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!' - . QV, - o f 4 ' ' A An V V S , 3,42-L :Yan ,If 0 L' ,f, '. I 12. 3, 1. 1 . , , , A 3 1 4 i 1-fl S.. f 'g. 4 , - ' - Ak 1.1, rl, ' ' V 'H . .' 'I . -, 1 V Ak.. if. gl.: Vx A H. J.. X ,.1,f, L . .. I . . .p 1 Y, , . .,, , 4 ,4 .5, K ' 1 ' ' .v - 1. -:'i-. hs 1- ' 'ww M , f a ' - wiiv '.ff-"KN ,.., My. , 4,- - 'fy' A . f,f-I' . :',' 4 Q .Il , HLLTHE WORLDIS H STAGE MEN AND WOMEN VIERELY PLAYERS 5 Published By The Senior ass This page Tmsszsiiozsdiizw 1 Of ur M u I b e r r y High School GIHNT We, the Senior Class of 1957, wish to express our appreciation to the faculty for the help and guidance they have given ue in the past four years. Wishing to express our personal gratitude, we would like to dedicate this 1957 edition or the"Tiger" to our Senior Class Sponsor and coach, Mr. B. J. Billiard. Jerry Martinetti, Pres THE HIGH SCHOOL BOHRD Tom McC1eod, V. Pres. CNot Pictured! Chloe Stanton, Treasurer Fred Bertelli, Clerk AND MIGHTY Harry Prettyman Mike Barone Orville Rinehart . ,v,V -X- M liments of SSE STATE BANK A Pcadia , 645117 T L T1 XWJZQ 46 0? 'Chill QIIIBEBRY PUEIJC SCIIOOIS Mulberry, Kansas N. J. Mahy, Supf. Stalin Venlble, Prln. To The Tiger Starr Mulberry High School Mulberry, Kansas Congratulations to you on your production of "The Tiger" of 1956-57. The theme you have selected to use, "All the world is a stage, men and women merely players,n carried through 'The ger' by use of well-known mfvie titles, denotes your under- standing of the people with whom you work. May the type of leadership you have displayed as students of M.H.S. carry you through life and also be an inspiration to the students who follow you. We at M.H.S. wish you much success in life and assure you that we will strive to fill the vacancy left by your graduating class of 1956 and 1957- Sincerely yours, N. J. Mahy, Superi tendent HIGH SCHOOL N. J. Mahy, Superintendent B.S., M.S., K.S.T.C. Pittsburg, Kansas Industrial Arts Biology and Health F BC ULTY o f ' 1 H.. 'f' 5 - i 2Q: gg,,.'1! . 9,4 N N K.,-n YY ..d3'51Q?'gyf Stella Venable, Principal B. J. Billiard, coacn ': ".SL1l' MS BR... .eu I! B.s., M.s., K.s.T.c. ?iii'bK'S'TkC' ii, Pittsburg, Kansas 5 urgf ansas ld, Mathematics Comm r t Y Senigrcgponsor .pk wx english I Xe II l Mrs. Annie Mae Eyestone B.S., M.S., K.S.T.C. Pittsburg, Kansas History k Social Science English III k Journalism Freshman Sponsor CFirst Semesterl Mrs. Bertha Burke B.S., K.S.T.C. Pittsburg, Kansas Home Economics General Science R Junior Sponsor Health 5 S N za 5 I N J Ns: I B.S., K.S.T.C. Pittsburg, Kansas History R Social Science ,English III R Journalism Freshman Sponsor KSecond Semesterl SENIORS Epnggt Cattanee, President Garry Rice, Vice President 'Prince Valiant' 'Mississippi Gambler' This page sponsored by BSVGPDI H0USht0H, TPGHSUPSP NEWS-JOURNAL Linda Sleeth, Secretary "Tall 'TimbS1"' Mulberry, Kansas 'Teenage Rebel' RoJean Stwalley nNever Say Goodbye Gary Bowen nBatt1e Cryn A n SENIORS J.: J N is 'J Nfgfkfd 'MW' 4gQgXfKP 1 I Noxu C ' 'lqy g': Q QQ 9 11 lik Compliments of . J. CRIPE BAKING CO. 112 East Rose Carole Lehman Pittsburg, Kansas WA Song to Rembmb ll C 1 x x fxigff fQgNQM lk I X3 J xl ,N- --- aye, as-Q K . , 1' o Courtesy of PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO N B Larry L6dfOI'd Pitt or roadway nC8DtB1H Lightfoot' sburg, Kansas SENIORS R ld E it Courtesy of ona UP SELL R SONS Larry Beam 'The Wizard of OZN Pittsburg, Kansas Nmr, wonderfuln 503- 4 si Compliments of sandra Morey JONES DRUG sToRE Karen Barteln 'A Star Is Bornn Liberal, Missouri nBund1o of Jo yi' Shirley Ekis HStranqe Lady in Townn Regina Cummins HMy Fair Ladyu 04? V250 if VJ? Judy Morgan at Certain Feelingn 2 A 5 f 1 was 7 X A L Q n This page sponsored by R2ChPPd PKGPS JAYHAMK'S CLOTHING STORE Donald Hartman vm. X , ,II Ylmg ,emo Mulberry, Kansas HThe wuiet Manu .Tunnons vmen I 09' s F. Steinbauer President D. Cutshaw V. President R. Neil Secretary S. Kendall KNot picturedl This Page Sponsored by ERNIE WILLIAMSON MUSIC HOUSE my Pittsburg. Kansas , m I ,I Q. so D. Thompson 4 'S ds 3 'S It 2, I P"'E 1 R. Coates 'X " I 1fQ?, r Q-. G. James XX.-0 V r f R' Ledford Xg,e S SWF vgywfe Is I if Treasurer SJQ4. I ! "' ,f" , ssss ef' Q1 , N a W' ' S sI-s T - I , 1 . J. Bevans S S Q it x gi: ' A. Sleeth V I jf 1 ., I ,, - E. Crockett W- Palmer' T fl g 523332 gg if I V6Pg8 'td As 5 is g A J. as ,LS W. Stewart , da' Q ,D Q U Radford mfs. 2 X t we 5, it LODB S Q ssf J 5 F ,Qs ' I lfz I .M- Q-J S fi 7'.f M figs X M Y V Q Richards a we 5 j " 1 Newell qw I I E -' " Montanelli S E QZLS, i.H52 My 1 Shead if S f N14 - Q .I B an at ,fs 'JP' Q6 6: X SNK 15, fl' nf 1 X X MA NW New X ,, ,Q fr'!f if Nei - s e P . Sayre C. Toms President M. Tonnoir Vice President ophomonas , 4, QV, ,xy A ,,, , ,Q W , ',. , f .L . . .-Q nge-. H? ,. '.f f ' Rafe, Sec.-Treasurer C- C003 H' f J. States I R I W. Prettyman E. S2 D. Williams M' Jones H 4 A I f I 's,fL V? 'S 29' 2 X X -V Compliments of , "-- BRINKMAN'S FLOWERS -f-nnw, N WW Pittsburg, Kansas M. Hencey t VX'N E. Hontanelli PRETE BARBER SHOP 'An Investment in Good Appearance Pays Big Dividends' Frontenac, Kansas Ke BGB!! President B. Vice Fans hmm E. Willey Ps s HL N C. Mays Sec.-Treasurer T J. Johnson F. Ekis Courtesy of Gvmplimwtl 01' .rom BAm'ELL1's DRIVE-IN WRIGHT3 GREENHOUSE 2521 lorth Broadway 34-12 Smith V11-Wt Pittsburg, Kansas Pittsburg, Kansas J , -smsW- X B. Thompson Je Kirk A A A . f . ms , 1 fu mf! :K is f ',, 1 , U XX A N XX X ix N we L :ff T' Q . X XXX X X X -A Q2 1 . X S ,. Q-W S X F-:SS N. Ny X X Q HNNunL STAFF Courtesy of B M GRAGG TYPEWRITER CO. 113 West Fifth Pittsburg, Kansas Editor-1n-chief- Assistant Editor Business Manager Art Editors ----- Head Typist ----- Photographers--- Production Staff Faculty Advisor- Compliments of THE NATIONAL BANK OF PITTSBURG Pittsburg, Kansas ----Sandra Morey --Ernie Cattaneo -----Karen Bartelli ------Gary Bowen Ronald Eurit ---Carole Lehman ----Linda Sleeth RoJean Stwalley Beverly Houghton ------Larry Beam Garry Rice Judy Morgan Larry Ledford Regina Cummins --Mr. N. J. Mahy This page hy Q K X -.L JL I JL J.. . SBPto octe HOVe Dsce J8ne Feb. March April May M 21 28 5 12 19 26 31 9 16 20 21 29 30 5 5 10 ll ll lk 17 18 19 20 21 21 k 7 8 ll 15 16 18 21 School Begins Football Game--Arms--There Football Game--St. Paul--Here Football Game--St. Mary's--Here Football Game--Arcadia--Here Football Game--Erie--There Football Game--Cherokee--There Football Game--Mineral--There Junior Play--'Out of This World' 1-2-Teachers' Meeting--Parsons TV Appearance Football Game--St. Patr1ck's--Here Football Game--Weir--Here Pictures American Legion Football Banquet Lyceum Course Eighth Grade Variety Show G.S. Basketball Game--Arcadia--Here Basketball Game--Arma--Here Football Banquet--Home Ec. E Pep Club G.S. Basketball Game--Hepler--Here Basketball Game--Arcadia--There Highway Pa trol Movie Basketball Game--St. Patrick's--There G.S. Basketball Game--St. Pat's Cwalnutl Basketball Game--Walnut--There Senior Soc k Hop Christmas Program Basketball Game--Mineral--Here Christmas Vacation Begins 6 ', ' v Basketball Game--Weir--There :::, ':::,..., G.S. Basketball Game--Arcadia--There , 13 Basketball Game--St. Mary's--Here Y ' I L-fxff Basketball Game--St. Paul--Here Group Pictures G.S. Basketball Basketball Game--Erie--There G.S. Basketball Game--Hepler--There Game--St. Pat's Qwalnutl 22-23-25--M.B.L. Tournament 28-31-G.S. Basketball Tournament--Hepler 29 30 h 5 8 12 15 19 22 23 23 5 15 19 23 28- 5- 12 13 18 25 3 12 16 17 21 22 23 Basketball Game--St. Patr1ck's--Here Polio Benefit Game -6-7-G.S. Basketball Tournament--Arma Basketball Game--Mineral--There Basketball Game--Weir--Here Basketball Game--Erie--Here Basketball Game--St. Mary's--There Basketball Game--Liberal--Here Basketball Senior Day- Game 'Kes Grade School Music Contest H.B.L. Speech Festival--St. Mary's M.B.L. One-Act Play Festival--Mineral M.B.L. Music Festival--St. Paul Youth Health Conference--K.S.T. District Speech Festival--Pitts 29--All-School Carnival 6--District Music Festival Pittsburg Relays State Speech Festival--K.U., Lawrence Senior Play--'Mumbo Jumbo' Junior-Senior Banquet M.B.L. Track Meet Baccalaureate Senior Class Night --St. Paul--There .T.C., Pittsburg C., Pittsburg burg High School Commencement All-School Picnic Grade School Commencement School Ends Sponsored by BUCHE GROCERY Mulberry, Kanggg -. we wish to dedicate this page to our custodian and bus driver, Mr. Frank Tracy. He has been very considerate to help all the students of M. H. S. in the twenty-four years he has been employed here. Courtesy of SEMCO COLOR PRESS, INC. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Roy H. Noel Joplin, Missouri X sh-we, ...A Compliments of LIBERAL STATE BANK Liberal, Missouri CLASS DEPARTMENTS Compliments of Courtggy of PHE MACKIE CLEMENS FUEL CO. SAIA FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE Mulberry, Kansas Frontenac, Kansas , CLASS DEPART MENTS X 1' wx'-A Compliments of Courtesy of MONTANYE'S FUNERAL HOME STANDARD OIL COMPANY Mulberry, Kansas Connie Mcclendon Arma, Kansas 3 1 CLASS DE PRRTMENT5 Compliments of ASSOCIATED SCHOOL L. g'fugXEf.gUgfcO PHOTOGRAPHERS INC. Attleboro, Mass 1q6Oh Santa Fe Drive Lenexa, Kansas CD71 r'r':vm-I -4-lr-D-C071 -1. 9 Q Some. Buch ANTED Evanw SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL Courtesy of IRV'S BARBER SHOP Mulberry, Kansas GRRDE. SCHOOL PEP CLUB HIGH SCHOOL CLUB Compliments of RUBY'S BEAUTY SHOP Mulberry, Kansas T1 Q ff lv X ." ""Q' ,1 , A-.K 51 :,f,,,,..-v PEP CLUB OFFICERS Billie Evelyn Carolyn Beverly This page sponsored by GESSLEIN HARDWARE AND LUMBER COMPANY Mulberry, Kansas and MULBERRY CLEANERS Mulberry, Kansas , N 4 irr A N ' L wi A A rj M Judy Morgan Karen Bartelli Shirley Ekis Linda Sleeth Carole Lehman Program Chairman Treasurer Reporter Secretary Program Chairman FOOT EAU YHNQ Larry Beam This page p d by BOWLUS SCHOOL SUPPLY 1015 North d y Pittsburg, Kansas FooT BPM C0 H mai Garry Rice HoLD THAT UNE 9 '31 Back Row: K. Beam, R. Eurit, Coach Billiard, B. Bean, A. Sleeth Middle Row: J. Kirk, G. Rice, E. Richards, B. Newell, D. Thompson, J. Johnson Front Row: F. Steinbauer, P. Shead, L. Beam. S. Kendall, G. Bowen, E. Cattaneo, D. Crockett 0 5 ,. '11 u h MUN S v' K 5 7 W 'Maier--'an 47 ! TB Davy Ron Gary Bill Sam Eddie Coach Billiard Compliments of Courtesy of FARMERS PRODUCE ARMA DRUGS Arma, Kansas K B H L L APHIS: Kansa! B F o IR VE TE5T HM El. se 0 cow T N E- D R L. Ledford, B. Bean, K. Beam, D. Thompson, F. Steinbauer, P. Shead, E. Willey, J. Johnson, Coach Billiard H. Back Row: Coach Billiard G. Bowen D. Crockett R. Eurit L. Ledford B. Bean Front Row: E. Richards S . Kendall D. Thompson B. Newell F. Steinbauer B111 Ron Eddie Gary Davy BIT! C-RERTEST SHOW ON EPQRTH I l"lUP'lBO SENIO Sarah Reynolds ----- John Reynolda ------ - -------- Dick Reynolds ------ Pee-Wee Smith------ Tweety ------------- Peaches ------------- Monahan--- --------------- --- Lew Marblehead --------- ---- Emma Burpee -------- Daisy ------------------------ Harold Custer ---------------- Mrs. Custer ----------------- Mr. Beamish ------------ Kay Samedi ------------------- Madame Celeata --------------- Doctor Omahandra ------------- Director --------------- - JU VIBO --Regina Cummins ------Larry Beam ----Gary Bowen ------Garry Rice ----Sandra Morey ----Linda Sleeth ---Larry Ledford --Donald Hartman Beverly Houghton --Karen Bartelli --Ernie Cattaneo ---Carole Lehman ----Ronald Eurit -RoJean Stualle ---Roberta Nei! ---Richard Akers --Mr. N. J. Many Sl-l0wBonT JUNIOR P LnY Linda Russell--------Evelyn Radford Pauline Russell ----- Darlene Cutshaw Otis Kerby ----------- ----Phil Shoad Homer Judson- ------- ----Ray Ledford Bruce Judson ----- --Richard Thompson June Bishop---------- --Minnie Verga Donna Craig ------- ---Rosalie Coates Phebe Atkins --------- Miss Edith Crest ---- - Glen Willard --------- Leo Dennis- ------- --- Myrtle Huff- --------- --Gloria Janes ---Judy Bevans '--SUI Kendall ---B111 leuell --Roberta lell Director --------- -Hrs. Bertha Burke Courtesy of Compliments of JEAN'S CAFE CRAIl'S GROCEHY Mulberry, Kansas Mulberry, Kansas HOLLY WOOD OR BUST . if Linda Sleoth Dramatic Reading . 15, 'WHERE BUT IN AMERICA' CAST Robert Eapenhayna ---------- Ernie Cattaneo Molly Esponhaynb ----- - ' "" 'Sandra Ho1"7 Hilda ..... ..... .. ..--- ----- Cl1'019 LQNIBD O!!! N l!lll ll!Il l!!'llR III-ii f main fr l-!.1'!-'L '2" ' 5 I-Qfii Vivvvvvvvf' Q , - - 3 Sandra Morey Q ' 'N "' Dramatic Reading DRAMANCS ul X Q X' , N X! Xa 2 5 O ' ' , E. Radford, C. Cook, R. Ledford, W. Prettyman, B. Bean, P. Sayre, K. Ream, M. Tonnoir, E. Cattaneo, C. Toms, R. Eurit, B. Houghton, R. Akers, L. Sleeth, J. Montanelli, C. Lehman, D. Hartman, R. Cummins, K. Bartelli, Mrs. Maxwell ROCK RROUND This pare sponsored by H I 4 : L K THE MINER'S STATE BANK Frontenac, Kansas .A . K, . Deanna Ernie gb . ' 6 F' 1 Peggy Carole Lehman, Accompanist if, Beverly ,- Q 7 , M, , ,- A Carole .3 , A W, ef-1 if Karen Linda CRRNIVRL QUEEN RoJean Stwalley CRRNIVAL KING Gary Bowen Courtesy of THE FIRST STATE BANK OF PITTSBURG Pittsburg, Kansas On November 16, the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades chose Prince and Prin- cess candidates for the year- book. The sales contest con- tinued Tor two weeks. The Eighth Grade candidates, Rose Mays and Gene Tingley, were crowned Prince and Prin- cess of the 1956-57 "Tiger." The Eighth Grade Class sold a total of 23 yearbooks. Compliments of BILLIARD'S LUNCH ROOM Mulberry, Kansas TIGER PRINCE Gene Tingley TIGER PRINCESS Rose Mays lizabeth M8XW9ll, ML1SiC gc Grgdeb Fourth Grade ' ' ' I' I , Wilma DeLaughder F'iPSt Grade Helen Coverston, Principal 5:5232 Seventh Grade TW , a- lolo olol , ,,,u-v- Oma Collins Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Second GPBGB 40 4 aqasli '-L Z R- H178 S. Alexander P. Kirk A. Beadles Eighth Grade E. Tingley v. w111.j W. Hencey L. Fisher Ko C. Gilbert 'M. Long D. Stwalley P. Hontanelli M. Neil K, Verge J' Buena Thi Senachans Compliments of LYNN McCLENDON INSURANCE D. Boltoh Mulberry, Kansas C. James W. Jones M. Panini C- Dechario D' Cummins L. Gilbert Re R1 R. w111ey Lo KiD8 A C. Jones S S. Nell Seventh Grade F51P.Ts5Ts AND MODELS B' Harm E. Farrell Wet Picturem cnet Pictured! L- Williams s. Long K. w111ey W. Palmer W. Murray G, Hgyg This Page Sponsored by COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 114.01 North Broadway Pittsburg, Kansas L ord J. Hbncey B. Jones CM. nun BERKEY'S FUNERAL SERVICE Mulberry , Kansas E. Bevans M. Stewart D. Cassatt Sixth Grade I X G.Garrett 5.49.5 O C ross B. Hclanis J.Harn H1012 Pictured, Compliments of BARBIERI BROTHERS Anna, Kansas Courtesy of L. McLeou 1. Whetzell P q BGSU A-E1 - tags. - vs O . O ' 2- -' gag . .L K S. Verga P. Ra man A. Hencoy Flfth Grade SOME.,-hlN r, Johnson S. O'Dowd of UALuF. . .4 rr. . -Q , K X A fx N X QSQRQQ ' S E. N X. 'Q Q , F Lf if 2135. . 'f 4 ' O12 Ka m- . Q K. Cattaneo J, Pglmgr Courtesy of GUTHRIE MOTOR COMPANY Arcadia, Kansas J. Pryor T. Panizzi G. Pitts M. Ledford E. King D. Marn T . BIIGHO L. Harris ' R. DODS V' ' I M. Walden Ho Farrell Fourth Grade R. Ekis L. Prettyman ffss i sf REWQQ PS5 .Al C. Crain M. Reinhart J. winey C. Montanye Compliments of POLICE BROTHERS Arma, Kansas II" O 5 '-4 m rn::- oifi W. rs g, ,L 9 ff?5gi'Q :f" TUPWZ Z JVI71 D175 P. Tingley R. Douglas B. Green D. Gates 3, Barone Courtesy of BRANAMAN'S Pittsburg, Kansas G. Stewart F. Smith RW Eafeti i,sfwmmQ 4 .?,f "' C. Cook S. Jones s'on. , 4 . was , W o. Hull W p E. Harris c. Spencer Compliments of SAUER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Girard, Kansas L. Stewart C. Portwood L. Geasloin ou'RP. NEVER J. Maru T00 B, Ekis CLIN "Sf T., X ' . MLC B- Hence! ' I R. annum: a' A f -' A' WT! J 4. Second Grade J. Thorpe B. Hanahan Compliments of Compliments of 0TTO'S CAFE JONES STORE Pi tt sburg , Kansas K. Buche Pittsburg, Kansas .4 . ' 1' M .Xa S. Cummins S. Newman N. Prettyman C. Akers S. MoManis G. King First Grade J. Kendall Rmamaan MEUR AP: ff., NX . e 5 'IE' JN L Buche v S. N . . 5pfqgfyJTxfh ' "L ,JJ j Courtesy of 'Msa 'j KING'S SERVICE STATION e 1fQgl Mulberry, Kansas i B. Willey L, Harris J, Pitts P. POPtWO0d Compliments of GEBHARDT'S 3 miles east and lfh mile north of Franklin Mulberry, Kansas K. DeLaughder M. Johnson ,pid 1. l Back Row: Coach B. J. Billiard, M. Neil, W. Hencey, D. Stwalley, C. Ledford, L. Fisher Front Row: J. Mays, W. Jones, G. Tingley, J. Buche, V. Willey Courtesy of Compliments of OSSANNA MOTOR COMPANY C, BILL'S BARBER SHOP Arma, Kansas ' G Arma, Kansas Back Row: Coach B. J. Billiard, B. Jones, J. Mays, W. Palmer, J. Buche, M. Pasini Middle Row: S. Verga, V. Willey, D. Bolton, E. King, K. Cattaneo, Front Row: T. Johnson, T. Buche, J. Pryor, L. Gilbert CERN IVRL PRINCESS CARNIVAL PRINCE lf x a QEn.iQQsl S! 'Fil yn N tp , .5 5 A fer e r e sie, ,ey 54 -1-1 we - The Carnival Contest for Prince E Princess and King 3 Queen began on Thursday, March lk. The Grade School sold chances on a Sunbeam Mix Master. The High School sold chan ces on a Platform Rocker. The Eighth Grade and the Senior Class were the winners of the contest. The Eighth Grade sold a total of 888.00 of chan- ces. The Seniors sold a total of 852.75 of chan- ces. -,,1 , -xj Q ,S ,4,f.-.Q rl. , 7. .ww '. Q. W ., Q. 3 5 qghvxif kkhv .ik QCA P Xxx X A AF.. . - X X Y 'RQ Q Q v Q X Q H' iw ggfszfsg A . 0 51. xv-1 -3,7 fd -'ffag A 3, af, Wk ' -5 154: -in .9 '.g1"f'f' X V f A - ' "' ' 'A fffgs: EQZEQP, ',"- :e5'!:n"f,: L 1 N5 will 71? , EV . A . 5 X ,, , Q f , . , ' 4' ' , , I f Q Q, Je, ' l6vnv1amwwQumw:uq. .M ,E ,A-xg I If db PHTRON PPQGE Ben Balestra Grocery Store Dungan Broo Co pany Garrett Grocery George Gesslein Garage Holmes Variety Store M k H Service Station Mulberry Elevator Panizzi Grocery Bud ' s Jewelry Foodtown 192 Jack's Tavern Maynard Angwin Agency Peter Pan Cleaners Puritan Dairies, Inc. Ramsey's Seymour's Bolze's Dairy Queen Brite Spot Curless Implement Company gnter-Urban Lumber Co pany ssanna Grocery k Market Pastors Grocery Style Book Cleaners Carreggio Service Station McAllister R Son Girard Motor Company John's Jewelry Sauer's Appliance Store Becco Market Dairy Queen Fred Brand Jewelry Compliments of MENGHINI BROTHERS DISTRIBUTORS Frontenac, Kansas SE En Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Arms, may Arma, Arla, Arma, Arms, Arms, Croweburg, Croweburg, Girard, Girard, Girard, Fort Scott, Fort Scott, Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Liberal, Missouri Courtesy of DARI-DELITE Arms, Kansas sfwwi Je Q... ,4.,1,.5,M6.affV 5,9 IVWM-, fa'-HOf'wN i ,,g,Q 126 f A V Q9 3 VUL V . 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Suggestions in the Mulberry High School - Tiger Yearbook (Mulberry, KS) collection:

Mulberry High School - Tiger Yearbook (Mulberry, KS) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mulberry High School - Tiger Yearbook (Mulberry, KS) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Mulberry High School - Tiger Yearbook (Mulberry, KS) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mulberry High School - Tiger Yearbook (Mulberry, KS) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Mulberry High School - Tiger Yearbook (Mulberry, KS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mulberry High School - Tiger Yearbook (Mulberry, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 37

1957, pg 37

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