Mulberry High School - Mulberry Tree Yearbook (Mulberry, FL)

 - Class of 1957

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Mulberry High School - Mulberry Tree Yearbook (Mulberry, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1957 volume:

Q45 Q 'UI -2? gb , M, H X .Q 3? gf 4 b , as H214 K i, pk i Q if P, , f f ,gpg --,,. 1. -, ., gy Y xi . - limi I M , . . " ie V? . 6 - ,Q ,L in f fy . M W' ' L1 QM K w 'M 749 Uni 1 2:3 A .v q.. Q ""K'Q' if 4' mfffipc, 4,1 K 5 5' x f A A +4 -' W' 1 .fi ' ' Q kqlfv W Q, dn 5, s W ss, 'W '?a? .f., , '- 1 XL W Eiga .L ' f . M.. ..-.----J nigh Y L 'V ' If , LA, I I MA f ' L., ' I I I In T L R- I Lf. ,,' 1 'TI 11' , X N Q Lf R ' If IVV! . ,fu I ' ,, YN ' 7 f 5 . I ,V l'1IfI r 'L ' X L I ' I " I 1 ' f 'V , 4' . - I T, , If K f ' I 'rv' ' 4 I P 4' Ljxlfi! fl f V. L L 4 tri ,KIA . E I 7 A if 1x , , - - X I 1, 'VEC I ff, ! I4 PUBLISHED BY THE MULBERRY TREE STAFF MULBERRY JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Mulberry, Florida lk if if Mr, A, E. Choate School Principal Qaculty High Selma! Mrs Hettie D, Averett English Miss Louise Clarke 'QW N Mathematics lil l Y ll'l5QfflQe0 Coigmll Q70 2 Mr, Troy S. Cumming Industrial Arts Mr. Eugene Doss Vocational Agriculture iv XX , 'al 551. ' Q 'Y '3 W , A 5 si M1111 x fa vtzfwfw , f . ,MW g M ' . . - -. - was -: ?'z,Q-,QQSiffbgjwsSv.z:lgglni, ii, ' -iff. as-wr 2 bf ff - wgslilz-. ,we 'f 2225- ,. ii. 3? A 553. 5 r k ,, , .2 if g 7 txswigfg : .. 5 -I QM - fs V- :wig ,, r J f.-F55 in 5 A 9 3 :E ,sf . - ,,:ffzswt.Q, . - Mr, W, H, Purcell Area Supervising Principal lv .wiggw ww lg dl X5 Mrs, Georgiana Fraser Librarian Mr, Bob W. Harris Driver Education Mr, David A. Lofgren Area Physical Education Director Miss Margaret Love Business Education Mr. Roger V. Morrison Music Director Mr. Charles W. Pugh English, Spanish, History Mr, Glenn F. Reed Social Studies Mrs. Margaret D. Shimp Homemaking Mr, H. H. Stewart D. C. T. Coordinator W' . M . f24fx7?f ' . Erngxiih eaver Mr, J. S. White Mathematics, Social Studies Mr, George M, Willingham Natural Sciences Mrs, Elizabeth Powers School Secretary Not Pictured Miss Marilyn Hunter Girls Physical Education Qaculty junior J-Iigh Schaal Mr. Theodore S. Aggelis Science, Mathematics Mrs. Gertrude Dorman Science, Mathematics Mr. John Duldt Speech Mrs, Mary Elizabeth Duldt Science , Homemaking Mrs. Juanita W, Ellis English, Social Studies Mrs. Helen B, Martin English, Social Studies Mr. William L. McDonald Athletic Director Mr, J, Marvin Sheridan Assistant Athletic Director Social Studies SENIURS 611155 Officers Seated: Ronny DuBois, Presidentg Gail Harvey, Secretary Standing: Tommy S p r o t t , Treasurerg Johnny Kilpatrick Vice-President. Scniars MITCHELL ERNEST ADAMS "If it took any effort to go from today until to- morrow, he would still lie in yesterday," Senior Personality. MARIA LOUISE AGGELIS "A good mind coupled with good looks," M Club 10,11,1Z, Officer 125 Beta Club 9,1O, 11,125 Student Council 10,12, Officer 10,129 Student Government 11, Officer 115 J. V. Homecoming Court 95 Homecoming Court 10, 125 Basketball9,10,l1,125 Senior Personal- ity5 Annual Staff 12, Layout Editor 12, DAN L. AKINS "When he thinks, he must speak." 4-H Club 9,1O,115 FFA Club 11,125 Band 9, l0,l1,12, HUBERT MAXWELL ANDERSON, JUNIOR "If he weren't such a devil he'd be a perfect angel," Key C1ub1O,11,125 Beta Club 1O,l1,125 M C1ub1O,11,125 StudentCounci19,10,l25 Track 105 Homecoming E s co rt 12 5 Junior Play5 Senior Personality, GENE WESLEY AUSTIN "Gene is our bashful guy5 with his good looks, you'd never know why," 4-H Club 9,10,ll5 Band 9,10,l15 DCT Club 125 Senior Personality, JO ANN BASS "Even a small star shines in darkness." Senior Personality5 Homecoming Court 125 FHA Club 1O,11,12, Officer 125 Junior Playg Library Club 115 Newspaper Staff 12, VIVIAN BELL "A pleasant smile cost little and does a lot." 4-H Club95 Library Club 9,105 FHA Club 12, Scniars JANICE SUE BOUTWELL "She loves to dance, she loves to walk and Oh my goodness she loves to talk,' Majorette 10,115 Basketball lO,1l,125 Stud- ent Council 1l5 M Club 10,11,12, Officer 125 FHA Club 11, Tennis 9,105 Newspaper Staff 125 Senior Personality. PATRICIA ANN BYRD "The one who sets out to go place s usually gets there." Transferred from Lakeland5 Cheerleader 11, 125 Student Government 115 Student Council 12, Officer 125 FHA Club 11,125 4-H Club 11, 125 MClub1l,l25 NewspaperStaifl25 Home- coming Court 125 Senior Personality, OLIVIA LONG CALDWELL "There never was a saint with red hair," Transferred from L ake land 5 Homecoming Court 125 M Club 125 Student Council 125 Senior Personality5 Cheerleader 1l,12, Cap- tain 12, BOBYE PATRICIA CARAKER "Charming little girl in a cute little way," 4-HClub9,l05 NewspaperStaffll5 DCT Club NANCY LOUISE CASTEEL "The way to have friends is to be one," Transferred from Robert E. Lee , Jacksonvilleg FI-lA Club 11,12, Officer 12, Seniars SALLY SUE CONNELL "In this c as e , cuteness does not mean bow- legged," FHA Club 95 Intramural Board 9: Class Of- ficer 10g Homecoming Court 9,10,12g Senior Personalityg Annual Staff 11,l2, Advertising Manager 12, CAROLYN LOUISE COOK "Tis good to live and learn," 4-H Club 9: Library Club 105 FHA Club 10, 11,l2. KEY COZART "Two speeds, slow and slower." 4-H Club 9,l0,11g Key Club 10,1l,12g Foot- ball 9,l0,12g Track 105 Baseball 9,105 M Club lO,ll,l2g Junior Play, NELLIE C. DASINGER Silence never betrayed anyone," 1 A WANDA FAYE DAVIS "When people ag r e e with me I always feel I must be wrong," 4-H Club 9,lO,11g Senior Personality, RONALD LYNN DUBOIS "A man in earnest finds means," .1'.V. Football 9g Track 10g Key Club 11,125 M C1ublO,11,l2g Student Government 11g Class Officer 12g Homecoming Escort 125 Senior Personality. GAIL BRIDGES DUFF "Of all the joys that I recall, being in love is best of all," 4-H Club 9,105 StudentGovernment 115 Intra- mural Board 95 Annual Club 115 DCT Club 125 J.V. Cheerleader 9, BLANCHE MARIE EASTMAN "Cute and sweet, she isn't likely to be beat," 4-H Club9,105 Class Officer 9,115 Beta Club 10,1l,l2,0fficer 125 Band 9,lO,11,12, Librar- ian 10 ,11 5 Student Government 115 Student Council 125 .l'.V. Che erle ade r 95 Varsity Cheerleader 125 .TuniorP1ay5 Senior Person- ality5 FTA Club 125 Annual Staff l0,l1,12, Co-Editor 12, WALTER HENRY FREEMAN "Silence accomplishes much that noise can- not," FFA Club 11,125 MC1ub10 ,115 VarsityBase- ball 9,1o,11, NANCIANNE FRYE "She has withala merry wit, and she's not shy in using it." J.V, Cheerleader 95 Library Club 95 Major- ette 10,115 4-HClub 9,10,1l,12, Officer 9,1o, 11,125 Student Government 115 FHA Club 125 Annual Club 115 Annual Staff 12, DOROTHY ANN KDOLLYJ FULLER "Success is the reward of diligence." 4-H Club 9,10,l1, Officer 115 Library Club 95 J,V, Cheerleader 95 Annual Club 11, Jun- ior Play, RICHARD OLLIS GALBERAITI-I "Why take life so seriously--You'll never get out alive, anyway," J.V. Football 95 J.V . Basketball 9,105 J,V, Baseball 95 4-H Club 9,105 Varsity Football l0,1l,125 Track 105 Varsity Basketball ll, 125 Junior Play5 Student Government 115 M Club 11.12, Officer 125 Senior Personality5 Homecoming Escort 12, Seniors Scniars LINDA ELIZABETH GIBSON "A warm heart and a level head." 4-H Club 93 Basketball lO,ll,l2g M Club ll, 12, Officer 125 J.V. Homecoming Court 95 Student Government 1 1 9 Newspaper Staff llg Junior Playg Annual Staff lO,ll,l2, Business Manager 12, ELEANOR .TEANNE GILES "Calmness is a great advantage," Library Club 9,l0, Officer 109 Majorette 10g DCT Club ll,l2, Officer 12. JIMMY LEE GILLIARD ' "Nature made him then threw the mold away." M Club lO,ll,l2g Varsity Football 9,l0,l1g Track 105 Band 9,l0,l2g Junior Playg FFA Club ll,l2g Homecoming Escort 12. JACQUELINE SYLVIA GRIMES "In every activity you can depend on her to do her part well." Beta Club 1O,l1,l2g Annual Club llg FHA Club llg Library Club 119 Junior Playg DCT Club 12. SHARON DEVORE GRUEL "She has a word and a twinkling eye for ev- eryone who passes by," Library Club 94 Band 9,l0,ll,l2, Librarian 10g 4-H Club 9,l0,ll,l2, Officer l0,ll,1Zg Beta Club 10,l1,l2, Officer 11,123 Student Council lO,l2, Officer 12g Annual Club llg Junior Playg Homecoming Court 125 Senior Personalityg Annual Staff 12, GORDON TERRE LL HAGAN "One of those fellows you can't help liking," Transferred fromBartowg M Club 12g Foot- ball l2g Baseball 123 Annual Staff 12, MONROE C. KMONTYQ HARRIS "You can't b e li e ve everything you hear, so why listen?" DCT Club 11,125 Library Club 9,l1. ELIZABETH GAIL HARVEY "Always smiling, never sad, Sometimes naughty, never bad.' J'.V. Cheerleader 9, 4-H Club 9,105 Band 10, ll,l2, Librarian 11, Basketball l0,l1,125 M Club 1l,l2, Officer 125 Student Government llg Junior Play, FTAClub ll,l2, Officer 123 Homecoming Court 12g Annual Club 115 An- nual Staff 123 Class Officer 12, HELEN LOUISE HOWARD "She is the living proof that Mr. White earns his pay." Transferred from Springheadg FHA Club 10, 11,125 4-H Club l0,l1. JOHN FLETCHER KILPATRICK, III "Loyal-hearted, strong of mind , a finer boy you'll never find." Delegate to Boy's State llg Band 9,1O,1l,12, Executive Committee 125 Junior Playg Stud- ent Council 12g Class Officer 12. EDWARD KIRKLAND "Life is what we make it." FFA Club 11,1Z, DAVID MCLEAN MANLEY "Life without music would be a mistake," J.V, Basketball 9,109 J'.V. Football 95 Intra- mural Board 10g Student Government 115 4- H Club 9,10,1l,12, Officer 9,10,11,12g Beta Club 10,113 Homecoming Escort 12, Svniors Seniors LUCY .TO MARSH "Men are the bread of 1ife-- -Boy am l hun- gryln 4-H Club 9,10,115 FHA Club 10,115 News- paper Staff 12, VIRGINIA MARSHALL "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Junior P1ay5 DCT Club 12. BARBARA LOUISA MATTHES "None knew h e r but to love her, none named her but to praise her." Library Club 95 Band 9,lO,ll5 Student Gov- ernment l 15 Annual Staff 115 DCT Club 125 Homecoming Queen 125 Senior Personalityg Newspaper Staff 12, WYMAN LEE MCDONALD "Men of few words are the best men." FFA Club 125 DCT Club 125 4-H Club 9,10, JEAN CAROLYN MEEKS "Athletic, witty, and full of fun, she's made a friend of everyone." BetaClub l0,1l,l25 M Club l0,ll,l25 var- sity Basketball 9,10,ll,l2, Captain 125 Sen- ior Personality, ROBERT CHARLES MEREDITH "Learning is sometimes acquired, but not al- ways." Senior Personalityg M Club 1O,ll,l25 Base- ball ll,125 Basketball 11,125 Football 11,125 KeyClubl1,l25 FFAClub 9,l0,115 Track 10, CECILIA MIZELL "Some must watch while some must sleep-- Ho Hum." 4-H Club 9,l0,ll,l25 FHA Club 95 Annual Club115 NewspaperStaff 125 Annual Staff 12. Scniars JOHN MOCK "A boyfilledwith loads of joyg He's our best- looking senior boy." Student Government 115 DCT Club 11,125 Of- ficer l25 .l'.V . Basketball 105 J.V. Baseball 9510, JANET YVONNE MOORE "May she always be the same changing noth- ing but her narne," FHA Club 10,11,125 Library Club 10. DONALD LEE O'STEEN "Boy! He said little but to the point." FFA Club ll,l2, WILLIAM HOLMES PIPKIN "WheneverI feel the urge to exercise coming on, I lie down until it passes over," J.V. Football 95 4-H Club 9,105 Key Club 11, 125 DCT Club 12, MORRIS LESLIE POLK "He always fights his way to win the game and never thinks himself to win the fame," J .V . Football 95 Varsity Football 1O,l1,125 J.V. Baseball 95 Key Club 11,125 M Club 10, 11,125 Student Government 115 .l.V, Basket- ball 9. Scnivrs JOE G. POOLE "Beware the fury of a patient man," 4-H Club 9,103 Band 9,103 DCT Club 11,12, FRANKIE ELAINE PREVATT "A violet by a mossy stone," .T.V. Home coming Court 95 Varsity Homecom- ing Court 105 Varsity Basketball 9,l0,llg Beta Club 10,llg M Club 9,lOg DCT Club 12, DOROTHY LOUISE SMITH "'Silence has become her mother tongue,' FHA Club ll, WILLIAM THOMAS SPROTT, III "A1lgr e at men are dead, , , I'm not feeling so well myself," .T,V. Football 9: Beta Club l0,1l,12, Officer 129 Key Club 10,l1,1Z: Class Officer 129 Junior Play: Student Government 113 Home- coming Escort 12g Senior Personality, RICHARD STAVELY "All things come to him who will but Wait, , , so why worry?" Track 10 , Captain: Key Club 11,12g M Club 10,11,12,0fficer12g Student Council 9,l0g J. V, Baseball 9: Senior Personality. MACK E. SUMNER "Sometimes I sit and think --Some -- times Ijust sit," 4-H Club 9,105 DCT Club 11,129 FFA Club 12, 1 J.V, Football 93 Varsity Football 10,11,1Zg MARTHA ANN SWANNER Silence is more musical than any song.' Transferred from FortMeadeg FHA Club 11, WILLIAM LEROY TAYLOR "One of those sought after men," Band 10,11, Executive Committee 11, Stud- ent Council 9,1O,11, Officer 11, 4-H Club Key Club 9,10,l1,12g Inter-Club Council 9, Junior Play, DCT Club 12, Officer 12, JAMES TICE Do as we sayg not as We do," otball 9,10,11,12g 4-H Club 9,1O,11g M Club 125 FFA Club 12. CARON GLAD YS WATKINS "Quiet, gentle and refined, always thoughtful and very kind.' 4-H Club 9,1O,1l, DCT Club 12, Officer 12, MARY ELIZABETH QBETTYEQ WATSON ' 'Smart , attractive, talented and neat, This combination is hard to beat," Beta Club 10,11,12, Officer 125 Majorette 10, l1,l2, Head Majorette 123 4-H Club 105 Stud- ent Council 12g Band Executive Committee 12, Junior Play, .T.V. Cheerleader 9, Captain, Newspaper Staff 10,125 Varsity Homecoming Court 129 Senior Personality, Annual Staff l1,l2, Co-Editor12, HELEN LOUISE WATTS "To speak kindly does not hurt the tongue," 4-H Club 9,10,11g Beta Club lO,11,12g Var- sity Basketball 119 DCT Club 125 Homecom- ing Court 9: Intramural Board 9. Svniars RICHARD LEONARD WEAVER "Why make a mark on the wo rld when Ican scribble all over the whole darn thing." Key C1ub1O,11,12, Officer 129 M Club 1O,l1, 125 Beta Club 10,l1,l2, Officer 12 3 J.V. Foot- ball 9: Varsity Football 10,11,12, Captain 125 J'.V, Homecoming Escort 95 J'.V. Basketball 9,105 Varsity Basketball ll ,125 J.V, Baseball 91 Varsity Baseball 10,111 Student Govern- ment 115 Student Council 12g Homecoming Escort 9,125 Senior Personalityg Inter-Club Council 12g Class Officer 11, WILVON WEST "I never think of the future, it comes soone- nough," Transferred from Sloan H e n d r i x Academy, Imboden,A1-kansas: Football 12g Senior Per- sonality: Basketball 12, CHRISTINE WOODLE "Speech is great, but silence is greater," Transferred from Horace Mann HighSchool, Gary, Indiana. eniars ef fs f -'iff' ' Hes! Sfigures MARIA AND MAX fp -- if f Q ,, aw Nealest GENE AND BETTYE Q . KL ' QQQ1 -2:45244 - Hsemx ww, ,ff-,.:,,5gy Erik' 1: ,Q smwsfedl e we Af! .Mast Likely Ze Sueeeed DAVID AND BLANCHE ,Mast Hashful Has! Personality RICHARD G. AND SHARON Hes! Selma! Spirit RICHARD S. AND OLIVIA ,Mast Popular RONNIE AND PAT Mast ,Athletic wt , x X H Biggest 6111- lips Higgcst ?lirts Hes! ,411-Kauud Eutesl RICHARD W. AND BARBARA SALLY AND TOMMY Q D ki gi 3 'x .11 juniors Virginia Bradshaw June Campbell Edwin Caraker Marolyn Carter Barbara Collins Richard Crane Lloyd Culp Pedro Curry Jimmy Davis Bryant Dickey Sharon Duke Karen Evans 41"-f 4391 "i' If 3: 51 k"' , Q4 xg, I ,, T ,,-iw -1, 1-.. . T L 1? w Judy Farmer Doris Grant Frances Gray John Gruel Leland Hagan Wanda Hancock Beverly Hanlon Robert Hardy Sharon Harris Carol Hawkins Hazel Hickman Patricia Hobby Lorenzo Hooker Belvia Houston Jackie Johnson of-,. Vui- Horace Riggs Paul Sheffield Becky Sprott Dayton Stivers Mary Stivers Thurland Strickland Delores Sumner Way-ne Swain Carroll Swanner Elizabeth Tew NOT PICTURED Norman Anderson Lillian Giles Lavon Simmons Clifton, Watson Ellen Worthen ,Yuniars Mary Jones Harry Keene Charles Lyle Margaret Martin Tommy McGilvary David Mills Thelma Mitchell Jerry Moore Joy Moore Peggy Neely Clarence Pegues Korita Peters i " C 'ii ' . 'K N' " I f . ,lk ' ... , K -. ff V H. if -a n Mr, f - 1 , , W ,t,X , N 7 -semi? 1-11, - S S I. ..t.. A , jig: f i gg ,.g, g Y , w Alton Watkins Joan Windham X Y 6 flgm X Q 2 Y sl 2 warm il 1 my .K Y t sv Q 5, Q in ,Q X R' ki 5+ Q if 5 iw Y x 5 wwf W -- o zgfiissliiwv- 2'- ' s ggiimgnmizg--zB 4 H , E 9 fe L5 . .wine BBf,g-wz f R: 214 216' iiiifg-15 B' M 5 if +1 .W ,,, V 4 45 , .B Y W ' :, W3 .B .,., N og - K ii: s wg , 3. Em i S 8 HA, is :hr 62 ' -o f ' 2 ff as Vim.. v,.. W '36 1 l sk , Sophomore Nancy Alderman Patty Anderson Jimmie Arnold Gilbert Averett John Barton Annette Benchimol Sandy Blowers Ernestine Barley 1 , L 9,7 i new Linda Boyd Jimmy Bradshaw Barbara Brice Donald Byrd of -V 1 B 1 Y is ii, i f 3 o 'fx of -2 B, -. BB " 1' ' sri pi ,-Q. f Q Q " V 12 -:lf- : 1 w BB B " v.::v5-Bw ff, B. . ::,'7'C.: 'ii wi' B..B,: FHL-'E " , ' , Ti' 'z '93 'II' ""a 5 " ' ' F' we-if B M- ,,. , .B B B :iii ,f . ' 5 B-.i,f.,gg-wg-on B Emir U ' S.:-l::':". :E V MdQaL.,,,i+1f?" 31 i ff -ga.: se" A r H A mf , 5 vm, "' BB . .. .. ,...,, .. ,,... 1. .: AS .. P' if BY, . ..., , we ,SB W, W X yr mir L if H, fl 5 ffiilg + 1 W fs mg, i W 1 W x is for T 4 L , 1 1 W if r S J B' gli? ll nf? A Q he B, 'xf'5l ' g fmfkii' life 4 v M I I ks' 5 .55,-?L fl A f m so M254 A B B S A W , gong ' , XB yf BB, B7 ,, , B,B ' 1 B , ' 1 ,I ,. .B A-,hmm J' n . fi or Q S Y, 2 1 Frankie Campbell Delores Cato Joe Clark Carolyn Clements Monte Coon Sandra Coon Danny Cooper Randall Cravey Bobby Davis Pat Davis Benny DuBois Dianne Duke Jerome Edson Bert Elliot Kay English Lyndall Evans Wayne Evans Alex Evers Nell Fannin Tommy Fortner Janice Jordan Odelia Kuenzel Muriel Lamb Robert Lane Susan Langford Carolyn Lyle Mary Marsh Kay Mathis Pat McQuaig Shirlejane Meredith Jerry Miller Randall Mills Rama Money Kenneth Morris Marion Morris Molly Morrison Sandra Motsinger Sandra Mullis A, W. Norman Lawrence Norris Saphamarcs Roland Fraiser Kenny Galberaith Gladys Gant Wanda Gillooley Joel Hagan Donald Hallman Douglas Hanlon Richard Hardy George Harned Patsy Harrelson Edward Harris J. B. Harris Kay Hinson Carmen Jones Donald Jones rf Saphomarcs Nancy O'Cain Ronald O'Steen Evelyn Parrish Martha Pearce Lee Purcell Glen Richter Becky Rimes Ewell Roberts Patsy Roberts Lamar Rollins Jane Seigler Murdock Shaw Melvin Sheffield Eddie Shoemaker Elaine Smith 4f 4 ,, .. W R 52 m - it -1 1 0, L.. M., Q 1 -", f L, Q .MA i Hx-ws -. . 1. fi 'Z QE 5 g li E 5 M Jackie Smith Joe Smith Virginia Smith Donald Ray Standley Gerald Stephens Penny Stewart Sue Stewart Joyce Strange Judy Trowell Blenda Turner Ann Watts Arlene Weeks Pauline Weeks Verdelle Welch Linda Wells Wanda West Robin Whidden LaDonnia Williams David Willis Margaret Woodle NOT PICTURED Jimmy Water s Edna Watson .- 15 X sf 2 ff ,gf f , K ff, -fly ' N 5 L Y r 5? Hmm: 4 S Y x X Q ' zul IRM 'F' ,5WM, H , ,, , . .W i5,,,3,Wff,1,. My vlkv ii' ffzslwfw - 2 A i'h Y f h A A K A 2 ' oirsl f 1' 5 s g G we -wr Eloise Allen Gerald Austin Barbara Barley Curtis Bass , kl --lA ,. Q: was W' s i aq- J 4 as . . fx or -- .5 may ,vi K we h j l,al Q K wi , ii ii 733 v in -5 9 if ff ' ' X' J D' 4' t ' ,F ,Q 5 , ' ""':' 315 .5 5 L i fr 5 ' "P Q .... ls - 1 , """ "':' gi '? .,,: K . it J ik 8 A i. L23 in L , lr.., 4. S ' WA ms -. ......., . IAA gi 1 V .7y..,.l :L i 7 1 ..- ... . T f J J ,T My V L.,, X., E, E Q Y 5f3'Hi5f?' I " , o b i X L , ish H fi get ,X . If! J i E wx , .,... 4, , , E Q if if ,K , 5 4 S-VJ a l , , fi? BE mi X I W l e N 1 V fy f hx we 1 6 .wi it WW? 1 2- ,- .. ., .12 . , T, i i ,,:. ., , hh Q in Eh, - Nitty f lil' H e 'I 5 Q 5 ,i"1i4KK.'iw . .. aa: fd Q3 we an r -ff , ,, - - as ' . n i - A , , Kb h ,Q Q vb' hcshmzn Harold Biebricher Bruce Black Charles Blanchard D. J. Blue JoAnn Branch Archie Buie Douglas Caraker Barbara Caruthers Robert Caruthers Claude Chauncey Harry Chauncey Jerry Chauncey Duey Clark Randy Cobb Galen Collins Jimmy Collins Ray Cook Richard Crews Larry Crum David Culp Patsy Culp Audrey Curry Ted Dennis Neil Dillard Henry Dixon Donna Dossey Tamara Duke Betty Dunford Claude Eason Carl Ellis .Terry Escue Morris Felder Arthur Fletcher Catherine Foster Peggy Garrison Travis Garrison Mary Ann Gay Charlotte Glisson Bobby Grant Edna Hardy Edward Harris Billy Ray Harvey DT PIC TURED Lton Byrd :orge Gant fyce Gentry my Howell arolyn Johnson a.rl Madebach Juie Mims :mer Morgan Qrcshmcn Frankie Hewitt Linda Sue Howard Curtiss Howell Jesse Jenkins Lamar Johnson Doris Jones Aurelia Kuenzel Edwin Lewis Carolyn Manley Virginia Mathers Ruth McDaniel Billy McKinney George McQuaig Charles McQueen Vernon Meeks Wayne Meredith Larry Mims Robert Minton Bill Mixon Dickie Moore Mary Newman Andrea Oliver Nancy O'Steen Sammy Parolini Duke Parrish Francis Poole Phillis Prine Carol Proctor Catherine Resmondo Luther Redding N.D. Roberts Olen Sheffield Pad Smith Charles Talkington Denny Townley Carole Vickers Larry Watson Marlene Watts Billie Welch Marilyn Wells John Willis Jack Woody E mi x ., 5 Jackie Hatch Reuel Henriquez ii af J to for , -I 4 4 L A - it 4 V W . f 5 f Q roori L F gl f -i'- iilvii' -7 2 , .ul , hchcyth V ehhh Ay , 0 VE , . 1. Q ,, A 3 ,ft my , , -V? , E Q or ' :K Ag " ' , . , -,'. rf" Y' ' W ' 'M x . if . ii 2 L vw J - r -, I rf -- " A aiu 5 if ,j Ex' 9 j 1 if 2t- f ,,., C nyc -r 5 S Wu 2 7 1, 4. 1 V 'M Q1 ,f J fy., e f -, -,im .- js, "Ng V I 1 ix 'K we 5 if Y S ,Tw ig fl. my 1 ,N 'ig if W ,Z t, F QB, K LA, 4 is fa! 1 it Hi . . . V 1' -. r y. 2, . xx H. kwin. . in J' fi of ,Q L.- 3 I 5 sf 6 i . , K .W , , ,- f .-xt - f. Q new no Q 1 5 X r Z , 1. b 5 4 6 S 2 1 :WE fp 5 ? X ffl' mi' .vi 2. L W? 'Q W K ,Q.,,,, f S .A mfg 5 We s . K ' wg hi , .5 S is C K y . , . yy g 4,-, - fi f le -v fr -Q - i 'V C, 5 ieie W y I yY j yl y W 50 "A A- -if Wi' L ' 1, :tr . f :wt W- 'z 1 le c Nw 4 VX . me 1 ft L1 in 3 .figs df S ttf, , M we ' W L ,S if fi? sf L -gymm P in Q Eighth ,f-P.. 1: gi. I W-f A i n 1,2 . s, i r ' J E fly? Qing " ,Slit if: ! ,,g' A A M iyi M X 'il' X 1 af' 'fig' ,mm 70 M tyyy yt 'tw J ":52:iE:::55f3 1 ' y , . ,:A,.,.,..,, . , Grade Mickey Alderman Curtis Albritton Margaret Albritton Vonda Anderson Judy Austin Patsy Bancroft Danny Barwick Bobby Becker Gary Bell Walter Boyd Kay Bugbee Shirley Byrd Kate Campbell Mary Cantrell Gene Caruthers Quincy Clements Ann Cooper Connie Creel Andy Cumbie Cecil Curlee Averil Dean Carolyn Dixon Phillip Dixon David Duke Edwin Eason Janie Emerson Tommy Farmer Glenn Fewox Wanda Frasier John Freeman Eighth wade Eleanor Friedman Wayne Galberaith Frankie Gore Nancy Hall Don Harrell Bobby Harris Rodney Harris Jimmy Hart Linda Hawkins Carolyn Hendrix Gordon Henry Stanley Hobby Gwendolyn Holland Mike Hooker Glenda Houston Annette Hughes Gwen Hurst Leroy Hurst Ginger Hutchins George Jenkins Lillie Jones Wayne Kitchell Clifford Knowles Clyde Lowry Kenny Mathis Ronald McCraney Kenny McDonald Winston Mills Nell Mims Auralee Mitchell Robert Mitchell Norma Morgan Kenny Mullis Booby Murphy Janice Murphy ,HN 3 ,,Y.i,vi, fy www. :L ff 1 34.3 . , L, T :tss rff is J' - Rf gf 1. W N , . wa ' ,g f Q ,ff 5' if r 2 is " H fri, A V QQ: W ,M M it ,..5.g,i, -an ., X X E. " ' ,M 1.47.1 4,'57f':9"' V 7 T' -fv YV 1, C' 5: W it . ' . 1 M 4 Q 3 'H B' eff L L, x r if K ., o so ,Ss gettin . KV 5 K K W if A 'ff "" was ialaifii V M sf, i i ,, if f,-f , ,. -at ,. , - . . Q, 6 YY 5 4 lx sa xv K W2 Qu w ,. rr is Q 3.5, A wie' I Y 9' in A i,-,LH - . W ,, 2 13,23 . , g 6 r D Q . E- M t,,,t , -gf i gx . iics Q L ,W , - F H M , K? . ---A:. , . 'T' : ' , , Ti . K It f 5, ,, A " ' -' t ' 2 e 'bl I t will 1 9, 2 x .Eighth Grade A Edward Newman .- - "f-- Q George O'Cain Randy Ogilvie Car r oll Pridgen X P 5 Q -. :. .,....wi . 1 M Ji .1 -X--' lil ' Donald Phillips if f 5 .'-g W T T Q, ,, ' 'E' Pat Prine to ,'L V Yay V V Elaine Purcell 'W ' W Q 1' K 'f -3 . Elaine Rosencranse +1 ' YE Y , my Beverl 5 I 1 ,- - Ln D Y y Scott l s 5 A V Q it I " ' Jai Linda Sikes - 1. - - -wwf. Q, 'tw , Y, 1. W gg. Bobby Simmons 1'- If ' S if , A Mike Sprott Qyo, L 'l 12: -gf? I 1 ' 45' A nsley Stavely , x,.. f a ,ai - , "" it ff Dottie Stivers i X X ' Lowell Thomas me we I , . 1 L 2 at .L b y Nina Thompson 2 :., A J ' Q ' -- ,gf 5 Sally Trowell ' 35 'f l All' I 5 '-H 935 ,lll l if Carlton Turner er, ,. x '-,.. A ,,.' ' - '- , 'L Q . V A , , 3, , ,AA Rita Turner U Y fe 'll" f W" 1 Annette Waters M Q f I, . 3 .K . gig 5 l 2 ty .3 la :-- 7 fl ,U M. 1 ,W .L JE 4 ' r at 's s 'T an fy S 'Q 1 ' ' x Cf y t fgfj i flaw . L . , i ki .I it smut ,, f 5 lfayiga, W - X , K,- , . :. , M Q X 6 A an 'P wh ng - F . ,, . " , x L: ,ff ik,-img. ,gl-.1 3 .i f. ,. .,L if ff ..f: -If :fill K 5' ' '33!iL:.f! . .:f' x ,ali A 1: 5 'va , . M Ralph Weeks John Wells Ronnie Wetherington ' 5 Sharon Wilkerson Bobby Waters Sylvia Watts Phyllis Watson Gordie Welch Frances Wells Sammie William s Judy Wraight Lewis Wynns Ray Young Eddie Zysko Seventh Grade Louis Akins Marie Allen Horman Alderman Norman Alderman Mary Bell Carolyn Bradley Thelma Bradshaw Sally Butcher Sammy Campbell Wayne Caruthers David Collins Glenn Collins Gary Conley Debbie Cook Lizzy Cook Tommy Coon Mary Creel Dottie Crews W. H. Crum Lamar Curry Deborah Deal Mary Dennis Sandra Dixon Judy Dunn Georgia Ann Eastman Jimmy Edson Edith Escue Terry Evers Anna Louise Faulds Myra Fraiser Edward Giles Sharon Goodwin Barbara Goodson La Donn Haddock Virgil Haggard W if u 1 -if if 7, .X .fw- 'vigil V . ff 5 2 A z ' H :' W i If .Hg - E A n zJfEififi3I ,M ' , j ,J 5 5331 Y na, 'WZ 'Q -I 3' , vwn, 5 e M ' . l.paal if " e' G Q Q - . L of f l - iw wi 5 - L3?'7f'li1s.s? ,qw Sew?" ff- . 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' ' .f J' f 'Wi f ix - M A is 'Q V ry ., fe fi , W,- ,qi .X"v'X C' Svventh Grad: , A n J, 1- :..: it '-:A F : - ff gr F . V1 Q: V K V :ig-s v. 5 ,w U . , , ,SS WH. A K t- . V My X ,I . it . I + vfxsxgy ,, ,. ' - - 'K' Y ' is is -J X ie -' - x ' " ,.....-":u I qu u 1 f S f -W? ,D s ,s to 1 A c is .th LEM' c P f- f y . ' Q 'Q'-x Biatlitl l ' B Q -i is ' esnr in A fl ,il ,wx K . 7 5'5:ii5'9 A 5573 1 K 3 k,, ,E 5 5 . as .,A,-,: AQ- K . fi T ' f ,MQ V N i ,L 4, ,SWS A " --::. .-I' ' V fWsvfwfL,J' ,:, , 1 f J I 'A I , 'R I y ,J . , fx f - we , , K L T R E it fiivlwll i f 11' if . , K ce L lg if ills 1 spit Q VA:F 5 V:g,, K Lvy. , K . K V ,gp Y i' l fi Q W , ' gg 5: 'ff , L5 I ' I Q i J X I N, ,,.., ni, K E sf' wifi! , v E ,V I .,' ' ff ' 2 t , ' Q If 'WWE if , K 5 1 . Q, l x ,' X J 2- 55 rf. , :K kg wt? , I - rig , . 5. iii' New 6 i -5,1 f G. W. Harrell Glenn Herndon Joseph Hood Nancy Hooker Wayne Jenkins Leon Langford Margie Larned Donna Lowe Jimmy Maloney Tommy Maloney Penny Marsh Jerry McNally Karen McQuady Eugene McQueen Delores Miley Judy Mitchell Terry Mock Nora Morgan Eloise Morris Jimmie Mullis John Norman Rosalie Odom James Ogilvie Donald Pegues Diane Perry Stanley Poole Ronald Rehberg Sue Richardson Gary Smith Charles Stivers Jimmy Stewart Jimmy Strange Jimmy Sutton Glenn Watson John West Nancy Wiggins Patricia Wooten NOT PICTUR FDD Pauline Wright 5 Q25 s 'Q i 2? 7 r N xx X X J 4 'R QX m e x ,Q V I WatS0n co -EDITORS Bettye Che ,Mulberry Cru Sfffff LAYOUTST AFF Seated: Maria Aggelis Manager, and Cecelia Mitzell. Standing: Thelma Mitchell, Ter Artists, and Nan ' rell Hagan clanne Frye ADVERTISING STAFF Seated: Sally Connell Manager, Sharon Duke. Stand ing: Frances Gray, Sharon Gruel, Kay Hinson AFP . Stand' BUSINESS ST Gailflafvey His agefs dra Mu S ted- LindBGK:T!Zn1SA:enSteW3Tt' San ea ,-:,...n1 Haw 1 ' ffamcwmiug Kaur! Qwuli Mil . WG M ,, vaef- if W a 4 li W' 9- ' Jimmy Gilliard, JoAnn Bass, 'Iommy Sprott, Sharon Gruel, David Manley, Gail Harvey, Max Anderson, Bettye Watson, David Willis Queen's escort,Oueen Barbara Matthes, Kenny Galberaith Sally Connell, Richard Galberaith, Olivia Caldwell, Ronnie DuBois, Pat Byrd, Richard Weaver, Maria Aggelis. yr .. U lift! rx M3 1 Queen ,And fscart Varsity Swtlzall Kneeling: Morris Polk, Lee Purcell, RonaldO'Steen, Richard Weaver, Key Cozart, Totsy Roberts Kenny Galberaith, Second row, standing: Managers David Duke, Kenny Mullis, Coach McDonald Mike Adams, Tommy McGilvary, Gerald Stephens, Pedro Curry, Randall Mills, Terrell Hagan Charles Lyle, Managers Curtis Bass, Emory Eason, Coach Sheridan. Third row, standing Richard Galberaith, David Willis, Jerry Moore, Leland Hagan, Eddie Shoemaker, David Mills Dayton Stivers. We A Hoaching Staff ' Rl , W' J. Marvin Sheridan, Assistant I .- gl ii, W A I Athletic Directory W. L. McDon- , ' ald Athletic Directorg Glenn tv . 5 Reed, Assistant Athletic Di - 2 . i k 1 rector. f ii ff' X 7 ' 75+ ,L gi f 5 4, MW .X .- ' ' ' , xr L . l-J I ' QQ ' f"f3,"fQ.g:Q'ff5+'FkjV , if P ., fi w t? .Q 5, 1 y.,gr,wi i1f..,,gg6Qf,,'gfis?fi M aw-my 'rvflaf Wg-. 5-ft b Trggiff' .xfexifrfg-an ,L -P If., Wikvag,g.fg1't5A,.k:,k,j 'jfyyjmgibjfggggfiWg?55,Qw, gg- ,M-K I N ,, lr, t ., X ., .Z , ,,,,a,,6 , .wi M .Mm , , 'B ,W "LQ ??i t"'i"'ii Scorclward 1956 Varszty Letterman f' M H Opponent 9 Richard Weaver, Captain5 Dayton Stivers Pinecrest Z5 Morris Polk David Mills Avon Park Lake Wales Sebring Kissimmee Frostproof Kathleen Fort Meade Auburndale Brandon Terrell Hagan Mike A dam s Richard Galberaith Key Cozart Wilvon West Charles Lyle Leland Hagan 'I' ommy Mc Gilva ry Pedro Curry Jerry Moore David Willis Randall Mills Kenny Galberaith Lee Purcell Ronald O'Steen Totsy Roberts Gerald Stephens Eddie Shoemaker SVN Q 1 MORRIS POLK RICHARD WEAVER 'NX j KEY COZART RICHARD GALBERAITH Center Captain, Back ' Guard Tackle 3 , E ,'?' V ..L.V E' 3 . M-,,ieQ? M T C i2:'f?iif131,f,4V' yi ,N ,,, use , . I.-sho' .ug M My yd H K 'iw A A , Q E C X E' f Q 51 Q Xi ,,,. . HW' jeffg, 333,57 '1 'Vf1,A 'I I ., A sg L, TOMMY MC GILVARY RANDALL MILLS KENNY GALBERAITH CHARLES LYLE Back Back Back Back DAVID WILLIS GERALD STEPHENS PEDRO CURRY LELAND HAGAN End . Tackle Center End Varsity Hhcerlcaders CO - CA PTAINS Olivia Caldwell Sharon Duke .' , 4 , ., . 7 , ,ffgfh , , . K ,fl U .'xf"v" X ,f f' 1' ,. ' iff V ,J . 1 X Kneeling: Pat MCQU-Rig, Kay Hinson, Blanche Eastman, Sharon Duke. Standing: Penny Stewart Sandra Motsinger, Olivia Caldwell, Pat Byrd. Q 1"'N 5 ,Qs 9-tid 5 '-if Q., WDW 3 fs? Seated: Managers: T. Farmer,E. Harris, A. Stavely. Kneeling: J. B. Harris, G. Fahrenbach, G Caruthers, R. Cook, B. McKinney, C. Ellis, D. Parrish, J. Arnold, Q. Clements, G. Austin, N. D. Roberts, E. Eason, B. Grant. Third row, standing: J. Bradshaw, W. Meredith, D. Byrd, R. Frasier, W. Galberaith, D. Moore,E. Caraker, R. Felder, H. Biebricher, D. Clark, C. Eason, R. Caruthers, Coach Re e d. Fourth row, standing: B. Harvey, G. Harned, M. Shaw, B. Mixon, L. Hooker, E. Harris, B. DuBois, N. Dillard. juuiar Varsity Kneeling: Marlene Watts, Carol Proctor, Mary Ann Gay. Standing: Edna Hardy, Audrey Curry, Donna Dossey. 4 ,M-6114115 Student Kauncil First row, kneeling: Lamar Curry, Danny Barwick, Robert Murphy, Ray Cook, Second row, seated: Olivia Caldwell, Bettye Watson, Pat Byrd, Maria Aggelis, Sandra Mullis, Sharon Duke, Sharon Gruel, Blanche Eastman. Adviser Mrs. Gertude Dorman. Third row, standing: Jimmy Mullis, Paul Sheffield, John Gruel, Audrey Curry, Mary Ann Gay, Kay English, Sharon Harris, Sue Stewart,Ka1'en McQuady, Billie Jean Welch. Fourth row, standing: Tommy McGilvary, Max A.nderson,Richard Weaver, Bill Mixon, Johnny Kilpatrick, Kenny Galberaith, Lee Purcell, Doug- las Hanlon, David Willis, Claude Eason. Fifth row, standing: Advisers Mr. J. S. White, Mr. T. S. Cumming, Mrs.Erdine Weaver, Mr. John Duldt. OFFICERS President . ..... , , , , Pat Byrd Vice-President . . .,,. John Gruel Secretary ..... . . Maria Aggelis Treasurer. . . . . Sharon Gruel Reporter , , , , Lee Purcell Seated: B.Eastman,S.Gruel, B.Watson, M. Aggelis, J. Meeks, H. Watts, J. Grimes, Miss Clarke, Sponsor. Second row: T. Sprott, J. Strange, J. Seigler, P. McQuai,g, B. Hanlon, S. Harris, K. Peters, M. Carter, S. Stewart, F. Gray, J. Gruel. Third row: R. Weaver, M. Anderson, G.Stephens, K. Cvalberaith, I... Purcell, P. Stewart, T. McCrilvary, K. English, P. Sheffield, B. Brice, M. Martin, S. Meredith. H673 611165 First row: K. Mullis, R. Murphy, K. McDonald, E. Purcell, M. Cantrell, D. Barwick. Second row: Mrs. Duldt, Sponsor, R. McCraney, S. Hobby, C. Creel, A. Dean. I 'Q E 2 ls 2, 'fa D. 6. Z. 611111 First row: B. Caraker, G. Bridges, J. Grimes, V. Marshall, C. Watkins, H. Watts, E. Prevatt, B. Matthews,E.Giles. Second row: B. Pipkins, C. Pegues, J. Mock, T. Strickland, G. Austin, N.Anderson. Third row: A. Watkins, L. Taylor, W. McDonald, J. Poole, M. Harris, Mr. Stewart Sponsor. -1 5 Key 61116 First row: B. Pipkin, T. McGilvary, L. Purcell, P. Sheffield, B. Dubois, M. Polk, S.B1owers,T Sprott, M. Anderson, K. Cozart, J. Gruel. Second rowz Sponsor Mr. Aggelis, G. Stephens, L Hagan, R. Stavely, R. Weaver, R. DuBois, R. Meredith. x, ...A 4f'V7, venus or A fmu S"r '-, f ' ' I G m ! SYIONZU I F V . D 'Q 5 1 5-PF F A 1 L6-'41 u 9 fu Z fSWcetl1mrt lg' geeky Rimes 'lie' 4 , 3- :fg 5'. ZA. First row, kneeling: Pad Smith, Monte Coon, Travis Garrison, Olen Sheffield, Lloyd Culp, Frank- ie I-Iewitt,Sammy Parolina, N. D. Roberts, Harry Chauncey, Curtiss Howell. Second row: C arl Madebach, Jerry Chauncey, 'A. W. Norman, Reporter Dayton Stivers, Sentinel Tommy Fortner, Sweetheart Becky Rimes, President Edward Kirkland, Chaplain Donald Ray Standley, Treasurer George Gant, Lamar Rollins, Donald Jones, Claude Eason. Third row: D. J. Blue, Jimmy Davis Bobby Davis, Conductor Jerry Edson, Parliamentarian Danny Akins, Vice President Donald Byrd, Secretary John Barton,Jimmy Gilliard, Francis Poole, Charles McQueen, Galen Collins. Fourth row: Luther Redding, Henry Dixon, Billy Harvey, Donald O'Steen, Robert Lane, Roy Howell, James Carlton. Fifth row: Larry Mims, Billy McKinney, Bert Elliot, Wyman McDonald, Mike Adams, Randall Mills, Harry Keene, Wayne Evans, Henry Freeman, Homer Morgan, Claude Chauncey. Sixth row: John Willis, Robert Minton, Charles Talkington, Vernon Meeks, Dickie Tice. Not Pictured: Gilbert Averett, Elton Byrd, David Culp, Glen Fahrenbach, Melvin Sheffield, Paul Sheffield, Mack Sumner, Denny Townley, Jack Woody. Sf. 5214. glllb Seated: Blenda Turner, Penny Stewart, MarolynCa1-ter, Gail Harvey, Korita Peters, Margaret Martin, Beverly Hanlon, Carol Proctor. Standing: Blanche Eastman, Verdelle Welch, Thelma Mitchell, Evelyn Parrish, Annette Benchimol, Kay English, Bill Mixon, Sharon Duke,Marlene Watts, Edward Harris, Reuel Henriquez. 5'. ILA. 611111 First row, seated: Sharon Harris, Wanda Hancock, Shirlejane Meredith, Nell Fannin, Nancy Casteel, Martha Swanner, Barbara Collins, Thelma Mitchell. Second row: Catherine Resmondo, Marion Morris, Janice Jordan, Wanda West, Annette Benchimol, Nancianne Frye, Vivian Bell, Pat Davis, Janet Moore, JoAnn Bass, Charlotte Glisson, Marilyn Wells. Third row: Mary Ann Gay, Susan Langford, Joy Mo ire, Marolyn Carter, Korita Peters, Virginia Smith, Pat Byrd, Margaret Woodle Patsy Roberts, Carole Vickers, Odelia Kuenzel. Fourth row: Sponsor Mrs. Shimp, Sandra Motsinger, Doris Jones, Peggy Neely, Carolyn Cook, Carolyn Johnson, Marlene Watts. Q - 'wwf Y fa: f, 1 . 7 ,at , - n l Q if 2 B .A',,. .Q-s:5?.' 33 A I , ,f-Mm, f , .gs ,,, - - 'H 5 1-. A? , ,A V RX 4,1 Panthrr Grow! Staff Seated: Becky Sprott, Joy Moore, Molly Morrison, Sharon Duke, JoAnn Bass, Lillian Giles, Pat Hobby, Mary Jones, Sue Boutwell. Standing: Ernestine Barley. Hazel Hickman, Jean Meeks, Carmen Jones, Delores Sumner, Ellen Worthen, Edna Watson, Dickie Tice, Carolyn Lyle, Patsy Roberts, Mrs. Weaver Sponsor, Lucy March, Cecelia Mizell, Pat Byrd, Bettye Watson. junior library Klub First Row, centered behind desk: Donna Lowe,Averil Dean, Georgia Ann Eastman, Judy Austin, Ansley Stavely, Caroline Campbell. Second Row, standing: Bobby Mitchell, Kay Bugbee, Danny Barwick, Kenny Mulli s , David Duke, Gordie Welch, Pauline Wright, Annette Hughes, Elaine Rosencranse, Dottie Crews. Ann Cooper, Janice Murphy. Third row, standing: Tommy Farmer, Deborah Deal, Kenny McDonald, Nancy Wiggins, Sally Butcher. st! i Q sf ik: vw 1' 4-H 611165 1------Q 15 Sf P55 'mx J." 4 A- ! H9 -pm gqggg R ' Q Li '-'- ' k ' "'r Y, 5 . Q A I f1 4 F ' f f' A 1 L m,m,' ,f Lf"' 'i H ,, HI L-.11 Y if X0 lp Z m .fwlw wwf, iw X P W 3 1' 57 4 if Mafvrettcs Kay English, Hazel Hickm 5,,,b ' 'Wm V f 4-fi ' 7 ' 1 -mp-1. - . an, T51- 'Wk Be ttye Watso ,L ,- 5f5,mgg.1t,. ,V , , um, :MQ : - ,-I , k ,wg-:g'fp.:Q-a -uk. '94 HQ , L , v, h . an Ink:-Si, "' I 15-- , ..L-fn,-Egg. I ,QR n, Head Majorette Mary Jones, Becky Rxmes fx' A 1'-rx, Q W J' 9 fi KJ , r 'fx Q any f an X 5 272. vga! ,fm ln. Sfecutizfe Hammitm Bettye Watson, Bruce Black, Sa d Mullis, Joh y K'1p t ' k Ric C L P 11 rane, ee Drum Majorcttc Sandra Mullis I x S x E? ii X fi 1 , T- F' 15212, A W- iskat an .X mmm ,.,,.,,,...,....+M. X 31 ii f I0 and I I ff' ' ,Jw ' iff -E Lffoooo wlss-:es I!! ,f to the I fy CLASS OF 1957 ' x r0m fe w. -s. Ancoclc coRPoRA'rloN IQ, . I , , X Mulberry, Florida FLORIDA'S FINEST FURNITURE f if WI I ?IjfpUJ-I XVI! I Bb kWlIT fY " a coc I rea ou Right" COMPLIMENTS OF R. H. CLARK EQUIPMENT co. :Nc SPECIALIZED MACHINERY and MINING EQUIPMENT Telephone 2541 Mulberry, Flor d COMPLIMENTS OF Bunk of Mrrlberry SERVING THE PHOSPHATE AREA WITH COMPLETE BANKING FACILITIES Member of the MCNULTY GROUP OF BANKS Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HARRIS TEXACO SERVICE STATION MULBERRY SERVICE STATION Gas, Oil,And Fishing Oil, -l-IFES, P3l'l'S, And Equipment Phone 2051 Accessories Phone 2051 East Mulberry And Barrow Road Mulberry Florida PHONE 4511 MULBERRY LUNIBER HO0KER'S C 0 Nl P A N Y DEPARTMENT STORE Your Building Material CLOTHING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY d WHEN HOOKER'S IN TOWN Hen qU""e's PRICES STAY DOWN and Phone 3121 T V l.. T. Hooker, Manage MULBERRY, FLORI WHERE YOU BUY FOR LESS Harry C. Morsinger, Owner WESTERN AUTO Associate Store DA PHONE 2351 compnmenrs of CENTRAL PHARMACY Phone 2471 MULBERRY, rLomoA MULBERRY RADIO IIO First Sfreef Phone 51 I I BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1957 8. T V JENKlN's Gnocsnv GROCERIES - FROZEN FOODS MEATS - FEED Phone 3291 MULBERRY, FLORIDA BEST WISHES From MARIE'S BEAUTY SALON Compliments of CITY MARKET MARIE STEWART, Owner 203 Church Sf. Phone 4831 FRESH DRESSED POULTRY Mulberry Phone 3501 Mulberry The Mulberry Construction 81 Welding Co. WISHES TO CONGRATULATE THE SENIORS OF 1957 LET GEORGE DO IT! SOUTHERN ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL coNTRAc:TlNo Compliments of AppUANCE5 GEORGE T. HARNED Television -- Rodio - Soles ond Service Conol Street Mulberry MULBERRY, FLORIDA ' Phone 4981 TRADE AT Compliments of WALTERS DRIVE INN AIR CONDITIONED OPEN 24 HOURS Penny Saver Market Mulberry, Phone 3164 Specials Every Day BENNETT'S BARBER SHOP A N D E R S 0 N BENNETT'S SHOE SHOP GROCERY Mulberry's Master Home Of Quality Merchandise Phone 3171 Mulberry Shoe Rebuilder New Shoes . . . Polishes .... Laces Brushes . . . Let us Save Your Sole ii? 'aff to 0 U ff fob fcf.-of ff-TKQZ-' ,,ug,,,' of ffizvn, gf35.,6'ZAJ,!,vxf Aw,. c4 lQKNFZQwf ' -S-Jgz ffefffi 'F F M -WV' M44 71 ' f , , ee JET? .ZS Ae ! M Lilllilelfrlifllfa-2501 ffjffu, ,Lau QM fi? BREWSTER SUPER C""P'f"""" of MARKET, 'NC snswsrslz RECREATIONAL CLUB 8: DINING ROOM BREVVSTER, FLORIDA F Managed by F Mr. 8: Mrs. R. G. Kersey, Jr. . B wster F1 d A Complete line of Fomcy , Groceries, Meofs, Fruits oricl Vegeiobles. Compliments of Air Concliiionecl for Your BREWSTER SUNDRIES Complete Fountain, Drug, Cosmetics Comfort Service Telephone Mulberry 9-1191 B wster Florida Dorgfhy iX1Of'NC!Od'NYXQ. W' f ,i .E if-jhye I .fm DoHy MM Jfmef' V A1 - s LJor-sol ff"-L 'Dovxd Lucy O Key OYYWTYN7 H envy Rid-moral He -L f , ,M,,f A f.. ., EQWQ KC, GPA 5 "IV if- ffl We , V 235 i Teo rw Jimm X is X .I an K A ,M N 4, "" X .1 Y, gql , Sally 3 Shar-on , . u-Q .mimi 3 aria af' if wi.. x X' in J. in -RQQLQPCX 5 EGA D. wi Qovovw Eaoix H. ' M QTTXWQ Finn Q1 Ohh w...,.h... I Vireiiwda Q u h GT' . ,A mifh' , ,x:: V , 'B'XXY 'D+ vivi in Y ' N 5 BETTER CROPS BIGGER PROFITS Uv C0 FERTILIZERS VIRGINIA-CARDLINA CHEMICAL CORP. NICHOLS FLORIDA Compliments of BRADLEY GROCERY Bradley Florida Compliments of BESS FURNITURE CO. Admirals, Appliances New Gt Used Furniture Bradley Florida HENDRY'S GROCERY General Merchandise Bradley Florida BREWSTER SERVICE STATION Greasing - Washing - Polishing Corner of Road 60 and Brewster Access Road Telephone 9-1181 Brewster Florida PlPKlN'S GARAGE 24 I-lour Wrecker Service DAY AND NIGHT PHONE 4391 Coriol Street Mulberry THE FLOWER SHOP Mrs. Louise Doss, Florist Phone 5441 Mulberry Florida Complimenls of CAMP CLEANERS MULBERRY PHARMACY Prescriptions Filled - Fountain Service MAGAZINES ond FINE CANDIES MULBERRY, FLORIDA KlLPATRlCK'S I. G. A. GROCERY 8- MARKET Quality Meats - Fresh Vegefcibles Eos? Conol ST. Phone 226l Eos? Mulberry Compliments of METALCOAT. INC. E. Canal St. Phone 4281 Mulberry Florida Complime nts ROBERTSON STUDIO 160 North Central Avenue Bartow Florida Compliments of C4615 LAKELAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND "Serving A11 Polk County" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Lakeland, Florida Diamonds-Watches-Jewelry GOFF JEWELRY 109 Easi Main Sfreef LAKELAND FLORIDA Considerate Credit No Interest or Carrying Charges of Any Kind Sierling-China-Appliances and Luggage LAKELAND FORD COMPANY 'I25 Lake Mirror Drive LAKELAND, FLORIDA SALES SERVICE GRINER WATERS, Dealer Compliments of MYRICK'S MEN'S STORE 123 S. Kentucky Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA Congratulations THE EMPIRE For More Than 30 Years First in Feminine Fashions Lakeland Florida Compliments of GAINES JEWELRY 122 East Main St. Lakeland Florida A BETTER SELECTION OF BETTER FURNITURE AT BETTER PRICES C O O K ' S 210 S. Florida Ave, Lakeland LAKELAND HOME APPLIANCE COMPANY. INC. Appliances 8: Television Westinghouse - Dumont - Hotpoint Sales 81 Service 226-228 South Florida Ave, Lakeland Florida 1..T W. W. WOLFSON. PHARMACIST Drugs - Prescriptions 1211 South Florida Avenue 1401 Lakeland Hills Blvd. "DRIVE IN" MOORE'S STYLE SHOP 207 East Main Street Lakeland, Florida STYLE-MART CLOTHES "The Best Clothing Value in America Today" Streater Buick Inc. SALES . . . SERVICE 954 E. Main Street Phone MU-5-1131 LAKELAND, FLORIDA When Better Automobiles Are Built Buick Will Build Them Varsity l6'z1sk ctball Kneeling Beverly Hanlon, Scorekeeper. First Row: Manager Wayne Meredith Charles Lyle Wilvon West Jackie Johnson, Kenny Galberaith, Lee Purcell, Manager Archie Bu1e Second Row Ronald O'Steen Jerry Moore, Leland Hagan, Richard Galberaith, David Willis Richard Weaver H4516 cllulll December December December January January January January January January February February February 4 13 18 4 ..... 8 11 15 17 18 1 5 8 clzedulc I 956 - I 957 Kissimmee Kathleen . . 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Suggestions in the Mulberry High School - Mulberry Tree Yearbook (Mulberry, FL) collection:

Mulberry High School - Mulberry Tree Yearbook (Mulberry, FL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Mulberry High School - Mulberry Tree Yearbook (Mulberry, FL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mulberry High School - Mulberry Tree Yearbook (Mulberry, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 23

1957, pg 23

Mulberry High School - Mulberry Tree Yearbook (Mulberry, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 77

1957, pg 77

Mulberry High School - Mulberry Tree Yearbook (Mulberry, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 56

1957, pg 56

Mulberry High School - Mulberry Tree Yearbook (Mulberry, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 5

1957, pg 5

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