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X' ' R csfmfg X I gy ' 5 4 ' fwfff'ffff'?'4?"ig.'f . , V QNL K5 f ' xx, f , V , 1- , ,- f K X V7 V- ,X A4 l' 'I XXJ LXR ' AG .-,.g ' J " 1 1 , .,ff'Q-,.,..,. .Q X L4 fr' ' K ,L WL -X Uci K q f Q0 ng I '5 , 1 Efgmbwmmm W, YN V C4 ,w YW ,r 'X ! 5? 0+ AFP w,x ll ig-ni!" di iQ,-3-:alVft,e4 AKWAWVD A Ev, IWAJN E X NTRANCE -4 V .4 ,P U D 'ur 'IT' If ' 4l:lx Ll I ' 'IZ' img. N ,. Y, 1 Q QQ 4 V zfgigf mlvd X gn" ,. .K , 'J 'fl' ' ,,l,, N- q 'iv' V! . Jael' ' mt ll: .K XX 5- If L11 i I Q I QQ The 1942 Magician X ,vii Published by i Senior Class i ' si P Wi 'yi f f Z if si ff 4 if 71 ff! I ff ' Q ,, igixeaivvn Q Q 3 a 4. 9 if wmv' M 'K RW jf N pa ' P ? a f i fa T G. ASS? i 0 V an X T fi' 7 0 ' v ff' " j f Ei- 2 Q QM nj 'T:,,, 7, aff e A -x SXR 4 2 1 J ,v ,f Central Semor High School Muncie, Ind -'al 1 Q gg K Q9 ' 7 ,,- 1 1' WU Z W? :K A 7 'hh Z , F. fi! gl, v . - , H , ff ,bf V If., 0.4 Q4 7? V 3 M I 1 W 'i 4' an 2 Q fghw V4-W , 1 ff ' W' W lW!ff gpg , ff I . i W Q f SRX Y WH X WWE! MWf WWM 4 X. Y V 4 fin Q I z W 1. . . C5 Z f J Y 0 X! X x 2 0 . ' as Y, xx? o 9:-JUN , 0 1 A 9 2 . Q X J! J 1 xxx . K K Nwx L N1 X X s X N X MS x N S I Xxxx I rli... X X ,xhulm-44' ' U'--'T sb- ? !!!?!Ws!y7 J . - ' A f fill' f ff W H5 f A VIHWV 'W' i j ?'l-1-Lf' ' X X I f f "" ,F X " t" I f ' X X' l H 1- in ' -,..-1'- ,-,,..-f- E-Fi Ch v-R 5-Fmam LADIES AND GEN TLEMEN ! Remember those good old circus days with the bands blaring and clowns cavorting? Remember how you skipped school to see the big show that had just come to town? We offer you a big show within a school! No leaving the building or avoiding truant officers! just turn the pages- or walk down the hall. You'll get the same effect. We offer you Central-with its crowd- ed halls, thrilling basketball games, glamorous girls, handsome football heroes! What more could you ask? We present the Magician of '42! Viva la Bly! Long live the queen of Central's stage - the creative impresario of our faculty! She,s known to every student as both his friend and his adviser, and will long be remembered by seniors who have profited from her friendly and straightforward counsel. To express our appreciation, we, the staff, dedicate the Magician of '42 to Miss Eleanor Jean Bly. 'Lindam fha, A314 ,Yup fha mark thebzwhzlw, f-E -analao utwumgmhzm do mm, jzaclwm, Pagr' Eight ADMINISTRATION Top row, left to- right, Muncie City School Board: William T. I-Iaymond, secretaryg E. Arthur Ball, presidentg Joseph C. Davis, treasurer. H. B. Allman, superintendent of schools. Bottom row: Grace Fern Mitchell, executive secretary to board and superintendentg T. B. Calvert, director of research and budgetsg J. J. Friestroffer, coordinator in distributive occu- pationsg and J. C. Jenkins, coordinator in trades and industry and principal of the trade school. "We are preparing to serve!" This is the keynote of a new attitude which Central students have adopted since December 7. Knowing that they must meet the increasing demands of the war world, they have welcomed many new opportunities for preparation. Without organization and direction, however, many of our efforts would fail. The War Activities Council, formed to guide and concentrate our defense activities, is com- posed of the officers of the three classes and representatives from several school organiza- tions. Under this direction we hope to make full use of all our opportunities to stand by the nation. I Of course, the men on the home lines are as essential as those on the front. Training must be given for defense occupations as well as for fighting. The trade school, which offers classes for twenty-two hours each day, and several hundred students who are pre- paring for "production to win thei warf' In addition to regular school activities the trade school presents "conversion classes" for the general public from four p. rn. to six a. m. Friendly cooperation with our neighbors will help to make our war effort successful. What is more important, it will play a vital part in "winning the peace." But before we can have complete cooperation, there must be understanding. Centralites are gaining understanding through. a new course called "Our American Neighbors," in which the colorful and picturesque nations to the south are studied. fYC0ntinued on P. l2j ROSCOE D. SHAFFER, A. B., M. S. Ball State and Indiana University. Supervisor and principal of Central. Hobbies: fishing and hunting. A MRS. SUSAN B. NAY, B. S., M. A. Indiana State Normal School, Columbia University. Dean of girls and director of and china. EDWARD ZETTERBERG, A. B., M.S. Indiana State Teachers' College and Massachusetts In- stitute of Technology. Chemistry. Dean of boys, in charge of attendance and discipline. Hobbies: pho- tography, wood working, and fishing. MRS. ERMA B. CHRISTY, B. S. Cornell University. Supervisor of guidance and home economics, co-sponsor of Honor Society. Hobbies: travel and community work. MISS FRANCES ANDREWS, A. B., M. A. Indiana University. Botany, biology, English. Hob- bies,: mountain-climbing, photography, knitting. ETTORE ANTONINI, B. S., M. S. Indiana University. Co-sponsor of athletics. MISS BERTHA L. ARBOGAST Indiana Business College. Clerk of records and ac- counting. Hobbies: reading and knitting. KENNETH L. ATCHLEY, B. S. Purdue University. Machine Shop, electricity. Hob- by: model building. MISS ESTHER BARTLETT, A. B., M. A. Ball State and Wisconsin U. Social science. Sponsors Latin-American League and is junior social sponsor. Hobbies: traveling, window shopping, and horseback riding. MISS FLORA A. BILBY Chicago Art Institute. Art. Sponsors Daubers. Hob- by: painting. Has taught at Central 32 years. GILBERT A. BLACKWOOD, A. B. Hanover. Electricity. Is in charge of the school's clocks and bells. Hobbyg: music. MISS ELEANOR BLY, A. B., M. A. Earlham College, Columbia U., and Colorado U. English and speech. Sponsors Dramatic Club. Hob- bies: reading, horseback riding and attending theater. Has taught at Mt. Vernon, Illinois. clubs. Hobbies: books - x Page Nine Page Ten FRED BOGART, B. S. Ball State. Business education. Hobbies: hshing and ping-pong. MISS HENRYETTA BRANDT, A. B. Colorado College of Education, Michigan U., and Ball State. English. Dramatic coach. Has taught in Florida and California. Hobby: farming. MRS. ESTHER K. BROWN, A. B., M. A. Indiana U., Ball State, Columbia U., Western Col- lege, and Sweet Briar College. Latin. Sponsors Ver- gil Club. Has taught at Miss West's School in St. joseph, Missouri. Hobby: Spanish. FLOYD BUELL, A. B., A. M. Ball State and Indiana U. Mathematics. Hobby: gardening. MRS. ANNA MARIE BULL, B. S., M. A. Ball State. Business education. Business sponsor of Magician. Hobbies: bicycling, swimming, and cooking. MISS ,IOSEPHINE CLEVENGER, A. B., M. A. Franklin College, Indiana U., and Pennsylvania U. Social science. Sponsors Washington Club and Tour. Hobbies: tours, knitting, stamps, and people. ROBERT LLOYD COOLEY, A. B., M. A. Indiana U. and Ball State. American history and ec- onomic geography. Sponsors Geography Club. Hob- bies: dogs and horseback riding. MISS OLA E. COURTNEY, B. S. Indiana State Normal School. Health education and clothing. Hobby: gardening. NEIL W. DAILY, B. S. Ball State, Indiana University. Advertising, sales- manship, general business. Hobbiesiz sports, home, farm. MRS. ADLAI G. DALBY, A. B., B. L. S. Indiana University, Columbia University. Librarian. Hobbies: her dog and the library pages. JOHN DUCKWALL, B. S., M.A. Cornell College. Instrumental music. Hobby: check- ers.- MISS DEBORAH EDWARDS, A. B., M. A. Earlham College and Columbia U. English. Hobby: teaching. H. E. FENIMORE, A. B., M. A., Ph. D. Indiana University, University of Wisconsin, Univer- sity of Pennsylvania. Mathematics. Hobbies: movie photography, gardening. WALTER H. FISHER, A. B., B. S. Indiana U. Co-sponsor of athletics. Physical Ed. Hobbies: gardening and raising dogs. MISS VIOLET S. HOAR, M. S., B. S., R. N. Michigan U. School of Nursing. Health education. Supervisor of health in Muncie City Schools and Central's nurse. Has taught in Saugatuck, Battle Creek, and Fennodle, Michigan, and Aurora, Illinois. Hobbies: traveling and cooking. MISS ELLA HOLLENBACK, B. S., M. A. Lewis Insitute of Chicago and Columbia U. Home economics. Senior social sponsor. Hobbies: traveling and attending shows. MISS ELIZABETH HUTZEL, A. B., M. A. University of Michigan. Mathematics. Honor Society sponsor. MISS MARTHA MAY JACKSON, A. B., R. N. Ball State. Home hygiene and care of the sick. She is the school nurse. Hobbies: golf, swimming, ice- skating, needlepointing, and modern and classical re- cordings. Miss CHARLINE JAMIESON, A.B., M.A. Western College, Columbia University. French. Hobbies: reading, traveling, horseback riding. HARRY G. KEMMER, B. S., C. E. Purdue U. Mechanical drawing, mathematics, Eng- lish, and physical education. Has taught at Daytona Beach, Florida, and Purdue University. Hobbies: athletics, fishing, and poetry. MISS KATHERINE KING, B. S., M. A. University of Minnesota, Columbia. Physical educa- tion. Hobbies: Red Cross, Girl Scouting, camping, bicycling, and music. MISS DOROTHY KRIEGER, B. S., M. S. Ball State and Cornell U. Modern living and foods. Sponsor of sophomore class. Hobby: cooking. ROGER S. LINGEMAN, A. B., M.A. Indiana U. Physics and aeronautics. Sponsor Physics Club. School photographer. Hobby: photography. MISS EVELYN H. MCCULLOCH, B. S. Indiana U. Foods and tea room. Hobbies: cooking and sewing. MRS. MARY B. MCKINZIE, A. B. Ball State, Indiana U., and Chicago U. Business train- in. Hobby: collecting old books. RUSSELL T. MCNUTT, A. B., A.M. Indiana U. Social science. Sponsors Social Science Club. Chairman of War Activities Council. Hob- bies: gardening and flowers. THAMAR MAIN, B. S. Ball State. Machine shop. Teaches national defense classes. Hobby: farming. MISS LUCILE MAYR, A. B., M. A. Earlham, Columbia University, Oxford University, England. English. Hobbies: traveling, driving her car, reading. MISS KATHLEEN MEEHAN, A. B. Ball State. English and newswriting. Sponsors Mun- sonian. Hobbies: playing piano, cooking, and reading. MISS MAUDE MICHAEL, A. B., M. S. Ball State, Indiana U., and Northwestern. English. Sponsors junior class. Hobbies: attending theatre and reading. IRVIN L. MORROW Muncie Normal, Ball State, Wisconsin U., and Pur- due extension. Drafting and blue print reading. Hobbies: camping and fishing, home shop. R. E. NOBLE, B. S. Ball State. Auto mechanics. Hobbies: wood work and hunting. MISS FRANCES I.. O'I'IARRA, A. B., M. A. Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio State. History, civics, and modern problems. Hobbies: knitting and sewing. Has taught at Prospect, Ohio. LEONARD A. PARIS, A. B., M. A. DePauw and Northwestern U. English. Sponsor of Magician. Hobbies: musicy and writing. WESLEY C. PIERCE Ball State. Printing. Hobbies: antiques and driving his car. FLOYD W. RAISOR, A. B., M. S. DePauw and Indiana U. Health education. Sponsors intramural athletics. Hobbiesz' athletics and reading. CHARLES R. RETTIG, B. S. Purdue and Indiana State Normal. Machine shop. MISS MARGARET RYAN, A. B., M. A. Ball State, Ohio State. English. Hobbies: reading and knitting. MISS NELLE SCOTT, M. A. Indiana University, Hanover. Cafeteria. Hobbyi: ser- ving special dinners. MISS JEWEL STANDERFORD, A. B. Ball State. English and social science. Sponsors radio programs and is library assistant. Hobbies: collect- ing first editions, reading and attending the theatre. GRIFFIN STEPHENSON, B. S. Ball State and Ohio State. Art. GLEN STEPLETON, B. S., M. S. Ball State and Michigan U. Music. Sponsors dance band. Hobbies: ping-pong, scrap book, and tennis. Page Eleven MRS. GLADYS A. TOWYNSEND, A. B. Western College and Illinois U. Social science. Chair- man of senior counselors. President of Muncie Teach- ers' Federation. Hobbies: driving her car, planning and cooking meals, and seniors. MISS BLANCHE E. TUHEY, A. B., M. A. DePauw, University of Michigan, University of Colo- rado. Hobby: taking moving pictures. FRED M. TUHEY, A. B. DePauw, Ball State, Harvard. Business education. Hobbies: public accounting and tax work. MISS LORENE TURNER, M. S. Wayne University and Kent State College. Secre- tarial training. Sponsors Secretarial Club. Hobby: sewing. MISS MARY E. WADE, A. B., M. A. DePauw U. and Columbia U. English. Junior coun- selor. Hobbies: reading, driving car, and traveling. NOEL C. WARE, B. S., M. S. Ball State and Indiana University. General shop. Hobby: furniture making. HAL B. WARREN, A. B. Ball State and Indiana University. Mathematics. Hobby: farming. CLYDE WELLINGER, A. B. A. and M. College, Mississippi, Indiana U., Purdue U., Ball State, and Bradley Tech. Building trades. Hobbies: farming and fishing. MISS RUTH ANNE WESER, B. S. Ball State and Columbia U. Comptometer, short- hand, and typing. Sponsors Student Council. Hob- bies: collecting miniatures and interesting menus, traveling, and swimming. HARRY N. WHITTERN, A. B. Indiana University, Ball State. Mathematics. Played clarinet in the army band in 1918. Has taught at University High School, University of Minnesota. MISS GRACE WILLIAMS Indiana Business College. Attendance clerk. Hobbies: cooking, reading, and movies. CLAUDE B. WILLIAMS, B. S., M. A. Ball State. Filing and typing. Hobby: fishing. fC0ntinued from p. 9j Another new course at Central which reflects the tempo of the times is the class in aeronautics. "Wings will win the war," it has been said. Central is doing her part by offering her pupils an opportunity to study the mechanism of the airplane and the effects of natural environment upon its use. In making model planes the pupils had practical experience. "Speed', is the by-word of education as well as industry in times of war. In Central every possible method is being used to speed up the educational program, particularly for our engineering students. A student may leave school before the last semester, making up his last few credits at college, and still. receive his diploma. However, while the rest of us are preparing our country for war, Central is well represented byi men in the service. A few members of the graduating class, as well as many alumni, have joined the army, navy, or marine corps. The faculty itself is PO represented in the army by Robert Colvin, who was a new addition to the business Q education department during the first part of this year. But we remaining members of Central must be contented with doing our part in the equally important but less noticeable business of preparation, remembering the ' slogan: "Uncle Sam needs you-in school? tl 9 Q 0 Qs ? E 96 v -Q' mhz . . ' me KW' .. . , Page Twelve -"-"....-- YPICAL. N GENES We draw back the curtains to present to you some of the typical scenes from under the Central big top. As the senior parade begins to disband, we have made a photo- graphic, record of those things which have made up our three years at Central. The curtains part on the typical scenes of Central-land. Page Tbirlreu i 9nhUhL6knbm,HMyp lop Billing, uLfhn DK ,l, .l1-- ..- i -- -IT, ' i, -i-iii" -i-.iili l.l-.l-1-1 4,-.1 ,liillii , - ilii.-1 ..l,li-- l - Q 1..l..l.l--i ii-l-Ti . - ,Lil-L -li 'i l,,l.i-if 'lli-T liiiiil - - - - iill -lil - ...l.1.1 -il L -1-1 , , i ill-ii lil-i-l-. ,fy YfmMP? ? E5IMA F X u,p- l Kmfaalb, ' HAL ale , 7 ' l P4 y K 1, Q. Q ."TB:? -- A ', A :ox Page Sixteen SENIOR OFFICERS HHN the stars of our show entered the "Big Top" three years ago, they chose Bob Chalfant Qrightj as their class chairman. The next year Bob was re-elected president of his class along withl fleft to rightj Harold Ball, vice-presidentg Joann Froyd, secretary, and Lavon Young, treasurer. Last year at senior election time, the seniors demonstrated their satisfaction with the previous direction of their class by electing the same officers to lead them through their senior year. Thus, both Bob Chalfant and President Roosevelt advanced to third term victories. Because of his poise and sense of humor, Bob made an excellent master of ceremonies at all of the senior assembly programs and was equally well liked by the sponsors' of the senior class, who worked with him and his classmates. Each of the other officers had a year's experience to make him more valuable to his class, but of most importance to them was the aid of Miss Ella Hollenback and Mrs. Gladys Townsend, senior class sponsors, and George Taylor, class program, chairman. EVELYN JUNE ARNOLD General, art major, Dauber Clubg Girl Reserves, Munsonian. t'An artist with abundant ability." RUTH BYRD General courseg Ceemoh Clubg Senior Council. "Keep the home fires burningf' MAEADEAN BAILEY General course: "Another one of our energetic skat- ersf' JANE ELLEN BALES College prep. courseg Math, French, and Vergil Clubsg Honor Societyg Magician. "Blonde hair, green eyes-oh boy!" HAROLD BALL College prep., Math Clubg Student Council, Honor Societyg Social Science, Latin American Leagueg Hi-Y Clubg Senior Vice-president. l'Lincoln, the man of the people!" KATHLEEN BANKS Commercial courseg Glee Club, G. A. A. "Dark eyes divine." PAUL BARKER Commercial designg Wrestlingg Football, Magician. "From his pencil point Come imaginary worldsf' ARWANNA DAVIS BARNES Choir, 'tMusical Moods." "What's Hedy Lamarr have that she hasn't?" ,IOSEPH BARNES General course, Magician, Orchestra. "Fuller-blush manV' WILLIAM BARNES Vocational carpentry. "Nice if all 'bills' were like this onef, ROBERT H. BARTHOLOMEW College prep.g Hi-Y Club. "Beware! Artist at work! Continue at your own risk." MARJORY BATT Commercial courseg G. A. A. "Napoleon was little, too, but look what he did!" MARKINE ABSHIRE Commercial course, Glee Club, Geography Club: Choirg Musical Moods. "A golden-voiced canary.',- ELZA D. ADAMS General businessg Dauber Clubg Footballg Track. "The essence of friendliness." MILDRED ADAMS College prep.g Dramatic Clubg Choir. "Once and for Allf' "Central,s Whiz-kidly' DARRELL ALEXANDER College prep. courseg Math Clubg French, Social Sci- ence, and Hi-Y Clubsg Honor Societyg Student Councilg Bandg Senior Councilg Tennis Teamg Intra- mural basketball. "An A-1 citizen." ROBERT B. ALLEN College prep.g Geography Clubg Student manager of basketball. "Casanova, Beau Brummel, or Bob Allen? No differencef' JOHN ALLES Drafting courseg Honor Societyg Hi-Y Clubg Senior Councilg Intramural basketball. "He's a drafting man-not drafted." MARION ALLISON Shorthand courscg Jr. Red Crossg Secretarial Club, Girls' Service Representative. 'IA steady diet of dancin' and romancin'." LOIS ARMSTRONG Commercial course. "I have big, brown eyes-see?" CLIFFORD EUGENE ARNOLD Draftingg Bandg Orchestrag "Musical Moodsf, "An ice-skating champli' Page SU L'L'!IiE'L' . It ROBERT BURDORF Machine shop. i'Why hurry?,' JUDITH ANN BELCHER College prep.g French, Secretarial, Dramatic Clubsg Honor Socictyg Junior Councilg Student Councilg Magiviang M1lWX011id11j "Love Rides the Rails"g "Once and for All"g "Stage Doorf, "Delicious- Delightful - De-lovely!" WINIFRED BENBOW Shorthand courseg Honor Socictyg Secretarial Clubq Magician. "Her seventh heaven-a sky full of chocolate nut sundaesf' OSBORN BILBY General courseg Geography and Physics Clubsg Magi- cian. "Hi ya, genius CONSTANCE EILEEN BIRD General courseg Girls' Service Club Representative. "Cocker Spaniels, mutts, dachshunds -just so they're dogs!" SARA ANN BLAIR General course. Ulf you knew Sara like we know Sami" ERMA BLIZZARD General course, commercial majorg Magician. "Your green eyes with their soft lights." RUTH ELLEN BOYD General course, commercial majorg Choir. "Her hobby is figure skating." ELNORA BRAGG Shorthand eourseg Secretarial Club. "The wedding bells are chimingf' yu Page Eigbleen MARY BRANDENBURG General course, home ec. majorg Geography, Glee Clubsg Choirg "Musical Moodsug G. S. C. Representa- tive. "Peppy Peg's a pippin RICHARD BRANN Printingg Geography Clubg Latin American League. "At wise-cracking he heads the list." FOLGER BROWN General courseg Geography Clubg Magiciang Track. l'He's an ace when it comes to cameras." np, JOE BROWN Mechanical draftingg Honor Societyg Varsity trackg Intramural basketball. "Lt. Brown of the air corps, if you please. NONA BROWN General business. "Soda-jerking Red." ROLLAND BRUNER Machine shop. "R0lland's hobby is travelingf, CHARLES D. BRUTCHEN Artg Student Council. "Et tu, Brutchcnf, DERITH CHESSER College prep.g French Clubg Honor Societyg Secre- tarial Clubg Magiciang "Love Rides the Railsf' "When my ship comes in, it'll be full of menf, ROBERT LELAND CHALFANT College prep.g Dramatic Clubg Student Councilg "What a Life!"g "Stage Door"g Sophomore chair- mang Junior presidentg Senior president. "What he ain't got he don't need." ETHEL CALLAHAN Shorthand courseg Secretarial Club. "New, but she's made a place in Central? BEVERLY CAMPBELL General courseg Choir. "Ma, he's making eyes at me." BOB JAMES CAREY Drafting. "Imagine! We've found a man that likes to work." BETTE ALICE CLARK General courseg Geography, Latin-American Leagucg Glee Clubsg Musical Moods. "As a skater she's super." PAULINE KATHERINE CLARK General course, art major. "She likes art with a capital A." JAMES CLAWSON College prep.q Social Science Clubg Latin-American Leagueg Hi-Y Clubg "Love Rides the Railsng Tennisq Musical Moods. "Our Romeo-with a hundred Juliets." PEGGY COATES General courseg Majoretteg Musical Moods. UA high- steppin' drum majorettef' DOROTHY COLLINSWORTH College prep.g Math Clubg Honor Society. "If you want the right answer, ask Dot!', CHARLES COMER College prep.g French Clubg Student Councilg Senior Councilg Varsity basketball. "Superman!" FRED CONDON Mechanical draftingg MIIIISOIITHII. "Future engineer!" MARILOU CONNER General course, language majorg French Clubg Vergil Clubg Honor Societyg Magiciang Mzmsonian. U- De- lightful to know --" JOAN CONNOLLY Shorthandg Jr. Red Crossg Student Councilg Honor Societyg Secretarial Clubg War Activities Council. 'lVoice of America." NINA JEAN COPELAND Shorthand courseg Jr. Red Crossg Secretarial Club. "Petite lady." MIRIAM CORNELIUS General course, commercial majorg Glee Clubg M1111- sorziung Choirg Musical Moods. "You can't stop me from dreaming." ERNEST JACKSON COX College prep.g Student Councilg Honor Societyg l'Love Rides the Rails." "Ernest Jackson Cox, M. D." CLIFFORD CARPENTER Geography Clubg Varsity football. "Is everybody happy? GENE CARR Mechanical drafting. "He's got printer's ink in his veins." DAGGERT CARTER Mechanical draftingg Geography Club. "A drafts- man that is a draftsmanf' LESTER C. CARTER Mechanical draftingg Footballg Wrestling. "The man who comes aroundf, GEORGE CARVER Electricity. "Anchors aweigh!" ROSEVA CASHDOLLAR General courseg Geography Clubg G. S. C. Repre- sentativeg Choir. "Flaming hair to match a brilliant personality." BETTY SUE CHALFANT General course, commercial majorg Girl Reserve Clubg Glee Clubg Bearcat Brevitiesg Musical Moodsg Radio. "How would the attendance clerk get along without Betty?,' RUTH CHIN College prepg French Clubg Social Science Clubg Honor Societyg Dauber Clubg G. S. C. Representa- tiveg G. A. A.g Student Councilg Senior Councilg Red Cross Councilg MdgiC'idl1j Mu11r011iar1g Musical Moods. "She,s the girl Who's everywhere at once." ETHEL ANNE CHRISTMAN Shorthand courseg Secretarial Clubg G. S. C. Repre- sentativeg Dauber Clubg Radio. "You have to coin a word for Ethel.', Page Nineteen MARTHA CRAMER Shorthand course. "Vivacious Lady." MARIE CROFT Pre-nursing courseg Orchestrag Dance Bandg Musical Moods. "Arden: Abe Lincoln admirer." PERRY W. CROSS "Broken bones a specialty." GEORGE CRUMP College prep. "Bright boy-a shining light in Cen- tral." WILLIAM CURL, JR. College prep.g Dunbar Clubg Glee Clubg Intramural basketball. "Mischief, he's it!" PI-IYLLIS JEAN CURRY General courseg Student Councilg Girl Reserve Clubg G. S. C. Representativeg Social Science Clubg Latin- American Leagueg Magiriang Radio. "An oomphatic personalityf' GEORGIA CURTIS General courseg Girl Reserve Clubg Glee Club. "Geor- gia on my mind." RALPH DAILEY Building tradesg Geography Clubg Varsity basketballg Intramural basketball. "Reaching for the stars? ALMA DE REESE DAIN General course, shop majorg Trackg Intramural bas- ketball. "Him and his portable radio!" Page Twenty WAYNE DAUGI-IERTY Auto mechanicsg Bandg Dance band. "Music Master." BLANCHE MAE DAVIS Student Councilg Bandg Glee Clubg Drum Majorette. "Cute little item." ROY EUGENE DAVIS Mechanical draftingg French Clubg Student Council: Orchestrag Trackg Intramural athletics. t'Where've you been all my life?,' RONALD M. DAWSON General courseg Geography Clubg Bandg Latin-Amer- ican Leagueg Dramatic Clubg Choirg "What a Lifeug "Once and for All"g "Love Rides the Rafls"g Magi- cian. "Hector, mama's graduating!" DORIS DAY General courseg French Clubg Honor Soeietyg Physics Clubg Glee Clubg Orchestrag Magiciaug Murzsolziaug Choir. "A wizard of witsf' WILLIAM D. DEARINGER Machine shopg Geography Clubg Student Council: Varsity footballg Intramural basketball. "You gotta be a football hero!" MARY JANE DELONG Commercial courseg Mzmsonimi. "She's worth her weight in rubber." OMER J. DENNY Electrieityg Geography Clubg Football. l'What's Weissmuller have on Omer? Nothing!,' WILLIAM R. DEVERS Student Council, Football. "He likes to kick things around - especially footballsf' POLLY DLWITT General course, G. A. A. "Any old pictures or clip- pings today?" PHYLLIS DILDINE General courseg Geography, Secretarial Clubsg Girls' Service Club Representative. "The prodigal returns." ELEANORE DOGGETT General course. i'Designs by Doggettf, DELORES EDWARDS . Home ec.: jr. Red Cross. "She can mix up a deli- cious meal in no time at all!" MARY LOUISE EHRLICH College prep.g Honor Societyg Orchestrag Dance Bandg Radio. "The girl who plays magical musicf' ANNAMAE ELEY General courscg Geography Clubg Bearcat Brevitiesg jr. Council. "Bred to a bridle!" JOELLEN EPPARD Shorthand courseg Geography Clubg G. A. A. "Reigns at the roller-rinkfl CARL E. ERTLE Machine shopg Intramural basketball. "Little man, what now?" BOB ETHERIDGE College prep. "The Quiz-master. CHARLES EVANS, JR. Honor Society. "Take it easy, breezy." JUAL EVANS General courseg Honor Societyg Dramatic Clubg Ra- dio. "Central's shining jualf' GLENN EWING Mechanical draftingg Hi-Y Clubg Intramural basket- ball. "Let's play ping-pongf' BILLY FALLIS General courseg Geography, Hi-Y Clubs. 'tXVomen and Work are his chief interests." RALPH FANNIN General courseg Geography Club. "My pride and joy -my curly hair." MARGARET FEENY General courseg jr. Red Crossg Ceemoh Clubg Secre- tarial Clubg Magifiung Munsonian. l'Peg o' my heart." JOHN DONSON General courseg Geography Clubg Glee Clubg Student Councilq Choirg Musical Moodsg Affllgifidll. "Donson in the dark." GEORGE WASHINGTON DOTSON, JR. Commercial courseg Geography Club. "Camera Fiend." NED DOTY Printing courseg Hi-Y Club. "Dashing, daring Doty." TED C. DOTY Printingg Honor Society. "Smile-ask the man who owns one!,' INEZ DOUGLASS General course, commercial majorg Geography Clubg Latin-American Leagueg G. A. A., Musical Moods. "Athlete Extraordinairef' FANNIE DUNAVENT General course, commercial majorg Geography Club. "Central's gift to the business world!" HAROLD DUNN General course. "A traveling nurse." ELLEN NADINE EAGAN General eourseg Choirg Musical Moods. "I feel a song coming on -" ROSEMARY EASTER College prep.g G. S. C. Representativeg Choirg Magi- riang Munsorziang Musical Moods. "Mademoiselle," Page Twenty-one JAMES FICKERT Machine shop, Geography Club. "A man's man!" OPAL MAE FINDLEY Commercial course, Student Councilg Girl Reserves, Senior Council, Choirg Dance Bandg Radio, MuSiC21l Moods. "Our leading lady of song." FRANK FISHER Auto mechanics. "Frankie knows his carsf' JANE FLETCHER College prep., jr. Red Cross, French Club, Secretarial Club, Magician. "V for vitality!', BETTY ELAINE FLINN College prep.g Math, French, Social Science Clubsg Honor Society, Mugifiang M1mxo11iau. "How about that?" CHARLES EDWARD FLOYD Electricity, "Love Rides the Railsf' l'Quiet but persuasive." JOANN FROYD College prep., Math, French, Social Science, Dramatic Clubsg Honor Societyg Student Council, Munsoniung Magician, "Once and for All"g "Stage Door"g junior and Senior Secretary. "Why gentlemen prefer blondes." LOIS FUNKHOUSER Commercial courseg Glee Club. "Tee hee, I donit get it!" MARYELLEN GARRETT General courseg Girls Reserve Clubg Glee Club. "Typ- ical typing secretaryf' Page Twrnfy-Iwo TRULA D. GAVIN General business, Geography, Girls Reserve Clubsg G. A. A.g Bearcat Brevitiesg Musical Moods, Choir. "How to win friends and influence peoplef' ADELIA JEAN GIBBS Shorthand course, Secretarial Clubg Radio. "There's something about a soldier!" CLARA DELL GLENN Home ec., Girl Reserveg Dauber Club. "Pardon me, boy -" ETHEL GRAGG Shorthand course, Jr. Red Crossg Secretarial Clubg Magician, Latin-American League. "How to Be a success in Ten Easy Lessons." MARY ELIZABETH GRAVES College prep.g Jr. Red Cross, G. S. C. Representative, Vergil Clubg Choir, Magician, "Musical Moods." "Sweet as sugar and not rationed!" ROBERTHA G. GRAVES General courseg Glee Club. "Central's 'Singing Lady., " LETHA L. GRAY Shorthand course, Jr. Red Crossg Geography, Secre- tarial Clubs, G. S, C. Representative, Senior Council, Orchestra, War Councilg Bearcat Brevities. "Efficient to the nth degree." NAOMI GRAY General courseg French, Geography Clubs. "Penny's from Heaven!" PAUL GRONENDYKE College prep.g French, Hi-Y Clubsg Choir, Musical Moods. '!To live is to laugh!" WINIFRED JUNE GROW Geography Club, Latin-American Leagueg Library Page. "June 'Encyclopedia' Growfi BARBARA GUFFIGAN College prep., Geography, Glee Clubsg G. S. C. Rep- resentativeg Senior Councilg Student Council. "Lady Beautiful." TOMMY GUY Business course. "Favorite subject-lunch hour." SUZANNE HARRIOTT General course, Girl Reserves, Glee Club, Choir, Musical Moods. "The gal with the spontaneous gigglef! MARTHA ANNE HARRIS General course, Geography Club, Girl Reserve, M1111- sonian, Choir. UA tops musicianf' WARREN E. HARRISON Auto mechanics, Geography Club, Football. "I wanna zoot suit -" MARY LOUISE HARROLD College prep., French, Geography Clubs, G. S. C. Representative, Magician. " 'Henry' is a dream walk- mg." NORA ELLEN HART General course, Choir. "One of Central's subtle types." LILA DEE HAWLEY Pre-nursing, G. S. C. Representative. "Sophistica- tion!" BOB HAYES Band, Orchestra. "Shoe-shine Hayes!" JAYNE HAZELTON College prep., French, Social Science, Dramatic, Glee Clubs, Honor Society, Munsonian, "What a Life!", "Stage Door." "Oh! How superflabgoptious!" FRANK R. HERSHEY Machine shop, Varsity football, Wrestling, Track. "Why gals leave home!" DON HIATT Building trades. "Cute, but definitely!" ROBERT HIESTAND Mechanical drafting, Band, Choir. "Jeep's got it."' WARREN HILL College prep., Vergil Club, Hi-Y, Football. "Red will solve the international situation." SUZANNE HABEIN College prep., Latin-American League, French, Dra- matic Clubs, G. S. C. Representative, Choir, "What a Life!", "Stage Door", "Love Rides the Railsn, Mu- sical Moods. "Singin', Swingin' Suzyf' ARLETT LAVON HAFFNER Machine shop. "I can't help it if I've got red hair!" ODESSA LOU HAHN College prep., Honor Society, Dramatic, Vergil, Glee Clubs, "What a Life!", "Stage Door", Magician, Choir, Musical Moods. "I like the army--just look at all the men!" FLORA HELEN HALL College prep., Girl Reserve Club, Dauber Club. "Une jeune fille brillantef' HELEN LOUISE HALL General course. "She's particularly tops!', JANETTE HALL Bookkeeping course, Girl Reserve. "Arthur Murray taught me dancing!" BETTY JEAN HAMMER General course, Glee Club,Mugiria11. "The skin you love to touch." PAUL E. HANNAN General course, Choir, Musical Moods, Intramural basketball. "Handsome Hannanf' WALTER HARKER General course, Latin-American League, French, Dra- matic, Social Science Clubs, Physics Club, Magician, M-1L7lS01lid7lj Musical Moods, Washington Club, "Once and for All", "Stage Door", Radio. 'iMan-about- town." Page Twenty-llvree CHARLOTTE HILTON College prep.: Latin-American Leagueg Glee Clubg Munxoniaug Magiviang Choirg Musical Moods. "Oh- those luscious brown eyesll' ELIZABETH HINES General courseg Glee Clubg Dunbar Clubg Choir. "I got it good-and that ain't badlv MARJORIE HOBBS Commercial courseg Bandg Majoretteg G. A. A.g Mu- sical Moods. "Bashful and beamingf' RUTH ADELE HOBBS College prep.g Math, Secretarial, Dramatic Clubsg Honor Societyg Bandg G. S. C. Repfesentativeg "What a Life!"g Radiog Musical Moods. "Sadie Jane's in the groove." ALAN HODGE General courseg Math Clubg Mugiciang Choirg l'Love Rides the Railsng Musical Mooclsg Varsity footballg Varsity wrestlingg Varsity track. "Are you kiddin'?' MARY HOLDCRAFT General courseg Math, Girl Reserve, Vergil, Glee Clubsg Jr. Red Crossg G. S. C. Representativeg Ma- gician. "First in the hearts of her countrymen." ANNE HOPKINS College prep.g Orchestrag Magician. "Sweeter than the sweetest." DON HORNER Printing. "Eligible bachelor." RALPH ROSS HORNER Electricityg Honor Societyg Physics, Social Science, Dramatic Clubsg Bandg "What a Life!"g "Love Rides the Rails"g Intramural athletics. "Born to dance." Page TlL'A'lIfj'-flilll' FRANCIS HOTTINGER Vocational electricityg Trackg Intramural basketball. "Hot dog!" DALE HUBER Mechanical drafting. "We would like to draft his blonde curls!" HOWARD E. HUNT Math majorg Math Club. "He has a head for figures!" ORA ROBERT HURST General shopg Choirg Intramural athletics. "He knows what's watt!" BOB HUSTON Electricityg Math, Physics, Hi-Y Clubsg "Love Rides the Rails." "Huston and Mier-gruesome two- somelu JUNE HUTTON General course. "Original-isn't she?" MARY JACKSON Pre-nursingg Vergil Clubg "Our ideal pen-pal." CATHERINE JANNEY College prep.g Math, Social Science Clubsg Glee Clubg Honor Societyg Student Councilg Magician. "The nth degree in energy." HERBERT G. JESTER General courseg Honor Societyg Magician. 'lWhat's in a name? -- plenty!" NELLIE JOHNSON Commercial course. "jitter-jivin' Johnson!" SHERMAN JOHNSON Machine shop. "Sherman was rightli' BOYD L. JONES Building tradesg Intramural basketball. "The strong, silent typeln VIOLET KELBEL Shorthand courseg Secretarial Clubg G. S. C. Repre- sentative. "The Greeks had a word for her ability." JOHN D. KELLEY College prep.g Hi-Y. "Lady-killer Kelleyf, THELMA KERLEY College prep.g Secretarial Clubg Girl Reserveg G. A. A. "So sweet, so charming!" WILLIAM KITTLE General courseg French Clubg Senior Council. "Life, 'love and she's so wonderfulf, VUNE B. LAMB Shorthandg Secretarial Clubg Band. "She twirls a mean baton." GAYLE LAMM General course! Football. "Flying cadet." ROSEVA M. LANG General courseg French Clubg G. S. C. Representa- tiveg Mugiciang MlIl1X0l1id7l. "Personality plus vi- tality-that's Rosielv WILLIAM LANNING General courseg Geography Club. ujack, the wo- man hater!" BLANCHE LARISON Commercial course. "She's a mischievous little thing." DOROTHY LEE Shorthand courseg Secretarial Club. "Dot's right!" JOE LEE Electricity. "One of Central's live-wires." FRANCIS LEACH College prep.g Latin-American Leagueg French, Hi-Y Clubs. "If silence is golden, Francis is worth his weight in gold." DONALD JONES General course. 'KI fry a mean hamburgerln HAROLD JONES Bookkeeping. "A gentleman of the old school." MILDRED LEE JONES Jr. Red Crossg Mlzrzsouiuu. "You were my queen in calico." FRED JORDAN Printingg Dramatic Clubg "Love Rides the Rails"g "Stage Door." "Hi, Curly!" ALINE JUNE JORIS Student Councilg Girl Reserveg G. A. A. "Double or nothing!" ARLINE JANE Joius Bookkeepingg Jr. Red Crossg Student Councilg G. A. A. "By gum!,' FORREST KEELEY, JR. General courseg Geography Clubg "Love Rides the Rails." "What a guy!,' MAELLEN KEELEY General course. "Reserved-but for whom!" NEAL KELBEL Machine shop. "What more could you want?" Page Twenty-five WANDA LEPHART Bookkeepingg G. A. A. "Ever see her super swan dive?" MARJORY LINDSTROM College prep.g French Clubg Dramatic Clubg "Stage Doorng IVIagi4'ia11g Mllnsouiau. "Our blonde blitz- krieg!', RUBY LIVIIZRATOS French, Secretarial, Social Science, Dramatic Clubs: Honor Societyg Student Councilg l'What a I.ife!"g "Once and for Allug "Stage Doorng Magiciang M1111- solzizm. "Much ado about something!" ELEANOR LOUISE LOGAN College prep.g Math, French, Social Science, Physics Clubsg Honor Societyg Magician. U- but her heart belongs to just one-dozen!" BETTY LEE LOGSDON Shorthand courseg Secretarial Club. "Best bet's Betty!" ROSEMARY LOVE Geography, Social Science Clubsg Student Councilg G. S. C. Representativeg Jr. Councilg Sr. Councilg "What ri Life-"5 Magicimzg Mzmso11ia1z. "The girl with the wistful eyes." LOUVENA ROSE LUCAS General courseg Geography Clubg Glee Clubg Choir. "Why Wrigley made a million!" WALTER LUNSFORD Electricityg M. Clubg Varsity Footballg Varsity Bas- ketballg Track. ujakess our high-point man in more than one way!" WANDA LUSBY General courseg Glee Club. "You must have been a beautiful baby!" Page Tweniy-six MARIE LUTES General course. "Men -where?,' HARRY LUZADER College prcp.g French Club. "Central's own Henry Aldrich!" GOURMAND MCADAMS I Building trades courseg Intramural athletics. "Pardon me, but may I sleep?" MILDRED L. MCCONNELL College prep.g Math, Dramatic Clubsg G. S. C. Rep- resentativeg Magifiaug Munsoniang Radiog Choirg Musical Moodsg "Love Rides the Rails." "Mischie- vous Mick!" WILLIAM MCDONALD Commercial courseg Geography Clubg Hi-Y Clubg Intramural basketball. "Did you say Admiral Mc- Donald?" EILEEN MCGRAW Shorthand courseg Secretarial Clubg Magiviang Mun- sonian. "Efficiency plusln RICHARD MCGUIRE College prep.q Student Councilg Senior Councilg Jun- ior Councilg Intramural basketball. "Full of the old nick is our Dickf' FLORENCE McKINLEY General course. "Remember that girl you saw that didnlt talk much? That wasn't our Flo!" ERNEST MCLAIN College prep.g Math, Hi-Y Clubsg Honor Societyg Magician. "Main leader in Math Club." BILL MCLAUGHLIN Printing courseg Geography Clubg Varsity Footballg Varsity Wrestlingg Intramural athleticsf "Japs! Be- ware. Gabby's joined the Navy!" JEANNE MCPHEDRAN ' College prep.g Dance Bandg Choirg Bearcat Brevities' Musical Moods. "Jeanne has that certain swing!" DOROTHY MCWHIRTER General courseg Girl Reserveg Library pageg Magician. "Nurse McWhirter - call, please." 1 DARRELL MIER General course, Math Club, Hi-Y Club, Student Council, Honor Societyg Physics Club, Orchestrag Intramurals. "Nah, dat ainit itll' WILLIAM M. MILLER General courseg Hi-Y, Dramatic, Social Science Clubs, "What a I.ife!'!g "Stage Doorng Choir, Mu- sical Moods. 'iWaal, Daisy June!" BETTY MILLIKAN General course. l'Betty's a good skate!" JIM MILLIKAN Building tradesg Hi-Y Club, "Love Rides the Rails", Choir. "Muscles Millikanf' ROSALENE MILLS College prep., Bandg Girl Reserveg Glee Clubg G. S. C. "Quiet-very seldom." MARCELLA MINTON General course. 'll and the world laughs with you!!' FRANCES DEE MOLER General courseg Secretarial Clubg Band, Orchestrag Dance Bandg Bearcat Brevitiesg Musical Moods. "She toots a mean horn." DEWEY MONGOLD Electricity courseg Geography Club. "Ask me any- thing-just anything!" ALICE VENETTE MONROE General course. 'lShe's just a wonderful girl!" KATHRYN ELIZABETH MOORE Home economicsg Band. "She has aspirations mat- rimonialf' MALCOLM MORRETT Printing course, Hi-Y, Band, Munsoniang Musical Moods. "Keep 'em flying, Mac!" BOB MORRICAL Electricityg Bandg Musical Moods. "Bob will make the sparks fly!" LOIS MACE Shorthand course, Secretarial Clubg Girl Reserve. "An ideal secretary." HAL MANOR Carpentry course, Geography Club. "To the Manor born." CLARENCE MANSFIELD Drafting course. "What Bud doesnlt know about drafting just isn't!" MARDA HELEN MARTIN General course, Choir, Glee Club. "A chic little number." JEROMA MASCARI Shorthand course, Honor Society, Secretarial Clubg Mzmsonian. "Sparkling eyes." MARTHA ANN MAY College courseg G. A. A. "Oh, happy May!" DOROTI-IEA MAYNARD Commercial, Latin-American Leagueg G. A. A. "If you don't know her, you should!" BETTY LEE MERRYWEATHER Choir. '!Golden hair with voice to match." DON C. METTLER College prep.g Math, Physics, Hi-Y Clubsg Honor Societyg Senior Councilg Varsity football, track, ten- nisg Intramural sports. "All this and he still finds time to be Central's blond Romeo." Page Twenty-sawn IO MUNSON College prep., Latin-American League, Soc'al Science, French, Geography, Dramatic Clubs, Student Coun- cilg MLlgil'idl1j M7l7130l1i!llIf "Love Rides the Railsng "Stage Door." "That breeze was Jo!" ABRAHAM NAMIA, JR. General course. "The Marines have landed -'I STEWAIKT NEFF College prep.g Student Council, Hi-Yg Mzuzsoniarzg Magician, Varsity tennis. l'Alias Esquircf, JUNE NEWTON Shorthand course, Secretarial Clubg Magiziun. "June - moon - tunef' BARBARA NULL College prep., French, Vergil Clubsg Honor Society, Student Council, Magician, Mlznxouiarig "What a Lifelv "Hi, Sugarpussln PERRY THOMAS ORR General courseg Math, Hi-Y, Physics Clubs, Honor Society. "Whew!,' BEULAH BELLE OSBORN General courseg Choir. "Talks little-knows loads., HOWARD OSBORN Mechanical drafting. "TufTley again!" MARTHA OSGOOD General course, Dauber Clubg Choir, Musical Moods. "Nectar and ambrosiaf' f Page Tzumly-eigbi DONALD E. OWEN Drafting. "He's drawn to drafting." MURRAY PAINTER General courseg Physics Club, Senior Councilg Magi- cian. "The majority is always wrong!" ALBERT PANKEY Machine shop. "Power-house Pankeyln JUNE PARK Shorthand courseg Secretarial Club, Bandg Choirg Musical Moodsg Bearcat Brevities. "Beautiful blonde babe." BETTY JEAN PATTERSON General course, G. S. C. Representativeg Glee Club, Senior Council, Choirg Magician, Musical Moods. "All-'round gal." FLORENCE MARGARET PATTON Shorthand course, Secretarial Club. l'Flo gently, sweet Patton." M. LLOYD PEARSON Drafting course. "I want to be happy!" DORIS PERDIUE Shorthand courseg Secretarial, Dramatic, Glee Clubs, Choir, Magician, Mzmsoniang Musical Moods. "Swing it, sister, swing itV' VIRGINIA PERKINS Shorthand course. "The Big City attracts her." ARNOLD PERRY College prep.g Choir. "Ain't I the one!" GENE PETTY "NoW! Is it time to play my hemidemisemiquaver?" MARILYN ANN PFLEEGER General courseg Geography Club, G. A. A. "What a gallu DOROTHY QUIRK Shorthandg Secretarial Clubg jr. Council. l'Dot- Dot-Dot-dash. V for victoryln HELEN RAHE General courseg Ceemoh, Glee Clubs. "She loves them all!" WILLIAM RASCHE General courseg Student Council. "Central,s Casa- nova-autographed pictures sent on request." BETTY JEAN RAYBURN Commercialg Glee Clubg Choir. "Wowl" RICHARD REA College prep.g Math Clubg Student Councilg Honor Societyg Magician. "Quiet! Genius at work!" MIRIAM REED College prep. "A pretty maid from Penn," WAYMAN REEVES Electrical course. "This program came from N.B.C. announced by Wayman Reeves." MARCILE RENBARGER Commercial course. "Remarkable Marky!" JOSEPHINE RIDDLE Shorthandg Mzmsonian. "Pretty quiet, but quite prettyf' KATHRYN RINEARSON General course. "K-K-K-Katy, Beautiful Katy." ALICE MAE RINKER General courseg Geography, Social Science, Dramatic Clubsg Student Couneilg Mzmsoniang Magician. "You stepped out of a dream!" BETTY RISK General courseg Glee Club. l'Boys, line up! Betty can cookf' MARY PICKELL French Clubg Magiciaug Munsonian. "She's a sweet 'picklef " LEON PLANK College prep.g Tennisg Track. "If I do-ed it I get a whippin'-I do-ed it!" CLAYTON CARVELLE PORTER General courseg Geography Clubg Intramural basket- ball. "Well! Look whois here!,' TED PRINTZOS General courseg Magjeiaug "What a Life!" "Shake- speare-thatis my line!" NELSON PUGH Electricityg Choirg Musical Moods. "So there, too BILL PURTLEBAUGH, JR. 'sy General courseg French Clubg Student Council. "He's rather shy at school, but school's only six hours a day!" JULIA PYLE College prep.g Math, French Clubsg Honor Societyg Jr. Red Crossg MYLIIXOIIIHII. 'lThe woman of the year." MARTHA QUALKINBUSH Shorthandg Secretarial Club. I'She wants to be sec- retary to a handsome young millionaire." FRANCES LORENE QUATE Commercialg Glee Clubg G. A. A. "She,s our filla- ga-dusha, shinna-marushaf' Page Twfwty-nine' ROSEMARY RISK Bookkeeping course. "A darn swell kid!" VAUGHN ROBERTS Electricity courseg Hi-Y. "Don,t worry about me --I get around." RUTH ROBINSON General courseg Geography Clubg Student Councilg Orchestrag Junior Playg Magician. "Literary lightf, BETTY ROBLING General course. "Would you like a gown designed by Miss Robling?" JOHN ROEGER General courseg Bandg Orchestrag Musical Moodsg Dance Band. "W'e now bring you Johnnie Roeger and his famous dance bandf, SUZANNE ROGERS College prep.g Jr. Red Cross Representativeg Honor Societyg Dramatic, Vergil Clubsg Magiciung Mun- xonian. "Fashion-plate a la cartef, CLARA ROLLEN General course. l'Let Clara decorate your home." BEBE ROSS Shorthand courseg Secretarial Clubg jr. Red Cross Councilg G. A. A.g Munxoniuug Musical Moodsg Cee- moh. "Central's number one girl athlete." CONNIE ROTROFF Shorthand courseg Student Councilg Secretarial Club. "A shorthand whizz!" Page Thirty ANNA KATHERINE RUDD Nursing courseg Glee Clubg Dauber Clubg Choir. "Boys, I think we've got something herel' MARY ELEANOR RUSH Shorthand courseg Honor Societyg Secretarial Clubg Glee Clubg Girls' Service Club Representative. "Peaches and cream." BOB RUSSELL College prep.g Vergil Clubg Hi-Yg Tennis. "Bob should go places with his 'racquet.' " DORVAN THOMAS RUST General courseg Math Clubg Honor Society. "If ideas were dough, he'd be a dough-boy." BARBARA SANDERS Shorthand courseg Honor Societyg Secretarial Clubg French Club. "I-iidgety-feet." JIM SAUNDERS Vocational carpentryg Mu11xo11ia1z. "Patience, Speed, it w0n't be long now!" RUTH SCI-IROEDEL General courseg French Clubg Murzsozzian. "She came, we saw, she conquered." RUSSELL SCUDDER General courseg Geography Clubg Student Councilg Bandg Hi-Yg Orchestrag Bearcat Brevitiesg Musical Moods. 'lBeat it out, beat it out, beat it out, Moe!" HERMAN SCUDMORE Machine shop. 'ijolly jackie? l WEBSTER SHROYER Jr. Red Cross Representative, Band. "Speak easy, rambling Webby!" BARBARA SIMES General course, French, Geography Clubsg Student Council, Junior, Senior Playsg Magician. "Her eyes have it." LUCY JANE SIMPSON Shorthand course, jr. Red Cross Representativeg Honor Societyg Secretarial Clubg Magician, Mzmxorz- ian. "Lettuce alone, please." JACQUELINE SIPE Shorthand course, Girl Reserve, Musical Moods. "Shorthand and men, mm! !', ANN SLACK General eourseg Magician. "Petite and charming housewife." GLORIA SMITH Generalg Girl Reserve, Honor Society. "There are Smiths who make us happy!" MARY ELLEN SMITH General courseg Glee Clubg Girl Reserveg Geography Clubg Musical Moods, Choir. "Chee-chee is well supplied with talent." HOMER SOWERS "The little man who wasn't there!" JOHN SPANGLER General courseg Jr. Red Cross Representative. "Be- ware! That grin's contagious." MARIAN SHACKELFORD General course. "Our dancing ladyf' MARY SPIADOAN General courseg Dauber Club. "Calm and quiet, tl1at's Maryf, JACK SHAFFER Vocational carpentry, Football, Track. "From now on there,ll be a Change in me!" MILDRED SHANE General course. l'Cheery Cherrief, TED SHANE College prep.g Honor Society, Vergil Club. "The Little King." CHARLES A. SHARP College prep., Math Club, Honor Society. "After in comes Einsteinli' JACKIE SHARPE Student Council, Bearcat Brevitiesg Magician. "Mod- crn design makes the big difference!" IDA FRANCES SHAW Commercfal course, Girl Reserve, Dauber Club. "An- other of our nurses-to-be." HARRY LEE SHELBY Electrical course, Band. "Get hep on that sax!" LORENA SHINN General course, G.A.A.g Honor Society. "See you in Yellowstone." MARY ELLEN SHOCKLEY College prep., French, Geography, Social Science, Dramatic Clubs, Latin-American League, 'iWhat a Life!"g "Love Rides the Railsvg "Stage Doorf, l'Broadway, here she comes!" GEORGE SHRIEVE General. 'Tll be Waiting at the k-li-lt-kitchen door." Page Thirty-one WILLIAM STERRETT College prep., Math Club, Band, Social Science, Dramatic Clubs, Senior Play, Magician. "Sterrett, D. D., painless tooth-puller." DAVID SULLIVAN General course. "Happy-go-lucky Dave." DON SWEGMAN Printing, Band, Hi-Y. "Studious and quiet, but not too studious!" BETTY JUNE TAYLOR General course, Student Council, Sophomore Council. "You're as pretty as a picturef' EDMUND TAYLOR, III Electrical course, Glee Club, Choir. "Did you say the mandarin'?,' FRIIZDA TAYLOR Home economics course, Geography Club, Girl Re- serve, Dauber Club. "Talking is her chief pleasuref' GEORGE A. TAYLOR College prep., French, Math, Social Science and Hi-Y Clubs, Honor Society, Tennis, Intramural sports, "What a Life!" "Tall, blond, terrificln HAROLD TAYLOR General course, Student Council, Band, Orchestra, Magician, Mziusonian, Musical Moods. 'fOur boogie woog'e bugler boy ROBERT TERHUNE College prep., Math, Dramatic, Social Science, and Hi-Y Clubs, Latin-American League, Student Coun- cil, Honor Society, Magician, Bearcat Brevities, Ra- dio: War Activities Council, junior Council, "What a Life!", "Stage Door", Intramural sports. "Women? Iim allergic to 'emi fOh, yeah?j" BILL THARP General course, Math, Dramatic Clubs, Honor So- ciety, Sr. Council, "Love Rides the Rails", Magician, Intramural basketball. "Cartoonist colossal." MARGARET DEMETRA THEODORAS Shorthand course, Secretarial Club. "I donyt want to walk without youf' ANN TRAUB Shorthand course, Secretarial Club, Magician. "She's here, there, and everywhereln pi Pagi' Thirty-I wo BUD TRAURING College prep., Student Council, Physics, Social Sci- cnce, Dramatic Clubs, Sophomore Council, Yell Leader, Intramural basketball, Magician, Munsonian, "What a Life!", "Love Rides the Rails", "Stage Doorf' "He leaves us speechless? PAUL TRUE Auto mechanics, Geography Club. "He may be harmless, but he makes up for it!" VIRGINIA LEE TURNER General course. "Shc's ginger-vating!" RICHARD FREDERICK VALANDINGHAM College prep., Geography, Hi-Y Clubs, Football, Wrestling. "All-American!" RAY VAN HOOK Drafting course. "Blue prints are his long suit." BOB VAN HORN College prep., Magician. 'QAnswer to a maiden's prayer!" GENE VAN MATRE General course, French, Geography Clubs. "He has a way of his ownf' BETTY ,IEANNE VAN NATTER Commercial course, Choir, Musical Moods. "Betty likes hunting-men." MARY ELLEN VERGIN General course, G. S. C. Representative, Magician, Miuisonian. "We're picking Mary Ellen's golden locks." REFA JUNE WHITE General Course. Magician. "One of Central's nicer people? ROBERT WHITE General Course. "I like workg it fascinates me- I can sit and watch it for hours." ELNORA MAE WILKINS Bookkeeping Course. Magician. "She doesn't need Ipana for her smile of beauty." FRANCES JEANNE WILLIAMS College Prep. French, Social Science, Ceemoh, Ver- gil Clubsg Honor Societyg Bandg Orchestrag G. A. A.g Jr. Coundlg Magiciang Musical Moods. "Skeeter packs a lot of punchlv DORIS WILSON Commercial Course. Geography, Dauber Clubsg G. A. A. "Small-town girl makes good!" CLIFFORD WILSON Carpentry Course. "Oh, Tyrone Power givcs me just a little competition." LILA LEE WILSON College Prep. Course. Geography Clubg Girl Re- serveg Glee Clubg G. S. C. representativeg Jr. Red Cross. "She should have known Magellan." ELEANOR WOLFE Bookkeeping Course. Washington Clubg Magician. l'The night is young and you're so beautiful." RICHARD WOLFE General Course. "Second Fred Astairef! BEATRICE VORE General Course. Jr. Red Crossg Geography Clubg Magician. "Now youire cooking with gas!" WINIFRED WAGGONER Jr. Red Crossg Girl Rescrveg Magician. "The Blonde B0mber!', ROSEMARY WAID General Course. G. S. C. representativeg Glee Cluhg Bandg Choirg Musical Moods. "A future Powers model." LLOYD SHERIDAN WALKER College Prep. Course. Bearcat Brevitiesg Musical Moodsg Radiog Glee Clubg Choir. UVocalistic vo- cabularianf' BETTY WALLACE General Course. Bandg Orchestrag Musical Moods. "She shall have music wherever she goes." CORINNE MAE WALLACE Shorthand Course. Secretarial Clubg G. A. A.g G. S. C. representative. "Why Don't We Do This More Often?" ED WARD General Course. Dramatic Cluhg Geography Clubg "Love Rides the Railsg' Magician, Mumoniang Choirg Musical Moods. "May I have this danCe?,' SYDNIE LALINE WEAVER Shorthand Course. Secretarial Clubg Magician. "Here's a girl with a gift for poetry!" CHESTER A. WEIR Bookkeeping Course. Intramural athletics. "Like rouge and lipstick, he's for the women." GRACE WHITAKER Shorthand Course. Jr. Red Crossg Student Councilg Secretarial Clubg Senior Couneilg Magician. "Lovely to look at." MAX WHITAKER College Prep Course. Geography Clubg Varsity Baseball. "Our ideal sportsmanf' MAXINE WHITAKER General Course. Ceemoh, Social Science, Physics Clubg Student Councilg G. A. A.g Radio. l'Blonde Venus.' Page Thirty-fbrcc' Page Tloirly-four BILL WOLFE General Course. Physics Clubg "Love Rides the Rails"g Magician. "Admiral Wolfe-on deck!" FAYE WOODLEE General Course. Geography Clubg Magician. "A modern Florence Nightingale." HOBART WOOTEN Electricity. Physics Clubg MlliI50!!idl1j Footballg Intramural basketball. "All great men are dead, and I don't feel well." ROBERT C. WRIGHT General Course. Geography Clubg Glee Clubg Choirg Musical Moods. "A girl's dream dance partner." LOIS YINGLING General Course. Glee Clubg Munsoniang Mugiciung Musical Moods. "Swing those blues!" BETTE LOU YOUNCE College Prep. Course. French Clubg "Love Rides the Railsvg Muizsoniang Dramatic Club. "Glamour Gal!,' LAVON YOUNG Shorthand Course. Student Councilg Secretarial Clubg Girl's Service Club representativeg Senior Treasurerg Glee Club. "It's leadership that counts." MARY JANE ZOOK General Course. Geography Club, Red Cross Coun- cil. "Zookie loves horses and people." ROBERT ZOOK Mechanical Drafting. Hi-Y. "In my merry Olds- mobile." SENIOR COUNCIL Front row: Letha Gray, Opal Mae Findley, Rosemary Love, Lavon Young, Bob Chal- fant, Joann Froyd, George Taylor, Ruth Byrd, Betty Patterson. Second row: Mrs. Gladys Townsend, counselor, Mary Ellen Vergin, Grace Whitaker, Barbara Simes, Joan Connolly, Barbara Gufligan, Ruth Chin, Frances Jeanne Williams, Miss Ella Hollenback, social sponsor. Third row: Dick McGuire, Tom Orr, Murray Painter, Charles Comer, Howard Shular, Darrell Alexander, Don Mettler, Bill Tharp, John Alles. SENIOR PLAY CAST First row: Mildred McConnell, Judith Belcher, Ralph Horner, Mary Ellen Shoclsley, and Jo Munson. Second row: Ronald Dawson, Bill Tharp, Alan Hodge, Suzanne Shular, Darrell Alexander, Don Mettler, Bill Tharp, John Alles. SENIOR ACTIVITIES HE SENIOR COUNCIL is an organization for the purpose of helping to settle problems of the senior class. The council meets on call of the president, Bob Chal- fant. Some of the main activities in which it has participated are: the planning of the senior group guidance program, the assessing of class dues, and the arranging of class social activities. The council members were elected from senior social science classes. There were twenty regular members elected, and at present there are fifteen alternates. The alter- nates attend if their regulars are absent when a meeting is called. The senior ofhcers are: Bob Chalfant, presidentg Harold Ball, vice-president, Joann Froyd, secretary, Lavon Young, treasurerg George Taylor, social- chairman. Miss Ella Hollenback and Mrs. Gladys Townsend have proved more than capable as the social sponsor and senior adviser. This year the senior class presented an old-fashioned melodrama, 'QLove Rides the Rails" or "Will the Mail Train Run Tonightn as the class play. Under the direction of Miss Eleanor Jean Bly, the play became one of the most hilarious and exciting events of the year. Page Thirly-five - 1 46'QhbwL fha, u Show n af1,a,manq,whamnfn1Zubz,jn, Leu, pfwmbuznf, but Qquallq, impmfanf, mlm,- 1 ff W! , K E Q pr 1- fb KQ i J ,gb 'Q-xx Thirty-six -Miffw'9Ldaf+ffv44lffLff lim, ahead. UQ, pxwuznf, DLUL JUNIOR COUNCIL Standing: Jack Stiifler, John Fitch, Mary Jane Palmer, Jim Covalt, Miriam Halbert, Jack Martin, Fred Perkins. Sitting: Phyllis Peckinpaugh, Susan Null, Michael Murray, Miss Michael, sponsor, Barbara Ice, Revenna Bird, David Hartley, Doris Condon, Marjorie Patterson, Charles Be- bout. JUNIOR PLAY CAST Clockwise QStart left of centerj: Bob Mathys, Maxine Brown, David Sursa, Martha Sowar, Jim Covalt, Nathan Cooley, Burdetta Clemens, Barbara Crum, Mary Jane Pal mer, Buren Davis, Clara Birt, Bill Werner, Barbara Hick- ey, June Shreve, Harold Helms, Laudelle Edwards, Jack Banta. JUNIOR ACTIVITIES HE JUNIOR COUNCIL, executive and legislative body for the junior class, is comprised of the class officers and a representative for each twenty-five juniors. This group, representing all, juniors, conducted all the business, appointed committees, approved the selection of the class jewelry, planned group guidance programs, and aided in the planning of such activities as the Masquerade Ball, Krosstown Kapers, and the Junior-Senior Prom. Miss Maude Michael is sponsor of the junior class and is assisted by Miss Esther Bart- let as social sponsor and Mr. Daily as financial sponsor. The officers of the junior class are: president, Jim Covaltg vice-president, Charles Beboutg secretary, Marjorie Patterson, treasurer, Doris Condon. The junior class, with its ever-present originality, gave two performances of its play, ' - "One Wild Night," to throw the student body into a panic for the next few days. C. Q ,. I a -9 I - A 7? X wa ,1 , r Ki ii? 9 f . if Page Tbirly-riglni However, the play's hilarity overshadowed its myster, making it a great success. UNIORS PANEL I Row I Row 2 Hubert Abrell Jack Atkinson Mary jane Adams Edward Aul 'Kenneth Addington Jean Ayers Marjorie Anderson Don Baker Wanda Armes Imogene Armstrong Robert Arnold Row 3 Eunice Barnett Frances Barrett Edwina Bath Dolores Bauer Charles Bebout Bonnie Becktell Geneva Bell Row 5 Robert Brees Ted Brehm Richard Bricker Ruby Bricker Barbara Brickley Nora Brock Maxine Brown Row 7 Marion Clark Olive Clark Vernell Clark Doris Condon Erma Jean Cook Nathan Cooley Jim Covalt Row 9 Betty Daugherty Evison Davis Rosemary Dearinger Rodney Dedmon Ernest Denny Ruth Ellen Devoe Bob Dick Row 11 Duane Dunn Kenneth Dunn Bob Eddy Laudelle Edwards Dorothy Eikenberry Bill Elliot Leo Elton Row 13 John Fullhart Elmer Gard Betty Glasson Mary Goar Millicent Goens Betty Gosnell Helena Graves Row 15 Harold Gunckel Martha Gruwell Jama Gustin Miriam Halbert Clarence Hammond Gladys Handley Mary Helen Harding Vera Baldwin Robert Barber Frank Barnell Row 4 Betty Sue Bennett Franklin Bilbrey Revenna Bird Clara Birt Madeline Board Dorothy Boggs Guy Bratton Row 6 Ruth Bruenig Jack Campbell Don Cassell Myrna Jean Cannaday Bernadine Chalfant Donis Charles Mary Charlton Row 8 Marjorie Covington Marjorie Cox Mary Ann Culhan Jeannette Cunningham Barbara Crum Bill Dark Betty Davis Row 10 Helen Dillie Betty Dotson Mary Doyle Phyllis Drake Jearl Driscoll james Drum Betty Duke Row 12 Norma Erwin Frank Fisher john Fitch Norris Floyd Thelma Foreman Annabelle Fuller Barbara Fuller ROW 14 Pauline Graves Benny Greenlee Bill Griffey Robert Griffey Helen Griffin Betty Groman Dick Grooms Row 16 David Hartley Glen Hartley Harold Helms Barbara Hickey Mavelyn Hill Maurice Hines Beverly Hinty Page Tbiffy-1lf?1f ' , .J 4, Page Forty UNIORS Row 1 jean Hitz James Hole Jack Hoover Margaret Hough Christina Holt Clara Hoyt A Rose janet Huber Row 3 Bill janney Arletha Johnson Creola Jones Laura Ann Jones Francis Jones Ramona Jones Virginia Jones Row 5 Joanne Kelly Betty Keys Bob Kinder Mary Eleanor Kirkpatrick Betty Knowles Henry Krull Seward LaFollette Row 7 Jack Lennington Patty Leyendecker Mary Ellen Littler Betty Lowrey Bob Lutz Robert Luzader Dexter McClung Row 9 Sarah Belle Meek Mary Lou Merz Mary Ann Meyer Helen Miller Howard Miller Norma Jean Miller Pattie Miller Row 11 Dan Murdick Wreatha Murphy Michael Murray Marion Nash Marjorie Nelson Phillip Neuerman Betty Newman Row 13 Phyllis Peckinpaugh Dorothy Pedlow Dick Perry Carolyn Phelps Rosemary Piner Barbara Ping Bob Pingry Row 15 Norman Rarick Ruth Rayburn Anna Sue Reed Bessie Reese Kathleen Rider Mary Riley Geneva Roberts PANEL II Row 2 Eugene Hutchings Barbara Ice Robert Irwin James Isom Frank Italiano Arthur Jackson Eileen Jacobs Row 4 William Jones Vivian Jones Doris Haskett Madelyn Keasby Elizabeth Keen Anne Kelley Marjorie Kelsey Row 6 Betty LaMotte Norma Landis Marvin Langley Beverly Lawrence Tom Lawson Fred Leach Evelyn Lehman Row 8 Alice Mann Betty Mansfield Jack Martin Betty Marvin Ananias Mason Marjorie May VVesley"Maynarcl Row 10' Bob Millikan George Millikan Phyllis Mills Max Mitchell Ralph Mitchell Geneva Moore Verdon Moss Row 12 Susan Null Martha Oelslager Bill Osborn Betty Owens Mary Ellen Oxley Mary Jane Palmer Marjorie Patterson Row 14 Robert Polhamus Florabelle Pokorney Walter Poti Annamae Priest Betty Puterbaugh Charles Ralston Norma Randall Row 16 John Roberts Virginia Robbins Beverly Robinson Joann Roderick Richard Romack Farris Rose Tom Rose Row I ROW 2 UNIORS PANEL III Grace Rowland Marshall Rowlette Mary Ellen Ruble Betty Rusher Virginia Rybolt Bill Sacksteder Tom Sample Row 3 Ed Sharkitt Curtis Sharp Anita Shatto Phyllis Shaw Beverly Shideler Mary Shingledecker June Shreve Row 5 Martha Stewart Jack Stiffler Wilma Story June Stokes Juanita Saunders David Sursa Faye Taylor Row 7 Edward True Meres Tucker Arlis Turner Treva Turner Gene Tuttle Norma Tuttle Ralph Tuttle Row 9 Thurman Walker Dale Wall Fred Waltz Earl Ward Patricia Warfel Edith Watson Fred Watson Row 11 Florence Williams Janice Williams Frank Williamson Jayne Ann Wilson Jesselyn Wilson John Wilson Orville Wilson Kathryn Scamihorn Elaine Schwartz Charles Schenck Janice Scott Lynn Scott Jeanne Shafer Alice Shaner Row 4 Marta Ruth Shultz Walter Shuttleworth John Smith Martha Sowar Betty Southworth Betty Sparks Doris Starr Row 6 James Taylor Bert Teal Helen Thomas Margaret Thompson Jean Thonn Rosemary Thorpe Lloyd Tolle Row 8 Anna Jean Tyler Gene Umminger Alice Vlaskamp Wilma Vlaskamp Guy Waldo Warren Walburn Catherine Walker Row 10 Wanda Watson Elsie Weems Bill Werner Charles Wertz Imogene White Dorothy Ann Williams Eugene Williams Row 12 Bill Winder Norma Wirth Duane Wise Bernard Wood June Wood Marjorie Wood Mildred Woodlee Row I3 Fred Perkins Vivian Wooten John Wright Fairy Zearbaugh Mary Hannah Ware -.A-1 X-1-'T J Page Forly-one H SOPHOMORE OFFICERS David Marsh, treasurer, jack Bibler, vice president, Darrell Hines, president, Jane Bird, secretary. F5 SOPHOMORE COUNCIL First Row: Xvdlldil Dunkle, Mary J. Beck, Martha Helm, Barbara Wright, Janice Martin, Martha Jane Alvey, jane Bird. Second Row: Paul Hartley Qsponsorj, Garland Haskett, Elaine Italiano, Mar- tha Miller, Beverly Sue Ressler, Phyllis Roy, Bob Purtlebaugh, Miss Dor- othy Krieger Qsponsorj. Third Row: Dave Miller, Dave Marsh, Darrell Hines, Kenneth Kimberlin, Joe Tyrell, joe Maxwell, Jack Bibler, Miss Kathleen Meehan Qsponsorj. SOPHOMORE ACTIVITIES HE Sophomore Council and its sponsors, Miss Dorothy Kreiger and Miss Kathleen Meehan, have not only carried on the business of the sophomore class, but have also provided for many fine assembly pro- grams. Mario Peroni with his seeing dog, and the Reverend O. A. Brown, from China, were two of their outstanding speakers. The soph- omores were also entertained at a talent show where members of their own class exhibited their various accomplishments, and defense stamps were given as prizes for the best talent displayed. The Sophomore Council sponsored the sale of purple and white pencils earlier in the school year under the direction of Mr. Hartley. V5 EV F of ZH i 5,, " la 'lafflmzl "OOPS, Amosr FORGOI MY " WATER-WINGS U ' . Page Forly-two SOPHOMORES Row I Jeanne Adams Eudora Alexander Mary Alexander Jean Allen Ronald Allison Martha Jane Alvey Annabelle Alwine Row 3 Jack Bailey Jennie Bailey Roberta Bailey Elaine Basinger Adaline Baker Clii'fordBaker Dolores Baker Row S John Bauer Leo Bauer Mary Jean Beck Jean Beetley Molly Belcher Norma Bell Barbara Benbow Row 7 Mattie Bonner Forest Bonshire Gloria Boston Howard Bowlby Ross Bowers Owen Branson John Brattain Row 9 Betty Bush Charlotte Burris Wilma Callahan Ferrel Carmichael Mary Lou Carnes Claude Carter Edward Case Row 11 Carol Jean Collins Virginia Collins Jean Comer Norma Conner Lon Cook Mary Elizabeth Cook Madonna Cooper' Row 13 Mary Cross Wendell Crumes Mary Jayne Crump Wanda Crutcher Byrl Curry Mary Alice Ebrite Harriett Edwards Row 15 Kenneth Daniel Annajean Dews Alice Davis Betty Davis Janice Davis Jean Davis Lorraine Davis PANEL I Row 2 Carl Anderson Joella Anderson Tom Anderson Norma Armstrong Harris Arnold Frances Artrip John Bagley Row 4 John Baker William Bales Daniel Ball Phyllis Barefoot Herman Baring Warren Barker Bob Bass Row 6 Jayne Benbow Edward Bender Donna Binegar Zola Benner Jack Bibler Joe Blackmer Jane Bird Row 8 Katherine Brattain Richard Breese Catherine Brosemer Jeanne Brown Mary Alice Brown Janet Burnam Viola Burkett Row 10 Katherine Chadwick Lewis Chamness John Christman Betty Ellen Clark Bob Clark Gene Clark Norma Coates Row 12 Joan Copeland Leroy Courtney Maxine Covington Bob Cox Mattiebell Cox Carolyn Cramer Suzanne Cromer Row 14 Patti Edwards Raymond Ehrlich Betty Ellis Violetta Engelbrecht Emma Jane Erexson Wanda Evans Beatrice Dance Row 16 John Darnell Marion Dean Fred Dass Maxine Delaney Dick DeLong Ralph Dennis Anna Devers Page Forty-lloree Page Forty-four SGPHOMORES Row 1 Betty Dixon Mary Catherine Dolan Alice Dollinger Fred Doolittle Carroll Douglass Joanna Douglas Lillian Driscoll Row 3 Helen Dunn Ruth Fannin Hilda Feick Nova Ferner Max Fields William Fisher Gene Flora Row 5 Doris Gabriel Phillip Gordon James Garrett Hazel Gentry Janet Gibson Valjean Gibson Norma Gilbert Row 7 Russell Greer Eugene Grim Willard Grimage Billy Grove Elizabeth Graves Anita Grubbs Fay Gunckel Row 9 James Harden Helen Hardwick Verdella Harlow Georgeanna Harmison Joan Harris Bill Hart Robert Hartzell Row 11 Carl Herdering Ondoise Hiatt Phyllis Hill Darrell Hines Ed Hoffer Marjorie Holdcraft Jacqueline Holaday Row 13 Shirley Howard Bob Howell Harold Hewett Norma Hoyt Howard Hubbard Fred Huddleston Eugene Hull Row 15 Ben Janney Dorothy Janney Jim Jellison Jane Jenney Dick Johnson Gertrude Johnson Jeannette Johnson PANEL II Row 2 Betty Drumm Charles Drumm Dorothy Duffy Virginia Dull Beatrice Duncan Lillian Duncan Wanda Dunkle Row 4 Imogene Floyd Kathleen Fourthman Evelyn Fowler Betty Fox James Frazier Rhea Frye Mary Fullhart Row 6 Robert Giles Gloria Glasson ,loan Gowin Betty Graef Lovezillia Grant Agnes Gray Alice Green Row 8 Crystal Haffner Adeline Hahn Wanda Haines Charlotte Hall Rosalie Hale Marigrace Hall Helen Hannan Row 10 Glen Hayes Marilyn Hayes John Hazelton Eugene Heath Philip Heeter Maxine Hefferline Martha Helm Row 12 Shirley Hopkins Betty Hopping Francis Hole Rebecca Hose Charlotte Houghtby Raymond Houk Patty House Row 14 Betty Hunt Jack Hunter Robert Hurst Elaine Italiano Marjorie Jackson Robert Jacobs Max Jamieson Row 16 June Johnson Richard C. Johnson Charles Jones EarleneJones Don Jones Jean Jones Lenora Jones SOPI-IOMCJRES PANEL III Row 1 ROW 2 R055 Jones Marabelle Keppler Thelrna Jones Robert Kain Mary Catherine Kaiser Phyllis Kaiser Bob Karsnak Charles Keller Row 3 Cecil Kirby Don Kirk Frances Koontz Joyce Kron John Kennedy Mildred Lamb Bill Lambert Row 5 Olivia Leavell Betty Lee Gene Lee Mary Jane Lee Sally Lee Mary Elizabeth Leeka Albert Leffer Row 7 Walt Long Rolland Lounsbury Joanna Love Betty McClelland Byron McCormack Walter McCormack Cherie McCormack Row 9 Esther McLain Jim McNickle Robert McPherson Walter McPherson Ruth McWhii-ter Joanna Maitlen Bill Mahoney Row 11 Don Marvin Evamarie Masten Janice Martin Richard Martzall Joan Mason Illa VanMatre James Mattinger Row 13 Audrey Miley Bob Miller David Miller Betty Lou Miller Frank Miller Martha Miller Meriel Miller Row 15 Christine Moodey Joann Moody Harold Moore Mary Morgan Bill Morris Arthur Morrison Marie Morrison Beverly Keppler Mary Kerkondis Vola Ketchum Alice Keys Dorothy Keys Kenneth Kimberlin Row 4 Gloria Lambert Naomi Landis Pauline Langley Jean Lawless Keith Layer Evalyn Leach Dorothy Lehman Row 6 Betty Leflingwell Marilee Leonard John Lewis June Leyendecker Betty Lindzy Dorothy Ann Littler Betty Long Row 8 John McCreery Bob McCurdy Margaret McDonald Tom McDonald Robert McFadden Mary Evelyn McGill Lenora McGritf Row 10 Edward Maloney Don Malott Maryellen Menard Richard Mann Robert Mann Norma Mapes Charles Martin Row 12 Alice Maurer Joe Maxwell Betty Jane May Billie Mendenhall Dan Merchant Bob Merryweather Nancy Merz Row 14 Opal Helen Miller Edward Milliner Joann Millspaugh Thelma Minnick Doris Merahda Nancy Mitchell Nathan Mitchell Row 16 Richard Morrow Tom Morrow Bob Mosier Bill Munson Richard Neel Rosalind Nelson Mildred Newman Page Forly-H l l i Puge Forly-six SOPHOMORES Row 1 Wanda Newman Beverly Nichols Phyllis Nichols Lois Nolan Charles Norris Francine Northcut Ray Null Row 3 Janet Peckinpaugh Robert Wasson Bill Perkins Amelia Peterson Lois Ann Piepho Dorothy Finer Ralph Pinney Row 5 Bob Qualkinbush John Quire Bob Russey Donald Roszell Norman Rowson Charles Rotroff Bob Rosselle Row 7 Darwin Robertson Mary Robbins Henry Riseden Betty Riggs Opalmae Richmond Margaret Richmond Joan Richmond Row 9 Robert Ratclifl Paul Ratcliff Bonnie Ann Sasser Oliver Schiffler Mary Lou Seal Doris Shelton John Shuck Row 11 Tom Skillman Lois Shinn Carl Smith Edna Smith Elner Smith Jo Jean Smith Lucretia Smith Row 13 Kenneth Stine Wilma Stipp Anna Stout Carl Strohm Bill Swanger Clarence Tanner Peg Taylor Row 15 Joan Tomlinson Barbara Timmons Martha Traub Calvin Turner Martha Turner Maxine Turtle Joe Tyrell PANEL IV Row 2 Joyce Oliver Elizabeth O,Neill Rose Orr Junior Oxley Kathleen Parcher Keith Parkison V June Parks Row 4 Mary Jane Pittenger Ernest Porter John Poull Loren Price Norma Pugh Bob Purrlebaugh Phil Puterbaugh Row 6 Virginia Ross Ruth Rollen Jewell Rogers Joe Rogers Beverly Ressler Roy Robinson Norma Robinson Row 8 Bill Rich Ed Rawlinson Mary Reynolds Byron Reed Norma Janet Reavis Phyllis Reason Inga Rasmussen Row 10 Mary Jane Shoemaker Lois Shores Watt Shroyer Margaret Simpson Barbara Sims Lola Simms Wilma Simms Row 12 Marion Smith Ruth Smith Gene Southworth Vicky Stanley Mary Lou Starr Bob Sterrett Richard Stiffler Row 14 Mary Helen Templin Ruth Thomas Dorothy Thompson Marguerite Thompson Myrtle Thompson Jacqueline Thornhill Mary Joyce Thresher Row 16 Lucille Upchurch Wallace VanFossan Richard VanHook Clarence Vardaman Mont Vore Billy Wade Violet Jean Wages Row I SOPHOMORES PANEL V Virginia Walter Mary Edna Ward Dick Watson Betty Weaver Betty Weber Mary Welch Rex Werbil Row 3 Dick Wine Betty Withers Peggy Wolf Bob Wood Richard Wray Barbara Wrigh Leona Wright t Row 5 Norma Zapf Bob Zehnder Row 2 Winifred White Theodore Whitacre Harry Whitcomb Howard Wickersham Maurice Whitcomb Evelyn Williams Bob Winder Row 4 William Wright Betty Wyne Eugene Yaudas Bob Yingst George Yingst Betty York Betty Young :iii 4 Q yi x ' , xi' I ,Ei -s 50089 nc M55 If .L X Page Forty-seven l A I - HUSQLE f 1 My ff' f ,LW o 'l Q zu, "ill f' 2 I K I '01, S., If X "1 I ni! L K '-2 Www Q 4 Q2 ' lx 5 X x 914, fha, novelty, analqlamowz, of,fl1,e 51212, Shown, bQclwn,u.A, I'fPCEpl-SDY xx-xxN MAN 2-HEADED D09 ff? iii? , S hs nf-2-R ye Page For ly rrgfzt wzfbwltha, Mm! . E. imguwmzl 25.1. 'E ,L ' .1 gnu I ' f f fl Ar ' 1' . V!-Lv 1M"f Page Fifty i MAGICIAN ART AND EDITORIAL STAFF Row one: Leasle Watson, Elaine Schwartz, Miriam Halbert, Wilma Vlaskamp, Martha Sowar, Virginia Rybolt, junior assistants. Row two: Bob Terhune, Judy Belcher, Jane Bales, Jo Munson, Mary Pickcll, Marilou Conner, Eleanor Logan, Ruth Chin, Barbara Simes, Mildred McConnell, Bud Trauring. three: Walter Harker, Sydnie Weaver, Winifred Waggoner, Rosemary Love, Ethcl Anne Christman, Grace Whitaker, Roseva Lang, Doris Day, Ethel Gragg, Ronald Dawson. four: Stew Neff, Ed Ward, Osborne Bilby, Richard Rea, Bill Tharp. Row Row MAGICIAN EDITORS to right: Frances Jeanne Williams, Ruth Ching Marilou Conner, editor-in-chief, Eleanor Logan: Jane Bales. Left MAGICIAN PHOTOGRAPH AND BUSINESS STAFFS one: Herb Jester, Bob Van Horn, Bill Sterrett, Ernest Cox, Harold Taylor, Ernest McLain. two: Mary Holdcraft, Margaret Feeney, Ruby Livieratos, Barbara Null, Marjorie Lindstrom, Ann Slack, Ruth Robinson, Erma Blizzard, Eileen McGraw, Lucy Jane Simpson, Mary Louise Harrold. three: Derith Chesser, Joann Froyd, Catherine Janney, Lorena Shinn, Suzy Rogers, Lavon Young, Winifred Benbow, Frances Jeanne Williams, Frieda Taylor, Jane Fletcher, Faye Woodlee, Mary Graves. Row four: Alice Mae Rinker, Ann Traub, Elnora Wilkins, Betty Hammer, Dorothy McWhirter, Rosemary MAGICIAN The backers of our circus, the Mrigirian staff, have co-operated in their respective departments in order to make this Magician a true reflection of Central life as it was in 1941-'42. The assistance of Leonard A. Paris, faculty sponsor, was invaluable to the Magician editors. Mrs. Bull was our eHicient business sponsor, and Miss Ella Hollenback helped the picture editor with the senior pictures. Roger S. Lingeman was our able staff photographer. Row Row Row Easter. NEWSWRITING Front row: Dorothy Thompson, Violerta Engelbrecht, Mary Alice Brown, June Johnson, Joanna Love, Nancy Merz, Barbara Wright, Mary Lou Merz, Jean Hitz, Mildred Woodlee, Kathleen Rider. Back row: Jimmy Fricker, Bob Bass, Dick Breese, Janet Peckinpaugh, Dana Kennedy, Bob Ratcliff, Miss Meehan, instructor, Charles Kaeser. PRINT SHOP Left to right: Malcolm Morrett, senior printing pupil. Wesley C. Pierce, printing instructor. Jim Jetmore, Mr. Pierce's "right-hand man," MUNSONIAN First row: Mary Hannah Ware, Doris Day, Roseva Lang, Jean Hitz, Patricia Warfel, Mildred McConnell, Mary Pickell, Ruth Robinson, Aline Joris, Mildred Jones, Marjorie Lindstrom, Dorothy Williams, Iris Crouse, Judy Belcher. Second row: Miss Meehan, sponsor, Miriam Halbert, Barbara Null, Marjorie Kelsey, Ruby Livieratos, Rosemary Love, Eileen McGraw, Mary Jane DeLong, Bernadine Chalfant, Mary Ellen Littler, Ruth Schroedel, Mary Jane Palmer, Joann Froyd, Jo Munson, Anna Sue Reed. Third row: Jayne Hazelton, Barbara Brickley, Elaine Schwartz. Fourth rowl: Howard Miller, Evelyn Lehman, Mary Ellen Vergin, Margaret Feeney, Bebe Ross, Walt Harker, Mike Murray, Suzy Rogers, Marilou Conner, Julia Pyle, Rosalcne Mills. Fifth row: Virginia Rybolt, Beverly Robinson, Hobart Wooten, Charles Werts, Bud Trauring, and MUNSONIAN To present a full picture of life at Central is the aim of the Mfnzsonian, Central's weekly newspaper. Under the sponsorship of Miss Kathleen Meehan, this paper is edited by students who have one yearis newswriting experience behind them, and is distributed to pupils each Friday morning. Each year the Mzmronirm is represented at the Indiana High School Press Association and Journalism Field Day by several of its talented workers. Central is proud of the work the Munsoniun staff is doing in presenting this Hne paper. Mary Shingledecker. rd A 1. - My J' 1 ' ,D x 'H A 3 is 5 fi 2 so if E K5 E- ' ':,z if C. ET L- Page Fifty-one First row: Revenna Bird, Barbara Null, Mary Jane Palmer, Barbara Ice, Betty Puterbaugh, Blanche Davis, Barbara Brickley, Nancy Merz, Marjorie Patterson, Mattiebell Cox, Joe Rogers, Phil Puterbaugh. Second row: Joan Connolly, Alice Rinker, Grace Whitaker, Alice Green, Doris Condon, Jo Munson, Joann Froyd, Mary Louise Harrold, Joanna Douglas, Rose Orr, Janice Willian1s. Third row: Miss Ruth Anne Weser, sponsor, Tom McDonald, Bill Bales, Jack Bibler, Charles Norris, Ben Janney, Stewart Neff, Darrell Alexander, Bob Russell, Bob Chalfant, Carol Collins. Fourth row: David Sursa, Charles Hampton, Ralph Tuttle, Bud Trauring, Richard Rea, Bob Bartholomew, Jack Stiffler, Charles Bebout. STUDENT COUNCIL 'Q N ORDER to provide for the students a voice in the school activities, to bring about a better understanding between the students and faculty, and to develop a spirit of co-operation and friendly relationship among students, this Student Council has been formed." This is the purpose of Central's Student Council. The officers for the first semester were: president, Howard Shularg vice-president, Stew Neff, secretary-treasurer, Joann Froyd. The oihcers for the second semester were: president, Stewart Neff, vice-president, Bob Chalfantg secretary-treasurer, Betty Puterbaugh. The sponsors are: Miss Ruth Anne Weser, Russell T. McNutt, and Edward Zetterberg. ,Q Attending the state convention at Anderson this year, the members 22- " got an insight into what other councils over the state are doing. 'I g v 'ffxf . . . . ', f . Alf, The Student Council meets twice monthly, discussing problems about Q" , ' : the school and solving them Whenever possible. '3 i'45 3 fixi If I SW' , i me ' Qtek X NON Cwgo Page Fifty-lwo Row Row Row Row Row 1: Ernest McLain, Bill Tharp, Darrell Alexander, Don Mettler, Herbert Jester, Jual Evans, Ralph Horner, Charles Evans, Richard Rea, Tom Orr. 2: Doris Day, Jeroma Mascari, Dorothy Collinsworth, Eleanor Logan, Joann Froyd, Derith Chesser Barbara Sanders, Jayne Hazelton, Jane Bales, Ruth Hobbs. 3: Lorena Shinn, Winifred Benbow, Joan Connolly, Lucy Simpson, Judith Belcher, Odessa Hahn, Barbara Null, Dorothy W'illiams, Barbara Brickley, Wilma Vlaskamp, Ruby Livieratos, Mary Hannah Ware. 4: Harold Ball, Bob Terhune, Charles Sharp, Dorvan Rust, Virginia Rybolt, Mary Louise Ehrlich, Ted Doty, George Taylor, Darrell Mier. 5: Marilou Conner, Julia Pyle, Suzanne Rogers, Ruth Chin, Mary Eleanor Rush, Gloria Smith, Frances Jeanne Willianas, Mary Ellen Littler, Phyllis Peckinpaugh, Ted Shane, Miriam Halbert. HONOR SOCIETY NE of the most cherished goals of Central pupils is membership in the local chapter of the National Honor Society. Since the membership is limited, those who expect to be eligible for membership must be outstanding in leadership, scholarship, character, service and loyalty. This year's activities have included a party for honor sophomores, initiations, honor Chapels, and the annual spring banquet. Appropriate to the present situation, the Society's project has recently been the col- lecting and saving of tin foil. The group also gave to the Muncie Red Cross Chapter. The sponsors are Miss Elizabeth Hutzel and Mrs. Erma B. Christy. This year's oflicers are: president, Darrell Alexander, vice-president, George Taylor, secretary, Jane Balesg treasurer, Frances Jeanne Williams. .Nt ' , 1 1 ivy. . ,V Q , ' MWNY, - -1 Loop mf X. A JUNITIR J -aa- Page Fifty-lbree GIRL RESERVE CLUB Standing: Audrey Miley, Mary Alice Brown, Mary Hold- craft, Betty Weber, Phyllis Roy, Maxine Covington, Elizabeth Graves, Pauline Langley. Seated: Violetta Engelbrecht, Gloria Glasson, treasurer, Mary Lecka, vice-president, Revenna Bird, president, Jo Clyde Sturm, Girl Reserve Secretary at Y. W. C. A., Louise Miller, Girl Reserve Club Adviser' Wanda Watson, secretary. DAUBER CLUB First row: Patty Leyendecker, Ruth Chin, Norma Jean Miller, Alice Spiker, Rosemary Warell, Dorothy Ped- low, Lorenc Quate, Evelyn Arnold, Edwina Bath, Richard Morrow. Back row: Claude Carter, John Wilson, William Curl, Robert White, Charles Rotroff, Alice Mann. VERGIL CLUB First row: John Wright, Charles Hampton. Second row: Frances Jeanne Williams, Odessa Hahn, Jane Bales, Barbara Null, Mrs. Ester K. Brown, Mary jackson, Mary Holdcraft, Suzanne Rogers. Third row: Elaine Schwartz, Jack Bama, Marilou Con- ner, Lois Ann Piepho, Mary Jane Palmer, Bob Mathys, Madelyn Keasbey, Ted Shane, Bob Russell. GIRL RESERVE HE CENTRAL GIRL RESERVES meet every Wednesday at the Y. W. C. A. They have presented skits and plays for Y. W. C. A. members and have given a play at Cowan. They plan to send a member to camp for one week this summer. Officers elected for the year were: president, Betty Weber, vice-president, Pauline Langley, secretary, Re- venna Bird, treasurer, Phyllis Roy. THE DAUBER CLUB HE DAUBER CLUB, sponsored by Miss Flora Bilby, was founded in 1923 and is the oldest organization of its kind in the state The club's oilicers are: president, John Wilson, vice-president, Ted Brehm, secretary, Phyllis Mills, and treasurer, Mary Charlton The purpose of the club is to benefit members who are students of Central, and to spread the beauty of art. Puge Fifty-four VERGIL CLUB O PROMOTE the permanency of Latin in an ever-changing world is one of the aims of the Vergil Club, the oldest organization at Central. Started in 1916 by Miss Emma Cammack, the club is now sponsored by Mrs. Esther K. Brown. The Roman Wedding was given at the annual formal banquet held in May. Officers are Barbara Null and Frances Jeanne Williams, consuls, and Odessa Hahn, praetor-quaestor, Front row, left to right: Judith Belcher, Corinne Wallace, Dorothy Quirk, Violet Kelbel, Dorothy Lee, Virginia Perkins, Ruby Livieratos, Florence Patton, Margaret Theodoras, Lucy jane Simpson, Jeroma Mascari. Second row, left to right: Eileen McGraw, Jackie Sharpe, Bebe Ross, Derith Chesser, Ethel Anne Christ- man, Joan Connolly, Grace Whitaker, june Newton, Ruth Hobbs, jane Fletcher, Miss Lorene Turner. Third row, left to right: Barbara Sanders, June Park, Doris Perdiue, Lavon Young, Mary Eleanor Rush, Constance Rotroff, Nina jean Copeland, Ann Traub, Margaret Feeney, Lois Mace, Letha Gray, Marian Allison. THE SECRETARIAL CLUB O PROMOTE business eihciency and tol develop a spirit of friendly co-operation, the Secretarial Club was founded in -1938. Any' student who is enrolled in an advanced shorthand class is privileged to- become a member, Among its activities the club makes a study of health, personal ap- pearance, and business ethics. Alumnae members who are now employed in business offices and speakers from local business houses present interest- ing and informative talks to the members of the club. Several field trips are taken during the year by the members of the club to various local offices for observation and study. The training and Valuable information that the members receive from this study will help to promote self- improvement as well as proper procedure in a business oH'ice. The officers of the clubi for 1942 are: Margaret Theodoras, president, Lucy Jane Simpson, vice-presidentg Ruby Livieratos, secretary, Violet Kelbel, treasurer, and Miss Lorene Turner, faculty sponsor. UD Q-.- I Page Fifty-five' Caocic' Xl? O Zo u we war 'lu Q W, if f Erne qu L-lp' l R f Zh J nr' ., ,. V 1 f Page Fifly-six st McLain, David Sursa, Anne Kelley, Norma Jean Miller, Owen Branson, Joann Froyd, Darrell Alexander, Ruth Hobbs, Don Mettler, Carol Collins, George Taylor, Alan Hodge, Barbara Crum, Dar- rell Mier, Stewart Hughes, Harold Gunckel, Tom Orr, Mary Jane Palmer, Eleanor Logan, Christine Moodey, Dorothy Littler, Nancy Merz, Bob Clark, Jearl Driscoll, Richard Rea, Julia Pyle, Bob Ter- hune, June Shreve, Bill Sterrett, Esther McLain, Bill Tharp, Mildred McConnell, Bob Russey, Jane Bales, H. E. Fenimore, sponsor. MATH CLUB ERVICE in time of need, interest in subjects related to mathematics, and opportunities for the meeting of congenial people are the main objectives of Central's very active Mathematics Club. During the past year, under the capable leadership of H. E. Fenimore, the sponsor, and the club president, Ernest McLain, numerous activities were successfully completed. Outstanding among these were the publication of a program book, the highly informative talks given by club members, a radio broad- cast, and aid in defense activities. Other officers of the organization Were: vice-president, Dave Sursag secretary, Catherine Janneyg and treasurer, Jane Bales. june Shreve, Ernest McLain, Bill Sacksteder, Dave Sursa, Martha Sowar, Ralph Horner, Bud Trauring, Fred Perkins, Phyllis Peckinpaugh, Osborne Bilby, Elaine Schwartz, Mary Hannah Ware, Eleanor Logan, Walt Harker, Tom Orr, Jearl Driscoll, Walter Poti. PHYSICS CLUB HE national situation at the present time has made the need for scientific thinking and training even more evident than before. Through its timely organization, the Physics Club hopes to contribute much to the future welfare of our community as well as that of our nation. Its general purpose-that of promoting interest in scientific topics-is accomplished both by group discussion and experiments and through individual research. Talks and demonstrations which were given by members composed the programs of the regular meetings this year. Mr. Lingeman also presented a number of interesting and varied demonstrations. For the Hrst year, the officers of the organization were: Bud Trauring, president, Darrell Mier, vice-presidentg and Phyllis Peckinpaugh, secre- tary-treasurer. Mr. Lingeman, head of the physics department, sponsors the club. M5 x pi,.4 Lmafr-mu 131 P-'i ii'i 15,5-ll' Page Fifly-seven G. A. A. First row: Genevieve West, Phyllis Painter, Adaline Baker, Helen Dillie, Doris Wilson, Inez Douglass. Second row: Gloria Glasson, Janet Huber, Alice Shaner, Martha Ann May, Miss Katherine King, sponsor, Bebe Ross, Helen Thomas, Elizabeth Graves, Virginia Ross. Third row: Bettie Jayne May, Kathleen Parcher, Violetta Englebrecht, Norma Wirth, Betty LaMotte, Wanda Crutcher, Mary Alice Brown, Frances Artrip,.Myrna Jean Cannaday. Fourth row: Mary Thrasher, June Adkins, Margie Ann Jackson, Patty House, June Stokes, Marjorie Patterson, Barbara Timmons, Esther McLain, Lorena Shinn, Donna Jean Jones. G. A. A. RED CROSS Seated: J0an Connolly, Grace Whitaker, Jane Fletcher, Margaret Feeney, Bebe Ross, Revenna Bird, Mary Hold- craft, Letha Gray, Jane Bird, Alice Spiker, Delores Bauer, Julia Pyle, Miss Margaret Ryan, sponsor. Standing: Ted Brehm, John Wilson, Elaine Schwartz, David Marsh, Jeroma Mascari, Jack Banta, Ruth Chin, John Spangler, Charles Bebout, and Don Garrard. PON acquiring ten points in gym work, a girl is eligible for member ship in the Girls' Athletic Association, which was organized in 1927. Girls who have earned 200 or more points in either volley ball, basket- ball, baseball, tumbling and stunts, swimming, table tennis, hiking, skat- ing, or volley ring tennis are awarded "M's" at the end of the year. This year's officers were: Bebe Ross, president, Betty LaMotte, vice-presidentg Alice Shancr, secretary-treasurer. JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL ik ,, 4.x W: NN , t gif I R 'Ti X Page Fifty-eight N'DER. the auspices of the Junior Red Cross Council, founded this year in Central High School, boys have packed surgical dressings and girls have carried on clerical work at the Red Cross Center. During the year over. one hundred garments have been knit and two Red Cross drives were conducted. 575.00 was given to the Red Cross War Relief Fund and 3340.00 to the National Children's Fund. The oihcers of the council include Julia Pyle, chairman, Joan Connolly, secretary-treasurer, and Miss Ryan, faculty sponsor. EXECUTIVE BOARD OF GIRLS' SERVICE CLUB GIRLS' SERVICE CLUB Front row: Ruth Chin, Wilnia Story, Betty Weber, Suzanne Habein, Mary Holdcraft, Suzanne Habein, Mrs. Nay, and Phyllis ROY' Mary Louise Harrold, Rosalcne Mills, Letha Gray, Mary Ellen Littler. Second row: June johnson, Martha Traub, Mary Ellen Vergin, Rosa- lene Mills, Lois Ann Picpho, Mary Lou Merz, Carolyn Cramer, Revenna Bird, and Norma Adams. Third row: Mary Holdcraft, Mary Ellen Littler, Erma jean Cook, Dorothy Ann Littler, Letha L. Gray, Virginia Collins, Betty Davis, Myrna Jean Cannady, Agnes Gray, and Mrs. Susan B. Nay, sponsor. Fourth row: Maxine Brown, Roseva. Lang, Ruth Hobbs, Phyllis Dil- dine, Phyllis Curry, Mary Louise Harrold, Betty Dotson, Rosemary Love, and Jane Ann Wilson. GIRLS' SERVICE CLUB HE GIRLS' SERVICE CLUB was founded to unify girl's activities, to increase their sense of responsibility, to make and keep social standards, to develop a sense of friendship, to promote the welfare and to care for the interest of all girls, and to develop individual capacities of Central High School girls. The temporary sponsor, Mrs. Susan B. Nay, has as her executive body the following: president, Letha Gray, vice-president, Suzanne Habeing secretary, Mary Holdcraft, treasurer, Mary Ellen Littlerg social chairman, K L 12 Mary Louise Harrold, assistant social chairman, Rosalene Mills. 01N . . . . . . 'N' 5 The board of representatives is composed of girls elected in activity J ax ' rooms. These representatives carry back to their respective rooms the y business and conduct the club projects in the same manner. X gig, i XL Page Fifly-nine Page Sixty Front row: Lila Lee Wilson, Roseva Cashdollar, Inez Douglass, Joellen Bradburn, Betty Clark, Doris Goad, Vera Baldwin, Dorothy Boggs, Nora Brock, Olive Clark, Barbara Guffigan, Mary Louise Harrold, and Mary Ellen Shockley. Second row: Betty Long, Marjorie Day, Arletha johnson, Rosemary Love, Martha Ann Harris, Mary Ellen Vergin, Fannie Dunavent, Mary Jane Zook, June Grow, Marilyn Pfleeger, Doris Wilson, Nadine Eagan, Markine Abshire, and Letha L. Gray. Third row: Kenneth Dunn, Dick Valandingham, Jim Ffckert, Russell Scudder, Bill McDonald, Kenneth Quire, Art Jackson, Bob Pingry, john Miller, R. Lloyd Cooley, sponsor, Keith Adams, and John F. Donson. Fourth row: Clarence Tanner, Forrest Keeley, Bill Derringer, Bob Allen, Ward Goodrich, Bob Lutz, Ananias Mason, Bob Curl, Albert Leffler, Bob Hiestand, Virgil Campbell, Floyd Pettiford, and Ned Doty, Fifth row: Omer Denney, Ralph Fannin, Ed Ward, Bethel Moore, Folger Brown, Paul True, Joseph Tyrrell, Kenneth Booth, and Hal Manor. THE GEOGRAPHY CLUB HE GEOGRAPHY CLUB of Central High, which is sponsored by R. Lloyd Cooley, has a membership for the year 1941-42 of over 100 members. The officers are: president, John Donson, secretary-treasurer, Olive Clark. Its meetings are held monthly at the discretion of the club president. The club is very active in Central, sponsoring geographical pictures and speakers and other things of interest to the geography-minded student. Each spring the club has a picnic at Memorial Park or at Pendleton. Also, it takes trips to Spring Mill Park and to the Bedford limestone quarry. The purpose of the club is to promote friendship and interest in geography. Ulvoaii E SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB First row: Darrell Alexander, Bud Trauring, Jo Munson, Ruth Chin, Jayne Hazelton, Ruby Livieratos, Eleanor Logan, Ralph Horner, James Clawson, Phyllis Curry, Joann Froyd, Bill Miller, Catherine anney, Maxine Wliitaker, Frances Jeanne Williaiiis. Second row: Susan Null, Mary Jane Palmer, Miriam Halbert, Frank Wallace, Mary Hannah Ware, Beverly Lawrence, Doris Goad, Dorothy Ann W'illiams, Wilina Vlaskamp, Mary Ellen Littler, Maxine Brown, Dorothy Eikenberry, Ted Brehm, jack Banta. Third row: Russell T. McNutt, sponsor, Bob Terhune, Barbara Crum, David Hartley, Virginia Jones, Bill Osborn, Walter Harker, Virginia Rybolt, Marta Ruth Shultz, George Taylor. SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB VER SINCE its founding in 1935, the Social Science Club has offered opportunity for the enlightenment and voicing of opinions on state, national, and international problems. A program of speakers and informal discussions of world affairs, substantiated by two short talks on different phases of Indiana at each meeting, was conducted through the year. This was rounded out with initiations, a potluck, and a spring banquet. The president of the club was Bob Terhuneg Ruth Chin, vice-president, Mary Ellen Shockley, secretary, and Phyllis Curry, treasurer. Bill Sterrett, a member of the club, is vice-president of the Indiana Student Forum, a state organization of social studies groups of which Central is a member. Several members of the club attended the State- Student Forum Conven- tion at South Bend. The club is under the able sponsorship of Russell T. McNfutt. .VZ I5 vb 5-1 I ' ,,..t.4 , ' to . uf lu V :- N Page Sixty-one DRAMATIC CLUB First row: Bill Miller, Ruby Livicratos, Doris Goad, Molly Belcher, Odessa Hahn, Suzanne Rogers Mary Ellen Shockley, Joann Froyd, Judith Belcher, Mary Ann Wescott, Ruth Hobbs. Second row: Alice Rinker, Mildred McConnell, Howard Miller, Phyllis Peckinpaugh, Clara Birt Walt Harker, Virginia Rybolt, Bob Terhune, Suzanne Habein, Bob Chalfant, Bill Tharp. Third row: Beverly Robinson, Janice Martin, Jual Evans, Marjorie Lindstrom, Mildred Adams ayne Hazelton, Jo Munson, Wanda Newman, Ralph Dennis, Jewel Rogers. Fourth row: Bud Trauring, Bill Sterrett, Frank Italiano, Ed Ward, Miss Eleanor Bly, sponsor, Bill Winder MV ale? 6 luwvNXX 't ll . NA 'g .- a,9 u 95? ol" 0 Q l v to ' "4 Ill! ' 1 fr Page Sixly-two Bill Werner, Fred Jordan. DRAMATIC CLUB O CELEBRATE its 25th Anniversary, the Dramatic Club presented as its annual production the successful professional stage play, "Stage Door." Ever since 1915 this organization has promoted interest in professional and amateur acting, and has also provided opportunities for self-expression. The members of the Dramatic Club, with Mary Ellen Shockley as president, are shown above. The other picture is a scene from their successful production of "Stage Doorf, The unusually attractive stage set was designed and built by Grifhn Stephenson's commercial design classes. Among the main events of the year have been the two interesting and amusing tryouts, initiations, fall and Christmas parties, and a variety of interesting programs throughout the year. Front row, standing: Bob Terhune, Carroll Douglas. First row, seated: Ralph Dennis, Richard Babcock, Mary Catherine Ka'ser, Bob McCurdy, Amelia Peter- sen, Mary Jean Beck, Lois Shinn. Second row, seated: Wanda Newman, Mary Elizabeth Leeka, Harriett Edwards, Jo Jean Smith. Back row: Dexter McClung, Joanna Love, Janet Peckinpaugh, Kathleen Parcher, Mary Louise Ehrlich, Russell Apple, of WLBC, Adelia Gibbs. Front row: Walt Harker, Suzanne Rogers, Howard Miller, Laudell Edwards, Nathan Cooley, Mary Ellen Shockley. Back row: Mary Louise Ehrlich, Mildred McConnell, Bill Miller, Russell Apple, Robert Polhamus. RADIO For the third consecutive year, "The Central Wayl' has been on the air over WLBC each Tuesday afternoon from 4:30 to 5:00. Over 200 students, alumni, faculty, and guests have participated this year in the programs, varying from Victory Gardens to dramatic programs presented by the radio class organized during the spring term. These programs have acquainted the public with the many curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school. Also they give many stu- dents the chance for self-expression on the radio. Above may be seen two scenes from regularly scheduled broadcasts which have been under the direction of Miss Jewel Standerford. The regular staff includes Bill Miller and Bob Terhune, announcers, Mary Louise Ehrlich, organist, and Adelia Gibbs, reporter. Page Sixty-ilarae wn w g, 0 ' wi ' ff I I 0 7 if J . K r on 1- i kg Page Sixfy-four Front row: Ferrell Carmichael, joe Rogers, June Grow, john Wfilson, Phyllis Curry, Maxine Brown, Ethel Gragg, Marjorie Nelson, ,Io Munson, Bill Osborne, Barbara Crum, Roselene Mills, Charlotte Hilton, Bette Alice Clark. Back row: Mary Ellen Shockley, Eugene Hutchings, Wiln1a Story, Ronald Dawson, Doris Starr, Inez Douglas, Beverly Lawrence, Miss Esther Bartlett, sponsor, Max Mitchell, Seward Lalfollette, Walt Harker, Bob Clark, ,lim Clawson, Bob Terhune, Rosemary Love, Doris Gead. THE LATIN-AMERICAN LEAGUE To further our good neighbor policy and to promote better under- standing of our American neighbors is the purpose of the Latin-American League, which was founded this year in Central High School by Miss Bartlettis Hrst semester class in American Neighbors. Any student who is taking or has taken American Neighbors may ioin the Latin-American League. The members of the League went as a group to hear the interesting talk giveni by Bertita Harding on the "South American Way", and re- cently they invited Isabelle Fisk, of Cincinnati, to show her colored pic- tures of Mexico to a junior convocation program. One of the highlights of the yearis program was the participation of the members in a colorful Latin-American scene in Musical Moods. The executive body of the club was as follows: Phyllis Curry, presi- dent, Barbara Crum, secretary-treasurer, Mary Ellen Shockley, program chairman. Row 1: Charles Rotroff, Bill Mahoney, Dick Valandingham, Robert Ewing, Robert Giles, Ralph Dennis, Joe Rogers, Jewell Rogers, Dick Van Hook, Don Hawk, Don Marvin, John Wright, Dick Wray. Row 2: Ray Null, Tom Orr, Bob Tussey, Bob Harshman, Charles Norris, Buren Davis, Fred Perkins, Robert McFadden, Gene Heath, Charles Smith, Darrell Alexander. Row 3: Ted Oswald, Bill Osborn, Eugene Hutchings, Ernest Denny, Don Mettler, John Roberts, Paul Gronendyke, Joe Douthitt Qsponsorj, Harold Helms, Henry Krull, David Hartley, Marvin Langley. Row 4: George Taylor, Bob Bartholomew, J. Watt Shroyer, Bob Polhamus, Ted Brehm, Bob Terhune, Jim Clawson, Francis Leach. Row 5: Ernest McLain, Howard Hubbard,' Glen Hartley, Joe Tyrrell, Richard Babcock, Ralph Tuttle, Seward LaFollette. HI-Y CLUB NSTRUCTING members in First aid was a highlight of the weekly programs for Hi-Y Club this year. Joint meetings with Hi-Y clubs in surrounding cities, a father and son potluck, a Christmas party, a Good Friday breakfast, a trip to South Bend for the Southern California-Notre Dame football game, and a state convention attended by a busload of the' members were other features of the year's itinerary. There are two clubs at Central, the Senior Club and the Junior Club. George Taylor is president of the Senior Club, Bob Bartholomew, vice-president, Bob Terhune, treas- urer, and Bob Russell, secretary. Ted Brehm is president of the Junior Club. Both clubs are members of the International Hi-Y formed in 1889. The High School and the Y. M. C. A. cooperate "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." The clubs have been guided 'f by the sponsor, Joe Douthitt. I I I U I ,fr Quill, Q fav? Page Sixty-fi ve Third Row: Jane Bales, Miss Jamieson, Ruby Livieratos, James Covalt, Marilou Conner, Charles Comer, Paul Gronendyke, Ruth Schroedel, Francis Leach, Betty Puterbaugh, Barbara Ice, and George Taylor. Second Row: Wesley Maynard, Walt Harker, Barbara Null, Barbara Fuller, Jayne Hazelton, Julia Pyle, Suzanne Habein, Joann Froyd, Mary Ellen Shoekley, Genevieve West, Ruth Chin, Jane Fletcher, and Eleanor Logan. First Row: Norris Floyd, Mary Pickell, Jo Munson, Mary Louise Harrold, Judith Belcher, Suzanne Rogers, and David Hartley. CCORDING to Miss Charline Jamieson, sponsor, the French Club is about fifteen years old, and its purpose is to promote, friendship and interest in French. The officers are: Marilou Conner, president, and Ruth chin, secretary-treasurer. The club is very much interested in the affairs of France at the present time and in the achievements of the Free French forces. The French Club also engages in activities to help the Free French, among which was a dinner of the Tri-Colour. Page Sixty-six Row 1: Madeline Board, Mary Dolan, Georgia Curtis, Norma Jean Hoyt, Beverly Campbell, Anna Jean Tyler, Marjorie Kelsey, Erma Jean Cook, Laura Jones, Marycllen Ruble, Martha Osgood. Row 2: Lila Lee Wilson, Nona Brown, Dorothy Boggs, Jean Jones, June Lcyendecker, Suzie Habein, Ruth Bruenig, Nova Ferner, Evelyn Fowler, Madelyn Keasbey, Christine Moodey, Pauline Langley. Row 3: Anita Shatto, Pnttie Leyendccker, Frances Woodgett, Marjorie Taylor, Norma Bell, Elizabeth Ann Keen, Earlene Jones, Mary Cross, Ruth Ellen Boyd, Markinc Abshire, Beverly Kessler, Marian Smith. Row 4: Barbara Crum, Charlotte Hall, Jo Ellen Bradburn, Betty Clark, Phyllis Shaw, Frances Barrett, Juanita Saunders, Rosalyn Nelson, Burdetta Clemens, Rosalene Mills, Mary Morgan, Anne Kelley. Row 5: Leasle Watson, Juanita Whitacre, Miriam Williams, Beulah Osborn,, Mary Alice Ebrite, Wanda Newman, Opal Mae Findley, Suzanne Harriott, Rosemary Thorpe. Row 6: Donis Charles, Ruth Fannin, Betty Owens, Vola Ketcham, Esther McLain, Mildred Adams, Mr. Stepleton, sponsor. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB One very important branch of the music department is the Girls' Glee Club. Mr. Glen Stepleton, head of the music department, directs the club. This organization is composed of girls in Glee Club classes and those from the choir who are in vocal ensemble groups. Both secular and religious songs are included in the repertoire. Page Sixty-seven l EIGHTH PERIOD CHOIR Row 1: Betty Wise, Margaret Hough, Phyllis Painter, Phyllis Mills, Betty Glasson, Creola Jones, Row 2: Mary Graves, Christine Moodey, Odessa Hahn, Suzy Habein, Phyllis Shaw, Meriel Miller. Row 3: Mildred McConnell, Elizabeth Hines, Betty Jackson, Ann Taylor, Christina Holt, Mildred Wood- lee, Mary Louise Ehrlich. Row 4: Beverly Robinson, Nadine Eagan, Suzanne Harriott, Betty Merryweather, Mary Ellen Charlton, Leasle Watson. Row 5: Rosemary Easter, Rosemary Thorpe, Norma Wirth. Row 6: Glen Falls, Edward Ward, Frank Fisher, Norman Rarick, Bill Sterrett, Don Hawk, Nelson Pugh, Fred Watson, Glen Scott. SECOND PERIOD CHOIR Row 1: Jo Ellen Bradburn, Alice Green, Mildred Adams, Marjorie Kelsey, Barbara Brickley, Mary Cath- erine Dolan, Anne Kelley, Mary Helen Harding, Burdetta Clemens, Miriam Cornelius, Jeanne Jones, Ruth Ellen Boyd, Beverly Campbell, Crystal Haffner, Helen Dillie, Trula Gavin. Row 2: Pattie Leyendecker, Maryellen Ruble, Mary Morgan, Rosalenc Mills, Elizabeth Keen, Madelyn Keasbey, Carrie Mayes, Ruth Bruenig, Barbara Ping, Thelma Jones, Madeline Board, Jacqueline Haladay, Markine Abshire, Lois Yingling, Erma Jean Cook. Row 3: Bob Hiestand, Anna Jean Tyler, Juanita Saunders, Letha Gray, Revenna Bird, Martha Osgood, Barbara Crum, Rosalyn Nelson, Betty Patterson, Charlotte Hilton, Opal Mae Findley, Wanda New- man, Lloyd Walker. Row 4: Anita Shatto, Betty Van Natter, Juanita Whitacre, Betty Dotson, Mildred Emenhiser, Nora Ellen Hart, Mary Evelyn Kerkondis, Jeanne McPhedran, Mary Alice Ebrite, June Shreve, Marshall Rowlette. Row 5: Paul Gronendyke, Ronald Dawson, Bill Miller, Jual Evans, Eddy Taylor, John McCrcery, John Donson, Fred Doolittle, Willard Grinage, Robert Curl. Row 6: Alan Hodge, Robert Wright, Orville Wilson, Eugene Hutchings, Rex Werbil, Kenneth Quire, Bob Mode, John Louis Feickl CHOIR CENTRAL may well be proud of her robed choir, which numbers one hundred and twenty-five. On many occasions their voices have blended to thrill the hearts. of hundreds of Muncie music lovers. Under the direction of Glen Stepleton, this group has in its repertoire, in addition to secular and religious sheet music, several cantatas, most prominent of which are the "Messiah" and "Seven Last Words of Christf' presented at Christmas and Easter. Participants in such civic affairs as the Community Sing, this group is known for its fine concerts. The Central choir is a member of the Indiana State Choral Society, an honor, indeed, and well-deserved. Page Sm ly-eight 1 Y A MAJORETTES Marjorie Hobbs, Creola jones, Peggy Coates, Alice Shaner, Blanche Davis, Clara Birt, Margaret Hough, Vune Lamb. DANCE BAND Back Row: Marie Croft, Dave Miller, Russell Scudder, Harold Taylor, Tom McDonald, Bob Beall, Suzie Habein, Duane Dunn, Seward LaFollctte. Second Row: Darrell Hines, Madelyn Kcasbey, Virginia Robbins, Bill Bales, David Marsh, Dick Babcock. Front Row: Opal Mae Findley, Madeline Board, Juanita Saunders, Marabelle Kepplcr, Hazel Gentry, Frances Moler, Ralph Dennis. Piano: Jeanne McPhedran. DANCE BAND AND MAJORETTES Central's own Swing Band, instituted approximately six years ago, has won popular acclaim from playing at banquets, parties, and a series of school dances. The Dance Band was organized because the music faculty and students felt there was a distinct need for all kinds of music in the modern curriculum. This yearis events were culminated with a trip in the spring. Another relatively new organization is that of the Majorettes, a group of eight girls who add that certain sparkle and zest to thc games. An inspiration to the school, this group is led in its performances by Vune Lamb. Oilicers of the Majorcttes are: Blanche Davis, president, Marjorie Hobbs, vice-presidentg Alice Shaner, secretary, Peggy Coates, sergeant-at-arms, and Vune Lamb, treasurer. Page Sixfy-nine Violins: Fred Waltz, Joe Barnes, Doris Day, Mar- Clarinets: Tom Anderson, Mary Jane Adams, tha Jane Alvey, Glen Hartley, Lee Brown, Jack Banta, Dick Collins. Marvin Langley' Anna Jean Tyler' Elaine Ba- Flutes: Dorothy Morrow, Jane Owens, Frances ' Jeanne Williams, Betty Wallace. singer, Mary Jane Crump, Betty Thomas Charles Collins, Barbara Brickley, Betty Weav- er, Joyce McCoy. Trumpets: Tom McDonald, Duane Dunn. Viola: Rose Orr' Trombones: Frank Williamson, Hazel Gentry. Cellos: Ben Janney, John Brickley, Mary Eliza- beth Leeka. Tuba: Fred Watson. String Bass: Marie Croft, Joan Gowin. Drums: Harold Gunckel- Piano: Bob Zehnder. Director: Mr. Duckwall. ORCHESTRA F SOME DAY during your fourth period class you suddenly heard the sweet melodic strains of one of Brahm's waltzes or the thrilling chords of the Angelus Overture, it will probably be the Central High School Orchestra under the direction of Mr. John Duckwall going through one of its daily work-outs. Other pieces among the orchestrais repertoire are "Le Tambourinf' "Prelude to the Maestersinger," and "Pomp and Chivalry? Ofhcers of the orchestra are: president, Fred Waltz, vice-president, Joe Barnes: and secretary, Betty Wallace. The orchestra presented a concert in the Fall Festival. On March 25 the members traveled to Blaine School and presented a concert. The group also participated in "Mu- sical Moodsf' The orchestra presented a spring concert and played in the May Music Festival at Ball State Teachers College. J f S T iv? J ' i I Q l , 'ufnh' Page Svwlllwy BAND Jeanne Adams, Mary Jane Adams, Gene Arnold, Richard Babcock, Jack Banta, Robert Beall, John Bragg, Maurice Carney, Hubert Chandler, Dick Collins, Jeanette Cunningham, Ralph Dennis, Joanna Doug- las, Duane Dunn, Hazel Gentry, Willard Grinage, Harold Gunckel, Jim Hewitt, Bob Hiestand, Darrell Hines, Ruth Hobbs, James Isom, Madelyn Keasbey, Marabelle Keppler, Cecil Kirby, Joyce Krom, Seward LaFollette, Jack Lennington, Robert McPherson, David Marsh, Rosalene Mills, Frances Dee Moler, Mary Morgan, Bob Morrical, Janet Peckinpaugh, William Perkins, Gene Petty, Jack Phillips, Barbara Lou Ping, Virginia Robbins, Donald Roszell, Grace Rowland, Russell Scudder, Jeanne Shafer, J. Watt Shroyer, Kenneth Shackleford, Dorothy Jean Smith, Don Swegman, Faye Taylor, Harold Taylor, Margaret Thompson, Maxine Tuttle, Fred Watson, Frank Williamson, Andrew Wise, Richard Wray, Clarence Vardaman. THE BAND HE MEMBERS of the Central High School Band, who are seen at all of our big sporting events clad in their colorful purple and white uniforms, have played on assem- bly tour at Eaton, Albany, and Hartford City this year. The tours were organized by Mr. Duckwall and were well- received in all places. The band is also more or less a business organization. The officers are Harold Taylor, president, and Rosalene Mills, vice-president. The clarinet trio, a well known feature of the band, is composed of Richard Babcock, Gene Arnold, and Jeanne Shaffer. Sf 5 ,, if uf YL! i 4 MN - Q ,"GO0DY GooDY, 'BLUES m rut N1sHT'!" 1'-wr Page Seventy-0110 LIBRARY PAGES Row 1, left to right: Anita Shatto, Ora Lee Clauser, Ruth Bruenig, Helen Dillie, Roberta West une Grow, Helen Hardwick. Row 2, left to right: Ruth Ellen Boyd, Norma Conner, Betty Wise, Virginia Ross, Levera Graham Elnora Wilkins, Ann Slack, Meriel Miller, Mary Herding. Row 3, left to right: Beverly Dunn, Margaret Haugh, Jean Beetley, Sarah Bell Meek, Walter McPherson Everett Houk, Earline Jones, Shirley Howard, Norma Hoyt. LIBRARY PAGES OING six or seven things at once and taking some thirteen thousand ste s durin the fort minutes in one eriod deliverin attendance ' P g . s g sli s to stud halls, the lxbrar a es are 1nd1s ensable to the ro er P H I Y . Y P g P P P functioning of Central's library. Sponsored by Mrs. Dalby, the organization is not social in nature, but has a few social meetin s durin the ear. For their lo al assistance the I g U g Y Y pages receive one-half credit each semester. Page Sl'1'!'ll1VY-f1l'0 Clockwise, beginning in lower left: "Cheese Cake" . . . love-ly background . . . 'Qjoin the navy and -U . . . Marfzjmaid . , . "So What, buddy? . . . "Beauty and-" . . . Center: No. 1 picture of the year. Page Seveniy-lbree gntha the, au, FWHM C U U them, amagmq, - Xu 4. f W V N yzi 'A f!' 1ll A ' 'e Eu f x f X fx j 1 j X if ff X XXX f 5 fl 5 X rw f Mr I W X X f f f f X Q, a X 'lf X X xk U ' ' Zfx ,ff aff 555152 000905535 A ' ' P g Seven! i and hafwlwnmt doffznbzalb, dthletea, Page Sevenly-six C S- COACH WALTER FISHER, in fifteen years coaching at Central, has consistently turned out a winning football team, of which every Central fan has a right to be proud. Ettore "Eddie,' Antonini, helper of Coach Fisher, Was a state-wide winning high school player and also a sensa- tional player at Indiana University With an All-American title. Antonini has done wonderful work in his five years at Central. SEASON WRITE-UP Out of eleven years as a member of the North Central Conference, Central's foot- ball team has taken the title five times. Two of these championships were won in a row, which gives the Muncie team the distinction of being the only team in the :tate which has ever kept the title for two consecutive years. Although they started this season with a few losses, thc Bearcats wound up with a mighty victory. Starting the season with Central of Fort Wayne, the Bearcats lost by a score of 13-12. The next week the Bearcats traveled to Anderson .md came out on top with a score of 7-0. The third game was with the Kokomo Wildcats, to settle a dispute that has been going on for years, dating from 1939, when the Wildcats ran down the Bearcats by a score of 39-0 on their own field. The following year Kokomo came here and the Bearcats came out on top with a victory of 40-0. This year Muncie traveled back to Kokomo and ended up with a score of 0-0, after a hard battle. Page Seventyseven nv-"T ff' WALTER LUNSFORD ftop leftj : Cap- tain. Was one of Muncie's outstand- ing ends and proved to be the deciding factor in many of our toughest games. BILL DEVERS: One of Muncie's fleet- footed halfbacks. DON METTLER: Trustworthy, de- pendable, and a real team man. WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN: Known as "Gabby,' and "The man to back it up." He was every ounce a football player who gave and asked no quarter. Page Srvcnly-eight ALAN HODGE: Always a most de- pendable and good player. WILLIAM DEARINGER: One of Muncie's greatest tackles of all times. A tower of strength and determina- tion. RICHARD VALANDINGHAM: Will long be remembered as one of Muncie's fast, deceptive running men and a full-fledged halfback. CLIFFORD CARPENTER: Senior cen- ter. A very flashy man when the go- ing was rough. X lift I! .jr ff, CHESTER "CI-IUBBYD EVANS ftop leftj: Was one of Muncie's greatest blocking backs. The great job of blocking that he did so successfully made it possible for the Bearcats to make those long, successful, and sen- sational runs. RICHARD FOX: Big and rugged. Could tear an opposing man apart. Dick has great possibilities for future development. JACK SHAFFER: Muncieis utility man. Played halfback until he was needed more at end. A grand performer. LESTER CARTER: Fast and depend- able. A big cog in Muncie,s fine line of 1941. FRANK HERSHEY: Manager and player. His attitude was the winning spirit that helped push the Bearcats forward. WARREN HARRISON: Game and courageous but a tough-luck player who received many injuries, BILL FARRELL: Big, congenial, a fine football player, and a real gentleman. Played regular guard. Page Sat enly mne Page Eigbiy BASKETBALL COACH MEL WILSON fropls who wok over the Bearcats during the illness of Kem- mer, was given the nod when Kemmer moved to the Trades School. He took his first bus ride with the 'Cats January 23, to Anderson. In finishing out the season, he guided the Cats to three victories. Wilson came to Central from Blaine Junior High, where he had coached for five years. Before taking his post at Blaine, he was grad- uated from Ball State, where he played three years on the Cardinal varsity. CGACH HARRY KEMMER fleftj, came to Central two years ago from Daytona Beach, Florida. In the two years he has been with us, he has made scores of friends, and started building a Bearcat team that in the next two seasons should, and will, go far. In 1927-28 Mr. Kemmer held down the All- Western Conference backguard position, play- ing for Purdue University. 1939 saw him coach his Daytona Beach squad to the Florida State Championship. When necessity called, Mr. Kemmer gave up the game he loved to do his part for national defense as an instructor at the trade school. COACH MARVIN DICK qfighfp, assist- ant basketball coach, completed his fourth year at this post. Coach Dick, along with Wilson, starred on the Ball State quintet. Dick is to be complimented for his grand job with the Kittens. In all four years he has led them to a good percentage of wins and developed some "Bearcat greats." BUD TRAURING received a Bearcat "Yell,' suit when Alvin Yerckes, popular Cen- tral yell leader, decided somebody had better do something about the Jap situation and joined the Navy. Bud stepped easily into Al- vin's shoes as a true Bearcat pep-builder. NORMAN, "BECKY" BECK, Veteran Bear- cat yell leader, should be labeled "Pep" Captain, as for two years he has led the Bearcat backers in letting the 'Cats know they have backing. TOP PICTURE First row: Bill Wade, Glen Shuck, Paul Ratcliif, Second row: Robert Harrold, Bob Moore, Ross SECOND PICTURE First row: Bob Kinder, John Kennedy, Rex Werbil. Second row: Don Cassell, Gene Clark, Bob Qualkinbush. BOTTOM PICTURE Bert Teal, Tom Sample. Jack Bailey. jones, Don Kirk. BASKETBALL HEIR LINE-UP cut into ribbons by graduation, the Bearcats claimed only two seniors this season. Coach Harry Kemmer pieced together what little material he had for the long hard road of the Bearcat schedule. Giving the boys all the benefit of his experience, he went to work building a team for the next two years, and one that began to shape up near the end of the season. The jinx rode the Bearcats on most of their schedules, only hopping off long enough to allow them a few victories. When duty called, Coach Kemmer left his Bearcats and his game to take up national defense work at the trade school. This left the 'Cats to finish the season in the new and capable hands of Mel Wilson. Coach Wilson rang up two more wins in the last few games, before being turned back by a high-powered Burris crew in the sectionals. Tom Sample, Bearcat nursemaid, and Bert Teal stuck by the cats like glue, issuing equipment, tape, and encouragement to them all the time. The importance of these boys should not be underestimated. Page E1gbt3 one I' mtl' 6 Z, gl: X O KJ Y H W 9 'f f , ,ix Y 1 ' 7 ii 9 ' ' n 'l l""f l f f N .or i. 1 lQg,4,A,41ll7 I 'UK NYM B I Zark' ' .amd 'YWQKET f By 5? 5 'M 'PLUS TAX . FED .,.... . .,...... .02 sTA1e.... .....o5 ou me oeusmw ...... I0 NNE DEFENSE, ....... 24 tvxvem... ..... ....1.M sages. ..... .... . ....5o Munztk . . ..... 3 M' W To4AL, 45 Charles "Billy" Comer, senior forward, is truly a Bearcat great and was this year's co-captain. Bill played for Marvin Dick his! first year in' Central. Teaming with Bob Hoover, he led the kittens to an impressive number of wins. In the last two years, Bill has played varsity ball, holding down a place on the first five. Bill was sent to forward from guard, where he improved from last year. He was rated fifth on the North Central conference. Walter "Jake" Lunsford, senior forward, was co-captain with Comer. Jake was a true athlete, having the spirit and love for sports. Aggressiveness was his main characteristic in basketball. He was in the middle of every play, going high in the air on both bankboards, never giving up. With his uncanny eye for the basket, Jake placed himself second on the North Central' scoring. Jim Covalt, junior forward, has been with the Bearcats for two years. jim hails from McKinley, where he played center for the Bulldogs. Pivot shots are Jim's dish and should label him "serious threat" to Bearcat foes next year. Bob Phillips, junior forward, came to the 'Cats about midway in the season, having been discovered while playing intramural basketball. Traveling up the ladder fast, Bob saw a great deal of action in the latter part of the season. Watch his Bearcat spirit next year. Bob Brees, junior guard, is all that hisl name implies. Yes, Bob has a "Breezy" way with his basketball, handling the pellet with, a smooth, graceful technique. Bob was promoted to the Hrst team late in the season, and will prove his ability against the Bearcat foes in the next two years. Sam Grimes, lanky junior: center, displayed a brand of ball that moved him up the ladder to a varsity reserve. With Sam's personality, height, and bankboard ability, he'l1 be one boy for the enemy scouts to watch next season. Page Eighty-Iwo Dick Odle, sophomore guard, reminds us of little Ken Tweedy in- his slippery brand of basketball! Dick proved to be one of the main "plugs" in the great Bearcat machine. In the next two years, more "horse" power to you, Dick. Ken Quire, sophomore guard, is "the man with the basket-eye," who hits from any- where on the court. Ken started the season on the Kitten squad, but developed and was promoted to the 'Cats. Taking advantage of this chance, Ken rapidly became a real Bearcat. Dale Noward, sophomore center, showed one of the finest spirits this year. Ahead or behind it was always, "Come on, gang, let's fight!" with Dale. Although not a regular starter, Dale saw quite a bit of action, and with his height and bankboard ability should be high in the bidding for a regular berth next year. Ken Kimberlin, sophomore center, is developing into a Bearcat "star." Active in all sports, Ken makes his stand in basketball under the basket, both on offense and defense. He was one of the three sophomores to start with the 'Cats, and in the next two years "Bearcat foes, beware." Jack Snyder, sophomore guard, closely follows Lunsford with his athletic ability. Althouglf only a sophomore, Jack was in the middle of varsity sports all year around with his basket-eye and Bearcat spirit. Jack will be well worth watching in the next two years. Although he did not see much action during the past season, Dick Anderson, soph- omore, made1 a good showing in both forward and center positions. With his ability and with the old Bearcat "Fight! Fight!" spirit behind him, Dick should make a name for himself in basketball. ff' Wa 7 t Z f I 2 X I nl' - A , WW QQ., f My l A Blgr 5-HOUJ an YOUR Dough. Page Eighty-lbree V7. at 9' avg? 'o fx fa Page Eighty-four First rom: Joe Gray, Ernest Denny, Clyde McLaughlin. Second row: Charles Arey, Richard Fisher, Frank Hershey, John Kennedy. Members of the team not pictured: Bennie Royer, Dick Valandingham, and Marion Nash. WRESTLING SCHEDULE Southport, Indianapolis Ben Davis, Indianapolis Bloomington Culver Military Academy Southport Tourney State Tourney OLLOWING this impressive schedule, the Bearcat matmen finished the season with three men taking places in the state meet at Blooming- ton. Joe Gray, Ernest Denny, and Dick Valandingham each placed third in his division. Although a comparatively small number of boys turn out for this sport, it is very important in the development of physical and mental health, Coach Ettore Antonini is the boys, mentor. Front row: John Kennedy, Bill Hart, Gene Clark, Bert Teal, Owen Branson, james Smith, Sam Grimes, Bob Bass. Second row: Jack Bailey, Marion Dean, Bill Langdon, Bob Mode, Dick Valandingham, jake Lunsford, Norman Beck, Marshall Rowlette, James House, james Harden, Bill Wade, Lloyd Tolle. Third row: Kenneth Quire, Dale Noward, Ross jones, Eugene Hall, Walter Tranbarger, Harold Ball, Ralph Mitchell, James Slack, Ed Fields. Fourth row: Kenneth Kimberlin, Jack Snyder, Gayle Lamm, John Greiner, and Fred Hurst. TRACK HE TRACK TEAM participated in its first meet at Marion. Marion came in first, Central second, and Burris of Muncie third. The track schedule Was: April April April May May May May Anderson and Richmond - Here Triangular Meet at Anderson Muncie Relays Kokomo Relays Nlorth Central Conference Meet at New Castle Sectional State Meet at Indianapolis The members of the track team were: Dick Valandingham, Robert Hull, Bill Langdon, Walter Lunsford, Bob Mode, Jack Bailey, John Greiner, Edward Fields, and Samuel Grimes. fi J ,. ,. 2 'Q 2 f XXYXyNxsWX 9- wr Page Eigbly-five 0 V kk . Ka in nv' ? ff K E- , ,Y X OJ A J j X me k " "" Page Eighiy-six SPRING ATHLETICS BASEBALL UNDER the direction of 'Coach Odie Barnet, third baseman on the Muncie Citizens, team, many boys not previously engaged in varsity sports went out for baseball. Prospective players were: Lloyd Tolle, Rex Werbil, Jack Snyder, John Greiner, Dick Odle, Kenneth Quire, Darrell Hines, Jay Cavanagh, Charles Keller, and Rodney Dedman. This season's schedule for baseball was as follows: April 25 Winchester - - K , - L There May 1 Anderson - , - - Here May 6 Spiceland - - L - There May 8 Winchester ,..e - - - Here May 15 Anderson ,..L,, - L There May 19 Tech. flndianapolisj ..,. There May 21 Richmond , , L .,,,., There May 30 Kokomo CDouble Headerj There TENNIS Tennis, one of che minor but important sports, attracts a small group of players each spring. Under the direction of Coach Hal Warren, twelve matches were played. This year sweaters were received by the seniors who had played for three years. They are: Darrell Alexander, George Taylor, Leon Plank, Stew Neff, Bob Russell, and James Clawson. Underclassmen on the team are: Bill Bales, John Brickley, Lester Novick, and Joe Tyrrell. GOLF A POPULAR but little recognized sport at Central is golf, which is coached by Mel Wilson. As always, the players turning out for the sport this year performed well, to uphold our standard. On the whole, a successful and interesting season was enjoyed by the team. The team was composed of the following boys: Buddy Howard, Bob Qualkinbush, Benny Greenlee, Ferrell Carmichael, and Bob Purtlebaugh. The first game was played at Anderson and the team participated in the Nlorth Central Conference at Marion, INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL THE CHAMPION, of intramural basketball this year was the Business Education team. During the season the Business Education team and the Math Club team each Won four games out of six for the per- centage of .667. The Choir team had a percentage of .500 and the Band a percentage of .167. The final game was played between the Choir and the Business Educa- tion teams. The Business Education won the game and the championship by a score of 35 to 22. The players were: Chester Weir, Dick McGuire, Dale Wall, Bob Pingry, Elmer Cox, Bob Dick, Richard Romack, and Dick Perry. The managers of intramural basketball were Fred Waltz and Bob Yingst. The printing team, pictured above, was the champion of the vocational league, retaining the championship trophy. " V , X ' O A 1 U 1 C A Q 1 U.. .na ::6.',o'e. n '-'Q ff :-6 5.0. U D I l:. ll I O 2:5 :QU oo, nfl' 'o ,lu 0. U. Q Page Eighty-sewzz awmmgawdwymzfm lowna, Laptivata ua, wdh, thuh, rzapmw- 1. I M, x 5? ,R fill E :sy AL' V if 32 IM, j X a-Tr: 1 x ' M N 1 , N v K W, 5, E If ' WWE Eighty-eight -mmf, and, wdh, ua, fhfwuqlv. the jzafzuma, Page Eighty-nine 107055 7' K4 PSLIVW 5 I 'I YN CALEND fs Moruews 0 Qemonl Q 0 TEA BANQue1 SEPTEMBER 8 CJ - old-fas ne drama, r o e 5-- '14 Whee-the big Sh beg t 5 . ,km , 7 Rails,' . the ai 1 . Y! un : ght?" folks, to see the best U ' f?!! WE Y - I In the rcus 111130 " ,' f S! SEPTEMBER 11 ' H 5 Q DEC ER 6 ' g . , 1 .2 4 a 1a C- Student Council members attended the state New troupers,, .. 5 ,O u, 1 ' . , U quainted at 3 gig gc !,f.I.lJ- E -U ,.,, eld 1 convention at Anderson, while Centrals sen- - - ,,., i Y ' tor" and re resentatives attended the Student in the main ten A , . 1 I AP bl P d egis ative ssem y at ur ue. SEPTEMBER R 1 V I, ' f 1 ' 1 A i I 1 . . . begviilrngegtr if 51055325 prevailed in the circus grounds as the troupers, the :z H hr 2 , it rth Walnut tates entered into the war to fight for - N and continued freedom. Street center r1 sa 'A OCTOBER 17 P L t d 1 Music and danci QI 'i 1- Exim' l circus were ume oose sored by the senior .355 er - - A 4- My e l the Marion football me was g 9 ' 1,89 OCTOBER 23-24 A The animal trainers attend 'I a 1 gglxo , n- tion in Indianapolis to get ne 1 1 e OCTOBER 27 ' Back under the big top af - A vaca- tion. We hardly recognized the girls with their be-ribboned pigtails. OCTOBER 28 Loads of people tried out for parts in the new, big, better-than-ever show which the senior troupers were producing, OCTOBER 29 A professional group stopped at the big top to show us how it should be done. "Uncle Tom's Cabin' was presented by a marionnette troupe. OCTOBER 31 A gala celebration, put on by the juniors. Hot for time was had by members of the senior at a dance in the gym. Glenn forth - on the juke-box. Y 23 ' Pay day rolled around again with a few salary cuts and some raises. No afternoon perform- ance! X The Masquerade Ball was a definite success. JAETLLARY E6 ld ' d f h ac on t e o grin , a ter anot er term NOVEMBER 21 . . contract was signe A new order was initiat thirlgz Seeme d 0 ' glgiml en? lglgfre when Mr. Zetter was appointed dean o f e ,.',- a n-:zu 300 - 0 111- X - chest .n ' g bas etba 1 e. E . men i K 1 'J FE : Y 11 5 N I ' av il-Q . Q R - ftagye jrom hi er inst' uti na Au mb i' ' n ed 3 br' mme th lear -1 ame o ersua e he senio t and . deh icmt - ' inlle - ., N o thei f . af .1 lit on hm. ifyffj N0 E ER 28 'J 'gf fl FEBRUARY 11 ff Central girl acro iats ere hostesses to the At the last Performan ' e team, the State G'A' A' Conference' boys exhibited true Bear . pirit as they de- DECEMBER 4 feared Alexandria. Now for a rest - until the Central's senior circus actors presented the Page Ninety big games. MARCH 5 APRIL 24 ,7- .Ns i pmol-'N 'COMMENCEME V e se ional t ey wa -g, . tate guinea pigs inni a Q on - ' -- -1 ike it.j . ,nfl Liiifi.. i f J lllml M y v 5 True to form, the dramatic section of our trou e ave a su erb erformance of "Sta e P 8 P P S Door." All the performers were equally colossal. MARCH 12 The senior performers had a mock election today, which disclosed the following: All-around girl, Joann Froyd. All-around boy, Bob Chalfant. Best looking girl, Barbara Guffigan. Best looking boy, Bud Trauring. Best boy dancer, Chester Weir. Best girl dancer, Barbara Sanders. Best boy athlete, Billy Comer. Best girl athlete, Bebe Ross. Best actor, Ronald Dawson. Best actress, Mary Ellen Shock Class giggler, Jane Bales. . Class pest, Leon Pl xg fl Class sheik, Bob Timv g. EGL Class wit, Bob Cha . n T551 Class shark, Ted Z7 ek " f Best e 'l ' , Su R ers. lv I. ass m S zy oge xc". st u g uy ew Nfeff. B ges in - , H nold Perry. Bes HI ing o nl- Mary Louise . axrol I Stew il-it l Cla 1, iller, 'I r's Day. Ho s n and H er almost a i-- I x I I plevl ,-1' MARCH 16 After che afternoon performance, the ring- leaders of C. H. S. and B. H. S. celebrated Gibson's Ice Arena. There were a few ' 23-24 gg.- -: ating facts were disclosed as troupe I I K w w- s contributed to the annual G. S. C. I I 1 f show. Some star performers belonging to the social science group got a day off to go to South Bend for the Indiana Student Forum meeting. Lucky kids. APRIL 29 All the women backers of our show were entertained at a tea, Sugar was rationed to one lump a cup! MAY l T e partial governing bo i of our troupe put on May Day Maneuvers -the Field Hous . It was no Jimmie James t with the sit- uation -oh well you k hat we mean. MAY 8 T Qarade stopp e troupers enter- - ' igh honors ' Q - one Wild Night. M Y A : adliner up the big parade while t e ce urs away at the Senior Da c Y . ac l u e te. With the big parade almost - , I- a iors trouped back to the big top 0 ack nd start on new and divergent 'wa h . .' 3 , pi V I at he -I tars at -- u 'or-Senior Prom. AV. 4 I 6 U S 19 F v 4 in 1' 9 C D 6 . h d M 1 0 I JUNE 1 Final performance was given by the seniors at class day. PS5 J L F 3 but turned out S ' t we r- for th last time in the luufnml. gf?,, ITU? oberts. The food was 1 t is e in . It ' .fn 'W-5275 cl nt of it could cure was th g f our u- - at e pt -- 1 at co es with the realiza- -: f 4 aFt ade will disband. I JUNE A X felt good and let us h ve a wee Commen ement. The roustabouts are pull- We were going to get some rest, but so-0-0-o many things happened, we just couldn't get around to it. Some of the gang went to New Orleans and had a perfectly perfect trip. ing up the stakes, the tents are being hauled in and packed in preparation for the show to move on. Next year many of us will not be back, but we know the troupers will carry on for us. Page Ninety-one GET OUT YOUR BOWLERS and old-fashioned bustles, dust off your tin-types and join the parade down to the football park of 1899 to see the fighters for the Purple and White of long ago. These were the skillful fighters whom the student body loyally sup- ported. In now outlandish toggery they performed daringly on the sawdust to make the tradition that has been handed down through the years: "Bearcats always fight!" Members of the team, top row: tackle, E. Tuheyg guard, William Hoey, coach, Dr. H. R. Spickermong tackle, Dr. Charles Jump, back, Charles Gill, quarterback, Harry White. Middle row: guard, William Craig, student manager, Harry Hartley, end, Judge Frank H. Gassg end, John C. Banta. Bottom row: back, Zora Clevengcrg center, Ben- jamin Netzleyg guard, Dr. R. H. Bunch. V ds,-Mess My li Qffff Wy i WN M45 Q2.f?.?.'ii..!z4,w i ful W , i N , 11 2, N , f t fi'f ' 'Z 4 t , if A no ,W ' '.'V ' , '11, X kg' ' I Wi "Sf limi, ' v l l ' Q Q QV S : ., ' , 2- uuq A i:-, ' V , so lf,-f f? , - , f 1 az, if b b! If i 'f X I 55 lm , , Qfglgli t ogy is if A S . 5 y S.. - ' Vfw f " M i ,,.,.,, J L5 lllgliirinf ig, sd A l i Q , lily , X 4 V l X Back row: Howard Miller, thick or thin, . . . I had a muscle once . . . WW: have designs on her . . . hi:-de-ho . . . tonsil-tickler . . . thcre's something Hshy about Derith. Second row: Double features . , . you cnn't brush me off . . . 'itwoetoif' Hazclton . . . u pert little squirt . . . don,t let julia fool yu . . . His bark is worse than his bite. First row: Saw oif our legs and call us "Shortyf' Page Ninely-ibrer' 'Flo 6. would he n, wlllwuf, pmwe - Ei, 'we . if , X X 6 "j 4 x ' ci? f f' ' ' Xl ff M" ' " an f N 0 ,,, Q03-ZW - RPQGIZ Y N CRMKEKJAIK V I X gf X fp XV, . ,V ky sf, gf 9 1 ff if ',,! higggi, Page Ninety-four jx' x x GP 'fa Q C9 -A ' L b QQGQ ff X Q Exe G 9 X G7 Q L 9 9 . rr WQQ Q f - f G Q 1 5 f . um, mal nun, 'Zig Ahnw " bg, phawdbzq, owl, adv ' M Wy n THE SENIORS, CHOICE FOR THEIR YEAR-BOOK PORTRAITS THE PEOPLE'S STUDIO CHARLES R. DOLLAR 3232 South Walnut St. DIAL 6762 THE CENTER FOR YOUR GIFTS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES PENZEIJS 211 South Walnut Street DIAL 4891 "Twice as Much for a Nickel, Too Pepsi-Cola Is the Drink for You." It lv EP ' Famous for Over 30 YEARS WHERE PARTICULAR PEOPLE EAT THE MANDARIN INN 115 E. Jackson St. JEWELRY Fok ALL OCCASIONS L. E. BECKLEY JEXVELER 107 South Mulberry St. TI-IE PLACE TO BUY YOUR ' Sport Shoes ' Dressy Shoes ' Evening Slippers CLIFT'S BOOT SHOP 116 E. Adams St. MEN WITH TASTE SHOP AT BANTA'S For Leisure, Business, and Formal Attire. Over on Mulberry St. - 113 South Our Editor Relaxes willy the "Pause that Refresher' C COCA-COLA IN BOTTLES Muncie, Indiana U YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD AT f W , Mom-0NfS rr 71 'O ' '--ff- 5 1 COMPLETE OPTICAL SHOP 217 South Walnut Street NEW STRAND RIVOLI WYSOR I-IOOSIER AND U P T O W N Compliments of lVluncie's Leading Theatres HQTEL ROBERTS STUDENTS! Our BALLROOM is the place for your DANCES and BANQUETS Dial 8861 MANAGEMENT-THORNBURG HOTEL co WILSON'S PASTRY SHOP 1 15 West Charles Street DIAL 8 5 51 HEADQUARTERS FOR YOUR ' Cosmetics ' Photographic Supplies ' Gifts ' Prescriptions OWL DRUG STORES No. 1: Dial 7724 No. 2: Dial 2-2341 Quality Jewelry at Reasonable Prices . "There Is Only One Morton Standt Store." Morton Standt, Jeweler and Optician 119 East Jackson St. DIAL 4977 "At the Sign of the Clockn 306 South Walnut Make This Your Headquarters for All GRADUATION GIFTS OF JEWELRY Use Our Convenient Charge Plan 4271 - DIAL - 4271 FURNAS ICE CREAM "Indiana's Largest Selling ICE CREAMU THE SPONSOR OF THE MAGICIAN SNAPSHOT CONTEST Pelham Photo Copy Service 122 W. Charles St. DIAL 6372 Ugf iw' lei ? xxx 'M N 15 S A N 'Z 1 ' Xxx N X iluiv 715179 4 Courtesy of Muncie Merchants, Associatio W 'D-5fk5,wf"P,p'99' f 1 g ? F r f K. xl

Suggestions in the Muncie Central High School - Magician Yearbook (Muncie, IN) collection:

Muncie Central High School - Magician Yearbook (Muncie, IN) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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Muncie Central High School - Magician Yearbook (Muncie, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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