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1 I MULVANE HS MEDIA CENTER 1900 N Rock Rd. Mulvane. Kansas 67110 Editors: Mark Elliott, Glenda Thornton, Nancy Gehring, Robert Young. Mulvane High School Wildcat Mulvane, Kansas Picture History Of The Best Year Ever! 5 - 1983 - jBilftcal We Are Proud Of MHS On behalf of the Board of Education I want to personally thank the student body for their excellent attitude and positive outlook. It is our hope that your learning experiences have prepared you for life ' s many challenges. We are proud of you and your accomplishments and hope that whatever your chosen field you are able to look back on your days at M.H.S. with pride and satisfaction. Best wishes to each of you. Sincerely, C. tl,.u atSt Garland Bell Garland Bell President Ron Crawford Dan Defoe Ed Hardison Debra Kendrick Harold Nicholson Bob Runyan ;ai ?::j:; ADMINISTRATION •?»■■■ ' i 26 ja0 J L ; Thank You, Seniors I uould like to taXe this opportunity to congratulate the 1933 •riluating seniors of Mulvane Hinh School, on behalf of both nyself and the USD 263 Administration and Board of Education. I would also like to express to you a sincere " THANX YOU " for your contributions to our school system. Thank you for being actively involved In rr.akir.K USD 263 a better school system; thank you for being concerned ibout i?etting a quality education; thank you for being polite, well- -•innered yo ' ong ladies and gentlemen; thank you for respecting your teachers; thank you for taking an interest in our extra-curricular prc rams; thank you for the excellent leadership you have shown as seniors at Mulvane High School; thank you for being a vital part of the finest student body in any Kansas high school. I hope our school system has prepared you well for your chosen future endeavors , and r-.ay God bless you richly as you pursue your future goals. We are proud of you, and we will miss youl Dean Parks, Supt. USD 263 Dean Parks Superintendent Pyllis McGuire Board Treasurer Terry Withrow Board Clerk Dennis Stout Principal A Rewarding Year This school year has been one of academic success along with impressive school spirit. The entire staff, parents, and students have cooperated to create a learning atmosphere which leads students toward rewarding careers in fields of their choice. Along with the basic skills go the ideals and attitudes to master today ' s complex society. 5ood Luck: jVvw, s«U Jerry Nelson Vice Principal Sharron Westfall Register Sue Baumgartner Bookkeeper The Memories Are Here To ft Stay! le faculty and students would like to thank the cooks, custodians. .._rse, nad the students that helped with lunch. We will never foget all the wonderful tiems we ' ve had during lunch. The nurse was always there when we needed her. We will never forget all of the hard work the custodians have done throughout the school! The memories of MHS will never be forgotten. You ' ve made our high school days wonderful. Thanks for all the kind things you ' ve done for us. You ' re all appreciated very much! Dorothy Jam s Cook FACULTY Ron Adkins Counselor Jan Bate English 11, Speech, Debate Bill Bailey Vocational Agriculture Ed Bowen Weightlifting, Coach Bill Brown Social Science, Coach Jon Brown Social Science, Coach, Athletic Director Richard Canfield Art. Coach Brenda Diener Business Education Bill Fairchild Driver Education John Fry Sophomore English Don Gifford Social Science, Coach Robert Glaser Science Marge Goering Speech and Drama Bob Harris Vocal Music Ada Jaax Senior English Marvin Jelinek Welding, Coach Dave Johnson Woods, Coach Joe Johnson Biology, Photography Rhoda Kloth Sprinish and French Gary Lillich Mathematics Charles Mason English, Coach Meg McGranaghan Business Education Bob Merritt Auto Mechanics Alfred Newlin Extended Learning Linda Peirce Journalism, Government Ted Powers Instrumental Music Beverly Reiter Libarian Bob Schreiner Industrial Aits Virdell Shay Counselor Kim Sigg Resource Room, Coach Dennis Tegethoff Math, Coach Pat Thomason Junior English Karolee Weller Algebra Nancy Winter P.E., Coach GRADUATION " ' e ' - " l MMm The Awesome Class! ' •■Kv L to R; 1st row: Kevin Butler, Frank Howard, Kenny Burrell, Mark Flickenger, Kevin Wells, Larry Nelson, Barry Milligan, Larry Alumbaugh. 2nd row: Greg Wilcox, Todd Schen, Jim Costello, Darrel Croxson, Kenny Bippert, Walt DeBacker, Tim Means, Jerry Bell. 3rd row: Todd Humbolt, Kelley Burns, Melody Mahan, Sherry Alumbaugh, Twila Walker, Debbie Wallsmith, Lauri Bachman, Sandy Showalter, Eddie Gerlach. 4th row: Vnlerie Lea, Sarah Phillips, Annette Ake, Julie Eggert, Sherril Burgin, Lori Deloney, Maria McKee, Linda Weaver, Wendy Reiser, Jennifer Pounds, Nancy Gehring, Mary Cole L to R: 1st row: Fred Sims, Robert Turner, Rick Wilson, Doug VanDorn, Jzohn Hogan, Daryn Wilmeth. Roy Wilkinson, Kevin Werth. 2nd row: Tim Ryan, Wayne Rich, Mark Daily, Terry Kopplin, Bret Lambky, Keith Timmons, Mark Schwartz, J.T. Klaus, Jeff Patterson. 3rd row: Sandy Humphries, Glenda Thornton, Stacy Shoemaker, Pam Maltbie, Janeen Kerns, Melinda Crook, Mary Vendrick, Kim Hoselton, Monty Ball. 4th row: Lynn Vossberg, Cheryl Herrin, Kirsten Mize, Renae Bollerman, Janet VonBon, Audrey Anderson, Jaliene Kilpatrick, Debbie Love, Julie Ramsey, Jennifer Jones The Class Of 1983 L to R: 1st ic ' v: Allen Whitmer, Todd Robinson, Jim Carroll, Greg Schott, Robert Bonner, Robert Young. 2nd row: Sid Colliatie. Max McCormick, .leff Kill. Chris Hicks, Brian Ross, Paul Craft, Mark Elliott. 3rd row: Pat Harvey, Tyna Fagen, Shelley Johnson, Tammy Moore, Lori Melick, Paula Wayman, Carla Walker, Allison Befort, Sandy Lawrence. 4th row: Linda Jarrett, Kellie Lough, Donna Ward, Kirsten Bloomgren, Kristi Learned, Fc ' lisa Smith, Kelly Brooks si«- rS " : r_ ' . .. S 0: t j ' " .,- ' 4i ' ' ■ L. to R: 1st row: David Hagerman, Darrin Paris, Brad Long, Jeff Pray, Trey Green, Jimmy Meek, Steve Runyan. 2nd row: Tony Gonsalves, Shawn Ry.-ils. Karen Phillips, Jenny Unger, Robin VanDeest, Kim Gelter, Robyn Smart, Carole Sears, Keith Schnittker. 3rd row: Melissa Wilson, Doug Ford, Grisly Starbird, Kim Bolinger, Diana Cleverdon, Marilyn Connet, Tia Moyer, Lavina Collins, Shirley Crow, Paul Mayfield, 4th row: Gwen Reekie, Julie Krueger, Bernadette Simonsen, Mary Pickens, Roberta Mather, Sue Kenworthy, Keri Stump, Kaye Watson, Jenny Ekey. Wanda Storey J.T. Klaus Co-Valedictorian K ' ' ivW Walt DeBackcr Co-Valedictorian Mark Flickinger National Art S. Lawrence and L. Alumbaugh Citizenship Pat Harvey BPW J. Kill, S. Colliatie, R. Wilkinson Russell Scholarship J.T. Klaus Phillip Morris 4H J fll h rm If. hfxn mr Melissa Wilson BPW n Sluco ' s Outstanding Students Sluco ' s Outstanding Students Mary Cole Kayette Red Cross Award Music Awards Walt DeBacker Science Award James also sings!! Nancy Gehring, Fred Sims Army Awards Janeen Kerns Lion ' s Club Mary Cole, J T Klaus I Dare You Awards Kansas Scholars Cosmetology Scholarships Todd Travis. Traci Lawless Diana Cleverdon Graduation Escorts Lottie Carver Scholarship Masonic Awards Seniors-1983 SENIORS Annetje Ake Kirsten Bloomgren Kelly Brooks Larry Alumbaugh Kim Bollnger Sherrill Burgin Sherry Alumbaugh Audrey Anderson Renae Bollerman Kelley Burns Robert Bonner Ken Burrell Sid Colliatie Paul Craft Mark Daily I LaVina Collins Melinda Crook Waller DeBacker Marilyn Connet Shirley Crow Lori Deloncy Jim Costello i 1 1 - ' P, , " ■i Ji Darrell Croxson Julie Eggert Jenny Ekev Mark Elliott Tyna Fajen Mark Flickingcr Doug Ford Nancy Gchring Eddie Gerlach Patricia Harvey Tony Gonsalves Cheryl Herrin Trey Green Chris Hicks (LJ J . ' 7 Darrin Faris Kim Gelter David Hagerman Jzohn Hogan Jeff Holmes Sandy Humphries Jennifer Jones Jaliene Kilpatrick Kim Hoselton Linda Jarrett Frank Howard Shelley Johnson Sue Kenworthy J.T, Klaus Janeen Kerns Terry Kopplin jfi r M W .i H H 1 1 . J k Todd Humbolt Glenda Jones Thornton Jeff Kill Julie Krueger Bret Lambky Kristi Lear ned Melody Mahan Max McCormick David Langham Sandy Lawrence Brad Long Kellie Lough Pam Maltbie Maria McKee Roberta Mather Tim Means Valerie Lea Debra Love Paul Mayfield Jim Meek •%£ ■ ' . £t Lori Melick L Sarah Phillips Julie Ramsey Barry Milligan Mary Pickens Gwen Reekie Kirsten Mize Jennifer Pounds Wendy Reiser Tammy Moore Jeff Pray Wayne Rich Todd Robinson Tim Ryan Mark Schwartz Bernardette Simonsen Brian Ross Steve Runyan Todd Schen Carole Sears Fred Sims Keith Schnittker Shawn Ryals Greg Schott V Stacy Shoemaker Sandy Showalter Robyn Smart Felisa Galvan Smith a Cristy Starbird Keith Timmons Carla Walker Wanda Storey Darrin Strait Robert Turner Jenny Unger Mary Vendrick Twila Walker Janet VonBon Debbie Wallsmith Keri Stump Robin VanDeest Lyn Vossberg Donna Ward I • 1_ ' Si Kaye Watson Kevin Wells Roy Wilkinson Robert Young S». ' -i z ' " f N .-. Paula Wayman Linda Weaver Terry Weeks Kevin Werth Allen Whitmer Greg Wilcox Rick Willson Daryn Wilmcth Mark Elliott and Don Gifford Melissa Wilson i Senior Stuco Members Glenda Thornton, Secretary; Bill Brown, Sponsor; Sandy Lawrence, Vice-president; Mark Elliott, President; Kirsten Bloomgren, Treasurer; Don Gifford, Sponsor Senior Planners Sandy Humphries Photographers The Wildcat Staff The Yearbook Staff: Editors: Nancy Gehring Glenda Thornton Photographers: Joe Johnson Kirsten Bloomgren Jeff Kill Theresa Poteete Production Crew: Diana Cleverdon Shirley Crow Jenny Ekey Nancy Gehring Sandy Humphries Sandy Lawrence Cristy Starbird Glenda Thornton Mark Elliott and Robert Young. Business Editors Production can be fun sometimes!! JUNIORS ' y?i , x .K ' -:T- " ; ' « ' -i ' - ' m!i .o-f v " ' C o t «■ e» eft " ' ' r ..- J- . ' . .-- ' .. - - .» . " « ,.0 -« • 6 ' " J ' f ' j. y ' yj " • ■ ' . r J J .V .0 • .-v Brian Alquest Diane Alumbaugh Rocky Anderson Jill Arnold Darrin Bachman Kevin Bell Loren Bird Diana Bleam Bradley Bobbitt Brent Bohanan David Bowers Jake Bowhan Hecky Bozone Steven Bradshaw Diane Brown Maria Bruendl Carolyn Burris Michelle Butler Leah Canady Nova Cane Bruce Cardwell Lanette Casey Michelle Chambers Sherryl Cochran Kyle Couch Julie Covington Daryle Crawford Judy Crow Daniel Dacy Ron DeCou David DeBacker Kevin Diefenbach Ed Dunn Penny Dull Brad Edwards Terri Elliott f « ' . ' .«•; ' fs ' »■■ ' fevivr " ' ' l i ) : % x " ' 1. y-r Tracey Elliott Krislel Engstrand Scott Erickson Tcddie Farrington Kris Fuller Kevin Gillespie PcMo Goforth Jt-na Graber Patly Grieve David Hall Mark Hamilton Rick Hancock Clieri Hiebert Kfvin Hoovr Kalhy Howard .lames Hurst Tawnya Infinger blacy Iverson , ' Sheila Jameson Annie Jerden Dilan Johns Marie Johnston .left Jones Lance Kissinger Karia Kling ? Kevin Langholz ' Shawn LaRock Traci Lawless Tommy Luckner Shelly Mahlandt .leanette Maltbie Roberta Martiens Lonnie McCosh Mike McCurdy Pal McElravy Lona Mcintosh ' r : ,- Vicki Mcintosh Debbie Mclntyre Candy Milliren Monica Mills Diane Mohney Kevin Moyers ■ Debbie Murphy Carla Myers Pam Newell Steve Nicholson Bernie Ceding Laura Pickens Debbie Plain Theresa Poteete Mary Powell Tim Powell Monica Pudden Pal Pulis Mike Rayl Cathy Reese Terry Reusser Ray Roeder Kathy Rogers Paul Sager Tracy Schild John Schlick Francis Schmidt Julie Schmidt Kathy Sears Shelly Seimears : , I s Pat Sellers J. C. Shook Lisa Shoup Ron Silvey Dawn Simpson Tammy Slater r) J 1 f Rick Starbird Tammy Sullivan Lisa Swayne Holii Tackett ■ Alk ' n Teetzel Paul Terrell Kiirtis Westfall Monte Wilcox GrL ' 9 Williams Dartn Yohe Clint Young Michelle Zimmerman The Class Of Eighty-Four Junior Officers (L to R) Kris Fuller, Teri Turkle. Pat Thomason, Kristel Engstrand, Richard Canfield. Carolyn Burris, Beverly Reiter Pal Thomason, Head Junior Sponsor Junior Leaders Standing: Diane [ ohney, Jill Arnold. Kris Fuller, Stacy Iverson, Steve Nicholson, Carolyn Burris, Kristel Engstrand, Teri Turkle. Sitting- Pat Thomason Richard Canfield, Beverly Reiter. SOPHOMORES V « ?? ' m ,.s-1 ■ " ;SS Kristi Ashlock Diana Bachman Janet Baker Scott Baker David Belew Shari Bippert James Bowhan Mary Boydston Paul Bradshaw Ricky Brown Brent Burrell Melody Carey Steve Carroll Rob Cartwright George Cash Jenny Champagne Rocky Chandler Shannon Clark Steve Clarkson Tracy Clinkenbeard Patricia Comstock Jayme Cooke Mike Cozine Chip Craft Pat Dacy Jim DeBacker Vonda Dietz Brenda Dunlap Scott Dunn Mark Eddingfield ||L 0i 1v% M David bJson fh Tammy Ehrlich W f Brad Ellis T - f Brenda Ellis i Candee i Engstrand Clayton Epp 36 1 i f o t I 1 ■ 1 r. . Iv - ' m f «% ii 1 «. « 5 ii A •. .• k i f ■, ' iiBi. ' 4i Michelle Farber Greg Flickinger Robert Fortner Teresa Galvan David Gee Sonja Gerber M Alison Giles Todd Gonzalez 4.. Jeana Graber Teresa Graybea Cynthia Hansen Christie Havlik • - ' .-. ■ Jay Hayes Terry Hawkins David Headgepath Julie Henderson Michelle Hively David Hooten Bucky Hoover Steve Hottle Aaron Huslig Teresa James Terri Jameson David Jantz Charles Johnson Darlene Johnson David Johnson Lissa Johnson Bo Jones Lisa Jones Michelle Jones Connie Junious Amy Kenworthy David Kramer Wade Lander Lee Ann Larew Terri Lawless Paul LeClare Sandie Lentz Cristen Lester Allyson Lisac Jamie Lough Kelly Mauck Jim McDaniel Lori Meek Stephanie Meek Jennifer Milingo Jimmy Mills 1 t - r f fi Tammy Mills Buddy Moyer David Nix Brian Nulik Karen Nungcsser Kelly Ott I. aura Parkey Roger Patterson Missy Patton Lori Petersen Nathan Phillips Allen Pickering ' ■ " ' .) vS-. ,1 H. •4 i 0 tk Tracy Pierce Joanne Pounds Jeff Powell Melissa Pray Mike Prestage Barry Proctor Teresa Quails Greg Quigley Jill Quigley Daria Reekie Troy Reneau John Riley it IB ,4 il% »s - 3 --- 4 ? r M ffk r-Tv Aj if 4 Mike Rodgers Maretha Rook Margaret Rook Terry Rose Gina Rylant Kelli Schen Colleen Schmidt Theresa Schmidt Becki Silvey Stephanie Smith Gerard Spicer Elaine Storey Angela Stout Theresa Sumpter Elizabeth Swink Tim Tatum Mike Terry Sharon Timmons Lonny Travis Ron Walker Troy Walker Robin Walter Pete Wanek Gordon Wayman Greg Wilson Arlyn Wing Lisa Young Wendy Wayman Debbie Weber Lee Weir David Wilcoxson Dan Williams Dixie Wilson Mr. ry and Wendy Wayman Sophomore Executives Teresa Galvan, Brenda Dunlap, Becki Silvey, Wendy Wayman. Mr. Back row: Jeana Graber, Greg Quigley, Daria Reekie, Missy Patton, Bo Jones, Kristi Ashlock, Mr. Fry Front row: Teresa Galvan, Becki Silvey, Brenda Dunlap, Wendy Wayman ACTIVITIES MEMBERSHIP ROSTER Junior Stuco Members Senior Stuco Members J.T. Klaus, Stuco President Stuco Spirit At Work This year ' s Stuco started off the year right with sophomore orientation and an Apple Day for the teacher, and they finished the first week with a Get-Acquainted Dance that proved to be very suc- cessful. Other dances included two Homecomings, a Christmas dance, and two dances in early and late spring. They purchased award banners for the gym, and established a written policy on the pur- chase of these banners. Stuco kept pushing the Class Competition and has made iced tea available to students at lunch. They also spent many hours on the prospects of constitutional changes. The Fine Arts Banquet was another important accom- plishment of this year ' s Student Council. The council even helped the community by supplying food to families in need at both Thanksgiving and Executive Officers Christmas. This was a completely new idea to the council. All these things, from the student survey, to repairing the sound system in the gym, have made this year in Stuco one of the best. Back row: B. Diener, J. Unger, L. Nelson, T. Farrington, S. VanDorn, G. Reekie, T. Turkle, K. Engstrand, D. Paris, R. Young, K. Learned, D. Wilmeth, J.T. Klaus, D. Reekie, D. Mohney, G. Quigley, M. Patton, B. Dunlap, B. Jones, T. Galvan, W. Wayman, L. Johnson, K. Ashlock. L. Canady, J. Nelson, M. Elliot. Middle row: B. Long, M. Vendrick, D. Yohe, M. Cole, S. Lawrence, L. Weaver, S. Shoemaker. Bottom row: J. Kill, S. Colliatie, M. Wilson, J. Kerns, G. Thornton. D. Cleverdon, N. Gehring, C. Burris, J. Arnold, S. Iverson. A. Whitmer. 11? .. r " mi hm • „ •%J- jii i ' T % Av V I Al V %fe :xi« President Vendrick Sponsor Glaser NHS Installation Juniors; Front row; Cheri Hiebert. Maria BruenJI. Carolyn Burrls, Michelle Chambers. Kathy Howard. Lanette Casy, Julie Schmidt, Back row; Greg Williams. Kevin Diefenbach, Mike Rayl. Frankie Schmidt. Tommy Luckner. Tracy Schild. Candy Millren. Traci Lawless. Teri Turkle, Monica Puddcn. Lona Mcintosh. Judy Crow National Honor Society Encourages Academic Excellence The National Honor Society is an honorary club which stresses scholarship, character, service and leadership. The candle-lighting installation for new members, under the guidance of President Mary Vendrick, was impressive and beautiful. Another worthwhile event was the annual MHS College Bowl, held at the Methodist Church, it is exciting to see high school students compete in academic areas of language arts, math, social science, sci- ence, fine arts, and current events. The MHS Col- lege Bowl teams have competed successfully i several tournaments this year. Mr. Robert Glaser, science instructor, is the NHS sponsor. ExL ' cutive Officers (I to r); Donna Ward. Treasurer; Kristen Bloomgrcn. Secretary; Mary Vendrick. President; Jeff Kill. Vice-President; Brad Long. Stuco Rep. Seniors; Standing; Jenny Ekey. Melinda Crook. Walt DeBacker, Mrs. Ada Jaax. sponsor; Darrin Faris. Janeen Kerns. Patricia Harvey. J.T Klaus. Jeff Kill. Brad Long. Donna Ward. Fred Sims. Kirsten Bloomgren. Mr. Glaser. sponsor; Sandy Humphries. Sitting; Melody Mahan. Linda Jarrett. Shirley Crow, Todd Schen. Mary Vendrick, Lori Melick. Diana Cleuerdon. Mary Cole. Stacy Shoemaker. The Terrific Ticket Takers! resident Sandy Lynn Humphries Quill Top: L. Deloney, R. Adkins, S. Sh ries. W. Reiser, L. Weaver. Quill Type is always one of the busiest organizations in Mulvane High School. Most of the activity occurs during football, volleyball and basket- ball seasons when the QT mennbers sell tickets at the gate. Quill Type and M Club members also keep information up to date on the marquee in front of the school. Every December the club spreads Christmas cheer by putting up an impressive Christmas tree. It has been a great year for Quill Type with the help of President Sandy Humphries and sponsors Ron Adkins and Bill Fairchild. Bottom: Lori Deloney, Nancy Gehring, Ron Adkins, Wendy Reiser, Carolyn Burns, Janeen Kerns. Diana Cleverdon, Stacy Iverson. Cheri Hiebert. Jill Arnold. Middle: Terri Elliott. Laura Pickens. Teri Turkle, Linda Weaver, Jeff Kill, Diana Bleam, Mark Elliott, Debbie Plain, Jenny Unger. Jennifer Jones. Sandy Lawrence, Melissa Wilson, Diane Mohney, Shelly Seimears. Leah Canady. Top: Sheryl VanDorn. Lona Mcintosh. Dawn Simpson, Stacy Shoemaker, J.T. Klaus, Mary Cole, Larry Alumbaugh, Owen Reekie. Mary Vendrick, Tawnya Infinger, Theresa Poteete, not pictured: Glenda Thornton. n «»«• K f J. C. Shook Future Farmers Lance Kissinger, Becky Silvey, Cheryl High, Mary Powell. Sandy Bachman and friend FFA Officers Bill Bailey bulldogging in the ' 82 Pro-Tour Finals at Casper, Wyoming. FFA Officers: Lance Kissenger, Darrin Bachman, Lissa Johnson, Jennifer Graber, Mary Powell, Larry Alumbaugh, Doug Ford, Jerry Bell. Future Farmers Of America America ' s Best The members of the MHS FFA club have many activities in addition to the regular school classes. This year they have competed successfully in the leader- ship school and land judging. They co-sponsored the Horticulture and Entomol- ogy contest, and provided tour guides for the junior livestock show. Other contests were in poultry and public speaking. The Chapter received a safety award, and the B.O.A.C. and National Chapter award. Cattle and livestock judging, the annual local and district banquets and a donkey basketball game rounded out the busy schedule. Top row: Mike Prestige, Ricky Brown, Pat McElravey, Monty McCosh, Kevin Bell, Jeff Patterson, Larry Alumbaugh. Second row: Amy Kenworthy, Sandy Showalter, Ron Silvey, Lance Kissenger, Jerry Bell, Darrin Bachman, Pete Goforth. Third row: Shelley Mahlandt, Michelle Farber, Jim McDaniels, Wade Landers, Doug Ford. Troy Walker. Front row: Bill Bailey, Jennifer Graber, Kelley Burns, Becky Silvey, Mary Powell, Lissa Johnson, Debbie Weber, Tammy Mills. m ■ ..rm w V QJ . ATI 17 «-,rV— :=mmi £LA£i fe. JtJL MWS «K«Smt . ' = ' " " -f Left to right: Bill Bailey, adviser; Jenn Graber, reporter; Mary Powell, secretary; Lary Nelson, president; Jerry Bell, vice-president; Twila Walker, treasurer; and Lance Kissinger, sentinel. F.F.A. sweetheart, Becki Silvey is crowned by president, Lary Nelson. tl Future Farmers ■ ' flaju Hively, LeeAnn Larew, Valerie Lea, Melinda Crook, Terri Elliot, Robin Walter. Standing: Mrs. lOrthy. Teresa Schnnidt, Sandy Showalter, Teddi Farrington, Roberta Mather, Jim Carroll, ret Rook, Diane Brown, Kim Hoselton, Teresa James, Pam Maltbie. FHA Develops Leadership This year ' s MHS FHA chapter added its first HERO (Home Economics Related Occupations) member, Jim Carroll. FHA HERO encourages young men emd women to develop leadership and homemaking skills. We acknowledge that strong homes of today and tomorrow include active male participation. Activities were a Gct-Acquainted Picnic honoring new sophomore members, a Thanksgiving dinner with our parents, charity activities including " Turkey of the Year " a Valentine ' s cookie sale, and a Mr. FHA contest. The district meeting at Conway Springs and the state meeting at Topeka were well attended. Junior Kayettes: Top row: Vicki Mcintosh, Lona Mcintosh, Monica Pudden, Sheila Jameson, Kristel ;n9strand, Julie VonBon, Dawn Simpson. Bottom row: Miss Diener, Lisa Shoup, Hdii Tackett, Tawnya Infinger. Judy Crow, Carolyn Burris, Stacy Iverson, Pam Newell, Jill Arnold. Mary Cole, president ! Sophomore Kayettes: Top row: Michelle Farber, Gina Rylant, Sandie Lentz. Teresa Graybeal, Vonda Dietz. Lisa Jones. Darla Reekie, Missy Patton, Jill Quigley, Lori Meek, Lori Peterson, Sharon Tiinmons, Melissa Pray, Stephanie Meek, Michelle Jones, Candee Engstrand, Diana Bachman, So nja Gerber. 2nd row: Kelly Ott, Mary Boydston, LeeAnn Larew, Temmy Ehrlich, Laura . Parkey, Margaret Rook, Jheresa Schmidt, Jeana Graber, Joanne Pounds. Becki Silvey, Amy Kenworthy, Connie Junious. Bottom row: Christie Havlik, Jennifer Milingo, Teresa Quails, Melody Carey, Tracy Clindenbeard. Robin Walter, Terrl Jameson, Debbie Weber, Lisa Johnson. Teresa James, Wendy Wayman, Kristi Ashlock. Kayette Kapers Dawn Siimpso Our gang of gorgeous girls! Kayettes Have Another Successful Year The 1982-83 Kayettes have completed several worthwhile and fun activities. The year was started with a hamburger fry for the officers. The officers put welcome signs on all sophomore girls ' lockers and also welcomed all the teachers and staff and had a Get Acquainted Dinner. The MHS Kayettes hosted the Area VI Regional Conference at which they won a 2,000-point award. They completed a very successful money-making project, had a Secret Pal Gift Exchange at Christmas, sponsored the annual visit of the Red Cross Bloodmobile, hosted an early morning teacher breakfast, supplied Easter Baskets to some needy families, gave a Senior Farewell- Officer Installation Banquet, and held an ice cream social for next year ' s sophomore girls. With 80 hard-working members, all of these activities were accomplished with ease, Kayettes serve their nation, state, school, and families. p row: Gwen Reekie, Sandy Humphries, Lori Melick, Bottom row: Miss Diener, Dawn Simpson, Sandy Lawrence, Mark Cole, Jenny Unger, Mrs. Weller Seniors, top row: Nancy Gehring. Sandy Humphries, Carole Sears, third row: Jenny Unger, Sandy Lawrence, second row: Caria Walker, Robin Van Dcest, Shirley Crow, Linda Jarrett, Jenny Ekey, Kelley Burns, Glenda Thornton, Mary Cole, Melissa Wilson, Tammy Moore, Gwen Reekie, Lori Melick, Janeen Kerns, Diana Cleverdon, Linda Weaver, Mrs, Weller, sitting: Stacy Shoemaker, Mary Vendrick. Kim Hoselton. Dole, Mrs. Weller. Miss Diener Bloodmobile Day Busy Days! Dawn ' s speech for President Preparing for conference The Kayette Christmas Party is always fun. Kayette Teachers ' Breakfast Kayettes Work Hard And Play, Too! Sophomores McGranaghan, Sponsor; Glenda Thornton, President. Pep Club Makes It Happen Pep Club is an organization which takes much time and dedication. Students must want to show school spirit to makes things happen. Pep Club is led by Ms. Meg McGranaghan, a full time spirit leader who dedicates much of her time to this organization. So, thank you, Ms. McGranaghan, for all that you ' ve done. I ' ve enjoyed this year very much, working with the administration, the sponsor, the cheerleaders, the stunt men and especially J.T. Klaus for support and spirit. Much thanks, also, to all of the Booster Club fans. The seniors will miss you, Ms. McGranaghan. Thanks to everyone for a good year. Sincerely, Glenda Thornton MHS Pep Club President Juniors Seniors IT - " lop Kow: I ' awnya Intinger, Kyle Couch, Traci Lawless, Daren Yohe Todd Tavis, J.C, Shook, Tommy Luckner. Terry Reusser, Brad Ed wards, Ed Dunn. Second Row: Mr. Mason, Diane Brown. Pat Pulls, Dilan Johns, Rick Hancock, Kevin Bell, Kurtis Westfall, Pat McElrauy Bottom Row; Diane Mohney, Cheri Heibert, Kris Fuller, Stacy Iverson Teri Turkle. M Club Snaps f--i M % ' Gerard Spicer. Brian Nulik, Jeff Powell, Scott Dunn, Lonnie Travis, David Belew, Jena Graber. Jill Quigley, Stephanie Smith, Charles Mason t 1 ■» ■«f 1 ' -i r m kril w III 1 Senior M Club Members Charlie Mason. Sponsor ( ' • , ' .- . V M Club Officers Back row: Brian Nulik, Gerard Spicer, Kurtis Westfall, Tommy Luckner, Rick Hancock, Scott Dunn. Ed Dunn. Lonnie Travis David Belew Terry Reusser Jeff Powell, Pat McElravy 2nd row: Daren Yohe. Kevin Butler. Todd Travis, Jeana Graber. Jill Quigley. Stephanie Smith. Ten Turkle Cheri Heibert Diane Brown 3rd row: Wayne Rich. Bret Lambky, Brad Edwards, Kyle Couch, Pat Pulis, Kevin Bell, Dilan Johns, J.C Shook, Kris Fuller Diane Mohney Mary Cole, Stacy Iverson, Tawnya Infinger 4th row: Jaliene Kilpatrick, Brad Long, Traci Lawless, Lori Melick. Stacy Shoemaker, Lary Nelson Steve Runyan Barry Milligan, Robert Young. Tim Ryan 5th row: Jeff Pray. Todd Robinson, Fred Sims, Glenda Thornton, Kellie Lough. Lori Deloney. Diana Cleverdon ' Sandy Humphries, Janeen Kerns, Melissa Wilson. Gwen Reekie JB ' ] fm •r;I!i!« L ■V-. ij V iii... - jC " ' ■ Quill and Scroll installation Quill And Scroll: Journalistic Achievement Quill and Scroll, the International Honor Society for high school students " vvinvolved in publications, was organized April 10, 1926, by a group of high school advisers for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding individual achievement in journalism and allied fields. The society has always taken an it active part in raising standards in its field and in directing the course of high ' ' ' school journalism. Quill and Scroll members must be juniors or seniors and they must be ranked in the upper third of their class. They must also have been involved in publications such as in newspaper, yearbook, or literary magazine. Kim Bolinger is the president and Linda Peirce is the sponsor. Quill and Scroll officers international! ir — Teresa Graybeal. Nancy Gehring. Cristy Starbird, Sandy Humphries, Jenny Ekey J What a relief! The paper ' s finished. Sittinq Allison Befort Shirley Crow, K,m Bolinger, Robin VanDeest, Stacy Iverson. Jill Arnold. Standing; Pat Harvey, Donna Ward, Glenda Thornton, Walt DeBacker, Jeff Kill, Kirsten Bloomgren, Sandy Lawrence, Mrs. Peirce, Caria Myers, Diana Cleverdon, Carolyn Burris, Melody Mahan. I Bottom row: Brenda Dunlap, Julie Ramsey, Valerie Lea, Kevin Wells, Teddie Farrington, Daryn Wilmeth, Patty Grieves, Diane Brown, Donna War-J 2nd row: Clayton Epp, Roberta Martins, Penny Dull, Terry Rose, Monica Pudden, Lona Mcintosh 3rd row: Mark Flickenger. Walt DeBacker, J.T. Klaus, Chip Craft, Charles Johnson, Audrey Anderson. Kelly Burns A Great Year For Thespians This was the third year for the Thespian club at Mulvane High School. During this time our membership has practi- cally tripled. Troop members have gained experience in theatre through workshops at state conference, the spring production, drama classes, forensics, and work at the Wich- ita Community Theatre. Over all it has been a great year for Thespians and 1 hope that next year turns out as well. " Tahiti! " Donna Ward f ENCORE STAFF Executive Coordinator Kirsten Bloomgren Co-Editors-in-Chief : Walt DeBacker Mary Pickens Art Editor Mark Flickinger Poetry Editor Kristi Learned Prose Editor Melody Mahan Layout Editor Donna Ward Kim Bolinger Patricia Harvey Jennifer Jones Shawn Ryals Cover Mark Flickinger Printer Phil Jones Faculty Advisors Patricia Thomason Richard Canficld I Mary Pickens, Walt DeBacker, Pat Thomason Encore Highlights Art And Literature Encore, a new publication of Mulvane High School, highlights the art and literature works of the students. Recognition of the writing and drawing talents of Mulvane youth is the primary goal of this magazine. The enthusias- tic response Encore has received is greatly appreciated. Shawn Ryals. Kirsten Bloomgren Sitting: Walt DeBacker, Mary Pickens, Richard Canfield. Standing: Pat Thomason, Kirsten Bloomgren, Donna Ward, Kristi Learned, Pat Harvey, Jennifer Jones, Trey Green, Mark Flickinger. Staff: Front row: Kristi Learned, Angela Stout, Teresa Graybeal. Middle row: Ray Roeder. Robin VanDecst, Caria Myers, Theresa Poteete, Tracey Elliott. Jill Arnold. Back row: Jenny Unger, Arlyn Wing, David Hooten, Pat Dacy, Mrs. Peirce, Daryle Crawford, Kim Bolinger, Eddie Gerlach, Stacy luerson. The Production Staff Allison Befort, Felisa Smith Inner Issue The MHS School Paper Editor in chief ■ Kim Bolinger -■■■ v .. : -» Co-Editor ■ Jill Arnold ■ ' iVr- - ' ' " ' - ' New editor ■ Teresa Graybeal - " •■ ' •. VC ' f " ' ' Feature editor - Robin VanDeest -, .. ' ■■ ' ,■ ' , ' Activities editor - Tracey Elliott ,■ . ' ■ " ,;_;■ : : Sports editor - Stacy Iverson . ' . ' - ' ;-.f " - ■ : ■. : Circulation editor • Angela Stout . ' . ' ' ' . ' ' ■ .: Art editor • Angela Stout ' ' ' ' •- " ' • " ' ■ " Copy-Typing editors - Carla Myers, Stacy Iverson Layout editor - Pat Dacy Production editors - Eddie Gerlach, Jenny Unger Photography editor - Theresa Poteete i ' , ' -- - ' : .-■■»•■. Editors Kim and Jill Linda Peirce, Instructor The Printing Crew . ' ■■ _ -, i y ;.. , Pep Band, Top row: Brad Ellis, Jenny Unger, Tammy Sullivan, Michelle Chambers, Darrin Farris, Robert Young, Mark Elliott, Aaron Huslig, Teri Turkle. Second row: J.T. Klaus, Mike Cozine, David Johnson, Judy Crow, Kathy Howard, Jim DeBacker, Michelle Hively,-Theresa Quails, Diana Cleverdon. Third row: Ricky Brown, Lonnie McCosh, Lary Nelson, Barry Milligan, Pete Wanek, David Hooten, Brent Burrell, Troy Walker. Fourth row; Steve Clarkson, Sandy Lawrence, Diane Brown, Terri Elliott, Melinda Crook, Tammy Mills, Lee Ann Larew, Mary Powell, Roger Patterson. Fifth row: Melody Carey, Kelley Burns, Teresa Graybeal, Lyn Vossberg, Wendy Reiser, Christie Havlik, Stephanie Smith, Arlyn Wing, Jeana Graber. Front row: Teddy Farrington, Tracy Pierce, Mark Schwartz, Pat Pulis, Daren Yohe, Kurtis Westfall, Candee Engstrand, Greg Williams, Jim McDaniels. " m The Wildcats March Ted Powers Drummers, T op row: Mark Schwartz, Kurtis Westfall, Daren Yohe, Traci Lawless, Pat Pulis, Sandy Humphries. Bottom row: Candee Engstrand, Melissa Pray, Lori Meek, Theresa Quails, Michelle Hively Number One - MHS Band Clarinets, Top row: Kim Hoselton, Melinda Crook, Lee Ann Larew, Gwen Reekie, Melissa Wilson. Bottom row: Lori Peterson, Diane Brown, Tammy Mills, Sandy Lawrence. Mary Powell, Julie Schmidt, Wendy Wayman, Terri Elliott. Lower Brass, Top row: Aaron Huslig, Jim McDaniels, Pete Wanek, Brent Burrell. Second row: Roger Patterson, Jenny Unger, Lisa Swayne, David Hooten. Front row: Troy Walker, Jeana Graber, Pattie Grieve, Robert Young. Saxophones- Top row: Kathy Howard, Kristi Ashlock, Maria McKec, Carole Sears, Missy Patton. Teddi Farrington, Groo Williams. Second row: David Johnson, Mike Cozine, Lary Nelson, Mark Elliott, Ricky Brown, Kristen Bloomgren, Tracy Pierce. Bottom row: Kristel Engstrand, Karen Nungesser, Judy Crow. Band Majorettes: Sandy Humphries, Mr. Powers, Glenda Jones. The Mulvane High School Band Lower Brass- Top row: Vonda Dietz, Kyle Couch, Jill Quig- Flutes Bells: Top row: Debbie Mclntyre, Stephanie Smith, Tammy Sullivan, Teresa ley, Lisa Jones. Bottom row: David DeBacker, Barry Milli- Graybeal, Cathy Reese. Second row: Michelle Chambers, Kellie Lough, Lyn Vossberg, gan, Lonnie McCosh. Janeen Kerns, Mary Cole, Kelley Burns. Bottom row: Donna Ward, Christie Havlik, Diane Mohnev, Daria Reekie, Wendy Reiser, Linda Weaver. I Love Parades, I Have To, I ' m In Band! ;.-- ' -5 ■ Trumpets: Top row: Terr Lawless, Glenda Jones, Brad Ellis. Second row: John Schlick, Steve Clarkson. Bottom row: Jeana Graber, Diana Cleverdon, Paul Terrel, Teri Turkle, Aryin Wing, Darin Paris, Melody Carey, J. T. Klaus. % w ■ n jQ b H|% W SL 1 J H r ' j S S ■iiferi rli iWtiil KttP f Uluin l MO rm 3lrlNi " i Mftii 1- J jii , iiii ;i i i ill ' k r i)t wM David Headgepath, Mrs, Sigg, Jimmy Meek, Loren Bird, James Bowhan Standing L to R: David Headgepath, Mike Terry, Michelle Farber, Mrs. Sigg. Sitting L to R: James Bowhan, Jennifer Graber, Marie Johnston. Tyna Fajen. Back, Greg Wilcox, Mrs. Sigg Front, Mike Terry, Maretha Rook The Resource Room Mary Cole, Aide David Headgepath, Clayton Epp Kim Sigg. Kurt Westfall 72 y ; V. .1 U 1 a1 •.• n The Mixed Ensemble sings a medley from " Annie " A performance for the Mulvane Women ' s Club Good Luck, Mr. Harris! - - - , »v • " ■ . . ■ - , - « % ' ' - MHS ' s vocal department is losing its director, Bob Harris, who has been here for four years. Mr. Harris is an excellent vocal instructor; he chooses music that is pleasing to the students as well as the public. We learn from, and enjoy his teaching, his delightful sense of humor and his corny jokes! We will miss you, Mr. Harris, and we wish you the best of luck as principal of K through eight at Sedgwick, Kansas. Sincerely, MHS vocal students Mixed Ensemble f Mixed Chorus: Back row: T, Infinger, P. Dull. L. Vossberg, C, Herrin, J, Ramsey, D. VanDorn, K, Butler, T. Travis, K, Schnittker, D. Belew, M, Schwartz. D. Croxson, M, Pudden, D. Simpson, K, Engstrand, R, Martiens. 3rd row: W. Storey, H. Tackett, V. Lea, D. Wallsmith. M. Rook, S. Bippcrt, K, Sears, P. LeClere, M. Terry, T. Tatum, J. Bowhan. L Mcintosh, T. Clinkenbeard, K. Mize, K. Phillips, 2nd row: E. Storey, K. Brooks, S. Burgin, L. Canady, R. Anderson, R. Starbird, J, Holmes, J Carrol, C Hansen, S Timmons, P Comstock. L. Young, Front row: M, Rook, P. Harvey, M. Johnston. R, Mather. D. Rumley, L Bird, D, Wilcoxson. D, Bowers, R, Smart, C. VanDorn. J, Eggert, S. Cochran, B Harris n D I a y i - 1 ■ " -4 — r — n II • ' « 1 1 4 StJElT A NIGHT IN FANTASYLAND The Junior Class and sponsors worked long, hard hours to make the 1983 junior-senior prom a success. The hours of work finally paid off on the night of May 7; " What ' s Forever For " was a beautiful theme for a beautiful prom. The sponsors were Pat Thomason, Beverly Reiter and Richard Canfield. The decorations were gorgeous and the food scrumptious! What ' s Forever For Junior-Senior Prom Cessna Ballroom May 7, 1983 King Robert Young and Queen Diana Cleverdon with their attendants Keri Stump, Tim Ryan, Mark Elliott and Lori Deloney Prom servers: Gordon Wayman, Terri Lawless, Greg Quigley, Jamie Lough, Bo Jones Junior Class President Teri Turkle and Marc Senior Class President Mark El- Huslig liott ■ m ■v ■rit 1 r7 ' W r ' ' ' ( SSpSM i - ' ' w R " " 1 B- pC M ' 1 1 (.otton-Eycd Joe J.T Klaus and Lyn Vossberg sing while Mary Cole accompa- Paula Wayman Tammy Moore Robyn Smart Jennifer Pounds Jenny Unger Julie Schmidt Klassy Kats: A Super Squad The Klassy Kats have completed one of the most suc- cessful seasons in the squad ' s history. The squad started by winning awards for excellence at the N.C.A. Summer Camp. The squad provided halftime entertainment for the basketball games. They also received a division I rating in both festivals in which they performed. The squad topped off the season with a performance at the state 5A basket- ball tournament. Their success shows their willingness and determination to be the very best. ? Nancy Winter Klassy Kat sponsor 1982-83 Klassy F ats Stacy Iverson Jill Arnold Kirsten Mize Cheri Hiebert Lanette Casey Tammy Moore, Kellie Lough, Cheri Hiebert, Jenny Unger, Lanette Casey, Kirsten Mize, Stacy Iverson, Jill Arnold, Robyn Smart, Julie Schmidt. Jennifer Pounds, Paula Wayman. Niincy Winter and the Kats. Tfiking a break. The Award Winning Pom Pons Senior Kats fcv - Junior Kats Meg McGranaghan, Linda and Don Gifford Fellowship Of Christian Athletes The purpose of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is " to present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Je- sus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. " In our local huddle our aim is to let students and athletes know that it ' s good to love sports and to give 100% on the field or court, but it ' s more important to love God and to play to His glory Meg McGranaghan First Row: Mr. Gifford, Sherryl Cochran, Jaliene Kilpatrick, Valerie Lea, Kelley Burns, Miss. McGranaghan. Second Row: Maria Bruendl, Glenda Thornton, Kristi Ashlocl , Terri Lawless, Jenny Unger, Melody Carey, Lanette Casey, Jeana Graber, Third Row: Kurt Westfail, Greg Williams, Tawnya Infinger, Traci Lawless, Teresa Graybeal, Michelle Farber, Fourth Row: Fred Sims, David Belew, Greg Quigley, Daren Yohe, Lisa Shoup, Sandie Lentz, Pat Pulis, Tracy Clinkenbeard. ATHLETICS Kevin Butler Sid Colliatie Frank Howard «««.i r ' (Pictured of Runners) Jaliene Kilpatrick Jeff Pray Cross Country Top row: Diana Cleverdon, Coach Mason, Jill Quigley, Bcrnie Ceding, Brenda Starr, Gerard Spicer, Stephanie Smith, Kevin Butler, Jaliene Kilpatrick, Frank Howard, Teri Turkle, David Kramer, Lisa Shoup, Jeff Pray, Melissa Pray. Top row: Sid Colliatie, Jay Kilpatrick, Jeff Pray Bottom row: Frank Howard Kevin Butler Top row: Brenda Starr, Teri Turkle, Lisa Shoup Bottom row: Kurtis Westfall, Bernie Ceding, Rick Hancock Mason really takes the cake! f -»fer One Good Year Leads To Another Cross Country 1982-1983 was an up and down year. We were led by three year-lettermen Frank Howard and Jeff Pray. At times we were inconsistent, we would run well, but not place well. Moving up to 5A was no real help. The highlights were the Andover meet and missing the State Meet by 1 point. Our girls ' team had a good first year. We had five girls and they were quite successful. Stephanie Smith set a new school record and the season was highlighted by Stephanie ' s two first place finishes and the State Meet performances of Stephanie and Teri Turkle. Over all, Mulvane Cross Country had another good year and we are looking forward to next year. : ■■ -9 ' M: Top row: David Kramer, David Belew, Brian Nulik, Stephanie Smith Bottom row: Robert Fortner, David Edson, Jill Quigley, Gerard Spicer f - MU ' ..fir 0?=;-l2 Juniors: 1st row: J.C. Shook, T. Reusser, D. Johns, P. Pulis, K. Bell, G. Williams. 2nd row: L. Casey, manager, K. Fuller, S. Iverson, C. Butris, T. Lawless, M. Bruendl, manager. 3rd row: P. McElravy, P. Sellers, B. Bohanan, B. Edwards, E. Dunn, D. Yohe. Fred Sims Sophomores: 1st row: K. Nungesser, D. Wilson, T. Lawless, W. Wayman, K. Ashlock, B. Silvey. 2nd row: G. Wilson, G. Wayman, B. Proctor, C. Epp, S. Clark, W. Lander. 3rd row: B. Burrell, G. Quigley, B. Jones, S. Dunn, R. Cartwright, J. Lough, D. Gee. 4th row: D. Hooten, J.Mills, M. Rodgers, L. Travis, B. Moyer, J. Powell, M. Eddingfield. Coach Jon Brown Lyie Couch Field ' ■ e ( . «, q ,1)1 II NE Top Row: Maria Brundl, Lynette Casey, Jim DeBacker, Tommy Luckner, Dave Johnson (Asst. Coach). Don Gifford. (Asst. Coach). Jon Brown (Head Second Row: Jim Mills, Allen Whitmer. Mark Eddingfield, Robert Young Coach), Ed Bowen (Asst. Coach), Ronny Turner (Asst. Coach) Brent Bohanan, Tim Ryan, Aaron Huslig, Buddy Moyer, Todd Travis Bret Lambky, Brad Long, Lonny Travis, Kyle Couch, David Hagerman ' Steve Runyan, Jeff Powell, Pat Sellers, Ed Gerlach, Brad Edwards, Todd Robinson. Wildcats Strives For Excellence The 1982 Cats found a schedule that included four play- off teams including the State Champions of their class. The Cats pulled an upset in game one of their district but MHS ' S first appearance in the play-offs was not to be, as they were stunned in the finale. Tradition is not an easy commodity to achieve. The 1982 football seniors got us close, now it is up to the seniors of the future to keep striving for excellence. Third Row: Varsity Cheerleaders: Traci Lawless, Stacy Iverson, Carolyn Burris, Kris Fuller, Janeen Kerns, Kellie Lough on iJrovm Mead Coach Fourth Row: David Gee, Jamie Lough. Chris Hicks, Scott Dunn, Lary Nelson, J.C. Shook, Fred Sims, Dilan Johns. Terry Reusser. 1 ' ' r MINUTES 9 »« 1 IMm SECONDS i VSTOR II 1 mco 1 OTR J Ed Gerlach David Hagerman Chris Hicks -;■ F1 . :•- ' 1 - • - «. , -, - n ' -. :-- 1 Bret Lambky Brad Long Barry Milligan Wayne Rich Todd Robinson SJij te-i - ' Steve Runyan j ' T Tirr. Ryan CTL Defensive End V Htt-f Fred Sims CTL Defensive Back All-State Honorable Mention t . ' ' 1 - . -4. X. " - ' Allen Whitmer Trainers Managers Robert Young The Awesome Senior Team I -33 ' W ' im J WLlANf .1 MUtlANE e e e e e fi Top Row; Terri Lawless, Miss McGranaghan, Dixie Wilson. Second Row Karen Nungesser, Kristi Ashlock. Bottom Row: Becki Silvey, Wendy Way Junior Varsity Pretty as a picture Standing proud Stepping Up BB Lovely Ladies Posed with pride Sitting around rop row: Kellie Lough. 2nd row; Janeen Kerns, Traci Lawless. Bottom row; Kris Fuller, Stacy Iverson, Carolyn Burris. Mary Cole All League Lori Deloney Nancy Gehring Sandy Humphries Glenda Jones Janeen Kerns Kellie Lough Coaches Nancy Winter, Kim Sigg Melissa Wilson (From top, clockwise) Melissa Wilson, Janeen Kerns, Nancy Gehring, Sandy Humphries, Kellie Lough, Lori Deloney, Glenda Thornton, Mary Cole Left Row: Diane Mohney, Kris Fuller, Stacy Iverson, Right Row: Traci Lawless, Tawnya Infinger, Julie Schmidt as - The Team That Did It! Volleyball is played in every 5A school in the state. It is the dream of all athletes to conclude their season at the state tournament. Participation in this event signifie a successful season. To achieve this goal takes dedica- tion and hard work on the part of everyone involved. Congratulations to the team that did it! Alison Giles, Terri Lawless, Lori Meek, Darla Reekie, Melody Carey, Michelle i ' s?;- Managers: Sandie Lentz and Amy Kenworthy David Belew C. Mason, R. Fortner, D. Kramer, G. Quiglcy, B. Moyer, R. Cartwright, A. Huslig, J. Lough, M. Rodgers, D. Belew, CTL All League L. Travis. B. Jones Paul jerrell, Tommy Luckner, Paul Craft Varsity: Mike Rayl, Terry Reusser, Pat McElravy. David Belew. Kevin Bell, Eddie Gerlach. Paul Craft. Tommy Luckner, Coach Tegethoff. Jeff Patterson, Kevin Butler, Todd Travis. J.C- Shook, Lonnie Travis, Coach Mason Coaches Dennis Tegethoff , Charlie Mason OPPOMEWr WE IHEV Andale 60 61 Maize 63 62 Valley Center 48 61 Rose Hill 47 50 Wellington 58 47 Augusta 36 52 Buhler 48 92 Goddard 63 51 Clearwater- Chaparral Toum. 70 54 Pratt- Chaparral Toum, 59 81 Chaparral- Chaparral Toum. 50 64 Kingman 56 57 Wellington 54 56 Valley Center 56 76 Augusta 51 46 Qearwater 51 53 Buhler 50 49 Andover 57 56 Goddard 80 65 WinfieM Sub State 47 64 A Season For Learning The 1982-83 boys ' basketball season was a season of learning, ups and downs. The young Wildcats won 4 of their last 6 games. Wins included beating 4th place 5A state finisher, Buhler, (50-49) at home and Goddard (80-65) to give Mulvane 3rd place in the league. It was a season that saw the cats lose five games at the buzzer and end with an overall record of 8-12. There were a number of underclassmen on the ' • team and the future looks very bright for the Wildcats. Charlie Mason Head Coach Juniors: Mike Rayl, Pat McElravy, J.C. Shook, Todd Travis, Terry Reusser, Kevin BeB, Coach Mason Debbie Weber, Kelly Burns, Tracy Clinkenbeard Gwen Reekie Stacy Shoemaker m ft SS5. Reekie, Cole Stinson presents Jay ' s Tournament Award. Varsity: Coach Tony Gourlay, Jaliene Kilpatrick, Melody Carey, Diane Mohney, Gwen Reekie, Mary Cole, Daria Reekie, Stacy Shoemaker, Tawnya Infinger, Traci Lawless, Lori Melick, Tracey Elliott, Coach Stinson. not pictured Nancy Gehring Cage Cats Are Competitive The 5-15 won-loss record of the Girls Varsity Basketball team does not indi- cate the competitiveness that they gave to the Chisholm Trail League in ' 82 and ' 83. The girls were led by senior Mary Cole who was selected to the All League team for the second straight year. Graduating seniors are Nancy Gehring, Jay Kilpatrick, Lori Melick, Gwen Reekie, Stacy Shoemaker, and Mary Cole. The Junior Varsity finished a successful season with a 10-6 record, leaving hopes for better things to come in the future. JV: T. Lawless, T. Mills, T. Graybeal, L. Meek, D. Reekie, T. Elliott, M. Carey, M. Hively, T. Coaches Leah Fairchild, Bill Stinson Lawless, L. Jones, J. Quigley, D. Mohney Kevin Butler Mary Cole C.T.L. All-League Sid Colliate Nancy Gehring Eddie Gcrlach Jaliene Kilpatrick Lori Melick Jeff Patterson Allen Whitmer The Booster Club MHS Gets A Big Boost From The Booster Club The Mulvane Wildcat Booster Club, under the leadership of David Yohe, has had another successful year. Among the items the club purchased this year were a baseball batting cage, a picture panel for the National Honor Society, track boards and letters, wireless head phones for football, weight- lifting weights, medals for pom pon, charms and raincoats for cheerleaders, chenille letters for debate and forensics, a steel pole vaulting bar, and a cross-bar placer for track. There were also new signs placed downtown to announce special attrac- tions. The student body thanks the officers, David Yohe, Jerry Gee, Wilma Weaver, and Glenda Schmidt, and all of the boosters for their support. Attendant Janeen Kerns , Escort Fred Sims Queen Sandy Lawrence Escort Allen Whitmer Attendant Kellie Lough Escort Barry Milligan -vF ' ' -i :.v-5 M Football - MHS - Royalty Back row (1 to r) Fred Sims, Allen Whitmer, Barry Milligan. Front row (1 to r) Janeen Kerns, Jason Jelinek, Sandy Lawrence, Janelle Butts, Kellie Lough. Robyn Smart escorted by Kevin Butler Cristy Starbird escorted by Sid Colliatie Queen Linda Weaver escorted by Eddie Gerlach with Kourtney }] Hansley and Tad Nicholson ' ■ W ' ' Hi i i i ' Wk- ' - " Basketball - MHS - Royalty Standing: Escorts; Sid Colliatie, Eddie Gerlach, Kevin Butler. Seated: Attendent Cristy Starbird, Queen Linda Weaver, Attendent Robyn Smart. Coach Gifford, Robert Turner, Barry Milligan, Chris Hicks, Todd Robinson, Allen Whitmer, Darrin Paris, Coach Katzenmeier Chris Hicks Allen Whitmer Coach Gifford talks it over with Doug Ford Seniors: Paul Craft, Chris Hicks, Todd Robinson, Allen Whitmer, Darrin Paris, Doug Ford, Barry Milligan, Robert Turner Bright Future For Baseball The 1983 baseball season was one of high expectations. With nearly all of the 1982 squad back, we expected to make a run for the Walter Johnson League title. Hampered by heavy spring rains, we got off to a slow start. We lost seven games by a total of ten runs. Our season ended by losing to Wichita Southeast in region- al play. The highlight of our season was earning second place in the league tournament and beating Valley Center who had narrowly beaten us twice before. Other highlights included Chris Hicks ' selection as an All-League pitcher; J.C. Shock ' s phenominal .575 batting average after coming back from an early-season illness; Barry Milligan ' s setting a school record of stealing four bases in a single game and Pat Sellers ' going for four in a game. The future appears bright for Mulvane Baseball. Thanks Juniors: Todd Travis, J.C. Shook, Pal TN r .tt J David Romley Don Gifford Greg Quigley, Greg Wilson, Gordon Wayman, David Belew, Brian Nulik, David Edson J.C. Shook Juniors: Todd Travis, J.C. Shook, Pat Sellers, Terry Reusser, David Bowers, Mike Rayl, David Romley Rri»n Niilik n»uiH FHenn Darrin Paris at bat Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders: Janeen Kerns Maria Bruend 3iana Cleverdon Leah Canady Linda Weaver Kris Fuller Carolyn Burris Diana Bleam i ■ Christ Youth Group Christian Fellowship Top Row-Lt ft to Right-Darrel Croxson, Kiel Laura Parkey, Kelly Mauck, Vonda Dietz, 3ob Harris. I it UJLZ s-- hairman; Curtis Westfali, junior representati secretary; Brian Nulik, sophomore represent " raci Lawless, vice-president; Wendy Methodist Youth Fellowship n Carolyn Burns. Barry Mllligan Dune Buddies Precious Memories IP m . - « 1 - ' - i jmh A r " . --- .tylant. Julie Krueger. Kim Hoselton. Vicki Mcintosh. gen, Laura Pickens, Sarah Phillips. Kirsten Mize, Mrs Reiter. " Come on now, what ' s th problem? " Bio Joe and Jan Top Row: Carole Sears, Keri Stump, Robyn Smart, Janeen Kerns, Diana Cleverdon, Mary Cole, Stacy Shoemaker, Melissa Wilson, Nancy Gehring. Bottom Row: Sandy Lawrence, Sandy Humphries, Lori Melick, Glenda Jones, Gwen Reekip _ ■ Congratulations, Students, From JIM KERNS Foolin ' around " Just friends " One Day In The Life Of Sid CoUiatie FRONTIER AUCTKXS 81 REALTY Candee Engstrand, Michelle Jones, Sonja Gerber, Diana Bachman, Tracy Pierce, Stephanie Meek Sophomore Pals i« H rare utiA xJxU rjtrxHin ti Tr i Ticl Tuf re vjer. wndcat spirit - Wildcat spirit -- Wildcat pride Children ' s Theater cast takes a curtain call Marge Goering The MHS drama department, under the capable direction of Marge Goering, has had a highly successful dramatic year. The Children ' s Theater productions, given for the primary, were delightful. Three one- act plays were produced in the spring for an appreciative audience that filled the gym. The enthusiastic students also staged several excellent productions for Thespian meetings during the year. Scenes on this page were snapped by Jeff Kill during the Children ' s Theater and the " Sorry, Wrong Number " play dress rehearsals. Mnry Cole, Glenda Thornton A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you today just the way you are. Kelley Burns. Keri Stump, Mary Vendrlck. Tawnya Infinger, Robyn Smart. Mrs Amydell Burns. Keri Stump. Robyn Smart. Kelley Burns. iowans Cf lower Ofiop 109 W. MAIN • BOX 258 MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 (.M6) 777-1091 Diiaiie and Amydell Burns Going Down the Up Staircase Wildcat charmers ny Burrell, Jeff Powell. Kevin Gillespie, Kevin Langhob, Runyan, David Edson, Todd Robinson, Sid C HH chreiner. I, Tim Means, Paul Craft, St Coffee break for Chuck Glaser and Linda Peirce. Congratulations, Seniors From DR. AND MRS. LESLIE COBB Ron, Natalie, and Rhonda Turner. We finished! SHOS.Vr HERE ' S TO YOU, MISS DIENER! The art of shorthand is challenging, but exciting! Learning the basic skills of shorthand is somewhat demanding yet re- warding. Our instructor, Miss Diener, is always informative and helpful. She makes the class enjoyable and fun! Thanks, Miss Diener, for all of your help and understanding! 3rd hour Shorthand Students Junior Stenographers p row. Jennifer Jones, Kim Gelter, Cristy Starbird, Kellie Lough, Gwen Reekie, Kathy Reese, Bottom row: Debbie Plain, 2nda Jones, Mary Cole, Cheri Hiebcrt. Long Sleeves? Friends of ' 83 Friends are for givng, friends are for sharing. Friends are for laughing, friends are for caring. Friends will stick by you, when everyone else is gone. They ' ll praise you when you ' re right, and correct you when you ' re wrong. They ' ll lift your spirits, when you ' re feeling blue. Good friends are forever, and will always be true. Through the years of school, in the class of " 83 " , 1 thank my friends for being there, for they ' re the greatest to me. Janet VonBon m M xJ! i •IS - ' ■ y ' : L Baptist Youth Fellowship Mark Myers, Youth Director, Sarah Phillips Back row: S. Lentz, E. Gerlach, P. Pulis, S. Runyan, K. Schnittker, W. Rich, M. Rook, R. Canfield. Middle row: T. Infinger. K. Ashlock, M. Bruendl, L. Casey, J. Unger, S. Phillips, M. Vendrick, S. Cochran, M. Rook, M. McGranaghan, D. Gifford. Front row: G. Williams, R. Young, J. Kill, M. Carey, C. Johnson, N. Phillips, D. Headgepath, A. Wing, T. Bowhan. Lisa Swayne, Lanette Casey, Pat»y Grieve, Maria Bruendl, Terry Reusser. Carla Myers, Greg Williams, Dilan Johns, Tim Weide, Becki Berwald, David Langham, Darrin Strait, Mr. Gifford — Scenes From American History Don Gifford, instructor Second Hour f;;?|i i — ?«. « Riding High to Victory! Stacy Iverson Just a little help from Friends. Cats - ready for action! Jay, Sharron, Kurtis Back row: Greg Flickinger, Frank Howard, Kevin Butler, Bernie Ceding. Middle row: Kelly Brooks, Mark Daily, Dilan Johns, Terry Reusser, Mr. Schreiner. Front row; Keith Timmons, Bret Lambky, Jimmy Meek. J H , T r f V, v ' r or MULVANI I ;% gSI .J «?J l:£V Melissa Wilson, Jennifer Pounds, Tammy Moore, Brian Nulik, Joanne Pounds, Wendy Wayman 4nfh4- miES i, WIPE MENU MUCTION :ls All it needed was a woman ' s touch High School Memories No problem It ' s fixed. ixiotitj, a seasKor«.)Jott never tan ItU t»kat small yebtU it wUl pUk uy atib store amonjiU treasure tKm s. Sitting: Patricia Harvey, Margaret Rook, Sandy Showalter, Roberta Mather, Marie Johnston, Sarah Phillips. Standing: Pam Maltbie, Diane Alumbaugh, Penny Dull, Shcrryl Cochran. Wanda Storey. I «r ' " j;r, m Back row: Jim McDaniel, Aaron Huslig, Greg Wilson. Bo Jones, Marl Schwartz, Kevin Wells, David DeBacker, Jim DeBacker, Rob Cartwright. Middle row: J.T. Klaus, Tim Ryan, Melissa Wilson. Gwen Reekie, Melinda Crook, Theresa Poteete. Front row: Lisa Swayne, Lyn Vosberg, Walt DeBacker. Mary Cole, Angela Stout, Darla Reekie, Christie Havlik , | l . yr ,1 o ' Organization ferrell, Bill Brown, instructor. Middle Row: Sarah Phillips, Brenda Starr, Theresa Schmidt, Dixie Wilson. Sandie Lentz. Alison Giles. Lee Ann Larew, rammy Ehrlich, Sherrill Burgin, Marilyn Connet, David Langham. Front Row: Gina Rylant. Julie Henderson. Terri Jameson, Teresa James, Jeanette Vlaltbie, Teresa Graybeal, Cindy Hansen, David Bowers, Laura Parkey. Miss Piggy, Kermit, and Fozzie Girl, Boy. Girl A higher class of people 4 Shadu Ladies Edmund Burke wrote that " Government is a contrivance of human wisdom to provide for human wants. " The study of the history of the world allows citizens to help develop the best possible government for the United States, based on wisdom, knowledge and compassion. World History . . y MeeK. , .._. . — , .. .„, ,, ..1... i uy i wrw, i ;vni uuiiKi, dim v osiGiio, urcg Wilcox Wh, • ' Ift r " ' 1 ' , ' u , " ' ° r c " ' ' " = ' ' Wanda Storey, Roberta Mather. Bottom row: Renae Bollerman, Julie Ramsey. Pat Harvey Pam Itble. Shirley Crow, Jetf Holmes, Fred Sims, Kirsten Mize. .mivKy. ram and they called it Piggy love? Anatomy Is Really Interesting UiiUntwm American History Third Hour Three Yankee Doodles Top row: Sheila Jameson, Michelle Zimmerman, Terri Elliot, Kathy Rodgers, Becky Bozone, Cathy West, Tammy Slater. Middle row: Debbie Murphy, Michelle Butler, Kathy Howard, Karla Kling, Roberta Martines, Tawnya Infinger, Diane Mohney, Annie Jerden, Sheryl Cochran. Bottom row: Darren Yohe, Pat Pulis, Brad Edwards, Pat Sellers, Brian Alquest, Kevin Langholz, Robert Bonner, Mike McCurdy, Greg Wilcox, Allen Teetzel. ' Stay on your own side, guys. Ain ' t no stopping us now! Beverlu Reiter, Val Lea. We ' re all in this together. ■niwi IriilliwBVS i ' -J ' ir-d I I) ■U CaX )Vt: t ' ' U ;| ' H " ' ' - ' " Ml dOion ,o(-fh Hb ' :f l ueu ' AIL oinTAL ([•■ilL te ' bdn-Tr The Mudcat Top row: Renea Bollerman, Julie Ramsey, Julie Eggert, Sheryl VanDorn, Keith Schmittker. Kirsten Mize, Paul Craft, Jay Kilpatrick, Diane Brown. Bottom row: Chip Craft, Melinda Crook, Karen Phillips, Kevin Wells, Lyn Vossberg, Val Lea, Jim Carroll, Mary Vendrick, Teddy Farrington Congratulations Graduates ' Mulvane Fina Greiner Sons Moss Motors Wells Bookkeeping Service Thanks to the advertisers, photographers, students, faculty and everyone else who helped with the annual. The Wildcat Staff gry Stuhlsafz Associates v JUnsuzanc£ riA John Stuhlsatz 105 S. Baltimor- Derby, KS 6703 (316) 7881-151: Grade ' s Back Yard BEAUTY SALON Phone: 777-4520 532 Emery Mulvane, Kans. 67] THE PRINT SHOPPE, INC (316) 264-1612 505 S. MAIN • WICHITA. KS 67202 THE MULVANE OPTIMIST CLUB Paul Stewart Irwin Post 135 AMERICAN LEGION Mulvane, KS RICO PHOTOGRAPHY 5244 S. Madison 522-6026 SAAY WHUT? SHIRTS MORE CAPS-T-SHIRTS-TRANSFERS-LETTERING Uniforms-Cans KAREN KING 777-4141 105 PLAZA LANE EAST MULVANE, KANSAS The optimist club is proud to sponsor: Youth Appreciation Week, Mulvane Opti- mist Soccer League, Bike Safety Program, Tri-Star Soccer, Tri-Star Football, Youth Oratorical Contest, Tri-Star Basketball, Tri- Star Baseball and Summer Baseball Team. Derby Cable TV 133 E. Kay Derby, Kansas 788-3725 261-9412, After Hours HIGHLANDER LAUNDRY Mulvane 3rd Good Luck Seniors! Gabe Florence Dorsey Virginia Belden WEDDINGS • GROUPS • PORTRAITS Johnson Photography 417 East Helbert Mulvane, Kansas 67110 JOE W. JOHNSON (316) 777-1095 J I— JL. i fp ' g S » J ' MMM ] Linda Weaver, aide Going our way? Kathy Sears, Nova Cane, Kathy Howard, Renae Bollerman, Shcryl Cochran, Penny Dull, Holly Tackett, Diane Hohoney, Diane Alumbaugh, Julie Covington, Becky Bozone, Kathy Rodgers, Debbie Murphy, Dawn Simpson, Judy Crow, Michelle Zimmerman. M U L V A rir T Fifth Hour Constitution THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Preamble We, the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, pro- vide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of Amer- :Back row; Todd Schen, Julie Eggert. Jeff Kil). Middle row: |vlari Flickinger. , Harold Pulis, Keri Stump, Tuna Fajen. Front row; Janet VonBon, Karen Phillips, Outside: Stacy Iverson, Keri Stump, Kris Fuller, Paula Wayman, Robyn Smart, Kim Gelter, Kim Bolinger Kellie Lough, Lori Deloney, Jill Arnold. In the Cage: Jamie Lough, Bo Jones, Todd Travis Rob Cartwright. ■•■- ' , ' ■ ' v ' i, : ■ ' •. " ti ' ■■•.-•.. _ T •■•••. I One Day In The Lives Of Kim, Kellie, Cristy, Lori, Robyn And Keri 1 1 i 1 1 , m .yjckers. IP 2402 South Seneca (Corner Pswnt ' c K Sonec.j 264-0486 JIMBOLINCLR 262-9342 (L to R) Kellie Lough. Keri Stump, Cristy Starbird, Lori Deloney. Robyn Smart, Kim Bolinger, Q Merle McKee, Fire Chief Firefighters: 1894 - 1983 V. Harold. H Goforth, M. McKee, J Allbright. T Stoll, R, VanDeest. J Ford. T Phipps. The Mulvane Volunteer Fire Department has had a long history of excellent and sometimes heroic service to the Mulvane Community. The Fire Department was first organized in 1894. A new addition in 1983 was Robin VanDeest, the first feminine fire fighter in Mulvane, and the pret- tiest! Merle McKee is the efficient fire chief. Top row. Larry Alumbaugh, Jim Carroll, Jzohn Hogan, Brian Ross, Middle row: Jerry Bell, Doug Ford, Jim Costello, Bret Lambky, Bot- tom row: Monty Ball, Mark Daily, Max McCormick, Kenny Bippert .taif. ' i4k. Top row; Pam Maltbie, Sherrill Burgin, Sherry Alumbaugh, Twila Walker, Marilyn Connett, Jennifer Jones, Lauri Bachman, Kirsten Mize, Sue Kenwor- thy. Bottom row: Julie Krueger, Wanda Storey, Ada Jaax, Roberta Mather, Melody Mah an Qraduation is a chance to touch the horizon Tony Gonzales, Renea Bollerman, Jeff Patterson, Debbie Love, Kelly Brooks, Lavina Collina Top row: Steve Clarkson, Mike Rodgers, Clayton Epp, Paul LeClerc. Bottom row: Tammy Ehrlich, Melody Mahan, Michelle Chambers, Dawn Simpson, Kelley Burns. Teens for Christ is an organization geared to bring the gospel to teen-agers through their peers. Our main purpose is to win others to Christ, but Teens for Christ also teaches how to grow spiritually and provides fellow- ship with other Christins. TFC is not a church, but encourages young people to support and be active in their local church. The director for Mulvane ' s Chapter is Bobby Flora and its sponsors are John and Dot Mahan. Bobby Flora, Teens for Christ Director, enjoys a school lunch with Melody Mahan. u; fc i ih r ' - ' %-. !i f rffwr ' . 5 J T f ri ! I ' ■ • " !! GARNETTS AUTO SUPPLY NO. 4 619 N. Baltimore 788-1553 Or 788-0212 GARNETT AUTO LARRY R, ANDERSON, M.D. JOEL T. WEIGAND, M.D. CLAY SHAW, P.A. 188 E. MAIN MULVANE, KS. 67110 PHONE: 77-0106 HOURS: 912 1-5 M-F AFTER HRS. 264-1261 Good Luck To The Graduates From DR. PORTER 777-1362 114 W. Main BEN ' S AUTO SERVICE Ben Phillips 7141 S. Broadway Haysville MARQUISE STUDIOS 66 Years Experience So Very Dependable Enid, Oklahoma PAPENHAUS OIL CO. Gasoline — Oil — Grease — Accessories Tires — Batteries — Station Tank Wagon Service Tune-Ups 211 S First WESTERN AUTO MERLE J. CANNON 110 West Main-Phone: 777-1591 MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 Dr. L. a. Robinson CHIROPRACTOR Office 777-1 41 5 Res 777-4620 204 NORTH Second MULVANE KANSAS 671 10 PIX BARBER SHOP | Q|Tir| CoMPL rE Hair Care RofFuER 104 Prather Jim Sharpe 777-4121 ROfrUR NORDEN PLUMBING " If you need a plumber bad, you need him good " Ted Norden Doris Norden 777-1171 MULVANE, KANSAS Congratulations to the 1982-83 Mulvane Senior High graduates from the USD 263 BOARD OF EDUCATION and ADMINISTRATION 1 i 5 EMFRY MI..JL VArjt " KAr-JSAS 2 34 W 5TM BELLE PLAINE- KANSAS au Head Hunters Hair Shops WHERE SERVICEANDEXPERIENCE Pnill iShop MAKE THE DIFFERENCE " Ken Lyeria 637 N Baltimore. Derby. Kansas 67037 • 788-2091 m W J ' i- More fun than class! V- Hour Advanced A RCCrsWELL Artist models to r) Terry Reusser, Lonny Travis, Dilan Johns, Mark Eddingfield, Mi Holmes, Kell, Schen, Mr. Canfield, Frank Howard. Robert Turner, Lisa Shoup, Stephanie Smith, Jeff Patterson, Kevin Gillespie. Robin vanDeest Jarrett, Jenny Eke As 1 chased what ' . _, _._ moonbeams I have run into a couple of walls But in looking back at the faces I ' ve beer I would sure be the first one to say When 1 look at myself today I wouldn ' t have done it any other way. Waiting patiently for graduation. U must be term paper time — Family Profile System MULVANE PHARMACY 104 E. Main Mulvane Ingalls Electric Sales Service 104 WEST MAIN MULVANE 777-1571 •Showing A Complete Line Of General Electric And Maytag Appliances Electrical Service Supplies m m 154 208 S. Baltimore, Derby, Kansas purveyors of round meals and flat snacks Under personal management of Dole McCulloch 788-2011 DICK ' S PLUMBING Good Luck. Seniors! Ill W. Collier 777-1221 Mulvane Good Luck. Seniors! From BERNANDINE ' S BEAUTY SHOP ■THE BEAUTY SPOT ' 112 WEST MAIN MULVANE. KANSAS KATHY POPE - OWNEB. Stvlist 777-dSai OR 777.C3652 Two awesome brutes. On the look out. American Histor y Sixth Hour m T- . -. W i-W tr wf J JlXj The Great Escape p row: David EJeBacker, Leah Canady, Carolyn Burris, Kris Fuller, Shelly Setmears, LaVina Collins, Second row: Rocky Anderson, Rick Starbird, Jake whan, Sheryi VanDorn, Michelle Chambers, Cathy Reese, Julie VonBon, Debbie Mclntyre, Lisa Shoup, Jimmy Meek. Bottom row: Harold Pulis. Todd Travis, Kyle Couch. Lona Mcintosh, Monica Pudden, Bill Brown, Vicki Mcintosh, Traci Lawless, Diana Bleam. David Hall, Clint Young, John Schlick. W MmVA 8i ha " S iiU. Top row: Theresa Graybeal, Stephanie Smith, Sandie Lentz, Melody Carey. Third row: Lori Meek, Jill Quigley, Joanne Pounds, Lori Peterson, Alison Giles. Second row: Jeana Craber, Vonda Dietz, Melissa Pray, Lisa Jones. Bottom row: Kristi Ashlock, Missy Patton, Darla Reekie. f The Joys of this life. When you ' ve summed il all up. Arc found in the Making of friends Such control! School Days Innocent Sophomores. ) ■ i? Seven Sweethearts It ' s my turn now. Car pooling! American History 4th Hour A Typical History Student! Of course I ' m right! IZ l " - nl!:r pu ' lifr ' !:!;!! " : " ' ' ' 1 ;, " ?! y- «- ilvey. Steve Nicholson. Kevin Werth, Steve ' ::: ' i tz:is. " " ' " ' " " - ' • " ' ' -■ " -- " " ' -- - ' - - --- Candymaking Supplies • Candy • Molds, etc. • Freshly made candies for all occasions • (316) 777-4987 604 N First • Mulvane. Kansas 67110 R.K. THOMASON, D.D.S. Telephone 777-1151 1210 N. ROCK ROAD MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 MULVANE RADIO TV, INC fg lfH Your Radio Shack Dealer 205 W. Main, Mulvane DON PERSELS Phone 777-1041 Senter - Smith Mortuary Mulvane 501 S. E. Louis Blvd. (Hiway K-15) 777-1632 " A Family Serving Families " BALFOUR JEWELRY ' S FINEST CRAFTSMEN Box 432 Salina, Kansas 67401 Bill Barr (913) 827-7013 DERBY BOWL Special Attention Given to School and Church Parties 444 S. Baltimore Derby, Kansas THE FAA !Ly t !A!R AFFAIR 777- K353 MUL.VAME. KANSAS KATHLEEN STOREY League Bowling « MICHAEL A. PAVLICK. D.D.S. 1 14 EAST MAIN MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 OFFICE HOURS BY APPOINTMENT TELEPHONE 777-0103 STEVEN E, JOHNSON Sales Representative 807 N Waco. Sle 12 Wichiia, Ks 67203 The Paul Rev ERE Companies, 18 Chestnut Street Worcester Massachusetts 01608 lite • Health • Group Insurance • Annuities MULVANE CO-OP UNION 220 WEST POPLAR MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 (316)777-1121 On the look out On the sidelines Psychology Physical Educators Fourth Hour Senior man power iw»»r — rtf - ' " " ■wss im Means. Eddie Gerlach, Judy Crow, Kim Bolinger. Linda Weaver. Jennifer Pounds. Sandy Humphries. Mary Vendrick. Irian Ross. Robert Brown. Jimmy Meek, Carla Walker. Jeff Pray, Debbie Love, Keith Schnlttker, Jenny Ekey. Robin VanDeest, neth, Maria McKee, Valerie Lea, Frank Howard, Wendy Reiser, Julie Krueger, Lori Melick. Kenny Bippert, Carole Sears, Kim Hoselton. FEDERAL ' ' ■ OClAriON Virdell Shay First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Sumner County ft Mulvane Branch Congratulations To The Class Of ' 83 From The Folks At Gmuo; 21 PRIDE REAL ESTATE. INC 925 N K-lb Hwy Derby, Kansas 57037 Business (315) 788-3751 ItofF ' CE 925 DONALD CRAIG PHONE 788-9149 D. and M. Barber Shop HAIR CUTS AND STYLING 714 NORTH BALTIMORE • DERBY, KANSAS OPEN 8:00 TO 6;00 IMBLE ' S OUNTRY ITCHEN 162 Gordon Wayman Shelly Seimers, Carolyn Burris, Pam Newell, Leah Canady, Kris Fuller, Maria Bruendl, Jill Arnold WAY-CAN SERVICE INC. 103 Prather 777-0844 Complete Engine Repair Missy Patton, Kristi Ashlock, Lori Meek, Jill Quigley, Darla Reekie, Karen Nungessor, Wendy Wayman Leah, Paula, Wendy Kellie Lough, Paula Wayman. Stacy Iverson STANDARD ■1... 1-r I sk -ct Don Gifford ■am l 1 f Politics Fifth Hour MHS ounger, obrdon Wayman. Jim u Mr. Gifford, J.T, Klaus. Todd Robinson, Tim Ryan, Allen Whitmer, David DeBacker. Tim Weide 1 pledge allegian ' mOf% : fe ' Wendy Wayman Jon Brown, Paula Wayman Wayman Oil Co., Inc. 505 Park Mulvane. Kansas 67110 (316) 777-1926 year Round Dependable Service Gasoline ■ Diesel Fuel Oil ■ Propane I. GARY DUNLAP 777-4057 School Daze Flower Shop • Cui flowers Mulvane. ks 67110 • Sptcialiiing in permanent ()I6» 777.4719 no»ers - iilk and dned Linda Ebersole • Green plants RICHARD H EBERSOLF ATTORNEY AT LAW 016) 7?7.1670 104 S FIRST Theresa Poteete drives in the Grand Prix Runyan. Milligan, and Nelson hunt in Tne Jungle VIDEO FEVER 1228 S. Louis Mulvane, KS 67110 Billy Gloria Helms L to R: Roy WilkinsSB WH rell, Brent Bohanan, Lonnie McCosh, Pete Hoforth, Darrin Bachman, James Hurst, Monte Wilcox, Lance Ki Kevin Hoover. Frankie Schmidt, Jeff Jones, Jennifer Graber, Teri Turkle, Mary Powell, Julie Covington, Diane Alumbaugh, Kurtis Westfall Rick Hancock, Diane Brown, Teddi Partington, Judy Crow. Nova Cane, Tommy Luckncr, Pam Newell, Rayiene Roder. Vicki Johnson and Frank Carson, Jr. Jean and Diana Cleverdon Beth and Leah Canady Kathy Deloney Lori Deloney, Kim Bollnger, Cristy Starbird, Kim Gelter, Kellie Lough. Eddie ' s Angels Lori: Paul ' s Slave Oh, What a Beautiful Day! BOO HISS! Let ' s win, you Spazz ' s! BUjI Kk. 3r Ki H t- H Klassy Pom Pons Jenny Unger and Rusty Westfall Memories To Keep Forever Macho ' !! Sharron and Jenny hf l immm - r- , rL rH( .■-l " W CHARLES REALTY r , viiJl!!! n mzr " : Tammy and Mark The Good Ole Days! Play time Flower shop beauties hW»- ' ' Tammy Moore and Shelley Johnson Nobody ' s perfect! Forever Friends When good friends are beside us On the trail that we all keep Our burdens seem less heavy And the hills are not so steep The weary miles pass swiftly Taken in a happy stride And all of life seems brigher When friends are by our side. r jmilii i " • j ' 1::s - 1 Wk Teachers Can Be Friends, Too! Cristy Starbird and Mr. Johnson, Lori Deloney and Mr. Bowan, Kim Bolinger and Mr. Gifford, Kim Gelter and Mr. Tegethoff, Kellie Lough and Mr. Mason master teachers: Johnson, Fairchild Good Luck, Students From The COLOR PORT iJt ifn V % Y. Schreiner and Tammy Slater Electricity Lee Weir, Kevin Langholz. Robert Brown, Doug VanDorn, Tammy Slater, Mr. Schreiner, Larry Alumbaugh, David Hall, Steve Clarkson Troy, Bob. Kevin Brown. Langholz Old Friends 182 Wiring a breaker box Slater, Hall Wiring switches Paul Mayfield Teri Turkic Back row: 1 to r: Stephanie Reddick, Stacie Sanchez, Shelly Mendoza. Heather Mendoza Front row: 1 to r: Dawn Waggoner, Kristin Roberts, Robin Smith, Lori Cowin. Missy Seimears Not pictured: Chip Kanpp, Holly Musgrave, Leslie Tackett, Teri Turkic, Sherryl Cochran f- ' ' %■ Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together Go often to the house of your friend, for weeds choke up the unused path. .f k. Top; Kirsten Mize, Lanette Casey, Kellie Lough, Tammy Moore, RobynSmart, Julie Schmidt Bottom: Stacy Iverson, Jill Arnold, Paula Wayman, Jenny Linger. Jennifer Pounds, Cheri Hiebert Cheryl Cochran Chief William Simmons 1983: A Good Year 1983 is a year that many Mulvane High School students will remember with fond memories. As Chief of Police, I especially want to thank you for your cooperation; and for provinfj that todays youth are good citizens. When you were younger, you were told that the Police were your friends and in times of trouble find a Policeman. Today thd also holds true because we are here to serve the citizens 61 Mulvane. As the Seniors enter their adult life, remember that courtesy and a clear mind go a long way in establishing ;nda, Jenny, Terry, Shirley, Tyna, Nancy, and Bernie really behind bars? Darrel Crawford. Kneeling: Buddy Moyer. Lonny Iravis, Oreg (juigley. Arlyr feu 7 tsc! Mr. Schreincr. Daren Yohe, Pat Pulis. Brent Bohanan, Kurt Westfall, Darrel Crawford, Monte Wilcox, Tammy Slater Drafting - Sixth Hour Lovable . . . Likable Learning from the best Daryn Wilmeth, David Jantz, Wendy Wayman, Darrin vid Hagerman, Allen Pickering, Monty Ball. Happiness in drafting is — - Schreincr shouting " Graphite " WPA- " Wc Piddle Around " E Not having pets. " Who ' s going to pay me today? " Having your mom work up your blueprint book Being made into a scholar Daryn Wilmeth, Wendy Way Alien Teetzel J.C. Shook. Mr. Schreiner, Todd Humbolt, Ken Bippert, David Langham. Daryn Wilmeth, Jake Bowhan Shelley Johnson, Kelly Lawles:. Tammy Moore, Greg Staska A favorite teacher Floral fun «N M i$r Trustworthy " M M HARDWARE ,i S ' ' r Mi Best Wishes From Maud M Hardware Advertising Specialty Appreciation Gifts Calendars Senior Skip Day At Wilson Lake MHS Auto Mechanics Class Is Outstanding Kevin Werth Brian and Steve J ' : iV - Auto Mechanics classes have become a very success- ful part of the MHS curriculum. According to Mr. Mer- ritt, Auto Mechanics teacher, the outstanding students this year were Steve Nicholson and Pat Sellers. Many of the advanced students plan to carry on in this field; five out of seven have already enrolled in vocational schools for auto mechanics. The classes, with their work this year, bought a new air ratchet, a device that removes bolts with air, for $82.00. Other equipment is expensive as well. For ex- ample, the valve machine, which the school bought a few years ago, would cost $5,600 today. Under Merritt ' s able leadership, the Auto Mechanics curriculum will con- tinue to advance. Steve Nicholson, Kevin Werth. Brian Alquest, Shawn LaRock, Wade Lander, Darrin Strait, Brad Bobbitt Heersche Auto Mechanics Class Dr Richard Heersche Good service! Hondomotive Precious Moments Friends Family Fun Chorus Line of ' 83 Back: Gwen Reekie, Carole Sears, Mary Cole, Janeen Kerns, Glenda Thornton, Stacy Shoemaker, Melissa Wilson, Front: Sandy Humphries, Pam Newell, Lori Melick, Nancy Gehring, Sandy Lawrence, Keri Stump, Diana Cleverdon. I ' W i ' u? n m if ' r The Warren Company iv Happy Retirement, Mrs Jaax! A farewell to an English teacher Second hour. English IV, bids a diet cola farewell to an English teacher who is retiring. ■ - ' ;.: MHS: The Graduates Of 1983 Sandy Lawrence, Sandy Humphries, Glenda Thornton, Mark Elliott and Darin Paris, senior class officers, present Mrs. Jaax with a gold chain and twenty roses for fier twenty happy years at Mulvane High School. Mwy Jill Quigley rN VW Happy Days! Mi ' fk. Cookie Yogi. Jill Quigley 1 111 w!i..l ii joke Getting a running start We will always remember -- A bunch of buddies Wendy, Jennifer, Linda , Bottom: Eddie Gerlach, Traci Lawless, Robyn Smart, Chris Hicks, Lyn Vossberg, Tim Means, Brad Edwards. Middle: Wendy Wayman, Terri Lawless Wendy Reiser, Keri Stump, Linda Weaver, Jeff Kill. Top: Tammy Moore, Shelley Johnson, Mark Elliot, Greg Quigley, Brian Nulik, David Belew. - . j]LW3£-i..-. Jenny Ekey, Robin VanDeest. Debbie Love, Caria Walker, Shirley Crow. v -; •• ' . " - ? rr( •S? V 1- e - ii Happy Times! Jerry Nelson Vice-Principal The graduates of 1983 wish to express our appreciation to a special person, Jerry Nelson. He has shown care and concern for each one of us. If any one of us faltered, he showed personal hurt and helped us to improve. Thank you, Mr. Nelson, for your influence upon our lives. . . THE GRADUATES OF 1983 Diana Cleverdon. Carolyn Burris, Janeen Kerns. Linda Weaver Leah Canady, Diana Bleam, Kris Fuller. Maria Bruendl Pam Newell, Kevin Bell, Leah Canady, J,C, Shook, Kris Fuller J lOHt- - Darryl, Cristy, Rick Ready to board the Starship Pals: Kim and Cristy tmm Standing. Caria Myers, Carolyn Burris, Tracey Elliot, Shelley Seimers, Mark Hamilton, Maria Bruendl, Terry Reusser. Kneeling: Leah Canady. Jill Arnold. Kris Fuller. Dilan Johns Soon to be Seniors Shelly Seimears Pep Club fun RESItVtHIM, AMlUUl MlHHOHS MIRRORS " ' ABli -OPS WiMHiW l.lASb REPLACEMSS ' . I KjH- ( OMMI HC ' Ai CENTRAL GLASS MIRROR CO.,INC. 1722 EAST 2ND WICHITA. KANSAS 67214 13161 267 HH ' A CHARLES SEIMEARS Carla Myers, Maria Bruendl, Shelly Seimears, Todd Travis, Tracey Elliott, Jill Arnold, Carolyn Burris, J.C. Shook, Mark Hamilton, Leah Canady, Brad Edwards, Ed Dunn, Terry Reusser, Kris Fuller, Dilan Johns Happy Times For Carolyn - And Barry 1% ? ' V , J ' ) Girls ' Track: Wet But Wonderful The word track usually brings to mind thoughts of sun- flower seeds, sunburns, and hot weather. This season has been somewhat different. Frostbite, drowning, and mon- soons were more the order of the day. The team has worked hard all season. As a result, we set five new school records, placed fourth in the CTL meet, finished 5th in the 5A regionals, and qualified Stephanie Smith and Michelle Mize for the state meet. Stephanie Smith took 3rd in teh 1600 meter and 5th in the 800 meter. Congratulations! Nancy Winter Track Coach Checking the stats. 3 % VL Stephanie Smith Mary Cole V I Back row Cristen Lester, Candee Engstrand, Tracy Pierce. Becky Bozone, Roberta Martiens, Teri Turkle. Lisa Shoup. Middle row: Shelley Seimears, Jill Quigley. Lisa Jones, Daria Reekie, Lori Meek, Connie Junious, Missy Patton. Front row: Diane Brown, Kris Fuller, Caria Myers, Mary Cole, Diana Cleverdon, Lisa Young, Teresa Quails, Stephanie Smith. im f , 4f 11 Senior Thin Clads Track Has A Terrific Year The 1982-83 school year brought a very wet season to the Mulvane Boys ' Track team. Ten seniors, five juniors, and nine sophomores made it through the rainy season. Greg Wilcox qualified in the high jump for the state meet; Fred Sims finished his high school career by placing fourth in the 400 meter at state. Everyone looks forward to the 1983- 84 season. Top row Buddy Mov.i, I, II I ' .ai. II Mik. Kodgers, Gerald Splcer, Ken Bippert, Jeff Pray, Troy Walker, Bill Brown. 3rd row: Brad Edwards, Brad Ellis, Shannon Clark, Jim DeBacker, Lonny Travis, Aaron Husling, Greg Wilcox 2nd row: Marvin Jelinek, Pat Pulis. Daren Yohe, Bret Lambky, Frank Howard, Roy Wilkinson. Bottom row; Wade Anderson, David Gee, Dilan Johns, Fred Sims, Brad Long, Jim Carroll. rp-r - Muluane Wildcats Kevin Bell, Pam Newell FOREVER Thoughts of the good times We shared together. Memories of you That will last forever. CDCOK (t) — ( gH (ji ( d; 3 " " O €? o S s = ?°2 ■ 33 [ ) c_ r 2 TJ :3D 1 5 a c. 5:S . " 3 , - " :i3 r- 3 O D M 21 " ■ " S ' S 2? ? ? S 5 3 r- cii c •3 5 ■ 5 2 oa :=■ LJ n F " 5 o a. ' c en rt) 3 = ?2 2 n o g Cu — ■ 3 S : ' • Q. ■ ci_ _ =3 =■ to rti TO . r " CV 3 ? =i = 33 _| ro e; rt) O 3 -1 33 o vr O 3 tt, i 33 ii ■ 75 03 2 po ■ 2 ?: Q ? 3 g- 3 ,5 2 O w ?- I ) 5 a. a . 3- =1 q •? § § S T3 Q. S g TO TO c ■■ a • r- " pa Q TO Cu TO 3 33 21 1 1 ■ ' J. m f i « . J " " . WW )i ' 220 --J ;j ' A H ja ' 4 1 I? ■-

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Mulvane High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Mulvane, KS) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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