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The Staff of the 1954 TIGER proudly presents with gavety of spirit and ser- iousness of purpose a few reels from M. H. S. Movie- land. we extend our sincere thanks to our directors, nroducers and our outstand- ing cast who have made this production possible. It ls'the hope of the Staff'that, as the reel un- winds, it will be viewed with apnreciation and will serve as an incentive for the stars of tomorrow to do their best work each year onfthe stage of high school ,e, 6 puglgied gg fawmaioggo 66444, f Jvcueaws, W6 Scion! Mul' rry, Kansas TRIP THRO GH MDVIEL tudio The studio pictured above houses both the grade and high school classrooms. The first floor houses the first four grades and the shop. The upper four grades, Home Economics and Commerce Departments are on the second floor. The third floor houses the Mathematics, English, and History Departments, also the library, office, study hall and auditorium. This Page Sponsored by W. A. DE LAPP DRUGGIST Arma, Kansas GEORGE MARTINETTE CHLOE c. STANTON FRED BARTELLI' JR, PRESIDENT Compliments of BITNER MOTOR G IMPLEMENT CO. Pittsburg, Kan. AGNES HUGHES CLERK TMA SUR WH VICE-PRESIDENT O LEONARD HOPKINS Not Pictured Compliments of MENGHINI BROS. PACKING COMPANY Frontenac, Kans. Board 0i Education ORVILLE REINHART MARTHA MCCLENDON 'Q tudio Director NUIL EIRIW IWU ILUC SCIHIOQNQ Mulberry, Kansas N. J. Many, supe. sr II v ble P To the Tiger Staff Mulberry High School Mulberry, Kansas Congratulations to you on your production of The Tiger of 1954 which akes us on-a trip through M.H.S. Movieland. Your leadership on this tour and our performance in this studio have been an inspiration to your supporting cast. You will soon be leaving this studio for another stage in the theater of life. Our theater will seem empty without you but our thoughts will be with you as you make your climb toward stardom. The stars of tomorrow will long remember your inspiration as they strive to match your record of success. Since ely yours, This Page Sponsored by Phones, 2150 - 2151 Mulberry gh School 318 Joplin St. Joplin, Mo. JOPLIN TYPBWRITBR CO . STELLA VENABLE, PRINCIPAL B.S., M.S. K.S.T.C., Pittsburg Mathematics English I Agriculture Sophomore Sponsor 0 Co Director N. J. MAHY, SUPT. B.s., M.S. K.S.T.C.. Pittsburg Industrial Arts Biology High chool Compliments of GUTHRIE KOTOR CO. CHEVROLET Arcadia, Kansas Qihgg MRS. ELLA PYLE B.L., O.W.U. A.B., K.S.T.C., Pittsburg History G Social Science English II and III Junior Sponsor Faculty 'xx ... -.- W ..-.. www? IIIY -QIIIZZIZD , ,. , - ff i-on... f '9' MRS. DOROTHY JOHNSON B.S., K.S.T.C., Pittsburg Commerce Journalism Senior Sponsor MRS. BERTHA BURKE B.s., K.S.T.c., Pittsburg Home Economics General Science Bus. Spell. and Penmanshi Freshman Sponsor Compliments o MULBERRY CLEANERS Mulberry, Kansas Phone 144 P JIM BARTELLI--PRESIDENT He's the life of a party And the joy of the crowd, For his fine personality Is shining real loud. CARRIE ANN SHEAD--SEC'Y. An ideal housewife She will make For she has the qualities It will take. JOHN MASSA--V. PRES. On the football field He's won his fame But flirting with girls Is his best game. TAR 4444 E IQRS4444 Compliments of THE NATIONAL BANK of PITTFBURG Pittsburc, Kansas BOB PALMER--TREAS. In basketball he keeps The fans all in whirls You'll notice he doesn't Do bad with the girls. .FREDA JEAN LONG--REPORTER Cute and sweet Mischievous, too Always on hand For anything new. Compliments of SELL 6 SONS HDWE. Pittsburg, Kansas Girard, Kansas CHARLES REINHART No matter what the subject Or how dull the day You'll always find him With something funny to say. 4.1 'ill 1? JOE JAMES DOSHA LQUISB JQNES BOBBY JOE MASSA Sometimes he's serious Blonde pretty and pleasant If measured in inches Sometimes he s not Shevs ambitious' too. He's not very tall But whichever he is where there's work to be done But measured in pep Ne like him a lot youlll find her there' too. He's the tallest of all TAR 44 SE l0R fs CLEM PHETTYMAN LOIS RADFORD An outstanding student Shg smiles quiet often He has a1WaYS been And works some too We predict a bright future But best of all Especially for him She is never blue Compliments of THE LAUGHLIN MOTOR CO., INC. Washington G Broadway Pittsburg, Kansas Compliments of DERUY - ALBERTINI FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE CO. Pittsburg, Kansas X f Director Of Stars JIM BARTELLI JOHN MASSA Football l,2,3,4 Football l,2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Track l,2,3,4 Track l,2,3,4 Class Officer l,2,3,4 Football Co-King 4 Football l, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Class Officer 2,3,4 Football King 4 Jr. Play Jr. Sr. Play Sr. JOE JAMES BOB Football l,2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Track l,2,3,4 Play Play PALMER Jr. Play Class Officer l,2,3,4 Sr. Play M.B.L. One-Act Play 4 Annual King 4 DOSHA LOUISE JONES Jr. Play N. Cheerleader 4 Sr. Play - .. .:.:, Homecoming Att. 4 LKQW Jr. Play CLEM PRETTYMAN .," ' Sr. Play Football 2,4 MgQ?Q, Basketball 2,3,4 FREDA JEAN LONG Track l,2,3,4 M H Class Officer 1,4 Jr. Play Q My Homecoming Queen 4 Sr. Play Q A Annual Queen 3 l ffm, J W'Q'5 Jr. Play Lois RADHJRD A I at Mg sr. Play Sec'y of Pep Club I, .FMP ,A.,,,, yQfg Jr. Play .A Q 'V s'Af5' 'ngg OBBY JOE MASSA 2Qyj,gE'ijt ts? Football l,2,3,4 CHARLES REINHART ggggigwyl twig Basketball l,2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Track 1,2,:s,4 Football 4 ikia A Sr. Play Track 2,3,4 Annual King 3 Jr. Play Compliments Sr. Play Comvigmenfs , of X R, 5. pa. Swv, STA. CARRIE ANN SHEAD CHIgg5qmlE,5ENIEo Arma, Kansas Cheerleader 2 Y 1 Kd D Homecoming Att. 4 a ev HSQS Class Officer Sr. Play Compliments of Annual Queen 4 was DERUY r.m"rA.G CO. Pittsburq, KnHSdS Phone 232 4 Pep Club Pres. 4 lla Compliments of FRANK PRETE BARBER SHOP Frontenac, Kansas it -tar President Q Sandra Maxwell QW ,M Vice President R.a- N Rwnie Smith Mamlyn Moody g '.", Secretary S' rdld Joan Toms Reporter Robert Montelli " 1 Q 22" Bob stewart llll: " Shirley Gathman If ' 4"' ly . Lid? CLASS FLOWER White Gardenia Junior CLASS COLORS Blue and White Vf Marie Kendall " P f ',,-,' ' '111 ' " ldld rrr zlri ,,,. i P qi Bobby Ferraro , 4,5 Ifh fu f 4 ,1," 1 Freda Prettyman f P ' - f - e, fy, 14.111,-4 f i, 1 ' lf i ffbf ir El S 2 ,Q 5 -Q. Q K P. A I ' 'S iii: 6 ,A ... 4' .- sf 'ef 4' ,ny .1 . ae.: in we - Qwwmf K , ,qgvlfirq fi -w, Y QA A CLASS MOTTO Conduct and courage lead to honor. CLASS SPONSOR Mrs. Pyle Amelia Stwalley Joan Shead Marilyn Williams Anita Waldeii gelva Goodall Complimenru Camplimcnts of of INTER - URBAN - fx ' PETE'S RECREATION Arm. Kansas - bb Mulberry, Kansas Leading Role Vernon Hart , , ri W MWA ng President Elizabeth Kendall Vice-President "': -V.. . Soft ele M CSPPO11 901122135 ' ne' - Sec- ' Tfeas' EHgQg5aaa?5?QfT5r"'Ul nn Donna Mae Wadelow SLL' 5 x Reporte' ii lf5f Gloria Stewart CLASS MOTTO 'U QW Q ' an ' 3 fi p if ff xv Jim Beam ,O , l O Donna Radford CLASS FLOWER Pink Carnation CLASS COLORS Pink and Green ophomore .Mjy aa Barbara Shead LA' X Robert Mays X I Doris Jones Marilyn Dechario Darrell Verga Mary Eileen Panizzi Daphyn Hamilton The word American ends in WI Can.' CLASS SPONSOR Miss Venable u Compl imont s C0mPgim'nt 5 O CHICKEN MARY's PLACE LIBERAL STATE BANK Yalo, Kansas Liberal, Missouri Ernest A. Cattaneo President Linda Sleeth Vice-President Nadine Hartman Secretary Beverly Houghton Treasurer Sandra Morey Reporter Larry Ledford CLASS FLOWER Yellow Carnation CLASS COLORS Orchid and Yellow , ' 'h f..,Q'jQf-' " Q Ah Q . it -2, - "Q V ' -V 31253 L -2 ' fsvmisa, .Q 1 1,155 my K F 'c.m"'f' W J Higgs ' Q 4 'G' vp, EW ff an a is is ' ff arlet ,kwzgff 5 .YN kk 'A .- . ss L' Wfimtfaa H ,L A f:a,,fW' gQaQ+aJa L j,W m,mn i 3 ,V ff ' ge" , in f , fl 55:22 Y' ' M' 'S f' -A 1 ff a ga Q .J ,. ,, , 'f9f, ' 1, if J J , , ,L Q as 4 If Wfkgfelw W' 55' may 'gh F4 L Q mg rdf' .'x CLASS MOTTO Character is the cornerstone to all Fre hmen S ucces S. Compliments of OSSANA MOTOR COMPANY Auto Sales G Service Phone 2591 Arma, Kansas CLASS SPONSOR Mrs. Burke Lucille Richards Larry Beam Carole Lehman Karen Bartelli Garry Rice ROIean Stwalley Compliments of UTERMOEHLEN BLOCK G COAL CO Wholesale ------ Retail Arma Phone 2094 Arma, Kansas umuvmmur Ni--'-f'1x ,x-,, ...,x...,.xx.,. 7 I 7 T0 ', 5 fl 9 9 9 9 fl 9 9 fl fl 9 9 fl fl fr 4 fi ft fl 9 T0 " 9? 'I' 9' fi fi 0 ?' fifi ?'fv'fi fifi'f0' ?x9'f0'f0'fI' fl if ' x 'I' 7 'O' " ' N 'I 9, 'i 7 'I 9 ' 9' 'I' ' K " 71 fl' Ti 9' fl T fi W 0 ff '02 9' fi " fi if 'I 0 9' N fi 070' 'I fi 'I fa 'I' V N fi fi 7? T" T6 xN5.NN,'-1 fx, x.N.N.x if-,,.x,N f.s,.f x.i' N.,.'.f.f-,Q-1 .V.f ,.x. ,fy :.vZ,,.:.!.,--ON,'.f 1 - xx 1- N -, . ,, .,.,. . xyx 'I9'9?'O'0'0' 'O''l0I'l'lII99'yO'!l'IO'I'6Qfll 'O' v'o 6o"c?aa'a"a'f"f ""x5'9"f'xf0x?"?' f" 9299 'I Qx flxfl Vfiffff 79'fI'?i?f'fi'fffifi'f0 ff Wfifilfi fi' ?'fo'f6'?F fv'fv'Afa'6'--G QNT 'r'I9?'l,yI0 599090990''0709'a':',79fO0'0'"l0'o"0'e00"lf0a'bfafa"aV0' nf ,. ,, ,vu xpf ?N'fff"'. '.',xff'f 'lf ."f'.'.'.0'.1fff!f,Q -'ft .f xv 'fa J I Queen 4 1 In , ,, A . . , E 'iq W V jijg ' Q v , ' 4 ww M Wm of W 'ma mums S l Compliments GTATE BANK ept 8 School Begins Compggmenfs Q --- - Frontenac 18 Egggsgllrggmgm Arms Here .BARTON COUNTY Kansas n M.B.L. League Meeting Libe 1 Mo Oct. Fooitball Game---St. Mary's-There ra ' ' - Foo ba Game---Arcadia-There .., Compggments gtandafg 211 uOYiz P Compigments CARILGGIO SELLV. STA. roup C uf" V Yceum 19975-m VAN Hgy MQTQR CO, Croweburq' Kansas Football Game---Erie-Here CHEVROLET 'Q I r 1 DU Rall '25 5 afiign x A- 4. Ye , 1 a N ,Wi . fn . 95? QQ , Nov. Dec. Jan, Feb. Mar. Apru May -6-7-9 M.B.L. Basketball Tournament -3-4-5 B.B. Tournament Elsmore Football Game---Cherokee-Here Football Game---Mineral-Here Football Game---St. Patrick's- There Junior Play 'Boys About Bobbette' Magazine Sale Begins Football Game:--Weir-There Football Banquet QLegion7 G.S. Basketball Game---Arcadia-There Football Banquet P.T.A. Dinner Basketball Game---Arms-Here Football Banquet CHome Economical G.S. Basketball Game---Hepler-There G.S. Basketball Game---Stu Pat's Kwalnutl Basketball Game---Weir-There Basketball Game---Mineral-There Christmas Program Christmas Vacation Begins Pittsburg, Kansas Income Tax Class Basketball Game---Arma-There Mrs. Ibsen Nutritionist i Basketball Game---College Hi-There i Basketball Game---Weir-Here 26-27-28-30 Arma G.S. Basketball Tournament' Basketball Game---St. Patriok's-There G.S. Basketball---Hepler-There P.T.A. Chili Supper Basketball Game---Minden-Here G.S, Basketball Game---Arcadia-There Basketball Game---Arcadia-Here 12-13 G.SQ Tournament Arma Ba sket hal l Game - - -Mine ra 1 - The re Basketball Game---St. Mary's-There Y ,Q Basketball Game---Fulton-Here Basketball Game---Erie- There Lyceum Program Health Conference lK.S.T.C.D M.B.L. Declamation Contest M.B.L. One Act Play Contest Senior Day IK.S.T.C.l Lyceum Program Senior Play 'Scoop' Lyceum Program G.S. Operetta 'Waltz Time' Jr.-Sr, Banquet Baccalaureate H.S. Commencement G.So Commencement School Eggs A 9.S. Basketball Game St. Pat's Cwalnutl THE TIGER STAFF Editor-in-chief--Dosha Jonesg Ass't Editor--Bob Palmerg Business Managers--John Massa, Sandra Maxwell, Wrt Editor--Carrie Snead, Photographers--Clem Prettyman, Charles Reinhartg Typist--Freda Longg Production Staff-- Marilyn Moody, Freda Prettyman, Bob Massa, Joe James, Faculty Advisor--Mrs. Johnson MEIKQ-UP Artists 5 Q 1? U, W , , I 4 A Journalism Class Compliments of ,J A A MARCO MILLS, INC. E f W Joplin, Mo. J !f'f CHERRY PRODUCE PARMER'S PRODUCE 'sr Pittsburg, Kan. Arma, Kansas fzfvxl , . '- neak Prevue 1 9 f I 5 Q - Q I X Q mimi- X ,X 5 9 Q X fpvnnnpg I ? 'X This Pace Sponsored By: HGTFL COURTLAND Pt. Scott, Kansas MONTANYB FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Mulberry Kansas Sneak Prevues f? QLLQ Sm This Page Sponsored by I Phone 62 EX 'YTBWNI Homecoming QUEEN F R E D A L O N G SEMCO COLOR PRESS, INC 129 N. W. 3rd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Roy H. Noel Joplin, Missouri A 'Q 'D Q Compliments HOME STATE BANK Arcadia, Kansas Compliments of JONES DRUG STORE Liberal, Missouri 9 'Will- 1 ,,,,, H L Joan Shead, Carrie Shead, Elizabeth Kendall, Donna Wadelow, Mary Panizzi, Marie Kendall, Doris Jones, Sandra Morey, Freda Long, Betty May, Rojean Stwalley, Shirley Gathman, Janis Houghton, Gloria Stewart, Beverly Houghton, Amelia Stwalley, Lois Radford, Marilyn Dechario, Joan Toms, Linda Sleeth, Sandra Maxwell, Marilyn Moody, Carole Lehman, Belva Goodall, Nadine Hartman, Barbara Shead, Lucille Richards. CHEERLEADERS: Karen Bartelli, Donna Radford, Freda Prettyman, Dosha Jones. '-53" A :sl X aw 1!I1IIIi C. Shead S. Gathman L. Radford S. Morey S, Maxwell President Vice-Presidenr Secfetafy Treasurer Reporter M ff Qalyl LV fl H' f Compliments 5 GRAND Uwgon TEA co. Q fpgglw Compliments V L Cash. Rep SAUBR's DEPT. :3'ros2E Pittsburg, Kans Girard' Kansas 'Q JL1! PM Football Co-King lhnnno Bartolli Football llmg o n Massa xo, tunt Men We ,fy iijbw ab, Y xg Lila igggs Jes I? tl lb I I +o - 67 QW,l4f' l J K+ Q., 0 f W 5,giV IHADBEMQMRS F gls QEQQJQHQ BEFURE PGWER Q ,I .x X P G omonu mssl Soiggeii, We E, O BH ' ' 53 4KkbUShts 19 Simh 22 Xfys 2526 'irc' Ak GJ' if fZzfe"'ff"y'G 29 .XSS . 4 aa ,ianeiziee 06 Q9 B ,QS M B L J CHAMP J. Beam, Soph., C. Prettyman, Sr., B. Massa, Sr., B. Alexander, Jr. lAll Starl J. Bartelli, Sr. lAll Starl J. James, Sr. CAll Starl Ronnie Smith, Jr., L. Beam, P., C. Douglas, Soph. C. Reinhart,Sr. KAll Star! B. Stewart, Jr., B. Palmer, Sr. CAll Starl J. Massa, Sr. KAll Starl KAll S.E.K.J D. Verga, Soph. Vernon Hart, Soph. lAl1 Starl field C pliments of Coach, John Green C 1, nts of TPIEOJIONES STOSE co. Small Squad of 16 Men ls Champ BA-Rg?lERimESRO1'HERS 4th and Broa way ' Phone 2271 Pittsbur Kansas Of Mineral Belt Loop Football Q. Arma, Kansas xii? , -P B 0 QW NX 'ff B ff" if aww QS Q 9' B 4' QQ- 'Zi gf' Xa we f Q f fr K' LQ,' : -'.,'-' 90? '1Lr,1r:Q ' ' ' Llib:f fv2fx,94Pfflf'izf .L11? 7 '-Q ' F Lre . ,AVX 1 .VA lv J I ,1y' , Kghfg K nf Kei fif' XX if" C51 Qfb? lgxdpisyw QWML JW XZWQM B 4YQW-Qs' if " ,. xx 15 '95 'lwketet 9 10' Q0 4, 0 a 'P o 62.611010 f 8 'I 'S' if E W:-OIj'9f,5b 9 6 Naot Chuck Sooner fm, Vern "AQ, Qe"fy, A L as rw' iff- be iffkz ' Q is 'I -6,-2' 1-Q., 1- '10 , ' 4 X f 51,9 62 Q ,Q , J af, as 12 -V M. LLL, Smmf. XB our R090 B. Massa, RI-IB, Bartelh, QB, I. Massa, FB, Palmer, LI-IB, Douglas, RE, Reinhart, RT, Stewart, RG, Alexander, C7 .T LG Ve LT Hart LE amesr P rea. F I Smith, Eg Prettyman, LG: L. Beam, LT: J. Beam, RB P M H of of LENKS'IA'S Com linentl I t. GESSLEIIIGARAGE L hy gldpink ....1b.m.m--.T I G E R '1f.::,,.::': ,.:.,..,: ' BOB PALMER GUARD FORWARD BAR'-FELLI J R vc- FORWARD UQSAQQQUA CENTER Acrobatnz .L-I MINER-QL BEET smmnmcs. tars League Games VERNON HQRT CENTER W L Pct. Mulberry . . . . . .. . . . .7 0 1.000 Erie ........,.... ....., 6 1 .857 St. Patrick ...M5 2 .714 St. Mary's . .. 3 4 -428 Mi-neral ........... 3 4 .428 Weir ...,.......,.......... 3 4 A28 College High ........ 0 6 .000 Minden ........., 0 6 .000 JOB JAMES LEM PRRTTYMAN GUARD FORWARD B. ALEXANDER O. DOUGLAS QE : . ,i 1 mains: gina 2 'fhe opes Bueketh ,SERS Wm? w"r,,, MS , W C ,P , J lTlg6rS.,R0 ,ipwEIRm61,3li MULBERRY Rows ,MULBERRY cms ,mrrusas Loss RIVAL 95 T0 44 TITLE DEFENSE T0 MULBERRY IN IN NON-L00P5Ri IN 58-53, ww, B. -W. s J J ,..,,,,...,,,. V fi iam .Taka Miami Qiri Binh Palmer Hass Hottest Palnmr, Massa, Reinxllargwmslll Niglrt of Season in Net- J Rug Up S1-ore Over f,i,,,bQm,-Menges Earlier Defeat mfilllg 29 lfoixrls. , x College High. I Wiih 50,10 48' , TIGERS ARE T0? J ?Mulberry Defects Erie 'SEEDED IN MEET 68-53 to Retain Title Thi s Page Sponsored By COCA- COLA BOTTLING CO. FZ" J 1 J R. SPAIN COACH L. Beam, Fr., L. Ledford, Pr., E. Cattaneo, Fr., D. Vergo, Soph., J. Bartelli, Sr., B. Massa, Sr., J. James, Sr., C.'Douglas, Soph., B. Palmer, Sr., C. Reinhart, Sr., V. Hart, Soph., J. Massa, Sr., B. Alexander, Jr., C. Prettyman, Sr., P. Setser, Soph., J. Beam, Soph., R. Smith, Jr., G. Rice, Pr., J. Greenfield, Coach Four + tar Compliments of SEMCO COLOR PRESS Oklahoma City, Okla. Roy H. Noel, Mgr. Northern Sales Div. Joolin, Mo. D. Johnson-Director lll'9 ea ag by O ,o VQZFf Qf fy Ckkbp ite? J0O'oJ St Of? UPS by 0 My t O '1 fb Q0 Gr f . l f Q jf F Q .Q J ,D o OZL 1 j,Qqj ay, Sy D., Qt Q6 ws. be sfwfo S Oh'7?? ss' 1?s'ssxxS 1. S SIL' Q05 ,ss s 58 , l ss s SNS 39311 ' Afasxxoz-Ss'-,S x '.f'P,8Q1. 0 -I' 1' , . s s S S ZL ass sssOS,ssNs0O'BOb is Pang: 5 'fb ' -cidefz .5 O S -haf 1265566 Jafiafell? OJJO ',N '.x 'ss 'sl ,S PS 5 0179 bs gx ssg Ssx Sl, ,S " To-oobbffob Pdiffqfid Ns s 'ZQ122 JQS17 f-IQ O-FQ? Compl iment s OS JQZZQQQ Arcadia, Kansas of DUNTON HDWE. co . 6' iw F QOUT B0BET'l1?'.a r F Q 3 Robert Blaylock ------- Ronnie Smith 'Z .Tune Blaylock ------ Shirley Gathman k .4 Bobette Blaylock --------- Joan Toms X C525 Mrs. Raddleball ---- Amelia Stwalley Ivfiss Bloqet --------- Sandra Maxwell A 'N Hrs. Washington- ---- Janis Houghton 14, Q Socko ---------------- Bob Alexander gr' + Pieface --------------- Jim Bartelli 'gd Shammyneck ------- Robert Montanelli Ophelia ----------------- Joan Shead Yoko ----------------- Bobby Ferraro MRS. pyLE-DIRRCTOR Mrs , Stockdale ----- Freda Prettyman Mrs . Cla rence ----- Ma ri lyn Wi lliams Jill? Hrs. Poo ------- ---- Marie Kendall it illhio ' Freda Fish ----------- Marilyn Ifoody Squint ---------------- -Bob Stewart Girls for style show ---------- Lois Radford, Anita Walden This Pace Sponsored By BOWLUS SCHOOL SUPPLY CO. Athletic Equipment Sporting Goods 1015 N. Bdwy. Ph. 177 Pittsburg, Kansas Igua' 1- - A A I5 If , X wi, v ,1 Us mi X Y 3 X RON: Carol Lehman, Linda Sleeth, Joan Toms, ggggg Morey, Mary Panizzi, Donna Wadelow, Nadine ,M "" W7 Daphyn Hamilton, Marilyn Moody, Joan f X Marilyn Williams, Lucille Richards, Karen S e li ' if ROW: Doris Jones, Dosha Jones, Freda Long, 5 ean Stwalley, Gloria Stewart, Beverly Hough- my on, Amelia Stwalley, Elizabeth Kendall, Sandra i yy, Marilyn Dechairo, Shirley Gathman, Barbara Shead Compliments Marilyn Dechairo, Student Directory Carol Lehman, Pianist of SEYMOUR'S Women G Girls' Apparel Pittsburg, Kansas 'IN THE SHADOUS' 4SEFb by Q Le Roma Rose O S9 asa 0ne-Act Pla Compliments of JOHN PRISKEL JOSEPH FRISKEL Undertakers Telephone 5125 Frontenac, Kansas Donna Sullivan Biff Sullivan- Henry Sullivan Maureen Norton Dottie Nelson- Officer Nelson -----------Joan Toms -- ----- Ronnie Smith ':"::3" c:::-- ------Ernie Cattaneo , + -------Marilyn Moody ------Karen Bartelli ----------Bob Palmer I I Y x fi Propert 5 Tran portation s Compliments of TODD MOTEL 6 GIFT SHOP Ft. Scott Kansas I Compliments a'rrr of FRANK TRACY SCHOOL PHOTO SERV. , INC . To Q Glenn Rohrer, Photographer Lenexa, Kansas 01 mpic tar TRACK SQUAD FIRST ROW: Clem Prettyman, Ronnie Smith, Gary Rice, Larry Beam SECOND ROW: Jimmie Bartelli, Joe James, Bob Massa, Jim Beam, Ernie Cattaneo THIRD ROW: John Massa, Charles Reinhart, Vernon Hart, Darrell Verga, Paul Setser, Bob Palmer 1 N 0 3 P Willie Palmer Loretta Dourlas Prince cf THB TIGER Princess of THE TIGER X! f Compliments of TERLIP'S GROCERY Phone 5302 Frontenac Kansas STORY OF CONTEST Early in January the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades met and chose Prince and Princess candidates for the yearbook. They entered into the Yearbook-Sales Contest and collectively sold a total of thirty-eight books. The Eighth Grade, whose can- didates are pictured above, won the contest by selling twenty books. The Prince and Princess candidates were: Fifth Grade ------------- Rose Mays Daniel Stwalley Sixth Grade -------- Karen Mendicki Johnny B. Johnson Seventh Grade-- ------ Joyce Stutes Everett Willey Eighth Grade ------ Loretta Douglas Willie Palmer X! +G? "iff X Compliments of SAIA APPLIANCE Phone 5247 Frontenac Kansas ALMA LUCAS HELEN COVERSTON Flfth Grgde and Music Principal, Sixth Grade E3ggShMgEEge Co-Director Grade chool Faculty Compliments of DUNTON HDWE. CO. Ph. 3 G 4 Furniture Ph. 17 Implements Arcadia, Kansas OMA COLLINS Fourth Grade Eighth Grade CLASS COLORS Pink and Green CLASS FLOWER Carnation Rosalie Ann Coates Samuel Kendall CLASS MOTTO 'The Door to Success is Labeled PUSH.' I -in e ff sf Compliments of UNION BARBER SHOP Phone 2871 Arma, Kansas Compliments of 0SSANA'S GROCERY Daily Delivery Phone 2361 Krma, Kansas Allan A. Sleeth Weymouth C. Murray Ray Ledford Jeanette Pryor Harold A. Stewart Joy Darlene Cutsnaw Lester W. Mocre Roberta C. Neil Norman L. Long Larry W. Gathman Jim E. Montanelli 1 E5 3 M . x , ik il ix 9 4, fig 3 s" , ,W .sf f K as Ti Y ' D Q' ' 1 we as fs bl, 0 lv I B Q U S y is -Eff is :- N 'wsu N -Z at i , "sm " ,+-HWFEQ is We: ae. , "Ti-55 . H- 9 "'f ff' , se- 35:3 5 K 3 .4 z57,.f.,, ee- 'Q ' L ,. , L, z11z4e:fsl,s,f.f n f z. els-1.,..,.'fe-is f f .1 f ,,5,,e,,'.f.2,s,f,, , -f ,. fa4f.m.,,,,' fu ,f -V ,- me A w.lQw,,L, , , was--A-.4 -f L -P Sywffw- W ,e -,mvqsa , 2 .emma sag? I.- sfw- afrfz' , V- as 'awe ., , S' f gf as ' ft 5: ,Z X f K R 53-gagging :...5?.,.- Q , Q55 mf 4 4 9' I' i gif - . ? R LQ? E an .. fi Q . Egg 'N ill Q an 1 Q W 4 af,'g: ea?g5Sf' L'..f f ings ' ., Aww. -,Z - 'N s iv ' S f , .::.: Q,wmu Q awk f a, . 5'-x K WN mm-,,, ..,,W,., 5 aimaasefs M z'W?fKraf, -mQKE.Hffj2 ag. VS- tlvkitf- 1:5 F 3 '1 ...I , l 'aw ai if 5'1?53'N ,V H 'ii :ffL..,,,3 7 3 A f.-4, ,Q Em f . Eighth Grade Donald L. Hartman Gloria James l x. Judy L. Bevans Richard M. Thompson Regina Cummins Bill W. Newell Minnie M. Verga Richard Akers Loretta J. Douglas Eddie H. Richards Evelyn L. Radford Phil Brooks Willie Palmer Eugene C. Crockett This Page Sponsored by ARMA ELEVATOR COMPANY Arma, Kansas Deanna Clauncn Leo Palmer Marcella Tonnoir Wanda Prettyman Sharon Beadles Mary Ellen Jones x 7 n n my f. CHEN f I X F w d 5 A ur- V4 :ly eventh Grade i 5 2 e KK! Carol Cook Edgar Montanelli Carolyn Toms Joyce Stutes Jean Murray Deanna Kay Williams Compliments of Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Pittsburg, Kansas B Carolyn Mays d Johnny Johnson, Gloria Panizzi Kenneth Beam Karen Mendicki Gerald Prettyman Billie Clarkson Everett Willey Billie Thompson John Kirk Claudia Maxwell Buddy Bean Compliments of A.J. CRIPE Town Talk Bread Pittsburg, Kansas Sixth Grade V 4" Larry Fisher Jacklyn Edwards Mike Pasini Kathleen Stewart Karen Proctor David Bolton Crettia James Irvin Tingley Daniel Stwalley Shirley Alexander William Hartman a ff 2' .',, - , , "Wfw em .w11'w 5 . A' A gfilf l ,, m Hwhivgwe , 'QE :: :5" ,gfflg ffl ' iii tm Rose Mays Alice A. Beadles Johnnie Buche Patricia Kirk I 45 'sf ,- it , ' ,, A fag, William Jones Terry Jack Pearl Montanelli Virgil Willey 'Katherine Verga Mavis Long Violet Smith Miles Neil Charlene Gilbert This Page Sponsored by BRANAMAN'S Formerly Ferguson Studio Maurice Branaman, owner and -0' lx, M 1 me ' iff r ree si operator since l9b5. 151: : fi 51: fi ' 4' K J W xv -1- '7 v-I X4 x nge? ' 14.94. , 41 34 ' ff! V if r 1. 49 k X, Q , 1, . A I f xl if 9 J 1 5 L iff K Yfgw-Nr - -4 11.mL,.. I 5 -2 - rf . -n Q S M ,-k..i . . .tux 3 2 ,L . H N A ,ee.e,?,, xlx ,N D X.. , N W 'N sv of S it -W 1 offer ' vw,5i?M, ,Af ,' if I .,,y Fourth Grade WMM :: ,:::4 V' 1 Y L A L l - mi: we ' "f f W ,4 sale my ra e,wHeuHwQfQHf WW? W ee?ggQ:Q- fqQ,5QfgQ5im?gi fv L lg 3 giffgggikf 'h l Q ' 'LAL -K x-,lg j K I J K I W J.:- rvw' y , W :ramen swag S351 fpa e 4g!!!!!!!!! L , Lk' W W Z2 W 1 13gg U S Rik ' 'V Hg 49 -wf,' 4 M 5 J .5 fiiif it K ' ' gg-L ffrfzfvesr . ,.,, L,,, .,1, 5? , Q . w:f.w.w.- L,-- effwfwff Q. X S 2 'Q Y , :ei we 3 -Jhfi 'RIF ,ez WW' Flkfl lf? 5LHf4E-55? -yiegigew ..,. . W1 ,- Don Cummins Carol Spencer Charles Ledford Ruth Jack Kay Willey Gary Mays Lana Williams Larry Gilbert Wayne Palmer Sharon Neil Jim Hartman Sharon Long Lee Ruth King Jack Montanelli Sherry Kirk Clark Jones Roy Richey Wilfred Murray Richard Gathman Ravmond Willey This Page Sponsored by BANK of MINDBN Minden, Mo. Third Grade Linda McLeod Marilyn 21373-' S! Y.. V W '90 d ' t L f GW Stella Shelton William McManis Cheryl Dechai ro ,Mm fm, mf,4wmf K W 1544: f ' -wg'-:g -W - ,fx .M sim 1:1 f, Q .fgmfui f:555"f?f9 , ffizgw -:L X A f,-'u,Mf?' wE??ax3iQ'i av a S Lf f 71:ws-ffffifqsg:firmInv'-,IJ '--f?3?itf!5E5hmx52s' .1 s f MBL I 'af '2ss?5Hf?ffS?f51fz '1 -M . 19,1,'f.ESlfigeiE,f8E25sa3wft- It sgeaifaeha v f e , 52' ,fi 4' ' : fm- 1 Mwlaigi v .xlairatdt 4 4 Mg: aff 4 K F755 ,. 5 iif1sf1 Q fif?'5SvE1,:1,-,Q , x X Margaret Hull Allen Jones Elizabeth Bevans This Page Sponsored by FARMERS PRODUCE Ar-ma , Kansas L o f G -,f'ie:?f1z2eSf' 2 ai? -'w!..., mmpegwfl., ,ge A S, iw: 1 W-f,1f:1,E 9?Sgsligifg3Q 2 21, X ' ' agkgzsslensfsilsgsgeezgma . . Wig 14 l K. - if-:EF esW'a ,K x -' - E z E ll fl . KE X iii- ,, , ' . , l a W K I l V 1 Y f 2- iivefl,-',-. 5 :-al ' 19- : :aw V , ' if SEQ 5 .. if Q"-511 gan -V1-gf .. af.. V .. 115 nf: . '. :,.v', ,1g5:'5, ,1E,5Q,, , , gf, Jnfxwg I I if 1, l :AE . il f Q , , L Ad I . , , Garry Pitts -, we-'H Q' " .I L P P , f .sn f, - ' ' , ,,.,, ,. if 5 5 1 g 1 fl 3 . ,, ...... ,, - ' s 5 3 5 X F l 'S LW 5 gl 4 gm 1.-,rw 31. , rf , . H I iz..-,asf -,:,-e-me sv - M 5 ' 44 G ,,!j.v!? ' fi V 4 - v '1EG?fff.,-. mm-,M Ronnie Long Connie Richards Johnny Verge Eddie King :sw Q wilcsfgfzf ' I QS: Wg: sting k 1, . K. 1 .E ,,,, - - Fmriv- ,si f v'1'f -2, fm , 52M-335 if, wggvv . iggwg y ..,,. , M k,,LxL Tim Buche fem' Johnson Janice Palmer Kenneth Cattaneo Compl iment s of MODEL GROCERY Mulberry, Ka Phone 67 Jim Pryor 2:f:m.:fAs'rvfmf 1' ' . f, w5J:'i' L-J 554' , ,::- 311 ' ' ' J 'Janis -rivffifix' 'A W i ' -ww ,. .,., s ,- 'lfwgxwf 'S.:, ' oi l 'z ' E '1f3.r,f' 31. ai, .-M iff m:ig,5vi5'221 ' v : P ' 1 we if U gi x 5 9 I 'bv S? i W V,sS,,L J,,sqs15,A Q , mg.- G? I ii si ' 5 Q Qs? Q iw' ' W K ua.. 0 ,... me ' iiisei - ,img ' :sf Ls-1, n rl if iff A ' T ,gigs EM? P Uv g 11 v gf UV' as ' 1 K r we 2 4 'J his if -f W W if 'ff , - , nw, 2, 5 Teresa Panizzi Judy Musselman .Timmy Maxwell zo ggggg: n 1 1 , fa W is . H A M 1: M s, A yifi, 'L '- A X R Compliments 'Ss ' ,N if Q Q K ff BARBIERI BROTHIERS Phone 2271 5, Arma, Kansas 1 Q fixu- Mary Ledford Phil Edwards Phyllis Bean Gary Whetzell S is if M., 'W ,,., , 1 I M 4 A ear ' fu " ,, any ,F , ? . E F ,Liz VLLL 'S' G -l , - ' ak 1 Sul 'tix ,C .QIZAQJ 1 . QE- . X jf Fu' t Grade '- f "' Opal Hul 11 Compofments Compliments CRAIN Gnocmr Of Mulberry, Kansas Jnmwx CLOTHING COMPANY Dorothy Gates Marvin Reinhart Florence Smith Leslie Reick Judy Willey Carl Cook Ronnie Moore Rex Douglas Billy Green Gary Stewart ffkawe f G f 2 no y,,,E .. G ,e,ey:Ee 91 , Mulberry, Kansas W . 4 liv e A I ,V in il IA- Sandra Barone Charles Montanye Susan Jones Leo Prettyman Carolyn Crain W Freddie Lee 'VV Phyllis Tinqley Michael Walden Linda Mays Otto Buche 1 G a ll .W K Q, -' M. , f1e.,, G ,e.1 . , 3 , M G a -' 'Q . . J , . I 6 . 53. ,V as T f5iW'5Qf gi' I '--'. W- llll : L . ,.i -mam! 9 1 s A gf ' 'KY' Y . M. W vf' lWa f.t .3 if 'K W - ml, y r 1 me 4 W at .e,,. 4 xg Y 4 9' an 6 E N.-f 3 .ee . -MM. 5. vm? ,v 3,1 - E' M , M L ,ww Y Lino-up REGULARS 3. Bean ------- Forward J. Thompson ----- Guard L Akers -------- Guard Z. Crockett---Forward 3. Newell ------ Center .. Gathman ---- Forward V. Montanelli-Forward S. Kendall ------ Guard I. Richards ----- Guard . Massa -------- Ass't . Greenfield---Coach 5. Palmer ------- Ass't Compliments of WILMA LEE'S BEAUTY SHOP Mulberry Lino-up MIDGETS E. Willey ------- Guard J. Kirk --------- Guard E. Montanelli-Forward P. Brooks ----- Forward A. Sleeth ------ Center K. Beam ------- Forward E. Richards ----- Guard J. Prettyman--Forward J. Johnson ------ Guard I. Greenfield---Coach C. Reinhart ----- Ass't Compliments of SMITH FUNERAL HOME Pittsburg, Kansas Stars 0I K ansds Tomorrow M' Z s 2-Tim My ' :':': .... -Q V :,-: . i s at 2 QQ :V ,U E51 21, . Q21 S-we 'fs Klint A if I .I A 4 gum' 5 1 5 O if Q Msgs? 1-my Q- wk mf? Q f Q '35, 'Z 373 Y . Y: Compliments of G. BALFOUR CO. 1 2 X 'e f Mendicki Hardware Ben Balestra L. 6 M. Cafe Gesslein Hardware Mulberry Elevator Dr. Herman L. Gees Dr. F. E. Nipple News Journal Peter Pan Cleaners Jack's Tavern Pittcraft Office Supplies Baugh's Prescription Shop Dick's Transfer Co. United Cleaners Beasley Tire G Motor Co. Taylor's Paint 6 Wallpaper Skaer Radio Co. Bormaster's Shoe Salon Little's, Inc. Murray's - Just 'Red' C. G C. Grill Sport Shop Phipps Skelly Serv. Sta. Smith Top Shop Mc Neal Pontiac Co. Joe Kearns Appliance Jack G. Cherry Agency A. Rua Insurance Agency Sam Brown Sheet Metal Shop Beck's Watch Repair W. B. Pritchett Emile's Barber Shop Evelyn's Beauty Shop Silver Star Barber Shop Lew Moriconi Insurance Frontenac Cleaners Geddo Grocery Cheney Undertaking Co. Wallace Chevrolet Konantz Funeral Home Fort Scott Drug Co. Town G Country Store Kirksey's Watch Repair Dr. J. P. Hinkle Gabel's Sundries Buffington Grocery Dazey Hatchery Opperman Hardware First National Bank Veatch Music House The Girard Press Neeley's Barber Shop Up-To-Date Shoe Shop The Arma Record Sell Rite Store Jeler Service Station C. 8 E. Cafe Pastore Grocery Golob Standard Service Steenson Grocery C S. G C. DivisionStyle Book Cleaners Attleboro, Mass. John Rooney, Rep. Sta. 6 IT PAYS 'IOADVEQTIS C Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, o.Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Frontenac, Frontenac, Frontenac, Frontenac, Croweburg, Ft. Scott, Ft. Scott, Scott, Pt. Ft. Scott, Ft. Scott, Arcadia, Arcadia, Arcadia, Arcadia, Liberal, Girard, Girard, Girard, Girard, Arma, Arma, Arma, Arma, Arma, Arma, Arma, Arma, Arma, Arma, Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kans. Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Mo. Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Compliments of PANIZZI G SON GROCERY Mulberry, Mo. Phone 196 ' W W.: -N .3-' .' M M A 1 5 ,Hx y . , A 1 My 'M4"- , mu, ,, , vw., H+ .ww ,X ,,, . -x. f y ,, ,av W. " ' ,ww , , , . ,,., ,. , . 1 .uf , W ,vm ,VWfw,W'-UN ' W ' 1, ,, w ,uf ' , , ef ,.. f "" .': , ' -aff X rw' ' X, '3. , n A W ,,,,f,m.A M , f , m 1 , w N K 1 w ""'f'52m xvv, 1 i ' , fm, , 1 .xi ,F ,1 L pi WMM' BJWWDW' 3, g,1,f'5s?5w OFWJA kyjggow ,fgilvuiw R ffWf"fL i LM lqss-5441 4 mfvbjfgg , , KI, ' H A X"'. V' ', 4' 4' 1 .' Win' , I , ' x N , 3 .ff 4 5 , .,-5' , xx .4 ' 1, k v 'K , wg -M , S 22-ff '-" '. , ' V ' ',k, pw Q 'X ' v . 5 0 Maw HM' Oifzw Swv Mmgawww e:ifQesA.nfQ-J Swwgiwfv 15!Za:c W-9-1 N LEMWQQJ Qogw ,M jpg, , '?'QQf'f"' JW 7 ww T-'?mif.5i,'y'FI'i lwf'Li7QW" Ap-ph!--44" QQMG., 59-M KRW fffmbdiwlwc, ZW axxwf-fav Q5fQffQ"Qff'bw- wfwbwjfm A 3M.,Q,536 :Q MMM? gif? LQ M Wyawifffw , MHA T4 916. LLNN - ' H 1 W., ' . ' ' ' W J' u 'JY' N , J HW W w1,w,lg ,MJ 1' :WI L m,mn1QMyx,,, ,L an ,Hx M ,f - -.rf5uwf5131. f R f 5, ' , 45721 V. , , has Q ' I Qfidiifv f Mm, 4. ,fs ff 1 "Q -g M

Suggestions in the Mulberry High School - Tiger Yearbook (Mulberry, KS) collection:

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1954, pg 52

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