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Jf1'freyTgay . X P ss P Arswa fa ' -1 C O a H1 M 'wel vie wstenr mve-an WO wer MP Barc'ay Sr pnen Bo' ,NAIC St 1 d fy Krar Jwowae Sta f S ff dssas ar If nz, SS 1 Jvc aft ,- 3 N, 4 Ass rt :Jus f 3 PC 'vw Cam pa . 'Q F J TOI' Jer agar ,W W X Edifyfn C eff J5"iCQ vV,1 A 'fiif fjlwif ,Ag V, Per Aa' 1 'vs EGM' r Q:1yT-mls qw f' qarizglws Ezivor ,5 f 'A f ' Spcws idmor .,,, , -Nr Dcparf'ww',"Ts Ecf"o -E 1 f Pfofcgxpfy 3. ., Juv BA' Ass MI'k8Qjr2F EH ' gn Az1,w' Manager A. VJ- . nef Sgzes 5vKC:"diJ "g , 1. sie' AV :fuss Maw ' " .YA Maui w Q , gfs IP Afurfe lf! 0 flnlllf' unl or: My 1 .SDCAUOI .Eb frolf llllllllll J I 1.5 1 apr-1 pllforla an: avr a acaoun 0 f e yeard flCllllllFJ a5 fzry mill? f ein ant! U1 remem er f em 31 , ff XC 772 f J , 'l , p '. frf mlfl MFT 'fa -- -I lf!! -- 1 fl ' f 1 4 uff A A . f ifii azouf acfiuifiea .. cfugzi... ..... gained ...... ...... cfarided . . ,WL ...... acluerfiaera Page 4 page 8 Page 24 Page 50 Page 70 Page 94 Page 128 s the tenth year of Mumford's existence draws to a close, we note that our school has witnessed a decade of progress and advancement which is hardly equalled in the history of the world. We have seen the trend toward the "bigger and better" grow to heights unimagined ten years ago. The leader of American progress has for years been the trans- portation industry. In the ten years since 1949's first jet bomber, high-speed rocket planes have carried man to the point where he is already poking his nose out into space. Mumford has enjoyed its share in the decade's progress. Along with the growth of its physical plant have come growth in student population, enrichment of curricula, and recognition as one of the finest schools in the state of Michigan. ln the light of this progress we present the 1959 Capri, on this, the tenth anniversary of Samuel C. Mumford High School. if I7 eg nn 3 Ll -.. ' 3 s Y 1 . "' Y' f ff Q I M I li 5' """' 1 I llll llll N V . K 'Hg 5 Q I I f W w I Q llll llll ' ' 'QQ -LU Q T llll llll ...mi C. E. Frazer Clark 4 Principal E 'R Q rrr' K Selwyn Alvey Counselor if 1-nur? Jeanette Caplan Donald Chandler Counselor Counselor 5-'Q' George Donaldson Pearl Orcutt Counselor Counselor ffvwfiw ...M atrial! Garner M. Bowlby Grace McPherson Assistant Principal Ass stunt P ncnpal , 1? Q ff ' ex 1 K 'I Norman Burkhardt Counselor 'Ui Naomi Christy Counselor 5. " l Percy Pray Counselor , .,,., Q as vb I-Ill: 4 311 Ccdfoiaf 5? Seated A Exgel A Zavalsky St ndmg B Hull G Bochm Custodlanl Q 514 C,z',,,,f4,.,.,m f f Rowl Cleft to rnghtl E Jordan M Lucas C Splatt an O Howell lHead H Marner H Beverudge H Whnte L Fenwnck M Read J Kerns Row 2 R Rnley S Lnpscomb B Turner M Woodard L Bragg R Hersbach M L Davns M Brock 3 CFrom front to backl l. Dotfon L Carns E Severs lneerlng KEngnneerJ E Avey R Morm A omg? f O FICE STAFF Kneelmg D Stocker S Kalman P Seated at desk Mrs D Metcalf Jacobs G Levm Mus: J Benesulk J Schwab B Standing m back S Dnegel B Gmns M Caradonna Goldberg B Czlnezler Standmg Musa H Lopenslu MMS Goldsmnth Mrs J Desk Mrs B Goldsmnth B Rouen Mrs loelflar Mau B Plotkowslu H Essrow MnssA Carolnm fswntchboardl M Baerlm x 1 1 1 S 7 :L V , " - jlyffnf.. I V 1 5 ' l ig . , 5 I 'xi l I 'S XT 4 Ar.. , I ,.b:,V . t x... 4 , 6 X tl ' l N 5 -- . up Fx Y. , x xy A QI. K- XV Q.. ' l , Lg gig A x X .ff e ' a e Sa! J4e5',,,' - a ,D be X x 3 e ' a F , ' : . , . , . : . . . 'z I A -.vw 975 A 'H M. . tv' ffl x , 'fhwp G Q f ' I as J' ' ye Q Arr X. , . Q' 4-, Y Q Q Wm ru M1 'viiw' " ,Z 1 39,72 if 'Au ,,, Q vid" 7? , .,. , , .,, 6 6 1 Aff", g 7 .3 fq2 ix We ,. V 4 Au wa af ' , QM 3 6 'ix 3 W ', P 'V 4 V I' i , 14 V N J' 1 vw 1 Q-3:1-nqg 2 , , , i ,w ww, f Q"4 4' N, '1 f,-ag ' 'X X. , M .. W' .-1. A, ix, la 513' 'HZ' fl' . " J'-,'f ',,,,i f f . ' 3, ' ' X. 45123 sr i if t ry., . X 1534 "Y"'x" 3 ' , ' X ' ' 4 "" -S3 , -za - et 'f cv X'-2 , .ilqyv ,. ' ' K! 5 4A,,- K ug P5 fir M-cN w Q. t , N e fm- ai :P i 4, .wg ,,l:. 5 ,ilu-rf xy ,f ,,x -rf Y 1 xx' ' , '.. - 'f' its pf f F f as Qg.'P"'f ,? . , . I . sity A X N! SF My 'Fe' 7"' f.h71 Q, A . s- f .- ,fy -. ' 4, - s 4'ovqT ' 2 45: . X, PX, - V if 'Q "M"'A"t' "L 2 F' , 32, ""' 4,2 5 Z .Q ,A . V f,,, 2 s, f ,l 'f . f f fl " i5""fSi"' 'T-' P-' ' 'Q '-flew qu, 'te Q he mode of transportation employed by these students is one with which we Detroiters are quite concerned. Since its inception, developments in the automobile, the principal industry ot our Motor City, have had a great eftect upon the economic, cultural, political, and social lives of Detroiters. Mary gets her Erst taste of Amerucan football as Mrs Soph e Kloss Engllsh Instructor explains the fundamentals of the game to her 7' IIICZIFKIIL, lgwfgf-..x 'Rav X116 Cgffflfif "W:-' s-I-""""L Kr' 5 Ut f ll' "-..-nf Mary Lewm translates a Brazvluan magazme for her adopted famlly Mr and Mrs Saul Shlefman Vrcky and Joey -ff- Discussing summer plans are Don Sandweiss, Vicky Shiefman Susan Cohn and Cynthia Kahn AFS finalists I Uflllfe llfel"IlCl!l0llCl flellflifgllff Living abroad with "adopted" families, teenagers selected by the American Field Service Program were given the opportunity to become acquainted with the life, customs, and people of other lands. Guided by Dr. Edith Kovach, Head of the Foreign Language Depart- ment, Mumford, for the fourth consecutive year, participated in the Amer- ican Field Service Exchange Program along with seven hundred other United States schools. Mary Lewin, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was the fifth exchange student to attend classes at Mumford. Our own Tom Segall, who spent eleven weeks in Norway last summer, was the fourth student Mumford has sent abroad. In order to participate in the program, one must be sixteen years of age and have successfully completed a two-year study of a foreign lan- guage. A high academic rating and ability to adapt quickly to new sur- roundings are also necessary. Applicants are examined and interviewed before being chosen by judges who select students best qualified to represent the youth and culture of their countries. The responsibilities of AFS'ers do not stop when the trip is over. Here returnees Jill Mackie and Jill Dinwiddie of Cody and Tom Segall of Mumford tally receipts from sale of AFS Christmas cards. SENATE Row 1 M Lewm CHonorary Senator from AFSJ S Teltelman CBoard Memberj E Borg Row Row Row er lBoard Memberl J Wmkelman Ureasurerl C Jones fPresndentD 2 l9AJ S Gorelrcl: M Dade C983 B Aptekar R Saslove M Redstone 3 1981 H Watnlck UOAJ N Harold KIOBJ S Barns D Stocker lllAl H l-Iflef 4 LHB? S Sugar R Toumapan C Gaynes G Roggm 412815 Sfafmift 5 C1283 S Novetsky B Jacobs M Kanter For the past two semesters the Student Councnl acted as a unrcameral orgamzatnon wrth the House and Senate meetmg sumul taneously Together these branches pro duced all of the tradmonal actuvltnes mclud mg the Snowball Dance the AFS Assembly the Goodfellow Drrve the Student Faculty Tea the Student Councnl Breakfast and the lnstallatuon Assembly at whnch the new school song was presented As one of the many new actrvltles the Councll rnntuated M Week devoted to strmulatlng mterest nn the school and the foot ball team Sue Blondy Correspondnng Secretary malls out another of the many councnl notuces , : . I - , . f - ' I . 1 - I ' I ' ' ' ' : . , . I - 1 Q I ' ' I . , . 1 ' I ' I ' ' Row : . f - , - - I I . I I I . I I 1 I ' ' " ll II , , HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Row 1 QBoardJ J Shumaker N Shere Elkm D Lueber R Kraft J Wemberg S Rubm B Fruedman S Cole J Katz M Scruggs S Freedman W Yolles D Row4 UOAJC Meltzer S Yolles UIBJ R Wasserman M Roth S Rosen Drachler S Sarko blatt N Adelson E Gerbs B Woolf C Norman S Glass E Salinger Row2 K9BJJ Gelfand R Berman J Berry R Sandler C Muller R Sparr Row 5 KITAJ B Gans G Pearl J Knoppow ll2Bl A Leder C l.evnn B Snyder l. Tolmlck f9Al M Ancona L Melmck l Alpert P Loewy R Pregerson P Renter M Zenger F Johnson Row 3 UOBJ M Kopel S Zupper M Levme R Komer D Borden N Rowb C1281 M Salverman R Lupton L Beulfleld 8l'l'l0CI'Cl!lC pl"ClC!lCe5 ln January the two houses separated The new arrangement proved productive Along wnth the perenmal Freshman Ornentatlon As sembly Student Faculty Tea AFS Assembly Clothmg and Torch Drnves Sprung Flung Students Day Program and Assembly Stu dent Faculty Baseball Game Ofllcers Elec tlon Rally lnstallatnon Assembly Bake Sa e and Student Council Breakfast the Councul also introduced an Informal dance a Student Councnl exchange wuth Ferndale Hugh School and a carmval Jan Wmkelman Treasurer keeps flnancual accounts accurate and nn order , :. . ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . :. ,. ,. ,. , . ,. , . ,. . : . ,. ,. ,. 0 o 1 - I I I I I I I - I - , , I, I I I 1 f HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Rowl 19555 A wmef L Rose J Mrlan Row4 NOAH Goldberg 411531. Mncheu 411A sp s Kahn N Adelson l9A sl F Humphrey B Rosenberg E Goldstern S Mossman J Meyers l- M00re M Roth D Smuylan R Stromer F Atlas Row2 19A sl E Yeszrn M Greenberger B Gland S Grossman Q10AsJ ROW5 l1lAsl D NelS0I1 C Halpern S Glass L Andrews K Goodman A Jacobowltz E Wrshnow M Cowan T Kent B Rubin R Bader B Carp D Schuman Row 3 Cl0A sl C Copeland L Derslwow P Gross C Karay P Beresh ROW 6 CHA sl M NISl1Bl' D Sfllafl ll2Bl C Kahn ll2A Sl R Pregerwn B Rubin M Brlslln J Grossman B Burnstem E Surwltz E Soliolov L Wasserman Row7 Cl2A sl H Droz R Cobb H Funk L Goldman B Scholnrck David Drachler Judy Katz Beth Rosenthal Wendy Yolles Vrce Presrdent Correspondmg Secretary Recordrng Secretary Treasurer Susan Rrce Presrdent Q SENATE Rowl l'l2AJ E Stern lBoard Memberl llOAl B Dovltz C1231 S Cole QUAD C Gaynes NOAH B Friedman fllBsD N Shere P Maltz J May Row2 UQBJ R Stillman CIOAJ S Barrls Cl2AJ M Mendelson UIAJ S Sugar UPA sl M Redstone R Aptekar J Berry Row3 HOA sl S Frshman R Kukes C Slomon Q1OBsl A Greenwald S Gorelrck D Ross Row4 ll1AslM Borock R Leach QllBsJC Ernstern N Harold I Boodm Row5 C'l2A sl S Novetsky J Shumalcer ll2B slJ Knoppow L Burnstern J Zalman 14 Olfgfdfy SC!! QJQIZBCI QOOPJ fo .JQOLUACJQQ Audnng Mumfordntes In locatung all types of reference and readnng , maternal, the Mumford Lubrary Staff made books, pamphlets, and catalogs contmually avanlable to students and faculty Checknng out and replacing books nn the stacks were a small part of the Staffs dutnes The group helped the lnbraruans Mnss Nona Duffy and Nz: Mnss Mane Webster catalog new lnterature for the shelves and kept the orgamzatnon of the lubrary functnonung smoothly Student assustants who belonged to the club gamed practucal experuence m lsbrary sclence The course could be elected for credut by those recom Mane Webster mended by gl-te hbra,-,ang Nona Duffey 5 i -an lwz Bunn 'in Lnbrary staff members Barbara Foster Bonny Wennstem Carol Ross and Sheldon Adalson have the first opportumty to examnne new luterature they sort and record new books for the shelves 415 I P aan.. ,do- LIBRARY STAFF Rowl D Rogers H Berkowitz M Hardman Row 3 G Ross B Merson S Lehrman J Shwayder E Ross P Segal Ureasurerj M Allender lPreuden0 P Dendnch fSecre- B Charllp S Weunstem N Crane P Kessler S Rosen taryj G Sweetwme S Adler K Deutch Row 4 F Erlnch D Reder D lux J Ersher Mm Nona Duffay Row 2 B Wemxtem C DeTuho 8 Forter S Adelson B Davn Mrs Marne Webster R Lenter J Davn. M Altman V Smargen L Shapuro R Stromer 15 1 Q ! , . . . . . 'Ns' , I Q, X1 . . . I . - 3 It pl 1 so I qi tv .. A 1 'A e l!-A E . , iz 'S M1 - C , . Y? E c -t ,. y- 4 l ,V l.. M I F ' fi- uaaw " ,S t 'f' ' lllllll ll? BIS FII I Q lullllxaasamfemwa V I t. , Q . - ' ' A xr, " V ' M A , -5 it . ,. H. . , g . ', Q ft 0 M 6 ,Q I M". - V :.. A . 1 v f , r , . 'Y 'f A . L... ' . " 4 ..... J . , : . , . ' , . ' , : . , . 1 - I - I - I . , . f , . I I . D , . I D I - 1 - I ' ' , . ' , . , . . : . ' , . , - ' I - 1 1 : . ' ' , . ' , . , . , . ' , . ' , - I - . , . , . ' , . . A madrigal is sung by the Mixed Vocal Choir practice, Row 1: S. Bogorod, D. Horowitz, D. Quen, J. Bodzin, L. Brilliant. Ensemble,Row I: J. Biscomb, E. Andrews, Row 2: R. Borenstein, L. Higdon, E. Fenwick, C. Goodman, J. Glenn, A. Boyer. F. Cooperman. Row 3: F. Gooze, B. Johnson, C. Knight, G. Branch, J. Simon, A. Smith. Row 4: F. Williams, D. Thomas, B. Burton, J. Hesslein, G. Williams, led by H. Lister, Student Director. during the Christmas season Row 1 fat Iefti G Honeyman B Love R Naimarlr C Loren C Appel S Rowland J Moore R Nunley Row 2 P Abrams V Morgan J Berry J Halperin D Goldman C Glenn E Brumenstein S Bressler Row 3 E Appel C Keray M Miller M Rudlm A Johnson E Babb S Berman L Thomas LLJLC 0 Jfll ,ln 011 f I 01501110 Mumfords Music Department has become both a cultural and enter taining medium for over one thousand students This department, under the supervision of Miss Florence Welden was divided into three malor groups this year The Band led by Mr Roger Haskins instrumental music instructor began its basic training in classes from which qualified students advanced to the Marching Band The group then performed at football games, pop concerts and the graduation exercises Its Dance Band led by Bob Ruskin practiced outside of school and entertained at dances and assemblies Under the direction of Miss Florence Welden the orchestra strived to bring Mumfordites a variety of classical music Practicing daily this group Accompanied by M Chapman the Choir regularly rehearsed for assemblies Row T G Honeyman K Wright P Hoben M Albright A Demerluan B Kartzman A Hiclrs C Hicks T Pmcley G Hunt Row2 M Zack L Berman B Hull R Metoyer D Borg C Bird 16 . l , , , . 1 f ' I I 1 - 1 1 M ', . . 1 . , I ' I Q , 1 A .1 .1 , . Jll ,. I.. if The Girls' Glee Club's carols brought e festive air to the school ' ' . : . , . 1 4 ' 1 - 1 . , . , 1 , 1 i ' . , ' ' . : 5 ' I ' 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . . .. . . - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . 1 . , . . , , , l . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . Q I . I ' ' I . 1 1 , . , . , . , 1 . eq-1 NN- Row2 W Arnold J Goodman K Bolden H Luster Gurl s Glee Club sang the musuc of many countrues G Pruce Rowl L Mendelsohn D Francusco S Wolf J Robun prepared for uts performances at the Sprung and Wunter Concerts A group of uts more talented members formed a chamber musuc ensemble whuch played for many outsude organuzatuons Sungung un many languages the vocal groups under the durectuon of Muss Grace Engel, vocal musuc unstructor performed un the Sprung Festuval and at the Chrustmas Concert Accompanued by Mrs Thelma Boomhauer, the groups were duvuded unto Glee Club Chour and Boys and Gurls Ensembles The Musuc Department provuded two and one half hours -credut for all uts members and for those who showed exceptuonal abuluty a letter un mUSIC son S Reuchman M Ozer Row2 D Jackson A Tendler R Nunley G Sapp ix New eiects in musical harmony were achieved by the Girls' Vocal Ensemble, Row 1: J. Wluitworth, L. Andrews, H. Watson, S. Cole, B. Gibson. Row 2: C. Jones, B. Gibson, G. Dozier, F. Gershenson, S. Bone. I7 ff" , .Magi VIOLIN Mlschakoff Oshmsky Llpshutz Quen Mendelsolm Mechler u Cohen Loren Hargroves Shulberg Rothbart VIOLIN Iconhnuedj Korchak Stearn Zltomer Taylor Frnedman Myers Ruhland Sturman Carnnck Shapnro e.1lra VIOLA V Borowslxy S Strauss M Adelman Stevens J Helsslem Quant M Gales STRING BASS D Ross Gelfand FLUTE M Buton J Gelfand OBOE Sublet Frledlaender CLARINET Taylor Toumapan Sculley TRUMPET J Wmllelman R Ruslun J Heavenrnch SAXOPHONE N Steam BASSOON K Yates FRENCH HORN G Lneberman TROMBONES Jackson Lynn Sparr PERCUSSION Yamaron Goldman Sculley Marls CELLO M Stearn Frank J Rose L Wnlllams S TRUMPET Ruskln Wmkolman Jacobs Smderman Idelson Heavenrnch Grecon Haogar Kohn Krause Pnvar Lavntsky Wulllams O Nenll Mensnor Gorden 42504. 1'--1 FRENCH HORN P Siem G Lmbarman E Sokolov W Wmshall May SAXOPHONE Berash ox Muller Maller Campbell Stearn Mmtz Wennslom Tartof TROMBONE Jackson Lynn Torbert Sparr PERCUSSION Yamaron Owens Swnnn Mnllar Marks Marcus M Rosa M MAJORETTES Spador Krowuh Bmlun Fnadland Ku rfz Nafzorg BAND MANAGERS Byrd Brooks BASSOON Yale: OBOE Sublai CLARINET Taylor Toumapan Goldmg Goronbem Strachan Shorr Baumer Feldman Gould Wemstam Bronar CLARINET Iconhnuadl R Imarman M Nakoll G Larson J Carrick D Monk R Kosak S Sahgman J Armstrong M Jackler H Newman S Thomas S Blackman S Rosenbaum S Faldman J Arnoff FLUTE D Smdarman J Posner M Hardnman J Myars Goldman Albnght PICCOLO Cohan BASS HORN Fraadman 1 Braumngar QPCUI' QIQOFIQI CL BCC!! 0 0 WMl'I'lAIClM0gl0:f5 Ten years ago the Mercury our schools newspaper was a mnmeo graphed sheet of paper By last year It had grown to enght pages of news pnnt read by more than 8 OOO parents students and teachers from Mumford and other schools throuqhout the Umted States Published bn weekly by thurty five lournalusm students under the durec hon of Mr Charles Kaufman Englush nnstructor the Mercury played an nmportant part nn reporting the school s development and growth Headmg the busuness staff was Mr John Meng Englush teacher Thus stat? took charge of the sales advertasmg and dnstrnbutuon of the Mercury Mr Stanley Ormsby fine arts Instructor darected the photography In 1958 the Mercury agaun receuved the Natnonal Scholastuc Press Assocuatnon and Columbia Scholastic Press Assocuatuon awards for 'ournal nstnc excellence Qf NJ, u4u-f MERCURY STAFF Rowl l. Relstrnan G Caplan M Auslander Row 2 F Melamud M Greenberg l Gelb B Wohlman P B Welngarten S Chattman l Wender J Gray S Cohn Slllilfl J MBXNBH S Kollel M Roth Row 3 .I Nuchaman H Robb L Bernstem B Rosman 20 g I , 1 1 1 , . I I ' I I I ' I I . . . , . , . I I ' . , , . T ' N 'Q gl' 7 ., 4 ', 3 , 1- 5 is 4 ig f. 5 M ': ' 3 g, , . c'. " . - .1 . 1 "' 4 f, l 1 . ,f Q t l A X' MK D C as K, , .. ,-- 2. X ,. a ' r -- .- . ,, , W 5 ,,, N -V X I w f N' . A if 1 1 . P ' F W' , sf aw 'X "R 1' .- - , : . ' , . , . , 5 - I - I - 1 - 1 - . , . , , , , , . . 1 - 1 - 1 - - : . , . , . , . . QC! Q x H-'EA 3 '43-M "'- ,.... Qi'i?"' .-r Mercury edllors Ellen Ross CNewsJ, Jerold Starr KSporIsJ, Alnce Kendan around their Editor un Cluef Davud Roflenberg lcenterb to hear has com fFea!ureJ, Jay Shumaker fNewsD, and Make Pollack ffdnoruall, gafher ments and crmcusm on theur lates! nssue 21 is A , W:-gt, .A K 1 M., .W . , ,. A ., wr ,I -L-+,., ,. .,-5:..5::,. U Ei 1 V, it , ,N , an J. y ,sy :iw ' ' W I- , f': 4 L" - f , A ,t"'A W- ,EGGS I' 35511515 -. ' A - ' a M H gf - at W in gi IM F A fx: - .- 2 C -s iyfilfism, f f ' : - vi f' 4. 3 A M 1 if 2 -. 4 , ,KL i ,355 QV ,,,,5 iE,X5igh ..... : Q 'Th ,44"""""' Vw an Capru ednors confer with Jef? Tngay about new features scheduled for verhsmg Manager? Marsha Kanter CAchvmes Ednorl Jerry Starr QAssnsfan1 Che 59 Capri Plcfured are Sieve Bodzln KBUSIDGSS Managerl Janice Weiss Business Managerj Doreen Weiner CDepar1menfs Ednforj and Jeff Tlgay KAssrstanf Edntorj Mel Barclay CPholography Edntorj Make Wennstem !Ednor m Chuefj KSports Edrforl Sally Tenelbaum fOrganlzahons Ednor Ed Stem fAd 22 z . ,N i so 4 , ,4 . 5 5 1 A4 3 N I W -MN: . ' 5 5 X Mx. v 5 hi ,' f 5 f , K . . -K . f t wry' ii +55 X. ef W A ' xi, i 'Wx Y,'. , ' , F Q Vw Q Q N -F .' 5 . " K I1 A 'lf W L . 'L 'i 6 ' . . . . . . I . . . . I . , .1 . . . , . . . , . . I . . . I . I . . . , -. . . . . I' . . . . .L . 1 9 . . 1, . gif! I 'Q' 'SJ V., as 4, sill EDITORIAL STAFF Row'I M Klunover B Gnesman E Borgor Row 2 M Grossman R Benlamm D Jarqmrag H Nelmgn J lfdlffiflll ACWISOYJ l Shulman l Berlzower lepofsky S Josephson Mr Charles Kaufman fAdvusorJ al9I'L 66LllgLt p0U'li5 of .SZAOOZ l' Members ofthe Capn Edrtorual Staff under the dlrectuon of Mr Charles Kaufman covered Important school events and provlded a permanent re munder of the actnvltues of the past year The lmplementatuon of a theme for the yearbook photographmg of actlvltles arrangmg page layouts copywrutung and proofreading and plan mng for publlcatnon were some of the dutles of thus staff The Capri Business Staff under the supervlslon of Mr Jay Bodzm, commercnal Instructor sollcuted advertisements from local businesses, and promoted sold and drstrlbuted the yearbook lt also managed the Capru s finances BUSINESS STAFF Row! M Portnoy M Levm H Averbuch J D Lowanthal B Sher L Alpert S Glass C Kaplun Mr .I Starr A Kramer Csalos managsrj N Wolfe E Gerbs Row 2 K Applebaum M Pearlman M Silverman B Saunders Bodzm ladvusorj Row 3 J Davns M Bell A DuFune B Burstem S Mark H Marcus B Busch J Jacobs R Pregenofl H Carnaclr M Diamond CA cf' Y ot even dreary weather keot members of Mumford s clubs from enioying extra-curricular activities, Excur- sions to various points of interest, here employing a sleek new Scenicruiser, hdve been rewarding supple- ments to Mumford's courses of study. -Q sw wwf- 4 4:13-4 Jw' A4v W .Ho , l A . , M4 , , ' Q. Q- .,.q" ktdx' kk I.. QS' "sw tm ,Mya x ,Mbna-w Q-ln.. . -7 - ,,, A M,-,MV 1' , .nr- lb it iw xi, t xt? Xt : t gif? 9-"fr 'S-'Yan .- -mayb- ,.-'W' ' www., ""'Y1l9" 9a' ' -'fgi W 'Wx JWSSC ,Sli Me pace owar gffer egpoorfdmand iya Once a month representatives from Mumford's Intramural Student Sportsmanship Council met and discussed various athletic problems with IMSSC members from other schools. This year the main goals of these discussions were to gain permission to have sport events scheduled at night and to create a better atmosphere at interschool athletic contests. The group's opening proiect was the sponsorship of the "Kickoff" dance. This party climaxed "M" Week and celebrated the Mustangs' crushing victory over the Pershing football team. Mr. Loren Gardner, science instructor, sponsor of the IMSSC, urged all sports-minded students to attend the club meetings. Steve Gilbar IMSSC president announces the winning M Week float at the Kickott IMSSC Rowl K Bleir S Rose S Frankel ltreasurerJ S Gilbar Arnold G Sandler D Ruch A Rothenberg C Barak lpresidentl S Starman lvice presidentl N Woolf Csecretaryl B Row3 C Gaynes E Simon A Blatt S Schlesinger M Grayson Woolf S Wamstock A Oboler G Kukes S Mark J Leib J Greene P Lichter S Row 2 L Gardner fsponsorl J Miller E Weinstein J Brenner Siem J Warshaw N Schafter R Stillman L Milan E Marks V 1. .. Z! ' ll I I ' ..,,,, .M H- if 1ce..a., L . .. , 1. ,. ,. ,. ,- 1- ,- ,- - ,. - ,, ,, :. ,. ,. ,. ,- I ,. , . ,. ,. ,. ,. ,- ,- " In ,. la I ' ' l' I' I' I' I' no -Q ,4 fr yr 4, SML fre MA, KL Ulflan 2 a!l0Il5 XPCCIIJELI HllJ2l'5fal'lAllg Members of the Human Relatnons Club played an nmportant role In fostermg respect for people throughout the world Promotmg the :deal that all are created equal the club sponsored an essay contest on thus sublect durmg Brotherhood Week and participated nn the panel duscussuon of the Jumor Round Table of Chrustnans and Jews A canned goods drnve at Thanksguvung for needy famulues was another of the clubs malor actlvltles The purpose of the Human Relatuons Club sponsored by Mr Paul Kerber of the Vocatnonal Department was to develop un students an under standmg of all men and to encourage them to practuce friendly relatlons with those whom they meet In their danly llves Membershup was open to students Interested In furtherung thus purpose Jr' HUMAN RELATIONS CLUB Rowl E R055 M Mmn fre oydmg Row 2 I. Mltchell G Levm B Burnstem G Roth R August R secretaryj C Adler ltreasurerj R Cobb fpresadentl J Radner Krops G Richmond S Dvorm J Rosenzweug C Halpern M lcorrespondmg secretaryl E Parker fcorrespondmg secretaryj Forman B Mill!! P KGYITBFCSPOHSOYJ Robert Cobb presldent of the Jumor Round Tgblg of Chnshlns and Jews has somethmg to contnbute to the group s dlscusslon 27 G14 ana! W lljafuecl Greater interest in girls' athletics and the promotion of good sports- manship have been the main goals of the Girls Athletic Association for the past ten years. Activities such as intramural basketball and swimming, which were spon- sored by the GAA, again highlighted the school year. Other club activi- ties included picnics, a splash party, and a bike hike to Rouge Park. Some of Mumford's GAA members also visited the campuses of Eastern Michigan College, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University where they participated in statewide playdays with GAA members from other high schools. Membership in this club sponsored by Miss Eleanor Dunn health in structor was offered to those wishing to participate in the club activities GAA members are ready to leave on the club s annual bike hike to Rouge Park GAA Row 1 V Harper J Blumensteln B Weinberg B Gibson lsecretaryj N Rattner lpresudentl A Demlrpan lvicepresidentj M Chapman ftreasurerj S Teltlebaum G Roggm Row 2 W Crenshaw J Erlich J Helman P Sherman A lupo vsch S Stem S Atkins D Rank B Elgot C Wilson N Schroeder J Shapiro Row 3 B Woolf M Evans C Norman A Miller C Waldon l Kent J Rosenzwelg S Muskovntz C Green E Dunn Csponsorj Row 4 M Davis J Weiss J Adams N Pollock S Stillman A Weisman B Gibson J lepofslsy D Mills M Heavenrlch I I ' . . . . . . .. 1 . ' 1 ff' , X. ' ' 'H , , , , ., , , .Ji . v, was K: L, . , K. J.: 1 f K 111' x ,..-.1 , . . E Q , B ' 4 . 3 7 4' .. ss .Y " ' X . -' , Y . 1 Z . , . , . , . - - , , , l . , : . , . , . , . , . , . . , . , . . 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 I . , . , . , . , . - 5 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - , . , . , . , . , . , . , 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 - l 0 lnP0l'tCU'lC0 0 ltlleifri By postmg team records photographs and bullehns of forthcomung events the M Club kept the student body unformed of thus years ath letuc news Ralsmg money for athletuc equupment through the sale of banners and buttons was the clubs mann prolect The block M on the sweater of every member symbolized good sports manshnp at Mumford Sponsored by Coaches Ralph Loefller George Canrns Harold Grove, James Kelly Stan Mullm and John Van Vleck the club furthered students Interest ln athletncs All boys who had won an athletic letter were anvuted to 'om Pt bl 5.1.4 M CLUB RQW1 M Ron R M,m,,w, R hyn, K Burnley Row3 J Greene B Carp J Sanders B Rosman M Grayson C Botvmuck W Arnold R Cobb S Layne C NWN' T Fl"9Cl"" L DW" E R9P"' Row2 S Mullm lsponsorl J Hampton J lenb l Braunstem ROW 4 H Hilfd R BINIOH 5 Clfnldl 5 Ralmlf' l- UNW9 R Hasso H Muller P Karr L Meyers P Silva M Kuhn G Kuhn J Z"""'9f W A9"9W i' MClub member Ken Burnley demonstrates correct xtartmg posntnon to members of the track class 29 I I . . , I , . . I I ' I I I I . .. .. l 5 n Us -Q H. ' 41 ' C5 35 A .- 3 , 1 , " s ' 34 rl ' . J' 'Q-4 ,WJ ' l 7 ...- 5' ' tml! 'Q , .ga as . k-E- .- X f I 5, I, In yi I :. ,. ,. ,. ,. s "I, I. I. l . ,. ,. ,. . :' ' I. l-'li 'I :. ,. ,. ,. ,. . ,..,. ,. ,... ' I' I' I' ' I 1 1? L 1 X A 'I M' - 9 .gi -it 1 -.Ay CURRENT AFFAIRS, Row l: L. Aidem, L. Reistman, B. Greis- man, F. Baslrin ivice-presidentl, D. Nachman fsecretary- treasurerb, R. Zwerdling Cpresidentl, M. Zeiger, L. Mitchell Row 2: B. Burnstein, S. Kahn, B. Onrich, B. Siegel, E. Sha piro, E. Salinger, M. Weisz fsponsorl. Row 3: R. Felch, R. Wishmetsliy, 8. Rubin, J. Radner, S. Schlesinger, C. Jacobowitz, M. Greenberg. Row 4: J. Nichamin, S. Mark, G. Kulzes, L. Bernstein, A. Gold smith, G. Pearl. Current Altairs Club member Barbara Greisman punches student identification cards during the moclr election for state otlicials. urrenf .zdyaird llfllzfchecl fke nogreaa Students interested in the world around them belonged to the Current Affairs Club. Mr. Melvin Weisz, social studies teacher, was the club sponsor. The group kept Mumford's student body posted on the important political, economic, and social problems of the day. A trip to Lansing, speakers active in politics, and a mock session of the United Nations Security Council were on their agenda this year. This was the club in which members could freely express ideas and opinions on world events, and discuss them intelligently with other students who shared this interest. ,I , l 4 4 4 Q 1 A 2 4 fe 'T s , Members of Ohe Current Afhirs Club "new look" of Dairoifs Civic Center. f I I Z 5 1 ii 5 I 1 5 x lla stand silhoueiied againsf fhe 'S M ' . xo? X-x, X ' -N , 'Q "' " ' ., an EE JL, I 3335 i ' ,l Ex3g,gy1f',1q,M'f9!41f f, ' View '-. ,edgy In , C, 1, 7 JZ .nizlebjxlr--, I ,V t - ,, g h P. Q .5 - 9 'Pm 1':' ' .. .A'.1z , fx ,2z,.g'I.' ' 1 ' wsu Tfif , , fi 727' T255 1, ,g'I?Ci-1- 1: V ' 13535 K i FRENCH CLUB Row 1 C Kent S Cohn P Renter lrecordung secretaryj S Music Itreasurerj M Grozdanoft Cvice presrdentl J Lazarlpresidentl D Zefffcorrespondmg secretaryj V Shiefman M Loren Row 2 J Swift fsponsorj R loren M Harold M Lewan E Grossbart J Hall M Bernstein E Salinger S Marshall G Levin l Boodln J Galantowicz Csponsorj Row 3 B Burnstem L Shapiro S Katz N Adelson C Brooks W Serwer B Weingarden C Wolmberg M Auslander P Stern Row4 L Bales S Muslrovntz P Siegel S Yolles C Fredericks M Heavenrlch lllguldfd .AJUGHCQ ,W gl'0lA0l'L00lJ To stimulate students to widen their interest un the people of France was the mann oblectuve ofthe French Club under the direction of Miss Jane Galantowicz and Mr Jonathan Swift foreign language and Enghsh in structors respectively Members, who were students in French Q31 to Q81 enloyed French movies a French meal lectures and the annual variety show Under the supervision of Miss Ins Gallez ofthe foreign language faculty the Latin Club organized the festivities of Saturnalua and Romes birthday Members also took part in the state wide conference of the Junior Classical League in East Lansing in April To prove that Latin is far from dead the group gamed a lasting interest In that language and its literature Spanish Club members learned of the customs, literature and ar of our Spamsh speaking neighbors stated Spamsh Instructors Miss Marlorle Reas and Mr Raymond Jacovetti co sponsors This was accomplished through such activities as a trip to the romance language laboratory at the University of Michigan and the study of Latin American culture. Five semesters of Spanish study were required for membership. "'-' ' ' ..:-vify S1 Paul Stern amuses French Club members as he enacts his charade ata club party. .gfwa 'Q as-...- SPANISH CLUB Row I B Grensman B Werss A Mrs hakofi lcorrespondmg secreiaryj J Shwayder Cpresndenfi S Brodsky F Johnson lrecordmg secretary? B Barr Row 2 T Lewrs J Wasser B Gunns C Oshansky S Sugar M Hot dogs had a Spamsh flavor at the clubs wemer roasi at Palmer Park i Pearlman R Puder B Rossen M Roth D Sandler Row 3 R Jacoveth Csponsorl J Davns D Yura K Kuehler P Snlva S Marks G Kukes B Snegel C Kass E Buederman P Frsher M Reas Ksponsorb D Rank geis a faceful of race for gnvmg a wrong answer ai the Lahn Club mmairon Lookrng on as co consuls N Bader and C Kurtzman carry out ihe pumshmeni are A Conn S Shllman S Wnllner fquaesrorj D Bauer S Newman and K Yakes Muss Irs Gallez club sponsor prepares another part of the ceremony un foreground 1 ' r :A f.. 9 33 11,55 9 T Faxstem reads a scene from The Addmg Machnne to Perlns Cpresndentl S Sarko P Berlre R Pregerson G Lnterary Gunld members Kneelmg C Wmkler R Goodas J Cameron and S levnne Castleman Ksecretaryl and J Hall Standnng S Dvonn and S Rose Seated S Cohn L Berkower Mrs H OShea lsponsorl L g ffl sued! fl, we opmenf 0 olllemlure Luterary understandmg and apprecnatnon were the axms of Literary Gould members Thus year s group under the drrectnon of Mrs Hortense O Shea, English nnstructor studled great modern wruters Works of Somerset Maugham Arthur Muller and Tennessee Wllllams were revlewed at the bu monthly meetmgs Duscusslons often dealt with phulosophlcal problems By attendung the legmmate theater nncludmg Wayne State Umversuty plays, and by vlewmg outstanding forelgn films previously discussed at meetmgs the members developed a better understanding of modern drama, as well as modern literature f Ax-. N S K The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, arouses the curiosity and interest of Literary Guild members. lj as 5 Olll' OU? Chess Club members under the guudance of Mnss Ruth Hart Englnsh Instructor and Dr Norval Slobln socual studues teacher whether begmners or masters had the opportumty of furthermg their knowledge of the fascunatnng and thought provoking game of chess The members held tournaments among themselves and challenged other schools as well In January the Mumford Chess Club defended the Detroit Hugh School Chess Federatuon Champuonshup trophy whuch rt had won the prevuous year Experts such as Mr Stephen Popel former champnon of France, were guests of the group The experts played as many as twelve snmultaneous games with as many members whale suggestlng umprovements In the members unduvudual games S l Henry Shevltz and Jerry Starr together cannot outplay Mlchlgan Chess Champaon Mr P lecornu at n Club exhlbntlon game H Shevotz fpresudentj challengesl Wender lcorrespondmg Zwerdlmg J Lmden S Ruce J Stern S Bruckner L leslne secretaryj and B Centetz challengesJ Starr lvuce presndent M Cohen J Nachlmln G Rnchman J Begel R Jacobson P treasurerl to a game of chess whsle J Gerson R August E Wolf and L Bernstem try to antlcapate thenr next moves Victor lseatedl and D Freed Mrs Ruth Hurt Csponsorl R raqf' on MATH CLUB Rowl M Segall S Pomerantz L Schwartz S Schlesnnger S Mark Cvnce presudentl J Starr fpresndentl F John son fsecretary treasurerl N Bonn R Layne D Muller Row 2 R Zwerdlung M Breman Csponsorl M Schwartz G Rach mond P Rosenbloom J Klem M Cohen S Dvorln J Lelb S Mr Wllllam Rltchle pomts out how easy number systems are to doubtful math club members .ff if Layne R August K Wonnacott G Roth D Cook Row 3 B Wolman D Beser M Kurland B Safler D Kaufman H Frledland J Zrlmec G Kulres M Nalrell D Leedle M Fndler H Weundlvng 8 Kaplan af el'l'lClllC5 all CLQHCQ Math on a socnal basus gettmg together and workmg with numbers for fun was the new and dnfterent approach of this years Mathematucs Club The group was sponsored by Mrs Mmettn Breman mathematlcs Instructor Anxlous to nncrease the Interest and broaden the knowledge of students nn mathematncs the club helped nn the selectnon of math reference books for the school llbrary At meetmgs club members often held dnscussrons on various phases of mathematucs such as calculus analytucal geometry and trugonometry Specialists an the mathematucal field also addressed the group 'Tu 6-f is 445' 'J '13 f- -- Q 9 A X V N 'J lb J: fe J' ' - j , Q - -vi 1 V I 'A 'flf : ',.- e , : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . - , . ', . , . ' . . ' , . . , - 1 - 1 - 1 - . 1 :. ' , . , . , . ' - . ' ' , - . I ' l ' .I ' I ' .I ' .I ' VW A ' I A I A I l ' , s, V- rf 1' -, ,Q lk' 900 Fr: Q G . t"l SCIENCE CLUB Rowl J Gerson D Muller R August R Layne Once presndentj S Schlesmger Qpresldentl S Siegel Csecretary treasurerb A Roth S Pomerantz L Mllan Row 2 L Stemberg S Dvorm P Rosenbloom G Rnchmond D arf IUIQI Weuer n ing rogrerid Numerous lectures -l- movnes J- expenments -5 learnung through enloyment tor Scuence Club members These actlvltles were arranged so that members would gann knowledge nn chemnstry and physncs beyond what was offered an the regular courses Atomnc and nuclear science was the magor area of study thus year All students Interested nn supplementung thenr background nn science were welcomed to loan thus club sponsored by Mr Samuel Ascher of the Scrence Department 51.- ,,.-'f' -I pm-5 1-Q Kersh L Braunstem B Kaplan S Layne M Schemker B Wolman A Stem M Powell B Taylor V Arnold S Ascher lsponsorj Row 3 W Sarnotl G Beam J Starr M Grayson S Mark A Oboler J Enchner D Slutsky M Levutt L Meyers R Salloum Row4 D Beser B Colton H Marcus M Kurland G Kukes A representatwe from the Umted States Rubber Company holds the attentnon of sc: ence club members as he demonstrates how a ture as made ll ,P 5 ' l Q , : . , . ' , . , . 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - ' - J , . ' ' , . l - . I , . 1 - 1 - 1 - - , . , . , . ' . 1 - 1 - 1 . 1 - 1 - 1 :.' ,. ',. ,.' ,. 1-'1- 1- 1- 1- - : . , . , . , . , . . I 1 C, 4 , . 1 1 14.-We-1 ' A4-A ,."N""" f 1 A 1 - - +1 z" Z 'D 4 , : C3 ' 4 4 7 -- aw. .3 I s ' . f 4' -' 0 'X 1 a - I , L I t 1.1 g rl bSQQ,i 94 : MEDICAL CLUB Rowl M Saporsky Csponsorj R Klegon J berg M Petrakovutz N Snnger J Sulver S Topor Moss L Aronol-Y Csecretaryl H Frnedman Cpresndentl F LaPldes Row3 M Levstt J Blatt J Leub B Colton D Slutsky H Marcus lvuce presndentb J Chase S Wamstock K Schwartz A Oboler R Levnne H Wenndlung A Hayman D Kersh Row2 E Appel L Graff M Auslander P Rosenbloom L Stem pm Hmm' ed l"l'l Lllg M'0gl"e5J Traps to Northvnlle Sanutaruum and partucupatuon an the volunteer pro gram at Smal Hospital gave members of the Medncal Club an lnsught unto the actual functnomngs of medical lnstntutuons Club meetmgs often featured dlstlngulshed speakers Discussions and work on scnentntlc prolects related to medlclne made up the remamder ot the clubs busy schedule Guided by Mr Mnchael Saporsky scuence instructor the club brought together all students with a common desnre to learn more about the held of medical scrence An Interest In medlcsne and a schedule that would permut attendance at meetmgs were the qualutlcatnons necessary for membershlp -veivv' ""' """ 132 Meducal Club presldent Howard Frnedman and Susan Wamstock put the fimshmg touches on thelr MWeelx dnsplay W5-mwmmmm li- QlQ. sl! MEDICAL CLUB Row 'I M Saporslry fsponsorl R Klegon J Moss L Aronoff lsecretaryl H Frledman fpresndentb F LaPtdes lvlce presldentj J Chase S Wamstock K Schwartz Row2 E Appel L Graff M Auslander P Rosenbloom L Stem berg M Petrakovntz N Sanger J Salver S Topor Row3 M Levutt J Blatt J Leab B Colton D Slutsky H Marcus A Oboler R Levme H Wemdlnng A Hayman D Kersh rw rs 0 'W- .ys .v Qs. L L 55- G My 0 .QQ .D 'r I- N NX , 1 I a .. .ls .J t fm, :cr ' 1 .a"',,-.t - lv J-J :Qs M G' V . '4 1 L, of 1 J J I K J J' f Cf! Mfg! new 2 lfa ll, ara 8 2 ' We ' war :gs o o L Q 4 1 1 1 u 1 1 in ' 'Fi I ' I I I JM., M- Q-ai .1 .t ' f all l ,4 . .gtg ' , It ' r 1 it Q " ' W .rf fi' K A 'rw .1 fs L1 rg? C "' Q ' A: rf 'Ls . a 3 ' - A N er , : . , . , , ' ' . , . 1 . ' , . . : . , . , . , . , , ' . 'fs 1 - ' , . ' , . ' , . . 5 ' .J ' 1 - ' 1 - 1 - 1 ' 1 :X ' 1 - I 1 - ' l , . , . . D Weiss C Gortat and M Loomus lseat edl admnre Harvey the rabbnt whsle Mus Margaret Mnddleton sponsor answers the questnons ofM Loomus R Felch M Powell l Bnlluant R Golden and D Hurt at an Informal Bnox meetmg In David Hurt s base ment laboratory Aim 12 Aw! fl Sfufm Students wuth some background un sclence and an Interest In research and experlmentatnon an the field of bnology and related scrences were welcomed at the after school meetmgs of the Bro X Club Msss Margaret Muddleton science nnstructor sponsored the group Members worked on nndlvudual prolects that were later dnsplayed and studied at the meetmgs Speakers and movies concerning developments In natural scuence were also on the program Thus all meetmgs proved stlmulatung and educatnonal Among the many actnvutaes the members enloyed were a two day week end at Hillsdale College and a meetmg of the Mnchugan State Junlor Academy of Science Arts and Letters at Ann Arbor Club and nnduvudual prolects were entered In the competntuon at the Metropolutan Detrovt Sclence Fair ,l l"' Bao-Xers examme and expenment wnth bnologlcal equnpment M Pow ell and J Euchner study the parts of a baoscope Mus: Muddleton ex plums the operatlon of the mlcro tome to R Felch J Mauseloff watches the gauge on the autoclave C Gortot records her temperature X f , , it . L AW . l , . , . - Q . I I ' "' 1 ' . , - , - , , l , B L Af- tw' .W s O LO' 0 0 I I I ' - , I I ' .F I . iw Z If ' ' il , 3 I S . . . ,f 1 . ' A I - . 1 'R , . . 1 . ' J : all l S hr M FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB Row l M Loren E Wemstem J Brenner R Loren E Altschuler P Segal J Berman S Nucnan S Colen M Grundstem V Solcel N Schaeffer Row 2 L Saperstem M Mendelson J Rosenbaum E Wechsler M Auslander J Rosenzwelg D Saslove l Lnpsntt S Rose J Pollstem E Marks M Forman E Salinger ag FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB Rowl E Latt L Desow Row 3 J Davls S Salmger H Carmck H Muller S Katz G Levmson B Onruch F Atlas M Rothenberg P Hoben S Alpert B Helman E Bmederman R Agree Row4 L Alpert C Levm M Levm S Crtron B Wemgarclen S Cole C Fredernclcs D Jeremlas C Bornstem G Brenner B Rose F Bronson A Leder S Mltteldorf j0JCl,y CSQMCJQIQEJ Developmg nnterest an the field of educatnon and helpnng students flnd the phase of teachmg for whnch they are best sunted was the arm of the Future Teachers Club The group was sponsored by Mrs Marlon Kelly language Instructor Movles and speakers varaed the format of the bn monthly meetings Traps to Wayne State Umversnty and the Umversuty of Mnchugan made the members even more enthusuastnc about thenr future professlon Members gauned experlence by assustaung wnth the lOB STEP testung program The most umportant actuvnty of the club was cadet teachlng at elemen tary schools Veteran members regularly helped local elementary teachers wuth dauly classroom procedures F3401 S Tautlebaum Row 3 P Renter I Boodm S Hauer C Mayer C Sanger N M Grossman fsecretaryj N Adelson Kvnce presndentl K Deutch Bader R L t M P l up on ear man E Aftel R Meckler B Gmns S Cpresudentl S Chattman lvnce presudentl P Fnsher ltreasurerl M Levme A Schlafer C Kramer M Kelly lsponsorl l.lPSltY Row 4 J Taupale M Klunover B Rothstem J Forman M Galbert Row 2 C Strassburger S Wnlllams D Sandler R Beckerman S S Ellenson E Shapiro G Cohen S Neuman S Dovttz S Glass Carson L Foster A German N Harold E Frned C Rose T K Palley B Royh I Becker Faxstem L Andem B Grersman M Zenger B Barr 40 f ' xo..--1 , 1 . , . , . I - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - , . , . , . , . , . , 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . , . , . , . . - 1 - 1 - - : . , . , . , . , r - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - . , . , . , . , . , . 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 , - , , , . . - 1 - 1 - - 5 ... , . s ' I l l L 5 , 1 A' we " .- l . - " ' ' . . N J -- 4 " - 1 1 4. -. ' 3 N , 1 1 A , , U K 1' " ,1 l if 2 . - f N 4 sc N A -2 ., A -- 1 I N . fn 1 ,J . M-.Q1 x 4 1 rf A l , 1 Y .1 g -, My L. , , 'Mn 1 ,, 1 1- 1- 1- 1 : . ,. , . , . , . , . ' 1 - ' 1 - 1 - , . , . , . , . , , 1 - ' 1 - 1 - 1 - , . , . . 1 : . , . , . , . , . , - ' 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - . , . , . , . , . , . , 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - . , . , . . , . , . , . , . . Health Educatnon Malor Sue Feldman demonstrates a surface drve to a gurls swnmmmg class Oln 0l'l'0lU 5 Half BP5 Through the actnvutres of the Health Educatron Malors Club, members were glven a new and practical perspectnve of the teachrng of health educatron They partnclpated In a cadet teachung program by assrstlng Health Department teachers ln therr duties The Malors also took tnps to colleges where they observed classes of health educatlon malors on that level Other actnvntues nncluded clrmcs on basketball bowlnng and golf Sponsored by Mrs Vnvuan Sobel health mstructor the club offered all Interested gurls the opportunuty to learn coaching of organized play preparation for future teaching careers li Mrs Vrvran Sobel club sponsor demonstrates correct Row 2 J Rosenzweng B Sher S Elllson H Malamud I. bowlmg form to Health Educatron Malors Seated an front Mtssaluan C Prulan R Lewls A Muller L Lempert B Roth Standing J Erdelman B Shafer M levme S Feldman . . . .,.. ... . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . .- I I ' ' I I . . . . . . In 1 WF' W4 a, A . . , I" lx 1, tt Q .ge t K ., , X . t - . , , :. ',. ,. ,. ,. ' . : ,. ,. ,. . . ,. . :.' ,. ,. ,. . The Art lnshtute was the scene of thus Popeye portrayal PromotIon of Interest In InterpretIve dancIng was the maIn purpose of Mumford s newest club the Modern Dance Workshop MISS Esther Schloz, Co Head of the Health EducatIon Department was the sponsor of the group Membershup In the workshop was open to all Interested gIrls who had completed the Dance Composmon course and all Interested boys regardless of expernence The group planned dance programs for the school and SlUdl6d the technIques of the world s great dancers Members partIcIpated In a chIldrens program at the Art Museum In January and In the All CIty HIgh School Dance Concert thas sprung A trIp to a dance workshop at the UnIversIty of MIchIgan was another of the club s actIvItIeS MODERN DANCE WORKSHOP Rowl H FrIedland S Sahcoff M s K Susco accompamst M Grozdanolt I. Melmk B MalIn Row 3 D Smderman J Hendeman L Daskal G Fu h MSS E x ' ' H ll , . , . - I , I ' I . . . . , . I - . . . - . . . . I I 2 - ' I I ' I Y - s ' I ' - . . ' . ' . : . I I - A I - I I rl I l ' Row 2: S. Kovin, B. Mann, M, Brose, F. Cooperman, L. Lempert, Schloz lSP0n50'l- ' - 2 I I s 5 1 4 5 . E l 9 - if I I I 1 - Q I 5 l f I I ' . Y M W' sci, . by E I g A 1. Radno Club members pltch In to houst station W8GMPs mast for an antenna at the Foeld Day In Washington Mlchlgan fLQ Hip cl ,Orme W8GMP were the Federal Communlcatuons Commnssnon lncensed call letters of Mumfords Amateur Radio Club Uslng the radio room as nts base the club sent and receuved sugnals from all over the world Under the dlrectnon of Mr Robert Aronson of the Vocatnonal Depart ment members bullt and operated thesr own transmltters and recelvers Mumford s Radlo Club one of the most active In Detrout also took part an an lnternatnonal Field Day Program and acted as host to radno club pres: dents and sponsors from other hugh schools The club succeeded In Its purpose of fostermg an lnterest an amateur radlo by enrolling a membershup of twenty four licensed hams QSL contact cards recenved from all over the world provnde thrnlls for M Freedman Spealung to other hams provides excltement and new friends for G Sklar R Blau and J Stone as they operate radio equlpment to log stnll more statuons Radlo clubbers Standmg E Sugman R Aronson lsponsorl L Carroll M Chover Seated P Kaufman J Lusk wma nam 51" 43 x., wr ' C 1 Q J. , . 1 gp f X I Mk.- L xy, DRAMA CLUB, Row I: B. Young, B. Yolles ltreasurerl, R. Row 2: S. Lambert, P. Brose, P. Lui, M. Katz, A. Burdick L Pregerson fcorresponding secretaryl, S. Freeman fpresidentj, Melnilt, L. l.aBan, A. Mellen. E. Surowitz Krecording secretaryl, J. Liebman. Row 3: E. Matthews Csponsori, C. Jones, J. Rome, B. Bader G Pearl, .l. Goldsmith, B. Rubin, J. Roberts, P. loewy, B. Mann QUQLIAJ 5961125 Dramatic offerings for assemblies, monologues, and choral presenta- tions for selected audiences were the main projects of the Drama Club this year. Students who were interested in the many phases of the theater were given the opportunity to participate and gain experience in their chosen field: props, make-up, acting, or directing. Having auditioned before the club sponsor, Mr. Earl Matthews, English instructor, and the club olticers, new members were chosen on the basis of talent, interest, and willingness to work. Affiliated with the group was the Junior Drama Clinic. This group con- sisted of ninth and tenth graders who found help and guidance under the tutelage of the more experienced thespians. Members of the Junior Drama Club practice various facial expressions necessary to good acting. Left to right are D. Jackson lsurprisej, R. Silver fangerj, S. Winer fsadnessj, J. Berry fhorrori and R. Sandler lioyl. Giving the young thespians helpful hints are E. Zolkower. S. Dworkin, S. Cascade, B. Rosenberg and N. Gelman. Tension increases, excitement swells, as The Diary of Anne Frank approaches its climax. f ,FFXI ge, I if 4 syffjii 6 4 T ' J" 217595 4g Q ,. Q 7 , . e E u 'f r gi, if L.. 0 i sl if . 1 F Y ibn . ix ,I Q ' Iv v ' I fvfjg ry f ff 1, fe . ! f 1 if I Q N ' , ,i ' f' J x I 7 ' f Q P ': , - :tl Y QL ' at Sandy Eastman posts the completed script one day Vx W' T' i--. ater the polished announcements are broadcast by Phyllis lui and Jon Goldsmith LU . e6! Wallitdlll Students interested in participating in the various phases of radio broadcasting were selected by audition to become members of the Broad casters Guild The club was sponsored by Mrs Virginia Schmoll and Mr Earl Matthews of the English Department Besides producing two news broadcasts a week for the student body over the schools station WMUM the members also recorded tapes for Mumfords sound library These consisted of outstanding dramas or speeches some written by the members themselves English classes later used them in their activities The members also produced Operation 225 a two hour radio show which included presentations of various types of programs such as those aired by disc-gockies and sports announcers over the commercial stations The activity offered something for everyones liking. m .s C3 -- -A at 7, ma! i 11 .N BROADCASTERS GUILD, Row 'I: M. Zeiger, S. Cohn, J. Gelfand J. Roberts, N. Adelson, M. Zacks, P. lui, S. Carson, V. Schmoll ftreasurerj, M. Goldman lsecretaryj, A. Goren lpresidentl, J. Csponsorl. Goldsmith Cvice-presidentj, B. Young, P. Brose. Row 3: H. Friedland, H. Carnick, S. Friedman, l.. White, A. Obo- Row 2: E. Matthews Csponsorl, L. La Ban, J. Gerson, B. 0flfiCl1, ler, B- Rubin, M- GYGGNBQI' g, B. Yolles, B. Siegel. 599230-wr gi Washmg flats proves to be a messy lob for Stage Club members H Covnnsky L Joseph M Levnt D Smderm F Rosenman and J Smnth ltechmcnanj fha SILOOKJ pI'0gI'ClI'n5 A new group directed by Mr James Smlth and Mr Ben Catlm tech nlclans made up the Mumford Stage Club Membershup was open to any student who had taken the course m stage craft This orgamzatuon played an Important role nn all Mumfords stage presentations for It was theur responslblllty to handle audltorlum lights props and sound effects Wnth the clubs and the televusuon courses un Amerucan Hnstory and Amencan Luterature were pursued wuth a mmnmum of techmcal dufflcultues 'X x Mr Ben Catlm and Mr James Smuth, techmcuans, and Stephen Mullman prepare the stage for a productuon as they adlust the lnghhng . I lm , , , H., , .. . L , H .. R . A I ll J N N c ' Agway. k . , K F X . . K l X , ' f f x ' ' V: x T , , 1 , 4 ' . T 4 'v 4 ' , ,E 4. ' Q' ' E , lg, k l V v 1 5 t , 2 . f Y QQ I . , . ' . I U I l . I ' . an, . , . . 7 I - - 1 ' , . . . . . . , I I l , , .. X' It I W Tom Segall descnbes the beautnes of Norway to Hn Y and Y Teen members lt l lomt meeting A H GHC! U E015 Y Teens under the durectuon of Mrs Dorothy Mornson home eco nomncs Instructor proved theur versatulnty agam thus year when they sold candned apples and shakers at football games acted as guudes at the Arnold Home for the Aged m Detrolt and sold mixed nuts to raise funds for the natnonal sponsor the YWCA Entertaunment for members consisted of a school dance In co operatlon wnth the Hu Y a buke huke and several guest speakers Any gurl attendung Mumford had the opportumty to Ioan an orgamza tuon where hugh standards of lnvung ln the home and school prepared them to be respected members of the commumty 1. T-3 YTEENS Row I R Wnse J Whntworth lsecretaryl N Row 2 R Lyle N Mlchngnan S Humphrey H Watson 5Cl""0ed9l' lpresldentl l Southard Cvlce prestdentl M B Slsler P Steele J Talpale Cl"aPmBn l7feBSU"9'l C Gortat Row3 A Demurpan M Urevng I. Kuhn B Fnsher V Patton P Hoben 48 t l l e L- - - , D I - I ' ll ll ' I I I , . ' I I ' 5 iff K -f ? 3 K ' T ' at '-sv 1, 5 , .0 3 Q X - . .. A 'T ' , 'Y ' 1 aw: IA- Q - - ri . v 3 : F ., ,. gg f X X' ' at . ,H ' x'f . ,, A 5 , v. Av l L Q' ' .a xi , K . 9 , ,- X f , K' f H . k "' ' 1 : . , . , . : . , . , . , . , 1 - ' 1 - - 1 - 1 . . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , l Donms Borg and James Znmoc recowo HnY puns as Alan Rachardson and Donms ONouI welcome them durmg the annual mntmtnon ceremony l'0I1l0te6! .QJQCCA Football program sales and the annual Thanksguvmg Day festuval were some of the actuvntues handled by the HI Y Natlonally sponsored by the YMCA thus club was under the leadership of Mr Joseph Soltesz of the Commerclal Department and Mr Floyd Dann soclal studnes mstructor Any boy mterested nn upholdmg hugh standards of character an the home school and commumty was urged to loin Mumford s oldest club where brotherhood and commumty servlce were the desured goals HIV R0Wl K w0"""-'Col' D BW9 lCl1lPl""l D 0NeIl UIC! Row 2 B Taylor B Salter A Lorenz J Zrumec L Urevng H presndentj A Ruchardson lpresudentj D Cook lsecretary Luger D Madge J E,-,cwn F Dam hpomo,-y treasurer! R Smnth D Hngley 49 . . 45- . ff' - , .. . . . .' . . VA V. -.. . , . . . .. . ,-..,, ,,, W .a.. K- I f. . a f W, 5 ' -- ' an . ' I ' I I ' I . . . , I I I 3 . 3 , .-- A sf . A I an' .xg z. , I I 1 - fi r, ' -' E- , I J V , , rl I 1 , If 5 yr ,,, , . ' ' ' ' . . I - - I - 1 - ' : . , . , . , . . . , I ' I ' ' , . , . , . . , . , . . fx :F QU xy Q ' . fl iss 1 L Q 1 I ,,.. ,fin fy KY , , , 2, :H fx ' 1 zf 4, .. 3 . 4 Eg L ,. 2 5 45 ' ' 1 Q, 1 . im- " ' "N" ' fmak Q 1' A 4 , .-mn. , 4,5 Ki E Q t's been more than lOO years since this 1848 Pioneer steam engine first rolled out of the works and onto the tracks. Locomotives like the Pioneer were replaced in the past decade by huge, powerful diesel engines. The byword in the railroad industry became POWER. And at Mumford, too, the byword became power. By press time our athletic squads had won four league or division champion- ships As more of our teams each year posted top-notch records, Mumford was well on its way to becoming a sports powerhouse. Cheerleader captain Beth Rosenthal roused our spirits as the . . . meets the League meet Vigorous spirit enabled the thinclads to finally hit their stride towards the end of the track season, especially in the East Side League and City Coached by Mr Stan Mullin health education instructor the squad had a number of bug men returning for the 58 season The 880 relay team took first place in both meets while Ken Burnley running in the 100 and 200 yard dashes took seconds in the former meet and thirds in the latter Homer Heard took first place in the broad lump in As a climax to the season Ken Burnley .lim Hampton Homer Heard and Mel Bishop were given AH City honors Nolan Ross shows the trackman s strain Ken Burnley drives through the tape in the 200 after a tough half mile yard dash N Q 'faldsa TRACK TEAM Kneeling left to right Manley Ross Ken Burnley Burt Carp Elvin Roper Jeff Lenb lmanagerj Standing Malucius Hampton Coach Stan Mullin Ken Dillard Dave Shevitz Tom Segall Willie Arnold Ricky Schwartz Richard McBurrows Tom Bright Cardell Norris Jam Hampton 52 '3 -3 JNFQ 'arf F oh a Wife If as Ji' 'li' A fm Jim Hampton takes the baton from Harold Smith for the last lap of the 880 relay race against Cooley TRACK SCORES Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Pershing 61 V2 Northern 2 Northeastern Eastern Cooley U of D Pershing Central Won 4-Lost 4 77 V2 46 V2 I . I . . I Il ' Il ' I . I . I , l I I . I I - - s ..., " 1 - .5 l Q . , L , N - L 2 9- - l H 'gg 1 . A 'll f :Q Y N ,. V 1' 1 iw ,Fa V32 an wp sg 1 M ir 'M id It V.: ' X O f XL I H wfsnfr-: , -L Q i I X Af, X , - . . l TTT T V A A. if ,A f ' , ' 1- 'VITA' -fi en, . , A i 4 Affss. "K if 'if gwrff X 5 of - - .. ,, ' 'L f ' 1-' ? x I. Q z Q. , 3523353-151 .6-J In - :Vis , ya' ,V MA, in wah U is 4 B we 4 . were we A ' ,. X V 4 Y st , J sq' .,.', : Af' A' N I ., rf .,lQif,. 1 :if 1,4 effigy rr gs, r ix N , 1 45 ...., . . ' 46 X ,... . . 37 X3 .,...,.. A 4 51 . . . . . . 58 1 ' ' 1 , , , ' , ' 96 . . . . , , , . . 14 ' g 'f 58 .i....,, 51 I I I I I ' 29V2 44V3 31 V2 64V2 it Barbara Litt watched the goings-on intently. arrierd Wadgecl gadf-.Side Crown After clinching first place in the East Side League in one of the closest races in years, the Harriers found the going rougher in the City Meet and placed fifth. Adding some new swift-footed runners to the returning nucleus of last year's squad, the boys took victories in three of their four encounters including two tri-meets. Under the guidance of health instructor Stan Mullin, both Manley Ross and Elvin Roper were awarded All-City stripes. l at .4 'S George Ellun and Willie Arnold can t help laughing as the unfortunate tail-enders straggle across the Gnlsh ING CROSS COUNTRY SCORES Mumford 28 Mumford 30 Mumford 28 Mumford 20 l ,, al Manley Ross leads at the half way mark in the meet with Central Cardell Norris and Elvin Roper follow at the Palmer Park course Clow score wonl Pershing Central Northeastern Denby Western Northern CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Kneeling left to right Steve Kalt Ken Burnley Willie Arnold Lorenzo Davis Harold Miller Janarvus Sanders Standing George Ellun Coach Stan Mullin Stan Ruby Burt Carp Manley Ross Cardell Norris Riclry Schwartz Elvin Roper Willie Agnew 53 l'. ' 29 ., .. .,,, T. 25 34 Z . .z 1 . i.....i.. 65 -, -, . ' 72 .I .I I I l .I l FOOBALL SCORES Mackenzae Mumford Mumford Cass Mumford Mumford Central Mu mford Den by Mumford Mumford non league Pershang Southeastern 6 Northern Won 6-Lost I FIRST OFFENSIVE TEAM Kneelang left to raght Larry Urevag Paul Karr Herb Black Larry Meyers Ron Hasso Tom Fleascher Racherd McBurrows Standang Coach Jam Kelley Jam Sessaon Rachard Bockoff Tom Segall Jam Hampton Coach Harold Grove Mm. swag, aaa ua an atm, .S era 3 f ara! an Ea! .Simson l Packed by the experts for last place the Mustangs ended the 58 football season on the other end of the standangs Under Coach Jam Kelly health anstructor the team taed for first place an the East Sade League wath Denby Eastern and Northeastern All four teams had a live wan one loss record an league competataon although Denby was selected to play an the champaonshap game The gradders were led by All Caty .lam Hampton who scored 14 touch downs and held the opposataon to a manus three yards rushang average around has defensave end post The squad also placed Larry Braunstean Jerry Frankel Tom Fleascher Frank Goldberg and Jam Sessaons on varaous Metropolatan League all star teams The Mustangs scores ranged from the 41 0 whappang of Central to the squeaker over Cass Tech Thas game had a closmg seconds safety whach provaded the wannang margan Sparat was the key to success thas year Large turnouts of students followed the team to every away game Even a heavy raan at the Denby game dad not dampen sparats lt only succeeded an ruanang the footang an the backfield one reason for the only Mustang loss - 435-s, of 7 5-'QF3 77 B2 FH mn ,Q .9 FIRST DEFENSIVE TEAM Kneelang left to raglat Herb Black Frank Goldberg Marty Laker Jam Zackman Tom Fleascher Jam Hampton Standang Coach .lam Kelley Larry Braunstem Don Sand wean Jerry Frankel Wally Banaon Clafford Franzel Coach Harold Grove VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM, Top row, left to right: Coach Q Harold Grove, Jim Jaffa, Fred Ruby, Ed Ruby, Ron Hesse, Jerry Wigod, Larry Levine, Herb Black, Marty Laker, Rich- ard Bockotl, Mal Hampton, Richard McBurrows, Larry Ure- vig, Bob Mays, Mickey Golden, Jim Zrimec, Arnold Cohen Cmanagerj, Coach Jim Kelley. Middle row: Matthew Ash Cmanagerj, Dick Sandler Cman- agerj, Larry Meyers, Gerry Gresham, Paul Karr, Tom Flei- scher, Steve Zorn, Frank Goldberg, Mel Boyer, Larry Braun- stein, Jim Zackman, Dennis O'Neill, Don Sandweiss, Clifford Franzel, Harvey Pianin fmanagerj. Kneeling, Alan Richardson Kmanagerl, Tom Bright, Ronny Layne, Gene Fealk, Mike Benedek, Roger Manela, Jim Hampton Cco-captainj, Jerry Frankel, Jim Session, Willy Binion, Ken Eserow, Tom Segall, Mascot: Jackie Gagnon. J J J Q . KQIJPPUQIJ xt, AOIUQCI " I'0ll'll:50 Although they lost three of their four encounters in the '58 season, the Reserve Football Team found solace in the fact that a number of boys played well enough to be considered good varsity material. Among those most likely to take the place of the graduating Hamptons, Frankels and Fleischers are Sam Young, end, Steve Novak, a big, fast guard, Jim Wanles, center, and Doug Hoffman, a left-handed-passing quarterback. Since the team is made up of ninth and tenth graders, Coach Ralph Loeffler, Head of the Health Department, feels that "things are bound to be better next year." -.l. ' .ld . E mheeeaeawm., J ..l.".-.1 , Practice, practice, practice. RESERVE FOOTBALL SCORES . . . Mumford 0. . . . . .Pershing 24 Mumford 24, . . . . .Central 6 Mumford l3, . . . . .Denby 19 Mumford 6 ....,....... Southeastern 36 Won l-Lost 3 RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM, Top row, left to right: Peter Vlangos, Charles Silverman, James Cole, Richard Agree, Stan Zukin, Jerry Rubin, Lowell Blumberg, Douglas Hoff- man, John Heavenrich, Daniel Silver, Howard Golding. Middle row: Coach Ralph Loeftler, Richard Klegon, David Montgomery, Larry Cohen, Dennis Block, Joseph Jackson, Richard Smith, Jim Lolas, Julius Armstrong, Charles Miller, Danny Moss, Sammy Young. Bottom row: Jim Wanless, Bruce Spitz, Howard Nudell, Larry Okrent, Joel Helfman, Tom Binion, Barry Tigay, Lenny Koltonow, Mike Novik. F! if 'sn v f U 12,4 I if lgiai.-ri! iw A Y J 5 . . 5 I C , .., Q Q 'P Q. A. Running and tackling hard, the Mustangs played every game as if the championship depended on it-and that's the way it turned out. Reading clockwise, from the top left, here are pictures from the season's big games: CAD All-City back Jim Hampton picked up 15 yards on this play in the Pershing game. Doughboys' All-Star Lonnie Sanders fright, foregroundl makes the tackle. KBJ Fullback Dick Bockoff took a handoff for five yards in this shot from the Mackenzie game. KCI As the mud shows, this is the Denby game. Hampton leaps over Larry Braunstein to pick up ten yards. That's Tom Fleischer blocking. QD, This hapless Mackenzie runner didn't get very far the lost two yardsl, as Jerry Frankel Con the bottomj, Bockoff C43J, and Richard I H we Sanus if .3 fa' -0' 7 leafs . .xgcfion McBurrows C687 pounce on him. CED But here, the Stags picked up 20 yards on a pass play. Don Sandweiss pulls down the receiver. KFJ Again in the Mackenzie game-Bockoff makes 15 yards before being brought down. KGJ Nailing down the win over Mackenzie, Jerry Frankel intercepted this Stag pass and ran it back 60 yards for a touchdown. QHJ Hampton makes a short gain as Russ Binion U21 blocks for him against Pershing. KD This fourth quarter catch by Jim Session was a key play for the Mustangs against Mackenzie. The third down completion made it first and ten and kept the winning touchdown drive going. UD Here Co-captain Russ Binion flips a pass on an option play against Pershing. This tactic was an important one for the team in the early part of the season, and was used many times to gain valuable yardage. c Jw o .a--' f' 'wif .4 BOYS' SWIMMING SCORES . . Mumford 50 Eastern 35 Mumford 64 .. Cass 22 Mumford 32 , Pershing 47 Mumford 71 , Central 10 Mumford 46 . Southeastern 40 Mumford 28 . . ,Denby 58 Mumford 34 , Redford' 52 fnon-league Won 4 - Lost 3 Stephanie Koorhan exemplified the team's fighting spirit. When Coach George Cairns awarded a total of twenty "M" letters to members of the '58-'59 Boys' Swimming Team, it was the greatest number ever given in the history of this Mumford sport. Although the squad had its share of stars, it was the fact that a great many boys con- tributed tothe team effort which earned four victories in seven meets. In the city finals, the school's first All- American, Barry Shapiro, captured the front spot in the 150-yard individual medley and broke the city record in the 100-yard breast- stroke with a time of 'I:07.9. This cracked his own mark set a year earlier. Others who placed high in this meet in- cluded John Holmes, third in the 50-yard free- style, and Ira May, sixth in the 100-yard breast-stroke. The free-style relay team, composed of Jerry Nosanchuk, Jerry Sanders, Wally Stewart and John Holmes, finished in third place. l h. Na 9-- N I tx Ira May lrighti and Barry Shapiro leave the blocks for the 100-yard breast-stroke in Shapiro is congratulated on his victory. the Redford meet. BOYS' SWIMMING TEAM, Bottom row, left to right: Bob Toumaiian, Happy May, Joel Nosanchuk, Jerry Nosanchuk ico-captainl, Ira May Cco-captainl, Gary Gilbar, Dan Levitsky, Alan Katz, John Holmes. Second row: Michael Jaffe, Paulo Silva, Jan Winkleman, Jerome Kaufman, Joe Fineman, Jerry Sanders, Martin Chattman, Fred Doner. Third row: Stuart Goldstein fmanagerj, Howard Kay, Alan Kay, Steven lash, Bill Busch, Barry Kramer, Dick Holmes, Paul Redstone, Coach George Cairns. Top row: Barry Nakell, Jack Berman, leonard Aronovitz, Walter Stewart, Bob Wandruff, Lawrence Shafkind, Martin Burnstein, Allan Jones. fphcyc ag E f irfli I wim, eadon To give team members a chance to compete without the pressures of winning and losing, a playday was instituted this season for the Girls' Swimming Team. Miss Esther Schloz, health instructor, explained that by interchanging girls from Mumford and Denby, the social aspect of inter- school sports was emphasized. As the Capri goes to press, the girls had competed in two of the five meets on their schedule. They were beaten by Mackenzie C69-54D and by Cody C72-345. Remaining were meets with Cooley, Redford, and Western. Victories were probable in two of these. I Susan Dovitz had her "weapon" M ready the Cheerleaders pom pcm A GIRLS SWIMMING TEAM top row left to right Lenore Lempert Barbara S Feldman Judy Lepof sky Nancy Rattner Lynn Goldberg Bunny Woolf Judith Okrent Duane Bachman Ellen Franklin Ellen Goldsmith Barbara Adler Nancy Frank icocaptaunl Lydia Aaron lcocaptain Marilyn Pearlman managerl Miss Esther Schloz Middle row Helene Levine Sheila Glass Elly Rose Betty Goldberg Sheila Rogan Linda Schwartz Susan Kobel Cmanagerj Bottom row Marlene Levine Sheila Zipper Sue Feldman Barbara Ann Feldman Tv Lenore Lempen shows Ihe form whlch broughl her Ellen Franklin Cforegroundl and Judy lepofsky also took honors in the Mackenzie meet first place against Mackenzie av, .ps y F 'V- -iv A ve: I 1 uv"fr, 'Mx at A pi 4 ,. 'fm W 135 T W Q 'V-. -arm A-1 any 5 Ll I' . 59 r I I ' fi a s gf ,7 , V .. 'V ' .' 4 4 ' ' , a ' 2 , - , ' 'rw W 4. ' , .0 1 1 I 1 A k T vig' f QA . 'i-Qiqwm A , . ' J - a , 1 F 'R ,I .. "' ff' It at -l S R- is , ee, J- f - A - ' , 0 ., , ., l , fat!" .,1,.Q'ii". A it .. .D , I, Qs - l I -I , -Aj. .Z 1 VX - - 4 ix' -" 'L fun, ' yt . 7 iv xx U.. vw. ,.,! . .. , I b .,i ' XX f Q. . X , .,fT,: -'fy' A V .Q ' fu 1 Q. W .'.s'Q'4 ' . X I x ' , -. I- , ,. , .1 , r . fr 4 ' .. ' 4. 1 ., ,I M , alla if 4. ' w ff -we f za' .E -'ff' A . 'L---ezwkf ' ' 1-ff -E- '-' , -fr ' . M, , - .. - '. 1 . -, Q, -. 4- ,." gg. . ' a, f. ,: Y F3 ' ., F, L gxfwf' 'I , A -Y' ,' ,. -A 9 , -, Mow, 5" . -- -5.1 3' 44 .5 : f '.' at 8 Q ' " H' . f"Jg'! '-' F- J ff. at .v f' , 9 as -as3'a ,, . f , gf, -1 ef, I .A --' ' 53, 5 J' p " ,, ' , l I , y 3 ,, I A' . 'Z -Q , if t :, " tv- -" " . Q I s l ' ' A 'Ti I ' " ' I 5 ' 1 B ., , if . 4. . n l . 4. A X' 4 ' -.P ' ':. V Q N ' - N ' K' .13-,, . - , b " I a 4 K.: .,1 K b .S me ' 4 1' I , E - . . , , ' ta ' f , 'A Iwi" his -.-- F 'A wi - F L -. ...X ' , e .1 w- .K .4 . iv. - I BOYS BASKETBALL SCORES Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Eastern Southwestern Cass Cody Pershmg Central Denby Southeastern Northern Northeastern Eastern " Non League Tournament Won 6 Lost 6 Janet Strachan was relieved when the . . . 1 f, Reboundnng after last year s catastrophuc season C0 wms T2 lossesj the Boys Basketball Team fimshed the 58 59 season wnth a respectable 6 wan 6 loss record Agam lackmg the heught that marks other Metropolutan League teams the Mustangs hugh spnrut and detailed attentuon to fundamentals made up In part for thenr dusadvantage under the backboards The mad season loss through graduatnon of Make Kukes and Jackie Wlllrams further hlndered the team but Coach John VanVleck health Instructor attributed their continued success to more deliberate passlng and shootmg In the post season tournament the Mustangs had a but of bad luck an drawung the cuty champuons Eastern Hugh for the first round HF BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM left to rnght Martnn Portnoy Wllllams Rlchard McBurrows Dave Shevntz Rnchard Kushner lmanagerj Joel Nelson Rnchard BockoH Russ Bannon Muke Steve Mallerman Leon lmderman Kukes Coach John VanVleck Bob Matthews lcaptaml Jackie Steve Malerman blocks out Eastern forward as Shevutz takes Eight assorted hands hope to snare thus one Four of them the PMS belong to Mumford s Mnke Kukes C421 and Dave Shevltz WQNN H 'Q' 2' 0 46,. . . . 63 , , Q , oo f 41 , , , 47 43 . . . . ' . ' . ao . . f 48 Q 34' ' 29 ' , , 48 49 . .' . . 53 38 ' ' ' 52 , 67 43 38 37 63 36 + 64 i' 'kt B, A M 3 4 f "' ' ' f 4 .. . M. " is 5 Q . gw gp: 'H W W - . .9a'ff'5V1 54 R A ,S J' lg I I 'fin 0 0 P I Y ? Q71 xi we t- Y: Gai X aff 511.1 9 . Ill f . wg.-W I 3' Susan Toper unleashes a yell as the By sweep1ng the1r last three games the G1rls Basketball Team was able to close the 1959 season w1th a w1nn1ng record Although outscored 172 165 1n the season totals the Cagerettes won a paur of tnght games 1nclud1ng a one po1nt v1ctory 1n the season s finale A total of 24 gurls partrcnpated 1n the VBFSITY and reserve schedule and Mrs V1v1an Sobel, health lnstructor awarded letters to all of the team s members GIRLS BASKETBALL SCORES Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mackenzle WSSTSFD Get that rebound! Mumford Cagerettes Cdarlcer slurtsj Frances Aftel Bunny Kukes and Beth Elgot ight Cody players for the loose ball Cooley Mumford Won 3 Lost 2 Redford Vern1ce Tweety Harper was an otfensuve spark plug GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM Fnrst row left to nght Vermce Harper Margaret Evans Marllyn Mendelson Sue R1ce fco captamt Beverly Shafer Mary Heavennch Carol Walton Chnstme Holmberg Glorla Pnce Second row Barbara We1ss, Barbara Qumt, Llnda Shulman, Frances Aftel Creserve co captaml, Sara Krause, Beth Elgot, Barbara Onrnch, Kathy Sher, Debb1e Smulyan, Donna M1lls, Bunny Kulres Creserve co CBPTBIHP, Gwen W1ll1ams Front Bonme Glbson fmanagerl 62 17 , .,.,,..,t ' 47 18 . 23 - 41 . ., 36 f 7 51 , , , ....,,,. cody 29 - as ..t... ....... 3 7 E E FIELD HOCKEY TEAM Standmg left to rnght Mnss Eleanor Dunn Qcoachl Arlene Muller Sandy Stullman Carol Walton Annette Wensman Charlotte Wnlson Judy Lepofslzy Hope Watson Sharon Sosmck Carolyn Kmght Jamce Wenss Beth Elgot Sydelle Brand Roxle Demerpan Jaedene Roberts Mar garet Evans Betty ldelsohn Gerry Furth Judy Heudt Judy Norquay Dorcas Kane Ellen Ross Kneelung Duane Stocker Helene Wensman Nancy Rattner Carolyn Kurtzman Nancy Schroeder Creserve captaml Sally Teutelbaum lcaptaml Waltzela Crenshaw Joanne Altman Peggy Brose 3241162 .SQCLPFQ K ci1locLey e6U'Yl Tight goal action marked thus nntrasquad game Jan Wenss Qfrom top leftl Charlotte Wulson and Judy Heldt charge goalue Jaedene Roberts as Sally Tentelbaum fmlddle YOWJ Waltzela Crenshaw and Margaret Evans try desperately to clear the ball Bullymg to start a practuce game Carol Walton lleftl and Arlene Muller face off Ready to pounce on the ball are clock wnse from top left Judy lepofslry Dorcas Kane Helene Wess- man Peggy Brose and Nancy Rattner -l- kb TW' Talung advantage of a tight defense which allowed only three goals nn flve games, the Girls Field Hockey team turned ln an excellent showung for the 58 season The gurls coached by Mass Eleanor Dunn health instructor were unbeaten untul the closmg game a hard fought defensive affair whnch was the season s only loss Offensive stars of the season were Charlotte Wllson wuth four goals and Judy Hendt who closed her fourth year on the team, with two goals The reserve team whlch played the same schedule as the varsnty, came up wuth an ldentlcal three wms one loss one he record and tralned a number of promrsmg candndates for next years team Mu mford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford FIELD HOCKEY SCORES O Won 3-Lost I Mackenzue Cody Cooley Redford Bloomfield Tied l His Carol Schwartz sparked our rooters. Closing his career at Mumford, Coach Paul Bernd, former Head of the Health Department, guided the Golf team to a fairly successful season. Playing their home matches at Rackham Golf Course, the linksmen rallied from a slow opening and gained four victories and a tie in their last five starts. Continuing this winning spirit in the city tournament, the boys made an excellent showing by taking second place honors. They were led by All-City golfers Richard Litt and Jim Willis, who took second and sixth places, respectively. Paul Chosld blasts out of a sand trap GOLF SCORES GOLF TEAM standing left to right Don Bngelman Louis Steinberg Bill Rosender Seated Richard Litt Fred Steinhardt Larry Weinberg Eddie Lumberg Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford 12 Won 4 UofD UofD Pershing Dondero Royal Oak 3 Dondero Royal Oak 3 Kimball Royal Oak Denby 1 2 Denby Southeastern Southeastern Lost 6-Tied 'I Will he or Lou Steinberg 64 2 ..... . . 3 1 ..... . . 4 Mumford 2 .... Pershing 3 2 i . ' 3 2 , , , 2 . i , 5 . . ' , O 2! ...., 2! 3 .,.. 2 3 ,,... 2 3 .... 2 , t ,Y - Two games were played sumultaneously so that more gurls could play Hurry upl Glrls want anxiously for teammates un a relay race ln an eftort to guve all gurls a chance to compete un athletuc actuvutnes UQ L A0 A Q the Glrls Health Educatuon Department sponsored an Intramural program J C if ag f durmg the past year Although competutuon was lnmnted to swummnng and basketball Mxss Esther Schloz assustant department head reported that the turnout was great enough to lend hope for an expanded program an the future Because ut was umpossuble to form teams for each study hall all partncl pants were dnvnded unto three teams of equal strength for the swnmmlng competutuon Swummmg agannst people of the same ablluty the gurls each INTRAMURAL TOTALS partucnpated an two events plus dnvmg lLast year s varsity members were F ht I Is al S lnmnted to one event plus duvungj The GAA awarded puns to members of the wmnnng team the Fnshtauls Due to locker room drltlcultnes the basketball program oftered only Guppnes Aqua Debs lumnted competltlon Shenla Rogan tenses and awalts the gun Waatnng for a rebound are lfrom leltj Eluzabeth Mnssaluan Vermce Harper Judy Katz and Kathy Sha ,O L aw Caryl Pruian applauded, as we all did, when ogd .104 Wefro jfg Team grabbed the City Net Championship in a hard-fought final round Coached by health instructor John Van Vleck, the netmen lost only fi of fifty-four matches in nine different encounters. The squad easily outclassed most of their opponents but, surprisin Completing their third straight undefeated season, the Boys' Ten: 9 l enough, it was team balance that' proved to be their key to victory in t finals. by Tom Warshaw and Allen Burstein, rose from the floor to take thu and fourth singles. Doubles combinations of Gary Kukes-Don Kelber a Losing the two top singles matches to U. of D. High, the Mustangs, le r c ' Dave Rose-Barry Bershad also swept through their opposition to clin the title. "The big serve." - Gary Kukes -1 1 .gif x..- ,mv 'ill ....-.4 '-"::g:f-i. ,. , .Q . i, ....-..... . . "' ,ZITI l ,,s "We've got it!" yell Barry Bershad, Gary Kukes, Don Kelber, Paulo Silva, and Mel Saperstein as they swarm onto the court after the Bershad-Rose victory clinched the title. BOYS' TENNIS TEAM Paulo Silva and Al Burstein, the season's big guns. TENNISSCORES. ., 1 Q fa X ff lm fe 5 K -s.. t Mumford Mumford Mumford A V K V Mumford M 53 4 ,if we S , .. Mumford . Waite S' x Q Mumford "N X 1 Mumford S i X, New 4 .. 'S 'L , ,' -we Q r .1-A , standing left to right: Paulo Silva, Mel Saperstein, Al Burstein, Mumford Mumford Tom Warshaw. Kneeling: Ga ry Kukes, Don Kelber, Dave Rose, Barry Bersl-nad. 66 6V2. . . .... Wilbur Wright 0 6V2 .,., .... E astern 0 6V2 .... . , Southeastern O 6V2 .,.. .... P ershing 0 5'V2 ..,. ..., C entral l 6V2 .,., .,., D enby 0 4 . . , ,... U. of D. ZQV2 CITY FINALS 6V2 ........., Cooley 0 4 ,.,....,.. U. of D. 2V2 Won 9-Lost 0 GIRLS' TENNIS SCORES .... . , . . . . . . . . Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford 5 .......,.... Cody 6 ,,.....,.... Pershing 6 ...,,......, Highland Park 4 ......,..... Western 6 ....,....... Central 4 ,4....,..... Redford 6 ,,.......... Bloomfield Hills Won 7-Lost 0 ll' 5 ere yflzclekafeag .7 Us g A -ilu-f GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM, standing left to right: Donna Ruch, Sue Rice, Judi Shapiro, Nancy Rattner, Janice Weiss. Kneeling Berber: Litt, Doreen Werner, Gall Roggm, Beverly Roth, Barbara Maller We can do It too' was the byword of the Girls Tennis Team and they did Under the direction of Miss Marne Paul: health Instructor who has sunce left Mumford both the varsity and reserve squads came through the season with seven straight victories The varsity team made up of Sue Sofferun Judy Price and Ruthan Chaenko in the singles and the doubles teams of Linda Aaron Sue Rice Sue Elkm Sue Castleman and Janice Weiss Sharon Levine was considered city champions although no official girls net records are kept Graduates after the 58 season were Linda Aaron Sue Castleman Ruthan Chaenko Sharon Levine Judy Price and Sue Sofferun ,jf-' -"-,,d,,.- M , Sue Rico Watch this Slum It ought to go n lust 100 mph OOPS' 67 e Il ' ll ' l ' n I I I I I I I 1 ' 1 ' r ' 1 . . . . , , . , . I I I I I ' fi - - t ..--' ' , H. 3 . , , I 'Q ' 'xsx X5 v I f U L wx' V ,L :Q .- 1 Q L'-x LKVIQ . x Lfx ' ' ff . 4 gf. I' -N rr ka 'X X- X f tw Q W, N X s X , S X, s X ,J tn I 5 ' L xfg s x K U ' QW t .x v 'Q Q. Yxjyx it Qty. xy 'dsx N x Y , I x -- xr I --X X N X rxssS's l X . , 5.ysyv. xx- 'K Ml itll U. .XXX . .,, . if Rita Stillman led-on cheers as . . . .SQGIILIOUE Cgufdng OZLCJ- .SZQJOI1 Sparkling no-hit pitching, the first in Mumford's history, highlighted what otherwise turned out to be a mediocre season for the baseball team. Ed Krass' masterpiece in the opening game gave the squad a 2-0 victory over Northern. This win gave impetus to the team which then defeated its next two opponents. But slowing in the latter part of the season the boys finished with a four win four loss record nailing down fifth place in the East Side League Another bright spot in the season for Coach Harold Bulldog Grove s nine was the selection of Ron Okum as All City third baseman No h t Krass shows h s stuff Here t comes the e t goes Jack Berman the squad s leading h tter my :XJ C4575 Ines the ball to ght Feld n batt ng practice S A gg-alum W 'ii W' M-W """ it-rf' BASEBALL SCORES Mu mford Mu mford Mu mford Mu mford Mu mford Mu mford Mu mford Mu mford Northern Northeastern Eastern U of D Pershing Central Denby Southeastern Won 4-Lost 4 r',,.,.-fr' M ll .ill i . KS' l J. 1 f 1 . , ' ' i A 7 pgk p l I' . 1 fi 1 1 i '. 13:6 1 ,T ,. A! 6 W 6. ff , ' . - in - S F1 Q 15,tRZw3,A 1. - lil! ei 'iii I? 3 E is if ... 'UZ ' W' ' .91 ' slag A f B .1 6 A - A ., if-"V . 4 N ' ""' we-.,,.,, . X A . - K . '- i 1 AA' I . E Ml ' K , . . fl l V -, Tha' 1 as , 1 , 1-Wig Q f 1 f 6 N N ' ' 1 9 4 A 11: 1111 is "" 2 ..,.,.,,..t... 0 A g V A W 8 ......,t.....t 1 re,, .,,,,WLj' 6 L 7 ...,..,..t 5 ' A n 3 ...t.t,....,.. . . 10 1? 6 A 6 ,t..,...,.t... ' s fix n t 6 t.r,......t,., 1 ' ' 1 1 .............. 7 ' A 1 ..,.......,..1 6 , or Returmng lettermen for the 59 season Included left to rlght Carl Botvlneck Stuart Leff Bruce Carmck Sheldon Cohen Ed Kress Jam Znmec and Stewart Epstem Bruce Carmel: Mumford s Ieadmg prtcher wnth a 3 1 record warms up before the Northeastern game 1 Ed Krass sends a hot one to +L Y' 8 Gerry Krause reaches for a wlld throw from thnrd short well they can t all be homers .wir ,.,..q-q---.-I: yf E or y vf " . , V' V 3. I I , x L , waQ1.f ' X - t l . . in ,K - Q - ' t . " ',"f'1-ww, ,X ' 1 fr" ry. M 5 ,l..,.Nj-n . ,3,Mf,l , P, V. . f. . 1 ' fgiif. 'Eli X." df", . . Oh , ' , V .3 , 4 R' .fr ' ' " K 1 ll X ".AA.N' l 1 rl , . "' ' l 4. . t ' ji 'a -. fl E 'gm I g 5: N yn? Ml! rf' 1 .-:W lx Eva Marie VanHouten Department Head 3 4' Edna Garruder 119654 Cfaddea rom0feJ gfkcfiue ommunicafion Under the guidance of Department Head Miss Eva Marie Van Houten, the English Department co-operated in the school-wide program of en- riched curricula for capable students. Accelerated courses in literature and composition were oftered to qualified pupils. Such classes as iournalism world literature public speak- ing and drama could also be elected Special composition and corrective speech courses were scheduled for those students who had trouble in the normal English classes Proving their communication skills Mumfordites competed in the Detroit News Oratorical Contest and the Scholastic Writing Awards Contest and received honors in both in D 4:1 C '3 ff by if Composton C2JJ students p actice laying out newspaper pages 40-. vg- ,xox 8' st-1 4' Y Joan Balson Mary Blinstrub Eunice Cauley Joseph Curran Walter Farber Verna Flanders an or an 1' B ,,,,4v'w- Ruth Hurt Vaughan Hoogasian George Jacobs Charles Kaufman Sophie Kloss Sonya Linsner L.l "' g ' 1 ,. Q 3 lm if ,. E YL Q , 5, ,UV PM , 4 . I 1. I X i i r ' ' , 1, If 'oyx I Q ,gf N -.X E-f p, V K , 5 ,,,,,, X., - .,--:'. A jx X J ' 1 .k n , . 4 6 I Q N - ,.,,,,, N kxr 1 A Y in h H, if I r-'--- gp sc il C X W . l Q fa g , c.. C 4 g qi I i k.., f if 1 I 'w"1v'Q I , 'L f I .f 'I H J . Lady Macbeths sleepwallung scene us dramatlzed by Englnsh Lnterature students Barbara Mann Steve Kalt and Judy Castleman 1 """' 'Z' gp. Earl Matthews John Meng Jane Morns R0S6lInCl Moss Rosalmd Olmsted in ' s r ln a demonstration speech Bruce Kaplan shows hus Pubhc Speak mg class hls never muss shavnng techmques vg. 'sf W-ff Hortense O Shea Zelda Pollnnger Eduth Powelson Eugenie Reagan Vnrgmua Schmoll Manuel Snmon Mane Snyder John Swuft AllCe Tucker l N ft , ,V 'UQ Q I 0- ag: ' 5 : 7 I , 51 ,J L. A. L tb g , 'W , f' ' Q A lx ' l It A YI, E y QI Y , Q -5 -- Q Q 'gt ' J I 3 ,Tl 6,2 A l - A .A A ' 'i E lxlllllll. , A J r , Q . A .yyy g gp A 5 A l-' R 'X W C F Ednth Kovach Department Head The lnstructlon of audio vusual French IS acfompllshed through slldes of French geography and culture A ge 0 allgua 8:5 UGHCQ W M!CLfl0l'l5 Slxty five foresgn language classes under the guldance of Department Head Dr Edith Kovach and thurteen mstructors comprased the largest foreign language department nn the Detroit Hugh School system Last year a record number of students sought the knowledge of other tongues ln begmmng and advanced courses Spamsh continued to be most popular followed by French and Latin Students could elect an audno visual French course These classes pro moted fluent verbal and wrstten abnlnty by what may be termed the nature were first taught to speak English ,pr 5 Replncas of famous Spamsh panntmgs are presented to their Spamsh class by Carol Wetsman and Sharon Rose 74 l 'K 2 l ,ig - Nz :Q J K 4 l . .xdcf or ' method". Students learned French in much the same manner that they lr a 5 1 5 ' f .V D y 9 1 f , " '25 K I gf , , Gertrude Armstrong 'CZ' Raymond Jacovettu E . Charles Braun Marlon Ke y ,. "g"'- , Y V May Clailwwa Jane Galantowicz Elsle Macholl John Madonna Steve Rubenstenn adds to has Latm class knowledge of Greek Dramatncs wnth hrs demonstration of a Greek tragedy mask Allce Keldan Nancy Rattner and Marilyn Pearlman dramatnze a French versnon of Dragnet 75 Iris Gallez Marlone Reas lm-, Anne Jacobstein Momque Wagner .QQ ss- SPH 0 S, Y 4 ,MF ' ,,.4r Y ' c 15? 'af H James Brooks Edith Cooper Ellen Foster Glorua Gnesmg ndfrucfion nferedf + racfice Because llfe has many mathematncal requnrements students had the cholce of algebra and geometry or social or general math un our Math ematncs Department thus year Those plannmg to enter a field whuch requlres higher mathematics could elect advanced algebra solud geometry and trngonometry Such classes as busmess arnthmehc and sensor math were also offered Salud geometry students check the posted calculations wnth thenr slide fUl9S .i......L....,..., wx 'FB l fx 9 Jaxbfr J 35 76 Sa Il 1 John McDald Mumford mstntuted an accelerated course un algebra Students taknng thus Lone Skagerberg Dora Rubenstein 'D' Olnve Wnggnns Q , , 5 ll -Lx - L , j Y K , In ifx'g kd ' 'nr' it Graded exammatnon papers usually brought smlles frowns and tears to the students an Mr. Linsey's geometry class, 4 W, ,.N..,.....-.S ' ...Q-Q .'Yf 'ya ' U 'fi all Maxwell Hutchmson Department Head ocaaf pl'0gI'0:f5 ,N an fury mai Lyle Clemons Floyd Dam 'fir' Aaron Gornbem -ri Q Thaddeus Korczynsku O"" lbs Lester London Lewus Mnllman Dorothy Perron 5 1142111261 jAl'0llg f 00 2 111 I 5 World Hnstory comes ahve for Step'-len Sweet and Duane Segal as they vlslt with Yhelf on Camefa televlslon Instructor, Mr Mules Platt Hlghlughtmg the Socual Studles Depart ment was the televnsuon World Hnstory class Thus along wuth the regular classes In Amen can and world hnstory cnvncs and economucs gave us an mslght unto our modern world Fnfteen students chosen on the basls of thear academlc record and thetr counselors recommendatuon partucnpated nn a leader ship class where they studied the techmques for community servlce The course was dl rected by Mass Dons Utter Under the durechon of Mr Melvin Weisz students presented the Jumor Town Meetmg of the Arr which was broadcast over WJR The program dealt wlth Mlchlgans accept ance of a right to work law Mumfordltes dlrected by Mr Aaron Gornbem also took part un WWJ TV s Qunz Em on the Arr X , Q A ' M, M , 'A A we 'fs f flri s': ' ' H N "' xi, - N A It 1 'A ig, nj as - T g, 'lf ' a ' a 5 u o la ' -' ' 1 . . '. ' Y' A A ' ' . ' . . - "f ' . f ' . . us- Damel Plesko Q54 Ralph Weaver 1,1 Hwfg Norval Slobnn 'ann Melvm Wensz Thomas Wolfe Ah hal A Democratl Mr Melvm Welsz Soclal Sfudnes Instructor Ccenlerl glves some las! manure advlce to Barbara Mann and Larry Bernstein lleffl and Sandra Eastman and Jerry Kufmck an fhenr final preparahon for ihe Jumor Town Meehng of the Amr in 5 2 A 4. . gi? Q 1. Q K A l 4 1 A ' Q0 ,.. 'X - I " ' is A fl .1 ' . ul i Waftif -N. 3 -.1 .-.Q ra- S 3 I . , .fe i ,I f'N ,- Ng, 113 A complicated pulley and inclined plane system is used by Physics QU students to apply scientific principles for a class demonstration. Intricate replicas of the human digestive and circulatory systems are demonstrated by biology students David Drachler, Richard lustig and Barry Kramer. Floristry student Carol Krowitz puts the finishing touches on her Christmas wreath. Ruth Clark Vuncent Nestnco dence asiluclenfa :fel ver! 6ACUlgUlg Hughlnghtmg the Scuence Department offerlngs thus year were new courses nn enruched chemistry and nuclear physucs The forty week ad vanced chemustry course taught by Mr John Strandberg department head Included qualntatnve analysts or Chemustry 13D Students takmg thus course were selected on the basas of theur performance nn the sclence dlvtslon of STEP SCAT Tests taken by all l0B s un the clty ln the Nuclear Physics Class students were gnven the opportunuty to study developments an atorrwc research Others chose from the usual courses offered In buology and chemrstry The Science Department provuded students wnth expert lnstructlon In a study that has reached a new place of Importance nn the world today John Strandberg Department Head uv 5.1 Sheldon Decker David Rubin We Sam Ascher Wllluam Gardner Mrchael Saporsky iii 'iv Mae Barnhart Mlllcerlf Campbell Max Gross Kathleen Kolleth Margaret Mlddleton Alfred 51.-epek Eugene Tarrant Marlon Wanless 1 e . D I ' I I , . ,ar T N saw ig ., T , , ' b 5 'lv N ,T .5233 5:5:5:gfj5s5f , 1 1' u S 1 Q. A . x .xr ' CY -' Q D W x L Q g . H u fr , wb ,, . at w 1 , . YT W 'rs- .Q 7 , X s T 'x 81 'U'-QQ Jay Bodzm 'Ill' Dorothy Pastor Helen Sloney ""-5' Joseph Soltesz Herbert Tnmmons 55. LR 'N' Ox Ni-v Dorothy Bone Eduth Bunn Wumfred Glass Maldred Hodgen lflfflllgifrf gi lll Cl ILO!! I 01710166 For those students Interested an business education a varnety of courses was offered by the Busmess Education Department lnclud mg typmg shorthand transcnpt and office machines A Co op Retailing Class presented a two fold program conslstung of classroom dlscus sions and on the 'ob expernence Partlclpants an the bookkeepsng classes were taught basnc practices and to test com prehensuon each student was requured to keep a set of books 9 Olflllilellldf IOQIQJJ Because college preparatory students de sured some typmg experaence a speclal per sonal typmg course was mltuated as a supple ment to the regular typmg classes The oblectnves of the department under the durectuon of Mr Phnlup Baird were to equup students wnth the expenence and skulls for xmmeduate posltnons un commercual fields or prepare them for a college malor un busu ness admunustratuon In her retanlmg class, Sharon Surowltz learned the Hne pomts of tnmmmg a showcase 'i Geraldme Wolfe Phllnp Balrd Depnriment Head Bookkeeping student Shurley Terry adds sulnfracfs mulhplnes and dlvlcles cauhously hoping her lnb set of books will balance James Lupton reellzes fha? l clean machine IS essenhal for sharp umform typing Through ihe use of dupllcators addmg machunes and comptomelers Mr Herbert Timmons busmess machunes clnss learns the laiesf ofllce iechmques vw T V1 l gg ' f 'l we ,IAC6lli0I'lCl! 4Eel9ClI'fl7l0I1f p'0Ul.lL'Cl 'MAJ-slzopa kr flue ju Mumford's Vocational Department, headed by Mr. Earl Phillips, offered courses in wood, metal, electricity and drafting. Students taking these classes were prepared for the many careers in the manual arts. The quality of work produced by the vocational students was dem- onstrated when James Zrimich won a first prize in the national Ford Indus- trial Awards Contest for his machine tool design. Highlighting the Home Economics division of the Vocational Depart- ment was its annual fashion show. Dresses modeled were made in the dress design classes. Courses in foods, child care and family living also proved popular. A new personal relations class which taught eFfective living for girls was a successful addition to the curriculum during the past year ill FQ After six months of work with the help of Mr Robert Aronson Mike Kutmlw and Richard Riegel put the finishing touches on their electronic tube tester "'N. .K T Too many cooks didn t spoil Karen Rodgers Harriet Wall s and Elaine Fenwick s blueberry muflins X X ML 4......., A, I Q 1? 84 I I .A V I , A I 4 .X B , WX. l 11' x 1 i . I i ,- Rss- 'lp f V NNNTT ' n , W ' - fl" X xx :mx Nw ,Q Q -'7...,.,,,,., 5- - -P' ..... -vf V ... X F is 'xx A ' 1 if ' N -A , V ' Q.. - ' ' f if I 5 Q 'rn 0 I f 'f is " S ',X sf' ' ' X ii l W he QT f ,, ww ,vii-5 ,N I ,, ,yr I I K N- 1. : - e Earl Phnlllps Department Head Sue Roth own dresses 37" 4, xv- Roben Afgnggn Vnrgnma Brnttenham 5'-as 54,01 Wesley Mallard Dorothy Morruson Tadeusz Bury - A. fsbf Arvo Nordlund Future craftsmen work carefully m Mumford s ultra modern wood shop H hm. Paul Kerber usle Vu a .l,, i-.QJ NK" and Kathryn Pmckney were two of the many who desugned and made thenr lf 85 " , .V ' ,- A 1 Q ,Vx :L V v R .. 'A 'w i ' ' 24,34 i . , 8 6. . . . . lf? v A gain I uf :fu 1 ,,, ' v , A V I . . n ul, Q- "' gg-xg, , lg , ll L The dark room provides excellent equipment for Capri photographer Mel Barclay Hall posters - f R g sure .,,. f:!rf.5 Obcfafefoyyefc The varied program offered by the Fine Arts Department, under the direction of Miss Florence Welden, served those students de- siring instruction in music, arts and crafts. Two darkrooms gave photography stu- dents access to such modern equipment as enlargers, contact printers and dryers. Jewelry, paintings, ceramics, commercial art work and costume design were studied. Some exceptional students won scholarships and other awards for their accomplishments. Orchestra and band activities, also a divi- don ofthh deparhnenh are coveredin an- othersechon ofthe Caprh The department's goal, to bring the value ofthe arts to all students, was attained as in- creasing numbers took advantage ofthe many and varied courses offered. constitute an enioyable phase of art for Michael Fried and Deborah Heiman. Sw tg s if i t E T a l I , ,,.e..,.... T lllaisr 3 Y Yi 1. 'si ii-s . I -'fx Cb X Cyugluraf .xgyapreciafion 3'3- 3 , l,p.p- X as-, -JJ Raymond DeVleesl1OWer Grace Engel Roger Haskins pk -r if , E: D , N, ju ka - -...,.,. :. ,':e:, Hp- " L' -Vw. f' W Stanley Ormsby Clarice Percox Florence Weldon Department Head The buffing machine is used last on the iewelry made by crafts students Charles Domstein and Roberta Pensler. Bass Harry Lister, first tenor Gary Stern, second tenor Mr. Roger Haskins, and baritone Marshall Forstot lend their voices and talents to the successful barber shop quartet. '-PM 'Q 'Sh-0 'iq' I A I Ralph Loeffler Esther Schloz lp lg I lg fee Department Head Assnstant Department Head 3 NQHAA m0l0ClI,l'l'l0Ilf5 CLUIILM Mill Sprams splunts and slings have become famullar terms for Mumfordutes rn first and classes whuch are now a requirement for graduatuon These classes gave one hour crednt for four weeks of study and practnce Basketball football and swummmg remained popular wnth the boys whale modern dance tenms and badmnnton proved to be the gurls favontes Classes In dance composutuon synchronuzed swnmmlng co ed sports and track made It possible for all students to partacnpate In almost any sport A newcomer Mr Ralph Loeffler served has first year as Health Depart ment Head 3 Advanced modern dance students Elnzabeth Borger, Shenla Salrcotf, Pat Gross and Edlth Braver do a burlesque of the current televusuon western 88 Kay Slsco Accompannst It 5 . : X ' - V T G2 ' f 2 L- 1 -, t l 'IE A i., l Y W lv ' W . ,,,,, -W . in Y , a e , t ' ' 1 ' , I I . . . . I . . . . , . , . I I ' 1 - I ' fm , eg, x . . g , l eq? wr' fa-ag ln--I f"" Eleanor Dunn Harold Grove James Kelley Freda Landen Stanley Mullin Vnvnan Sobel John Van Vleck ,1 ,ff U'-4. .JH Mr SSN iikm F104 11- Joe Fmeman and Rnchard Adelson ke ihenr mark as a close class relay race enters ns las? lap Loolr fellas' the gurls are parl of this co ed class foo 1 -mi Lunda Gofffrued demonsfrales baclm pressure arm lnff arhllcual respurahon for her flrsf and class 89 'c' ' nl F 1 " 6. 3 . Y P -' 'Y if N 4 N 1 I V .7 M' A fl A V . fl l X a 2 4 x . 4 "' X.: fi- .Jl 'l' 1 1 F 3 A X r F- K. A A ' , l f' ' 'if' ' V .N 7' Q " x , l glib: A K 9 if ' zla' A j ' , 115 yn, ,p.- V ,A qw a t qluu du sk. fe ,Q-' ,.., ,ral if ' . f " I We ..,, f .' , , mel., --1 i , y . -f L., 21 15-My . l ll l u 11 - ' h mx? C 1 5 , Fx fs . - X , 1, ' ,,.e.ff ' if I ' f f - ' 2 "L'K X llljl Su " EA an lb l1llfl0l'l, df? 0116! 00l92l"6l!l0l'l QP? PLUQI' !CLW0lC Zi In 1957 a cety law made It compulsory for teen agers to complete a drivers tralnmg course In order to obtain an operators license Sunce that tnme Mumford s Drovers Educatnon classes have been filled to capacuty Any student who was at least 15 years old was elnguble to elect the course Older students were given pruornty and usually filled the classes whuch could only accommodate 360 pupils each semester The course lasted 20 weeks wnth 45 hours In the class room and 15 hours on the road Students were taught mechanics and correct drlvnng by Mr Donald McNair and Mr Davud Russell In cars provided by the Board of Educatnon A duploma In the form of a certnflcate was given to those who success fully completed the course Through the lnstruct on of Mr Davud Russell the seemungly complicated automobile engme becomes understandable 90 T I fx 1 4 vw 'if . 5 O J 3 ' ' l Donald McNalr Q. Davud Russell 2 I ' 1 U Why do boys complain? asks Arlene Schlafer 'W'!qs,...g as she helps Sharon Shermon change a hre LJ 'gtr N, 6.50 Q .L Mr Donald McNaur shows Harvey Patterson the easy method ol followmg a road map Q.-e N - A ' My . ' sd fu. ,W , 5 . 3 K 5 r S l r x 5,5 Y ' g jg, ' f E i l X - 5 SK e y I 1 A f Q A fl x 5 .f , 1 A. e -J ' 4 Q .61 f 4 'fi x '33 X n . .L ,. Y 5,5 4 Q, .Ali "1 A 5 .1 . Q? -W' Richard Breuwufz shows a class IH ma read n h th I d p I g ow e co ors esngnafe hulls and valleys 1' Jerold Myers answers a queshon raised by S 1 Robert A I g nee I on ihe complicated mechanism of the M 1 nfle being bl assem ed by Gerald Simons 5-4. IQOC all l ll Advanced ROTC sfudenis practice on the rufle range under fhe supervnslon of M!Sgt Suchelu 92 sr' e v gl all Y W , A K' f IJ F- : 3 1 , LW K . I , X uf? .. Ai , ,Wi 'I . I Q l ' ' I ' 1 f n- A Pelddfel! AJ fAQ mfglif Sfuflfy ROTC cadets were tranned In mahtary pro cedure by Master Sergeant Zygmunt Sucheclu and has assoclate Sergeant Farst Class Walter Tubbs Heavy emphasls was placed on dnll and small unut tactucs Actual trannmg m nHe usage was guven on the speclal ROTC rnfle range an the school s basement Cadets advanced In rank according to scholastlc achaevements and perfectnon un mul: tary practuces The ROTC year was hnghlughted by the Mllutary Ball and clty wlde fleld day Awards at the field day were gnven for overall per formance preparedness un army skulls L eshpadblty eeanmoat mn ne ste facto bh clGe d Q0 "Present arms", is the usual order as the ROTC cadets are checked for neatness and precision. 93 Sgt Zygmunt Sucheckn X llglljf QPGILIGIPJ 0' serif' Q.. Rochelle Abelman If 5' Qi ,vs ' me 5- i Peter D. Delacourt Joyce DeMichele Though 1hey'd rafher be ou! swimming, some seniors have to si! through the summer sessions with Mr, Maxwell Hulchinson, social sfudies inslrudor, in order fo reach their long awaifed graduafion. 'WY Richard A. McCabe Brenda Nowalski . 1 :A foil M 1 43 lf"x ' X . , if 'TE37' X ' W-.' -of X .b ' IDP' If X Frederick Alley Gerald Allman Mary Appel Howard J. Averbuch Treasurer l Q . T3 .6 ,Mfg v,.:i ,gw ,, Michael DW0l'klf1 Arnold M. Faliclc Fern Fishkind Arlene B. Gibbs President 'r.4:.,,Q l . yi so 2 s 6 A fl e, " , A as R -we 'Q ig? .., fa Jimm Heddle Gail Hochman Russell Hoffman lrva Honeyman Secretary ' i ' A ifrr 1 in 6 Elizabeth Pickman Ellen Robinson Sally Rogler Laurence Schluggel 96 Ivan S. Bloch Marion Gill Marianne Jamieson E. 4: AQ Harvey S. Shapiro 4' 5 .. 3 y 5 4,5 y E Ex. 1 Aaron Blumenfeld Marlene Gold in MN R.. 'CIW AL David I. Kaplan .I w. 5 Alvin I. Silverstein Helene Buchhalter '71 Sandra Goldberg uw Anthony Kellum Ronald Sima a Xt ,and 'G s . ' I' , f ' 5 ag x V I, A. TQ ' ' T " '45 1 J. , Q bku Gail Burkow Edward Cohon A"iI"U" Collins Vice-President Awaiting the closing moments of graduation, seniors of August, 1958, listen to the words of valedictorian Gail Burkow, as she ends her commencement speech with the class motto, "For what shall it profit man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"-Mark 8:36. 1' -A -of . Allan Gross ' 4' 1 b .e..,w"f" , if -fi A I I 'I A X 1 1 Benjamin S. Kravitz Donald MacDougaII Sybil J. Marks 2 1-'N ' '? J' if Russi W. Welch Anita L. Winstock Roberta Zwirn 97 r .dt Q fs r if? 1 Jerry Appel Marsha Allender 414' Ol MEF E - 5 W K ,V Edwin Barns Sandra Barshtz Ronald Bernstein Susan Bicoll Lo,-refa Blau anuarg racluafea 1959 ,gag -or-fvw 'R 'Hz' W'-9' l-0U'5 Braun Gloria Brenner Charles Brewer -fowl l Ph'l'P Chl-'UQ Anita Clark Donald L Cohen gfrii Sanford Ashmann William Ash Michael Balamut if Q 'VJ :T Az. 4 'un lk., - -4' Alan Bennett Phyllis Ber e Gerald Berlin E1 Gerald Blechman Ralph Blesma 1-x Sandra Bogorad KT' Lllllan Brown Janice Chess "WY David Cook John Crawford Q Riffs' Y 'BS' Earl Band Sn: , Sex In Jerrold Bernstein Irwin Bodansky Elizabeth Borger 'Vs Paul Chosld "' M Tw Patricia Deidrich '25 'C' l E' n u i A . k , , .2 Q in R 3 2 1 - 1, 9 S.- an N Q, W kg ' , I . ,, K 1 - . . , - T' 'H -rf 'sf . ' l . I A A 1. 9' or a 1 as Y 'V , Y I , 3 l 1 ' G ' , "" R A ,.,, ff :,, ri , , - ' --f "Z" X1 "" i " , A .,, ll H R, ' 1 f . fm 4 r ir: fr to 1 ' n 'X . ralr ff- .. L: My . 4 H , p i is X 4 A 1 1 lr -iglili, I -9-" Elaune Densen -qv-" Charles Domstem be Gladys Frank 414' we Phnlup Gatov '25 K sr:- Marilyn Goodman 5-C Mvchael Desmon Sandra Eastman Q4 Irwun Deutch T Harold Epstein 9 W-7' Marllyn Franklm Stewart Freeman Merle Gmsberg Gerald Gordan Barry Goudsmit L45 L-.Q 1 A WV Marllyn Dnamond Leslne Docks Jeffrey Erman 'X Carl Fruedlander js- 11 Anne Feldman Sandra Garber anuary ,-.wluafed 1959 Howard Grossman 1 'vm' L I1 Ol Judy Dubmsky 13 0 -5, Yr Sudney Feldman ss Elanne Garrnck 3-I 11 Susan Hammerstein John Haniian it if "ff 'O' E-v Q fa . X L Merle Heath Jean Henderson John Hernstat Michael Hirschelman Russell Horton Alan Hurwitz n vi 4 '4 6 5. is , X, is ' '. V 'mv : ' ,Y , 4 l W' Q 'F' F ' VF J '1'v'. 1 VZ - A , , 4 , ay N- r - 21" ' ' 4. '5?x?v. 'fl X ,' l , A L . I Y k ya l Q Vx ' E- F J F s Q ' F 'E A ' 'X hr 5 A 4 5 W X f XQX A A ' u 1' 'Q pi J H fr Q 'C , 3 df- .- sc: . J , Q5 l N' 1 F I F 4' A I Betty ldelsohn f.. Q' . S- - x U ' fy: f vi.- ,, N I I, " Y A' l Jeffrey Jackson fx Alex Kennedy ll was '1"""-rf W tr Fern LaPudes -PQ Calvin lssacs ...- "fl ' William Jackson Bette Klegon U W www of 'D 9, y Q wif 'X rg M X L ta L an E ki .s.. . W ' 'N- an QMYH in A1 Gary Jacobsen William Jacoby Qi, I '- Harry Kanter Paul Karr Nancy Koslow Phyllis Kozin 7 ' Ks 1 've RQ Resha Jaffin Lorraine Katcher Patricia Krakow 'Us 1 4' T .1 Damel Krause Grand finale of the Senior Var ety show helped ma k ihe en of fhe achvmes p ecedmg gradual on 99- me l if l ! ,. :., L sw Q Elliot Jackson -x 179- Rosalie Kaufman ES 9 Audrey Kramer pf 'Q-e Louise Kuhn xbs QFAK1 'S Walter Last Edna Latt Sylvia ee Don Leedle ROCl'16ll vi nf' 4,9 ffm 'HKS' Jerry Levine Su L fi' Q zanne evme Evelyn Levin Sheldon Levin Machael K e Leonard QW" levlff Susan Mandell Harold MBYQOIIS fa- James Megalllll li? N5 15""' LOIS Nachman 48. 53" Robert Rosman Q' Frances Rosen 1 Vlfglnla Patton H .p., Henry Marcus Sharon Mermell ,V Us RocheHe 5 Alan Rosner One 'AIG f- Marlene Markle 3' MIchael MIller Novak Sandra NucIan Arthur of the Frst act vItIes of the Janua y Steern C C? ab-' Paul Matof? Nancy Meclmgan Suzanne MedvIn ugt 1' Wllllam MIlIer JudIth MondshIne FranklIn Morandy fa IF If Q, OestreIch BrIan Paterson Nathan Rosenthal 1' V T' g ommt was tahulat on of the ballots f th o e r class otfce s JVRI4, 2 75. lfoxs QL? Wllllam Rosen Bette Rossen ii 3' if elene Pearlman GIlbert Perlman -I 4-'RF ,S W4 4 N Q Burton Roth B Sandra Sarko everly E Roth 'X O K ,N Q! we - M .- - ,, " sr cm Q I 5' ' I 6' fum' 'za ' K 4 1"' -J . 'N 1 " ' - 1 R' . I , I c Q ' f, x My L. . '24 ' ' - "'- -1' 'IA I ' P ' ' 4, 1- 3, .. H I fa, If ef, W -I 3' , v ' .Q as 71 V I it l ,K I I ' J ' ' Q li 3 K 'll tl"f'.uf,,Q Fx I - 1- f 6, Q. ' N ' Tl, tt I X aw v ,I , , 'Nc Lillie l is - l ' 4 ' he ' ' I . ' ,I 1 . . . . . ' X .I '- .I - . N 5 . I I r I I tee A Q . '-all A IN' '- - i ' f ' ' - . ' fs 5 -.. l 1 uv-Ox c I H , v 4- , i I V V ly R V fx Q if y AV 4 - L I N - ' eh h . - fx f . V Q, 5 X R Q, bv 4, - , li, . 'sl- IF I . f 1 E-f ' t x I , . I "1 Lynne Rader Ronald Rice Jay Richman H ga' 5 'K ,1 f-'git 'vi liz s- .' I f t - A A f , Robert Salloum Michael Samson William Sarnott in 5 R 4 wa w 'T Barbara Schare ' f 45? 1 I X f pam gl a. - 1, Barry Shapiro if f ew rf Leonard Somberg 'CY - ' aw" -s all Harriet Schon Q ,, any X ur-4 1 1 Gail Shapiro -1 7 ag: f 'X-fi: . Lawrence Schneider As if Marilynn Shear uary gI'aJlldf2J , 6" QM . Edward Sosnick Marian Soultanian 'N 3 v. A Ef, f , s- S 1? if Joshua Saslove pi 1- r. tr ,Y ia Errol Schubot W. A-.r L 5 A Linda Shubow If gp grw Barbara Spanier Frederick Steinhardt Robert Stillman Robert Taylor Stuart Velick ,QQ 'Ol H. l P HW 1 'Z Albert Sasson William Sellers IN v0zr A ,V . tv' X4 Z' W Judee Simon ff 1 L -'- l rl Q A 4 Roger Skully .u K , W' ii ,,l1'f,,x James Spaulding if tw' Thomas Vosic Erwin Waldman A 'Z 4, cv "t f' E, -0 g 4' -2 Sally Teitelbaum Paula Tendler Rosalind Tucker Dllane Walker Robefl Wallington Elaine Wechsler ? is 4 J -'T -' a 1.-ss A 'S ' 5 5- ' I , Z f X ,1 W . sf Xl , . i i G I r .. I , X . Richard zipper Bonnie Weiss Parker West Michael Weitzman James Willis we ' M 1: S ta: S? JY' t .:' Q fe- 'ig-"' ,us 1 i.x Rena Winter Annabel Zalc William Wolf George Woodmancy LYNN Wunlner Befh Yolles Barbara Young fi U5 .sg ... .,.q1 i ., y I if ,L ' . Evelyn Zdanowicz Elizabeth Zager Forlorn and forgotten? . . . Not Pat Krakow. Just tired after chasing her date around the gym at the annual Senior Sadie Hawkins Dance. 15 'hs ff' W5 MX G-""" aff' 'Nur Sally Teztelbaum Sandra Sarko Robert Rosman Phyllls Berke PY03ld0l'lI Vice Presndent Treasurer Secretary allllfll' O lCeI'5 Gettmg the January Sensor Class underway thus year was the task of the Senior Steering Committee led by Chairman Gulbert Pearlman The commuttee composed of twenty one sensors was chosen from mem bers of each study hall on the basus of thenr scholastuc achuevements extra curricular actlvltues and ablllty In organlzatlonal actlvutles Under the supervnsuon of Mr John McDand of the Mathematucs Depart ment and Mr Herbert Timmons of the Business Educatlon Department the committee organized class electuons and planned for the semesters actlvltles JANUARY 1959 SENIOR STEERING COMMITTEE Standmg R Seated R Leonard S Sarlro S Bncoll B Yolles W Muller Rosman H Kanter Mr Herbert Tnmmons Csponsorl Mr John Pearlman V Patton P Deldrnch S Eastman P Krakow McDaud Csponsorl F Stennhardt Gendler Around table L Borger S Bogorad A Zalc S Teltelbaum i .45 'K sw ,.,.,.,, ,M I.,s. as , 5 sz 4193 L42 ailefifr -' ig , I I I :fi l l 104 - Q f""'S A Q Ne...-f nu-19m-uh Seated nn front of table left to rnght C Wetsman B Kohen M Arkun M Klunover Standmg Mr Herbert Tnmmons CSemor advusorj A Ruch Seated around table E Braver P Renter A Sugar G ardson H Fruedman Mr John McDald QSemor advnsorl Chucorel S Dworm M Llpson Cchanrmanl N Harley A lille LC2I'5 Davld Shevntz Presldent r 2 Leadung another class unto full swung for thenr last term at Mumford was the Sensor Steermg Commnttee of June 1959 Headed by Chatrman Marty Lnpson the commuttee of twenty members planned for the year s first event the electron of omcers for the largest class nn Mumford s hlstory Sponsored by Mr Herbert Tummons and Mr John McDald the Steermg Commnttee was dusbanded as the newly elected officers took over theur posmons Howard Fruedman Marne Scruggs Vnce Presldent Secretary if Sanford Fankel Treasurer ar ' J ., A 1 47: " 1 A . I 1 4 fl . .. -r 1 ' 1 ,. x . r X A 'S A . s I Y . . Vs' 1 , L A 1 v ' , ' : . , . , . ', . . Weiss. ' : . ' ' ' , . ' - : . , . ' , . , . , . ' I - l I l f I I a .I 4 . D , a , 1 I , . . . , I . . , . , . . . , 'F Q N . I x w. 'N KL Lydia Aaron Lmda Alpert 'DD 33 Willie Arnold gp W lx sd - B w-mr, will Fred Adelberg +9 ""-nun Marvin Alpmer gi' rrp' Jerry Aronofl Samuel Adelson Elinor Altschuler fi Gaul August Mariorie Albright Timothy Anton bk? i Robert August Seniors smile boldly lust before a long drive down a toboggan slide at Echo Valley X. ,Q it Marilyn Alenco Robert Aptekar Harriet Averbuch i i5 my 5 A A we Fred Alpert J 'ZS' Marilynn Arkln Robert Balansofl uv' "" '-Auf' 'uni' wr'-if Mary Balfour Frederick Band Judith Band Mel Barclay dl' Shirley Batchko Claude Beach Sharon Bean Mayvin Beckman William Barns ' Fred Baskin Joan Behrend Iris Belkin W 'ii' 0 A A B t p - ' Ag nl X - -Q' . 0 . ,Q ef' . .J Q " my Q If IIA, V, T-A Ii n EQ! 3 H 4' '-., 1 ..,' f' Xia' , Ar , Y I L rx s Q y A , v f 4. l 'Wifi ., ' '23 'll - ' A I I sive ly 'Y 19' Judy Belsky Muchael Benedelc Frederick Benlamm C38 Laurence Beresh Y-1' Robert Bernard Robert Bmder !""' '8 9 'fr Susan Blondy X Brenda Berg 'Ia rw v 4? Fred Berkly 3' Larry Bernstein Sandra Beron Larry Bengamm Lmda Berkower Q Donald Beser X -'L' Lloyd Benlamm T' juni Carolyn Berman Jerry Beznos Susan Bennett if Rosanne Berman Lnnda Buelfleld Wheeeeel t W Russell Bannon Clnfford Bnrd 51 2: 2 :i --f ef- Q9 Allen Blatt Jeffrey Blatt Edward Blnzmck Sharon Bloom Stephen Bodzm Phnlnp Borden Denms Borg Melvyn Bonn Cheryl Bornstem GN., 'Q 1 7-qv Sydelle Brand is ...M Rhoda Bornsteun Slit' nu- Gerald Brauer -:all Gnlbert Brudges Stuart Brodsky skits an Vuctor Borowsky Anuta Bostrom Lawrence Braunsteln N 40 Marshall Braunstem wr 353 'S-Y agar' Carl Botvlmck Ins Botwm if va Eda Braver Judy Brenner QQ' Robert Brokenshnre Larry Brook Paul Brookenthal Abby Brown une racluafed I959 Andrea Burduck 2 'TT' Barbara Burston RK 'Ib if Seymour Burg Arlene Burk Barbara Burk 4--. ld Adele Bussell Charles Byrd Andrew Camden al Barbara Bursteln Gall Cameron 'PCS 'I 7 Harold Burstem ew Q' Q' 'wa-Q, rs. Y C., Gloria Caplan fly. I t ,, 1 B t la 45 'Z up .V C ' . ' zii B 5 V My llll 13 '15 A A ' ' yn au 'lin J "" A 4 .Zi .A 1 A ,, v Xl A " 'v:, t I I A 5 Q3 f"fff . 6-it an U xx ex A it . L 5 J B ax -f M :fa ' N, 2 -rr, C' :fa B 'Z B - f A 4 A Af" 1 U? l 'Mit Jw 3 6 0 XV G, Ss, si 1 'I' Q 0 mm. lfx ,pl ,..-J Bruce Carmck Shurley Chattman 3 F Juduth Cohen Sher: Colen Yi L-Q Josette Cash CQV J' ul Harvey Chayet Judy Cohen Jannce Colman ab I Judith Davls Lorenzo Davus l Doreen Casman e4 Gaul Chncorel Larry Cohen J ZZ Janet Cooper Ronald Demeter Judnth Castleman ,Q 64 Richard Citron CS' Rochelle Cohen Margaret Chapman Robert Cobb Q:-' Sheldon Cohen Lille fadluatecf 41, Frances Cooperman Michael Cuttler Araxne Demnrpan Lots Desow Marshall Charlrp Q, Gall Cohen Walter Coleman ,nv Donald Davls Kathlyn Deutch .wg 'Q 2 , ' 15' . cj ? D , 'fi 'J7 A I R rl cz .. ' -3 C4 C J f x .5 " - ' 7 M -sr '- x J 'fi .J K. ' 'Q ' lm!-.1 XXV K . N , J fy, - it sig ,M 1 3 A F wa , -' A Q'-'Y :h x Y ii 'le ' 4 l - Q X ll - 'J ra 3 .5 Q ' sz. f' , -is J 1 45- Elaine Dobrusin Susan Dovitz 3 .Q-as Q , ear -1 GRA Stephen Dvorin Robert Dworman Y-so George Elkm 3 5 Susan Elkm Gladys Dozier Beverly Ehrlich Anna Drake al" Maxine Drexler or-O" fi Linda Eisenberg David Elazaf Pleased w th the prospect of sporting one of the tracl tional Mumford cap and gown ensembles seniors want their turn to b measured for graduation garb Lida Epstein Jeffrey Ericson auf' -Q Marlene Feinstein Sharon Feldman Sheldon Feldman Stuart Feldman Sharon Ezrach Richard Fields 17 . 'i ' 'ST Howard Droz wt, LN . v3 5 Nancy Elias Russell Facnone -.Q Alicia Fine L 4 .if W R a ia . f 1 ' 6 x I ' f ' ., if .za K' Q Q ' -qu. Q 7 'P' Arnold Fink Herschel Fink Sanford Finkel Patricia Fisher Rochelle Fleischer Thomas Fleischer . fx . '3- XV' J -I 'T Marilyn Forman Marshall Forstot Jerome Frankel Stanley Frankel Leonard Franklin Barbara Freedman Seniors mark an X for the officers they believe best suited to lead their class. ' A 'Q ,, x Q3 . f Y , f ui L ' 7 f F 4 Q x ' re- 'J 'ff 5 " Paul Freeman Cliliord Fried David Fried Howard Friedman Lee Friedman Milton Friedman Phyllis Friedman Rayma Fuller Nelson Gantz Ng,-een Gangz Gilbert Getz Gerald Gelfand was 12219 "Tr K 1 . 'Numero' l Gary Gilbar Steve Gilbar Leonard Gilman David Gimbel ks an Q Iwalvgyl' mx 1""'v AI I G ld Barbara Goldberg Janice Glnckman Kenneth Glinter Wi ma o 14' Q' 'av Richard Golden Jack Goldenberg Dianne Goldfarb Allan Goldline une flldllllleci K Laurel Goldman Miriam Goldman Nancy Goldman Jonathan Goldsmith QQ X .J l G ld t Stuart Goldstein Riva Goodis Danny Goodman James Mevyn o sem Sharon Ginsberg Cindy Gittleman FQ if Edward Goldberg Frederick Goldberg Anita Goldman Jacqueline Goldman ""? sd' Beverly Goldstein Irma Goldstein sul' Goodman Margaret Goodman EM A ,l . 1' 'at g yr 5. ref, fi yfv ' 5 """'! xv, L V "'l" A. X l x 1' 1 ., -Q. 3 A ,. i ..-.v,.l. V " nr I A -ti 6 S A , rr S X 8 x y g i ' fs.. .1 'ff Patrlcla Goodman Faye Gooze ,at .QQ Charles Gottlneb Irene Graff 0 Win Aaron Goren Joanne Grant 12' Joyce Greenberg Judnth Greenberg James Greene --ar Q" A Stuart Gorman Frances Green Clsfford Greenluck Harruet Gross Lmda Gottfned Susan Gottfurcht Bella Greenbaum Harruett Greenbaum Marilyn Grossman lille falludted sf' Maxme Hardlman Nucene Grossman Ronald Grossmann Patrlcla Gunn Allan Gurvutz Madonnah Hannes 5 wa' 5 Marvnn Hayman d H l Lawrence Harwm Barbara Harwoods Ronald Hasso Richard Hare Ne ar ey S 12 " x 1: wb -'J ' ' ' Q G? YK J j Wife J P ' Xl f L I I? K? X 3 '. J it ,Q Z in Y - - -if f Q I 4 I K A -A-- ., . Xffllffm A J J - LBJ' ' fi I J 4 " can R ' 'S Ti? - 4. - . . . . 3 O 5. H 4 .' 4- Q 'J .v J " M a' 3 40-2 r...aA sw A Mary Heavenrlch or Steve Hoffman Elame Hyman Zh SJ Dons Jacobs 1 14 4 4 Muchael Jaffe David Heulbrun 9 1 John Holcomb 1? T! wi' John Irvnne 14" Florence Heinemann Paul Helman Helene Hoptman Muchaelyn Jackel une racluafea 1959 'nd Erma Jacobs -P? ' 'F 3 Howard Jaflee Hannah Jacobs J 4 -5' Marianne Jaye Lawrence Horowutz ,,.A Pairncua Hober' Carole Horwutz 3 Nancy Hoflman fa Mary Hrabar xp: Janet Jackson John Jacob Charles Jacobowutz 'Q' siwuj if Q 1 if ...z Q Marshall Jacobs Robert Jacobs ef, Y Duane Jeremnas Frederick Johnson 'T Susan Jacobs Frederlcka Johnson 5 x R' 3 K J l ""5. 5 4, la . , Q I A , Am15fQ y If 1 A I QE , W VMQ H ' of W A :,v' ad I .... ll -gg: C T3 5 J J ..,., 5 M J 6, Q. - I 5 5 M 7 ' ,, .. lk F" N 1 7 at ' fa J -' it I I i ' qvfv is Carletta Jones Gertrude Jones Robert Jones 5 Melvyn Kahldon Karen Kahn Lons Kahrnolt 2 Marcna Kanarek ' Gregory Karns 67- Malcolm Katz Betsy Kanter wr-'Y Charna Kass Marsha Kanter Q--7.7 George Kates Annette Kaufman Davud Kaufman if Judith Joseph Jay Kadashaw 4 G ar! tv' Joy Kalnfey Steven Kalt 1 1 Bruce Kaplan Juduth Kaplan une PLZJMGKQ5 ,..-gh Esther Katz Amta Katz -ai Bruce Kelden Judlth Keller Irene Kagan Francnne Kamm Lana Karbel Judith Katz Sharon Keller 4 , 1-p 2 fc M P K ... A , PF N K 3' . my K x 0 0 W3 , W -.1 ts, - , N fu in. gn -W +3 iw' - -1-we .J " ff, ,M Q1 9 Ruth Kellman Joan Klein EQ? A it 0-'11 Alan Kogan Jeff Kovan Lenore Kravitz Y " wx! V Dorien Kelman 'IU Sanford Klein 'F 1 ,eva Andrew Kohen J 'gk Michael Kelton . -1-nav' if David Kersh Brenda Klempner Silvia Koplowicz une mluafed 1959 Philip Kraft is .X in Carol Kramer 'if Flora Krell Gayle Krowntz Elaine Kline ai Elaine Korchak '75 Melvyn Kramer D 1 -Y-'lv Neal Kruman A is. 55 5 A M ri! 'Q' Q 'T' 'QJVR x N.: Leslie Keywell Carl Kiehler mv, 5 Madelon Klunover Mildred Knowles .X ca A x N N- L Jay Korelitz Glenda Korn F' , David Tannenbaum Edward Krass ,gl ff we Marcia Krupp Wallace Krywko Mary Kahn i Sharalyn Lambert Irene Left Andrea Levm f '15 'S "' Q-J 4 fm Gary Kukes Muchael Kukes Mlchael Kurland Gary Kushner 5 7-vu Jerry Kutnnck ANY: A 5 Gordon Larsen 'hu Jeffrey Lenb 'S BJ' Carol Levm Peter Larson 7 2 Elame Lepler 52' Marilyn Levm Sharon Levune Gerald Levmson Judy Levmson Ron Layne Sanford Layne Arlene Leder J Brlan Letvnn Lester Levere Ruth Levnant une mffluafea 1959 i is-ni Arthur Levine Estelle Levine Lawrence Levme af- 1 1 04, Phnllnp Levy Mary Lewun Paul Llchfer 5 Q . at A i 4 ' N - J A Q A as .33 3 A N 4 ' A :L - ' L fa' ' so I! 'tj U 'Q l ' 1? " A 1' x 4 1-an X. ? 5 x ii A A R L 2 la Allan Linder 'IV Connie Lipton 2 at Patricia Loewy Sheila Linsky Q , 3 L F ...'?.'.f James Lipton is 1' ,, , -6 'll Allen Lorenz 5' Barbara Mann Barbara Matler I 2 -'x-hail 5 O 'F' Philip Marblestone p ca 3 I f Robert Matthews rc 4 L x I? A Daniel Lipshutz Roberta Lipton - -if 1 . 1 5 r haf .-ag, L Tk Edward Lumberg the results are nz 'lt A -1' '-' il Stephen Mark 'X Robert Maxtield Mildred Lipschutz I we 1' R 1 4 X xv . Thomas Lipton -of 1-3-v 9 Sandra Lyytikainen inl Elinor Marks ,ai 5'4" lb ' 'Sf' K' , an 41 1- Leon Lipshaw Linda Lite Q 'Q' 'ZF' Alan Magid Elizabeth Marks ft Q ,K is' -43 Martin Lipson 3- NJ Maxwell Litt Ethel Mandell Ernestine Martin ffx 'Ie lr .. Alan May Ira May: Caroline Mayer an 8 as A .. in A A A i B L Fred Maysels Richard McBurrows Bruce McCrea Sheila Meizler a :J Leslie Menuck Ellen Merkle Barbara Merson Reginald Metoyer 'B Q M 2 5 J 1, if RTS' X X J. .--:: ja gr Arlene Miller Brenda Miller David Miller Elilabeth Miller Seniors wait patiently in line before "Mumford Moms" to pay for the long-awaited Washington trip. 1 L, h. , V .va A A l lb ' A M I Y' "R -2' A.. Joan Miller John Miller Richard Miiler Sandra Miller fv- jh- ' Fred Melamed Q. :L , sa' Lawrence Meyers is K' i5 f Harold Miller Doris Menk was Linda Milan Harriet Miller Toba Minus Rita Mitteldorf A mi ,. Sharon Mitteldorf Judith Moglovkin Patricia Mohr Beverly Moore Ronald Morrison Debby Mosher - QW '11 "Pa-, Ar Douglas Moss Gloria M055 .3 5' Mark Nakell 3 16 as Armour Norrus 'Q' Madelene Pacernnck Z Sandra Plzer QV Lawrence Nathan 40 www --1 Terry Mossman fs Bylauna Nelson il -wer' Jerry Nosanchuk Shnrley Novetsky une racluafed 1959 'Bm' in Denms Pad Z :enfa- Cafhle Plan wi' Q QA. it Wxlluam Panzer Glorna Platt Annelfa Muller 'HA' 67 Joel Nelson 41-'9 , Allen Oboler will Stephen Paull 4 1 x eff Ellen Plofnlk vi!! E will -f Louls Myers Ronna Naumark 11' ak Wendy Newman Robert Nlskar 25 fihibg .-1' .6 HNF Maurece Opperer John Owen I Lunda Perlus Deana Pholslos 94 Myra Polaroff Barbara Polasky ,.,'l 3 N N A M 'F' A 2 W 3 ,, qlu., Q 'Q I 63, K M ddr l 5 1 l li I L M Z ' ' gr.. l .'l' .. M M ' 2 2- N Q 'f . b Y .. 1 ' up rg ,.,,, X .1 Nt, J 4 A Q ,- I A , I' A . if vb' , E lg. A ,-,.' 5? Q B 7 ix r 'ao I Y I 5 Muchael Pollack ft Q..- Jamce Pollshn Caryl Prulan Gregory Pullnan -3' Allce Ray Linda Relstman '-1 Adnenne Pomerantz if Pamela Purslow 'Q Paincua Renter .al-6 Q x Q. tj, AVA Gary Rnchmond Carolyn Ridge Richard Ruegel 1-1 Ann Rogun Rosalmd Rom Barbara Rose gi Q Sanford Pomerantz Rosalmd Radun Arnold Reymer Rhoda Pregerson ,-as V""i' Mnchael Radner Duane Ruch une fadlldfezi Carole Rlvkun Robert Rose 'Sr X Carole Robuner Sandra Rose Glorna Price ' 'K Barry Rankm :lv G Alan Rnchardson Duane Rogers E7 Sharon Rose L, if-. li r J .5 ff, , K4 W? A K 'lil C fl -1- , A , Q p or ' -Ns S C Q ix r W f vi 4- 1' 2 I , 'T "f 1 ' 'sa 8 9 - I , Q Q Q-. I in .. V V V5 N. Q 3 C A. -fd Q eff C 4 E3 - l C L , 'vm , G '94 5 5 -n Q - C, ' ' ' -an J- 59 f v ?tsw is 3 IQ-y . dz, 'R ' 5 'Ss Diane Rosen Fred Rosen Kenneth Rosen Robert Rosen in ' 9 y at Q 9 -an XT ne I Sheldon Rosenbloom Larry Rosenthal Arlene Rosner Manley Ross Beth Rosenberg Beverly Roth bp 5 5 6' at , -lu , ig . Q 4 -sr "' -2 ...L ,P A Barbara Rothstein David Rottenberg Saul Rubenstein George Rubin Harvey Rubin Seniors stop while in 'N Washington to pay tribute the soldiers who fou Q' at Iwo Jima. az -3 Q fm A ,sg lm ,, . 1 A : "::r- Linda Rubenstein Steve Rubinstein Robert Ruskin Harvey Sabbota William Salter lg... us. f ' ""' 7 'lvl K wir: 4 R ert t R is 3, .Q V L Q ,,.--f.' f ' 'Q-.L 777' I "" ' ' JA L L -1 . Marshall Saltzman Michael Sampson Jay Sand David Sandler Ginger -'fi Phillip Rosenbloom ,Nm K. was ty: s, 4. KAN- L,-Jes wr? Ada Rothenberg Q. 53 QQ t Lillian Rubinstein ff f. -as 4 W' L Sharon Salinger Lynne Saperstein f Arlene Schlafer Ilka Schmitz 5 3 J Sify Carol Schwartz Lawrence Shatkind '2 . x -8 David Shevntz Henry Shevitz Debbie Shuster Jessie Shwayder Karen Schneider Marie Scruggs 4 Bruce Scholnick Nancy Schroeder Nancy Schulman '57 Gloria Seeman Benson Selitsky James Serwer .1 ' Z 1 -sae 'Q -' 'Q' Peter Shapiro Linda Shaw Beverly Sher Alan Sherman Touring the city, seniors view the Lincoln Memorial , 49 3 , is v-C A If , it -4 X. V? t A Melvyn Shewach 5- 'Q' --P A Norman Shy Allen Shifman Nancy Shulman Jay Shumaker or if-' -6- Susan Siegel Paulo Silva Johanna Silver ,G Q 4 Q ' A . Paul Silver Carol Singer 'Qi Sally Smithelmer Ellen Spector Sandye Starman res di Myrna Silverfarb Margaret Silverman 3 :,,E Larry Smuk Robert Slatkm 'X S '--nr .P"' Ray Sneider Richard Snyder une mduafer 1959 Ronald Spector Sandra Sperling W-+1 Gerald Starr Jerold Starr Larry Simmer Vivian Smargon I3 'Vu 6 ,. Q Q ly 5 .. 3 Elwood Simon rx! or Dennis Smirnow is . .,,. if , 'Q' Stuart Sinai lssn 'S' Robert Smith vm. vs i. Sandra Soltin Esther Sokolov Letty Southard 5, 'E Marcia Spevakow Joseph Stamell 'G , A Jerome Starr Ronald Stearn at li Barry Springel 11" 'eff Edward Stern 55 45' -3 "' A 1 - 4 . , y X ':-:j M 63' i -,- ' O- l , tr at I: E A Sf." W 6 N l ' ,4 '3 S 3 J -v if V it . .25 x D fj X fx E M N... I 4 'G ,..: 5 'zlviv l E " i il Sr R F Q at 'TJ W M ES 2 ' Y -wa T, 'C't Rosalie Stein 1 Beth Stern Ca'- 4.. Elaine Stocker .Zi Jerry Susman Kenneth Tartoff Sue Stein 'O - 'V if ,-Q, - Q -15. Q. ' x -F .. F17- Larry Steinberg Louis Steinberg R- -A Eleanor Stern Joel Stern Paul Stern Florene Stuart Arlvne Sugar Rochelle Swarm Linda Taylor QM Richard Sweet 0' 'ins Donna Teache Elaine Surowntz lille I' Susan Symez Ted Steinberg Judith Sternberg tug, Marvin Surowntz .wluafw 1959 'Sl Allen Tann 0-Q Aviva Tharch Barbara Thompson -hy' Q3-r -r Ronald Stephens ,Q ar n v"1 Stephen Stevens Sharon Surowitz .aff Arthur Tarnow Jeffrey Tugay ei X ,Q A 4 E fR'f',, ... ' :7 :Q tl h. , ' 4-.. . ' 'a an 5 M 5, i .3 A .. - 9 1 ' at '1 . - ik 'gy x 'l A . A , F' it I ' tg L l A lf V tl 4: A I is llene Tobisman Q ,ai 'R i Larry Urevig Q-up i' :Y 'F . Qu K' er I 5 x ,, lib. Harold Toppel Alvin Toren 'CF u--3 Leslie Victor Leon Waldman nl. ,No Yes? Richard Weinberg Ruth Weinberger Howard Weindling Mi Bonnie Weinstein HQ 'O Barbara Weiss ,si -if -cs' Elaine Weinstein Michael Weinstein .41 Q as Sander Weiss Monica WGS? . 'T Pg 13 . i L, - 1 fi William Trammell -,..,.- Robert Wa nd ruff Doreen Weiner he auditorium si- lenced, seniors take their seats for commencement exerc'ses f Sharon Weinstein Carol Wetsman Elma Trent Lillian Wasserman "N Us ff Suzanne Weiner S3 Judith Weisman 'Un 'Cl 'f3r Emilye Wexler Judith Tucker A Zi if 1 Berta Weinberg Sandee Weingarden Barbara Weiss Elaine White Eleanor White Q of Jack Williams it Q ip RE, David Winger Nina Woolf Hanley Yorke Q 9 X Margaret Zeiger James Zrimec Joel White Joanne Whitworth Stuart Willner Peggy Wise As the last day of the four X years comes to a close, seniors listen attentively to the school choir as it sings them a final tribute. Mary Young s.-0 i 1 Gerald Wigod Thomas Wikle xt ea Charlotte Wilson Henry Wineman xi X 'JA r I . Z Y Marilyn Wolfe Marcia Wolfgang Constance Williams Sharyanne Winer M wr D ,""'fu' Barry Wolman 3 5 7 lg lx Ronald Yourofsky Jerry Zalc 3, v Q9 -J i 9 r9,qgffnJL , Robert Zwerdling David Rose Stephen Schlesinger Danielle Zef? l W, w-wfjn:,+gz5.Lnz2?w?i :H 4 .3 1' fa we cwluerfirierd in Best Wishes To The 1959 Graduates M MHIRD PAR TS MAX THE ROAD XHEAD BE ONE OF HEALTH HXPPINESS AND GREAT AFCONIPLISHMENT 130 E IIlB MEMO funn 19174 LIVERNOIS af A I 'NN fffwm, I .li- Q I S MQ, J! H0 Dalfon Classucs are flwe gems of a cashmere coilechon Wufh qualufy Hue Keynofe fhese superb iwm sefs are famed for rhenr bassc beaufy and wear everywhere affrnbufes Of IOOWO pure umporfed cashmere mehculously full fashnoned ihey are ihe mos? beauhful requnremenf of your casual wardrobe And you can march fhem wnfh Dal+on s slum slurf and sullm shnrr g"-.s 1 All Daffon Caxhmeres and Slulrx are durably moihproofed IUHUUHUISUH North of 7 Mile 5. X1 ,A A -' ' e f "N f -r' Q by P" , 'wb , X-vi., ,. 4 ,wf,,,.' ' ' RQ, 'Y' X' few wg, ,,, ., -' X :Q 1 .I X ggi, ' .' 'fr N X, ' I X 5 Q:- . .,.. K P: f Y-5 V r - ! , .....- 1 3 4,.. Q L , . .: , K x -.x 'X 1,1 ji .V . N. M L Y , ' j gg Q- K- IA---.:E:6:E:E,jg55::::14- , - , ' I Vw" 'asi,g1i?Z1:5"'4 , , in ,. , X 2 it N ' lj Q if 2 uqbl T13 i ' 5 ' 21 I . ks . ' XX ' ' my --1 -ff: 5 . . . . . . . 2 fx: 3 'Q NJ . , --ff Spar-n 14 714 710 PID D g d AR y Wld h R OAK LE 3 BEAUTY SALON 01 X111 mq 12924 W SEVEN MILE UNIVERSITY 1 0339 UNIVERSITY 4 9797 NEST IN SWEATERS 16313113 fashions for every occasion MARGI FR ZEL 19390 L1verno1s Dlamgnd 1 4000 132 curry outs llllPl.llN S for cnrnecl beef 7 Male and Meyers UN. 4 9605 P 9 9 9 an , :- W CD Q1 , Aw I 1 -' Q- 1 53 41 1 rt g Qc: 1 O .V x Row 1: Marshall Korby, onald Freed, Irvin Wainer, Sanfor Ashmann, l osner, Ron Meyers, Barr Riklin. Row 2: Barry Rope ftreasurerj, Marshall Wolfe Cchaplainj, Harvey Sabbofa Isergeanf-af-armsj, Art Levine lvice- presidenlj, Fred Kamienny Cpresidenlj, Irwin a man Iediforl, Bob Ross Qsergeanf-af-arms1. Row 3: Bruce Sapersfein, Michael Freedman, Marshall Sallzman, .lerry Zalc, Arni Zalesin, Mars all obbins fadvisorl. - BP - .1 rl H 1 1 F I I O WALSH STUDENTS SPECIALIZE in the study of Accountancy and Finan- ied for the past thirty-seven years. Day, cial Administration to move forward evening, or Saturday classes will begin in business. Study at Walsh where September 14, 1959. Registration for Michigan certit1ed public accountants, Fall classes begins August 3, 1959. auditors financial executives and suc- Free placement assistance to students cessful business proprietors have stud and graduates WALSH INSTITUTE CCOUNTANCY A Non Profit Coeducatlonal School of Accountancy and Financial Administration 120 MADISON AVENUE DETROIT 26 MICII Telephone W0 I 5136 Congratulations and Best Wishes .Q-ZYWM 42' A l3UU3W 'R DETRUITBS MICH 3 23 3 233 WOMEN S AND TEENS FOOTWEAR 19155 Luvernous 19163 Livernous UNiversuty 3 7389 Prckfords STAR LITE GRILL tuxedo rentals for all occasions Good Foool 18315 Wyo g D tof21 M ch 18243 Wyoming 2 981 l 5 XMI! an man loma knitting mills IB f .SEE f mumford school award sweaters I cl made to order um vmsirv 2 9859 ie249 wvom 17365 WY0m'U9 4 0996 A word to Delame Jewelry Company the WISG eodgodty o. Obettershool WHOLESALE Jswmns 3 'SERS 'L 1. "2L"'2' e,. READING IMPROVEMENT sal " I575O Livernois l2OO Metropolitan g CENTER 7403 West Se e Mle load UN I 440I D I 5 W 25011 2' M 133 I 1 r I ' ' I 8 E.z.DEMc1T1' PHARMA IST -zvm MWLE , . UN. - - - 1 I I ' I ll ll min eli , i . I ' I ' I . . . . .1 .51 - 5 az n-:1 f- Ol cuz. ' ltuzicuia ' - .NG ' UN- - Ii g l 1,1 o o I ' Enter I in n sud habits meon E N c work r re are i n ' X A r re roi n r oll .V . at , iQ v n i , . - I' O . - Defroil , ithigull I melettw K K g 'CTI rv 'A .av C X Row 1 Judy Katz Beverly Roth Susan Werner Audrey Nafhanson Rouse Beckerman Mrchaelyn Jackel Row 2 Georgene Levm Susan Jacobs Carol Wersman Johanna Salver Judy Cohen Susan Kung Nancy Schulman Row 3 Helena Lofman Marulyn Lucas lsergeanlalarrnsl Glorra Moss Krecordrng secrelaryl Sandy Beron fpresudenfl Arlme Sugar lvnce presldentl Llnda Lute Ccorrespondung secrefaryl Barbara Vlcfor Ctreasurerl Row 4 Shlrley Novelslxy Czndy Schlfl Mnrram Kahldon Glorna Shapnro Susan Blcndy Barbara Bursion Faygabefh Allas Jane? Cooper Renee Newman 14lJol on KK? ,gmt Row 'I Denah Schuman Judy Shapiro Karen Rogers Judy Mandell CMIT mofherl Mlclu Sherman Ladvrsorl Bunny Robbms Qrecordung secretaryl Joyce Knoppow Row 2 Pam Sherman Carol Lenderman Carol Kogan lvnce presldentj Shelly Cuiler Cpresudenll Charna Nor Laurre Lmlon Suzie Atluns Donna Malls Carol Brooks man Cfreasurerl Jaclue Erlrck Ccorrespondmg secretaryl Ins Selrgman Francue Ensler Nancy Dunlfz af mum m!,fd 1 Q :Wan 7mm Robert Slafkin fdward Smmck bouglaa Mau fr-mn beutcl: gerald Ke:-lm ?red Stefnhardt flwovd Slmon Kobe:-t Rowman michael lfukea john levy gary Qlbar Steve Qlbar mm, ml. f -f 11 .. l -Q7 jmeplc Stammell 6 91' as 135 D N mln r ssmnn l Z-, P' I asp :df q ara Wee kesedenf Sh lg Ckaffman WQQSUFQF que urau iz Pqsl v-gyvdcnf Rosalmd Qom reSndenf xy mdq efs nan RQCOPAIJ QF ia U gefsw P d s f lwrl TM fqf1SH.,fm1 Q SSG .-.nas ULN Lthr If Q Wash Your Car at JAX KAR WASH 6 Pull, gow tibrwe xg A Clean Car Rldes Better HMS WYOMING 6 Mnle and Meyers Road Open Dally 8 am 12 Mldmght Sunday 8 am 8 pm Instructions In Ballroom Dancing Co,-ne!! lbanfe .SEMI IBO49 WYOMING UN 29572 UN 47853 DIXFIELD UPER MARKETS u ' ' - n N ' Q, io ww 8 L. 1 co' jl'L7lJJOllL5 EPAC'ai0JJ0l1 "your office boy" I8277 Wyoming Avenue UN. 4-296l Your Headquarfers for School Supplies I809I Wyoming Avenue UNiversiI'y 4-5446 Mqurice For Your Convenience Open ai 7:30 a.m. fashions for fhe junior miss REPAIRING IF S BANGED UP WE LL FIX IT HIIRBACHS GARAGE BUMPING PAINTING ALL KINDS OF COLLISION WORK GENERAL REPAIRING FREE ESTIMATES UNIVSFSILY 4 9860 UNIVGFSITY 'I 0076 17392 Wyom1ng Ave uN1vers11y 1 4562 Dem" 2' Mm" 4 URI IS mon MARKET RUYAI-CRAFT I8I20 L1verno1s BICYCLE 81 HOBBY SHOP UN 4 7656 4124 3 138 - IT! I 9 L L UN' 4'326L 12721 Seven Mile - West of Meyers f 1-A 1 X ' 'lll:l.l?l I V. I I - 10 . ' -u3wvv""""' Today s graduates are entering an excltnng new era where they wull luve better electncally ln every way at home at work or at play For example If you choose marrlage you can enjoy an all electrlc home Included wlll be electrlc heat wlll be the ultimate un modern Iuvlng comfort and convenience Or If you go Into business efflclent electrically operated machlnes will assist you In getting the job done swiftly and easily again an Illustration of the versatlllty and dependability of electrlclty Or uf you go on to college perhaps you wull become one of the sclentusts or technicians who help further mold the all electric world of the future No matter whlch path you may choose electrlclty wall be there to lighten your load brighten your way help you Ilve better electrucally senvzs sour:-4eAsTERN Mlcnlcm 139 , an W 1 Q 4 A r . I I - I K I 1 4 ,.. . ' I . . - . I I . - I . . I bullt-In electric range and refrigerator and a host of time-saving. economical electric appluances, They Y I THE ISCUUNTS ---i Row 1 Paul Llchter Carl Botvunnck Marshall Charlup Joel Schechter Kadvusorl Row 2 Allan Gurvnz Jerry Bloomburg Tom Segall Arnie Funk Bob Aplelcar Row3 Rucky Sweet Allan Kogan James E Lupton Leon Waldman Thomas H llpfon H John Jacobs 140 br K Kenedrct gla er HYJ4 710 382 np H66 Row l Ron Layne Roberi Cobb Eddy Rodd Gordon Davis Barry Cohen Gary Roth Ronny Alderman Lee Friedman Bob Nislxar Hershel Kashdan Row 2 Cal Isaacs Gary Richmond Ceditorl Leonard Franklin fsergeantaf armsl Raymond B Snender lchap lalnl Sieve Dvorln Cpresndentj Dave Miller Ureasurerj Mitchell P Scheinlxer Cvice presidentj Rick Lushg Ccor responding secreiaryj Ray Kalef Cadvisorl Jerry Isaacs Row 3 Roberl Augus? Richard Felch Harvey Franklnn Sandy Klein Stephen L Schlesinger Harvey Rubin Sam Young Carl Kahn Marshall Jacobs Ernie Hari Phil Levy Larry Sllels enel-al maui-:ce Ro e 14 714 710 656 Row l: Gary Kushner, Alton Lazar, Larry Kafkowsky, Alan Magid, Stuart Cohen, Norman Miller, Paul Pesick. Row 2: Norman Ross fcorresponding secrefaryl, Bob Dworman fchaplainj, Shel Feldman lvice-presidenfl, Roberf EPSYCUW lpfeildenll, 57919 JCNOR lf6C0fdlf19 SOCYHBYYJ, Bob Bernard Cpledge masferl, Marty Levin Kfreasurerl. Row 3: Brian Lefvin, Jef? Blarf, Phil Borden, Bill Barris, Phil Ober, Larry Bernstein, Jerry Weingarien, Barry Springel, Dave Perlin. KARP DRUG CO. IO848 W.7MiIe Road Defr' 'chi Row 1 Nelson Farran ladvnsorl Muke Cuhler fvnce presldenil .I L Wedner Denms Pad Davud Kersh lpresldenil Don Bansh Ed Goldberg JI SIIL and B013 g if LfCAQIfl clfauc Sty L4 1 LHINILSE FOOD Open Every Day Carry Ouf Service nw 7 ,Me Rd 19118 LIVERNOIS AVENUE DIAMOND 1 8410 17600 WYOMING AVENUE UNIVERSITY 3 7966 l XII PI 'III I UPPDSIIC Mumford Hugh 2 I I I I II ' 'I S' W" II'I" II" "I 22106 coouoee HIGHWAY LINCOLN eases Nuullnu I formr nf 'Vlqver Raul ef9Mlle Rd 142 o u I 2 I , M n g a n . V X . K -D Y 4 .2 'Nr 5 :S 1 I E 5 .. 9 ' f Row 2: Ed Bliznick, Arnie Siegel lsecretaryl, Don Riger, 7 o Y i W T - o . v -. V V A - Q I o . L -. f - . ' 1 . Q .' -5 I - . s a ' . YW -s r 1. f -49' ll' what ex Its a pretty lmportunt dermon younf ladv lllO05lIl e yyolk youd e t lou ll Vydfll to ysor lI1 pleaeant Sl1II0l.1IltllIlf'S, 1n lwht and alry ofhees Vyllll modern equlpment Xnd noys that you IL out of school youll expect to meet neyy lI'lCIlllS yshue you yyork young, people you ll llke and ysxth yyhom you can enjoy your le1su1e tlme And hoyy about a XHCHIIOII yylth pay? Then there 5 the matter of a pay cheek lt H mee to haye a salary thats Hood from the Start and keeps Uettme better yyxth revular lnereu-em There may be a job l1ke tlns for you at the ttlephone company' Xou Ililfllt quallfy as a teltphone operator teller a eaohler, or a clerk those are juet some of tht many IIIICTC tmv yohs other ffrads lrom your school haye found at N114 lllf an Bell Xml there s a chance to udyanee lll eyexy one of tho e job lelephont ysork tloesn t dun mtl prey nous expentlut, md lt pays 1 good salaly, eyen XNllllC tl be lIlI1LI 1 learnlnv If hut nexl ' Vyhy not ylsxt Mlehwan Bell S l'mploy ment Ofhceo We ll he looknnff for you MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY "4 Frlendly Place to lforkv 'Avi' 44 'io'-' -'5. ' f3':ff 4, , - 'fn Q- ' X-f H V- ' R W.. I I , . 1 ii J I .11 ' 4 4' .irj "l'A , Q ..,,.- , Vhltf " . i , y t I, .I Q v ty? bf ' I ,sr V 1.-L . 'gif' 1 v-9 . .,,,,-fh K y ' . Q' ' "U v ',y , "" if - A ' T , I i f NJ .J .- 'FZ ii' I 'A . 1' .f , - , ,r A , , ff, . ' 3 f 'Il . I 5 'I , . . . . . , . .. , , . -. ,, 13 4 ' . 1' 5 , ra , ' V' Fi th y' llk, to lo. ' " ' k I . 1, 7., 7 , 7 X ' '-X Y ' 1 ' V -i 4. 'Y JY . . . . qt V V V V up Z' V 5 . A Y. h D . A L K M U ra U 'V ' V J 5 V . , V . f ,rl ' , ,., ., Ol. U 7 A . l V- . 5 x ' . 1' F C f U f 1' ' ' 'X 1 ' . 'y. , 5 . -. ., t F . A ' -V -V X S ' S! 'Y 1 - V I Q I L - " he AV -'x -- L ' . ' ' ' ' ' g' X' 's D. s 'V v . l C In .4 'Q' ' u I 'Y u 143 CURTIS DRUGS "FOR THE BEST SERVICE . . . . . 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X That lmportant dav when you recelve your dlploma wlll soon arrive And we Jom wlth your frxends and famlly ln offerlng our congratulatlons As your hfe IS punctuated by the pleas ant excltement of graduatlon day accept your dlploma as a symbol of a Job well done Let It carry you forward as you move on ln educatlon or begln your career Your frlends at the. Mlchlgan Consolldated Gas Company wlsh you contmued suc cess wlth the new hfe that now Iles before you MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY Congratulation , Graduates Best Wishes fo the Class of '59 TINTING HAIR SHAPING COIFFURES MUMFORD fpancfoza Bsaufy Anafon I8I I3 WYOMING Ia+ Curhsl UN 3 8904 WEST 7 MILE ROAD FOR APPOINTMENT BET WYOMING AND KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY 1 0376 See Us For Your Sporhng Needs PARKING FACILITIES UN,,,ERs,TY I 03-,-7 congratuluhons io the groduaies C0mpIlmenIS of ELK N Umm Uflfwm HOTEL and TRAVEL BUREAU 107 CLIFFORD AVE VV SEVEN RAILE IJETRCDIT 2 RAICP4 DETROIT 21 NAIC!-1 WOODWAQD I 6660 LJNIvEIa-SITY 4 3643 19437 LIVERNOIS 4 4464 Uulcalw ?SI' Row 'I MeI Bonn LesIIe Menuck Jerry Levmson Mel Barclay Ronald Spector Row 2 Shel Sklare IVICB presndenfj Don Beser Isecreiaryj Dave Rottenberg Cpresldentl Ned Harley Ureasurerl Row 3 AIIen Blair Robert Jones Sieve Mark Bruce Carmck Happy May Sandy Layne Frank Kutmsky ll n ,I . . 17 I . EI. . , . - - UN. - Q' M . I X vi " 4 1 J. 'Z' 1 , 'V :rf - ' ,., I , 1 I 1 . 1 - I , I , . 5 I I I I I I - I ff ask about our CCLLEGE EDUCATION PLAN NIBD advances pavments covering major college expenses to .mx accredlted college or unlvermty as a loan to parent guardlan or sponsor WRITE College EducatIon Plan Duvlslon NATIONAL BANK I- D I T R O Detroit 32 MICHIQEH LASALI.: DISTRIBUTING Co y wsu 5K01'N UDDI 4700 I 9330 L VERNOIS DETROIT 21 MICHIG 20201 LIVERNOIS AVE 2 DETROIT 21 MICH MOTION PICTURE CANDID I'OrcIRf-IIT L,OfV1IV'lLl1CIFKl-. I IIIL Arn C 14551: 0, W GALLERY 2 1 EQ OWS AVE UE ""' 3312055051: 2? MICHICEJAN o UN sus rv2 a IIAHETH WO 17363 WVOMING DETROIT 21 MICH LEO KNIGHT 16:-14 UN 152 151 v L .1 , , CJ ' C I T y . . . IU no . 1 - Q ae- I I . . AN UN. 4- 275 ,1.I. ,I?:,.i,- In A K , N .- , , - . 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QQ.. :ww many ucoue gcnapvamp mel norocx ycorresponamg secrefaryj Dave Snevnz fvnce presudeni Jerry Gelfand fpresudenih Eugene Eusner frecordmg secretaryj Davnd Kon fpledge master? Row 2 Larry Schiff Ken Eserow Barry Lnfvm Joel Keliman Ruchard Leach Ned Wnnkelman Lewus Apfekar Row 3 Alan Kellman Burt Farbman Ken Sherman Cadvnsorj Don Sandwenss Bobby Sloan Eddy Stem Roger Kukes 153 Q . - - H1 . T- , ,I L Ji ' Y-.A tx, L' ' sg 3 ' J 7 ., g ' . k 'T' 1 ' 'F .. "I" A Q M - 4 -Ti W' n,1:n.A .fl .-x,-A-- -f -- I I- - ,I UA Jani 'W Km! The Caprr has attempted to present the hughlughts of the past year ln an Informal and mterestmg format We hope you are pleased wnth the fruit of our efforts Besudes the credut whnch deservedly be longs to those acknowledged on the follow mg page recognltlon must be given to the members of the edntorlal and business staffs Thenr cooperation and excellent efforts were nnduspensable nn the produchon of thus year Behind all of us were the two faculty mem bers who provnded the leadership and asslst ance wuthout whuch September s plans mvght have become Junes failure The gratitude and respect whuch we have for Mr Charles Kaufman and Mr Jay Bodznn are due to a most enloyable assocnahon during the past few years Worknng on the Capri has been an enloy able and educational experience Happy futures' Sincerely -2 2 Ol' book. i . ' . . - X 1' 154 LKEUIIJ Heads throu ns Futura a Typography Stock ls Wa Cover deslg Photograph Photograph Photograph Photograph Photograph ghout are Coronet a face cut bythe Ludlow Company of Chucago Body type modern face chosen tor nts reaclabuluty by Lou Freedman Detrott n suggested by Arlene Schlater Mumford Hugh School pages 24 and 25 courtesy Central Greyhound Lanes pages 50 and 5' courtesy Chlcago and North Western Ranlroad pages 70 and 71 courtesy Wade World Photos pages 94 and 95 courtesy Umted States Department of Defense on pages 128 and 129 courtesy Abner A Wolf Incorporated f-...-...-,. 1 V - ' rren's white wove, 1003, No. 1 sheet, on ' ' . on . ' ' ' . on ' . on ' . . . , . Adminlstratlon Advertisers American Field Service Band Baseball Team Basketball Team Boys Basketball Team Girls Bio X Club Busuness Education Department Capri Stat? Cheerleaders Chess Club Choral Groups Credit Page Cross Country Team Current Affairs Club Custodial Stat? Drama Club Driver Education Department Engineering Staff English Department Field Hockey Team Fine Arts Department Football Team Reserve Football Team Varsity Foreign Language Department Foreword French Club Future Teachers Club Girls Athletic Association Golf Team Graduates August Graduates January Graduates June Health Education Department Health Education Malors HI Y Human Relations Club IMSSC IIQX 128153 1011 68 69 60 61 82 83 22 23 52 69 1617 3031 44 45 90 91 72 73 86 87 74 75 32 33 96 97 98 103 106127 88 89 156 Intramural Sports Introduction Junior Drama Cllnlc Last Word Latin Club Library Stat? Literary Guild Lunchroom Staft M Club Math Club Mathematics Department Medical Club Mercury Staff Modern Dance Workshop Ofhce Staff Otticers January Class Ofticers June Class Orchestra Radio Broadcasters Guild Radio Club ROTC Science C ub Science Department Senior Steering Committee June Social Studies Department Spanish Club Stage Club Student Council Swimming Team Boys Swimming Team Girls Table of Contents Tennis Team Boys Tennis Team Girls Title Page Track Team Vocational Department Y Teens 4 32 33 76 77 20 21 4 92 93 80 81 78 79 32 33 1214 84 85 ' ' ' 6 65 4 2 ' 4,5 . . . 44 , 18 ' 15 , ' ' 62 ' 15 ' F 39 r ' 34 , , Y 7 I ' 29 ' 36 35 ' , ' ' 38 ' . 155 , 53 42 . 7 7 , 10 ' , 105 ' ' - 19 ' ' 7 ' ' 46 ' - ' 43 ' . 63 ' - ' I 37 , 55 ' , f l ' 5457 Senior Steering Committee, January 104 ' - - ' ' ' , 105 . . . 2 ' ' , l 40 47 ' ' ' ' ' 28 ' ' , ' 58 , 64 ' ' , ' ' 59 I ' . 3 f 1 1 - 1 1 F - - ' , ' . . 1 . 66 ' , ' ' , . , 67 - ' 41 . . . . . , . . 52 '- 48 ' . 27 ' V . . 26 - , . . . .. . . . 49

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