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I 7? ii AQ s A ' cg I A , , ,W Ill :JW 'W ,W W1 . WW W WW WW WW WW W WW WW W WW 'W W . W W W1 W W W WW WW WW WW WW WW W W W 'W WW W WW WW mtg WW QW WW W WW ,A ,IW WW W W "W W W ,W W W W 'W W WW I THE 1984 YEARBDDN STAFF Editor: Shelby Bay O I ' Assistant Editor: Donna Wooten Staff Reda Endevoets Gayelea Orr Lesa Richards Marsha Robinson Darin Snow Business Manager: Lavonna Wade Advisor: Mrs. White Mulhall-Orlando School Mulhall and Orlando, Oklahoma Volume 16 PRESENTS THE PANTHER '84 to the MIILHALL-0RLANDO STUDENT BODY ' 'HE' l :jr q H-N I .I 6 T' 'Slum' Ifstus says "CIiI3FQIf"' 5 K 'fgz'-,ii ii L " ' ' 'f ' 'X " . f :ff .,1 " ' 4, -. 4 A . rf f ' ' L , fra L. r A 'fx -at li 3 1 1?Ssh.y511f" N I Y' 1:4-:. '? . fr , V 'NN ' WM, X f-sql! sb . EW Where do I put this one? fBi11y Mike Edwardsj 'HE IH EE! lf S, A Graduates from the Senior Class of 1983! fDo1ly Edmondson, Edwina Fishburn and Mrs. Raupeh Y CDonna Wootenb "Iam Out!" ,Z 114- qw, i V QGe-off Pevetoj Decisions, decisions . . . l , ,-Mg.. 2.,u. . A ..7.........,..M,a.. sw .af 75 Working hard in physics class?7? Cfrina Redfordj 1 4911 5 N- I No-o-o problem! QSlade Graves and Sean Keithj 5 T , KA .iii , Q-.-n1l1? --1-d...a-1 -,H ..aJ.,.... . 'l ..........--- 'T You're taking .1 picture of me!! CGenelle Kochj Wow! Look at that pitcher! QGayelea Orr, Sharon Flasch, Michelle Henke, Stephanie Sylvesterl E1 Brief E-listorg of the . Aky. Public Bchools X i"V'Q'Q?fv 0 4 D :HEI-D TRIP L QQQQJWQET 1 I f el if X A f if 4 41-fii 1' if ll A Sarah Pfeiffer sits on top of the world during recess. ' 'li by , Wrarvglig ,uv-""" 'M A Anya McAnally "jams out" during the M-O fair. 6 nd Tomorrow, the if-"W X A The Outdoor Workshop is one special activity that sixth graders at M-O really look for- ward to. Above the class gives their undivided attention. A Mrs. White's hotwheelers are eager to see who'll be the leader ofthe pack during Bicy- cle Day, Presidency 'Y it ww I A "Look at all those people." April Peveto giving her salutatory address during the sixth grade graduation, A "Only three more problems and then recess!" Colby Wiss and jeff Day A "War games anyone?" Jeri Bussard, computer whiz at M-O Elementary. f ,wi .Ei A "Hands up!" Mr, I-lambick teaches the second graders how to enjoy music from head to toe, JJ A "So these are the Himalayas," say Renae Taylor, Rosetta Bircket and Susie Fishburn. A "Mrs. Kindschi, I just don't understand!" Karla Chance and third grade teacher Kelli Kindschi 7 Behind Ilh CUTS P Mrs. Kindschi can make even a door look good. Gay Kochi V Nikki Wilson: Advancing her knowledge of the 5 V -s i S W n iw I world. K :t sl x I : ,NX S P Mr. Henderson, student teacher who came on Wednesdays for a while this year, helped the sixth graders make a relief map. "I know that's an inch," says Angel Brewer to Ionathon Haggard, Christy Prince, and Kristine Newbold. Ronald Taylor: "Clit along, little piggy," g f c ' 9 313 5 0 E 1,1 In February, 1983, each first grader in- vited a "VIP" to visit our class for a presen- tation of poems, speeches on important glee people from history, songs, and demonstrations of the skills we had gained. The room was filled with joyful hearts. Left to right in the front row are Ieff Oldenburg, Alline Pfeiffer, Robert Vinson, Io Watters, Anthony Redman, Danny Hopkins and guest, Mark Silvers, Rayna Reece, Irish Fitzpatrick and grand- father, Tina Davis and guest, Scott Burke, Celine Leach, and Mrs. Andrews. Y Ienny Van Vranken and Gina Koch: "Well, I'm trying to set it up." .X- 4 Shawn McAnally, Shelley Schmiedbauer, Angela Koch, Rochelle I-Ienke, and Ricky Brewer were the winners of a mask contest. And it wasn't even Halloween! A Christy Cyphers: "Now which key was that?" Roy Snow, Sponsor Larry Nicholas, Sponsor Troy Don Klingaman, President Lesa Ann Richards, Secretary Brian Hafner, Vice President Sharrie Raye Jerome, Reporter PROM NIGHT P Troy Klingaman was the toastmaster for the evening. V Lorain Day and Scott Schoepflin read the class will. A Here we catch a glimpse of the head table chowing down. Gayelea Orr, Shelby Bay, Brian Hafner Lesa Richards, and Troy Klingaman. 12 6 NIGHT T0 REMEMBER! On April 23, 1983, 7:30 p.m., the Iunior-Senior class members met at the Sheraton Inn for . the 1983 Ir. and Sr. Banquet and Prom. The theme was "Are the Good Times Really Over for Good!" Shown here are a few faces from the prom: Donna Wooten, Darin Snow, Mr. Snow fsponsorj, Troy Klingaman, Lesa Richards, Wesley Hunt, Mar- sha Robinson, and Mr. Nicholas Qsponsorj. 1. f' A The Senior class prophecy was read by Shelby Bay and Lesa Richards. P Wesley Hunt and Brian Hafner looked really sharp - tsirr for the prom. , ,gig , ff:fi,w:i-7 , A 311' 1 I . f 1 1 V 1 1 , If 1 if 1 1 Y . L f C. Scott Dickenson Andy Bowden 3 N , iQ,?.i:QQg1, Donna Dee Wooten Troy Darin Snow if" 4 XX- , kM,.,fev , , . X . if 4 i 2 512'-fi if 1 Reda Ann Endevoets Cindy I. Herrin Yvonne Annette Hermann Derek Mason N r YQ in sfnjgnnmz genome x ,Si-4iS5Xi"3i!i55i!: .Sie fa ggi:-fglg-ga24,i11 . if X' 9559? X M - My .saw , ., Xml Fl ':i:::V2i K-iflk'55:'7?,f'3.5 Vi:,kEM Wy fs - 1 .. I L.:L 1 L A H FgF5n. SWEETHEHRT Speech Club was established for students interested in speech tournaments and one-act play contests. This year club members participated in tournaments at Okeene, Langston, and Pawnee and gained much in experience and enjoyment. Members ofthe M-O Speech Club are: Q11 Front Row: Lavonna Wade, Sharrie Ierome, Tonya Rothermel, Sharon Flasch. Second Row: Kelli Downs, Todd Cook, Greg Duncan, Mike Fillmore, julie Fitzpatrick, Kelli Shafer, Coach Mrs. Raupe. Back Row: Nadine Zimmer, Stacey Wise, Sarai Kolb, Kyla Huff, April Peveto, Chress Watters. C23 Tonya R. perfects her Dramatic Interpretation before the next contest. 133 April P., Kelli D., and Sharon F. demonstrate "molding," a speech exer- cise that is used to help students loosen up and use their im- agination. Q45 Chress W. and Stacey W. really enjoyed perform- ing their Humorous Duet. C57 Kelli S. worked up a very mov- ing Oratory on Iohn F. Kennedy. Here she practices some ef- fective gestures, . ,. . .,., i """"v-v-. was 4 ,,. .s-ff' Aff 'NWN KEEPING AMERICA GRO WIN G Top Left: Andy Bowden and Troy Klingaman help in prepar- ing the oysters at the oyster fry. Top Right: Mr. Larman gives a smirk while teaching the FFA members about their record books. Bottom Left: At the banquet, Pat Gorrell, the 1982-83 FFA president, smiles as he begins to hand a bouquet of flowers to Sharrie Jerome, the 1983-84 sweetheart, iiii 5 if , 0 ,. Top Left: At the slave auction, Steve Ritter has a curious look as he is waiting to see who he will be working for. Bottom: Com- ing from a session at the state FFA convention in Kansas City are our officers: Michael Weinkauf, reporter, Wesley Hunt, v. president, Greg Duncan, treasurer, Shelly Jones, secretary, Sharrie Jerome, sweetheart, Michael Fitzpatrick, sentinel, Troy Klingaman, president. Top Right: Pictured here is the 1983-84 M-O FFA chapter. Front Rowp Michael Weinkauf, Greg Duncan, Troy Klingaman, Sharrie Jerome, Wesley Hunt, Shelly Jones, Michael Fitz- patrick. Second Row: Samuel Kolb, Derek Mason, Darin Snow, David Tyler, Brett Bowden, Mike Fillmore, Third Row: Andy Bowden, Patrick Jerome, Greg Koch, Mark Richards, Troy Golay, Ricky Andrews. Fourth Row: Steve Terrel, Doug Her- rin, Dean Hopkins, Steve Ritter, Daniel Knott. Top Row: Slade Graves, J. D. Spaulding, Bill Nelson, Darin Howard. T. SWS Top Left: The new officers were installed on October 6 by Lesa Richards, last year's FHA president. Top Right: All of the new members are enjoying a skit which was performed by Gayelea Orr, Lesa Richards, and Leticia Segura. I l l Bottom Left: New members Chress Watters, Dolly McBlair, Kell!! Downs, Stacey Wise, Iaylene Day, Kristy Burgess, Sarai Kolb, Nadine Zimmer, and Rhonda Adkisson were proud to receivk: their membership awards because this meant that initiation weelc was officially over. Bottom Right: A point system was kept by this year's treasurer, Yvonne Hermann. This system will determine which members will go to the FHA state rally in Oklahoma City. Q l l'fW453Q'5i zx l :'5Q'l f?f"ff 'Mies ' 'Q K ' W K? 'lr ",-: 'A:wf5?!?'W' . 2'faintEff'1e5Ei52??lirEWI:?W5 5,-,lf 11-Y71:f'Li33i"'3i?e!iiSS:.?i:5iLs59W5uL40i'?t'1255lWfii?5'sY3' l"M7S?L!SiW1fSI?ifiSl259Viim,, c,, 'f ' fw:rSi4ii41v"f,Qi-Tffzii - sf W sit .a a , s- Nw .. fflw? El ,y an fff,sat::fw fr wrt Mi' 93 A553 Film:-1,-v-Weimar T ,f ,es fe ' Z. gk -as KI V..-7 Q ,I X M M A F , , , A Z V r N ,QWA A ,V V1 1,4 dialgimwlgg.kgglxgy,giQE?5gvE5g5igj3,.ki,w , Wfgd5553,,.3jIi5QQV5xgapggggggilwqigigxqitigwit if - W Q- QQ .L - - M2-f s Q H Q '-"fi ffl l , . ,. l ll w. i l l i i i i i I l -.yn S l at Top: At the monthly business meeting everyone listened and was eager to get the year off to a good start. Bottom Left: Front Row: K. Burgess, Historian, G. Orr, Vice-President, S. Bay, President, L. Segura, Secretary, K. Downs, Reporter. Back Row: R. Adkisson, L. Richards, S. Kolb, N. Zimmer, C. Watters, S. Wise, D. McBlair, I. Day, and Mrs. Stoddart. Bottom Right: At the 1983 FHA banquet Andy Bowden was named outstanding beau. fMike Fillmore, Lavonna Wade, the Dream for Tomor ow Andy Bowden, Lesa Richards, Carl Cunningham, and Lorain Day.l A L? Kimi? .tfc,fl" ' . vi ' -Q , -ff V1 F: '251f:i':'f -:WJ-a44Mf"::1'U lil .l!:-5923?-iA5!'Ll:4efk?f 553- f V ' ' stiff was - - of , . ,,-fre.: 1.1-mw..fv,:,,,rfii,:f..:a- ::,w.t:- mm. ass if fp.:,.e: f i , W. S J' . Q, , j ---k 2 5 , ks H 2' . 4 y a is --'22 " if '-'- I y 'A f ' L 1 ' i .. .,,, - .. -- L. vs J, ,,,.. ,. . v 5' A was sf at ,Si -vw t, W aw ' ffl V A i iik- - Four-H means the equal training of the head, heart, hands, and health of every member. By learning to be efficient and compassionate, thinking clearly and keeping our bodies healthy we become better citizens for our club, community, country and world. The M-O 4-H clubs participate in a variety of activities which teach life skills, such as citizenship, sportsmanship and leadership. Q13 Rebekah Spaulding and Sharla Padgett used baby-food jars to make an attractive craft at Mini-Roundup. Q23 janet Weinkauf, Laura jones, Rochelle Henke, and Genelle Koch helped paint the educational building at the county fairgrourids. Q35 The grade school 4-H clubs have a total of 40 members. Q95 The junior high and high school clubs have 90 members. 14, 5, 63 The Farmers Olympics is a favorite with M-O 4-Hers. After racing against time and other teams to roll round bales, carry water and stack square bales, the M-O clubs brought i i,,i , 4-H making the best better! gyyggx W S n.. ,an 1 w " 4451453 nh home a second-place trophy from the junior division and a first-place trophy in the senior division. C75 Getting animals ready for the shows is a job that goes by quickly when everyone helps. Students, 4-Hers without livestock, and even mothers try to get in on the action. Q83 The Senior Citizens learned more about the activities of our 4-H clubs when Iac- quie Meyer presented a program at their monthly dinner. C105 Geoff Peveto and Darin Howard learned some good tips for the next time they enter the showing. Cllj On one of Brian Hafner's 4-I-I trips he met with Senator Don Nickels and discussed the PIK program - how it can help and hurt the farmer, 1121 Keeping his steer's head up, carrying a scotch comb, and controlling the steer won Trey Fillmore the Beef Showmanship award at the M-O Fair. v ....... mM'Ma.,, xll. Tech Talk Top Left: Nothing can disturb Becky Vaughn while she's working on the IBM Display Writer, not even the camera! Top Right: Beverly Hunt looks very pleased with her assignment in information processing. Bottom: Gina Schmiedbauer keys in copy on the Lanier word processor, and Iacquie Meyer eagerly waits for the printout. Top Left: Samuel Kolb concentrates very hard in his diesel mechanics class. Top Right: Michael Weinkauf and Iohnny Betchan are at work in the electronics class. Bottom Right: Michael Fitzpatrick is 'fixing' to work on one of the cars in auto mechanics. Front Row: Iacquie Meyer, Becky Vaughn, Pamela Henke, Gina Schmiedbauer. Second Row: Derek Mason, Greg Koch, Steven Terrel, David Tyler, Brian Hopkins, Third Row: Billy Keith, Michael Weinkauf, Doug Herrin, Iohnny Betchan. Fourth Row: Dean Hopkins, jack Nunley, Michael Fitzpatrick, Daniel Knott, Samuel Kolb, Steven Ritter. Behind the Scenes if f 'kf mii ,ME-FTW l.., ee.., if Top Left: Donna Wooten and Reda Endevoets print PANTHER Top Center: Darin Snow and Gayelea Orr finalize a yearbook PAW PRINTS, M-O's monthly newspaper, with the new copy ad contract. Top Right: Lavonna Wade is busy putting her machine. Bottom Left: Lesa Richards checks the manual to get design down on paper. Bottom Center: Marsha Robinson new ideas. Bottom Left Center: The darkroom was well finishes for the day. Bottom Right: To get a good student-body managed by Mrs. White. picture Shelby Bay climbed on top of the school. ,,,m,!7M,m 6 , , ,,i, ,,i, , ,,t,,,,,i, .ii The 1983 Christmas concert was directed by Paul Onspaugh and accompanied by Sharrie Ierome. The title of the program was "There's a The band marches in the Cherokee Strip parade in Perry. SOI'lg in the Air." ,z .rj ' Q f 'iifi-f,5fJ ' -- H ,'.fji,p. Fifth Grade Band Sixth Grade Band 53, I 0 0 F here s a Song 1n the A1r We'l1 stand up for this one. Uanet Wemkauf and Demse A pep rally was always fun when the band played. Rothermej ,.L,..,A 1 ,wwvu ,, lx J . " ' Q -. e5ffk,,,,f.J,Z-fqgyy-if,-,,..: ff,-5 - 2 , 1 I f . 1 . , I ff , .,.. w AQ if , , 5 High School Band Stage Band IIE! PAN'l'llEll ' 1. Kyla can't wait to get started selling M8cM's!! 2. An unusually exciting pep rally at M-O High. 3. "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, that's the eighth grade battle cry!" CLeft to Right, Eddie Betchan, Casey Gorrell, Chris Hopfer, Jeff Roberts, and Shane Estusl. 4. Gayelea, Genelle and Pam discuss their cheer plans before the game. X Wx. 5. Actinfg crazy, Kyla, Gayelea, Holly, and Iacquie KW pose or the camera. FE P35 0 I ,5R951fY i UWW ' N' D 4 ll0W D0 Y0l FEEL? "WE FEEL Gllllll 0ll, WE FEEL S0 G00ll!" 'ar m ER Si fro ' y E cfo a 1. "Let's get a little bit ROWDYV' 2. The 1983-84 Cheerleaders and Mascots were: Holly Fitzpatrick G l O P H k aye ea rr, am en e, Iacquie Meyer, Genelle Koch and Kyla Huff. 3. "Stand up and give your battle cry!" 4. We'll all remember Pam's posters. Ween ttf? 31 KING AND QUEEN - DARIN SNOW AND LESA RICHARDS On December 2, 1983, Lesa Richards was crowned as basketball queen and Darin Snow was announced as king. . The theme, "Panthers are Flying High," was carried out with hellium balloons and pastel colors. owl " Ol3MlNG- This year's banner girl, flower girl, and crown carrier were Danni Green, Anya McAnally, and Ryan Wiss. Queen Lesa and attendants are all HLOOKIN' GOOD." Left to Right: Tonya Rothermel, Shelby Bay, Lesa Richards, Shelly Iones, and Michelle Henke. fl ZW -I-.ff iv'-1 we V Shelby Bay shoots for two points while Wendi Harris gets in position for the rebound. V Shelly Shrum tries to tip the ball to one of her teammates. A, . WL . 'f f..f.W,., Center: Coach R. Van Vranken. Front Row: I. Fitzpatrick, L. Wade, L. Richards, S. Bay, W. Harris, V. Hafner, S. Flasch. Back Row: S. Sylvester, M. Henke, S. Shrum, K. Downs, A. Branen, T. Rothermel, K Shafer, S. Jones, S. Jerome, G. Koch. A TE M THAT REFUSES TG QUIT 4 Shelly Iones, Lavonna Wade, and Lesa Richards played a tight defense against Glencoe. V jump high to the sky, get that ball and fight! CTonya Rothermelj Enix st A Michelle Henke, Kelli Shafer, Iuli Fitzpatrick, Sharrie Jerome, Valerie Hafner, Shelly Shrum, and Coach Ron Van Vranken watching the game from the sidelines. ,ss A Pulling down the rebound, Shelly jones starts up the court. f,?,,,,,, 'wi Darin Snow and Lamont. Scott Dickenson guard against Deer Creek of Kneeling: Billy Edwards, Mike Fillmore, Patrick Jerome, Todd Cook, Mark Richards, joey Fishburn, Geoff Peveto, Troy Golay. Standing: Coach Ron Van Vranken, Darin Snow, Troy Klingaman, Michael Fitzpatrick, Wesley Hunt, johnny Betchan, Scott Dickenson, Doug Herrin, Greg Duncan, Derek Mason. Another one "bites the dust" as Derek Mason puts up two. A TUUGI-I ACT T0 FOLLOW fX": The Mulhall-Orlando boys basketball team had a tough season in 1983-84. However, they did surprise a few teams with their hustle and teamwork We the team would like to wish the upcoming players the best of luck. 4 Troy Klingaman gets the tip again. V Michael Fitzpatrick adds another fifteen-footer against Glencoe at the M.O.H.S. homecoming. L f a 1 ww thi, L 4292 Z5 f. QQ TI-IEY'RE THE FUTURE STARS GRADE SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL - Coach Nicholas, Amy Leach 25, Susie Fishburn 32, Angel Brewer 21, Christy Newbold 12, Dorthea Sears 30, jill Hopfer 33, Renee Taylor 10, Shelly Vaughn 24, Iohn- nie Rae Bernay 11, Sarah Watters 31, Sharla Padgett 20, Hayley Schmiedbauer 22, Christy Prince 15, Rosetta Bircket 14. GRADE SCHOOL BOYS BASKETBALL - Donald Knott 25, Iustin Day 00, Nate Nickels 20, Clancy Thomas 14, Junior Burgess 30, Geoffrey Koch 12, Iason Driskel 15, Scott Merrill 31, Michael Payne 11, johnny DeHerrera 10, and Coach Nicholas. 3 5 hm 1-w.X.a Rf? 1. Justin Day drives and shoots. 2. Clancy Thomas, "I think I'm in trouble. 3. jill Hopfer, Susie Fishburn, and Dorthea Sears: It's anybody's ball. GIRLS JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL - Coach Nicholas, Kim Vaughn 40, April Peveto 21, Genelle Koch 31, Daryl Snow 24, julie Dudek 22, Geri Terry 30, Rochelle Henke 10, Denise Rothermel 23, Kim Downs 12, Angela Koch 41, janet Weinkauf 15, Coach's Aide: Lesa Richards 40, Becky Knopfel 13, Holly Fitzpatrick 25, Stacy Sylvester 14, Kyla Huff 20. BOYS IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL - Coach Nicholas, Shane Estus 20, Trey Fillmore 12, Rodney Silvers 25, Larry Krohn 21, Lance Leach 00, jeff Roberts 20, Chris Hopfer 52, Eddie Betchan 11, Brian Duncan 22, Connelly Wade 14. V Lance Leach drives the lane and shoots the bucket. X I .rril 9' ami , it Daryl Becky Knopfel waits for her chance to " View IHOV8. -E 9fI'fCffy Qoffball E s L L lfmfzffslzx - 5 . 3 High School Softball: Front Row: Shelly Iones, Sharon Flasch, Michelle Henke, Lavonna Wade, Sharrie Ierome, Shelby Bay, Stephanie Sylvester, and Gina Koch. Back Row: Coach Ron Van Vranken, Lesa Richards, Kelli Shafer, Shel- ly Shrum, Iuli Fitzpatrick, Kelli Downs, Gayelea Orr, Tonya Rothermel, and Wendi Harris. Sharon Flasch and Kelli Downs show signs of defeat PMI!!! jr. High Softball: Front Row: Stacey Sylvester, Becky Knopfel, April Peveto, Gina Koch, Kim Vaughn, Holly Fitz- patrick, and Kyla Huff. Back Row: Coach Larry Nicholas, Shelly Johnson, Kim Downs, Daryl Snow, Denise Rothermel, Rochelle Henke, Genelle Koch, janet Weinkauf, and Lesa Richards, aid. ON , S y , Ai 5 s . M N' v - ,, ,x X. 3' X .5 if i -, 31 Q.. ff HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL - Back Row, Left to Right: Greg Duncan, Brett Bowden, Billy Mike Edwards, Michael Fitzpatrick, Scott Dickenson, johnny Betchan, Mike Fillmore, Coach Ron Van Vranken. Front Row: Troy Golay, Mike Aldridge, Slade Graves, Mark Richards, Mike Weinkauf, Patrick Ierome. ROCK-N-FIRE. QMIKE FILLMOREJ TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT. CGREG DUNCANJ im,..,N,w,, X BASEBALL 'tif' D E97 IUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL - Back Row, Left to Right: Coach Larry Nicholas, Brian Duncan, Rodney Silvers, Larry Krohn, Lance Leach, Mark Hood, Chris Hopfer, Eddie Betchan. Front Row: Connelly Wade, Casey Gorrell, jeff Roberts, Trey Fillmore, Stacey Golay. DECK Roy Snow, superintendent M-O's No. 1 fans Administrators Set the Pace The administration at M-O makes a concerted effort to make changes that will make our school better. Building changes in 1983-84 Were: the little gym was remodeled into a band room, a classroom, and an AV room. The seventh graders have a classroom of their own for the first time - the room off the northwest corner of the auditorium. Two Sharp SF- 825 copy machines were purchased for the teachers, a Franklin computer for the remedial reading program at the grade school, and a letter-quality printer for the high school computer lab. it H2 - gf, i .i-,,, I , , in ,, ,, W K nt AW at an We , , We Y 2 , ff? 4 t"" i. irr Y A -. i1Li-. , X -sw , 'iv it , 'Tis if: Mr. Snow was senior sponsor. CWesley Hunt and Darin Snowj Leona Harrell Maurice Day Karl Klingaman Donald Bay Calvin Leach M-0 Board of Education WR +5415 ,.,.,,. , va Wayne Lorance Stacey Harris Grade School Principal High School Principal 'sf As athletic director Mr. Harris was in charge of M-O's Fifteenth Annual Invitational Basketball Tournament, which was held the first week of january. Coaches Van Vranken and Nicholas worked with Mr. Harris to make it one of the best. Mrs. Stoddart and the Home Ec. girls prepared food for the hospitality table, teachers worked at the gate, junior high basketball players worked at the concession stand, Mr. Toepfer and high school students kept books, patrons kept the clock, typing students made programs and tickets, and the custodians put in many extra hours. Patrick Ierome, April Peveto, Connelly Wade Mrs. Dunn Patty Cook receives the Lions Club award from Karl Klingaman. Frances Iohnson served seven years on the Mulhall-Orlando Board of Education. TEACHI PL IT IS Q LL FU V "Santa is my hero! How about yours?" Mrs. Dawson wears the costume of her hero during homecoming week. V Volunteer teacher's aide Kathy Day reports to work early to give Mrs. Resneder help with her kindergarten class. G OR YI Left: Larry Nicholas - Ir. High Coach, Senior Sponsor, Grade School Coach. Right: Mr. Van Vranken's civics questions ruffle Angela Koch at times. 46 R t W..kkh ,gzip - in 5- ,1' Ioanna Haggard Mrs Hem ingway Steven Prince Becky Vinson and Robert Vinson make a chart story to build vocabulary skills Norma Daniels - Fifth Grade, Deborah Dawson - Ir, High English, Reading, French and Sophomore Sponsor, Cynthia Dunn - Seventh Grade, Seventh Grade Sponsor, and Eighth Grade Social Studies, Caroline Iones - Grade School and High School LAB. Susan Kimsey - Fourth Grade, Kelli Kindschi - Third Grade, Gary Larman - Vocational Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanics, and FFA Advisor, Terri Hemingway - Grade School and High School EMI-I, Freshman Sponsor, and Cheerleader Sponsor. jesse Ramsey - General Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Freshman Sponsor, Ruth Raupe - High School English, Library, junior Sponsor, and Speech Club Sponsor, Dorothy Resneder - Kindergarten and Remedial Reading, Pat Snow - Second Grade. 'Mary Spaulding - First Grade, Harriet Stoddart - Home Economics, FHA Advisor, and Sophomore Sponsor, Loran Toepfer - Math, Algebra, Computer Lab., Trigonometry Geometry, and Eighth Grade Sponsor, Ron Van Franken - High School Coach, Oklahoma History, American History, and Iunior Sponsor, Gladys White - Typing, Accounting, Photography, and Yearbook and Newspaper Advisor, Peggy Yost - Sixth Grade, Paul Onspaugh - Grade School and High School Band Director Suppori Personnel Wiihoui ihem where would we be? We wouIdn'+ have iransporraiion. Bus Drivers Gladys Wooten Betty Kindschi Christine Kindschi Celine Evely K Shirley Bir k . , i ,.,, ,,MMiQ5Mvp5 Cooks i eeeseke r s Eiizabeih Cypher r' gg sgg j I: ' se xi QE Reba Fitzpatrick y s iii LQ---M-f Evely Schwandt , Bewslvbufn. is ' i ff-ef A--f 'A' , rr Q I bln-my L M"""""' We wouIdn'+ have food. We wouIdn'+ have clean schools. Cusrodians Richard Andrews da rince af 1 l L P Z l l QQQGQEQQR Every year the Mulhall Orlando yearbook staff dedxcates the yearbook to a spec1a1 person The 1984 yearbook IS ded1cated to Gladys Wooten She has been drrvrng a bus at M O for 13 years and IS plannmg to cont1nue She 1S a carmg and understandmg woman who w1ll always be remembered at M O mother of two but 1f you were to ask she would reply The bus k1dS are all l1ke my own She has started many young people 1n kmdergarten and watched them go through school graduate marry and have k1ds of the1r own She not only W111 be remembered as our bus drlver but also our fr1end long after her retirement. She is the I-l Gladys Wooten Y , i,X5gg:35gg,Q '5 gy' I. L- A 2- 'A ' Af 335142 ,Q jT.:.i,.g,,, Q5 A Lrfggg-rf A "'u,f,F Win! ff-' -2, 'pgwyx I+?" a5r4"fiiji .f'-T":ei31es?f:.'pf35i-if 3555 ,. ff ' r-5:3579 'Fi'E'5! 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U 1 mwmsswnxwfw t' ,S., 'S' sw 6Industr1ous Juniors Beverly Hunt and Becky Vaughn worked two 0. weeks during their Independent Liv- ing class to complete the sharp looking new design on the Home Ec. wall BILL KNIGHT CHEVROLET INC. 101 EAST HARRISON GUTHFIIE, OK 73044 BILL KNIGHT Bus. Phone 282-0181 DI Dealer okc 34045660 gy '. was,-aa .Ie Z I I ' l 1. fi lil .l . 7 l l , it , ,, W, , f 1,1 fri ,, X AW 'Hg ,Q W .1 f , See E v , , at xg , W , , , X X " it ,, 7 VVVV -fi ' 31 ' f' , 5 N, 5, f' My NE- X V , :mf L is 1111.1 m fi 3, fittix ,, , W . -. 1 45" Y'-fa!-fwf 1 , x- 4 fvfrg ,fi 1, -E3-' 14. rf' ' . ,, .2 :fi I waz, '-e dt l .f 'fx , Pfwaf , , ' j .xy 1 'Z-M. fix, ,X X. ze if " ' ff H-' . ,af rw.. V I4 - -,,, - ,X I, ,. I' . ..,, Q f , , ,ff K if f l A A ,V F , ft 6 ,fa fi is 2 3, arg ft if gg 42 -if QZZ ef 7 'S H J mg! etiyyy 1 ' Amy Branen Iohnny Betchan Michael Fitzpatrick Pam Henke Brian Herrin Beverly Hunt Shelly Iones Billy Keith Daniel Knott Samuel Kolb Iacquie Meyer lack Nunley Brenda Prince Steven Ritter Shelly Shrum Gina Schrniedbauer I. D. Spaulding David Tyler Lavonna Wade Mike Weinkauf Becky Vaughn -1 -wwf V ff mfs' zwbefz-wmfbzbs-.1W,,., ,, w,.W,,ff,,k A ,f ,,, X., 'Tlx-N33-.5I114Q2E333:vv1313f2Ti5ZQ22eifezieazfieiisifiiegptgfxgkgiilgzggf: fisggfz K, ZW v,':f,:- E ma Slfxiiiff' 5554. il: lwiklez,-11555239:ilwsf-ViewWzxizzszki:ESL Eliiiiwiihizifiz 1, sa ,Q 5j3,,,Q,-,ua ws as is' A., 'zz gk,-,ffm -, fy my gf gp wwf' f H vw v, WMU5 W H P7 ' f g 11:-.3 1 S , S, 11 K f . as ,. Y X ,ww 1 A - f,,f .Q mwwwwgb: X f,-ww 3 5 ,, Q-111, ,U-,.Qfvn:w-ru, iw, N 3, Q wffm,,.-f,- W, ., , is H ::.m,:sx,f3zK:f,l::gg,zmggh. as ,J ., 2' 3 ., ,.2i,.,, X xx K K X S m xi ifffzfvisnff- nf-1 X . , , 1 1: r fl , J, ,L 'lf -fy I if DRIVIN' MY LIFE AWAY. UULI FITZPATRICKJ Ricky Andrews Greg Duncan Billy Edwards Veda Endevoets Sally Estus Mike Fillmore Iuli Fitzpatrick Wendi Harris Brian Hopkins Patrick Jerome Gina Koch Greg Koch Bill Nelson Mark Richards Tonya Rothermel Kelli Shafer -.--w BOOSTERS PERRY Perry Printing 8: Office Supplies Ragsdale Darrel Schwandt GU TH RI E John Deere HUMP HALSEY SHOWS OFF HIS BULLWHIPPING SKILLS ON MARK RICHARDS AT THE MULHALL CELEBRATION. GO ON, MAKE MY DAY, QWENDI HARRISJ T27j3i7tj,gjf"P,.,, ig 715 J,:V-:i11if:'i'1"E:j'i ,L -, Qaggiiil ,-E w,...:ft.a f M gy 3.5 ,V V-Q,--fzg,, . -, It it I-Q 7: fi mwfafwi 'L-'f-:fit-:Maisy Tawau- N ' 'H 0, . , if .i ., , V... .,, L.... ,M ,.:.. a ,,L, ,. - fr lf: 2.3 L, F.F.A. Initiation: Darin Howard CO AS Y0 ARE F.H.A. Initiation: Top Row, Left to Right: Chress Watters, Kelli Downs, Dolly McBlair, Kristy Burgess. Bottom Row: Rhonda Adkisson, Nadine Zimmer, Iaylene Day, Stacey Wise, Sarai Kolb. .1. Rhonda Adkisson Mike Aldridge Marri Barber Brett Bowden Kristy Burgess Todd Cook Iaylene Day Larry DeHerrera Kelli Downs joey Fishburn Sharon Flasch Troy Golay Valerie Hafner Michelle Henke Darin Howard Sarai Kolb Dolly McBlair Geoff Peveto Kim Poston Nina Prince Stephanie Sylvester Chress Watters Stacey Wise Nadine Zimmer l S 282 2720 Guthrle Oklahoma jim and Sue Smith 117 W. Harrin ton The Friendliest Store in Town M: F N Q. e. s 22:93 B gp 191134 f ei 'W ,W J wfzu, fl1.,:.5g7gf,,gfg.Vggggvg.. , ,,.., Y ..,,. W 11:15. 1 VIQEEESSfiEi?'1'3ik5f",4. 1 y,l.zjJjj7gg:5'z5fg'ffg2V"1YLjiiF?". zu ,gp jILW???F?'i5 N3'lI7l'M "l9!S1Vqz1 gi'f?I?"zrsm SWK 1234??Akf5-1H'7i11?if55PV-- ' - I-Ssiihivl 5 'fiwfwl -l.fiEi'w f'A?'i,'5.T TTS? Wi, .W?IFiQ.fff'a," LlWTf'7'1 TH" fi' wwf? ,7ffi75f5ff'M 1V'fiVFV1 N :W:"?:5'if'ffT1i6 if ' '7l"'1"'F LS- WWW '51"-VW -i':j'2ST f - 'M' ' vfiszglif , 2i3agTf??Q39g1 55'l H iegivggigg , w,g.1??avg5isafQWHilfm1s:114w1aQ11z11:Qe1..1z-ga-3.1g1i.Qg ,, 21.fe:fisf32l?lf.- QW lssiifiw Qqiamg., .V 3, 5, -Q Q 55 me -iz " f ' 11 , 111,11,,sQ1g1wfw.1,agg1fw,1,555,m111g whims:fzigfgvi-gba'75i5i22l5i' Kwwzigyi,i211.1zziae:?I-Qilil' ,wgsff -1 gifflib "ii1Q7'1f'H1-l1gsa1i1i'.1,1.1212i1l', 'Mwizsfiii-'11 ,bsfeiwf 151, QS, :QQ W 11 13155. 1 ff gsiiawwzzwi'-if-if1f1wsW1:5K-1'27-1 WE-wwf"?,iff:1fg1w:,g5wr,fq1?iZwM: 'f:3sv1Q,f:111kffggzszxsw .1 .5122 . 115111. ' 1- ff-- f--rv 'MF - 4 W Q ' Zi? "f ,, f 1,,m:,mf1 , 1 gms, 11 1 :Wil .. ,m.. l img fix-+1 1 , .Q S lf: swsf:,:-sSif11zf- TAKI G A STEP FORWARD r I Looks like they know what they want. Stephanie Newbold, julie Dudek, Becky Knopfel, and Kimberly Downs., . 1. -if , emi. ,!.. ,kr i, ,iii 1 I ' i i - , H Wkgggk ...,... . -f' Billie 1 . 5:5 5 ' K Vi - U 5 1 1. - . .. af 11 1 7 .. .TQ ,K . Don't you dare! fGeri Terry and Daryl Snowj 'H 2 1 if 1 vp, ff, N. K E K if iw . me 5 . .. SI V1 R Y R . f ,A M: Q5 Qi iii ii if ii:1f:e.11:-1: a 1. Sean Keith 'DHI lk ,H-. Eddie Betchan John Brewer Ricky Cook Steven Dixon Kimberly Downs julie Dudek David Endevoets Shane Estus Holly Fitzpatrick Casey Gorrell X X, Q x R Q4 QQ I X '9 K it c t r 5 'X N Q 4, : si N N' t " 5 as Mark Hood Chris Hopfer Mike Hopkins Becky Knopfel Genelle Koch Lance Leach Roy McNeil Stephanie Newhold jeff Roberts Denise Rothermel ' """' . .... . H A. . --"'. . i 2 i fl ' we f-lf K ' -zu - 3 Q i xx . iii ,,,. NEW. -A paving E R Rodney Silvers Daryl Snow Geri Terry Kim Vaughn janet Weinkauf A friendly dog visits school. llvlarlx Hood, Rodney Silvers, and Eddie Betchanj ,L .gf5i-fu' Mel' 1Q2Ej7flii?F'l,iw3i iz H ' "Y K9 Qsfxffflyiw' My-1:sL:f5 vi Jr l'f1w'5.1f,i'.g'1' ".1a1!+2s,f1!f? Zlziiziii-W S , Q H V Christine Anthis enjoyed working at the seventh grade ring toss. V Trey Fillmore showing off at the dart throw. .X 4. im' 3 A Kevin Andrews likes to work on the new computers. 4 Ioe Day likes to show off for the camera. l Kevin Andrews Christine Anthis Ricky Brewer Stephanie Bussard Frank Cunningham Joe Day Brian Duncan Trey Fillmore Stacy Golay Rochelle Henke Kyla Huff Shelly Iohnson Dennis Knott Angela Koch Micah Kolb Larry Krohn Shawn McAnally April Peveto Tim Roberts Shelley Schmiedbauer Tina Segura Stacey Sylvester Dewayne Taylor Steve Tyler Connelly Wade Lori Wise 'JE'J'Q-'fS?'I3-lTlQ5?5'fTlfJ.Ya ,' 1,-if ,j-5 W -, 1 ai? 5 g Q fm A 2 and this is where the king and queen live. QAmy Leach and Iill Hopferj Larry Zimmer and Charles Hilburn are eager to learn Math skills. I dare you! CDennis Bussardb STILLWATER MILLING COMPANY STILLWATER OKLAHOMA 74074 FREDDIE SHIPLETT AREA MANAGER OFFICE MORRISON, OKLAHOMA 14057 336 2l68 RES. 14053 72443326 PERRY OK 73077 Dorthea Sears and Rosetta Bircket are eagerly studying for their book reports. Iohnnie Mae Bernay Rosetta Bircket Angel Brewer William Burgess Dennis Bussard Paul Fagan Susie Fishburn jonathan Haggard Charles I-Iilburn jill Hopfer Amy Leach Kristine Newbold Christy Prince a l Sheryl Prince 4? Dorthea Sears Roland Taylor Renae Taylor Larry Zimmer Q- 1552? is'lQ2"f1:::es,ifi5wf'fee scsi . 132,12 ff" r ., AT WORK . . . so Z' UR AT PLAY . . . 1.C. R. Scheihing looks very happy with his waterwheel experiment. 2. So, your birthday is on October 15. CSteward Bodeb 3. Sarah Watters and Rebekah Spaulding show the grades and stickers on their spelling chart. 62 JCPenney Retail Catalog 282-0260 282-2830 Clothing for the Family Guthrie, Oklahoma THERE'S 'Vs' - NEVER D LL D Y C, N , . . Q, . HQ, Z, . X., if s . - S F . V13 ,, ,ff rf' S-we W 'v we ,pil ' Ql'f'fl -:west Q. ,...,... - YW em Q. H .--ww:-iz My U- of l l i nib- l I ss., l if C iiziiif' W 'N K tri .... . .. CW iii SSP vb 'SUN Steward Bode Christy Cyphers justin Day vibr- 1.311 .ar , jonathan DeHerrera Jason Driskel Scott Dudek Donald Knott Geoffrey Koch Calvin McBlair Scott Merrill Nathan Nickels Michelle Ortega Sharla Padgett Michael Payne C. R. Scheihing Hayley Schmiedbauer Carrie Schoepflin Kristin Schoepflin Kimberly Smith Rebekah Spaulding Clancy Thomas Michelle Vaughn Sarah Watters .. - - A awe? -Q ' '- 'H -- wif S ' 1 5 93-'N I --" 'H ' , 1 , I 4 2 1 : , WM. ,1f,r.fv.g,,m,, W , .. A .t .au , is kv A ,A .. ., ,. .,,.,. ,, .,.. H.-. I , , M ai as in ,WARN A 'Wm ,.,, -,.,,,,, , . K , , W,.A,,,..., "Wu . AMW-, , , P Maria johnson doesn't look too pleased as she places her paper in the basket. V Melanie Newbold, Shane Sears, and Audrey Larrnan are getting ready to put up a chain for Christmas decoration. K it 533 is ei SX HAS FINE FURNITURE SENSIBLY PRICED fwmfa 405082-1468 Ionene Bode and Brian Krohn are proud to be in this class. 124 NORTH FIRST STRE ET' GUTHRIE' OKLA- 73044 HATS OFF TO THE FO RTH GRADE, A Mike Taylor says, "Look at me, I'm just like the scarecrow!" . I . ...1 ZW , ,k:,, ,, xg 'iv f, , ' i ' , " ' y , fy , ,. 'ry W 3 ' of ' V- ., 1 ff-'iw ,mxtzref ' ,, ,tg T mm , , fr ' is A . , V ,gi , , W, A, ,, 'li . , ,ay W ,,, M ,ff W W , V an as 1+ W f W f J , 7 4: ff W 4 R9 as W l Zn' Z H I of Q.. W , XX , 'P M .daiffflb 5' - - zz 'ff' +3 'N ' gig, , VM ,, 4 'fail Wil, W':?il5"?-' ' it ,.fYff22!'fl?i'.M"Hg,,, ff:- V K i,1 ,, T- . Zi.,., ,,,., l I E,, E,,.5:7 Iil S,1- f ,,kf. Vg?" WE ir, V V f J A Q ',, - ' 2: ,. T 1 -, I 3 A1 .. it 93 K -A "" ' . -aa, wg "' ..,, I- "" if: ,li , z N'J , - J f V, f 'iffhigi ' " V, 5 V Q, at 'f ff t - f ' ' , V 3 Nw A My iw , 1 ' '- Niki. I P ' ' f 7 "W f ,, K " J ffl - I , - - ,- 'f M7 fiyfsf- 'L f . , 1 ' , ' 't' 'V A- ' . Hs. s fa i- If , LVL M., 1 , rxllkrf ' T 'K - ar an .uf- , f fl 2 Qgglm as -mv WM Gabriel Bernay Ionene Bode Machel Bode Bradley Harman Maria johnson Brian Krohn Audrey Larman Matthew Martin Melanie Newbold Sarah Pfeiffer Rusty Prince Stephen Prince Clayton Schoepflin Shane Sears Michael Taylor Sandra Terry Cynthia Vinson Samuel Wampler Nikki Wilson ,,,. K r H " 'pf-in 4f,, , skSi:?"p- J' ,fb 2 5355 51512 5. f,, it , ,fV,, f ,f 59,5 ,, Qfiilfvf' THEIR WAY P Michelle Knight liked the third grade Christmas tree. V Ryan Wiss and Karla Chance are trying to finish their math before recess. WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 621 Delaware 336-2612 Perry, Oklahoma 73077 For All Your Home and Auto Needs 351-If .. 4 .35 W, A ,, J, 1 -aw: ' W V. .i . l-4-' 5 ie. Q V ,.h.,,, x ,k,rr ya: 'l"'YH" ' if-1-" VL ' - K-EN ' Jffff-5 .e ' S 5 l l 4 l , I S x 2 3 A N Q1 sw ,N n r Kay Meyer and Iennifer Ienkins are trying to figure out which book is the best. Q . QSM HW i Lfjljiriaw in B 'Q .41 'STL WWW? w rx? Q Q is, ,auf wp.--' we WM my gov x mea, ,aff t mm MN, a3'xYQf Dorothy Bode Ieri Bussard Karla Chance Tony DeHerrera Hayden Fitzpatrick Ioanna Haggard Ronnie Hilburn jennifer jenkins Michelle Knight lay Koch Bo Martin Kay Meyer Hayley Mills Mike Roberts jennifer Shook Anthony Shrum Tim Taylor Brandy Thomason Amy Van Vranken Becky Vinson Ryan Wiss . -.i--ll se mi, ' z" 5 I sa F f-, r rf. f ' 4 if ' 4 2 ra f. 7 .' Q f fiLX-'rmmwii-ZwwfwvMfwwilfv-+fW2s w ti. 7 IGYING WHAT lgxclaltltlehil qty my nw.. we inf ,tif ass :rv firm- J' o : ?o 5 in . WE DO 1. Emily Driskel wears what seems to be popular this year, the hooded sweat top. 2. Shanon Sylvester shoots for two in basketball practice. 3. Irish Fitzpatrick thinks of others during Christmas. 4. joe johnson and Chasity Shafer learn geometry with a new puzzle. BEIER'S CCDNOC0 225 Seventh Street Perry, Okla. 73077 Phone 336-9295 an lN.f Sl E ,,, LLL-M lr J I - t gi " p -i A, Q L.LWZ ,R .,,V A n' sw tw . tv in J . , 4 .., - 1 .1 ,eww mi ll--' , - Ni. ip K-7' K J N E Q fpigwiifzsig X ,,,,,.,.,, file-H-ff 1 IE- " .qiliif . i K "ef ' -fir: iiiiiffig ,, tg. .. ,, kkkk.. 1' an F sii f S -A ii'f3tSiiiti.i55U E'f ego S QL Tammy De-Herrera Emily Driskel Irish Fitzpatrick Shar Fitzpatrick Renee Flasch jamie Callaway Troy Hanes Danny Hopkins joe johnson Charley McAnally jeff Oldenburg David Schoepflin Chasity Shafer Mark Silvers Shanon Sylvester Robert Vinson 1- ta ,.ffWf M-ttwiss. -,,, ,Z-kgigrmi,-s ., .f.,. ,-- , .fy Li ,V - V, sfo. K . ,,r, St , s ,,,, -. If uw fri' - cwffiwiaffmsfiswwti f 'f ',:,f-Jwikivtff its-A-'::p"ff5fas-,,, -5- - . V ' J: i 4 fi f E -is ff wbxsg 1 as f c g X ts tr s 'Yr 2, -I :K !ff5?2?l5f5f'f5 21 ,1'.ssswift:. 1. wt-iw, '54 f :rg is -we ,M in 'fs tk 5 ggi 1 Q6 K ,,., - ,L.. - ,J . MZXNTICIPATING RECESS "What d'ya mean, have I been a good boy this year?" Chris Nees helps decorate the class Christmas tree. "Mrs. Spaulding said to stop at the door and that's what we're going to do," says Andy Wampler. "Do you think Mom will ever know we've brought lipstick to school?" Carrie Harman and Misti Downs have fun primping during recess. "Boy, I'm glad Mom bought blunt scissors for me." Jason Harman carefully cuts brightly colored crepe paper to make a Christmas decoration, "How can you expect me to do penmanship when it's so nice outside?" "Shh!" whispers Nedra Burgess, "You're going to get into trouble, Monty Larmanf' "lust five more minutes till recess," sighs Iustin Padgett. X 'S .. , K ' ri., g 4 6 4 W -'.:!1"" .t..,t 'X x f 3 I "iff S f Ufkiifilfifi' - 'tmgil ' " Q ' M255 I I ,m : ZZ , ,,., I 0 , A h ,Wie- I, A f ii, gt: F55 , qfaf. . A sa ' Ziff ' Y , ...Q , .. .,.b:, -xxx, f,f,f-.z :ax Q- .-,L-. ff ,Q 2.11-f,-:..-ff Sis be Q vi is f a'W giE ii ef 4 X X .f -, J Ei, X X :2..:..m. . ,, k.-k M Q.. .. A., ., 5 . . .e,,,,,,,,,.s,.,,.k: H... i '." f ' I , :i22'af::5 f12E?5'fi5"-i 2 , 32 ,, , 'gr-,'jgii1ti-,. kgfzsi ff-:two Q'-3 f E Q ' . Q "" ' ' I I I ' --.., , W Q e- 3 It-" ' Q ,,LLL x 1' L e- .- it-f,g"'Y..-Z ' I '- ,.-.- f It -I '- - ,- xt --" . , z M Q ,,..,,,.v, if I ,,,v Q Ni- K -g X-f -Z-ef! .191 . X Q ' T Z- ' ig i A - ' VW A i ,Inf . , L ,QQQ K. 3. E l 3. ,,, M y ..: - ' -H2 ' srwlm s e "1 3 is -in , we , A... - . - f I ---- , .... 1 A I A -,.. ---- f 1- ' ' "- , , rg , K -fx' , . .,.... . -Y K Iinn . t in I ,gwgEii'- F- fy, .- ' 7'-. :ima gms g -. K ig A ff 1.5 ff If -- 53 fe I - - 2 I "" 1 . 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Larman Cody Leach Sondra Major Iosh McB1air Chris N ees Michael Ortega Iustin Padgett Bryce Payne Anthony Redman jennifer Van Vranken Andy Wampler Colby Wiss Lilli- PHONE 282 3717 1 L q A J 3 , x 9 A' " 'sr FLOWER SHOP AND GREENHOUSE 2403 S. DIVISION BOX II6 GUTHRIE. OKLAHOMA 73044 ""-I-...Q X' Chuck :Qt Lynnette Hayes X fem ff K q:w,,-f,fg--1,-ff.,,Q -". zf.:5qM:,:, -, 5,1547 , ,,,,, , .7 ,,,,,-,, ,,, ., MF, E., , HW- Us fi ,,,5,.:,3,f4 S h h ah h h aahh 4 h Q5 a h , rr h h . , .ww ,., ,,,ff.P,.L,t,.: 5 ww-1'.,s,w , 5 f . , -f'. i v,.., . . ,,l,W., J, -,,,k ,,.,M,,,lg,.,,,k, W- ,M W . mf, f -2 wa N. Vf., iw we-1 .,,- ,, ff - , --ff.- f, -,Ag f,,, I f..L,::-m,U- -, ,L,f-- naval ,vfr lW,,..-W1S:W:,-inww V - . gffg. sf, - f is . '1:.1.- f : . ,3Tf54:1f ' 1'--'GLISSW 1 Michael Graham likes to daydream. Wayne Campbell needs help. df 111 East Oklahoma Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044 282-2052 -'f'1'l...sw Charlie Miller works hard. Aviv' we-wr' Qu H..-A ,AW l Iennifer Anth1s Shanna Bussard Wayne Campbell Kyle Chance Troy Fagan Michael Graham Marriya Harrell Beth Kirkwood Mandy Knight Luke Martin Anya McAna1ly Amber McManamy Rhonda Merrill Bobbie Meyer Kevin Mills Ioline Oldenburg Travis Perrin Brian Prince Lori Rothermel Alicia Shoffner Veronica Shoffner Ioe Smith Scotty Washington mass -Q Amber McManamy: I hope I'm doing this right. in S' N. Travis Perrin and Ioline Oldenburg sing the alphabet song. Troy Fagan: Do you have to take my picture? DBNISBS W' Arne A em Shop Handcrafted Items Craft Supplies Gifts 282 3174 Denlse Orr Owner 102E Okla Ave Guthrie Oklahoma FARM ENTERPRISES ull SEIVICE Farm Centers Guthrle, Luclen, and Pleasant Valley Guthrle Luclen 282 3900 336 2214 Pleasant Valley 282 5100 Il'S t teB nk PO BOX 520 C-UTHRiE OKLAHOMA 73044 405!282 0470 Manford L Warren 3848 KENNEIYIER THE WARREN MONUMENT COMPANY MEMORIALS Office Phone 1606 S. Dlvlslon 282 3220 Guthrie, Okla 73044 SHOES "The best 1n footwear for the fam1ly" Guthrle, Oklahoma F . at . r F' Q FT'1'ES'i5?L GUTH Rl E. OKLAHOMA W Sue and John Altebaumer Phone 282 3131 COMMERC AL Hifi Orr QE 'QM 282 5174 LICENSED GUTHRIE BONDED 'IV LNEG S38 WALLAR'S AUTO PARTS 1 14 NORTH WENTZ GUTHRIE OKLAHOMA 73044 sy MN J Open 7 Days a Week J 'U 5' 3 no no N as N N ca if kv ""Q,Lf. P I GE :N -2 ! '17 sv? -, 1" T 'I-Lj cd- - ' 935 " I N n I CJ ' Wu 'B SQ ., SVQ, L-1. W3 ,bu .WN , E-wflxl II :GQ wi, lx I GUMERSON INSURANCE AGENCY on Ralph ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE 109 N D1v1s1on Guthrle Okla PHONE 282 0427 RRUW Flowers and G1ftS For All Occaslons Weddmg SBFVICB Bl0OIIllI1g Plants Green Plants Cut Flowers Drled and Sllk Flowers Doyle and Elalne Ford 117 8: 119 E Oklahoma Guthrle Okla 73044 PHONE 282 2730 'W O 1- Q, FTD Dua 282 3300 ACTON S FURNITURE 81 PIANOS Guthrle Oklahoma 1 10 1 12 W Harrison DAMUN LUMBER C0 Ham CARPET CENTER DEALERS IN 1528 South Dlvlslon ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 282 0567 Guthrle Oklahoma 73044 Corner First and Cleveland Harold wehr 282 3464 Guthrie, Okla ll ll ' . , . . , - I - - xg ph . ka S 1. Q n 1' 'il E. .. , to, A 'I av' 1 . O 9 ff' Eat In or Carry Out The D8IlQ Grind Lunches Homemade Ples Sweet Ro ls Coffee TRISH 8: GAYLE COKER Q? Owners Phone 282 4960 Guthrie e gg, JELSMA ABSTRACT COMPANY Guthne Oklahoma 73044 Kenneth D Mltchell Phone 282 4012 Free Estlmates Auto Glass Installed Frame Work Quallfled Dependable Experlenced Help Owner Terry Morgan Speclallsts ln Insurance Work 282 5678 "Where Experlence Counts"' Hwy 77 South 2Vz Miles South DIVISION Guthrle, Oklahoma 73044 Q I . k"'ll1' . I U 4 I ettet I llxl Keith E. Camerer P.O. Box 308 K1nca1d s Mulhall Cafe O e s G yandF1oKnc d Hours Sat 6 30 am 2 00 pm Mo Fr 630am 600pm Homemade P es ORLANDO CRO SROADS CI-IRQ C' LE MULHALL Newest Newspaper In Logan County Keeping You Informed Publishers and Editors Mlchael and Jo Watters Phone 649 2550 Box 26 Mulhall LLLIJLLEUIJUUUQ dlffflli DUJLULL AW Frlendly Efficient Courteous Mulhall Oklahoma 649 2282 Phone 649 2245 Mulhall orc 73063 ts 0 0 ef cg, a1S f Qommtry Guys f1l0:ifno'le Famuly Halr Care FRAMES! HAIR COLOR SHARO FITZPA THICK FRANKIE HENKE HOMESTEAD P0 BOX 34 Hsmrooms gg,ugggg,3g1g2gg063 PANTHER PLAY!-louse Browse through 50 000 ostcards paper Amerlcana and rural re lcs or search for pottery t1ns trade name and advertlslng slgns ln thls small town shop Callmg street numbers a blg Clt affectatlon Kay and Max Stansbury clalm t e1r sho across the street south of the post of ICE IS one seventh of the downtown buslness sectlon You 11 fxnd them 3 m1les west of I 35 on Mulhall Road one half north You ll enjoy a VlSlt to thelr shop Dealers welcome Hours dally 8 4 DAY CARE CENTER We Provlde Tender Lovlng Care For Your Panthers Full Tlme or Drop Ins 649 2529 649 2370 649 2464 FREY ANGUS FARM Clarence Anita Michael and Shella P 0 Box 7 Mulhall OK 73063 4051649 2334 , ' ff SP G Q-'I-ii-1755255 O 7 7 'K' fi' -. , Texaco Distributor - O.T.C. No. 50278 BOLAY OIL COMPANY, INC Office 405 336 9666 Home 405 336 9908 405 336 9162 Perry Oklahoma 73077 Goodyear Tnres of course 325 Seventh Street Perry Oklahoma 73077 Phone 44053 336 3465 DAYLIGHT DONUTS Bob and Jeannetta Denton Perry Oklahoma Telephone 336 2740 25955, ST CLHIR S WAUSAU HOMES Plumblng Elect AlrCondltlonlng Heatlng Maytag Sales and Service Jen A r Thermador 610 Cedar Perry Oklahoma 336 9411 Ml I I ll B110 l Ill RS DIR l I IDN l'llAl' l'0llS 2 Camden Way Perry Oklahoma 73077 I Don 455 2451 Q e-if Dale 336 9288 1 i QQ Tubbs Boot The Perry 8: Shoe Repa1r Dany journal 413 Srxth Street P Okl h eny a Uma Your Community Newspaper 336 3043 FARMERS UNIUN INSUH Ga rg Sngder Agent 619 D r P y okl 1 077 off 4o5 sae 4940 4o5 aaa 5949 1 1 4 7 4 J A , Y I T 1 0 A L Y 1 'I Y Y 'I J J L ' - ric - i - 1 ' - 4239 In - Vlff' A ' 1, .J V 3.7.- -it , ,,', We F r 'T --QL., ' 9 149 11 . " I S . 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X it I iii to ' 4' ioiiiki lii ie ' ' A it 3 7 405-336-9607 ll ' Blll Parker 1010 7th Box 107 Perry Oklahoma 73077 405 336 4444 when FUNERAL HOME vbqmw l405l 336 5211 Wafimazk Paztzazta NATURAL COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY BY JACK TALMADGE Monuments Burlal Insurance Pre Need Trust 305 7TH STREET PERRV OKLAHOMA 73077 donaldson 8: gahn LUMBER DEALERS 511 517 Delaware Telephone 336 2295 Perry, Oklahoma 73077 336 2296, 336 2297 2 . , f 5 Q G .. ' , 1 JN. ' ' , , . h - 1 '-is gr. '- I ' 9 l X p "':ezxfi: 4: '2- 0 1 EE UUUIL EKU IEEUIEIIULUIJILIEU Sales - Service 336-2273 520 Delaware Perry, Oklahoma LIARRVS BEISTYET FOODS Home Owned and Operated 1504 W. Fir Perry, Oklahoma 8 a.m.-9 p.m. 336-5209 Sunday 9 a.m.-7 p.m. 89er RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours Perry Oklahoma 35 and 64 Exlt 336 9207 ui as Boufco 5 JUNIOR S WOMEN S INFANT ITEMS 634C d y Okl Q61 QA! CTSZQL dk PERRY OKLA 73077 LINDA JOHNSON O ner FARMER S 0 UPERA TIVE EXHHANGE Feed Seed Fertlllzer Gram Petroleum L P Gas Custom Feedmlll Custom Seedcleaner Owned by Those We Serve Coyle Perry l I B fi ' u , H B Bl' Perr , ahoma CPE... l T ' . '1 - Q. A-.Q-45 -' "'- 1 '- r -fx" lf" l " ' V ' - . . - ' li Y is 7' ' -swif t ' if , f eos Delaware - 336-9689 '1 W ' .ff I"'- 1 '52 .,A,., T I . as ls i' --,f A-. w Qwzofzmf rY'lyItuCoPe MID COINTINEAT I I' RIVIANENT COMPANY B os P y okl h 73077 05 336 2248 li B EXCHANGE BANKAND TRUST COMPANY P.O. Box 797 Perry, Oklahoma 73077 44051 336 5531 Af- l VM 5 PLY STAINLESS STEEL co0KwARE 7 - . 1 , . - A A A 7 err , a oma - - Means Easy hnking V DeWayne Luster and Associates Auctioneers Brokers -locale: Pecuftq ,4act'oan ea Phones 514 Delaware Oll 336 2360 P Okl erry a Res 336 9458 We Speclallze In All Types of Sales BILL S KERR MCGEE 8th and Flr Perry Okla 73077 Phone 405 336 9042 Bull McAngus 405 336 5354 The Eron Corporotlon BGB ELECTRIC AND LIGHT F IXTURE STORE Resldentlal Farm lndustrlal Commercial Olllleld Electrical Service Licensed Bonded Insured Lamp Parts and Repair 602 Cedar Perry OK 73077 Blll Wagner Jack and Vrrglnla Slay 336 5587 Coast to Coast Perry Plaza Shopping Center Phone 336 5420 Perry Oklahoma 73077 212 E Oklahoma Phone 282 4420 Guthrie Oklahoma 73044 whu-1 ol ncnaamb SHEPARD REFRIGERATION 336 4665 626 Cedar Perry Oklahoma 73077 V56 Q 4 www gf iw hoto i , K E i F- , E f. i n i -f,,, g i 2' IQ, K . :wing gi L1 A . Z.. , KM K LV"1,.f. Q ggi by I "2 "I 1 1 'W .gxgw ' 1 QL .. we CARL S QUICK sToP Mulhall Oklahoma 649 2216 Grocenes Sandwmhes We Support Our School B h EhS HARRELL S TRENCHING SERVICE 455 2448 455 2424 d RALPH s PACKING coMPANv S GBUB CIR LE u Perklns Okla Phone 547 2464 I I y I ack oe-Trenchers- art aws 9 5 , Eugene David V 4 Orlan o, OK 5 RA 'S B D Mus , X yo Pg' fk I ' N N I GOLD SPOT DAIRY Iohn Heppler IGB Grocenes and Gas Open 6 10 Orlando Oklahoma Phone 455 2513 KQUNTJR K JIWTUGI-EE'E?N .n.a.u .I Ja.: lg dM SIB Old OK45 458 B1 M1ke Scott Iohnson TANK TRUCK Sz DOZER SERVICE INC Phone C4053 336 3501 Rt 1 Box 11 Perry OK 73077 ATI X94 N OW X LU ,gif Q9 oklahomasmsr I 'N Z Bank1ngTrad1t1on I' ffyfffpf WW' ff Q 5' Q 7lN0t4V Post Off1CE Box 160 Guthrle Oklahoma 73044 Member FDIC 282 4415 A 1 E11-1flT7EI'5E"'5 TYPEWRITER SERVICE STEIAII I-ICJTJSE1' 282 5553 E d 348 9747 301 E t Sp J ry Mn h ll G mfr Okl 73044 G rn 282 5553 om cry 348 9747 Guthrie Office Products O zceFmf e Suppfet L 010 Blndr 118W Okth Gth OK 73 44 3 Mrles North on US 77 At the Crmarron Rrver Guthrre, Oklahoma AC 4051282 9732 or 282 1670 44 ' X- 6 , . . 4' -': rg. . . . Jfnzohi "' fix 70'-v ' X -. A ,, I 4- 'rgf O C 1 ' 9 ' , I 5515 ' " " mx ft a - - - ' , s L i . .imj Speczalzzzng zn IBM Products dmon : - 'as ringer er c e u e, a. u . me - a. t - . . jf zz fur ' 1' 0 ev r zA 1 - , a oma u rue, O 'UUE IE will I3 .glzeclriclf yewendy KUUILW GJI3 L3 116 W. Oklahoma , Guthrie, okla. 73044 Ukfahomfs F"St 405-282-0657 X ' Dall!! NGWSPZPGF N I 107 Wesl Harrison Sue 0pgan Guthfie, P.O. Box 879 Phone: 282 2222 Backhoes - Trenching - Welding Truck Winch Truck - Roustabouts - Dump Truck Horizontal Boreing JEROME'S TRENCHING 81 CONSTRUCTICN Box 2 Phone 405-455-2248 Orlando, Oklahoma 73073 I Dig Oklahoma Congrotulotlons to the Seniors of 84 from Hugh and Frances Hugh Johnson Mulhall, Oklahoma JOM Phllllps Auto Supply Bumper to Bumper United Cooperative Inc. Best Deal in the Country Mulhall - Marshall - Lovell ooeo 4 B ' . X Q o o If we can't help you, nobody can. 105 Guthrie, OK W. Harrison 73044 I l 0l'l0I" Sociefy ' A A f V -T , Nm 3 ,glzarrie Jerome, Skafer, Jude .gifzfaafriclg .glzeffy .S7zrum, ollwa lgclzarcla, ofavonna wade, jonya lQoflzermef WUPJAQ lgoginaon anal Wilfe jiffmore m 1 . .w X .. . .., .... M xx.. ...j:gfW'e .,, - y W: i . V..-Q., K . 1- 5. . it we Center Left: Mrs. Dunn, Becky Knopfel, Daryl Snow, Stephanie Bussard, and Gerri Terry. Center Right: Greg Koch, I. D. Spaulding, and Mark Richards. FRIE DS . v x i KA X M.. fs 1' N Vx ,IL .3 if if , S' M idS 84 li HSSI' Dm Top Left: Roy McNeill, Kim Vaughn, and David Endevoets go to Mr. Toepfer when they have a math problem, Top Left Center: The Ag shop will never be the same after Bill Nelson and Troy Golay are finished. Bottom Left Center: Mike Hopkins, jeff Roberts, and Chris Hopfer cannot believe their brains look like this model. Top Right Center: Mrs, Raupe shows Veda Endevoets which assignment is due. Top Right: It's not hard for Todd Cook and Joey Fishburn to find a library bookg it's just hard for them to share. Bottom Right Center: Mrs. Stoddart shows one of her sewing tips to Kim Poston and Nina Prince. .w""""""' v W lvyy M at s yyy l A rr fi ' M 4520 HERE rx: T1 rs Sf Caught in the IIACTII Valentine's Day is very special to all people, but most of all to the elementary school, When Valentine-'s Day arrives, the students are eager to decorate their classes with hearts and such. Then on Valentine's Day they have the ever-exciting party. Another one of the unforgettable moments is the Christmas program where kindergarten through the sixth grade sing Christmas carols. I X fxfglvlll mr 4 N E M L X :AM Top Left: Anthony Shrum, a third grader, looks very pleased with the rainbow of hearts. Bottom Left: Sam Wampler, a fourth grader, shows how eager he is to read, Top Right: Rebekah Spaulding and Christy Cyphers are decorating the fifth grade room for Va1entine's Day. Center Right: Andy Wampler and Deana Cyphers like a cheerful door. Bottom Right: jamie Gallaway and Renee Flasch are making decorations for the second grade. .mins 3 W9 W' ,, Wt' W 5 jr WN W,,x,,,,,..A.f:' in s ,Q SENIGR IYIIANIIA Top Left: Cindy Herrin works hard during office practice, which she has fourth hour. This was Cindy's first year at M,O.H.S. Top Right: Doug Herrin and Steve Terrell are waiting on the bus to go to Vo-Tech. Doug is taking Air Condi- tioning and Steve is enrolled in Auto-Mechanics II. Bottom Right: During the Senior play, "The Groom Said No," Troy Kl- ingaman, as Will Cameron, hands Lesa Richards, as Inez Cameron, a glass of water and an aspirin. Little did Lesa know but the glass contained a pickle and pickle juice. Bottom Right: At the play, Donna Wooten, as Mary Alice Smith, sits quietly in the chair after being told to "sit down and be quiet." , , .. H I', -, . ,ii ,rrrtc ,cc ,..., , S sa- I His Top: In French, Scott Dickenson models the beard that Mrs. Dawson wore dressed as Santa during Homecoming week. Scott, it's just not you. Bottom: During the play, Brian Hafner, as Steve Camerin, and Lesa Richards, as his mother, try to withhold their laughter while Sharrie Ierome, as Mrs. Sorenson, talks about the up-coming wedding. Top: Dean Hopkins is seen here in Mrs. Hemmingway's classroom. Dean has class under Mrs. Hemmingway two hours a day. Bottom: In this scene Shelby Bay, as Clara Curtis, watches while Darin Snow, as Ed Smith, tells Brian Hafner, her fiance, what a wonderful person she is. Brian, as Steve Cameron, is trying to back out of the marriage. When we look into the water. fm What do we see? VX A reflection of today. ,1 ,f , But when we see a year ook .Y THANKS FOR THE MEMQRIES yesterd y. we sit A await th , r go through years of school, X Meeting new friends. Cherish your new friends, But keep the old. Your new friends are worth silver, The old ones are worth gold. A yearbook is a treasure, All the memories locked inside. Open the front cover, You shall find, All the memories that have been left behind. Pictures of friends, teachers, even more Incidents you thought you forgot, Like the time the team had to settle the score, Lessons that the teachers taught, Ribbons and pennants that you bought. The seniors will now be gone And as the others move on. The seniors of '84 Can't help but wonder What lies beyond M-O's doors. When you're on your own, Feeling sort of alone. just take down your yearbook, VVhile you're remembering id even more the year of Autographs 2 fx 'Q ,aw r v 3 . 5 5 2 'E -E 4 1

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