Mulhall Orlando High School - Panther Yearbook (Orlando, OK)

 - Class of 1969

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THE A THER We the Seniors of Mulhall-Orlando High School wish to dedicate this annual to this first year and fol- lowing years of consolidation for the two schools. The Senior Class, along with the rest of the school, is work- ing hard to make it a success. This annual represents the students of this school, the teachers, and the ad- ministration. The annual staff has very diligently created this annual. Everyone has cooperated, and we leave our fellow classmates a worthwhile and energetic future at Mulhall-Orlando High School. 06997 Administration m m. .. Is' fin. 'Iii if U? In at Yf-iS!2'1',1,f . X1 7 1 A e I A 593' i 5 Q ' ' . ' Y ' , S H f "'-"' ,, 2 r I L ' " "L' - i mW..M.,Q, t Yi ,A 2 ' 5' s SK v r , av 2 9' X 5 R x K .. X A 'Q !1,',x Q? J , ,fr fr ,- -ee . 1, 2- 3, 4. Il. MR. JOHNSON - Superintendent 2. MR. HARRIS - Principal 3. MR. LORANCE - Elementary Principal 4. MRS. WATTS - Secretary 5. SCHOOL BOARD - Eldon Fillmore, Law- rence Schwandt, Raymond McPeek, Dwight Day, and Dwayne Clements MR. CHAPMAN - Science MR. TOPI-IER - Mathematics MRS. STILL - English, Social Studies MRS. CLARK - Home Economics, Seventh Science MRS. HASLEM - Speech, English, Library MISS MILLER - Business, Social Studies MR. SQUIRES - Industrial Arts, Jr. High Coach MR. WADE - Vocational Agriculture MR, JONES - Counselor MRS. BULLING - Music MRS. RESNEDER - Kindergarten, Junior High Math MRS, MRS. MRS MRS MRS YOST - Sixth Grade WHITE - Fifth Grade KAUTZ - Fourth Grade ZONDLER - Third Grade ORR - Second Grade MRS HAMEL - First Grade First Semester MRS. FERRELL - First Grade Second Semester MRS. SCOTT - Speech Therapist 55512 Our Little World 1.. ORLANDO COOKS - Pearl Draper and Catherine Green 2. MULHALL COOKS - Mamie Hannah and Elizabeth Cyphers. 3. ORLANDO JANITOR - Everett George. 4. MULHALL JANITOR - Walt Andrews. lags 5. ORLANDO BUS DRIVERS - Jack Chapman, Ronnie Squires, and Glen Jerome. 6. MULHALL BUS DRIVERS --Ray Engleking, Lincoln Lewis, and John Resneder. 2 - .. H ' R 5 VV Q FLM'-gs' N, K l Y' v IZ' , .g, , . if l A in 4 ,Q QM. - Q., yjifi, as 'ff" ' " Jw Yf,.:,'H'g. iillet or i 1 1 5 ,L I 122' W if 33521 I J I . . ,, 2,3 I' 3 4 5 Classes sr E 5 22,5 . Q YE A im?-wad' Seniors Q! I 969B BONNIE LOUISE BARTRAM DEBORAH SUE CHAPMAN THOMAS WILSON FAGAN JUDY LYNN FILTZ SHARON FAYE GALLAWAY ROGER LYNN HARMAN CONNIE SUE HAYES LOUIS EDWARD KARNS SHEILA ANN LAWLER STEVEN RAY LORANCE GEORGE EDDIE MCNEIL PAMELA SUE MCNEILL MESH KENNETH JACK MILLS NORMA JEAN MOORE TRESSA GAY NEALIS CHERYL EILEEN ORR DAVID J. ORR JOHN RAY RESNEDER JANE LINDA SEARS DON WILLIAM SMITH KEITH WAYNE SCHWANDT LEO WAYNE SYLVESTER NATHAN JOE WEHR SENIOR ACTIVITIES Cheryl Orr - Secretary 2, 43 President 33 Basketball Queen Attendant 23 Crisco Award 33 All Around Girl 2, 33 National Honor Society l,2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3,45 Basketball Queen 33 Annual Staff 43 School Paper Staff 43 Drama 43 Lettered 1, 2,3, 43 Algebra I Award 1. Roger Harman - Basketball 1,2,3,43 Lettered l,2, 3,4Q Baseball 1,2,3,43 Lettered l,2, 3,43 FFA l,2,33 Drama 4. Connie Hayes - Basketball 1, 2, 3,42 Lettered 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball Queen 33 Annual Queen Attendant 23 An- nual Staff 3,45 4-H 1,2,3, 43 Student Senate 3,43 Treasurer 13 Drama 3,43 Glee Club 4. Joe Wem - Basketball 1,2,3,42 lettered 1,2, 3,43 Baseball l,2, 3, 43 Lettered 1, 2, 3,42 Basketball King 43 President 43 Vice President 33 Drama 3, 4. Jane Sears - FFA Attendant 1,2,3: Cheerleader 13 Basketball 23 4-H 13 Annual Queen Attendant 23 School Paper staff 43 Treasurer 1,25 Secretary 33 Drama 4. Leo Sylvester - Baseball 1,2,3,43 Lettered 1,2,3,43 Basketball 23 Lettered 23 FFA l,2, 3, 43 Drama 4. Parn McNeill - Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Lettered 1,2, 3, 43 Basketball Queen Attendant 33 Basketball Queen 43 Sec retary 13 National Honor Society 2,33 Vice President 33 Glee Club 43 Annual Staff 43 Drama 43 Girls' State 3. John Resneder - Boys' State 33 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Lettered 1,2,3,4Q Baseball 1,2,3,43 Lettered l, 2, 3,41 Track 33 Vice President 43 Oklahoma Honor Society 2, 33 Student Senate 33 Student Senate President 43 4-H 1,2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 3, 43 Drama 3, 4. Sheila Lawler - Basketball 1,2,3, 43 Lettered 1,2,3, 43 Basketball Queen Attendant lg Cheerleader J.,2,3Q Sec retary 13 Student Senate 33 4-H 1,2,3,43 Outstanding 4-H Senior Girl 33 Soil and Water Conservation Girl 43 Drama 3, 4. Eddie McNeil - FFA 33 Swimming 2g Track 23 Football 2. Judy Filtz - Basketball 1,2,33 Lettered 1,2,33 Cheerleader 1,2,33 Reporter 43 School Paper Staff 43 Annual Staff Photographer 43 Drama 2,3,4. Keith Schwandt - Boys' State 33 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Lettered l,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Lettered 1,2,3, 43 Reporter 23 Treasurer 33 FFA .l, 2, 3, 43 FFA Secretary 33 FFA Vice President 43 Annual Staff 43 Drama 4. Bonnie Bartram - Basketball 1, 2, 3,42 Lettered 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball Attendant 1, 4g FFA Queen 23 FFA Atten- dant 43 Reporter lg School Paper Staff 43 Annual Staff 43 Drama 4. Tommy Fagan - Basketball 13 FFA 1,2,83 FFA Sentinel 13 FFA Vice President 33 Class President 13 Beta Club lg Student Senate 43 History Award 13 Drama 4. Debbie Chapman - Annual Queen Attendant 2g Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Student Senate Vice President 33 Student Senate 43 Glee Club 1,43 Drama 3, 4. SENIOR ACTIVITIES David Orr - Basketball l,2,3, 45 Lettered 1,2,35 FFA 1,2,3,45 FFA Reporter 45 Member of the Junior Ameri- can Hereford Association 1, 2, 3,45 FFA Crop Metal 35 Drama 4. Norma Moore - Basketball l,2,3,45 Lettered 2, 3,45 4-H Club 1, 2, 3,45 4-H Reporter 1,25 4-H President 35 4-H Treasurer 45 Beta Club 15 Cheerleader 15 Paper Staff 45 Drama 4. Don Smith - Basketball 1,2,3, 45 Lettered 1,2, 3, 45 Baseball 1,2,3, 45 Lettered 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 35 President 1, 35 Student Senate 35 FFA 45 Drama 2,3,4. Sharon Gallaway - Basketball 1,2,3,45 Lettered 2,3,45 President 25 Paper Staff 45 Drama 4. Steve Lorance - Basketball 1,2,3,45 Lettered 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Lettered 1,2,3,45 Football l,2,35 Lettered 1,2, 35 Band 15 Treasurer 15 President 25 Secretary 35 Student Senate 45 Drama 4. Tressa Nealis - Glee Club 1,25 Basketball 2, 35 Secretary 35 Drama 2, 3, 4. Jack Mills - Basketball 1,2,35 Lettered 1,2,35 Basketball King 35 FFA 1,2, 3,45 FFA Treasurer 2,35 FFA Pres ident 45 Boys' State 3. Louis Karns - Basketball 2, 35 Baseball 2,35 Track 35 Treasurer 1,45 FFA 45 Drama 3,4. SENIOR'S BABY PICTURES Norma Moore Roger Harman Cheryl Orr Pam McNeill Debbie Chapman Bonnie Bartrarn Steve Lorance Don Smith David Orr Tommy Fagan Connie Hayes Judy Filtz Leo Sylvester Louis Karns John Resender Tressa Nealis Keith Schwandt Sharon Gallaway Joe Wehr Jane Sears Eddie McNeil Jack Mills Shelia Lawler ., ..hf " Dusty Bode Roberta Burnett , "fav V Juniors Mary Jane Bronner K . 0 . 'S . U If Na . ., , .. l wr'-v iff? :gin 'Fi-1. i i Q v C 4 , 0' ff V VL: Qi 'R 'gt n X it st ,r tw 3. 1 "ii, uv Fi Qu ff L ' .- gglf- X1 rs K N Ha Rx Chris Clements Daphne Causey Maurice Day Craig Fent X Janis Fillmore John Golay Denise Hafner Durene Howard Lynn Hunt Stanley Kautz Donnie Kienholz Kenneth Kindschi Pamela Kindschi Lucinda McBlai.r Robert Nealis I oy Schmiedbauer e l ' 1 N D- N 'Q r Q ' X James Yarborough 1 r M f"" y Walter Wofford 9 f is . - ' I11Hi0IS at C0I1C6SSi01'1 Stand Not pictured are: Cecil Harmon, Rodney Wiss, and David McAnal1y S 'M rx "' 9 5 , Glenda Bartram Ronnie Bay ..-' V f i Q ' f -+ F Sherry Crabtree Melvin Cyphers Jackie Dixon Sophomore Robert Filtz Garye Gallaway James Hafner Eileen Hilburn Mark Kirby Patti Kindschi Darla Klingaman Dennis Lorance Levonn Lowrie David Perrin Steve Schwandt Jerry Sylvester ' LA' ' - Wigr A i HA rv, - ,Q fr - Fonda Wofford ' 'T ' J Randy Yarborough Not pictured are: Johnnie Pfeiffer and Ben Jefferies HV vm fwf QW Wqbm lwrnw Joe Bentley Clyde Bode 7.. William Burnett Carl Bussard Freshmen Mary Ellen Detwiler J i,3 6 V1 ".w, , WH' , 1.3 ' if ,R if wma fqp.. i s ,fiflhs +tlr,,,,,.,,,3 sa- 'www' Keith Fillmore Shirley Freeborn Kathy Harrell Linda Harrell ,W-fs Q S J l 1 J M : w , 1 ,ggi Z, A , V " A Z :' F 5, J .-,, 4, 2 , , ' f JM..-.,, M,l1f..r 'H V . . -' J VN 'L fl ' K :Wm J , ' " vert ' V "au" ' i' - lf, J J V , ,, ' V ' f' ' if ' 3,4 -' , p 4,'-W A ' ii a t E 1-I, rig. , ,fm 1-, 3" """' ' ' 'if i f 5, . .f I In Y .il " JW: Wfgi 'lr HV lu, ,r ' X fp , , lr., fi , 'js' '54 A XV W ,Vu J W fr r V' 1 I-f,.l-fr-fa, - , , , 1 in -' ':f's ' '11 ' 1, MK-I., "sz W 1 ' . n 'kr . , -, gf 5 rry ggs- , - - F' , ' fl 'f' nf , QBSFH 2 wilt! 1 R' '- :Q - Sf. j,5ireEa,:V,S'5 ' ' gt ' if '-,g.'-,g,,.zf4g,,, W" ' 1.1 ' 'F-Mir Q' rx -V ,,?:,VgV.,.,, V L, ,L J Jimi.. lf: - -' I' fV V W' 9 bf Ml' 4, sw gy, .. , 1 V - 'fr , , . 4 . 6 4 1 3' NB, 'iz ' ' Er, 'P " ' V1 Y I Elaine Hayes Dennis Howard LuAnn Jerome Janet Johnson Mike Kautz David Klingarnan John Lawler Terry Majors Bert McBlair Cindy McLaughlin Gary Orr Ricky Redman Randy Voreis Bobby Weinkauf John Reece 'fav Eighth grade math class ' ' Na Brenda Bartram Cheryl Bay Delinda Causey Gary Cyphers Marcia Filtz Gary Freeborn 'KN Eighth Joe lorance Joyce Lowrie Teresa Lowrie Ramonda Mills Eddie Moore Tommy Moore Scotty Oldenburg Jo Vona Pfeiffer Mary Reece Mike Reece Barb ara Schwandt Kathi Schwandt Neal Shafer Barbara Winter 'mf 'ir-fr' Donna Bay Louise Bronner Greg Chapman Seventh Rhonda Clements Ned Detwiler Gary Ditch Pat Ferrel Rv K 'sbs ' e A '1 - 2' 'fl 11 syaffiw- f.- f w ' X I C Q-ggi, . . li, , Zf,55ifi5Ia3:1i i5' f H' is RK 'IN . . "N: fy wr NP' Wa. , ir 1 'ibn Debbie Fillmore Randy Gallaway Kathy Goodrich Kay Goodrich Gary Hafner Wayne Hafner Parn Harrell Judy Hood Mary Kautz Wanda Kienholz Terry Kindschi Randy Kindschi Fred Lowrie Mark McPeek Sandy Nealis Judy Oldenburg Terry Redman Kent Stephenson Kathy Wofford Lori Yost Debbie Bussard Kenny Cyphers A sneak look at the sixth grade Sixth David Day Marty Gallaway Mildred Hafner Keith Hayes Darrell Howard Lora Karcher Gayla Kienholz Cheryl Knox Vicki Leach Mike Lorance Ernie McBlair Jeannie McB1air James Pfeiffer ' js, fm W", 25 ft! Lavonne Bronner Teri Bulling uv.. 'RL Judy Cook Verlin Decker Leonard Ditch 46' 4 Qin ffl 5152 y ,gg The Fifth Grade 'observing the world" 'sr Fifth John Donaldson Billy Engleking Dale Freeborn Ronnie Golay David Harrell Vicki Johnson Larry Kindschi Brian McPeek Jonnie Meyer Ronda Redman Sherry Smith Cheryl Watts Sheryl Winter Sue Yost Fourth Chris Harman Francis I ay Jimmy Jay Barbara Knox Nikki leach Robin McAnally Macky McB1air Ricky Orr Jerry Pfieffer Clinton Silvers Suzayne Sloan Brent Stephenson Phyliss Watts Dean Winter GN Jerry Bently Dana Chapman Vera Lynn Cothern Ladonna Cutler Debre Harrell Tami Hart 'W' x- A , 9? .li It Tx 3 we .,. N Y k N I -A V X Q ,- -5, H' l A-is .3 Qu ' 'ir tc m sl E sf 'e s 5 'N' y RQ ll 4 t' M -.,' .g A . . ',. . .521 WBAM, I . ' 1 fo xii ' i s, W' 2 - 'E ' , X 1 r 2 fl ' rs if 5 y Q 4 A, r 5 'P AI: -r'2i3.QA ,sf X. ,. X t 1 Q Engrossed Third graders. v at 3 K.-.. 5, GN X it 4. ,W staff? 2 l Third Karen Hood Ronnie Kienholz Paula Knopfel Virgil Nealis Curtis Nida Jerry Oldenburg Mike Schrammel Tracy Phillips Shirley Ritter Forest Voreis Vicki Walton Gayla Watts W 'kj' af rw .f N 1, ,l a A f in 1 ? 540, Ben Yost ' i J 5 W Mike Yost ri l srs Ma? Chris Bulling Linda Cyphers 'T' Kevin Hafner Freda Hutchison 5 . - H 1- A 'Q fr, ' il. hw " x!0 'l5 1 If ,ff , , h ,-,M ,, ., , on - 'W' H h 1 Second Jo Ann Jay Bobby Johnson Marshall Knox LuAnn Lorance Kenny Nealis James Silvers Michelle Sloan Tonya Smith Kim Uhrig ll 3 , , I dv J -N A A J X' L A Q , . . V S' I A ' w ' 2 . 'T-in Catching the Second Grade off guard. Ricky Bently John Bode Wayne Budzene Arthur Bussard Lee Dailey Todd Harris The "Just Beginning" First Grade ,- Tammi Walton First Bruce Hart Randy Jay Donnie Johnson Glen Kienholz Leslie Hunnicut Harold Meyers Melanie McPeek Carol McPeek Winnie Nealis Jackie Pfeiffer Janet Ritter Ronald Terrell fmt- ,, ,P my uni-N? "FUN-Aufvl Lori Dawn Bode Kindergarten Desiree Dawn Bowden David Clements Michael Dean Frey Mike Gorrell Nancy Lynn Jay Tena Renee Jones i yydd ,gi -- it 1 , 4? 1457 , W a .qw f a-- 1-M it X x , if' L rl '-W -Q t 'M wx- ' K f .-- Q, Vg , fi . 'M new ,gill-if , ' J, . 'K " 1' ,sl , S1 . l g if - I -- ffiaelfi , ' tk tzwnw el .t MM, .5 T3 l. iii' 'V SS ' - Y ' 9 in -z fs ',.Hzv:,. ' 11 , va. X, 4 f - l U- k zgw' .f!:j'31- "WB gif' 1 , f , ,N rm ' -I - me f w ' fa' wi Y 2 2' 1 if., , Jw 9 -. - iw 4, f Q ff ' , ,JH , gs- 1, wwf Qfzf ,jf . V- N L1 1 ng ' ' ,W ' gr Eu, V, .,,g , ,Q , M U , 2 V ,, -'Biff' ff' Ez 355, is - ilu 'M Kindergarten, goofing off. A Kendra Klingarnan Tracy Klingaman Sandra Kay Knox Mikki Kahn Leach Lisa Jean Nida Phillip Stacy Paul Richards Pauicia Sloan Maxine Wiss Marvin Decker Marie Decker Gwen Budzene Betty Ann Jack sa., e .pq 'f s 'J " iifliiikfig .,.. 5 B A ? 9 ,, Q. qi if i ,ui L Crganizations 'C' dum up 445 gf Gwfxezzpm' 3,03 55,516 l i t's'T 3fL fg J 'rftr 111, - ' 'l 5 'l1 FFA Members are: TOP ROW: Rick Redman, Joe Bentley, Johnny Reece, Bert McBlair, Clyde Bode, David Klingaman, Randy Voreis, Keith Fillmore. 2nd ROW: Dennis Howard, David Perrin, Ronnie Bay, Jimmy Harman, Mark Kirby, John Golay, Kenny Kindschi, Don Smith, Louis Karns, Robert Nealis. 8rd ROW: Bobby Weinkauf, Randy Yarborough, Cecil Harman, Garye Gallaway, Craig Fent, Lynn Hunt, Donnie Kienholz, Rodney Wiss, Maurice Day, Jackie Dixon. BOTTOM ROW: Sam Wade, advisor, Da- vid Orr, Reporter, Melvin Cyphers, Chaplain, Leo Sylvester, Secretary, Dusty Bode, Treasurer, Janis Fillmore, Queen, Jack Mills, President, Keith Schwandt, Vice President, Jerry Sylvester, Sentinel, Steve Schwandt, Parliamentarian. .f Mr. Wade, Instructor Mulhall Stock Show, February 26, David Orr, Dennis Howard, and Rodney Wiss C FF t i V A i Dennis Howard and Southdown at the 1968 International Livestock Exposition at Chica go. Grand Champion Wether Lamb. David Orr at the Mulhall Fat Stock Show. Rodney Wiss with his Grand Champion Gilt. Grand Champion Steer. QUEEN Pam Kindschi ATTENDANTS: 1. Bonnie Bartram, 2. Durene Howard, 3. Darla Klingaman, 4. Mary Ellen Detwiler wr 2 2 1 IMI Ihr rf ., .S ' ' D 3.4: ' J .- i K Q A ' i J ' ' -2 ,egg fa..,5,,,'::.. 3 'sf' 1-:mr -' 5- .,"'f,,' '?'f'J-5 j 2' ' ' , Junior and Senior High 4-H members are: BACK ROW: Mrs. Resneder, Dure1fHoward, Pan Kindschi, Sheila Lawler, Norma Moore, Connie Hayes, JoVona Pfeiffer, Johnnie Pfeiffer, John Resneder, Gary Cyphers, NEXT ROW: Kathy Harrell, Dibbie Fillmore, Pat Ferrell, Lori Yost, Janet Johnson, Mary Ellen Detwiler, Linda Harrell, Elaine Hayes, Pam Harrell, Mary Kautz, Judy Oldenburg. FIRST ROW: Ned Detwiler, Eddie Moore, Scotty Oldenburg, John Lawler, Tom- my Moore, Mark McPeek, Kent Stevenson, Mike Kautz, Terry Redman, Randy Gallaway. Elementary 4-H Members: TOP ROW: Barbara Knox, Clinton Silvers, Vickie Leach, Cheryl Watts, Chris Harman, John Donaldson, Nickie Leach, David Day. 2nd ROW: Brent Stephenson, Brian McPeek, James Pheiffer, Billy Engleking, Kenny Cyphers, Darrell Howard, Jerry Pheiffer, Keith Hayes, David Harrell. lst ROW: Robin McAna1ly, Vickie Johnson, Rhonda Redman, Rene Bulling, Phyliss Watts, Susan Sloan, Terry Bulling, Shirley Fillmore, Sue Yost. ,. .-...,,. Student Senate members first semester are: Robert Filtz, Barbara Winters, Darla Klingaman, Gary Hafner, Maurice Day, Sherry Crabtree, Sec. , Janis Fillmore, John Resneder, Pres. , Tommy Fagan, Daphne Causey, Vice- Pres. , Connie Hayes, David Klingaman, Elaine Hayes, Neal Shafer, Lori Yost. Sponsors are Mr. Chapman and Mrs. Clark. r r , r 6 Annual Staff: John Resneder, Connie Hayes, Bonnie Bartram, Keith Schwandt, Cheryl Orr, Pam McNeill. Q X Q, . l 1, fs :elf ,wma annum Athletic E "fL1.f.'fQ9 ng zw"?Gvif993, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Sears, Bonnie Bartram, Sharon Callaway, Connie Hayes, Darla Klingaman, Glenda Bartram, and Sheila Lawler. BACK ROW: Denise Hafner, Judy Filtz, Norma Moore, Cheryl Orr, Pam McNeill, Pam Kindschi, Durene Howard, and Mr. Eugene Johnson. C Senior High Basketball LEFT TO RIGHT: Dusty Bode, Rodney Wiss, Dennis Lorance, Roger Harman, Donnie Kienholz, and Keith Schwandt. BACK ROW: Don Smith, Steve Lorance, Joe Wehr, Mr. Stacy Harris, David Orr, Craig Fent, and John Resneder. Senior High Basketball BONNIE BARTRAM ROGER HARMAN SHARON GALLAWAY Seniors STEVE LORANCE CONNIE HAYES DAVID ORR SI-IEILA LAWLER JOHN RESNEDER Seniors PAM MCNEILL l KEITH SCHWANDT i , NORMA MOORE DON SMITH CHERYL ORR Seniors A JOE WEHR 4 ' ' ww -'N, N. :V vwxvmr. COACHES ,MW LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay Goodrich, Donna Bay, Brenda Bartram, Teresa Lowrie, JoVonna Pfeiffer, Marcia Filtz, Mr. Ronald Squires, Cathy Harrell, LuAnn Jerome, Barbara Winters, Mary Detwiler Cheryl Bay, and Linda Harrell. Junior High and Grade LEFT TO RIGHT: Mildred Hafner, Debbie Bussard, Sue Yost, Gayla Kienholz, Rhonda Redman, Sheryll Winters, Johnnie Myer, LaVonne Bronner, Vicki John- son. BACK ROW: Vikki Leach, Teri Bulling, Lora Karcher, Judy Cook, Sherry Smith, Jeannie McBlair, Cheryll Watts, and Mr. Wayne Lorance. mzglrw ,, ,V 2,5 1, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Lorance, Scott Oldenburg, Ned Detwiler, Gary Cyphers, Dennis Howard, Mr Ronald Squires, Gary Orr, Keith Fillmore, Ricky Redman, David Klingaman, John Lawler. Junior High LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronnie Golay, Verlin Decker, Brian McPeek, Billy Engle- king, Larry Kindschi, Kenny Cyphers, Keith Hayes, Leonard Ditch. BACK: Dale Freeborn, David Harrell, David Day, Marty Gallaway, Mr. Wayne Lo- rance, James Pfeiffer, Darrel Howard, Mike Lorance, John Donaldson. B a s k and 6 Grade t b 3 LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronnie Bay, Donnie Kienholz, Jerry Sylvester, Leo Sylvester, Roger Harman, Keith Schwandt, and Johnnie Golay. BACK ROW? Mark Kirby, Don Smith, Joe Wehr, Mr. Stacy Harris, Steve Lorance, John Resneder, Dennis Lorance, and Craig Fent. Pep Club LEFT TO RIGHT: Sherry Crabtree, Elaine Hayes, Debbie Chapman, Janis Fillmore, and Patti Kind schi. and LEFT TO RIGHT: Janet Johnson, Cindy McLaughlin, Lori Yost, Pam Harrell, and Barbara Schwandt. C Senior h e High e r e Junior a d High e r s Activities F sum, 4 w Senior Pla "HEADIN' FOR THE HILLS" l968 M'f1"f2'ff'- P1 "2S'Tsff1?-ii1?Y-.'i- 5' " fffsff:i?i4?i'1h 'fx ,Q 'E' ' .i z .5 Er sg deaf? wr-55:12-1' Twin.-.x.f-:,..' W. ff. ff:z'15igg2ee'i ,Q:ggg.QgQ.s:sZ'4,.E:w'!aix3. ,gk wi. 1,' 1:,,-,:.:,, Q1 5, ,hpw 1!X 1 M 1 'EQ fIiZ.if523k2'f' !f:3 f' ,l t 53' T -1 wi L ,gigmgglii-SEQ: gw11E3E3if. f,,v1,, , Efigli-,iSEf'fif:1.:f-M fxwg-vi . . ,412 f lf? Aki ... .4-1 fm ,M . .,,. , .. , K : K xx. Q W- f.'- Q X 4 -' wr A X : f251511s1as:.eefzasfeuzse an ,k W X 1 Nw Q W' -X S gm .3 x Q ' 1 4 592551 ' Ir W, W . X , Q Aw M C , . A"' F ai 53f3 ruufanLi p f' Q , 3 S 8 I I e ' f T Vg, ,- an H ' QUEEN Pam McNeill I Queen and Attendants Glenda Bartram Pam Kindschi B0H11i6 B2-IWIBIH Homecoming Queen and Attend ants ABOVE: Homecoming Dance LEFT: Crowning Homecoming Homecoming Prep arations Homecoming Dance Christmas Program I 968 Music The members of the High School Music Class are: FRONT ROW: Mrs. Bullings, instructor, Eileen Hilburn, Janis Fillmore, Pan Kindschi, Pam McNeill. SECOND ROW: Debbie Chapman, Tressa Nealis, Darla Klingaman, Patti Kindschi. BACK ROW: Fonda Wofford, Flenda Bartram, Durene Howard, Connie Hayes. Members of the Junior High Music Class are: FRONT ROW: Mrs. Bullings, instructor, Cindy Mc Laughlin, LuAnn Jerome, Mary Ellen Detwiler, JoVona Pfeiffer, Teresa Lowrie, Barbara Winters, Kathy Harrell, Joyce Lowrie, Marcia Filtz, Pat Farrell, Delinda Causey. SECOND ROW: Linda Harrell, Shirley Freeborn, Barbara Schwandt, Elaine Hayes, Cheryl Bay, Pam Harrell, Mary Kautz, Kathy Goodrich, Sandy Nealis, Wanda Kienholz, Louise Bronner, Kathy Wofford. BACK ROW: Lori Yost, Janet Johnson, Donna Bay, Brenda Bartram, Kathy Schwandt, Ramonda Mills, Kay Goodrich, Judy Hood, Mary Reece, Rhonda Clements, Judy Oldenburg, Debbie Fillmore. 2 1 Any Day at Mulhall-Orlando 1. Lunch 2. Hams 8. Between Classes 4. Studying 5. Football at Noon 4 5 Things Remembered by Students of Mulhall-Orlando Schools 1. Bus Rides 2. Special Friends 3. Basketball 4. Certain Programs 5. Occasional Parties 6. A Few Teachers 4 5 WT P5 H015 55W A a Al E 5 Q . E 5 1 3, W7 ' Y V V 1 i. ,, fp ., ,ms - , i ,,, U H Ly tv , if QQ 4 h,li j bwQA F , ,, Qlifzf " NJ Q I , wzmrsn Sb M , ..A, mx Q H AAIAVV 5 M E V N ' N l ' i" ""Y Q ' M Q , -' rx J H 5 . 'W , X P, 1 2 ll f fr f 'Y ' , i ffiii' 0 M J' 'L+ ., 5- if ' b l , ... 3 lit' A O N V 'AAi'Ai H A -,ju 3 if 'I , - if In A UR l NJ N V 931-1 N I I Q 3 I 1 , z ' 5, E 5 .Q, I AV V ,., 4V i K AY Avg f if 'Ja 3 G f , '11 ., A NT I N N Qx-QM' XEVH yy 5 n , X X SRF X , Q , G ,No 2? A .Q fgifrl V 1' -it T A QB? JOH N Gly - M aa QHAPMAN SHWY ,V-+8 M ! Q-fr . A i W W 3. A El7'H :iA1 X k 'iiiilllli DENNIS 2, i Mme MILLER OKLAHOMA TIRE 8: SUPPLY CO. BU 2-4380 Guthrie Oklahoma DOINS RESTAURANT We Specialize in Charcoal Steaks 216 East Okla. Guthrie Oklahoma FURROW 8: COMPANY Flowers and Gifts Guthrie, Oklahoma DIXIE DISCOUNT Better Merchandise for Lower Prices BU 2-2730 102 W. Okla. Guthrie Oklahoma 1 ACTON S WHITES MIDWEST JEWELERS Furniture ' Pianos Quality Merchandise Guthrie GEORGIA'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone MI 9-2283 Mulhall Oklahoma BEN FRANKLIN STORE Guthrie Oklahoma MODE - O - DAY Guthrie Oklahoma RAFF 'S CAFE Mulhall Oklahoma MCVICKERS STATIONERY CO. INC. 110 E. Oklahoma TABER'S WELDING 214 S. 11th Pe rry, Oklahoma We Specialize in Feeders Guthrie Oklahoma , 9' Q 'fir CHUCK S U X PAINT AND PAPER C 2 Corner of Main and McElroy X Stillwater, Oklahoma V RESNEDER'S Orlando Oklahoma MIDWAY MOBIL I-35 and Mulhall Road Route 1552 Mulhall, Oklahoma "Grand Champion Winner 1968" Chicago International Won by Dennis Howard the first club member to win in the 69 year history of the show. HOWARD SOUTH DOWNS Mulhall, Oklahoma Highways Fine st Re staurants NICKERSON FARMS I-35 and Mulhall Rd. "MULHALL COMMUNITY CLUB" A Community Organization Serving the Needs of ' the People in the Community of Mulhall C omplime nts of BOB BRADBURY County District 1 TEE CEE'S DRIVE IN "Chicken, Our Specialty" Call in Order Phone BU 2-2614 Commissioner 1122 North Wentz Guthrie, Okla. Buick - Pontiac - Cadillac and GMC Trucks B. K. DANIEL MOTOR CO. 120 E. Cleveland Guthrie Oklahoma SEQUOYAH The Little Store With the "Big Deal." FRANCIS SANALRIA and .TOE CAR MICHAEL AUSTIN CHEVROLET CO. Sales and Service 101-103 E. Harrison Phone BU 2-0181 Guthrie Okla- MARY'S FLOWER SHOP We Give S8:1-1 Green Stamps or Gunn Brother Stamps so. U.s. Highway 77 Ph. BU 2-3717 Guthrie, Okla. Shop Safeways and Save Guthrie , Oklahoma GUTHRIE DAILY LEADER First in News and Pictures in Logan County BU 2'Z22-2 Guthrie, Ok 3. DONALDSON AN D YAHN Us Q- I For All Your Building Materials See Them Soon Downtown Perry, Oklahoma FIRST NATIONAL BANK Y Mfr-18 WSU Q99 Hur, "- Xin m T Q 3 5, min 1:3 4 ' 1n5m..:1.l- Q Q5 2 U 11 1' 0 ax W J mpg 5 0 0 E9 Perry, Oklahoma BOHOT AND McCAIN OIL COMPANY BIRCKET INSURANCE ALVIN BOHOTT BILL,McCAIN OWHSI' Owner Good Insurance for Your Needs MI 9-2368 Mulhall Oklahoma Orlando, Oklahoma GI 5-3601 "We Spring Bermuda-Grass" CONSTRUCTION THIE OLDENBURGS MI 9 - 24 96 Mulhall Oklahoma Custom Built I-lornes "We Drive Our Own Nails" Roy McNeill Harold Biggs BU Z-3347 BU 2-2896 Guthr ie, Oklahoma THE FIRST STATE BANK AND TRUST CQMPANY Member F, D. I, C, 224 E Oklahoma Guthrle Oklahoma HUGH JOHNSON . louwnun Mulhall, Oklahoma Choose From the Long Green Llne of John Deere Equipment THE GUTHRIE MONUMENT CO. PRESTON WALKER 118 N. First Guthrie, Oklahoma Phone 282-0577 7 JACK E. MILLER Guthr ie, Oklahoma Phone 282-3131 IFIRST SMITH'S NATIONAL FUNERAL BANK HOME "Oldest in Ok1a." 202 West Oklahoma Phone 282-4415 Guthr ie, Oklahoma 220 N. First Phone 282-2272 Guthrie, Oklahoma Ambulance Se rvice ST. CLAIR'S P 81 E Plumbing - Electric - Air 'Conditioning - Heating DALE WILSON 610 Cedar St. Perry, Okla. FE 6-2273 Sales 336-9411 Perry, Oklahoma Service UNITED cooP SEARS Rolssuclc INCORPORATED AND COMPANY Phone MI 9-2361 Mulhall, Oklahoma Merchant and Catalog Sales Perry, Oklahoma CHUCK AND MARY- ARNOLD C omplime nts of C. J. NELSON Oldsmobile Rambler Your Authorized Oldsmobile Rambler Dealer for Mulhall-Orlando Area ELDON FILLMORE BUILDING CONTRACTOR Mulhall, Oklahoma Route 2 MI 9-2418 Dealer for International Aqua Swimming Pools 123 North 2nd Guthrie 782-0313 A66 ox.o RELl4sLe. ESTABLISHED 1896 X H lm i ' 'tj IBM 'f?'l.f1-f f 1 . 'I' 1-f' Y S em -1 It C , f . 2- I r l u n-M K, III it 17- EXCHANGE BANK OF PERRY Pe r ry, Oklahoma AMERICAN PAINTERS SUPPLY 501 W. Oklahoma Guthrie, Oklahoma KENNEMER SHOES Phone BU 2-1329 Guthrie Oklahoma GUTHRIE FLOWER CENTER FLORAL SHOP 117 East Oklahoma Phone 282-1793 THE SAMPLE SHOP 1210 Boomer Road Stillwater, Oklahoma SIMPSON PONTIAC CO. 902 W. 6th Stillwater, Oklahoma PERRY PAINT SHOP 721 Cedar Perry Oklahoma BAKE-RITE BAKERY 215 E. Oklahoma BU 2-3023 Guthrie Oklahoma GENE'S PHARMACY 321 Seventh Street Perry, Oklahoma Phone 336-2501 BELLE CRAFT CO, 119 East Oklahoma Guthrie Oklahoma Phone BU 2-2701 MARK'S DRUG Prescription Specialists 112 W. Okla. Ave. Guthrie, Okla. COOPER'S CYCLE CENTER 412 E. 9th Stillwater Oklahoma ZORBIA'S Perry, Oklahoma NELSON STANDARD SERVICE STATION Mulhall Oklahoma K LE IN 'S MEATS Perry, Oklahoma HONORABLE MENTION Quality Shoe Repair Perry Oklahoma MARGARETS 1123 W. Oklahoma Guthrie, Oklahoma Goon LUCK SENIORS ELWELL AUTO We Appreciate Your Business X SONIC DRIVE-IN l40l Fir Street Perry, -Oklahoma MARY AND BYRON 611 Deleware St. Perry, Oklahoma Phone 336-4681 PARKER FUNERAL SHEPARD'S HOME Phone 336-4665 Perry, Oklahoma 800 6th Street Perry, Oklahoma We Serve What We Sell phone 336-4444 Whirlpool Appliances, RCA T. V. BEAUTY BOX All Types of Beauty Work FLORAL fr N 0 i. r r fs- iii LCN " K X W. 336-4029 6' ' 1 9th and Kaw Perry, Okla Perry, Oklahoma 332-9689 MAURINES PFEIFFER'S House of Fashion Family Recreation 638 Cedar Street FE 6-2.430 Perry, Okla. OT1-3-l'1d0, Oklahoma OKLAHOMA STATE BANK Member Mulhall FDIC Oklahoma THE FARMER STORE Where Prices Sells and Quality Tells Phone MI 9-2216 ELDON AND JOAN FILLMORE Owners Mulhall Oklahoma FA Rm BUREAU U 028535 GORDEN KINDSCI-II, Agent Life - Fire - Auto GL 5-3017 Or1ar1d0 TOWN 8 COUNTRY HOME FURNISHINGS Perry Oklahoma LAFON'S GARAGE Phone GL 5-3311 Orlando Oklahoma T. V. Sales and Service East Side Square Perry, Oklahoma Ph: 336-2343 DIANE'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone GL 5-3262 O1'1aI1CIO Oklahoma KIRBY'S STATION 8: CAFE Phone GL 5-3451 Orlando Oklahoma 1-FINNELL at LAFON LUMBER at HARDWARE Phone GL 5-3511 Orlando Oklahoma PINK DIPPER Phone GL 5-3932. Orlando Oklahoma JIM SMITH'S TRENCHING Phone GL 5-3991 Orlando Oklahoma tpc TAYLOR PUBLISHING coMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"

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