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Text from Pages 1 - 110 of the 1937 volume:

mnumum 'K my ' uundlio PSR f fl , W Q? QQ I' jx:-. it V N. N -- 1 S S E' - --4-'ff ' ' af? , 'N Wg? .X 45: F55 'SQ xxx? i I . 1 . s 55555 CBXC. NWN WE WK! XPS SYXYQ YN CX- P455 YOYAA SKC? 'YYSPAJ ax XQQXQXS E SE of Ga scvxoox, Pv 'WX CRN www, FOREWORD OUR book for '37. The staff of the 1937 Magician is presenting for your approval an ultra-modern, streamlined year book-your book for '37. Through the medium of our theme, the camera, We have tried to portray both pictori- ally and verbally our conception of these last three years in Central. By the use of "stills" and "action" shots We have tried to capture all of the moods of the students. They reflect sorrow, happiness, joy, and, in some extreme cases, hilarity. From the pages of our' book - the year book for '37-fair-haired damsels and beau brummels beam at us with coquettish glances which We shall always remember. To the seniors- from the staff, the faculty, and the world - "Best Wishesf' . GENE SMITH, Editor TO MR. ALLMAN, WHO HAS SUCCESSFULLY AND ENTHUSIASTICALLY ACCEPTED HIS -DUTIES AS HEAD OF OUR SCHOOL, AND WHO HAS FOCUSED HIS PERSONALITY UPON ALL OF US, WE DEDICATE THE 1937 MAGICIAN. ' E 3 DIRECTCDRS AND PRODUCERS A9 CSQ, El 'IGOI-IDS VO SHEII-IDVHLL CINV CIH Pagr Six SCHCOL BOARD Top, lrft to rigbi: E. ARTHUR BALL President, Board of Education FRED MCCLELLAN Treasurer, Board of Education VERNON G. DAVIS Secretary, Board of Education Lowa-r left: MISS GRACE FERN MITCHELL Executive Secretary, Auditor H. F. BRICKLEY Supervisor of Industrial Education, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds PAUL F. ADDISON Supervising Principal MRS. ERMA B. CHRISTY Supervisor of Home Economics, Director of Guidance MISS MARY L. BALDWIN Business Education MISS FLORA A. BILBY Art Appreciation, Fine Arts MISS ELEANOR JEAN BLY English, Dramatics MRS. ESTHER K. BROWN Latin, English ' R. LLOYD COOLEY Social Science ' R3i5':r. t X 5g.kt,,,. -. .L , MRS. SUSAN B. NAY Dean of Girls, Supervisor of Attendance MISS FRANCES ANDREXVS Head of Botany and Biology Departments MISS ESTHER BARTLETT Latin, English GILBERT BLACKWOOD Electricity FRED BOGART Business Education MISS JOSEPHINE CLEVENGER Social Science MISS OLA E. COURTNEY Health Education, Home Economics l Pagr Sv urn MRS. HELEN CROSS Business Education, junior Social Sponsor MISS FRANCES DE ARMOND Home Economics H. EMORY FENIMORE Head of Mathematics Depart- ment MISS ELLA HOLLENBACK Home Economics, Senior Social Sponsor, Magician Sponsor MISS CHARLINE JAMIESON Head of Foreign Language De- partment, Sophomore Counselor RAYMOND JOLLY Basketball, Baseball, and Golf Coach, Social Science MISS FLORENCE LENTZ Social Science Page Eight MRS. ADLAI DALBY Librarian MISS DEBORAH EDNVARDS English XWALTER FISHER Head of Boy's Physical Education Department, Track, Football, and W'restling Coach. MISS ELIZABETH HUTZEI, Mathematics MRS. MARY JOHNSON Business Education MISS KATHERINE K. KING Head of Girls' Physical Educa- tion Department ROGER LINGEMAN Head of Physics Department MISS OLIVE LUDY Health Service MISS LUCILLE MAYR English MISS KATHLEEN MEEHAN English, Newswriting, Munsonian OMER MITCHELL Mathematics MISS FRANCES O'I'IARRA Social Science WESLEY C. PIERCE Printing CHARLES RETTIG Machine Shop 103 mono MISS NELLIE MASSEY Home Economics, Manager of Cafeteria RUSSELL T. MCNUTT Head of Social Science Depart ment MISS MAUDE MICHAEL English, Senior Counselor IRVIN MORROW Drafting LEONARD PARIS English, Magician Sponsor FLOYD RAISOR Health Education, - Director of Intramural Sports MISS MARGARET RYAN English - Page Nim- MAG ICIAN MISS RUTH SCHOOLER Home Economics GRIFFIN STEPHENSON Arts and Crafts, Commercial Arts CLARENCE SWINGLEY Social Science, Sophomore Counselor MISS BLANCHE TUHEY Head of English Department, junior Counselor MISS LORENE TURNER Business Education NOEL C. WARE Woodwork, Machine Shop MRS. ETHEL WALSH Attendance and Receiving Clerk Page Ten English GLEN STEPLETON Head of Music Department M RS. GLADYS TOWNSEND FRED TUHEY Head of Business Education partment MISS MARY WADE English, junior Counselor HAL WARREN Mathematics, Tennis Coach CLYDE WELLINGER Building Trades 1937W MISS JENVEL STANDERFORD Social Science, Senior Counselor D HARRY N. WHITTERN Mathematics EDWARD ZETTERBERG Head of Chemistry Department, Physics MISS ANNA MARIE YATES Business Education, Magician Sponsor MISS RUTH ZIMMERLY Clerk of Records Page Elrrfm Page T :url I 'L' FINISHED PRINTS A C352 SEIOINHS I 95???3P3z'-i ,..1W- Page Fourteen CLASS CFFICERS Top, left io rigbl: JACK KEPPLER, President Dramatic Club, Executive Board, Hi-Y, Magician Intramural Sports, L'Allegro, Student Council Basketball. "An all-around boy." ' BOB FELL, Vice-President "M" Club, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Student Council, Magician, Basket- ball Captain, "Night of january 16." "And all the girls Fell." PHIL Executive Board, Hi-Y, Student Council Repre- sentative, Magician. "Phil ex LACEY, Treasurer pects to prepare for the worst." Lower left: RUTH HUFFMAN, Secretary Dramatic Club, Hono S ' r ociety, Student Council. 'Mllllon dollar sophisticated sweetness." a AARON F. ADAMS Daubers, Hi-Y, Munsonian, Ma- gician, "Night of January l6." "His ambition will take him places." LOUISE ADAMS Daubers, Magician, "Night of january l6." "Her good nature is pleasing." ALVA DESOIT ALLEN Hi-Y, L'Allegro, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity XVrestling, Band, "Night of january l6." "He is a future doctor." MARTHA ELLEN ALLMAN Dramatic, Friendship, Girls' Pep, Honor Society, Munsonian, L'Alf legro, Orchestra, Magician. "She'll make someone a good wife." FRED ALMY ' Dramatic, Honor Society, Magi- cian, Senior Prophet. "Our future banker." SOPHIE ANGEL Friendship, G. A. A., Geography. "A practical joker." PAUL HARVEY AREAUGH, JR. Hi-Y, Orchestra, Band, "Night of january 16." "Has architectural aspirations." X Iii .MS-Ext.-. . Q L... X X GEORGE T. ARRINGTON Intramural. "The traveling salesman." BETTY JEAN ASTBURY Dramatic, Friendship, G. A. A Geography, I.'Allegro, Science Social Science, Mag ician. "The second Miss Andrews." TOM BALDWIN Hi-Y, Science, Mag ician. "He's a chemical engineer." SAMUEL BANTA E French, Hi-Y, Varsity Football "I-Ie'll be a football player some of these days." TOM BARLOW Daubers, Boys' Pep. "Tom hopes to be an artist." SHIRLEY BARNET Friendship, G. A. A. "She may not be an Angel, but she runs around with one." MARLYN ADENE BAXTER L'AIlegro, Magician. "Don't tell anyonr-she's a horse- back rider." Page Fifteen CHESTER HAROLD BECK French, Hi-Y, Intramural Ath- letics, L'Allegro, Band, Orches- tra, Magician. "Musician of tomorrow.' CHARLES BECKMAN "Our next Ball State coach.' JEAN BERNARD French, Girls' Pep, Magician. "The girl everybody knows." JOHN BEZY L'Allegro, Orchestra. "The second Rubinofff' JAMES BILBY Daubers. "He's versatile." BILL BLAIR Dunbar, Geography, Intramural Athletics, "M" Club, Varsity Basketball. "The coming basketball star." MARJORIE BOOHER Friendship. "She's mistress of her future." Page Sixfvm C-ICIAN JOHN BOOMER "Big-game hunter." LOUISE BOOTH L'Allegro, Social Science, Vergil. "Tall, blonde, and vivacious." GARNET MARIE BORIGHT Friendship club, G. A. A., Girls' Pep, Girls' Service, Ceemoh, "Night of january IG." "She'll make a fine nurse, some day." JOE BRENNAN Honor Society, "M" Club, Sci- ence, Varsity Football, W'restling, Varsity Baseball, Magician. "Another of those engineers." MARY JANE BRONNE Maician. "Tiny as a brownie." CARL BROPHY Geography, Intramural Athletics. "I-Ie's going to be an I. U. man." HETTY BROWN Girls' Pep, L'Allegro. "You should go places with your winning smile, Henry." -X.. ,.:.ts:.1s:sss.--Q. - its -.-.ff .Q . WAYNE L. BROWN Geography, Intramural Athletics. "Benny from the mountains." ALBERT BRUMBACK Intramural Athletics. "Head and shoulders above the crowd." BLAINE BURRES Health Council, Intramural Ath- letics, "M" Club, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Track. "Mighty oaks from little acorns . grow." ELMER BUSH Hi-Y, Intramural Athletics. "He's a good dancer." HAROLD CALDWELL "Wins prizes with his motorcyc- ling ability." RHEA E. CAMPBELL Friendship, G. A. A., Magician, Geography, Health Council, Var- sity Basketball. i "Athletic ability supreme." VIVIAN CANTER Social Science, Magician. "A hard-working girl." JOHN CAREY "The perfect gentleman." PAULINE CARPENTER "Polly has winning ways." ARTHUR CASSITY Hi-Y, Magician, Intramural Ath- letics. "A future executive." THOMAS R. CHAPMAN Geography. "He'll be tossing oranges." PEGGY CHURCH Girls' Pep. "Sweet, quiet, and loyal." LORRAINE CLAPP Daubers, Friendship. "A person we are sorry to see leave." MARY ELEANOR CLARK Daubers, French, Girls' Pep, "Night of January 16," Choir. "A deluxe model." 541515-flslwir 1 L. nl 1.34 X 3 Mloscum RALPH B. CLARK Science, Band. "Will it glasses some day. JUANITA CL AWSON Daubers, Girls' Pep, Munsonian Magician. "She's got everything." MILDRED CLEMENTS "Life is a song." JUANITA CLEVENGER Friendship, G. A. A. "She's peppy- she's swell.' ANNA JAYNIS COLLINS Girls' Pep. "Shc'1l go far on licr smile HAROLD COLLINS Intramural Athletics. "A future senator." ROBERT A. COLLINS "Another Central scientist. Page' Eigbfvvll n Magician, "Night of January 16 RICHARD W. COY "He likes the radio." HELEN LOUISE CROW Geography, L'Allcgro, Orchestra, Science, Band. "Small-town girl makes good." LINTON DANIELS Geography, Hi-Y, "Wi" Club, ln- tramural Athletics, Magician Basketball Manager. "NVho docsn't know him?" ,IOE B. DAVIS Varsity Football, Boys' Pep. "Like father, like son-a future lawyer." JUNE MARIE DESMOND Friendship, Honor Society, Sci- -ence. "Silent and studiousf' FRED DE WITT "He's the Witt of the school." HENRY N. DORTON Hi-Y, Intramural Athletics, Boys' Pep. "He likes sports." v 3,5 ts of K Q S ' . X Y l X SX G X xx X X X 2 Nisfsks f HASKELL DULANEY "A future scientist." WILBUR DUNN ' Varsity Basketball. "Sinccrity is the keynote of suc- cess." MARY KATHERINE EVERIST Geography, L'Allegro, Magician, "Night of january I6." "Another Jenny Lind!" THOMAS C. FARRELL Geography, Intramural Athletics. "I-Ie's the tops!" MARTHAJANE FAULKNER Social Science, Magician. "Quiet but conscientious." OLEVA FIELDS "She doesn't like to Walk under ladders." URAL FISHER Geography, L'AIlegro, Band, In- tramural, Magician. "Music is his middle name." Page N fIlt'fl'P1l . -E155 .iff UDELL FLICK Geography. "Bur definitely." HARRY FORDING Geography, Hi-Y, Magician. "Has made his design for living DOROTHY FOSTER Dauher, Munsonian, Magician. "She's flying high." NORMAN FOSTER Hi-Y, Social Science. "Geezil is one of the boys." CARL FRANCE Hi-Y, L'Allegro. "Working is his hobby- lies got a future." GENE FRENCH "Gene has ability." MARGE FRICK French, Girls' Pep. Munsoman Magician. "Love marches on -so does she Page Tuuvnly MARY AGNES GREEN Friendship, Geography. "Still water runs deep." WOODROW GREENLEE Intramural Athletics. "One of the Greenlee boys DOROTHY GRIFFIN Magician. "Tillie the Toiler." ROLLIN H. GRIFFIN - Dunbar, Geography, Colored Hi-Y. "Smiles count a lot." JUANITA GRIM Vergil, Choir. "She qmiles it her work." EDWARD GRIMES "Central's well-dressed boy. ALICE THELMA GROSS Dunbar, Geography. "Music in her heart-rhythm in her feet." Q S BILL HAYES "Will carve a niche for MARY ELLEN HAYS "She's all sweetness." DICK HEAD Dauber, Hi-Y. Honor Magician. "Our artist." CATHERINE HECK Friendship, Geography. "A helping hand." VIRGILE HERITAGE "Harmonica Heritagef DANA SUE HE RSHEY Magician. "The Mount Lawn nightingale I-IARRIET HETZLER Friendship, G. A. A. "'Jackie' intends to fly high Pagr Tufmfy-fu'o r EUGENE HOLDEN Geography, Intramural Athletics, Science, Varsity W r e s t l i n g, "Night of january 16." "Electrical engineering is his goal." ELIZABETH HOOK Clay Club, Magician, Dauber. "Art has its charm." WILLIAM HORTON "M" Club, Varsity Golf, Varsity Basketball. " 'Ho' to his pals." KATHLEEN HOWARD "Reserved-but for whom?" EILEEN HUBER Choir, Geography. "The girl with charm." EVELYN HUNT "She likes Marshall law." FRANCES JOHNSON Honor Socicty, Girls' Pep, Magi- cian, "Million Dollar joke." "Another Robert Taylor fan." , ,.., ..,,, , , T, f ,fx s HQ 1 X 1: fs.: N X ' 1 X N XXXQXX ss t N as as E ew A 2 Q R55 is s ix -.-ass. . , RV : - 'ss s JOHNNY JOHNSON Dunbar, Geography, Colored Hi-Y. "Yea man!" ROBERT E. JOHNSON Intramural Athletics, Science and Vergil Clubs, Varsity Tennis. "He dotes on mathematics." ROBERT JOHNSON Intramural Athletics, Science Club, Varsity Track. "A serious sort of chap." i DAVID JONES Intramural A t h l e t ic s , Hi-Y, Honor Society, Magician, Varsity Football, Track, Wrestling, "M" Club. "A true sportsmanf' . RICHARD JONES Intramural Athletics, Hi-Y, Ma- gician, Honor Society, Varsity Football, Track, Wrestling, "MU Club. "Has the real Bearcat spirit." VINCENT L. JONES Intramural Athletics, Honor So- ciety, "M" Club, Varsity Foot- ball, Wrestling. "It's easy to con-'Vince' the ' girls." RITA JORIS "Precious things come in small packages." Page Tufrufy-llsrvc we Q - iff . SSX-f I f EUGENE KABRICK Boys' Pep. " ',Ieep,' he is called." DON KELBEL "M" Club, Science, Varsity Foot- ball, Track, Wrestling. "An all-'round athlete." KATHERINE KENNEDY Girls' Pep. "Brimming full of wit and pep. GRACE KEPPLER Girls' Pep. "An adept filing student." EDITH KEY Geography, Girls' Pep, L'Allegro, "Night of January l6." "Her nickname is 'Pepper' and it suits her." JAYNE KNAPP Dauber, Dramatic, Clay Club, Ceemo, Girls' Pep. "The girl with twinkling dim- ples." MARY ELLEN KNIGHT Girls' Pep. "For cryin' in a bucket!" Pagr Twruty-foil r GLEN KRAMER "He has a high-powered ambi- tion - electrical engineering." FLOYD LACY French, Hi-Y, Munsonian. "His only fault is that he has none." JOE LAKE French, Hi-Y, Magician, Honor Society, Intramural Athletics, Munsonian, Social Science, Var- sity Tennis, Sophomore Repre- sentative, Senior Social Chairman, "A Million Dollar joke." "Curly hair and winning ways.' MILDRED LAN GDON Girls' Pep. "'Mickey' has a way with the boys." BETTY LEDLIE French, Girls' Pep, Vice-President Girls' Service, Health Council President Ceemoh, Choir, "A Million Dollar Joke." "Black cats, stay 'way from my door!" FRED LEWIS Geography, Hi-Y, Manager Foot ball Team. "No, that's not a cyclone com ing, that's Fred's Ford." HELEN MAE LEWIS Dramatic Club, G. A. A., Girls Pep, Munsonian, L'Allegro, Or chestra, Social Science, Band, Ma gician, Choir, Girls' Glee Club. "All the hot air she blows is through a horn." X . . at zszesfis . .f1...,.-f, ssh, r. , ss 2 ss.-L 1-srzfg-es.-s.,ss-r X .r r K sl-f -iszsfffesr r. .Q 5: Q s QE- rkbgmif 6 ALVIA LITTELL "His cardinal virtue-red hair." BOB LIVENGOOD ' Munsonian, Magician. "One of the best." HAROLD LONG Geography. Hi-Y- I-'Allfgfof O' chestra. "A future Richard Halliburton. MERLE LONGFELLOW Varsity Basketball, Varsity Base- ball. "A good friend to know." NVOODROW LOVE "A regular fellow with a shine for electricity." MURIEL LOWERY "A beautician she will be. FRED MCCLELLAN Social Science. "Freddy aspires to be a great lawyer." is BETTY McDONALD Dramatic, F r e n c h, Magician, Honor Society, Munsonian, Girls' Pep. "This senior class has profited by having her for a member." LEATI-IA MCDONALD Geography, Magician. "We all like Leathaf' IONA RUTH MCDONNEL "Here's a secretary for hire." ED MCGANN "A pleasant boy with a winning smile." ROBERT McGUIRE Hi-Y, Intramural Athletics, "M" Club, Varsity Wrestling, Man- ager of Football Team, "Night of January IG." "Inches do not make the man." RAY MCNICKLE Hi-Y, Orchestra, Magician, L'Allegro, Vice-president Band, "Night of January l6." "Our swinging clarinet player." GAIL MALSBARY Friendship, G. A. A., Social Sci- ence, Magician. "Very ambitious, we know she'll make good." Page Tufwty-,li1'a' tx .5X31'i53? i ' 11 XvxS. s 'ws ow ff .- 1:1 fi s Q . .N . X essxqs. - . ' JEAN MANN Social Science. "Not too serious, not too gay. PAUL MARANDA Intramural Athletics. "Our future big business admin- istratorf' RACHEL MARK Choir. "NVe are sure Rachel will reach the highest mark in life." JOHN MARTIN Intramural Manager. "Where there's John there's Jim." FRANCES MAYNARD Friendship. "She has high hopes in stenog- raphy." THELMA MAYNARD Science. "Thelma is scientific-minded." MABEL MEDSKER "A worthy member of our or- ganizationf' Pagv Twcnly-si.x' as DICK MERRYWEATPIER Science. "I-Ie'll fly high so long as there's Merryweatherf' BOB MERZ "M" Club, Track. "A well-known and well-liked senior." BARNEY MILLS Geography, Boys' Pep, Munso- nian, Magician. Q "Since brevity is the soul of wit, we shall be brief." DIXIE INIINGUS Girls' Pep. "Dixie is good-natured and has a winning smile." BETTY MITCHELL "One of our loyal senior girls." BETTY JANE NEWTON Girls' Pep, Magician. "She's a lover of bicycling." RICHARD NORMAN Dauber, Science, Intramural Athletics. "One of our promising electri- cians." ' f,S,i-::,.f- J 1 . Qi -. y1'.sxe1.r:1.:.. -- s -sf A BETTY NORRICK Girls' Service President, French, Friendship, Girls' Pep, Ceemoh, Glee Club, Honor Society, Mun- sonian, Magician, G. A. A., Presi- dent of Choir, Senior Historian, "Million Dollar Joke." "Much is expected of Betty in FRED PARK the futu,-ef' Geography President, Hi-Y, Hon- , or Society. "Silence is golden." WINFRED NORRIS "A quiet and true friend." BOB PARR Science, "Night of January 16.' "He is of the pleasant and good- natured sort." GEORGE D. NOVICK Geography, Tennis. "Central's Ellsworth Vines." HERBERT PAZOL French, Hi-Y, Social Science, In- tramural Athletics, "Night of January 16," "Million Dollar Joke," Manager of Tennis Team, Magician. "With his winning ways and thoughts he will always get by." ALBERT NUZUM " 'Al' has a pleasing personality." LEE W. PENROD "He has business-like ideas." BILL O'NEll..L Munsonian, Tennis, Intramural Athletics, Donkey Basketball, "Night of january 16." "He yearns to be an advertiser and also to play tennis like Til- den." ' GENEVA FRANCES PERCY Dunbar, Geography. "Always has a pleasant smile." IMOGENE OWEN "A promising stenographerf' JUANITA PERKINS Ceemoh. "Juanita is superstitious of l3." l ROBERT B. PARKER Football, Intramural Athletics. , "Bob follows his own philoso- , phies." l 3 l HAROLD PERSINGER Intramural Athletics, Boys' Pep, "Night of January l6." . l Q. ..,, T it G "A loyal Centralitef' . . s, .. R I Page T-wenty-sever: JGHN PETRO Basketball. "John is a lover of music. FRANK ROBERT PETTIGREW "To be an electrician is his am lJition." DELBERT E. PHERSON Health Council, Intramural Ath letics, Track. "He longs to be an aviator." CARL PICKELL Geography, Varsity Golf, Magi cian. " 'Pickle' is one of our ambitious printers." MILDRED POORE Magician, "Million Dollar Joke, "Why the Chimes Rang," Choir Glee Club, "Night of January 16 " "Sweetness personified." JACK ARMAS POTI Intramural Athletics. "Watt could we say about an electrician?" BETTY LEE PROPS Dramatic, Munsonian, Magician "Night of January l6." "Bubbling over with fun." Pugr Tuwuly-uigbl Dauber, Dramatic, Girls' Pep CLIFFORD REED Geography, Hi-Y, Intramural Athletics, Social Science, Varsity Basketball. "Lil' Cliffy in person." MARY JANE RESER Dauber, Friendship. "Little and cute, smart to boot. EDNA RHINEHART "A pleasant face works wonders." ALICEMAE RHOADES Geography, Girls' Pep, Munso- nian, Magician, "Night of Janu- ary 16." "She has democratic ideals." VICTOR RHYNE "The candid camera man." DONNA BELLE RISK Friendship, G. A. A., Honor So- ciety, Munsonian, Magician. "Calm as the sea and wise as a sage." WILMA RITTER "Wilma is undertaking the un- dertaking business." a 2IS,'s,5iX Q QQQE gif. ilfiifii Quia... or .assess .aes .Mass ,- ..s. . is - sa X R X X A X., X Sw as .N sk .asf E 5 K I K BILL ROBERTSON Intramural Athletics Manager, Honor Society, Boys' Pep, Ma- gician. "Bill is headed for Business Col- lege." FRED C. ROBINSON Hi-Y, Honor Society, Science, Social Science, Magician. "Whatever he does, he does right." KENNETH A. ROBINSON "An electrician who keeps up with 'current' events." EDITH ROPER Geography. "She's going places to see things." OLIVE ROSE Friendship President, G. A. A., Geography, Girls' Pep, Social Science, Magician. "She carries out the ideals of friendship." MARK ROSS Intramural Athletics, Vergil, Var- sity Football. "A man's man." WILMA ROSSELLE Dauber, Friendship. "Devoted to the Arts." Page Twenty-nine CHARLES E. ROXVE JR. Varsity Track. "One of the Pierce-men." JAMES H. RUSSELL Daubcr, Health Council. "A taste for finer things." EARL SANDERS Intramural Athletics. "Earl says, 'Take it easy'. DELORIS SCAMIHORN Girls' Pep. "Want to dance, Scamy? n MARVIN SEITZ Geography. "Marvin draws modernistic things." BETTY JANE SH AFFER Dauber, Friendship, Clay Club. Munsonian. "She has a sweet disposition." ANDY SHANNON "It's handy to have Andy around." Page Tbirly WALTER SHELTON French, Intramural Athletics, Honor Society, "M" Club, Mun- sonian, Vergil, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Student Council, Magician, Senior Poet, Wrestling. "Describe him who may." EVELYN SHIREY Geography, Girls' Pep, "Night of January 16." "Short and sweet and hard to beat." PAUL SHULTZ Magician. "XVanna hear more about mc?" BOB SHUTTLEWORTH Football, Wrestling, Track, In- tramural, "M" Club. "I want to be a football hero. as BILL SINIITH "What I want is more school." GENE SMITH Dramatic, President F r c n c h , Health Council, Munsonian, Stu- dent Council, Juninr Class Presi- dent, Editor of Magician, "Take My Advice." "Gene has a brilliant past, pres- ent, and future." TOM SNYDER Dramatic, L'Allegro, Band, Or- chestra. "Rythm saved the world." .sgififsslm X .Qs-Q S.QT:Fe7'Yfi 4 . 1' i-is Q. X -L: X. . -esg sfai-Sim-fir . . n ' . . .Wil ..' - - 'f -Q' sf - . . ,QE WINSTON SPARLING Hi-Y, Science, Magician, of January 16." "Happy-go-lucky." EUGENE STAFFORD Hi-Y, Magician. "Central's Robert Taylor ROBERT STANLEY French, Geography, Hi-Y Pres: dent, Honor Society, Munsonian Intramural Athletics, Varsity Tennis, Boys' Pep, Magician "When Bob tackles a ,ob is done." MARY JANE STIFFLER Geography, Friendship. "One of those girls whom ex cry body likes." ARNOLD FREDRICK STOKES Intramural Athletics. "They call him 'Hoople' LOWELL STRAWSER "Oh, the sufferings of a hashful boy!" MARY FRANCIS STREETER French, Girls' Pep, Magician "W'itty and pretty." . ,i self xx, BOB THOMAS "Here, there, everywhere." LEO U. TIGHE Geography, Intramural Athletics, I.'Allegro, Band. "He may be harmless, but he makes up for it." HOWARD TIMMONS "He'll get along." HAROLD E. TOMEY Varsity Football, Varsity Track. "Oh, the sufferings of bashful- ness. " EMMA TOWLES L'Allegro, Choir. "Timmy is ever sweet, smiling, and gracious." MARY MARTHA TRACY Friendship. "Quiet and meek, but very sweet." HENRIETTA TURNER Friendship, G. A. A. "Bookkeeping is her hobby Prfgr Thirty-fun ss i I N JAMES TURNER Dramatic, Social Science, "Take My Advice," "Seventeen," Ma- gician. "A future Robert Taylor." GERALD Ll. TUTTLE Geography, Hi- Y, L'Allegro, Band. "His winning smile is well worth while." BONNEY TWIGG Geography. "Her genius is her friendliness.' Roi' URFER "Being good is a lonesome job." JIM VALOS Geography. "He'll drive on the Indianapolis speedway some day." VVILLIAM VAN ARSDOL Hi-Y. "He lives most who thinks most." ARTHUR VAN MATRE, JR. Dramatic, Geography, H e al t h Council, Boys' Pep, Magician, Hi-Y. "A genial spirit who smiles on us all." WILLIAM WADE Honor Society, Intramural Ath- letics, Varsity Golf, Magician. "Willy, the worker." RAYMOND WALL Geography, Hi-Y. "More pep than Kellogg's." ROBERT XVALLACE Honor Society, Intramural Ath- letics, Munsonian, Social Science Magician. "He has brains like Einstein." GALE XVALTER Honor Society, Science, "Night of January 16." "Faint heart ne'er won fair lady.' JOE NVARFEL Dramatic, Hi-Y, "Seventeen," "Night of January 16." "Pep and -wit keep him fit." BERNADINE WEHLAGE Geography, Magician. "Tall and cligniEed." JUNE WEIR Magician. "While we're alive, let's live." NORMAN WERNET Dramatic, Hi-Y, "M" Club, Cheer Leader. "His smile is a ray of sunshine it beams on everyone." JAMES NVHITAKER Geography, Science. "Has an infectious smile." DICK XVHITNEY "A thoroughbred, through and through." ERNEST NY'I'IITWORTI'I "I-Ie'll earn his way by selling.' MILDRED WILEY Girls' Pep, L'Allegro, Band, Ma gician, Ceemoh, Girls' Glee Club "Night of January l6." "'Mickey' bears our colors at the games." ARTHUR L. WILLIAMS "Just a darn' good guy." DELPHINE WILLIAMS Treasurer of Girls' Service, Honor Society, Science, Social Science Student Council Representative Choir, Glee Club, Magician, Cee- moh, "Night of January 16." "She has both beauty and brains.' Page Thirly-three 0. may xxx XS . wks fi-Qi' W" ' SER. 21 1 ke EVANGELINE WILLIALIS "'Vangy' has what it takes." CHARLES RICHARD WILSON Intramural Athletics. "Small but mighty." PAUL WILSON Geography, Science. "'Sparky' likes engineering." NORMA WINTERS Dramatic, Geography, Girls' Pep, Student Council Representative, Magician. "Central's cyclone of many moods." Page Thirty-four RICHARD WIRTH Magician. "Wirth his weight in gold. TRACY XVOLFE Intramural Athletics. "He wants to be a farmer we wish him luck." BOB WRIGHT NVrestling, Band. "He's hereg he's rhercg he's ev erywheref' EDWIN ZEARBAUGI-I Science. "Ed, the engineer." 5 QNSQQXQISX A iicsiff SNA .YXzsQg.' siisisxv 4, 1 1.5 . s-'ki Es s -- A- Y A 5? UNDEVELCDPED N EGATIVES 43, C329 HNSSVTDHHGNH N THE JUNIOR CLASS Lee Williamson, President Betty Roeger, Secretary-Treasurer FOLLOWING the first dip in the developing solution, the junior negatives began to take on the form of a campaign chapel. After a brief time exposure, the elections were held, and Lee Williamson and Betty Roeger became the class oflicers. An execu- tive committee consisting of Joe Led- lie, Jim Carnes, and Jackie Hamilton was appointed. Mrs. Helen Cross, junior social sponsor, was the director for these activities. The class officers later sponsored a citizenship chapel. Bill Dearborn, Jean Schott, Principal Paul Addison, and Mrs. Susan B. Nay spoke on the subject of good citizen- ship. Some of the ideas put forth in this chapel have undoubtedly led Central High School students to better school citizenship and to participation for their school. In November, a cast of junior actors presented the play, "Guess Again." Miss Jewel Standerford directed the exposure, which was a success from the entertainment as well as from the financial point of view. Several convocations were presented during the year. Dr. Hildebrand of DePauw University spoke at one of these. The Business and Professional Women's Club pre- sented Mr. Ralph Ross, who spoke to all juniors, and Mrs. Sharley DeMotte, who spoke to the girls of the class. These convocations were followed by one in April and one in May. The same organization entertained all junior honor girls at its civic dinner on March 15. The Junior-Senior Prom was held on May 7. Those on the committee were Tom Larrabee, Nancy Sacksteder, Dorothy Spurgeon, Ann Kallmeyer, Jim Harrold, and Malcolm Ogle. The class counselors were Miss Mary E. Wade, Miss Blanch E. Tuhey, Mrs. Nay, and Mrs. Cross. , Page Thirty-six THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Howard Rice, President Julia Ann Harris, Secrelary-Treasurer GN a September day last year, light was first thrown on a new soph- omore class which was to be exposed to Central for the first time. Follow- ing a few words of welcome and in- structions, the first snap was taken, and the new sophs were sent on their way to the developing rooms. One of the major activities for the sophomores was the mixer at the Hrst . . . . "' of the year in the gymnasium. This was well attended, and contests, dancing, and refreshments were enjoyed. Other activities have included special convocations sponsored by civic clubs, a mothers' tea, the Exchange Club dinner for honor pupils, and some business meetings. The Sophomore Council is composed of the oiiicers of the class and the officers of the various sophomore home rooms. Clarence E. Swingley is chairman of the faculty committee which has sponsored the sophomore activities. Page Thirty-:crm Row four Row Rauf om' Charles Adams Keith Addington Betty Allen john Allen Bob Allison Morton Anderson Jane Archer Edith Ash Marshall Babbitt Marjorie Babcock Carl Bagley Row info Helen Baker Leland Baker Marcella Baker june Baker Rosemary Bales Virginia Barnel John Barnes Rosemary Bassett Elaine Bayless Roger Bayless Mary Ellen Beall Row flares' Rose Mary Beall jo Ann Beckett Betty Bechtel Grace Beckman Ellis Bergman Alice Bernard Elizabeth Bertha Wayne Bilby Max Binkley Rosella Bird Velma Blackmer Mary Ellen Blake jim Bookout Clarence Bradburn Clara jane Brammer Frances Bratton Norman Beaman Madelyn Bredeson George Brickley Violet Brophy Lois Brotherton Charles Brown Pa qi Tlurly-riglaf Row JUNIORS fi zu- Earl Brown Francis Brown Herbert Brown Hillis Brown Betty Brubaker Viola Brumback Leolin Brush Robert Burch Ralph Bushey Betty Bryan Evalyn Marie Byrum Row six Bill Campbell Lucile Cannady Tom Carey Helen Carnes jim Carnes Pauline Carpenter Neola june Carr Vivian Carrier Bob Carter Robert Carter Delbert Carter Row svrru John Carter Rita june Carter Glen Chadwick Vermadelle Chandler Leonora Clary Lindley Clark Vesta Marcella Clark Alice Claspell Lois Coates Anthony Coats Eugene Collins eight Frederick Collins Madeline Conner Verna Coton Max Coulson William Coulter Melvin Cox Warren Cox Richard Crawford David Cunningham Mollie Cunningham Vl'illiam Current Row uim' Mary Garnet Curts Dan Dale Don Davison Robert Dearborn Nvilliam Dearborn Betty Depoy Helen Deiser Robert Doolittle Lois Donson Mildred Doty Dorothy Ditton Row im Marjorie Dragon joann Dragoo Geraldine Duke James Edward Dunnuck jack Duncan Mary Jane Dwyer Olive Jean Easter Frances Eastman Bob Ellis Calvin Ewing Helen Ewing Row r'lrw1r jane Exton John Farinella Maxine Faulkner Mary Findley Margie Fisher Evelyn Fisher Iohn Fisher Billie Flaherty Vivian Foster Norma Fuson Mildred Gadberry Row fluelt'L' George Gates Margaret Gates Thelma Gholston Charlene Gilliam Melven Gilpen Louise Glenn Paul Glore lla Goens Lucille Goens Kay Goldberg Charles Green r Page Thirty-nine Page Foriy Row one Martha F. Greiwe William Grice Edward Grice George Griffey Gaylord Grubbs' Ralph Guisinger Betty Gwinn Norma Haas Glen Haffner Marion Hale Loma Halsey Row Iwo NVarren Hall jackie Hamilton Peggy Hannon Mary Harless Mildred Harmison Mary Ellen Harriott Ellen Harrold jim Harrold George Hawk Garner Hayes Beverly Heaston Row three Lewis Heaston Maxine Heldenbrand Charles Hcllis Winifred Hiatt joe Hickey john Hines Herbert Holaday Richard Holcroft Hazel' Hole Margaret Holt Frederick Houck Row four Betty Howell Vera Howell Charles Huffman Charles Huffman Ruby Huffman Helen Hope Hughey Betty Lou Hull Paul Humphreys Kenneth Hurst Robert jackson Harriett Jackson JUNIQRS Row fizfc Kenton Jackson Betty jane janney Ed jefferis Charles johnson Earl Johnson jim Johnson joseph Johnson Pearson Johnson W'illiam Johnson Helen Mae jones Mary Helen Jones Rau' xix Betty jordan Ann Kallmeyer Irene Kaster Ha7el Kem Kenneth Kirchner Lucille Catherine Kirtz Marjorie Kramer Ray Langdon Tom Larrabee Robert Larkin Edward Lee Row seven Richard Leitch Richard Lee John LcM:ly Clifford Levi A Mary Helen Linder Roy Lockhart Mildred Lounsbury Pearl Lunsford Elmer Lynn Marion McCaffrey Margaret McGraw Row eigb! Lorene McCalipi james Mclntosh Marjorie McKee Gerald McKinley Mary Ruth McKinney W'ayne McLaughlin Paul McNickle XVray Maddox Katherine Mahoney Thelma Main Mary Manning' Rauf' Him' jim Mardis W'ysor Marsh Curtis Mason Earl Massey Eva Mac Massey Frank Massey Anne Mathys Gurney Mattingly Velda Mattison Geraldine Mauller Virginia Mauller Ron' fm Mary Ruth May Rosemary Mendenhall Peggy Merz Sara Mae Method Glenn Middleton Dewey Miller Gaynelle Miller jim Miller joe Miller Ray Miller Mary Ellen Milliken Row f'll'l"t'll Harold Minnick Harold Mitchell Mary Lee Mode Daytha Monroe Evelyn Moore Ruth Moore Rollin Griffin Norma Morvilius Bill Morris Blaine Murphy Bill Myers Row lzuelw' Madeline Myers Max Neal David Needler Ned Nichols Howard Nierstheimer Raymond Norris Paul Nottingham Robert Oakley Ernest Oalden Albert Oliver Helen Osborne 4 , r I Page Forty-one Row om' Walter Park Elmira Parke jean Parks Benny Paul Clara Petty Peggy Petty Norman Pfleeger Earl Phillips Willianx Pitser Nellie Plummer James Pohlman Row two Clova Porter Lula Pratt Dorothia Quate Don Quirk Mary Frances Rahe Robert Rankin Norma Reynolds Owen Reynolds Ruby Rhoades Willimiene Rich Gene Richards Row lbrrc Taylor Rife Jerald Riley Enoch Robbins Elden Rodgers Betty Roeger jimmy Romack Dolores Routh jack Rowe Alonzo Runkel Nancy Sacksteder Jack Salmon Row four Ivalou Samuels Virginia Sanders Mary Lillian Sasser Grace Schafer Margaret Schcrbaum Marcele Schiffler Bettie Schneider Jeanne Schott Bill Schrink jean Sciscoe Emilie Scott Page Forty-Iwo JUNIORS Row five Dick Sebree Grace Shaffer Rex Shane Leroy Shirey Ed Shubrick Dick Shuttleworth Virginia Silvers Marshall Sipe Mary Skeen Omega Skinner james Slane Raw six Joe Smith Ruthellyn Smith Warren Smith Robert Snyder Bufort Spencer Dorothy Spurgeon Mary jane St. john Ralph Stanley' Robert W. Stanley Betty Marlene Starr joe Stautameyer R010 seven Marie Stephenson Carl Stevenson Robert Stilwell Glen Stout h Charles Stewart Rosemary Studebaker David Summers Rosemary Summers Gene Sutton Betty Sue Swink Jeannette Tarvin Row eight Betty Taylor Richard W. Tesch Bernard Tharpe Lucielle Tharpe Grace Thesing Robert Thesing Clifton, Thomas Grace Thornburg Wayne Thornburg Vivian Tomlinson Eva Louise Tomey Row nim' Bettyruth Towne Frances Treasure Bob Trullender Maxine Turner Betty Sue Tyler Lois Elinor Tyler Louise Umminger Betty Van Arsdol Leona Van Matre Betty Vlaskamp Earl Vore Row trn Idamae Waid Betty Walburn Marietta Walburn Ruth XValls George Walter Edward Walters John XVasson Walter Wasson joe Wegcsin Robert Wehlage Robert E. Weir Row eleven Betty Welch Oscar West Virginia XVest Robert Weston Paul Waymire Bernard VVhite Mary Ellen White Mirl White Virginia White William White Wilma Whitney Row twelve Rebecca Wiesenauer Betty Williams Ella Mae Williams Lee Williamson Carrie Wilson Lois Wfilson Martha Wimmer Betty Sue Wise Roy Withers Patsy Work Maryellen Worl Y Page Forty -three Row our- Iuuiorx Mary Elizabeth W'right Paul Yohey Henry Young Marie Young Rosemary Younge Betty Luzader Victor Zearbaugh jean Zimmerman Row Iwo jack Abston Beverly Adams Wayne Adams Louis Aerts Eugene Albright Kenneth Alexander Luedith Alexander Lois Allen Mary Jane Alles john Allman Geraldine Ammon Row fbrrv Georgetta Applegate Irma Arbogast Sam Armstrong Charles Arnold Charline Arnold Bill Badders Farrol Bailey james Bailey NVilliam Bailey Berneice Baker jack Baker Row four jim Baldwin Bess Anne Bales Lovell Baney Edwin Barber Robert Bardeau Gene Barefoot Evelyn Barlow Robert Barnes Faunelle Barry james Bartels Mary Jane Barth Page Forlg four SOPHOMORES QROW 1, Juniorsj Row fin' Kenneth Battling Fred Barton Alva Beal Bob Beard jack Beeson julienne Irene Beetley Gordon Behnke Dewey Bell Rosemary Bell Edna Beller Lois Bender Raw six Barbara Bennett ,Iacquelyn Bennett Horace Bertram Bob Bibler Delray Bilby Xvilliam Black Annie Blair Emmett Blocher Margaret Boggs Frances Booher Susie Borson Rou-' seven Betty Boswell Martha Bowman Lena Mae Boyer Martha Bragg Earl Brandenburg Russell Brandenburg Leola Brashear Juanita Breeding Francis Bricker George Bricker James Bricker Row cigbl ' Wwdie Bright Marjorie Brock Betty Brown Viva Mae Brown Rosemary Buis Robert Bunch Walter Bundy Helen Burdorf Virginia Burnam Harry Burris Eugene Burton Row nine Betty Campbell Evon Carey Mark Carey Francis Carpenter Lucille Carpenter Eugene Carter Frances Carter Murriel Carter Roy Carter Mildred Case Mary Louise Cavanaugh Row Im Alice Chadwick Racella Chalfant Betty Jane Chambers Merrill Crisler Charles Clark jack Clark Lois Clark Martha Clark Robert Clark Ralph Clark Frances Clevenger Row view-n Marion Clevenger Carl Clock john Clyne Betty Coale Betty Jayne Coates Lois Coffman Betty Ellen Cole Ethlyeen Collins Vernon Collins Jack Comer joe Condon Row lweliue Mary Condon Ruby Conley Dorothy Conn Ann Conner Jewel Conner Mary Katherine Conner George Cook Ruby Cook Mary Cool John Cooper Fred Coovert me N xx a M X Q X N fs X " J xxx X xg xx X xp Q 1 X ' izsf QW A . Q Q ww, ,QMNNQ . N r f 1 f x .gg .x ,,. SQ 5 'Si .xr-1 ,Q Q A .1 ' ,Qi in .. Q . 9 , , x . xg xv X O v A , sw + - .sag 'Q ' - .L X N ..V, . ' X Q A' X x U7 2 x.kXLX fi- - H' , ks A. , 3 D . 5 iv 1M..Qsv .......... X - K if' 2 5 - K X . E . M A A -v h f - f .- . ' ' M F' if 3 ww ww... , -we X' ,L , .. ,. . an ' Q - X Ai . X ax E . - wx cr A KY ukxxtk M ' JS "' -"' is 3' is X Q ' X 'S . .ikh Q K .x , I x X , K Q. k M x N : , S. K ., 1 h A b L Q x L- xx A x A X ., ' fi xf' ' ' . Q - is af f 21 is -f, Q E Q' sq if - 3 Q " ff 2 A D ' 'Wx -F , v N.X, x x ,Q X f N , U eww 5 . ,L . as -. x QQ- -- .f xx- xg L, em., SQ, J- kgilgt , A .x - 'P ' ' 1 .l 'Q'- - , A X ' R ' ik S ' . 'Rf 3 ' ' f ' 4 Q . 'A - X br - -X Eh' x X ' W7 Q' ,Jw iff' wr - bv. D- , L' ' M - 1. -. A L 'K 12 n bf N .1 ' " W KKL1 - Si x N "mr g S '. "Q N 'L .. K 5' A I fifipf - .0 2 r ' H' f rfi mmxk mmxh Q 1 L Q 3 h 7 h E h ,.X. W x,,. A x,Y,x ' WgW 1k4,1g.,., 'f m,,g4A,, Page Forty five Row one Louise Copeland Blanche Cornell Beulah Couch Joe Courtney Merl Coy W'illard Crawford Mary Alice Crawley XVilliam Cronin Francis Crosby Noelene Cross Alvin Crowcroft Raw tu-'o Melvin Crowley Carolyn Cron Helen Crouse Marjorie Crump Ruth Crusius joe Cunningham Murray Cunningham Carolyn Current George Curts Bill Daugherty Esther Darrah Row lbrec Betty jean Davis joan Davis Beverly Davis Robert Davison Marion Dean Robert Dearduff Linda Lee DeGrief Herbert Denney Harry Devers Mary jane DeVoe Virginia jane Dickerson Row four Alma Dishman Edith Dixon Lowell Edward Dubois Anna May Duke Marjorie Dobbs Ruth Dodd Owen Dudley Clell Douglas Elizabeth Douglas Keith Drayer John Doolittle Page F ori y-six SOPHOMORES Row five Betty Duify Jimmy Duffy Clyde Dunavent Harold R. Dunn Mary Louise Dunn Lucille Dye Oma Early Charles Easterday William Eastman Eileen Edwards Jeannette Ellinger Row six Mary Elliott Muriel Eppards Robert Erlenbach Don Ertle Dorothy Evans Loraine Everett Bill Feeney Elsie Jeanne Fehrenbach William Fell Bob Fierce Joe Fisher Row seven Ralph Fisk Melvin Fields Darrel Flesher Paul Floyd Bertha Frazier James Frier Audrey Frye Donald Fulton Geraldine Fulton Christine Gaines Della Gaines Row eight Ralph Gaines Naomi Gale Marjorie Galliher Dora Louise Gelly Billy George Donald Gentry Carl Gibson Rollin Gibson Harold Gill Rollin A. Gill Alfred Gillian Row nine Clarissa Gindhart Joseph Glaser jane Goebel Cecil Goens Betty Good June Gott Martin Graves Eugene Grice Ella Mae Griffee Mabel Griffith Sam Grim Row Im Margaret Grimes Laura Bell Gross June Gruwell Gerald Gunltel Janice Gwynn Olive Jean Haas Frances Haines Mary Haley Walter Hall Frances Hammel Pearl Hammel Row eleven Marcella Hardesty Dorothy Harper Betty Harris julia Ann Harris Bob Harrison Vere Harrison XVilliam Harrison Franklin Hart Naomi Hart Elaine Harvey Dorothy Haskett Row iw:-I ur Lew Haston Mary Belle Hatcher Vivian Hathcock Ralph Havens Mary Hawk Rosemary Heaton Gladys Mae Henderson Betty Hensley Lester Hensley Lillian Herod Charles Hess .FK x 4 .. . ' x" 1 ' . '1'. l U X - . K AOKK K !xKKf . KL L-- fp .Q KK..K ' s K 'K . K its K K K KK ' . si 3' , 3' , mm. KKKQ 'K " K K K K if . . - ' 2. X Q -' S152-ii if Q .3 HQ ' . .T 4 'J . .1 51 A ? - is . Nm K .- ' .Q . .. . rx s .. KK .k'- . KK - ff .. My ' SS sg ?i?"Fi .M X KS: . 'rr X. .. . .S Yi r . .g.:KK..KK MK .3 3 K- , 'i.Xx.. KK K . .SKK . :N i. Q . K S' . ' fm - .mf KK K . K - N K K . K. K . . KK KKKJK . . Q. ' .'- Quia P -X. FS - Pi . . .. ' P . . . . . . . . .. ' g . - - T ' wsu . 2 .W R fa' X X . - . 3. L V - -- ,KKK K K K . e fr if 'F .4 . F ir ., , .. K , K K KKK , .. ., . ,K.K .K K K K KK - ' 'S . ' . EQ ws iz ' F' 0 X", S' sins ak . .JR 2 - " A x - . Q .'Q ' Q I A K. K., KK - . . x ..- K K K A K K K., K ,+A KK . f-- ., --f.. . . . N- SX 'Q .1 me I - ' ' . X? '. ' ' X ii i? I g"N5" Y" Q -- ,S g f . V , -'Q .f l . f Q W it f- ,KKK KK K K .,.., K I Qi KK IKKKK vf Ki K KKKK4 KKK, K KKKK A - 2 . . P T '... 'ifkfli xl A ' ' ...... ,. ..., ........ ..,, ..., mmm.. ..... . .....,,..... ,... ,.. ,.,,1' m-.- ,. M ,,... ...MM HQWBMKK K V K iii Page Forty :neu I . wp - ik! A' . " ,uf-xi 1 . . A' Row om' Arthur Heuchan Helen Hiatt Betty Hier Mack Hittson Madonna Hodge Bob Hoffer Ellie Hulbert john Holdcraft Clarence Hopper Charlie Hottinger Leon Howard Rnu' hm Robert Howze Martha Hudson Dorothy Huffman Roselind Huffman Cledith Hurst Paul Hurst Ralph Hurst George lcenhauer Allen Jackson Helen E. janney Gerald jarnagin Rau' lima' XVelden ,lennens Dorothy jenkinson George jetmore jack johns Dorothy johnson liarl Johnson Harry Johnson Norma Jean johnson Mary Johnson Paul Johnson Ronald johnson Row four Ufema johnson Nli'illie B. johnson Devonna jones Emily Jones Eugene jones joe Jones David Kallmeyer Gene Keeler john Keever Ruth Kelbel Karl Keever Page Forty ugh! SOPHGMORES Row five Rose Mary Kerrigan Esther Kimm Dick King Helen Edith Kiplinger jack Kirk Bettie jean Kramer Mary Ellen Kratzer Hazel M. Koons Tom Koons Dorothy Kraus Roberta La Bay Row sir Carita Lacey Nile Lamm Emma Mae Lamb Margaret Landrey Ruth Lane Harold Lang julia Mae Leavcll Joe Ledlie George Lee jimmie Leffler Byron Lc May Rout' sm 'eu junior Lemon Doris Leonard Frances Leonard Betty Levi Lyslc Lewis Nvaldon Lewis Paul Linn Virginia Lomax Rosemary Long Wfilma Lounsbury john Lucas Ron' rigbl Robert Lucas Thelma Ludeman Fred Luzader Gene Lyons lloff McBride Kathryn McClelland Kenneth McClelland Roberta McClintock Monzelle McConnell Norma McCurdy Mary jane McCurdy R0 w nine Michael McDonald Robert McDonald Thelma McDonald Virginia McGarvey Harold McGary Helen McGraw Rita McGuire Margaret Mclntosh Joan McKibhin Fred McMullin Glen Maddox Row tm Nomaruth Mahoney Dorothy Manet Carl Marks Catherine Mauer Sydney May Mildred Maynard Catherine Maynard Alice Marsh Miriam Martin Elbert Meeks Robert Mendenhall Row elm 'rn Betty jane Miles Merial Miles Addie Elizabeth Miller Betty Miller Betty Ellen Miller Paul Miller Susie Miller Wfarren Miller Bonney Millikan Patti Jeanne Minor George Minnick Row fwelrv' Charles Mitchell Clint Mitchell Marguerite Mitchell Martha Mitchell Maryellen Mitchell Mauvolene Mangold Thelma Moore Bert Morris Faye Morrow Rosemary Morrow Winifred Moss Pagr' FOTIQJV-Ilillt' Page Fifty Row one Bill Murphy Juanita Murphy Betty Jane Myers Orlena Clara Myers Shirley Nation Wavalene Naylor Joe Neely Wayne Nelson Rosalie Nickol Lonetta Nichols Hattie Lorene Nixon Row two Harold Nolley Jack Norris Marvin Northcutt Thelma Frances Oaldon Rose Oelslager Eva Ogle Malcolm Ogle Bob Orr Betty Osborne Bill Pace Louise Paine Row thru- Charles Parker Peggy Parsons Xvanda Patterson Wilnia Jenny Paul Dorothy Payne Bob Pence ,Marjorie Perry Tom Phillips Esther Pingry Mary Frances Pingry Helen Pauline Poindcxtcr Row four Rolland Polk John Pontius Hazel Porter Betty Jeanne Powers Thomas Prendergast Pota Printzos Martha Prout Katherine Purtlebaugh Vera Qualkinbush Billie Quire Georgia Quire SOPHOMORES Row five Harry Radcliffe Gilbert Rager Doris Raisor Ivagene Ramsey Charles Ratcliif Jim Ratican James Rawlinson Mary Rawlinson Mary Jane Reed Elizabeth Reed Viretta Redding Row six Esther Reese Ilda Reeves Margaret Reynolds Sara Ribble Howard Rice Ruth Rich W'illiam Richardson Gleda Richman Dorothy Ricks Fannie May Ring Jeanette Rivers Row xvvrn Eileen Roberts Agnes Robison Raymond Robinson Jack Roeger Freda Rogers Charles Rollcn Suzanne Rosenthal Elaine Rosinski Vera Ross Bert Roth Shirley Roth Row eight Bob Rush Richard Rutherford Robert Ryan Rosemary Samuels Dana Satterfield John Schenck Duetta SchiBler Dorothy Schuck Edward Schuck Evelyn Schumacher Virginia Schweninger Row nine Mildred Scull Glen Sears ,Delbert Eugene Shaw Betty Shepherd Clarence Sherwood Dorothy Jane Shimp Betty Shingledeel-ter Roland Shirley Mariam Shockley John Shoemaker Betty Jean Shore R010 len Marvin Shreeves Flora Belle Siggins John Siler Sally Simmons Bob Simmonds Sanford Simpson Wanda Simpson William Sipe Gola Skinner Adele Smith Alma Smith Row rleifm Lester Smith Mable Smith Marion Smith Suzanne Smith Doris Sollars Marcella Spangler Alice Sparks Delores Springer Ralph Springer Francis Springman Annave Stafford Raw fwel ve Eugene Stamper Annabell Stanley Jeanne Stanley Annie Stettler Arthur Stevens James Stevens Robert Stevens Vernon Stevens Charline Stewart Nellie Stills Betty Stoker Q I Page Fifiy-om' 1 Row one Mildred Stoker Ernest Stonecipher Ruthellen Story Gene Stout Paul Stover Ted Studebaker Marjorie Study Maxine Sutton Roberta Swallow Darrell Swank Rex Swink Row Iwo Walter Tanner Marianne Taylor Omar Taylor Mildred Terrell June Tesch Betty jane Thomas Howard Thomas Bernard Thompson Edward Thompson Harry Thompson Bill Thorpe Ron' ilvrvr' Ralph Thorpe Robert Thorpe Fred Timmons David Traub Lula Belle Townsend Paul Trout Loraine True Albert Traux John Charles Tucker Charles Turner Gene Turner Page F1 fly two SOPHOMORES Rou' four Helene Turner Irmadean Turner Donald Tuttle Valerie Udell Kenneth Upton Rosemary Urton Elaine Van Allen Glenn Van Arsdol Naomi Van Arsdol Virginia Vanhorn Phyllis Van Landingham Row fm' john Van Matre Maxine Van Matre Robert Van Matre Roberta Van Matre Margaret Valos Ashton Venis Hearld Verneman Betty Vice Bob Viles Glenister Vore Beverly Wallace Row six Dick Wallace Harold Wfagncr Ellen Wallar jack XVallar Dorothy Wfalls Rosemary W'alter john NVarner Olive Warner Chester W. W'atson Donald Vfebb Annabelle Vfebcr Row rrvrn Mary Esther Weeks Ora Weenms Robert Weems Karl Wehlage Ethan Weir Eva Weisse Eddie Welch Juanita Wells Loren Werbil Robert Wernet john Wert Row ciglat Betty West Harold' White Kathryn White LaWayne White Jeanette Wilhelm Aaron XVilliams Edellyn Nvilliams Edwin Xvilliams Elizabeth V'illiams Harriet Williams Saribel Williams Row nim' Warren Williams Ila jane XVilliamso Harry Willis Raymond XVilson Robert W'ine Billy NVirth Marcus Wise Marjorie W'ise Fred Wright Carl Wolfe Robert Wfolfe Row lm I1 Mary Catherine Wood Andrew Wright Alberta Yingling James Yingst William Yohler Bob K. Young Gene Young Josephine Younge Rollin Zapf Paul Zimmerman Q sm rx--vypf, 3ve5m.'Q'Q2, f" ""igwyfss Y Q 'NSQQQQQQ fx- XQQ QQQ Q Q gig, vw Q55-5. A SN .-wk Q -AQ . QQ 51 .Q - QQ , 1 wg .f.x,Q:w3gqq: .5y.q A w, - - L ' . . J ' , ' . n -rl , ...I " , E A . ' Q QQQ Q ,Q Q Q' QQ , Q . Q x -.ix-,Q . QQ V A -1 . Q4 '- Q ls 232 .. ,F X 1' - . i ' 3 ff is ' : " if Q Q , 5:1 'mx 'ff .Q ' x V - P Q . Q l 4 Q Q -f Q f ,N A Q31 , . ,gk Q Q EMQQQ f ,Q Q .N T Q Q 1- ' N . fLh.h ' Q A 1 fi g fww Q. if as . f X 5 Q' - 1 av :N SQ. ' : - rg: . Q 31 ' Q - - A. 11' 1. f' f QQ,x, X . QQ, - - Q - is-ze., ,fv - Q5-,ga Q Q X Q -- Q, , - ,Q XQ .. Q . ' Sai-Q E Q Q Rf ik J . x Q in is ,,,, . 1 - 15, x A ' , , au N ' ff X 2 , .A '5 , S' A ,vi .JF if is X" ' K - S - ,, f' " 'ii' z ' - ' Q' - . fx f .V Q Q. ' K Q Q x Q QQQQ Q x .H X X 3 N5 . - . ' "' ' ' .2 1 .. ' ' 3 L Y? X a ' Q, Q xg: QQ X " X . f ez, QQ ,gi Q . . Q3 .k'. QQ Q Q .fx QQ QQQ Q Q Q Q ffifx.-fgi -, ' ' . Q Q 4 . 'Q 1 5 Q 5' H fe- S58 if" 'N . .. . f -Q 5 . si-X xQ Q,Qj - ' f , X Q W . .. Q ,Q '- Q' - . - f .. ff' . -, . -w --,, Q X , - H! Q 1 ' - '- X " x -If --.1 . a M - 1 + S Q " if ., g ' .- -fi' R X . " " ' f'-"-W, ' ' ' ' - L- Qs ' . I Q " f 1 -' ' 'N Q Q . I ' ' Q 5 . QQ QQ Q Q g t . , . , 'Q' it ' fi' is if - 1 Y ,Q ' 5. wi .. ' - ,x Q U., Qx-. -Q - . 1' . 5 ' + . K f-. H . F ' ' X X x,m.x. 5 ., Q , - , . . N , Q . T Q x .Q '- 2 i s' Q Q- 4 . 'Q . - ' --Q..Q. QQ . . . X . P f,--. , . f ',-,Q, kxxat .. X ,. Qi... -- X g - x Q .x..Q. Q M x.N. W ,Q .... R3 :i Q . -in i K Page F iff y-lbrre Page Fifly-four STUDENT COUNCIL IN ORDER to provide for the students a voice in the school govern- ment, the Student Council was formed. Here we have a candid shot showing the group during one of their numerous business meetings. The main object of the Student Council has been to promote citizenship among students and teachers. One of the Council's greatest successes was the Pan-American Day Chapel. On this day, a school pledge was presented to the entire student body. The Student Council has been doing fine work this year, and we sincerely hope for their future success. Members of the council are Jim Carnes, Bob Fell, Jackie Hamilton, Julia Ann Harris, Ruth Huffman, Jack Keppler, Philip Lacey, Joe Ledlie, Fred Luzader, Betty Roeger, Howard Rice, Jeanette Rivers, Nancy Sack- steder, Walter Shelton, Gene Smith, Delphine Williams, Lee Willinnmsoim, and Norma Winters. ACTORS' GUILDS 'Sb C54 HO VZINV9 SNOLL MAGICIAN STAFF HE top exposure shows the Magician staff at work. The staff members adjusted lights, timed the exposures, and prepared, the film in order to bring to life a true picture of the work and play of Central High School. At the left, below, the sales staff makes a check-up to test the' progress of the sales campaign. The work of perfecting the picture editorially was rewarded by the efforts of a competent crew of business agents. They made this different and unusual book a success. The staff not only sold books to students, but they conducted a campaign among merchants. The view at the right, showing the editor and business manager in conference, sym- bolizes the union and cooperation which has been necessary to make this book a suc- cess. The editorial heads and business heads have carefully planned and executed the best and most practical ideas submitted. Thanks must also go to Fred Bogart, instruc- tor, for his help on the undergraduate pictures, and to the Advisory Board consisting of Paul Addison, Miss Kathleen Meehan, Mrs. Gladys Townsend, and Miss Maude Michael. Most of the group and athletic pictures were taken by Roger Lingeman, of the physics department. Paqi F1 fy-tix - .pn Y ,. MUNSONIAN STAFF I 'ERE we see the nucleus of the Munsonian staff in action. Each week these students, with the help of reporters, edit the school paper. I The motto of the paper is "Central First and Last." It supports all school activities, including athletics and high school organizations. Thirty issues are published each year and are distributed throughout the United States. The paper is printed in the Central High School print shop, where the lower center picture was made. To be eligible for the staff, a pupil must pass a test and attend the newswriting class for one term to learn the fundamentals of editing a paper. r Pa 1 , 3. 'K' "ff.v-f-ish: S' PEP CLUB GXRL HKS interesting picture was snapped at the anmiai Giris' Pep Club dance. This event is heid each year conchxsion of the basket bail season. Other activi- he year, including a sophomore mixer acquaint the sopho- em in at the ' during t term to ' terest th . N ties are given t the beginning of each new the chib's purpose and to in ' h a giris with ' is who wis more V becoming members. The organization is open to all Centrai gir to aid in promoting a better spirit toward :iii schooi ac tivities. GIRLS ' GLEE CLU H . B IS fine looking group of broadcasters might be com' through television, so realistic is this opens new opportunities f The ing to you picture. R ' or many de ' glee club de l ' ' Al adio broadcasting partments in the modern high school. ve ops ability while it aids in furnishing entertainment. though a trained voice is not necessary for membe fortunate in possessing manv tale many programs b rship, the l 1 nted member . ' y a trio of ' ' ' operated W' h c ub is s It is represented on junior girls. The club has cheerfully co- it other organizations in presenting the Community Sing, H. M. S. Pinaforef' and the music department program. my Fif'-V"'i" Page Six!-y HI-Y CLUB HI-Y, a school club for boys afliliated with the Y. M. C. A., has for its purpose: "To cre- ate, maintain, and extend, throughout our high school and community, high standards of Chris- tian character." Members are selected according to their mental, physical, and spiritual ideals. Initiation is held once each semester, and meetings are held each week. The highlight of this year's activities was a program for Washington's birthday, which in- cluded the Berwanger Chapel and Dinner. SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB ERE the members of the Social Science Club are enjoying a box supper at one of the club's frequent social meetings. These pupils are particularly interested in parliamentary procedure, debating, mock elections, current events, and other social science activities. Meetings are held twice a month. Membership in this club is limited! to fifty, and one must have average scholarship to be approved by the members. They assist the Delaware His- torical Society and cooperate with all other school organizations. To promote interest in a museum is one of the club's aims. This year for the second time the club will give a social science award to a senior who they feel best represents their aims and has the most possi- bilities of future success in the field of social science. Nm Page Sixty-one LE CERCLE FRANCAIS MEMBERS of Le Cercle Francais are puzzling over the French names for some of the articles on the table, in this action photo. The purpose of the group is to stimulate interest among pupils for con- tinued work in French. Informal meetings are held in which all pupils who have studied French for at least one year participate. One of the highlights of this year's activi- ties was the banquet, at which a short French play was given and popular French songs were sung. A great deal of valuable information is gained through this club by listening to outside speakers and learning about French background and customs. ORCHESTRA fO1f'a1 Pirhzrz-1 "'l"HIS flash catches the High School Or- fl chestra in a concert performance. Dur- ing the vear this group has developed greatlv in size and oualitv. Its instrumentation now approaches svmohonic proportions. Those who are musically inclined and are willing to devote effort to this organization meet for rehearsal dailv. Activities for the year in- clude participation in civic programs. class plavs, and orchestrations for musical proi- ects. Page Sixly-I wo GIRLS' SERVICE CLUB HIS snap shows a committee of the Girls' Service Club at work filling Christmas baskets to spread cheer. The club has many members, as every girl who enters Central automatically becomes a member of this organization. The club helps to pro- mote good will and fellowship among girls, friendship which gives mutual beneiit, scholarship, loyalty to school, and service. During this school year the club has spon- sored social hours after school, sale of pen- cils, a mother-daughter banquet, and the provision of Christmas and Thanksgiving baskets. Scenes from the junior Play "GUESS AGAINU A HILARIOUS comedy, "Guess Again," was given this year by the junior class. The large cast of comedy characters gave outstanding performances. The plot was woven around a series of events that took place in a tourist hotel. Many complications arose which baffled the audience until the close. Proceeds from the play were used by the junior class to finance the Junior-Senior Prom. "NIGHT OF JANUARY SIXTEENTHU UQXIHERE were you the night of January sixteenth?" This was the question directed at witnesses in the senior mystery drama, "Night of January Sixteenth." The scene was a Court room. The thrilling action centered about a murder trial. The verdict handed down by a- local jury packed a real thrill. The play, which was presented on April 15, financed the com- mencement activities. Scenes from ibn' Senior Play Page Sixly-four THE VERGIL CLUB HE characteristic toga of the Roman citizen and the costumes of .gods and goddesses shown in this picture typify the spirit of the Vergil Club. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the third and fourth year Latin pupils with Roman customs and to increase their respect for the beauty and dignity of the classics. Magistrates are selected with. the same titles and duties as those in the Roman state. The annual banquet, which features a Latin menu and toasts and a Roman Wedding, is one of the activities which have helped this club make Latin ll living language. HONOR SOCIETY HE impressive rites of initiation into the Honor So- ciety are made so by the realization of the fourfold aim of the society: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. As these qualities form the basis of selection, it is evi- dent that election to membership in this organization is the highest honor the school can confer. Besides the regular meetings, the Honor Society gives a party for honor sophomores, an annual banquet, and a formal initiation rite. The society also sponsors the Gold "M" chapel. Page' Sixty-ji HIGH SCHOOL BAND COMMENDABLE improvement has been made by the C. H. S. band during the present year. New uniforms for the drum major and color guard, a beautiful new American flag--presented by the local American Legion and Auxiliary, plus an attractive C. H. S. banner-designed by John VanMatre, Mildred Wfiley, and Miss Hollenback, add to the already snappy ap- pearance of this marching unit. Flarshy maneuvers and peppy music con- tribute zest to the real Bearcat spirit. The band sets the pace for the cheering hosts at games and pep sessions. The group will also add beauty to the commencement ac- tivities by a concert at that time. Other special activities in which the band participated were weekly Friday morning broadcasts, a Sunrise Easter Concert, and the Ball State Music Festival. SCIENCE CLUB HIS print of the Test Tube Shakers at work reassures us that they faithfully fulfill the activity which their name indi- cates. The group made an interesting field trip to visit the Eli Lilly Company at In- dianapolis. The information which they ob- tained on this trip was presented to the Science Club as "The Chemistry of Medi- cine." The middle exposure snaps a group of botany students interested in the study of living organisms. An outstanding presen- tation of this club was a demonstration of the preparation and mounting of a skeleton by Melvin Fields, a member of the club. At the bottom we see our future physi- cists, who have spent much of their time in individual research and in the prepara- tion of interesting projects for presentation before the club as a whole. They have pre- sented programs on "Fluorescence" and "Gas Engines" during the current year. The members of the club, representing the chemistry, physics, and botany depart- ments, are devoting their interests to a field which has made many contributions to our modern life. The purpose of the club is three-fold: to increase the interest, to af- ford opportunity for individual research, and to widen the individual's field of sci- entific thought. Membership in this club is attained when one of the science teachers has recommended a pupil desiring to join. L'ALLEGRO CLUB Page Sixty-eight HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR L'ALLEGRO CLUB HE blindfold plays an important part in the initiation ceremonies of the music club. The only requirement for membership in this organ- ization is an interest in music. The purpose of the club is to develop musical interest and to give students the opportunity to appear before an appreciative audience. The club sponsored the chapel concert of Giovanni Sperandeo. Splendid programs and social events have marked this a banner year. The annual banquet will be held in the spring. HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR AS Central's robed choir marches ahead, it bears high hopes for the future. Much energy and unusual interest was displayed in obtain- ing these purple vestments for the vocal group. The choir carried out a most successful program with its participa- tion in the Community Sing, Ball State Music Festival, Music Depart- ment Program, and commencement activities. The climax of this year's work consisted of an Easter cantata, 'The Seven Last XVords of Christf, by Dubois. This inspiring program was presented to the students and the public in two performances. Much dignity is added to choir programs by the use of the Fred Kirselman Memorial Organ. FRIENDSHIP CLUB FRIENDSHIP CLUB HESE happy members of the Friendship Club believe in "facing life squarelyn and in working earnestly as they render service to the school and community. Among the activities through which they aid in sending representatives to Camp Sing-A-Long are the operation of a check room, the sale of used books, and the sale of holly. Group singing is one of the activities in which these girls join whole- heartedly. Well-planned meetings, programs, and activities have been arranged by the club cabinet. Several lively parties, a tea, a weiner roast, and a ping-pong tourney have been given. The Friendship Club is one to which every high school girl may belong. Members endeavor in every way "to find and give the best." CABINET Page Sixly-niur 4, Page Se: wily 'DRAMATIC CLUB ' Lights! Action! Camera! ' This scene caught by the candid camera is from the Christmas play, "Why the Chimes Rang," presented to the students at a holiday chapel. Griilin Stephenson, art instructor, aided Dick Head in the designing and constructing of the elaborate scenery for this production. Membership is acquired through a successful try-out giving evidence of the following qualifications: voice, stage presence, dramatic ability, and school citizenship. The annual play, "Seventeen," by Booth Tarkington, was one of the most successful productions ever staged by the club. Scene from "XVhy the Chimes Rang" The Clubs at Work DAUBER AND CLAY CLUBS SKETCHERS and sculptors of the Dauber and Clay clubs are shown here capturing the moods of 21 model. The Dauber Club was organ- ized to cooperate in sustaining appreciation of art in Central. Member- ship is open to all interested. The Hobby Derby, an art contest spon- sored by the Indiana Junior Federation of Art, is held annually in In- dianapolis. Members of the club usually submit entries for this contest. The Clay Club is a newly organized group that meets biweekly. It is a division of the Dauber Club. The members strive to produce articles made from clay and sell them in order to finance the club. Page Sc' vmly-ofle 4 W 'X vi is ' r X . sri FOOTBALL "M" CLUB HE "M" Club was organized for the purpose of representing fair play and clean sportsmanship. This organization works for the pro- motion of athletics in connection with the Central High School Athletic Board. BASKETBALL Eligibility to this club is gained by winning n letter in some athletic Page Srwrlly-I wo activity. "M" Club graduates au- tomatically become members of the alumni "M" Club. Bearcat Day is sponsored by the "M" Club. ORGANIZATIONS MAGICIAN STAFF Editor ,.... - Gene Smith Associate Editor - - Walter Shelton Assistant Editor - - Betty Norrick Business Manager - - Bob Stanley SPONSORS Miss Ella Hollenback Miss Anna Marie Yates Leona rd A. Paris Aaron Adams, Louise Adams, Martha Allman, Fred Almy, Tom Baldwin, Marlyn Baxter, Chester Beck, Jean Bernard, Joe Brennan, Mary Jane Bronne, Rhea Campbell, Vivian Canter, Arthur Cassity, Juanita Clawson, Robert Collins, Dick Connolly, Linton Dan- iels, Mary K. Everist, Martha Jane Faulkner, Bob Fell, Ural Fisher, Harry Fording, Dorothy Foster, Carl France, Marjorie Frick, Jack Frye, Phil George, Vivian Goodall, Dorothy Gritlin, Bill Hannah, Dick Head, Dana Hershey, Louise Hilty, Juanita Hiatt, Ted Higdon, Elizabetlv Hook, Ruth Huffman, Fran- ces Johnson, Dave Jones, Dick Jones, Vincent Jones, Jack Keppler, Phil Lacey, Joe Lake, Bettie Ledlie, Helen Mae Lewis, Bob Livengood, Gail Malsbary, Barney Mills, Dixie Mingus, Betty McDonald, Leatha McDonald, Ray McNickle, Betty Newton, Fred Parr, llerbert Pazol, Carl Pickell, Mildred Poore, Betty Props, Alicemae Rhoades, Donnabelle Risk, Bill Rob- ertson, Fred Robinson, Oreda Rarick, Olive Rose, Paul Schultz, Winston Sparling, Eugene Stafford, Mary Frances Streeter, Henrietta Turner, Jim Turner, Ar- thur VanMatre, Billy Wade, Bob Wallace, Bernadine NVehlage, June Weir, Mildred V'iley, Norma Winters, Delphine Willianis, Dick Wirth. MUNSONIAN STAFF Editor ...- Donna Belle Risk Business Manager - - - - Bob Stanley Sponsor - - - - - Miss Kathleen Meehan Martha Allman, William Black, Lindley Clark, Alvin Crowcroft, Betty Jean Davis, Bill Dearborn, Mary Jane Dwyer, Kay Funkhouser, Charlene Gilliam, Ed Grice, Vera Howell, Bob Hoffer, Betty Jordan, Marjorie Kramer, Joe Lake, Joe Ledlie, Dick Leitch, Helen Lewis, Bob Livengood, Nomaruth Mahoney, Anne Mathys, Velda Mattison, Iloif McBride, Betty McDonald, Marjorie McKee, Betty Norrick, Elmira Parke, Robert Rankin, Sara Ribble, Gene Richards, Jeannette Rivers, Virginia Sanders, Margaret Scher- baum, Jeanne Schott, Jean Sciscoe, Roland Shirey, Florabelle Siggins, Gene Smith, Warren Smith, Vir- ginia Smith, Mildred Stoker, Gene Stout, Lucielle Tharpe, Frances Treasure, Maxine Turner, Betty Van Arsdol, Glenn Van Arsdol, Betty Vlasltamp, Idamae Waid, John Wasson. A GIRLS' PEP CLUB President - - - Mary Frances Streeter Vice-President - - - Marjorie Fisher Secretary - - - Betty McDonald Sponsor - - .... Mrs. Mary Johnson Martha Allman, Helen Baker, Bess Ann Bales, Vir- ginia Bartholomew, Elaine Bayless, Maryellen Beall, Jo Ann Beckett, Edna Beller, Jean Bernard, Clara Jane Brammer, Frances Bratton, Betty Brown, Hetty Brown, Viva Mae Brown, Evon Carey, Sarona Car- michael, Frances Carter, Peggy Church, Juanita Claw- son, Betty Jane Coates, Lois Coates, Betty Ellen Cole, Anna Jayne Collins, Mary Cool, Blanche Cornell, Beu- lah Couch, Noelene Cross, Juanita Daugherty, Mary Jane Devoe, Virginia Dickerson, Dorothy Ditton, Marjorie Dobbs, Marjorie Dragoo, Lucille Dye, Mary Elliott, Marjorie Frick, Norma Fuson, Marjorie Gal- liher, Dora Louise Gelly, Jane Goebel, Genevieve Gray, June Gruwell, Norma Haas, Olive Haas, Loma Halsey, Maxine Heldenbrand, Betty Hensley, Helen Hiatt, Dorothy Holaday, Ellie Holbert, Ruby Huff- man, Betty Lou Hull, Frances Johnson, Mary John- son, Emily Jones, Ann Kallmeyer, Catherine Kennedy, Grace Keppler, Esther Kimm, Jayne Knapp, Roberta LaBay, Betty Ledlie, Helen Mae Lewis, Wilma Louns- bury, Mary Jane McCurdy, Norma McCurdy, Rita McGuire, Margaret Mclntosh, Marjorie McKee, Joan McKibben, Wray Maddox, Katherine Mahoney, Nomaruth Mahoney, Geraldine Mauller, Mildred Maynard, Peggy Merz, Merial Miles, Gaynelle Miller, Bonnie Jean Millikan, Dixie Mingus, Marguerite Mitchell, Faye Morrow, Rosemary Morrow, Shirley Nation, XVavalene Naylor, Lonetta Nichols, Hattie Nixon, Betty Norrick, Betty Osborne, Elmira Parke, Peggy Parsons, Julia Pendergast, Marjorie Perry, Clara Petty, Mildred Poore, -Katherine Purtlebaugh, Mary Frances Rahe, Florence Ray, Alicemae Rhoades, Sara Ribble, Jeannette Rivers, Betty Roeger, Olive Rose, Suzanne Rosenthal, Vera Ross, Nancy Sack- steder, Grace Schafer, Jeanne Schott, Margaret Scher- baum, Duetta Schiffler, Evelyn Schumacher, Betty Shepherd, Evelyn Shirey, Wanda Simpson, Mary Skeen, Omega Skinner, Adele Smith, Ruthellyn Smith, Dorothy Spurgeon, Annave Stafford, Jeanne Stanley, Bettie Stoker, Mildred Stoker, Mary Sasser, Rosemary Studebaker, Marjorie Study, Rosemary Summers, Marianne Taylor, June Tesch, Lucielle Tharpe, Grace Thesing, Vivian Tomlinson, Bettyruth Towne, Maxine Turner, Louise Umminger, Rosemary Urton, Phyllis Vanlandingham, Betty Vlaskamp, Betty Walburn, Betty Ruth West, Ruth West, Mildred Wiley, Saribel Williams, Norma Winters, Patsy Work, Alberta Yingling, Josephine Younge, Jean Zimmerman. Page Seventy three GIRLS' GLEE CLUB President - . - Margaret McIntosh Vice-President - - - Annave Stafford Secretary-Treasurer - - Lucille Tharpe Sponsor ........ Glen Stepleton Charline'Arnold, Betty Astbury, Margaret Boggs, Dorothy Boswell, Betty Campbell, Lois Clark, Lois Coffman, Mary Conner, Mary Alice Crawley, Caro- line Cron, Mary Garnet Curts, Eileen Dailey, Juan- ita Etchinson, Norma Fuson, Deloris Gale, Margaret Grimes, Fannie Holt, Ufema Johnson, Bettie Kramer, Josephine Leudemann, Helen Mae Lewis, Virginia Lomax, Gail Malsbary, Rachel Mark, Roberta Mc- Clintock, Sylvia Moore, Hattie Nixon, Betty Nor- rick, Betty Osborne, Peggy Ann Petty, Esther Pin- gry, Mary Frances Pingry, Mildred Poore, Oreda Rar- ick, Mary Rawlinson, Ruth Ellen Story, Betty Thomas, Emma Towles, Phyllis Van Landingham, Mary Esther YVeeks, Betty West, Delphine Willianis, Ila Jane Williams, Alberta Yingling, Rosemary Younge. HI-Y CLUB President .... - Bob Stanley Vice-President - - - Fred Parr Secretary - - - Fred Robinson Treasurer - - - - Bill Dearborn Sponsor ....... Clarence E. Swingley Desoit Allen, Paul Arbaugh, Tom Baldwin, Sam Banta, Chester Beck, Harry Billica, Arthur Cassity, Lindley Clark, Warren Cox, Willard Crawford, Lin- ton Daniels, Robert Dearborn, William Dearborn, Henry Dorton, Robert Ellis, Melven Gilpen, Edward Grice, William Grice, Dick Head, Leon Howard, Jim Johnson, David Jones, Richard Jones, Floyd Lacey, Richard Leitch, Byron LeMay, James Mardis, Ger- ald McKinley, Ray McNickle, Howard Nierstheimer, Clifford Reed, Jerald Riley, Winston Sparling, Bu- fort Spencer, Ronald Templin, Bernard Tharpe, Bill Van Arsdol, Glen Van Arsdol, John Wasson, Joe Wegesin, Lee Williamson, Arthur Van Matre. FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS President .. - - - - Gene Smith Secretary-Treasurer - - - Betty McDonald Sponsor ...... Miss Charline Jamieson John Barnes, Sam Banta, Alice Bernard, Jean Ber- nard, Eleanor Clark, Lucille Cannaday, Robert Dearborn, Fred DeVoe, Haskell Dulaney, Edith Dixon, Robert Ellis, Rosemary Englehart, Jane Ex- ton, John Farinella, Marjorie Frick, Norma Fuson, Genevieve Gray, Jim Harrold, John Hines, Floyd Lacey, Joe Lake, Betty Ledlie, Frank Massey, Gail Malsbary, Fred McClellan, Wayne McLaughlin, Betty Norrick, Betty Osborne, Herbert Pazol, Jean Sciscoe, Walter Shelton, Bufort Spencer, Robert Stanley, Mary Frances Streeter, Rosemary Studebaker, Louise Umminger, Robert Weir, Edward Winniger. Page Severity-foflr SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB President - .. - Lindley Clark Vice-President - - - Gale Malsbary Secretary - - - , Julia .Ann Harris Treasurer - - - Marianne Taylor Sponsor - - - - Clarence E. Swingley Irma Arbogast, Betty Jean Astbury, Norman Bea- man, Jack Beeson, Barbara Bennett, Emmett Bloch- er, Marjorie Brock, Robert Burch, Vivian Canter, Mary Alice Crawley, Robert Dearborn, W'illiam Dearborn, Eileen Edwards, Dora Louise Gelly, Char- lene Gilliam, Melven Gilpen, Mary Johnson, Karl Keever, Joe Ledlie, Rita McGuire, Margaret Mc- Intosh, Gail Malsbary, Jean Mann, Wysor Marsh, Rosemary Morrow, Shirley Nation, Howard Nierst- heimer, Jean Parks, Clifford Reed, Gene Richards, Jeanette Rivers, Fred Robinson, Nancy Sacksteder, Jean Sciscoe, Bufort Spencer, Betty Shepherd, Mary Jane Stiffler, Marjorie Study, Betty Van Arsdol, Ashton Venis, Jack Wallar, John Warner, John Wasson, Joe XVegesin, John Wert, Lee Williamson, James Yingst. GIRLS' SERVICE CLUB President - - - Betty Norriek Vice-President - - - Betty Ledlie SCCNIHFS' - - - - - Betty Roeger Treasurer - - - - Delphine Williams SPONSORS Mrs. Susan B. Nay Miss Frances O'Harra Miss Jewel Standerford Home room representatives: June Baker, Garnet Marie Boright, Viva Mae Brown, Betty Campbell, Sarona Carmichael, Leonora Clary, Betty Coale, Anne Conner, Helen Louise Crow, Juanita Daugherty, Vir- ginia Dickerson, Clarissa Gindhart, Norma Haas, Loma Halsey, Mary Jane Harless, Catherine Heck, Maxine Heldenbrand, Hope Hughey, Helen Janney, Virginia Lomax, Helen McGraw, Margaret McGraw, Margaret McIntosh, Nomaruth Mahoney, Catherine Maynard, Elmira Parke, Willimiene Rich, Charline Stewart, Marjorie Study, Rosemary Summers, Vivian Tomlinson, Harriett Williams, Lois Williams and Valerie Udell. JUNIOR PLAY CAST Director ...... Miss Jewel Standerford George Brickley, Betty Brubaker, Lindley Clark, Bill Dearborn, Bob Dearborn, Melven Gilpen, Loma Halsey, Jacqueline Hamilton, Margaret Holt, Wray Maddox, Wysor Marsh, Marjorie McKee, Bufort Spencer, Marietta Walburn, John Wasson. SENIOR PLAY CAST Director ...... Miss jewel Standerford Louise Adams, Desoit Allen, Paul Arbaugh, Elea- nor Clark, Robert Collins, Mary Katherine Everist, Robert Fell, john Hall, Eugene Holden, Edith Key, Ray McNickle, Robert Parr, Herbert Pazol. Harold Persinger, Mildred Poore, Betty Lee Props, Alicemae Rhoades, Evelyn Shirey, Winston Sparling, Ronald Templin, Agnes Thomas, Gale XValter, joe XVarfel, Mildred Wiley. VERGIL CLUB CONSULS Gene Richards. Wray Maddox Praeter - - - Maxine Heldenbrand Quaester - - - - Robert johnson Sponsor - - - - - Mrs. Esther K. Brown Louise Booth, Viola Brumback, Lindley Clark, Betty jean Davis, Charlene Gilliam, Melven Gilpen, juanita Grimm, Maxine Heldenbrand, Robert john- son, Emily jones, Wray Maddox, Earl Massey, Iloii' McBride, Willimiene Rich, Gene Richards, Walter Shelton, Flora Belle Siggins, Betty Stoker, Maxine Turner, Betty Klaskamp. HONOR SOCIETY President - - - - - joe Lake Vice-President - - Betty McDonald Secretary - - - Ruth Huiman Treasurer - - ..... Walter Shelton SPONSORS Miss Elizabeth Hutzel Mrs. Erma Christy Martha Allman, Fred Almy, jolm Barnes, joe Brennan, Lindley Clark, Robert Condon, Robert Dearborn, june Desmond, Charlene Gilliam, Rich- ard Head, Frances johnson, David jones, Richard jones, Vincent jones, Betty Norrick, Fred Parr, Donna Belle Risk, Fred Robinson, Bufort Spencer, Robert Stanley, Vlilliam Wade, Robert Wallace, Gale Wal- ter, Delphine XViIliams, Lee NVilliamson. ORCHESTRA President - - - - Chester Beck Vice-President - - - Oreda Rarick Secretary - - - Mary Frances Rahe - - - .. - - jane Exton Treasurer Director ..... - - - Glen Stepleton Betty Allen, Martha Allman, W'illiam Bailey, Tom Baldwin, Bob Barnes, jack Beeson, john Bezy, Rus- sell Brandenburg, Mary Frances Corneluis, Bernita Etchison, john Farinella, Paul Humphrey, Irene Kas- ter, Marjorie Kramer, Carita Lacey, Bob Larkin, Helen Mae Lewis, Iloif McBride, Garnet McClain, Harold McGary, Albert Oliver, Mary Frances Rahe, jerald Riley, Tom Snyder, Beverly Timmons, jim Turner, Dick Waid, john Warner, Bob Weir, josephine Younge. BAND President - - - - jim Turner Vice-President - , Ray MgNiCk1g Secretary-Treasurer - Tom Baldwin Sponsor --.... - Glen Stepleton Desoit Allen, john Allman, Morton Anderson, Charles Arnold, jim Baldwin, Robert Beard, Chester Beck, Edna Beller, Randolph Beuoy, Wayne Bilby, Earl Brandenburg, Russell Brandenburg, Frances Carter, Ralph Clark, Mary Frances Cornelius, Helen Louise Crow, William Current, Mary Findley, Ural Fisher, Kay Funkhouser, Lucille Goens, Martin Graves, Betty Gwin, Mary Ellen Harriott, john Hines, Paul Humphrey, Ralph Hurst, jim johnson, Mearl johnson, Kenneth Kirchner, Marjorie Kramer, Ray Langdon, Robert Larkin, Byron Le May, Clif- ford Levi, Helen Mae Lewis, Harold Long, Iloff Mc- Bride, Miriam Martin, Velda Mattison, Evelyn Moore, Howard Nierstheimer, Paul Nottingham, Malcolm Ogle, Albert Oliver, Charles Parker, Peggy Anne Petty, Oreda Rarick, jerald Riley, Eldon Rodgers, james Russell, Virginia Sanders, Glen Sears, XVilliam Sipe, jim Slane, Lester Smith, Tom Snyder, Charline Stewart, Leo Tighe, Eva Tomey, Bill Turner, Don Tuttle, Gerald Tuttle, Earl Vore, Dick Wallace, Bob Weir, Mildred XY'iley, Marjorie Wise, Bob Wriglmt, Fred Wright, Mary E. Wright, james Yingst, Gene Young, Marie Young, Rosemary Younge. SCIENCE CLUB President - L - , Bob Parr Vice-President - - , Fred Robinson Secretary-Treasurer .... Delphine Williams SPONSORS Biology - Frances Andrews Physics-Roger Lingeman Chemistry-Edward Zetterberg john Allen, Betty jean Astbury, Thomas Bald- win, john Barnes, Ellis Bergman, joseph Brennan, Ralph B. Clark, Melvin Cox, Helen Crow, David Cunningham, Robert Dearborn, W'illiam Dearborn, Melvin Fields, Mildred Gadberry, Donald Gentry, Charlene Gilliam, Melven Gilpen, Margaret Grimes, Genoa Henry, Eugene Holden, Paul Humphrey, Helen janney, Robert E. johnson, Robert Edgar johnson, Donald Kelbel, Marjorie Kramer, Carita Lacey, Ruth Lane, Miriam Martin, Thelma May- nard, Richard Merryweather, Peggy Merz, Howard Nierstheimer, Richard Norman, Robert Rankin, Ed- ward Rapere, Alonzo Runkle, Robert Rush, Wins- ton Sparling, David Summers, jeanette Tarvin, Ber- nard Tharpe, Betty Van Arsdol, Gail Walter, Ches- ter Watson, joseph Wegesin, Robert Weir, james Whitaker, Paul Wilson, Edward Zearbaugh. Page Seventy vc THE L'ALLEGRO CLUB OFFICERS President - - ..... Chester Beck Vice-President - - Ray McNickle Secretary-Treasurer - - Rosemary Younge Sponsor .,....,. Glen Stepleton Betty Allen, Desoit Allen, John Allman, Martha Allman, Morton Anderson, Betty Astbury, James Baldwin, Tom Baldwin, Marcella Baker, Marlyn Bax- ter, Robert Beard, John Bezy, William Black, Lou- ise Booth, Hetty Brown, Helen Crowe, Marion Dean, Lois Donson, Mary Katherine Everist, John Fari- nella, Ural Fisher, Kay Funkhouser, Norma Fuson, Betty Gwin, Glen Haffner, Mary Ellen Harriott, Julia Ann Harris, Juanita Hiatt, Jeannette Hiestand, Hope Hughey, Paul Humphrey, Jack Keppler, Edith Key, Marjorie Kramer, Byron Lelvlay, Helen Mae Lewis, Mary Helen Linder, Harold McGary, Mar- jorie McKee, Paul Nottingham, Malcolm Ogle, Jean Parks, Mary Frances Rahe. Oreda Rarick, Jerald Riley, Jack Salmon, Virginia Sanders, Jim Slane. Lester Smith, Tom Snyder, Robert Stillwell, Leo Tighe, Emma Towles, Charles Turner, James Turner, Don Tuttle, Gerald Tuttle, Dick Waid, John War- ner, Mildred XViley, Marjorie Wise, Robert NVright, Mary Elizabeth Wright, Marie Young, Josephine Younge. FRIENDSHIP CLUB President - .. - - - Olive Rose Vice-President - - Betty Van Arsdol Secretary - - - - - Loma Halsey Treasurer - .. .. - .. Peggy Clevenger Sponsor .... - - Miss Anna Marie Yates Mary Jane Alles, Martha Allman, Jane Archer, Betty Van Arsdol, Betty Jean Astbury, Betty Bechtel, Rhea Campbell, Neola Carr, Alice Chadwick, Mil- dred Doty, Helen Ewing, Kay Goldberg, Catherine Heck, Jackie Hetzler, Hazel Koons, Carita Lacey, Gale Malsbary, Merial Miles, Norma Jean Mor- velious, Betty Norrick, Sarah Sackett, Ilamae Waid. DRAMATIC CLUB President - - .. - - James Turner Vice-President - - - Tom Snyder Secretary-Treasurer - - - Jayne Knapp Marshall - - - - Norman Werner Sponsor .....,.. Miss Eleanor Bly Martha Allman, Fred Almy, Betty Jean Astbury, George Brickley, Betty Brubaker, Francis Carpenter, Dick Connolly, Julia Ann Harris, Juanita Hiatt, Dorothy Holaday, Ruth Huffman, Jack Keppler, Helen Lewis, Betty McDonald, Wysor Marsh, El- mira Parke, Mildred Poore, Betty Lee Props, Nancy Sacksteder, Gene Smith, Warren Smith, Bufort Spencer, Dorothy Spurgeon, Rosemary Studebaker, Marianne Taylor, Arthur Van Matre, Joe Warfel, John Wasson, Joe Wegesin, Norma Winters. Page Sevenly-six CHOIR President - - - - Betty Norrick Vice-President - - - , Glen Hagner Secretary-Treasurer - - Enimg Towle, SP'-Ynsor ..... - - - Glen Stepleton Martha Allman, Charline Arnold, Betty Jean Ast- bury, Marcella Baker, Marlyn Baxter, Viva Mae Brown, Vivian Canter, Eleanor Clark, Frances Clevenger, Mary Frances Cornelius, Bill Daugherty, Lois Don- son, John Doolittle, Mary Katherine Everist, Kay Funkhouser, Norma Fuson, Melven Gilpen, LeRoy Grider, Juanita Grim, June Gruwell, Ward Haffner, Marion Hale, Mary Haley, Mary Ellen Harriott, Eileen Huber, Paul Hurst, Mary Johnson, Robert Johnson, Karl Keever, Byron LeMay, Betty Ledlie, Helen Mae Lewis, Betty Luzader, Nomaruth Ma- honey, Gail Malsbary, Jean Mann, Rachel Mark, Marvin Marsh, Frances Maynard, Harold McGary. Marjorie McKee, Charles Mitchell, Sylvia Moore, Max Neal, Lonetta Nichols, Peggy Petty, John Pontius, Mildred Poore, Lula Pratt, Oreda Rarick, Jack Sal- mon, Edward Schuck, Phyllis Van Landingham, Joe Wegesin, Delphine Wfilliams, lla Jane Williamson. Betty Sue Wise, Alberta Yingling, Rosemary Younge. DAUBER CLUB President - - - - Dick Head Vice-President - - , James Bilby Secretary - - - Madelyn Bredesen Treasurer - - - - - - Beverly Wallace Sponsor ........ Miss Flora Bilby Louise Adams, Marjorie Brock, Blanche Cornelle, Marion Dean, Betty Duffy, Elizabeth Hook, Paul Hurst, Rosemary Samuels, Marianne Taylor. CLAY CLUB President- - - - Marjorie Dobbs Vice-President - - - Blanche Cornell Secretary - - - Dorothy Shimp Treasurer - - - - - Peggy Hannon Sponsor ........ Miss Flora Bilby Louise Adams, Mary Jane Alles, James Bilby, Madelyn Bredesen, Eleanor Clark, Marion Dean, Lu- cille Dye, Betty Duffy, Elizabeth Hook, Paul Hurst, Nancy McGuB', Marianne Taylor, Beverly Wallace. "M" CLUB President - - - - - Bob Fell Secretary-Treasurer .. .. Dick Jones Sponsor - - ...... Raymond Jolly Bill Blair, Joe Brennan, Charles Brown, Blaine Burres, Bill Campbell, Jim. Carnes, Jack Comer, Lin- ton Daniels, John Fisher, Cecil Goens, John Hall, Bob Harper, George Hawk, Herbert Holiday, Dave Jones, Vincent Jones, Don Kelbel, Joe Ledlie, Merle Longfellow, Bob Merz, Billy Meyers, Walter Shel- ton, Robert Shuttleworth, Eugene Sutton, Norman Wernet, Aaron Williams, Bob Wright, Henry Young. ACTION FILMS fa 'Q' G25 .LV S'DI.I.'EI'II-I Third Row: Eugene Sutton, jim Carnes, Paul Teal, Dick Jones fCaptainj, Dave jones, Aaron W'illiams, Page Seven FOOTBALL TEAM Firsl Rauf: Rsbert Shuttleworth, Robert Fell, Paul Arrington, Marvin Marsh, Cecil Goens, Vincent jones, Don Kelbel. Second Row: Glen Van Arsdol, Blaine Burres, james Mardis, John Hall, james Baldwin, joseph Miller, Herbert Holiday. XValter Shelton. Intel: lcff, Assistant Coach Vic Dauer, riglrf, Head Coach Walter Fisher. Assistant coach to Mr. Fisher and also to Mr. jolly in basketball is VICTOR DAUER, Qinset, leftl, a product of I. U. Although hc has been at Central only one year, "Vic," as all the boys call him, has already carved his niche in our hall of fame. His ready smile and youthful un- derstanding have been invaluable assets to our teams. Everyone looks forward to many more years with "Vic" WALTER FISHER, Qinset, rightj, head foot- ball, track :md wrestling coach, has enjoyed good seasons consistently. He has thc ability to take a mediocre group of boys and weld them into a winning machine. This ability is duc to the love and admiration that every Bearcat has for Mr. Fisher. While fighting for his beloved school, each athlete is also fighting for the coach, who has managed to instil in him the true Bearcat spirit. HE scrappy little Bearcat football team of 1936 had a great season, ranking among the very top notchers in the state. The Bearcats started off rather slowly by taking the tough Noblesville Millers, 6 to 0, on a punt blocked by Captain Dick Jones and recovered in the end zone. The boys then began to pick up steam by trampling both the Newcastle Trojans and the Anderson Indians, 13 to 0. Keeping up the same pace, the Bearcats took the speedy, golden clad Wildcats from Kokomo over the rocky road, 20 to 0. Then the big green wave from Tech of Indianapolis moved into Muncie and took a real heartbreaker from the Bearcats on a safety, during a pour- ing rain, 8 to 7. Spurred by their defeat at the hands of a lucky team, the Purple and White avalanche gathered force and rolled over the Richmond Red Devils, 21 to 0. In the game upon which hinged the North Central Conference championship, the Bearcats took it on the chin from an inspired Marion team on the Marion field, 12 to 7. Aroused by their defeat at the hands of the Giants, the 'Cats smothered a highly- rated Wabash eleven to the merry tune of 32 to 6 on the Apaches' home field. Our bruising Bearcats then wound up a highly successful season by hanging one on the Elwood Panthers, 20 to 6, at the annual homecoming game. ly-eight f h E est centers that Central has ever DICK JONES, one o t e n produced and one of the two leaders on Indiana's gridirons last season, should go far in any university that he may choose to ' ' f bl ckin punts resulted di- enter. His exceptional ability or o g rectl in two touchdowns and put the 'Cats in position to score Y on SCVCl'Ill 0CCilSl0l1S. DAVE JONES, the Bearcats' best defense lineman, was rated anion the top notch guards in the state last year. The oppos- S ing offensive thrusts seldom gained over his position, and he was instrumental in breaking up many plays through other parts of ' ' ' l l the line. Offensively, weak-side plays were always partncu ary effective with Dave as the spearhead. BOB SI-IUTTLEWORTH, who has played three years with the B arcats despite his small stature, was always to be found where C v the going was toughest. A cheerful disposition combined with A ' ' 'l bl fight and determination made him a popular and sa ua e mem- her of the team. BLAINE BURRES, an unusual cutbaclt artist and one of the most steady ground-gainers in the Bearcat backfield, presented a knotty problem to the opposing team because of his ability to keep going after being hit and to fight for the important extra point which often spells the difference between victory and defeat. VINCENT JONES, pile-driving fullback, who has played his last season with the Bearcats, was one of the main reasons for Muncie's power in the li ' ' courage such as only his teammates can appreciate. ne smashes. "Vince" has indomitable PAUL ARRINGTON, fast, stocky tackle, who presented a very line man, will be seen next ponderous problem to any opposing season, not as a Bearcat but as an Indian of Anderson. Fisher will miss his fine offensive and defensive play when the Bearcats line up for the first kick-off of the '37 season. CNQ Picture.j Pugr Seventy-nine Page Eighty flirmu lln' lmllnm, 4'lovk1L'ixa'J JOE BRENNAN one f h , o t e team's most valuable assets, was one of the hardest blocking and tackl' l' . . ing memen on the team. Combined with his brilliant playing ability is a splendid per- sonality which gained for him the respect and friendship of everv member of the team joe will he . remembered as one of the finest players ever to wear the Bearcat colors. PAUL TEAL, whose rugged physique enabled him to stand up under the toughest competition, played a good game at tackle for the Bearcats. Although new to the team in his junior year, he soon caught the splendid fighting spirit of the Bearcats and earned a position on the varsity in his senior year. NV ALTER SI-LELTON , senior halfback under whose flying feet grass never grows, carried the mail for h t e Purple and White making many stellar ends and h toug defensive halfbacks loolt like dubs. He's the fellow who sees goal lines in his sleep. BOB F q rter acks who does every- thing and does it well. His signal-calling and his esecution f those signals set the ' . o opposing team back on its heels many times during the season. Fisher will I-ind ' it no easy problem to fill this quarterback's shoes next fall. ELL is one of the few ua b JOHN HALL, one of the toughest wingmen to iight for the Cream and Purple in recent years, was not only a sure pass re- ceiver and splendid blocker, but also a constant threat to the enemy oiensive. It is no wonder that a good coach's hair becomes prematurely gray trving to fill ' I vacancies left by the graduation of such players as Johnny. HERB HOLADAY, hard hitting reserve fullback whose smash- ing line plunges and stout-hearted defensive plays have mad: him an important and extremely desirable cog in the Bearcat ma- chine, still has another year with the Cream and Purple. You'll see him ripping many an opposing line to shreds next season. AARON NVILLIAMS, all around end and yet only a sopho- more, has already played his second year with the Bearcats. A splendid defensive game and bang-up blocking made him a deadly threat to the opposing teams throughout the year. JIM CARNES, a fine pass receiver and an aggressive defensive wingman still has another year with the Bearcats. Next fall he should be one of the toughest problems to confront the opposing teams. He is one of the splendid trio of ends who turned in such splendid performances last fall. CECIL GOENS is a flashy halfback whose thrilling speed and running ability made him a real threat to the opponents' defensive wall. Although a member of the varsity team, he still has two years to go and should be an extremely valuable wearer of the Purple and White in the future. GENE SUTTON, speedy running guard and stalwart defensive man, with still another year to play for the Cream and Purple, should be the linesman to keep an eye on next fall. His ability to mow down the defensive backs was instrumental in keeping the Bearcat offensive machine clicking smoothly throughout most of the season. Page Eighty-one Page Eighty-Iwo BASKETBALL BOB FELL, lighting Bearcat pilot, directed play cleverly from his position at guard and was in many ways responsible for the splendid basketball of the sectional and regional tourna- ments. Bob's pugilistic Bearcat spirit kept the boys scrapping despite the tough breaks encountered throughout the season. CHARLES BROVIN, dependable Bearcat reserve, is an ex- cellent prospect for next year's team. Wlhenever called upon by Coach jolly, "Sonny" earnestly and faithfully did his part. JIM CARNES, reliable junior forward, because of a keen basket eye and splendid defensive ability, was and will be a very annoying ily in any team's soup. His splendid attitude made him respected and popular not only among his team- mates, who chose him as co-captain for the '37-'38 season, but also among the opponents and fans. BILL CAMPBELL, diminutive junior guard, who makes up for his lack of altitude with amazing speed, played commend- ably whenever an opportunity presented itself. He'll bear watching next year, not only by the fans, but by the op- ponents as well. JACK COMER, diminutive Hoorguard, is the only sopho- more on the Muncie team. His determination, coolness under fire, and love of basketball should earn him a niche in Cen- tral's Hall of Fame during the next two years. BILL BLAIR, Bearcat pivot ace, has held down the center position to a remarkable advantage. With his long arms, Bill not only drew the toughest guarding assignments, but also found time to become one of the highest scorers on the Mun- cie team. JOHN FISHER, after a season with the Bearcats, can be expected to come through in great style next year. Through his determination to win he has worked his way from second- team substitute to an important berth on the varsity. BILL FLAHERTY has been a sturdy and dependable Bearcat reserve. After one year with the varsity he has a good chalice of becoming a first-string player next year. JOHN HAI.L'S three-year record in a Bearcat uniform will long be remembered by Muncie fans. His lighting spirit and great offensive play will be missed greatly, but his fine example will be an inspiration to all future Bearcat teams. MERLE LONGFELLOWHS three years of basketball for Cen- tral will cease with graduation, but his fighting spirit will go on. A reckless ball hawk with an accurate shooting eye, Merle was one of the most valuable utility men on the team. BILL MYERS, co-captain for '57-'38, a bang-up, all-around floor guard, played a splendid defensive game throughout the season and also did his share of the offensive work. He will still be tossing baskets for the Cream and Purple next year and will do plenty toward keeping the opponents' tallies to a minimum. HENRY YOUNG, a Bearcat for two seasons, has still an- other year ahead of him. His great height and playing ability should make him an important member of next year's team. Page Eighty-three C BASKETBALL TEAM First Row: Ralph Bushey, Harold Minnick, Charles Huffman, Edward Schuck, john Allman. Scroml Row: Roy W'ithers, Herbert Brown, james "Red" Myers Qcoachj, Bob Lucas, Ted Studebaker BASKETBALL SEASON SCORES Bearcats Connersville Bearcats Winamac Bearcats Riley Bearcats Mishawaka Bearcats Marion Bearcats Jeffersonville Bearcats Kokomo Bearcats Technical Bearcats Newcastle Bearcats Marion Bearcats Alexandria Bearcats Central, Ft. W Bearcats Newcastle Bearcats Frankfort Bearcats Richmond Bearcats Logansport Bearcats Lafayette Bearcats Anderson Bearcats Frankfort Bearcats Anderson Won 11 - Lost 9 Page Eighty- four COACH RAYMOND "PETE" JOLLY This year marked the close of ten successful years of basketball coach- ing by Raymond "Pete" Jolly, shown at left. Coach Jolly received his education at Purdue University, where he starred in football and basketball. Immediately after graduation he took over his first and only coaching job as head mentor of the Central High School Bearcats. Durin his ears in Muncie he has reduced two state cham ions. S Y P P His teams have won every sectional and six regionals, and have won the Big Four Tournament three times. His is truly a most creditable record. JOE LEDLIE AND GENE STOUT, Shown in themiddle picture: student basketball managers, Joe Ledlie and Gene Stout, two of the best little Hxers in the business. JAMES "REU, MYERS ' James "Red" Myers frightj is a newcomer to Central's coaching staff this year. He was responsible for about twenty boys who constituted the third team, known as the "C" team. Coach Myers, a Muncie boy, graduated from Central in 1929 and in 1934 completed a four-year course at Ball State, where he starred in football and baseball. He turned in a most successful season, winning ten out of twelve games and skillfully training many prospective Bearcats. Page ' Eigbly-fi 1 1' Pagr Eighty-six WRESTLING TEAM HE 1937 Bearcat wrestling team opened the season with a close vic- tory over Peru in an exciting match. After a short rest the Purple and White grapplers engaged the strong Southport Cardinals in a dual meet. Victories by Southport in the heavier divisions enabled them to take the Bearcats' measure by the small margin of two points. Clark of Hammond was the next visitor to Muncie but was unkindly received and returned home on the short end of a 25-11 score. In a return match at Southport the Muncie matmen demonstrated their fine improvement by defeating the Cardinals easily. In the last regularly scheduled meet Central again defeated Peru, this time by a decisive score. The following week the Bearcats participated in the annual state wrestling tourney at Indiana University. In competition with other teams the 'Cats finished sixth and placed four men in their weight di- visions. Those who won places are: Richard jones, 155 pounds, secondg Robert XVright-108, Robert Shuttleworth- 115, and Vincent jones -135 pounds, third. TRACK April 13 Anderson at Muncie April 13 Marion at Muncie April 17 Newcastle at Muncie April 17 Richmond at Muncie A April 20 Frankfort Relays at Frankfort April 24 Muncie Relays at Muncie May 1 Kokomo Relays at Kokomo May 8 Big Ten Meet at Anderson May 15 Sectional Meet at Marion May 22 State Meet at Indianapolis Five of last season's most consistent winners -Aaron Williams, Walter Shelton, Don Kelbel, George Hawk, and Bob Merz remained to Coach Walter Fisher this year, and there were many new boys who showed real promise. Stevens, a sophomore, and Taylor and Johnson, seniors, were among them. Those shown in the group at the lower left are: First Row fleft to rigbfj: Senior Manager Leroy Shirey, Junior Man- ager Eugene Albright. Scromz' Ro-zu flvff fo rigbfj: Robert Johnson, Robert Stevens, Tom Larrabee, Charles Dietrich, Marvin Marsh, James Baldwin. Third Row f left to rigbfj: Eugene Holden, George Hawk, Don Kelbel, Warren Smith, Cecil Goens, Walter Shelton. Fourth Row fleft to right 1: Martin Graves, Fred Taylor, John Allman, Aaron Williams, Bob Merz. Page Eighty-seven Page Eighty-rigbt SPRING ATHLETICS TENNIS Hal Warren, Central's tennis coach, had practically all of last year's team, which included Bob johnson, Bill O'Neill, George Brickley, George Novick, Bob Stanley, Joe Lake, and Melven Gilpen, from these boys he built his '37 squad. Honor letters were given this year to boys who have participated in tennis for two or more years and have won more than half of their matches. Matches were held this season with Huntington, Dunkirk, Mishawaka, Marion, Newcastle, Richmond, Decatur, Hartford City, Elwood, Ander- son, Kokomo, Tech of Indianapolis, and Burris. The boys also com- peted in the second annual invitational doubles tourney which includes eight schools. GOLF The golf team, coached by Pete Jolly, opened the season against Ander- son on April 20 at Anderson. The team included Jim Harrold, Bill Horton, Bill Wade, and G. Stout. The rest of the schedule was as follows: April 28, Anderson, here, May 16, invitational Big Ten tourney at Marion, May 19, Newcastle, there, May 29, State Tournament at In- dianapolis, and May 31, Marion, here. BASEBALL Since six players remained from last year's teams, the proverbial silver lining shone strongly through the dark clouds for Pete Jolly's '37 Bearcats. The starting lineups were chosen from the following players: Bill Dunn, pitcher, Huffman, third base, Bill Campbell, shortstop, Studebaker, second base, John Fisher, first base, Jack Keppler, Joe Brennan, Bob Johnson, Merle Longfellow, and Francis Carpenter, outfielders, Tomey and Carter, catchers. Games were played with Portland, Gas City, Winchester, Anderson, Yorktown, Richmond, and Tech of Indianapolis. INTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES HE intramural athletics program, which has been in operation at Central since 1931, has steadily increased in scope until, at the pres- ent time, over three hundred boys participate in the activities offered. Its purpose is to give the boys who may not be able to make the grade in varsity competition an opportunity to participate in their favorite sports. The individual award offered to each winner is a ribbon and one unit toward the intramural medals-three units entitling the individual to a bronze medal, six to a silver medal, and nine to a gold medal. Fred Taylor is the only Centralite who has won both the silver medal and a gold one. The activities and their winners during the school year of 1936-37 are as follows: touch football, won by a team composed of Harold Col- lins, Bill Campbell, Richard Tesch, Richard Norman, Mark Ross, Joe Hickey, Fred Taylor, Fred Collins, Joe Johnson, Gene Collins, Charles Oliver, and Don Ertleg basketball, won by Harold Collins, Arnold Stokes, Taylor Rife, Gene Collins, Fred Taylor, joe johnson, and Fred Collins: and the ping-pong tournament, won by Jimmie Duffy. The remaining events of the school year were volley ball, soft ball, and horseshoes. Page Eighty-nim' i 'f'ii i--3 -'V - -Y G. A. A. A CANDID camera managed by Miss Katherine King has caught members of the Girls' Athletic Association in eleven exposures during the year's activities. The Erst picture is underdeveloped, as only a small group turned out for volleyball in October. Volleyring was on the stage for the first November snapshot, with a get-acquainted party for girls interested in athletics under the spotlights in a third print. Our enthusiastic basketball players appeared in an action snap taken just before Christmas vacation. Then there is the picture of a tense moment in the Burris-Central volleyball game from which Central emerged the victor. When sports were revived in January, a new one, ping-pong, made a dramatic en- trance. Rosemary Walters got into the picture as singles champ. Basketball practice again flared up in March. In our album of photos we find a snap of the Wabash-Central fray, which ended 29-15, Wabash. Here we also see a snap of the annual night intramural game. In the ninth exposure we have Rhea Campbell, Betty Norrick, and Donna Belle Risk displaying M's they had recently received. Another social affair is revised in the tenth print. This time Burris G.A. A. was being entertained at a sport fiesta. Then the Kendallville play day-what memories this picture brings back! There Donna Belle Risk received the first state award to be earned by a Central girl. Members of the G. A. A. are: Donna Belle Risk, president, Ruthellen Smith, vice- president, Harriet Williams, secretary-treasurer, Shirley Barnet, Jo Ann Becket, Rhea Campbell, Evon Carey, Juanita Clevenger, Oma Early, Frances Eastman, Norma Haas, Olive Haas, Mary Ellen I-Iarriott, Julia Ann Harris, Maxine Heldenbrand, Harriett Hetzler, Esther Kimm, Carita Lacey, Gail Malsbary, Miriam Martin, Merial Miles, Margaret Mitchell, Thelma Moore, Hattie Nixon, Betty Norrick, Betty Osborne, Helen Poindexter, Betty Roeger, Norma Reynolds, Duetta Schiffler, Wanda Betty Simpson, Betty Van Arsdol, and Rosemary Walter. Page Nm: ty SHORT SUBJECTS ,Y gf' SEHILLVEIQI Niue RECESSIONAL How right was that immortal sage- He who said, "All the world's a stage." For no matter what our lot may bring, No matter if we're child or king, We must act when fate pulls the string. As seniors we have played our parts, And now we leave with saddened hearts. Our time has coineg we end the role We've learned toilove with all our soulg Sad, yet glad we've reached our goal. We leave our little school-life drama To join Life's great panorama. WALTER SI-IELTON, class poet. SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY THE other day, Father Time, our notorious cam- eraman, was found fiddling with his camera. The camera broke, of course. Old Pappy Time then tried to fix it, but 'in replacing the lens got them backwards. He took shots of the entire cast of the "Senior Cinema of '37" before he discovered his mis- take. With great risk of my neck, I purloined these pictures from the wastebasket where they had been thrown. The reversed lens had taken pictures of the cast as they would appear twenty years from now. Here are the records as I found them: Aaron Adams: clothes designer. Louise Adams: sells valentines with gooey verses. Desoit Allen: "Un- cle" Desoit, operator of pawn shop. Martha Allman: recipe tester for Dewpont Baking Powder Company. Sophie Angell: chewing gum tester at Bureau of Standards. Paul Arbaugh: brow furrowed by antics of his wife. George Arrington: head of a shoe com- pany. Betty Jcan Astbury: botany girl at Kresge's. QHave you botany of these, madam?J Tom Baldwin: makes a living marrying widows. Sam Banta: "Cannon-ball" Banta, racer. Tom Bar- low: manufactures the famous "Sizzle" ice skates. Shirley Barnet: head of Ladies' Jolly-time Literary Club. Marlyn Adene Baxter: has the voice heard over WOW. Chester Beck: and his Boilermakers, notorious swingmen. Charles Beckman: ward heeler and criminal attorney. Jean Bernard: nature poetess and student of bird lore. John Bezy: with the Angle-worm Subway Company. James Bilby: mural painter. Bill Black: reporter. home from European War. Bill Blair: inventor of the bouncing baby bottles. Marjorie Booher: post- mistress of local post office. John Boomer: makes fire crackers, each one a "boomer." Louise Booth: fisherwoman, catches world record anchovy. Garnet Marie Boright: assists throat specialists. Joe Brennan: astounds with his X-ray-Jeep machine. Mary Jane Bronne: interior designer of smart homes. Carl Brophy: head waiter at automat in Chicago. Hetty Brown: portrait photographer. Wayne Brown: attempting to build bridge across River Styx. Albert Brumback: designer of peculiar gear. Blaine Burress: dashes every morning to N.B.C. Studios. Elmer Bush: salesman for the Wooly-Worm Tractor Company. Vivian Canter: accountant with Musical Saw Company. Harold Caldwell: inventor of asbestos tires for fast motor-bikes. Rhea Camp- bell: proprietress of a flower shoppe. John Carey: discovers what the moon is made of. Pauline Carpenter: manages model home in New York. Arthur Cassity: construction boss in charge of N. U. T. Y. project. Thomas Chapman: green grocer. Peggy Church: employed by the "We Seed You" Greenhouses, Inc. ,Lorraine Clapp: head of "Ladies League for Appreciation." Ralph B. Clark: "Hot-foot" Clark, hoofs at Fording's Fun Palace. Eleanor Clark: publishes her collection of verse. Juanita Clawson: artist-draws lucky numbers in sweepstakes. Mildred Clements: secretary of Tombstone, Ari- zona, Chamber of Commerce. Peggy Clevenger: cap- tain of White River Ferry friver too deep for Ford- ingj. Anna Jayne Collins: owner of iilling station. Harold Collins: traflic cop in N. Y. Robert Collins: street car motorman. Robert Condon: boxer-just a mailing clerk. Her- bert Conner: landscape artist-draws on imagina- tion. Dick Connolly: writes for magazine sections. Vernon Conyers: first mate on the good ship "Satan." Mary Frances Cornelius: professor of Neologism at U. of Keokuk. Rachel Corey: mattress tester. Earl Coulson: cartoonist, proud author of "Princess Kitty- cat." Dick Coy: tickles the ivories for the song team of Martin and Coy. Helen Louise Crow: pub- lisher of "BaRling Detective Stories." Linton Dan- iels: big wholesale perfume man from Paris and N. Y. Joe B. Davis: con6rmed bachelor. June Marie Des- mond: anthropologist, happily digging up bones. Fred DeWitt: agent for Barnum Insurance Company. Henry Dorton: local breeder of the famous Kiwi- kiwi bird. Wilbur Dunn, a chemist. Haskell Du- laney: radio technician. Mary Katherine Everist: did she make an opera star of herself?- Katy-did. Thomas Farrell: manager of a grain farm. fHay, Hay!J Marthajane Faulkner: operates garage on Midway Island. Bob Fell: runs a Turkish bath and uses sweat-shop labor. Oleva Fields: boxing pro- moter. Ural Fisher: catsup salesman, lives in Chile, S. A. Udell Flick: interior decorator fchef in large ho- telJ. Harry Fording: proprietor of Fording's Fun Palace. Dorothy Foster: air pilot. Norman Foster: overcoat salesman, all wrapped up in his work. Carl France: daown in Kaintucky growin' chawin' to- baccy. Marge Frick: dancer, specializes in interpre- tive dances. Gene French: gone to the dogs--owns French Kennels, Inc. Jack Frye: makes money out of wrecks-operates a used car lot. Delores Gale: famous lady polo player. Flora Mae Gayheart: cheer leader for correspondence school. Phil George: the Divorcing Deacon. Lucille Go- ens: switch-board operator at elementary school. Vivian Goodall: plays her piano "goodall" the time. Alice Gross: "engrossed" in her work as vocal assist- ant to Vivian Goodall. Genevieve Gray: artist- has a "drawn" look about her nowadays. Mary A. Green: astronomer. Woodrow Greenlee: horse doc- tor-has a "colt" just now. Dorothy Grifhn: in- ventor of dictaphone that writes dialect. Rollin Griffin: installer of N. Y. neon signs. Juan- ita Grim: wins first prize with her embroidery. Ed- ward Grimes: sales manager for Hot-Sport Shirts, Inc. Bart Hahn: a second Doug Fairbanks. John Hall: proprietor of the Hall Cafe-always cooking up stuff. Bill Hannah: noted surgeon--obviously likes to cut up. Mary Ellen Hayes: writing books on quietude. Eileen Harper: on WLBC dramatic staff. Robert Harper: owner of Harper's Chicken Farm. Ruby June Hart: president of Ruby Hart Dog Food Company. Mildred Hasty: gardener-devel- oper of the onion-violet. Bill Hayes: photographer for rotogravure sections. Dick Head: "head" of a large advertising Hrm. Catherine Heck: swimming instructor at White River Beach. Virgil Heritage: bird man-studies their antics. Dana Sue Hershey: construction boss of a tough crew of steel workers. Harriet Hetzler: develops new product, bath "pep- Page N inely three pers." Juanita Hiatt: president of the Hiatte Tea fheej Company. Jeannette Hiestand: lady golfer. Ted Higdon: the "plumber," notorious lead pipe expert. Hopie El- berta Hill: organist over Station WLW. Louise Hilty: taxidermist-she skins 'em. Kenneth Hold- craft: movie director of animated cartoons. Dorothy Holaday: occulist. Eugene Holden: experience with electricity accounts for his personal magnetism. Eliz- abeth Hook: bowling champ, steady on her pins. William Horton: moofie actor-flutters feminine hearts. Kathleen Howard: kindergarten teacher. Eileen Huber: shoe saleswoman. Ruth Huffman: blues groaner on the El Corclo Cigar program. Ev- elyn Hunt: galloping a bronco in her new Western thriller. Frances Johnson: writes the Home Beautiful section of a monthly magazine. Johnny Johnson: musician in the Bat Roost Night Club. Robert E. Johnson: successful farmer, slopping his hawgs on the lower forty. Robert Edgar Johnson: candle- stick maker. David and Dick Jones: organize the Jones Brothers' Cough Drop Company. Vincent Jones: tree expert, stationed in the petrified forest to find out why. Rita Joris: Spanish dancer. Eugene Kabrich: for- tune teller, "The Jeep." Don Kelbel: invents device that fixes loose nut in autos. Katherine Kennedy: radio weather forecaster. Grace Keppler: teaches "grace"ful ballroom dancing. Jack Keppler: manufactures false teeth, guaran- teed not to click. Edith Key: a piano teacher. Jane Knapp: lecturer on "Sleep to Health" or "Take a Nap." Mary Ellen Knight: in the social swim- advocates dog-paddle stroke. Glen Kramer: pub- lisher of the new magazine, "Untrue Stories." Phil Lacey: vice-president of the "Yummy-Yum Choco- late Bar" Company. Floyd Lacy: cleans up with his new Rub-E-D-Dub-Soap Flakes. Mildred Langdon: unique stylist for the "Bow- W'ow" Harness Company. Joe Lake: pens an opus on "Why Is a Sausage." Betty Ledlie: U. S. Minister to Denmark. Fred Lewis: prominent plumber-the big "piper." Helen Mae Lewis: operates a drug store that really sells drugs. Alvia Littell: Xylophone player. Bob Livengood: newspaper correspondent. Harold Long: on school board-insists on padded seats in study halls. Merle Longfellow: sports writer for "Ling Klang" Daily, Peking, China. Woodrow Love: breaks records with his new-type submarine, the "Whale." Muriel Lowery: sensational commedienne. Bob Maitland: first-class private in Marines. Gail Malsbary: assistant secretary of the Y. W. C. A. in Salt Lake City. Jean Mann: his- torian-discovers that Shakespeare was born in New York City. Paul Maranda: dentist. Rachel Mark: singer on the Twain Radio Program, sponsored by American Railroads. John Martin and Dick Coy, famous duet. Frances Maynard: teaches a time-saving combination on shorthand mind-reading course. Thelma Maynard: nurse in hospital for hay-fever patients. Fred Mc- Clellan: reformer-harangues on evils of wine, wom- en, and loose livin'. Betty McDonald: patents com- bination typewriter-piano-her letters are somewhat unique. Leatha McDonald: oflice employer for the American Tire Company. Iona Ruth McDonnel: a young man is saying "Iona" McDonnel with great pride. Page N inely- four . Ed McGann: designs tool that fixes back-seat drivers. Mickey McGuire: owner and operator of McGuire's Flea Circus-worked up from scratch. Ray McNickle: author, "Amorous Memoirs of a Mi- crobe." Mabel Medsker: dances in three moods: QU blue.mood, CZJ happy mood, OJ the cow mooed. Dick Merryweather: married-now it's stormy weather.- Bob Merz: gives recitations of Little Bo Peep at the local funny farm. Betty Mitchell: dieti- cian on the American Airlines. Dixie Mingus: sec- retary to Professor Gurtle of the Jonsonial Institute. Barney Mills: weather prophet. ' - Betty Jane Newton: thinks up cross-word puzzles. Betty Norrick: regains lady's light-heavyweight ras- slin' championship. Wfinifred Norris: distributing agent for the Z I P P O Molasses Company. Dick Norman: the astronomer prize fighter--always see- ing stars. George Novick: edits his daily column, "Aching Hearts." Al Nuzum: works in a knick- knack shop. Bill O'Neil: advertises anything. Imo- gene Owen: superintendent of the Busy Bee Barrel Business. Bob Parker: is still staying away from women foh yeah?J. Fred Parr: president of Educational Toys, Inc. Bob Parr: heads testing department of Educational Toys, Inc. Herbert Pazol: brilliant corporation law- yer-well, a lawyer, anyway. Lee Penrod: lectures on the subject of relations between Patagonia and Ethiopia in the 18th Century. Geneva Percy: has own beauty culture school. Juanita Perkins: pro- prietress of the "It Serves You Right" tea room. Harold Persinger: treasurer of the bartenders' local, No. 243. John Petro: beer and pretzel tester. Frank Pettigrew: astounds world with his discovery of what electricity really is. Delbert Pherson: pho- tographs sound ithe bark of a treej. Carl Pickell: sets a mean line of type. Lorn Pickell: president of P5ckell's Picked Pickles, Inc. Mildred Poore: in Hollywood, resurrecting Shakespeare. Jack Poti: air pilot. Ray Prout: puts centers back in doughnuts. Betty Lee Props: owner of a stationery Store. Ruth Qualkinbush: bridge instructor- she's a card. Helen Randall: doctor-discover rare germ that causes blue Mondays. Edward Rapere: professor of chemistry at .I. O. U. Jerry Rappe: discoverer of ancient Egyptian secret of embalming. Oreda Rar- iclt: invents process that changes colors into musical notes. Wilma Rawlings: composer of new song hit, "Swing It, Mt. Hangman." Clifford Reed: has his hands full a-courtin' Rhea Campbell. Mary Jane Reser: connected with Mc- Guire's Flea Circus as costume designer. Edna Rhine- hart: supervises the kiddies at her day nursery. Alicemae Rhoades: court stenographer for Judge Robinson. Victor Rhyne: draws "Smile When You Say That" for the funny paper. Donna Belle Risk: executive of a well-known department store. Wilma Ritter: owner and manager of the "I. Ritter" Cor- respondence Club. Bill Robertson: hypnotist fthe eyes have itj. Fred Robinson: judge of the Circuit Court. Kenneth Robinson: married to a woman with red hair. Edith Roper: lady lawyer-specializes in heart-balm cases. Olive Rose: scores scoop of the year on the de- struction of Paris. Mark Ross: runs a lively radio store. Wilma Jean Rosselle: sales manager for the "Bomb R. Shoot" Parasol Company. Charles Rowe: printing invitations for the type- setters' annual pi supper. James Russell: conducts Indianapolis Symphony. Earl Sanders: jockey on the horse Tippy-Heels. Deloris Scamihorn: runs a toad- stool farm. Marvin Seitz: on expedition to see if Eskimos really eat pies. Betty jane Shaffer: willing artist. Andy Shannon: gives skating exhibitions. Walter Shelton: creates large following with his daily verses commenting on the news. Evelyn Shirey: tapestry weaver. Paul Shultz: developer of the three-dimen- sional photograph process. Bob Shuttleworth: man- ufactures pipes and cigarette holders. Bill Smith: sells suits. Gene Smith: detective-now does his gum-shoe routine on the stage. Tom Snyder: playing in "Schnieder's Leedle Cherman Bam." Winston Spar- ling: fancy dress costumer for "Pair O' Mounts" Pitchers. Eugene Stafford: Hollywood news com- mentator. Robert Stanley: leaves for France as Ambassador after parting from his two estranged wives. Mary jane Stifller: operator of StifIler's Silly Pier, Coney Island. Arnold Stokes: works with telephone trouble shooters. Lowell Strawser: butcher. lOh, "butcher" hand in mine!! Mary Frances Streeter: missionary. Bob Sumwalt: developer of anti-freeze. Fred Taylor: twenty years older than he was in '37. Marian Templer: illustrator for "Breezy Stories." Ronald Templin: political cartoonist for New York Times. Charles Thesing: big-game hunter. Agnes Thomas: awarded Nobel Prize for invention of non- slippable soap. Frances Thomas: runs a business college. Bob Thomas: stony-puss, the landlord. Leo Tighe: drums up business for the "Saved-by-Hair" Razor Co. Harold Timmons: designs electrical mouse traps. Howard Tomey: leading man in the picture, "Tar- zan Stripes Forever." Emma Towles: star on the O radio program, "There's Always Yesterday." Mary Martha Tracy: nursing "Cannon-ball" Banta back to health. Henrietta Turner: works as diamond cutter for Mr. Zlymnache, Amsterdam, Holland. jim Turner: has excellent position as assistant court- house clock winder. Gerald Tuttle: "Maxie" heads a new chain of furniture stores. Bonnie Twigg: designs ladies' dresses for the O. G. Whizz Department Stores. Roy Urfer: on technical staff of National Television Company. jim Valos: inspector of air commerce and stuff. Bill Van Arsdol: drawing up plans for a stream-lined toothpick. Arthur VanMatre: is seen lying in the sun chewing a corn-cob pipe. Billy Wade: thrown into jail because of agitating. Ray Wfall: coaches a football team in I. O. U. Bob Wal- lace: at leisure-munition millionaire. Gale Walter: uncomfortable owner of a large stomach. Joe War- fel: is a rising young "moaner." Bernadine Wehlage: script girl. June Weir: stewardess on the rocket- ship. Norman Wernet: professor of social studies. jim Whitaker: on board of directors, Banana Oil Company. Dick Whitney: airport manager. Ernest XY'hitworth: teaches ballroom dancing. Mildred XViley: head of a local dress shop. Arthur Williams: operates garage for servicing planes. Delphine Wil- liams: surgeon, ahead in her profession. Evangeline Williams: secretary of the Society for Preservation of Model-T Fords. Paul Wilson: designer of newest ocean liner. Norma Wfinters: married: proudly owns some little jackets-coats, y' know. Charles Wil- son: sells correspondence course in ukelele to Ha- waiians. Dick Wirth: author of "Analysis of Psy- ometricityf' Tracy Wolfe: U. S. S. Arizmnfs wire- less man. Bob Wright: handler of the great race horse, "Trippy Heels." Edwin Zearbaugh: owner of Zerbaugh's Zippy Zeppelin Taxi Company. QSignedJ FRED ALMY, prophet exlraorrlirmry. Page Ninty jiv SENIOR CLASS HISTORY THE lens of our candid camera was first focused for the moving picture of the class of '37 on January 29, 1934, when more than one hundred bewildered sophomores emerged from behind the pro- tecting curtains of the McKinley, Blaine, and Wilson Junior High School lots to enter the Central sound stage. The actual shooting of the sophomore reel began with the orientation of sophomores in room 204 under the careful direction of Miss Maude Michael, who has also directed the cast during the junior and senior reels. Since the first half of the sophomore reel proved successful, Exchange Club members entertained the star performers at 'uncheon at the Hotel Roberts. On September 10 of the same year, more sophomores arrived on the Central High School lot, eager to continue with the picture. One of the main characters arriving in September was Principal Paul Addison, who has since been considered a star in the cast of '37. During this scene, ,joe Lake posed as sophomore chairman, and acts which figured brilliantly toward its success were two lively com- edies, "Who Says Can't" and "Weiners on Wedimes- day," in which jim Turner took a leading role, and the party given by the Honor Society for honor sophomores. The first important picture brought before the lens during the shooting of the second reel was the choosing of junior ofiicers. Under the able leader- ship of Gene Smith and Norma Nvinters the cast functioned perfectly, and our picture series was one step nearer completion. Some of the important snaps on this reel showed the election of several members of the cast to Central's Honor Society and several interesting chapels sponsored by the Rotary Club. The scene of the junior stage production, "A Million Dollar joke," starred Ruth Huffman and Kermit Hummell with an excellent supporting cast. The closing scene of the junior reel was the gala junior-senior prom. ' Page N ine! y-.tix With the candid camera running perfectly, the lens was set for the shoot'ng of the final reel of the senior scene. The first prominent affair was the senior campaign supper, the results of which showed jack Keppler as presidentg Ruth Huffman, secretary, and Phil Lacey, treasurer. Follow'ng this scene came the announcement that several members of the cast had been elected to membership in the Central High School Honor Society. Interesting informal pictures on this reel were the mother-daughter banquet spon- sored by the Girls' Service Club and the father-son banquet sponsored by the Hi-Y Club. -. During spring vacation a number of the cast members temporarily deserted the Central High School lot to engage in the shooting of some scenes En the vicinity of Wfashington, D. C., our nation's capital. Upon their return, the who'e cast eagerly looked forward to the shooting of the spring activ- ities, the first of which was the senior play, shrouded with mystery, and under the direction of Miss jewel Standerford. Other stellar activities pictured were the mothers' tea, the junior-senior prom, senior dance, class day, with special convocation, and the annual inspiring baccalaureate service. The last social func- tions of the cast were the senior banquet and picnic, after which the set was in readiness for the com- mencement service, which was unique in that no outside speaker was present, but that outstanding cast members were in charge of the program. This scene made an impressive picture as two hundred eighty- one senior cast members solemnly promenaded down the long ais'e at the fieldhouse in gray caps and gowns. Now our three reels have been developed, and the finished picture is ready to be shown to the world. The picture has been made-it cannot be changed. We are the net results of all our yesterdays. BETTY Nomuclt, historian. CALENDAR PRODUCTION NOTES Setting, Sound Stage Central High Name of Production, "Senior Cinema of '57." Time, l936-37 Principal Cbarac'h'rs: jack Keppler--Hero Cyoung and handsomcj Bob Fell-Rival of Hero Qsweet and not simplej Phil Lacey-Financier fdetermined yet tactfulj Ruth Huffman-Heroine Cwith soft eyes and lips, Extras--All Seniors Directors-- Townsend and Michael Cameraman - Father Time Animated Cartoons-junior Play, Dramatic Play, Senior Play. SEPTEMBER 14. Colossal Production started, under regime of H. B. Allman. New plan of action installed at studio. W'ork will be continuous from 8:10 to 15:15. 29. After two weeks of gazing at new extras, jack Keppler spies brown eyed doll with dimples. OCTOBER 2. Flunkies assigned to help various directors and to aid and abet actors. 19. The directors are really putting the cast to worltf But Tom Snyder succeeds in getting around to the locker near the library. NOVEMBER 6. A football short, "Homecoming," was filmed with great ceremony. Bearcats share honors with Mary Frances Streeter, Homecoming Queen. 12. From a poll conducted by the directors, it was found actors have vocational interests ranging from professional street cleaning and amateur pie- eating to the presidency of the United States. 13. Mrs. C. M. Kitselman, in memory of Fred, her son, presented the studio with a Hammond Elec- tric Organ. Fred was formerly a Central star, and this gift was greatly appreciated. 20. First in a series of animated cartoons was pro- duced by our rivals, the Underclassmen, Inc. It was entitled "Guess Again." 21. Screen tests today of all those present at the studio. From these a rogue's gallery placed on ex- hibit in front hall. 25. Because of actors' and directors' hard work and the terrific strain of producing the play, orders to take a vacation for two or three days were issued. DECEMBER H 15. An unusual short attraction of a sacred na- ture was shown Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons accompanied by the new organ. The actors' guild, viz., The Purple Puppets, sponsored this entertain- ment. 18. Today a special announcement of "Para- mount" importance thundered through the halls of the studio. Appointments to thc staff of Magician made known. 22. It was with great sorrow that the cast learned that Miss Lucy Applegate, who had helped direct the players when they were but sophomores, had passed on. JANUARY 8. Salaries given fgrades to youj for perform- ances in second act of the first reel. As usual, these salaries were disputed hotly by some of the temperamental extras who were more "temper" than they were "mental." 15. Forty-four would-be actors descend upon stu- dio today to begin their apprenticeship. That McDonald woman quoted as saying that a Lake isn't all wet. 21. Today a large group of the cast journeyed to Indianapolis to witness the filming of the epic of Hoosierland, "Indiana Statesmenf' 22. The color scheme of the picture was decided by a committee of stars and extras: blue and white. Outstanding event of no significance took place today. Sam Banra woke up this morning in 221 to find that he was on time for once. 29. Plans released for a special short feature, "Stars of Tomorrow," sponsored by the cast of "Senior Cinema of '37." The death of Mr. L. S. Martin, former principal, added a note of sorrow to the beginning of the sec- ond reel. Pagv Ninrig seven FEBRUARY 4. Donkey basketball game today. Some difliculty experienced by audience in determining which were donkeys. 12. An animated cartoon entitled "Seventeen" was thrown on the screen tonight at 8:10. This feature was produced by Purple Puppets, Inc. james Turner was the Pluto Pup. 22. Under sponsorship of studio Hi-Y Club, jay Berwanger of University of Chicago gave an inter- esting talk today. 24. A new play called "Mock Election of l957," was announced. The characters chosen were elected by the members of the Senior Cinema cast. Each person selected is well suited to take his given part: Most Popular Boy, Jack Kepplerg Most Popular Girl, Mary Frances Streeterg Best Looking Boy, Bill Hannahg Best Looking Girl, Mary Frances Streeterg Best Boy Dancer, Bill Hannahg Best Girl Dancer, Juanita Clawson: Best Boy Athlete, Bob Fell, Best Girl Athlete, Donna Belle Risky Best Actor, jim Turner: Best Actress, Juanita Hiattg Class Giggler, Elizabeth Hook, Class Parrot, Elizabeth Hookg Class Pest, Linton Danielsg Class Sheik, Ed Grimesg Class Vamp, Norma Wintersg Class Wit, Fred McClellan: Class Shark, Fred Robinsong Best Dressed boy, Ed Grimesg Best Dressed Girl, Mary Frances Streeterg Biggest Chiselcr, Fred McClellan, Class Sleeper, Mick- ey McGuireg All-Around Girl, Donna Belle Risk, All-Around Boy, Bob Fellg Best Looking Couple, Bill Hannah :md Mary Frances Streeterg Class Quiller, Fred Parr. MARCH 3. Shouts of laughter greeted the by-production, "Stars of Tomorrow." Earl Sanders, an experienced character actor, took the role of proverbial drunk. Kiddies perform by candle-light when power fails. 4. A Sport Short called "Sectionals" was shot today. Actors, led by Bob Fell, think they have something there. Three days of hard work, but that team can take it. Now thcy're ready to film "Regionals" 15. The big boss of the company, Mr. Allman, called a halt in production. The film is way ahead of schedule and the characters need a week's rest. Page Ninety-rigbt APRIL 3. Production of the main feature continued on this bright spring day. One of the extras, W'ee Willie Hannah, gazes at most popular girl, Mary Frances Strecter, with queer light in his eye. IS. Another animated cartoon, "The Night of january l6," done in technicolor. This was indeed a great success. 19. Ruth Huffman, female lead, with the great help of several extras, entertained all mothers of the cast members in the Blue Room of Balls' set. This will be continued for two days. MAY 2. Spring, beautiful spring, and our leading man, Mr. Keppler, seems to be in a daze over a certain holiday. While Mr. Barney Mills, an extra, is so happy he appears to be two-or should I say twins? 6. NVe have completed the next to the last reel and are about to begin the reel called "Graduation" 9. A day held in reverence by all characters on the set was Mother's Day. 22. Set No. 1, Roberts Hotel, was a place of gaiety for the first event of this last reel. We decorated the hall in blue and white and decided to call the scene "Senior Dance." Norman Wernet was in a daze as he prepared for a Southern Kruse. JUNE. 4. "Senior Day," a Centralwalk hit, will be pre- sented on this date. The child prodigy, "Weedy" Hilty is a great kidder-she actually blushes. 7. The entire cast will be assembed at the M. E. Church Sound Set for the filming of "Baccalaureate" 8. Third Hlming is "Senior Picnic." Marge Frick staged a sit-down strike but didn't appear so grace- ful in the process. 9. Large, sweeping tables piled high with steam- ing food. Mary Ellen Knight will be a great suc- cess on second helpings. 10. "Commencement," the final scene in the pro- duction. All characters, in caps and gowns, with faces lifted toward a new life, slowly circle for diplomas. .They look back on a grand year, filled with work and play. Hope for future success. - BUSINESS SUBSCRIPTIONS TO THE 1937 MAGICIAN Name Shonfleld's Men's Wear Bob's Double Dip ..... Whitney's Dairy ..................... Schuster Bros. Men's Sz Boys' Clothing Warren Bros., Wholesale Confecltioners City Recreation Parlors .... Glenn Motor Sales ..... Kewpee Hotel .............. Terhune's Lunch 8z Candies . King's Clothing Co. ........ . People's Studio, Charles R. Dollar .... Wilson's Pastry Shop' ....... Hamburger Inn ....... Penzel's Bookstore Star Publishing Co. ........ . Holloway Cleaners 8z Tailors H. F. Satterlee ............. Knotts, Shoe Rebuilders .. Muncie Evening Press .. . Max's Furniture Store .. . Johnson Hardware Co. . . . . Cade Co. CF1oral Artistsj . . . Howell's Flower Shop ...... Gillrnan's Modern Miss Shoe Store .... Vanity Slipper Store ........ Darling Shop ..,... W. H. Ballard ........... Commercial Printing Co. . . City News and Book Store . . . Kirk's Toys Sz Sporting Goods Rivoli Theatre ............. Duke's Restaurant ..... Blease's Leather Goods . . . R.oth's Smart Apparel Shop . Grimes Radio Shop ......... H. W. McGee ......... The Collegienne Shop .... Dodge Clothes Shop Beatrice Creamery .. Address 109 South Walnut St. .. . 225 West Main St. .. . Cowan Road ......,... 401 South Walnut St. 107 N. High St. ...... . 11415-11654 E. Jackson 205 West Main St. .... . 117 S. High St. ....... . 201-202 S. Walnut St. .. 135 S. Walnut St. . . . . 32315 S. Walnut St. 115' West Charles St. . . . 121 West Charles St. 211 South Walnut St. .. 300 South Mulberry St. 113 West Howard St. . .. 406 South High St. .... . 314 South Mulberry St. 125 South High St. 219 West Main St. .. 125 West Main St. ....... . Cor. Main and Walnut Sts. . 214 South Mulberry St. .. . . 104 South Walnut St. .. . 204 South Walnut St. 224 South Walnut St. . . 207 S. Walnut St. ......... . Cor. High and Jackson Sts. Cor. Jackson and Mulberry St 114 East Main St. ....... . 224 South Mulberry St. . . . 110 South Mulberry St. .. 118 East Main St. 115 South Walnut St. .. 108 South Walnut St. .. 112 Westl Charles St. 1622-1624 University Ave. . 416 south Walnut st. West Seymour St. S. Phone . 3683 . 3180 3883-1 . 301 . 4455 . 198 .. 360 . 329 . 5488 . 659 . 4746 . 6173 . 4137 . 1821 . 624 . 5128 . 3958 . 4980 . 1781 . 442 . 533 . 3000 . 3374 . 3022 . 1818 . 190 . 1103 . 534 . 11 . 386 . 1132 . 4967 . 174 . 5792 . 446 Puge N im.-ly-nim' ivy wap 'Q "" ' 4 1 I , . ? -gigs ' ,,m?fw,x A , s W" wx ix wwf-Aix -S5 k .. , i ' ffl X l ax -, x. f' 1 xf WM!!! rf1NYW Z .f 5 ' U - X n . ' -" . ' " .1 .W ..-- . .. 'uu- 1.-,,q-f"'

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