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WILDCAT CANAL TREATY RATIFIED 9-7-78 The hoiiy-Oebaied Panama Canal Treaty is finally raiilietJ by President Carter at th Pan American Union in Wastiington. He was joined by Panama ' s President Omar Torriios i ollicials Irom the Organization ol American States PAYING THEIR LAST RESPECTS 10-3-78 Among the 400 people attending memorial services tor the lamed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen w his widow. Frances, and daughter, actress Candice THREE IN A ROW AT WIMBLEDON 7-8-78 Biorn Borg ol Sweden holds his trophy alolt alter winning the Wimbledon Men ' s Singles championship lor the third consecutive time Borg delealed J mmy Connors ol the United Stales and became only the sec the crown three straight years BASEBALL ' S MR. EVERYTHING 6-17-78. The New York Yankees ' Ron Gl,, IKomia Angels at Yankee Stadium He ining the Anwfican League s Cy Young Yankees • " -— ■ «- -- - - - -- ■ NORMAN ROCKWELL DIES 1 1-1 1-78 Friends o( the late Amencan a Rockwell carry his casket from a church m Stockbndge, years Rockwell Seoul calendar, the Saturday ing Post and many other publications CAMP DAVID ACCORDS FINALIZED 12-7-78- President Anwar Sadat ol Egypt and Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel embrace and President Carter applauds following announcement of the historical peace initiative. The agreement represents a major breakthrough in the 30-year Middle East ccnflict. 3TEELERS REiGN SUPREME 1-21-79. John Stallworth hauls m a touchdown pass I Terry Bradshaw. as Pittsburgh dethrones the Dallas Cowboys 35-31 in Super Bowl XIII. ANTI-SHAH DEMONSTRATORS 12-11-78. Demonstrators fill the streets of Iran, whom they claim is a puppet " called for the Shah ' E f Tehran in opposit IKIQKOS HDUi L ' 0:M3S 3MVAlflll HOCVANE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOE MULVANE HS MEDIA CENTER 1900 N. Rock Rd. Muivane, Kansas 67110 m? The 1979 Wildcat Mulvane High School Co -editors: Sheena Martinez and Kim Elston How empty the halls look with the 1979 graduates gone ! HP3 ir " fr: ' 1 wSL III " kfd ' 1 NiSSfTJi 1 R 1 m U.S.D. 263 S79 ADMINISTRATION BE PREPARED! Congratulations are in order to the Mulvane Senior High School graduating seniors of 1979, and deservedly so. You have taken a giant step forward in your travels along the rocky road of life. However, you should re- alize that although you have just completed one im- portant phase of your journey, you are also just begin- ning another . As you begin this phase , you will realize that there are many things that you must be prepared to cope with , among which are the folloNsdng : Be pre - pared to accept new responsibilities; Be prepared to face tough competition; Be prepared to accept suc- ceesses humbly; Be prpeared to accept defeats grace- fully; Be prepared to relize that you need further edu- cational preparation; Be prepared to be able to meet and work with people ; Be prepared to realize that ' ' status quo ' ' is not good enough in today ' s world; Be prepared to work long and hard for anything worth having ; and Be prepared to do your part in making worthwhile contributions in bettering the best life that the world has ever known ! We hope that your years in the Mulvane educational system have prepared you to meet and cope effectively with the challenging and rewarding years ahead of you , Good luck to you , and may God be with you as you look to the future , Dean Parks, Supt. USD 263 Supt . Parks proudly poses for a graduation pic - ture with his son Kyle , Rosalie Elston , Board Clerk Phyllis McGuire, Board Treasurer To The Students Of M.H.S: The truth is a factor within our society that is both de- sired and feared . The ramification of the truth began centuries ago and has undergone tumultuous times. Re- gimes, nations and people the world over have built truth as a quality revered and respected. Without it, nations. Presidents and the common man have not endured . The truth is a trait or quality ' 1 have always admired in peo- ple . We, your parents, faculty and 1 have endeavored to teach the truth within your home and school environ- ment . Because of this , M.H.S. students will hopefully be better prepared to cope with today ' s society ' and its de- mands . It is my hope that 1 have had a small part in helping you, as a student of M.H.S. , realize your capa- bilities and those qualities necessary for coping with e problems of our society, ay good fortune and happiness be yours fore ' C ' er. Terry Withrow, Registrar Sue Baumgartner, Bookkeeper MHS Faculty Ron AdWns Bill Bailey Coxmselor Vocational Agriculture Larry Becker P.E., Math Jo Borthwick Learning Disabilities Bill Brown Social Science CC Coach Richard Canfield Art Fran Casey Home Economics Jack Coleman Vocal Music Brenda Diener Business Bill Fairchild Driver ' s Ed MHS Faculty Gary Lundy Driver ' s Ed, P.E. Charles Mason English Meg McGranaghan Business Roger Pock Social Science BB Coach Nancy Winter P.E. , Coach Mr._ Rankin and Mr. Nelson enjoy taking money at the Student Council Christmas dance . 70S SENIORS Patti Crowe Mary Daily Randy Eggleston Rick Eggleston Tina Davis Monna Ehrlich Tom DeHaven Kim Elston Tom Fagan Jim Fairchild fl . Ti — bI 1 y ' J X %M uU r. miU V " . Mike Frikken Keith Fry V " ' V„ Sheena Martinez Kristi McCmdy M ' Kim McPherson Chris Middendorf Debbie Means Ronnie Meisch Leanne Middleton Dana Mohney Cindy Melick Kathy Murphy Sherry Myers Brad Nickelson Mary Nix Ethel Nimgesser Gerald Stegner Sherry Smith Erin Stephens Susan Warren Gail Wilcoxson David Watson Cneryl Williams Troy Wayman Mike Whetstone Colleena WiUiams Shelly Williams Lori Worthy Melody Naillieux Becky Wray Kevin Wyant David Lusk Kaien Spain Vince Thompson Prom King G Queen; Keith FryGVickiKiU. Senior Class Officers : Standing; G. Chew, R. Eggleston, R. Crook, Senior Big Shots : LtoR; Mr. Brown, Sponsor, Mrs. Jaax, P. Crowe, K. Elston, L. Hendricks. Sitting; Mr. Brown, Rick Eggleston , Class President, Mr. Pock, S. Hartley, R. Eggleston, S. Martinez, S. Myers, Mr. Pock. Sponsor. ' A E E6 " NORED SEVENrY- S NE JUNIORS nk. » J m 1 fp Dana Anstey Jim Armstrong Cecil Arroyo Jeff Ashby f Laura Rose C C . Sarver Mike Askins Bryan Baca Kevin Baca Bany Baker Rick Baker Kevin Barton Jamie Baumgartner Dale Behms Duane Behms Pam Belew Steve Bell Rick Bippert Charmaine Bird Billy Brooks Carla Bryant Carmel Burke Kristie Bums Susan Burrell Bill CaldweU Rebecca Cannon Jane Carney Karla Chambers ™ t -4 %t Jerry Smith ' .: . Mark Champagne Phillip Chavez Paula Clark Kris Clubb r . Matt Cole Leray Coverdill Randy Crowle Laura Daniel Terri Holland Charmin Engstrand Scott Paris Kim Fast Tom Flowers Gary Fortner Debbie Francisco h ,J i Cindy Freed Beth Friman Russell Gage Kathy Gehring Kelly Gelter Shelley Gerlach Keni Green Steve Haas Brian Hall Mike Hall Lisa Hand Tricia Hand Craig Harrington Barbara Hartley Brad Hendricks im ' H 1 Cindy Hettinger Benny Higgs Terri Holland Dow Horde Carlene Howard Susan Howe Julie Humphries Sandy Inkelaar John Johnson Mll Tricia Johnson Steve Johnston Rafe Jones Sam Jones Rennick, Johns EdK Kim Kath Leon Dwig erley Kill y Kuntz ard Lamm ht Landes Cindi Lawless Shannon Lindabury Lori Lough Sandra Lusk Charies Martin ' Donna McDaniel John McElravy Dennis McKerrache 1 Jl Shana Mead Linda Middleton Scott Mize Russell Powell Daren Pracht Dan Prowse ■ Mike Pudden Rhonda Randall Chris Rankin Sue G Jamie Baumgartner Tina Rather Brenda Ratliff Nancy Rayl Susan Reed Mary Reekie Debra Rennick Tim Reese RoUand Reusser Debbie Rich Jimmie Rickards Laura Rose Sara Salander Carole Sarver Kim Schmidt Pam Sears Brenda Selleck David Simon Patricia Sinclair Beau Smith Jerry Smith Kristy Smith Mark Smith Deniee Standerfer Jeff Staska Mark Steinbach Bai Steinle Teresa Stewart Mark Storey Angela Stout Jeri Sullivan ■ T - ' J ¥ - Brenda , JSL Markl Steve Swayne Missy Tenorio David Terrel Thompsor Thompson Unger T4 r f f Roy VanDeest Pat Ward Kipp Waymire A ' k Bruce Williams IL. " , " r Lisa Williams P -ffA ' ] Alan Wing Senior )•■• Class Officers : front row; Mrs. Thomason- Sponsor; Mrs. Reiter- Sponsor; LaDran Ehrlich; Kim Kill; Carlene Howard; David Simon; Back Row: Mark Smith; Mr. Canfield- Sponsor; Kathy Gehring ; Mr. D. Johnson- Sponsor; Cindy Lawless ; Benny Higgs . Senior 1980 6 n |4A ii A ' V L ' Srlli- 4 WT .i.. ■ - , Sophomore Class Officers: Back Row: Mr. Fr ' - he ad sponsor; B. Jones; S. g Stafford, class president, discusses a Stafford; T. Steadman; J. Eighmey; Mr. Lundy - sponsor Front Row: M. project with Mr. Fry, sponsor. Swayne, A. Reekie, T. Shoemaker, G. Arroyo, S. Avery. The Graduates of ' 81 Aq: J SOPHOMORES [ 1979 Teresa Baughn Bill Been 4 Tracy Bell Kristi Bolinger David Boutz E uane Bout? Teresa Bowers Jeff Branine Shelly Brooks Danyl Brueggeman Curt Burgner Kevin Burke Shelly Camp Debbie Cardwell Darren Chambers Richard Champagne Vincent Champlin T. Shoemaker G B. Been Bob Chippeaux Sonya Cleverdon Brent CoUett Spencer CoUiatie Bryan Cook Gregory Cox Mark Crawford « Tim Crow Paul Danler Joe Davis LaDenna Ehrlich Troy Ehrlich Jan Eighmey Gary Elston Denise Ferrari Jody Flagler Mark Fox Mark Galvan Kenneth Gladman Joe Gonsalves Terry Haas Troy Hagerman Gregory Hamilton Randy Hanson Debbie Harrington Edna Head Tammy Headgepath Cindy Henderson Steve Hendricks John Herrin Mary High G Mrs. Welle Kim Hiebert Brad Higgs Mary High - I ' Leanne Hillwig 6 =» H h . Marc Huslig Brent Iverson Jill Johns Brenda Johnson Gregory Johnson Brad Jones Marty Johnson Karen Kirstatter Rene Lamin Tammy Lankarc Randy Lanzrath Shannon Larcadi Kristi Lawless Joe Lisac Bob Longnecker Lancy Lough Tina Love Sandy Mahlandt Janice Maltbie Da dd Martinez Rob May Peggy McDaniel Monte McKee Ann McMillan Colleen McWiUiams Cindy Milleson Jerry Milligan Cheryl Mitchell Javon Murphy Mary Myers j ' «, i 9 ■ Ltaij! John Reed Arlene Reekie Gregg Reiser Tony Rhynard Joe Richardson Tracey Robberson Shawn Robinson Lisa Ross Jeff Runyan Ronnie Sagely Shirley Schiekofsky Brenton Schwartz Sandra Sears Todd Shoemaker Eric Sims Terry Sloan Morgan Smith Ronnie Smith Sindy Snider Scott Snow Karen Sommerhauser Cathy Spain Sue Stafford Tani Steadman Chris Stephens Lavona Stout Belinda Stovall Michael Stratford Mike Suffron Mary Swayne Teresa Tatum Janiece Teny Tresa VanBuskirk Jeff VanZant Pat Vest Joan VonBon the year ACTIVITIES FFA Snaps t. 3 Tammy Lankard places Sally Walker third in goat tying . The FFA Rodeo- 1979 Tom Neal rides his bull and wins third I place . Tom Neal places first in barebacks . Ed Kerley presents Tina Davis with a belt buckle for winning the steer imdecorating . Dan Prowse receives buckle from Bob Pietro . Tammy Lankard presents a kiss to Ton Neal, the All- Around Cowboy. Sandy Mahlandt 1 1 v. ■ «i wrm WM ) 1 " TV r y " ■ Susan Burrell C Sharon Patten. Executive Officers; Standing L to R: Connie Siimpter, Publicity, Debbie Bell, 2nd Vice-President, Shirley Craig, Ex- Officer, Pat Sinclair, Historian, Julie Rogers, 1st Vice-President, Miss Casey, Sponsor. Seated 1 to r: Sharon Patten, Secretary, Cheryl Couch, President, Donna McDaniel, District I, Kathy Swayne, Stu-Co. Recognizing A Better You The Future Homemakers have been enjoying a busy and productive year under the leadership of Sponsor Fran Casey, and President Cheryl Couch. To begin the year, members were visited by tvvo cosmotologists from Head Hunters who demonstrated some new hairst ' les and various other ' ' beauty i secrets. ' ' These beauties then attended the District 1 Fall il Conference with Donna McDaniel, District I president, pre- ' j siding over the meeting. The Rev. Rennie Berry was I spokesman and the girls returned home enthusiastic about the school year. Mulvane Wildcat cartags were the main financial project for the year. The girls served a tea to the MHS faculty, and again served Valentine cookies on Feb. 14 as part of F.H. A Week. Feb. 11-17, when the girls also chose secret pals. The theme for the week was ' ' Recognizing a Better You, ' ' and the girls worked on various degrees which were given at the State Meeting held in Wichita this year in the Spring . The year ended with a farewell party and a big thank you to a great sponsor. Miss Fran Casey, who will be married in early June, and moving to Guymon, Oklahoma. Advisor Miss Casey makes plans with Chapter Presi- dent Cheryl Couch . Members; Top Row: L. Poteete, P. McDaniel, D. Francisco, J. Watson, L. Randall, R. Randall, T. Hand, B. Hart- ley, J. Olson. 2nd Row: S. Klaus, S. Burrell, T. Holland, P. Sinclair, L. Hand, R. Cannon, Miss Casey. 3rd Row: C. Sumpter, D. Bell, K. Swayne, C. Couch, S. Patten, D. McDaniel, J. Rogers, S. Craig. O f . ' -Z 14 -- ' I :l Iw ' Mr. Glaser, Mrs, Jaax, NHS sponsors, greet Vicky Baker and her parents at the NHS Tea . President Sarah Hartley with Sponsor Mr. Glaser. President Sarah Hartley wall s to a NHS meeting with sponsor Mr. Glaser Executive Officers: David Watson, Mr. Glaser- Sponsor, Ivini Elston, Sarah Hartley, Darwin Pfingsten, Sheny Myers, Mrs. jaax- Sponsor, Shirley Craig. Striving For Excellence The National Honor Society is an honorary organization developed by the National Association of Secondary School Principals to recognize Academic excellence. In addition, these students, who constitute the upper twenty per cent of the senior class, and fifteen per cent of the ju- nior class, must possess leadership, character, and service. As part of a membership -tea for the new members held in the fall, the Rev. Rennie Berry gave an enlightening message to an all -student assembly . Under the presidency of Sarah Hartley , and the sponsorship of Robert Glaser, and Ada Jaax, the club had retained its fine reputation. Sixth Hour Physics NHS Members; Back Row; LtoR: E. Nelson, J. Ashby, S. Swayne, D. Landes, C. Moon, S. Gerlach, C. Lawless, D. McDaniel, J. Carney, V. Kill, C. Ray. Third Row: C. Middendorf, R. Crook, T. Wayman, M. Steinbach, D. Wat- son, S. Klaus, L. Prib ble, R. Eggleston, T. Pagan, K. Gelter, M. Whetstone, Mr. Galser- Sponsor. Second Row: Mrs. Jaax-Sponsor, K. Chambers, S. Paris, H. Perkins, D. Pract, S. Mize, K. Borthwick, C. Dicus, M. Daily, L, Rose, S. Craig. Front Row: S. Patten, J. Venskus, R. Roberts, V. Baker, K. Gehring, K. Kill, C. Burke, C. Melick. B. Har- dison, S. Myers, T. Jones, S. Hartley. - fl Lowell Ester preps Kim Steele Kayette Snaps Christine Moon Teachers enjoy breakfast sponsored by the Kayettes A day at the Bloodmobile ' t A Sandy Klaus anxiously awaits to Kristi Lawless G Jane Carney work at the Laura Poteete G Mary High, have her blood drained Bloodmobile Kayette members taking it easy mi ' a ± Our Top Photographers : Mike Whetstone and Friend . The Annual Staff Ks ni L " ' " " ™ Spanish Club Executive officers; Back row; G. Arroyo, M. Tenorio, S. Ramsey, Front row; G. Reiser. G. Johnson Foreign Language Club tf S ' lc L] f f i B WM --4 The Spanish Club Christmas party. iH v , :t I Cecil Arroyo, Kfe. Houser, Missy Tenorio Mrs. House Spanish Instructor Long Live Spanish In this class, not only do we learn from assignments and tests, but we also learn from fun events such as culture days. On these culture days we ate authentic Mexican foods. Also, we learned how culture in Mexico differs from our own. We had two big parties this year. The first one, at Christmas time, we had an extra large Mexican meal. The second one we took in April ; we went to the El Mexico Cafe . iviva Espanol! En esta clase no solamente aprendemos de las tareas y los examenes, pero tambien aprendemos de actos divertidos como los dias cultures. En estos dias comi- mos comidas mexicanas autenticas. Tambien, apren- dimos domo la cultura de Mexico difere de nuestra cultura. Tuvimos dos fiestas grandes este afto . La Primera , la navidad, tuvimos una comida mexicana grandisima. La segunda , fuimos a El Mexico Cafe . Top Row; L to R: X ' lissie Tenorio, Kathy Kuntz, Rene Lamm, Brent Collett. 2nd Row: Cindy Nelson, Shirley Scheikofsky, Pam Wells, Kristi Lawless, Chris Stevens, Scott Ramsey, Greg Johnson. Bottom Row: Gary Arroyo, Greg Reiser, Brenda Johnson, Bill Been, Todd Shoemaker, Mrs. Houser -Sponsor. P:,.fl. B Stuco Chooses These Students As a .ST -} ■,[ Outstanding { Y ' Gary Arroyo Jeff Ashby Wildcats Suzanne Avery Shelly Camp Stuco Executives Stuco Executives; Standing, L to R: Lon Pribble-Vice President, Kendall Borthwick- President, Jeff Ashby- Treasurer, Mr. Nelson- Sponsor; Sit- ting: Miss Diener- Sponsor, Jane Carney- Secretary. Kendall Borthwick, Stuco President, discusses future plans with Miss Diener and Mr . Nelson . The Voice Of The Students This year ' s Student Council, under the leadership of Kendall Borthwick and sponsors, Jerry Nelson and Brenda Diener, en- couraged student involvement through student activities and improvement of student facilities. Stuco sponsored several dances throughout the year, Valentine sales, and an intramural program . A new clacker was made for the Spirit Bell , which was also painted . The parking lot was redone , and lines were painted . The gymnasium floor was sanded , and a new wildcat and foul lines were painted. Student Council has enjoyed work- ing with the administration to accomplish mutual goals . Top Row; L to R: S. Mize , R. Eggleston, R. Eggleston, C. Middendorf, M. Smith, B. Higgs, G. Chew. 5th Row: G. Arroyo, K. Elston, S. Avery, J. Ashby, S. Ramsey, G. Johnson, hlr. Nelson -Sponsor. 4th Row: L. Pribble , S. Klaus, D. Bell, K. Borthwick, T. Shoemaker, D. Watson, S. X-Iyers, K. Gelter, Miss Diener- Sponsor. 3rd Row: L. Ehrlich, D. Simon, R. Crook, S. Cleverdon, K. Gehring. 2nd Row: C. Howard, S. Martinez, J. Eighmey, C. Moon, Bottom Row: S. Swayne, J. Carney, K. Swayne , S. Stafford, A. Reekie. Mr. Nelson enjoys the dance . Rhonda Randall and Brad Jones. Rick High G Sandy Bachman. m j f i a i i- Jerry Smith pies David Simon. Class officers waiting to be pied at Stuco Assembly. Christmas dance sponsored by Student Council . ' m - % iiiiQ J iE - n ' 1-4 Football Ticket-takers: Debbie Bell, Kathy Swayne, Sarah Hartley, Patty Crowe, Gate Chairman. Basketball Ticket-takers: Kathy Dulaney, Kendall Borth- wick , Kathy Swayne , Gate Chairman . r: Basketball Ticket -takers: Randy Crook, and Ju- j Adkins goes over Quill Type plans ' ith Debbie Bell, lie Humphries. ]J m ' JK Lwt % mJMS " - tS jm 1 ' ■ f_ p Quill Type Executive Officers The 1978-79 officers; Top Row: Sheny Myers, Secretary, Sheena Martinez, Vice-President, Kim Elston, President. Bottom Row: Teresa Jones, Gate Chairman, Randy Crook, Treasurer, Debbie Bell , Student Council . Willing To Serve Quill Type supports the school in various ways : such as funds for the foul indicator for basketball games, securing and decorating a Christmas tree for the lobby, and later planting it on the north side of the building . Members which consist of juniors and seniors, also take ticket money for athletic events. Under the presidency of Kim Elston , the group has enjoyed a prosperous year. Ron Adkins and Bill Fair- child are the fine sponsors . Sponsor Mr. Adkins, President Kim Elston, and Sponsor Mr. Fairchild. Top Row: M. Steinbach, K. Borthwick, K. Kill, J. Carney, K. Gehring, B. Ratiiff, K. Fast, L. Rose. 4th Row: K. Swayne, C. Couch, J. Rogers, S. Warren, P. Sears, L. Ehrlich, J. Ashby, S. Swayne, S. Mize, B. Steinle . 3rd Row: D. McDaniel, ). Humphries, D. Hicks, C. Camp, C. Williams, K. VanZant, C. Moon, B. Selleck. 2nd Row: P. Crowe, S. Hartiey, C. Pounds, A. Erb, C. Melick, C. Sumpter, C. Gwdnup, Mr. Fairchild -Sponsor. 1st Row: S. Mar- tinez, K. Elston, S. Myers, D. Bell, T. Jones, R. Crook, Mr. Adkins - Sponsor . u r r r »» w Pep Club Snaps If J The bon-fire The Pep Club piz2a party A group of hungry girls ! The pom-pon girls perform during a game. Everyone enjoyed the party! f mr- 1 TL m T Pep Club Officers: Jean Smith, Miss McGranaghan, Laurie Randall, and Sonya Meg McGranaghan- Sponsor Cleverdon . Zip Zip Zippy-Zap Zap Zappy H-A-P-P-Y-We ' re Happy! Pep Club was reactivated, and had a very successful year under the guidance of Meg McGranaghan, sponsor, and PattiCrowe, president. The Club ably supported the many athletic events throughout the year and promoted school spirit for everyone . The club members have also worked hard selling mums for football homecoming and purchasing the medallions for the queen and her attendants for both homecomings. Patty Crowe President Pep Club Members ; Back Row: K. Lawless, V. Williams, J. McElravy, P. Sears, C. Sumpter, S. Craig, D. Bell, J. Smith, K. Dulaney, C. Lawless, D. McDaniel, V. Phillips, R. Randall, J. Carney, J. Baumgartner. 4th Row: K. Swayne, C. Couch, J. Rogers, P. Sinclair, D. Rennick, M. Tenorio, R. Cannon, B. Hartley, S. Howe, J. Olson, T. Holland, C. Moon, J. Elliot, M. Reekie. 3rd Row: Miss McGranaghan- Sponsor, L. Phillips, J. Eighmey, P. Wells, S. Avery, S. Snyder, K. Hiebert, V. Powell, L. Hand, E. Stephens, L, Hendricks, S. Hartley, C. Melick, B. Hardison, T. Nuefeld, S. Myers 2nd Row: S. Martinez, J. Murphy, L. Hilhsig, M. Swa- oie, T. Robberson, P. McDaniel, J. Wat- son, D. Ferrari, C. Milleson, D. Harrington, C. Pounds, C. Ray, C. Williams, B. Bozone. Bottom Row: K. Sommer- hauser, K. Bolinger, D. Wright, K. Weaver, L. Ehrlich, C. Stephens, T. Steadman, L. Randall, S. Cleverson, T. Whtimer, S. Sears, A. Reekie, L. Rose, T. Tatum. i Speech And Drama Shirley Scheikofsky , Karen Sommerhauser and Mr. yhe forensics students visit the folks at the Villa . Steele . J You, The Jury Bill Scott Ramsey Mrs . Hughes Laura Rose Becky Shirley Scheikofsky Miss Townley . . Dorma McDaniel Emma Teresa Stewart Wylie Troy Ehrlich Slater Debbie Rermick Lynch Greg Cox Mrs . Matthews Pam Rader Hansen Greg Johnson Judge Vance Jodi Gonsalves Drexel Joe Lisac Narrator Shelly Williams Court clerk Katjiy Weaver Court attendant . Tani Steadman Stenographer Tina Love Photographer . Debbie Harrington Court officer Teresa Tatum Debbie Rennick as J Slater. 1 4 " The Stone In The Road " The Queen Susan Ree d Shelly Williams Catherine Debbie Dillon A lord Terry Branine A lady Carla Gwinup Tonya Clark Professor 1 Nancy Rayl Professor 2 Sandra Lusk Professor 3 Shana Mead A sergeant Kevin Baca A soldier Pam Rader A rich man Joe Lisac His wife Karen Spain His servant Teresa Stewart A poet Jodi Gonsalves Davie Karen Spain Amy Lisa Williams M Terry Branine Teresa Stewart play a servant. " Beauty Parade " Master of Ceremonies . . . Terry Haas Cory Mauck Dr . Hickenlooper Jerry Smith Mr. Dingwall Leonard Lamm Joe Davis Mr. Scudd Jerry Armstrong Ronnie Sagely Isabelle Battersby Lisa Ross LaDenna Ehrlich Daisy Mae Witherspoon Shelly Brooks Tina Love Etheleen Hudkins Sandy Klaus Rhoda Van Vliet Lynn Beaver Shirley Scheikofsky Cynthia Beamish . Melody Nailleux Mrs. Battersby .... Karen Sommer- hauser Jan Dankert Mrs . Witherspoon Kathy Kuntz Terri Holland Mrs . Hudkins Sindy Snider Susan Pyeatt Mrs. Van Vliet Jill Angell Mrs. Beamish Cindy Strait Pam Sears A photographer . Shannon Lindabury Bryan Cook A police officer Dale Behms Kipp Waymire LITTLE BROTHER 7 ]n H Kyle and Sheena Lunch Helpers: LtoR: D. Earl-cook, S. Sears, L. Stout, P. Sears, B. Ray, T. Reese, C. Martin, D. James-cook, MUSIC m I d l MH ■ m I P ' _fl 9 jM ' . ' rM ' X ' -i:2 A H H ■ i m Bl m. ■ ' Vrl B ' jfi: F c A H ' ?5 E K H F ' l y- Wj Girls ' Glee: Back Row, L to R; S. Warren, T. Love, S. Sears, S. Cleverdon, J. Eighmey, T. Robberson, M. Tenorio, D. Harrington, C. Williams. Front Row: Mr. Coleman, M. Steinbach, L. Stout, D. Bell, S. Craig, L. Middleton, L. Middleton, L. Ross. Boys ' Glee: Back Row, L to R; M. Steinbach, D. Watson, B. Ray, Front Accompanists: Kim VanZant and Mark Row: Mr. Coleman, G. Johnson, G. VanZant, B. Jones. Steinbach. Vocal Music Vocal Music Snaps m o . " Ar ct iJii - .. K - r , r Ct n f ( ' . r ..- - v ATHLETICS Standing 1 to r: Dave Hall, Gary Lundy, Lany Rod Pock. Kneeling; Ray Harding. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD (2-7) Cheerleaders; right column t to b : C. Lawless, L. Hendricks, J. Baumgartner. Left column: K. Elston, V. Phillips, S. Myers. GREEN PRIDE If a football team could win with heart alone , the 1978 Wildcats would have had their winning season. Losing the opening five games would be enough to tear many teams apart, but these yoimg men never gave up or looked back nor did they make excuses. Their de- sire to improve never wavered , as shown by the final four games . In winning two games and losing two close games , the Cats showed the pride and desire they had . A tough defense kept us in most of the games as we gave up only 15.5 points per game. Offensively, at times , we showed sparks of life , but were never quite able to open things up. I ' ll always have a special feeling for the 1978 Wild- cats . Not only because it was my first as a head coach, but I don ' t think I ' ll ever work with a group ov young men with the pride these had in themselves . Ray D. Harding Top row coaches: Gary Lundy, Rod Rock, Larry Becker, Dave Hall, Ray Harding. 6th Row: C. Middendorf, G. Nickelson, T. Ehrlich, B. Terry. 5th Row; B. Longnecker, M. Crawford, J. Davis, E. Sims, G. Hamilton, M. Huslig, R. Westfall, B. Iverson, D. Brueggeman, K. Burke. 4th Row: S. Snow, C. Rankin, J. Unger, T. Phillips, K. Baca, M. Pudden, J. Ashby, G. Elston, S. Haas, J. Runyan. 3rd Row: S. Bell, J. Armstrong, R. Reusser, G. Fortner, R. Jones, B. Caldwell, S. Swayne, D. Simon, J. Rickards, R. Baker, D. McKerracher. 2nd Row: E. Huss, K. Waymire, T. Wayman, M. Whetstone, L. Pribble, J. Venskus, J. Armstrong, R. C. Smith, M. Holden. 1st Row: J. Grier, G. Sorenson, B. Headgepath, K. Fry, K. Parks, B. Nickelson, J. Lanzrath, C. Gammon, T. Powers, K. Wyant, T. Fagan. Mulvane 13 Girard 18 Mulvane Chaparrel 18 Mulvane Valley Center 3 Mulvane 16 Goddard 33 Mulvane Augusta 26 Mulvane 24 Haven 6 Mulvane 14 Buhler 27 Mulvane 6 Pratt 13 Mulvane 29 Kingman 6 LVLE COUCH FIELD At tt » iK l Offense; Lto R: K. Wyant, G. Fortner, C. Gammon, J. Grier, B. Caldwell, T. Wyman, J. Ashby, T. Phillips, J. Arm- strong, T. Fagan, K. Parks, K. Fry, J. Venskus. I III I : 11 " : i t 1 I Defense; L. to R: B. Caldwell, R. C. Smith, J. Lanzrath, B. Headgepath, J. Armstrong, G. Sorenson, T. Wayman, K. Wyant, K. Waymire, B. Nickelson, M. Whetstone, S. Swayne, K. Parks, T. Fagan. j ' , - Kevin Wyant Traine rs: C. Middendor dP yr Jj» jffiH mIhIB lit Im vP M||ii_. -JH 7 ' v A ' bT B ' iS vBiB IH jU B i- ' -iM L , ' L ' ' iS r 1 5 IMK I r F ' - jnl l l K M ijtf VBb ' l ■Pn H ' WL Om Hj m?- HB p 1: - Lyii 1978 Football Royalty Sheena Martinez, Attendant Kyle Parks, Escort Jeff Ashby-Honorable Mention T. Phillips G Coach Harding Cheerleaders: 1st Column: J. Eighmey, D. Cardwell, A. Ree- kie, 2nd Column: P. Wells, L. Phillips, L. Hillwig. f •If.i B Team Squad: Top Row: J. Davis, D. Brueggeman, T. Erhlich, G. Eston, G. Nickelson, C. Rankin, R. Westfall, G. Hamilton, M. Huslig, 3rd Row: B. Iverson, S. Snow, E. Sims, M. Crawford, B. Longnecker, D. Simon, R. Jones, K. Baca, D. McKerracher, J. Runyan. 2nd Row: J. Armstrong, S. Bell, S. Haas, M. Pudden, R. Reusser, J. Unger, R. Rickards, S. Swayne, R. Baker, K. Burke, Bottom Row: D. Cardwell, A. Reekie, J. Eighmey, P. Wells, L. Hillwig, L. Phillips. TTF ' Jeny Armstrong Honorable Mention-League Tom Fagan Keith Fry Brad Nickelson Kyle Parks Honorable Mention- League Teddy Powers P4ftii R. C. Smith Troy Wayman, All league State Honorable Mention Grant Sorensen Honorable Mention- League Mike Whetstone jik mm " Varsity Volleyball , 1 to r: Sheena Martinez, Liz Hendricks, Shelley Gerlach, Mrs. Winter, Denise Standerfer, Vicki Kill, Kim Elston . Girls ' Volleyball 1978 f ' m Coach Nancy Winter Jr. Varsity, 1 to r: Cindi Lawless, Rhonda Randall, Sandy Whetstone, Mrs. Win- ter, Jane Carney, Arlene Reekie, Sue Avery, Teresa VanBuskirk (Sitting). Juniors , top row : Sandy Whetstone , Cindi Lawless , Denise Standerfer, Jane Carney, Rhonda Randall, Sophomores, 1 to r: Teresa VanBuskirk, Arlene Reekie, Susan Shelley Gerlach (Kneelling). Avery. %A, O O v J ' i tepq; ' KimElston Honorable Mention League Sheena Martinez Liz Hendricks Honorable Mention League Volleyball 1978 Sports play a very important part in the total educational experience . To be successful in athletics, a person must learn to work together with teammates and coaches. It has been a real pleasure for me to work with this group of young women . We have worked very hard and achieved many of our preseason goals . The friendship that have developed through the close association of players and coaches will last a lifetime . Superstars: Elston, Standerfer, Gerlach, Hendricks, Kill, Martinez. r flA_J _ekJaj MAAJkJL k Gymnastis of Mulvane High; L to R: Tammy Headgepath, Vicki Phillips, Mary Swayne, Tracey Robberson, Javon Murphy, Kristi Lawless, Lori Phillips, Coach Joe Johnson. Vicki Phillips Tracey Robberson Coach Joe Johnson Girls Gymnastic ' s 1978 T. Headgepath, M. S va Tie , L. Phillips Kristi Lawless Javon Murphy mam •1 Randy Crook with Kendall Borthwick, State competitor. BORTHWICK SETS NEW SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY RECORD Our 1978 Boy ' s Cross Country team consisted of sen- iors Randy Crook and Kendall Borthwick and sopho- mores Vince Champlin, Bob Ray, and Mark Galvan. Girl runners were juniors Carla Dicus, Donna McDan- iel, and Laura Poteete and sophomores Peggy McDan- iel, Vicki Powell, and Cindy Nelson. Both Vicki and Cindy participated in the state meet along with Ken- dall who qualified for the second consecutive year. The highlight of the season was at the Caldwell meet where Kendall Borthwick established a new school re - cord in a time of 9:36. Congratulations to all runners and the future looks great ! Bill W. Brown L to R: L. Poteete, Coach Brown, D. McDaniel, P. McDaniel. Powell, C. Nelson, 1978 Cross Country From L to R: R. Crook, V. Champlin, K. Borthwick, B. Ray, M. Galvan, Coach Bill Brown. X J . A .1. ♦ Boys ' Basketball 1979 ii ' ijr: Varsity; Top Row: Coach Mason, E. Nelson, G. Fortner, C. Gammon, L. Pribhie , M. Smith, Coach Pock. Bottom Row: G. Sorensen, T. Dossey, T. Wayman, T. Fagan, T. Phillips. Coaches Dave Mason, Roger Pock, Larr ' Becker. Mark Storey Honorable Mention League Varsity Cheerleaders; L to R: M. Tenorio, C. Sumpter, B. Selleck McDaniel, K. Green, S. Craig, D. Bell. TT Tom Fagan Courtney Gammon 1979 Basketball Royalty Tom Fagan-Escort Sherry Myers- Attendant Grant Sorensen-Escort Queen Sarah Hartley Courtney Gammon -Escort Teresa Jones -Attendant Grant Sorensen Troy Wayman Trainers: Bob Terry, Chris Midden- dorf S ' Mulvane vs. Andale BEN ' S AUTO SERVICE Ben Phillips 7141 So. Broadway Haysville 522-0921 i i -. l B Team: Back Row; C. Nelson, V. Powell, A. Reekie, K. La, Lundy. Front Row: S. Camp, R. Lamm, S. Snyder. :ch Gary Varsit to R; S, Martinez, L. Hendricks, J. Dankert, D. stone, " . Kill, R. Lamm. Kneeling: Coach Bill Brown . 7 TV Standerfer, S. Gerlach, C. Lawless, A. Reekie, S. Whet- A A A A A A A A AAAAAAAAAAAA Girl ' s Basketball 1979 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL CONTINUES TO IMPROVE Miilvane finished its third season of competition with a 6-12 record, doubling the number of wins from the jwevious year. The season was highlighted by a third place finish at the Caldwell Invitational Tournament . The team was led by seniors Vicki Kill, honorable mention all league; Sheena Martinez; Kim Elston; and Liz Hendricks . The 1979-80 team will consist of six returning letter winners and should show continuing improvement. Coach Bill W. Brown V V V V V V V _ V Pom -Pon .iris: C. Ray, B. Hardison, T. Nuefeld, J. Eigh- mey, S. hrtley, S. Klaus, K. McCurdy, C. Pounds, J. aumearr-r, C. Melick, B. Bozone, C. Williams. V V V V V V kJ k ,Ja i,, Steve Hendricks knows the thrill of being a top motocross racer ! Brad and Kristi Shelly Gerlach State -6th long jump Girls Track Team: Back row: R. Randall, C. Nelson, S. Gerlach, B. Rat- liff, J. Dankert, D. Standerfer, D. Rich, L. Hillwig, Front row: K. Lawless, A. Reekie, K. Hiebert, V. Powell, M. Tenorio, M. Swayne. Boys Track Team; Back row: D. Hall, coach, J. Richards, K. Borthwick, D. Lusk, E. Huss, M. Pudden, L. Pribble, V. Champlin, R. Baker, B. Cook, Coach Harding . Middle row: B. Terr ' , D. Behms, J. Davis, J. Crier, K. Parks, B. Caldwell, J. Unger, S. Swayne, D. Simon, C. Middendorf. Bot- tom row: J. Herrin, B. West, J. Runyan, B. Longnecker, S. Snow, M. Crawford, T. Crow. Kendall Borthwick State -6th place 2 mile fi, n Kyle Parks whirls the shot put . m " If Tii , iP :z Junior Class Sponsors: Lto R; Mr. Canfield, Mr. Dave D. Simon, junior class Pres. with Rick Eggleston, Senior Johnson, Mrs. Reiter, Mrs. Thomason. Mrs. Thomason. class Pres. ] L f K " Always And Forever " % fi, f} n _Prom-1979 W Sheena and Kyle V. Ed Kerley, Brad Nicholson, Kyle Parks, Steve Bell and Gary Nicholson. k -i The bullriders and their clown. Sheena Martinez and Kyle Parks at the football homecoming dance . Dean Parks Superintendent of Schools Mr. Schreiner ' s Fourth Hour Drafting ' ] y% : .Sir 7 mg Miss McGranaghan poses with the cheerleaders. JV Football Cheerleaders - 1978 1 tor: D, Cardwell, A. Reekie, L. PhiUips, P. Wells, J. Eighmey, L. I-iillwig. «fcj : Football Varsity Cheerleaders top to bottom : C . Lawless , top to bottom : S . Myers , L . V. Phillips, J. Baumgartner Hendricks, K. Elston. Booster Club Supports M.H.S. M Wildcat Booster Club ■ B Team Cheerleaders: Lori Phillips, Pam Wells, Kim Hiebert, Tracey Robberson, Jan Eighmey, Javon Murphy, ' and Leanne Hillwdg . X «.- __-. B Team Basketball Cheerleaders lyiEOiii::]! B jll pc.VT m m - fk ' Varsity Cheerleaders: L to R; M. Tenorio, K. Green, D. Bell, B. Selleck, D. McDaniel, S. Craig, and C. Sumpter. Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders Pom Pons Senior Skip Day At Wilson Lake GRADUATION Seniors: Top Row. M. Kraft, R. Eggleston, K. Elston, R. Eggleston, C. Couch, B. Carey, B. Wray, C. Gammon, 3rd Row: L. Ester, V. Ash, S. Jones, K. Hurd, J. Crier, V. Kill, R. High, T. Davis, K. Cardwell, M. Alumbaugh, 2nd Row : T . Pagan , M . Daily , E . Huss , C . Cwinup , A . Bridges, D. Dillon, M. Frikken, C. Baughn, R. Bachman, E. Nungesser, 1st Row: D. Banzet, S. Hartley, T. DeHa- ven, D. Jackson, G. Chew, V. Baker, T. Branine, J. Con- salves, J. Flowers, T. Clark. Seniors: Top Row: J. Lanzrath, L. Beaver, M. Heat- ley, C. Sumpter, L. Jarrett, A. Erb, 3rd Row: M. Cane, J. Fairchild, M. Ehrlich, C. Hillwig, T. Jones, M. Holden, P. Crowe, R. Crook, 2nd Row: L. Hendricks, K. Fry, S. Craig, K. Borthwick, D. Bell, D. Lusk, S. Klaus, G. Brown, 1st Row: S. Smith, J. Hunter, C. Camp, J. Armstrong, B. Hardison, P. Howell, B. Bozone, S. Inkelaar. Seniors: Top Row: J. Venskus, G. Sorensen, L. Middleton, C. Middendorf, L. Roberson, T. Wayman, S. Myers, 3rd Row: R. Roberts, D. S N ' inney, K. Spain, L. Pribble, B. Reusser , T . Selleck , J . Smith , 2nd Row : S . Warren , M . Whetstone , ' K . Murphy, H. Perkins, S. Martinez, K. Parks. K. Swayne, 1st Row: G. Stegner, C. Mahlandt, V. Thompson, C. Ray, L. Smith, C. Williams, R. Meisch. Seniors : Top Row : J . Rogers , D . Watson , K . McPherson, G. Staska, S. Williams, 3rd Row: S. Patten, J. Oliphant, C. Melick, K. Pope, K. McCurdy , B . Nicholson , 2nd Row : K . Wyant , C . Pounds, D. Pfingsten, K. VanZant, T. Powers, E. Stephens, B. Terry, 1st Row: L. Worthy, J. Plummer, S. Pyeatt, G. Reams, C. Straight, R. Smith, D. Mohney. 106 , : - -- i 1 1 . J - • ; 1 h ' - fr . 1 - Vicki Baker, Outstanding Science Award ° " Pribble and Debbie Bell, Danforth Vicki Baker -Salutatorian Darwin Pf ingsten - Valedictorian Masonic Awards: S. Hartley, J. Rogers, T. Jones, G. Chew, R. Bachman, D. Pf ingsten. Miisic Awards : James Oliphant , David Watson and Cheryl Camp. h M. American Legion Awards : Runner-ups: , .. __ „. . , . S . Craig , K . Borthwick Winners : K . Outstanding FFA Award : EHiane Baruet Citizenship Awards : Kim Elston, L. Fribble. ' ' ' and Chris Middendorf Kansas State Scholars: D. Pfingsten, M. BPW Awards: Jean Smith and Melody „...,„ Whetstone, K.VanZant. Nailheux Farewell Award to Mr . R Elston ankin. Stuco ' s iPl Choice «1 i k Of Senior Stars Kendall Borthwick Citizenship Sarah Hartley Citizenship Sheena Martinez Troy Wayman Best Athlete Rick Eggleston Best Shop Student Sherry Myers Best Shop Student EdHuss Speech E Drama David Watson Best Musician ■ 8020 East Central. Surte 100 Wichita Kans 67206 Office (316) 688-5600 Residence (3161 777-0275 Nella Hartley Sales Manager Grant Sorensen purchased the privilege of delivering the pie to Sarah Hartley, Senior class Vice-President for a football assembly . ii±M : f f% mlD ' ir American History First Hour-Mr. ' Brown -?l Pi . m , % { i jfi American -r I History I Mr. Pock ' ) Second I Hour Having Fun: L. to R: Kelly Gelter, Kim Fast, Rhonda Randall, Christine Moon, Julie Humphries, Sandy Whetstone, Lori Lough, Cindi Lawless, Janet Elliot. The Shop Teachers L to R; Dave Hall, Dave Johnson, Joe Johnson, Charlie " winners of the faculty caU tying Williams , and Bill Bailey . event at the FFA Rodeo : Dave Johnson and Charlie Williams Compliments Of The PIZZA PEDDLER ♦ f American History - Mr. Pock ' s 5th Hour ' Mi • ii f - - , , ' all .LLi i tL iF ■ ' [y Ice Cream Shoppe Try each of our 25 Delicious Flavors SUNDAES - MALTS — SHAKES - FLOATS WE SERVE PURE ICE CREAM ONLY 207 W. Main Mulvane Bill and Vera Jones Brotherly Love . - r ONSHINE S)CKER ■ me ■nitz ii wmmMM lHj} m iff ; Eggleston takes over . Billy Headgepath G Troy Wayman Martin Cane Teresa Jones Rick High, John Venskus, G Rick Eggleston. " ■ - y ' t% Mr. Harding ' s 5th Hour American History ?! Senior Baske tbaU players: L to R; C. Gammon, T- Way- George Staska and Lisa Williams man, L. Pribble, Coach Pock, V. Thompson, and T. Pa- gan. r Jobber Products Phone (316) 777-1926 WAYMAN SIMON TAN04RP OIL COMPANY 7 j 505 Park J ' % ( fvl Clyde Wayman, Jr. Mulvane, Kansas 67110 v ■. . . - Jt i -K« ' i Troy Wayman Sherry Myers Troy and Tom get excited for game ! PHILLIPS SOUTHERN ELECTRIC CO., INC. 1822 S. Mead Wichita, Kansas 67211 HENRY J. PHILLIPS, JR. PRESIDENT . ■■ W ' PAPENHAUS OIL CO. Gasoline — Oil — Grease — Accessories Tires — Batteries — Station Tune-Ups - Templin, Julie Humphries, Laura Rose, Scott Paris, Cindi Law- 211 S. First 777-1071 less, and Darren Pracht. ]( cdX ouj a n ± y p Pat Sinclair and Debbie Rennick Ed Huss G Rob Roberts Jodi Ck)nsalves G Sherry Smith SheUy Williams Beth Friman Monna Ehrlich G Cristi Ray -M. JM RAY ELSTON AND ASSOCIATES 6631 E Kellogg Suite 223 Otiice: (316) 682-7082 Wichita. Kansas 67207 Home: (316) 943-7380 f ' ;! ' ' ' -, |pr -jri| ' F j Having fun at the Spanish club Mrs . Houser party ! Spanish clu instructor Spanish Club officers W ' $»z ' i - m Brenda Johnson Bill Been and Greg Johnson Messing around ! Methodist Youth Fellowship Sarah Hartley and Kim Elston work at bake KimElrton UMYF President Susan Howe works at the chili supper . Methodist Church members; Top Row: R. Westfall, B. Iverson, T. Robberson, C. Pounds, J. Baumgartner, C. Lawless, L. Lough, G. Elston. 3rd Row: S. Cleverdon, D. Rennick, K. Borthwick, L. Robberson, M. Alumbaugh, G. Johnson, Mr. Glaser. 2nd Row: J. Ashby, D. Landes, D. Wright, L. Hillwig, T. Steadman, P. Wels, K. Lawless, G. Reiser, Mrs. Baumgartner. Bottom Row: C. Sumpter, S. Hartley, S. Craig, S. Howe, K. Bolinger, M. Steinbach, Mrs. With- row, Mr. Fry, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Joe Johnson. Tina Rather, a top magazine salesman, writes i subscription for Lynn Beaver . Mis. Thomason, head sponsor; Davd Simon, class president; and Kim Kill, magazine chairman, receive a check from Mr. Kerns. ! r kw - llKK m ' SSk m ' ' I pa n m P ij f« E M hardware] Matt Cole Chris Rankin Brenda Ratliff Jerry Armstrong G Harold Perkins Jim Lanzrath Rod Larcade Cheryl Williams American History — Mr. Brown — 6th Hour L ' y mi r (. J ' Vl| M Teresa Jones Basketball Homecoming Attendant 1 1 ' Mr. Brown ' s Third Hour American History r f] fAJ «1 MOON MECHANICS, INC. 910 W.Harry WicHta,Ks. ' ' Overlooking Every Job With Dependability ' ' Christine Moon gets ready to take off. Ingalls Electric Sales Service 104 WEST MAIN MIJLVANE • Showing A Complete Line Of General Electric And Maytag Appliances Electrical Service Supplies Head Hunters Hair Shop Judy Jones, Owner Kitty Shinkle Debbra Wessels Stephaney Wharry Diane Nungesser Robin Dunn f.EDERAL EVELYN ' S BEAUTY SHOP " Keep Smiling ' 404 Martha 777-1522 First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Sumner County Mulvane Branch K-15 and Rock Road Member FSLIC Savings insured to $40,000 THE PRINT SHOP Commercial Printing of All Kinds 106 Prather Midvane , Kansas BALFOUR JEWELRY ' S FmEST CRAFTSMEN Box 432 Salina , Kansas 67401 (913) 827-7013 MARQUISE STUDIOS 65 Years Experience So Very Dependable Enid, Oklahoma " T J Mr. Pock ' s 3rd Hour American History ■1 tjsik ' Jjaii vv l l Wil n § | %:r H i K t y a H liR HIH mn ' Jan Miller from the Daily Reporter interviews Ada Jaax and Bill Fairchild. COMPLIMENTS OF THE DAILY REPORTER Todd Shoemaker directs the Pep Band . Santa pays a visit to Janet Elliot and Cheryl Williams at the Vocal Music concert. r Third Hour English — Mr. Fry A LICENSEE OF Hardeex Charbroil Burgers 236 West Greenway • Derby, Kansas Congratulations to the Class of ' 79 from PIZZA JOHNS Good Luck To The Graduates From DR. PORTER 777-1362 114 W. Main Good Luck , Seniors ! from BERNADINE ' S BEAUTY SHOP 777-1554 523 S. Central PAULINE ' S FABRICS 121 W. Main 777-1051 Yam, Gifts, Billfolds, Jewelry, Candles and Notions . Nordcn Plumbing TED DORIS NORDEN PHONE 777-4436 PIX BARBER SHOP -» Complete Hair Care 104Prather Jim Sharpe 777-4121 n " 5 -||4|| Mr. Pock ' s 1st Hour American History IVERSON AND WESTFALL PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL INC. Rose Hill 776-0511 Mulvane Plumbing — Electrical Custom Home Building Ask Us About Your Water Conditioning Needs CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS, from DR. THOMASON Mulvane 118 East Main 777-1151 Quality Homes Under Construction In Settler ' s Addition Will Build To Suit In Your Location Bodinc Construction Realty Co. CHARLES C VELNLAl 223 PIONEER PLACE 777-1602 SELF SERVICE HIGHLANDER LAUNDRY Mulvane and Third 777-9957 Hours : Mon . thru Sat . 6 : 30 AM to 8 : 30 PM Sunday : 9 AM to 6 PM Congratulations And Best Wishes to the Graduates of 1979 DR. L. A. ROBINSON AIR CAPITAL VENDING, INC. 7007 WEST MAPLE WICHITA, KANSAS 67209 (316) 943-0172 267-3435 Quality Homes Under Construction In Settler ' s Addition . Will Build To Suit In Your Location Bodine Construction Realty Co. CHARLES G VELMA 223 PIONEER PLACE 777-1602 i . MULVANE AND PECK COOPERATIVE UNION MULVANE Phone 777-1122 B B SPORTING GOODS, INC. 412 State Street, Box 567 Augusta , KS 67010 (316) 775-5031 Buck Leedom Bob Jackson Res. (316) 775-5061 Res. (316) 775-5825 - ' " ' - p mipi i jp f A J E Kg - 8i»«i ' - ' ; — ---g ' y -Hsj ■ FARMERS AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK OF DERBY 330 E . Madison 160 GARNETT ' S AUTO SUPPLY N0.4 619 N. Baltiniore 788-1553 Or 788-0212 GARNETT AUTO ENGLISH REALTY INC. 200 E. Madison, Derby Co-owners James L. Minson, David W. Mize CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF ' 79 H Jl V r iw L Servers for Prom : LtoR; Standing; M. Fox, B. Jones, L. Randall, M. Huslig, S. Snow, C. Mc Williams, T. Shoemaker, P. Wells, G. Arroyo. Sitting; T. Stead - man, K. Bolinger, A. Reekie. Kim Elston , Nancy Winter and Sheena Martinez Steve Haas, Kristi Lawless, Bill Steinle and Cindi Lawless enjoy a day shopping at K-15 Sports. RE MAX realty 100 inc. , derby an independent member broker REALTORS ' REALTOR ■ K-tLS 232 west greenway derby, kansas 67037- Senior Varsity Football Cheerleaders; Kim Elston, Sherry Myers and Liz ?_ ! : j J F Hendricks ' • ' -• residence: 7S8-0014 L 4 0- Sher Bear and Troy Boy Judy Wayman G Ted Pow- ers in discussion . LoqI, t them legs ! J I Sherry ' s Honey: Troy Way- man When You Are Ready For That New Or Older Home - CALL - CHARLES REALTY INC. 106 EAST MAIN, MULVANE Phone 777-1 126 Charles W. English, Owner-Broker Tina Rather presents gifts to the Prom King , Keith Fry , and j Glaser Queen, Vicki Kill. Kim McPherson Susan Reed, Beau Smith, Jodi Gonsalves Teresa Stewart LAPETITE SALON Exclusive But Not Expensive Mon. — Sat. — Evening Appointments Women G Men Hairstyling Scott Snow gets Greg Hamilton ready for Greg Hamilton his basketball game . The Girl Watchers Basketball Scramble The sophomore boys prepare for their big dates ! , IH (1 ' A ' .p " 4 Rob Roberts, R.C. Smith, Billy Head- _ _ . , . - gepath and David Lusk are ready for • • with his Gran Prix Prom. POPE EXCAVATING ift ' li y .-N.4 UpHUIV ' ' K X|F% ' -X f i ' vSj p 1 Iw lypsi ;;j 4gi t j| p3S|ffi . rfi i ft ' iMBMa ' w ur ' ■■lis 3 J 1 .3 i i ii jH M Rt— r i «inH " U. ' i 9 Tom Fagan shoots for two . COMPLIMENTS OF FORTNER BROTHERS L. P. Gas, Inc. 1 1 klT L km 1 1 i ■f % ' M ir ' « w r W it m. THE BEAUTY SPOT Kathy Pope — Owner 112 W. Main 777-4821 .Jti w Kevin Pope and Mr. Canfield V. Thompson, B. Hall, M. Ehrlich, M. Poteete, J. Johnson, M. Pen- degraft and D. Terrel. Tom Fagan, Rick Eggleston and Grant Sorensen get ready for the prom. Chris Middendorf C Lowell Ester prepare for the senior prom part ' . " THE GREATEST JEEP " CHvned by-Rick C Randy Eggleston Rick Eggleston, senior presi- dent, gives his speech at prom. Harold Perkins Jerry Armstrong at Pron Jim Lanzrath 11 .JhbjHHHI V Kathy and Harold , , . , , _. , Jim Lanzrath G Jeny Armstrong Jerry ' s girl ... Jan Eighmey ticed at prom ! mi C. McWilliams, T. Robberson, D. Wright, L. Hillwig, L. Phi llips, K. Spain, P. Wells, T. Steadman, K. Bolinger and L. Randall. Catholic Youth Organization md i- -s Kim VanZant, Mark Smith, Cheryl Williams, Debbie Bell, Benny Higgs Just messing around and Erin Stephens . fH Mark Steinbach, Connie Sumpter, Shirley Craig, Susan Howe, Debbie Rennick, Scott Ramsey, Kendall Borthwick and Jean Smith . Cindy Henderson Kristi Smith Jodi Gonsalves Cindy Roy VanDeest Cindy Henderson G Sam Jones Heading to classes " S MEXICANS I AMERICAN : KL %. Pete Mendoza-OvvTier John Mendozr jNALruE WED MITE SPEC lU ASK 4 IT PETE ' S MEXICAN AND AMERICAN FOOD 120 North Baltimore Derby, Kansas 788-0191 A hungry bunch of football players head to eat at Pete ' s following the football game. Left side ; Cheryl Couch , Dana Mohney and Julie Rogers . Right side ; Lorri Worthy and Kathy S vayne . p r ' - r p l« s Wbm t 4 ii ' V,- w; W H jvij rS _A Tom Fagan and Kathy Swayne at Prom . THE REAL COWBOYS: Kyle Parks, Mike I :raft, Missy Tenorio, TEDDY POWERS and RICK HIGH Shelly Garlach, Brad Nicholson, and Rick High. 1 Ik Jimmy Armstrong and Steve John Flowers , Brian Baca and Steve Swayne enjoy Jimmy Armstrong and John 3 Swayne ? the music ! Flowers Kelly and Mike Gold Bricldng ... as usual ! t ; ? ' Mr- Mason Mr. Schreiner ' s Third Hour Drafting mm ' ' llJXXitio ir. Fry presents the Lottie Carver Award to Susan Pyeatt. " Always and Forever ' ' SUBURBAN FORD Alan Wing, Kevin Pope, Brent Carey, and Larry Jarrett K-15 at Derby 788-1543 WEEKDAYS 8-9 SAT. 8-6 SUN. 1-6 CT-. 1 Ed Kerley and Kyle Parks Larry Jarrett and Alan Wing Dan Prowse, Ed Kerley, Kyle Parks, Steve Bell and Mr. Bailey ■■1 1_ — Mr. FHA contestants: L to R : Randy Eggleston, Jeff Grier, Grant Sorensen and Lon Pribble . Lon Pribble displays his talent as a high jumper Sandy Klaus and Lon Pribble toast to j fj Ashby discuss Stuco plans . Lon and Christine Moon at Prom . good luck in the future . ' ' Just a trim , Uncle Jake . ' ' JAKE ' S BARBER SHOP 213 W. Main Jake Moyer Haircutting G Styling PAUL B NYE REALTY RESIDENTIAL — COMMERCIAL — APPRAISALS FARM G RANCH FINANCING G SAVINGS K-15 HIGHWAY P.O. BOX 6 MULVANE 777- 1181 JIM COFFEY INSURANCE AGENCY 206 EAST MADISON DERBY, KANSAS 67037 PHONE: OFF. 316-788-2853 RES. 316-777-4880 DICK ' S PLUMBING GOOD LUCK, SENIORS! Ill W. Collier 777- 1221 Mulvane MFA INSURANCE DON McINTYRE DEPENDABLE SERVICE and PROTECTION for LIFE — HEALTH — HOME — and — CAR Derby, KS DORSEY ' S REXALL DRUG STORE 206 S . Baltimore 788-1541 SENTER-MULVANE MORTUARY John R . G Norma R . Senter K-15G Olive Mulvane, Kansas I II ' Best " friends Pepper Directs the stage band . S3$. " A s AL BETTY ' S CAFE PIZZA DEN nr Worlds Of Fun Graduating Band Seniors W.v.w5 ' PHlip Chavez, Ethel Nungesser, Man.- U ers , Teresa and CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES ' • : ' rLnie Baughn, Brenda Thompson and Steve Haas. Nungesser Plumbing Connie Baughn-Ethel Nungesser 3,lci " low Hi Top Row: C. Maddendorf, J. Lanzrath, K. Wyant, P. Howell, D. ANOTHER LINEUP ' Pfingsten, M. Holden, C. Hilwig, M. Frild en, J. Armstrong. Bottom Row: T. Pagan, L. Ester, T. Wayman .. ,v , — i f- 4t i - « ■jfc. ■I. - 4 8 ' f±lt FOREVER FRIENDS : LtoR: B. Bozone, S. Martinez, B. Hardison, C. Melick, C. Pounds, T. Jones, S. Myers, S. Hartley, P. Crowe, K. McCurdy, L. Hendricks, K. Elston and A. Erb. i« ' »W • ' ' A A TWO NATURAL m m w THE TRIPLE CROWN 6-10-78. Affirmed and jo|:t(ey Steve Caul year by winning the Belryiont Stakes, thus capturing racing ' s Triple Crown MAN OF THE HOUR 6-6-78. Howard Jarvis. sponsor of California ' s Proposition 13. celebrates passage of the imtiativ would cut the stales property taxes by over 50 j Voters approved it by a two-to-one margin. CUTTING THE CAKE 6-29-78. Princess Caroline of f onaco, daughter of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, is married to Philippe Junot in religious ceremony at Monaco Palace. ANCIENT TREASURES OF KING TUT 12-20-78. The treasures of Tutankhamun are dispiaye the public at New York ' s Metropolitan Museum of Art Included is the much-publicized solid gold mask, whic adorned with colored glass, carnelian and minerals GIANT OIL SPILL 3-18-78. The Libenan tanker LAmoco-Cadis I France, after running aground and spilling 230, C WORLDS FIRST TEST TUBE BABY 7-25-78. LouiM Joy Brown Is the Ik t baby li fertilization outside (he mother ' s body The procedur was ploneared by I gynecologist Patrick Steptoe and physiologist Robert Edwards. world ' s Roman Cathorics- The former archbishop of Krakow, Poland, became Ihe church s third pope of the year and the non-Italian pope in 450 years. NEW CHAMP Spinks celebrates as the new heavyweight boxing champion, He took the crown in only his eighth professional bout by defeating Muhammed Aii m 15 round m Las Vegas, Nevada •SALT " TALKS PROGRESS 12-23-78 Cyrus Vance of the United States and Andrei Gromyko of the Soviet Switzerland, to begin a lengthy series of SALT negotiations between the world ' s two A SHINING NEWCOMER 6-16-78 Nancy Lopez, of Roswell. N.M.. takes th Professional Golf tour by storm and easily wtns tl seasonal championship in her rookie year. Here ; 20-foot putt during I LEAVING THE CAPITOL 1-14-78. Mrs. Muriel Humphrey, wido the Capitol where the body of her hu Senate Chaplain Rev. Edward Elson ; Senator Hubert Id lies m stale She Vtce President Walti

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