke in- llivilluzll UI'lIt'l'lllQ his dinner in the hope that he Ctlll pay for it with the Il0lll'I. lflli ll ' I i QQ Il wtf if , ar J, 1, J. , lg I If ll ,- -' 'Y M .1 'Z q -.,- - 3 How 'Hu Pilgrim? landed oi Plyrnrulh Rid'- SX 32 22 0I'll QI'I2S'l'lt DN lJIiPAlI'l'MIiN'l' All kinds of eonlidential questions on love, marriage, divorce and ali- mony answered by an expert free ol' charge. Miss VVeaver. head ol' de- partmenl. Miss Fowler writes: "I have a gentleman friend who has been keeping.: company with me for years, but who has never indieat- ed or intimated that he wishes to be considered other than at friend of mine. I am nineteen years old, with ruby lips, rose-pink eheelis, black hair, brown eyes and a gentle dis- position, Do you think I should hang up some mistletoe and aeei- dentally stand lreneath it while he is around, just to encourage him?" Miss Fowler: It' a young man needs the Cllt'tllll'ilQClllCl1l of mistle- toe under the eireumstanees, there is no hope l'or him. 22 22 22 Miss Smith ttrying to sell Mr. Teter some tiekets for a pieture showl: "Mr, Teter, ean't I sell you four?" Mr. Hann twho was standing nearli "Yes, lie'll need more than that if he takes all he has on the string. Better sell l1in1 ten or a dozen." Otto Sellers CUMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER lor IIALFTONES Flash Lights a Specialty 402 E. CHARLES ST. MUNCIE. IND. BUY SHOES AT WARN ER'S GUARANTEE SHOE C0. ranch, Rose rowlrn ll4 NORTH WALNUT STREET a'5fE1ifQSif Dry Goods and Ladies' Ready-to-Wear NINETY IllI0 PEUPLE in ilu- llllllL'll Slulcs SHUl'l.ll limlw lmlzlp wllall clcu-11 million .XI!lL'l'lk'1lllN llll lumw. llml l'K'Qllllll' sawing is :I prwlltulmlc. NL'IlNllllL'. vnal part ut an lizullpy. wvll-m'clul'crl life. This Xluluanl .Xssuuiuliull Ull-L'l'N ilu' pi-wplc ui' Mum'ic nml viciuily unsur- pussocl aulvulilagus lm' small. rcglilnl' waving zllvlmlulc S.XI"li'I'Y :iml 51'-Q', :lin ll.lL'lHlN, Wlix mul umm- in :nml lk'lll'll lllUl'U nlmul llu' llL'llL'lllN ol' raving in The utual Home 8 Savings Association Charles and Mulberry Streets 12120. N. HIGMAN, Soc'y. UNHQN NATHQNAL ANK OUR MOTTO: Quality and Cleanliness Terminal Dairy Lunch Localed ll1TermlDal5iailOn R, L. RICHTER. Prop, Mr. liCI'll lu Blr. Possum-: "Docs Iilili CVD llh-iliuulcil lu NI. N. l, Gum Kllluwurw ln thc fiIl'Illk'l'N.l Yw. :lic was fair. In-1' uyus slwm' lmriglil 'NL-:llli slimling luslws lmruwll. liul ull lllc way shi' clu-wi-ml lu-1' Qlllll. llunl any girl in IUXYII. .X 2lI'll'Nll 5lI'1IL'k' was Ill In-I' lawc. llcl' l'm'm was fzlir ln suv. llul will slim' cliuwn-ll. shi- clmwul :xml clizm Shu ullanwcml must llL'iIl'l'llllj'. uw 'slI'lIllQL' il ?L't'lllt'll an lliiug ww swvcl. ill' -ixluuu NlllIllIlK'I'5 lrrwl. linux-swil klmulil ln- lo mzuul llinl cud l"m'cxcl' in llL'l' licnrl. Nliss All5llll'L' llllly xl0Zlll'l?u llvl' llllll' was hlnmlc in wumlruuz. hulls, My, Pqyggg-Q llwgilgllingly jg "YL-5, ll wzullwl lu-r lu-:ul nruuml. but I lhink Rho IH.CfL,l.g ,luclion H liul m-slluml lhcrc .IliUllQ'Nl ull llml hair. 222222 llcr jam' wont up uml llllWll. F. b V t, I I... X I . nl la I I Ilvr luulli lluslwml wlxilv. by ruby lips, llllhlul ul 0 'l Him l' N ml 'I llulf lml nml hull' lwlranycil. 'valllllll lzlll lliv UlllCl' llzly. .Xml on lhul L-ml of vulrlmcr gum, 'l'l1c lricml: "Tell Illl' ol' il." WWIHHI 4' IHIIIM' lllvb' lllllwfl- l'1ll'lll0l'Z "Miss Allslilrc was lzllk- Hu, i,mm.L.,,l with big UW, mm.. gg to mc: I hung on every word f Tim 5L'L'llIL'll lm' lim- L-mlm-cl. ,ml then' and then Q' KIM- dl-uupuml l1L'l' lirls :xml cllcwcd. The friend: UYCS. yes. and then W .Xml clwwud uml clwxwd. l'l2lI'IllCI'Z "Her voice lJl'0liQ.H -H. T. B 158 The Scott- Pierce Co. i'A'l'.XI,c NQITICS ANI! C't,PIil.l'Xll'l ANNIT.XI,H QITDU iz: sorrn mon s'r. Mrxcm, ixnuxa NO CAISISAGE A'l' 'l'llli IJtJllMl'l'UliY 'l'llIS YEAR Miss Irma tlhl boards al the dormitory and is very lond ol' ealllvage. She is taking her lirst course in llonieslie Science and is anxious lo learn how to prepare various tasty and atlraetive dishes in which eahliage eoniprises the whole or a part. Irma is young, lnolh in years and experienre in the art ol' cookery: her acquaintance with the head ol' the eahlmage laniily is so liniiled and reeent that I daresay that she would not recognize one even in the garden. Recently Miss Irma mel Prof. Steward. Dean ol' Ag.grirullure and anxiously inquired ol' him il' he had noticed anything wrong with his cahhage plants in the dormitory garden, l'rol'. Steward: "Anything wrong? I should say not, except that we have sueh a limited number ol' plants. XVrongl XVhy I never saw lmeller or more lhrilly plants. XVhal makes you think there is something wrong?" Miss lrnla lreplying in a low. hesitating voieel: "I I am so anxious to learn how to eook eahhage that I can scarrely wait for theni to get ready lo PULL, so I went into the garden this morning and pulled one up. Not lindingg any head on the root at all I pulled up another and another and do you know. Prof. Steward, I helieve the seed was no good or else the ground is poor, herause I didn't lind a single head in the whole row!" 20 on oo 0 Oo 00 Prof. Taylor: "XVe have cattle ranches in the VVest. Can you name any other kind of l'llllL'IlCS?H Berse Halsey: "Monkey Ranches." ZX 32 X! Prof. Searle: "Carl, please give the principal parts ol' the verb "lo love." Carl: "Darnilino, darnitinare, darmlinali sunt." 159 ITS FINISHED XX Q M We Mi X H -A - 1 'ixggk gg? if ig lfll .1 X FP V ,, in M , I 5, . rid- F I, 64 ,V P 'L g I 1. 1-'LF 'E if-fy 5 ' fs 'H of -'il E? , 'V 9 'sv Q34 15 I 1' :ff fl , H' -.Q i g - I- L3 gulf- QA- , 'Q .- -' - ,, 'P P- H 7- Vs 0 ihgj - i f- ',l + 'f- " 1--as i y '4gy+f?5E'3 pflrfi' - " 531. F 1 I ' TJ Q .I I , f 4 ' 1 n lg QP jpls-if-I wa W , I bv V V Z? -will Q 7 i Q4 . f i i , V ' . ' 3 F 4 ,3"liI J., I S 'MQ . 6' HI: uw 57 - ,- I 1. in Wy. V' , V' A5935 I I J' ow . ar Q Q5 4 ,' 'i ' 'I ' 1' ' V ." -..' .L 'A MN' ' l ' -1- -' A - 1 +P"'4v5, b - - In qv, 1 -lb ! V ,Li sf! 4' u' . H? 2 if 1 ' .g -f :m q+-1,, , 1 1f1-at H . :" 'V--.'.Q ' kg f U if L . - Q . 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Folks We Know Xvlltxll i11 lhc course ol' Coll:-gc l':YClllS, ll llC'l'Ulll0S 11011-ss-11'v lor Uno l.l:1ss 1 io mlissolvc lhc lllll1llS ol' school llllll vluss SIlll'll, XYllll'll l1:1w l'Ulllll'l'lCll its 1110111111-1's: lllltl lo QISSIIIIIL' :nnong lhc Pvoplc ol lhc v:11'll1, lhc S0ll1ll'1llL' :incl cquul slailion lo which ll1c l:1ws:1ml 4'llSl0lllS ol' lhv l:1111l spcealily l'0lllll'l' lhcm, fi M 1, 1 is 50 'QX7 g 1 fi , V 4 Q . .W-..,. cqnquu KHIBERUN. ".X1':511il1g vilh lhu omlmls :iguinst l1i111. Y l'l0l'1ll'j.Qlllllg wilh ll1coclcls:15.::1insl him. For Llt'l'llllllllllllllg lil'lL'IlllS0l.UllllUSlll' rogilious vivws. XVQ lllCl'0l'0l't', the 1111-111l101's ol' 'l'h1- 'lll1l'0C :xml l"Olll'-YUQII' lloiirsos ol' ll1f: lXllll1i'lt' Nlll'lll1ll lnslilulc, in irgulaii' class inccling :1ssc111l1lc:l, 1lllllC1lllIlf.1 lo the Public :nl l:n'g0 for lhe 1'ecliluclc ol' our inlenlion. :lo in tho llllllll' ol' lhu goorl peo11leol'll1is class, solemnly volc- Zlllll :le:'l:11'c ll1:1l Nixon is, :incl ol' Righl sl1:1ll he Pl'0Slllt'lll of ll1is class. 'l'l1:1l he has full powci' lo :lo illlll 1l:11'c :ill lhings which :111 :iinhilious class Presi- il lll'l'Cl1l 1'cspc:'l lo lhv t'llSl0lll ol lhv sl-:ison l'L'1llIll'US ll1:1l thc1-l:1ss1n'csi:lo11l ln- giwll :'o11si1lc1':1lio11. :anal ll1:1l lhc 1'c:1s.:i1s XX'llll'll lvxnl lo his :'l1o11'1' ln: llUl'lill'0ll. Nixon has l'k'l'llSl'll lo hc hounml hx' :my laws. :ind always lhinks lilll' him- s0ll'. llv l1:1s Sl'llk'IlIl'll, :mil 1ll'Qlll'4l. llllliL'll :mil lrulllcal :ilwuvs with SIllIlL'S :mal wwlilailmlc rcsulls. llc llilS won 2llllllll'llllUl1Z For gvlling onl of :1 holc willloul loss ol' lll'L'SllQL'Q 1 71 xx y 59730 gwffi 'Zi-'51 fig my EFQK V2 :W X l 1 'fo J If f A f VV I 4 7 fy 'J ix. X, Q, on .x , . Ext?-lx7 !- l l ,.r TV! fffgglf rf' Hlllkm-1 ll 5501: l iw 'v 'i mi.. , ,W 1' 11 1' Ng if 1 fl " of '41 ' ol .Vfllff ,pil 1 1- Q ' Q s "1 VX-5:57 6 lil Till f K i, i -'r 4 ji-Mi' at W mil, Q X3 GL " 'ii A N p Ili an , 1, 1 s -1 ' K1 in 1' , ,. .., XJCJQ ' '::-i -. s 5 Nfl, Cf' ' l f I X l I l l i ' l Q9 if K, . , ' .- . - . , xi' , 4 clenl 111.15 ol iighl mlo. Anil lol lln 3 Q31 , support ol llllS mlm-cl:11':1l1o11. wllh :1 ln'n1 " Q 1'eli:1n1'e :mil l':1ill1 i11 l1is Qlllllillltil, xw "Hull gohbl:-11 :Ill lllt' von-S," 111ulu:1lly plemlgc l1i111 our suppoii. Anil il was the cuslom i11 lhosc :lays lo holml illl clcclion XYllCl'U volcs were vasl. And XYllOSO0Yl3l' should l'L'1'ClY0 il 111:1jo1'ily ol' thc votes, shoulcl 215 I IF A -5 f F 1 he eclitor. even un editor ol' the Arbor Vitale. Now when the cluys whieh llilt :nn to lneen uppointetl for the election, even the eleetion for eclilor, hurl ec 1 pass, there wus at putting together ol' heads, :intl an wagging ol' tongues, ai mueh tulk. yen some eonfusion. Antl ull the people spake as one voiee at suitl, "Let llunn ilo it: he is li:i11ilyf" Now when the votes were eountec llnnn. even Lynizui, haul golvhleml ull the votes. Anil he was litlitor for ull the College. 'l'hut's our Seeretairy, XX'ilson, shunting in the hull '1-ATT'-5,',LQ'II. . I . -"'-lI,lI..I. Looking in ni hook. I eull "'-pw-A 'l'. l.. u wontler. llis tongue ' 'lill-' XX'orks busily through the iluys. with an buzzing hum. XX'ill't please you pause unit listen ul hint? lle hats. 5 ,, I llis wortls how shull l Stly'.l1llXX'1lySlll huntl ,ur P 3-41:-',1'. Always in an-tion. lle writes ol' wh:1te'er . ' ', 'iziiigie lle tull-.s on. :intl his talk goes everywhere. ggf,.,Qqll Sir. 'taxis :ill enef The stuilent ut his tusk my , . . - - ' Cvsfilzif' . ,F'91flI'1.- A ' .I . i11f"J', g l he Prot. llllSllX' hu rrying through ll eluss. 4 I All :intl eau h Q, - 13' -I W v ' I I I.. V IW I ' . l'l . . I. .' . . , .. X ou 4 tl ixx loin uni .1 iw .nu .u nous spilt h I- ft gy-X'-we It ' ' ' ' I I tL"h"m.' Hifi! if - fire., I, ci ' Y.,,,.:.I Q, ' "" v,'fr2k gs 1-Juv. ' ' ' 1 A"- .,::3:. . I 1,1 gvvf7 ,fag X -if 9345.51 ' t A ,- - ' ,Q VY" X' J f XX llhs severe he wus, ' f,Wf,f,,,:f, R, 1 . , -1 lily, s :nut stern to view. ill I Iffsgg-2254 l knew hun well, so an g,f,IQ5,,AI I I the fellows knew. 1.72131 f , . -F-:XZ "1 I ' XX ell have his eluss- it ' lll2lll'S leurneml to lraiee ' , . . vts,--pw,-.1 " w it Dis rleusure keen in his x:"4jN,5g,1 f I . , ff. uh, -f' l L opening luee. , r , 5 . , . ,C,.,"w gy. 1, , P 4 ' ln nrguuig too, XX hlt- gjv1,If:,.gf3. 1,4 - .1 . I WIN uf-my kg. X WY Ill1ll'Sll o xv n e tl his H.-,I f , , ., I ', Y . ' skill: My ' ' l. lfor e'en when vain- 1 quishetl he e o u l tl I urgue still: I X XX'hile XX'0I'tlSUl.l01lI'llL'll ' 3 lenifth :intl thuntler- , l inffhsounml conllll I rv ' -'12, XX'ere interspersetl with "His lullx sow quotations quiekly f'X"'5"lt""" lountl. Antl still we gnzetl :mtl still the wonclti grew. Vlllllll one siuull hezul eoulil eurry all lu knew. Q LD,,,.,,-,gr Yet he was kincl or if reniiss in aught M ug' 'l'he love he hore to le-irninff w- ' ' '- . , .ls in t.iult "Severe he wus und stern to view." 24 ntl ntl XViI:Irix'l: is :x saxinple ol' whzxl :x cool, vaxlrulzxlingi. upriglil genlleimxn ol sle:xaly h:xhils. :x slrong 1'i5.ghl :xrm :xml .x xlisposilion lo :lo 1'-xn 'xeeomplish in -x . . , 1 . . A smaxll worlcl ol' l'ew :xxly:xnl:x9ges. IIis slerling inleggrily :xml respeel for lhe View ol' olhers has won him mzxuy laxurels in lhe paxsl. Ile haxs alireeleil his genius in m:xny lim-s. Ile h:xs been :x leaxvlxer in lhe lell hool dislriel :xml 1'e:xmls :x lillle medi- xl ' it I-ine :xl night. But il is ' Xu y in sw:xppmg.g horses XI K lhzxl he is seen :xl his I 1 is ff hesl. Ilis likely slories -lj X i 5,4 :xml vivixl imzxginulion -ff fy ' f , :xlwuys I'L'Sllll ill :l gooxl " , h Q X 5 ff lr:x1le. :V ', :QQ Allel' :x llLlI'4I xl:xy's x 'nf 'KI' 4' ' Q' 2 work he xlelighls lo , " yxhile :xwaxy lhe CVCII- J bm -'T ' 4 'ig ug ' mg lelhng lhe most 45,5 oulrzxgeous :xml prepos- ,E jifi- le i' o u s Iiorse-liuxxllng ri x KJ' stories. ':.t,L 1 -15 S -, '. gf? I xIon'l see where K ' he ,,, - ' XVilxIi'ix'k gels his in- I, Q A l 1' spirzllion he llUt'Sll,l "H ' 5 9-4 - 'xh'ink. "Seen :xl hi- Ixwlf' Should you :xsli im- whemx- lhis slory 1' XVhem'e lhese Iegemls :xml li':x4,Iilions, " 'N I should answer. I shoulxl lell you. , From lhe College hy XVhile River. From Ihe Riley School lo norlhw:u'xl I'll'0lll llxe I,:xmI ol' IJel:xw:xre, V There are Iolxl lhese slories nighlly , ' x 'I'ol:l with womlel' :xml wilh weeping. f V' How he liyexl, :xml grew, :xml i llourisheml. , How he laxughl, :xml loilecl. :xml lus- - - sled , - 'I'h:xl the sons of men mighl prosper. ' 'l'h:xl he might :x1lx':xm'e his px-oplef l Out ol' Chilxlhooxl inlo NI:xnhooxl - Now hml grown my greul hig hero, Skilled in :xll llxe x'r:xl'l ol' le:xx'hers, I Leurneml in :xll Ihe lore ol' olil men. Swifl of ihol w:xs he :xmong men: Q He could shoot :x lhol out from him, ' Thol so keen :xml quick :xml eunning.i. 'I'h:xl il zxlwzxys 1':xisexl the womlei' I How he dill il, how il huppenexl. l 5' Now he llelvecl in shop :xml wielllexl fs'-V'-Qc' IIe:xvy hammers. s:xws :xml 1-his:-Is, - Always lezxelxing. :xIw:xys helping. From his pluee rose Archie slowly. Baile l':xreweIl to :ill :xrouml him, Spzxlie in whisper. spake in Ihis wise. "I :un going, 0 my elussmzxles, On :x long :xml clislzxnl journey. 25 lhixlx: l':xr:-well lo :xll :xroxxml him." 'l'o lhe town ol' Young.: Aineriezx. In lh:xl region will I l:xhor." Aml they szxicl, "I":u'ewelI, l'orex'er," Sami, "Go lo it, you'1'e :x winner." T11L'l'1' 1ix'1111 11111 s11 Illlllly 111iles wesl 1'1'11111 11111 111111111111 111111111118 ll 8180135 5411011-1111111111111 fellow wl111 111w11ys 1111111, i11 11111 111111111411 plays, 11111 1111111 111' Rip V1111 XVi1111111. 1 1111111 1111se1'v1111 111111 1111 is 11 12111111-I11l1llI'611 1111111. l1L1l'1Ll1i111Q 111' 1110 1'h111'111' 1111'is1i11s 111' 11111 Hip hi111s1111', 111111 11115 11111 lllllliillg 111' Llll 1111111110111 111111-111:1'l1e1l 11US1l1lll11. '11111' 14111-111 111111111 i11 1Zl111s1111"s 1'11111p11si1i1111 is this 1111-111111111111-111111 1l1'll11'l 1.111 11111yi11g 111' high l1111'11 s111 . . 1 1 1 1 11111 11111'1, Rip Yllll XVi1111111. This 111111111 11111 1111 1'11us1111 hy 1111 1111sc111'1 i1111111s. Ol'11y 1111ss11ss111g.: 111w 11i111s i11 g1111111'111: 1111' 1111 w1111111 sit on il 11 s11111yi11g1 11 111x1 11s 111'Y 111111 1111i111e1'11s1i11L: 11s 11 S111111is11 '11'11111111111 5 1 1 I5 11111111111 ll 1l1llI'Illll1', 111s I'1'i111111s 11111111 111111 1111 will 11111 11111111 1111' i11111 ll 1w11111y y1'2ll'S' s1111111, illll 111111 11111 lll1'1111XY1l1Q 111111 1'il11111i11g i11l11111111'11 111' '1'i11111 111111 H111 A5411 will 1111 1411111 1111111.18 1'1lI' 111111 i11 s11i111 111' l1is 11111111i111111. 4,1 1' ff?S1f+qX -. ffpifg 1 1 X1-A A 1' 1114 A 1.11.1 1' 1 1 l lx wilful ' , 14 -M 1 - .9177-1 '94 Q 215 11211, -.,. 3 N v1'?'i,f' sf i 1- QQ' xi- N .' ff 11' -'--'1 .... . . ,31- ' ' ..1' 'Q jjj! ,l,-.fgxw lffffihj M91--F- -f ,,-, I -ffw 5 ff ,Lf 11- ,Af-1 Af-W f'.- 1 ., 101.211 1 1, , .-ham. ..-4.M,m.,, S XXK 1 1 45 . I A ! V ,. ,X T- I if '1 4411- V-11. '-"":11'23 "'k W'f"1.' Wh tif .1 fe-F 11 iff' ' W" WWW' "-- - X "A 1,111 111'111- 1111s1-,' 111131111111A11115111.11l1'll1l11151il111'1i XVI111 541111111 1111 11111 1111ys 111 1111152 1J1'1111111i11g4 p111'1'1111111'11 111' 11is 11w11 Q11111 y1111111 AV11L'l1 1111 XYLIS 11s 111111111 111111 guy, 'IM 15111 Sll11l11'll1y 1111 w11s sh1111111111 111 111'1ll' 1 11 ,111 AV1ll'l1S 111211 1 l11lI't' 11111 w1'i111, I A1111 1111 1111s111111111 i11 11is 11i11111y w11y ,f , T11 1'111'11 11111111 11s 1111 mighlf 1 A1111 1111 s11i11, "'1'111f 11111 y1111 1111llQg111y boy if XVi1l1 11111 1111111 11111' sh1111111f" 111111 1111111, N-yr' 5 ,IAA "Y1111 11115' wi111 11111 11111, XY1111l'1i 111111 111111' V. VM-Hx 11111 11111111 ' 11' 1111 1'1111s you 111111 Z1Q.fil111.u Q X -.1 The 1111111 villl Ski, 11111 111il11 Ski 111111. E.. AY1111 QLIZC11 1111 11111 1111ys 111 Illlly. i ? D1'e11111i11g 1111 11011171 111' his 11w11 wi111 youth. 'E GD XV111111 111: was 11s 111113111 11s iheyf -- 211 AA'11L'I1 1111 w11s 11s 11111g11 11s they." I like to go to school. I guess, cuusc our teacher. she 's good 's good can ' 1 bc. She 's awful smurl :incl Iierccf ' ' ' XVhen she looks ut me :intl lrowns, I 4lon'l know what lo clo cr szly. I ' K How'cl I know sl1e's smart? ,Y I' gy X 'qlkffnsx XV'y l'llllSL' she knows at lot ol' gf,,e-f YQ ' X things, 'ntl then she wcurs glasses. We ,ff YV' ,' p U Pu suitl, "She 's ll sullrugetle :incl XNAJ fi? , -so I stands up fer won1cn's rights, 'nmt's i' A'n ' exrrx, militant." I mlon't know what that trllllllx is, hut I alun't think any Icss ot' Bliss I Skinner fer thalt. N tt, -X ' Y 3 N I X 0 1, J A ' fy iff l , 4 RN f sl, eo I 'M i V 1 ing., X I I JY74 if 'ili '57 7 I I ,gf I 4 'fl IiXIlllSl'l' in ii If 45-- ,' I! ww ,ff f Ilya, - V W fill -' ' -. L5"""'E I -'itll WW ' -X My I have been free with you my lricntls. I g Q This opportunity for gossip has hccn plcns- 'Q Nt ant to me. I hope you will enjoy my point of view. Q Now il' I could sec myself ns you know me I might say things that would surprise myself. So in the uhsence ot' :in itlen ot' my 1 , A ' own, which is no tlouht characteristic, you X f , 'i fff may complete this urticlc with at character J, ,,fg5,f ?,i,fq, fff' sketch of your Class Iimlitor. ,QQ W-Q ff" P. S.--And I will lllllglt. If If H Lines for Junior Class Reunion, 1955 Yuu lullgs riclwllccl. I know- 'Tuint su wry long ngu- Olll' own nhl gang. il t'lllllL' up lu-ru Fur ll':linill'. in luliin' lxcv.-l' Ui' sulmuls uml clzurc-. them mlalys. Gul :1llm'l1L-cl ln um- :nllullu-l"s ways 'l'hL-3' was ull lmys then. :nll ylillllg And prolly livcly as thu-y uunlc. Now lhcy llillllll ytlllllg any nmrc-- fl,uss thu um-s 1nl's gmu- lrcfwrc 'S gut lhuir ylllllll lmrli glml nml lruc 'N lu-crlvss us lhuy use-ml lu ln-.l lioscm- Sllill.l'k'l'.5 fricmls ull 'low llg-'S must :ns live.-ly now .-Xml as full ul' music. lun As XYllL'Il ulml Quanrlcll wus nuw! ,Xml I-'lwyfl llmlwh. yrwu miml 'nl haul 'l'hc m'ulm'5' vuiu- an hml xvlltll llu lzullu-ml. lhc l'L'Sl NVus rntllur puzzluml. haul lu guess 'Twhnl hu snicl -lmul righl ami lrulh XYUZ zullnulmuml lu ull his vim-ws. llnlph Sllzlulfs hors :xml lu-'zs .lllllylll uvcl' mann hx- wus 'Xl uumplwinih' 11' -'illih' Hrvx' A - r- rw . lil' an angin' any wuy. llulph hu jvst llll'lYL'5 on lun "'l'l'oul1lus?" hc szuys. -"Navy mmol-- lml 5LI'1Ill1lL'llllllI'k'I1 l cam play .Xml ln-up ynung with nighl :xml clzuylu Then llu-l'c's .l. lf. llixull--ln-'s lllulilll' liYulj' as yllll lllL'll'U. All, lhcn llugcl' lJUNYlllll5f-Y still l.uuliin' lilic hu allways will! "Huw you fcclill'Z"' 's I lust limu l we liugur: 'N hc says. "l'm li-L-lil1'."' waxy'-. "Sn In-rl :xml guy 28 It I Is hitcllccl up ld run away. t' rzl3'F. "t1ntii'w I'm lvzild at hit Hut lint IIIUUQII tn luring un il. Nlcmbcr Millcr? Still livcs cluwli In llillltltllllll-flllll this gi-uuml 'S gut his In-url. ling qtlivt Ilnyduli ht-'s still liurv. X4 ml jist in tuwli. hut num' lnuugh you hot lu allways umm- I'I'0l In npt im timu tu Imw his fun. d XVilI Iiirhup ll' lu- Ivcr had :nn um-:ny Ih C Gund lit-ink plains has llt'L'Il I rlnpurt-tl with! IICCLIIIFC ull lllfll, 4 uoiucn und L'llIltll'k'Il"k'Yl'I' imc Iuvcd lu luvt- our nwii lVillyum. In lic tl GI'lllIIllIllL'l'f'IICIS nut licrcg cn wily out ll'wt for yt':ii':-. Iiut llc lzlluly has umm' 'In ,min us in our lun. Icrllaips on at lllllL'l wulk li' FUIIIUIIIIICN wc sit :uid tzilk IS: nut old timcs. hawk tlu-ru und ln XII yuu huyx wuz doin' now. XII d uld BI. N. I. days: :und thun Id think t I could misc again -st Scc us :ill l0gL'lllL'l' ld get thcrc thru :my wcutlicr. lim SHI Su l X11 nc of thc buys had tu gil d lcss IIl'L'flllL'lllL'l'. I gucss, t ii1't I nuiny an time just sut- 1 Ph Rn cm till, likc lhuy uwil ln hcl cl hunt' tlwiit-frauiiiu us long ugh Iurc wc rcaitturctl to :md tru. 29 NN ck been an uluckili' on ytlll kmiw' hc old clatssk llL'L'll :I IllL'CllIl' It-as 511 Xcs un' an IHIIII--IIIS thc unc that Hc NIIUXVL' A Study from Horace H. what xIlAlII In' thu Wiw llISllI.3 lH'1Ij'L'l".7 Nut crops which rn-Ii Surinizns In-ur. Nut In-rtls ut' XVJIYC-XVLISIIUCI tIznInIil'i. Nut gultl. nm' Indian ivtwy. Nur yvl thc tit-lds uf living QI'L'L'II I.uwrI by thu Liris' quiut stim-uni. .X virilc niinml :ilitI IDL'l'I'L'L'I Iicnltli. I':II.IHj'IIIClII nf sut'I'iuit-nt wt-nltli 'IM nit-ut tht- not-als uf I-vcry tiny. tl tiotl ut' Light. grant nit- I pruyg And gin- Inc, tum, uld :lgc nnt lung. Nur Imw. not yct tIcpi'ix'L-tl nf rung, BI, .I. Sc:iI'Ic. Nearing Home 1XI3i'lIt' If. SL-vita! iiivliuw I t'un'I Aiikl iwiiiciiilit-1' Ilivni nltl path III-on tlirnngli 'uni inauny an dug: Wlicrt' wsu thc'ilig-Iiullsc. :intl wu'n'l lIn-rc n Iillln tlruult wln-ru I uslur gn play? :is ilu-ru ra-uh places ur :ini I Ll-tIl'CiIIlIIIl-Z, Nlcbhu nic wits bc astray-- cin Iikt- llw tugk hangin' mt-i tha-ni wilt-yS. St-uni Iilw I'ni Iosin' Inu wary. Swim-Iluw I t'un't .iist I't'lHL'IllI7t'l' l'wm nlti friunt NIUIIM-i".' I'im' Ilcvrd Iwi' cull Did I Imw in-ig:,IiImuiw un' lou-tl mics un' Itinfullt ' XYIiu was that slim un' su tall? Iiluc t-yt-N! Huir lilac thu sunlight but 0 Iww XII' old IIIIINI dmw tnttcr nn tall: I-in Iiltc thc niixts is at xx-iIin' lhvni tlitw-5. Su-in Iiltc I'ni Iusin' tlicni :iII. Uno I rcnicinlmur. at t'ucc full uv pity, Uno that has ztllus Iiccn alt-ur: Led mu thruugh. Iiusliin' my fczir. Now that I'll1 dyin' I stiII acc it shinin' Narrow un' straight un' so clear, Icadin' mo up where I'II soon be ri Iindin' AII thatk been Inst to me here. 30 cl nit W? QNIII-'I faxg , 7 MM L IL .,- 1 ' xxxk L E AN ' . 1 ' ' x X X " X, N ' X W M , 1 Q ' Y' . ' ,,A,, X V "tg'f+jvm- W q Q if X ' I- H f W, hm Yyuglji-r.x1ssxuL..44nuJiagpgn1.p 3 . :B ' -- 7 Z' - ' . W-if f . " Q - ' ! J"':Q fw Q. . Class Organization llUNlI'.H IXHI l,, lflulnlnnl ll'I X WUUIJ Yiwu l,I't"NilIL'lll NIYHNX Ill HDSUX. SR'k'l'l'lilI'f -Tru Kllillll, ll. .HQXIQIXS GRADUATE CLASS ROLL VIVIIUIIIZIN lim'lm'l mu-..w..,....,.... 'JI Nll l'k'I' NUUIZ CP-A XL-Imam Switzur all li f4lI'L'Y Slu-Vlllxrn XX n ull lull IIIN Low' I H Hn"k'I's lg CSI lla lclllul Ullll .if - , 4. EQ, . AM , "f 4 P I 2 , 5 1 sv 4? rw 'a .3 3 in . 1 VAJT M 1 : . 3. , L, so A is , I 57 ,Q 1 k , L 4 .5 R rx 'Je RW iii' s ,Qi rl' ' 4' .P ,D Q ,, an ,RW U wif? 335 VTX 1 .yf,.,,y ui 5 .3 ii A i" x' 3: 2 X Q -I . 1, l ,fix gA vqmnvgax. sif A, s 97 .ff t. , 99 EY gl V. 4 w ,Zjli .liz . .A 'f-1 .-'Z w F. , . .w 'Wax R ' riff' "ga" AGP' ,few -w.,-, J' hw. . my 1. 5 ..,5f'Y .- +.. v"r Al 1, Ja? . N 5, , ' 4141" - 'PQ?Da- as GF. 3:5 "'. 5, 5.5511 ff x4 ' u 151-'cf N5 1 ,cf1,5fN:,f. M x -H Q ' was 4 ,Ap 45,91 P'-1+-"I:-62:2 L-'19-.1 . ,'Jx5?::f flaw? , -Q ,!k:Q1Y'g-nl:11ffv-.5i?-:Jfgi- NHUIHUII If. ll. HUGI-IRS Burr Unk. Ind. :lu-rs thu 'Tcnlll I.L'giUll. uf I.UNYEI,I. CAREY Wcstfiuld. Ind. "Skill XV2ltk'l' ruin rlccpf' llliilll. JENKINS Onkluml Llty. Ind. "A slam' prmldclf' SHI-IIUIAN WAGGUNICIK Lu FUllllliIillL'. lml. Um' IlliNL'hiL'X'UllN CHN-lUlllL'I XELMA SNYITZEH Bryant. Ind. "TIN bcllc uf Un- clams." THOMA S HORTNER UIIN "A puny! My kingdom fm' za p ' 33 .f I , P I Wray'-VZ lla ax1 aimigr. gEg,1J,, 3.-Pmwg. . Llvfl M L if if-' W, 'A -. 4 L+:""l ' if-f-i E'-f 'H 3 5 'Z M .""1' 1'l f if 'f -' H -lk gk., T'm,F,lg. L31 , Lg ff 3?'4" I Li' 'ffl 1' '4 ' .. L 1 'bflii' If J++'-'S I asf " f' ' 'Th' Eff' M gg". u a Iii..-'1r '.Il'- lt' 3 -Q 154 iw- F. . 1 511'-Pi? 'V 1' " N 1'-'H g , . !i?, i -I :lv F ' wTi'.- -f -P aw, . F ' 1 Q 'ffl' fl' ' hi .-,ff s + Q. F ' ' f' - ' -I JY-!L in Mm ,-I: -I , ., img hvffifif i'T1.-'J l 3 1 J ll -:LL I N fw- r+1f1f ' f :' J'!E'F ,H M M. ?f"'Hsi": '1 "i"F'rLj-L: I-lg: n,Ql!Lrms.'1-jr+, .?w L r-Ji. 5 T l'f"J 'U H"'- H' A-V' I 'T-'Q .LTL 1 qqi I lb. .--r lvl' :TU ft 4: in si .T ' , ll .!+,E!'gL,-f I' I. V 1 li, llgf- " Q 4 i 4 . Editorial if HERE is an ohl. yet true, saying that we BX-t' - . , . . fatjtvi put into ll. XX hal are we getting.: out ol IEEE Normal Institute? The rule at our sehool is inclustry. progress, get out ot' lit'e just what we our school work in Muncie antl strong eharaelers. Hut there are exceptions to all rules. Anil oeeasionally during their stay in the Nlagie City some ulll0IllllL'l'S" ol' Nl. N. I. unfortunately eontraet the tlisease that frequently causes the vietini to take the heatlaehe or toothaehe just hefore the time to ilo his work. Others ohtain a well-rountletl soeial training antl give the l'aithl'nl plotltler a clollar to solve their Geometry exereises or reall their l.aiin for theln. Anal a lew even take the attilutle that il 1loesn'l niake any tlillerenee what suhjeets they take or what gooil they get out of lheni just so they get hy with a eretlit antl a rousing good tinie. as they eall il. even it' "pa has to sell the other call." Hur tlepartnient is glatl intleetl that it has none hut gootl. steatly. hartl working stuilenls who have eoine with a purpose antl have the nerve lo say "no" to any inlluenee that may even suggest a pitlall. This eourse makes an excellent lounilation lor witle-awake, prog.5ressive leaehers working lowarml a eollege tlegree. XVe get a less quantity ol' knowledge anal training in the Seientilie Course than in some others hut the quality is the same high elass for whieh our Alina Nlater is notetl. The very atmosphere surrountling this great popular sehool is the niosl inspirin-f hroatlenin-f antl eullural at all times. Those who leave its walls FH' TW' have a witler and more appreeialive view ol' life with all its possilrilites. antl l'eel more keenly its large responsibilities than when they first eanie within its sphere. XVorking shoulder to shouliler our preparation lor life association with eaeh other antl lor our tlulies lowartl our lellownien is enriehetl. Our sehool oITieials antl kintl faeulty continuously hohl up the highest itleals in inoral. soeial antl intellectual activities not only hy preeepl hut by example so that everv stuilent who is reallv living realizes that it was good for hiin to he here. l To the leaehers anal nianagenient we wish to extend our thanks antl express our sineere appreciation for the great help anal inspiration that we have reeeivetl from lheni in the class rooms as well as elsewhere. XVe also wish to assure lheni that we feel we have attentletl a sehool whieh tloes things antl shall always look haek on the tlays spent here among the most profitable antl most enjoyable ol' our lives. 3-l Ceeil C. Jenkins. Gm f - SCIENCE-H'ee ICJ Ode to the Germ Wcc wcirrl. wicked. Ql'llL'3lbIllL' thing, lluw like thc witch you himlc Xtilll' time Your lnluvr dire intent to hrin: l.ltcs Sllllilli. Dcuth in cxcry clinic. lluw likc thc lllllls ul' llaulcs' xonc. Guided hy :nn unseen power. You stent unseen in every home. .Xn imp of hell is what you ure. George li. Swain. A College Psalm Blessed is the student that wzilketh not in the counsel ot' the "loat'er," nor stundeth in the hulls hetween classes. nor sitteth in the wrath ot' the Pro- fessors. But his delight is in the law of M. N. I., and in this law cloth he stew day and night. He shall he like u house huilt upon the rock ot' ages. And all the vices under heaven shall not keep him fl'0lll his reward. It is not so with the sluggurd. He is as ll blighted peanut. .lust u pop and his worthless shell is tossed on the shore hesiile life's unresting sea. 'I'heret'ore the ullllllllllyn shall not stand in the "quiz", nor fools in the congregation of graduates. For it is possible to deceive some ot' the people some of the time but not ull the people all the time. -C. C. J. 35 i' .6 -Z 'T Morro: UUE GREATEST fum I5 THE Amor TRUE EXPRESSION Pictures of Memory S the years gliile hy anal we look hack upon our school ilays, ot' all thc , W things which lenml a charm anml enchantment to the pleasant thoughts E" of college life. will he the lllClll0l'lCS ol' the alnuselnents anil enter- tainments which otTerecl a pleasing diversion l'l'UIll the routine ot' stucly and an opportunity to mingle in a social way with our fellow stutlents. So we rejoice in our work anal in our opportunity to help others gain a broader and clearer interpretation ol' life. llence a woril about the nature ot' our work is quite fitting. There is not a subject which fosters kecner ohser- vation or gives better training in sell'-control anml presence ot' niinnl than the study of Oratory. tlonliilence is inspireil. poise anal ease ol' manner is acquired when one knows what is the correct thing to do antl how to tlo il. It is the harmonious training ot' ininml, hotly anil soul. XVe believe that the hits ot' philosophy and truth. the amusing scenes, the hea1't to heart talks will oller a fragrant relrospection and we hope they will he pleasant pictures which will always hang on 1nen1ory's wall to llltllit' our ilays brighter as we travel along the high roaml and approach the goltlen glow ol' sunset. XVe trust that our lives and the lives ot' all those who have wil- nessecl our lll2lltlt'I1 ellorts in a lrrolession which stanals pre-eminent, will he lilleil with a greater abunilance ol' joy anil happiness anal a hroailer view ol' lite because ol' our association with Nlrs. Hogan. heaml ot the Uratory Depart- ment ot' the Nluneie Normal Institute. lfloyil Hotlson. Associate liilitor. 37 his-455-", , W WN, i . I if wx -. , ' Y wiv! 5 .gas I3 1. 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'I'hei'e :ire eertuin llllt'S ot' etlueution that halve only ai remote eonneetion with other lrrzinehes. lfor instance. il' one is studying niusie. the knowledge ol' nrt will uitl in the uplweeizitioii ol' inusie, but it is not funclzunental. Hut there is one lnrnnt'li neeessziry to the highest etlieieney in every pro- fession, culling or trzule. Thut is what we eall at Business littueution. There is at business sicle to eyery life task. :intl the manner in which we rare for that. tleterniines lurgqely our stuntling.g. etleetiyeness and accumulations. 'l'heret'oi'e, the up-to-ttute. pmetiezll school, like the Muncie Normal Insti- tute. hats put in its eurrit'ulum, at Business Course, iiialiing it possible for the stuflents in any ether course to he truinetl in this inclispenszihle hraneh. 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K ' The students inet at the honie of Bliss XVilson at H28 BVest Sev- enth street, in their varied costuines, sonic of which were those of clowns, America, Blartha BVashington, Blorning. The Shepherdess, lfortune Tellers, Gypsy Dancing Girls, Flower Girls, while those worn hy the hoys were George BVashington, Blessengcr lioys, Policeinen. liulies. Clowns and Indians, The jollity was connnenced with a strolling party to a vacant store huilding which was decorated with corn stalks and rihhons which were the school colors. yellow and lilack. The room was provided with plenty of cushions and benches and was lighted exclusively hy punipkin faces. The walls were a solid niass of wonderfully assorted pennants. class coloi's and leaves, which were colored with the season. The piano was also covered with pennants and all that remained uncovered was the keylioard which was wonderfully handled hy Bliss liudora Sample. The ainuseinents of the evening were nioulding contests in which the dillerent guests engaged in nioulding cats out of putty. Blrs. Iva Coss niade the niost perfeet one and received the lirst prize. Blr. tlarris received the liooliy prize. The fortune telling hooth was a place of great interest as the fortune teller was one of great i'enown. Blany of her prophecies have conie to pass, Another way to have the fortune told was to go to the great kettle and iind your fortune which was hidden in English walnut shells, the lioys' fortune heing marked with a hlack rilmhon and the girls' with a yellow. In a tuh of water was placed three apples, one yellow. one red and the other green. Bows and arrows were provided and the ganie was to pierce an apple with a dart, your fate resting on the apple you hit. This was very inuch sport and gi'eat accuracy was shown in the shooting. A three-course luncheon was served after whieh favors were given. The crowd strolled hack to the hoine of Bliss BViIson where they took oll' their inasks and were ve1'y much surprised to see how niuch they eould he fooled. BVe are glad that our school days may he crowded with such reminiscences. 53 -- --A' ',K.,".' '."' ..'-1-L' - . -- - . --ff K ,vwfv-+3-. :ff-'-Wy"-'f4'-1"' Vifff- '..r::t'-f'ff-.'fZ"z-2.T.---ff' .. w!1"i-.W ."--ff' if :-2, .-:-.:-:5tw4i55 --z:.- ' ag. A 1-5-2 iii.Q!,x .3-17211.'I'-23.5---'+f212 .75 ,wifi " 13' "-"4 fm " ' f, " 5141 '-93442. "v- -, in 5 - .,g-ggffp-.--1" ,'i,q?4,'1 1 -7-1 " .YN-.' if' Q Lg -r1'E.-'.Dg,3.J .----QL-1: Lgg,-.,..,5,- w,,,-, . -V.-,gg 4.5,-,.'ga'if5? ,,,, 'far wi-y"ASt-, -wf:.!'i-Rf". 12139.-.'-FQ, -.Midiar?--"'-Kftwztief-."-.?,.-f-.'fq- ,4--Qk.. 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F ,fr E..Q5n,H,.,A 1.-,1,1.,y5. ,. ,- 'n . ,QV ,V X. fi:-,fx ,.,,- ...Y ,, " + ' -.2 4, ., 1-.....' lg -- .:"' 3 7- v " ' -' " ..'.' 1 '.' .'-. "' if- ' 1 1 ' , U Q ,'I,.,r .lvl-.-Y AL'-1' 11.2, .xv-1.-X ,Af 1 A ff- ...,v,,-Q 5.-1-'R-. '-' X-...p yw .FIWQ 'ff"2'5'L1'S1'Lf"-52-""fq"!:3'7"."v f"ff5lj3ffs"f-JZQ' 2"!?"f-f PQ! 5 'f'L--'1'7"'.'f' '1'-1 'VH ' x X Yi v 74 43:73 '7"'z3'i?375g'lff'..'- fu'-f.'U?+LTi.l' 79"-.'i fi" '. '- -.5 7-i '. "fn -7' ' ' ..n.. 1 Irina.. I... .. . . -. .f- --F -- A Few Pages from a Diary of 1935 E ENVI-llt. .Xugust 15, ltlila. XYIIUII I camu homt- from lny otI'it-t- this lit-tL'I'IlUUll, I tound among my It-.ttcrs our post marltt-ti, Munt-ic. and immt-tliatt-ly my tlionghtg tlt-w hat'li to tht- timt- wht-n lny intt-rt-sts wurt- all t't-ntt-red in that t'ity. Un 4- --' opt-11ing it I found it to hc itll invitation to all tllllllllll of tht- AIlllIL'Ik' Norinal Inftitutt- to attend the t-ommcnt't-mt-ut August 25. Ut' t-ourst-, a Itt-cn dt-sire to ruturn to 111y Alma Matt-r and to rec old frit-nds st-izt-d mt-. and on rt-acting tht' names uf tht- t-Um- nLittt-t- -H. M. tluillt-ttc, who. I rt-mcmht-r. had a st-vt-rc attack ot' ht-art t'2tIIllI'L' whun 41 -liorthantl uxamiuatioii was aniiount-t-tlg I-Itlgar Ililtz, who. on at't-onnt of his ability to wt- things froni a highcr point of yicw tl1a11 all otht-rs. was t-allt-tl Mr. Stiltsg and Dana Ifc-lt-r. who was gt-nt-rally planning to lt-axe Mul1t'it- hut wliost- plans always t'ulminatt-tl in his staying just a littlt- lougt-r: I tIt-t'itIt-d that I would ht- in Muut-ic for tht- mt-t-ting antl so hayt- slit-nt tl1t- t-yt-ning matting arraiigt-nit-nts for Illj' IltllIl'IlL'j'. tlhiuago. August 23, ISHS. As I traxt-I towards Munuit-. things IHIIPIJCII that tt-nd to hring that til11t- lwt-nty yt-ars ago to my mind ahtl to add to tht- LIIIIICIIJKIIIUII ot' tht- t-oming ft-w tlays. 'I'ht- lirst ot' tht-st- t-vt-nts liappcnt-tl shortly tlI.tL'I' starting t-astward. wht-n lllj' attt-n- tion was att1'at'tt-d hy somt-one calling, "I't-amits, popt-orn, t'rat-kt-r.iat'It and t'ht-wing gum." in that dt-liht-ratt-. t'It-ar lnaunt-1' that imniutliatt-ly rt-t-allt-tl mt-niorius ot' Alliamhra tloolt rt-ading from his sliortliand nott-s, autl sure t-nough thal's who it was. In tht- 111111-lying I hought an Omaha papt-r and rt-ad ot' tht- grt-at worlt ot' tht- t-yangt-lists tllautlt- Stl-ops antl Iiarl llutllt-y. I wantt-tt to visit somt- ot' tht- iiiiportaut plat't-s ot' tlhirago, antl as Illj' timt- was liinitt-ll, I t'allt-tl a hull hoy to ask for somt- information and wl1o shoultl rt-spontl hut Iiill 'I'urnt-r. You can imagint- how stunning ht- looltt-d in tht- t'Iost- littillg suit of a ht-ll hoy. I asltt-d that an aviator ht- t-allt-tl and grt-at was my hlll'IJI'INU YYIIUII tI1t- tlriyt-1' of tl1t- airshigi "tIlara" proyt-tl to ht- Ifrt-cl Stradling. tht- taluhtt-d hoolilit-t-pt-r and llL'XV5lDlll5L'l' Illllll ot' oltl Munt'it-, As wt- lit-w around wt- nasst-tl a IJCillItlI'llI parlt t-allt-tl tht- Marlt IiI'L'XX'L'l' ltarlt and my guitlt- raid that it was nanit-tl for Mark Iirt-wt-r. thc Motlot- hanlat-r. whost- gravt-, sint-u hs was on his way to Ifuropt- on tht- ill-fatt-d Lusitania during tht- I':lIl'Ullk'LlIl war. was a watt-ry o11t-. This t-vt-ning I havt- I3L'L'll to a l1CI't'Ul'IllSllIL'L' ot' "'l'ht- Yallt-y ot' tht- Moon" and in the list ot' tht-atrit'al artists appt-art-tl tht- namt-s ot' Malltl IIiIl4bl'llIltll'g, Lillian I"It-mining a11tl Donald King. who now tills tht- plat't- in tht- huarts ot' thu play-loving puhlit' that Dt-YVolt' Iloppt-r ht-ltl in ulll' school tlays, .Xs I t':1mt- from tht- tht-att-r. I was lurt-tl into an attl'at-tix't- tlowt-r shop and was so strut'It with tht- Iittlllltllll' appt-al'ant't- ot' tht- t'It-rlt who waitt-tl on mt- that wht-n sht- hrought my purchast- I asked it' I t-ould t-yt-1' hayt- known lit-r illlti she proyt-tl to ht- Iitht-I't-, who hatl t'allt-n ht-ir to a fortunt- hut who now is tht- widow of tht- t-0I'tlIIlC Illlllttl' tilt-nn Taylor. lit-ing It-tt lit-nuilt-ss and liaviug tlUl'gHttCll ht-r shorlhantl -ht- is st-lling tlowt-rs. I lllll hiolting foi-wartl to t11111or1'ow whun I shall rt-at-h tht- goal ot' my antit-ipation. Muucit-. August 25. 1935. It t't-rtainly has ht-t-u a day ot' delight and plt-asurc to mt' antl although wt-ary with its Illilllj' ft-stivitit-s, I must inaltt- note of it as ont- ot' my gala tlays. I arrivt-d in XIIIIICIL' in tht- morning and ot' t-ourst-, did not stop until I rt-at'lit-tl Nornial City. tioodiit-sr. what a t-liangt-3 a city for surt-! The st-hnol has grown and many huiltlings havt- ht-t-n adtlt-tl. XYht-rt- tht- girls' tlormilory ust-tl to stand is tht- grt-at I-Iott-I 'I'rai11ing St-hool. l't-oplt- wt-rt- t-tuning I,l'4Illl t-yt-ry lIII'L'L'llUll and to assurt- saft-ty to all. XYaltIo Schultz and Tom Tiirnt-r. in tht- uniforins ot' I'olit't- ot' Normal tlity. took cars of tht- t-oiigt-stud trallit-. They art- IDLISIUI' t-van than tht- t-onstahlt- ust-tl to ht- wht-11 it was his tlnty to ltt-up itll t-yt- on thuin and tht- int-iiiorahlu Tt-nth I.t-giou. Normal tlity st-t-ms to Iiayt- fallun i11 line witI1 all It-ading qut-stions, not uxut-ptiiig that nt' Woint-n's Sutfragc. for Miss Margart-t Todd is proving ht-rst-lt' the most t-ll'it-ie11I mayor thc city has t-vt-r Itnown and Miss Goldie: XVilht-Im acts as hcl' sut'rctary. Tht- invitatioiis hatl nainutl tht- time for tl1t- met-ting ot' the lllllllllll for tht- at'tt-1'noo11 and ht-ing anxious to st-u old t'at'us. I uagcrly awaitutl tht- appointed hour. XVht-n I was going at-ross tht- t-ainpus, tht- tirst people I saw wt-rc tit-t-il SUIUIDUII--1llllI Carl Mt-rt-ur. IIIIICI' yt-ars ot' n1ar1'ictI hliss strolling just as tht-y tlid twt-nty yt-ars ago. A nunihcr of oltt 54 1 -ttult-nts hzul i't-ttirnt-tl. :inning lllL'Ill, .tiwil tIntti't-l. wlui slitii-tty 4it'tt-i- his st-Iuuil lift- hgitl tlt-xt-ltilit-tl :in ztnttiinzitit' lypt-writt-i'. with his Nliltlrt-tl :intl tht- -t-t-ing tif tht-st- iitutplt- t'lt-surly rt-t'tillt-tl tht- tinit- wlit-n .Xrvil wrntt- his tlztily tu Alilrlrt-tl tin tht- typt-writt-i'. .tll wtinltl hatvt- ht-t-n tlirzipptiiiitt-tl htul iuit S. tl. lttivis t-nint-, hnl ht- wits tht-rt-. at tj'lllL'tll inxin tit' thu ti.itlt. tum hnltling .i inniuipul3 tin .ill tht- i:it-t- lun'-t-s ut .tint-i'it':t, :intl with hiin, nt t-tit1i':.t-, ytiti ltntiw, just :is tit' tnltl Maury. This twist- was tht- t-tilinintitiun tit' tht- tiltl tl. ll. X lJ.t1ltili. .l. ll. lit-nn, who is ut tht- t,lnnt--t- lilllllihfj' tn t'iis t-titintry, wus :is liaiiipy its tit' tiltl in lit-ing ht-i't- :intl zill li':it't-s ut' tht- t'iv:ili'y ht- htul with l'i-tit, .lziint-s tiiul Prnt' tlllII'lt haul tlisxippt-t1l't-tl. lfvti NVt-lt'h Hi-tiwn. tht- liininn hlt'tlllt'!sllt'j' nt' tint' tinit-. tultl tis ttf ht-I' t-Xpt-l'it-nt-t- :is at :tilt-rltuly tl':ix't-ling for ti rhirtwtlirt Ctllllltttllj' thzit wht- hxul ht-t-n ?llL'L'L'5Fl4lll :intl ht-t-n intult- ptivtnt-1' in tht- t'tnit-t-rn. As wt- -alt taillting nvt-i' tiltl tiint-S, two vuvy til'tsttit-i-tttit- lnnlting int-n tuiint- into nur initlst. 'l'ht-y wt-i't- liint-Vrtni .ltint-s :intl Htirry Mt-lltinit-ls, 'l'ht-y nrt- tlii't-t-tnrs tit' tht- l'liilt-tl ltzlilwaiy tlti. l,ittlt- tlitl wt- think, wht-n Hurry list-tl tn haivt- ant-h :1 tiint- with his ti-itil htilzint-t-s tliztt ht- wtinltl tlt-vt-hip intti ti tinzint-it-i'. Miss Isis wtni grt-:it rt-nnwn tis ti "nrt-rt-nt tl:iy" wtiinain in Nt-w .lt-1'-t-53 XY1lt'I't' slit- nuw tiwns :intl t'tllllI'ltl.Q tint- nt' tht- must tip-tn-tltitt- t'i't-:tint-i'it-s in tht- wtirltl. Maivit- Stunt' is still Mtirit- Stunt' lint slit- Stiys thtit slit- still t-iijuys intuinliglil pit-nit-s. ttf t-ntiiwt-. wt- siipiuist-tl rht- wats ti stt-n- tigrxiplit-I' lllll slit- lIIl'UI'lllCll tis thtit rht- htul lung ngti qihxilitltint-tl thait wtirlt :intl ttii'nt-tl ht-i' t-nt-rgy tt- thc lillltlCl'Qfll'lCll line. Manny ut' tht- htisint-ss sttult-nts tit' twt-nty yt-airs tigtt t'tinltl :uit lit- lit-ru lint tht-3' wt-i't- :ill lit-tirtl frtiin in stiinu way. l l'L'IllL'l1tllL'I' it was twt-nty yt-airs tiger that lttisst-ll Mt'tIltn'g wt-nt tn thu llailtritris tn tt-:tt-h tintl tht-i't- ht- tliinul rnint-niic whu tlt-t-itlt-tl his t':itt- shunltl lit- thzit tit' it "littlt- grtiy htnnt- in tht- wt-sl." .l. Ntilwut-z is tiwnt-1' nt' ti plaiiitzititiii in tit-iitrtil .tint-i'it'zi. wht-i't- ht- tziltt-s nn :it-tivo pairl in tht- tlt-vt-ltipint-nt tit' tlitirt- t'titinti'it-s. Mrs. tltiss, whn tlirntigh ht-I' t'h:li'ining pt-rstiiinlitit-s :intl wtirlt :intl ustntty tit' tht- prtvlilt-nis t-tiiittuiitiiig tht- wtiint-ii tit uni- t-tinntry is tht- prt-sitlt-nt ut tht- Mtitlit-rs' t,uiigrt--s tat tht- l'nitt-tt Stgitt-14, Nu unc ltnuw :inything :ihntit Bliss lting, It ft-t-nts that tint- tlziy slit- rtitlt- :iwtiy tin ti nuttin'- t'yt-lt- :intl that is tht- lust that wus t-vt-i' ht-:irtl tit' ht-i'. Shui-tly :iftt-i' Bltirit- tlzilhrt-:illi lt-ft rt-limit sht- :it't't-litt-tl ai pnsitinn with tint- ut' tht- nuwing piuttirt- cmnpniiics :intl wliilt- t-ngzigt-tl in this wtirlt wus rlrtiwnt-tl wht-n tht- intittii' limit in whit-h ht-V t-aipttii' wats t-.-t-nping with llL'l' wtis wrt-t'ltt-tl. lhirst-ll Plyinzitt-. who wliilt- yt-t in it-luuil wtis "plying" tin- ti nllllllL'H hzis :it-t-tnnplislit-tl his tlt-sii't- :intl is nnw :it tht- ht-ntl tif ti linc tit' t-ninint-i't-itil st-limits. Fi-t-tl Vt-gat, who wtirltt-tl su ttiligt-titty with his linglirh, is now thc- lt-tuling nt-nlist tit' HtlYtlllll. 'l'ht- lsivt ht-tirtl ul' liinttnnt-l rxglllltlll ht- htitl hultl tht- pit-sitleiit-y tit' Mt-xit-ti t'ni- :i intinth. XVht-n stninutiiic tirltt-tl :ihtitit tlhtii'lt-s AlllllI'tt.L'X. wt- fntiiul tint thait ht- lung ztgti QAIYL' up tht- itlt-11 of ht-ing :in tiiult-rtailtt-i' tit' lintiltltct-pilig :intl haul ht-t-tinit- tht- hight-st ptiitl intitinn picttirt- aicttn' in this Ctltllltl'j', hitting tirtirpt-tl tht- plzittt- tit' tlhtirlt-s tllitiplin. l,t'll1l tlltititl, tht- cliitinpiun fpcllt-V tit' ultl. htis ht-t-timt- tht- wift- nt' tht- :iutlitir tn whuni sht- hzul tit'tt-tl :is privaitt- st-t'i't-tairy. tltiwing l'ltn'nt-r rttirtt-tl tis :I ".-lit-t-lt-l"' with :t t'ii't-us :intl ntiw hats xi iiuiiuipnly on :ill tht- fhtiws tit tht- t-titnitvy. 12:11-i-till Ntirris mt-l his ftttu when tli-tx-ing in thu i'1it'eS :it tht- llltllllllfllJtlllS spt-t-ttwziy in 1920, tilthtingh he htul tlrivt-it tit'tt-ii nn tht- niutltly rtituls hutwccn Bltinvit- :intl tht- llL'lQllllltl'lllQ lnwns with his t't'it-ntl NHl'lllllll Mt-i'i'ill :is pilot. Mrs. liiinbcrlin is nnw :in limi-ii'tni'y nicinlit-r tit' the t':it-titty tit thu Mtnit-ic Ntiriiiul Insti- tlitc :intl lltil' untirt- tinit- is givt-ii up tn llllilllgf t-:ii't- tit' thu t-l':isni't-s :intl inistailtt-s in tht- typt-writing. .lnst tis wt- were lt-tiving tht- t'1lIIIllll5, Mr. .ltnnt-s t'illllC tlriving up in his 1935 Blutlt-l "lfni'tl." l wtnult-V it' ht- is still gating tu tht- Y, ll. ti. A. gym t-:it-h 1it'tt-rtuitinll This evening l hzlvt- ht-t-n tn ai llZIllL'L' tat tht- hnint- ot' li:itht-i'int- Mt-tlrillns. ltltl t':in iintigint- my stii'pi'ist- wht-n llaitil l.Ul.l'lJlll'I'4tXY :irltt-tl int- fm' ii tlnnt't-. Ht- is ti pi'ilit't-ly ltinltiiig main :intl sxiitl ht- wats St-ntittn' frtiin lntlitinzi. NYht-n l wt-nt tint nn tht- htilt-tniy what shtinltl l st-t- hut l.t-stt-i' Btitilttitit Illillilllg luvt- tu lrinti Uhlt-. wht: wus ti sttitly in gnltl t'i'tnn ht-1' gilt flint-S tu tht- htittt-rtly in hci' hziir, which is tht- saint- gtilttt-n tint :is tit' tiltl. 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V qw ' i X nf., by Uv 'HQGM .. 'L N , R M " 596 T'- 44' Editorial IIE Department of Home lieonomies eertainlv has had a great growth ,Willa and development during the past two vears. As a elass we never 4111? l I V i - Y Miki laliored more diligently nor more prohtahly than during these years. For hoth eooking and sewing we had very pleasant rooms. and our in- struetors. Bliss Rolrinson lklrs. liurtonl and Miss Nlefiann seemed to have a single purpose. namely. to see how mueh work an average girl eould do from o:.ltl a. m. to 12:00 p. m. l am sure you will he interested in learning what the elass aetually aeeomplished. Beside learning to eook and sew, we learned to pateh and darn seientilieally: to rare for our future hushands when they are ill from the elleets nl' an indigestihle luneheon eaten up-town: to prepare a halaneed menu so that the said unfortunate hushands may he restored gradually to their original health and heautyg how to render lirst aid to the injuredg how to lvuy the most durahle. artistie and suitable materials at the lowest possihle prices: how to launder these materials so they may retain their o1'iginal heauty. XYe also learned how to keep a hoarding house, and that to keep a hoarding house and at the same time always keep your temper was a dillielllt task. The elass in Nlillinery and llressmaking never will he forgotten, I am sure. Sueh pit-ture hats and heautiful gowns will never again he made at the Nl. N. l. ln Prof. Tavlor's tlhemistrv and l-iaeteriologv Classes we learned of the daneerous poisons whieh are plaeed in our food as preservatives and of what 5 preeautions we. as homemakers, should take in selecting these foods: the nature of molds, and the hiding plares ot' the terrible haeteria, until we shud- dered when we touehed the door knoll. and when riding in ears were afraid lo toueh the seats or hreathe the air. XVe also found that one eould not study millinery and haeleriology at the same time. tlfor further information see "lJolly."J ln Prof. l,it'e's elass in llousehold Physics we learned where all the wheels and axles of the home were lot-ated. and whether the knives and forks were lirst, seeond. or third elass levers. Here we also gained mueh knowledge that will prove extremely useful. Prof XYhitm'1rsh if-ive us mueh -iid in the art of teaehinff and no . L . he , . gm teaeher appreeiated more thoroughly than did he the good atlendanee, hard work. and pleasant disposition ol the D. 5. 1.1. lt is with a feeling of sineere regret that we leave the pleasant, familiar seenes ol' Nl. N. l. and say good-hye to our teaehers. XVe know that through- out our eonrse their every aet has heen for our welfare, and we feel the ohligation ol' showing to our students in the future the same kindness that has marked their attitude toward us. The graduating day is near. The 'addesl of our eonrse. The throats that onee with lusty eheer. Yelled "Nl, N. lf' till we were hoarse. l.nn fearee repress an soh. 'Twill Knoll he tilne for eap and gown. The parting day's not far. "ln eonntry sehoolroom and in town. Your futures you must make or inarf' Thus speaks ,Xnihition's throh. Edith Iienge. Editor. x ,A L. vS3Ci'f5"l:i4"l :iii T14 : J' I :Nga af-1 , wb' 'Nil llvl' ways lll'L' uzlys ul' I3lL'1I?1llllllL'-lx :xml ull hcl' palllls :arc ln-:nu-. l..Xl'll.X XY.Yl'SUN L-Iwo is thc nm- gl'k'lll :url Ul-t'UllX'1'l'N1lllUll.u VlillNA l.lllll'l' l'.'Xl'l,lXli BROWN "lf shu will. mln- wlllg you muy llcpuml un xl: ll flu- wan l. :llc won I: lllL'l'L"wllllL'llll1DllIl. l.Ull.X llAlilili g 1 -' ' :V 1 limi." "Tlll'lbll ll ull llnl lIHlllllLN pxlllnl :ml l me 59 l-IDl'l'll liliNGl'I l x nlm ljuxnwlu N 'z - V .xL'lCIlL'L'1 num- can prim- Wu" 4.1 -l v giezz a t hi' 'ff -KX - ' 'f - "af" .1 imc- . 3' 491-. .rr 1.5. -wf nf- ,' qfmf- ,xn1c1,.x1n1-: mum' Elf" 195.269 ,f 'P Elkay? .af fl.-r, , , 'L' f ig 1 lv 'gi' 14 fs i ww ' Xml xlill thcy gun-nl :xml still the wumln-1'g1'uw ll12llUllL'FlIl2lllllUlItlL'lllIlllClll'l'j'llll5llL'lil1L'XV.u S.XlJlli NYITSNIAN "HV "mul to lu- l1lL'l'I'j' nml wiw. ll w ,xml lu lm lmmwl :xml lruu. 9 A "5 X'lYlliXXli I-'UWI,l'Ill M3545-,1 "l.m'u lu Um-. l'l'lL'llllKlllll lu umny. nml gmul 72f"' wulu-N lu ull" 'W ef- A u .- Q qm- 42 .XI,lllli lilNIlll.XNl "XX ll'lIu :IS ilu' lluumllc lun llw pull-. lull ul' thc slccpusl. lrm'-l llwuglwl, l,UIll" lll lll"IYlllL'Ill1IllUll1L'NllIl.N Nl.X'l'Il-I l1HllUNlS'l'lill u x'l'l'y thing am- Ullglllfl lil.IA S0l'H,XN .X NIlIL'L'l'L' Inks. nu wish lu-1' wcll, but slu 1 llll'llllll .xml Kln' ull 1 :l lwmliln- ln In-r cuz lil! ' I z W' , AJR rfig-e , x 1 ,gv G',,2,.l'- Q ff- ,?z . F .imma :fx Egfaggwss WW YG . -Phi 'wav . - 423'- l 0' lint I lnvc hurt tn IIULII' li -fu l",Xi'I'Il 'l'llU3ll'SUN "A lIllllgl1lL'l' of thu gulls lhuy my. Dlvlm-ly tall ami H1051 cl1x'1m'ly 1illI'. VIRGINIA S.Xl'IiIi "l Inu- my mrisy pruillu. UI L'L'Ll'L'lL'?S wurmis that flow, I luvc tu wind mv IIIHIIHI up, ALINIJA WIIJMAN "U'lwtIL'1L'l'YcF wcll m-cds nut:1nmfI1ur'spr:1isL -' .UNA MII,l.lili .XSliNA'l'lI .lliWliI,l, "Hur lu-uuty uwuld lmlu hcl' fuulh. If slw had faults tu find." IJRANKIES SHISILX "Vz1l'in-ky is what wv ncccl in nur Domus 61 History of the Household Economics Class of 1913-15 1 wus Ll l11'z111til'ul 111111111111 llllj' i11 15113 111111 1111- college lvuihling sl111we11 15215 111:1g11ili1'1-11tly ll1l'Ul1Q11 thc 1l'L'l'S 111111 Slll'llllllCl'y. over it llI'Ul1l1ly wz1y1'1l 11111 Glory to grcct 1111- l1ost ol' "1111w Slll1l0IllS.H who 111111 111111111 their r N xx'11ytl1itl11-1' l-l'Ul1l ull I12ll'1S ol'1l11' wo1'l11, intent upon Qilllllllg l111owl1-1lg1- wl1i1'l1 v1'o11l1l l11'lt1'1' lit 11111111 to giupplc with the Il1'UlllL'1l1S ol' lil'1'. 1'1l'UIl1 lllllllllg 1111- throng 11111111 sonic tl1i1'ty lusscs, who saw thc 111-1-11 ol' ll'i1lllll1g 111111 1111- :11ly1111t11g1's ol' living well y01's1'1l i11 the urls ol' 111111111 lllillilllg, 1'11list1'1l i11 1111- 11ous11l1ol11 1':l'11ll17lll1l'S llluss lll1'lCl' 1111- s11p1-rx'isio11 ol' Bliss 11111lll1S17l1. lfirst they w1'1'1' i1111'o1lu1'1'1l to the svcnes ol' Illllllj' l1LlI'l1 lillllglll. 11111 viv- l1ll'l1lllS hultles. the 111o1111l 111111111111-11 Kkflflkillgx l1ll10l'1ll01'y. Here 11021111085 111111 1lI'l1Cl' 1.w1'1- thc lirst rules, so x1'l1it1- lll1ll'Ul'lllS 11on111'11, they w111'1- i11st1'u1'te1l 11s to 1111- lllL'l'll1lll1Sll1 ot' 1111- w1'11111111s ot' XYLll'l'ill'C, taught how to li1'11 1111 1111-11 witl1o11t 1111 CXIIll1S1Ul1 111111 giwii explicit 11ir1'1'tio11s l'o1' lllL'11Sl11'11lQ. 1-o111l1ini11g 111111 r1-lo111li11g 111111 rules for l'lll'C. 11:1111ely. "1lisl1 XY1lSl11l1Qu 111111 other 1l1't11ils. Noxl thcy w111'1' shown i11to ll W1-ll 111l11ipp1'1l 1710111 1111111111 with 1liss1'1'ting 1:11111-s. lo1'l11-1's 211111 1lu1'1'1' looking ".l1ll'liS-111-1110-ll11X.u yx'l1i1'l1 11roye1l 11111111 p1'1'ssi11g ll11' triggcr to I11- SCNYlllQ 111111'l1i111-s. 1Ji1'1-1'ti1111s tor prolici' use ol' 1111 1llllllCll1L'1llS ol' XY:ll'l.L1I'L' w1-1'1- gin-11, illlll Lll'll1Cl1 with 1:1110 1110llS11l't'. 111-01111: llll't'2ll1 111111 s1-issors. our 111'z11'ti1'1- hcgun. llllllilllgj 1l2l11112lQL'S for 1111- u111'ortu1111t1- 11111111--si1'l1 oncs to usc i11 111111111 nursing illlll llllllilllg tl11' tiniest stit1'l11's i11 lll'l1lil'll 111-:11'ts. Quito ll 1'i1'z1l1'y l1c1'a11111' :1l1p111'1'11l i11 thc st1'il'1' lor 1'+'s. 1111-11 was 9l'G1i1I1Q for sonic 111-xx' tou1'l1 ol' :11't to 114111 Ll 1listi111'ti1111 to l11'1' g:11'111e11t. xxiiulow Slllllllllllg 111-1'111111' thc 1-2111 Llllll Nliss S111l'lil11'.S z11'tisti1' l:1st1-s w1'1'1' 1'o11s11lt111l 111 t'll1lUSll1Q 1lll1'I11UI1lUl1S or l'Hll11'1lS1l1lQ colors or ll suhtle lll'O150l'- tio11 i11 so1111' 111-sign. XYl1ile 111118 1-11g:1g1-11 some 140111111 th:1t 1111110 ll wc11lll1 ol' 11111111110 1'1'li1's might he 1-opi1-11 i11 the l-U1'lll 111' lfgiyllllllll polt1'1'y. 11're111'l1 111111 1111111111 l1:1sl1ets 111111 Illllllj' "111z1st111'pi1'1'11s" w1'1'1- l11'o1l111'1-1l. 13111118 l'o1' thc "l1o1111' 111-1-o1':1tio11" werc cxe-1'1ltc11 111 thc shops u111l1'1' 1J1'Ull. 811111111-1', hut su1'l1 il 111181 wus 1'a1is1-11 hy tl11- 12111111 tiring ot' l'1-1111111110 1UIlgl1L'S 111111 it wus 11111115.2111 111lx'is11l1l1' to llllllil' ll l'lll1l1l'L' 111111 1-x11111i1111tio11 to 11s1'1'1'ta1i11 il' any 111ll'Illl'l1l 1lLll'1L'Illll 111-1'11111:1l111l thc 11l111os11l11'1'1'. A1'1'o1'1li11gly P1'ol'. 'l'11ylo1"s ll0XX'C1'l'lll 1111111 glass, thc 1l1ll'l'USL'1lllU. wus s11111111o111-11 hut it 1'1-y011l1'11 11111110 l11'lpl'ul 1111111 l1Ll1'l11l'll1 l1111't1'1'i:1. so wo 1'1'st1'1l 1-usy lllll' il ti1111'. taking ll l1oli1l11y 111111 :11'1'1'11ti11g llll i11yit:1tio11 to 1111- Senior l1:1lloxy1-1'11 pzirly. NN11L'1'L' c:11'l1 111111 11111 111021511113 ol' hcing i11t1'o1lu1'1-11 to tl11- Ullly hut x'1'1'y 1listinguisl11'1l QL'llllGll1Llll I1l'CS6l11, "'1'l111 S111-l1'to11 111 A1'111o1'." Xxvlllll 1':111se1l his ghastly Z1Ill1C2ll'ill1CL', too ll1llCll outing. loo littlc or 110110 ut 1111? 'l'o 21111111 Cilllllllg to his 1-1111, lhcy en- 1le:11'o1'e11 to l1'a11'11 1111- l'0lllllUSl1lU11 ol' thc llllllly l'oo11 stul1's. 111111 upon 111:1l1i11g 1'l11-111i1'11l 1lI1llj'lSlS liflllllfl 1110111 Ctllllilllllllg l1z11'111l'11l 111'0sc1'yz1tiy0s 111111 11111111111- :111ts. l.ct's luiyc "pure l-H011 only." Alter 21 y1'z11"s 1'o1111ucst 111111 lllillly victories won, good hycs were sz1i1l Llllll 1-:11'l1 look l161llll'llll'0 for the SlllllIl1Cl' x':11'11tio11, only six of the I1llIl1179l' l'C1l1I'll1IlQ.f in thc Zlllllllllll. Illlilly being 1'o11te11t with il little l111owl1111ge. others going l'o1'tl1 to s1'z1ttc1' the good se1'1l. hut 1110 1':111l1s w111'c lille11 by 11ew1'o111e1's 62 nnfl s111110 twenty llll'l in tl10 llllllllllll ot' llllbl to 0l01't 11Il'i1'01's lor tl10 80111111 ym-111' XX'llll'll w :is to lllC1lIl so lllll4'll ln ull. lllll'lllQ.1 tl10 y0:11' lllllt'll was 1'0a1lix01l l'l'Ulll ll10ir lnlmi' untl Illillly new pruj00ls w0r0 llllCllllllL'll. 'lllllll ul' a10l11:1l 0xp01'i01100, tl10 runiiing nl' ll11 Gibson Iluuse, llmugli 1lill'i011lt, p1'm'01l ll Ql'L'lll Slll'l'L'SS, Blllt' Nl11111lz1ys 111'0 to l10 ll thing ol' tl10 past 1l110 tu s0i0ntili0 llllllll work lllll'Sll0tl. 'l'l10 IllllI'liL'llllQ liI'UlllClll wus 1l011lt witl1 wry s11000ssl'11lly ll lllt'l'C will 110 no 11001l for any IllL'IllllL'l' ol' tl10 class ln1-inff 1l01'0iv01l us lu tl11 3 lllltl wuilli ol il l:1l11'11'. lor Nliss htr11n0l1s 111st1'111'ti11ns i11 l0xtil0s w0r0 V111 tl1111'n11gl1. 1716 niillincry upeiiing 1':111s01l quite ll s0ns:1li11n 11s tl10 girls 0:11110 tllll in tl1011' l0sl1x'0 llplVll'l'l l'l'i'lllCll lll'ltl0l' Miss Nl0l11n's XX'1lll'l1l.lll 0y0. Vllllilllggll 11111 l'k'2llly to go out :intl Illt'0l ll10 XYUl'lll'S l1a1ttl0s. ll l'roli0 Slll'll 11s only :1 "lx11 party" :1tTc11'1ls wus one nut to l10 l'Ul'QOllCll. "'l'l10 way to il lll2ll1'S llL'2lI'l is tlirungli l1is sl11111:10l1." su 0110l1 strm'0 lui ltCl'l'Cl'llOll in ll10 url ul' 0noli01'y, this lmcing 1l01111111sl1':1t01l 1l111'i11g lllt' lust w00l1s ul' tl1c j11yl'11l svlnml y0z1r in ll10 1111l1li0 lllllIl6I'S so w0ll Illlllllllll illlll so lnstily s0rx'01l by tl10 Senior l7111110sli1' SClL'lll'L' girls. The y02ll' 0:11110 to il close will1 llllllly I'0Ql'ClS ll1:1t it wus Ll imrting, lllll 11101n111'i0s ol' tl10 lllllllly flaiys sp0nt togetlicr will ulwnys lingcr unxl tl10 llil'llll and many other 2lll'1lll'S ut' the class went to Illlllit' tl10 spirit XYll1ll it sl11111l1l l10 und w0 ure ut "NlitliL'l'X ut' lTlX1'llllN. llllllglllllllx annul 1110. lJtlll1U5llL' SL'lL'llL't'. Xl, N. l." YlYlL'lllll! lfowlvr. 253251 " 5- '35s .:"' X 4 451999 fx D f A I 1 1 , K f- 1 , f , X4 fir AX N A W it 1172,-1-5. , 1 N, R Wit-lift tl 4 X0 Y 4195 llt X ' s- 1 I.. , ..1 R ...- ,N QP.- al-dU9l'1 cxncl 'lCl'1e class lou l-1s with OU, Svveefv and you sweet: 113 5 , olonef 3 ,E ,, 1. ," ,,,-,e- ., ,113 , gg L qv,-3,-X I v a f 1 I-ll 'JQZEQQ ,TG -s,wY'j.f' V' P I 1,111 4 f. Hur, ,IU . . .1 A ,J .K-..,5,M - X -. N - X 41941, ,ll'f.! ,guxxx X x xx X 4 fl if ,. fbgff 'I QQXHEQ XXXR 9 N Q if , ,ifjulr . . AL..-1 . .V V ,f,f?14S RN f f' x Q ,. 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Q lf! .2 , , 7 - " ' X i . .e ., , . 'lr " ' Y' ' i ' ' ' 991' l '. s. bf . 4. 1 -mg. -' .5 ,: Lu, I Class Will Airs. liungm li. llic llllIll'l'SlQllUll nicmlwrs ul' lhc Dumcslic Sciciivc Class ul' 'l5. lacing in inipcrfcvl hcnllh :mil ul' unsuuml :incl inilispuswl mincls, mcmury, llllllglllllllllll :mul llIl1ll'l'SlilIllllllQ, :incl cunsiclvring lhc uncer- lninly ul' ch-nlh. ilu puhlish lhis, uui' lzisl will nnll lcslznncnl. us lulluws: l. I. Nlailic lllwunislcr, ilu ln-rchy lwquczilli my grip-suck ul' l1'znx'cling lrunk lu Prul. 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S. l. l"rz1m'cs Slicru. flu ln-rvliy lu-quczllli lu lhc IIHIIHIQCI' lui' lhzil iluy. my slizirc ul' lhc laipiuvai puilrling which l inzulc al lhc Gihsun House. ll. I, Amlclnirlv Nlvliuy. ilu In-relay lmequezilli lu :inyunc clvsiring il my shalrc ul' lhv mush which Nlaillic lriell ul the Gihsun Iluuse. lll. l. Alinilu XVi1linzin, ilu licrchy heqllvzilli my "l:iilu1' lacks" lu Acleluiclv. ll. l, Alice liingliuin, flu licrchy liequeailli lo lhe .lunior class my slrung clusirc tu wash dishes. ll-1 12. I, I.m'1i Iiailwr, ilu licrvlny lwqm-zilli lu llu- .llmim I-lziss mv ZIIIIIIIN' lu zllw Imllcrlmaills amll i'uI1'cc. ' 1-- ' I-I V 1 U -..-- 1.3, I, Kuna Llglil. ilu Iltltlbj Ilkllllldlll lu my lI.lfNNlll1llL'S mv ulnlllx' lo xxorli llQl'L'L'ilIlIy with "IJusly." , . , . 14. I, bzullc XXIISIIIRIII, ilu lu-rclry In-qilcanlli lu llu- 11.155 mx .IIIIIIIX .mil luvc fm' laiumlcring silk wuisls. 15. I. Vivicnnc I'l0XYICl', ilu Iwrclvy lwqucaulli my 4-lass liislmw' ln lic rvml ln' my vlnssinallcs m VCCIIIIIIIQ llu- plczismil lluys spvnl .ul NI. N. I. . v - lla. I, I,zllll':l XX ulson. ilu lwwlry IIl'lIlll'1llI1 my IIICZIN :mul lmmx'lcalg.gc QZIIIIUI IIIVUIIQII Inc mliviilcsl cquailly :mmng my l'ului'c l'cllmx'-slilll-11-i's. 17. Luslly, wc ull lwquculli lo I'rul'. Iiurlmm nur ilcm' Nliss Ilnlminson. XViln0ssc1l lllis Isl mluy ul' .Ium-. Nim-lcvn llumlrcel I"il'li-1-11. llIIIlllNlS'I'l'IIl, IfUWI,liIl. SUl'lI.lN'. IIIQNGIC. .lliXYI-Il,l,. SlXl'lill. IIIIUNYN. I,IGII'I'. IMIIICII. ISINGHANI. 'I'IIHNll'SHN. NIL-Ii.XY. WIIFNIXN. XYI'I'SRl.XN. Slllillk. NI'.X'l'SUN, NVlll1L'SSL'1sZ I UIDIINIIIUI' lllv all-umL'r5 nl' an :ww ilixli :uw in 1l:ll' llllDI'L' iiilcrwliiig vx 1-nl lham llic ml1wm'c1'y ul an sluri ful' xlixlu-N lIlt'l'L'1lNL' lliu Nlllll of Immun L'I1'I1lj'11lL'll1. wllL'i'i-:is lln-Vu XIII' :always lIIL'IIIXll1'N1llI'5 luIM'NL'L'lI. - 'I,L'lINL'f'. IllI,I.Y WIKIHS. l.INlJ.X HIGHS, ISIIHWNY I'lll.l,. fa I 1 " - If ff? ,I 415 Class Prophecy S I lay in my lminnmoh mio sum- if 1. I ' ' , ,- Q mor ovonmg XVIIII lho sull mmm- .' ' . . . . F .AP 3 Iighl SlI'C1lIlllllf.Q Ihruugli lho ymos 55 :mil lho omil lmy lrroozo hoing wailloil .3 . . . Q43 almul. my mmml lmoozimo I'CIlllIllSl'L'Ill. rg Nly lhoughls wmuloroml lmoli In lho A lmsy. happy ilziys all nhl NI. N. I. xyilh lho 'I " ' 0 ,'-. bonim' Ilmnoslio girls. :mal lhon my ' . 'g 4" lhougglils luoli wings. 1 X T -tfxx 'I'hoy lloyy In il oily ul' l'CSllI0lll'L'S in , ' CziIil'm'nizi whoro Asonolh .lowoll hml la I ohoson hor homo. Iarmul :mil spuoiuiix 1' . . . . -, M, XIV-j :mil whoro sho was KIISIICIISIIIQ Imspilullly It X X " Q mosl gonorolislv. 'I ' likiw Il lho sumo lily m lho Lmnogio I,1- Q1 , X ,ig . . ,. . . 9 42, f 'I lrrury was I'2lIlIl lhmnpson. I'1lIIl1lIll m lf?-1 -' lho roulizanliun of lho ilroaim ul' hor lilo. :is Ilhiol' IIISIICIISUI' ul' I.llk'l'1lllll'L'. I-'zirllioi' up tho omlsl in Urogmi was Saulio XYilsimm, onjoying, lho IIICZIS uros ul' lilo in hor own way. I'II'UIll hor I lournoal Ihnil Ifllzi Souhzm haul oun lrzioloml Iho USIIUCII mamiaf' :mil was pursuing lhail ouurso wlioiioyoi' pussililo. Un ai cross oounlry lrip whoro lho hills :mil mounluins, sky, lroos :mil lmmli oumlminoml imihing :mo lroamlilul soono zillor amollior, ai yymnmi was clis ouyorocl in lhoil' miilsl, lvusily yyurliiiig all hor ousol. In ai nom' oily in Iho All Nlusoum woro sovorzil pioluros imirkorl YIYICIIIIC l"myIoi'. In ai oily in oluso pruximily lo our Almai Nluloi' was Iiililh Bongo, lho nhl ziwislmil In hor IIIISIIRIIIII, lmying lust mano ul' hor ollioionoy ns an hnmo IIILIIQCI nm' mmo ul' hor ohanrm :is ai husloss. Ilialing IIIVUIIQII Iho purh in an Ill'1llllII'lIl Iimuusino was I'aiulino Iirmyn Rllllllll' lohl mo lhall sho haul 1'oooix'o1l ai lilo lioonso Im' SllllL'I'YIS0l' ol' Ilumoslim Soionoo :mil Agl'Il'llIllll'C. In ai humo which haul oyory mlirk oulsiilo amll insiilo ul' omnI'ui'l zmcl ooh yonionoo. I-'i':moos Shom roignoml Quoon of lho Homo. with im xiii' ol' ocmlonl monl mul Imppinoss. A Iwo-slm'y lmihling ouyoring an Inluoli. :mil flollioailoml lo IIUIIIUSIIK Soionoo. noxl prosonloml ilsoll' lo my lamoy. Alioo Iiinglimn was Iho populaii Slipoiwism' :mil was oomluoIing.5 ai oluss in Inslilulimul Choking. XYhilo Iuoking nyoi' lho oily I mmliooil ai sign ocmspiouously oxhihiloml "Rolls :mil liullor Ilaills I.il4o NI. Clironislor I'so1I lo Millie." I loarnoil lhz NI. l.lll'0lllSIOI' haul mznlo il yaisl lorluno, rollroil Irum Ivusmoss amml llvocl m 1 IIILIQIIIIICCIII humo on Iho hill. 'I'hon my lamoy llow lo zi Now Englaml oily yylioro lhoro woro mzmy Izirgo inslilulicms. l'1nm lho rusloi' ol' uno ol' lhp larger liospilzlls I saw lho nzimo Alimhl XVicIm:m, Iliolilizm. My llmoy wzimloroml lo I"lm'i1lu whoro Virginia Sauer prosiilccl OVCI' 1 lili large plantation, often answering a "long distanee eall." 'l'hen my laney llitted about rather hastily. ln one small village Verna Light was demonstrating to the women "The Dillerent Modes of Preservation of Food." Her work eovered many loealities and many subjeets. and was under the supervision ot' one ol' the Extension Departments. Near here, Laura XVatson was instructing the girls along the line of sewing and eooliingg and proving a great benelit to the eommunity. During my wandering.5s l often heard ol' the tennis ehampion, Flora Nliller. and of the trophies won at the tournaments. A house party at the home ot' Esta Harris was a most delightful atTair. Here were the girls who had shared our joys and sorrows and tarried alter our departure, to gain more wisdom. lt seemed good to see liertha Burton at the piano again, to hear lilla Trout and Usa NVoodring in reparlee, joined by Daisy XVilliamson. Lora liaker, and lilaneh lfenniinore. and to again lie with the eharming hostess. Then my thoughts dwelt upon the head ot' this Department. who to us. will always be "Bliss Robinson." l thought ol' how she had lullilled lo a eertain degree through us. a dream ol' hers in the past. Now she has opened her own future ot' glorified womanhood. She has dreamed her own dreams and made ber own prophesies. and may they all eonie true. Nlay eaeh member ol' lhe elass ol' '15 be as l'ailht'ul to her duty. as sweet in spirit. as noble in motive. as her devoted inslruetor has been. The moonlight streamed on, the bay breeze walled on. bill lhe drealner roused. She hoped in all sineerity that Adelaide Nleliay the last to enter the elass, would not be behind her elassmates, but keep abreast, and together lighten the eares ot' those about, and leave the world better for their having lived. n i i l I . I 67 fW23fUl,f'ki ziihlbffmz Q US XA,, Q me -v 69 F' Z 2 A -1 'C A - fn -- 2 -I 'ff I .a A Z .-. V, -- -.. in A A w Ili H ac - 2 P F' LD ... F l"' Vv .. 0 an .. 6 o YI l.lllllNG lSl'llTON lla, two accomplishmcnts that are most suited to each other f "whittling" nalanual Trainingi and whistling. Editorial 1 l is not many years since a college animal containing a section devoted t to "Manual Arts" would have been very umlsual. At present one who takes note of the volumes of literature dealing with this phase of education which may lie had from publishers of texthoolis, from libraries, and from educational journals, can only marvel at the prominence the worli has gained in so short a time. lf you should ask. "XVhy this rapid develop- ment?" a host of people are ready to show you the place which Nlanual Training. in the lxroadest sense, should occupy in our educational scheme. The historian will inform you that man has, fl'oin relnotest ages. been a "tool using animal." Ile will trace for you the physical and mental develop- ment of man and will show you that the tools used hy him had a development parralel to this. The student dealing with commercial conditions will state that economic conditions and commercial competition now demand industrial education from every nation that wishes to compete in agriculture, manufacture or trade. The most casual oliserver will assure you that his observations develop the fact that the life aml activities of the home have changed greatly in the past few generations. A great many holnes now demand little or no activity of the children with the result that a considerable numlier of our boys and girls are not efficient in many lilies of common lahor, The liusiness man, the lllillllll'1ll'llll'CI', the farmer. and many others en- gaged in ordinary activities, will often state that the high school graduate does not seem to get along as well as would he expected of one having his education and training. The memlier of the school hoard comes forth with the announcement, frequently a complaint. that hecause of popular demand for manual training, instruction in agriculture. vocational guidance, and various forms of indus- trial cducaton. they have fouml it necessary to enlarge their buildings, add to the teaching force, and revise their course of study. lfrom her secluded quarters .lustice appears with the demand that edu- 70 cation and vocation so meet in the lives ol' our young people that from their daily activities they may derive both life and a living. Passing others we will lastly hear the educator, who, although he stood aloof the longest, carries with his opinions the conviction ol' deep. careful, conscientious study. No doubt the greater part of the Arbor Vitae readers will be identilied with this group, though some, perhaps, will be amateurs ol' the tirst degree. 'therefore il is the hope of the editor that the following quotations from some of our educators and the general conclusions from text book writers will not be wholly devoid ot' interest. Colonel Parker saw the situation in this manner: "'l'he fundamental law of evolution is self-activity. liducation is evolu- tion assisted. XVhen a man begins to help his fellows grow in body, mind and soul. education begins. XVe have had the doctrine of thc survival of the tittest. but now comes the doctrine of tilting everyone to survive." President Butler put il rather brielly hy saying, "Manual training is men- tal training through the hand." Tyler, in his "Growth and liducationf' advises us thus: "Manual training is mental training. ln thc skill of the arlisan's hand, in the methodic. accurate movement of the mechanic's arm. in the accurate obse1'vation of the eye and ear, you train the mind. Never admit that manual training is anything distinguished from or opposed to mental training." Prof. Hanus saw a place for manual training when he declared that "The special aim of secondary education. and the lcacher's greatest responsibility fa responsibility not often recognized or acknowletlgedf'-tlierefore. consists in the discovery and the special development of each pupil's dominant inter- ests, in so far as these interests represent possibilities of development in harmony with the general aim of education." The following reasons favorable to giving manual training, in its broadest meaning, a place in the course ol' study, have been collected from miscel- laneous sources: To the extent that it broadens the child's experience. it broadens our avenue of approach to his mind. lt helps to give control, dexterity and skill. lt interests many not successful in the usual subjects. lt tends to develop an appreciation for honest labor. It is basic to a large number of vocations. lt tends to develop the ability to grasp and embody an idea. lt demands accuracy and furnishes results which speak for themselves. lf you have read as far as this. l thank you for your kind indulgence, and leave you with the hope that when a reminiscent mind guides your eye to the pages of Arbor Vitae '15, the manual training section will not detract from your pleasure. Kindly thanking those whose assistance and suggestions have made these pages possible. Archie Benge, Editor. Tl ,- P .2 Q 1' 1 N A , 'Ku A .. .- 4 I. ..4 I 1 . Q.. .L 5 J 11 .- f f yi 1.1 14 9 ll v la .- .f xl: A ... Q ... CJ Ia P ... Lf L P I P Z I 1 5 :J .IZ Q.. .... la 14 in la I .E .. f ll A F4 U R :J C i Q. 5 I I P L 11 D .- .. 'CL 7, z.. ... I'- 3 la La Q 12 1. .. 14 .LJ Concrete Construction R- RULY the Bl. N. l, deserves the appellation of "A Modern School Meet- ing a Modern Demand." XVhat is more up-to-date than the practical courses in Concrete Construction introduced last year by .l. lt. Steward and which have proven the practical value by their popularity? These courses are not intended to tit the student to become an engineer on the contrary they are worked out to enable the teacher to olfer the work to the grade and high school pupils of the rural and city schools. Concrete in the country, concrete for the farm, concrete about the home, is the aim of a practical instructor in formulating practical courses. As was stated, the course is not an engineering course. Advantage is taken, however, for the close and broad correlation with the important branches of the curriculum this linc of work otfers. Some ol' the educational lines touched upon during the term of forty-eight weeks required for the complete course, are Elementary Chemistry: in the study of cement, sand, li111e, gypsum, clay and other elements comprising the articles used: soil formation: in the various sands, gravel and rocks used: geology: in the study of rock formation: metallurgy: in the various rcinforcements used. Concrete. plain and reinforced, embraces free hand and mechanical drawing, elementary forge work, plastcring, stone aml brick laying and bcnrh work in the making of l'Ul'lllS and molds. Tree surgery, trimming, pruning. and repairing: the spraying and protection of forest aml fruit trees: a study of insect enemies of trees, are also iinpoi'tant branches ot' the course. The Lise of concrete is taken up in sections, such as water containers, from bird baths to water supply tanks: overhead work such as beams, floors, and roofs, form a division: posts, columns and pcdestals are started and made: solid work such as foundations, steps, sidewalks, and retaining walls arc taken up as another division: silos, culverts, and tiles are studied and the principles brought out in the construction of utilities about the campus. Theory is expounded in the lecture room and is balanced and proven upon the campus where the visitor may see concrete rustic fountains, llower vases, boulder seats, classic Roman benches and other useful articles of ornament and utility. Numerous filled and repaired trees attest the practical trend of the work and the interest of those taking the course. 'L 3- Til ri' -, ff- AIQBOIQ vnuxe 252.22 fi-J .-ii 5 . 1.-f. 'll' 'iq' The Manual Training "Funnygraph" Girl at A-7 fVt'hy do authors always speak of a smile creeping over the hereoiue's face? Boy at I5-7f Perhaps they are afraid that if it went any faster it might kick up a dust. 22 33 3 The professor had been called from the shop and Bishop took advantage of the opportunity to relate one of his experiences while on a naturalist's excursion. He had reached the climax with this sentence: "And there, gentle- men. stood that awful chasm yawning before me," when a weak voice from the other end of the shop asked, "XVas it yawning before you got there?" Z3 Z! 23 "An alibi is when the fellow who did it wasn't there." XYhetzel. 22 22 22 I'rof.W"llow long have you been using that auger, Nlr. Shalt'er'?" Shatter "liver since it was a gimlet. sir." 22 Z2 33 Two Normal City newsboys were overheard discussing the war head- lines they had read while en route. First N. B. "XVhat's all this strategy stutl' they talk about?" Second N. li. f "XVell, it's like this. If a teller wuz out uv ammynition and didn't want the enemy to know it, he would jest keep on lirin'. That would he strategy." zz zz xx "Say, Itiram, what do they mean hy a Stradevarius'!" "Uh, Stradevarius is the Latin name fer tiddlc." 33 Z3 33 A foreigner from the Nl. 'l'. Department had just seen the mascot from the ll. S. 1'ooms. Un a point of information he asked: "Vat you call ze cat ven he is a leetle pup?" Z2 23 3 Photographer tto D. S. tllassl Now try not to think ol' yourselves at all think of something pleasant. XX 3 Z2 "Did l make myself plain?" asked the speaker in chapel. "Somebody must a' done it." whispered the little fellow in the back seat. 32 XX X3 ttlne of Prof. Steward's favorites.l "Shay, m' friend. l have been arguing on a question which we want you to decide for us. ls that planet up there the sun or the moon?" "tIan't shay, in' frien', l'm stranger here, too." Z! Z! X! ltecently one of the less ardent advocates of the "Muncie Dry" movement was observed supporting a sign post on VValnut street. ltis attention rested on a "movie" advertisement just across the street. Heading the placard. "llome, Sweet ltome, in Three Reels," a passerby heard him mutter, "l don't shink l'll ever make it." 33 32 XX "The streets of New York are a blaze of glory a veritable riot," ex- plained the American. "XYhy, there's one electric sign with ltltktltltl lights in it." "Doesn't that make it rawther conspicuous, old top?" asked his British friend. T! A SEHUIIL pg A 0211! ' 4 HY HILUHD BRUNNIK BEAIRIEE Kill! 75 'Irs if -wi fa?-P Yli lil V 5, Class Organization lfltlfll S'l'lt.XlJl,lNti. l,l'C'itlL'lll NINA l3.Xl,l.. Yicc l'rcsidcnt NlAlttit'lilil'l'li lll'lill.l.. Secretary til.l'fN 'l'.XYl.Ult. Trcasurcr t.l..Xlt.X Ltlllkl. l'rophclc's lvlxti NUltSWOIt'I'llY. llltll7l'lllll UttYll.l,li tiU'l'lil'il,l.. llovl l:.Xltl. ltlzl lll'.ltl'UltlJ. Scrgcznill-at-.Xrms tlolors Purple and Gold l-'lower ltichmoiid ltokc Motto --"'l'omori'ow we fail lhc boundless scans." Editorial li. the lligh School Seniors ol' '15 fccl. in occupying the following pages with pictures and contributions from the members of our class, that we are building a memorial at this point in life's road. which, when in later years we look back over the road we have traveled, we may view with pride and affection. Our life, as high school students, has not all been easy sailing, but still we have enjoyed it Ill01't' than any other period in our life. and those few trials and troubles which we have already experienced, have for the most part, only served to broaden and strengthen our natures. XVe have earnestly endeavored to do the very best we knew how and to strive earnestly to keep on doing so till the end. VVe neither praise nor emulate the dead ones in our class. Keeping ever- lastingly at work brings success and the fellow with no fixed purpose in life finds it a ditficult matter to hit the bulls-eye. The lnost expensive things in life are those we get for nothing. and we wonder how some people can alford so many such luxuries. To the faculty of M. N. l. we wish to express our regards and gratitude for their etforts in making our school life worth while. To our Principal, Bliss Caseley. we wish to express our appreciaton of the personal interest she has taken in our welfare, our admiration ol' the masterly manner in which she has controlled our class organization, our thanks for the trouble she has taken in our behalf, and last, but not least, our personal affection for her. So we start into life with a heart full of gratitude for what has been done for us, with a desire to help others, and on our lips our motto. "Tomorrow we sail the boundless seas." King Norsworthy, Associate Editor. T7 .. .H-. .:,,. f ' -. f' " " :-441' Mfafft ' A -X . :MPH '24 -Q4 ed' , :-,: 5: :qe.4xg.11'-gg: ",- "WE , 1 Fifi? ,aSM:u NINA BALI, X ' 1 -augf:-aim! , L , Iflilill STHADIJLING ,gum . LIAIRA 1.03151 WM ,-LJQS' r - 4- , f::'.'.,. .., IF WINIFRED FEIGHT .2 -1.2-Us ,, . ,img 'V ,rf gf. Qffig I ' 2 ' Iva".-'JP-'. ,r -A 'f Q ' W-.K.':. f 4 78 KING NURSNVURTHY 01 IAI. Ml'TI'IllSl'.Xl'lHl'I M.XlRGl'liHl'l'E Hl7lilI.I .IOSEPH liIlODliRl41K l-IIJNA NICULES NVALTEH VUE MARY HINCHMAN FHAN li DENNY Ll-IONA BROOKS XVlI.l.I.-XM CAMERON DORIS SAXON 'W' '11- in 1-Q I"I.URliNKIl'I XVUUIJ MI'll,VlN I.lVENGUOD HOSE Llil'l'SHl'H GLEN HAYIJICN EDNA HULDIHICN HARRY HAMILTON RALPH KIRCHNER PHILIP DORNER GLEN TAYLOR ISRVCE RAY HAROLD HUTCHINS 1 Prophecy ANI somewhat of an antiquity hunter and am fond of exploring Lon- I don in quest of the relics of old limes. 'l'hese are principally to be found in the depths of the city. I was struck with an instance of the kind in the course of a recent summer ramble into the city: for the city is only to be explored to advantage in summer time. The warm weather had unstrung my nerves and made me sensitive to every jar and jostle and dis- cordant sound. I was getting out of humor with the bustling busy throng through which I had to struggle when in a tit of desperation I tore my way through the crowd, plunged into a hy lane and after passing through several obscure nooks and angles emerged into a cosy little room where I sank into the nearest chair. Encouraged by this quietness I leaned my head on my hand, and my arm on an old oaken table where I indulged in a sort of reverie when suddenly there approached me from an obscure corner of the room a little dwarf, who when he had reached me, began weaving a web of the finest silk in various directions. XVhen he had finished he gave me an end of the silken thread and, he taking the lead, bade me follow him. It was certainly the queeresl journey I had ever taken for there was no end of mysterious places to which he lead ine, through darkness, then sunshine and even through the tiniest knot holes one could imagine, Un and on we went till finally, stepping over a large sunbeam when, Lol I found myself in the world of 1930. My friend, the dwarf, laughed at my amazement. "'l'llis is quite a sur- prise," he said, "but would you not like to hear about your old classmates. for they are all here and verry happy and contented." I assured him nothing could be more interesting than a talk about my old school mates. XVe started on, the country was beautiful. XVe were very tired and not a little hungry. A few rods ahead we saw a large, com- fortable looking farm house, and at once started straight in that direction. On entering the lane I was astonished beyond measure when who should I see but my old friend Frank Denny coming whistling down the lane driving a large herd of cows. Ile was followed by two little 1'osy cheeked boys. Our meeting was a happy one. He invited us to the house and there, stand- ing in the door in big blue gingham apron, was the wife whom I recognized as XVinifred Feight. XVe rested a few minutes then started on. "XVould you like to hear of Edna Holdren and Rose Leitshuh'?" asked the dwarf. "XVhy certainly," I replied. "They are both teaching in the Hawaian Islands," he said. "and while Rose is still a maiden lady earnestly pursuing her work, Iidna has married and for the first has found time to pursue her favorite pastime, writing bird books, many of which have been adopted by the M. N. I." "But do you know anything about Ralph Kirchner?" I asked. "Indeed, we all should have heard about him." was the answer. "He is now a singer of note in one of the large theaters in Germany rendering such selections as 'Die VVachtam Rhein."' At this moment we walked out to the side of the road to allow a large auto to pass which was approaching. As it came closer there was a stately 83 v svfx Snr-uu.A1w,., looking man and hy his side a slender little woman. "XVho were those people?" I inquired. "XVhy don't you know those people?" he said, lllllL'l1 surprised. "XVhy that is XVm. Cameron, judge of the Supreme Court, and that is his wife who was Lunnette Nl'eNaughton." XVI' were almost in the eity when I saw sitting on the poreh of a neat little eottage Gladys Ilamilton. She is Nlrs. Frank Ilukill now and her faee lighted up with pleasure as she told us how mueh she enjoyed her domestie work and linally adding, "And the work isn't one hit hard for you know sinee Frank is manager of the Nluneie Iileetrie Light Co.. I have eleetrieity to run my washing maehine. also to iron with. to ehurn and to run my sewing maehine." "Do you see that farm in the distanee'."' said the dwarf. "That is a large raneh whieh helongs to Mr. and Mrs. liruee Iiay. Ut' eourse you will he :aur- prised when I tell you that he hires sueh men as Glen Hayden, Harry Hamil- ton, XValter Poe and .loe Iiroderiek to assist him in his farm work. You will he surprised too, when I tell you I learned that Iiarl Iletherford had done more for the world than any of us. Ile travels ahout giving leetures for the eause of the opposite sex and whenever an opportunity presents itself he will even dehate on woman sull'rage. Ile is assisted in his talks hy his faithful follower. Catherine NleCrillus. 'I'here's Nina Ball, she is so small I had almost forgotten her. She has given tier life up to solitude and prayer and is now in one of the eonvents known now as Sister Mary." Little did we think when Nlelvin Livengood hegan his eareer hy writing verses on the lllaeklroard that he would he one of the most noted poets of his time. Marjorie Iirown is now teaehing the most eomplieated danees ill the sehool whieh she has estahlished at Chieago. Orville Cottrell who was a very serious thinker is now the minister of the I-'riends Chureh in lioston. King Norswerthy, or prohahly Iretter known as Bliss Caseley's Dietionary. has written a dietionary of his own whieh even surpasses XVehsters and has lneen reeommended to the NI. N. I. As we were walking down the main street I was attraeted lay the name of .lohn Nlaier on the hill hoard of one of the leading theaters. XVhen I eame elose enough I read: "John Nlaier, NIuneie's Noted Clarinet Player." XVe walked on and as I eame near the eourt house I saw Iflorenee XVood, who holds a position there. eome running down the steps. As she neared the last step tier foot slipped and she fell to the sidewalk. Florenee, you rememher. always did have a failing for stair steps when she was in sehool. As we walked in the dwarf told me many more interesting things. I was very mueh surprised when he told me that Ifred Stradling who has heeomr one of Nlr. l3ryan's warinesl friends, is now editor of l5ryan's Commoner, the leading Ilemoerat paper. As we turned the eorner we were attraeted hy a la1'ge erowd on the street. I was told there was to he a great teinperanee speeeh and as I was interested, we went nearer. when who should I see delivering the most lirey speeeh one eau imagine hut Glen Taylor, beside him sat his wife, who was Nlarguerite Hukill, listening in awe to every word whieh fell from the lips of her now famous huslmand. It was growing late and I was anxious for rest. "Before we go would you not like to see yourself?" asked the dwarf. I had not thought of this, hut I assured him it would he quite a surprise. XVe walked to one of the large sehools in the eity and were shown to the Domestie Seienee room, where there were at least thirty girls in uniform busily eooking. Stepping in who should I see aeting as teaeher hut Clara Conn in white eap and apron, teaehing the girls to make doughnuts, her specialty. Clara Conn. 34 1 'lllcsc 2lI'L' NCUIIUS fI'Ulll ar num! llllL'l'L'Sllllg play QIYCII by thc Hlgh Svlwwl Ilcpnrlmu del' lhc miilm-utimx of Bliss Hutzcl and Min Ilrllmmuml. The play. giYL'Il for thu In-llc ui thc Alhlullu .XSHIDCIIIIIIIIL wana n rllccuss Irmn L-very puml of vlvw. AIIUYYIIIQ num- llllll'li lnlunl as wcll us must pninvlznking work un thu part nf thou- 1111-L-L-tixlg il. 85 History of Class '15 Ul'R long years ago we entered the NI. N. I. XVhat a frightened group o yo ngsttis wt wut l uh one s mind was filled with some iw l G l ' 1 1 - s Q - t t lg tt '- ut- .- '-,- x Y .- 1 'tul 'W ' tale ot' how the Freshmen were treated. Having at last found our seats in the assemhly room we sank out ot' sight with a sigh ot' relieti. XVe were a large class. At the end ot' the lirst year. however, we were compelled to leave some ot' our number hehind us. The rest ot' us went happily on. Although al the heginning ot' our second year our numbers were some- what diminished, as individuals we had grown wonderfully. Iinickerbockers had given way to real suits, and the girls who the year hetore had worn curls, now wore plaits tied with ribhons at the ends, During the second year our sell' esteem increased greatly. XVe were Sophomoresf Soon we were Juniors. XYe were very important people and hegan to have class meetings and to act as much like the Seniors as possible. so that we might have the proper dignity when the great event came. XVell, the great day came at last, the day on which we became Seniors. There is nothing like heing a Senior, and one has to he a Senior to appreciate the full meaning ot' the word. And how one changes! The girls who, during the second and third years wore their hair hanging down their hacks now did it up with hair pins, and as for the hoys, you could tell hy the way they held their heads, ol' what class they were members. During the winter we took a hola-sled ride to the home ot' Oral lfurst, where a very pleasant evening was spent. Another delightful evening was spent when the class went on a hay-wagon trip to the home ol' Gladys llam- ilton. Un the last day ol' the spring term the lligh School Department held an all-day picnic on the campus. Athletics and dinner were important fea- tures ot' this. XVe look hack over the years: we see the lfreslnnan, tear-stained eyes and lnalry mouth and we say, "llorrorsI was l ever as young and green as that?" XVe look at the Sophomore, giggling at mere tritles, and we say, "Can il he that l was ever that giddy?" Then with a smile ol' amusement we watch the proud .lunior as he marches through the halls and we say, "Heaven for- hidf XVas that haughty expression ever on my l'ace'?" Then we wonder what they think ol' us and il' they look up to us as we looked up to those lrefore ns in years gone hy. King Norsworthy, llistorian. 86 What the High School Student Said to the Psalmist Tell me not in mournful numbers. Geonierty is all a snap. Great is the niind that never blunders lnto its labyrinthie trap. Months are short and time is tleeting, Examination day draws nigh. And eaeh day our grades are greeting Failure for us by and by. lfaeh day Miss Drummond sadly reminds us. That our work is incomplete. And we leave all hope behind us As we sorrowfully take our seat. But perhaps wt-'ll all reeover lf we work with zeal and vim, And go plodding on forever Till Geometry we win. Trust no statements filehed froin others. Remember what the hook hath said, Think! think out the propositions, Compass in hand and rules in head. XVe should eaeh get busy thinking, liefore our ehanees get too slim. liver working, never shirking, And Geometry we'll win. f-Gladys lteeves, High School. M. N. I. Fancies lll the springtime when the buds are bursting. XVhen the snow and iee have gone awayg XVhen the sun's bright rays the frost is melting, And the robin sings his song so gayg When the sweet wild tlowers to life are starting. When the green grass blades are growing tall. XVhen the sparkling brooks are onward flowing And the broad blue sky doth eover all. The M. N, l. attendants are daily seen strolling Around the broad eampus so shady and green. Then tennis eourts hourly with students are thronging And tlaesar peacefully grazing is ever to be seen. The trees are all whispering to the warm gentle breezes: The praises of the eollege that the students all sing. The fountain leaps high in joy as it pleases And refreshes the birds as they pass on the wing. The high sehool bird-boxes in the tree tops are swaying, ltoeking the birdies inside to their rest And the stars and the stripes forever are tloating Over the college that to us seems the best. As daily the High School approaches the building To their Alma Mater their respeet to pay As they gaze on the tlag that gently is tloating The heart of every one is then heard to say: "All hail the Muneie Normal our dear Institution, To her every student will forever be true. And to that fair sign of a nation's devotion. Three eheers for the lted, the White and the Blue." 87 Wit and Humor from the High School Department Syll0QlSlllI Boys go lo school lo iiiiproyc lhell l11ull11s us l'1lt'lllll0S. 'l'l11'i'el'oi'e, lroys go lo schools lo iinpiou lhui 1111 IL 22 2232 Miss Druininond Take the lirsl p1'ohl1'in lll tom my s l1ss lioh King l lllllllil get thai l'an'. XZ X! XZ Hills ol Inllllonnll'1-s I'UllllIlll ll Wo can lllillxL' our 1l1-:mths 1- 1l 1l1-purling, I1-:nyc ln-hin1l ll lLlLllliIlN I1 llllll Xll our wivus' '-1 ' 22 ZX X2 Girls oflcn go lo 1'hlll'1'h, not so much for lhe hyn 1 llllllS.l 32 X2 22 liurl RL'lllCl'l-UI'Kl l'rol'essor, l llllllql lhink 1 ilnsolulm lt l'i'oI'essor No, ncilhci' 1lo l, hul il's lhc loxusl lnuk lin illo LK 1 gm. lx 22 23 Z2 l'rol'1-ssilnls gixihns l.ongi lL'NNUl'lllll lioyilnls kickihus Now wnnli soinornin lioyilms l'L'llillllllN flluclii l.llllll4ll'lllll. l,l'0lhL'N5llL'lllllN giyilms llilni Zl'lll4Il'llllll lioyihns gillilmus llorri gi':n1loruln lilllllllllh lt'l'llllllllN Non n1- pussorinn. I-x X! Z! 22 XVilli:nn fl1llll0l'Ull A queen n1'v11i' hns ln ing g., Z! 22 22 llc' lou ann' lhc lPl'L'illll ol iny lllc. Sho Snpposc you hol1l your lll'01llll uwlnk 23 3332 lligh School Sllnlcnl Mr. licngc, what is 1 lull -f 1 in 1 ' Xlr li XV1'Il, lhc lirsl one was lllililt' oul ol 1 uh X! 2233 Alice licchc -How kind ol' you lo bring llll i1s1 ll llllll oyul lk Lannph llLXY on lh1ln ul :irc ni1'c illlll l'r1-sh. l lhink lherc is some ' 1-ll King Yo s, lherc is il lilllv hil llul lll in lhll lOlll0ll X2 X! 22 l'rol'.f XVhul lhrcc wor1ls SUCIII 1'nsi1-sl l'oi lh1 1liss lo sp Glen ll:1y1l0n--fl lltlllll know. l'1'ol'.n-Yo1l'yc hil il cxaclly. ZX 33 Z! The High School Toaislz "lI1're's to our p. 1 s 1 1 le 1 ins muy IICYCI' ineelf' 83 AN 2.Y. , , C.o11rl,U qjmgfs, , X IF' 7, 'a7.20f? ,ffm X" f 1 f 1 1'I--"v 4 Q- X"':::: I MF? Heel QP :: - IE- - 751 0' ' Ein 3- '- fss Q Z X f , fa 135' f' E' 2 h 2 , , 8 Q Editorial "The heights hy great inen reaehetl and kept Were not attained by sudden tlight: liut they. while their companions slept Were toiling upward in the night." - Longfellow. lll'S it is we strive to reaeh the heights upon which our itleals are peilestztletl. lKrfS1 As participants ol' this great institute we, the students ot' Classes anal "li" anil "Two-Year" Courses, setting forth as teaehers or as ex- pectant teaehers, helieve that lite is an opportunity to work. ll' this he true, then the work ot' everyone niust he in a measure planned for hini. 'l'he main requisite is keeping an expeetant attituile ot' niincl anil wiile open eyes for the leading that shall eoine. Our preparation tor this leading eoultl he gained in no helter tlepartnient or untler no nolmler anal greater instruction than that ot' l'rot'essor XVhitniarsh, Dean ot' the Teaehers' Courses. lt lnehooves us then, one :intl all, to aspire to he greater than our environ- nient. XYe niust make ourselves worthy :intl our opportunities will t'UlllL'. llowever, they clo not gravitate to those in itllenessg they seek the worker. the lnan who ean do things either heeause he has proven himselt' in the past. or heeause he stanmls really anal willing to prove himself in the present. lt is with this aim in niinil that we are striving, antl surely with the truly earnest zeal put t'orth in our work, uniler sueh protieient instructors as are tounil in this mlepartinent. we shoultl he reaily tor the opportunity when it eoines. XVhether it he in the little one-roonieml sehool house in the eountry or whether it he in the eonsolitlatetl ones, we must prove our ability to leatli organize teaeh and win. Many times we tinil the great opportunities to he llliltlt' up ot' the little ones strung.: together, following in series like the prohlenis in an Arithmetie text hook. graded in tlillieulty antl giving knowletlge anal experieuee for the next harder. 'l'herel'ore, we niust keep paee with the raee's progress. Xvlllllllll the oltl the new eoultl not eonie into existence, yet the olml must ever give way to the new. .lust as youth is intolerant ot' age anil thinks that youth has the greater wisiloni and the greater power, so the present is likely to he intolerant, t'or- getting its great achievements and the tleht that eaeh generation owes to those that have put it into possession ol' the tools ol' l'rog.5ress. Nlary tlessell, Associate Editor. lltl Organization of Two-Year Course Al, l"l'llS'l', l,l'L'5l1lL'lll l.lil,A KNOX, St-cr:-t us .XNNA UL-YUl'NKi, l'l'upllL-lt-ss Mtl'l"l'tD: "ll m-:illm-rs not lil'4iI1l wlit-llcc lllc gala- Uur ships will gn wlu-rc wc sn-t thc sails. tlnlnrs YL-llnw and Whitt- l'ilHXYL'l' l,ily-ut'-thu-V:illL-y M. N. I. NL-au' thc rlmrcs nt' nhl XVhilL- llivt-V. To thc wcslwzirtl ul' thc city, You will st-c thc Muncic NUl'llllllQ NVQ :irc prnml nf M11m'ic Normal. .Xll :iholll it wzivc thu 5LI't'L'Il lr:-us. Un :ill sitlcs tht- fr:-sli gn-t-li Cilllllllls. llruzing tlu-rc we suc wld lillL'Hll', Soc tht- hilly-gmail- black 11:11-s:1l'. Xlziscwt nt' tht- N4ll'IliiIlfllllk"lll'. llt-rc :irc gaitht-rt-ml llllllly slmlcnls lf:-mn tht- L-:ist :tml t'ruin thc mirth-laiml, I-'min the wt-st :tml frum thc south-luml, lfnuh :nw striving for niuru lilltiWlL'tl2L'. Many things thu Nnrmnl 'tt-:it-lu-s llnw lu until: or :ln L'0lllUlll wurla, 'lin It-:ich sclmnl nr lic an t':u'1m-r. St-ziiii-tix-ss. chemist, nr :i p:nintcr. ltlirls nrt- lmirt- :itlnpt :it p:ninting.i.J Uncc tlluss :tml "ll" :tml "'l'wu-Ya-:ir" l'l:ul :i picnic :it Mt-tlulluuli. Spread their cuts tln-ru in MuCullnt-h. Plaiycd tht-ir gumus :tml tunk swim- piutllu-s. Tuul: thu cukcs two lmnw tht- buys :lid.l N:-xt tilm- we will tnlau scum- posters, "tiil'lr. ln.-up ull' tht- utiluu-tl Dl1lj'5.Il't7lll1tl. l-'ul' il will :assist thu lic:-por ll' 'tis plain-tl tht-ru nn thu pl:iygrnuml. All thc fun :tml :ill the frulic Only himls thu friumlsliip ulusor. .Xml in :ill thc yczxrs that follow All the busy yt-:irs that fullnw XVL- shall pl'm'u uni' uwn I'0lll Valm- To nur busy ft-lluw uruanturcs lint wt- shall oftcn think with plt-:isurv Ol' thc days that huvc gone hy Ol' thc t':iculty :ind clusslnaitus ln thu dum' olrl M. N. I. 91 Q 1 : Tj,,."q?53, "ff, 'I . V , ,-bfi ,usgE'wR,, - .qjfw-fr-f-:. , sa . ,354 .Q .url ,Agn . 4.Y521w.'iT.m N" ,wr i I mv 49" '55' was -f N 2:53. A -Q,-F, lg V L 54 -,. ' s 5 ,1 .f N 5 1 ' 1' h im. 'S' 1-fi MAISICI. SCIIMIIYI' "Silent and :lltcnlivc tam." -'l'wcH'th Night NIAHIIC lIllI.IJlRl-IN "Your siluncc must will-11115, And to hu nu-rry hm! bL'L'UlllL'S you." Much Adu About Nuthin ANNA DuYUl'NG Hu' xnicc wax cu-1' soft. gcllllu and low --King Luau LHIA KNOX X gum! ht.'llI't'N wurth guhlf' King Henry IN URM. l"l'llS'l' "A-. lull as any." 'I'wclfl'1 Nighi. HUII, I'l!l'l'l"l' "i'un1h duwn hixhnir.l.uula!l.m1la! ll sland- uprighlf' Henry VI

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