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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1945 volume:

Q! Ref 3 I f w :J 1 J' ' if V -hx I I 4, W f fm. X f ,f f , L ,. , A .. if f K1 ff f ,U .. - , ,. I . L ,M ge J N i 1 .2 J . g XIV ,. Y s5,AMj:..v', J Q0 '25, V if -fl, 5 X Q3 2 3? 65' . Gif fn 911, , ,fir fx is , :il ,Q TRW X Q S X sv Y a . x UDUCING INTR X x ,I ,, 'K g 'D J ' ,of ,. -1 'Q A ,Q-N ,H jf 1 . f'1,L...V, Riff ,fn if wif J, K K ir i' 'A' 'lr I Q, 'A' 'A' 'A' nk' if 'A' 'A' 'A' ir 'A' k 7fze fwaqician f ,. if 945 ff ff, X .1 IW YVZTCW' z ,ix rf! if'I.fL f I fn 'Qi I2 4' 'MQ J!! !4'f0if AX' f if mia, fffwwifiwj - ,f. X I, n. 1 I by ,. L2-P' , R N, X Af ,CN Nik' 5' wa W 1 N5 'S- any XM- ix , a , ea. bfx-55'-.a xv A flux x A A x 1 .gi 'AM M, L V Q "n qs4'55.,,m X 4 -Q, uk if 'A' ak 'A' ak 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'ki if uk 'Ir 'k Published Central Senior High by of The Senior Class Muncie, Indiana 1 I ff iff if fl Zn, i HQ ,vw 'gyiwy I :E vi 3:4552 is 5 we K Q A 6 E w a L 4 Kw ffnz f 52 Q j QV: ' v v S QA ' 45 EI, " .- -2 - l x :rfir -:,1:--as-f:i55,g i 2:, .' f 4 ,M '- ' " , r 4 Ali? . ,:.5EQ'-Qfii 7' , ' M A . . .:..,. , 4 M-V A X 4 ., 5535212 'fi H 323.-. Q : JEL L 5f'E:13'-S55 5 TEE ' ' :'-1-isz. W 1:1 : ,.... ,, 2 Q, I Y ? ,QW , 1 aff K .LI'Z,+ivS?"?52 EQ K Q " K Q2 E x w'w.l Q 'Nu . Q ,Ld A555 5: 2" 'fbi ' 5 2 E? 1 L 5. 'QXQQ v ME K4 ,gr 'R f ,wg X VXK 1 f xr. wi W? .R Qbsx Q x . 5. 5 5 ,six 'l N, X if 'E .. 23-Simi: , ---- If is . . .,.. . K H ? E is ug 'S . if 5 2 . xx , gii ikli . Q ff? n I k WW ff ff . ' ,i 'Z X ff E U' 34 ?af2,X DEDIEATIUN ,. , , 'ggfffzi if??c Z Uma. Lxemn JM? deem, Jgmfb, QW AW Kwan lying yearn gffzdkfijalaewmbe fo Mudenzh gf Cgmfm! we, Ike CHM M1945 deafcbafe fm 4004. .MMM may ,Mm if6w caawwef and 46419461 mama, :Wm JM? Am endemfea! Mile! Zo wmzflwa mwzma fmmykmf like Www. " wh , X ,rf 41,32 I iilfs,-rqf rl Jn Ln' . ' l H , 49264 . iff 1 ' W 'Y Q-, 1 fr"f'f? 1 ,-4 How about joining me for a look about my favorite spot, Central High? Sure it's my favorite spot and I'm tops as a guide because, you see, I'm that unusual fellow, B the Bearcat. Oke? Then let's meet the Jills and Jacksons who throng the halls, classrooms and the front steps at Central. 4 . Y. ' , Q ,. 1, ,. .r . limi. js ,.... A . ,L , ... lib V . . 2 an 1 . s'w8?ffi'?13 wtf A is ..... ' it s y - as :I+ V ' ' dm , , 4, is r . Y f, . " is , - f ' 2, President Central Officers Elma J GPM w tit HERE THEY ARE MY EAVURITE PEUPLE f i Class Officers A. J . HALL President DON BEAMAN Vice-president MARY K. GROVDR Secretary FRANCES ARTRIP Treasurer Seated-Mary Kay Grover, A. J. Hall. Standing- Don Beaman, Frances Artrip. At Central, the top drawer is definitely reserved for those super Quiz Kids, the seniors, who have been answering questions, as well as asking them, for three years. In fact, many of them are so good that they've shortened that three-year period to two-and-a-half and even two, by carrying extra work and attending summer school, And in addition to their school work, I'm proud to relate that more than three-fourths of them have held part-time jobs after school and on Saturdays. How's that for a record? What's more . . . some of them are already in uniform, too, as you will see. These J's and J's also know how to have a good time, believe me. The lighter side of school life was off to a swell start with the allwschool dance held at the Field House on Friday, October 6, after the Tech game. The evening definitely wasn't spoiled by the 33-O Cat victory. These versatile seniors later demonstrated their skating abilities at a party held Wednesday, December 6, at Gibsons Of course, during the evening some of them showed they could skate on and off their feet. You could guess that this outnt wouldn't be satisfied with less than the best, so you won't be surprised to know that a class play was given for the Hrst time since 1942. Completely disregarding the calendar, the seniors gave "June Mad" in January. And a fine start it was for Central's theatricals, 8 The 1945 Magician if 'Ir 'Ir 'A' ir 'Ir uk ir . In a more serious mood, the Eorty-fivers joined with Muncie civic clubs in sponsoring the very successful Senior Career Conference, attended also by seniors from Burris and Delaware County schools, On April 17, they were again hosts to their fellow seniors at the annual College Conference Day. School days came to their usual welcome and yet-lamented close with the pre-Commencement activities-Mothers' Tea, Class Day, Class Banquet, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. Working always with the class officers and council have been the senior sponsors headed by Miss Blanch Tuhey, whose photo appears on page 48. When Miss Tuhey became ill during the second semester this year, Miss Eleanor Jean Bly became acting class sponsor. Others who have worked with the class include Miss Katherine King, social sponsor, and Robert Colvin, Hnancial sponsor. Teachers who have served as counselors for this class since the sophomore year include the sponsors and Miss Mary E, Wade, Miss Ella Hollenback, Miss Margaret Ryan, Miss Charline Jamieson, Mrs. Helen Reed Pennington, Dr. W. L. Howard, Miss Dorothy Kreiger, and Harold V. Anderson, CYou'll find them at their best behavior on page 49.j You betcha . . . I purr with pride when l think of the Class of l945. Row Row Norma Ewing, Pat Lowe, Mary Kay Grover. 2-Barbara McGuire, Doris Barber, Dorothy Morrow, Florence Arthur, Dick Vannatter, Jack Vice. Row 3--Nadine Benne, Bob Singer, A. J, Hall, Bob Barker, John Whitworth, Don Malott, Row 4-Charles Van Cleve, Joe Crouse, Jack Munson, Don Beaman, The 1945 Magician Senior Council 2 n 2 5 f E E Q X E E 5 1 I 3 Z i E S 1 S E ! 1. w f 3 1 S r 5 Row l: BETTY ABRAMS .... MARY JANE ABRELL. . . BETTY JEAN ADAMS. SENIORS OF il 9 4 5 Best Athletel . . , THOMAS T. ADAMS-I-Ii-Y, Dauber Club, Social Sci- Row 2: JACK ADAMS-R.O.T.C., Football, Intramural Basketball, ence Club, Office Page, Sophomore Council, Model Husband? . . . MAX GIL- BERT AMBURN-Geography Club, U. S. Navy, Row 3: FRANKLIN E. ANDERSON-Geography Club .... BARBARA JEAN ARMSTRONG-Geog raphy Club, All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, College Conference Day .... FLORENCE LOUISE ARTHUR - Honor Society, Dauber Club, Social Science Club, Math Club, Senior Council, Senior Career Day, Junior Council. . . . FRANCES ARTRIP-Senior Council ,,.. JOSEPH R. BAILEY-R.O.T.C.. Honor Society, Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Math Club, Senior Career Day. Row 4: BOB BAKER--U. S. Navy .... LAVALLIA MARIE BALDVJIN-Entered 1943 from St. Mary's, Anderson ,... DORIS JEAN BARBER-Honor Society, Dauber Club, Social Science Club, Math Club, G,A.A., Senior Council, Senior Career Day, "Musical Moods", Sweetest? . . , VIRGIL BARBER A-R,O.T,C .... PI-IYLLIS J. BAREFOOT-Robecl Choir, 4'Musical Moods". Row 5: BOB D. BARKER-Senior Council, Basketball .,.. ROBERT V. BARTON .... ELAINE BASINGER-Honor Society, Social Science Club, Math Club, G.A.A., Senior Council. Junior, Sophomore Councils, "Musical Moods", Cutest Brunetteclf, Most Eliicientfli . . JAMES BATI-I-R.O.T.C., Social Sci- ence Club, Math Club, Sophomore Council, Intramural Athletics, Hanclsomestfli Pin-up Boyf . . . PHILIP L. BAYLESS-R.O.T.C., Honor Society, Hi-Y, Dauber, Math Club, Social Science Club, Senior Council, Senior Council, Senior Career Day, Sophomore Council, Most Dependable? Row 6: DON BEAMAN-Honor Society, Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Math Club, Band, Senior Council, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, Intramural Athletics, "June Mad", "Musical Moods", Most Bashfulclt, Class Musician? . . . JOANNE BEATSON-Quill and Scroll, Senior Council, Sophomore Council, Munsonian, Magician, . . . RICHARD C. BEESON-Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Math Club, Senior Career Day, Junior Council, i'Musical Moods", Class Flirt? Friendliest Boyfk . . . VIOLET MAE BEESON ..,. CLARENCE BELLER-U. S. Navy. 'lf Mock election result. The 1945 Magic1'an 11 SENIORS OF l945 Row l: JUANITA MAY BENADUM-Entered 1944 from Harrison Twp. High School, All-Girl Choir. . . DONNA NADINE BENNE-Dauber Club, Social Science Club, Senior Council, Sophomore Council, Magi- cian, "June Mad": Most Popular!! Personality Plusfk .. . ZOLA MAY BENNER-Honor Society, Office Page, College Conference Day, Magician .... RICHARD BERGDOLL--R.O.T.C., Honor Society, Dauber Club, Math Club, Senior Career Day .,.. DICK BIBLER--Hi-Y, Social Science Club. Row 2: JO FRANCES BILBREY .... ED BIRD-Football, U. S. Army .... MARIAN ELIZA- BETH BLAIR-Dauber Club. . . . DONALD G. BONNELL - Intramural Athletics .... FLORA MARIE BONSHIRE--Geography Club, Library Page. Row 3: VIOLET RUTH BOOHER-Magician .,.. CHESTER CLARENCE BOOKOUT, JR. . . JULIA BOXELL4Honor Society, Dauber Club, Social Science Club, Math Club, G.A.A., College Conference Day, Senior Career Day, Best Girl Athlete? . . . WlI-LlAM R. BRADEN-Honor Society, College Conference Day. . . . .IOANN BRAGG-Junior Council, Magician, "Musical Moods". Row 4: JOHN BRICKLEY-Honor Society, Social Science Club, Math Club .... BILL BROPHY-Senior Career Day, Munsonian, Best Dancerfi U. S. Army .... BETTY LOUISE BROWN-Entered 1944 from Eaton. Ind., Dauber Club ..... IUNE BROWN-Honor Society, Most Bashfulf . . . LEE WENDELL BROWN- Honor Society, Dauber Club. Row 5: ROBERT DALE BROWN ,... VIRGINIA LEE BROWN-Honor Society, Geography Club. . . . DOROTHY BUCKLES-All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods," Class Singer? . . . BETTY LOU BUCKLEY-Junior Council, "June Mad," 'Birds' Christmas Carolf '... BETTY LOUISE BUCKLEY -Munsonian, "June Mad." Row 6: PHYLLIS BURNS-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . . DEAN BURTON-Entered 1943 from Cowan High School, Robed Choir, Munsonian, 'iMusical AM0ods.' '... ARTHUR EUGENE CAMPBELL- R. O. T. C .... BARBARA CAMPBELL-All-Girl Choir, "Musical Moodsf '... MAURICE CAREY. if Mock election result. 12 The 1945 Magician 5 ,QL ,4 r? ffl as Q: Q QF, vg ws s an-P .An Row l: BEVERLY JANE CARPENTER .... PHYLLIS JUNE CARR-Geography Club .... JAY W. CAVANAUGH-Football, Wrestling, U. S. Army .... SYLVIA CHANDLER-Honor Society, Math Club, Quill and Scroll, G. A. A., Class XVit.9f . . . EVA CHAPPLE-Entered 1943 from Westland, Greenfield, Ind., Dauber Club, Robed Choir, i'Birds' Christmas Carol," "Musical Moods." Row 2: ROBERT J. CHARLES .... RUTH EVELYN CHENAULT-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . . . JOHN CHRISTMAN .... JOAN MARIE COBURN .... RITA J, COBURN-Geography Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." Row 3: HAROLD CONNER--Entered 1944 from Harrison Township High School, Dauber Club, Quill and Scroll, Senior Career Day, Munsonian, "June Mad," "Birds' Christmas Carol." . . . HOWXARD CONNER -Entered 1944 from Harrison Township High School. R. O. T. C., Dauber Club, Geography Club, "June Mad," A'Birds' Christmas Carolf '... ROSS COONS .... JOHN COOPER Cwithdrawnj .... MADONNA COOPER. Row 4: LUANA MAE COPPOCK-Dauber Club, Geography Club .... JOHN CORNELIUS-U. S. Navy .... PAUL JAMES CORY-Hi-Y, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods.' '... JOE M. CROUSE-R, O. T. C., Honor Society, Senior Council, Wrestling, Intramural Athletics .... JEANNE L. CUNNINGHAM- Dauber Club, "Musical Moods." Row 5: ROBERT G. CUNNINGHAM. . . . RACHEL CURRENT- Dauber Club, All-Girl Choir ,.,. HARVEY DAIN-U. S. Army. SENIORS OF Row 6:--MARGARET RUTH DAUGHERTY-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . . . PATRICIA DEERR-Senior Career Day .... BETTE DEV- ERS-Magician. 'k Mock election result. The 1945 Magician 15 SENIORS CF 1945 Row l: LOIS ANN DICK-Honor Society, Dauber Club, Social Science .... DELMAR DOOLEY, JR.- Hi-Y, Sophomore Council, Baseball .... PAUL DAVID DOTSON-R.O.T.C .... MARIAN L. DOUG- LAS-College Conference Day .... LEONARD DOUTHITT-Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll, Basketball, Munsonian. Row 2: MARY LOUISE DRAVES ,... BETTY LOU DRUMM .... EVERETT DUNNiU. S. Army .... PEARL DUNN .... EDWARD DYER-U. S. Marines. Row 3: LOIS J. EARLEY--Honor Society, Dauber Club, Social Science Club. Library Page, Senior Career Day, Sophomore Council, Cutest Redheadflf . . . MARTHA EBRITE-Dauber Club, Social Science Club, Senior Career Day, Junior Council, Future Nurseff . . OTIS EDWARDS-Football, Basketball .... MILDRED A. EIKENBERRY-Dauber Club, Social Science Club, Sophomore Council .... DONALD E. ELDRIDGE- College Conference Day. - Row 4: CLARENCE E. ELLIS-Geography Club, Band, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . . . LORENA MAE EMENHISER-"Musical Moods." . . . JOE ENGLE .... MARY RUTH EREXSON-Geography Club, All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, Junior Council, "Musical Moods." . . . NORMA JEAN EVANS. Row 5: NORMA JEAN EWING-Honor Society, Senior Council, Senior Career Day .... BETTY J. FALK-Dauber Club, All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . , . PHIL EARRELL-Intramural Bas- ketball .... MARY HELEN FAULKNER-Dauber Club, Geography Club .... RICHARD FIELDS, Row 6: MARV EIEER1Sophomore Council, Basketball, Intramural Athletics, Munsonian .... WILLIAM P. FISHER-Football, U. S. Navy .... MARTHA LOU ELESHER .... FRED FLETCHER-Entered 1945 from Alexander Hamilton H. S., Los Angeles, California, Hi--Y, Sophomore Council .... LEONA LENORA FLOYD-Dauber Club, Senior Career Day. :li Mock election result. 16 The 1945 Magician nvi- 2 Q5 Row 1: BETTY JEAN FOX-Robed Choir, Junior Council, "Musical Moods." . . . JEANNE FURNISH-Band, All-Girl Choir, Magician, "Musical Moods," . . FARRELL GARRINGER-Library Page. SENIORS OF 1945 Row 2: JANICE GATES-Honor Society .... ROBERT REX GEN- TRY-Senior Career Day, "June Mad," "Birds' Christmas Carol," "Musical Moods." . . . DUDLEY GEORGE-U. S. Army. Row 3: BETTY LOUISE GIBSON .... ROBERT GILES-U. S. Navy .... CLETUS GOENS .... HURLEY C. GOODALL, JR.-R.O.T.C., College Conference Day, Intramural Athletics. . . . PHYLLIS J. GOODMAN-Dauber Club, Quill and Scroll, Munsonian. Row 4: BILL LEW GORTON-Entered 1944 from Daleville High School .... ROBERT GRANT- Intramural Athletics .... ELIZABETH JANE GRAVES .,.. MARY ANN GRAVES .... BETTY JEAN GRAY-Cutestfk , Row 5: PAUL N. GREGORY-Entered 1943 from Sulphur Springs, Ind., Hi-Y, Oliice Page, College Con- ference Day .... GWENDLYNN L. GRIM-"June Madf' "Birds' Christmas Carol." . . . MARY K, GROVER-Honor Society, Dauber Club, Robed Choir, All-Girl Choir, Senior Council, College Conference Day, Senior Career Day, "Musical Moods," Class Artistfk . . .EAYE L. GUNCKEL .... BERYLDA G. HAIDET- Senior Career Day, "June Mad," Model Housewife? Row 6: JOE HALBERT .... A. J, HALL-Hi-Y, Dauber, Math Club, Social Science Club, Senior Council, College Conference Day, Senior Career Day, Sophomore Council, Football, Baseball, "June Mad," Most Popular Boy?" Ideal Centraliteii . . . BETTY JO HALL.. . . WILLIAM S. HANKS-Honor Society, Hi-Y, Track, Wrestling, Intramural Athletics, "Musical Moods." . . BECKI-IAM HARDWICK, JR.--R.O.T.C. 'l' Mock election result, The 1945 Magician 19 K SENIORS OF 1945 Row 1: GEORGANNA HARMISON-Magician.. . . FORREST HARRISON . . . RICHARD E TLEY DIAMOND HAYS4l-Ii-Y, Social Science, Math Club, Senior Career Day, Class Wit.'l: . . . HAR .... JOHN HAZELTON-Senio ' ' B t-I. oking Redhead? Best Boy r Council, Senior Career Day, Intramural Athletics, es o xi Skater? J X . li 'lu NN Row 2: ROBERT EUGENE HEATI-I-U. S. Navy .... PAT HEFFERNAN-Robed Choir, "Musical H Moods," Class Singerf . . . GERALD PATRICK HENNIGAN--Hi-Y, Senior Career Day, Intramural Athletics, A gX"June Mad," "Birds' Christmas Carol," Best Looking Brunettefl: . , . HELEN L. I-IENSLEY-Dauber Club, NX sg Robed Choir, Junior Council, 'LMusical Moods." . . . ANNE HERTZ-Robed Choir, Blue Tri, Junior Council, N X Office Page, "Musical Moods," Chairman, Bonds-Stamps Sale. Yi ' A ' xx .X V . ii I CN I IO' I Xi - u Row 3: LOLAMAE HEWITT-Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods." . . . LOUISE HIRST-Dauber, 4, 5 All-Girl Choir, "June Mad," "Birds' Christmas Carol," A'Musical Moods." . . . CYNTHIA HOFEER-Dauber, ii All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods." . . . MARY EARLE HOFFMANN-Dauber, Geography, Robed Choir, Junior Council, Oilice, Library Page, "Birds' Christmas Carol," A " .L "Musical Moods." . . . M. PAULINE HOLDEN-Dauber Club, Geography Club, Robed Choir, Office, Library 33 A Qpxwage, "Birds' Christmas Carol," "Musical Moods." X X ii ' . ex X f ' s Row 4: BETTY FRANCES HOOVER-Junior Council .... NORMA JEAN HOYT .... FRANCES Vs HUDSON-Dauber Club .... . ROZETTA JEAN HUDSON .... DELORES HUFFER4Library Page, "Musical Moods." . ANN E. IRVING-- Row 5: JUANITA HURST?Robed Choir, Senior Career Day, "Musical Moods." . . Honor Society, Dauber Club, Robed Choir, College Conference Day, 'AMusical Moods," Pin-up Girlfk Most Poisedfk . . . HARRY LON IRWIN-Basketball, Best Sport? . . . BENJAMIN B. JANNEY-R.O.T.C., Honor So- ciety, Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Math Club, Senior Council, Senior Career Day, Junior Class President, "June Y-T ack, U. S. Navy. Mad," "Musical Moods," Best Actorfk Most Eflicientfl: . . . LEONARD E. JANNE r Row 6: ALBERT JOHNSON-R.O.T.C., Intramural Athletics. . . . N. NAN JOHNSON .... DE- BORAH W. JOLLY .... EARLINE A. JONES .... PHYLLIS ANN JORIS. 'lc Mock election result. The 1945 Magician 20 1 Z f 2 Q A Q 4 ns 5 sl, fs 1 I f? 2 E Gi 3 S E ,dw ww, nw M V F , . .- ,, . , , .. wiv.. .. ...N Y , W , ' Row 1: ROBERT LEE JOY-Class Artistfl' . . . FRED J. KAISER .... MARY KAY KAISER-Office Page .... MARY LOUISE KEIHN-Dauber Club, All-Girl Choir, Junior Council, Sophomore Council, "Mu- sical Moods." . . . JEAN KELBEL-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." Row 2: MAX KENDALL-U. S. Army .,.. HAROLD KENNEDY-Robed Choir, 'AMusical Moods," U. S. Navy .... HELEN MARIE KING-Junior Council, Sophomore Council. , . . WILLIAM KING- U. S. Army .... COLLEEN M. KINNAMAN-Geography Club. Row 3: JOANN KINZIE-Honor Society, Dauber Club, Social Science Club, Quill and Scroll, Junior Council, Munsonian, Magician .... DONALD W. KIRK--U. S. Navy .... GEORGE D. KNOPP-Hi-Y, Track, Intramural Athletics, Best-Looking Blondeif U. S. Merchant Marine. SENIORS OF l945 Row 4: GERALDINE KNOX-Entered 1944 from Royerton H. S., G. A. A. . . . K. WILLIAM KOSS-Honor Society, Hi-Y .... ROBERT E. KUHNS4Basketball, U. S. Army, Row 5: E. EUGENE LACY-Honor Society, Robed Choir, Senior Career Day, Intramural Athletics, "June Mad," "Musical Moods." . . . BETTY JANE LAMB .... BRUCE EDMOND LAMM-R.O.T.C., Hi-Y. PAULINE LANGLEY .... JOHN R. LAPPIN-Track. Row 6: BILLY HAROLD LARIMORE ..., JACK L. LIMBERT-R.O.T.C., Hi-Y, Geography Cluo, . . . PATTY LIVINGSTON-Robed Choir, A'Musical Moods." , . . DONALD E. LOGAN-"Musical Moods." . . . ROBERT H. LONG-Geography Club. if Mock election result. The 1945 Magician 23 SENIORS OF 1945 Row 1: PATRICIA LOWE. . . , GLORIA MCCORMACK-College Conference Day .... JOHN MC- CREERY-U. S, Army .... REBECCA A. MCDONALD-J'Musical Moods." . . MARTHA SUE MCEAD- DEN--Robed Choir, "Musical Moods," Cutest Blonde? Row 2: BARBARA MCGUIRE--Dauber Club, Social Science Club, Senior Council .... MARTHA E. MCLAUGHLIN .... MARGARET REYNOLDS MCMICKLE-Dauber Club, "Birds' Christmas Carol." , . . BOB MCPHERSON .... GEORGE T. MADIX-R.O.T.C., Oflice Page, Track, Intramural Athletics. Row 3: JOHN MAITLEN, JR.--U. S. Navy .... DON MALOTT-Oflice Page, Senior Council, Foot- ball, Baseball .... ALICE MANNINGiRobed Choir, "Musical Moods," l94-4 Relays Queen .... MAXINE MAPES-Magician .... JIM W. MARTIN. Row 4: HERMAN L. MARGELL-Hi-Y, Math Club, Senior Career Day, Track, EUGENE MARTIN. . . . MILDRED MARTZ-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . . . PATRICIA LOU MAY .... JO ANN MEL- TON-Robed Choir, "Musical Moodsf' Row 5: ROBERT MERRYWEATHER-U. S. Navy .... GENEVA MARCILE METSKER .... BAR- BARA ANN MILLER-Dauber Club, Geography Club .... LESTER MILLER .... PAT MINEAR- All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, Sophomore Council, 'iMusical Moods." Row 6: JOAN MITCHELL ,... PATRICIA J. MONTGOMERY-Honor Society, Dauber Club, So- cial Science Club, Robed Choir, 'Birds' Christmas Carol," "Musical Moods," Prettiest Smilefl: . . . GENEVIEVE MOODEY-Honor Society, Dauber Club, Social Science Club, College Conference Day .... ESTELLA MOORE -Dauber Club .,.. LOUISE MOORE-Geography Club. il' Mock election result, 24, The 1945 Magician E 3 5 2 i 3 A a i 2 S 3 5 2 E 2 Z Q s E 2 2 5 Q 2 5 5 U Row 1: ROBERT C MOORE . -R.O.T.C., Baseball .... WILLIAM EUGENE MOORE fwithdrawnb MARY ELIZABETH MORGAN .... DOROTHY MORROW-Honor Society, Dauber, Math Club, Social Science Club, G.A.A., Senior Council, Senior Career Day, Most Studiousfk . , . AUMALEE MOSIER-Senior Council, Junior Council. Row 2: HELEN MOULTON-Band, Oflice Page, Senior Council .... M. JOAN MUELLER--All- Girl Choir, Robed Choir, Senior Career Day, 'iMusical Moods." . . . JACK R. MUNSON-R.O.T.C., Hi-Y, Senior Council, Senior Career Day, Munsonian, Magz'cian, Best Dresseclif Personality Kid? , . . JUANITA TONEY MURRAY .... MAX MYER-U, S. Army. 4 Row 3: JOEY NEMSKI-Dauber Club, G.A.A .... MARY JANE NEMSKI-Dauber Club, G.A.A ,,.. VIRGINIA JUNE NORTHCUTT. Row 4: MARGARET ELIZABETH OALDON-Honor Society, Robed O F Choir, "Musical Moods," Class Singer? . . . JANE OWENS-Honor Society, I 9 4 5 Dauber, Math Club, Social Science Club. Senior Career Day, "June Mad," "Musical Moods," Most Likely to Succeed. 'k . . RICHARD PENNY-Foot ball, Intramural Athletics. Row 5: MARJORIE LOUISE PIERSON-Dauber Club, Quill and Scroll, Munsonz'an, MZlgicz'an. , , DAVID POGUE-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods," U. S. Army .... ERNEST H. PORTER-Geography Club, . . . BETTY MAE POTTS-Dauber Club, Social Science Club, Math Club, G.A.A., Senior Career Day, "June Mad." . . . RICHARD POWELL. Row 6: ARVIN PRIEST .... NORMA JEAN PUGH-Dauber Club, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . . HELEN PURSLEY .,., ROBERT QUALKINBUSH-U. S. Navy .... CALVIN A. RALSTON, JR, 4' Mock election result. The 1945 Magician 27 SENIORS OF 1945 Row l: ERED L. RANDALL-R.O.T.C.. Robed Choir, Football, Intramural Athletics, i'Musical Moods." . . . GLORIA ELOISE RECTOR-Dauber Club, All-Girl Choir, Senior Career Day, "June Mad," "Birds' Christmas Carol.' '... BYRON REED .... ROBERT R. REED- Entered 1944 from Polytechnic High School, Riverside, Calif., Most Studious? . , FRANCES JOY REESE, Row 2: FRED E. RENCH--Sophomore Council .... LUCILLE RHINEHART-Honor Society, Ma- gician .... NADINE LEE RIGGS ..., ETHELANNA RIPPEY--Library Page .... JAMES EDWARD ROBINSON-R.O.T.C., Sophomore Council. Row 3: WILLIAM DAVID ROBINSON .... EARL H. ROBOLD-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . , . ROBERT EARL ROSS--R.O.T.C., Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . . . CHARLES E. ROTROEE- U. S. Army .... DALE MAURICE ROSZELL. Row 4: WILLIAM PAUL ROWE-R.O.T.C., Intramural Athletics, "Musical Moods." . . . WILLIAM ARTHUR RUDDICK .... MARTHA RUMMEL-Band. . , . MARTHA G. SANDERS-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . . . GENELDA SCHULTZiHonor Society, Robed Choir, Senior Career Day, Sophomore Council, "Musical Moods." Row 5: JOYCE NAN SCHULTZ-Robed Choir, Dauber Club. Best Dancer? . . . CHARLES E. SCOTT. . . . MARILYN SCOTT .... VERA SEGRAVES .... MARY L. SHAEEER-Entered 1943 from Tipton High School, Dauber Club, Band, i'Musical Moods." Row 6: HAZEL SHEEZLEY-"June Mad.' '... BETTY SHELLER-Dauber Club, Office Page, "June Mad.' '... BARBARA SHERMAN-Honor Society, Band, Senior Council, College Conference Day, Magician. "Musical Moodsf '... LAVERNE SHIVELY-U. S. Navy .... MARGARET SIMPSON--Honor Society, Magician. I Mock election result. 28 i The 1945 Magician 3 3 1 4 4 5 E 2 E 2 1 Z J 5 i 3 Q E S E I Z 3.2 2 11 V2 A 71 Z S s S 5 3 Row 1: HENRIMAE SIMS-All-Girl Choir .... ROBERT B. SINGER-Hi-Y, Math Club, Senior Council, Senior Career Day, "June Mad." . . . CARL RICHARD SKINNER .... SAMUEL M. SLACK. . , . VIRGINIA MAE SLAYTON. Row 2: MARY ANN SLINGER-Dauber Club, Magician. . . . EUGENE SMEKENS .... MARY- BELLE SMITH .... ROBERT LEROY SMITH .... WILLIAM CHASE SPURGEON, JR. Row 3: BEULAH JACQUELYN STAFFORD .... LAVELLA STAMPER .... ANN STEVENS. . . . LARRY GENE STIEELER-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . . . PECOLA MAE STILLS-Geography Club, All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." Row 4: FLORINE STONER-A'Musical Moods," Magician .... MERLE D. STONER .... LYNN CLAYTON STUART-R.O.T.C., Hi-Y, Dauber Club, Senior Career Day, "June Mad." . . . FLORA AVIS SULLIVAN-Entered 1943 from Cicero, Ind., Geography Club, Robed Choir, "Musica1Moods." . . .PHYL- LIS JEAN SWALLOW. Row 5: BILLIE JEAN SWIFT--Band, Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . . EVELYN TAYLOR .... PATRICIA ANN TAYLOR-Honor So- ciety, Band, All-Girl Choir, Robed Choir, Senior Career Day, "Musical Moods," Class Musician.fF S E N I O R S OF 1945 Row 6: DONALDEEN TEAL .... BEVERLY THARP-Honor So- ciety, G.A.A., Sophomore Council .... BETTY LOUISE THOMAS-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." ,F Mock election result. The 1945 Magician 31 SENIORS OF 1945 Row 1: KATHRYN LOUISE THOMAS-Dauber Club, Geography Club .... PATRICIA A. THOMAS -Honor Society, Dauber Club, Robed Choir, College Conference Day, Senior Career Day, "Musical Moods," Class Gigglerff Neatestflf , . . FRANCIS THONN-Geography Club: Intramural Basketball. . . . BETTY TI-IORNE .... NORMA JEAN TICE. Row 2: BETTY JEAN TRICKER .... HESTER G. TRUE-Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . . . JACK TURNER .... NORMA JEAN TURNER-Entered 1943 from Royerton, Ind .... WILLIAM K. TUTTLE-R.O.T.C. Row 3: BARBARA L. TYLER-Dauber'Club, Social Science Club, Quill and Scroll, Senior Career Day, Munsonian, i'June Mad," Best Actressflz Dream Girlfiz. . . PEGGY VALANGINDHAM-Honor Society. . . , CHARLES W. VAN CLEVE-Honor Society, Hi-Y, Social Science Club, Math Club, Robed Choir, PA An- nouncer, "Musical Moods," "June Mad," Supermanfiz . . . KENNETH VAN LOON-U. S. Navy. . . . A. JEAN VAN MATRE. Row 4: RICHARD VANNATTER-R.O.T.C., Senior Council, Football .... CLARENCE VARDAMAN -R.O.T.C., Band, Magician, U. S. Army .... JACK VICE-Honor Society, Robed Choir, Senior Council, Oflice Page, "June Mad," "Musical Moods." . . . MARY FRANCES VINING .... MILDRED WADE. Row 5: WILLIAM L. WADE .... VIOLET JEAN WAGES-Dauber Club, Geography Club. . JERRY WAGGONER-Entered 1944 from Winchester, Ind., High School .... ANITA C. WALBURN. . . ESTHER WALKER. Row 6: MARY LOU WALLACE-Entered 1945 from Madison, Ind., High School, G.A.A. . , .BER- NARD WALTZ-U. S. Navy .... TOMMY LOU WARE--Honor Society, Robed Choir, G.A.A., Senior Ca- reer Day, Magician, "Musical Moods," All-round Girl? Best Skater? . . . BIRD M. WARRELL-Intramural Athletics. . . . ADONNA R. WEAVER-Band, 'AMusical Moods." 'lf Mock election result. 32 The 1945 Magician Z FET as 2 E Q2 52 I . ,S ,, 3 E S 3 5 5 gs 5 1 :E v if MM, VW YW, 7 Y driwkf SENIORS OF 1945 Row lc JOHNNY WEBB-R.O.T.C., Robed Choir, "Musical Moods." . . . BETTY LOU WEEKLEY-- Senior Career Day, Ideal Secretary? . . . AL WEIL-Honor Society, Hi-Y, Dauber, Math Clubs, Social Science Club, Senior Career Day .... THEDA WEISS4Band, Junior Council, "Musical Moods." . . . ROBERT WELCH-Hi-Y, Football, Track, Intramural Athletics. . Row 2: JOYCE I. WHALEY ,,.. BARBARA J. WHITACRE-Entered 1943 from Mason, Ohio, Roberl Choir, "Musical Moodsf '... DAN WHITE-Football .... JANE ELLEN WHITE-Honor Society, Dauber, Math Club, Social Science Club, G.A.A., Senior Creer Day, College Conference Day, Sophomore Council. . , LEWIS E, WHITE-U. S. Marines. Row 3: WANDA WHITE .... JOHN R. WHITWORTH--R.O.T.C., Senior Council. .i . . BARBARA JEAN WILLIAMS .... DOROTHY ALINE WILLIAMS .... JAMES C. WILLIAMS-R.O.T.C., Math Club, Intramural Athletics. Row 4: PAULINE MILDRED WILLIAMS .... NANCY MARGARET WILLIAMSON+Blue Tri. . . . CAROLINE R. WILSON-Dauber Club .... RICHARD WING-Wrestling .... REBECCA WO- MACK-Honor Society. Row 5: FLORENCE WOOD-Honor Society, Dauber, Math Club, Social Science, G.A.A., Senior Career Day. Most Dependable? . . . MARCELLA ANN WOOD--Dauber Club .... RHONDA C. WRITTEN- HOUSE .... BETTY ELLEN WYNE-Library Page .... ELEANORE JUNE YARGER-Quill and Scroll, Sophomore Council, Munsonian, T , Row 6: GEORGE R. YINGST-Football, Intramural Athletics .... BETTY YOUNG-G.A.A., Magz'cz'an. . . . DON ZEARBAUGH .... MARGIE JEAN ZEARBAUGH .... NELSON ZETTERBERG-Hi-Y, Social Science, Math Club, Senior Career Day, Scientistii ck Mock election result. The 1945 Magician 35 Y, tsiiifbhd W NUW+f+af++7!t6f'fL4 Junior Council i' Class Officers President Dick Beeson Vice- President Hubert Austin Secretary Naomi Fisher Treasurer Juanita Jones Row l--Jeanne Thompson, Thelma Larkey, Velma l-lalteman, Naomi Fisher, Juanita Jones, Hubert Austin, Dick Beeson. Row 2-Ramona Jones, Miss Ella Hollenback, Lucy Amburn, Beverly Armstrong. Joann Ford, Don Miller. Row 3-Dick Smekens, Wayne Kelley, John Sharp, Burl Keys. Row 4-Don Anderson, Don Grundy, Mr. Paul Carmichael, Mrs. Helen Pen- nington, Jim Reed, Bob Moore, Meredith Miller. Meet the people who'll advance to the head of the class next year. Although they've had to take second place this year, they'll make up for it later. Peppy and definitely in the groove, the juniors have had their share of school activities planned by class oflicers, council members, and sponsors. An all-school dance on November 2 was their Hrst contribution to Central's social side, That same month the class assembled to hear Miss Inga Blumenthal, a German-Jewish refugee, speak about life in Nazi Germany. A 'Bubbles Concerto," presented on March 19 in cooperation with the seniors, was a .bubbling success Couchlj. "Brother Goose," the class gift to the hilar- ity of Central, played to appreciative audiences in March. Dressed in their slickest, juniors played host to the seniors on May 26 at the annual Prom held at the Masonic Temple. Digni- ned and serious as belitted the occasions, juniors ushered at Baccalaureate and Commencement. Class sponsors include Mrs. Helen Pennington, chairman: Miss Ella Hollenback, social sponsor: Paul Carmichael, financial. 36 The 194 5 Magician JUNIORS Row l-Paul Abrams, Dale E. Alfont, Topin Allen, Lucy Amburn. Row 2-Donald E. Anderson, Ruth Alice Anderson, Thomas E. Anderson, Betty Anshutz, Helen Arbogast, Beverly J. Armstrong, Hubert Austin. Row 3-Robert C. Austin, Mary Lou Badders, Martha Banta, Charmain Barlow, Gertrude J. Bayman, Joe Beatson, Arthur Beckman. Row 4-Martha Berg, Jean Blizzard, William Bogart, Shirley J. Boggs, Vivian Bogue, Myrna Bower, Raymond Bowlby. Row 5-LeRoy Bradford, Dick E. Bredeson, Barbara Bredwell, Louis Briggs, Jo Ann Brown, Phyllis Browning, Bev- erly Bullock. Row 6-John O. Carter, Francis Cecil, Clarence Chalfant, Reba Chalfant, Charles Chesnut, Edwin Church, Eula Fay Coff- man. Row 7-David Coleman, Harold H. Collins, Jack Collins, Pat Collier, Jerry Colsten, James Condon, Ruth Conger. Row 8-Betty Conquest, Marjory Cox, Max Cox, Marylou Crawley, Virginia L. Crook, Harold Cross, Juanita Cummins. Row 9-Gene Dance, Evelyn L. Davis, Helen Davis. Virginia Davis, W. Allen Davis, Wanda Sue Davis, Wayne Russell Day. Row 10-John Dearinger, Doris De- Hart, Mary Delaney, John DeLong, Doris Dick, James Dixon, Robert M. Dodd. Row ll-Donna Lee Donati, Eloise Doyle, Willa Mae Dungan, Phyllis Dunn, Rosemary Dustman, Ed Ebrite, Richard Edwards. Row 12-Jane Ellis, Bill Engelbrecht, Kenneth Evans, Mary Faulkner, Margie Ferner, Barbara A. Fields, Don Fields. Row 13-Max Filler, Naomi Fisher, William Flowers, Thelma Folkner, Char- lotte A, Ford, Iona M. Ford, Joan L. Ford. Row 14-Frances E. Fowl, Dale Fowl- er, Aileen Fuller, Bob Garrett, Donald M. Garrett, Charles Gaskins, Patsy Gause. The 1945 Magician 9 JUNIORS Row l-Jane Gillis, Phyllis Golden, Marjorie Gould, Norma J. Graul, Don Grundy, David Gwynn, Donna J. Gunckel. Row 2-Laurajene Haines, Jack Hall, Verl Hall, Annabelle Halliday, Thelma Halteman, Jackie Harden, Phyllis Hen- nessey. Row 3-Dick Herbert, Betty J. Her- ron, Mary Mae Herron, Deon Hiatt, Dorothy Hiatt, Wanda Hier, Eugene Hiller. Row 4-Rosemary Hines, Glen Hop- per, William Huber, Suzanne Huddle- ston, Kent Hugus, Mary Lou Hutson, Edna May Hyder. Row 5-Billie Irby, Charles lrelan, David Irwin, Jane Jackson, Lyle Jacobs, Donna M. Johnson, Roger H, Johnson. Row 6-Virgie Lea Johnson, Elsie Jones, Flavia Jones, Howard Jones, Juanita Jones, Wanda Jones, Janice Kain. Row 7-Jack Karlen. Evadale Keeley, Clark Keen, Gene Keller, Wayne Kelley, Bob Kelsey, Burl Keys. Row 8-William H. King. Rebecca Klepfer, Edwin Krull, Karl Kuhns, Mary L. Kurtz, Paul Langdon, Thelma Ann Larkey. Row 9-Margrett Lawless, Shurley L. Lee, Rex Leeka, John McClellan, Barbara McCreery, Gene McDonald, Norma Mc- Donald. Row 10-Tommy McDonald, Luther McDowell, Gloria McGregor, Clarice Mc- Intire, Donna Jean McKinley, Betty Mc- Laughlin, Charles Maddox. Row ll-Mary Lou Madill, Phyllis Mahoney, Marjorie Maitlen, Tony Marsh. Margaret Martens, Margaret Martin, Lou- ise Marvin. Row 12-Vera Matson, Rose Mary Meek, Joe Meyer, Donald Miller, Mere- dith Miller, Wayne Miller, Blaine Milli- gan. Row 13-Donna Minnick, Phyllis A. Mitchell, Richard Mitchell, William Mo- ler, Hazel Moody, Bob Moore, Mary E. Morrett. Row 14-Mary C. Morrow, Helen Mudd. Lois Mullen, Richard Nichols. Gloria Noble, Betty Noel, Nada Kay Norton. The 1945 Magician JUNIORS Row 1-Robert O'Neill, Alma Owen, Betty Jane Pearson, Bob Persinger, Jerry Peterson, Martha Phelps, Cleida Pierce. Row 2--Bob Pippin, Wendell Poland, Joanna Potts, Joyce Poull, Donald Pow- ell, Jerry Powell, James Preble. Row 3--Harriet Preston, Wilma June Privett, Wayne Quate, Nancy J. Reason, James Reed, Edwin Gene Reeves, Virginia Rickard. Row 4-Darrell Riley, June Robinson, Kenneth Robinson, Mary Robinson, Vir- ginia Marie Robinson, Delmar Round- tree, Crystal Salmon. Row 5-Charles Scamihorn, Jean Scamihorn, Helen Secrist, Barbara Sha- fer, John Sharp, Jennie Shekell, Mary J. Sheridan. Row 6-Robert Shideler, Charline Shingledecker, E. Bob Silvers, Nadean Sims, Paul Singer, Richard Smekens, Bet- ty J. Smith, Row 7-Joyce Smith, Ramona Smith, Vaughn Smith, Nila Snyder, Charles Spence, Edward Stahl, Rose Marie Staley. Row 8-Kenneth Stautamoyer, Betty Ruth Stewart, Margaret Virginia Stew- art, Don Stifller, Barbara Sutton, Anona Swallow, Beverley Patricia Sweeney, Row 9 - Edmond Tarpley, Janice Taylor, Frank Terry, Charles Thomas, Corinna Thomas, Grant Thomas, Gerald Thompson. Row 10--James Traub, Bob Turner, Beverley Van Arsdol, Mary Belle Vaughn, Naomi Venable, June Walker, Leland Walter. Row ll-Waseka Walters, Jack Ward, John Ware, Mary Alice Waters, Charles Watson, Robert Watson, Clyde Weems, Row 12-Elwood Wegesin, Bill F. Weist, Freddie Whitaker, Charles White, Deloris White, Joan White, Phyllis A. White, Row 13-Eleanor Whitehair, Sam Williamson, Alice Wilson, Dona Jane Wilson, James Wilson, Don Wood, Mary Ellen Woodward. Row 14--Dorothy Worster, John Wright, Juanita Wright, Wanda Wright, Tom Yingst, Jack Yonts, Betty Zetter- berg. The 1945 Magician ANlJ+f+++7!t6cg I I 6 wdggaqafiidarfg ,025 , M, -D JG' LH? Sophomore Council -A' Class Officers President Joe Ward Vice-president Norma Waggoner Secretary Jeanne Helton Treasurer Bill Abercrombie Row 1-Naomi Lutz, Joan Smith, Phyllis Stokes, Bill Abercrombie. Row 2-Joan Templin, Regina Parker, Donna Sells, Max Jordan. Row 3-Willa Keeley, Betty Mays, Wanda Del-lolf, Earlene Bruner, Row 4-Charles Bradburn, Max Starr, Harold Kingrey. Row 5-Mr, Martin J. Hansen, Mr. Ralph Conelley, Bill Zearbaugh, George Crane, Dan Rahe, Mrs. Jessie Hoffman, Barbara Thresher, Patsy Wolf, Lois Wagner, Jerry Harrold, Jeanne Helton, Norma Waggener. The youngest Centralites are the sophomores, but they aren't too worried about that because they know they'll be seniors bye and bye. As the newcomers to the school, they had to learn the customs of the school-f'rinstance, some of them thought that each absence slip cost five cents, and others tried to Hnd the elevator, However, they caught on . . , but fast! Early in the fall, they elected their representatives to the class council. Oilicers were then named by the newly-elected members. At the meetings held the second period on Tuesdays, class plans were made, All officers, council members, chairmen of standing committees, and sponsors were presented to the class at the first sophomore meeting. Mr. Shaffer also discussed the Central customs and traditions. Later Mr. Zetterberg gave a demonstration of plastics and other materials at a sophomore assembly. Sophs also held skating parties, Ralph E. Conelley is chairman of sponsors, and Mrs. Jessie Hoffman and Martin J. Han- sen assist him as social and business advisors, respectively. 4.0 The 1945 Magz'c1'an SOPHOMORES Row l-William Abercrombie, Jim Acton, Bob Adams, Mary Martha Allred. Row 2-Robert Ammon, Jerry Angel, Joyce Arrington, Nancy Austin, Thea Austin, Eunice Bailey, Jeanne Bailey. Row 3--Ann L. Baker, Bobbie Barber, Russell Bartle, Robert Bartlett, Bill Ba- singer, Don E. Bassett, Catherine Bauer. Row 4-David Beard, Gene Bebout, Max Bell, Wanda Beller, Louise Benbow. Donald Benson, Bob Biberstine. Row 5-Bertha Birt, Georgiann Blair, Juanita Blair, Bob Blackmer, Earl Blake, Genevieve Bland, Anne Boggs. Row 6-Marty Boggs, Bob Boles, Freda Boling, Earlie Bolton, Geraldine Bonner, Charles Bradburn, Phillip Brady. Row 7-Jack Brammer, Frances Bran- son, Miriam Bredwell, Jayne Brotherton, Barbara Joyce Brown, Catherine Brown, Dolores Brown. Row 8-Harold Brown, Yvonne Brown, Earlene Bruner, Sylvia Buis, Jean Bunner, Shirley June Burch, Beverly Burgess. Row 9-Jacqueline Burns, Harold Burtner, Joan Butts, Betty Campbell, Nancy Carey, Nila Ray Carmichael, Leon Carmin. Row 10-Norma Catron, Barbara Chambers, Audrey Chandler, Garrie Dean Charlton, Lois Chin, William G. Clark, John Clayton. Row ll-Barbara Clifton, Phyllis Clock, Betty Coats, Gene Coleman, Rob- ert W. Collins, Mary Alice Compton, Klara Louise Conkel. Row 12-Jackie Conquest, William O. Cook, Jackie Coons, Louis Costas, Eugene Cortwright, Norma Cortwright, Don Couch. Row 13-Ned Cox, Elaine Craig, George Crane, Jack Cronin, Betty Crouch. Daniel Crumes, Charles Crump. Row l4-Ray Crutcher, Mildred Cunnington, Dick Dailey, Jean Dale, Ralph David Darnell, Ernest Daugherty, Eddie Davies. ' The 194 5 Magician 1947 it xg gx X X. 9 Q. ,Ax .-X . Ns gig cya Q .lx lr 77 ,, , 1947 l 1 r i l l I l E E L l l 42 XL, SOPHOMORES Row l-Berneice Davis, Bob Davis, Clara Davis, James Davis. Row 2-Myrna Jean Davis, Betty Jo Davisson, Betty Dean, Harold Dean, Robert Dearinger, Wanda DeHolf, Shirley Derringer. Row 3-Jerry Detrick, Dick DeVoe, Malcolm Dick, Carl Dickason, Joe Doo- ley, Harry Douglass, Beverly Sue Drake. Row 4-Jacqueline Draves, Ned Dris- coll, James Dudley, Everett Duke, Pa- tricia Dunn, Mary Helen Eaves, James Edwards. Row 5-Richard Ehrlich, Bill Eller, Margaret Eller, Louise Elliott, Ralph El- liott, Wayne Ellis, Betty Ertel. Row 6-James Ertle, lla Faye Estes, Dick Evans, Dorothy Fannin, Janet Far- quhar, Juanita Feemster, Charles Fields. Row 7-Edward Flowers, Bob Fouch, Glen Funkhouser, John Galbraith, Bar- bara Gelbaugh, Jack Gibson, Marion Gib- son. Row 8 - Jack Gilbert, Doris Gill, Anna J. Gilland, Franklin Gilpen, Jack Goen, Norma Golden, Joseph Graham. Row 9 -Mary Ann Gravely, Bob Green, Earl Griflin, William Griflin, Mar- vin Grim, Mary Louise Grundy, Imogene Gulley, Row 10-Rosemary Gunckel, Doro- thy Habgood, Donald Haines, Kenny Hall, John Hampton, Florence Hardwick, Her- bert Harmeyer. Row ll--Wanda Harper, Jackie Har- rell, Marlan B. Harris, Martha Harrison, Jerry Harrold, Heleena Hayes, Mike Hef- fernan. Row 12-Patty Heldenbrand, Bernard Henry, Donald Herbert, John Herron, Keith Holaday, Betty Louise Hole, Loren Hole. Row 13-Charles Holloway, Richard Eugene Hopper, Sammy Hubbard, Carrol Huddleston, Tom Hughes, Mary Lou Hutson, Max Jackson, Row 14-Louis Jaffe, Bill Jameson, Mildred Jeffery, Dale Johnson, Jess John- son, Betty Ann Jones, Max Jones. The 1945 Magician SOPHOMORES Row 1-Phyllis Jones, Willa Keeley, Evelyn Kelbel, Patty Keller. Row 2-Naomi Kennedy, Mary Lou Kenyon, Charles Keppeler, Rita Keppler, Norma Ketcham, Dorotha Kingery, Har- old Kingrey. Row 3-Harold Kinney, Jama Kirby, Bob Koontz, Alyce Kramer, Mary Kath- ryn Kuhns, Jacq LaDuron, Lloyd Lam- bert. Row 4-Arthur Langdon, Catherine Langley, Don Lanning, Betty Larrabee, Eugene Lathrem, Carl V. LaWall, Rita Lawless. Row 5-Luella LeBeau, Walter Leeka, Carl Lephart, Lacky Liakos, Deloris Lightfoot, Barbara Lingo, Betty Locke. Row 6-Beverly Long. Louise Lovett, Patricia Lowden, Evelyn Lowery, Mary Ellen Lowman, Edwin Luzader, Bill Lyons. Row 7-Maxine' McClelland, Joyce McCoy, Ruth McCoy, Jack McCurdy, Bonnie McDonald, Dee McGinzie, Wil- liam McKibben, Row 8-Rozetta McKinley, McVicker, Don Mace, Barbara Macken, Carol Marsh, Joe Marsh, Ella Dean Mar- tin. Row 9-Jackie Martin, Rachel Martin, Mary Masters, Herschel Matheney, Rich- ard Mathias, Betty Maynard, Betty Jane Mays. Row 10-Robert Meadows, Patricia Metzcar, Jo Anne Miller, Patty Miller, Rodney Million, Janie Minear, Donald Minnick. Row ll-Eileen Betty Moistner, Dor- othy Moore, Evelyn Moore, Richard Moore, Mildred Moystner, Karl Mudge, Nancy Mulholland. Row 12 - Audrey Murphy, Peggy Myers. Ruth Elaine Myers, Virginia My- ers, Norma Nash, Beverly Neff, Nelson. Row 13 1 Charles Nelson, Nemski, Marilyn Nenstiel, Nina Nichols Ann Dorothy Ohlemacher, Nelson Ohle macher, Betty Jane Olson. ROW 14-Rosemary Palin, Donna Parks, Eleanor Parker, Regina Parker, Yvonne Parker, David Parsons, Marie Parton. The 1945 Magician 1947 SOPHOMORES Row 1-Martha Patterson, Gladys Patton, Jean Peckinpaugh, Mary Lue Peckinpaugh, Nola Peckinpaugh, Vada Penny, Row 2-Patsy Perdiue, Mary Lou Phipps, Ruby Pierce, Leora Pittenger. Rex Pittenger, Raymond Porter, Charles Powell. Row 3 - Fairy Powell, Betty Jo Propst, Barbara Jean Puterbaugh, Margie Quate, Donald E. Rahe, Barbara Rainey, Robert Ratcliff. Row 4-Edward Ray, Bernice Reagan, Wanda Rector, Beverly Anne Reed, John B. Reed, Lorene Reed, Mary Ann Reed. Row 5--Robert Rench, Thomas Rib- ble, Betty Richard, Barbara Richards, Leonard Ridge, Robert Rinker, Barbara Robertson. Row 6-Bud Robinson, Fred Robling, Warren Robold, Kathleen Rooney, Kath- leen Rose, Bill Ross, Dick Rotroif, Row 7-Jim Ruble, Carolyn Rudd, Jackie Ruddick, Edith Russell, Eugene Sanders, June Sanders, Shirley Scott. Row 8-Pauline Scroggins, Donna Sells, Ruth Ann Serra, Mary Jane Shafer, Mary Sharkitt, Nancy Shear, William Shear. Row 9-Melvin Shelton, Charles Sher- rell, Doris Shinn, Patsy Sims, Virginia Sinclair, Dohn Sipe, Mary Martha Skill- man. Row 10-Clarabell Skinner, Norma Skinner, Gene Sloan, Richard Smalley, Joan Smith, Richard Smith, Donna Ma- rie Snyder. Row ll-Maribel Spangler, Jack Sor- ensen, Max Starr, Lois Stevens, Phyllis Stevenson, Bob Stewart, Drucilla Still- Wagon. The I9 45 Magician SOPHOMORES Row 1-Jo Ann St. Myer, Joanne Stokes, Mary Jean Stoner, Vera Stude- baker, Kathryn Sullivan, Ernest Sutton, Helen Swan. Row 2-Don E. Swanger, Patricia Ann Swearingen, Gordin Swegman, Phyl- lis Joan Taylor, Clara Teal, Henrietta Terrell, Tom Terrell. Row 3-Bob Templin, Joan Templin. Howard Thomas, Marilyn Thomas, Patricia Thomas, William J. Thomas, Walter C. Thompson. Row 4 - Robert Thorn, Marilyn Thornburg, Barbara E. Thresher, Barbara Jane Trego, Virginia Lee Trego, Barbara Trennepohl, Jo Ann Tribby. Row 5-Josina Trissell, Lee E. True, Maurice Truesdell, Thomas W. Tuck, John Eugene Turner, Martha Lou Tur- ner, Richard Tuttle. Row 6-Ruth Vallance, Budd Vande- griff, Dolores Vargas, Joe Vlaskamp, Jack Vore, Betty Wade, Norma Waggoner. Row 7-Lois Wagner, Jack Wallace, Janice Ward, Joe Ward, Rosalin Ware, Phyllis Jean Wasson, Albert G. Watkins. Row 8-David Weeks, Donna Weiss, Lester White, Bob Whittemore, Rachel Wilkinson, Bill H. Williams, Carol B. Williams. Row 9-R. Earl Williams, Lorraine Williams, Murtee J. Williams, Betty Lou Wilson, Gail Wilson, Jim L. Wilson, Marlen Wilson. Row 10--Myrtle Reba Wilson, Ruby Wilson, Vern Wilson, Betty Winkle, Bill Wise, Pat Wolf, Margaret Woodgett. Row 11-Mary Edith Woodruff, War- ren Writtenhouse, Anna M. Wurtz, Fred- ine Wynn, Dorotha Yarger, Charles Zear- baugh. The 194 5 Magician xwl ,il Ro w NEW l0B'S Row l-Patsy Alene Allie, Alice A. Allman, J. Phyllis Anderson, John G. Armantrout, Annette Austin, Francis Ed- ward Ayers, Betty Jean Baker. Row 2-Joan Barr, Jean E. Bayless, Flonnie Beaty. Juanita Joyce Bennett, Connie Bentley, Jerri Black, Betty Cleo Brendel. Row 3-Nancy Brooks, Helen Brophy, Donald E. Brown, Edna Lucille Brown, Garland Brown, Elizabeth M. Carroll, John H. Row Lou C Collins, Cornell, Row Casey. 4-Helen J. Chambers, Mary lemens, Betty Cliiford, Beverly Abraham Cooper. Jr., Shirley Jay Otis Davis. 5-Robert L. Davis. Emmett Duncan, Albert D, Dyer, Phyllis Earley. Patricia Elsten, Lois Falls, Gerald Fields. Row 6-Louetha Fields, Mary Fields, Carolyn Jane Fisher, Mary Ann Floyd. Mary Ann Futrell, Paul M. George, Lil- lian Glendora Glenn. 7--Cassius Goens, Freddie Good- all, Don Goodman, Mary Jane Gordon, Pat Greene, Troy Griffee, Donald R. Grim. Row 8-Robert J. Gruwell, James T. Guinn, Betty Jean Hammond, Bar- bara Harrington, Beulah Harris, Joan Hauck, Virginia Hayes. Row 9-Gail Heath, Marjorie Heuer, Jack Holt, Beverly Anne Hoover, Frank Hurst, Curtis E. Irby, Diana Louise Irwin. Row l0-Marjorie Jackson, Marvin Johnson, Betty Louise Jones, Jimmie L. Justice, Samuel Keasbey, Esther Jean Keeley, Charles Kirk. Row ll-Priscilla Klepfer, David Lambert, Dorothy Lawrence, Wanda Jean Liggett, Jack Lounsbury, Charles Mc- Caffrey, Bob McClelland. The 194 5 Magician NEW IOB'S Row 1-Georgiann McCreery, William McIntosh, Harrison Manis, Bobbie Jean Martin, Barbara J. Marvin, Helen Ma- thews, Mary Ann Maynard. Row Z--Delores Meranda, Bill Mi- chael, LaJean Michael, Bernadee R. Mid- dleton, E. Bill Miller, George Moore, Fred Mosier, Row 3 -- Harry Moyer, Charles R. Mullikin, Dolletta Murphy, Barbara J. Odle, Phillip C. Osgood, Ruth P, Owens, Anita Page. Row 4-James Palmer, Bob Perkins, Jack Perkins, Jimmy Peters, Wesley Her- bert Piner, William Leon Pingry, Ralph Privett. Row 5-Harry George Proctor, Bever- ly Propst, Phyllis J. Reavis, Charline M. Reed, Peggy Bell Reynolds, Dolores J. Rice, C. Lester Ridge. Row 6-Rosemarie Risk, Charles Rob- erts, Mary Jane Roberts, Dale Rodgers, Carl Ross, Marilyn Roth, Carolyn Saun- ders. Row 7--Robert Schrader, Kathryn Scott, Alyce Marie Shafer, Eve Shaw, Jewell Siggins, Arlis Smith, Herbert Smith. Row 8-Shellie Smith, Sydney Staf- ford, Herman Stephens, John Stewart, Jack Sutton, Mary Taflinger, Adeline Thompson. Row 9-Nettie Thompson, Dian Thorpe, Virginia L. Turner. Gilbert Turney, Jim Vanover, Donald Vaught, Delmer Verneman. Row 10-Geraldine Wagner, Wayne Wallace, Thelma West, Verna Jean White, Charles Wiggins, Joan Willard, Mildred Wills. Row ll-Wilmeth Wills, J. R. Wil- son. Charles Wood, Betty Wright. Eve- lyn Jo Ann Wright, Jewell Wright, Pa- tricia Wright. The 194 5 Magician Next l'd like to introduce the faculty, those men and women who help Centralites to recognize their own abilities, realize their own responsibilities, and achieve their ambitions. Cln other words, they ac-cen- tu-ate the po-si-tive and once in a great, a very great While, they eliminate the ne- ga-tive.j N ff uf'-A-. X. . 4 Q . , 1 : tb 'N - ,-4 t t. am" L 4 X I 0 1 .mc X A 'T - i. f-' .r i- 1 V i in QW' tax ,.. ", A ' ' V -,s.f.,, Q ,. , 'Q 4 fx 0 .3 ,. .,,s."f.i1lv-.,-ml ' 'i - A ' ' if i gg Zi Class Sponsor Class Sponsors and Advisers 4 iff School Board Seated--Miss Grace Fern Mitchell. executive secretary to board and superintendent: Ora T. Schroyer. secre- tary: John C. Banta. treasurer: William T. Hammond, president. Standingd-T. B. Calvert, director of research and budgets: H. B. Allman. superintendent of schools. Supervisors Left to right-Floyd Raisor. supervisor of health education: Mrs. Erma B. Christy. supervisor of educational guidance and home economics: H. F. Brickley. director of voca- tional and industrial education: J. J. Freistroffer, coordinator in distributive occupations: Miss Julia Kitchel, supervisor of nurses. 50 The 1945 Magician ADMINISTRATION R. D. Shaffer, Principal Under the leadership of friendly Mr. Shaffer, Central High has worked this year to do its part in a War-World. Topping all else was the establishment of the R.O.T.C. unit. ln the Words of the army the general object of the program is 'iprimarily to lay the foundation of intelligent citizenship by inculcating in the student habits of precision, orderliness, courtesy, correctness of posture and de- portment, leadership, and respect for, and loyalty to constituted authority: and to give the student basic military training Which Will be of benefit to him and of value to the military service if and when he becomes a member thereof." More than two hundred boys signed for the Work, which was under the direction of Harry Kemmer, professor of military science and tactics. A group of civic leaders became members of the advisory committee, while the Junior Chamber of Commerce assumed active sponsorship. At the beginning of the second semester, C. J. Quinlan, a veteran of World War II, took over the work when Mr. Kemmer asked to be relieved. The 1945 MGgiCl.UD 51 ,YV Clerical Staff Seated-Miss Bertha Arbogast, Ii- nancial clerk and secretary to the prin- cipal. Standing-Mrs. Frances DeCapua, boys' attendance clerk: Mrs. Dorothy Jones, part-time office assistant: Miss Rose Mary Thomas, girls' attendance clerk. 52 '3Z2Z'ifg,iZFj'7l'V fl if .VAN nb, it WW!! , JY l Dean and Clerks The 1945 Magician Art, Foreign Language, Music Left to right-Griffin Stephenson Qartj, Miss Charline Jamieson Qhead of foreign language departmentj, Mrs. Esther Keller Brown fLatin, Spanishj, Glen Stepleton Chead of music departmentj. Ernest Boyer Qmusicj was not present when the picture was taken. iii' English Row 1-Miss Deborah Edwards, Miss Lucile Mayr, Miss Maude Michael, Miss Margaret Ryan, Miss Katheren Smith. Row 2-Miss Kathleen Meehan, Miss Mary E. Wlade, Miss Henryetta Brandt, Miss Eleanor Bly facting head of depart- mentj, Mrs. Mary Reed. Miss Blanch E. Tuhey, department head, did not teach the second semester because of illness. The 1945 Magician 53 Business Education Left to right-Neil W. Daily, J. Carl Humphrey, Robert Colvin, Mrs. Lois Clark, Mrs. Helen R. Pennington, Fred Bogart Cdepartment headj, Martin J. Hansen, Paul E. Carmichael. Health and Physical Education Row 1-P. D. Burkhalter Cswimmingl, Miss Katherine King fgirls' physical educationj, Walter Fisher Chead of physical education departmentj, Miss Ola E. Courtney Chealth educationj, Floyd W. Raisor Qhealth educationj, Ettore Antonine fphysical educationj. Row 2-+Alvy Havens Cphysical educationj, C. J. Quinlan CR.O.T.C.l, Arthur Beckner fphysical and health educationj, 54. The 1945 Magician Home Economics Left to right--Mrs. Jessie Hoffman Qnutritionj, Miss Nelle Scott fcafeteria directorb, Mrs. Ruth B. Harker Chome economicsj, Miss Ola E. Courtney ffoodsj, Miss Ella Krieger Cmodern livingj, Miss Ella Hollenback Cclothingj, Miss Suzanna Rosenthal Chygiene and nursingj. 'A' i' 'A' Mathematics and Science Row 1-Roger S. Lingeman Qphysicsj, Mrs. Helen Morrison, Mrs. Edna M. Shively, Miss Frances Andrews Qbotanyj, Hal B. Warren. Row 2-Harry N. Whittern, Edward Zetterberg Cchemistryj, Harry G. Kemmer, Edward Olsen, H. Emory Fenimore fhead of mathematics departmentj. . The 1945 Magician 55 Social Science Left to right-James Hyatt, Lloyd Cooley, Miss Jewel Standerford, Miss Josephine Clevenger, Miss Frances L. O'Harra, Miss Esther Bartlett, Ralph Conelley, Russell T. McNutt Cdepartment heady, iii' Trade School Row 1-Charles E. Rettig fmachine shopj, Wesley C. Pierce fprintingj, H. F. Brickley Csupervisor of trade and industrial educationj, Thamar Main Cmachine shopj, Irwin Morrow Cdraftingj, Gail Gaddis fwoodwork and draftingy. Row 2-Gilbert Blackwood Celectricityj, Herman Beckley Cbuilding tradesj, Dr. W, L. Howard fvice-principal of Trage Sclgoolj, Harry Vfhittern Crelated math and sciencej, Robert Capper Qauto mechanicsj, Robert Noble Canto mec anics . 56 The 1945 Magician Zin Pmnriam On January 18, Centralites heard with sorrow of the death of one of its favorite teachers, Clyde Wellinger, instructor of building trades and vocational carpentry at the Trade School. He became ill in October, but his condition was not serious until a week before his death. I-Ie was a graduate of Central High in 1918 and com- pleted work on his A.B. degree at Ball State in 1923. He was a teacher in the Muncie Schools for twenty-five years, beginning in 1920 as a teacher of manual arts at Garfield. The next year he came to Central and remained here until the Trade School was opened. Mr. Wellinger was noted for the success he achieved in providing actual construction work for the boys in his classes. For a number of years his classes built a house each year, Garages were also constructed, and when the Trade School was planned, much of the work of re- conditioning and rebuilding was done by his students. Last summer he supervised the build- ing of the new Blaine School Cafeteria and at the time of his death he was in charge of work on the new cafeteria at the Trade School. A ine teacher has left us, but there remain the accomplishments of the boys whom he taught to despise shoddy work, a worthy memo- rial for a life of service. Clyde Wellinger Death also came this year to a figure long familiar to Centralites, when Arthur Williams, custodian, was stricken Thursday morning, November 30, 1944, as he was doing his morning work, preparatory to the beginning of the school day. He died as he would have wished, on the job, for he was a conscientious worker, as well as a friendly man with a cheery word for both students and faculty. Arthur Williams The 1945 Magician 57 The versatility of Centralites is shown by the activities presented in this section. See why I proudly twirl my whiskers when I talk about them! Or maybe you'd rather throw out your chest as do the R.O.T.C, boys across the way. Anyway, all of them have a lot of fun as they work and play at Central. V335 5559521 A , 'Y 7 if ' we-L. ' s 'wi 33 fs K -ff fs- . sf flilm fir e 1 ' - t 1' ' ., j 'r If F735 it s ' .. if K W' 5? Q 'DEWQF Q -1 " Win ,Q f rf j . Ha ,db 1 , ' 1:.,f- if N..- -,. .-Ie?" 225. f ' C153 Q M: W l M' M Q J ,.rL A A ! c, ' K t' W r n r iiefvf - wwf . . ai, ,. . .g - wgwaf , A YV . y . J www: ' viffsf vif lf, - fr V K 3 'za " - gg VYLI' ' ' in r g .V xl.-ZJQA: ye? - Q fi , ' ,Vg - ag .. I M " ' ' ' ' few .2 ' f V .. FA, 4 f r - Q . . .Nj v - rr 4 : .- E, . , ,.' In-1' ,. 1- fwN. "I.':1' eb' ' 'v Girls' Trio Lt. Col. C. J. Quinlan, PMS8zT, Officers, and Non-Coms 6 0 0 ir f 'A' Central R.O.T.C.-Company A First Platoon Row l-Captain Richard Edwards, TfSgt. Bob Kelsey. Row 2-SfSgt. Phil Bayless, Rex Pitf tenger, Bob Davis, Pfc. Jim Williams, Earl Bolton, Joe Engle, Francis Weaver, Gene Gibson, Joe Crouse, Sgt, Don Swanger. Row 3-SfSgt. Lynn C. Stuart, Sgt. Edward Stahl, Pfc. Erank Gilpen, Richard Van Natter, Pfc. Robert Persinger, Dick Wing, Harold Kingrey, Max Jordan, Don Miller. Row 4-SfSgt. Bill Engelbrecht, Bob Garrett, SfSgt. Johnny Webb, Pfc. James Johnson, George M, Madix, Melvin Shelton, Pfc. Dick Rotroff, Melvin Ruble, Pfc. Herbert Harmeyer, Sgt. Jack Limbert. Row 5 -S!Sgt. Hubert Austin, Jack Collins, Pfc. James Dixon, Wilbur Danner, Thomas Yingst, John Herbert, Max Bell, Sgt. John Wright, Row 6-Gerald Thompson, Robert Thompson, Harry Weisse. Second Platoon Row l-Major Ben Janney, Lt. William Moler, Sgt, Ralph Pinney, TfSgt. Tom Terrell. Row 2-SfSgt. Bill Spurgeon, SfSgt. Bob Koontz, Pfc. Bill Jameson, Bob Green, Pfc. Carl Dickason, James Swallow, Raymond Porter, Edward Ray, Bill Ross. Row 3--SfSgt. Marlen Wilson, Paul Dotson, Tom Ribble, Joe Halbert, Sgt. Jack Adams, David Beard, Sgt. Joe Vlaskamp, Row 4-SfSgt. Bill Basinger, Sgt. Richard Smith, Eugene Sanders, Pfc. Harold Dean, Sgt. Delmar Roundtree, Sgt. Bill Lyons. Row 5-sfsgt. Jack Cronin, James Dudley, Edwin Luzader, Jack Sorensen. 60 The 1945 Magzcxan Central R.O.T.C.-Company B First Platoon Row l--Major Ben Janney, Lt. Wayne Quate, Lt. Bob Moore, Sgt. James Preble. Row 2- SfSgt. Lyle Jacobs, Ralph D. Darwell. Robert Ross, Kenneth Eoster, Howard Conner, James Edwards, Jack Vining. Row 3-Bob Rinker, Earl Blake, Meredith Miller, Bob Huddleston, Maurice Truesdell, Harry Irwin. Row 4-Sam Slack, Thomas Ritter, Joe Beatson. Row 5-Bill Williams, Leon Car- min, Bob Stewart, Wayne Roach, Bob Moore, Kenneth Robinson, Clark Keen, Bob Tuttle, Second Platoon Row 1-Major Ben Janney, Capt. Ed Ebrite, 2nd Lt. Wendell Poland, TfSgt. Bill King. Row 2-SfSgt. John Clayton, Sgt. Charles Maddox, Sgt, Charles Chesnut, Paul Langdon, Pfc. Leland Wal- ter, Don Benson, Pfc. Art Langdon, Bob Meadows, Bob Turner, Bob Whittemore. Row 3-SfSgt. Fred Randall, James Robinson, Ciene Martin, Carl Mudge, SfSgt. Richard Evans, Sgt. Jack Turner, Rich- ard Dailey, Sgt. James Reed. Row 4-SfSgt. Rodney Million, Dick Bergdoll, Bruce Lamm, Bill Cook, Bob Replogle, Howard Neely, Robert Shideler. Row 54SfSgt. Bill Griflin, Charles Gaskins, John Whitworth. Row 6-Marion Drumm, Junior Hardwick, Jack Brammer, Richard Nichols. The 1945 Magic1'an 61 HONOR soclETY if vm 'N rs! 0 0 Q "' en. 7 Officers , 1 President ..A..A... ,A,.. ....,.. .,..., J o h n Brickley f 4 Vice-President .... ,...., E laine Basinger H N Secretary ,,....,. ..... , Jane Owens Q ' Treasurer .... .........,. ...... . . Al Weil S w e Sponsor .... ..... M rs. Erma Christy I Ki As the first club in our list of school organiza- A tions, l should like to present to you a group of students who receive perfect grades and never get into trouble of any kind. Yes, I would like to present such a group, but since no such thing is 5 A available, l shall introduce you to the next best MW" 3 ,, ,A thing, the Central chapter of the National Honor 3 avi? gk 1 ' I " 5 .Q Society. Members must meet high standards of 4 ,A leadership, character, service, and scholarship. These Q 55- H gp ' - --.-.......,......... students hold two impressive initiations in the audi- .: v' torium, a spring banquet, and the Honor Awards , 1- ra' Q. f Day each year. " J :Wg 3 -3J,wx2,' Standing Row l Cleft to rightj-Dorothy Morrow, Lois Earley, Peggy Valandingham, Florence Arthur, Joanne Kin- zie, Lois Ann Dick, Jane Ellen White, Elaine Basinger, Jane Owens. Row 2-Florence Wood, Bill Hanks, Wil- liam Braden, Barbara Sherman, Row 3-Bob Austin, Dick Bibler, Don Beaman, Al Weil, Richard Bergdoll. Seated Row l-Charles Van Cleve, Lee Wendell Brown, Ed Ebrite, Ben Janney, William Koss, Phil Bayless, Joe Crouse. Row Z-Tommy Lou Ware, June Brown, Beverly Tharp, Doris Barber, Pat Thomas, Ann Irving, Joe Bailey. Row 3-Zola Benner, Pat Taylor, Sylvia Chandler, Julia Boxell, Mary Kay Grover. 62 The 1945 Magician HI-Y Officers President ....,.,., A....,,.........., .,...., B u rl Keys Vice-President .,,. .... D on Beaman Secretary ,,..... ..... D on Grundy Treasurer .... ..,.. .,r.. D i ck Beeson Sponsor , .. ........, ......,.... H . A. Pettijohn Here we take a look at Hi-Y, that group of young fellers who created quite a stir when it was learned that each of them received a notice to appear at the city jail one night this winter. Parental questions were stilled. however, by the explanation that it was one of the regular meet- ings designed to gain information about commu- nity institutions. Quite a few special activities were on their calendar this year, the outstanding being the series of pre-school services held at the High Street Church during Holy Week. Club members also attended the annual conference at Richmond. It seems the out-of-town girls were really nice, tool ., ,K ...ggi .-gtw afg, .1 :QV fr, A 1 Z ry... , , tt 4 , ' 'f 5 : ', 3 -Q Mc , . ,. if gs 'E 'fl' -:Il 55, ii 2 ,al i 1 e ef-1-J .,' ,, 4. .. . V, ,. 'wri- . ., 21, . a gua x - W.-, 'f:,,,,. 3, '- .. if r -1 W Y '-f lrf. W' -fe,.:. ' .- 7 V if 17 , wg, ,M f- - vw , , if .ii K g 5 ae-ig X iii? ,NW xi ki, il f ? f , 5 i cb 3 3 Sl f 1 rf! 2 5 1 4: 2 5 5+ S, Ay j - - ?'. EQ A-+545-' zaf4. ia 4 1 if li - 1 1, Vg... g 5, i 1' , ,F 5 as f Q 4 f Zi' 3 5 4 ? j 5 a 4 , + r 2 S' 'gf W f 1 f ' 1 4 Zig jf as 1' 1 f P, ya in sg 25 S' X ' ff Z 1, is ii ii s N K A5 Q is 2 'Q "" Ni, ,,,. A 'I 5+ Standing Row 1-Bill Hanks, Jim Reed, Dick Smekens, Ben Janney, Joe Bailey, Jack Karlen, Don Grundy, Joe Dooley, Leland Walter, Dick Bibler, Bill Shear, Don Nliller, Bob Dodd, Tom Hughes, 'Wayne Quate. Row 2- Ed Stahl, Roy Werts, Rex Leeka. Seated Row l-Paul Cory, Charles Van Cleve, Burl Keys, Dick Beeson, Max Jordan, Don Beaman. Row 2- Paul Gregory, A. J. Hall, Nelson Zetterberg, Al Wieil, Herman Margell, Harry Irwin, Bob Davis. Row 3iJim Acton, Vaughn Smith, Phil Bayless, Dick Edwards, Hubert Austin, Bob Persinger, Dick Bredeson, Don Anderson. Row 4--Jerry Hennigan, Gene Dance, Jack Goen, Delmar Dooley, Dohn Sipe, Gene Hiller, Diamond Hays, Jack Limbert, Jack Gilbert. Row 5-Walter Leeka, Bruce Lamm, Bob Singer, Lynn Stuart, Leonard Douthitt, Jack Munson, Tom Adams, Fred Mosier. The 1945 Magician 63 Standing Row l-Jane Owens, Elaine Basinger, Nelson Zetterberg, Diamond Hays, Al Weil. Row 2-Joe Bailey, A. J. Hall, Dick Bredeson, Jane Ellen White, Martha Ebrite, Mildred Eikenberry. Row 34Tom Adams, Ben Janney, Phil Bayless, Jim Bath, Ed Ebrite. Seated Row l-Don Beaman, Charles Van Cleve, Donald Miller. Row 2-Naomi Fisher, Betty Potts, Burl Keys, Dick Bibler, Hubert Austin, Barbara Tyler, Joanne Kinzie. Row 3-Julia Boxell, Lois Dick, Florence Arthur, Nadine Benne, Pat Montgomery, Lois Earley, Beverly Bullock. Row 4-Betty Zetterberg, Dorothy Morrow, Bar- bara McGuire, Florence Wood, Martha Banta, Doris Barber, Barbara Sutton. 4,53 f soClAL SCIENCE CLUB kg!!! A ,, fiat, Officers Y President ......... ...............,.. .... P h il Bayless 3 'lp Vice-President ,.,. ......,. . J. Hall pl 4 li ' Secretary ,..., .. ,.... Pat Montgomery i w e, Treasurer .... .,,.,......,. D oris Barber 7 5 Sponsor .... ..... .... ....... R u s sell T. McNutt rbhli gf ' If you think you know more about politics than N 2. Q.3f l' ,V the next fellow or if you think that you are a born , ' ' iff diplomat, then your place while at Central is in the . x iii :, .fi-if Social Science Club. National and international Q , social and economic affairs are discussed by the gigfg, 55 Q , 1 5, 7 t g: Qlhu members, and an occasional opportunity to sponsor "M l,ek some civic event offers variety to the program. This year the club sold tickets to a series of pro- ng? ,'. . uf ' ' - ' grams in our auditorium which featured talks by n outstanding foreign authorities. I'm proud to :gi n Q "s' f 2 present to you these students who are so interested in furthering their understanding of the World today. C 64 The 1945 Magician GEOGRAPHY CLUB Officers President .........,.,,.,..,...A..,..,.... Gene Dance Secretary-Treasurer .....e Annabelle Halliday Sponsor ......,.,.., ....... R . Lloyd Cooley Meet the passengers on that Arabian special, the Magic Carpet. In these days of travel restrictions and gas rationing, that's about the only means of transportation left for would-be travelers. But one of these days they'll start roaming again, in- stead of meeting just to talk about it. Over hills and dales th-ey'll go tripping along on that field jaunt which formerly was Centralis first sign of spring. Sunless days will not keep them in because they prefer cooler weather every time. A. 1, Z A alf 9553 N , ff A -SQ - vff3s2ff:1j'?'5? ' if I 'K ctggtgivl f 4 fiffiiw X s 1s?Li?.f- MQMY, lv ,Aw . ya JAP' gg.. , .W The 1945 Magician President .,...... Vice-President .,.,.... Secretary-Treasurer .4... Sponsor ,,... Row 1-Dick Bibler, Nadine Benne. Row 2-Mary Earle Hoff- mann, Betty Crouch, Al Weil, Phil Osgood, Pat Thomas. Row 3-Mr. Griilin Stephen- son, June Robinson, Mary Kay Grover, Lois Earley, Anne Boggs. 66 DAUBER CLUB Officers , ..,.Nadine Benne .,..,Genevieve Moodey Pat Thomas Griffin Stephenson Paint, paint . . . daubs of it . . . is slung about skillfully over paper and canvas and hands and clothes by many of the more active members of this club. Re- organized this year to include any students interested in art, the club has an enrolled membership of more than three hundred. CPretty popular guy, this Artlj This large number of art lovers might be due to the many fans of the comic strips in our ranks. A Paderew- ski movie, an art exhibit, and a spring dance were among the Dauber doings this year. The 1945 Magician MATH CLUB Officers President A.....,.. Vice-President ,.... Secretary .,...,... Treasurer ..... Sponsor ..... These are the guys and gals of C. H. S. who make a hobby of observing and studying ligures. Of course I'm referring to numerical iiguresl Members gain much useful knowledge from special reports given by senior members of the club throughout the year. Many of the members hope to become great engineers, chemists, and scientists, In fact, I've heard that whenever you have a very complicated prob- lem to do and can find no way to solve it, all you have to do is to take it to a member of the Math Club-and he'll tell you where to find Mr. Fenimore. The 1945 Magician 'vga 5 pta 4' MXXC, , p ' . '-lf4?E.fv"7-f, ' iff ,wkfzaffgziiz xg: 'V' :rr-,iw LZ? 1 Y . . .vs5", ,Y 3-S ae lt W v W fdww 'if ....,Don Beaman ,,...Leland Walter ......Doris Barber ..,..,Betty Zetterberg E. Fenimore V , . Row l--Don Beaman, Don Miller, Joe Bailey, Ben Janney, Dick Bredeson, Phil Bayless. Row 2-Doris Barber, Billie Irby, Dick Beeson. Jane Owens, Florence Wood, Julia Boxell, .lim Bath. Row 3-Hubert Austin, Al Weil, Elaine Basinger, Dorothy Morrow, Jane Ellen White, Bet- ty Mae Potts. Row 4-"Slug" Van Cleve, Gene Reeves, Herman Margell, Wayne Quate, A. J. Hall, Mr. H. E. Fenimore. Row 5 - Betty Zetterberg, Harriett Preston, Betty Jo Da- vison, Martha Banta, Barbara Sutton, Diamond Hays, Row 6 f- Leland Walter, Florence Arthur, Dick Bibler, Bob Singer, Beverly Bullock, Sylvia Chandler, Nelson Zetter- berg. 67 Outer circle-Joanne Beatson, Eleanor Yarger, Juanita Jones, Joanne Smith, Tom Hughes, Miss Kathleen Meehan, Don Bassett. Drucilla Stillwagon, Sylvia Chandler, Barbara Tyler, Naomi Fisher. Seated on steps-Marjorie Pierson, Phyllis Goodman, Joanne Kinzie, Jean Blizzard, Nancy Austin. QUILL AND SCROLL President ..,.,....... Vice-President ..... Secretary .......,.. Treasurer ..... Sponsor .....i 2 Qi f- . . is .. 55,2 iii , if ligf in Girl, - .a fr .,,Q ef ,Sz ggi- g int f ar .. s .4 it fc . 'a-,, If Ahvzr . ,La I f Q ,Y B ,,f,. ,,,, 3. 68 Officers . ........, Naomi Fisher .......Leonard Douthitt ......,.Nancy Austin ...............Joanne Beatson Miss Kathleen Meehan The baby . . . I mean the youngest club at Central this year is the local chapter of the national honorary fraternity for high school journalism students. lt's about time, too, that our journalists gain such an honor, for they've been bringing home prizes Cbacon would be more Welcome in View of the meat situationj for quite a time. Formal in- stallation of the chapter took place in April when E. C. Pulliam, Indianapolis publisher, spoke. Now, when you see somebody going down the hall hold- ing a feather firmly in his hand, you'll know he hasn't lost his fountain pen . , . he's just one of Central's top reporters. The 1945 Magician Row l-Dick Joy, Don Bassett, Bob Koontz, Harold Cross, Bob Curts, John Turner. Row 2+Mary Morrett, Norma Peckinpaugh, Rozetta McKinley, Margie Quate, Barbara Tyler, Jean Blizzard Joanne Kinzie, Jama M. Kirby, Phyllis Dunn. Row 3-Drucilla Stillwagon, Patricia Huffman, Carol Jean Marsh, Joan Smith, Nancy Austin Joanne Beatson. Row 4--Catherine Bauer, Jerry Harrold, Fredine Wynn, Beverly Burgess, Pat Thomas, Naomi Fisher Lu ella LeBeau. Row 5-Virginia Stewart, Nancy Mulholland, Phyllis Goodman, Miss Kathleen Meehan, Regina Parker Ann Baker, Howard Conner, Dean Burton, Leonard Douthitt, Marvin Fifer, Marjorie Pierson, Carmen Vyain Audrey Chandler. THE MU NSON IAN Staff Heads Editor ...........,.......... ....i,...,,.......... Business Managers ....., Editorial Sponsor .i.., Printing Sponsor ,..,., ..,.. ,.,.. The feline family is supposed to have an over- supply of curiosity, but in these guys and gals it's just a nose for news. They see all, hear all, and tell almost all of the doings of Centralites every other week in the columns of the school paper. Neither paper shortage, nor manpower shortage, nor ink shortage Cwe hear some purple ink was avail- ablel has prevented its publication. Staff members are so sold on their jobs that they'd probably write every copy in longhand if that were the only way to get out the paper. And Centralites would try to read it in third period classes . . . and still have to finish it at noon. The 1945 Magician .. ............ .,.,.. . Naomi Fisher Joe Beatson, Harold Connor .... Miss Kathleen Meehan . H .. ,.Wesley C. Pierce fi Qi 4 ' . 'F' , '49 'P' w l ggi .,..,. fg is il: ffl f 8' ,fi-J li its ,. , ' ,I fi g? I , - ef' T AT M A 69 Blue Tri G A A Library Pages Blue Tri Clockwise - Deloris Me- randa Qvice-presidentl, Helen Davis, Ruth Owens Ctreas- urerj , Barbara Bredwell, Rosemary Dustman, Klara Conkel, Marjorie Maitlen Cpresidentj, Phyllis Brown- ing, Nancy Williamson, Na- dine Riggs, Gail Wilson. Doris Eraser, Rose Staley. Phyllis Mahoney, Delores Rice, Katherine Scott, Mil- dred Wills, Mary Ann May- nard, Joan Barr, Barbara McCreery, Wanda Wright. Anne Hertz, secretary, is not shown. G. A. A. Standing - Rosemary Dustman, Julia Boxell, Flora ence Wood, Jane Ellen White lpresidentb, Dorothy Mor- row, Ruth Owens. Doris Barber, Miss Katherine King. Sealed-Mary Jane Nem- ski, Beverly Tharp, Betty Mae Potts, Mary Lou Wal- lace, Betty Zetterberg, Joey Nemski Qvice - presidentj. Marjorie Maitlen, not shown. is secretary-treasurer. Library Pages Standing - Pauline Hol- den, Mary Morrow, Rachel Martin, Barbara Shafer. Seated-Mary Earle Hoff- mann, Nada Norton, Eunice Bailey, Rosemarie Risk, Pa- tricia Huffman, Rosemary Armstrong, Lucy Amburn. Lois Mullen, Marybelle Eel- ton. Pages not in the pic- ture are Beverly Armstrong, Betty Wyne, Beverly Bur- gess, Elorence Hardwick. Beverly Neff. The 194 5 Magic1'an BEARCAT BAND Row l-Theda Weiss, Mary Phipps, Mary Lou Badders, Mary Delaney, Mary Shaffer, Wanda Jones, Rose- mary Palin, Rebecca Klepfer, Rita Keppler, Peggy Reynolds, Adonna Weaver. Row Z-Frank Hurst, Bob Curts, Jean Blizzard, Carolyn Tyler, Dorothy Habgood, Cassius Goens, Curtis Irby, Herbert Smith, Jeanne Furnish. , Row 3-Ruth Ann Owens, Don Ricks, Pat Taylor, John Turner, Helen Swan, Philip Neff, Priscilla Klep- fer, Max Jackson, Row 4-Mary Ann Putrell, Marjorie Cox, James Preble, Barbara Sherman, Jim Wilson, Jack Schultz, Mau- rice Truesdale, Helen Davis. Row 5-Mary Lou Hudson, Jackie Coons, Dick Werts, Phil Brady, David Beard, Dick Tuttle. Row 6-Mary Kuhns, Lois Wagner, Dale Rogers, Bill Basinger, Bob Adams, Clarence Ellis, Doris Fraser, Iona Ford. Officers President ,.,........ ......,.,.,.... ....... D o n Beaman Vice-President ..... .,..... P at Collier Secretary .,.....,.,. ........... P at Taylor Treasurer ..... ,,.... V irginia Wade Director ...,. ,..,, ............ E rnest Boyer These Centralites certainly start the day with a band, for each morning during the first period the sound of their efforts fills the south side of the building. Prom the band room on the first floor, they even impress first-period inhabitants of 221 with their early morning pep, Gosh, how they interfere with a guy's sleep! Seriously, I know you'll join me in extending thanks to this hard-Working bunch for their constant support at football and basketball games. They also play for many other school and com- munity programs, I can really be a modest fellow with these people about . . . they do such a swell job of horn- blowing for me. The 1945 Magz'czian 71 Second Period Sixth Period ROBED CHOIR Officers President ...A .,,. . . .,.4, ,,r.V,. , David Pogue CNOW in Armyj Vice-President .... ...,.A.A..,.,.A,..,,................ J ames Saunders Secretariesm ., . ......,,A4..........,.,, A . JoAnn Melton, Ruthalice Anderson Treasurers .,..., ...... T ommy Lou Ware, Harold Sulkey QNOW in Navyj Musical backgrounds for second and sixth period classes are furnished by the two sections of the Robed Choir each day. On Thursdays they branch out and take to the air, for their regular fifteen-minute broadcast over Station WLBC. And that isn't even the beginning of their activities, for they prepare annual presentations of the two oratorios, i'The Messiah" and "The Seven Last Words of Christ," for school and community. As if that Weren't enough to keep them busy, they appear in the fall and spring concerts of the music department, as Well as in HMusical Moods." In their spare time they sing for school, community, and out-of-town groups. 72 The 1945 Magician Third Period Seventh Period ALL-GIRL CHOIR Officers President e..A.A..,. .4.......,.... A...,, M a ry Keihn Vice-President .,...... ...,........,,.....,...,. .,.4..... J e rry Detrich Secretaries .,...,... .....,. M arilyn Nenstiel, Margaret Martin Treasurers ,..... ..,..., S hirley Derringer, Barbara Trennepohl lt's rumored that two of our very prominent senior fellows tried to call themselves Donna and Roberta in a vain attempt to join the All-Girl Choir during third and seventh period classes. But a beaming face revealed one of them and the other gave up in despair. How- ever, the All-Girl Choir continues to sing cheerfully, even if not manfully, without their aid. They're too busy to bother with men anyway Qwho said that?Q because they join the Robed Choir for the two oratorios each year. They also sing in the three productions of the music department . . . to say nothing of added appearances in other programs. And their reward? They're eligible for the Robed Choir next year! The I945 Magician 73 "mud Top-Boys' Choir. Center-Pat Thomas, S weetheart Chorus. N 3. 15 gf' Bottom - The Jitter- bugs, Pat Collier, z V. tt, . Like it hot? Like it sweet? Like it boogie-Woogie? Whatever your musical preference, you'll find it in the annual production of the music department, For it is, indeed, a show of many moods. This year more than three hundred students joined to present their version of this spring show before three evening audiences and one special "Sweetheart Matinee" for high school students. Dates for the show were March 13, 14, and 15. ..r:'...- l , ,fzafw A . '- V5 T if Q Q ' if ,., W- ' , iff ' 4, I 'V 'Q ' 'I 9 21 I ' ii shift f. 155 if , 51' if K it "H b at fl - Yi' ' , 74 The 1945 Magician Maacfd " Top-Dunbar Chorus. Center -- Sophomore ., Choir, Pat Taylor, Bottom - Margaret Oaldon, Accordion Band. A few of the twenty-three acts appearing in this year's show are seen on these pages. The Boys' Choir, with Bob Zehnder at the piano. was one of the highlights of the production. Among the solo acts were Pat V. i f Collier with her flute and Margaret Oaldon with her voice. Pat Taylor A and Pat Thomas served as accompanists. The production was under the i general supervision of Crlen A. Stepleton and Ernest Boyer of the music department. The 1945 Magician 75 ir 'Q ew' W4 ff' 36" it uk 76 ujune Mad" Standing-Gerald Hennigan, A. J. Hall, Betty Gray, Bob Singer, Nadine Benne, Betty Mae Potts, Ben Janney, Barbara Tyler. Seated-Charles Van Cleve, Eugene Lacy, SENIOR DRAMATICS I said Central students were talented, didn't I? Look, now they're acting, and I don't mean the kind seen when a student who forgot to prepare his lesson tries unsuccessfully to convince his teacher that he has. I mean the kind of acting done behind footlights and greasepaint. For the first time at Central, the usual class play was taken over by a dramatics class under the direction of Miss Henryetta Brandt. Seniors enrolled for the class during the fall semester. By the end of the term they had presented two one-act plays, 'ADarkness" and "The Birds' Christmas Carol," as well as the three-act "June Mad." Members of the class were in charge of make-up, costumes, sets, and lighting, too. Class members were Nadine Benne, Violet Booher, Betty Lou Buck- ley, Betty Louise Buckley, Eva Chappelle, Harold Connor, Howard Connor, Marilouise Draves, Robert Gentry, Betty Gray, Gwendolyn Grim, Berylda I-Iaidet, Gerald Hennigan, Louise Hirst, Mary Earle Hoff- mann, Pauline Holden, Jean Hudson, Pat Lowe, Pat Montgomery, Da- vid Pogue, Reynolds, McMickle, Gloria Rector, Betty Sheller, Hazel Sheesley, LaVella Stamper, Lynn Stuart, Evelyn Taylor, Barbara Tyler, Margie Zearbaugh, Wanda White: Betty Mae Potts, Jane Owens, and A. J. Hall, auditors. The 1945 Magician ir . ,' 'w w ,fix P ffiwlifgf f "Brother Goose" Standing-Wayne Quate, Betty Zetterberg, Freddie Whitaker, Carson Copeland, Betty Anshutz, Helen Dodd, Doris Nick, Naomi Fisher. Seated-Margie Ferner, Louise Marvin, Rosemary Dustman, Corinna Thomas. JUNIOR DRAMATICS During the spring semester, members of the junior class took over the dramatics assignment to show what they could do as actors and actresses, and electricians, as Well as floor-sweepers and cleaner-uppers. This Hrst-period class gave them a fine start for the day. They, too, prepared the annual class play for presentation, and a fine job they did of "Brother Goose," which twice oH'ered evenings of pure escape. They also presented several one-act plays and made a number of appearances before school and community meetings. They liked the work so much that if there had been time, they probably would have Wanted to join a USO unit or try for some amateur-night contest. Juniors enrolled in the class included Ruthalice Anderson, Tom Anderson, Betty Anshutz, Shirley Boggs, Carson Copeland, Doris Dick, Helen Dobbs, Willa Mae Dungan, Rosemary Dustman, Naomi Fisher, Margie Ferner, Dorothy Hiatt, Jane Jackson, Barbara McCreery, Marjorie Maitlen, Louise Marvin, Mary Morrett, Gloria Noble, Wayne Quate, Mary Joan Sheridan, Corinna Thomas, Jeanne Thompson, Freddie Whitaker, Alice Wilson, Wanda Wright, Betty Zetterberg. The 1945 Magician if Ah-ha-a-a-a-al Look What's next! Here are the Bearcats, the fellows Who use my na1ne. And what namesakes! Vkfhat Cats! Champions all of them as far as I'm concerned, but then l'm prejudiced. Football, basketball, Wrestling, track, base- ball, golf, intramurals-the Bearcats do 'gem all. And what's more, they do 'em well. P lv-Q4 l . l .VW-'K' arm ',.b h w .. 4 ,,,V ky N. Li Q, N 4-fl V' av P a,,. Left Halfback Field House Walter E. Fisher In all the years l've watched Bearcat warriors take the field, I've seen some of the best since the coaching job was taken over by that sterling fellow, Walt Fisher. Although he is known as the gloomiest coach in the business, he has managed . . . just barely managed . . . to annex the North Central Conference championship for the past Hve years. Al- though the Cats have been conference members for thirteen years, their luck wasn't so good the rest of the time . . . they had to share the title three years. But Mr. Fisher just shakes his head and mutters that the boys will have to do better or things will be pretty dismal. tiff Ettore Antonini The tall man with the infectious grin is Coach Antonini, the Purple and White wrestling mentor. ln his spare time he also acts as assistant football coach and track coach. I suppose you could call him a 'Atriple threat" man, couldn't you? Under the direction of this former All-American football player, Central fellows are going places in the field of sports. The 1945 Magician Arthur E. Beckner Well, he and his boys did it this year! For the nrst time since 1938, the basketball quintet annexed the sectional title. And what's more, those fellows weren't stopped until the final game of the semi- Hnals. Not bad for a second year at Central! But, of cours-e, since Coach Beckner used to wear the Purple and White himself as a star player on the Bearcat five, it's no more than I expected of one of my namesakes. I tell you, these Bearcat fellows of mine certainly make the grade. Who Wouldn't, now that I think about it, with me as an inspiration? There I go. acting too modest again. 'A"k'ki' Alvy Havens The newcomer to the coaching staff is this World War II veteran, who came to Central upon the com- pletion of his naval chores. I-Ie has taken over the intramural league, which completed one of its most successful seasons this year. I-Ie also supervises the large gymnasium during the noon hour and aids with other athletic problems around Central. The 1945 Magician -Muncie Star Photo Row l---Earl Blake, Paul Singer, Bob Perkins, Charles Spence, Bob Meadows, Jack Adams, Max Cox, Jacq LaDuron, Frankie Hurst, George Yingst, A. J. Hall, Elwood Wegesin. Ray Reason, Fred Williams. Row 2-Max Jackson Cmanagerj, Otis Edwards, Lewis Briggs, Charles Scott, Frank Cray, Bob Persinger, David Coleman, Bill Abercrombie, John Cooper, Sidney Stafford, Jim Saunders, Jack McCurdy, Don Malott, Carl Manis, Coach Fisher. Row 3-Gene Dance, Harold Sulkey, Wayne Quate, Jim Acton, Bob Kuhns, Don Woods, Bill Fisher, Ed Bird, Paul Abrams, Al Weil, Paul Gregory, Bill Zearbaugh, Tom Britt, Wilmuth Wills, John Brickley. f WH Football Record for 1944 sf SEPT. 1 K A 5,4 ll H-Bearcats 33 " ' if fy Q ag 15 T-BXea1r,craEs059 J f4A, ' Mu .b . gf 22 H-Bearcats 46 ff ge , Vqth' Q 29 T-Bearcats 70 7 3 J J 7 ., OCT' S A A ii ",, 1 6 H-Bearcats 33 ' A it A - 5f3f'if7 ' 'A 'rhie A ' 13 T-Bearcats 3 9 4 20 H-Bearcats 53 25 H-Bearcats 32 Nov. V' Q 1 T-Bearcats 82 Newcastle 6 , Central, Ft. , Anderson 7 , Elwood 0 , Tech. of Indpls. 0 Marion l2 , Bloomington 19 Kokomo 6 27, New Castle 7 The 1945 Magician CHAMPIONS AGAIN Cats, Cats, all over the place . . . and what Cats! This year's Bearcat powerhouse took not only the North Central Conference title for the fifth straight year, but laid claim to the myth- ical state championship for the second time in the school's history. They did it by taking all nine games on the schedule, piling up the amazing total of 392 points to the 57 scored by the six teams able to cross their goal-line. Their average point total was 43.5 to their oppo- nents' 6.3 per game. Are you surprised to know that I had to buy myself several new hats during the season? Did I say the Cats laid claim to the state title? Well, Jim Mitchell, AP sportswriter, gave it to them at the end of the season. In his words, 'AThe Bearcats, in the humble opinion of this scribe, proved themselves deserving of the crown by the manner in which they disposed of their nine opponents . . . So-it's hail to Central of Muncie, holders of the mythical 1944 Indiana prep grid championship because the Bearcats had no ties and no narrow squeaksf' Not only did the team reap honors, but acclaim came to individual members of the team. Jackie Adams, the will-o-the-wisp left halfback, was picked for that berth on Heze Clark's 1944 all-state high school team. Fisher also places him with Central's greats, because he was given that position by Fisher and the faculty committee which chose Central's All- Honor Team, 1927-1944. His speed, broken-Held running, passing, and kicking made him a "four-threat" man. Two of the others who rate top honors, as well as honorable mention on Central's all- time team, are now doing their stuff for Uncle Sam's Navy. Captain Ed Bird and Harold Sulkey are two of the boys who have exchanged football togs for Navy blues. Bird, center on the team, was the backbone of the Cat defense. He played a head's-up ball game and was always in there when needed. Sulkey, fullback, fulfilled all expectations by turning in a superlative job. His sheer power and ability to drive made him one of the outstanding line- plungers in high school football. He and Adams scored most of the Bearcat touchdowns. Capt. Ed Bird Jack Adams Harold Sulkey Center Left Halfback Fullback The 1945 Magician 83 Bob Kuhns Bill Fisher Gene Dance A. J. Hall Don Wood Roy Bradford 84 L The backfield was completed by Gene Dance, quarterback, and A. J. Hall, right half. Both men did excellent blocking for Adams and Sulkey, ball carriers most of the time. Dance sparked the team with his all-round ability and quick thinking. That versatile fellow, Senior President Hall, demonstrated his ability to do many things well by playing a 'line game throughout the season. The backiield was always a joy to watch since perfect block- ing cleared the way for the line plunges. Precision and smoothness characterized the work of these men. H However, don't think that the team had only five stars. That Bearcat line, while not signaled out for state attention, was nevertheless a powerful factor at all times. One of the linesmen was another member of Central's all-time team. Of Bob Kuhns, left end, Coach Fisher says that he is "the best pass-receiving end I ever had." Throughout the season Kuhns was always there to take them right out of the air. CPoet, am IU At the opposite end of the line Gerald Marsh and Charles Spence al- ternated at right end. Both were good blockers and football stalwarts. Guard positions were held down by Roy Bradford and Don Wood. The former's two-hundred-pound bulk formed a big obstacle for anybody with ideas about get- ting through the left side. Wood also gave an equally good account of himself. The line was completed by Elwood Wege- sin and Bill Fisher, tackles. Both these scrappy Cats carried on the Bearcat tradi- tion. The latter is now in service, by the way. The 1945 Magician E While the regular starting line-up changed only occasionally because of in- juries or other causes. the Bearcats who substituted for the first-stringers had plenty of ability. They played an excellent brand of ball whenever given the opportunity, as in the Elwood game. Among the senior reserves who have doffed the Purple uni- forms for the last time are Otis Edwards, Cieorge Yingst, and Max Cox. Cox, who is now in service, decided to complete his work this year when it was found possible for him to do so. He had been counted as a starter for next year's squad. This year's team was truly an unbeat- able combination. The fellows formed a huge, well-trained aggregation that didn't know what it meant to give up. Each man contributed his own brand of football magic at the same time that he also knew his work as a cog in a machine full of power and drive. This ability to play as a unit and yet to use special abilities when the occasion called for them is another rea- son why the 1944 team scored such a suc- cess, And many people found their work a joy to watch because record crowds at- tended all home games. Against better-than-average teams, the Cats downed such outfits as Bloomington. New Castle, Kokomo, Central of Port Wayne, and Tech of Indianapolis by a 38.3 margin of victory. The narrowest margin was the New Castle score of 27 to 7. Certainly the season was any coach's dream. As for me, I purr proudly when I think of all those fellows who made up PIU the team that gave me the best season in Otis Edwards George Yingst man ears . Elwood Wegesin Charles Spence Y Y ' Max Cox Paul Abrams The 1945 Magic1'an 85 '-lEI'-IZE'-332'-l'-HE'-ICE'-lZZEI'-lCC Bearcats ,,,.,. Bearcats ,..... Bearcats ....... Bearcats ....... Bearcats ....... Bearcats .,..,.. Bearcats ....,.. Bearcats ....... Bearcats ..,.... Bearcats .....,. Bearcats ,...... Bearcats ,...... Bearcats ,..,.,. Bearcats ....... Bearcats ....... Bearcats ....... Bearcats ,.,,... Bearcats ,.,.... Bearcats ...... Bearcats ......, Bearcats ....... Bearcats .,..... Bearcats ...... Bearcats ..,,,.. Bearcats ,4,,... Bearcats .,..... Bearcats ......, ........ ,...... . ..... . . Bearcats ..............................,........................4 3 7 Season's Record ..,..,28 Union City,,,..., ......22 New Castle ......54 Elwood....... ....,.27 Frankfort........ .,...,39 Richmond....... Anderson,,..,.,.,., .......,41 I.ogansport........... Shelbyville............... .....,..40 Central, Ft. Wayne... ,32 Kokomo...,..,...,,...... ......38 Marion....,,........... ....,.34 Tipton................. Jeff of Lafayette.......,... ........49 Anderson...,,,,.,...........,.... .....,35 Tech. of Indianapolis ........32 Alexandriam.......,...... .,......4O New Castle......,.,,..,.... Richmond..,,.,. Tournanlent Scores New Year's Day Jeif of Lafayette ....3l Marion Sectional ......65 Center.......,. 38 Yorktown ......43 Burris...,.....,.. ,...,.43 Royerton....,... Regional 30 Richmond ..,.,4l I.ewisville.,,.... Semi-Final 3 9 Auburn .,,.,,..........,.. . ...,. 27 ........29 .....,.,23 19 27 32 28 37 42 38 25 26 27 27 37 .,.....23 .,...,..32 40 .......28 ......,23 26 .,.....,28 25 34 25 ........29 ,..., . ,.... . .,,.. ,... . ...36 Huntington ..,.....,.,.......,,..,.... .4.......,,.,...... .,...,. 4 2 Row l-Bob Kuhns, Harry Irwin, Marvin Fifer, Leonard Douthitt, Bob Barker. Row 2-Rodney Million, Rex Leeka, Vaughn Smith, Bill Bogart, Joe Graham, Denver Wooten, Bob Davis. 86 The 194 5 Magician BASKETBALL if , ' 'sp A'A--' V- ""A -. 4 V , if , I f in I t i V M y ' K , . -. ,f I 4 ,' s '.,L:,, , .31 ' "5 ' 2 1'i2 If Mei 2 Q, I ffm ev '.', 132,32 X, gwff fi"'if B the Bearcat Marvin Fifer I944-1945 Record , lf., , of thirteen wins and seven losses the Bearcat quintet not only Q t section rs qi fl , ' - J '2 A Did my basketball boys show them this year? Boy oh Pdianxid Oilily ,Eli A ' ' . , ' , K 'i f e , , A , H , if H time since 1938 but went on to take the regional and then adv nce ,refine e o th semi-finals. While I was all prepared to walk to Indianapolis, I wasn' e I'd rather wait until next year when I may be able to get enough gas to already used my last shoe stamp anyway Although a number of boys were in and out of the line up this season Ct eir uncle call some of themj, Coach Beckner found capable replacements and toward the middle of the sea son hit upon a starting five that produced some brilliant team work. This was the Fifer-Barker-Kuhns-Douthitt-Irwin combination, ive evenly-matched fellows who played a whale of a game when they really started clicking. Each of them starred during the season but they shone best as a team, Fifer was high-point man by the close of the regular season. When the boys took to the floor for the first time, it was Friday, November 17, at the Field House against a fighting Union City team that gave them plenty of trouble. The game was a battle all the way, with Union City leading when but seconds were left. Sulkey hit a foul shot to make it 28-27 just before the gun was fired. Evidently they hadn't caught their breath yet by the time they met New Castle the next week. On November 22, the Trojans handed them defeat on a 29-22 platter. The 1945 Magician Joe Dooley Student Manager 87 Above-Leonard Douthitt, Bob Kuhns, Harry lrwin. Left-Bob Barker, Rex Leeka, The Cats began to click two days later when the El- wood Panthers tangled here in a cat-and-cat iight. Pifer scored l7 of the team's 54 points, while the losers settled for 23. An old foe of long standing was downed on December l when the Cats gobbled up the Frankfort Hot Dogs, 27-19. Richmond was the next victim when Fifer again sparked the boys to a 39-27 victory. The unde- feated Anderson Indians maintained a still unblemished record the next night when they downed my boys by a 32-27 count. With four wins scored on the home Hoor, the Purple- clads added a Hfth victory on December 15, when the Lo- ganberries came to time. Life was just a bowl of cherries for the Cats, 4l-28, as they broke Logansport's winning streak. That old last-second jinx jumped up to plague the feline warriors the next night on the Shelbyville court. One of the Bears tossed in a foul shot with thirteen sec- onds to go . . . result, 37-36. The final game of 1944 went to Fort Wayne on December 22, when a long and high one was dropped in the basket by the Fort Wayne quintet. This last-second stuff was beginning to get mo- notonous, if you want to know. The Fort Wayne tally, 42-40. Hosts to the annual New Y-ear's Day tourney in the Field House, the Bearcats remembered Emily Post and per- mitted their guests to take first and second places. Frank- fort downed Marion, 38-31, and Jeff of Lafayette repeated the idea by dropping Central, 28-24, ln the consolation game the boys downed Marion, 3l-23, while Jeff went The 1945 Magician Above-Vaughn Smith, Denver Wooten, Bill Bogart. Right-Rodney Million, Bob Davis. on to win the tourney. Since the weather was a mere two below Zero, I really wasn't surprised that the boys Weren't too hot. I was an icicle myself. Cats tangled with Kats on January 5, but the wild ones from Kokomo took a 38-32 victory. Sulkey was gone from the line-up since he had enlisted in the Navy. Then the boys snapped back into the win-column seven days later when they went to town at Marion, 38-25. Still winners on January 17, the local boys took the Tip- ton battle, 34-26, in a strictly team-victory. In great form two nights later at Lafayette, the Cats lassoed the Bron- chos, 38-27, a fitting revenge for the January l defeat. The Anderson Indians had to buy new headdresses after their game with us on January 26, since the Cats plucked them of the very last feather in their war bonnets. For, lo, the poor Indians, 49-27. That last-second grem- lin popped up again and allowed Tech of Indianapolis to pull the game out of the fire in the closing seconds, 37-35. Alexandria was added to the losing side on February 3, in a slow 32-23 victory. The Cats had bounced back into fighting trim the next week when they made the New Castle quintet call A'Uncle" after a 40-32 count. And then, before we realized it, the last game of the season was here. And what a thriller of an overtime contest with Richmond, won by the boys, 42-40. Then the tournaments! Sectional winners, regional winners, and on to the semi-finals! As I said once before, boy, oh boy, what an outfit! Nice going, fellers. The 1945 Magician 89 L , ,nfl Row 1-Elwood Wegesin, 145 pounds: Robert Blackmer, 118: Joe Crouse, 118: William Hanks, 132, Charles King, 103: Jimmy Tolliver, 132: Marlin Harris, 112: Captain Ray Reason, 154. Row 2-Richard Wing, 138, Kent Hugus, 145, Roy Bradford, heavy: Louie Briggs, 175: Gene Dance, 165: Bill Lyons, 154: Jim Acton, 165. 1944-1945 Record Bearcats ,..... ..,.. 9 Bloomington ..,... .,.,., 3 2 Bearcats ,.,... .,,.. 3 0 Marion ..,....,,. .,,.,. l 1 Bearcats ,..,,, ..... 6 Southport ...,,, ,...,. 2 O Bearcats ...... ..... 2 8 New Castle ...,,. ..,. 6 Bearcats ..,.,. ...,, 1 1 Bloomington ,,.... ..,.,. 3 4 Bearcats ,,.,.. ..... 9 Southport ...... ...... 2 1 Here are the matmen of Central, and I promise not to make the corny pun you think I'll make. Fifteen fellows have worked under the direction of Coach Ettore Antonini this year. While the record of two wins and four losses does not sound too promising, you'll appreciate some of a coach's difficulties when I tell you that some of the boys who began the season are now wrestling with army and navy problems. Since many of the present squad are under- classmen, I can always look forward to the future with confidence. The Bearcats were hosts to the little state meet in the Central gymnasium on February 16 and 17, with the first and second places going to Crawfordsville and Bloomington. The lo- cal boys came in third. In the state meet held at Crawfordsville, Central placed sixth with a total of 28 points. Capt. Ray Reason won iirst place in the 154-pound class to annex our only individual state championship. He bested an East Chicago boy counted one of the best athletes at the meet. Other state placements were made by Charles King, second in the 103- pound class: Bill Abercrombie, third in the 138-pounders. These boys train constantly without gaining too much public acclaim from local fans but that doesn't prevent them from doing their best for Central. Three cheers for my Bearcat wrestlers! 90 The 1945 Magician l945 Schedule April lO H Central-Anderson, April Zl H Muncie Relays April 24 H Central-Richmond April 28 T Kokomo Relays May 4 T Big Ten Meet CTech of Indianapolis, hostj May ll H Sectional Meet CBurris School, hostj Spring and the usual call for trackmen found several veterans answering Coach Antonini's summons. Among the men who had participated last year were Jack Adams, low hurdles and half-mile relay: Fred Randall, 440-yard dash and half-mile relay: Jim Saunders, dashes, Gene Martin, 880-yard run and mile relay, Vaughn Smith, pole vault and high hurdles: Bill Abercrombie, mile. Since these boys were members of a team which took the sectional meet and placed third in the North Central aifair, prospects for this year were promising. The track season started out with the annual interclass meet, winners to name the Relays Queen. In spite of Jack Adams and his 26M points, the seniors were edged out by the jun- iors, who scored a total of 46 points. Nominations for the queen's role were made by the junior contestants, and when the voting was over and counted, Beverly Armstrong, a mighty pretty little brunette, was the reigning monarch, Her attendants were Annabelle Halliday and Shurley Lee. They made a very pretty trio as they presided at the Muncie Relays and handed out smiles and trophies to all the winners. I don't think any of the boys minded a bit, either. Of course, I expect the boys to garner plenty of wins this spring, For when it comes to athletics, those Bearcats of mine are pretty good, even if I do say so myself, Row l-Karl Mudge, Bob Shively, Art Langdon, Gene Dance, Herman Margell, Diamond Hays, Gene Cole- man, Bob Pouch. Row 2--Paul Adams, Leroy Mclngle, .Iames Saunders, Fred Randall, Don Powell, Charles Powell, Vaughn Smith. Row 3-Jim Stewart, Charles Bradford, Bob Adams, Abraham Cooper, Howard Jones, Jack Adams, Eugene Martin, London Feemster. The 1945 Magic1'an Q1 BASEBALL r r r f GU Row 1-Bob Grant, Burl Keys, Don Malott, Wayne Kelley, Max Jordan, Rodney Million, Gene McDonald, John Hampton. Row 2-Louis Briggs, Bob Ross, Denver Wooten, James Tolliver, Bob Kuhns, Grant Thomas, Fred Robling, Paul George, Joe Dooley. Row 3-John Lappin, manager, A. J, Hall, Richard Beall, Elwood Wegesin, Wilbur Danner, Don Grundy, James Reed, Marion Gibson, Charles Bird, Paul Abrams, Charles Scamihorn, BASEBALL April 1 3 18 19 20 23 27 May 1 3 8 15 18 22 25 29 31 I'-131'-11211 EISA'-l'-l'-l'-lit! 0 O N rm U' UP' v-1 P+ D' C H UU rv n IT' D rv r-1 N I3 O.- r-r 'CS' rv U' O N4 rn P-1-1 N 0 fb Q- W e-r O G UQ U' vi fm 5' rv O.. E. rm r-+ D' 5. N4 ro D3 Tl O E. N4 f-+ D' r-e rv ru O v-+1 :T m f'? Schedule Eaton Selma Eaton Hartford City Selma Anderson Lafayette New Castle Richmond Anderson Kokomo C25 Hartford City Tech, Indianapolis C25 New Castle Richmond year's outfit remained and one of them, Bob Kuhns, was called into the army before the sea- son was long under way, But prospects for a good season were evident in workouts. GOLF Schedule May 1 H Anderson 5 T North Central Conference, Marion 8 T Richmond 15 T Anderson 22 H Richmond 26 T State Meet, Tech For the first time in many years, the Bearcats were represented on the links. Working out under the direction of Million. Coach Fred Bogart, the fellows offered Robert Adams. Row 1-Diamond Hays, John Hazelton, Rodney Row 2-George Knopp, Dick Herbert, A. J, Hall, Row 3--Jack Karlen, Don Herbert, Charles Maddox, some keen competition. Lguig Jaffe, 92 The 1945 Magician LF. Intramural Basketball Not all the Bearcats are on the varsity squads, for here are boys who participate in Central's intra- mural basketball program, directed by Coach Alvy Havens. Twelve teams began league play this winter, and when the end of regular play was reached, four teams were tied for first place. The Whiz Kids, the Speed Kids, the Bluebirds, and the Bingo Five each had won nine games and lost two. To decide the champion of champions, a four- team tourney was held. ln the semi-finals the Bluebirds lost to the Whiz Kids, while the Bingo Five took the count from the Speed Kids. The final game saw the Kids victorious, 31-26, with a record of ll victories and 2 defeats for a per- centage of .846. The champions appear in the top photograph. Mike Elliott and George Madix are in the front row. In the second are Dick Penny, Jack Adams, Bob Cunningham, Bill Hanks. By the way, some of these boys are members of last year's Whiz Kids, who placed second in the tourney then. In the center picture is the all- league team picked by Coach Havens. ln the first row are Bob Cunningham, Jack Adams, Wayne Kelley: second row, Fred Randall, Gerry Hennigan, Coach Havens: third row, Don Bonnell, John Ware. Hennigan and Cunningham are lirst- team forwards: Randall, center: Adams, guard, Boys on the second team included Kelley, forward: Bonnell, center, Ware, guard. Tol- liver and Covington are not shown. The Speed Kids, runnersfup, in- clude Gerry Hennigan. Joe Crouse, first row, John Ware, Don Bon- nell, Don Anderson, Ed Ebrite, second row. The 1945 Magician l l 1 I-low time flies, or am I being too origi- nal? Anyhoo, here's the record of events for l944-l945 at Central. Wish there was space to record all the chatter and chaff, but I hafta stop some place, so long as it isn't Andy's office. Here's What's been cookin' around the place. Good Friday Senior Career Day Chairmen G September Hooray, schoo1's open again. I get awfully lonesome for the Jills and Jacksons during the summer. Lotsa things are cookin' . . . we have the 9A's with us. there's a new R.O.T.C. unit at Central, and we play the New Castle Trojans tonight .... Later: The men in the Trojan horse had nothing on the Cats tonight as they invaded New Castle territory time and again to score 33 points to the 9 scored by their opponents. Nice start for the year, I'd say. ' Activity-ticket books go on sale today. And what a line-up of eventsl Seems to indicate a busy year. After a rousing pep session, the first of the year, the Cats clawed the Redskins from Anderson to the sweet tune of 46-7. Are those boys going places, or are they? 'Long about here I ought to take time to mention those vocational carpentry boys of mine who spent the summer working on the new Blaine cafeteria. They've finished a lot of the work but still have a few more things to do. Bearcats shine in many activities, didn't I always sav? October The seniors might just as well have named their all- school dance after the Tech game tonight the "Victory Parade" instead of the "Pigskin Parade." For it was a parade, as the Cats defeated the Indianapolis team by a 33-0 score. The birthday of James Whitcomb Riley, Indiana's own, was observed today with a special assembly at which Dr. George Davis of Purdue spoke. He recited a number of Riley favorites. During the fifth period today. one of the activity-ticket numbers was given by Dr. A. B. Keeler of Mexico City. who discussed our southern neighbor and showed an interesting film of life south of the border. The Bearcats are going at such a pace, so I suppose that's why we took time out today to attend a Fire Prevention program. Centralites give generously to the Community War Fund and the total is S21 1.74. Not bad, says I. The first of the R.G.T.C. uniforms appear in our halls. The fellows look as if they were ready to lead a fashion parade of their own. Hope those shirt-buttons are sewed on tightly because I've noticed a lot of mighty puffed-out chests today. "To the Ladies," the story of the WACS told in film, was shown to Central senior girls by local WAC recruit- ing ofhcer. Local CAP oliicials were in charge of an Air Force pro- gram held today for boys between 17 and 18 years of age. 20. Hearing and vision tests given to Centralites today. Have to see that these people are healthy and full of vim and vigor. Twenty-five Red Cross boxes for children in the liber- ated countries were filled by Central students, one-half by the modern living classes and one-half by the senior class. Wait a minute . . . half of twenty-five is twelve and a half . . . does that mean when each group did half, it also did half of another box? Or . . . oh, well, the big idea is that twenty-five boxes were filled. CAP tests given today, too. Number of Central boys sign applications for air combat crew training in the U. S. Navy. 27. Guess what happens now? The teachers go to In- dianapolis, and the students . . . go about their own business. except for the Robed Choir members who go to Indianapolis Friday night to sing with a statc choral group. Why is it that so many of my brightest people seem to think that grade day is one of those "surprise package" events? NVho's kidding whom? fSee. I remember some- thing of correct usage.J First junior class assembly so that class can take a look at officers and council and such. November Football season closes with nine wins, no losses, and an average score per game of 43.6 points. See, Fisher, 1 told you the boys were good. 2. 6. 7. 8. 10. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 20. 23 24 29 30. 1. 6. 6-7 7. 8. 14. 14. 15. 15. 18. 19. Another all-school dance, this time with the juniors as hosts. Central begins its observance of American Education Week with short talks over PA system each morning by speech class students. Sophomores gather for a class sing. I managed by exert- ing all of my strength to keep the roof on the audi- torium, but it's a good thing they don't sing too often. Underclassmen all slicked up today, and 1 remember that their pictures for the Magician are being made. Is it time for that book again? Patriotic program in the auditorium. And I know that everybody was wishing the same thing I was . . . that one of these days soon, we again observe the days of peace. The Junior Red Cross enrollment drive this week totaled 315379. The annual championship banquet to award the North Central Conference trophy to the Bearcats was held at the Y.M.C.A. tonight. Suggestions made that the Bear- cats be given a permanent award so that the crowd could go to one of the other towns for a change. Members of the senior council named today. Now, watch the seniors begin to make the fur liy .... On second thought, I don't like that figure of speech. Mr. Cooley dedicates the music department Service Flag at the first performance of the department's fall concert held tonight in the auditorium. Naomi Fisher. editor of the Munsonian, explains plan to send a special Christmas edition of the paper to all Centralites now in service, the cost to be met by pro- ceeds of the fall concert in its second performance tonight. Basketball takes the center of the stage as the Cat quintet meets Union City at the Field House tonight. A nip-and- tuck affair with the Cats coming out with a two-point margin, 29-27. First R.O.T.C. Corps Day. Are those boys somethin'! Students in the speech and music classes present the annual Thanksgiving program today. 25. Thanksgiving vacation. Otto Schact, pianist, is heard in a lecture-recital today by activity-ticket holders. Local R.O.T.C. advisory committee holds an important meeting in Mr. Allman's office. The community co- operation and support for our newest organization is certainly appreciated by me and all the rest of my outfit. December Senior dramatics class presents the one-act play, "Dark- ness," before a 9A assembly. Could you say they threw some light on the subject this time? All right, I only asked. Seniors skate at Gibson's from 7 to 10 o'clock. And that was too long for some of them, who grew so tired of skating in the usual fashion that they tried their own style . . . a slightly backward one, if you ask me. Gosh, I bet I never manage to get out of bed tomorrow morning. . Dauber Club presents the excellent Paderewski film. "Moonlight Sonata," for members. Strange to think that the shadow still continues to play the living music. The Honor Society holds its first initiation of the year. Art students finish wrapping more than 200 Red Cross packages destined for hospitalized service men in Indiana hospitals. Senior class jewelry arrives! And it seems to me that some of it changed hands-or fingers-mighty quick. Some of the girls also became pinups, too. Senior dramatics class presents "The Birds' Christmas Carol," previously given for an AAUW' meeting. The old familiar story still has a wide appeal. Members of the Munsonian staff mail many hundreds of the Christmas issue to Centralites in the armed forces. Vocal students combine forces to present the Christmas oratorio, "The Messiah," in the High Street Methodist Church. Students gather to sing Christmas carols from 8:15 to 8:30 in the auditorium. Griffin Stephenson, art Christmas music on the Kitselman Memorial organ this morning. School closes today for the annual two-week Christmas vacation. See you all next year. teacher, plays a program of January School opens again. Can't say I'm sorry, either, because I like to be with my friends. Definitely it's a new year because the senior committee to select Commencement invitations made its choice today . . . just think, only five months more. . . . Certainly Commencement is on its way, for today seniors were measured for caps and gowns. Pretty soon senior photos for the Magician will be taken, and then I'll really be aware of flitting time. Archibald Gilchrist, an Australian newspaper man, speaks to the students about the role of the Pacific in the post- war world. Since the Rotary Club sponsored his appear- ance, I wonder if I should have spelled it "roll"? CI hate myself when I write stuff like that.j Dauber Club opens an exhibit of paintings by Francis F. Brown, Ball College art teacher. The school was saddened to hear today of the death of Clyde Wellinger, a member of the Central faculty for shock it will be to those twenty-five years. What a former students of his, now in the services, with whom he corresponded. 20. Seniors present two performances of the annual class play, "June Mad." Girls were awarded Red Cross certificates in nutrition today in a special assembly at which Dr. L. A. Pittenger, president emeritus of Ball State, spoke. James Ellingwood, New York state secretary of the Y.M.C.A., speaks at a special assembly. No Young Park, Chinese author, is the second in the Rotary-sponsored panel to be heard by Centralites. i'Two times two is four . . . or at least I hope it is . . ." just about describes the state of mind of the seniors today as they took the regular math tests to see who gets to stay after school for the next several weeks. First semester ends. Only eighteen more weeks until I see the end of another school year. Second semester opens and for the first time in many years, no new l0B's. I mean, we have them but they've been here for a semester so that sorta takes the newness off, doesn't it? . . . Mrs. Nay, after twenty-live years at Central, takes a leave of absence for this semester .... Mr. Anderson, assuming all attendance supervision, moves to expanded quarters on the first floor in order to take care of all new customers. 30. The 9A's entertain with their class play, "Are You Mr. Butterworth?" Well, are you? February Seniors dance at the Y.W.C.A. tonight. If Mr. Dailey seems distracted these days, remember he just became a father yesterday. l5. Music students appear in their annual extravaganza, "Musical Moods." Cats close basketball season with a 42-40 win over the Richmond Red Devils. They end up in fourth place in the North Central rating. Not bad, says I. The first Senior Career Confe'rence Day is held for local seniors and those from Burris and Delaware County schools. Through the cooperation of Muncie civic clubs and other organizations, an imposing list of speakers was presented during the day. Seniors were unanimous in declaring it one of the most important events on the calendar. Sectional opens tonight, but Bearcats play first game tomorrow morning .... Salom Risk, the Syrian Yan- kee, came to Central for a return engagement today. THEY DID IT! THEY DID IT! THE BEARCATS TOOK THE FIRST SECTIONAL SINCE 1938! WHATTA TEAM! Now that I've caught my breath, I can add that they defeated Center, Yorktown, Burris, and Royerton to annex the title. At first I couldn't figure out why everybody was whis- pering around the school this morning. Then when I tried to talk, I discovered I had no voice either. That last game with Royerton did it. I yelled myself horse . . . Imean, hoarse. March AND THE CATS TAKE THE REGIONAL! YIPPEE, OR SHOULD I SAY MEOXV? Richmond fell by the wayside by a 39-25 score in the afternoon and Lewisville took the count that night, 4l-29. On to the semi-finals, fellows. MTMM, Y, YV 5-9. During the annual Red Cross Drive, Centralites contrib- 10. 12. 16. 19. 20. 21. 23. 22 26. 27. 28. uted a total of 3282.10 The boys take Auburn during the afternoon game of the semi-final. But Huntington proves too much to handle in the night game . . . score, 37-42. But those fellows deserve the name of Bearcat all right. And I'm doggone proud of them . . . or should I say I'm catgone proud of them? I don't like that word "dog." C. E. Belzer does some interesting experiments for the science classes. Sophomores hear firsthand account of the war from Miss Hilda Beal, a teacher from England. If you see students frothing at the mouth for the next few days, don't be disturbed . . . they're just trying to blow some bubbles of their own after seeing 'iBubbles Concerto" today. Today is the first meeting of Central's rehabilitation committee, named CI quotej "to make plans and devise procedures for aiding discharged service men who come to Central for help with problems of rehabilitation" fclose quoted. Mr. Anderson heads the committee. The Central Athletic Board announces that 515,000 from receipts of Bearcat athletic contests has now been set aside for the building fund to be used to construct a stadium on the east side of the North Walnut Street Field. See what the Bearcat warriors accomplish! Students contribute to the three-day sale of Easter seals sponsored by the Society for Crippled Children. -23. Juniors present their version of "Brother Goose." Spring has nnally arrived. Just look at the faraway expressions! Anna Bird Stewart, authority on Shakespeare, speaks at an activity-ticket assembly. She also speaks to several classes, and when several would-be writers heard that she revised one manuscript more than forty times, they definitely decided to be wrong and not write. More pencils were forgotten or lost or misplaced today! But we are told that the new pencil machine installed by the Munsonian did a rushing business. Miss Edwards wanted to see how it worked, too. 28-30. Hi-Y sponsors highly successful pre-school services 29. 30. from 7:45 to 8:05 each morning as a part of the Central observance of Holy Week. Naomi Fisher wins the Rotary Club speech contest. Central vocal groups present "The Seven Last Words of Christ" for the entire student body at services held at the High Street Church. April 2-6. Spring vacation for everybody but the Magician staff. l7. 2l. 24. 25. 4. 8. 9. 16. 25. 30. 6. 7 8. That deadline! College Conference Day for the seniors. Dauber Club dance. The Laubins present their interpretative dances of the American Indians as the last scheduled attraction on the activities tickets. The local chapter of Quill and Scroll is installed at a banquet held today with Eugene C. Pulliam, owner of the Indianapolis Star and the Muncie Star, as speaker. May School is rapidly nearing its close, for here it is time for the annual Junior-Senior Prom. The juniors make line hosts, Alan Hoff and his band play at the Masonic Temnle, scene of the dance, V-E Day! One more to go. Those music students again, this time with their spring concert. Now, I know graduation is near for today the seniors entertain their mothers at the annual tea. Today, the annual Honor Awards assembly sponsored by the Honor Society is held. And a mighty fine showing do all the honored Centralites make! Decoration Day . . . and I can't prevent myself from thinking of the graves of the Centralites scattered all over the world. June The seniors dine at their annual class banquet. School days are over for the seniors as they gather to hear Dr. Henry Hitt Crane of Detroit, the Commence- ment speaker. School closes for the rest of us, but it'll only be three months until most of you return. I'll be waiting for you! B THE BEARCAT. " '7fae!W " . iw- 37' ' , M u jg j if fii .P Q' J iff ' U. ,' 'I -'-' K ' r..,,j it gms. 4 W-e-e-e-e-e-l-l-ll That just about finishes this jaunt through Central High. If I weren't a Bearcat, I might be getting a little tired just now, too. But when did a Bearcat ever give up anyway? Besides, I want you to meet the people who helped me to show you around the place. COh, they assisted me just a litt1e.j Chief helpers on this trip are the four you see here with me. The three fair young ladies fyuwekumj formed the board in charge of editorial Work. The young man CHiya, Jack- sonlj was the busy, and I do mean busy, business manager. Lucille Rhinehart and Florine Stoner directed the general editorial staff, while Nadine Benne was the artist who did my por- traits, helped to plan the layouts, and designed the cover. Jack Munson headed the business staff. E Jack Munson Lucille Rhinehart, Florine Stoner, Nadine Benne. 98 The 1945 Magician Row l--Barbara Sherman, Bette Devers, Maxine Mapes, Mary Ann Slinger, Marjorie Pierson. Row 2-Violet Booher, Zola Benner, Joanne Beatson, Caroline Wilson. Row 3-Betty Young, Tommy Lou Ware, Margaret Simpson. Since all copy is prepared by the editorial staff, you can see that the editorial trio kept mighty busy. Some of those nights when they worked until 10 o'clock, I thought I wouldn't be able to keep up with them. When they had to work during spring vacation . . . well! And the work-scheduling, re-scheduling, checking, re-checking, identifying, typing, editing, planning layouts, pasting, trimming photos, running here and there, and lastly, sometimes eating ham sandwiches. While Lucille, Florine, and Maxine were doing that, Nadine was busy at her drawing board. Of course, I spent a lot of my time posing, but I kept an eye on the others, too. Other students who worked on the editorial staff included Maxine Mapes, editorial assist- ant: Betty Young, Georganna Harmison and Margaret Simpson, senior picture schedules and underclass pictures: Joanne Beatson, Barbara Sherman, Caroline Wilson, snapshots: Tommy Lou Ware, calendar: Mary Ann Slinger, organizations: Charles Van Cleve, sports statistics: Al Weil, some organization writeups. Juniors who helped senior staff members were Jane Jackson, Martha Banta, and Naomi Fisher. In my spare time I dashed oi? the continuity. Jack Munson, the business manager, also had a number of helpers. Working with him on advertising were Marjorie Pierson and Don Beaman. Zola Benner took care of the bookkeep- ing, and did a swell job, too. Bette Devers headed the subscription salesmen: Joann Bragg, Clarence Vardaman Che sold books before he left for Uncle Sam's outfitj, Violet Booher, Jeanne Furnish, Mary Katherine Grover, and Jo Ann Kinzie. Faculty sponsors were Miss Jewel Standerford, editorial: J. Carl Humphrey, business: Griffin Stephenson, art. The 1945 Magician 99 00 The 1945 Magician 1 lL The 194 5 Magician i 2fi.fEfQfIiifEf.f. wang 1 H i vi J 5,530 The I9 4 5 Magician .,E'a'vh The 1945 Magfdun 103 HT PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS ROGER s. LINGEMANI All organizations, school board, supervisors, athletics, senior officers, Mr. Anderson, and staff. SAM DRAKE Faculty groups and photos used on pages 6 and 7, football action shots, and wrestling team. DICK GREENE Field House on page 79. J. CARL HUMPHREY Picture of Miss Tuhey on page 48. LITTLETON'S STUDIO Mr, Wellinger on page 57. J. E. SANDERS Mrs. Nay on page 4. MUNCIE STAR Football squad on page 82: Career Day group on page 95. 'k IDENTIFICATIONS FOR PHOTOS ON DIVISION PAGES Page 6-A. J. Hall, senior president. Page 7-Central Oflicers. Row l--Juanita Jones, junior treasurer: Naomi Fisher, junior secretary: Mary Kay Grover, senior secretary: Jeanne Helton, sophomore secretary. Row 2-Don Beaman, senior vice-president: Dick Beeson, junior president: Hubert Austin, junior vice-president: Joe Ward, sophomore president. Page 48-Miss Blanch E. Tuhey, senior class sponsor. Page 49-Senior sponsors and advisors. Row l-Miss Mary E. Wade, Miss Ella Hollenback. Miss Eleanor J. Bly Cacting class sponsorj, Miss Katherine E. King Csocial sponsorj. Miss Margaret E. Ryan, Miss Charline Jamieson, Mrs. Helen Pennington. Row 2-Robert Colvin financial sponsorj, W. L. Howard, Miss Dorothy Kreiger, Harold V. Anderson. Page 58-Girls Trio: Dorothy Buckles, Pat Montgomery, Ann Irving. Page 59-R.O,T.C. Oliicers and Non-Coms. Row l-Lt. Col. C. J. Quinlan, Major Ben Janney, Capt. Ed Ebrite, Capt. Richard Edwards, First Lt. Wayne Quate, Second Lt. Bob Moore, Second Lt. Wendell Poland. Second Lt. William Moler. Row 2-Sgt. James Preble, Sgt. Ralph Pinney, TfSgt Bob Kelsey, TfSgt Bill King, TfSgt. Tom Terrell, SfSgt. Dick Evans, SfSgt. Rodney Million, SfSgt. Bill Griffin. Row 3-SfSgt. Bill Williams, SfSgt. Bob Rinker, SfSgt. Lynn Stuart. SfSgt. Hubert Austin, SfSgt. Jack Cronin, SfSgt. Phil Bayless, SfSgt. Bob Koontz, SfSgt. John Clayton, SfSgt. Bill Spurgeon. Row 4-SfSgt. Bill Basinger, sfsgr, Bill Engelbrecht, SfSgt. Lyle Jacobs, Sgt. Sam Slack, Sgt. Charles Chesnut, Sgt. Kenneth Robinson, Sgt. Bill Lyons, Sgt. John Reed, Sgt. Jack Limbert. ' Row 5-Sgt. Richard Smith, Sgt. Jack Adams, Sgt. Charles Maddox, Sgt. John Wright, Sgt. Edward Stahl. Row 6-Sgt. Jack Collins, Sgt. Delmar Roundtree, Sgt. Howard Conner, Sgt. Don Swanger, Sgt. Joe Vlaskamp, Sgt. John Turner, Page 78-Left Halfback Jackie Adams. Page 79-North Walnut Street Field House. Page 94-Students going to Good Friday services at High Street Church. Page 95-Chairmen for Senior Career Day. Row l-Pat Taylor, Florence Arthur, Leona Floyd, Barbara Tyler, Lois Earley, Jane Ellen White, Dorothy Morrow, Florence Wood, Pat Thomas. Row 2-Ben Janney, Bob Singer, Dick Bibler, Dick Beeson, Richard Bergdoll, Don Beaman, Betty Mae Potts, Marcile Metsker, Genelda Schultz. Row 3-Gloria Rector, Juanita Hurst, Mary Louise Draves, Doris Barb-:r, Martha Ebrite, Patricia Deerr. Row 4-Tommy Lou Ware, Mary Kay Grover, Diamond Hays, Herman Margell, Q. Hall, Phil Bayless, John Hazelton, Eugene Lacy, Joe Bailey, Lynn Stuart, Norma wing. Row 5-Bill Brophy, Gerry Hennigan, Nelson Zetterberg, Bob Gentry. 1041 The 1945 Magician Um rqclamiuwu 06 The 1945 Magician 1' ,ZQAAL SHOP AT SEARS Ky- f' 0 X - and 11 V M5 'HP S A V E ,, y y - Q :sf :ef P I a 14.0 -Sl . ' X? 'J' 5 A wx ' 1 6 Q .240- gm O ' 0, Sears, Roebuck L0 9 -- 925 ' 1 get fr CO. n 'C' 9 011 7,!s,,,R "' lla i t '51 PenzeI's ' F! Q- - The Place to buy Your f 3-Q .ag 0 SCHOOL SUPPLIES " Q Q ,L s' 0 BOOKS l-X2-,Rf 0 STATIONERY fag- A Q-MM 0 GIFTS E - It - - 4 Pk px! J A 211 South Walnut Street i A - 1JfJUV--- 4891 -- Dial -- 4891 Safe Prompt li., gfi' 'S . if 11 FQ 'xx -- I I I.. I - ' ' , 15 ' . fff ' Z X Craig Cab il.. CRAIG CRB ,one Courteous Economical '6' GGIS The 1945 Magician 107 , ,S E Q K PX , T P n, ' ,N .,.L. I X-AJ hh cm Q , ' ,Niall -M 1, W iii?-' ,nn-..,. a .Dew-1.-, Owl Drug Stores QUALITY ISN'T RATIONED Headquarters for MEDICAL, FIRST AID, HOSPITAL, AND SURGICAL SUPPLIES PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT, FILMS, ETC. No. 1-Dial 7724 No. 2-Dial 2-2341 at the Lee E. Beckley Jewelry Store 109 South Mulberry ref, A4 Q si:-53 xg-ki - - - SN----Qi Y f 3 X.-7.-r.x.,3:X ...IbouuL- Nation-Robinson, Printers, Inc. LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET Dial 2-1221 426 East Howard Street Muncie 1 TAA 'PW f5if' .. ... is X eeorw'-S hw- l B ,.nuuw-- 0 5-.3 THE SENIORS, CHOICE FOR THEIR YEARBOOK PORTRAITS The PeopIe's Studio Charles R. Dollar 323 LQ South Walnut Street Dial 6762 103 The 1945 Mug lg 4 4, H "" '4 --- fx fX i fllll gg 9?a,lA E lx 'U' ,. f"'x - typ menu h X I X- nQ- I """"' Charles Street Pelham's-Muncie Cafe 122 West Charles A GOOD PLACE TO EAT to the Class of 1945 X., ,R Congratulations and Best Wishes PeIham's-Indianapolis 117 West Charles 140 East Wabash jr ! ALEX Says C' . W :'Music Builds Character and 0 X . . . ,, aye Good Cltlzenshzp PEARSONS MUSIC DEPT. Is Headquarters for the WOPIfI,S Finest Musical Instruments, Equipment and Service PRIVATE INSTRUCTION STUDIO ACTIVITIES AT THE SIGN OF THE CLOCK 306 South Walnut I R S O S Graduation Gifts of Jewelry MUSIC DEPT. 4271 H Dial H 4271 116-118 South Walnut Street The 1945 Magician 109 Compliments of I WARNER GEAR DIVISION of BORG-WARNER CORPORATION WWA -I' 3 lm, H Drink ' TRADE-MARK IN BOTTLES COCA-COLA BOTTLI NG CO. Muncie, Indiana 0 The 1945 Mag jssa RQ g STUDENTS! , My A i? il ,Y di", 4-gh :viz 'ff 'fit lugs! EE" .liz Our BALLROOM is the place for your ' e 'r r t - W DANCES d BAN UETS in B MANAGEMENT -- THORNBURG HOTEL CO. Dial 8861 f X All you Bearcats and loyal Bearcat f as QQ if 3- X Boosters, we thank you for your g Ex P past patronage! Q... f e.a- of' The Marx Co. invites you X , to continue making it your style headquarters. l ff We will, in turn, bend every effort to I X continue to provide you with the latest ' X in style - best quality - reasonably , priced. . I f v' 5 5' pf .cf 'ou 'rl-IE SQUARE! 1: O . X4 o f be ff 'ff e AIX K 6 fr ll - GOOD CLOTH ES FOR MEN AND BOYS bb 1 .., lo4-los n.wALNuT s'r. opposite counrnousl The 1945 Magician 6 fi Q White's Super 1 Ya? '37 ,rw C - , gqfff MGfket ' rt' ES tyf: E- U I T QW IN X Q f 5-AS , EVERYDAY LOW PRICES A -1 QEFBE C ' , mx Q 'REQ llq - 'O Pl B3 A ,JRL 1204 East Adams A Where PARTICULAR PEOPLE Eat The Mandarin Inn 115 East Jackson Street V A E E A f A P 11 PRQP ' 5 5 'P ' A W fe ,.,, :-2: 1.1 1,: . V V 217 S. Walnut Sfreef I "" 112 The 1945 Mag Eff? BoRDEN's Eiga fl W W' P' Furnas Ice Cream Co. INDIANA'S 5 LARGEST SELLING ICE CREAM 71' PK Y 310 West Main Street .ewngf QUALITY JEWELRY L 2 A A AT REASONABLE PRICES i no gm is I -Gi Wfhere Is Only One Morton Standt Store" ! - ,I ew- "Af Morton Standt 4 Jeweler and Optician l 119 East Jackson Street " Dial 4977 H ' Mgx Gii 4 0 i ? fx . DLR X K E ,ww-W I -,..B9KMCf- The 1945 Magician 113 The Cade Co. Floral Artists Corner Main and Walnut Streets Muncie, Indiana s elfftlefef Basketball Congratulations to the Class of 545 John C. Banta, Inc. Tailoring - Haberdashery - Hats November of the Better Sort 21 Union City For Men and Young Men 28 A1 d ' Headquarters for Sportswear exam na V 30 F kf OVER ON MULBERRY STREET ran Ort 113 SOUTH Weesner's Deeembef JEWELERS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS 7 Richmond 116 East Main Street 8 Anderson DIAMONDS, WATCHES AND JEWELRY 14 Logansport 'll Gifts for All Occasions 15 Shelbyvl 6 19 New Castle PHOTOGRAPHS A SPECIALTY BEST BURGERS Hamburger Inn 121 West Charles Street 114. The 1945 Magician 41 l 946 Schedule No New Year's Day tournament is being planned. January 4 Kokomo 9 Marion 12 Central, Fort Wayne 16 Tipton l 8 Lafayette 25 Anderson 29 Hartford City February l H Tech of Indianapolis 8 T New Castle 15 H Richmond Compliments Of H. L. Green Co. 50 TO 31.00 STORE The Keller Co. socnzfrv BRAND For Young Men and Men Who Stay Young CLOTHES HoweIl's Flower Shop In the Rivoli Theatre Building 214 South Mulberry Street DIAL 8872 'k HOWELL FLORISTS 1620 University Avenue DIAL 7808 Congratulations To the Graduating Class of '45 :r ae King's Men's Wear ONE OF AMERICA'S FINE SHOPS FOR MEN The I 9 45 Magician 1 15 Compliments Of Muncie's Five Leading Theatres RIVOLI - STRAND - WYSOR HOOSIER and UPTOWN 1945 Football Schedule F. W. Woolworth COITIPCHY September 14 H Central, Fort Wayne 21 T Anderson 28 H Westville, lll. ac X Dk October 5 T Tech, lndiapolis l2 H Marion l 9 T Bloomington Charles and Walnut 24 T Kokomo November 2 H New Castle 9 H Washington, South Bend 6 The 1945 Magic1'an eamyaaialaiiowi tu the Graduates at Mnnzie Central High School 744 painlead if Twin Citg Printing Cnmpang 119-123 West Park Avenue . . . Champaign .mfmwm 4 V a.a mi. ,wzigni ' -nw! 11 7 Ek X Yu N X V5 QN xx rv W . f AUTOGRZPQHVS ff 'fx ff www ZWWVM wx Mf9ff Q?J WMf?gffF'wf W W ffsgf wi , Qi W f yiggwm jfig5'55?b www ' 118 AUTOGRAPHS as . ik, iii? VJTZLUJ wi ,b gif' diflkif 2 lf- Y miiikx 3? tiitqigsg. E211 AX 25,5 M gflssiqv Qs, Yi? 119 E. ' 1 x No, I'm not tired. I just closed my eyes to think. Gee, it's swell to think X like this. , Lit. Z 'A ' iff. J 5 X V f :I 5 N 'LJ KN W N f .A C ' x A X , 5 ' Z 2 RX Q if JJ fy Z Kg. oz' N Lf Z 11361 W Z iQT.31'lQ,' f LPG NME' r t Q .1.- w I , 'A"' ', V l ?f ' f' i1 t:,f "A: Q - Qv " 7 , fv"l""' x ' F 1" . I sn ' ' I ' ' . L Y .. 1 S' A x ' ' E e. ' Q ,x ' 1 X - ' A E - E t X X N , XY , b Q X .. S 'X i E kt My X Q me N, - N mf W AMI g xl SQ ffl!! ' N PN 4 fo J Q p 4' A Twinco Yearbook, Twin City Printing Co., Champaign, Il1in -V E-,., . ,T . . ,,. ., , . ,,. , .. , ,,,,..,..f.,JL,,-.,.M.. s, ,M Y- W . iiQQ5g?l 3 2Q3XE?- 1 ix Elma? fig, f wwf Qfyiyw WL ffffvwffwg ,M5Wf3,ffafQQ 1 ew --Q 2 Y ' X K fir! X , , .x vw Mffwf W A,,, ,.,, ,...-,gL,,...f ,,., ,, M.. - . , ,,, ,, W3

Suggestions in the Muncie Central High School - Magician Yearbook (Muncie, IN) collection:

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