Mulhall High School - Pirate Yearbook (Mulhall, OK)

 - Class of 1955

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xx"s 'QQ ,.,':'Wl s25XX .. ...FY-...,.. 1 sawmzfffffffrxfffegr- ' ' -Mddaaiwxnimmwitaxmwxkx 112355291XXmixkxmxwxxxii llwfifwwa Xiuffff1'fmfi?f,?5kXxYfs4xS:+esf+-- A- 1 5 4 + s 3 w E X i v X E S S B , 2 Q 2 5 X 5 3 5 2 1 2 Q E 2 5 3 Q 1 a N 33 00 05 fi 000 0000330000 0030 40000 '00 NZ-000 S0045 1: , 30630047 , 30 CYRO 000 xS900Qg0 ew 500000001 0 000003 94103 00010300 V00 0 '000 000003 +500 fo 30 3000 of 3 g,00 'vo 3000 'Q 00 3000300 000 fo oi 043090 4500 0000 004: 03,0 0- 'OOO Q 33300 C 0 9 '30 000003, C 1001006300 oi 450060 X10 00400. 3:0390 3009300 3 1 0- 10040 '500-'0 000 00003. 300 0310 040041006 of fe.-of fo 20300 049030. 30 0 00430 of '0003'C Q3-0000 0, 100 C000-4,000 ww 9300030 0 0045 03: 0003 200 o 0329 0 0 C '00 06 'Q 30 0 0 0 9 00 ow'- 03 00 00, 000 oi '000 33757 100 'O0q,30 3:0 0060 00030 03: 'G 30 3305-0 0 0006000 S0001 033 00040 no 53 310 000 42003. 00 100 Q, 0060 000 0090 000 '0000 'io 0 000000309 of 0000 0000 00 000003. 3000 5000333 '00365 '0 V3-0603: '-5333? 3300 0000 00 000003 000 0300 4300 oo 35 00,9-30. 30000 +300 '0040 33030000 43 Xxwwe Wwoec 000420 C030-1,00 0023 0045320 0033000 090003 ,W Gemxwoq 3500 0333 003 , '90 0040 3,300 3 31-000 043 QM 6 030 103,20 600003 099003. 'S 09460 Us visit? 0000 39 05 430300 oi X00 4:00000 00 xr 0400003 30 000330002-M 30 30 'vo 1:00060 000 000003 43009 30 03cxf0c00. 3 '003-gy 00 '0-040 00000900 '000 000003 S009 0033 30 '000 009,00 oi V039 000003. 3 00000 S00 003013 '90 00 0000 00 00 Q0-50400 030300 30 . 5300060345 , 1963009 'O 33:06 f?30'00 ix 000,061 06 4 030091500 9100? 63 0931 93000 0 03 90 3230 9 Y' 33:0 04 00 90 CN- C303 'Cv Q 059 O90 Q-0 C 19 Y og, '30359' 'UC3 '00 Y-00 030 '59 000 33:0 030 09 'DQW 150 90 03630 0 500 ob 90 40100 510040 0 Q 310 30 909 0900 0000 Q? 0 QWQB 19-0300 3200 36430 00 Q00 'E 005 Go R533 3 03006 w W eixxxxsm New Admim deg e-060190 1' e , oi em eobook aomxotobcebkoo 'Le ocxxpiswcaboce, eouoox 'ooafo qxegvoe 'Ekeexxmxog 'Geese Sectors, X mwoxq eration 61569566 me '01 QA.. o 01-Qfeee mi aQQ1'eo'uaN'A.oo 'bed dai '01 dei 'Lo 001' 996399, ceoofoe, 'Owe 'cover 69431091 'Leos oi new 'Yoe success 0900 SAX beaobere, 9 and ooioswmfoi Qawooe. 'vcxedb and eQ91'eo5.e'o-e, 'Une oooo 'So me sbgbeob 'ooofg X men 'o oi 'Goo vmoxeeoqxo obmoepneco 'Goat ei-is soooox. pm, oi oe 'aux ooh woaeve owoeb vie can 'xewxx 'vo xo0i00'x.i 'ow-e ovi' Qxaoee X9 -Roe mom of ewmo-o 'nie gfeearvoe, weoomxoq, xoiax om ow monaco, opooxoxog, we Xa-Ae, wexobaxokge 'Wa wbec ooeoe. Domi as wie vxfle, aeeootomgg -Avvo 'Goo moxbvoooes, wie vooeas-nog,-3 resume 'met vos 69095 voigxe. 'mx 'vous wofto 'Le ooh so qxoou wmere -Ao 95906, 'own an -A'oA.c?o okxeovxoo -Ae are oeixfe.. L . X WU goof 7 A ration Dear Che It loolrs as tho this school year will soon be .qlohg with it will go many or the fondest nenorl life. Among those memories will be the many associations I have had with you as you duties of' your pos! tion as president lvlties you have participated I Mulhell School. These ples or the many I have had High School. This - t v t 5255655 ff, 'S 8 student oh rl es: gone. es of my .ble ha ve of' fl as sent in 171 year lzdeh e va -Z-Il" My ID Sch esaht gone about the general just another memories are y first year has had men ts we have I rl' ous depart oe--these w.z' .Md as .just 00.2 ive have Find all-Vw-he pass b H16 your I Justslgudeiztttivs Q y highly! ppm n o r sc tbllh elrfvints' t ano e I bbs. tlhge fin y, av dom and vtthe te OI' sefmble cipsl of' e ghts. The Inahy hool, the scoolfzpllshe he little upheavals -Zh .PS P51728-ffl SS 6 V-Z'f'J8-Z 117113141217 Indication that surely in Mulhell est array of' youh people one could I have watched the sc-Shoal year l9.Sh-l95'.S' e watched 121-any more boys and girls grow "ln stature " and prepare themselves e little more .Por slr of' living a life. May I say again my association th you and the many students of' our school has .Zndee a rich experience. May you and your fellow classr tlnue on the right beth of' living set for you ents and elders. And may you In years t this school year as being one of the -Z-Ivefsl d been L .ates con- by your par- o 00019100-11' back upon . greatest times ol' your Sincerely yours, Pb-Il 0 Qrrl SI' Pflllflpdf chol oard CAPABLE BOARD of education directed Mulhall school's educa- tional needs during the school year 195k-55. THEY PROVIDED add- itional facilities which include seven new typewriters, folding chairs, a stainless steel sink for the lunch room, an automatic washing machine and dryer. Hand tools, power machinery, concrete floor in shop, and a floor in the overhead of classroom in agri- culture building were added. A new school bus chesis, which is essential to our pupils transportation, was purchased. L. E. King cmemherv Ella Schneider Ched Hieronymus Charles Priess Grades 1-2 Grades M-S Instrumental Music B. S. Benedictine Heights B. F. A. Oklahoma University Junior High English B. A. Oklahoma University D. A. Central State College M. S. Oklahoma A Q M Calvin Riesen Grades 5-6 A Mathematics Industrial Arts B. S. Oklahoma A M M Jean Grimes English, Speech Dramatic Coach 5-6 Spelling, English, Reading, Penmanship B. A. Oklahoma A a M Raymond E. Smith Vocational Agriculture Vernice Chiga Grade 3 B. S. Qklahoma A Q M B. S. Oklahoma A R M I E l Home Economies 5-6 History E Geography 7-8 Science K Health B. S. Oklahoma A Q M B. Walter Weber Scoutmaster School Annual Sponsor School Paper Sponsor Sophomore Glass Sponsor Bookkeeping and Accounting Typing I Typing II Shorthand II . High School Biology M. A. Phillips University N. ED. Oklahoma University 0, ee Walt Andrews 'Our Custodiann Dorothy Lewis and Lucille Terrel "Our Cooksn Morris Wilder Lloyd Wheeler Roy Fltzpatrick Lincoln 1.61413 I 1 enior Class Max Bircketg Class Play l-2-3-U, Basketball l-2-3-h, Baseball 1-2-3-h, Band l-2-3-M, Chorus l-2-k, F. F. A. l-2-3-h, Pirate staff A, Annual Staff M, Student Council M, Class President M, Scouts 1-2, Secretary and Treasurer 2, Band President h, Basketball captian M, Played in All State Band 2, First Place Individual at St. Gregory's Talent Contest 3, Second Place at District Contest on Cornet Solo 3, F, F. A. Meat Judging Team 1, F. F. A. Livestock Judg- ing Team 2-3-h, Played in 89er All-Star Basket- ball Game 3 . Johnrgr Fergusong Class Play 1-2-3-ll, Basketball l-2-M, Baseball 1-2-h, Band 1-2-3-h. Chorus l'2'lf,, F0 FQ Ao 1-2"3'h, l-2, Volley Ball 1-2-3-ll, h, Second Place Band Solo Contest 1-2-3-ll. Pirate Staff 14, Scouts Vice President F. F. A 1, F. F. A. Judging Sherman Johnson, Class Play 3-M, Baseball l-2-3, Band h, F. F. A. 1-2-3-h, Pirate Staff ll, Annaul Staff h. Mary Edwardsg Class Play 3-ll, Basketball 1-2, Chorus 1-2, Pirate Staff Il, Annual Staff h, Sec- retary and Treasurer 1-h, Class Reporter 2, Honor Society 1-2, Softball 1-2, Annual Queen he Rqy Leon Fitzpatrick, Class Play 3-h, Band l-2-3-M, P. P. A. 1-2-3-hp Pirate Staff u, Annual staff h. Johnnie Doggett, Class Play 3-h, Basketball 1-2, Baseball 1-2-h, F. F. A. 1-2-3-U, Annual staff h, Pirate Staff u, student Council 2, Volley Ball l-2-3-h, Class Vice President 3-h, F. F. A. Reporter 2. Beverly Diehl, Class Play 1-h,' Basketball 1-2-3-h, Band 1-2-3-h, Chorus l-2-h, Pirate Staff h, Annual Staff h, Student Council 2, Volley Ball l-2-3-h, Band Historian 3, Vice President Band h, Twirler 1-2-3-h, Dru Major h, Band Reporter 2, Class Reporter 1-3, Honor Society 3-h, Tennis 1-2-3-h, Basketball Queen h. Charles Ritter, Glass Play 1-2-3-h, Basketball l-2, Pirate Staff 3-h, Annual Staff 3-h, Student Cou cil 1-2-3-Us Glass President 2, Volley Ball l-2-3-h, Student Cou cil Vice President 3, Student Council President h, Honor Society 3, Editor of Annual h, Editor of Pirate h, Assistant Editor of Annual 3a Eddie Pogue, Class Play' Ruthie Gallaweyg Class Wilma Hannah Wheeler, 1 3 u, Pirate Staff u, Play 2 3 h, Pirate Staff Basketball 1 2 3 h, Band Annual staff u, Baseball n, Annual staff 3 n, 1 2 3 h, Softball 1 2, 1, Band h, Chorus h, Student Council 3 M, U H 1 2 3 U, Student F F A 1 3 ha Treasur Class President 3, Class Council 3, h H Secretary r of F F A h, Second Vice President 1, Class and Treasurer h, h H Place ln Engineerlng Con Reporter 2, F H A l, Vice President 3, D H test at Guthrie h, First Annual Queen Candidate 2, Song Leader l, L H Re Place in Engineerlng Con F F A Queen 3, Girls porter 2, Play 2 3 hs test at Oklahcma City h, State 3, Oklahoma Honor Annual Queen 3, paper First Place ln Engineer Society 1 2 3 h ing Contest at Tulsa h, Faith High Individual in Judglng at Guthrie h Staff bg Annual Staff F H A 1, Basketball Co Captian h, Cornet Trio 2, Logan County Farm Bureau Queen h. CLASS OFFICERS Max Blrcket Pres Johnnle Doggett Vlce Pres Mary Edwards-Sec. Q Trees. Wilma Wheeler-Rep. Ruthie Gallawey-Stu, Coun. Charles Fitter-Stu. Coun. g O --n -- unc ,, --- - - n -an . . . up g 'x e o o Q "' . - " 0 o 0 " - .- . "0 o o v- . - ---.. u 0 0 . 1 . ' o . . - Q . . - , . enior Baby Pictures Wilma Wheeler New hair cut? Leon Fitzpatrick nTom Sawyern I Max Bircket Class President! Charles Ritter Isn't he cute? Beverly and Barbara Wh' . lch is Bever1y9?? Mary Edwards Cute doll! Johnnie Doggett Going somewhere? Ruthie Gallaway Eddie Pogue Such a little man! Little Lad !! Johnny Ferguson Sherman Johnson The age of innocence! Mother's little darling! :afrz -2.2 sv" :5 5 -12:12 Y a QW w e QfyeawiQe-ee wQmgaa Junior Class Wx S33 .5-: a - :I :- 'QQ Q: emi av Z 3' ' :Z::z iff y 0 SH' ..II'. Illl h fiekf ggfwwgii V- V Q55 ,ss gms: . 25 ' 155 , -rr. 1773 Qc gg? '34 71 'Y -3 4 A, S gt W 9'-xi? 5 ES me as Q H 3 Q if if X . Q Q gli Q Q Q5 Ja Q xg 4 xi eg x 1 3, ,gag 3 W S' R695 gm, z fy 3 g Y isgggigaf f ajTgfTLfi1f5g'l A ,M cliff? ',Z-f1f?f5,zfi1 55 3 E .si : jf 5 f I 28 K' 5 gi? 1.3331:V,1m-f-',,,f,'g,- 5 Roy McNeill James Fagan Dale Fitzpatrick President-James Reporter-Janice Leonard Abbey Janice Barker Robert Blaney Marion Detwiler CLASS OFFICERS Fagan Vice President-Roy Towle Secretary-Beth Pritchett Barker Student Cou cil-Marion Detwiler, Nancy Heppler Glenn Silvers Nancy Heppler Beth Pritchett Max Shafer Doris Schmiedbauer Charles Gorrell Roy Towle ophomore Class ' ' fi he n 5315 ll 52122-2 1 ' A Q wwww -f , ijlfii U , , k k ' ' 1 -4 Ml V , , .1 eg if QEEVT f D marres- ,Kwai ' g w , Yif7i A V, . ?sLLA V - K-'2? Afi'?" . "' M A ' j .Q estf egzi Jo Y' A f,rQ?avyse aff We xfrlhf, A. ' - Mrffamfs-AM. 4 2 1 'fs W' ea .M Q WSL, 31W tQgA,g4H A 1 ROW 1: Johnny Marion, Vernon Dixon, Harry Williams, Lela Mae Clark, Leroy Andrews. RGW 2: Wayne King, Harvey Ferguson, Robert Fagan, Evelyn Lovelad , Norma Ditch. R0 3: Ralph Yost, Dorothy Patterson, Darlene Silvers, Allen Spaulding, Betty Ritter. RCW hz Dennis Uhrig, Dorothy Martin, Mona Patterson, Marjorie Flasch, Frank Betchan. Stu Stu SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Pres.-Marjorie Flasch Vice Pres.-Norma Ditch Sec.-Darlene Silvers Rep.- Mona Patterson Coun.-Betty Ritter' Coun.-Leroy Andrews Freshmen Class Don Diehl Barbara Blaney Harold Richards Bob Hogan Paul Detwiler Lenora Hunt June Leonard Dick Ryan Don Bircket Vernon Dixion Barbara Kissner Eddie Rothermel Class Officers President ----------- Ted Taylor Vice President---Becky Spencer Secretary ------ Harold Richards Reporter -------- Gloria Heppler Student Council ---- Patsy Towle Eddie Rothermel Typing I a Tvplng I Shorthand . h School Hlgsnaps 'tlzden II Class t akes ts T10 wwe Eh for studen Us act ually Worki U3 e Robert' max d all TY Har beds flpwer 4 aaa Harold Gorrell af X2 .ff .S ,aan -1-..: S A Q ""' Q My ,, In lf K g it . ' , 'IW he inf f 5 ,,. ,JL,.,,,1 rw. me f ihll 2 Q fbiiFgglq!,' Q 1 I ME . f ' af f me g 5 5 gm M W. gg ggi if ,.5',, -in, 5.5 , 2 Wx Eg, ai ii ,5:. Glen Terril Doris Fitzpatrick Teddie Th0maS Wanda Spaulding CLASS OFFICERS 7th and 8th Gerrye Anne Martin Janice Lasater Jim y Clark Carolyn Mills Arnold Flasch Richard Andrews Jerry Uhrig Ann Harris Ina Heppler Quincy Ferguson Kermit Redman Syble Shafer Marvin Spaulding Paul Williams Rep.-Ramona Dittlemier, Mike Malone Student Council-Linda Hopfer, Kermit Redman eventh Grade Tresa Richards George Bowden Llcyd Fitzpatrick Joyce Lasater Mike Malone Terry Blaney Ramona Dittlemier Barbara Leonard Glen Hopfer B111 Schmiedbauer Linda Hopfer Butch Martin Betty Oldenburg Gary Fent ixth Grade Jerry Sween , Norma Spaulding, Karen Fisher, Ann Gorrell, Virginia Patterson, Ivan Stewart Linda Spaulding Tommy Sylvester th Grade Glen Andrews Calvin Abbey Billy Betchan Don Kanehl Florence Lowrie Kenneth Uhrig Jean Barker To my Ryan Renee Roblyer Sharon Spencer E Sth and 6th fClass Officer Pres.--Kenneth Uhrig Librarians-Norma Spaul- V. Pres.-Glen Andrews ding, Florence Lowrie Sec.-Ton Ryan .J 45 fin F r V -1 : . r, L 'Q A e A B at A Zsi it ff 3 ' Y 1 7'15 NW' QL ' ??!E2?QEi?.N!g?2.f0 d efied A te f' ' 'H 1 A . 'r it 'f 5. mn gqiwgn E A 5 V. .ff W M . . 'Lg Q 35 frl,in "QE err- ' Q, x , ..: gr .. ' zum, ' : F J 3 ' .Ii i '5 ,. . , . ' 'ff'f?Q. 'ffimwgm V Nh lm' ,W'fH.w ' YTTT? My f 5 Q' it 1Q,.5'? 'Eel . -new 2 , . A ' ff 4 .:f55f""""Ki' ,, 4eef1r,ee Q Q, Kiwi: 5 are ww , wr. Q" ggu 5 F '.-' f - ,Q -age' fx' gpg 'gm S. ,gy ,if Vf3WEQQWLN-fiQQ?Qm-jmi x :QT,Q ewwegnmaiefeefe m f . 151 ' ' ' Y" I"'YQ16i?V!k5"TATN3mMgj"fo+'Qvnv'k'NSId2'6"Z"'7'9F'Z-1Z A ' ' '. I. - .W w e ff - f J, e r A 3 fl , A AE wg x 6 E,, gg fy w , -a-,M Roy Hopfer Betty Dixon Gary Hopfer Shirley Richards William O'Neal Billy Fitzpatrick Alice Harris Terry Spencer Janice Andrews R. L. O'Neal Doug Lasater Gerald Thomas Eleson Smith Glen Huffer Glen Filmore 4 0 Jack Shafer Donna Dittlemier Mary Schmiedbauer Jeannie Ritter Dale Frey Marsha Helton Sharon Smith Sherril Gorrell Wllliam Fitzpatrick Kenny Hopfer Third Grade Q 1 ' fe maize 1 1 1 ziqfgfizva gn lg ' 'g:-I--s:.fai. ,QEf ,. X 0 :5 wiv A A4 ,, 1 - ' -if ,1 , ziwittzzmfai sfzaafqgigffwrfzgsvgjagzs .... :S-:.: r Q Q Q lf, ,, .. K . Mffl K -V , ' fa 5 Q a. .. .gg awgqmf . 2 , K 2261: " 1 ' ,417 A, 'E .,.., ia fi wfizsl ' - W 1 A , S S 4 A a. - 53:63 . ' -fn: 4 I 3 2.3M-9,4 1 jg,5g Qq??L,Qf'j4,r gm ggggyizi , , ,xi3.', i f 2' f JU WQH ' .vialimw ' A 5 wa- " , Y-' gyikz, fu 4, W 1 , - vexa., -.1-rf ' M ' A mgww Lf:i2,'2,1 MQQZMM if 54432 2 .5 ,A 2 A 3 ,J mr M Lani fg4..'1-55-.f4,A 'Hg-Y' M w Www . U swwiif ww ,Wiser in gf 'Mg r 1' 'w-JW gsm' 'r' - 531 ' 'X VL N wf 1, mi ff' ' as if A ig Q 3 xgf fx 'gf k F l H1 P , af MQ Mg 1' fm 1 Hi: f Jw ' " :Q Law Wagga? paak tj! ,ig .M,..,m1,.iAT 3, A W 2 , b Q wi ar 'B a , fffi ,f .fri ina. 5?i3f?3fgf g'13 "aff M.: 9551 -1: x: aa"g: :' gg ,fV4"f,,?'l' 32 A-vwfzgzzgf 'Q ' Y ff K 5 K - Efpziig w T A mi, ,VQ 1 A , W Jfig Q J ., gzififfw nw! pr X . J' 428 'ff QA Q Q rgkriiif " K 1 X xkgljw ff 53,5 R is 2+1.e'3fiYg 'L M... ,I WA ,05,,ig.tHN , if., 45 fr' ::'Q13f Y. - 5.,,w,:,, ...,gf:i:W.,:z:-:-: :'f.w- ' ,za :Si -M .:z!f:J1a1w mf: ""'::' J X - Magi ?lE3 was we , fit , gif' :,fjfjj-Q55 f, Billy Ryan Kenny Roblyer Joyce Clark Darlene Abbey Wayne Patterson Kenneth Filmore Gary McNeill Cloyarm Lowrie Velma Stewart Timothy Oldenburg Ralph Leonard Allen Leonard Ann Miller lynn Fent David Hopfer John Patterson , Quentln Spaulding, Billy Harris , Howard Hilburn, Philip Orr, Kay Lowrie Gary Bartram Sharon Wiss Ruby Frey Karen Shafer Bobby Betchan Nancy Herrin as W GJ I - D9-'GUY GPH'-'SS , 1 ' X S: -F131 . Q ' ' l 'N '- , X UQ-ix? g -lj: dqiu xlH1lIIlIUlllllwg,v Q l,:'i"H - h asv . 4 .V-ll i wk... .el His? R we like to work at the board Em gay l "tangy I V A f ,A ' we y .gm Fu' t Grade We are learning our numbers Patsy Sylvester , Charlotte Wesley, Joyce O'Neal, Donna Bertram, Norene Fitzpatrick , Billy Freeborn Grade chool naps F 0 -YO? ,G L60 L00 bel G 1. af? e 60 Jflgt go' dp 8 Sqy-8 6gQ,3'ng85x1U stan Od d ometb play of 03 OXOKJ QT tbS:Eea5Q,iIIg 1,1 t YKSOVQBEZKQKB, J R0.I'.DoU8- I2 that e955 Dome . 00 ,bamovv 'Die So'-501 18 the highest? Looks 11ke Danny and David are real rodeo "champs". Wel n 1 what do we have here, study to night! a conspiracy forming??? a 'stand s Kenny Hopfer 'Batter Upl' 'bill' Showing off costumes , or' was that the bell before grade assembly- Bird Witchi-T181 we hea.rd??? program. was it a high E E s K 5 2 3 E c tudent Counch Left to Right. Linda Hopfer, Kermit Redman, Betty Ritter, Patsy Towle, James Fagan, Naomi Gallaway, Marjorie Flasch, Charles Ritter, Phil Carrier, Nancy Heppler, Leroy Andrews, Eddie Rothermel, Max Bircket, Ted Taylor, Marion Detwiler, Arnold Flasch WE, THE STUDENT COUNCIL, are the governing body of our school. Throughout the year, we have sponso ed a Halloween party, deco orated the halls during Christ- mas-time, and had charge of con- cessions and information booth during the Kilo Conference Tour- nament. A we also have provided a recrea- tion room for the students, fur- nished records to be played dur- ing school lunch hour, and, as always, established citizenship grades. we have accomplished much this year and hope to accom plish more throughout the years to come. Annual taH Left to Right. Ruthie Gallaway, Charles Ritter, Johnny Ferguson, Beverly Diehl, Johnnie Doggett, Wilma Hannah, Nancy Heppler, Sherman Johnsonj B. Walter Weber CSponsorD, Eddie Pogue, Max Bircket, Mary Edwards Annual Queen Darlene Silvers Lenora Hunt w in 'inn 4 Doris W nff 7 D ,"gLin.,KF3,'1 1i,'ig21Q2,5"Qg,f1 rx LQJL4:-, 434 5- 1 5-+-HM .vw 3 "Tu" 'H +2','.l,,, 1 Pirate taii Left to Right. Mary Edwards, Nancy Heppler, Ruthie Gallaway, Max Bircketj B. Walter Weber, Sponsor, Charles Ritter, Wilma Hannah, James Fagan, Beverly Diehl PUBLISHING the Annual is a huge job- It We think he has done an excellent job. requires time and effort, as well as the we hope you enjoy the Annual, and that co-operation of all concerned. we have lt will help you recall many fond mem. tried to put out the best Annual ever. gries of the 19-'55 school year. Our photographer, Mr. Wm. H. Krouse, of Fairview, has made all the pictures in this Annual possible. Reporters Seated Left to Right. Joyce Clark, Shirley Richards, Betty Ritter, Janice Barker, Gloria Heppler, Wilma Hannah, Mona Patterson, Barbara Blaney, Patsy Towle, Ann Miller. Standing Left to Right. Mike Malone, Wayne King, Ralph Yost, Ted Taylor, Harvey Ferguson, Barbara Kissner, Jerry Sweeney Library Club Librarians are left to right: Imogene Gannaway, Lela Clark, Bertha Patterson, Doroth Patterson, and Beth Pritchett. Dorothy and Lela are shown check- ing out a book. Max Shafer is only one of many who enjoy selecting magazines from a fine magazine rack made by the Industrial Arts Depart- ment. Leon checks the card file to see whose books are due. Leon Fitzpatrick, who has taken Beth's place and who is also the only boy librarian, has certainly mastered his position as such. F.F .A. OFFICERS Raymond Snith, Advisor Max Bircket, President Johnny Ferguson, Vice President James Fagan, Secretary Eddie Pogue, Treasurer Ralph Yost, Reporter Roy Towle , Sentinel Harvey Ferguson, Assistant Reporter Robert Fagan , Sentinel Left to Right, Front Row: Sherman Johnson, Eddie Pogue, Johnnie Doggett, Max Bircket, James Fagan, Johnrq' Ferguson, Charles Gorrell, Sam Detwiler. Second Row: Vernon Dixon, Roy Towle, Allen Spaulding, Frank Betchan, Leroy Andrews , Leon Fitzpatrick, Harold Richards. Third Row: Raymond Dixon, Wayne Nealis, Johnny Marion, Dennis Uhrig, Dale Fitzpatrick, Leonard Abbey, Don Bircket, Elroy Sylvester. Back Row: Paul Detwiler, Eddie Rothermel, Ralph Yost, Robert Fagan, Harvey Ferguson, Harry Williams, Dick Ryan. aobnni QV ames gqeifp 5 GOV? Towle 300.6 ta 'Now -'ra tlzyingwhg does this to bog fe thin-lr one -fo he pictgfi gs, " iqstqa 08 5 098 n I 4 'S- ,G-41' GNU 9 'Wold QQ 89 B-obefk' Egg 'een 5' Wt o ,E 553-Y "Well now look at me, I rate don't I? ng did uhiw But I really don't know how I got in 'POD 8 this strange group of characters." ey?" Left to Right: Mex Bircket-Livestock Judglng Eddie Pogue-Engineering Team. Sam Detwiler-Da:L1.'y Judging 'F' an .- , , GBT' .A N -1 RAFNK' '- ZW' v 'A -Q Q "' ff 01,10 U U gf' f-ki' 1 JI' '7l.n 5 O X.. 14' ,. O 1 Y . g wk xx 15 Left to R1ght: James Fagan, Fharles Gorrell, and Johnnie Doggett. Hurry there Gorrell, Faga.n's getting mighty t1red from holding that pipe for you Hey look there at Doggett, he's welding barrels together. Now, what do you ha'b??" QQ W QS 'S ff? g X, ,W 3 EEE 12-, qgigbfg! S sl 'vxisg,'5n an We, the F.F.A. boys, ve chosen for our Queen, a very lovely Freshman, tsy Towle. Her worthy attendants are Marjorie Flasch, Janice Barker, and Norma Ditch. Patsy was crowned April 29, by Max Bircket, president of the F.F.A., at the F.F.A. Ban- quet. An added congrat- ulations goes out from all the F.F.A.-nCongratu1at1on Pat, 1955-56 F.F.A. Queen! Marjorie Flesch Janice Barker Norma Ditch Left to Right, Front Row: Billy Betchan, Glen Raupe, Paul Williams, Gary Fent, Terry Blaney, Kermit Red an, Arnold Flasch, George Bowden, Lloyd Fitzpatrick. Second Row: Betty Dixon, Virginia Patterson, Alice Harris, Sherril Gorrell, Donna Dittelmier, Carol Patterson, Linda Spaulding, William Fitzpatrick, Don Kanehl, Kenneth Uhrig, Douglas Lasater, Glen Fillmore, Third Row: Norma Spaulding, Shirley Richards, Tresa Richards, Ina Heppler, Renee Roblyer, Gary Hopfer, Don Hopfer, Pete Miller, Ann Harris, Gerrye Mar- tin, Doris Fitzpatrick. Fou th Row: Ann Gorrell, Syble Shafer, Joyce Lasater, Linda Hbpfer, Ramona Dittelmier, Lenora Hunt, Becky Spencer, June Leonard, Janice Lasater, Ph llis Voskuhl, Wilma Wheeler, Gloria Heppler. Fifth Rows Butch Martin, Imogene Gannaway, Bertha Patterson, Wayne King. . Shown here are a few of the many animals exhibited by h-H members in the county livestock shows. 2 Q E E Home-3 Economic om HOME EC. CLASSES have been kept very busy thiS year. Our annual WSlick Chicku style show and re- ception was a huge success. we girls modeled our new outfits, wrote the scriot for the play, and decorated the cottage for this big event, he also served for the I1-H - FFA banquet, wearing the anrrzns we had made for the occasion. Firgt Aid, Baby care, Sewing, and Food preparation are some of the gon- eral homemaking courses we stud . We love it, tool HOME EC l. Left to right-Imogene Gannaway,Ber- tha Patterson, Bobbie Kissner, Pat Towle, Babe Blaney. Second row-June Leonard, Bee' S en KY P ' cer, Lenora Hunt, Jerry Malone, Gloria Hepple Phyllis Voskuhl. rs HOME EC ll. Left to right-Norma Ditch, Bertha Lovelady, Dorothy Patterson, Dorothy Martin. Second row-Lela Clark, Marj Flasoh, Darlene Silvers, Betty Ritter, Mona Patterson. JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS: Left to right, Gerrye Martin, Ann Harris, Wanda Spaulding, Linda Hopfer, Jan Lasater, Ina Heppler, Ramona Dittelmier, Sybil Shafer, Joyce Lasater, Treasa Richards, Barbara Leonard, Caroyln Mills, Betty Oldenburg, Doris Fitzpatrick Q keup should be SUD M' " 3 much, P'-119356. Oops I that h C-3-l"ef-ul em crook. girls ed' J or .YOU ll The Junior High students 1 36 learn the basic essentials of sewing. Industrial Arts Much of the failure and dis- appointment in life and possibly much of the crime that abounds may be attributed to the fact that so large a proportion of our youth go out from our schools im- perfectly prepared to meet the demands of the world in which they find themselves compelled to make some kind of living. Industrial arts, presented from the exploratory view point, attack with skill development be- ing the basic starting place can contribute much to an individuals achievements . ' By skill I mean every kind of skill that adds to our materi- al comfort and spiritual growth. From reverence for skill grows the desire to be skillful. As a skill develops, knowledge also develops, for skill-after-all-is wisdom in action. Industrial Arts workshop are the center of real work re- lationships as we make our pro- jects and methods more directly related to the real life of the school or the community. 69 6 ' -I Vejsoiblce 4020050 05115-Z bah TY QZOOQG, Goh? s2rq,efI':S af fvgwwe foe! Qlfbe 1. MQW Do '9-bfip, fl .wb ' Q' 60530 fialp 0119 .v 4127 rv RQ? la , Robb SUI, U00 QQ ebiqe gf 6'Z'l1Q'S bard nts at J S66 bro:-A-, 'han ale 6' bqqfg and 13,0 G S8390 -lb .lyecsba 1? yz' 605 r ?"s9l1'3b9 Gal 01-air QQ Q08 0-If Dennis 6' Q C-be: Q0 0 Z' 2319 his 'S' 1? Geodlff ole 019. 5 Wie-Phe. '5' o JD QQO 0 amz- Ialgrt pa .te 12 keep Slit Qnal?'Ou. enior Play WILB UF. If-H01 d 1 t ' Iaqylfr NBOLTD AND NUTSH Benita Bolt . , Lutie Spinks. . Rebecca Bolt. . Martha Grubb, , Twink Starr . . Dr. Hippocrates Henry Goober, , Phineas Plunkett: I Leon Fitzpatrick Miss Prunella Fi 'n wal' doug' 1120 1 ' 6 fi U19 . 'S' flop. .b O -ufbe negl- o Q0 -5 ne- .,,,oL uf Wage! we reach me , Z, mil D5 'WWW' v00'u e are ev W' - . , W gef gwf . YM: THE CAST im UV . . . . Jan Barker . .Ruthie Gallaway l . .Wilma Wheeler . .Beverly Diehl ,Sherman Johnson , Charles Ritter , , .Eddie Pogue 'If ' r-sfg 3 Joy . . , , ,Nan Heppler gg... Cadwalleder Clippy, , Mrs. Gertie Glossop , . Wilbur Glossop, Jack Gordon , . . . .Max Bircket , , Mary Edwards .Johnny Ferguson .Johnnie Doggett a a v get .7050 me file Ze a wake! 81,002 aqybod I 8 1111 9. .P Pl by to. Oh.: that-il Jr -e 'IP Ns SQ s,s ,mol even 03-6 ' xl 'ief one, 191.0 me M35 Junior Pla 'AARON SLICK FRUM PUNKIN CRICK ll Lo 750118212 Oat, iii 011 Q G lb, '12, In vw gout,-1911-" nHGW UBS me Q 9095 Q M0 See noi h E rj THE CAST I 4? d mon SLICK . . . . . . . . . Charles Gorrell MRC Q 0 0 0 Marion Detwiler u 0 U O 0 0 0 Roy Towle 2 1-ms. Rosy BERRY . . . . . . . Nan Heppler GLADYS MAY M RRIDEW . . . .Doris Schmiedbauer THE 0 o o 0 MB1'j9I'i3 Flasch LITTEE SIS RIGGS. . . . . . . .Jan Barker TH NIGHT CLUB SINGER . . . . Norma Ditch 'c b Q1 Q ad S229 .Z-'Q bid he Q b Clam? db 1 in ad es Gb Gilda b Jbgt in had have Y ver been lonely: ugaye you 9 b1ue7n ou ever been High chool Band First row, left to right, Don Diehl, Pat Towle, Gloria Heppler, Ramona Dittel mier, Linda Hopfer, Jerry Uhrig, Teddy Thomas, George Bowden, Doris Schmied- bauer, Leon Fitzpatrick, Nancy Heppler, Jan Barker, Glen Terrel, Jan Lasater, June Leonard, Second row, Max Bircket, Johnny Ferguson, Charles Gorrell, John ny Marion, Don Bircket, Dorothy Martin, Doris Fitzpatrick, Gerrye Martin, Norma Ditch, Leroy Andrews, Roy Towle, Glen Hopfer, Richard Andrews, Harold Gorrell, Fourth row fstandingjg Beverly Diehl, Wilma Hannah Wheeler, Tresa Richards, Frank Betchan, Eddie Pogue, Sherman Johnson, Beth Pritchett, Dale tzpatrick, Bobbie Kissner, Babs Blaney. Barbara Blaney Patsy Towle Barbara Kissner Beverly Diehl Wilma Hannah Sixth period jam session! WE, THE BAND, have been qui active this year, partici- pating in parades at Perry, Stillwater, and Guthrie. Per kins, Purcell, Kingfisher, Pawnee, District,Cmaybe Statel, and Tri-State band festivals were attended. we won second in concert at Kingfisher and Pawnee. Solos entering contests were Max Bircket, Don Bircket, Doris Fitz patrick, Ccornetl Teddy Thomas, George Bowden, fclarinetl Barbara Blaney, Barbara Kissner, and Bev- erly Diehl, Ctwirlingl Frank Bet- chan,CtubaD Dale Fitzpatrick, CdrumJRenee Roblyer, Jean Barker, Janice Andrews, Glen Terrel, C ophonel Shirley Rich- ards, Cflutei Roy Hop- Fer, ftrombonel THE PIRATE BAND has been a constant Basses Just leaving for a band trip Jean. .zo .. F 'F at all basketball , as well as assemblies, and ty Club. Wheeler Pirate Band Begiqmer Band Trent Row, Left Right, Ina Heppler, Donna Dittelmier, Mary Schniedbauer, iarsha Hilton, Sharon Smith, Betty Oldenburg, Jerrel Thomas, Glen Andrews, Lhirley Richards, Barbara Leonard, Janice Andrews, Joyce Lasater, Jeanie Barker, Renee Roblyer, Second Rowg Glen Raupe, Sybil Shafer, Eleson Smith, Roy Hopfer, William Fitzpatrick, Jerry Bertram, Sherril Gorrel, Vernon wcNeil, Carolyn Mills, Wanda Spaulding, Ann Harris, Butch Martin, Jimmy Tlark, Vernon Dixon, Alan Spaulding, Raymond Dixon, Glen Fillmore, Doug. Lasater, Pete Miller, raul Williams, Third Rowg Karen Fisher, Ann Gorrell, Jeanie Spaulding, Don Kanenl, Rhythm Band Front row: Left to right, Donna Bartram, Sharon wise, Billy Freeborn, Kenny Roblyer, Allen Leonard, Joyce Clark, Gary McNeil, Glen Fillmore, Gary Bartram, Charlotte Wesley. Second row, Billy Betchan, Quentin Spaulding, Billy Harris, Karen Shafer, Ruby Frey, Patsy Sylvester, Norene Fitzpatrick, Philip Orr, Kay Lowrie, Third row, Alice Burchardt, Danny Graves, Billy Ryan, Lynn Fent, Ann Miller, Cloyann Lowrie, Wayne Patterson, Howard Hilburn, Fourth rowg David Hopfer, Timmy Oldenburg, Ralph Leonard, Velma Stewart, Nancy Herrin, Darlene Abbey. is GIQQ Clnh Left to Right, Front Row: Wilma Wheeler, Barbara Kissner, Barbara Blaney, Doris Schmiedbauer, Patsy Towle, Nancy Heppler, Jan Barker, Beth Pritchett, Beverly Diehl, Lenora Hunt. Second Row: Lela Clark, Betty Ritter, Mona Patterson, Norma Ditch, Darlene Silvers, June Leonard, Becky Spencer, Dorothy Martin, Jerry Malone, Gloria Heppler, Marjorie Flasch. Left to Right, Front Row: Frank Betchan, Charles Ritter, Vernon Dixon, Ralph Yost, Paul Detwiler, Max Bircket, Don Diehl, Sam Detwiler, James Fagan. Second Row: Harold Richards, Johnny Ferguson, Ted Taylor, Allen Spaulding, Roy Towle, Eddie Pogue, Eddie Rothermel, Leon Fitzpatrick. i Boy cout Back Row: Glen Andrews , Glen Terril, Dennis Uhr-ig, Don Bircket, George Bowden, Billy Betchan. Front Row: Don Kanehl, Glen Huffer, Jerry Sweeny, Tommy Ryan, Kenneth Uhrigj Sponsor, B. Walter Weber. Cub cout Back Row: Vernon McNeill, Kenneth Filmore, Jerry Bartram, Kenny Roblver, Quentin Spaulding. Front Row: Eleson Smith, Allen Leonard, Don Bircket CDen Chiefl, William Fitzpatrick, Jack Shafer. Scout Master: B. Walter Weber E? K : 2 E Q E E Z Is E 5 5 ? s E 5 2 5 9 X X s 2 1. 3 i E X 2 5 E E 2 ? 2 3 55 .5 ge X X s s :S , E Q E 55 2 E 5 5 ,E SH 92 E55 fi? 5:51 , . , X 62? E25 , .-5 , if iii Me See No Evil, Me Hear No Evil, Me Speak No Evil. Action, Poise, Off- Balanoe, A11 :Ln One. "SWISH" I Bo Ba ketball Fourteen Pirates set sail at the be- ginning of the season with Carl Roblyer entering his second year as Coach. Our first game with Arcadia was a lose, but we proved to be victorious our next four games. Glencoe, then stopping our con- tinuous wins, beat us by one point. The sea seemed storm' for the Pirates 3 al- though, their attempts were great, the next four games resulted in only two wins. Crescent defeated us. By the time Olive captured us at Morrison to drive ua our of the 89er Conference Tournament, we . . were sure the "The Black Spot" had been ngg-AD5n given to our Pirates. Proving this to be wrong, we made four straight victories. The Kilo Conference Tournament was played in our gym. We took care of Eureka and Deer Creek, only to be twnbled in deep water by Jones. We managed to come up with second place trophy as our treasure. In a return game with Jones, we won. A series of games followed, some proving fatal and an equal number victorious. In the last game with Crescent, we were again beaten. As queen of the Pirates and Pirettes, Beverly Diehl was crowned by Max Bircket at the half of the Deer Creek game. We finished our voyage at Coyle in the District Tour- nament with a lose of two points to Norfolk, The five chief 'mates' of the ship during this sea.son's voyage were Max Bircket, Roy Towle, Allen Spaulding, Ralph Yost, and Vernon Dixon. The season ended with a large treasure of seventeen wins and only thirteen loses for "The Pirates." 1 W T Dennis and James wrip Con-br01N Yost says-"Frank quit pushing!! PLOTTING STRATEGY ij Qlfn l do l Ted Taylor .,EEV. ' Don Diehl l Johnny Ferguson 'V+ 5? Pike Spaulding VSITIOD DILXOII I-sum ROY Towle i f Vi 5525 rm ,me sy. f Skier 4? If QL BM ed' J we fr , M X. , E , '-'bee ff' 4 S I M655 ag ,fx 29,22 Q2 sy S3 MESS fig s ee W R , ff My gig Max Bircket d Left to Right: Johnny Ferguson, Dennis Uhrig, Max Bircket, Ted Taylor, l Harvey Ferguson, Den Diehl, Eddie Rethemel, Rey Towle, Pike Spaulding, James Fagan , Paul Detwiler, Frank Betchan, Ralph Yost, Vernon Dixon , Student Managerg Harold Richards in front. Girl ' I Left to Righty Marjorie Flesch, Gloria Heppler, Darlene Silvers, Lenora Hunt, Beverly Diehl, Barbara Blanoy, Patsy Towle, Nancy Heppler, Janice Barker, Doris Schmiedbauer, Beth Pritchett, Wilma Hannah Wheeler, Norma Ditch, Mona Patterson, In front: Student Managers Barbara Kissner and t Betty Ritter. Mulhall Opponen M9 Arcadia 27 hh Douglas 27 S7 Tryon M2 33 Cashlon M7 19 Coyle 12 37 Glencoe 35 39 Douglas 3h 38 Deer Creek 39 3h Orlando 33 M9 Sumner 25 33 Morrison no 39 Crescent 26 39 Orlando 29 hh Eureka 22 M7 Tryon 27 39 Covington hh h5 Jones M3 26 Sumner 29 h3 Arcadia 22 33 Glencoe M2 hl Coyle 55 h2 Luther 57 39 Deer Creek 37 hh Eureka 30 Coach Carrier and grads. M5 Morrison 38 U2 Crescent 29 Willie Bev 89er Conference Tour The school 121511-55 has been kind to the pirettes. We star-ted L47 Olive 53 the season with eight lettermen and a M2-27 win in the first ball ,, nf T ur game. Soon cupid stepped in and Beth's place at guard was filled filo Co egenci 26 by Freshman Pat Towle. Christmas rolled around and again Cupid paid JZ D663 ree ua us a visit. Lenora and Doris alternated at Wilma's guard position 3 Lut er for the rest of the season. The end of a glorious season came in the regional tournament with a loss to Morrison. Final count shows District giurnamegg 2l wins against only ll losses, with 7 of these losses coming at 51 Arcs da 25 the hands of Class A teams. High lights of this very successful Su Orlan 0 season include a 19-12 thrilling win over Coyle, and h5-38 win over t Morrison lboth of whom later went to statel, a broken nose at Cov- Regional Tournamen ington Qwhich resulted in a midnight ride over icy highways for J. 29 Morrison 37 D. and coach, a triple hitting in the third overtime to make the score h5-M3 in favor of the Pirettes, winning the district tournament at Coyle with a Sl-32 win over Arcadia and a Sh-25 win over Orlando, playing host for the annual Kilo Conference tournament which saw us win our first game 36-39 over Deer Creek, only to be eliminated by Luther. overtime win over Jones with Norma finally Guards Eight returning letterman soon dwindled to six. Nancy Marj Y Queen and Attendants Royalty A total of 22 girls were participating in workouts this year at various times and as a result, not enough suits were available. Some of the girls who did not get a suit, but continued to work out each day included Laurah Rains, June Leonard, Phylis Voskuhl, and Lela Clark. A bit of tribute should go to the girls who work out each day, go to the games and have to sit on the bench. We have a number of girls who go through that many times, and they should be commended. Darlene, Mona, Betty, Bobbie all know who we are refering to. Four more girls will be awarded the traditional black and orange letter jacket for their efforts this year. They are all freshmen and are: Barbara Blaney, Barbara Kissner, Lenora Hunt, and Pat Towle. Only graduating senior who was with the team all year is Bev Diehl, who has lettered all four years and holds the individual scoring record for Mulhall School Needless to say, she will be missed next year. However, five of the starting six will return along with a host of strong sub- stitutes. Next season should hold a bright future for the Mulhall Pirettes. District Champions team and its five chose to girls who were represent the in the Kilo Janice Beth onferenc e ALL-STAR Ready to work s,nan?xi all .,, n a, X it 'l'n tnstnmnwrwenrn?saannaward mann .antnt Asses sawn nslen t 5 2iEnt3?5g,g,nwV5Qi55i?QgiT.ai5fig igwwthdwiwfhnuhwijwffw '.te -V K ' 'K " i5??MT' n'-Zwwwwt' ',: New s diiiffl' - SJ' 'fee .J f'-- ' L,- 'M- f'L::-Ql gewi a-.. ' , "gl "-if-i.r'Lfisf: .-Q , - , B a 3: B , ,yQiEQQ: W QFFZQQLV ftgf gf Not enough suits to go around! NCOACH N x 61' Bench Warmers Mmm Q Si? -Awnwm Pen wing a custow of sera eral years ago, the basketball teams chose Beverly Diehl for their Basketball Queen. Nancy Heppler and Jan Barker were the chosen attendants. Bev- erly was crowned by Max Birc- ket at half time of the Deer Creek gave on February ll. Nancy was escorted by Pike Spaulding and Janice by Johnny Ferguson. Crown bearer was Arnold Flesch and flower girl was Syble Shafer, captains of the grade teams. Members of the Pirates and Pirettes form- ed a large letter M while the queen and her procession marched in to the tune of "Let Ne Call You Sweetheart." Following the game the teams were hosts for a reception for the Deer Creek teams. The 19511-SS queen coronation will long he one of the high lights of basketball at TWlhalT School. U2-ffl get seYS2'71fiz' we W 5, 54 I 5 , di xewx Grade BoyK'BasketbaH Left to Rignt, Front Row: Arnold Flasch, Butch Martin, Mike Malone, Jimmy Clark, Glen Hopfer, Terry Blaney, Lloyd Fitzpatrick, Glen Terrel, Billy Schmiedbauer. Second Row: Jerry Uhrig, Richard Andrews, Marvin Spaulding, Harold Gorrell, Glen Raupe, Gary Fent, Kermit Red an. JuniorBoys'BasketbaH i rr., G Left to right: First row, Jimmie Clark, Arnold Flasch, Glen Terrel, Kermit Redman. Second row, Jerry Uhrig, Richard Andrews, Marvin Spaulding, Harold Gorrell, Glen Raupe. Grade Girls' Basketball Left Right, First Rowg Jeanie Spaulding, Karen Fisher, Jeanie Barker, Ann Gorrell, Renee Roblyer, Tresa Richards, Second Rowg Ina Heppler, Syble Shafer, Wanda Spaulding, Janice Lasater, Linda Hopfer, Ramona Dittlemier, Jqyce Lasater Practically none of the grade school girls had played any in a game at the start of the year, so the biggest job of all was simply learning what to do. we played several games and won our share. Four of the girls will move on to high school next year. Jan, Syble, Wanda, and Ina plus two of the seventh graders played most of the time, and we feel we have gained part of the fundamentals we will need in high school as well as the ' ability to play the game Coach Phil Carrier gives instructions to eighth gradaas best we IUIOW 1101'- girls, Slfble Shafer, Ina Heppler, Janice Lasater, and Wanda Spaulding, nap hot Cold Honey? 't she out below! sweet? I we didn'b know Just Resting harem what d short of it aptain hold! Sailor , girls! PS' owl SY w111yv Pretty Max! Seconds, Loafers! '55 a endar +7 4 XL August September 1' 1 ,g ,IWY October -F November De cember January February March April May 26 30 ll 15-17 18 25-30 1-2 15 26 28-30 2 9 12 16-17 2 5-26 30 2 6 8 9 11 lb-18 21 22 23-31 LL 13-15 21 211 27 28 ll 18 21 23 214-26 3-5 5 8 12 15 18 25 26 6 13 22 26 29 10 15 17 18 Enrollment First Day of School Commu ity Fair County Fair, Guthrie Senior Pictures Oklahoma State Fair Oklahoma State Fair Senior Play Douglas, Here OEA Convention Tryon, Here Coyle, Here Glencoe, Here Annual Pictures Thanksgiving Vacation Sumner, Here Band Festival, Stillwater Orlando Grade, Here F.F.A. Officers Meeting, Oklahoma City Home Ec. Style Show Magician Show 89ers Conference Tournament, Morrison Orlando, Here Christmas Program Christmas Vacation Eureka, Here Kilo Conference Tournament, Here Jones, Here John Deere Day Cotteral, Here Arcadia, Here--Annual Queen Cornation Deer Creek, Here--Basketball Queen Morrison, Here Crescent, Here Annual Pictures District Basketball Regional Basketball Band Trip, Perkins Kilo Conference All-Star Game, Deer Creek Band Trip, Purcell Orlando Grade, Here Junior Play Band Trip, Kingfisher Band Trip, Pawnee Open House Cmnmunity Club Donkey 89ers Parade, Guthrie h-H Style Show F.F.A. - h-H Banquet Senior Class Night Baccalaureate Services Tournament, Coyle Tournament, Pawnee Ball Game Senior Commsncanwnt 9357 School Out -N ! Qs , . I Y 1 Ym1:.+arguvszaffafifr1?fi.g' f ' AR'fL4SiUJ6P.'ii."iiii'Iil1ikiXSEiifs'Nmk'SKQi. 54- 7 NXQQ1 XWYXN NMS KiRQX:E."11f?Z4'l,1 I U! iv SX i SHTQLW UT f U L " ' '+mh-4+'95 -V -- Y -----W-V -V . 1 w D 's 1 Q Z ,- ,4- 1. ' 34:-iff --as 1:5- H L fl .VF-.., ,. v?"N?-Jlmuunx um S 'im A1'1,'. ,. Qla-1'5f.'f"e.. - wr 4 1 4, A X iii-liliiii-KWH! 1, ...f nmT"i" N 4 IM 3 S3191 If I' I f f K .1'.T':'3 ND0-3' '-V' ,QA -,. ,- -. '7 Q x x

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