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Elf I 1 J 2 J .J . w L NW x-.xi X X ' Y N 4 ,X 4 . x3 X X 'v L X 'K Jw Q X x Cf, a P+ J S f MW' eff fffffffj K, .R ..- 'Q vig? ,ff VM: 7-L, 1 ,, A -' Q2 I 91 :xgJf Q r,.wM"'f , ,f H MMA-ff , ! 2 L K JMX WN M " 'f-N' JW" f.fg,,g,-w-f' " L faq, VMM b J fs f . 2 E i X NNN 0 """v-4 SE 4 .A 1 ' is. S-S .24 ,R , fiil f ,tj ll W s kwa ex X ff ., A f , , V fu N I I ,W 1A V41 "' ,ff , A 1 ' ,' j ,JN ' f"- A4 "" 0771 "'975f'f?-'2-'L,2gvl'zfx1,f'il Af' .ff- N. . ag. Q . 'i D - A323 ' . ,, V .P WMEZSD li. ,IQ V ' ' V X 2 f- ' ' A I El Mr A 'bd V 'iff X YIM 8 :Q fc-N 5,61 . - i x P ' ig J - ,M My r Q - . " WW ab " ,' MJ b .nf lx" -N , 'I . - X -.-k VI 1 , N X X- xx A -pl' y , ' ilu ' 3' ' -f Vp, Q J xx 1 V , . I. . E X s4 ' Hula! aw! . T5 pw eq? If X . I . u ".. . 5 ' e A1 4 Ax 42 X ff ' I ' -VJ! 1771, f Cf? E , C4 X I . f 5 I 35 27x 1 fkvi . . , ,.: ' A If I B X718 . f W,.f ,. f' f ' W--A-ff g-M, , V ik v 'Ht iv L: 5 -5 4 A "M """'a 'WW X . XQKV Q 'Lf I "4 3 7.12 5Q?gw 20 W N G? i T jd Thirty-eight Nineteen Hundred O . J f. N'UJ 0' 'fy 1 4 ' 1 N vuxsusuuv BY CL BSS THE SENXOYX vueu scuoon CENTRAL Mu Nun. mm AN A GXCHX ,rf , ! .H if ,Q,,,fz4-fy' 4 fdfaanccllzi Q Z 5 , 4 5 5 7744.6 63? 'I' BROADCASTING FROM MIDDLETOWN AFTER numerous Time checks and dress rehearsals, The I938 broad- casT of The Magician is ready To go on The air. Taking advanTage of The Timely, iT somewhaT overemphasized siTuaTion which has presenTed iTselT in our ciTy, we have used "lv1iddleTown, The Typical American ciTy," as The sTaTion from which To broadcasT This ediTion of The senior annual. We wanT you To consider This as your boolc, noT only because you paid Tor iT, buT because every page of iT was planned wiTh The inTen- Tion oT pleasing you and of giving you a permanenT record of The days spenT in These halls OT higher learning. BOB WEIR, EdiTor l f l DEDICATION IN KEEPING WITH OUR THEME, IT IS ONLY FITTING THAT THIS BOOK BE DEDICATED TO TYPICAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, WHOEVER AND WHEREVER THEY MAY BE, IN SYMPATHY WITH THEIR TROUBLES, AND IN REMINISCENCE OE THE GOOD TIMES WHICH HAVE ACCOMPANIED THEM. e eleven . . . Wane Ur, e, ' H use . . . Oh Seven corn ' Hwe Whxie o need a songsker nn "Pikes Peak or bus?" . . , cowqal! . . . li I Tn This broadcasT Trom MiddTeTown, The neTwork presidenT, vice-presi- denT, advisory board, and producTion sTaTT make Their iniTiaT appear- ance. Their work in shaping The acTors Tor senior sTardom has been sTeady and vaTuabTe. Their kindness, Triendhness. and care Tor Their roTeges have been shown many Times in Their words and deeds. Mways in sTars Their abiTiTies and aims. Mways d ha piness P ' ThouqhTs are Tor The corn q , ' ' Tor Their success an p . Their Their ThouqhTs wiTT be wuTh Them. hoping Top, lffl I0 rigfrl: FREDERICK F. MQCLELLAN Treasurer, City School Board E. ARTHUR BALL President, City School Board VERNON G. DAVIS Secretary, City School Board H. B. ALLMAN Superintendent of City Schools Pagv Eight GRACE FERN MITCHELL Executive Secretary, Auditor H. F. BRICKLEY Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds , .l ROSCOE SI-IAFFER-Our gen- FRED BOGART-Home room ial and enthusiastic principal -is fond of hunting, fishing, c a m p in g-favorite food: hickory-nut cake. MRS. SUSAN B. NAY-Dean of girls and co-sponsor of Girls' Service Club-likes peo- ple, and people like her- deinitely dislikes impudence and discourtesy on the part of children to their elders- enjoys pretty dishes and lin- ens. MRS. ERMA B. ' CHRISTY- Supervisor of guidance and home economics - e n o y s mingling with all types of people-takes a great interest in club work. MISS FRANCES ANDREXVS- Head of the botany depart- ment and co-sponsor of Sei- ence Club-plays with her pencil while talking-likes to knit and to climb mountains, MISS MARY L. BALDWIN- Business education-is fond of collecting old books- -kindness and gentleness are her outstanding characteris- tics. MISS ESTHER BARTLIQTT- Her favorite pastimes are horseback riding and interior decorataing - attractive and friendly-teaches English and home design. MISS FLORA BILBY-Favorite G hobby is teaching art-spon- sors Dauber and Clay Clubs -chooses pink and blue as her favorite colors-likes all foods. IL B Ii R T BLACKWOOD- Teaches electricity eight per- iods a day-loves music and has an excellent voice-sings in his church choir-has three children in B u r r i s School. MISS ELEANOR JEAN BLY- Dramatic Club sponsor- teacher of English and speech -likes to analyze people and their quirks-admits a prefer- ence for Italian and Chinese foods. teacher in 221 Lpoor fellowj -teaches in the business de- partment-very active, young, and good looking-likes lish- ing. MRS. ESTI-IER K. BROWN- Sponsor of the Vergil Club and Latin instructor-her students have to study-pet peeve: whistling in the halls. FLOYD BUELL-The latest addition to Central's mathe- matics department-delights in flowers and gardens- proud as a peacock of his children, and you can't blame him. MISS JOSEPHINE CLIZVIQN- GER- CN ot picturedj - Sponsor of the Wasliingturii Club-very much interested in her pupils-fond of trav- cling-teaches social science. R. LLOYD COOLEY-Likes outdoor activity, especially horseback riding and hunting -has two dogs of which hc is very fond-a well-informed social scientist and sponsor of Geography Club. MISS OLA B. COURTNEY- N M Central's pupils look forward to her return from a leave of absence-she teaches home economics. EIL DAILY-A recent addi- tion to our general bus'ness staff-dotes on eating steak and pie-endowed with a great sense of humor-spon- sors Hi-Y and Skating Clubs -helps with underclass pic- tures for Mugiriau. RS. ADLAI DALBY-School librarian-spends all her spare time reading and gardening- pet peeve: pupils who come to the library to visit. L- Lff fd 4" 1414. fe ' 1654- lZ'.g'L MISS DEBORAH EDWARDS -Teaches English-favorite pastime is reading-a very in- teresting and enjoyable per- son to know. MISS BLANCHE FENIMORI-I -Home economics-likes to raise flowers and to cook-a very friendly individual. H. EIVIORY FENIMORE-Head of the mathematics depart- ment and sponsor of the Mathematics Club-disgusted with lazy students-enjoys taking moving pictures of his little son. VVALTISR FISHER-Coach of our football, track, and wres- tling teams-says he has more hobbies than business-raises beautiful prize cocker span- iels-enjoys gardening. v" Page Nim' Fay W al MISS ELLA HOLLENBACK- Home economics - enjoys reading and going to shows- is the sort of individual one likes to have around-spon- sors Ceemoh Club. MISS ELIZABETH HUTZEL- Mathematics and G e r in :i n teacher-distinguished by her white hair-a past master of subtle humor and sarcasm- co-sponsor of our Honor So- ciety-avowed dog lover. MISS CHARLINIC ,IAMIESON -Our blonde, chic French teacher-sponsor of Le Cercle Francais and Junior social sponsor-everyone's friend- far more than F r e n e h is learned in her classes. RAYMOND AIOLLY - Coach of basketball, baseball, golf- teaches American history-a reformed red-tie wearer-re- Page Ten quires students in his classes to know the names of their classmates. MRS. FRANCES K E L L Y - Home economics teacher-in- sists on aprons and hair nets being worn in the laboratory -dislikes ice Cream-likes swimming. MISS KATHERINE KING- Head of girls' physical edu- cation department - booster of the Girl Scouts-is ac- complished in all out-door Sports - sponsors C. A. A. MISS FLORENCE LENTZ- Small but purposeful-enjoys reading and t r a v el in g- teachcs social science. ROGER LINGIQMAN - jolly, energetic, and even-tempered -head of physics department -delights in studying scien- tfnc phenomena and teasing students-co-sponsor of Sci- ence Club - Magician pho- tographer. RUSSELL T. McNUTT-Head of the social science depart- ment-likes violin music- especially dislikes jazz, gum chewing, liver, and oysters- enjoys travel, reading, numis- matics, and activities of Social Science Club, which he sponsors. MISS NELLE MASSEY-Marv aged our cafeteria and taught boys and girls to cook until the state took her for ri supervisor-is a bridge en- thusiast - favorite fo od: strawberry shortcake. MISS LUCILE MAYR-Has :i definite English accent to match the subject she teaches -enjoys traveling and read- ing-favorite food is pud- dings. MISS KATHLEEN MEEHAN -English and newswriting teacher-sponsor of Muuxmz- ian-hates chewing gum and loves fried chicken - good publicist, but personally pub- licity-shy. MISS M A U D E MICHAEL - Likes shows, not movies-in- dulges in peppermint candy- Wisely counsels the juniors in addition to teaching English. IRVIN I.. MORROW'-Drafb ing instructor - PQI peeve: people who waste tim-has three children-enjoys fishing and sports-good-natured. MISS FRANCES O'HARRA- Instructor of social science and co-sponsor of Girls' Serv- ice Club - once a friend, always a friend-detests dirty floors and gum chewers-woe to the unenlightened pupil! LEONARD A. PARIS--Milgh uiun s p o n s o r - spends his summer writing and wishing it were cooler-collects nick- names - teaches English. WESLIQY C. PIERCE - Our Oldsmobile driver - general handyman around school-- printing instructor-likes an- tiques, loves his pipe. FLOYD RAISOR-Director of intramural games and teacher of health ed-a regular all- around good sport-his hob- bies are his family and all athletics. CHARLES RETTIG-Machine shop teacher-says he has too many pet peeves to mention -enjoys swimming and read- ing. MISS MARGARET R Y AN- Devotes her time to reading and knitting-likes mush- room soup-teaches English and is responsible for 1.000 batting average on senior pictures. M M G G ISS NELLIE SCOTT - An ardent bridge player- home economics instructor-small. alert, and charming-likes to take long hikes-has taken over Miss Massey's duties. ISS If W I2 I. STANDFR- FORD-Young, active, and interested in her pupils- sponsor of Girls' Service Club and senior play - English teacher. RIF F IN STEPHIQNSON- Afternoon art teacher-likes to make his own Christmas cards-an accomplished or- ganist-pet peeve: girls comb- ing their hair in public. LEN STIZPLETON-"W'oe to the person caught whispering in chapel while music is be- ing played"-head of the mus'c department and spon- sor of all its activities-an ardent tennis player-is try- ing to learn square dancing. MRS. GLADYS TOWNSI-IN IJ -"A friend in need is L1 friend indeed"-senior class counselor and social science teacher - pet peeve: people who have to be handled with gloves -likes lobsters and ice cream Qnot togetherj. MISS BLANCH TUHEY- Head of the English depart- ment and sophomore coun- selor-likes nothing better than a dish of ice cream, ex- cept, maybe, gardening - ef- Hcient and cheerful. FRIED TUHIEY-Head of busi- ness education-pet peeve: underclassmen's conduct in study halls-small and ener- getic-loves his work. MISS LORIZNE TURNER- Business education is her sub- ject-is extremely fond of sewing - chop suey is her favorite food-adores any- thing that isired. MISS MARY WADE - Senior class social sponsor and coun- selor-English teacher-p e t peeve: pupils without their lessons-uses subtle humor in her classes. NOIYI. C. WARE-Spimnsor of the Motor Club - teaches woodwork, d r a f tin g, and motor mechanics - enjoys making furniture in his spare time. HAL XVARREN-Mathematics teacher - s p on s o r of the Stamp Club and coach of the tennis team-likes fishing- follows the Bearcats diligent- ly. MRS. ETHEI. WALSH - Is fond of all kinds of outdoor activities-believe it she's an expert wood-chopper -says she could eat chicken every day - attendance and receiving clerk. Of nilt, CLYDE XVELLINGER - Teaches building trades -- hates "lazybones"-likes Hsh- ing and spends all extra hours around the house and farm. HARRY N. WHITTHRN - "For he's a jolly good fellow" -mathematics teacher - a chess fan and a good sport. MISS RUTH ANN WliSIiR-- Collects min'atures as a hob- by- likes to travel -sweet M and friendly-teacher in the business department and co- sponsor of Friendship Club. ISS ANNA MARIE YATES -Magician business sponsor- small, sweet. and vital-one chaperon who really enjoys d a n c i n g - co-sponsor of Friendship Cl u b - teaches business education. FDVVARD ZETTFRBIZRG - M Calm, quiet, and good-na- turecl-head of the chemistry department and co-sponsor of the Science Club-hobb'es: photography and fishing. ISS R U T H ZIMMERLY- Our very efficient clerk ol' records-enjoys eating-is at- tractive and easy to get along with-sang "California, Here I Come" last April. Page Elvwn Page Twrl ve IN MEMORIAM The Magician wishes To Talce This opporTuniTy To exTend hearTTelT sym- paThy on behalf OT The enTire TaculTy and sTudenT body To lvlr. Marian McLaughlin and To Mr. and Mrs. John Allen Tor The loss oT Their chil- dren, Edi+h McLaughlin, and John Allen, Jr. EdiTh, who passed away in April, was a sophomore: and John, who would have been a senior This year, died lasT AugusT. BoTh oT These sTuclenTs have been missed by Their many Triends aT school. seq 'M' 'E who Q . ltjjihx 'yi r FL! V' I H K ,wf-V X ff , pf ij! ' fl! Qbflh' ' 'f X I 'lla ,EI I ! 1-A f'L f i Ziff!!! jf ij I I A," fi A 4 lik 'i f yr ' ii I ffl! is V it L K I U41 A' xx 4 yy. r V! -il! Y , X if , N fi 1 f ,,,-' X K 'ii Y E , Q d ' ce ihese aciors iirsi began working TWELVE iong years have passe sin Toward Their common goai, 'rhai oi being senior siars. Today iheir dreams are realized. Today ihey stand ai ihe iop, hoiding revereniiy +he many ioys and sorrows oi ihe pasi years, iooking ahead To success and accompiishmeni. Some have worked hard for 'rhis rnomeni, oihers are here ihrough iuckx bui ahead of ihem aii is an equai chance To do h i 'rheir dreams command and 'fo be whai iheir ambihons hope for. w a Each hoids his own fuiure success and happiness in his hand. -1- , F ,, OJ U f My , J or Pagr' FUlH'fl'L'll . I ..e, . ,w.,y, ev-V , J Y I W xx' 'I .f . gh C 1' I . J L ' SENIOR OFFICERS TO guide ihem in Jrheir many aclivifies 'rhroughoul rhe year, Jrhe senior class elecled Joe Ledlie, 'rhird from lefr, +o rhe posirion of presiclenr. This was nor Joe's firsl experience al lhis sorr of duly, because he has been acrive in social alllairs ever since his arrival here rhree year ago. To help Joe carry our his iob, Jim Carnes, al Joe's righr, has acled as vice-presidenr. Jackie Hamilron, righl, has acled as secrelary and lcepl' all rhe records of The class: and as To handling The finances, George Briclcley, lelr, has proven his worrh as Treasurer. Wilh Jrhe aid of Miss Mary Wade and Mrs. Gladys Townsend, senior counselors, Jrhese lour sludenls have direcled one of rhe mosl complele and well organized calendars a senior class has ever had. 'fl I CHARLES ADAMS Varsity football. "jitney bus chauf- feur." DOROTHA ADAMS "A Central booster. n KEITH ADDINGTON Magician. "Argument is his middle name." ROBERT ALLISON Intramural Athletics. "A number one sports fan." MORTON D. ANDERSON Bandg L'Allegro Clubg Magician. "Central's Casanova." EDITH ASH Friendship and Motor Clubs. " 'Eamlie' will be a pleasing secretary." MARJORIE BABCOCK "Marge gets around." JOHN BADDERS Intramural Athletics: Geography Club. "I lou' English!" CARL E. BAGLEY "Barney Oldhelcl II." JUNE BAKER Geography Club. "W'hat more could be said than 'Yorktown'?" MARCILLLA BAKER "Ta, tal If you know what I mean." ROSEMARY BALES Geography Club. "Silence speaks volumes." JOHN BARNES, JR. Honor Society. "Ask me anything -just anything!" ROSEMARY BASSETT French and Friendship Clubs. "Thorough in all she does." AGNES ELAINE BAYLESS French Club. "Elaine speaks with the rights of women." ROGER BAYLESS Varsity Track. "A tall, dark answer to some girl's dream." MARY ELLEN BEALL "She has winning ways." BETTY BECHTEL "Remember me?" AIO ANN BECKETT G. A. A.g Wfashington Club. "Central's friendliest girl." GRACE BECKMAN "Success will follow her." ELLIS BERGMAN Motor Club. "My little red Chev- vy." ALICE BERNARD French and Washil1gtcxii Clubs. "She has a winning smilef, ELIZABETH BERTI-IA French and Social Sc'ence Clubs. "Elizabeth is a 'wishing' girl." RANDOLPH BIZUOY Band. "just to know him 'Beouys' you up." Page Fifteen MAX C. BINKLEY GEORGE BRICKLEY Daubcr Club. "Precision ROSAELLA BIRD Magician. "Efficient :is a clock." MARY ELLEN BLAKE Dunbar Clubg Magician. "I love to sing." VIRGINIA BONNELI, "A helping hand." JAMES MURRAY BOOKOUT "Ask the traffic copsf' CLARENCE BRADBURN, Jr. "A rising son." CLARA JANE BRAMMER Friendship Club. "Clara will make someone an efficient secre- taryf' FRANCES BRATTON Honor Society. "A living adver- tisement for Palmolivef' MADELYN BREDIQSON Dauber, French, Friendship, Sci- ence Clubs: Honor Societyg Ma- gician, "A sweet disposition is her greatest virtue." Pllklll' Sf X l'i'4'Il Dramatic, Science, Social Science Clubs: Senior Treasurerq Honor Society, Varsity Tcnnisg "Guess Againf' "Mary's Ankle." "Brick excels in many fields." WIIOLIQT BROPIIY G. A. A. "My old Kentucky home." CHARLES E. BROWN Dramatic, French, "M" Clubsg Varsity Basketball. "Muncie's most popular Bearcat." FARI. BROWN Honor Societyg Varsity Tennis. "Earl is a credit to our senior class." FRANCIS BROWN Intramural Athleticsg Magician. "Frank is quiet, industrious and ef- Hcientf' HERBERT BIKOWN Intramural Athletics. "I'm so happy about the whole thing." HILLIS BROWN Varsity Trackg Magiciang Walsh- ington Club. "Our Kandid Key- hole Kanieramanf' BETTY BRUBAKER Vergil Club: Honor Society. "A peppy personality." VIOLA BRUMBACK Vcrgil Club. "I came, I saw, I conquered." LEOLIN T. BRUSH Orchestrag Magiciang S k a ti n g and Washington Clubs. "I want something for my Ford." BETTY BRYAN "Keep your chin up." ROBERT L. BURCH Honor Societyg Magiciang Intra- mural Athleticsg Varsity Tennisg Social Science Club. "Tall, blonde, and congenial-that's our Bob." RALPH BUSHEY Intramural Athleticsg V a r s i t y Wrestling. "A real Bearcat on the mats." FVELYN BYRUM "She'll do her part." EUGENE CAMPBELL "One of Pierec's Printshop 'Pren- ticesf' BILL CAMPBELL Intramural Athletics, "M" Clubg Varsity Basketball, Football, and Baseball. "Want my autograph, girls?" LUCILLIZ JUNE CANNADY French Club. "Quiet, sincere, and dependable." THOMAS CAREY Intramural Athletics. "Gentleman of leisure." JIM CARNES Geography and "M" Clubs: Var- sity Basketball and Football, Sen- ior Vice-President. "He looks like a ladies' man, but oh. that blush." NEOLA JUNE CARR Choir, Friendship and L'Allegro Clubs. "A blond woman in some man's life." VIVIAN CARRIER Honor Society. "She'll follow the footsteps of Miss Lentzf' JOHN CARTER Geography and Science Clubs. "ln- RITA jUNE CARTER Choirg Friendship and Motor Clubs. "The girl with charm." GLEN CHADWICK iMotor Club. "Happy." LINDLEY CLARK French, Hi-Y, Social Science, Ver- gil Clubs, Editor of Munsonianq Magician: Honor Society, Intra' mural, Varsity Tennis. "I pause for applause, most dcHnitely!" MARCELLA CLARK Girls' Glec Club. "Quiet and studiousf' LEONORA FRANCES CLARY G.A.A. "Laughter holding both her sidesf, EUGENE COLLINS Geography Club, Intramural Ath- leticsg Varsity Football. "Carefree and happy-go-lucky." FREDERICK COLLINS Intramural Athletics, Varsity Base- ball. "I'm little, but I can do any- thing." MAX COULSON Dauber, Hi-Y, Skating Clubs, Var- sity Trackg Magician. "Disney's Muncie rival." MELVIN COX Hi-Y and Science Clubs, Magician, Honor Society. "Melvin, the sci- entist." WARREN COX i Hi-Y and "M" Clubsg Intramural Athletics, Varsity Football. " 'Coxic' is small but mighty." RICHARD CRAWFORD "Dick is a live Wire for electricity." DAVID CUNNINGHAM Science Club. "Some day he'll be in the 'Who's Who in Sciencc'." MOLLIE CUNNINGHAIVI "A hard working girl." DONNA MAXINE CURTS "How's about some brunch?" DAN DALE Varsity Football and Track. "Go West, young man, go West." BETTY JEAN DAVIS tellectual, interesting, and inde- VITRNA COTON Vergil and Friendship Clubsg Mun- pendentf' "Goldilocks." -'oniang G.A.A. "Winsome" Page Sl'L'l'l1l l.'l'Il DONALD DAVIDSON JOANN DRAGOO ROSEMARY ENGLIYI-IART Varsity Baseballg Intramural Ath- Girls' Service Club Executive G.A.A.g French Clubg Honor So- letics. "Don's a diamond in the Board. "If a pretty girl is like a ciety. "A merry Rose without ll rough." melody, Joann is a symphony." thorn." WADE DEARDOREE MARJORIE DRAGOO CALVIN EWING "Herpetologist." G.A.A. "An excellent bookkeeperf' Immmural Athletics: 5 k 3 t i n g BETTY DEPOY GERALDINE DUKE Club. " 'Cal'His a smiling credit to Magician. "Sweet, small and sin Friendship Club: G.A.A. "Sweet Central H1511- cere." Swaying Swingf, N JANI1 EXTON FRED DEVOE JAMES EDWARD DUNNUCK Chop. Omhesm, M ag i C i 2, H, I-Ii-Y Clubg Magiciang Munsonian Science Club. "Ready, willing, and F tene h, L'A1legm, Wlashingwn "It's like this, fellows." able. Right this way, Madame." Qlubs, "EverybodY,S friend-D RUBY DISHMAN MARY JANE DWYER "5inC2I'6lY YOUIS -Y G.A.A.g Munsonian. "Absolutely, MELVIN FIELDS . I DOROTHY DITTON positively' and howiv Honor Society: Dramatic and' Sci- ence Clubsg Orchestrag Magician. Friendship and Cirls' Glee Clubsg OLIVE JEAN EASTER ..He holds Success in his hands, G.A.A. "A whirlwmd's tw1n.', Geography Club. "She's full of LOIS DONSON lifeg shes Gill of fung friend to MARY M- FINDLEY Bllldi Ch0il'S FFCHCI1 and L'Allegro everyone an enemy to none' Band. "If silence is golden, Mary Clubs. "Music is the life of her LILLIAN W. EDMUNDSON fairly glitters." SOULH Science Club. "To think, she used YVELYN FISHER ROBERT DOOLITTLE to live in Pemwille-" ' 4' .. I I Ld ,, Geography-Clubg "The.New Poor." ROBERT EDWARD ELLIS Magician' A Ovey A Y' Despite h1s':iame he likes to work French and Hi-Y Clubs: Magicians JOHN FISHER I -Somenmes' Intramural Athleticsg Honor So- Geography and "M" ClubS2 VHYSIIY MILDRED JEAN DOTY ciety. "Bob's the soul of inde- Basketball and Baseball. "A bash- Ceemoh Club. "I wish to be alone." pendencef' ful Bearcatf' Page Eighfecn MARGIE FISIIER VIRGINIA GAUMER French and Wfashington Clubs, L'Allegr0 and Skating Clubs. Magician, Girls' Service Club Ex- "Gaum-er with the wind." ecutive Board. "Our ideal girl." CHARLENE1 W. GILLIAM G. A. A., Honor Society, Girls' Service Cl u b Executive Board, Science, Social Science, V e r g i l BILLY FLAHERTY Dramatic, Geography, Hi-Y Clubs, Intramural Athletics, Varsity Bas- ketball: Magician. "Let's pitch a little woo, hm?" VIVIAN L. FOSTER Dauber and Friendship Clubs, Ma- gician. "Vivacious Vivian." Clubs, Munsonian, Magician. "Sin- cere, studious, she wends hcr on- ward and upward Way." MIQLVEN GILPEN Dramatic, French, Hi-Y, Science, Social Science, Vergil Clubs, Honor Society, Varsity Tennis, "Guess Again," "Mary's Ankle." "He is going to be ll great scientist." KAY A. FUNKHOUSER Band, Choir, Dauber, L'A'legro, Friendship Clubs, Munsonian. "Kay's an excellent singer." LOUISE GLENN Q Dunbar and Geography Clubs, Ma- NORMA PUSON gician. "A million-dollar smile." Choir, Dauber, French, L'Allcgro, ILA R' GOENS Science- Girls' GIGS Clubs' "Roxie's superstitious of dreams. "All right for you-oo." KAY GOLDBERG MILDRFD GADBFRRY Choir, Friendship, I,'Allegro, Cec- ' . ' . moh Girls' Glee Clubs. Geography, Science, Skating, Motor ,,Th' k. I V t I xl ,, Clubs. "Canine conscious." C S in you 0 C 0 mil' 1' N H Q Q PHIL GRAv12s c'LQRC'I34C'AThS M Magician, "Ccntral's artistic Fred A quiet observer. Astaircy MARGARET GATIQS CHARLES GREEN "Her future looks bright." Intramural Athletics, Honor So- ciety, Stamp Club, Magician. "I-Ie's at home on a basketball floorf' KENT IEDMUND GREGORY Band. "Couldn't stay away from Central." MARTHA GRIEWE Choir, Motor Club, Magician. "As 'Pat' she is known to all-and liked by the same." ISD GRIGE Hi-Y, Science, Skating, Motor Clubs, Munsonian. "Bill's twin." WILLIAM C. GRICE Hi-Y, Science, Stamp Clubs. "Ed's twin." CLIFTON LEROY GRIDER Choir, L'Allcgro Club. "Paul Robeson, Jr." HARVEY GROMAN Science Club. " 'Doc' will make the grade." BETTY GWIN L'Allegro Club, Band, Honor Soci- etyg Magician. unassuming." NORMA LOUISE HAAS "The gal with the giggle." "She is quiet and SPUHUIHCUUS Page Nizzvlnvz ex lingg French Clubg Magician. "You gotta be a football hero." GLEN HAFFNER Choirg L'Allegro Club. "A bassf voiced ministerial candidate." WARREN K. IIALL Choirg Boys' Glee Club. "Ask him LOUISE HAYDEN Friendship and Geography Clubs. "Cooking, the way to a man's anything-hc knows the answer." LOMA HALSEY Friendship and W'ashington Clubsg heartf' BEVERLY HISASTON .. - H , . ,, . . ,, t b t ob rva t. ' Guess Againg Magician. Beauty Qulc U SC n hath strange powers." JACQUELINE HAMILTON Friendship Club: G.A.A.g Student Councilg Senior Secretaryg "Guess Again," "The New Poorf, "Gen- tral's 11105K popular girl." PEGGY HANNAN Clay and Dauber Clubs. "Peggy has a personality which will carry her a long way." MILDRED I-IARMISON Choirg Friendship an d Cecmoh Clubs. "She has what it takes to become a beauticianf' JAMES F. HARROLD French Clubg Magician. "Our Jimmy, the retired banker." GEORGE HAWK Varsity Track, Football, and Wrest- LEWIS HEASTON Science Clubg Magician. tim of science-he has a magnetic "A vic- grin." MAXINE HELDENBRAND G.A.A.5 Girls' Service Club Ex- GIZNOA HENRY Science Clubg Magician. "Our pep- perpot of ideas." ROBERT HIZRSHBERGER Club. "Studious stagchandf' WINIFRED BUELLA HIATT ing, Girls' Glee Clubs. "'Freddie likes to sew." Page Twenty ecutivc Boardg Honor Society: Ver- gil Clubg Magician. "Better Half." Intramural Athletics: Geography Choirg L,'Allegro, Geography, Skat- JOSEPH HICKEY Intramural Athleticsg Varsity Ten- nis. "Big butter and egg man." JOHN HINES Band: French and L'Allcgro Clubs. "Tall, dark and-?" RICHARD HOLDCRAFT "Headquarters on the first flour." MARGARET HOLT Choirg Skating, Motor, Girls' Glee Clubs. "I will if I want to!" FREDERICK HOUK "He wields a mean hammer." BETTY HOWELL "You name it and Betty will swing it." RUTH HOWELL " 'Howell' I do this?" VERA HOWELL Girls' Service Club E x e c u t iv e Boardg French, Friendship, Wasll- ington Clubsg Munsoniang Magi- cian. ujournalist deluxef' CHARLES A. HUFFMAN Intramural Athletics. "Electrical engineering is his ambition." CHARLES E. HUFFMAN Dauber and Motor Clubs, Varsity Baseball, Football and Basketball. "Paleontologist." HELEN HOPE HUGHEY Friendship and L'Allegr0 Clubs, Orchestra. "Miss Muncie." BETTY LOU HULL Dauber and Clay Clubs. "A sense of humor and an exciting smile, that's the 'Hull' secret." PAUL L. HUMPHREY Band, Orchestra: Hi-Y, I.'Allegro, Science Clubs. "When joy and duty clash, let duty go to smash." O. KENTON JACKSON Geography Club. "Here he comes -there he goes." BETTY JANE JANNEY Science and Motor Clubs. "A Wom- an driver." CHARLES JOHNSON "He's rather shy and quiet at school, but school's only six hours a day." JAMES JOHNSON Band, Hi-Y Club. "Tall, dark, and handsome-Ah, boy!" PEARSON JOHNSON Intramural Athletics, Science and Motor Club. "Check your oil and water, sir an HELEN MAE JONES "They call me 'Wiggle'." MARY HELEN JONES "As Winsome and graceful as a pine." BETTY ROSE JORDAN Honor Society, Geography, Wash- ington, Science Clubs, Munsoniang Magician. "Spft! Humph! Imean it!" ANN KALLMEYER French Club: Magician. "Charm and personality are among her at- tributes." HAZEL KEM G.A.A., Munsonian. "I do." LUCILLE KIRTZ Dunbar, Magician. anything you want. "Has ideas on ., SLATER KNOTTS Science Club. "When 'Pinky' hasn't a question, there isn't one." MARJORIE ANN KRAMER Band, Orchestra, Honor Society: L'Allegro, Science, Skating Clubs, Munsonian. "It is better to be short and to shine than to be tall and cast a shadow." DOYAL R. LANK Geography Club. "Doyal paddles his own canoef, ROBERT W. LARKIN Band, Orchestra: Skating Club. "We tuk sich pride in Bob." JOE LEDLIE Executive Board, Hi-Y, Social Sci- ence, "M" Clubs, Honor Society, Munsonian, Magician, Senior Presi- dent. "Our choice for West Point." EDWARD LEE "All wool and a yard wide." RICHARD LEITCH Intramural Athletics, Geography and Hi-Y Clubs, Munsonian. "His mouth is not on a 40 hour Week." MARY HELEN LlNDER L'Allegro Club. "Music in her soul." ROY LOCKHART "General Lockhart-we hope." Page Twvnfy-one MILDRED LOUNSBURY Geography Club. " 'Midge' is worth her weight in gold." BETTY RUTH LUZADFR Choir. "She is one of Central's most charming students." liLMIiR LYNN Intramural Athletics: Motor Club. "Buster, the numismatistf' NINA LORFNE McCALI P "To be a librarian she aspires." MARY MARGARET McGRAW Ceemoh Club. "Sweet and plaintive is her style, and very Winsome is her smile." JAMES MCINTOSH Intramural Athletics: Ili-Y Club: Magician. "Central's p i p e col- lector." MAREIORIE MCKEE GF Ceemoh, I.'Allegro, G'rls' G l e e Clubs: Choir: Munsonian. "Marjo- rie is a music enthusiast." RALD MCKINLFY Geography and Hi-Y Clubs. "From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow -good luck, Bud." Page Tzw'f1fy-lim MARY RUTH MCKINNEY Geography Club. "just like a tea- pot, always ready to bubble over.' WAYNE M. MCLAUGHLIN Varsity Football and Wrestling: Orchestra. "A salesman for in- dustryf' PAUL MCNICKLE "Dictators preferred." WRAY MADDOX L'Allegro, Social Science, Vergil Clubs. "May all her wishes be- come realities." KATHERINE MAI-IONFY Motor and Dauber Clubs. "She's short and sweet." THELMA MAIN "Sunshine comes with her." MARY MANNING French Club. "Blonde beauty and a sweet disposition make up our Mary." -IAMFS R. MARDIS Hi-Y, Stamp, "M" Clubs: Intra- mural Athleticsg Varsity Football and Wrestling. "Man Mountain Mardisf' RAYMOND MARKS "A business man who can get down to business." MARVIN O. MARSH Choir: "M" Club: Intramural Ath- letics: Varsity Wrestling, Track, and Football. "Marvin lives up to his requirements of an ideal per- son." WYSOR MARSH Dramatic, French, Science, Social Science, Vergil, Skating Clubs: Senior Social Chairman: Varsity Tennis. "Girls may come and girls may go, but I go on forever." CURTIS MASON Geography Club: Magician. "Sign here, ma'am-your milk delivered daily." FARI. MASSEY "He may be harmless, but he makes up for it." FVA MASSEY "She's always gay and smiling." FRANK C. MASSIZY French and Washington Clubs: Varsity Football. "Wherefore art thou, Juliet?" ANNE MATHYS Friendship and Science Clubs: Mun- sonian. "And what is the matter with you today?" GURNEY MATTINGLY Science Club, Magician: "The New Poor." "You name it, and he'll paint it." GERALDINE MAULLER Motor and Girls' Glee Clubs. "Re- served and dignified-sometimes." VIRGINIA MAULLIIR Geography and Washington Clubs. "I hope, I hope, I hope!" MARY RUTH MAY Choirg Geography Club. "The girl everybody knows." JERRY MERCER "We'll see him at the top in sports reporting yet." PEGGY MERZ Science and Washingtcln Clubs, Munsoniang Magician: "The New Poor." "The journalist in her makes her a wee bit independent." SARA MAF METHOD Choir. "Get your man, Sally!" JEANNE METZGER Choir. "Her smile is infectiousf GLENN L. MIDDLETON "He talks little, thinks much." DEWEY MILLER "Yeah, man!" GAYNELLE MILLER "She hopes to be a singer." JOE MILLER Motor and "M" Clubsg Varsity Football. "The time I've lost in wooing has been my heart's undo- ing." RAYMOND MILLER Motor Club. "If I am not for my- self, who will be for me?" HAROLD E. MINNICK Intramural Athletics. "God bless the man who invented sleep." HAROLD E. MITCHELL Intramural Athletics, Geography Club. "Great men die young-I'm not feeling so well myself." MARILEE MODE Choir, Dramatic and Glee Clubs. " 'Dixie' has charm and personality and was quite a gain for Central's senior class." DAYTHA MONROE "Demure Daytha has delightful dimples." EVELYN C. MOORE Dunbar and Girls' Glee Clubs, Band. "She spreads good cheer." SYLVIA JANE MOORE Bandq Choir, Girls' Glee Club. "Let gentleness my strong enforce- ment be." CHARLES FLOYD MOOREHEAD Intramural Athletics. "If it can be printed, he'll print it." WILLIAM MORRIS Intramural Athletics. "Central's lady-killer." NORMA MORVILIUS "The commercial department will miss her." PAT MURPHY Geography Clubg Magician. "Hou- dini's rival and Robert Taylor's competition at Central." MADALYN MYERS "She has quietly left her footsteps in the halls of Centralf' Page Twwliy-ilu rr' WILLIAM C. MYERS Varsity Basketballg "M" Club. "Ambitious, athletic and amorousg here's your ideal man, girls." MAX L. NEAL "Max's car is a bargain no sales- man could drive." NED NICHOLS Varsity Tennisg Stamp Club. "He takes it in shorthand and dishes it out on the typewriter." HOWARD NIITRSTHEIMER Band: Magiciang Choirg Hi-Y, L'Allegro, Science, Washingtoii, Social Science Clubs. "Popular? You 'Bet-ty' is." CHRISTINE NORRIS G.A.A. " 'Crickett' is from Ten- nesseef' BETTY NORTON "An in t e rio r decorator in our midst." EARNEST OALDON Dunbar, Geography, Motor Clubsg Intramural Athletics. "For he's a jolly good fellow." Page Tufrnly-follr MALCOLM OGLE Intramural Athleticsg Varsity Ten- nisg Bandg Dauber Club. "Central's traveling salesman." BOB OKELEY Intramural Activities. "Air-mfnded, light-headedf' MELVIN M. OSBORNE Hi4Y Club: Varsity Track. "Am- bitious, with zi yen for mathemat- ics." WALTER PARK "Central's most popular Park." ITLMIRA PARKE Dramatic and Friendship Clubs: Munsoniang Magiciang "M a r y ' s Ankle." " 'Parky,' now we know how an authoress looks before suc- cess comes." JEAN PARKS Honor Societyg Social Science Clubg Magician, "Enough has been said!" MARVIN MCNARY PARKS Skating Clubg Varsity Tennisg Hon- or Society. "May I borrow your head to knock on?" CLARA ELLA PETTY "Clara can chew gum in more dif- ferent ways than anyone else." NORMAN D. PFLIZEGER "Great men are scarce-take care of mc." EARLE PHILLIPS Social Science Club, "Despots be- ware." WILLIAM PITSER "He drives a mean bicycle." NELLIE A. PLUMMER "Nell knows how it should be done, and she does it that way." CLOVA PORTER G.A.A.g Geography and M 0 to r Clubs. "She's quiet, yet happy." GERRY PUGH Friendship and Stamp Clubsg Honor Societyg G.A.A. "Autographical." DOROTHIA QUATE "We can't hear." DON QUIRK - Intramural Athletics. "Y o u ' I I never see 'Pete' without a smile on his face." MARY FRANCES RAHE L'Allegro, Social Science, Ceemoh Clubs. "Central's own Martha Raye." ROBERT LOWELL RANKIN Choir, Hi-Y, L'Allegro, Science Clubs, Magician, Munsonian. "Hi-Y and handsome." NORMA REYNOLDS Choir, G.A.A.5 Friendship Club. When she shoots, she seldom misses."i OWEN REYNOLDS Motor Club. " 'Spud' is tall, dark and then some." RUBY RHOADES Geography Club. "Ruby is quiet and attractive." WILLIMIENE RICH G.A.A., Honor Society, Geography, Vergil, Washington, Friendship Clubs, Magician. "Good-humored and well-liked." GENE RICHARDS French, Science, Social Science, Vergil, Washington Clubs, Mun- sonian, Honor Society. "The Latins had a word for him, but he'd know more about that than anyone else." TAYLOR RIFE Intramural Athletics, Geography Club. "Tut, tut, the girls won't hurt you." -IERALD RILEY Hi-Y, L'Allegro Clubs, Band, Ma- gician. "Gabriel, blow your horn!" ENOCH ROBBINS Intramural Athletics. futuristic designer." ELDON RODGERS Band. "A chiropractor he would "Central's vi be. BETTY ROEGER French, Social Science, Washington Clubs, G.A.A., Girls' Service Club Executive Board, Magician. "Betty is our all 'round girl." JAMES R. ROMACK Intramural Athletics. "I just dare you, double Clare you." DELORES ROUTH Geography Club. "Will Delores be another Schiaparelli?" JACK ROWE Intramural Athletics. "He'll have no trouble getting a model!" ALONZO RUNKEL Science Club. "He has no wings of flame, but he gets there just the same." NANCY SACKSTEDER Dramatic, French, Social Science Clubs, Honor Society, Magician. "We feel certain that Nancy should be able to write a good letter by now. At least, practice makes per- feet." IVALOU SAMUELS "Golden silence is her charm." VIRGINIA ELLEN SANDERS Band, Geography and L'Allegro Clubs, Honor Societyg Munsonian. "A pleasant face works wonders." MARY LILLIAN SASSER "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Aw nuts, I don't know." GRACE SCHAFER French Club. "Quiet and sincere in her way, Grace will surely get theref' MARGARET SCHERBAUM Munsonian, Magician, Washington Club. "Central's dark-eyed Senor- na." AIICANNE SCHOTT Munsonian. ",Ieanne's charms are heart-warming." BILL SCI-IRINK Intramural Athletics, Varsity Foot- ball, "M" Club. "Iiojangles." -IRAN SCISCOE Munsoniang French, Geography, Friendship, Social Science, Skating, Motor Clubs. "Sissy." Page TM.'l'llfJ'-fl! I-IMILIE SCOTT WARREN E. SMITH AIOE STAUTAMOYER Dramatic Clubq Intramural Ath- letics, Varsity Track: Munsoniang Dunbar and Geography Cfubs. "The life of the party, the belle of th: ball." "Seventeeng" "M:iry's Anklef' "He RICHARD SEIIREE Geography Club. "Contaci! IIe's flying high!" who speaks before he knows all. says nothing." ROBERT SNIDITR IAEROY SHIREY 'IHeUshould get all he wants from Hi-Y and "M" Clubs: Varsity life IIURFORT SPENCER Dramatic, French, Hi-Y, Social wg!" Science, Stamp, Washington Clubs: Honor Society, "Guess Againgn "Seventeen." "Every inch a king. and every foot a 'Li'l Abner'." DOROTHY SPURGEON Dramatic, French, XVash'ngtnn, Science Clubs. "Praise and a charm- Wrestliiigg Manager Football Team. "The man with the snappy repar- MARSHALL SIPIZ "A future postal clerk." ,IIMMIF SLANE Band: Intramural Athletics, "Ile collects both stamps and friends." ,IOIi SMITH Motor Club. "Here am II" RUTH EVELYN SMITH Bandg French, Friendship, I.'A'legro ing manner are her virtues." RALPH E. STANLEY "Quiet and unassuming." ROBERT W. STANLEY Varsity Footballg Science Club. "A boy who's going places in the business world." BETTY MARLENE STARR Geography, French, Science Clubs. "We're glad she left Marion to Clubs: Orchestra: Magician. "Cen- tral will be sorry to lose her.', RUTHELLYN SMITH G.A.A.5 Geography and Friendship Clubs. "'Smittie' is everybotly's palf, VIRGINIA SMITH Geography Club. "A combinatfon of music and beauty." come to us." nge Tzwvllwi'-ii.x Motor Club. "They don't make cars that Joe can't wreck." ROBERT M. STILWELL Choir: L'Allegro Club. "Musical ambitions." MARY JANE ST. -IOHN Friendship and Geography Clubs, G.A.A. "Her smile belies her name." CHARLES T. STUART Band, Orchestra: Hi-Y and Motor Clubs. "What's the matter with this darn' Ford now?" ROSEMARY STUDEBAKER Dramatic Cl.ub. "It's perfectly perfect!" DAVID SUMMERS Science and Motor Clubsg Magi- cian. "Diligent Dave." ROSEMARY SUMMERS "Pardon my stuff!" EUGENE SUTTON Dunbar, Geography, Hi-Y, "M" Clubs, Intramural Athleticsg Var- sity Football and Track. "A man of dignity." BETTY SUE SXVINK Geography Club. "Pleasant per- sonality, dignity, and charm make our Betty, 'Sweet Sue'." JEANNETTE TARVIN Magician. "Moody moments art her hobby." BETTY TAYLOR "Don't quit!" MARIANNE TAYLOR Band, Clay, Dauber, Dramatic, French, Social Science Clubs, G.A.A.g Honor Societyg Magician. "She simply hasn't a thing to wear!" RICHARD TESCH Hi-Y, Social Science, Geography, Washington Clubs, Honor Society: Intramural Athleticsg Varsity Foot- ballg Magician. "Oh sh u c k s! 'twon't be nothin' for Dick to suc- ceed in anything he tries." BERNARD THARPE Dauber, Hi-Y, Science Clubs. "Barney is everybody's friend." LUCIELLE THARPE Girls' Glee and I,'Allegro Clubs, Munsoniang Magician. "I.ucielle can write, all right." GRACE M. THESING "A salesgirl with a line." GRACE THORNBURG "The New Poor." "She's awfully cute." BEVERLY SUE TIMMONS Orchestra. "Speak up, Bun, we're listenin'." HELEN M. TINSLEY Skating Club. "Beauty culture fas- cinates Helen." EVA LOUISE TOMEY Band, Orchestra, Girl's Glee Club. "A musical missionary." BETTYRUTH TOWNE Dauber Club, Magician. "Bei mir bist du schoenf' FRANCES TREASURE Social Science Clubg Magician: Munsonian. "A pleasing girl with a pleasing personality." MAXINE TURNER Dramatic and Vergil Clubs: Mun- soniang "The New Poor." " 'Midg- et' fits her physically, but there is no word to describe her, mentally." BETTY SUE TYLER "She's all sweetness." LOIS TYLER Washingtcmn Club. "Nic:-." LOUISE UMNHNGER French Clubg Honor Society: Ma- gician. "Our book of knowledge -she knows all the answers!" BETTY VAN ARSDOL G.A.A.g Honor Society! Munson- ianq Magician, Science, Social Sci- ence, Friendship Clubs. "An all 'round athletic girl!" LEONA VAN MATRE "Silence is an enviable virtue." BETTY VLASKAMP Dramatic and Vergil Clubs: Mun- soniang Magician. "She italicizes her words by underlining them with dimples." EARL VORE Bandg Intramural Athletics, "XVe're in the Army now!" IDAMAE WAID Geography, Friendship, S c i e n c e Clubs, Girls' Service Cfub Execu- tive Boardg Munsoniang Magician "Our picture-pasterf' BETTY WALBURN "Talking is her chief diversion." Page Tzcwlly-.W I't'Il MARIETTA WALBURN Dramatic, French, Skating, Wash- ington Clubs, Magician, "The New Poor." "Our accomplished woman of the world." RUTH H. WALLS "She's gentle, she is shy-but there's mischief in her eye." GEORGE WOODROW WALTER Dauber Club, Magician. "George is going to be a famous artist." EDWARD WALTERS Geography Club: Intramural Ath- letics. "Speak up, Ed, we're wait- ing." JOHN WASSON Dramatic, Hi-Y, Social Science Clubs, Honor Society. "A future A-I camera man." Page Tzwffly-riglvf WALTER R. WASSON Honor Society. "A big game hunt- er-with a camera." JOE "WEGE" WEGESIN Choir, Dramatic, Social Science, L'Allegro, Hi-Y Clubs, Intramural Athletics, Varsity Baseball and Tennis, Yell Leader. "A swell little guy with a BIG voice." HELEN WEIR Honor Society, Magician, "Always smiling, always gay." ROBERT WEIR Band, Orchestra, Science Club, Honor Society, Magician Editor. "For capable and elficient service." BETTY WELCH "We know she belies her last name for she's one of our favorites." VIRGINIA WEST Dauber and Friendship Clubs. "Fifth Avenue Frocks made to fit.' BERNARD WHITE "Hi-Ya, Butch!" MIRL WHITE Hi-Y, Intramural Athletics, Track "Your neighborhood grocer." NANCY WHITE Friendship C 1 u bg Magician. "A sweet little girl is our Nan." WILLIAM WHITE "A man who dares to think." WILMA WHITNEY " 'Number please - t h a n k you.' That's what Wilma wants to do." ELLA MAE WILLIAMS "Never serious, always gay." LOIS WILLIAMS Geography and Ccemoh Clubsg Girls' Service Club Executive Board. "Rhubarb Ade." LEE WILLIAINISON Hi-Yg Honor Societyg Science, So- cial Science, Stamp Clubsg Mun- Magician. "An up and coming aeronautical engineer." soniang EDWARD WININGER Baseball: Geography and Varsity French Clubs. "Oh, girls! Ain't hc cute!" BETTY SUE WISE Ceemoh and Girls' Glee Clubs. l'She likes good swing music." JANAAN PATRICIA WORK "She's here, she's there, she's every- where--girl about town." MARY ELLEN WORL G.A.A.q Geography Club. "Dick-in doof, MARY ELIZABETH WRIGHT Bandg L'Allcgro and Skating Clubs. "A star is born.'I PAUL YOHEY "The marines have landed." HENRY YOUNG Dunbar and "M" Clubsg Varsity Basketball. "'Shorty' is a real Bearcat." MARY MARIE YOUNG Bandg Orchestrag L'Allegro and Girls' Glee Clubs. "The smallest member of the trio." ROSEMARY YOUNGE Bandg Choirg L'Allcgro and Girls' Glee Clubsg Magician. "Rosie's an I. U. fan, :Aren't you, Rosie?" VICTOR ZEARBAUGH "'Vic' is one of the quiet and serious members of the classf' JEAN ZIMMERMAN French Clubg Honor Society: Ma- gician. "She has a pleasing re- serve." Page Twenly-nine XNe don? lcnow where l'laven'r gol a bile, bul you Can? slop me from hoping were going bul were on our way Won'l il work, Bob? l'm e big slwol now lnlo llwe wliirl ol llwings . . . Coming lo 'llwe lronl . . . Well, il you musl acl up lillens? .. . l.e'r's gel logellwer . . . Four iolly good'low aboul a lillle meow, Bear i fellows. I f s94A.4.Af-bv'N:.4-Qpl. S,!a,Q,ygn.-43 J rg - T fx ,QW Y' ,id Q , I , T. ,J y 1. i X l A r fi' I -l , ' W ' l T-i i 1 . , N .A Vi is a ,-" ,ffl V i H'2'2Jw,u.,.A4-1' UNDERSTUDES To Their predecessors, These coming sTars have indeed played Their parTs well in helping To rnalce This a successlul year ol pro- ducTion. They have Tilled Their roles careTully, willingly playing second Tiddle To The seniors, knowing They will have a chance in The coming V YGGFS. They have been well rewarded Tor Their supporT, however, having be- corne acquainTed wiTh sTudio procedure and cusTon'is and having sTepped one noTch nearer Their ulTirnaTe goal. They deserve crediT Tor Their hurnbleness, and nexT year The spoTlighT will be Theirs To a greaTer degree. wwf 4 JUNIORS Page Thirly-lzva john Wert, President john Warner, Vice-President Viva Mae Brown, Secretary-Treasurer Jack Abston Beverly Adams Glen Adams Eugene Albright Kenneth Alexander Luedith Alexander Mary jane Alles john Allman Georgetta Applegate Irma Arbogast Charline Arnold Charles Arnold Helen Baker James Baldwin Bess Ann Bales Lovell Baney Edwin Barber Gene Barefoot Matilda Barisa Evelyn Barlow Robert Barnes Mary jane Barth Virginia Bartholomew Fred Barton jack Beeson Julienne Beetley Gordon Behrike Edna Beller Barbara Bennett Jacquelyn Bennett Delray Bilby Wayne Bilby William Black Emmett Blocher Dorothy Boswell Martha Bowman Martha Bragg Russell Brandenberg Juanita Breeding Betty Breedlove Marjorie Brock Betty Brown Viva Mae Brown Mary Browne Bob Bunch Helen Burdorf Virginia Burnam Betty Campbell Evon Carey Mark Carey Lucille Carpenter Eugene Carter Eugene Roy Carter Frances Carter Ina Fay Castor Mary Cavanaugh Alice Chadwick Racella Chalfant Ralph Clark Robert Clark Dorothy Clevenger Frances Clevenger Marion Clevenger Raymond Clift Madora Clifton Carl Clock John Clync Lois Coffman Betty Ellen Cole Frank Collins Vernon Collins Wayne Combs Jack Comer Mary Cool Beulah Couch Willard Crawford Merrill Crisler Carolyn Cron Noelene Cross Alvin Crowcroft Ruth Crusius Irene Cunningham Murray Cunningham Bill Daugherty Juanita Daugherty Beverly Davis Marion Dean Beulah Deltioff Mary Jane DeVoe Virginia Dickerson Alma Dishman Marjorie Dobbs Ruth Dodd Elizabeth Douglas Betty Duffy Clyde Dunavent Jack Duncan Irvin Dunn Lucille Dye Oma Early Charles Easterclay Frances Eastman Mary Elliott Muriel Eppards Robert Erlenbach Don Ertle Bob Evans Dorothy Evans Maxine Faulkner William Fell Ralph Fisk Paul Floyd joseph Fisher Della Gaines Marjorie Galliher Dora Louise Gelly Bill George Charles Gibson Rollin Gill Clarissa Gindhart Joseph Glaser jane Goebel Betty Lee Good Martin Graves Eugene Grice Mabel Griffith Sam Grim Margaret Grimes Melvaline Grubbs june Gruwell Olive jean Haas Mary Haley lj xzi -ff-' f if, "' . f if 1 ' I lx-All jifnlyjk- 'flfjii ' ,l,fj3-X14' f'.L,1,!,'-f,, ' - f . f , .1 Z' ffl, Xfl lf! .' I -gf. l X 1 lj! fl fifffqwyfl ' fi K, . an iffy ll . , 41 fl' ' 14, . "'-xA.g- . A Q04-sqm xald - Qgfqh Ku I W . 1 1 Page Tbiriy-three Page Tbirly-four Marcella Hardesty Dorothy Harper Elaine Harvey Betty Harris julia Ann Harris Dorothy Haskett Ralph Havens Rosemary Heaton Gladys Henderson Ncwbert Hetzlcr Helen Hiatt Tom Hindman Bob Holter john Holdcraft Delores Hole Dick Horner Mildred Haskinson Bob Houze Dorothy Huffman Rosclind Huffman Kenneth Hurst Paul Hurst Ralph Hurst Allen Jackson James jackson Helen Janney Dorothy jenkinson Welden Jennens Earl johnson Mary Johnson Norma Jean Johnson Devonna Jones Emily jones Eugene Jones Dave Kallmeyer Karl Keever john Keever Ruth Kelbel Esther Kimm Hazel Koons Mary Ellen Kratzer Roberta LaBay Emma May Lamb Nile Lamm Ruth Lane Jim Lasater Arnett Lcavell Julia Mac Leavcll Richard Lec Byron Le May Betty Jane Levi Waldon Lewis Lysle Lewis Wilma Jean Lounsbury Bob Lucas john Lucas Fred Luzader Gene Lyons Iloif McBride Norma McCurdy Michael McDonald Rita McGuire Margaret McIntosh joan McKibben Fred McMullin Nomaruth Mahoney Dorothy Manet Joe Martin Miriam Martin Kathryn Mauer Catherine Maynard Betty Jane Miles Merial Miles Addie Miller Paul Miller Susie Margaret Miller Warren Miller Mary Ellen Milliltin Patti Jeanne Minor Charles Mitchell Clint Mitchell Marguerite Mitchell Martha Jane Mitchell Mary Ellen Mitchell Bert Morris Faye Morrow Rosemary Morrow Winifred Moss Juanita Murphy Juanita May Murphy Betty Jane Myers Wavalene Naylor Lonetta Nichols Marjorie Nichols Hattie Nixon Lois Noon Marvin Northcutt Paul Nottingham Bob Orr Betty Osborne Hobart Osborne Bill Pace Charles Parker Bob Pence Marjorie Perry Tom Phillips Mary Frances Pingry Rolland Polk John Pontius Betty Jeanne Powers Pota Printzos Martha Prout Kathryn Purtlebaugh Vera Quallsinbush Georgia Quite Martha Quirk Doris Raisor Ivagene Ramsey Charles Ratcliff Viretta Redding Mary Jane Reed Ilsther Reese Sara Ribble Howard Rice Dorothy Ricks Fannie May Ring Jeanette Rivers Eileen Roberts Raymond Robinson Suzanne Rosenthal Vera Ross Bert Roth Page Thirty-five l Page Thirty-:ix Bob Rush Dick Rutherford Jack Salmon Rosemary Samuels Dana Satterfield john Schenck Duetta Schiffler Dorothy Schock Evelyn Schumacher Sisley Shadoan Dorothy Jane Shimp Betty Shingledecker Roland Shirley Betty jean Shore Florabelle Siggins John Siler Bob Simmonds Wanda Simpson William Sipe Mary Skeen Adele Smith Alma Smith Lester Smith Marion Smith Marcella Spangler Alice Sparks J . Ralph Springer Annave Stafford jcanne Stanley Robert Stevens Mildred Stoker Ernest Stonecipher Ruth Ellen Story Gene Stout Marjorie Study Vashti Sullivan Maxine Sutton Rex Swink Pearl Taylor Yvonne Taylor Wade Terrell June Tesch Betty jane Thomas Edward Thompson Bob Thorpe Jr. Arthur Tomlinson David Traub Paul Trout Bob Trullender John Charles Tucker Charles Turner Donald Tuttle Mary Alice Tyrrel Valerie Udell Kenneth Upton Rosemary Urton Margaret Valos Elaine Van Allen Glen Van Arsdol Phyllis Van Landingham Roberta Van Matre Robert Van Matre Ashton Venis Herald Verneman Betty Vice Merrill Vice Glenister Vore Harold Wagner Beverly Wallace Dick Wallace Ellen Wallar Jack Wallar Rosemary Walter John Warner Chester Watson Annabelle Weber Mary Esther Weeks Bob Wehlage Eva Weisse . Hugh Welsh Robert Wernet John Wert Bethel Whaley Kathryn White Mary Belle White Jeannette Wilhelm Aaron Williams Edwin Williams Harriett Williams Warren Williams Ila Jane Williamson Harry Willis Bill Wirth Marcus Wise Marjorie Wise Robert Wolfe Vivian Wolverton Alberta Yingling James Yingst Bob Young Gene Young Josephine Younge Rollin Zapf Puge Tlmirfy-smfrn 1, B P' .I SOPHOMORES Page Tlliff-X'-f'itQllf George Rahe, Chairman Suzanne Smith, Secretary Marvin Abrell Sara Carolyn Adams Donald Alexander john Alexander Sidney Allen Marjorie Allison Emogene Alshouse Paul Applegate DeWayne Armstrong Marjorie Armstrong Sam Armstrong Francis Arthur Lloyd Artrip Drucilla Aul Marjorie Babbitt Mary Babbitt Bill Badders Idella Bailey Ray Bailey Sara Bailey Mary Elizabeth Baird Jack Baker james Baker William Baker Jim Ball Bill Barefoot Vincent Barker james Barnell Harold Barnes Gene Barrett Faunelle Barry Gene Barry , Isobel Bartholomew Kenneth Bartling Albert Barton Delbert Baston Margaret Bauer Denby Bayer Claude Becktell Joyce Behnke Lola Jean Bender Betty Bergman Horace Bertram Sabrie Bertram Bob Bibler Bonnie jean Bird Lois Bird Oran Birt Elizabeth Black Pat Black Margaret Blair Gertrude Blake Cole Blease Margaret Boggs Frances Booher Helen Bowser Doris Boxell Betty Ruth Boyd Earl Brandenberg Francis Bricker Mary E. Brock Betty Brophy Ivor Brown Robert Brown Rollin Brown Thomas Brown Helen Brundage Charles Brush Thomas Buffin james Buis Robert Bundy Walter Bundy Ula Murl Burd Clifton Burton Lawrence Butler Wilson Byrd Eileen Byrum Frances Cameron Bill Campbell Geraldine Campbell Lola Cantor jean Carmichael Sarona Carmichael Constance Carlson Ruth Carlson Isabel Carnes Milo Carney Lee Roy Carter Murriel Carter Pauline Carter Alice Carrier John Casey Virgil Caylor Dick Chalfant Alice Chandler Tom Chappelle Kenneth Checkeye Evelyn Christman Barbara Clark Elizabeth Clark Jack Clark Marthaellen Clark Paul Clark Robert Clark Howard Clary Betty Jean Clements Norma Clifford Clyde Thomas Clouse Betty Coale Gene Coats Rosemary Cole Glen Collins Hilda Mae Condon Florence Conley Ann Conner Jewel Conner Norma Conrad Leonard Cook Ruby Cook Ambrose Cooper Ernest Coovert james Copeland Warren Copeland Harry Costerison Cressie Cowan Betty Cox Merle Coy Melvin Crawford Charles Cromer William Cronin Kathryn Cross Jean Cruea Pugr' Tbirly-uint' Page Forty Joe Cunningham Thomas Curl Betty Curts Eileen Dailey Pauline Danner Carroll Davis Floyd Davis Gilbert Davis Joan Davis Lois Davis Mary Frances Davis Myrtle Davis Bob Davison james Day Robert Dearduff Betty june Deming Charles Detrich joe Devers Harry DeWitt Geraldine Diamond Charles Dillic Marion Dininger Norman Ditton Nada Doolittle Delores Dorron Clell Douglas Laura Douglas Anna Jean Doyle Bettie Doyle Doris Dragoo Michael Drake Howard Driscoll Lowell Dubois Anna May Duke Joyce Duncan Ralph Dungan Robert Dungan Harry Dunn Mary Jane Durbin Annabelle Dyer Virginia Eastin Bill Eastman Howard Eber Harry Edwards Rowana Edwards Harry Eikenberry Mary Jane Elkins Jeannette Ellinger Betty June Engle Violet Enterkin Frank Ertle Wava Evans Mary Exton june Fallis john Falkenstein Lois Farling Evelyn Farris Robert Faulkner Norma Femyer Esther Fields James Fields Richard Fisher Elizabeth Fletcher Bruce Flick Emogene Flowers Mary Floyd Leona Foster Claude Fouch Betty Fourthman Betty Mae France john Frasier Hilma Frazier Garland Funk Christine Gaines Bill Garner Rollin Gibson Mildred Gillespie Elsie Goad Betty Goens Charles Goul Doris Graef Jane Graham Lacy Ann Graves Clyde Gray Betty Griffey Mildred Griffith Billy Grooms Laura Bell Gross Madonna Grubbs Keith Gruwell Gerald Gunckel Evelyn Haines Charlotte Hale joe Haler Arthur Hall Mary Jane Hall Sylvia Hall janet Halliday Pearl Hammel Mary Handley Rosemary Hanks Bob Harris David Paul Harris Bill Harrison Bob Harrison Berry Har: Joe Hart Frederick Hartley Dorothy Hayden Bill Hayes George Haymond June Heaston Pauline Heinrich Albert Hellis Earl Helms Evelyn Henderson Leslie Hennessee Ruby Hensley Edward Hess Bob Hiatt Francine Hier Katherine Hier Ophelia Hill Robert Hindman Howard Hittson Christine Hole. Walter Hole Kathleen Hollis Fannie Holt Leroy Holt William Honn Olive June Hopper Page Fo rly-om' Pugr Forfrv-Iwo Monica Hottinger Orlie Howard Virginia Hoyt Margaret Huffman Betty Jean Hughes Dorothy Hunt Robert Hunt Cecil Hurry Martin Hurst Wilford Hushaw Harry Inman Marcella Isom Charles jackson Nadine jackson Virginia jackson Marimarie janney Richard Jenkison jack Johns Betty Johnson Bob johnson Estelle johnson Marjorie johnson Mary Ann Johnson Nathan johnson Ronald johnson Ufema Johnson Betty Jones Marjorie jones Myron Jones Nathan jones Rosamond jones Stanley jones Robert jordan Merrill jordan Maxine Joris Dorothy justice George Karsnak Ruth Kaster Charles Keesling Virginia Keesling Betty Kegerreis Dewayne Kelso Martha Alice Kemp Rolland Keppler Frances Kercher Norma Kiger joe King Richard King jack Kirk Carolyn Kirkwood jean Kleinfelder Eugene Knapp Marjorie Knotts Tom Koons Betty Kowalski- Mary Eleanor Krull A. O. LaBerteaux Mary Elizabeth Lacy Donna Lambert Laurel LaMotte Lelah Landis Margaret Landrey Harold Lang james Lawson Dorothy Lee Maryjnne Lee Syvilla jane Lee Margaret Lefhngwell jimmy Leffler Robert Leitch Warren Levi Jeanne Leyendecker Mary Linn Richard Littell Jimmy Livieratos Virginia Lomax james Longfellow Virginia Longfellow Lois Love Jack Lowe Clata Rhea Lowrey Elaine Lucas Rosellen Lynch Gourmand McAdams Virginia McCaffrey Freda McCalip Kathryn McClelland Robert McClintock Roberta McClintock Darrell McConnell joe McDonald jacob McDonnell Virginia McGarvey Mildred McGill Charles McGinnis Reba McKee joan McKinley Garnet McLain Marcella McNeal Glen Maddox Betty Mann William Manning Mildred Manor Harold Mansheld Ben Marks Carl Marks james Martin Robert Maurer Adrian May Sidney May Anita Meder Hershel Meek Leta Meeks Betty Melton Carolyn Mercer Gene Merrill Janet Meyer Joan Meyer Margaret Meyer Arlo Middleton Betty Ellen Miller Charlotte Miller Howard Miller julia Ann Miller Mary Miller Mary Jo Miller Oneita Miller john Mitchell Arbery Mongold Mauvolene Mongold Charles Monks Virginia Monks Page Forly-Ilrrrr F l Page Forly-four Loren Monroe Betty Monyhan Eugene Moore Lee Moore George Morris Leroy Mullen Vivian Mullen Betty Munson Clarence Murray Orlena Myers Marthena Nail Junior Namia Betty Jean Neal Betty jean Nelson Mary Ellen Nelson Erma Nichol Pat Nichols jack Norris Bill Northcutt Helen Nuttle Martha Lou Nuzum Thelma Oaldon Margaret O'Connell Rose Oelslager Eva Ogle Bob Oliver Hettie Oliver James Orcutt Ralph Osgood George Palmer Marie Parish Charline Parkhurst Bob Parkinson C. B. Parrish Wanda Patterson Wilma Jean Paul Ruby Perdiue Bette Perkins John Perkins Marvel Petty Norma jean Phillips William Phillips Jack Pierce Betty Piner Helen Poling Mary Agnes Pontius Esther Mae Powell Margie Price Satirios CSamJ Printzos Harry E. Privett Homer Privett Ioel Props jack Prout june Pugh Junior Quate Lottie Louise Quate Rachel Quirk Harry Radcliff George Rahe John Raisor Richard Ratliff jim Raticau Hubert Rawlings James Rawlinson Mary Rawlinson Elizabeth Read Betty Reamer Betty Reason Vivian G. Reason R. B. Redd Betty Redding Alice Redman Vivian Reed Sara Lou Reser Geneva Reynolds Helen Rhoades Ruth Rich Harold Richards Lex Richards Peggy Ricks Willard Ritter Frank Robb Richard Robbins Eugene Roberts Bob Robinson Ruby Robinson Agnes Robison Dorothy Roderick Betty Romack Bernardine Rooney Beverly Rose Cathleen Ross Lois Ross Morton Roth Shirley Roth Betty Rothhaar Robert Rotroif Marjorie Routh Jack Rozelle Charles Rufenbarger Robert Eugene Runkel Grover Satterfield Sherman Satterfield Genevieve Marie Saunders Ardell Scates Harry M. Scates Christina Scherbaum Marjorie Schindler jack Schneider Derald Schock Agnes Schuck Edward Schuck Nancy Schuster Paul Sehwer Martha Sciscoe Robert Scott Wanda Scott Virginia Seitz john Sessler Betty Shafer Claribel Shaw Harold Shaw Mary Shaw Alvin Shekell George Sherry Betty Shirey Helen Shively John Shockley John Shoemaker Sally Simmons Sanford Simpson Dale Sipe Q Page Forly-Hire Page Fru'fy-an is 7' ww! . 5 w'YZ2i"y ,Asn-"' Rosclind Skillman Bernice Smith Frederick Long Sm'th Fred bl. Smith Helen Smith Howard Smith ,lunc Smith Mary Edith Smith Suzanne Smith Vernon Smullcn Victor Snider Eileen Snodgrass Doris Sollars Charles Spaydc Robert Springman Edgar Stevens james Stevens Anita Stewart Annabelle Stewart Charline Stewart Dora Katherine Stewart Rolland Stillwagon Donald Stine Paul Stover john Strohm Robert Strohm Robert Swanger Rosa Swindler Raymond Swinhart Marcus Tackett Walter Tanner Guy Taylor Harold Taylor Florence Templin Richard Templin William Teters Carl Teverbaugh Howard Thomas Robert Thomas illiam Edward Thomas illiam H. Thomas Kenneth Thompson Rosemary Thornbro Marjorie Thornburg William Thorpe Fred Timmons Carlos Todd Raymond Todd Miriam Toombs Mary Margaret Tracy Juanita Trego Lorene True George Turckes Ida Turner Joe Turner Robert Turner Vivian Turner Roscoe Turney Don Tuttle Phyllis Elaine Tuttle Robert Tuttle Ralph Tyler Bob Ulrey Cornelius Van Arsdol Frances Van Devcnder Thelma Vandenplas Carl Van Dine Maxine Van Matre William Van Matrc Bob Viles Ralph Wade Donald Walburn Gene Wallace Martin Walser Betty Walterhouse Dixie Waltz Donald Waltz Leland Ward Doris Warrell Beulah Watson Doris Waymire Edwin weddle Robert Weems joan Weesner Dorothy Wehlage Donna Mae Weir Eddie Welch Lucille Welch Martha jean Wells john Phillip West Rudy Weyland Curtis White Edwin White Harold White Alma Wilhoit Donald Williams Edellyn Williams Garland Williams Maxine Williams Gordon Williamson Myra Lou Williamson james Wilson B. Wilson -Ianelyn Wise Mary W'itte jane Ann Wood Martha Sue Wood Phoebe Yeo Sanford Zeigler Rosemary Zook F Page Forty-.wuvu ' wq.4,,,,,,, M.. .Q A camera-shy ' Flerds' bones side rhe show . . . Back aqarn ro Jrhe oXd qrrnd . . . behe Oh, be sinh my hearrl Poppy! pNace X ern happy abour ihe whoXe rhXnq Yea, Rah, Bearcais! Baskerbah heroes on a bender Donn be shnqy, Love Rn bXoorn . . . Swknq H, George fe Vrva Mae ... THTS broadcasT Trorn MiddTeTown would noT be cornpTeTe wiThouT reTer- ' - ' Tar groups which rnake daihf pro- ences To The socral and exTra currrcu ' ' 'orTT oT These orqanuzahons grams so much more 1nTeresT1nq. The mar y ears and They carry ouT The cusToms and have been here Tor many y , TradiTions oT The pasT. During The TasT Tew years, severaT new organiza- These new dubs are rnakinq a Tions have been added To The rosTer. ' CenTraT, and are sTruqqhnq hard To esTaTohsh . . .. d . S' place Tor Themselves rn ' ' T b h s HTS own specuaT acTrvrTues an arm Their own Tradnhon. Each cu a d Th dlrechon oT experT oThcers. and These are careTuTTy execuTed un er e .ar i , , l ly .l I if Y iillla ' -- H. -Q , ix :A K - Y 6, in-f'Y. eg.-' Pugc Fifly Bunk - HE year book has again been published after much hard work by the staff. Those who helped prepare and make the Magiriau a success hope to have their reward in the individuality and beauty of the book. For manv weeks the advertisin staff broadcast amon local merchants, advis- . ' . 1 g . . . g n in Y them, "It a fs to advertise in the Maf'1z'lar1.', A vi orous sales cam ai fn was s ui s A P s launched early in the semester with every salesman on h1s toes. All this time editorial heads had been perfecting the Magician. Club and class pictures were taken and retaken. A hundred and one things needed to be done! ln the two large pictures above, the members of the editorial, photography, and art staffs are assembled in the Mt1lQfl'ftIlI home room. The circular inset shows business heads fraternizing with their brother bosses on the literary side. Through careful planning and competent staffs a new and thoroughly different year book has been prepared to keep fresh the many activities of the senior and lower classes during the years 1937 and 1938. -and, Wlewn, Hatltafuzfm, HE MUNSONIAN, weekly newspaper of Central High School, is owned, edited, and published by the pupils of Central High School. Members of the editorial staff are required to complete one semester's work of newswriting before receiving staff po- sitions. Miss Kathleen Meehan is faculty adviser and newswriting teacher. Only juniors and seniors are eligible for positions on the staff. The paper is printed in the Central High School print shop under the direction of Wesley C. Pierce, head of the printing department. The oval picture above was made in the print shop. In one of the large pictures are seen members of the editorial staHf preparing copyg and in the other photograph the circulation staff are getting the printed copies ready for out-of-school subscribers and Central pupils. Both of the pictures were taken in the MIllI.Y!1lIfHl7 office, Room 223. The Mzmsonian, besides being subscribed to by most of the student body, is sent to many parts of the United States each week. As a reflection of high school life in the "typical American cityf, the M1llI.Yf1l1i!lll is a powerful influence at home and abroad. pw sie' my 5 fix . cg ,yy ' Viliin i Q 3 6 ' i xlg f, I T, X Page Fifiy-out' , X X9 ,fy so Eli V W A Puge Fifly-lu'n 5 Ls, Pfwual- ITH the initiation of the new pledges, the Honor Society opened its activities for the year. Since then it has niet every other Tuesday evening. Its main project this year has been the arranging of a schedule for organiza- tion meetings to avoid conflicts. After the close of honor chapel in june, the society's final act will be the annual banquet. The purpose of the club is to build and improve scholar- ship, service, leadership, and character. To be a member of the club is the ambition of every student, and its mem- bers are the most highly honored pupils in the school. i C 15 X l -ng Jian, fd! HE Social Science Club is an organization of Centralites who enjoy social sci- ence work. These people love the thrill of sparkling debate and glowing oratory on current events of the World. This club encourages pilgrimages to places of historical importance and edu- cational value. It provides speakers for chapels and promotes school activities. The Social Science Club sponsored the Lincoln Day chapel and presented a merit pin to an outstanding senior in the field of social science. The year 1938 marked the celebration of the Constitution Sesquicentennial. The Social Science Club sponsored and provided prizes for the Constitution Sesquicentennial Oratorical Contest of Central High School. The members of the club climaxed the season's social activities with a lovely banquet. The Social Science Club builds better national and world citizenship. An en- lightened political world profits from this splendid organization. ,.....,....-. Page Ififly-ilmr Page Fifty-frm r ,xiuiuui rms., of T T :ff 1 lil iliilll T will lit ll l ' Q te-wiv : "" we Y, rdjftio- GEOGRAPHY CLUB Tl'lIf Geography Club, shown at top, is an organization of Centralites engaged in the study of geography. This group participated in field trips and studied geography by visual observation. Highlights of the elub's attractive social season were a gay dance and alumni banquet. A breezy spring day was chosen for the annual picnic. Memories of good times and valuable pro- jects will linger in the minds of the Central pupils who counted Geography Club among their MATHEMATICS CLUB The grand old halls of Central High School buzzed with excited conversation! The flash was affiliations. transmitted from Middletown. The result of this spontaneous instigation was the formation of the Mathematics Club, shown in the center picture. The Mathematics Club is proud of its purpose, which is to learn more about and to create greater interest in mathematics. In the light of this, each student participates in a mathematical program. The charter holders look forward to a greater Mathematics Club when social activities will be more pronounced and outside speakers will be secured. MOTOR CLUB The Motor Club is composed mainly of boys who have taken the course in motor mechanics and girls who are interested in the subject. The club studies motors and champions the cause of safety. This year a successful school carnival was a project undertaken by the group. Social activities were predominant. The members satisfied their Wanderlust with occasional auto trips. All in all, the Motor Club was highly successful in its first year. - 51,011.0 CEEMOH CLUB c:EEMOH, if you are not able to read backwards, means home ec. The Ceemoh Club is com- posed of twenty girls who have done satisfactory work in home economics and are passing in all other subjects. Meetings are held every two weeks and are both social and educational lin nature. These twenty girls, a selected group, are prepared in household tasks which every girl should master. The organization is affiliated with the American Home Economics Association and the Indiana State Home Economics Association, to which Ceemoh delegates are sent each year. VERGIL CLUB CLOTHES! this year the replenishing of its Roman wardrobe. As the oldest and most revered organiia- tion in school, its activites have been of special interest. The final program of the year will be Vrilx, rnllrx, Inglis, izmf .mmlal.t.' The Vergil Club, shown at top, had as its project in June, when a Roman wedding, followed by a banquet. will take place at the Delaware Hotel. These are traditional features of the Ver il C'lub's suri l . g . . i mg season. iven a beginning Latin student looks forward to the day when he may take his place in the ranks of this interesting and active organization. Page Fifly-fix NX fi'-Dells' . ff , .IL wa.: L ' if 2 E ', windy '- HE DRAMATIC CLUB has been organized for many years. Its purpose is to promote an appreciation of amateur and professional dramatics by high school pupils. The club this year presented three Chapels and the three- act play, "Mary's Ankle." In the scene above, some of the characters of this delightful production are to be seen in action. This was the Hrst time in several years that the group had attempted to produce a farce comedy. The spring dinner of the club marked the end of the year's program, which was an active and successful one. K I i Page Fifty-six - 9111314 'MP HE senior class presented the farce, "The New Poor," to a large and highly amused audience in the auditorium on April Fool's Day. The Characters included Il newspaper woman, the Wellby' family, an art dealer, and self-termed members of the Russian nobility who worked as servants in the Wfellbys' country house because they were down and out. Natur- ally, complications arose, and an excellent comedy was soon under way. Proceeds were used in some of the spring social activities of the senior class. Xb so ll pm 'T xx ll ! ' I :X lL , Q- V , xt i i S., M i W llxy XX, l I msn l , -Y ,llll g--:- ,, , N, Ihlgi' Iifff-1'-ffl Pilgi' Iiiflj'-r'i,qf1l ARLY in the fall, the junior class presented a weird, ' The cast is shown in the picture at top. The disappearance of a wealthy rancher, believed to have been done away with to appease the vengeance of a distressed god, was the background of the plot. Excellent sounds produced by the stage crew in the bottom picture, were used to produce the eerie effects of a violent thunderstorm and the men- yet laugh-provoking play, "The Eyes of Tlalocf :icing god. The dramatization was well received by a gracious audience, and was termed a noteworthy success. O ..,,.. - .Svlv HE SCIENCE CLUB was formed in order to in'r e ease interest in and to afford opportunity for individual research, and to develop the individual's scientihe ability. The three science departments-namely, physics, chemistry, and botany -endeavor to put on monthly experiments. Their research work and individual contributions have made their programs this year both edu- cational and interesting. Among the programs for the year have been one on "oddities in sei- ence," one on the dissecting of a dead eat, and many others, all dealing with some phase of science. Q-' age l "' f IW44' I-'iflv-flint' Page Sixly Q l . i IBRARY pages are selected among girls who are interested in library work. Beginning pages undergo a six weeks' training period to be- come acquainted with routine library tasks. They are instructed in etlicient methods of shelving, handling attendance, caring for the reserve table, and managing general routine. The following twelve weeks the girls learn the Dewey decimal system and the make-up of biblilographies. They study encyclopedias and reference books. Senior girls carry on routine matters and have an individual project. This project may be newspaper study, bulletin board publicity, or various features of the vertical Hle. These girls receive one-half credit toward graduation. Library pages acquire valuable experience which may prove a stepping stone to a librari.1n's vocation. sf .xg XY: QR XX QR N N5 if X - Uthazw, GIRLS, ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION HE main G. A. A. event of the year was a series of play-days, the first of which was in the fall at Wabtlsli, with Central and Burris of Muncie, Huntington, and XXfabash competing. The second was a co-educational one at Ball State. Late in April the rep- resentatives went to Huntington to complete their season. A special treat was in- stituted this year with the addition of badminton to the list of sports. GIRLS' TRIO ARRYING on the traditions of the past, three Central girls utilized their charming voices to form a girls' trio. Well known as a trio of good friends, they have lent their vocal harmony to broadcasts, school programs, and a musical revue. They have also sung for several afternoon teas. The girls are Marie Young, Josephine Younge, and Rosemary Younge. CLARINET TRIO A clarinet trio, whose main pur- pose was entertainment, both for themselves and others, took part in this year's broadcast from Mid- dletown. The m e m b e r s enter- tained at chapels, afternoon teas, and parent-teachers' programs. The organization consisted of t h ree senior band musicians, Bob Larkin, Marjorie Kramer, and Howard Nierstheimer. E I Page Sis lyrum ZLBaclLy,o in - X 5 Q l " lf - K 0,1 5 15 Pugc .Six ly-I :vu HEN you turn the dial of your radio to Muncie and hear vigorous, peppy music, what flashes through your mind? The band! What organization cheers the Purple and White to victory with its triumphant playing of the Bearcat songs? The Central High School Band! At the games during the season, crowds applaud and cheer the precision and beauty of band maneuvers. The drum majors, the girls who carry the banners, the players, the uniforms, and the spirit behind the band have made it one of the best in the state. Not only are the school songs made to live, but the band's rendition of the great composers' works proves that the hard Work of perfection has not been in vain. -5 ' th.c,6'mf,in,fh.a, NTEREST in the orchestra increases each year, as does its membership. This growth takes place in spite of the fact that rehearsals are held every day. Musically inclined students are eager to join the orchestra and participate in the numerous activities of the year. These activities in- clude musical interludes at the high school plays and par- ticipation in civic and other programs of interest to the student body. Classes in session near Room 325 have often been soothed and set to humming by the dulcct tones of this group. The orchestra is an important and vital unit in the music classes, as it attempts to interest the students in furthering their musical accomplishments. Page Sixty-four Uviffw' CENTRAL has within its walls certain persons who have unusual vocal abilities. These people soon join the choir and devote their energy to mak- ing the organization a success. The choir takes part in Chapels, especially at Christmas, and adds a flavor of inspiration which otherwise would be lacking. The voices blend beau- tifully with the Fred Kirselman Memorial Organ or the piano, A common love of music by the members holds the choir in its high position. The singers don robes of purple and white, which add to the beauty and unity of the group. f Xxxlwx X 096 9 l -- rf , si an 'L ,ii ft f X Oki S on e c t ac o v X X ., .,,.,il,f. 35.2 ,Q x u iii V-15. -- 9 ,I Ulu. X e ! an X a s-. 2' X I HE Girls' Glee Club has existed in Central for several years as a popular musical organization. It is a group open to any girl interested in singing, and has always been able to boast of a fine member- ship. The club has taken part in many programs this year, including the Ball State Music Festival, Na- tional Music Week, and American Legion Safety Week. A more unified group of vocalists it would be hard to find. Perfect teamwork and a careful interpre- tation of the director's movements weld these girls' voices into a harmonious whole. Page Sixfy-fi rr ai i ' Jfzom, the - UNBAR is the one club at Central High School of which the mem- bership is confined exclusively to negro pupils. It is well known that members of this club devote a great amount of their time and en- ergy to music. They concentrate especially on the lovely spirituals char- acteristic of the South. The Dunbar Club is often requested to appear before audiences. They broadcast their infectious energy and jollity to all Central pupils. Dunbar is also a social organization, providing a com- mon intcrest in which the group as a whole may become united. in '15 X X l vm? lf ,,-' ,,.,,-- UIX X Q I TTT--.X IX XX C - , . . Q.. ,WQWQ A T X Q X l X, N' 115. ii X. xii ng I ,QQ--K' Page Sixty-six - ' 9n.fh.a, HE only requirement for membership in L'Allegro Club is an interest in all things pertaining to music. The prime purpose of the club is to discover and develop musical interests and abilities among the pupils. Both boys and girls may join L,Allegro if they are sufficiently interested to be worthy members. Each spring the club gives a banquet to which every member delights to come. Members also participate in various other social events and well- lln ed d ' h pi n programs uring t e school year. L'Allegro offers companionship and activity in things musical. i W X if- ca 7 wiiiiifi .j 2 l Xxx- 'W gf ' tilt yi 6 ill K' a i N "' swiasdsayy Page Sixly-svz'vl1 ,Frm dj' mile- - J, N We e we V P. -i i s----il ii fax' ', ,,xv Pllillllll Page Sim ly-viglzf HE Friendship Club is an organization open to any girl in Central. It is the high school division of the Girl Reserves, and is sponsored by the Y, W. C. A. It also has two advisers who are members of the school faculty. The club is governed by a cabinet, of which the girls themselves make up the personnel. The cabinet plans the activities of the year, which in- clude hikes, Wiener roasts, parties, chili suppers, bicycle hikes, pot lucks, and a mother-daughter banquet. They also sponsor the book store at Central and the check room at the fieldhouse. Many of their activities are planned to help send representatives to Camp Sing-A-Long. The club has very high ideals, with members always working to give aid and friendship to those around them and to serve usefully their school and community. -H, Young HE Hi-Y Club is sponsored by Central High School and the Men's Christian Association. This organization endeavors to create, maintain, and extend throughout our high school and community high standards of Christian character. The Hi-Y Club builds Christian char- , if A aeter through good fellowship and an extensive program of athletics. The organization is particularly proud of its '37-'38 basketball team. I El: 5. This peerless quintet reigned supreme among the hardwood fives of Cen- NE' tral High School organizations. The banner of victory waved o'er its In flagstaff in every encounter with a Central club. The grand finale 1 4 E 1? featured a triumph in the inter-club tourney. XZ f the Hi-Y Club is physical and mental soundness. xv Nl'-5 Jai' Pugm' Sirlv-uirn The keynote o .. l rw www f the Frenc bien qui jinit bivni' is the motto o conducted in short, interesting acquainted " OUT csf f La' Cvrclc' Frarwais. Meetings are sessions. The members of Le Cerflr' aspire to become better with the customs, ianguage, and infiuence of the French peopie. ' ' h.s a banquet at which there is a speaker ' ' .nd games are con- Lc Cvrrlr a Conversition 1 icnic in During the year ' ' b0th interesting and amusing. . .rties are heid in the winter and a p f ep who is ' ' h Srnaii pa and fuii 0 p . i i 'ted in Yrenc . '- are very gay . 1' f French ant ' uf t uc the spring. These of the parties ciub are those who have had one year 0 re mbout France. Finaiiy,--' Si on ve ' uions du Cerrlc Members are interested enough to ienrn mo - Q ' 'ommc les Fvanqais, verw: :mr rcu fmrler vt loner 1 Fl'LllIg'LliS!n Q A Pugr' Svlwufy w l rf' QI 1 ... t I D0 9faPP1lf Pfwplw 4 HE Skating Club is a new Central organization. Centralites who en- ioy skating flocked to the assembly when the organization call was broadcast from Middletown. Thereafter, the airwaves continued echoing with the rhythm of roller skates. The Skating Club develops athletic bodies and alert minds. The mem- bers enioy many pleasant hours of social and physical recreation. These Centralites thrilled to the "Skaters, Waltz', at frequent skating parties. Skating lads and lasses reaped the harvest that is the reward of every true- f- enjoyment. lace in the Central hall of blue sportsman ' 'Sl'-b has earned a permanent p 2 5 l ir .ie ORGANIZATIONS BAND President ------ Vice-President ----- James Baldwin Secretary-Treasurer - - Alice Redman Glen Stepleton Robert Larkin Sponsor ------ MEMBERS John Allman,Charles Arnold, Gene Barrett, Gordon Behnke, Edna Beller, Wayne Bilby, Lois Bird, Earl Brandenburg, Russell Brandenburg, Lawrence Butler, Lee Roy Carter, Dick Chalfant, Kenneth Checkeye, Tom Curl, Claude Furnish, Martin Graves, Keith Gruwell, Betty Gwin, Bob Harris, David Harris, Paul Humphrey, Ralph Hurst, jim johnson, Bob Jordan, Duane Kelso, Marjorie Kramer, Ray Langdon, Helen M. Lewis Cutshall, Joe Martin, Miriam Martin, Iloff McBride, Darrel McConnell, Charles McGinnis, Evelyn Moore, Howard Nierstheimer, Thelma Oal- don, Charles Parker, R. B. Redd, Jerald Riley, Eldon Rodgers, Morton Roth, Bill Sipe, Lester Smith, Ruth Smith, Annabelle Stewart, Charles Stuart, Eva Louise Tomey, Charles Turner, Vivian Turner, Roscoe Tur- ney, Robert Tuttle, Don Tuttle, Dick Wallace, Don- ald Waltz, Bob Weir, Alma Wilhoit, Gordon William- son, Roy Wilson, Gene Young, Marie Young, Rose- mary Younge. CEEMOH CLUB President ------ Rita McQuire ViceMPresident - Margaret McGraw Secretary - - - - Doris Raisor Treasurer - - Margaret McIntosh Sponsor - ---- Miss Ella Hollenback MEMBERS Evon Carey, Isabel Carnes, Hilda Condon, Mildred Doty, Kay Goldberg, Mildred Harmison, Martha Kemp, Esther Kimm, Helen McGraw, Marjorie Mc- Kee, Reba McKee, Jean Metzger, Martha Nuzum, Mary Frances Rahe, Lois Williams, Alberta Yingling, Rosemary Younge. CHOIR President ------ Glen Haifner Vice-President - - Harold McGary Secretary - - - Norma Fuson Treasurer - - Marjorie McKee Sponsor - ---- Glen Stepleton , MEMBERS Bette Allen, Marjorie Allison, Charline Arnold, Marcella Baker, Earl Brandenburg, Betty Campbell, Neola June Carr, Alice Carrier, Rita Carter, Ina Fay Page Sri enly-Iwo Castor, Jack Clark, Lois Coffman, George Cook, joe Courtney, Carolyn Cron, Noelene Cross, Bill Daugh- erty, Lois Donson, Elizabeth Douglas, Kay Funk- houser, Kay Goldberg, Le Roy Grider, Pearl Hammel, Winifred Hiatt, Kenneth Hurst, Paul Hurst, Mary L. johnson, Mary E. Krull, Virginia Longfellow, Marvin Marsh, Mary Miller, Paul Miller, Mauvolene Mongold, Virginfa Monks, Wavalene Naylor, Hattie Nixon, jim Pohlman, Kay Purtlebaugh, Dorothia Quate, Bob Rankin, Howard Rice, Marjorie Schindler, Mary Skeen, Dora Stewart, Bob Stilwell, Betty Thomas, Frances Van Devender, Phil Van Landingham, joe Wegesin, junior West, Kay White, Edellyn Williams, Marcus Wise, Jane A. Wood, Martha Wood, Alberta Yingling, Phoebe Yeo, Josephine Younge. DRAMATIC CLUB President ------ Warren Smith Vice-President - - Marianne Taylor Secretary-Treasurer - - Elmira Parke Sponsor ------ Miss Eleanor Bly MEMBERS John Allman, Marcella Baker, George Brickley, Charles Brown, Viva Mae Brown, Betty Brubaker, Francis Carpenter, Alvin Crowcroft, Beverly Davis, Virginia Dickerson, Melvin Fields, Bill Flaherty, Mel- ven Gilpen, June Gruwell, Marcella Hardesty, Julia Ann Harris, Ralph Hurst, Mary johnson, Karl Keever, Lysle Lewis, Wysor Marsh, joe Martin, Juan- ita Murphy, Lonetta Nichols, Dorothy Ricks, Nancy Sacksteder, Dorothy jane Shimp, Alice Sparks, Bufort Spencer, Dorothy Spurgeon, Rosemary Stude- baker, Marjorie Study, Maxine Turner, Valerie Udell, Betty Vlaskamp, Betty Walburn, john Wasson, Joe Wegesin, Harriett Williams, ,james Yingst. DUNBAR President - - - ---- Emilie Scott Vice-President ---- Maxine L. Sutton Secretary-Treasurer - - Estella johnson Sponsor - - - - Glen Stepleton Secretary-Treasurer ---- Estella johnson MEMBERS Annie Blair, Margaret J. Blair, Gertrude L. Blake, Mary E. Blake, Frances Booher, Helen Bourser, Louise Glenn, Laura Bell Gross, Ophelia Hill, Julia Leavell, Betty Levi, Addie Miller, Susie Miller, Evelyn Moore, Margie Price, Ivagene Ramsey, Eileen Roberts, Yvonne Taylor. FRENCH CLUB President ------ Wysor Marsh Secretary-Treasurer - Marianne Taylor Social Chairman - - - - Ann Kallmeyer Sponsor - - - Miss Charline Jamieson MEMBERS Rosemary Bassett, Elaine Bayless, Jackie Bennett, Alice Bernard, Elizabeth Bertha, Margaret Boggs, Madelyn Bredeson, Charles Brown, Viva Mae Brown, Betty Coale, Ann Conner, Marjorie Dobbs, Norma Fuson, Melven Gilpen, Jane Goebel, Glen Haifner, George Hawk, Helen Hiatt, Vera Howell, Karl Keever, Nomaruth Mahoney, Mary Manning, Frank Massey, Patti Minor,Juanita Murphy, Martha Prout, Martha Quirk, Gene Richards, Jeanette Rivers, Nancy Sacksteder, Roland Shirley, Adele Smith, Suzanne Smith, Dorothy Spurgeon, Betty Starr, Gene Stout, Louise Umminger, Chester Watson, Annabelle Weber, John Wert, Edelyn Williams, Patsy Work, Jean Zim- FRIENDSHIP CLUB President ----- - Loma Halsey Vice-President ---- Ruthellen Smith lTlCl'h'l3.l'l. Secretary - - ---- Betty Fourthman Treasurer - ----- Merial Miles Sponsors Miss Anna Yates Miss Ruth Ann Weser MEMBERS Marjorie Babbitt, Julienne Beetley, Joyce Behnke, Betty Bergman, Juanita Breeding, Betty Campbell, Sarona Carmichael, Alice Chadwick, Madora Clifton, Hilda Condon, Annabelle Dyer, Martha Jane Elkins, Betty Fourthman, Lacy Ann Graves, Loma Halsey, Mildred Harmison, Dorothy Hayden, Betty Janney, Marycllen Kratzer, Reba McKee, Catherine Maynard, Betty Jean Neal, Hattie Nixon, Martha Nuzum, Gerry Pugh, June Pugh, Sara Reser, Marjorie Routh, Wanda Simpson, Rosalind Skillman, Ruthellyn Smith, Char- line Stewart, Eula Templin, Frances Van Devander, Thelma Vandenplas, Ida Mae Waid, Beulah Watson. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President ----- Maxine Heldenbrand Vice-President ----- Betty Roeger Secretary-Treasurer - - Wanda Betty Simpson Sponsor ----- Miss Katherine King MEMBERS Marjorie Babbitt, Joyce Behnke, Eileen Byrum, Myrtle Davis, Charlene Gilliam, Maxine Heldenbrand, Betty Jones, Laura La Motte, Clata Lowery, Mar- guerite Mitchell, Betty Munson, Betty Osborne, Rose Oelslager, June Pugh, Alice Redman, Betty Roeger, Agnes Robinson, Betty Romack, Wanda B. Simpson, Rosalind Skillman, Ruthellyn Smith, Charlene Stew- art, Marjorie Thornburg, Rosemary Walter, .Myra Lou Williamson. GEOGRAPHY CLUB President ----- Olive Jean Easter Secretary-Treasurer ---- Idamae Waid Sponsor ----- - R. L. Cooley MEMBERS Wayne Adams, Donald Alexander, John Badders, Barbara Bennett, Randolph Beuoy, Juanita Breeding, Marjorie Brock, Alfce Chadwick, Racella Chalfant, Jim Carnes, Marion Clevenger, Warren Cox, Bob Doolittle, John Fisher, Bill Flaherty, Bob Harrison, Louise Hayden, Garner Hays, Bob Hershberger, Joe Hickey, Doyal Lank, Michael McDonald, Virginia Mauller, Betty Miles, Harold Mitchell, Shirley Nation,Norman Pfleeger, Earle Phillfps, Mary Jane Reed, Taylor Rife, Raymond Robinson, Ivalou Samuels, Jean Sciscoe, Betty Shirey, Ruth Ellen Smith, Betty Starr, Rolland Stillwagon, Robert Stil- well, Richard Tesch, David Traub, Phyllis Tuttle. Kenneth Upton, Ora Weems, Virginia West, Lois Williams, Ed Wfninger, Paul Yohey. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB MEMBERS Mary E. Baird, Lois Bird, Patty A. Black, Mar- garet Boggs, Ruth Carlson, Jean Carmichael, Evelyn Christman, Elizabeth Clark, Madora Clifton, Marie Cooper, Mary Frances Davis, Joyce Duncan, Rowana Edwards, Jane Exton, Evelyn Ferris, Elsie Goad, Martha Griewe, Betty Griffey, Rosemary Hanks, Pauline Heinrich, Mon'ca Hottinger, Olive June Hopper, Betty Jones, Virginia Keesling, Martha Kemp, Marjorie Kramer, Dorothy Lee, Mary Ruth May, Reba McKee, Margaret Mclntosh, Leta Meeks, Betty Melton, Mary Jo Miller, Norma Morvilius, Juanita Murphy, Betty Jean Neal, Martha Lou Nuzum, Margaret O'Connell, Peggy Patterson, Mary Frances Pingry, Helen Poling, Helen Rhodes, Peggy Ricks, Betty Romack, Cathleen Ross, Lois Ross, Dana Satterfield, Virginia May Seitz, Wanda Simp- son, June Smith, Mary Edith Smith, Alice Sparks, Lucielle Tharpe, Eva Louise Tomey, Mary Mar- garet Tracy, Margaret Valos, Donna Mae Weir, Marie Young, Josephine Younge, Rosemary Younge. HI-Y CLUB President ------ Lindley Clark Vice-President - - Lee Williamson Secretary - - - Max Coulson Treasurer - Howard Nierstheimer Sponsor - ----- Neil Daily MEMBERS Wayne Adams, Charles Arnold, Fred Barton, Fran- cis Carpenter, Melvin Cox, Robert Ellis, Melven Gil- pen, Edward Grice, William Grice, Fred Hartley, John Holdcraft, Leon Howard, Duane Kelso, Joe Ledlie, Dick Leitch, Loren Monroe, Robert Rankin, Gerald Riley, Robert Stevens, Charles Stuart, Richard Tesch, Paul Trout, Bob Ulrey, Glen Van Arsdol, John Warner, Joe Wegesin, Hugh Welsh, John Wert, Warren Williams, James Yingst. HONOR SOCIETY President ------ Gene Richards Vice-President - - Louise Umminger Secretary - - - - Betty Gwin Treasurer - - - - Maxine Heldenbrand Sponsor - - - Miss Elizabeth I-Iutzel MEMBERS John Allman, Lovell Baney, John Barnes, Jack Beeson, Frances Bratton, Madelyn Bredeson, George Brickley, Earl Brown, Viva Mae Brown, Betty Bru- Pugf' Sr1w1ly flare? baker, Robert Burch, Vivian Carrier, Lindley Clark, Melvin Cox, Robert Ellis, Rosemary Englehart, Mel- vin Fields, Don Gentry, Charlene Gilliam, Melven Gilpen, Charles Green, Jacqueline Hamilton, Julia Ann Harris, John Holdcraft, Betty Jordan, Karl Keever, Marjorie Kramer, Joe Ledlie, Martha Mitchell, Rosemary Morrow, Jean Parks, Marvin Parks, Gerry Pugh, Willimiene Rich, Jeanette Rivers, Bert Roth, Nancy Sacksteder, Virginia Sanders, Bufort Spencer, Gene Stout, Marianne Taylor, Richard Tesch, Betty Van Arsdol, Roberta Van Matre, Rosemary Walter, John Warner, John Wasson, Walter Wasson, Helen Weir, Robert Weir, John Wert, Edwin Williams, lla Jane Williamson, James Yingst, Jean Zimmerman. JUNIOR PLAY Directors--Miss Maud Michael and Leonard A. Paris. CAST Fred Barton, Norman Beaman, Francis Carpenter, Virginia Dickerson, Julia Ann Harris, Ralph Hurst, Byron LeMay, Lysle Lewis, Dorothy Ricks, Mary Esther Weeks, Edwin Williams, Harriett Williams. PRODUCTION STAFF Bette Allen, Lovell Baney, Elizabeth Douglas, John Holdcraft, John Pontius, John Wert, John Allman, Irene Curtis, Charles Easterday, Karl Keever, Mar- jorie Wise, James Yingst, IJALLEGRO CLUB President ----- Francis Carpenter Vice-President - - D0rwld Tuttle Secretary-Treasurer - - - Josephine Younge Sponsor ------ Glen Stepleton MEMBERS Bette Allen, John Allman, Morton Anderson, Mary Elizabeth Baird, Jim Baldwin, Marcella Baker, Lois Bird, Patty Ann Black, Viva Mae Brown, Betty Campbell, Neola June Carr, Dorothy Clevenger, Lois Coffman, George Cook, Helen Lewis Cutshall, Myrtle Davis, Marion Deane, Paul Donner, Lois Donson, John Doolittle, Betty June Engle, Kay Funkhouser, Norma Fuson, Kay Goldberg, Betty Gwin, Julia Ann Harris, Glen Haffner, Hope Hughey, Paul Humphrey, Mar- jorie Kramer, Byron LeMay, Mary Helen Linder, Harold McGary, Marjorie McKee, Miriam Martin, Jean Metzger, Virginia Monks, Juanita Murphy, Howard Nierstheimer, Hattie Nixon, Malcolm Ogle, Paul Phillips, Mary Frances Pingry,Helen Poling, John Pontius, Mary Frances Rahe, Robert Rankin, Jerald Riley, Jack Salmon, Virginia Sanders, Jim Slane, Lester Smith, Robert Stilwell, Lucielle Tharpe, Betty Jane Thomas, Charles Turner, Phyllis Van Landingham, John V'arner, Mary Esther Weeks, Joe Wegesin, Edellyn Williams, Marcus Wise, Marjorie Wise, Mary Elizabeth Wright, Alberta Yingling, Marie Young, Rosemary Younge. LIBRARY PAGES Librarian ---- Mrs. Adlai G. Dalby MEMBERS Dorotha Adams, Viola Brumback, Lucille Canaday, Lenora Clary, Mildred Gadberry, Norma Haas, Betty Harris, Lorene McCalip, Charlotte Miller, Juanita Murphy, Hattie Nixon, Martha Quirk, Willimiene Page Seventy-four Rich, Betty Shafer, Betty Starr, Charlene Stewart, Marianne Taylor, Naomi Van Arsdol, Virginia West, lla Jane Williamson. MAGICIAN STAFF Bob Weir -------- Editor Charles Green - - Business Manager Lee Williamson ----- Sales Manager Ann Kallmeyer ---- Advertising Manager ADVISORS Leonard Paris, general advisor Miss Margaret Ryan, assistant Miss Anna Marie Yates, business administrator Neil Daily, assistant STAFF MEMBERS Keith Addington, Morton Anderson, Rosaella Bird, Mary Ellen Blake, Madelyn Bredeson, Charles Brown, Francis Brown, Hillis Brown, Betty Brubaker, Leolin Brush, Bob Burch, Lindley Clark, Mar- cella Clark, Max Coulson, Melvin Cox, Betty Depoy, Fred Devoe, Bob Ellis, Jane Exton, Mel- vin Fields, Evelyn Fisher, Margie Fisher, Bill Flah- erty, Vivian Foster, Charlene Gilliam, Louise Glenn, Phil Graves, Charles Green, Kent Gregory, Martha Griewe, Betty Gwin, Loma Halsey, Jim Harrold, George Hawk, Lewis Heaston, Maxine Heldenbrand, Genoa Henry, Vera Howell, Kenton Jackson, Betty Jordan, Ann Kallmeyer, Lucille Kirtz, Lorene Mc- Calip, Margaret McGraw, James McIntosh, Curtis Mason, Peggy Merz, Pat Murphy, Howard Niersthe- imer, Elmira Parke, Jean Parks, Mary Frances Rahe, Robert Rankin, Willimiene Rich, Jerald Riley, Betty Roeger, Nancy Sacksteder, Virginia Sanders, Margaret Scherbaum, Ruth Smith, Warren Smith, Robert Snider, Bufort Spencer, David Summers, Jeanette Tarvin, Marianne Taylor, Dick Tesch, Ber- nard Tharpe, Lucielle Tharpe, Bettyruth Towne, Lou- ise Umminger, Betty Vlaskamp, Idamae Waid, Mari- etta Walburn, George Walter, Helen Weir, Robert Weir, Nancy White, Lee Williamson, Rosemary Younge, Jean Zimmerman. MATHEMATICS CLUB OFFICERS President ----- Rosemary Walter Vice-President ------ Bob Orr Secretary-Treasurer ---- June Gruwell Sponsor ------ H. E. Fenimore MEMBERS William Black, Charles Easterday, Mary Elliott, David Kallmeyer, Gurney Mattingly, Martha Mitch- ell, Hattie Nixon, Jack Salmon, Edwin Williams, Ila Jane Williamson, James Yingst, Paul Zimmerman. MOTOR CLUB OFFICERS President ------ Jean Sciscoe ViCe-Pl'CSldEnt - - - - Ralph Gaines Secretary-Treasurer ---- Margaret Holt Sponsor ------- Noel C. Ware MEMBERS Wayne Adams, Ellis Bergman, Muriel Carter, Ray Carter, Glen Chadwick, Beulah Dehoif, Edward Grice, Eugene Grice, Norma Haas, Olive Haas, Joe Haler, Mary Haley, Charles Huffman, Betty Janney, Marimarie Janney, Eugene Jones, Donna Lambert, Betty Landrey, Elaine Lucas, Katherine Mahoney, Ger- aldine Mauller, Kathryn McClelland, Fred McMullin, Joe Miller, Ray Miller, Jim Pohlman, Clova Porter, Agnes Robinson, George Sherry, Joe Stautomoyer, David Summers, Wanda Simpson, June Smith, How- ard Thomas, Rudy Weyland. MUNSONIAN STAFF Editor: Lindley Clark Associate Editor: Peggy Merz Business Managers: Lee Williamson Bob HoEer Sponsor: Miss Kathleen Meehan STAFF MEMBERS Luedith Alexander, John Allman, Norman Bea- man, Edna Beller, Betty Jean Davis, Fred DeVoe, Charlene Gilliam, Ed Grice, Eugene Grice, Mable Griilith, Marcella Hardesty, Julia Ann Harris, Vera Howell, Betty Jordan, Marjorie Kramer, Joe Ledlie, Peggy Merz, Betty Miles, Marjorie Nichols, Betty Osborne, Elmira Parke, Kathryn Purtlebaugh, Sara Ribble, Gene Richards, Jeanette Rivers, Virginia Sanders, Margaret Scherbaum, Jeanne Schott, Jean Sciscoe, John Siler, Florabelle Siggins, Wanda Simp- son, Mildred Stoker, Gene Stout, Marjorie Study, Walter Tanner, Lucielle Tharpe, Paul Trout, Phyllis VanLandingham, Roberta Van Matre, Betty Vlas- kamp, Idamae Waid, Betty Ruth West, Bill Wirth, Marjorie Wise, and Alberta Yingling. ORCHESTRA Sidney Allen, Drucilla Aul, William Bailey, Bob Barnes, Russell Brandenburg, Charles Brush, Madora Clifton, Pauline Danner, Myrtle Davis, Jane Exton, Bill Furnish, Bill Hayes, Marjorie June Jones, Mar- jorie Kramer, Robert Larkin, Helen M. Lewis Cut- shall, Iloff McBride, Harold McCary, Garnet McLain, Betty Jean Powers, June Pugh, Mary Frances Rahe, Hubert Rawlings, Alice Redman, Lex Richards, Jer- ald Riley, Bernice Smith, Ruth Smith, Charlene Stew- art, Charles Stuart, Eva Louise Tomey, Martin W. Walser, John Warner, Marie Young, Josephine SCIENCE CLUB President - - - - - Howard Nierstheimer Vice-President ------ Robert Weir Secretary-Treasurer - - - Marjorie Kramer SPONSORS Chemistry - Edward Zetterberg Botany - Miss Frances Andrews Physics - Roger Lingeman Younge. Madelyn Bredeson, David Cunningham, James Dunnuck, Melvin Fields, Norma Fuson, Charlene Gil- liam, Melven Gilpen, Ed Grice, Bill Grice, Lewis Heaston, Helen Janney, Betty Janney, Welden Jen- nens, Betty Jordan, Marjorie Kramer, Gurney Mat- tingly, Howard Nierstheimer, Bob Rankin, Gene Richards, Bert Roth, Bob Stanley, Betty Starr, David Summers, Ida Mae Waid, Bob Weir, Lee Williamson, James Yingst. SENIOR CLASS PLAY Director ----- Miss Jewel Standerford CAST Robert Doolittle, Jackie Hamilton, James Johnson, Gurney Mattingly, Peggy Merz, Robert Rankin, Gene Richards, Bufort Spencer, Grace Thornburg, Maxine Turner, Betty Vlaskamp, Marietta Walburn. PRODUCTION STAFF Clara Jane Brammer, Lucille Canaday, Lindley Clark, Mary Jane Dwyer, Lewis Heaston, Betty Lou Hull, Betty Jordan, Margaret McGraw, Gerald Mc- Kinley, Gerry Pugh, Gene Richards, Margaret Scher- SKATING CLUB President ------- Bob Rush Vice-President ----- Marjorie Kramer Secretary-Treasurer - - Jane Goebel Sponsor -------- Neil Daily MEMBERS Marcella Baker, Gene Barry, Fred Barton, Betty Breedlove, Geraldine Campbell, Vernon Collins, Dor- othy Conn, Max Coulson, Jean Cruea, Irene Curtis, Juanita Daugherty, Marion Dinninger, Ruth Dodd, Dolores Dorton, Calvin Ewing, Mildred Gadberry, Virginia Gaumer, Edward Grice, Charles Huffman, Winifred Hiatt, George Icenhauer, George Karsnak, Bob Larkin, Glenn Maddox, Betty Mann, James Or- cutt, Charlene Stuart, Rosemary Thornbro, Ida Mae Turner, John Wert, Mary Elizabeth Wright. SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB baum. OFFICERS President ------ Gene Richards Vice-President ----- John Wasson Secretary - - Dora Louise Gelly Treasurer - - - - Marianne Taylor Sponsor - ---- Russell T. McNutt MEMBERS Norman Beaman, Jack Beeson, Barbara Bennett, Elizabeth Bertha, Emmett Blocher, George Brickley, Marjorie Brock, Robert Burch, Lindley Clark, Char- lene Gilliam, Melven Gilpen, Julia Ann Harris, John Holdcraft, Mary Johnson, Karl Keever, Roberta La- Bay, Joe Ledlie, Rita McGuire, Joan McKinley, Judy Miller, Rosemary Morrow, Shirley Nation, Lonetta Nichols, Marjorie Nichols, Howard Nierstheimer, Jean Parks, Mary Frances Rahe, Jeanette Rivers, Nancy Sacksteder, Jean Sciscoe, Bufort Spencer, Mar- jorie Study, Mary Alice Tyrrell, Richard Tesch, Valerie Udell, Betty Van Arsdol, Ashton Venis, Jack Wallar, John Warner, Joe Wegesin, John Wert, Lee Williamson, James Yingst. VERGIL CLUB Praetor-quaester ---- l - Wysor Marsh Consul ------- Marjorie Study Consul - - - Maxine Heldenbrand Sponsor ----- Mrs. Esther K. Brown MEMBERS Viola Brumback, Lindley Clark, Betty Jean Davis, Charlene Gilliam, Melven Gilpen, Marcella Hardesty, Maxine Heldenbrand, Helen Janney, Emily Jones, Iloff McBride, Joan McKibben, Wray Maddox, Wysor Marsh, Rosemary Morrow, Betty Jean Powers, Will- imiene Rich, Gene Richards, Sisley Shadoan, Flora- belle Siggins, Betty Stoker, Marjorie Study, Maxine Turner, Betty Vlaskamp. Page Sezrnly 11' Q. Atv' The Truani o?hcer's besjf Memos Dorfi you know Ywo xs company and ihree's a crowd? . . . Spanky, KewpHe, and Snooks . . . BRrd's eye view from a perch on if aVs roof Smue and The worhi smues wlih you So you WNLL qo hunhnq . . . DONT keep me waihnq . . . Pdze pennanis. Who ' h? . . . Marchhwq abnq ioqeiher . . . if a yehow pak. Cen r L k pNeasanT, pXease ' 7 . Oh, a chuseXer, e ' W ay more and qe . . . oo said boys couldnjr sew. . . Don? cry, hkhe qKrX We wonder why he dmdn p P q1'1'f'r11y,-wx ' - 147,541-mu . 'f' 4-1 Ip' 7'.:Z":Qgf1,i , , W, in ,sf y.i7'.f,l.f'4lfIf.I'if1ly Epi:-'i' gy-514+ - '.'.,: - :nf':wf2---Lys . . - " F I iw. 1 fl . 4 V - , W Yi- T 1 K ' nf er ATHLETTCS are CenTral's Time-worn mainsTays3 we couldn'T do wiTh- T Them CenTral has been and always will be proud oT The many ou . Tine aThleTes ThaT have been Turned ouT oT This school. ln The Tall, ' ' l C Tral sTudenT. Tvlany TooTball holds The aTTen1on oT every Typica en Tine players have been developed in This Tield. During The winTer, CenTral's sTudenT body moves in a mass To The Tieldhouse. JusT as l d' ' The T ical baslceTball sTaTe, Muncie is The Typical baslceTball n mana is yp ciTyg and loyal Tans wear ouT Their ThroaTs aT The season s games. ln ' T Taclc base- The spring, aTTenTion is Turned To The Tour spring spor s- r , ball, Tennis, and golT. lvlany laurels have been won in These Tields in The pasT years. CerTainly oT no less irnporTance, inTramural aThleTics ' d b man boys all Through The year and are very bene- are enioye y y , Ticial in building bodies and Training boys Tor varsiTy sporTs. The 1937-'38 Bearcat football squad, shown below, opened the season on the Hrst day of school by crushing the Noblesf ville Millers, I9-6, The following Friday, the boys handed the Newcastle Trojans a convincing 35-7 trouncing. The gridders niet their first defeat the following week, at the hands of an inspired Anderson eleven, The Indians started driving in the final seconds, and succeeded in smashing over the touchdown and the estra point that gave them a 7-6 win. The Bearcats bounced right back the next week, battering down Kokomols Wildcats, 20-6. The Bearcats met their second and final defeat of the season at the hands of the powerful Green W'ave of Technical. The Indianapolis team slipped over two touchdowns in the first half and stood on a last-lialf Muncie rally to win, I3-7. The Central-Richmond game marked Coach Walter Fisher's I00th game as Bearcat mentor, and the occasion was observed FOOTB LL COACH WALTER FISHER, fleftl completed his one-hundredth game as coach for the Bearcat gridiron squad dur- ing the past successful season. Coach Fisher knows how to get the most out of his boys without wearing them out. But in return, he gives much of his own time and effort in developing these Bearcats, because he is genuinely interested in see- ing that they are happy even when play- ing their hardest. ETTORIQ ANTONlNl, frightl ioineLl the football coaching staff at Central last fall. Since he was an all-American end while at Indiana University, Coach An- tonini is particularly well suited for the job of assisting Coach Fisher. Antonini, l who is perhaps the largest teacher in the i Muncie school system, also teaches phy- f sical education at Wilstmn junior High and helps with Central dancing classes. with Htting ceremonies. The Bearcats did their bit, battering out a 56-0 win. Marion afforded the Bearcats a great deal more competition the following week. lt required a last- quarter Muncie touchdown to stop the Giants, I3-7. The once-defeated Wabasli Apaches came to Muncie to meet the Bearcats in the Homecoming game. The 'Cats played nearly perfect ball, completely baffling the Apaches with lat- erals and other tricks. The final count was 39-6, in favor of Muncie. The Bearcats closed a successful season the fol- lowing week, dropping the Elwood Tinplaters, 13-6. The Bearcats won seven gamesg lost two. They finished second in the North Central Conference standings. They scored 1X8 points, while holding their opponents to 52. The Bearcats' biggest handicap was lack of weight. They were, however, one of the fastest and cleverest teams ever to represent Central High School. te Sei twiki'-i'igfrf l i if d .i fine CHARIIIS ADAMS, senior tackle, playe driving game in the line. Light for the tackle po- sition, he stood up well under punishment. AIIM BAI.DWIN, junior end, a line pass receiver and an aggressive wingman, still has another year with the Bearcats. Next fall, he should be one of the toughest problems to confront oppos'ng teams. FRANCIS CARPENTER, junior quarterback. was a nine passer and runner, and a dependable Held gen- eral. He will wear a Bearcat uniform for yet an- other season. WARREN COX, senior halfback, was a depend- able, driving back. Cox ranked with the best block- ers and tacklers on the squad. CECIL GOENS, junior halfback, was an outstand ing performer in the Bearcat baekheld. His sen- sational running and passing ability will make him the main hope of next yearls squad. CHARLES DETRICH, junior tackle, carries a lot of weight that is expected to make him an im- portant performer in the Bearcat line next season. His performance this year gave promise of great things. KNO picture.J ' A ' ter, may be assigned IACK SALMON, junior een t fall He proved himself fully to a varsity post nex . capable of taking over the duties in the center of the line. QNo picture.j Pizlqi' Srl wily-:lim Pugt' Eiglrly 4 .quam lineman, played a CHARLES GIBSON, senior fine game for the Bearcats. His smashing power N' ' - season W ill be missed by the Beartats mxt GEORGE HAWK, senior halfback. was one of the fastest men on the Bearcat squad. Once he got started, no one could ever catch him. QIIM MARDIS, senior guard, was a tower of strength in the line. Heaviest man on a light Bear- CHE squad, he used his weight to good advantage. MARVIN MARSH, senior guard, was a dependable . V d lineman, both on defense and offense. His power an drive broke up many of the opponents' plays. IOIQ MILLER, senior guard, was a power in the d t ear. Bearcat line. He will be misse nex y KFR 'unior quarterback, was a Trio STUDEBA . , , " ' b n im- field general and is expeeted to e a smart Y , ' A 1 8 Bearcat football machine. portant Log in tht 193 CNo picturej WILLIAM SCHRINK, senior center, could always be counted on for a good pass. He will be missed in the middle of the line next season. EUGENE SUTTON, senior tackle, played a hard, consistent game in the line. His ability to mow clown defensive backs was instrumental in keeping the Bearcat offensive machine clicking smoothly throughout most of the season. LEROY SHIREY, student manager, is the fellow who kept all the equipment in good shape. He saw that materials were always ready for the players to use. BUD WELSH, junior fullback, possessed power and stamina that will make him an invaluable link in the Bearcat backfield next fall. You'll see him ripping many an opposing line to shreds next season. AARON WILLIAMS, junior end, was one of the best pass-snaggers ever to don a Bearcat uniform. On the defense, he seemed to smother the opposing backs before a play was well under way. GLEN VAN ARSDOL, junior fullback, has an- other year in a Bearcat uniform. Converted from a lineman in mid-season, Glen proved himself a hard plunging, hard-Eghting fullback. QNO picture.J Page Eiglrly-0111 BASKETBALL Coach Raymond "Pete" jolly flvft abourj, who has been at the helm of the Bearcats for the past eleven years, had, this past year, one of the most successful records in all his years of coaching. During the time he has been here, he has established an enviable record. Teams under him have won every sectional in which they have participated, seven, regionals, two state championships, and the Big-Four Tournament four times. Cole Blease and Gene Stout frrntvrj, student basketball managers, helped keep up the spirits of the team as well as keeping up the equipment throughout the season. Assistant basketball coach Harry Kemmer fright abowj came to Muncie last fall and took over the reins of the Bearkittens. He developed several good players, who took their places on the Bearcat machine. He is particularly well suited to coach basketball as he was all-conference backguard while at Purdue. BASKETBALL RECORD FOR 19 3 7 -19 3 8 Muncie ee Y- as , u,.u We Fort Wayne QCentralj Muncie Y if nun Yfsfr f. f,.Y New' Castle deduce Muncie e.,. ,. ,.e..,ee.,.ee e- Frankfort .... e ee-- Muncie -. em.,s.e, Anderson ,e,e.s.. -B Muncie e..,ee,e,e,e ua Richmond .e,.e., be Muncie ,.,,e,ee,e, .. .eee W ee- Logansport We ,,--,, Muncie,e.eeeeee de Mishawaka ,.ee. --e Muncie .,,. Le-, ,.,,..,A .Une Burris ,n,, ,,,L,,-- Muncie ,e,,,.,......e, -, ,,c, Marion ,n,,e,,,,.,. Muncie ee,,,e,e..e.... ,, ,..-, jeffersonville ,eeeeee Muncie ..,, ,. ,,.,,e ,. ,,., L .e,. Lafayette fJeff.j H- Muncie ,e.,,..,., , ,,,,,,,,,L Kokomo .,,.,.,e .L Muncie eeeee as ,-,,,-,-,,, LL., Technical ,-,,.,-L-, Muncie , e,,L.,,.,,.,.,,L,,,, Hammond .,..,..e. Muncie eeeee ,da .e,..,,a,,. L New Castle be ,cena Muncie ..,, . ,,,,ee..,...,.., South Bend QRileyj - Muncie .,,..,..,,L.-,.. ,, ..., Connersville ,,,,,.. Muncie ,,...e.L,,L.,-..,,,,, Marion e,..,..,..a Muncie e,,,.-,.L.,-.,,.a,,L 4 Alexandria ,.......e Page Eighty-I wo 'L Overtime game .Rig A ,pg , ' 33 ,m ' - ' so ,gg ' Q i V2 ' e 3155- 1 ' , N jim Carnes, senior, center and co-captain, has just completed his third year as a bearer " of the purple and white banners. During this time he proved to be a thorn in the side of the adversary. Due to his stellar playing, he ended the season leading the Big Ten in scorin g. He received the highest award in Hoosierdom basketball by being selected as all-state center. Jack Comer junior, guard and captain-elect, was the only under-classman to perform as a regular with the Purple and White this past season. Being the only regular,ing, jack will more than likely serve as the backbone of the team in the building-up period next year. Billy Myers, senior, guard and co-captain, proved to be not only a clever ball-handler, but one of the best defensive men developed by Jolly in recent years. BIG FOUR TOURNEY Muncie ..s.,......,.t ....... 3 5 New Castle ..s.,.......s..,.. 26 Muncie --. ......,...e........ 25 Anderson fFinalj .........,.n. 12 SECTIONAL Muncie ....t...t., .......... 3 4 Daleville .e....s............. 16 Muncie .....,.u...,..... .... 5 3 Cowan ...t...,.,...t,....u.. 23 Muncie .t..,,e -, .,......,,... 3 1 Center .u,.....,.........u... 21 Muncie e,,....,....-.,...... 30 Burris fFinalj e...n....,..,,.. 27 REGIONAL Muncie .,t.....,.t.... ,- ..... 39 Parker ....n........... ,. ..., - 8 Muncie .,,...e.,.,.t...t,s.. 39 Richmond fFinalj .,,...d 26 SEMI-FINAL Muncie .............,.... --- 49 Kendallville .,...,r....,- ,-n- , 33 Muncie e............,....... 33 Fort Wayne QSouthj -,.t.,n.nn 37 The list above, which gives the compiled scores of the past season, is a review of the outstanding work which the Bearcats accomplished from the opening of their season in November until the closing in March. It has been many a long year in Bearcat history since any one team has completed a season with such a clean slate as the squad of this past season has done. It was not a team built around any certain individualg rather, it was a team composed of five men working in unison for the benefit of the school rather than for personal glory. Page Eighty-lhrer CHARLES "SONNY" BROWN, senior, forward and guard, estab- lished himself firmly in the hearts of all basketball followers by his scrap and determination to win. His love of the game and fine com- petitive spirit were definite assets toward the moulding of this great team. BILL CAMPBELL, senior, forward, whose uncanny ability to score from any position made him one of the foremost players in Indiana, received recognition for his services by being selected as a forward on the all-state second team. HENRY YOUNG, senior, giant pivot ace, has just wound up his third year with the 'Cats, leaving behind the memory of the tall lad who proved to be a threat to the opponents under the basket. LEE MOORE, sophomore, forward, earned his position on the team after the first game of the season. Lee is expected to go far next year, so watch for the boy. FLOYD DAVIS, sophomore, guard, is a promising prospect for next year's varsity. He is expected to work with Comer at the guard po- sition. HAROLD "CUE" TAYLOR, sophomore, center, is believed to be the choice for the position left vacant by Jim Carnes. Harold is a tall lad with the knack of handling the ball. Not only is he a clever ball handler, but he also has a good basket-eye. Pagr- Eigbly-four i JOHN FISHER, senior, and worthy reserve, who was capable of turning in a commendable performance at any position, finished his high school basketball career this year, after two years of varsity service. TED STUDEBAKER, junior, forward, because of his outstanding playing with the Bearkittens, was selected as an alternate on the tourney team. He should be of great value to the varsity next year in scoring, for he led the Kittens in scoring this year. MERRILL JORDAN, sophomore, guard, has the fight and deter- mination which are essential in a good ball player. He will be in there scrapping along with the rest of the boys for one of those first Five positions. ROY CARTER is that capable little guard who played with such distinction on the junior varsity for the past season. BOB JACKSON, junior forward, who this year with the Bearkit- tens, his first year under the purple colors, showed he had the ability to play good ball, is another lad from whom a great deal is expected next year when basketball season rolls around. BOB HARRISON, lanky center, showed a great deal of promise While playing with the Kittens during his sophomore year, and a great deal is expected of him in his next two years. Pugr' Ifiglrly-fi 1 'P Page Eighty-.tix ' J +'u' - Q lllll jfvk fl!! Iiroul mug Irfl lo riglvi: Merle Coy, Ralph Bushey, Vincent Barker, Billy Mitchell, Albert Barton. Burk ww, left lu Viglrl: Denby Bayer, Hugh Xvelsh, Charles Dctrich, Marvin Marsh, Ralph Tyler. - WRESTLING OACH Walter Fisher had a large squad of boys active during the course of the wrestling season. The team competed in sev- eral inter-school meets, winning most of them. The majority of the squad are sophomores, and prospects are bright for next year. Ettore Antonini, assistant football coach, was Fisher's assistant with the wrestling program. Wrestling, though one of the minor sports, is one which is at- tracting more and more boys every year. Central is proud of thc record local wrestling teams have built up. Some of the outstanding collegiate wrestling stars have had their first training at Central. The complete athletic program of Central is rounded out and made suitable for every boy in school through the addition of such sports as wrestling. Pupil interest proves this fact. Q s . it at TRACK TEAM Frou! mug lvfl io riglrlz Richard Fisher, john Allman, Charles Gibson, Rollin Gill, Glen Van Arsdol, Hob Stevens, Ted Studebaker. Srcomf row, lrff io rigfvl: liugeni: Albright, Aaron Williams, -lim Baldwin, ,jack Salmon, Malachi W'illiams, Marvin Marsh. Third row, lrff lo rigfff: Paul Hurst, Francis Carpenter, Bob Oliver, Hugh Welsh, Ed Schuck, George Hawk. B1'fuw,'lz'fl: junior track queen and her attendants, left to right: Charline Arnold, Helen Hiatt, Betty Coale, and Viva Mae Brown, queen. Below, rigbl: Track stars in action. TRACK CDOACH Walter Fisher retained a great deal of power from his squad of the previous season, and the 1958 Bearcat tracksters developed into real state title contenders. The squad was centered around such stars as George Hawk in the half-mile, Bobbie Stevens in the mile, and Aaron Wrilliams in the hurdles, broad and high jumps. Other performers who stood out during the past season were Charles Gibson, james Baldwin, John Allman, Malachi Willianis, Ted Studebaker, Paul Hurst, Rolland Keppler, Marvin Marsh, and Charles Detrieh. The annual inter-class track meet was won by the juniors this year to climax a long senior reign. Consequently, the juniors elected a queen for the Muncie Relays the following week. During the season, the Bearcats competed in the Gary Relays, the Muncie Relays, the Kokomo Relays, the Big Ten track meet, and the state meet. Page Eigllly-svL'vu SPRING ATHLETICS TENNIS Coach Hal B. Warren's tennis squad played its most extended schedule in Central athletic history this year. The spring schedule included an average of four meets a week for the Bearcat netmen. The Central team sent representatives to the Big Ten tourneys in doubles and singles held at Lafayette last fall. George Brickley reached the singles finals, losing to Von Spreckelson of Tech. Melven Gilpen and Lindley Clark, playing in the doubles, lost to the Tech representatives in the semi-finals. For the second consecutive year, Central sponsored a doubles tourney, and the Bearcats were represented in the spring Big Ten meet. About Hfteen boys composed the squad throughout the season, and each was given a chance to play. These boys were: George Brickley, Melven Gilpen, Bob Burch, Joe Hickey, Ned Nfichols, Lindley Clark, Earl Brown, Bert Roth, Marvin Parks, Dick Leitch, Bob Jordan, Paul Trout, Gene Barry, Gene Stout, and Jack Comer. GOLF AND BASEBALL Because of conflicting schedules, the golf and baseball teams, coached by Raymond "Pete" jolly did not get under way until late in the spring. The only two veterans left from last year's golf team were Harrold and Stout. From last year's baseball team remain Bill Campbell, Freddie Collins, Francis Carpen- ter, Ted Studebaker, Roy Carter, and John Fisher. Others were expected to round out the squad. These two sports will be continued through the summer after the close of school. Page Eighty-right INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL WINNERS Front mug lvfl fo rigbl: jack Rowe, john Van Matre, Francis Carpenter. Burk muy lwfl lo rigfll: Bob Ellie, Bill Flaherty, joe Hickey, Harold Minnfck. INTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES Perhaps the most important athletic program in Central, as far as the general run of boys is concerned, is the intramural athletics program, which is available to every boy in Central. Floyd Raisor, health education teacher, is the person who is responsible for the various activities in which the boys engage during the school year. He is to be com- mended for the interest which he takes in the boys. The popularity of the program has been evidenced by the fact that more than three hundred boys participate in the various sports each year. A few of the activities and their winners for the school year 1937338 are as follows: basketball, won by the team shown aboveg volleyball, won by Ralph Bushey, Tom Carey, Billy Northcutt, Lewis Heaston, Norman Ditton, Joe Hickey, jimmy Leffler, Fred Collins, and Gilbert Davisg horseshoe singles, won by Gene Barryg horseshoe doubles, by Charles Moorehead and Rollin Gill, and ping-pong by Gene Barry. Other activities not previously mentioned are track, wrestling, soft ball, touch foot- ball, and tennis. HOW A SENIOR STUDIES Gosh darn school work anyhow They'll never calch me Well l really musl gel This done buf i+'s so boring happy al lasl. 3 o 'W ,phef suv ln This lasT secTion oT The broadcasT Trom lvliddleTown, we presenT a ' " "-- merchanTs and rnanuTacTurers phoTographic view oT The sponsors sible by Their adverTising The publicaTion oT a who have made pos bigger and beTTer lvlAGlClPQN. All oT Them are loyal Tans oT The school: and iT is only TlTTing ThaT They have a place in our yearbook. May we suggesT ThaT you who read our year book wiTh inTeresT also ' 7 T o, we allow our Tancies look long upon The Tollowing pages. Here, o T' The Time hallowed calendar oT acTiviTles. There h. To rove, in presen ing 4 are also Two "surprise TeaTures" which we hope will make you laug Beyond The adverTislng There are pages Tor auTographs-our way oT "signing oTl." BROADCASTING SCHEDULE FOR STATION CHS SEPTEMBER 2. Studio is all agog with preparations for the auditions to be held one week from today. One of the busiest is Miss Kathleen Meehan, who is seen rushing to and fro pushing her hair back off her troubled brow, while sending copy to Pierce's print shop boys. The machinery is in motion for the first edition of the studio weekly, The Mun- sonian. 13. Station opens and auditions are given. Persons approved to report to sub-studios on 14th. 14. Broadcasting begins at 8:10, contin- uing rill 3:15. Several actors get schedules in one grand mix-up. 22. New staff members-Daily, Weser, Pittenger, and Scott at last conquer "mike frightf, OCTOBER 4. Speeches of senior candidates and managers are broadcast from the station cafeteria. Candidate Brickley burns out 6,000,000 tubes with original song. 8. A breathless audience receives an- nouncement of election results as follows: Joe Ledlie, Manager, Jim Carnes, Asst. Man- ager, Jackie Hamilton, script writer, George Brickley, bill collector, and Eleanor Bly, "quiet in studio" campaigner. 15. Not to be outdone by superiors, the amateurs announce their election results, Wert, Brown, and Warner being the lucky ones. 29. CHS boosters hear broadcast of big home-coming game in which Bearcats swamp Wabash. Page N mcty-two NOVEMBER 4. Enjoyable program broadcast for Mother-Daughter Banquet in cafeteria. Betty Howell "swings" that accordion. 5. Goblins, witches, and ghosts haunt the short waves from Amateurs' Masquerade Ball. Chester Beck's orchestra broadcasting. 11. Prominent local talent broadcast from main studio in honor of Armistice Day. Constitution Shrine is presented by Children of the American Revolution. 12. List of probable promotions an- nounced, and Melvin Fields has that wor- ried look. 23. Peggy Hannan has nightmares after hearing thrilling mystery drama, "Eyes of Tlaloc," sponsored by the Amateurs. 24. Studio closed for two days to allow for consumption of huge turkey. 27. Stock market quotation-announcer, Wysor Marsh. Adele Smith up ten points. DECEMBER 3. Seniors dance to Don Maines' Orches- tra, broadcasting over CHS Purple and White Network, 1938 watt transmitter, from Hotel Netherlands Fieldhouse. 10. Series of Christmas Chapels arranged for this station under the sponsorship of L'Allegro Club. IS. Several listeners think they have France or Germany, only to discover they've tuned in on the CHS foreign language Christmas program! 17. News Flash! Directors of annual Magician program chosen. JANUARY 7. Speech by Roscoe D. Shaffer, new su- pervisor of Station CHS. 14. Sophomore radio staff election re- turns: George Rahe-President. Susie Smith-Secretary-treasurer. 15. Warren Smith, your Centralite cor- respondent - Flash! Jim Harrold, Central- ite playboy, has recently retired as banker. 21. Jim Carnes and Dick Tesch tied for fourth on a certain "hit Parade." 22. Although according to all physical standards his head is in the air, Henry Young hasn't let his recent basketball suc- cess affect the size of his hat. 24. The first floor hall has lost its usual snap. It seems cheery patriates, Louise Glenn, Mary Blake, Evelyn Moore, Rollin Griffen, Cliiford Levi, Eva Mae Massey, Emilie Scott, Eugene Sutton, and many others have been dispersed, since the ap- pearance of the grave faces of the unfor- tunate teachers who have been assigned hall duty. FEBRUARY 3-4. Broadcast of hobby show. Discus- sion by Melvin Fields on osteology. fWhy should you ask us what it means?j 12. Floyd E. Buell, mathematics wizard, passes out cigars. It's a boy, christened Phillip Lee. 17. "Mary's Ankle" sponsored by CHS Dramatic Club. Oh! for the days of tele- vision, to see Bill QDocj Flaherty, Robert Taylor of CHS airwaves, Woo the fair Viva Mae Brown. 18. Mary Blake and Norma Fuson have a good time splitting the five dollar prize money for their song "Hymn to Central." 25. Pete Jolly, on being honored for 11 years of service, turns on a blush which even surpasses his necktie. 28. Senior Mock Election returns come through the mike as follows: Most popular boys, Joe Ledlie, Jim Carnes, most popular girls, jackie Hamilton, Betty Roeger, Margie Fisher, best looking boys, Bill Flaherty, Jack Rowe, Jim Harrold, best looking girls, Elaine Bayless, Marianne Tay- lor, best girl dancers, Betty Howell, Patsy Work, best boy dancer, Phil Graves, best boy athlete, Jim Carnes, best girl athletes, Betty Roeger, Maxine Helnedbrand, best actors, Melven Gilpen, George Brickley, Bill Flaherty, best actresses, Elmira Parke, Wray Maddox, class parrots, Betty Jordan, Nancy Sacksteder, class gigglers, Jackie Hamilton, Ann Kallmeyer, Patsy Work, class pests, Frank Massey, Nancy Sacksteder, class sheiks, Jim Harrold, Pat Murphy, class vamps, Margie Fisher, Betty Lou Hull, class wits, Wysor Marsh, Melvin Fields, Joe Led- lie, class shark, Melvin Fields, best dressed boys, Pat Murphy, James Harrold, best dressed girls, Elaine Bayless, Marianne Tay- lor, Margie Fisher, biggest chiselers, Frank Massey, Jim Mardis, Malcolm Ogle, class sleepers, Melven Gilpen, Joe Hickey, Har- old Minnick, all-around girls, Betty Roe- ger, Maxine Heldenbrand, Jackie Hamil- ton, all-around boys, Joe Ledlie, jim Carnes, Bill Myers, class quillers, Marianne Taylor, Frank Massey, best looking couples, Helen Weir and Bill Flaherty, Betty Vlaskamp and jim Johnson. It is reported no wires crossed. Page Nim-13 flares MARCH 1. Senior play tryouts held today. Holly- wood was never like this. 4. Dots and dashes-The Bearcats came through the Sectional clear as a bell. No gong! 8. George Hawk - weatherman - blus- tery today, avoid slippery spots on side- walk, poor day to travel. 11. The Bearcats are ready to broadcast the regionals. We will pick one up from down on the floor. The new tongue twist- er-Your pep- Your pep-You've got it, now keep it, doggone it, don't lose it.-Your pep-Your pep. Can that be Lewis Heas- ton's tonsils we see? 12. Betty Jordan buys a bonnet. Can it be the March winds or that red head? 23. Special meeting of the Science Club had as its speaker Melvin Fields, who gave a demonstration of a four-weeks-deceased cat. It is -understood that it had some ill effects on little Edward Grice, Bernard Tharpe, and Welden Jennens, who were forced to leave before the demonstration was over. APRIL 1. Echoes of the stage, "The New Poor," came over CHS hook-up today. 2. Many stiff necks in the studio today. Could it be from April Fool? 7. Seniors put on college air. Perhaps it is the influence of Miss Mary E. Wade and Mrs, Gladys Townsend, class sponsors. 9-17. Historians, under the sponsorship of Miss Josephine Clevenger, would act as "The Man on The Street," while in Wash- ington, D. C., except that they left their two loud speakers at homeLJoe Wegesin and Maurice Dunn. Page Nmely-four 24. Junior Picnic Pot Luck held today. The crunch, crunch of the olives consumed by Alvin fBaby Facej Crowcraft while at- tempting to acquire a taste for them, was mistaken for the "Grapefruit Hour." MAY 6. Spring, when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love, and the junior girls take the sophomore boys to the Junior- Senior Prom, with the sophisticated seniors bringing in college freshmen. 27. Gold "M's" and other awards made at Honor Chapel. Several prominent Cen- tralites are seen wearing proud smiles after the solemn presentation. 30. George Cook broadcasting from CHS auditorium, playing on the Kitzelman me- morial organ the well known refrain, "Jose- phinef, JUNE 5. The entire cast assemble to hear the Baccalaureate broadcast. 7. Happy voices and cheery laughter ringing in "Senior Picnic." 8. The spotlight of social attention is focussed upon the glimmering activities of the year. With radiant hearts, seniors at- tend the Senior Banquet. It is understood that Margaret Scherbaum is good on sec- ond helpings. 9. The entire cast assembles for the last time before the mike to bid their under- classmen farewell. They are now to start their long journey upward and onward. "Commencement," the day when the char- acters in caps and gowns lift their faces upward towards a new life. l ' A l y , l B 1 l l u i W BOYS WlLL BE C5lRLS-We wish lo presenl The winners ol lhe annual beauly conlesl, who were unanimously chosen by lhe sludenl body as lhe mosl lovely, inlriguinq, vivacious, and beaulilul crealures ever al Cenlral. ll is because of lheir rare beauly lhal lhe iacully has decided lo send lhem lo Hollywood for a screen lesr. Reading from lelr To riqhl are Cleopalra Ellis, Viva Humphrey, Shirley Mal- linqly, Barbara Devine Rankin, Carol "Swishy" Clock, Belly "Ben Hur" Boqarl, Cuddles Wernel, Merry Crisler, and Bonnie Blue Rolh. lWe lcnew you wouldn'l mind, as you are such qood sporlsl Q l X HN AND OLLIER AGAIN" 1 X X X iv"iFi--'hw' ' J '4' , A I . I BX yr X lit li Repeated acceptance by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and sustained the Jahn 8- Ollier slogan that gathers increas- ing significance with each succeeding year Pagf' Ninn! v-xix DRINK C6 The pause that refreshes IN BOTTLES E Coca-Cola Bottling Co. E V , COM PLIMEN TS CF 5VIuncie,5 Leading Theatres - RIVGLI, STRAND, WYSGR, I-IOCDSIER AND UPTOWN Darling Shop 224 Souih Walnui IOM: DISCOUNT TO ALL GRADUATES cc 99 Wear A Darling Dress for All Activities I8!8'fPi-IONE-ISIS AMERICA'S GREATEST SHOE VALUE! -JJ .r A 'HL' . s . A ' of SWQEJJ' LHLI q J." 'IJ-I T 4" 1 JJ alwglv-I-1 EXCLUSIVE STYLES - POPULAR PRICES 'Thg w MUNCIE 204 Soufh Walnuf Lawsonis ewelers 306 Soufh Walnui Make fhis Your Headquarfers for all graduation USE OUR CONVENIENT CHARGE PLAN 948 - PHONE - 948 - THE FASHION.. A GOOD STORE IN A GOOD CITY 112 East Adams Street A SMART STORE FOR SMART DRESSERS PERSONALIZED SERVICE EXCLUSIVE LINES Tba' good will of ilx !'1lXf0Nll'7'S is Tln' Faxlzirnfx mf I zulzzalzlf' jmsxvsxirnrl. M AN DAR I N IN N 120 East jackson Street Q14 merican and Chinese Foods Phone 194 The PeopIe,s Studio CHARLES R. DOLLAR Qaality Cpbotos PINS EXPERT KODAK FINISHING 323W South Walnut St. Phone 4146 The Riverside Flower Shop "Flowers Bring Friendly Tboltsv P H o N E 139 Whitman's Candies Corner Charles and High Streets QOpposite Post OHiceJ Flowers by Telegraph. We Will Deliver. Students! Our BALLROOM is the place for your DANCES AND BANQUETS HOTEL ROBERTS Phone 5145 MANAGFMFNTT THORNBURG HOTEL CO PENZEUS The place to buy your .... ' SCHOOL SUPPLIES ' BOOKS ' STATIONERY ' GIFTS 211 South Walnut Street 1821 - PHONE - 1821 ROT1-I'S Smart Qlpparel THE STORE OF SENSIBLE PRICES FURS - COATS - SUITS - DRESSES SPORTSWEAR 115 South Walnut Street Whitney's Dairy but , KTM av Cfba . . vw? our oof mxxk Y eafx af UYQU Can7c be You Cowan Road Phone 3883- WILSON'S PASTRY SI-ICP Phone 6173 115 W. Charle 'J mm ,f x n7llfLi07Za1j9 .4 2. T' 1 f Q if I I Ty I THROUGH COURTESY OF K K X X " g.Y".t 1-f 'V'3f W 'L L 'TL ' ' ' ' MUN CIE MERCI-IANTS', .XX 15 554 ASSQCIATIQ iff? . ,.r W' H 1 ,-1 K S xv, H fi' I , r- v . , X 1 XL 'N- "f ,Al , A 111 K 1 ,F f S A . QR , 1. ' I' J nf -X ' ,X , M. P I--V, ,, , ' ' s " - 1 K L ' fij ' 4 , ' 5 - W ..,, ,vi N 22:31:14: 2-g 9 L ' xiii . 7 " -7 'Mi 5? r Q 'R i E,. . f' 3:-,ff-am., fn-Za.,--0. 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Suggestions in the Muncie Central High School - Magician Yearbook (Muncie, IN) collection:

Muncie Central High School - Magician Yearbook (Muncie, IN) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


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Muncie Central High School - Magician Yearbook (Muncie, IN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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