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XX, From the twenties to the eighties, style has changed. Or has it? It seems that fashion has made an almost complete circle. Today's fashion crazes are yesterday's fashion crazes with some minor adjustments. It could be said that we're going back to go forward, but we've got to keep moving or we'II faII behind the times. student Iife . . people . sports . . clubs. . . . ads.. index . . . Ya gotta MIhII-OI d HighSh I I I I P.O.B 8 OI d OK 73073 ""'-tgliwle . 2 .13 .35 .49 .64 .70 COVER 1 While walking the halls of the Mulhall-Orlando schools you are able to see the different styles people are wearing this year, The different styles of watches are really making it big in the fashion line, Even though the Gumby watch didn't get in the top three of the favorite style of watch, it is beautifully modeled by Angela Koch which is one of the many odd watches in her collection, Angela is also wearing a Guess Who T-shirt that was sold as a fundraiser by the Junior Class. She's Hip! She's happening! X' V7 mm ly . ' She's W - Angela! l I C- E V gl rt F gf- t F V l www' N' -nw 2 STYLE X.,-. yvsx XS. "Rain, snow, sleet or hail" was Scott Merrill, Tra Karcher, Louis Karns and Donald Knott's mottot year. If you ever needed these guys before scho you always knew to look out in front of the gym. tv ong the items on a school poll the Eskimo Joe's shirt was voted the favorite with a logo, The favorite style of jeans is stoned-washed, while Reeboks swept olls as the favorite style ol shoes. Jean jackets seem to be the style of coat likely worn, and the Swatch came out on top as the most popular watch of the You can plainly see that Mulhall-Orlando students have a style all of their own. Connelly Wade and Ricky Cook are having an intellectual conversation between classes. and Eddie Betchan and Terry Tressler listen in amazement. Shelly Vaughn and Keri Adkins spend their noon hour in the gym. ,M 10"-', Justin Day, Jaramie Karcher, Bradley Harman, and Bo Manin show their college spirit by wearing their OU and OSU shirts to school. STYLE 3 .ao TH N Crystal Bulling Steven Bradshaw ll! I I I Wtlv As I walked around the grade school waiting for the perfect moment to cap- ture my subjects I was amazed at how much It had changed since I was down at the elementary school For instance, the flag ceremony every morning with singing and pledging also the morning opening exercises But taking a closer look I noticed how much things have stayed the same The smiling faces and eager chatter mixed with good morning greetings These things I hope will never change even though 'Ya Gotta Move With Style' Our visiting sculptor James Hulesman helps Anya McAnaIly and Lori Rothermel pick out their final piece that will be baked. 1 -F ' I I Michelle Anthis Jedediah Redman .f",,,,l of 4 I I E 0 . Nt, get fi, The Lnul-is nf Learning 4 + If A IQ Q.. I X- M . '.T J Y", f.i1 W ii V wm v jaw I f ".l I UQ 5 g . ffgglw jfzi, M 7' f af V " '71 Agf I I it - A t-.3 -- I L W fs: I ' L., -Q i I I . Avx . ' 0 so 7! 5- Rs I, E Y .H Q 4 THE NEW AGE Kindergartener Stephanie Harrell is starting the good of listening to her teacher. This habit will help her as she her long climb to the end of her school days. We wish good luck for she is part of our future. The task of checking math papers is taken on by Dani Green and Laurie Cyphers. Jason Harman looks to his teacher for further in- struction. The day is started off with a salute to our flag. Dwayne Golay, Jerry Ballinger, Chad Gallaway, Win- ter Cyphers, Mrs. Kindschi, Matthew Pfeiffer, Justin Cyphers, Julie Gallaway, Jennifer Kerby, Carol Fagan, Rocky Burgess, and Marcus Wray. THE NEW AGE 5 Better than Braum's! Shawn McAnaIIy at one of the Junior fair booths. 'H I get .-rv! 'X 9 'lin "4n XLJ ill i V 6 CANDID A little help from a friend?? Shelley Sch- miedbauer bravely endures the cold water, and Stacy Golay is the lurking figure in this game of dunking. ,i ,f ww , VK i A - Mamie asm, . .aww- lg 5. 9' ' : EJ ' 1 1 ll TT 4, .,,: , w5""lhu'i f'lf',.....T Hands On Task l As accurate as can be. Rebekah Spauld- or the handyman. Mr. Harris and Roland ing, Scott Dudek, Steward Bode, and Louis Time out for lunch. Sandy Terry and aylor doing the work they love best. Karns in Typing l. Dorothy Bode. 'flux Q9 The finishing touches. Charles Hilburn and Kevin Andrews make topical maps in Mrs. Jones' class. "What harm can a little taste do?" Rusty Prince and Machel Bode make Christmas cookies. CANDID 7 hi. 1, Students Against Driving Drunk is one way M-O students are taking a stand against negative peer pressure. Gracie White, pins a SADD button on Becky Jack to show they are willing to protest against a terrible act that is killing thousands ol teenagers every year. Rodney Silvers, SADD President and Rochelle Henke, judge posters Q the grader school students entered to get the SADD theme across. "DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE." .. K Christy Prince shows Jr. Burgess and Greg Major the 'Challenge 88' SADD T- shirt used as a prize in the grade school poster contest. in 'ii' Qjvg 2721. Drug prevention and AIDS have been issues our school has taken head on this year and brought into a new light, Many teenagers have found themselves pushed into doing some- thing they really don't want to do. Whether it's our own teachers, our peers, an actress. or even the school mascot, M-O students are getting the message to "Just Say No." The AIDS classes were taught by our own teachers at M-O, and things we learned were discussed for quite awhile. Being informed is the first step in prevention of this disease that strikes anyone, no matter their race or sex. Quest was a class taught by Mrs. Sprouse to the eighth grade for one semester to help them gain sell-confidence and to learn more about themselves. A lirst'ever "Oklahoma Alliance Against Drugs" was formed, and students as well as adults all across the state participated in this program. Representatives from our school included Mrs. Sprouse, April Peveto and Sarah Pfeif- fer. To put this information to use, they talked to grade school students to help them realize they can set a style ol their own by living a drug-free lile. . Ut Dilfk 'lTia"'6W AUSAIUSBQLX Nd V 7 V X NM J' X : 'N -' is : .. .111 . , 3 gl .. V f " 1 1 Q ' K ,K K I M - 5 y . f V,.. K Sometimes it helps kids un- ' , l derstand when the teachers are closer to their age. Sarah A Pfeiffer, Mrs. Sprouse, and April Peveto talk to the fourth, V f . fifth, and sixth grades about g . I drug awareness and their Q , freedom to choose the life- style they wish to live. Jill Woody brought to M-0. her acting abilities and demonstrated different A not topic this year was AIDS Education. This year all schools were required to teach students the anxieties of an alcoholic through her SURRENDER program, a dramatic approach to drugs. .',i fu " 1 ,. , I . .. K '. -gg, , 1 4 ' ,fc Wi. A I, tv ' 'Agj f .1 il- , facts about AIDS. Mrs. Flaupe teaches Steve Haggard, Mark Hood and Shelly Johnson all she learned at the classes teachers were re- quired to take before educating M-O stu- dents. ffm ft ,,, ' Learning is fun when action is involved. The Quest students have a bike-a-thon as a fundraiser, riding from Orlando to Mulhall during their sixth hour class. CANDID 9 'Ta For Kids Who Have lt All Steve Tyler and Stacy Golay's love of nature has reached the "Bambi" level. They explain to instructor Ball how to hunt deer safely in the great outdoors. The very latest in womb overachievers! Now really, Tim Roberts, do you think your rabbit will compete with Teddy Fluxpin? The judges Horace Sprouse and Peggy Yost. j- Assessing the impact. Chris Hopfer's ping-pong ball launcher was one of the finalists. The entry of lightest weight and most accuracy get the best score here. two days before t 10 SCIENCE FAIR "Back up Denny project won top ho ,QM ' jake K i I . Q, K N f' s I ' S ,.. R A ,ls -jf?" fhrizev. r :W iii... ,. ,,.....,, K . GNU! A . of www.. 'Cf.....l.. - vs. I-55 Bussard, this may self-destruct in 30 second." Janet nors in the local fair even though she says she "put it together the he fair because having a fair project was a class requirement." ' K AQ A 55.2 f 'l,f5:2L,i 5334, ING Big impact with little effect. Mr. Ball tests Tracy Karcher's egg drop. For next year's fair Tracy says he is going to "try to find something else to put an egg in." X . nv!! Q. X Lum- l..2,f?"" ily '. TLV' Z-F' ' X..l'., "key H . l ujX2ffl'rW.l'l -XWW2 2 jam: j-it-1 'K .z "" fjfvifr-i 'g . .ji 53,1 ', . .l ,Q - , .4 Yagi! Y a I, -if'-J"'YTl:7.X K 1 ' l L1 -H , 22 chi. I lnllxwx iwlltj ' ji .1 .'. 'l ,J l- 'rj - t '1tll.l'f.fij'l-Wal in :JW 'QT' -1 gl-ll-'rlj' ,5 X 14" -1 f ls' V-af' ff f l ' . 'V fig ,Liv F41 X A lx -A QQ . S 'J V my 'fig ,N , ,,., , . A j Jr lvl- lf. jr X! A: ,V ,alivahixtiit ,.HK..gLt:r'. up E , - ll l 'i .ll " , 4 V , ' ffl., , l pil- , ' l..!',-it 'NA X' " . i t Maxi jf-aint? 2 9 . 'T' ill. 1-l' l z .ll M T .Q .. tlrlfl ll-li T ,.-X 'ii ,ffri 'I' Tl' 'T 'L j ,L L I I-1'L' Af i 1- dl- ,Jql Li T T 1 Y Mdwriqffrjpbl 1 1 A2 -.xi it-J A' L T 'T lr"f wr cl.. 1. ML 't""1' - :gg a 4. ESA.. 'lv EA A few fine-tuning points and this will op- erate perfectly. jRodney Silversj Now to come up with a brand name for this. Chris Hopfer is intrigued by Kim. Down's solar-powered fan. Fair judges are Hugh Merrill and Loran Toepfer. 081A Q. How do science fairs help students? Mr. Ball: They learn to plan ahead, use a set of criteria, and come up with a working project. They benefit socially and scholastically through competition with other high schools in the region at Central State University and at the engineering fair at Oklahoma University. We had good enthusiasm and good projects. Connelly Wade: Science fairs give us a klnd of hands-on experience. They can explain how some of the fascinating things of the science world work and live. They also give us an open look at people who excel in science and give them credit for a job well done. iConnelly had the second place exhibit in the local fair. His research topic was "Saving our Endangered Species."j SCIENCE FAIR 11 'lflfe jlze peep e na l as X I . 1 The Constitution of the United States of America was 200 years old on Wednesday, September 16, 1987. M-O students cel- ebrated this milestone in our history. Mr. Sprouse talked briefly to the students about the importance of this great doc- ument. The high school was a little con- fused for a while because the satellite TV program broadcasting national ceremo- nies was in Spanish. As the high school band gets ready to perform "The Star-Spangled Banner" and "Amer' T ica he BeautifuI," April Peveto and Stacey Sylvester give seventh grade clar- inet players Brandy Thom ason and Michelle Knight last minute pointers. The grade school celebrates by gathering in the gym to watch the national celebration on TV. The sixth grade band played "America." First Row: tL-Rl Jennifer Flus- sell, Jennifer Thomason, Cody Phillips. Second Flow: Cara Clark, Jennifer Balder- son, Zackery Martin. Third Row' Wayne Cam bell F Sarah Watters shows her patriotism on Constitution Day by painting her face like the United States flag. 12 CONSTITUTION DAY p . ourth Ftow: Jason'Gooch, Chris Nees, Belinda Graef. Ya L gcvt La TU MC ---ia-N6fw,E - HORACE SPROUSE STACEY HARRIS SUPERINTENDENT HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL -I-3,-1543"- Karen McAnally, School Secretary ADMINISTRATION Maurice Day D V M fs- Karl Klmgaman Calvin Leach Gary Koch Leona Harrell Books 'W GRADE SCHOOL SPEECH PRINCIPAL THERAPIST Gallaway likes to go to the library for a book because he gets PEGGY SUE say "Hi" to Judy Knight, the new grade school librarian. YOST MATTHEWS OQQI F 'I MARY SUE SPROUSE Mrs. Sprouse invited representatives from colleges to the school for a college and career day. Darin Howard came from Northeastern Oklahoma Junior College. Students interested in obtain- ing information about NEOJC are Chris Hopfer, Kim Vaughn, Kathy Stearman, and Carol Nealis. The M-O Board of Education pur- chased all new buses at the beginning of the school year. There are six bus routes, including the shuttle between the two schools. P1412 HHIEIZEEIESIH 'if1-1-F--M an-mms RESOURCE PERSONNEL 15 Dorothy Resneder Kindergarten Reading Mary Spaulding First Grade Carrie Schrader Second Grade Kelli Kindschi Third Grade Peggy Yost Fourth Grade Norma Daniels Fifth Grade Larry Nicholas Sixth Grade Coach Alan Ball Science Mark Cummings Band Vocal Music Cynthia Dunn Seventh Grade Caroline Jones LAB and EMH Gary Larman Vocational Agriculture Steve Peretto Math Coach Ruth Raupe English Harriet Stoddart Home Economics Brad Thrash History Coach Heathel' weSf Math Gladys White Business Jennifer Kerby and Justin Cyphers find something exciting to show Mrs. Kindschi. 1 6 FACULTY Way to Go Do I need a ticket to ride? Jesse Balder- son gets on Mrs. Kindschi's school bus very early every morning to ride to the high school in Orlan- do. He changes to Mr. Wray's bus to go to Mulhall. Michelle Anthis Jesse Balderson Amber Bode Steven Bradshaw David Brown Crystal Bulling Ricky Burgess Thomas Collins Rodney Cyphers David Golay Kayla Golay Stephanie Harrell Natasha Horner Tiffnie McCrary Carra McManamy Jason Nava Martha Nees LaTrisha Pritchett Jedediah Redman Tommy Seagroves Jeremy Silvers Jamie Thedford Sarah Thomsen KINDERGARTEN 17 Jessica Burgess Laurie Cyphers Brad Gallaway Tara Gooch Dani Green Lidy Knox Kristy Lorance Stacy Mack Aaron Meade Jason Oldenburg Cody Phillips Jennifer Russell Jennifer Thomason Sarah Whatley Cody Wiss FIRST GRADE Lidy Knox shows oft his costume as Ashley Miller tries to figure hers out. l Summer Bradshaw's bright smile says it all ' the Halloween parties, and in the backgrou Chapelle Henderson agrees that they all wel a blast! Monster Mash Favorite Treat 1 . M8tM's 2, Caramel Apples 3. Snickers Scariest Monster 1. Vampires 2, Skeletons 3. Two headed monster Favorite Trick 1. Knock on door and run 2. Scare people tany way possiblej 3. To say "trick or treat, smell my leet, give me something good to eat." Favorite house to trick or treat 1. Grandma's House 2. Teachefs House 3. Haunted House Q Jason Oldenburg shows his authority to Cody Phillips. .1 i J .f I1 vm-ev KA t x f .xv . - lf, I 'fir' 4 , . ,fi ' fic Who's that enjoying the candy at the Halloween Party? Why it's the cowgirl, Jennifer Baldersonl When donkeys fly Jerry Ballinger Rocky Burgess Wayne Cambell Justin Cyphers Winter Cyphers fe Carol Fagan Chad Gallaway Julie Gallaway Dwayne Golay Jennifer Kerby Matthew Pfeiffer Marcus Wray 20 THIRD GRADE Jason, what's that look for? Does Jennifer's book look more inter- esting than yours? lJennifer Anthis and Jason Goochj Rhonda Merrill acts as referee while Jerry Ballinger, Charlie Mill- er, and Jennifer Kerby duel it out in "Capture the Flag" during third and fourth grade gym. Just say the word! The third and fourth grad- ers are waiting impa- tientiy for their signal. fCharlie Miller, Rocky Burgess, and Brian Prince.j Yu. 15' ' ,l .' hile photographing fu- ture graduates of '96, we brought up the sub- ject of chasing girls. "When Donkeys Fly" was their reaction. With an attitude like that, guys, you're going to have a hard time getting a date in future years. up :Htl A xxl- Jennifer Anthis Shanna Bussard Jason Gooch Belinda Graef Marriya Harrell Mandy Knight Cody Leach Luke Martin Anya McAnally Jessica McCrary Amber McManamy Rhonda Merrill Bobbie Meyer Charlie Miller Chris Nees Joline Oldenburg Toni Pacheco Larry Prater Brian Prince Lori Rothermel FOURTH GRADE 21 Nedra Burgess Beth Bussard Sarah Bussard Jeff Day Misti Downs Paul Driskel Jeremy Eisensmith Tiffany Graef Carrie Harman Jason Harman Misti Jurgens Jason Kerby Jessica Knox Paul Lamb Monty Larman Sondra Major Heather Monroe Michael Ortega Anthony Pacheco Bryce Payne Anthony Redman Jessica Walker Colby Wiss Tommy Wray When they have time during their busy school week, Sarah Bussard, Paul Lamb, and Jeff Day like to "hang around" the monkey bars. 22 FIFTH GRADE . avi' S J, "'! -Xl v gk V . Y' Q' :H Rfb' :E Q v t 'e , Q A,-1, .ff , 3. x 1 . F Q' ,- fix ' I, a f aw .ff V J' v -.asp ,Q -D s hanon Sylvester puts on a grin of enjoy- ment for her time out of the classroom. It was a very busy year for the sixth graders. Basketball games, homework, and other "Gooiin' Oil" Charley McAnally and Elliott Evans do what they like to do best during an afternoon break. Istivities filled up their busy schedules. Their acher and coach, Mr. Nicholas, found it very is teresting teaching these kids. Although the year as not all fun and games, most sixth graders will ree this will be the year they remember the Ost. . , . . X x x'x -f 0 Y , 4 QV' "Hu Jennifer Barker Emily Driskel Elliott Evans Renee Flasch Jamie Gallaway Troy Hanes Danny Hopkins Joe Johnson Jay Koch Charley McAnally Jeff Oldenburg Chris Prater Mark Silvers Shanon Sylvester Felicia Walker SIXTH GRADE Dorothy Bode Jeri Bussard Phillip Fagan is Matt Graef Joanna Haggard Dee Jack Jennifer Jenkins Jaramie Karcher Michelle Knight Bo Martin Rusty Prince Mike Roberts Jennifer Spears Tim Taylor Brandy Thomason Ryan Wiss Mrs. Dunn teaches Mike Roberts the style of learning she wants from her students. 24 SEVENTH GRADE kg.. wi 4 A Lea ning Check it out!! Alice Price, a poet, seventh and eighth grades one hour day. k N. fsyly ' Kaile Adams Jonene Bode Machel Bode Sumner Haggard Brad Harman Maria Johnson Audrey Larman Matthew Martin Melanie Newbold Carey Nicholas Charles Peterson Sarah Pfeiffer Jerry Sawyer Jerry Shafer Eighth graders make plans for a servlce learning DYOISCIIH thelr Quest class wlth teacher Mrs Sprouse fFront Machel Bode Audrey Larman Brad Harman. Back Matthew Martln Melanle Newbold, EIGHTH GRADE 25 Keri Adkins Steward Bode Christy Cyphers Justin Day Jason Driskel Scott Dudek Sean Eisensmith Louis Karns Tracy Karcher Donald Knott Geoff Koch Debbie Marion Scott Merrill Nate Nickels Michelle Ortega Mike Payne Hayley Schmiedbauer Rebekah Spaulding Clancy Thomas Shelly Vaughn Sarah Watters 26 FRESHMEN 'N I.. Yer igh school becomes a foreign lar guage to freshmen, with classe such as Algebra, Biology, and homa History. But something isn't foreign to them is the age-old cu of HANGIN' OUT. Whether it's with perclassmen or people their own HANGIN' OUT has always been fun. Shelly Vaughn enioys reading a article about how to talk to boys. if' Hayley Schmiedbauer and Christy Cyphers admire bunnies when the science class goes outside on a warm spring day. Michelle Ortega and Keri Adkins let 'em fly to see whose paper airplane can go the farthest. Go ahead, make my day! lMike Paynej FRESHMEN 27 Mike Adams Staci Barker Rosetta Bircket Angel Brewer Junior Burgess Denny Bussard Stephanie Bussard Paul Fagan Susie Fishburn B. J. Graef Jonathon Haggard Charles Hilburn Becky Jack Amy Leach Gregg Major Kristie Newbold Shaunna Peretto Christy Prince Shelly Reece Roland Taylor Gracie White 28 SOPHOMORES Lv C' he seniors of 1990 have a style all their own. It may be a little different, but it's their style. The Sophomore year is a try- ing time for most because the students try their best not to be like everyone else, but not all succeed. This class has a unique ability that just can't be snuffed out by any- one, and their style will carry on through the years. Denny Bussard adds a touch of class to our hallowed halls. Nl 7-:Q M K l l Mike Adams shows his classmates what it was like to sit in a desk "back home." Mike moved here from Wisconsin this year. aci Barker and Gracie White show their pearly whites -just trying add a little brightness to general business class!! I 3, wk . I ,N at l .- .L, ,ii V fj',:. K its-',W,, it 'v Gregg Major torments another one of his unsuspecting victims, Junior Kyla Huff. SOPHOMORES 29 Kevin Andrews Christine Anthis Frank Cunningham Brian Duncan Trey Fillmore Stacy Golay Rochelle Henke Kyla Huff Shelly Johnson Dennis Knott Angela Koch Micah Kolb Shawn McAnally Carol Nealis April Peveto Tim Roberts Kathy Stearman Shelley Schmiedbauer Stacey Sylvester Terry Tressler Steve Tyler Connelly Wade 30 JUNIORS ,.,-f -..-fl Sleep is on the minds of M-O Juniors. Shaunna Peretto, Shawn McAnalIy, Shelley Schmiedbauer, Amy Leach, Jeff Roberts and Stacey Sylvester look vaguely interest- ed in what's going on while wishing they were at home in bed. "Why am I here?" seems to be the question Rochelle Henke asks herself as she relaxes against her locker. Guess? shins were on the minds of students from M-O when the Juniors sold their original design. Brian Duncan sorts out the final product. ALWAYS .53 HAVE ,S THE sTYl.E" I I osh, I miss recess!" was one way Kyla Hutt, a member of the Junior class, feels about lite at M-0 High. Even though Angela Koch describes our Junior year as "the year belore our Senior year," it's not that simple. One of the most interesting iobs was planning the prom. There were endless arguments, and even a little violence at committee meetings, but as time came to an end, things were worked out to make a JrlSr Prom done with style. For most Juniors the advantages are getting to drive to school and being treated as upperclassmen. Stacey Sylvester thinks that Juniors are laced with "more freedom but tougher subiectsj' she says with a definite frown. "I don't like our Junior year because we're all split up in ditterent classes" was a negative teeling from Shelley Schmiedhauer. Whether working on class lund-raisers or just hanging around with friends belore school, the Junior class will "always have the style." JUNIORS 31 SQUA noon DETECTIVE LA CAVA ,...., . . . . JANITOR .............. FINGERS ......,............. DETECTIVE STRINDBERG ..,... WOMAN WITH A GUILT COMPLEX .,.....,.....A..... DETECTIVE MARIE GRANT ..... MRS. GRANT .,............... DELI PERSON . .,..........,,. TEACHER .............. ..... STUDENT ONE .....,.,,,..... STUDENT TWO ........,...... LT. HERMAN MOOTFOWL ...... COMMANDER RAINWATER ..... DETECTIVE ADAMS .........., MOOSE NEWLAND .... ,,... LUNATIC ...,,..,.. ..... DR. VAGUE .......... ...,. LUCILLE HOTCHKISS, ......... MAD BOMBER .....,......... MRS. VAN HICKENLOOPER ..... ED STONEBRIDE ......,..,... CRIME PHOTOGRAPHER .,..A.. DETECTIVE DORIS CANSINO . . . BAG LADY ..,..,............. KAVANAUGH ,... ........... , . GLORM GARVY .... ..,., CHESTER GARVY . .. . . , , . Jeff Roberts Casey Gorrell Shane Estus Chris Hopfer Kyla Huff Janet Weinkauf Becky Knopfel Ricky Cook Kim Vaughn Geoffrey Koch Audrey Larman Rodney Silvers Eddie Betchan Bubba Leach Mike Hopkins Sean Keith Stephanie Newbold Rochelle Henke Steve Haggard Kim Downs Shawn McAnaIly Geri Terry Denise Rothermel Genelle Koch Roy McNeill April Peveto Mark Hood r,t, f 3- ans- ' A ,:... 1 I 32 JUNIOR PLAY A s K A,tt ..,.Q..N,,,,M IE e f M-- T ' -A ft A QL 4. I Jrt J Eh E, ,Lvl i -fb- R I THE PARTY 9 NOT REALLY OVER lT'9 JUST BEGUN Y. SENIORS ..- Janet Weinkauf i Rodney Silvers - MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCEED Lance Leach ORNERIEST 1 Stephanie Newbold WHO'S WHO 33 LOST IN SPACE AND THE URTGAGE D CAST OF CHARACTERS GRANDMA HUMBLE ......... Stephanie Newbold FARLEIGH DIMM ..... ....... C hris Hopfer GRANDPA HUMBLE .... ...... C asey Gorrell SPACE CADET BOB .... ......... J efi Robens IMA PUCKLE .......,.. ,.... D enise Rothermel URA PUCKLE ...,....,..........,. Mark Hood FIRST SPACE TROOPER ..,.... David Endevoets SECOND SPACE TROOPEFI ......... Roy McNeill COMMANDER SNIDELY BACKLASH ..... Rodney Silvers ROSA ......... , .....,........ Janet Wainkauf ROBETTA THE ROBOT. , . .,.. Amy Leach EVILINA CRAVEN ....... , . .Genelle Koch PREACHER BLISS .... . . . Lance Leach MRS SNOOP Beck Kno fel . . ........,. .... y p LADY WITH A SIGN ................ Kim Vaughn SPACE POLICEPEFISON ......,.. Krisiie Newbold MEMBER OF SUPREME COUNCIL . . Shane Estus CURLY HUMBLE ,............... Eddie Betchan OZMA ..........,......,.......... Geri Terry I 34 SENIOR PLAY 3 t ' 1 1 N-?f-'-'Q' e 4 ' ' WWII - I ., . . . .I ily. H, Q -.fAi 1,1 F N:-ii' gy I' ., il f fi A 21 Ox I If fb, Q Q xx ,fi in -:EIA . 9 1 A2141 G. X gil sm. K Q , Y Hffli' I u I f ETS' ll w :avi HRW sports HI t's not whether you win or lose, it's ow you look while you're doing it!" Chances are, if you've got your socks turned down and your high-tops on with your :shirt Comfortably untucked and your shorts ias baggy as possible, iif you're ready for a good- ' ookin game of asketiall. To the more ame-oriented person it ight take determination, ard work, and skill to lay with style. The sports t le in '88 seemed to loe ot of looth. N- Genelle Koch pitches with determination in the district tournament against Red Flock. With the score 10-0, Becky Knopfel is up with total confidence to bring in the eleventh run. ven though the Lady Panthers had what it took to make it to state, they fell to Okarche in the first round in regional play- offs. They did not make it as far as planned but still had a successful year. The Pan- thers took second place in the Perkins tourna- ment, became district champs by defeating Red Rock, and ended the season with a record of 9 wins and 4 losses. The team was led by seniors Genelle Koch and Becky Knopfel, who both made the all-state team, Genelle as pitcher and Becky as outfield alternate. 36 SOFTBALL ot quite to the top Y! .U , as as N ' 'fic .D HIGH SCHOOL FAST-PITCH SOFTBALL TEAM: Front Row: Shelly Vaughn, Shaun Peretto, Stephanie Bussard, Kyla Huff, Michelle Ortega, and Hayley Schmiedbauer. Ba Row: Coach Peretto, Genelle Koch, Christy Cyphers, Kim Vaughn, Becky Knopfel, Stac Sylvester, Rochelle Henke, Amy Leach, and Shelley Schmiedbauer. l 1 l . ,,... , ' 5, .3,. g ' A ,f . T M igififkffi if n.5.'iQjii'1g fbgggiilflf A, E, I s I lf- .Jr ' E ifgggi, iii t . . 5 S,A"",' i f., I gs ,." .N NIOR HIGH SOFTBALL: Front Flow: Machel Bode, Jonene Bode, Jeri Bussard, Sarah iffer, Kaile Adams, and Michelle Knight. Back Row: Coach Peretto, Dorothy Bode, drey Larman, Melanie Newbold, Sandy Terry, Jennifer Spears, and Jennifer Jenkins. After the infield takes a brief time-out, the defense is ready to execute against the Perry Ma- roons. Genelle Koch scores against Perkins as Becky Knopfel and Rochelle Henke cheer her on. Junior high pitcher Jonene Bode shows the Crescent Tigers what a strike looks like. SOFTBALL 37 We ant Action Jeff Roberts has the look of confidence when he pitches. BASEBALL ' In total concentra tion, Eddie Betchan awaits the pitch. Back Row: Mike Roberts, Charles Peterson, Jerry Sawyer, Matt Graef, and Coach Thrash. Front Row: Bradley Harman, Matthew Martin, and Ryan Wiss. if k Flow: Brian Duncan, Geoffery Koch, y Fillmore, Eddie Betchan, Chris fer, Jeff Roberts, and Coach Thrash. nt Row: Justin Day, Steve Haggard, ey Gorrell, Connelly Wade, Terry ssler, and Nate Nickels. Highschool Baseball Fall Schedule Ripley Glencoe Dover Coyle Dover Tournament Conference Tournament District Tournament 'Y Pg-,ilty 15 P mu? if While holding the Glencoe runner on, Geoffery Koch waits for the throw. 'C --N '. ,", . ,A , 1 t' V.. , .,.-. l I , -wg. dp.-,?. : .., , ,9,,g,...-f .f, H+ 4 Q' - TQ , f ',' ' -.9 an V , 'H' .W ' . .. , n ,- . Sn.. f '- -L 'W -M. ying? r-rf ' -4 S - . " 'Q-1-'AP',?q'.+Qg-1 r, ' 'Af-i"g -1-Q 153Yir.-?9"'fJ":',f- -u "f'.'1iiel?x.'g2'5???tc"'af3?gFv- gain-'x:':-1 'PQ N ' ' iris Hopfer making it look easy against Agra in the District Tournament. BASEBALL 39 Setting a 52,4 of Our Own Coach Peretto points out the strategy of his defense. Stacey Sylvester fights for the rebound against Glencoe at coming game. the Kyla Huff 1111, Hayley Schmiedbauer 1201, Stephanie Bussard 1121, Christy Cyphers 1211, Susie Fishburn 1241, Kim Vaughn 1231, Schmiedbauer 1331, Rochelle Henke 1221, Becky Knopfel 1321, Stacey Sylvester 1151, Amy Leach 1251, Genelle Koch 1311, Shaunna 1101, Michelle Ortega 1141, Rosetta Bircket and Coach Steve Peretto. 40 GIRLS BASKETBALL The guards are on their best defense against Marland. Becky Knopfel flies past her guard to go in for a lay-up. Rochelle Henke goes up for another awesome rebound. Kyla Huff uses the Earl-the-Pearl move to get around Carney's defense. :Q .. -Q ,O fl' vu' , zf, S aga-ffzf zw ,f 5 ,J 'lx -2 mi Z' ' wi I - ' L 51 K 4 ,MM 3 GIRLS BASKETBALL 41 :ug Even though well defended, Eddie Betchan goes up for two. ls this an awesome defense or what? , ,aff 4 6 fa M tai 5 . 2 9 W,,,.,,,,,,...ww-f' H.S. BOYS BASKETBALL THE 19' 9" LINE Xie' Trey Fillmore looks determined as he takes it to his defender. Geoff Koch is ready to defend in case the ball comes his way. 1 ' K Q Q' ,,l"'w. .A,M....W.,..,, to . Marklnd me 1 eyes are on the ball as Connelly Wade Nov. Opponent Us THEM Chris Hopfer looks like .he's walking on air S up a Shot 3 Red Rock 70 43 when he goes up for this jump shot. ' 7 Dover 52 73 10 Agra 79 76 17 Ripley 61 62 20 Glencoe 55 58 Jeff Roberts lays it up for two on a fast break. E4 Coyle 72 103 90. 1 Agra 80 78 4 Cashlon 48 62 8 Greenfield 74 42 10 Ripley 47 67 12 .Jones ss so 18 Carney 48 65 Jan, 4 Marland 67 51 6 casmon 51 62 8 Tonkawa 57 69 15 Coyle ss 67 22 Marland 72 33 26 Covington 57 38 29 Glencoe 47 64 Feb. 2 Red Rock 64 40 5 Ripley 65 70 6 Ralston 51 74 DisTRlcT TOURNAMENT 12 CASH'0N 49 50 Look at the form of Lance "Bubba" Leach he 1987-88 high basketball season the first to have the 3- shot installed. The 3 is 19' 9" from the bal. The M-O squad dn't use the 3-point shot ery much and it didn't de- de a gameg however, in e future the 3-point shot uld prove to be worth- hile. as he goes up for two. The M-O Boys Basketball Team is as follows: Rodney Silvers 1311, Jeff Roberts 1221, Lance Leach 1301, Chris Hopfer 1321, Eddie Betchan 1201, Trey Fillmore 1241, Geoff Koch 1251, Jason Driskel 1211, Coach Brad Thrash, Justin Day 1101, Sean Eisensmith 1121, Connelly Wade 1141, Brian Duncan 1151, Casey Gorrell 1331, Nate Nickels 1111. H.S. BOYS BASKETBALL 43 "rr 'graft il' ox! Q5 , Y - Coach Thrash sketches out a play that is sure to baffle the Ripley Warrior defense. FAR RIGHT: Jonene Bode drove past her opposing guards to put up this shot for two points against Coyle. BELOW: Bradley Harman drives hard to get past his opponents and score two points. Q. Top Row: Jennifer Jenkins, Audrey Larman, Melanie Newbold, Sandy Terry, Jonene Bode, Coach Peretto. Bottom Row: Jeri Bussard, Michelle Knight, Machel Bode, Brandy Thomason, Dee Jack. 44 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Ni gag 1 X .av 'ix ,.,,.nvr' PN ilu Top Row: Jerrry Sawyer, Charles Peterson, Matt Graef Roberts, Coach Thrash. Bottom Row: Matthew Martin Nicholas, Bradley Harman, Ryan Wiss. M1 LEFT: After rousing the crowd's spirit with a chant, Kaile Adams leaves the court with flair. BELOW: Oops! This must be a new stunt in the making. The squad's 'helper,' Janet Weinkauf, says, "lt was great until Kaile de- cided to sit down!" vi hu- 1C?2"'5 vi? 539 ABOVE: Kaile Adams, Sarah Pfeiffer, and Melanie Newbold are relieved that practice is finally over. True friendship - that's what cheering is about. Kaile Adams, Melanie Newbold, Jennifer Jenkins, Sarah Pfeiffer, and Head Cheerleader, Jonene Bode. e .. Xe' JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS 45 E0 Q45 Homecoming children Brenda Phillips, Jason Oldenburg, Stacy Mack. 1987-88 Homecoming King and Queen Eddie Betchan and Becky Knopfel. g Y . l J A A rankifs fl if lfdif- rf: ' r. ff. lf'-, f- of KO it fwfr fi fin 'M' ff' ritz ff- flu ff if if 'f f an A g'4Qr1'Jl-'yt ff,-fff KJLJ' Cf!,f,sfW, gil if lift? ri? 69? iff r i i -,xi mm. wfl J ri i 1 X l ' ,f x fx if J ' ff-1 l - t , If "' Q K iff ' W J I CNW VF. Q i.4iA it R IJ, O? Q wvw tg V , 1 1 Q he 1, 1-ff' N 1, A I i ts A I I V5 If f Q! gkY ' 1, V i '45, . 1 Ev ,.A, A M afgg -, . L 1 f Q xi J it J wil l fi , .cf ,J iv J 4, J , ,532 J 2 it . 53,5 , 45 HOMECOMING ROYALTY A: g 1 ,-iff ' . , 1 4 X J 1 , Y- 6,3 rl i'- f fu, . ri r f r . ' iii U3 'rj !4' at-Y ff ?i if if l fx ,UT K an ff 'n R, 4' '.,. at Geoff Koch, Hayley Schmiedbauer, B an Duncan, Rochelle Henke, Brena Phillips, Eddie Betchan, Jason Olde burg, Becky Knopfel, Stacy Mac Genelle Koch, Lance Leach, Shaunrl Peretto, Trey Fillmore. After the ceremony. Becky Knopfel. 5 X jx a Q A24 1 ft NW 1 43 FA it t r 1 J :7 A 5 F55 l V W I Axw, ,ryk ' N X 1-'ii 1 iii' R4 VI. l X , F g 7 4 'l J . ' l l Y 531 S, xiii T121 Fix 'xy .K t ' l 45, xg. an ,5 K Nw I Q2--1 I 'H' 5 Rah I 'I X. 'f' L cw E L ' All ,J fbi It 'axis' wo r S7 -l .fxf l J, t v3 glial' 9 9 H :A . x . A f to i l 'fi llsi f Freshman Attendant Hayley Scl miedbauer, Banner Bearer Brenda Ph lips, Junior Attendant Rochelle Henk Queen Becky Knopfel, Crown Bear Jason Oldenburg, Senior Attendal Genelle Koch, Flower Girl Stacy Mac Sophomore Attendant Shaunna Pera to. O cheerleaders all sophomores and Mo the mascot were really excited this year. This was the first year to be a erleader for Gracie Staci Kristie and Sarah They couldn't agree on what was the most lun, selling raffle tickets or king and selling buttons The spirit buttons were made by Sarah's and Jonene Bode's parents and were sold by the The Agra game is something to talk about says Susie Fishburn. We had everyone's support. We've really become Left: Rosy wears all six of the original but- tons designed bythe cheerleaders. Right: Mo entertains the fans at a bas- ketball game, and they loved it! Mo enjoys about the same status as Santa Claus - little kids ask their parents to take them to see the Panther! Below: Susie and Kristie lANlll"Q t- ry V "I , I V 5, Q . ,, . V , u. v A gf I V Wo 73,531.1 I if 2 M tiff In fwqf, .,-,V ,, The cheerleaders rest during a time-out at the last of the three regional tournament games at Oilton. Front: Mascot Sarah Watters. Center: Kris- tie Newbold. Back: Susie Fishburn, Gracie White, Christy Prince, Rosetta Bircket, Staci Barker. Alternate cheerleader was Stephanie Bussard. HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS 47 5th AND 6th GRADE BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM' Front Flow' Michael Ortega Jeff Day Colby Wiss Elliott Eva I Oldenburg Jeremy Eisensmith Jay Koch Troy Hanes Anthony Pacheco Mark Silvers Paul Driskel Antho Redman and Coach Nicholas l 1 - - . . . A W n n I n g Monty Larman, Paul Lamb, Bryce Payne, Tommy Wray, and Jason Kerby. Back Ftow: Danny Hopkins, J Troy Hanes goes in for a lay-up with the de- fense in his face. Jennifer Barker brings the ball up with ease as she dribbles through Cashion's pressure of- fense. GRADE BASKETBALL W i 2 ,, ,, al "M A Anthony i gzzmf. Redman 4l"3f , shoots for two '- as Danny Hopkins and Jeff Day go in for the rebound. I 3 I I 'L ' ' The grade school girls win a tough first place over Pond Creek-Hunter in the Billings tournament, with a final score of 24-23. 5th AND 6th GRADE GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM: Fro Row: Beth Bussard, Jessica Walker, Sarah Bussar Misty Downs, Jamie Gallaway, Nikki Graef, Jessica Kno and Carrie Harman. Back Row: Coach Larry Nichola Sondra Major, Nedra Burgess, Jennifer Barker, Ren Flasch, Emily Driskel, Felicia Walker, and Shanon S3 vester. clubs. Here is where stale shows the most. Your clu can have a lot of influence on your style. An FFA member tends to wear boots and blue jeans while an FHA member tends to have that Ya pulled-together look. And that G JK wud slgneelclgie - who knovvsh vv at e' e wearing next! T e 61 funny thing about all this is that m it Could very well be the same person. I- I1-1I ., 3 l"""T"-n QQ Michelle Knight shows her pig in the spring livestock show. workshop on Audrey Larman, Jeri Bussard, Jamie Gallaway, and Monty Larman proudly display their first-place plaque for the Junior Livestock Judging Division. 50 4-H CLUB At Mini-Roundup this year April Peveto and Angela Koch "Extemporaneous Speaking." Front Row: Ryan Wiss, Justin Day, T Taylor. Middle Row: Jonene Bode, Bussard, Sarah Pfeiffer, Michelle Kni Audrey Larman, April Peveto, Sandy Te Dennis Bussard, Roland Taylor. Last R Angela Koch, Connelly Wade, Geoff Koch, Christy Cyphers. STANDING TALL Jeff Oldenburg receives an award at the 198' Achievement Banquet. ie Gallaway and Emily Driskel ask for help to design ir shirts at a workshop at Mini-Roundup. nt Row: Rhonda Merrill, Shanna Bus- d, Jennifer Anthis, Jeff Day, Anya Anally, Lori Rothermel, Jason Kerby, ndy Knight, Bobbie Meyer. Middle Row: rrie Harman, Monty Larman, Luke Mar- - Anthony Redman, Joline Oldenburg, ott Evans, Colby Wiss, Tommy Wray, h Bussard. Last Row: Sondra Major, I Driskel, Jay Koch, Emily Driskel, Jen- r Barker, Jeremy Eisensmith, Jeff Ol- burg, Jamie Gallaway. Beth Bussard leads her sheep around the ring in the Junior Division Shepherd's Walk, which she later won. When April Peveto and Connelly Wade wrote essays on "What Citizenship Means To Me," they didn't know that weeks later they would be on a tour bus with many other rowdy teenagers, seeing the sights of Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia, Missouri, and Ten- nessee. The top essays were picked out of each county and the winners were awarded this trip to Washington, D.C. with a chance to meet with some officials of the government. April thought the trip was fun: "Although it was exciting to actually visit Washington, D.C., the best part of the trip was meeting people from all over the United States. And we were able to meet with our Senators and Representatives to ask questions and get to know 'the system.' " Connelly saw many different aspects of the nation's capital: "Oklahoma took three tour buses and we drove all night. That was a bummer sleeping on the bus but you got to know everyone personally on your bus. We met Senators Boren and Nichols and listened to each speak and I had lots of fun talking to my congressmen. We ate all kinds of wonderful new food like escargot and squid. I loved it!" 4-H FFA: E Dellenlte In Actian NATIONAL FFA CONVENTION Kansas City, Missouri Q3 are FF:lX t SAUSAGE BLUE 8 GOLD mfs om. ff, X BLUE 81 GOUJ snusncf FUNES om The group of FFA members who atte the National Convention are Front Connelly Wade, Becky Knopfel, Chri Anthis, and Brian Duncan. Back Casey Gorrell, Chris Hopfer, Trey Fill Stacy Golay, and Tracy Karcher. The FFA Sweetheart for 1987-88 is Be- Knopfel. B. J. Graef, Brian Duncan, and Paul Fag show examples of the Blue and Gold S: sage that was sold by the FFA, totali more than 1200 packages. Jason Driskel shows the right technique for showing sheep at the county fair in Guthrie. Casey Gorrell leads the slide presenta- tion at the FFA Ban- quet. Q Front Row: Brian Duncan, Christine Anthis, Chris Hopfer, Becky Knopfel, Con- nelly Wade, Trey Fill- more, Casey Gorrell. 2nd Flow: Tracy Karcher, Staci Bark- er, Junior Burgess, Tim Roberts, Scott Dudek, Steward Bode, Denny Bus- sard, Jonathan Hag- gard. 3rd Ftow: Louis Karns, Jason Dris- kel, Frank Cunning- ham, Steve Tyler, Roland Taylor, Donald Knott, B. J. Graef. 4th Flow: Clancy Thomas, Paul Fagan, Sean Keith, Stacy Golay, Dennis Knott, Kevin An- drews. Trey Fillmore shows some of the work done before show time, plus the reward of all the hard work after the show at the premi- um sale. FFA 53 QT Oh no! They're back again and as lively as ever. This year four members made it to Regionals with their mouths open and their voices loud. April Peveto broke in Poetry. Janet Weinkauf broke in Poetry and Humorous Interpretation. Stephenie Bussard went in Prose and Rochelle Henke competed in Poetry. Everywhere they went- Blackwell, Okeene, Langston, O.C.S. or Kingfisher - people knew where they were. And the motto ol the year seemed to be "Oh no, not that judge again, she hates me!" Was that just an excuse or is it true some judges just don't like M-0 Speechies? Angela Koch and April Peveto rehearse their Humorous Duet, "Strife Faces Jan." This take-off on soap operas got many laughs, mainly from the performers themselves. An- gela plays Jan, a poor city girl, and April is her dear friend Portia. Kyla Huff recites "Six Full Hours," a poem about the hard work of being a teacher. 54 SPEECH CLUB SPEECH CLUB: Top Row: Christine Anthis, Kyla Huff Janet Weinkauf. Middle Row: Rochelle Henke, April Peveto. Bottom Row: Brian Duncan, Stacey Sylvester, Angela Koch, Shawn McAnally. Members of the Speech Club take a break lrom their skit "The Phone CalIers." Shawn McAnally, Stacey Sylvester, Rochelle Henke and Brian Duncan performed in the Radio Show as four people in different phone conversations at the same time. 2-' Shelly Vaughn and Nate Nickels listen with a smirk on their faces while attending a monthly meeting. Denise Rothermel, -:riff April Peveto lleftl, Eddie Betchan, and Connelly Wade Qrightl ,,,.,.-1 collect as much information as they can on Career Day to ' ' prepare for their future. Career Day was only one of the student body functions that the student council was in- volved in this year. They also were in charge of the yearly bon-fire to get the M-O students pepped up for homecoming. The student council also sold Hershey Kisses for Valen- tine's Day, and last but not least put on the yearly spring dance. The student council's main concern is the students in our school, and they work hard to give you the activities you want to make your school year more ex- citing. Siskel and Ebert should go out on a limb and give the M-O Student Council TWO THUMBS UP. Front Row: Susie Fishburn, April Peveto, Denise Rothermel, Sarah Pfeiffer. Back Row: Matthew Martin, Roland Taylor, Clancy Thom- as, Connelly Wade, Michelle Knight, Jennifer Jenkins. STUDENT COUNCIL 55 TUNE9 FOR OUR TIMES Tim Roberts gives Mr. C. a request as to what he should play during the annual band dance in Oc- tober. The band trip in April of 1987 was a very in- teresting one. After participating in the contest, a guest director helped us by telling us what we did wrong and how we could help it. Afterwards, we relaxed with a leisurely trip to the St. Louis zoo, one of the largest in the world. '-I-use-.,,,, K Front Row: Jason Harman, Carrie Harman, Jennifer Barker, Emily Driskel, Jessica Knox, Tiffany Graef, Felicia Walker. 2nd Row: Sondra Major, Nedra Burgess, Sarah Bussard, Beth Bussard, Shanon Syl- vester, Chris Prater, Elliott Evans, Bryce Payne. 3rd Row: Jamie Gallaway, Joe Johnson, Paul Driskel, Jeremy Eisensmith, Monty Larman, Jason Kerby, Paul Lamb. 4th Row: Anthony Pacheco, Mark Silvers, Jay Koch, Tommy Wray, Anthony Redman. 56 BAND Thomason, Stacey Sylvester, Keri Adkins, Sarah Pfeiffer Bode, Jennifer Jenkins. 2nd Row: Ryan Wiss, Mike Roberts, Larman, April Peveto, Denise Rothermel, Sarah Watters, M Payne, Matt Graef. 3rd Row: Joanna Haggard, Dorothy Bode, Prince, Jerry Sawyer, Gregg Major, Mark Cummings, Micah Shawn McAnaIly, Kristie Newbold, Melanie Newbold, Dee Jack Front Row: Kaile Adams, Michelle Knight, Jeri Bussard, . , A e 1984-88 band year was a very memorable one. ny activities topped the agenda, but those looked ward to most were the contests. Tri-State compe- on, districts and honor bands, along with pep band, ved to be very interesting. One thing looked forward by all band students is the out-of-state trip taken In April, 1987 we took a very long bus trip to MO and the great arch. In 1988 we traveled to S 0 rching was an activity that proved to be rewarding during the year. h a few tips on how to march right from Mr. Cummings and a lot of ctice, we were very excited about showing our skills at the Mulhall ebration and at OSU band day. The 1987 band banquet was held in May. King and queen for the year were Clancy Thomas and Kyla Huff, prince and princess were Flyan Wiss and Shanon Sylvester, and sweetheart and beau were Denise Ftothermel and Michael Payne. Many awards were handed out for outstanding playing ability and various other things. Susie Fishburn received an award for help- ing out the band greatly by doing many favors. Branson, MO and the Ozarks and went to Silver Dollar City. Even though band may sound like all fun, there is lots of work to do. Trips wouIdn't be possible unless every student tries his or her hardest to sell items for our fundraisers. To compete well, hours of practice is necessary. To sum it all up, we're sure that every band member will agree that the 1987-88 band year was one of the most memorable ever. The grade school band performed at the Christmas program and the spring concert and showed just how much practice pays off. BAND 57 1st and 2nd Kindergarten HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS: Front Row: Jonene Bode, Mike Adams, Stephanie Newbold, Steve Haggard, Stephanie Bussard, Micah Kolb. Back Row: Christy Prince, Melanie Newbold, Susie Fishburn, Kristie Newbold, Kim Vaughn. CHRISTMAS 5th and 6th 3rd and 4th Ha-Ha AI IVI-0 Mrs.Kindschi likes to put a influence on sharing with class. iJustin Cyphers, Wray, Rocky Burgess and ter Cyphersj. Mrs. Resneder enjoys watch- ing the kindergarten class share their gifts amongst each other. Jason Nava shows Ricky Burgess how his toy works, while Stephanie Harrell V and Amber Bode admire others' gifts. Flasch and Emily Dris- kel are all ready to join the partyg while Jamie Gallaway, Felicia Walker and Mark Sil- vers have already started. CHRISTMAS 59 Kevin Andrews Auto Mechanics Christine Anthis Business Training Frank Cunningham Diesel Mechanics Stacy Golay Metal Fabrication Shelly Johnson Cosmetology Dennis Knott Carpentry Micah Kolb Machine Tool Tim Roberts Business Training Terry Tressler Auto Mechanics Steve Dixon Masonry David Endevoets Metal Fabrication Shane Estus Diesel Mechanics Casey Gorrell Diesel Mechanics Steve Haggard Auto Body Sean Keith Metal Fabrication Lance Leach Metal Fabrication Stephanie Newbold Cosmetology Jeff Roberts Metal Fabrication Frank Cunningham asks Shane E "Where does this piece go?" while they on a diesel engine. Dennis Knott and Steve Dixon are busy work on a house they are building. f W6 B JT. Qs .f it-ifs tg or M3355 M r V1 Stephanie Newbold rolls a mannequin's hair to prepare it for a perm. l""L Z A...--- - ' ED I 'ug Bus driver Darlene Peretto ef. ,ex xi , x nw Shelly Johnson practices doing sculptured nails in cosmetology class. Front Row: David Endevoets, Stacy Golay, Stephanie Newbold, Christine Anthis, Shelly Johnson, Shane Estus, Frank Cunningham, Lance Leach, Jeff Roberts. Back Row: Casey Gorrell, Micah Kolb, Steve Haggard, Tim Roberts, Terry Tressler, Kevin Andrews, Dennis Knott, Roy McNeill. VO-TECH 61 CDHahonmi4cnorSodehf Kim Wills, Chris Hopfer, Rochelle Henke, Genelle Koch, Brian Duncan, and Denise Flothermel Y ,g,a,f., gyyi , , ' ULU F, R :s pn 'f5yl 1 J' PA L' Sl .B kRZA!FryHIGIft. l l EUQUE Friendly - Efficient - Courteous 1 nfl 2 l 649-2282 Mulhall, Oklahoma MEMBER FDIC 62 OKLAHOMA HONOR SOCIETY i 7 620 'V Vx Q0 05,9 09 'xi Ogietgsvazkgf we ve Wag-'QQXBT 8 50603 wgxggeqeko gdxo 600 596 Geri Terry NHS certificate from Todd Cook and Teresa Koch, making it official. ATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS: Front Row: Stephanie Sylvester, Teresa och, Janet Weinkauf, Julie Dudek. Second Row: Eddie Betchan, Denise Rothermel, elli Downs, Kim Wills, Todd Cook. Third Row: Sharon Flasch, Valerie Hafner, Chris opfer, Casey Gorrell, Mrs. Raupe, advisor, Geri Terry, Michelle Conrad. Back Row: eoff Peveto, Rodney Silvers, Kurt Friend. KKQGSI YVAKYY Qeexfoilov' 5566 x ated Nl-is i On The Move Qi receives her JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS: Front Flow: Christy Cyphers, Shaunna Peretto, Hayley Schmiedbauer. Second Row: Amy Leach, Kristie Newbold. Back Row: Justin Dey, Geoffrey Koch, Mrs. Dunn, advisor, Roland Taylor, Scott Merrill. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Where the Sprce IS Added HOMESTEAD 'iL3h3?'i5i?73063 H R M S Ph 14051649 2232 Bro se thro gh 50 000 postcards paper Americana a d rural rel cs or search for pottery tlns trade ame and ad ertlslng sgns n thus small town shop Calling street numbers a b g c ty aftectat on Kay and Max Stansbury clalm the r shop ac oss the street south of the post offlce s one se enth of the downtown H35 M lh IIR d onehalf business section Yo ll fndthem3mles westo on u a oa orth You II enjoya stto the shop Deale s elcome Hours darIyB4 Daniels Valu Rrte Drug 206W Okla Guthne OK C : 9 Ph l405J282 0661 i Bulk Petroleum Products Delivered HARMAN S GARAGE Unleaded Diesel Kerosene Solvent Antlfreeze Shop Weldnng Sam and Sharon Harman Ph l405l455 2443 Orlando OK PHILLIPS Vrc s 66 Complete Car Care Servrce Juanlta Fltzpatrlck Betty Flshburn, and Evelyn Schwandt Hugh school cook Evelyn Schwandt s favorite thrng to hear from the kids IS Gave me everythrng' One thang she would like to emphasize us Eat your vegles' Hugh school breakfast cook Juanita Frtzpatrlck really enjoys worklng with the kids She says benng around them really keeps you young Bea Flshburn s love IS also evident by the smlle she has for each person who passes through the lunch lane Frrends Serving Frrends Mary Janice Herman and Tracy Your USPS Team Real Estate Richard L lDlckl Raupe Appraiser MRA MFLA RAUPE APPRAISAL SERVICES INC Route 1 0fflcel405l649 2212 Orlando OK 73073 H0mel405l455 2421 For Complnmentary Facial or lntervlew COSMETICS Call 14051649 2476 Jwazaga Qfaacg Protessronal Beauty Consultant Rt 2 BOX48 Mulhall OK 73063 ACTON FURNITURE 110 West HSITISOFI cucnne oklahoma 75044 laosl 282 5500 vm Reap' FUI'l'lltUI'E ' C3I'D9t 0 ADDIISFICBS 122 E Cleveland Guthrre Oklahoma 73044 405 282 5586 64 COOKSIADS J , . . . . ,, . . ,, . I II ' YI I . . . . ll ll ' 1 ' I . . . w u , , ' n i , , 7 7 ,' , n v " i i ' - . ' i-i i , ' i - r ' -i - v ' '. u'Ai A I - t . - Mulhall, USA n . ' ' vll lr . r w . -. . . I - - - 1 . - 1 ' , - 9,1 I 0 . O I - 0 ' ' 0 - I 1 iii- - 1 ll ll A I rr ' Y' .- . Elizabeth Cyphers and Reba Fitzpatrick Lunch is always ready by eleven o'clock at the elementary school cafeteria. Elizabeth and Reba then have time to look at the menus and think about tomorrow's lunch before the students line up for a Class A meal. A salad bar was added this year, which is especially enjoyed by the teachers. Flichard Andrews and Tom Wray are the first to eat each day, and Tom says being allowed to eat at the cafeteria is the best part of his job. WESTERN AUTO HSIIETSFZTEQf'SiEiETESE?8KfT5SI5S1S SHERYL AAMANDEVILLE 303 7th S1 336 2612 Perry Oklahoma 73077 604 15th Street Bus l405l 336 2110 at Fir Avenue Res 14051 336 9160 For All Your Home and Auto Needs POS! Qffme Box 675 Bm and Shmey Hodge Perry Oklahoma 73077 DAMON LUMBER co ggg gg 2222232 DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL R E A LTO R C H Phone 282 0567 Bernice Flasch Corner First and Cleveland 127 North D,V,S,O,, GuthrIe,0kIa Guthrie okia HOMES FARMS ACREAGES ,WWWWW Phllllps Auto JIM AND suE SMITH Bl-lmpef to BUmPef 282 2720 If we can t help you nobody can 117 W Harrison 105 W HMSO" Guthrie Oklahoma GLf:or52sgLK4?3t7M The Fnendllest Store In Town W UCL Chappell's Decorating and Trophy Center S 3 Al and Charlotte Chappell fa tl 011 QP? wallcovering ol Distinction T'0P""' W MW' 110 East Oklahoma Custom Framing 103 W Oklahoma Guthrie Mndow Shades and Mini Blinds 14053 282 2400 282 277 Expervenced Decorating Counseling Guthrie OK 73044 5 COOKSIADS 65 Why the Floors are Clean Richard Andrews might be called "Mr. Dependability" at the M-O elementary school. He's always there when anyone needs him. The best part of his job is "being around the kids," he says. Richard helps at the high school, too, by transporting chairs, tables, and other items that are shared by the two schools. He picks up commodities and school purchases in nearby towns. Since the elementary school does not have a full time principal, Richard is the person who answers the telephone when Mrs. Yost is in the classroom. N EWTQS Gangwer Lumber Company Discount Pharmacy BUILDING SUPPLY HEADQUARTERS Downtown Gutme 512 s. Division DOUG BOWDEN WE WOULD LIKE TO Guthrie, Okl3l'lOm3 73044 Manager BE YOUR PHARMACY Newt Cornwell, FLPH. 14051282-2215 14051375-3083 Call us for comparative prices at 282-2595 P.O. Box 537 DAY PHONE: 282-2067 1, NIGHT PRONESI J. D. Dixsoi-I - 282-7488 Dena, Q ,Qu 8 JACKIE DUNAGAN - 282-6117 M IWW!! W - M ll.,-ii , Y ia... ,..., WREDE S TIRES, INC. ZOQIQZJOIHAMQILQON DON WREDE' OWNER 315 SOUTH DIVISION Gun-nun, OK 73044 44053 282-7413 Rss 282-0718 GUTHRIE. OKLAHOMA A fx hi I I' s as Jrs., Misses, 8I Women's Sizes 3 to 46 if M MODE O' DAY '-ff COMPANY 'V COMPLETE BRIDAL REGISTRY Delores Byford 115 Okla. Ave. KAREN SEAMANS - BOBBIE FRENCH 2823946 GUt""e' 0k'ah0"'a I 282-8397 121 w. I-IARRIsON, GUTHRIE, OK QD1frl1hc'f1'1Ie .7c16r1'm the 569,223 COMPLETE INSURANCE PROGRAM C0 insunANcE aw hi X GEORGE C. BEEBY Sllllwalel' LIFE - HEALTH - AUTO 112 N- Main Guthrie HOME - FARM - COMMERCIAL The Pink House 124 W, Oklahoma 2114 WI Noble Res! 282-2339 Stillwater, Okla. - 743-0766 28"-2666 Guthrie' OK 282.2266 66 CUSTODIANSIADS 3 ,- I Glenda Prince, high school custodian, and Tom Wray. GIenda's responsibilities range from keeping the dirt and mud out of the classrooms and cafeteria every day to moving furniture after one of our plays, assemblies, or concerts. She is on hand at every basketball game in case a crisis occurs land one usually doesl. This year she helped in the concession stand when the traffic was heavy. ln the summertime Tom helped Glenda with the painting and repair work. Junior Meyer, Glenda's dad, helps keep the gym in shape during the school year and helps with the maintenance work in the summer. Glenda's husband Jake and son Rusty frequently give her a hand after school. One of the busiest days of the year for the custodians is the day the floor is waxed in the gym before the M-O tournament. U C- MNUHWFIR RHEEM Heating and Air Conditioning 8 Water Heaters LARRY VOISE KOHLER Plumbing Fixtures 505 Cedar, Perry, OK 73077 - P,0. Box 365 - 336-9296 Work Clothing and Western Wear PERRY at Reasonable Prices 336-9343 Sav-A-Trip , P ' . V I-35 81 Hwy. 77 Perry, 1551, " sae-2644 C4053 3364218 Open 24 hours a day PSITY, Oklahoma 73077 . 7 days a week Quality Shoes for the X Family for 48 Years f?"',, f 1 Qurilgii D .ILY K OKLAHOMA'S FIRST DAILY NEWSPAPER f 'A POST OFFICE BOX 879 , 107 WEST HARRISON - GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA 73044 ll3 W. Okla. - Guthrie, Oklahoma 282-1329 7 PANTHER5 and B050 5 Nob... County ami., YMCA ,wilt-g,,, ARE No. 1 , , 5020 w. sm i' 5 1 Stillwater, Oklahoma P-OA Box 443 s x 372-9353 CAN? Open 7 Days A Week pl:ri7g1KS-gash cfm' U R ap 44051336441 1 ADSXCUSTODIANS 67 Sh rl y Blrcket's and Rohm Green's o tes begin at the elementary school. Who Gets f Us Here on Time Gerald Hannah and Debbie Marlon have become good friends. Gerald is a ne driver this year. . s0""'m?- SONIC 9? R1Z.f,?1 DAYLIGHT II America's favorite drive-in E, 515N.15 -'T-' PERRY7gtT7L7AHOMA h' Bob and Jeannetta Denton , A TeT3gi:..2?Lz"s'5740 MTF DR. scorr cowEi.L !11- II r X IIIQZM OPTOMETRY Ano CoN'rAc'r Lenses M"""" H q N CARL CHAFFIN 720 DELAWARE PERRY. OKLAHOMA 73077 TELEPHONE '405' 3352020 424 7th gngfge-qvgfraagiifiiglta 73077 1 S MID-CONTINENT .51 PERMANENT COMPANY if Box 708 PERRY. OKLAHOMA 73077 : :Sign Q' ' ' my I iizlrsggwonx PAINT 81 BODY ass-4761 sos ELM Pennv ox. HWOFQLUS FINEST CQQKWAREH 7 S yOu? glllfllllllllily OWN!!! MRL RESTAURANT FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY V Main Bank: 407 Seventh Street Perry, Oklahoma I-35 gl Branch Bank: Bilgrlslgiliczigiigig Phone 725-3222 PERRY, OKLAHOMA 73077 68 BUS DRIVERSIADS K , X Tom Wray is bus mechanic and bus driver. He and Gerald Hannah drive the shuttle buses between the schools each morning and evening. Betty Kindschi's and Gladys Wooten's routes begin and end at the high school. They both say they love their jobs because the kids keep them young and keep them informed about what's going on. One of Betty's first grade riders told her she wanted to be "a bus driver just like you" when she grew up. Gladys says she takes the muddy roads in stride - nothing keeps her from enjoying her job. Hajek 81 Tharp Electronics 0 Interstate 35 and Highway 164 Jct. I BOX 581 PERRY, OKLAHOMA 73077 DEALER Phone 1405, 336-9257 We Service: 40511335-3554 J. H ' K Computers im ale Audio-Visual E uipment Owen Tharp Q The Perry , BEAUTY sALoN PERRY, OKLAHOMA 73077 Your Community Newspaper Phonef 44059 3355772 Facial Care 8 Cosmetics - Expert Hair Care Janek German Perry, Oklahoma lm, 335.2430 crm, Tyhy aaa cmi no. 1021 Asilm Manage Plrly, UK 73077 I' 4 lk I EQRFIERG FIRM BIIREMI Mll'l'l.llll and 'NSURANM INSIIRRNCE CUMPRNY Ac-z sscunwv INSURANCE ccmrvipmvv ' 0' ' Leland W. Ftoark Phan" gfgcsaeutn 7th Joagectxgbe' :W U'g::'f' Reg- P.o. Box 679 Agem Bus:4051336-2268 err a. - - P ,om .vaovv n 1405 336-2634 y We Specialize in All Types ol Sales any a es I Bus DRIVERSlADS 69 Eiiiitllliig qt A TO Z RENT-ALLS - Stillwater 70 ACgSON'S FURNITURE - Guthrie Adams, Mike 14, 28, 29, 58 Adkins, Keri 3, 26, 27, 56 Andrews, Kevin 7, 30, 53. 61 Andrews, Richard 66 Amhis, Christine 30, 52, 53, 54 Anthis, Jennifer 12, 21, 51, Anthis, Michelle 12, 17, 41, 58 ARMY, UNITED STATES - B 8. W GROCERY - Orlando - 73 Balderson, Jennifer 12, 19, 58 Balderson, Jesse 12, 17, 58 Ball, Alan 11, 16 Ballinger, Jerry 5, 12, 20, 58, 71 Ballinger, Tara 12, 19, 58 Bagger, Jennifer 12, 23, 48, 51, 56, 58 Barker, Staci 28, 29, 47, 53 BEEBY, George C. - Guthrie - 66 BESTYET, LARRY'S - Perry Betchan, Eddie Cover, 32, 32a, 32b 33, 34, 38, 39, 42, 43, 46, 55, 63 Bircket, Rosetta 28, 40, 47 Bircket, Shirley 68 Blust, David 77 BOBO'S - Stillwater - 67 Bode, Amber 12, 17, 58, 59 Bode, Dorothy 7, 12, 24, 37, 56 T171 Bc?-jc? Jonene 9, 25, 37, 44, 45, 50 Bode, Machel 7, 25, 37, 44 Bode, Stewart 7, 26, 53 BOZARTH PHOTOGRAPHY Guthrie - 72 Bradshaw, Steven 4, 12, 17, 58 Bradshaw, Summer 12, 19, 58 BFEENTS PAINT 8 BODY - Perry Brewer, Angel 28 Brown, David 12, 17, 58 BROWN FUNERAL HOME - Perry 75 Bulling, Crystal 4, 12, 17, 58 Burgess, Jessica 12, 18, 58 Burgess, Nedra 12, 22, 48, 56, 58 Burgess, Ricky 12, 17, 58, 59 Burgess, Roxanna 5, 12, 20, 58, 71 Burgess, Vlhlliam Jr. 8, 28, 53 Bussard, Beth 12, 22, 48, 51, 56, 58 Bussard, Denny 10, 28, 50, 53 Bussard Bussard Bussard, , Jeri 24, 37, 44, 50, 56 Sarah 12, 22, 48, 56, 58 Shanna 12, 21, 51, 58 mcsmwtjsmg pt 5 GFWZIE gms- wg' 2203 W 6th Stillwater OK 377 7990 Howard s Muffler And Exhaust Standard 81 Custom Made Mufflers Single or Dual Conversion Kits vip Wir rger 811 E 6th 5th and Duck 377 6636 377 3616 Stillwater OK 74074 Y as g 3721647 Q' ' 401 S Main Stillwater For Any American 8 Most Foreign Cars Sewing Stillwater Since 1954 Fast Service Reasonable Rates 4004 E 6th 372 8952 Howard Anderson Owner INTERNATIONAL TOURS OF STILLWATER INC LARRY S 1504 W. FIR PERRY, 0K 73077 DISCOUNT FOODS Bussard, Stephanie 28, 36, 40, 47, 58 Plumbing Electric Air Conditioning Heating Maytag Sales and Service 604 Cedar Perry, Oklahoma 336 9411 Blowing bubbles! tJason Kerbyl '-E','ijl in .......... ..'... . n . ,. Nfl! 1 A .fig . V If . . ' ,A X , K I 1 ,U ,,fg:5,, y N .t - , I 3 ' is W Pg. . n ' Adams, Kaile 9. 25, 37, 45, se , ' , I' .ft-fgx 3. -fl, i ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' , ' +emM'qpw -',k -ere v 51 i i T ' 1 1"i:"".-is ' - l - se I A' , H: - 77 I l 1 1 gc , LQ? . 1 i . -vo ' , , ' . 55. l if mi S I CL HTS 70 INDEXIADS J I CROSSFIELD CHEVROLET OLDS CO Perry Oklahoma 520 Delaware FARMER S CO OPERATIIIE EXCHANGE FERTILIZER GRAIII TIRES BATTERIES PETROLEUM LP GAS CUSTOM SEEDCLEAIIER PERRY COYIE REO ROCK HEPPLER S MACHINE SHOP Al and Tony Heppler 323 Cedar 405 336 9607 336 9865 Arc and Heh Arc Welding 12Vz Hollow Spindle Lathe General Farm and Oil Field Repair 24 Hour Service THE IMIOVIIE HOUSE AUIDDIIO OUTPUT 428 KAW PERRY OKLAHOMA 73077 14051336-2618 SALES AND RENTAL VHS TAPES 81 VCR Owners: Randy and Connie Mendenhall 81 Kathy Passow ' sae-2273 I , 2 - s CUSTOM FEEDMILL Perry, Okla. 73077 Crazy Day! Uessica McCrary, Joline OI- denburg, Marriya Harrelli Campbell, Wayne 12, 20, 58, 71 CHAPPELL'S - Guthrie - 65 CHEROKEE STRIP - Perry - 67 Clark, Cara 12, 19, 58 COLESON, HERMAN - TAYLOR PUB. - 75 Collins, Thomas 12, 17, 58 Conrad, Michelle Henke 63 Cook, Ricky 32, 32a, 32d Cook, Todd 63, 74 COUQERY CELLAR, THE - Guthrie COUNTRY PRIDE - Mulhall - 74 COWELL, DR. SCOTT - Perry - 68 CFQOSSFIELD, J. I., CHEV. - Perry - Cummings, Mark 16, 56, 58 Cunningham, Frank 30, 53, 60 Cyphers, Christy 26, 27, 36, 40, 50, 63 Cyphers, Elizabeth 65 Cyphers, Justin 12, 16, 20, 58, 71, 72 Cyphers, Laurie 5, 12, 18, 58 Cyphers, Rodney 5, 12, 17, 58, 72 Cyphers, Winter 5, 12, 20, 58, 71 DAMON LUMBER - Guthrie - 65 Daniels, Jean 16 DANIELS DRUG - Guthrie - 64 02198 FUNERAL HOME - Guthrie - Day, Jeff 12, 22, 48, 51, 58 Day, Justin 3, 26, 39, 43, 50, 63, 78 Day, Maurice 14 DAYLIGHT DONUTS - Perry - 68 DENIM 8- LACE - Guthrie - 66 Dixon, Steven 32d, 60, 61 DQIIAIALDSON AND YAHN - Perry - Downs, Kelli 63 Downs, Misti 12, 22, 48, 58 Driskel, Emily 12, 23, 48, 51, 53, 56, 58, 59 Driskel, Jason 26, 43, 52, 53 Driskel, Paul 12, 22, 48, 51, 56, 58, 79 Dudek, Julie 63, 74 Mrs. Schrader's 86-87 class. ADSIINDEX 71 Fall Fair tMrs Raupe and Gen Terryl Dudek Scott 7, 26, 53 Duncan Brian 30, 39, 43, 46, 52. 53 54 62 Dunn, Cynthia 16, 24, 63 E 8. J'S TRUCK STOP - Perry - 69 Eisensmith, Jeremy 12, 22, 48, 51, 56 Eisensmith Sean 26 43 78 Endevoets David 32a 32c 34 61 Estus Shane 32 32a 32c 34 60 61 Evans Elliott 12 23 48 51 56 58 EXCHANGE BANK - Perry -- 73 Fagan Carol5 12 20 58 71 Fagan Paul 28 52 53 Fagan Phillip 24 Fagan Troy 12 19 58 FARM BUREAU INS Perry 69 FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE EXCHANGE Per FARMER'S STORE - Mulhall - 7 Fillmore, Trey Cover, 30, 39, 42, 43 GUMERSON INSURANCE AGENCY Jon Ralph ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE 109 N Division Guthrie Okla PHONE 282 0427 picfure our-def! GBOZGAKI' H CPHOTOGRAGPHY 111 So DIVISION GUTHRIE OK 73044 282 8282 ll ll . , , . sa ' . . . I .- - Ili fi gr! - ry-71 4 " ti-, 46, 52, 53, 77 gl 76 - - - 31' J' - I3 Iifikffff 'F 7 I -75 vii o . ., , . , . ' - v v FIRST NATIONAL BANK - Perry 68 FIRST NATIONAL BANK - Guthrie Fishburn, Betty 64 Fishburn Susie 28 40 47 55 57 58 Fitzpatrick, Juanita 64 Fitzpatrick, Reba 65 FLASCH MARSHA MARY KAY COSMETICS 64 Flasch Renee 12 23 48 58 59 Flasch Sharon63 74 FLASCH REALTY - Guthrie - 65 FOSTER'S CORNER DRUG - Perry Friend Kurt63 74 Rodney, Kenny, and Justin Cyphers 72 INDEXIADS 1528 South Division Guthrie Oklahoma Harold Wehr Owner Judy Coburn Secretary 282 3464 Q J W Sue and JohnW Altebaumer Jr FUNERAL HOME 282 3131 223 N Wentz Guthrie OK 73044 STILLWATER MILLING JAMES HENDERSON 405 372 3445 PLANT MANAGER P O BOX 2407 PERRY OK 73077 STILLWATER OKLAHOMA 74076 14051 336 2168 FEED SEED FERTILIZER Means Easy Banking EXCHANGE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY MEMBER F D I C Congratulations' BSIW Grocery ORLANDO I BBLE P O Box 797 Perry Oklahoma 73077 l405l 336 5531 JEROME S TRENCHING CONSTRUCTION ORLANDO OKLAHOMA Gallaway, Brad 12, 18, 58 Gallaway, Chad 5, 12, 15, 20, 58, 71 Gallaway, Jamie 12, 23, 48, 50, 51, 56, 58, 59 Gallaway, Julie 5, 12, 20, 58, 71 GANGWER LUMBER - Guthrie - 66 GIBBLE GAS - Cushing - 79 Golay, David 12, 17, 58 Golay, Dawayne 5, 12, 20, 58,71 Golay, Kayla 12, 17, 58 Golay, Stacy 6, 10, 30, 52, 53, 60, 61 Gooch, Jason 12, 21, 58 Gooch, Tara 12, 18, 58 Gorrell, Casey 32, 32a, 32c, 34, 39, 43, 52, 53, 61, 63 Graef, B. J. 28, 52, 53 Graef, Belinda 12, 21, 58 Graef, Man 12, 24, 38, 44, 56 Graef, Tif1any 12, 22, 48, 56, 58 GREEN LIGHT AUTO - Perry - 68 Green, Dani 5, 12, 18, 58 Green, Robin 68 GUMERSON INSURANCE - Guthrie - 72 GUTI-ERIE DAILY LEADER -- Guthrie H 8 IIGSARPET CENTER - Guthrie Hafner, Valerie 63 Haggard, Joanna 24, 56 Haggard, Jonathon 28, 53 Haggard, Steve 8, 32, 32d, 39, 58, 61 Haggard, Sumner 12, 14, 25, 56 HAIR NATURALLY - Perry - 69 Hanes, Troy 12, 23, 48, 58 Hannah, Gerald 68 Harman, Bradley 3, 9, 25, 38, 44 Harman, Carrie 12, 22, 48, 51, 56, 58 HARMAN GARAGE - Orlando - 64 Harman, Jason 5, 12, 22, 56,58 Harrell, Leona 14 Harrell, Marriya 12, 21, 58, 71 Harrell, Stephanie 5, 12, 17, 58, 59 Harris, Stacey 6, 15. 76 Henderson, Chapelle 12, 19, 58 Henke, Rochelle Cover, 8, 31, 32, 36, 40, 41, 46, 54, 56,62 HEPPLERS MACHINE SHOP - Perry - 71 Hilburn, Charles 7, 28 Hood, Mark 8, 32, 32a, 32b, 34 Hopfer, Chris 10, 15, 32, 32a, 32b, 34, 39, 43, 52, 53, 62, 63 Hopkins, Danny 12, 23, 48, 58 Hopkins, Mike 32, 32a, 32d Horner, Natasha 12, 17, 58 Horner, Travis 12, 19, 58 HOWARD'S MUFFLEFI AND EXHAUST - Stillwater - 70 HOMESTEAD HEIRLOOMS - MuIhalI Howard, Darin 15, 74 Huff, Kyla Cover, 29, 30, 32, 36, 40, J 4 405-455-2248 I DIG OKLAHOMA F E E D S COMPANY Goofin' Off! Anya McAnaIly and Lori Rothermel INDEXlADS 73 -A M..-W-. W we-, LJ? C917 fiom we emlguftt In appreciation The seniors of '87 present a plaque to Mr. Toepfer, re- tiring mam teacher. 41, 54. 57 Hulesman, James 77 INTERSIATIONAL TOURS - Stillwater Jack, Becky 8, 28 Jack, Dee 24, 44, 56 JANE'S - Perry - 69 Jenkins, Jennifer 24, 37, 44, 45, 55, 56 JEFlOME'S TRENCHING - Orlando - 73 JOHNSON. HUGH JOHN DEERE - Mulhall - 74 Johnson, Joe 12, 23, 56, 58 Johnson, Maria 9, 25 Johnson, Shelly 9, 30, 61 Jones, Caroline 16 Jurgens, Misti 12, 22 Karcher, Jaramie 3, 24 Karcher, Tracy 2, 11, 26, 52, 53 Karns, Louis 2, 7, 26, 53 KASPER, ROBERT L. -- Perry - 78 Keith, Sean 32, 32a, 32c, 53 Keith, Stacey 74 KENNEMER SHOES - Guthrie - 67 Kerby, Jason 12, 22, 48, 51, 56, 58, 70 Kerby, Jennifer 5, 12, 16, 20, 58, 71 Kindschi, Betty 69 Kindschi, Kelli 5, 16, 58 Klingaman, Karl 14 Knight, Judy 15 Knight Mandy 12, 21, 51, 58 Krgght, Michelle 12, 24, 37, 44, 50, 55, Kno fel, Beck 32, 32a, 32d, 33, 34, 36? 40, 41, 42, 52, 53 Knott, Dennis 30, 53, 60 Knott, Donald 2, 26, 53 Knox. Jessica 12, 22, 48, 56, 58 Knox. Lidy 12, 18, 58 Koch, Angela Cover, 30, 50, 54, 56 Koch, Genelle 32, 32a, 32c, 33. 34, 36, 40, 41, 46. 62 74 ADSflNDEX FARMER S STORE x Days A Week Physician Formula Mulhall Oklahoma 649 2216 Groceries Sandwiches We Support Our School f Qommery Family Hair Care Phone 649 2245 O M in Il ox 73063 CMS U 3 Sv' ef GMS Frankie Henke Hypo Allergenic Cosmetics Legg Rlchards United Cooperative Inc Best Deal in the Country Mulhall Marshall Lovell Congratulations to the Seniors of 88 From Hugh and ranoes Hugh Johnson Mulhall Oklahoma JOHIDIIII . if -r ' P Si .' -.b. ' 0 c":'1f'fQf5fQi'7 QEEQQ U 'J' . . V ,az iz ' 4492470 Specialty Boutique and Ladies' Accessories 336-2136 Monuments Burial Insurance Pre Need Trust Ewan FUNERAL HOME Thoughtfulnevs SBTER Co nerDru Mike Shannon, Owner 326 Sixth Street Perry, OK 73077 Lloyd Brown 1010 7th Box 107 Perry Oklahoma 73077 405 336 4444 Herman Coleson The Yearbook Man Taylor Publishing Co Perkins, Okla Phone 547 2464 CIR LE I :D F : 'U I. 1 ii A ff' iii' 'U 3 , ' :D - 0 5 Z CD 2 - A 5 '- Pg I ' 'U ' 'JP u Z '4 .: Listening! iCoach Thrash, Koch, Gary 14 Koch, Geoffrey 26, 32, 39, 42, 46, 50, 63, 78 Koch, Jay 12, 23, 48, 49, 51, 56, 58 Koch, Teresa 63, 74 Kolb, Micah 30, 56, 61, 58, 74 Lamb, Paul 12, 22, 48, 56, 58 Larman, Audrey 9, 25, 32, 37, 44, 50. 56, 78 Larman, Gary 16, 53 Larman, Monty 12, 22, 48, 50, 51, 56, 58, 79 Leach, Amy 28, 31, 34, 36, 40, 63 Leace, Calvin 14 Leach, Cody 12, 21, 58 Leach, Lance 32, 32a, 32c, 33, 34. 43, 46, 61 LOGGN COUNTY NEWS - Crescent Lorance, Kristy 12, 18, 58 LUSTER REALTY - Perry - 69 Mack, Stacy 12, 18, 46, 58 Major, Gregg 8, 12, 28, 29, 56 Major, Michael 12, 19, 58 Major, Sondra 12, 22, 48, 51. 56, 58 MgtgDEVlLLE, SHERYL - Perry - Marion, Debbie 26, 68 Martin, Bo 3, 12, 24, 56 Martin, Luke 12, 21, 51, 58 Martin, Matthew 9, 25, 38, 44, 55 Martin, Zachery 12, 19, 58 Matthews, Sue 15 McAnally, Anya 4, 12, 21, 51, 58, 73 McAnalIy, Charley 12, 23, 58 McAnaIly, Karen 14 Mcggnally, Shawn Cover, 6, 30, 32, 54 McCrary, Jessica 12, 21, 58, 71 McCrary, TiHnie 12, 17, 58 McManamy, Amber 12, 21, 58 McManamy, Carra 12, 17, 58 McNeill, Roy 32, 32a. 32d, 34, 61 McVlCKERS - Guthrie - 65 Meade, Aaron 12, 18, 58 Athletic Banquet INDEXXADS 75 Merrill, Hugh 11 Merrill, Rhonda 12, 21, 51, 58 Merrill, Scott 2, 26, 63 Meyer, Bobbie 12, 21, 51, 58 Meyer, Jr. 67 MID-CONTINENT PERMANET - Perry 68 Miller, Amber 12, 19, 58 Miller, Ashley 12, 18, 58 Miller, Charlie 12, 21, 58 MR. BURGER - Stillwater - 70 MODE O'DAY - Guthrie - 66 Monroe, Heather 12, 22, 48, 58 MOVIE HOUSE - Perry - 71 Neva, Jason 12, 17, 58, 59 Nealis, Carol Cover, 15, 30 Nees, Chris 12, 21,58 Nees, Martha 12, 17, 58, 59 Nzvgbold, Kristie 12, 28, 34, 47, 56, 58, Newbold, Melanie 12, 25, 37, 44, 45, 56, 58 Newbold, Stephanie 32, 32a, 32b, 33, 34, 58, 60 NEWT'S PHARMACY - Guthrie - 66 Nicholas, Carey 9, 25, 44 Nicholas, Larry 16, 48 Nickels, Nate 26, 39, 43. 55, 78 OKLQSI-ECMA STATE BANK - Mulhall Oldenburg, Jason 12, 18, 46, 58 Oldenburg, Jett 12, 23, 48, 50, 51, 58 Oldenburg, Joline 12, 21, 51, 58, 71 Ortega, Michael 12, 22, 48, 58 Ortega, Michelle 3, 26, 36, 40 Pacheco, Anthony 12, 22, 48, 56, 58 Pacheco, Toni 12, 21 , 58 Payne, Bryce 12, 22, 48, 56, 58 Payne, Michael 26, 27, 56, 57 Peretto, Darlene 61 Peretto, Shaunna 28, 31, 36, 40, 46, 63 Peretto, Steve 16, 36, 40, 44, 75 PESFQRY DAILY JOURNAL - Perry - PERRY PLUMBlNG COMPANY - Perry - 67 Peterson. Chartes 9, 25, 38. 44 Peveto, April Cover, 9, 12, 30, 32. 50. 54, 55, 56 Peveto. Geoff 63 Pteifler. Matthew 5, 12, 13, 20, 58, 71 ,f .Z .lg Mr.Herris-08 76 INDEXIADS 2 2 - 5 PhOI'Ie 1405, 282-4415 l MEMBER FDIC l FIRST NATIO 202 West Oklahoma '- Guthrie Oklahoma 73044 1' oKLAHoMA's oLDEsT Smith illuneral Home Bobby and Barbara Smith 220 NORTH FIRST 4051282-2272 GUTHRIE OKLAHOMA 73044 Since 1929 THE COUNTRY CELLAR Marty Smith Marlene Thompson Lower Level Victor Mall 202W Harrison Guthrie OK 73044 X I 14051 282 1589 CRAFTS ARTS LESSONS SOUVENIRS Let us create something special for you Authorized SEIKO Dealer WHITE S JEWELERS A Touch of Class 104 West Oklahoma With 14K Gold Guthrie Oklahoma 73044 mmm 282 0324 -f Ht ner intents S 0' cuss nmes ev MRRK W ART CARVED 44 x R Joints 6- If of lqzpt Josrsu s in14Kgoidto bevoomsmaniy onthecolllr Other styles available , Th e Logemi Couumlly Logan County s Most Complete News Coverage 282-7093 or 969-3320 RECRUITING Bus 282 Q32 2222 R68 405 336 9225 S'I'147.e tk Mill 'ii 'NK DAVIDE :Rev wa' 1901 ARMY NATIONAL GUARD P O Box 849 Stillwater, OK 74074 1 7 Pfggler, Sarah 2, 9, 25, 37, 45, 50, 55, PHlLl3g'S AUTO SUPPLY - Guthrie Phillips, Brenda 46 Phillips, Cody 12, 18, 58 PlNCggHION - Guthrie and Stillwater Prater, Chris 12, 23, 56, 58 Prater, Larry 12, 21, 58 Price, Alice 24 Prince, Brian 12, 21, 58 Prince, Christy 8, 28, 47, 58 Prince, Glenda 67 Prince, Rusty 6, 24, 56 Pritchett, LaTrisha 12, 17, 58 David BlustlPhotographer Artist in Res- idence RADIO SHACK - Perry - 69 RgI5PH'S PACKING CO. - Perkins - RAUPE APPRAISAL - Orlando - 64 Raupe. Ruth 9, 16, 32b, 63, 72 Raman, Anthony 12, 22, 48, 51, 56, Redman, Brian 12, 19, 58 Redman, Jedediah 4, 12, 17, 58 Fleece, Shelly 28 Resneder, Dorothy 16, 59 Roberts, Jeff 31, 32, 32a, 32d, 33, 34, 39. 43, 61 nobr-ms, Mike 24, sa, 44, ss Romans, Tim 10, ao, 53, se, 61 Rothermel, Denise Cover, 14, 32, 32a, 32c, 34, 55, 56, 57, 62, 63 Rothermel, Lori 4, 12, 21, 51, 58, 73 Russell, Jennller 12, 18, 58 SGS MERCANTILE - Guthrie -- 66 SAFEWAY - Perry - 69 SAV-A-TRIP - Perry - 67 Sawyer, Jerry 9, 12, 25, 38, 44, 56 Sawyer, Tauwnja 12, 19, 58 Schmiedbauer, Hayley 26, 27, 36, 40, 46, 63 Schmiedbauer, Shelley Cover, 6, 30, 36, 40 Schrader, Carrie 16, 71 Schwandt, Evelyn 64 Seagroves, Tommy 12, 17, 58 SEARS - Guthrie - 65 is - James Huleernan, Sculptor INDEXIADS 77 K., Trying to be calm! lJennifer Barkerl Shafer, Jerry 25 Silvers, Jeremy 12, 17, 58 Sivlers, Mark 12, 23, 35, 48, 56, 58, 59 Silvers, Rodney 8, 11, 32, 32a, 32b, 33. 34, 43, 63 SMITgl6FUNERAL HOME - Guthrie SONIC - Perry - 68 Spaulding, Mary 16 Spaulding, Rebekah 7, 26 Spears, Jennifer 24, 37 Sprouse, Horace 10, 14 Sprouse, Mary Sue 8, 9, 15, 24 ST. CLAlFt'S - Perry - 73 Stearman, Kathy 15, 30 STILLWATER MILL - Perry - 73 Stoddart, Harriet 16 SUSlE'S VIDEOLAND - Perry - 79 Syggester, Shanon 12, 23, 48, 56, 57, Sylvester, Stacey Cover, 12, 30, 36, 40, 54, 56 Sylvester, Stephanie 63, 74 T 81 L RANCHWEAR - Perry - 67 Taylor, Roland 6, 28, 50, 53, 55, 63 Taylor, Tim 24, 50 Te-gy, Geri Cover, 32, 32a, 32d, 34, 63, Terry, Sandy 7, 9, 25, 37, 44, 50, 75 Thedford, Jamie 12, 17, 58 Thomason, Brandy 12, 24, 44, 56 Thomason, Jennifer 12, 18, 58 Thomas, Clancy 26, 53, 55, 57 Thomsen, Sarah 12, 17, 58 Thggsh, Brad 16, 32b, 38, 39, 43, 44, Toepfer, Loran 11 Tressler, Terry 30, 39, 60, 6: Tyler, Steve 11, 30, 53 wif Vitamins are essential, lAudre Larman at 4-H Demonstration Contest! 78 iNDExfADs v Koch,JusHn iERem os' L if c:: WDEQLA We rent VHS VCR s and Movies NO MEMBERSHIP FEE Congratulations and Best Wishes to all Mulhall Orlando PERRY Graduates of the 1988 Class 606 15th 405 336 9842 Congratulations Seniors' BBLE 's 1 1 Pulling For Oklahoma , 33' "az-,nf-H.f"'7'.x Gif---,H -'J' U HE' I-1' I V fra' ' l .x I I , I sf . ' . uf Waiting to show. lPaul Driskell USPS TEAM - Mulhall - 64 UNITED CO-OP - Mulhall - 74 Vagrsghn, Kim Cover, 15, 32, 32a, 32c, , 36, 40, 58 Vaughn, Shelly 3, 26, 36, 40, 55 VIC'S "66" - Guthrie - 64 Walker, Felicia 12, 23, 48, 56, 58, 59 Walker, Jessica 12, 22, 48, 58 Wade, Connelly 11, 30, 39, 43, 50, 52, 53. 55 Watters, Sarah 8, 12, 26, 47, 56 Weinkaul, Janet Cover, 10, 32, 32a, 32c, 33, 34, 45, 54, 63 West, Heather 16, 32h WESTERN AUTO - Perry - 65 Whatley, Sarah 12, 18, 58 White, Gladys Cover, 16 White, Gracie 8, 28, 29, 47 . WHITE'S JEWELRY - Guthrie - 76 wills, Kim 11, 32, 32a, 32d, 62, 63 Wiss, Cody 12, 18, 58 Wiss, Colby 12, 22, 48, 51, 58 Wiss, Ryan 24, 38, 44, 50, 56, 57 WITTQE 89er RESTAURANT - Perry Woody, Jill 9 Wooten, Gladys 69 Wray, Marcus 5, 12, 20, 58, 71 Monty Larman shows the champion Chester at the county stock showin the spring of '87. Wray, Tom 67, 68 Wray, Tommy 12, 22, 48. 51, 56, 58 WlggDE'S TIRES, INC. - Guthrie - YMCA - Peng - 67 Yost, Peggy 1 , 15, 16 INDEXlADS 79 ao 1 CLOSING E" A s the year comes to an end so do many of its styles. Coca-Cola shirts and stone-washed jeans will soon be replaced by . . . who knows? Style as we now it today will take on a new meaning for tomorrow as 1989 brings us hundreds of fresh fads to follow. However, fads will come and fads will go: the only sure way to stay in style is to create your very own.

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