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,,,.,r1-,,..-uf-ff xf-..YE,T.-g-:.,.3---- f- ax X :gp , ww " ' .' ,fr -, uf, V 1 - V ff f ,,f+.U?' x xt 1 .X Q. ,Q S. We We ol' thc Galena staff are proud and honored to have a fine teacher such as Mrs, Keppner to which we can dedicate our 1966 yearbook, Over the years Mrs, Kcppner has shown more kindness consideration, helpfulness, than any student could ever ask for. May she always continue her linc work at Mullan lligh. 'r TIGER PRINCIPAL MR. JERRY YAGER SUPERINTENDENT MR. JOHN LOVELACE MRS. EVELYN KEPPNER Economics, Business Law, U.S. Government, U.S. History, World History, and seventh grade Math. MR. FRANK FITZGERALD English IV Q Library 5 X UC, X 14,64 MR. JACK EDWARDS Sth Penmzmship KL English, 7th Spelling SL Social Studies, Sth Boys and Girls P. E. MRS. VIRGINIA ISAACSON Home Ee. I, II, III, IV, Home Mrmagement. MR. WAYNE KOSKI Shorthand I KL II, Typing I 8 II, and Bookkeeping. MR. JOHN DRAGER Sth Spelling 8: Social Studies, Boys at Girls P,E,, :md Head Coach. MISS LINDA PHILLIPS French I gl II, Girls P. E. , 8th Penmzmship, English, ' amd Lit. MR. JERRY CALKINS Shop 1, 11, III, Iv., Algebra II 8x Geometry. MR. JERRE WALLACE High School Q Jr. High Band 81 Chorus, Speech. MRS. LILLIAN RISTAU 7th KL Sth Science gL Health, Physical Sci. MRS. GEORGIA HEGBLOOM English I, Sth Penmanship, Reading, English Kz Lit. 7th Reading. MR, JOESEPH BASQUE Biology, English II at 111, Spanish 1. .. Eleanor Ford - Secretary Ted Miller - Custodian Jack Edwards - Bus Driver ss Xl Judy Strom - Nurse EDITOR Randy Goslinc ASSISTANT EDITOR Kc ith Ford EDITOIUS MESSAGE Here is your 1966 annual. My staff and I have enjoyed bringing this book to you, I hopo you will likewise enjoy this yearbook. Special thanks go to all the people who helped produce this book. Many thanks also go Lo tho nierchants who supported us through their Editor- in- Ch ici' advertisments. Senior Class Officers X""" X FRONT ROWg left to right: Mr. Fritzgerald, advisorg Rosemary Tafolla, secretaryg Victor Giroux, president Mrs. Keppner, advisor. SECOND ROW: Philp Hendrickson, s. c. representative, Pat Auger, vice-president. 5 as ...M TERRIFIC CDDTUG7--I N N of 5' . 2 ' I is in V' W5 'fair-Qi 3'-, Q. if 'hw - 2 J' , , s f f., ! if A 4 M, 'M1f li,lf53l " e Twelve Years Together SEATED, left to right: Dan Harwood, David Autio, Randy Gosline, Bucko Tedrow, Philip Hendrickson. STANDING Rosemary Tafolla, Gloria Noordamn, Cheryl Troxel, Karol Olkonen, Cynthia Smith, Ellen Durfee. Autoay' G riff X 4, IS LEFT to RIGHT: Kris Engebretson, secretaryg Carol Hegbloom, s. c. representativeg Bob Skavland, vice-preside-ntg Nicki Groves, treasurerg Keith Ford, presidentg Mr. Koski, Mrs. Isaacson, Mr. Black, class advisors. f xx Q 1 AI 'A 1 My -f .. .. I Z ' lox , I K LEFT to RIGHT: First row: Nat Lunen, David Tryon, Pat O'Shea, SECOND ROW: John Case, Robert Noordam, Kathy Flood, Mildred Chambers, Susan Himter. he niis T ssse F lsr iz in f - - 'mix 2 :-J-5, Q L K 8 x X , X fi ' PM viila i ii , P3 is f ,Loi 5 'Y if fi K I is X is K ,U K , Xkjx, krfivwi , . 2 Q E f K K X A kj sg f.., i i.. K N' K I A S v I :V . x " 5 N . + . Xvii , 1 5 N, mimi, ki, S .X ,M XX ,fs-...,,wwMWv 1 I ,upf- ll J in LEFT to RIGHT: First row, Rich Hodges, Wayne James, SECOND ROW: Dale Polla, Micheal Heffner, Jerry Tricky, Kathy Hendrickson, Connie Sprute. i Q I LEFT to RIGHT: Harry Noordam, Bonnie Flathers, Walt Neff, Andena Anderson, Tom Rogers. Y! 7 wr si ff:!ig:5fW fmsfiixiff 5 12 54155 ,a, 9 rmv iti- 52:7- - '4 i x k .. s Ja 1 0-I 5 Ulttgyfflf A o Ulafvuwxg Q 3 J ljl voji, Writ-. O30 L W.. nn LEFT to RIGHT: Standing: Theresa Trexler, pres: Carmen Latina, treats.: Candy Skavland, s. -:. r.: Elaine Guroux, sec.: Miss Philips, Mr. B:1sque,class advisors. KNEELING: Mike Sprute, v.p. LEFT to RIGHT: First row: Bud Hayes, Russ Moultrie, Don Almquist. SECOND ROW: Kim Smith, Terri Engebretson, Darla Hclfcr. ,ff-s.1iifif3,4ssu is X. 4 ,....t:Krx-gifs, .5 K ,gave QQ' pair Q-ani' LEFT to RIGHT: First rowg David Sellers, Art Macki, SECOND ROW: Laurel Pena, Valeri Claypool, Mary Ford, Linda Lathi, DcbbiGos1ine. wx . lull' 'alll' LEFT to RIGHT: First rowg Linda Phelps, Paula Wolfe, Linda House, SECOND ROW: Chrys La Celle, RaN:1c . Strotel eyer, W Erickson, Alice Keller, Maureen McEachern, ff 7 ' VO N H V K , S iff? ' J f' V X T f W S, if mf? VU jg S 1 Qi . ang.. TIGER k, U7-ICD-'I LEFT to RIGHT: Mrs Ilegbloom, advisor: Doug Krulitz, pres: George Clarke, v. p.: Nzumette Claypool, treas: Shelley Dooling, sec: Norma Ilcffner, S. c. r. 1ST, ROW: Left to rightg Dick Harwood, Connie Flathers, Mary Shipmzm, Debbie Troxel, ZND, ROW: Julie Suini, Jerry Noordam, Mike Tafolla. KNEELING: Dale Lumen, Tom Wofford, STANDING: Left to rightg Marianne Murray, Toni Groves, Darlene Walbridge and Ron Hayes. KNEELING: Left to rightg Stephen Hendricks, Tim Hendricks, Walt Lambott, Dave Gill, 2ND, ROW: Virginia Sutton, Cheryl Decker, Judy Noordam, Cynthia Scheel, and Joyce Moreau. F is rs 3 A, S, B, Presidents Message I would like to thank all the students and faculty members for their fine cooperation this past year. Special thanks go to Mr. Yager for all his help and encouragement that I so often needed. Student Council 14555 LIU" 'W JC g?..l Q. rnqnsuunuwwx-'fe' SEATED: Left to rightg Andena Anderson-assistant treasurer, Karol Olkonen-treasurer, Keith Ford-vice-president, Dave Autio-president, Ellen Durfee-secretary, Mr. Yager-advisor, Philip Hendrickson. STANDING: Cynthia Ford, Joanne Fealko, Candy Skavland, Pat O'Shea, Carol Ilegbloom, Victor Giroux, Elaine Giroux, Mildred Chambers Rosemary Tafolla, Ida Pena, Norma Hefner, Kim Smith. Galena Staff SIGATED: Left to right: Karol Olkonen, photographerg Keith Ford, assistant edg Randy Gosline, editor: Penny Pehzm, sec. 8 LTCIISQ Bucko Tedrow, sports ed. STANDING: Ellen Durfee, Ida Pena, Pz1tAuger, Philip llcndrickson, Dave Autio, Victor Giroux, Cheryl Troxel, Thomas Hendricks, Gloria Noordnm, Maria Brnnham, "Mike" Staff SEATED: Left to right: Cynthia Smith, Ellen Durfee, Mr. Koski, advisor, Philip Hendrickson, editor: Mr. lfitxgerzild, :1dvisor:Pz1tAuger, Mary O'She11. STANDING: Dave Autio, Karol Olkouon, Chcryl'1'roXel, Ken Case, Victor Giroux, Bucko Tcdrow, Randy Goslinc, Thomrms Hendricks, Rosemary Tafollu, Gloria Noordnm, Merry Phelps, lXI:1ri:1 Brmihnm. National Honor Society FIRST ROW: Left to rightg Mildred Chambers, Kris Engebretson-sec.-treas. , Victor Giroux-s.C. rep. , Philip llendrickson-president, Mrs. Keppner-advisor. SECOND ROW: Mike Sprute, Mary Ford, Terri Engebretson, Elaine Giroux, lllaureen Mellachern, Carmen Latina, Paula Wolfe. THIRD ROW: Rosemary Tafolla, Thomas Hendricks, Penny Pehan, Carol llegbleom-s. c. rep. , Andena Anderson, Kathy Hendrickson. " Club FIRST ROW: Nat Lunen, Jim llull, Jerry Noordamn, Dan Harwood, Gary Garitone, Doug Krulitz, Wayne James, Philip llendrickson-sec. treas., Randy Gosline-v.p. SECOND ROW: Keith Ford, Don Wilkinson, John Case, Russel Moultrie, Walt Neff, Pat Auger, Skip BleConville, Dave Autio-pres., Bob Skavland, Dale Pola, Bucko Tedrow, Coach John Drager, 'l'llIRD ROW: Bud llayes, David Sellers, Dale Luncn, Victor Giroux-s. 0. rep, , Mike Sprute, llarry Noordamn, Tom Rogers, Fudge Almquist, Thomas llendricks. F.H.A. FIRST ROW: Left to rightg Linda Phelps, Joyce Moreau, Carol Hegbloom, Andena Anderson, Elaine Giroux, Ida Pena Maureen MeEachern, Ellen Durfee, Karol Olkonen, Terri Engebretson, Connie Sprute, Linda llouse, Maria Branham, Theresa Trexeler, Carmen Latina, Mrs. Isaacson-advisor, Mr. Yager-honorary member. SECOND ROW: Kim Smitl l Cynthia Scheels, Shelley Dooling, Debbie Troxel, Darlene Walbridge, Judy Noordamn, Penny Pehan, Gloria Noordamn. Debbi Gosline, Juli Soini, Susan Hunter, Darla Ilelfer, Nnnnette Claypool, Linda Lahti, Laurel Pena, Norma Hefner. THIRD ROW: Virginia Sutton, Alice Keller, Rosemary Tafolla, Mildred Chambers, Valorie Claypool, Nicki Groves, Marianne Murray, Toni Groves, Bonnie Flathers, Candy Skavland, Connie Flathers, Mary Shipman, Cheryl Decker, RaNae Stotelmeyer, Mary Ford, Kathy Flood. . . QMAKERS A A J-11 I o CEQA we o 4 '7 5 K f 3 if T mfif S? Y , 6,5 A-5' 44, W NEW YK F.T.A. Ek. L 4. - A FIRST ROW: Left to rightg Shelley Dooling, Alice Keller, Carol Hegbloom-v.p., Kim Smith-s.c.rep. , Maureen McEachern-sec., Andena Anderson-pres. , Bonnie Flathers-program chairman, Terri Engcbretson-historian, Theresa Trexler-reporter, Ra Nae Stotlemeyer-treas. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hegbloom-advisor, Stephen Hendricks, Kathy Flood, Darla Ilelfer, Debbi Gosline, Valerie Claypool, Candy Skavland, Ellen Erickson, Darlene Walbridge, Debbie Troxel, Virginia Sutton, Linda Phelps, THIRD ROW: Ron Hayes, Dale Lunen, Connie Flathers, Linda Lahti, Nzmnctte Claypool, Connie Sprute, Mildred Chambers, Penny Pehan, Cheryl Troxel, Mary Shipman, Rosemary Tafolla, Juli Soini, Joyce Moreau, Cynthia Schcel, Judy Noordamn ...... , l as HQ' THE TIGERS Football Team IST, ROW: Left to rightg Russ Moultrie, Doug Krulitz, Dale Lunen, Mike Tafolla, Walt Lnmbott, Dave Sellers, Tom Wofford, Jim Hall, John Case. ZND, ROW: Keith Ford, Pat Auger, Skip McConville, Tom Rogers, Bucko Tedrow, Walt Neff, Bob Skavlzmd, Randy Gosline, Don Wilkinson, Mike Sprute, Don Almquist, Coaches John Drmcr :uid Jack Edwards. Seniors KNEELING: Randy Gosline :uid Bucko Tedrow. STANDING: Skip McConville, Don Wilkinson, Put Auger, Jim llnll. Coaches Keith Ford and Walt Neff Head Coach: John Drager Asst. Couch: J ack I'Idw:u'cls Captains Homecoming Queen Left to Right: Murizume Murray, Ellen Durfcc, Nicki Groves 7, ap' Terri Engcbretson P ri n C e s s e s 4 1 1 f E 5 E ,Q --I -.J Ac! .3 .f w ,J P K . K if y -.14 . if in -iw' ' ww if As L Rx s.f L5 L5 F- F fx 1 3 Q 13 'H-1 C lj, A his , 233, Iii x Q ww 15' 1 qsggggx 1 Bm J unioir Varsity FRONT ROW: Left to rightg Tim Hendricks, Mike Sprute, Tom Hendricks, Nat Lunen, Coach Jack Edwards. BAC K ROW: Dale Lunen, Mike Tafolla. This year the Junior Varsity enjoyed a fine season under Coach Edwards. All of these young men gained valuable experience which they will need when they are given the chance to play on the varsity team, Track Team FRONT ROW: Loft to rightg Randy Goslino, Doug Krulitz, Dale Luncn, Nat Lunen. BACK ROW: Philip Hendrickson, Vic Giroux, Wayne James, Hurry Noondamn, Tom Rogers, Jerry Noordamn, Don Wilkinson, Coach John Drager. District Competitors FRONT ROW: Left to right: Dale Lunen, Philip Hendrickson, Nat Lunon. BACK ROW: Wayne James, Vic Giroux, Ilarry Noordamn, Don Wilkinson, Coach John Drager. . A ,f1,6Q,Qw, , A 09 674i 654 , ,,W,1 ffl WH - S ki CI u b cmMm.e-WC, 5' 56 x f .gsijj x Xgutographs QQlMf EPC? fxi. X D J' 65 Cdbficff J Qi 'W XX UO kfZvacQ2f!j7,cff'L ,h Q 01 MEN 9 f dw ,CML M14 ML jiwgifbcf Si VQWNY kb HU D W WW ,film Qui? wi fg W W ffcfmf Wivgggfg BJ fi CffECf0cf, Q JWMQ 41 Mg a Ai ggvw E X 'G xg 9' 1 U s ww-- . A f 532 w,Ma i JC' - ,X V ggi X , 4 K 's 'mr Q Y xl x,..4Mn-Q V+- WM .pls NST? Mx Band lST, ROW: Left to right, Mary Shipman, Rosemary Tafolla, Connie Wiitala, Ken Case. ZND, ROW: Gary Ford, John Goggins, Shelley Dooling, Dan Seheeley, Vickie Sellers, Diek Harwood, George Clarke. SRD ROW: David Flood, Keith Smith, Bud Hayes, Wayne James, Blaine Keppner, Pat O'Shea, Dennis LaCelle, Joyce Moreau, Mr. Wallace, Director. Tiger Band IST, ROW: Left to rightg Mary Shipman, Connie Sprute, Mary Ford, Ron Hayes, Keith Smith. ZND ROW: Rosemary Tafolla, Laurel Pena, Connie Wiitala, Shelley Dooling, John Goggins, Gary Ford. BRD ROW: Blaine Keppner, George Clarke, Dick Harwood, Carmen Latina, Vickie Sellers, Pat O'Shea. Chorus SEATED: Left to rightg Cheryl Decker, Darlene Walbridge, Ellen Erickson. SECOND ROW: Valerie Claypool, Kim Smith, Carmen Latina, Mary Ford, Debbie Troxel. THIRD ROW: Jim Hall, David Gill, Paula Wolfe, Randy Gosline Laurel Pena, Walt Lambot, Virginia Sutton, Don Almquist, Dave Autio. l i ,H Pep Club KNEELING: Left to right: Kris Engebretson, Ellen Durfee, Nicki Groves. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Tzifollu, Cheryl Troxel, Penny Pehun, K:1rol01konen, Kathy Hendrickson, Mrs. Ristau-advisor. THIRD ROW: Gloria Noorclumn, Bonnie 1-'l:1thers, Carol llegblooni, Michele Hefner, Mildred Chambers. Drill Team 1T LEFT to RIGHT: Debbi Gosline, Nzmnette Claypool, Norma Hefner, Alice Keller, Maureen Melizirchern, Debbie Trexel Darlene Wnlbriclge, Judy Noordzimn, Penny Pehan, Bonnie Flnthers, Carol llegbloom, Valerie Clnypool, Karol Olkonen, El1LineGiroux, Michele lleiner, Terri Engebretson, Mnrizuine Murray, Theresa 'l'1'CXlC1', Gloria Neorclzunn, Linda Lahti, Connie l'll1liLllC1'S, Cynthia Seheel, Rosemary Tdolla, Virginia Sutton. Varsity Cheerleaders Kris Engebretson, Nicki Groves, Ellen Durfee. J .V. Cheerleaders Terri Engebretson, Kim Smith, Mary Ford. Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders Ida Pena-Mascot, Kris Engebretson, Nicki Groves, Ellen Durfee. All the students of Mullah High School are very proud of their cheerleaders. The boys on the athletic teams especially know what it means to have these cheerleaders inspiring the crowd to cheer the team on to victory. The entire student body salutes the fine young ladies for a job well done. ,V , l 1 R K H ,. F J in x ye: I N I www, 5,31 .,. W fi M , 4. 'fy ' ,, gvwxn t x . gf y 'ou WC x. V 14, ,aww I - .P ,5- A wi- U' U'-w-:A u. 4. -dd!" i g xg -, ef-X: ,J-. 9 U, J " fw- vm 5, iw .'fl,I-In 5' . . :L -15 M- ff :snug Y, .F z . 3 gg MOST AMBITIOUS: BEST PERSONALITY: L...- Karol Olkonen, Philip Hendrickson Carol Hegbloom, Bucko Tedrow BEST SENSE OF HUMOR: MOST STUDIOUS: Ida Pena, Dale Lllnefl MOST TALENTED Philip and Kathy Hendrickson Randy Gosline, Carol Hegbloom , 1 BEST FIGURE AND PIIYSIQUE: MOST POISED AND ATHLI 11C Ellen Durfce, Gary Gziritone CUTEST AND MOST IIANDSOME: Nicki Groves, Pat Auger BEST DANCERS: 15 ... ' if- Xf'fff 1. , n I 5535552 A aw. . was . 'Y' W Jim llull, Bonnie Flatliers Ellen Durfcc, Hurry Noordnmn MOST POPULAR: Kris Engebretson, Dave Autio MOST POLITE: Q. fx Philip Hendrickson, Maureen AICEflChCI'll X E '59 liek PROM KING - Keith FOTKI PRINCICS - Walt NON' K Dah Pull -or I is 5-is-0 -mx PROM QUEEN - Carol Hegbloom PRINC ESSES Nicki Groves, Kris Engebretson, 81 Bonnie Flathers Eighth Grade STH GRADE: 1st row, left to right, Leslie Erickson, Keith Smith, Gary Ford, Danny Scheeley, Benny Cornell, John Goggins, Jerry Nelums, Terry Snider, Leo McConville, 2ND ROW: David Flood, Joe Gohl, Dennis La Celle, Blain Keppner, Joanne Fealko, Mary Smith, Laura Knowles, Vickie Sellers, Becky Wiederick, Raeann Ban, Diane Helfer, Connie Wiitala, Martha Smith, Mrs. Ristau, Advisor. lST ROW: Kelly Wigam, Aaron Coates, Steve Johnson, Howard Lester, Paul Durfee, Bill Arthur, Art Giroux, Ray Graham, Forest Greenfield, Tom Barton, 2ND ROW: Mrs. Ristau, Advisor, Terry Hiatt, Cheryl Nickerson, Roxan House, Lorna Hendrickson, Linda Wolfgram, Susan James, Debbie Moultrie, Carol Case, Irene Trickel, Debra Blacketer, Lorraine Huffman, Joanne Flood. Seventh Grade IST ROW: Don Sclieel, llnrold Brndslmw, Gnry lluffmzin, Cliff Arthur, Dale Noorclnm, Mark llvgbloom, Dnlc Penn, Bill Gohl, Jim Jameson, Dennis Goggins, END ROW: Larry Davis, N:u1eyTryon, June Sutton, Caroline 'l'nfoll:i, Glor Coates, Mary Tiitso, Lois Scheel, Vicki Murray, Nellie May Clminbers, Kathy Neff, Mr, Wallace, Advisor, IST ROW: Left to right: L:11'1'yBnrton, Norman Pena, Charles James, Sum Clark, Tony Keller, ZND ROW: llriclgct Payton, Vicki Reed, Linda Sprutc, Mcrilec Greenfield, Cindy Ford, xVZl.1ldi1Dll1LllS, Denise llairwood, Peggy Lester, Rebecca llendriclis, Mr. lidwrlrds, Advisor. Senior Activities DAVID AUTIO--Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, Bowling 1, Class President l, 3, Class Vice-President 2, Student Body President 4, Student Body Vice- President 3, M-Club 2, 3, 4, M-Club Vice-President 3, M-Club Pres- ident 4, Chorus 4, Prom King 3, Assistant Editor Galena 3, Microphone 3, 4, Boys State Alternate 3. MARIA BRANHAM--F, H,A, 2,4, Microphone 4, Office 1, 2, 4: Drill Team 1, Galena 4, Drama 3, Drivers Training 1, Girls Basketball 1. THOMAS HENDRICKS--SCR 3, Track 1, 2, 3, JV Basketball 2, 3,4, Honor Society 2, 3,4, Microphone 4, Galena 4, Library Assist. 4, Drivers Training 3, M-Club 3, 4, PHILIP HENDRICKSON--Honor Society 2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Chorus 3, Boys State 3, Bowling 1, Microphone Editor 4, Galena 4, Library Assistant 4, Prom Prince 3, M-Club 2,3,4, M-Club Treasurer 3, Drama 4. BUCKO TEDROW--M-Club 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Microphone 4, Galena 4, Prom Prince 3, Manager 4, JV Basketball 2. DARYL VALENTI --JV Basketball 2, Football 1, Drama 4. PAT AUGER--Chorus 3, Basketball 3, 4, Football 4, Class Vice-President 4, Galena 4, Co-editor of Microphone 4. CHERYL TROXEL--Drill Team 1, 2, 3, Twirling 1, 2, 3, Head Majorette l, 2, Head Twirler 3, Office 4, FTA.2,4, Band 1, Pep Club 3,4, Ski Club 1, Microphone 4, Girls Basketball 2, Drivers Training 2, CYNTHIA SMITH--JV Cheerleader 1, Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, Drill Team 1, FHA 1, 2, 3, Officer 2, 3, District FHA Vice President 3, VicePresident Pep Club 3, FTA 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Office 4, Microphone 1, 4, Galena 1, 2, 3, Prom Princess 3, Girls Basketball 3, Girls Football 3, Class Officer 1. ELLEN DURFEE--Class Sec. Q Treasurer 1, Bowling 1, JV Cheerleader 2, Drill Team 2, FHA 2, 3, 4, FHA Secretary 3, FHA President 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Pep Club Treasurer 4: Microphone 4, Galena 3, 4, Chorus 2, Office 3, 4, Student Council Secretary 4, Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, Prom Queen 3, Girls Basketball 2, Girls Football 3. KAROL OLKONEN--Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team Head Driller 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, w FHA Parliamentarian 4, Galena Staff 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Pep Club Secretary 4, Microphone 4, Galena Staff 4, Office 4, Student Council 3, 4, Ass't Treas. 3, Student Body Treasurer 4, Girls Basketball 2, Girls Football 3, Bowling 1, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 1, 2, 3,4, Prom Princess 3, Drivers Training 1, Drama 3. PATSY WIEDERRICK--FHA 1, 2, 3, Drama 3, Library 4, Drivers Training 1. VICTOR GIROUX--M-Club 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2,'3, 4, Football 2, A Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Class President 4, Vice President of Class 3, Honor Society Vice President 3, Drivers Training 2, Microphone Staff 4, Galena 4, Student Council Representative 4. DON WILKINSON--M-ciub 1,2,3,4, Football 1, 2,3,4, Track 1, 2,3,4. RANDY GOSLINE--Class President 1, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, M-Club 1, 2, 3,4, Track 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football Manager 1, 2, Football 4, Prom Prince 3, SCR 3, Ski Club President 4, Galena Editor 4, Microphone Staff 4, Chorus 4, Drivers Training. IDA PENA--Homecoming Princess 2, Chorus 2, FHA 2, 3,4, SCR 4, Mascot 4, Drill Team 3. JIM HALL--Drivers Training 1, M-Club 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Basketball Manager 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, DAN HARWOOD--Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 1, 2, lVI-Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Class Secretary 1, 2, ROSEMARY TAFOLLA--FHA 1, 2, 3,4, FTA 2, 3,4, Office 2, 3, Drill Team 1, 2, 3,4, Pep Club 3, 4, Officer 4, Class Office 3, 4, Microphone 2, 4, Driver Training 1, Homecoming Princess 3, Honor Society 2, 3,4, Sec-Treas. 3, Ski Club 1,2,3,4. ' MERRY PHELPS--FHA 2, 3, Girls State Delegate 3, Band 4, Librarian 4. KEN CASE--Band 2, 3, Football 4, Track 2, Drivers Training 2. PENNY PEHAN--Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Office 2, 3, FHA 1, 2, 3,4, Officer 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Pep Club President 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, Prom Princess 3, Honor Society 4, Galena Sec-Treas. 4, Microphone 2, Girls Basketball 2. GLORIA NOORDAM--Galena 4, Mike 4, Drivers Training 1, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Drill Team 1, 2, 3,4, Library 4, Bowling 1, Girls Basketball 2, Girls Football 3, Drama 4. GARY GARITONE--Football 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, M-Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Manager 1, 2, 3: Ski Club 1, Band 1,2. SKIP MCCONVILLE--Football 2,4, Basketball 2,4, M-Club 2, 4, Vice President M-Club 2, Chorus Pres. 2, Ping Pong Champion 2, VICTOR CORNELL--M-Club 2, 3, 4, Drivers Training 1, Football 2. LOCKART 'S PHARMACY Wallace MINER'S CLUB Mullan ASVESTA'S MOTORS Wallace PE NNE Y'S Wallace HARWOOD 'S DR UG Mullan STATE FARM INSURANCE Osburn STARDUST MOTEL Wallace GE NE 'S GAMBLE STORE Wallace GARITONE 'S GROCERY Mullan WALLACE O. K. TIRE CO. Wallace BE ULAH'S JEWE LRY ' Wallace MULLAN DRUG Mullan ERNIE ' S BEAUTY SALON Osburn BROWNIE 'S Wallace THE MORROW'S RE TAIL STORE Wallace ECONOMY GROCERY 81 MEAT MARKET Mullan WA LLAC E BROKERAGE CO. Wallace WA LLAC E PRINTING C OMPANY Wallace MU LLAN MOBIL Mullan THE BARREL Osburn CLIZER'S FLORIST IGA COMBINATION FOODLINER Wallace, Idaho Wallace, Idaho RUNGEVS FIRST NATIONAL BANK Wallace, Idaho Wallace, Idaho AMERICAN SMELTING and RE FINING FOOD CENTER THEIFT STORE CO. Wallace, Idaho Wallace , Idaho COMMUNITY BUILDERS ,- :TFZL-f . U., .. .i"f.L?::g -fn 'F' , f:'I 4 .-fl' -! 3 5 E' irll ffzfggili :ZF . 2 -life' Q"f' 'I-.'.1. -U- ' -QHHH ig ' - . ,. 3' 7':?'u-:f."", x- F -,:ii'?--uglnti " ' ' MCKIM-KISER CO. General Contractors Osburn, Idaho G R 0 06 avec K ' G diff 4 BRITT'S GARDEN SPOT Osburn, Idaho M 4 N suppuss 5- E . I HE SMOKE HOUS 5 5 TABoR's l T D15 Headquaftersd ? Sportsme L . N T 4 Wallace, IdahO 3 -..TLQ QEI Walligljo I X ' ' ' 2' ff .we ' . 0707 ASLW DRIVE-IN WALLACE GOOPWFOOD APPLIANCES :ncaa I .F I CO. Q , One Mile If ' ' - 3 West of -,X 1 5, Wallace Wallace, I ' . ' ...1,, ll X . :LQ N Q I '95 , '-'L E NX Xxh w H I Cornell's A 'N 'S ' ' E Ward 4W Funeral U ' 0' V 5? A 'F Home wi f I f' I I I - K W Wallace, RULLMAN'S MEN'S WEAR ' f X XM Idaho Wallace, Idaho X T B00 -Ps W Lf xlll:q,,,,,o ICN' 42, L v as WWEM f MQ K J? Q x, ' W , , iQMW2fMcW M! L Qikffigiyav WWW My MW i , A, l v 'WMD xy Mg fiM?, M?lz'V',ff"llfJk 'W J U1 JPA. A MJW If , ,ij H lj , j xy -gf Dk X UL .N U iJ ' V1 19 L? Y UH 'QW .790 50yys!U JNMJ 15" X91 WY D n 3,1 P H 1' ' H4 X' U - A Wf5 M f 'jfgnd . 9 F- ,53Gi ZZQ .?Z"5f?1yV' f-Q94 f 6,6 242 gifwifcj , H54 XA1Afi. 347 ff5?g3j2Of flvrfv A Q55 f-"mi 45 ff 125 Qj mfaf fgg k qwf2,fj ,ff1A,f1qf 0Hf355fd42",?l50 JC, 1 f'. N 22???4f5 Qf? 53-f?C5'O42Z3 !Hfi w 5 ,QD I l -Q r N E Q ,af M Q 4 Q as -v 'J if rm 1 1 1 l 4 1 ' 1 ,T ' ,...4k..4n

Suggestions in the Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) collection:

Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 34

1966, pg 34

Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 62

1966, pg 62

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