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 - Class of 1956

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. M ' ' n ' ' ' fx 4 V mf fzwvbvgl Ty fl ' O KWWW W SS fiia Q , QV wwf 'Q gJ4ijL mow M Wh M5 5 Wfmw M Xwxgwg mJfM,,W9 Mwwig MWWM ig WQQTQWW Si W 'fb 'E Ai-iiii X N Ek ix BFQEQA 632 6 "T Q - . - ,1- pw. -4 1 , -.f1'N 'mH - r -, ,,,,.,,,.. . ..,- .,f..V- .,,,,. A4 ...., . . - -YA. A-Y ,, ,, , M ,,, N . , 1 uw W , ,W ,mf,w1 ,, , ,X ,J MN 'W,",,,,1,J: Lg' ww ,z , ,mx w , "M uw , H , , , ,N 4. , ,I ,my ' W W W ,. ,. iw " y W V '1W f1ln5-wil! ' ,q33'..',.w: ',,,1IkG'H-wa., www :H H q,, ,WC11'w'-' W. L,w ,:+!1N:q1y., Mwww,,,,x3N....N w,",,N ,, 1 ,pw 'm,""'xM WVWY: .N..+..,.q.u.I m ,, ,N W- lw- 'Q' -W ,-qw' ww- J 1-"N. ' w Y , Y -,, 'N '1', , i:'mw,'-, X ""'1ui'-""il'!:1N3u1"3.l -"1'11ww1 f,'Q111i'w'1 W, , - mm Y' ' ' W! MH!! x x x M x, l wrw M MM N WM XM W N Y Mm Ju x N W WMM 'L f lxwlxx IM: "xlNWJ"-11,3 W '!",h!1 ':J :x,"Ev7! MH-'N "1 ' V ,W lx' "!w V"M W Wx' MM ww! H M W ul M X ' "M N T' " ' W! 1"1,'u 'H 11 X H N uw "3- , 1-,ww N M -. M -,1 w1-- 1 .Y ,. W. M ,wd , XNJ ,k,vw' hN,nH 'mx , W3 gm! . 4 ,-,,,,,,,,N w, ,1y-www, ,,,. , w1'1H,'WAWwMMUhN 1 ' 'TA Ci- MV' V V ,, ,W "w1 NN1 , 5,59 , ,, . Y, 1' My U 1 ' ' ,, I K - Y 1 ' 'N w W MMQW ' ""W 1,'! "l11Umi,1" N" N H M ,ym um. F , 4, ,, w-:NWN 'Wx-1-N4-,3 xl! ,,glW2 W ' www , !M1"w , 11, NIM, 1i v uw t MQ W W wb w wv Aq1 WEu W Hu Miwwwm M ww' JMWILQ lQQ'1C'I XI' fl QWWMQ, WH 04 w dMLmWQQW3W WWW jf-gl M My fbzfpw, 30-M'7 MW' 'agjggw aj W ,- Vw "" W ,Q mlm ' 11,5 V,,,,,,u ,M , H3 W . MW W WNV 'Ml !a Nu MW! WML! HM HM "W MH N HU V y M UWM N N NWN W. + Wm W HHH!!! J XE T1 N W G WW L y W W N M u W Wu 'WN Maw! lf f jj Wmlm wN13y1H 1NV V1 WW ' F!! "Rug UMW N W Wi 1 Wil! '1 w U MM WW MM WH I4 M DNMUPC! YTREE I Published by the MULBERRY TREE STAFF Mulberry Junior-Senior High School Mulberry, Florida DBdiC3ti0I'l In appreciation of his many years of service, his leadership, his friendship, and especially for his untiring efforts to promote the building of the best new Junior-Senior High School for the youth of our area. . . we, the annual staff, take pleasure in dedicating our 1956 edition of THE MULBERRY TREE to Mr, W. H. Purcell. fw 1 nog f'-sly if-S xj A I Q in . A gy f"'?W ami was-vim W ,,,.fzw' . -,F . . .iMM,,,Q,,.Q ,W rgfxgfag M,.,,k ..,. N aww L gQ,nr" tw- Q.,,,yg,,,,..m - iw, .i ..,,f , . .X ,Q ' P" M, W as x. X, , W Q N X K A iw., f 'K Q. . S Y ,gg gggzf " k? ?Jvfw ww 4' ai ww- ,X . 'J-rw. ,W-fgfrv-1-VX. , A. ,fmwfxfiwi J' W,-Q ,SA A J Mi FACULTY f MR. A, E. CHOATE MR, W, H, PURCELL School Principal Area Supervising Principal MISS LOUISE CLARKE Mathematics DAVID A. LOFGREN Area Physical Education Director High School its s MRS. HETTIE D. AVERETT English MR, TROY S, CUMMING MR, EUGENE DOSS MRS. GEORGIANA FRASER Industrial Arts Vocational Agriculture Librarian IQ g "a is f Q A I :., an i Q 7 -,. ' I Q' s s MISS MARGARET LOVE MR, ROGER V. MORRISON MR. CHARLES W. PUGH Buginggs Educalign Music Director English, History VIR, GEORGE M. WILLINGHAM MR, GLENN F. REED Athletic Director MRS, MARGARET D. SHIMP Homemaking in Q MR. J. S. WHITE Natural Sciences Mathematics, Social Studies lu n ior L High I R School R Ei S E 2 t MR. THEODORE S. AGGELIS Science, Mathematics MRS, HELEN B. MARTIN MR. WILLIAM L. McDONALD English, Social Studies Asst. Athletic Director Science, Mathematics S MR, H. H, STEWART D.C.T. Coordinator MISS RUTH MULFORD, R.N. Area School Nurse MRS, GERTRUDE DORMAN Science, Mathematics MRS, ERDINE WEAVER English, Spanish MRS, ELIZABETH POWERS School Secretary MRS, JUANITA W. ELLIS English, Science - "-' ' , A fir ' l U ' "" 1- i Not pictured ' ii Miss MARILYN HUNTER g 'S ' llb, i S Girls Physical Education f 1 v,.,, ' "" I i . A - I f .f MR. DON SUTTLES Asst.. Athletic Director Social Studies ENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right, James Kerce, Treasurer: Bobby Arnold, Presidentg Marvin Kelly, Vice-Presidcntg Susie Cravey, Secretary. WILBUR RAY ALLEN "Come back in five minutes and I'1l be in trouble." Band-9, 10, 11,12g 'Junior Play, Newspaper Staff-10, J.V. Basketball-9, I.V. Baseball 10, Senicr Play, Senior Personality. ROBERT H. ARNOLD "The word impossible is not in his dic- tionary. " J.V. Football-9, Key Club -10,11, 12, Varsity Baseball-10,11,12g Varsity Footbal1-10,11,12- Captain-12, Delegate to Boy's State-11, "M" Club-11,123 Class Officer-9, 10, 11, 12, Class President-12, Beta Club-10, 11,12g Homecoming Court-12, Valentine Sweetheart-11, Newspaper Staff-10, Senior Personality. WILBUR BEAIUIINGTON "Let the rest of the world go by, I'm a spectator." Library Club-105 DCT Club-11, 12. PEGGY LEE BELL "You never know what you can do until you try." Library Club-9, 10, FHA Club-11, 12, 4-H Club-9,10,11. r THELMA MAE BENTON "She darts here and she darts there." Newspaper Staff-11,125 FHA Club-12, 4 A Annual Club-12, Annual Staff-12. 3 ROBERT M. BIDDLE "Calmly and peacefully he treads life's way. " Transferred from Port Auther, Texas, DCT Club-12. 'Q aw an ,Q DAVID LINHART BURDETTE "A leader, but more than that, a friend." J.V. Football-9, DCT Club-11, 12, Varsity Football-10,11, 12g Student Council-9, 10, ll, Student Government-12-President-12, Class Officer-9, 10, 11, Beta Club-10,11,12g Newspaper Staff-10, M Club-16, 11,125 Junior Playg Homecoming Court-11, Senior Person- ality. JOSEPH M. BUTNER "One of those fellows you can't help liking." Transferred from Bartow, DCT C1ub-12- Officer-12, DCT State President-125 Home- coming Court-12, Senior Play, Senior Personality. 68 MARY HELEN BLEVINS "Never too busy to smile." Library Club-11, 12. BARBARA ANN BRANCH "Sweet and shy. " FHA Club-9, llg Annual Club-12, Library Club-12. JAMES B. CALHOUN "A man in earnest finds means." EVELYN CANNON "It's not what you do, it's what you get caught doing. " Majorette-9, 10, 11, Pep Club-93 Varsity Basketball-10,11, 12g Student Council-9, 10,11, FHA Club-11,12g M Club-11,12g 4-H Club-9, 10, 11, 12, Senior Personality Annual Club-12. GORDON I. CANNING "l'll be a bachelor 'till I die!" Band-9,10,11,12g Key Club-11,123 I. V. Football-9, Beta Club-11, 12, Band Executive Committe-9, 12g Senior Play. RONALD CARAKER "Take good care of me, good men are scarce." Annual Club-12, Varsity Football-10, 11, 12g Newspaper Staff-10, 12, M Club-10, 11, 12g I. V. Football-95 Swimming Team-9g Senior Personality, Annual Staff-12. SUSIE MAE CRAVEY "To make the world a friendly place, she shows to it a friendly face." Homecoming Court-10, 11, 12 -Queen-12, FHA Club-9, 11g Beta Club-11, 12g Class Officer-123 Annual Club-125 Pep Club-9, Senior Play, Senior Personality, Annual Staff-12. LELA DORINE DAVIS "I wasn't the only one talking." Library Club-93 M Club-12g FHA Club 9, Majorette-11g I.V. Cheerleader-95 4-H Club-9, 10, 11, 12g Student Gover- nment-12g DCT Club-12, Basketball Mgr. 11g Senior Play-12g Pep Club-9. CAROLYN LAVERNE CLEMENTS "Athletic, friendly, and kind. . . none like her you'll ever find." Varsity Basketball-10, 11, 12g Tennis Team- 9, 10, 11,125 J. V. Basketball-95 Annual Club-12, Pep Club-9, Football Sponsor-12g Newspaper Staff-12, M Club-10, 11, 125 Intramural Board-105 Senior Personality, Annual Staff-12. MARY JEAN CONNELLY "Quiet, gentle, and refined, always thought ful and very kind. " Library Club-9g FHA Club-11, 12g Band-9 1o,11,12. MARGARET CECILE DUKE "Did you say 1've got a lot to 1earn?" 4-H Club-9, 10, 12, FHA Club-ll, 12g Junior Play, Pep Club-9g Basketba11.Manager-12g I. Basketball-9g Annual Club-12, Senior Play, Newspaper Staff-12, Annual Staff-12. GAYLE P. EARP "She's quiet but quite a girl. " DCT C1ub12-Offieer-125 M Club-11, 12, J.V. Homecoming Queen-10, FHA Club- 10, 11, Pep Club-9, Homecoming Court-9, 12, Class Officer-10, Delegate Girls State- llg Varsity Basketball-10, Annual Club-12, Valentine Sweetheart-11: Beta Club-113 4-H Club-9, Annual Staff-12, Senior Personality. V. DONALD E. DEAL "Honest, I'm not lazy, I'm just dreaming." Transferred from Dade City. THOMAS ARTHUR DUFF "l'm not going to let no teacher run over me. Varsity Basketball-10, 11, 125 M Club-11, 12, 4-H Club-10, Junior Play, I.V. Football-9. KW? 17 JAMES E. EASON "The more you learn, the more you forget-- so why study?" FFA Club-12, J. V. Football-9, Varsity Football-10, 11, M Club-11, 12, Varsity Baseball-10, 11, Varsity Basketball-115 Track-11. MARGARETT EMERSON "Ain't got a worry to my name." Transferred from Bartowg M Club-12, Varsity Basketball-11, 12. SANDRA GAIL FOSTER "My true love hath my heart and I have his." FHA Club-105 Newspaper Staff-12g Band-9, 10g Tennis Team-10, 11, 12g M Club-11, 12g 4-H Club-ll, 12g Pep Club-9g J. V. Basketball-9g Annual Club-12g Annual Staff-12: Varsity Basketball-125 Senior Play. JAMES DOUGHERTY FULLER "You can't believe everything you hear, so why listen?" Newspaper Staff-10g Library Club-10, 11, 12g Varsity Football Manager-10. ANN LOUISE HAGAN "Silence is more musical than any song." 4-H Club-9, 105 Library Club-9, 10g DCT Club-12g Senior Personality. MARY VETA HANCOCK "The way to have friends is to be one. " 4-H Club-9, 10, 11g Library Club-9, 10, 11, 12g FHA Club-11, 12g DCT Club-12g Library Club Officer-11, 12 . MARIORIE JEAN GAY "Good natured and gay, we like her that way!" 4-H Club-9, 12g Varsity Cheerleader-10, 11, 12-Co-Captain-12g FHA Club-11-Officer-115 M Club-11, 12-Officer-125 Homecoming Court 125 Newspaper Staff-12g Pep Club-9. DOROTHY ANN GRIMES "l'm little but I'm.1oud. " I.V. Cheerleader-9g Library Club-9g FHA Club-9, 125 4-H Club-9, 12g Newspaper Staff-10, 11, 12. 111115 GLENDA JOYCE HICKS "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." FHA Club-11, 12-Officer-12g Junior Playg Library Club-12. LESTER QSKIPPYQ HOFFMAN "Beware I might do something sensational yet." I. V. Football-9, 105 Baseball-9, 10, 11, 125 Varsity Football-11, 125 Varsity Basketball-11 12g M Club-10, 11, 12g Newspaper Staff-11. NAOMI NAVADA HARDY "May she always be the same, changing nothing but her name." Band-9, 10, 11, 125 Library Club-9g Newspaper Staff-105 4-H Club-9, 10, 11, 125 FHA Club-11g Junior Playg Annual Club-12g Annual Staff-12. KEITH ALLEN HAWKINS "I wou1dn't walk around the corner to see the world blow up. " Newspaper Staff-10g I. V. Baseball-10g 4-H Club-11g DCT Club-11, 125 Junior Play: I.V. Football-11. ALLYSON BURDETTE HOOD "There are no lazy men, I just haven't found the work for which I'm suited. " Transferred from Pinecrestg Varsity Football-11, 123 M Club-11, 125 Varsity Basketball-11, 123 FFA Club-12-Officer-12. ATHALEE HOWARD "Life is what we make it." 4-H Club-10, 12g FHA Club-12. GREGORY JENKINS "Quiet and shy, real nice guy. " 4-H Club -95 J.V. Football Manager-105 Library Club-11, 125 Junior Play: Senior Personality. SOLON KEEN, JUNIOR "I just say what I think. " Varsity Baseball-11, 12g FFA Club-12. 51. PHILIP RAY KIRK "Men of few words are the best men." Transferred from Willistong DCT Club-12g Senior Play JOYCE MARIE KIRKLAND "Sweet melodies are always sweet. " Library Club-9g FHA Club-9, 12g Newspaper Staff-12g Senior Personality. MARVIN DAVID KELLY "I see the right and approve of it, too. Transferred from Miamig DCT Club-I2 Officer-125 Class Officer-12. JAMES A, KERCE, JUNIOR "Every man has devilish moments." Newspaper Staff-10g Class Officer-12g Beta Club-10, 11, 12g Key Club-11, 125 Varsity Baseball-11, 123 M Club-11, 12 Senior Personality. RONALD BRUCE LANE "A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the best of men." LV. Football-9, Varsity Football-10, 11, 12, Varsity Baseball-10, 11, 12, Varsity Basketball- 11, Key Club-10, 11, 12g 4-H Club-10g M Club 10, 11, 12-Officer-12, Homecoming Court-10, 11, 12g Intramural Board-9, Track-11, 12, Senior Playg Senior Personality. WILLIAM LEE QBILLYJ MATHIS "My love affairs are unlimited. " Band-9, 10, 11, 12: Drum Major-11, 12: Band Executive Committee-11, 12g Key Club-11, 12g Homecoming Court-12g I. V. Home- coming Court-10g I. V. Football-10, Newspaper Staff-10: Junior Playg 4-H Club-9,105 student Government-12, Senior Play, Senior Personality. 3 L,-M, KIRKLAND, IUNIOR "Sti1l water runs deep." LV. Football-9g Baseball-11. ROBERT EMMETT LANCASTER "I am always in haste, but never in a hurry GIBBY MATHIS "Give me a thousand women--but one at a time. " 4-H'Club-10g LV. Football-10g Key Club- 11, 12, Homecoming Court-11, 12, Varsity Football-12g Senior Personality. RICHARD W, MATTHES "A remarkable fellow--what more could we say?" DCT Club-12g Senior Personality. SUSIE MELVIN "She would stop St. Peter to ask a question." I.V. Cheerleader-9g Varsity Cheerleader-125 4-H Club-9, 105 Homecoming Court-125 FHA Club-119 Annual Club-125 Senior Playg Senior Personality. DONALD WAYNE MILES "He'11 prove useful in a pinch--if he is pinched hard enough. " Student Council-9g Band-9, 10, 11, 125 J. V. Football-9, 10g Intramural Board-10g Varsity Baseball-10, 11, 125 Key Club-10, 11, 12g Beta Club-10, 11, 125 M Club-11, 12g Varsity Basketball-11, 12g Homecoming Court-11g Varsity Football-11, 12. SUE MOCK "Behind those eyes--much mischief lies. " Varsity Cheerleader-125 Homecoming Court-105 Varsity Basketball-11g J.V. Basketball-9. CAROLYN JUNE MOSES "She has a word and a twinkling eye for every- one who passes by." 4-H Club-9, 10, 11-Officer-11g FHA Club-9, 11g Annual Club-12g Annual Staff-11, 12g Pep Club-9g I.V. Basketball-9g Newspaper Staff-12 Band Flag Bearer-10, 11, 125 Annual Editor-12. REBA MILLS "A smile for everyone--but two for every boy." Majorette-9, 10, 11, Head Majorette-12g Varsity Basketball-10, 11, 123 FHA Club-10, 11 4-H Club-9, 10, 11, 12-Officer-12g Junior Playg Pep Club-95 I.V. Basketball-9g Senior Personality. HELEN DELORES MITCHELL "The same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. " Library Club-10, 12. W. J. MCNALLY, JUNIOR "His only labor was to kill time." 4-H Club-9, 10, 113 J. V. Football-95 M Club-11, 125 Varsity Basketball-11, 12, Junior Play, DCT Club-12, Student Government-12: Tennis-11. WALLACE SHELTON ODOM "He's quiet, but you know he 's around." Transferred from Hillsborough High School, Varsity Football-llg J.V. Basketball-11, Tennis Team-11g4-H Club-12, Varsity Basketball-12g Varsity Baseball-12. JAMES E. MOTSINGER "A fine fellow, full of fun, he is liked by everyone." J.V. Football-9g Varsity Football-11, Homecoming Court-12gKey Club-11, 12. PATRICIA MURPHY HALFORD "You must change your style of living. . . Library Club-9, 10, 11, 12, 4-H Club-9, 10, 11 DCT Club-125 FHA Club-11. n JANICE PEEK "She is like an April shower, full of fun and lots of laughter. " Varsity Cheerleader-11, 12: J. V. Cheer- leader-9g. 4-H Club-9g Pep Club-93 Senior Play, Senior Personality. ELLA MAE PEGUES "Ca1mness is great advantage. Transferred from Winter Haven: Newspaper Staff-12, DCT Club-12. FRANCES ALICE PREVATT "So earnest in her work and fun, we know not half the work she's done." Library Club-9g 4-H Club-9, 10g FHA Club-105 J.V. Basketball-95 Varsity Basketball-10,115 Basketball Manager-12g M Club-11, 12g Junior Play. WALTER ROY PREVATT "Get thee behind me, Satan, " DCT Club-12. WILBUR HALLAM PURCELL, Junior "The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed." Band-9, 10, 11, 12g Beta Club-10, 11, 1'2-Officer- 11, 123 Newspaper Staff-10g Student Council-114 Student Government-12g Key Club-11, 125 Var- sity Football-11g Senior Playg Senior Personality. EVELYN IEANNETTE ROWAND "See the mischief in her eyes: she 's a terror for her size . " GLENDA SUE PROCTOR "I'm not arguing with you--I'm telling you! 4-H Club-9,105 Baud-9,10,11g I. V. Cheer- leader-9g Annual Club-129 Beta Club-125 Newspaper Staff-10, 11,125 Student Govern- ment-12g DCT Club-12-Officerg Junior Playg n Senior Playg Homecoming Court-12. JOAN MARIE PURCELL "As many good points as a package of pins. " Varsity Cheerleader-9,10,11,12-Captain-12 Beta Club-10, 11,12-Officer-11, 12-State Secretary-125 Varsity Basketball-10, 11, 12g M Club-10, 11, 12g Junior Playg Homecoming Court-12g Class Officer-11g Newspaper Staff- 10, 125 Senior Personality. f I Q ROY ALAN SIMPSON "He is wise who speaks not much. " 4-H Club-9, 10, 11, 12g J. V. Football-10. JAMES WESLEY SMITH, Junior "A noble man is lead far by a won1an's gentle words. " Library Club-9, 10,11, 12-Officer-12g J. V. Football-95 DCT Club-11, 12. CAROL ANN SHIMP "Work is the yeast that goes to raise the dough!" Junior Play-115 FHA Club-9, 10, 11,125 Band-9, 10, 11, 12g Newspaper Staff-105 Beta Club-10, 11, 12g Student Government-125 4-H Club-9. MARY JEANETTE SHIRLEY "In every activity you can depend on izer to do lier part well. " FHA Club-95 Beta Club-10, 11,12-Officer-12g Newspaper Staff-10, 11,125 Editor-125 Annual Staff-125 Library Club-105 4-H Club-95 Senior Play: Annual Club-125 Senior Personality. LEROY HAROLD SMITH "Better to give than to lend--and it costs about the same, " J. V. Football-9, 103 Newspaper Staff-105 Student Government-125 Varsity Football-11, 12. SHIRLEY GAY STANDLEY "Silence never betrayed anyone." FHA Club-9g Band-10, 11, 12. SALLY ANNE STEWART "Small quantity but good quality. " 4-H Club-95 J.V. Cheerleader-9g FHA Club-10, 115 Junior Play, Beta Club-10, 11, 12-Officer-125 Class Officer-9, 115 J. V. Basketball-9, J.V. Home- coming Court-9g Pep Club-9, Annual Staff-123 Senior Personalityg Annual Club-12. JIMMY SWEARINGEN "Life without music would be a mistake." Library Club-10,11, 125 Junior Play. l 'MV CHARLES WARD "Just bumming around." J.V. Football-95 Varsity Football-10, M Club 11,12g Track-9, FFA Club-12-Officer-12, Varsity Baseball-10, Senior Play. CHARLES ELBERT WALKER "Char1ie went over the mountain." J.V. Football-9g DCT Club-11,125 Varsity Baseball-9, J.V. Basketball-9. JOYCE ANNE WALKER "Blonde, petite, pretty, and sweet, she isn't likely to be beat." 4-H Club-9g Majorette-9, 105 Homecoming Court-9, Intramural Board-9, 10, Newspaper Staff-12, Basketball Manager-11, 12, Varsity Cheerleader-12, M Club-12-Officer-12, Annual Club-12, Annual Staff-10, 11, 12, Junior Play, Student Government-12, Pep Club-9g Annual Editor-12. ? - J hsf wi' M 1 raw ,Q is ,f - Q' Eff' L. if is S 5 Q s 'E 1? TWEQWKQQ minion'-wwf'-M"' ' if W 5 'W f Am 5 W si K 5. ai fb 1: ,i 1.1 a f' 3 is 'P :V A REQ ., ...K iff. F f ,. fix A kweg r w . , '4 4, , im mf., X-..,...-1' Hr! -w QW ,I iii A si 9-Q-, M' Q 5 Aigx ,X Hug? Q Mgyq A 'M 4, '., E .v:2.,f:3-22.5 ' 1 ':'Q-5213 45, Q, . V X fi? KN X Viifef 'Q W ., , .Q , W fs Q f Q N 22135 if wh, A gg? UV mv,-I , 4 , ax ' Q we 275 53 ., 2 9, 3 if 1 2 Wx ' m P31 'RLT' Y . wg .f i-1 ' Q ., 1 f 5 Akfigaviy a 5 Y Q55 , :KW , x . 'xc 'Q N Y - wwwwi, X- R M, M f , ,L MW my , y lvxff x. ,gk , B M 'wk Q .S i'91-sqm 4 pn-ff ,X I .i WF ,-.1 5539 QQ' 3' 3 W I W W 4. W Q M- '-of w1W'x,m I 9 MIKE ADAMS MARIA AGGELIS DANNY AKINS GABRIEL ALBRITTON MAX ANDERSON NORMAN ANDERSON GENE AUSTIN GLENDA BARLOW IO ANN BASS VIVIAN BELL SUE BOUTWELL GAIL BRIDGES PAT BYRD OLIVIA CALDWELL BOBYE CARAKER NANCY CASTEEL MYRNA CLARK SALLY CONNELL CAROLYN COOK DORIS COX KEY COZART NELLIE DASINGER WANDA DAVIS RONALD DUBOIS JU IORS vAZi:l:a,.s'E. i"a?q3 lm RODNEY EASON BLANCH EASTMAN, Secretary HENRY FREEMAN NANCIANNE FRYE DOLLY FULLER RICHARD GALBERAITH LINDA GIBSON ELEANOR GILES JIMMY GILLIARD JACQUELINE GRIMES SHARON GRUEL ANN HANCOCK MONTY HARRIS JAMES HART GAIL HARVEY HELEN HOWARD ED JAY FRANK JOHNSON JOHN KILPATRICK EDWARD KIRKLAND DAVID MANLEY LUCY JO MARSH VIRGINIA MARSHALL BARBARA MATTHES WYMAN MCDONALD FRANK MCKINNEY JEAN MEEKS BOB MEREDITH CECELIA MIZELL JOHN MOCK JANET MOORE DONALD O'STEEN BILLY PIPKIN MORRIS POLK ELAINE PREVATT NEIL ROBERTS JEAN ROWAND DOROTHY SMITH TOMMY SPROTT RICHARD STAVELY Vice -Presldent MACK SUMNER MARTHA ANN SWANNER LEROY TAYLOR, Treasurer JAMES TICE CARON WATKINS BETTYE WATSON HELEN WATTS RICHARD WEAVER, Presrdent ROSEMARY WIEZOREK Not Shown JAMES CARLTON JOE POOLE SOPHOMORE :wwnn' VIRGINIA BRADSHAW EDWIN CARAKER MAROLYN CARTER BARBARA COLLINS SANDRA COON RIGHARD CRANE LLOYD CULP GROVER CURRY JIMMY DAVIS BRYANT DICKEY SHARON DUKE KAREN EVANS JUDY FARMER LILLIAN GILES DORIS GRANT FRANCES GRAY JOHN GRUEL LELAN D HAGAN WANDA HANCOCK BEVERLY HANLON ROBERT HARDY CHRISTINA HARRELL SHARON HARRIS CAROL HAWKINS www an-I M., 1 ' 4' .,,. 5 Mn. 5. 1, A ww 4 , 3 Q K slr" vi' , ui if QV ' 'QU FRE HME NANCY ALDERMAN PATTY ANDERSON JIMMIE ARNOLD GILBERT AVERETT ERNESTINE BARLEY JOHN BARTON ANNETTE BENCHIMOL BILLY BLACKWELL SANDY BLOWERS LINDA BOYD JIMMY BRADSHAW BARBARA BRICE DONALD BYRD FRANKIE CAMPBELL DELORES CATO JOE CLARK CAROLYN CLEMENTS MONTE COON DANNY COOPER DAVID CULP GLENN CURLEE BOBBY DAVIS PAT DAVIS BENNY DUBOIS DIANNE DUKE JEROME EDSON KAY ENGLISH ALEX EVERS, III ROSE NELL FANNIN TOMMY FORTNER ROLAND FRAISER KENNY GALBERAITH GEORGE GANT GLADYS GANT PEGGY GARRISON WANDA GILLOOLEY JOEL HAGAN DONALD HALLMAN DOUGLAS HANLON RICHARD HARDY MELVIN SHEFFIELD ELAINE SMITH EDDIE SHOEMAKER JOSEPH SMITH VIRGINIA SMITH DONALD STANDLEY GERALD STEPHENS PENNY STEWART SUE STEWART JOYCE ANN STRANGE LaQUITA TOWNLEY JUDY TROWELL BLENDA TURNER KENNETH WATERS EDNA WATSON ANN WATTS ARLINE WEEKS PAULINE WEEKS VERDILLE WELCH LINDA WELLS ROBIN WHIDDEN La DONNIA WILLIAMS DAVID WILLIS Nor Shown IOSEPHINE CLEMENTS RANDALL CRAVEY LOYCE DAIL R. C. HUTCHINS ROBERT LANE SHIRLEJANE MEREDITH LAMAR ROLLINS JANE SEIGLER JACQUELYN SMITH ELOSIE ALLEN EARNEST BARRY GAIL BARWICK CURTIS BASS HAROLD BIEBRICHER BRUCE BLACK DOUGLAS BLACKWELL BARBARA CARUTHERS ROBERT CARUTHERS DUEY CLARK BARBARA CLEMENTS GALEN COLLINS JAMES COLLINS RAY COOK RICHARD CREWS PATSY CULP AUDREY CURRY TED DENNIS DONNA DOSSEY B. J. DOTSON BETTY DUNFORD CLAUDE EASON CARL ELLIS CATHERINE FOSTER TRAVIS GARRISON MARY ANN GAY CHARLOTTE GLISSON BOBBY GRANT EDNA HARDY EDWARD HARRIS BILLY HARVEY JACKIE HATCH REUEL HENRIQUEZ. JESSE JENKINS LAMAR JOHNSON DORIS JONES GARY KRING PAUL LEWIS CARL MADEBACK CAROLYN MANLEY Es Q il 3 Q X . . A 1.-2 Not Shown GERALD AUSTIN JOANN BRANCH DOUGLAS CARAKER JAMES COBB HENRY DIXON VIRGINIA MATHERS RUTH MCDANIEL WILLIAM MCKINNEY CHARLES MCQUEEN VERNON MEEKS WAYNE MEREDITH LARRY MIMS MYRNA MITCHELL BILL MIXON CHARLEEN MOORE DICKEY MOORE NANCY O'STEEN SAMMY PAROLINI JAMES PARRISH DELORES PETERS FRANCIS POOLE CAROL PROCTOR LUTHER REDDING LOIS ROBERTS N. D. ROBERTS OLEN SHEFFIELD AL SHOEMAKER PAD SMITH CHARLES TALKINGTON LARRY WATSON MARLENE WATTS BILLIE JEAN WELCH JOHN WILLIS JACK WOODY MORRIS FELDER EUGENE FOWLER BERT MOORE PHILLIS PRINE MARILYN WELLS H, p . 1' x 5 249 .ff AJ and A Q 6' K 2 1 ' A . vi ey wig L W is gg i S Qs f W 4, .,2:-,, , F g s' gl i .:,..' alfa , 1 'X A 1 f N- fw J , f' 3 Q' V-.. 55 iff - f ' W7 , um Nm M .X A- J 'ji N ,A,. I fi Q .--I 1' H ur ww Ex. U, fm 'vw Q Q , 54? X QQ .. " "' ,ff fi? Y , ui .1-Q-. F 3 , wwf V W . Aw ,,,. f- A Li yn- -Q , ,M ff l - eg g ,Q K 4, H Algg' , TV W J Q' 'W m m ' -1.--Q.. , -. w ww. t , ,N NM. ,, f , ,, ..,.M , Ak .. -is-x.x4:-WMM .. A x -Q NH my 'O . I 4 A . . ,.4. I 4 J" xp , Q, A WV' X "'1-M. 4'-"' as Q! dad 'v 4 'lm xi! 5' W, K2 E3 3 'sw- m!?Y iii 'S i shawn jk X A 5 113 ,ax fx x 'RY aim Swim Q www 13 L 4 m X ,ggi 2555 ,A ,S E , Vg, . .l 13, 53' . . XW 35 if , X K x wg , x A K X A -Q x ' 1 gf U :,, fwvmm E Q ef Q 1 -'yggqx .x y Mm, W. f, QQ 5 f , 55.,b:f 5 .:.,5,z5,:.5- Q48 ' f -' ,m,.1'?xa::L Q . W sf ' 5? Us 'law 1 GM. M Q, K S x H wg - ' X w. xg K fi x Q . rffwm XA .N 1- A 5 5 if s Q Z F QS , x""' H . .X 'Lia .. J' " , 5119552 Q .- s 'FIJI' T f4Mggg55ig? QX N 3 , -,wifi gf " R J. ,. ,M , .,,.,. L 1 '- - 1 1 'E wk "Www, mv '- Wai fgfggm , . 1 5 fa- W 4-nf W-W. ,, if vi'f?x:L,1Qf iii Q Jw ' ,g.g:F:-:s,,:5p,.,A. , A. . ' Q Wi - . . ,M HL .. 5 . gl f if ' H K S ai YQ x ' 'sw Q A Q mg: K' Y xr g vs X HOMECOMING COURT Billy Mathis, Reba Mills, Charles Lyle, Jean Gay, Gibby Mathis, Susie Melvin, Jim Motsinger, Queen's Escort Queen Susie Cravey, Joan Purcell, Ronald Lane, Glenda Proctor, Joe Burner, Gayle Earp, Bobby Arnold. VARSITY FOOTBALL Kneeling: Tommy Mc Gllvary, Morris Polk, Bobby Arnold, Grover Curry, David Burdette, Gibby Mathis Jimmy Gilliard, Kenneth Waters, Jackie Johnson. Second row: Ronald Lane, James Tice, Charles Lyle Gerald Stephens Bob Meredith, Jerry Moore, Lester Hoffman, Ronald Caraker, Richard Weaver. Third row: LeRoy Smith Leland Hagan, Gregory Jenkins, Al Hood, David Willis, James Eason, Frank McKinney, Donald Miles Richard Galberaith SCOREBOARD 1955 M. H . S. 0 Pinecrest 'I Avon Park '7 Lake Wales 6 Sebring 0 Kissimmee 32 Frostproof 7 Kathleen 7 Fort Meade 6 Auburndale 0 Brooksville OPPONENT 0 31 28 20 20 0 '7 41 48 14 VARSITY LETTERMEN A1 Hood Thurland Strickland' Robert Meredith' Donald Miles Richard Galberaith' Gerald Stephens' David Burdette Lester Hoffman Jimmy Gilliard' LeRoy smith Ronald Caraker Jerry Moore' 'Returnin Richard Weaver' David Willis' Ronald Lane Bobby Arnold Charles Lyle' Gibby Mathis Morris Polk' James Tice' Leland Hagan' g in 1956 LEADING SC ORERS Charles Lyle 24 Richard Weaver 12 Al Hood 9 James Eason '7 Bobby Arnold 6 James Tice 6 LeRoy Smith 6 Morris Polk 2 COACHING STAFF Don Suttles, Assistant Athletic Director: C. M. Peek, Glenn F. Reed, Athletic Director: W. L. McDonald, Assistant Ath- letic Director. Not shown: T. S. Aggelis and Jerry Polk. MANAGERS if Lamar Rollins, if Joe Clark, Danny Cooper, Mike Sprott 5 f 1 D I A .. .s nn, i . , VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Susie Melvin, Joy Walker, Joan Purcell, Captain, Pat Byrd, Janice Peek, Olivia Caldwell, Sue Mock, Sharon Duke, Zonda Sparkman, Jean Gay, Co-Captain. CAPTAIN co-CAPTAIN JUNIOR VARSITY Kneeling: Donald Hallman, Roland Fraiser, Larry Mims, Loranzo Hooker, Edwin Caraker, Ewell Roberts, Lloyd Culp, Jimmie Arnold, Gilbert Averett, Jim Albritton, Jerry Hawkins, Lee Purcell. Second row: Benny DuBois, Bill Mixon, Dayton Stivers, Jackie Johnson, Robert Lane, Kenny Galberaith, Sandy Blowers, Kenneth Waters, Tommy McGilvary, Randall Mills, George Harned, Donald Byrd. Third row: Coach Peek, Joe Smith, Alton Watkins, A. W, Norman, Gre gory Jenkins, Ronald O'Stee.n, David Mills, Billy Harvey, Coach Suttles. 031- 8,9 .yn f3f,,,,y , I-5 IAA'- M' Kneeling: Dianne Duke, Joyce Strange, Sue Stewart, Louise Alderman, Mary Marsh, Jane Seigler. Standing: Carolyn Lyle, Carolyn Clements, LaDonnia Williams, Patsy Harrelson, Sandra Motsinger, Verdllle Welch. 'S' W -uf 5,12 ff QV 9' X F' 1 Q ww S Y? 7, F' .4-4 0 ,A ,Sgt mi .LX as 45 45 f' ' ' 'Q fx: Y A 3 I aim I W fn W5 A 'H 522-Sli!! , , WQX N, J 'U J Q Q QR 9 as SX six 2 1 "LX if f:f.5:' wi ., , ., l .,,:1, .:,Z,t kil S 5? . ,M 1925?-2: X 5-...J ' Ziff ii 2. T Xixy LW JM' K wg ' ' X fz. K 4,1 3, 55.2 f' , l - :Q ff: E M W fi W X f ,V ii n ' QW: . it " if 1 V my W ,M A ,X . ,- 3 -...wr .... . A ig Q, N Q -if , Q Q? X if .gmail iXaufs:1.,:gkHg'g, fd ., -Qiiwzvl ii 1 'kwf ESQ Mi .1 .pl -wav--Q www?-f " 'www 'www ww 'As W -1, . Ar"":"'o l 4 1 , , . ,. W., , Aw, H, 1. rm . l 1 gl 1 5 I 5 ., X :Ni , :gc 3 2 ,g ,au . ik Q' 5 M: 5 3 I X g M 51 .,,. 1.1 . ' - ,A , '35 4 1 2 K y 'T 3 K . 8 sf 2 V if 2? xx K I Q is i Ng? lg. A w , . a it v I M Q- 2 ff 1 Q K Q :mg ,L ,iw Xxx z 3 I .L'1 ii ' fy -E 5 f 1 'fs f -v xk , X Uwe ilu if Q 4 V? xv 4 5. QJEXE I i c F. 5 .f-'f"'N. vw i rind' . +2 'L . W A x:.:fg,w fyxfw gig.. - V, QQ Q X 4,34b,,Y,c PJ vig x gpg w U' VG fx" . -655, . 252 'ffl' if . wqffifff "X iv'.1:'--xpk X . HK' XX . ' .-fl x Xwwuw Weak - A L --Y M ,fm f .W . ww? A . Q X xsk-Aw, W- , W f 1 A' H1-?'?i1iQ-SW A A W i W' N . A , A .fgiff gggjglijwgsgtr x , . x , 4 1 . x NNN- f fx N 1 N! I S Q 'S i My is . ,Egg ww 1-.xafiiv 4 if Q Q mm he 5 Vw 5 ff ,gi x Q N .W F: M 1' If , 4 2 1 if , Xi .SEWSZZQ k 'fb P ,Q A wf- Q. S: I' wr' f gg? V K A iw gm., 1 x A 11 Nw - ' 4 mf NL' fy . ix ,ff a n ' , X, A 1 .M ::4-.. 3 x sg: X -H fy. ,, A f U. ,... .. . f ig: fiqs wfwdl ., A 521222 gif: ' H K Aw 9 1 '31 Wad' , Q , , Y X X3 X 4 Q ' X Q f -if ge iv x .imgig 'I , if , A Si e,-x " 4: xx . 9' ff ...,.,... , " F' 'f l l g if g y m M .x. .. x W im Lg,-W' .1 fr' -2 V 5 x Q ,sl 4 EQ 3 's 5 ff 3 ii i il , 1 , 45 . fx XA u 'Win 5 1 , x 3 ' L ,ff . if? ,L w' 1 ws 2 2 fi ' Q' 5 . Q4 Q55 Q , T 14 -ev be Flaw M . .4 wa, 'IMI' -4 'ap BAND First row, Majorettes: Becky Rimes, Mary Jones, JoAnn Windham, Sue Boutwell, Reba Mills, Nancianne Frye, Patty Anderson, Bettye Watson, Sandra Mullis, Second row, seated:Hallam Purcell, Judy Farmer, Blanch Eastman, Gail Harvey, Mary Jean Connelly, Shirley Standley, Penny Stewart, Kenny Galberaith Edwin Caraker, John Gruel, Danny Akins, Peggy Neely, Carol Shimp, Janice Jordan, Elaine Purcell Bobby Becker, Michael Hooker, Ray Young, Lee Purcell, John Kilpatrick, Ed Jay, Sharon Gruel, Frankie Gore, Carolyn Clements, Carol Hawkins. Third row, standing: Mr, Roger Morrison, Director, Evelyn Cannon, Loranzo Hooker, Nina Thompson, Bryant Dickey, Gene Austin, Wilbur Allen, Frankie Campbell James Carlton, Richard Crane, Key Cozart, Barbara Matthes, Gordon Canning, Tom Farmer, Beverly Hanlon, Nancy Connelly, Billy Mathis, Carolyn Moses. Fourth Row: Lowry Harper, Richard Hardy, LeRoy Taylor, Mike Adams, David Willis, Horace Riggs, Robert Hardy. Not Shown: Naomi Hardy. BAND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE n A . Seated: Gordon Canning, Billy Mathis, Carol Hawkins. Standing: LeRoy Taylor, David Willis. STUDENT GOVERNMENT CABINET Seated: Hallam Purcell, Secretary of State, Carol Shimp, Supt. of Public Instruction, Maria Aggelis, Comptroller, David Manley, Commissioner of Agriculture, John Gruel, Treasurer, LeRoy Taylor, At- torney General. Standing: Mr. J. S. White, Mrs. Gertrude Dorman, Mrs.Erdine Weaver, Mr. W, L, McDonald, Advisors, David Burdette, Governor, Richard Weaver, Chiefjustice of Supreme Court, W. 1, McNally, House Speaker, Donald Miles, Senate President. D CT CLUB First row: Keith Hawkins, Jim Smith, Pat Halford, Dorine Davis, Glenda Proctor, Ella Pegues, Gayle Earp, Eleanor Giles, Richard Matthes, Joe Butner. Second row: Mr. H, H. Stewart, Sponsor, David Burdette, Monty Harris, Robert Biddle, Norman Anderson, Joe Poole, Charles Walker, John Mock. Third row: Marvin Kelly, Philip Kirk, Tommy Duff, Wilbur Bearrington, Mack Sumner, W. I. Mc- Nally, Wyman McDonald. M VV , x 6 WS? ' i ,y -M ,,, ,ww A Q M. k if Qiwgwif 'Q 'K Y xi Il? K ,ul X . v WA was mg 2 V ,gs Q. s w Ra w-0? 3, 1, ef 2 il , . x mf ff? 2, -f 1 ff? 1, fam? X1 Q 'EE X K 5 x 5 Q an 5 avg 513 QM g 353: gg. X L x 5 'Sp ' i , A' W iw' + - 91512 " 9 , . Sw 1 - ff Q .Qggwfi xwmgggkguw Q lf fe, I ' H' 519 Q s .J .... . "" -355,519 .. " - "' 4 - ww 1, l- :sv Xxy qjkglc ,ww , 'cggff' M ,,,L f ,,L, , wma "J kr Q , xmivf,w,w J-,Q Wei QS X wx w 'gif if 'fi' f 4, X if 5 5 luggs K, fa , K Y M ' if ,W 5 an v wi' ,W " my-, , 1,933 L . 'K if M 1 4 'K ff.. -1 x JfS5i5A,,"" 4, ,x Q Iliff. x ,Q 3 'Y' ' -'I 1- " X5 v' ,-9 9 fl, if-n-. X 'L ""M-mv'- ' 7' lf 5 Y . -, Wg ....':fc' Q' ora ,Av 51 w I Ng K 4 .I 5' ,, KV ff ' 4-, e V Us , n ,rv . n' 5 r-AB, fl w 7 iii., Q ,W 1 X536 I X '9 N x F H . A .X V 1 1 " il 55 up ,Q lei as fm-u ww ws 'W W QM Av s 43431 jg, Eff 3 if ,.:,. , W Q g,.?4?5b f'F:Qf5 rx .sv Y 551- 21:11 Gif 2' X mf' ,ww Q 3 an , pn-Q ff S yy vs Q Kg as V' , 3+ gy -11253 H W 3 4 'hi Q A 8 F H ACLUB 'si 1. G- wx- ... x 1' -aww. rv fx . it ,w sv -M vq 3: 1 ' ' - X ' . . M'-f 4 I , ' 5 .Q A. N f M rw M , . Q , . X E nhl gil " 1 ' ' Nfi.Y1-5,55 'GUN r. N .1 .va x L ff J wwf ' f ,. , 4, W - sf fn 4 K K X3 -Q. 5 .. A . K 4.5-may X L -3-Ss-I s pq - 4-H CLUBS fmgfk.-L C.f S" " x, h, Wgf A M151 My is ig' ggi 'g wb,-' 4. X Nktwmw if ,1f f 3' O 'Q 2.9-1 ::: : :::: :::::: :: GREETINGS and GOOD WISHES tothe CLASS OF 1956 from .W. SLQG S. BADCOCK CORPORATION Mulberry, Florida FLORIDA'S FINEST FURNITURE "Babcock WiII Treaf You Righf" -----,,----- A- COMPLIMENTS OF R. H. CLARK EQUIPMENT co. INC. SPECIALIZED MACHINERY Gnd MINING EQUIPMENT Telephgne 2541 MUIIDGITY, FIOI'IdG ---'A-.rc-qra-A: -oc-A--: 1 ...... - v - ---v 545:53 ::::::::::::: :- :::::::::::: :v :::::::::: ll FOR SELECTION - FOR QUALITY - FOR PRICE " SHOP AT I ' r jl PAULS 81 COMPANY l YOUR STORE OF GOOD VALUES IN THE PHOSPHATE AREA I ll Where Quality Shouts and Prices Whisper lb Mulberry Phone 4l34 Florida ll 'fX,f:::::Zf: ::: ::::: ::::::: 'r ': . THE MULBERRY CONSTRUCTION 8rWELDING CO. l QI ' WISHES TO CONGRATULATE EE :E THE SENIORS or 1956 lr I Ilffrr: VJ'-v ll WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ? ' Pick your favorite picture in this annual and we can sell you a reprint. ' Order Group and Activity pictures by name of group and describe fully. Enclose 51.25 for each 8 x IO. ' Order individual portraits by name and year. Send 33.25 for one dozen , wallet size or ask for price list of all sizes. 1' ROBERTSON STUDIO l I60 N. Central Avenue 1' BARTOW FLORIDA I I G A --AA4,AA- -9 I 1I 1 1I 1I 1I COMPLIMENTS OF 1 1 Bunk of M Ib 'I u erry "The Friendly Bank" I: SERVING THE PHOSPHATE AREA WITH I, 1 COMPLETE BANKING FACILITIES ., 1I 1I 1I I 'I 11 1I Member of me McNULTY GROUP or BANKS 1: Member of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation :I I 1i I I 1I 11 11 11 1 1 1 1 WHERE YOU BUY FOR LESS Harry C. Motsinger, Owner WESTERN AUTO Associate Store MULBERRY, FLORIDA PHONE 4071 4 -'I I I I Complimenfs of POLK ICE COMPANY 1' I Phone 5811 1 I MULBERRY, FLORIDA , I -::::::::::::::.-: J 'T I I Compliments of 'I 1I 1 MADDOX GROCERY cnocenles and FRESH Mens I 1I 1 1I I I I 'I Phone 3702 Mulberry 'I 1I 1I 11 ::::.r-rg : Compliments of WALTERS DRIVE INN AIR CONDITIONED OPEN 24 HOURS HARRIS SERVICE STATION TEXACO GAS 81 OIL Phone 2051 Mulberry 4-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- Compliments of CAMP CLEANERS -:::o:::::::::::: CLEMENT'S SERVICE STATION STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Serving All Makes at Cars Road Service Anywhere in the District Phone 3I82 Mulberry ::::0:::Q:::::0::::- LET GEORGE DO IT! Compliments of GEORGE T. HARNED Mumaemzv, FLORIDA KILPATRlCK'S I. G. A. GROCERY 81 MARKET Quality Meats - Fresh Vegetables East Canal St. Phone 226I East Mulberry TRADE AT CROOM'S SUPER MARKETS BARTOW 8- MULBERRY SPECIALS EVERY DAY 'lf vvv- -"-'-'-""""-' ' " 1,1 HO0KER'S DEPARTMENT STORE CLOTHING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY WHEN HOOKER'S IN TOWN PRICES STAY DOWN Mulberry's Modern Department Store H. B. HUNT 81 SON INSURANCE - RENTALS Phone 3794 Mulberry, Flo. 'I MULBERRY PHARMACY ' I I Prescriptions Filled - Fountain Service l MAGAZINES and FINE CANDIES , I MULBERRY, FLORIDA I I 'I H- ..vv..vv. eev. - ..vv..v... e xxfk FkFI5LLEI5S'ELEQinEIQs'1'F BEST VVISHES TO THE CLASS OF '56 206 NW. First Street Phone 2971 Mulberry 'I 'I 'I MULBERRY RADIO 8t TV it 110 First Street I Phone 51 I I ' BEST WISHES TO THE 1 CLASS OF 1956 I 'I 'I .I Compliments Of Your School Supply Store MORRIS 5 8110 Your Business Apprecioted MULBERRY, FLORIDA 'I 'I Best WISHES f From , MARIE'S BEAUTY SALON 5 MARIE STEWART, Owner " I I 203 Church St. Mulberry If Phone 4831 If -3:5555 ::::::::5: 5555! .lENKIN'S GROCERY GROCERIES - FROZEN FOODS MEATS - FEED Phone 3291 MULBERRY, FLORIDA -Q ..... ...-vv - --TI Compliments of 1: 'I CITY MARKETS MEAT AND GROCERIES ' FRESH DRESSED POULTRY l Phone 3501 Mulberry 'I 'I 'I ::::.1-:aofood fif::::- ::::::::::::::::- - 'I I H AST I N GS SHELL SERVICE FIRESTGNE and GOODYEAR I 'I I I Congratulations I To The Class of '56 II I-I I II II ' 'I 'I Ii I 'I H TIRES Batteries - Lubrication Modern Expert Wheel Balancing I "Nationally Known Brand Names" W h d d P I' h d Cars Os e on O 'S e , LADIES' and CHlLDREN'S Kerosene, Home Delivery I I READY-TO-WEAR ' PHONE 2251 I MEN's FURNISHINGS MUIberI'Y Mulberry, Florida , 'I ll -iiifffiifiifiiix eeiilil Eii,e,:,iiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiL,::iiiijI 'I Home or 2 'I NATIONALLY ADVERTISED APPAREL For Infants, Tots, Boys, Girls and Women I I 'I 'I I II I I SOUTHERN ELECTRIC If ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING I ,, APPLIANCES , 1, 8K Television - Radio - Sales and Service II Canal Street Mulberry II 'I 'I If Phone 3982 Il Phone 498I II IL ----A------AA-- --A- I ---A------ : :rfl ff::-- ":::::::::::""':::::"""""49 KQLQQLLQQLEEQQ22llll:lQQQllQlll:::- -T: :eff--A ':::f:::f:::'::::ffffff-'Tr .I I, 4I I, I ly I I R A G E ' ,:P'PK'N 5 GA ,. ANDERSON - El 24 Hour Wrecker Service G R O C E R Y ' :I DAY AND NIGHT ' i 1 Home Of Quality Merchandise Ig PHoNE 4391 ., I, I, 'I 'I Ph 3I7I M Ib I' Canal Street Mulberry one U erry :E L4-::::::::::- :::::::::3 f ' A A 'f:::9"""':'Ii SKK wk - f "" . fy f ,,,,M QQ R To E, WQR BMA b wnbuq Q -n V03 ' E,V8l41N Qux :I-:NX S!'V1'x+Y-1 1' as ZTORN TFKNSC-E. Bobbq fri bbw DDRANS, Svmg -viii RNN SFLLJ-.Lx Dai- W1- ., p U f -.' . :L l 'J 4 ' in -:P K, Q5 y 'H M -2 'lim ,.. f 1 ' V - Q "'?-"- ZTePuue+kE 5 "' Giew fa H. I -s,'. -X' Hmw A fx " .4 W Y' Q hu x -1 5 .xx . ix? . Q ua- N All I , s- Q v.. vi-fiat, . 55,36 in ,. , -I lf ' ' QM we 'W -U A: . !"K x HEJWJ . Y. x Sui .I , , .. i , mRQqHQ6+T yy-LRQLK TLRN GZXENGFK SVUQJE11 1 CHQQX Dorvvud P1- ix :ma 3 i SUS1 E, NRE Timm S 1 ' Reba pxilxxln P . r ' QMCG. WcHRQd Cecklg 73wvwL1 W 1, SHNARR Q wg f 'HHXXQWI ----, A.... - ......A...... A- MULBERRY BAKERY BIRTHDAY CAKES and FANCY PASTRIES MULBERRY, ELoRioA r--- --v-v---- ----v v----- -----v -I R 1 CENTRAL PHARMACY Phone 2471 Mulberry, Florida I ::::::::::::::::- :::JoQ MULBERRY JEWELERS EXCELLENT wATCH REPAIR Phone 4144 First Avenue Mulberry REHBERG JEWELRY WATCHES AND DIAMONDS Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairs 302 Canal Street Mulberry MAC, Mgr. -- v vv ------ -:::::::.-::::::: ::.., I McKlNNEY'S BARBER SHOP MULBERRY, FLORIDA LUCILLE'S BEAUTY SHOP Air Conditioned N.E. First Ave. and Third St. COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICES LUCILLE WHIDDEN, Owner Phone 3754 Mulberry Compliments of SIMONE SIMON DRESS DESIGNER French Style Specializing in WEDDING DRESSES, SUITS COATS East Canal St. Mulberry BARRY's LUNCH HOME COOKING, PLATE LUNCHES Next Door to City Hall I Mulberry I J rv::::- :::::::::::::::: ::::7 Compliments of I MU LBERRY RESTAURANT 1 101 W. Canal St. Phone 3991 I J +:::::::::::::::::::::::::: -::::: -7 Compliments of I BENNET'S SHOE SHOP , 206 W. Canal Street Mulberry I Phone 3701 I --vvv------v-------v----,,-- ::::4 4 GEM THEATRE I Mulberry, Florida I MOTION PICTURES ARE YOUR , BEST ENTERTAINMENT I I ----vvvvv-------vvvv r:::J F"B3.n -v-vvv-v------------ ----vn I 1 "Y in H:-.array 'U A - .LL JLQXJ Tr L 4 Inv- wif- A:- A 3,31 A L L, by M ALL LLLLRL LL 'L I ' "av --v-100009 'L 'L L L LL ,if A Till! LL L Rouc couNTY DEMOCRAT . W jx W 1 L 'X ' I A .JNI : 0 01 M K9 jj A sooo POLK COUNTY NEWSPAPER LLL' w:+L' + Ylxxfgx 53.50 per year by mail if i:: fllllllflllllllllllll P , .I O H N 'S BARTOW, FLORIDA L- :::::::- ::::::::: ::::::::::::-- 1' ::::'::::: 11 :::::::::::::::: L Compliments of 1: BARTOW DRUG CO- . ETHEREDGE CHEVROLET "West of fhe Courf House 'L ' OH The S""""' SALES and SERVICE Telephone 2-2521 1 BARTOW, FLORIDA BARTOW, FLORIDA 'L 4 1 Telephone 2-1461 - 2-0211 'E L liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilf A LQiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii , BARTOW FORD 1:1 ' COMPANY :C if SALES SERVICE QQ ,I Bartow Mulberry :L if Telephone 2-1011 Telephone 3473 jf 4, BARTow, FLORIDA if M v :v :::::::::::::::::::::::::::s exxexxxxx:xxeexxeee X :J.'c:::::::::::::::::: A A A:: if TATE - PHILLIPS 25 HARDWARE COMPANY I I "If II's Hardware We Supply lf" I ll 280 - 290 East Main Street 'I 1: Phone 3-4371 'I I :E BARTOW, FLORIDA IC 4, 4 I I I I ----------- ---- ---,: T. E. WILLIAMS FURNITURE COMPANY We Make a Home Out of a House Phone 2-4311 320 E. Main St. Bartow, Florida I I: When in Bartow Shop at the 'I 'I I II BARTOW BARGAIN HOUSE 'I Il 24 Years in Business EE 1: Trade With Us and Save 'I 'E aARTow, FLORIDA LI 'I 'I 4. ROE ELECTRIC COMPANY FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES and WIRING Phone 2-6371 BARTOW, FLORIDA I 'I 'I 'I II 'I 'I Compliments of LEEDS SHOES ll 365 E. Main Street 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I Bo rtow o WILSON DRUG CO. Your Rexall Store . Phone 3-4441 BARTOW, FLORIDA F 'I 'I 'I 'I ras comin us stone I The Best in Medicines I :I Phone 2-3851 l 'I 11 195 E. Main St. Bartow, Florida 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I L::::: :: GUYS AND GALS, INC. 160 South Central Ave. BARTOW, FLORIDA 'I III 'I 4 4, 'I IE I L 'P Y 'I I 'I 'I it fl :E I 'I I1 II CRADLE TO COLLEGE I .E 4, I, .I I :E 1' 'I 'I :I 'I I It II I .I 4, +-+A+A--A--- --------- A I AMERICAN ' CUMPANV BREWSTER FLORIDA MULBERRY 9-2501 TELEPHONE Compliments of Mlll.ER'S DRUG STORE Complete Fountain, Drug, Cosmetics Service BREWSTER, FLORIDA Compliments of BREWSTER RECREATIONAL CLUB AND DINING ROOM BREWSTER, ELORIDA , BREWSTER SUPER MARKET, INC. BREWSTER, FLORIDA A Complete line of Foncy Groceries, Meots, Fruits ond Vegetobles. Air Conditioned for Your Comfort Telephone Mulberry 9-I I9I fQ0t:::- -v-A I 1 'I I 'I I +I II 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I U 1 3' 'I I lr II 11 I BETTER BIGGER " 1 jg CROPS PROFITS 1, Fenrluzens 'I :E I 'I VIRGINIA-CARDLINA CHEMICAL CORP. NICHOLS FLORIDA I I I 4 I 1, 1' i:4v -------------- AI:::at::::::::::::::5:5::j fiff :::::::::f::f: df ':::::::::::Jooc-:c::::Jooq it ' it Q 1 R I BEST WISHES I I TO THE CLASS or 'SS , I compmnfs of 5 DURDEN'S GROCERY NICHOLS COMMISSARY I I I GRocEmEs-MEATs- Fnulrs 'I b NCHOLS' HONDA 1 4 NICHOLS, FLORIDA I: M 'I 'I 'I 'I Tooooc:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::zEvtfrI::::::::ooc:ooc::::::::::::,07 If BREWSTER 'f' If Q SERVICE STATION :E 1: .f 1 q 'I Brewster, Florida 1 'I 'I 'I 'I QE GREASING WASHING POLISHING It It 3: 'T Corner of Road 60 and 'I 'I 'I Brewster Access Road If I2 11 hh I EQ Telephone 9-I I8I if if 1: D ::::::::::::::::::: II JL vvvvvvvv----vv:4JQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ CLASS UF 1956 JUNIOR PLAY 1955 "FATHER KNOWS BEST" SENIOR PLAY 1956 "WILLI.E'S WEEK-END" -----, ...A A -A--- v--- --vv- -vvvaoc MINE 8. MILL SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated MACHINERY - BOILERS - ENGINES - PUMPS MILL, MINE AND BUILDERS SUPPLIES EXPLOSIVES Lakeland Florida MOORE'S STYLE SHOP 207 East Main Street Lakeland, Florida STYLE-MART CLOTHES "The Best Clothing Value in America Today" EWELL ENGINEERING 8. CONTRACTING CO. READY MIXED CONCRETE Call Bartow 25-504 5 DIANA SHOP 123 East Main Street Lakeland, Florida LADIES READY-TO-WEAR Compliments of MYRICK'S MEN'S STORE I23 S. Kentucky Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA 'VT ti I --"'-"A-A----AAA----------A 4, Streater Buick Inc. I POLK COUNTY fl 1 FURNITURE COMPANY 1: SALES- - -SERVICE 'I I I 717 North Florido Avenue ll ll 954 E, Main 51,-eef , LAKELAND, FLORIDA ' ' Ph MU 5 H31 I , one - - I Phones MU Gnd LAKELAND, FLORIDA l Guy Knight Mcrk Powell When Better Automobiles Are Built Z :Il Buick Will Build Them l ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::r:rr -J L- -:::::::::::::::::::::::::-, J xx::::::::xx:::::xx:: 'l T x:::x:::::::x:x:' " BEST WISHES TO THE ,J CLASSOF'-56 Il: MCGINNES . CEMENT PRODUCTS Q1 LUMBER COMPANY I . l . - 8K ' Il BUILDERS SUPPLIES 516 vv. Moin si. Lekelcmd, Flo. IQ - Phone MU 5-0951 'Q I West Moin ond Ohio I, ,i 3immaunan'J It Wkelfmd ll iii -iiiiffffifiiiiiil iiiffif-llgfffffffffffiffffffffffffffffffffi EE 35 BUNKER I-IILL, INC. If Compliments of I' ll DODGE ond PLYMOUTH ' Il Soles ond Service DEPAz:rjEg-:ZTCRE ll ll 302 West Lemon Street l 205 N K k A l ll IT'S NO BATTLE TO TRADE WITH l . I I en UC Y venue , g HBUNKER HILL" IN LAKELAND, FLORIDA 'I 5' LAKE'-AND, FLORIDA ll ' 1: Phone Mu 2-T971 Ig A-' -'fff-A:-'J 3 ffif-'::I::f::::::::::: Ag lr :::::::::::::::::: ::::il T:xxTxx:::::x::::::x:::::: 'T lf: 'xx::x:xx:' :xii 1: It 5: 'I 'I I If If nsscscurr I :E :E sANuwIcH sHoP '- ll I' I I: ll 940 SOUTH FLORIDA AVENUE il 'I 'I ll Phone MU 6-6661 Lakeland, Florida l :E 1E l ll ll '::::::::::::::::::::::::::f::::::g l.Lar:::- '::: -JO-lull Besf Wishes From P BLI SUPER MARKETS THE PLACE TO GO . . . FOR THE BRANDS YOU KNOW and Lundy's Bakery "Special aftenfion to all party orders" 913 S. Florida Ave. MU-5-9051 LAKELAND FORD COMPANY l25 Lake Mirror Drive LAKELAND, FLORIDA SALES SERVICE GRINER WATERS, Dealer --A4N-A- ------AA---- -------- A --A GREENE'S DISTINCTIVE WOMEN'S APPAREL 1042 S. Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida -:f ff.-:::::::::::::::::: J :::::::::J "an:s,rJi M 1 v r Dia monds-Watches-Jewelry GOFF JEWELRY 109 East Main Street LAKELAND I FLORIDA Considerate Credit No Interest or Carrying Charges of Any Kind Sterling-China-Appliances "'J The Benford Stationery Company COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS Underwood Typewriters Sunstrand Adding Machines School Supplies Art Material LAKELAND FLORIDA A BETTER SELECTION OF BETTER FURNITURE AT BETTER PRICES COOK'S 210 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland Best Wishes to the Class of '56 LAKELAND HOME APPLIANCE CO., INC. 226-228 South Florida Avenue Howard H. Enlow General Manager Phone Mu5-1571 b::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: J Compliments of VET'S SURPLUS STORE SHOES - CLOTHES - TARPAULIN - PAINT CAMPING EQUIPMENT Phone MU--3-9115 519 N. Florida Lakeland 0 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: J D EA BR M EA B N u s rm 7 11 11 11 1 1 1 I 11 11 mv 11 3 A? ' 1l 1I 'P 1+ 'b 0 'r lb 0 0 0 0 1l 11 1l 0 0 0 0 1I 11 'i 11 1l 1I ll 11 11 11 11 1l 1l 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 n 1l 11 1l 11 1 F O S NT PUME M Co Y N A P M O C B E R A M LOR'D L U I F R D AKELAND F O L X O 11 11 1 1 1 1 .c -M L '1 I 5 "" me 1 A G R l C O , THE NATIONS LEADING FERTILIZER l , l8'Ka NORMAL Superphosphafe A AA Quality Ground Phosphate Rock I MADE ONLY av The American Agricultural Chemical Company PIERCE, POLK couNTv, FLORIDA Q ,iiiiiziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii f ......... I 1, ' PIERCE SODA SHOP :I 1: 1, Clhd if 57 E1 SERVICE STATION ff ff EE open S100 AM. - 5,00 PM. IL " ii :1 if 1: WE SERVE PLATE LUNCHES -1 1 'f AND SANDWICHES 1' 1' Tl I 1 5 ah 1: 1: ' Gene cmd Morie Giles '1 1, :::::::::::::::::::::::.-:::::: '1 I in 1, 1, gb 1f:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 1, 1 1, 1, 1, 1' I' i 1 'p 1, 41 I, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 'l '1 U H 5 U 1, 1, 1, 1, 41 'I 41 S 'r '1 '1 41 1 'I 'n in 41 '1 ll 'P lr 1, 1 1, 1, 'r 'I ll 1 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, l 4 1 1 1 lu 1, 1, lr A::J l,::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: BASEBALL 1955 Kneeling: Jackie Johnson, Henry Freeman, Van Newberry, Bobby Arnold, L. M. Kirkland, Lester Hoffman, Charles Lyle Standing: Jerry Moore, Richard Weaver, Donald Miles, Robert Brown, Leland Hagan, Ronald Lane, Jimmy Kerce. X51- Martha Kay Rimes, Sandra Foster, Sylvia Harden, Captaing LaVerne Clements. 1955 Kneeling: Bob Meredith, Ronald DuBois, Max Anderson, Grover Curry, Jimmy Gilliard. Standing: Richard Stavely, Richard Galberaith, Coach Suttles, Ron- ald Caraker, Ronald Lane. M0 I 310 UM 2 ' Q Q2 1 x Q4 25? Y . R Lb.: Q Q . . ty X . , A 4 'Q Q gg K Q . if L .L , N., X-my f 4 Q +: I : .,, 5 2 wg My E. Q 4,5 ' 1 N - . 4 . "'-' H . 7? V Qs .fav 15+ Xxxigf 5 3, -9 1 Vksiwf' f w " U . tif X N ifyiix' 'X-y--f ., Xw, 13 .N IIA Q .W is mf l N' W -'qw ff lg w 1 M ?? '3 f-'Ns M :ff Ax' M ai H if M if an Q ns 15,2 kgl V. 9 S R f .V i w +V' K g f Y XA': , F my A Q H " ' -ff N . ik 4 fthswgl i r'x i V, if 4 f if N .s-ff., -rw S .5 M A f szggsg-5 K .ffwq A fi' x 6 3 4 -vvwveww f , if, is Q4 - z V 'hu i ,vw W K K if Tv N -',.,. Y 52 li' W' WWKQSNQW. g 1 1 3 5,---.... ,ins -'nuff' iw fj w f x ww 'W R S Q xi . nliu my A Q , SWQQ 355 YM wg -fi i Fi' 1 em-5 Hmwk if wx A 4 5 6 .. ' mn W w,..,. Z Ola 71 55 I WW VB ' W Wfww ,J DA ff 'iogy wffgf , Dywpmdjb ff WW Y X 1 Q ,W , MM ff www W WWA U .MRA M f W f r E-wp - 0 M1 T T K li I ' l 0' ,NJN I W M R . X -"HH fw. . L . 1- -' A ' . ,, 4- fy. ,::.---a . ,L-5, . 73 . S 1 . 5- W , '- :A v- A - ," -2 X ,Q 1 I ll ..,. , 9 uni- fl: fx ' WM l H mw g u l l i MI um w !WwwUkMMMwxM1NN u w Ju, :law 1,,,-', wil Mu!! W x wi if fi' 'G 11' '- 1' 16 E? i 4 , . ' 1 y w, ",:. .'.,4:,vr'f:i-1a1!"": 'f' "- V " . T" .fiQ,f' " if 1 -7 "" - ,' i. ' I ' WTP, If 115211 urge -'alibi .-.12,..1'.Lf1i3,,.... u,L.,!?3nL'-I:,."'. ' ,.' ijt.-.amz fx , 1 If 1 I 1 1...-1 , " ' ' ' V V V , . Y, - Q.-' f- -4- , - -V 1 T.-'1, ,:J' ' 'f' '-' J . ' X .L - ,f " 3':-'f.,. ,. '. -Cf-' ,. . Yf15f4l. :ifif1'::"' '1' X. r

Suggestions in the Mulberry High School - Mulberry Tree Yearbook (Mulberry, FL) collection:

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