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X ., W gb "'i: f ' AES ix i E MWWK kkbwisx QE' Sgt 1 f --.N x QQ-J Q be 1 W ,ffl-4 JW M , 'KQRQ +5 7 W 15222 X Q - Nd Q., v N - ' 5 1 X Q X M 55553 R 55' Rx mv QS X . ' 1. E , X XX , ,.jJQfj,5 V H r pf er- af 'N' if NH 9 6 573 if xx ,F,1'?'35f4,Vps+' Q79 , gk' gg X :gTj'ff,fXyT'UI,,- Jw, Pj! Ny .V :gi2 r jp ff UW WM!!! ' Muffy Mmlmqg fy ' df Q, Mfg ji? Wit 'xi E -gx ET' xxfx 'fy y -2 2 -lg, X-R Qf S , E2 vxx. SAX Q35 h -H ' N" A-72' 3 EE X ' E 4: 15 af , f f 6 7MifQff' Zfgyffj ZW , ,, , ff , JyE ZfJJ W7 Ac LMS' ff fjfw W Wv5 Fi'-MMM 5 MQ41ZiL1 .- f 'EY' gwgawdjx Mfmwdgiqiv Mx Qf33xggQKjjNX My W? ,, ff NY ' Zffk-jffgrg 32 ,Y ff Ni jj SATS We 442, 7 3 M535 fwmfw is 3 Wiigyiwldufmf ws SX fg E Woftvkfy h N , N3 ,M fy Q 7. 25 Kfgyg If M ld xc M M 'Q I Y U S? TfAcf+5,e A75 46,9 I t g J AEYAND you IQLLAD i E .I A I -.-E awww ?Ze,g,fi gb wpgmdfgf X53 WW WMgf ff fvyfdfw d,wW , flfffw W WW fy QLWWQ www W wW'V NM WWW? R AMWAU W 'W JM M W 3 wwf. 3 333 QS 'min swmfsw f""'y0"'QL MU NEEXMWX 3 QSSESESEEQSEQ WW SfR?QxswSS j 11111441 fff,f,LJ'44fWj ff i ' wi W W VW fm illfbigjig 3355.11 V 1 jvLO"vAJ yxrw 7L'," 'WU 7""'M QQUWA QAZLQMLJM MM -W-J' 1WfE19g8 MLQMM lb b h cz' by the Annual tczjr X w 0 g f' W4 x. NAMVCENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL gy WJ ' 0' MUNCIE INDIANA I K' M .ww Q yi? Kpfi ,cy 3 E Wvllzffff I gulf" J? M CW " I I yN.!N,wU j , ,wg if WWMWWWWW 9V x V F Q fx x uf, Y! .ff . 1. gi '1 M' ,,. f 1 f .4 - f ME. -N - f7'2ffi.QJ4k 'L A x , wc, X X ' 3754 9 JU vf2H"1f'N'f.," ' .Fw -'uhh' . 5.4 , L w.4.nM1, , , ,,,,, ,, 4. fo f ,S . f I I ,W . X i " 4421 4-at Um, W I . 'V , Lf i 7 - yy 7 J Hi , e, Y 1 , -I W' I A' ,I ' , ,1 1 ---7' 1, .I - . df' for ' s iirs -4 A ,.v1,s - -S f 'A Qffqfzaf V" if A.7f.i-.fee L. ' If ' ' J 0 I' , ff Ji X -ff wwf. ,os ,ft - f Y' I," -- K I I lgfkff' 54' " -V, ,A---J-I A. 'Sf'f "' , 1 I 4 ,Y " I if I 7',f ' ' To pf' ,l fy, -...-- ,' j W Vg V ,O , ff:-, 2 ,ig 1 I X 1 , f A school with just about everythinfg-thatis our Centralkicj If V, "Everything" includes a great, many routine advantages 'that J welre so used to that we never give them a second thought. "Everything" also includes the specials-those events that we look forward to so eagerly, just as many of our parents-and grandparents-did before us. All these events, routines, and ideas have been accumulating since even before the present building was here. And now they blend harmoniously into a pattern that is Tradzhonalbw Yours. No matter whether you're a student, alumnus, friend, or observer, the staff of the 1958 MAGICIAN invites you to scan these pages and live again the unique tradition that is Central's. CONTENTS. TRADITIONS ....,...... ........... ..............v.. .................... P a 9 es 4-9 SCHOOL LIFE .................................................................... Pages I0-25 Routines-Open Houses-Parties and Proms-Friendships-Fcds-School Services-Convocations-Campaigns ORGANIZATIONS ............................................................ Pages 26-5'I Groups: Honorary, Academic, Social, Music, Journalisfic, Model Government SPORTS ,..............,.. ................................ ........................ P a ges 52-73 Football-Cheer Blocks and Leaders-Basketball-Cross Country-Track BasebalI-Golf-Tennis-Coaching Staff-Managers CLASSES .............................v............................................ Pages 74-97 Classroom Studies and Proiecfs-FocuIfy-Administralors-Assistants PEOPLE .......................................................................... Pages 98-144 Miss Magician-Honors-Seniors-Class Officers, Sponsors-Councils Juniors-Sophomores-Magician Staff-Farewell Evegzone recognzzex the buzldzng on the len, butfew remember the one on the rzght as fhejrst illuncze Hzgh Z Y School, which way built in 1878. ssiawgm mweas o A I!-School Danoes have beronzf a pan' of Con- lfa! tradition, while the Moon! york-hopjad has added some oarfoqy. Seniors hopping in lhoir .vochs are Shcrfy Oliver, Ron Domas, joan Althorr and Larfy Wood. 1 zofd Day, wlzlch had im' bajginnzlnvg in 1947, Ls' now a pop afar tradition. Placing .wfcond with lhe lhzfmo "Oni o lhzs Vlforldf' wax fflfj-Ilflllflf-fZ0llf "Liao Aflodorn Sym nf bolzbfjed lho car floal frzlghlj, shown wilh drivor ack Cruea, Bi!! Graham, john Hunl. I i 46.1 4 v , W 4,11 ini, ' u,"'1 ' ,.' " 4 4, if Emuxvgt, -a , g .. xl, 'H - 'iQ z.. ,gl F I, ..,N . ia' iff .K Thisyearjs "Moods," with the theme "C0unQ2 Fairf, was the tweng'-third annual one. Among the excellent acts were these "Pistol Packin' Mammas.'1 ...X xzb etch : 'V 1 . - 5 xv I' YI 1 , Lollzpops and lullabies, pigtails and prancing highlighted the entertain- ment provided by the Senior Sharps at K'Moods,1 thisyear. The Continentals-Eddie jernagan, Phil Butts, Ralph Kersey, and Ray- ! mond jimmerson-provided some veg' ne "Mood5', harmony. f All lj UU , af af, fy r l A ' , A l I ' fy 4 X 4- U' V J ' ,f 7 Y 'JA o lflll V! 7 'H WU A' ' f .. l f 7 Bgore school, between fyerzocls, anal oocoslonolbz during a period, sluclonls mqy be soon logelher under tho clock. Laughing at Slove Conmelsjoko are Wz'lloughby Brown, LMUJ Adams, Palsy Ifeelgz, and Mz'ke Collins. Su erstztious Anna? Crossed in ers may f . - . have been one reason our 'Cats went so far, but hard work helped. Marty' tonszts were seen HNIUIZQ the WCOOL, CENTRAL Ct-ITS" seetion as they bathed the Beamzts al! the zuqlh BACKING THE BEARCATS For 2,100 .students transportation has atwdys presented a problem, but notjbr jim Marsha!! and his Hlzttle red bugf, GO, 'CA TS, GO! 'fhzs seerns to he the aye!! hedrdjrfnn thesejezns as thekfinn! ,yards are run jbr that touehduwn. S,.l ie 1' H...--'- M H- ,. ...M-f-0--if" .--f-'1""' :gp .ff-'51 ' A A fi' nu! v""' ff' 1510! 561114410 S T U D E N T S T O R E D A Y u.s'ffnm'r11n1fn1 in the 'l'V.x'l1u1'z'a.s'qflfVl,liC. 171111 ,Mrzrxlzrzll I-.Y nntp one af nmny .s'turlent.s' mlm have fillffl-l'lvflllf1'fl in .Stare Day .s'1'fm' l4f.Y flfftfllllllllflg in 1948. llere Afltke IfVul.s'lz is .getting fldflllfllf-NIH-.S'L'L'flI' exfN'r1'erzce Since 1922 C. H, S. has launched many student teachers on teaching ca- reerx. A1255 Elaine Harvey is student teaehzng in ajunior English class. An impressive view q'the Washi'ngton Monument may be seenfom the Lincoln Memorz'al. Many tired Centralites started to climb it, and afew tired Centralites jnished the Hmonumentalj' project. On thisyear's itineragz was a stop at the Roger Smith Hotel in Washz'ngton, D. C. Ajter two sleepless nights students are shown boarding a busfor the train station and the trip on to New York, where several chemise dresses were added to wardrobes of senior girls. V VI 2,1 ,,,. , K , P-' ig , lt . fi ' I ,fly F V lg 5 gc, ff ,. , V, V K .ca 4 1 3 as 1' A 5 X Q .. V o Q: V l V I ' X i " it V 4 felis, x Q 'QQ Part ofthe 1958 tour was a trip to the monument ofthe Flag Raising on Iwo jima located in H'Il.SllI.llgl0ll. Students Fred l'Viggzns, Cecil Cheatham andjohn Hunt study it herejorjotzire memories. Q F .. ladybug me .31 'YW Y 'T 1 U, ' i lt takes more than books to make a school year. Just having fun is part of it, too. No Centralite will soon forget those spine-tingling tournament pep chapels, that new-found pal that fate and the alphabet placed at your side, those soiled socks-symbols of memories ofa post-game sock-hop. . .or maybe lust the mild ioy of discovering the cafeteria has your favorite pie on the menu. You can't lose memories like these. Who wants to? 11 'r 13 1 1 l I I IE CITY SCHOOLS IJHHIIQ ilu' l,'l1mtun1.x .HIIXIIII limi' l'f!'I'1'I'jl1!I1III vgz'1'l.v, Pli1'll1',x Dugan rmfl C.v!lI1lfl'Il .S'ln11rfr1, jmjmn' II Al'II.YUllIl! fmll rlufllqy wilfz Salzm Clam and f.'ln1.vln111.i limi, ll1l1.v.wi1'111!Q ".lIr'ri1' f.yII'l.Yfl7lUXH lo fl!! Cir"I1ffl1ll1t'.Y. L-1,5 You'Ve Seen Them ften TLEFTJ Charlene Gravy' here follerls a "number?'1'n the lunrh linefrom Barbara Booker. QLOVVER LEFT Cmlnzllx xtudmts haw YIZKIIU' dyfrrent zvqys Qfgoing fo anzljiom Jclzool, including thf old rrlizzblr xrlzool but lRIGHTl illr. Cmln shows a nmzizk. Day in and day out, Centralites keep busy in many ways. For instance, everybody looks forward to the days when movies are shown in place of regular class work. Mr. Crisler, who is in charge ofthe audio-visual department, or one of his student assistants, runs the projector. The home economics classes have really been Non the ball" this year. Each holiday-in fact almost every week-they have made an attractive display in the case outside the cafeteria. Hats off to you, gals. When the warning bell rings toward the end ofthe third period, some P. Cfs fprivileged charactersj leave class. Their reason-they worlg in the cafeteria. They may take tickets, add up the prices ofeach tray, or work at the cash register. Mr. Langdonls smiling Figure is a familiar sight in the line-supervision spot. If You Are an serving Centralite A lradilzonol problem jinrfrst-day sophomores wasjnding class' rooms. Obliging upperclassmerz helped. Bilbl Keeler is steered rzght by the MunJonz'anJs map and Dave Kistler, L ,gfj Stretchhjudy! Short attendance slip taker- uppers had to solve many minor problems such as that of the attendance slip holders having been placed by tall janitors. A few girls having an extra study hall were asked to take attendance and work in the office during their free periods. They assisted Mrs. Margaret Downey, who kept the records in Mr. Earleyls office. Were the seniors of 758 helpful to underclassmen? At least one soph- omore probably thought so. lOf course, we can't tell the seniors that they were consider- ate and co-operative, Their heads would get so large that they might burstlj Having been around for a couple years, the upperclassrnen directed lost sophomores to classes. Horlrzng for .Un Earleyk ojiee, llze gulf hare a zfarzely ofhelpjizljobs. EMU' perzodofor example, abxenlee slzps rrzusl be collected and returned to the ojire. Herz judi' ,Yorlon gels her las! one on her regular hall beat. l I 13 . XX t Z f xi is 4 t t -i 'Ihr Mll!lfIVI'.!'f Moonv 311271, azlzwfrlznrzg the lhemzf ofthe Senior Open House, looked dozwz upon Ihr lt4n1,gl1l-N-Golf--V Moya M!'1'l!ITflllII!, Hoy LUI'f.YlIIl!l, Glenn .NI?6'f,k711HU Ofserz urzrl Hope Dliarnorzrle-wlzile lhcjl sang a INIIIUEQ' songs. We Show ur Talents at pen House 'fI'd like for you to meet my parentsf' This familiar line was always heard at open houses when students introduced their parents to their teachers. The primary purpose of open houses is to show the par- Q ents what is going on at Central and to get them acquaint- . . ed with their children's teachers. After an hour of introductions, the parents, students and teachers went to the auditorium to enjoy a program given by the pupils of the particular class. Then it was off to the cafeteria to "nibble" and 'csipw on refreshments and to chat with friends-thus ending a pleasant evening. A, A Rejreshrnenlr in the rajelerzo were thejino! stage zyfthe open W ,Z home proeedure. Here are ilflr. and tlflrt. Dave Carson, A fans- Sanaj' jones and her mother, ,lflrr Fred Jonex. l a- s Four in a fowl Four girly, that ls, who pejormfd wzllzjlufw' al lhe saphx' "Punch anynnef' asks .Vanqy Foster and .Yang Hznsl, lzaslfpvwx who xmwl Open House. Thgf are Charlotte Ewing, judz' Boswell, janelle Comm and lhirsly slualenls and parenls al junior Oprn Hausa. Ulltkkfffllllfl' nfllzf annual LaDrmna Cole. ajfazr 15 In rgfiwlz rvefyorm za llzr fflfblfllfl afln' lllZf'llVI2kQVl1l7I. ..,,- ,X -4- A ,. ,, g. .J 'flu' r'x'u'lln1l mlulalrzllmal ,fl'l2lIH'IlY al all CU11l1'11l'5 Opwz Hamas was .4 L'I5Il zuzllz Dum Early llUfJH4l alglaw mars lroabll Tlnf Hanm mfflflx. Y. zflz l'I'l'Klf'lIl llzfx ymr at llzf' SUfJlIOI7l0l't' wzwzl. Lana I.ou'1ff1' falwzwfj lnppffl jallzer juz. Uuzlzd zpzllz Dean Eruln flurmg Sopnfmmrf Upfn flown In flzwnf, flu fn-I-HW1, mm ml, mmm. U!'g,U,A-,A-I bqyfprogrexx. .Ham lzarf lmn anzzmzzgf 15 s ' A t . , Agf 2 f - lg, 3" JI. ... .N . 4 , - , 3 185 ali JIIIIUIIIQ lllf' l!lIlf71'7IIlll'! fm lflrAylmlm-.S'r11lul llllllll lm! yrvn ILYIX .Um lffrvizlul lily, lmf' ffmlilug lm mul. We could have danced all night Qand al- most didlj, but the band stopped playing at midnight. Then began the mad whirl. Pizza, more dancing, breakfast, and sleeping late the next day are memories ofthe Prom. Girls are likely to remember tired feet and flowers while the guys probably recalljust tired girls. Clubs looking for a way to make money decided to have fun at the same time and sponsor a record hop. The most popular time for one appeared to be after a basket- ball game. Slumber UD parties were lots of fun, tool After a game or a dance everyone could "come on 11 my house" and spend a sleep- less night. Girls onlyAnatchf .-Xt least that was the usual plan. 16 2 . T34 'i N, . A un NX, it Dwi' i F xii, X Q 4 . 4 Q' 1 . .fam K.. 4 ' ' A fa, ' LY, sv r, i K4 X? Dining at Pizza Parties- l1'f11la' 1,IlIllll W1 sv' fum ll huulrmnzzfrc' on IJYIIIILSZKV Dave llellg, he luulm' nu Illllflifjl, IHILHTZIIITI how flnyz Ihr' pm uv!! Ngo. Wzillnuxqfzbj Bmwn is wulclzzng. Dancing at Proms At "The Bzzg Sjufrzf' funn! Imp .a'j2nr1,mn'rl by M-Club, zwufind Lam' Hgjmj 5ga,f,pmg BHD, Cmzlg wzlh lzfr pass-a bzlq purple HM!" -s. -RZ- Q 2,4 O' t.7,ll'1'I' Flzfm and ll Fluff, jimrzffffi nzuxzf' fm Hf,vflZ'I'f7WI CYIIVVIIIAFI, " fm! yrnr J jzznznr-.S'1fn1nr lmm. Tfzfvmf :wax sfmzun by 4'0fI2Ifilf flt'L'UVlIflllIl.Y. Rffllflf fhr H fzrrflfrl l'I'f'IlI7IQ.' ll l1ll7IL'1', II fjllffl flllll Pljjnf SU, flffff lfzr' lfruwhlns ffllmrf, ffumf Huff Kffvllfw fmff lfzf fQlI'flIIf1' fzfzrll Pzjjzlf 46 u S S11 rlz r' r 4 o n '1- JD We Stud Inf ormall l? , .Ht Cenfralztes attempt to study in marry plafex. Two qfllzefaziorzhzv an' the r1zzr1'1'forz'zm1 and fherfj the slept I0 the band room. ol .flflrf .tfllflflf Iii llfyffl lflr llnn' In ffm! uf: muff ifuilflt jwnll Jt'lIHll Itllltlllf lnlflwrilnrzrf Ill r'lr1s'.i. llfrr Rui' Ifllllfl nm! Nmnln' llrffmi iimmll IJ: l"f11nnfnr. X-ff' I ,M mf. 18 'gi Y 1 . 14 Central students study anytime, anywhere. Be- fore school and at noon, many Centralites End a scat in the auditorium to do their 'ghomeworkf' Ol' course this takes a little extra concentration to shut out the noise made by other Centralites who are in the auditorium for other purposes. Most classrooms are opened before classtime so the students can study there. Then there are also places really meant for studying, such as the li- brary and the study halls. Teachers at Central are co-operative and will willingly help interested students before or after school. Some teachers even go so far as to hold special classes after school for students who want extra help. "Do you have your algebra done yet? Well, how did you do number six?H This remark makes it evident that students help each other. Many times it clears onels own thinking if one can ex- plain a problem to someone else. Let's just hope you do not get your Hvictimi' too confused! Yes, we can study almost anywhere - any- where we can find room to sit down and a little bit of quiet. We can study almost anytime-from 7:30 every morning until close to midnight - sometimes even later. We're Friendl KKF7ZvFHlj.S'llZf, Frz'mds'lzz'p, Aju.x'l I1 fzefkd ble1zd.s'hz'p." And Il bffl'l5f.YlZl7l Z5 maflfr mlm! Cmlml flll.Y. QTUPJ xjllflillvfd Qur- zwdo, Sfzzlrlerf 1Z1FUllff17l, .7IN!1' IfVrmtfn, rmfl Barbara Mllffl-H denzonyifale C'cf'iZfI'lll,.X ,fr1'fr1ff.x'h1p KINIUVINQ mmf at I1 T-TWH bmllzerlmod purfy'fbrAqzrl.s' lffdlfVldf10VlllflfI,I'.l. QRIGIITJ 'flu' mos! rommnnxfiz'r'rzd.ffz1'p rl! Cmlml ix a fluff. flaw' IW .sw Surf Pwzrz' and Gllfl' W'1zIff.s'l1f1r1rz4q a llllldl' har, f'Bcm'1"1'0M LEFT, Pals are Qflerz ,xewz III llzv lmfls tugrlfzfr. fBO'I"I'OM RIG!-ITU The 'fgangJ'Af?z'f'11fls', lm.s'z'1zAg4qnarl1111tznrdS!f'z'1'S11- wickz' about 1113 "Sf111lnzk', 6111.51 ' 13' ,- +L .1111 1111111111 11111111f111q 1111111 1111 11111111111111 11111 l11111.1, 111 11 111 111 1111111 11111 1 1 1 1111 II 1111 111111111 11111 ffl 1111 ll 111111111111 111111311 1111111 '1l11X,, 11111111111111 111111 1111 111111 ,1111 1 1 l 1 17111111111 1111 11 111 ll 111 H 111 11111111 111111 1111 111 111111111111 11111 1111 111 1'1111, 1111111111 11'1111111' 111111 1111111111 111111111111 1111111111 111111 11 11111111111 Illllllllf 1 1111111111 111111111 1 1111111111 ll 111 1 llll 1 Fad and Facts of th Year Influ nee 111111111 111111 111 1111111111 1111111131 .11111 1111 1111111111 11111 .1111111 l1l1111. .1111111 l1l1l111, 1f11111'1111111111, 111111 111111115 111111 1111111 11111111111 "111111111U1111 111111111 111111 1... .p- 'Ya l.'iL1 iL'1'1 ' --- . -c,mWQ, , ,, ,,,,,.,...f. . AX ' ' A f F, 4 w e 1 - f , ffm . ,. :og ..f f , W' f f f ,f , 11 'W X ,V 5. V , 74 H ' Z! I , V yn, , 1 fr , Nqr- s, ' M-ew A , , fem A Cenlralite "ham" operator, Larry Frank- ' ' ' ' el, was one zfsevera! sludents lo hear Spul- ' nz'k's beeps. Here Larry contacts outer space, 1 an eagz Zaskfrr his "reg," f' if 1 N ,fr 1, 'W f il 4M343',,,g,W.,,,,5,j.,,e , - , , ef , i V ,',,y,,5,Q, ,V,,,,, ,V f,,,,,,9y4,,V,,, ,',:,, ,, . , V,,,,,',.,, ,.,4,,A,5',.f,,,4Z,,,., I, , , , ,, auf, .y.:m.W., ' Q ' f f I ., A . 7 ' -lr --of' ' ' 4.....1..,..,.,1.,. , ' G "ffWfny,,5' ' ' 1 'f 3 'e an e :I i ,,.-.,,W...M...,,,, A" A "JM-' gflini ,Her ' i I ,Ni ' 'Yule x 1 It .9 N' Xu US' Vyf, ,. b "" Centralites An enormousfactor in keeping the attendance clerks busy llzzs-year was lhe fzresence oflhe new disease, lhe Asz'anAffu, This new UIvI'l1.Y fllffflllliffflh-f7I7 lhe cfoszlng ofmany schools thisvyear anel the hzlgh number ofahsenlees al Cenlral. The haskelbalf players, such as Charles Hzrzcls, were among thekhrsl lo get "s!zo!s." S .Hmm Wzhth the lazuzchzng of Rus.x'za's Slbzflzzfk and lhezz llufrzzk, flze A-1 men'- can people, Ivflflllllhlyllg the stzzderzfs Of-C'F71ffl7f, become grealfy zrzferesled in Ihr slczndfrzg oflhz' lr7lIff'fi Slflles 112 Ihr mzsrzle race. Thzsgfacl was ex'- frresseri in lhe current nza'ga.j1'11es III C,vl'Ilf7llf'Y llhmrr. " :Y - "Will 101' Q ' - ,f cfm 2 'X M ""f- Qs. . ko- , . C ' NJ a unc:-ms hhx' 4 V a sue: 'Q ' 'WN c........ n nu 1 Q6 -V 95,2 3405? fl Tm NN X . t l'X mrzrgr a1zf1'fs,Lf?nr111'f fffllllllllhllxgi nl noon hour, IIIIIII. in Ihr mxf Qf some thr plan' to Jelllr 5fl'H!I'I-FS, quarrels, This mom also doubles as n plan? lo Jhozfylilmx. School Services Mold Memories of Lines, fi.I-QI"'Iij Mjvlllf' wlzrw' will I ln' rzlfff' In w'lq"' Iii lhf' fllflllvllrllf My in f,'f'n!rr1l'x I'llfi'fl'V7.ll, lm! ,Wlhf l'V1llmm.x l,sn'l hrlllzrrrrl hy Zhu fl71lllft'lIl,' hx' fmmrl n .Wulf H51-1I.r1Wj "Open wlrlr, Illlilllv Dr. 1,fl7'U' Lung :fs .xhumn hfnf rmlhnzg ILW' uflhf' flI'H" fffllfllf t'qlLZ717VlWlf whzfh wm Ngnwn lu ffzfrzlmf lhm ymr hy Ur. Ifwmrln. 4 2 l.-'L J2""l Thr popular r11m'1'tnr1'zm1 is 1101771 Ihr ,fmzf Qf Have a headache or a fever? If you are troubled in this way,just go down to the dispensary fnorth side, first Hoorp and see our nurse, Miss Marjorie Luce. She may take your temperature, give you an aspirin, or Cif you are sick enoughj even send you home. If you are not sick enough to be sent home, lucky You may be told to lie down on one ofthe soft beds in the dispensary. This year a dental unit was given to the school by Dr. L. F. Icerman, a retired dentist. Each Wednesday and Thursday various dentists of Muncie donate their time to this tooth-checking project. Two groups, the Sertoma and other civic clubs, provide the uofiicell with all supplies needed to carry on the clinic. The equipment includes a dental chair, drill, instrument cabinet, Sterilizer, and an x-ray unit. As for the x-rays, the sophomores and seniors were given x-rays to detect tuberculosis last winter. You undoubtedly heard many announcements during the winter telling our mighty Bearcat guys to report to the dispensary. There they received shots to ward off var- ious diseases, including flu. Lunch, and Leisure 'jr i 1 -L. l t. Mi I HPI!! fzandx rnz-rozzr hips mzzlbyuzzr thin ulbfu Tht'.lt'kf?I1llIfII1I affirm' ri fn heard by all .mphonzmffs and .wfzzors who m'f1z'1Yl rlwx! x-niyx. The .sfzufmi lzrlffi fuzz' fin lfzf' flziffffrwzz grmzi gmt' forzgzr rmrl lrnzgfr, H1145 jjmzwzg Ihr pofmlrzrzty rgfnlzl-fgfllozurl Bi 1111111 grznzwx, Sf lfn X k. X Just Say 'Pass to Auditorium' and We'll 0JU'lll Ut' C1 MICKEY MOUSE 7!0Li9f0'? WAN.-U A ,Q lm .A. , JASIEOLSEN Y' UN 3 ci maxim F11 z f,,,a,,, 'ggi ff MW? 'ffnllfmsii IISICJ ffl' 175511 All nnuzii Oliservance 1 1 111 1 1 alll ll10Il flllflllfll III' l1111111 --51 ,il MIKE 1 n:sl0EllT ihvflllll' f11'11j1l1' uw ll l1111111111'1, i111111' 11x11 ll l11111l.,' l111l .il111j1m' ll11y1l1'11, 1111! llllllllllg II11' f1111f11'1 l1111l.i, It 111g1'1111111.x 1'111111gl1 111 im' 11111' 11f'l11'r il1111f.i 111 fm! 11111' Ilfiffll' 111111f1111.qnf111,il1'1.i' up fin Ihr' 1 1li hf '1'1'f111lr1112. ' I I l IIIIS I I I Ill Il Il! 4 fl! 1111111115 1'f11i.s-11ffi1'1'r 1'l1rt1111z.i, f11'l1l 111 ,llrzix This year the auditorium was the scene of fewer but still inter- esting convocations. The audience was entertained or instructed by presentations ranging from a senator to a style show to pep chapels. Indiana Republican Senator Homer Capehart spoke to sev- eral social studies pupils about his 15-day tour of Russia. This was one ofthe more informative and serious programs. The orchestra, under the direction of Robert Dwiggins, and the home economics department, with Miss joan McTurnan narrating, presented a style show in which 47 Centralites par- ticipated. Styles for both boys and girls for every season were shown by members of each class. In the spring, class ofhcers were elected after the candidates carried on vigorous campaigns. Posters decorated the halls on every free wall space and bulletin board. Tear urselves Awa from Those Books An underclaxsman gets meaxuredfor the mrrec! ll'Z'Xl0HEFf0T Mr. Kzgrr Qy one fyflhe MHKQZACIVHH slajmembers, Shawn Me9'er. The social Sflldl-145 flamfs qf Central zwrf f7r1'zfz'frjgwl ffl!-.S',Vl'll7 lu haw Iliff Hnnnmblff Sm- SFVIHIV KIIIXX nff?f'f"Y Sl"""' KIIIFIVIV. -Yum' Ulwrz, mul Fm! IVIQQIIIX jm- Ill07 Czlflefzrlrt speak Io Zlzfm rznfbnflzqrl n'!al1'znz.S. k7uq'1' Wflllffll, a A4Lll1XUlll'illl n'fm1'!1'r, fm! flflllfllyfflflflfl .HIM .XINIIHYY hug, Ilnlmlu fffklfn H:'lIlt'!IfX lu frfllltll hun' z'nZervz'ewx him about lzzls trazwls in Ru.s'.sz'a. jufm l.UI1'Qf2'HIllA' al ll fm'-mzmumzml pp Mmjnl. F 2315 xg, X it ' I . 1 1 1 Y ,L w x .. w K X ' 1, ! ' ' :J 5 . , i...-. g . 1 M .. SYAWQ F' R an If. 'H I J r ' i Remember the sales pitch delivered by M Club members during the sale of tourney derbies? Or the miniature Halloweeners es- corted by Tri-Hi-Y gals for Unicef? These are iust samples of the work-and play-of Cen- tral's organizations. Whether you prefer to talk, teach, tour, or translateg to draw, dance, or dramatize-there's a club for you. If you're bored, don't see a psychiatristg lust join a club. P' X i f ,-. . l I N K xi, 1 V 3 i HONOR St XIIl'I'l'Y Rani if N. Sclnick, S, Jones, B. Price, M. Wlehlage, T. Robertsnl. Jones, Nou' fx Cf. llull, K. Carson, lXI, Llliw-y, CI, tlrceii. D. Denias. D. Oyler, IL VVUQCL S, ffliveri K, Bloom, B, XfVray, B. Graham. R. Dc-inzis, S. l,l'llC'l',xJ, Kiinbrouigli, P. ltiiicllcy, Nl. llnyclrn. Rani 43 fllqggcx G, lVIQGQwgn, D, Stcekman, W. Wantz, K. Howard, NW" 3-' ll- llfllfk, VV- WVVHI, M. .Xl1fl1'l'wIl. Cf lNlc'CIi'in,tj. lloons, VV, tl, King, D. Kuhns, G. Hanson, L. Helms, S. Sawicki, R. Crouse, Ui'ny,J. Millr1r,Al. Allherr, A. fizii'i'ai'cl, ll. Clase, Miss lily. XMIQUIN-yy HONOR SOCIETY PLEDGES Rim' Haney, P. Davis, D. lltilrfiiiairxl. Keppler. R. Mcklillin. Rom 2: Hartley. K. Stevenson, KI. Kingen, A. XYilson. Rim' ff: .X. lirtel. Boswell, L. Rolf, S. lvlichaels. NI. Ingram. XVooten. Rim' Pl: NI. .Xshley,J. Rankin, P. Cooley, M, XValsh. D. Routl'1.S. Dalton, lNIarshall. y Q .... g 4-CJ al-71vw,g - - ll. 7-o:Q.r1 Three Clubs 'llliis April tlit'C1enti'alcliztpterolllonoi' Society liafl its twenty-sixth liirtliclay. During this quzirtci' t'cntui'y, this group has served to t'Ilt'OllI'2lgt' good scliolzirsliip,cli:1i'zictcr, lifacl- crsliip, and service, :incl to rccogiiixe those students who acliicvc high stzuicling in each of them. Clarryiiug out these aims this year, members sponsored 21 special clean-up week in the building to make pupils aware olithcir civic responsibility. They also planned a money-making project to purchase a useful gift for the school. Two special H. programs this year were the Honor Awards Assembly in May, which was sponsored by the society, and the for- mal spring banquet in April, which featured an all-student program. The group is sponsored by Miss Eleanor Bly and was led this year by the following officers: Ronald Demas, presidentg Dan Oyler. vice-presidentg Sue Pence, seeretaryg and Donald Demas, treasurer. The majority of Honor Sandy meelzngs were hfld own Ihr mm! lable. Lunrhmns allowfdfzr Ihr fntmf norm hour to he 1z.rff2'f7r the meeting. In Ihr rush In hfjirsl In lznf, as can he seen lzwrr. Ihr gulf lrzumpherl. Jill Hartley, Linda Grow, Linda Rolf. mhz .vlzownj N.- M CLUB Row I: Ray Bayer, Kent Howard, Don Benbow, Larry Helms, Dan Row 3:Jack Cruea. Joe Kinnett. Fred Clock, Ken Arrington. Joe Faris. Oyler, Dick Bryan, Garry Wulff, Marv Campbell, Gary Crow. Alan Hayes, Ron Spoonmore. Dave Routh, David Heltz. Bill Graham. R01122: Ron Crouse, John Chase, Jerry Cooper, Dave Gibson, Bob Pat- Row 4: George McGowan. Mike Schranz, John Deeds, Ora XVoolums terson, John Hunt, Greg Hurst, Jim Marshall, Steve Barnett. Jack Broadwater, Norman Crow, Mr. Antonini. Honor Scholars, Athletes, Journalists Cne ofthe Mtribesn which were revived this year was the M Club. The big chiefs were John Longfellow, bas- ketball coach, and Ettore Antonini, football coach. Top man on the totem pole was Dan Oyler, who was as- sisted by Don Benbow, vice-president, Marv Campbell, wampum keeper, and Larry Helms, secretary. The members proved to be persuasive salesmen. They sold purple derbies at the tournament and tickets to an M Club record hop. Among their decisions were placing restrictions on athletic awards and buying M Club pins for the members. The purpose ofQ'uil1 84 Scroll is to give honor to high school newspaper and yearbook staff members who have done superior work in the field. Members must qualify by academic grades as well as by superior staff work. This chapter, several years ago named in honor of Wesley Pierce, a former printing instructor at Central, was sponsored by Mr. Edgar Henderson. June Haney was president, Sandy Hart, vice-president, and Mari- lyn Bennington, secretary. The club holds its initiation late in the school year. QUILL Zi SCROLL Rom I: Mike Merrill,Judith Miller, June Haney, Sandi Hart, Sherri Oliver. Rom 2: Mr, Henderson, Jeanne Whitcomb, Phyllis Findley, Kay Moore, Kit Carson. Row 3: Mike VValsl1, Judy Wooten, Janet Moore, Marilyn Bennington. - 3 ry, 4 6 - C l 'iflfffiea 4. l C 7 ' C? C9 gum 1 nm ' -.5 ."' ' -. -..ME 1. 'ANISII Cil.lll5 fum' f' Pllvllix lJmg,m, Nl.nilxn lllI4'X.-l,lXlI1'iillNl, S4lllllX llmxuv, lluln- ffyntllinflm'1'l1z1r'cll,ClarySi1mwz1ll,Slic'ila1 Miclcllcllfili.Missl.i11cl1'n. lJ1.m1im1I,'lmu1ih.nI1.1m. ll,mum,n linulmi.l'.m1limlIi-x. lf11.l"f'Sylw'sll'1' llull, 'Inlay SllVt'I'lJllI'g, l,z1r1'y lfllilllliixl, Bill l,I'klgUO lii.w.".'S1u1uli ll.ul. M1-uillx n Klf.Y.ux,,Sl1i-:lx Olnvri. ,Nllvn flm'lc'l1c'11s, Juv S1'I'l'il, Kvnl llowurcl, 'Q . 2. ,VZ 'a 7 T lRliNKTll CII.L'lS li ,L X' M. ll1lYLlCIl. XYl1ituunlv. S. Knecht. P. llnxim B. Pgirvh. Deis, P. Nickols. RI. l-luffman,kI. Wray, B. Jenkinson, P. Younce. ll mn-x. R. NIc'Xlillin. N. Hnclur. P. Slicppcrcl. S. Pence. K, Lcitsliuli. Rum 4: F. Amos. Deal. S. Nloodey, Dejager, S. lvleyer, S. Johnson li .. J S. lI.1r'1.S. KlIIlIllL'I'IIl..1Il. fi, Lvlllllilll. Olsen, ll llldlllflllil. CT. C. Patton. D. XIilhollin.xI.-jones, Miss Linden. llull. .X Noll. li. XN'ilxon. X Bnlc-5. CI. Cimnur. P, xXvC'ClIIlOI't?,-I. iXlll1L'I'I'. Rozy J: A. Miller. KI. Pardieck, B. Zimmerman, T. Small, B, Shelton I ni 1" .X Roc-ikcn. H.1rllGx', S. Turner. li, Stexenson. North. D. L. Pumphrcy, F. Foister, Chase, P. Williamsuj. Hershman, L. Hahn 50 a 4 'R 3.1 Se habla espanol The purpose of Spanish Club is to help mem- bers become acquainted with people of Spanish speaking countries and to practice speaking Span- ish. Marilyn Ulrey, Phyllis Dugan, Tom Graham, and Sandra Bowie held the offices of president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, respec- tively. Miss Laura Linden was the sponsor. Spanish Club members held unusual meetings. For example, they held a Christmas luncheon, at which there was the traditional breaking of a pinata. A party you would all like to attend even though you might not know it is the Tres Marias Fiesta. It's actually a banana split party. Il parle frangals Who said Burris and Central are forever feud- in'? Our French Club is certainly trying to dis- prove this accusation. Last Christmas Burris French Club members were guests at the Central group's Yuletide luncheon. They sang carols in French and had a French guest speaker. This yearls club officers were Sally Moodey, president, Patricia Davis, vice-president, Beth Wray, secretary, and Beth Parvis, treasurer. Miss Laura Linden, sponsor, stated that the groupls practical purposes are to learn more about France and its people from French guests and to converse with others in French so that members may be- come more fluent. F H A Adds Zest to Home Economics i , YT l ll X ll. ll'W'lll,'l, llopprr, X. Kirby, S. llnyis, ll, llrurk, fl. lll1cllc'y,S. Wil- l 1 1 x lui- lizuns, U. l,ounslJury, N. livzms. c mmm I l in cl ni I lurmr 'Xl X mflt 1- RfII1'ff.'l,, llillll, l,. l'umplirc'y,C1. I,c-1-,V.'l'owlvs,!I.Smitl1,S. Morton, lin s North, li. fIz1rc'y,lj. Kf'gi'I'Y'lTlS,ll. Cole, li. llurlizuizin, B. Shelton, S. . Cforbin, Miss Brinson. ix it 4 lx S Biooltlm nik S. l6mw'7:IS. l.i11cllt'y,lI.llam'y,S.ffllaslzliriml,Rollf'n,f1.Bowling,M.ffl2lrl4, I I 1 is 1 uc ilflo ilil1Ul'IllJllTg,-J, Wfuflc, ff. liwing, li. Boyle, M. Mills, ll. C ioblilt-, ll. 'limit-y, 1 ' N tr, V, Rainey. li. Parris, K. flowgill, M. Millc'1', S. Miller, Miss MlTil'llI'IlJlIl. Central has three chapters of Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, all with common purposes: Clj to promote a growing appre- ciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking, QQQ to emphasize the importance of worthy home membership, C35 to encourage democracy in home and community life, C45 to work for good home and family life for all, and C5j to further interest in home economics. The three FHA sponsors were Miss Brinson, Mrs. Sunder- man, and Miss McTurnan. Other officers of the three chapters were Bonnie Briggswlean Langdon, and Phyllis Shepherd, pres- idents: Linda Harah, Nancy Knafel, and Della Sells, vice- presidents, Judy Sloan, Barbara Gibson, and Connie Miller, secretaries: and Sandy Turner, Mary Jo Vanderburg and Betty Stine, treasurers. "f'fffwmi. f1rz1fmr11'7"jrmznzrz Hqym mail haw liffml Ylflll .lun l,f11zgdm1's lllIfft7Ht'ffIF Hailmgls jffi 11, fur ilu :my our oftlzf firsl lo fury. Y-Teens S eeialize in Social Service Social service was one goal this year of Central's Y-Teens, and members made seasonal favors for hospital patients and prepared a Thanksgiving basket which they sent to a needy family. Judy Wooten was president of Y-Teens this year. Other of'Hcers were Diana Cobble, vice-president, Jo Borders, sec- retary, and Juanita Quevedo, treasurer. Mrs. Pat Schroeder was the sponsor of the Y-Teens. Y-Teen members' goals were three in number - to grow as a person, to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalities, and to grow in the knowledge and love of Cod. Y-TEENS Row 1: T. Chandler, Thornburg, Borders, B. Tomey, D. Cobblehl. Wooten, Qluevedo, M. Terry, B. Keeler, P. Zigler, Young, Younl, T. Douglas, M. Burks, Conley. Row 2: P. Owens, P. Hasket, S. Davison,J. Rollen, P. Haines, N. Evans u V. Banks, V. Gibson, B. Reed, M. Jackson, S. Schmidt, C. Mills, D. Luellen, W. Clark, P. Wirt, B, Tucker, T. Jack, S. Mitchell. Row 3: S. Middleton, C. Trowbridge, D. Deis, L. King, B. Davidson v M. Boomer, A. Wilson, C. Tuttle, B. Evans, K. Dickson, S. Kinser, B . . iz ' X, W The 2'-Teeny held a slzzpwreek party 115 zz war to arqurzinl fheir nm' and old members. Here Peggy O'C0nnel, Queenesflzer Prior, Peggy Brzmltx, and Carolyn Slander ae! out MLW on ez rqflfi Williams, C. Williams, M. Duke, C. QNewkirkl McNabney, Z. Kirby C. Stouder. Row 4: Chastain, D. Shelby, M. Blazier, M. Cox, Jeflries. N. Pence P. Conley, S. Morton, B. Zimmerman, P. Newton, P. Hedrick, Pxlohnson M. Ray,J. Lindsey, M. Qualls, L. NVine, S. Johnson. P. Younce. Row 5: E. Prior,J. Wade, B. Hummer, M. Clark, K. Small, C. Bloch- er, Dickson, P. VVine, D. Huffman, S. Trout, Herndon, B. Lindley C. Skaggs, D. Crillin, C. Pattonml. Kent, E. Howard, B. Spencer, F. Todd ' i 33 -195' l'liYSIClSi1l,lJli Nou' lf S. .1u1n'x, M. lifilllli, Il llc IH IN 'N Ns um us 1 4 Umw, A. Ciz11'1'z11'cl, Y. SIIRIVV. llunl I R Ill III ll,lIIt'i.1.' Mr. i4iIlgl'lllilll, IX'la1rn 1 ns 14 'om 111 1 ll s R. Millvr, Sc'1'1':1, il. XYrmls, B X c sl M1 Ilulvlr nd llxlu i0IllIlL' M W 1 sl Scientific Clubs Emphasize Current l'1NGlNliIiRlNGCl,UB Razr' Rude, R. McYicker, Roberts, I.. Hassc, B. Decker, Fl Ro1w2:M1'. Burt, P. Taylor, R 34 '-v.. CHEMISTRY CLUB Row 1: Waneta Wertz, Robyn McMillin, Ann Garrard, Sandy Bowie, Sarah Stevens, Janelle Coons, Mary Jo Vanderburg. Row 2: Linda Rolf, Bill Dailey, Larry Frankel, Earl Hicks, Wagner Womack, Gary Wools. Row 3: Mike Lawell, Joe Kinnett, Ronnie Demas, Stanley Wilkens, Tim Small, Kent Howard, Mr. Budensiek. Trends of Interes The E7zgz'f1rcrz'ng Club UI-Xlfffi the Allison Powamma evlizilzzh llizli' your Ill lfllfl-IlIlHfJlIfIl,Y. This group is looking our an ruzialjinw turbo-jf! engine dl-.Yf1f!1j6dI al Ihr wclzz'bz'ls. Sludmls rm' Lurg' Snodgrass, jon Bayman, Bi!! Dragoo, andjay Williams. tv 7, -ahh.. 'Yi """"'I- In K' - 9 To further knowledge of and interest in the engineering Held is the purpose of the Engi- neering Youth of America, one of Central's newest organizations. The new club was sug- gested to Mr. Fred Burt, sponsor, by the voca- tional drafting class last September. Members elected officers in November and accepted new members in the spring. Officers were Leonard Hasse, president, Bob Decker, vice-president, George Roberts, secretary, and Joe Whiteman, treasurer. After a ten-minute business meeting, mem- bers ofthe Chemistry Club usually retired to the lab to work on individual projects. Meet- ings were led by Kent Howard, president, who was assisted by Tim Small, vice-president, and Waneta Wertz, secretary. Ronald Budensiek, chemistry teacher, was sponsor. The club pro- posed to give students equipment, instruction, and time for chemistry experiments. Another group interested in scientific exper- iments was the Physics Club, whose purpose was to provide a means for members to further their interest in physics by learning of new de- velopments and by performing physics projects. Officers this year were Dave Steckman, presi- dent, Donald Demas, vice-president, and Nancy Schuck. secretary. Mr. Lingeman and lNtIr. Hubbard were sponsors, 35 Book uild Promotes Good Literature at f- llf X JK Ullllill Rum lf Sandi Hart, Sandy ljoncs, Mike Wclilagc, Nancy Schuck, Dave Stcckinan, Phyllis l"indley. Run' Qfllill Hartley, Willciligliliyf Brown, Miss Wz1Cle', .janet Kimlnrougli, Kit Clar- son, Carolyn Grccn,Joan Kepplcrr. lfllflflff'-N 'ff lffwli Ufffffi-V'll"'1'Nf'flff' fl 1'11Hf'f1' 'ff uf'7f1I1'nf1"f1Uv Wfff RI1Il'.if.' Nancy Jordan, lion Van Dyke, Tom Grahanimjiin Marshall, Don llcnias 7 zu ffm nm' :mill 1,1771 lim Drftfx li ffrJlg.ff1fJffll1V1'lti' tzuly, Dun: john Chasvv Kem Howard' 6 -'1f'l1"fUl"f""'-' '7fifl1f'1'1I11 IUIIJ .8fmn1!J How 4: Bill Graham, Don Waters, Dan Oylcr, Ronnie llcrnas, Larry llc-lnis,ljocr Faris A group of students interested in reading and reviewing books organized about eight years ago to form the Book Guild. They are now a modest sized but mighty literary group sponsored by Miss Mary Wade. Guild members try to foster a sincere interest in good litera- ture, also enabling themselves to build libraries of good books at low cost. They also donate books to the school library. In the line of special meetings, the Book Guild had a unique but appropriate Hallowe'en party. Each member came dressed as a character from a favorite book. The officers who served the group this year were Dave Steck- man. presidentg Phyllis Findley, secretaryg and Mike Wehlage, treasurer. An uncommon oH'ice, but one needed by this club, is that of librarian. The post was Filled by Nancy Schuck. These students. guided by Miss Wade, led the club. Youth Forum Discusses Timely Topics -Q YQUTH FORUM Rau' I: Kent Howard, Judy Norton, Phyllis Findley, Carolyn Green, Diane Druck, Kay Moore, Nancy Schuck. Mike Wehlavc. D Rau' 2:John Chase, Mollie Milner, Linda Grow, Kay Stevenson, Willoughby Brown, Dave Steckman, Janet Kimbrough, Sandi Hart, Suc Pence. R0zu3: Larry Helms, Don Yan Dyke, Bill Graham, Dan Oylerxjill Hartley, Jim Marshall, Sandy Jones, Joe Faris, Mr. Rice, One ofthe most interesting meetings held by Youth Forum each year occurs in November. At this meet- ing the delegates for the Purdue Student Legislative Assembly present their bills for discussion. Forum members also had a special career meeting during which each member explained his own career choice. After Kent Howard, president, called each meet- ing to order, Phyllis Findley, secretary, read minutes of the previous meeting, followed by treasurer Judy Norton's report on Hnances. If the president was ab- sent, Mike Vilehlage, vice-president, conducted the business meeting. lylr. Homer Rice, sponsor, was on hand to arbitrate any disputes that might arise. After the club's business had been disposed of, the discus- sion leader would take over and current issues would be discussed. lbullz Fmtun, only .l'0liltIf.i!l1ffIf5 dub al Cnztnzl, ofhn rf1xt'tomf fwfmi qfimwzf III' ufrumvil znfrrfrl lu .-lrlztrzrrzrzt in grnuzll. .-II fill! ufffzr n1t'f'!z11g.v ffirlnzt-A ri! Grrzlzrzmit lzrmzr. Dare Strrlinzrlrz, him! Hf1Ir'6IlffI1llfj Bl!! flzn'z1t.trrlp1'u.i um! mn I1 ftjqalzgfrf gamblzrzg. Pmpi: t'lIVl1,j, tlzzfzr, Illlff lfltrf A i 1 f N' l I 4' ad? I S' C2 IILIIH 1 limi' lx Pail Kirkwood, Slit-ilu Mirlrllc-lon, Judy lXf1uiior, llrenda Poison, Pauline Wirt, P111 Younrc, Sliorryklolinson, Miss Helen Swartz. SllII'l4'y sI'llVVt"ll, lionnim' lX'liclcllc'lo1i. Nun' ff: Marilyn llearcl, Janice 'I'l1arp, Becky Turiivr, Carolyn Gregory, lm i' QI' .fXi'vill:i Miller, ifoiuiiv 'liowluiirlgc-, Wlxrirlgi fll1ll'l'i,flUl1Illt' Smith, Janie Cirrnal, llucly lless, Mary Ann Clark, Joe Rankin. Bible Club Hears Churchmen Speak r li'r."r11'1lff.NNI rlfrfu.'1'l, uf lfn' Hllgfl Simi .llrllmfllil f,'!lll71!I, Him um' uf ffll' if11'r1Ar'r.s rm fflrf 1 'mln fin lflr 1'nl1'.i mllzillnw uf lfzlilf fflulr. lizwizixlnmx, ifnwlrrx mm' films zwn' TFUUIIII fzmli nf flnlf xzlffllllxgi, Jwflfifl limi fzfmr r'.'f'i1' .srmurl illlllllllllj' njln Jfflllllf. 38 No, this club was not new or even revived. But its members took a good look at the constitution and decided it needed remodel- ing. Miss Swartz was assisted by oflicers Ronald Middleton, president, Judith Ma- nor, vice-president, Brenda Polson, secretary, Sheila Middleton, treasurer, and other mem- bers of the Bible Club in rewriting their constitution. During the year the group had speakers from several churches in Muncie. This proj- ect served in helping them to realize their purpose-to promote knowledge of many different religions. To provide fellowship for those who are interested in the church, Bible Club members held social meetings to which guests were invited. At Thanksgiving time a basket was pre- pared for a needy family. At meetings when they had no speaker, members were often shown a film. The Bible Club was first organized in the 19303 but was later dropped. About three years ago, the club was reorganized by Earl Molott. xI.C.L. SECOND YEAR Row 1: D. Frazier, B. Melnik, M. Peckinpaugh, M. McCarty, C. Rivers, D. Waters, Moore, N. Ayers, AI. Wagoner, Kimbrough, Hartley, N. Schuck, B. Price,j. Faris, A. Ertel, K. Moore, T. Simmons. Row 2: P. Underwood, B. Case, S. Krug, P. Donhauser, M. Brand, C. Dudley, A. Pamerleau, Phillips, M. Boomer, C. Sanders, J. Church, L. Cole, L. Spahr, B. Tosh,J. Crenat, C. Stouder,J. Wooten,J. Barnett. Row 3: M. Wallen, S. Trout, S. Herndon, K. Fletcher, L. Baker, B. Brammer, S. Bowie,J. Shaw, M. Huff- o o J.C.L. Llnks Latln Centralls largest club, Junior Classical League, has existed here for only three years. AI. C. L. ofHcers hold positions with odd names, but their duties are not unusual. Janet Kimbrough and John Wagoner were consuls, Nancy Ayres was scriba, Marie McCarty was gazeteer, and Geoffrey Rivers and Don Waters were aediles. Mr. Robert Hancock was J. C. L. sponsor. .C.L. Pow Hunt, B. Crahamul. Chase, C. McGowan, D. Steckman, M. McCarty, C. Rivers, D. Waters, Moore, N. Ayres, Kimbrough, Wagoner, B. Rob- erts, S. Kinser, W. Cray, L. Wood, S. Meyer, L. VWn- ningham, Row? Mr. Hancock, Nxjordan, S. Corbin B. Franks, P. Hammond, S. Schwyn, M. Allont, C. Williams, A. Wilson, V. Cibsonhj. Kent, V. Banks, J. Keppler, M. Zimmerman, D. Druck, A. McClel- lan, B. Wfilliams, D. Sacks, D. Johnson, Eicher, B. Dowling. Row Wilson, Davis, A. Carrard, S. Stevens, Coons, K. Wilson, P. Findley, K. Merrick, N. Evans, S. Routh,J. Emdee, M. Kingen, S. Stew- a il I 1 man, B. Skaggs, P. Deerr, C. McCray, Foster.J. Reser, Cray, Shaw, M. Current. NI. Oliver, D. Durham. Row 4: Mr. Hancock, B. Polson, S. Tucker P. Davis, B. Ertel, Nl. Dalton, N. Dickens,J. De Jager P. Kelley, O. Hatcher, L. Snodgrass, D. Patterson, M. Bump, N. Sutton, T. Thayer, L. Howard. P. Hagen C.Nickols, S. Dawson, F. Merrill. Row lN'Iader, P. Webster, S. Voisard, S. Smith, M. Johnson, S. Crum, KI. Chan, R. Middleton, C. OlDell, P. Stewart, R. Hoag- land, B. Homrig, D. Bartlett, S. Chase.J.Thompson. D. Rutter, M. Hirons, D. Hughes, P. Townsendul. Rankin and Life Par! zjlhejhn zyitakzng Latin I5 pro- vzdffd al tht' Lalm Banquets. t'ToP,J john Byrne!! skzlljiclly played lfzw mfe M HCuf1m",' at one yilhf gaflzfr- zngi. fBEI.OXNQ 'KGHU' f1HZ'f'II,Y1'0ll .rlr1zw', l70ZA.',ftlfp1'lll,U' mr1.ttfr."' iriys l'Vam'm Wnlg lu her .swz'11r1I. .S'lat'e.i wfn' lflt'jl7XlYJ'6'Uf .SfMf1,F7If.Y,' the mai' len' zwn' Ihr rerfmrl, and lhzrdvymr pufnlr mill Ihr fllflllbffj AYCI.. art, S. Dickson, S. Cray, P. Jackson, B. Noble, NN' Wantz, K. Dickson. Row 4: R. Carnes, D. Routh, B McCray, Manor, P. Cooley, M. Pardieck, T. Cox A. Roetkin, W. Wertz, Jones, C. Hull, A. Thor- nell, S. Moodey, L. Rolf, C. Baney, D. Boyle, Arm- strong, R. Demas, K. Nay, D. Dernas, D. Beaty, K. Mitchell. Rumi' C. Havens, D. Hall.,j. Havengj. lV1eeks,J. Cox, D. Miller, N. Poster, B. Wilson, P Greer, R. Williams, E. Morrow, P. Johnson. Phipps, M. Wehlage, D. Bryan, D. Oyler. C. NVUIH' B. Anderson, R. Bonham, A. Reese, M. DeYault B. Sutters. 1 5 4.1 ll ,, , . . i 1 -.QIMI l F5 a v a -:PF 'L ,I 'ffl fi ' i v L lJl'l.f'XMA'l'lCIS CLASSIQS lffm' lf l,. lii'eiiiivi', Cl. flilfllilllilll, G. llnllnis, B. Crow, Nl. iliodzir, N l'I'IlA, ll. l,I'Il'l', A. Miller, fl. Gcrhardl, Jones. 'liulllcz ff11Ii'2.' S liurloii, l'. llf'lflf'IllJl2lllfl,AJ. llindc-i'. A. Rooricy, S. lowne. P. Dugan ll, Skaggs, l,. M1'cl2lI4I4fJll,K.Sy'llClf.'I4,-I. Holding, Nun- Miss Stillwngon-, li l'm-llv S luvkr-r I3 lin' S 'llnrnvr ll llixis X C' l us Xn , . , , .',.. , . 2 . roelvic' 1 - vil, M. Coop, ll, llriivk, M. llzirgvm. Run' -If N. Kvilin, ll, Briggs, M. llnsiiig, ll. llsillon, S. Ynisiircl, ll llviicliivksriii, Nl. Collins, ll, Oxwii Nl, lhiiiii, li. llsill, S, Svilwi. ctors rganize Stage Door, tliv nzinic' lor Ilic new drzimatics group, was sm'lc'c'1vcl liccziiisv il suggests llizit llirougli the stage door pass llic stage Cust and crew, botli of whom are needed to produce 21 success. 'l'l1c club had many ofliccrs, including the president, Joyce -jones, vice-president, Lynne McCarroll, secre- lz1ry,.loycc Tuttle, treasurer, Barbara Price, historian, Belly Skaggs, parliamentarian, Sally Moody, and sergeant-at arms, Ann Roetken. Miss Drucilla Still- wagon was the sponsor. iw kg, 4. 5 L. ., 'lfn'.S'1'murflfrly, 'llilllln'iSyf1r1l,"1w1.i jnufr.i.i1rnu1!lyfmaiwrilwrlllyum uiwi ".S'!rn'.i," lynn flnrfl, flfurfl vi Crm 1, llumf' Dnzfl, llrwr iSilUIIlI.XIIlI mu! lfffrlumi l'r111'. llfrr, ni ll ir'- l nmrf www, lin' mimi H'l'll'l' 1Wrmf1'1l, zwlm fini flllllfI'llfl'Illll Hiring In umlrnl H.l'fllVlif.l. " S'l'AGli DOOR Run' lf ll llruck, R. Adams, A. Miller, A, Roclkcn, ilil1lll1', lloiivs, L. Mcflzirroll, B, Price, B.Skz1ggs, P. lJi1gz1n,S.'l'owm-. lfrmf 2: A. Rourivy, L. Brenner, S. Boyle, D. Bichl, Holding, M. Love, li, Ray, K, Snyrlrzr, C. Gerhurdl, P. Hammond. Row .35 P, Owen, P. Youncc, P. llcldciilirzuifl, B. Bookout, D. Luellen, L. Watkins, A. Goetcheus, F. Duliois, N, llirkcrn, S. Zimmerman, P. Davis, Miss Stillwagon. Rum 4: Ancil, ,ll.Clll21Il!ll!'I', B. Zimmerman, C.Skz1ggs, Sciber, ll. Hendrickson, M. Collins, S. lN1icl'1aels. S, Moodey, M. Dusing, Turner. ww l i , wifi rtists' Projects Include Backing 'Cats M 'rf 1 , l 4 Q 4 1 1 T A Q it .A ff . V g tt .1 Fil " 3 ' l T is 2 ' 0 ART CLUB Row l.' C. Benedictul. Whitcomb, Altherr, B. Polson, M. Alfontuj. Cain, S. Durham, C. Sanders, E. Howard, M. Connell. 'R0zu2: D. Huffman, M. Jackson,J. Moore, N. Ayerswl. Shawhl. Resar, I., Lowery,J, Browning, K. Clark. Another victory! This was the first successful year for a Central Art Club. There had been previous attempts to form a club, but this year Centralls 'cMichaelar1- gelosn made it. Mr. William Basinger and Mr. Paul Carmichael sponsored the group. Cfficers elected were Judy Cain, president, Mary Alfont, vice-president, Brenda Polson, secretary, and Joan Altherr, treasurer. Artists were responsible for decorating front hall more than once. They decorated the Christmas tree and made a white Bearcat head for pre-tourney display. Almost everyone helped decorate this by signing his name as a 'Cat booster. The club's real aim is to further educate students in the advantages of an art career. Rnz1f3.' N. Jordan, I., Winningham, B. Reeves, L. Wfise. Hartley, A Roetken, N. Dickens, D. Criflin, N. Hurst. Enterkin. Row 4: Mr. Basinger, S, Burks. R. Douglas, Mr. Carmichael. B. Sutters L. Adams, F. Foister, F. Wlashington. NV. McCallister, Turner. Tourney lime brings' un agfizrr qftmnz spin! and xzzppurl. The A It Club zum' rm mceltvlzlorz In Ihr ruff wlzm Ill prrrffzlrfl' flzekfiwit fm!! zwztli lhezr "UU CA 7.S"' .sign Juan Althfrr, Larry Adumi, .Mary A Uiuzl and Chit' Bffmfflul hflp pu! zl up. 1,13 1237121 - l l I W 1 5 O IRI-III-Y Nun' ff II. Pulsmi, AIIIN-ri, M. 'I'udzii, S. Pf'iif'r', P. Ihivis, Kim- Ram fi: VVliitccJmI3, B. Jciikinsoli, NI, Hiiffiiiun, K, Lciishull, S. JOIICS IJITJIIQII, I.. Iliilsoiiul. Iluliiiirv, S, Muoclvy, NV. Iimwii, .X RUCIIQUII. fi. I'I11ll, N. Dunn, C. CILTIIZIILCII, 'If Cox, K. IXIUOW, N. Russell. lfmi' M. Ilzlyrlvii, P. Iliiiiiiiimiml. II, Pairvim, S. Km-clit, lllsvii, N. Nazi' -1: li. Iusli, Cl. Uivkcrsoii, I.. Clark, M. Pzii'cIicc'k, A. IIIIIOILIICII, K S1'Iiiir'k, K. Mr'AIislc'i', II. Skgiggx,-I. ljmim, 'l'i1llIv,lI. Kliillins. Klursuii, S. Micliucls, I.. Roll, M. Howcll, M. Iicimiugloii, S, Hurt. IRI-III-Y lffwi' Rniiiiirk, S. l'iilin, M. 'Ii'iiy,Aj. C llwii, li. Cirmx. N. I"r'ilz, M. 'liirlziig Moi'- ruw, I'. Iliigiiii, ii. W'iIIi.iixis,lI. Nluiiii-, S. Srliwiii, M. W'giIlc'ii, fl. Iliaill, I'. Cliullr-y. fi'r1Ji'.f.' II. I7fm'liiig.g, S. NN'ilIi.ims, I'1ppm'i'snii, QX, Nc-II. CQ. Siiiiclvis. N. ,fXyi'is, R. Iini- Iow, Crist, I.. Kimw, Ilairllvy, NY. IIQFUXXII, Ilolniiiv, A. I'IIlCI, IJ. Nfmllvy. S. Ziimiic-i'n1ii1i, S. Yam .'Xi'sdul, S. Stout, M. Ingriiin. ICM' 'ff Rollvii,-I. Blll'llS,kl. Kviil,-I.Rcploglc.I..Spz1lii,I.y11i1X'N'z1lkii1s,IVI.Kiiiigvli. . . . S. IIVIJ' 1 SIZIIIIIDVCI, II. Iirtcl, INIJQIICS. I.. Main, l'.Wcbs1cr, M. Houiiivr, Millvr. d H ' " , , I rl' 1 an 1' Nmi- -lf K. fiI2ll'Ii, I.. SICVCIIS, Ii. SIICIIOII, I.. Pi.impIir'Cy, T. Cox, N. Williams, S. INIII li-1351. SIi.1w..I. Phillips, S, Adziiiis,-I. Rcscr. I.. Baker. A. Macc, H. Barry, Iiiims. Ruff' 15: C. SC11gI'2ix'c, C. 'IiUI'llt'l', I.. INIiII6r, U, Hill, N. Toslfr, P. W'hiteside, B. Petty, I'. Joslin, S. INILWQIA, I.. Howard, C. Fredcnbiirg. U. Crouclimj, Brimhall, P. Hagen, B. Clark, Ii. Ewing, XV. Mannix. 1 , I , Q ,X I 4- f1 .L..-Ifl- L- Milfl-...A l li lL Y"'-I f KTOPJ Colleelingjnr Unzrgyhr Tn'-Hz'-fare Carole Hull, Sanzbjones, and jane Olsen. CBOTTOMJ Being measured ly a salesman zk joe Chan, far his Hz'-lfjackel. X1 I-t......... Last fall did you hear any sophomore girls muttering something about 'T . . create, maintain, and extend through- out the home, school, and . . . H? They were probably trying to memorize the purpose of Tri-Hi-Y, a requirement appear- ing on the entrance test. It goes like this: "Our purpose is to create, maintain, and extend, throughout the home, school. and community, high standards of Christian living." An ex-Centralite, Linda Henley, was this year's sponsor. and Max Kelley was the adviser. Officers were as follows: president, Larae Hutson, vice-president, Judy Hotmire, sec- retary, Janet Kimbrough, treasurer, Sally Moodeyg chap- lain, Brenda Polson, historians, VVilloughby Brown and Ann Roetken, sergeants-at-arms, Sue Pence and Patricia Davis. To create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school, and community the high standards ofa Christian char- acter is the purpose of Hi-Y. At meetings, which were held at the Y.M.C.A. on Thursday evenings, the boys had movies or speakers. Gne ofthe latter was Captain Carnes ofthe juvenile Aid Department. Hi-Y members made money by sponsoring a record hop and by selling coupon pamphlets for Kroger Stores. Other projects were a hay ride and a Christmas basket prepared for a needy family. This yearls Hi-Y oflicers were Bill Graham, president, John Chase, vice-president, Don Benbow, treasurer, Toby Roberts, secretary, Joe Rankin, chaplain, and Larry Helms, historian. Mr. Don Hubbard was the sponsor of the group. Prove Fun and ork Can and Do Mix HI-Y ROW l.' T. Routh, l. lost, L. Wood, D. Oyler,J. Cruea, T. Simmons, J D D. Benbow,J. Chase, B. Graham, L. Helms, T. Robertshl. Rankin, D. Bryan, D. Steckman, F. Clock, C. Paddock, Mr. Hubbard. ROW F. Merrill, B. Fields, T. Burch, Barnett, D. Benson, S. Bar- nett, B. Dragoo, Hunt, F. Wiggins, C. Gibson, R. Miller, Marshall, M. Hodson, G. Hurst, D. Heltz, P. Jones, Faris. ROW3.'J. Tinsley, Hensley, C. Polk, S. Chase, L. Neata, D. Van Q, - -- f - .' 2 ' 'r Dyke, R. Chaney, G. Roberts, B. Noble, D. Cunnington, D. Brown, C. Arbogast, Chan, Wlhiteman, Carnes. ROW Cox, M. Hirons, G. Schad, G. Riyers,J. Hatcher, M. Collins, D. VVaters, T. Graham, P. Taylor. B. Homrig, P. Martin, T. Williams, B. Decker, K. Jones, Burgess, Carnes. ROW5: R. Roberts, H. Holaday, L. Hasse, P. Hutson, ll. Rutter, R. Price, B. McCray, M. Wlalsh, L. Brand, T. Collins, M. De Vault, I". Jones, T. Parkinson, L. Stackhouse. G. Carmichael, B. Senn. r 1 nn r. nz ' W f f V x - -------'AW ------- f 12-1-I . J CIUNCll'1R'l'CIHOlR flnwzlrlr I1 '1ff1f1m.s, 1'1lz'-f7rrwlf11l Yffvff' ,YUIIWM f'Vf'Slff1'l1f H1711 f,'IIIIt', l'I!I'flV1'SlflZIlf RUN lf li,f1r4ng,I'. Wim-, l'. Acliiiiismj. llinrp, S, lrzipp, Holland, ll. Iulnisfmn,l..5l4'vvi1s,lXl. llz1rllt'x', ll. lim. C, Willignns. Nl. Loop. B. In-nltinson, ll. 'limit-y, l'. Ninlmlsuj. lit-pplvi, Xl l't-vkiiipznigli. HUIVQ. il. IllK'lil'l'SlJIl,.j. llt'l'SlIlL:t'l, ll. Slintlon, NV. W'illizin1s.lj. 'l'urnc'i', S. Nlryrr, Nl. 'l't'ii'y, S. llriiitlml. :X Wilson, l. llilivs. L. l.oxxt'iy, QX. l'.l'llt',lj.lIoi1c-s,M. lngignn, M lxnngc-n, l'. lwlfmiv, l', Snnlli, Concert Choristers Domllqr Bzrlil, xfrliflary Brill l1'1ri1','1 Sally f,lIUIl.Yl', .rzfzwtzirv Smidy Dl'1u'lfr'111lll1'1, l11fr1.Nm'r RU W 3: L. Adams, B. Strong, L. Brewer, S. Barnes, L. Scott, M. An- dvrsoii. P. Bulls, Sylvt'slci', B. Sinilli, Anvil. C, Hudson, U, Clzirl-4, CI. W'c'nvt'r, C. Brown. M. llt'W'it1,J. W'illi21rns. HHH' 1:15. Slllllwilll, 'lf Stewart, ll. lirogztn, M. lleinricks, 'lf Wnsliing- ton, l, liirtl, R.lIiinnit'i'son, Morrow, ll. Wilkiiis, ll. llolliivnz, VVQ11-cl, 'll llcnry, ll. l.ipsvon1li, Cl. llztrl, ll, Wzilstiii, R. cil't't'Il, ll. lincllvii. Were Radio Stars D CONI IICRT CHOIR RUIV I. R. Cordlr-..I. Tcinyer. N. Dunn, P. Dignmn. F. Todd. M. Mills. CQ. ilolinson. ll. Crow, S, Ziminernnin. N. Crnczt. Pcdiqfxll. Xlevers. l' lrxxun. Cl. lQrt'c'l'. li. Hfilllflll. Nl. Hvutvrs. NHI1'-' X, Harris. ll. 'l'nrnt'r. S. Boxv1t',S. ll1'nt'kc'n1illt'r. RtJIT1l1L'k.lI. Blzurklm. S. 'llhI'l'Shf'I', QI, 'I'mwluridQe. R. Cznnpbell, F. Lindsex. S. IIulflly1g,5. Blitlcllcton, ll llivlil. ll. Rvxnolds. C, flt'll1t'HN, Xl Nllllrr. N. Rolnolll. R llnlli. 44 ROl1'.3: T. Lewis. R. Kersey, C. Childress, D, Gooding, M. Skates, R Ze Belle. Burks, Garrett, E, Vlernagin. C. Harris, Orrick, L. Rob ertson. R. Digden. L. Flick, C. Hurst, K. Hensley, B. Beesley. ROI1'-I: M. Kirtz. Anderson, A. Holding. C, Hinds. Dampicr, Fincfhnrn. P. Guy, L. W'oods. D. Pyron. Conway, C. Thresher, L Slnittlcwortli. R. Bonham, D. Harpe, A. Bump, C. Harper. Reneh, L'pt'hnrel'1.x1. Parkison, H. XYashington. ur Girl Vocalists Share Talent ith Public Dana Higjfman, president Linda Cozmr, vice-preszdent jarkie Drown, .Y6'f7f'lCl7f1' .Way Kay Hqjnzan. trmsurrr Wanfla Conley, Dire-president Nadinf While, serrelagf Rzrkzr Cor, lrfasurfr ALL GIRL CHOIR fTopj ROW 1: C. Dollison, D. Dice, S. Enterkin, C. McCoy, M. jefferson, M. Gregory, B. iX4artin, M Brown, R. Rahe, N. Keihn, N. Hirons, E. Hardy, S. Winningham, C. Hiatt, C. Nickols, XY Miller, M. Springman. ROWQJJ. Ellison, B. Sullivan, C. Tuttle, C. Williams, D. Young, A. Neff, C. Segraves, L. Par ris, M. Craig, N. Markley, N. White, B. Barton, M. Allen, G. DuBois, B. Tucker, C. Curts,J Scott, S. Stouder. ROW 3: B. Spence, S. Palin, A. Walters, L. Collins, A. Denwidclie, L. Hellis, S. Davis, J Yount,J. Young, R. Cox, W. Alberson, T. Ross, F. Allen, T. Douglas, Conelly, R. Davis, A Branson, S. Barnheart, N. Young. ROW 4: C. Harmeyer, S. Smith, C. Barnett, S. Reese, B. Ertle, B. Southerland, V. Ackerland L. Cole, C. Skaggs, K. Moore, K. Cougill, Craig, Collett, S. Williams, B. Hartley, P Coulter, K. Fletcher. ALL GIRL CHOIR KBol!omj ROW I: K. McCartney, P. Maggard, K. Wagner, Mock, R. Dibble, S, Brady, V. Oxley J. Gaylor, Wright, N. Pence, D. Huffman, S. Headley, D, Miller, F. Clemens, Craig, G Dollison, Drown, H. Jackson, D. Durham, Leonard. ROW 2: C. Doolittle, C. Ewing, S. Barton, P. Haskett, B. Sargent, R. Sanders, Gray, Txlack G. Hawkins, Sims, P. Orr, K. Barton, R. Schafer, L. Barton, P. Owens. ROW3: P. Whiteside, Moore, Summers, E. Wilson, W. Johnson, M. Zimmerman, P Jefferson, M. Burks, M. Buchanan, T. Douglas, L. Henry, Barker, G, Wolfe, C. Rowe, S Thornton, T. Bowling, D. Hollis, S. Wilkins. ROW 4: W. Phippshl. Nibargcr, N. Holbert, M. Blazer, C. Babhit. M. Hunt, I". Townsend B. Williamson, M. Ayers, A, Mace, L. Wise, Eppcrson, M. A. Huffman, N. Hurst, M Miller, D. Carter, P. Miller, M. Shafler. f'I11f11 C1entral's inagiorettes are Lucinda Foltz. Judy Turney. Lana Lowery, Clarolvn Stine, Betty Stine, and Linda Cooper. Absent are Karen Snyder .incl Phyllis lit-ll. 1131111111111 DANCE BAND fROll' I1 D. Dennis. D. Gib- son, l'. Dlt'XX'liI'Cl, G. Stough, and M. Hendricks. f'ROl1'21 L, Stanley. G. Collard, T. Parkinson, L. XVillianis. K. Mitchell. D. Beaty. M. Sipe. P. Cooley, D. CIlcvt'11gci'. .1 1 -- fi ' 6- 4 ,r-rg 3? l,1L- -4. usieians 'Bring Honors started early! The Central band won second place in State Fair Day at Indianapolis last September with 102 bands competing. Then the Central orchestra, represented by eight members, played in an all-state orchestra in Indianapolis in the fall. There were the regular concerts of the year, including a special patri- otic convocation dedicated to Abraham Lincoln and American patriots of the Civil War presented February 12 by the band. And oh, yes-Musical Moods of 1958 used both orchestra and band organizations. QDid some- one ask if the music department was busy?j The band, orchestra, or choirs never perform with the same music for more than one year. Each year pre- sents new projects, a new concert schedule, new faces, and new challenges. This made music and music activ- ities exciting and interesting. Climaxing the contest year, fourteen instrumental units won "first divisionw in the state contest at Indi- anapolis, a new record for the school. CENTRAL BAND Dwldflf Pfzrlffff. Dzrfztor Dflllid Gzbimz.prf5zdr11! LINU .S'ff10fJ?1uu5f. zztw-It.vrf'izfif'r1! .lIf17l!H'Z Bqtlf. YFKTFNIU Carla .lIrCnn. !m1.mrfr Charffs lvondfffffzmzlf. drum mrzyw .lloffl lrzgmm. zfpffrffr Rofwrt Carrzm. Pf7Zf.Slf47lz'HTf .Hari Vazzrifrlfurg. founfzf repreffnxzzizzfx ROIVI: L. Foltz. C. Stine, B. Stine. K. Snyder. L. Cooper L. Lowery. Turney. P. Bell. ROl1'2.' L. Cole,J. Boswellxl. Coons. C. Ewingxl. Wlide, NI. Freed. R. Rosentrader, N. Satterlield, B. Hummer, Ci. Arnold, C, Ingram, P. Cooley, B. Carnes. L. Dennis J. Hess. ROI'1"3: Church, D. Hill, M. Boyle. M. Yanderburg. C. Vonderschmidt. S. Foster,-J. Langdon, D. Overmyer, R. Stout. B. Ritter. C. Bradley, E. Clark, B. Alfontxl. Davis, B. Conner. D. Dennis, VV. Jackson, P. Stewart. G. Stough, S. Cummings. F. XVilson, C, McCray, R. Mid- leton, W'eesner. ROM'-1: E. Buchanan, B. Russell, C. Carnahan. B. Hin- shaw. lvl. Wlessol, Rainey, L. Stanley, C. Dudley, S. Lowery, S. Flyers, C. Cranor, C. Jester, M. Modesitt, LI. Shultz, S. Corbin, G. Collard, D. Goe. R. XVilliams, F. Wlilson. L. Wlilliams, B. Erwin, D. Price. F. Smith, B. Opperman, P. Cunningham, L. Stackhouse. H. Hollo- well, D. Myers, D. Beaty, K. Mitchell, P. Cates, D. Gibson, Mr, Parlette. ROW 5: D. Crose, F. lN'IcCreery, D. Smith, P. Hiatt. D. Clevenger. L. Yoder. B. McCray, B. Satterfield, INI. Cook, McYicker, S. Burton. CQ. Johnson, R. Thomp- son, B. Ritter, T. Sasserml. Qualkenbush, D. Burnworth. Home the Bacon from tate Contests CFNTRAL ORC HI Srl RA Rohn! Dwzggzm Dmclm lllzfhflfl Ashley, L'zce-prffslfiml PIII! Cfnolfjy, lreasurfr Patrzfm Underwood Bmgh fmmfmz llflfy lngmm, serrrfarr jurlz Bnxnvff, rffpflrlwr RON l NI Xshlex M Comets C Hixens P Beaeh S DufTex J Miller xx irt XX Wilkinson. D. Gibson. R. Thompson. B. Rlllt'I'.vl -Jf'llI'It'w. D Hall li0l1 7 R Barnes N1 Beard M Boyle P Coolew B Petty S C Hillitrns POIVJJ C. lngratn.J. Bennett. B Xllont. fl Xhlliinis C Lxxing I Cole M Sipe L Cobel Holland ROM j T itthell H Holloxxell. T. Parkinson. 'STA YDl.X'K,W. B. Nltfimt. Rostliut H nuns Weesner C Arnold B Senn C MCCr1x P D1UbOI1 L XOClCf.M.TDEF21m.P.Hia1It.Mr. Diviggins Piano A Revs:- -17 lub Activities Spur ath Enthusiasm 7-45 -I .5 in " I N I F1 Y-Maki H' ffff fly l1'fmlQ, fwwlfnl .Nnmy Sflfml, .wnzfmry Bill Graham arm' john Chase, Jergearzls-al-arms lmry H' fffff l, mf jnfwlfffl .Yuan xlllhrrr, lH'llJI1ll'f Ranwrz Azf1'la,5p1m.w1r lfflll' l. M. Wall:-n, l" llillmg, 'I' flux,-j. ,Xllllt'l'l, I., Wood, W, VVzu1lx, .jonc-s. M, Howl-ll, B. l'ricc-MI. Coons, Cummings, M. Bennington. N. S4 lim lt, li Cimlmni, films:-, li. Poison. llUH"fl: 15.811111-rs, D. Oylciytj. Hum, 'l'. Simmons,J. Marshall, R. Mil- lfllll' J: Mr RAHIUII ,fXx'il.1, S. Roulli, S. l.2lIlllll'll. ll. flux:-, Olsen, K, lvr, R. l,l'Il12lS, A. ci0CiC'l1l'llS, W. Gray,-I. Rankin, D. Milhollin. fi2ll'Nl1ll,.l, Kvpplcl, ii, xvllll.lI1l8, M, Kiiiilnougli,-l. Moore. RUl'V.5.' R, Crouse, G. Mcifiowan, M. Lawcll, l,. Helms, S. Sawicki, l". RUN' 'ix M. l'QmIivrk. 'lf lfox, I.. Grow, ll. Su-ckriiznii, llarllvy, S, Wigginsuj. Faris, ll. Noble, 'lf Smallhj. Wagoner, ll. Demas. l DE Club Stresses Careers in Business Cheerios : ,.4.. ,,, .Han lillfn C.'lfz'nzg4'r. llzruzduzf Larry Blade, hzslorzan Lavonne Bell, .fecretagw Gmrgr flllllfllfl, cm-prfszdmt ffrnnelh Coulmn, spomor Vaughn Vaughn, lreauurer Ill-I.C1I.L'lS IKUH' l' Ullu-Jo Wkirlord. Mary Ellen Cflcvciigcw. Mr, Coulson. Eleanor David Fields, Larry Blade, Lavone Bell, Judy Kramer, Raymond liulslczicl. l3vlf'r1c'Ur'r. George'CL1upp,5ullx Crouse. Klart Ann Newrnan. Grady. Beverly Vfyant. -18 MUNSONIAN STAFF ROM' I: Nlarie McCarty, Judith Miller. Jill Hartley. Sherry Oliver, Phyllis Find- ley.June Haney, Linda Grow, Mike Wlalsh, Cynthia Gerhardt.Judi Boswell. Mike ly1errill,Jim Cole. ROW2: Rex Miller.Jim Marshall,Janet Nloore. Robyn iXlcMil- lin, Anna Wilson, Marilyn Bennington, Kay Nloore.JoyceJones. XN'aneta Hertz. VVilloughby Brown, Linda Rolf, Toni Chandler, Charles hlichael. ROIVZ: Jane Brandon, Kathleen Stockton, Lillie Jones, Judy Wooten, Jeanie XX'rax'. Jeanne Vtfhitcomb. Toby Silverburg, Dan Milhollin. Mary Jane Dunn. Pat Hammond. lNIr. Henderson. School Scribes' Paper Ranks All-American Rush! Rush! Rush! You can be certain that there were no 'lslowpokesl' on the Munsonian staff. Anyone who visited the Munsonian ofbce during this year found every staff member busy trying to meet his deadline, especially during the tourna- ment weekly editions. A l'Hrst" was scored when the sectional issue was published on the same day as the IHSAA drawings. From advertising to stories to headlines to pictures, all work had to be synchronized to guarantee publication on time. Major staff members included June Haney editor, Phyllis Findley, managing editor, Linda Grow and Jill Hartley, news editors: Sherry Oliver, feature editor, Mike Wlalsh, sports editor, lylari- lyn Bennington, business manager, Mike Merrill, photographerg and Judith Miller and Judi Boswell, advertising managers. For advice and guidance, Mr. Edgar Henderson, editorial adviser for the paper, was always willing to aid. For the second semester in a row, the National Scholastic Press Association awarded the Munsonian its top "All-Ameri- can" rating. based on the first semester issues. All of the printing for the school paper was done at the Trade School, It wouldn't have been possible to have our Munsonians so often ifit weren't for Mr. Claude Rieth and his printing crew. 1 They Had a Taste of Government K' 4 .fi g. , Xl'-wi. Lf N. ASSEMBLY RUN' lx Kit Carson, Kay Moore, Kent Howard, Sally Moocley, Nancy Schuck. RUIV2: Sandy Jones, Marcia Kingen, Larry Frankel, Carla McCray, Janelle Coons UVorld .Nllairs cleleqatei. RUN' ix I.arry l'axol, I.0IlIIlt'I1OIT2lIICC',.Alli1IILIOCICIICIIS,Ivlllitf LaWCll,lIohn VVagon6'r QIVOFICI .-Xllairs clcflvgalc' 3. Sl Hn' f1'rlfjgr1fr.f lo flir IIIKIIHIIZI lafgiilzzfzrr pliwnihli' mf! wi zvzrzuiu ui'fr1x1n11.i In dzxfiuv N71 hills ffm! llzfri' :w111lrfl1m'.w'f1l III l.1if2i1'i'tli'. .-Il llzf hnrirzf 13 SFIIHIUI Dun Orin. QIVIIIU mimi poirifnx In flu' grffzzlb. lil JYS ,XND GIRLS ST XTES DELECLIXTES RUN' lx Naricw Scliiivk. liax Moore. Kit Clarsoii. Samlx .loin-s, l6HII'j. Narirx I5llIlll.1lllClX Xlillvr, 'Inns Haney. Sgillx XIooflc'3'.Al.1iic't Kiinhroiigli Nflll' I XY.lIlt'l.i XYUVIJ. Dim lx Bixan. l"rvCl Nil!- QIIIN, I,iirrx' l'ranlxc'l 50 INDIANA STUDENT LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY ROIV I: Ann Erlel, Marcia Kinsgen, Phvllis Findlev, Dan Uvler, Diane Druck. ICUII' 2: Phil Cooley. Lonnie Lorrance, Jim Marshall, Barbara Bookout, Miss I-Ielen Swartz. ROIVIXJ Phillip Greer, Larry Snodgrass, Mike Walsh, Cynthia Doolittle, Linda Grow. 2 1 I 1 1 V? Future Teachers rganize Chapter The Central chapter of Future Teachers of America has been in existence for one semester. It was started by a few exploratory teachers and others interested in the Held of teaching. Miss Eleanor Bly and 24 charter members organized the group and selected Jean Ann Langdon as president, Molly Ingram as vice-president, Beth Wray as secretary, and David Routh as treasurer. The club's purpose is to acquaint pupils with the needs, training, opportunities, problems, publications, and professional organizations of teachers and to en- courage and offer help in the program for exploratory teachers. Most of the meetings this year had to do with organ- ization and the club charter. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA ROW 1: Marilyn Boyle, Beth Wray, jean Langdon, Molly Ingram, Dave Routh. ROW 2: Isabell Thompson, Sharon Flowers, Gwynne Williams, Peggy Irwin, Jeanie Wray. ROW3: Carla McGray, Joyce Vandevender, Zola Kirby, Georgia Sanders, Merrillyn McNary. ROW 4: Lois Winningharn, Mary Jo Vanderburg, Dave Gibson, Miss Bly, Bill Sutters, Tom Parkinson, Diane Grifhn. WL , N Xsx is 'X Q-x jeanne Arm Langdon, explomtogf teacher and preszdefz! ofFT.-1, irzsfructx Iwo thm1'- graderx at Rilgi Elementoq School m lhe complex art oftelhng time. Exploratory teachers were seniors mterested in the IUYUKSJZ-071 of o career. , 5' 1 l I Qs i 'K CX C2 QQ ,fr 4 cz fa-1 CJ 51 I Q . -f . - rom fke jilzaf punf fo fhe.-31164 V I uv.. x gf ,.,, 5,-lfgyg-.Alf -, l lf your spine tingles when the 'Cats burst onto the floor, or when you hear the band strike up the familiar pep song, when the P. A. announcer shouts "First down for Cen- tral," when a fleet figure in purple breaks the tape inches ahead of an opponent, or even when a real-live Bearcat simply smiles at you . . . you're an incurable FAN. Aren't we all? 53 g Q X ,ff .-5 Q S ,v V wiifl . lm '2-'- +1 -3 Tall Closes Grid SEASONS RECORD --------- CWon 5, Lost flj 'CATS BLANKED BY SOUTH BEND VVASHINGTON, 12-0 Olfside penalities against the 'Cats set up both T.Dfs , . . Marvin Campbell made a bone-crushing tackle. IMPROVED 'CATS ROMPED OVER EAST CHICAGO, 18-0 Cammie Childress scored the games only three touchdowns. 'CATS SET BACK BY EVANSYILLE REITZ, 26-0 Against one ofthe statels toughest grid squads, the 'Cats had fumble-itis. CENTRAL SUFFERED TOUGH LOSS TO TECH, 12-0 The Purple outrushed the Greenclads . . . 'Cats' fired-up linemen performed su- perbly on defense, especially Don Benbow, Roy Burks, George Coatie and David Studebaker. 'CATS CRACKED LAFAYETTE. 32-6 Dick Bryan carried the pigskin for several nice gains Bill Graham injured his neck. CENTRAL CI-IALKED UP N. C. C. VICTORY OVER MARION, 33-0 Wendell Futrell threw two T D. passes . , .Jim Nettles crossed goal line three times. BEARCATS ROLLED OVER NEWT CASTLE, 33-0 Center Larry Helms recovered a fumble , . . Ray Bayer intercepted two passes and ran one back for a touchdown, 19-0 VICTORY OVER RICHMOND This one gave the 'Cats gi tie for N. C. C, second place . . . Ken .Arrington and Jack Bmticlxtutei' recovered Richmonds fumbles for the Purple. Cfwztfi .1f.'lfm1n1 1 ft mrlizitfmzis In lllfflfffff l'11lf7:!1l ffrfffzi :Wing him wifi fl grunt. .Yor- mim 5.11151 11111 ifmzli. mil in in CARL HALL JIM NETTLES MARV CAMPBELL KEN ARRINGTON NORMAN CROW Hclfbcck Halfback End Tackle Fullback ALLEN HAYES ' GEORGE COATIE - JOHN CHASE LARRY HELMS Tackle M Tackle End U Center xv T A ' "5 ' K' 1 ".v A f", mail? fi? an A.-1171 RAY BAYER ROY BURKS JOHN DEEDSI L Tackle Guard Tackle ,if '.1mJ.1m'i GEORGE MCGOWAN WENDELI. FUTRELL ln!-IN 'rluclcv I. F IQ' ,' 1,4. 'X v F . I 11 1 ,fgJ,-- ., 45:-'--SL ' -we 5 U 2 k rgirvfi- 'rf 4' '81, A fs4.,u "PL , 's C Q , I il V I n Y 1 A 1 p L .QQ , .E 'xii Q -4 f Q '53 , I I ' 'Wm' A Cf! 't -g-,, . 1 mJi,,,,,,,,,,... ,. A,,,A flhzw. If BEARKITTENS ROW 1.'sIOl'1I'l Smith, james Johnson, John Rench, Dennis johnson, An- thony Harris, Stephen Crum, john Warren, jack Quirk, Mike O1Neil. ROW2.' Joe Crouch, Phil Baldridge, Doug Patterson, Dick Freeman, .1 'T George Shad, Geoff Rivers, Steve Chaney, Dick Hughes, Bob Jones, Mike Hirons. ROW3:James Cole, Jerry Delk, Kelley Nay, Monte Dudley, David Swift, David Templin, Mike Bump, Jim Barlow, Coach Dick Fisher. 'Kittens Climax Climb KITTENS' RECORD - - - fWon 4, Lost 35 KITTENS 19, MARION 13. Kittens put down Giant rally to win this one . . . NEW CASTLE 25, KITTENS O .... ANDERSON 26, KITTENS O .... RICHMOND 25, KITTENS O.. . KITTENS 18, RICHMOND 6. Kittens start playing ball again . . . KITTENS 19, NEW CASTLE 12. In the words of the players, 'fWejust outran them., '... KITTENS 13, ANDERSON 12. The Indians were undefeated until this game, which was won by an extra point. KUPPER LEFT! Ray Bayer plays pass defense against Richmond. f1'PPl1'R R1GHTj Jim Nettles carries the ball in the East Chicago game. Other Bearcats are Bill Graham. Daye Studebaker. Cammie Childress. and Ray Bayer. KLOWER LEFT2 Jim Nettles carries the ball in the New Castle game. Others shown are Cammie Childress. Mary Camphell. Don Ben- bow, and Ray Bayer. KLOIVER RIGHYU Cammie Childress tries to store a touchdown in the Richmond game. tEXTRE.llE RlGHTf Ray Bayer executes an exceptional tackle during the Richmond game. assisted hy Mary Campbell. Roy Burks is the other 'Cat shown. 57 0 1 7' T , .. Q59 ' is - I f K 1 v Q I . ' V ' .A . ' ' - ! - ' N' 'Auf WJ- ' " jlfl' w. P :lj I 'XVII gif' Q an ll ,V A . ,Q , 1 . . 'A,,Lx:,Py' "' 'uf-gn! Nh. 'fl' -' ' ' ' - W W , . . . -, ,sql lf' A- L, I 4-sv, 1 I r, 'F ., a V. 14-I rl gi W L.. . IP, ,, . .',, 4 v if 1 I IY ,Mn '14 ..'7' H Y X-' YT! P , . .I l ,,,, - X' 1, H ,Q , X ,A f 0 Q, M . ' '. K. ,N 'N 'll CIN' hy gr, 5' , I x Y, ,H ' li 5 vw --1 -,, -. ,, an , 7 w ,M ,, A' I ' , 5 49- ,"' :W f' - - ' . f,g?.' ' 'ef ,,,,,.,,'..-nm,,."- rt. va , ,lximq-. H' - ' r ,,- 'I' "' l w Y" jW 1 , ff" Q- "'H'iWi1lR wqix K L X .Hi H T511-ff . .1 1 P ' ' in 1 .2 'B H ' I s7'A' ' -- ,ff ,gp .ang GIRLS CHEERING BLOCK OFFICERS ane Olsen captain Sanojf jones, asszstant captain pylvnuul. M iss Katherine I-feng, sponsor 'GO Get 'Em, ' ats' CHEERLEADERS fjfllllllvl' St'!Ig7l1Z'l'A', A'0f1ll0IVIUfl',' SIIIZIZJ' Dfllflflfll-I ff'I',kj-llI1140I',' Hope Dmnzozzri, se'n1'or,'jarkz'e Ro 11111z'k,,j'u111'or,' and Sandy 131-IHN1I'fT2'll1Vl, sophomore slum" llzvir skill f and beauty 4 in leadirzg a B1'fII'lY1fYl'l'H.ftII' the team. Bearcat C W2 SDL Backers Q35-R 'l 1 11 C ? BOYS' CHEERING BLOCK OFFICERS Mr. james Hyatt, sponsor Bi!! Graham, Largz Hetms, jaek Cram, fenders Q7 -,J Md' MB 'Fu-1' st Q f ii if A x,.,1,.,-J 1.44. - x ? A. Nl! ' 'fx A V 'Mful S , . , X 4 ifE Q25 ,un ' f I7 I I Q 3 f , jf f' 2 ' - f 5 DEM LX 9 332. 1 1:1 ,lf J. - -xr 2 N ", nn' X A. A W . f. A YB 1' if N 1 'X Surprisin Bearcats Join the Favored Four Although only his first year at Central, Coach john Longfellow had a very successful season, compiling 22 wins and 7 losses even though this was intended to be a nbuilding year." The 'Cats hit near perfection at mid-season by beating eventual state champion South Side of Fort Wayne, Lafayette. and Terre Haute Garfield, all of whom were ranked in the Hrst five. The 3Cats played mediocre ball for the rest of the season but caught fire for the tournaments and secured a berth in the State Finals. Central was a pressure ball club in the semistate by surpassing Rushville in the overtime period of the afternoon game and squeezing past Anderson in the evening. Although the 'Cats lost the afternoon game of the State, the two senior members of the ball team, guard Butch Joris and forward CharleyHinds, made an all-state team. The ,Cats are fortunate to have "Bernie" Ander- son, a top notch guard, rebounding Ron Bonham. and Dave Hof- heinz, a defensive whiz, around next year. BEARCATS' SEASON RECORD Bearcats 51 COlL1IT1lDl3. Clly' SEgjT1QX,vI 'FQVRNFY Bearcats 62 Shelbyville 37 B , H , Q E rr Bearcats 69 Ft. wayne North side is 52 1,322,116 Egarcai iffsgjslgt Bearcats 61 Royerton 51 arm I n ' 2 ' , 7' Ht -19 Bearcats 71 Hammond 38 Belmmq I3 lrrlson Bearcats -11 Anderson 42 Bearcats 45 Elkhart 57 R 1 ,T ' J Bearcats 61 Ft.NVa5ne South Side 58 FHUXX1 MRNH Bearcats 82 Marion 70 Bearcats 93 Pllrkcr Tl Bearcats 58 Lafayette 57 Bearcats 10 Richmond 60 Bearcats 64 Terre Haute Gar1ield59 Bearcats 60 Anderson 58 S Q U M T V I Bearcats 55 South Bend Central 69 lf'Ml5mTl" 1 U1 RBD ,N Bearcats 62 lndianapolis Tech 76 BWVUHS 33 Rmhwllf -'5 Bearcats 57 New Castle 53 Bearcats 53 Anderson 52 Bearcats 62 La Porte 59 Bearcats 57 Kokomo 66 Y ' Bearcats 68 Frankfort 60 57 WF PUVRNH Bearcats 68 Marion 64 Bearcats -15 Crawlorclsvillc 515 Q ,J- "' 'IN Alf, john Longf2'llow, head baxkelhall rvarh, zr Shown zmwrzzppzllzg 11 huge box whzrh Ullllllllllffj an zdrnlmralzon bfdfffff, a gylfrum lhe xenzw girly in rzpprecz'atz'onj?n his pmclurmg iurh ll fine baxkelball squad. The presrrzlafmrz was made during L1 5lDFfl'I1f pep chapel, honoring tht tram. jinllowing the sizzle lournamrnl, 'R 'S .-S1 1.95 'w b . r ' rx 'jx -, C516 H I all w io W ,S fa- 'W ml -. ,,,,,L..-awww, L 'Kittens Have laws, Too Coach Carl Adams' Bearkittens had a Fine season this year with a won-loss record of 15-3. They did not suffer a loss until the "B"-Team tournament in late December, before which two of their players, Jim Davis and Jim Nettles, were moved up to the var- sity squad. The season's record follows: 'Kittens .......,.,,. 58 Columbia City ...,.i,. 26 3 ' 58 sheibyviiie ,.....,.ie.e,e 24 Kittens ..,....,.... 'Kittens .........,.. 48 Ft. Wayne North .... 28 'Kittens .,.,,,.,..., 34 Logansport .... ........ 2 4 'Kittens ....,...,,.. 45 Richmond .... ,.., 3 3 'Kittens .l.t..,..... 52 Elkhart ....... .... 2 6 'Kittens 28 Anderson ...... .... 3 O 'Kittens ,.t,........ 48 New Castle ..... .... 2 3 'Kittens .,,,,,...... 44 Lafayette Jeff. .,...,,, 40 'Kittens ,l,,,,,.,,., 28 Anderson .....,,.,....... 34 'Kittens ..., ..... 4 1 South Bend Central 43 'Kittens ..., ..,i, 4 8 Indianapolis Tech. 46 'Kittens ..,,i....... 48 New Castle 32 'Kittens .,,. 4 8 LaPorte ........ .... 3 2 'Kittens .... ...., 4 0 Kokomo ....,. .... 2 6 ' 37 Frankfort ..,.., .... 2 0 'Kittens ..,. s.... 'Kittens i.,. ..,,. 4 6 Marion ..... ,...... 3 9 Indianapolis Trips ROW 1: Butclgjoris driving under for a lay-up. O Boys making a re- quest of Bill Craig at the reward record hop. I Ron Bonham deflects an intended goal, as Butch Joris and Charlie Hinds get set to rebound ball. ROW 2: Assistant Coach Carl Adams. I Charlie Hinds, Andy Ander- son, Butch Joris, and Dave Hofheinz chop down the Regional nets. C Students file into the Rivoli Theatre to see the Globe-Trotter show. O Hinds struggles with an unidentified opponent. bffx 00 Highlight Tourneys ROW 3: Hinds tries to decide whether to pass to Holheinz or Bonham, or to shoot. I Dave Holheinz drives past three Richmond opponents for a lay-up. O joris fights with an opponent for the ball. O Anderson tries to keep an opponent from shooting. ROW 4: The cheering block entertains at hall'-time. O A close-up ol' block members cheering the 'Cats. O Sandy Druckemiller spurs the block on to louder yelling. O Ron Bonham prepares for a lay-up. al? Ill! .+ 'S' i ta W Tr' " s - I I Iliii l X gl ul? f -2 m ... lf' ampb ll tate Wrestling hamp Maroz'n Campbell and Fred jones reeezizte :n.tlruetz'on,tj?om Coach Dick Fisher on the body sezssom while jergf Collms looks on. ylflrzrzvn flimaxed his I9-U .teaton lgy zfinnzng llze 145-pound Slate Clzamj1zorz5lz1p.j'erU1 placed seeond in NCC, .S'eclz'on11l, and Regional, andjoorllz in lhe Stole. Freelwon llze Sf?EllA077f1l!lI7Cf Regional and was also llzird ln the slate. QQ:- luv" fr ,X , Central wrestlers had a good season, considering the inexperienced team of four seniors and eight sophomores and the casualties that oc- curred during the various meets. .Xt Indianapolis Tech, Rat' Bayer, senior, suffered a dislocated elbow. Senior Jerry Collins encountered a broken finger while participating in the Bloomington meet, however. he later returned to finish the season. The sophomores progressed well, but, due to a lack of experience. were not able to win consistently. Nevertheless, Dennis Johnson went as far as the regionals and -john Barnett placed third in NCC. The senior matmen made it possible for Central to place sixth in state competition, The season record of three QUPPIER LFFTD .Norman Crow lim' rozzlrol of an Anrlerton oppom'nl'i' arm and ir ztlnrkzagjor rzjoll. QUPPER RIG!-l'l'J Fred juries linings Ilyfllf' lo flu' mal trtllli I1 double leg lake- rlotorz, CLOWER LEFTU Km A rrlnglon has aflzwnlnge oflzis wins and nine losses iollows: Bearcats , , ,, 45 Marion , , , L5 Bearcats ,,,,,,,,,, , IB lndianapolis Tech 26 Bearcats 19 Bloomington 22 Bearcats l ll Richmond 33 Bearcats I3 Anderson , 20 Bearcats , 12 Kokomo , ,, , 27 Bearcats 43 New Castle , , ,, 3 Bearcats 42 Klarion 7 NCC Tournament , lXluncie, I-ilith l.lrl.S..X.:X. Sectionals , lvluncie, third l.H.S,xX,.'X. Regionals , Nluncie, third l.H.S..'X..'X. Finals Muncie, sixth rziml as he mszzrei' fl lzalflnelson. tI.owl2R RICDIITD A.r.tzti'1r1nI Cfllllill Leo rllwzrli ond .tfaertrzmri ztzeni nmlrh. XVRESTLING SQUAD ROW I: John Barnett, Dennis Johnson, Mike Hod- son, Gary Crow, Jerry Collins, Carlton Polk ROl'1'2.' Asst. Coach Leo Meiich, Norman Crow, Wendell Raines, Dan Benson, Phil Baldrige, Bob Van Matre. RUl'1f'.'f: Coach Dick Fisher, Fred Jones, Ken Arring- ton, Jerry Boggs, Marvin Campbell, and Charles Michael, manager. ei, ti i 5 41 W , N " 1. I .ft n -D Q. fs ".-no if ' 'A I 94 K 3 5' -V? Q... X., '- 'Q Q V" .I L.. 7. 1 .- l 573 .gps J.' I-Iurr ing Harriers Take Two Trophies The 1957 cross country season was the first in which Cen- tral had won first place in three major meets-the Shortridge Invitational, the North Central Conference meet, and the Sectional. The team also took second place in the state, being beaten only by Hobart. The scores of these meets are as follows: SHORTRIDGE INVITATIONAL Q14 tearnsj: Central 78, Anderson 129, Chesterton 145, Marion 151, Shortridge 162 . . . SECTIONAL Q12 teamsj: Central 42, Anderson 55, Madison Heights 101, Pendleton 103, Kokomo 115, Burris 181 . . . STATE Q19 teamsj: Hobart 91, Central 115, Short- ridge 185, Anderson 194, Fort Wayne North 221. Central's dual meet record was six wins to only one loss. The following are the scores: CENTRAL 20, TECH 40 . . , CENTRAL 30, SHORTRIDGE 25 . . . CENTRAL 19, ANDERSON 38 . . . CENTRAL 19, MARION 42 . . . CENTRAL 15, RICHMOND 50. . . CENTRAL 21, KO- KOMO 40 . . . CENTRAL 25, BURRIS 70. .Coach Mel Wilson lists Bob Patterson as the outstanding runner of the season. Bob was the North Central Conference champion and finished third among the top runners in the state. Fred Wilkerson and George Bonner were also depend- able runners. lLlPPER LEFT! Bob Puttrrsun, North Central Corjkrence fhamp, sprinls. QLOWLR LEFTJ Gmrgr Bormfr Jlzozw his running sgylr. QLOWER RIGH'fl Senior runners-Dzzvf Routh, with if fmr rz gr rm a funn! Imphy, and Fred IfVz'lkersor1, hnlf1'z'rzg the Conference trophy nmnzzxre our Ihr Jm.ron'5 a'1'fIurz'e5 with ,Mel Wilsorz and Assistant Coach Car! Humphrj Q W, ,rf W ,' 4 lvflv Q.. .YJ t 'QQ-i'! A -V4-'-if' . 6 -' ,lf I lv i f7i..p,' 1 - , jf ae- ,, V V as ,.. ' -"-f ,,, e S M' , 4 E9 Q W Q 15 f pf- 'i ' ' , 1 3 5 J y yi!-Bidi-,S ,, r' .,,, 1 is Q 'W CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD ROW 1: Gary Wulff, Don Grouse, George Bonner, Jan Conway, Gary Grow, Bob Carnes, Gayle Tucker, Gary Hall. ROW 2: james Anderson, Wendell Raines, Tom Arrington, Gary Baney, I ' 5 5 The from county' team works out as a group at the old Minnitrzlvla Golf Course. Runners inforegrourzd are George Bonner, Fred Wz'l- kerson, Bob Pallerson, David Baker, and Dave Roulh. The team starts pravliee in Ilze eargi fall, , r,X David Baker, Bob Patterson, Ronald Thompson. ROW3: Mel Wilson, coach, Mike Schranz, Don W'aters,John Bayman, Bill Lewis, Fred Wilkerson, David Routh, Carl Humphrey, assistant coach. W' i 4 'I?' Top-nolfh C7055 County' IUIZHFVJ lake llze starlmg porzlzonjor fl timer! pmrlzfe run. Corlflz .Hel Wzilson, who ls abou! to Jet lfze runners kep! remrfls Ihr' IIQNIES oflzzr ulhlflet III rl!! Ifze meek and al! pradzre rum. Sbozurz zzz lbe photo are james Arzderivnz, David Baker, Gforgf Bonner, Bob Palferson, and Fred Hifkerxorz. 67 l1111 11111 1111 1111111111111111 111111 111111 111111 C1!11l 1111111 1111111z1'1 111 111-1'11f1111111.1, 111111 111111 I1 11111-11111111 1111111113 111111 C1111 lfld 11111111.1111 1111' 1111111 1111111 1111 1lIQ1IjI11I1f1IIZQ. , . B-- -...Q 1 w-M X 90, 1-T 1 PFW" 1., 'i '--1 '1 7 EIU' 13,12 XS y 1' FE, 41 X f "1111Y1'1111r 111HfA', 4111 Jrtggofu And .g111'11gj111 1111' B1'a1m15 are RUIZV11' MI!-11Z'!Il71A', x7I'7I'l Ne111c.1 111111 Dan 111111. S11111' 1111111 1111111zr.1" pmft1f115 1,1 11111 Bearcatjicld, wlzere, 111051 1'11f111'11g,v durzlng Jpring, 111111111115 1 ,1f11'1111, 11111 111111'111111p. inder Crew Competes in Variet 0f1 1 1 1 1 s 7 1 Nts X'I"'f X lb. 1. 1.11111.111g 11 111111111 11 111111 ll 1 1111 11111111 11111111 1f7fI1 111111111111111111111111111111111111 11I11111l11111f.111111l1111 I11,1111.11111111.11111.111g1111111111111111 111 1 1 1 68 I 'WHIQ -12' ! 1,8 ! J I I 1 1f11111 11117 fill 11111111 11111111 111111 fm' 1'11111'1'11j111 Ulf' 11'1q1' queen and 11121 101111 10 761-gf! over the 1Wun11'1 1151111 1, 11111113 11111 1111111111 1111.1.1't'UV!11T 1111- 111155 158 was Sue Penre Hop Hgh! 1111111 .Ml-SX johnsonj. 5511111 1'1'11?1'f7-Y 1k17"'11' 51" ff -HQ111 .111-Fa111111d,jea11r11'e Truulner, jane Olsen. Spring Meets 0 it-Ty i ,T 1 -QIIAQ, .gfifvf f ECE, sxilfrfzitigii i' Q 6 3 it 'ia w QW Av P g Qf, 5511935 fpyji fix' EEA? QIXYEEAVQ i 5102 r?"'fi'ff,:i :E 2' ff S .U is 5 ar ti ff X Y -nys f Q' Z ' YI ,i 11 Iv f 3 c, ' I A 1 ze L g qt, it r M ,Q ,, 4 , , gi I c N i t' i e" ef if-t 4 4 J ' ff- 1 ' A 'Q wif. f-an " f tiff' , -,',, , 1 f " - V, , 5 1 - 'W ' A r 2, , fa " - A ' f . ROW 1: john Hunt, Fred Wilkerson, David Gibson, William Ledsinger, Gary Wulfli, Dan Oyler, Sonny Burks, Ronald Thompson, Kenny Ar- rington, Ronnie Spoonmore. ROW 2: james Nettles, Bill Alfont, Don Waters, David Baker, Bob Patterson, Ronnie Williams, Mike DeVault, Ray Jimerson, Bob Carnes. ROW 3: jan Conway, Steve Cole, Mike Schranz, Gary Crow, Doug Patterson, Robert Janek, john Rench, john Smith, Cornelius Dollison, Roy Burks. ROW 4: Butch Cursey, Nlike O'Neal, Steve Stewart jim Hatcher, Eddie Jernagin, Tom Murray, Tom Arrington, John Bayman, George Bonner, Jim Davis. ROW 5: .lim Scates,GeoH' Rivers, Dennis johnson, Dennis Mileshjoe Crouch,-jim Keep. KTOPQ Mike De Vault demonstrates his shot put throw whioh won him o "First" in the Munrz'e Relays. QTOP CENTER, David Gibson goes over the pole oaulting bar with inches to spare. CTOP FRIGHTD Dave Patterson and David Baker work up steam during a practice run. CLEFT CENTERl Ray jimerson and 1958 TRACK SCHEDULE March 7-Fort Wayne North Side, Kokomo, Hobart-at Notre Dame March 29-Hoosier Relays at I.U. April 8-Inter-class, here April 11-Marion QASLBQ, here April 15-Fort Wayne North Side, there April 19-Muncie Relays, here Ron Thompson leap the high hurdles. fRIGHT CENTERD Fred Wilkerson ana' Don Waters set the pace as they round the south turn. KLEFT BOTTOMD Passing the baton in a trial run are jim Nettles, Dan Oyler, john Smith, and Sonny Burks. QBOTTOM RIGHT, No, Gary Wumnsnlt going swimming,' thafs a dive over the high jumping pole. ggi CU . April 22-South Side of Fort Wayne 1 iw F Q , t. 'Ta 1 41 I fAaiBj, there R 7'1" Ja, ' SL ' f li , , i , W? D April 26-Kokomo Relays, there .A re, A X "' April 29-Richmond fAsiBj, there mg. -1 7 xiii, iraqi, May 2-NCC Meet at Richmond V i t- i m wv x 5 X Y f A g May 9-Sectional at Burris ' f Wife May 13-Anderson '4B,', here May 16-Regional at Indianapolis Tech May 24-State at Indianapolis Tech r v .QQ , i his ,fe i 4' 1 1 "' Q" M, .EP B . I Q I L- Y 3 k A , , J x 1 lk 1 -TTUJNI E .- ROW lx M. VVz1lsli, outlicldg D. Routh, infieldg B. Cunningham, pitchci R. Millvr, pilchcrg l.. Arbogast, pitcher. ROl1"2: B. Di-ckcfr, inliL d Wiucxd, oulficldg ll. Vanllykc, inlicldg D. Campbell, inlicldg N C rom ah' outfield. RUl1'.'3: D, 'l'hompsoii, oullic-ldg B. Noble, outlicldg R C rouse i'2llt'lll'I'Q ll. llollicinz, inlicldg B. Joris, pilclicr and inlicldg D Su lmkcr, uliliiyg F. Clock, sliiclcnl imiiizigvr. Diamond Experts llASliliAl.l. Sf1lll'llJUl.l'1 April I5 April I7 April 22 April 2'l April 25 April 28 . April 29 , May 2 , ,, May 5 May 7 ,,,,,, lNlay 8 ,,,,,. May 12 ,,,,,, May 13 ...... May 20 ,.,.,, May 22 ,,,,,, QTOPJ "lbu're aid!" Dave Roulh tags basejusl in lzme as Dirk Campbell slz'a'es in. CCENTER Larry Don Van Dyke has his eyes un the ball and 'lhzis fee! on the ground" as he prepares to catch a gmund ball. lCENTi2R RIGHTJ Pltrher Bill Ciumzrzpgham watrhesjhr results ofthe ball he just pzlflied. QBOTTOM LEFT, Ronnie Crouse, i'r1l4'l1zr, I5 preltzzireflxjusl in ease Dirk Tholrzpsvn Illllllll Ihr hall. fBo'i'ToM Rioirrp Baseball z'sn't all filmed un the gmzmd. To prove zil, Dave Hwfluinj jiunps for I1 hall. l.nlziy1'll4', Iii:-liiimml, lvlllflflll liogziiisporl, llzirlliircl Clily liicliaiizipulis 'l'c'r'li, Anderson Kflkfllllfl ,, ,, llartfimrd City, , Madison Heights Frarikfbrt , . Roycrlon New Castle Middletown, Royerton, x' '12 f V- l , ' 1 GARY NIGH STEVE BARNETT BOB CHI-IISTIAN Laudable Linksmen X , xg , GOLF SCHEDULE April 20-Alexandria May 6-Anderson April 21-New Castle May 8-New Castle April 23-Marion May 9-Richmond, SS. Ft. Wayne April 24-Anderson May' l2ASectional Practice i April 25-Hagerstown May 15-N.C.C. Practice Meet , April 29-Marion May l74Sectional Tourney May 2-Richmond May 19AN.C.C. Tourney 1 May 5-S.E.l.H.S. Tourney May 24-State Tourney i ROW l.'Jim Bopes, Tim Small, Alan Keller, Bob Christian, David Slcckman ROW2.' Bill Honn, Dan Bartletlhlon Hatcher, Lonnie Lorance, Steve Bar- DAN BAXRTIAI-QTT 'i nett, Joe Faris, Gary Nigh. i i - 'Qi , i, gf f,Q39!i-,cell I ,, i ,nf I .f'JV u., .gffg fF5v':' rl T i .4-,1 'ef 4 f wt ll' 'l' 1-31. l " s gg, , , H ,, 5 g 'I xii 1 ' ' I -, 3 A 1 l 5 1 N M 5 I 11 , , U , T .ff A f ill , Wllll T . 1' X I My i .--..u...i:.,.4......m.uamna ' ' ' r , 1211-'1,aiu.-xam:.:r:,z:1'nir1,:,v.xn-B: " 1 .Q-z'grrT,71Ii::' ' 1 I I l Y i ff? Z ,,.,.i-1' W,-,,.Av Wk! f'l0l'J Kent Howard, -lack Cruea. fIiU'I'IOMJ Greg Hurst, Gary Hensley, John Chase. Racket Squad April 15 April 17 April 18 ,,,,,,, April 24 April 26 April 29 Nlay 1 May 3 lvlay 6 May 7 May I3 lN1ay 20 72 1958 TENNIS SCHEDULE Bluflton, here South Side, here Peru, there Frankfort, there. Logansport, there Richmond Lafayette, Burris Invitational, Indianapolis Tech. , , ,. ,, ,,,,, Ixokomo. Anderson, Marion, u there here here there there there here ROW I: Jack Cruea, Kent Howard, Gary Hensley john Chase ROW 2: Charles Pilkington, Toby Roberts, Coach Ed Olsen Carlton Polk Greg Hurst NOTPICTURED: jerry Eicher and David Heltz ,Q 11 Y 1 , 4 Ti u A4 N An aerial view fjlhe Field Haute, Cenlral's Football Stadium anal cinder track. The smaller buz'la'irzg is McKz'nlgz jr. High, Bearcal rrzanagers-Tim Gelz, Dick Ertle, jim Marshall, Frea' Clock, ana' Ora Woolums- clzeclring over the Juppbf morn. We Tip ur Hats to Our Coaches and anagers 'K' Q? 'Y -...Y 'iff .ag -.Av 4-J ,f V Ai' ni 'SS TIF CENTRAIJS COACHING STAFF ROW I: Carl Adams-Baseball, Assistant Basketballg Ettore Antoninii ROW2: Leo Blanch-Assistant Football. Assistant Wrestlingg Ed Olsen Footballg Dick Fisher-Wrestling, Assistant Footballg Carl Humphrey- sTennisg Ernest Sutton-Golf: Hal l.Varren-Statistician: Manager Assistant Track, Assistant Cross Countryg john Longfellow-Baskotball. Athletic Equipment: Kiel Wilson-Track. Cross Country. 73 'ls s ian of 11 ln-D X- 9'1- 7iw.,..4. ' V ' f 3 ,iq , 'Qu , -5'-fl :17TF'i-.-P - .. , L K ' - V A 1. .,,-"Q 3 - ' . .. fl . A ,. V Q , -k 4 P I . I If V. f y'-V, D , ,ur 9 " I ' m i--,tv 'Ha-fue. " 47 xt 1 ' Af - , - ,ff A 1 -1 J, ,V ' .A iihw t -in-P' Z. ,, id , .q,,w g, ' . ". " A ' in 1 ' .., +- - - . - V. , +I '1 -4- 1 f . ' I V '71 -' I I-'57 W J ,nr 'X 'Je fx! xv- A, ,Av ig, 1 5 - if , , -A f 4 ,:3,,V L Nh, 3 M . NX - X A -1 -if ,, . -T, , I ' x :E ,1t5,L. ' yi 1: xx A I .27-W: f l' J Q 5 Hts- if .. , ' f , .Q . alibi -is, 1 J ' -4' 'A .41 A.- 7,1 4- ' -, " 1 Whoever made a successful exit from a Cen- tral English course without memories ofa last-minute rush to meet a book report dead- line? Or what student has not chewed his pencil in a frantic ettort to remember an elu- sive answer to a question on a six-weeks test? But after the year has ended and the rage has died down from that C that should have been a B, and from that till-midnight home- work that was done wrong anyhow, what student has not looked back on the 37 weeks and admitted: "You know, l think l learned something this yearn? 75 One, two, three, four, Eve! No, not Hve, but sixteen teachers make up the staff at the Trade School. Some of our future electricians, printers, carpenters, and auto mechanics may be found working in classes under the supervision of the varied faculty. Many students from Trade School obtain goodjobs in industry after graduation. The school is primarily for Central High School stu- dents, but some county school pupils also attend. This year there is a veterans' night program where many young men are learning as well as high school pupils. The eight main areas taught are electricity, building trades, drafting, auto mechanics, machine shop, print- ing, sheet metal, and woodworking. These classes pre- pare students for a future in industry. Pupils are taught everything from learning how to build cedar chests to lubricating a car. In carpentry classes boys usually learn to build houses. This year they were remodeling them. Most academic classes are an average of one hour in length. If one chooses a Trade and lndustry class. it will last for a length of three hours. 76 f'l'oi-J Thr Trrulzf .Yrlzuul buzildzag, fllfflfllllll-117 lrmrlmfzrlf Qf.M1lHlTZ4f, lln' lmmf' uf 'NIU lmyi fin lzrzlflzlrzyx. lli0'I"l'tJMj 'Hu' lYlfi'lt'7l'fl 111 Iliff illlllfl' .Sifmul 1.t Ihr' flllfllllllf rulfnlg fzlruv' fgf.ilurlf'nl.i' will rlrlufls. The Trade School program is such that the students attend for a half day and then go to their other school the remaining half. One of the most interesting of programs at the school during this year was one given by the General Motors Fisher Body Company, Craftsmen Guild. In a one-hour program a representative from General Motors spoke to the boys and tried to get some of them interested in sub- mitting models of airplanes, cars, and boats in national competition which was held at Ball State Teachers Col- lege. The winner was to receive a grand prize of a trip to Detroit, Michigan. A particularly nice feature at the Trade School is its popular cafeteria. The students don't have to worry about finding a place to eat lunch because all they have to do is head for the cafeteria, where the food is nourish- ing and inexpensive. People from all over Muncie also take advantage of the cafeteria. lN'Iany industrialists throughout the city have found that the Trade School produces well-trained employees. If You all It a PS- . iv" sg ,'f,.,,:,. U ,I ,M ' aa 4 1 . -Vw. if !,,,,v- ,J al 'W xtqy. N Experience AA7111' S11111' F1111 H111' 1'1."' 1,1111'1' H11111'1'. II C,'1'1111111 lJ1.v11'11111l1:'1' 1f1f11l'1l1I111I 1111111111 1111111 a1'111k.vf1111'1 1111113 1.x 1111I,lIQ Il X11111' 1111 11 1'11x1111111'1' 111 111.v 11111111 1111'111p1111'1111'111, 1111 1vI1II11l' S11111 S11111'. .UL C,'11111x1111 IX 111 11I1I1.Qt' 111 111.Y11'I111I1II'1' 11wll'I11'1If1017. 11.11111 1 1l11111, f11'lA,4 1111111, 111111 111111 s 1111' 111111 1111111 111 IIY 1l'!lI', 11111 11111111 .f111llI,Q1l1ll, 111111 X111l11'1lIQ 11'f11ll'Q, X1l11Il11l1I1' 111111' 111 1ll11'1I1l11' 1111111111 111111 ,X1l1N,Ql'. 1111111 111111111 11, fl1'll1ll'.' 1141111111 11 1111xx 111 l11ll11I1111' 1111111111- 111111 11 11181 ll 311111 1I11I'111ll l1I1lI1l1l lx'11111'11x'111111 l,11111'1111 lf1'11111'x 1ll1l'1'l.X, '-sl NY' Hun the Bes Method of Learning Business Did you ever try to reach the fourth floor by the back stairway? We're pretty certain that some of our sopho- mores Cpardon uslj tried and didn't succeed. For those who still haven't succeeded in reaching fourth floor by this route, we doubt if they ever will. Why? Well, be- cause there wasn,t, and still isnat, a back stairway. But why all the fuss over getting to fourth floor? No, there were no ghosts, spooks, bats, or witches Qalthough there may have been a few cob-websj. "Way up therew were the business classes. The forty-five classes in the business department kept nine instructors busy all day, teaching everything from typing to machine calculation. When someone places tenth out of three thousand, we think thatls Hreally somethingwl Five-minute writings were taken in Typing I classes at the end of the first Lcfarntng ln type muff fjfirlrlzlfy and q111'1'kly llzmugh fllf' 11511 ofa III-t'fMfJ,ZUVlt' 15 0111 Qfthr nzridrrrz 71z1'llwd.i' bflillg Flflpfifllflll 1471 Ihr ,7I1.S'll1l'.l.X Pllllfllflllll 1'!11.s'.i'1f.t HW? wr .we 611171141771 Gr1'1'1z l11l.'111,q fl fI'Hf'I,fl'flIll lllll' qfllzzf 1l1'1'l11f1l11n11'.S 1.71 II typtng 1'l11.t.s'. semester. The test was given by Iowa University to stu- dents ofthe Middle Wlest, and from that test Anna Jean Wilson, ajunior at Central, placed tenth. typing fifty- five words a minute with only two mistakes. SORT, SUMMARIZE, PROVE, AND PRESENT! This sounds like a mouthful. and it really was. In the December, 1957, issue of UBEA, Business Education Forum, this article appeared. It was written by NV. Wagoner, a business teacher at Central. The title ofthe article refers to the basic concept that should be taught in bookkeeping, according to Mr. Wagoner. He stated that almost all problems arising in bookkeeping. or rec- ord keeping can be solved using that premise. Students who read SORT, SUMMARIZE, PROVE. AND PRE- SENT have found this to be true! CThanks. hir. Wagonerli R!'l'llVff.l' 1111 IIXIYI 111 C,'1f111r11lkl11r Illllfl' 1111111 Hlfft' and rnll 1l'11111111g 111111 l1.tl1'11- mg. III flu' 1'11.s1' lffiislllf' .-11111 Hunt. l11fi111,g 11'11'l11l11111,fi1u11 Il l't't'llIlf Zi fun! gf Ihr Illllfl' rwrnk III hfr tflliii. .ll11111'11f C.'1'1zt111l'J 1'l1JIlt'lIfIUI1 fft'lf7UVl!IIf'I1l 11.i1'.i' 11111.i'l lllfllfflll 11l1'!lz1f11it. X - log X Tx Xxx, 79 Health Ed., Home Ee. ffer a ariety 1111i "1111.11x11 x111111111111" IN x1111j111' 111111111111 11.sf11111111111 11111111111s11'1111 111 ,S'11111'1111 ,l1111111i 111' .Y1111111 1t11111111i, IIX 1111xx11111l1x 11l1i1'1:'1'. 80 X111 ii1lll1111 1lll11,n 11111'g11111l11111 1l1111.i11f1 ,ll1111111'sx Ill 1111'111111111111'1g1'11111'1, t111111i11 111' I' lf, i1111l1'111s 4Yl11l1l .S'1111i, llllfll' fi1f1'11'1' 11111ll71f1111111' l,11I1l1'l11'111I. "Don't just stand there-SHOOTV7 No, this isn't a hold-upg it's1just a familiar request heard in gym classes during an exciting basketball game. Basketball seemed to be the favorite sport in girlsf gym classes during the winter months. Other favorites this year were volleyball, and, of course, tumbling. In some classes girls learned to dance the Schot- tische. C0ne, two, three, hop! Step, hop! Something different from rock and roll, huh?J Some aquatic Central males go to the Y. M. daily, where they learn how for a better wayj to swim. This sport is quite popular as a variation from the usual gymnastics taught in physical education classes. y r , f ,ual , V Aff t We il A new class started this year is that of marriage and family liv- ing, which was open to all kjunior and senior boys and girls. Boys made their own aprons to be used in all-male food classes Cwith the help of the teacher, of courselj. In driver training classes students learned to master the funda- mentals, and good driving habits. They also learned to cope with unexpected situations. Two more homemaking laboratories have taken the new look. New cupboards, tables, and chairs have lifted the spirit of one foods laboratory. Draperies, new sewing machines, and some ar- tistic touches by the girls have added glamour to another cloth- ing classroom, A i Pro jec S Can Scrzior English is the coursapr lots and lots rj work on trrm papers, as fviarvfna Brown knows. lflrl! minus muff! lf, lung' ,XIIKIIIIHIX H! ,Um lm'fn!!1ll's HHIII! slmlns ,ffm lfmu .wlml gum un ul Ihr lhlrlmfm' PIIIIIIIIINQ is Ann Rruftkm, f1'6'7Il7l1f,8 fhmzzfm' f,'f1111l!1m1x1 ln' sfmllmg lln mfwlx Afjff 111 fgjfnmlx Mun, .Yuril funn IIII wmmwf ul lfllhf fllllflfllly llVfIA.8f. 1701.7 Chl 0",a,fs:: lr 'WU ."4'Ur: fa q B' UU ti' qn1'!7. li ' Via 89 F. X 0 i f , fi ,Q 'Q . .Q-N Q Develop Skills and lnerease lnteres lg 1 43:19 , . 1 1 I ' 2' 1 yu. . R ' .1-ser . '14 1 f . , -4, 1 " ' li ' ' " . 1 1 w , A " , 1. I be e , eff: A uf.l1117 I1'f1071l'7'.YH I1'1lfl rm' 111 llF1A'.YZ1'fI.1llIvQ 1111.111 fJ71'f1l11'I'kf11f 11'1111I 1111 'l'111-' MIN- fix 11 11r1111111111,x 1111.14 f1111111'1. D111111 17111111 1711111 11111 11111111111111 A111g1'. O11.11'11'111g SONIAN 121' 11 111111 111 1111' S1117-IDVIIYX f11l1Il1 111 1111111 1111' 11Il1'1f.S' 111-11I1' 11'1u11'. 1111 fl'111'11 IIN' DlIl111', Q7111111111' 11111111115 111111 ijtlql' UIUAKII. UB1111111 1Zl'I-T11-IZNQ Zlilllf 115 1'11q1' ax 11 100k5,', F.Y'll1I1IVl5 La11r11x7111'111111 Ill? II ,s'p1'1'r11 III! f17l1' 111, ffr1111111'1 IIIIIX1 111111111111 l111111111111s 1.1 1111 1111g111g 111 11111111 111 1111 111111 111 11115: on 1zfrfa1'u1z'11f11ob111', 1ZE'I-711-IZAQ. f.'1l7lN1Il1l1X 1llll1, 11111 1111 111 111. 111111111111111 111 111111111. A-r ,if fir 83 ll v ..-'n0""' W9 ly 'XL X W ,UL HlIrf:IlHfA rifrlzumfnltu In julm HYIIQIIIIIKV. liwrlrflf ffH1V, llwfn Dmzflullzl, Szlffl llunffql, .XVIIUIII .Nlzflzflffy Dfmmz Ijtllllllf, and juz l1'1m1fH uw nf Il xllff V lun,fffm11m,fmlffn muffzzwlzzmf 84 ,J-4' ..-4, Q-"" a If A-WH, i' 'if' HQ AIIIQIIFIIIIIQ flusx :will ll jmlfrr wxlrm fm' xf E or .Ak I lfzfux mm Xfllll lfl fflllll 1fl1XllN xfmfmlx HI llf'l"m11, Sfllllll IIIKAWI, Afllllffll Hllllllf, SIIIIYIIII Vfllxrlrff, rim! lifff llunnzxg fmzw' lr: ffllff zzjunl lflr Xflflllld, flrlff flllfI'fllI'I' l11'fN'I'.U'lIII'. C,'n11frlll11'xf lu lllr 'gnu lfml pull lffr slrmgx HI l lfn wflfmff ffnllflmlfzlg llll rxfH'rllf1ml IH ffflrmx , lfnllxlx l,f'nHr111l Hum flllll Urmvr' lfnllfrlx. .N nf! 'DI -A A1 .QQ i ath and Science pen New Doors Have you seen any unusual obj ects flying around this year? That is, besides a couple of satellites? To tell the truth, we haven't eitherg but with the teaching of aeronautics this year, one may sometimes wonder. Aeronautics was taught at Central before World War H, then suspended until this year. Many have found it to be an interesting and valuable class. But aeronautics isn't the only interesting science taught. This year in chemistry classes students identified an al- legedly unknown element as if they had discovered it themselves. Students in these classes have also undertaken several projects. One of the most interesting of these was the study of penicillin. Another was with rocket fuel. QMaybe someone in these classes will be the first to get to the moonlj Something new in science equipment was seen in physics classrooms. Many students worked during this year build- ing such apparatus. After spring vacation botany classes planted tomatoes and cabbage in the greenhouse. QNO, not flowerslj The students watch plants develop until they are fully grown. Dissecting frogs was a project in zoology classes. Each student "took a frog apart" and examined each piece of its anatomy. Earlier this year an Uescapedw possum came to Central at noon to visit in the auditorium. CWell, not exactly Visitlj One of our "mighty" Central boys captured the "escaped onefl and then it was off to the Zoology room to be dissected. QTOPJ Barbara MKlHl'k and Frank Forster are learnzingjonz ,Mr Azfzla how tojind the slope ofa line in algebra clam. QTOP CENTERJ Ran Szpe is showing Larry Tresler, Sandy jonex and Ran Crouxe a lrz'-reetangzzlar Jpherzral lrzangle. CBOTTOM CENTERH "How does your garden lgrowy' In this rare it grows on the roof of Central. Looking al one of Ilzeir plants are Naney Dunn, Paula Deere, Dzfl: Dawxon, ilflr. Hitters, and Dennix Wasson. QBOTTOMJ Checking over an old skull in qoology lllljji are .Nanqy Sallerjield, jim Cole and Sherri Stewarl. Fx,-,l 'iw Y' Ag -1 rf. I'rmcifu1l Loren Chastain, in behalfof Central teachers, firesents a retirement gift to the late Mr. Elrrzrr Prlsev at the faculty Christmas tea. l 4- 6' cr :Rf- 43 P25 mr' 86 They Instruct Us 3:30 'Classes' . CARL ADAMS Health Education, Physical Education, Driver Education CLYDE ALLMON English ETTORE ANTONINI Physical Education, Health Education HUBERT AUSTIN Electricity, Trade School RAMON L. AVILA Nlathematics MISS ESTHER BARTLETT Social Studies WILLIAM BASINGER Art RICHARD BEERBOWER Sheet Metal, Trade School MISS ELEANOR BLY English, Speech ERNEST H. BOYER M usic H. S. BRICKLEY Supervisor, Industrial and Trade School MISS ANN BRINSON Home Economics RONALD BUDENSIEK Science MRS. CLAIR BULLOCK Cafeteria Director, Trade School W. A. BURNETTE Mathemati'cs 65:39 Science, Trade School FREDERICK BURT Draj?ing, Trade School MRS. BERNICE BURTON English PAUL E. CARMICHAEL Head Art Department MRS. JANET CASEY Social Studies ROBERT COLVIN Business Education RALPH CONELLEY English, Trade School R. LLOYD COOLEY Social Studies KENNETH COULSON Coordinator, Distributiue Education MERRILL CRISLER Science NEIL W. DAILY Head Business Education Department MRS. ADLAI G. DALBY Librarian JAMES DAVIDSON Health Education, Physical Education, Driver Education DELMAR DOOLEY Machine Shop, Trade School ROBERT E. DWIGGINS Musz'c EDWIN H. EILTS Auto Mechanz'cs, Trade School M' . 'Y'-1? if ,.... vu- X A . Y S' 4-51' H. E. FENIMORE Head, Mathematz'cs Department RICHARD FISHER Driver Education, Physical Education, Health Education MISS MARJORIE FOSTER Capteria Director, Central ROBERT M. GIBSON Social Studies ROLLIN A. CILL Mathemati4cs, Trade School MRS. JANE GRUENEWALD Social Studies ROBERT HANCOCK Latin MARTIN HANSEN Business Education EARL HARGER English, Trade School MRS. RUTH HARKER Home E conorn ics EDGAR D. HENDERSON English, journalism M RS. DORA HOLADAY Nlathernatics MRS. LUCILE HOLLIS Business Education DONALD HUBBARD Science J. CARL HUMPHREY Business Education JAMES HYATT Social Studies SHERMAN JOHNSON Carpentgi, Trade School MALCOLM JULIAN English They Sponsor Us . . Chaperones . MISS KATHERINE H. KING Physical Education, Health Education MISS DOROTHY KRIEGER Home Economics WILLIAM E. LANGDON English MISS LAURA LINDEN ' Head, Foreign Language Department, Spanish, French ROGER S. LINGEMAN Science JOHN LQNGFELLOW M athematics, Physical Education MISS MARJORIE LUCE School Nurse CHARLES MARCUS Business Education MRS. EVELYN MCCULIDUGH Home Economics RUSSELL T. MCNUTT Head, Social Studies Department MISS JOAN MCTURNAN Head, Home Economics Department MISS KATHLEEN MEEHAN English '--1" ffT'0 I 5. .Ur Slrfzlrlnn trrntrrj flI.Xfl!Ill'I fr '11 in ron I I f lil' tru. IHILTIAVX rlrf' , , 1217311 Hill ll ll Illll AIM. H'1'hxlf'1, Air. H right, ,UL llrunofh, and ll I gl ll Q12 45' ' 42-Sr 'him 90 W T' -ez." 31 They Counsel Us . . program planners LEO MENCH Pht1'.S'l'Cd!EdU6dfl40H, Health Education MISS HELEN MORRISON tVIatherr1atz'cJ ROBERT NOBLE Auto tVIechanz'cs, Trade School MISS FRANCES L. OIHARRA Social Studies EDWARD A. OLSEN Mathernatz'cs DON PARLETTE Musz'c MRS, SHIRLEY PHILLIPS Home Economics HAROLD REINOEHL English CHARLES RETTIG Machine Shop, Trade School HOMER C. RICE Social Studies CLAUDE RIETH Printing, Trade School WILLIAM A. ROSANDER Woodwork, Trade School MISS MARGARET RYAN English JOHN SCHEERER Mathematz'cs, Industrial Arts, Trade School HUBERT SHROYER Business Education FRANK STAFFORD Head English Department MISS JEWEL STANDERFORD English GLENN A. STEPLETON Head, Musi'c Department MISS DRUCILLA STILLWAGON English, Dramatics MRS. POLLY SUNDERMAN Home Economics ERNEST SUTTON Driver Education, Physical Education MISS HELEN SWARTZ Social Studies MISS MARY WADE English W. WAGONER Business Education HAL B. WARREN Mathematics MRS. LOIS WEBSTER Home Economics, Health Education MELVIN WILSON Physical Education, Driver Education, Health Education WELDON WITTERS Science BYRON C. WRIGHT Business Education FLOYD W. RAISOR Supervisor, Health Education, Physical Education ff? --.l if 'CF ef.: 3 nfsw cl .w l1'l11'11 Ihr .'l51f111,jl11 h1I Cmlral. :natty Sl,ll7Vl1Illt'I1Jl0 flu yhols to lfnpfrrinz ,fFlllilZkE Ihr dm'r1.i1. Dow 1i1l2fl1l'1l7Q lzwnf loolii' on 11-hzlf' ,Ur C,Ill5lHIfI. loo. gots hu' .fllUlVfi'Ul7Z Dr. BHM111. 1'io.t1'11111I1vl Drm'S111rl1fhr1lr1'r slonrls Ill fha' lIt1t'hQ7'tll.llZIi 11 'zzfrhmg tht promrlzngs. RUSS DOROTHY SCHAEFER Flillflliflilll 5lt'fTl7lfIl'1' to Pflllflfidl KIRS. K.-XY SKIITH Gt Ilfflll Cfl1'1'l.' 92 U 1 He's ur Prinei-P ,Un Lorca Clzarfoin, our p11'ncz',bal1y'Central High Srhool ,vincr 1947, will retire to Bloom- ington ohm bftzig "top Bearcotufor the past 6'lt'Ilt'7I'1'!'ll7'.Y. While pr1'nc1f1ol, Mr. Clzastain has hrouglzt mmty honors lo Central High School. Every Centralite has seen, in his daily stroll down front hall, a broad smile emerging from room 200, worn by a trim figure in a brown suit. No one could have been in Central longer than the opening Convocation and not have known the smile belonged to the school princi- pal - Mr. Chastain. Mr. Chastain has been supervising principal at Central for eleven years, also serving supervising principal ol' the Trade School. In addition to his responsibilities at Central, Mr. Chastain has found time to bring a variety of honors to the school. For example, he is a member of the Board of Trustees and the Scholarship Board ofthe National Honor So- ciety. Among his distinguished duties this year as president ofthe Board of Controls ofthe State Athletic Commission was that of pre- senting the trophy to the winners ofthe state basketball tournament. Q? if Ubi 443. ,. . The Muncie School Board includes fzzbozfj Edward Yetterburg set ret irx Hcrm in Beckley director of buildings and grounds Marie Owens Fugcnc C lotk pre idtnt Supt Nl Durward Cort Forrest Carmichael business director Wtslu Writ ind Norman Durham treasurer Their Plans Make School Run Smoothl One administrator whom Centralites rarely see but whose influence is seen in many areas is Mr. N. Dur- ward Cory, superintendent of Muncie City schools. Mr. Cory has now efficiently served Muncie schools for two years in his gigantic task of overseeing a school system that includes 21 schools and 652 school staff employees. A graduate of Ball State Teachers College, Mr. Cory taught at Albany and served as superintendent at Speed- way, Indiana, and Rochester, Minnesota, before coming to Muncie. One of Mr. Cory,s numerous and varied duties is working with the city's board of education. The Muncie School Board, which is comprised of Hve elected members, made many significant decisions dur- ing the year. Next yearls uniting of Center Township and city schools was the most notable plan in which the board participated. Other achievements included the beginning of the O. W. Storer Junior High School and the Anthony and Westview additions. Determining policies was also the duty ofthe board of school trustees, whose weekly meetings were held in the Administration Building. This nerve center ofthe city's schools is located at 328 East Washington Street, about one-half mile from Central. Without teachers there would be no schools, and with- out teachers there would be no reason to have schools. Providing and working with teachers is another duty of the school board. 'Riv- n. BEN B. l'lARl.liYJR., 1117121!ff.Blf'j'SfIlI!fA5'.S'I-XflllllIJTI-715171111 MISS LUCILLE JOHNSON, Dean Qf Girls X iwN . , MRS. EDITH CRAXYLEY, Gzzidarzrv Dfrerlor 94 dministrators Whether you are in trouble, need some advice, orjust someone to talk to, our deans, Miss Johnson and Mr. Earley, will always be around to offer you their assist- ance. Most students come to the deans' offices knowing they will be welcome at all times and that Miss John- son and Mr. Earley will give them sound counseling in their school relationships. A few of the students ta very few, of coursej, come to the offices to get advice which is not requested. These students, however, need the advice which they get to help them adjust to school regulations. Centralites find that the deans are understanding people. A student who is in need of a friend cannot Hnd two people who will be any more willing than our Central deans to be friends as well as guides. Another helpful person is Mrs. Crawley, our new guidance director at Central. A friendly person with a ready smile, she plays an important part in helping thousands of students. Helping ninth grade pupils plan their sophomore courses for Central is just one of her many bigjobs which sometimes Cwe knowj provide many painful headaches. .,a-fffgffvrfff-M ,f ,ff-f ,M .1 , ., ,4 ..,.. ,,,,,, ,,,-Y,.,,,,,,, A-.Nh ,ag 4-.--H rw .f"Z,v'.,f , . . V -4,-,,.g,5: 1.41 ,L , W I YFM? MR. RUBEN MERRELL, Assistant Prz'ncz,ba!, Trade School and Aids Provide Answers and Advice When Mr.Jay Mcflreary, assistant principal at the Trade School, resigned last year, Mr. Ruben Merrell was chosen to take his place. However, he was unfortunately forced to leave his position for several weeks because of illness. He was tempor- arily replaced by Mr. Gibson, teacher at Central. Some of Mr. Merrellas duties are the making of schedules for Trade School students, solving their adjustment problems, checking attendance, noon-time supervision in the halls and cafeteria. Helping Mr. Merrell at the Trade School is Mrs. Dorothy Bartle, who serves as his secretary. Mrs. Bartle undertook the duties ofjosephine Saunders, who resigned last summer after many years, service. Assisting at Central in the deans, offices are two secretaries, Mrs. Wright in Miss Johnson's office and Mrs. Downey in Mr. Earley's. flop? Dean E2ll'l0yiS student assistants this year were Carole Hull tsczitcdl and Molly Milner, -Iudy Norton, Sherry Oliver, linrac Hutson, Georgia Sanders, Jane Olsen, Wfanda Minix and Nancy Dunn. flfnllwnl Dcan Lticillcljohiisorfs assistants: Sher- ry 'l'r.1pp tscatvdl and Suc Lambert, Patricia Davis, Nancy Knzllbl, Myrna l.ittell and Moya McFarland. A.r.v1V.vtz'rzg .Wm Dalby in flu' libmqy llzzxfyerzr as pages were Earlene Hnzvani, .N-Illlljl' ClZHllIfIt'lll', Sl1r'rU', .Willem Sally Tlzreslzer, Susan ,Vqfff jrzrkie llorrozw, Cailzerme Thrown, Nurnza Rolzold, Clfzzulizz Huff! and Carol Newkirlf. Sittirzg 13 Belly Slqforzl. Th1'.YFAQ1'fl.S' "remind" tlze studenlx books llmt are due. "Uj1rn 1wrl1',l" fm, If wer ynu are xifk or nn'fl.s'nn1r mwlnnl nrlwnw, lllr fllSfIl'IlH1Yj" nn flu' jim! flnrn lx llle jflrur In gn. Afllllg ax lIllll'.X me lblury 'lnrlur, Drum l'enm1l, ,Nnury l'illXll'V, mul Iflllllflfll Vllhkll. lW1.x'.x l,m1' f7l'Qllll as f,'wnlml'x ww: l"lurf'nu' ,Nfxqlzlmlgnlu .Un C'l1d5lUZ.7l,S ojiee. alfvqyx I1 Jrene qf dCllvL'lVl1', lun plenly Qf worlcfor zis able asmrlantx. Helpmlg NIH. Smztlz are Vada Belle Tozules, Kzey MeC'allzs!er, Pal Dzgmarz, Delores Huxlmld, and f.Yllll7'l4QjZ11'fll'! .'Ml'C'Il77Ull, .Yanzvl llrmref rmdjane Cux'-all Xizllllfhllllflilf l1pl'lfllUV.f. They Help Make Central's f f iees Run .ET F' co CD E cw 2' C -s PT' I 2 L- P' ro as -s 5 an F' is S ll-' SD H O Q Q.. 'V ll lx F 176 'QP E' Nnfx . g V 'if' N -, ' I v X . . X s k 3, b wg X.-N . K 'K'Y i si f -N ma V: - , . . e gf, e - N'-ewff,wae-2 ,, N , S' ' 'Few Lnwf-' 1 I-. -X ,Qt-Af iurm Efa...........m , A A J 34 'ng 1,l'gl1l.x,' f.'lHllI'7lI.l ,flzllmlf Nh, lflzlsr' lunw lfllllvf muh flllllh lm! Il'If!1UlIf lflr'H'fIf'ff1 rw zwrmfrf nu! ln' X1'1'llIN,Lf NIIIXI' H'l'ftlllllf' I!lllI'lI'8. ,UL l,'11.sf1'r'x um' nn' 'lrrrr llillllllllflll, ,XIHAIII Allfffl, Frank lclf1'l'I, lyllllf ,:l'llI'AlH, xlfllll Iz'lm'lf,!7nl111 ffrnrzzzrl. Dnzvrl ffm!! mul firm' I1'nnl.x. 'fs .-111.mw1'11g fIlHllIl'.Y, VHIIIIIIIVQ f'?'fllll!lfY mm' Qrplzzxg IIII' flIIIfI1Ilflf7flf7I'H IlI'I'kjll.X'I ll fm' iff-flI1'jfI,7.YLff1I' lfzr :wuz- f1'IllIl1f vgffin' 11.u1.xlf111!.x'- HYIIIHIIKI l.m'lu', l4'l17'U!1'1l Umvz llllll Hvlll IVHIV, .UL C,vlllIf,WI7l,.Y 1gj7'in'lzflmfffzx'rf1.x'fr1'lu1- lim' f'1ilu'11l1rm.' .Urxxp C.'r'rm'l1"1' lmx 1'l1r1r4gf' Qf QIllIiIIlIt'l'. I -4' 97 'P I v wif f 46 J' J' X' x f . IV ff! N f 'I 1. 7 -In lt takes more to make a school than a build- ing-more than classes, organizations, and equipment. lt takes the raw material-people. And people are what Central has the most of. These many students vary widely. They rep- resent several races and nationalities, many religious beliefs, and a mixture of person- alities. There are students who know the formula for making A's and students who would like to learn what an A looks like. But they're all here for the same reason- and they learn to live together with few con- flicts-all 2,lOO of them. 99 ..-A: I I I , 7 ' .1 gf: . , 'I 1 '-'C "- f o KK KQKKKQKM , QQ' 7 I Qi yr ' ' Vx-"'firiE,k.1j" . . , A M In xkix ll : 45 ' ' f if u x Y a J I 11 Q 0 SUE PENCE was chosen as Central's all-around ideal senior teenager for this year by members of her own class. Our well-rounded",Miss" has a high scholastic average, a pleasant personality, and a record of service to the school in many varied activities. Here she is seen illustrat- ing one qualification of a well-rounded teenager-being able to study, watch TV, and listen to the radio all at the same time. But noteenager is able to en- gage in such strenuous activity without some- thing to eat and drink. Isn't that so, Sue? I ai,, in .pi t,-v 1-as-.v I ,,. 5 uso Q l lrvxt fy' 'Nl 1-nf "" HOU' l.' Billy G. Aliratiii, Charles Richard Adams, Larry Adams, Rosvniztry' Adams, Shelby .'ACl2'll11S,J02lIl Althcrr, RUII' 2: VY1lL1lll'lfl2i AIiIIclu'1', -lanics K, Ancil, Betty Anderson, Mary Three kz'na'5 qf.s'enz'0rs: Some BILLY G. ABRAM. CH.ARLES RICH.ARD ADAMS-Band, Baseball, Cheering Block, J.C.L. LARRY .ADAMS- Band, Concert Choir, Sr. Council, Cheering Block, Art Club. RoSEMARY ADAMS-Concert Choir, "Blithe Spirit," Stage Door, Art Club, "Moods"1 entered from XVest Sr. High, Aurora, Illinois. SHELBY ADAx1SfTri- Hi-Y. tlo,xN .'xL'l'lIliRRA--HOIICDI' Society. Sr. Council. Cheering Block. Tri-Hi-Y: hlath, French. Art Clubs: "Moods" xv.-XL'NF1.1J.-X rXN.-XCIKER, JAMES K. Axt:IL-Con- cert Choir, Sr. Council, "Good Neighbors," "Blithe 102 ao- Y7 f- . YO Us 'R Q g - , l, . L ,W-0 M , it - A5 Qv wr- -,, .-- -r 3:19 we Vivian And:-rson, Keniielli W. Arrington, Gary Atkins. ROW 3: Mike Austin, Al Bard, llixieljtiiic Barlow, Sally M. Barnes, Ray Reasor Bayer, Patricia Underwood Beach. wha date and stay om' late, Spiritj, Stage Door. BETTY J. ANDERSON. MARY VIVIAN ANDERSON-HOHOY Society, Concert Choir, Soph. Coun- cil, Cheering Block, F.H.A., "Moods" KENNETH W. AR- RINGTON-Band, Football, Track, Wrestling, Baseball, Cheering Block, M. Club. GARY ATKINS. MIKE AUSTIN -Swimming, Hi-Y. AL BARD-COHCCFI Choir. DIXIE JUNE B.-XRLOXV-COHCCTI Choir. SALLY M. BARNES- Concert Choir. RAY REASOR BAYER-Football, Wrest- ling, Cheering Block, M. Club, HMoods.', PATRICIA UNDERXN'OOD BEACH-Crchestra J.C.L. 7 .P MARILYN ROSE BEARD-OTCDCSIFZ, Bible Club. BILLY BEEBE-COHCCTY Choir. LAVONNE BELL-D.E. Club. DONALD EARL BENBOW-JT. Council, Football, Track, Wrestling, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, Math, M. Clubs. JOSEPH EARL BENNETT-Band, Orchestra, "Moocls.'l MARILYN ANNE BENNINGTON-Quill and Scroll, uMun- sonian,', Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, Math Club, "MoOds.', DAN R. BENSON-Jr., Sr. Councils, Wrestling, Baseball, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, J.C.L., M. Club. DOR- OTHEA BIEHL-ciGOOd Neighbors," 'cBlithe Spirit," Con- cert Choir, Y-Teens, Stage Door. GARY DEAN BIRDw- Concert Choir. LOWELL T. BYRD. LARRY A. BLADE- Band, Cheering Block, D.E. Club. RONNIE BOOUE. ROW 1: Marilyn Rose Beard, Billy Beebe, Lavonne Bell, Donald Earl Benbow, Joseph Earl Bennett, Marilyn Anne Bennington. ROW2: Dan R. Benson, Dorothea Biehl, Cary Dean Bird, Lowell T. Byrd, Larry A. Blade, Ronnie Bogue. CHARLES C. BoGL'sKE. QJU.-KNIT.-X BOLES-Soph. Council. JAY DEE BOND. JINI A. BoPEsfColfg entered from St. Joseph High School. South Bend. SANDRA BOXX'IEfCOD- cert Choir, Cheering Block, J.C.L.g Chemistry, Spanish Clubs. MARILYN KAY BOYLE-Band. Orchestra. Jr. Council, ETA., F.H.A., 'gkloodsf' JANE ELIZABETH BRANDON-Nhlunsonianf' 'iMoOds." L.-XXVAXDA JOYCE BREWER-Concert Choir. SHELBY. BRIGOs. JACK T. BROADWVATER - Soph., Jr., Sr. Councils, Football. Baseball, Cheering Block, M. Club. M. JOYCE BROwN. MARY'INA BROWN-Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, uMagician.'7 ROIVBY Charles C.Boguske, Juanita Bolcs. Jay Dee Bond. Jim A. Bopes. Sandra Bowie. Marilyn Kay Boyle. ROW -if Jane Elizabeth Brandon, LaW'anda Joyce Brewer. Shelby Briggs,Jack T. Broadwater, M. Joyce Brown, Marvina Brown. """"wh, y rg' Qing. ,Q ,Z 'vs 'Y NI 't""17 bv , tt' 1515 as ap- Qt., ln -' -1' m' 'YS ,.. Q36 f 1 v-n.,,' UQ. 1 ,Na ho- 1' Q. 'Q F 'V '-'Tag . 2' 'Q- .I M 'V RC, if-7 C7 f , J . A' 'ls' 4.2 Y"-7 'R 5 ? gp--,, Q'-...., KOH' I: William li.Brown, Mike Brumhack, Dick Bryan, William Bun- R. Caine, John Campbell, Marvin E. Campbell. liII,,Ierl'y Eiigciiv Burgess, Sonny Burks. ROW 3: Gary Carmichael, Mary Ann Carpenter, Katherine Carson, ROM' 2: Robert l.. Burns, Phyllis Burnworth, Mike Burres, Raymond Betty Lou Case, George W. Caupp, Marvin Cavanaugh. some who loaf and congregate-ana' some who graduate WILLIAM E. BROWN-COHCCFI Choir. MIKE BRUMBACK- Swimming, Cheering Block. DICK BRYAN-BOYS, State, Sr. Council, Football, Basketball, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, j.C.L., M. Club. WILLAM BUNTIN-GOlf. JERRY EUGENE BLIRGESS-ChCCflHg Block, Hi-Y, Bible Club. SONNY BLTRKS-CODCCFI Choir, Soph. Council, Basketball, Track, Art Club. ROBERT L. BuRNsdSoph. Council PHYI.LIs BURNWORTH-Cheering Block. MIKE BURRES. RAYMOND R. CAINE. JOHN CAMPBELLfSr. Council. MAR- VIN E. CAMPBELL-jr. Council, Football, XN'restling, 104 Cheering Block, M. Club. GARY CARMICHAEL-Cheering Block, Hi-Y, Physics, Math Clubs. MARY ANN CARPEN- TER. KATHERINE CARSON-Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, "Magician," Ass't. Editor, Ind. Student Leg. As- sembly, Book Guild, Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, Physics, Math Clubs, Girls, State. BETTY LOU CASE-HODOY Society, j.C.L., Math Club. GEORGE W. CAUPP- Soph. Council, Cheering Block, D.E. Club. MARVIN CAVANAUGH. if ,pas- v JOHN CHASE-HOHOF Society, Football, Youth Forum, Book Guild, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, Physics, Math, M., French Clubs. CECIL CHEATHAM. ROBERT C. CHRISTIAN -Football, Golf. EARL G. CLARK-Band, Orchestra, Football, Track, Wrestling. LORETTA SUE CL.ARK-TTl- Hi-Y. REX LEON CLARK. CHARLOTTE JEAN CLEMENS- Concert Choir, Soph. Council, Cheering Block, c4Moods." GERALD L. CLEMENS. MERRILL V. CLEVENGER-Jr., Sr. Councils, Baseball, Cheering Block, J.C.L. FREDRICK EUGENE CLOCK-Hi-Y, Physics, M. Clubs, Sports Man- ager. GEORGE WALLACE COATIE-CODCCFY Choir, Foot- ball, Track. JANET SUE COLLINS-Orchestra, Soph. Council. JANICE KAYE COLLINS-Soph. Council, Cheer- ROW J: John Chase, Cecil Cheatham, Robert C. Christian, Earl G. Clark. Loretta Sue Clark, Rex Leon Clark. ROW2: Charlotte Jean Clemens, Gerald L. Clemens, Merrill V.Cleven- ger, Fredrick Eugene Clock, George Wallace Coatie, Janet Sue Collins. ing Block. Tri-Hi-Y. JERRY COLLINS-CFOSS Country, Wfrestling. ID.-XYID COXLEX'-CTOSS Country. XVrestling. EDYN.-XRD L. CONLEX'. PHILLIP CONN. STEPHEN NV. CONRAD -Soph. Council. Cross Country, Track. Cheering Block. Hi-Y, entered from Kendallville High School. NIICH.-XEL CONYERS-Orchestra, French Club. .ALICE JANELLE COONSYHOHOT Society, Band, Jr. Council, J.C.L.. Chemistry, Math, Bible Clubs. NIARALYN A. COOP- Concert Choir, HGood Neighborsfl 4'Blithe Spirit." "Moodsf' JERRY COOPER-Sr. Council, W'restling. Cheering Block, M. Club. LINDA LOU COOPER-BQHG CHead Majorettej, HGood Neighbors," "Moods," Rox- ANNA fRL'THJ CORDLEfConcert Choir. ROIV3: Janice Kaye Collins, Jerry Collins, David Conley. Edward L. Conley, Phillip Conn, Stephen VV. Conrad. ROW -li lN1ichael Conyers, Alice Janelle Coons. lNfIaralyn A. Coop, Jerry Cooper, Linda Lou Cooper, Roxanna QRuthl Cordle. on fa' fa 9 Q in. . A' 47 3, .. 4-" I 'T ,..,-0' f . . , . .. ,Q bf X ' 1-rv -wr fv I9 'VD 4 my T!-1 1'T7' B ct' 5- wr- MIMML 'H . gf 'iz MMR-FSE. I - gh- fb: tn- ,Q-.-Q ,I -A :N gy sa " tl Qi 4 'T-7 ia RUII' lx-latin' lillcn Cox. 'l'cI'1'y Rav Cox. Betty Ann Craig, Patty Craig, Duvicl lt Cirnll. Ronald Cf. Kfrousc. ROI 13Oll'g': Snllic jo Crouse, Jack Yan Cruea. Bill Cunningham, Glen Cun- ninghzun, Glenda Kay Cunniriglizirn, -ludy Cunninglizun. Dalton, Alfred Daniel, Mary Dargo, Patricia Ann Davis, We have acquired ez ne record: athletes, muszdans, JANE ELLEN Cox-Cheering Block, F.H.A., Y-Teens, J.C.L. TERRY RAE Cox-Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A.,VI.C.L.. Math Club. BETTY .ANN CR.AIG-COHCCFI Choir, Soph. Council, Cheering Block. PATTY CRAIG- Cheering Block. F.H.A.. JCL. DAVID F, CRALLfSr. Council, Cheering Block. RONALD G. CROL'SE-HOHOT Society. Band, Soph.. Jr. Councils: Baseball. Cheering Blockg Math. M. Clubs: "Moods" S.-XLLIE Jo CRLJL'5E- Concert Choir, Soph. Council. Cheering Block, D.E. Club. JAt:R XBAX CRLEA-Cross Country. Tennis, Cheer- 106 ing Block, Hi-Y, M. Club. BILL CUNNINGHAM-CFOSS Country, Baseball, Cheering Block. GLEN CUNNINGHAM -Swimming. GLENDA KAY CUNNINGHAM-Cheering Block. JUDY CUNNINGHAM. DAVE CUNNINGTON-Cross Country, Track, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, j.C.L. WILLIAM SHERMAN DAILEY-Physics, Chemistry Clubs. SAMMIE Joi-IN DALTON-HOHOF Society. ALFRED DANIEL, Jr.- Soph., Jr. Councils, Cheering Block. MARY DARGO- Cheering Block. PATRICIA ANN DAVISH-HOHOF Society, Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, '4Moodsf, 1' 3: Dave Cunnington, William Slit-rrnztn Dailey, Sarnmicllohn PHILLIP ROY DEANE. PHYLLIS ROSE DE.ANE-Y-TCCHS. JOHN L. DEEDS-Football, Cheering Block, M. Club. DONALD JAMES DEMAS-Honor Society, Ind. Student Leg. Assembly, Soph., Jr. Councils, Book Guild, Cheer- ing Block, J.C.L., Physics, Math Clubs, Sr. Class Vice- President. RONALD CHARLES DEMAS-HOHOT Society, Ind. Student Leg. Assembly, Soph., Jr. Councils, Book Guild, Cheering Block, J.C.L., Chemistry, Math Clubs, "MoOds.'l MARTHA Jo DEWITT-COHCCft Choir, entered from Royerton High School. HOPE DXAMOND-J,C.L.Q Spanish, French Clubs, Soph., Jr., Sr. Cheerleader, '4Moods.,, CAROLYN SUE DICKERSON. PATRICIA YVONNE DIGMAN-CODCCFK Choir, F.H.A. JAMES EDXVARD DOM- INICK-CFOSS Country, Baseball, Cheering Block. JEF- FREY LYNN DOWD-Swimming, Cheering Block, Engi- neering Club. DIANE KAY DRUCK-HOHOT Society, Ind. ROW 1: Phillip Roy Deane, Phyllis Rose Deane,John L. Deeds, Donald James Demas, Ronald Charles Demas, Martha Jo DeWitt. ROW2.' Hope Diamond, Carolyn Sue Dickerson, Patricia Yvonne Dig- man, James Edward Dominick, Jeffrey Lynn Dowd, Diane Kay Druck. Student Leg. Assembly. "Blithe Spirit." Cheering Block. Youth Forum. J.C.L.. Stage Door. .ALLAN H. DL'L.AXEX' -Soph. Council. DIARY JANE DL'XX7"BIUHSODl8H.k. "Good Neighbors." "Blithe Spirit." Cheering Block. Tri-Hi-Y. NANCY .ANN DL'NN7COUCCTI Choir. Girls' State: Jr., Sr. Councils, Cheering Block. Tri-Hi-Y. Spanish Club. NIARY HELEN E.-XRLS. ROBERT XY. EVANS -Band, Orchestra. SANDRA R. EYTCI-IISON. D.AX'ID FER- rill-'iMagician," Cheering Block. JUDITH A. FEBIYER- Concert Choir, Cheering Block, J.C.L.. "lNIoods." DAVE FIELDS-Cheering Block, D.E. Club. NI.-XRY .ANN FIELDS -Soph. Council, Cheering Block. Y-Teens. ROBERT A. FIELDS-Cheering Block, Hi-Y. PHYLLIS JEAN FINDLEY -Honor Society. Quill and Scroll, "lVIunSonian," hlanag- ing Editor, Ind. Student Leg. Assembly. Sr. Council. Xouth Forum, Book Guild, Cheering Block,J.C.L., "hIOodS." ROW3: Allan H. Dulaney. Mary Jane Dunn. Nancy Ann Dunn. Mary Helen Earls. Robert YV. Evans. Sandra R. Eytchison. ROW4: David Ferrill,Judith A. Femyer. Dave Fields. Mary Ann Fields. Robert A. Fields. Phyllis Jean Findley. -'t,., il- QT-7' 95,5-in Ni Q7 if 115' fi '33-'az 'Jag fi-- 'Q 'XJ J ,-f S' fix 17 Puff-:IH 779 Cv ,,-r .f QC' 'W 'L' bv T' janv ian' Q"-r K' may lrs.0u 5? .N YT' T11 'V' 1.4.1 'r-1' 4: f ""' rw!! M mcrvl RUH' I: Rolwrl lN1. lflnitxiguit, Roberta lxlillilf' lxlilllilgilll, Larry Allen lppfiilpgmi,ClaytonGot-,Jr,Jz1ylilluorliiig. Fi-mikcl, Dirmn Kay Frey, Linda Fulton. Ann Garrarcl. R0l1'3.' Raymond Gratly,J:.1t'lc ll. Clraliani, JoAnn Graham, William RUIVQJ Arlene Gee, Cynthia M. Gcrhzirdt. Barlnaru Jean Gibson, David W'arm,,- qgml-mm, Ri,-lm,-41 qgmwsi 'l'1,,,,,mS lim-1 G,-HVCSI an occasional scholar ana' a ac crolo of loaprs RoBERT M. FLANAGAN-Soph., Jr., Sr. Councils, Foot- ball. ROBERTA MARIE FLANAGAN. LARRY .ALLEN FRANK- EI,7l'lOIlOI' Society. U.N. Model Assembly. Boys' State. Cheering Blockq Physics, Chemistry. Spanish Clubs. l3lANA IQAY FREYfClOI1C6I'I Choir. Cheering Block. LINDA FtII.ToNHConcert Choir. Cheering Block. ANN GARRARImAHonor Society. Cheering Block. Tri-Hi-Y. F.H.A., J.C.L.3 Physics. Chemistry Clubs. :XRLFNE GEE -entered from Hong Kong. China. ClYXTHIA M. GER- HARDTf'ilxILlI1SOHl21Il.ii Jr. Council. "Blithe Spirit." 108 Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, Stage Door, Spanish Club. BARBARA JEAN GIBsoN-F.H.A. DAVID LEE GIBSON- Band, Orchestra, Track, F.T.A. CLAYTON GOE, JR. JAY R. GOODING. RAYMOND GRADY-D.E. Club. JACK E. GRAHAM. JOANN GRAHAM. WILLIAM WARNER GRAHAM -Honor Society, U.N. Model Assembly, Football, Track, Youth Forum, Book Guild, Cheering Block, Hi- Y, Math, M. Clubs. RICHARD GRAVES-JT. Council, Football, Baseball. THoMAs EARL GRAVES-J.C.L. 'X A JOYCE ANN GRAY-OTCDCSTTH. WAYNE GRAY-Honor Society, Sr. Council, Cheering Block, J.C.L., Math Club. CAROLYN GREEN-Honor Society, Youth Forum, Book Guild. ROBERT A. GREER. MARILYN GREIWE-Junior Council, Tri-Hi-Y. BARBARA GRIGE-Cheering Block. GEORGIANNA GRIFFIS. DAVID EUGENE GRIMES-Track. RICHARD E. GROSS. LUZERN E. GUTHRIE. DWAYNE L. HABEGGER-Cheering Block, Stage Door. HAROLD HAG- GARD. LEANORAH HALEY. JOEL D. HALL. MONTIE HALL -Cheering Block. PAT HAMILTON-COHCCft Choir. PA- ROW 1: Joyce Ann Gray, Wayne Gray, Carolyn Green, Robert A. Greer, Marilyn Greiwe, Barbara Grice. ROW2: Georgianna Griflis, David Eugene Grimes, Richard E. Gross, Luzern E. Guthrie, Dwayne L. Habegger, Harold Haggard. TRICIA ANN H.AMN1OXD-icMUHSOUlZ1H..l "Good Neigh- borsf' Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y. J.C.L.. Stage Door. "Moods" TERRY RAY HAMMONS. AUDREYJLNE HANEY'- Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, MlVIunsonian," Editor- in-Chief, Girls' State, Soph., Jr., Sr. Councils. Cheering Block, F.H.A., French Club. Cv.-XRRY H.ANSON-HOHOT Society. EARL E. HARNISH. JAMES R. HARPER-"lNIagi- cian," 'cGood Neighborsf' Swimming, Cheering Block. MARGARET MARIE HARRY. EUGENE H.ART-COHCCFI Choir, Cheering Block. ROW 3. Leanorah Haley, Joel D. Hall, Nlontie Hall, Pat Hamilton, Patricia Ann Hammond, Terry Ray Hammons. ROW4: Audrey June Haney,Garry Hanson, Earl E. Harnish, James R. Harper, Margaret Marie Harry, Eugene Hart. - Q I Q57-I ' ,gm 35 Nav -.5 Jif- - X sf" 4:-' Q so T' IC' 'Q YP'-.4 AX V' Q7 5 ina-1' RUI1' l: Sandra Sue Hurt, Marsha A. Hartley, Leonard Ray Hasse, Kay Howard Hensley, Thomas Herbert, Mary Sue Herriinzxn. Hastings, Marjorie Hayden, Allen Copeland Hays. ROW 3: Larry LeRoy Hershberger, Lewellen lliekey, Earl Warren H0l'l'2.' Michael Heinrichs, Myron Hendricks, Larry R. Helms, James Hicks, Ralph F.. Hiesland, Charles Eugene Hinds, Katie Slulls Hinkle. We've nzshed smashing test tubes ana' lab equzjyment, SANDRA SUE HART-Quill and Scroll, 'cMagician,', Edi- tor-in-Chief, Jr. Council, Youth Forum, Book Guild, Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish, French Clubs, "Moods" M.ARSHA A. HARTLEY'-COHCCFI Choir, Soph. Council. LEONARD RAY HASSE-HOHOY Society, Jr. Council, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, Engineering Club. KAY HASTINGS-Cheering Block. MARJORIE H.-XX'DEN-fHOHOf Society, Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, vI.C.L.. French Club. ALLEN COPEL.-XND HAYS-Football, Track, Wrestling, Baseball, Cheering Block, M. Club. "Moods" lNlICI-I.-REL 110 HEINRICHS-COHCCTt Choir. MYRON HENDRICRS. LARRY R. HELMS-HOHOT Society, U.N. Model Assembly, jr. Council, Football, Wrestling, Youth Forum, Book Guild, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, M. Club. JAMES HOWARD HENS- LEY. THOMAS HERBERT. MARY SUE HERRIMAN. LARRY LERoY HERSHBERGER. LEWELLEN HICREY. EARL WAR- REN Hicxs-Chemistry Club. RALPH E. HIESTAND. CHARLES EUGENE H1NDs-Basketball. KATIE STULTS HINRLE. an 'S' tiff- hf. 'nrt Q-5' iQ"F'l7"Y1 BILL HINTON. BOB D. H1RsT-Swimming. INA JOYCE HOFFMAN. AMP H. HOLDING-COHCCTY Choir, Cheering Block. JOHNICE LEE HOLDING-Concert Choir, '4Blithe Spirit," Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, Stage Door. JEAN- ETTE HOLLAND-OTCh6Stf3, Concert Choir. SYLVESTER HOLT-Spanish Club. NANCY LOU HOOVER-Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A. LEWIS HOPPER-fCheering Block. JOYCE ANN HOUR. HARRY KENT HOWARD-Honor Society, U.N. Model Assembly, Sr. Council, Wrestling, Tennis, Youth Forum, Book Guild, Chemistry, Spanish, M. Clubs. MARGARET HOWELL-icMuHSOHl3H,,, Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, Math, Spanish Clubs, 'cMoOds." MARY KAY HUEPMAN-Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, J.C.L., Math ROW I: Bill Hinton, Bob D. Hirst, Ina Joyce Hoffman, Amp H. Hold- ing, Johnice Lee Holding, Jeanette Holland. ROWQ: Sylvester Holt, Nancy Lou Hoover, Lewis Hopper, Joyce Ann Houk, Harry Kent Howard, Margaret Howell. Club. CAROLE ANN HULL-HOHOF Society, Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, J.C.L., French Club, 'ilNIoods": entered from Peru, Indiana. JOHN HUNT-Sf. Council. Football. Track, Wlrestling, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, J.C.L.: Physics. Math, M. Clubs. M.ARJORIE JEANNE HUNT-Soph. Council, Cheering Block, F.H.A. LARAE NI. HL'TSONi Jr. Sec. and Treas., Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y. J.C.L. DELORES HUXHOLD. GENE INGRAM-Band. Orchestra. Cheering Block. BOB IPOCK. PEGGY .ANN lRw1N-Con- cert Choir, Cheering Block, F.T.A. GLEN JACK. BAR- BARA JEAN JENKINSON-Concert Choir, Sr. Council, Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, HMoods." H. LLOYD JOHNSON-Basketball, Track. ROW3.' Mary Kay Huffman, Carole Ann Hull, John Hunt. Marjorie Jeanne Hunt, Larae M. Hutson, Delores Huxhold. ROW4: Gene Ingram, Bob lpock, Peggy Ann lrwin, Glen Jack. Bar- bara Jean Jenkinson, H. Lloyd Johnson. ny.. fl' 524 'WN- 'TX Ti it f' ga 5- . 109 'af v"" 11" 'V few- ' A x " " 'ri -sv 9 ,an 1--Q, UA M Q-,I Z., 'X QW.. 5' E' T K. fit ,nr iv 27" 171-""' ,JL 1?- Q 1' '54 'tx ev' 'ij an 145 'Q' Q:--v af' 'if 45" ' '55-cl ""' in 6' 'v if-...,, RUM" 1: Lyle Wlcslcy Johnson, Allen Jones, Fred M. Jones, John Cecil Jones, Joyce Jones, Lillie Jones. lI'0l1'Q': Phillip .'xl'llllll'JOI14'S, Ronald L. Jones, Sandra Lee Jones, Susan IV' I I 'H "" Fm 'C' A BIIt'IIIII1gcl Jones, Laura Ann Jordan, Charles fBl1l4TllJ-JOI"lS, RUIfV.'f: William C. Kanlz, Allan Keller, Gary lluanc Kennedy, Janet Kimbrough, Bonnie King, Charles YIlll0ITl2lS Alexander King. "messed upn our last theme and cmmmedjhr our last exam LYLE WESLEY JOHNSON-entered from Vincennes, Bible Club. ALILEN JONES-Swimming, Cheering Block. FRED M. JONES-Jr. Council, Wrestling, Cheering Block, Hi-Y. JOHN CECIL JONES-HOUOT Society, Jr., Sr. Councils, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, French Club, also attended Paxon, Fla., Sr, High. JOYCE JONES-i'MUHSOHl3H,,l Concert Choir. Soph. Council, "Good Neighborsf' "Blithe Spiritf' Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, Stage Door. LILLIE JONES-"lNIunsonian," Cheering Block. PHILLXP AR- THLR JONES. RONALD L. JONES. SANDRA LEE JONES ,Hgngr Society, g'lNIagician." Girls' State, Youth 112 Forum, Book Guild, Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, Phys- ics, Math Clubs, " Moods. H SUSAN BUENNAGEL J O N ES - Soph. Council, Cheering Block, J.C.L. LAURA ANN JORDAN-Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A. CHARLES LBUTCHJ JORIS-Football, Basketball, Baseball, M. Club. WILLIAM C. KANTZ-Cheering Block. ALLAN KELLER-GOlf. GARY DUANE KENNEDY. JANET KIM- BROLTGH-HOHOF Society, Girls, State, Youth Forum, Book Guild, Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A., J.C.L., lXfIath Club, "Moods.'? BONNIE KING. CHARLES THOMAS .ALEXANDER KING-HOHOF Society, Cheering Block. ,T ' Z3-f17' I6f" 'fl EDWARD E. KING. JOE D. KINNETTYCFOSS Country, Track, Chemistry, M. Clubs. ZOLA MAE KIRBY'-ChCCf- ing Block, F.T.A., F.H.A. MARVIN KIRTZ-TFZCK, Wrestling. DAVE KISTLER-Band. MARY' ELLEN CLEX7- ENGER KLEPEER-Soph. Council, D.E. Club. LORETTA L. KLINE-CHfCYCd from Knightstown, Indiana. SANDY KNECHT-HOHOY Society, Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club. JUDITH ANN KRAMER-COHCCTI Choir, D.E. Club. CLAUDIA K. KREIDER. DONALD KUHNS- Honor Society, Chef-:ring Block, Engineering Club. PAUL ROW I: Edward E. King, Joe D. Kinnett, Zola Mae Kirby, lylarvin Kirtz, Dave Kistler, Mary Ellen Clevenger Klepfer. ROW2.t Loretta L. Kline, Sandy Knecht, Judith Ann Kramer, Claudia K. Kreider, Donald Kuhns, Paul Kvalo. S ,dj sv:-4" KX'.ALO. D.-XNXY L. LANIEERT-Band. REBECCI.A SLE LANI- BERT-Cheering Block. Tri-Hi-Y. F.H.A.. Blath Club. JEAN .ANN LANGDoN4Band ET..-X.. FHA. Ros' LAsA- TER. MICH.AEL L.AXX'ELL7U.N. Nlodel Assembly. Jr. Council, Baseball. Chemistry. Math Clubs. XYILLIANI LEDSINGER-Track. KAY LEITSI-IL'H1Sl'. Council. Cheer- ing Block, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club. SL'ETTA LEWIS.. XYIL- LIAM EARL LEwIsYCross Country. Track. entered from Cowan. THONIAS ALLEN LIBY'. LINDA LIGHTFOCJT-COH- cert Choir. DAVID LIPSCONIBYCOHCCFI Choir. Swimming. ROH7 3: Danny L. Lambert. Rebecca Sue Lambert. Jean Ann Lzirisfdon. Roy Lasater. Micliael Lawell. William Ledsinger. ROI'1'4: Kay Leitshuh. Suctta Lewis. Xvlllllllll Earl Lewis.Thom11s .Xllcn Liby, Linda Lightfoot. David Lipscomb. 'UN VT 3317 fx fo- jr fl? ,ffl .J gf f" RD ,I 'IDL 1546. 'W K .ev r Y, V I, , .- y... TVU' '-"' CY' . - . YS Of' x We qr-v 5, C' A-.K f f fp ...J-f" J ala J '- I is 2 '7 I, fs! I l-11 VF - . V . s- A Z' X , l I xi I l -yr 23 . f 'B' G -my X 9' 'wb 'W-Terr' HHH' I: vvilllllil li, l,ockc, lN'IzIrgarcl Lofton, Clit-stcr IX. lAllIQ,.ll'f2lldlIli' l,ounsliury, Lulu Mau' Nlcllziill, liilf' Mcfizilislr-r, RUI1' 2: Yaiiiiivl licnnclli lNllt'cl11I4ll'f'. Lynnc Mcflgirroll. f1z1l'lz,1lInI1c- lXlI'ClI'aIy, l"l'11lllillIl I.. lN'lcCI'ceI'y, Nloya Kay NIcFarland, Ucorgc H. lNlI'Uow2Il1, I'. RON' 'ix Vvlllikilll llc-Wainc Mcflunc-gill, Robyn Mc'lVlillin, .lcrry Mc- Rcynolds, Larry Mcllcyriolcls, Riclizlrcl li. McVickcr, Judith Elaine lxlilllfllf Now we start on the joumq into the cold, cruel world NVANDA L. LOCKE. M.ARG.ARET LoPToN. CHESTER A. LoNG4Cheering Block, kI.C.L.: Physics, Chemistry, Math Clubs. JRR,-XI.DlNl-L LQ,JL'NSBl'RX'fF,T..A. LLLL' M.XE lXfIt:CA1N. KAY lXfII:CAI.Is'I'ER4Soph.. Sr. Councils: Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y. XVANVEL IQEXXFTH XICCAR- IEY, JR.iClOI1CCYI Choir. IAYNNF lXIK,1C.XRRCJLL-"GOOd Neighbors," "Blilhc Spirit." Cheering Block. Stage Door. C-xRI..x -IANIQ lXI4:CR.xx'fHoIior Society. Band. Orcliestra. Concert Choir, U.N, Model :5xSS6'IUlDlY. F.T..-X..xl.C.L.. "lNloocls." FRANKIIN L. fXIc:CRI-EI-1RYfBand. IXIoxA Ii.-XY 114 lN1cFARLANDgCheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, J.C.L., French Club. GEORGE H. MCGONVAN, JR.wHonor Society, Foot- ball. Cheering Block,J.C.L.g Math, M. Clubs. WILLIAM DEXIXYAINE MCGUNEGILL. ROBYN MCMILLIN-HOHOF So- ciety. Quill and Scroll, uMunsonian,,, "Blithe Spirit," Cheering Block, Chemistry, French, Bible Clubs. JERRY lNILIREX'NOLDS+COHCCFt Choir. LARRY MCREYNOLDS- Concert Choir. RIKIHARID E. MCVICIKER-ChCCflHg Block, Engineering Club. JLTDITH ELAINE MANOR-Cheering Block. j.C.L., Bible Club. DANIEL W. MASTERS-Sf. Council, Engineering Club. MICHAEL DAVID MERRILL-Quill and Scroll, "Munson- ian," 'cMagician', Photographer. SUSAN JoAN MICHAELS -Honor Society, Sr. Council, NGood Neighborsfl Cheer- ing Block, Tri-Hi-Y, J.C.L., Stage Door, '4Moods." AR- VILLA MAE MILLER-c'Cood Neighbors," '4Blithe Spirit," Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A., Stage Door, Chemis- try, French, Bible Clubs. JUDITH LOUISE MILLER-HOHOY Society, Quill and Scroll, 'CMunsonian,', 4'Magician,w Girls, State, Cheering Block. LAWRENCE MICHAEL MIL- LER. MARGIE LOUISE MILLER. MARY LoUIsE MILLER -Concert Choir, Soph. Council, F.H.A. MYRTLE MILLER. SHERRY M. MILLER-F.T.A. EARL MILLS -Cross Country, Track, Hi-Y. HARRY L. MILLS. ROW I: Daniel W. Masters, Michael David Merrill, Susan Joan Michaels, Arvilla Mae Miller,Juclith Louise Miller, Lawrence Michael Nliller. ROW2: Margie Louise Miller, Mary Louise Miller, Myrtle Miller, Sher- ry M. Miller, Earl Mills, Harry L. Mills. MARCIA MILLS - Tri- Hi -Y. F. H. A. M .-XRGIE L. MILLS-CODCCTI Choir. SALLY E. iXlOODEH'-HOD- or Society, U. N. M o d el Assembly, Girls' State. 'cCood Neighbors," L'Blithe Spirit," Cheering Block. Tri- Hi-Y, J.C.L., Stage Door, French Club. JEAN NIOODY. K.ATHLEEN LoL'IsE lN'1OOREfHOHOT Society. Quill and Scroll, HMunsonian," HMagician," U.N. lvlodel Assem- bly, Cirlsl State, Youth Forum, Cheering Block, Tri-Hi- Y, J.C.L. KATHLEEN KELLY MooRE. PAULINE SUE MooRE-'4Munsonian," Concert Choir. MICHAEL D.ALE MORG.AX-ChCTDlSfTy', Spanish Clubs. JAMES L. lX1ORT- Soph. Council. JANITH DIIANNE MY'ERS-COHCCFI Choir. LOIS ANN NEW-entered from New Lisbon High School. MARIANNE NEWNIAN-ChCCflHg Block,J.C.L., D.F,. Club. ROW3: Marcia Mills, Margie L. Mills, Sally E. Moodey, Jean Moody. Kathleen Louise lN1oore, Kathleen Kelly Moore. ROW 4: Pauline Sue Moore, Michael Dale Morgan, James L. Mort, Janith Dianne Myers, Lois Ann New, Marianne Newman. I - -ic gr- i5 rr 'YN QJ J , 4 . 1 Y . WMV f no' 14" ? x"7 HHH' lf Peggy Kay Nickols, Ycrnzi Suv Noble. Glenn K. Nocluludith lieu' Norton,Slmrnl1 .Knit Oliver, Sheila -Iam' Olsen. It'Ol1'Q'.' llclvm- Orr. Peggy lliainc Uwcn. Dani:-l Stcllbn Oylcr, Cliarlcs wx Qi 'CU' X if--Q WP' 'TIS' 'W' W 'Q .R .uf W v"' 14' Paclclock.,jc-zinm' l'an1crl1-ani, Mzirilyn l'ztrclict'k. RUI1' 'ff Tom Pzirkison, Belly R. Parton, llclh Ann l'11rvis, Kay llcc l'uym', 'lihomas Petlin, S2l.lll'lCll'il Pcrligo. IFS been cz long madfrom the ZUZJZZQOP days to the Prom PEGGY K.-xv NICIKOLS-COHCCFI Choir, Cheering Block, French Club, "lXfIoods." XFERNA SUE NOBLE. GLENN K. NOEL- -Concert Choir, Jr. Council, "Blithe Spirit." Swimming. Cheering Block. JLIDITH Km' NORTON- Soph. Council. Youth Forum. Cheering Block."lXIoods." SH.-TRON XXNN OI.lX'IiRfHOUOf Society. Quill and Scroll, "lXIunsOnian," Sr. Council, Cheering Block. Tri-l-li-Y. Spanish Club. Senior Treasurer. "Moods," SHEIL.-X J.xxE Orsi-ix-Cheering Block Leader, Tri-Hi-Y. Senior Secre- tarv. "lNIoods"g Math. French Clubs. DELENL' ORR-D. E. Club. Pi-itztsx' DIANE Owl-1N+"Blithe Spirit." Stage Door. "Moods," llxxiiit S'l'l-ll-'l-SPX OY1.i-QR--Honor Soci- 116 j.C.L.g Math, French Clubs. TOM PARKISON-Band ety, "Magician,,, Ind. Student Leg. Assembly, Sr. Coun- cil, Football, Track, Youth Forum, Book Guild, Hi-Y, NI, Club. CHARLES PADDOCZKiGOlf, Cheering Block, Hi-Y. JEANNE PAMERLEAU-entered from Berkley, Mich- igan. lVI.-XRILYN PARDIEcKfCheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, Orchestra, Concert Choir, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, F.T.Ai BETTY R. PARTON-Cheering Block. BETH ANN PARVIS -Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, 'cMoOds." KM' DEE PAYNE. THOMAS PEDIN. SAUNDRA PEDIGOH Concert Choir, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A. llisvlg EDGAR PEMBERTON. SUE PENCE+HOHOf Society, Soph., Jr., Sr. Councils, Youth Forum, Cheering Block, Tri- Hi-Y, J.C.L., French Club. DANNA PENRoDaJr. Council, Cheering Block. GILBERT O. PETERs. MICH.AEL PFLEEGER-Cheering Block. JOHN PHILLIPs-dSwim- ming, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, J.C.L. PAUL POST-ChCCT- ing Block, Hi-Y. BARBARA ANN PRICE+HOHOf Society, c'Good Neighborsfl uBlithe Spirit," Cheering Block, J.C.L., Stage Door, Math Club, c'Moods." VERNON QUINTON-Jr. Council, Football, Wrestling, French Club. PHYLLIS E. SOWERS RABENSTEIN+CHfCfCd from New Castle High School. DONNA JAYNE RACER-JY., Sr. Councils. NANCY RAHE-HOHOF Society, Tri-Hi-Y, ROW I: Edgar Pemberton, Sue Pence, Danna Penrod, Gilbert O Peters, Michael Pfleeger, John Phillips. ROW 2: Paul Post, Barbara Ann Price, Vernon Quinton, Phyllis E. Sowers Rabenstein, Donna Jayne Rager, Nancy Rahe. J' faq iw? V96 Knife-Q 'Mft hh... ar? N . J.C.L. NYIRGINIA RAINEY-F.H.A.. JERRY REED-Con- cert Choir, Cheering Block. .ALAN FLOYD REESE4-TFRCR. Swimming. Cheering Block. J.C.L, GENALDA REEsE. LLICRETIA RENCH-Cheering Block,Tri-Hi-Y. CELESTINE REYNOLDS. PATRICIA ANN REX'NOIDS-COHCCFY Choir, Cheering Block. lv.-XNCY RIC1HNI.AN. RONALD LEON RITCI-IIEaJr. Council, Cheering Block. Hi-Y. Engineer- ing Club, DONNA RoBERTs. GEORGE RoEERTs-Soph.. Jr., Sr. Councils, Sports Manager. Cheering Block. Hi-Y. Engineering Club. TOBY KEITH ROBERTS-HOHOY So- ciety, l4Magician,'i Concert Choir, Sr. Council. Tennis, Cheering Block, Hi-Y. 'LMoods." ROW 3: Virginia Rainey, Jerry Reed. Alan Floyd Reese, Genaldu Reese Lucretia Rench, Celestine Reynolds. ROW4: Patricia Ann Reynolds, Nancy Richman. Ronald Leon Ritchie. Donna Roberts, George Roberts, Toby Keith Roberts. 'lu- M7' .N nv' Anas ,fm N15 if q-5-...f if '-if 'fain 75'- X 1 'i Q A., - .IA V ' - 3--"' j f 9 1 ,W W Va- f t-4 .1 19's . L I4 Q at- A ff' 'fx vf "R tg ,J Z" 'Q-.1 1' 'Tlx' i' E - li- t lftlll' lfxloycc Axim- Robertson. l,ois Rolwrtsoii, Bettis Pillllllll' Robert- Norma Russell, 'llliomzts K. Sasser. son. -laui Robinson. Aim l.t't' l'lOCllil'I'I, Linda Rolf, RO W 'is lflulziry Stcplitfii Suwitrki, Nancy Kay Sclitirk, Stella Sells, Wil- RUIVQ: Tom Rosvhzirl, David Routh, Ted T. Routli, .john A. Ruclv. liam Serin, llvziniizi Matrix- Sll21lltTI',KllIll Shaw. There will never again he times like those we have ha JOYCE .ANN ROBERTSON-Tri-Hi-Y. Lois ROBER1"SON- Concert Choir, BETTIS PAVLINE ROBERTSON. JAN ROB- lNSON4B2lI1ClQ Soph., Jr., Sr. Councils: Track. Cheeririg Block, "Moods," ANN LEE ROETKEN-"GOOd Neigh- bors." Cheering Block. Tri-Hi-Y. J.C.L.. Stage Door: French. Art Clubsg "lXloOds." LINDA ROLI-vHo1Ior SO- ciety, Quill and Scroll. NlNILlIlSOIll2lIl.-E Cheering Block, Tri-l'li-Y.J.C.L.3 Physics. Chemistry Clubs. TOM RosE- li.-XR'l'fAc3I'Cl1CSlI'll. D XVIII ROIATII- --Honor Society. Band. Cross Country. Truck. Sxviiuiiiiiig. Bzisclmll. Cheering Block. lf'.'If.-X,,J.C.I-.. hi. Club. I-lil-111 RtJl'lH4Clllt'C'I'lI1Q 118 Block, Hi-Y. JOHN A. RUDE-Engineering Club. NOR- MA RLlSSELLTChCCflHg Block, Tri-Hi-Y. THOMAS K. S.-xssER-Band, Orchestra. HALARY STEPHEN SAWICKI- Honor Society, Jr. Council. Football, Cheering Block, Niath Club. NANCX' KAY SCI-IUOK-Honor Society, U.N. Model Assembly, Youth Forum, Girls, State, Book Guild, Cheeririg Block, Tri-Hi-Y, J.C.L.g Physics, Math Clubs. STELLA SELLS-F.H.A. WILLIAM SENN-Band, Orches- tra, Hi-Y, '4MOods.7' DEANNA M,ARIE SI-IAEEER-Band, Orchestra, j.C.L. JIM SHAW-entered from Royerton High School. SHIRLEY ANN SHAW-entered from Burt High School. VIRGINIA C. SHAW-ChCCTiHg Block, J.C.L., Physics Club. WILLIAM CHARLES SHERXVOOD. CHARLES ROBERT SHOCKLEY-Cheering Block. ANNA SHIjTTLEW'ORTH- Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y. TOBY SUZANNE SILVERBIQRG -c4Munsonian,', Girls' State, Soph. Council, Cheering Block, Spanish Club. JERRY SIMMONS. THOMAS WIL- LIAM SIMMONS-CFOSS Country, Track, Hi-Y, j.C.L., Cheering Block, Math Club. RONNIE SIPE-Cheering Block, Basketball, Track. CALVIN SPENCER SIZELOVE. BETTY JEAN SKAGGS-HGood Neighborsf' HBlithe Spiritf, Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, J.C.L., Stage Door. TIMOTHY ROW If Shirley Ann Shaw, Virginia C. Shaw, William Charles Sherwood, Charles Robert Shockley, Anna Shuttleworth, Toby Suzanne Silverburg. ROW2: Jerry Simmons, Thomas William Simmons, Ronnie Sipe, Cal- vin Spencer Sizelove, Betty Jean Skaggs, Timothy M. Small. M. SMALLAHOnor Society. Golf. Cheering Block: Math, Chemistry Clubs. CONSTAXCE SLE SNIITHfChCCFiDg Block, Bible Club, El-LA. 0RX'ILLE H.AROLD SMITH. Jr. PP-.TTI SMITH. RONNIE E. SNIITHYCOHCCYI Choir. XYIL- LIANI L. SNIITH4CODCCfI Choir. SANDRA KAY SNOD- GR.-xss. Ii.-XREN SNYDER!Band, "NIunsonian." "Good Neighborsfl '4Blithe Spirit," Stage Door. RONALD GLENN SPOONMORE-Football, Track, Wfrestling, Cheering Block. M. Club. LARRY STAcRHOL'sE-Band, Cheering Block. Hi-Y, Engineering Club. ELIZABETH A. STAFFORD. LAR- RY STANFORD-Soph. Council, Baseball. JAMES STARIQEY. ROW3: Constance Sue Smith, Orville Harold Smith, Jr., Patti Smith. Ronnie E. Smith, W'illiam L. Smith. Sandra Kay Snodgrass. ROW 4: Karen Snyder, Ronald Glenn Spoonmore. Larry Stackhouse. Elizabeth A. Stafford, Larry Stanford, james Starkey. T ll li S ' L- YA -I I -IU! RUN' l.' liinory L. Starks, David Lee Steckman. CIl1zn'l4's Stevens, Sarah li. 'lll'I'l'Y,.12'lllll'l' Carol Tliurp, liztrlmeirzt-lo Thonipson. lillvn Stevens, lidwin O. Stewart, Thomas li, Stewart. lfUl1'.'J'.'U. l"rf-cl'l'honllasolmlolillCiiTlmllllmsori, Kurt-nRan1S1'yThomlisfm, HOIVBJ Betty Ann Stine, James H. Stockc-tt, Kathleen Stockton, Jackie Phillip liugc-nv Thompson, Ronald lJ.'l'hoinpson, Ronald W.'l'hompson. There will never bef1fz'ena'5hzj9s like those we have had EMORY L. ST.ARKS-CFOSS Country, Track, Baseball, Hi- Y, Bible Club. DAVID LEE STEORMAN-Honor Society, Soph. Council, Golf, Youth Forum, Book Guild, Cheer- ing Block, Hi-Y. J.C.L.g Physics, lNfIath Clubs. CH.ARLES S'I'l-QVENS-CTl'lCCFlIlg Block. SARAH ELLEN STEVENS- F.l-I.A.. J.C.L., Chemistry Club. Eowlx O. STEXN'ARTf "Good Neighbors." "Blithe Spirit." Swimming. THOMAS E. STEWART. Bl-QTTY .ANN STIXE4-Bdlld. Orchestra, F.H.A. JAMES H. S'1'Oc:RE'1"1'. TiA'I'HI.1iEN STUCZKTON- 120 "Munsonian,', entered from Royerton. JACKIE E. TERRY. JANICE CAROL THARP-Concert Choir, Bible Club, "MOods.'l BARBARA THOMPSON-CDtCTCd from Harri- son Twp. G. FRED THOMPSON. JOHN C. THOMPSON- J.C.L., U.N. Model Assembly. KAREN RAMSEY THOMP- SON-entered from Mesa, Arizona, High School. PHILLIP EUGENE THOMPSON. RONALD D. THOMPSON-CTOSS Country, Track. RONALD W. THOMPSON - Band, Orchestra. ARLENE THORNELL-JT. Council, Cheering Block, Tri- Hi-Y, J.C.L., 4'Moods.,' CATHERINE THROWER. JOHN TINSLEY-Football, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, Physics Club. MARY ELLA TODAR-Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, J.C.L. BARBARA ANN TOSH-Jr. Council, Cheering Block, Tri- Hi-Y, J.C.L. VADA BELLE TowLEs-Cheering Block, F.H.A. KRISTINA S. TOWNSEND. SHERRY JEAN TRAPP- Concert Choir, Soph., Jr., Sr. Councils, Cheering Block. LARRY DAWSON TRESTER-Sf. Council, Cheering Block, Math Club. JEANNE DARLENE TROUTNER-Honor Soci- ety, Girls' State, Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, entered from Indianapolis Shortridge High School. JO ANN TURNER -Concert Choir, Soph., Sr. Councils, Cheering Block, F.H.A., Art Club. JOYCE ELAINE TUTTLE-ST. Council, "Blithe Spirit," Cheering Block, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A., Stage ROW I: Arlene Thornell, Catherine Thrower, John Tinsley, Mary Ella Todar, Barbara Ann Tosh, Vada Belle Towles. ROW 2: Kristina S. Townsend, Sherry Jean Trapp, Larry Dawson Trester, Jeanne Darlene Troutner, Jo Ann Turner, Joyce Elaine Tuttle. Door, MMoods." GEORGIA ULLMAN-Cheering Block. French Club. AIARILYN Ii.-XY ULRFX'-HOHOF Society. Cheering Block, Spanish Club. lxfi.-RRY JO XJANDERBURG -Band, Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A., F.H.A., Chemistry Club. JOYCE E. VANDEX'ENDER4ChCCflUg Block, ETA. JERRY VAN MATRE-Basketball, Track, Cheering Block, J.C.L., M. Club. MIKE VAN MATRE-entered from Royerton High School. VAUGHN WCAUGHN. JOHN DEAL VVAGONER -Honor Society, U.N. Model Assembly. Sr. Council. Cheering Block, J.C.L., Math Club, entered from Roy- erton High School. WOODY DEAN WANTZ4HODOf SO- ciety, Cheering Block, J.C.L., Physics, Math Clubs: "Moods.,' JUDITH ANN WARNER. WILLIAM H. XV.-XRNER -Cheering Block. RAMONA WARREN-Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A. ROIV3: Georgia Ullman, Marilyn Kay Ulrey, Mary Jo Ynnderburq. Joyce E. Vanclevender, Jerry Van Matre, Mike Yan Matre. ROW 4: Vaughn Vaughn, John Deal Wagoner. Woody Dean WVantz, Judith Ann WVarner, William H. Warner, Romona W'arren. --u1 - I I QI ' ll KOH' I: Mildred VVz1tters, Michael Wehlage, Michael Welty, Waneta Whittcd, Philip R. Whybrew, Fred Wiggins. Joyce Wcrtz, Gary Dale X'Vlll'ClCl', Carol Whetsell, RUW .35 Stanley B. Wilkins, Wendell L. Wilkinson, Joann Williams, RUl1'L'.' Everett R. Wlhicker, Jeanne Whiteomb, Joe Whiteman, Byron Michael H. Williams, Judith Louise Wilson, Wayne Winkle. There z'sn'1f fszlghs the faeulzfyj another class like us! MILDRED WATTERS-Concert Choir, entered from Pine Knot, Iientucky. MICHAEL S. WEHLAGE-Honor Socie- ty, Ind. Student Leg. Assembly, Soph., Jr., Sr. Councils, Youth Forum, Book Guild, Cheering Block. lN1ICHAEL WELTY. WANETA JOYCE WERTZ-Honor Society, "Mun- sonianf' Girls, State, J.C.L., Chemistry Club. cg.-XRY DALE XVHEELER-SOPl'1., Jr. Councils: Hi-Y. Cl.-XROL VVHETSELL. EVERETT R. XVHICKER. JEANNE XVHITCOMB -Quill and Scroll, "Munsonian," Cheering Block. Tri- Hi-Yg French, Art Clubs. JOE XVHITEMAN-Cheering 122 Block, Hi-Y, Physics, Engineering Clubs. BYRON WHIT- TED. PHILIP R. WHYBREW. FRED WIGGINSLBOYS, State, Football, Track, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, Math, Engineer- ing, Physics Clubs, Soph., Jr., Sr. Class President. STAN- LEY B. WILKINS--Cheering Block, Chemistry Club VVENDELL L.WILKINsON-Band, Orchestra. JOANN WIL- LIAMS-COHCCFI Choir, F.H.A., Y-Teens. MICHAEL E W1LL1AIvIswSwimmir1g. JUDITH LOUISE WILSON-F.H.A. WAYNE WINKLE. lb vhs.-V 'NO-1 WILLIAM L. WINNER. SUE WOLBACH fHUNTJ-ChCCflHg Block, Tri-Hi-Y. LACOMAS WOLFE-COHCCFI Choir. MORRIS WAGNER WOMACKP-Chemistry Club. DON WOOD. LARRY A. WOOD-HOHOY Society, Baseball, Cheering Block, Hi-Y, J.C.L., Physics, Math Clubs, "Moodsf' GARY WOOLs-Cheering Block, Physics, Chemistry Clubs. ORA B. WOOLUMS-M. Club, Mana- ger. JAMES JAY WORKMAN--Cross Country, Track. ROW I: William L. Winner, Sue Wolbach fHuntj, Lacomas Wolfe, Morris Wagner Womack, Don Wood, Larry A. Wood. ROW 2: Gary Wools, Ora B. Woolums, James Jay Workman, Jerry Lee JERRY LEE XVORRNIAN-Cross Country, Track. ELIZA- BETI-I .ANN XVYRAY-HOHOF Society, Concert Choir, Cheering Block, F.T.A., F.H.A.g Math, French Clubs. GARY WULFF-CTOSS Country, Track, Cheering Block. J.C.L., M. Club. BEVERLY SUE WYANT-D.E. Club. LEON S. YODER. JANICE ZEARBAUGH. RICHARD D. ZE BELLE-Concert Choir. LOIS ZIMMERMAN. SANDRA KAY MYERS-Band, 'CMoodsf' Workman, Elizabeth Ann W'ray, Gary Wulflf ROW 3: Beverly Sue Wyant, Leon S. Yoder, Janice Zearbaugh, Richard D. Ze Belle, Lois Zimmerman, Sandra Kay Myers. ls my wu- '45 1:3 -' -' 'H-1 Z1 3 fr- av' :Q ti S ,I ,,, ,vu 41" 4. ......, F9 ,,...,f 'Z ,V 'Ev 123 Senior 'Brainsa The students on the left are members of the senior honor list. To be qualified for it, one must maintain a 3.4 average in grades. Each year from the time they are sophomores, the honor students are given a banquet by one ofthe local luncheon groups. RO W I: Joan Altherr, Marilyn Boyle, Katherine Garson, Betty Lou Gasehjohn Chase. ROW 2: Alice Goons, Ronald Crouse, Donald Demas, Ronald Demas, Diane Druck. ROW3: Phyllis Findlcy, Carolyn Green, Richard Gross, June Haney, Garry Hanson. ROW 4: Leonard Hasse, Larry Helms, Kent Howard, Mary Kay Huffman, Sandra Lee Jones. ROW 5: janet Kimbrough, Carla McCray, George McGowan, Sarah Moodey, Daniel Oyler. ROW 6: Carolyn Pence, Barbara Price, Nancy Shuck, Dave Steck- man, Larry Trester. ROW 7: Jeanne Troutner, Mari- lyn Ulrey, J o h n Wagoner Woody Wantz, Ramona Warren. 7 ROW 8: Michael Wehlage, Wan- eta Wertz, Sue Ann Wolbach, Larry Wood, Elizabeth Wray. Welre Proud of Their Successes Central students have traditionally brought home top honors in many fields of inter-school competition. Known throughout the state as a Hwinningw school, each year outstanding Central students acquire more honors for us Bearcats to be proud of. Central had three winners in the 1958 Fire Prevention Poster Contest: SUSAN DURHAM,jir5t place MARY ALFONT, second place LINDA WISE, third place Many first division honors were awarded Cen- tral participants in the State Solo and Ensemble Contests: INSTRUMENTAL SOLOISTS: LADONNA COLE PHIL COOLEY CARLA MOCRAY KENT MITC1IiEI.L FLUTE TRIO NANCY SATTERFIELD CHARLOTTE EWING BILLIE HUMMER FLUTE QUARTETTE JANELLE COONS JUDY BOswELL LADONNA COLE CHARLOTTE EWING SAXOPHONE QUARTETTE CARLA MOCRAY DAVID GIBSON DAVID DENNIS PHIL STEWART Four students in the Regional Latin Contest won firsts in their respective divisions. They were: ANNA WILSON GARY BANEY ELIZABETH FELLERHOFF JOHN THOMPSON Four geometry pupils won the right to partici- pate in the state contest by placing in the state's upper 29 percent in the regional: XYALERIF kXCIKIiRI.,'XND H.-XRRX' C.-xR'I'wRIUH'I ZON OXVEN PHIL FFOXVNSENID Four students in Distributive Education this year won awards in State competition in the series of varied contests over business techniques: DELEXE ORR.jif,vf JKDITH KRIANIER, seeanfl LAVONNE BELL, serfmfl CEORGE CAVPP. llvfwl .ANNA WILsON.junior, ranked tenth of 2.283 students in a typing proficiency test. 125 ta 2-get -.ibn , 1 .e . I ' 1, . . ,. 1:'ff,,. 5 .!. 37 ff I L 4 ,fi SENIOR OFls'ICERS-r.S'z'nlffIj Jane Olsen, secretary: Fred W'iggins, president, Sherry Oliver, treasurer, Donnie Demas, vice-president. SPONSORS-fS1amz'1'11,qj Mr. Wm, Langdon, chairman, Mrs. l.ucileHollis.social1 Mr. Wiinfred XVagoner, financial. Xp! UNIOR OFFICERS-fSz'11If'fI'l Bernard Anderson, vice-president, Don Van Dyke president, Janet Moore, treasurer, Jill Hartley, secretary. SPONSORS fSfl1V1fI'l'71AQVl lVIr. Byron W'right, financial, Miss Joan McTur- nan, soeial1 Mr. Nialeolm Julian, chairman. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS-1Smtedl Mary Jane Current, secretary, Jerry Daniel, chairman: Dixie Luellen, treasurer. SPONSORSffStana'1'rzgj Mr. Harold D. Rein oelil, chairman, Miss Ann Brinson, social, Mr. Charles lN1arcus, tinancial. if R . ,, . f-sn L!! 1 .ll r I ' ,fix x I Senior Rulers SENIOR COUNCIL Findley, Olsen, S. Oliver. Crall. Graham, F. Wiggins, L. Adams. Junior Heads JUNIOR COUNCIL ROW l.'J. Kcppler, Moore, B. Briggs, S. Voisard,J. Hartley,J Morrow, P. Dugan, P. Girdley, N. Ayers, M. Terry,J. Cain ROW2: J. Wooten, M. Alfont, R. Davis, D. Van Dyke, B. Ander- son, S. Durham, K. Stevenson, D. Huffman, C. Burton, S. Hag- gard, B. Melnik, Yates. ROW3: P. Taylor, T. Graham, D. Hofheinz, D. Waters, R. Miller G. Hurst, L. Neata, M. Collins, G. Replogle, D. Mitchell, Hersh- man, M. Walsh. oph. hiefs SOPHOMORE COUNCIL ROW 1: L. Main, N. Wright, E. Baker, M. Ray, Current, S. Keppler, M. Duke, P. Haines, C. Seagrave, P. Deere. ROW 2: B. Guffey, C. Doolittle, S. Van Arsdol, S. Adams, B. Evans, D. Luellen, C. Blocher, J. Epperson, S. Dawson, L. Howard. ROW3: J. Cunnington, D. Davidson, J. Allen, J. Con- rad, Eicher, R. Dick, Boggs, D. Miller, J. Chan. ROW 4: Z. Wilson, M. Hirons, G. Baney, A. Schreiber ance, B. Cames, E. Morrow. ROW 1: S. Michaels, Tuttle, Turner, S. Pence, K. Leitshuh, B. Jenkinson, K. MeCalister, Altherr, P. ROW2:J. Cooper, M. Wehlage, R. Demas, D. Bryan, T. Roberts, Hunt, Ancil, D. Demas, Jones, D. ROW 3: D. Benson, D. Oyler, Robinson, Wagoner, W. Gray, Broadwater, M. Clevenger, K. Howard, B. M. Bump, J. Daniels, P. Baldridge, G. Schad, L. Lori Gm ' I i XJ I 2 A ..j' JUNIORS -4 Rflll' l. liillx .Xclariix Klart .Xll'r1nt.YN'illi.11ii.Xllunt.l,hxllix.Xll- 5 ' 7, X I . e recl. Bill .Xiixlmltr l'reida .Xinox Bernarel .Xnclersrmn. .laniee .Xn- -.0 W 'A C' - -.9 S 6- t W CliTNUll. .lim .XIlflK'I'NUIl, Rainona ,X11krrmni. l,arrx' .Xrlboqask uf? A 'W gf- 'M L "' flarrilxn .XITIXNIITJIILL lint .XiinxtrtvnQ. Xliehael .Xshlt'x. Nanu : 1 t ' I . F ,Xx't'rs. Cflaticlia Bahlxit. l.arrx liiiclclww. lane Bailey David l'.r',L ij! L X5 i E Bal-ter. Helen Baker, l I ll ll ll L X " L' B X , W R011 J: ilaines Banks. Ramona Barlow. Everett Barnard. Roy by Q Cx -' A A 6 Barnes. Steve Barnett. Sandra Barnheart. Barbara Barton. 5 5 .vw . ve GX ,X Karen Barton. Mart Bartnn.lIuhn Karl Bayinan.xIerry Bax- T Q, gl 'L' X Y' 'v' ter. Betty Beeslev. David A. Bell. Phyllis Bell. Chiqueta .X All Q new A-, . ' V Btwieflirt. Carnal lean Bennett. ltidith Bennett. Linda Lou Ben- , -N ', , - - . lp-. XT. X W , .mf nett. lxt-nneth Berry, Jesse Blankenship. ' RUI1' 'if lVlart .Ivan Blafier. Hollis Blevins. Sharon Bowen. Bar- V .A L 8. 5-1 -3 hara Buoher. Gracie Bolton. lVIartha Borror. Judi Boswell. Bill B' .5 ' 1 llmlv. flamlyn Brac-ken. Philip Bradburn. Elizabeth Brammer. Us 'M Q - 'lg' Marilyn Brand, .Xlhvrta Branson, Barbara Bratton. l.yn Bren- f N L- L. , iivr, Sliirlc-3' Brewer, .lean Bonnie Briggs, Larry Broekelslly. l A 1 SP3 lui V . Bula limylvs, Paul Brugan, ' '--Y lv "ill X x lCUH7l.' Peggy Bruoks, Phillip Bruwn, XYilltitigl1hy Brown, lNlary I , N ,as r litivliaiiaii. Cleric-vit'xv Buck. tlank Burk, Stuart Buelunaster, " " " A Q V Gp f Y' mv: l3arrt'll Btiis, Brtim' litirkell. ,l2ll'Ill' Btirks. RUB' Burlis. livan "CSB 3, qw .33 ' I' Btiinxxurth, Clarulyn Btirtuii. Saiiclra litirton. l,t-na lltisliultitlt' , t J 5 Cain. llanvt flainpln-ll, l,arry Clainpht-ll. 'l'hciinas fl2ll'I'X. Mari- l 1 anna' flariiiirliarl, X X l l The zn-between year 0 longer greenlbeas . . . 17 , ig H756 7, "ics K A G' C' '. fra K c X L- B 24 4: L' i ' Cb 'gi .I ' it -:il Et 1 B S ' xx ' ,Q A -la. ' I- H Y - , R ' K 5 t gf' bmw- EQ l J' i ni' , l Q 8 L-'Ti b ' Q ,u cf. , A: .Q Q N 5 . 'Lx fl tl. 4 .A.f- big- . .5 V ..-- 'Q ' "' U. t w -'fl 1.21 " '- , - -- A- , - - 1- - D ,X 4. 'T 1 , "' ' l' '-kit .i 'X I ' Q , ' - , el. tx .A . N AN tx Nt km 'Q I.. N 24 3 'H 34 rm. 44 .3-Inf ir -Q 9 In - '- - it e t N B cv - - .r-.' ff ' -4 ' l 5' 6 ' - ' 'f -' R, B 4. .f , f .RFK -1- lx t I- l Q.. A L L 'K x t' IQQHRL lp , x 'txt i 1 Xl 1 h Q 9 Q' ' it Q? 1' ll ft - S ffl -, X ... L A 7 ", X t. . at -' fjtqx 5 I ' 15' , s. 'Y '. 't S .2 .. 1 f q - L l 4.1 ,057 .Brac .. , ,S 554 'Ne W J we. -z Z' 1 ,. L' :vt I :- ix 1 .5T. f ,.hfL V s , h ' - Y g: 1 k. Y l N in A l I g f ls- fi X - X , r .-Ei ez-1.2 N Q fm vial A. xt , ll ,Q -J 0 A 'V K , . 'PW ' i ' B . Af jx G- c- f: 2. I-N 6 4 Q i X l lf f I - J! 'ix Q if - 2 -V X-.1 .1 1, sf l 57 ' , -3- -? A ' ' S' ' F 'E' ' 'T ' K ,S 4 f i it l :re tt X s X 5 il 128 'L V fd A Q' - G, 6 ,A g J ci A .3 g, x F 6 . of Y" -'Tv it S. J. .2-X is 'sf '2' ' 'e - f ii 's . ' ' mu Aa. . d e -C , ,g 9'-. iv '20, 'N-11:1 4 A ny -fa. cf-' if -A 3, :fa ,J -2 --- gg 1 gf 1 :T S: Q sg I 3 .M , . ' the 'Z "" J ' ' ' S X . I A A " ' ' x l 'H N l Vex' X 1 lx ilk 1 X it V ig' 'K .. 4: it "' i 1. " 9' 4 "1 4 , 'X 21 sid-" ff 'if " L' s .i. U Q2 . .. w , eff i , Q39 -:C-' I ""' vf - - ' 'en f -, f . . L' ' We K- 'A Q., 2 I Q - 5 :biz i ' -ff vliibn. '.'1f1 'i " I S If t ,Q X, . Y M as. 7 I v A N ,N V' S. cv Q X ' 'F' ' -SQ? 13' ' . A- in gf ,, ,5 .. 5 f 1' , ' " . o , 'M "J g f r 'Y X 'R - X f it i- it P i 2 xii iii A 11 . .. ' .I U N I O R S J go- . , 'zu A 'Ll at 1 'S .R 1' c ROW I: Carol Carnahan, Clarence Carter. Larry Carothers. . -N UQ 'F' 'T' 3.2" Sue Car enter, ack Case, Phil Cates, ames Cecil, Richard - , ,M 1 P V A ff ,s NV , ' ' Cheney, Gary Choate, Bill Church, Don Clark, Frieda Clark, it all 1 1 -- K F Judy Kay Clark, Katy Clark, Larry Clark, Ray Clark, Wfanda 7 - i l Clark, Gary Clevenger, Ruthie Clevenger, lyluriel Coatie. in f' lu" nb' , L? ,Fri ROW 2: Diana Cobble, David Coffman, Gerald Cole, James Q g 'fi " Cole, Michael E. Collins, lylike NN. Collins, Patty Collins,Jack Q ' 1 , ' ,ff -Q Conn, Leslie Conner, Timothy Cook, Phil Cooley, Linda Coon, 'X:??igS., 1 , M, -.X n K T' X ' Gary Cooper, Duane Cougill, Mike Coulson, Tom Covington, 1 "i5'lPi'1-if-51 ' ' 3 l' Karen Cowgill. Jim Cox. Robert Crabtree, Janice Craig. lv' 'Q FF' A Y -.1 v , ROW.3.'Jayne Crist, Ocie Criswell, Bing Crosby, Al Crouch, .34 ' T' Q T. ' W V' Bette Crow, Norman Crow, Carolyn Crownover, Pearley Cun- fi-. If ningham, David Cutshall, Margo Dailey, Betty Dalton, Dan X Dalton, Rosemary Dargo, Nlaxine Daugherty, Pat Davis, Ruthie X ' ' ' 'l - ' ' ' Davis, William Davis, Don Davison,Jeanie Deal, Bob Decker. 'er- . ROVV4: Darrel Dennis, Harold Denton, Mike DeVault, Ruth 'A ' . 9' - S Dibble, Ambernita Dinwiddie, Gwendolyn Dollison, Thomas N "" W Donagan, Richard Douglass. Tobie Douglass, Barbara Dowl- . F w Simi, ing, Joyce Elaine Downey, Bill Drago, Joe Drayer, Sandy 'S 'N Druckemiller, Gale Dubois. Herbert Dudley. Sharon Duffey, ' Phyllis Dugan, Susie Durham. Marilyn Dusing. . A ROW5: oan Marie DuYall, Ronald Dye, Colbert M. Elrod. CN -. - ,JN -. . gg., A f K 'Q .H t..- . we Q, L Jean Emdee, Sharon Enterkin, Ann Ertel, Richard Ertlc, Ralph Q, 'ze ' 'T' A t "' YD! Ervin, VVarren Estes, Jimmie Lee Evans, Charlotte Ewing. Vir- - I .X v X - V Y, - ,,A,' , l' ginia Eytchison. Joe Faris, Nancy Fairfield. Rod Faulkner. Mi- , 1 . W - T ax A chael Leo Fierce, Wallace Finney. Nancy Flannery. Karen .' ' A li-ff'+f Fietehenjim Flick. A ,EA Q ROW 6: Leroy Flick. Linda Flick. Sharon Flon ers. Shelby Ray , -G' S Y sq 2 U 5 Flowers, Frank Foister. Lucinda Foltz. Judith Ford, John Fore- ' , V '53-1' 'F i F 5' man. Nancy Foster. Marlene Fouch. Donna Frazer. Mary .Xlicff , , . i Freed. Michael Freeman. Nanci' Fritz. XYendell Futrc-ll. Melvin 5 . . ' 1 Garrett, Robert Garrett. Sheila Garrett. Richard Gates. Joe Gayheart. 129 .IUNIORS RUN' I: Bob Gentry, Howard Gentry, Tim Getz. Cyril Gibson. Donald Gillentine. Kenneth Gillum. Pam Girdley. Allen Goet- t r 5. 4 ... if " X -vig 4 Q- gf , -- ,xx ' cheus. Kay Goodpaster. Chester D. Goodwin. Gene Gough. 'Ibm l Q " 'A N v- G A Graham, Mary Gray, Richard Nolan Green. Brenda Gregory. X ' , , ' Gail Gribble, Linda Grow. Bill Haas. Nlike Hodson. Rlax X M l ' X Haflner. ROWQJ Sharlene Haggard. Alan Haisley, Carl Hallujune Hall, A C: Q 1 -N R f Kenneth Hall, Eleanor Halstead. Carolin Hammond. lX1ary bt -.. ' S M .. 1:11 Hanna, Linda Harah, Elaine Hardy. Bill Harless. Carolyn ' X r: -f In Harmeyer, Alice Harnish, Beverly Hartley. Jill Hartley. Pat ' A f , Haskett. Jon Hatcher, Billy Hawkins, Karen Hayden. Jemima XX l Hayes. l ' ROWZJ William Hayes, Deanna Haynes, Pam Heldenhrand. - , ., Linda Hellis, Howard Helton, David Heltz, Don Hendrickson, l g., 7: YL N 5' s 8' Laureatha Henry, john Hensley, Kay Hensley. James Har- ff ' 'F' V-L --' '27 if rington, Jack Hershman, Kenny Hewson, Dave Hoagland. 5 - ' Carol Hiatt, Ira Hicks, Rita Higdon. Ghyrel Hill, Donna Hill. X E X y Dorman Hill. " ' RUW4: Philip Himes, Lynn Hines, Carl Hinsey. Bette Hin- I , , -,Q , ., hy, Shaw, Sain Hirst, Gary Hittson, Ronald Hoagland, Herb Hol- L., -ff A' 5 L .5 y 3- ' aclay, Naneie Holhert, llaye Holheinz, William Homrig, Bill Y "' V. Honn,Alu:tnita Hopper, Loren Hopping, ,Indy Hotmire, Mer- ,nr N . xth, 1 X 11 lyn Honk, Jerry Houston, Shirley Howard, Harold Hudson, N l 'Q , li ' Ruth Hudson. S 5 X A N l X li' W ,C If D cz' t P 6 mole or the cz .9 . . ance a our mm a. X 5 F -. ' -:Q .w 1- ' ' '-," ' rl' 1. x 3, gg ' 3- l .Eg N xx l A ' 1 g, . Xe, . , ' . 'E M . Y t . l' X N 'sf j' A x ' 9 I 1 Q 6' 3' : r cy Y ,, ,,, :Y x is -5. ., L ' A - 5 T 2- H hi i ' V -' ' ' SB , I V .3 6 C - , , , . e it - Q ' .- s .et 'SLT 1 1 'ts' 5-F Q 'Z' M' "' 14 M" . . x Q . x ,N y E ' . :gl N 3 t , , - ' - ,X . s ' 1- is 7 l ' 5 P 5 ,I ' ' S' 5, i ga GV Q. ,, 5 " ' , -J -2 f y -3-fl ' :M ' ,Q .. .p I V . , KY 1 h W ri X ,W Q J , Q kit K: 'N . X is Je ki: x I .' - ""' ia :f 1' 5- - cs c y "" cz G v. 'W 'Z' ' ' 5, " 5. ll :M :Q :T ,L : x az! Ji ig. l 0 i l . , Q . X lg , ., ,A m , Q . J it K Y M t . PM .1 Y 5 .N . 'il g- W T : L K g Q 60 0 G. I ' 4 T A .:- ' -1 1 -tru t -y f :z t of if ' M f ' Y' 5', ' 9. ' 'Sf ' if V f N 35 130 ew sz, was 4,2 I ' g Q T Q. N' 3- , J kb vx-v sg. 3 A gi A ' Lv ,,. -,Ty --, J r ,, 'xr - - ---X Q, -: -- HM if I .Qt 4 I I N I 1 E 4 ' J " ' ff'-' 5 2' "'f,"F Q f ' Y ' ' '- 4, J 4- 2, J 1 A Q 5 1: 3 T. Q 6 ' 'Vt g L.. we Y -v A , 'icy "lit 'vii C' i ' ""' td ,.,- V ' .i 4 fi P V - l XX I I l lm t ' .viii . Tru xxl ., 1-it J M .,. A K 2 i ,, 4 , 5 1 4, ,, , 'L' - 4 t at is ff- e te , 4 - et + , -2-J . -.,x X ,iw If . V V Q. -R ,,. V, - i iiizillx -A A :xii xi 5' f l L 25 igf q Q ,S A , ' " Q 'aw 22' .. V 5 'Ll ' 4? Q7 cu JW, 33 .1 fel -1 , V V I 'bv il f W 1' ii T. -I ' - if ' W ' 'i w ff , x ' it sm.. .nt xeif-Xiii 5 1 fe - Worked at our studzks . Bought our rings . I Li i ti J: ln? Ts: ' 1 p . f N - fu, , 84 I fl X ,ti . li X U 5- A 2 F N :bt Tin' i x. . lf, ' ml - I ' .-f it -1: ie- .-1 -f P lil U - " ,L i. i 'N-fl . - N. 'l we 1 -if , .J - A 45, - 4 , in t, P ii If - - -Z-I if-'-r f ex i ' ii it Q OW l SLR all 5 - , , V 3 sg s-X W' :V ' 'S' . ax wa gn, Y'7! g. N, 8, 1 xii- I E it f i X l it V XX i . I. 'v'v . N VJ x " Y LQ' 45,- ., X- X W X - ii ,fr If .IUNIORS ROW 1: Roy Huff, Dana Huffman, Mary Hunt, Greg Hurst, Nancy Hurst, Randy Hutson, Molly Ingram, Betty Irwin, Jimmie Isom, Joe Jackson, Mary Jarnagin, Russe Dewayne Jones, Shirley Jaynes, Clyde Jester, Darlene Johnson, Michael Johnson, Robert L. Johnson, X'Vilma Johnson, Herbert Jones, Judy Jones. ROW 2: Tyrone Jones, Nancy Jordan, Peggy Joslin, Gene Kal- ley, Roosevelt Kates, Gene Kaye, Patsy Keeley, Naiia Keihn, Billy Windell Keith, Jack Kelly. Dana Kelso, Joann Keppler, Bobbie King, Karen King, Mary King, Marcia Kingen, Bob Kingery, Pat Kirkwood, Larry Kirtz, Nancy Knafel. ROW3: Alan Korn, Gail Kuhns, Larry Lake, Margaret Leake, Carolyn Leazenby, Carol Lee, Bill Legg, Judy Leonard, Suzie Leonard, Marti Lewis, Barbara Lindley, Frances Lindsey, Myrna Littell, Judy Lounsbury, Linda Lusby, Gayle McAlis- ter, Larry McCaffrey, Joe Mcflammon, David McCartney, Phillip McCartney. ROW 4: Marie McCarty, Thomas McCarty, Wanda McClana- han, Gary McCreery, Sue McDorman, Judy McKillip, Sharon McKissack, Leah McLaughlin, Merrillyn McNary, Richard Mc- Pherson, Ronald Macken, Judy Mader, VVanda Mannix, Ray- mond Marrical, Jim Marshall, Barbara Martin, Michael Mar- tin, Philip Martin, Pete Marum, Fred Mathews. ROW 5: Joan May, Larry Mead, Barbara lN1elnik, W'illiam Meranda, Kay Ellen Merrick. Sharon Meyer, Charles Michael, Ronald Middleton, Sheila Middleton, Charles Miles, Dan Mil- hollin, Betty Miller, Betty Sue Miller, Linda Miller, Nell Mil- ler, Rex Miller, Molly Milner, Zula Nlinix, David Mitchell, Sally Mitchell, ROW 6: Michael Modesitt, Janet Moore. Shelby Jean Moore, Tom Nlorley, Jackie Morrow, James Morrow, Jim Myers, VVanda Naylor, Larry Neata. Leslie Niccum. Janice Nichols. Gary Nigh, Bob Noble, Doris Nolley. Marvin Norton, Charles OlDell, Jack Oliver, Judy Oliver. Judy Olson, James Crcutt. 131 JUNIORS ICUII' lf l'c'.irlzi Orr. Sm-tra cJI'I'lf'li. ,jam-lle Osborn. Richard Ou-iniyer. Claroly n Palin. tloxvt' Ptilmer. Dorothy Parker. Rob- ert llatterson. Marcia Peekinpaugli. Roberta Penery. A10 Ellen Pc-rsinger, Basille Petty. Robert Phelps. Chuck Pilkington, Brenda Polson, Edna Poore. Karen Powell. Wanda Pratt. Tony Pritchard. Dan Qualkenbush. Roi1'2.- Naney Qiualkinbush. Juanita Quey'edo. Ruth Rahe. Wendell Raines. John Rainey, Joe Rankin, Bonnie Rayxludy Reeder. Sandy Reese. jerry Reeves. Jerry Reffety, Gene Replo- gle, Henry Rhoades, Donna Riehison, Gary Riehman. Alice Ridgeulim Riggleman. Ronald Rigney, Kenneth Riley, Joe Ritter. ROW 'ix David Robbins, Bob Roberts, Clifford Roberts. Norma Robold, Max Robling, Judy Rodecap, Mary Rogers, Jackie Romack. Anna Rooney, Ronald Rude, Rebecca Russell,-Judy Sailers, Gaylon Sandefur, Georgia Sanders, Kent Sanders. l'u'ur'e Satterlield, Larry Schuyler, Janet Sehwer. Shirley Sehwyn, Louis Scohy. RU W 4: Gala: Scott, Lavon Scott, Glenn Seroggins, Steve Sr-ibvr, Ann Sells, Keith Sellsmjoseph Serrauloyee Shafer. Mar- ilyn Shailk-r, -ludith Shaw, Betty Sheffield. Don Sherwood, Donald Shoemaker, Joan Shuttleworth, Larry Shuttleworth, Gary Sirnnions,41oseph Simmons, Larry Simmons, Julia Sims. Mike Sipe. Elected our 0 can . Q -.L - ,g 4- ' 2. i -s , Z1 ri I N - , I ' ll it X 1 W , N ,T " 5 6 ' l ln - Q45 :R - 5 . ' ,- sv , , . , , K f t'f.L3'i I'i, w lk! Y-3- my 1 X 9.95 If- f-3 kwvi - , ' S :aw ,tg R w :. y U' 9 e Q y ' 1 ' itvu' 1 , A t i ' 'N 1 x A ix NH X and held 0119672 House V 3 A " - Q - Q- Q Q C 44 ' gr. L.. " ff ., -Sy 3-, 3. ,L ,f:.- "' vi V , I xx -L ' ' xxx Xml? K - :ai ' " if J :. : fi , inn 'R' six Si is G -I S: :L :li by S ' in 'A' ' ' V ' is ' . ' , ' ' X X Vi " A ' 'N Y V 7 xii r. W' E ti - L Q . -Axle t at t 3 J ' VI... QT-jf ly g V, Q ,I -N st 5, " 0' may " ff " w N-1 ,Ty ' tg- Y 3' ' " in" ' A ' i x 1 I X fx A. i R lt ' 1 1 4, 'e A Q 1: W at 'QW if D. 1 if az- .f at M S- Q .. .: V - I- " W ' -" L 3. -if -f is V, it . 's3i!"13k? l ' , AWARE tnaax 'K V W . .4 C -4 in 2 -ig, Jus. -'31 B 3 4' Z2 A5 , 424- LI' xx fig "' ' 3:4 f wa wi ' - f- 1: - ' Y' L- .- I , 5 r ,r l 1: 1 -: -2' yfr ' Eh ' L 7 ' jf" . ' A , I ill R Y C5 N ., Fl. t t 1 ii A-Jw Xl ' I J' X ,N 'N-Q ix ff, ,X 132 . V , ., . 'V f A, , I ,Y ' ' C 'J Q ef , A, ft" i -' . 'M ' ' 5 , if , .1 J-ii -sw i E15 3,7 we I :Q - ge 5 N ' , 0 V 5, , ' W I" X S' Xl Y 'fjlf 4, ' t 5 L-hui f i' X 5 l. if- ' K t .. i " -' f K , A ' . - ,. X :T f . , 3: 9' 4' , 4 X , I il AJ 1- v- I , , , '34, S wg. , ..., , 5 l "M + jf, L 5, 5' gn. ' zz , rf i 3 : fa 1 -ct -,f 'f , l fy' , ,Y 6 . , ' A , X ,W 4 ,V , i Q3 wk, ,E 4 A 1 l ' ' ' J . m X xx L ., , lasiita, l ' N fi' ' W., , T , I J t i -. , 2 ' A . , cr L: 5, V 'KA gi J 7. . ' i F are ,HB '-- - :Ii , V ,gg .1-. J 'f' , 1, .L fs Z J 1 is .1 If ', ,. --rf , ,J I, , , V, , , X I , 4 ', ., - ' 5 N'-I , , f, , ,i, J yy A. , , A it , t f V 1 L ' U 'A f. XR - ' ffl' A t Xgxlr' 1 lk . 77177, Y XF- J IW .. "7 'T' , , ' 'L .V J f it -vt E Q' S 'T' '59 5-QQ , Q li yi f 2 " gl if I N- , , V, , -, - , vs. A -1 .V F 'yi ,N We made excz'tz'ng ,bre,l9ara1fz'0ns or our Senior Tear 3' ,' fb. N - .A w it 'vie' 'Fw fa - V , I Us T3 EI, V, I :L ga' 51" I it ,Que-.4 T ' in sea:-. ,Ji ,'Q..1i'.' e "V' Eu .2125 ill -J t '3 , QW... Q Q , 4 in S' an K sf i "gi, th i T' 'tj 3. V In N' l 'sv it Q lx t . ki eki -4 ' A t F J sq Q fa Q M .gf ca : ge ,, r . S- 5' 55 'sf .X ':- A ii -T ' TT' t L ,1T,Q i f I X W , , XI,-yy 4 1 sn VX' X, ' 4.3 , 1: .5 'flu N ,L-'F La d D- 'A 1 ,. J.: -T .za iz' 'fr 1, , -, K '-- X . A J J S - X A li . x l 1 f '-4 i 4 'D i -T 4- ,Q X vw-, -- . ,' M ,, ' 7 fl . :sf J , -rf " so e' J2- , ' 1 it S i V' I ' ml ,. C x Jil r D 5-C' 3 X Q Lu "' - Q-i I. 2' Q cd '39 .Ulf -C l lint' I- , , f - ,, , , . :L WE Y , JUNIORS ROW 1: Flora Sites, David Smartt, Darrell Smith, David Smith, Denton Smith, Destil Smith, Donald Smith, Joyce Smith, Mattie Smith, Peggy Smith, Robert Smith, Sandra Smith, Treva Smith, Janice Snodgrass, Larry Sovell, James Southard, Larry Spangler, Barbara Spencer, Mary Springman, Jack Stephens, Linda Stevens. RO W Kay Stevenson, Phillip Stewart, Carolyn Stouder, Lee Strauch, Dave Studebaker, Joe StulTel,Jeannie Sullivan, Gary Sumwalt, Bill Sutters, Sharon Sutton, Jerry Syphers, James Taylor, Phil Taylor, Marilyn Terrell, Mary Terry, Larry Thomas, James Thomas, Jimmie Thomas, Ethel Thompson, Isabell Thompson, Richard Thompson. ROW.3: Ronnie Thompson, Ronald Thompson, Gary Thresher, Sallie Thresher, Mike Timmons, Margaret Todar, Beverly Tomey, Jerry Tomey, Gary Tomlin, Susan Towne, Connie Trowbridge, Gayle Tucker, Joyce Tucker, Sharri Tucker, Miles Tudor, Becky Turner, Sandra Turner, Sandy Turner, Judy Turney, Melvin Twigg, David Upton. ROW 4: Phyllis Valandingham, Becky Vance, Don Van Dyke, Boh Van Matre, Leon Van Ulzen, Sue Vest, Sharon Voisard, Charles Vonderschmitt, Betty Wade, Gary Walden, Bonnie Waldo, Virginia Waldo, Marilyn VVallen, Mike VValsh, Ann Walters, Jim W'ard, Marjorie Warfel, Ollie Warford, David Warren, James W'arren, Troy Washington. ROlfV5x Gene W'atterson. Betsy W'eaver, Charles lNeaver, Wayne West, Gene Whaley, JefTrey W'hite, Nadine VVhite, Pat White- side, Beth W'hitney, XNilma lNilhoit, Kenneth Wilkins. Dixie Wilkinson, Judie Y'Vilkinson, Gwynne VVilliams, Sylvia iVil- liams, Wanda Williams, Royce YVillis. Anna XVilson, Edith W'il- son, Jerry VVilson, Kathy NVilson. RUW 6: Kaye WVilson, Richard W'ilson, Loran VVinchester, Pat VVine, Lois VVinningham. Jim Wfinningham. Linda NVise. Greta W'olfe, Leanna W'olfe. Jerry W'ood. Jack Vfoods. Judi Wooten. Jeanie XVray, Carl W'right, George XN'right, Ronnie Wright, Jerry Yates, Diann Young, Paul Zedekar, Mary Zimmerman, Sandy Zirkelback. 133 1 'IX J 5 is :A 1 at 6 -1- X A 6.1. T ix '-.. .1 . 'JN Q - --,- . ' J all :vi -X - 'eff 1? .- -.,,,. , .lx J . - ' D il f5'1LLffV"l ' - ' N " . K J X I 'S Q G xl " :WX Vs. Se f 1, 4 "' . ' Cz 3, J E X 1 X XX: "iw ' A' M 5, U- 1. 1 . l s A'f -. we ' 0 -5: fe- ""' "Pe 'e :.. Q. I 5 'll ..:.y 3 Af If fi: :fl 2.5 ff. , :W Q' X' '4 DM", Y X E ' N Skit h Q' 454, ,C t N if .Y All J .i - sk J .XM .- vw, N I - l . af. - fb' 5.x V .4 'O' -, -x 1 'Q - -H . W- -ee- L ' f NY I J l 1 - ,ii x Ns ' iii W. A ri N ' il J 's . ara! L X I M .vi .. Q, 5' .. ' -' 3 c ' -1 0 .-- J .5 it if A A 24 Ga fr era z 3, W , :N Q I . 5- c. H X hi - l. . . l G . .. . -y - . - .L , ... ,. s 1, J -K he - 11. E. :ry x I Q' :vs x X ,JI 3 GN , ' - .f ' Q Q. 5 I 'H D 5' l r 1- I i E , gi xje! ' wx " . r i 'i X 5 fl ' J h If 900 We znvadea' Centra! 5 a 5 . . strong 5 0 P H O M O R E S ROW 1: Nancy Chappelle, Steve Chase, Sharon Chastain, Sue Z, 'N ' G Childers, Jane Church, Barbara Clark, Deborah Clark, Gene We X 'Q .. -l D., M" Clark, Mary Clark, Freda Clemens, Dave Clevenger, Jeanie ,Q ' ', T . 3 - "" C ' Clevenger, Jerry Clevenger, Janet Cole, Ladonna Cole, Steve I i , , N Cole, Gerry Collard, Jack Collins, Lolita Collins, Tom V t ' A 1' ws Collins, 'K W ROWQ: Earlene Combs, Larry Condon, Juanita Conley, Peggy l . Conley, Mary Connell, Betty Conner, John Conrad, Jan Con- ,,. '4,y, , Q V ' v way, Larry Conway, James Cook, Marilyn Cook, Morton 'N D, '54 ...J Cook, Rebecca Cooper, Don Coovert, Sharon Corbin, Lesa i 'lj . A , Wt, Cotton, James Cox, Jerry Cox, Margaret Cox, Toni Cox. avi ll 5 I Q mi in X Q ll ROW 3: Marilyn Craig, Carolyn Cranor, Charles Crawford, I Juliann Cromer, Greta Crouch. Joe Crouch. Carolyn Crose. in ' " , 5 f'7 ' Don Crose, Eline Crose, Clyde Crouse, Nancy Cruea. Gary 'E' : f -PSV "" :Q ... Crow, Stephen Crum, Mamie Cunningham. Pam Cunning- ' ' ' . X , , H ham, Judy Cunnington, Mary Jane Current, Christine Curts. ,' N, N D wx' Carol Custrecl, Sue Cutshall. l 75 I ' ' 29 1 ROW4: Marcia Dalton, John Dampier, Jerry Daniel, Leroy -3 ' ,I A I Daniels, Linda Daugherty. Joyce Daulton. Betty Davidson. Q, Q .1 sw , 5- A W 9 9 David Davidson. Jim Davis, Johnnie Davis, Lorna Davis. Syl- " 1 f' ,E 1 'N ' f ,E A , via Davis, Sandra Davison, Richard Dawson. Sara Dawson 5. kv f he Dana Deadman, Dorothy Deane. Lillian Decker. Paula Det-rr Dianne Deis. 134 lv l Nt it .. 7, , V K W ew ' re if C' as . ' 'rg 4 -xt W1 it ' Q s., ,sf -Mr, 1 - - ,, 2' ' m 7 nv, ' ., .A I 4 au, l ' hu ' F , '12 L' .-I-Q. ' . .1 42" ff y A A ' ,, 'Z ,. 47 iwiizfl ' 'K ,i ' is N Q V - A ,.f4. ,,u.4,ff A' V I Q . -A gf ' . , ,.. - .yr M 4 Q -. 2- ,I Q, ,ww iff? , - ,,,' ,V 1 , -4: I 1 .f a or . .4 s 1 . E, . y ,,,. , I X Q' -t Za 4 1 1 421 ff - ' s 1? -. 4 ,- r :sa gg , , - Q . 1 . ' llis 7T2.1.- ' l , , Q Y M , 4- 4 s .., W 5 Q, . I QQ K, 5 ,.A- 1' Q N ... y I n . ., A . 'dv at 1 -'bf i " il gf, 'E'-A ' ' 1 ' 2 ., x " V' X ,, t . 2 ' . A Hx, i .1 an suifwi Scared but proud . SOPHOMORES ROW 1: Valerie Ackerland. Dwight Adams. Larry Adams. Sharon Adams, Carol Adkins. Wanda Alberson, jim Allen. Mary Allen. Sandy Anderson. Tony Anderson, Charles Arboa gast, james Armstrong, Gene Arnold. Tom Arrington. Janice Ashton, Don Atkins. Shirley Atkins, Michael Austin. Maryxlo Avery, Judy Ayers. ROW2: Edith Baker, Linda Baker, Phillip Baldridge, Sharon Ball, Gary Baney, Virginia Banks, Donnie Barber, Sally Bar- ker. Peter Barleben, Carol Barley, Mary Barlow, Rebekah Barnes, Robert Barnes, Gale Barnett, John Barnett, Jeanie Bar- rett, Dan Bartlett, Sherry Barton, Dennie Baxter, Marilyn Beach, ROW3: Paul Beall, john Beard, David Beaty, Nancy Beaty, Nancy Beck, Murl Bell, Doyle Bennett, Howard Bennett, Ger- ald Bennett, Barbara Berry, jackie Biehl, Patsy Bilbrey, Mike Bird, Christine Blair, Sandra Blair, Ruth Blankenship, Carol Blicker, Jerry Boggs, Mary Boguski, Walter Boguske. ROW 4: Neva Boles, Michael Boling, Ronnie Bonham, David Bonneau, Delories Bonner, George Bonner, Barbara Bookout, Marilyn Boomer, Clay Boots, Jr., Jo Borders, Drucilla Bowling, Nancy Boyer, Dean Boyle, Shirley Boyle, Clayton Bradley, Larry Brand, Jo Brandon, Arthur Branson, Christine Branson, Willen Branson. ROW5: Karl Bratton, Bob Bright, Nancy Bright, Jane Brim- hall, Sandy Brookbank, Dennis Brown, Gib Brown, Marcella Brown, Patty Brown, jane Browning, Joe Broyles, Elaine Buchanan, jerry Buflington, Mike Bump, Harold Burch, Larry Burden, Mary Burks, Janet Burns, Linda Burres, Mike Burton. ROW 6: Michael Burton, Sharon Bybee, Doris Byrd, Dick Campbell, Nancy Campbell, Rita Campbell, Bill Cannon, Blaine Carey, Bob Carnes, James Carnes, Pam Carpenter, Sandi Carpenter, Stephen Carroll, Lucille Caten, Dollie Car- ter, Harry Cartwright, Robert Chambers, Joseph Chan, Toni Chandler, Stephen Chaney. we nalbf "belong" , I , ffl 'ggi 6 3 , i . - . . ,,, . - . '-P .N Q -H U- U A .3 .., 0 5 get 'F . li rf ii JT' ' "i .3 jg " Q ,, ' , , if ,3 , V 'i'-,W . 35- l 1 f Qliliils 'iw 1 yn Y X tg ,4',' A I X X 1 -,log ,4,f,. t, V ips., - ,,.,. . -t l , N 1. iq, :My 2-, - X , , ',,,,,..., r , . 1 ' L xl B312-lf.. A X " K. 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N New A , S s ' XX Q ff ' y 1 Q ' ' . i l f s l 'X Q 5 k W X - il x i :Mari ,l R 1 i 0 'L YA " A 5- ul 4- 'v .,, ,gi 2 'I "' t' 1 ' v -br tr ,gg x :3 K .x qi :W ' V X ,. Q-1 -A J - I t 1 . ' - -. ur ii ' ' X, L , . f ' 45:3 -. K: p, . i s - ' f.., f , , Tumi X ll, -I Ak lil? Mix is gf Locker trouble Geitzng or 1001-:mg lost . . . S 0 P H O M 0 R E S ROI1' I: David Harper, Dewayne Harper, Garrell Harper, 5, , x 3- ,Q Sharon Harper, Anthony Harris, Barney Harris, Chuck Harris, ' 'l .., x Gi ST A Lillian Harris, Ruth Harris, Janet Hartley, Jacqueline Hast- - 1' ' P: 'V' 7 ' ings, Bill Hatcher, Jim Hatcher, Judy Hathaway, Gary Havens, 4 A R Jeffrey Havens, Gamelia Hawkins, Jim Hayes, Mary' Hayes, K V Rm xxx Patricia Hedrick. Xl MW' ROM' 2: Tim Heline, Janice Hellis, Stephen Hendershot, Carol F ,Z ' V - Henderson, Judy Henderson, Jim Hendricks, Earl Hershberger, l 'Q' "' ' 2 v-x , " L "A Judy Hess, Michael Hiatt, Patricia Hiatt, John Hicks, Deanna ' ' it is :Te 1' Higdon, Kathryn Himes, Erma Hines, lN1ike Hirons, Nancy 'iv x V , "f Hirons, Danny Hite, Pam Hoagland, Patsy Hodge, Joyce wh X ,fr -,nl Holcomb. X' A' - ,Ny f V R0l4'3:Judy Hole, Scott Hole, Wanda Holiday, Georgia Hol- 5 Q, by :N ., I lars, David Hollis, Karen Hoover, Susan Hopper, Earlene 'S 'v Q Q' 5. X -N -v ,a is Howard, Linda Howard, lN1ary Howard. Jack Hudson, hiary ': XY '- I i' 2' 1, Hulliman, Carolyn Hughes, Richard Hughes, Billie Hummer, A x Claudia Hurst, Thomas Huser, Phil Hutson, James lrey, X X , Lucille lsom. Lk l RUH' 45 Tamara Jack, Harriet Jackson. Marilyn Jackson, Phil - s ,J il. A , A - Jackson, lNanda Jackson, Phil Jacobs, Robert Janek. Barbara 5 :V 'wg w 5, ' "Q -un g Jefferson, Pat Jefferson. Janet Jeffries, Larry Jester. Edwin "' 'J "W " Jett. John Jett, Sharon Jett, Ray Jimerson, .-Xrthur John- Y , N t son, Charles Johnson. Dennis Johnson. Jim Johnson. Gloria x 'X X i,!'X , Z - l i T-'. Nix 't Johnson. 1 36 1 Q, 2142! 0' "- 'L H , f ' ll - 'Z , ' ' - - .' ' we . . " 'H , 'nt v ,, ' Nr ,H . - 1 -Wi - --i l 2 i ,fm "'f ' iii' -X fr I Ja , it , ' ' 'bwvl i i M ' . . V Q --i - - me ,, f, J -- 0 ' -.1 wi .. W --- s,,. " - - , if 'Z' 3- , , " f 5 "" .gt tg ,fl Q I . , ,g ,,1s1,. , l i?g,Hz:..,R ,gil . V W , Q . V AJ J. . ' Wg ff ,,fi"gzf? ,3",.,, L' i P Q -,N I 'H I 9' 'P 'AQ wg 4 md V i Q. it ? H',l"+.wi1i"1' , W A 'it 4- 459. ,, s 'Z F f f-f , X 1 A .V i 1, , Xivfl-l i I '- "A J x -,:l A ,,J ii 4 : J ' j S --Yr -.rg Q' L X J W J J A , A ,, i ',V- 'K Xb N KN ' Nix i , X unting the SOPHOMORES ROW I: Jule DeJager. Jerry Delk. Mary Delk. James Denney. Larry Dennis, Diana Dice. Robert Dick. Nancy Dickens. Karen Dickson, Sharon Dickson, Linda Digman, Fern Dillon. John Dinwiddie. David Dobbs, Concetta Dollison. Cornelius Dolli- son, Phyllis Donhauser, Linda Donovan. Cynthia Doolittle. Ned Doster. RO W 2: Judith Douglass, Michael Douglass. Barbara Doyle. Jackie Drown, Carolyn Dudley, Joe Dudley. Martha Duke. Betty Duncan, Robert Lynn Dungan, DeLynn Durharr1.Jerry Eicher, Dorothy Ellis. Joyce Ellison, Eddie Enterkin, Janette Epperson, Barbara Ertel, Thomas Erwin, Aicy Evans. Betsy Evans, Bob Evans, ROW 3: Larry Evans, Norma Evans, Elaine Ewing, Judy Feazel, Elizabeth Fellerhoff, Marianne Ferratt, Juanita Fer- rell, Jack Finchum, Judith Flannery. Loretta Flowers. Mike Floyd, Norman Foster, Sandra Foster, Wanda Foster. Sharon Fox, Barbara Franks. VVilliam Frazee, Carol Frazer. Donna Freeman, Richard Freeman. ROW 4: Larry French, Karen Frogge, Robert Froggle. Sharon Furney, Barbara Gaddis, Antoinette Gabriel, Vicki Garland, William Garrett, Jocelyn Gaylor. Saundra George, Dan Gibbs, Bobby Gibson, Virginia Gibson, Phyllis Gilbert, Sandra Gilki- son, Rollin Gill, Everett Gilmer, Linda Goad, Jane Goe, Lucy Goebel. ROW5' Sharon Goodall, Marsha Gooding, Curtis Gough, John Graham, Charline Gravely, Nlike Graves, Bill Gray, Bill Richard Gray,Judith Gray, Stuart Gray, Anita Green, Chuck Green, Margy Green, Phillip Green, Bob Gregory, Carol Greg- ory, Janice Gregory, Mary Gregory, Virginia Gregory, Janice Grenat. ROW 6: Merrettie Gribble, Bill Griffin, Diana Griffin, Sandra Griggs, Betty Guffey, Bonnie Gulley, Paul Guy, Michael Haas, Pat Hagen, Larry Hahn, Michael Hahn, W'ayne Hahn, Pam Haines, Donald Hall, Gary Hall, Lolita Hall, Sharon Hall, Judy Hammer, Andrea Hankins, Lowell Harmon. nelevatorv . are memories now . . ' D l . :T if B 1' i 5? 1 :iq 1 F-I 'F 'WX' -- . ' ii F I H' ii' ew y ' , 'll J, cf- .X . X N '- UN N z 7 L F Fx x ii NJ' "ire K i " 0 VV 3-'5-Ct V bf.. - J .ixn 3 xl GJ", . 77-'Y' te 'ST' ' i 1' 31 : 'je U up . 5 1, X .. , , ,J 6 X A Q ,X-.X , N LLHQJI- , s 1 , Mit mix. 1 ' if - ,i b A :. sz 2 : F" - i 9 - r Ei L ' 5 EQ' ' ' ., LF 6 A' B ,V , J H" I 5 'I' lil. ilu '-i- 4 ' VII ' J PM Y V ' N s, QQ - fr . EW at J J ., is 1 v :- 9 -A S 'E X ' f' T -A 3 in 1 . x ' ' ' 'f' V 4 A V X A xi e 137 A ., Q P 5 - . , , Q. - I' 5 S g L1 is 6 ,C 1: 2 3 A , N : ' i T' gg X v ' v .34 -V , if ' ' ' N P' tv S' 'P ss l v n K1 I, I Q! J X li T X i i 'iKN:1'tf: l H 8 . .til l- x X e ts.. . , Q, l ha... Ig 0 43- g N . 1. in , A it x n '21, " i l :L il ,I N V . G' ia , - y x " 'V If o f o P o l li li 19 5 1 Xl' . gn, , fx! Q 1 - X N X XX -. lf L A ' E-rt j xi s x A ... A .5-.1 ..4-5,. ,- - A, N , , -G 3 A, f V1 t' i fx 3 - L1 Q, Nz, 539 ii lXoli ' l lx 93 Q.-gm 1 J c, , n , . l -,,,V. l ..h,ll R -1 xy l W ,dx P A ix f ' , 'VFW v-7' my S Q 5' A ir, , 5. I j-' L' 1 W -W " ' ' 'cf 5 te' xi b- 4 .V ze , 'J "fs, Serra 2 . , C 1 , W, - .. J , ,R by R, ,m 3 ,- is o J. C' 1 ' 3 , .at 3, ,, y ' S i, t P P 5' c 'sf if 1 ,Xl LUQIOI' K fil m i 'KTA A -vi" wb' 'A " V l l'lil'NXXi llxt usual , , " N ff " " dh i -O f , "f" V -eh ? P? 1 x - A "-2"-.N Wx .,.:.,, L JR h SSN . I , , - ' :I 3- sbxifcfi X, f ' fr W h -M el. in-Y f- .u - 'Fit .tu X iq ,ax We ouna' new pals . . Lost track of others . . s o P H o M o R E s , ROW 1: Orville Musick, David Myers, Robert Myers, Doris 1 ,, 1' ' - gg d R, A Napper, Kelly Nay, Farrell Needham, Ann Neff, Jim Nettles, ,Q V :Ly 'Q' 3' R.. 5, V 4 Carol Newkirk, Phyllis Newton, Flora Nibarger, Judy Nibar- I, tx i V .P 'I' ger, Connie Nickols, Kay Nicholas, Tom Nichols, jay Nolley, i, jp., Q J X K , V X It jane Norris, Jean North, Barbara Odle, Jan Oliver. ,ll il 'X X O ' . - 1 , X Vi "l, R0 W 2: Melinda Oliver, Richard Owen, Montie Owens, Leon 5, 3 R' A a. Oxley, Phyllis Oxley, Terry Oxley, Tommy Pabe, Anne Pam- ,. ' , ,I .A 3, i erleau, Sharon Parham, Pam Parker, Winifred Parks, Linda ts I PM S' 1' 'L V Parris, Nancy Parton, David Patterson, Douglas Patterson, W ' , , ,F 5 . Charlotte Patton, Lonny Payne, Pete Peckham, Nancy Pence, L X X' 'M V vb I A fi: ROgCr Penn'yfcuFf. X t. L ' " X ' A ' ' A Mill ROW 3: Lynne Petty, Ronnie Phelps, Julie Phillips, Andrew 2- V , A R , W ' Phipps, Wilma Phipps, Carlton Polk, Bruce Powers, Richard gg, ' ' -ij, I by g, , - ,.,,,, Q., , sw . , , Price, George Proctor, Lynn Pumphrey, James Purtee, David ' " f' , ' '- Pyron, john Qualkenbush, Myrtle Qualls, Juanita Quinton, in f ' jack Quirk, Pat Raburn, Carolyn Raney, Marletta Ray, I , ' Robert Reese. X A "? ROW 4: Linda Remaklus, janeda Rench, John Rench. Sandra v Renfrow, Janet Replogle, Jean Reser, Mil-ze Reynolds. Ralph bb so V ' Rhamey, Patricia Rhem. Barbara Ried. Joyce Rigel, james 'eff Ring, David Rinl-ter, Bill Ritter, Geoffrey Rivers. ,lanet Roach, V A3 ' Brenda Roberts, jimmy Roberts. Larry Roberts. Richard , yi J W- K ' . 1 , , Roberts. 1 38 5 , 1: lx 2, by , D ' A .t is AL- " . . 4, , -'X -as . H 9, 'vis -1 f i iii, V X L, , l. if , An., -' 3, 4- 7' ' if ' L -If oh, , x A X M - ,, ' xx l any ,,, ff: 4 J H ,Q :, 6, af ' 2, at Y t 31 .. ii I. IAQ ii 55 Q .fe " 1 tt i -.13 ff ,. P X ' A T Y ff, R I, , ," fiat s. X' L ' rifle ' "","5, f 1 if "'- Q .a , ,Q :Q y A M y mf, a R x -- ff i . eb it 'T-71 M-If -vi L fy' 5' , " ' Q l X W L S 1' -ii l Y il it WT- '.V-Q. i "'r'Yf ff ,gi at , Q 'Eff xi 1, if r 'er i 'F y :X -ff ii l Y l f ., . at A V . v,,,,, fy he ., 1 Y 45 i A L X - by YY' Uv:-si V xy' , V' sr .' f ' . 4 ' ag ,,,. 1 Szfrugglea' with school songs S O P H O M O R E S ROI1' If Pat johnson. Rex Johnson. Sherry Johnson. Donna Jones. Gordon jones, Judy jones. Melinda jones. Robert jones. Kay Judd, Billie Keeler. Bill Keep. Judy Kegerreis. Jim Keith. Charlotte Keisling. Patrick Kelley. Terri Kemper. Sarah Ken- nedy. Rosalice Kennard. Joan Kent. Susan Keppler, RO W 2: Sarah Kerrigan, Ralph Kersey. Tom Kersey, Pamela Ketterman, Toni Key. Carol Kidd. Gary Kidd. Larry Kidd. George Kierstead, Mac Kimble. Lois King. Lander King. Louise Kinser, Sharalyn Kinser, George Kinsey. ,lim Knecht. John Kramer, Sherrell Kramer, Susan Krug, lNIary Lafferty, ROW3: Barbara Lamb, June Leazenby, Carmen Lewis, Don Lewis, Monte Lewis, Teddy Lewis, Frederick Liggett. Judy Lindsey, Roy Long, Lonnie Lorance, Margaret Love, Lana Lowery, Susan Lowery, Dixie Luellen, Jim Lutton.John Ly- kins, Barbara Lyons, Robert McCaffrey, Wfayne lN1cCallister, Larcy McCarley. ROW 4: Karen McCartney, Alice McClellan, Bruce McCray, Judith McGune, Frances McGlaughn,Joellen lN1cQueen, Bobby McGuire, Fred McReynolds, Jerry lvIcVicker, Adine Mace, Troy Mace, Viola Mace, Phyellies Maggard, Linda Niahoney, Linda Main, Eddie Marlow, Ronald lylartzall, Pat lN1arvin, Kenny Masiongale, David Matchett, ROW 5: Larry Mathews, Becky May, Patty lylayo, Jeffrey Meeks, David Mendenhall, Fred Merrill, Phillip Mers, Tom Metcalf, Karen Michael, Connie Miller, Della lN1iller, Doug Mil- ler, Gary Miller, Jo Miller, Julia Miller, Linda Miller, lN1arilyn Miller, Martha Miller, Susie Miller, Wilma Miller. ROW6: Georgianna Mills, Leon Minnick, Alice Mitchell, Atla Mitchell, Kent Mitchell, Lela Mitchell, Phyllis Modglin, Vir- ginia Modglin, Virgie Montgomery, Carol Moore, David Moore, Kathryn Moore, Susan Moore, Ted Morgan, Connie Morris, Marsha Morris, Eddie Morrow, Thelma Morrow, Sharon Morton, Tom Murray. . ana' studzfs . ' Q S' 2 .. . .J 1 V .T G. 1 BQ.. I 0. it A Q, zz 5' .M 2 T 't' '-F -'Si -tn 3 mv! N , 1 i K A . .i 0 l sgiiw. LRG N-K. at X l Q. a - .Wyre - al G' ' -' .2 2 - - s. N WJ Q L' i J. 2. " U tr I, - A 3 -i 'Q' -N R - r ff TJ ,V . , . , ki X, Aim 'f l l fx . hit ,P X? 3. W ,- if-1 t at f - - 'i rs eu' P if V if 4 " 5' N P , 'ti in 1 ' '-. Q . 'WN i it vhs , X .' L 5311: EEE r -, S f. i fl ga 'W - ' ' Fe' " 4' ' Qu K - Qc .21 e S L L " 5- - , N if X Q --F . of 1 a a e -' is X , . - . F ' A .. N. t ik f Li x x lx X i 139 'a " ,. , -. ,, , J .. ,., ,, Q .,, - eff 0 fe -1 V1 - as Lx F x 15' v 'J Q 0. X sl Q, 6 'Te vw ' , I 5' ? Qi' Q' rf i -7 l f :ff ' :J- . at l 'l' ll l ll, e X K J ' i A' Q j P Y. 1 'I ': .Yi C! ---QR w ge ,. I ':' I i ' 2' T EH. Jil' Q ti 2 lg, - B lL. ' f lf' ' ' I Q' -' -Q. A 1- 'E 6' K 'V 'E if Q l wi S- - ff 1 J f ' :fl l W, J J ' A J 3 A 'J X if sn , , l .Cl-Y. Ts-YE-K t I 'iq '-x IT 5 S Q' 'J' s xx 5' ' T' -- Y l, 4 I ., L lb F E X' l 2 , s ihys ' 1, 'J 5 's' x V :An X -Q Q 5 ,,, W :v - , xv -Y ' -Q .. ll i f K ,J .S We took our 1fma'z'lz'0na! places . SOPHOMORES ROW I: Carl Tucker, Barbara Turner, Buford Turner, Cloma Turner, Sue Turner, Carol Tuttle, Joyce Tuttle, Sue Twigg, Dennis Tyler, Donna Upton, James Valos, Sharon Van Ars- dol, Chuck Vance, Judy Vannatta. Don Vaughn, John Venis, Wlayne Vickers. lrene Vincent, Jeanette Wade, Russel Wade. srl ,,,, s - T: 1.4 Xl 5-lg wad Q., 414 X x U 'X lli I . 'X . A , Q is If X ,l ll, ,. T' V Q J Q Stl" x K X 4 at 4 l l l ., QQ Q- X 'Ea in-fi' f .' :H ... f-- .4 e eg? 5. R 3 F ' 33 '-Ee l 4 ' . ,B . 'Y - 1 Y x X t C' .3 ii' fx A O' 5, ix L x, L l .. , .. 1'-'.: 'G e- - - -fi , ,od , l 1 fl.. it under the clock . -4 Q, .tel 7 .gf rf l WU , .V Y X ' l l , , L ill, m 6 Ykql Xl l Q 1 - x T . vY.-.,Sm:L..t QA' l 4 1 5-"am 3 Q-v N l 4-0- 'A I RO WZ: Bob Wfagner, Kathy Wlagner, Judith Wlalden, Jesse VValker, Ruth Walker, Sarah Wall, John Warren, Dennis 6' I: K .. - VVasson, Lynn Watkins, Paula Wlebster, Jim YVC-rdmore, Tam- :Q 5- 1 .9 ' W ara Wedmore, John Weesner, David YVeisse, Nlarilyn W'essol, 'Aff "" 1' Paul Westerman, Luke WVhiteomb,Judy VVhite, W'illiam Vllhite, 1 , I V ' V A Karen Whitlock. sl? 5 x ROW3: Sharon W'ilkins, Barbara W'illiams, Carolyn W'illlams, A' . J Elsworth Wlilliams, Larry Williams, Jim YN'illiams. Judy Wil- ,wi n : liams, Phillip Williams, Robert williams. Ronald Williams. :., gr, ily. A W1 Sharon W'illiams, Shirley VVilliams, Becky Vfilliamson, YYil- V 1 'F' 7 liam YYllll21ITlSOI1, Roy Vlfills, James lVilsford, Bill Wilson, Frank X ' - X J.. K ' -2, l , Vlfilson, Joe W'ilson, Sue W'ilson, 5 ' XX ' ' I HHH' J: Zane Wilson, Brenda XVinburn, Linda XVine. Shirley WT' ,F W'inningham, Pauline W'irt, Barbara XN'ithrow, Mildred Woody. 5 Q, uf 5- G 0 Norma Wiright, Rebecca Wright, Lowell Yoder. Pat YFUUHYQ6. L J ' A Y Ann Young. Jack Young, Judy Young. Terri' Young. Tom " it t' 3 'Y' Young, Janet Yount, Michael Zearbaugh. Phvllis Zigler. Bar- K l I lj I S. VY ,X , lmrli Zll'HIHt'ffTlilI1, Sandra ZlllllHCI'lIlLlIl. Q- ..., M 6 , , 5 4 , , '4-f ' , , fffffkf, 1 4 5145? f: 3 fy, 9 , ' fe. i i l I . V "' fi' , T " f .ze , W l3fff',,f1?f2. f ry :V T T Q ' 'Q in I r- ' Q, " x T ' . ff. f ' ' 5 . 5 K cf, Q of E41 Y 1 I l 41' .Nw sz, 2 g T 'Ji k ,sy .1 'u 5, A --v ,V in-1 , R S-Cl l ' T ,. l l ,ls im, t. ,. , N az Q- , 'J' if Q' T - 5 . - X' 5' ff' I--"' " 'N ,iff N F ,th -5 6 1 lx W' Lf 5, i il ",. Z l X gf, :Mn N. 'TZ 1 xmifw ' 5 4-.1 f G4 5 9 1 -.f gg- '2::"f 'f-'f' I ' F Xu . ...Ivy N , J, . i H if TT T' I I , . in .. Q sa. J H 'gf 'ff "7 , t- , x Q- if ff Ll h is fo .H-: N SOPHOMORES ROI1' 1: Richard Rogers. Barbara Rosinski, Joann Rollen. Ricka Rosentbader, Teresa Ross. Sally Routh. Garretta Rowe. Frank Royer, Rebecca Ruddick, David Rutter. Charles Run- yon, David Sacks, Larry Sailors, Rosemary Sanders. Bonnie Sargent, Gerald Satterfrield, Nancy Satterfield, Nlarvin Scates, George Schad. Ronald Schepp. ROW 2: VVilliam Schlagel, Sandy Schmid, lyiike Schranz, Ar- thur Schreiber, James Schuck, Judy Schuck, Sandy Schulze, Clarence Scott, Frances Scott, Joann Scott, Larry Scott. Sue Scott, Carolyn Seagraves, Connie Seagrave, Barbara Seats. Alvia Sebastian, Darrell Shaw, Joyce Shaw, Diane Shelby. Betty Shelton. ROI1' 3: Nancy Shepperd, Phyllis Shepherd, Shirley Shreves. Jack Shultz, James Silvers, Paul Simmons, Gary Simpson, Larry Sipe, Roland Sizelove, Christine Skaggs, Judy Sloan, Larry Sloan, Trinka Small, James Smekens, David Smith, Donna Smith, Donnie Smith, Frederick Smith, Ginger Smith. Janet Smith. ROW 4: Jerry Smith, Karen Smith, Norman Smith. Reda Smith, Ruthie Smith, Shirley Smith, Stewart Smith, Larry Snodgrass, Karen Southard, Bonnie Southerland, Lucy Spahr. Marilyn Spangler, Tom Spence, Eflie Staggs, Judy Stanford, Larry Stanley, Rebecca Starkey, Walter Stellwag, Sandra Stephens, Wayne Stevens. ROW 5: Steve Stewart, Carolyn Stine, Helen Stockett, Charles Stone, Doug Stong, Sandra Stouder, Ronnie Stout, Sulynn Stout, Linda Strauch, Don Strong, Sue Strong, David Study, David Stuffel, Robert Sulanke, Jane Summers, Dilys Sumner, Nancy Sutton, Dan Swift, Bob Swoveland, James Sylvester. ROW 6: Jimmy Syphers, Carolyn Taubert, Carolyn Taylor, Charles Taylor, Jackie Taylor, Larry Taylor, Randall Taylor, it ' :Y , 'aw , :gy Dave Templin, Tracy Thayer, Cecil Thomas, Mary Thomas, V T K ' Judith Thornburg, Shirley Thornton, Bonnie Threet, Dorothy . ., , M, J Al Thrower, James Tighe, Frances Todd, Frances Townsend, K ,gg ,fi X X-xl Phil Townsend, Brenda Tucker. study hall . . at last-we are rea! Bearcats! ss' R SLT J '14 ,' 67 T "' E 'T' K , . I ' ' ,B ' 'if' .3':. ,, A A M , ' at K A 3 . j su 5. 6, J dp A I c ,,- i H -lu sg, A rr ef Q. -3 N Q57 2 f -1 -3" -2 "fer I , X v -- if 'SJ1' . 1' Y l A - - .- t fx A L-- L X -Q ' Q- ll 'gp Q - SJ if , :if ef- 9' A -I-.J G' K we ,N ,I gf' Qs Q, J X V .. "'Tv:,a-ed in I' li-iq TA' l X f"fRtllllwlillii . 5 . V 1. .1 LG , 1 . 5 SQ' l K vc? i ' 'ggi " , I ,sl . w . ' N-Q. . ' f' 141 Since last September on every school day during the sixth and seventh periods, room 223 has been the scene of staff members writing, typing, cutting, pasting, asking questions, instructing, and thinking -especially thinking. These were the activities oi the 1958 Magician staff members and their adviser. Many trips were made across Charles Street to Peoples Studio, where Dick Handley generously of- fered his services in photographic assistance. Central teachers also patiently gave their valuable time to accommodate staff members, who frequently both- ered them for interviews and photographs. The gratitude ofthe staff also goes to the Delaware En- graving and Lithograph Company, Inc., for its help in printing this annual. Many hours were spent in preparing your 144- page yearbook. The editor and her staff invite you to scan, read, and remember the history of a year at Central. QTOPJ David Ferril! and James Harper, bun'- nzaixi IIIHTIIIQFYS, proudly display fl record 1,100 .i'14b.ffr1pl1'on mir. c'rOl' ClHN'l'IiRJ 'Toby Roberls and 121171 Qylm, .rfzorlx f'dz't01,i', plan ll .rporl.vf1114qf flllllllll. fBo'r'roM CII-lN'I'IiRD Sr'n1'ar ,tldffl1lL'ln- l11'V,i.'l71ul1'Zl1 M zilfrr, rnfgy fl!-1'IlIif07',' Hdy Mrrf11f', lzmdlzm' rrlllrm' Sflllllj' lyurmt, r1r,qrlrzl',1r1lzr1r1.t edi- lnrg and MIIVIVI-Illl liflllilll, mjgy m-1'r1'Ilr1r. QUOT- 'HJMJ Junior ,vldffl1z1'1rzb1'n.' Hi!! Slzllzvx, z'd1'nl1'- firnlzinn l'flIilU7,' Sflflfflll Mfjyr'r, llillf7llf1J HI-ddlilllff Mf1rr'1'rz flilllvlffll, ,I-fffflfj' rn-1'1llln1,' kymnzizf Dml, fIlf1lIiIl7l zfdllnr. Mr. Car! llumphny, Business Adviser, and Mr. Edgar llffndermn, Ia'rlzilr11z'a! Al1Ill'.YL'7. xx ,-' We Built the Book of 19 3 Sandi Hart, Editor-in-Chiq' Kit Carson, Amzktant Editor If 7' vs ali -1::"" .S Q PSS 'ji' "' LX ix 3.5, ga ff" - x, J - , kj- J v . lift f. lf? f V fgfiff' "f-3' - 5-'L v Q- ' 1 -J . 1 A 7:'2,,L"1P .J 7.5-f' , - P 'ji ' ' p 4 ,1 'Pkg' 'A' 3 9, , . f?.J,, f f I ., .,, ' -.,r-92.2 Q3 1, L- . ---, 1.-h. -Y , . ., U' V . x., -,..:-,Tj-Q y ,iv T RM F., v . ,'f- Lu, I-,GFJEPXJ A. I S--vw .M M" ' Q-,-,S-fi' Q '-J -'YD' 4 N Z.. J -S , ' x S' .. 4,1 I, .,,, V, if,,.,1,,Lg: ,H v . H "- '-.. f U ' Mz'ke Merrz'!l, Siaf Photographer ll ? XX, Q ,. lin, - U -Q 1 Rflaxfrzg al lmmr, as lhfjy will br doing qflw Augw! M lf 11 1 lil? Mr. and Mri'. Loren CIhH.l'lU1i7l. Iv the lg? li' a jzlclure Qflhkllf new home near Bloorninglon. Nw, A Reluctant Farewell. . . E ALWAYS WAIT until the last possible moment to say farewell to the persons we like most. We've put it off as long as we can-but now, on this final page, comes the time when we must at last say goodbye to a man who has been Mr. Central High for so many years. So, we say . . . TO YOU, OUR LEADER . . . who through initiative and perseverence helped in- spire Muncie Central through 11 years of achieve- ment, honors and recognition: 144 TO YOIL OUR FRIEND . . . who constantly shared the burdens and problems of all f'Centralites"g TO YOU, OUR GUIDE . . . who gave unsparingly of your time and wise counsel, and led us along the paths of our high school careersg TO YOU, NIR. LOREN CHASTAIN . . . we the staff of the 1958 MAGICZIAN, speaking for the student body of Muncie Central High School, proudly bid a fond and sorrowful Hfarewellf' QW C fy, cf VV wgzij A S mgfiiii RW Sf-5 jg? 'S fi 5 Q gli ,pf Q52 5 ef? 3251? ,3g5?N gfijjjfjjp Q ?5E235 Sig ? Q S sf S SEV wily? ,ix w is Q23 fig? 5355 25333 ggi 3 5 Q TEN 5635 Lf f MAJ? M Q 4 WM MMM fly EWWWMMQWK Jf WQWWWQM W 25,3fffdf4QfJ'J ff 'N X W W M KPN My 51-Jfjwfj 3 WMV My PJ ' ' , ?FW9'U'4' A " w gg, ' f VN if j,"y'f5'iM Up Nw gig' gqq M4 Igvffb, 'KJLXM FJAAJLI 'L wiww M? QJK mf WL M4 1 A 4 M W3 W WSMMJ Q59 E M E , .,Qw : i,, L..J ,, T,W, ,WMJw,mWWWWQ:Ww A.,W ::' 4V ,'vVi? NJMWWWAHWWWK AQAQ is PM! wMM'0V' JWKMM? Jjlnx 5, f , . J qu M' 4 - 1 5, x jf sf K fi ' E' J ly N 1 fp E , 1 ,,, M! , XV 0 G - 0 fgyof' x-'- ' -A 'c M 1 -Qfjgw 5. , nlibjci T22 Q xi X jg :vu 1 , X K Q 3 f xg fix Sf ! 7 A A 1 . . 7.7 .12 , gg, It X .-, Q! .' '6 ef f , - P lv Y Yi i l k, ,yr-V -,H .A .I ,Tj W im-3 51.9 W,-'AK'-13-, 1'1- V le- pk iv wig: kg Fgizft ,. .f E.-1 , as A , YA ffm!! :T ' , , , 3-1 I l MLD4: - at X I : rm -V 1 2 W 5. , 2 MQW W M , ?if1s4?1 W :ff? 2f f5 fW7 ffajfffiiy ? ww qi x W V ' A F 6 mov . JZ P M , f . 7JZWM Vg fu . 4:1 M 0, U1 W I KW , . , ,b H ' I I - 1 qw M OW X Q 5 E EA X2 . I3 W - A R ., . fl. x Q3 K 5 - f .5 val? 5-Pk 511, --5+ N X H- , '2 Q Y V195 gg EE E553 in Qi fi., s EQ 53 5- ig 55 355 3 gg- 'QW ' ix 9'-S Q D E Q3 E S Q Q f X F X 1 is 2

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