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 The CO- editors of the 1978 Wildcat, Lillian Phillips and Jeannine Tull, are ready to show the picture selection to seniors . ivw The 1978 Wildcat Mulvane High School MULVANE HIGH IS PROUD OF ITS CONCERT BAIsTO UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MR. POWERS. Ron Crawford President igh School you, MHS students for making to thank the Student Council : ness to share their ideas with tion or pursue other opportu spot in your heart for Ole h Of Mulvan On behalf of the Board of Educati this a very successful year. 1 persoi for showing concern for our school; the Board of Education. Seniors, whether you continue yc ties, we hope you will always have ane High. Best of Luck to the Seniors of ' Allen Winter ADMINISTRATIONTo The Students Of 1977-1978 As this 1977-78 school year at Mulvane Senior High School comes and goes, it is my hope that this year may bring to us all a better understanding of the mag-nitude of the task that we have set out to accomplish -- - the task of providing a quality education for all USD 263 students. 1 would hope that both teachers and students alike may realize that the educational accomplishments of yesterday will not be sufficient to meet and cope with the educational needs of tomorrow. With this in mind, we must strive to equip each of our graduating seniors not only with a working knowledge of the 3 R's, but also with the ideals, attitudes, and desire necessary to put that knowledge to work in the formidable task of coping with the complex society of tomorrow. 1 would like to extend my sincere congratulations to tire members of tire 1978 Mulvane High School senior class, and to wish each of you success and happiness in whichever of life's many •wonderful paths you choose to follow. DEAN PARKS Dean Parks and C.C. DanielsMulvane Schools Offer Opportunities This year began on a high note with good Stuco leadership, great school spirit, and a kind of family atmosphere of togetherness. Throughout the year the cooperation and achievement have progressed with students, teachers, parents and administrators seeking a higher level of education. The athletic, music and academic programs were quite good. This school life is exemplary of society as a whole as each segment learns to complement each other. Regardless of the road each student takes after high school, the basic skills and attitudes gained at the high school level arc applicable to life in today's society. The choice, as always, remains with the student as an individual. Those choices made while in high school and shortly after high school are the most important the student will ever make. Generally, the mode of life to be followed for many years is set at that time. It is the goal of this school district, faculties, parents and administrators working together, to provide necessary opportunities for you, the student, to make those choices which will enable you to find real happiness in today's world. 1 hope we have succeeded. Your Principal, y ? Sue Baumgartner Bookkeeper Jerry Nelson Vice Principal Roger Rankin Principal Bette Cranston RegistrarMHS Faculty Ron Adkins Marvin Armstrong Bill Bailey Jo Borthwick Counselor Industrial Arts Vocational Agriculture Learning Disabilities Bill Brown Social Science, Cross Country, Girls BB Coach Richard Canfield Art, Asst. BB Coach Fran Casey Home Economics Jack Coleman Vocal Music Brenda Diener Business Bill Fairchild Drivers' Education John Fry' English Robert Glaser Science, Math 6MHS Faculty Ray Harding Soc. Science, Ass't FB, BB Coach Shirley 1 louscr Spanish, English 1 Bob Ivins Ada jaax P.E., Head FB Coach English Dave Johnson Industrial Arts Joe Johnson Lana Johnson Cheryl McCord Biology, Photography Special Education English Meg McCranahan Business, Ass't. Girls BB coach Bill Parker Mathematics Roger Pock Soc. Science, Head BB, Ass't. FB coach Ted Powers BandMHS Faculty Beverly Reiter Librarian Robert Schreiner Industrial Arts Kim Steele Speech, Drama Pat Thomason English Alex Wilson Science, P.E., Asst. FB Coach Nancy Winter Physical Education Karolee Weller Charles Williams Mathematics Industrial Arts Dave Hall Auto MechanicsMarcie Standerfer Doris Earl Dietitian Mead Cook Betty Sklenar Cook Judy Simon Cook Floyd Reusser Custodian Cion Webb Custodian Larry Daily Custodian Lyle Denney Bus Supervisor The Salad Bar Is Big Hit! The high school hot lunch program took on a completely new look this year with the addition of a salad bar to the regular Class A hot lunch. Marci Standerfer, dietitian, thought that 25 salad plates a day would be a good start. Instead, the number of salad plates has been averaging about 70. The addition of the salad bar is just one example of an outstanding staff of cooks, bus drivers and janitors working with and for the students. Thanks from all of us! MHS Students Milk Men The new salad bar Cooks in action Mrs. Simon serves David SimonI SENIORSRichard Aimes Darrel! Allred Jamie Arnold Jeff Arroyo Jennifer Ball Steve Ball Debbie Batesel Kathy Batesel Bill Baumgartner Russell Bennet Brad Bergmann Rhonda Booth Cory Borthwick Mark Boutz Debbie Bonner Bryant BowerBrad Butts Perry Caldwell Kit Carson Rick Carter Su Chase Marilyn Clasen Ron Cash Bertie Clark Paul Champagne Teresa Clark Sherry' Chapman Mark ClarksonRonda Crawford Paul Croxson Diane Daily Laura Daniels Rod Dankert Jane Davis Regina Davis Cuylenc DayBarbara Elliott Randy Elliott Sharon Evans Mary Farber Brad Fast Beckie Flagler Craig Cehring Jeff Ciles Brenda Francisco Sherri Cage Lee Ann Gwinup Renee HaasTim Hill Robert Huckstep Becky Holden Cari Johnson Julie Howard Karen Jones Peggy 1 lowe Tom Jones Kelle Kauffman Ellis Right Bobby Kimble Marsha Kraus Dave Lawless Ann Longnecker Greg Madding Janet Mahlandt Kevin Massey Nancy Millcson Marty Maxwell Duane Mitchell Lisa May Allen Montgomery Ed McDaniel David MoonKim Osborn Carla Ott Robin Owens James Peak Mark Persels Steve Phillips Jim Perkins Mark Phillips Kenny Phillips Tony PoteeteShari Powers Carol Pulliam Bill Rader Nancy Ratliff Bonnie Ray Joy Reed Don Reese Randy Reusser Jessie Rios Terri Schlick Mark Roberts Mark Schmidt Kevin Rickards Chris Rico Kevin Ross Leo SchippcreDee Ann Schnittker Kevin Schott Chad Scott Sheri Sheffield Scott Shook Jackie Smith Monica Smith Sandra Smith Frances Spicer Debbie Struble Terry Smith Steve Steinback Veda Smith Casey StcgnerJcannine Tull Kathy Turkle Mike Turner Tammy Turner Dale Walker Bruce White Mike Ward Leon Williams Bret Wayman Rahl Williams Kim Waymire Robin WilliamsTracey Williams Becky Wilson Craig Wyant Roger Rankin Principal Easy Rider! Top row, standing L to R: Mr. Brown, S. Ball, K. Copeland, T. Jones, M. Farbcr, B. Wayman, C. Rico, L. Myers, Mrs. Jaax, S. Stcinbach, B. Clark, Mr. Pock. Bottom row, sitting L to R: S. Chase, K. Jones, C. Ott. The class of '78 is great!JUNIORS Alumbaugh, Mary Armstrong, Jerry Ashbtim, Rhonda Ash, Vicki Askins, Keith Askren, Tim Bachman, Ron Baker, Vicki Banzet, Duane Baughn, Connie Bell, Debbie Borthwick, Kendall Bozone, Brenda Branine, Terry Bridges, Adam Brown, George Buller, Teresa Cane, Martin Camp, Cheryl Cardwell, Kevin Carey, Brent Champagne, Darlene Chew, Gary Clark, Tonya Collins, Melody Couch, Cheryl Craig, Shirley Crook, Randy Crowe, Patty Daily, MaryCroup Picture wlUttJfr Darbro, Beth Davis, Tina Day, jolene Dellavcn, Tom Deschner, Les Driskell, Robin Eggleston, Randy Eggleston, Ricky Ehrlich, Monna Elston, Kim Erb, Angie Ester, Lowell Fagan, Tom Fairchild, Jim Flowers, John Frecka, Norman Frikken, Mike Fry, Keith Cage, Russell Gammon, Courtney Creir, Jeff Gwinup, Carla Hardison, Brenda Harrington, Cheryl Hartley, Sara Headgepath, Billy He ally, Mark Henderson, Scott Hendricks, Li? Hicks, DonnaLarry Jarrett Scott Jones Teresa Jones Jackie Kennedy Kevin Ken worthy Carl Kerschner Vicki Kill Sandy Klaus Mike Kraft Debbie Lander Jim Lanzrath Rod Larcade Charla Mahlandt Sheena Martinez Kristy McCurdy Kim McPherson Debbie Means Ronnie Meisch Cindy Melick Chris Middendorf Leann MiddletonMr. Williams Sherry Myers Mary Nix Brad Nicholson Ethel Nungesser James Oliphant Kyle Parks Sharon Patten Harold Perkins Darwin Pfingsten James Plummer Kevin Pope Cristi Pounds Teddy Powers Lon Pribblc Doug Puddcn Susan Pyeatt Connie Ray Cristi Ray Gene Reams Greg Reed Kim Robbins Lori Roberson Mrs. ReiterSmith, Larry Smith, R.C. Smith, Sherry Snider, Lynn Snider, Steve Sorenson, Grant Richard Canfield Staska, George Stegner, Gerald Stevens, Erin Storey, Vernon Stratford, Staryl Gonsalves, Jodi Watson, David Wayman, Troy West, Mark Whetstone, Mike Williams, Cheryl Williams, Coleena Williams, Shelly Willit, Tracy Worthy, Lori Wyant, Kevin Wray, Becky 28Junior Class Officers: Standing: K. Wyant, S. Hartley, B. Hardison, L. Pribble, D. Pfingsten. Sitting: T. Way-man, J. Armstrong, Mrs. Reiter, G. Chew, P. Crowe, Mrs. Thomason, S. Martinez, Mr. Williams, C. Williams, Mr. Canfield. Mrs. Thomason and Troy Wayman, class president. Mrs. Thomason congratulates Kathy Murphy, Pattic Crowe, and Kendall Borthwick for their hard work. The Graduates Of 79SOPHOMORESDana Anstey Jim Armstrong Cecil Arroyo Jeff Ashby Mike Askins Bryan Baca Kevin Baca Barry Baker Ricky Baker Jamie Baumgartner Dale Behms Duane Behms Pam Be lew Steve Bell Rick Bippcrt Carla Bryant Carmel Burke Kristie Bums Bill Caldwell Rebecca Cannon Jane Carney Karla Chambers Mark Champagne Paula Clark John Fry Matt Cole Leray Coverdill Randy Crowley Jan Dankert Kenny Danler Paul Dellaven Dickey, Cina Die us, Carla Dillon, Marcy Dossey, Troy- Drake, Tim Dulaney, Kathy Dwyer, Don Earlich, LaDran Elliot, Janet Engstrand, Charmin Faris, Scott Fast, Kim Flowers, Tom Foltz, Debbie Fortner, Cary Francisco, Debbie Freed, Cindy Friman, Beth Gehring, Kathy Celter, Kelly Cerlach, Shelly Green, Kerri Griffin, Mike Maas, Steve Hall, Brian Hall, Mike Hand, Lisa Hand, Tricia Hartley, Barbara Hatch, Tony' 33Brad Hendricks Benny Higgs Algebra Class Terri Holland Curtis Hough Carlene Howard Cheryl i toward John Howard Susan 1 lowe Julie Humphries Sandy lnkelaar Tricia Johnson Rafe Jones Ed Kerley Kim Kill Kathy Kuntz Leonard Lamm Dwight Landes Scott Lane Cindi Lawless Bill Lawyer Shannon Lindabury Lori Lough Mike Luce Sandy Lusk Charles Martin Kelly Massey Donna McDaniel Mark McElrOy Dennis Mc-Kerracher Shana Mead Linda Middleton Scott Mize 14Cyndi Mobley Christine Moon Keith Napier Susan Nash Eddie Nelson Tammy Neufeld Don Oliphant Jody Olson Susan Olson Rhonda Owens Russell Phillips Troy Phillips Vicki Phillips Laura Poteete Mark Poteete Russell Powell Daren Pracht Dan Prowse Mike Pudden Rhonda Randall Chris Rankin Tina Rather Brenda Ratliff Nancy Rayl Susan Reed Mary Reekie Tim Reese Debbie Rennick Rolland Reusser Debbie Rich 1 35Jimmie Rickards Martha Rios Laura Rose Sara Salander Carole Sarver Kim Schmidt Pam Sears Brenda Selleck David Simon Pat Sinclair Beau Smith Jerry Smith Kristy Smith Mark Smith Denise Standerfcr Jeff Staska Mark Steinbach Bill Steinle Teresa Stewart Mark Storey Angela Stout Jeri Sullivan Steve Swayne Missy Tenorio David Terrel Brenda Thompson Joel Unger Roy Van Deest Pat Ward Kipp Waymire Sandy Whetstone Bruce Williams Lisa Williams Alan Wing Mark Wohlford Mark YoungSophomore Class Officers And Sponsors: top row, L to R; Mr. Fry, head sponsor; Laura Rose, Cindy Lawless, Carlene Howard, Mr. D. Johnson, sponsor, second row, L to R; La-Dran Ehrlich, Benny Higgs, Steve Swayne, Ed Kerley, bottom row, L to R; David Simon, Jeff Ashby, Bill Steinle, Joel Unger. Jeff Ashby, president of the sophomore class, heads for an executive meeting with Mr. Fry and Mr. Johnson, sponsors. The Sophomores Enjoy Studying! The Class Of 1980!ACTIVITIES Promoted the construction of the new parking lot and later added a sidewalk. Held a free get-acquainted dance in the commons. Continued the recognition of students through the Wildcats of the Month. Cave teachers birthday gifts. Put on a Johnny Carson Assembly to promote Spirit. Made posters for football and basketball games. Originated best senior awards for the yearbook. Put together two homecoming dances and a Christmas dance. Invited the BOE to tour the school, and Stu-Co had an hour and a half discussion with the BOE. Formed a football homecoming parade. Selected several lyceums for next year, one of which is a frisbee assembly. Held a dedication in the Courtyard for all of those deceased in the last 5 years. Promoted a ' 'Learn How To Dance" session but nobody showed up! Brought Intramural Basketball back into swing. Stu-Co wrote to all CT1. schools concerning a baseball program. Went to the board about starting a baseball program. We never got a baseball program. Voted on a name for the street north of the school. The winning name was Wildcat Boulevard. The City Council never took it further. Stu-Co put a Christmas tree in the Commons for the dance. Kathy Turkle suggested planting the tree in the Courtyard after the dance. The tree died. Whoever went after it sawed off the bottom! Had the whole school vote on the possibility of a Homecoming King. The proposed amendment died. The vote was 3-1 against. Stu-Co donated $40 for flowers for Mother's Night. Invited the Mulvane Police Department to a Stu-Co meeting, hoping to establish a good public relations with them. Ushered at basketball games. Top Row; standing; T. Jones, L. Pribblc, M. Kraft, E. Kerley, K. Wyant. Second Row; standing; B. Wayman, S. Chase, K. Dody, J. Smith, K. Dulaney, R. Davis, L. Rose, Mr. Nelson, Miss Deiner, C. Ott, B. Milligan. Third Row; seated; C. Howard, C. Lawless, L. Hendricks, B. Hardison, S. Martinez, S. Hartley, D. Hicks. Fourth Row; seated; D. Pfingsten, K. Elston, T. Way-man, J. Unger, J. Ashby, D. Simon, E. Huss. Fifth Row; seated; D. Moon, L. Myers, S. Stein-bach, K. Copeland, E. McDaniel, B. Steinle. Bottom Row; seated; B. Higgs, S. Ball, J. Armstrong, K. Turkle, S. Swayne, L. Erlich. BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID. Stuco Executives: L To R: Kim Elston, Darwin Pfingston, Miss Diener, Sponsor; Mr. Nelson, Sponsor; Kathy Turkic, Steve Ball. 1977-78 Stuco Sue, Scott, and Jerry Nelson. Highlights 41Speech Officers, 1 to r: Ed Muss, StuCo, Kim Steele, sponsor, Mary Farber, President, Janet Tefft, Secretary Treasurer, Ron Cash, Vice-president. Speech and Drama presents ' 'My Life as a Small Boy'' for open house. Laura Rose The Best Tower Builders Sallie Salander Ron Cash Mary Farber, president, conducts a speech meeting. Mr. Kim Steele, sponsor HnV Ki o FAltfMr. Rankin, principal, greets Supt. Parks at the tea iteve Steinbach, President, confers with fr. Glaser, sponsor. Scenes From The NHS Installation And TeaNHS Executive Officers Executive Officers: back row: Jackie Smith, Vice President; Lane Myers, Stu-Co. Rep; Kathy Dody, Stu-Co. Rep; front row: Greg Madding, Treasurer; Steve Steinbach, President; Lillian Phillips, Secretary. National Honor Society: Tomorrow’s Leaders The National Honor Society is an honorary organization with emphasis on academic excellence as well as leadership, character and service. The membership tea for the new junior members was held in the fall with G.C. Daniels as the speaker for an all-school assembly. Mrs. Ben Phillips helped the NHS officers arrange the tea table. The club is grateful to the Booster Club for help in purchasing pins for the junior and senior members. Steve Steinbach, president, has guided the club through a successful school year with the aid of Mr. Robert Glaser, sponsor. Steve Steinbach, president; Mr. Robert Glaser, head sponsor. I NHS: Back row: J. Venskus, R. Eggleston, D. Pfingsten, B. Hardison, S. Hartley, S. Myers, D. Schnittkcr, J. Tcfft, K. Jones, M. Farbcr, C. Johnson, S. Patten, S. Craig. 3rd row: Mr. Glaser, Mrs. Jaax, S. Gage, P. Howe, M. Daily, S. Chase, D. Moon, M. Whetstone, L. Pribblc, V. Kill, C. Ray, K. Turkic, J. Tull, S. Klaus. 2nd row: E. McDaniel, T. Hill, B. Bergmann, A. Montgomery, S. Powers, N. Ratliff, J. Howard, M. Clarkson, M. Connet, J. Peak, M. Boutz, D. Watson, R. Crook. Bottom row: J. Arroyo, T. Fagan, H. Perkins, L. Myers, K. Dody, S. Steinbach, J. Smith, L. Phillips, P. Caldwell, S. Shook.L to R; Marsha Kraus, District 1 Songleadcr, Connie , , Sumpter, State Officer, V. Pres, of Publications, Sherry N“SS Fran at hcr desk Smith, District 1 Historian. Mary Faber thinking ! ! Dave Lawless, Mr. F.H.A., F H. A. is fun • ! 1978 HEY! did you j KNOW THAT HOME ECONOMICS AFM5CTS YOUH whole life? m ■■ iMembers: Standing L to R; M. Farbcr, J. Rogers, D. McDaniel, S. Craig, S. Patton, K. Murphy, D. Bell, K. Swayne, M. Kraus, L. May, C. Couch. Second Row, L to R; Miss Casey, K. Jones, C. Sumpter, C. Strait, B. Hartley, J. Smith, S. Smith. Future Homemakers President Shirley Craig walks to a FHA meeting with sponsor Miss Casey. Executive Officers; Standing I. to R; Karen Jones, 1st. V. President; Mary Farber, 2nd. V. President; Miss Casey, sponsor; Shirley Craig, President; Lisa May, Secretary. Seated L to R; Jackie Smith, Stuco Rep; Cheryl Couch, Publicity Chairperson; Kathy Swayne. Degrees Chairperson; Debbie Bell, Historian. The FHA had a busy and successful year. The membership party in September featured a Sing-a-Long weiner roast with the help of Miss McGranaghan's guitar. The primary was treated to a Halloween Party which was followed by a Scavenger 1 lunt that evening with the high school FHA girls. The main financial feature of the year was the sale of sponges. Miss Casey, Marsha Kraus, and Connie Sumpter put out the FHA State Newsletter. The club is proud to announce that Donna McDaniel has been elected as District I President for the coming year, and that Marsha Kraus is a candidate for the FHA State Scholarship. The fun year ended with a ' 'Farewell to Seniors'' Party!Carla Ott, 1978 District FFA Sweetheart S Ready for watermelon? L to R: Mike Kraft, Bill Bailey, sponsor, Randy Reusser, Craig Wyant, Brad Butts, Dave Lawless, Ed Kerley, George Brown are on their way to an FFA meeting.Mr. Bailey and Dave Lawless make rodeo plans. FFA Members Learn By Doing FFA MEMBERS LEARN BY DOING FFA has had a busy and productive year under the leadership of Bill Bailey, sponsor, and president Dave Lawless. FFA is designed to develop Christian leadership, character, thrift, scholarship, cooperation and patriotic citizenship. The local chapter started their social year with the annual father-son watermelon feed. This was followed by a sloppy joe supper for the members. The FFA chapter also actively participated in many different local, district, and state FFA contests in which members of the local chapter placed well. Brad Butts was named a state farmer. Carla Ott was honored by being named the district Sweetheart for 1978. Tina Davis was the Chapter Sweetheart. The big event of the year was the rodeo in May. The main attraction was the faculty calf tying, featuring Roger Rankin, Rich Canfield, Bill Bailey, Dave Johnson, Rod Pock, Dave Hall and Ray Harding. A plaque was presented to the winner, Rankin, along with a cast for his broken ankle. FFA Executive Officers: L to R; G. Brown, Mr. Bailey, S. Craig, B. Butts, D. Lawless, E. Kerley, C. Wyant, R. Ruesscr, M. Kraft. I Back Row': L to R; D. Prowse, B. Nickelson, D. Allred, T. Smith, R. Bachman, K. Wyant, D. Lawless, R. Ruesser, C. Wyant, R. Eggleston, R. High, C. Borthwick, G. Brown, R. Eggleston, M. Kraft. 2nd Row: T. Reese, V. Storey, K. Parks, D. Oliphant, J. Smith, C. Mahlandt, T. Davis, J. Mahlandt, S. Craig, D. Banzet. Front Row: D. Simon, R. Baker, S. Bell, P. DeHaven, S. Pyeatt, C. Strait, R. Neece, C. Ott, Mr. Bailey, E. Kerley.George Brown and Shirley Craig Bill Bailey FFA Sponsor Bill Bailey and Roger Rankin Faculty Calf Tie Winners Charla Mahlandt All-Around Cowgirl Brad Butts, State Farmer Dave Lawless (Also leams to cook) FFA President Tina DavisTina Davis FFA Sweetheart Dave Hall and Ray Harding I in Dave Johnson and Charley Williams Ed Kerley and Dave Lawless Terry Smith Roger Rankin, Principal The Mike Robinsons, Charla Mahlandt, and the Dennis Kimbles. K. Dody, M. Clason, S. Cage, Mr. Adkins, D. Bell L. May. Ken Copeland, president, and Mr. Adkins, sponsor Randy Crook Laura Daniels Paul Croxson sells football ticketsExecutive Officers: Standing: Ed McDaniel, Stuco; Kathy Dody, vice pres; Lisa May, secretary; Mr. Adkins, head sponsor; Lane Myers, treasurer; Karen Jones, gate manager; Ken Copeland, president. Ken Copeland, president, confers with Mr. Adkins and Mr. Fairchild, sponsors. Debbie Bell comes to the ticket booth to buy a ticket from Karen Jones, the gate manager. Quill Type Aids School Activities Quill Type is a service club composed of juniors and seniors at Mulvanc H.S. The primary purpose of Quill Type is to support the school, especially the activities program. Ron Adkins and Bill Fair-child are sponsors of the club. Quill Type members take tickets at varsity athletic events. This year Quill Type has provided gate workers for football, volleyball, gymnastics and for boys' and girls' basketball. The club treasury’ is used to provide projects to aid the school. Some of the projects include the following: 1. Secure and decorate a Christmas tree for the school lobby. 2. Provide posters for athletic events. 3. Provided funds for both ticket booths at the football field. 4. Provided funds for foul indicator for basketball games. 5. Provided funds for banner in gymnasium indicating league, regional and state championships won during the 1960s. (Banners for current championships are provided by Booster Club). Quill Type: standing: Mr. Adkins, sponsor, D. Daily, K. Copeland, K. Dody, K. Jones, C. Ott, D. Bell, J. Rogers, C. Couch, J. Tull, A. Montgomery. 3rd row; R. Crawford, J. Arnold, P. Howe, M. Kraus, L. May, P. Crowe, M. Clasen, R. Davis, S. Warren. 2nd row; K. Borthwick, L. Myers, S. Gage, L. Daniels, K. Turkle, S. Evans, S. Hartley, S. Martinez, S. Myers, D. Hicks, C. Pounds, C. Camp, C. Melick, Bottom row; R. Crook, E. McDaniels, S. Shook, K. VanZant, K. Elston, C. Gwinup. IForeign Language Club Backrow: Debbie Rennick, Kim Fast, Cindi Lawless, Charmain Engstrand, Missy Tenorio, Carla Dicus. Front row: Angela Stout, Terri Munoz, Kathy Cehring, Julie Humphries, Kim Kill, Carol Sarver.Kathy Gehring, Mrs. Houser, Carol Sarver El Club De Espanol Es Divertido 4 Este afto nuestro club de espaftol hicimos muchas cosas diferentes. Durante cl otono fuimos al Centro de Indios, y tuvimos una comida india. Fuimoss tambien al universitario para cl concurso para los cstudiantes. Hicimos una fiesta de navidadel diciemore. La primavera comimos una comeda mexicana Houser en un restaurante. Todos tuvieron un fuen tiempo. Spanish Iastructor 'op Row, 1. tor: J. Dankert; M. Heatley; D. Rennick; C. Lawless; K. Fast; J. Carney. 2nd ow: M. Tenorio; C. Burke; L. Hand; J. Humphries. 3rd row: C. A Dicus; A. Stout; T. Ncu-eld; C. Sarver; T. Phillips; K. Hurd; K. C.erhing Bottom row: Mrs. Houser, sponsor; K. iwayne; E. Stevens; B. Williams; M. Young; B. Caldwell; K. Kill.Three’s A Crowd Madelline .......................Debbie Means Eddie Johnson ...................Mark Clarkson Ellen .................................Donna Hicks Elmer .................................Jerry Smith Mr. Johnson .....................Marvin Connet Jerry Smith and Debbie Means Donna Hicks as Ellen Debbie Means and Mark ClarksonThe Proposal Stepan Stepanovich .... Ivan Vassilivitch ....... Natalya Stepanova .... Directed by Kim Steele Mulvanc High School May 4-5, 1978 ......Scott Mize ......Jeff Ashby Donna McDaniel Cheryl McCord and Kim Steele Jeff Ashby and Scott Mize Donna McDaniel and Jeff AshbySandy Klaus, Lon Pribble, G Robin Driskill Curse You, Jack Dalton Mrs. Dalton ..........................................Sandy Klaus Anna Alvarado.................................................Robin Driskill Bertha Blair ................................................Shelly Williams Jack Dalton ............................................Lon Pribble Egbert Van Horn ......................................Steve Swaync Richard Blair .............................................Ed Huss Eloise Dalton ...............................................Sallie Salander Sandy Klaus G Robin DriskillPlay Productions, Inc. Directors: Kim D. Steele Chen'l McCord Assistant Director: Marvin Connet Stage Manager: Susan Howe Make Up: Beth Darbro, Cheryl Howard, Becky Flagler Publicity: Connie Sumpter, Sandy Klaus, Sallie Salander, Marvin Connet Lights: Regina Davis Posters: Marvin Connet Props: Drama Productions Class Ushers: Janet Tefft, Jane Camey, Mary Reekie, Dana Mohncy, Debbie Bell, Teresa Jones, Kathy Swayne, Cheryl Howard.Wildcats JEFF ASHBY 80 Sophomore Class President UhfYT Secretary-Football KENDALL BORTHWICK '79 National I lonor Society Crosscountry- 13th State Track A Honor Roll Quill Type Pep Band UhfYF Treasurer RANDY CROOK '79 National Honor Society-Quill Type Band CYO Track Cross Coimtry ED HUSS '79 Stuco Football Track Band Forensics All School Play 1 SHIRLEY CRAIG ■79 FHA President FHA Reporter National Honor Society Girls' State Mixed Ensemble Girls' Glee Pep Band Church Council KATHY DODY '78 National Honor Society-Quill Ty-pe-Yice President Stuco Track Volleyball Basketball VICKI KILL '79 National Honor Society Volleyball Basketball Pep Club Track BandOf The Month SANDY KLAUS •79 All School Play Pom Pon Girl Volleyball Spirit Club Prom Chairman CYO Sax Quarter Jazz Ensemble Band SCOTT MIZE '80 Video Technicion A I lonor Roll Year Round Speech and Drama Forensics All School Play LILLIAN PHILLIPS '78 Annual Co-Ed it or National Honor Society Secretary Pom Pon Leader Gymna sties A Honor Roll CIND1 LAWLESS '80 Basketball Volleyball Track Stuco Band ED MCDANIEL •78 Band National Honor Society’ Stuco Quill Type Cross Country Track Nominated Naval Academy DAVID MOON •78 B Honor Roll Pep Band Stuco Boys' Glee Mixed Ensemble State Scholar Sophomore Get Acquainted Dance-Disc Jockey Stuco Christmas Dance- Disc Jockey National Honor Society VICKI PHILLIPS '80 Gymnastics Cheerleader Basketball Pep Club Track Pom Pon Girl Mixed Chorus SHARI POWERS •78 Band Drum Majorette Band President Vocal Music Mixed Ensemble Mixed Chorus Girls' Glee National Honor Society Top 10' of Class Pom Pon Girl DAVID SIMON •80 Stuco Treasurer Sophomore Class Football FFA CYO President MARK SMITH '80 Basketball Most Improved Basketball Player JEANNINE TULL '78 Captain of Pom Pon Cheerleader National Honor Society Quill Type Worthy Advisor-Rainbow Girls Annual Co-Editor Girls' State Delegate Wildcats Of The Month JACKIE SMITH •78 Stuco Band Track Volleyball Basketball FHA National Honor Society 4-H STEVE S WAYNE •80 Stuco Representative Speech and Drama Football Forensics M Club CYO Vice-President All School Play A Honor Roll 1st Semester TROY WAYMAN • 79 Football- All League Stuco Basketball Prom Committee Band President of Junior ClassSpecial Olympics Ski Trip The junior high and high school special education class traveled to Winter Park, Colorado, this spring to participate with 23 other students in the Kansas Winter Special Olympic Games. Tlie students helped earn $1300.00 to pay for the trip which was the largest undertaking by a class in some time. While there, we enjoyed snowmobiling, tubing, basketball, skating, and 2 days of downhill skiing. Those participating were Casey Stegner, Mary'Nix, Susan Olson, Kris Clubb, Jody Flagler, Edna Head, Karen Kirstattcr, Kathy Deschner, and Anne Spicer. We would like to thank the school board, the community, and the various organizations who gave us their support. N' s l’1 x V ____■—— S if Tired Editors: Lillian Phillips and Jeannine Tull Mrs. Jaax, sponsor Photographers: M. Whetstone, G. Madding, C. Scon, and K. Turkle Laura Daniels, secretary Su Chase, expediter Marsha Kraus, typist Mr. Johnson, K. Turkle, and L. Daniels r. -Ji!® i mmJSLAS LM _ Adv: M. Head, B. Baumgartner, B. Rader, K. Carson, C. Ott, R. Carter, and J. Tull. Annual Sales: B. Bergmann, T. Hill, F. Coverdill, and L. M ers. Typists: M. Smith and D. Burris. Layout: B. Rader, S. Stull, L. Daniels, S. Gage, D. Daily, and K. CopelandMUSIC1 Saxaphone Croup: Top Row: D. Rennick Second Row: J. Oliphant, D. Reese, H. Perkins, M. West Third Row: S. Patten, L. Loug Lough, J. Humphries, J. Dankert Fourth Row: S. Pyeatt, M. Holden, S. Klaus, S. Whetstone. Bottom Row: J. Smith, B. Kimble, M. Farbcr, C. Couch. Trumpet Section: First Column: K. Borthwick, G. Brown, T. Hill, P. Caldwell, C. Rankin, S. Stcinbach Second Column: B. Higgs, K. Elston, S. Shook, K. Turkic, M. Whetstone Third Row: S. Craig, E. Huss, R. Eggleston, J. Unger, C. Madding, D. Oliphant. Pep Band Harinet Section: Top Row: J. Elliott, L. Prib-T » . Hurd, C. Moon, M. Reekie, J. Carney, Tkil?? 1r Second Row: V. Kill, C. Burke. D c, j V: C. Ray, K. Chambers. Fourth Row: S ' v»a jefcr, K. Bums. Fifth Row: D. Anstey, K. c • , bottom Row: S. Farris, S. Cerlach, ter r i ’ cus» M Alumbaugh, C. Sump- ’ • Johnson. Trombones: Top Row: J. Smith, M. Stcinbach, B. Carey, J. Arroyo, T. Fagan, T. Phillips, E. Kerley. Second Row: D. Watson, J. Oliphant, T. Powers.Flutes: Top Row, L to R; B. Borone, K. Gellcr, T. Nuefield, J. Baumgartner, L. May, 2nd Row, C. Lawless, 3rd Row, D. McDaniel, K. McPherson, N. Rahl. 4th Row, J. Tefft, G. Dickey, G. Sullivan. Low Brass: Top Row, 1 to R; E. McDaniel, S. Jones, 2nd Row, D. Moon, S. Powers, K. Fry. 3rd Row, R. Crook, K. Wyant, P. Deliaven. 4th Row, B. Caldwell, C. McKerracher. Percussion: first column, D. Moon, J. Armstrong, J. Armstrong, M. Phillips, C. Arroyo. 2nd column, S. Denny, T. Dossey, K. Parks, R. Crowly, T. Wayman, K. Fast. The Mulvane High School Band Ted Powers, Instructor. Harold Perkins, Drum Major. Band Officers: L to R; H. Perkins, L. Pribble, K. Turkle, S. Powers, B. Higgs, D. Moon. Shari Powers, Drum. Majorette. warn mmBand! - mMixed Ensemble: Top Row, L to R; M. Head, P. Crowe, M. Connett, S. Craig, L. Myers, K. Van Zant, Bottom Row, L to R; C. Camp, S. Powers, D. Watson, N. Ratliff, D. Moon, C. Williams, Jack Coleman, Instructor. Steve Steinbach, Miss Grim wood, Marvin Connett, and Mr. Coleman. Mixed Chorus officers: L to R; Barbara Elliott, Cheryl Camp, Kathy Dulaney, and instructor Jack Coleman. Beth Darbro, David Moon, and Debbie Bell listen as LeeAnn Ntiddleton tells one of her musical jokes. Mixed Chorus: Top Row, L to R; M. Head, D. Pudden, D. Watson, J. Reed, C. Day, C. Freed, S. Salander, M. Ehrlich, P. Sears, B. Elliott, S. Warren, L. Williams, C. Mobley, Miss. Crimwood. Middle Row, L to R: D. Pracht, D. Sweet, L. Middleton, P. Ward, T. Johnson, L. Snider, K. Green, P. Crowe, L. Ntiddleton, B. Darbro, D. Bell, Bottom Row, L to R; D. High, S. Head, K. Dulaney, L. Gwinup, K. VanZant, C. Camp, S. Powers, C. Williams, R. Davis, Mr. Coleman, instructor.Jack Coleman Vocal Instructor Mr. Coleman listens to the accompanists Cheryl Camp, Mark Steinbach, and Kim Vanzant. David Moon Boys' Glee: Top Row, L to R; S. Steinbach, M. Wohlford, M. Connctt, M. Steinbach, L. Myers. Bottom Row; Mr. Coleman, D. High, C. Camp, D. Moon, D. Watson. Girls' Glee: Top Row, L toR; S. Craig, J. Tefft, P. Sears, D. Bell, K. Swaync, L. Middleton, M. Steinbach. Second Row; L. Middleton, C. Eng strand, D. Schnittker, T. Johnson,N. Rattliff, Mr. Coleman. Bottom Row; K. Dulaney, S. Smith, C. Camp, C. Williams. V M o u mATHLETICSCheerleaders: Standing: R. Haas, K. Turkic, Mascot: M. Connet, S. Myers, C. Ott. Seated: K. Elston, J. Tull. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD (6-3) Mulvane 6 Wellington 30 Mulvane 30 Chaparral 0 Mulvane 0 Goddard 40 Mulvane 15 Augusta 20 Mulvane 35 Buhler 14 Mulvane 14 Valley' Center 13 Mulvane 28 El Dorado 18 Mulvane 26 Kingman 12 Offense: I. to R: C. Scott, K. Wyant, C. Wyant, P. Caldwell, K. Parks, T. Wayman, T. Jones, J. Arroyo, B. Butts, T. Fagan, B. Wavman, B. White. Defense: 1 to R: k. Parks, S. Ball, J. Arroyo, R. Reusser, T. Wayman, B. Wayman, B. Borgmann, T. Fagan, T. Smith, P. Croxson, R. Dankert, R.C. Smith. 6 6The 1977 Mulvane Wildcat football team had another great season. Maybe it wasn't as good as a lot of people had hoped, but a 6 won - 3 lost record wasn't too bad. Greatness can be measured in many ways. Ours came with pride, dignity, and respect. The people that surrounded our ball team, were the kind that make me a very proud coach. For example: The will to win. We were one win and three losses into our first four ball games. Pride - Yes indeed. We came back and won the next five games in a row. Dignity - We held our heads up high during our troubled times, never giving up. Respect - We gained our respect from all, the only teams we lost to were the ones that ended up in the state play-offs. For the people that surrounded us were the ones that gave us the courage and will to win. Our Boosters Club, our superintendent, our principals, our teachers, our parents, our friends. Yes, they were always there, standing in line during the losses and the wins giving us the encouragement to do our best, to help keep this a proud and beautiful community in which to live. Yes, to me this was a team of greatness. My sincere thanks to my coaching staff, to our seniors and to the future young men at the Wildcats, for a job well done ! Sincerely yours. Bret Wayman and Coach Ivins discuss Strategy- Standing: 1 to r: Rod Pock, Alex Wilson, Ray Har- Chad Scott returns a kick off while Butts and Croxson block, ding. Kneeling: Bobby Ivins. Top row coaches: Bob Ivins, Alex Wrilson, Rod Lock, Ray Harding. 7th row: C. Arroyo, T. Phillips, G. Fortner, J. Fairchild, C. Middendorf, B. Terry, J. Unger, T. Dossey, R. Reusser. 6th row: M. Kraft, C. Rankin, M. Hall, K. W'aymire, B. Baca, S. Haas, J. Rickards, R. Meich, K. Baca. 5th row: M. Fricken, J. Armstrong, S. Cane, B. Steinlc, D. Simon, S. Swayne, J. Ashby, J. Vesskus, R. C. Smith, J. Armstrong. 4th row: L. Smith, L. Pribble, S. Ball, R. Baker, B. Caldwell, R. Jones, D. McKerracher, B. Nickleson, M. Pudden, L. Soreason, M. Holden.Chris Rico, Queen, Brad Butts, Escort Jamie Arnold, Attendant, Bret Way man. Escort Royalty Football Kathy Turkic, Attendant, Chad Scott, Escort Football Royalty: Top Row, L to R: Bret Wayman, Brad Butts, Chad Scott. Bottom Row, L to R: Jamie Arnold, Shauna Daniels, Chris Rico, Corey Moyer, Kathy Turkic.Tom Fagan, Honorable Mention Cary Fortner, Honorable Mention Trainers: C. Middendorf, J. Fairchild, B. Terry. Cheerleaders: Top: T. Neufield, S. Ger-lach, V. Phillips, S. Whetstone. Bottom: C. Howard, M. Tenorio. B team coaches discuss game strategy. B Team Squad: Top Row: B. Terry-, C. Middendorf, J. Fairchild, S. Jones. Top Row-1 to r: E. Huss, S. Lane, T Phillips, K. Baca, R. Meish, 5th. Row: C. Rankin, T. Dossey, J. Armstrong, M. Hall, C. Arroyo, R. Pudden, R. Baker. 4th. Row: L. Smith, K. Fry, R. Reusser, L. Pribble, K. Waymire, R. Rickards, M. Frikken, B. Baca, 3rd. Row: G. Fortner, T. Powers, S. Huss, B. Steinle, D. Simon, J. Unger, D. McKerracher, B. Caldwell. 2nd. Row: M. Whetstone, M. Holden, J. Hunter, M. Hartley, J. Venskus, S. Swayne, J. Ashby, B. Nichols. Bottom Row: R. Jones, M. Kraft, B. Headgepath, K. Pope, G. Sorensen, J. Armstrong, B. Nicholson. 77Jeff Arroyo, All-League Brad Butts, All-League Honorable Mention State Perry Caldwell, All-League Chad Scott, Honorable Mention League Terry Smith, Honorable Mention League Bret Wayman, Honorable Mention League Tom Jones, Honorable Mention League Craig Wyant Rod DankcrtRandy Reusser Bruce White Steve Ball Bill Baumgartner Paul Croxson Brad Bergmann Tim Hill, Kit Carson Stats Casey Stagner Troy Wayman, All-League Honorable Mention StateTim Hill Ed McDaniel Coach Brown gives his runners encouragement and instruction. Cross Country From L to R: Erin Stephens, Cheryl Williams, Courtney Gammon, Kendall Borthwick, Ed McDaniel, Steve Stein-bach, Tim Hill, Donna McDaniel, Randy Crook, Dale Walker. •Sr-SvZi Dale Walker kM V i Steve SteinbachCross Country — 1977 Our team consisted of eleven young athletes, including three girls, many competing for the first time in Cross Country. They were a very dedicated group of runners who worked hard and long each day and had fun while competing. The boys' team was comprised of five seniors and three juniors, while the girls consisted of one junior and two sophomores. We participated in seven meets including the regional. The best team finish was third place at Ark City. Individually, Kendall Borthv.ick and Courtney Cammon had excellent seasons. Courtney medaled in three meets and Kendall in seven including one first and three second place finishes. Kendall also qualified for the state meet and finished fourteenth out of a field of ninety-five runners. Good luck to our graduating seniors who gave so much of their time to make our program a success. _ 1 to r: R. Crook, C. Williams, C. Gammon, E. Stephens, K. Borthwick, D. McDaniel Thirsty Thin Clads Bill Brown, Cross Country Coach Cheney Regionals 81 Borthwick winning 4th at the regionalsI Team, top row, 1 to r: Coach Canfield, C. Soren-en, L. Pribble, M. Heatley, M. Smith, M. Storey, 1 tor: S. Klaus, V. Phillips, T. Williams, S. Hartley, P. Crowe, J. Elliott, L. Phillips, M. Ehrlich, C. Ray, S. Powers, B. Hardison, T. Neufeld, C. Melick, S. Chase, K. McCurdy, J. Tull. Sophomore Team, top row, 1 to r: T. Phillips, B. Hendricks, K. Waymirc, M. Wohlford, R. Baker, M. Storey, M. Smith, C. ortner, B. Higgs, E. Nelson, R. Jones, C. Arroyo, Coach Harding. Bottom row: J. Armstrong, D. McKerrachcr, B. Caldwell, T. Dossey, R. Crowley, S. Haas, B. Steinle, J. Staska, J. Unger, D. Landes.Wildcats Placed Second In Sub State Mulvane finished with an 8-14 record, third place finishing in the El Dorado Tourney, and finishing sub-state runncrup at Augusta. The team was led by seniors Dale Walker, Brad Butts, Jeff Arroyo, Chad Scott, and Steve Steinbach. Dale Walker was our leading scorer with a 14 point average and was selected to the All-Tourney-Team at El Dorado. Brad Butts led in assists and rebounds and was selected to the All-League Team. The 1978-79 team will consists of an impressive number of returning lettermen. err- Coaches Richard Canfield, Roger Pock, Ray Harding. lop row: P. Caldwell, B. Butts, S. Steinbach, C Fortner, C. Gammon, D. Walker, Coach Pock. Bottom row: C. Scott, K. Wyant, T. Fagan, T. Po.-.ers, G. Sorensen, J. Arroyo Varsity Basketball 1977-1978WUGl) Basketball 1978Chad Scott Steve Steinbach Jeff ArroyoCoaches Meg McCranaghan and Sandy Whetstone shoots a jump shot. Kim Elston, Vicki Phillips, and Cindy Bill Brown. Lawless follow the ball. Cindy Lawless and Kim Elston. BTeam: top row, 1. tor.: V. Phillips, J. Dankert, D. Standerfer, K. Cerlach, L. Hendricks, E. Stephens, Miss McCranaghan, coach. Bottom row: R. Randall, S. Whetstone, S. Martinez, S. Myers, C. Sarver. First row, top to bottom: C. Ray, S. Powers, B. Hardison, T. Neufeld, S. Chase, C. Melick, S. Hartley, T. Williams, S. Klaus. Second row: M. Ehrlich, J. Elliott, L. Phillips, P. Crowe, K. McCurdy, V. Phillips, J. Tull.G B P i a r r s 0 1 k g e r s t e b s a s 1 e 1 s Standing L to R: C. Johnson, V. Kill, L. Hendricks, D. Standerfer, S. Cerlach, K. Dody, Coach Bill Brown. Kneeling L to R: R. Randall, J. Dankert, J. Smith, S. Martinet, S. Whetstone. Not pictured: K. Elston. SECOND YEAR The girls' basketball program made excellent progress during its second year of competition. The team did not win as many games as it would have liked; however, valuable playing experience was gained which enabled the girls to be very competitive the final third of the season. This will be an important carryover for next year. Our varsity team had a record of 3-15. We lost four very close games which could easily have been in the win column. Our junior varsity-team established a winning trend with a record of 8-6. Good luck to our graduating seniors. Their devotion and hard work will be examples for our future teams to follow. YOU WILL BE SORELY MISSED! lO ojkj HEAD COACHJackie Smith Kathy Dody THE FIRST HOME WIN FOR MHS GIRLS' BASKETBALL FEB. 17, 1978 MULVANE VS. CIRCLE Cari Johnson Kathy tries for a jump ball. Cari goes for the basket. Top row; Carol Pulliam, Denise Standerfer, Rhonda Randall, Cindy Lawless, Carla Dicus, Sandy Whetstone, Jan Dankert. Bottom row; Kim Elston, Shecna Martinez, Vicki Kill, Coaches Meg McGranaghan, Bill Brown. Jackie attempts an interception.Queen Monica Smith Basketball Royalty Standing, 1 to r, Dale Walker, Perry- Caldwell, Jeff Arroyo. Seated, 1 to r, Peggy- Howe, Melanie Giles, Monica Smith, Michael Luhrs, Laura Daniels. Attendant Peggy Howe Attendant Laura DanielsVicki Phillips State Competitor (7th Place) Lisa Williams The gymnastics team relaxes after a meet at Newton. Nancy Milleson - V £ Coach Joe Johnson Debbie Batesel Gina DickeyGirls’ Gymnastic’s 1977 Team: Top Row, L to R: Lisa Williams, Vicki Phillips, Gina Dickey, Susan Reed. Bottom Row: Coach Johnson, Debbie Batesel, Lillian Phillips, Nancy Milleson. Horse: L. Phillips, V. Phillips, S. Reed, N. Milleson. 1977 was a rather successful season with four sophomores competing for the first time along with three returning girls from last year. Competition was against many 4-A schools. The highlight of the season was sophomore Vicki Phillips' fourth place finish on the beam in regional competition and seventh place in state competition on the beam. Coach Joe W. Johnson Bars: V. Phillips, D. Batesel.Standing L to R: Mrs. Winter, S. Gerlach, C. Johnson, L. Hendricks, K. Elston, K. Dody, J. Carney, J. Howard Kneeling L to R: M. Smith, S. Cage, J. Smith, R. Randall, S. Whetstone, B. Ray. Sitting L to R: S. Klaus, S. Martine2, C. Lawless, D. Standerfer, L. Lough. Volleyball 1977Toum. Team: L to R. Back Row: Mrs. Winter, Cari Johnson, Liz Hendricks, Kim Elston, Kathy Dody, Jane Carney, Julie Howard, Bottom Row: Monica Smith, Sheri Cage, Jackie Smith, Rhonda Randall, Sandy Whetstone, Bonnie Ray. Jr. V.B.: L to R: Shccna Martinez, Liz Hendricks, Mrs. Winter, Kim Elston, Sandy Klaus. Sr. V.B. L to R: Kathy Dody, Jackie Smith, Monica Smith, Sheri Cage, Julie Howard, Cari Johnson, Bonnie Ray. Volleyball Continues Its Winning Way! The history of volleyball in Mulvane had been one of success. This tradition was extended this season because of the work and dedication of the girls. During the season, the girls posted a 13-6 record. They won the Circle Invitational Tournament and placed 2nd in the regional playoffs. The quality' of girls' athletics in our league is extremely high. Our league has had 2 of the top 3 finishers in the state tournaments, for the past 2 years. To be able to compete successfully at this level, speaks highly of the girls at Mulvane High School. Coach Nancy Winter Soph. V.B. L to R: 1st Row: Mrs. Winter, 2nd Row: Sandy Whetstone, Jane Carney, 3rd Row: Shelly Cerlach, Rhonda Randall, 4th Row: Lori Lough, Cindy Lawless, 5th Row: Denise Standafcr. Kathy Dody Bonnie Ray Jackie Smith All League Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Julie Howard Sherri Cage Monica Smith Cari Johnson Coach Winter outlines game strategy. Courtney Gammon "Dimmer" SmithSenior Track Boys- Top Row: L. Myers, S. Ball, B. Butts, P. Cald- ■ well, E. Right. Bottom Row: C. Scott, E. McDaniel, J. Arroyo, B. Baumgartner. Girls Track- Top Row: S. Gerlach, D. Standerfer, J. Dankert, B. Ray V. Kill, R. Dody, C. Lawless, V. Phillips. Bottom Row: M. Smith, B Ratliff, D. Rich, J. Smith, M. Tenorio, C. Dicus. Coach McCranaghan Coach Winter Junior Track Team- Top Row: Teddy Powers, Kyle Parks, Chris Middendorf, Bottom Row: Kendall Borthwick, Bob Terry, Lon Pribble. Jackie Smith-STATE CONTESTANT Coaches Harding, Brown, Sophomore Track Team-Top Row: Dennis McKcrracher, Bill Caldwell, Rick Baker, Middle Row: Joel Unger, Chris Rankin, Charlie Martin, Mike Puddcn. Bottom Row: Jim Rickards, David Terrell, Mark Young, Scott Lane. HallB Team Cheerleaders, 1 to r: Vicki Phillips, Shelly Cerlach, Sandy Whetstone, Tammy Neufeld, Missy Tenorio, Carlene Howard.A TEAM CHEERLEADERS: L to R: Jeannine Tull, Sherry Myers, Renee Haas, Carla Ott, Kathy Turkle, Kim ElstonSheena Martinez poses with the ' 'Point of Know Re turn'' poster. TUNNEL WORKERS: Standing, L to R; M. Holden, C. Mic dendorf, R. Eggleston, T. Fagan. Seated, L to R; L. Hendricks, K. Hurd, S. Martinez, T. Wayman.Kathy Turkle and Craig Wyant Su Chase and Tom Jones SR. Pres. Bret Wayman JR. Pres. Troy WaymanPom Pon Group 1 With Their Camp Trophies L to R: Sandy Klaus Monna Ehrlich, Tracey Antic, Sarah Hartley, Janet Elliott, Lillian Phillips, Vicki Phillips, Patty Crowe. Not pictured: Teresa Jones Fancy Footwork Old Settlers Pom Pon Group tt 1 gives special thanks to Mrs. Weller, our sponsor. Shelly KlausJeannine Tull, Captain, Kristi McCurdy, Su Chase, Cindy Melick, Mrs. Winter, sponsor, Tammy Neufeld, Brenda Hardison, Shari Powers, Connie Ray Feeling Free Pom Pon Group 2 Truckin’ mPom-Pons The Pom Pon girls have always shown great halftime entertainment. This year, there have been many changes in the Pom Pon girls' duties. Stuco voted on an amendment to do away with basketball cheerleaders and to have the Pom Pon girls take their place. This has kept all these girls very busy with before and after school practice, cheering at games, pep rallies, plus halftime performances. To lessen the load, the squad was divided into two groups which were led by Jeannine Tull, head, and Lillian Phillips, assistant. The Pom Pon girls would like to thank Mrs. Winter, Mrs. Weller, Mr. Powers and his pep band. Juniors Sophomores Back row, 1 to r, Sandy Klaus, Vicki Phillips, Tracey Williams, Mrs. Weller, sponsor, Sarah Hartley, Patty Crowe, Mrs. Winter, head sponsor, Janet Elliott, Mornia Ehrlich, Lillian Phillips. Front row, Connie Ray, Tammy Neufeld, Jeannine Tull, Brenda Haridson, Su Chase, Cindy Melick, Kristi McCurdy, Shari Powers. Not pictured: Teresa Jones  GRADUATIONJanet Tefft-Salutatorian Kathy Dody-Valedictorian Steve Ball presents Mr. Bill Parker Regina Davis and Kathy Trukle-BPW with an Outstanding Teacher Award Award Scott Shook, David Moon, Janet Tefft, Mary Farter, Shari Powers- Music Awards State Scholars: B. Bergmann, A. Montgomery, T. Hill, D. Moon, C. Madding, J. Tefft, E. McDaniel, L. Phillips, S. Shook, L. Daniels, D. Reece, J. Arnold, N. Ratliff, P. Caldwell, P. Howe. asonic Awards: M. Head, J. Cockrell, B. Way-in, J. Tefft ence Awards: Scott Shook, American Legion Award: Janet Tefft d Bergman ] and Steve Steinbach Standing Ovation for Mr. Bill Parker Roger Rankin, PrincipalSeniors A-M: Top Row: P. Champagne, B. Downs, R. Elliott, B. Bower, M. Clasen, R. Cash, R. Bennett, M. Head, D. Allred, P. Croxson, 6th Row: R. Carter, K. Copeland, B. Baumgartner, B. Bcrgmann, P. Caldwell, B. Butts, T. Jones, R. Dankert, D. Lawless, J. Giles, D. Harvey. Sth Row: J. Cockrell, M. Connet, F. Coverdill, J. Arroyo, R. Aimes, K. Butcher, R. Hartley, S. Ball, J. Cornett, R. Cook. 4th Row: M. Bout?, B. Kimble, K. Coon, K. Hartman, D. High, S. Head, E. Right, B. Fast, C. Cehring, T. Hill, K. Carson. 3rd Row: T. Antic, D. Dodd, R. Haas, C. Johnson, S. Gage, D. Daily, L. Daniels, J. Howard, K. Dody, D. Bonner, S. Evans, K. Jones. 2nd Row: M. Clasen, G. Day, D. Bowers, D. Burris, S. Chase, K. Kauffman, D. Henson, S. Hamilton, B. Holden. 1st Row: J. Davis, T. Clark, R. Booth, L. Gwinup, B. Elliott, R. Davis, B. Francisco, M. Kraus, D. Batesel, B. Flagler, K. Osborn, P. Howe. The Class Of ’78 Is Great!!! Seniors N-Z: Top Row: B. Rader, S. Phillips, M. Schmitt, J. OJiphant, J. Peak, D. Reese, C. Stagner, A. Munoz, K. Rickard, L. Williams, D. Mitchell, M. Maxwell. 5th Row: T. Smith, J. Perkins, K. Phillips, D. Walker, C. Terhune, K. Ross, R. Ncecc, M. Ward, J. Rios, D. Moon, G. Madding, K. Massey. 4th Row: S. Stull, M. Phillips, B. White, M. Persels, L. Schippers, C. Scott, B. Wayman, C. Wyant, S. Steinbach, S. Shook, E. McDaniels, L. Myers. 3rd Row: J. Tull, K. Turkle, S. Powers, M. Smith, B. Ray, J. Smith, L. Phillips, N. Ratliff, S. Sherfield, K. Waymire. 2nd Row: F. Spicer, J. Reed, J. Teft, D. Dchnittkcr, S. Smith, J. Stevenson, S. Rambo, V. Smith, T. Schlick, N. Milleson, L. May. 1st Row: J. Powell, C. Rico, D. Struble, C. Ott, R. Owens, C. Pulliam, R. Williams, J. Mahlandt, T. Turner, B. Wilson. Stuco’s Choice Of Steve Steinbach most likely to succeed Kathy Turkle most likely to succeed Dave Lawless best sense of humor Mary Farber best sense of humor Ken Copeland best artist 108 Scott Shook best musician Shari Powers best musician Tom Jones best dressedSenior Stars! ★ ★ Chris Rico best personality Chad Scott best personality Jennifer Ball best artist Kathy Dody best athlete Brad Butts best athlete 109 Kelle Kauffman best dressed Renee Haas best shop student Rod Dankert best shop studentMrs. Thomason, head junior sponsor Mr. Adkins counsels Kim Robbins Ed Huss, Troy Wayman, Lowell Ester receive magazine sale prizes from Kr. Kerns. COMPLIMENTS OF JIM KERNS Kathy Murphy, Patti Crow, and Kendall Borthwick were responsible for much of the success of the magazine sales. Junior English TERM PAPER TIME!Keith Askins Larry Jan-ett Jim LanzrathIMrs. Mauricia Kraus and daughter Marsha Mr. Kimble REAL ESTATE SALES FARM LOANS CARSON-CAMPBELL, INC. 200 W. MAIN MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 Tom Fagan shoots a free throw E What a fast car! ! Does Chad wear Hanes?pr . ' ALPO DOC FOOD COMPLIMENTS OF THE MULVANE WEEKENDER GREEN G WHITE SCRIMMAGE Bobby Kimble and Brent Carey like to studyAMYDEL f- DUANE BURNS Flowers for all occasions Local and out of town orders handled promptly. ROWAN'S FLOWER GIFT SHOP 109 W. Main Mulvane, Ks. Phone 777-1091 From L to R; Dana Anstey, Cyndi Mobley, Jody Olson, Kristi Bums. 000600(] | 116 rMr. Frank Carson Nancy Ratliff and her mother at the M.H.S tea Steve Ball Heads for a Stuco meeting. Tim Hill Jerry Kelson and Scoot Shook.Carla Bryant Norman Die us Darrell Allred Dewey Sweet DERBY BOWL 444 S. Baltimore Derby, Kansas Special Attention Given to School and Church Parties League Bowling Derby Bowl Owners Jim Perkins Larry Smith Group of 5 Girls Group Picture Roger Neece N. Winter 0 T. Munoz Kelly Massey Kevin Wyant Mark PoteeteCOMPLIMENTS OF MR. BURGER Nancy MiUeson Teresa ClarkCARSON-CAMPBELL insurance JOI IN STU1ILSAT 200 WEST MAIN MULVANE, KS. 67110 (316) 777-0121 , Bruce White, Brad Borgmann Kit Carson. Standing, 1 to r; Brad Fast, Jeff Arroyo Thad Scott, Bill Baumgartner. Seated; Fun with sports! K-15 Plata Derby, Kansas 67037 7SS-1342 Friendly People Who Want To Serve You! GOOD LUCK, GRADUATES! THE MULVANE NEWSBILL BROWN, INSTRUCTOR TERM PAPER DUE DATE! A MODEL CLASS AMERICAN HISTORY 6 Hr.Congratulations Seniors' from KRAUS RENTAL CONSTRUCTION Kenny £ Mauricia Kraus, ownersDavid Terrell, Mark Champagne, Roy Van Deest, Mr. Fairchild instructor. Jim Fairchild, Mr. Schreiner, Mike FrikkenPhone (316)777-1926 Jobber Products WAYMAN SIMON OIL COMPANY 505 Park Clydo Wayman, Jr. Mulvane, Kansas 67110 Bret Wayman, senior class president Troy Wayman, junior class president F o 0 t b a 1 1 R 0 y a 1 t yRadit Jh ek ••w n« a i ( d UAAJCI SALE MULVANE RADIO TV RADIO SHACK It's the Service after the sale that counts 24 Hour Service No. 777-1041Chris Rankin, Ed Huss, Don Oliphant, Tim Reese, Pepper Oliphant, and Don Reese. Roger Rankin and Bobby Ivins Chris, Ed and Tim study and eat. Harold Perkins and Pepper Music for fun! Tim, Joe and Pepper just study! Skip Day1 to r: Sarah Salander, Kim Waymire, Becky Wilson, Ed McDaniel, Carol Sarver, Sandy Klaus, Donna McDaniel, Troy Dossey, Tom Fagan, Vicki Ash, Grant Sorenson, Donna Hicks, Robin Driskill. (TEHART IRWIN LEGION post. O MULVANE KANSAS m r jfak .• iSi'lfe ■HR This page sponsored by THE AMERICAN LEGION Boys' State: Lane Myers, Greg Madding, Marvin Connet, Steve Stcinbach. Girls' State: J. Tull, J. Smith. THE PROM BAND Nancy WinterLENTZ LAPIDARY AND ROCK SHOP •Jewelry -Mountings •Petrified Wood •Clocks 'Cutting Materials •Ash Trays -Desk Sets Bookends Everything For The Rockhound Hobbyist 2 Miles West of Mulvane on Highway 53Back Row: L to R-, R. Huckstep, S. Evans, S. Sher-field, M. Smith, C. Scott, M. Kraus, T. Jones, E. Right, J. Peak, J. Oliphant, D. Moon. Middle Row: L to R; D. Sweet, S. Cage, T. Schlick, B. Wayman, S. Chase, J. Tefft, M. Farber, C. Day, J. Reed, J. Howard, B. Ray. Front Row: L to R; K. Waymire, S. Rambo, P. Howe, T. Williams, K. Batesel, N. Millc-son, J. Smith, K. Jones, D. Bonner, R. Davis, B. Wilson, M. Clascn. Back Row: L to R; S. Mead, A. Erb, K. Hurd, M. Collins, B. Hedgepath, M. Whetstone, J. Day, S. Pycatt, R. Eggletson, L. Pribble, L. Jarrett. Front Row: L to R; B. Nickleson, C. Mid-dendorf, D. Pfingston, S. Craig, T. Davis, C. Mahlandt, C. Sumpter, S. Williams, J. Oliphant, E. Nungesser, D. Vanzant.Congratulations, Seniors! from the PIZZA PEDDLER 1550 N. Hillside Wichita, Ks. 682-2280 Owned and operated by Joe Fairchild and Deb Luffman Pizza Peddler Aar Joe Fairchild Jerry Nelson and Ron Adkins Jim Fairchild cooks a delicious pizza. Kevin Pope Bill Fairchild Mark HoldenDefib if CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES from JAC’S DERBY IGAWALK?” CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS FROM PAPENHAUS OIL COMPANY 211 S. FIRST 777-1071THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY Mr. and Mrs. Dean Milligan PAUL AND ALICE CLARK Paula Clark C Mark Smith Laura Dawn Paula ClarkOpen Monday Thru Saturday - Evening Women £ Men Hairstyling 777-1901 409 Franklin Mu!vane RedKen Dean Hamilton OwnerSONIC HAPPY EATING I LAX BURGERS ONION RINGS(316)777-1961 INSURED COCKRELL CLEANING SERVICE INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL L RESIDENTIAL Third hour English IV, top row, L to r: J. Howard, K. Copeland, D. Daily, C. Gehring, S. Evans, B. Fast, J. Cockrell, R. Hartley, S. Cage, M. Boutz. bottom row: K. Dody, J. Mahlandt, S. Hamilton, S. Smith, K. Jones, M. Clascn. Mr. C Mrs. Jerry Jones JJ AUTO PARTS SERVICE (Formerly COW Auto Supply) Also Cives Mulvane A New Full Service Garage Joe Smith-Mechanic 3873MULVANLKANS, FORTNER BROTHERS Compliments of Work study, first semester, 1. to r.: Bottom row, K. Phillips, D. Allred, M. Turner, T. Poteete, R. Williams, R. Dankert, D. Lawless, P. Croxson, R. Elliot, B. Flagler. Middle row: K. Butcher, B. Holden, S. Hamilton, V. Smith, D. Dodd, T. Schlick, D. Bowers, D. Burris, J. Mahlandt. Top row: M. Maxwell, B. Downs, R. Haas, M. Clarkson, B. Bower, K. Schott, J. Giles, K. Massey, M. Ward, L. Williams, D. Harvey, S. Chapman.irtS'.irij Congratulations to the 1978 Seniors Robin and Rhonda Owens Rhonda Owens From 115 N. First DEAN OWENS 777 - 1233i Becky Flagler and Scott Jones C.B. RADIOS • SCANNERS • INSTALLATIONS • SERVICE FLAGLER DISTRIBUTORS R.R. 1, BOX 138 MULVANE, KANSAS 67110 1 MILE SOUTH OF K-53 G 1 EAST OF U. S. 81 JACK FLAGLER - KJK-0406 - "OLE" LEATHER PHONE 777 - 4420 HONOR A BREAKJC PENNEY Towne East Square Kellogg C Rock Rd. Ph. 685-6261 Open 9:30-9:30 Sun. 1-61822 S. MEAD • WICHITA, KANSAS 67211 SNOW WARS! ! ! HENRY J. PHILLIPS, JR. PRESIDENT 26S-4168 26S-8731JIM HIGH Plumbing, Heating G Air Conditioning 11691 S. Greenwich Road Mulvane, Ksyam tfamriesm cmd estate tSBcvnk SINCE 1907- MEMBER F. D.I.C. HE HANT TO BE YOUR BANK FARMERS AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK OF DERBY WESTERN AUTO Your Home Owned Family Store Merle G Mary Cannon 110W. Main 777-1591 330 E. Madison 788-2811 Mulvane Good Luck, Seniors! from BERNADINE’S BEAUTY SHOP 777-1554 523 S. Central JAKE'S BARBER SHOP Jake Moyers Haircutting G Styling 213 B. W. Main 777-4921 BALFOUR JEWELRY'S FINEST CRAFTSMEN PIZZA JOHN'S Home of Round Meals and Flat Snacks 208 S. Baltimore Bill Ban- Box 432 Salina, Kansas 67401 (913) 827-7013 MARQUISE STUDIOS 788-2011 1 11 Derby, Kansas 65 Years Experience So Very Dependable Enid, OklahomaEthel Nungessor and Debbie Kimble. Marsha Kraus Diane and Mary Daily Kenney G Mauricia Kraus, Owners Dennis G Debbie Kimble, Managers Congratulations to the Seniors! from the DAIRY KING Connie Baughn Mike Whetstone Escape!Congratulations To The '78 Graduates From ILL'S MULVANE STANDARD SERVICEDICK S PLUMBING Congratulations And Best Wishes to the Graduates of 1978 INGALLS DR. L. A. ROBINSON Appliances and T.V. 's 777-1571 104 West Main Mulvane, Kansas EVELYN'S BEAUTY SHOP '‘Keep Smiling" 404 Martha 777-1522 SELLER’S PRESCRIPTIONS • COSMETICS • GREETING CARDS . RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES • PHOTO FINISHING • GIFTS MFA INSURANCE DEPENDABLE SERVICE and PROTECTION for LIFE - HEALTH - HOME-and-CAR 1S4( n 3 - $£ $Err EZ T- ( HCTOe PrPH- Joe joHneon- (6 MUTTER. Bu6)- zra6TR.u c toRjMULVANE TRUE VALUE HOME CENTER 201 W. Main Mulvane, Ks. 67110 Mrs. McCord counsels Matt Cole Joe Belden Kipp Waymire American CothicJohnny Carson skit Basketball HomecomingGARNETT’S AUTO SUPPLY NO. 4 619 N. Baltimore 788-1553 or 788-0212 GARNETTAUTO MULVANE COOPERATIVE UNION Mulvanc Phone 777-1122 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! from DR. THOMASON 118 East Main Mulvane 777-1151 SENTER-MULVANE MORTUARY LEEKER'S WE APPRECIATE PEOPLE! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1978! 267-9357 K-15 and Pawnee 1S8 Phone PR7-1632 Norma R. Senter John R. Senter Mulvane, Kansas A-ONE AUTO SALVAGE GOOD LUCK, SENIORS! 7335 SOUTH BROADWAY 524-3273 Haysville, Kansas NORDEN PLUMBING “If you need a plumber bad, you need him good" Ted Norden Doris Norden 777-1171 MULVANE, KANSASwalls m 82812 M M»7S AtomGIFTS-CRAFT: Compliments of B G E GIFT SHOPPE Mulvane, Kansas COMPLIMENTS OF THE LAWLESS BROTHERSB B SPORTING GOODS, INC. 412 State Street, Box 567 Augusta, KS 67010 (316)77S-5031 Hair Styles For Men And Women Judy Jones, Owner Debbra Wcssels Stephanie Wharry Stylists Buck Lecdom Bob Jackson Res. (316) 775-5061 Res. (316) 775-582S Pauline Hembroff, Receptionist HEAD HUNTERS HAIR SHOP Phone 777-1083 ROBERT S RECREATION Quality Homes Under Construction In Settler's Addition Will Build To Suit In Your Location Bodine Construction Realty Co. Charles Velma 223 Pioneer Place 777-1602 162 Robert Pulliam, Owner (Pool - Snooker - Dominoes) 108 N. Second 777-9978 PIX BARBER SHOP Complete HAIR Care 777-4121 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Seniors of 1978 from DR. AND MRS. DALE CARR SELF SERVICE HIGHLANDER LAUNDRY Mulvane and Third 777-9957 Hours: Mon. thru Sat. 5:30 AM to 8:30 PM Sunday: 9 AM to 6 PMHenderson’s TEXACO STOP AT Ralph Henderson, Owner LARSENS SERVICE 7771231 Ask The Family That Owns One' flM ■ Mini •linn' Maytag • Zenith • Frigidaire • Corning • Conoco • Lee « • S r»K« DERBY HOME AUTO Bf Goodrich • Kelvinator • KitchenAid • Firestone 130 EAST MADISON-DERBY-PH. 7 88-1530 LARSEN'S AUTO SERVICE 106 S. First Mulvane, KS 777-1231 Recreational Vehicles Mallard Red Dale Forest Fifth Wheels Mini-Homes Congratulations And Best Wishes To The Graduates of 1978 DR. L.H. COBB SULLIVAN CARPETS DORSEYS REX AIL DRUGSTORE 206 S. Baltimore Derby, KS 788-1541 E. EUGENE BULLINGER, A.I.A. ARCHITECT Hail C. Pettit, A.l.A. Architect 117 S. Hydraulic Avenue Wichita, KS 67211 AIR CAPITAL SPORTING GOODS INC. The Coaches' Choice Your Choice, Too! Phone 263-8401 Arly Messner 943- 1427 1424 E. 25th North Wichita, kansasifT Trustworthy m M £ M HARDWARE ENGLISH REALTY INC. 200 E. Madison, Derby Co-owners James L. Minson David W. Mize Congratulations to the Seniors of '78. When the day comes you need a new home, remember us.Joy Reed and Tammy Turner This page Sponsored By CHIB JIM REED Primary Aides Top Row, L to R; Tracey Williams, Darla Bowers, Bertie Clark, Beth McCormick, Kim Waymire, Jane Davis, Joe Oliphant. Bottom Row, L to R; Debbie Henson, Debbie Batesel, Joy Reed, Guylene Day, Ka ren Jones, Kclle Kauffman, Ronda Crawford, Renee Haas, Ron Cash.rauroi 0 ••• • nwiuii V vs A W(»«OJ1KUIO MIUMI yA l« 'M Congratulations from: COFFEY INSURANCE FOUR SEASONS GREINERS MULVANE PHARMACY SAFEWAY THE PRINT SHOP Commercial Printing of All Kinds 103 Prather Mulvane, Kansas 170 Congratulations to the Class of 1978 C S CONSTRUCTION Chris and Stan Wilmeth 777-4591SUBURBAN FORD K-15 at Derby 788-1543 These vans and drivers are ready to roll from the Suburban Ford lot: 1 to r; Paul DeHaven, Chris Middcndorf, Gerald Stegner, Johnathan Hunter, Darwin Pfingsten. WEEKDAYS 8-9 SAT. 8-6 SUN. 1-6DCNUiirui nuaco 7.50 07 CASH A CARRY • Miss Fran and Jody Gonsalves admire a beautiful plant SPECIALIZING IN WEDDING AND CATERING: DESIGNS BY ELAINE DERBY FLORAL GIFT SHOPPE 01, NORTH BALTIMORE, BUS. PH. 788-2861 RES. MULVANE 777-4189, DERBY, KANSAS Docs anyone hear wedding bells? Carmel Burke, Becky V magazines. ray, and Jolene Day leaf through floralOAKS MOTELCHARLES REALTY Robert Glaser Scott Mize and Bill Parker Kevin RossTop: M. Smith, J. Stevenson. Middle: R. Crawford R. Owens, N. Milleson. Bottom: P. Caldwell, B. Butts, S. Ball, D. Walker. Back: D. Daily, K. Copeland, B. Butts, R. Carter, C. Wyant A. Montgomery. Front: C. Pulliam, S. Cage, C. Rico, R. Crawford, B. Ray, B. Clark, N. Milleson, M. Persels.W RSWrAL . BETTY'S nSTAJZANT Al. BFTTY S RESTAURANT 113 MAIN STREET HOME STYLE COOKING-FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE REASONABLE PRICES also try our PIZZA DEN ! Pizza made to order, to go or eat in! PHONE 777-1931WILSON LAKE Kathy Turkle and Shari Powers V Spring Prom Shari's best beau The iv.o-week wonderSOMNAMBULIST MUMMERY EBULLIENT IMPETUS ERUDITE DIDACTIC GOURMET MELANCHOLIC LETHARGIC FACETIOUS STENTORIAN GREGARIOUSMethodist Youth Fellowship Steve Steinbach MYF President WMRl The FirebirdTop: B. Bergmann, E. McDaniel, B. White, K. Carson, J. Oliphant, B. Baumgartner, Second: M. Persels, Third: B. Bower, L. Schippers, R. Elliot, P. Croxson, M. Phillips, S. Stull, J. Giles.THE BRICKHOUSE THREE Perry Caldwell, Brad Butts, Steve BallGymnastics Snow Fight Pyramid Nancy Milleson , Randy, Monica, Nancy, and Scott“Memories light the comers of my mind Misty, water-colored memories... Compliments of the Rico family IShSoy ifs the laughter we will remember Whenever we remember - the way we were -lyrics by Alan Marilyn Bergman 197BILL BAILEY BULLDOGS A STEER DURING TIE FFA RODEORick Eggleston, Design Award Winner Susan Pyeatt Randy Eggleston and his colt.STUDENTS SUNNING ON THE SCHOOL STEPS BOBBY KINtBLE AND SHANA MEADTop Row: L to R; B. Wayman, C. Scott, K. Carson, E. Kight, S. Ball, R. Stansbury, J. Giles, J. Arroyo. Middle Row: L to R; B. Bergman, E. McDaniel, S. Day, R. Rucsser, J. Coronet, J. Coronett, T. Smith, M. Perscls, S. Shook. Bottom Row: L to R; T. Powell, B. White, R. Dankert, C. Wyant, D. Lawless, P. Caldwell, B. Butts, T. Hill. Marsha Kraus and Paul Croxsonfc4 •ryw'r ii ■ V»X.Congratulations to the Graduates from STARBIRD PRODUCTIONS BRYANT BOWER AND PLAYMATE DEBRARon Dwyr Ron Dwyr, a sophomore who recently moved to Mulvane from California, enjoyed his hobbies of working on car engines and dune buggies. He was also an avid sports fan, particularly of cross country skiing. His favorite school subjects were welding and math. Mulvane students and faculty were shocked and saddened to hear of Ron's death in an accident during the summer of 1977.Compliments of the REVEREND RENNIE BERRY. Q igBill Parker Gets A New Angle On Life Mulvane High School is losing one of its best teachers when Bill Parker leaves the classroom on May 26 to devote full time to his extensive fanning activities. Bill has taught algebra and geometry at MHS for twenty years. Students who have been lucky enough to be in his classes say that he really cares about each one of his students, and carefully explains each problem until everyone understands it. Occasionally, though, a loud noise, such as a ruler whacking the desk, has been needed to keep a student's attention on math. The students and the faculty will miss Bill Parker. We extend best wishes to him, his wife Dorothy, and their family. WILLIAM C. PARKER  — —-— t 

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