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wgf '17-"-'-'F "- '-'---'Y i -situ-J -- 1-M' ' X xi... if -' Xt. 'tk sf -K - 53 no - -..N,,,,,-. wax.-Q.. '-If-Q.--,-Q.:-fssligill "--- -ITL.: ff-. 2 ' .1.k'.' ' v .. Q mt fm ..-Ly p V n. 4 - . ai ,V . .r-fy ".'f' ' A'-7 ' , , n , , ,y .. .Q., . -.497 . A l..,,, r ' .ht 'lm . ' ' 54 - , ,. F, , ,, , ', w A . .. ', .9 . , A ? . gf 4 Q ' . wg S . .44 ' lr ' -Q lv ' -. x ' w K H ' D T -YJIVQ' ' nm: k . ,, . V, A Q .. . 'H-Q., ,A , 'L. ,, ' ? .f . A- wx -I X24 ,. 4 , .' ' , , , T 1, ' ,' f ". J-Q., , , Q. ..,, ,. W I 'v . ' f':U"'.',Qf,4 'A ' W .Ms X ,',x. . , 0 . .. ,P , Q ,I ,A ' 3 1 . o.. '-- ,, A Q, U :JW I- . 0 ' . -4 ru 4,1 "I", -2 v-' .ax f -4 .4 . ., w I 1 . X M, N, ' s V . ww . " ' 'af f O dl "' 1 p I -Y ln, "' Q' . wr., 1 I, 1' ' v 'K W W sn , . . 1 mi-L, an v f, f A K'4u"w1"' . " f ,, 'x " 1 x. .V N U v , 'NF-vw---H .W , 1. Q-Q.:-+1 it M lx' -Q' , km' Q "5 W.-. -ng-, V. 4 N- A, V , ...MSL ' V D ' " Nw.. , 'wa-.. " ax' -A, 5 .. -w - A ....... -'C - 'E U -fwm x"' "Y':':-'Wi . , -W -- .., rv 'wJ-1.-- .. ,. .K rl, JY ' V 'Q L! LV' M.. -.J It -J -. J ff Afx L1 N -+1 . sz ., 1 CJ ' v ' CY! xv if DU N195-f' NX Q N' +7 " 2' 'NS f Y Q2 if if Rf BN ,V 1 .xl 'xi als ' 4? WWW y WK? Wi? f5f1'5g2iY2fQ9fi5,f fiijff5fQfiy fi Jf9gf? ?yyf big 2505 Sf 5 gf wx N ,, . .5 - W Q xy :MAN ws YQ X N Ggamps your Zfyer G0 unfry XX galzna CSXJ Editor ............... Bud Sprut A t Editor .......... David Aut S T s M del' e Ti't Ph t g ph L 1 S k p Sp t Edt G y P 1 A t Ed t r , . D K 1 t X ,Ov Qeofcabbzz 5 M - A in - 43 Sa Left to Right: Coach Norm Walker, Gary Palo, Tim O'Shea, Keith Jutila, Bud Sprute, Art Krulitz Dave Fealko, Kirby Krulitz, Ernie Garcia, Harry Noordam, Dave Autio, Randy Gosline, Grant W11 son and Coach John Drager. To these ten boys and the two coaches pictured above, the GALENA staff proudly, and justifiably so, dedicates this annual. We have done so for reasons apparent to all who saw these young men in action. Throughout the regular season they played good, hard basket- ball, which enabled them to compile a 17 -3 won-loss' record. During the district tourna- ment these athletes defeated Mu11an's rival for state toumament berths two out of two meetings. With hope in their hearts and determination in their minds, these lads headed for the state tournament at Lewiston. At the tourney they bested Prairie 69-44, Murtaugh 64-47, and Roberts 65-48, to become the first team from Mullan High School to capture a state trophy. Their over-all eamings include a District Championship trophy, a Conference Championship trophy, and the 1965 A-4 State Championship trophy along with a 23-3 won- loss' record. . as tg x 'E -'O fx A Y i Y 5-.,,-,:ff..,a5? p I A 15..y.?i.,x,.:? t if .-,itz J, 'ST 'Es O, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling From glen to glen and down the mountainside, The summer's gone and all the roses falling, It's you, it's you must go, and I must bide. But come ye back when summer's in the meadow, Or when the val1ey's hushed and white with snow, It's I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow, O, Danny boy, O, Danny boy, I love you so! O, Danny, corne, and all the flow'rs are dying, If I am dead, as dead I well may be, Ye'll come and find the place where I am lying, And kneel and say an Ave there for meg And I shall hear, though soft you tread above me, And all my grave will warmer, sweeter be, For you will bend and tell me that you love me. And I shall sleep in peace until you come to me! . . . Fred E. Weatherly u,0ez'1lf2fez20Qz2f The world and all there is in it was created for man. For man's use and enjoyment he was given five avenues of appre- ciation. These five senses will open the doors to unlimited worlds of beauty and wonder, if they are but trained. Birds sing but few people hear them. Sunsets glow in harmonies of color but many are too busy to see. Flowers cast their fra- grance over the fields but work drives men on. Moss grows under our feet but we have not learned its thrill to the touch. Everything has a lesson to teach and a story to tell, but man must look and listen, pause and search. Art and music, lit- erature and science become life-long friends if we but culti- vate them. .!,, yjrflrz cz' As we come to the close of another school year, our thoughts turn to the memories provided in our school pro- gram. We have had many successes, a few failures, but a year that has been firmly packed with many educational experiences. To the seniors, I wish all the success and happiness that the future offers to you. In the past twelve years you have had an opportunity that only one person in six in the whole world has had--a high school education. May you continue to develop your talents and interests, on this foundation, to the fullest. I believe that this student body has the power to ac- complish anything they set their minds to. We have seen evidence of this in the drive and push that has brought us many honors as a group and as individuals. Again I wish success, happiness, and a drive to ac- complish to each and every student of Mullan High School. dC'lIA2y Mrs. Evelyn Keppner Senior English and Librarian. Mr. Rodney Batchelor 0dQ541p14lCLf!c4L'l-V75' ffffrz cQLa",.,M9f?70MU Economics, World History, American Govemment, and Seventh grade Math. Mr. W. Joseph Kenny Shorthand, Typing I 85 II, and Bookkeeping. Mrs. Virginia Isaacson Home Economics I, II, III, and IV, and Home Manage- ment. Mr. Norman Walker High School Coach, U.S, History, and Physical Education. Mrs. Georgia Hegbloom Freshman English, and Seventh and Eighth grade English. .W 9122 659119 1 I Miss Linda Phillips Biglish II 8a Ill. French I, and 7th Grade Spelling and Reading. Miss Isabel Miranda Spanish I 8a II. Mr. John Drager 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies, and 7th Grade P, E, Mr. James Deeney G , Al b , Fometry ge ra Band, Chorus, and Biology, and General Math. Mr. Ierre Wallace Speech and Drama. Mrs. Lillian Ristau Physical Science, '7th and Sth Grade S ' d H lh Clence an ea t Mr. Leon Berreth Shop 1, II, 85111, and 8th Grade Math. MCS fjfe gzffk ZUHQQA ygefzlrzof Me Zz? M5996 J hn D age Bus D ve Ted M ller Custod an Mary Becker Nu se Eleanor Ford Secretary EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR Bud Sprute Dave Autie Ccjogforfs' Wfessaye This year we have tried to given you an annual which will bring fond memories to mind in the years ahead. We have enjoyed preparing this book and hope you will get as much enjoyment out of it as you leaf through the pages. I wish to express my sincere thanks to all persons who helped produce this book. Many thanks to the merchants who support- ed us and a special thanks to the Galena staff. Editor -in- Chief enzbrs Left to Right: Dianne Krulitz-President, Bud Sprute-Student Council Representative, Art Krulitz-Vice President, Paula Henikman-Secretary, Jonnie Lomas-Treasurer, Mrs., Evelyn Keppner and Mr. W,J, Kenny, Advisors. GLSA' ejlglsfofy On a sunny day in the fall of '61, forty smiling and anxious students entered Mullan High School. Here began the road of fun, regrets, and fond memories. As the years went by, our class diminished to some thirty students, with a few old ones leaving, never to returng how- ever, new faces were added to take their places. All of us have recollections of our first prom, and of constructing our very own in our junior year. The most gratifying and memorable accomplishment during our high school years was capturing the State A-4 Basketball Championship in 1965. Our road through Mullan High School was soon coming to an end as preparations for graduation were made. On our final day-- graduation--we will be leaving the ivy-covered halls of M,H. S, , remembering our years in high school as very special memories. Everyone will go his separate way and blaze his own new trail into the future that lies beyond. G WPG yjfepdfe csfuofznfs 700Qy . J0f1Uie Lomas David Fealko Mary Alexander VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN Nancy Auger Michal Berreth Linda Case HONOR STUDENT Dorothy Combes LaVonne Engebretson Linda Erickson HONOR STUDENT . QQGOQFS 70122OI"I'0CU we 395906 Carol Gallo Donna Huffman Art Krulitz 122. Ernie Garcia Paula Henikman HONOR STUDENT Ralph Jameson Keith Jutila HONOR STUDENT Dianne Krulitz E Kirby Krulitz HONOR STUDENT 0122 y yfzhys Greabhy ur gufure 012 . ee .... Dale Laird MWFCDCC Mayo Beverly New Tim O'Shea Gary Palo Dianne Scheel Bud Sprute Leslie Summerkamp Mike Surnmerkamp HONOR STUDENT HONOR STUDENT . Sxperzkzzzces gf Me Qjasf fo Zkze anew zfe gfdlg gf Piefure . Noi Available Madeline Tiitso Grant Wilson Danny Krulitz I2 years goyeffer A . - X. First Row: Dorothy Combes, Dianne Scheel, Paula Henikrnan, Linda Erickson, and Carol Gallo. Sec- ond Row: Ralph Jameson, Gary Palo, Madeline Tiitso, and Dianne Krulitz. Third Row: Grant Wilson Mike Summerkamp, Beverly New, Bud Sprute, Leslie Summerkarnp, Jonnie Lomas, and Mary Alex- ander. Fourth Row: Kirby Krulitz, Art Krulitz, Dave Fealko, Keith Iutila, and Dan Krulitz fNo! Showny. 7.5059 0 MUG 90126 ,. will Q an ., w 1 A I l 'X 8 s is ' . 'K , , 3 1 , 'wrt .ws 'K V 552 V I figgif fx -:mi-w 1 ,Lv 'zqgi' QS-5?2i:'!iiw,ixski' i ' ,gwafzesy-f K' -dairy. fe Q X ff A ,ifspf QM Z5 ,SL i"" ., L., .. ZIIZICFS Officers, Left to right: Dave Autio President, Victor Giroux Vice-President, Rosemary Tafolla Secre- tary and Treasurer, Randy Gosiline S, C, Representative. Class Advisers: Mrs. Isaacson and Coach Walker. fvoffenfurzhy. . . 'rj 5 -1 Left to right: Penny Pehan, Karol Olkonen, Ida Pena, Ellen Durfee, Cynthia Smith and Patsy Weiderick . .gnfo lfe Qfb2620w12 unzbrs Left to right: Daryl Valenti, Tom Hendricks, Philip Hendrickson, Cheryl Troxel, Merry Phelps, Maria Branham. ffeaofkzy zfe a . . . Left to right: Victor Cornell, Don Wilkinson, Kenneth Case, Dan Tedrow, Dan Harwood, Gary Garitone . .9-I2f!O fk , yczfure li ,Q Imlfgi 1. ,. 9,4 ,. 3 , y Z,L, , ii S nik iff Q N ,,....., M-42:3 gf ,..ap-wnnw .ff- 'E' . f V Sqflernafes Rosemary Tafolla Mullan Dave Autio ff 55644 ' , ' - f , : A Lab' 1, EKUL fijggb fic, f76"U if 6 1 ax 1' ll rr VLL M M 0,E L, LL0 no f'1f7'UL!c if you . fdilijyifl err X-' K , .Q 6- ' 3 Phelli M20 J 6 ' yfhvh ji! Q f kj' cm Z Z fl ggi Zta, ifcfhz faccfc .wwf x n 0 ,W ffflfzwwg fl M AQ , ., f6L4,fLfO Abba!! cld 11 ,fglv 4 Wi M f X' Q , + E:-Bzjse 1 L f nf LJZLQQZA fnfb Qi " ffgxfzmdffhfyl ff if fcfgmgg, l,Qllf I O- 4 ifgk 1 I0 ,- r A 'W g A , W WJQWL57 XZLQ CS fa I 'ck' K " , A f If n ,Z3 PWR ,I MQWC M?f47L f QMWIZV ffksozgrztd 'yang 5 f a 4.1 ,D 4 w7,LfLgA, H ycfw Q feb yiiwf 9, e A -f' AJ Aff' 501060122 OFGS I nw" sf' a"I"'8 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Keith Ford, President, Harry Noordam, Vice President, Andena Anderson, Treasurer, Kris Engebretson, Secretary, Torn Rogers, S,C, Representativeg Mr. Kor- sage, Advisor. fo Me gufure Kathy Flood, Mildred Chambers, Carol Hegbloom, Susan Simonson, Kathy Hendrickson. ZUQ goof . -X59 K , Nic- -"Vx wiv - Q58 XQMNQM QQXJ o W0 yi 1 Lf .ww Y N px , -J kjrrq 63 Q9 . ' vo f ex 1 R rex N09 X XQDUX if Lf x Y MMF Y IH L ANY I IX A QDD 'X w . L, V 'l Steve Dollar, Arthur Maki, Jerry Trickey, Pat O'Shea, David Tryon. W, 55 'Sl . Tr ,AA I I ht' ' My 'ff,fQULLL penfhy lfe ZOOI' Nickie Groves, Connie Sprute, Michele Heffner, Bonnie Flathers, Nancy Johnson. fo Eearnzhy rre.s1ls19fQ . . s I s Walt Neff, Bob Skavland, Wayne James, John Case, Dale Polla . 059 0122 OFQS Squfoyrap .S QP , X ,,,4f 'f af 1" me X 7 , 7 2. ,ef ,Q l Ci -'JCL , e V , , K' V X f-ff KL Ada e V ff ll , ,' L , 4, -. V , fx fl Q 114-'ff - f ff 7K 7 A .H ff J ,Y X I N -5 : Ir, 1 Z ff Vkfl, ff fffff Le A 1 e e J' ff .: -5. 7 , . , . f , fr f is ff CXLL' fix!" ff! kx YVV, X ,fl A AY 4 1 f' 4 fykif 9 - f J vi, . ,f I ,J flik, ' 4 if ffQ5f',iv, Die fee f f Li 1,65 Ave e 19 af-W4 Q f Z7 fa ffaflfl-ef,f1 Lf rf'fZef412ee W 1 , POS CLASS OFFICERS: Don Almquist, President, Mike Sprute, Vice President, Darla Helfer, Secretaryg Kim Smith, Treasurer, Theresa Trexler, Student Council Representative, and Advisor, Mrs. Ristau. First row: Joe Durfee, Bud Hayes, Don Almquist. Second row: Paula Wolfe, RaNae Stotelmeyer, Lari Barker, Theresa Trexler, Elaine Giroux, Chrys La Celle, Candy Skavland, Linda Lahti, Linda Phelps. Third row: Terri Engebretson, Mary Ford, Linda Russo, Carmen Latina, Kim Smith, Laurel Pena, Ellen Erickson, Connie Connors, Alice Kellar. Fourth row: David Chilson, David Sellers, Maureen McEachern, Valerie Claypool, Sherry Nelums, Darla Helfer, Debbie Gosline, Clyde Gra- ham, Mike Sprute. ygememgefn? A .,,., M 'ln M 15 " Fw President 's Message To all the teachers and student of Mullan High School. I would like to take this time to thank you all for the co-opera- tion which I received while in office. I only hope that next year's A, S, B, President will get as much co-operation. Thank you, one and all. Maw? cSfu0Q12I' G0 un cz' Back Row, Left to right: Joyce Moreau, Leslie Summerkamp, Madeline Tiitso, Maureen McEachern Theresa Trexler, Rosemary Tafolla, Michele Heffner, Tom Rodgers, Ernie Garcia, Gary Palo, Tom Hendricks, Ralph Jameson, Joe Gohl. Front Row, Left to right: Randy Gosline, Mr. Yager-advisor Kirby Krulitz-president, Dave Autio-vice-president, Paula Henikman-secretary, Art Krulitz-treasurer Karol Olkonen-assistant treasurer, Bud Sprute. g QGQHQ Csfqff First row, left to right: Gary Palo, Sports Ed. g David Autio, Assistant Ed. 5 Bud Sprute, Editor, Dianne Krulitz, Art Ed., Paula Henikman, Jonnie Lomas, Madeline Tiitso, Secretaryg Leslie Summerkamp, Photographer. Second row: Ernie Garcia, David Fealko, Keith Iutila, Beverly New, Vonnie Engebretson, Nancy Auger, Ellen Durfee, Cynthia Smith. mfcrop one csfqyf First row, left to right: Gary Palo, Sports Ed. g Kirby Krulitz, Exchange Ed. g Art Krulitz, Assistant Ed., Diane Krulitz, Art Ed. 9 Paula Henikman, Feature Ed., Jonnie Lomas, Editor, Leslie Summer- kamp, Club and Social Ed., Mrs. Keppner, Advisor. Second row: David Fealko, Bud Sprute, Larry Mayo, Mike Summerkamp, Beverly New, Vonnie Engebretson, Dorothy Combes, Carol Gallo, Made line Tiitso, Nancy Auger, Linda Erickson. Ofafzbnafjlgnor OCIQQ First Row: Left to Right-Kris Engebretson, Victor Giroux, Keith Jutila, David Fealko-President, Philip Hendrickson-Vice Pres. , Rosemary Tafolla, Sec. -Treas. , Thomas Hendricks-S, C, Rep. , Mrs. Evelyn Keppner-Advisor. Second Row: Bud Sprute, LaVonne Engebretson, Andena Anderson, Jonnie Lomas, Karol Olkonen, Paula Henikman, Carol Hegbloom, Millie Chambers, Dianne , Krulitz, and Leslie Summerkamp. fu fr om First Row: L. to R. -Bud Hayes, Don Almquist, Mike Sprute, Dave Sellers, John Case, Tom Hendricks, Dan Harwood. Second Row: Ralph Jameson, Grant Wilson, Jim Hall, Ernie Garcia, Gary Garitone, Gary Palo, Tim O'Shea, Keith Jutila, Wayne James. Third Row: Bud Sprute-Sec. -Treas. , Victor Giroux, Randy Gosline, Walt Neff, Bob Skavland, Don Wilkerson, Tom Rogers, Dale Polla, Clyde Graham, Coach Norm Walker. Fourth Row: Dan Tedrow, Victor Cornell, Dave Autio-Vice-Pres. , Mike Summerkamp, Dave Fealko, Jerry Trickey, Kirby Krulitz-President, Dan Krulitz, Harry Noordarn, Coach John Drager. 52.7 First Row--Alice Keller, Chrys La Celle, Cynthia Smith-Degrees Chairman, Kris Engebretson, Andena Anderson-Historian, Ellen Durfee-Secretary, Carol Hegbloom-Treasurer, LaVonne Engebretson-Presi- dent, Penny Pehan-Vice President, Paula Henikrnan-Parliamentarian, Madeline Tiitso-Student Coun- cil, Leslie Summerkamp-Song Leader, Mrs. Isaacson-Advisor, Mary Alexander, and Linda Erickson. Second Row-Ellen Erickson, Patsy Wiederrick, Rosemary Tafolla, Ida Pena, Jonnie Lomas, Beverly New, Bonnie Flathers, Michele Heffner, Karol Olkonen, Lari Barker, Nancy Johnson, Mildred Cham- bers, Valerie Claypool, Candy Skavland, Nickie Groves, Connie Sprute, RaNae Stotlemeyer, Elaine Giroux. Third Row--Linda Phelps, Merry Phelps, Linda Russo, Laurel Pena, Maureen McEachern, Linda Lahti, Debbie Gosline, Terr' 'A retson, Kim Smith, Mary Ford, Kathy Flood, Susan Simon- son, Darla Helfer, Carmen Latina,,fT re'siTrex1er, Sherry Nelums, and Dianne Krulitz. J ,The F H, , a ' ies s year Qfere centere oward one goal: To render service to young anaffldf ikef The p nneckactivitie ere sleigh iding party, slumber party, progressive din- ner Le istqn Childr 's Ho e, Ke Idaho ree , ire Prevention Week, A Mother's Tea, Ca- ' rs, eachxe-r's Lun' he s, for i t est n w girls and Shoshone County Nursing Home. Q ,L A'-' ,K K 4 Q J P ,J S f X J N i K f TJ r' X' ff' N V. I N I NJ X V 1 NY Q9 E 1 J ES X ,f CJ if RQ Ci Tk- QQ X xl X, ry 1 fp X f' ,X N ff" ff H 5 X ' fr. f W , lycra! 7 C 5 S5 N' I cp CD f X tx P. CHX C-s C SLK ci , N Mx L gg 277 First Row- Andena Anderson-Reporter, Rosemary Tafolla-Student Council Rep. Mildred Chambers- Treasurer, Carol Hegbloom-Secretary, Dorothy Combes-President, Bev New-Vice President, Paula Henikman, Donna Huffman, and Leslie Summerkamp-Historian. Second Row- Susan Simonson, Darla Helfers, Kathy Flood, RaNae Stotlemeyer, Bonnie Flathers, Cynthia Smith, Penny Pehan, Lari Barker, Theresa Trexler, Linda Case, Nickie Groves, Connie Sprute. Third Row- Linda Phelps Alice Keller, Maureen McEachern, Debbie Gosline, Candy Skavland, Sherry Nelums, Kim Smith, Valeri Claypool, Linda Lahti, and Terri Engebretson. Q ,?UI"!O0SQ.S' To learn about the teaching profession, its opportunities, responsibilities, and its important role in our democracy. To explore our own interest and abilities in relation to the various fields of teaching. To cultivate in ourselves the qualities of personality, character, and leadership which are essential in good teachers. P To learn how and where teachers receive their training, the cost, scholarships available, number of years required, certification requirements and standards. To study the lives and the influence of great teachers. ,Z goofgaf '64 Left to Right Top row: Clide Grahm, managerg Jerry Trickey, managerg John Case, manager Bud Hayesg Harry Noordarng Don Almquistg and Mike Sprute. Second row: John Dragger, 'line coach Dale Pollag Dan Tedrowg Wayne Jamesg Ralph Jamesong Bob Skavlandg Torn Rogersg Victor Giroux Don Wilkersong and Norm Walker, head coach. Bottom row: Bud Spruteg Dave Autiog Walt Neff Keith Fordg Gary Garitoneg Ernie Garciag Gary Palog Tim O'Shea and Grant Wilson. COPQS Mullan . . . 6 St. Ignatius . . 19 MU11-an - - . - . '7 Clark Fork Mullan . . . 7 St. Maries. . . 6 MUUHH Kootenia. - Mullan . . . 13 Lakeland . . . 13 Mullan C. D.A. ' Mullan . . . 19 Post Falls . . . 0 Academy Mullan Priest River T 1 1 ' 1' i- , t 4 Q wt- A. ,X 5 . - A 5 1 f I ,g r . X S f F ' A E'1l -e "'?.fG'W-E. 4 Q 1 b --wr 'fn-...,,' lsf csfrzlrzy Ojffznse Left to Right: line--Bud Sprute, Walt Neff, Tim O'Shea, Bob Skavland, Gary Palo, Don Wilkerson, and Victor Giroux. Backfield--Dave Autio, Grant Wilson, Ernie Garcia, and Gary Garitone. lsf cSfr1lr2y Qwnse Left to Right: Don Wilkerson, Keith Ford, Tom Rogers, Walt Neff, Tim O'Shea', Ernie Garcia, Gary Palo, Dave Autio, and Bud Sprute. csezzzbrs Left to Right: Bud Sprute, Ernie Garcia, Ralph Jameson, Grant Wilson, Tim O'Shea, and Gary Palo. Gapfazhs Uv- Garcia and Bud Sprute, Captains, Zac-Mebf Left to Right: Ernie Garcia, Grant Wilson, Dave Autio, and Gary Gari- tone. Centering: Bob Skavland. 0dC5QS T Q y' -Y' Ernie Garcia Defensive Linebacker Gary Garitone Offensive Halfback John Drager and Norm Walker if GOIfI'QI2 CQ ln this small space the staff of the 1965 Galena would like to give the trib- ute due to one of the finest linemen Mullan High School has ever seen. With Danny Krulitz, sidelined with a broken leg the final two games, the Mullan Tigers would not have suffered their final two defeats. This Tiger of Tigers was selected to the 1964 All-Conference Team at one of the roughest positions in football, defen- sive tackle. Congratulations on a job very well done, Dan. 75.2 csfqff Bud Sprute Defensive End Dave Autio Defensive Linebacker Tim Walt O'Shea Neff Guard Guard Tackle Gary Palo I-Ialfback Guard Grant Ralph Wilson Jameson qw..x. ., . ...W K .f 3 Q an L. ...JH ww 51 ' K' 1 Q ,j,.,., ng .. , -L , 'Qi-.1 f ,igivmk ffl Zasfefgaf geam Left to Right: Coach Norm Walker, Grant Wilson, Keith Iutila, Bud Sprute, Kirby Krulitz, Dave Fealko Art Krulitz, Ernie Garcia, Harry Noordam, Dave Autio, Randy Gosline, and Coach John Drager Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Mullan Post Falls . . St. Maries ..... 44 Kootenai . . St. Maries ..... 40 Wallace ....... 68 C. D, A, Academy. . 48 Plummer ...... 39 COFQS ...59 Mu1lan.... Mullan .... Mu1lan.... Mullan .... Mullan . . . 125 Mullan .... 51 Mullan .... 98 Lakeland . . . . . 79 M'-1112111 - - - - 49 Kellogg . . , , , 70 Mullan . . . 102 Wallace . . . . . 56 Mullan - - - 103 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Mullan .... '71 Worley ........ Mullan . . . 62 Kootenai .... . . . Mullan . . . 64 Kootenai. . . STATE TOURNAMENT Mullan . . . 69 Prairie . . . . Mullan . . . 64 Murtaugh . . Mullan . . . 65 Roberts . . . Kootenai . . . . Lakeland . . . . Clark Fork .... Genesee . . . . . Worley . . . . . Post Falls ..... Plummer ...... C, D, A, Academy. Worley ....... Clark Fork ..... Csfafe ampfbns 1965 we csfrucf 12' 98165 ERNIE BUD and ERNIE BUD ,uf KIRBY ART and KIRBY ART 20122 we 97Z21.ff DAVE anaf 701112 Zggmypzbf RANDY Y KEITH 1 pe f 45 2 N' 5, f -L :.' 1 AJ if W M, 531 a n M mmf V Q rn... Ul2IbI' arsflg First Row: L. to R. , Mike Sprute, Thomas Hendricks, Don Almquist Dale Polla Clyde Graham and Wayne James. Second Row: Jim Hall, Keith Ford, Bob Skavland, Tom Rogers Jerry Trickey Walt Neff, Victor Giroux, and Coach John Drager. Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan .... Mullan . . . 1 06 Mullan .... 58 39 47 47 38 45 Post Falls . . . . St. Maries .... Kootenai . . . . St. Maries .... Wallace . . . . . Plummer. . . . . Lakeland. . . . . Kellogg . . . . . Wallace . . . . . Kootenai. . . . . Lakeland. . . . . Clark Fork .... Worley ....... Post Falls ..... C, D, A, Academy. Worley ....... Clark Fork ..... x 1 'x 'x rx 3 C X X T, E X XX x' X. K ' gufoyrapfs W M... YQ N , ' W I Q f QNX Q13 -. Q FW ' U Q' fi wg K 'X 'ix F Qi if ' X 79 ml NWN EN FN S X yy N NA , xx X X3 XE X Xuhxnx x Kd if? V N. X3 -X X x X J . yracfsfers First Row: Mike Sprute, Philip Hendrickson, Mike Summerkamp, Walt Neff, Dave Autio, Gary Palo, Gary Garitone, Jim Hall, Ernie Garcia, Tim O'Shea, and Coach Norm Walker. Second Row: Dave Sellers, Coach John Drager, Tom Hendricks, Clyde Graham, Vic Giroux, Don Almquist, Bob Skav- land, Don Wilkerson, Kirby Krulitz, Keith Jutila, Dave Fealko, Bud Sprute, Wayne James, and John Case. eyzbnaf Compebfors First Row: Coach Norm Walker, Gary Garitone, Philip Hendrickson, Don Almquist, and Wayne James Second Row: Coach John Drager, Keith Jutila, Vic Giroux, Dave Autio, Bud Sprute, Mike Summer- kamp, and Tim O'Shea. racf Hcsfars " E 0 o W' will M 'ifga f' A , ai' 7 S Wi 2 , - P . , 5 1 f 3 Q 5 P ' l 'M 1 X Q 2 5 3 ,.,gas-W W ggww x Lf. 2 " f -. .- f -"'- g w,1, f'-if-ze:-f... 1 X. - ff mmm 5 . ww ' iw S Q ff' K A pg 4 -mn N m I w -Wwfffewfaw ,M M4 lk"-"""'..,,A-an-Q., .ex 'ISSJ QQ., QM V MM Hx Q. .1 . if ff .4-,, ' 1 43 .see S 1 if? if nk ' J" , ' Km, . . 122 qcfzbn 9757723 Zan Left to Right: Back row: Keith Smith, Ronnie Hayes, Dave Flood, Gary Palo, Tom Rodgers, Horace Greenfield, Pat O'Shea, and Mr. Ierre Wallace, director. Second row: Blaine Keppner, John Gog- gins, Gary Ford, Shelly Dooling, Aaron Coates, Dennis La Celle, Bob Skavland, Dale Polla, Jim Jameson, Debra Sellers, Dan Sheely, Dick Hardwood, Arnie Krulitz, George Clarke, Carmen Latina Don Almquist, and Bud Sprute. Front row: Chrys La Celle, Laurel Pena, Mary Shipman, Connie Wiitila, Maureen McEachran, Kim Smith, Mary Ford, Michal Berreth, LaVonne Engebretson, and Leslie Summerkamp. yjep J an Left to Right: Back row: Bob Skavland, Dale Polla, Gary Palo, Tom Rogers, Pat O'Shea, Carmen Latina, Don Almquist, and Bud Sprute. First row: Chrys La Celle, Laurel Pena, Maureen McEachran, Kim Smith, Mary Ford, Michal Berreth, LaVonne Engebretson, and Leslie Summerkamp. 971716 5501115 Left to Right: Back row: Philip Hendrickson, Ernie Garcia, Mike Summerkamp, Bud Sprute, and Daryl Valenti. Second row: Mr. ,Terre Wallace, instructor, Linda Case, Donna Huffman, Linda Russo, Ellen Erickson, Connie Connors, Ronnie Hayes, Tom Wofford, Mike Tafolla, Dianne Scheel, Niki Grooves, and Connie Sprute. Third row: Linda Wolfgram, Lorna Hendrickson, Roxanne Russo, Debbie Troxe, Joyce Moreau, Norma Heffner, Darlene Walbridge, Teresa Hiatt, Virginia Sutton, and Cheryl Decker. Fifth-three members of the M,H,S, Band and Chorus performed under the direction of Mr. Jerre Wallace this year. For many, it was an exciting year full of new levels of achievement as well as surprising disappointments, as the music department continued to feel its old grow- ing pains out. The Pep Band, renamed the "Tiger Band, " spent many hours playing at basketball games, pep assemblies, and Drill Team functions. The Chorus, performing at the Christmas and Spring Concerts, seemed to learn more about singing than the actual singing itself. But, as Mr. Wallace says, "We can't go on singing 'Three Blind Mice' forever!" The Concert Band reached its peak of activity as it prepared for the 1965 Coeur d'Alene Competition Festival, including eleven students who performed solo and ensemble numbers at the Competition in Moscow. Qjep om .AHJHAHAF First Row, left to right: Paula Henikman, Cheryl Troxel, Karol Olkonen, Penny Pehan, Madeline Tiitso, Ellen Durfee, Cynthia Smith, V. Pres., Dorothy.Combes, President, Donna Huffman, Treas.g Dianne Scheel, Sec. g Jonnie Lomas. Second Row: Dianne Krulitz, Mary Alexander, Rosemary Tafol- la, LaVonne Engebretson, Beverly New, Linda Case, Nancy Auger, Leslie Summerkamp, S,C,R,g Linda Erickson, Carol Gallo, Miss Linda Phillips. QFIWK 766122 First Row, .left to right: Michele Heffner, S,C, R., Karol Olkonen, V. Pres. g Carol Hegbloom, Presi- dent, Penny Pehan, Sec., Kris Engebretson, Treas. Second Row: Kim Smith, Darla Helfer, Linda Lahti, Maureen McEachern, Terri Engebretson, Valerie Claypool, Debra Gosline, Mary Ford, Sherry Nelums, Carol Gallo, Candy Skavland. Third Row: Dorothy Combes, Theresa Trexler, Rosemary Tafolla, Ida Pena, Bonnie Flathers, Nickie Groves, Lari Barker, Cheryl Troxel, Nancy JOIN-ison, Gloria Noordam, Donna Huffman, Connie Sprute, Mr. Wallace. .- KJL1 'A-1 Uarszky goofgaf Ellen Durfee, Madeline Tiitso, Cynthia Smith. C iasfefgaf Darla Helfer, Lari Barker, Kim Smith. Uarszly eygasfefgaf Ellen Durfee, Madeline Tiitso, Cynthia Smith. .5 Top left to right: Kirby Krulitz and Maureen McEachern, Most Politeg Bud Sprute and Nancy Auger, Most Talentedg Kirby Krulitz and Cynthia Smith, Most Popularg Ionnie Lomas and Bud Sprute, Most Ambitious, Philip Hendrickson, and Madeline Tiitso, Most Friendlyg David Fealko and Jonnie Lomas, Most Likely to Succeed. M.w.,q is fi 3 15? X 2v'F"'fi 'M F 14 " ' .Ir 1 W r-Hg-:L sf- -.,szga..i A we 3 rtrrsriwvlr 1 ire' 'A is ,, Q L ,f .nj iz 1 Q! , ea '- 4 79010 Zlhqfly i 35 TUX 1 Top left from left to right: Jonnie Lomas and David Fealko, Most Studiousg Kirby Krulitz and Leslie Summerkamp, Most Dependableg Dave Autio and Ellen Durfee, Cutest Coupleg Kris Engebretson and Tim O'Shea, Cutest and Most Handsomeg Ernie Garcia and Mary Alexander, Best Dancers. 1 vr- I7 -1, yuh., 'Q D if fo .1 KQL Q 1 WUW- H0111 Um 11 1 .fel I mmecomzhy Queen 1 1: JC Lari Barker E'If2CQSSQS Back: Rosemary lLl101lLl 111111 150111116 1'1ar111:rs, Front: P11 HC11i1i1D3I1. JA' C116 First Row: Dan Krulitz, Tom Wofford, Bud Hayes, Ron Hayes, Jim Hall, Ralph Jameson, Mike Summer kamp, and Gary Palo. Second Row: Mr. Rodney Batchelor, Sponsor: Karol Olkonen, Dianne Krulitz, Mary Shipman, Madeline Tiitso, Shelly Dooling, Debra Gosline, Cynthia Smith, Leslie Summerkamp, LaVonne Engebretson, Kim Smith, Theresa Trexler, Kris Engebretson, Maureen McEachern, and Car- men Latina. I X fx Na U Nj I X N V 1 This year the Ski Club seemed to have more drive than was shown in past years. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Batchelor, the organization prospered as well as enjoyed themselves. A new l thrill introduced by the Ski Club was a girls' football game which was held at Hunter's Field on October 22. Officers who were responsible for the many successes during the year were: Dianne if Krulitz, presidentg Gary Palo, vice-presidentg LaVonne Engebretson, secretaryg Dan Krulitz, U I sy treasurer: and Ralph Jameson. student council representativeg X bb Y lf., .fl W gn ere A V ' fs' if afar, ,,,L fwcw ' f , X 't C K J 1 . p J J C461 ADW 5 JAC Wfifrljhllll 2 T4 My jijbdz C , . 7 'EL N ' Jtueqj Gf5LAQ,J L' X55 ', ' O D L CLU! Jilin, f A p , J . Q " L 'DQ,Q!L, 5 , . . , , ' , x A A NLQJL 1 off! -,+ CLR A r A ' 4 ' K I vr,,, ULJQ Q if U Q f C'-J 7s QVQJCQLQ es H L7 st WH scgoofmys L C3QI2IbI' GQJS ytny WOOD mn 91117166 f' QUGQI2 gamer iDao1bf5?uf1b - jjrom mb? 3 5, 1 Z 5 1 im.,-ff ,iv lv .jafv ig .I z 1f3!Qw4il7fi'L 'J EW A ,gi uw 15-6 yjrom Tryin ces Danny Tedrow Philip Hendrickson Randy Gosline rom J F122 cesses Karol Olkonen Cynthia Smith Penny Pehan AQ 1 7 W fm " 23 Ne 'qi X1 , p I . Q . , H ' 0. f lk i' ff' ,FW ,I -444 :rn is? ,i 5--'iw-0 - :fn GQJJ 1' Mary Agnes Alexander, will my variable moods to Andena Anderson. Nancy Auger, leave my extra height to Carol Hegbloom. Michal Berreth, will my ability to work in the Superintendent's office to Mary Ford. Linda Case, will my place and attitude in chorus to Connie Sprute. Dorothy Combes, will my disposition to all the "sad-sacks" who wander through the Mullan High School halls. LaVonne Engebretson, will the lonely walk up Millroad to Ellen Durfee after Timmy, Mike, Leslie and I have graduated. Linda Erickson, will my ability to go with more than one boy at one time to Bonnie Flathers. Dave Fealko, will my position on the basketball team and my long legs to Dave Autio so he can help produce a good season. Carol Gallo, will my ability to drive two years without an accident to Cheryl Troxel. Ernie Garcia, do hereby will my curly black hair to Dale Polla. Paula Henikman, will my bombing ability to Maria Branham. Donna Huffman, will my position as 5th hour office girl to Rosemary Tafolla. Ralph IaIT1CSOH,, will my superb athletic ability in all sports to Dave Autio in hopes he does M, l-I, S, a lot of good. Keith Jutila, will my chemistry locker to anyone who thinks he can straighten it out. Dan Krulitz, will my football shoes and their luck to Tom Rogers. Art Krulitz, will my height to Gary Garitine so that he can help Mullan win an- other state title. Dianne Krulitz, will my never ending freckles to Ray Garcia. Kirby Krulitz, will my uniform to Harry Noordam and my shoes to Red Hall. Dale Laird, will Danny Harwood all 'of my 180 pounds. Jonnie Lomas, will my scholastic average to Walt Neff so that he may be eligible for the remainder of his high school career. Larry Mayo, being of sound mind and sound body, do hereby bequeath my wine, women, and song to anyone who can handle them. Beverly New, bequeath all the fun and good times Ihave had during my four years at M, H,S, to Valerie Claypool. Tim O'Shea, will my position of right guard to David Sellers. Gary Palo, will my football helmet and drums to Keith Ford. Dianne Scheel, will my post as librarian to an ambitious girl. Bud Sprute, leave my trumpet and ability to Pudge Almquist. Leslie Summerkamp, will my ilute along with my musical ability to Kim Smith with hopes she won't use the flute for a penny bank. Mike Summerkamp, will my ability in chemistry to Vic Giroux. Madeline Tiitso, will my position as Varsity cheerleader to a deserving under- classman. May she have a lot of fond memories. Grant Wilson, will my height to Tom Rodgers in hopes that he will put it to the best of advantage to next year's team. . ..,, , ,: S?!.73 ' mia! LL' -W -- - if Mya Q 2 em-L wgh X 5 1 my , M wi-www W.. K wif -A KW K ihffffxsknx Q In 3: my k k Q5 what . - Q? CTLLI, if - Ai 'sqm Q 1 A - ,yy 5 -fu' 55- . ,iv 6 wifi, Aj t if ffer 'VL 7 AfEgX5ifi3jQ1j 5-' , A A ,.A. mm, K 1 A ,,,. - if 'film I Sansa! ' L, QQ, - .bw m sim 11, ' K.2sQi5E5k'35sf?fL34253'.fkl,a '- Mm 1.A E A M N m.1. Rfgifk- J:-1 5 41 3 J ,N 5 I df' fi, 1 Mg.. . if 2 29? 2 . . :gg , ii " , .Q f fr, Ja ' 13? ,Q ia, Q V ,H id! -ff ,324 gg. A5 as ' wgw xl KK w K 1 1 Y 4 X E5 9, f., Wy gb mi ,. Lx W a 6 x ii e ? M 4 N 13' W, W I X ..,. , . K R Q wx ,as ... M ,im - ' ., ' mf I x. . lllvmw fa , R August 26 -27 September 5 8 11 17 18 25 29 October 7-8 9 15 - 16 16 22 23 30 November 2 3-4 6 11 20 26-27 December 3 4 5 7 1 1 12 19 24 January 2 4 8 9 12 13 15 15 16 22 cgcfoof Gafmafar Registration Football, St. Ignatius, there--Lost first game, 19-6. School begins St. Maries, there--Close call but we won, 7-6. Bon Fire Pep Rally Lakeland, here, homecoming--Tied, 13-13. Post Falls, here--Wiped 'em out, 19-O. Teachers' Reception IT-ED tests for Juniors Clark Fork, here--Another squeaker, 6-O. IEA District Meeting for teachers Kootenai, here--Sweet revenge, we won 27-7. Girls' Football--It's a boys game isn't it girls! I I. H, M, Academy, here--Dropped a heart breaker, 20-19. Priest River, there--Beaten again, 13-6. . f A . ,gs ,K - Basketball practice begins--Dawn of a new season. Senior pictures and activity pictures End of first nine weeks--Ah, one fourth of a year gone! ! Report Cards--Nice day, wasn't it? Senior Dance Thanksgiving Vacation--Good to be out a few days, wasn't it? Donkey basketball game--Donkeys weren't made for this game Post Falls, here--First game we won, 96-59. St. Maries, here--We win again, 60-44. National Assembly Kootenai, there--Victors over rivals, 61-43. St. Maries, there- -Another victory, 69-40. Wallace, there--Victory over the Miners, 70-68. Christmas Vacation Academy, here--Victory at home, 72-48. End of vacation Plummer, there--Another conference wipe-out, 79-39. Lakeland, here--We downed the Hawks, 98-79. Honor Society Induction Christmas Program--Late but good anyway. National Assembly Kellogg, there--Out first defeat, 70-55. Wallace, here--Victory but not so close, 70-56. Kootenai, here--a 96-48 victory. 22 23 27 29 30 February 5 6 8 12 13 20 26 March 1 2-5 11-13 19-20 25 26 27 31 April 2-3 7-9 21 21-23 24 30 May 7 8 11 12 13 14 15 21 23 26 27-28 28 End of first semester Lakeland, there--Victory away, 83-67. Report Cards--Was this a nice day? Clark Fork, here, Chalk up another conference victory, 90-59 Genesee, there--Victory over defending state champs, 65-49. Worley, there, --Close game, but we won, 125-52! Post Falls, there--Lost another game, 55-51. National Assembly Plummer, here--Back in the winner's bracket, 98-61. Academy, there--Dropped a close one, 51-49. Worley, here--Played up to par again with a 102-50 win. Clark Fork, there--Scored over 100 again, 103-62. National School Assembly District Tournament State Tournament--Breezed through with a championship. Science Fair--Very interesting, did YOU see it? Annual Deadline End of third nine weeks--Three-fourths of a year gone. Senior Class live music dance Report Cards--Another one of those days! ! Journalism Conference, Moscow, Idaho--Learned a lot, hey? Spring Vacation--Two glorious days. National School Assembly F, H. A, Convention, Boise--Nice being out of school! J, C, Banquet--Food was very tantalizing. District A-4 Track meet- -Didn't do as well as expected. Junior Prom--Very nice night indeed. ' ' fl' I . Junior-Senior Banquet--Good food and entertainment. Home Economics Style Show--Ladies day in the gym. Sports Banquet--Some interesting people were here. Senior Play--A success despite the fact we had little practice. Band Concert Kindergarten Graduation--Cute, weren't they? Awards Assembly--Filled with awards and surprises. Baccalaureate--One of those solemn moments. "M" Club Picnic Semester Tests--"D" Day. Graduation--Seniors are finally gone. enzbr er!-?CfIfJIYICS MARY AGNES ALEXANDER--Chorus 1, 2, 35 Triple Trio 1, 25 Pep Club 3, 45 F, H,A, 1, 2, 45 Drill Team 1, 2, Twirler 1, 25 Microphone 35 Galena 35 J.V. Cheerleader 2,3. NANCY AUGER--Transfer Student 45 Pep Club 45 Honor Roll 45 Microphone 45 Galena 45 Chorus 4. MICHAL BERRETH--Transfer Student 35 Superintendent Office Girl 3, 45 Band 4. LINDA CASE--Pep Club 3,45 Band 1,25 Pep Band 25 Drill Team 35 F,T,A, 3,45 Officer 35 Chorus 2,45 Microphone 35 Galena 45 Driver's Training ll DOROTHY COMBES--F,T,A, 1, 2,3,4, Officer 1,2,3,45 Band 1, 25 Twirler 1, Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 2, 35 Driver's Training 15 Pep Club 3, 4, Officer 45 Galena 45 Microphone 45 Class Officer 1. LAVONNE ENGEBRETSON--F, H,A, 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 1, 2, 35 Pep Club 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 45 Microphone 1, 2, 3, 45 Galena 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 2, 3,4, Officer 35 Civil Defense 35 First Aid 25 Ski Club l, 2,3,4, Officer 4: Traffic Safety Club 2, Officer 2. LINDA ERICKSON--Pep Club 3, 45 Drill Team 1, 25 F, H,A, 1, 2, 3, 45 Girl's Basketball 35 Girl's Football 45 Chorus 1,25 Band 1, 2, Pep Band l. DAVID FEALKO--Salutatorian5 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 45 Class Officer 25 Driver's Training 15 "M" Club 1, 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 2,3,4, Officer 3, 45 Microphone 2, 45 Galena 3,45 Band 1, Pep Band 15 Track 2,3, 45 Bowling 25 Honor Roll 1,2,3, 45 Perfect At- tendance 1, 2, 3, 45 Librarian. CAROL GALLO--Pep Club 3,45 Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Color Guard 2, 3, 45 Girl's Basketball 35 Girl's Football 45 Chorus 1. ERNIE GARCIA--Basketball 1, 2, 3,45 Football 1, 2,3, 4, Captain 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 "M" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 35 Chorus 2, 3,45 N, R,A, 15 Prom Prince 35 Galena Staff 3, 45 Student Coun- cil 2, 45 Driver's Training 25 Graduation Usher 2. PAULA I-IENIKMAN--F, H, A, 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, 45 F, T, A, 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 25 Pep Band 1, 25 Chorus 15 Microphone 1,2,3,45 Galena 2,3, 4, Officer 35 Driver's Training 25 Class Officer 1, 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Prom Princess 35 Student Body Secretary 3,45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Civil Defense 1. DONNA HUFFMAN--F,H,A, 25 F, T,A, 3,45 Pep Club 3,4, Officer 45 Drill Team 2, 3,45 Driver's Training 25 Chorus 2, 3, 4. KEITH IUTILA--Band 1, 2, 35 "M" Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 35 Track 2, 35 National Honor Society 2, 3,45 Honor Roll 1, 2,3,45 Boy's State Alternate 35 Galena 1, 2,3,4 Microphone 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 2, 35 Librarian 45 Bowling 25 Driver's Training 1. RALPH JAMESON--Football 2, 3,45 "M" Club 2, 3, 45 Basketball Manager 35 Track Manager 35 Ski Club 4, Officer 4. ART KRULITZ--Football 35 Basketball 1, 2,3, 45 "M" Club 45 Prom Prince 35 Class Officer 2, 45 Student Body Officer 3, 45 Microphone 4, Assistant Editor 45 Galena 4. DAN KRULITZ--Football 2, 3, 45 "M" Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Manager 15 Prom Prince 35 Ski Club 1, 2, 3,4, Officer 45 Driver's Training 1. DIANNE KRULITZ--F.H,A, 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 1, 25 District F, H,A, Treasurer 25 Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 45 Galena 2, 3, 4, Art Editor 2, 3, 45 Microphone 2, 3, 4, Art Editor 3, 45 Girl's State 35 Civil Defense 15 Driver's Training 15 Chorus 15 Triple Trio 1, 25 Drill Team 1, 2, 35 Prom Princess 35 Girl's Basketball 35 Girl's Football 45 Honor Roll 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3,45 Class Officer 45 Perfect Attendance 1, 25 Officer 4. KIRBY KRULITZ--"M" Club 2,3, 4, Officer 45 Class Officer 35 Chorus 25 Driver's Training 25 Semester Attendance 2,35 Bowling 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 35 Prom King 35 Senior Escort 35 Microphone 45 Student Body President 45 Student Body Vice-President 3. JONNIE LOMAS--F,H,A, 1, 2, 3, 45 Drill Team 1, 2, Officer 25 National Honor Society 2, 3,4, Officer 35 Triple Trio 2, Chorus 1, 25 Galena 2, 3, 45 Microphone 1, 2,3,4, Editor 45 Driver's Training 15 Girl's State Alternate 35 Red Cross Leadership Delegate 35 Pep Club 3,45 Girl's Basketball 35 Girl's Football 45 Perfect Attendance 25 Semester Honor Roll 1, 2,3, 45 Civil Defense First Aid 15 Class Officer 3, 45 Office 45 Librarian 3. LAWRENCE MAYO--Transfer Student 45 Drama 45 Microphone 45 Galena 4. BEVERLY NEW- -F, T, A, 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 1, 2, 45 F, H, A, 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 35 Drill Team 1, 2,35 Girl's Basketball 35 Girl's Football 45 Chorus 15 Triple Trio 25 Driver's Training 15 Civil Defense 15 Microphone 1,2,3,45 Galena 3, 45 Pep Club 3,45 Student Council 2. TIM O'SHEA--Football 1, 2, 3, 45 "M" Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Basketball Manager 3, 4. GARY PALO--"M" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 45 Microphone 1, 2,3, 4, Officer 3,45 Galena 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 45 Pep Band 2, 3,4, Officer 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 4, Officer 45 Civil Defense 35 Student Council 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri Captain 45 Basketball 1, 2,45 Track 2, 3, 4. DIANNE SCHEEL--Drill Team 1, 2,35 Driver's Training 45 Chorus 1, 2,3,45 Pep Club 3,4, Of- ficer 4. BUD SPRUTE--Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 25 JM" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 45 Band 1, 2,3,4, Officer 3,45 Pep Band 1,2, 3,4, Officer 45 Chorus 1, 2,3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,4, Officer 35 Galena 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 45 Microphone 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 1, 2, 45 Driver's Training 2. LESLIE SUMMERKAMP--F, H, A, 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 2, 45 F, T, A, 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 4, Officer 44 Triple Trio 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Officer 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 2,3, 45 Perfect At- tendance l, 2,35 First Aid 25 Microphone 2, 3, 4, Club and Social Editor 45 Galena 2, 3, 4, Photo grapher 45 Homecoming Queen 15 Ski Club 1,2, 3, 45 Semester Honor Roll 3, 45 Betty Crocker Homemaking Award 45 Girl's Football 45 qSupt.J Office 45 F, H,A, 1, 2, 3, 4, District Degrees Chairman 2. MIKE SUMMERKAMP--Chorus 2, 4, Officer 45 Class Officer 35 Football 1, 2,35 Track 2, 3, 45 "M" Club 1,2, 3, 45 Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Manager 25 Boy's State 35 Microphone 45 Driver's Training 1. MADELINE TIITSO--Semester Attendance l, 2, 3, 45 I. V. Cheerleader l, Varsity Cheer- leader 2, 3, 45 F, H, A, 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 45 Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 35 Microphone 2, 3, 45 Galena 2,3,4, Officer 45 Pep Club 3,45 Prom Princess 35 Driver's Training 15 Chorus 15 Drill Team 15 Civil Defense 1, Girl's Football 45 Girl's Basketball 35 Graduation Usher 1, 2. GRANT WILSON--Football 1, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 "M" Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 4. L uzzzbr ygasfefgaf Front Row: Forrest Greenfield, Joey Gohl, Dan Sheeley, Doug Krulitz, Spike Elwood, Bill Arthur, David Flood, and Tim Hendricks. Back Row: Keith Smith, Tom Wofford, Gary Ford, Blaine Keppner, Arthur Giroux, Jim Garcia, Johnny Goggin, and Coach Rodney Batchelor. uzzzbr eerkaofers Front Row: Martha and Mary Smith. Back Row: Marianne Murray and Julie Soini. an" ...ggi i 94,11 gal L Hmm-: M QIUOQ From left to right- lst row: Kathy Dollar, Betty Chilson, Toni Groves, Nannette Claypool, Marianne Murray. 2nd row: Connie Flathers, Cynthia Scheel, Juli Soini, Judy Noordam. 3rd row: David Gill, Jerry Noordam, Tim Hendricks, Stephen Hendricks. I s From left to right- lst row: Cheryl Decker, Shelley Dooling, Norma Heffner, Darlene Walbridge, Virginia Sutton. 2nd row: Debbie Troxel, Mary Shipman, Joyce Moreau, George Clark, Mike Tafolla 3rd row: Jerry Nelums, Dick Harwood, Ronnie Hayes, Doug Krulitz, Tom Wofford. eoezzff QIUOQ FN - - From left to right-lst row: Terri Hiatt, Lorna Hendrickson, Connie Wiitala, Vickie Sellers, Linda Wolfgram, Irene Treichel. 2nd row: Roxan Russo, Blaine Keppner, Jimjameson, David Flood, Keith Smith, Paul Durfee, Dennis LaCelle. 3rd row: John Goggin, Ben Cornell, Gary Ford, Danny Sheeley, Tom Barton, Forrest Greenfield, Aron Coates. - A L K From left to right- lst row: Leslie Erickson, Diane Helfer, Sheryl Nickerson, Joanne Fealko, Debra Blacketer, Joanne Flood, Bill Arthur. 2nd row: Suzanne James, Lorraine Huffman, Carol Case, Mar- tha Smith, Raeann Ban, Rebecca Wiederrick, Mary Smith, Joe Gohl. 3rd row: John Chilson, Steven Johnson, Norman Pena, Kenneth Elwood, Raymond Graham, Arthur Giroux, Howard Lester, Leo Mc- Conville, Laura Knowles not shown. Lockhart' S Pharmacy Wallace Gene ' s Gamble Store Wallace The New Morrow's Retail Store Wallace Silver Dollar Miner's Club Garitone's Grocery Mullan Mullan Mullan ECOHOIHY Cr1'OCe1'Y and Asvestas' Motors McRae Fuel M t M k t eaMulQ1 e Wallace Mullan Wallace O. K. Tire Co Wallace Brokerage Co PennY'S Wallace Wallace Walla-Ce 1 Wallace Printing I Beulah S Jewelry Company Cam s Wallace Wallace Wallace Inskip-English Rossi Insurance Zook's Conoco Wallace Wallace Wallace Harwood's Drug Mullan Mullan Drug Mullan Mullan Mobil Mullan Sho shone Motor s Inc . Sunshine Cafe :Sc Motel Wellman Chevrolet Kellogg Kellogg Kellogg State Farm Insurance Grant Ins' at Real E1'f1ie'S B693-'CY Salon Estate SK. 2-3221 Osburn Osburn Osburn Osburn Club and Cafe Osburn The Barrel Osburn Scoop' s Union Servic e Wallace Stardust Motel Wallace Brownie ' s Wallace Wallace Corner Wallace n omcvq ' - - 91552-:A IQ gmsu Nc: in J J , . GROUP AUTHDRIIED , jmlfcl lf u lriw :Mitt SALES SERVICE U ID S C B UIC K FARMER'S INSURANCE GROUP ,-'f Eugene C. Com ton W ll P a ace' Idaho 'N Wallace, Idaho E Q EQ, lrrrs coop mon .QV I Olfil' C J YOU YIACIL1'-- gs E-or,+,1-:f,j"4'Lf,"'C.'4w:t A , 'n fl I I "L ZZ iv Q jo DEPENDABLE RAMSIER 'S PHARMACY Wallace , Idaho "Where Ma Saves Pa's Dough" Kellogg, Idaho YOUR TROIIBLES 1 E fy, , You P9 m0neY vmusn Ahead! Q40 ID W0 I'-"3 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS TERRY 'S TEXACO Mullan, Idaho AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Insured Savings Home Loans Osburn, Idaho jam- .TIM SI-IAFFER KEENE'S CHEVROLET, INC. pontiac Cadillac Wallace, Idaho D Scouts 0 Pontiac 'Fe-x Cflfvw I in COMMUNITY BUILDERS - fa. ..'3? --2155: fgyffl ' 74-' I 'ith' a,-.- ai-'Hilfe 72 ' R' 'P-"knee ' ' MCKIM-KISER CO. General Contractors Osburn, Idaho Qfen GRocEQ - 9 1 0 1, 'ff 'Q , Q ' ina' v ,. I Qi f I 1 .AII In - 41114 gem 4 . f ' . ,...mH " , f BRlTT'S GARDEN SPOT Osburn, Idaho EM 4 SUPPLIES f E . 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Wallace, Idaho The Coeur d' Lenes Company Wallace, Idaho DIRECTORY Dr. A. M. Peterson, M.D. Dr. EMI. FitzGerald, M.D. Dr. F.E. Scott, Dentist Drs. Casady and Pearson, Dentists East Shoshone County Dental Society Dr. L.F. Vester, Optometrist Chas. E. I-Iorning, Attorney Robert Dwyer, Attorney TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "lbw World: ln! Yearbook: Au hybm made' '71 1 ,mmf 11' f ,fal- I C , .. fd-' ws ffe f1wf,f1bLa' My 7145! Lfif hlig f? Ufrjgfffv' , :"'if9fcf: H5 1330" rdlllf'-'flip .vue 7,65 ,672 ICS afcfu-2 I fu! If-jff' Wim I' L .14 L,,1l,Jzm nj' uf'fwfc'j, f'4"'f'b fx ,4 C fx ,Ajfu af',j,:1!g, 0-U XV. " 07 ,ill ffl: Lf lj fj V QW A74 ,ffffl gy fud 7 1:4111 LIC! Qi'-jffj 4 IU 1 fm L 41 ff If-lbl b.s,,Ll.:-.LK klfe in f 4 f'If:f'Lf fiif 5 HILL-li Q v I 1 if r K1 .f X. 7' Tux I . 1 uf rx L I K, r'x NX I In X I A N1 J Alisa AT AM! DwIlQf0j WV' 'MC 'Mwfc cfp-MWQ of JZZJLZPCA 1, pvavejfu 1 GQWNKZ JL' rv , L ., 7,1444-C 4 I ' H N " WC 65404 7956211 944019 ,Qh 11.14 ff Aflff Z'6"? 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Suggestions in the Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) collection:

Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 48

1965, pg 48

Mullan High School - Galena Yearbook (Mullan, ID) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 6

1965, pg 6

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