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N N E Looking Back v ■ . p o A ♦ %. ' .4Mk. " - «!!; : 0 P6 - -fH- LOOKING BACK IN ' 88 1987-88 WILDCAT Mulvane Senior High School 915 Westview Mulvane, Kansas 67110 Volume 71 - Mulvane High .... IJiJUn ' lIr i SE- lntroduction 1 OUR FIRST SUCCESS From day one at Mulvane High School, a student real- izes that time is passing fast and their time here is limited. Soon their three years will be over and graduation just a step ahead and then the " Real World " . Many memories are bound into the following pages; From the summer before, to prom, and finally, graduation. The 1988 year- book staff would like to thank you for your backing of this book. We put our hearts, minds, and souls into it so that it would reflect a part of each and every one of us at Mulvane High. Congratulations on another year complet- ed and another step of life taken! 4 People People 5 SUMMER 1987 As the final school bell rings, so starts the begin- ning of another fun-filled summer. Time to put away the bulky sweaters and put on the skimpy bikinis. An average summer day would be sleeping until noon, swimming until six, and partying at a favorite summer hangout until two. Life in the summer is usually easy- going. Another aspect of summer is the summer jobs; from fast-food joints to field work, they all amount to an important part of teen life: money. Many would agree that summer is the shortest season of the year. After what seems like a three-day weekend, it ' s time to return for another year in the halls of Mulvane High. Both pages by Jessica Jones Far left: Holly Donaldson tries out a new dance. Pho- tos by Tara Ramsey Summer romance sparkles in the eyes of David tHarris and RaShell Lashbrook at the Old Settlers Fair. Mike Jeffries and Paul Lay- men make their appear- ance at Old Settlers. 6 Summer ps ' .« ' i ' « ' SUN, FUN, ON THE RUN Sophomore stud line-up includes Chris Garrison, Scott Nelson. Todd Hed- strom, Matt Cox, and Rob Swindle, (center) Summer employee, Mike Mayo, enjoys working at a local restaurant Pat Lockwood shows of his " new wheels. " I Photo by Tara Ramsey Frank Parker riding on his high horse duhng he Old Settler ' s Parade. Photo by Jessica Jones Summer 7 FRIENDS FROM AFAR It is always hard to say good-bye to new friends that are nnade, but it is especially different when they are as special as the three foreign exchange students MHS was privileged to have this year. Seniors: Goran Konvicni and Yomna Hafez, and junior: Katatiina Tiirikka taught everyone a lot about the coun- tries that they are from as well as touching everyone ' s lives in a very special way and hopefully everyone taught them just as much in return. Even though their stay here was short everyone will always remember the way they touched their lives. Page by Michelle Deloney. Goran Konvicni prepares to donate blood. Yomna Hafez and Katariina Tiirikka take a break from their studies. Goran Konvicni approachies tine end of liis time at MHS. Yomna Hafez sfiows tliat smile tfiat we are all going to miss. 8 Foreign Exchange Students Hall conversation heats up as Bryon Burkhead, Jola Scheffe, and Kinn Pnckett get ready for class Photo by Tara Ramsey All Division Pages by Jessica Jones People 9 Sue Baumgartner Secretary Garland Bell B,0 E Bob Burdett B.O.E. Wayne Dale BOE Jean Hedstronn BO E Debra Kendnck B.O.E, Candy Kurimsky Secretary Phyllis McGuire Secretary Duane Millerskow Principal Jerry Nelson Vice Principal Tony Reddick Athletic Director Terry Richardson B.O.E Dean Parks Superintendent Terry Withrow Secretary David Yohe BO E. 10 Administration Ron Adkins Counselor Melinda Batman Speech Roger Bennet Am History Bill Brown Social Science Betty Burk Math Richard Canfieid Art Rod Cole Weight lifting Brenda Diener Business Dons Earl Cook Bruce Eitzen Math Bill Fairchild Driver ' s Ed. Collin Featherston Vocal Music Marjorie Ferrell English John Fry English Robert Giaser Science Margy Goering Language Arts Dorothy James Cook Marvin Jelinek Metals Dave Johnson Woodworking Joe Johnson Science Rhoda Kloth Foreign Language Dale Landis Assistant Coach Charles Mason English Meg McGranaghan Bu siness Faculty 11 Bob Merntt Auto Mechanics Mary Ann Myears Cook Al Newlin Special Ed Janice Parkey Nurse Ted Powers Band Floyd Reusser Custodian Tom Rico Custodian Beverly Reiter Librarian Carol Roderick Math Bob Schreiner Drafting Virdell Shay Counselor Jim Slavens Bus Supervisor Carole Shepherd Special Ed. Bill Stinson Science Pat Thomason English Jennifer Webster Home Economics Nancy Winter Psychology, P E Gregg Wolgast Social Studies, Coach 12 Faculty EXCELLENCE! Award BPW Women ' s Club Optimist Club Lions Club Madge Humphrey Shelter Insurance Outstanding Science Scholar Athlete I Dare You Recipients Rhonda Reekie Russell Norden Tara Ramsey Dan LeClair Kim Taylor Janelle Parks Jason Belden Kathy Saxton Jeff Lucas Janelle Parks Jeff Lucas Kim Taylor Aaron Canady Stephanie Graber Kathy Saxton KSHSAA Salutatorian Valedictorian Presidential Academic Awards: Kathy Saxton, Janelle Parks, Stephanie Graber, Christine Lan- caster, Jeff Lucas, Valerie Huslig, Wade Bruendl, Stephanie Reddick, Kim Taylor, Jason Belden, Shelly Robertson, Shelly Hyson, and Joe McDan- iel. Masonic Awards: Shelly Love, Dammon Alex- ander, Shelly Britt, Wade Bruendl, Shelly Robert- son, and Jeff Lucas. Stuco Awards: Athletics: Shay Cornejo, Kathy Saxton; Music; Todd Thom- as, Valerie Huslig; Shop; Wade Bruendl, Heather Donaldson; Speech; Jason Belden, Cafe Caldwell; Arts and Crafts: Colin Workman, Jessica Jones; Citizenship: Dan LeClair, Tina Moeller; and Busi- ness: Dammon Alexander, Rhonda Reekie. Aca- demic Awards: Stephanie Graber, Jason Belden, Kim Taylor, Janelle Parks, Jeff Lucas, Stephanie Reddick, Kathy Saxton, Randal Parkey, Christine Lancaster, and Wade Bruendl. (top) Tara Ramsey receives her scholarship from the Optimists, middle) Russell Norden is happy to accept the Women ' s Scholarship. Salutatorian, Stephanie Graber, Mr. Millerskow, and Valedictorian, Kathy Saxton. smile pretty. STUCO Awards go to these fine students for excel- lence. Photos by Joe Johnson; Page by Jessica Jones Awards Assembly 13 CLASS OF 1988 Their Graduation Day is a very special time in their lives- a time that brings them together, their past and their future. This is a day to enjoy warm memories of faculty and friends- a day to take pride in the work they ' ve done, and to receive congratulations for reaching an important goal. Yet, even as they reflect on these things, they realize that Graduation Day is also a step into the future. Already they ' re making new plans and setting new goals. They have so much to look forward to — ahead of them lies a whole new world of opportunities. Graduation Day, it ' s a wonderful ending, and exciting beginning . . . and all the more special because it ' s theirs. Scott Heinrichs motions to " hang loose " while David Harris expresses his own feelings as Troy Stucker and Shauna Carroll look on. " Yes, we use pearl drops . . . can ' t you tell? " , exclaim Stacy Ferguson and Andrea Dykens. " We is graduated! " Pages by Shelly Hyson and Andrea Dykens, Photos by J. Johnson and G. Nuss. 14 Graduation " 88 Grads (FR) S, Carroll, B Brown, C Caldwell, A Dykens, M. Deloney, J Burdick, T Draper. T Daniels (SR) K, Cook, S, Cowden, P. Bozone, S. Britt, D Brown, S Baker, K Cleverdon, H, Donaldson, (TR) D Cooke, B. Burkhead, T. Butcher, S Cornejo, W Bruendl, M Bolinger, D Alexander, (FR) K. Dale, A, Canady, J Carroll, J. Bel- den, D Clark, M Dietrich, G Coleman, T Call. ' 88 Grads (FR) S. Ferugson T Kirkendall K Killgore M King V. Huslig, C. Lancaster S Graber S Love A Higgins (SR) T Gotorth, Y Hafez, K Jackson, D LeClair, P Kellser, J, Jones, S Hyson, R Lashbrook, (TR) J, Johnston, B. Haxen, G. Konvicni, J, Hoenscheidt, N Hamilton, D LeClair, D. Edson, D Lickly (FR) J Lucas, D, Harris, S. Heinrichs, P. Lockwood, L Harvey ■88 Grads: (FR) P. Standley, B Sanner, T. Young, K Saxton, J Springer, T Sloan, S Stull, T Stucker (SR) C, Workman, J Schette, S. Sackett, L Tackett, S. Sweet. 8, Smith, S. Sanchez D, Woody (TR) K. Taylor, A Valdez, T Thomas, G Zluticky, A Wing, B Smith, M. Springer. ' 88 Grads (FR) G Mauney. K Peyton. J Phillips. S Robertson. M, Persels, T, Ramsey. T. Moeller. R Reekie, K. Millerskow. (SR) B Pickering, D Morris, B Robertson, J Meek, J Parks, K Prickett, J Rich- mond. S Reddick (TR) P. Nungesser. K McPher- son. M Mayo. J McDaniel. R Norden. D Noce. G, Palmer. R. Parkey. N. Richardson. Twelve-year students: (FR) L Harvey, B Robertson. D, Clark, K. McPherson, T Thomas, D, Morris, M Bolinger, J, Phillips, C Lancaster, S Hyson, P. Kessler. (SR) M, De- loney, M Persels, M King, S. Sanchez, J. Meek, S, Fergu- son, C, Workman, J Parks, K. Prickett, K. Jackson. B, Brown, (TR) G, Mauney. T Goforth. D Edson. L, Tackett. T. Ramsey. P Bozone. H Donaldson. R, Reekie, K Pey- ton, S. Carroll, J. Carroll, D. LeClair (FR) R. Parkey. S Reddick. D Woody, P, Standley, S, Love, S. Graber, J Burdick, S. Sweet, S, Smith, R Lashbrook, (FR) R. Nor- den, S- Heinrichs, D, LeClair, J Belden, T. Young, J, McDaniel, N Hamilton, A Wing, G Coleman, Graduation 15 SUN, SAND, TAN; SENIOR SKIP DAY Monday, May 19th was a gorgeous day; sunny, high of 85 degrees, and not chance of rain. The class of 1988 ' s bathing suit beauties got the day off to work on their tan, feed their faces, and enjoy themselves at Wilson Lake. While some came back with blisters, all came back with fond memories. Page by Jessica Jones. Photos by Janelle Parks. 16 Skip Day OUR SENIOR WILLS As we leave Mulvane, ihe seniors would like to take this space to leave the underclassmen something near and dear to their hearts in their " senjor wills " I, Shauna Carroll, being of clear and stable mind, leave the Junior cheerleaders memories of our friendship, Tammy Kissinger my noisy car {that she so loves to be seen in), Lindsey Luttjohann my smile, andi Jenifer Casey my loving but less motivated brother 1. Jason Beldon. being of no mmd, leave f ike fvlcElravy the " Big Stick " I, Tracey Kirkendall. being of reckless and fearless mind, leave Tammy Kissinger my erotic driving habits I, Joe McDaniel. being of no mind, leave my rifle ammunition and all my dead animals to Craig Johnson . Kathy Saxton. being of the one track mind (m search of men), leave Kaylene Alvarez my " mommie dearest " because she liked you better anyway I, Mike Sprtnger, being of sound mind, leave Larry Lambrecht all my make-up time and a pack o( cigarettes I, Beth Sanner, being of half mind, leave the lunior class Mrs Ferrell ' s mythology term paper I, Aaron Canady, being of sound mind, leave my blue bikini underwear (o Desiree Smtlhhisler I, Kim Kilgore, being of blonde mind, leave the underclassmen the uncontrolable urge to skip after lunch I, Mark Larsen, being of no mind left, leave all my vegetation crop to Delvin Dawdy I, Michelle Deloney, being of stable mind, leave a certain group of junior guys the need to find their own ID ' S We, the Seniors girls, leave to the Sophomore girls our carefree and loving personalities and also all of our no-name clothing because we know they have none. I, Colin Workman, being of unsound mmd, leave the 0-9 football record to Darren Cusick I. Jessica Jones, being of half mmd, leave my three year supply of hair spray and lip gloss to the female underclassmen. i. Shay Corneio, being of big mmd, leave every athletic ability I have to Jeff " Tiny " Sisco 1, Shelly Bnti, being of all mind, leave my sister Sandy the irresistable habit ot sleeping m first hour. I. Justin Springer, being of unsound body and mind, leave my beer belly to all my faithful followers I, Shelly Hyson, being of sound mind, leave Kalherme Ptckens my car that over heats and breaks down every time she rides in it. I, Paul Nungessor, being of sound mind, leave Gary Humbolt, my most prized possession, my Chevette. I, Valerie Huslig, being of sound mmd, leave Mark Lessor all of my hair spray and gel I, Kay Cleverdon. being o1 no mind at all, leave my yacht, the S.S Charger, to the junior class. I, Tina Moeller, being of no mind and sound body, leave my personality to Sandy Britt for help 1, Janelle Parks, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the junior cheerleaders all the fun memories of our great times together, I also leave my carefree altitude and hope for success to Jan Runyan my favorite band buddy Good luck, I love you guys! I, Tammy Daniels, being of sound mmd, leave the underclassmen absolutely nothing. i Heather Donaldson, being the great person and sister I am, leave all my closet space to Holly with no hard feelings. i Judy Richmond, being of hardly any mmd, leave all the homework ihat I missed to Linda Ramsey with the sincere hopes that she will finish it for me I, Diane Brown, being of the soundest mmd, leave my 47 hours of detention to Mr Nelson We, Kimberly Millerskow, and Rhonda Reekie, being o( troubled mind, will to all underclassmen our college prep annotations, but sorry, they will not do you any good because we used our intelligent minds and got caught cheating I, Andrea Dykens, being of mostly sound mmd and body, hereby leave Shellene Palmer my ability of coping with senioritis like I do, Derek Donaldson all the greasy fast food lunches we shared, and last but , not least all the rest ol the underclassmen the leftovers of our graduation partylM 1 Bryon Burkhead. being of demented mind, leave all the good things in life: defeating your enemies, seeing them dnven before you, and heahng lamadations of the women to Derek Donaldson L Stacy Ferguson, ' being of all mmd, leave that certain group of sophomore girls an umbrella (Gucci brand, of course), so you do not drown when it rams. Dammon Vincent Alexander Stacey Diane Baker Jason B. Belden Mickey Randal Bolinger Pamela Sue Bozone Shelly Sue Britt Diane Elaine Brown Rebecca Lynn Brown " li 18 Seniors Wade Edward Bruendel Jill Renae Burdick Bryon Wesley Burkhead Toby Eugene Butcher Emily Catherine Caldwell Tracy Lee Call Aaron Dane Canady Jeffrey Scott Carroll Shauna Renee Carroll Derrell Ronald Clark, Jr. Kay Lynn Cleverdon Gary Dwayne Coleman Kimberly Ann Cook Dwight David Cooke Christopher Lawerence Coppola Shay Richard Cornejo Seniors 19 WE HAVE CLASS!! When the year began the seniors felt it would never end, but soon our year was over. However, we did not leave Mulvane High School without leaving our mark. The underclassmen looked up to the seniors and we tried not to let them down. We have many fond memories of the year, as well as some not so fond ones. All and all, everyone should agree that the ' 88 seniors had class! Good luck to you all! Senior pages done by Jessica Jones and Michelle Deloney. Gate Caldwell has always been known to be a messy eater. Photo by Channing Nuss Neal Hamilton tries to show off his facial hair. " Yeah! We ' re seniors! " exclaim Daria Edson and Jessica Jones. " People might talk! " warns Kris Jackson to Kim Prickett. Photos by Tara Ramsey 20 Seniors Top Left: Experts agree that Troy Stucker and David Morris had the worst known case of " Senioritis " in the U.S. Photos by Tara Rannsey Middle Left: " When you are a senior, you will be this strong too! " explains Joe McDaniel. Bottom Left: Mike Mayo and Albert Wing practice for modeling school. Above: Kimberly Millerskow takes the perfect opportunity to show her affection towards her dad. Photo by Channing Nuss Seniors 21 Sandra Sue Cowden Kevin Douglass Dale Tammy Kay Daniels Michelle Leigh Deloney Martin Lee Dietrich Heather Dawn Donaldson Tonja Willena Draper Andrea Adelle Dykens Daria Jo Edson Stacy Jo Ferguson Tracy Lea Goforth Stephanie Marie Graber Roger Ryan Gulick Yomna Mahmoud Mohamed Hafez Shelby LaRae Haggard Cooke Robert Neal Hamilton ,«i 22 Seniors Phillip David Harris Lyie Milton Harvey Britt Randal Hazen Scott Lee Heinrichs Andrea Christine Higgins Jeremy Todd Hoenscheidt Valerie Jean Huslig Dyonne Michele Hyson Kimberly Blaire Killgore Michelle Renee King Tracey Diane Kirkendall Goran Konvicni Seniors 23 24 Seniors 1 _( _ t : " j ' [.,,:..■-...:. J ;- ■ - ' 5 ' • sf0 :i Seniors 25 Christine Elaine Lancaster Marl Lynn Larsen RaSliell Danette Lashbrook Daniel Ray LeClair DeAnna Kay LeClair Jeffrey Ian Lucas Debbie Anne Lickly Patrick Richard Lockwood Shelly Marie Love Gayra Elizabeth Mauney Michael Thadd Mayo Joseph Carl McDaniel Kelly Gene McPherson Jennifer Inez Meek Kimberly Ann Millerskow Tina Michelle Moeller 26 Seniors ■ll David Patrick Morris Paul Gene Nungesser Huey P Nelson. Jr. Daniel John lioci Russell Alan Norden Gary Lee Palmer Randal Eugene Parkey Janelle Lynn Parks Melissa DeAnn Persels Karen Mane Peyton Jenifer Lynn Ptiillips Brent Daniel Pickering Kimberly Elaine Prickett Tara Lynn Ramsey 27 Senior Style Top left: Future millionaires, Shay Cornejo and Huey Nel- son, discuss stock market trends between classes. Ptioto by Tara Ramsey Top right: " I ' d prefer coconut creme, " muffles Lindsey Luttjo- hann with a mouthful of banana creme, compliments of Jessica Above: " He misunderstood. I was only motioning we ' re jones. Photo by Channing Nuss I 1 ! " explains Toby Butcher, when asked about his finger. 1 Above: Beth Sanner jumps with excitement as she asks Stacy Baker, " Did I hear someone say ' SKIP ' government? " 28 Seniors MOVES ON Top Left: Jola Scheffe shows off het neatly arranged locker. Photos by Tara Ramsey Bottom Left: " No, ' be Andre ' , you be Hulk! " instructs Pat Lockwood to Russell Norden, Photo by Channing Nuss Above: Stylist Neal Hamilton touches up one of his greatest creations on Colin Workman ' s hair. Photo by Tara Ramsey Seniors 29 Stephanie Danielle Reddick Rhonda Renae Reekie Norman Leon Richardson Judy Dee Richmond 7mJ id J ' il Angela Michelle Robertson Brit Scntt Robertson Pamela Raylene Robinson Susan Anne Sackett Stacie Jo Sanchez 7 I Beth Cheryl Sanner Kathleen Marie Saxton Jola Lynne Scheffe Brian Alan Schmidt Trudy Ann Sloan Brian Lester Smith Stacey Lynn Smith .- 30 Seniors Justin Wayne Springer Micliael Lee Springer Phillip Noble Standley Robert Troy Stucker Sandra Jean Stull Sonia Annette Sweet Leslie Michele Tackett Kimberly Kaye Taylor Todd Ank Thomas Anthony John Valdez Lynn Mane Wadkins Albert Dale Wing Dody Laurene Woody Colin Rob Workman Trux Lee Young Gerald Dewayne Zluticky Seniors 31 Adams, Grady Adams, Katy Allen, Kristy Alumbaugh, Monica Alquest, Pam Alvarez, Kaylene Ames, Lila Antle, Richelle Arnold, Jimmy Baca, Lynette Bahruth, Scott Beetiler, Phillip Bell, Hank Bloomgren, Heather Bohart, Robin Boswell, Jamie Burchardt, Granville Burrell, Marge Garlon, John Casey, Jenifer 32 Juniors Christian. Helen Cochran, Shawn Conyac, Jeri Cooke, Vance Crow, Kathy Cusick, Darren Davis, Jennifer DeCou, Angie Donaldson, Derek Edson, Doug Egger, Danny Elkins. Brandon Ellis, Jeff Farber, Nancy Ferman, Cory Fessler, Scott Gillespie, Sean Goetez. Chele Gomez. Angela Gonzales. Delinda Green. Kim Green, Todd Harvey. Amy Heinrichs, John Hiebert, Jodi Higgins. Mike Hobbs. Jarad Hodges, Andrew Holman, Donnie Hooten. John Juniors 33 Hottle, Sean Hoover. Kelly Horton. Bridget Humbolt, Gary Jeffries. Micfieal Jofinson. Craig Johnson. Scott Jones, Kevin Katcfiis, Steve Kissinger, Tammy Lane, Megan Laymon. Paul Lessor. Mark Lewis. Karen Lewman. Cfiris Loeb. Susan Love. Daria Martin, Becky Mathews. Mary Mattingly, Janelle McClellan. Mark McElravy, Mike McKee. Paul Mead. Curtis Melick. John Miller. Kandi Miller. Lauren Minitzer, Brenda Moore, Brock Moravec. Lisa 34 Juniors Wi Morris, Adam Musgrave, Holly Neier, Ginger Niblack, Dale Nicholson, Debbie Nuss, Channing Olson, Corey Osbourne, Jeri Page. Ivy Palmer, Laurie Palmer, Shellene Parker, Frank Patton, Shelly Pearson, Dede Peirce, William Perez, John Phipps. Chad Pickens, Katharine Plunk, Eric Price, Corin Ramsey, Linda Reekie, Billy Roberts, Brook Rodriguez, Cindy Rogers. Jerry Runyan. Jan Schmidt. Heather Simpson, Aron Smith, Roger Stewart, Ron Juniors 35 Thompson. Jeremy Tiirikka, Katariina Tridle. Kevin Unruh. Shannon Warren, Chase Wayman, Toni Wayman, Ty Waymire.Karolyn Wheeler, Micheal Williams, Slacey Williams, Tammy Wilson, Colleen Wright, William Young, Mike Zimmerman, Daphne 36 Juniors Not Pictured: Jeff Allen, Adam Bradsfiaw, Brian Collier. Lynn Collins, Brian Howser, Jeff Johnson, Ricky Motes, Janet Neil, Richie Nickle, Shannon Spear, Steve Shively, Greg West, and Vance Wicker. Pages by Corin Price and Katherine Pick- ens SDphomores 37 Alexander, Tara Arnold, Amy Arnold, Tony Baer, Brenda Barton, Kelli Beehler, Adam Bell, Micheal Binkley, Micheal Bolinger, Jimmy Bordeaux, Michelle Bowen, Shanna Brashear, Bruce Brashear, Lance Britt, Sandy Brown, Jenny Brumback, Denice Butcher, Todd Callaway, Chris Cash, Candy Church, Andy Clark, Rodney Cox, Matt Daniels, Shauna Dawdy. Delvin Dewald, Troy DeWinkler, Luana Donaldson, Holly Draper, Troy Dunlap, Lisa Endres, Eric 38 Sophomores ' H Erickson, Kendra Fanning, Mike Fish, Craig Fleming, John Florlo, Mike Garrison, Chris Gelsler, Scott Gonzales, Mike Gruden, Rebecca Hancock, Philip Harrington, Bill Havlick, Wendy Hedstrom, Todd Heersche, Lore Holmes, Peter Holsey, Michelle Hooper, Kris Hoskinson, Jocelyn Houseman, Laurissa Humbolt, Julee Infinger, Nicole Ingalls, Scott Johnson, Jeanette Jones, Christina Jones, Joe Knapp. Chip Knight, Greg Kraft, Christy Krull. Jim Kysar, Kim Sophomores 39 Langholz, Steve Langlois, Ron LaRock, Joya Lee, Chris Lester, Robert Lewis, Corey Lindabury, Kimberly Loveless, Chris Lowry, Roxanne Lowry, Tonya Lusk, Patricia Luttjohan, Lindsey Mathews, Melissa McBee, Janey McCain, Kim Mcintosh, Moy Miller, Jeremy Moore, Enid Morris, Jeff Neier, Jeannette Nelson, Scott Niles, Danny Norden, Curtis O ' Dell, Jamie Palmer, Stacey Parker, Kimberly Peyton, Cindi Powell, Heather Powell, Shaneena Pracht, Susan 40 Sophomores Pray, Amy Price. Sean Proctor, Scott Quinton, Wendi Ralstin, Andy Ranger, Sherrie Redinger. Taryn Rictiardson, Traci Rickard. Chris Robertson, Becky Robertson. Heather Rogers, Heather Rogers. Penny Rylant. Kathy Samuelson, Amy Samuelson. Marc Sanner. Mark Schlick, Gina Scroggin. Daria Shinkle, Andrew Simrell. Thomas Sisco. Jeff Smith, Brandy Smith. LaWanna Smithhisler. Desiree Smolinski, Donna Steinle. Shannon Sutton. Shawn Sweet. Eric Swindle. Rob Sophomore 41 Taylor, Shawna Thompson, Sheila Thomason, Michelle Travis, Scott Trent, Brigette Tucker, Shane Vangas, Shanda Wales, Gene Walton, Kristy Walton, James Ward, Brian Ward, Kevin Ward, Renie Weeks, Jennifer Welch, James Werth, Stephanie Wharry, Jason Wharton, Stephanie Wheeler, Angle Wheeler, Dawnita Wilkinson, Eric Workman, Amber Wright, Colette Wylie, Teresa Young, Scott 42 Sophomores 1 1 " " n k A . I Danny Egger acts as a decoy as Darin Schlaegel checks his answers with his neighbor. Photo by Channing Nuss, Academics 43 English Crew on the Move English classes are teaching more than just reading and writ- ing these days. They have gram- mar contests, study American Literature, and developed cre- ative writing notebook, as well as read books by many famous au- thors. The teachers encourage their students to learn the skills of reading, writing, and using prop- er grammar. Their students write compositions, give oral reports, and do research papers. These teachers are really on the move. They not only teach language art skills but also leadership and in- dividuality which are essential life skills. This year has really been a success in the English depart- ment. Page by Kris Jackson Beth Sanner, Kim Kilgore, Brit Robertson and Yomna Hafez during College Prep Englisli, getting ready for tfie well known researcti pa- per. Pfioto by Jeri Conyac Mr. Fry lecturing over thie symbolic story " Thie Pearl. " Pfioto by Jeri Conyac Junior Darren Cusick during English! class working on fiis researcti paper. Phioto by Cfianning Nuss 44 English HISTORY more than just dates battles Taught by Roger Bennett, Bill Brown and Gregg Wolgast, History classes are a very important educational requirement. Whether it ' s American Histo- ry, World History, Government, or Western Civilization, students gain impor- tant knowledge of our increasingly diverse nation and independent world. From this knowledge base, these programs teach concepts and general- izations that can help students understand that History is much more than dates and battles, it ' s an opportunity. An opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the past so that we can have a more productive present and a more promising future, page by Andrea Dykens upper Lett: Mr. Wolgast describes how our government system works, photo by Andee Higglns Left: Mr Browns History class at its finest, photo by Channing Nuss Below: (Jr.) Jeremy Thompson expresses his enthusiasm in Western Civ. photo by Tara Ramsey .1 j ' Ktsas V ' ' i-% BT N 4. ».i« Below: (Jr ) Angela Gomez listens intently during Western Civ photo by Tara Ramsey wms m LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE TYPING! Goran Konvicni, a foreign exchange student tries his best to type the English language. Photo by Jeri Conyac It ' s very interesting. It provokes my creativity Lauri Houseman Typing is just one of the business classes that Ms. Diener teaches. You don ' t neces- sarily have to be interested in business to tal e a typing class. There are three typing classes offered in which students are taught skills ranging from typing business letters to typing term papers. Typing is a very popular class and a very useful one as well. Page by Shelly Hyson Tracy Goforth working hard on another timed writing. Photo by Tara Ramsey Marc Samuelson con- centrates on a typing as- signment. Photo by An- drea Higgins 46 Typing Taking Care of Business The business department offers many oppor- tunities for your future and varieties of study. The business courses are taught by Miss McGranaghan who believes that business classes will enhance our future lives. The busi- ness classes offered include accounting, ad- vanced accounting, business law, marketing, and general business. All of which offer valuable contributions for the business world. Page by tvlichelle Deloney Miss McGranaghan discusses inflation and de- flation. Daphne Zimmerman adds if all together. Kimberly Millerskow, Jeremy Miller, and Shanda Vangas work intensely in general busi- ness. Photos by Channing Nuss Business 47 Vangoghs Future One cannot say they ' ve truly graduated from MHS un- less they ' ve experienced one of fvlr. Canfield ' s art classes. One hour of Mr. Canfield never proves to be dull. He not only broadens your horizons in an artistic aspect, but he also holds rather interesting conversations ranging from school controversy to the general meaning of life. This year ' s art classes were busy with different projects to match their abilities. They made woodcarving, jewelery from magazines, and sculptures from clay. Design Produc- tion students made some changes at MHS by painting various areas of the school. All this combined makes not only a class, but also an adventure. Page by Jessica Jones. " I actually enjoy his class, it ' s almost scary! Becky Martin (Above) Mr. Canfield offers fils expertise to Debbie Nicliol- son on hier woodcarving. Photo by Andrea Higgins (Center) " I get my hair to stand up by .-. " explains Leslie Tackett to Sandy Stull during another sixth hour rap session. (Left) Amy Harvey looks on as Colin Workman uses his facial skills he picked up from too many football practices. Photos by Tara Ramsey 48 Art ii IT OUT Acting is believing. Ms. Goering ' ' W PKIW fl 0 ! " " W ' - ■5 cy, ' e na A-, «■ ! ' • r ' ov, ' er ct, ' " 9, OUf % Ofo T. ■ er, c, Or, ' y r Ms Goering in deep thought Photo by Jeri Conyac Advanced drama, under the direc- tion of Ms. Goering, performed Rum- pelstiltskin for the Munson Primary School. Drama, under the direction of Ms. Goering and Mr. Featherston, did one performance of the musical Okla- hom a, which contained a cast from the entire school by open auditions. And Forensics competed in four meets plus regional and state compe- titions. Page by Paul McKee. Drama 49 Above: Jr. Jeff Ellis proudly displays his quarter pan- el in Auto mechanics. Photo by Tara Rannsey BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE with Metals, Electronics Auto Mechanics Whether it ' s Metals, Electronics or Auto Mechanics, these classes teach skills which may undoubtedly come in handy in the future years to come. Metals students (taught by Mr. Jelinick), learn many different skills in welding such as assembly, park, foundry, sheet metal, and metal lathe welding. Their skills and experiences with these may lead to future jobs ranging from most industries to going in busi- ness for themselves. Taught by Mr, Johnson, those in electronics learn to make such things as a small radio. This class can help teach students skills needed in the ever growing computer age, such as in jobs ranging from service repair men to electronic technicians. And those who are in Auto Mechanics (taught by Mr. Merrit) learn about the many different parts that make up a car and its engine as they disassemble and rebuild the schools race car. The mechanical skills in return may help the student not only in jobs dealing with automobiles, but of course, it may also help them financially in the future when their own cars start having problems. With all the skills and experiences students can gain, they will be building a better future. Page by Andrea Dykens Above: Sr. Bryon Burkhead demonstrates how to look busy to soph. Shawn Sutton. Photo by Andee Higgins 50 Industrial Arts Above Sr ' s Trux Young David Morris examine a transmission planetary gearset. Photo by Kris Jackson Above: " Oooh! . . So that ' s what makes a car go! " exclaims Jeff Ellis (3rd from left) Photo by Kris Jackson Educational, action- packed . . . industrial course Bryon Burkhead 4 Above: soph. Jetf Morris studies the elec- tronics instructions carefully. Photo by Andee Higgins Left Jr. Doug Edson soph. Shawn Sutton playing It cool in Metals. Photo by Tara Ramsey Industrial Arts 51 KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORLD t i - . Above: What are you up to now Kelly Hoover? Photo by Tara Ramsey The foreign language classes that are offered to students at MHS are French and Spanish. Ms. Kloth teaches both of these languages. French is dived up into French I and II. French I is first year students. They focus on basic grammar, vocabulary, and some speaking. French II is for second year students. They con- tinue their study from their first year but with more detail. In the spring, French II studies a cooking unit and finishes it up with a complete French dinner at Ms. Kloth ' s. Spanish II is all second year students. They have detailed study in grammar and practice their speaking and writing abilities. They too finish a cooking unit with a Spanish dinner at Ms. Kloth ' s. Page by Jeri Conyac. Above; Mark Lesser and Adam Beehler take time out of French to " get down " while Kaylene Alvarez meditates. Photo by Tara Ramsey Left: tyjs. Kloth keeps her Spanish class under con- trol with a smile. Photo by Jeri Conyac THROUGH LANGUAGE 52 Foreign Languages HOMELFE Occupational roles ARRIAGE RELATIONS Economics Emotional development Cooking creations I Stacey Smith found her dream gown on a family ) living field trip. Gayra Mauney studying hard during family liv- ing. Shelly Bntt gets frustrated with her cook ing Photos by Andrea Higgins Page by Kathenne Pickens Home Grading on a Curve . . . That ' s what Woods is all about. Woods students begin their year with satety oriented tests. Teacher David Johnson is very concerned with students ' safety and tries to see to it that they are well infornned. After the tests, students are assigned to create three projects: A picture frame, a candle holder, and a utility box. During the second semester. Woods II, students are allowed to let their creativity flow through their work. Woods 11 projects begin with either a music box or a " whirligig. " Once that is com- pleted students can design and construct whatever they wish. Some of the bigger projects in process of completion this year are: A grandfather clock by Norm Richardson, an enter- tainment center by Colin Workman and Anthony Valdez, and a bed by Randal Parkey. Page by Andrea Dykens tej ' ia ji Anthony Valdez on the table saw. It ' s like fresh creator. Mickey Bolinger Mr. Johnson and Heather Donaldson working on project plans. Jimmy Bolinger taking an open book test. Photos by Jeri Conyac 54 WoodS DEBATE: Arguing At Its Finest This year, the Debate team com- peted at five tournaments. This year ' s topic was Central America, which debaters had to argue both for and against. The 1987-1988 Debate team worl ed very hard and improved greatly. Page by Jeri Conyac Top row: (I to r) Eric Endres, Gorin Konvicni, Curtis Mead, Rob Swindle, Mrs. Batman(sponsor). Bottom row; Jeanette Johnson, Lora Heershe, Roxanne Lowry, Andy Church, Tammy Kissinger. Not pictured: Cindi Peyton, Todd 5n, Shelby Cooke, Bill Harring- torr ' sl Jiy Channing Nuss imLd li I i.i. »,| . .t . .I..1.I II., .If Mrs. Batman and Ms. Goering teach two speech classes at MHS. In speech, students learn how to cor- rectly speak in front of an audience, how to use the library reaching topics, and how to prepare a speech outline. Some of the types of speeches that the students give are an introduction speech, a persuasive speech, a pet peeve speech, and a demonstrative speech. Darin Schlagel speaking out. Photo by Jeri Conyac Ms. Goering intensely listens as her class practices speaking to a group Photo by Jeri Conyac SPEECH: Capturing The Audience Debate and Speech 55 WE DID IT! The yearbook staff worked very fiard this year to bring this memory book to you. Not only did we work everyday dur- ing seventh hour, but put a lot of extra effort in after school and during our free time. The yearbook staff would like to thank our sponsors, Mrs. Jennifer Web- ster and Mr. Joe Johnson, for all their guidance and understanding. The members of the staff this year were editor: Jessica Jones, co-editor: Andrea Dykens, seniors: Michelle De- loney, Stacey Ferguson, Andee Higgins, Shelly Hyson, Kris Jackson, and Tara Ramsey, juniors: Jeri Conyac, Paul McKee, Channing Nuss, Katherine Pick- ens, Corin Price, and Toni Wayman. Page by: Michelle Deloney The yearbook staff is always looking for a change. Katherine Pickens, Corin Pri ce, Andrea Dykens, and Shelly Hyson make a break for it during a pep assembly. Photo by: Andee Higgins Jessica Jones and Iviichelle Deloney discuss the final touches of a page with Toni Wayman. Photo by: Channing Nuss Andee Higgins and Channing Nuss show us their photogenic side as they work to print pictures. 56 Yearbook IT FIGURES! The math department has a new ADDITION. Mrs. Roderick, the newest math teacher, teaches everyday math, pre-algebra, and algebra I, These classes include the learning of useful skills like comparsion shopping and buying on credit. Mr. Eitzen teaches his geometry students how to apply theorems and postulates to everything in geometry while Mr. Glaser is stunning his trigonometry students with fundmental identities. Miss Burk, head of the math department, enlightens her students with the process of elimination. Page by Corin Price. Kaylene Alvarez l icks back and enjoys another math class. Photo by Channing Nuss i Mark Samuelson thinks about another problem. Photo by Jen Conyac Katarina Tiinkka and Laurie Palmer help each other on their algebra assignment Photo by Channing Nuss Math 57 " The Real World 55 When you step into Bob Schreiner ' s drafting class, you are entering the " real world. " Schreiner ' s " real world " is full of students who enjoy spending their time on useful equipment, which will later help them with their classes. So stop by Schreiner ' s " real world " the next chance you get, you may find out that it is where you want to be. -Page by Toni Wayman Hank Bell working intensely on the computers. Scott Fessler enjoys the " real world. " -r " Experience It. " Mike McElravy Jason Belden takes a break to smile for the camera. 58 Drafting NO PAIN; NO GAIN A person knows that they are in the weight room when they hear the words, " switch to your next exercise " shouted over a favorite rock-n-roll song. Weightlifting is offered six hours a day and through after-school programs and also during the summer. These programs are offered by Coach Cole who is new to Mulvane High this year, but not to weight programs. With his hard work attitude and good humor we hope he stays for a long time. Along with a new teacher comes a new concept and this is that weightlifting will help students achieve their goals in school, athletics and in life. Page by Michelle Deloney Gate Caldwell shows us a her strength. Photo by Tara Ramsey Britt Hazen shows that pain means gain. Photo by Jeri Conyac Sean Hottle watches in amazement as Troy Stucker shows off those muscles. Photo by Tara Ramsey Weightlifting 59 VOICES IN HARMONY When you walk into the nnusic room what do you hear be- sides the sound of students singing? You may hear the new voice of Mr. Featherston, the new choir teacher, while directing Concert Choir, A Capella Choir, or Ensemble. You may also hear voices laughing in harmony at the jokes that Mr. Feather- ston cracks out of habit. Page by Corin Price Tracey Kirkendall singing at an unforgettable performance. Phioto by Tara Ramsey Top-Tammy Daniels- ,Dody Woody, Tonya Lowry, Bottom-Janey IvIcBee, LaWanna Smitfi.Shaneena Powel- i.Yomna Hafez. Photo by Tara Ramsey Stacey Williams, Tracey Kirkendall, Valerie Huslig. Photo by Jeri Conyac Katariina Tiirikka, Michelle Hosley, Christina Jones. Photo by Jeri Conyac 60 Choir Great Moments In Science The very existance depends on the interac- tion of the Sciences. Sometime students fail to notice this; however they ' ve been able to understand and appreciate it ' s workings, Chucky G. has extended their imagination from the atom to the realm of Einstien, Bio Joe has enlightened them with Mendel ' s the- ories of selective breeding, biochemistry, and self-physioiogy. From amino acids to zygo- spores, Mr. Bill has enhanced the under- standing of science in every day lives. Many pages of notes, hours of homework, frowns of concentration, sudden enlightment, . . . Great moments in Science. Page by Katherine Pickens " Kiss me you anorexic!!! " Jan Runyan in a very intimate moment. " Igor! How many times tiave I told you not to take pictures? " Jenifer Casey and Mark Lessor at work in Chemistry. " It ' s Negative! It ' s Negative! " Riclnelle Antle and Tammy Williams keeping busy in Advanced Biology. The knee bone is connected to the . , leg bone . . . Anorexic and the Dermatones gather to sing a favorite tune. Photos by Andrea Higgins and Channing Nuss Science 61 IN TUNE -f " It ' s great . . . marching, playing, con- certs, pep band, and Mr. P ' s shiny, bald head! " — Kris Jackson 4 During the 1987-88 school year the MHS band kept a busy schedule, from daily practices in class to annual concerts, nnarching, and the state music festival. Under the direction of Ted Powers, stu- dents are sharpened in the skills of tone, volume, clarity , breath control, and playing ability. Even though the band did not receive excellent ratings at state, their ability and involvement was again enlarged and ready for next years use. Page by Paul McKee. Heather Bloomgren playing at attention during an MHS football game. Photo by Joe Johnson. Paul Laymon concentrates on his part during an annual concert. Photo by Tera Ramsey. The 1987-88 MHS marching band per- forming during the annual Old Settlers parade. Photo by Jessica Jones. WITH " 88 ' 62 Band » Academics 63 A NEW LEARNING Mrs. Shepherd is one of the newest teachers at Mulvane Senior High. She teaches reinforcement subjects to a selected group of stu- dents. Page by Corin Price. Lora Kelly peeks over her stioulcler to pose. Gary Coleman, Jeff Johnson, Karolyn Waymire, and Dana Riley are students of Mrs. Shepherd. ■«ai, The surprised look of Cory Lewis lets us know that he didn ' t know about the test. Troy Draper hard at work. Sean Hottle takes a break while Mrs. Shepherd turns her back. Photos by Tara Ramsey. 64 Academics EXTENDED LEARNING PROGRAM Jerry Rogers hard at work. EL P. allows for more indepth learning of individual interests Mr. Newlin listens intensely. Academics 65 NOT ALL FUN AND GAMES Computers isn ' t all tun and games. It is an elective class in whicli students learn everything from com- puter literacy to computer programming. The com- puter classes have become more popular with more students taking the courses every year. With com- puters gaining more popularity in the past few years, several students have found this class to be a great learning experience. Page by Shelly Hyson " Gosh, I wish this key- board was in alphabeti- cal order! " exclaims Daphne Zimmerman as Colette Wright looks on. Photo by Channing Nuss. Gary Palmer and Richelie Antle enjoy a game of meteor madness. Photo by Andrea Higgins. Kimberiy Ivliiierskow looks on in amazement as Mr. Eitzen and Angle Wheeler play a game of " Donkey Kong " . Photo by Andrea Higgins. " Just one more level and I ' ll be an official space cadet! " Jeremy Johnston concentrates on his game. Photo by Andrea Higgins 66 Academics K ' l Hollywood-bound Thespians such as Heather Bloomgren and Stacy Ba- ker make their debut at the Spring Production. Photo by Tara Rannsey Clubs 67 MONEY PLEASE Quill Type is a service organization that takes money at all of the varsity athletic events. The w onderful faces you see when you enter the gannes are the junior and senior members. Quill Type not only takes money, but they also deco- rate the Christmas tree for the school, help needy families, and repair the work on the ticket gates. The sponsors of Quill Type are Bill Brown and Ron Adkins, who deserve a lot of thanks for their work in scheduling and patients. Page by Michelle Deloney ♦ Top row: Mr, Adi ins, Andrew Hodges, Jenite - Baat Janelle Matting l||yTara Ramsey, Kaylene Alvarez, Shelly Patton. and Stephanie GraB Pi BMwecky Brown, Corin Price, Michelle Deloney, Kimberly Millerskow, Jan Runya anelle Parks, Kim Prickett, Kathy Saxton, and Mr. Brown. Bottom row: Stacey Ferguson, Kris Jackson, Megan Lane, Kelly Hoover, Brenda Minitzer, Heather Bloomgren, Tammy Williams, and Jeff Lucas. Katherine Pickens and Shelly Hyson (Prez.), not pictured. Photo by Channing Nuss 68 Quill Type Kaylene Alvarez shocks the custom- ers with the outrageous prices. Photo by Channing Nuss Si S.A.D. D. MAKING AN IMPACT yi % f|f( Sean Gillspie and Frank Parker show their en- thusiasm during a meeting. The 1988 S AD D Organization 88 Otficers, (Back) Kris Jackson, Secretary and Paul McKee, President (Front) Tom Wayman, Vice President and Kelly Hoover, Treasurer, S.A.D.D. 69 THE SELECT FEW The National Honor Society is a se- lect group of Juniors and Seniors. Membership is based on outstanding academic achievement, leadership, character, and service. This year ' s in- duction ceremony was held in the commons on October 29, at 7:30 p.m. Nineteen new members were in- ducted. Officers are; President, Kathy Saxton, Vice-President, Janelle Parks, Secretary Treasurer, Rhonda Reekie, Stuco Rep., Jason Beldon. Ms. Diener and Ms. Burk are the advi- sors. Page by Shelly Hyson Senior members from left to right are: Bottom-Jeff Lucas, Stephanie Graber, Shelly Hyson, Jenifer Phillips, Kim Taylor, and Stephanie Reddick. Middle-Dammon Alexander, Janelle Parks, Tracey Kirkendall, Shelly Rob- ertson, Tara Ramsey, Rhonda Reekie, and Christine Lancaster. Top-Jason Belden, Kathy Saxton, Dan LeClair, Valerie Huslig, Wade Brundel, and Randal Parkey. Photo by Andrea Higgins Junior members from left to right are; Bottom- Angela Gomez, Kaylene Alverez, and Toni Way- man. Middle-Kandi Miller, Kristi Allen, Nancy Farber, Shelly Patton, Gorin Price, and Heather Bloomgren. Top-Eric Plunk, Paul Laymon, An- drew Hodges, Channing Nuss, Jerry Rogers, and Jarod Hobbs. Photo by Andrea Higgins NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 70 Organizations SCHOLARS BOWL in stiff competition Under the supervision of Mrs. Ferrell and Mrs. Roderick, the Scholars Bowl team dedicated themselves anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half at least 3 days a week, to put forth the best co mpetition they can give. Mrs. Ferrell described this year ' s teams as being " . . weak in aggression, but gives other teams a challenge. " They proved just how challenging they could be Feb. 12, at the Rose Hill meet. They competed against 1 6 teams, being defeated by only Augusta (1st) and Hutchin- son (2nd), coming in 3rd place in a double elimination contest. The team was presented a plaque to com- memorate the event, and each team member re- ceived a medal. Mrs. Ferrell believes the future shows great prom- ise with several sophomores and juniors taking over, and she is looking forward to next year. Page by Andrea Dykens Left: Andrew Hodges figures out an- other tough problem. Photo by Channing Nuss Above: Eric Wilkinson is ready for ac- tion during a practice meet. Photo by Channing Nuss Above: (From left to right) seated, Todd Green, P hilip Hancock, Andrew Hodges, standing, Mrs. Roderick, Adam Beehler, Jeremy Thompson, Chase Warren and Mrs. Ferrell. Photo by Andee Higgins Scholars Bowl 71 -CLUB " Athletes of Excellence " M-Club, works to help the school and community. This year, the organi- zation sold candy bars to raise money which helped purchase equipment tor different sports and went to worthy causes. To be a member of M-Club, a per- son must letter in any fall or spring sport. The lettering depends on each individual coaches standards. fvl-Club members are recognized at the Athle- tic Banquet in the spring as " Athletes of Excellence. " Mr. Mason is the sponsor who keeps this organization in line with the help of the M-Club officers. They are as follows: President, Colin Workman; Vice-Prei.ident, Kathy Saxton, Secre- tary, Kim Millerskow; and Treasurer, Neal Hamilton. Page by Jeri Conyac Front row; (I to r) Aaron Canady, Channing Nuss, Danny Egger, Shanda Vangas, Ginger Neier. 2nd row: Colin Workman, Janelle Parks, Megan Lane, Jan Runyan. 3rd row: Randal Parkey, Jason Beldon, Shelly Patton. 4th row: Neal Hamilton, Sean Gillespie, Curtis Norden, Mr. Mason(sponsor). 5th row: Shay Cornejo. Photo by An- drea Higgins Top right: Eric Plunk hustles to the finish line in cross country. Photo by Toni Wayman Above: Nancy Farber dribbles down the court looking for a teammate to pass to. Photo by Channing Nuss 72 M-Club ATHLETES WITH A GOAL By the power of the NAME, we play the game. The F.C.A. motto for 1987- 88 really says a lot. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a unique organi- zation full of all types of students, from athletic to academic. All these students are looking for friendship and fun and it all can be found in F.C.A. F.C.A. participates in both Fall and Spring mini-conferences, as well as Thursday morning meetings and oc- casional evening meetings. They also sponsored the Sideshow concert, which also featured Trypson, and was a great success. Over all the 1987-88 year for F.C.A. was enjoyable for ev- eryone involved, - Page by Ton Wayman F.C.A, 73 THE STARS Without even knowing it we may (nave the silver screen stars of tomorrow right here at MHS. The members of Thespians are all very talented individuals with the power and know how to make it far. Thespians is a drama club that critiques plays, participates in their own plays, and helps with the technical aspect of the stage work done here at MHS under the supervision of Ms. Goering. This year the spring production offered the comical and en- tertaining showing of the " Odd Couple " star- ring many of our bright new stars. The members of Thespians are shown at the right (left to right): Lila Ames, Margo Bur- rell. Heather Bloomgren, Kelly Hoover, Sta- cy Baker, Missy Mathews, Jennifer Brown, Enid Moore, Heather Robertson, Tracy Call, Debbie Lickly, Roxanne Lowry, and Kim Cook. Stacy Baker rehearses for her big moment in the spot- light. Heather Bloomgren steals a drink from Jola Scheffe and Shellene Palmer. 74 Thespians OF TOMORROW Above Left: Heather Bloomgren on the phone once again. Bottom Left: Kelly Hoover, Gayra Mauney, Jola Scheffe, and Shellene Palmer enter the intense vi orld of Trivial Pursuit, Above Right: Jeff Lucas and Jason Belden beg for the hand of Heather Bloomgren Bottom Right: Heather Bloomgren helps Jeff Lucas out with what nature forgot as Jason Belden looks on. Thespians 75 KAYETTES The Kayettes started off with the membership drive which included a banana 7up contest and other get acquainted games. Early in November the Juniors and Seniors played an exciting game of Powder Puff Football which was a victorious one for the Seniors. The final score was 12-6. All proceeds went to Kayettes to send girls to camp and help pay for the teacher appreciation breakfast held in the Spring. Citizenship week held December 7- 13th provided many needed services ranging from school to their own home. One of the highlights of the week was the Foreign Exchange and host dinner for students from Derby and Mulvane. The members also had a canned food drive for the Ronald McDonald House in Wichita, and collect- ed Campbell Soup labels for the Capper Foundation. It was a very helpful and productive week. Every month the members baked birthday cakes for the teachers during that month. They had a lot of fun getting together at Sponsor Miss Burk ' s house. After attending the Regional Conference in the Fall, under the leadership of Judy Richmond as president, the Kayettes ended another successful year with a fare- well party for the Seniors at the Pizza Hut. Pages by Stacy Ferguson. Motto: Today For Tomorrow Slogan: Laugh, Love, Lift Top Row: Kim Cook, Karen Peyton, Tonya Lowry, Kimberly Lindabury, Yomna Hafez, Katarlina Tiirikka, Middle Row: Miss Burk, Tammy Daniels, Missi Matliews, Roxanne Lowry, Rhonda Reekie, Shelly Hyson, Monica Alum- baugh. Bottom Row: Judy Richmond, Kimberly Millerskow, Sandy Cowden, Christine Lancaster, Brenda Mintzer, Amy Pray, Photo by Channing Nuss. Neal Hamilton, Scott Heinrichs, and Jason Beldon cheer Shelly on. Photo by Andrea Higgins. 76 Kayettes Trux Young is starry eyed as he IS crowned Mr, Wildcat Es- corted by Rhonda Reekie Photo by Andrea Higgins. Dwight Cooke, Marty Dietrich, Anthony Valdez, and Eric Plunk " OK guys, start the ripple on one and don ' t forget to snake! " Photo by Andrea Higgins, Going to Conference- Front; Brenda Mintzer, Kimberly Lindabury, Amy Pray Back: Judy Richmond, Sandy Cowden, Shelby Cook Board of Kayettes- Top Row Miss Burk (Sponsor), Rhonda Reekie (Stuco Rep ), Shelly Hyson(Publicity), Monica Alumbaugh (Program Director), Amy Pray (Sophomore Rep). Bottom Row: Judy Richmond (President). Kimberly Millerskow (V-President), Sandy Cowden (Secretary Treasurer), Christine Lancaster (Senior Rep Parl), Brenda Mintzer (Pt Director) Photo by Channing Nuss. Shelly Hyson makes a break- •hrough for the Seniors Photo by Andrea Higgins. Mf ' il ' -:ji ' " i sM: k ' ijAz.i u v ' Ti Kayetles 77 FHA 78 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FHA officers from left to right: Katharine Pickens (Historian), Corin Price (Secre- tary), John Carlin (Treasurer), Ivy Page (President), Tonia Draper (Vice Presi- dent). Photo by Channing Nuss. yi What ' s that! ' ' ' " exclaims r 4W Tammy Kissinger, Photo by Channing Nuss, Page by Katherine Pickens Organization 79 MAKING CHANGES IN " 88 " Stuco is an organization that represents the student body and their ideas. This year ' s Stuco group managed to make a tew changes at MHS to make our school a more well-rounded one. The painting of the commons, with the help of the art classes, was a major change that added character to our lunchroom. They also tidied up the School Constitution to make it more up to date. The school dances were also a big success for Stuco. Our sponsors, Ms. McGran- aghan and Mr. Nelson, also deserve many thanks for helping Stuco make changes in " 88 " . Page by Jessica Jones. (left) Kaylene Alvarez is all dressed up with no place to go other than the connmons to paint. Photo by Jessica Jones. (above) Stuco sponsors, Miss McGranaghan and Mr. Nelson. Photo by Jeri Conyac. (upper right) Junior class officers, president, Paul Layman; secretary, Kaylene Alvarez: treasurer, An- gela Gomez; vice president, Richelle Antle. ■ -i r (righitf ' Executive officers. Vice President, Jeff Lucas; Secretary, Toni Wayman; President, Joe McDanlel, and Treasurer. Channing Nuss. Photos by Andrea Higgins. 80 Stuco Stuco members group shot top row: Robby Swindle, Chris Garrison. Todd Hedstrom, Channing Nuss, Matt Cox, Paul Layman, Jason Beldon, Colin Workman. Third row: Shanda Vangas, Renie Ward. Kaylene Al- varez. Paul McKee, Sean Gillespie, Curtis Norden, Dan LeClair, Derek Donaldson, Doug Edson. Second row: Heather Bloomgren. Kathy Saxton. Gayra Mauney. Tammy Williams Jeff Lucas. Toni Wayman, Joe McDaniel DeAnna LeClair, Angela Gomez. Bottom row Rhonda Reekie, Kim Millerskow, Becky Brown, Leslie Tackett Jessica Jones, Tina Moeller, Gate Cald.- well, and Kris Jackson. Photo by Jeri Conyac. 1 (above) " Ho! Ho! Kiddies! It ' s Howdie Doo- dle time! " Channing Nuss exclaims at the Homecoming dance. Photo by Tara Ram- sey. (far Left) Part-time hippie, Jeff Lucas, shows off his spirit during " Hippie Biker Day " . (left) Senior class officers are Treasurer, Jessica Jones. President. Dan LeClair, Vice President, Kathy Saxton, and Secretary, Tina Moeller (not pictured). Photos by An- drea Higgins. StUCO 81 Heather Schmidt hides a smile as she wonders if teammate Rhonda Reel ie really knows what she ' s drinking! Photo by Jeri Conyac 82 Athletics ' HVv ftw - ' " B mrkfV This years ' 87- ' 88 C.C. team consisted of (jr.) Eric Plunk, (sophs) Bruce Brashear, Scott In- galls, Scott Proctor, and (frosh) David Shiid and Dereck Waggoner. Unfortunately, they were at a disadvantage because the team was younger and less experienced as far as running in com- petition. However, according to Coach Charles Mason, throughout the season they gained the experience and gradual development needed, and are now a very competitive team. Each of the members dedicated themselves an hour to an hour and a half every night, running most of the time about 5 miles or more. Everyone received at least one medal during the season, and all lettered. Coach Mason is looking forward to next year and believes they will be a challenger in the league. Page by Andrea Dykens 6. " Tl, race a Br ® ; ' S 2nd p ace Left: (soph) Scott Ingalls face shows the pain and endurance one must have to run in C.C. Below: The team on the run at the J.V, league race in Augusta. Photos by Toni Wayman Cross Country 83 WILDCAT ACTION FAST Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lucas proudly mak- ing their way down tlie field during par- ents recognition night. Photo by Joe Johnson ■A Jb ,%. ' -m •A u , ' 1 ' jfc. Back row: D. Johnson (Assistant Coach), B. Stinson (Head Coach), R. Bennett (Assistant Coach), and R. Cole (Assistant Coach). 5th row; B. Harrington, S. Young, S. Nelson, C. Rickard, E. Endres, E. Sweet, R. Swindle, A. Church, T. Hedstrom. 4th row: C. Garrison, M. Cox, J. Krull, T. Dewald, C. Knapp, C. Nuss, C. Ferman, G. Konvicni, C. Callway, R. Norden. 3rd row: G. Burchardt, J. Sisco, D. Niles, R. Parkey, B. Schmidt, J. McDaniel, C. Workman, J. Carroll, R. Langlois, W. Wright. 2nd row: J. Bolinger, T. Wayman, J. Perez, J. Lucas, D. Cusick, D. Egger, M. McClellon, J. Boswell, B. Roberts, G. Adams. 1st row: D. Niblack, J. Springer, M. Young, J. Melick, J. Beldon, A. Canady, M. McElravy, H. Bell, S, Heinrichs, T. Young. Photo by Joe Johnson 84 Football BUT NOT FAST ENOUGH Football 85 BOYS TRACK L. to R., top row: Eric Sweet, Scott Ingalls, Philip Hancock, Adam Beehler. bottom row: Marl McClellan, Darren Cusicl , Jason Belden, Janelle Parks (manager). The 1988 Mulvane High school boys track team had a very successful season, with consistent scoring. Jason Bel- den did well in the javelin competition and went on to regionals in Andale. Darrin Cusick out ran them all in the 100 and 400 meter races. Mark McClellan had a good season in the high jump. Page by Katherine Pickens. 86 Boys Track Above: (I to r) 1st row - Ginger Neier, Amy Samuelson, Becky Robertson, Toni Wayman, Janelle Parks (manager) 2nd row - Trudy Sloan, Kathy Saxton, Helen Christian, Daria Scroggin and Shelly Patton BETTER THAN EVER! This years ' 87- ' 88 girls track team put forth many hours of hard work and dedication to be the best that could be. And all their hard work has obviously paid off, this season we had three mem- bers qualify for state: Kathy Saxton - 1st place long jump champion; Helen Christian - 2nd place intermediate hurdles; and DarIa Scroggins - 3rd place 200 meter run. With records like that, it is easy to see girls track is better than ever! Page by Andrea Dykens Above; " Who says I don ' t have grace?! " - Ginger Neier with the javelin. Right: " Did someone say donuts at the finish line?! " - Shelly Patton in the lead. Photos by Channing Nuss, Artwork by Shelly Hyson. Above: Sizing up the competition, ' Coach Jelinek expresses his ■ thoughts. Girls Track 87 A " SPIKING " SEASON Volleyball is the kind of sport that requires a lot of skill and determination. Coach Nancy Winters said that " Anytime your athletes are willing to give you their very best — your season is successful. MHS had a successful season. " Kathy Saxton gave it her all and earned the CTL All League Selection. The CTL Honorable Mentions are: Kimberly fvlillerskow and Rhonda Reekie. Mulvane Senior High will miss the senior ' 88 players, page by Corin Price Coach Nancy Winters gives her top secret instructions while Rhonda Reel ie listens carefully, photo by Jeri Conyac I don ' t want it! Keep it on your own side — Kathy Saxton. photo by Jeri Conyac Yes Coach, I ' m Listening!! Kandi Miller and Ginger Neier. photo by Jeri Conyac ' 88 Volleyball Varsity Team (top) K. Miller, K, Millerskow, R. Reekie, (middle) M. Mathews, K. Saxton, H, Christian, S. Patton, (bottom) M. Lane, H, Schmidt, S. Palmer, G. Neier. photo by Jeri Conyac J.V. Team (top) Coach Connie Humphhes, A. Arnold, K Kysar, S. Palmer, H. Donald- son, (middle) S. Vangas, T. Wylie, M. Math- ews, (bottom) L Heersche, N. Infinger, D. Smithisler. D Scroggin. photo by Jen Con- yac VI Mathews, H, Schmidt, K. Miller, G Neier, S, Patton, K Saxton, and K. vlillerskow in the line up. photo by Tara Ramsey Volleyball 89 WILDCAT ACTION HEATS UP This year ' s boys basketball team had an action packed season, often leaving the crowd on their feet wanting more. For the past five years, many agree that basketball at Mulvane has been very good. Some thought this year would be a rebuilding year, but good pro- grams do not rebuild, they just continue. The team managed to overcome their 1 and 5 start to finish second in the league. Another highlight in the season was when the varsity team not only won four straight games, but also a bet with Coach fvlason, leaving him stuck with no hair to speak of. These people accomplished many things this year and carried on the tradition of FINE basketball at MHS. Page by Jessica Jones Varsity team members, top row: Coach Mason, Toby Butcher, John Melick, Shay Cornejo, Russell Norden. Middle Row: Neal Hamilton, Pat Lockwood, Jeremy Hoenscheidt. Bottom row: Larry Lambrecht, Mike Higgins, Sean Gillespie, Brian Smith, Scott Ingalls. Top center: Shay Cornejo goes up for a lay-up with Toby Butcher trailing behind. Photo by Channing Nuss Right: The basketball team looks sharp with their pre-game warm up. Photo by Andrea Higgins 90 Basketball Top: With such an awesome line up like Neal Hamilton, John Melick, Toby Butcher, and Shay Cornejo, how can we lose? Middle: Toby Butcher and Larry Lambrecht try to keep Wel- lington from scoring. Above: Shay Cornejo makes his way through a strong defense to score two points. Photos by Andrea Higgins Junior Varsity team Top row: John Melick, Mike Higgins, Channing Nuss,- Derek Donaldson, Mark McClellan, Sean Gil- lespie. Middle row: Larry Lambrecht, Todd Hedstrom, Scott Young, Bruce Brashear, Jeff Sisco, Coach Eitzen. Bottom row. Andrew Hodges, Bill Harrington, Andy Church, Curtis Norden, Todd Butcher, and Tom Simrefl. Basketball 91 A " HOOP-FUL " FUTURE The 1987-1988 women ' s bas- ketball team began a year of re- building under first year coaches Gregg Wolgast and Scott Swaney. The team proved to be very competitive ending the reg- ular season with a 6-14 record, and going on to Sub-State. The Lady Cats showed improvement throughout the season being led by Seniors Kathy Saxton and Kim Prickett. While the loss of Saxton and Prickett will be greatly felt in the future, a good group of players will return prom- ising for a bright future in Lady Cat basketball. Page by Shelly Hyson Kim Prickett takes a break from tlie bas- ketball action to wave to her mother in the stands. Kathy Saxton and an opposing team member learn to " Twist and Sho ut. " Nancy Farber and an opposing team member indulge in a game of " basketball tag. " Photos by Channing Nuss 92 Basketball Team members from left to ngtit, bot- tom row: A. Wheeler, A Arnold, H Don- aldson, N, Infinger, K. Prickett, K, Sax- ton. Top row: G. Wolgast (coacfi), B. Norton, N. Farber, K. Tiirikka, Y. Hafez, C Kraft, Scott Swaney (coach), D, Smithhisler (not pictured), and manag- ers C. Rodriguez and H. Powell (not pic- tured). The Wonder Ball goes round and round ... " With Kathy Saxton on the rebound, aren ' t you glad she uses Dial? Basketball 93 Becky Brown Nancy Farber This year ' s Pom Pon squad, consisting of twelve girls shared an unusual variety of routines during halftime at home basketball games. They received a number I rating at the annual Pom Pon competition and with the support of Nancy Winter as Sponsor, they ended the year competing at the Wichita River Festival. Pages by Stacy Ferguson. Photos by Channing Nuss. Shannon Unruh Heather Schmidt Tara Ramsey 94 Pom Pon Stacy Ferguson Stephanie Graber Jenifer Phillips Tina Moeller Pom Pon 95 Keep On Smiling The Fall and Winter sports seasons this year were action-packed and the cheer- leaders did their best to keep everyone ' s spir- it high. At some points of the season it was hard to keep the spirit and enthusiasm up, but the cheerleaders kept on smiling and nev- er gave up hope. Both the Junior Varsity and the Varsity squads did very well this year. They both showed us that they had a lot of creative abilities and could accomplish just about any- thing. Without the help of their sponsors, Jeri Anderson and Meg McGranghan, the cheer- leaders would not have reached their goals. These two people kept them going and let them know that they always had someone who would stand behind them. Page by Toni Wayman 96 Cheerleading First row; Sandy Britt, Daria Scroggin, LIndsey Luttjohann, Second row; Shanda Vangas and Kendra Erickson. First row; Traci Richardson, Lindsey Luttjo- hann, Lora Heersche, Joya LaRock, Sandy Britt. Second row; Kendra Erickson, Shanda Vangas, and DarIa Scroggin, Clockwise form top (center); Jeri Anderson(sponsor), Shauna Car- roll, Tammy Williams, Janelle Parks, Toni Wayman, Cate Cald- well, and Shelly Britt. First row; Cate Caldwell, Jan- elle Parks, Shauna Carroll, Tammy Williams, and Richelle Antle. Second r ow; Megan Lane and Tom Wayman. Cheerleading 97 ■ m .i ■s " CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE COPPOLA Chris will always be remembered as good natured, polite, and ready help. Chris was fascinated with weightlifting and basketball. He loved lifting and participated in meets; and Chris could be found at any home or away basketball game filming every play. Chris was academic and interested in computer, drafting, and math. Cowley County Community College awarded Chris with an academic scholarship. Chris had dreams of- going to New York and of teaching math. 98 Memoriam HOMERUN SEASON dc t --- xv -- Scores Nickerson Rosehill Winfield ■ Valley Center Andover Augusta Goddard Circle CTL Tournament Valley Center Rosehill Circle Regional Douglas Rosehill (Top) Members of the baseball team: top row-Coach Katz, Mike Young, Chad Phipps. Shay Cornejo, Dan LeClair, Sean Gillespie, Coach Eitzen. Middle row-Brian Butler, Scott Young, Bruce Brashear, Rob Swindle, Matt Cox, Jeff Lucas, Adam Morris, Scott Nelson. Bottom row-John Fleming. Jim Bolinger, Billy Heird, Donnie Holman, Jeremy Miller, Scott Proctor, and Steve Laugholz. Katz shows Shay Cornejo and Dan LeClair the " real " way to hit. We 16 77 2 3 8 4 9 9 7 13 6 1 14 13 3 5 11 23 4 They 10 5 10 4 10 10 11 10 22 5 12 3 17 8 1 14 11 6 7 11 1 Baseball 99 100 Misc Future lead-singer for The Cult, Danny Egger, screams out his first note as Sex Pistol ' s fan, Jason Belden, listens in awe. Photo by Channing Nuss. School Life 101 A TRADITION With the dawning of a new football season, comes the crowning of a new queen. The Football Homecoming can- didates this year were Shauna Carroll, Shelly Britt, and Tina Moeller, who were escorted by Aaron Canady, Colin Worl man, and Jason Beldon. This year ' s Homecoming candidates gave a new meaning to the word " class. " Shauna Carroll wall ed away with the crown this year, however all the candidates were true winners. Page by Jessica Jones, photos by Joe Johnson. ' fV 102 Homecoming FOR ALL SEASONS Not to be outdone by the Football candidates, three more senior girls were chosen to compete for the title of Basketball Homecoming Queen. The basketball candidates were Cafe Caldwell, Leslie Tackett, and DeAn- na LeClair who were escorted by Russell Nordean, Neal Hamilton, and Shay Cornejo. Gate Caldwell was chosen from the three local beauties for the top honor. Page by Jessica Jones, photos by Andrea Higgins. (above) Basketball Homecoming Queen Gate Cald- well escorted by Russell Nordean. (lett) 1988 Basketball Homecoming Royalty includ- ing crown and ring bearers Tony Katzenmeier and Jessica Wayman. (left) Runner-up Leslie Tackett escorted by Neal Hamilton. (far left) Runner-up DeAnna LeClair es- corted by Shay Cornejo Homecoming 103 FROM THE BEGINNING (left), Sean Gillespie, Paul Laymon, and Megan Lane work their way to the top. Photo by C. Nuss (middle) Debbie Nicolson and Shanon Unruh use their skills on the centerpiece. Photo by C. Nuss (lower left), Megan Lane, Jodi Hiebert, and Shelly Patton discuss events with the " all nnighty " Mr. Can- field. Photo by C. Nuss 104 Prom (above), Becky Brown and her escort Dan LeClair - Photo by J. Johnson (below), Tracey Kirkendall and Valarie Huslig complinnent the " 88 ' Prom with their entertainment. -Photo by C, Nuss TO THE VERY END. (above), Kris Jackson and her es- cort Trux Young, -photo by J. John- son (left) Silent Night Queen, Kathy Saxton and her escort, King Jeff Carroll. -Photo by J. Johnson (below). Heather Donaldson dances the night away with her date during the prom, f hoto by J. Johnson Prom 105 I Seniors Jenny Meek, Jessica Jones, Gate Caldwell, Stacy Ferguson, and Tara Rannsey are just wading for some men " ! 106 Personal Pages A CIRCLE IS ROUND AND HAS .■I, NO ENDS. THAT ' S HOW LONG THAT WE ' LL BE FRIENDS. Personal Pages 107 HEATHER AND HOLLY 108 Personal Pages Personal Pages 109 KIMBERLY AND RHONDA Well my friend, exactly where do I stand? These words I say come from the bottom of my heart. You ' ll be my friend through thick and thin, We ' ve stood the test of time, though perfect it hasn ' t been! Our friendship is real, we ' ve proved it through time. Your thoughts and ideas I treasure, as if they were mine. Never hide anything from me — never keep it inside. Don ' t hesitate to come to me, my arms are always open wide. Right now, in your pain, you ' re hurting deep within, 1 hope you know I love you, please just let me in! 110 Personal Pages js »■ , r—i ' T s fc,-.-- L,_i ' » i. f- Personal Pages 1 1 1 {a «H tat iijasmSiSi Jsssess ZzSSn aasiug.ii ' .i w ' ww rtf i m MBMwiwjf 1 11 2 Personal Pages A L B E R T State Novice CHAMPION r ' -n if.Ttif -ir _ ' ' KIjiF . W " % S t a t e A m a t e u r C h a m P i o n The Wing Brothers Personal Pages 1 13 rfWiV ' W!- 1WW™ ' ' ' « ' y ? ■ ■» ' SPRING BREAK ' 88! Aaron Andrea Jeff Jenny Jessica Tara " T 1 14 Personal Pages y ' Friendship Sharing laughs and clothes and tears, Ridding me of foolish fears Special moments, special times. Forgiving me for little crimes. Helping when you think you can ' t. Knowing when to rave and rant. Being honest when you should, Knowing you ' d do all you could. Staying when you ' d rather run, See those times we fought and won. Not believing all you heard, FRIENDSHIP- what a special word. Personal Pages 115 | MICHELLE AND TINA BLONDE BUDDIES 116 Personal Page : :irv " t " .. ' ' - : ' iv .. - rmi TTriSA ' BETH, KIM, AND MICHELLE Personal Pages 1 17 MEMORIES " 88 " WE ARE MORE THAN FRIENDS WE ARE FAMILY WE ARE MORE THAN FAMILY WE ARE FRIENDS 11 8 Personal Pages P Hair ' s To Us! Tar a Gate Jessica Jennifer Stacy Personal Pages 1 19 GATE AND 120 Personal Pages J u s T A Personal Pages 121 iiHOL. 122 Advertising With sales people like this, who could resist? Joe McDaniel, DeAnna LeClair, and Colin Work- V man. ana Gijt cShoppe 401 N. Baltimore Derby, Kansas 67037 (316) 788-2861 Elaine and Jerry Lay ton iiimmnimini i m g: MOVIE MASTERS ♦ iimiiiiinitiiiimnniilili 100 P ' .czc lore E;sr - Muivone Ks 671 1 C - 777- 1 27 • • ••••••• Total Xjdncept hair. sun na1c1i 206-208 E. Madison Derby, Kansas 67037 (316) 788-3722 Hours: Monday - 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Tues.,Wed. Thurs. - 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Friday Saturday - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. GOOD LUCK STAGEY 1 4 M A I i . Bowling la: Xoi ' ' y Ent«rtoinm«ntf • Uagu Bawling •Op«n Bowlinq Snack Bar — Gqm Room Op n 7 0«y« A W «k lxc«|it SwnwTMf Derby Bowl 444 S. BalU 788-0263 or 788-1 S46 ' ( (7rM 1 -=.yV V ,7aj . : 7 7 m : U7 1 r.,v .Jj 1 " ' i 621 N isl MULVANE. KS BY APPT Advertising .1 23 M M Hardware 115 W. Main Mulvane, Ks. 777-1911 Congratulations Class of 1988! Good Luck in tlie Future! (Above right) Jim McDaniel, Colin Workman, and Joe get ready to do some field work. (Center) Proud parents and owners of M M, tvlilton and Monica take time out to shiow off their pearly whites with Joe. (Lower left) Joe and DeAnna LeClair smile pretty for the camera. 124 Advertising OPEN MON. - SAT. 7-10 SUN. 7-9 777-1159 : MBBI K " 1 ' " fKff ' ' ■— M g 1 — 3 JENNIFER KEVIN ANDREA Advertising 125 Ifl 777 OVER 28 YEARS V JQUARAX ' ) OT iefloia d FLOWERS WEDDINGS FUNERALS PLANTS FLORAL DESIGNS FRANKOMA POTTERY GIFTS WEDDING, SOCIAL PERSONALIZED STATIONARY HELIUM BALLOONS HOURS 9-6 MON-FRI OPEN SAT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED LOCAL DAILY DELIVERIES TO: • BELLE PLAINE • HOSE HILL • DERBY • UDALL • HAYSVILLE • WICHITA • PECK AMY DELL DU UVE BURNS [ S iffi 109 W. MAIN MULVANE Jjj2aMJUA 77 - B20 QUALITY BODY SHOP Bill Lankard and Robert Schippers VAN ' S LAUNDRY AND DRYCLEANING " For all your pressing needs " 421 E. Madison Derby, Kansas 788-9121 Q Ready-made and custom QW THE frames THE WALL 615 N. Baltimore Derby, Kansas 788-0271 WALL 126 Advertising M ' " «°° ' - ' ' - i3K«a» imvssf J jraji- a(k«ma-triEai i4U9 j» = ESTABLISHED 1806 A TRADITION OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE EOR OVER lOO YEARS REGULAR LOBBY HOURS Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m. to noon W V DRIVE-IN HOURS Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. to noon DRFVE-IN AUTOMATIC TELLER MACHINE LOCATED AT ROCK ROAD K-15 OPEN 24 HOURS Member FDIC 122 West Main, Mulvane, Kansas 67110 Telephone (316) 777-1171 J dS 127 Congratulations Seniors From Senior Pictures At Their Best 1100 Lewis Drive Mulvane, Kansas 777-4491 128 Advertising KENNY RICHARDS Trash Service 777-1912 " Congratulations SENIOR CLASS ' of " 1988 " Kenny and Diana Richards Advertising 129 RoTflCR 104 PRATHER PIX BARBER SHOP 777-4121 ALLEN WINTER RofFuat MULVANE AUTHORIZED SYLVANIA QUASAR SATTELITE SALES SERVICE ALL BRANDS IN - HOME OR CARRY - IN SERVICE STAN ' S T.V- SERVICE F.C.C. LICENSED 777-0915 203 W. MAIN MULVANE PROMPT SERVICE REASONABLE RATES cMJud3).SM4,3).3) 620 n. GEORGIE DERBY, KAHSAS 67037 TELEFNOHE 788-2554 Comphrehensive General and Family Dentistty With An Emphasis On Frevention And Esthetics OFFICE HOURS BY AFFOiriTMEriT 1307 Advertising . ■ -.. n- - .- ? Mr. and Mrs. Charles English LAND DEVELOPMENT 117 Plaza Lane Mulvane, Kansas Phone 777-4962 MULVANE CO-OP UNION 220 W. Poplar 777-1121 Taco Cantina 509 N. Second Congratulations Trux! Mulvane 613 N. Second LARRY R. ANDERSON, M.D. JOEL T. WEIGAND, M.D. CLAY SHAW, P.A. 118 E. MAIN MULVANE, KS. 67110 HOURS: 9-12 1-5 M-F PHONE; 777-0106 AFTER HRS. 264-1261 Bra nine Chevrolet WE SUPPORT THE CATS! Advertising 131 WELLS BOOKKEEPING SERVICE Ernest L. Rhodes Fern Wells Harvey Wells 316-777-4322 207 W. Main Mulvane, Ks. 67110 SAV-A-TRIP Mable Hicks Manager Open 24 Hrs. (316) 777-0470 110 W. Main PIANO PARLOR MULVANE, KS mm PIANO TUNING. REBUILDING, REFINISHING SHARON BUTCHER SAM W. PORTER D.D.S. General Dentistry 777-1362 114 W. Main Mulvane, Ks. 101 Plaza Ln. Mulvane, Ks. 777-1343 1226 S.E. Louis Blvd. Mulvane, Ks. L ' Ouniru Lyiass Beauty Salon 777-0558 Tommie Barber Mary Lankard Owner, Stylist Stylist Joan Smith Stylist AL BETTY ' S 113 W. Main Mulvane, Ks. " A GREAT PLACE TO EAT " DAIRY KING " Home of the Charlie " Hamburgers French Fries Ice Cream Ph. 777-1671 Mulvane Radio TV, Inc. Radio Shack Dealer 777-1041 205 WEST MAIN MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 Iru r Dave Don Persels, CET TV-STERO-RADIO COMPUTER-PRINTER SALES AND SERVICE Advertising 1 33 ' ' V y AMOCO I CUSTOMER IS JOB ONE! Owned and operated by PHONE 683-0485 George PHONE 686-2100 6327 EAST 13th WAYMAN " " ' ' WICHITA, KS. 67208 WICHITA, KS. 67206 134 Advertising Bill ' s Standard 777-1621 Bill Jackson Billy Jackson 201 N. Second AUTIIOIIIZED STATION Advertising 135 FIRST FEDERAL S4J INGS BANK P.O. Box 127 Mulvane, KS 777-0133 Head Hunters Hair Shops 1 15 Emery Mulvane, Kansas 777-0183 V Mulvane Animal Clinic Dr. Joe L. and Kathy Gosch General Practice .: (31G) 777-1515 II SELKIRK i METALBESTOS 121 W. Miin P.O. Box 202 Mulvane, Kansas G7U0 Phone: 777-4283 Highway K-15 Mulvane, Kansas 67110 136 Advertising THE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT BODY WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNI- TY TO EXPRESS THEIR APPRECIATION FOR THE YEARS OF SERVICE AND DEDI- CATION TO MHS. BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK! MR. MILLERSKOW MR. MERRITT MR. FEATHERSTON special Thanks 137 c o N G R A T U L A T I O N S 123 W. Main 777-0390 shirts plus-t Hats Shirts Jackets PLUS Lots More c L A S S O F 8 8 138 Advertising " y): " - V t.: tf M Jf j-_ I; (T 7 AlKiNML-NT • BRAKES • t NGINR lU F ' A|[f • IUNf:-UF ' « TIRFS WAYMAN BROS. ?-- Mm. ' ZZ WAYMAN " is working for you " ;iiH-io. ' i 100 S IIALIIMORL nrHHY, KANSAS rnoY WAYMAN Advertising 139 1 " Shifting Our Gears For 41 Years " Bob, Dan and Orville PAPENHAUS OIL CO. (316) 777-1071 Quality Repairs • Reasonabie Prices Tank Wagon Delivery 211 S. 1st Mulvane EMERGENCY AAA SERVICE NATIONAL XTGOOO RADIAL ANAMliAMlilUCANS llAVDKliLHiUON FOllOVEItSO YEAllS CONGRATULATIONS National Honor Society Dr. Leslie H. Cobb 777-0101 102 E. Main Mulvane, Ks. Kerr McGee Service Station 501 N. Second Mulvane, Ks. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES JS o .« t i .xjN ' » " fi FABULOUS MESQUITE BURGERS 777-0181 FREE DELIVERY 140 Advertising L,;, CHURCH DIRECTORY Our Saviour Lutheran Church 503 Louis Mulvane, Kansas 67110 Ed IVterclcel: Pastor Sunday School 9:15 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m. Mulvane Brethren Church 310 South Central Mulvane, Kansas 67110 Rev. Rellly Smith: Pastor Sunday School 10:00 a.m. Worship 11:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m. Bible Study 7:00 p.m. Wed. THE COLOR PORT EDWIN MARY CROFT 507 NORTH SECOND MULVANE, KANSAS Phone 777-1271 CARPET GLIDDEN PAINTS WALLPAPER CONGOLEUM CERAMIC TILE COUNTER TOPS set nice , -to come homeio .rfe I Advertising :1;4i n t Home loKii Nrn .s M rr -- Since IHHii MIVANENEWS 25 CENTS Mulvnuc, Kansas 777-4233 Copyright by The Mulvane News 1907 TTW " ™ ' ™™ ' Donnie Holman I Jimmie Bolinger Andrea Higgins CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Advertising 142 , : j rs f r ; - ..i A.-6,j:i -b -:M H k. .1 . r- . ' n£ 4s -!i .:]-; - CONBRATULATIONS 6RADUATES PBOH YOUB HOMETOWN PIZZA HUT y 2r 2 15 N. ROCK RD. MULVANE, KANSAS .®v: K Advertising 143 Custom lab and studio Open Monday Thru Saturday 9:00-7:00 P.M. 111 Plaza Lane East (K-15 Rock Road) Mulvane, KS 67010 777-0777 H COSMETICS Kristie Guy Beauty Consultant Director 111 Plaza Lane Mulvane, Ks. 67110 Office ph. 777-0016 Home ph. 777-0773 144 Advertising MARY L. DIXSON SHIELD OF SHELTER SHELTER INSURANCE 109 S. First Mulvane Ph. 777-4103 OR 777-4217 Dr. R.K. Thomason D.D.S. 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Congratulations Valerie Advertising 145 PAM BOZONE SHELLY BRITT WADE BRUENDL GARY COLEMAN KEVIN DALE STEPHANIE REDDICK STAGEY SMITH PHILLIP STANDLEY ALBERT WING GARY ZLUTICKY :Ads 146 INDEX Adams, Grady 32, 84 Adams, Katy 32 Alexander, Dammon 15, 18, 70 Alexander, Tara 38 Allen, Kristy 32, 70 Alquest, Pam 32 Alumbaugh, Monica 32, 76 Alvarez, Kaylene 32, 52, 57, 68, 70, 80, 81 Ames, Lila 32, 74 Antle, Richelle 32, 61, 66, 80, 97 Arnold, Amy 38, 89, 93 Arnold, Jimmy 32 Arnold, Tony 38 Baca, Lynette 32 Baer, Brenda 38 Bahruth, Scott 32 Baker, Stacy 15, 18, 28, 67, 74 Barton, Kelli 38 Beehler, Adam 38, 52, 71, 86 Beehler, Phillip 32 Belden, Jason 15, 18, 58, 70, 72, 75, 76, 81, 84, 86, 101, 102 Bell, Hank 32, 58, 84 Bell, Micheal 38 Binkley, Micheal 38 Bloomgren, Heather 32, 62, 67, 68, 70, 74, 75, 81 Bohart, Robin 32 Bolinger, Jim 38, 54, 84, 99 Bolinger, Mickey 15, 18, 54 Bordeaux, Michelle 38 Boswell, Jamie 32, 84 Bowen, Shanna 38 Bozone, Pamela Sue 15, 18 Brashear, Bruce 38, 83, 99 Brashear, Lance 38 Britt, Sandy 38, 97 Britt, Shelly 15, 18, 97, 102 Brown, Becky 15, 18, 81, 94, 105 Brown, Diane Elaine 15, 18 Brown, Jennifer 38, 74 Bruendl, Wade 15, 19, 70 Brumback, Denice 38 Burchardt, Granville 32, 84 Burdick, Jill Renae 15, 19 Burkhead, Bryon 9, 15, 19, 50 Burrell, Margo 32, 74 Butcher, Toby 15, 19, 28, 90, 91 Butcher, Todd 38 Butler, Brian 99 Caldwell, Gate 15, 19, 20, 49, 59, 81, 97 Call, Tracy 15, 19, 74, 79 Calloway, Chris 38, 84 Canady, Aaron 15, 19, 72, 84, 102 Carlon, John 32, 79 Carroll, Jeff 15, 84, 105 Carroll, Shauna 14, 15, 19, 97, 102 Casey, Jenifer 32, 61 Cash, Candy 38 Christian, Helen 33, 87, 89 Church, Andy 38, 55, 84, 91 Clark, Derrell Ronald 15, 19 Clark, Rodney 38 Cleverdon, Kay 15, 19, 59 Cochran, Shawn 33 Coleman, Gary Dwayne 15, 19 Conyac, Jeri 33 Cook, Kim 15, 19, 74, 76 Cooke, Dwight David 15, 19 Cooke, Shelby LaRae Haggard 22 Cooke, Vance 33 Coppola, Christopher Lawrence 19 Cornejo, Shay 15, 19, 28, 72, 90, 91, 99 Cowden, Sandy 15, 22, 76 Cox, Matt 7, 38, 81, 84, 99 Crow, Kathy 33 Cusick, Darren 33, 44, 84, 86 Dale, Kevin Douglass 15, 22 Daniels, Shauna 38 Daniels, Tammy 15, 22, 60, 76 Davis, Jennifer 33 Dawdy, Delvin 38 DeCou, Angle 33 Deloney, Michelle 15, 22, 56 Dewald, Troy 38, 84 DeWinkler, Luana 38 Index 147 Dietrich, Martin Lee 15, 22 Donaldson, Derek 33, 81 Donaldson, Heather 15, 22, 54, 96, 105 Donaldson, Heather 96 Donaldson, Holly 6, 38, 89, 93 Draper, Tonia 15, 22, 79 Draper, Troy 38 Dunlap, Lisa 38 Dykens, Andrea 14, 15, 22, 56 Edson, Darla 15, 20, 22 Edson, Doug 33, 51, 81 Egger, Danny 33, 43, 72, 84, 101 Elkins, Brandon 33 Ellis, Jeff 33, 50, 51 Endres, Eric 38, 55, 84 Erickson, Kendra 39, 97 Fanning, Mike 39 Farber, Nancy 33, 70, 92, 93, 94 Ferguson, Stacy 14, 15, 22, 95 Ferman, Cory 33, 84 Fessler, Scott 33, 58 Fish, Craig 39 Fleming, John 39, 99 Florio, Mike 39 Garrison, Chris 7, 39, 81, 84 Geisler, Scott 39 Gillespie, Sean 33, 69, 72, 81, 90, 91, 99, 104 Goetez, Chele 33 Goforth, Tracy 15, 22, 46 Gomez, Angela 33, 45, 70, 80, 81 Gonzales, Delinda 33 Gonzales, Mike 39 Graber, Stephanie 13, 15, 22, 68, 70, 95 Green, Kim 33 Green, Micheal 33 Green, Todd 71 Gruden, Rebecca 39 Gulick, Roger Ryan 22 Hafez, Yomna 8, 15, 22, 44, 60, 76, 93 Hamilton, Neal 15, 20, 22, 29, 72, 76, 90, 91 Hancock, Phillip 39, 71, 86 Harrington, Bill 39, 84 Harris, Dave 6, 14, 15, 23 Harvey, Amy 33, 48 Harvey, Lyle Milton 15, 23 Havlick, Wendy 39 Hazen, Britt 15, 23, 59 Hedstrom, Todd 7, 39, 81, 84 Heersche, Lora 39, 46, 55, 89, 97 Heinrichs, John 33 Heinrichs, Scott 14, 15, 23, 76, 84 Heird, Billy 99 Hiebert, Jodi 33, 104 Higgins, Andrea 15, 23, 56 Higgins, Mike 33, 90, 91 Hobbs, Jarad 33, 70 Hodges, Andrew 33, 68, 70, 71, 91 Hoenscheidt, Jeremy 15, 23, 90 Holman, Donnie 33, 99 Holmes, Peter 39 Holsey, Michelle 39 Hooper, Kris 39 Hooten, John 33 Hoover, Kelly 34, 49, 52, 68, 69, 74, 75 Horton, Bridget 34, 93 Hoskinson, Jocelyn 39 Hosley, Michelle 60 Hottle, Sean 34, 59, 62 Houseman, Lauri 39, 46 Humbolt, Gary 34 Humbolt, Julie 39 Huslig, Valerie 15, 23, 60, 70, 105 Hyson, Shelly 15, 23, 56, 70, 76 Infinger, Nicole 39, 89, 93 Ingalls, Scott 39, 83, 86, 90 Jackson, Kris 15, 23, 20, 69, 81, 95, 105 Jefferies, Mike 6, 34 Johnson, Craig 34 Johnson, Jeanette 39, 55 Johnson, Scott 34 Johnston, Jeremy Rey 15, 23, 66 Jones, Christina 39, 60 Jones, Jessica 15, 20, 23, 28, 56, 81 Jones, Joe 39 148 Index •icSs Jones, Kevin 34 Kandi, Miller 70 Katchis, Steve 34 Kessler, Penny Elaine 15, 23 Kilgore, Kim 15, 23, 44 King, Michelle Renee 15, 23 Kirkendall, Tracey 15, 23, 60, 70, 105 Kissinger, Tammy 34, 55, 79 Knapp, Chip 39, 84 Knight, Greg 39 Konvicni, Goran 8, 15, 23, 46, 55, 84 Kraft, Christy 39, 93 Krull, Jim 39, 84 Kysar, Kim 39, 89 Lambrecht, Larry 90, 91 Lancaster, Christine 15, 26, 70, 76 Lane, Megan 34, 68, 72, 73, 89, 97, 104 Langholz, Steve 40, 99 Langlois, Ron 40, 84 LaRock, Joya 40, 97 Larsen, Mark Lynn 26 Lashbrook, RaShell 6, 15, 26 Laymon, Paul 6, 34, 62, 70, 80, 81, 104 LeClair, Dan 15, 26, 70, 81, 99, 105 LeClair, DeAnna 15, 26, 81 Lee, Chris 40 Lesser, Mark 34, 52, 61 Lester, Robert 40 Lewis, Corey 40 Lewis, Karen 34 Lewman, Chris 34 Lickly, Debbie 15, 26, 74 Lindabury, Kimberly 40, 76 Lockwood, Pat 7, 15, 26, 29, 90 Loeb, Susan 34 Love, Darla 34 Love, Shelly Marie 15, 26 Loveless, Chris 40 Lowry, Roxanne 40, 55, 74, 76 Lowry, Tonya 40, 60, 76 Lucas, Jeff 15, 26, 68, 70, 75, 80, 81, 84, 99 Lusk, Patricia 40 Luttjohann, Lindsey 28, 40, 97 Martin, Becky 34 Mathews, Mary 34, 89 Mathews, Melissa 40, 74, 76 Mattinglv, Janelle 34 Mauney, " Gavra 15, 26, 75, 81 Mayo, Mike 7, 15, 21, 26 McBee, Janey 40, 60 McCain, Kim 40 McClellan, Mark 34, 84, 86 McDaniel, Joe 15, 21, 26, 80, 81, 84 McElravy, Mike 34, 58, 84 Mcintosh, Moy 40 McKee, Paul 34, 69, 81 McPherson, Kelly Gene 15, 26 Mead, Curtis 34, 55 Meek, Jennifer 15, 26, 95 Melick, John 34, 84, 90, 91 Miller, Jeremv 40, 47, 99 Miller, Kandi 34, 88, 89 Miller, Lauren 34 Millerskow, Kim 15, 21, 26, 47, 66, 68, 72, 76, 81, 89 Mintzer, Brenda 34, 76 Moeller, Tina 15, 26, 81, 95, 102 Moore, Brock 34 Moore, Enid 40, 74 Moravec, Lisa 34 Morris, Adam 35, 99 Morris, David 15, 21, 27, 50 Morris, Jeff 40, 51 Musgrave, Holly 35 Neier, Ginger 35, 72, 87, 88, 89 Neier, Jeannette 40 Nelson, Huey 27, 28 Nelson, Scott 7, 40, 84, 99 Niblack, Dale 35, 84 Nicholson, Debbie 35, 48, 104 Niles, Danny 40, 84 Noce, Daniel John 15, 27 Norden, Curtis 40, 72, 81, 91 Norden, Russell 13, 15, 27, 29, 59, 84, 90 Nungesser, Paul Gene 15, 27 Nuss, Channing 35, 56, 70, 72, 80, 81,84,91 lndexM49 O ' Dell, Jamie 40 Olson, Corey 35 Osbourne, Jerri 35 Page, Ivy 35, 79 Palmer, Gary 15, 27, 66 Palmer, Laurie 35, 57 Palmer, Shellene 35, 74, 75, 89 Palmer, Stacey 40, 89 Parker, Frank 7, 35, 69 Parker, Kimberly 40 Parkey, Randal 15, 27, 54, 70, 72, 84 Parks, Janelle 15, 27, 68, 70, 72, 86, 87, 97 Patton, Shelly 35, 68, 70, 72, 87, 89, 104 Pearson, Dede 35 Peirce, William 35 Perez, John 35, 84 Persels, Melissa DeAnn 15, 27 Peyton, Cindi 40 Peyton, Karen 15, 27, 76 Phillips, Jenifer 15, 27, 70, 95 Phipps, Chad 35, 99 Pickens, Katherine 35, 56, 79 Pickering, Brent Daniel 15, 27 Plunk, Eric 35, 70, 72, 83 Powell, Heather 40 Powell, Shaneena 40, 60 Pracht, Susan 40 Pray, Amy 41, 76 Price, Corin 35, 56, 68, 70, 79 Prick ' ett, Kim 9, 15, 20, 27, 68, 92, 93 Proctor, Scott 41, 83, 99 Quinton, Wendi 41 Ralstin, Andy 41 Ramsey, Linda 35 Ramsey, Tara 13, 15, 27, 68, 70, 94 Ranger, Sherrie 41 Reddick, Stephanie 15, 30, 70 Redinger, Taryn 41 Reekie, Billy 35 Reekie, Rhonda 15, 30, 70, 76, 81, 82, 88, 89 Richardson, Norm 15, 30, 54 Richardson, Traci 41, 97 Richmond, Judy 15, 30, 76 Rickard, Chris 41, 84 Roberts, Brook 35, 84 Robertson, Angela Michelle 30 Robertson, Becky 41, 87 Robertson, Brit 15, 30, 44 Robertson, Heather 41, 74 Robertson, Shelly 15, 70 Robinson, Pamela Raylene 30 Rodriquez, Cindy 35 Rogers, Heather 41 Rogers, Jerry 35, 70 Rogers, Penny 41 Runyan, Jan 35, 61, 68, 72, 73 Rylant, Kathy 41 Sackett, Susan Anne 15, 30 Samuelson, Amy 41, 87 Samuelson, Marc 41, 46, 57 Sanchez, Stacie Jo 15, 30 Sanner, Beth 15, 28, 30, 44 Sanner, Mark 41 Saxton, Kathy 13, 15, 30, 68, 70, 72, 81, 87, 88, 89, 92, 9 3, 105 Scheffe, Jola 9, 15, 29, 30, 74, 75 Schlaegel, Darin 43, 55 Schlick, Gina 41 Schmidt, Brian Alan 30, 84 Schmidt, Heather 35, 82, 89, 94 Scroggin, Darla 41, 87, 89, 97 Shinkle, Andrew 41 Simpson, Aron 35 Simrell, Thomas 41 Sisco, Jeff 41, 84 Sloan, Trudy 15, 30, 87 Smith, Brandy 41 Smith, Brian 15, 30, 90 Smith, LaWanna 41, 60 Smith, Roger 35 Smith, Stacey Lynn 15, 30 Smithhisler, Desiree 41, 89 Smolinski, Donna 41 Springer, Justin Wayne 15, 31, 84 Springer, Michael Lee 15, 31 Standley, Phillip Noble 15, 31 Steinle, Shannon 41 Stewart, Ron 35 Stacker, Robert Troy 31 Stucker, Troy 14, 15, 21, 59 Stull, Sandy 14, 31, 48 Sutton, Shawn 41, 50, 51 Swaney, Scott 93 Sweet, Eric 41, 84, 86 Sweet, Sonia Annette 15, 31 Swindle, Rob 7, 41, 55, 81, 84, 99 Tackett, Leslie 15, 31, 48, 81, 94 Taylor, Kim 15, 31, 70 Taylor, Shawna 42 Thomas, Todd Arik 15, 31 Thomason, Michelle 42 Thompson, Jeremy 36, 45, 71 Thompson, Sheila 42 Tiirikka, Katariina 8, 36, 57, 60, 76, 79, 93 Travis, Scott 42 Trent, Brigette 42 Tridle, Kevin 36 Tucker, Shane 42 Unruh, Shannon 36, 94, 104 Valdez, Anthony John 15, 31, 54 Vangas, Shanda 42, 47, 72, 81, 89, 97 Wadkins, Lynn Marie 31 Wales, Gene 42 Walton, James 42 Walton, Kristy 42 Ward, Brian 42 Ward, Kevin 42 Ward, Renie 42, 81 Warren, Chase 36, 71 Wavman, Toni 36, 56, 69, 70, 80, 81, 87, 97 Wayman, Ty 36, 84 Waymire, Karolyn 36 Weeks, Jennifer 42 Welch, James 42 Werth, Stephanie 42 Wharry, Jason 42 Wharton, Stephanie 42 Wheeler, Angle 42, 66, 93 Wheeler, Dawnita 42 Wheeler, Micheal 36 Wilkinson, Eric 42, 71 Williams, Stacey 36, 60 Williams, Tammy 36, 61, 68, 81, 97 Wilson, Colleen 36 Wing, Albert 15, 21, 31 Wolgast, G. 93 Woody, Body 15, 31, 60 Workman, Amber 42 Workman, Colin 15, 29, 31, 48, 54, 72, 81, 84, 102 Wright, Colette 42, 66 Wright, William 36, 84 Wylie, Teresa 42, 89 Young, Mike 36, 84, 99 Young, Scott 42, 84, 99 Young, Trux 15, 31, 50, 84, 105 Zimmerman, Daphne 36, 47, 66 Zluticky, Gerald Dewayne 15, 31 Index 151 X A g A. r («K, ,- » ts :A % % V Qasi i w J W A fcjsjia fTTTj V " fr. , ' ' % ■%? ' •.! 1 , ' li t ' lrN: ' : [■ ' ' ■• 1 1

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