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 - Class of 1935

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FACULTY GRIFFIN STEPHENSON Arts and Crafts, Commercial Art, Magician Sponsor. CLARENCE SVVINGLEY Social Science, Sophomore Counselor. MRS. GLADYS A. TOXVNSEND Social Science, Senior Counselor, Magician Sponsor. MISS LORENE TURNER Commerce. MISS MARY XVADE English, Sophomore Counselor. HAL B. XVARREN Mathematics, Tennis Coach. HARRY WHITTERN Mathematics. MISS ANNA MARIE YATES Commerce. EDNVARD ZETTERBERG Head of Chemistry Department. MISS RUTH ZIMMERLY Clerk of Records. TEACHERS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR MISS OLA E. COURTNEY MISS LUCILLE K. MAYR Health Education and Home Economics. English. MRS. ADLAI DALBY EARLAND RITCHIE Librarian. Mathematics. MISS DEBORAH EDNVARDS MISS BLANCH E. TUHEY English. Head of English Department. H. E. FENIMORE FRED TUHEY Head of Mathematics Department. Head of Commercial Department. MISS ELIZABETH HUTZEL NOEL C. NYARE Mathematics. XY'oodwork. MISS FLORENCE LENTZ CLYDE XVELLINGER Social Science. Building Trades. IRVIN L. MORROXV Drafting. Page Sei eu M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 A C5 I C I A N - I 9 3 5 . 15 ' .bi ': 3 2 .W m 4 2 X Q7 U 7 in , Mx .IL CLIFFY ."vlV"m4o'vlC" Puff' Ezglol IW ',. 'K I Z TXMINS QN THE sooo ow DAYS 5 gli. l .. Q 4 H z. 1 3? :- Md' K g .3 .u , 5 ff' Y 1 6 OUR CHARLIE X CZ J f' Z L, ' 124 ' , if -7,3:.m' 1 f i SMRLES 4 -' ff 1 3 , ,V L Q ', 2 " i 1 1 1 aggno f, 4 , ,,, ,W 1 -. 171151-:.-f' '.l,v?,4,f x v.- -4-fd: .gggzggu f':-.uf-44.s5:.,, ,- f 1 2 ig, rg Q, ,Haas- ' . tar f 1' r , 3 '7 r' H., 'B r w . 2 f , A 1 1 HL 'f W NAME, fEM f SENIORS CH IN 4 A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 Yeo Bizifv Hultftufaj Mrllnilliumr HH71kfII5Ul1 SENIOR Oltl:lC,ERS ARLES YEO. Sivzzm- Pii'i1.fiuf ERNEST HCI..-XDAY. Senior. Yzfr-jvr't'51JHlf "The jade God," "The Ring Rides BY." "It llap- pened in l'lOllywond," Honor Society Pre-silent, Dramatic Club. 1935-1954 President of Hi-Y 1934 Football Captain, "ll" Club, Wirestling. Senior Ring Committee. "Central's bare-headed football captain." Club, Seniorilfiand. Gold "NI," Munsonian Edu- VA A,L,E Mew, N v mm Trwmwr tor 1955-1914, Intramural Bniketball, Elected Nlost Popular, Best Iamkirie, and "All-round" Buy' in Senior Muck lilcctnin. Senior Quartct. Track. "Our candidate for the :deal American boy." XYINNA BUSH, Srflmi Stt1't'!t1r'x ll-mor Society. Dauber and Friendship Clubs, -lA Magician Staff, bold "Nl," Nlutliers' Reception, Olav Ring and Senior Plav C-immittceS, Central! Nominee for lndiannX D. A. R. Representative, llectcd "All-round" Ljirl in Senior Mock Iilcctain, "If friends were pennies, shell be ,1 millionaire." H Twz NE-XXX ILLIA IS Sr Senior Banquet and Class Ring Committees, Junior Secretary. Girls' Pep Club President. Honor Society, Dramatic Club. Magician and Nlunmnian Staffs, Voted Most Popular and Best Looking Curl in Senior Mock Election. "A lively and popular part Jeanne plays in each senior's heart." MES H. HANKINSON, Eififor of AIMIQIFIHYI "The King Rides By," UThe jade Gnd," "Mer- ton of the Movies," l.'Allegro, Dramatic, Hi-Y. and Boys Pep Clubs: Senior Band, l.e Cercle Francais. "Hail to our Magician Chief!" SENIORS LOIS ALLISON Health Council, Science Club. "Always at the head of the senior list and in a high place in everybody's heart." IIIILDRED ARMSTRONG Geography Club. "The possessor of a friendly smile." JUDITH ARNOLD "To be her friend is always worth while." VIRGINIA LEE AUBREY Girls' Pep Club. Munsonian Staff, Elected Class Vamp at Senior Mock Election. "She has pretty eyes and uses them." BOB BAGLEY Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball. "W'e are expecting to hear of Bob as a famous architect." DOLLY ROSE BAKALA "She Wants to be a second Amelia Earhart." WALTER L. BALES "M" Club, Football, Intramural Basketball. "He knows all about football." EDWARD BALL "Marionettes and music are his hobbies." NINA LOU BALL Honor Society, Health Council, Munsonian and Magician Staffs. "To know her is to love her and to love her forever." HELEN BARBER Science and Vergil Clubs, Health Council, Magician Staff, "Merton of the Movies." "A pleasant friend to have." FRED BARNET "A printer with a iolly smile." GENEVIEVE BARRETT L'Allegro Club, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra. "She is always quiet and thoughtful." PAUL A. BEALL "A machine shop fan." BILL BECK Intramural Basketball, Baseball, and Track. "Always in good humor." off! ' ' I ! gow , .9 ,I ,f 1,4351 J' L ,2fV'.f,vyf .f JL, jyUyyhfM,V- My jff.p w f?.L ' 4fyWfQQ'7Jf' KI' X .ffl 1 I ' Z7 if Llyy-J. , ff' Pagi' Elm vu M .A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A C5 I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 Pngr' Twclzfr' SENIORS G. ROBERT BECK Vice-President of Science Club, Magician Staff, Intramural Tennis. "An excellent worker they say Ancl overcomes whatever gets in his wayf, JULIA FSTHER BEESON "HaiIs from Hagerstown." MAXINE BEHNKE G. A. A. "A girl who excels in athleticsf, MARY If. BENNETT Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Band. "Though the road to success be narrow, she'll make it." CATHERINE BERTHA Geography Club. "She's short and sweet and snappy and also she is very peppyf' FRANCIS BILBY Senior Band, Intramural Basketball, Indoor Ball, and Wrestling, "He likes sports and music." XVALTFR BIRD Hi-Y Club President. Dramatic and Science Clubs, Magician Staff. "No Room at the Inn." Intramural XVrestling, "Merton of the Movies," Senior Class Day and Senior Play Committees. "This early birdls specialties are morning papers and salesmanshipf' CHARLES BOGIR Hi-Y, Voted Class Sheik in Senior Mock Election, Class Ring Committee. "Dashing, clark and handsomef, PAULINE BOND Munsonian and Magician Staffs. "She smiles and the world is gay." RUSSELL BONHAM "A boy with success around the corner." HOWIARD BONNELL Honor Society, Geography Club. "He is the type that succeeds in lifef' FRANCIS BOYD Intramural W'restIing, Hi-Y Club. "A quiet lad but a faithful friend And always has assistance to lend." REBA BRANDENBURG Senior Band, Geography Club. "Very fair is our Reba B. And unc of the sweetest girls you sec." REBA BREXVER Geography Club. "A shy, quiet Centralitef' SENIORS KATHERINE BRICKER Geography Club. "She'll be a Paris designer some day." MARY ALICE BRISENDINE "Peppy and good-naturedf' ANNE MARIE BROWN "The jade God," Honor Society, Vergil, French, and Dramatic Clubs, Winner of State Vergil Contest in 1934, "No Room at the Inn," Munsonian and Magician Staffs, Winner of Gold "M," Voted Class Shark in Senior Mock Election, Senior Play Committee. "Excels in everything that she attemptsf, INIARGARET BROWN Honor Society, Vergil and Friendship Clubs. "Quiet and Charming." ROSEMARY BUCKLEY "She succeeds in pleasing everyone. ROY C. BULEY Hi-Y, Dunbar and "M" Clubs, Track and Football, Intramural Basketball, Voted "All-around" Boy in Col- ored Senior Mock Election. "Central's eighth wonder-a football player and poet combined." MARSI'IAI.I. BURCH "The King Rides By," Captain of Basketball Team, Track, Honor Society, "M" Club, W'inner of Gold "Mf' "Merton of the Movies," Chairman of Senior Social Committee, Senior Day and Class Ring Committees. "Our pride and joy because hels such a fine boy." CHARES BURCHARD "In the short time that he has been here He has made many friends, near and dear." HENRY CADE Hi-Y, Intramural Track, Basketball, Baseball, and Volley Ball, Dunbar Club, Voted Class Sleeper in Colored Senior Mock Election. "Does he play the piano in his sleep?" KEITH CAMPBELL "A regular fellow." JOE CANNON Football. "XVe'll have fun if our joe's around For to spread joy he's always bound." VALERE CAREY 'WC fl "Always pleasing and always gay, 0 v That is Valere every day." v'J'Lf.,,, I S LADONNA CARMICHAEL v"""" rv" 'o ' r""" Girls' Pep Club, Magician Staff, Voted Class Giggler in l rs ' Senior Mock Election, .,..,'y7g " ,VV "Speaking of dimples, hers are our favorites." , ,I T' i MAURICE CARPENTER 3 mfsfk-,,,'9 I V, Varsity Football, Munsonian Staff, Senior Quartet. l "V "Capable of doing whatever's to be done." ' " Nav, ,, 5 Kyrie. h Yvbfkl Page Tlairtrrrz Ii ,,!,k.f,f..z'l-is zffi .' 7 .7 M A G I C l A N 0 I 9 3, 5 , f',,-1. ' 'X 1 YZ, -..fix n'.f..,,, ,.Lf ,I M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 ww Pagt' I uzzrkzwrz 'WWAV 4--.-a SENIORS FRANCES CARTER Le Cercle Francais, Science and L'AIlegro Clubs, Honor Society, G. A. A., Senior Band. "She delights in mental exercises." XVILLIE CARTER Geography and Boys' Pep Clubs, Intramural Baseball, Basketball, Track, and Horseshoes. "A newspaper man of great renown, He delivers papers all over this town." FRANCES CARTWRIGHT "An industrious, deserving girl." IVAN CASE "Always wreathecl with a sunny smile." MARY ELIZABETH CHANCELLOR "Our Texas Blue Bonnet." CAROLINE CHAPPELLE Girls' Pep and Vergil Clubs. "Our Caroline has pep and a nice personalityf, JOHN CHURCH Hi-Y Club. "Another worthy member of that famous congregation." DOROTHY CLARK Ceemoh Club. "No matter what happens, Dot always sees the funny side." MARJGRIE CLARK "Good-natured and ambitiousf, MARY CLEVENGER "She puts the "is, in friendlinessf' RAY CLEVENGER Dramatic :ind Science Clubs, "The jade God," "Gassed," "Merton of the Movies," Magician Staff, Intramural Basketball, Mothers' Reception Committee. "He's our ray of hope when we want something done rightf' KARL COCHRUN Basketball, "M" Club. "A tlashing, debonair Bearcat." GARNETTA COBIINGO "W'e all like Garnettaf' EDWARD CONDON Hi-Y Club, Intramural Basketball. "He is interested in electricityf' SENIORS ESTHER CONDON Dramatic and Vergil Clubs. "Better to be small and shine than large and cast a shadow." NANCY COOK Geography Club. "Can you cook, Nancy?" PAUL CORNELIUS Senior Band President, Health Council. "If everyone were iust as he, What a grand world this would be." JOHN COURTNEY L'Allegro Club, Magician Staff Commencement Announcements' Committee. "A boy with an excellent literary background and a keen sense of humor." JUANITA M. COX Geography Club. "A more earnest girl cannot be found. Good cheer she's spreading all aroundf' MARY ALICE COX Honor Society, Le Cercle Francais, Dramatic Club. Class Ring Committee. "A girl with a vigorous, versatile mind." ROBERT CRANOR "I-Ie's here. I-Ie's there. He's everywhere." ALICE RUTH CRAWFORD Friendship Club. "She wants to be a nurse. and we predict that she will be successful." DICK CRAXVLEY "Dick is one of our printers." KEITH CRONVCROFT "M" and Geography Clubs, Football. "A gridiron hero." HOPE CRUEA Veigil and Ceemoh Clubs. "Not forward but modest as a dove. MONROE CUNNINGHAM Geography Club., "A boy without a single foe, That's Central High's Monroe." DEAN CUTSHALL "The King Rides By," Dramatic, Science, and Boys' Pep Clubs: Senfor Band, Intramural Basketball, "No Room at the Inn," "Merton of the Movies," Magician Staff. "He hustles while he waitsf, ROSELYN DARGO "I-Iere's a girl whom we think you should meet: XVe just know you would find her sweet." Vile ,-.,. u Q-,PAJ I vv'l V .,l-,,'.1"'d' VY! . . xg,- ,WQ M, fXf,sf!-PJ! V " -4.1 'Ml ' . 1 A G I C I A N 0 I 9 . I, ,,,.c,IJ Q ' ju Ls' by KX .Jzyvsj ,JJ . u Page fgyffrrlz V V Il x. of J Il ' in 5 H e.f' iii' a 4 ' 'Wi so . L 2-Q llil1 E-Q1 I ll Illllllllllllll W EFI C235 Y M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 if l'ug4' Smlrwi SENIORS LLOYD DAVIS Basketball and Football. "Honest in his intentions and faithful in their fulfillment." MILDRED DAVIS L'Allegro Club President, Senior Orchestra, Geography Club. "Fond of music and musical people." WINIFRED DEPOY "Life is short and so is Winifred," CHARLINE DICK Magician Staff. "Carefree, serious, sweet, and attractivef WAYNE H. DONSON "The King Rides By," Senior Band, I.'Allegro Club, "Merton of the Movies." "He excels in music and printing." EUGENE DOSTER Science and Boys' Pep Clubs, Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball. "His good nature has brought him many friendsf, MYRON DOTY Magician Staff, "Merton of the Movies "He came by the Albany way And we have enjoyed his stay." FRED DRAGOO Boys' Pep and Geography Clubs. "He thinks twice before he speaks and then talks to himself." BLANCHE K. DUNAVENT G. A. A. Club President, Friendship Club. "A shining star in girls' athletics." FREDERICK DUNAVENT "Quiet dependability combined with a friendly manner." ISABELLF DUNAVENT "Graced with good manners and good sensef' MAXINE DUNKIN "The mirror of all courtesy." MARY LOU DUNN "A new girl with bewitehing eyes." VERNON DWYER "The jade God,', "Hearts Enduring." Munsonian, Honor Society, Hi-Y, Science Club President, Dramatic Club, Gold "M," Magician Staff. "No Room at the Inn," "Merton of the Movies," Senior Banquet and Senior Play Committees. "Not an enemy has he But countless friends you see." SENIORS PAUL DYER Hi-Y Club. "A loyal booster of Centralls football eleven." IHELMA EARLY Health Council. "Early or late, she's always welcome." TREVA L. EVANS Dunbar Club, Voted Most Popular Girl in Colored Senior Mock Election. "One of the best-natured girls we know: That's why everyone likes her so." JACK PINK Boys' Pep Club, Elected Class Sleeper in Senior Mock Election. "Always awakens in time to be happy and gay." LAXVRENCE D. FOXVLKES Dunbar Club President, Varsity Track and Football, "M" Club, Treasurer of XVillard Street Hi-Y Club, Voted Most Popular Boy, Best Boy Athlete, and Best Boy Dancer in Colored Senior Mock Election. "He dotes on fun of any sort And excels, too, in any sport." LENORE V. FRANCE L'AlIegro, Dramatic, Friendship and Girls' Pep Clubs. "XVhen he hears Lenore, Paderewski will give up music." CARL FREDERICK Intramural Horseshoes, Health Council. "NVe think Carl is an all-round good fellow." BILL FREYMARK Hi-Y Club. "I-Ie's a friend to all and he knows many." DICK FRICK Senior Picnic Committee, Voted Best Dressed Boy in Senior Class Mock Election. "Dick has always been well-liked by all of us." HELEN Nl. FRYE Dauber Club. "She will be a famous artist some day." ORVILLE GARRETT Senior Orchestra, L'Allegro Club, Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball, Magician Staff, "Merton of the Movies." "Of all noises, I like music the best." HULDA GARRISON Honor Society, Health Council, Ceemoh Club, "Merton of the Movies." "She holds perpetual membership in the Honor Roll." IONA GEORGE . Senior Orchestra. "She has a mischievous, tantalizing grinf RUSSELL "HOOT" GIBSON Intramural Basketball and Baseball. "A consistent Bearcat booster." Ptlgi' S4'l'i'IIfi M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 Epffff i ' V- .9 Z. . aw. 'ff . ...W ,.,- ,ai iff' N . .M as A . . s :gf I, 1 1.4. . ,' .. ,f . " Q -4121. V ,ff . ',5'-- A ' I,-2.515-fic" 2:1':I1ZfEf3f.- ' 1 ..... . ,.,,,,., Z A . ,. ., W- , ' aa. V . . i 9 L f l,..:.,- 3 S Zig? Y ,, 4 f v . ,,,, jf 5 4 " 112515 'i ' .1 ?f il il. . S l'l'?l SENIORS WINSTON BOB GILBERT Boys' Pep and Hi-Y Clubs, Tennis. "I'm only happy when I'm arguing, but I'm always happy." NAOMI R. GRANT Dunbar Club, Voted Best Looking, Best Dressed, and "All-round Girl" in Colored Senior Mock Election. "Naomi is full of mischief and fun And has a broad smile for everyone." JAMES GREEN Track, "M" Club, Intramural Basketball, and Volley Ball. "Sports are his middle name." EVELYN GRIBBLE Geography Club. "An unassuming girl of sterling worth." FRANCES GRIMES Dunbar and Geography Clubs. "A girl with a flashing smilef, LOIS L HAAS Senior Band, L"AIlegro Club. "Would that there were more like her." ALMAJANE HALBERT Le Cercle Francais President, Dramatic and Girls' Pep Clubs, Munsonian Staff, "Merton of the Movies." "She's the owner of a captivating smile." JOHN EDWARD HALL Senior Band, Intramural Track, Voted Class Shark in Colored Senior Mock Election. "john makes sweet music with his base tuba." MARY ELIZABETH HARPER Munsonian and Magician Staffs, Science Club, Honor So- ciety, "The King Rides By," "Merton of the Movie-s.' "A fine combination of perseverance and intellectf' MERRITT C. HARROLD 'lOur future architectural draftsmanf' WILLARD "WILLIE,' HART "W'illard has a heart of gold." BOB HARTLEY Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball. "He attains whatever he pursues." ANNA MARIE HEATH "Has those beautiful blue eyes." DAVID HEAVENRIDGE Dauber Club, Magician Staff. , "Our master of the brush and palette." SENIORS IUANITA HEDGES "Our .Iuanita leaves Mercury behind when she peddles her bicycle." JOSEPH A. HERBERT Intramural Basketball. Varsity Baseball. "Calm, composed, and somewhat shy." JAMES RUSSELL HIATT Boys' Pep Club. "His name is Hiatt, But he's not high-hat," EUGENE I-IIGDON Magician Staff. "You don't need to think he's dumb just because he mal-tes signs." HUGH HINIZS Senior Quartet, Hi-Y, Dauber, and Geography Clubsg Magician Statf, "Merton of the Movies." "Listen to him and you'll agree A Crosby or Valee he'll be." JANE HITCHCOCK Girls' Pep Club, Le Cercle Francais, Magician Staff, Voted Best Girl Dancer and Best Dressed Girl in Senior Mock Election: Mothers' Reception Committee. "A lovely lady with sunny hair and a matching disposition." MARILOUISE HOLADAY Ceemoh Club. "Lives by high ideals and noble friends., HELEN LOUISE HOLBERT Dauber :ind Geography Clubs. "Our Helen has big eyes of brown, And her brow never harbors a frown." , ROBITRTA HOLCROFT Geography and Ceemoh Clubs, Magician Staff. "All sweetness she and unatfected grace." VIRGIL L. HOLDCRAFT Geography Club, Intramural Basketball. "One vast substantial smile." ELIZABETH HOLE "She has a sweet. attractive manner." ,IUNE HOPPING "A pleasant, spirited lady." MARIANNE HUBER Girls' Pep Club, Magician Stalf. "She has much wit, mirth. and worth." DON HUFF "Filled with vim and vigor." 22,5 f Page A'lIlt'ftYH M A G I C l A N 0 I 9 3 5 5 T6 A i if lw 'A -A as iM. E 'f Q 4. I l J Q "1 I I vii., l . 1 ru., A 3K2 s 3 1'-fu U-U .J , x L .2 1,7 M A G I C A N 0 I 9 3 Q Z' X I 3 T- . " B 2 I C A 4 J A 4 5 I act Q '55 Ri-Q R wa... N .TJ . I J .l .l X i xx, l'ag1' Tuwnlj SENIORS RALPH HUEF Football, Basketball, Track, and Geography Clubs, Intramural Baseball. "He huffed and he puffed And he blew defense down." ELSIE HUFEMAN "A demure maiden loved by all." CLIFTON CARL HUMPHREY Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Xergil, Boys' Pep, Geography, and L'Allegro Clubsg Intramural Volley Ball, Football, and Track. "A willing helper with any task." ANNA MARY IRWIN L'Allegro Club, "The King Rides By," "Merton of the Movies." "She will be a musician and a good one." T JOHNNY JACKSON "Since brevity is the soul of wit, I shall be brief." MARTHA JACKSON l'The Jade God," "Hearts Enduring," Health Council. Dramatic, Science, and Girls' Pep Clubs, Class Prophet, Honor Society, Voted Best Actress in Senior Class Mock Election. "Martha has a good brain and she uses it, too." BETTY JOHNSON "Betty will be missed next year." ORVILLE R. JOHNSON Senior Band. "Energetic and thoughtfulf, ROBERT PAUL JOHNSON XVrestling and Intramural Basketball. "In sports he doth excel And has a cheery disposition as well." MARGARET KATTNESS Friendship Club. "By her good nature you will know her." HAZEL MAE KEELEY "A contagious and lovable smile Is in evidence all the while." MARY JANE KEESLING Geography Club. "She is a true friend, unselfish and always ready to help." EUGENE KEPPLER "The Jade God," Boys' Pep Club President, Dramatic Club President, Gold "M," Magician Staff, Intramural Sports, Varsity Baseball, Voted Best Actor and Class W'it in Senior Mock Election, Munsonian Stati, Hi-Y and Geography Clubs. "A brilliant actor, a fine boy and all-round good sport." HAROLD DAVID KERN "A boy of honor with a noble .ind generous nature." SENIORS EVA LUCILLE KNIGHT Le Cercle Francais, Science Club, Magician and Munsonian Staffs. "She combines humor with originality in a personality all her own." ROSALIND KUHNS "She has used friendly smiles as keys to our heartsf AVA LA BERTEAUX Science and Dauber Clubs, Honor Society Secretary, I.eCercIe Francais, "Merton of the Movies," Senior Play Committee. "XVith all her industry she always has time to be friendlyf' HAROLD N. LACEY Science Club. "A prince of a fellow." RUTH ALYCE LAMBERT "She has beautiful hair and a winning smile." ROBERT LANGAN Yell Leader, Boys' Pep Club, Intramural Baseball. "The little fellow behind the big smile." LELIA LANNING Senior Band, Honor Society, Health Council President. Dramatic and Science Clubs, Munsonian StaPf, "Merton of the Movies," Le Cerclc Francais, Mock Election and Senior Announcements Committees. "A diligent, capable worker upon whom we always depend." RUBY LANNING Dramatic and Science Clubs. "Behind her reticence and reserve lies a fund of good nature." KENNETH LEBENSBURGER Dramatic, Vergil, Hi-Y, and Boys' Pep Clubs: Yell Leader, Health Council, "Bargains in Cathay." "With his curly hair and winning ways He'lI get by the rest of his days." BETTY LEMAY Munsonian Staff. "Tiny and vivaciousf' AL E. LOEPER Munsonian Stalf, Hi-Y Club, Senior Dance Committee. "He's the pleasant and amiable sort." DOROTHY M. LONNECKER Dauber Club, Magician Staff. Commencement Announcements . Committee. "A friendlier girl would be hard to find." RICHARD LUDINGTON Intramural Volley Ball, Boys' Pep Club, Senior Picnic Committeel "A jolly good fellow." DOROTHY M. LYTLE Geography Club. "Dorothy is a true friend." Page Tu fllfj-071 M A- G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 l'uJgf' 7-ILl'lI1'j'-fllfll I W bv-0-W SENIORS EVELYN MCALLISTER "Always has a pleasant smile." HAZEL MCDONALD 'lWe're glad to have had her with us. RICHARD MCDONALD "Richard has always been a Central booster." ROSE McDONNELL Class Poet, Magician Staff. "If you want a thing well done, let Rose do it." GLORY MCGANN Munsonian Staff, Geography and Friendship Clubs. "She is the type whose good nature never variesf' CHARLES MCKEE Science Club, "Merton of the Movies," Senior Play Committee. "I-Ie's the kind of friend we like to have." REBECCA MCKINLEY Vergil, Dramatic, and Science Clubsg Le Cercle Francais, "Confessional," Honor Society, Mock Election and Senior Picnic Committees. "Our Becky always has time for work as well as for play." ED MCKINNEY Intramural Basketball. Football. "He gets fun out of everything even if it takes a vacuum cleaner." RICHARD MQNICKLE "He talks but littleg but when he talks, he means itf' ROBERT MAHONEY "The King Rides By," junior Class President, Senior Quartet, Geography, Dramatic and I-Ii-Y Clubs: Intramural Track, Varsity Football, Class Ring Committee. "Whistling, smiling, and singing along, He'll land in Hollywood before very long." RUTH MILDRED IXIARK Vergil Club. "Sweet-tempered, quiet, and intelligent." GAIL MARKS Friendship Club. "She is all that our fancy paiitted her." BIETSY JANE MARTIN "The King Rides By," Dramatic and Girls' Pep Clubs, Magician Staff, "Bargains in Cathay," "Merton of the Movies," Senior Dance Committee. "As fluttering as a butterfly Although upon her we rely." MARKIORIE ALICE MARTIN "Confessional," Dramatic and Girls' Pep Clubs, Magician Staff, Le Ccrcle Francais, Senior Banquet Committee. "She's wise and shy and neat And also happy and jolly and sweet." SENIORS MARZELLA MARTIN "She has the mildest manners and the gentlcst heart." JIMMIE DEE MASTIN Dunbar and Geography Clubs, Voted "Class Gigglern in Colored Senior Mock Election. "Although her favorite expression is 'Forget It,' we shall never forget her excellent cooking." SARA MAUZY "The King Rides By," Girls' Pep Club, Magician Staff. "A Fine girl is this girl Sal. Once you know her, you have a real pal." MARGARET MAYNARD Munsonian Staff, Le Cercle Francais, Dauber and Dramatic Clubs, "Bargains in Cathay." "She has an original personality and sparkles with wit." CATHERINE MENTIS "The King Rides By." Dramatic Club, Magician Staff. "Here's a girl well known to you, For she is always reliable and true." INIAE ANNA MIER Dauber Club. "Soothing notes are heard when she speaks." CHARLES R. MILLER "Our future business man." GARNEY MILLER "He has gained friends by being one." RALPH E. MILLER Intramural Basketball, Vollcy Ball, and Track, Geography Club. "Hc's a cheery and mirth-loving boy, A good time he will always enjoy." XVENDELL D. MILLER Geography Club. "Have you heard that Yvendell Miller Has turned out to be a lady-killer?" SUE MITCHELL "XY'hen she takes shorthand, her notes are good ones" BETTY MOFFITTE "No Room at the Inn," Girls' Pep and Dramatic Clubs, Magician Staff. ' "An all-round fine girl and valuable friend." IVIILDRED INIOODY "Not of the disposition that her name implies." TOM MOODY "The King Rides By," Boys' Pep and Dramatic Clubs, Magician Staff. "Shine, shine, who Wants a shine? To everybody he hands the same line." Pagi' Tu rutvi -lb A C5 I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A G l C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 lj-fnlzr SENIORS HAROLD MORRIS Intramural Basketball, Geography Club. "A quiet, unassuming lad." MARY ALBERTA MORRIS Senior Band, L'Allegro Club. "Sweet and neat and quite complete." JAMES MULLEN "All who know him like him and his lettering." BETTY LEE MUNKELT Girls' Pep and Dauber Clubs. "In art Betty has made a name. And her talent we all acclaim." LAWRENCE MYERS Dramatic Club. "He's going to be .1 lawyer." CHARLES NELSON Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Intramural Volley Ball, Baseball, and Basketball: Honor Society, Student Director of Band, Hi-Y Club. "A musical mathematician." IZETTA R. NELSON Dunbar Club, Voted Best Girl Dancer and Class W'it in Colored Senior Mock Election. "She has dancing feet and dancing eyes." ROBERT C. NELSON "I-Ie's a friendly and fine lad. In whatever he tries, results are had." ROBERT LEE NOBLE Hi-Y and Dramatic Clubs. Intramural Basketball, "G.issed," "Merton of the Moviesf "Has a permanent smile That he wears all the While." LELARUTH ORR Geography Club. "One of our loyal senior girls." KIOSEPH WILLIAM PARKE Senior Band, L'Allegro and Boys' Pep Clubs. "A never-worry-never-hurry boy." EILEEN PARKER Geography, Science, and Friendship Clubs. "She has an impish grin in those laughing eyesf LAXWRENCE W. PARKER "A trustworthy senior lad." BERNIECE PAUL Geography Club, G. A. A. "Always ready to put forth her best efforts." SENIORS XVILLIAM A. PEASLEY Geography Club. "He has the art of questioning." LOUISE PFQNDERGRAST Ceemoh and Geography Clubs. "Here is one, known for her poise, She is popular with girls and boys." JOHN A. PIQRSHING Magician Staff, Senior Dance Committee. "A sociable chap is he. He suits us to a T." DOROTHY PERSONETT Friendship Club and G. A. A. "Let's play basketball." XVALTIIR PETE Geography Club. "He has a mischievous, tantalizing grin.' FRANCES IIETTY "The King Rides By," Dramatic Club. Health Council, Honor Society, Munsonian Staff. "Happy is Frances and free from can Makes many friends here and there." JOHN C. PETTY Geography Club, Intramural Basketball, Xvrestling, Baseball. and Track. "One of our most ardent followers of wrestling." DON PHIQRSON Geography and Aviation Clubs. "Don, you will Find, is always on time. His Ford comes through, tain or shine.' IQLLENOR PHILLIPS Science and Girls' Glee Clubs. "Her smiles are her best insurance policy." QIESS POOR Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball. "As merry .1 boy as the day is long." BLANCHI2 POTOMKIN Honor Society. G. A. A., Munsonian and Magician Staffs, Gold HM." "An athletic journalist." ANNANIANE PRINTZOS "Her voice is ever soft, gentle, and low, An excellent thing in women." BIQRNILRD QUAIQHNBLISH Geography, Boys' Pep and Glee Clubs, Magician Statf. "Quiet and reliable." ELSIIQ RADCLIFFIAI Honor Society, Munsonian Staff. Senior Band, Scienct and L'AIIegro Clubs, Le Cercle Francais "A good-natured girl with lovely manners liked by all." 'ltr Wu- 5, 0' in A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 'Qu Qfvv 69:1-' vgf-'VKXYAAOL .K"'d4..-.-.1-V4.. 1' fL""'V"'f J 7, 'U' ,x M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 Ilfrl - SENIORS CARL ALLEN RAGER Geography Club. "To his friends he is known as 'Alf He's honest with all-a real pal." FRANCIS RAHE Gengraphy Club, Health Council. "Herc's a boy staunch and true. There are many things he can do." CHARLES LEWIS RAINEY Intramural Basketball, W'restling, Volley Ball, Football Manager '32." "He has played the game fairly and has wonf, OMER L. RAISOR Intramural Track, Baseball, Basketball, Volley Ball, Hurseshues, Tennis: Senior Orchestra. "The buy with the million-dollar smile." ELLIS R. RATCHFORD Senior Band, "A marimbaphomaniac. DON RATHBUN Intramural Vollcy Ball and Baseball. "He's clever-- that none can deny." THELMA RATLIFF "A valuable commercial student." DURXVARD RAWLINGS Honor Society, Magician Staff. "A fine boy whom everyone admires." MARY ALICE, REES Munsonian Staif, Senior Band, Le Cercle Francais, L'Allegro Club. "Mary Alice has personality and charm." BILL RESER "Lost from Central in 1935 -a smiling, pleasant chap." LOUINIZ M. REYNOLDS Dauber Club. "Boys, she likes to sew." VIVIAN RHYNE Girls' Service Club President, junior Class Treasurer, "The King Rides By," "lt Happened in Hollywood," "Merton of the Movies," Magician Staff, Girls' Pep and Dramatic Clubs, G. A. A., Senior Day Committee. "Our Vivian is gay, athletic, energetic, and sweet." MARY LUCILLE RIBBLE Friendship Club. "Has a charm all her own. Ii. LUCILLIQ RICHARDSON "So quiet in her ways that few have realized the presence of such a jewel." 1, SENIORS ROBERT RIFE "V'e all like Robert. He's friendly and hc's lively." MARGURETTE ROBERTS Vergil Club. "Margurette is a well-liked senior." BERTHA ROONEY G. A. A.. 1934-35 Friendship Club President, Magician and Munsonian Staffs. Gold UM." "Makes friendship a habit." ANNA DELL ROSS Health Council. "A Centralite who is interested in commercial work." ROBERT ROTHHAAR "The King Rides By," "Merton of the Movies," "Confessional," "Gassed," Dramatic Club, Golf Team, Mock Election Committee. "A lively boy with ready wit and a jolly smile." HELEN SALMON "She never seems to grow tired helping others." BILL SATTERFIELD Magician Staff, Varsity Track, Football, and Basketball, "M" Club Vice-President, Elected Best Boy Athlete in Senior Mock Election. "A Central athlete of renown with ability in mathe- matics and a splendid personality." ,IUVIA SCHNEIDER Friendship Club. "A future nurse." FORREST SEITZ G. A. A., Friendship, Social Science. and Geography Clubs. "A Comet star who avoids eye trouble by looking on the bright side of things." MARY ELIZABETH SELF Geography Club, Magician Staff. "Our blonde typist radiates chiciencyf' HAROLD L. SHANER Varsity Basketball and Track. Geography Club, Elected Class Sheik in Senior Mock Election. "NX'e hope Harold will reach his goal in Iife as tvell as he did the basketball goal." KIAMES XV. SHEKELL Intramural Basketball. "jim has a smile for everyone." STEPHEN E. SHERMAN Gold HM." "An ardent' follower of Benjamin Franklin." DAVID E. SHIDELER Munsonian and Magician Staffs. "A lad of standing high and mighty. He'll get someplace, all rightyf' A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A G I C A N 0 I 9 3 49- l SENIORS BILL SHORE Geography Club. "W'e wish there were many more Like this pleasant, likeable Bill Shoref, HENRIETTA SMITH Senior Band. Senior Orchestra, L'Allegro and Geugraphy Clubs. "The quiet mnuse's chief rival." MAY BELLE SMITH Geography Club. "Her ways are always ways of kindnessf PAULINE SNOEBERGER Honor Society, G. A. A.. Secretary of Girls' Service Club "Pauline's pretty to walk with And pleasant tu talk with." MILDRED ARMINTA SPANGLER Ceemuh Club. "She wants to be a beautician, Get in line, girls." LAWRENCE SPRINGER Magician and Munsonian Staffs. Wrestling, Hi-Y, Dra- matic and Science Clubs. I'Gassed," "Confessional." "Our Einstein is a fine chap." JEAN SPURGEON Geography and Girls' Pep Clubs. "A girl with many good qualitiesf, KENNETH STAFFORD Varsity Basketball, Intramural Valley Ball and Baseball "M" Club. "A versatile athlete." ED STEXVART Intramural Basketball. "Herc's a boy of an excellent brand." LEONE A. SYMONS "Sweet to meet and sweeter to know." ARLETTA C. TERRELL Dunbar Club. " 'Giggles' writes beautifully." ROBERTA THARPE Girls' Pep, Geography, and Ceemoh Clubs. "A maker nf scrapbooksf' CATHERINE M. THESING Friendship and Geography Clubs. "Cheerful and good-naturedf' MARY THESING "One of the sweetest girls we've ever known." SENIORS IRENE THOMPSON Dunbar Club, Voted Best Girl Athlete in Colored Senior Mock Election. " 'Boots' burns up :i dance floor." CHARLINE THORNBURG Geography and Dauber Clubs. "Happy-go-lucky is 'MiCltey'." DONALD THORPE Honor Society, Football. "A sports enthusiast." BFRNIECE TIMMONS l.'Allegro Club and Senior Band. "A musical typistf' GLEN TOBIAS "How could we get along without Glen?" LAVI-IRE TOXVNSEND Ullersevering, patient. and industrious GERALDINE AUDREY TURNER Dunbar Club. Voted Class Vamp in Colored Senior Mock Election. "Our Geraldine has the genius for making friends." ROBERT XV. TURNER Intramural Volley Ball and Basketball. "XVith a ready smile he always greets us.' MARK TUTTLE Varsity Football, "M" Club. "He made his mark in football." XVINOLA LFNA VANDIQNPLAS "A dancing Centralitef' DONALD XVAID Munsonian Staff, L'AlIegro. Boys' Pep. and "Nl" Clubs Honor Society. Senior Band. Varsity Basketball. lntra mural Volley Ball, Baseball, Track, Horseslioes, Hi-X Club Vice-President, "Merton of the Movies," Gold "Nl.' "As line as he looks." ,IOHN H. XV.-XLLACE Hi-Y and Boys' Pep Clubs, Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball. and Baseball, "Merton of the Movies." "johnny has loads of pep." EVELYN XVALTERS Dauber, Ceemoh, and Friendship Clubs: Senior Orchestra. "Her greatest sin is her happy grfnf' DONNA XVARXVICK Friendship Club. "Why gentlemen prefer blondes." it is '-Il M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A G I C A N ' I 9 3 5 Tlinlj, SENIORS CLEDA AILENE WATTS l'Her today is the tomorrow she worried about yesterday." DENNIS WEISSERT "Always shows enthusiasm and interest in what's going on." HENRY L. VVENDELIVIAN "Music is his hobby." MARY AGNES WEST Munsonian Staff, Friendship Club. "Why worry whether East is East, When West is Mary Agnes?', FRANCES L. WESTERVELT L'Allegro Club. "Sweet and True." DOROTHY WHITE "As cheerful and gay as the sun's glowing rayf' PHYLLIS A. WHITWORTH G. A. A., Geography Club. "A girl with a Hare for salesmanshipf' DOROTHY WILES Geography Club. "Her wiles are her pleasant smiles." ETHEL D. WILSON Dauber and Geography Clubs. "Nut too serious, not too gay, A very good girl in every way." MARTHA ELLEN WOLFE Munsonian and Magician Staffs, "Merton of the Movies, Gold HM." "This senior class has profited by having her as a mem- ber." i si ROSEMARY WOLFE "She greets you with a smile." HAZIEL J. VVRIGHT Senior Band and L'Allegro Club. "Always in the right." CHARLES YOHLER Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y Club. "Hu is wurthy uf your acquaintance. AIACK YOUNG "M" Club President, Varsity Football and Basketball, Viec-President of junior Class, Intramural Track, Base- ball and Horseshoes, "Merton of the Movies," "One of our all-state fuutball buys who has many talents." 1 SENIORS LEON YOUNG "The jade God," Hi-Y, Dramatic, Science, and Boys' Pep Clubsg Magician Staff, Intramural Basketball and Horseshoes. "The original Pep Club man." RONALD ZAPF "He has an amiable disposition." ZED C. ZEARBAUGH Hi-Y and "M" Clubs, Varsity Basketball, Intramural Baseball and Track. "Our Robert Montgomery." ESTHER ZOOK Honor Society, Vergil Club, Senior Class Historian. Magician Staff. "Sweet, unassuming, and friendly." SENIORS XVHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR CLIFFORD BECKHAM PAI.'LINE JOHNSON "There's nothing he won't do for you." Geography Club. "XY'orks hard and gets tlieref VINCENT BOARD Voted Best Actor in Colored Senior Mock Elec- ERNEST MQDLIN tion, Intramural Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, "Mi3ghigf lui-kg dgqp in his cy:-5, To amuse others Iirnie tries." HAROLD OPPITRNIAN Intramural Volley Ball. Willard Street Hi-Y, Dunbar Club. "A quiet and a friendly lad, He's always happy and never sad." KENNETH FOSTER "One of the most pleasant boys in the class." CHARLES EDWARD GREEN Voted Class Sheik in Colored Senior Mock Election. "His interests are electrical." GAIL GREENLEE "M" Club, Football, Yfrestling. "His wrestling ability is hard to beat." HOXVARD N. CRIMES FRANKLIN SIGGINS "He can ask questions that batlle ers." MARY EVELYN SMITH "Speaketh little but observeth a CLAY TEAL "He doesn't have feet nf clavf' CLAUDE NVIZLCH ll. d "He's a good vollev ball thrnvverf even the teach "Unusuillv quiet, but he seems tn have a was Geography Club, Secretary of NVillard Street Hi-Y, V. 1' 'I ' I. I ,, Voted Best-Looking Boy in Colored Senior Mock W1 me bu- 5' Election. ARTHUR NVOOD "In school he has always shown good spirit." "What he has to say is always worth listening tt-.' Pilgr Tlvirlri-nu M A G l C l A N 0 l 9 3 5 M A C5 I C I A N 0 I lI'f1-fllll THE SENIORS' PRAYER B5 Rosi TNICDONNII, A ship sets sail upon the sea With three hundred able men. With sails spread wide she sallies forth To Conquer and to win. XVith song and shout and happy laugh And wildly beating heart, Each man holds high his good right arm And swears to do his part To bring the good ship safely home Wfhen her last long trip is done. And she has conquered bright new worlds And the victor's crown has won. Hearts are beating high with hope, And rosy sunlight beams On us as we take up the fight To realize our dreams. XVe ask not for ill-gotten gains. XVe beg the gift of life That we may win our daily needs ln honest, daily strife. We've worked together many years, But alone we now must strive. God, watch us on our daily road And bless our class of '35. JUNIORS ! M A G l C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 Dwayne Adams Al Amburn Helen Arnold Dorothy Austin Virginia Austin Marjory A. Babcock Marvin Babcock Donald Badders Mary Alice Badders Ethel Bailey Myron Clark Willoughby' Clark Elizabeth Childinst Robert Clouse Ada Conn Deloe Conyers Steve Cope Lois Cox Fred Cranor W'inifred Crislcr JUNIOR CLASS RICHARD BARTON, President ROBERT GOUL, Vice-President NIAYNE GALBRAITH, Secretary JANE BLEASE, Treasurer Mary jane Bair Florence A. Baker Virgil Baker Philip Ball Dorothy Bartling Richard Barton Stuart Bebout Leonard Bell Marybelle Bennett A. C. Bernstein Donna M. Curts Charlotte Davis Arthur Dague Tom Dawson Bob Deerr Dorothy DeLucy Chester Douglas Hazel Doyle Andrew Drumm Max Dull W'illian1 Goul Betty Grant Robert Grant Albert Greely Martha Green Mary Green Mary Greene Mildred Green Ray Gribble Dorothy Grow Harriet Beuoy Mildred Birt Dwight Black jane Blease Berneida Boyd Glenna Boyd Rosa Bricker Dorothy Bright O'Neil Brooks Geneva Brower Ira Dunnington Esther Ebrite Phyllis Edwards Eleanor Ellis Margaret Ellis Iayne Everett Bob Fichter Mary Alice Floyd Howard Ford jim Fosdiclt W'ilma Haas Rosemary Haggard Lennie Mae Hann Loretta Hannon james Harless Don Harrold Betty Hartley Don Heldenbrand Dale Helms Emily Higgs JUNIOR CLASS Adam Brown Drucilla Brown B. Eugene Brown E. Eugene Brown W'ayne Brown Evelyn Brownewell Mary Burkett Mary Cartwright Bernard Chilton Don Church Mildred Fox Charles Frazier Margureate Frazier Elizabeth Full Jayne Galbraith Martha Gallimore Lois Gardner Bob Gaylor Mary Jane Gindhart Bob Goul EMBERS of Central High School's 1936 class have established an enviable reputation as an outstanding group by the success of their varied activities this year. Mrs Helen Cross, commercial teacher, has been social sponsorg and Miss Charline Jamieson, head of the foreign language department, has acted as counselor. Class activities were begun on October 2, the day on which nominations were made for class oflicers. A campaign convocation, at which candidates made talks, was held on October 8g and on the following day, October 9, the election was held. A Second ballot was necessary before a candidate for each oiiice received a majority of votes When the final ballots were counted, it was found that the following officers had been elected: President, Richard Bartong vice-president, Robert Goulg secretary. Jayne Gal braithg treasurer, Jane Blease. Pagr' Tfyirlj -four M A 1 Qi 6 1. 25078623 N 3' :EV 'R 'LA KW 5 1 1 aw 'H 'ig as 1 ,.,, 1 31 A ' 1 1 A 7 , Q I , Ea- - . It 1 1- V .11 H A -Z 1 153? H 'Y ' 11 -l" . i 1 A Q " f- '- - 1- , ,1 , A ,S ,, , .,.. 1, if ' Qflggr 1-1 1 .... 1 -11.1 -:-:v1:1:1if'Xf :-:-1 45- 111. "" 1. if M 1, -' 1 .111 ., f -1- M1 1 ' 1 I ' " 1 V' ' A ' V? - V 'vw ' ...JF ' M5 V' N- ' 1 , - : - "Q , 1, - "" ' 'I-If' " . Q , , an '- . ,. t A Q X M XE, 1. 1 M7 , ,, In 9 . 1. ' 1- 1 s.. Q v. -1 , .2 dui. U ,. : , A:EE ,. sa 5 N . f t . , V x x x: . 1 . L X eg 1, . , QI. ? L L M 1.1 L , S .Q 5 E 1 . hi ., f - 7, J ..,. - L fm 1 -- 1 M K Q. ' ' .. , I 1 ll A ' Q ' " 1 W.. 1 J ' - X Kr V 1 -- PP' f . ' ,1 ' ffzfgf W "' , V x Q. , V tx N Q 2:51. 1 ' " , 1' L, .. g if Q 5 ' A . , V' 1 Q ' tt in 'I ii? Q ' 11 L K Q H "" 1, ..., F 1 Q ,,,,,,: H, X 1 .I 1 , ., , . ' ' ' 'S ., .1 1 ---' 1, .1 f ' gg, 5 1 ft.: ,W , V ., 1 fc, . -5 Q, Q s Q, Q ,1 A 3 5 If 'F 1 . "' 1 ' 1 M 1. A Q A. A ' ' 9 1115.12.11 I uf,p,z,,y 1,,..11,f' qv--Ls. f- gllfflvyt' .Ls 'll 7 ' LM' '11, I ' H I fy J' ' .1 - ' ' - 1 . 1 ,.I f.' L- 1 " L, 1-'q.,Jfl,,,,,1., I. 11,111 '-'.-1 ,f 'JEL 1,4711 , "lux-1. J -- H fl' V ff.. , 1,54 -1.1 , 4 , V-X I , 1. xi .lvf ,j,", 14 W,V.A-v"f f-- "'P,4! 1 ' -31121.11 W, W1 MY A ' 1 ' Sivw 1' fy'-34,4 4,3 . uzvw, , X, A V l V - Pugv Tlvi1'l3:fF11' ,k-f U J G I C I A N ' rf ,AQ .3 5 v l lvl A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 james Hilty gleannette Hires Herbert Hahn Doris Holdren Ernestine Hole Merrill Hole Maradale Hoover Lois E. Horton Miles Hossom Don Irwin Gilman Mason Chris Mentis Betty Meyer Marian Meyer Charles Miller Lucille Miller Malcolm Miller Ruth Miller Harry Mills Ava Miser Agnes jenkinson Charles johnson Eugene johnson Mollieann jones Ruth jones Shirley Kasson David Kemper Vera King june Kleinfelder Betty Kruse Mary jo Moore Wfilliam Moore Carmen Neel Lida jane Nelson james Nettles Maryellen Newton june Nicewanner Betty Sue Nichols Marcella Parcher Caroline Pardieck Overton Sacksteder Lillie Sanders Carl Schuck Paul Schuck Becky Schuster Mary Seibel Vivian Shatto Bob Shaw Robert Sheets ,lack Shepherd Charles Lamb Naomi Lamb Florence Lanning Ben Latting VC'alter Leonard Eleanor Lewis Marietta Licher Pauline Littler Rosemary Locke Harold Long Virginia Parson Eileen Paul jane Pemberton Betty jane Penny james Perkins Delores Persinger Martha Peters Wilbur Pittenger Kathryn Printzos Helen Ratliff Beatrice Sherman Darrell Shipley Mary jane Shore Jane Shriner Iris Sipe Frances Snodgrass Lloyd Snyder Wfilliam A. Spurgeon Norman Staiford C. Eugene Staggs Virginia Long Verna Lounsbury Anne McClung Helen McCoy Dick McCracken Carl McGary Howard McKinley Franceine Mann Martha Mansfield Peggy Marx George Rea Barbara Rector Kathaleen Renfroe Morris Resler Phyllis Rice jean Robbins Vera jean Roderick Margaret Rolf Georgiana Ruble Sarah Sackett As soon as the election was over, attention was directed to the junior class play Hanley Barker, Mary Alice Floyd, and Delores Persinger were members of the play- selection committeeg they selected "Mignonette,', three-act romantic drama by Arthur jearne. The cast was chosen by the casting committee, Florence Lanning, Pauline Littler, Howard McKinley, Mrs. Cross, and Charles Hampton, at that time a member of Central's social science department. The play was presented Tuesday evening, December ll, in the auditorium under the direction of Miss Maude Michael, English teacher. Settings were arranged by Griffin Stephenson, art teacher, assisted by Phyllis Greeley, Marjorie Erick, Bill Peasley, John Courtney, Richard Ward, and Alfred Burton. The orchestra. which was directed by Glen Stepleton, head of the music department, provided music before the performance, music during the play was furnished by a junior quartet, Marcella Parcher, Marietta Licher, Steve Cope, and Eugene Johnson. The cast included Mary Caroline Warner, jim Fosdick, Howard Snyder, Lois Taylor, Mary Virginia Long. Harriet Beuoy, Phyllis Edwards, Mildred Birt, Jane Blease, Hazel Doyle, Loretta Hannon, Geneva Brower. Al Amburn, Elmer Lundberg, Ben Latting, Malcolm Miller, Clinton Thomas, and Richard Barton. law fluffy'-:ix 0. N 'i fi 9 . . , 4 t W 'V . A I t ' ,. . . I D .. . . ,,. . V 5 - Q - . . . 5 . . - if , , Q. .. .1 4- - I , m-. T ' ' is t ' .4 5 ' -W, :V 7 .li ,- uf f v 1- .. A ' Q- 1.1, . W ---- -' g if -. . . - . '- .' , I 'F A I 5' ' Sf .t 'i ' . . ' f . y I - I J ,"' I i - A . -f E , E' I 5 If . I' . he ., ' 1 -. , - 'P 'F 2 - -ff? ' ' .'. 3. if! a f- ' . I s , If Q '. I ' -' I' - '11 I 'I vf 3 , IH AQ I . F We M V k .1 W TX sw I - I A, A f '- xl- , ng - 3 Q ' ,Q .' "- I' ,f:- Q 1 b ' ' W 1 fi " ' . ' , I "Riff H I .. ' F. f I ft- 'P' 4:91 N L' It ' +- V F' . A , " Q 5. y P "A ' fig -. nv ' M . ag. , Q I- . . ' FI . Ad ' . Q. t A f, B .Z-g....,..,.hZ.:i:,::, Albr 4-.ww-fi,p Q ,x .. ,rg-Q :ins .Q .N N Q ' ' J' "' . , ' 'I "' - w I J . - - I .... - - +1 5 ,, . .. ff' - 5 5 ' ' 2-A5 . YS . . ' 9 -5 If ,,,. , ?f - . 7 '. 1 F 1 , I -. Q R . g I, - I Q I . -2 I W 'AP " I I I ' 1 , - f. A ,. A :ff I gig'l..',,,1,v.1:f'A':21I!f? Q- . N :' , If , ' is N5 M W 6 1 X , , If " I . -- . .. if F I , , h In I 9 Q 3 V' it iv Q 4' if ,, K J K I ' r f ,Q , . 9 w I f v I Q' .1 ..., -Q. . 6 Ge " 2 QF 'I Y is I x' Y I ,JIIIY 1. A M 1 Y Q., ' , 1,5 K Q- I is A 6 I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A C5 I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 he ...., - -,,,tV,,.s. ,ti uf.. as v ff , .... Q r . aa? ' o ' . AA-Mf 1 " V I V Iv N-2 sr . - ' ilizifia' 2. V. - - ? ' f :fc f . " . 7:5 :', L I 4 X. ig 'i 'Y 1 2 jiQffQQiI .' 'fi Q ' " 4' an Q1 55' " If . 2 J S? 'L ' 1:22 .... "':::Eg::,f,V:1'ga- Q -" ' f WI- f -X ""' .,. ff ' 'Vg 11.495, VL . - ,, MV. M- -ft, aa . ,. , , sf - , ,.:..,.1 QV .3 g Vs it -.,,, ' ' I f ' . t. 4 X' Q' ':3"ifs:5FE::f'j:j . -. "" ' '. X' iff .' , W' 2 ' i ' I 1- 582. L ,. 1555512 . 1 :wg-ssiezzzg' V X A A, 1:1 ,if ""' Q ' X V - 'F' 1 W V , We 4' "" l 40 I z..-25 VV L., ..... , . W j 17. I, , V I In 5' . ,, -,QA- 3, If: I . 5, , T -Q " "2 4, -J Q Vbly ifv- ' ,,... ., V ' f - f . A ' 'A i f 224 s K .Q -. :wg V,, 13225 ' f f A- fa... 4 ' in . .,.. Vf v i V A , I p31fV 322 ""i"7 Z T'7"' ' f """ 17 "' ""W19"'Tf" "' 1"'u'1, ""' 'f' I " 5 "u" 'fiF " '-'.::w'-:g'.:,." ""' ' ,ag WWW ' Y""' gf ,f f -' , V ,V ,.: ., .,,. ,f,,1.V5:-Www.: V f. - ,, s .- . 1 f f W ' V . -- V, - Q . ' " " 1 ,i . , . ' 2 a- " 12' A , gig., -ef' ta , -f fa ,f, t . 1 n w f ..,. -4. As 4 ,. ,S , ,. ,A ..,., ., ,:.:., . if ,A , ... ,, . s, . , Z .,.... . ,... ,JL , ,, ,,,. , ,. . .W 1 I -"' If 5I1'E?j" ,Syl :sg2E5'jQ,5- ,. . ,, . -:-:- TQ. ' '6 "" - I . 1 2 7' 7 ' I Anbn I ' I" " Q. ' V .,, ' I ' , . "' ,V 'hifi janet Stein Mahal.: Stepleton Verlie Stonecipher Edith Story Annette Stout Howard Stout Xvilliam Study Veretta Sutton Katherine Swain jane Swift Lois Taylor Margaret Taylor Mildred Teal Irene Mary Terrell Martha -lane Tesch Maryellen Tesch Sue Tharp Verle Tharpe Bob Thomas Amie Thompson Lawrence Walsh jack A. XVaIter Mary Caroline VVarner Charles Tuttle Phyllis Watkins Harold R. Tuttle Harry Weax'er Rachael Ulen Robert NVeber Dorothy Van Allen Ruth Weir Richard XVaid Lola W'eissert Rex Wfalburn Robert Wfert Lillian NVallace Lela Xvhite Mary Tobias john Traub Sue Turner Walter White Ruth Alice Wiggs Marian W'iIliams Robert A. W'illiams Dorothy XVilson Frank W'ilson Ralph XVilson Alta Zeigler Virginia Zimmerman This year the junior class decided to "pull some tricksv on the rest of the school, more specifically, they had Murdock, well-known magician, do the tricks for them. -Iuniors sponsored his afternoon and evening performances on April 9 in the auditorium and displayed good salesmanship in their enthusiasm and success in selling tickets. Social highlights of the juniors' activities were the proms, which were held on Friday evening, May 10. The one for colored juniors and seniors and their guests was held in Central High School's library. Plans were made by the Dunbar Club. More than three hundred couples attended the prom held at the Field House, which was transformed into a moonlight garden scene. Refreshments were served by members of the Friend- ship Club. Jayne Galbraith was general chairman. She was assisted by Don Church, Verctta Sutton, Martha Lou Beckett, Al Amburn, Willoughby Clark, Jack Walter, Mary Caroline Warner, Walter Leonard, Jane Blease, Bob Shaw, and William Study. Page Tlllffj awigffl SOPHCMCJRES M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 Pagr I-'nrlg John Allen Soiie Angel Mary Lou Armantrout George Arrington Betty Jean Astbury Carl Bagley June Baker Ruth Barbor Thomas Barlow Shirley Barnet Anna Jayne Collins Lyle Collins Delores Conley Dick Connolly Robert Condon Fern E. Cook Mary Frances Cornelius Rachael Cory Helen Louise Crow Darrell Curts Russell Barton Anna Laura Bass Charles E. Battram Marlyn Baxter Jean Bernard John Bezy Harry Billica Jim Bookout Louise Booth Garnet Marie Boright Dan Dale Linton Daniels Lois Dodson Henry Dorton Fred S. DeW'itt Bob Ellis Florence Everette Mary K. Everist Jane Exton Bob Fell Ted Higdon Louise Hilty Dorothy Holaday Pete Holbert Kenneth Holdcraft Elizabeth Hook Ida Mae Houk Ruth Houk Eileen Huber Mary J. Bronne William Bronne Hetty Brown Albert Brumback Martha Burden Virginia Burditt Elmer Bush Rhea Campbell Vivian Canter John Carey Norman Foster Vivian Foster Carl France Marjorie Frick Kay Funkhouser Ila Goen Vivian Goodall Genevieve Gray Phyllis Greeley LeRoy Grider George Hurst O. Kenton Jackson Earl L. Johnson Frances Johnson John Johnson Melba J. Johnson Steve Johnson David Jones Richard Jones Paul Carr John Carter Alberta Carothers Arthur Cassity Eunice Chambers Peggy Church Eleanor Clark Juanita Clawson Juanita Clevenger Robert Coahran Juanita Grim Edward Grimes Alice Gross Mary Ellen Harrio Mildred Hasty Bill Hayes Jayne Hensley Harriet Hetzler Juanita Hiatt Jeannette Heistand II Ruth HuH'man Rita Joris SOPI-IOMORE CLASS ENTRAL'S sophomore class is composed largely of students who entered this school in January or September, 1934, or January, 1955, from Blaine, McKinley, or Wilson junior high schools. In addition to these pupils, a number from other states, even as far away as California, have moved to Muncie and have become members of the class of 1937. As soon as 10B students enter Central, they are placed in orientation classes, where guidance teachers assist them in becoming adjusted to senior high school. Although , 3 . , 4, f I, - V . V N ag. - na 5 U' M g " V, , x I W 3 , 'Mi -V xx v Q v W s ' x' J' L I , X QQ 1 MW Q, . Q, 3, A Q K ,. I I I " sr V , if 14-I X X Q I v 0 xv f .1 I X 2 A X I Y I 'Q 6 X I lx Q 'Y Tk I 1 Ip I 4 .. Q ..,,, ,I , QQ Q4 . 1, if: 9 Q , V "Q gf, A '- Q QQ Q ,- SQ I I , sf fy" , .' 4- 5 LV. X I " ' :J .. I J w.. A. :cv , .I I - , gf ' 1 . , ' H " Q 'Q If - ,B , . 5-L , Q. I ff ' , V V -XW4 VV X ' VV iff ., 2 M A Q- - 12. M QV- m S: I IQ- ' -I A ' Q. I ii' , 3 H f. 4- mi' . I' 'S Y -Q' Q! " Q Q, , I Q V I : . 'Q V Ni V 9' . 1- 4 ' I I V V 3 I ' I I ff . ' V , ...A " I QQ Ns . . gig-Q W X QQQ QQQQ, Q , , - QQ ,. R QQ ,Q V :V ,s,QQ':Q . f Q 'T Q ' QQ Q ., 9 , Q- Q - I I ,- . 'I I ,,,. . ' . QQ ., Q QQ 4 . .Q ,f Q . Q QQIQEI Q L A "Y, 1' I ' I 'I as I IHS' aaa skirt- - 'V Q.. , -V ' , I XV Q .KQ Q 'EQ ,NQQQ , Q QQ 3, . VIV, Q QQ, . QQ QQ QQ QQ Q Q I fa jQ gg. V . - , fm Y 5 .- E ' .:. f -V . 1 4? - I ' ' ' I rum- ,,,, . , -x JC Iffi' ., I ., 'Q Q Q ,QQ Q Q 1- .Q Q ,N 8 QQ f. Q K -1 A. 4 Q Q ' ' 1 A, 3 . 'f -3 I Q ,. Vg Q Q ., X Q QQ . Q F ,QI-5, QQ , I . X15 QI Q QQ YQ , ,Q .gf . Q V Qc ,iz , : H Q , . , QQQQQQQ 'LQQ A Q Q , V QQ Q ,QQ Q Q Q T NQ , . . 5 "' H- Gr -V A - we -' X " 4 wt L f . Q J, p q Q ,Q Q ' ' . W ' Q X, QQQ Q 'X I V If V V I , I I f V If , V QQ , Q Q , , . gli QQQQQQQQN . Q QVQYU AEM , W Q' 'li 4 -v', ' - - V q . ' """" 5 X QQ' EQ . 7 -Q Q? Q . , QQ . Q Q Q QQQQG . . QQ QQ Q,QQQ,- - , Q . V - 4 QQ Q . EN QI A Q Q, ' , ' Q Q A fQ Q - I ' gg. Q Q Q ,QQQ . - ' 1 V lk if , - .. g . I V' i " 'P xp ' W -VVVV -1' Q QQ Qu QQ QQQ Q QIQ. Q QQ ,Q QQ I , Q Q W Q .Q , , - .Q , Q xi QQ MQ Q .QQQ i 's . 'Q Q 3 QQ Q- fix Qi.. X I " , -' iQ , s 1 If " farm- , - ' ' ' PI1gI For M om A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A C5 I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 Betty Karlen Donald Kelbel Hazel Kem Catherine Kennedy jack Keppler Mary Jayne Knapp Mary Ellen Knight Phil Lacey Floyd Lacy Betty Ledlie Albert Nuzum Lawrence O'Connell Albert A. Oliver Robert Okeley Harold -I. Osborne George Paine Bob Parr Georgetta Patterson Herbert Pagfol Geneva Percy Helen Mae Lewis Muriel Lowery Betty McDonald Ruth McDonnel Edmund McGann Robert McGuire Lucille Mahoney Gail Malsbary ,lean Mann jim Mardis juanita Perkins Harold Persinger Norman Plleeger Delbert Pherson Maxine Phillips Catherine Pierce Elverda Pingry Mildred Poore Ruth Qualkinbusli john Rainey Susan Scott Evelyn Scull Richard Sebree Arthur Seelye Betty Shaffer Loretta Shields Evelyn Shirey Leroy Shirey Paul Shultz Marshall Sipe Rachel Mark john Martin Ruby Matthews Mabel Medsker Dick Merryweather Peggy Ann Merz Sara Mae Method Billy Miller Mary Kathryn Miller Margarete Mills Oreda Mae Rarick Wiln1a Rawlings Mary jane Reser Norma Reynolds Margaret Rhea Edna Rhineharz Alice Mae Rhoades Victor Rhyne Donna Belle Risk Wilma Ritter Omega Skinner Bob Smith Gene Smith Ruthellen Smith Charles Snyder Bufort Spencer Dorothy Spurgeon james Stader Bob Stanley Lois Stephens Dixie Mingus Betty Mitchell Sylvia Moore Garnet Morgan Lois Mullen Elsie Myers Betty Newton Howard Nierstheimer Richard Norman Betty Norrick Fred Robinson Billy Robertson Mark Ross Charles E. Rowe, Jr. Albert Satterfield Helen Souder Deloris Scamihorn Marcele Shitfler Billy Schrink lean Schrink sophomores do not formulate a class organization as upperclassmen do, orientatlon classes elected representatives for an executive board this year. Members were Dick Connolly, jack Keppler, Victor Rhyne, Delphine Williams, Fred Parr, Bill Robertson, Betty Collins, Gene Smith, and joe Lake. This group elected Joe Lake chairman. Interests of sophomores lie in many fieldsg various branches of the arts. sciences, commercial subjects, and shop courses attract them. Many are interested in obtaining preparation for positions which they hope to secure immediately after being graduated from Central. Others are enrolled for college preparatory courses. Some are particu- larly attracted by sportsg several sophomores were members of varsity athletic teams this year. G. A. A. awards are goals of a number of the girls. Dramatics, art, music, and journalism have proved interesting to others. Sophomores presented two plays at special convocation this year. The first was "Weiners on Wednesdi1y,,' and the second was "Wl1o Says Can't an Page forly-Iwo if V V K. V , . . '- VZ- 5 ' IV- 4-was Q. -5 ' "IVV, ' X VE N ' ' S- 5 3 17? 'WM' -. '-,:V 9' ,yr af if' ' V -V ' V V VV .K .... . - - V V M. '-:I1V.'?,V.-:eg ' V., 5, A-Q' ' W 2. 11" V V .J J., 5 - ' ,F . gd V 1 - - . ff LS., -. , H . V . V. X - V . V fA'-- ' V ' 1 ' . ,V i V' . Qu :xii " VV. . 4 E kv -V t .s: 'V' :In .zu - .Q 'Q 'N N' ...gig :M...:..vV ,V V - ji . V " 5 ' "" J., .. V h 4 'V " ' Q.. V V , X .V 'f' -1 ,-5:11. . ' SiBwsf:VVVg,g.:.V..., -V ' V' ' . , L .,-4 - 'V-V . Vg, x ...VV ff ...VAVVQQ-V.:V., . 5-if -V 'T'-r V ff 53 .V N N ' f ' ,, V pf ' X ' V. ' , 5 . Z . - V N S -:f -V. V ,V -- 1. :-. V.5f5V: 'f , 'SP . . WS' " V ff- ij' ' V V K- H Q ' ' f .Q gi :"'fj. " - 5 ,- . 3' 5 A I M ..,. I I - Ve 1 . V 3. V, -V -. ' SV -52:'.2 qfVVV -----. . V- .. 3 ""' V-' , j , W' . V' 5 ' V F' . Wi- ' 'TW , V Q L., - . 1 V " ' VVVN 'WV 555515 . " 'fl V Y' V: 2' TTQ .. ' ..,., A ' .. " ' ' N. ' -,V V. M ' fvV,5V.V- . , X X V. V "" fi ns' ' ,. 'M V .S QNAAA .Q I A .V ,.,,,A 7 W . ,,,,: 3 M. ww .. .Z , V .,.., , ,,,: 5 .. . . ..,, t I A. Q .I + 21- ' ' ' ' VV.: V' .V '-Q- l f V . .V V V XV w. . X:-s- -QV V -QV . -.-.YV ..V:qV S:., . VV fy V - . V V. V-X.:-.V - , 5 - " ' V . VV : . - VVV V V V V V V., .L V Q 1. -Vff V V ' -' K 5' :- :VV ':' X .g-VV 1 S '-'- K 5 .. . I .IT sag V- X " y i , ..., L, Q Q " 5. .,.. 'VQVX 'SV VV I . . VVEV , .. . :VV 4. 3: VV, 5. ,V-V,...V.::. 1 :.: V . xV 3 3. .. . .V . ri S . V V ' V N V 'V-:VV A .1525-. - . Q, .K ,, if . Q' M, 2' .,,.-, . . " gag. I v V :S V z " , HF f ' .V . ' -V V V V. Q ' V ' L Q 'V Q E' .. :Q V" . f .' V I J ' V . 5- .. V V ,. V s .V 3 - V ,V " 13.1 .V -:V-1:VVV.V R' VP VV - N M ' , ..., Q. :NE 'VVV-:" .V,SA1g V 41 -V .V.. :V W' '. .. fb ' . M Q4 -:'VVI'V-VA Xl ' 'ini' . Q -' V -VV x - J. V- V . - A 1' ,V 5, V 6 Y , K. 1... - ,V . ...V U 1 in-A ' f Q V V. V Huw - W. V I V J., V 5,1252 K: -U, -. Q N V M' 1 ' -V V kg . V V . V .. -V VV .V V. -. V. YV V, V V V.. . V V. V VV f ,. 4 ...Vg P V .-V.. .,V.. , ., in W- 57 R Q- .X , M Q ,,. Q. . V V - 5' f :VV .,.. I I . was V V V Q ., .,., ..... VV.. V VV Vg ' ' V V gg -V V- ' Y 5 ?irgwE-iQ?Z:1E5iz21F-"- 5-J-rf',' E 'V V :V iff 'Q' I , 9, , , V 555522 " L fjx " -gf? "" ' "XV L. V ' 1, " V '- ,. ' 1 . "" V Vw V ' YV . ' ' .- V ..., V --V- V, ' V' VV. ' gf-r V Q5 VV. , .jf ' W 5 V 1 V- V. , ,V V .V 6 .N -,N .... ,V :.VV...5VV:V...E.:E? ., Q , K V: ,V V I , .' I VV, QV. ' V . 9-V, up V25 'QV' -' 'Q' ":"f 1 V -5 . 'V N- 'Sv' V',V" wg -q V . f, ' N Q . X ,,,., X f . V -V ,,.,, an 1 ' 'SV J . .V:,..VVV....V.. . ...P .. V V .,,. 'f .. .QF 5, VV I :V- 2V , -V V- , ' N V Yi " Q , .. V xaE,.V.- -VQVV. 1 VVVVVQG -V Vfvff-, ... L . ' . V " M5-H ., '- Q V 5 --V- V Q' ' ' ' . " 6 . s: '- ,V,.. .. .fm ' :VV .V V... V. . . . ' -Y V 5 : V A, Q' . ' f ill N 'V . .. 1 . . V x :VN ' - 0 - V V ..,.5. X.: R-..gsg':3VV.V ,.,.,,.,V.,., 1 1 3 , . is .V V 1 ' x .V . VVVVVV - VJ 4... ,A V X ,Sv al , .. f x V an VV -.SYRSX -'4 ' V- ., a Pd . gl Forf3V,t,m,P M A G I C I A N I 9 3 5 E M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 , 4 ' "1 :pw V- .., V-1.15 wa:-1...-1 4 - V ,. fm., -3V ' -nw, V, 5, V - W f , V . f V 1 . 49 .. 'f 2 V. 'SI Q-5 as .f f f .VI "" ' ' - 'W ' 'l' N V '..SI1' .. iff?" ' ' .W 'Vffl if V :exif ' if , ilil3f,.,V . ' is fl ft" . , 2" T ' ' ' ak t - ',,m 1' ' . V . V4 A 'S YW . 3 . ' . 44,-. ' Y .. , -15 ' 5 .ar V' "1:3I3:4fZ :Sf ' i'3E5i:E::',, 5313" - .":V:1' ' ' ' iififf i ' ' f ' "" Z .' ' -. . . " 7 .35 .. 5 , ' ' , VVV-V . V- .,,,,.. ,, ,, 1 X 355,123 L ., . an :A l,fw w ,. I J ,.,. . I I. ,Q NW WMMVP L 'A W46M: ' ,i ' . 'f-f. f V' ,,fi 55724 '-i?V'ifffffi 2- .. -- ' , , 311 'f , 7 "'A" " -v'- 1 1- . H ... ' V f ig ,M . fi I ff i . , We . W - ' V ,,::,...7 A U . V .. ..,.:..:v:: A V. , ,J - f .ff -11. 'sf , I , ,. , 2 , ., , , , . 4 1 ' J 9 -fe 1, ff X .1 shea . f , , r. , , ff f , ,V "ZZ 1 'T i 'iJs2'. i V f"""" W w w 'wif 2111. ,. .- , 1 -"' , iv. ' - A ' it ' ' ""' V "" , ' . 4 ff ii ff ' V , .... W 4 . -.i-ar. l, gh, I ,,,,,,,.,,.. ', ,, 5 if I If .. ,fvfgg "Eff A. ' ,....., , .r ' ,,,., 'f',,il,,..s,f"i' . . ' 'X' liz' M..- ...,,. Q ' 9 - 5 , 1- L4 " - ' ' 'fi : s' -.5a3:z.5. '-22" " 'fVfg5.,221g' I , 1.g:,gg,-' V4 -4' , ' - 5.26 .milf - y A "ff 1' . L ' '. .. .esffsf QV ' Q ,WW ., - i 1' . Zo 2 , ' ,- - f--' K-' 1. a W J.. by QR ,,, Zi Q A- M is 5 As, ,fa 4, ,v Y.: ,,, f m. K I ,Q- A I .. , , I If fi I, s , 27. 4551. .1 , V7 fx 1 1, W f - ' Mak .iii s""' . ' Z A ,s'E-elf ff' Bettie Stewart Bob Stewart Marguerite Stewart Roberta Stewart Mary jane Stiftler Kathleen Stoker Ray Stonecipher Lowell Strawser Bill Studebaker Rosemary Studebaker Betty Taylor Fred Taylor Ronald Templin Charles Thesing Frances Thomas Beverly Timmons Mary Timmons Betty Ruth Towne james Turner Bonnie Twigg Arthur VJHBIIZIYE Charles Vannatter XVeldon VanSkyock Billie Wade Robert Wallace joe Wkrfel Bernadine XY'ehlage Herman Yfehlage Mary Alice Weisse Norman Wfernet Virginia West Dick 'Whitney Ernest Whitworth Mildred Vfiley Delphine Wfilliams Evangeline XVilliams Paul YVilson Norma Winters Bettie Sue W'ise Maryellen Vforl The major social activity of the year was the mixer, which was a delightful event. This was given January 28, the first day of the second semester, in honor of new 10B's and to help all sophomores to become better acquainted. Another highlight on the year's calendar was the party given by Honor Society members for sophomores who had received honor awards in the junior high schools. The sophomore class is sponsored by the Exchange Club, which entertained honor sophomores at luncheon on Thursday, May 9, and the Muncie Branch of American Association of University Women, which aided in securing speakers for special con- vocations. Miss Maude Michael is chairman of the sophomore counselors. Others are Miss Mary XVade, Miss Ella Hollenbaek, and Clarence Swingley. uw' lffrly-four ORGANIZATIONS THE MAGICIAN 1935 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL MUNCIE INDIANA I I M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 MAGICIAN STAFF Frnnt Rim' lleft tw rightl -Blanche Pottinaltin, Helen Barber. Mary Elizabeth Harper, Vernon Dwyer, Martha Ellen Wlilfe, and Ladnnna Carmichael. Second Rnw-Fd Ball, Eugene Higdnn, David Heaxenridge, Marianne Huber, james Hankinson, Leon Ynung, Lucille Knight, Edwinna Bush, ,ltihn Pershing, Lawrence Springer, Myron Duty, and Miss Kathleen Meehan, sponsor. Third RuwvPaul Cornelius, Orville Garrett, David Shideler, Richard Ludingtnn. Rribert Beck. Bernerd Qualienbush, ,luhn Courtney, NY'alter Bird, Dean Cutshall, Tum Mondy, and and Miss Llla Hnllenbacls, spnnstirs. Fourth Rnwgfiene lieppler, Esther Znnk. Catherine Mentis, Charline Dick, Rn Mrs. Gladys Townsend ise Mcljnnnel. Ruberta Hnlcrnft, Dtirntliy Lunneclaer, Mary Self, Nina Lnu Ball, ,Ieanne McXVilIiains. Sara Maury. Bertha Rooney, and Hugh Hines Baclt Riiw-Bill Sattertield. Anne Marie Brown, Betty Miitlitte, Betsy Martin, ,lane Hitchcnel-1. Martha lacksnn, Charles Yen, Durward Rawlings, Pauline Blind. Vivian Rhyne, Marjurie Martin. and Ray Cileyenger. wi lor MUNSONIAN STAFF lrfllfll Rfiw Ileft tr: rnqhtp-,lane Blease, Martha Mansfield. Delores Persinger Menus, Ruth Miller, Mary Alice Davissnn, Margureatc Fra7ier. ,lune Sande Miss Kathleen Meehan, spcinsnirg l.eIla lanning. Alina Fosdicli, lilsie Radcliffe, Marie lirmyn, Mary Alice Rees, l.ucilIe liianglit, Martha Fllen Wailfe. Almaiane Icanne McNViIlianis, llmyard Mcliinley, and liathaleen Renfrue, , Lois Cox. Catherine ry, Betty Sue Nichols Phyllis Edwards, Anne Halbert. Gene Keppler, Sccfinil Rnw-Veriaim Dwyer, lawrence Vfalsh. Bula Cragu, Ben Lattlng. Robert Ternplin, Gene Brown, llnn Xkiaicl. Lawrence Springer, Charles Yen, 'Stephen Sherman, Tom Dawsun. and Betty LeMay. ilihird Rim -Virginia Aubrey. Pauline Littler, Vera King. Glory McCann, Frances Petty. June Nice- wanner, Veretta Suttiin, Mary Caarnline XVarner, Berneitla Boyd. Mary Elizabeth Harper, Nwrricln, and Flnreiice l.annxnig. lhalc lima:-Al Lneper, Mary Virginia Iaintg. Bertha Rooney, Mary Agnes NVcst. Martha Galhmore, lhfalveth Bell, Vfesley C.. Pierce, printing teacher, Ralph Muure, Maurice Carpenter, Margaret nartl, Nina Inu I5.iII, Pauline Bond, and David Shideler. ly: Betty Mary May- BOYS' PEP CLUB Front Row qleft to righti-Norman XVernet, Charles Merrill, Harold Osborne, ,lack Keppler, Bill Robertson, and Gene Keppler. Second Row-Dielt Connolly, Dick Wiaid, aloe Mfirfel, Leon Young, Dwight Blaels, Phil Lacey, anal Gillman Mason. Third Row-Clyde Vfelliiiger, sponsorg ,lack XY'alter, ,Iohn NVallaee, Pete Holbert, Henry Diirttin, Bob Gilbert, Chester Douglas, Arthur Van Matre, and Paul Schultz. Fourth Row-Kennard Douglas, Tom Moody, Isaac Routh, Lawrence XValsh, Kenneth Lebensburger, Charles Roush, Clifton Humphrey. Bob Langan, and Linton Daniels. GIRLS' PEP CLUB First Row Lleft to rightb H-Shirley Hassan, Louise Hilty, Loretta Hannan, Mariorie Friek, Mary Alice W'eisse, Phyllis Greeley, Sara Mauvy, -Ieanne MeNY'illian1s, Margaret Taylor, Roberta Tharpe. Ladonna Carmichael, Dixie Mingus, Genevieve Gray, Mrs. Mary johnson, sponsor: and Phyllis Rice. Second Row-Martha Lou Beckett, Peggy Church, Betty Karlen, Phyllis Sipe, Mary Frances Streeter, ,lune Kleinfelder, ,lane Pemberton, Marianne Huber, Betsy Martin, Virginia Aubrey, Almaiane Hal- bert, and Lenore France. Third Row--Betty ,lane Grant. layne Galbraith, Wallougliby Clark, Betty Sue Niehols, Betty Me- Donald, Margaret Rolf, Betty Letllie, Sue Tharpe, Martha jayne Teseli, Betty Lee Munkelt, ,lean Spurgeon,,Marth.1 Mansfield, ,lane Shriner, Rebecca Schuster, Phyllis N'i'atkins, and Marian Meyer. Fourth Row-Virginia Austin. Betty XY'inters, Mary lfllen Newton, Betty Kruse, Delores Seamihorn, Naomi Lamb, Mary Greene, ,lane Blease, ,lane Hitchcock, Martha jackson, Mildred Fox, Dorothy Holoday, and Martha Green. Fifth Row-Betty Hartley, Veretta Sutton, Betty Meyer. Lucille Mahoney, Caroline Chappelle, Margarete Mills. Mary Martha Hughes, Oreda Rariek. Marjorie Martin, Fleanor Ellis, Vivian Rhyne, Betty Mofhtte, and Mary Green, Patti' Iiorli M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 9 C I A V 1 0 1 9 3 5 CEENIOH CLUB I r ,Ei - Xian-: if Bruvvarz. Hglja ijnrrzwn. L 111 T33 F1 r. New IH1 Hmflenbacll. Xl. 'z -.-J frzfur. Hxfdrcd Epan 12 . Arid Xilrj. Lffuzfc H rfadaj., 5 I kwin 'I'E.1rgw. help r 'A ,xfrsrm I Mrmu Ufuthxrz. Nlzldrcd fjruurw. Kvfbcrtl H1 lgruft. 5 1 Sin'-" xrjf Inns Knapp and Circ-is Iklrnl-., HEALTH COUNCIL r ' -Karl Irudumd.. Ruth .Klum Wins, O'-:rum Sadfxcdur. lf-as Tavlnr. Ken- ' 1 ,rf Suit. I.-yn .'Kilwn. launch KUSWH. Xhrrha Inks-'11, and Arthur Yan 1 Inu" J. .f,r. Hulfjx f1..rr1-wr.. l'.1u1l fwrnullu-. Lulu I,1rmm:. fran-,N Ruhr. Mcllu -func ' II mar' Phu! ficrncwil fQw.1i, .md 'Nwrmln Vfcrnct, V 1' "A IMT? Fw . Phu farnphfgll, ,NLIVY lf, Ufwru. Rvwunmrj, lm!-.u. .Niw Ruth Sch--1-lcr. i w:-4 I'f:'v',. f11:alrvf.c Sl,fgrm,u,, 'x1.zrauIl.1 Pamhcr, and Hclcn Ihrbur, MN LECERCLEFRANCAE Prwnt R-:W nic!! U- rxglwrw -AXln1.x,.1nc Hdbcri, Ruth .Xlucc Wrlsgx. hue I"I1lgl1omlx. flwc R.1JqfwI'?c luc1l'c Kmglwt. Rcbccca Xlulimrwfcz, lei ,x lxrmmg, .md Ihr--1113 Hlrrlxng. My--nd Rmv-I9r.111cuN Curcr, Huy Alum Rum, Shri--rx: XIJYIIIX, AIAIUCN I'i.1r1k1nwvu, NlJrg.1ruL XI.urv.:1'd Annu NIJIIC Brown, ,md Nlary .Xlicc Cox. Ihck R-vw-Stuart Helmut. Nlxw Inu bullurlc, Npkuwwfg Xlmw Lxlmrlmc -Y.1:111o-wx. Npwrxwr' .md Llurlc llmb. YERGH.CLUB l'mm Rum mlnfl L-1 rnglwlw--lun Lilrdxmur. Iugcxw rlvlmwn. Xhrxm Pmbgvclx. khrlc Vumbcrr-ww. ND Iwlhcr lx, Bn-nn, xp-nwr: Rlchxrd B,1rr-Hn. XX1ll1.m1 Srudx. Xllw l'I1HN,l Lflnuuxck. NVQ-mn-rg Ixlhur 1'b!'llC. Kumwclh 1clwmbL1rgcr, XX'xll1,1m ipurgcun. .md Rcbcccn Nlclimlcx. iccwnd Row-Yam R119 Lxnrnlunc Cl1.1Pl'cf1c, Hxrrxcr BcL1ux'. XY1n1frcLi Crulcr. Uxcrwn ixskxrcdsr Plwxlxp Ball. Iam Ifmdick. ,Xnuc Nlnrzc Bruwn. ,Xnnc Xlcklung, Hchn Ruburh. .md lnd.1 ,lanc Nclwn Tlxxrd R--xx-lxxrlwr L7vmiux1. Ylvrcncc Llnmmg, R4'NCXU.'lI'N H,1:g.1rJ. Nlnrgnrcr Br-Mn. Nlxumqc CJ:- pcnrcr. Clifton Humphrey Del-vrcx PL-rvngyr, Burn hruw. Iu'Ixm Rrmxnuxxclf. .md Ruth UMR lburtlw RMK ki-iclcn ligrbur. lsrlwur Zmvlx. uc-1rg1,1v1.1 Rublc. md H.m,1rd Xlchmlcy. Fm, f N7 A 6 I C I A N 0 I 9 ' 5 M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 I-II-Y CLUB Front Row Ilcfr tu rightj - Richard Head, Gene IicppIcr, Robert Sheets, Norman XYvEI'I'l2I. H. A. Petti- lobn, Sponsor: Wvaltur Bird, Fred Luwis, XY'1IIu.11'n V.1n ArsdoI, VcrIc Tbarpe, .md II-'ward fNIcIiinIcY. Second Rl,lXX'i,A.lYtPI1 Adams, Zed Zu,1rb,1ugI1, Robcrt NobIc. Nhrvin Iiabcotk. Robert fQIouwc. NY'1III.1n1 Study, Don Wild, NIJICHIIH Muller. .Inmux I-IJnIx1nson, Lcon Young, Cbnrlcx Yao. .1n.I Lbarfcs Ijliglf. Tlnrd Row-Phnllp Ball, Robert Tcmplm, Overton Sackstudcr, Don Irwin. Franco Boyd. CI11rIcx Nelson, X'i'iIIi.1m Frcynmrk, Arthur XY'ootI, Clmrlu Lamb, Charles Roush, and Llwrencu Sprmgur. Fourth Row-AI Looper, Robert Slmw. ,Ink I-rye, Herbert Pn7oI, john XVQIIAQQ, Duck XY'.11d, Harry Brllica, Bob Gilbert, .loc Lakc, Fred DuXY'itt, Vernon Dwyer, Linton Damels, and ,lack Iicpplcr. Fnfth Row+Don.1Id Ihuglmcrty, Don Harrold, Tom Ihwxon, jim Fosdick, Howard Stout. Sgm Banu, Charles Hampton, sponxorg Clarcncc Swmglcy, sponsor, II.1roId Tuttle, Norman Foxrer, Cbrit Mt-ntis, and ,lack Shepherd. 1fl'. Q1 FRIENDSHIP CLUB Iron! Iiovs fIcfl to r1tgI1l1gC.1lIuur1nu 'I'I1t-sing, II.u'rlct Iiuuoy, Betty Norrick. Guorgetta Patterson I-Immun.: Iiuxb, Alntcnmc IiI1o.1tIcx, Xlary Agnus XYIUNL, ISurtI1,1 Rooney, .md Dorothy DcI.ucy. St-tonti liowf-Ilorotby brow, X'ur.1 Kung, Bully SImI'fcr, III.1nuI1c Ilun.u'I:nt. Nlaxinu BcI1nIxc, Iforrcxt St-nf, Ilorotlny I't-rs..ncr1. .X1.1rt , Sr, IoI1n, Lol.: Wuwcrt, and Ifilccn Iimrkcr. IIorrI Iiov, - -I,XL-Iyn X'v'aItcrs, Helly' Suu Nichols, l'I1yIIns Imiwards, IiI1v:.1 CIIIFIIPIDCII, XI.1rg.1ret Brown, -NIIIFY 'Iv'1I'lJM Vlrgnnxa I'.1rsonx, Oliw Rose, And Iicntricc Sburman. IourvII Koh-.--fNI.1rtI1.a frrct-n, Nlnss I'In1.1bulI1 IDotItI, sponsor, Miss Anna NI.1riu Yatct, xponwr: Kay InnIgI1on-,cr, ISL-tty Ardxdol, Mary Crrucn, g1ntI Mary janv: Rcicr. SCIENCE CLUB Frnm Row ileft to rightl -Agnes jenkinsnn, Marcella Pareher, Helen Barber, Frances Carter, Verle Tharpe, Mary jane Bair. june Sanders. Fileen Parker, and Cieurgiana Ruble. Second Row-Howard Snyder, Eugene Duster, Charles Roush, Leon Young, Ray Clevenger, Robert Beck. Myrun Clark, xY'illi.1l11 Mnure, Lawrence Springer, ,ind XY'.ilter Bird. Third Row-Rebecca McKinley. Mutha -Iaekwn. Mi-lheann jones, Ifliie Radelitfe, Lueille Knight, Luis Allison. Betty lean Astbury, Lelia Lanmng, Anne Mefllung, and Ava l..1 Berteaux. lfnurth Row-Ruby Lanning, Carl Wiesenauer, Dean Cutshall, Rubert Weber. Charles Meliee, Carl McG,1ry. Vernon Dwyer, George Rea, and Mary Iilinbeth Harper. Back Row-Roger Lingeman, Harry NY'hittern, Iidward Zetterberg, and Frances Andrewx, spnnwra. a, ... DAUBER CLUB First Row lleft to rightl -Rosanna Hurst. Iflizabeth Hunk. Mary' .lane Knapp, and Fvelxn XY'alters, Second Row-Louine Reynolds, Fugene johnson, jane Pemberton, Robert Blind. May Anna Mier. Dwight Black, and Fdwinna Bush. Third Row-Fthel XY'ilson, Alfred Burton. .lack XY'alzer, Arthur Seelye. Kathaleen Renfrue. Helen McCoy, Mildred Teal, and Margaret Maynard. Fourth Row-Virginia Austin, Betty Munkelt, Mildred Poorc, Miss Flora Bilby, sponsor: Dorothy Lonneckcr. Katherine Printyos, and Mary Alice Davisson. Page If fi fm M A G I C I A N - I9 3 5 It M A G l C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 ORCHESTRA Ifrnm Row tleft to riglatl -Orville Garrett, Georgetta Patterson, john Farinella. john Lester Rittenhouse, llvviglit Black, and jolin Be7v. Seeoxiel Row-Margarete Mills, David Meiiilliard. Genevieve Barrett, Gene Foorman, Mildred Davis, Marietta Lielier, Nlarv Caroline NY'arner, Beverly Timmons, Thelma Barnes, and jeannette Hiestand, llnrtl Rovvf Robert Coaliran, Henrietta Sl1'lllIl'I, Stuart Bebout, Dwayne Adams, james Russell, XY'alter Renfroe, Haroltl Long, Glen Stapleton, sponsor, Omer Raisor, Clifton Hurnplarev, Charles Nelson. 'Xlaxine Belinlte, Helen Lewis, Charles Hall, Roscoe Clark, Fvelvn Nlfalters, Billy Miller, and Iona Lieorlet. SENIOR BAND f enter lirikk' lleft to rielall -Helen Crowe, jimmy Turner, Carl France, jane Pemberton, Oreda Raricls. ainl l.ois llonson. St-tontl lioiv-'loin Snyder, junior NleNielsle, Rosanna Hurst, Dick Xvaid, Don Irwin, Billy Miller, llowartl Nierstlieuuer, herald Riley, Desoit Allen. Albert Oliver, Harold Long, Gene Foornian, lugene llolilen, and Nlareuerite Stewart. lliirtl liovvfllral I-islaer, Cillarles Yeo, Genevieve liarrett, Ralpli Clark, Ellis Rateliforel. joe Parl-te, .Nliltlretl Vale-v, .Nlary lill7.IlN.'Il1 liennetl, l,elia lalnning. Helen Lewis, james Russell, Orville jolinson ,N'la:4ine lielinlte, Henry W'entlelman, liranees Carter, Henrietta Smitli, ancl Don XY'aid. lniirrli liowf-V Hola Slieets, ,Nlarjorie Iialweoek, w'i.IllCl' Renfroe' Cliarles Nelson, Berniece Tinamons. Marv- lit-Ile lit-mietl, Harry Mills, Reba Hl'flIl4lL'l1l7lll'4lI. james Hanltinson, Sylvia Moore, Dean Cutslaall. For- reul Seitf, Ixus Haas, Mary Alice Rees, l'lsie Ratlelllle, Carl MCGary, Allverta Morris, fvlearl jolinson f liarleu Hall, Hazel Xlfitiglal, lirantis Billiv. and Paul Cornelius. lilili lfow --filedn Stepleton, sponsor, Atwood Allen, Ixd Hall, Frances XVestervelt, Paul Morris, XY'avnc ww llfli-lun IJ1.n'.nn, f,li1ion Humplirey, Charles Vannaler, Ava Miser, Iflmer Cox, Harold Tuttle, and Miss Ialiel ffrev,-n, student teacher. L'ALLEGRO CLUB Front Row Ileft to rightj-Orville Garrett, Lois Taylor, XYVJYIIC Donson, Mary Katherine Ifverist, Jim Hankinson, 'lane Pemberton, Don XVaid, Alberta Morris, Dwight Black, Iflsie Radcliliie. and Don Irwin. Second Row-Maxine Behnke, Harold Tuttle, Mahala Stepleton, Clifton Humphrey, Anne McCIung. Merrill Hole, Hazel XVright, Tom Snyder, Lois Haas, and john Courtney. Third Row-Frances Carter, Henrietta Smith, Harry Millx, Genevieve Barrett, Maurice Carpenter, Georgetta Patterson, Stuart Bebout, Anna Mary Irwin, and Lcnore France. Fourth Row-Mildred Davis, Mary Alice Rees, Glen Stepleton, sponsor, Jane Swift, Marietta Lielier, and Bob Sheets. DUNBAR CLUB CHORUS Front Row Ileft to rfghtj -Geneva Percey, Izetta Nelson, Vivian Goodall, Anna Laura Iiowlkcs, Amie Thompaon, Irene Terrell, and Alice Gross. Second Row-Mrs. Sumn B. Nav, sponsor: Arletta Terrell, Fostine Glenn, Ollie Matin. Hopie Hill, Mariah Gates. Irene VTIIUIUPSOII, .Iimmie Dee Mastin, Naomi Grant, and Glen Stepletun, sponsor. Third Row-Roy Buley, director: james Nettlew, Nolene Goodall, Charles Frazier, Iidward Hall, Mar- garet Elllis, Charles Scott, .Ievwie Blair, Irvin Dunn. NY'ilIie Grimes, and Oscar Ilill. Pipes Ifljiiy-Mir M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A C5 I C l A N 0 l 9 3 5 l DRAMATIC CLUB Front Row Llefr to rightj -june Nicewanner, Betty Moffitte, Margaret Maynard, Lelia Lanning, Re- becca McKinley, Betsy Martin, Martha jackson, Lenore France, Anne Marie Brown, Jeanne McW'illiams, and Almajane Halbert. Second Row-Bob Mahoney, Charles Yeo, Robert Noble, Ray Clevenger, james Hanltinson. Kenneth Lebensburger, Leon Young. Lawrence Springer, W'alter Bird, and Vernon Dwyer. Third Row - Mariorie Martin, Vivian Rhyne, Mildred Fox, Mary Alice Cox, Frances Petty, Ruby Lanning, Berneida Boyd, and Chris Mentis. Fourth Row+Ben Latting, Esther Condon, Catherine Mentis, Pauline Littler, Miss Eleanor Bly, sponsor, Tom Moody, Dean Curshall, Robert Rothhanr, and Gene Keppler. I HONOR SOCIETY lronl Row llelt lo rightj -Miss lzlizabeth Hutvcl, sponsor, Charles Nelson, Martha jackson, Marshall liortli, Pauline Snoeburger, Don W'aid, lfdwinna Bush, Howard Boimcll, Elsie Radcliffe. Charles Yeo, and Mrs. l rina li. Christy, sponsor. Se-,oml how- lean NlCWllll.lI11S, Nina I,ou Ball, Ifranccs Petty, Annu Marie Brown, Lelia Lanning, Re- lietta 'vItKiiiIey, Mary Alice Cox, Hiilda Garrison, and Ava La Bcrteaux. ililiirtl Row-f llelorts Persiiager, listhur Zoolt, Florence Lanning, .lim Fosdiclt, Vernon Dwyer, Durward k.i-nlintgs, Mary I-,liyabctli llarpur, Frances Carter, Margaret Brown. and Howard McKinley. fl , four PHILATELIC SOCIETY Iimnr Row Llcfr Lu rigluj -Betty Nurrick, Herbert Ilmil, Hal XxV.ll'I'CI1, spunsnrg Arthur Daguc, Dnid Xlcliillinrd, .md Chris Mcntis. Sccnnd Ruw-Vcrlc Tlmrpc, Luc XYilliJmson. Fred Almy, Bufurr Spencer, Rnbcrt Rankin, .ind Harry XVc:ivcr. V CAST OF NMIGNONETTEQ, JUNIOR CLASS PLAY lfrnnr Ruw ilcfr us rigl1tbfClintun ililnmmix, Cicncxxi Brnwqr, Bill Spurgcnn, Xhlcnlnm Nlilfcr, Riclmril Hartim. Luis Taylor, and Bun Lstting. Suciind Blcnsc, Hmxyird Snyder. Klum Ifmdlglx, Mary Cnrulinc XYIJFIICF. ,ind Lvrurpi llimmin Tl1:rJ Row-Fl-mrcncu Lanning. Mary' Lung, Mildred liirl. Al Amburn, Hnrruul llcu-uv, Pliyllix l-dwnrds, .ind Dclnrcs Pereingur. Pulqi' Iilffj M E-uni I A CN 'CWC I 9 737W S The Senior Class Of Cfpllfffll High SNJ001 Dc'zficY1fz'S Thr 1935 Magivialz fo Paul Affzfisofz, Olll' Prilzvipnf fzmf Friwzd M A G I C I A N ' l 9 3 Page' l'1fZ3 QA p x 4 " fx .Q A fs , A: A- ,Ss fy Q- :V ff ' 5 if f qv 77 A. Aggie- V ' "":2:V S 5 1 f X W V f f is Q X N, X f f 7 f W I Q f 3 cf, 6 SWEET? A WTFQN 5 Pnvsuam. EDUQATION rsungmm, M i MAD ,A,,::- A ' 'ig , I A A Maj' W f AAA.A VA ' .1.: ft ' " ' .11 VVAA- as A Q ..'.,. A. POOR PUDSQ ME 5 MY gmyu-E Q2 Q' , W ,-, TEAM MATES E31 ' A .-fA.::z:fszg V' QV 1 ' ' " """ " " Ag, 'L V ' ', I " W , A -if, ig? A, . - - 1 .,., -'-. f VVV1f'f - - V A f ' W AA V- M A 1 L f f ' V ' "A, if A',' 2 V AJ V, A 5 A if y 4 "'1 Vf A A 1 Q 1 f Af - - V541 f V if gram- V ' V - V KSUDIE KAR KIDS 212. ---X' SKETEERSM ABOUT FAQE TEENY REE5 1 ,IA .,,: 1 .,,.,, .:,1 4 A V f 1.-'- 5 1--- f'-V In 9 Q ff! 40- X ,V 'AQ --fi: ,LA A 49- f M AAAA,..-,A,. 'K 0 K f, S 5 QHT. ' A V WY A , ."f ' V A? vf? wr Vx A .V V' -'- A. 52 A it Z "" ,---. 8' , ' 'I 'I HM QV Q1 Jf, jig 'AVVA AVAVQ 'lf ' la X .1 , A ,,A-,v.: , AAA, v,,, 2 .u':A:,A: AA:..3-:AAA . W ja. IE., Pi- x Vi """ ,A.A Q U Af' ' ' M TRAFFIC JAM A V- A -' Vg 1 W' w ' W WWC 'W' Xi Q "'h V A, ,.V.,' All 7 Ac", 'V VVA' VVVA f 5 U. f W f V'A'V-- HOLD IT! MW -SI? me 3 uma Pros .. X Q :V -1 .VN " . 1 gQ,,,,'f1j:,.q . x '54 G 3 V 1 f fx 'f V, - Q' A 1 JF N 0 O P4 COUNTRYLIFE T A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 'S iv- C 'T Bearcats pictured here received state honors in recognition of outstanding football ability during the 1934 undefeated and untied season from Dick Miller, sports editor of "The Indianapolis Times." who placed these players at various honor positions. CAPTAIN ERNEST I-IOLADAY Ernest "Rusty" Holaday. captain. played four years and was always fearless. He began his career during junior high school days. He was a great blocking fullback. and although he seldom ran with the ball. was always a hard blocker. He re- ceiyed a fullback berth on 1Iiller's fourth team. He is approximately six feet tall and weighs ISO pounds. RALPH HIJFF Ralph Hui. senior. played three years. During his nrst two years he played at end position but was shifted this year to tackle. Through his ex- pert playing ability and co-operation. he was able to keep opponents from gaining ground through position. He was placed at tackle on Miller's nts: team. He weighs 195 pounds and is six feet, :wo inches tall. He was a vicious. smashing tackle. BILL SATTERFIELD Bill Satterfield, senior, was placed on Miller's all-state second team. Bill was one of the smart- est players e'-'er to don football togs for Central. He was able to sense when opponents were coming through his line or when a pass was to be at- ternpted. He scored as many points for the Bear- cat team this year as all the opponents scored against the Fishermen during the season. He is 525: feet tall and weighs 185 pounds. Bill was JI Pnl -eight always 'llohnny-on-the-spot" when an emergency arose. JACK YOUNG Jack Young. senior, received a first team po- sition on the all-state tearn. Jack played at half- back position and during his football career was named "Jumping -Iackfi The reason for this was that Jack was always able to crash through the line. His left-footed punting was among the best ever seen by a Central High School player. He averaged fifty-five 'and sixty yards per punt. His hand was injured during the final game, but with his hand swathed in bandages. he re-entered the fray and scored the winning touchdown for Central. Young was named a member of Indiana's all- state high school football eleven by Heze Clark. well known football coach and sports writer, and received a bronze medal frorn Mr. Clark, MARK TUTTLE Mark Tuttle, senior, has played at end position three years and was an asset to the team with his experience and ability. He played good ball all season. and when he was called. he never failed to come through. His pass snatching and hard tackling made Mark a real Bearcat player. He was a good man and he knew football. He re- ceived honorable mention among Miller's selec- tions. FRED CRANOR Fred Cranor, tackle, received honorable mention from Miller in recognition of his work as an out- standing member of the Bearcat eleven. He always got his man like a veteran and his steady work at tackle helped to balance the line. Fred was always good natured, but his opponents had no chance when he got into action. Since he is only a junior, he has another year with the team. LAVVRENCE EOVYLKES Lawrence Eowlkes, senior, at first was only the younger brother of the lightning Vfillie, who had brought track fame to Central. Fans soon realized that whenever a little yardage or interference was needed, Lawrence was right there: and he became a hero in his own right. Several times he had the crowd on its feet watching his long, steady dashes from one end of the iield to the other. He received honorable mention from Miller. COACH WALTER FISHER Walter Fisher, who has been at the helm of Centralls football teams during the past eight years, had the most successful season of his foot- The fact that he is one of the best foot- ball coaches in the state is proved by the splendid record which his teams ball coaching career this year. have made. During the past North Central Conference tilt, ing this period. four seasons his teams have not lost a and they have lost only four Games dur- C SEASON'S FOOTBALL RECORD Muncie ........,,,,,,... 20 Muncie ....,..,e........ 7 Muncie ...,,..,,...,,... 41 Muncie ..A....-.,c...aaf 19 Muncie ...,,..,,..-..... 3 2 Muncie ........,........ 3 3 Muncie ............e.... 2 3 Muncie .......e......... 19 Muncie ..,s,.sc..v.a...- 1 Z Muncie ..... - .. ,..,,,.... 2 1 1 :G Conffrr II If Xlilarsaw --,---- --- v.... --- 0 Peru ss.. --- ------ 0 Anderson se.. .--. --- ----- 6 Kokomo ---- - . ----------- 0 Richmond ---. ------- --.-- 0 Tech. ----- - . ---.-------- 0 Newcastle - .--------.--- 0 ' 0 6 Marion ---- . ----.---- ---- Elwood ---. - --------- ---- Opponents .. ----- - ------ .-- 13 e Games. P.: v Frrtx V7 77 3 l M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A G I C I A INI 0 I 9 3 5 3 3 , 5 5 ' The Indianapolis Times" Trophy North Central Conference Trophy Page Sixty "THE INDIANAPOLIS TIMES" STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY In recognition of its outstanding performances on the gridiron dur- ing the 1934 season. Central's football team was awarded the trophy pic- tured here by Dick Miller. sports editor of "The Indianapolis Times." Each year Mr. Miller evaluates each team in the state on the basis of the season's record and awards a trophy signifying his selection. The trophy was presented to the team at the football honor banquet held in january in the Central High School cafeteria by Mr. Miller in the name of "The Indianapolis Times." NORTH CENTRAL CONFERENCE TROPHY The trophy pictured here was given to the football team by merit of having lost no North Central Conference games this year. A similar trophy was given to the football team which represented Jefferson High School of Lafayette this seasong the two teams tied for conference hon- ors. Central,s eleven won six conference games this year and Jefferson won four. Neither team was defeated in conference games. Central's Bearcats have not lost a conference football game during the past four years. 'Qs Lf 5 Vw.-XLTER WHITE Vfalter Vfhite, junior. played at quarterback. He was a great signal barker and a hard tackler. Wihite will be back next season and with his reputation as one of the most invincible players ever to don a purple jersey, he is expected to "carry on." DON HELDENBR.-XND Don Heldenbrand. junior. was a regular guard and always gave a good account of himself in every play in which he participated. He is a great prospect for next year's varsity. GAIL GREENLEE Gail Greenlee. senior. played at regular guard position. Although he is small. Gail is a valuable performer on any team. He was a great blocker and tackler. YVheneyer he was called upon. he always did his part well and played a stellar game at all times. LLOYD DAVIS Lloyd Davis. senior, was a real pass snatcher and tackler. Dogged determination is one of his traits and he could always be counted on to be there when needed. ROY BULEY Roy Buleyf diminutive backfield player. was one of the flashiest players on the Bearcat eleven this year. He was always fast and played a furious game at all times. He has a splendid attitude and a line spirit. Although he is small in stature. he is built like a real football player. LEO VTILLI.-'JIS Leo NYilliams. junior. played at end position. Good humor added to splendid offensive and de- fensive ability made him a popular member of the team. RICHARD BARTOX Richard Barton. iunfor president, was a reserve guard. He is a Valuable prospect for next year's backfield position. He is a hard worker and always aggressive. LLOYD SXYDER Lloyd Snyder, iunior. was a reserve tackle. He has the Bearcat righting spirit and is a hard ball player. KEITH CROWCROFT Keith Crowcroft. senior. played three years of football for Central. His position was tackle. and he was a particularly good otfensive player. MAURICE CARPENTER Maurice Carpenter. senior. played at guard po- sition. He was a strong defensive man and dis- played a superior type of football playing. Pdgf Sufi 0 M A C5 I C I N 0 I 9 3 5 A lvl A C5 I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 -11' aa. Cb JOHN HALL glohn Hall, junior, was a reserve end. He is a great prospect for a regular position on the 1935 team. DON IRNIVIN Dori Irwin, junior. is a reserve tackle as well as a wrestler and musician. He is a Bearcat through and through, BILL GOUL Bill Goul, junior, played .1 good game as a reserve center. Although he is light, he is a hard hitter, blocker and taclsler. BOB GOUL Bob Goul. junior. held the position of reserve backfieldman. He is a great passer and runner. DON THORPIZ Don Thorpe, senior, was a reserve lineman. He played three years as reserve and was a fighting, clever Bearcat. lafc S1 ig-lu'0 rv 1- an KENNETH SHUTTLEWORTI-I Kenneth Shuttleworth, junior, was a valuable reserve. He can punt. pass, and carry the ball. LEONARD BELL Leonard Bell, junior. acted as student manager of the team. His ready smile and dependability endeared him to every member of the squad, Leonard is a "prince of a fellow." MILES HOSSOM Miles Hossom, junior, assisted Leonard Bell. student manager, and always did his work eti- ciently and with splendid spirit. FRED LEVFIS Fred Lewis, sophomore, was another manager who never lagged at his work. It is the work of boys behind the scenes as well as those before the footlights that wins trophies. MICKEY MCGUIRE Mickey McGuire, sophomore student manager, was another real Bearcat asset, His winning smile and pleasing personality were as much assistance as his capable work in managing. TWH if ip- in... L... MARSHALL BURCH C u plain Captain Marshall Burch, senior, is a player who has carved a niche for himself in Central's Hall of Fame. Although he suffered a knee injury and was forced to remain on the bench part of the season, he was a source of inspiration to his team in every play. Upon several occasions he entered the game at the zero hour and was able to pull his team to- gether like a real general. BILL SATTERFIELD Bill Satterfield, senior Bearcat pivot ace. was the driving power of the team. He was in every play an:l met every situation in true Bearcat fashion. His dependable work made him popular with the team as well as the fans. He could always be counted upon to have a share in garnering points and in helpfng to form plays for the other boys. RALPH HUFF Ralph Huff, senior backguard, played his first season with the Bearcats this year. He was always in the fray to get the ball off the backboard and start it down the floor in the right direction. His determination to shoot baskets was a source of much pleasure to the fans. JACK YOUNG Jack Young, senior, played a brilliant game at forward. He abounded in pep and energy and his left-handed playing kept his opponents on edge. , 4 His good floor work and brilliant passing made him a welcome addition to the squad. HAROLD SHANER Harold Shaner, senior, and his ability for shoot- ing baskets will go down in Central's athletic annals. Although Shaner was small and light, his uncanny eye for baskets made him a mainstay of the team. He will be remembered as a real Bearcat scoring ace. He was named a member of the Big Ten pre- tourney star basketball team. KARL COCHRUN Karl Cochrun, senior, played his first and last year with the Bearcats this season. He will be re- membered as the dark, debonair player who was at his best at backguard position. His classy playing and scoring ability endeared him to Central's basket- ball fans. DON XVAID Don W'aid, senior, played at forward and center. He was always alert and dependable and rose to glo- rious heights in the regional tilt against Richmond. He was a loyal Centralite in his classes as well as on the hardwood. Purdue will welcome Don. WALTER WHITE Walter White, junior, will be with the Bearcats next year. He made a name for himself as a player of fight and ability who always played the game clean. Central is expecting great things from W'al- ter next year. Page Slxfx Nm 1 M ' A G l C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A 6 I C I A N Q I 9 3 5 RAYMOND JOLLY Credit for Central High School's position among the best basket- ball teams in the state year after year is due to the untiring eHorts of Raymond jolly, coach. He was graduated from Purdue Uni- versityg he served three years in the World War, eighteen months of this period being spent abroad. While in college he was active in basketball, baseball. and football. He has been coach at Central eight years. During this period he has always placed his teams in the regionals and has won two state crowns- 1928 and 1931. His team played in the final game of the 1930 state tournament. Coach Jolly also directs golf activities and this year has become baseball coach. His golf team was undefeated last year. sn, ? f E f 4. , ' .... . an-2-1-- '--f we , f . ua V ' Pugl' Sn I3 -four BOB BOND Bob Bond, sophomore, exhibited sportsmanship as a member of the Bearkitten squad. He could always be counted upon to hold his own against the opposition. BOB FELL Bob Fell, sophomore, has the ability to become a real basketball player. He came from W'ils0n, where he played basketball and football. Despite a recent broken leg and an operation, he has kept his eyes on being a Bearcat. JOHN PETRO john Petro, sophomore, displayed basketball prowess as well as Eght and spirit. Although he is small, he casts a shadow over the opponents' hopes. MERLE LONGFELLOXV Merle Longfellow, sophomore. was a Bearkitten who was always able to get the ball at the strategic point. He will be a valuable man on the team next year. JOHN HALL john Hall, junior, may be one of the leading candidates for next season's forward position. He played the game like a veteran and was willing to do his share at all times. A. C. BERNSTEIN A. C. Bernstein, junior, acted as student manager this season. He always managed to have everything ready for the boys and was at all times an ardent Bearcat booster. MERRILL HOLE Captain Elect Merrill Hole, junior, will act as Bearcat captain next year. He plays at forward position. His "never-say-die" spirit is one of the characteristics around which next year's team will be built. HOWARD STOUT Howard Stout, junior, was promoted to the varsity at the close of the season. He played a good offensive as well as defensive game, and no player was too large nor loo small for Howard to handle. WILLIAM HORTON William Horton, sophomore Bearcat tloorguard, proved a fortunate find this year. His cool-headeclness in tight pinclies meant a great deal to the Bearkfttens. He showed pep and Fight and that old Bearcat spirit. Wfe may hear a great deal more about him next year. DONA CHURCH Don Church, junior, deserves credit for hard work and determination. He was agile and had a fondness for finding a weak spot in the opponents' defense and utiliz- ing this disadvantage. Since next year is his last, we expect to see him holding down a regular berth on the first team. JACK KEPPLER Jael-1 Keppler, sophomore. was the smallest player on the Bearkitten squadg but he overcame this disadvantage by will to succeed and frequent and advantageous passing of the ball. He was one of the most consistent Bear- kitten players. PAUL CARR Paul Carr, sophomore, proved a menace to the oppon- ents' plans and could always be counted upon to add punch to the team. We predict that Indiana basketball will hear of Carr before he is graduated from Centralg he has the ability to make a great player. BOB CLOUSE Bob Clouse. junior. has an advantage in height. His style of playing is otten demoralizing to his adversaries. Bob's smile is a welcome sight on the basketball court. MAGIC! N3 I 'G'-.. S S . A I 9 3 5 IC 786,89 ADMINISTRATION M A G I C I A N 0 l 9 3 5 SEASON 'S BASKETBALL RECORD Central Elwood Central Connersville Central Hartford City Central Frankfort Central Logansport Central Franklin Central Kokomo Central Technical Central Washington Central Lebanon Central Bedford "Central Newcastle ':'Central Logansport Central Lafayette Central Anderson Central Newcastle Central Frankfort Central Richmond Central Anderson Central Newcastle Central Marion Central 18 South Side. FLW. 19 :1'Big Four TIllllAlIl'j'. SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT SCORES Central 39 Albany 14 Central 31 Yorktown 21 Central 31 Daleville 12 Central 36 Burris 14 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT SCORES Central 22 Richmond 24 QE. 'Q K In-nu s ' , , 5 X se s T I ' I 'I I . M fMa1IMr IMjkMu IMI Front Row qleft to rfghtj -Lawrence Fowlkes, Paul Carr, Joe Rooney, YX'alter Vfhite, Marshall Burch, Bill Satterfield. Clifton Humphrey, Bob Goul. and Leo W'iIliams. Second Row-junior Graham, Oscar Hill. Charles Yeo, Bill Goul, Blaine Burress, Eugene Brown, Dale I-Iurtt, Don Heldenbrand, and Bob Fell. Third Row-Bob Merz, Herman XVehIage. Harold Tomey, Harold Caldwell, Elmer Jones. XYYJIICI' Shelton. Eugene Sutton, XViIIiarn Grimes, and Roy Buley. TRACK Central's 1935 track team had one of the best seasons ever enjoyed by a track aggregation representing Central High School. Coached by Walter Fisher, the boys made track history this season. They exhibited Hne spirit, and their willingness to train has resulted in outstanding work. To begin to select track stars among the number of stars who partici- pated is difficultg three who deserve particular mention are Lawrence Fowlkes, Leo Willianis, and Marshall Burch. XVilliams jumped six feet, two inches for a record at the Kokomo relays and more than six feet for another record at the Big Ten Meet at Marion. Eowlkes consistently placed high in the dash events and in the broad jump. Burch set a new M A G I school record in the half-mile-run division. March 30 State Indoor Meet at Indianapolis. April 4-5 Central Class Meet. . April 13 Richmond at Muncie, April 20 Dunkirk and Newcastle at Muncie. April 27 Kokomo Relays at Kokomo. April 30 Frankfort Relays at Frankfort. May 4 Big Ten Meet at Marion. May 11 Sectional Meet at Marion. May 18 State Meet at Indianapolis. Page Sixly-scvtn C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 PARTICIPANTS IN INTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES Front Row Ileft to rightj-Charles Nelson, volley ball, W'iIIiam Shore. baseballg Zed Zerbaugh, trackg Richard Barton, wrestlingg Don W'aid, volley ball, Nkfalter Bales, volley ball, Robert Turner, volley ball and tennis: joe Rooney, cross country, Francis Bilby, volley ballg Robert Bagley, volley ball. Second Row-Lawrence Fowlkes, basketball, W'illiam Blair, basketball: john Wvallace, basketballg Ken- neth Shuttleworth, wrestling, Clifton Humphreys, trackg Bob Gilbert, tennis: Kenneth Richardson, volley bnllg Robert Rife, traekg W'iIIie Carter, baseball. Third Row-Omer Raisor, volley ballg john Petty, wrestling, Gail Greenlee, wrestling: Bob Goul, wrest- lingg Frank W'iIson, wrestlingg Robert johnson, wrestling and tennis. Fourth Row- Robert Smith, sophomore managerg Tracy Wolfe, junior manager: James Nettles. basket- ball: Iimerson Goodall, basketball, Floyd Raisor, intramural directorg Howard Nash. basketballg Howard XVilliams, horseshoesg Roy Buley. basketball, TENNIS When school was resumed last fall, it was decided that only intramural tennis would be played. A number of boys reported to I-Ial B. Warren, tennis coach. After pre- liminary practices were completed, tourneys were held. Robert Johnson was the winner of the singles' tourney, and Bob Gilbert and Robert Turner were winners in the doubles' division. Each winner received Il ribbon and a unit toward an intramural medal. Another call for tennis was issued this spring, and 11 number of aspirants reported. The Big Ten tournament was held on Saturday, May 18, at Indianapolis. lmgf- S11 I3 -vizgfzl Y .tv 'Q O l .V r 21-:gf K . xt' f 'N f .Z v . 'lc Front Row gleft to rightj -Hubert Grown Charles Miller, Howard Stout, Gene Keppler, joe Xvegesin. Norman Stafford, Chester Douglas. Back Row Qleft to rightj -jack Keppler, Bob Rife, joe Herbert. Harry Redkey, Kenneth Stafford, Berf nard Hickey, Gerald Stafford, Coach Pete jolly. BASEBALL Central High School was represented by a baseball team this year for the first time since 1927. More than eighty boys responded to Coach Raymond Jolly's initial diamond callg school spirit and loyalty were leading factors in the team's unusual success. Rain, cold, and hot suns did not keep the boys away from practice. Each player worked hard, and in a short time a real team was ready for the season. A good showing was made among the North Central Conference teams. President of the School Board XVill P. Wfhite, Superintendent D. XV. Horton, and Principal Paul Addison deserve congratulations for their efforts in reviving baseball at Central. It is enjoyed throughout the country as a recreational game and is one of the few competitive sports in which each player has an opportunity to star. GOLF Boys of the 1935 Bearcat golf team had a high standard to uphold: the 193-1 team, Joe Medsker, Bill Horton, Frank Schram, Bob XVilson, and Harold Lindley, went through the season last year with eight victories and no defeats. Of this number Horton was the only underclassman and the only one of the championship team who answered the 1935 call. Horton, Billy XVade, and Bob Johnson are among the most promising of those who are out for golf this season. The climax of the golf season was the state tourney. which was held at the Indianapolis Speedway. Page Snfx mm M A G l C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 is . 3 . M A C5 I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 7 Left to RightfFred Cranor, heavyweight: Don Irwin. 175 pounds: Richard Barton. 165: Don Helden- brand, 1555 john Petty, 1453 Coach W'alter Fisher: Gail Greenlee. 135: Bob Gfiiul. 125: Bill Goul. 118g Bob Shuttleworth, l1lRg Frank XY'ilson. 10113 Leonard Bell. student manager. Robert xlolinsuri, another member of the team, does not appear in the picture. His weight is IIVIS pounds. XVRESTLING Central High School participated in its eighth season of wrestling this year under the direction of Coach NVaIter Fisher and won each of its six scheduled meets. Fisher- men met wrestlers from high schools of Anderson. Southport, and Anderson and de- feated each team twice. Seven points were made by two of Central's wrestlers at the state meet. which was held in Bloomington in March. The state crown was won by Hammond. Central boys placing were Gail Greenlee. who was second in the 135 Cranor. third in the heavyweight division. pound class, and Fred Since Coach Fisher will lose only three varsity men by the graduation route, it is who will be graduated are Robert Johnson. 108 poundsg John Petty, 145 poundsg and Gail Greenlee, 135 pounds. thought that Central's chances will be good next season. Those "XVrestlingf' says Coach Fisher, "is an individual sport. Each participant either wins or loses according to his own ability. No teammate can be blamed for another's failure. Because of the weight classification each bov is placed on an equal basis as in no other sport." 111 Front Row qleft to righth -Blanche Potomkin, Blanche Dunayent, Dorothy Personett. Rhea Campbell, Forrest Seitz, Maxine Behnke, and Frances Carter. Second Row-Bertha Rooney, Mary Cartwright, Luis Cox, Pauline Snoeberger, Frances Pickett, Nina Miles, Gail Malsbary, Vivian Rhyne, and Delores Fuller, Third Row-Donna Belle Risk, Virginia Parson, Vera King, Betty Norrick, Helen Lewis, Dorothy Bart- ling, ,leanette XVolfe. and Garnet Marie Boriglit. G. A. A. CALENDAR September-Plans are made for year's activities. October-Volley ball te.1ms from senior, junior, IOA, and 10B classes organize. November-Pledges are initiated following breakfast hike. XVeeklv swims are started. Senior Comets, defending champions, undefeated in twenty-seven league games, win third consecutive tournament title. Juniors are runners-up. Comets Win forty-sixth consecutive game at the expense of Burris. Basketball begins. December-Comets become first one hundred per cent letter-winning squad in history of Central's G. A. A. as Dorothy Personett, Blanche Dunavent. Frances Carter, Bertha Rooney, Maxine Behnke, Blanche Potomkin. Forrest Seitz. and Vivian Rhyme are awarded "M's" at annual honor banqet. Christmas party is held. are awarded "M's" at annual honor banquet. Christmas party is held. February -Centralis and Burris, G. A. A.s have skating party. Birthday supper is held. Comets win over selected team in an- nual night basketball game. Burris, basketball team defeated by selected G. A. A. team. March -Comets capture third basketball title: 10A's are runners-up. Central team again defeats Burris. Bertha Rooney, Comet guard, wins prize sportsmanship medal. April - Baseball starts. Nliss R x'i'H.xiz1Nr Kixc. G. A, A, bp--nsor: Director Kiirls' Physical lftllieation. Paiqi' Sur .alfa fum M A G I C I A N - i F274 3 5 M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 Xa by-Wim "M" CLUB Frwnt Run' llefn uv I'lgl1Il -A. C. Bernsrem, Kexrh Crwwerufr. Nlanhall Burch. Ralph Huff, Blll Sat- terhclcl, Dun Wfzid. Zed Zearbaugh, jack Young, Fred Cranor, and Dun lrwm, Suennd R-nw-Rny Bulcy, Lluyd Snyder. Xlaurnee Larpcnter. R-rberr Guul. Lawrence Frm-Ikea, Karl Cuehrun. Leo XY'ull1,1n1s, Kenneth Staifewrd, l'L1rnld Shaner, XY'alzer XY'hire, and Donald Heldenbrand, Thmrd Ruw-Howard St-fur, Hub Langan, Gail Greenlee, Lawrence Vfalah, XY'alrer Bales, vlanacs Green Kenneth Lebensburger, Merrill Hole. Leonard Bell, and Norman Werner. Fourth Rmv-Raynwnd jelly and XY'alter Fisher. Qplunnrm. WW' ' ,,, , ,,,,,N " , : A OUR MA SCOT, HTOMMIXER' W Sf 1 wily-I un REMINISCENCES OF THE CLASS OF 1935 By ESTHER Zooit "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: 'Ihey have their exits and their entrances: And one man in his time plays many parts. His acts being seven ages." 'LAS YOU LIKE IT"-Shakespeare N September 12, 1932, a tentative cast of approximately five hun- dred characters came to Central High School from Blaine, Wilson, Jefferson, Emerson, and McKinley junior high schools to seek roles in the production to be known as "The Class of 1935." The next day the first act, which was termed "The Sophomore Yearf, began. Parts were selected in various departments with a view of achieving goals upon which cherished hopes were built. Important scenes in this act were the giving of "Bargains in Cathay," the date of which was March 15, 1933, and the entertaining of honor members of the group at luncheon by the Muncie Exchange Club on May 4. THE JUNIOR ACT After a year's rehearsal the junior act was ready for presentation, and the following students were selected to play officers' roles: Robert Ma- honey, president, Jack Young, vice-president, Jeanne McXVilliams, secre- taryg Vivian Rhyne, treasurer. The iirst featured attraction was the interpretation of 'QThe King Rides Byf' mystery romance, on November 10, 1933, by Frances Petty, Charles Yeo, Marshall Burch, Jim Hankinson, Frances Keever, Betsy Jane Martin, Vivian Rhyne, Vfayne Donson, Robert Mahoney, Tom Moody. Sara Mauzy, Dean Cutshall, and Catherine Mentis. The junior senior prom, one of the most delightful social events in Central's annals, was given at the Field House on May ll, 1954. THE SENIOR ACT Curtains were raised upon the final act of the production at the cam- paign dinner, at which speeches and promises were made by nominees for class oflicers and their managers. As airesult of the election, which was held the next morning, the following students were starred: Charles Yeo, president, Ernest Holaday, vice-president, Edwinna Bush, secretary, Jeanne McWilliams, treasurer. As an encore, the following were added to the list: Martha jackson, prophet, Rose McDonnell. poetg Esther Zook, historian. Acts progressed from day to day with studies, social affairs, vocational talks and athletic activities playing parts. Before the seniors realized its Coming, the grand Hnale was being arranged. Spotlights played upon the mothers' tea, "Merton of the Movies," the senior playg the junior- senior prom, Rotary Club luncheon for honor seniors. senior dance, senior day with special convocation, baccalaureate, Latin banquet, senior picnic, and senior banquet. With Commencement came the lowering of the curtains. The cul- mination of years of effort was reached. Each member of the cast was presented with his diploma, the "ticket" to future performances of en- larged achievements, new worlds of success, inspiration, and happiness. Sri ml-1 M A 6 I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A G I C I A N o l ,.1: .S , 1 'gif ' i' , Yew 'QA M ' 'll' "'PP Q . I , ,,:. V V " " N 0 B- 0- OOPS 'sf w W COW GIRL PETE SEE OUR FORD 'W .. ' f f we-aERE's STTLE sm THEARK, JJ W V X4 IA X W ig f X ,Z 9 X4 4? f f 'Ee 7 ff M161 ' V66-0 A- , 'fa W .,... f 92' Q- .-az.: A- f W Us ,M ,+- .. Z .Q- ' K, , W, ff 42 Q' 46 A ,M,,,.,., I Sf ,5 ,A,W,, f BASHFUUi3ETTY" MERMAIDS A FULL spouse I axe 951. enty-four 'N P-H ."5-'ss-A' as-we gmlglu fam 4 :Q LL' luxe x if ., lf!- .af K I nl- . , I ' S ' LET, A Y . . I if 1,11 I ,... ,. -T - t a ' ' j '.1.f:I-13 - -rg . 1 1 ,j ' 4 . , 1 SE" , 1353 fs Yi 'Wil' . ' . , 'QQ X--.35 ' ' ,. . ff ' Y ' 'Wei 'J j jjijf .A-fi. ik is , :J 1 ' ,, f ' '! T 5 J - l. 9 E E ' . i f . I -iff-I -X pw... .ga - is . 'T e n ,df-1 CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 10. Senior tribe starts on last, long trail of high school days. XVe go to special con- vocation and welcome our new principal. Paul Addison. 12. Bearcats play their lirst night foot- ball game at home. Warsaw 0, Central 20. 15. We're off! Study hall teachers assign permanent seats to break up those friendly groups. 24. Seniors enjoy first pow-wow and lis- ten to bombardments by aspiring candidates and managers at campaign feast. The good ship "Seniorita" sets sail. 25. All is quiet. Senior otlicers are elected. OCTOBER 2. Juniors make nominations for oliicers. 3. Principal Addison talks to Girls' Serv- ice Club members. Vergil Club organizes for the year. 5. jim Fosdick. junior. is made editor-in- chief of "The Munsonianf' 10. Election returns show Richard Barton chief of junior tribe. Robert Goul is vice- president. Jayne Galbraith will keep the minutes, and Jane Blease will handle the money. Science Club members have picnic at McCulloch Park. Faculty scientists show proficiency with the ball and bat. Is it sci- ence or luck? 11. Teachers entertain with party in the library in honor of Principal and Mrs. Paul Addison. 12. We play while teachers attend ses- sions of the Indiana State Teachers' Asso- ciation in Indianapolis. Editor Fosdick, As- sistants Yeo and McKinley, Sports Writers Gene Keppler and Don Waid represent "The Munsonianu at Indiana High School Press Association meetings at Franklin. 22. Friendship Club enjoys talk by Miss Elizabeth Dodd, new Y. NW. C. A. girls' secretary, about "The Beginning of Girl Reserves." 23. I-Ionor Society entertains honor soph- omores. 24. Cramio! Testere! Gradl! Flunctus! 26. Free! Free! Dramatic Club enter- tains with open house. 29. Sophomores are becoming better in- formed every day. Representatives from school organizations explain activities to 10B orientation classes. 31. We eat doughnuts. pumpkin pies, and apples, but that's not all! Even digni- fied seniors are seen soaping windows and throwing corn on porches. NOVEMBER S. Mother-Daughter Banquet. Five hun- dred attend. Page Srzwity M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 ffl "Ka 4 www VW AAIII, r WILL F. NVHITE VERNON G. DAVIS Ii. ARTHUR BALL Ifruxi Juli, Bmml uf Elllltllflljfl TI't'41SlIl'4'V, Bouml nf liIl111u1Imr1 St'l'l't'fLll'.X, Buunl uf EJ1mut1or1 Pugn' Ivurr ' .W IJ. W. IIORTON MISS GRACI2 ITIZRN MITCHELL PAUL F. ADDISON S11j1I'I'1u!w1Jur1l lfufzflizu Sun'I'lm'y nuff Anlilm' Pr1m'ipaI Mum 14' .Smfmul C115 Cvnlruf Srmor High 5511001 II A Ci I C I A II 0 I 9 3 5 , ,I ' ,,ff.i "': ' f 1 v. I ' 19.45-gala 1 .. . .1 j , me - V -4 i . gk ., ' x, ' VZ ' Qi dj, V 4 1 -' LJ 161132 Q " " .,he:f iw? Ei 2. eifnr 52 5 'X assi' ' ' ii .- ' . b . . A .. J... j It L wwkgvgge ,:... I g A.,fu21 -ewes . j ,4, , 9. Senior Homecoming. Bearcats scalp Elwood by a score of 12 to 6. By winning this game, Muncie braves win the Confer- ence Football Championship. The "M" Club "Blanket Hop" is held after the game. 23. Girls' Service Club members welcome new sophomores. DECEMBER 5. Charles Hampton leaves Central's wig- wam to become Big Chief at Harrison Ele- mentary Building and is replaced by Clar- ence Swingley, former Field House brave. 11. The Junior play, "Mignonette," is released. It is a pleasing southern romance with Mary Caroline XVarner in a dual role and Editor Fosdick as an old man. 20. Ho,hum1 Ugh, ugh! XVho wants to get up in the morning? 21. Miss Mary Findling becomes Nlrs. Neal johnson. 25. Santa Claus at last! JANUARY 2. Everyone is back to rest after Christ- mas vacation. Even the teachers look as if they would like a good long snoo7e. 7. Girls' Pep Club members don swanky white jackets with petite purple "MK" over their hearts. That's the Bearcat spirit! I1 4 iwi1!'.-1- S. AI. E. Xvalters of Purdue University launches senior guidance activities with Hrst of series of advisory programs. "Knowing Yourself" is his subject. 1-I. Senior Band presents a varied pro- gram for the benelit of parents and band enthusiasts. 16. Science Club members enjoy prog1'am presented by physics students in Room 216. An experiment on "freely falling bodies" is carried out. 17. Dramatic Club papooses become full- fledged braves at formal initiation presided over by Big Chief Gene Keppler. 26. Tribe of civics students migrates to Indianapolis to observe Legislature. 23. One hundred eighty-two spring chickens are running around today and stumbling over upperclassmen. A "con- gIomeration" surrounds Central High. Even dignified juniors and seniors are fluttering with programs flying hither. thither, and yon. It will all come out in the sweep. i 2b. A sophomore pow-wow is held at 7:30 o'clock in the gymnasium. FEBRUARY 7. The newest addition to Central's celeb- brities is "Tommixer." our new white cat mascot. 8. The honor roll has been announced and 30 s far, Q?9,.+4. f 'xx I ,.-.4 aww- Miegnii 6 'S ll ' " - ' ,ax A X .-Q I I ' S92 . f' .af I '- is I ff lr.. . If fig' . 5 4 , Viifii' . ' V I i 11 ii F' 1 EI"- , - ..,.: 11-I Central students have made the grades. 11. Annual Staff is announcedg first meet- ing is held in 223 and members are given "password" and "first degree." 1-I. As a valentine to Centralites, mem- bers of Annual Staff christen this year's book "The Magician." 19. Murder! Romance! Mystery! Mes- merizing! Dramatic Club presents "The Jade God" with Gene Keppler as the vil- lain. 23. Central participates in Latin Contest. XVinners of local contest who will partici- pate in the county contest are: First year, Mary Virginia Long and Lucille Knight: Caesar, Mahala Stepleton and Wfalter Shel- tong Vergil, Helen Roberts and Wfinifred Crisler. MARCH 1-2. Bearcats are successful in sectionals. 6. Every lifteen minutes different groups of students are shot! Don't be alarmed- they are only having group pictures taken for "The Magician." S. Daubers sponsor "Palette Pace." 11. Seniors hold mock election. .. op iomores en er ain a c iape wi 1 13 S 1 t t t l l tl the play "XVeiners on XVednesday." 16-25. Spring vacation-just at the right time and welcomed by all, including teach- ers. APRIL 1. Teachers have decided to give all stu- dents "A', grades in every subject. April fool! 5. Seniors entertain at mothers' reception. 26. Attention, Hollywood! Make room for another Garbo and Gilbert. Seniors pre- sent "Merton of the Movies." MAY S. Dramatic tryouts a1'e held. fCheer up, sophomores, your day is coming.j 10. juniors are hosts and hostesses to seniors at the annual prom. 2-1. Senior Dance. 30. Decoration Day - vacation! 51. Senior Class Day. JUNE 2. Baccalaureate. 3. Latin Banquet. -I. Senior Picnic. 5. Senior Banquet. 6. Commencement. Page SVIUIIII-1 L11 1 M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A Q I c I A N . i Q 3 5 1935 CLASS PROPHECY Dear Centralites, I happen to know some very interesting and surprising things which have befallen various members of the class of 1935 dur- ing the past Hfteen years. I spent a week- end recently in New York at the White- Burch Hotel. which is managed by Marshall Burch. Several bell-hops, whom I recog- nized as Bill Beck, William Carter, Wendell Miller, and Richard McNickle, supplied me with facts concerning other members of our class. They said that Joe Cannon and Ed Ball have founded the Cannon-Ball Mil- itary School at Annapolis. John Courtney is the coach of its famous football team, and its chorus instructor is Bob Cranor. I made an appointment to get my hair waved at the Ritz Fifth Avenue Beauty Sa- lon. The driver of my taxi was Robert Johnson, a classmate. To my surprise the doorman at the salon was Bob Gilbert. As I entered the beautiful French salon, I al- most fell in a faint. Ralph Huff, the man- ager. greeted me. Lenore France sham- pooed my hair and told me more news about graduates of 1935. Several work in the same salon. They are Charline Dick, Winifred DePoy, julia Beeson, Juanita Cox, Elizabeth Hole, Helen Frye, Hazel McDon- ald, and Betty I.eMay. They told me about other members of our class. Harold Shaner is a Fuller brush salesman and often stops in to see his old pal, Mr. Huff. Paul Dyer is proprietor of a dye factory. Betty Jane, Orville, and Pauline are partners in the johnson, Johnson, and johnson Law firm. Howard and Frances Grimes comprise the most famous dance team in the country. Dorothy White is giv- ing contract bridge lessons in Russia. Francis Boyd and Ralph Miller are de- signing styles in Paris. Betty Lee Murlkelt, Margaret Maynard, and Glory McGann have invented a new vocation of digging up people's family histories for neat sums. Ber- niece Paul, Dorothy Personett, and Ellenor Phillips are radio songsters. John Petty and Iapc Seventy-eigbl Don Pherson own several oyster beds off the New England coast. John Pershing is the U. S. diplomat to Germany. Maxine Behnke, Mildred Moody, and Mary Elizabeth Bennett have formed a knitting school for busy business women. Charles Burchard is president of the Inter- national Banking Corporation. Walter Bales is vice-president and Robert Rife is secretary: Russell Bonham handles the money. Mary Self, Martha Mitchell, and Mar- guerite Roberts are teaching at Burris High School. Charles Miller maintains his father's store, which is now the oldest landmark in Muncie. Judith Arnold, Rose McDonnel. Reba Brandenburg, and Katherine Bricker are song composers: their songs are so unusual they really sell. Margaret Bakala backs the publication of these songs. Fred Barnet is writing "Between Halvesn in the daily paper, and Paul Beall is writing the column "Today.', Clifford Beckham makes and sells a youth producing liquid, and Ivan Case tests every bottle - just in case. Rosemary Buckley and Valere Carey were among the first to try this miraculous liquid, and now they are on their way through grade school again. Roy Buley has changed to I.ongfellow's style of writing poetry and grows "XVhittier and Whittier" every day. His pal, Henry Cade, has taken up the manufacture of that delicious candy which is on everybody's tongue just like the songs written by Ray Clevenger and published by Dean Cutshall. Genevieve Barrett makes Ray's songs popu- lar by playing them on Mary Alice CoX's new type piano. which she invented. Dick Frick and Kenneth Lebensburger have made good in the world of plumbers. They took up plumbing in collegeg they heard it was a "pipe course." Frances Cartwright has clelved into the subject of "What Color Is the Red Sea?" Esther Condon, famous scientist, has found an atom and detailed its structure. Anne Marie Brown and Walter Bird are professors at the Brown-Bird Institute. Ed- winna and Juanita are teachers in the Bush and Hedges departments. Garnetta and Mary Agnes have made a success of their "Comingo-West" restaur- antsg Nancy is their Cook. Reba Brewer and Juvia Schneider are partners in the filling station on the corner of High and Adams streets. Jane Hitchcock has spent ten years at the "College for the Super-Intelligentf' which is under the supervision of Jack Young. master mind. Jane has decided to devote her life to the study of "Campus- try.', Tom Moody has built up a successful business in South Africa, selling "pink tooth brushesu to the natives. Bob Mahoney, manager and financier of the company, sends a "pink tooth brush" to all who request one. Robert Beck has opened the "Ritzy- Gyppe Dress Shoppe," catering to the smart set of Mohunk county. Models display- ing chic styles are Helen Barber, Lois Alli- son, Virginia Aubrey, and Roselyn Dargo. Marjorie Clark and Catherine Bertha have learned how to make the little things in life county they are teaching first-graders arithmetic. Vernon Dwyer has become Senator Dwyer from California. He still treasures his gold which he received at Central. Dick McDonald is now Dr. Richard McDonald. eminent veterinarian. Ruth Alyce Lambert is a second Clyde Beatty. Her act with wild animals is attracting wide attention. Dick Ludington is a mathematics teacher at Central. Nina Lou Ball has become a fashion edi- tor for Vogue. 'John Church has entered the ministry. Irene Thompson has become a well know dancer and recently returned after a triumphant tour. Geraldine Turner is her accompanist. Almajane Halbert played in "Hearts Aflamef' the latest type of motion pic- ture. The "Cackling-Cockroach Hour" on the radio features Mary Elizabeth Harper and Francis Bilby. Hulda Garrison has an eating establishment on the old site of Vin- cennes, a garrison of early days. Mildred Davis translates "Ballyhoo" into seven foreign languages. Eugene Doster de- signs the covers and Myron Doty licks the stamps for mailing. The suicide blonde prize goes to Blanche Dunavent, who bleached her raven locks to break the monotony. Maxine Dunkin hasn't changed in years. She is still "Dun- kin" doughnuts in her coffee at breakfast. Hugh Hines has taken over the U57 Va- rieties" company: Joe Herbert has become a printing teacher in New York. Caroline Chappelle is doing Walter XVinchell's col- umn on "The New York Daily Mirror." Keith Campbell has become the original painless dentist. Dennis Weissert is the world's best known acrobatic dancer. Anne Jane Printzos is teaching English in Ireland. Charles Rainey is connected with the weather bureau in Washington. He has had a law passed which prohibits any one from asking, "Do you think it's going to rain tomorrow?', David Shideler is head of the social science department at DePauw University. Lawrence Fowlkes is giving exhibitions of high jumping throughout the world. He says he owes his success to his track days at Central. Iona George is dean of girls at Vassar. Ernest Holaday is coaching foot- ball at Colgate University. He advises his boys to play without their helmets. Sara Mauzy is director of nurses' training at the Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. Mae Anna Mier is a doctor in the same hospital. Garney Miller is owner of a jewelry store in Switzerland. Anna Dell Ross, Helen Salmon, Roberta Page Ssvenii WHIP M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 Ivl A G I C I A II 0 I 9 3 5 Tharpe, and Frances Westervelt are in a "strong jaw" act in a circus. Franklin Sig- gins is an expert fire-eaterg the official "caller" for the show is Kenneth Stafford. By the time I had learned these things, I was ready for a manicure, which was given by Martha Ellen Wolfe. She told me many more interesting things. Zed Zearbaugh and Bob Rothhaar have opened a "Floating Paradise" on White River. Thelma Ratliff, Elsie Radcliffe, and Henrietta Smith enter- tain the guests with ballet dances. Catherine Mentis, Rebecca McKinley, and Ruby Lanning have replaced the Boswell Sisters. Betty Moflitte, who has been mar- ried four times, has published the second edition of her popular book "How to Knit Sweaters for Deserving Fleas." Ava La- Berteaux and Frances Carter manage an in- sane asylum. Frances Petty has given up her citizenship to become a princess in Thromeajug, Africa. Bernerd Quakenbush is on a pilgrimage in northern Siberia with Donald Thorpe, Glen Tobias, and Bob Turner. Phyllis Whitworth and Dorothy Wiles have been trying to learn to ski amid the Alps of Switzerland. Hazel Wright writes hair-raising stories. Don has tried his best to "XVaid" through the problem of "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" but he has had little success. Leon Young has changed l'is name to Liong we now know who "Young-Lion- Heart" is in the strong manls show. Ronald has lived a solitary existence in his efforts to set up his improved Zapf's Zebra Zoology. Arthur "Wood," too, if he could. Charles Bogir has just upset the "House of Rothschild" by crashing the gates to fame with his latest television sensation, "The City Slickerf' Pauline Bond, Mil- dred Armstrong. and Ruth Alice Crawford are operating a bureau for unfortunates who have lost their "scents" in the daily wash of things. Eugene Higdon and Russell Hiatt are speech specialists in a deaf and dumb schoolg Willard is a "Hart" specialist. Iugi lfigffly Thelma Early and Marilouise Holaday de- clare that their Early-Holaday undertaking business is prospering. Mary Evelyn Smith grew tircd of her name and has changed it several times. Harold Kern and Clifton Humphrey are manufacturers of scratchless red flannels. Mary jane Keesling and Dorothy Clark are in a chorus at the Rialto Theatre. Helen Holbert has developed a cactus plant with no stickersg now sticky cactus plants are obsolete. Margaret Kattness and Hazel Mae Keeley have a school in Tombstone, Ariz., to teach prospectors to eat with chop sticks. Rosalind Kuhns has never thrown a stone, but she is building herself a glass house. David Heavenridge bought a gravel pit so that every boy and girl in Podunk could go swimming free. Virgil Holdcraft is a second Sherlock Holmes at Scotland Yards. Bob Hartley and William Frey- mark are leaders of a pirate gang on the high seas. Evelyn Gribble, Alberta Morris, and Mary Clevenger are proprietors of a roof garden in Montreal. James Green is the gardener and takes care of the flowers. Elsie Huffman and Anna Mary Irwin have made a fortune selling nail polish to the Chinese. Anna Marie Heath and Isabelle Dunavent are manicurists in China. Ed- ward Condon and Dick Crawley have worked out a device called a "neck-rest." Charles Yohler is editor of "Needlecraft.', John Wallace recently returned from France, where he was a blues' singer. From klohn's report, Charles Yeo is a very fam- ous personage. He is the United States Ambassador to France and gets along roy- ally with the madamoiselles of the court's social circle. France has a monarchy now, and Rosemary Wolfe is prominent in the social whirl. Ethel XVilson is a princess in the royal palaces at Versailles. Charline Thornburg is at an art school in Paris and Henry Wendelman is chauffering the Grand Duchess Vournet. At the last beauty contest in Atlantic City, Cleda XVatts, Donna Warwick, Eve- lyn Walters, and Mark Tuttle ofliciated as judges. Pauline Snoeberger, president of the Ladies' National Beauty Society. pre- sented the loving cup to the winner. Winola Vandenplas has become famous for her bravery and success at capturing sharks. Charles Green and Vincent Board are oper- ating a night club called "The Green Board." Naomi Grant and Jimmie Dee Mastin are blues, singers, and Izetta Nelson is a star dancer in the floor show. Arletta Terrell is the hat checker. Esther Zook is operating "The Zook Book Nook" in Selma. Ladonna Carmichael has established an enviable reputation as a stunt flyer. Maur- ice Carpenter is a football coach at Purdue University. Bill Reser is mayor of Muncie. and Omer Raisor is chief of police. Dur- ward Rawlings is an executive in the larg- est bank in London. Bill Shore has become a second Babe Ruth, and Karl Cochrun is posing for artists who sell pictures to sweater companies. Margaret Brown is society editor of "The New York Timesf' and Mary Alice Brisen- dine is assistant circulation manager of "The Chicago Tribune." Blanche Potomkin is teaching physical education to the girls at Central. She still tells them of the glories of the Comets. jess Poor has fallen heir to a large fortune. He is a collector of per- fume atomizers, and to satisfy his whims he purchases every one he sees. Jim Hankinson has become Mysterious Hankinson, the magician. Jack Fink as- sists with his acts. Lloyd Davis is a foot- ball coach at Northwestern University. Keith Crowcroft is a member of the com- mittee which makes regulations for foot- ball. Howard Bonnell is selling fly swat- ters in Alaska, and Ed McKinney is coach- ing basketball in Africa. Marianne Huber is a fortune teller in a circus, and Marjorie Martin was elected judge at the last election. Lelia Lanning has taken Norma Shearer's place in Holly- wood. Lucille Knight has married one of the boys with whom she used to correspond in French class. He comes from a distin- guished French family. Jeanne McXVilliams is a fashion model in New York and poses for magazine artists. Jean Spurgeon has concocted a way of making a cake that never falls and is engaged in a series of broadcasts in which she tells of her success as a cook. Paul Cornelius won a million dollars with 'Wfhy Piano Players Get Gray." The prize was awarded by Hope Cruea. third wealth- iest woman in the country. Roberta Holcroft and June Hopping are running a matrimonial bureaug they also write poems for the local paper. Don Huff crashes the headlines because of his stub- bornnessg he is the champion flagpole-sitter. His pal, Robert Bagley, sees that he has enough to eat while he is performing. Gail Marks has her picture in the paper dailyg she conducts a column on "Love-Notes" for those with broken hearts. Vivian Rhyne has become a dramatics' teacher in Hollywood. Joe Parke and Robert Noble are operating a big circus. The sensation of the show is Betsy Martin's "flying trapeze" act. Harold Qpperman, Monroe Cunningham, Harold Morris, and James Mullen are tight-rope walkers. Mary and Catherine Thesing live in Paris. Clay Teal is a lamplighter in Australia. Le- one Symons is a lawyer, and Edwin Stewart is in the same business. Berniece Timmons is publishing a second edition of a geometry book. Mildred Spangler and May Belle Smith have become research workers. Lawrence Springer. multi-millionaire, has summarized his success in one simple state- ment. He said, "I owe my success to the fact that while I was in school I never had enough rest and sleep. I studied out a busi- ness that would save other people from the same conditionf' He manufactures "Spring- er-Mattressesf, Forrest Seitz is Mr. Spring- erys stenographer. and Claude Wfelch is the oflicial tester. Page Eiglvlg om M A G I C I A N 0 I 9 3 5 M A Q I C i A N . i 9 3 5 I said farewell to Ralph and his associa- ates. I had an engagement for dinner with the mayor of New York, Bill Satterfield. New York had a celebration last week in honor of Bertha Rooney, the first woman to swim the Atlantic. While I was sitting in the lobby of my hotel, I was interrupted from my reading by a fellow who was talk- ing with the manager about the room he had been assigned. This man was insisting that his pet parrot must stay with him, but the manager disagreed. I glanced at the man again and discovered him to be Gene Keppler. When he recognized me, he came over. He said that he had discovered that all women are fickle, so he has become a parrot fancier. From him I learned a num- ber of interesting details about others in our class. Lavere Townsend won a bicycle in a contest in which he guessed the correct number of stars in the sky. Ed Hall is a famous aviator and has won many laurels. Merritt Harrold, Gail Greenlee, and Fred Dunavent have perfected a way of making paper wads into gold. Fred Dragoo, Ken- neth Foster, Charles Nelson, Lawrence My- ers, and Carl Frederick are working on the new bridge which is being constructed across the Pacific. Orville Garrett has invented an automatic "sheep-counter" for those who cannot sleep at night. Lois Haas is teaching a school of penguins, in Alaska, acrobatic stunts. Johnny jackson was voted "Mr. America-1950', and is going to be a can- didate next year. It is rumored that his opponent will be Russell Gibson. Mary Lou Dunn is an international rep- resentative of the largest insurance company in Paris. Lelaruth Orr is a famous singer, Treva Evans is known everywhere for her success as an interior decorator. James Shekell is president of the carpenters' unit of Daleville, and Harold Lacey and Charles McKee are counters in the United States Treasury. Stephen Sherman is in charge of printing of all magazines for the Crowell Publishing Company. The story of his suc- Puff Eighty-Iwo cess recently appeared in "The American Magazine." He attributes all his success to his days in Central's print shop and still receives a copy of "The Munsonian" each week. Mary Chancellor, Lucille Richardson. and Lucille Ribble have accomplished a remark- able featg they have made a paste that will reduce the size of the feet. Ladies every- where are enjoying the comforts of dainty feet. Ellis Ratchford is the distributor of the salve, and Francis Rahe has mastered twenty-seven foreign languages in order to give salve-sales' talks. The Roxy Theater in New York offered a diversion, and I left the hotel to attend the theater. It was a premier showing, so I had to wait in line for my ticket. The person behind me kept pushing: I turned to give him a piece of my mind and was quite astounded to see it was Bob Langan. The man at the ticket window was Al Loe- per, and the doorman was Allen Rager. Mary Alice Rees, Dorothy Lonnecker, Mar- zella Martin, Ruth Mark, and Louine Reyn- olds were ushers. During the few minutes before the show started, I looked about and saw two of our classmates in the audience. They were Don Rathbun and William Peas- ley. The star performances of the evening were dances by Evelyn McCallister and Lou- ise Pendergast. After the show I glanced at my train time-table and realized I had just about time to get my bags at the hotel and dash off to catch the train. In my rush I accidentally bumped into Wayfne Donson. an old class- mate. Lawrence Parker was the conductor of the Pullman: and Eileen Parker, a graduate of '35, occupied the adjoining seat. I wrote up this account and gave it to Walter Pete. the porter, to mail to Robert Nelson and Ernest Modlin, members of the Yorktown School Board. Your old pal. MARTHA JACKSON. Your request for my n.xmc I furv:s.xw, And knowing no reason, by law, I'm glad to relate- XY'irh my name on 3 plate, I am quicker than you on the draw. Qfy HUTOGRQPHS 'Qu Qfvv 69:1-' vgf-'VKXYAAOL .K"'d4..-.-.1-V4.. 1' fL""'V"'f J 7, 'U' ,x xff f i'a'i'gff' QI' Q C- H Igantralaureaie Serhires nf the O 6 IU! Ill l , l ,Seninx Qllarss jlllunrie Genital High g-'isrlynnl i r High Strict giietlyuhist Episznpal Qflgutrly Sunhag. june 2, 1935 - at 3:UI1 Organ Prelude .... . .... . Mrs. Eugene R. Oesterle Processional .... - , . - --- . -Holy, Holy, Holy Invocation .... ---. Rev. Jo W. G. Fast Response------ -- ............ -- ..... ...... - ------Choir ' Glen Stepleton-Director 5 Scripture Reading .... ---. .... - .......... Rev. Jo W. G. Fast Gloria Patri faudience Will risel - Sanctus from the St. Cecelia Mass-- - .... . ...... ..... , Gounod Select Choir 1 Address: "Believe it or Not" , .... - .... Rev. Arthur McDavitt Praise, Adoration Be to Our Lord .... -- --- ----'-. .... -- -Rinck Choir Benediction - .... - - , -- , - - .- ---- -Rev. H. W. Cornelius Recessional ...... .... . - -. --- . ----"Onward Christian Soldiers" Congregation will please remain in the pews until the close of the recessional hymn Organ Postlude .... -- - --- ..- .... Mrs. Eugene R. Oesterle l , Jul- ..,, GW 9 FACULTY MRS. SUSAN B. NAY Dean of Girls. MKS. ERMA B. CHRISTY Supervisor of Home Economics Department and Director of Guidance. H. F. BRICKLEY Supervisor of Industrial Education and Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds. MISS FRANCES ANDREWS Head of Botany and Biology Departments. GILBERT BLACKWOOD Electricity. MISS FLORA BILBY Art Appreciation and Fine Arts. MISS ELEANOR JEAN BLY English and Dramatics. IVIRS. ESTHER KELLER BROXVN Latin and English. MISS EMMA CAMMACK Latin. MRS. LOIS CLARK Commerce. MISS .IOSEPHINE CLEVENGER Social Science. R. LLOYD COOLEY Social Science. MRS. HELEN CROSS Commerce, Junior Class Social Sponsor. XVALTER FISHER Head of Boys' Physical Education. Track, Football, and XVrestling Coach. MRS. KRESZENTIA FENIMORE Commerce. MISS LOIS GUTHRIE French and English. MISS L. KATHRYNE HOLCROFT Receiving Clerk. - MISS ELLA HOLLENBACK Home Economics, Senior Social Sponsor, Magician Sponsor, Sophomore Counselor. Pagi' Fin' I 0 I 9 3 5 M A 6 I C A N

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