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4,.f 4. N.-.,...,. R' Y 1 Q I zzrsala' l gh Q. ,,M.,, , .. :m:fsfvfew.efa-f J 501 If 1 1 1,,., ,. .. . .V . If , 4 - - . ,,W,,,r . W 4,,,....-,f . USS MULLANY D D 5 2 8 1 9 6 S WESTPAC CRUISE if YASMA 2 1 -' A-44. MB ,.+, 'M' Eff' I f ,.........,. S s-...,-. I f' fl UNION OF sown' SOCIALIST REPUBUC5 ,H mourn ' -t -- s VL of Ryu-ann. ...wp- ,QW wi ' X. ...A- Sin Diego to beg,m hcr scl buoy tfwestcrly course was Welc optunlstxo fin' :1 pleasant transit day and fo1 thc of the passfx e heavy m1sc1y of CVL1yODC on boald ,four days A bl 1ef lmterlude from the for all hands plrtxclllarly those who su.f ou1 s of the island md gqnel al relaxatxon lefaving.Hawa11 bl Lef fuelxng, stops were made at weather enroute to Ja,pa,f1,,e f1rst Port ofC1l1 mstead of Y t'o"St1b1c ,Lh11e'e"'l'1ect1c days of upkeep was neccssury after the thg M-ULLA Ya15f1,aaxag..the nuclcar shlps USS E N QDLGN 355 the role of escort and plane "chased" the carrxer ready to assist for the earner from poss1ble enemy attack U complenon of thxs ay d of general upkeep a day long picnic at Grande t l hen deta d to proceed pn tts f1rst'ass1gfxngx nt in-nhva IVLUBLANY was assrgned to a "h'6t sp JUS?"-, mounftng Twenty thrceldays wtzlare. ent 1n y and might Hung misslons new f1red enemy and ensure that he felt the' Lrd ' to"maintain a constant 518-ie lenlsh a1nmLTn1ti'wn'a'Tld-fUl?L- 'the task. The crew nTGt e was requested QL agam jomed USS ENILRPRISE CYAN- 60 for t l"T" . . ana rn ved1a.5a25ht54ll'Sfgf'32I'fffiw3gu 0 mg tl1e"'IiUel'tsyT'.h01l1's as fl rcely upkeep wms com13f6tedQ"Alt'w'1sft e t0 W returneflmto gunfn e suppoggo 1'1 xons ,,,,,,,,,.,,, proceed south to tllgpklm rang, A Out V1ct C ongjn tlie-kcpzwtiwl -nu, . Io, .r Wm 'fn W...- 1 s f 1-. 'I IOIT L1ty" oll. 0-re I' ..w.....1 1 f G., f 1, ff G' ! I LLL -141 Oxxxl 55A it " N06 sf X l 'ig . fs.-- iaifdg G? N lk , 6 PACIFIC OCEAN f 'FDXJVTVQSI x.. K7 XXQIN4 , mnuarmmummmwmmim ...pq nn-nu MA 'W qu- avr 'N fasymuannammvuuwm mam: X ,.., nncavoanozcfnl ' . scAun.m.nonuvr Wk X NOTE Thabamduhsshaun ponusuwun pplvdlllilvhil L, "WN - . NOTE TOR uduyncvsslh Ggpdhlli- Taking departure from Singapo B ULLANY headed south cr ssing the equator and entering the Kingdom of Neptunu. "Rt-ax Lord of the Rolling Main The engines were stopped and the lowly pollywog xx ere issued mto the mysteri s of the deep and soon F' arose as shiny new shellbacfks 'H'- 2 Soon MULLANY was back in he environment of the Vietnam ast This time it was survei ance operations in the Tonk r 'Gulf Finally the long aw ited day arrived and a 0- course was set for the Pearl of the 9 'ent Hong Kong There a fun filled days were spent shopping and touring the city. ,QT ...- All hands took advantage of the vast' 4 o merchandise and upon our departure everything from pearls to hand . - e - o if-found stowed throu ho'U1r-t too soon the Hong Kong v' ' was ov f dfth - ssignment the . as, a n 1 sisted of o ' iding protection to t ' cruiser .agai .. ,sea an : 2s'urfa'c'5'e affac s . e provided important se f ices to carr-sez: t gqipgctg a d from targets in I -pow vietnam YP . f-- Home" wc' - L On 9 July the MULLANY ained her guns centerline a d..t.u s he W C M ' Vietntm for this tour com eted While in gbnye-0mr.xa:c'z0ne 'Uveri . ' . T'-'Ni pro- ' A gb jeptiles were expendedb MULLANY against the enemy and in o ' , . e Q- jxf-Ed-l1l1e""" ' X W 1 'praise and thanks of gr forces throughout her areas of opera ions! 6' ' 5 A: After a brief stop i Subfc Bay MULLANY joined up with the SS,G3ALl' ' ti I ,,,, - X NZXXX :I and USS HENRY B ' ILSON: QDDG-71 and commenced the long vo age home viable A' f --L-Zealand The ta ' group-'viiriie in passage to New Zealand stea ed through manjjdv-'1 4 I 4 where great ha l battles c5fEWorld Wa II were fought , Q! I 4 On 18 July ULLANY12?i1tered the Bismarck Sea and a solem note entereiwith he1',!,H :menu . fFor here in 4 e Solomonsgwas fought the longest most vicious su face naval battle in 1 1 his ry e ming downY"The Slot " MULLANY followed the cou se of Japanese destroy ' M' -- , , ers nbc amed thg 'floxkyo Expresswllandi-entered-Sa .-.. . ' U 1- D' year ago ith names like Rabaul Bongainville Vella La vell Savo 2trfd"Gt1a'dalcanal .ff uno' s rounding er MULLANY did not forget her sisterships restin quietly in Ironbottom 1 und Pausing on peaceful waters once torn asunder by torpedo s and shattered ships, tribute was-paid to the thousands of brajve shipmates who sleep b ow forever Continuing ' 1 1 - south MUL"L3ANjL began preparations for Operation LONGEX with the Royal New Zealand 1 ' 'A ' .-.Navy Arriviryg-Gin afkuvklland New Zealand on 26 July the American s ips Jomed a fleet of war -s-hip's'represept-ing four allied nations 1 This fleet composed of s ips from the American, 1 ' - --,-Niew3,ZeaTand,"'Australian and British navies had been assemblin since mid-July in pre scam A " . for Uperaftion LONGEX LONGEX consisted of a four d 1 exercise to test com , binejd1',cQ1fp6yf'submarine andiaircrafttdefense capabilities . o rfonnedadmirably - , well under'boi-staroHS weather conditions and again reaffirmed t iat allied nations can .- operate effectively i1-E-oinb-nayaLoperations Returning to Auckland, MULLANY enjoyed """ the warm and friendly hospitality of New Zealand Despite the friendly reception of New I- M. '- Zealand hm-any of the crew were suffer1ng from "cl'ia'nnel fever? ' anticipation of the not too distant return to San Diego and their loved ones. 'O-' - .- an cp-n 5,- , Y . 11111111111 un ml u 1 111, U, , , 1 ' ' : Uni 4 ' 111, 1 -- -' Xml 0010 nm.-1 -' A 1 f ' is Q Qx ' o I F xyx 02 mg-QT ann-no-n 'Ann' 3 9 Z " li 4 N IQ cancun- f'-"' 2 . 1 Q ul 1 X' li 5-5 can- yi 1 N ' ,-Lsourn rAc1rfc OCEAN sg ,Q -- 1' ,i 1 'I "" I + g 5 +. 3 nu. l .Q ess. Q 3 E 3 fl '-3 annum-n ii N :mann Q ma nil' "'4"" 4 a 3' 'f 1 , "N ' ' 'r xx' f A ,A . ' af ,,w.'1,. , . . -1: - . 5 ' , S f,.i1-wu,l.'iifaf3 i., ig .alloy 4 1 1' y , .... ,f Z a- at A 1 I 1" .nf 0 Q.-5 l , - ' tiff." Q"-' ' , . 4t if an ff f 1 at if is va-ff 5.1 ' 'V I ff -.'5'i'xs.1 33-'lf :"c'-- 1 ' i, ,, 4 . . 1 . 1. va ,-N 5,1 - Lt .1 N mf: ' 'X 'V 7' l it f 1 if 1 A .. ... In-I A J P ..z,.'-kxjfr -H .a,-I Un ,D -mx W 1 we R I . CI nun ,. .ft bxtyr, vu-in u-nas -an. 1 2 --- ' 1. 1 ' ... ,, x - ,.. ' ...... fp' ' mx -V I an Yw:?'z, 7 1 N f . ' ' N."-.,, wwf", ik-fm, ' :, i 1 , -wh.. x 'A'::,g .M-.3 4 'ini P-fm:-FA4 3.1 X, 0 4 X, ,..- L 3- 1 ' A ,... , 5, Q, 1 -. fr -.i. -' - f u lu I 1 ' .:3m,"+..--'S, 1 1 - ' R . 5, , K -74 3-gonna m 1 l 3 'lg novuovoa N' .4 , 1 V 1 D . ngi uwnpuaeunnnaolanuoabv 6. 'l " 'G . U' ' X 3 V i x ' ff' 1-.- ui- 1 4 - . I.. 4 . . il il 1 O 1' il ' s' ua- cu Q i , vl rr , ' ' ' hu , ' vr -I 1 E S . -- V , ..-, 1JNu,1eo STAGT. I M-A "rAcur1c oceuulrf . . ..- .1 . . . Q l . , , 4 ' E1 . vv , vv ' , " ' C ,, wp, ,,,,,,,, 1 cum.-an . IJ V K 9 ' an- can , 4 Uv- V Q -N , sqm . 1 - sh x lv u ' ' , Q -1 -1- .G ,4-n . . ' -l -ii" :TQ . 1 "' " Z0 .P ..f-'-'f'- " A "shotgun" for the I' LONG BEAC QCLGNT- .- e Tonkin Gul 1 ,-he assignment con J .- 1 .... xx ' f 1 -' 1 , -- . 0' k Q 2, ' "" -.- 4 W ' . - ' ' """" ' : , Q. : . ' - ' """:,'1fd"',: N... xxzfn-an '-nv-vnu N un hal' ' "ix XX so-or X -.iv 0 -4- 1 ,,,. ,Q f 1 12' ,,,, J c,,,,,,.. G-A-.I ., u W.-E a U -my-an 1. -.2 ' :LT bu an-up ' N0 ' X 4 ' 'c4P'V" . , - - -- - xx. in- na.. ,,.,,- ,, ' 3 Lg is fl: ,. o f a- 1 'x , - ,.:,, f 1 -. rl 'v ,,,,.,,. .... . "' 1 '-"' ....-D 0" A . . ' S g 1 , ""' . ' ,. 7 ' ' wma ' 3. 1 ' f ' ----4 """' ' 'r 3, .....f.- N -1 . .ui L . , , su ,M , 1 I Va lanes.-5. l 0 . X , ,f',,s"T ' 1 1 my 43 U gn-as-A x X 1 -5 ...i-.-::.:' . - z 3 F" nab I . ,J is 1 ! . ,,':1 . 2: J 1-R - . . L " " f'.' ' - 'X . 1 u has-nl if . . 11 . f f 1 ' 3 11 i nina-1 EEL "Q: , , , 8 ea-an """' ' X -al-ns ...y ' r- , 5, . 1 ' ..a..., . C..- EQ - ' 411 , 1 1--- t . X Q In Q n tn hun- A 1 4 ' e e - ' e e 'h - .. - ,.!'.'.aa5f' 2 " ' ' at ,- - . """ 14 1 un.-5 '-In-laoahu eau- . - Q a ' s - I , 1 liflf -..... v 1 ,. , Q1 . W.. . - , - an ..i..... ' Q l ' V a '-u'.A- unsou- L bb! . l H 4 ..... ,,,,, ..... , A . 1 - M" 1 ' O h:-1 ' nn-pans: 6 . bv- l l . D s 1 1 ' vi. ' " -. ' v-un-sus '- ... , ' ' ' 1 ' I. K 6' 'xi U 1 ' .. - -,, 1 . 5 . .. -1" 1, -.... f ' - ,,. E .. v . ha wc, ---an ...... n -viz, 1 ' 4...4nN"" ,., M- , . A 0 ' .., .. -in . , v-.A I-11 '4. 5 A . ... 3 n us ' ' D ann msg. ' 91 " I i b , rl E' 1 u ll , Ei X ,I il ik. L I J 1 X, 4 f A X 5 lf! 213 1 Y s 1 1 sf xx, sf ff 3 : 3 ! l vi S ,msg 14,4 nk- Y T .1 Y , ,1,,,,,.? , f . ,.'5 G ff MQ., :Ab M6 "" , M x Q - W , tu. 'W V , V uw?" W ein? ' 'fn K ' ' ' M 'Mn 1 if Y?" f ' ' if ., L, i"'5"'. ,,Q,..r , 29,7 . . .gf -5,37 I :su Mfg: jaws 1 g 'mm 4 ':f ' ,, . than Aa , Q n. , .N x 1 tk ' W, hw ., K Q, X by 4 ijgq ,R ,wx ...ta ,,f Q, A . . i 'Y ,as . ' ' Q -.4 '.",i,5 3j rs., f fill 'Q , ' w xi1 x, 1 A A .0 1 g, K if Q Q-iw it X A ...wi ' -L Q .mg I .. -.-v:f"" IIIIllIllIlllllllIllln:Innummlnnnunnwesnnnnmnmmc 'J U--v. - U. S. S. MULLANY CDD-5283 FPO SAN FRANCISCO 96601 The Mallany hal jaot completed hen weltpac Deployment, the gact to whtch thlt cnatne booh anll teltlgy. Thanht to the Mullany team, one whlch I have had the good gontane to lead, the toan wat a moot Aacceolgal and plelant one. The Mallany developed a nep- atatton o6 openatlng wlth the beot, wlth nothlng but the bebt aa hen goal ln eveny evolution, and andeatahlng any talk wlth the hnowledge that the Mallany could do lt betten than anyone elbe. Thla nepatatlon la a aeglection og the o55lcenA, and cnew membenb og the Mallany glghttng team, a team that cannot be matched by any Ahlp 06 any Navy ln the wonld. Danyl O. Maxwell . ff Cmnnandlng O65lc f 5 3561! k'P""U TWFUE fit'-il? 'gpaus-fav'-lmxrfnrffqg v-gw--ng - v-1-w-we - 'rv-H may y U ,,-,Q OMMAN DIN G QFFICER 1 135- 1? L Commander Daryl O MAXWELL was born in Spokane Washington on 13 November 1925 the war years he served in a scout and raider battalion and then as Flag Radioman aboard the USS MOUNT OLYMPUS QAGC SJ At the close of World War II Commander MAXWELL returned to a civilian status and attended Eastern Washington State College He graduated in 1951 with a B A degree in Business Administration and received a commission through the Navy ROC program Commander MAXWELL's first tour as a commissioned officer was aboard the USS SUSSEX QAK 2135 as Communications Officer He again left the Service to go into partnership with his father for five years in Almira Washington then returned to active duty in 1957 He reported aboard the USS ARCADIA QAD 231 and assumed the position of Operations Officer After a two-year tour Commander MAXWELL entered the Destroyer Navy by serving a tour as Gunnery Officer aboard the USS HAWKINS QDD 8739 From 1960 to 1961 he served as Submarine Fleet and ASW Program Officer on the staff of the Commandant Third Naval District New York City Back to sea this time as Executive Officer of the USS JOHN HOOD QDD 6555 The next change of duty came shortly to the USS ROGERS QDD 8765 as Executive Officer and finally as Commanding Officer From 1963 until 1966 the Commander held the position of Officer in Charge of the Program Evaluation Center followed by '1 five month tour as a student at the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk Virginia From the Armed Forces Staff College Commander MAXWELL joined the Staff of General WESTMORE LAND in South Vietnam where he served in joint plans and finally as Executive Assistant to Ambassador Komer Deputy for Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development to the Commander United States Military As- sistant Command Vietnam For this service he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal COMMA DER DARYL O. MAX W ELL He attended public schools in the local area, and in 1943 enlisted in the U. S. Navy. During ag'-11945 PFQ 'Ie'-in my -i-Mum, LY., MJMAU, ua -lv 1 EXECUTIVE OFFICER JAMES H. E GELHARDT LCDR J. H. ENGELHARDT has served as Executive Officer of Mullany since August 1966. A 1956 graduate of the University of Buffalo and OCS. LCDR ENGELHARDT first served aboard the USS ANDERSON QAPA-1115 as Assistant Cargo Officer followed by con- secutive tours on USS LEWIS QDE 5355 as First LTg DCAg and MPAg USS LUZON QARG 21 as First LTg USS AJAX QAR 65 as First LTg USS COLUMBUS QCG 123 as First LTg USS GURKE QDD 7831 as Weapons Officer, Senior Watch Officer, and Executive Officerg Fleet Training Group San Diego as a CIC Instructor! Observer and Battle Problems Officer. LCDR ENGELHARDT is married to the former Rita Gutt of Buffalo, New York. They reside with their four children in San Diego California. lliikitu.-1f" '!tFq' -L .-...fx , ., V . ,fi , - HIP'S HISTCRY 25 years! The period of time that has elapsed since USS MULLANY QDD-5283 came to life as a Man-of-War at commissioning ceremonies on 23 April 1943. Built by Bethlehem Steel Company Shipyard at San Francisco, California, she is the second United States Ship to be named after Rear Admiral James Madison MULLANY, a fighting Irishman who dis- tinguished himself in the Battle of Mobile Bay during the Civil War. This Grand Lady of the Seas has had an exciting life filled with many experiences. Her wartime assignments covered the Pacific from the Aleutians to Australia in the typical destroyer roles of escort, fire support, and anti-submarine patrol. During the spring of 1945, MULLANY's luck nearly ran out. A Kamakaze crashed in flames into the port side of the after-deckhouse. Fire and explosions threatened complete destruction and she was ordered abandoned. This was not to be the end of MULLANY. Assistance from sister ships brought the flames under control, and with a salvage party aboard the starboard engine was repaired, and she was steered by hand to Kerama Retto Anchorage on the Is land of Okinawa. She was repaired and ordered to the Atlantic Reserve Fleet in Charleston, South Carolina. Increased Naval activity, and rotation policy put her back in commission on 8 March 1951 and was assigned to the U. S. Atlantic Fleet. In Decem ber 1954 MULLANY was assigned to the U. S. Pacific Fleet as a unit of Destroyer Squad ron TWENTY-ONE Since the Korean and Vietnam conflicts MULLANY has made ten operational cruises in the Western Pacific, and has visited various ports in Hawaii Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, and New Zealand. During the Vietnam conflict, MULLANY has provided plane guarding duties for numerous aircraft carriers, and Naval Gunfire Support for U. S. land forces 0 Q Q . i " W 'U 'v' "9"'fl"' --ww ---.M -. V - -U -.--.-af...-...'...1',,,-,,...-,,.-.,' ,, . W A- ---' '-1: -4 Y- ' I B flV'iFsH",lvl ggnauqywm WY L-3 ,Q 1 . A f I naw, N, wr . . , V N Nbr, V ' ,JN-f' 1' ' 'kd' f ,gffwr In-.F'KL'x.5'W+cYQi55mS :fling."f',.Eff!.'1U. -1112, .' JVL5, ' -tial 5 i 1 2 L t 9 Q r l 5 2 I 1 a X neg? Weapons Qfficer Gunnery Officer LT D. F. SANTAMARIA LTJG P. L. EVANS L I 3 Y' i I 3 I L4 2 rf 1 in . I mx ASW Off' LTJG J- WIICQSOD First Lieutenant ENS H. W. MUNSON ,gm .. Ll. -D. nr. 'V .. DEP RTME ,r--Hun GMCS P. E. DUNPHY 'X' A 4 ! VQPWKEW' 'M-fx. . ru' 'qv ,A ' STC B. G. STEVENSON FIRST DIVISIO ml, M 0 A V , I 1 I , 4... ...lf-f ., L . - W'W'.-'.vf4ew. .:s. "'v:'fffvm: . . li' - f. 'ffl g- T P V , if k,,, t , Q , A. Y f M In X 1. 'I f ' S ' 'f iQ r Q ' J S J ' , , F . Z Q 'W f.. f, MM' ff fff , 4,1 -rf Wfawf 4 - , . . FIRST ROW: W. Vanrie, E. Anglesberg, E. Griffin, G. Wells, T. Hughes, E. Domangue, C. Carpenter. SECOND ROW: C. Ashcraft, S. Burke, S. Starks, W. Estepa, J. Lee, R. Stone, R. Ware. THIRD ROW: T. Tezak, E. Collier, S. Locklin, J. Chuka, J. Sample, T. Dugan, M. Sapp. NOT PICTURED: A. Harris, F. Martinez, F. Manion, M. Perez, A. Chavez, C. Huffman, J. Mulligan, R. Altizer, D. Chamberlin, G. Harshbarger. WESTPAC-playground of the Pacific where all manners of delights await one and all. Where else can one enjoy the thrills of boating at 0400. QAlthough the ride rarely started till eight.J For the artistically Q?J inclined there could always be found a little modernistic red leading to be done. On the grand scale desk division painted over 60, O00 square feet of deck and bulkheads. For those with time on their hands, 156 dogs and wedges provided polishing practice. The adventurous would revel to the thrill of searching for our lost paint brushes. For the scientific minded, there are the fan- tastic time in motion studies called replenishments and that "Horn of Plenty" of the MULLANY called the Boatswain's Locker where limitless supplies to all divisions kept flowing. Then there were the exotic ports of call such as Olongapo, and Hong Kong which called alluringly to some. Yet, when the final accounting came, we looked great everytime we entered port. Irish Pennants were all neatly clipped and every life jacket carefully stowed. ' W-hiifiig-.?, rf' x - '--srpw-'v'!ldQ, . lil The Pole Cats "Yeah Charlie, back in '03 ..." I 4 n Mess Gear Galle ,- .EQYEQNNT bi Q 3-in--x..-.. cam WE lvfkve o. C . Crm-2 gif +12 me o?'? fhe. lo..c1ale,r. In 6 fy 'WML .S-N W3 'K-, "Easy Wally, you might go all the way through. " ' ' ,Q 593. n I Q I 1 yi i 4 f 3 i y i 5 L K E A M ,w X ii F iv i 5 x I i i L F 1 L V L. x E e I3 E V I , lr , N 5 .-fqpe-4--fn' f- ' R ' ' gf'-rf-2 vf,-ff.-f.,'1fafg' if'irf "ff" ' 1, A , Qiy':'K.iL9uwL'iWL..Es. M.-. ... .. G DIVI IO I ,, K M V .lp FIRST ROW: J. Middlesworth, M. Roberts, R. Shelton, R. Brock, W. Ullom, A Hudson. SECOND ROW: D. Davis, B. Snyder, L. Schattler, G. Fancett, W. Hanson. NOT PICTURED: C. Johnson, C. Echeverria, T. Chapman, J. Yuhas, P. Bryant, J. Gaddy, G. D'Ambrosio, T. Stevens, C. Jarnigan, A. Duran. Where have all the flowers gone ? Mr. "D", Fidget, "Death Before Dishonor, " Davis, Hanson - Flowers, maybe not - But they certainly were part of the old "G" Division. Johnson on after lookout thinking about wine, Mr. "D" in Olongapo, Hanson with his hair falling in his face, and Davis, the most unsquared away talker who always looked as if he had a private supply of starch. On the gun-line ammo-counts-Snyder, Ullom, and Stevens loading the 3" X50 guns at 0330 in the morning to "Rap 'em out", Hudson with his hammer and grease gun, Roberts secretly doing sit-ups in the gun shack to win the fat boys contest. Chief Dunphy leads Ensign Evans off to the CPO Club for special instruction. Gaddy returns to his beloved Subic. Chief Dunphy carries Ensign Evans back from special instruction. The division party in Kaohsiung with Brock jumping on the tables- 15, 000 rounds-shining brightwork-Mount 31 defying motu, tech-reps, tenders and the rest-power cleaning and a dropped wrench. Looking back at all the good and bad things that have happened throughout the cruise, the one fact that emerges is that MULLANY has the best guns in the fleet! For all who have left, those who are leaving for other duty, and those who are remaining aboard, "G" Division has done a job to be proud of. Q I4 i 3 Q we H.,-me I AWA A , , A "6 weeks ago am one. " Iron Bottom Bay Gun Salute The Nmaraguan 'Another day another 1126 rounds "Now get off and stay off' l gf in 2 I6 F DIVI IO FIRST ROW: D. Lezynski, S. Thompson, G. Connell, J. Jordan, K. Rodocker. SECOND ROW: G. Harris, K. Gaine, J. Schutt, L. Berg, R. McMil1en. This cruise will long be remembered by the FT gang. It was a time when the FTS learned how valuable chewing gum, wire, and tape were in correcting casualties when spare parts were not available. FTG1 Harris, the leader, was responsible for some "new ideas" in circuitry used at times during the cruise to keep things going. Moments such as the FTs explaining to the Weapons Officer that everything "worked" before GQ will fondly be remembered by all. Known better by their nicknames, the FT gang consists 5fg "Fat Mac" McMillen, "Chief-Tearer- Aparter-To-See-What-Makes-It-Tick" Schutt, "Old Bosun Mate" Ski, "Cincinatti Kid" Gaine, "Old Buffalo Hunter" Connell, "Rod" Rodocker, "Scotkins" Thompson, and two who have deserted for civilian life, Lyle Berg, and Jerry Jordan. - ' " '44 11" sffniikifiii 4 r 5 -rg 1, 4 ' A ' W ,. , , . , ., -. ' K . Y , 'f ' ' :,:'w,pff"1 I" -1, , 1, -, .. ..,,, . . , ,,..- f- f. . -.-ed 'H-1L"f""KG "Don't ask me how it got here. " "I've never seen a pin-ball machine like xv before. K N Y ll we Ak 1 . : 9 15 Cf OYNYY1 CHC- in X ' Fa ring! -m- 'P C R1 XA 'C N. , . Y S ...X xx' .J-Lg 'iii : .IL-X .Jann le' s. nhyg, The trzinfquii atmosphere during buttery alignment. u. Saivos with a smile. "Czm't I just make believe ?" T if'X A W DIVI IO kk A K H 4 4 4 vii. 5 v li 1 w x 1 i 1 l 5 ,. 1 FIRST ROW: J. Brownson, C. Hoover, E. Miner, J. Nolan, N- Allbaugh- SECOND ROW: L' Vantassel' J' Halter, M. Wiland, T. Pak R. O. K. N. NOT PICTURED: R. Bramlett, G. Donnelly. ! 2 I For ASW Division it was feast or famine on the cruise with our two ASW exercises separated by ' l three months of "trivialities, " such as, gunfire support, and Yankee Station Operations. OHI' 3 "vigilant" listening watch while on the gunline provided a feared deterrant against enemy subma- rines who dared not venture near us. Liberty came and went successfully for most, and the Manila trip was a real highlight. All in all, ASW Division had a fine cruise, we had a little trouble with "Whales" in sonar, but even the Chief couldn't straighten them out. With August rolling around, we all were looking f0I'W9l'd to that best liberty port of all, San Diego. 318 W un-.iv-, 1.,,.,f, 5 , ,.,i 4 ZW, , on M"'!r'- EQ ..'- .:9.,'?,.3'fJl , 'ff . f W , , ,A ,, 24 .-H.e,3,,,LuM,z1,' V if 1 ,Q ,K "If you press this button here. . . " Oops! X 1 ii X V X X XX . ', I L.-SUV' ' i, Q Y 1 fr Z I ' L9 X ff -5 x " K 'A f -3 Q W if f X 4' X ' 0 is S o rw a r X ' "And now, a word from our sponsor. " If f :"" , . b N I .5 A r it i ' l ,. . sd A -f . UQ 'K x Y ,f f L ,, - -N,. "20 feet and decreasing. . . no, that cou1dn't The "Whale" and his gang. be right. " " -M ' , ' r, f-wfmr' 'gas-f-wffvqg-vm wan , OPER TIO I LT D.A. NELSON LT 'I'.1J. SMITII l.'I'JG R. P. ALLEN RICIIII-IVING OPERATIONS OFFICER OPERATIONS O1-'l+'1LIl-IH Vt JMMlTNlCA'l'IONS OFFICER i ENS R. D. WAK EFIELD LTJG M. E. LITTLE ENS J.A. CARLIN CIC OFFICER E M O ASSISTANT NAVIGATOR'Ifluld.a:nN'!.1 1'7'Tl-' QMC W. C. LAWSON 5 1 s s.n5in,,,,Q1 ". A f- n ,ff 1 T'W"' ' 5 F DEPARTME T ,-f-'QE ,, yqj 0 x 1 ..s ' o RMC F. S. WINTERER 'LN-.. RDC F.R. AMES ir 1 I V' . ,M 1-V 5:3515-ff' 4, y ' .' --.wg ..--. .T-5k,H..:,vL!', .: ..f1.v,.., 4, ,V 5 q S 5 ' ' '- :xl 'nf '-'wwf-. "rg,-auxin! oc DIVISIO Mx FIRST ROW: R. Stein, D. Berry, G. Heishman, G. Matheny. SECOND ROW: W. Busch, G- Kneavel' J' Daulton THIRD ROW- E. L ' , . ucas, J. Psoto, D. Hutchings, J. McCain, B. Crawford, P. Rennison. NOT PICTURED: W. McGuire, G. Barday, G. Skettino, B. William S, S. Green. The men of OC Division have succeeded in proving their professional competence. Due to their flexibility and "Will Do" attitude, the communication s personnel maintained a high state of readiness throughout the entire cruise The radi d ' . o an signal gangs exemplified the peak state of readiness that can be obtained with hard work, initiative and cooperat' , ion. Chief Winterer, and his radio racket squad, performed every major and menial task required of a full time communication station. During the deployment the radio gang proved that they were ready and willing to meet the challenge of a high tempo of operational communications. It was a full time job demanding continuous attention underway and in port. Adding another feather to the ca of "NA p VCOMSTA" MULLANY was the skilled performance Of the signal gang lead by "Salty" Sam Green and "Evil" Ku eavel. They liked liberty and earned it as their spaces were continually the best preserved on the ship. They also took pride in the smartnf-BSS and military bearing of their various evolutions The' . ir professionalism proved to be the best, both when steaming in formation, and in the tense periods during darkness off the co ast of Vietnam. 1-,zav--' 4,1-.v MLW ' fxf' ef Y --.-.1 9 Q, "Send it Hash, Dear Mom, . . . "Forget it Gene, the light bulb is out. " in V - Yr. fx : X- 55 'K Q I "What 'FREQ' is KGB on ?" d ,gx "Big Ren" 1 .gag 15, lx V 5 X? +4 ll L: I g. QE yt T 4, ,X ,r ff er L 1 E ? E ? I t i u i li li t 3 I 1 1 3 l E To tell the truth, the whole truth, and. . "And then I said to the chief, you wou1dn't dare make a bos'n out of me. " 01 DIVI IO ri-1 .nl- il ll if A , N gl at 9, L fl si X ,af-N3 . ' A an hw QL, V 57,5 by ji, ., ffl ill 9' Y Z GTI . I I Q UZ A f L 3 Q, , W, , L 4 7,3 I, gg, v v r ? 51 4, I .H , m f' .fi 41 ,- i, 55 V1 ll 5 Y Sig .fr 125 -1 E ll FIRST ROW: C. Howey, D. Krueger, R. Ferguson, D. Brooks, J. McCaffery W Frazee B Brackett SEC- .1 I T OND ROW:' T. Baird, R. Viets, K. Sanner, R. Kroovand, R. Bell, D. Ewing. NOT PICTURED: A. Branch- T: E l 'E i i .ll This cruise will long be remembered in the minds of the men who actually lived it, a tale that will 3 be handed down from father to son. Who can for et th g ose memorable events: Setting sail for Yoko, and arriving in Olon a - k' - ' ' ' g po, mar ing on top taking station on a carrier only to find out it's an oileri shot . . . standby, outg Kaohsiungg shot. . . standby, outg Olongapog Singapore, Davy Jones and the crew Olongapo, again! I mark on topg Auckland, and then home out? Who can forget the run-down watches ash cans on datu : IH, boat trips, coffee cups ga10I'G, gee' dunks in combat, change the chart, rubber dividers, 21MC stigma ? Not only were the events memorable but the characte rs were colorful: Chief "Anchor pool" Ames, C.A. "Grouch" Howeyg "Noah" Brackett- "Butcher" Brooks "Su " , 5 gar Samierg "Mumps" Frazeeg "Saint" Branch, "Skinny" Vietsg "Duck" Krueger, "Flaps" Bairdg "Shakey" Bellg "Say Again" Ewing? YlMutt1l . H ll . ery, Kroovy Kroovand, and last, but not least "Good Deal" Ferguson. P .57 S? ,ll 24 ,.,,. ,,.....f,i',,,.--.',- Y.-.-1 1wHfxvr.:if-g1ss,n0,1rvw'1+ 1115 ' 'MYWTAL' it ' 5.5 mv! E E ,-1-? .- .11mmns 1 1 ,Q -" M' "Set 'em up. " "I can't go on the working party Howey, I'm holding up the bulkhead. " 1 ,-1 17 3730-251 550 yards Mirror, mirror on the repeater 2? 1 ii W A r F 5, 3 a w v l 3 3 . 5 l Q il 3 I s 1? I ,i I v I ,lv I E 1 X: 1 'f 3 9 v 1 26 i lQImw"""-'f' R 0- f y wr wa ----- W -- . .LW Kali-a,,g,,r , 't .t OE DIVISIO f , . 21 fr 3, ff- r Xgxx, i -- y R' It n Q I , if X l w 4 , V ' fs 7 K V -W X I ' bv- ,,," I Al .7 Q IV: 1 VII' . ly! IZ? F' ' - f s f C FIRST ROW: R. Hood, R. Cherry, W. Rennie, P. Matters. SECOND ROW: R. Ellison, A. Sage, W- Burrus- R. Gonyeau. NOT PICTURED: R. Hunter. 0430! ! "The surface search radar is down, call an ET. " So starts another typical day in the life of the MULLANY ET gang. But these daily challenges are met by some of the finest ETS in the Navy. One example of this is "Jack-it" Cherry. Look for him on the fantail, with the best suntan on the ship. Over the IMC, "ET lay to Radio Central on the double. " Here is where "Rotten" H I Renne, and Lightning' Matters leap into action. Did I say leap ? How about stumble, or maybe stroll. Well, somehow the job gets done. All hand t S o quarters. Here they are "Guber" Gonyeall, "Weasle" Willy Burrus, "NESEP" Hood, fcolor him gonel, "Steamer" Hunter, and "Early Bird" Ellison. Now I don't want to convey the idea that the ETs are not a hard working lot. Anyone who has seen their fine display of art work in the ET shop can see they always work at something. Men that work this hard also play hard. The ETS have a fine record on the beach, of course, that is through no fault of their own. There is one person not yet mentioned, and he is "Sludge" Sage, the leading ET. He is always leading his men. He is the first one on the beach, the first ' ' ' on the mess decks for the movie every night. All in all, it has been a fine cruise with fine shipmates. Just think how dull it would be if we didn't have some characters like the ETS on board. one in his rack for a nooner, and first "Fascinating, . . , where did you find it?" I ffggqk XT? ig 82'-bi-7 5707! X ful X f,.x ,d , X ,xx g , ,RY-f L -K Q f Hgh gl x VOLT? , J f I 1, 6 Stalemate P f X y A i r M ,..'1a1lsIs.J"ilis"'!ie4sbwl-x-.f ' H ,Q v .. H V4 VA '-- -r Q' y, ..!.. . 5 - .1-5-'12:f..,i.i9-.gU', - . ' '34 ,. , Mkt-an- 1..-,n..x-.. . K X DIVISIO y .-fr L if Z, 1 s - sy W ff? Z ,f 4 5. ,,,,. M, y bf I 2 ff , , ,, . ,aug fl . 2 ' ' rg 3 0 9' f t.. M,axl 7 'I 4 . I .T fr , In VM W ,Q ,V QM 5,5 I -- V 1 wp. Q I ,V , , f,. A :A fy, M, X f 1 I ll J . , .. I, fix, I I 1 FIRST ROW: L. Stemper, J. Dunn, T. Mickley, G. Gibby. SECOND ROW: D. Conway, W. Watson, M. Lillywhite, R. Josephson. THIRD ROW: T. Brown, C. Larrimore, R. Timm. NOT PICTURED: R. Riscol. WESTPAC 68 saw many changes in X Division. Chief Yeoman Bansbach was transferred to the easy life in Washington, D. C. and another fine yeoman, YNl Conway took his place. PCSN Riscol, Y . . . NSN Mickley, and YN3 Dunn advanced in rate but Dunn took his discharge and returned home to begin his college career. PN2 Gibby received notice that his conversion to Construction Mechanic under the score program had been approved. SN Fancett joined the division to help Gibby and Brown on the enlisted side of ship's office. Doc Josephson was busy too, treating cuts, bruises, colds channel fever and other d' eaSeS , is unique to WESTPAC. Tarrants, his striker, left the ship in Kaohsiiuig and Doc brought Stemper UP from the depths of the forward fire room to be his new striker. Chief Lawson's Quartermasters became a QM3 as a result of the February examinations. Larrimore sewed on a second class CI'0W and both he and QM3 Timm received Commendations from the Captain for their work as members of the Naval Gunfire Support Team. For X Division WES saw Lillywhite discharged and replaced by SN Burke while Watson TPAC 68 meant hard work and good times. None of us will ever forget it. . r . ...,.,,a- ... .W .q!s1'fRY!2Fi1Za.iW1,w' "Lets see now, F. .A. . N. . Z. .I. . T" This is a tough one Wx ? XA V X xH u 'wi 0 is 4 A NN Q K 5 Af X 46 "Dear Senator" f X I 7' "I don't believe it. " "I told you to be careful in Olongapo. " ,.,i"0a' bi vz .4 .-ff-,g,.,4:"g.-4,--.uw fav, 43,54 fx -- 4 K -f A ' '- ff ' I AN 1 GI EERI nf' LT R.J. SANDS LTJG J. T. MASON ENGINEERING OFFICER D. C. A. Hi' l 1-'II LTJG J. C. LEISEN LTJG I. BULGER M. P. A. B DIVISION OFFICER rwmv' ' - DEP RTME 5: I L9 SPCM J. L. DOBBS MMC E. J. TANAGON Not P culred I i BTC W. W. BROOKS , EMC L. R. DOWNS lm HN H j ,N f N 'E muh 31 4 " ?K9rZ,-ii! M DIVISIO 5 , M n 3 Q . FIRST ROW: R. Desrosiers, M. Schmitz, C. Edwards, A. Chuna, L. Roberts, W. Grant, R. Todd. SECOND ROW: G. Jurgens, J. Seifert, T. Lebo, L. Hamilton, J. Eaton, J. Clark, A. Jarvis. NOT PICTURED: C. Bear, A. Dizon, M. MacRae, J. Schultz, R. Crighton, R. Gumpher, J. Tanner, R. Smeak, R. Yearicks, K. Brewster, J. Swafford, M. Schultz, A. Stephan, W. Kresser, D. Bays. We had a delightful cruise. Jarvis and his people in the after engine-room behaved themselves reasonably well, but Swafford and his goons went wild. Their leader M. F. Tanagon, however, managed to keep things down to a dull roar. At sea, the forward engine-room gang proved them- selves to be master feed pump repairmen. On occasion, they also managed to replace a few main steam line gaskets. In the after engine-room, except for a few of Lebo's blunders, things went quite well. After several months on the Mess Decks "Shakey" Bays returned to us. He became "M" Divisions official nomad. Tanagon and his raiders approached in-port periods with a vengeance Hong Kong was a "gas" according to Stephans. Auckland was another favorite port: Greaser went civilian, Swafford vanished, and Smeak gladly gave of his free time to help a fellow sailor. We left New Zealand with many fond memories but, we all looked forward to getting home for a happy re- union, and some well deserved leave. Elin' i ! S E91 "MORE water? ? Get it yourself!" "What do ya mean we got black out of one again?" Sl K X Q5 , I an I i II b.Sf'1j -, - +M- "Just a slight turn and. . . " won ...--5 . . . . ,, HI really mm it hm-Q, "No, Shakey, It 1sn't quxte hke the scullery. Irea11yflU!" 34 IEEE '1 Vi J t f 1 f f X -. ae w wf , J B DIVISIO Z in ,, ki xi XL - :X ,. .... ik.. 4 A . 3? 1. . r ,, X 4 Q- 4' iw g. Q 1 5 two if f L Y W, f ,f L, I X 4 Ny fi 'V I f ,, , ,M ,, Vfgf, ,V f If 1 , , , xx I I, K, - t n Q fi . if, r lg e rift.. J Q-- f 155 1 x , T it it V f - it fi' .ar fb' NSI Q... f 1 'M ff Xxx' ii A 'X' , w f .fc 4 --.J FIRST ROW: G. Hildibrand, G. Gjefle, S. Ausmus, G. Holcomb, R. Culp, R. Meany. SECOND ROW: L. Melton, W. Marxen, V. Marion, K. Rhodes, D. Short, R. Wayne. THIRD ROW: J. Joiner, L. Moore, C. Cook, R- Glennii R. Scudder. NOT PICTURED: L. Watkins, L. Miller, A. Evans, R. Melunis, S. Mclntosh, F. Sanchez, R- Luc P. Cadena, R. Bogath, E. Rome, T. Kuck, W. Lambeth, R. Hansen, S. Zainc, S. Modrell, R. Meyer. The boilermen will long remember Mullany's 1968 WestPac Cruise. Some parts are better remembered than others, such as rebricking in Kaohsiung, and low water activity in Singapore- Then of course, there is the gunline, and being greeted at the forward boilerroom hatch by 3 magnificent two gun salvo. Also fondly remembered were the never ending refuelings and rearmings which sparked phrases such as "Black out of two, again. . . " and "Standby for thirty k t ,, . . . . no s. These Jewels will dwell with the BTS as loving memories of the MULLANY While the constant battle against fuel oil and soot will remain engrained on their hands and faces. The boilermen, never greedy, were happy to bring a little joy to other divisions, such 35 deck division, by blowing tubes over newly painted decks. As we return to the states many .of the old greasy faces will depart on their separate ways, but the friendship gained will be long remembered. V .. -In -Jfy, -I' -4 9- N,-,,,,.4 , . "Step over here and we'11 show you what grease is for. " T "Good morning Mr. Bulger. " 1..- ff 4 . 1 f W' 22 A 2 rw fr, fexmadbch K xxx? eguve ' I L' Q "It's not often we get visitors like you. " ' -vffazr "Congratulations, lifer. " "Oh Great Box of Fire, how humble am I before thee. " '1 Hlhllhu .1.,f.:rn.f. , -fl -1 1' -T.-v,Tt,,.,lg.,J..W,i3,,..,i I i -Q - VA FR. Y . 4-,W ,,., .. V I I Y I 1 1 b 4 t 4 1 Q 1 4 . . V Q 5 i a l 2 1 5 if 'I 5 il A it i 4 5 ? 3 1 Q 36 a WTF U7"F?5n-337, WT "'-I R DIVISIQ s Q ' ' .1 gi A B ' A' K A X A . 5, fig, f 31 EJ i" FIRST ROW: J. Miller, A. Kennedy, G. Sands, D. Stevens, M. Filomr-no. SICCONIJ ROW: G. Stewart, A. Jurgens, F. Brown, J. Miles, G. O'Donnell, J. Bashore, D. Nelson, 'l'. Atwood, .l. tfallalnm. TIIIRD ROW: C. Hierl, G. Cannard, C. Banker, D. Waller, T. Lake, D. Jenkins, II. Mallard, IJ. Ilvutsvlmc-r. NOT PICTURED: R. MCC2il1, F. Pratt, F. Arp, D. Whitman, G. Kirkman, A. Brandt, 'I'. K1-opa, C. Brown. "R" Division did it again. Another WESTPAC cruise and tht- MlH.l.ANY still hasn't sunk. Congratulations! All went well from San Diego to Pr-a rl llarlmrz vvc-n B:1svho1-0 didn't get Seaslckj Five days in PGHT1, and Waller inhc-rits thc' C':npt:nin's nil' l'UlltllllUlll'l' from D0s1'oSie1'S, Brandt inherits the laundry from Grant. From Pr-arl to Ivliclwny the pt-:uk tank was filled and gebgmost sunk, good DI'HClliCG fO1' Sands, Lakc-, lrI'l'tllllf' Brown. :intl t'l1if'f Downs. Next stop ll 1C Bay, Where Atwood and Banker discover "Ocwv:ll1s I I. " Pratt and Milos l't'tllSt'OYE'1' H Mom." . Callahan comes aboard, another mcrmbc-1' of tlw 1-If-vtrii-iznis union. Ca?i11jIi11:niIigeKEi'li1Ii1?il 'c?'DtCflnnel1 Wishes ho wore buvk on' SlllHIl1ll'lllt'H. llivrl. Ullllwllif' rate. Fiumeno Nelsoi 12- G inn crews. JOl'l-ff'l1Ht'll, Nlnllvr, Whitman, and l7t'lllbt.lg1 buclbsi Arp discovers the ice mgchfmne it Zmfl lVlalla1'vd stand w:ulm'lu-s to 1'vpl:u'v blown-out :Tim nweu Done, Singaporeislne' Html lff'UllS'U"t1', and Mvt':uin n'm-4-nu-s sn vonnnlvnt Jllfx ,vers thel th ' next, and Ixropa has n :ww strikwr, VN MQ-lion. .lm-nkins d1SL0 a e. S . , - . tewart discovers "F'o1tDohhs." A nf-w lt' :nan t'UlIll'f'5 :alumna-al, and ht-foie you lm0W lt we were home. A ,nr ,I 1, ,r,,. ' ,,.. 5 'U' -M-r , A, ' ' 14 rl. lf' I Uh 1 1 E5 -2 'I 1 S 1 1 t S 3 Q 1 K 5 l 1 5 5 3 A 3 i 3 i 1 I 1 il 38 ', v4f,,. 1..---rf , SUPPLY xv-QQ?" Supply Officer LTJG S.P. PLATT B E E Fs' DKC CCRTEZ SKC GONZALES 32? A 7 . ao.. Un, A 41. -1 1. ,,-. ...Q 1. . .nag 5 ,. '41 ' 1""vf4+- ' 7 7" DEPART E 37 W WW s ..! 1 f 18 335212 Riff, l, FIRST ROW: R. Raynera, M. Antipuesto, J. Friedrich, D. Like, J. Nuevo, R. Kutzleb, D. Petroff, O. Mahrt SECOND ROW: L. Strickland, J. Shackelford, P. Webb, F. Canlas, C. Lund, A. Haluska, G. Saum, E Forman, T. Lapira, THIRD ROW: D. Boston, T. McGarvin, W. Rowe, W. Jolly, L. Burgin, M. O'Nea1, T. Cruz, J. Frey, A. Vaughns. NOT PICTURED: J. Duvall, S. Gonzales, H. Clark, A. Agudelo. Once again, the unsung heroes of the Supply Department brought joy and tranquility to the MULLANY as she steamed along on her Far East holiday cruise. Special service on an individual basis was the By Law of Supply. Where else but MULLANY could officers be guaranteed their shirts neatly pressed - after all the buttons had been torn off by the extractor. The Ship's Store, a truly massive edifice contained every item an individual could want. Our cultural enlightenment was enhanced by the variety of "Scalp-Em" haircuts given in that Palatial Emporium on the OI level. For those liberty forays, the Disbursing Office was always ready, willing, and able with special pay and executive level salaries. But, let us not forget Mother MULLANY's capabilities as a feeder which added greatly to the high state of morale. Recognition is also due to the people in-charge of repair parts, the storekeepers. Contrary to popular belief, there are five - all helping to make sure that those repair parts constantly- used are in stock. Due to the many underway replenishments for food, Ship's Store supplies, and repair parts, the rest of the crew was able to work hand in hand with Supply. These greatly anticipated opportunities made all concerned appreciate even more the grandeur of the Supply Department. 'SM l"iN!'if-'JIT:"'as'!'iP""vL.hh.PY5.V4A.K0iHX TMJ iil'Q"7'..M '-i "YT-3 ' -.' .4-M l'uY'?'slhPI'.8P"un"' if-'hi ' . ,F l QL-f 'qui 5 4Mi?f "W Z J QQ Ag If "Here I am Again" ' 12 ' N, .link V in "The Porkch0p" Qu- V Y V An-T., W -.Y - , L 0 at neff-Uv R. X X I u 4 g HELP' K 1 il- lk ..- - ,, :N I .fi f 'M' .1 - -- ,I f - f -J, 5 A .5 dill!" ll - V' Thls pay day you owe us 5500. 00 Il ' - - . I w1sh th1s was ' . Shirt H hlm mstead of h1s NYOUITC Cloggmg my razor, Snipcln H8157 5 M Service with a smile - X ,' g',5'jE'?i 5 ,.. ' ,ill U04 i 1 'wwf H. ,J N' - 1 4 nr if , a, 5 - WU, H X. L X. .x Ibn - i - - ffl... I .- "Ba1anced books? What's that?" ahlvmrwxau 1- H 0 -,.-f il' iKW3f"' '- "If you don't like the prices, go next door" .-H-as ,-XY "Remember high quality food is our goal" "Here, it's got a worm in it" 621.1-CY .. 1 Gr I X X nr L x ggilffix , h X , '-S lf' :J ,,. . nfsffizf Y V 41 V , a,- I M ah 1 V, ,vw '.,m,w:- .-u-sm-:vm -nu-.-fn121u.'.u'.f, .my-vyelivillill - '-,,.,,.' -1 -M11 'mf-f -, .. . Q. wx-.. Q-M--' - 4- U DERWAY X1 1 X 4.3 592 ,Q gf f7 1 .A ff gg E S 3 I 'x , 5 gk ,gbf X x Bi Lv? 9 FEBRUARY 1968 il1Yi1i"f..-. . TT- -1- -- - .. ,.....m ., -1r,nn.1's.. " - -f ,,,41fgff1fw'w,f"1w -P -nf'-M' - 'A- MULLA Y CRUISE STATISTICS 196 DAYS DEPLOYED IN WESTPAC 137 DAYS SPENT AT SEA 49 DAYS SPENT IN PORT 75923 OF DEPLOYMENT SPENT AT SEA 46, 468 MILES TRAVELED THIS DEPLOYMENT 3, 116, 147 GALLONS OF FUEL CONSUMED 57 UNDERWAY REPLENISHMENTS 558, 060.23 COST TO FEED THE CREW 31, 446 POUNDS OF BEEF CONSUMED 23, 441 POUNDS OF POTATOES CONSUMED 25, 604 CANDY BARS SOLD 146, 140 COKES SOLD IN THE SHIP'S MACHINE 528, 158. 95 TURNOVER IN THE SHIP'S STORE 3358, 346. 00 PAID TO THE CREW 358, 098. 00 MONEY ORDERS SOLD 420 GALLONS OF PAINT USED TO KEEP THE SHIP LOOKING GOOD 175 PAINT BRUSHES USED 6, 193 RADIO MESSAGES PROCESSED 12 NEW FATHERS 2, 184 HAIR CUTS GIVEN BY THE SHIP'S BARBER 275 STITCHES APPLIED TO THE VARIOUS CUTS OF THE CREW 1, 525 SHOTS GIVEN TO THE CREW ff4Ai1!2R'il4ii!lFih ., ' fma1:itnawimfux:-.wa-, -:.1u-ummm-.-mum . GUN FIRE SUPPGRT VIETNAM -11+ 'J . ' S X X3 ., - W C . 3 "Goodbye and good 1uck" "It's only a bird" ' K A 2.-cf F' . , J... Q, "One gun four salvos, fire for effect" K u +-' Y u-fin., - . -Q . .5 'ar'-MJ , The Killers 45 W lillxnlgnnvr. an. .n gif i i 2 f I 1 Q 5 ! 1 5 9 Sn ,. 5 i 1 Q ! ii 4 in 'e si :a 4 4? I nl fi if lg 25 V wf xl ,I in 1 I 5 gi il H pl J fl i ivlllw-'v'f 3 I " R VT' "v ' V Yiiirv 1' "TTT 'nd' 7 ""' ka N '42 v f' u Q uf Q' earn, X I 'wwf I ,XM 1 OORUT 'It's close enough for government wor . x K 4-R K f' x M. ,. ,ga M K "Shot" "10 guns one salvo. . . No, one gun 10 salvos. . .N 15 -3 'N A .xx T ' 'P' , f xf . 6: ,A Q : , 4 ghfff yX lL f f'-.15 eg - ,XX-'-'.E4L1Ll.. X --L -""'N "X, if iT?'7'fgIf1 j fx 1 --- I ,X- en-M 'm'u4-ny Q.-,. .pf q L ..,,m., rg "X Y ,sr "Look Ma, it's real. " 'L ....... f .1 ua,-n. ..,ve I M . H 1 3 X W. ""' X . . ,f,'ji?' ' ' sf ug X f .ax WI-F e- iw-'lf-1" 1 .,,,,L I ,, n bukx -xx F it Q tw.xs t, ' .I 39: NN I Q E.: , Q, H 'Q ' 4 NVQ? tw 5 -n -.. Q. The Aftermath Y, .xx 3 "Chief, would you believe the barrel melted?" just "I only order what we need!" .,L M..-1 I" f 3 1 J l 1 1 1 l I l 5 48 ODE TO LL Even before we left thi- States, Thc gang was striking for thi- :-lnnrt time rntr. Across tht- seal we pitch :ind toss. But our briglitwork in-vi-1' lust its gloss. Swinging thru Pearl, Midway, :ind tlnzini, Sweating the chziff to divert tht- bonib. Stopping in Subic for ai day over st-vi-ll. Screaming and shouting :at Un-:ni's lilvvvu. Out to point Yankee chasing the bird, Into combat with condition third. Off to the south, down to the line, The short time guns shot every time. Down to the mags to count the rounds, Three thousand star shells sure to be found. Off to re-arm, quick to come buck, Put the extras in Santainai'ia's rack. Back from the Sac, vert-rep done, Sweating all night to service the gun. If ever a mount oddly went down, There was Chief Dunphy to pull the round. Hudson, Roberts, sweet Harris, the rest, Doing their damndest, and always their best. Often they "oorut" and always they cursed, You've got to admit their guns were first. Down in Combat on the DRT, Fraz and Brooks, with stalwart Chiefie. Duck and Sanner, Howey and Viets, Laying the rounds at the VC's feet. All the technicians sweating it hard, Praying that everything lasts till the yard. Down in the hole with the "600" plant, Heat unbelievable, everyone stank. Black out of one, white out of two, Pushing the burners to turn the screws. Downs and Dobbs, Tanagon and Brooks, Keeping us there to hit the "Gooks. " Captain Max taking the conn, Helping out Bobbie, Davie, and Don. Phe1PS and Elmo, and Goodie two-shoes, Big "E", Chipmunk, and old Pappy too. All the JOS without any rest, :bearing from experts how a ship runs best. Throughout WESTPAC on land or on sea, Y We ve made our name as the old Mullany. Whenever a "Can" was needed to fight, The If-an be sure we did it right. And Sas been through the mill, But IOOMHOIHE have griped as sailors will. Deep im ound at the rest of the Fleet, yOur hearts, say it. . . "We can't be beat wg ,,......,-, S i l l 1 RE PLEN ISHM I' Alongside U. S. S. Sacramento QAOE ly 'Vlw Anpronch .- me , f,.+nf,'A'-is e Q ii' x N N Dx Chow ! At last The Bird Watcher Receiving fuel-all lover the deck Personnel Transfer Converging on the gas station H08 ve. arounJ-- 'f 5 WH C S- ,--.,X'Z,g ' 'fl- 1fFE1fl4.2J:'fLfw -TQ ,Q- A I v 1, 000 rounds for transfer at 10 rounds per load. Q f' 63 fr MAIL'?'? "' " A-L "Mind your he1m" Miss Mullany .fX"iL1l'F!l!E1KmfI5.hvlP5'PWf.AL.l'YDJualQn0qAffrn.2-,' u.:l'A1".',:u'wur,vrX'. 'mf vu ...m',u...mnn-'1..v1n1-11.1 HAWAII 1 DIAMOND HEAD f 2 5 " fx D x D K m. Q 11327 D 2 4. D 1119335 I ' q W X .4 , , I X KQQ. i ' -1 f X YY P- ,21i+ Z , f F,-", ' ff N ::.... fi pfyf, X ..f- -- I ,f, S-1-X -ff" L. , "?1"" XfiJ?i 'N z'X:-L-'fr-,, ... .f"'!-:xxx D it 'N' PHILIPPI E + Xu- gr , 3. A A S i Q. A i fn- .LL ',..-x':":1"x:'-ss"-f:': ' A 3 1 in 1 Z- swipe ,,,pU47'l4f"".4 ,- ruff YUPNI Xl1r1'I'l'Y I fn' -5, wx-' EL f bil P F P l gl-V",-n Sl 111 if lillrlf, an M' " IN J' MANILA BAY MANILA w v , rl...-..... . ,. V any GRA DE ISLA sail i "Who requisitioned this garbage?" "Men, 3 job Well done' H "Ah gee Captain, it was nothing. " as 1 'J " ,f wavy an-we "Look, he just broke his leg. " "Make that five more. " Q N7 '11 W5 ' 0 'ns 'TH , . vi: f - ' f V Q 'R 'J I f H. .,., '- . Q4 ' . 4 -A' E - pf ' ' " .F , f' , is wi gg. 3 W w as 1 A S 7 ,K :N .QR '- lu i., My N t x ,. . , 4 'iii'--v:!.,f,9i' 'M 1 ...- ' s 2'm' S A -wf 1 , - Q, 9 ' V111-1 :V ,f.., at :Q ill 2 1 - A vi' ii . ' 47' Q ' .-.aff I . A -,V g Ln wi ,i is 1 ,, uf A W:l,:.?.?Q,,,f x NA wr.. qi - gpfla t Q f-I 2 s I I K H. -K . i-V' " gfxig ' " ,+via:iNi I , we ,A X 1 V' rife . 1 Q- ' :av , ' IL ' X is E... x if A Q E A :ill Vfirygr ip-,:.: 'N Mk 'K r . -A--'ffgxlyefifjf ' to Q xi,v1.l.3n 7 g ! 4 ig -N 9 x' :xg K, 'L X -w - K -. ' 1 T ' e i . if i i ? 1 ft' 5 so - , X- , 1 538:01 N ,A W. - b- i . ' .af-Q1 ' i - ' -4' af, 1 " -f" ' 1 -X -v .- 1 A Q SN .. , Q 1 3 6:1 i ,AiibTs.N-- X-+V k 1 f-ss. 3 t A x "FF ' 'A V ' -ik-Iifia Ea . ' "When you ride with the"dudes" you drink H - 1' this stuff. " Here it comes, what do I do now? riff up -' x HIP' PICNIC Nfl-lair """i ,,.nnsa "This needs more Potassium Nitrate" Mul1any's Flower Child. I X554 , ' My w W A ' ' thx 5 I i X- -i N fi YxG , ' ,X k"'K' 1 .-7 'QAJ -gl RJ iq, I lby' I M at it ,ofa "'bVfi'T x M fx I' ,.l , Y4'455fQ jx V'SE3l'El 1 " 'Y' H ff BEER x f B Q XX "Next time we'l1 use soap. " al' -wx 4 A ii -.. e i 16 , X 0 g f ,X 1 gait "Over here Brock, I've got a live one. " "Kropa's Kastle" falling down. KAOHSIUNG bor Fleet street TAIWAN 4 J SINGAPORE Q qc uxul Img' CYHN -:N-gg, fi! f 1 7 , ,..f' ...V-"" ...df Waterfront , ,.., 1' View from the bridge Tiger Balm Gardens HARD DA l 'es . K Hold that brow ff sip ' f " V Q57 . f ,NT f4 fl fi Duty Section X BooedBoot 5 fx N .sg , K W7 -Q -4 S0 ,X E9 4 we Q7 "The ship's tilted, not me" The Animals S NIGHT KQLQW gg? "Lit" Electrician Stewed Snipe -.S,u.f'P! Gif" gf ff 1 3 . 1 '13 A ... J! , f O M ill "LibertV C8I'd'7" I 'ii'-5 G Auggie Doggie Returning Ne'er-Do-We11's .ZEI . 1'!'!.4'hi"Lil' ir! I V1 1 1 I K E 2' A If -3 ,.j':x, - are-+ f.. J . ' -z.,.w LJg:,.,a.A:. - A HG GKQ V .' -' ' 1 ' . . W W V '- ' . , . - Q '-9 ' . 1 g ' - ' Tl . ,. t . . , .r1,,.,.,. W 2 1 l 1 E l 1 w iz ,V ' N ! 1 --7 - I "PEARL OF THE ORIENTH 0 ll-Lrx"1N 3 -4 I 5 2 4 1 W a ri 1 1 Q! i ll 'a ,I i ffl Mary Soo ... . .' qv- H ' rv 'ff' A" , . QMQ5 Ch 1 y, ffl" 1 EW ZEALA 3- , , x 1 4 ' 3-11 up 11-114-211 VIA SPEIITXIGS -7-7 . may Y A '. I Y- , "" ' - , ' . M A,-2 rg 1-..,, , fyiw. , . - I Ml, 3 :J I, .JJ ,9YAJVK..J,.,P,,,. . .,,w. ,, ,- Q '. " 6 Nr' 1 P w 1 5+-V 4. 'f"45?5' P-11'E?':,mQtaim5e" , .1 .1 .1 Ju- 7 1 Royal New Zealand Rugby Team - 31 United States Navy Team - 19 .., 1, -K M35 xff, 7'N-Ilimbers stun XX Lf' C . 4 N' QX IX Ek CC R9 R Q I Y 1 4 f KT' '2 Y f aff!! V g 3 64533 1 lx Cao SI THE EQ Aron The boisterous ceremonies of crossing the Equator are os such ancient vintage that their precise derivation is lost. The early proceedings were extremely difficult and, to a large degree were supposed to test the crew to determine if the novices, or "boots, " on their first cruise, could endure the hardships of life at sea. The custom has survived in the modern Navy although the excesses of past generations of sailors have been curbed somewhat. The discomfort of a good dousing, a slight shock from the electric fork of the Royal Devil, the garbage chute, and the random snipping of the Royal Barber comprise the more unpleasant features of the ceremony. Those who face initiation are termed "Pollywogs, " the lowest of all creatures of the sea, and those who have already "crossed the line, " and passed the test are known as "Shellbacks. " The oldest Shellback member of the crew is customarily selected as Neptunus Rex, King of the Deep. The Royal Court usually consists of the Roayl Doctor, Dentist, and Scribeg who serve in various capacities administering the initiation as Neptunus Rex, his Queen, and the Royal Baby oversee the rite from the Royal Throne. As the court convenes, all the Pollywogs are summoned, tried, and of course found guilty. This finding of guilty entitles them to take part in the initiation. Another part of the ceremony enables the lowly Pollywogs to show their admiration foi the Royal Family by kissing the Royal Baby's Belly As long as American sailors go to sea the crossing the line' ceremonies will go with them Some sailors make deployments for many years without ever becoming a Shellback The Mullany however held 'crossing the line ceremonies three times once leaving Singapore, the second time em oute to New Zealand and again enroute home to San Diego THE CEREMO Royal Court i - 1l "Kissing" the Baby's belly I "Here ye, all slimy pollywogs. " p if ning "Two lowly po11ywogs" i i 5 w I r G 1 The captain meets Davey Jones N l n I 1 E 3 5 1 s U Q 1 2 L z E E e. Y 5 i s l F 5 I ! 5 .L Going into tho garbage Chute Coming out of the garbage Chute E 65 E I .lg ww- N 'f A W 'J The latest style for pollywogs H 8 , A ' I 'ff' V ,gg x. 1, k ,. .-., X ml , i fax- 'WS 1 1 6 ALL N51-0' yn-L 96'-7"" gg .":7'4"5 QN 'X vo fo- 'M5"" "H-I 1' Xx'x."' 'g'," B wk.. 1' g, '. uhm' X ,X I K XSWX-fx-PSN ' ,ff-""' l- 1? Us NN XNQI x ., x,,QXXX yX fm Y -X ,fZ-X? ,Zz GALLEY , W L Asahel ff A' 'il .TI W1 ii '1' S., x11 fs 5... , 1 HIGH OO ER , 'R xk J ' , A A X 51 1 l Q. M W k. i Z f .51 1 iQ ,1 .Ffh , fc: Pu f X E fi, 'X E For my ncxt trick! Z !" ggi "Who says the smoking lamp is out?" Suu Hunt ,qv if f' .ti fffb-'Vf' ff ,Nm .0xfF,:n4.,4'f 'V . "4 nfl. ' X1 if "-9. A Jf,Yf?'ff",- av' Aly: rJf1' FL "" if A "Grccnie" Ensign Boston lisa if sv- N Kg 'ii- .., I In -I msg. 5.28 f x if' 77M FRE You THIS 15 'San nissan' Air Mail "Que Pasa ?" i Y . i ' L Jizz? ' g .i.....w,+ i I a .gf 55: , f ,Q , 1464 WNAMMKHW, I 1 gums. OOD and J OOD on the job I 3 Cool Breeze , I 4 H 92 ll is . bsw0g,,-,gy w XVW "Well scratch one fishing boat. " 1 'Q 1' ' - Q 1 X w 1 1 1 5 v 't ' Mr. n:1nwrrmr'1:1 plvnsan lny Lu thu Qu.1rt.c 1 hfal ml! i hI'uigf:, " 70 ous moment. in Lhu long w0I'kiI1g day- .4v""'-'px In X rj?-1 jr- "V .L ... 9 "' 'f' 5 Y: .... 4 ,I ff 1-'OO NI.-X N Littlc wr 'K x k,,1 I I M5 E 'FM A mba ssuclor P111 LL "Well, we :uc on the bridge ill Canoe U The Drinkers Left standard port screw " S0-,XASN I, .'s ,S W" wow' f - Z7 -. ,xihxs ,THU ff -5- Z hoivtl 1 1 f F1 A XX rw XX X? 'N ff'-f 5 5 LLX Q Xl ,fy kXiijNfQx fiffsss Jim l X ' x, SIE 1 I 1 L ,Z If X "Q, QX- -'C' Qflt 5 ,ff M X-f ,jj x i 1. I i ln if -lin lr--.g - ,Q -Q -n--5 f' 22' V g 7 I "Coke Cup" QQVUW Mu11any'S own Pig Pen QI 5:2 A Lv f "Congratulations on your admin discharge. " "Just as I suspected, it igthe sun. " Mu11any's protest band "and Little Orphan Annie said. . . . " 5 , . ,ii 'XJ' 1, The bad actors. .IVV 2 xfl 5 SH7 BoFlT5--- ' ' 1,' f Xxx 2 i Q- Q 52.8 X -GAT JX.. 5 '1 if : fo,-3-"ZZ -QC .25 ..f-- - gh X , 'N xlfx The IS 'l' Gang i 'i , if i P E YN1 Conway shipping over I J PVTVK.-Z A L W V 5 u P U i P "You look like someone I know. ' Chuka, posing with a friend. 73 E H l I W, if -E N: P .,, .ig 1 1 H :E M lx 1, L 212' 15 hr. QU ,1 nf' .iw 231 Ui w-! zz, 1 Ti v 'As 31.-i-if Q, Mullany Health Club , we-f'wzg1tX'f" W f ' , W ,, ,V WV Q , V X "The CoaSties" mv.-a1f',,,..,.-I-""' 'X 5 VQUVQIV K ape, Ns fx, 4 4- Xx . f S ,3 from The Stew Burners f x X N Q2 EAN V X 1 l S 'la Q 25721 21 T iii 2 F I I C J 1 .Q The "Boot" chief and friend. .v"' 15,21 Je fxi- fx 22,2 The Barber S f 4 5 xx xxx The Elcctrlulnb Chlef 5 Quartcrb Away the bofxt ii if FT 4 U ii 1 I 5 ii ii i i fi li 2 i C" ....-,- ,f A meeting of the minds .Q Dear Congressman. . ' .1 'ix Xi: 'X WS. K x :Q -1 YYQY' Aa-Q Cool Head Laundry time i i ii 3' 1 41.5 ,, l X i MQW "WS boogaloo time- " "HH, WS an invitation to my gi1'1'S wedding- " e N ff' 11 in il ,..--4 sf oi The Bridge Gang "Turn the air conditioner on please. " 5 ni -ui" i I Samui DNV9 no? A 'W au 1 Q " --1,-I r - -L 1 f . h ' 'iv'--. X s. Y, I I 'Q 31 ' ' I "That's a no-no Kutz1eb." QQ H M7 CHX 3 Adios Mr' Nelson , '-1 3-f,.." XB N ,,f -, E ,.. A 1121? .-f ., X--LT-2" "1 -o Q ' "We can hack it. " The alert phonetalker FRF: ' 'flf?S4'LP'i!.i "ki E M'- Miiier caught working FW ,I fl .XX Q I Ji, "Rembrandt" in action "Now, which end is which. " fx D 3 o 'fe-:.7.i, XY, f ' ' F Q Q , ,W A U , . ' , M "' vi- ' ,. , V I A. 23, fy ' W-M. . Q , I , A If A .V , fg ,W 1 Zaflig Iiig f L if "' L if. Bw 'A J " ' ' 'V ' i 152' -, ' , . .. , " , gl Y ,p A ly.: ,S ,.,,?,4 Q ,.f f X. I ,A ' ' x , ..,' Ki Q - "" A' . -+41 I - ' ' LVQ-3 png 9' ,fv gif in-in mvflfi -oc " N mm I ' CRUNCH fl jj" Mu11any's own Victor Charlie i 1 I I 4 HOME SWEET HOME 'QQ , ff ff f 533 W , J a fe: gg ff T WN1 .Eat .L KK E E 'E ..f5f-411'-fwflrifh -1 - 135551 P' L,'I2SlT!n"Y7",E.m 'L,?'?"'F, .,,.- fififf' ""'?"I?"':'i, THE TAFF - -af 49 4 v. H X, x QQ I V ii J Is' ,Q to df X1 ,, N if f f LAST ROW: SN G. Harshbarger, LT. D. Santamaria, HM1 R. Josephson, RMl W. McGuire. FIRST ROW: Ens. J. Carlin, FN C. Brown, RD3 T. Baird, SN J. Chuka. Editor LT Santamaria Ass1stantEd1tor Ens Car11n Layout RD3 Ba1rd SN Chuka Photo Prooessmg RM1 McGu1re HM1 Josephson Cartoons SN Harshbarger Cover DSSIQTI FN Brown 'The crulse book staff Wlshes to thank all those who contmbuted then' tune and ener gy to help make th1s book posslble Sp6C12.1 thanks to LTJ G P L Evans for h1s "Ode to Mullany " . I Q . . . . Q o . . n . . . u . . ' . . ' . - . . . u ' Q 0 ' , , .,,.-1...-' ..,,4,f.. Wi. , M Qi-may-. ' ' .4.....-f--.. N.. W . .,- Eff C'wG Aff Md 71- 416 -I

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