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L me My , , K-fwnfrva, ' "1 w 35 5, Q 'mi' 'k' 112' -1-5 5 .sffalww 13 , E 'k ' K 4, 71,1 31-,gpg M1 A 7 iv Ixilfgikifai ' ' Q , , .V is- , few 1 gf? , W , .aw 1 Mm fm W w ,sf-V , 5.055 Q A A 1 VL L JFMJVK' ' NG IJ L'.1 , 53 Q lj X N r 4, LJ M ii W 5,539 , K K K LL G In J K x A BMJ f X6 f ' 1U, .."Q I! If EL j h ,de 2-ff' K X5 XNSEBX W fb fm f My Alia., ALP. 4 M." , LQNNU ffiihiy iiffff' KD! ' X I 4 4' MN .c!JfA fx 'X 'U N,-Q 'S 5P'ifm MQW- J Q AP ilu PM fx QV ,u L' u . if we Jff?pW'?wQriiJLfif?f'pggWJtf,' 'XF , ,J ' fm" if Q 3 gff ,J . , of if " gf ofpwj 1 Q,-f , XP f WX Q5 iff,,gF0yw?MJAf1 QQ M C, , gf' 1 ., Rug-5, fx If K ifa-ggg fe 5 4? . . ,Q A I . 52:5 ig Q wi N 5'? 2 N 1 fi fel? ' 2423 if W wf21fgJSC3'Q?2iEY:'?2 MWWX JSiN5i3i5'Xi'gQ2 WMM EF fvifw Eggfwwsw fi in Gia I . 7.-1 f Ufffwyjh L ff 1' 'f , ll X1 ,V J" J : If , ' X, JJ! ff A 'X 'V , fa, p., Yi ' ', 1,5 fayzwgfl LIBBIS X jf' Q. 1, I ' I W , , 'M WWW ! Nr gym w95?iZFy'5G M Q W I 7f5i43'fL M fir! Q wp 'U I- W, . WW Wwwwf W' W A , W cf z V V 5 . Y 5? ZZ -. ,375- Of M7 ,. 'fy , CQ' -,Q . xttnjflygf -51-?"av1q Q 'LQ Z0 ,xx , 9 , W 4 ' QQ, fjflf rl .1 u lr' X 25- w'fm'jJ'3 W ,A B 3 f - M Ak' Vip rp X1 f' A ,f .'-" 417-'f"f , A R Y, iyjrff KJ. A F, X' 'fp' Q'n'w 1 ' ' V . - 4333? if WW X Xa. V W Q-5' ef: 4 1 in MC W, w f4X W 'N -A , .x s X VJ" a. 5 fvpsv wwf.. 4 J Q' jfydiyjjff fm. G XC: VIVAJ' jflix NIJ M .X fl v 76 . ,f ja pw 0' M bi 5 , .L M ' HW? M f ' Q X 'W X ,"' J . .f- , .' g. 1 X . Y , X , , f X ' - 4- ' X x K2 Q. gh4iZ5WZZ?f7 QM M Ui 5 N X hx M fi? Y Sw 23 gtk ,ff fj?Zj5?iiiiLQQ3PE5MULESH0E HIGH SCh00LEi Yf yfk yy? MULESHOE, TEXASSA Wigs wffifyf f f f I v . 4 A 59- A Q I JV'rf1S ANNUAL STAFF i. 'Y J Q 1 .xl Q wr Y kilo . A ' A of MULESHQDE HIGH scuoon MULESHQE. TEXAS 'f -Q Q 4 , Tum MULETlm1N NINETEEN HUNDRED and FIFTY-FOUR - V - - - - - I - --Q' V V , i pqnyn .- ,Y - ,VH A f - , - A , .wx ' V WWI - 'um , SYNIIPSIS of SCENEQLZE ,J Off A S was 2.4 W 'LW W fi? Q W WM Wy0!S"", jf f M W ' S if V ,f J, , , ' XJ aaa .1 Q QDMINISTRATION ..... ..... a if Dx ' 4 CLASSES P My ,.... . , WE! ,,...... ....S.S .......... My SNAPSHOTS ............ . . . 96 vom MM - QAQWLMZ WM WW gjwf Sfiifzzwg W LV'W'J '1'7Z fMf wwf THE EDITUR' WURD We have tried to bring to you on the following pages, pictures of you, your friends, and your faculty in the many phases of life connected with Muleshoe High School, so that you may have a permanent record of your years in high school. The staff and I have earnestly tried to give you what you wanted in the 1954 Muletrain. We have tried to give you more pictures and have attempted a change from t.he ordinary. lf you are pleased, we have succeeded. Helen 0 I. V za, S - Q gn. YL! f , u -f 'afff?f,w-t if HELEN STOVALI. Editor DEDICATIO 'ATTIWBNQ Learning brings Happiness and Re- sponsibility--So we d e d i ca te the Annual, springing from the Learning and Experiences ofour School Days, to the Student Body of Muleshoe High School. 51' T0 U , MULE N HOE HIGHN MEA .... . me foo n Prcseniauonoi fy e and me xb an boy S ll -'Di A 1. 'Te Uqgl U QS, Ing Cb eers of-the Stude U! bo dy I 'I De D meer. ' b 11 same' men! of foot a S ,,,x. r -4. " The eicue and me rf fans' loyal ty of I he , ootball fans - Woodwork, and the importance of the girlsin the mak- ing of furniture, proving that boys are not the only ones who can handle a saw. fl ,f fy Q1 f 5 ff' K Muleshoe lligh Sehool prides itself in having a democratic, eo- operativc group of teachers, Throughout the years, boys and girls have gone on into various fields or to higher levels of education, and re- peatedly have given praise to those whohave so diligently and patient- ly helped prepare them to meet the issues of life, or to take their places with those in college, Many of the teachers have wide and varied interests, but first with each of theni is a personal interest in the student, 'ro '-q..,,, -1-...,,,,.-' PERINTENDE T as reco' k was mior imma MY ' Ku txxdent of each S we ' MR. JERRY KIRK Superintendent of Schools Mr. Kirk is no newcomer to Muleshoe, having first served as principal of the grade schools and of the high school before being made superintendent over all. He received his B.S. degree from South- western State Teachers College in Weatherford Okla- homa , and his Masters degree from West Texas State College in Canyon, Texas. Ruskin once said, "God intends no man to live in this world without workingg but it seems to me no less evident that I-le intends every man to be happy in his work." Truly we can say that Mr. Kirk, in this respect, fulfills God's plan, for work he does and we've yet to see him without a smile on his face. We are indeed fortu- nate to have so capablea leader as our superintendent. our the Care Qfa i 15' jobdent tackle Fha! the co, of Lfzkj S floods his 3222011416 HCZ8 10 HIGH CHO0L PRI CIPAL MR. I. R. BAKER Principal of Muleshoe High School Mr. Baker is serving as our principal for the first time this year. He hails from Eastern Oklahoma having taught several years there and in Arkansas. He received the B. S. E. degree from E.S.T.C. in Ada, Oklahoma, and the M. S. degree from the University of Arkansas in Fayetville, Arkansas. Mr. Baker has proved he has been well trained in the operational functions of a high school and time will make deeper the niche of esteem he is carving for himself. Mr. Baker looks up from his work as the sta ff photographer snaps his picture. ll 0UR TEACHER ARE A K . t 'Not mid a uldenu 1 11095 S hnx-'ee' tad: wcevi 50 O0 MR. ELDON JOHNSON MRS. MABLE DOWELL Coach, History Social Studies MRS. I. R. BAKER MRS. OLA B. JONES English, Journalism Mllhemafim MR. CHARLES THOMAS MISS BARBARA GAITHER Vocational Agriculture Speech, English MISS DOROTHY MCCASLAND MR. LEROY SCOTT Home Economics Cgach DEMUCRATIC GRUUP of S PERVlSORS Mr . Sb . of Uomgarley dis one me .Vin arp g. MRS. MARY HART , Dietician MRS. LULA GORRELL School Nurse l ,. I -0 ,.,.4' TOP ROW: Mrs. Paul Gardner, Shorthand, Mrs. A. S. Stovall, Librarian: Miss Greta Paul. Mathg Mrs. H. L. Blackburn, English, Spanish, Mr. Ray Bishop, History, Mrs. Lancaster, Math. SECOND ROW: Miss Nancy White. Home Ee., Mrs. Murl Brown, Typing, Mr. Bill Bickel, Ag., Mr. McElroy, Shop, Mr. Tom Shirley, Band, Miss Eddie Glenn, Science. 13 4 , ,, gr.. ji 65? - Gin 'lil Ny 1 QGKZZ' 1. Q .w:wg3,:,,,..M Q " 13. 2...- LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Dawson, Mrs. Kelton, Mrs. Owens, Mrs. Gabbert, Mrs. Gatewood, Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Shook. Mrs. White. and Mrs. Terrell. CAFETERIA WURKER Mr. Ben Williams Head Custodian A cu 'room BU DRIVER BACK ROW, Left to Right: Earl Bratcher, Lynn Bratcher, Irene Splawn, Boyd Burel- smith, Ruby Green, Mrs. Odom, Mrs. J. W. Johnson, Oran Sims, Mr. Killian. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Lynn Bratcher, Barbara Burton, Mrs. Boyd Burelsmith, Ruth Clements, I. W. Johnson, Mrs. Oran Sims, Mr. Bill Parker, Mr. Joe Walker. mme all NN K J K W U egg Successhas come to not-a-fewgraduates ofMuleshoe High School, lt is agreed that success is not measured by how prominent a person is in the world, but by the happiness one can find and pass on into the lives of others, A long list of graduates, who have taken their places as civic leaders in our own, as well as other communities, and in so doing are making better places in which to live, is compensation enough for effort given to make ours a good school, I 1 'Own-vnu I F '--e " 1 1' 'I l - E l0R CLASS UFFICER C LA SS OFFIC ERS Jackie Henderson ............. President Kenneth Henry . . . . . Vice-President Sammy Donaldson . . ..... Reporter Doris Underdown . . . . . Treasurer Dorothy Lowery . . . . . . . . Secretary These seniors excelling in all school activ- ities were elected to head the 1954 gradu- ating class. They are well known to the seniors and admired by the underclassmen. CLASS FAVURITE Franklin Ma nn Sue Young To be selected Senior Class Favorite is one of the most coveted honors in school. For the class this year it just had to be happy, fun-loving, adorable Sue and quiet, unas- suming, friendly Franklin! 18 FRIEDA ALLEN Baseball 1: B.B. 1,2,3: Volleyball 1, 2,3: Pep Squad 1, 2, 3: F.H. A. 1, 2,3: Jr. Play: Best All-Round 3:C1ass Off. 3: Los Picaros Sec. 4: Mask8: Mike 4: Student Council 4: Annual Staff 4: Carnival QueenCandidate 4: M.H. S. Votes 4: Masterminds 4: Outstanding Girl Runner-up 4. X 'pf' I I A ' X. "My mamma always told me to look my prettiest"-Jimmy could be mistaken for a model, Rodney for a"RooshunBal1ay" dancer, Jackie for an English Baron, and John merely an amused onlooker. NEAL RAY ARNOLD F.F.A. 1,2,3,4: Vice-President 3: President 4: Annual Staff 4. JIMMY ALLISON Football 1: Basketball 1,2, 3: F. F. A. 1: Student Council 3.4: Student Council Officer 4: Class President 3: Journalism Club 4: Editor Hee Haw 4: M. H. S. Votes 4: Band 4: Master- minds 4: Outstanding Boy 4. JIMMY DALE BLACK Football 1, 3,4: Basketball 1: Track 2: F. F. A, 1, 2, 3: Treasurer 3: Cho- rus 4. 19 E l0R BEVERLEY ARNOLD F.H. A. 1: Basketball 1: Hee Haw Staff 3. BENNIE BICKEL Football 1,2,3,4: Track 1,2,3: F F. A. 1,2, 3,4: M-Club 2, 3.4: Class Officer 1,2: M,H.S. Runner-Up 4 E l0RS WANDA BUSBY Pep Squad 1,25 Los Picaros 25 Off. 25 Who's Who 25 Speech Club 2,45 Officer 45 Masterminds 4. TRAVIS CLEMENTS Football 1, 2, 31M-C1ub2, 3,45 Pres. 45 F. F. A. 1, 2,3,45 Boxing 35 Track 35 Speech Club 45 Class Officer 35 Basketball Mgr. 35 Rodeo Team 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Annual staff 4. RUBY CARNEY Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. Officer 2,35 F.H'.A. 1,2,3: 4-H Club 45 State Rep. 4-H 2,35 Office Girl 3, 45 Who's who 25 Hee Haw 4. JOE COFFEY F. F. A. 1, 25 Annual staff 3, 45 Pub- licity Manager 45 Journalism Club 45 President 45 Student Council 45 Hee Haw 45 Masterminds 4. 20 MATTIE CHAMBLESS Pep Squad 35 Hee Haw 35 Dusty Pages 4. Bill and Phil soak up the hospitality of the Woodley home. Bill seems to be especially amused at Phil - We're not sure whether Phil is embarrassed or just plain smug! DORIS .THAN COPLEY F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 4- H Club 1,25 State Rep. 1.2. HOLLY A NN COX Band 1. 2, 3, 4g Officer 4: Who's Who 2g Journalism Club 4g Junior Playg Hee Haw Staff 4: Dusty Pages 45 Mask 8: Mike 4. DIC KIE FUDGE F.F.A. 1,2gAnnual Staff 3.4: Busi- ness Manager 4g Carnival King 4 SAMMY DONALDSON F.F.A. 1.2g Track 1.2,3,4g M Club 3,43 Treas. 43 Football 3.4: All-District Center4g Student Coun- cil 45 Class Officer 4g Mask 8: Mike 43 Pres. 4: Paper Staff4. When Jackie and Dickie are around "There's Music in the Air." N ROGER GORRELL F.F.A. 15 Band 15 Class Officer 2g Student Council V. Pres. 35 Paper Staff4: Journalism Club 4g E.B. Manager 2.3.45 M.H.S. Votes 4. 21 SE l0ll BILLY JOE ES TEP F.F.A. 1,2g Football 39 Class Of- ficer 3g M Club 3.4. MA RION HA RRIS F.l-l.A. 1g B.B. 15 Speech Club 2. 4gAnnualStaff2.3.4gStudentCoun- cil 2,3,4g Officer 4g Hee Haw 2a ClassFavorite 3gM.H.S. Votes 3.43 Runner-Up Carnival 43 Runner-Up Most Beautiful 4. E l0R DONA LD HA RMON F.F.A. 1.2. JournalismClub 4g Hee Haw 4g Student Council 45 Master- minds 4. "She's my Annie, l'm her Joe"- Some more Woodley hospitality! JACKIE HENDERSON F.F.A. 1.2g Officer 2gFootball1,3g B.B. lg M Club 3.4g Officer 4: Jun- ior Playg Glee Club 4. Student Coun- cil 4g F.H.A. Prince Charming 45 Class President 4g Officer 3 ,4g Prince of Friendship 4: M.H.S. Votes 4. IRENE HEAD F.H.A. 1.2.4g Pep Squad 1.2. NORMA N HEAD F.F.A. 1.2,3,4g Track 1.22 Ch0l'U5 4. CAROLYN HERRINGTON Band lg Office 2.35 Hee Haw 3. KENNETH HENRY F.F.A. 1.2,3,4gOfficer 2.4. Track 1.2.3. Football 1,2.3.4g Honorable Mention All-District 3.4g B.B. lg Boxing 3g M. Club 2.3.49 Student Council 2.3. Class Officer 2.3.4g Runner-Up Mr. M.H.S. 4g Master- mind, Ag. IV 4. BILL HOLMA N F.F.A. 1.25 Football 15 Boxing 45 Most Handsome Runner-Up 4. -fx l Ann and Marion wash up after the Water- melon fight at the first senior party. MARLON INMAN F.F.A. 1.45 4'H 1.2.3. Pres. 2.33 Basketball 1 , 2.35 Football 1 , 25 Track 1.3.4. JIMMY CLYDE HOLT Football 1.2.3,45 Basketball 2.3.45 Track F.F.A. 15 M Club Sec. 45 Spanish Club. Of- ficer 35'Mask 81 Mike 45 Paper Staff 45 Student Council 45 All-District End 45 Runner-Up-Prince of Friend- ship 45 Runner-Up-Outstanding Boy. PAT INMAN Band 1.2,3.45Sweetheart 45 Basket- ball 35 Mask 8a Mike 45 F.H.A. 1, 2.3.45 Officer 2.3.45 AnnualStaff 3.45 Jr. Play5 Paper Staff 3: National Honor Society 3: Carnival Queen R. Up 35 Most Beautiful 4. 23 E l0ll LINDA HUGHES Pep Squad 2.3. MA DGE JOHNSON F.H.A. Officer 45 Who's Who 1. E l0R JOHN JOHNSON F,F, A, 1, 2, 3, Band 1, Basketball 3.4. BARBARA JONES F, H, A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2,3,4, Pep Squad 1, 2, Officer 2, Los Pica- ros 2, Officer 2, Student Council 1 2, 3, Speech Club 3,4, Hee Haw 2, 4, Officer 4, Journalism Club 4, Who's Who 3, Annual Staff 3, 4, Chorus 4, Junior Play. JACQUB KNowLroN Pep Squad 1, 2,3, Junior Play, Glee Club 2, 3. freshman? " RO DNEY LAMBERT Football 2, 3, Hee Haw 3, Speech Club 4: Choral Club 1. 24 BEATRICE KNOWLTON F, H, A, 1, 2, Pep Squad 2, 3,Cheer Leader 3, Basketball 1, Volleyball 2, Speech Club 3, Officer 3, Hee Haw 3. "What's the matter, Bill? Didn't you get as good a shine as D.l. is getting, or are you juxtrememberlng when you were a LENITA LEWIS F, H,A. 1,2,3,Pep Squad 1.2, Volleyball 2, Saeech Club 3, Chorus 3,4, DOROTHY LOWERY F, H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2,35 Student Council 3, 4, Class Officer 1,2,4,Pep Squad 1,2,0fficer 1, 2, Speech Club 3,45 Joum"alism Club 4, Hee Haw 3.4, Who's Who 3. 4 Sammy seeks revengeas if the poor fresh- man kneeling were the cause of hifown freshman memories! FRANKLIN MANN LON MARTIN Football 1,2,4, Track 1, 2, 3, Bas- ketball 1, F.F.A. 1,4, Chorus 4, Speech Club 4. SE l0R ALLAN MATHIS F. F, A, 1, 2, 3,4, Student Council 4. PEGGY MCCORMICK Class Officer 1, Student Council 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Hee Haw 2, 3, 4, R, O. T,C, 1, Baseball 1, Recrea- Speech Club 2,3,4, Who's Who 3, tion Club 1, Class Favorite 4. Junior Play, Dusty Pages 4, Journal- ism 4, Offlcer 4. 25 5 HELEN MITCHELL F, H, A, l, 2, 3,43 Officer 3,4, P. E. 1, Chorus 1,4, Pep Squad 1.2, Hee Haw 4, Saeech Club 3,4, Journal - lsm 4, SEN l0RS D, L. MORRISON F. F. A. 1, 2, 3: GleeClub 4: Football 2,3,4: Basketball 3: Track 1,21 M- Club 2.3.4. WAYNE MOORE Class officer 1.2: Football1,2,3,4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3: M- Club 2,3,4g F.F.A. 1,43 Student Council 1,2, 3.4: Chorus 4: officer 4: Dramatics 4: Cutest Freshman 1: Most Handsome 3: Runner-up for Prince of Friendship 4:Mr. M. H. S. 4. 7 Dickie? PAT NORWOOD Pep Squad 1,2: F.H. A. 1,2,3: Dra matics 3: Chorus 3,4. "Put your little foot right there"-But, where's your partner, TOMMY OSBORN JACKIE PARKER PHIL PROVENCE Class officer1,2: Band 1,2,3: Dance F.F.A. 1,2: Spanish 1: Track 1: . , band 1.2: Boys' Quartet1,2,3:Cho- Football 1: M.l-I. S. Votes 4. 3BTdFtiL4il 308 Plcams rus 1,2,3: qneretta 2: Hi-Y 3: Dra- ' ' ' a ' matics 4: Hee Haw 4: Football 1,2: Basketball 1,2: Track 1,2. 26 ROBERT RICHARDS Football lg Track 1,2,3.4gM. club 3.4g F.F.A. 1.2. LOLA ROARK M.H.S. Votes 1.45 Band 15 Basket- ball lg Mgr. 43 F.H.A. 1,2p l-lee Haw 2,35 Speech Club 1,2,4g Off. 4g Annual Staff 2,4g Student Coun- cil 4g Off. 4gRunner-Up Miss M.H. S. 3. 45 Runner-Up Princess of Friendship 4. l ROLAND STEVENS F.F.A. 1gTrack 2,3.4g Los Picaros 45 Junior Play. How many handsome boys can one class have! GLORIA STINSON 0 Pep Squad 1,2g Cheerleader 2g Most Beautiful 2,33 Runner-Up 45 Speech Club4g Los Picaros 2g F.F.A. Sweet- heart 3g Carnival Queen 4g Volley- ball 1g Runner-Up Miss M.H.S. 4. 27 SENl0R JIM SCARBROUGH Footballlg F.F.A. 1,25 F.F.A. Off. 2. l , Y I ' tv' Hifi Q HELEN STOVA LL F.H.A. lg Band 1.2g Off. lg Annual Staff 1,2,3,4g Editor Muletrain 4: Who's Who 2g Class Off. 3g Student Council 3,4g Runner-Up Outstanding Girl 3g Outstanding Girl 43 Master- minds 4g Speech Club 2,4g M.H.S. Votes' 45 Runner-up Princess of Friendship 4. E l0R DOROTHY 'UNDERDOWN Pep Squad 1,2,3g Officer 3: Cheer- leader 2,3,4, F. H. A. 1: Hee Haw staff 3g Junior Play: Princess of Friendship 4. DORIS UNDERDOWN Pep Squad 1,2,3g Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Head Cheerleader 45 Basketball lg V. Ball 2g Class Favorite 1, 23 Dusty Pages 2,41 Hee Haw Staff 2,35 Class Off. 1,2,3,4g Junior Play, Speech Club 4: Most Popular 33 M. H. S. Votes 33 Princess of Friendship 3g Runner-up, Miss M.H. S. 35 Miss M.H.S. 4g Carnival Princess 3: Masterminds 4. v Q' ,. 0' . JOY DEAN WARNER F.H.A. 1,2,3g Volleyball 23 Cho- RAY WEST F. F. A. lg Annual Staff4g Jour. Club rus 24 Hee Haw 1,2,3g Speech Club 4: Officer 4. 4: Los Picaros 4g Pep Squad 1,2. 28 Jimmy admires the many GERALDINE WEBB fMovedj beautiful trophies of M. H. S. WAYNELL WEAVER Basketball lg Volleyball l,2,3g V. B. Captain 31 Pep Squad 3g Hee Haw 3,4g Mask 8a Mike 45 Librarian 41 Jour. Club 4. LAURA WHALIN Chorus lg Pep Squad 2.3: Speech Club 21 Hee Haw Staff 3: Dusty Pages 35 Who's Who 3, Student Council 3g Annual Staff 4g Masterminds: Short- hand and Home Economics 4. And the weekly paper begins to come to life! LOIS WIMBERLEY Band 15 Spanish Club 3: Office 4. MELVIN WHITE F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Officer 4: Annual Staff 3: Journalism Club 4. E l0R NORMA WILLIAMSON F. H. A. 1, 25 Pep Squad 1,2, 3: Li- brary 1, 2, 35 Science Club 15 Junior Stand 3g Basketball 1,25 Volleyball 1,2. CORIENE W. GRIMSLEY Hee Haw 3g Pep Squad 3. 29 VENETTE WOOD Pep Squad 2,3g Dusty Pages 4. E l0R ANN WOODLEY Band 1,2,3p Majorette 2,3, Minor Stars 11 F.H.A. 1: Mask 81 Mike 3: M.Il.S. Votes 3. SUE YOUNG Band lg Hee Haw 3: Los Picaros 3,45 Footlighters Off. 4: Mask Sz Mike 3, 4: Officer 3: Class Favorite 4, M. H. S. Votes 4. BILL WILLIS Football 1, 2, 3, 44 Track 2, 3, 45 All- district 3, Basketball 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3,4g M-Club 2, 3, 45 Officer 4g Class Favorite 2: Football Captain 4, All-district 4. GWENELLE WORKM AN Minor Stars '25 Hee Haw Staff 2,3 Pep Squad 14 Dusty Pages 4. n vtaogi. .. S395 tow tx .od aqsg ge? Xye P51290 Af. S 3415808 61596 -wfa ta' 5 .. .ws Zee .. p20 ee .-gee 00 30 .wi 'YO Lg sxjgg if ss'-x .Lx JU l0R CLASS 0FFlCER Left to Right: Billy Ellis .... ...... R eporter Wayne Bristow . . . .... Vice-President lean Montgomery . . . . Secretary-Treasurer Keith Buhrman . . . . . . Parliamentarian Earnest Martin . . ...... President These officers were elected for their working ability as well as for their leadership. CLASS FAVORlTE Keith Buhrman Carol Buhrman These cousins were a natural choice for junior class favorites. Always friendly and pleasant they are indeed fun to be with. 32 JU l0RS Adair, Actkerson, C arl Sue Baker. Bartlett, Mary Alice Houston Rooster's in our school?? Black, Blaylock, Marlene Lewis , q, i , l D an e o o o .- F -" Q 3 W g t 2 i ' . S' -" Buhrman, Buhrman, Cherry, Clements, Cooper, ', Collins, Carol Keith Wanda Wanda J. Ralph Bettie .4r - lb Elder, James DIVB. Dawson, Dement, Dillard, Douglass, Elmer Alice June Clinton Barbara fl T Farley, Farr, Foster, Freeman, Fried, Gabbert, Elizabeth Dwayne Myra Hulon Peggy R. L. Q Lou Ann David Bayless, Black, Leon Darlene "Q x N. c 4? X he Bristow, Broun, Wayne Bobby Craig, Dalton, Randall Jo Ann Ellis, Epting, Billy Dwain Gaede, Gatewood, Ginger lngle Q ,. 4 Aw 53 fa W I , W Ji., .eu shaw, St. Clair .Ill IOR Sandexs, Wilkerson, Wright, Wilson. Wright David Jimmy Donna Gordon Pat And th attracttey thou 1 811: 012 - when THEY we all the tj IE the ce me . htel. . i It wa Of 1135 0 S Su r mains me myste e' - QW ef x valign NH99 Ya' bovi- math x0 No , .nmsmsmf The might he-Yhm . TY' hgdxft TWU' " Y UDDCrclass:zn sf"'1e the Do me1U 1 en , shoes 10w1y f 0PHOMORE CLASS 0FFlCER Stanley Fox . Pat Cooper . Steve Smith . Pat Simnacher . . . . . . .Secretary Bobby Nelms . . . . . . President . . . . Reporter Parliamentarian Vice-President These students are finding their way about in the ways of Muleshoe High School, prov- ing to be good leaders for their class. hi il iii C me slr ffl 'Ol fa '91 ll if Anvil i 1 1 if ' Tiki falviu "-K mul-1 .cu is nm W. r SM ' mist-outs! W1 - we tw x Wi '-'um Il ' f aww mlm s mal 'uw 1 , 'S D061 -3' . mm ws CLASS FAVURITE Shirley Black Charles Wa ggoner "We all like Shirley and Charles", say the sophomore class, "that's why we selected them for our favorites". 36 0PHOMORE ,f FQ L' .--Nl' ,--f"""L'- L in 5 xtgvgsig i Sophomores getting a taste of how it feels to be on the receiving end of the initiating for a change, Bryant, -S Cox, Dale, Gwineth Younda Bo Jackie 3 t 'F rt, iw is 3139 ' ,psf G , as 0. JE' , t Gill, Gillis, Franklin Velta ,L ,, if sl' ,.. .- JPY'- Choate, Donald Cary, su -It v-Q. ff F Davis, Elliot, Lucille Sand ra pf . ,, Q . , ix , ,sx x ,Y Nu Q Go re , G regg , James Bobbie Q? Howell, Jarman, Jones, Lancaster, Robert Gene Paul Kim Linda Lou J 'iv so " 5 . 1 Y? . 57' Bickel, Janie Allison, Atchison, Aut y Winston Carolyn Bar ara Black, Delbert Bickel, Black, Judy Bobby Shirley 51? V Cooper, Cline, Creamer, Colson, Pat Ray Monnie Eldon Fielder, Fox. Freeman, Garrison, Phylis Stanley June Thurston g V --r X sag, , sg, . Harrison, Hawkins, Henry, Holdeman Noretta Alma Doyle Tgxann -of' Landers, Lee, Lewis, Locke, Kflllneth DOl'iS fbnald Geneva Inari' 'GQ 'MW ir 3 I gtk U iii? H11 Upton Watson Weath IN MEMORIAM Luther James Ulm, Helm Sept. 10, 1937 Oct. 4, 1953 Ripe in heavenly wisdom, though Few the years he lived below, So his knell was early rung, For whom God loves, he dieth young. Wilemon, Williams, Williamson, Wingo, Sharon Jerry Jackie Bobby Willman, Wimberley, Woodard, Wuerflein, K ay Dewayne Mary Edward 0PHOM0llE orld to live in' what a wondbffgx the twins ii UP! Texam ,na lu v Wagoner, Charles 1' Nor ' U7 acts a' Bet Wear. ty and HQ daddyzfgfsyllna are und-iy S Faughp j bln! U the Delores, what is that naughty boy, Uackie HJ doing? -Or is that a hunk of thumb that Janie has between her teeth? 39 FRE HME IWASS UFFICER Left to Right - Top Row: Johnny Allison .......... President Charles Jennings ......... Reporter Eddie Wilt ..... . .Sergeant-at-arms Second Row: Shirley Mattheision .... Vice-President Brenda Simnacher ........ Secretary Rose Lee Millen . . . Student Council Rep. The freshmen were notlearned in the ways of high school, but they proved wise in their selection of their officers. The capable guidance of Johnny as president soon made their class very much a part of the govern- men of Muleshoe High. CLASS FAVORlTE Shirley Matheision Wa yla nd Chitwood Because of their friendliness to all, and their pleasant ways, the freshmen elected Shirley and Wayland as their favorites. Xa 'iff 3 my 5' Yi 9 id'- as H-. W 1 gf W 'fo sl. Sw M xii gg 3 ,WMA . .. km. ,.- - f x E . I Copley Don Elliott Quineil Gregory ww wg' QT QW -fs! W xv vi-f 1 if if 249 Ramage M2 gif I Z5 I mr' Pi Sh afer, Shankles, Sims, Simnacher, Spivey, Spl awn, Stallings, Stevens, Rgnnie Jerry Roseua Brenda Aliene Benny Dean Du ane Van Dyke Sgglings, Stinson, Stroud, Turner, Taylor, Vinson, Vinson Margaret Ronald Darleece Virginia Marie Mary Buria Judy Whalin Gladys Webb Wanda Williams West Workman White whmon Faye Gene Billy Perry James Wuerflern Martha FRE HME Wilt, W Q Young, in " Williams, Wimberley, Watson, Eudon Lewis Bufford Eddie John Darrell 1 X Q H, in-LN J " .. 5, X Ji 1, .X E Q ' AK A "Why was it, people used to be placed in thc public Why shouldn't a bucket make as whipping post? Or is this anew styleofcupid'slariat?" good a carry-all as some purses? 43 ,dr Favorites in Muleshoe High School are those who will be remem- bered through the years by every student in school. It is that special smile, hello or talent that makes each individual stand out from the crowd. The one who always knows the answers and still has time for activities is a never-to-be forgotten person. Muleshoe High School is blessed with many favored boys and girls, but it is for some special something that these have been selected as special favorites. Fi A J3llllulumt1llll1v 'il "4 ka MR. and MISS M. H. . DORIS UNDERDOWN WAYNE MOORE 46 ..i...i-- u -., ., ..., . .,,,,,, .A ...nuirYS1f:fiaib..:J1-isa.: W,,,, 4 gfilqe Q' MMM W- f5QQ3 xx3iRx1sQ:QnX,? 'ESQ-A!l v-1'iKxXixx.Q-Lila . . l 'MN-ii?l:Lb'.+-Q A , Q, 1. gg5 ,Q . mm . H .. 0 T U 5' an - . .. js. , . - -1X-gm-, wa s-b.g : t f . V .. A 0 A., . -L .ff'1':-. v xigg fl ,N Q N R t .Nw , Q-xskigiy :.::.:3M'-nhl., T, I ' ' - 1 ' -' ' 1 1 wif ' - Wm""' W 1 . 14, Q Xqhgx ,fe 3 3 . ' ' 6 'fkl 'I I ix! 1 WW I 'i l I I I 1 , N. is X - ' GL! Q' X N Xxx 5 i!f5'.w .. N Q AWX X gpg-r-r"? , 'N' Q.. b ,auf- fill ' 1 L x ' av g MR. and MISS M. H. S. RUNNERS-UP PRINCE and PRINCESS NI FRIENDSHIP IIMMY HOLT LOLA ROARK WAYNE MOORE HELEN STOVALL v - f : WWW lli- 1 1' I H. A. BEAU and F. F. A. SWEETHEART JACKIE HENDERSON LOU ANN LOGAN rx A J, 4 I 49 gif x-.31 ,.. a -ff .xv 5 if' is... ffvuw, A 'Qi' , -7 6 - w . 'HM YW - x x . 3 .sf -i . ' 'gg iggflfi 'Sf Q5 My -ii, 'Ei .x Q:-x QNX -A . XM 'X ax. 5 5 sg R XyiQfZ:9t x S 15,fQfif.w A A 11.1-sam: NX .M 4 H, X i-We .L l. ,. X A 59' A3229 f 52? . .51 pai X. A : g S -QQ RUNNERS-UP for MOST HANDS'0ME MOST BEAUTIFUL RUNNERS-UP for MOST 0UTSTANDlNG BAND SWEETHEART ggi.. N x. KX. ' Qfxligl QV: if ' S Q A. ..,,. CAR IVAL KI G and QUEE DICICIE FUDGE GLORIA STINSON 53 MA TER Ml D Abraham Lincoln once said, "1 will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come". These boys and girls who have been selected to be pictured in the MASTERMINDS division have learned the meaning of this quotation. They have been chosen by their teachers as the outstanding students in the various classes. Time and effort well spent has proved ad- vantageous to each one. It may well be said that they are qualifying themselves as leaders of the rising generation for patrons of good government, virtue and happiness. HOME EC I Martha Wuerflein HOME EC II laura Whalin HOME EC III Jo Ann Dalton w AGRICULTURE I Johnny Allison AGRICULTURE U Bobby Nelms 1 AGRICULTURE III Cloyce Hunt AGMCULTURE IV l Kenneth Henry 54 l THE ACTIONS OF MEN ARE LIKE THE IN- DEX OF A BOOK THEY POINT OUT WHAT IS ALGEBRA I MOST REMARRABLE IN THEM. - Heine ALGEBRA II Wanda Ioyce Clements GEOMETRY Freida Allen GE NERA L MATH Martha Wuerflein SHORTHA ND La ura Wha lin TYPING I Elizabeth Farley TYPING Il Doris Underdown BOOKKEEPING Wanda Busby SHOP Ja c kie Henderson Bobby Nelms GRA MMAR I Johnny Allison GREAT MINDS HAVE PURPOSES, OTHERS HAVE WISHES. LITTLE MINDS ARE TAMED AND SUBDUED BY MISFORTUNEg BUT GREAT MINDS RISE ABOVE THEM. - W. Irving GRA MMA R II Lucille Davis GRA MMA R III Billy Ellis GRAMMAR IV Helen Stovall JOURNA LISM Dona ld Harmon LITERATURE I Walter Marie Boness LITERATURE II Linda Lou Lancaster LITERATURE III Ginger Gaede LITERA TURE IV Wanda Busby 56 GENIUS IS THE GOLD IN THE MINEp TAL- ENT IS THE MINER WHO WORKS AND DIGS IT OUT. - Lady Blessington CIVICS Dorothy Lowery AMERICA N HISTORY Elizabeth Farley WORLD HISTORY Pat Simnacher GENERAL SCIENCE Queneil Elliott BIOLOGY Jean Montgomery CHEMISTRY Jimmy Allison BAND Ga y lord Ta te SPANISH Freida Allen 57 SPEECH Wayne Bristow 2:?Q'f?5 515213 I-3' Y 3 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Helen Stovall Jimmy Allison O H O O The teachers made selection, now the student body does the same. These titles of factand prophecy were given to the following couples by the entire high school. MOST CURIOUS Lola Roark lackie Parker BIGGEST F LIRT Texa nn Holdema n Bill Holman BIGGEST IMA GINA TION Ann Woodley Sammy Donaldson MOST INTE LLECTUA L Frieda Allen Iinnnv Allison X l K . MOST COURTEOUS Marion Harris Jimmy Allison MOST BASHFUL Roger Gorrell Arnetha Elmore WITTIEST Sue Young Jackie Henderson 59 Q10 egg' Eg we-Q! X, if' ' yew' WAYNV' f if Organizations and clubshave come and gone from Muleshoe High School in the past years, These are the center of high school life - giving a little relaxation from the daily work of classes, F. F. A. and F,ll, A, are probably the oldest clubs in our school, but even the new- est ones hring added pleasure and good for the students, , ,,, , - A ' Jani lun-linux' J' Allen . Allison. Arnold. Bristow, Bayless, Clements. Coffey, Freida Jimmy Neil Wayne Leon Travis Joe Donaldson , Ellis , Fox , Harris , Holt. Henderson , Harrison , Sammy Billy Stanley Marion Jim Jackie Noretta 5, A in A .-av ru... ir Harmon, W Donald ' Wayne Bristow . . .... Historian Marion Harris . . ..... Secretary Lowery Stanley Fox . . . . Parliamentarian Dorothy: Lola Roark . . . . Reporter Billy Ellis . . . .President I M, Montgomery , Mathis , Martin , Millen . Jean Alan Ernest Rose Lee Simnacher , Simnacher, Stova ll, Thompson, Patricia Brenda Helen Norma TUBE T COUNClL Kirk, Mr. Jerry Moore , Wayne Na sh , Dona ld Upton , Evelyn Parker . Roark , Jackie Lola Willis, Wright, Bill Pat LIBRARIA These girls were selected to work in the library at various periods during the day. Their duties were checking books out and in, notifying studentsof over- due books or fines, and replacing returned books in the shelves. Their pleasant way of helping the stu- dents has won many friends for them. Mrs. A. S. Stovall, Librarian Peggy Fried Jo Ann Dalton Darlene Black Venerte Wood Gwen Workman Doris Underdown Mattie Chambless Lynda McCormick Evelyn Bratcher Myra Rister 63 CLARINETS-La Von Copley, Gwienth Cox, llolly Linda Lancaster, Lynda Mc Cormick, Peggy Mc- Cormick, Billie Ann Pence, Virginia Stanford, Kay Willman. BASS CLARINET-Charles Lenau. ALTO SAXOPHONES-Walter Marie Boness, Paula Provence, Gaylord Tate. TENOR SAXOPHONES-Carl Adair, Pat Inman. BARITONE SAXOPHONE-Barbara Douglass. OBOE-Phyllis Fielder. FLUTE-Doris Jean Copley. X- . - teal' rx PNY W . YYCXDXKZCKOY BW The Muleshoe High School Band has been long a vital part of student life on our campus. It has always been a voluntary organization, its members giving freely of their time that the school might have a band. A proud tradition has thus been built up on the generosity and sincerity of the band members. 64 Ann Cox, Yonda Dale, Virginia Gillis, Dean Lackey, Vg It ' 1' 1: I 2, M mu ' x wh We .Kava ' ,KX V A ,, V, . W 1 4 VV Kg QQ 'aww 3.435 W gf av I ,A ,if Q 1 Q- f . 4 i xxv "W, l x x X "For the Mules" is the motto ofthe five fiery girls better known as the Muleslioe High School Majorettes. Rain, shine, sleet or snow there're always there, ready and willing to per- form for the football fans and to cheer their football team to victory. LA VON COPLEY BILLIE ANN PENCE Ma jorette Majorette u BARBARA DOUGLASS Drum Major jg to ., : rg V A .. .,.. . . Actkerson, Allen, Bickel, Bristow, Clements, Clements, Sue Freida Bennie Wayne Travis w and 3 Joyce Cox, Donaldson, Douglass, Gabbert, Gaede, Harris, Holly Ann Sammy Barbara R, L. Ginger Marion ViCe-p,e5, President Gabben, Donaldson, R. L. Sammy Sec. -Treas. Reporter Roark, Osbom, MA K and MIKE The Mask and Mike Club was organized this year for those interested in dramatics and radio, The club project for the year has been the presenting of plays and the studying of and visits to radio. Gaither, B. Lola Tomm QSponsorj Y Jones, Barbara IDWCFY. McCormick, Mitchell, Mitchell, Moore, Osbom Y sf 1 il DOYOIUY Peggy Helen Mona Wayne Tom my 1 D ness ' Roark, Stovall, Weaver. White, White, Woodley, Young D013 Helen W aynelle jamgg Melvin Ann gue Wi 'sg 'lf V51 5 QS! A V if Exvlf' -Ir A iw ln mi T - K uv T 1f'f H Y' , B l 'H B A' we M t. H 1 fi-I 2 1 P 1 .. ,ht ' ,, . .. l sian 1 V 5.3 f l I ., Director , Mr . Shirley 4? . 'N v 0- Q YA is X Q. 5 I ,:gt1. is ,,,..., fr Chorus is not only helping all of us to appreciate good music, but is a fine source of material for vari- ous programs over the town. We commend Mr. Shirley on the good work he has done with this group. President - Wayne Moore Vice President- Jackie Henderson Secretary - Carol Buhrman Reporter - Barbara Jones. x 1 X A ca L, , .V .J ' X fun' i up it . ,,, , . ,, 4 2 53, ROW ONE: Agee, Louann, Autry, Barbara, Atchison, Bar- bara, Buhrman, Carol, Black, Jimmy, Creamer, Monnie, Henderson, Jack, Head, Norman, Jones, Barbara, Lewis, Nita, Morrison, Glynna, Mitchell, Helen, Morrison, D. L., Moore, Wayne, Moore, Laqueda, Metcalf, Betty, Miller, Elaine, Martin, Lon, Norwood, Pat, Pence, Billy Ann, Shanks, Betty, Richards, Robert, Sullivan, Loretta, Towns, Karolene, Taylor, Antoniette, Thompson, Norma, Upton, Evelyn, Wilemon, Sharon, Woodard, Mary, Willis, Bill, Wright, Pat. 68 L0 PICARU Los Picaros is organized each year as a social outletfor the members of the Spanish class. Thehigh- light is the annual trip to the Mexican Inn in Clovis for a meal of Mexican food. SPONSOR Mrs, Blackburn Jil! lv X 1 Freida Allen LEFT TO RIGHT: Frieda Allen .... .... S ecretary Wayne Bristow . . . .Vice-President Jackie Parker . . .... President Clinton Dillard . . . Reporter Wayne Bristow Ralph Cooper Lucille Davis Clinton Dillard Marcella Mejia Jackie Parker QL P Phil Provence Roland Stevens Joy Dean Warner 3 Sue Young 'A s as swf-1 iff, Y . mwx ik ,, 1 Y-Q05 Q sa l 225 Q w n 1 x ' F. H. A. '- MRS. DOROTHY BROWN Sponsor Sponsor l The purposes of the F.H.A. Club are to further friendship: to develop appreciation for studies more or less directly related to home economics: to keep in touch with some of the broader fields of knowledge: and to become acquainted with recent developments in home economics not touched inthe regular curriculum. ROW ONE: Carolyn Atchison, Barbara Autry, Sue Actkerson, Lou Ann Agiee, Shirley Black, Marlene Black, Darlene Black. ROW TWO: Janie Bickel, Judy Bickel, Mary Alice Baker, Geneva Bartlett, Evelyn Bratcher, Carol Buhrman, Doris Copley. ROW THREE: Wanda Clements, Jackie Cary. ROW FOUR: Wanda Cherry, La Von Copley. ROW FIVE: JoAnn Dalton, June Dement. ROW SIX: Lucille Davis, Barbara Ellis. ROW SEVEN: June Freeman, Phyllis Fielder. ROW EIGHT: Doris Ann Fields, Winona Glenn. ROW NINE: Velta Gillis, Latain Garth, ROW TEN: Irene Head, Noretta Harrison. 72 MISS MARTH A THOMAS ROW ONE: Maris Hennington, Texann Holderman. ROW TWO: J erre Lee Hale, Joyce Hunt. ROW THREE: Pat Inman, Madge Johnson. ROW FOUR: JulieJames,, Barbara Jones. ROW FIVE: Jo Ellen King, Lou Ann Logan. ROW SIX: Dorothy Lowery, Mary Lou Lambert. ROW SEVEN: Delores Lowe, Mona Mitchell. ROW EIGHT: Barbara Metcalf, Darla Meyers. ROW NINE: Glynna Morrison, Helen Mitchell. ROW TEN: Charlie Kay Miller, Lona Mae Mason, Maxine Pugh, Rosemary Pool, Marcia Redwine, Betty Shanks, Patricia Simnacher. ROW ELEVEN: Karolene Towns, Norma Thomp- son, Evelyn Upton, Mary Woodard, Sharon Wilemon, Donna Wright, Gladys Whalin F. H. A. OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Joyce Hunt .... ....... T reasurer Noretta Harrison ..... . . President Pat Inman ..... . .... Vice-President Shirley Black . . ..... . Secretary Madge Johnson . . . RecordingSecretary STANDING: Janie Bickel ....... Parliamentarian Billy A. Pence .... . . . Historian Sharon Wilemon . . . . . . . Pianist Helen Mitchell . . . .Reporter These girls were chosen to lead the F.H.A. Club for the year 1954. It is through their efforts that the organization has been guided to success. They, with their sponsors, and the club members have proved the worth of F.H.A. 1 I T MULE HOE EW GIVE A CLEAR EEPERT oi THE HEE-HAW C 'ow 395 X5 0 owe! Jimmy Allison EDITOR Mrs. Baker SPONSOR yylex qjbcxx xgiixo' We 6 9056 'Q Co def Yyaiixsoov cixegaxkei wt ' .gtiiinqxhss ' is x0 Ge qfvixe' 960966 ev - xiecesgti W That was a good one Roger Gorrell told Joe Coffey as they review the sports events of the week. maine, 0 A gosi! Xooys xg Holly Ann Cox, Helen Mitchell, and Peggy Mc- Cormick are checking over the articles for the next issue of the paper with Ray West while Melvin White and Sammy Donaldson Peer over their shoulders. Below, Wayne Bristow sketches the cover, 74 while Donald Harmon begins the typing duties. . . LIFE Dorothy Lowery and Jim Holt look for their article in the HEE HAW! THE HEE-HAW 'I' The HEE HAW is sponsored by the journal- ism class and written and edited by the journalism students. Today's journalism students are tomorrow's journalists, seems to be the ideal held out of these hard-work- ing youths. Af- s er 596 oo -gre 939 FIRST ROW: Holly Ann Cox, Helen Mitchell, F.F.A. Ed.g AFF 35 Band Editor: Wa ynelle ' li Cormlc nd tug Sllgn ba! 5u0 gs Baer me suigewbiie mebo . on b0 ' sein K .V z. I .vu 2 , ' -. A tg , C f. 1 I s 3 t ri- a3on6 . ns ov wok 0 Weaver, Gossipg Bobbie Harrison, Gossip: Dorothy Lowery, Ass't. Ed., Peggy Mc- Cormick, Libra ryg Barbara Jones, Proof Reader. SECOND ROW: Tommy Osborn, Speechg Jimmy Allison, Editorg Ray West, Annual: Joe Coffey, Sportsg Roger Gorrell, Sportsg Sammy Donaldson, Student Councilg Melvin White, F.F.A.g Donald Harmon, Typist. Tommy Osborn and Barbara Jones, no doubt, are doing a thorough job of proof-reading. They mustn't miss a thing because Mrs. Baker is watching! 75 MULETRM Hmm Dickie Fudge BUSINESS MANAGER Blackburn SPONSOR E Marion Harris CIRCULATION MANAGER 'Xb Gmger Gaede ' Ass T EDITOR ' .. 1" Joe Coffey and Neil Arnold ADVERTISING Lola Roark and Barbara Jones Pal Inmafl and Ray West LITERARY EDITORS SPORT S EDITORS Mrs. H. L. The staff of THE MULETRAIN has put in many hours of work, but enjoyed every minute of it. When the time came to send the last pages to the publishers, each member felt a satisfaction at having successfully com- pleted a tedious and long workg yeteach felt some regret at not being able to continue. "The reward ofa thing well done is to have done it" - we hope you join us in thinking we are rewarded. isle. Joe enjoys life while Ray types it out. Ray and Lola believe in work before pleasure Judging from the expressions on Helen's and Ginger's faces, Marion must have really flubbed up that page! THE MULETRAI Maxine Pugh and Wanda Cherry TYPISTS Billy Ellis, Clinton Dillard, Dwain Jack Jones, Laura Whalin, Karolene Ralph Ware, Freida Allen, and Ralph Epting, Travis C1ements-PHOTO- Towns, Larry Hicks Cooper-ART EDITORS. GRAPHERS. CLASS EDITORS. - -.swing ,Z i , A ,ggi T1 ik Y 4 I W S UBB ufff Fm. A z Muleshoe High School may not rank with the best in athletics, but with spirit and teamwork they remain unexcelled. lf a winner were to be selected by keeping in mind, "Not whether you win or not, but how you play the game", then Muleshoe WOULD rank with the best, Severallviuleshoe "Mules" have gone on to greater victories after graduating, becoming excellent college players, ,-'W' F00'l'BALL QUEEN 0F 1953 BILLIE ANN PENCE FO0TBALL 1 C03 ch I0hn5on '39-. ai Q fi. 2 xx ' A Q 5 Wei . . W N n .. 'P + N I . Clements, Willis, Travis Bill President Vice-Pres. af Fox, Stanley Farr , Dwayne KR 4 Holt, Jimmy Sec. .74- Gabbert, R. L. 1? Moore , Moore Morrison , Don Wayne D. L. S - -.. 3 is 5 J- wr? CAPTAINS Henry, Willis, Bickel MANAGERS Bob Wingo Dwain Farr M-CLUB 'yi Q S' 2: -Q--qu' M C03 Ch Scott 'Y 2 'iw l t J Donaldson, Bickel, Bristow, Bryant, Buhfmali. Sammy Bennie Wayne Bo Keith Treas. X. 1 W' 8 5 1 if fi M I R1 Henderson Henry, Henry, Jarman. Martin, Jackie Doyle Kenneth Gene Earnest . ' Q . A ' 7 . 4 ' .- P b -if it .nt L. Provence, Richards, Shaw, Tate, Tidwelll Phil Robert Eugene Gaylord jackie .ab 'if' 'is Sammy Donaldson gets attention be - cause he is the center on our team. He is asenior and a two year letter- l'l'l3Il. Wayne Moore, another senior plays halfback and is a three year letterman. ' I' . I M ri 2,157-F f' ' v f' ' gh ie G03 Kenneth, Captain, plays guard Scott 'NEA 9995 for the team. This makes his Cozexl decay Qclvpmg Yoo third year for a letter. v on Box iid of avgm we ' YK g 35 3 some www' nail' rt. Benny Bickel plays fullback and is also a captain. Benny is a senior and is a three year letterman. Bill Willis, a no the r captain and quarter- back, for the Mules, is a three year letterman and is a senior. Jimmy Black, a sen- Jimmy Holt is a sen- ior, plays tackle for ior and has lettered the Mules and is a two three years, He plays year letterman, end. The th I D. L. Morrison, a versatile player, plays both tackle and halfback. He is a senior and has lettered three years. R. L. Gabbert plays guard and is a junior, That means we will have him back for another year. N. He is already a two year letter- .--N H1311 fins b . r eglfl he b0.vs Come for the fog-,tha , , by one ofthe 'wining out 11 fans when Eamest Martin is a junior and captains. 012 the geld, led plays guard, He is a two year f Charles Waggoner is a one year letterman at halfback. A sopho - more,he has two more years to play. letterman and will be back next year for another. Don Moore, a junior, plays guard. He is a two yearletterman who will be in the run for another one next year. Jackie Tidwell is a sophomore who plays end. He has one letter to his credit with two more years to play. Keith Buhrman, a junior, plays end. We'11 see him next year! lewis Blaylock got in playing time this year as guard. He is a junior. Bobby Black plays center and is only a sophomore. Doyle Henry is another sophomore and plays guard. Don Hall, a Junior taclde, was hindered DSW-Wne M o r r 1 s o n Buddy Pool who IS a this year by 3 broken s o p h o m o r e p 1 a y s promising quarterback Cgllar bone, guard is only a sophomore A sophomore back coming up for fut- u r e pl a y in g is Doyle Rush, h' T BENNY BICKEL All Dxstnct Fullback Honorable Mention All-State HOLT Au-Dwfic' End ' D- L- MORRISO N All-Dim-xc: Tackle .1 Bm, wu.uS back SAMMY QONALDSON u Disuicm QUHIW' AH'D1SU'1CI Center A ' g WAYNE MOORE DI TRICT 85 A T THE POST TRACK Jimmy Holt-880 Sammy Dona ldson-Pole Vault Bill Willis-Discus Jackie Tidwell-440 Robert Richards-Mile Wayne Moore-100 yd. 2203 R. L. Gabbert-880 Keaton Sneed-Mile Doyle Rush-880 Eugene Sha w-440 Keith Buhxman-Dash Man Ernest Martin-Dash Man Jackie Parker-Dash Man HEAVE HO! OOMP BA Mardis, Beverly Rogers, Jerrv KA -gf" Coach Scou N .Tv F Creamer 1 5, H' Forrest l .,.. Green, Crispin Blalack, Donald Black Buddy COLTS '7 SUDAN '7 COLTS-6 SUDAN-6 COLTS-25 TULIA- 6 .ounce Q corfrs SUDAN QForf'tj nan-noun. COLTS SUDAN- QForf'0 Chirwood. Roark oe C aptam Wayland Coach Johnson Jennings, Charles Captain Allison, Johnny G ate wood Mgr S' 'Ql- Jones, Dale Morrison, Jimmy Wilt, Eddie Owen, Gross, Jimmy Young, John 87 ig Xl 8 .E ' ' W Q 'Wwe iq N' 5 .fn 3 4 Q42 IM is ' 35:7 'RQ s an U CHEERLEADER 1954 W W X N W xi 1 RXGB L09 A 9,663 'YO C63 ua L C53 R dowln' AQVAH' t de! 56 22135 Qnouw 00 00' iarrison' S t hw M-M-M-U-I:-L-L-L-E-S--M-U-L-L-E-S--MULES, MULES, MULES - 'N N23 The ringing words of a football cheer, the flash of purple and gold, five energetic girls, and you have a picture of our cheerleaders. Pep rallies led by these favorites have spurred our boys on to do their very best for M.H,S. ARI E. YE ME of MULE HOE 'K 'S HIGH 89 BOY Captain Jimmy Holt, Coach Leroy Scott, Captain Jimmy Allison BA KETBALL lv ABOVE, TOP ROW: G. R. Howell, John Johnson, Gordon Wilson, Jack Jones. BOT- TOM ROW: Jerry Inman,Jim Holt, Jimmy Allison, Eugene Shaw. INSET: Manager, Roger Gorrell. "Practice makes perfect". Whoever said that was only half right. Practice, practice, and more practice makes perfect . This applies to basketball as well as any other field of endeavor, and the next two pages pictures the boys inaction--action which we like very much. 90 I-..J TOP now, Left to hugh: Jimmy Holt, James Elders. Jimmy Allison. CENTER: Bill Willis BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right: Eugene Shaw, Gordon Wilson, Jack lones. 3' -X TOP ROW, Left to Right: Jackie Parker, Duane Morrison ,Joe Coffey. CENTER: Jerry Inman BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: Bo Bxyant. John Johnson, Stanley Fox. 44 l Q7 Q3 I t iff 5 A te Captain Barbara Douglass Coach Scott Captain Jean Montgomery X! 40A CLS E I l GIRL 'BA KETBALL Left to Right: FIRST ROW: Noretta Harrison, Quineil Elliot, Marcia Redwine, Doris Underdown, June Freeman. SECOND ROW: Donna Wright, Barbara Metcalf, Pat Wright, Barbara Douglass, Janie Bickel. THIRD ROW: Bettie Col- lins, Velta Gillis, Pat Cooper, Coach Scott, ,lean Montgomery, Ginger Gaede. INSET - Lola Roark-Manager. 93 ll! 4 , ' 9 A V ' Q .,,...?- -rx 5'-S. wg! 3 9 V5 CJ Q , kiss Ai 2'- 5 Top to bottom- Top to bottom- Top to bottom- Shirley Mathiesion. forward: D0riS Betty Moore, forwardg Marcia Red- Noretta Harrison , guardg Bettie UHGCIGOWI1. fO1'W21Id: June Free- wine, forwardg Pat Cooper, guardg Collins, guardg Pat Sim nacher , man. forward. Queneil Elliott, forward. guard. 94 N K 3 I H 75? FIRST ROW: Ginger Gaede - gpardg Jean Montgomery - forwardg Pat Wright - guard. SECOND ROW: Barbara Douglass - forwardg Donna Wright - forwardg Alice Dawson - gua ll rd. r 135 C .- 5.35325 x" "Big Wheel Vylfl OW, N39 O UgOt In e K gxtvl I Bareky made in 8:59 Last ye Hr 's s 1, ir fV 1 A lt came 51061 B.. fs no doubt, oumexspac 96 S 5 my-4. ly Q 4'-19" 5- 1 Jackie holds a fatality of the Littlefield football game. Don, or is it Donna, shines shoes. 1-2-3-kick, 1-2-3-kick. What's the matter?'?'? Frankenstien in 3-D?? More M-C lub initiation. Ladies and Gentlemen, my text this morning is Zat eeez, zat eeez, zat ease!! Easter Parade??? No, freshman initiation. Happy, l,ola???? 9 ,-sf , , 3. W Vi. . Mg., kia, , -QR Q-' Q' 12" sw.. T we 3 E Q , ez. mggzf if is SST? ,cn S if : K Q V xb x I tw l M.. " M' Q f:- -:w f EW: '1l'.'1c' Ry. 2- X wx r ,Y ,S m,i-., L M' W X Q Ks X 'QB n 1 M W 2 K v v ' ii' W1 f- N!. -I -1 Q gui? ix ZS' e. ,sf V - Q-f:, S 9 4 is g is as is R wg: E ,van X 5 .Q E wa ig, N , R QS? if. ' ' ' is V is vo 3 ' W, I K QW at J 3' ,M awk 'F x W-www-u-nl.. ,Aw Wand' Qzmnnnnfinfsnnnfi dc f M Nw, ,,,. vzvss-.fam 51333 Si MHS SM rx 1. fr. i Y ' e N x if fs. .3 '- 19' . fi. , Ag., f 7 , x 8 .-fl. 1 fi 3 1 1551- , B X-'J ':": lf . B ,Q 4 ,I Are you cold Jim?? Everyone backing the Mules 100afo. UWWPFHW f Fld Nil' -'if Mfr z 7 8 Last year's Western Day brought us some real wes- 9 tern gals. Lose something, Franklin? "I like rustic harmony ..... " A rare shot of Jimmy breaking training. 10 11 12 13 100 3 , ', 'za Nia" ' iff. H ,., If , Do the Bunny-hop, hop, hop, hop. Kenneth enjoys a free shine. This is called constructive recreation. Lazy Bones, sitting in the sun. . Riding a rail, but no tar and feathers. Bettie and Billie Ann practice their routine Indian war council. ffl all xs , me Qt NX ' ni .qamda You 6 W 'X 'X fest l .. f - 11,1 A Q. 8 Fee 'U Of I7 WZ61-e ha V Oys e '77 80 f1ep.,y lffue Q .E N1 wwe -' ' what' My! Why ' 9097 eft eye Hob, Oo ef?.?f?"? , . . Hot wh know You QOH e affnyri efh 101 .Ve seeth., gh! "Color Day was a big SUCCESS" ai-. . dp y 1. Tell me girls, what is going on? 2. Someone isu't pa ying attention. 3. Sir Thomas is working. 4. Barbara is eating as usual. 5. Seniors helping the Juniors. 6. Where is Marsha , John?'? 0-0'-. vii 10 11 12 .sf as ' " . ,sg fi' '. Musical chair?? Everyone is enjoying the parade. Oh my, how romantic. This looks like an interesting class Barber Shop quartet. South side of the new gym. Oh, dear. someone whistled at me"l Mokus, don't spit so straight! You hit him right in the eye. CAUGHT 01' LO0Kl G ssl" :ft . Q I s, , Well, aren't they cute!! Enjoy your grub, kids Q Miss Gaither shows her teeth in an Barbara is astounded at what artificial smile for the birdie. seems to amuse La Vonne . 103 Utilities Southwestern Public Service 29,1147 ckiffifw Laundrie s QM Moore' s Laundry 0 Cotton Buyers A. S. STOVALL ' Motor Supplies 40 S r . t. . ' . . BOVELL MTR. SUPPLY Prm mg Compames Z puwsfghl Western Auto 6 PREPARED Muleshoe Journal I pggggp Dairies Elevators " to Evg- Gi1breath's ' Mule shoe i lf ss A S. E. Cone Grain Co. 4 I ,, -1 B fs 1 E3 H . f' 1 ga ,Q Malone' s Milk Co. VgQ Electric Companies X ,. Hunke's Elec. Shop N In need of feed, see 1. 'I -'I y S Fiddlin Fried Phone 5730! Hx' 4: Beauty Shops Ray Griffiths 8' Sons X "i 313' MAIN STREET BEAUTY SHOP Implement Companies Fry and COX Wholesale Gas TE CO Morris Douglas Implement Davis and Lenderson The Texas Co. Johnson and Nix Hicks Tractor Company 91' , L 31: 4252 BARBER SHOP w -H E gi' Kelton's Barber Shop ,JIA2 i Cafes Insurance -'N' West's Post Office Cafe 1' FARLEY INSURANCE - 15500 IX Muleshoe Cafe '.5.' rald's Cafe A ., THIS 15 is Dru ' H0 g Stores P E Thereq ? To AT questqufl A uf Western Drug abgut It ! Q 104 5,20 Jewelry Stores MULESHOE JEWE LRY FIELDER 'S JEWELRY Grocery Stores B1ackburn's Wagnon's Roark's Huckabee Gro. Baileyboro Beene Gro. Sn Station, Needmore Shafer Gro., Gas, 81. Butane .v--H S?" Q ' -"' 1 83337 -X ? 'f if 1' qs 1i?grQI'f'f, 723 T- r.,,Tf,b'gv,5vv.v.v..9eqp . . A '-159991 ' ' Auto Companies CAYLE REID BUICK CO. MULESHOE MOTOR CO. C. St H. CHEVROLET MORRISON MOTOR CO. g CAR f Wt Youooonvnnuos Service Stations BRISCO TEXACO SERVICE MANN'S SERVICE HOLTS SERVICE BLONDIE RAY'S SERVICE Lumber Yards WILSON SL SANDERS CHAS. L. LENAU LBR. CO. HEATHINGTON LBR. CO. Tailor Shops ALSUP'S CLEANERS CITY CLEANERS LAMBERT'S CLEANERS Qui: LT I' 76i'lZ0l' N L, ade Dry Goods 81. Ready-To-Wear Stores C. R. ANTHONY coBBs DEPARTMENT STORE ST. CLAIRS DEPARTMENT STORE FASHION sHoP REMUND-WILSON N 'S jg. 'X -:ASE Ml 1 I Hdw., Furniture, 8: Appliances JOHNSON FURNITURE E. R. HART HDW. SL FURN. HARVEY BASS APPLIANCE JOHNSON 8: POOL DYER'S HDW. STORE YGIIIIOII . . nnus .' - munouan - J, ---Plum 3 nmmsa ,Q I ', H, , N, i:,4, Six-27 GINS LIQLIFIED GAS Needmore Co-op Gm Vhedeb sh and Chmldex S Edward'S Cm Muleshoe L qu fied Gas Nicke1's Cin Shafer Gro. SL Liquified Gas Bailevboro Gin KNEEDMORED Shafer-McDonald Gin W ,pw GW A L N D . 9 'Y . 9 11AdW' 55' ' MDIEY TIME LAM! HWHERE FRIENDS MEET and PRICES TALK CASH WAY GROCERY fszffi 911- iw 'ah ' Q GOUDMAN 0EElCE SUPPLY Clox IS 'N ew MEXICO 'fr X XA E, A My V '2t.:':E1!i.-.A :-, , , 1.5-T 2 A P f?2122.'s-H C vncmnlgll Q 1-1-15 ' .'.'.7A Y' .. , 5 'X','Y' T2 1 Q - A J E N 5 PAW? 13. 106 Ag sig ..,, QM? , Phone 2440 - 2450 - Box 557 Q4-::?'Ad1g3,-UF' ' '. xx,, .ll 55:5- ' 4 f?"' 'aw' oy , .Q R' X YL . qw nm no QI 1 i I RURAL ELECTRH3 .i, 5 ff' 0 , A J f f,,R,fff- M "' ' ' ERVICE CM'-f 48 f L,,fff9'--1 by 6 A yi ' V I Af 19 ' BAILEY COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE,fASS?N9f. j A , "'-X :V MULESHOE, TEXAS I "EVERY USER A PART OWNER" I 1 f ff YJ z'51iEC7' RKTAL. fx .QM R115 When belter automobiles are built SSw8CAYLE REED R IRR COMPA R HIGHWAY vo - NORTH A MULESHOE, TEXAS VENUE B - TELEPHONE BUICK will build them 4030 107 iffy 1 ff jwf J 54,1 . ff I 1 2 f 'M X D H. f' Lf Q Q.ff.v.f,4 f 40 0Ay1wdDMNyf , I. WLM ,WY , M b fdfaqw V W WWLM Mp f5w Qwfggfiiil? Myypw ,ffzx 'V . 06.147, ff xi! I 1,1 '!c'1f 414' ff! , .ffm ff , , ,f xr, Q 7,7!!.,k, . Z. ---.. ..,.. wkwqg U Xxii. 635 292 y 'six , M Sl QR 3, Q 1 INTER-C0llEGlATE PRESS 'liat Kunsus City 'J 4 ucronv Hour ormf hw?-1xK6,, L , 'ALL'-it 'Fifi Rib A iw 'Fvq55 kJ mp: ' .N f-53 Q4 -' px 'c"'Q-f- 'QM Pkqffaf Q 4

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