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'R V r .iw ! 1' , ww .vw V' , 2 , av, Ip - . ,fx 6 af. ff ,, . .r , ,. , - . an, EV -- -37 1 ,gk W 'NX I 13.6-ffff, 'i- -rem , V"-,,1x1'I1:.-:Q1V,V,'V' 1 . ,::f'7q15 . X-px x !.A x V," ,af F f 1 H! 7 1 - J r 5 , fy' V, fl' V if -21 i x ' 1 . Vr. ' V. , ,. , ' "L-A K XV? V! U' .L ,V J, 'J ' yy' ,VJ , V ,fy , ,Tp , V V .V I y' ,gf nf ,J '5 ff' A Yu, .. ,gf V .lay ,lx V I P rf' ft z if' ,Q TF 5211 V-,L I 41 rf' L V V ,I 1 .lf V A J 7 1, 1 :W x :Yu . I ' . fc? 5, , J X 4 i ,qi ,E f "fa, X' Q-1-. 1, 'ww X Ralf' iw . l 4 ,, ... , '31 2.5 .1 ' -T 4 he ,W f.. ji: ' F ix . A T,?i5f,i1?Q wiki 3,-' If . 1. 5 .R ' P if - ".-Qin' j lf I CMM: wwsmfxm Mmm wwawm WCW? kwmffw MM4dmpQLm,1Lw,Q53mMv5mMmQww Wwwmdmwwxgglwnizmb ,-.. lim X e 2 if ? 'ik Q5 aww, my xX ff 6gThe bQs'f' diff ,Q fg4MfffM A:a QWVKAJ any JL Kcxyf, 75414 wing fyfw, , VM Alma SIGNS OF OUR TIMES K K lvlullon , a o School Goleno Editor 4 ---- Bus Manager - Photographer - Sports Editors - Art Editor - - - Galena Workers QS! - - - - - - - -Keith Ford - - Mike Sprute - - - - Kathy Flood - - - Al Compton, Bob Skavland, John C ase - - - - - - - - - Bonnie Flathers - - - Nickle Groves, Paula Wolfe, Carol Hegbloom, Milli Chambers, Andena Anderson, Lynda 6667 Mullen , Hgh lflll W7 Advisor ---- ,il-i-sl Phelps, Alice Keller Mrs. Evelyn Keppner yyzaumn gqffffzkr yjawfon . A sx ,-221, Zeogcafzbn We, the Galena staff, proudly dedicate our 1967 yearbook to the Mullan Athletic Pavilion and to all those responsible for its planning and construction. We feel that Mullan is especially fortunate in having this pavilion and will gain much from it. X. AD usmmuom QW?ffff5ifMif?Qf,4f25,fM f Www W 7 , W X RfGgWg: Q WOW, f ' jf ' f D M ,x if W ,gy W jp W W ...rf yjr1lr2c1y0afs Wessaye Since the establishment of a free society througha gov- ernment which has to answer to the people, education has played an important part in maintaining that society. Never in the history of any country has its population been so well educated as in this country today. The essential purposes in Mullan High School this past year have been the "3 R's," but beyond this individual re- sponsibility, respect for the rights and property of others, and courtesy as part of each student's character, have been em- It is my hope that each student in Mullan High School has developed along these lines and that each student may find his or her place in a society dedicated to preserving our ideals and way of life. JERRY YA GER CS up erm Xen 0Q12f's yfessaye To help society successfully take advantage of the rapidly opening opportunities of a new age has become the school's responsibility. Some things about school have not changed these many years. They are still made of people and the teacher is still the most import ant part of the educative process. The school's basic purpose is to educate children. But education is chang- ing--buildings, methods and goals. Changes have been quickened by scientific progress, the number of youngsters in school and the rapid growth of knowl- edge. Our society has put new emphasis not only on subject matter mastery but on the child's personal and social devel- opment, and his ability to study independently and solve problems rationally. It is with these matters in mind that we have endeavored to keep up with progress in education so that the graduates of Mullan High School might have the opportunity to secure the best education possible. JOHN R. LOVELACE Qgcfoof Qgoarof , E 31 Q Chairman--JAMES POLLA TOP, left to right: Mr. Jack Summerkamp, Mr. Vernon Benz. FRONT: Mr. James Polla, Chair- man, Mr. Blair Gosline, Treasurerg Mr, Kenneth Smith, Vice-Chairman. Q . av 57,gI'OUy5 QQGOQFSAIQ . 6012295 success Student Body President--KEITH FORD CSXUQQIQX Gounczf TOP, left to right: Martha Smith, Nellie Chambers, Nickle Groves, Kim Smith, Theresa Trexler, Maureen McEachern, Shelley Dooling, Connie Sprute, Art Giroux, Don Almquist Russ Moultrie, Dale Polla, Craig Olson. FRONT: Donna Krulitz, Elaine Giroux, Asst. Treas,, Andena Anderson, Treas.g Keith Ford, Pres., Mike Sprute, Vice-Pres.: Carol Heg- bloom, Sec.: Mr. Yager, Principal, Nat Lunen MR. ROBERT CLARK xi' A f 8th Grade Shop, Shop I, II, III, IV 1, MR FRANK FITZGERALD Speech and Library MR. JOHN DRAGER 'ith and 8th Grade Boys' P.E. and Health, High School P. E., and Varsity Coach 41.-an-qu 'fa-' MRS. MARY HENDRICKSON Junior High Girls' P.E. and Health, Sth Grade Spelling and Social Studies, English III 6 MR. JACK EDWARDS I aj NL' I nh Grade Spelling ,V ,Qi and Social Studies, I 5 EJ Economics, Business J , 1, Law, U,S. History, A 'ki" 'T' American Government, ff if x ,I f . and Asst. Coach IM iff . jf .fy 1 A gf! 'QQ' MRS. GEORGIA HEGBLOOM 8th Grade Language Arts, English I and II 'LX fe.-af' fix .fx , MRS. VIRGINIA ISAACSON 8th Grade Home Economics, Home Economics I, II, III, IV, and Home Management 'igfrx gill. 7- . . I- . ,u . ff s. , K , yl 'I , ar., ,Q fs -7-9 qt- ,C , N x , .1 If X w MRS. EVELYN KEPPNER 7th Grade Language Arts, Journalism, English IV, World History MR. WAYNE KOSKI Typing I and II, Shorthand I and II, Bookkeeping, and J.V. Coach A MR. MICHAEL LEWIS Biology, Algebra I and II, Functional Mathematics D , 'f' JW MR. JAMES LUNDQUIST Spanish I and II, French I and II, 8th Grade Lan- guage Arts MRS. LILLIAN RISTAU 7th and Sth Grade Science, Physical Science at , vgg--p. MR. JAMES MC CONNELL High School Band, High School Chorus, Junior High Band, Junior High Chorus, Grade School Music MR. LOREN VANEK 7th and 8th Grade Mathematics, Geometry Mr. Ted Miller High School Custodian A I . iff I S "'.,g. 1 - 'W' Y. -I .jr W. - r n. , Agi. Ura' 11 M L40 ,5k.,'g,,' o5S1'lNf -, 1 W U '. . 1 ., ..' I .r r.,. I. "' 'rr - 5 U..vw, fwfr fv..1x K tif. ml la , W - u nz ,.',.-Q' Mrs. Ruth Bratley High School Secretary 8 fa- .11 .u - .:. . . H -3,:f..2,b-. e . .Y U. 'ug' ' u rs A' 1 .M v.k-...V 2 we qppre czdfe Mr. Jack Edwards Bus Driver fp M4LBQ,jf"U fi WM le" WW ymfiifjfi rw fi W W M Www W' W Mrs. Eleanor Ford--Sec. -Clerk fnfek Mrs. Judy Strom--Nurse 1, -: egrxnaorlgs KEEP EIGHT iIUTFl Qmccegi-QI r 'rod 0 't , I, 1' ' ' , , , gnswv- KEITH FORD A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men, ANDENA ANDERSON Her smile is enchanting, her laughter inviting. 'Z' WALT NEFF BONNIE FLATHERS Marriage has many pains but She can be made to smile at love cures all ills. anything. csezzzbr GQJS Ofoers NICKIE GROVES Love and joyful laughter make the world go round. 105 "r"":'P' E WAYNE JAMES Why worry? Things are bound to happen anyway. Left to right: Nickie Groves - Sec. Dale Polla - Pres. Nat Lunen - S.C. Rep. Carol Hegbloom - Vice Pres. Tom Rogers - Treas. gun- 'SH MILLI CHAMBERS Work is work and must be done, but nevertheless l'1l have my fun. 'eff' TOM ROGERS It 's nice to be natural when you 're naturally nice. '+V JERRY TRICKEY It is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends. t s p sf C X irq 1-nl GERI SISK Come graduation and snatch PAT O'SHEA Morning comes long before you 're ready for it, me away from this homework. CAROL HEGBLOOM Such a whirlpool of fun and mischief in her head. up , L. RICH HODGES 'Tis better to love all women little than one WOITIHH lots. DALE POLLA Generally speaking, he's gen- erally speaking. NAT LUNEN Being silly today makes it easier to be wiser tomorrow. BOB SKAVLAND To marry young is to have a long life of happiness. . CONNIE SPRUTE Life is like the song that flows beautifully from her lips. JOHN CASE He says little but thinks a lot DAVID TRYON Life is short and so am I. "'Ef""' ,pp 6 1 AL COMPTON Don't say all you know but know all you say. KA THY F LOOD KATHY HENDRICKSON A sweet and friendly smile . A Dynamite in a small package lights her face. y gweffe years yoyeffer d,,,,,.'---""" ON SLIDE, left to right: Kathy Flood, Bonnie Flathers, Carol Hegbloom, Dale Polla, John Case, Keith Ford. STANDING left to right: Milli Chambers, Andena Anderson, Connie Sprute, Kathy I-lendrickson. MEMORIES FOR TOMORROW MADE TODAY Ten scared little first graders started school twelve years ago and,since have accomplished much to be proud of. In grade school they did exciting things like playing "boys chase the girls" at recess. By the fourth grade they turned sophisti- cated and s'tarted to have dances, the beginning of "grown-up social functions, " The transition from grade school to junior high was hard to take. The biggest item in the two years of junior high was the pop and ice cream picnic at the park. It set the class fund back S50! ! !! The 1967 seniors enjoyed high school life by participating in all the activities As freshmen they built the bonfire and painted the "M". As juniors they sold con- cessions and built a beautiful prom. Finally, they reached their senior year. The boys played basketball and went to state tournament in Burley. The girls helped by making signs and cheerleading for the games. These activities left all the seniors with many fond memories for tomorrow. As a whole, the years were happy, full, and carefree. Life is so much fun when among good friends. Q57 4' lb if I 5. I 4 's '7 'Q ' . J ' i zfa Q. 4 4- Jr X 1 Y-Q' af V 1 J . f V XO'-ff"'f s SA- N, if N rs' f K ' 1 Kathy Millie Carol Nickie Andena Hendrickson Chambers I-Iegbloom Groves Anderson With a humorous take-off of Phyllis Diller, Andena Anderson was crowned Mu11an's first Junior Miss at a pageant sponsored by the Mullan Jaycees on December 11, 1966, in the gym. Nickie Groves was chosen first runner-up. Everyone was proud of Andena when she placed as first runner-up at the state Junior Miss Pageant in Moscow during the week of January 9-14. I4 unzbr M135 yijayeanf JUIXIICDIQS KSLQWX STUDENTS AT W0 R K Wcfw k D - W QC ' . llixngueir UI OITCQSSTOTIS 1 m M TQ prom xlrxx A UBL UQ, i- ' Www K Wg QW gf 02012711 Ze gong 96050 JY 5...-. il- 1 unzbrs . This year 's juniors are an ac- tive class with a lot of initiative. They had various money-making projects including the concession stand for football and basketball games and two live-music dances. Their prom, "In the Misty Moon- light, " on April 28 was a really enjoyable affair. lst ROW, Left to right: Terri Engebretson, Secretaryg Mr. Lund- quist, Advisor. 2nd ROW: Theresa Trexler, Student Council Repre- sentativeg Don Almquist, Presidentg Mrs. Hendrickson, Advisor. 3rd ROW: Elaine Giroux, Treasurer: Mike Sprute, Vice Presidentg Mr. Fitzgerald, Advisor. 2 i -1J65!r5i,4 f yy , 1 f 17 C Lf vig! ,Af Xbdiff -fffriffdff. fvdff' , ,iff M: , , Q57f71 ,ZscfLy4,L!" I 6 D 4 digg it ,ML awed! , ' Lf. ' ' ,' if KL fm f i yi, 'XOVJCZMIQ fgcfczfacdff .jjtxd 0 l lst ROW, Left to right: Kim Smith, Maureen McEachern 2nd ROW: Linda Lahti, Valerie Claypool, Paula Wolfe 3rd ROW: Debbie Gosline, Carmen Latina 4th ROW: Bud Hayes, David Sellers, Reggie Mullins .J ss.-aLL42,,e4,-A4w-as L44 -4"'C.ffL!6f7 L,4,C4', by lst ROW: Laurel Pena, Russ Moultr e Linda House 2nd ROW: RaNae Stotel meyer, Chrys LaCel1e, Ellen Erickson 3rd ROW: Alice Keller, Lynda Phelps ZW ,MJ .QA Affxemfabw 6 ' 4,40 6 , I Lyagccz' ' iwffdagfgfdeg K ff- f '--- , I 1 A! X44 Ll PRINCESS ELAINE GIROUX Zfifj 2,1 J PRINCE BUD HA S V M' aff A Lf 7 1 Z gn ffe Onfygf Q If x J 42714 If fs If ,ffl fi, Zfflvj, X if if bg 7, -yQ,fQQ'Q122iSfUflMMZNSIfTH ' FX X Spf QQMS 4 ggi? ' QQ xv R-VJ gx Q gf I if J QF C1V'j,Qwj. r'yJE'y7Q? iw' YN PRINC ESi'ERRI ENGEBRETSON PRINCE DON ALMQUIST . w lbw! Q, , , 3 zznzbnf ' ueezz yea Qfae Qsfofefzzbyerh ' K B lt- kv wyfw A.,,,f 5 ,Kg- P. Q, - . -W A' 3622 We CS rufe 3 4? 1 ' f 7 . P w:g . "QM, 5 A 'P Wag.. ., Q '44 , ya I, . joys anof csfafe Theresa Trexler and Mike Sprute were chosen by the Mullan High School faculty as Mullan's 1967 representatives to Syringa Girls State in Nampa and Gem Boys State in Caldwell. Leaving early in June, they spent approxi- mately a week learning the basis on which the American system of government is founded and the ideals that all Americans should strive for. Theresa and Mike were chosen on the basis of leadership, scholarship, initiative and all-around worthiness. Gqfernafes M lan fCaldwe1J. flxlampa. KEEBAUGH CARMEN LATINA SQIDHQMQRES K ,69N if 1? M H S J I CSO!05OI2?OI"Q6' . f75eyQ'e worklrzy ffezk' way up, faozlrzy yqzn as ffey yo. SEATED, Left to right: Joyce Moreau, Treasurer, Darlene Walbridge, Secretaryg Arne Krulitz, Presidentg Toni Groves, Vice Presidentg Shelley Dooling, Student Council Representa tive. The sophomores have been busy this year giving bake sales, candy sales and dances in order to make money to ensure a good prom their junior year, They also chose their class rings and partici- pated in various other high school activities. Left to right: George Clarke, Walt Lambott, Stephen Hen- dricks, Dick Harwood, Mike Tafolla. ., ',' , - 1 i -f - 5 a N ,i f- 4 V - 4 ,..... L-I-ggi' ..- 33 - 1 ly i M V mfg, . L k ff Shirley Dougall, Nanette Clay- pool, Connie Flathers, Deb- bie Troxel, Cynthia Scheel Marianne Mur- ray, Juli Soini, Vir- ginia Sutton. v Left to right: Ron Hayes, Stephen Hen- dricks, Jerry Noordam, Judy Noordam, Cheryl Decker, Mary Shipman. KNEEL ING: Dale Lunen. V-1 23 . , ,E W I K - x B PLQESHMEN EBUIVIPY RCDAD AI-I EAD I gresfmezz . . fjfey Dre a GQ55 40175 a 5011 qf Tofenfzdf -nf Siistwba ,Z lst ROW: Martha Smith, Treasurerg Spike Elwood, Vice President, Gary Ford, Presidentg Mrs, Hegbloom, Advisor. 2nd ROW: Raeann Ban, Secretaryg Mr. Drager, Advisorg Art Giroux, Student Council Representa- tive. -4: I -C Ili" Q ti Q! . I ' f lst ROW, Left to right: Joanne Fealko, JoAnn Flood, Lorna Hendrickson. 2nd ROW: Lorraine Huffman, Suzanne James, Debbie Blacketer, Becky Weiderrick, Carol Case, Mary Smith. 26 This year's freshmen started high school life with a bang by building a large bonfire and con- tributing much to the Homecoming activities. In the first month of school they proved their worth and have shown since that they are an asset to Mullan High. KNEELING: Dennis La- Celle, Aaron Coates. STANDING: Tom Barton, John Goggin, John Mullins, Kelly Weigum, Howard Lester, Leo McCon- Ville. KNEELING: Ioe Gohl Keith Smith, David Flood. STANDING: Connie Wiitala, Vick ie Sellers, Sheryl Nickerson, Linda Wolfgram, Debbie Moultrie, Terri Hiatt. KNEELING: For- rest Greenfield, Leslie Erickson, Bill Arthur. STANDING: Ben Cornell, Ray Graham, Steve Johnson, Blaine Keppner, Terry Schneider, Dan Sheeley. 515 QFGUQ . Cjnjoyzhy ILS' 7591? 70001779 yjasfzkne Our future high school students started the long trudge and seem to be a very promising group They added much to the junior high and high school. lst ROW, Left to right: Lois Sheeley, Denise Harwood, Nellie Chambers, Rebecca Hendricks, Virginia Black, Marcia Parske 2nd ROW, Wanda Dinius, Norman Pena, Janie Sutton, Vickie Reed, Dale Noordam, Larry Davis 3rd ROW, Don Scheel, Chuck James, Byron Faucett lst ROW, Left to right: Nancy Tryon, Harold Bradshaw, Merilee Greenfield, Carolyn Tafolla, Mary Tiitso, Vickie Murray 2nd ROW, Sam Clarke, Dale Pena, Larry Huffman, Bridget Payton, Linda Sprute, Carol Crawford 3rd ROW, Dennis Goggin, Clifford Arthur, Cynthia Ford, Gloria Coates, Peggy Lester, Kathy Neff 4th ROW, Mark Hegbloom, Bill Gohl, Mr. Lewis, Mrs, Ristau, Jim Jameson 28 Yff QFGOQ . 759 yyesf 13 ye! 70 Game The seventh graders started their last six years of school in a new building and a completely dif- ferent environment than they had been used to. Since last fall they have come to enjoy high school life and look forward to the five years more they will spend in Mullan High. lst ROW, Left to right: Lance Bruhn, Vicky Jameson, Bryan Simonson, Leslie Airas, Benita Bryant, Sheila Triplett, John Lambott. 2nd ROW: Leroy Dougall, Susie Giroux, Debbie Sellers, Jerry Welch, Mike Ban, Frank Reed. 3rd ROW: Margie Cowgill, Lynda Arthur, Gordon Sutton, Larry Barton, Darlene Sutton, Sharyn Dougall, David Nelums. lst ROW, Left to right: Jacqulene Clarke, Sana Taro, Donna Krulitz, Linda Lorenz, Pam LaCelle, Ronni Valenti. 2nd ROW: Gail Hayes, Melissa Gill, Cathy Sheeley, Randy Durfee, Nancy Hendrickson. 3rd ROW: Craig Olson, Ron Moreau, Sally McRae, Judy Hendrickson, Robert Hayes, Steve Latina, Jack Douglas 4th ROW: David Giroux, Sam Davis, Mr. Vanek, Mr. Koski, John Soini ! xv' W ,mn I ,i?: ,afLff 1 .,, .-J' ' S Y ki' 1' -Lgv' W x E3 Cl Pep Cm -Il?I'iIl dub CGITW V C qelrwizcfriorws S K I W If C B 0 fi, 5' Nmionol Honor Sociery om H L' e,.-.... A Left: Coachj. Drager, D. Polla--S.C. Rep.: N. Lunen, D. Lunen, M. Spruce--V. Pres., J, Trickey, B. Skavland, B. Hayes, W. Neff, Mr. Edwards, D. Almquist, R. Moultrie, K. Ford--Pres., A. Krulitz, W. James, J. Noordam, J. Case, T. Rogers--Sec.-Treas.: Mr. Jap 61,5 Koski. Left to right, STANDING--Mrs. Isaacson, D. Gosline, V. Claypool--V. Pres., B. F1athers-- Sec., K. Hendrickson--Pres., N. Groves--S.C. Rep., M. Chambers--Treas.g T. Trexler, Mrs Hegbloom. SITTING--K. Flood, L, Lahti, C. Sprute, M. McEachern, K. Smith, C. Heg- bloom, T. Engebretson, A. Anderson, E. Giroux, P. Wolfe. 7w1k'Qr.s ,. bi, Left to right, TOP: Melissa Gill, Sana Taro, Sally McRae. BOTTOM: Linda Lorenz, Iacqulene Clarke. QDIQIW Team , fr .,1 X if '7 fr f f 9' VA LERIE C LA YPOOL ip L., CENTER: B. Flathers--President and Head Drill Leader. BACK, Left to right: Mrs. Hen- drickson, Advisor: J. Noordam, M. Murray, V. Sutton, S. Nickerson, V. Claypool, T. Trexler--Secretary, M. McEachern--Treasurer, C. Case, D. Blacketer, L. Huffman, J. Flood, M. Smith--S. C. Representative, V. Torres, M. Smith, L. Hendrickson, T. Groves, J. Fealko, C. Scheel, D. Moultrie, E. Giroux--Vice President and Assistant Drill Leader, B. Wiederrick. QAbsent: Darlene Walbridgej TOP ROW, left to right: Debra Blacketer, Linda Lahti, Joanne Fealko, Cynthia Scheel, Virginia Sutton, Mary Shipman, Cheryl Decker, Juli Soini, Nanette Claypool, Valerie Claypool, Terri Engebretson, Sheryl Nickerson. MIDDLE ROW: Terri Hiatt, Connie Wiitala, Martha Smith, Lorraine Huffman, JoAnn Flood, Vickie Sellers, Mary Smith, CarolCase, Linda House, Mrs, Isaacson, Advisor. FRONT ROW: Debbi Gos- line, Parliamentarian, Theresa Trexler, I-Iistorian, Kim Smith, Student Council Representative, Shelley Dooling, Secretary, Elaine Giroux, Vice President, Carol Hegbloom, President, Carmen Latina, Treasurer, Judy Noordam, Reporter, Joyce Moreau, Song Leader, Maureen McEachern, Degrees Chairman, Andena Anderson, Reports Chairman. ' The Mullan Chapter of Future I-lomemakers of America was very active OAY AKER-fox during 1966-1967. Winning a trophy for their scrapbook at the annual' uf ,V 2 district convention at St. Maries made them very proud. Among their 63 nd ff, many activities were sewing clothes for their "adopted" children at the VE 1 Hg U1 5 Lewiston Children's Home, giving luncheons for the faculty, and holding ,xx if 7 f their annual slumber party. ,A Delegates Theresa Trexler, Carmen Latina, and Maureen McEachern - 0 Nfw x-kos with Mrs. Isaacson, Advisor, and Terri Hiatt attended the state convention at Boise during spring vacation in April. Qzufure tjlgznemafers gf 15212291760 I TOP ROW, left to right: Mary Shipman, Marianne Murray, Carol Hegbloom, Nat Lunen, Debbie Troxel, Nickie Groves, Judy Noordam, Arthur Giroux, Blaine Keppner, Steve Johnson, Debbi Moultrie, Suzanne James, Dale Polla, Becky Wiederrick, John Goggin, Don Almquist, Elaine Giroux, Darlene Walbridge, Toni Groves, Juli Soini, Ron Hayes, Virginia Sutton, Cynthia Scheel, Gary Ford, Dale Lunen. MIDDLE ROW: Mary Smith, Terri Engebretson, Kim Smith, Debbi Gosline, Debra Blacketer, Martha Smith, Jo- anne Fealko, Alice Keller, Lyn Phelps, Nanette Claypool, Linda I-louse, Linda Lahti, Connie Flathers Valerie Claypool, Maureen McEachern, Joyce Moreau, RaNae Stotelmeyer, John Case, Linda Wolfgram, Sheryl Nickerson, Ellen Erickson, Stephen Hendricks. BOTTOM ROW: Keith Ford, Mike Sprute, Vickie Sellers, Connie Wiitala, Lorna Hendrickson, Terri Hiatt, JoAnn Flood, KathyFlood, Historiang Connie Sprute, Parliamentariang Milli Chambers, Secretary, Andena Anderson, Presidentg Bonnie Flathers, Vice President, Theresa Trexler, Treasurer, Russ Moultrie, Student Council Representativeg Shelley Dooling, Re porterg Keith Smith, Kelly Weigum, Aaron Coates, Leslie Erickson, David Tryon, Mrs. Hegbloom, Advi- sor. SITTING: Leo McConvi1le, Dennis LaCelle, Paul Durfee, Mike Tafolla, Forrest Greenfield, David Flood. This year the Mullan association of Future Teachers of America doubled their membership from thirty-six to seventy-two, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Georgia Hegbloom. The organization was busy with candy sales, dances, and various CM a 'WX other activities to earn funds for the annual trip to Moscow for the Mid-Winter ? Convention and for the FTA State Convention at Boise in March. Kathy Flood, lx , ,. Theresa Trexler, and Kim Smith, delegates, and Mrs. Hegbloom drove to Boise ' E Q ,- for the two-day convention, where they won a special award for their scrapbook. From the Pizza and Pop Party in September to the election of new officers in the Xiv ff spring, it was a very active and good year for the Mullan Future Teachers of X' , -' America. gufure fjeacfers gf qmerzba Csfrzfe Q40 756 Zan Qscfoofyganof BACK ROW, left to right: Mrs. Leetch, band director: Valerie Claypool, Blaine Keppner, Pat O'Shea, Wayne James, Ron Hayes, Keith Smith, Tim Hendricks, Dave Flood. MIDDLE ROW: Gary Ford, John Goggin, Shelley Dooling, Connie Sprute, John Keebaugh, Bud Hayes, Dale Polla, Don Almquist, Dan Sheeley, Vicki Sellers, Dick Harwood, George Clarke, Carmen Latina. FRONT ROW: Mary Shipman, Connie Wiitala, Kim Smith, Joyce Moreau, Maureen McEachern. 11121614 Zjanf STANDING, left to right: Ronni Valenti, Gale Hayes, John Soini, Bill Gohl, Sam Davis. SEATED, THIRD ROW: Ron Moreau, Jim Jameson, John Posnick, Cathy Sheeley, Judy Hendrickson, Linda Sprute, Dale Pena Steve Latina, Jack Douglas, Tony Keller, Mark Hegbloom, Joey Keebaugh, Dennis Goggin. SECOND ROW: Sam Clarke, Craig Olson, Linda Lorenz, Bridget Payton, Nancy Tryon, Pam LaCelle, Nancy Hendrickson, Gary Huffman, David Giroux. FRONT ROW: Donna Krulitz, Jacqulene Clarke, Sana Taro, Melissa Gill, Sally McRae. cscfoof Gforus "'1 TOP ROW, left to right: T. Schneider, A. Coates, L. Erickson, B. Arthur, P. Durfee, L. McConville, W. Lambott, R, Mullins, N. Lunen, W. Neff. SECOND ROW: C. Sprute, S. Nickerson, L. Wolfgram, B. Wiederrick, R. Ban, S. James, D. Moultrie, S. Compton, C. Decker. FRONT ROW: L. Huffman, T. Hiatt, M. Smith, C. Case, J. Flood, K. Wiegum, M. Smith, C. Brown, L, Hendrickson, E. Erickson. - h I ii ? : S' Xi - , 53? N Xa. unzbr Gforus TOP ROW, left to right: L. Barton, C. Arthur, D. Noordam, F. Reed, N. Pena, D. Scheel, D. Nelums, L. Davis, J. Lambott, M. Ban, H. Bradshaw, L, Bruhn, B. Fausett. MIDDLE ROW: J. Sutton, B. Simon- son, C. James, W, Dinius, D. Harwood, L. Sheeley, V. Murray, C. Ford, M. Tiitso, N. Chambers, V. Reed, C. Tafolla, K. Neff, G. Sutton, M. Cowgill. FRONT ROW: D. Sutton, P. Lester, C. Crawford, J. Brown, V. Jameson, C. Mildon, B. Hendricks, M. Parske, G. Williams, S. Giroux, D. Bernardi, L. Airas, B. Bryant, D. Sellers 5 hi-'Zia . , ':-oS- 37 CSA' C116 BACK ROW, leftto right: M. Shipman, P. Wolfe, T. Trexler, S. Dooling, B. Hayes, M. Hegbloom, D. Goggin, G. Sutton, D. Gosline, MIDDLE ROW: D. Harwood, V. Murray, M. Tiitso, R. Hayes, D. Lunen, R. Moultrie, D. Almquist--S. C. R., Aaron Coates, K. Smith- Sec. -Treas.g M. McEachern--Vice Pres., C. Latina--Pres. KNEELING: G. Williams, L. Airas, L. Lorenz, S. McRae, D. Krulitz, M. Gill, C. Olson, J. Pesnick, G. Hayes, J. Doug las, S. Latina. Ofafzbn afjfn or QS 0 C1619 STANDING, left to right: K. Hendrickson, J. Keebaugh, M. Chambers, M. Shipman, J. Moreau, M. Tafolla, Mr. Lewis--Advisor, C, Latina, C. Scheel, P. Wolfe, S. Dooling A. Anderson, G. Clarke. SITTING: E. Giroux--Treasurer, T. Engebretson--Secretary. M. Sprute--President, C. Hegbloom--Vice President, M. McEachern--S. C. Representa- tive. Q -as 'fief F.: 4 X. xiii -' 54:.:v sh, . is x i n f E, X A .5 r. XQ ,ff 5 gigs ,1 M ix V, .Q Q yi, Qi .. A e, f Ili .2 , k ' ' , ' Af Qs rv H aim' 4 A 5-A ,N ,i mm , 5 f M i ' , , xfifw , -N gn 1. X I ,gn - .x ' .-v' 4 .Q AV. V R N"G"g, X .. Aww f ' gl' HU' ', '- ., K I " ,s"'v.y 'Q - fri, ' ,Q ,, A .X-x :Evil gd? ivy, I 4. an af- , -- 'T .. 4. gift - f Q Lf' gy gg:-AF 'J -V . 1 . ' ,-, ,, , 4' x A.,,., , ul " 1 55 ',.. A .- M' . - ' .V- K.- f -h 39. ,hf . NNN - x ...By 3 QUQQI2 yzddfy We-ur PRINC ESSES Elaine Giroux Nickie Groves Toni Groves 40 It 's a good "sign" that school activities have really begun when we choose our Homecoming royal- ty. Mary Smith was crowned queen at the annual Homecoming dance after the big game with Kootenai. 0122ec0122122y E1 New ideas come with the passing of time. This year Dale Polla reigned as Mullan High 's first Home- Woyalfy yfjfhy Zak ' x I . 5133 . Nik, 'ff k ' , .3fiIJ5i" 0'?f PRINC ES Spike Elwood Don Almquist Arne Krulitz yjolo ufzrzf ,S v f i' ,k' if :Q im 4 K T Fr? .-,A og 1 ' T ' .. ff A MOS AIVIBITIOUS Anden Anderson, John Keebaugh 7 ,lx . 'ai " 9 "151.,W f - M A .xii ,fn ? ' 1 'f Q I ', X 4 x 5 . V, 1 BEST FIGURE AND PHYSIQUE Terri Engebretson, , Nat Lunen 1 I ., i . 'XX 'vii M ,- kv . .A T A g r BEST DRESSED Raeann Ban, Gary Ford 42 BEST PERSONALITY Carol Hegbloom, Dale Polla -f'.,f MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Carol Hegbloom, Don Almquist MOST DEPENDABLE Andena Anderson, Tom Rogers BEST MANNERED Maureen McEachern, John Keebaugh MOST ATHLETIC Don Almquist NIC EST SMILE Arne Krulitz, Nickie Groves Toi MOST TALENTED Andena Anderson, George Clarke A A A dxf-sf CUTEST COUPLE EEST SENSE OF HUMOR -- CUTEST al MOST Dale P0118 and Carol Hegbloom, Dale Lunen HANDSOME--Nickie Terri Engebretson Groves, Keith Ford CUTEST DIMPLES Marianne Murray, Arne Krulitz MOST POPULAR Carol Hegbloom, Keith Ford PRETTIEST EYES Laurel Pena, Nat Lunen :nl-1 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Tom Rogers, Andena Anderson junzbrs 06229 a120f,0f0me12a0Q gn 159 y7ZQ0012AyAf77 '.4-+ Q' a Q 2 J f .-A . X sie. ' A 'fig . nfsf: x. gt... .. '...::: . ,..f::f:.... ,Mi -nfl? . no 0 on sm QW LI . 0 . . , . V . . . . nal 4 1 :Q a A o an 5 Eff' 'E if : z ....... . ... ld ' ... A04 . "T . 'abvia ":::.:. N ssofoo 6 ,, .. .... -...I-. -1 N. . . x x.,,:t-xx ,ggasmq K . ,:....::.... , ' ,, -nv. -.fx :Jn , . .xv to .. f' 4 ,YM W A fi k uf N 3 Q , .wfwi " an in W S PZ 6- Q? .' W k 5 1 on? A Y- Aa , IA Will A61 AT H I. E TI Q 5 W wfMff'M , WMM M, YEAR OT The TIGER V XQER5 T we ENRQW f Q9 i - ii-i-11-l .i. --1 U' 635555 sig ,V WHEN zyers 1966 Eiga fs I 5 r FRONT LINE: Gary Ford, Russ Moultrie, Walt Lambott, Mike Sprute, Ray Graham, Art Giroux, Bill Arthur. BACKFIELD: Spike Elwood, QBQ Don Almquist, R. H. 5 Walt Neff, F. B. 3 Wayne James, L. H. G, D Qapfazns DON ALMQUIST and WALT NEFF 48 Wayne, Walt, and Pudge in action at Priest River -:F SENIORS - Walt and Wayne "FOR WHEN THE ONE GREAT SCORER COMES TO WRITE AGAINST YOUR NAME, HE WRITES-- NOT THAT YOU WON OR LOST--BUT HOW YOU PLAYED THE GAME." The Tigers, who were small in size and number this year, were faced with a tough schedule. They are looking forward to a good season next year with a slightly easier schedule and with an eager and more experienced team. an-1-'1 ...i- GJOGCAKQJ' JOHN DRAGER and JACK EDWARDS Wi w1v"'svlnl.--- FRONT, left to right: Kelly Weigum, Blaine Keppner, Gary Ford, Aaron Coates, Walt Lambott, Spike El- wood, Ray Graham, Bill Arthur. BACK: John Goggin, Mike Sprute, Russ Moultrie, Walt Neff, Don Alm- quist, Wayne James, Art Giroux, Keith Smith, John Case. 49 3.9 myers GQJU 7591? may fo Csfafe . """l Left to right: FRONT ROW--Tom Rogers, Dale Polla, Jerry Trickey BACK ROW--Coach Drager Mgr Mrke Tafolla, John Keebaugh, Russ Moultrie, Arne Krulitz, Don Almquist, Mike Sprute, Jerry Noordam Mgr Drck Harwood, Coach Koski. Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Lakeland Mullan Wallace Mullan St. Maries Mullan Coeur d'Alene Mullan Worley Mullan Clark Fork Mullan Plummer Mullan Oakesdale Mullan Kellogg J.V. Mullan Kootenai DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Kootenai 53 Mullan STATE TOURNA MENT Carey 58 Mullan Wallace Kootenai Coeur d'A1ene Clark Fork Kellogg J.V. Worley Plummer St. Maries Kellogg J.V. Kootenai Nez Perce H X X3 E, vi P 3 Q rf I L 'X ' W fir , 5 'Nw DALE POLLA TOM ROGERS JERRY TRICKEY A11-Conference A11-Conference ARNE KRULITZ JERRY NOORDAM DON ALMQUIST All-Conference RUSS MOULTRIE JOHN KEEBAUGH MIKE SPRUTE zyer yjefo Zan TOP ROW, left to right: Blaine Keppner, Don Almquist, Dale Polla, Connie Sprute. THIRD ROW: Dan Sheeley, George Clarke, Carmen La- tina, Vicki Sellers, Dick Harwood. SECOND ROW: Gary Ford, John Goggin, Shelley Dooling, Dave Flood. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Gail Leetch, band directory Connie Wiitala, Mary Shipman, Joyce Moreau, Ron Hayes, Keith Smith. Pep and spirit were added to many sport events this year by the Tiger Pep Band. Seen and heard at all the football and basketball games, they also accompanied the team to the district tournament at Kellogg, sporting their new purple pep band blazers. J 'S . . . Cgmafguf fzbrce Left to right: Tim Hendricks, Keith Smith, Paul Durfee, Leo McConvi11e, Gary Ford, Raymond Graham Art Giroux, John Goggin, Blaine Keppner, Spike Elwood, Bill Arthur, Dave Flood, Coach Koski. GfeerQa0Q1's . . . cz peppy frzb Martha Smith Toni Groves Mary Smith Sfreakhy jracf 5790122 0 1967 . Left to right: Dale Lunen, Keith Ford, Don Almquist, Jerry Noorclam Tiger Relay Team Ready to compete At State Tournament BACK, left to right: Ray Graham, Art Giroux, Jerry Noordam, Don Almquist, Tom Rogers, Dale Polla, Keith Ford, Dale Lunen, Benny Cornell. FRONT: Paul Durfee, John Goggin, Blaine Keppner, Gary Ford, Spike Elwood, Aaron Coates, Dave Flood. J 'X ff y.!yf 'a,V. .El rg' xx 1 f J E MA, J, - , ,,-........ .. -.-,....-.-....Y.- I :Q if Q v4.1 snag' fs rf if , ,.. ,Z an M HN Q! QW gl 4 W I' 'if' A wgg, 4 'JIS .1 , f W.: ,fig V! hU,.- if Iwi Agp, '. . gg' ,sir Q95 A lsifyf . Q2 , 'nw I f f . Mig ' 2 x ,lf 8 TERRI ENGEBRETSON CAROL HEGB LOOM Mascot NIC KIE GROVES FRONT: Terri Eugebretson, Nickie Groves, Kim Smith BACK ROW: Carol Hegbloom KIM SMITH QW G08 ,!yI'dI22I . TOP: Kelly Weigum SECOND ROW: Keith Smith, Dave Flood THIRD ROW: Leo McCon- ville, Bill Arthur, Aaron Coates FOURTH ROW: Spike Elwood Gary Ford, Art Giroux, Blaine Keppner BOTTOM ROW: John Goggin Ray Graham, Dan Sheeley Ben Cornell, Tom Barton r7lfSf YYZQJYQS wresffhy yeam 6 X l ,ig gufure myers me gooof Qsfarf FHQST ROW, left to right: John Posnick, Mike Ban, John Lambott, Ron Moreau, Sam Clarke, Don Schee1,. Dale Noordam, Dennis Goggin, Mark Hegbloom, Craig Olson, Clifford Arthur, Jim Jameson, Dave Giroux Jack Douglas, SECOND ROW: Byron Fausett, Larry Barton, Steve Latina, Harold Bradshaw, Chuck James, Bill Gohl, Dave Nelums, Frank Reed, Gale Hayes, Joey Keebaugh, Gary Huffman, Norman Pena, Larry Davis, Dale Pena. C216 G5QQFkd0Qf5 'x I ,Xb X .I .7s'fs' . ' 'N' its 1 ' l TOP: Mary Tiitso, Cynthia Ford BOTTOM: Sana Taro, Linda Lorenz ANDENA ANDERSON--Driver Ed. lg Twirler lg Drill Teamg Home Ec. Award 1g Se- mester Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Treasurer 1, Secretary 2g FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Degrees Chairman 3, Points Chairman 4, Historian 2g FTA 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, President 3, 4g National Honor Society 2, 3,4g Science Fair Winner 2--Honorable Mentiong Li- brarian 3, 4g Pep Club 3, 4g Tigerettes 4, Reporter 4g Student Body officer--Asst. Treasurer 3, Treasurer 4g Club officer 4g Galena Staff 4g Microphone Staff 4g Betty Crocker Award 4. JOHN CASE--Office Worker lg Science Fair Winner lg Driver Ed. lg Athletic letter-- track lg Athletic Manager--Football 2, 3,4g M Club l,2,3,4g Librarian 3,4g Micro phone 4g Galena 4. MILLI CHAMBERS--Driver Ed. lg Attendance Award lg Semester Honor Roll 1, 2, 3,4g FHA 1,2, 3g FTA 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Secretary 4g National Honor Society 2, 3,4 Student Council Representativeg Office Worker 3, 4g Librarian 4g Pep Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4g Tigerettes 4g Galena 4g Microphone 4g Co-Ed Correspondent 4g Science Fair Winner 4. AL COMPTON--Galena 4g Microphone 4g Transfer Student. BONNIE FLATHERS--Driver Ed. lg Drill Team 1,2, 3,4, Assistant Drill Leader 3, Drill Leader and President 4g FHA 1,2, 3g Homecoming Princess 2g FTA 2, 3,4 Program Chairman 3, Vice-president 4g Prom Princess 3g Pep Club 3, 4g Tigerettes 4, Secre- tary 4g Office Worker 4g Galena 4g Microphone 4. KATHY FLOOD--Driver Ed. lg FHA 1, 2,3g FTA 1,2,3,4, Historian 4g Librarian 1,2, 3g Science Fair Winner--Honorable Mention 2g Pep Club 3,4g Tigerettes 4g Micro- phone Editor 4g Galena 4. KEITH FORD--Driver Ed. lg Class President l,2, 3g Ski Club lg Athletic Letter--Foot- ball 1,2,3, Track 1, Basketball 3g M Club l,2,3,4g Student Body Vice-president 3, President 4g Galena Editor 4g Prom King 3g Microphone 4g FTA 4g Club Officer 4g Librarian 4. NICKIE GROVES--Driver Ed. 2g Semester Honor Roll 2, 3, 4g Science Fair Winner 2g Chorus 2g Drill Team 2g FTA 2,4g FHA 2, 3g Pep Club 3,4g Prom Princess 3g Home- coming Princess 3, 4g Galena 4g Microphone 4g Tigerettes 4g Student Council Rep. 4 CAROL HEGBLOOM--Driver Ed. lg Semester Honor Roll 1, 2, 3,4g Class Secretary lg Class Student Council Rep. 3, Class Vice-president 4g FHA 1, 2, 3,4, Treasurer 2, Historian, District l Secretary 3, President 4g FTA 1, 2,3,4, Program Chairman l, Secretary 2, Vice-president 3g National Honor Society 2, 3, 4g Prom Queen 3g Pep Club 3g Tigerettes 4g Student Body Secretary 4g Varsity Mascot 4g Galena 4g Microphone 4g Office Worker 3, 4. KATHY HENDRICKSON--Driver Ed. 15 Semester Honor Roll 1,3, 45 Attendance Award 25 Undergraduate Honor Award fScienceQ 25 Girls State Alternate 35 Microphone 35 Pep Club 35 Tigerettes 4, President 4, Vice-president 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Club Officer 3,4. RICHARD HODGES--Transfer student. WAYNE JAMES--Driver Ed. 15 Band member 1,2,3,45 Athletic Letter--Track 1,2,3, Football 1,3,4, Basketball 1,2, 3,45 M Club 1,2,3,45 Ski Club 1,25 Pep Band 4. NAT LUNEN--M Club 3, 45 Athletic Letter 3--Track, Football5 Class Student Council Rep. 45 FTA 45 Chorus 4. WALTER NEFF--Driver Ed. 15 M Club l,2,3,45 Athletic Letter--Football, Basketball, Track 1, 2, 3,45 Homecoming Prince 35 Chorus 4. PAT O'SHEA--Pep Band 1, 2, 35 Band Member 1,2,3,4. DALE POLLA--Semester Honor Roll 15 Pep Band 1,25 Band Member 1, 2,45 Boys' State Delegate 35 Microphone 35 M Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic Letter--Football 2, 3, Basket ball 3, 45 Class President 45 Class Vice-president 35 FTA 45 Club officer 45 Home- coming King 4. TOM ROGERS--Driver Ed. 1, Semester Honor Roll 15 M Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Student Council Rep. 1, Treasurer 45 Pep Band 1,25 Band Member 1,25 Athletic Letter-- Football 1,2,3, Basketball 3,45 J.V. Basketball 1,25 Athletic Manager--Track 35 Boys' State Delegate 3. GERI SISK--Drill Team 1, 2,35 FHA 1, 25 Chorus 25 Triple Trio 2, 35 Homecoming Princess 35 Prom Queen 35 Microphone 35 Pep Club 3. ROBERT SKAVLAND--Driver Ed. 15 Attendance Award 15 Semester Honor Roll 15 Pep Band 1,25 Band Member 1,25 M Club 1,2,35 Athletic Letter--Football 1,2,-35 J.V. Basketball 1, 25 Track 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 35 Class Student Council Rep. 25 Vice President 35 Athletic Manager--Track 35 Galena 45 Microphone 45 Science Fair Winner 25 Chorus 4. CONNIE SPRUTE--FHA 1,2,35 FTA 1,2, 3,45 Drill Team 1,2, 35 Chorus l,2,45 Band Member l,2,45 Pep Band l,2,45 Driver Ed. 25 Pep Club 35 Club Officer 3, 45 Li- brarian 3, 45 Tigerettes 4. JERRY TRICKEY--Driver Ed. 15 Microphone 15 M Club 1,2,3,45 Athletic Manager-- Football 25 Athletic Letter--Football 1, Basketball 3,4. DAVID TRYON--Driver Ed. 2: FTA 4. l f X fjganf yooogzess . . QJX M K U29 ire ffro aff 111175 f yeargookf N s1':0.Q 9 1---E ns 1 E :mmnzp f 1 4 uns-AQ h W' 'J' I , rfhrnx 7- Q- KZ 3? ' 3' E- ,+- r E 1:19 h x K Y FLO V XX Microphone Editor KEITH FORD--Galena Editor MIKE SPRUTE--Galena Asst. Ed fl, A gl W DR1vE-1N CORNELLHS WARD XXX! l 2 ' FUNERAL HOME W1 3 Ear W s Ab- One Mile West A Q51 g ' of Wallace 619 Bank aff A FA l Highway 10 Wallace, Idaho 1 A ,wl- AMERICAN SMELTING 8: REFINING COMPANY Northwestern Mining Dept. Wallace, Idaho 0' -' I 'iw I L . ..... .. ..,,.. SN' . xf -':x:.-- MXN a. ."' FARM DAIRY Nutritious Dairy Products Walt Hendrickson Mullan, Idaho or 2 64 M EA X WI 'Z FOOD CENTER . , ? V ' THRIFT MEAT ' A 5: v ' MARKET I W6 . I ll! N INET X , 806 Bank BRITT'S GARDEN SPOT ,M X .- Osburn, Idaho 91 Wallace, Idaho I - CLIZERIS FLORIST LET Us HELPX, 'E Flowers and Gifts gf' -3,55 for Every Occasion I, v 0 .,.. I T I ,"-' m .,,,,n XX P 1' a ace, a o BANK Qfg 419 Sixth Wallace, Idaho ,ell "ve, ' e money ,ef gf 01, You 1' I W ' Ahead' v 1 - i r in . ' X 5 I 1 IDAHO FIRST I NATIONAL BANK THE COMBINATION FOODLINER 303 Sixth Wallace, Idaho ' 400 Sixth Wallace, Idaho COMMUNITY -BUILDERS . I.-we -5 M-Qglur-rsfaft-55,-. ' 1e.i+'+sz1ua"t ' ' ' 542112.21 1 ff - 1 . sa-3 . MCKIM-KISER CO. General Contractors Osburn, Idaho DIRECTORY East Shoshone Co. Dental Society William N. Dire, M. D. E. J. FitzGerald, M.D. Ernest E. Crnaedinger, M. D. Albert M. Peterson, M. D. Robert J. Revelli, M. D. Dr. Charles P. Hibbard, Optometrist NORTH IDAHO INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines RUNGE FURNITURE INC. Quality Plus Economy of Q NCQ, "'t I if Xm l Insurance and Real Estate . jf. . Z 701 B -'f' if-'il 91 8 Walt Claypool ank ii 'Q3QC.g:::j:'5:'2bS W. E' Grant Wallace, Idahot ESTAT -'C ' VOIIII TIOIIBLES SMOKE HOUSE QQEXX vmusu Sportsmen's Headquarters QQ ' Nt 0 ,V 'wt OSBURN SUPPLY ll Anllllnai I . . . Z., w 424 Slxth A r P d s 1' Q. 'OI .-'L u o arts an uPP les 4 Wallace, Idaho Osburn, Idaho 1 ' I' RAMSEIER'S PHARMACY TAB0R'5 . RELIABLE.. . Stationers ii' - OFFICE SUPPLIES I If . SCRIPT: . ' s' h d c d 410 slxfh Q3 f lxt an 6 ar Z Wallace, Idaho ' Wallace, Idaho 'FW getty: Walesa Y? WALLACE SUPPLY co. RULLMAN'S APPLIANCES Men's Wear and Bootery I 416 Sixth 515 Cedar xl, Ay Wallace, Idaho Wallace, Idaho 64 ASVESTAS MOTORS GENE'S RADIO SHOP MULLAN MOBIL SERVICE STA TION 716 Bank 512 Cedar 120 Highway 10 Wallace, Idaho Wallace, Idaho Mullan, Idaho . 2 4 Xf do omg, 25,44 ic. K, , I BRoWN1E's wil, I-CAQYI, OD DRUG? ,. , ROSSKQNI C co. , ,gr WE oral or SixthAand Cedar X 41 3 If Q v , Si, 1 nd B nk XG1 K 1,-C! pfcfd Ii! ,fifQlfCIj r Cl, ,, I. Wallace, 61 aho 1N daho ,,,M:wa+1aea 0 Q a--. T:E:e:fff---.1 .--ILL ,',' - f- ' Qgfhvcj' if gff?Z5'QlLAlZ,q! jug ZM2 fy If CARNATION LocKHART'sf97fie.f, 135132: MOTEL DISTRIBUTORS PHARMACY, 2 , Mgpfb 606 Bank 516 Cedar f'.'K"lf154 me Wallace, Idaho Wallace, Idaho ,f Wallace, Idaho DON'S WALLACE CLEANERS 609 Cedar Wallace, Idaho LONNIE W. GREER STATE FARM INSURANCE Licensed Idaho Realtor Highway 10 Mullan, Idaho Osburn, Idaho ECONOMY GROCERY 8: MEAT MKT. 218 Earle Mullan, Idaho MINERS' CLUB Earle St. Mullan, Idaho STOVERN SUPPLY CO 824 Bank - Wallace, Idaho 01 N. Division - Kellogg ENTERPRISE SANITONE CLEANERS 706 Hotel Wallace, Idaho MORROW'S RETAIL STORE Fifth and Cedar Wallace, Idaho WALLACE PRINTING CO. 5 O6 Sixth Wallace, Idaho FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8: LOAN Os burn, Idaho MULLAN CAFE Second and Earle Mullan, Idaho WASA BAR 209 Hunter Mullan, Idaho GAEBE'S JEWELRY MULLAN DRUG ZOOK BROS. AUTO 410 Sixth STORE ELECTRIC 207 Earle 902 Bank Wallace, Idaho Mullan, Idaho Wallace, Idaho TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "YM WorId'n Bu! Vnrbooh Am hylor mn Qjlf QALWM ,ef gif f Q Qwgjjwf fwwifmj EQm'fYYfK?QC6X MQ QV QJJWJ N9 Q3 R,,2i'HtQQ f ai l6jfwfAgf3LJ5djVJMW' f QQ? 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Suggestions in the Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) collection:

Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 57

1967, pg 57

Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 69

1967, pg 69

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