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5 5 I il P 6 K I C i I 4 . F xx xx., X5 J xx. . 1 N. X N xxx - 1 . f f-5 " ' XA 1- X' a '-V - ' , . .N J, x - 'x K Q t, f, , . , , , . VX . . LL? 'lffi sl! Q"i 51553 if 'St S C NJ u I W '3 , i3' 73ri 3wii leilwf?-Q w i rn 'Qui VCE yf:OfNMVtNi rw M P 'i 5, Q QT hal Q" 9 5 .E ff ,f - , 'F E 5 S I , 1 Ck GDL 'P C5 Y 't' ca 73 L if 1 c S FIIHEWOIID 'Ilus 15 1 rtcortl of Fllllfy Attxvltlu mpns I Qports O g'1l'1lZ'1IlOf1S PcrQon1l1t1cS C lmti 'and 1n 1 nm, Our Town Yts ull that tnt muah mutlm mar Lf tlm s nook bc. lllcg mt I yot mn snt tlown vu you rcmlnlscc dont forgtt tlmt wt Clinton Cnngcr md ill tht staff Lnjoycd every mlnutt 9 work gcttlni, tht nnttrul 1lI tog.,trhcr but most of Ill vu luopt tlmt YOI cnyoy the product of our work Edxtor Llmton D1llard Lo Edltor Gmggr Cymult y X , Q mv Lf M 59 T 0lCOTE'l' ADMINISTRATION S SENIORS 18 IIJNIORS M QOPI-IOMORI Q 47 FRESHMEN 50 FAVORITES 58 SPORTS 76 CI UBS 96 ADVPRTISINICI l70 D 'Ll 3 St " "'41,..,CQz1 .'.ifc,.., r- : l ' , ' I ff. So l' iq l ' ' 1 an fll ricntl ' 1 1 ' 'itll . , . and think of people you lcncw, anal things you ditl way, way back in '55 And as ' ' Y' l ' K' t '-L2 Y' ' I L." ' t I X W -N.: ' 5' . X , f t , fl 3 ,....-. 'nu , WW " f-,Q-. My U Ufwadw- 'W n I ,fl aan, , . - M Aww! X .1 N. xfm 'N X.. X xx ,Xml I N x -my-BW 'Na fu., .... ..- .4 1 LM ,mm sf! wpww 4 W ........a i ,.+ .2 img Q 5. Q W N Mr Howell and Miss Rlchardson study the schedule as students rmll xn the hall getung ready for regxsrratlon REGISTRATIU 'ff Mr Bakers fmal o.k. and alls well for these students ro begm another year at old MHS Johnny had a httle dog Its hau' was shmy black It followed hun to school one day But knew to stay way back The blg old column on the front Made a dandy h1dmg place He's waltmg, oh, so patiently For johnny's grmrung face The chllclren all did laugh to see The llttle frxghtened pup And wxshed that he would come and help Them soak the knowledge up' 4 5 O JM 1:1 5-T 'M A s . I-. AW' f' in T .l,, an MAINTENANCE I.. to R. Mrs. White, Hart, Garewood, Shook, Kelton, Henley, Dawson, Gabbert. Nor pic- FREEMAN rured, Mrs. Parton, Terrell, Dempster. BEN WILLIAMS Bus Driver Head Custodian H ORAN SIMS-Bus Mechanic BILL PARKER L. C. BRATCHER J' W. JOHNSONLBUS Foreman j0E WALKER MR. HAWKINS DENVER DALY EARL BRATCHER Bus Drivers Bus Drivers RUTH CLEMET S RUBY GREEN MRS. 'WIMBERLY IRENE SPLAWN MRS. LYNN BRATCHER MRS. CUNNINGHAM MRS. J. W. JOHNSON MRS. ORAN SIMS MRS. CLARK Bus Drivers Bus Drivers 6 Bus Drivers 15 S I ,... g,,, F an Y, f f ' , ' ' A kvky I ' ii Q 1 X W3 S V f ' ,.,- 'W f A FREQ SE.mfi2 mm HULESHQE COHPRESS di WAREHOUSE Co. OFFICE WW X--v-"' -IX 1 "MI S DEVELOP S0 0l1R SCHO0I, :ff if ': SCHO0L BOARD Our staff photographer caught Mr. Kirk busily at work at one of his never-ending duties. SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS MR. JERRY KIRK Competently trained, thoroughly able, and self-sacri- ficing in his unriring service, Mr. Kirk has, during his con- nection with Muleshoe schools, stood as a guiding light. Mr. Kirk has always been deeply interested in the stu- dents and their activities, and his interests continue with the students after they leave school, Muleshoe is fortunate to have a man of the caliber of Mr. Kirk at the head of its schools. Long may he stay with us. I2 ii I W V s.,igQiAfiwv-f 1. Mr. Baker almost catches the photogra pher at his snooping. Alert and efficient, Mr. Baker shows that he is well acquainted with the ways of a high school. His interest in the teachers. as well as the student body, keeps him always a busy man, HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL MR. 1. R. BAKER LIBRARIAN She wrought with skill and careg A teacher builded a templeg Forming each pillar with patience, Laying each stone with prayer. But the temple the teacher builded Shall endure while the ages rollg For that beautiful, unseen temple Mrs' A' S' Stovall Was a chilcl's immortal soul. SOCIAL STUDIES Mrs. Mable Dowell Mr. Ray Bishop SCIENCE Miss Bobbie Richardson Mr. R. S. McElroy MATHEMATICS Mrs. D. B. Lancaster Mrs. Ola B. Jones Miss Greta Paul Mrs. J. R. Baker Mrs. H. L. Blackburn Mr. C. D. Clair Mrs. John Zahn E GLISH A teacher affects erernizyg he can never tell where his in- fluence stops. X 1 1 1 ll I VOCATIONAL STUDIES FACULTY BAND and CHORUS Mr. Norvil Howell DIETICIAN and SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Mary Hart Mrs. Lula Gorell COMMERCIAL and SCHOOL SECRETARY Mrs. Murl Brown Mrs. Ray Franz 'J ATHLETICS Mr. Leroy Scott Mr. Bill Taylor Miss Wanda Middlebroolc Mr. Charles Thomas Mr. Bill Bickle Mrs. Charles Thomas Miss Mary F. Ford if Qflfjsg wb NX Y ji JFS' 9 sh 1 9. fi 'QQ I wsvfy . QQ J Sax N Xjjfyia. N N T' QA ' 7X NT? Q KE f 5 .,,l,,7.q5, ..w my L- -- U1 . ' ii. . xg H X .0 X , L 7 N Q Q 1 HM. mv? A y Nu ,. X ., 4 2 Msg' 1 ff K , ,V ggi' V ' 'Sf , E iw X 4 , 'im ,, 5 . N Af Sz? ,Q ' 3 ,I X 'A A ,z 'sw . - 1 we . gre 1 1g ., , , It , . Eg., 'E 5 fi, 5, ' Pawn, ,, I , - -"fu" 1' 1 Ui: I x if--iw ..,? ., 3253. fgaznl-r' 12:32 1 y f 'Av s r Q ,r ggrg 1 'X GM Wgawfigpf .gm -P: . ., . . , R , A ,ME -ff , A E 5 4 X . .Q M ... .X .ww Q' ffqamia am- '14 4 4 ,Ji Q IRRIGATION QUENCHES THE LAN D'S THIRST SCHOOLS QUENCH THE THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE Irrigation wells such as these make Bailey County and surrounding areas a veritable oasis. At harvest time, fields are awe-inspiring making one think of the psalm- ist, David, when he cast his eyes over the land seeing vegetation watered by the waters from the mountains. Everywhere there was evidence that God made provision for his creatures. SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES llendirk Bruns ,lean Montgomery If 3 1' The Senior Class made wise selections this year by se- lecting for their favorites, jean Montgomery, who is active in every phase of school activities, and Hendrick Bruns, our exchange student from Germany, who has won the hearts of all who know him. CLASS OFFICERS These class officers were se- lected to guide the 1955 Sen- ior Class this year. They have proved their ability for leadership by efficiently con- ductin their offices. Back Ron' f. to r, Wayne Bristow Student Council Rep jean Montgomery Sec.-Treas, Gordon Wilson Vice-president Fro11tRr11z 1,10 r. David Sanders Sgt,-atfurnws Elizabeth Farley Reporter Keith liulmrnnin 1 President 1' b ,fy ' ' -,I 1 ,, ,, .5 ,.,. :.g ,nl 2 .4 l 4 V f 5 8 Q, S1 5 f BROUN, BOBBY F.F.A..l,2,3,4g shop-1. BRADLEY, RANNY School Paper-2,35 Librarian-lg F.H.A.-1. if A 1 BUHRMAN, CAROL CMANNJ BUHRMAN, KEITH Chorus-1,2,3,4g Off.-2,5g F.H.A.-1,2,3g Off.-2, F.F.A.-lg M. Club-5,4g Football-3,43 Cap't.-43 3g Minor Stars-1,25 Class Favorite-35 Los Char- Basketball-1, 23 Track-2,53 Jr. Playg Class Pres. lodores-4. -45 Off. 3g Class Favorite-2,33 Student Coun- cil-4g Carnival King-4g ISL Play-4. 5? , ws, ' sw What's up, gang, or should we say what's down besides Mary Alice?????? BRUNS, HINDERK CHERRY, WANDA Germany: Class Pres.-two ycarsg Rowing Clubg F.H.A.-1,3g Off. 35 Office Club-3,45 Annual Trackg Muleshoez F.F.A.g Class Favoriteg Most Staff-3,4g Hee Haw-4g Mask 8: Mike-1, 25 Handsome. journ. Club.-4. x ffir COLLINS, BETTIE Band-1,3,4, Off.-4g Majorette-3,49 F.H.A.-lg Student Council-4g Mask 8: Mike-1,2,3,4g M. I-LS. Votes-43 Baskerball-1,2,3, Mgr.-1,2g An- nual Staff-4g Quill 8: Scroll-4g Princess of Friendship-43 Carnival Queen-4g Master Minds -4. E l0R COOPER, RALPH CLEMENTS, WANDA JOYCE Kis Oucaris-33 Annual Staff-33 Track-3g F.F. Pep Squad-l,2g F.H.A.-1,2,3,4g Volleyball-1,2 A.--lg Hee Haw Staff-45 Feature V If - 5 DAWSON, ALICE Writer. 3,45 Mask 8: Mike-l,2,3,4g Master Minds-3 Band-3g Annual Staff-43 Hee Haw Staff-4 Quill al Scroll-4. The physique of the M.H.S. man, for should we say boyb CRAIG- RANDALL F.H.A.-1,2g Basketball-l,2,3,4g capf.-44 Mask DAVIS,ELMER Band-1,2,3,4g F.F.A.-lg Mask Bc Mike-4. 55 Mike.4. FFIA'-12. l"""k 'li ff: DOUGLAS BARBARA F.H.A.-lg Band-l,3,4g Majorette-lg D. Major 3,4g Mask 8: Mike-l,2,3,4g Basketball-l,2,3,49 Captain-3g jr. Playg Junior Cam. Princess Football Queen Att.-3,43 Miss M.H.S.-43 Stu dent Council-4 ELLIS BILLY F.F.H.-1 2' Officer-2' Class Officer-2 3' Pres- 2' Master Minds-3g jr. Play-3gHee Haw Staff- 24' Mulexrain Staff-2 54' Student Council-2 34 Pres.-34' Pres. of S.P.A.S.C' Mask 8: Mike-4, Officer-43 Chorus-4g Quill 8: Scroll- 4g Prince of Friendship-43-National Honor So- ciety-4g Runner-up Outstanding Boy-4. DILLARD CLINTON ,L.,,..,- EPTING DWAIN FFA 12 3 Chapt Farmer Student Council F FA 12 3 Mask Bc Mike 2 junior P ay 124 Off 4 Los Picaros 3 Mask 81 Mike Annual Staff34 Football 2 Track4 Off 4 Quill 81 Scroll 4 Muletram Staff 2 3 4 Editor 4 Photographer 3 Hee Haw Ass t Ed 4 Natl Honor Soc 4 Outstanding Boy 4 astermincls 4 Killroy was here ' FARR DEWAYNE F.F.A.-l 2 3' Football-134 Mgr.- ' M. Club- 3 4' Chorus-4' Boxing-3 4. FARLEY ELIZABETH F.l-l.A.-1 2 3 4' Pres.-4' Class Officer-14' Mas- ter Minds-3 4' Mulctrain Staff-4' Student Council-4' Office Club-234 Officer-4' Los Charladores-4' Mask 8: Mike'4 Officer M.H. S. Votes-4' Quill Bt Scroll4' National Hon- or Society-4. if Y 3, ff' 'HP FOSTER MYRA FRIED, PEGGY GAEDE GINCJFR FH A 14 Dusty Pages 3 4 Mask Bt Mnlte 4 Dusty Pages-,5,4g Volleyball-2. Ban 1 1 FH A 1 Basketball 1 2 5 4 A Master Mmds 4 Runner up Outstandmg, 4 nua btatl 54 Co ldltor 4 Asst Ed 3 GLENN, WINCDNA F.H.A.-l,2,3,-lg Chorus-3g Minor Stars-2 84 Mike'4g lleefllawrfig Quill 64 Scmllwl "Squint" Myer's and her mob of cattle rustlers l M s E i , l l l A . I vl' if I -Q , 3 . V Q, ' A an 5 'L rx GABBERT, R. L. Football-l,2,3,4, Co-Captain-fig All District-4: Honorable mention-lg Basketball-lg ClassYOf- ficer-23 M Club-23,41 PICS.-41 jr. Playg Mask Sc Mike, Officer-39 FFA.-1.25 BOXlf1g-2,3,4Q Student Council-43 Chorus-41 Runner-up Prince of Friendship-45 Runner-up Outstand- ing Boy-4. HARVEY, LEON Track-l,Z,5,4g F.F.A,-l.Zg Focntballalflg Hee Haw Staff-4. HUNT, CLOYCE HUNT, JOYCE F.F.A.-l,Z,3,4gMasrermind5.4, F.l-I.A.-l,2,3,4g Officer-3,43 Dusty Pages-4g "Water Can't Quinnh the Fire of Love." Ar least thats what some people think. INMAN, JERRY Basketball-l,2,3,4g jr. Playg F.F .A.-l. Mask 8: Mike-4g Student Council-4. 'lx ,,x,fV' 2 I S f ,, l JACKSON, LOY Volleyball-2,53 F.H.A.-1,2,3, Officer-55 Class Officer-2,3g Basketball-1,233 Most Likely to Succeed-3g Mask Bc Mike-4. due?- 'Q' JONES, JACK LENAU, CHARLES Basketball-l,2,3,4g Football-lg F.F.A.-1,25 Class Band-l,5,4g F.F.A.-lg Masterminds-4. Pres.-15 jr. Play, Spanish Club-4g Off.-43 Stu- dent Council-1,2,4g Off.-2. SE l0R MITCHELL, MONA F.H.A.-1,2,3,4g Mask 8: Mike-3,43 Dusty Pages 3,45 Off.-43 Office Club-3,45 Off-45 Student Council-45 Journalism Club-4, Off.-45 Hee Haw-43 National Honor Society-4, Quill Sc Scroll-4. MONTGOMERY, JEAN F.H.A.-lg Mask 81 Mike-1,23 Basketball-l,2,3, 45 Captain-33 All District-3: Master Minds- 5,4g Class Off.-SA, Student Council-3,4g Off.- 4g Class Favorite-4, Runner-up Princess of Friendship-4, Chorus-45 Outstanding Girl-4. 11' s LAMBERT, MARY LOU F.H.A.-l,2,3,4g Volleyball-l,2,3,4g Mask 6: Mike-1,2,3,4g Hee Haw Staff'4g Pep Squad l,2. Dwain is hopping a fast freight for Lower Slobbovia. MOORE, DON Football-2,,3,4g M. Club-23,45 Track--'lg F,F.A -1,Zg Mask 8: Mike-43 Honorable Mention, Tackle-4. if , W1-zA,w,f' + ., I ,F g R va .Eh A f :ff ff! 35+ Gs., .. ty ,K ,,gjf?w'S'5'k 1 igigis: --Hbvlxpmuw ffl Qi' 4. ,. Y l .1 : J ! iv v-7" 54 3 'J 'Rf' K . P. 'iz 41 ,L I ,Q X 1 'Riff E gg f K 'Sf ' .4 A ,. 5 ..f Wwf fT545' Y 3- A ', '2 , z w Ji?' 1-Q ,pi 5, 'iliiwf ji-Q3 G Wifi A , V -'D".:" -,. -.... , n h p , ' as B f ' ,M ff -Q f-1-fx, vs. X fQffgSQf'Egfia 'hit ,fw...f-mf Q V mi , Yu g may . '- , -.315 ,W f f Q -V M53 Q, g g 53 ,., w 33:55 .i ,fm POOL, ROGER F,F.A.-lg Office Club-43 Mask 81 Mike-5,-4. SHAW, EUGENE Football-l,5,1l, iapt.-43 Track-2,53 Basketball- l,2,5,4, Capt-43 Student Council-4g Llass Ol- ficer-Zg Class Favorite-lg F.F.A.-1,23 M Llub -2,3.4. 'gin-s. 7, 5922? -'dfllla Af' ,ff tw Z K, , 0 ., ,Ii J SANDERS, DAVID .F,F.A.-l,2,5,-'lg Band-l,2,3,flg Senior Off.-ll STEVENS, jOl lN F.F.A.-I ,2,3.4. Rodeo Team-l ,2,5. No, Roger, dont shoot yourself. Thurs- ton isn't that bad. SENl0R Football-Zg lf.F.A.-lg 'imk-25,45 Mask N TUWN5, KAR01-ENE Mike-45 junior Playg M Clllb-Z,5,4Q M.H.5. F.H.A.-l,Zg Band-l,2,5g Chorus-21 Dramatics-5 Votes-4g Band-l,Z,5,4. Annual Staff-3,43 ISL Play-4. THOMSON, JOHN WRIGHT, PAT ARNOLD WILKERSON, JIMMY F.F.A.-1,Z,3,4gOfficer-4, Basketball-1,2,3,4, All District Guard-3, F.H. Band-1,2,3,4, Officer-35 Chorus-4, Officer, A.-1,53 Jr. Play-33 Cheerleader-43 Student Student Council-4, F.E.A.-lg Track-5,43 Mask Council-5, Chorus-5. 6: Mike-l,2g jr. Play-55 Annual Staff-4. 4 4,-sa . 'elv A, Q " -R' Alright, Alice, let's watch it. You really ,A ntl' ' shouldrft be breaking training, ,,t.TX,,, A E IOR WILSON, GORDON WRIGHT, DONNA Basketball-1,2,3,4, F.F.A.-1,23 Football-1,43 F.H.A.-2,3,4g BasketbalIA2,3,4g Capt.-4, Class Class Officer-2,4g Runner-up Most Handsome Favorite-2, Football Queen-41 Runner-up Miss -5,4. M,H.S.-4, Office Club-4, Cheerleader-4. ftft I I tft A, L5 .5 N 2 lg A Q. Y.,, , fun.. i Y-ofwif It must have been a draw' The freshmen haven t learned that jeans and sweaters or skrrts and sweaters are customary school ature They all dress up for classes 32 Ive dreamed that I went somewhere nn my mghrgown but Eva must have really done xt' Happiness ns as a butterfly which when pursued IS always beyond our grasp but whnch nf you wrll su: down quretly may ahght upon you Shall we say this 1 a complete Lune of happrness' Why the black eye' xx X Q' ., . if X? Q Alf, A N' Ly, 1 W -' f wx fm ,Q .gmt if F H L ,Km QM . Fw Ewa ,.W..p 1 T 11 YJ? if ,Q ,Q 4 5 5 -f 1: -0:2 ,Q L f , t .. ., :N ,L I HTG nag I 15 tee? M ,M J K Q- M Zi, , Q,..,.,,,W.N. K I fig , . N.fw"' f :QW my ivfw a' Liffifgg V- ' , M2 Q ff.!"' " Ms' I 1 , 6 X JM ' Wiffw YK ,X xg Wj rx M fx A 0 Il LA D Pll0FlT - 0 0UR Cll00L lt has been said, "If you can not find God's hand, or see His face through some hour of despair, do not be grieved-go seek the good clean land, and you will find Him there." Muleshoe is blessed with ,good clean land, from which comes the . backbone of our schools. Bountiful crops are so varied that almost the entire year we reap the benefits. All of this makes our community one of the choice spots of the state, and gives a bright outlook for our schools. CLASS FAVORITES Again the Juniors dislike changes, and hold true to tradition. Shirley Black, for the second time, has been their choice for class favorite. A perfect choice along with her, is Bobby Black. Favor- ite cousins and class favorites, too!! SHIRLEY BLACK BOBBY BLACK JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS The juniors, following true tra- dition, have selected for their class officers these competent and capa- ble leaders. President-Stanley Fox Sgt.-at-arms-Thurston Garrison Vice-Pres.-Jackie Tidwell Sec.-Treas.-Patricia Sirnnacher S.C. Representative- Linda Lancaster Reporter--Shirley Black Autry Allison Atchison Black Bryant Barbara Winston Carolyn Bobby Shirley Bo 'S I U X X 'A I' Black Bratcher Cooper Cline Cary Choate Melvin Pat Ray jackie Donald E Delbert J M " 1 -t 1 8 1 A sr Q 'C Cv I li' Clark Norene Colson Eldon Creamer Cox Cates Dale Monnie Gwineth Virginia Younda Downing Davis Elliott Fox Freeman Garrison Maxine Lucille Sandra Stanley june Thurston JU lllll "Hands" seem to be the central theme of this picture. On sec- ond thought, what were "hands" doing on the blackboard in the background? Gillis Gregg Virginia Bobbie Harper Holdeman Frank Texann xox Harrison Howell Hutchins Henry Hawkins Jones Norerta G. R. Netra Jo Doyle Alfnma Kim Jarman Kinsey Landers Lancaster Lewis Lee Gene Paul Mary Kenneth Linda Ronald Doris Lowe Lorance Locke Morrison Miller Nelms Delores C, F. Geneva Duane Myrtle Bobby l ,ZW Orwell Pool Pence Rush Shanks Hugh Buddy Beverly Billie Doyle Betty JU l0R Simnacher Simpkins Patricia Wanda Sullivan Stevens Loretta Peggy Sowder Sims Simnacher Shaffer Stephens Tidwell Thomas Leander Fa.roy Billy Marlon Jackie Qi , , .,f1zi qbx. M A ,, , 2 5 I Y 'Thompson Thomson Thomas Upton Wells Woodard Norma Leroy Carl Evelyn Jimmy Mary Wingo Wileman Waggoner Willman Wuerflein Weathers Bobby Sharon Charles Kay Edward Shirley Walker Donald JU l0RS Mrs. Jones's geometry 'class waits patiently to see just how that problem is solved. 40 41 1 mm Eqsmiill QS Q UFH MURE5 SOPHOMORE CLASS FAVORITES Rose Lee Millen Beverley Mardis ,A Rose Lee and Beverley have a friendly smile for allg rhar is why the Sophomore class made such a good choice in se- lecting them as their class favorites. CLASS OFFICERS These Sophomores have learned the Ways of M.H.S. and have proved to be good leaders for their-.class. l. to rc Charles Jennings President Beverly Mardis Vice-president Dale jones Sergeant-at-Arms Shirley Mathiesion Sec.-Treasurer Doris Ann Fields Reporter Barbara Byrd Student Council Rep. X ,fx Jacobs jones jennings King Kriegle Lackey Morrison Darlene Dale Charles jo Ellen Kenneth Dean jimmy F xg y X I lvt- 'Q 1 - D s Q i 1 neln 1- 1' at :aaa we 1" e V H , f 'fi'-49? - X . .f 1 I, , -, E: f if t e ,D n nn in s f - .af n a 'DTN fi - - X ' , x I' Matheson Mardis Millen Mathis Miller McNatt Moore Gene Shirley Beveral Rose Lee David Charlie Ralph Betty McKnight l -A Ogletree Pfecure L Pillow Patlret jimmy Ra J Q Yeah Richard Charles 50Ph0 'Vg V ig- mores ' 15' 'i'i ,ff gig N - Fl Q 4 . fr , 1 - ' 3 ,i ' ' ' Guard ,, :,, A ' ' i an ' ' i f t f in - .Y - 5 1 those f X ' ' 1 lircsli E A - . 4' i M sa Q. X gg i Hliill , Q' A . 4 Q' W lt 1 1' if X I' x , . Patterson Roark Redwine Rasco lim joe Marcia Odell A Q -- I' 953 A i 1 i 1 V, Q , 5, 4 L V -Ti - ' . A M' y I . v B t 31 A .M V A :.,,. , i n if , 1 ,Q A ,A pi , V S ,- 'Y V., 5' W N A I M I if 1 Q X We f XXX! XJ Rogers Sims Stevens Simnacher Stallings Stroud Scales Sedgewick jerry Rosetta Darrel Brenda Dean Darleece Clark Janelle Stevens Stallings Stinson Slirnmons Turner Vinson Van Dyck Duane Margaret Ronald Sen Virginia Mary Iudith 47 L if 'Ii 'Sei 1 J Q f' ' Q' S 3 Ksitii 57. f EI L v JE ik ,n I4 Mi ,gf 5 ,fi W, 'S ,. 'K 'ji ' , ww w 1 -1 We X22 442 4 .MU ....... . .. hx - el--7 1' , iff , T :23z:wi5.2--",. 'Sig , .. . Mug? , , , , E, -'1f.'Ki,f 1 A lg- :.v-r ,-5:-1 .vi r ua, fs BPILTYTYI 'M ,si igxi-J, 'L 1 sr rf .MLW uf, , H we it 4 ,f 4 , 1 W 5 334 5? 3 re, fx ,t N, ..f,. 5' K E' Rxfhu GFX A 5 iii ff L 52 v K 1325- 2 Y r E A 2? ix W 'V 'ffbfq EP? Y as +1 Z mf X 5 f Q ii , 5 f Wax R, W vi ustzwv!-S f ,A+ ' zlii mini Y 4 J , A lf-1. may if Q ll ll 'il ia!! ll Ill Il Ill liiiglll I!! Ill 5 2 fi , JL. N, Hi' Q W 4 'ik 'S ,f M. as 1 YELLGW AX,Jb5 ' YEL!!! Mill! FRE HMA CLASS FAVOIlI'I'E The Freshman Class selected Bob- bie Nell and Billy for class favor- ites. because they knew that through their years of M.H.S. they would become favorites of all who CLASS UFFICER QF' fi 3 ' ff ff' The Freshman may be green hands in the Way of M.H.S. but they made wise choices in selecting these "Fish" as lead- ers of their class. Delores Cannon, President Doris Jean Childres, Vice-President Clifton Allen, Sec.-Treasurer Clyde McMahan, Sgt.-at-arms Ralph Tunnel, Student Council Rep. FRE HME Gatewood j. C. -1-M!! 5 an-9 ll- i 5 Gross Harmon john Billy rl A l 55, Harper Hendrix Holt T n Ma Ma "Born zwenry years too soon", says Mr. Clair 0 Y ry ry JO ' , 'W ll" ' Vqu if - V r f 2' V .1. . Ek srqlg fv' . A S , H i .V .L -. rl' 5 -. L VV mir? V , 7, 5 K .v,, V V hr g,,,,, ,.. 'r', , ., H L i f q J W ! :::z iljemifiizz 55:1 , X J , Horn Howell llursr lngle jackson jennings johnson johnson Shirley james Betty Erline joe Don Roh Dickie Kenneth cs, I ' ve ll, I Q1 Q 2 . 2 Eh ' yr or jones Kemp King Lackey Larson Laux Lee Lewis james Elbert Bobbie N. Yvonne Ronnie jimmy Elsie jean Gene V L Qmfgf N A Vk E ,L Vwymfis Z, x tk Q ,N YW f L 3. 1 in j ef. if j,ijjiij l " ,L r .5 e 1? V , nlv- I 4' Y- Sfzzifug 4 'I I ff - A , MM! H Long Lorance Lowery McMahan Martin Martin McCool Maesros Agnes Dixie Virginia Clyde Edgar Imelda Sharron Fva Metcall M ers Nichol: Nash Nowlin O'llair Owem Pruitt Y Stella Stanley Bobby H. L. Patsy Mike Marsha Mary ,uv- F FRE HME '--nn Pierce Potts Puckett Peeler Mickey Connie Mary Jan Buddy Roberts Richards Surratt Sullivan his nineweeks exam time! Ginger Horace Mary Charles I ' Stevenson Smith Simnacher Shipp Sowder Shepherd Stovall Shankles Glen Rex Leon Roy Betty David Cordelia jerry Shankles Sena Scarbrough Sanders Shaefer Thompson Turner Turner Gary Freddie Robert Bobby Gloria 1. Nita Doyce Royce , ' fi Tunnell Wilhite Walters Watkins Wimberley Wirnberley Wuerflein Wilson Ralph JeraLynn Charles Raymond juanelle Lonell Frank Stanley Whitson Williams Welch Linda Glen Jimmy . .Ib rf: f A -1.421 x M ,, a A f - X .ffgff I I , 1 xii' " . ,I-V A A . Q 4' . ' fs . , v 4 , Q fv I , I,j' fi, f I ,,.,'A,.a 4 , I ff-V f V '4 '1 A .'- '. 4 qi r J . 'V IA ' 4.41 I v 1 , A "' ' , -f . 4 K-If va , I , 1 f .i 4 l if , f ,LL ,L , -1dq,?f kk -qv 211' f an He is happiest, be he am, who finds peace 'Tit LARNIVAI. RING :xml QU11hN Kcirh Burlmmu BQ-rriu Clullin f:v'N 'inf' 61 31' . - 'v " s S - '53 ir Wwe, 3 M -vw' fw ..,. , M Wm, ff Y . ml 4, 71. 3? vga? , w T32 -n-an--"""""" Nw E f I If ! ,,17"'? W, v HN JL , bf 1 sag 5 MOST HANDSOME JIMMY oG1.H1'REE Vo? GO 0061: 1 VS . YS , vw 67 H025 6 Y . 909 X005 rdon Up XXC QL O0 A M fy E-fb? OL ISIAINDHNQ QIRI, 'ILAIN MONTGOMERY .XA U QC! C' 17,76 Q V00 mix ' ' '16-fa "W ,GEOG F05 ylo' 6 8 If? x J K -1 .99 xx00ZrAbbQxx OUTSTANDING BOY CLINTON DILLARD WV 69 ff ,ff iw OO , Af! nf .1-if Y if x.: ,iff A w R B . H0001-. U67 5114 MA TER MINDS The Master Minds are the outstanding students of Muleshoe High School. Dependability and thoroughness have won for each of them this coveted title, To be selected as the outstanding student in one's class is an honor that speaks for itself, and that places the student high in the respect of his teachers and fellow classmates. Journalism Sue Actkinson Home Ec. I Home Ec. II Home Ec. III Dixie Lorance Pat Cooper Virginia Cates Agriculture I Agriculture II Agriculture III Farm Engineering Billy Harmon Bobby Black Ronald Lewis Cloyce Hunt Literature I Literature II Literature Ill Literature IV David Shepherd Barbara Sue Darsey Pat Cooper Myra Foster I MA TER Ml DS From contemplation one may become wise, but knowledge comes only from study. Shop Ronald Stinson World History American History Civics Johnny Allison Kim Jones Elizabeth Farley fmdq Grammar I Grammar II Grammar III Grammar IV Buddy Peeler Curtis Browder Linda Lou Lancaster Mary Alice Baker Typing I Typing II Shorthand Bookkeeping Ginger Gaede Bettie Collins MA TER MIND 'Tis education forms the common mind: just ns the twig is bent the trecls inclined. Speech Mary Alice Baker General Science Biology Chemistry Ralph Tunnel Queneil Elliott Charles Lenau General Math Algebra l Algehra II Geometry Margaret Gillilantl Mary -lo Holt Clinton Dillartl Johnny Allison Chorus Band Spanish P. E. jean Montgomery Jimmy Winston Allison Betty Moore killcil the carl MOST CURIOUS Mary Alice Baker -Au!! ' 1 V-dl K Remember, lcirls, curiusiry S5 A ' 1 ' 1 Thurston Garriwn BIGGEST IMAGINATIUN , , , MOST DASIIPUL I Dnnr you believe ir, Bet- W ,, , . . -limmy Wilkerson UQ, Amcrlm Ixlnwru Um lf be lhf SPHHQAP Barrie Cliillim V Clyde McMalmn 4 MC JST COURTEOUS Billy Ellis Sue Actkinson -0 -1: X Lean harder. Billy! The , illustration ar the right , may be Sue's thoughts! The only time ,lanic and R. I.. .ml shy is .xr picturcltaking time-. lWnmr1Ilcr what hap- pcnul when the LdII'lC'I'dIIILiI1 lcllff 1 BIGGEST FLIRT jamie Biclxcl R. L. Gabberr MOST LIKELY TO SITCFFD XXIITTIEST W3YU9 BFISWW Gaylord Tate ,lcfm MUUIPIUWUB Nldrciu Iiulwixlc If WIHVUC Hml .lean DUNT Qllccf-cal. ur mll he ,qi Gaylord an-I Marcia Dale may nm lw w wirry because the safe was burglar-pmol. , when Mr. Baker gets up. ul , , sf I Q . XX x . , 4 -, 655 L A 1 1 'f , f Q Q 1 ny , if MUSI' lN'l'IiLLI1L'l'UAL ' 4 Iflizubcthl Farley , 1 I X R.llph'I1mm'l Q f -Al 4 1 5 X if 0 J . . lf x 'X I1lllIll'5CfI1 Qmll Ralph! intellcft ' 7' if scams ln acntcr fm 'Lil Abner. f- "SZ - A Q. 74 I..-.........-. 1 I 1 s 2 E f,,,........-..-.1 N...---'-.,x L...-J nm ,,...K,.,-...-,fvm-. if 'HMI 'TT ' J K -twig iwiijj N 'EEUG s r--i 1 .Jain " Q Trxcaptams R L Gabbert Euzene Shaw and Ke1th Buhrman Coach Scott The M club lb an organrzatton opcn for boys who lcttcr 1n any sport rn MHS Members look forvmrtl mth yexr to the 1n1t1at1on vyh1ch lasts for a vxcck and IS clnnaxecl by a Hell mght after Whrch the rnrtrares becomc rcgular members Thc club sponsors many worth wh11e act1v1t1es cach yetr md 1ts mcmbcrs lre among thc most loyal and wholeheartecl of any orgamzatlon in school M CLUB " 3: wi Stanley Fox, Joe Roarlc, Gaylord Tate Don Moore Wayne Brlstow, Ecltlle Wllt, Jackre T1clwell, Gene Paul Jarmon, Bobby Black, Doyle Henry, Buddy Black, Bo Bryant, Luge Shaw, Kelth Buhrman Not plcturetl R L Gabbert Jerry Blaylock, Davxol epherd G R Howell UD 79 41 Coach Taylor fwflvah' ', " B . 6 ff' ,,-a v F 1 11 I "Y I V' L l 1 V. Q Q . 1 , I ,,t.,l VVLLV I 1 WN, 1251- - l . - -,A 'fn i,,,,,, , Ez ,G 'mfg ff 1 , VC vggkf-gf, H 521 559 "" N' 'N . , W. L W at ,..- aero:--1 - an Lk Qi n 39 ,Q Q 0 X 'C we lie C i t w Q W wrrr K - L L 'P ff if r C 4' L - , 35" sw- ' Q L ' f L cslr y 2 ttlyi 5 L f -1 , - s ',tr V ' ?r" 5 . . 'H L, A ij- Agri ' fi ffl , , ' ' ' ' ' 3 ' 2 , L ' ' ' I z A ' ,wear V. My K fi:'fi'a john Young, Sophomore 1 year lctrerman halfback ar-ll' X, jackle Tldwell jumor 2 year lerrerman end Wadi if "'MnI"'f OVW Don Moore-bemor 2 year letterman tackle honorable mention for all drstrxrr FO0TBALl. J' ur C R Howell jun or rr lerterman fullbaelx 1ll drstrlrr if Ewa: E Shaw annd Buhrman lead Mules ubene Shaw Senior ear left r 1 b k mto the Mule Yard for a battle L H an quarter aL all drstrrct R L Gabbert Senlor Gordon Wrlsrnrl benxor 5 year lettcrman guard I year letrcrman renter all CllSIl'1Cf all rllsrrlct 80 if yr al aeay M 1 9 f , Y- 3. . ' - 1 - I X - 1 ,yu . , A ' , , .r,,f,,V kjVV l ' . V f ' V t. 'li 1 l'rf ' u r 'A' ff ' a y fv ' a me y A 'Q lm' 1-r . . . M iw ' , , V- 3 "f"r2': i :,' . -2 ,""' " ,-+226 " PI M 2 ll lklk :W VMILV , Al 2? 'i i ,, : . M r L-"V ' 5' 4,' .,,fr 1 Elf fliliiff I , , X A 1, V A K hy w 'S 'A' by 'J 4, 1 V' I -' f ' ,,,A 1 e .P I on 2 mf 'lz' ,, l ef i Illn 5 mi , 5 f if y - - , , .Z-y A 6 l la a or vil ' M ka, , ' .i i erf' ' V 5 EZ' l au: ara 1 M r r JW . y if , fly W WX X 4 af as L 'W J , 'W ,, , M , A f f' 7 l I f Q , fag, ,, ,f V4 ,uv fi --,., F00'I'BALL A G R Howell makes a brilliant rw O., Doyle Rush jumor year punt return agamsr Lmlefxeld lerrerman halfback Yfffl -dp. Wx KWH Quarterback Shaw covers the ball Kelfh Bllhmal' 5eU10f Yfaf .is lulla look: on lc-rrcrman end D0Y1C Henry JUHIOI Year Leander S1ms,jun1or The Mules have the ball but leuer1u.mgu.1rd 1 year lerrerman :ankle New Deal knows H 81 FOOTBALL QUEEN Donna Wrrghr Arrendanrs -- Norerta Harrison and Barbara Douglas W CHEERLEADER Marcia Dale Redwine Sophomore Cheerleader Pat Wright Head Cheerleader Noretta Harrison Elaine Evans junior Cheerleader Freshman Cheerleader These Cheerleaders deserve a hard-earned credit for their willing, efficient, and untiring services to the student body and football squad. Throughout the season their spirit never once wavered. The Cheer- leaders are truly ambassadors of cheer and sports- manship. 84 fspvzflm 41'- fl, 1. 3. BOXl G H. l.. Nash provrnghunsell to be it good little boxer. He won severtil honors during the senson Other Qoleleii Lilovers for hills this year included: R. I.. Gabbert, Horace XY'ntlcins, John- ny Young. l3eXY'l1i'1ie Farr. rind -lneliie Titlwell. "Altl1ou3gh he didnt knovs. lt was the kids lust fight." lilifton Allen looks ns if he might he the releree. but instead he was one of M.H.5.'s best boxers. He proved to be 'Xt boy with the punehu. and brought home seveml honors. FRE HMA FO0TBALL jerry Blaylock David Shepherd Bobby Sanders Harold Cooper These boys are to be commended for stick- ing 21 thing out It has been said that the way to not die on third is to work. lf such be the ease, and we have reason to believe ir is, rhese boys will have no trouble in reaching home. Ildlb Riff lll Lllblllll TRACK and FIELD Wrmberly Stinson and Hicks are distance men on the squad this year Like most of the boys they are underclassmen making for a well rounded track team for the Mules in years to come Y W IK' V, WW mv Gaylord Tate the only returning letterman from last years standout team 15 an excellent quarter miler A member of the mile relay team that went to state last year Tate served as anchorman in that race this year Q., ' A ,. f These three boys carry the most experience into the 1955 season. Having all competed in the district meet before they will be counted upon to come through for MHS this season. jimmy Wil- kerson excells in the jumps, both high and broad. Gaylord Tate is a 440 and relay man while Doyle Henry's race is the half mile. The Mules' track teams won the district 4-A championship in 1952 and 1953 and were a strong runnerup last year. A couple of Sophomores johnny Al lison and Buddy Black tinker with the discus and shot f-J ls -as Darrell Stephens Curtiss Browder and jackie Tid well g t set for a r e Tldwell a lunior is a miler with experience while Stephens and Brow der are taking their first crack at the sport Sophomore Joe Roark and Senior Don Moore aim at the cameraman with their favorites the discus and S Ot. M LE CAGER ,414 'L- 5 J-uql., 235 Iront L to R ern Inn1111 51.1nl1y lox I'u1.,cn1 Shaw Ehhc W111 Bad: YK Lldkh 511111 Duma Mo1r1so11 L5 1111 1111 1 'N 111 1111111111 W1 SL 1 WdS1JIl 1 C 11111111 1 Nor Pnrured 1.1 l-. I nu L11111 l.1u L 11111 C IPIIIHS f11g1111 111111 Spmrkplug bhaw 1nd Hash Lrordon W1lso11 1111 1111 ML1l151o.1 11111111 of 17 XILIOFILS 1h1s y11r s1or1ng 1l111os1 1 OOO pomti 1111111111 1h 111 1111111 111111 1 I of IIIC 111111s totxl output. The 1934 55 MuleQho1 M1116 11111 an cx1111111l1 51111155511 9119011 Dllflflg th1 non 1on f1r1n11 plrt of 1h1 SL lson 1h1 111111 PIFKILIPIILL1 111 1hr11 1o111n111111n1s 11111 111111111 off 1 trophx ID 11111 ln M1111 al 119 f1rs1 111n111l 11111 n1 1111n1 1h1 INf11l1s LUP 1111 7Il1 111111 honors 10811125 IO pon Ll hn IU 1111 1n1s lh1x won 1onso1111o11 If In 11111111 11111 A111l11rs1 T111 M11l1s 11111 1 V115 good 11111111 111 1o11f1r1nC1 7AA 11111 h1 li 111111 p1111111d b11o11 WlS LOIHPOSLQ1 IIIHOSI Lllllfily of SUPIIOIDOFLS TIIQSL boys 1x1Il x11 lore of 1C1111n ln 1111 f111u11 Captain Qtlfdllll XX'ilso11. Coa1hS1o11 Front7D'1l11 Spivey, Bob Owens, Buford arson. KHIIIIIH' Gross, FHITIIIH' Xiorrison. B111 k--- D1 1ylc llc11r1. Q1CIlC P1111 -I1111111111, XX'111- non All1so11. lhtilllih Soxxdcr. Gxx111c1h Cfox, 11111111-Q Parker. Coach 511111, 87 Eddie Wilt Cabovel, a Sophomore and a one year letterman, was a mainstay on the team this year, con- tributing a good percentage of the teams points. Being only a soph- omore, Eddie will he a big gun in the future. Stanley Fox was another full-time man for the Mules this year. His all out play will gain him a place on the team another year. Stanley is a junior and has lettered P years BOY ' BA KETBALL Gordon Wilstiii rheloxvl was an able center for the Mules during the N54-55 season. The tall r6'2"1, ggatiglirig, pilif man was it high- scorer, sinking over 1100 points dur- ing the season for an average or l5 per contest. An excellent rebound- er, Gordon cleared the boards cone tinuously for the team. lle several times outlumped a renter, inches his superior. Gordon is a senior and has lettered 1 years. ,lack jones is another graduating member of the Mules. A full-time man, he played all out for the en- tire thirty-two minutes. Although he did not store as many points as the other two seniors, he was a val- uable man on the team and will he hard to replace, Eugene Shaw fabovey Senior, 3 year letternian. Shaw, the "Little Sparkplugw or the Mules led the team in storing for the I954-55 Sea- son. lle scored' almost 500 points, .ind averaged hetter than IH points per game, a very good season record, which wrapped up his contribution to MHS sports. He always played all-out, with the team utmost in his mind, Whylantl Chmxood BOYS BA KETBALL . Duane Morrison Sophomore junior Don Copley'-manager The Mules played two games in the Lazbuddic mcct. winning thc Cklllbkllilllllll grown. lhc Mult-H xxon tht' tounoltn- lilzblldille 58 MULES 56 MULES 64 Bovina B 19 tion chmnpiomlmip in thc Am- hcrxt tournament. lhu team had to pl.1y tnt' ggunt-s 1I'l flllS l4lllI'll.llllL'l'IT. .l T't't'1lTll of Cllfll lll o1'dLI'. .tx follow hll 'l.l2S OU Farwell 70 Ml'l.lzS Sl MULFS fvl SPI'lI1QlIlliL' 46 MULLS oo Pettit A13 Ml'l,l2S io Spade 35 Gent- Paul ,lttnntm Betferly Mardls Bo Bryant Tournament Play . Sophomore . -lLllll0l' jumof ln Mulcshoclm own tirbt an- nnnl lnvitntionnl PIQOIIFUIIYYICDY, the Nfulcs battled to the finals, whcrc they met up with Sudan. The stutcbound Hornets beat the Mules, but thc team earned u st-cond place trophy for their t work. Scores: MULES 49 Springlake 48 MULES 54 Olton 38 Sudan 64 MULES 50 deli l i mixes 1 5 irtiii-ilitrliatlx tin his mul, .is Ill TRICT 2-AA Standing, left to right: Shirley Matthiesin, Donna Wriyulit, Barbara Douglass, -lean Montgomery, Ginger Ciiietle, Alice Dawson, Marcia Retlwine, june Freeman, Nnretra Harrison. Seated: Jera Lynn Wfilhite, Bobbie Nell King, Mary -Ianiee Puckett, Sue Cunningham, Joan Green, Suntlra Bris- tiie. Betty Smxtler, Diinnii Aetkinsnn. Shirley Davenport. lilaine lfvans, Mary ,Iii llnlri Ginger Ruherts, Diiris Jean iliililers. Pitttiretl below is the team and their coach, proudly tlis- playing the teams trophies lzxr the year, The trophies are triim Amherst, District Z-AA, Muleshoe, and Lazbudrlie. liatk row: Coach Taylor, Ginger Gaetle. Nnretta Harrison, Alice Dawson. liriint rim. Diniim Wr'iglir, Barbara Duiigalass, antl jean Montgomery. D mnna Wrlghr forum! brmor -I year Ietterman IIAIIPIIINS Non-Confcrcncc Scores: Mulettes 51 Mulcttcs 47 Mulrrtrs Mulrttrb MI1IrrIrS I Mulrttrs Morton LaLbIIIIrI1r 4 MIIIIIIIQ Mxrton Mulrttri Mulrttrs MI1IrIIrs Mulrttrs MIIIrIIrs Mulrttrs I , Farwell Shallowatcr Fr1ona bprlngl Ikr Arlrun azbudrhe Mulrttrs Mulrttrx Bovm I MulrttrS undown I Wzbuclrhr Lmbudrhr Sundown Perm FIN II 36 35 3 AI1ce Dawson guard Scmor 5 year Ietterman NfII1IrItrs MIIII ttrs Sud In prxnrl Ikr Ihr Mulrttrs won f1rst plIrr III Ihr AIIIILSIIOL AIIIIIIII TOIITFIIITICDI I nlIrr III I IIIIII I III L IL I onrn IIIIL Barbara Dougrlaaa oruunl SLIIIUI' I yrar Irtterrnan jean Montgomery foruard Srm mr scar Irrzerman AI Ihr IIIIIC Ihr annual wrnt to xx Ihr Nlulrttrs xxrrr III IIxlIIQ I II r IIIILI' I 7 fl I gunr XXIHIIIHI strrxlx XVIIII rls trxrt rhnrhrrl Ihr tr IIN xx IS Ioolrlng, xx llr IIIs vI In I rr m1 I rm vxlth NISIUHS of I lllp to Allbflll Qmnrlour of Ihr oIItQI1nII1ng tum was Irm IIIOIHQOIDCIY I rftl whosr hook shot Irrountrcl for ovrr hIIf the Iums pomts morr rh In 750 C7mg.,c-r faerie-guard Sensor 3 year Ietterman Noretta Harrison ,guard umor 7 yrlr Ietrerman I 49 ' 48 ' A' 48 7 ' I A 41 - 1 49 2' 27 ' " 54 , I,I ' 20 42 I I- 4I " V I ' a 57 f " 44 ' I 38 I 31 I 1 Z8 ' '. SII S 25 . Q7 A ', 55 ' 48 I' 7 46 ' 55 r 46 , - - ' 59 I 57 ' - ' uf, - 63 I 'C 59 5' ,V I ' II7 I 45 I 53 S ' II ' 48 tm I . - Ihr Amlrrsr 'Wili- 11113 . IIIIKI CllPIlhllI.llIUlI III III' I.IlL bIIIIII - " I Inn W l I I I a,.a, 1 ,I 1 , prr I.','. ' I - 1 'I 1 I " 1 . rlrn I xxxrrp of I A C ICI' , fAA, wi I .I rI1r'orII of 7-II, 1InI I1 I5 ' ' ' ' , ' 'I 'IQ ' I for . 'I IU IIIL' hi- '.lI'lLl I Il' nff, :InI -gif II ou ry, " ' , I A .L I L 1. Q ' n nf A I A I ,. jjhw 91 HOMECOMl G SSI' The band leads the parade for the fi r s t homecoming of Muleshoe Exes. Donna Wright, football queen and b e a u tif ul ex-football queens make a breath-taking picture for the pretty senior float 440394 "Swat those Hornets" say the Juniors in their float, . and that is just what was 3' , , 4 f done! H ' M ' ii The F.F.A. boys very cleverly portrayed the 1 Pretty Donna turns het winning smile on the Muleshoe Mules pulling the plow to victory. crowd H. L. Nash firmly guides the plow. The highlight of the assembly program, in honor of the Exes, was the introduction of the 1938 football team by their coach. Five Exes pose for a picture for out home- 93 coming page! z Watch xt boys' Hell hxt low' A part of the homecommg pa rade' Something must ham g, 0 n Q wrongs D wayne the an toghaphcr Patsy poses prettily A boy and his horse! 94 AQ! -.41 Y-f-v fJ!f'f-ff v,..fv,,.A-1-f qf x JN X J ,Q Y, 1 I f .1 0 4 'V "' .4 X ' ' ,W f!i I ,, , . K, , f f- J ,ff A '11, f I . Aj! , z, .ff- 'N ff' ' ff' . ' ' ' ' ' 1 X A 1' xf 4 .yf V ' .' , ' 1 4 ff f .' .fx jf V -f ' , V f' ,f ,' f ,- A, .5 il QQ an lg 'll 9, an it . M , it W sayin .4 ' ......h-wwf fi--wi Opportunities and possibilities in our community are so numerous that it is im- possible ro picture all of them. We wish that it had been convenient or possible to reach them all, but time and circum- stances prevented. We hope we have made such a pictorial review as to make everyone who views this book think our community as fine as we do. DU TY PAGE l Left to right: Mona Mitchell, Sec.-Rep.g Donna Acktinson, Student Council Rep.g Joyce Hunt, Pres.: Maxine Pugh, Vice-Pres. Mrs. Stovall The Dusty Pages organization is composed of the girls who work in the library. Their purpose is to creat a better understanding between th- library workers and students in the search for knowledge. IX!1ll'OllU. Maxine Pugh, Joyce Hunt. Ron' Two: Kay Willrnan, Myra Foster. Ron' Three: Virginia Gillis, Mona Mitchell. Ron' Four: Peggy Frietl Lucille Davis, Sandra Elliott, Donna Actkinson, Charlie Kay Miller. L Nelms Bobby Montzomery jean Gaede Ginger Darsey Barbara Dillard Clinton TUDENT Billy is serving his second term as Student Council president He is the only president to serve two terms 'fs Ellis Billy-President Actrkison Donna Attkinson Sue -'Q Mitchell Mona Baker Mary Alice Bickel Janie Standing: Clinton Dillard Reporter Ginger Gaede Historian Barbara Darsey Parlifimentarian Seated: Bobby Nelms Vice-President Billy Ellis President jean Montgomery Sec.-Ireas. Mr. Baker, Sponsor Black, Bobby Bristow, Wayne Buhrman, Keith Byrd, Barbara V k' rl MG' Black, Darlene -i .. ,' 4 ' K- V 1 2 ' ,..-' vqx ' fx G A ,A .. l. 5 . C l -:cr Q, W 5. I me Delores Cannon Bertie Col li ns JC '21 5' W, V qv , 3 , VV wld. -1. Elizabeth Farley R. L. Gabbert l Joyce Hunt Lharles jennmgs -an iq, B in jack jones Lxnda Lou Lancaster J-ll? .L Beverley Mardxs Shirley Mathreson ,give -C9 l NA ..,,e' 'M Barbara Douglas Sandra Elliott Stanley Fox CUUNCIL Student C,ounc1l work has taken on added m rarest ID MHS durmi., the ptst 2 years Last year the MHS councll served as presldent of the huge South Plams Assoclanon of Student Counclls Presl dent Bllly was pI'ES1d1I1g offlctr at the annual SPASC conventlon at Tulla where our councll was elected to hold Off1CC ftgam thxs year thls mme as parlla mentarnn wlth Lubbock H1 succeedmg Muleshoe as presldent MQ" Darla Myers Pamua Snmnacher Eugene Shaw Ralph Tunnel Jim Wilkerson .f 'T f ' f - Q ,,. 5 IN , f y K , y V A x . . . D ' , ,r - 1 ' ' 1 5 l i gf fx' - ll l ' 4 I . . , . Y f A I ,.h ' , w e "' 2 '.. l ' 1 Q5 KA . ' L u -t K ' u lll . . . jdg if l A M H , f -y-. 9' lf ef" a w t X I e -:-l gf f . l H t. ft x ' my l . yny l i llte t all V 4 4 f , . , ,A ee , - M. H. . Were proud of our high school band! New and differ- ent ideas have been performed in grand style this year. Mr. Howell is to be highly com- mended for the good work that he has done in improving the standards of our band, both in marching and concert. CLARINETS--La Von Copley, Charles Lenau, Linda Lou Lancaster, Billie Ann Pence, jean Grey, Rosemary Pool, Keith Bearden, Nan Allison, Doris Ann Fields, Dean Lackey. BASS CLARINETS-Paula Provence, Annette Leverage. ALTO SAXOPHONE-Gaylord Tate. TENOR SAXOPHONE-Curl Adair. BARITONE SAXOPHONE-ffB:1rba1rn Douglass. OBOE-Tommy Thompson. FLUTE-Alva Lee Shofner, janelle Sedgwick. MARCHING BAND , fu" CORNETS-jimmy Wilkerson, Frank Wricrflein, Horace Richards, Randal Craig, Wesley Stephens. john Lcc Hovvurd. BELLS-Ginger Gacdc. PERCUSSION-Delores Cannon, Kenneth Powell, Bertie Collins, Kar- olene Towns, 'i YMPANI-Betty Shanks. FRENCH HORN-Dnvirl Mathis, Allen Berry, Lyndall Fletcher, Lewis Wimbcrly. BASS--Bob Jennings, Put Brown. TROMBONE-Don Coplcy,IEl1gfizcfiXfIogisimn, Linda Miller, Bobby Wliite, Dudley Bristow . -"' V ' 'Vi BARITONE-Charley Whltcrs, Mary Wcmonlrirrl. BASSOON--Darlene Nowlin. ENSEMBLE Clarinet Quartet: Left to right, Linda Lan- Brass Seprer: Left to right, jimmy Wilkerson, caster, Carl Arlair, Charles Lenau, LaVon Cop- Randall Craig, Charles Walters, Bob Jennings, ley Alan Berry, Davis Mathis, Linda Millen 'IO3 BAD BA D MAJURETTE Berne Cnlhns Bllllg Aim Pump Lu Vonn Cnplr.-y x ,pw I , 'L ! xqgui xl, Lollins, Pcmc, Luplcy. WVIIIIIIHII, P11314 Scnfgewifk. Duugluw 5 Barbara Douglass, Drum Major IdIlCl1C Scnigcuiak Doris Arm Fields kay NXf1llm.u1 CH011U 1111 11m 1111LtlQ Iuuu 1 Dirlcm 1.1c11bs 1xI1I'X Prum r lk 11 DS 1 I1111xL limxnrs 11us11 C1cw1 1 lk 1111 Ht 1 lagkwn DL mu N111 1 l1L1 L Nl111111g Dm 111 1 1r1s 11 1 s 11s 1 N1111 x 1 1 x r 1 lf 111 1 s 111111111 XV1 s1 1 111rs 1 C 1111 1X r Hmmll 111s xx11r1x11 11111 1 XL 11 group g11tcrt1111u1 lf su1r11 1w111q11crs 1 71 LIXIQ 141111 w from TI 1 1c1r111c 106 . M I '-", 1, 1 i 41:f A A A 2' R --vA 1 , 1' '. 5111 1j' 51.1K 11s, R1 ,c111. ry 151111, .1 .- - ', , 111111. ,1.lI1IC B kcl. R mu- I. sl' V' . -1 ' Lmxc. 5111111111 17111-11. s1111111c11c X"1'111111cr1cy. 510311 N11111t1gc1111- ery,1 V11 11 W' '11'111,1 L" - x 1111. D1 ' 1V11.', R , e111 . 111s. R111 lrccfll.-1 .1y11c 17.111 RJ f,11!'1L'. C1 1 fXl1L ', D11vi1 M111111si 11111y 131 , t' -' v,11'iL'I',t Il, "1 - 1111 Q1111'r1s1111. R 1.. 1.1 ury cgf.-tn 1. " if ' "L 1 1 w1r1 r11c L11111'11s 1111s "x1r. ,141 A ' '1' A 1 1 ',111.111fl. I 11s '1111 '1 2 CHORU 0FFlCER and E EMBLE PRYSIDENT VIC ln PRFSIDFNT SEC TRFA5 RFPOR FFR Ixmmx XV1lkers mu hm Montgomcn Berry Shanks Imle Bxpkd Gxrls bexrer Boys Quarter Bmknl bum Lmkwn Lmxc Wugrtlnlrl Mum Dgwfqne kdrr Lar1AdL11r Bxlly Lllls R L umcrx df plana Shanks L xbbcrt At p1anu Nlorxll Hmxnll 07 . Q I, , Pu , , K ni K 1 , , . , 4 I , . AQ , Y K H ,n in , V. ean ,Q 'MW ainunallfwnnn' Sn Qeig W B15 F1s wal nh The Natrona! Honor Socrety 15 3.11 O1'g21H1LHf1Ofl fol' JUUIOIS and senrors wrrh a grade average of 90 or above It Clmzon Dlllard encourages good scho1arsh1p 1n the school Thls IS the frrsr mme rt has been 10 Mule shoe Hxgh IU many years 5 5 Wx I f - 5 ff 5 r In if A, --R s r 'll' ' 8-W .ll' ' V V .Y ry Q ay r 'Ur 'ear f , Afro-K Xxx Q f. 2, 3 on ff N Left to right: Sue Actkinson, Re- porterg Pat Simnacher, Vice-Pres.g Sandra Elliott, Stu. Council Rep.g .lack jones, Pres.g Evelyn Upton, bt-t .-'l're.ts. Los Charladores is an organization open to all stu- dents taking Spanish. A common interest is devel- oped for all members to create fluent communication in the speaking of this language. Mrs. R. Baker Sponsor Lancaster, Linda Simnacher, Pat Elliott. Sandra Willman, Kay Bryant, Bo Allison, Winston Creamer, Monnie Buhrman, Carol Fox, Stanley Jones, Jack Actkinson, Sue Jones, Kim Upton, Evelyn Myers, Darla Farley, Elizabeth C. Stov- F.H.A. -..-.-:-,.v.-. . . J. v,,. ,. ,Q-,a . .-uv.-:.CQ qv:-'. st:--:'. ,neg.-I-gc.-I-:I-'A-:Q,7.g. .-:-:-:-:-:-:2-I-I-:ff:2':':'MQ. ,Q s . ,f,. , ,. . . .-ug. .v,,,g. ,f .. ..,,,.. .,,. '-3. -g.'.-,-,-:q.-:qt-,.-Q. - - --,...:..:.-,.f..-- ...,.,,..A.:,:. .Q The Future Homemakers is an organization for girls who are interested in promoting better homelife for themselves V a V- and their families. Membership is open to all girls in high school. 1. N if 1 .gg-,.,. k ' Q .:.:.',-gr, '- . ,asf ' - n,.:.'.-3.5.5 -' ' ' k:Z'I"-'IQ . . . . ft' - . - -, . . at' mi -, . , uf-:.',1,w50,f, -ffv .gi .W-.':S? . e W D 1- 1 9 ' Q x' ' Q Wg,-.f. .j.'.',,v.w,v.'. ff. .'.', , ' .gE:'5?2g:Q1::-53215: .,..,-,:l:E:'::,:,:e-.5 . J g4f.:.',-'.::,'.'.u'. P if --':.f'I2-251-.2m5' ' 'Qc 4 l'c ' ' 'I - . . ,MW 's..-W. . , .1 1 . , ,- Q' rm .,. ,.,. in Q' 'I'-. t -111: iw '- 'ff if. 1 - .5-,-Q.: .3 . 1.-A., '.j.:jf.:' K- .. . J ':.jQQ2,.,. ,.'.-,., ' . .- . . L-'wr Q an -.P .4 lt?-'24 '.a,.:,. ' ' y. G Q.. ',:,.j. 7. Q.. ',.',, K .if -'-'. M59-up-acl? fd L.: 1 . 5,5 . f ar 33.5.- . U.: 'V J Q93 . . . S ' 1 - . KS s fs I' 4 :Z 0 A ' 1 4 ' -ff. , 4 . ,Q.:,::.f.' +3 Q' 1' ', '. A 'Up 1 ,O 5' qrfv... ',-,-, - - -.fy ' ,. -,. .- ---.. , .-,-,.- x ,.' " . , , ,. .w!-:f-.-:-:.:- -: 5. ,. .-,-,.:.-.-,... .- vt,-,Q ., rs ,. , , V ,at ,f - c,-,.',-,. ,,-,. ...f .K .-vj'.'!-2.'.',-'.'.'.ff-'fx'I-'i'Z1Cf'3'J'a'.'5'.' g. '.','I-g q.'.':-5'-'.-I-g.'.-:-'.n.f.q.g:w-'A' 5..5-:-'.':f'.-,-jv.-:.'.'!-'.'. ,-pp,-, f..,,,... , ,:,..,,,. V, . . ,.,v,:,,:,,.,5:., ,.,.,,.,.,,',... .., ,.,,. F. H. A. Beau ... -.,. ,-,... -,,...,,.v, ,. ,., , Gordon Wilson . Ye Sec, ' -500, -yd 1 3 .0 L ten, Ylatirgteas., Sbxrida . Engng . es.. N0 xdnsvm eggs!-,Ma Q ' ' KST. V' Yi Sue Ad eriwni' NHS' 1 Z AILSC th Ye' C gee-a ,me We NSPOQSOYS' Wilson' . e"ml.ln"', e Ytcs' E-,Yx'5ibiyfieson3HxLm. Yarlsl glade, 60,509 X . 9. ' QC Us xev Ce oafle . Bea SH!! - Rep., BOY, Rep., A grads-, , 5.0 Y .An YfAw,::.' Mes M' O 'YW' ' Left to right, row one, V. Gillis, C. Atchison, S. Black, J. Freeman, M. Baker, M. Lambert, M. Mitchell, S. Actkinson, D. Black, W. Glenn, D. Myers, J. Hunt, W. Clements, R. Pool, A. Long, B. Bartley, Y. Lackey, P. Nowlin, J. Green, S. Cunninghom, D. Cannon, Row twozj. Bickell, D. Lowe, M. Puckett, D. Wright, N. Harrison, J. Cary, B. Pence, C. Miller, S. Matthieson, M. Redwine, D. Fields, E. Farley, N. 110 Clark, L. Bowers, M. Pruitt L. Copley, V. Lowery, all, S. Metcalf, B. Hurst, j. Lloyd, C. Potts, Row Wilhite, N. Allison, J. Sedgwick, G. Shaefer, N. son, G. Roberts, M. Holt, S. Briscoe, B. King, S. three : II. Thomp- Daven- port, D. Actkinson, E. Lee, T. Billingsley, B. Green, M. Sur- ratt, E. Evans, D. Childress, E. Ingle, M. Hendrix. FUT RE FARMER of AMERICA 131'-Eli? T '?mx1-xv: ,J Z' 7 ATI 'no , A o ,, e 0 f L X, A 9 : f J, Y H C 0 0 Q c go x4 0 J ,y CHAPTER SWEETHEART Shlrley Matthxesm LHAPTER SPONSORS Charles Thomas Bill Bickel fpalfllx 1. . - ' HEE HAW Ldltor lI1LhlLf buc Agtkm son pgrformmg om of har jobs ls L ltor of Hcc Hws Asslstmr LLllfOI' Llmton Dll lfm rclxxu 1s he trms to rhmk up 1 story for thc pq cr 'Cz Typlsrs W1nd1 Chgrry ,md Mwxmg Iuulty md Souety ed1tors Mym Fos Qorrcumg IUISIHICCSP lror Rxlph K oopcr IS tlmy PYLPIFC thexr SYOYICS Sponsor Mr Clur smiles for thg photogrlphgr IS hc reads hx fuorm COINIC srrlp I l Abmr BLlS1I1L55 MlH1gCf Dlfltllk Blmck ands to the ruorfl books of thy Hu Hm md kccps rhun m up top shlpn 2 ' 2, 'dt fhlf . 1, li 1 ., A 7. ' ' 1 .' ' a PA ' ,,...,,...... W Pugh II than dulv Llmorgs of typmg, Cmd ters md Mlry I xmbcrt md Illrure ed J , . ,Q ' , 1 ' 1 A A 5 L 2 V 2 . . 'Il HEE HAW Art Editor Wayne Bristow is rhmkmg, up another henry eover for the Hee Haw Qomxc rdltors Mom Mxtch ell 1nd Dxrlene Black ire vtorlunb up 'mother funn page for the Hee Hwn Roxmg reporters Bobby Goodmn and The staff seem to enjoy 1 good joke as leon Hmey .md proof re xder Prrult they start to put the piper together Proxenee ure stfiplmb the plper together in Sports Iehror B1lIy I'Il1s pon ders over the box seores of 1 bmketball Same that hes Wflflflfb up for the prper Prmters Mona Mltchell and Wqndfr Clements run off an other page of the Hee Haw -1 113 , . ' ,, 1 - -. 57,17 C LINTON DILLARD Editor M LETRAI ,H fd X lr I f GINGER GAFDF A"'l... I My X BETTIE COLLINS DWAIN FPTING Circulation Editor XIARY ALI! I BAIxI R Fcuturc FLIIIOI' iP"'1-af if ,4-vw-w-M , --f , , M RS. BLAK 1KBURN Sponsor 114 Photography Editor +4""""'I Q fr" JIMMY XVILKERSON Husinesi Manager TYPlbTS Maxme Pugh Wannla Cherry SPORTS FDITORS dfmual Billy Ellls Pat Sxmnacher PHOTOGRAPHERS Wanda Clements Rosemary Pool CLASS EDITORS aine Evans inger Roberts Karolene Towns Elizabeth Farley Larrv Hicks E T, Sam' How dnd you get on this page? -X :TIA 8 . E7 x , fl 'E' ll LETRAI TAFFER at Wllllll MASK and MIKE l The Mask and Mike has been active in 1 L programs of all types this year. All those First row, left to right: Darla Myers, Sec.-Treas.g Mary Alice Ba- ker, S. C. Rep.g Elizabeth Farley, Parliamentariang Wayne Bristow, - Presidentg Billy Ellis, Vice Presi- dent. who are interested in play production 4I'?gg?:'lix l wi Q 5 E LL and public speaking are eligilble to join. Barbara Mary Alice Wayne Delores Mr. Clair Bettie Autry Baker Bristow Cannon Sponsor Collins Randall Alice Clinton Barbara Billy Elizabeth Craig Dawson Dillard Douglass Ellis Farley Myra Lynn Ginger Velta Virginia Agnes Don Foster Gaecle Gillis Gillis Long Moore Darla Patsy Billie Ann Buddy Roger Rosemary Myers Nowlin Pence Pool Pool Pool Connie Gloria Gaylord Nita Norma Karolene Potts Schaefer Tate Thompson Thompson Towns 1 16 Acrklnson Sue Baker Mary A Black Darlene flemenrs Wanrla Collins Betty 'W' MRA Sponsors Mrs Blackburn and Mr Claxr Ellls Bxlly Provence Paula Glenn Winona Mltchell Mona Wang Llllard Cllnton Farley Ellzaberh Pugh Maxine 62111 ww crvll The Qu1ll and Scroll has come to our lugh school for the f1rst ume th1s year It lS an honorary organlzatlon open to members of the Annual staff and all journallsm students who are 1n the upper one thrrd of thelr class 'l I7 - i7 f . ' , ,. ll lll L , ., . l ' 4 K ,. - I , ffl " V I I. A I v zacaff' f53"f"'A-M A X l l e Y . , 'fl ' , . 1 i Z , H we relr ,W l A M J r ll l ' l M " raa 'Q Q Y 'ly ,fu ,Q 4 j i ,L , 0, Q :fi may Wfi l I fu f. 4,191 'UM' . , 4.5 54" WW Na-a-a-fwhafs up dm" Whg1t's so funnyfw-A new lUl'iL'f Batter up. Shame on you Mr. Baker. Vullcyball nnymmg-?!?!? Santa Claus is coming to town, l 5. Dig this, cr 14, Big Band, li. Dog Pile. 118 HZ nowf' :Y i ' I is ' ft ,sw NW us! 'hm-f.,.....,.D ,qs Noretta stands by while queen Donna gets osculatetl. Sophs go all out lor a pretty float. Rosa Lee gets all pre-tried up and up tomes the winil. Pistol packin Bettie and het cohorts. Our town at siesra time. Stop-G0--Caution. lt's a homer for Mary Alice. Why are you mrlaing such a Inc. Doris AnnV???.. in Billy, cramming for exams???f! No, No, you mustrit jump. Mr. Baker takes it calmly with a gun at his Handsome, isn't he???? 3' 5136135 head. Wliy not pile some books on top of the boxf? Western Day brings out the cowgirls. Pat and Barbara all ser for a splash, lo. Charlie Kay. are you fixing to rope a man! 14. Sec, Saw, Marjorie Davy, Il do believe Jean is going to jump. 2 ll 9 G O O D M A N OFFICE SUPPLY TFY S GALLAR NEAU BROTHERS 2-H7 W st E1ghtl' 9 ANRRILTO TEYAS R BUYINIYS' N T9 CAN And GUM 120 CQIOVIS, .,Af .. e ' . .t. fl . . , L IS U .. f V ues 29" pall?" Suki! CRANTHONY C mm if U 'K U11 5 1.19100 oMPANY WWW MLC ORMICK S Upholstery Q Drlpnrlu W' I lpn strxu J 9-nn wail? Dfw, BOBBY S BEAUTY BOX Rosemary Barbour Lhubby Douglass Bobby Meyers HIQGINBOTHAM BARTLETT lumber C 0 122 ,W , .W , ...Q MMC f mai If-'Eze -. o n U G 5 ' Q A ' A - 31 I ,.. fm' 1 rv I f m :-g., , V r,," 3' Mu... - .1 1' 1 4 L 5, ' ' . I f 1 A B , " , 6? B A 1 'n A 1 I " , - .. ,. 215 - ' P , ...., 11 . rf 'X , BB 2 s f ' . fm, ,,,, A sg' , I S Ss I . sf 5' . 'A' - 3 f,,:a..f',iff..fQ.Q,1 - . W . , . Q I Ai N , 2 ' ' V 4 Best Wlshrs ro Class of 55 N1-.,,,.. W vi :xy 5 ' iii? A HW Q g -. X , X X X 5 x vrvvvv N' X X ,, , 1 1' 4 If r Jf,.,,i,-, . .X 4 1 5 w I r N N,.f ji 'li jf ,Z N J 'b il 'r i Ye 3 b 11 ,. I QI 1 2 +i E 3 : R l 5 I 2 ' s S I 1 I Q ' 1 .E' is -'V V ?j,l4,, ., I 2 RH! x j"f "xT"'?fT? Qfv l

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