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LIBRI lyk f F "' WE HAVE PROCRESSED ' 4 -. 1. ' in U ll I 5. s ' Q10 hw W Y. ,. f N' I In '- ,Q . as "xi - A Q. NX - :L 'I A ' an 1 - . K guy Xl . A A.. fri 1' 'f . ' V. .:L.j. , k 5 ,a' 1 A' ln 1 I d B .o4r", A Q 'N I'-1:61. l . . , 1' ' A --Q. L .1 -vb1"k A ' 1750 BDICATIUN wi' 161 672 DEDICATIUN To the Mulhall Merchants and community who have loyally supported our school ln all 1ts actlvities, we the members of the senlor class w1sh to express our appreciation and our gratltude for the many advantages afforded us -our flne new building, the free shows, the support of our basketball teams, and the advertlsing basketball program booklets used at our home games It is through your sus talning efforts that our school has reached an enviable position among the best schools Our school and communlty The school of any COmmUH1ty reflects the standards of life set by 1ts people We S6H1OTS are proud to have been a part of this school and community We slncerely hope that thls C0mmuHlty will always continue thls progresslve program for our school In anpreclatlon for the opportun1t1es given to us, we the members of the senlor class of 1950, sincerely d8dlC8t9 this annual to the Mulhall Merchants and Community so rank highest in the state in sportsmanship at all games. n Mxmrg-,R no 'W' 'Q Wa. YNyX Xx NN K l X N' ' V Lx' un N x um QNX Xu A HN w. X 'XX w Z 5 9 -xxx N X X X x,. xx xx N x . 21. 5 W? ,I . ag. , Qifgz-cu, ' -5 .11-5 .fw- Z-rr PM - ""L . 2,5 "wi 1, -:QI fi? w ,Y K L 1 Y 4 X - - K , ' ' x, vt Xak skk h xxxm wins. W, Y Y' Lvpvx' x.' n KN N' ' -l Veda v- X - x me L. :gum .xx mg QCOYXL . nf :M nsfgv ioXmq.xX Hcxmxq- xfxu ki .XXEQE xxxxkv xH . H' fx: cfuqmk xy OX Uni QWQXC N 'XV - Q -NL 'W :Aux-Ng nxiu WAX wx-:'XXk jx X 0 xx NX iwx, Uquxkvff- . . . -v 'L - .NX Xcouk XN4 N A Ax .Q C ,wwf XXg.X'-N K 572 161 5 Frank Stotts Superlntendent of Schools Bachelor of Sclence Central State The 8dmlH1StT8t1OD of Vulhall Hlgh School 13 capahly carrled out through the asslstance of a very good hlghschool pr1nc1pal, Mr J A Str n er, who 1U turn 1S assisted by a wonderful group of teachers The admdnistratlve pO1lC1eS are under the supervlsion of Frank Stotts, who 1S serving h1s fourth year 1n that cap aclty He 1S asslsted ln h1s work bw a co GD6T3t1V6 sclool board consisting of Mrs Nora Stansbury, oresldent of e Clifford K1ssner, all members The great amount of progress made lately 15 due to the pFOgT6SS1V9U6SS and courage of the Fulhall Board of edumnlon 'From the Off1C6n appears ln each issue of the school paper, 'The Plraten and pertlnent items appear pertalnlrg to the improvement of the school Pralse ISEFVCU to lndivlduals deservnng of that pralse, such as the loyal prom of patrons we have, who are always ready to ass st 1n all aiwol ffairs The flne admlnistr t1on of schools 15 made Dossible through the flne co operation of so many Space does not permlt the namlng of all the lndlvlduals to whom we are all lndebted 6 ' Y-41 ' ' . . . i g ' ' , .. ' Q' Ath board, E. W. Moritz, clerk, Richard Fent, Richard Hiller, and , ic ' S X W at . . . a . . ,A L C2 EH 161 C . FACULTY if Kiwi! 351,-1. Yygv --Z Mr. J- A- Stfinfef Mr, R, E, Smith 1Ts. Jennie Stites Principal ms. vocatimal .fxffricumm s. znflish A 3. 5- N3th9W9tiC A g U Kansas State Teachers vel Central State Qgloygjg University jx Q' 1 ' ff Y! W Q Mrs. Roberta Swanson Mr, A, L, Arnold Mr Oliver Hardin B. S. Commerce B. 5. Industrial Arts B 5 Music Central State A 8 M A'8 Q U1 672 161 -E'-9 4ll' Irs Irene Hardin fth Grade V135 Theodora Johnston F1 B 5 Home UCOD7N1CS A 3 M .,-..----sg'- e rn-,A N3V1g3tOT 'r PH11 Car 1er 8 S1Xth and Seventh Grades I nqpuf Hrs ellie Ruth Evans 159 Ora NcAna11y T Alm bt tt B S Central State B S oentral State rs a O S Thlrd and Fourth Grade Second and Thlrd Grades B S entral State Urinary I , A 8 M A . . All O A ' I' ' - M 1' K ' A ' M gvGfP'. X. l. '-1 xg, If , r ii T gf W Ti? 'P ' W? 4 6 L . ' v S . 5551299 V e Q! . M ' N f' ' Z - I . ' U. I . K . v . . G -Q wr 'T' 'Z' ,l ,7-Y ' x .yr 161 672 SENIOR OFFICERS President Bob Estus Vice President Jack Andrews Secretary Treasurer Lois Hannah Sponsor -l s Stites uorro mowing not Drifting' COLORS Silver and Lavender FLOIER Lilac CLASS HISTORY le,the Seniors of 1950, started our career in Aug ust of l9h6-h? when we enrolled as freshmen le had an enrollment of 21 The year passed quickly Our class party, under the sponsorship of Irs Swanson, was held at Redman's The following year, we decreased with the loss of Charles Sanderson, Royce Shultz, and Eula Mae Leach Our class party, under the sponsorship of Alma Lasater, was held southeast of lulhall Our Junior year,we had diminished to seventeen W Our play, 'Dear Daffodil' under the direction of Stites, was successful The other event, the Jr r Banquet, went over big Our class party, under he sponsorship of lr Stotts and Mrs Stites was held near the Cimarron River began our last year of highschool with sixteen members le lost two members, Louise Marion and Louise Runkle, and gained one, Bonnie Spraggins Six of us, Colleen Beasley, Romaine Huffer, Pauline Andrews, Mary Schneider, Halter Schneider, and Maxine Lowrie have at- tended all twelve years in Mulhall Sponsor for the year was Irs Stites This year was marked with many events We published the 'Pirate' once every three weeks and edited the material for the annual On April lh we presented our play 'Boarding House Reach' which was a huge success The Juniors gave us a delicious Breakfast April 28 i the N Y A Building in Guthrie On Sun ay April. 30, we assembled in the auditorium for our Baccalaureate sermon Our class night play, 'A Southern Rosary', was quite unusual in depicting the class hlstory. Friday May S, we received our Diplomas. On May lb we began our senior trip to New Orleans and Galveston. . e managed to sponsor two outstanding events of the year. Mrs. I O18 O . ' t le A 65732 161 LAVONE SHAFER Annual Staff Basketball 'b7 'UP 'h9 Playa 'M9 '50 Glee Club M7 h8 Softball 'DY 'h8 Tenrls M7 L8 h9 50 Co Captain 'VO LOIS HAI AH Annual Staff Secretary 'h7 'hb M9 So Softball 'hr UP M9 50 Glee Club 1h7 vhg 150 Plays 'DY 'U8 h9 520 Basketball 'L7 'L9 '50 Terms 'W 'US W student Manager '118 Basketball h7 h8 h9 50 Plays .50 Glee Club 'h h8 Band 1h7 M8 hg Q Basketball Queen 59 Softball L M8 h9 So V1ce ires1igD?5gh7 Ten.1s 'h7 h8 h9 O FQUOT er Annual Staff PT6Sident 'M9 ED t ,h8President Band Basketball wigs 1 or President Glee Club P0'9 tall Feature Editor NORVA FOPSON Annual Qtaff Plays h8 h9 50 Glee Club 'D7 'bb Basketball h? LP h9 So Band 'h7 Softball 'h7 'DS 'h9 'SO Tennls 'h7 'hd h9 So Co Captain SO Basketball News Edltor 'SO Vice President 'hp Reporter 'h9 Perfect Attendance 'LY 'h8 Annual Staf alee Club 'h7 'LS Ba ketball News Editor M9 Joftball M7 8 L9 ' O Basketball h? Plays 'SO Ban bf h8 TeHD1S 'h7 'LF 'L9 ' O o-Captain 'CO L g 6 I .d , - V. .YV I' . . I ' ' J ISO " 1 1 I 1 1 ' ' ' 1 I ' ' ' A' I U I U I 1 7 ' 1 1 g - 1 ' I 7 I ' ' ml 1 I 1 L . C 'an "1 .3 14 4 , ,gf . CO 1 1 1 f fi , , 1 1 1 1 1 S V " 1 1! 1 C As f 1 1113 1LQ ISO Q - A . . - 1 d 1 ' 1 - ' , . I1 ' J '1 . .J , E57Z? 1 1,6 3 1l dll HALT D QCHNEIDE lmeograpb 'SO Perfect Attendance 'h7 SO Plays So CT MARY Annual Ldltor Editor NTh i President Stud Preslde Student Councl Glee Club 'LY L8 L9 wtude t M Basketball L7 gg n anager 'ho Plays 'SO Band h9 Baseball 'bv 150 4, 35 aseball 'h7 M8 h9 rate Plays 'h9 'SO ent Council '50 1 1148 ICQ Glee Club 'h7-'S O Tennis 'D7 '5 Band 'h8 'h9 Plays 'D9 'SO O U . r ' 13 1-1 l , ff ." Mu ff gi. fy M l. K Q Y .f V P! "w BQ F' . AAsst. Annual Fditor plays QL9 ,SO M A -' ' ' '50 T '1 Y ' ' - - 1 - 1 Y an ca, -A- ' 4' . - x ." 2 5 . ' P ' ' ' - e P N ' nt 'h7 C5723 Iiil 46ml Basketball 'h7 'hb 'h9 'So Studeifnsggi il ,h7 Baseball M7 M8 '59 50 Vice Preeldeit 50 Plays U9 50 Glee Club h? Baseball vb? 'LB 'L9 SO Tennis M7 h8 L9 'fo Boys' Sports Editor So Captain 'SO FFA Vice President 'SO 0-7" ff f Natlonal Gu rd So Presldenf O Vlce PTPS1C8Ht Glee Club '18 Fasketball 'h8 Plays 'M9 'SO FFA Presldent 'SO Xnrual Staff Basketball 'tv 'ba 'Lg '50 Ta Shell 'b7 'So Plays 'LQ 'So Student Manager 'L7 Annual Staff if 6 Basketball h8 M9 Annual Staff Egiggi gi5?gGINS FFA Secretary ISO Glee Club 'LY vhg vhg 50 Glee Club 'SO Clase Reporter 'BY plays who ISO Basketball '50 Student Council h8 Band ,M9 Pla S 'SO Baseball 'U9 Basketball 'h8 'h7 Y Plays '59 'gid M9 '50 Student Council 'L9 '50 National Gus ' .B W V Q X Q " ' '1.i?, ai, j 1'fb! I X 1 nb l ,jx ly f . 7 f .Qs ' f L N V L. I KLENTIN REDMAN JACK n 5UU,h5lU 3 ' I Y l ' ' 'Ei 1 1 ' ' - u' 'h9 ' 1 . I 1 A 'h9 U I I I ' . B A5 ' - -8 A 3 f:,f- gggb , k I ' L I 67? 161 Baskcfball CCQPTJ In Srrwileti d1mmy'5 Eur! 8 DWIGHT weefxj rl 5 K3 :ch L2VoNE A 00175 Qu-L If SIN ER Pves B08 fc AIVEEL lpwafe EINIOA, li-:0s1i -Y' lb 'Q 'N- ' 1 A tv 456 It V ' ii 1 -as L I --L 'mfr i ,. 1 I 1 -L V. ' Aff! 4, ,F 5 , V L " 2. f f ? 1 Q A ' N ... W -7 -, 72:72, n I ..- ' ' A , , " " ,, L-if ." W f 672 61 1 Delbert Ryan Doria Hannah ,AQ C' Violet Ferguson 1 1 Kathryn Klingler F1 Qu X '-S7 Adltf Darlene Kelly Bill Klingler Blake Aufleger 01 -41 -JN N 1, 1-.1 Don Melba Fern Maxine Endress McNeill Ahrnabrgk pa: rv-,s Ve - s 1 .1 J 1 Kathryn George Mary Uhrig Marion Oldenburg Q Y' 1' Q ann .I Howard Carolyn Elizabeth Hunt McNeil Sain ' ul 4 Danny Cleta Spaulding Redman DPHUMURES 'XX Q ff' N, X N R X . .X ' A If 4 Rx Q , V if 5 f Qi m If" N, ff C ,sk 1 1" 67.4 161 l Bobby Dolores Robert Jones lcPeek Andrew: S5 ,I Delma Heroert Nagml Shafer FSPWSOH Uhrie l l Jerry Dennis Huffer Jones Paul Yost 4 Y 3 'T Peggy Robert Towle Flasch "7 Carrol Shafer ,f erold Lewls oe Taylor l" if T' ...5 I ,417 672 161 lzj, 119 C3-eta Glen White Blasier Leroy Helen Cyphers Fisher Gladys Nealis 49 Bill Marion , - Q- ,,,, -oe fr 4 A Donald Detwiler :O Leroy Blasier Thelma Inmrie Betty Conner 1 Joe Rothermel Louise Hun fwg no J Larry Clark tf' .f--7 Jackie Gannaway 5 f 2 Janie Moritz ,Q Freddie Hill ,al 4"""7 X Maxlne Winters LBMENTARY A " 4' f 3 672 5 1 f 'ZF Ryan nna Aufleger louis Bode ,Z Joyce Dem Jean Hudspeth Scbmiedbauer Fisher pus. 1' Marvln Prltchett 'Q .apr Ida Mae Walters Iouls Hunt Waunetta Herman Flasch Gerald Hannah 40 Leon Clark Delores Hunt 672 161 I'-.. Leon arol e Billy Fitzpatri k ltt er P1tt6F Corr1ne Dilly Barbara AHtblS SIMPSOH Diehl of J? x Naoml Qlllv Shafer Ga'1away en l? it 4 'f r 'I' !2l!gauull!r.n, 1 Waraara Soaula ng 1. ? Charles Rltter I' W11ma Hannah 4'a Q0 LaDonna John Max 1 Mlller FGFVUS H Bever Y B Diehl lrkett 672 161 111een Dunn ulen Nancy Heppler Ua ie Fltzoatrick 'W A"ln McNeill UOT1S ,f AQ Franklln Betchan i 1 'e eva aylvestor Uharles Gorrell fff Jares Beth F n Prltchett 1' arle Marion D twil r D78U1d1P e e N0 G Dianne Rosalie Rasmussen Towle Jones I' Us , ,gf 'T - 'A' 4 , ' x 5 , - f - N - l dv o' A 14,3- J' Hoy J n ' " 'H ,. 1, .lv . -Q YD .N 1, 'i - 9 c ,. ' Q Q x 4', I, .gy Silvers Schmiedbauer ara ' - fi, AQ. ,. E x , X . H , ff? :AV 0 - 'F 2' K N, , J 40 ' ' f P . ,3, . , . 1 4: 0 . , 0 1 A - - 8: A xr' Ro? 672 161 S Ralph Betty Yost Ritter 'I A Anna Mae Leroy Blasler Andf'e'5 Denn1s IU' 'Oi rr Ww'w lr' Darlene Baker S11V6TS Mlller 'Q Norma Harvey Uhflg D1tCh Ferguson :Elf 'Q Z I Dorothx Nartln Shafer Marjorle Flesch Robert Leta Benny Fagan Clark Johnson 1 LGG16 Rothermel Ritter John Marlon unnr' Don Taylor 1 , V 'r ' " i 1 ' 0. :I i A -ff . Q I L .a fr 49 5 N 7 ' , - 1 7 l . -n -I n r. . Q e-ff .li ' ' f, A 4 , 44 jfk Y J. Do . 4? ' A ,, 10 f is V- v I. is .- 31 'l - I " A Q 4' S V V Sue Glen Halle Q I 40 K ,Q 0- ,F 5 L . 5 " qi, 'lf . 1 r 'I ' U D 7 - o , i xx V-, ' X v, .A -,Qv ii I 0 A , - , X3 V ' NX 0 Ac Ol ' 'fu ' 1 A' of 'x -- if . 'f f K N f , Ar , f . ' X x o ' 1 'K f r I' - f ' " 672 161 1 Y I4 James Darlene Allen Wglter Deadwlley Dlxon Spauldi Vernon H8 lv' Wayne King 1 I Mona -N y- l 4? -5 ',. V W. W Q - X X A x N e Xf1j,., V " S x 3 1' 8 V, ml J-if 4 . I r4'A M 5, Patterson 1 3 t W.. 4 1. I Wu .. - ." .K Q, W Q A n n ..g, ' tg? , e 1 672 161 41' Marlene Andrews 5.x I Glen Terrel 'iff 1 Lenora Hunt Wayne Nealis Marvin Spaulding Imogene Ganaway 1 Richard Andrews Syble Shafer Jerry Malone B111y Diehl uorotny Rothermel Mwnwnn Albert . V . ., QA Jerry Uhrlg Barbara Kissner I' Raymond Dixon Wanda Shafer Spaulding i ,I -il '1- K i ' .', I ,TQ ,Q 'e ,ll 1' l , X .nn x ,ala 1 4 I A. - , 4' AI ' f ', " .,.4.yum KW xx . N 1 av . I A K .y .X 3, 1, :Tv - .5 ' N ' .5:' ff" Y A 'jlf: x . , ' ' 4- 'Cl on .4 1, ' L H1 431 S Q. Q ' 7' 161 672 Janlce Lasater ,ni Jimmie Clark Karen Marion I Malone Joan Andrews 1' Betty Oldenburg Harold Gorrell L. Eugene Stewart fx? axoara eonard AN '11 QU1nCy Ferguson na Heppler C' XX yvx Carl Ylmngaman Jerry Martln If Kermit Redman P- Wafer Butch Phlllip YOJCS Arnold Hby Martln gggris Owen Tasa+er Flash Martin " K , P " 'U' 5 -v f ,jf -4 -, A 5 -5 Q i x r as I - like ' . ' ' I A ' ' " e A Q ' ' ', ,Q A, A. I -..K -o k f'q 1IlYt u -,fi , , I , it 5 0 ,,... , : " Q I 5 3 .-. - A s - if 54 fd' ,"l. , I ' , - A v- X W x a, I I J x , Q' W A 'X fl ,i--..L 2 'P r 1 Puth Av N gb-7 Ai - Q- 3 A ' 4 ' ' 2 i '- 1' f X v ., ' ! f", ' ' U W Bo, 672 161 Gall Shafer We 1 ylor 43 'atsy Towle 'L Teddle Thomas Q Dick Ryan Gloria Heppler -J Cubert Pearcy ""7 Paul Detwller Q ,1 Bobbie iogan i June Leonard ""'J.f'-v - X164-' Fred Antbis Elroy Sylvester Goldie Valentlne 1 Don Blrcket Delma Dunn A A Harold Llchards 4 7 ' V Q 4 -5 -' .J 1 fi-av ii I . 5 '4 ' G ef . i . . ."', 0 i , , . i 1' -1 4 , 1 , f' ' K .44 17 -fs .4 4- 0 - 0 O, :x 1 A -- f' 45 .'-, ' I Q . M, -f e Q nr- ' HC 9 " g. - :Q .3 do H, . I f ' 672 161 v K Tw, L' patr ck -1' hry Don Kanehl u1CT'l Andrews 1-v Vwnlfd Sheraro A Glen Linda Hopfer Kenneth Uhrlg 'D Pober A317 1' I Glen Jo f r CIE FTT16 ua Ty -1 n a J ldwdg IQ Romona Dittelmier ? ff' .,, E1 1' CHT1QtlDB WX George Bowden 1 .Lf.L"5I 01 .Ai :J " I Q! 4 fb I ,C Q 1 . X L Q 5 fx 1. N rr' AA 'Q . K ,"' X I , 1 1 .jd X 58' ' - A V 1' rf ,v ' qv' . 'if A ' Jxz' ling, 'It I 1 , 1 g.AF0 i f ',' . T3 rnc Lam is f'v2'- 1" Q If' ' RCCSHuf?f1 X '4 V' . - 1. , s Q 'I' L . -.K C ' 1, . Q ' 'a -0 I Q v.1 J V xx 'T' . ' If v 2 'F? f If U gndmp- Ffuffer ' fa ' .' u H -nb Hills fGHt Rothermel P 35" . I 'Q -Q 14 'y .0 " ,Q x 9 ' X Af ,- -- 1 A " " 4 2 4' " . ' 1 f . 1 . A ' ,Q ' f ,MUNI 4' .- . 54.4 . , . ,mnmun n. . I 2-f 1 , .., N,,4 , , . 2 A ..' rlwhcr fd H A ' J fl - Q , .D l 1, 1 ' N A x " - - -r i 4 . - 1 K . f F q4?l X . . , ' D -Y A 1 .J , , Q f1'S 1 ' ' AAn Y 'xlth 672 161 -Af Tommy Rit er TI o r fri? Ivan Stewart 1 rWW UOTT6 1 Jjlf G 1 St1n1e3 e F1 nger Pearcey 3 DJQA NOTF1S 731SWt1HE 1 ',pllll- Dorls Fred Carolyn Fltzpatrlck artlr M1115 3 Arl ne Blllle Treasa Rohert 6 d Pearcy Schm1edbauer hlchar S Hardin I . C . 1 1' N Q '13 10 -A Ai I L V ,.- L f ' n ' x ' f f X 1 V' 'f" xi , .- ' r I 'li Q ' C 7 . A.. . L. '-' ' 'Van f A 17. .Ar f' l- 411: rg . Q' t , wr Q 46 A N 7' .f I 4 4 WA . 'Q ' - X l x . , b Q ' v ' ul x ' - . I q W H Furn 'fix LDHMJ Sue Obert I - W , N' X Lfq"Uf.-' it . 7 A ' A . . ' 4- k 4 Q S - 1 S A . .A - .7 1 f , ,A 1 . 1. ,R Av ' . - ,I v 'rl' s S Z ru If ' ' ' A N ... ,I j f . O J Y' LN. D' - ' ' 1 .. 'ii 'QA O ' ' x x A' , 4 ' ' - .4 X ' " s ' , . 1 , x . y , I AWG fir , sf-Q fi A 1? 1g 7 1 ? I Q! f x A Ol , f 5 wwf jfgevfx 1 0 f ANNAX I I , THLETIC Jvf if wi W -Z 4 672 161 I I9-4 9-50 BASKETBALL SCORES Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Vulh ll Lllhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mvlhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall lulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall NB!! HBH N N Cashion Glencoe Hayward Deer Creek Cashion Burbank Orlando Glencoe Red Rock Covington Harland Coyle Orlando Sumner Red Rock Coyle Cresent Sumner Coyle W H Cresent " B" Deer Creek Eureka Coyle Sumner 'BN Mulhall 'Q' Hayward Garber Sumner Piedmont Frlend Covington Deer Creek Cresent Cresert HBH Tryon Orlando Luther The l9h9 So Pirates, after a slow start because of so many 1nexnerienced players, finlshed the season strong with twenty one v1ctories a alnst thlrteen defeats The pirates for the second ye r won the d1StTlCt chamnlonship de feating the Orlando Indians in the finals 35 26 Jack Andrews WHS the C8Dt31H of this year's team and led the scoring w1th the h1 h total 339 Points During his three years in high school, Andrews gcgred YQ7 pplnts Klgntln Redman is the only other graduating letterman He was second hlgh 1n eco 1ng th1S year and was one of the mo t improved players on the squad Prospects are fairly food for nert year wlth qu1te a few letterman back for another season Highlights of the season included victories over Garber, Covnngton, Harland, and the Consolatlon championshnp between the A and B te ms 1n the lulhall Tournament 28 27 H nz 38 35 28 31 M5 A 2h A h9 B M .a 23 fr 28 . 29 ' hl S9 A S3 A , 68 h6 L5 A Sh 36 ' L3 '28 Mulhall 38 Coyle 37 B' 12 . 57 35 23 672 161 l Top Row Mr Stotts CCoachD, George UETIOH, Delbert Ryan, Joe Ta lor, Harold Bottom Row B111 Aufleger, Paul Yost, Dennls Jones, Captaln Jack Andrews, J vard Hunt, Klentln R6dm8U,BObb18 JOnes A A- JACH ANDREWS HJLINTIN REDMAN Q I Lewis, Bobnie Andrews. Freddie Hiil and Glen Blasier.CStudent Manafersb. S72 161 JUNIOR BASKETBALL SQUAD N J A Stringer, Bill Parlor, Glen Qlasier, Joe Fothermel, Ler y Blasler, Larry Clark, Leeroy eyukers, Uonald L6tW119T, PT6dd18 U 11 l Herman Flash, Invi: Lode, Leon Clark, Dean Schmidbauer, J. A, Stringer, Gerald Hannah, Bob Ryan, Joe Hogan, Lyle Blasier, Lovis Hunt, 161 67 l9 4 9-50 BASKETBALL SCORES 1 Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Nulhall Nulhall Mulhall Nulhall Mulhall Vulhall Uulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Lulhall Vulhall mlhall Mulhall Mulhall fulhall ulhall llhall Mulhall Vulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Mulhall Nulhall Vulhall Cashion Alumni Glencoe Hayward De r Creek Cashion Surbank Orlando Clencoe Red Rock Covlngton Harland Coyle Orlando Gralnola Sumner Red Rock Coyle Sumner HBU Deer Creek Sumner Hayward Garber Marland Sumner Rosston Covlngton Deer Creek Coyle Tryon Carney Luther The harder so peared in stands at Conferenc Othe ment for hool Year of l9h9 So was very klnd to the Plrettes Playing a much edule than the preceding year, the Plrettes won as many games as ap ooth the won and the lost column of last year The final record 27 won and 6 lost For the th1rd t1me ln as many years the 89'er trophy rests in Mulhall's trophy case highlights of the year 1nclude w1nn1ng the 89'er Conference Tourna the second straight year and also the D1str1ct Tgurngment held at Coyle Six members of the team are graduating The1r servlces w1ll he sorely missed ir future seasons These lnclude four regulars, Norma Hopson, Colleen Beasley, Jaxine Lowrie, and Lavone Shafer, and two reserves, LO1S Hannah, and Bonnie SIP8gg1HS The Pirettes also avenged an earlier defeat by Gralnola, best1ng them by a score of 31 28 Gralnola later became State Champion of Class B Cirls S2 . 6 Q - 31 . , . 32 e . 115 , 36 U A 35 h? ' 2 37 . 28 ' 37 . 26 28 5 39 ' L 38 ' CQ , 37 2h . 57 . , 26 ' 33 ' 39 llhall 31 Grainola hh . 26 26 19 2h ' 29 S2 3h A ho . 18 Q . . . n n 1 5 151 672 A41 Top Row Coach St: nger, Kay Uhrlg, Delma bhafer, Bonme Spraggins, Naomi Uhrig, Darl ne Klingler, Lols Hannah, Vlolet Ferguson Student Manager Elizabeth Saln Second Row-Dorns Hannah, aroyln McNeil, Norma Hopson, Col een Beesley, Maxlne Ahrnsbrak, Maxlne Lowrle, Lavone Shafer SENIOR cmRL5 gv TEAM 672 161 .JWOR ws. J A ytrmnger, Janle ,OT1tZ, Tnelwa Lawrle, Uelen Flsher, Loulse Hunt leta Whlte, Maxlne W1nters GRADE GIRLS my 1 PT1tCh8tt, LaDonna '111er, Wllma Hannah, Anna Auflefcr, hlleen Dunn, lO3CH wtrlnger Nancy Heppler, elo 9 lun , kvprly Dlehl, Harbar Dvvhl, Jean F Q1er, orr no A +5 , . . , . . . . o 0 - f A - - - , . . . A-I 1 U I ,. , 'v -M . .. ,, . ,. ,. , . L . D . , . J .. , J F f V -L 'B ' '. 5 A S 5, 'nv IT fffa X 6 672 1 16 STUDENT COUNCIL President Mary Schneider Vice President Bill Aufleger Secretary Violet Ferguson SENIORS Bob Estus Mary Schneider Wanda Fagan JUNIORS Violet Ferguson Bill Aufleger Cleta Redman SOPHONORES Harold Lewis Naomi Uhrig Joe Taylor FHESHNIN Janie Moritz Maxine Winters Leroy Blasier EIGHTH Joe Hogan Gerald Hannah Bob Ryan The Student Council, under the supervision of Superintendent Frank Stotts has It is composed of one member of the of the duties of school paper, the the student body, become a valuable part of Mulhall High School. three members from each of the above classes three being the president of his class. Some the student council are the publication of the formulation of policies affecting the life of and it also sponsored the annual queen. 672 1 16 "'Iwiftl'vf-W-'rr 15.4 Top Bow Jackie Gannyway, Louise Hunt, Joe Taylor, Director Mr Hardin, Gerald Hannah, Robert Andrews, Doris Hannah Second Row Peggy Towle, Melba Fern McNie1l,Naome Uhflg, Paul Yo , Freddle Hlll, Betty Conner, Wilma Hannah Maxlne Winters Max Bircket Loi Hannah fhjrd Ro, Janie Mgritz, Harold Lewis, Dolores McPeek, Barbara Diehl, Bever1y'Dieh1, Voliet Ferguson, Dean SChml8dbBu8T, Billy Owens, Kay Uhrig Barbara Diehl Doris Hannah Beverly Dlehl ' ! lr I i 5 'N B V I it lb il 2 5 I . Q 1 i 1 I ' ' ' x' 'ti .4 5.-i , Q! ? 1 JH- g : B. k fr ' fi H 'N' B ' E15 2 22liV Zvi ., l f a M eg "f-W if ,' l a t fag, ,N f 5,11 if if 52 , , . , . fq ,. L Al ...,,,.,,,- , ..l, E , . 672 1 16 zu Back Row Billy Owen, Wilma Hannah, Dor1s Schmiedbauer, Beverly Diehl, Geneva Sylvester, Gerald Hannah, ur Hardln, Barbara Diehl, Charles Gorrell, Dean Sch dedbauer, Roy Fitzpatrick FrontRow' Sue Miller, Robert Hardln, Norma Ditch, John Ferguson, Max Dale Eigcket, Nancy Hepler, Frank Betchan, Benny Johnson, John Marion, Leroy rews The band has had a busy schedule this year In the fall we marched a parade in Perry, and an Armistice Day parade in Mulhall we took part in the Armlstice Day Assembly program, Thanksgiving program and Christmas pro gram we took turns playing for all the home basketball games While the girls played basketball, the boys played 1n the band and then the girls played in the ban while the boys played basketball we played in one concert for parents Several of our members have ap peared from time to t1me as soloists and as members of small ensembles Some of our members attended the clinic in Oklahoma City and the State Band Clinic held in Stillwater Five students, were chosen to participate in the Jr High Festival in Tulsa All the Jr High students are planning to attend the Festival 1n Oklahoma City in March We are looking forward to the Pawnee Parade, the 89'er celebration in Guthrie, and the contests at Marshall, Enid, and the District le are especially prcud of the progress our beg1nners have made this year If they keep dolng as well as they have been, several will be able to play with the advanced band next year we elected for our officers th1s year. Lois Hannah, President, Harold Lewis, Vice President, Violet Ferguson, Sec-Treas, Paul Yost, Reporter, Freddie Hill, Business Manager, and Doris Hannah, Librarian. O 1 H p WN1s!..!lfpp!pllrI1,gIf ' FM Whyfnm Band y-he ? Row l Karen Marion, Sue Valentine, Barbara Leonard, Tresa Richards, Doris Fltzpatrlck, Joan Andrews, Judy Carpentar, Glen Huffer, Bobby Martln, Tommy nltter, Billy Schmeidbauer, George Bowden How 2 Dennls Rasamussen, Ann Gorrel, Norma Jean Spauldlng, Elllson Smith, V1n1ta Sherard, Ina Hepler, Glen Andrews, Robert Dunn, Glen Hopfer, Billy Betchan, Bobble Hardln, Florence Lowrle, Betty Oldenberg Row 3 Joyce Lasater, Lloyd Fltzpatrlck, Ann Harrls, Parold Gorrel, Gary Fent,Carolyn Mills, Janlce Lasater, Phllllp Owen, Arnold Flasch, Kermlt Redman, Landa Hop fer, Pomona Dlttelmier 161 672 MIXED CHORUS Dlrector--Ollver Hardin First row Maxlne Winters, Cleta Redman, Gladys Nealls, Mary Schneider, Eliza Bette Conner Second row Lois Hannah, Carolyn McNeil, Doris Hannah, Maxine Ahrnsbrak, Helen F1sher, Cleta Whlte, Carroll Shafer, wanda Fagan, Kathryn Klingler, and Mr Hardin Third row Faomi Uhrig, Joye Rosenberry, lelba McNe1ll, Louise Hunt, Bonnie Spragglns, Thelma Lowrie, Delma Shafer, and Joyce Hall Fourth row Bobbie Jones, Robert Andrews, Joe Taylor, Paul Yost, Doanld Det- nler, Harold Lens, Delbert Ryan, Leeroy Cyphers, Bill Ayfleger, and Jackie Gannaway 1 beth Sain, Pauline Andrews, Peggy Towle, Delores McPeek, Janie Moritz, and 161 672 GLEE CLUB fvfyw Director Oliver Hardin Left to Right-Joe Taylor, Donald Detwiler, Paul Yost, Robert Andrews, Delbert Ryan, Mr Hardin, Bill Aufleger, Jackie Gannaway, Harold Lewis, Leeroy Cyphers, and 3obb1e Jones The Glee Clubs have grown this year both in size and quality The girls elected as their President, Lois Hannah, Vice President, Wanda Fagan, Sec Treas , Carroll Shafer, Librarian, Carolyn McNeil, and Reporter, Doris Hannah A big part of the time we have spent singing for no other reason than just for the pure joy of singing Our repertoire 1 this vein has consisted of semi-classical 2, 3, and h part numbers, both secular and religious, popular songs, folk songs, and hymns. we have also made several public appearances, having sung for Thanksgiving and Christmas Assembly programs, a fall concert, and numerous churches. Wezue looking forward to three other appearances at home including a spring concert, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. Also this year we plan to go on two trips: One to Pawnee and the other to the District Contest. Q I r 2 ' D, I, R . . l I , U - 4 n l ', r h A 5 V 5 x J' n , 4 , ' Q 2 iii . i. ' ' ' 672 161 GLEE CLAUQ n l A, A y y y T Dlrector Oliver Hardin Flrst row Naxine Wlnters, Cleta Redman Gladys Nealls, Elizabeth Sain, Pauline Andrews, Peggy Towle, Delores McPeek, Jan1e Moritz, Bette Conner, and Nr Hardin Flsher, Cleta Whlte, Car oll Shafer, Wanda Fagan, and Mary Schneider Third row Naoml Uhrlg, Joye Rosenberry, Melba McNeill, Loulse Hunt, Bonnie Sprag 1ns, Thelma Lowrie, Delma Sh fer, Kathryn Klingler, and Joyce Hall Second rowbLois Hannah, Carolyn McNeil, Doris Hannah, Eaxine Ahrnsbrak, Helen 161 672 GIRL SCOUTS Flrst Row LaDonna Vlller, Beverly Ulehl, Barbara Dlehl, V11H8 Hannah, Gladys Nealis, Maxlne Wlnters Second Row Betty Conner, Naoml Uhrlg, Iauneta Gum, Peggy Towle, Delma Shafer, Joyce Hudsneth Thlrd Row Mrs yOT1tZ, Delores McPeek, Janie VOT1tZ, Cleta Whlte, Anna Aufleger, Mrs McPeek if Top Row: Doris Schmeldbauer, Geneva Sylvester, Nancy Heooler, Beth Prltchett, Row 2: Marlene Andrews, Norma Dltch, Llleen Dunn, Nargorie Flasch, 'Ona DatTerSON Wi 1-' 1 X X A ' . W 11, ., " , I 04 I, K rm -1 ' 5 x7 ' ca 4 f I , mf. U n . . f f 9' 4 A it F .R tx . , , -if ! . -4 4.2.x- M ' Q V 0.3 i I . .- A l V, an " .xx 5 A f:!. fy' A, ,g 'A ' 13 4 0 .I Q V10 0 inn . . 1 . . . . . ,, Q 2 A I . a A r ' : . . H ' va D . . 0 I ff V rl X 4 i 1 0 0. YY E7 ,s 3 'd' , X i N , 672 161 SENIOR SCOUTS Top Row Gerald Hannah, Franklln Betcham, Leroy Andrews, R Dale Fitzpatrlck, Row 2 Joe Taylor, Harold Lewis, Freddge Hill ow 3 Max Shafer, Roy Fltzpatrlck, Iax Blanket, Roy Alvin McNeill, Bllly Ray Owens scout Master Mr Arthur Arnold 5 CUB SCOUTS Top Row Don Taylor, Benny Johnson, Max Blrcket, Gerald Hannah, Ted Taylor, Don Dlehl Row 2 Harold Rlchards, Wayne Nealis, Robert Hardln, Phlllp Owen, Rlchard Andrews, Don Blrcket Scout Mother Mrs Raloh Hannah, Scout Master Mr Ollver Hardln W ,+- Q N W :D . ' 0 . : . . Q I , V ' I I . C 2 . 0 0 w N w w w 1. , . 0 . a . . . f o 1 . . . ' . A : . A ll . . 1- 5 672 1 16 O F. F. A. An F. F. A. Chapter was organized for the first time at Mulhall High School September S l9h9, under the supervision of Mr. Raymond Smith Vocational Agriculture Instructor. The purpose of the organization is to instil a desire in the boys for a better and a more profitable way of farming and to en- courage the farm boys to remain on the farms. we have startai several projects which will be completed this summer. Some of the boys have won high placings and prize money at the different fairs held this year. Those winning are Howard Hunt, First and Reserve gTBDd champion on his Shorthorn Calh Herbert Ferguson won second on his guernsey calfg Kelly'Blake won grand champion on his Hampshire Chickens. we broadcast a program on K.S.P.I. February 21. The officers are Bob Estus Pres.g Klentin Redman Vice Pres.5 Romaine Huffer, Sec.3 Harold Lewis, Treas.5 Robert Andrews, Reporterg Paul Yost and Joe Taylor Sentinels. By nobert Andrews 672 1 16 , U cn . . 0 , E 0 . O . - H, 0 4+ Q IJ' CD o CD 'CV' 5 . ... Q, P' D o ' Cf' CA o U1 D3 4 m ' at . o 4 ' ' CD o . gg- ' u O . . p. , , D.. o ' CD . O.. K-1 it 54 .. 1+ S . O 07 2. ' O a PJ , I I-' I . gg O Industrial Arts O P T A The shoproom, the new building and the old building show evidence that the twenty-eight shop boys have been using their constructive ability le started the school year us1ng picnic tables for work benches while we 'squared up' our first boards into worth while, usable projects lhen our new workbenches and wood vises arrived, we immediately assembled and began using thmm Much of the work done 1n making the new bu1ld1ng complete was accomplished by the shop boys, such as assembling lockers and lnstalllng locks, moving desks from the old to the ew building and correctly spaclng and fastening them down, bullding and finishing book shelves, storage shelves, book cases, and a library counter Having succeeded in learning the correct tool proceedures in making such slmple projects as letter holders and book racks, the shop boys advanced their skills 1nto constructing more elaborate household artlcles Some of these articles include medicine chests, stools, tables, toolboxes, station ery boxes, what-not shelves, end tables, coffee tables, a gun rack and a ketchen cabinet not suit them as a life's work, while others have found a delightful way 1D which to express their lnward feellngs of beauty, sklll, and creatlve abillty by uslng their hands in woodworking The basic skills learned 1n hand woodworking will aid the student not only 1n adv nced courses such as machlne wood worklng, but also ln professlonal work, carpentry, farm and home repalr and bulldlng, and, 1n general, mechanlcal work Although we have accomplished a lot this ye r, the shop lnstructor would have been grat1f1ed if the students had learned no more than the respect for and the apprec1ation of good furnlture 161 672 Aug Aug Sept Sept Sept Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov v Nov Nov Dec Dec ec Dec Dec Dec Dec an an an an an an Jan 3 CALENDAR 25-Students Enroll 29-Classes Begin 16-B nd went to Perry First appearance of the year 17-Seniors go to Enid to break the cameras 30-Basketball practice starts once again 7 First Six Weeks Test Some happy some sad 12-Senior Carnlval CA big success I lb-State Teachers Meeting 26-National School Assembly Pirates and Pirettes play f1rst game with Cash1on Pirettes win, Pirates lose Glencoe came to visit Pirates and P1rettes, went home sad Pirettes and Pirates defeat Hayward here ll Armistice Day, everyone got the pr1v1lege of marchlng down town Pirates and Pirettes went to Deer Creek, Pirettes won and Pirates lost Pirettes and Pirates go to Cashion, both teams come home happy 18-Second Six Weeks Test and Burbank comes, Pirettes happy and Pirates sad 21-School Pictures 22 Pirettes defeat Orlando, Pirates treated them as guests 2h Thanksgivlng vacation Plenty of Turkey and all its trimmlngs 30-John Deer Show 6-Red Rock goes home sad 13 Harland here Pirettes w1n, Pirates lose 16-Pirettes and Pirates leave Coyle unhappy 20 Junior Play A big success 22 Pirettes and Plrates go to Orlando Pirettes happy, Plrates sad 23-Christmas vacation Santa Clause came Everyone happy 29-College Tournament Oklahoma C1ty 30-Plrettes go to Graniola, come home unhappy 2 Vacation ends 6-Semester exams Pirettes defeat Sumner, Plrates lose lO-Red Rock treats Pirettes as guests, but Plrates are unhappy 12 lr Strlnger goes home w1th the mumps 13-Coyle comes, Referee dosen't show up Pirettes and Pirates send Coyle home w1th the blues 16 Pirates defeat Crescent two games 21-Conference Tournament at Mulhall P1rettes w1n Conference tournament by defeating Sumner B, Deer Creek A, and Su ner A Plrates wln consolation by defeating Mulhall B in the finals Q mtg. " U . I Oct. ' . . Octo 1 - . 0 MQ I Oct. 27- ' ' . u 1' . ' s 0 8- 0 . lS- . No : ' ' a Nov: 28-Coyle Grade and Junior High at Mulhall. A . D I - I Dec: -- ' . . ' . 27- ' . J I - . ' J I I . I J . , ' . J n ' 0 0 . 0 J I O 1 ' A ' F J 0 - a 0 ' 9 . - 672 161 an Jan an Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb I' r r r April April April April April April la la CALENDAR 2h Hayward went home sad 26-Open house and Grainola goes home unhappy 31 Pirettes come home unhappy Pirates happy 33 Pirettes defeat summer, Pirates lose lb Valentine Day Covington here Pirettes unhappy Pirates happy 16-National School Assembly Last home game Pirettes and 1rates defeat Deer Creek Vlolet Ferguson was crowned by Jack Andrews as Annual Queen for 19119 '50 Juniors and Seniors ask to take Six Weeks Test Pirettes an Pirates defeat coyle for the fourth t1me l F F A boys are heard over the radlo to win District for the second year Pirates defeat Tryon and Orlando to win District for the second year Llttle Pirates win tournament at Garber to bring home another trophy Regional Tournament at Drumripht Pirettes and Pirates are both defeated by Luther 9-State Tournament 2h District leeting, Ed ond 31 Fifth six weeks test l Marshall Band Festival lb-Senior play 'The Boarding House Reach' by Payton A big success 21 National School Assembly 22 89ers Day 28-Juniors entertaln the Seniors w1th a breakfast 30-Baccalaurette for the Seniors 3-Class Day for the Senlors and awards given away S-Commencement for Paullne Andrews, Bob netus, Bonnie Spraggins, landa Fagan, Walter Schneider, Lavone Shafer, Norv1lle Draper, lary Schneider, Jack Andrews, Lols Hannah, Richard Herkle, Colleen Beesley, Romaine Huffer, Norma Hopson, Klentin Redman, and Maxine Lowrie lb-Seniors leave on Senior Trip, a trip that will long be remembered by the Seniors and their Sponsors It will prooably be the last time the class will be together as a whole J . - . J Z ' 0 A . 17- . P' . ' 0 1 A ""' d ' Q 2 ' 0 0 0 . F . 0 . . 2h-District tournament at Coyle. Pirettes defeat Tryon and Carney M o 2' -, 0 la . . . In Q ' o h 0 ' 0 I I - y . . ' . lay DVERTISING ffm f' f T . 5 xf 672 161 I 5 ngat' bg -f' :rd- 4' xl " 1 fHxLETWA pa Z2 ,Q 'Y Q HoME EC 1333199 . A ll SWEET NDN 1 Ch.2,uFFc:uff WoWf'Wef X C H JEPCOON Que?" PRETTY HoRSE I JAIVITO R 1' FHS! 5 wgf 1 fIlf1PT5r '57 1 fp 1-7 RFE o AMBIE RowD4E.S B PIE TL, A . , ',, 5 77 A -, ' sh: -1 ' 5, 5 l f LJ, x P , R - mf' f 4 ,,-- ' , v'k'f?f T' 5 .J 'M 'S' Q .L J l Q. Q "A 1' CG 146. - ' ' . -.:x it ,I ,L .Xrff I' ! f 1 i 1 f ' ala . T 'Q --4xL . . A ' Q. . ,Q . em 'S X . ou. R I A 1' . Q1 I I - .2 I 6 , ik 4 VL Y V A ', ' .. , 0 0 5: ., "' V ' J' M O , k gt , .V ,, Q 1' L . TH ":'f"'1i'7x' X ff W E Swv . gi , --f I, Q XX ,uv 67.4 61 al' 'O 4000 L' J' nxfLc5 S 1 BDSSIEI X SMOKE "Wills 041+ of DREAM G -gg HN? 'Was x HOME Wormx I O,-JOAN DANE QQ 1, G RUM Per C: QL5 ' HAHF li I4 ORE AME QXUQ C63 L CURGLF quwmef 55' Q05 UTUG M Z' FACULTY PHS RA I Y X gs: V l Y gl? .T Q1 771 f-.D AUTOGRAPHS ! I N ' 1 lx AV x ff I ' S N ' .. D f

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