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41 A x.- ,. 9 r x I I n 'I 1 f - , a f L . fi, , s 1 r f ug xl ' A , -. ' 1 Phyllis Altman ..,4,.. ...,, E ditor-in-chief Gary Beckerman ...,.,,... ..,............... A ssistant Editor Harriet Band .......,.. .......... O rganizations Editor Judy Levin ......... 4. ...4..,., Activities Editor Richard Gerber ......4........,,.ii..,..,................ Sports Editor Jennie Kanter, Arleen Kosoglad ...... Art Editors Ronald Benson .......,.,4...,...,...,. Photography Editor Jerome Rogoff,Paul Dinu Business Managers Rosanne Leonard 4...................t.........,..... Sales Manager Walter Forman, Advertising Managers Fred Wasserman tStaff assistants listed in the Capri pages.J 5 : CAPRI . . . 1956 published annually by the students of the Samuel C. Mumford High School Detroit, Michigan TABLE OF CONTENTS DIVISION . . . PAGE . . . Dedication 4 Graduates I4 Organizations 52 Activities 88 Athletics II8 Advertisers 'I48 With the hope that our goals will be reached. we ded- icate the H956 Capri to our futures. ' It's June again - the end of another school year - al- though for many of us it is the completion of our high school education. Here at Mumford we have had many opportunitiesto train for good citizenship. We have had many chances to exercise our obligations democraticallyg we have had freedom to choose courses, to choose repre- sentatives for our school government, and finally to choose friends. We have been guided by an understanding fac- ulty in modern surroundings with excellent educational facilities. At this time, we face the serious and challeng- ingi problem of what to do next. These past years are the key that will help open the door of our futures. What does this future hold in store for us? lt holds jobs, mar- riages, service in the Armed Forces, or college. We are free to make the choice we want and we are limited only by our capabilities and our ambitions. "Age. out of heart. impatient sighed:- l ask what will the future be?" Youth laughed contentedly. and crietl:- 'lihe future leave to me!" -Florence Earle Coates Four Five Driver Training Was Initiated With the hope that our goals will be reached, we ded- icate the 1956 Capri to It's June again - the though for many of us school education. Here our futures. end of another school year - al- it is the completion of our high at Mumford we have had many opportunities to train for good citizenship. We have had many chances to exercise our obligations democraticallyg we have had freedom to choose courses, to choose repre- sentatives for our school government, and finally to choose friends. We have been guided by an understanding fac- ulty in modern surroundings with excellent educational facilities. At this time, we face the serious and challeng- ing problem of what to do next. These past years are the key that will help open the door of our futures. What does this future hold in store for us? It holds jobs, mar- riages, service in the Armed Forces or college. We are free to make the choice we want and we are limited only by our capabilities and our ambitions. .f ,,,,..-.--- SAW C. IX E S f7,.f, '7 -f--nu: 2 if ll ll ll ll il " lr X. ll li .. arzv 1, Fl' FT 'IQ ,,......q At Mumford High School Q fx Qaii wi - ' wg. 1 V, .. K .N - Wirim Wwww-:mf 'm""""" A 'K' ya. M W A ,, V, , ffw,,,,g f M44 , , , Q- my , . M, ,f y . f.,,,,,fw.L.,,5N,:,ff 4 ,,1 ff , f ,. . . V ,f f ,f Wu ,,1 W V iv r ' A. "X J ,, UQ :VW A, V, V, V N, ,fx ,K ,K in ,K-V u U ,Jw W M 2, ,,?5,,I:15.,k - ,., . 1 F Jun, , W I , I K W ,I I Am I W7 U It t , Q Ui, M!,r,. f ' N " -- . , MM- 3 mfg ' -of-N, ,A .-gl K -I A4 , . 1, ,Ya-qw.. ,- V g ,, V. R f 2, ' '- - 14 W- 1-- E , . .. .A,, ,V ... L M. y . ' A , W -X - - ' ff iw W 'Af' 'N Q J 'Q " wdwgqdfy wQmg,.4 :w 'mf mm Mack! Pfif' :,. Ml" A ' 4 A ' -'JN-v'-" V , f ' ' 'i WN"" ' Office Staff and Student Assistants Lunchroom Staff W Custodial Staff Engineering Staff nine f2Qlgl'Q:3'y,'f'if , . '- fQ,5,cQ,,z2jQ2?g,r 4 Vera Fox C. E. Frazer Clark Charles Wolfe Assistant Principal Principal ASSiST3f1f PfiUCiP2l r , 3 rii.i ,, l ,',' f 5 'i f - C ' -.""" ' .I 1, l 1 Wm V , 4 'Q , of 1 , Vkrk f L I ' M i' I X lk A ' tw ,1,, , I '-f21.1' s- C, r flifll iotlif l C i f ."" iiii V V Margaret Doherty John MCDaid Senior Sponsor Senior Sponsor and 'bun f Selwyn Alvey Charles Brady Jeanette Caplan Naomi Christy Counselor Counselor Counselor Counselor Ollve Cobb O. pearl Orcutt. Percy Pray George Donaldson Collnselor Cgllngglgf COLIHSCIOT Counselor Depa rfment Heads I 1 'H ' V' I t in A to ft ""' Q 'W Philip Baird Commercial Health Paul Bernd Earl Phillips Maxwell Hutchinson Edith Kovach Vocational Social Studies Foreign Language . 7777" if tl S, t1,If',,Q WY 6 ig John Strandberg Science Mildred Taylor Eva Marie Van Houten James Siddal Mathematics Eng 1S 1' h Fine Arts factingj 1-fa., . T 2 'xr J I-A X 1 -. i , f V . ' 2 C' am- J wa, CP an s 19- , me , ., -' ' . ,, - i 5 N A i , J , M! Sgt. Carl Norman Burkhardt Helen Cataldo Nona Duffey Hortense Edmunds Howard Mehr Sfc, Frederick Marie Webster ' ' ' ' ' ' N h librarian Wiley attendance accompanist librarian speech correction technician ort am 1 ,ve ' ,F il t , A , if' Donald McNair David Russell - W 5 EN 5 Y is Q --'-fy ,Lv 5 ' Grace Engle Roger Haskins Fine Arts ' Br Lia,- '5- Stanley Ormsby Ten fi? fe M can we Q -'- I ,te . , 245131,-A F5 L' , V Q'-A Clarice Percox Jerome Stasson 3 ff .ik MM cy! Q 7 y f' 1' ,s 4 f 4, f Vocational 4, , - G ,Ik A .K 2-- Iggy , I , , - . ,-fc .5 V , W, lf , ' ff iW,.,ff A -1.5, fingrvk .5 ' ,K 1- 2, ., iv - rg I .2 -, 5, M5 , , M5 I' .1-jf ,f y 47+ i ,' If - A '- aigymdw ',V,, wie V7 I 1 .g 3: I . if . H ., -2 , , "Wi "'L ' 'A V ' lf -7 "i2.3g., V- . i V . Vi ' ' r V -1. f V a- -- ., x .f ' K ,- W raw. L ,eg fx , 5 , . - -- f V, , . 1 . 3 Ns, ai , Paul Kerber Constance Lekas ,,, ew fw , nf my 2, ' . faq, , fi t ,, , , ,, 1 uf 479-, ,' 4 Y' ' 1 Q n V f fm f fi ,by ' ,I 5 ' Z f ,if Mary Carter o,oo y , 5, r ' .1-4,6-Wm.-'Z 32.17 ' V I 247- J - ' f 1-JP' 41 ' ' Q, J f,., i i fa ' Ellen Benish George Cairns May Czajkowa Margaret Doherty Naida Dostal Jan Wesley Mollard Dorothy Morrison Arvo Nordlund Gordon Oas Languages f I f,,v:,5i'Q ,,VV ig! ii V i,Vf.,,f ! . T. 1,23 I 2 ,,- fy V , V AZM,-. ,, V in fy - , 3 .V,h., . I K 1, I , - ',,k V g A -4 V, for i - -f y a rrar i 1 - J- M f M M v 'Q 'ff , A M nrlr, -'-'i ' M '.- r f E lrl' V 1 ' . . - I , V, 9'-.fps -W j. - ' N .MW lawyer ana ,omg I im? ' e Galantowicz Marion Kelly , ,. A6 ,g i . 4 M M ralr .Z A I - zrjfgwf . 1 . -9 -Ivy ' r, 2- Helen McKenzie Monique Wagner Health Priscilla Radlow Q gg V if Elsie Macholl E3jvffffF'573-:Wgmv ., , I, , 'fff"ifff.,fYf'f ' V' ., ,:,Wm, . I I ' :' 1 7 f' 1, If LV: ff. , - 7- i ' . 4- - ' l 1" N, ' ' ': . Q f f ' " DNV , .,,. W erik 33146 fm 25 ., I I ., w:,!V,,V,.:5, I AA :Lr5,E, J - . .: fi:-Q , - . 5. . - 4 U, V' 3 ,f',"'76 'TM' f' , ,ff-, ,r,, Z., I , J 7 , - , - Q., ' , ,, 25:14 - ' g I L Eleanor Dunn Harold Grove Lois Holland Stanley Mullin Marie Pauli , f -' ' f ' 'f,f'3.f-f'-.fy - a Esther Schloz Eleven Commercial Q -ef J aw. in J e 5 .. -,, I V V , X if C - Q I --. J f ' Q, . ' , , W . f ? ,, . ws f - I n 5 X .,,,.L i J p L- -.W lerl f ef' Q- J - if 'ff 14 " " 'i" A , a , ,,', M4 - f 'lf , ,, " A' ' W ' -L ' 'K if-fe X X '-J Jay Bodzin Dorothy Bone Edith Bunn Mildred Hodgen Elaine McWatt Dorothy Pastor Helen Slony Joseph Soltesz J 75 'L filol 2 5 fa , J' L 'ala ,4,,f,!, f ,- 6 11 N 'K 54f3,i,2f,i,, J 1-if KZ Herbert Timmons Geraldine Wolfe Science , 'ifli' iill olirr J Q l 15" 7? is J W' 1 X ,V it E , w e y y ' J Q f' V-C , ' W it ii. C .J -,o.'. f ' If J ' ff -' ,J fu J J ., Sam Ascher Milicent Campbell Ruth Clarke Charles Grose Margaret Middleton Michael Saporsky Alfred Strepek Eugene Tarrant ,fi . " 4 nf . ..!, . fw-.5 e43..',',f.M,,..41,f 1'f',:.f3': fu- .4 Norman Williams John Woolever Mathematics .f 42 To - . 5 - . J J J C I I q A-X ' '57 fa' X J. QW ,,.' ,f 'WN2 7 V' J ' J 1' :E 1: 'Ta I 'fm ,V ,t-, 1 ,V,, K? 47 ' JAX' , I ' A .I . e ' f J " A C J ,io ea Louise Beck Minetti Breman Milton Budyk Harold Davis Janet DeBorst Marion Fortener Ellen Foster Gloria Griesing 0 Y' ' J f . wha 'ea 'eva life geef vi, n ffl V f "" , 5 fr 4' 'Q ,f""4 5 lil.: 'Q Qgwm I 8 fu s 6' - M ,.,, In , ' F , in '3'.If4,:1f.'X aff J John Lindsey Laura Luhr John McDaid Dora Rubenstein Olive Wiggins Twelve Z X X as ' , 5 V V f 0.1. Social Studies . f f f-Opt, f-fag V Q, 4,1,,,,,z- , . , dai, ,Q V? . ,,k,, , hinge fx Y V .- f f ty-fam .. 1 f ' f, V WMV ' f -pf- , f f +.,. 1. 1, , W4 -vp. , - n , f "' - ' ' V , V.V V- ' - V-fr , - - ' , J V. I t M f , H ' V, .:- vL.V ., V, ,fy Z' or 2 ' ,V .V J J b S J '- , Floyd Dain yyffoif Y V X Roberta Dye '1 . c f ff V f f - fi J J f f , X X if 1 ff X f if f 1 tire gf! s f sf 7.17 07. . I f ff! , , f ff X A Aaron GornbeinThaddeus Korczynski Lewis MillmanDorothy Perron John Ruddon Dorothy Segal .""'f f' , 1 I , , 1 X my 3 S f J I arf' 2 ' . . 9 ff K fy if?-2 wffxqx Lewis Schulman Norval Slobin Doris Utter Ralph Weaver Melvin Weisz Thomas Wolff Lavinia Wood English ' X , J at V, F V f Q f it' M, eiiee V i ' 'MV " os , " e i- " ' ' fif I 5 , " t . G f H F iq .1 ' y ff 5 . ,1 V' ,V - .,,l- , f' V W A .,. , . A W ' S ' " Q ie' J if 'iffffef - ff'N'f',,,lZ F' J M ' -,,, V ' W", ' I 2' m f 'eii' " i2fi"fiV'm,Lf V f,f V ' V Q l.i-e - V A ' fe'e , , , f F' 'I 1 V K ,V Eunice Cauly Gertrude Dryker Walter Farber Vera Flanders Raymond Ford Vaughn Hoogasian George Jacobs Charles Kaufman ft, 4 1 -V - I V 'I ,,.. f ,,,,V, , , Sofee Kloss Shirley Leopold Margaret Maher Earl Matthews John Meng Rosalind OlmstedHortense O'Shea Dorothy Patterson eier f V . ' f, Ji , te" j 2' to - L V 1 fl , -.,- j of , e .. 'V V V ' V f ' to V V f ' . to V V J J f L J' - V WV 5 J V, t"i' ff' ' f"' -fi" F 'V V- t VF' if ff- I, 'i'r T ' ,'.e t'-- e,"e ' ' , f ' 'if , . . " 'O - 5 ' V- ' 2Q:fV1,,.,N ' V '-'f " '3ii3Y f i" . 1. 1531213 4' 1 U ' . If gy . 'k,' iwwf , ' 19115 3. fs , . f' K I f a f- w wf- ' ' ,'ff'g,A'V,'.4" f . 415VjLf?5f.K of ,f,. V , M., M, 1, V EA Zelda Pollinger Edith Powelson Emma Lou Rothman Manuel Simon Marie Snyder Sam Spector Alice Tucker Sanford Yost Thirteen The road to graduation, travel- led by our Mustangs, was one of varied experiences. Though much of high school was a chal- lenge, students surmounted the difficult and bounced back from the discouraging. At this point on the road, graduates can look back over those adventures that are a joy to remember. For hope shall brighten days to come and memory gild the past!" -Thomas Moore UM F fourteen F6 GRADUATES .Q A64 A ' , . 32 ' f fifteen Sybil Golden, vice-president S ixleen Chuck Babbrush, president January Officers Marvin Yagoda, treasurer Elaine Lerman, secretary 'ln Row one: S. Golden B. Pines, G. Peck, Presi dentg J. Copley, F. Sand- Weiss, R. Holtzman. Row two: A. Rubin, B. Wolfe, M. Eisenman, C. Babbush, L. Blondy. Not pictured: M. Kent, J. Keystone, B. Zelmon . "The Future Is A World Limited by Ourselves" Planning senior activities are: S. Golden, C. Babbush, G. Peck. M. Eisenman, and J. Copley. Seventeen The January Steering Committee under the sponsorship of Mr. John McDaid, mathematics instructor, and Miss Margaret Doherty, of the Foreign Language Department, guided the senior class through the election of its officers. These fourteen seniors were selected as representatives from their respective study halls. From this, the class went on to successfully complete its senior activities. MW 9 l. Robert Adelson Virginia Albion Donald Allowitz Leonard Blondy Eleanor Boberg January 1956 Nancy Appel Shirley Ashley Fred Averbuch Robert Breen Clara Brittingham Ge? Charles Babbush Carol Baer Carole Bagdasarian Sharon Carpenter Shirley Chessler Phyllis Band Shirley Beaumont ' 1 P .ea n S ,gl i 3: Q 'C , 1 X' X I ,. ,CQA 1, ...Q Audrey Bartold James Bauer lp-re-M xg David Bernstein Roland Biller Seniors show their appreciation to the senior sponsors Eighteen Myron Bordman Paul Borman January 1956 Lawrence Brown Patricia Buj an Lawrence Cohen Nienta CO0k Phyllis Cooper Joel Copley Judith Copley Betty Cox Patricia Crawford Ann Daitch Leon Davidson Adrienne Davis Elaine Davis E. Lerman addresses the seniors at their annual break- fast. Nineteen rzeteen rzeteen nnfnnrl , ,, Patricia DePue I Deena Deutch William Dickerson Thomas Dolson Robert Dorsch Stephen Economy ids- 5. xlgf A or . F .Q . 'Q Marvin Eichelbaum Myron Eigenman Sharon Ellman Rose Marie Gorisek Allan Grant l January 1956 Donald Engel Dorell Faur Erwin Feldman Roberta Holtzman Doris Jackson Walter Forman Sheila FfCid Helen Fruchter Harold Gayer Howard Glazer Sybil Golden Barry Goodman James Brenda Fried Jack Jordan Herbert Kahn The "Senior Roundup" offers a variety of entertainment. odman Twenty Joan Harldlemhln JoAnn Hill Arlene Kauffman Annie Kendrick Murilynn Kent January 1956 MW leel l is e i Y fa l Howard Jacobs Francis Jones Michael Kent Gilbert Key-Smith Jack Keystone Harold Kalt Marshall Kaplan Carole Koorhan Sanford Kravetz Julian Kutingky Intermissions as well as dancing prove enjoyable at the Senior Prom. k Constance Langridge Gloria Larsen Sharon Leeman Elinor Lefkovitz Elaine Lerman Gerard Letzer Gerald Levitt Michael Lewis Richard Lewiston JoAnn McConachie Gary Madvin January 1956 Myrna Lightstone Eileen Linovitz Allan Lippitt Dorothy Martin Donna Mazer Alan Lober Betty Lowell Paul Lowy Nancie Miller Arthur Millman cusp., , Donald Luckey Paul Lutz Bruce Lyons Tyrone Morris Phyllis Moser 'Should auld acquaintance be forgot .... Jeanne Mackey Harriet Mackie Mae McBurrows TWe'1fY'fW0 6' Barbara Margolis Lynne Markle Judith Norbom Melba Norris Thomas Oldham January 1956 Lynne MCHZCI Fred Miller Terry O,Neill Mary Orr Eugene Parker Carole Monahan James Moore Gary Peck Barbara Pines Elaine Pliskow Suzanne Nathan Barbara NHUIIIHII Gary Plotkin Dolores Porter Lois Poskel And finally Aaron Posner Patricia Preville Max Rgbertggn ff" Stephen Rogers Eugene Rosenberg lleene Rosenzweig 32 Harvey Rubenstein Arthur Rubin Sheldon Salinger M- '5- i. , "' ' ' X Vk ,t .. Flora Sandweiss Ira Samuels Gary Sanders Barbara Saphirstein Esther Saslove Paul Scharg a x Q Howard Schwartz Ralph Schweinfurth Marilyn Seidon January 1956 V .. ' Q, ' tR,,. , ., Katherine Serakos Silvia S6I'HkOS a . 6 as f we Q ...r w N- 7 ix X 5 x in ff L 1 Millicent Shaw WWA Barbara Shewach Julius Smith Selma Spitzer Seymour Surnow Doris Tabaka In The Service: Gerald Brennan Howard Cutler Kenneth Dean Richard O'Grady Marshall Soskin i Twenty-four Beverly Seyburn Jacqueline Shapiro Barbara Sies Stanford Singer Diane Steinhardt Stanley Stone Ina Terman Elinor Thomas Not pictured: Beverly Taffs January 1956 George Thompson Jo Margery Tilds Charles Topcik Iris TOPOY Barbara Toppel Richard Walker NOFUW-11 Wedal James Weisberg Haffigt Weiss Robert Wolfe Barbara Woontner Dorothy Yagoda Twenfy-five Marvin Yagoda Lorraine Yolles Barbara Zelmon If' 'I' ' Maida Granoff, Vice-President Harvey Lapides, President JUNE OFFICERS - 'V , , yffff 1 , Robert Shaye, Treasurer Joan Rodman, Secretary Jerry Rogoff, steering committee chairman, Noel Lipprnan,Jackie Mill- er, Sheila Starman and Lois Fried conduct a senior meeting. June Steering Committee Outlined Senior Activities Row one: D. Rosen, L. Fried J. Rogoff, S. Starman, J. Miller. Row two: S. Spector, C. Hochman, H. Bez, C. Brooks, N. Lippman, P. Fried. Prior to the election of senior class officers, the June Steering Committee guided the seniors through their first activities. Their major job was to set up the system for electing class officers. These early efforts were a contributing factor to the later successful commencement activities. This Committee, chosen on their counselors, re- commendations, was supervised by Miss Margaret Doherty and Mr. John McDaid. ., c rln..n,, .W ,11f n.i imfil... f V. 59 Philip Aaron Arlene Abraham 3311 49 Q? M Sandra Abugow ws, Harley Adler ,, 4 a '1 if i., Wllm , 'f ffl ,I 'f', Roberta Adams in F09 Harvey Aidem ' 0 1 is t W' I K .fi Joanne Aran 2'l'g lacqueline Bagg Diane Arkin 'ZS' leman Harvey Bailen Barbara Abramsohn . -, ,I .Cr-if , K ., "Han ' .- if vp., .gif I 'wi W2 7, 5 qw f f 459 fig f f, Q ig, ' 1, W e vt I ,A if . ' , ,. ., If Zgiw,-A, y. I , ,, f. XG up gf 1 . ,, 1 f as Sherman Adelman 1 , Phyllis Altman Adrienne Auslander Sandra Bailen JUNE 1956 Sandra Bailes N eyhk lA!,V, , -. - ff ,. f , , -ew A 5 X 'V l r ,e,- V fr" VCVZL: 'A'A " " "- Brenda Barak Geraldine Bailies Carol Barnett X499 Karen Beckerman Jacqueline Beber Seniors receive the last minute instructions before enter- ing the auditorium. ff,w1rmsn4 lx. ,fl Harriet Band Morris Bank Ronald Benson Catherine Berenholc Micheline Berenholc JUNE 1956 gl x 4, Qt Marlene Berman Betsyrose Barris Howard Barron r Paul Berem Joyce Berman Diane Bell Donald Bennett Herbert Bez Hamid BCZFIOS Rhoda Bigelman "Swing Out" is a momentous occasion for seniors. William Biscomb , Arlene Black Douglas Bloom Q' Harvey Bloom Sallie Bloom Stephen Bloom I I if b ' K Barbara Bockoff I ijt, Elizabeth Bowdle , 4' is Harriet Brookstein - K'-.f VL ' Ronald Brown W U u Dan Burgess Louise Bogden 7,451 , J J , .f 9 f , IN V :A 45" Q,-,.:f'V , ff f " W ff? ,, ffl' Elaine Brezner f-ug if . fi "7" 1 Beverly Brown. 'rrv' . Daniel Buchalter R5 if I Helaine Burke ff Alan Bolton Judith Calfin Mary Campbell 1 -,, 'V' ,- '- .:,. Mtv nw- , 1 ,rg-, 1224353.43-V: .- ? , . , , -. ,,, JUNE 1956 Charles Brooks Sheila Carlin Ian Cascade e x-ff" Z fr 'Ev WY if ai xy 7? ' X if Elaine Brown Richard Chandler Barbara Clarke Seniors listen intently as final words of V , as Sheila Buchalter flux, f ,,... Barbara Busby Thirty Judith Caplan Michael Caplan Carol Castleman Harriet Ceasar ,fx , 2 'fiffzggiilif f C , MW, C I C f f ffilfv C mlvyq f ' CZW5' VM ,C 4,, 2 C fig! 1., ., " - , C "f , Q V ,QQZ2 ' 'C 11, A! ' ' -7 X fr ' ' ,gg - I 'L ' 'V filifi I ' f' f"',Qj ,371 Cf Walter Clarke advice and good luck are expressed. JUNE 1956 X 277 ,gi 'fi 5 Z ff.: X C, .-..1, '--f 1 , 4 f v ,',,,. awk 1 ' Melvin Clayton Stephen Coden ff C X K C '1 W C f" ' CC .. . A 5-if ' .1 A 5- X, 1 M ,,., I C , -ye, 0 .' '24 I . 11 5: ' QC if-3' 5 Z Lawrence Coggan Elaine Cohen ,, ,M ! E 996' Qk ggtfg C L C :Ziff 1 ftrlir ff ,, CC.ff?Z"f ni- C - I X H! Gerald Cohen Hershel Cohen I l ,,,i C fin ' C X '71 11 "f fl ,.,i' C Soralee Cohen Susan Cohen C ,.' Merna Cohn Norman Cohn :,4,,fVC,, . 1, ,H ,,.., JYVMQS Jw: gy fi ,t,i Carolsue Cogganl C F Eleanor Cohen Philip Cohen Gerald Cohn Howard Corman Sandra Cowan Claire Crawford Rosa Crawford Lenore Cronovich Waller Czeizler Marlene Danto Carole Dahnke Ronald Davis Sheila Davis Leslie Denison Anita Deutsch Leonard Dinkin AN -Q -HVQN in 5-j1"j-HQ, -xg ess 1-F: x "l' "' ' l ,fa Paul Diml Charles Disner Michael Dorf JUNE 1956 Gloria Doumanian rms ' Q Z 539' John Drawe Deanna Dunsky David Durning Craina Einstandig Seniors had fun at the Echo David Eisenberg Valley skating rink. Tlnirfu-1wn Marvin Dubin Carol Duncan ., . 4. - 1, as as ' 4 A fe 3 sie s Aaron Eskin Charles Evans Bruce Feddersen JUNE 1956 Carol Dvorin Stephen Ehrlich Susanne Feldman Robert Feldstein Gloria Fenton Lawrence Epstein Sylvia Epstein Marjorie Ferguson Bede Feuerman Sandra Firght Snow trip proves successful for J. Caplan, R. Jacoby, J. Willis. J. Simon, and S. Bailes. Marilyn Fisher Deayaen Fleishman Gwendolyn Flowers J J 5 Stanley Freedman Lois Fried Paul Fried W, . f Wa- A l .i Q ' ' fi Leonard Frishman V, 2C,7,,w7 , , V ,Q Robert Galin Robert Gaylor Georgia George -55 Janice Fuerst Jacqueline Gantz Sandor Gelman Richard Gerber M Frieda Glenn Irwin Goldstein ay Fuller JUNE 1956 Madeline Garber Rosalyn Goodman Sheldon Gordon , dull i , i, ' Harvey Gendler Judith Gottlieb Paul Gould Solemnity reigns over graduation ceremony. Gayle German Norma Giacobone Ilene Gilman Bernard Gitlin Th irty-four J, Rona Goldstein Michael Goode Maida Granoff Bernard Green Lois Greenberg JUNE 1956 Brenda Goren Hershel Goren William Greenwald Judith Griem Hanna Gruenbanm Shirley Graff Joan Gunsberg Melvyn Gvazda Lawrence Hack Proud parents record graduation festivities. Sola Hamburger Bobbie Hampton Eileen Harelik Jerome Harris Joyce Haydu Rhoda Hechtman E.. y nm: I 4 if :- 1 :Q ?Tf?s'3"i!?"i: -J ': ff.. L g- K 5 X 1 Q t, H Robert Hecker Catherine Heimbecker Robert Heller Carol Henry Gail Hewitt NIH SSM 25' 3' -tl 'f 1- XPCQ I B?" . T 4 9 Qx '57 A X 7 X i- Nwif-w , .fy ,-as t, , - I wav Colman Hochman Gordon Hollander Q ed L .Ei if ,. X ,,.., 'Vt E wel Q E3 xx , 1 - w IS! Linda Hillock Sidney Jackson 9-x . Raymond Jacobs Ruth Jacoby Donald Janower CF rf 'A iii . ' K., ' R f lyl ,.kV t J 5:-LA KZ, 1 L .ss I X 2 Donald Jeffries Arrwld JOSCPJ1 Jeffrey Kahn Neal Kalish Rachelle Kane JUNE 1956 Andrew Karay Carole Karp Carole Katz Myrna Katz Proud seniors finish 'Swing Out" parade. , , W ,V I , lfvivq A- W f m, I V. ' If , f , J. Thirty-six fe? 5 t K A and 1, VVg, , K O f,QEAagl s I JCHHIC Kanter Barbara Kaplan Sandra Katz Judith Katzman Nelson Katzman JUNE 1956 Frances Karris Sondra Katler Peggy Kellum Lawrence Kepes Sheldon Kirsch Nancy Katz Annette Klein Donald Klein Jacquelyn Klein' Professional photographers are also interested in grHdU3fi0T1- Susan Klinger Florence Kobaker Judith Koenig Marcia Kollen berg Elaine Kolodin Arleen Kosoglad 'fi rf, .. f a, 1" -,7 . Sherry Kotzer if L v 1, I 'ig,,,,,, Michael Kratchman David Kratze QF? get A Alan Kurzman Janice Kuschinski , ff? " A 5 J :K A 39' A ,llb ,. ...,,.. ! William Laidly Gerald Lakritz """" 5- 345 X Anita Kramer Aaron Kranitz Lee Lasser Barbara Lawrence JUNE 1956 Arthur Kretchmer Alden Leib Elaine Lentzer David Kwiker V ,Q ei Q A 4 I G .f 'Q Harold Lambert lar Judith Levin Arlene Levy H. Lapides, senior class president, outlines the semester's activities Paul Lang Doris Langer Harvey Lapides Thirty-eight i Beryl Lawson Helaine Lee Joan Lewis Gary Lichtman Darryl Lieberman JUNE 1956 .5 c Carole Lepofsky Lois Levi Michael Lieberman Richard Limond Deborah Linderman Sylvia Levy Florence Lewis Sarah Lippitt June grads, M. Weingarden, R. Miller, H. Lapides and J. Kanter are among the first to buy senior pins. Noel Lippman Nora Lister e" , " 4 I 17 fi.. f , ,,, ,fV, ' f .VVV , f ,K,-f Q . L - E154 iill L i i 't tfifff - f' 1 I , L a Sandra Littky Archie Little John Luke S 3 l , I Marilyn Lurie David Lustig Nancy Lustig fre' iii Marilyn Lux Kenneth Lynn 'VFW Josephine McGillis ..,4i:,' ,H ar, V ,-,, ' -fs' If Phyllis Manheimer Mercedes McBurrows 2 ,. 411- , Arleen Manheimer Y" on Brenda Markowitz -r ,wa Madeline Marx Sherwin Maslowe Carolyn Mathews .fcggw 2? A C .f , Q:- " M Joan Mattison Marcia May Stuart Mfrgdall l Y' Qiht.,-, x 3 Robert Melamed Gail Michelson Jacqueline Miller Harold Minsky Lillie Mitchell N. Kalish, B. Feldstein, N. Superfon, the senior l , Gary Milan Alan Miller Judith Morton Jerome Moss JUNE 1956 Myrna Miller Reva Miller Shirlee Musket Q?"N 'UN iw Q' , -azg L f 7 DN-X Adele Neiman Denise Nelson Deanna Moore Carl Morton V' t ' 'VH , .nt ,:' 1 ' . 1, :E "Elk, fe' ' . -iv ,D , ., Q - 'L'- ? H1 X , ' . 1,f,:vm1':s ug ,,.,,. I K , f I l . fi? ' V ,,lfg, lf'ff2,!V 1 ' ' 5 , ' fwlil A ' I Rosalie Neuvirth Daniel Newman A '7 f Q48 and D. Teitelbaum add comeqy to election rallies. Ferry-one Marlene Newman Paul Nida Earle Mostyn PN Allan Nachman Arlene Nachman 4 'R-. ' Q Marcia Nelson is , 'Q f 4 4 I A W, P 4, ah , s ,,,,3,., ,, . 1 mil! di, 5,4 Harry Newman V f. -xfi -:Q Patricia Nikitas QED V '- K, A, ii P A in ii , is ii . A VY - A P 1' Susan Novitz Michael O' Donnell Karen Ogren is iv- NN V , Charles Olender Sandra Oppermann E iv' fX as nc- Mark Owens Joyce Palmer sc-' Yugi. - Q 4 ' X w Maureen Pearlman Duane Pederson asf Pauline Ornstein Elaine Pauling JUNE 1956 "x ,-,?,' Lynn Portnoy P Ted Rabior Diane Reed Edward Reifman 'RT Qs! f Carol Robinson Leonard Robinson H. Lapides and J. Caplan display friendly Sheila Penner Theodore Perchan Sydelle Photsios Ronald Plavnick Pony-:wo boo Elaine Rappoport Alan Raznick Jerome Rogoff Richard Rome Margery Rose JUNE 1956 Howard Reznick Deborah Riklin Deborah Rosen Robert Rosen Arthur Rosenbaum Sharon Robinson Joan Rodman Martin Rosenbaum Gary Rosenblatt David Rosenthal competition over the senior elections. Glenn Rosm Richard Rosm Norman Rotenberg Forty-three Linda Roth Rosalie Roth Alan Rothenberg Barbara Rubenfire Sarah Rubenstein Mark Saidman Barbara Salicoff 'Ibn- Belinda Salzberg , Vin., V :QW rig. Q? aavhm Stephen Sandler Barry Samuels Henry Sandweiss 2' riff 519' WI? 1? , , f W, 1 1 fi f475 f rf V' . , 'yt 255355 if ' A mega' 'a,azaLaz,aw Sandra Ruch 44 1 M V W f 'rr'r June Salmi JUNE 1956 Gary Schirs Eva Schrage Joel Schmerin Miriam Schumer Dale Sandeen Jenny Settas Arnold Shapero Joni Saperstein The seniors were impressed Suzanne Schecter Michael Schiff Paula Schiff Forty-four Students and diplomat: r Donald Schollenberger Donald Schore Dgnald Sherman William Sherman Marilyn Shifman Barbara SChW21rtZ Shirley Schwartz Rosalie Shifman Keith Shw Lois Shapiro Robert Shaye ,gffafitsrgfan X - My 1 . I. ,M . F - 5 -'Hy g I X? 3 by the Lincoln Memorial N it A M 'li fn Nr sl 'S J f-. J F ' 3 X 12 V C Nr. Q, J M Q Edward Siegel Loretta Siegel Rhoda Siegel Lawrence Silver Mitchell Simmer Theodore Simon Jo Anne Simons fij 1-Q - T Q enter 1heC3p1t0l Building, F0ffy-five Charlotte Singer Judith Sklar Lawrence Sklar 3-.f-v Daniel Sklover Lawrence Snider "fs- Theodore Sokel Stanford Solovich Judith Smith Suzanne Snyder Lois Soldinger Peter Soule SZ . n iv , . E h . .' X x n 11. inf 1 K AM ,rv I Wavey Smith it Samuel Sobel JUNE 1956 Sheila Starman Gerald Starr 5 Marilyn Stein Mary Stein DCUIUS S0l0lTlOl'l Robert Steinberger David Steinhardt Sheldon Spector Congratulations were extended yvii S James Spertner Alan Spivak Sheila Stamell Furry-six ln i Stephen Stecker Beverly Stein Jerome Stewart Robert Stewart Ronald Stewart JUNE 1956 Ronald Stein Barbara Steinberg Shari Stifter Mabel Strachan Harold Stulberg Pearl Stephens Ronald Stern Neil Superfon Harvey Tack Marilyn Tannenbaum at the commencement reception. ,, , , owl Judith Taub Stewart Teal Dale Teitelbaum Barbara Theophelis Louise Tiedt Constantine Trahiotis 6 Patricia Trethaway James Vasu Robert Verona WW 'V W1 'M ., Anna Vichi Marcia Victor Sandra von Valtier gf V 2 -14" I I if-7 if 'Q ,. ' .5 H I I , , L .. ,V ,f f 1 VV - ' ' , ,I ' L 5. 'll ' 5 'gh ix '51 . R A ' ia iiit - P R M ., . . ,QV k.L, V57 ' e.,r' ' A 57 kki. . QT? -... ff: .f,.k K M ,1. if P -A f,"11rf:'? . 45, ' " Paul Wagner Deborah Wainer Leon Waldman William Walker Seymour Wander Janet Waserman Laurence Wasser Frederic Wasserman Lawrence Wasserman JUNE 1956 KWH 5 Ronald Weber Lois Weinberger Richard Weiner Joel Weingarden Sandra Weisman Joan Weiss F orty-eight Wendy Wheeker Not Pictured: Preston Burke Billie Carter Maxine Glenn Barbara Weiner Geraldine Weiner Stuart Wilber Jean Wilder JUNE , ri HQ 3- Margery Weingarden Doris Weisman Michael Weiss -Geraldine Weissman David Whitman David Hirschman Charles Hollis Ellen Rose 1956 "ff.f .K James Wines Gene Wolfson fiff - z - hi v Xi ,. W Harold Yaker 0 Harvey Yates Janet Willis ages I, V .: E ' I - Y ' ,x 9, ,,, ,E-. ' f4..:'. X 'flpfgff V Barbara Woloveck Phyllis Young Dolores Zaft Gerald Zahler Gerald Zeff 43 Marilyn Zetfin Martin Zide Arthur Zivian ,Vg JQSIQUV n ' x 'N si, y Q . , , J as vs- ffm, A t X' 'fs W N . , I 447 fl Hia!! 7 7, ,, , Q Lois Adler Judith Allen David Askenazy Leonard Atkins Fay Ayers A Al William Anklam Gerald Dreer Larry Edelheit August ,L G yr ffmx James Gibbs Beverly Goldsmith J I yybp ,. a..,, y -e Qay W A i .,fs 'Ll i . kv ' L Q jf fi ' J , Q , X Elizabeth Ballard Jack Blesma Marjorie Bornstein Charles Brown Robert Brown Class Officers President ..,.....4...... Alvin Schwartz Vice-President ,........... Ralph Korn Secretary ...........,,...i. Joyce Chudler Treasurer .................. John Gustkey Arnold Bloom Preparation is the keynote to a successful graduation... and listened to Mr. Selwyn Alvey give the Com- mencement address. Joyce Chudler Fifty Ara Ezizian David Fishman August 1955 , ,VV . .F , Qu !L.WgM,fQ1! -V , ,,,,,,t WW f Marcia Greenspon John Gustkey As demonstrated by the graduating class as they wait- ed . . . Finally, they received their coveted diplomas. iw dlyf' if Paul lmcrman jgmi 3 3 , 12' if J - J' lrf, Ralph Korn X f 2 ,1 f ff as If , ff W 4 X fW fffap r X. ' , 9,4241 f1V?z7ff V' Beverly Mosten 7? l if 2 1 4 iw We 9 , an N 55 at Joyce Joseph Nflichacl Ktztzinan Jerome Kwartowitz Sandra Meisel 1 n 'EM' ff , Q7 . W! . A! ' Jw 7522? Janet Novit Marvin Sachs Sharon Schwartz Alvin Schwartz Norman Selnes 'W .' 1574 - , ,if thx, Q fwww, V: X ', f' X X Q 'LI' 'i I ,A bfi Stanley Sigman Not pictured: Gloria Celacks Lynn Connor Harriet Klemen John Rice 4 J Journeying through school, a Mustang joihed organizations which appealed to his individual interests and hobbies. Mumford's twenty-five clubs, which were al- ways anxious for new members, were sponsored by the faculty and provided Mumfordites with fun, companionship, and the chance to perform many school services. y Pleasures afford more delight when shared with others!" --Dio Chrysostom F ifty-two F i fry-three 1,1 5 43 x , . R. Hubert and B. Holman are en- grossed in chess strategy. Girls, abandon diets for special French Club meeting, S. Gclmnn :ind S. Cohen join in "Town Meeting." M. Shapiro, A. Nagid, S. Bodzin buy LlCC11lS from M. Simmers. E. Von Vullier G. Senerjir Fifty- four x 4 f ll ef 5 .1 'f J .X f , .143 XX ' 1 I .QX-Q.-4 L. 1 S . 1,4 x.' - Art Club members J. Kzinter, M. Eder, A. Neiman are creating. Latin Club members enjoy traditional Roman games. Contact fellow hams. N. Mooradiun finishes ll commercial poster. Science Club members almost liquify air l . ' , fzve f, . Q .7 Q if 'Z I.M.S.S.C. Promoted Sportsmanship Throughout 1 IQ, ' 9 XJ . s, rgrt Q rltL1 X he ' 0 Row one: C. Goode, M. Schmier, secretaryg A. Croll, vice-presidentg J. Kuschinski, president, L. Levi, D. Dunsky. Row two: Mr. J. Ruddon, sponsor, S. Lippitt, C. L. Sie- gan, S. Sanders, F. Sturman, B. Cohen, C. Karp, C, Castle- man. Row three: M. Lightstone, J. Stein, A. Lezell, M. Meyer- son, G. Flowers, E. Eserow, B. Lowell, M. Rose. Not pictured: M. Danto. J. Fuerst, P. Kellum. To promote good sportsmanship throughout Mumford was the purpose of the Intra-Metropol- itan Student Sportsmanship Sub Council. Super- vised by Mr. John Ruddon of the Social Studies Department, the I.M.S.S.C. co-operated with the city-wide organization and was responsible for flying the school's I.M.S.S.C. flag. This flag de- noted Mumford's practice of good sportsmanship in all the athletic activities of our school. Selling "MN pins, sponsoring the "Touchdown Trompu, which honored Mumford's football team, and encouraging school spirit through pep rallies were their main functions. . ,Wa .U , ,Ay Q.. L the School Dick Pollinger, Eilene Eserow, and Brenda Cohen blly the popular "M" pins from Allan Croll. Carol Karp, Janet Kuschinski, Allan Croll, Marlene Danto. and Marilyn Schmier display the IMSSC flag at every pep rally to encourage good sportsmanship. f 0 , f . , 4f:',. . 2' 1. w-if kwa Q ' ef xf fl'- ,Q -. - 7 . .. 'kgimiufl .,- ,ly Ml- Q., if - x ff eax' v - ssC 0: 0 1' ,A M'fH'T"'Yss' 3' CSP MANSHW , . DQ 'i I Jfb, L I f'N Row one: M. Berman, S Perlman, G. Pastor, M. Nelson M. Shifman, B. McKenzie, P Nikitas. Row two: C. Ackerman, L Ross, L. Silverman, E. Cohen B. Lebowitz, M. Ferguson, H Rosenberg, F. Averbuch, S Spector. Row three: S. Starman, B Zelmon, M. Katz, R. Shaye R. Pollinger, L. Yolles, F Spector, D. Jackson, S. Stifter Row One: D. Linderman, M, Light- tone, B. Steinberg, vice-president: J. iasson, president: M. Silver, secre- ary-treasurer: R. Goodman. Row Two: S. Bailen, F. Schrage, 2. Shifman, S. Kotzer, M. Sammer, VI. Tannenbaum, S. Graff, M. Shif- nan, Mr. M. Weisz, sponsor. Row Three: J. Nosanchuk, N. Su- Jerfon, P. Borman, M. Copper, A. Nachman, J. Stewart,'L. K. Snider, A. Bolton, S. Solovich, Not pictured: P. Quint, B, Feuerman, D. Gelman. 'N-,. l . 'ra f I cy' Current Affairs Club Deboted Political Issues l t To further enlighten students on current political affairs and give them training for possible entry into the field of politics were the purposes of the Current Affairs Club. Sponsored by Mr. Melvin Weisz, social studies instruct- or, the club sponsored a political symposium to which the entire student body was invited. Their other activities in- cluded a visit to the new City- County Building, guest speakers and an annual trip to the State Capitol at Lans- ing. There, they were given an opportunity to imeet the Governor, watch the Legislature in action and see the various official buildings. . .M l i ' ' if , ' ,", ,"', 1 Q f 0 .3 fff. V . ., " 1 I ' fZX'1f'?W?f V f Mg2'?fziZ?7LZ .. 3 . fy '34 fry, WW: ., ,, ,., ,, , , , ,,f,,f.A . ,fpffwff f- ,J FRU t 1 gf-V .." ' "' -' M r ' 4 4 A-maxaman Sherry Kotzer moderates current affairs symposium on "Is Installment Buying a Threat to Our Economy?" 'U ,avg F ifty-eight ,N ..,, , ' Row One: R. Benson, H. Band, I. Levin, P. Altman, D. Gerber. Row Two: D. Linderman, A. Aus lander, J. Caplan, H. Goren, J. Got tlieb, B. Steinberg, B. Feuerman. Not pictured: J. Kanter, W. For- man, M. Kent and A. Kosoglad. Outstanding Journalists Honored By Quill and Scroll Society Membership in Quill and Scroll, an honorary society for high school journalists, was secured by students who did outstanding work on Mumfordls yearbook and school newspaper. International in scope, the society encourages and rewards individual achievement in journalism and its related fields. In order to be selected, these students had to be seniors with a scholastic standing in the upper one third of their class. In addition, they had to obtain a recommendation from their individual sponsor for having done superior work in the field of journalism. This recommendation also had to be approved by the secretary of the National Quill and Scroll Society. 5-...f Mr Jay Bodzin discusses advertis ing yearbook layouts with Jennie Kanter Walter Forman Mitzi Kent and Arleen Kosoglad -if " "sa'7iif"7:f-'.r',. .Valk ,tl V. f' psf.: 35? W H N., Row One: Mr. J. Soltesz, sponsor: S. Resk, M. Garber, J. Saperstein. H. Sorokin, P. Konek. A. Klein, H. Gruenbaum. J. Gantz, S. Bloom, M. Schumer. B. Salicoff. X Lx ' . RWM Row Two: S. Penner. D. Bell. E. Bowdle, E. Davis, P. Trethaway. B. Wootner. P. O'Hara, D. Hancock, E. Harelik, D. Arkin, G. Hollander. Under the supervision of Mr. Joseph Soltesz of the Commercial Department, the Office Co-op provided an opportunity for students interested in the business world to gain experience by work- ing in offices. Through this plan, members re- ceived school credit, business training, and a salary. Sponsored by Mrs Helen Sloney, commercial teacher, the Mamselles studied the different phases of retailing with particular emphasis on clothes' fashion. Among the activities of this club were a behind the scenes trip through the J. L. Hudson Company, listening to speakers from well-known modeling school, and a spring fashion show. Mamselles learn valuable tips from a visiting fashion model. ' ,...4l"' va i : a. cb : i ID 5. Q T 2? H cb f'5 o I o 1: 5 n 5 U5 'L :T ID 5 :: : sa. 'H : i : T na Z cb i E. :T T 1 lad? Q QI l t I--:L-I ' I B" 5 t"'WfWii ff lx Sixtv Future Retailers-Row one: xl I U U German, J. Haydu. B. Rubenfire S Schecter treasurer G Hewitt ' president, S. Carlin, vice-president: P. Manheimer. secretary E Rosett L Roth Row two: B. Brown, S. Littky, B. Lawson, S. Opperman, S Snyder Miss E Bunn sponsor S Feldman, J. Smith, H. Burke, J. Aron, D. Reed, Explored the Various Phases of the Business World An affiliate of the Retail Merchants of Detroit, the Future Retailers was sponsored by Miss Edith Bunn, commercial instructor. Meeting daily as a class, they received school credit for attending classes in the morning and for working in local retail stores in the afternoon. , x Various activities of this group included par- ticipation in city wide contests, attending Va re- tailing convention at the University of Michigan, and participating in a dinner at the Statler Hotel, given in honor of their employers. Mamselles-Row One:-P. Kellum, treasurer N Iczkovitz S Green vice president M Ferguson, president: S. Hart. secretary G Flowers Row Two: Mrs. H. Sloney. sponsor B Tebbetts P Barnett N Victorson S Sander D. Shear. , al Row Three: J. Sapala, F. Mittleman, L Foreman J Ross C Dworktn B Lowell 2SA T 79 15 f ,Q .ca fy A , ,v 'K . V- 9 ' S? V S T4 1 in V ' 'inf' ' ' sf' QQ Z .341 . Q! 1143 -'il I . "3 A-Q, "Spotlight on Mumford." This phrase marked the beginning of each Monday morning news broadcast over Mumford's public address system. These programs, given during the record room periods, included all important school announce- ments. Under the supervision of Mr. Earl Matthews, English instructor, the Broadcasters' Club made tape-recordings for the school's audio library. Included was their major production of "Snow Goosef, f' -w-" D . 71' Row one: S. Kotzer, E. Settino, secretary: W. Goodman, president: R. Shaye. vice-president: M. Cohen. treasurer: B. McKenzie. Row two: P. Ornstein. S. Good- man. J. Doner, F. Spector, S. Coden. C. Lewis, Mr. E. Matthews. sponsor. Row three: H. Moltz, A. Foon. N. Victorson. D. Linderman. L. Smok- ler, C. Karp. L. Levi. Row four: K. Lynn. D. Czajka, D. Pollinger, A. Nachman, S. Sandler, B. Heller, S. Goldman. Not pictured: S. Economy, J. Lev- in, D. Nelson. Broadcasters and Hams Mumford and s ,L 'v L 9 lo i . E ,L , llllllllllllllllll j Debby Linderman cues the music as announcer Pauline Ornstein and newscasters,Keneth Lynn and Bob Shaye, begin the Monday morning broadcast. Stuart Bloom and Eric von Valtier are transmitting Ito. New Zealand as David Cutler confirms the trans- ITllSSlOl'l. Communicated with The World W8GMP were the call letters of the Radio Club whose members studied the method of short wave communication. After discussing the codes and theories of communication, the club, with its sponsor, Mr. Maxwell Hutchinson, social studies head, constructed and used short wave receivers and transmitters. During this past year the Radio Club increased its power, constructed a new transmitter and communicated with licensed stations all over the world. Row one: Mr. M. Hutchinson, sponsor: S. Bloom, vice-Pfesidemi ' E. von Valtier prSSid6I1fLK. ShwaYdef Row two: M. Silver, N. Superfon, R. Pollinger, D. Cuttler, H. Lenter. Not pictured: G. Semerlianf S- Brown, J. Jenks. Y Y Y as1:,.r., W... +14 4 ull. sf, farms . fwf- .- nal Students spend many hours of studying at Mumford's library making valuable use of its numerous facilities. Library Staff Maintained Efficiency in the Mumford Library Under the guidance of Mrs. Marie Webster and Miss Nona Duffy, school librarians, members of the Library Staff gained valuable experience in the running of a library by managing general circulation of Mumford's library books. In addition to performing an indispensable service to the faculty and students, the members received two and one half hours of credit in the li- brary science course. During this past year, the group visited The Detroit News and saw both the specialized library, which is one of the largest of its type in the country, and the huge press rooms. Bettie Schottenfels, Miss Nona Duffey, and Judy Greely check in Gloria Brown's and Elaine Ash's books while Renee Sherman looks up a requested reference. if 40 .an 5? - JPN. Q., E. 2. A Row One: M. Allender, B. Farber, B. Steinberg, treasurer, J. Palmer, president, S. Lewis, secretary, M. Ernstein, B. Berman. Row Two: S. Duffy, sponsor, S. Slowman, B. Bleasbe, B. Schottenfels, A. Schneider, R. Neuvirth, J. Cobel, J Mrs. M. Webster, sponsor. Row Three: E. Densen, M. Resnick, N. Rosenthal, J. Small, P. Deidrick, J. Greely, C. Coggan. Row Four: J. Gilbert, T. Goldberg, J. Kass, R. Karpinski, J. Helman, J. Helman. Ji 75 I 1, P fi? l 2 n f , , Mw +37 W4 .,,. A A ' -rv-M1511 ,V , . W,-fi, ,,,. , ily k 1 Y I gj , , WWW, by In A V .j.5 - . f 45, . ., vu ' " ' ' ,, X f ,gc-. fg x b , .--. wavy ,- an , i .- 451,-QQgg,kWjwW. wifi. . '- " V ' V. K ., . h 'J 14 xAQ- . f 4 -- W V ---' - V" f L L 1 fx V ' . ' ' ' ' X q,r:.gv,gr E i W .2? Axx j!1'L, , , ' ff , ., ,I gp- xy, ' ' . " ' W V . ,, .K-x ML, w. 22" ,+,4,ii',w.'i3lrl, . -' ' nglij f ' k 1 w? M. '- X 4. A .t X. , W' N tn, X . f ' r, m 5 b A, ,A.. A k,'5 .x:Q5Vg',i1 , J, , V ,t-,QL , X no-fi I bp. W ,A V:- V rgi: ,V,, A. .A,, , R -h , W D .W -Z4-ff' .,- 3 1,5 1 x ' i ., 1...,..., 2. 'N---... 1 v 1 .4 I 1 1 if-If v-at f :sn Y-Teens-Row one: D Bowie, D. Holland, A. Mat thews, E. Seaborn, D. Martin, Iggy I", Hi-Y-Row one. J. Schaef fer, Q. Peterson, R. Black, vice-presidentg I. Coats, trea- surer, B. Holmes, secretary: G. Berthet. Row two: A. Widman, T Rabior, E. Vulpe, H. Weitzer, S. Bologna, P. Leidly, Mr. F Dain, sponsor. Row three: W. Laidly, M O'Donnell, D. A. Leuchey, R L. Ashton, D. Rahovan, M Aure, W. Biscomb. Not pictured: B. Netzer, president, Mr. J. Soltesz, spon- sor, L. Rahovan, J. Purdon, J. Price, R. Uhrich. Hi-Y and Y-Teens Cooperatecl to Render As one of their many activities, the Mumford Hi-Y sponsored the spring and fall clothing drives. The boys also participated in the publica- tion and sale of football programs and created the Student Emergency Fund, from which stu- dents could borrow money in case of need. To create, maintain, and entend throughout the school and community high standards of character and conduct were the aims of Hi-Y. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Floyd Dain, social studies teacher, the group was affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. . 47 7 G. Rice. 4 U, 353 Row two: J. Nauman, R. -U Dear, B. Romain, M. Norris Vs 4 1 C. Baxter, K. Benson, N. Ken- A nedy, V. Patton. Row three: C. Matthews, L. ' Ross, J. Efrusy, A. Blandino, M. Ferguson, P. Agnew, B. Kiel. Row four: L. Kuhn, N. Klenke. B. Brown, K. Boden- horn. D. Zale, J. Price, L. Ferguson. Sixty-six 95- w Vhnlnnrf Q Q fi Mumfordites enjoy the Ply- mouth Rock, a dance co-spon- sored by the Hi-Y and Y- Teens. Service ond Sponsor Sociol Affairs Service, companionship, and sociability were the aims of the Mumford Y-Teens. This organiza- tion, sponsored by Mrs. Marie Snyder, English instructor, managed the sale of refreshments at the Mumford home football games and had sever- al dances and a hayride for its own enjoyment. The group, which was affiliated with the Y.W.C.A., has also worked with the Hi-Y and co-sponsored the Plymouth Rock, a highly suc- cessful autumn dance. 2541: ff 2' m', Y-Teens-Row one: Mrs. M Snyder, sponsor, P. Walker chaplain, B. McKenzie, vice- presidentg G. Hewitt, president C. Bissinger, I.C.C. representa- tive, N. Lister, secretaryg W Wheeker, treasurer. Row two: J. Martin, S Sanders, L. Martin, R. Lowell, E. Harhonen, L. McMaster, R. Doumanian, S. Walker. Row three: E. Basinger, J. Dahl, B. Marsh, S. Hargreaves, L. Bogden, B. Lowell, B. Wren- beck. Row four: L. McKinney, N Hoyes, M. Fromhart, J. Lush I. Brown, M. Gill, B. Bohn, Pi Deidrich. 7 Capturing the mood of old Spain in an amusing skit are Senores Steve Ehrlich, Larry Coggan, Charles Olender, Patil Fried, Richard Gerber and Senoritas Janet Bing and Deanna Dunsky. Row one: A. Gottlieb, F Lieberman, treasurer, P. Fried, secretary, D. Dunsky, presi dentg R. Gerber, vice-president B. Pines, R. Morris. Row two: R. Holtzman, B Theophelis, S. Starman, H Rosenberg, C. Olender, N' .19 f u Members of the Spanish and Appreciation of Dramatization of native plays, singing Spanish folk songs and listening to informative speeches given by teachers, students and special guests were among the activities of the Spanish Club. Under the guidance of Mrs. Helen McKenzie, Spanish teacher, the club visited local displays of Spanish art and attended concerts of that country's music. Through these activities the club became better acquainted with the customs and traditions of Spain. f K ii if 321 3: , ,iii ' 3 , 1 'W -'11 ' X' ,avid . I 6 i ' ,. I I 1 Falk, M. Meyers, H. Brown. Row three: M. Lurie, R. Big- elman, B. Cohen, A. Ausland- 1 er, E. Linovitz, D. Rosen, K Beckerman. Row four: B. Lawrence, S. Ehrlich, D. Bennett, M. Katz, F. Spector, L. Coggan. Not pictured: Mrs. H. Mc- Kenzie, sponsor, M. Danto, S. S Fis, S. Goodman, F. Schultz, G. Pastor, S. Crane, I. Waser- 111311. 186 4 ,mf 1 ,n1lsrm 1.-xv:-4 i 1 5 'ing 1 NP 045 , Watching Dr. Edith Kovach cut the cake at the Satcrnalia party are 4 5 . c . X r 4145, Q ' 'Q lx 'GA '54 'fi '94 gg: Q 5 I v 1 Y ,I :rift Latin Clubs Acquired an Romance Languages Through interesting movies and informative discussions, the Latin Club, under the guidance of Dr. Edith Kovach, Language head, acquainted students with the classic civilization of ancient Greece and Rome. This year club members were entertained with talks by Dr. Kovach about her various travels to Greece, Italy and Spain. Roman games, movies, slide lectures and an annual Saternalia, a Latin Christmas party, highlighted their activities. Dale Teitelbaum and Diane Steinhardt. I Row one: J. Mallory, G. Peck, consulg D. Steinhardt, scribag D. Teitelbaum, consulg Dr. E. Kovach, sponsor, F. Sturman. Row two: M. Lakoff, C. Coggan, S. Spector, H. Goren, R. Pollinger, P. Quint, C. Bis- singer, M. Lazarov. Not pictured: M. Robins, quaestor: R. Gilbert, historg E. Frank, R. Saltsman, S. Chester, Sixty-nine Enthusiasm for French Customs and Traditions Was Promoted by French Club Members I I I Ill-l:l1fl?ilf.lil lilrlgll I .. 1 -nat I I n Nicole Tomanicek. an exchange student from Tunisia, relates her experiences to Mrs. Naida Dostal and French Club members. .f-,- vb.. 4 .. .1 I , 6 ' fl I if I L, Row one: Joyce Weintraub, Joanne Weintraub, G. Sanuer, A. Faren, S. Lappan, L. Zimmerman, J. Katzman. Row two: G. Graff, E. Gunsberg, M. Danto, D. Krops, S. Cohen, J. Kanter, L. Olen. Row three: G. Fenton, S. Bailen, N. Lustig, S. Robinson, E. Cohen, N. Brookstein, I. Lorber. Row four: G. Weiner, B. Bortman, C. Cohn, R. Lax, B. Brown, D. Usher, C. Rice, J. Baggleman, S. Ruch. E, 5 7 rw in G Il 1 J . ' .x i at 'if' 1 l X 33 C . , , saws wow ff A.. 4 'nv' tal ix vi Q, cg 34 lv my X if , ff , fi A "LZ fm ,,qfg,,,,4 f .I Seventy E D154 4 l Y Y ' Seventy-one C5975 Q-bfi Row one: J. Miller, .ay-no Slug, QL '49 E. Ash, corresponding secretary, J. Waserman, president C Goode secretaryg H. Band, treasurer, H. Hackelman. Row two: S. Dorf, J. Litvin, J. Lusk, S. Perlman, E. Cohen, M. Berman S Bloom R Gantz, Mrs. N. Dostal, sponsor. Row three: L. Fried, C. Karp, A. Kosoglad, L. Shapiro, S. Bayklan G Ballies M Meyerson, L. Zuckerman, R. Yaffe. Row four: A. Ausla nder, J. Brown. C. Ackerman, B. Winston, B. Freedland E Lappin P. Bernstein, C. Robins, S. Safran, J. Kuschinski. l'Bonjour, mes amisf' This greeting was common at meetings of the French Club sponsored by Mrs. Naida Dostal, language instructor. Members enjoyed French music and travelogues delivered by students, teach- ers and guest speakers who had visited France.:Songs, music and tasty French food were on the agenda of the annual dinner, which is held at a different De- troit high school each year. K fi f Ap. 'xl V' Row one: Mrs. M. Kelly, sponso , W 5 V 1-.. M 4. 3 C Q it r: S. Starman, E. Lerman, secretary: R. Bigelman, president: L. Levi, vice-president: M. Lurie. Row two: B. Woloveck. L. Austin, C. Coggan. L. Farbman, D. Rosen, B.Lowell. A. Henry. Row three: E. Redlich, D. Dunsky, B. Jones, R. Morris, A. Kramer, G. Samuels. J. Frimet, B. Pines. Row four: J. Morton, C. Robinson, S. White, A. Klein, A. Black, J. Baskin, J. Ashby, Not pictured: J. Copley, treasurer. sf far I fu. Sharon Robinson and Geraldine Weiner gain valuable experience through cadet teaching at Bagley School. Judy Copley. AI K lllii Q1 , ' Q f 3 M -'z-,g , . a 3 3 2 1 yi g- '. 4 ,. Q 5 .5 , I Wayne University panel members discuss new teach- ing techniques with Rhoda Bigleman, Lois Levi, and Seventy-two Study ond Practice Aided Prospective Educators We 5.5 pf 'as pe, . i obgc: fs v-4 .4 ,Nc 5. Dgbg J V2 ' ref Jrds .wry D Y:- .Seventy-three To interest and acquaint Mumford students with a career in teaching was the purpose of the Future Teachers' Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Marion Kelly. This organization was a junior affiliate of the National Education Associa- tion. At their bi-monthly meetings the members were shown the various phases of teaching through movies and guest speakers. Their ac- tivities varied from spending an enjoyable day observing and attending lectures at Wayne Uni- versity to cadet teaching at various schools in this vicinity wherein the members received actual experience in working with children. Row one: G. Flowers, K. Siegel, F. Schrage, E. Linovitz, S. Littky, I Dunitz. Row two: C. Lepofsky. S. Ellman, G. Jackson, A. Itskovitz, B. Freed Row three: G. Fenton, G. Weiner, S. Kotzer, J. Baggleman, E. Rappo port, L. Foreman. Row four: B. Zelmon, S. Latimer. D. Bennett, I. Kass, A. Little, J Doner, R. Shifman. S E T S ' . Q ss- ' . 4- " 'Pe' L. 5 , 4 j. .- ' ii i , M as 'NEA FW 1' X f' . , .. 1 , 5 V t -. in - -7' P V' ' I kv, xl- '1 A -fa g. N, A -.1 . I . X r-""i-- fi 4 - Row one: R. Zwerdling, R. Huber D. Rottenberg, H. Shevitz, R. Mel- amed. Row two: L. Wasser, H. Lenter, H Goren, K. Shwayder, Mr. H. Davis sponsor. Heavy Concentration Typified Chess Club Sessions Barr Wolman is ondering over Y P Don Solomon's move. Seventy-four Using internationally recognized rules and scoring methods, the Mumford Chess Club met once a week for two hours, their sole purpose to play chess. For this reason the club designated a separate time for business meetings. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Harold Davis, mathematics instructor, the group developed a national rating for each of its members and played several tournaments against other high school chess clubs. E :-. Q :-. 4 cn Q 3 Q. I' cu Q Q. cn 1 GD ET 'U U an 4 'L o 'U cn Q. Q' -4 -ll 3' cn P! m -4 Q C U' Row one: I. Bank, C. Babbush, L. Blondy, secretary-treasurerg R Wolfe, presidentg N. Klegon, vice- presidentg S. Bloom, lieutenant- governorg E. Barris. Row two: W. Caldwell, R. Jaw orski, S. Bologna, H. Schwartz D. Rakovan, M. Aure, B. Black A. Bolton, H. Glazer, J. Tracht. Norman Klegan and Ralph Wise explain the ob- jectives of the Key Club to Sid Blatnikoff, Robert Black and Ed Barris. Helping the unfortunate, building character and giving service to the school were the main functions of the Key Club. It was associated with the Northwest Kiwanis, a branch of the Na- tional Organization, and was sponsored by Mr. Selwyn Alvey, Mumford Counselor. This year the club sent two representatives to the Key Club National Convention in Houston, Texas. Two hearing aids, which were loanable to any student or member of the community, were pur- chased by the group. Money for this purpose was raised by the sale of pennants at our football games. 2257? X New X vswwsxg EX 121 'V sf- Xixxwke XX ,-P'-. s x I Xl I L. I f l I .K ws. Row one: M. Lightstone, S. Bruce, R. Mor- ris, secretaryg G. Hewitt, president, B. Krakow. treasurer, E. Berk, E. Grad. Row two: P. Innes, A. Neiman, L. Silvers L. Rubenstein, A. Miller, F. Heinemann, B. Weiner, Mr. J. Siddall, sponsor. s Row three: A. Kosoglad, R. Roberman, J. Moss, E. Spector, S. Surowitz, R. Barcus, B. Bohn. Row four: J. Kurtz, L. Limond, M. Bayer, G. Posen, M. Levin, S. Milgrom, C. Smith, J. Jackson. Not pictured: B. McKenzie, J. Kantor, N. Ollerman. Aspiring Students Developed Their Talent in the Art Club Paint, pencil and ink were the drawing instru- ments that provided hours of relaxation and fun to members of the Art Club. Under the direction of Mr. James Siddall, fine arts instructor, the club was open to any student who was interested in art and wished to practice his hobby. Among their activities were posters for various school functions and the construction and design of sets for the Mumford plays. Experimenting with block printing are Barbara Shap- iro, Enid Burk, Barbara Crakow, Adele Neimen, and Merna Lightstone. Seventy-six The ideas of Gail Posen, Barbara Krakow, Merna Lightstone, Barbara Shapiro, Nana Ollerman. and Enid Burk take form with water color in the Drawing and Painting class. wg! fvvuq:z.iw ,f,,.f1a zv uf ff: r Q . 1? -3 'lm I QLFPM E While watching Mr. Sam Ascher perform an experiment with liquid nitrogen, amazed Science Club members discover that the fumes cause the air to freeze. Stimulating interest in science was the main purpose of the Science Club. This club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Samuel Ascher,science in- structor, performed unusual and advanced experi- ments which were displayed to a group of science instructors from all parts of the country. The conference with these men, prominent in the field of science, highlighted the clubis activities. This year the club also took various scientific field trips, including a visit to the Dow Chemical Company. l'.,..., --w I "- - - 4 16- A.. Members of The Science and Explorecl Row one: L. Goldstein, M. Simmer, secretary-treasurer: G. Weiner, president: D. Teitel- baum, vice-president: I. Bank, J. Kanter. Row two: S. Stecker, A. Zlatkin, R. Tanner, N. Hubert, A. Nachman, R. Shaye, J. Stewart. Row three: G. Beckerman M. Gould, R. Eisenberg, H Goren, L. Brotman, D. Castle- man, W. Dishell, A. Phillips. Not pictured: Mr. S. Ascher sponsor: G. Flowers, J. Rogoff Seventy-eight Q Bio-X Clubs the Various Fields of Matter Row one: Miss M. Middle- ton, sponsor, H. Malone, presi dent, L. Poskel, secretary. Row' two: M. Cohl, R. Ca- hill, treasurer, T. Lucas, vice- president. Not pictured: A. Morof, D Levey, N. Levy. .P .J rwiniiiiliiiimsgx F ly 1-in 1 xi 'mi Illia I 'I sux, If nl' Using their new dissecting set, Arnold Morof, Lois Poskel Richard Cahill, and Ted Lucas perform an autopsy on a squirrel Research and experiments in biology as well as many of the other sciences were among the activities of the Bio-X Club. This year's work included experiments in electronics, astronomy and some of the other regular high school sciences. The group with its sponsor, Miss Margaret Middleton, science instructor, attended the Michi- gan Junior Academy of Science of which they were active members. During the past year the club won several awards for its achievements in biology, astronomy and photography. 7. , M T 2 Z 4 . ,rf f, 7. -ur., S C19 ' I 5 1 U f ' 1 , ui 1' ii and-t IH," llllul I ' ..'.I'fIllii 0 .. 1 1 K 65636 , L, A. W7 Row one: R. Chosid, G. Beckerman, G. Rosenberg. R. Ryback, S. Porvin, S. Conway, W. Dishell, M. Cohn, F. Prime. Row two: Mr. P. Bernd. coach: D. Buchalter, M. Goode, L. Blondy, S. Kravitz, H. Sandweiss, C. Eastman, A, Rosenbaum, D. Bernstein, E. Siegel, H. Stulberg. S. Bologna. Row three: J. Spertner, G. Madvin, M. Kratchman, P. Reveno, A. Horne, H. Shapero, R. Perujin, A. Rothenberg, H. Yaker, B. Sarver, J. Ridley. Row four: J. Mengel, J. Weisberg, B. Sehrott, S. Sinai, G. Lustig, G. Mullen, O. Trowell, D. Hass, A. Neuman, D. Walton. Not pictured: H. Newman, C. Reeves. f X 4 ' X Slim 315 Eighty Letter Winners Received Recognition in the "M" Club Eighty-one HGood sportsmanship and service to our schoolv was the motto of the M-Club. Sponsored by coaches, Harold Grove, Paul Bernd, George Cairns, Jim Kelly, and Stanley Mullin, the club strove to develop good sportsmanship at Mum- ford. Membership in this group was open to any boy who had been awarded a letter in an organ- ized sport played at Mumford. In addition, club membership was considered a reward for school service. Coach Stanley Mullin shows Paul Fried and Gary Beckerman the list of the latest letter winners. Row one: R. Walton, J. Moss. R. Black, treasurerg M. Schiff, president, S. Levine, vice-president I. Cascade, secretaryg M. Lewis. Row two: Mr. S. Mullin, coachg R. Gerber, I. Starr, S. Sandler, B. Biscomb, H. Lapides, T. O'Nei1l J. Katshman, Mr. M. Kelly, coach. - ROW three! Mr. H. Grove. Coachz S- L-HX, S. Ehrlich, C. Babbush, H. Lambert, R. Wolfe, L. Mendel- sohn, A. Croll, D. Rosenthal. Row four: R. Tanner, R. Holmes, A. Breyer, R. Jacobs, H. Rubenstein, N. Kalish, M. Silber, B. Netzer P. Fried. X ,m, AW' If- 4 B S11 en, D. Bennett, vice-president surerg G. Flowers. visor. Shear, E. Redlich, J. Firmet L. Zuckerman, L. Fried, G. Samuels, S. Sanders. zell, L. Smokler, P. Kellum, J. Baskin, S.Bez, B. Lowell. Brotherhood-Theme of Human Relations Club Under the supervision of Miss Dorothy Perron, social studies teacher, and Mr. Paul Kerber, vocational instructor, the Human Relations Club collected and distributed canned goods to welfare associations to be used in Thanksgiving baskets for needy families. Striving to promote brotherhood in our daily lives here at Mum- ford, this organization sponsored the program marking Brother- hood Week. Listed on their agenda were movies on racial pro- blems, special speakers and trips to various settlement houses. Members were active participants in the Junior Round' Table which included students from various high schools working toward the improvement of human relations. Working together to pack cans for the annual can drive are Principal C. E. Frazer Clark and club mem- bers, Lois Fried and John Olson. Row one: E. Gunsberg, F. Schrage, K. Shifman, C. Cog- t 'f' 3 .,., gan, B. Blacher, M. Becker, S. Glazer. Row two:Mr.P..Kerber,spon- sorg T. Jones, B. Lawrence, J. A. Croll, S. Ehrlich. ter, E. Portner. aa Row four: E. Lefkovitz, S Ellman, A. Bolton, S. Surnow E. Casterlow, S. Bailes, J. Bag gleman, A. Little, T. Holley. aff Not pictured: M. DeGray. . . .ull fy .izs..-..u.aTA T new f Row one: S. Dawes, S. Bail- S. Littky, president, C. Karp, secretary, M. Shifman, trea- Row two: S. Novitz, J. Moss, J. Stein, I. Settas, L. Siegel, N. Katz, Miss D. Perron, ad- Row three: J. Haydu, D. Row four: K. Beckerman, R. Chaenko, M. Granoff, A. Le- Doner, F. Spector, D. Jackson, Row three: M. Lipsky, L. Olen, S. Levitt, G. Fenton, D. Martin, M. Cohn, A. Schach- WW, , , wwf f mt,-' ' ' .-wg, 5. '-2:1 at 3 am. ,ff 5 ' f. ' 'f Q f .WV 'w 4'3- .' A7 ,,ff , .,. if fm W -3 I 49 4? -5-. l Row one: J. Katchem, Miss D. Patterson, sponsor, H. Moltz, advisor, K. Lynn, advisorg A. Kosoglad, advisorg J. Mondshine. Row two: S. Teitelbaum, P. Schneiderman, J. Band, P. Reiter, M. Zeiger, C. Prujan, R. Rom, B. Rosenberg, P. Mohr. Future Row three: A. Magid, L. Karbel, D. Goldfarb, S. Pizer, D. Teache, M. Zacks, R. Goodis, J. Glueckman, B. Young. if 1 I, Yr . fG" t f ' Ma Q ' rj ' XSS V X Q . 51 he Q i 8:31i.ifs:3iif..:2:if.3:5S J- II Www ' fi-'teaifieiiiiiiiieit N . X 4 'W W Q If 0 A AW 0,0 LfQiLLLf-Y Y. W. y Y i Lf Ffnl1Iu-fnllr Drumutists Prudiced Techniques in the Junior Drumu Clinic Belsky, Bob Moss, Ellen Merkle, Judy Band, and Judy Mondshine. Although their schedules prevented them from taking part in the Drama Club, these ambitious young thespians received training and preparation for drama classes in the Junior Drama Clinic. Actual practice in pantomiming and presenting short skits proved to be both interesting and in- formative. The participants were advised by Kenneth Lynn, Stephen Economy, Arline Kosoglad, Barbara Pines, Sherry Carpenter, and Helaine Moltz, senior members of the Drama Club. Row, one: C. Lipton, G. Cohen, G. Caplan, E. Merkle, E. Marks, A. Schlafer Row two: C. Adler, L. Alpert, C. Jones, S. Eastman, R. Swarin, J. Glickman, M Goldman Row three: J. Belsky, F. La Pides, J. Beznos, N. Harley, T. Lipton, I. Tobisman A Miller Row four: P. Hyde, E. Stein, M. Goldstein, F. Samson, B. Moss, C. Bornstein G Chicorel C. Smith. Fi ikff f.,.. ,054 V' 1 l ,....., .,... 5: l :ff .V A ,M . ff 'v ,.,, g. '51 ' 1 -..- Q ff' 1 FE! il t l V., 'Ji 36 Q..-2 Row one: Miss D. Patterson, sponsorg C. Karp, recording secretaryg l. Harris, vice- presi- dentg M. Cohn, president: L. Levi, corresponding secretary, K. Lynn, treasurer. Row two: J. Rodman, J Bing, P. Ornstein, C.Lewis, G. Flowers, M. Rose, J. Glueck- man. Row three: R. Berlow, S Rubenstein, F. Schultz, M. Cit- rin, S. Armstrong, N. Victor- son, S. Lippitt, H. Moltz. Row four: H. Rosenberg, L. Wasser, I. Marwil, A. Nach- man, R. Shaye, W. Goodman, F. Spector. Practice in the Drama Club Developecl Acting Abilily 1 '1- ., - 7 I S Hr' Rf ' f Q , at -kwa? I L riffcm Eighty-six Under the sponsorship of Miss Dorothy Pat- terson, English instructor, the Drama Club was organized to further understanding and apprecia- tion of dramatic literature and the living theater among Mumford students. Membership in the club was obtained by auditioning and their selec- tion was based upon dramatic ability. The presentation of the semi-annual school plays were among the numerous activities of the Drama Club. The members also produced a vari- ety show in co-operation with the music depart- ment. In addition they did several one-act plays during the semester to further develop their stage presence. Rehearsing a drama club play are John Marwil, Alan Nachman, Steve Coden, Sandra Armstrong, and Gwen Flowers. i Row one: D. Dunsky. Span- ish Clubg J. Waserman, French Clubg P. Altman, Capri, J. Kuschinski, IMSSCQ R. Bigel- man, Future Teachers' Clubg S. Littky, Human Relations Club. Row two: D. Teitelman, Latin Clubg M. Cohn, Drama Clubg G. Weiner, Science Clubg H. Malone, Bio-X Club, B. Netzer, Hi-Yg J. Palmer, Li- brary Club, M. Ferguson, Mamsellesg Mr. N. Burkhardt, advisor. Not pictured:.N. Scholnick, chairman, B. Wolfe, Key Club, B. Goodman, Broadcasters' Club, M. Schiff, M-Clubg E. von Valtier, Radio Club, J. Sasson, Current Affairs Clubg G. Key-Smith, Chess Club, G. Hewitt, Y-Teens, Future Re- tailers and Art Club. Presidents Promoted Harmony Among Clubs Publicizing all individual club activities was the purpose of the Club Presidents, Committee. The committee, under the guidance of Mr. Norman Burkhardt, attendance teacher, was a subsidiary of the Student Council and served as a sounding board for club problems or ideas. This club also served as an organizer which en- abled the individual clubs in school to work together. Under the leadership of Nan Scholnick, vice- president of the Student Council, the groupls main project this year was the publication of student handbooks. Active in making this organization a success are Nan Scholnick, Bill Goodman, Geraldine Weiner, Stuart Bloom, Dale Teitelbaum, Bill Laidley, Reid Ashton, Gary Beckerman, and Barbara Steinberg. au.. 1:e ' Participation in extra-curricu- lar activities was one of the high spots in our high school journey. Mustangs had an opportunity to develop their individual interests in an atmosphere of fun and com- panionship, They spent many A hours of work to put out the yearbook, write for the school paper, serve on the student council, sing in the choruses and play in instrumental groups. gain, but what we do." --Carlyle "Everywhere in life, the true question is not what we E Eighmeighr Acnvmlss Wf- 7 V. Xl 2 X ,,,,. in- V... .mfxx l B. DeMarsh didn't want those fingers anyway. R. Wenzel and R. Moss sign in at Freshman Rally. C. Royal Mumford typing classes are some- B. Rikas, M. Silber, L. Singer. S. Conway, and L. Mendelsohn are not making T.N.T. times quieter than study halls. f e 'f u' iff? "t' f .',. Z Ps 'E dbg 'Ili TE f 4+.3!.,,V I NX X . Ninety g ,,,,,+ .1.:.1 3 , , 'I I X 4-. V, I vmfnrff'-if f , Lp ,griyffia , , , ix-wi, ,, - 1' ' ' 2 V, .LV-K, ,, A , xv -4 V: 1 ,- f , -xv POUTS 3 drink- Mumford students take the cake! They swing and sway at the Spring Fling. Dramatizing Macbeth is fun for the English Lits. E- MHHICF tries new streamlined wood-spinning lathe in shop class. Ninety ff' , one 9' Caprl Camera Captured Standxng Arlene Kosoglad Jenme Kantor ar Ronald Benson photography Rlchard Seated Gary Beckerman asslstant edltor Harriet Band organlzatlons Judy Levin, X K 7 JJ Ninety-two Ninety-three Year's Highlights To provide Mumford students with a permanent record of the year's events was the goal of the Capri Editorial Staff, under the supervision of Mr. Charles Kaufman, English instructor. Preparation of such an enterprise as the Capri required the writing of much copy and selecting from over 1000 pictures the scenes that best depicted the activities, clubs, athletics, school functions and other events that made Mumford history during the past year. The staff also planned the photo assignments and processed the major portion of the photos used. The Capri Business Staff, under the supervision of Mr. Jay Bodzin, commercial instructor, was responsible for selling year- book advertisements to the various retailers in the city. They kept the accurate records of all Capri sales and distributed the book in June. The staff's varied financial duties included the perusal of printing contracts, paying of supply bills, collecting time payment contracts and publicizing both the fall and spring sales campaigns. 1 t f l .Q . fr n I . 1 Vi 5 , i A,, Qs Editor-in-Chief, Phyllis initiates new staff member Chaenko, Editorial Staff-Row one: R. Rom, J. Elkin, R. Miller, J. Waserman. Row two: R. Chaenko, R. Kaplansky, R. Pollinger, L. Salinsky, N. Falk. Row three: S. Gelman, A. Croll, N. Levy, F. Sturman. Altman, Ruthan fu lf ffygfff. 1 if K 1-F' 'Y L Yllaf 6Z?g4'f1Hj' H A zvffej . I l , ,N p I if Charlene Ackerman and Hershill Goren straighten the old Mer- cury darkroom, Publications Challenged Mickey Millman, Nancy Hayes, and Susan Goodman type Mer- cury articles before they are sent to the printer. Maida Ciranoff becomes a "good bundle" by buying a Mercury Goodfellow lssue from Henry Lee and Judy Caplan. Members ofThe Mercury and Capri staffs Harriet Band tCapri7, Judy Gott- leib fMercuryl, Phyllis Headlines for The Mercury are set by Barbara Steinberg, Barbara Berman, Sanford Wein- 5 er. and Peter Quint. f A Ninety four Senior Carole Karp purchases a 1956 Capri from Rosanne Leonard, sales manager, and Mr. Jay Bodzin, Business Staff advi- sor. Mumforcl's Journalists. Rosalie Shiffman signs the Senior page while Paul Dinu and Jerry Rogoff, Capri Business Staff members, supervise. Editors Judy Levin, Phyllis Altman, and Harriet Band put the finishing touches on a page for the yearbook. gi- Altman CCapriJ, and I Adrienne AuslanderflVler- curyl exchange editorial notes. "Watch the Birdie? says Capri Photographer Ronald Benson to Barbara Salicoff and Myron -M ., gc! l V21 ui. nwfev fu? Bordman. 'Vznety five it! New Editorial Policy Initiating a new publication plan, The Mercury became a bi-weekly paper with two complete staffs. They were composed of journalism students, sponsored by Mr. Vaughn Hoogasian, English instructor. The business staff, under the direction of Mr. John Meng, English instructor, guided the sales campaigns and obtained advertisements for the publication. To gain new ideas and experience, members of the staff visited press conferences at both the University of Michigan and Wayne University Journalism Departments. In addition, the Mercury staff competed with the Student Council in the' sale of their Goodfellow edition. Together, the organizations battled to recapture the little blue jug, previously won by Redford. The money collected in their combined campaign was donated to the Goodfellow Fund. Row one: B. Feuerman, M. Lakoff, D. Linderman, B. Steinberg, A. Auslander, M. Lazarov, B. Goldsmith. Row two: J. Gottlieb, J. Schichter, H. Rosenberg, P. Quint, J. Nosanchuk, S. Freedman, B. Margolis, S. Goodman, G. Gussin, Mr. V. Hoogasion, advisor. Row three: M. Kent, S. Weiner, H. Goren, M. Salesin, F. Pass, P. Borman, M. Woolf, R. Sachs, B. Brown. Not pictured: E. Settineo, A. Rothbart, R. Israel. i "l K I I fb .M N inety-six Produced Outstanding Results Q s el ' pu n l nllru itll!! ,I n x mmm mimi 'mn xl! 1 gill "'lllllllll!" "' ' I I 1 , .tv """lv mgtilt.intinautagwttitttx ll: t I W hut ' B la IIN" Ninetv-seven Ninptv-spvpn Ninptv-.vpvpn , iff.. ..4-. -......... f':'x.nnsunn-.. Hard work and cooperation enable Mercury staff to meet deadline. Row one: F. Lieberman, P. Levenstein, L. Ross, S. Safran, N. Hayes. Row two: Mr. J. Meng, advisorg J. Caplan, business editorg A. Katser, S. Bloom, R Shaye, photography editorg S. Lappan. kgw JA" Fall-Row one: M. Joelson, M. Ernstein, J. Bing, secretary of the Senate, H. Lapides, presidentg S. Schrut, secretary of the House, G. Au- gust, P. West, Mr. N. Burkhardt, advisor. Row two: S. Littky, G. Burkow. S. Blondy, M. Danto, J. Cohn, A. Schacter. Miss J. DeBorst, advisor. Row three: E. Kasoff, M. Granoff, J. Handleman, M. Eisenman, C. Lewis, J. Rodman. D. Linderman. A. Leib, Mrs. Z. Pollinger, advisor. Row four: M. Weitzman, M. Friedman. S. Gorlick, D. Pollinger, J. Hamburg, H. Sandweiss, B. Moss. M. Parr. A. Croll, S. Sarko. Not pictured: N. Scholnick, vice-president, S. Handler, treasurerg Mr. L. Millman. advisorg Mr. J. Woolever, advisor, J. Copley, L. Hart- stein, E. Lerman, L. Rhyshen, D. Rosenthal, C. Schwartz, H. Shapiro, J. Starr. The Council Was The Community service, school improvement and the provision of a place for the expression of student views were accomplished by the Student Council. The Senate, composed of four delegates from each half grade and the House of Repre- sentatives, including a pupil from every record room, formed the Council. ' "C'est si bon," say Linda Axelrod, Charles McGlinnen, Denise Nelson, and Harvey Lapides as Marlene Danto, French Club member, serves refreshments at last Ninth graders enjoy refreshments at the semi-annual Springg Carnival, mixer, sponsored by the Student Council. -I :L 5, 4... A, f wif. ,AS N 'Nil Spring-Row one: G. August, D. Snyder, J. Bing, secretary of the Senate, D. Pollinger, vice-president, N. Scholnick, president, M. Fried- man, treasurerg M. Ernstein, secretary of the Houseg D. Rosenthal, S. Teitelbaum. Row two: Miss D. Utter, sponsor, L. Rysken, B. Manheim, N. Victor- son, B. Weiss, M. Granoff, T. Silvers, S. Bez, C. Lewis, A. Schacter, S. Littky, J. Rodman, Miss J. DeBorst, sponsor. Row three: Mr. J. Woolever, sponsor, S. Schrut, S, Rice, B. Samuels, G. Burk0W. S. Blondy, M. Weitzman, I. Briskman, A. Vichi, M, Parr, J. Shere, S. Crane, Mr. N. Burkhardt, sponsor. Row four: A. Croll, S. Handler, R. Sweet, H. Shapiro, H. Lapides, I. Scholnick, B. Moss, H. Sandweiss, C. Eastman, J. Hamburg. Not pictured: G. Stern, E. Borger, S. Swortz, S. Levine, E. Kasoff. Voice of The Student Body Under the guidance of Mr. Norman Burkhardt, Miss Janet DeBorst, Mr. Lewis Millman, Mrs. Zelda Pollinger and Mr, John Woolever, the council sponsored elections, dances, student ex- changes and the local Torch Drive. By the pro- motion of these extra-curricular functions the council encouraged school spirit and improved student-faculty relations. Sandy Schrut is loyally supported by Harriet Lett, and Carole Valinsky in her campaign for student council office. GOOD CITIZENSHIP 3 2 2 X Elaine Kolodin, Nan Scholnick, and Barbara Goldsmith personify the aims of the Student Council at last spring's Student Day. CHOOL SPlPtlT FALL SENIORS- Row One: S. Starman, S. Bailen, P. Ornstein, C. Mathews, M. Lurie, W. Wheeker, D. Yagoda. Row Two: D. Tabaka, L. Greenberg, S. Ehrlich, L. Snider, D. Luckey, G. Rosin, M. Fuller, S. von Valtiar, B. Fried, S. Kotzer FALL FRESHMEN- Row One: G. Moss, S. Teit- elbaum, E. Borger, E. Mandell E. Surowitz, S. Lapides, W. Newman. Row Two: S. Symez, G. Gel- fand, J. Stamell, E. Bliznick, D. Levine, M. Goldstein, I. Ca- stleman, J. Davis. Row Three: J. Willis, L. Nachman, J. Aronoff, H. Ru- bin, A. Norris, B. Elliott, A. Camden, C. Platt. FALL JUNIORS- Row One: J. Efrusy, E. As' S. Safran, M. Citron, B. Bo ouck, D. Zeckman, C. Goode Row Two: A. Blandino, l Olen, F. Lieberman, K. Bodei horn, F. Pass, S. Porvin, Lappan, I. Lorber. House of Representatives Council FALL SOPHOMORES- Row One: L. Buckley, R Chaenko, D. Finkel, J. Baskin D. Bloomberg, M. Levin. Row Two: S. Ager, J. Elkin L. Katcher, R. Zack, H. Lash D. Kaplan. Row Three: N. Klenke, Y. Levy, R. Chambers, C. Ross, F. Nash, D. Schey. L. Weifl garden. One hundred Informed Students of Activities SPRING FRESHMEN Row One: S. Moss, J. Levingston, R. Marcus, B. Rosenberg M Finestem S Weiner, A. Sugar, B. Roth, M. Leib. Row Two: M. Weinstein, B. Lipson, M. Kanter, K. Deutch C Lipton E Lumberg, J. Goldman, B. Cobb, S. Katz, D. O'Neill. Row Three: A. Miller, M. Lipson, H. Rubin, S. Marks, D. Levine J Stamell L. Nachman, J. Kalifey, S. Rosenbloom, L. Lipshaw. Ont SPRING SOPHOMORES- Row One: C. Aboud, E. Redlick, P Berke, S. Sofferin, S. Crawford, R Jaffin, B. Share, R. Gelman. Row Two: J. Dann, A. Sacone, E Portner, J. Sarason, E. Trahan, P Grant, A. Gross, B. Moletz, S. Glazer J. Kurtzf , Row Three: N. Hass, J. Mengel G. Marcus, B. Dewitt, F. Webb, A Burstein, N. Moscow, J. Krause, B Pratt, H. Lee, H. Lash. 1 SPRING SENIORS- Row One: L. Bogden, G. Flowers, J. Lewis, N. Montgomery, S. Robin- son, E. Cohen, E. Lorober. Row Two: M. Ferguson, J. Moss, S. Starman, S. Conway, S. Solovich, D. Eisenberg, A. Itzkovitz, W. Smith, P. Stephens, S. Von Valtier. Row Three: D. Kratze, G. Milan, N. Superfon, L. Frishman, R. Stern, G. Wolfson, R. Jacobs, G. Shirs, L. Hack, M. Newman. SPRING JUNIORS- Row One: B. Borock, M. Citron M. Erickson, B. Gray, S. Armstrong S. Dorf, L. Hartstein. Row Two: C. Ackerman, E. Lap- pin, G. Beckerman, S. Levitt, L Hardiman, L. Heiman, F. Starr. Row Three: D. Robinson, M. Pearl man, D. Broner, N. Hubert, S. Wink- elman, K. Gitlin. -..n g E1 at REF ei Row one: Sfc. F. Northam. instructor: F. Miller. G. Henry. A. Geller. H. Mitchell. M. Booker. J. Bialkowski, J. Bauer. R. Lucl-Ley. R. Jaffa. F. Gold. J. Mussat. K. Zeeman. R. Sklar, Row two: R. Bauer. D. Wilson. R. Pearce. J. Willie. R. Komer. E. Burns. R. McCabe. G. Mitchell. F. Morandy. K. Glinki. A. Wood. J. Gurstell. R. Jaworslxi. Row three: F. Steiner. G. Woodmancy. M. Goodman. L. Snyder. G. Haddon. J. Nelsen. C. Jones. R. Noble. C. Photsios. J. Steinhorn. P. Maisel. I. Bloch. M. Helier. Not pictured: M. Gantz. F. Gunyou. G. Mullen. D. O'Handley. G. Tom. Cadet Corps Trained The goals of Mumford's ROTC groups were the development of physical fitness and citizenship. The cadet officers, ad- vised by Sergeant First Class Frederick R. Northam, supervised and trained the entire corps. Through conscientious work and capable direction, the units retained their National Honor rating for five con- secutive years. Row one: L. Colton. A. Oestreich. P. Darling. D, Leedle. A. Reymer. R. Layle. R. Traitel. R. Supin. R. Krokey. J. Fenley. H. Klepner. J. Drennan. J. Vartoogian. H. Wilke. Row two: S. Burg. S. Freeman. R. Nordstrom. G. Allman. J. Higdon. R. Wenzel. W. Saffer. B. Ross. J. Fuller. R. Ancell. D. Solomon. R. Stearn. M,f'Sgt. C. Wiley. instructor. Row three: K. Zingle. G. Bridges. R.Huber. J. Holcomb. B. Tower. R. Snyder. D. Shirey. R. Tack. D. Rice. C. Zaclxery. A. Jones. Not pictured: R.Silberman. F. Nash. A. Ali. J. Craig. D. Dickstein. l 91esf5f6!99f1f 1' fra ...Ht - 6' Gordon Henry -Tiff? "1 'M it ttlii Ganmy-Al,-wq,..l...t.... .,- .. ,1- - we .Jwzww-f 1 sz1 .awai1u. 'Q-1r' f-i V 1 1. i J , - -ff-- f-f U a i at , 5 ,, . ,. . , 5, H Row one: L. Dinkin, W. Melvin, L. Adams, C. Murray, L. Garrett, D. Cutright, L Miller, R. Rourke, H. Baker, L. Brown. J. Hendin, T. Vosie, J. Bauman, D. Folberg, Sfc. F. R. Northam, instructor. Row two: C. Johnson, R. Black, J. Levy, W. Hughes, W. Johnson, J. Stern, C. Mackey M. Horne, K. Rebar. L. Jones, J. Samuels, A. Norris, R. Peters, G. Torbertt, L. Evans, S. Trembath, R. Spears. Row three: J. Penhollow. C. Giacalone, R. Broyles, S. Daw, T. Mathews, C. Beach, L Squier, E. Erickson, M. Morganroth, R. Hack, S. Levitsky, M. Levitt. for Citizens' Aid In addition to performing at the half time of three football games, the corps obtained a school flag, ushered at school events and entered drill, rifle and Field Day competition with the other local high schools. Row one: P. Allen, D. Oversby, L. Dinkin, C. Reeves, P. Dinu, T. Trahiotis, J. Bauer, R. Supin, R. Sklar. Row two: J. Willens. P. Gould. D. Wood, A. Doering, M. Shapiro, R. Komer, H. Welch, G. Jacob, B. Woodmancy, Sfc. F. Northam, instructor. 4' Henr Dav4 nl.. Sf' , H-.- et fe eg, para... Q YY." Ns .ff 3' ' Q. 1. V , ,gr I ' , Q 1 1 : 'f W K ff? f ' I K I .V 2 'V il li 'H "3 1.-I if yi!! uw .K llrlvf CZ' 5 'rg K , , 1, , I ' I , 3 mf, ,V 7, 9' 'E 'f f, , 34'7ff, , - , f,,,,j,f, U , f' ,"4ff5'f yfff, , f, ffmgqg ,-M,f, Q, f , , Wy.-,Q ' ,ff , mf. fr L- M44- We jam. We rehearse. We perform. We bow. Notes from The We Music Department We march. W -4 ,J .Q Y 5 ZS! ff wg . V- -, zz e,5,,,.e5445i3 ww. , '5ff,.'p. nvfih 'E' ' . W. ,k., , Q51-v f 'wax fi, , I yr 5iffi:iL. ' ,g f- V 5 - ' 'QQ W , .W Q., '+ . .1429 2' , , li , Af as y fe e E sy 2 K !"' I 5 ,VAA f -'A' ww ' ' -H , ' 'f'- , . - 1 e - . ,- ,.:,-xg-,k.:..Q-g.f1 ws 33 e ,l eeee 1 ,, ,,",L 1 f W4 ' ' .- f 4 A ' f f ,ff .,'L f' f' ' X. .pyw1:QkV,i1 ,i5i iqw, Vykk V I f f- , Q-P ,,g.i.i Q A h ,. ig " -in ' ' ,V . ' gf , 4 zf ' . 1 - . , X14 ' i f.wglH2S4w 3 - N Q I ,Le fy ug? Q I , ,, t ? 5 'Sgi?,,..,xL K ,Y , dw, VL I , ,L K - z I , . fi A kk ,, . T V if L, M1 ' Y M. -f.. - F , ' - ,gg f K- 1 '31 3214 42,9 ,A, , Wg W WW ' e if We drill. ,N I ,J 7 55 o. V I I ' 'K , ' ' K X 'W Q e, K' ff-, -. f ,, W '+.. - . P' ' 'A "" V72 "mf" r , A Le: . .""w ' L, V I 1 I ,W I We harmonize. approve. ,nv-3 'il V4 A A My K .. I J-nkjggasiu 1 i We solo. H, w 1 f " I5 " eo eo 1 Q ni W fi' X M .5 . v. Si-5 lnstrumentolists Promoted Working on a full schedule throughout the year, the Mumford orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Jerome Stassen, performed at the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts, plays, com- mencement exercises and other school activities. The orchestra accompanied the various ensembles and vocal groups. Each member had an opportunity to receive a letter in music as well as two and one half hours of credit. While improving their musical talents under professional instruction, students in the Mum- ford orchestra also developed an appreciation for fine orchestral music. Drum-Major: C. Brooks. Piccolo: A. Gorelick. Flutes: E. Pliskow. B. Romain. R. Johnson. Oboe: G. Mitchell. Clarinets: R. Pliskow. R. Taylor, L. Lasser. A. Ander- son. A. Warnick. H. Bloom. M. Bordman. J. Marx. J. Richardson. A. Mason. B. Isaacs. L. Pornoy. J. Willens. E. Baron. N. Levine. J. Feldstein. D. Folberg. J. Arnoff. S. Paul, R. Pollinger. Alto Saxophones: G. Coats. K. Lermer. M. Aure. L. Beresh. G. Bridges. R. Schneider. Tenor Saxophones: B. Galin. H. Aidem. P. Borman. D. Buchalter. Baritone Saxophone: H. Adler. Trumpets: M. Schwartz. W. Forman. D. Geisz. R. Jacobs. C. Brooks. S. Moore. R. Chandler, G. Riewe. R. Farran. M. Heath. A. Hoffman. R. Gaylor, H. Krastoff. C. Jones. French Horn: P. Stern. Not Present: M. Weiner. Trombones: D. Tasker, G. Roth. M. Hill. J. Zrimec. Baritones: H. Welch. G. Price. Not Present: J. Bialkow- ski. Basses: G. Rosin. J. Susman. J. Drennan. Snare Drums: E. Breznar, H. Slutsky. Not Present: R. Weber. Bass Drum: A. Horne. Cymbals: J. Handleman. Bells: C. Goltra. Mr. R. Haskins. instructor. One hundred six First Violins: M. Lakoff, S. Glazer, J. Berman, S. Bloom, W. Biscomb D. Leedle. K. Hodge, D. Lipshitz, M. Robins, S. Lee. Second Violins: L Smith, V. Deutch, T. Lucas, B. Pdelsohn, E. Hyman, A. Muller, E. Latt J. Cohen, C. Jones, P. Fallon, P. Gunn, ,J. Thomas. Violas: J. Cole, G Striker, J. Kafkakis, G. Perlman, J. Vartoogian. Cellos: B. Brown, J Stallsmith, L. Brotman. R. Goldstein, C. Gregg. Winds: K. Lerner, P Horne, R. Weber. Mr. J. Stasson, instructor. trumpet: R. Weiner, horn. Musical Enthusiasm Outstanding in Mumfordis music education department is the band, directed by Mr. Roger Haskins. Among their performances were the Spring and Christmas Concerts, accompaniment at plays, rallies, athletic functions and various other school activities. Meeting daily as a class, the band had the opportunity to earn a letter in music in addition to receiving two and one half hours ' credit. The purpose of this organization was to give students an appreciation and understanding of the values of band music. Any student who had some music background could join for the ex- perience and pleasure that the band offered. 9 Baumer, L. Weinberger. B. Bernstein, Frank, D. Lee, M. Cohl. Basses: E. VonValtier, S. Litwin. R. Hecker. J. Bauman, J. Drennan. Piano: J. Borman, R. Steinberger. R. Pliscol. G. Mitchell, R. Johnson, B. Ramain. A. Garalick. Brass: P. Stern, G. Roth, J. Zrimic. Percussion: S. Haley, A. , Not pictured: G. Gutentag, cello: M. Schwartz, trumpet: W. Forman, Row one: M. DeGray, S. Lewis, G. Nyboer, P. Bujan, B. Schottenfels, B. Armstrong, M. Roch, Miss G. Engel, director. Row two: E. Courlander, C. Dahnke, J. Charmer, S. Diskin, G. Herman, M. Kady, C. Raz- za. Row three: S. Milgrom, D. Rortell, T. Carter, C. Murphy, D. Zaln, M. Morris, G. Hum- phrey, L. Cohen. Row one: H. Rosen, C. Da- hnke, M. Erickson, S. Bicoll, D. Bowie, P. Winslow, J. Fu- erst, G. Herman, L. Martin, D. Cardeccia, Miss G. Engel, Director. Row two: V. Nicholson, E. Courlander, C. Razza, J. Bry- ant, J. Charmer, M. Kady, A. Conner, J. Hinkson, M. Jack- son. Row three: C. Dworkin, S. Thomas, E. Solomon, J. Carro, S. Hargreaves, S. Diskin, M. Roche, B. Saffady, M. Hutner, S. Heller, L. Jones. Row one: D. Porter, M. Mc Burrows, N. Shannon, M. De- Gray, N. Lister, S. Ashley, K Underwood, B. Lawerence, D Martin, M. Schneider, M Johnson, B. Armstrong, C. Bis- singer. Row two: P. Smith, D. Clark C. Bagdasarian, C. Lis, J. Ates- ian, J. Nauman, G. Nyboer, D Tabaka, T. Holley, R. Zwirn B. Schottenfels, B. Nauman, S Lewis. Row three: N. Korby, M Chapman, J. Henderson, S. La- timer, L. Gurwin, D. Zale, C Monahan, M. Alenco, M. Norl ris, M. McCann, P. Bujan, L Higley, M. Pappas. 1 Row one: M. Adelson, C Bissinger, P. Kellum, S. Ashley H. Fruchter, M. Schneider, B Lawerence, C. Bagdasarian, N Lister, S. Heller, J- Nauman Row two: N. Korby, L. Hig ley, B. Nauman, E. Lumberg T. Holley, D. Tabaka, M. Mc Cann, M. Norris, B. Watson, S Latimer, D. Martin, M. Pappas Row three: G. Tom, J. Nos- anchuk, A. Pearlman, D. Lie berman, G. Lichtman, S. Kra vitz, D. Snyder, C. Monahan, L. Gurwin, R. Ryback, T. Car ter. Promising Mumford Singers Chose from Many Vocal Opportunities The choral organizations performances at the Spr1ng Concert Winter Music Festival and other community functions prov1ded lively and harmonious entertainment for the Mumford student body Under the direction of Miss Grace Engel music lnstructor vocalists learned the fundamentals of group singing and had an opportumty to develop 1nd1v1dually Meetmg dally as a class the members of the Girls Glee Club which IS open to all students earned two and one half hours credit The Chorus consisted of upper classmen while the Con cert Choir was composed of advanced singers Row one: Miss H. Cataldo accompanist, M. Jackson, A Connor, J. Charmer, P. Win slow, S. Thomas, D. Bowie, V Nicholson, J. Forrest. Row two: J. Fuerst, L. Jones, S. Bicoll, M. Erickson, P. Walker, D. Porter, S. Har- greaves, B. Saffady, A. Faren, Miss G. Engel, director. Row three: J. Smith, S. Sinai, J- Goldman, T. Carson, R. Ben- son, W. Woodmancy, J. Pur- don, D. Darning, Not pictured: W. Puppas, P. Shaw. Ensembles Shone in Mumford's Music Department First Violins: M. Lakoff, S. Glazer, J. Berman, S. Bloom, K. Hodge, S. Lee. Second Violins: L. Smith, V. Deutsch, Lukas, B. ldelsohn. Violas: J. Cole, G Striker, J. Kafkakis. G. Perlman. Cellos: B. Brown J. Baumer, D. Lee, B Bernstein. Basses: R. Hecker. E. Vonvaltire. Piano: J. Stallsmith. L. Brotman. Sponsor: Mr. J Stassen. Under the direction of Mr. Jerome Stassen and Miss Grace Engel, music instructors, the string and vocal ensembles specializ- ed in performances at the Spring Concert, Winter Music Festival and radio broadcasts. Also among their activities was the furnish- ing of background music at various other programs. Students who had vocal ability or played a string instrument were eligible for one of these musical groups. 1 Z E E Row one: Miss H. Cataldo. accompanist: M, Schneider. B. Lawerence. C. Bagdasarian. T. Holley. H, Fruchter. J. Nau- man. Miss G. Engel. director, Row two: M. Jackson, S. Hargreaves. B. Saffady. D. Porter. N, Lister. M. Erickson. N. Connor, E. Lumberg. Row three: B. Nauman. M. Pappas. B, Watson. A. Pearl- man. J. Smith. J. Purdon, W. Woodmancv. One hundred ten yew aw . Row one: P. Toren, J. Glass man. M. Cuttler. L. Wolok. Row two: J. Clark, C. Kay, 1. Jenks, S. Stevens, J. Levy. G. Jacob. Not pictured: D. Cutright, D. Patterson, T. McConnell, M Smith, F. Gunyow, Mr. H Mehr. Left: Donald Cutright, Gerald Jacob, and Steve Stevens paint it . . . Right: T h e n Gerald J a c 0 b hangs it up. Stage staff Assisted in Auditorium Productions Preparing the auditorium for concerts, plays, assemblies and other activities was the duty of the Stage Staff, supervised by Mr. Howard Mehr, Mumfordis technician. In addition to setting up the stage, the staff operated the lights and checked the audio- visual equipment at all auditorium programs. Through the services of this staff, Mumfordis auditorium equip- ment was kept in operating condition. One hundred eleven Row one: A. Kosoglad, J. Marwil, P. Jackson, H. Moltz, S. Coden, S. Siegan, G. Cott. Row two: Miss D. Patterson, director, D. Nelson, J. Fuerst, W. Biscomb, I. Harris, G. Rosin, F. Spector, K. Lynn, H. Rosenberg, B. Goodman. 18 Paula Jackson Row one: H. Mackie, co-chairman: M. Ernstein, co-chairman. Row two: D. Teach, D. Jackson, B. Pearl- lTl8l'L Not pictured: Miss A. Tucker, sponsor: L. Portnoy. G IN gr I? Mumford Thespicms The first of the year's two plays produced after weeks of work and practice resulted in the successful presentations of "The Torchbearersn, a comedy by George Kelly. Under the capable di- rection of Miss Dorothy Patterson, drama coach, the play was presented on November 18, and 19, 1955 in the Mumford auditor- ium. Denise Nelson Row one: C. Lewis, co-chairman: I. Gilman, co-chairman. Row two: F. Blumenstein, S. Bailes, M. Omenke. Not pictured: L. Foreman, S. Goodman, B. McKenzie. One hundred lwelvg 'res One h L, ,,.,, ,YYW Row one: M. Lightstone, P. Ornstein, co-chairman, A. Kramer. Row two: S. Bez, F. Blumenstein, B. Barak, N. Lustig, G. Not pictured: R. Neuvirth, Co-chairman. ented "Torchbearers" Burkow. The sets, constructed by some of Mumford's most promising art students, added interest and enjoyment to the production. The performance's success was also due to assistance of the prop, costumes, ticket and publicity committees. Ken Lynn Freya Spector Row one: G. Flowers, S. Armstrong, J. Katzman, co-chairman, L. Levi, co-chairman, M. Feinberg, M. Citron, L. Shapiro. Row two:Mr.M.Budyk,sponsorg M. Shifman, R. Shifman, M. hman, D. Kaplan, M. Katz, S. Kirsch, S. Ruch, E. Portner. Nac as 2 . .34 .5 K. .,i. . Newman, A. Karay, A. 5 an .xv -..: Q6 YW i . .. .4 'Q 2 I if , i 2 1 G f. . Q 3 L 9 i 2 I V, , ,wk , ,fzh ,, f.4,fuw, Aff, 3 , 'L if 253 - ff- , U V-I '.fa1f'f1ww':Nvx M-::'bM':2W ' MN f 1 i a 5 we 5 N N 1 I A it I R, Mm ' as 5 , ' A , . 34 I Q Nw A ik, fill? 4: f 2 " . Qin xi ? I X . 459, f ., , W fx 1' -4: f Y A ' mf 41' i f i , mi, . "" 'Q L ."'ikfv . xx.. 'M' -...H fwvzu, X Spring Play Cast-,Row one: S. Spertner, E. Free- dman, N. Victorson, C. Lewis, J. Goldberg, C. Lewis, J. Katzman. Row two: S. Coden, L. Wasser, H. Rosenberg, I. Marwil, H. Sandweiss, S. Morris, G. Marcus, S. Stamell, G. Lichtman, Miss D. Patterson, director. . L, .fn ZW. ,s ek? QB' W.:- Mumford Drcimatists Presented "Time Out For Ginger" The spring play, "Time Out for Ginger" by Ronald Alexander, was received by enthusiastic Mumfordites. The lighthearted comedy involved the amusing antics following a teen-aged girl's decision to play on the school football team. The sets for the presentation were designed and con- structed by the Stage Staff under the direction of Mr. Howard Mehr, technician. This year, tradition was broken by giving a single performance on Friday, April 27, 1956. ln past years the play has been presented on two evenings. Arleen Kosoglad, Helene Moltz, Paula Jackson, and Freya Spector Watch Bill Goodman take a script directed tumble in the fall play, 'The Torch Bearefsf' 29,3 f' J- X 3. Z- be E- 1 ,lg W. Spring Ticket Committee- Row one: M. Citron, B. Boroch, J. Frimet. E. Borger, L. Levi. Row two: A. Gorrelich, M. Fein- berg, M. Epstein, M. Epstein,G.King, G. Kott. Row three: Mr. H. Timmons, sponsorg I. Berman, J. Cohen, S. Freedman, A. Iczkovitz. A. Lezell. One hundred fifteen 4 N..,,.,-Ji Y? Spring Publicity Committee- Row one: M. Lazarov, A. Schneider, S. Olen. Row two: B. Harris, J. Shapiro, I. Spertner. Not pictured: Miss A. Tucker, sponsor. Spring Costume Committee- Row one: S. Smith, M. Omenke, C. Stein. Row two: C. Lepofsky, L. Marg, co- chairmang S. Goodman. Not pictured: Mrs. D. Morrison, sponsor: F. Sugarman, B. Barak, co- chairmang N. Iczkovitz, M. Nelson, R. Katz, R. Berlow, R. Neuvirth. Spring Property Committee- Row one: B. Perlman, co-chairman: M. Ernstein, G. Haas. Row two: J. Gluechman, E. Port- ner, co-chairmang C. Honigman, S. Bez. One 3 Rehearsal scene from 'Time Out For Ginger" catches Henry Sand- weiss, Emily Freedman, Connie Lewis, Nancy Victorson, Sheila Sta- mell, and Hilda Rosenberg in one of the highlights from the Drama Club's spring comedy presentation. L U.- .. -J,...4--.. 'QW .. 2 -cef' L ff if .- mln fa. A V . .15 J -1, l ,-wfw,Q2xr 1-,,f 1 , , - W v-:.u.,,..f.:.:.u , 24, W' few - Kgfp if .A ,.m!qi . my 5 , ' 1 'wa f fi H, . S .. .M a 'yin f-by Q14 ., :EJJQL if ..,4srEaAup.4 E "t:'41l 1,1 , UN' f, J' -21" 14, ' R . x K Q I bd L .. 1. 5 I 4'--n-Q After a long day of travelling on the winding and sometimes bumpy road, many Mustangs found athletics a most welcome stop. This was no idle pause where they could catch their breath and recover from the day's journey, for every' minute of their time was spent practicing hard and learning to earn victo- ries and to accept defeats. For when One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He marks - not that you won or lost but how you played the game." -Grantland Rice Q fllflefeefl I ll-I ' '- ,P .,... 'V H .- . hp, ,,.. J. Johnson drives in for a lay up. H. Miller and M. Portner wish good luck to Chadsey opponents. L. Greenberg watches the birdie instead of the ball. Capri camera catches high flying Mumfordites. 1011115011 and C- KOPCUCO 1 W5 if s X , 4 as 3 f , Q 1,5117 ,lwjfl-., Hr s .,., ri QfM.,xm,, B Pevzner, B Lawrence, S Sanders, and M Kady get ln some face off practtce O. Trowell completes swan dtve R Walton pours on the speed m the home Who dropped a quarter? stretch. , Sf 4 Q iN L Surprising Mustangs Climaxing their season with a hard fought and tense 7-6 win over U of D was an exciting finish for Mumfords' surprising 1955 football team. Picked by the experts to finish in or near the bottom of their division, the Mustangs, led by coaches Harold Grove and James Kelly, came through with a 5-1-1 record. This enabled them to finish in runner-up spot in the West Side League. The lone defeat of the season at the hands of the Northwestern team cost the Mustangs an undefeated season. :fa-T339 - -- ,.eJl, ,Q " alfa!! Row one: A. Rothenberg, G. Madvin, H. Newman, T. O'Neil, L. Blondy, S. Kravetz, N. Kalish, S. Lax, C. Eastman, H. Sandweiss, A. Horne. Row two: R. Wolfe, student manager, H. Yaker, I. Cascade, S. Sinai, H. Rubenstein, B. Samuels. R. Okum, B. Schrott, B. Black, D. Rosenthal, C. Babbush, student manager. Row three: H. Grove. coachg M. Schiff, H. Lapides, R. Steinberger, J. Wiseberg. A. Shapiro, student manager: H. Lambert, D. Buchalter, J. Spertner, S. Levine. J. Kelly, coach. .Not pictured: A. Rosenbaum. M. Owens, B. Sarver. C. Reeves, S. Bologna. One hundred twenty-two Captured 2nd Place Hsin!! Wsuwlfsxr V-nu. 'vnu' nxku, ,543 ,,,byh, st Q.. 5, 5 sg, sm -'M' " , M M Vn!'3jV'r ""'Y"f'x f "Nga,,.'rv1q.-'uni 'i"v' 'Q LW: K: -wg W' ' Q ii""' Y """ ,I Coach Grove keeps watchful eye on practicing Mustangs, Jim Wiseberg wishes the school could afford tackling dum- mies. I , 1 I , .,, Team strategy is discussed by coaches Grove and Kelly Terry O'Neil likes the "wide open spaces." with co-captains Blondy and O'Neil. One hundred twenty-three Season's Scores Mumford 20 ,.....,.....,,. Southwestern 0 d Mumford 18 .u..4.,., 4,....,,,..... C hadsey 6 Mumford 6 ,.,.,.... ,,u....., C ooley J W f a Listed down, left: Bernard Schrott, Terry O'NeiII, Gary Madvin. Top down, right: Arthur Rosenbaum. Harvey Lapides, Sanford Kravetz, Henry Sandweiss, Dave Rosenthal. Neal Kalish. N, One hundred twenty-four ,W '5'l 'svl Gridmen Season's Scores Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford 37 ..,.... O ,.............. Northwestern 6 1 2 ..,..,. ,....,....,...,. R edford 6 7 ,,,,,,, ,,,.,Ad, U . of D. 6 Central 12 , , Q U ' "Q .-a ' -S41 Yr-Q is fi 1 ""-,iff 4? ! if EVN if We 55 -.. One hundred twenty-five Listed down, left: Bob Steinberger, Alan Rothenberg, Leonard Blondy, Ian Cascade, Mark Owens, Danny Buchalter. Top down, right: Harry Newman, Jim Spertner, Jim Weis- berg. Not pictured: Harold Lambert Harold Yaker Mike Schiff Sheldon Sinai Camera Catches Varsity Action f" L --'- - ,W K I L, . .Q I II f- IJ , lf s fr, K Y 'LJH7 vac. f , 4 . I I , ,, Q H , 1' yh'1fnl"'r J. - , in Vin, B WL ? ,, V ,wut 55 I 4.-1 d 'N x it ' lf' ,"s ' - L I I U, , Q Mg f 'V ,, ,U . , 1 , . fe 1 ' 4 ':"'21""' -1 " 'I 5 W, , , ,I rl, 541245, f It he 4, me 'Q sagafam IF 'll v 7 f W' ' ,W 'If ' 1 I, 1:eIf,,,iX'1f4j4MfwC 4- 'K QL ' X' " Q , 'W . -fw' 'dwg ,'- ..1 ?,,.,,. f , 'I 2 I .17 If,hwfn.,v QQ,oq.,,,p. .,?ft1sa,W,,,,, ,.,..,. r I , ,n I, I, X .. -24wM2- ' of , 7 . ,mf .5 , M' ' ' -' ,. f' I' " ' , rv mg Ife" ff '4wf'4l,. fav, I, . -tfv-Jasc-fifth ,. ,f -yI,f-4w,N,W,. ,.,f,w4 ,L Z,A.,.I4,.,, W.,, mf , Waals., Mm ffm, 0,,1.If, ,-462 . , f gf .. -I.,fI. 'wr 1,-'Wh4,qy, mvtf, ,ma " "-a44et.a,J'fI ffm Z-fm,.'.Wz:III I, ,t'Ye-Ft-AMB'-f, ,fgff ,,',:fw pw-'4,+f'w..a.-2.1010-'fs L I Harold Lambert almost outruns Northwestern de- Redford and sidelines stop fender. Harry Newman. i l I Harry Newman throws Redford's back for a loss. Sidney Levine and Leonard Blondy team up to dump Redford ball carrier. Mumford line aids Marks Owens in extra point at- Gary Madvin runs back intercepted pass. tempt. f, L ,., jf L, Q ' . A 3:2 ' .L 1 pg 5 life. viii? Zf'13,Q X ' -, 'Q Q53 W " ww . . ' v 4 fs 2 v 'VI ' r swim ' f t L. 1 ' L A H "A .1 aw ' "' ,yi iff 1 K .- 15355. ' ' -.. .I X Q Z ' , . fide, 1 ,ii 4524 ,fjyg ' Q lk A s Q hlwsl 5 Q-A M - 1 Y - aw ' an . , , X 1 sl, EQ f, V, , -at H , ,V lr J' I , lv- 9 My 1 " F' ' iq G , I -iz? , Y vt, X W ---- 'vt af' . , M45 5 f I' ' 53 fm , f,' ' Ig A t f 6, f Q i f - I f- If - X 1 Q 1.1 " gift, G QV L l ,Vi , ,, ' Q N any ' ' . , I 2 4' Q L QL: I my ' I 1 M ful A 4 if y . 1 . ,N .ti Q 5 W J A , V, 5 ,O 5 J1,,g4gIJg,g M I I, I , ' ttf ' A - 2 -F , N I I' 25"ff ' . . - ., N,-fwf, Q55 - Wi, 4 ' - Q -1 wfgqgggff 1,2 V, 'gs K fgyiaggpftfshfgilaei'I. 3 .Ji ,Z N V, Q 2, 2 HV' - Q4 tj I- 3 7, f, I I. - , '9 ' I ' , X U W 'J . V. Y. ii' I W .,:L:,:,.. T 1 1 V ., K A ,Q ,- 1-wt A ff: ,t . iT?-lfbf' - ' 'V ' i '? I-if'7I Hr" WI- '+L . "W .e QJLH' f f :NW 'I I 5 ,. 2.-li""zI ,fff 4: 'F , ze .- at ix, ' kj a-. I-'v ,ff-,y ' yifgf..-rft., , ,v. 21111.-g.,, .,sP4Ml Q Q, gf: 4: 'N ' " -. -I Qe I- ,I AK - s g, . A -, if -f- 1 . ' ' .af 'YY' 51-2 I 3' f ,- --'le'- f-t CV? ,Q 14 1 "'Q"1! f s? V"If?'f -bf '35-i'ff4'ffMz , fade .... . ' I Ati?-X -551: L Lf fe' Te 233.1612-f, 2 ' 11 t""'f ,'f - v ?fiY1? rI'- 1 I " , f -1- 5-rs fr f f' fi i t 4-ip' Za: I - ig me 5. fa, " -I fa-Il' ., 1, iff it 'fi " 1 , 5.-we -if af' , , ' , I. h , 1, t- ..V, A, A - f, 1- -QI, L - kiln, 'a25.,, - ,EJ-'Q 5 r,pa'e-u- ,f.f5,,' My y, ' WY , ,- , . , 1 k " 'R M 1 I .if-"1S.:v ' 1 I., 2 l,y'l1'i.kE1:fgft"' - gi JM I ' - '-- w .'fr-df-I Ii Hfhma ,. ,ar ,-Q, I IV' - Row one: M. Hoff- man, J. Risto, I. Schol- nick, I. Humphrey, C. Reeves, P. Jingosian, I. Ridley, L. Levine, C. Trihotis, M. Gottesman. Row two: M. Charlip B. Brosilton, O. Brad ford, E. Krass, H. Weit zer D. Levine, M. Smith H.. Brode, J. Kleiner, J. Cowan. 7 Row three: G. Bagas- arian, L. Braunstein, P Horowitz, L. Mendel sohn, Mr. S. Mullin, coachg D. Shevitz, S. Lepler, A. Shapero. Reserves practice -is . blackboard strategy. One hundred twenty-seven f f v Reserves-Unofficial Champs Maintaining the trend of fine Mumford foot- ball teams, the reserve squad finished its -season undefeated. Though held to a scoreless tie by Cooley, the team, coached by Mr. Stan Mullin, was victorious over Chadsey twice, Redford, and U of D. Throughout the entire season opponents cross- ed the Mumford goal line only four times. 'Q fm ,ll A if 1, f , , Z f 1 Varsity-Row One: J Little, M. Schiff, L. Skol nick, H. Yaker, R. Jacobs R. Holmes, G. Mullen, A Horne. Row Two: A. Shapiro managerg M. Silber, H. Stul- berg, L. Silver, M. Owens Mr. S. Mullin, coachg J Starr, H. Rubenstein, L Portnoy, manager. fx lst Boys" Basketball Team ,, .x ' i Larry Skolnick demonstrates effective guard stance. Victories over Mackenzie and Cody enabled Mum- ford's boys' basketball team in this, their first year of competition, to start on a high note. Five games, how- ever, elapsed before the Cagers, coached by Stanley Mullin, again tasted victory as they defeated Redford and Eastern in succession. Qualifying for the city playoffs, the team met and defeated Eastern in the first round of the tournament, but then lost to Northeastern to close out their schedule. Coach Stan Mull 1 the practice session. One hundred twenty-eighl n is about to start L 'af ,W l ,xy rv 1 , , A 1 xx f H"-M. '.',w-X Lay up practice can not be overlooked. Qualified for City Playoffs Reserve-Row One: A. Goldman, I. Briskman, D. Shevitz, R, Litt, R. Walton, J. Theophelis, J, Ridley, M. Perlman. Row Two: R, Shockley, R. Binion, B. Goudsmit, L. Wolok, manager, R. Ko- morn, Mr. J. Kelley, coach, J. Cowan, W. Ash, J. Kreit- er, M. Shwedel, N, Moscow. ?ne hu, Af l ' f 2.1 I R e f . l in . ,,, . f , ... .,,,, ., Auw. . Z . , ,f Harvey Rubenstein. Concentrate on the game, not the blond in the third I'0W. .Lf M 5 1 , 1 V L 3' f vi wa, -....,,-NM Cody ........,,,.,...,. Western ......,..., Southwestern Chadsey .,..,..,t Cooley ...t.,,..... Northwestern Redford r,o.,r..r.. Eastern ...,,r.,.,. U of D .,..,,..... Central ,.......... Ray Jacobs scores on a jump shot. Mackenzle ,....... ...,,..r.. Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Mumford Free throw practice pays off for Harold Stulberg, who sinks The lull before the Storm this one. Imfa-Squad 830105 PF0VidC Plenty Of action. Mumford-Mackenzie battle begins, as Mumford w1ns the Jump Joyce Johnson and Judy Heidt speed down court to aid Mumford V defense. Dressed in maroon shorts and powder blue blouses, the girls' basketball team made their first appearance on the Mumford sports scene. Though they won only one of their six scheduled games, all of them were decided by close margins. Several times the girls were complimented by re- ferees and opposition coaches on their fine sports- manship and teamwork. The team's coach, Miss Eleanor Dunn, predicted that with sixteen letter winners returning next year, the girls should have a fine season in '57. 1 X 5 in Girls' Basketball Long shots Row One: L. Mitchell, S. Castleman, J. Hack, L. Buckley, J. Heidt, B. Mc- Kenzie, A. Blandino. Row Two: A. Faren, L. Aaron, B. Gray, J, Efrusy, B. Lawrence, C. Kopetko, J. Johnson. Row Three: Miss E. Ben- ish, coach, P. Stephens, C Mathews, S. Lucas, J. Don- er, E. Pauling, S. Smith, K Bodenhorn, A. Lewis, J Price, M. Citron, Manager LO.Q?..hJ!L5lLiL4l!!-ith!!! two Vlode Mumford Debut The team waits while Alice Blandino disappoints Judy Heidt, Beverly McKenzie, and Sue Castleman who are awaiting a rebound. . Beverly McKenzie dribbles in for a shot. One hi i Mumford swimmers learn the importance of good starts. Improvement Marked Swimmers'1st Season Handicapped by lack of experience in the early part of the season, Mumford's first boys swimming team, coached by Mr. George Cairns, rallied for victories in their last two meets, to finish with a three won, five lost record. The team began its season with a loss to Mackenzie, the eventual city champion. After a victory over Central, there followed consecutive defeats in meets with Cody, Western, Redford, and Cooley. Then came the closing victories over Southwestern and Chadsey. "For the first year of competition, I'd say our record was pretty good," stated Coach Cairns. Row one: R. Jones, O. Trowell, F. Prime, H. Katler, J. Price. Row two: M. Kratchman, D. Hass, R. 6 Chosid, S. Handler, W. Dishell, S. Conway. N - r 5 t S I Row three: B. Carson, G. Lustig, G. Becker- ' 1 .. ' man, R. Ryback, C. Ross, N. Cohn. 7 Row four: D. Bernstein, M. Goode, E. Sie- , , gal, M. Silber, R. Prujan, I. Cohn, Mr. G L Cairns, Coach. Not pictured: R. Ashton, B. Netzer. One hundred thirty-four X S 3 2 0 Q i 'o 'f Swimming some practice laps are Mike Kratchman and Sherwin Conway We know it's confusing but it's only Fred Prime doing a back dive. Norman Cohn and Reid Ashton race against the clock. Andrea Waxman, Diane Finkel, Elaine Ash, Gloria Brown. and Sue Stein start 100 yard relay practice Of the one hundred and fifty girls from seven study halls who participated in an lntramural swimming contest thirty five were chosen to be come members of the varsity swimming team This program lasted for a month and ended with the presentation of a banner to study hall 101 the intramural champs. The newly formed team, according to coach Lois Holland, was a well balanced squad which produced standouts in almost every event from back stroke to diving. 3irls' Swimming Team Chosen Through Intramural Competition N.. 'K 'T' 'sees--' Row One: Miss Lois Holland, coachg J. Rodman, mgrg C. Goode S. Crawford, S, Sofferm BBreman S. Bez. S. Goodman,mgrs-g M. May,mgr. Row Two: L. Victor, P. Ornstein, V. Patton, B. Hartwig, B. Kramer, G. Aaron, G. Brown, A Feldman C. Chall, F. Spector. C. Crawford. Row Three: M. Schmier. E. Lappin, G.Weissman, M. Levin, C. Lepofsky, E. Ash, S. Stein, J. Dunitz R Mellen. W. Newman. Row Four: S. Spertner. S. Lippitt. S. Zahler, G. Samuels, A. Waxman, D. Finkel, M. Stein, J Stein A one hundred thmy six Lezell. J. Bizer, S. Ager. One X ? ---, L X Q X S f X I x K I 1' I Sarah Lipitt tries for a ten-pointer. Annette Lezell and Geta Aaron come up for a breather kr .af-:Maw X, K nun rf ff- . --1.5.-au. 1 -1.0-qgfdr f Tennis Teams Netted A af JW 1 .. J We , V ' ,,',,, A. ' .f, f ' Betty Johnson shows her follow through form. K Helena Brown drives deep into cross court. I With only one defeat to mar its record, Mum- J C V . f J f , B ford's girls' tennis team completed its fourth -J fi f J J . season. The lone defeat was administered by Cody in the next to the last match of the year. M"""""'ff+-M-M ...,. .. Though held to ties by Highland Park and Redford, the team, coached by Miss Marie Pauli, proved too strong for Cody, Central, Western, Pershing and Southwestern. Outstanding among the victories were the two over Central and Southwestern in which Mumford did not lose a single match. ...M VV I . V I ' 'MM-N... MA ET , . ' 34'-Q ' f . .gf If ' .1 Cai ' ,gg'fgQy ' , , 0,3 . . f ir. Y , H A... ff' Row one: B. Rycus. P. Nik- itas. L. Farbman, J. Stein. A. Faren. B. Breman. Row two: R. Miller. C. Gold- man. B. Johnson, H. Feldheim. L. Zuckerman, A. Rothbart. P. Levenstein, J. Cogan. Row three: M. Pauli. coach: B. Cossin. R. Gale. S. Stifter, M. Rose. E. Rosman. H Brown, L. Greenberg. H Weiss. i' ' 1.41:-A - ss., One hundred thirty-eight if Winning Season Coach Mullin demonstrates service grip. Row one: L. Mendelsohn. H. Miller, S. Porvin. A. Croll, S. Ehrlich, J. Marwil, R. Gerber. Row two: R. Jacobs, M. Por- tner, P. Fried. J. Levin, G. Theophelis, D. Castleman, S. Weiner, S. Mullin. coach. Ona hundred thirtv-nine Ray Jacobs and Alan Croll are congratulat- ed on their doubles victory by Sandy Porvin and Paul Fried. Led by co-captains, Alan Croll and Ray Ja- cobs and coached by Mr. Stan Mullin, Mumford started its season by defeating Cody, Western, Southwestern and Mackenzie in succession. Red- ford, the city champ, handed Mumford its first defeat of the season and the second defeat was to Cooley. When the City Championship was still in sight our netmen lost this hard fought battle to Cooley, three matches to two. Since Cooley and Mumford had tied for second place in the West Side Divis- ion, this match eliminated Mumford from the City playoffs. Thinclads Active in Coach Cairns looks -on as Mel Bishop anticipates a three point landing. CROSS COUNTRY-Row one: J Mengel, D. Lieberman, J. Katch man, M. Eichelbaum, S. Sanuler, D Walton. Row two: G.. Mullin, P. Reveno manager: R. Holmes, A. Breyer. R Waltan, A. Neuman, Mr. P. Burns coach. One hundred forty Spring and Fall Chuck Reeves is up . and over. Alphonso Horne likes to live it CCUPQY' TRACK AND FIELD-Row one: B. Stein- berger, P. Reveno, C. Reeves, I. Schaeffer, C. Simpson, B. Black, R. Walton. Row two: L. Raines, D. Broner, R. Beck- with, O. Wallace, N. Holmes. O. Jeffries, W. Suhblette, T. O'Neil. Row three: W. Biscombe. manager: N. Behm, A. Rosenbaum. J. Spertner. C. Marble. D. Lustig, B. Netzer. G. Cairns, coach. Not pictured: M. Bishop, A. Horne. J Ridley. lt's a bird! It's a plane! No . . It's Jerome Ridley! f vw- .?. ---vu----fw.v "Wha hoppen?" wonders Beverly Stein as Susan Sofferin fails to sink putt. Row one: S. Solomon, S. Sofferin. "Fore! . . . Or is it S3.98?" asks Loretta Hartstein. Row two: B. Stein, L. Greenberg, L. Hartstein, D. Zechman, J. Jones, M. Pauli, coach. Mumford Golfers Mixed Dede Zechman and Susan Sofferin used to be friends. f'It's more interesting this way," stated Miss Marie Pauli, girls' golf coach, referring to the change in the scoring method used at the girls' meets. The change from medal to match play now allows a player to win her match even if her op- ponent has a lower total score, if she wins more individual holes. Under this system the girls defeated Highland Park in the season's opener but then suffered a loss to Redford. Downing Cody, Cooley and Hamtramck they finished the season with a four- one record. One hundred forty-two Fun with Practice Sympathizing with the un- fortunate predicament of Sandy Shapiro are Stuart Teal, Peter Sidlow and Martin Summers. After dropping its first two matches, Mum- ford's 1955 golf team won their next eight meets, and finished with a fourth place in the city champ- ionships held at North Hills. Mumford, coached by Mr. Paul Bernd, de- feated Mackenzie, Cody, Cooley, and.Eastern, twice each, blanking Eastern on both occasions. Before starting on its winning streak, the team was defeated twice by U of D. The fourth place finish in the city champion- ships marked the third consecutive year in which the golf team has placed among the top four. One hundred forty-three "I was robbed!" complains Robert Karbel as Robert Kane and Myron Samovitz look on. Row one: P. Sidlow, R. Kane, M. Samovitz, R. Kar- bel. Row two: H. Rubenstein, M. Summers, P. Bernd, coach: S. Shapiro, N. Christopher, M. Small. Not pictured: T. Nichols, S. Teal. -' -f,m:a4.':.z, , f . f fwfr.-w ,.,f : ww, Hszaf. .new f f vi lf f f Slick steal saves score K-, Netzer niftily nabs 'nother Clever clouter clobbers ig- Mumford Nine Offer Spirited Competition nf' With an assist from Dame Fortune, the baseball team, coached by Mr. Harold Grove, finished its 1955 season with a four won, four lost record. The unexpected assist came from Eastern, which de- feated Mumford 8-5, when a member of their team was declared ineligible and the decision was reversed. Mumford's defeats by Southeastern, Denby, Pershing, and Cass were offset by the forfeited win from Eastern and wins over Northern, Wilbur Wright and Northeastern. Row one: J. Gottfurcht, J. Starr, I. Cascade, M. Owens, M. Kurzman, G. Berthet, D. Levine, P. Joelson, A. Saltzman, manager. Row two: M, H. Grove, coachg D. Schore, M. Schiff, S.Levine, A Feldman, H. Lambert, H, Stulberg, G, Krause, manager. 1955 team members not pictured: R, Netzer, L. Holmes, T. Payson H, Glazer, H. Lapin, J. Lawson, H, Neuman. mm , Y' 5, ? 4, aux... w , ,-1ia.Lva !fsa1.,..navr,..l...w i. t 1 li : no .l ...-i--11 M. May, G. Pasture, J. Rod- man, A. Auslander, J. Copley, S. Lippitt, Miss L. Holland coach, E. Lerman, A. Blandino, K. Bodenhorn, A. Lezell, M. Granoff, D. Curtis. v Cheerleaders Sparkecl School Spirit Galoshes, rain coats, mittens, and a sturdy set of vocal cords were standard equipment for this years' girls' cheerleading squad. Rain or shine the cheerleaders were found at all Mumford athletic events, sparking the teams on to greater efforts. Coached by Miss Lois Holland, the girls practiced faithfully and worked to originate new and better cheers. 'U e 2. are ,..,. .. V O Doreen Curtis and Elaine Lerman say it with place cards. The team was in a huddle. . . One hundred forty-six RESERVE-Row one: L. Aaron, J. Hack, L. Buckley, N. Hayes, B. Gray, Y. Coulter, M. Chambers, P. Kellum. Row two: H. Sommers, C. Crawford, J. Efrusy, I. Heidt, L. Bachrach, D. Martin, S. Lewis. ffffgr f 91 if Ex . Ml ""W'wX ' fe.. WW-"44,,t ' uh""""'45s., 4 Field Hockey Team Staged Strong Finish Merle Cady stops to shoot. VARSITY-Row one: S. Sanders, M. Cady, W. Wheek er, S. Resk, B. Lawrence. Row two: P. Nikites, man agerg G. Flowers, A. Bartold. B. Nauman, L. Beckwith, B. Pervznar, S. Ashley, J. Hill managerg Miss E. Dunn, coach One hundred forty-seven Despite a slow start, the girls, field hockey team, coached by Miss Eleanor Dunn, came up strongly in their last four games to finish the season with a 3-2-l record. Suffering their only defeats in their first two games with Cooley and Southwestern, the girls rallied for victories over Cody, Bloom- field Hills, and, Northwestern. The seasonis only tie was with Highland Park. Of special satisfaction to the team was its victory over the heavily favored Bloomfield Hills team. , s ,gf , Lxxw-A I vifffn .V I 'U-,J ...aa V. T, WY, ., On the following pages are ,some of the Capri's backers. While the Mustangs travelled along the road through high school, these sup- porters proved to be helpful friends. Good merchandise finds a ready buyer One hundred forfy-fight ADVERTISERS 316 vvamfmf 7 Ctfeflf 6 ug wishes to ex- tend con cess to the 1956 d gratulations and continued suc- gra uation classes. -Z5 W1 To the advisers, editors and staffs of the Capri and Mercu ry, our sincere thanks for their cooperation and court- esies during the past years. One hundred fifty ? MEMO from: YOUNG TIMERS LOVE OUR FAMOUS FASHIONS DALTON CASHMERE SWEATERS With Daltons Own Matching Skirts ROSE MARIE REID SWIMWEAR Wonderful Jewels of the Sea ERNST ENGEL'S ACTIVE PLAYWEAR Styled Specially For Every Season HAYMAKER COTTON SHIRTS Endless Pattern Variety HAYETTE CASUAL DRESSES Junior Fashion Delights BONNIE CASHINS LEATHERS Jacket, Coat and Suit Fashions These and many other Famous Fashions are our Specialties llll HllllUl5llllyyyyyMyye One hu ndred STANLEE SHOP 18259 Wyoming Detroit 21, Michigan Ulxlivergiry 1-1833 10005 Curtis at Wyoming Detroit 21, Michigan Herzberg 8. Keystone FINE FURS MANNING SPORN A.Z.A., 939 .-frvW 1: D. Folberg, J. Sasson, H. Stalburg, S. Marks, sec., B. Jacoby, K. Meyers, treas. Row 2: M. Salesin, K. Gitlin, S. Rope, M. Robins, pres., B. Sarver, R. Eisenberg, M. Shapiro, Row 3: N. Hirschelman, G. Galin, B. Aptekar, M. Pearl, M. Goodman, vice-pres., R. Stearn, R. Sklar. 19179 LIVERNOIS COMPLIMENTS OF UNivefSiIy 4-5446 Mar ZZMAM MODERN OFFICE SUPPLY co. Ha r S 1 "Your Office Boy" 19445 LIVERNOIS uNiverSny 2-8413 18091 Wyoming Avenue Detroit 21, Michigan One hundred fiffjv-IWO S , RAJAHS 4 i , Q 5? 5 Row one: Larry Snider, vice-president, Harvey Lapides, Harvey Yates. Row two: Dave Burnstein, Mike Schiff, Jerry Starr, presidentg Mark Owens, Danny Buchalter, Fred Miller. Row three: Dave Rosenthal, Stan Solovich, corr. sec.g Larry Coggan, Mickey Kurzman, Sid Levine, sec.g Al Rothenberg. A Not in picture: Harry Newman, Eddie Seigel, Dennie Rogers, Steve Coden. few ' ot" ww fam 'RQ .Ja..a.f,,Qi'l'Qr ,E iw 'WMM Qfvy l V V V One hundred fifty-three in REGALS Row one: R. Katz, H. Lambert, L. Bressler, D. Eisenberg. Row two: H. Krupp, T. Sokel, M. Gendelmari, vice-pres.: H. Stulberg, S. Sinai. Row three: F. Averbuch, M. Aronvitz, C. Ollender, D. Kwiker, E. Mostyn. Not in picture: B. Stewart, M. Saidman, J. Cohen, R. Brown. S. Freedman, L. Warren MARY CARTER 3 Coiffures Lorne Ulaficiand Hair Styles Of Distinction 7517 W. McNicho1s UNiversity 1-1902-3 107 Clifford Avenue 10629 W. Seven Mile Detroit 26, Michigan Detroit 21, Michigan 19111 Sussex VErmont 8-2812 WOodward 1-6660 UNiversity 4-3643 COMPLIMENTS: le Woffa lmga VVORLD SPORT CAR CENTER E. E. DeMOTT PHARMACIST 13003 West Seven Mile Road Detroit 21, Michigan 20117 Livernois UN. 1-4465 UN. 3-2332 UN. 3-2331 One hundred fifty-four 5.1,5:jg,. :J a 1. :Ir-35. .915,ffyi"g4:g"ggg15- -4,w,Z."1EriH25"1r.r.'gE-Er.,:r1E. . v zu: 52.12 "1':-i."53i-:'Qi19 7":-'iiffff Q11:.f:Qf.iV52:'-"f'i.:?:'5-ZlI"i:1552'-iF'I 'PI'-:f7fi'Ei':'5-f ' 1 .f ,. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS .,11.,:1m.:,:,.:.11.4.1ff.:-:,.-.yn-1-'-4-1:-:f:-:vp-ge:,:-Q.-azizvz-1-.-:ew.1142:-.11-.:2.f.-z:':1..1,..,t1:p-,JS-oz.-. ' ,-.-yx1.-1is.Q::cz-ixV.-.tai-:.Igv1+.I:v:f..SmJi:J2111595112::Q-14.21-a:-an-mmzvem-zmvaaerm NTEBIORS BY SHAW Detroit 21, Michigan UN. 3-2944 Detroit 21, Mich. UN. 4-6484 80900 W. Seven Mile Road MODERN FURNITURE GUILD R. L. POPE Furniture and Floor Coverings 14757 W. Seven Mile 13155 Gratiot VE. 6-5114 LA. 6-8800 I 'uHigh styling for the price you like to pay CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF 1956 inaslrels HUDSON - HUDSON RAMBLER - KAISER - WILLYS jen! iappier Saad anal Service Bear Frame Straightening - Motor Overhaul Welding - Bumping and Painting Complete Collision Work 20232 Livernois Detroit 21, Michigan Near 8 Mile UNiversity 4-8670 UNiverSiity 2-2182 18239 Wyoming Avenue Detroit 21, Mich. UNiversity 2-3865 FERGUSON SPORT'S SHOP Choice Ladies Sportswear 19376 Livernois Detroit, Michigan One hundred fifty-five Louis D. Brandeis AZA, 877 i 'K I 41 V, ,ny -N .54 Row one: Dick Weiner, Burt Isaacs, Don Schore, Chuck Brooks, Neil Superfon, Mickey Millman, Dave Kratze, Colman Hochman, Walt Forman. Row two: Joel Schmerin, Dan Snyder, Harvey Tack, Stewart Teal, vice-president, Mike Dorf, presidentg Al Nachman, Bob Heller, Lee Lasser, Ted Simon. Row three: Darryl Lieberman, Ronnie Davis, Recording secretary, Shel Spector, Paul Gould, Neil Cohen, Harvey Bloom, Harvey Aidem, Norm Sage, Don Castleman, Bob Galin, Harvey Miller, treasurer, Marty Dann, Harvey Gendler. l I One hundred fifty-six W. H. NETTLE COMPANY 20052 Livernois Detroit 21, Michigan Umversity 3-6065 RHANAS Row 1: Florence Fogel, Linda Simon! vice-pres, Zona I-Ierbst, Diane Jaslowg pres., Brenda Freedland, Phyllis Shaw. Row 2: Suzie Simms, Barbara Meyers, Lois Barr, Shelly Gantz, Roni Yaffeg sec., Ann Seigristg treas. Not pictured: Lois Cohen ADVANCE GLASS COMPANY BENJIPALMER M. B E N J I P A L M E R Glass Furniture Tops - Door Mirrors We specialize in B E N J I P A L M E R Mantel Mirrors and Steel Sash Glazing 16629 Livernois Ave. UNiversity 4-4974 One hundred fifty-seven MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY B. BENDICT GLAZER A.Z.A. 882 Row l: M. Herman, L. Remer, S. Losh, vice-pres., H, Rubin, A. Baker. Row 2: A. Rubin, sec., K. Shulack,S. Winkelman, pres., S. Simons, S. Stecker. Row 3: A. Sunshine, S. Dolivek. M. Bordman, B. Rubin, treas., B. Glieberman, Mr. Levine, adv. LOOKING FOR A GOOD JOB? . MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY OFFERS CAREER OPPORTUNITIES A great number and variety of jobs are necessary in the proper operation of your Gas Company. The Helds of opportunities are shown in the following list of jobs covered by the 5,000 persons employed by Michigan Consolidated: CLERICAI. OFFICE-TECHNICAL MECHANICAL CRAFT Payroll Clerk Draftsman Auto Mechanic Carpenter Typist Keypunch Operator Serviceman Electrician Secretary Multilith Operator Equipment Operator Machinist Stock Clerk Electronic Equipment Meter Reader Pipe Fitter Accounting Clerk OPWUIOY Meter Repairman Plumber Statistician PBX Operator Pressure Operator Welder EMPLOYEE BENEFITS Gas Company personnel enjoy a number of employee benefits. The list includes vacations with pay, retirement plan, group insurance, sick leave plan, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Company blood bank, and Credit Union. The Company also encourages and sponsors a number of after-hours recreation activities for employees. Among these are golf, bowling, softball, chorus, camera club and sportsmen groups. For additional information on employment opportunities, please contact the Employment Interview Department, Main Ofhce, 415 Clifford Street, Detroit 26, Michigan. One hundred fifty-eight Seggmg 800.000 customers in M ichinan Q JULIE GOTTLIEB B. B. G. Row 1: N. Katz, G. Hochman, M. May, pres., M. Kanter Row 2: S. Novitz, J. Rodman, E. Gendler, S. Kogan, S. Levine, S. Epstein. Row 3: G. Bailies, C. Robinson, J. Morton, I. Caplan, C, Lepofsky, M. Fisher, N. Lustig, sec'y., E. Feldman, B. Goren. Row 4: Mrs. Zamsky, adv., R. Miller, treas., I. Lederman, J. Kalt, S. Olen, I. Kosak, C. Rice, D. Krops, T. Kepes, S. Bailes, M. Tannenbaum, A. Rodman. Best Wishes to the Class of T56 MUMFORD SPORT CENTER 18113 Wyoming Cat Curtisj UN. 3-5925 'See 714 7oz 20:44 576045019 7!eecZ4" UN. 4-8959 Tommyis Barber Shop Two blocks south of 7 Mile Road 18615 Livernois Manicuring CURTIS DRUGS "FOR THE BEST SERVICE . . . CALL CURTIS" DI. 1-2450 18201 Wyoming at Curtis One BIG SWITCH IN '56 WRITE YOUR OWN DEALS AT BOB'S NASH 20001 Livernois UN. 3-0487 hundred fifty-nine Best Wishes to the Class of 156 GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADS OF '56 The nauvnow TERRII cz WM gm Dm-'71 FOR YOUR CATERING NEEDS 17415 Wyoming 18451 Wyoming Avenue Detroit 21, Michigan UN. 3-4361 Just across Santa Clara from Mumford Come!! ibance Sfucho 18049 Wyoming Instructions ballroom dancing fha M153 "The 'team' tlmfs lmra' to beut."' DI. 1-2688 UN. 2-9572 HoRBAcl-vs GARAGE MODERNE BUMPING AND PAINTING our SPECIALTY GENERAL REPAIRING RECORDS - PHONOGRAPHS CUSTOM HI-FIDELITY MACHINES UN' 1-0077 18955 Livernois 17392 Wyommg UN' 49860 Detroit 21, Michigan Phone UN. 2-S497 One lzlmdrea' sixty COLONEL MICHAEL MARCUS A.Z.A. 779 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF 1956 Row I: Harold Yaker. Jerry Rogoff. Danny Sklover. Larry Coggan. Gerry Cohn, Robert Shaye. treasurer: Sheldon Gordon, Row Z: Michael Goode. Ray Jacobs, Ronald Stewart. Gary Beckerman. president: Harvey Lapides. Art Rosenbaum.Vice-president: Sheldon Goldman, Row 3: Stan Halprin. Steve Crane. Allan Croll. Michael Lewis. Jerry Taylor, Rec. Sec.: I-lob Stcinherger. lVlr. Philip Spitz. advisor. One hundred sixty-one Tel. UNiversity 3-2404 Nite Tel. TO. 8-6044 CHIPPEWA CLEANERS 6CLfA86!l'6L! of .CJ-!0ll!el"6 A COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE 20062 Livernols OUR BEST ADS AL NEWTON A RE WORM NOT WRITTEN 7342 West Sev ' en Mile Road at Prairie COMPLIMENTS OF: BESTS DEUCA-I-ESSEN G-ARELICICS GALLERIES Fine Arts ZOI35 Livemois - custom picture framing UN' M700 20208 Livemois Detroit 21, Michigan MUM FORD'S R BIG T T ifrit '-:41f' fig' . "1 T ge I me Jr lf , FAVORITES ', . lrtimjft 121' For W it' , 2: ' L ' f f 13221. "', V ' --f'f:-'1 Iliff' .A', ,-:' 2 2275" V - 7 C 1' p X-3 2 iibi be '61 A -t fx V ettit ' A 0 o FRF5H PURE osucwvf VOne hlillcffetl .x'1',r1y-two Congratulations to the Senior Classes of 1956. THE MONARCHS Row 1: Stuart Megdall, Bernie Green, Donald Klein, Vice-presidentg Mickey Aller. Row 2: Neal Kalish, Al Schwarz, Cattending U. of MJ, Larry Kepes, president, Glenn Rosin, Michael Krauss. Row 3: Richard Chosid, Howard Shapiro, Howard Reznick, treasurer, Allan Rose, Phil Choen, secretary, Michael Kent, Remey Rubin, Mr. Harold Rosenburg, Adviser. ' Q, L55 A ,.,. f.,,,,,, V 'z ' One hundred sixty-three Congratulations to the Graduating class from: MANCHESTER TIRE CO. 234 Manchester Avenue Highland Park 3, Michigan I' A S S E ll G E R Distributors of MOHAWK TIRES AND TUBES Expert Vulcanizing and Recapping O h d d sixty-four TO. 9-2400 --I I l UNiversity 1-3929 ITALIAN Foons , 1 Www 4 PIZZERIA Gnd RESTAURANT CARRY OUT SERVICE 7101 Puritan Avenue Detroit 21, Michigan Ohdd -f I -.... ......-.-.J f Congratulations to the Graduating Class From Row l: lrwin Elson. David Schubiner. Elliot Gottfurcht, Gerald Blanke. Row 2: Sheldon Stone, Marc Silber, Marty Golden, presidentg Michael Woolfe, vice-presidentg Michael Small. Row 3: Ronnie Chaiken, Spencer Reuben, Walter Dishell, secretar Not pictured: Steve Solomon, Mickey Slotkin. yg Steve Schwartz, Sherwin Conway, treasurer. 1 8215 Livernois LLOYD'S BEAUTE ARTS Specializing in Permanent Waving and Hair Coloring UN iversity 3-4516 ROYALCRAFT BICYCLE Sz HOBBY SHOP 12721 Seven Mile - West of Meyers KADIMAH. B. B. G. Row l: M. Lipschutz, M. Bernstein, R. Weinberger, F. UN' 4-7656 Lapides, M. Franklin, G. August, E. Jacobowitz. Row 2: S. Rosen, J. Sains, L. Gurwin, D. Goldfine, pres.g L. Godfrey, sec.g B. Zelmon, H. Hoptman. ij Row 3: Mrs. R. Raskin, Adv., F. Blumenstein, M. Bayer, X T. Klar. F. Moore, H. Mackie. S. Feldman. I 7 I 3 One hundred sixty-six 'ikfwz"..f35, .grfiw 7 ' .XX ff ,wggff N. if 1 Z i it's 'touch and go' these days There's little lingering in the laundry anymore. The washing is dis- posed of the automatic electric way. Set washer or dryer dial and away you go . . . to other jobs . . . even out of the house. And the interesting thing is, by the 'time you change from Miss to Mrs., automatic electric work savers will have made your life more than ever "touch-and- go." . DETROIT EDISON One hundred sixty-seven Q- 7,1 ,H-rw-xfrf. -+- I X . fr as 'GSI-MTSU' Qyyofrvi wfgffk INTERESTING .IDBS Fon msn scnool, GRADUATES NATIONILL BANK OP Ds om WOODWARD AT CADILLAC SQUARE PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT ' TENTH FLOOR 6000 PLA IE T W D Q li ' ' , - h - N , up A ll U, A swam '-:- o:-a n exe-do -le ' elaine...oral-:zona-v:oirf:o..-e: o:a..osozniozoxo-o:oioL qo'o' i One hundred s' ty- 'ght I UN iw . . . . 4 O 20176 Llvernols Detroit 21, Mich. JAMES H. DISTRIBUTORS, INC. g44lf31 Segapldee CLEANING MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT . ' 7 4 mt. UNiversity 1-9802 15798 INYOMIN P DETROIT 21 MICH Featuring: Friar Tuck Hamburgers Sherwood Forest Hotdogs with Cheese Aged Steaks and Chops Clothes With Expression It's New It's Different It's Timed OPEN Harry Thomas 4 H A D 7 D A W k 2 ours ay ays ee 20114 Livernois Fine Clothes CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADS OF ,56 7faZdalcuf77Zanofz Rosenberg Kosher Uatering Ce. Puritan Community Market AND KarI's Egg and Poultry Mart JOHN A. BROOKS, INC. Underground Lawn Sprinkling Systems Since 1916 PHONE: UN. 3-9650 "ff 18641 Wyoming Avenue UN. 4-1261 20122 Livernois Detroit, Michigan One hundred sixty-nine 1 1 There s a girl I really admire" R C v u 'I' 4 ?4f,J!ASbWQiQi .F ' M 5 ,fa ,f,x. 1. V ff"X35QZS'kfQQ LZQX. fs.:XS?f'Fif2r,g'Lq ' ' 457- I , 1 ' ,f l if - i wifi: I 'ffliijiif X You'll hear that remark many times about telephone girls. Most people recognize that girls who work for Michigan Bell are not only attractive, but also smart and useful citizens. When Jean started her job, she had no telephone experience. But she was trained with other begin- ners by friendly, understanding supervisors. Today she's proud of her work, enjoys a fine salary, va- cations with pay, regular wage in- creases, and many new friends. Jean was delighted from the very first by the clean, pleasant surround- ings, by the regularly scheduled mid- morning and midafternoon "breaks', for relaxing in comfortable lounge rooms. And she found the company thoughtful and considerate in so many ways, such as sending girls home in taxis when they worked the late evening shift. Telephone work offers many ad- vantages! Why not get in touch with us now? Find out more about the interesting jobs from which you can choose after graduation-customer representative, telephone operator, accounting and clerical work. MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY A Good Place to Work One hundred seventy TEIEPI' CUMPII Q WALSH IS A SPECIALIST Study at Walsh, the school that special- izes in teaching Accountancy and Financial Administration. Study at Walsh, where Michigan certified public accountants, auditors, financial executives and suc- cessful business proprietors have studied for the past thirty-four years. Day, evening or Saturday classes will begin September IO, I956. Registration for Fall classes begins August I, I956. Free placement assistance to students and graduates. WALSH Nsrlruri ccouNrANcY I20 MADISOII AVEIIIIE, DETROIT 26, MICII. Telephone W0 I-5136 for tree bulletin by mail Q Carry Out Service Air Conditioned SALERNO PIZZERIA Famous Italian Foods Chicken-S-teaks-Chops-Spaghetti Ravioli-Fish-Frog Legs PIZZA PIES MADE BEFORE YOUR EYES Open 4 P.M. to 3 A.M. - Closed Tues. - Sun., Hol. 3 P.M. to 3 A.M. 15207 W. Seven Mile Rd. VErmont 8-9749 CADILLAC PACKING CO. Grade One Sausage and Smoked Meats Eastern Market, Detroit WOodward 1-6263 QT? I5 I, yr eaees f 1521 4' , 4 "Specializing in Italian Foodsi' BREAKFAST LUNCHES DINNERS CARRY - OUT SERVICE call WO. 5-5590 404 CLIFFORD ST. Bet. Bagley and Washington Blvd. Compliments Of BILTMORE BUILDING CO. 17615 Jas. Couzens Hwy. Compliments Of The Harry Galperin Corporation 50 W. McNichols Rd. Q One hundred seventy-one i I A 17600 Wyoming Avenue snmsoN snomrns srnvlcr Opposite Mumfofd High School UNiversity 3-7966 6401 s Mile Road at Livernois UNiVefSifY 3-7967 UNM-:fsiry 1-3054 SOI- Gnd BOB Hair Stylists MBC Sure with Pure Oil Productsn 15716 W. 7 Mile Road BRoadway 3-6054 Corner Montrose BRoadway 3-6055 MAURICE ROSE' A.z.A. I I Row One: B. Rosender, R. Schrage, A. Raznick, vice-president: J. Nosanchuk, R. Plotnick. Row Two: C. Calfin, B. Gitlin, B. Sherman, president: M. Lieberman, L. Brotman. Row Three: A. Sterns, P. Borden, P. Horowitz, L. Harris, M. Gottfurcht, A. Schneider. l Compliments of LIVERNOIS - PEMBROKE SERVICE UNiversify 'I-9567 Livernois corner Pembroke One hundred seventy-two , ? Wash Your Car at JAX KAR WASH 'CA Clean Car Rides Better" 6 Mile and Meyers Road Open Daily 8 . 12 Md gh Sunday 8 .m. - 8 p Phfmef UN- 4-9435 c:bQO7'CL17l6 Qieaners UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Quality Cleaning ShirtsL d d His Drums 84 Band 4831 W 7 Ml Rd Music For All Occasi F P k g 19481 Lesure Ave. Detroit 35, Michigan Pick-Up SL Delivery VE. 8-1042 A . 102-At me 7- .Bmw . - ' fzffe if W-90 W? W agffgf W iff? 234352 D w3Lf?7l"yiQ7 MMM AMW ffeffsfl kaiwf. W MW 2 Lfefgffeafffeeee' gf jeff ,f 4 1 W4 'KX,s, On this final page I want to acknowledge my gratefulness to those who helped me make the yearbook a reality. As a team, the editorial staff worked many hours to take pictures, write copy, lay out pages and proof-read type. During this time the business staff sold advertising, promoted subscriptions and balanced the budget. l.n short, everyone worked hard and without complaint. I sincerely hope that we have succeeded in bringing you a record which will always remind you of the activities, friendships and even some of the merriment of the past year. I also want to wish the 1957 staff a successful year and trust that they, too, will find their task as rewarding as we did. Phyllis One hundred seventy-four THE LAST WORD A Administrators .......... Art Club ,.,....,,.,.,.,...,.. B Band ........,,.....,... ....,. Baseball ....,.... Basketball ........4......,..., Bio-X Club ...44......,,....,... Broadcasters' Club ..l...,. . C Capri ....,...,,...,,..,..,.....,........,..... ...... Cheerleaders ,.,.... Chess Club .,.....,.. Chorus ......l..........,..s..... Club Presidents ...i..,... Concert Choir .....i.,...s....,,. ....4. Cross Country ....,........ Current Affairs Club Custodial Staff .....,...,........... D Drama Club .,....,4......,.,... E Engineering Staff ...... Ensembles ,..,....,.,.,,........ F Faculty . ,.,...,.,..t,, ...,..,.,... . Field Hockey A A... Football 4.i..i.........,.. French Club ...........,. Future Retailers .....,.. Future Teachers ,, 76-7 107 144-5 128-33 79 62 92-4 146 74 108 87 109 140 . 86 .. .,....,. .8 110 10-13 147 122-7 70-1 60-1 72-3 INDEX Glee Club .,.........,,.....,., ...,,........ 1 08 Golf .,......,............ ......... Graduates e...... ,. ..,.. .. H H1-Y ...,,....,,.,,...........,..............,.....,..,,.,.. ......, House of Representatives .s..,....... Human Relations ,..,..,,,.........,.,.. .,i.,., 142-3 16-51 , .... 67 100-I 82-3 I l.M.S.S.C. ....,..........,,..,.,.i. ..,.,,..4 5 6-7 J Junior Drama Clinic ............. ,...,..,. 8 4-5 K Key Club .,.....,.,....,.,. f ....,...,.. .4.,...... 7 5 L Last Word ,..,... .,..,..,.,......... , ..,.... 1 74 Latin Club ,,...,.........,. ........,. 6 9 Library Staff ...,..........,,. ..,.....,,. 6 4-5 Lunchroom Staff ....,..,,. M an sv M Club ..... ......ii.,.......,,. i..,......., 8 0 -1 Mamselles ...i... .,..,,. Mercury ,.,,,.,...s. ...s.... Music ,....... ,,,., One hundred seventy-six 60-1 95-7 .. 1104-5 Office Staff ....,............... ,4,,,,,A,,,. 3 Orchestra ........... 106 Panorama ..,.... ......,.. 5 4-5, 90-1, 120-1 Play ..,,,.,.,.,...... . ,,,.,.....,.,.............,.... 112-l7 Quill and Scroll 59 Radio Club .,.,.,..,...,.,...,....., ............ 6 3 R.O.T.C. .....,... . School ,4,,......,.....,...,,,........ Science Club .,.....,, Spanish Club ,,... Stage Staff ..,.,...... Student Council Swimming ,,...4.,,.,.. Tennis ,.,........... , .,,....,........,.....,. ...,. .,... . Track and Field Y-Teens .,,,,,..,s .... 102-3 6-7 78 ,..,..,.,.. .. 68 .. 111 98-9 134-7 138-9 141 66 ' 'L.,.,,. 1 , 4 vs rv , K . Q.. , X.-.V - - 'Q 111 1 1 1 1 1 I E 1 1 1. 1 1111 1 1 W 1 1 1 U1 1 21 1 1 4 11 11 111 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1. 'N xi 1. L" V:XY'.' '-'-'fT"' Lili' 1-f V'!f557g.1' ' "5 - HV- -3 ,V .- ..- . ,, .,- VD, .. .. , , I - A - 1 I, .xxx , - !f'ffW7f?:V U I. 7 'I H H 5 V. - l J Qt 15 4:23 .h jgnwffg. i?HV'.7'J2P.f'1:5f1? 'Q"?.5'?if5':'4."V-f'f'? f ., V V '1 iii' VFIVV- 154415 ' Fiiifw-. Hifi! - .- V .V V-, .a -V f. , V--. 1. V , nh' V . f. VV . -n-1. V --Q,-.V-gf ,...-ff---if ,..:.:.z . . V- . h .Ng VV , . , . , ,V - - fa-,, -I ,V Vi-'-"-'-21-V'f7Z!" .f'.f.," 4-1451 Qi: -11 I? 1-V' : VfV-i':jf-- . ,V--RPSLQVV:z:lfA25f1.-.-' 5-X - , . . V1--. - .Mx-'FW ' .:?-:-.57- L.. 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Suggestions in the Mumford High School - Capri Yearbook (Detroit, MI) collection:

Mumford High School - Capri Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Mumford High School - Capri Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mumford High School - Capri Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Mumford High School - Capri Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mumford High School - Capri Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mumford High School - Capri Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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