Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa)

 - Class of 1988

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Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

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We are proud of our reputation and South African heritage, and look forward to offering you professional service developed from experience gained over more than a century of catering. for the requirements of the South African book buyer. EDUCATIONAL BOOKSELLERS 8: PUBLISHERS 318 3RD FLOOR U B S BUILDINGS DU TOITSPAN ROAD KIMBERLEY 8301 TEL 105311 2-8151 MERCURY CRESCENT CONSULTAIRE CHAMBERS HILLSTAR INDUSTRIAL HANCOCK STREET TOWNSHIP WE'I'I'ON NORTH END P.O. BOX 123 PORT ELIZABETH KENWYN 7790 6001 TEL: 71-1181 TEL: 54-457718 I I I l N 4 ' I ' I lyptr digg ? J . L 1 -1 ggi, , Y,,4...,., .1 ,3Li,.4....f. 0 0 I X -L EDITURIAL The spirit of co-operation and development prevalent throughout our country at present is making itself felt in Muizenberg. Ninety years ago a single educational establishment was founded in Muizenberg. This establish- ment expanded steadily until 1945 when two schools grew out of the one: Muizenberg Junior School and Muizenberg High School. As separate educational institutions the two schools have since grown in numbers and reputation, but both have continued to be devoted to the well-being and development of the children of Muizenberg and its surrounding area. It is thus not surprising that the Junior School and the High School have once again grown close together in a spirit of trust and co-operation. This combined magazine is the most striking example to date of this grow- ing bond. The words that truly inspired this combined magazine appeared in the Principal's address in the 1987 M.J.S. magazine: "May the High School go from strength to strength and may the bond between us grow ever stronger." Indeed, I believe it has. However, this magazine serves not only to strengthen the bond between the two schools, but also to strengthen the bond between the school and the home, for ultimately we share the single aim of guiding our children through their growing years as they develop intellectually and spiritually into worthy citizens of Muizenberg. J .P. Rault E --g l S EDITORIAL smrr Mrs J. Rault, Mrs C. Roynon, Miss G. Weber 5 . V . 'x,.g..1'i.Li li' 'A " ' 1 ,. ,,, . 435:43 Back Row: Mrs R. Erasmus, Mrs P. Gleimius, Mr A. Heyns, Mr M. Havenga, Mr R. Peter, Mrs K. Lane, Mrs D. Saunders Middle Row: Miss K. Seydel Miss J Swart Mrs A L b h , . , . au sc er, Mrs E. Reid, Mrs V. Heyns, Miss K. Baxter Seated: M B ' r . Commrns, Mrs S. Rushton, Mr S. van Wyk CDeputy Principalj, Mr D. Gibbon CPrincipaD Mrs A van V , . uuren, Mr D. Cole, Mrs J. Rault Absent: Miss G. Weber, Mrs N. Carrington S Sponsored by Mr 8: Mrs J. Knight 6 y--:YA .' fi ,:w'4'LZ: -i f , 1-,'yT1QI.".q, ,L., . 1, Q5 ' ,2u'f.,1' , ,' . rvwwmwmwwiwww 'f ima-A 'VOLUhAE46 IVIUIZENBERG HIGH SCHOOL STAFF PRINCIPAL Mr DQBQ B.Ed. DEPUTY PRINCIPAL Mr S. van Wyk, B.A.CHonsJ, B.Ed. HEADS OF DEPARTMENT Mr D.I. Cole, B.SC., B.Ed. Mr B.M. Commins, M.A., B.Ed. Mrs J.P. Rault, B.A., B.Ed.CActingJ Mrs S.A. Rushton, B.A., H.D.E. Mrs A.W. van Vuuren, B.A., S.T.D. SENIOR TEACHERS Mrs N. Carrington, O.D.L.O. Mrs A. Erasmus, L.S.T.D. Mrs V.C. Heyns, N.T.C.D.lll TEACHERS Miss J.P.K. Baxter, H.D.E. CHome Economicsj Mrs P.A. Gleimius, B.Mus., H.D.E. Mr M. Havenga, B Mr A.M. Heyns, .A., H.D.E. H .P.T.C. Mrs K. Lane, B.A.fArtJ, H.D.E. Mr R.N. Peter, B.A., B.Ed. Mrs E. Reid, T.L.D. Miss K. Seydel, B.A.CHonsJ, H.D.E. Miss J. Swart, B.Mus., H.D.E. Miss G.R. Weber, B.A., H.D.E. SCHOOL BOARD STAFF Mrs A. Laubscher, School Secretary Mrs D. Saunders, School Secretary Mrs V. Benjamin, Laboratory Assistant Mr F.R. Wise, Estate Manager Mr G. Johnson, General Assistant Mrs S. Stringer, General Assistant Mr H. McQuire, General Assistant Mr S. Matroos, General Assistant 7 SCHOOL COMMITTEE 1 .,.zx:.. ,.,, V W S Chairman Mr G. Musikanth vice-chairman Mr S. Rack Secretary Mrs N.I. Mills Committee Members Mr G.E. Giliomee lex-officio? Mr H.H. Goode Mr H.W. Felton Mrs M.J. Montgomery Mr D. Potgieter Mr D.B. Gibbon P.T.A. COMMITTEE Chairman Vice-Chairman Secretary Treasurer Committee Members Cex-officiol R Mrs C. Musikanth Mr R. Clement Mrs R. Jenions Mr B. Jenions Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr' Mr' Mr Mr' MZ' . Ball . Adams . Minnie . Herweg .L. Qually Wells Frankland Adriaanzen Adriaanzen B. Gibbon Mrs J.P. Rault Mr S. van Wyk M' 4 f' ,M CRES PLANUKG Cekemoxa Lancer' mm' fh c ranmwrafa, Ke? :1.we,'3?12rQfM:n5efef mire: UnQP'JGWGUmnLDm1Gkhm. 8 so C . ' .. Q 4' "fi:-Wifi. Q3 gmL3,QL,xg,' -iff' ,Lg -, a i q- :,,,, af, .. yr FROM THE HEADMASTER'S DESK -.XX ..-4 .XX-XX. 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'79' 4 fa ,X 1 - .:- we-X, ',-- - wv'-fr .1 L-:tr . A 2.-g.'-ffg.:-,111-f-2.-:.Qt.:.n.-1-1.r...z " Q53 " X X Y NW A A, l f vatrtt. A. , ,. wi? ---A x wk .. . X 'Vi ,-,ia .,,. .,1igV'.2,V:f.,.,i,:,', j K WM if ,M ,,, T, ., ,. ..., , 7. ,,., , fn., A 5 'f e . V . , -,t X . -2'-m::::::.':r:':-2-x -' -4:--2: V -:a mz -:'z5vsz5.X:,::'Xia--X:w V.-:ga:,.g:1-zgggf..a,fss.:-1:,:1a::,r:,.:...,.:,,.:.,,,..5::..,.:,1,.,..35,1,:-.,-,s..:,-:Ml .w jif -. ' S ks- A 4 ,, :21-1-i":Isii: , -mag: .12551s:3a:1g:2:2::t...1:5.ssa5sgfgsQ:EgQa,s.5a2,sg-555555-is1,2gq:5:gggq:qg,ig.g5-5-55555513225 - .-:-:-:e..:,:1::..- e- .ff1.:-.'..-:Z-zzftm -' , x XNQX X X N Q X Q New X OX S XX r iss SXWXXX wxkx X 'X X XX QNXXX X XX x X :XXQ QNX NX X X RN s QX X XXQ XX X X XXX X XXX ss XX x wks Ss X X X X Q. Q? XXX? 5 X Qs EZ WEN x ,gow Xggy FXQEX X, .gs JQXXXXXX xXXX 3 zxtsg, sxyvss X Q X ESSXXXXX X X X XA 'XX .X XXX 'Xkxx xxN X XXX 4 'Q H 9 XXX X X Ax X wX,x sw X W is Q wNQO X X NW . Q. 5 ERN XX N lx :gag his graf' X X X . 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Over the past few years our links with Muizenberg Junior have gradually extended to include a fair number of shared activities and facilities. It is my hope that this process will continue and that the future of the two schools will become as inseparably linked as in the past., With the joyful prospect of the celebration of our centenary less than ten years hence, it is important that we move ahead together cherishing the same ideals, sharing the same goals and determined to provide the best education possible for the pupils of our communi- ty, Together we must face and address the challenges regarding the financing of our schools and provide clear ision and firm leadership in a society in which uncer- tainty and change are the order of the day. V One should not imagine for a moment that it is only the staff and the pupils of our schools who have a role to play in this process. The informed and active participa- .- - - X X , . . M sgs .7 . ,.',a::,segzgzg-:rg , ,- 2. tion of parents in every aspect of school government and involvement is essential to the improvement of the educational effectiveness of our schools. In the latter respect I am pleased to report excellent pro- gress at the High School this year. The increasing number of parents who have become actively involved in, or who have personally attended school events, is probably the most heartening signal to the staff that the wider educational programme provided by the School is appreciated and is effective. A great deal has happened at the High School during 1988 with many cultural activities providing a healthy balance to our normal extramural programme. l know that you will enjoy re-living these events in the pages of this magazine. Q3.5Wr'r D.B. Gibbon Principal 8 fgffgi z: -14 L. 1 . FOR THE VERY BEST IN HOSPITALITY AND HOME-COOKING - COME TO SHE ERD-BAKERS moo EMPORIUM nemo V,n-Ag.,-f PHONE 88-8061 NEHG ,Hifi 5, on 88-1905 W International Traditional Foods Q- ff o EAT AT LEISURE ALL YOU CAN 'lf PATES if SOUPS 'lf CURFZIES if ROASTS if SALADS if FISH 'k PASTA i' FRUITS 'If SWEETS NOW OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK TUESDAY TO SUNDAY FOR DINNER OPEN FOR LUNCH NOVEMBER, DECEMBER AND JANUARY CHRISTMAS EVE, DAY AND NIGHT - R40,00 OTHERWISE IT'S ONLY R25,00 PER PERSON PLEASE, PLEASE BOOK NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN WINE :I4,-04 . i ' -I-22 -I T oa ao i a 4tA I ' .a.nf5E'.g5 ,, WITI-IINSI-IAW CENTRE MAIN ROAD I ' 1' W WYNBERG TEL: 77-3016 HIRING OF: BRIDAL GOWNS BRIDESMAID, FLOWERGIRL AND CONFETTIGIRL DRESSES " V' PAGE SUITS CONFETTI BASKETS ' 1.. W 'N TUXEDOS AND DINNER SUITS if BRIDAL ACCESSORIES MATRIC DRESSES MADE TO ORDER 10 ,... , -.-.,-...--Q----W. I W. , .ff mn.. b N A . ' t Q' 'L 'i .8 my cv" , - ' ' Lf' A 'S "iff . ..U STAFF SNIPPETS 1988 r an ., V f-044,-ZZ Two blushing brides brightened the staff room at the start of the year: Pauline Gleimius, known to the school as Miss Shardlow before her marriage to Chris, and Kim Lane whose dynamic Art Department has added a new dimension to life at M.H.S. Another Kim new to the staff is young Kim Baxter, An- nemarie Traut's tireless and charming replacement in the Home Economics Department. Welcome too on the staff is genial Rita Erasmus, temporarily filling the post vacated by Cheryl Epstein who is now the happy mother of a fine young son called Jared. We hope to see Rita back in 1989 when Venesia Heyns takes her hard-earned long leave. The sought-after position of Deputy has been copiously filled by Schalk van Wyk who faced the inenviable task of replacing Tony Blackbeard, now firmly settled in New Zealand. During the first term Tony's post was oc- cupied by Cynthia Smetherham. Wanderlust has invaded the staff room yet again. Gosh Weber spent two heavenly weeks on the Achille Lauro Southampton - bound, and six weeks backpacking through Europe - an unforgettable experience. Her place was taken by Louise Brown, no stranger to M.H.S. David Cole was once moredrawn by the irresistable charm of the Holy Land and spent the second term studying Archaeology at the University of Jerusalem. In his place we enjoyed the avant garde company of Guy Field. Sue Rushton spent a memorable two months touring Britain, and in particular the Highlands of Scotland. Her trip included a wonderful week in Turkey and another in Greece. She returned with an admirable and enviable pictorial record of a great holiday. Meg Wilding held the fort with style until Sue's sun-tanned return. Not to be outdone was Anne Laubscher whose escape route from the stress and strain of the office closely matched that of the Rushtons. Not all leave has been associated with travel. Anneline van Vuuren took her really well deserved rest in the relaxing atmosphere of her own home during the second term while Yvonne van Rensburg looked after the Afrikaans Department. Karen Seydel pursued her M.A. studies at Stellenbosch University in March and April, her duties at MHS being taken over by Anne Kramer. Marius Havenga was away on military duty early in the first term and was replaced by the ever-welcome Roy Niemann. Harry McQuire rejoined the maintenance staff after a year away. An exciting development in the fourth term was the School Driver Education Course taken by Venesia Heyns and Kim Lane. Next year these ladies will be responsible for teaching pupils to drive, using a VW Golf 1800 donated by Volkswagen. The petrol will be sponsored by Caltex. Congratulations to Jenny Rault who has secured the position of Head of Department CEnglishJ at Fish Hoek Middle School from January. Fish Hoekls very con- siderable gain is our sad loss and we shall miss you more than we can say. We wish you boundless happiness. B. Commins P.O. Box 1 Tokai 7966 MILK PRODUCERS AND DISTRIBUTORS MANURE AVAILABLE IN BAGS FEED AND FODDER AVAILABLE MUIZENBERG an 4 oe, THE PLACE T0 BUY A HOME 06, xy' 'Q Q A CY I Q, 13' 1- FOR FRIENDLY SERVICE ANYTIME CONTACT MAYNARD BURGOYNE OFFICE: SHOP 1 BLLE ROUTE CENTRE, TOKAI- PHONE NO 72-0225!82-3010 1 MARGARET INNES A!H 88-7250 OR AUDREY SOULE AXH 88-7487 WE ALSO DO RENTING AND MARKET VALUATIONS. nf-Nf"1'-f'fz.gf41:: -Av-,H 1--mga.--.. f -W, I .. . .,,.,..-. V-. ,-- W- 1--V ,, 12 , ., , . Ar: ,.:'I--H:-"" 7'I "iv X 11 'ifie-11 ' -------.-....,..,o,, ' " ' ' , A RHPII7 Review 'fafa FIRST TCRNW fmondq l'3'SQrmcu- -' School ive, Gln row' Jre.c1QlwQJ'S ff' 65 Vimg I-1 ' Q O -CGI. Ucrvoi Sfcl fo PifJulS -- "Jcl'we:!? Seem +0 ad Sm IU Q C ? Eze,-3,cJo l'? Tofwuo I Fgfgl- CI 5-F'fe,rnfM 00.43 +QQ. -' . K. 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Standard Ten School Dux 2nd 3rd Engl Prize .......... Prize ........... ish lst Language ... .. Afrikaans 2nd Language Mathematics Physical Science .. Biol ' ogy ......... History .... Geography ..... Accounting Home Economics .. Woodwork ....... Typing ........ Shorthand .. Art SPORTS AWARDS Athletics Victor Ludorum .. Victrix Ludorum .. Best Junior Boy .. Best Junior Girl . Badminton Boys' Singles Champion Girls' Singles Champion Cricket Best Senior Best Junior Basketball Best Player Best Player Cross Country Best Senior Best Junior Best Senior Best Junior Player .. Player .. CBoysJ .. CGirlsD . Boy ., Boy , Girl .Q Girl it so-.weaves YVWW' HMWWUWWWBMWBVWWHMNMWV f T f "N -1- .mf V . is-re 1 , 'f' " f' F- .' M , A ,. ,o .. ACHIEVEMENTS 1988 Natanya Alberts .uChristoph Soltau .,., Michael Vos Quinton Atkinson .... Garth Airey ,,.. Byron Loker Friedrich Soltau ..... Gene Meyer Beverley Hesketh Cherise Dorfling . Rachelle Doyle . Lisa Narramore van der Vijver Grant ......... Simon Price .... Shan Airey .. Dylan Rosser Theresa Helmbold . Richard Storey Alain Musikanth Theresa Helmbold Theresa Helmbold . Richard Storey . Richard Storey Theresa Helmbold Alain Musikanth Theresa Helmbold . Richard Storey Theresa Helmbold No Award . Ilse Meershoek ...... No Award .. Anita Bosch ...... Sean Fish .. Marlene Meyer .. Craig Campbell .. Kim Montgomery .......... Ross Munro Ferlise Loubser .. Rowland Graney .. Jonathan Logan . David Romaine . Tina Atkinson Robin Frankland .o..r....r No Award Liezelle Alberts No Award Rugby Spring Run Senior Boys .. Junior Boys .. Senior Girls .. Junior Girls .. Boys' Hockey Best Senior Player . Best Junior Player . Most Improved Player Most Goals Scored .. Girls' Hockey Best Senior Player Best Junior Player Most Devoted Player Most Goals Scored Netball Best Senior Player Best Junior Player Best Senior Player Best Junior Player Most Improved Senior . Robin Frankland Scharl du Plessn .... Janine Knipe Shirlee Granville .. Rowland Graney ... Michael Vos .. Simon Price .... lst Team Jane Innes Claire Robinson Wendy Claassen lst Team Rhonda Adriaanzen Kim Montgomery Gary Prinsloo Jerome Fowler Player Colin Venter Surfing Best Senior .. Best Junior .. Swimming Best Boy Swimmer Best Girl Swimmer Table Tennis Best Player .. Tennis Boys' Singles Champion Girls' Singles Champion SPECIAL AWARDS Academic Best Junior Project Best Senior Project Art - Creative Potential Progress in Music Achievement in Sciences Best Woodwork Project Endeavour in Woodwork Progress in Std 9 Progress in Std 10 Effort in Std 10 Bursary - Std 9119892 Bursary - Std lOCl989J Best Junior Pupil Best Senior Pupil 18 Other Best Actor ... Best Actress .. Best Cadet ...... Best Speaker .... Best Chess Player . Alistair Pepper Richard du Preez Gareth Lewis Gene Meyer Rowland Graney Sean Fish Theresa Helmbold Michael Vos Shan Airey Ferlise Loubser Clint Sutton Simon Price Richard Storey David Bosch Craig Kn1Pe Simon Price Alain Musikanth David Bosch Beverley Heskew Grant van der Vijver Garth AireY Grant van der Vijvef Kevin Trevaskl-S Lianne Duchenne Alain Musikanth Alain Musikarlth Stephen Otto Bilingualism ...........:::.Theresa Helmbold ,m:......x,.. -4. 6I ' i ., T2i':vC'I4 3 iq? .Lvv Q Hi A 137 1? I ,,Ww' ,Q gm QQWWHAW NH Q wIVWW2M '? gf M- wipfQQZg'Q IQ MW YEHMAQWQ, M QW. "5VqQWWwm M EWQQ MWY WW MQ! I 3 T Agwml X mfigiiggg 1 5 2 ifm: ' W Q9.A . V "-ji. f " 2 QWWY wbiwwf 'J fwwfzw ..w?4w 2 A if It 5' !:'f5:,,Af . 5 " v bm V! my5g4m4 '1 , W ALL Q ,V.V gmfgygg MWwawgyg , HW' VAN pw yawgggxxghgamww wmwiiwwg mwwmmw 1,f 'Awwfwkmiwjw , , mWW,, Awww V.. J wmwwa2 ""' . 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Q-Flaw Aaxoog ,SIJT9 "' sznouog ..... 3-Flaw Laxoog .9509 ' QTJBW emexq ' RTJBN QSXDTJD- uosu1xqv PUIL " au1emog QPAEG " JBAEIA Jap ueA Quang ......... qilaw TTPQBSXSPH ISIJID ......... qTJaw 11eqqaqseg ,sAog olunw S908 ............ .. uoqutmpea 1aquaA u11o3 qs1g uaag ""' " snnouon uosuqof peqg Aaueag pue1noH Jaumaag paenpg -' " QIJBN SDPQSIHQV JBACIA Jap uen guess " " sanouog 93115 uow1g p1oqm1aH esasaqm "" " QIJBN DIWSQEDV ad1uX 51233 "' d1qS saapueg Apeam 'd?qSM Aaueag puQ1nog '--" USAED eapueg '-""- JBAgTA Jap UGA Quang uazuee11pv epuoqg -- uaqdaqs nsuaou. ad1uy SUIUPD "" Jaxoq uoJAg '-' SISIUEG uesns "' nvnros udonstluo " sqaaqiv eAueqeN " cssuoooqc BUIJJUS Jo1unp " 1aAaw aua11ew '-' Aauexg puetnog '- PUPIXUEJJ UFQOH " V9 PRS PU? 86 DQS 0330 uaudans ""' SGHVMV SHOONOH GNV LIHSW Mottaa 9009 - S605 x pus Ottaa poos - SIJTS x pus menus.-nuance SAOH X ann.-savanna Stats X " " 9508 XI pus " " SIJIS XI Pas ' " 9508 IIIA P39 " SIJTS IIIA pus "' S505 IIA PRS " SIJES IIA pus "' 9508 IA PRS "' SIJIS IA pus SSILIUVDO SNITHSLS " UO?Q1QBdmOD asnog-Jaqui """' Jeax au: go meam " 199K Sq: go uemomsqaodg " Jeag aqq go uemsnaods " qaods UI QUBWBABIQOV on .oannoa css?-ID, as-FAJSS " Iooqag aqq on BDIAJBS OLD BOYS REPORT Once again the past pupils sports day, held on Saturday 3rd September, proved to be the highlight of the 1988 season. Ideal weather conditions helped to make the morning buzz with excitement, as the parents, scholars, teachers, friends, pupils, spectators and past pupils con- verged on the high school sports fields from early morn- ing. An innovation was the participation of the Muizenberg Junior School. Their U-13 soccer team trounced the Muizenberg High Std. 6 invitation soccer team 8-0. The school, however, did well to win the netball game, and the Muizenberg High School lst hockey team held the old girls' hockey team to a nil all draw. The experience of the old boys' hockey team proved to be the decisive factor in their 3-2 win against the school's lst team. Rugby, as always, proved to be the game that all had been looking forward to all year. The "old crooks" game was played with tremendous spirit and camarade- rie as is indicated by the final score of 18-14 to the Old Boys. An interlude of a 10 minute marching display by the new Muizenberg High Drum majorettes in their white busbies and colourful blue and white uniforms provided a carnival atmosphere prior to the main game. The school cadet band kept the beat and the appreciative audience welcomed this new touch to our traditional past pupils' sports day. The main game, however, turn- ed out to be a dour struggle, as both sides tried to make it too much of a personal contest, a deviation from the festival style of rugby usually associated with this an- nual sports day. The heavier Old Boys finally won 22-12. The valiant school team tried to beat them at for- ward play instead of moving the ball to their backs, which by extending and tiring the heavier Old Boys' for- wards might have produced better results. All in all it was an unforgettable day. In the surfing world, Old Boys David Jenkins and Howard Gold again gained the W.P. Colours this year, while Tracy Kirsten made the W.P. U-21 Ladies hockey team and the S.A. "B" U-21 side - CONGRATULA- TIONS!! An exciting new development fstill in its em- bryonic stagej of an indoor sports complex with squash courts at Muizenberg High School is being investigated. Local residents, past pupils and parents will be notified as soon as the project gains momentum. Once again the Past Pupils' support will be invaluable. Best wishes to the 1988 matrics and school leavers as we welcome them to our ranks from 1989. Gerald Musikanth fCha1'rman M.P.P. UJ .gl-5,, 1: L., , ,,. , lv y. .352 2 PTA REPORT APRIL 1988 - SEPTEMBER-1988855 The first 6 months in office of our PTA C0mmiffCej have been exciting and most rewarding. 1 -. I would have to search far .and wide to find a more en: thusiastic team of people. The inter-class project has taken off like a rocket with some projects already finish. ed and others in the pipeline. The hamper competition was a great success and we ex. ceeded our target of R500. Our grateful thanks to all parents who have helped in the various projects this far and we look forward to total team work over the next 6 months. Celia Musikanth Chairman Cape Town Afrikaans Eisteddfod 27 August 1988 iSection: Afr. Second Lang.J f 4' K J 7 5 f ' f 2,2 . . I ff ':21z--:za-131 ' s1af25'fvf'2iff f?E5i122f' H ...lg .9555 .,,-3335.--I . . .... Debbie Meyer - Honours 4850701 Candice Phillips - Honourable Mention 1840707 Mariska Gerber - Honourable Mention 6830705 Lyndsay Wilson - Honourable Mention 1830705 Rhonda Adriaanzen - Diploma 1920701 - highest individual 070 awarded Natanya Alberts - Diploma f9007oJ - win- ner of the Eisteddfod cup for Std 6+7 pupils. Jenny Molloy -- Honourable Mention 1830703 Michael Vos - Honourable Mention 1800703 Beth Schietekat - Honourable Mention 4800705 Sponsored by Mr 8: Mrs C.J. Schietekat ,. ' I W fm, ,. ,,,,vjrE.,i.ii ff I 5' -I Standing: Candice Phillips, Alain Musikanth, Chad Johnson, Mrs A. van Vuuren, Paul Bevan, Craig Knipe, Debbi Meyer Seated: Jane Innes CDeputy head girly, Rowland Graney fHead boyj, Mr D. Gibbon fPrincipalJ, Sandra Gaven CHead girlj, Sean Fish fDeputy head boyJ HEAD PREFECTS' REPORT 1988 was a most eventful year for our prefects. We started the year with a most successful Prefect Camp at Cape Point, which helped to generate much needed spirit. Many new ideas took shape, one of which was our division into Sub-committees for which Alain Musikanth deserves a special mention for his work regarding the Clubs and Societies Sub-committee. Unfortunately due to our hectic year, only one Prefect Exchange was possible. However, we enjoyed a most successful Interschools Prefect Braai with Simonstown, Fish Hoek and Zwaanswyk. Despite all the 'ups and downs' the prefect body remain- ed united. We would like to thank Mr Gibbon, Mrs Van Vuuren and Mrs Erasmus for their support throughout our term of -office. Our prefectship has been an invaluable experience and a privilege for which we are most grateful and we would like to wish the '89 Prefects the best of luck for next year. Some words of advice from our '88 Prefects ROWLAND: SANDRA: JANE: SEAN: DEBBI: ALAIN: PAUL: CHAD: CRAIG: CANDICE: Be yourself, but remember you are serv- ing your school. Constructive criticism should be your main objective -Do your best and no one could ask for more. Enjoy your prefectship but be fair to gain and keep the pupils' respect at all times. When at first you don't succeed, try again. Consider them and they will consider you. Don't let pupils or teachers get you down with criticism: do what you feel is the right thing to do at the right time and in the right place. Respect the pupils and in turn they will respect you - be fair and keep cool. Good Luck, Take it in your stride and don't let anyone get you down. Be proud of your prefectship - being fairly hard brings you respect. Be fair and don't let anyone get you down. X 5 X Q ,gag N3 1 ev ., .0 W 6 'mm' A32 nw -r W9 W :ff ,4,,w. A1,, ? f , .. if ' if ff 0 ff A 1 ' ,S , ,l :'f y :vt .:, .,. - .. I, ,.4.M,.,, X, ., . -D , :'-5 , 2 i '5 ' f 1- . . f -X1 5 I 70 Ii Mau 4" fl 1441'- 1 if ,FPS ' , QQ., I I '. 5 W - 5. .. MH -. ,Q Q. zu..- b L? I0 Uni Z? il AU M b - 23 fill 927' nn ' 1 ...- 2- ni ill! -ff M, '71 I 0 gli-QQ1 51':'h' ww 3 I . r' -' ' - X ui eijier . , ' 1,7 f . , - f X- x V- ' X . I .J ' A My I h 501109 '.'1 . f IOGSGH S . A ' v .,.., Qi T' 0 ... u gh 1 . 1 - ' f ir' ,ai k.,,:s'5 gif? hi. ga. +I K Q11 435' 'QW 1' ' -'Q EZ f .Ai E533 eff' , an..- - x . N94- O 2 N Q f QVDMGJQ I-" ' - 5 f .. ., X ' ilk MUSIC REPORT Great activity is afoot in the music department this year! In the first and second terms, Mrs Reid almost brought a bed to school as she was so often rehearsing the entire chorus of 'The Boyfriend'. Miss Swart prepared the ensemble for this exciting event. Mr Gleimius provided a stunning double bass for the occa- sion rivalled only by Mrs Gleimius on the alto sax- ophone. In the third term, Mrs Heyns proved an invaluable pianist for the mood music at the senior citizens' tea party. The Cabaret, including the talented Mr Com- mins, was skilfully co-ordinated by Mrs Reid. Throughout the year, two groups have blossomed: the Jazz club under Buddy Wells and the Cadet Band under Simon Price and Alain Musikanth. The Cadet Band has played with aplomb at the Mardi Gras and before the matches versus the Past Pupils' Union. Mrs Gleimius is now holding the reins of the ensemble and Mrs Reid rehearses the choir. These two groups are expected to feature prominently at Prize-giving and at the Carol Evening later this year. J. Swart The highlight of 1988 at Muizenberg High. Was doubtedly the spectacularly successful produC'L10l1 of delightful musical 'The Boy Friend'.ThC S10fY must to the Director Pamela Geldard and Music Director Evefr. Reid whose combined talents and energy were responsif ble for this happy event in the life of MHS. Patricia Imbriolo as Polly and Tony Sutter as Tony headed a talented cast. Paul Bevan and Mariska Gerber made an engaging couple as Bobby and Maisie. Teresa - Hobbs QMadame Dubonnet with a fine French accentl, Eric Ord CPercival Brownel, and Angila Jansen CLady Brockhurstl were remarkably convincing in their older roles. Mr. Commins had a lot of fun in the naughty guise of Lord Brockhurst while his partner, Samantha Hoy, was delightful in their 'It's Never T oo Late' routine. Rhonda Adriaanzen made an enchanting Hortense and her 'It's Nicer in Nice' proved a showstopper. Natalie Granville was captivating as the flirtatious Dulcie. Gail Edwards and Craig Hancock performed a stunning tango as Pepe and Lolita. The chorus, comprising Lindsay Edwards, Sandra Gaven, Samantha Hack, Janine Knipe, Ferlise Loubser, Ilse Meershoek, Claire Robinson, Shan Airey, Andre Adriaanzen, Brian Ganser, Peter Herweg, Jonathan Logan, Richard Storey, Alain Musikanth and Craig Hancock gave the leads in such numbers as 'Perfect Young Ladies', 'The Boy Friend','Sur le Plage', 'Safety in Numbers', and 'The Riviera'. The high quality of the singing and dancing owes much to the skilled and patient training of Eve Reid and Gail Edwards, with help from Sue Abrahams of Jazzart. Paul Bevan and Mariska Gerber won the audience's hearts with their 'Won't you Charlston With Me?' while Eric and Teresa Hobbs provided just the right contrast in mood with their subdued 'Fancy Forgetting' and their teasing 'You Don't Want to Play With Me Blues'. Mariska Gerber was totally engaging in her 'Safety in Numbers' with the boys, and Patricia and Teresa were melodiously wistful in 'Poor Little Pierrette'. Top billing goes, as it ought, to the leads Tony Sutter and Patricia Imbriolo for their endearing 'I Could be Happy With You' and 'A room in Bloomsbury'. The most professional aspect of the show was the superb musicianship of Eve Reidiand Miss Swart's ensemble: Pauline Gleimius Calto Saxaphonej, Chris Gleimius Qdouble bassj, Jean Swart fflutej, Garth Airey tkeyboard and tenor saxaphonel, Nicola Stevens fflutel, David Bosch tflutej, Shea Spooner tdrumsj, and Mark Mulock Qpercussionl. They set the tone and the standard for the cast and ensured the success of the show. Credit must be given to the many members of staff, parents and others who assisted behind the scenes to make the show an outstanding success. H'i5t0fY Was made at MHS in the most delightful way Wlth The Boy Fr1CHd'- a show to remember. Brian Commins "'P'f""""""""""' ' , f. mm , ,R v'-fly, . .V " i A J: SL' if " THE Boy FRIEND lm emma 1 ,. wp '-'M-N X. .' eww-ffm' -' 144 min ,ymxf-ff fm f ff fixcfffff fyyww ,.nr-- ik .wa ' -X . X1 tk V5 31 ' I - 5 it 4, digg s ,L Q-, gg: . , A , Wie r 'fi si if V - W- ' ' ' 1 --.J :iiifz.'3fiE!4S?.,,.g5'?,S?5r ,si ' :I-,.g.E s.,,. ii-Lthigfi A sg - Q .1 - 1 i str:-,-wt-. -. , , V - , Q, s--1 , ,.,5., .. , '. 3 si -r i. 1--i,51'.,,,-5:4 N ,,.q1.y ,. fr-' , - . 1 X , . w ,- " es: sf' ' 5. Pwr T? s 5:91 -H" ':,s'Ef:s.Gq,,1,'n: "asf-rv .1 . . . , y - ,. 'E ., -new ' Q4 .sh J' - fi 'vw if :ig,'?-291, ""',-5. ' pf, is?-"4-'b s .. 133-a san ,,,, '.,5z::2i5--13:3 , 'f 1 . . V-at f. - ',, "- 4, o Q - -t-m e ...:s:-55:95-ga:-1. . ' 3 ' ""L -'ittwff -V V Ii 1 t x . sefi -. . ? it . -. fs-,mv :tw V - H -t -A V 1- rf-'1 fs- 'rm 'f'.4,'-2 , . V i Back Row: Mark Sampson, Lindsay Wilson, Ivan Leader, John Heynes Front Row: Natanya Alberts, Richard Storey, Mr Brian Commins, Alain Musikanth, Susan Daniels DEBATING SOCIETY ANNUAL REPORT FOR 1988 At the beginning of the year, a debating society was formed at Muizenberg High School for the first time in many years. Its aims and principles, which were decided on at the society's first meeting, are to: meet once a week debate topics of interest participate in inter-schools' debating competitions organize an inter-house debating com- petition annually participate actively in debating com- petitions, so as to promote the good name of the school attend meetings of established debating institutions supplement cultural activities at the school It was also decided upon later in the year, to arrange a public speaking competition under the society's auspices on Wednesday, 27 July. This was won by Alain Musikanth, with Sara Itzkin as runner-up. The society held numerous debates during the year on Thursdays at big break, on subjects ranging from Kfvlercy Killing, to 'Circus Animals'. Mr Commins and Mr van Wyk have helped in chairing these debates, and credit is due to them. The society also visited Parliament twice this year, as guests of Mr Harry Dilley, MP. There are also plans to visit the City Council, either this gear or early next year. The society has also expressed the hope that interhouse debates can be organized on an annual basis. Alain Nlusilqanth Chairman SCRIPTURE UNION REPORT Scripture Union has enjoyed a wonderful 1988 and hope to have an even better 1989. Early th1S Year We a contact evening for the new Std 6's and WC ran marshmallow competition which was delicious. We off Valentine Chocolates, entered the Big Dipper at Rondebosch and took part in many other exciting events. In the second term we watched videos of interest and also invited speakers. Daryl Hennings and Jack Garrett talked to us about "What a Christian is" and "How to become a Christian". We held a successful Hobo even- ing where everybody dressed up as Hobos and was obliged to beg for their supper. Third term activities in- cluded 'Blisters for Bread' and the 40 hour famine. The year's highlight was the Scripture Union Camp held at Rocklands in Simonstown. The camp was great fun and we discovered a number of experts at games such as 4-square.The food was good and the weather perfect. We look forward to next year's camp being as much of a success as this one. Our Friday meetings have been times during which we have learnt more about God and how we can apply His message to our lives. Throughout the year, I believe we have all learned a great deal about Christianity and Scripture Union would like to give special thanks to Mrs Gleimius and Mr Cole for their faith and love in God. We wish you all a lovely Christmas, God bless. S. Daniels CScripture Union chairpersonl Standing: Angila Jansen Front: Susan Daniels, Mrs P. Gleimius, Janine Knipe '- 1 1 iirwscezfrw -el V- we f M- 5 , LIBRARY REPORT 1988 The prophecy made by Mrs Heyns at the end of 1987 - that the library would go from strength to strength this year - has been fulfilled. There is a conscientious group of 12 librarians. This group consists mainly of Standard 6 pupils. The librarians are: Candice van de Putte, Melanie Ball, San- dra Jennings, Nicky Hallet, Emmeline Wagner, Michelle Douse, Susan Daniels, Ingrid Diffenthal, Gene Meyer, Terri Hobbs. Juanita van der Merwe and Dylan Rosser are the head librarians. This year all librarians received badges. This year, for the first time in many years, stocktaking was done. Mrs Heyns managed to rope in a few mothers to help with this mammoth task. Without the help of these dedicated mothers there would have been total chaos. The moms completed their tasks in record time - thanks very much moms for your much ap- preciated help. At the third annual Parents meet the Teachers Meeting, many new and much needed books were donated by parents. This contributed greatly to the ongoing expan- sion of our library. There has also been marked increase in the number of pupils and teachers using the library. In closing, I would like to thank the following people: Mrs Rault and Mr van Wyk for their help in unearthing 'lost' and outstanding books, Mrs Heyns and Mrs Lane our teachers-in-charge, for their help and encouragement throughout the year, the librarians for their help. Juanita van der Merwe lHead Librarianj I Efff37f'7T?iIi7'?f??i iff" 7' ""' f ' L' 'r"' tr'-agk AN OPEN LETTER TO: MUIZENBERG HIGH SCHOOL STAFF AND PUPILS My year at Muizenberg has been the most rewarding and enjoyable time in my life. The people I have come in contact with and the friends I have made, I will never forget. These people have helped me through the hard times and 'jolled' with me through the happy times. My year will never be forgotten by me, nor hopefully by the people who have made this year the'best time of my life. TO ALL THE MATRICS I WISH TO SAY: Whatever you decide to do, remember to make sure it is something you want to do, and enjoy it. Make it fun. How do you define fun? Fun is what you make of it. Some people say needlework is fun, others say running a marathon is fun. My football coach taught me: "You have one chance in a lifetime to do something. What you do now, you do once and for all." So reach for it all, guys. Your climb to success has just begun. So go out there and make the best of TODAY but never forget yesterday because if you forget yesterday, you will forget where you have come from and how you got there. Here is a poem that sums up all I have tried to say to you in this letter .... The Summit See not the small trials and vexations of each hour of the day. See the one purpose and plan to which all are leading. If in climbing a mountain you keep your eyes on each stoney or difficult place as you ascend, seeing, only that, how weary and profitless your climb. But if you think of each step as leading to the summit of achievement, from which glories and beauties will open out before you, then your climb will be so different. If any of you are in the vicinity of New Mexico, don't be shy. I'm offering an open door to anyone and everyone who steps into my doorway. Thanks for everything. Todd Morris 1988-89 Rotary Exchange Student P.O. Box 2217 Ruidoso, NM 88345 45059 258-5290 Back Row: Ryan Thomas, Garth Airey, Paul Habberley, Richard Storey, Clifford Lomax, Marc Musikanth, Roualeyn de Haas Front Row: Jonathan Logan, Simon Price, Mrs E. Reid, Alain Musikanth Qdrum majorj, Mr D. Cole, Buddy Wells,' Paul Bevan CADET BAND This year the Cadet Band has continued to grow and prosper. The Cadet Band joined up with the school's newly-formed Drummie squad, to perform at the False Bay Mardi Gras, which was held during the March holidays. M.H.S. received overwhelming applause, and many positive comments from members of the public. Membership of the band, following the Mardi Gras, in- creased from 4 side drummers to 6, and from 4 trumpeters to 7. Peter Herweg also joined the band as deputy drum major. The band continued to practise throughout the year, and performed, together with the Drummies, at the Past Pupils' Day, on 3 September. The band consisted of the following members: Drum Major: Alain Musikanth, Deputy Drum Major: Richard StoreyfPeter Herwegg Side Drummers: Buddy Wells, Paul Bevan, Marc Musikanth, Paul Habberley,Noel McShane, Craig Han- cock, Trumpeters: Simon Price, Greg Liebenberg, Jonathan Logan, Ryan Thomas, Roualeyn de Haas, Garth Airey, Richard Storey, Tenor Drumrners: Leslie White, Scharl du Plessis!Ryan Thornasg Cyrnbalist: Clifford Lomax. Alain Musikanth fDrum Majorj S.J.A. The S.J.A.'s meetings were held on Mondays at big break this year. Mrs Doreen Brand continued with her talks and instruction of last year, but this year's main theme was The Bible. Meetings consisted of discussion and study of the various sections of the Bible: the Five Books of Moses, H0151 Scriptures, CIC- The Apocrypha and Talmud were also discussed. On behalf of the S.J .A., I would like to thank Mr. Cole, for his enthusiasm, as well as Mrs Brand for taking the time and trouble to prepare most informative and factual notes and lessons. Alain Musikanth f'Chairmanj Sponsored by V. Properties ' 'ft' gd' G 5 Back Row: Samantha Hack, Juanita Van Der Merwe, Richard Storey, Buddy CRobertj Wells, Mark Sampson, Simon Price, Natalie Granville, Karen Trevaskis Front Row: Teresa Hobbs, Mr Gibbon CPrincipalJ, Alain Musikanth, Mr C ommins, Susan Daniels PREFECTS' SUB-COMMITTEE: CLUBS AND SOCIETIES At the end of 1987, the new Prefects' Council for 1988 decided to divide the council into four sub-committees, namely Executive, Grounds, Sports and Clubs and Societies. A number of aims and functions were envisaged under the Clubs and Society constitution. The committee consists of the chairman! leaders of each club and society at the school, under the chairmanship of two prefects. At the beginning of the year, the school had 12 .clubs and societies. This number was increased to 17, with the formation of the Photographic Society, Debating Society, Interact Club, Jazz Group and the Drummie Squad. The committee also demarcated certain notice boards for the use of sports, administration, as well as for clubs and societies. A timetable, with the meetings of the various activities at the school was also drawn up, so as to prevent clashing of meetings. An orientation booklet was designed in collaboration with the prefect body to aid Std. 6 pupils and new pupils in settling down to a friend- ly atmosphere. Meetings were held on a weekly basis, at which wide- ranging topics were discussed. It is hoped that next year's committee will be just as suc- cessful in the execution of their duties, and the prefects of 1988 wish them the best of luck. Alain Musikanth and Debbi Meyer .. Sponsored by Mr 8: Mr 255 'ff35,A'!"" 'iI':1"'-'- l g " fl- f . F ix.-:zsgigi ,f':,,,ga:2-:1 ,, 1, ' fin , "f" f ' 9 f -- 4.41- --:. -1 vs- .-is r .rel rr- I ' W I H . - . 4 E 'ff r.., 3: S 1152 aes: 4. gas ? " s ' ' '-"' - su is? 'I - fs' ' ' ' '5 ' 'I r s, 1 3 - 1 ' g w e 1' r -Q x M .fi .- 'S-,13s:21'2L:,5242i5 ' mf E' 3' 13.1-xiii-S-'.'.Z:,"-ij in 5 -1' f .. ,fu . .. s::-me-25. 11'-it 'sr '-:e.:f'faaes -ts X I X T .:' if-1 - T F s fi fk fiz' 5:3125 g:gsgaI:g-3551,gsszfrsg 'V . fy 2: V, X '- 15115tE'1iE1:f2L:2"' 'Z-vE"1!i5E" ' 4555 "'-ICSW' ' te 5 'X A 3 --2-:nr .., --: N sig s X -NYS ks Yrzflfgf ., ...,...,.......1.:..., ., . , . if we' 1 F XX NW 5 ,X-.X t y r, . V". if 'mx 1? " '-qcg,r::,-r,-.Af ,Q-at ta-g,s..s-N,,g1vg, .-,Q 1 , -1 :z:-:3:ae-5:5 :2:s.f:s:1-'z-. fs e- ' '-my 't'r YW , ,iq .,fV,z9vv:3gf-15, .Vx ,M In if :-f-1 , 'i fn fiel . 7 . , t tr . f ' '-W- W e . ,fl-fe. i f- A - if -.films ,Q X n -1-2':1:g:,:,1::,',Qf-::,: ,.,g,f,.,' :4-::4:5.,:-:ys:g::s::sggg: .. . -e ge-Q50 -- 4 , f 5 if Sa - , fs, , ,, 5 .as W. , 3- 1 f ., Q.. 'g.g'g:5:-1-zgzg.,:-.g:5:g::z:::.:-I .. .". , fI ', :9',f 5-K .. 4' .- "9 Ms ' s ,, Q 40 Q", " ,-355. -Q V X r . ,,f., , 5-g-.,5525515153,551.5-i.-:5'5:5: n' - , aw f . -4 . . . , ' ' s .s,,:1,f,. , ..... . . 515:-5'::s:arf:,::1g,.g35:.::. f:,.5:.-5: -g . -s. :f:g:5.g-g,, fp- , MM . h , N Q . x s R. Brennan Q. . -.. 1- w Back Row: Eric Ord, Michael Louw, Iain Livingstone, Natalie Granville, Sara Itzkin, Lianne Duchenne Front Row: Patricia Imbriolo, Shea Spooner tchairmanj, Mrs E. Reid, Gillian Stephens lchairladyl, Nelson das Fontes MATRIC DANCE REPORT While the matrics finished off their "mock" exams the Std Nines were eagerly hoping to make this the best Matric Farewell Dance ever. Many Friday afternoons and even Saturday afternoons were spent in the art class and hall painting Fantasia pictures. The result of all the hard work and effort was only too evident on the night of the dance! How the Nines manage each year to keep the theme a secret until dance night is a mystery, but somehow the secret is kept and this year the matrics were the first to admit that the dance organizers had outdone their efforts of last year not that last year was anything but a great success. After gathering in "The Enchanted Woods" for "cocktails" the "oh, so elegant" matrics and their part- ners were led into "Fantasia" where after the photographic ceremony they were shown to their tables. The band started up the First Waltz and Mrs. Reid's dancing lessons were put to the test some failed but most passed the "waltz" grade with flying colours. After the traditional speeches it was time to see if the "cooking team" could cook. All present were in for a really pleasant surprise not only could they .cook BUT they could do it with style! K. Baxter t -. 1 1 4, 'A fi Q J' 4 ,t f -t Y 5 af 5 93 fra. O 2 CD 4 CD E. D UQ E S39 UI FD D L4- O 'C CD D- CI' 'C N S nf CJ' -. UQ F? 'J' N 'J PF '-4 O e 3 C C17 f'P U' fb CD D4 FP' CD D CJ- CD CL F4 O 2 O O D 0 fb "1 D CD F- ' .1 up gl. ' ...i."f Y ,ZX fx-' . - . . A I . , - . 'wa-3-...... r n - V.. ,um ' . 1 ' 1 L ' A -' t, 2 'i-is-ialii -fu? sid -' -: P ....s..-,.su.a,.. - ,,.,a4 L.. , , ...., i ART: A N gba? Q49 There appears to be a new and somewhat exotic epidemic sweeping through MHS. Green fingernails, charcoal-coated faces and clay-encrusted hairstyles have been sighted. The unfamiliar terms 'Still life', 'Sketch- ing', 'Pallette' and 'Composition' have been whispered in the corridors. Uniforms splattered with paint and unusual purple footprints have been seen leaving room 28. "So what's it all about?" you may ask. All this strange activity is due to the brand new Art Department which MHS has been fortunate enough to have introduced for the first time this year. At the moment Mrs. Lane is only teaching Std 6 to 8 but will include Std 9 and 10 as we progress and we will have our first Matric Art class in 1990. Introducing a new subject is bound to have its ups and downs, especially in an essentially practical subject like art. We managed to get through our first month without a sheet of paper nor a drop of paint - it was a case of improvisation being the mother of invention and all three standards managed to get a taste of what our new subject would have to offer. if uf' "W ,V . z nl? 1 Ww'fhf:,0,,, , W, .1 f f ""' 5 ffl' , W . ,MW eeeeeeeeeff ... .,.,,,. , fmt --"" fag" ""' ., ,,.... ,. .,,,,., .,, ,I .- ,,.,,M4Wfv-' ff ' A WV , ff VA, ,Af,.H. fl 'Lf 7,1 ,f V ' VVV' 1 ' i SUBJECT f , 56 , 51 fl . "ff , ff 5' g f X-v fi ' t' f Although drawing and painting are the only two 'of- ficial' disciplines MHS offers, we have had the oppor- tunity to work in a variety of mediums and using various techniques. Mural painting, masks and mobiles are just some of the projects we have been working on, apart from a variety of drawing and painting exercises. Although many of us started with the distinct disadvan- tage of having no previous art training, we have all been improving steadily and have learnt that there is a great deal more to a pretty picture than meets the eye. Our first exhibition was held in conjunction with the produc- tion of 'The Boyfriend' and gave us the opportunity to show our work to the rest of the school. Just in case you were beginning to think that it's all just scribbling and slapping on paint, there is the History of Art Component to keep us on our toes. The syllabus covers the development of artmaking from prehistoric times right up to the Pop Art and Photo Realist movements of the 1940's and 5O's. We have had to learn an entirely new 'language' to enable us to analyse art works. Unfortunately books for the subject are ex- tremely expensive which prevents us from each having our own text book. The library is, however, increasing its collection of relevant books and Mrs Lane has in- itiated a slide 'library' which covers all the paintings and sculptures we study in class. Apart from the school-bound lessons we have been for- tunate enough to have gone on a number of excursions. The National Gallery, S.A. Museum, Church Street Gallery and Gallery International are just some of the places to which we were introduced. We have also taken afternoon trips to exhibitions of high school work to ex- pose ourselves to the standard of work expected in matric. This year has been an exciting and rewarding one for our Art Department and has filled a creative and cultural gap which has existed in our school for much too long. We can only hope that our new subject will go from strength to colourful, imaginative and sometimes messy, strength. K. Lane ,,.., .. 1 n- - --.T Sponsored by Mrs B.J. Price . 'fi'f'l?ff5lL"',fi g "rf ' 72 4042 ! PHONE I-'OR ALL YOUR .IOINERY REQUIREMENTS BEDROOM CUPBOARDS KITCHEN CUPBOARDS Etc. HIGH QUALITY FINISHES CHOICE OF MATERIALS AND DESIGNS BHUUSIYUUH M90 St Georges Street Fish Hoek Tel 82-1717 Tel 86-1374 School Text Books General Books ancl Paperbacks Supplementary Readers M Remedlal Books - Pre-School ACIIVIIU Books School Stationery ancl Office Beouirements Toys A plhy if Rubber Stamps and Self Adhestve Labcls if Gltts ancl Posters Wishing all scholars SUCCESS m the I coming exams ak 9 if if 'Ar at , ' 2 ' fl .5 '53 ' .Z I 3 2 V ,L .FEI . . , 'ia 1-1 . EY. fi . lm 1. 1,3 I 32 I ., "" ' , A. - e ,- -fQ1i73lI?Q t 1 ' lf 5' if?:.fi3.'r.2iavf3QiihfZm?-WL Vt 1--+L Emi ' ' ' 1:a'a. ,1 ,: gg'qf,'2 ,J 4' , A 'G '- asf 1 gb' FH. ' - Qf'4-Q. ws ,NRA ,gavgi fe . . -Md. t ,,- .- 4, 4 .L' Q3 I X f-'xadf 0 -I , We - - fb Q4 v' My 'f'Q4,L3 94 ge,f'bg'5'Q.6r ' F X L- ,fel 5F If :Z4 ef ff! PQ 04 'Q - ,. 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Maar wat van ons huilende, honger kinders? Natalie Jones 10A LIEFDE OP DIE STRAND Met my arms om my kniee gevou sit ek op die strand en ek bewonder jou. Jou maatjies dartel om jou heen. Dwars-dwars kom 'n krappie nader. Skoert! Los hom alleen. Ek wonder, se my gerus loer jy vir my daar waar jy le? ls jy ook so seer van my bewus? Daar is iets orntrent jou wat my bekoor, het jy nog nooit 'van liefde gehoor? Nou vveet el: wat my so trek-M jy het in gebrelfg. la, jy is anders as jou rnaatjies. Hulle is glad en fond en jy het iii gaatjie! lx-looit weer sal die skulpie na liefde verlang, ek sal hom aan 'rt toutjie vir altyd om my nek wil hang. Yolandi van Wyk 6A I H M lf, VERWAGTINGE Ek sit hier voor my boeke en Smal- niksgiende. Met hier.1Q die ou angs binne my wonder ek of ek eendag sal weesk wat ek kan wees. J Die onnie steur hom nie eintlik aan my belangstellings- nie, maar eerder aan sy vak se inhoud en sy klas se slaagsyfer. My ma en pa steur hulle glad nie werklik aan wat met my gebeur nie, maar slegs aan die eindresultaat wat moet se dat ek goed geslaag het. Ek sit hier voor my boeke, sonder rigting, sonder geesdrif, sonder mense wat wil luister. Onverwags slaak ek 'n sug van verligting, en leun teen die stoel, haal diep asem en stadig word 'n nuwe voorneme gebore-ek blaai terug en begin weer van voor af, maar die keer omdat ek dit vir myself wil doen. Debbie Meyer 10A GEE MY BROOD Gee my brood Gee my brood, gee my brood, vars, wit brood gemaak uit bruisend gesonde deeg. Gee my brood, gee my brood waarin warm liefde toegevou is. Gee my brood Gee my my daaglikse brood. Alistair Pepper 9A GYMNASTICS Jumping, swinging high, Strong muscles tensing clearly, Spellbound audience. Janine Knipe 8A OUPOOT VAN KRINGE IN 'n BOS 'n Simbool van wysheid en mag, bejeen met ontsag deur alle dlefe, afoot CH klein. Sy tande steek voor hom uit soos lang wit spiese, sy ore is 'n majestueuse hoof- t001SCl- Hy 100p waar hy wil, hierdie reusagtige dier, -mel SY kop in die wolke en sy pote op die fyn sandkor- rels. Taai en reusagtigg dog die kleinste blaartjies is sy kos. Die ohfant is beskeie in voorkoms, maar boosaar- dig wanneer ontstoke. Sy slurp dui sy koms aan en die diere weet wie hy is: Koning van die wildernis, leier van die leiers. Grant van der Vijver 9C if ' ets.t I i w., E l t , , ,4,,. , ,1 EERSTE LIEFDE Susan sit met haar arms gevou en probeer haar bes om die wiskundeles interessant te vind. Haar oe dwaal na die anderkant van die klaskamer, want daar sit Johan, die nuwe leerling in haar klas. Sedert hy twee dae gelede die klaskamer ingestap het, is al die meisies dol oor hom. Sjoe, maar is hy aantreklik! Hy het donkerblou oe en dik, goue hare. Sy vel is koperbruin van die son en sy spierwit tande maak hom 'n hartebreker. Susan skrik wakker wanneer sy besef dat Johan direk na haar toe kyk. Hy glimlag en hy wikkel sy wenkbroue 'n paar keer. Susan draai haar kop onmiddellik weg en voel die warmte wat van haar nek af opstyg. Sy weet nie wat om te dink nie. Speel hy met haar of . . . of het dit iets beteken? Die klok lui en sy stap tot by die deur en sien Johan by 'n groep vriende. Sy vriende begin fluit en lag en sy krimp weg en verdwyn om die hoek. In die vierkant sien sy hom, maar sonder sy vriende. Hy stap stadig na haar toe met 'n glimlag wat haar asem amper wegslaan. Haar sweterige hande vroetel en haar mond voel droog. Hy kom tot by haar en se: "Gee jy om as ek hier by jou sit?" Die ander meisies giggel en fluister, maar hulle bestaan nie meer nieg hulle is nie deel van die wonderwereld van 'n eerste liefde nie. Natanya Alberts 6A OM TE DINK Ek hou daarvan om te dink. Ek dink sommer oor enigiets, nie altyd skoolwerk nie. Dit is interessant om oor musiek te dink. Nie popmusiek nie, maar alternatiewe musiek. Waaraan het die kom- ponis gedink terwyl hy die musiek geskryf het? Wat pro- beer hy aan die res van ons se? Ek dink graag oor die toekoms. Wat sal van my word? Waar sal ek myself bevind? Sal ek ryk of arm wees? Ek kyk na die sterre bo my. Ek wonder wat hulle werklik is en of daar lewe daar bo is. Is daar ander werelde soos hierdie? Is daar ook 'nseun wat in 'n lessenaar sit en droom oor die toekoms, homself en musiek? Ek dink aan die nag en wat daarin is om voor bang te wees. Net dit wat in jou gedagtes is, kan jou bang maak. Soms dink ons te veel en dan word ons gedagtes werklikheid. As jy werklik hard dink, kan jy dingetlaatl gebeur. Sprokies kan waar word en jy .kan dwergies sien, soos my sussie wat die Paashaas gesien het! Kevin Trevaskis 7A - . t 1 . BEACH Little crabs scrabble awkwardly Painting tiny footprints on the sand. Cherise Dorfling 8A THE EARTH Covered in a carpet of green, Sheltered by a blue ceiling, dotted with bustling cities. HAIKU The dead are asleep Never to be awoken Until they are called Giles Kirkham 8A But at night, covered in darkness, She is a lady in black velvet dripping with diamonds. Lucy Brennan 9A 'frvcfj P21165 Std? MATRIEK Die spanning en onsekerheid oor die toekoms ervaar ek met gemengde gevoelens. In my binneste is botsende emosies van afwagting, opwinding en vrees vir die onbekende wat voorle. Twaalf jaar van beskerm wees., van veilig en geborge voel, maak dit moeilik om die blink toekoms sonder bang wees aan te pak. Sal ek presteer? Sal ek suksesvol wees? Sal ek aanvaar word? Sal ek die gevreesde eindeksamen oorleef? Die liefde en ondersteuning en belangstelling van my ouers, vriende en onderwysers sal my deurdra. Ek sal slaag en ek sal 'n sukses wees! Samantha O'Riordan IOA Life, a dream, a silent nightmare Love, a wonder, a dream of endless fear, A feeling of helplessness, a fear, Complete nearness in a cosmic distance. A wish, a cry for you. A silent, yet vivid rejection Without your knowing of the hurt inside. Nicole Lewy 9A ALPHA CX3 Dis swart, pikswart soos net 'n maanlose nag kan wees. Geen wind waai nie, nie eens die kleinste briesie nie. Net stilte, donkerte en leegheid. Daar is plek vir alles, want daar is geen draaie, padtekens of enigiets wat jou sal hinder nie. Dit is die ruimte. Die staal-en plastiekmasjien gly stilweg deur die donkerte. Die ligte skyn helder van binne en met groot, blou letters identifiseer die skip homself as die CX3 van Alpha Delta. Ligte flikker en skerms met Alpha Centauri op, bedek die mure. Stemme is hoorbaar oor die luidsprekers en hidroliese deure gaan oop en toe. Sagte skoensole trap liggies op die vloere. Dan is daar skielik fout. 'n Reuse stuk rots pyl op die skip af. Vinnig word die rigting verander en die gevaar word vermy. Outornaties word die skip se rigting weer bepaal en die lewe aan boord gaan weer normaal voort. Nog agt lig- jare, dan is hulle tuis. Gaan hulle dit bereik? Nie vandag nie, want nou is alles stil. Niemand beweeg nie, die skip ook nie. Niks nie, want my boetie het sy nuwe videospeletjie afgeskakel om gou aandete te gaan eet. Roualeyn de Haas 7A EK WENS DIT WAS soMER 1 Die warm son klim stadig oor my bene tot ln rr1Y.8eS18r: Dit bly daar, geel en warm. Almal rond0If1 IQY ghmlagf. hulle gesigte vertel hoe lekker die somer is. D16 Warm lig. hou my lyf styf vas en ek is in 'n wereld V811 S0I'f1CrS0n.- Dan val die kombers op die grond. Daar gaan my somer. Die sonlig is my kamerlig en nou kom die kouei vinnig nader. My tande klap op mekaar en ek voel soogf- 'n masjien wat nie behoorlik kan werk nie. Ek is moeg vir die winter. Ek wil die son sien. Ek bruin gebrand wees en ek wil swem. Ek is siek en sat Iva? langbroek dra, van reen en wolke. Bring my sonsky vakansie terugl "..1 W ., ..,v 'fa Beverley Hesketh 8A - Gee my my daaglikse brood, nie omdat ek dit verdien nie, maar omdat ek in die lewensoond van God werk om bo myself uit te rys. Gee my my daaglikse brood voordat die lewensoond deur 'n ander ver- nietig word. Gee my brood Gee my my daaglikse brood. Peter Herweg 9A THINKING As I sit and think about the past, I would like to undo all the wrong things I have said and done But life goes on, and I try to make the world a better place to live in today Mariska Gerber 9A DEATH The facts of your death Are not yet relevant Until You are dead Sean Evans 8A -S33-'Pru- , ' . .V - ,--vf'f'iPf. ff I . 1 V 1, 'f,,i",f,54,4l".1'Qf? 1 E.. 1 ,An rr ,r 34 LQ. .Tal gf 1 ' 4' Q51 , ATHLETICS REPORT 1988 , X live 'i X ,BX A. Inter-house It seems as if Rhodes House has made this event their own, with Brand coming second and Craig third. We saw some good performances by a few of our athletes but very few records fell during the course of the day. The following athletes set new records: Track: Sean Fish 100m B U17 11,6 fold record: 11,99 Field: Colin Venter Shot Put B U17 13,49m Cold record: l0,86mJ Discus B U17 37,90m Cold record: 33,64mJ Chad Johnson Javelin B U17 46,06m told record: 45,105 Congratulations to these record-breakers. A The following athletes won 3 or more CVCHJS an tion for their efforts: jj. therefore deserve special men , Marlene Meyer G U19100m, 200m, Shot Put and , High Jump ' Liezelle Alberts G U19400m, 800m, and Long Jump Ferlise Loubser G U16 l00m, 200m, and 400m Cheryl Picton G U14l00m, 400m, and 800m Edward Bremner B U19 l00m, 200m, and Long Jump . Sean Fish B U17 l00m, 200m, 400m and A 3000m fopenj Rowland Graney B U17 800m, Long Jump and High Jump Craig Campbell B U14 l00m, 200m, Shot Put and High Jump The final totals were as follows: 1. Rhodes 290 points 2. Brand 213 points 3. Craig 164 points. Thank you very much to all officials and to those for refreshing and feeding all those who were so desperate- ly in need of it. We would also like to thank our First Aid squad and all other persons who made the day a SUCCESS. 2 l E N , ..... Back: R. Graney, D. De Beer, C. Johnson, C. Venter, R. Munro, R. Frankland C, Louw Znd P-Owf B- Claassent G- Qu-ally. P- BCVHI1, R- Storey, Cs. Prinsloo, S. Fish, I. Meershoek 3rd Row: M. Gerber, J. v.d. Merwe, A. Mitchell, B. Ganser, S, Spogner L, Alberts T Helmbold 4th Row: S. Gaven, T. Hobbs, N. Granville, W. Claassen, F. Loubser T. Atkinson J Knipe ln Front: P. Hcrweg, M. Meyer, Mr A. Heyng, E, gmmner, Mr D. Gibbon cprincipau J Innes C Knipe 40 ,,,,,,.,,.......-.----... , . K - :,., -' ..,r: -x , ,Q . -Q. .-. .wt'1tzf-MJ. 1 ' - , ,:g1'5,..2'i-'ZA ' N . S . - N . 1 . X , J: . ,, .Li JM..-,4i,v . .. -c. -2...J.......:..zi...3f'f I ...- .-.H - . ., .-.,.. .,,......,-J! Back Row: C. Laubscher, J. Fowler, C. Hancock, G. Kirkham, J. Goldie, B. Watt, M. Frankland 2nd Row: H. Till, R. du Preez, P. Mouton, G. Lewis, M. Aird, R. de Haas, P. Burnett, B. Loker, G. Meyer 3rd Row: W. Panourgias, K. Trevaskis, C. Robinson, S. Narramore, S. Lawrenson, C. Howarth, Q. Atkinson Front: B. Campbell, C. Picton, Mr A. Heyns, M. Zverina, Mr D. Gibbon fPrincipalJ, K. Montgomery, R. Rack B. Co-Ed. Once again M.H.S. was firmly beaten into second place by Simon's Town. Our athletes fared fairly well, considering the over- confidence they portrayed in not finding it necessary to train for this meeting. We managed to win 18 of the in- dividual events fexactly half of Simon's Townj out of 77 events. Four of our athletes set records on the day, namely: Sean Fish BU19 200m 23,1 Cold record 24,15 Colin Venter BU17 Shot Put 13,84m fold record 11,9OmJ Chad Johnson BU17 Javelin 50,74m Cold record 45 ,80mJ Craig Campbell BU14 400m 60,9 fold record 62,33 Congratulations to these athletes on their fine perfor- mances as well as to all athletes who won their events or were placed second or third. The following athletes obtained two or more first places: Craig Campbell BU14 100,200 and 400m. Sean Fish BU17 100 and 200m Colin Venter BU17 Shot Put and Discus Marlene Meyer GU19 100 and 200m The final results of the day were: . Junior Girls: Simon's Town 1025 Muizenberg 58g Rhodes 28. I Junior Boys: Simon's Town 195g Muizenberg 148, Rhodes 100. . Senior Girls: Simon's Town 170, Muizenberg 142g Rhodes 127. Senior Boys: Simon's Town 179, Muizenberg 153, Rhodes 153. Overall Shield: Simon's Town 6463 Muizenberg 5013 Rhodes 408. Two of our athletes, Craig Campbell Uunior Boysj and Colin Venter CSenior Boysl won the trophies for the best performance by an individual 'athlete in his respective age-group. C. Peninsula Championships Eleven of our athletes were entered in twenty-four events at this meeting. Eight went through to the finals for their events, but only Colin Venter and Sean Fish ran out winners. Unfortunately Sean was injured and had to withdraw from further participation. Both of them were selected for the Peninsula team in the W.P. Championships. Congratulations! D. W.P. Championships Sean Fish went through to the finals in the 100m, but had to withdraw due to a recurring injury. Colin Venter was placed third in the U17 Shot Put. No one was chosen to represent W.P. at the S.A. Cham- pionships, but we hope that this will change in the next season. A. Heyns fC0achj Sponsored by Juta Educational Booksellers 8: Publishers . E'-,A 135 A3 V. :,,i.- s.,f,.. at . .1-an V . 1-"3af.-'aff-'.ft?f!F'i2y' 5 wuz' - - V 'fairy .g. Y".-,fig Z.: 1. .J ,:,,.' '- ' ' i. " . 3. 1 1" 1"1.'- A- A '4 ' 'an' iMl"l'ilv'4'z-'iE?5"..wl'Dv " ' ' ' 33 fl 99 5 930999 108 Sm PENNYPINCHERS IRETREATI IPTYI LTD 3 HONEYWELL FIOAD, TELEPHONE I 72-9208 INCORPORA TING M.l.LA lHIwIcs Gnoup 51' .I J.H ISAACS RESIDENTIAL ICAPEI IPTYJ LTD. FIEG. NO. 70711518107 W, 2 ffl al Y My VM. ,, M. V, 1 ,,. gg? yw,yM,V-- " 1ff'ff1AV VV " f we nec 1' 45 4 ,MZ VVVV f ??5:wW1f?wI2.Yf43wWW!3wfVfwfff Mfaywvffgefzmf' V fu V AV , . ff VV V, -G V. fzff V ,, , N ,. p , 2 f fwyg ff Y ' 5 Q? " : , nVf'.V?'zfrfAfm3f,'!'-Qfw Vf fig , Vyf , Q. g13,Mc1fVf'V6L-,fn f 4' 51,yyyyVf4lV.y.Qmfw Wy X X :V ff V ,L 1 ,'.f, ,:,.11,.-4:.4m:,:,.f,m:,,2fm.m.Z4f. OUR AREA SPECIALISTS CAN HELP YOU I CALL US TODAY FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICE I MARINA DA GAMA An inland Marina beside the sea. On the shores of a tranquil lake and beneath majestic peaks. A carefully planned and beautifully landscaped' environmenmt with the warm Indian Ocean just minutes away ' Leisure where you live - Where everyday Iife is exciting. A phone call to GLENDA MCGREGOR at 88-4753 could change your world. S FALSE BAY OFFICE: 3 EASTLAKE CENTRE MARINA DA GAMA Tel 88 1647 I 88 4603 42 ,...s...,.,...... A A A . v -' "F 2' . . - -.alt I'1'? "Aq f -- Vi'-+Vp1.I,?.33IIg1 ' . . ' - .. at ' If ','f' . ' Mfg 1' BADMINTON REPORT Boys We entered two teams in the leagues: our firsts in the "D" league and the seconds in the "F" league. The seconds won only four out of ten matches, but some of the others were fairly close. The first team won four out of the five matches in the first half of the season and was then promoted to the "C" league. The competition was quite tough for our lads and they only managed to win two out of five games, but two of the others could have gone either way. Unfortunately we could never have full team practices, because of clashes with practice times of other sports in which the boys participated. We hope that the situation will change next year. My thanks to the players for their enthusiasm at coaching sessions and for turning up regularly for these sessions. A. Heyns fCoachj i l Ferlise Loubser Ccaptainj, Shan Airey, Mr A. Heyns lcoachl, Samantha Hack, Glynnis Medcalf Ross Munro fcaptainl, Garth Airey, Mr A. Heyns fcoachj, Roualeyn de Haas, Grant van der Vijver Girls We started the season with one team in the "D" league and quite a few beginners who responded to coaching with enthusiasm. It was, however, difficult coaching all the players at different times. I was fortunate in enlisting the services of Mrs M. Medcalf who helped with the coaching of our girls as well as supplying transport for away matches. During the second part of the season M.H.S. entered a second team in the "E" league. The seconds soon found out that competitive badminton was much harder than they had thought it to be. They played four matches andf, unfortunately, could not win any. We hope this will improve next year. Our firsts lost only three out of ten matches. This is fair- ly good and will push them into the "C" league next year. My thanks to Mrs Medcalf for the part that she played and to all the girls for their enthusiasm and for turning up regularly for coaching. Sponsored by Mr 8: Mrs N.J.C. Adriaanzen 5 fljuj w .... ff- , v ' 5az'fliis'f3ks7gn.s:k1':r:'f. f Y . .,,. 1 Standing: Barbara Claassen, Wendy Claassen, Jane Innes, Linda Bosch, Mariska Gerber Front: Mrs P. Gleimius, Tina Atkinson, Mrs P. Ganser GIRLS' BASKETBALL REPORT Basketball is starting to "happen" at Muizenberg. We entered two teams this year - a first team and an U15 team. The standard of play in the league is generally high as we compete against the first teams of other schools, some of whom have many years of basketball experience. Despite losing most of their games, the first team showed a tremendous improvement in skills and tactics and the margin of defeat narrowed with each game. The highlight of the season was the game played against Herzlia. Tina's shooting was strongly supported by the dribbling and tackling of her team mates to bring about our first win. We really appreciated the help and guidance given us by Penny Ganser fa Muizenberg past pupilj. Penny helped to develop the team's tactics for attack and defence, and introduced exercises to improve the team's general skills. We thank her for her support and enthusiasm. This is the first time Muizenberg has had an U15 team, which brings a needed depth to the sport. As beginners, the team coped very well with the game. They need to improve their shooting skill in particular, but that will come in time. Mariska Gerber and Tina Atkinson were invited to the W.P. Colts trials where they gained valuable experience. We say goodbye to most of the first team at the end of ' the year - Tina, Jane Innes, Linda Bosch and Barbara Claassen - but with the remaining team members, Mariska and Wendy Claassen and some promising Ul5's coming up, we look forward to a good season. P.A. Gleimius FACTORY SHOP MENS AND LADIES KNITWEAR, SPORTS- WEAR AND DRESSES HABERDASHERY AND YARNS MON-FRI 8.45a.m. - 4.30p.m. SatUfd3VS 8.00a.m. - 12.30p.m. COR. MAIN AND BARK ROADS, STEENBERG 1 , , -. Q 14. 5 '51 ,',5ifQ'j:f-53717 1 ,. i Gig a ,, V . ..., ...,...,.,s., , if , , mmf-gnu "":,1f HIECLS DIE mr-tNNe,' fur iid! ""' A AM, BOYS' BASKETBALL: 1988 eh HM M , r J narrow. -QAAM j , For the first time in this sport's short history at me ee-'vw--on I Muizenberg we stepped up into the Senior league and by 'hoe N 'ml . no means found coping with the raised status difficult. Lf! A 3-44 The team remained constant throughout the season: 2 1 David Romaine Ccapt.J Jacques Beukman, Clint Sutton, W 'Q 5 Wm 'W' Andrew Wharton, Mark Mulock, Stephen Otto, An- A . drew Sprigg and Guiliano Coen. The spirit was ex- 8-,ffl " J cellent, dedication constant and sportmanship above ymbes question. Generally the basketballers were entertaining In-im to watch, pleasing to work with and made the school . ' new friends on each successive outing. Results were varied and fortunes fluctuated. We beat Rondebosch, :P had a close game against Herzlia C38-345 and Cape : : me M N-we J' "Q Town High C19-169. The most important goal was realiz- H F H62 3 Ulm ed, namely enjoyment. Team awards were made to J J. Beukman, G. Sutton, A. Wharton, S. Otto while Ono Mark Mulock received an honourable mention fnot yet 1, N wi' 'mr E 3 in Std 83. Congratulations to David Romaine for mak- ing the Western Province Colts side and for being ,hp W 3 - awarded a merit award. I'm confident in future he will strive for the Western Province Schools Senior squad Q f and full colours at school. A special thanks to Malcolm 5 L, Richards for real quality coaching. I look forward to the 9 B second half of the season and hope that as many players mm: as possible continue to keep the skills sharp with outside ,SL clubs during the winter. 'X' DNJIO R. Peter CJ-ff-Y'S-A-um be. S15 i i Top: Clint Sutton, Mark Mulock, Stephen Otto, Andrew Wharton, Guilianno Coen Seated: David Romaine, Mr R. Peter, Jacques Beukman 1511 if LQ Q J U. A CRICKET lg 4 3 45 The development of match and practice facilities pro- ceeded slowly but surely during the 1987!8 season. Our patience was finally rewarded when we were able to play two matches on the new main turf wicket before the end of the season, W.P. star Garth le Roux cutting the tape in a short ceremony just before the lst XI match against Norman Henshilwood I. The second turf wicket and the turf practice wicket will also be available for regular use during the l988!9 season. Many thanks to all staff, parents and pupils who have played a part in the development of these new facilities. With ongoing support and enthusiasm we can look forward to the future of cricket at the school with confidence and pride. lst XI fab Fourth Term 1987 Coach: Mr D. Gibbon Captain: Graeme Trautman! Rowland Graney Regular team members: N. Ritchie, D. van Vuuren, T. Sutter, R. Munro, P. Herweg, P. Lane, L. van I' Schoor, R Frankland R Radford S Fish 1 , 7 ', ,f I L z " ' "'7lL'.'.1...1'12Z'f'A"""' 'F' A XI remained The record books show that the lst undefeated throughout 1987. The separate resultS of the Fourth term fixtures confirmed that the team should seek promotion to a higher league in 1988. Detailed results were as follows: 17 October vs Table View I tH0meJ M ' b 64 CL. van Schoor 26 r1.o.J Taiiizelifiteg 64 CR. Graney 4!14g D. van Vuuren 2!9g P. Herweg 2f15g R. Frankland 2!22 Match T IED 24 October vs Groote Schuur I CAwayJ D Groote Schuur 114 CR. Graney 4f38g N. Ritchie 3f3g P. Herweg 2! 34 J Muizenberg 115!3 KR. Graney 36 n.o. 5 D. van Vuuren 201 WON by 7 wickets 31 October vs Fish Hoek III fHomeJ Muizenberg 84 CR. Munro 311 Fish Hoek 72 CR. Graney 4!2Og N. Ritchie 3!7g D. van Vuuren 2!13J WON by 12 Runs 7 November vs Constantia I CAwayJ Muizenberg 116 KM. Bruce 44D Constantia 97 CR. Graney 4!19g M. Bruce 4!30J WON by 19 runs 14 November vs Simonstown I fHomeJ Muizenberg 145f6 CT. Sutter 41g L. van Schoor 33 n.o.g P. Herweg 30 n.o.J Simonstown 83 CR. Graney 6!36g N. Ritchie 2!16J WON by 62 runs .. E55 2 155 "1-2 .1 915521 , ' 70' fbi" ' 6 "'r f' ' ' i ii . ' 7 ., -' . 'F , f . .Ig , V ,-,f V 4 A l Z .. M-in 5 1. G ff: f ' f f If'-1 .4-aff, 2 L54 -, A- dv- 1 -4 f f ff, ,X . 'J .. iit. ..,.:f:sr:.:e:1f:2e1.. 1W'cWw4WQ4A 'vw : :,:a.e:,:21: . . ..ea.s:ze:1:1:f:1::t1:- :f A' .:a:s1:qas'1-'- -'-w e-:.: 1- - 3- , Z! ,X '- M55 -.', fffwfj, . ' .:vf- 45-gay-,. ,f .ft -A ig : - .:. .'ss:ffm::51:r- -r-' , --ge.:-1 .wif ' V .5 2' , p m iff? ..,.. gfg. ' ' M t , , ' fir ' v ff ...e ta -' ""' V' A , '- f if t - ' . ',.' 1 "'. '..'. W? f." f 422 2' w' 2 ' 'V . H -"'- ' -f'-11255:::EsSieEe:2:e:1152: .-.1-.:1:v:.-tp-Wei fc ' . I '.I. '."' . .- vtir - f ..... . 'V f ' "" m V, I L f. 2 Q.. 'pe a . V- 4. fin mt 22 ..., "Zi-iE '2f?"'. ..,., Ll' , .,.,.. . .1 it 'tt I f f 9. 5 f it we W-1' f"',- ...,, fi "-' ' ' ' f ' ' iff -' v-" me 4 .V2:re-1:1-mr:.:1:1:112--12.511:5'2.5w.::-:., ... .,...- : 5,-1.5. ,.V" g . - Ig,.ig1..':i3::Qg-.....l.j.- 1. -.'Lr '.- .... ,,,,. ,..,. .,. ..., ,M , .,.,, ,Q '-,V I 3.k'5.,"gL3:'.1v-V-V. bkrr S5755 iq, g , ..,. .,., .,., , .L,g E.....,..., Back Row: Andre Adriaanzen, Brian Ganser, Sean Fish, Louise Adriaanzen fscorerj, Paul Lane, Andrew Herbert, Leon Van Schoor Middle Row: Michael Louw, Paul Bevan Front Row: Ross Munro, Peter Herweg, Mr D. Gibbon, Rowland Graney fcaptj, Mr B. Commins, Tony Sutter, Robin Frankland 46 ,M 1,-,',w-"' s 1' T-f,'. WV-7- fa" " ' " T' ' fb3 1st Term 1988 Coach: Mr D. Gibbon Captain: Rowland Graney Regular team members: T. Sutter, P. Herweg, P. Lane, R. Munro, L. van Schoor, R. Frankland, A. Adriaanzen, P. Bevan, M. Louw, A. Herbert, S. Fish, B. Ganser. It soon became apparent that cricket in the Second League was quite a different ball-game requiring a great deal of consistency, determination and solid graft. For- tunately team spirit was high and the morbs were not allowed to affect our play as we slowly came to terms with salvaging draws rather than expecting to win every week. Middle order W.P. ,batsman Jon Hardy visited our nets on a number of occasions and was able to en- courage both batsmen and bowlers to higher standards of achievement. While finding it difficult to call the shots in these mat- ches we managed to remain unbeaten until midway through the term when we lost dismally to Norman Henshilwood I in the first match on the new wicket. After losing a second game the following week, we recovered our composure to be in with a chance in the last two games against Cape Town I and Thornton I - both games were eventually also drawn. Batting performances for this half-season were dominated by Paul Lane Caverage 213 and Rowland Graney Caverage 193 while the bowling honours were shared by Peter Herweg C15 wicketsg average 11,33 and Rowland Graney Q17 wickets, average 13,23. The detailed results were as follows: 25 January vs Plumstead III CAway3 Muizenberg 8418 Plumstead 70 CP. Lane 2!6g R Graney 2!8g P. Herweg 2!9g R. Frankland 2! 133 WON by 14 runs 6 February vs Sea Point I fAway3 Sea Point 123! 8 CR. Graney 4!263 Muizenberg 52! 9 Match DRAWN 20 February vs Windsor I fAway3 Windsor 196! 5 KL. van Schoor 2!493 Muizenberg 62! 9 QT. Sutter 233 Match DRAWN 27 February vs Fish Hoek II fAway3 Fish Hoek 121 CR. Graney 5!4Og P. Herweg 4!353 Muizenberg 59! 9 Match DRAWN 5 March vs Norman Henshilwood CHome3 Muizenberg 59 Norman Henshilwood 62!4 CR. Graney 3!243 LOST by 6 wickets 12 March vs Wynberg IV CHome3 Muizenberg 11O!6 QP. Lane 42 n.o.g T. Sutter 273 Wynberg l12f3 CP. Herweg 2!223 LOST by 7 wickets 19 March vs Cape Town I iHome3 Muizenberg 119f7 IR. Graney 613 Cape Town 8419 CR. Graney 4!41g P. I-Ierweg 3f183 Match DRAWN 26 March vs Thornton I CAway3 Thornton 102!7 CP. Herweg 4f263 Muizenberg 77f8 QR. Graney 503 Match DRAWN L D The final logs were as follows: P W Fourth Term 1987 13rd league3 5 4 0 1 First Term 1988 Q2nd league3 8 1 2 5 1987!8 Season 13 5 2 6 Sponsored by Juta Educational Booksellers 8: Publishers he - ,f.W :,.r,u.. -.i , .. '7 . , . 'H'- .e -V ff 2,,,,'.ggfp'rf9-':,,-fw.ig-,-I .I ,, ff-i'+f + fasJI.w..r....ii-.1--''tZ'si:..i2w1-fzac,mm... , I s-I X. , Q '22' . x "fr 1. JE. l' V H . , Sf' . ., V '-sa ' , v , I ' 'P f r' -1. -' ' , , , . 2' Q V4 S., xy 4-A 3- ? E ig QW if 3 ,ii is Q . zy. 5, H4 ,,.,: g 1 Q.. , . , .1 ,sg- .,, .., ,, , 2 V,, ., 4 -1. sae.. ' -Q L , V f ff w 7 V te -wa. A ' V . - f fV f 3 Q . Li 1 X, Q HF? ' ' T, .,: 5.1 ' f sf - s-r - ..,-.V-fl-i ..V,,Vf-rfV4s1iV.,--, :fV4wf?g? - ff? . ., :-- V X sRs-::.2vf.V--- Q. I Q 5, iV5fV::,-LQKVQ24 ,fg:q, V-'f x +V f :2a.z:f1::f:my:::?, ' , f,4ff4VV f .1 1 - . sei 1' -'sk-S'-QT-if f UV! Q'r'."2 . f .X 1951 ,, 'J-' ' ' .42 if, 1: 5ri1:2Z5iff:z:fE:t,,.3iW.-1:: V-V -' rf-.V',p25'2t-:V:j gps' .. 5 as V 'V ,u sssfwt ' sz. V-cfv 5- . - t :::VM,,V: ,ii.cVi.s+V-'V--5!,. was 1.sf:0' VV " .M 45 . , , -V sf ' -'VX':Vr-er 'V -r .T-I r:".f-:Is-:'. f 'Sw Nr :lil lgvf' ' X SHT., F5 -' 'E . ,. ' :1-Z:j:5',:Q- -" f' l 7::9 '2Z2f:Z 2Z13gi J ' ' Lf- ,' - .- F ,fs i c "" f' 75 . 937 VW f5'f21V.5s?m VR' Set? - +V X --nfl., rhsi H -sf' 'WI . ff .QV 1 pgwpd V W ,Q ig. ,, . T :ga fgg x ow .,, -W5 . z5,5g ,,iag,, W, V . ve aw' 1-V V if V "Q V 5 ist: V. H -M V Y. 1, ff: .:V-- Ve V--VV Va fi 72 '- V14 , 1.35 9' T ., if 2" ---'ff L. ' V ,'Vib'f4 -2-Q':L1T14 'V - c-,ss-H X' it" 5-,4 T af-:IIIQW-iTiEI:?k'?ls2. ,L V ' V, '.V'E'I"'f' V, ff, . 2:V' fE1:1V:ff'4- E':.j:E'::'-312614 -. 'VV . VV f' t,Vf'V M" safer,-:nits Q 2 arm' V. ' ' " 5' -:f"T5rf?'7V, 1 -at-.. , vi .53 wgfgisim - ,,,i,Vi,VK t, , V ,.Vfw-Va.-sf.-V11 -.W-.VM.,-,-V.,gW . .--1-V sm.-if-L.-.V-. . -Q-, r . W V- :V- ss,gg4f'.V " 1-,.:,: :Vgzg :ss-1' Vg-as-':3V:-:M-.. "y . , ,f lame 'V .fi V. V,-1 . ,zg maxi? , . V X -? ,. i VV -, vzxciwfftefw f?V.V,:'f 4,-V V-, -was --i , .vf ': ffV,V ,-V '-221 kj ' W V-fPr2fgy:Kwr :us .. QV .L fr:-" wr' X'-' 'rkslf 4 3 V fi ill? '- ,QQ Yew -' . ' at if V yy' ,V Vff 4:-'42-1 -V -.t, .'-1?4::f':- V 4. WV --122V-:f'.:f.s:g::1,:,:1V' ' 'X -'A"' -nllfi f -:::V:Vfg:e.. f'. -. 'Q-'ik-21555: -:f:.:-V-:-:f:, - , V .4zf:V.:s.:'r,:a:s.:V:z:-:rx' -:V-if ' ' 'Cf 1:9521 - A , H J " Mu ff V?a,Q'-Q V? Y 'A I' ,Vf ' ' Kip AV ,,,,l,..-.fe-A-Q43 .if xi ,Q mf V, .... .. .. f V . V . V 'V - "'f'Z'53!':'1f:5i5iI':'f1'51' .1-'1 t.:f2t: 2:-V2-21. is-VV .. .. -.VV-:V ,. .51-:--IV. :.'...... -me-V: :f1':'V:z1:-.zisvr-.K4V .. v :,.,:aV V.:.s-.21-rs-. --an-Vm:V,.,:-::::ga:.:.e.-maze:.:,:f:V..:3s-sgr.::.:f,VV.,f:z4gV:-.2:QV -rr: -:,V::,.:VV-.::e:-sf -V-1-11 :ew -:.:,V-uf VV-:2.r:f-',r-V-V: V:::V-,::.V:a1 V'-:.:-V--a '.':f-:f--:V:f- 1 ,s.r'e-ei::V-s::rV-:::.e:--f:1e1.f-- ':'.:V V-2.2-'::V::2s:1" '-::. :es M:-,.g.g V.:-:W-. .V 2:-rs 2 1-. ,.f:1.- ' ' VV::V-:tw '-.-3:V.V'--.: .1-1' .Vw :yi tae: -fra V:.:::V- ' V g , -:f:V,.,:, ,V,,.,g,5-.rg g.,g.:::-,V, ,QV-.V. -3-,:,VV.,, .. "V"V 2 -- 'ZIV' ' V fr' ' ' I "" ' :V-115.13-la fifia- 2' f:a5i::f5::a2Tt isftziiflfra ' f-::--3:i5?Ev.- V.V.:1:z42a3:'-.-.:f- 2 . -:'V':V-3.- :- : :.:.:::v:-W - - ' .-::2.frrV::4S: ,ar-z..V.V 1-.:,, ' 2:43-V: ' "" ' .-1V-f:'3V2:-'-L ""' '- f V, V. 1 f ' - V .a "MV -1, :::V-s':V:- - V -5:1-MV:-:.-f-V-:. 1 3-.: , 1- , Z , , 443.-sr,-,,.,V .,V, ,Vs ,:.y. 0 1,, 9.' ,:g,'.Vg,,. .:,--VV, -255535. ffm ff 7? :a. 5 5: :J 52-2 . ' ff? , 'V22E1'G"V'f .V f g ,-.R My-V. , f. -V V- 2 f.-. 5044 . ,024-,ff 9 - - vi- V Vv .V1.grV,1-Vxzf--. rs..-4 4:--A-1. :faw,,,-g' VfgyQf, Vf -f 4 f .V - VX, I . -V-5221" Z , ' ", f i- .-1:49 ' 9 X' ' . f.f4"'c1 ' 'r 9 VIV , ,VffjV'gV IVY: -V51-V547-A1419-V ,y,3,-, . f:V.- gpm- V 1' V-J '71ff'i3r- i'V ' V V " 7:"VV:1.f' ' 9 ' it ' ,VV.q-f. , .V ??4'4' ,fV' " , ,. ,,..s,..,m,,...,.......,,.,,,..,,,,..V,N,,A.,,M.W..,,,.w,,Wf,,...,,"' 1- - V Back row: Quinton Atkinson, Christoph Soltau, Stephen Peck, Alain Musikanth iumpirel, Pierre Mouton, Mark Harding Crispin Howarth Middle Row: Susan Daniels Cscorerl, Geoffrey Ord Front Row: James Ord, Robert Taylor, Jonathan Logan lcaptainj, Mr Commins Ccoachj, Craig Campbell, Wayne Van Schoor Henry Scoble NLASTER MATHQ EST. 1976 Knowledge n Succou HOW TO MASTER MATHS AT TOKAI At MASTER MATHS TOKAI we teach all the year round including evenings, weekends and school holidays. Mastering Mathematics is probably one of the biggest problems facing students today. The advent of the computer age has made mathematical knowledge an essential skill for coping at school, at home and in the work place. Therefore, how important is mathematics in your child's future? Don't allow your child to suffer a job mismatch. The chances are that with a good pass in matric maths, your child will be able to achieve a satisfactory career. lf you think passing maths is tough - failing maths is far worse. At MASTER MATHS we cater for pupils who are lagging behind in class, those who have missed out on basics in earlier standards, those who have left things to the last minute and those who aspire to better maths marks. S MASTER MATHS encourages all students to become mathematically independent and so restore confidence and self-esteem. Contact Mrs. van der Vlfesthuizen at MASTER MATHS, TOKAI at telephone 75-9621 for further information for students from Standard 5 to Matric, also N1 - 4 Maths. 48 KM... V--r'--re' "" 'T' """"7?7f7Q'?f7'ff - V V ,Vt-ft' ', a!ur'V,?- , ' Elec: ' 5, 7,31 5ew..aiMf, V ,, . . . UNDER-14 CRICKET October to November 1988 The half season opened with the first semblance of a fine all-round performance by the side, but then things began to go 'wrong and only the final match restored a degree of pride to the team. In the opening match stalwarts R. du Preez and J . Fowler failed with the bat but a fine innings of 25 by Brett Louw who received admirable support from Crispin Howarth 1191 took the score to the nineties. A last wicket stand of 26 between Ryan Thomas 1221 and Byron Loker enabled M.H.S. to reach a respectable total of 119. Cape Town's U! 14A batting wilted under the barrage sent down by Jerome Fowler and the nagg- ing accuracy of Richard du Preez, each of whom bagged five scalps in dismissing C.T.H. for 56. A Trojan spell of 21 overs by Jerome Fowler brought him five wickets for 62 against Bishops C but the visitors totalled 147 for 8 and restricted M.H.S. to 67, only Jonathan Logan 1201 offering any sustained resistance. It was much the same story against SACS B. Jerome Fowler, though erratic, did wonders to take 7 for 47 and dismiss SACS for 85, but the batting slump was total and M.H.S. lost heavily. Wynberg B did not fulfil their fixture, due to an ad- ministrative error, and the match with Herzlia A com- pleted the half season. A late start resulted in a decision to restrict each side to 66 minutes at the crease. Herzlia batted well to compile 83 for 3, the 3 dismissals being achieved by Jerome Fowler who bowled all his victims. A slow start by M.H.S. put victory out of reach but Richard du Preez 1141, Mark Frankland 1131 and Jerome Fowler 116 not out1 saw M.H.S. safely to a draw with a score of 51!4. My grateful thanks are due to Mrs Frankland and Mrs Logan for transport and support, and to Susan Daniels for scoring for the side. A word of thanks, too, to Mr Havenga for seeing to our kit so meticulously. January-March 1988 C Division This eager young band of cricketers, beaten only once in seven outings and lacking any match-winning superstar, gave a very good account of themselves and showed the value of enthusiastic practice, co-operative teamwork, and a fighting spirit. In the first match, against Oude Molen A, a moderate total of 58!7 featuring Craig Campbell 129 n.o.1, seem- ed unlikely to be enough, but tight bowling by Quinton Atkinson 14! 121 and Geoffrey Millward 13!81 helped bundle the opposition out for 41. Oude Molen B fell foul of the bold left arm spin of Jonathan Logan 16! 221 and the accurate seam bowling of Craig Campbell 12!51. Their total of 51 was knocked off for the loss of three The Fish Hoek B match proved a cliff-hanger. MI-IS made 74!4, thanks mainly to Quinton Atkinson 1221 and Craig Campbell 119 n.o.1. By the time Geoffrey Millward 14!151 bowled the Fish Hoek last man only ten runs separated the teams. Much of the damage was caused by the spin of Jonathan Logan 14f101. Steady batting by Geoffrey Millward 1321, James Ord 1191, Richard Oates 1131 and Quinton Atkinson 1101 enabled the side to top the 100 mark for the first time in the match against St. Joseph's B. Spirited bowling by Atkinson 15f51, Milward 13!91, and Oates 12f71 limited St. Joseph's to 51. Batting first at Edgemead, MHS came unstuck, only Oates 1131 reaching double figures. The opposition were made to work for the 52 runs needed, but reached their target with five wickets intact. Only time robbed MHS of a resounding win against Fairbairn B. G. Millward 1201 and C. Campbell 124 n.o.1 were the main con- tributors to a total of l0l!7. When the match ended Fairbairn were reeling at 36f9, thanks to fine bowling by Atkinson 13!111, Logan 13!l1 and Millward 12!91. At Bishops, MHS chased leather while Bishops C rac- ed to a mammoth 184! 2, but after losing two early wick- ets the Muizenberg boys took on their opponents and James Ord 1191, Quinton Atkinson 1281 and Jonathan Logan 129 n.o.1 steered the side to a highly respectable 89!5 and in doing so brought a successful season to a happy close. The squad comprised: J. Logan 1capt.1, C. Campbell 1vc1, C. Howarth, Q. Atkinson, J. Ord, G. Ord, W. van Schoor, P. Mouton, G. Millward, S. Peck, H. Scoble, M. Harding, R. Oates, R. Taylor, C. Soltau and L. Campbell, the loss of whose services behind the stumps when he developed knee trouble was a blow of which the effects were felt throughout the season. A word of thanks is due to the Logan, Scoble and Atkinson families for help with transport. A very special accolade must be given to Mr John Logan without whose help as manager in absence of Mr Havenga the Under 14 side would have had to be withdrawn from the league. Your assistance is deeply appreciated. B. Commins wickets, top scorer being Geoffrey Millward 1231. Sponsored by Juta Educational Booksellers 8: Publishers 49 .-.-quasi: "-' '- "r-:Rives-"We -ee-f aaa-L--ev-Tag '.i.' f I Q: .f f . 1 A DA J R FORSHAW I IIIIIII 'ff IPTYI LTD. OT S ' ' PRINCE GEORGE DRIVE MUIZENBERG P 88 4745'88 4468 ANTIQUE HESTORERS FURNITURE MAKERS F ff POUSHERS-UPHOLSTEHERS PANELBEATING AND SPRAYPAINTING MOTOR VEHICLE R PAIRS TUNE UPS ENGINE WELDING and ELECTRONIC WHEEL BALANCING etc. SACKS DISCCUNT FO0D MARKET Atlantic Road Nlulzenberg FARM FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES FINE FOODS AND FRIENDL YSER VICE PHDNE as 5816 I I V ,,-f1-I,-ff-I- A 351 mf!-'sE.':1,x.. ' V H, iv, 'W-W' 1 1 , t Q . +, 'a sa. sf 4 g was 51-2 Rodney Burton oma urniolftero Stockists of FECHTER'S KNYSNA FURNITURE TELEPHONE: 60 CHURCH STREET BUSINESS 71-7408 WYNBERG 7800 HOME 88-7223 rw. CROSS COUNTRY This year we had a fairly successful season. Unfor- tunately Muizenberg High only entered one full team comprising four athletes to participate in the A league of the Peninsula Schools Athletics Union Cross- Country league. The under 19 boys' team consisted of Robin Frankland, Richard Storey, Clinton Louw and Stephen Otto. The team attained sixth position out of twenty-two teams. Robin Frankland was awarded the cup for the best senior boy athlete. All team members were awarded team awards for the season.Liezelle Albertswon the cup for the best senior girl athlete. A few individual athletes also participated. Liezelle Alberts ran in the Western Province trials held in Bellville. Scharl du Plessis ran extremely well in the Muizenberg race, obtaining 17th position out of 93 under 15 athletes. Janine Knipe ran well in both the Muizenberg and Westerford races. We hope to see more regular participation from these pupils as well as other individual athletes next year. Six league races took place, hosted by Camps Bay, Bishops, Fish Hoek, SACS, Muizenberg and Wester- ford respectively. Races were run on various terrains, including sand, gravel, tar and grass. The Fish Hoek and Camps Bay races included many strenuous sandy hills. SACS and Westerford hosted their races in Newlands forest. Muizenberg and Bishops were seen as "breathers" as their courses were flat and easy to run. We look forward to an even more successful season next year. Ms K. Seydel , f -V V 1 'f a il I ..1"' V-" f ' 12-' ,- :El E1:f'2 V 1.l.1:,?f-225I:.. 2- 11.29231'VE'E'Eiiri'-1i15'5EiEl5 'ig Vrr:5f55 '5 il: ii 52 -L25 IQ . f - - : A af-awe' -.2 :: pV-f-:W V-V,:.:.:-VV,-:Va f --. . .am tb'-.: :ez ,. .S 1-Vw -.1-W -sr '-, sr -f 3.:m.V4w-D V-N . T " " f : 11 if -I v V' - i3E3E 639 ,20 1. V. 'E' I zsif 1, 2 it -.fs ff .1 FII. "-'-. 2-1 5 Q .11si--.'.I.i1:-V.t2-::1f- 2:- V: . 7 " - "" ' eg. . :g .y ,aa :V: V:,,,, -g3gV,g,:, -sa .-'. '--':::25:-,. : f2eiVgg,, 335,22.5'VI:i1V:I::V:'-"s:fE:LZ'V 21. -F T-4 1" r-.2 . we122:QV-xewzw-:zemfz-.'2424 'V:.'V.":::zf.1Mfzmz fe. "-1:11. -V1.1 -,:5:1'2S'2 f22"' 'I wi WV V' ,ff ',I:,:, QI ,jIj'Ij-"gfV.- ..Qr424gQg, '-- 'V 22.251 't' 'I:Ef5.gi1i1w .-" V :gV'V.,,N.AQgf'5j-.xx ' . I x " '- . .ff-.1 " ' fr - l.-V512-' ,, . ei-1.1-NLAF?-Qi i :E s ' 1 ' V . ., . ..,.., 2.,-rI1.l,',r-'I . '.:f ,Qij',bg2?j VWP.-'21 Q. Q3 uf'-'X"?jZ5 1v'lV5ff,'-LIV..2'3"C137S'-1Vw-"Vj,V,'q:2?. 'Iii ' , .5 X Y , ,. ' X . V, t 2af12E-.:f11.Z'I'i-':- me-V.::V21i'f2I 'if'-ff. .f-'rf' : liV 'f '4'52.,e12.-ssfiffsfv "'f.E1"V'.V.f'1-V '- :Z .V . ":'Z:'1i:-1EE:'ii ' V't -V f sew F mf' ae- w..fff..1-fa.. IV V V -, Vfv - 1 - -swf. 1: :,, 1- rp.,-V 1 V , ,7 ,ri-,gi .:-5i,:g1g:,:,g--WV..-v4,4.,. ,:Vv.r:.,:,:Va: v. f A . . , - s, 1 ' . X --ff .V , v ,Vw,,V,,.3,fi :,V.,-I..- XV - z. -V:p.f.,:Vsx5 V V- we V , - . 'bs wx 2, A-.Q 'Z 1..-V.-.-:,-V.,:-...:.1Vif11:.:tz::::'1-:Q-.9-' . -:.1:.:gg:':.1gg., 3, 'sz' .V ,:r1r,f41g3vrf :s:5:g5 ' N -V5:f':f: ' 5 ,12 ,.1Vgs3- , sis.-fl ' ' 1 :i I 'l , ,f .,., ,q.5:r:'4,aV'-ef'-:E'I1E?:E5123:1-'sf ,.,,a.:5:s:5:5:5:1. 5. ..eig5:5g3g25Eg5:2',Ig-:f3EV3"',j ,:.f.-wg Vgg.,-f:':. si:-I:giZ,E , Q 'Ig 23531- '-5gw5.:2"" Fvwfsis fii. - :fig , V A sif -1 V5.e2I'.'1-.f.i":.1V,:- ffm Vail? 12. 2.525-is-s:1:sfz- vi: Ste-.z:V:V1:f:-V512-I". f.::Ve.2:V. - ' fl-1" ffl-isf ' ' -' - . s Vs Allt' ..,.. 1 ..,....,. . I , ,A 4? V. --'.ii'f '- ei?"-i3Z55I'2lZ'E3Ei -:31I2iIQ??25" ,-'- 21 .-e. ' ....5:: I , V. V .2152222:-:I-..'1Ei1' - - '-3'2Ej-51-13f55Vji-gig-,Vg -.' i5ViE?E3 :-Q., 5 s. V K - 1 il K . ,ii - if -- . .,.., V ..... ,351 lf., , 1.1.3. 5:55.:j.E,E.3:::vEiij,3:.iE':--1.Viv ii K V X In KV , L Q . k V- X Richard Storey, Janine Knipe Back: Liezelle Alberts, Duane de Beer, Stephen Otto, Zac Butler, Clinton Louw, Front: James Goldie, Miss K. Seydel, Robin Frankland, Mrs Lane, Scharl du Plessis sygm f T ' ',. '- . .,"'f . N . -1 S51-f3Q.A'l...1"a,:g35!7Agf1,.'.,,f-'.- 3.4 i 1 all M: V. ' .1 .qwtVmnm,.i-eats.-e.-'zew.,ri . 51 ,..........4unniL W I i . 2, gm' I ' fu H' I, 54 3 4 'fi I , 1: O N 1 McShane, Barry Misplon, Simon Price Grant van der Vijver, Buddy Wells, Steve Jacobs, Steven tto, oe Andrew Herbert, Robin Linnow, Rowland Graney, Mr D. Gibbon, Wayne Lotters, Richard Storey, Alan Bottoms vp i, 1 :, 4 , 1, 'I ,' . --. , ' ' 'f ' ' p ' '4f ,4' 1, , , , , nf -1 , dd 5, :' 1 Il' If ' ff' I :f ' P?" CLOUTIES f L' ' f FABRICS i f I fi l 5 gi I A Q CoTToNS, TRACK SUIT MATERIAL AND LOTS LOTS MORE AT PRICES THAT WILL SURPRISE You POP IN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF TEL: 75-6872 PECK 'N PAY CENTRE, TOKAI 52 I " I li- 7' ff " Himsa 5955151 BOYS' HOCKEY New iinttiil 1 xxx!! This section continued to flourish on our fields during winter with the number of boys opting for hockey allowing us to continue with a stable format of four league teams. All gave a good account of themselves and there was a noticeable improvement in the general standard of play during the season. We were very pleas- ed to have Mrs Eve Reid join our ranks this year and to have the assistance of Mr Guy Field during the second term. Later we were delighted to welcome back our longserving "volunteer" coach Mr Ian Graney, at present doing his National Service, when he was posted to the Castle from Pretoria. Many thanks to those parents who supported and transported our teams and also to the tuck shop mothers and the grounds staff for their considerable contribu- tion to an enjoyable and satisfying season of hockey. 1st Team Coaches: Mr D. Gibbon!Mr I. Graney Captain: Rowland Graney Regular team members: W. Lotters Cv.c.D, A. Bottoms, S. Jacobs, R. Linnow, B. Misplon, N. McShane, S. Otto, S. Price, R. Storey, G. Van der Vijver, B. Wells The team participated in two pre-season tournaments. The first, at Constantia, was particularly successful and generated the good spirit and positive attitude which characterised the team's approach throughout the season. At the onset a fairly bold decision had been made to enter the team in the 2nd league - a league higher than in previous years. While the overall results reflect our continual battle to hold our own at this level, there is no doubt that the team were playing hockey of quite a dif- ferent calibre bythe end of the season and may certainly look to the future with confidence. We elected to use a 4-2-3-l system for our league cam- paign. This brought immediate sweet success when we upset Paarl Gym I to the tune of 4-0 in our opening fix- ture. This standard could not be maintained, however, and we lost three of the next four games. The league results from the 3rd term reveal a greater consistency in the level of our play. Although unable to clinch victories near the end of the season, we managed creditable draws against Fish Hoek 2nds Cl-lj and Rondebosch 3rds C4-41 and we were just unable to contain Rondebosch 2nds and Plumstead 2nds losing by the odd goal in each case. Surprisingly enough our most memorable matches were the Puma Knockout Tournament encounters against Herzlia lst and Plumstead lst. Having home groundad- vantage and plenty of vocal support from the sidelines raised our standards remarkably on both occasions and the hockey played was a joy to behold. ln the first round Herzlia match our opponents were never allowed to set- tle down as our shots at goal slammed into the backboard with regularity. When they did stagger off to the showers the final score was no less than 6-0 to Muizenberg! This resounding victory put us into the second round against Plumstead lst, a IA League Team. Our visitors were clearly taken aback at the high standard of our play but eventually opened the scoring and then moved into a 2-0 lead. We began to dominate the match at this stage and fought back incredibly to lead 3-2 well into the second half. Plumstead took the lead again but we broke through their defence to equalise at 4-4 keeping the excitement at fever-pitch. ln the closing minutes Plumstead's experience won through and they ran out 6-4 winners of an unforgettable match indeed! The Kingpins of our system were Andrew Herbert and Grant van der Vijver at link and Robin Linnow at Sweeper. This allowed Rowland Graney some freedom as left-field striker and he seldom missed any opportuni- ty, scoring some quite unbelievable goals, particularly in the Puma Cup games. Rowland was supported on the right by the consistently attacking play of Alan Bottoms and occasional flashes of brilliance by Steve Jacobs. The play of the regular halves Richard Storey, Buddy Wells and Simon Price was spirited and reliable as was the goalkeeping of Wayne Lotters. In closing I must pay tribute to our matrics Rowland Graney, Andrew Herbert, Barry Misplon, Wayne Lot- ters, and Richard Storey and Alain Musikanth 12nd Teamj for their general enthusiasm, their leadership and their contribution to hockey at the school over a number of years. RESULTS: P W L D GF GA League matches 10 2 6 2 23 29 Puma Cup 2 1 1 - l0 6 Overall 12 3 7 2 33 35 Alffdr A ' -ax az:-s -' 1-v asf! f.Qa'-w'I'?2:7a:- :Ju M ,. ,. , V 4 2,f":'f-94 .12 "?5".W V- W. 1 'Y-Meg.-.. is kr . ., 315122122215-2221222122E215it2f:t::5sff'22?'e22'vsareI:s:a. J-:LH , ' 5-54' " f M.,,,, ...... , x M ,.-qs , ,. .,..x..4c-.,,r-NWN .4-,N ag"-el wyggff:-s-ffsf f .- sr- .':g-s ,.-31 5.1v...fQmrxe.:":7asif4iE.rseQt pil t .:,:,.s,:,f,..:-- ..a..av-sea-.asazwer -. f - me .-Wm...-ss v.-vt'--t:exfr1-n.Q:.i,mfs. -gfgeggsigy, ' ..q:- . 'Ij,i: :I",'22ir - 5 gags ,swag QQ..-ts? :':z::::ss::,-rr-':. - ' 1-J . ...sir he ga -V mr. .. . ,. X I , 5, jg, gifgzegg g " x - 'Wfi-x'-islssffd.5-fNf1.''-far?-ggi-2-Qfggrg fx. i.qf:w?"?3fs Rt... . - ., . .st :ljfifilfif'3f'1fI7'Q17,5 331 Il fiffQfZEiZ lager W fi-if7f5ifgf'3f:-Qij' 'iff' ' fIfZSg? 1 . ,igjij S - 1-Q-3 Y-aS15.T'.1j"f'-N Lg -3-:Sw s ,. 'Vs-QQSXQ' . " .- H 5'N"i Sponored by Juta Educational Booksellers 8: Publishers 2nd TEAM: Coaches: Mr G. Field X Mr D. Gibbon Captain: Friedrich Soltau U Regular team members: N. McShane, S. Otto, A. Musi- kanth, N. Heine, W. Laufs, S. Evans, W. Stoddart, L. Needham, J. Riordan, K. Hardcastle, A. Evans, M. Hodge, G. Liebenberg. This cheerful team gave a fairly good account of themselves and it was certainly a great joy to be able tio coach a reliable secc nd team of reasonable ability this year. Although their play tended to be rather unpredictable, the team was capable of playing very entertaining hockey on occasions. Overall more games were won or drawn than were defeats registered. The best game was probably a farewell present to Mr Field at the end of the second term. The team really clicked on this occa- sion defeating Fairmont 4-0 with all four goals from the stick of Noel McShane. Stephen Otto, Norman Heine, Wayne Stoddart, Jason O'Riordan and Gregg Liebenberg showed glimpses of greatness among the forwards while Friedrich Soltau held things together at centre half and was given good support by Leslie Needham and Alain Musikanth. We were pleased to be able to call on "Old Boys" Karl Hardcastle Cgoalkeeperj and Andrew Evans Cbackj who were a tower of strength in defence. D. Gibbon UNDER 14 BOYS HOCKEY 1988 2nd Term C League 3rd Term B League Faced with the daunting prospect of playing without at least five Standard 7's who were drafted into the Under 15 team, the Std 6 Under 14 boys blazed a trail of glory which led to the B League in the third term and the scal- ing of still greater heights. Their enthusiasm was un- bridled, their will to win unquenchable, the never-say- die attitude their hallmark when the going was tough. Early indication of a great season was the goalless draw with Fish I-loek A in the opening encounter. Three mat- ches against the E, D and F Wynberg sides revealed the goal scoring potential of the forwards, especially William Panourgias and Michael Vos. A 2-0 home win against Rondebosch D kept spirits high. The only dent in the armour came about in a midweek defeat by Westerford. A rousing 3-1 win over Eben Donges B completed a very satisfactory second term schedule. No more auspicious start to their B league season could have been dreamt of than the boys'thumping 6-1 win over Camps Bay A. After a 2-2 thriller with Plumstead B in which Craig Laubscher scored the equaliser in the final moments, the boys found their way through the Fish Hoek A defence to notch up a memorable 4-1 win. The spectacular highlight of the season, in which the Std 7 Ul4's Roualeyn de Haas, Crispin Howarth, Jonathan Logan and Thornley Bawden played a signifi- cant role, was the thrill-a-minute 4-5 win over a well- drilled Rondebosch B side, the Muizenbergers coming back from 0-2, 1-3 and 3-4 to snatch victory in the last minute. The season endedwith a repeat of the 2-2 cliff- hanger with Plumstead's turn to save the match at the last gasp. Troy Flanigan, with the help of much advice from Mark Mulock, was a star in the goal. Bruce Watt, the captain was a formidable back and proved an excellent distributor of the ball. His genial but no-nonsense leadership had much to do with the delightful spirit that prevailed in the side. Robert Taylor developed astonishinglyafter a quiet start into a tireless defender with a fine sense of anticipation. Christoph Soltau was a sound and intelligent centre-half with promising stickwork. Jeremy Fowkes showed good hockey sense in dealing with the busy position of left half. Pierre Mouton, not wild about practice, made up for it by his amazing energy and persistence on the field of play. Matthew Aird on the right wing and Peter Twiss on the left gradually acquired the ability to play wide and stretch the defence. It was nevertheless the in- ner trio of Craig Laubscher, William Panourgias and Michael Vos who most often caught the eye and shredd- ed the defence with their short, slick passes into the gaps and their speed and accurate shooting which kept the scoreboard moving. Ivan Leader and John Heynes were solid substituters who turned in useful performances whenever called upon. Grateful thanks are due to the Vos, Laubscher, Soltau, and Taylor families for their loyal support. and assistance with transport. .,........ i 7 All in all, a season to remember. At the indoor tournament held at Bishops on Friday 5th August the boys were unable to pull off a win, but did well to hold Paul Roos to a 2-2 draw. They gained friends by their spirited play in restricting Bishops to W4-2, SACS to 3-1, and Wynberg B to 3-2. Both Ian and Rowland Graney undertook to umpire on Muizenberg's behalf. Their kindness and the goodwill they generate by their unbiased conduct of the game is greatly ap- preciated. B. Commins 4' - J T -" 'ai-rM1 x 'l e ,gf .:.Hfkfl3114::?-., 1 . 1' , .fs Pfilinfpi . '-. . . . ,.,,,y,, -- -,1',f.L,w 1: 1...:,,.. . . . f' ' "gi f fi .. . . .L-V' t . JY I M , 'S I W n a t . Ni- - F M 1 A y I - Mugllgvi M, ,, , --v I - . 'siztrfqrlrzrf ,- ' r f '4 "f'-2:1 ' ,Ja X V- my ff , ,fn I 1- bm . i .. K ,, W... P 5 '55,-:arf 1-rg'.,.+a'-qw. , Mi 4 4 1 2,2 49 5 .. ' Y 1. f-H ,.f':1:5:::f2?i5S:Es1?sSri:. f J ful., , 4'-,Ly Q, w, I , 1"5' ,, l:i5:?252ffi' if2f'-.. , fi ,ff fafi f ' 5 . f . i ' ,,,A i i 5 "T:-:Y:?'2:fE'fI'2'2:i:ZfEI-92fiff "'r' ' . ma, T 45759 "ff-' ' f J 'L ' it if af 9' 2 i' f ..aaaf4vz2Q Rm, mfffp-,,., iff ,fy U54 Z 'H ff, ' Y -' ,. .. .,,. . 'e.' 1 ",' "',' " ,,f,,,, ' V I , ,,,L, . ,.,, , , ' F ',"" .x s s X , i :va-:ev::,:X1-.srg-i'-:'.,-L11 ., 1' ,' fi'-J: fwl X' ' -X '- N. XXX-.qw-.S rv 3 SV? ?'f.""Ti-'-'15-ri-ff311 ' f,f, "', , V? 'if e or A Q L'm.- V "" ' .wx-'.wQ.,A A X k X x K e :- -. - ,, 7 .N yxxyqg xt, ., .. N 2 ,V .i .,,. . , , MW, N- X x, Nev' '.'x. X'-'x ul -.:.'5 - E -' f, ' ww Q. .,i,,:,,:.:NQ .L,.,. ..X. X., . N, . t. A mf. rag N- " N.. s ES' 2. .W s, . cfivksgw. i. - 'S e . e i - . N 'kX" K A - 5 'e xx- .5 Si .i-TW' " 1 " ia., s iff'-, .A ..-sg.:-. - ,- '-f-. ' " N X e . . ' " S , t Q Q -, '- .fs I A t 11,5 ff-Tiifi: X'-X lf 11. - - . - L 11 g ' K L t f . t , ' X X xg W QuwwasAisxW,Nw.Q k m. x k ., Back Row: Robert Taylor, Ivan Leader, Christoph Soltau, John Heynes, Matthew Aird, William Panourgias, Peter Twiss, Jeremx Fowkes 1 ' n Bruce Watt Ccaptainj Mr B. Commins, Michael Vos, Craig Laubscher Front Row: Troy F aniga , , 55 qv 1,5 A ggigrir- gif-itfgx 4.t,,.4..., :waz M -5?r3lill9:IQ5?nLif1i5V.'f2 l fi fi-lfdf' '- GIRLS' HOCKEY 1988 Another successful hockey season has drawn to a close. This year we fielded 5 teams, playing in the following leagues: lst - lB league 2nd - 4th league UISA - UIEA league Ul5B - U14 - Ul 5C league Ul4B league The season was characterised by enthusiastic play and good practice attendance. lst TEAM The season started with the first team tournament at Pinelands Club on 16 April. Here it was proved that Muizenberg would be a force in the 1B league this year. The matches against Westerford and Voortrekker were won 1-O and 3-0 respectively. We lost narrowly by 1 goal against both Rustenburg and Pinelands. These results did the school proud, consider- ing that Westerford, Rustenburg and Pinelands all play in the lA league, with Pinelands having been lA league winners in 1987! after the great performance the week bef01'e, Weltifklgd Springfield with too much confidence and, 0 5' match by one goal. The season continued OH thls note " one week the team would play excellent hockey and the next it would be a different story. At the Clld Of JUHC Muizenberg had notched up victories against Voortrek- ker, Camps Bay, Table View and Windsor. The only other defeat was suffered at the hands Of Grootte Schuur. Unfortunately the second half of the season was not as successful as the first with Muizenberg going down to Springfield, Grootte Schuur, Jan van Riebeeck and Windsor. The matches against Table View and Camps Bay were drawn. The match against Camps Bay was a "Cliffhanger" which could have gone either way and which produced the best hockey this team played this season. Muizenberg was eventually placed third in the league. Vie say good-bye to a number of matrics who have served the side with distinction, namely Jane Innes and Linda Bosch, Captain and Vice Captain respectively, Debbi Meyer, Tina Atkinson, Candice Phillips and Sandra Gaven. However the numerous promising under fifteens joining the Senior ranks in 1989 should ensure an exciting and challenging season next year. G. Weber The league officially got under way OH 23 April Standing: Marlene Meyer, Mariska Gerber, Tina Atkinson, Debbi Meyer, Wendy Claassen, Candice Phillips. Seated: Sandra Gaven, Jane Innes Qcaptainj, Mrs. S. Rushton, Linda Bosch Cvice-captainj, Janine Knipe. Absent: Miss G. Weber Sponsored by Mr St Mrs A.H. Till 56 .I ., -A 'L'-'Z :t 'al ' " lf? 9343-:1".' " "i.:1.,f f ,,,,,,, lfiflyw Wfvr, " JU" 1 ,- - ,- - Q ,N -K ,.i5g-5181.2 P ' ew W .1 J 3- .t Uv.. :if-' Back Row: Beth Peel, Ursula van Heerden, Gene Meyer, Heidi Koch, Samantha Lawrenson, Samantha Brady Front Row: Nancy Picknell, Angila Jansen, Mrs P. Gleimius, Beverley Hesketh, Mrs S. Rushton, Claire Robinson, Susan Daniels Levenson's Hardware All Paints, Gardening 8r Household Requirements, Key Cutting, Lock Repair 81 Installation Specialists Knife 81 Shear Sharpening, Burglar Bars, etc. 'ki'-k-k Large Selection of Toys Er Gifts Selection of School Bags available 1--Ar-rf Atlantic Road, Muizenberg PHONE 88-1785 Bus Hrs: Weekdays 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Sat open till 1 p.m. Standard, Barclay Card ..:1'em." ':r-M eme-4' -W m-. :1t 1"'r- Agsw' "'vs"r.vl-we-'rg'xfrf-11f 1' 'V . - The 2nd team, coached by Mrs P. Gleimius, had a good season and lost only 4 out of the 12 games played. The U15's were coached by Mrs S. Rushton. The Ul5A's were put into the A-league, which proved somewhat daunting. In the circumstances the girls coped admirably and played well to beat Springfield A and Wynberg A. The team benefited from the high standard of play and should fare well next year. The U15B had a fair season and gained valuable experience. Their matches were all played with enthusiasm and in a good spirit. Three Ul5's, Claire Robinson, Ursula Van Heerden and Samantha Lawrenson attented a special coaching course held at Wynberg Girls' High. This year saw the introduction of an U14 league. Matches began midway through the season. Many of our players were beginners and coped very well. They were coached by Miss K. Baxter who managed the dif- ficult task of teaching the basics of hockey with much skill and patience! The U14's fared well and many of them will strengthen the ranks of the Ul57s next year. Finally, a big thank you to our greatest supporters - the parents! We really appreciate your help in trans- porting Qoften at unearthly hours on cold Saturday morningsj and loyally supporting the teams. S. Rushton Teacher-in-charge Girls' Hockey 1 1 " Q 'L I' RUGBY 1988 'lf " ' . l ' Q A In r fl H :iii 1 Ii Rugby is alive and well at Muizenberg. We fielded four teams in 1988 - more than some schools twice our size. We are severely handicapped by having only one field available for practices, but plans are being made to develop the open space to the east of the school into a second field. So many things are happening at Muizenberg at the moment that our staff resources are under extreme pressure and it was gratifying to see so many parents willing to help with coaching. I would like to make special mention of Mr Gerald Musikanth, who with the assistance of Mr Vernon Loker, turned our U15's into one of the most respected teams in the peninsula. I would like, also, to thank the brothers Adriaanzen, Neville and Rodney, for their invaluable support both on and off the field. These men are worth their weight in gold! Finally, I would like to record my thanks for the work done by my colleagues, Mr Richard Peter and Mr Marius Havenga. With the enthusiasm they have generated the future of our national sport at Muizenberg High School looks rosy indeed. S. van Wyk SENIOR RUGBY The season started on a high notewith a 16 - 10 win over Florida Park High from Johannesburg, followed by a narrow 9 - 13 defeat away to Camps Bay. In the next two games it was obvious that the first team was not going to be easily beaten this season. Simonstown suffered their first defeat to Muizenberg on their home ground in some 13 years. The game was fast and enter- taining and Muizenberg ran out winners by 17 points to 11. In our first official home match we beat Stellen- bosch 18 - 6. At this stage our morale and commitment was at a peak. Unfortunately we had two relatively easy home matches cancelled by opponents and spent 3 weeks without a game. Our riding mood was dampened, which showed in a 0 - 28 defeat by a strong Table View. To add to our woes, 4 team members played with bouts of 'flu.The first half of the season ended on a low note with an against-the-run-of-play 6 - 24 defeat by St. Joseph's. The 2nd half opened optimistically by losing narrowly to St. Davidls of Johannesburg 14 - 22. Once again we were drawn against midweek sides and had to travel ticularly disastrous trip to J an Kriel did all but dlsslpate our spirit. The following week we managed YO end OUT losing streak by accounting for De Grendel 10 - 8. In our first home game in nearly a month we unluckily lost 0 - 6 to Fairmont after spending almost the entire game in their 25 yard area. Our spirit had returned with 3 vengeance. An encounter with a strong Constantia side in pouring rain saw Muizenberg play some of the best rugby of the season, winning 7 - 4 and dominating the game throughout. The climax of the season was a final home game against Simonstown who were itching for revenge and played with an urgency that few teams would have matched. They deserved their 12 - 4 victory. The tradi- tional Old Boys match was the usual power and ex- perience against youth and speed. The Old Boys put up a game second half performance to win 12 - 22. long distances after school to fulfil these fixtures. Apar For the first time we took part in both Villagers and Hamilton's 7-a-side competitions. We showed ourselves to be a particularly effective 7-a-side outfit with good victories over Voortrekker A C15-61 and Westcliff C16-103. Unfortunately we were drawn against Bishops B with two Craven Week players and lost 6 - 18. Against Sea Point we lost Gary Prinsloo with a broken nose and played with only six men, finally losing 4 - 10. Congratulations to Gary Prinsloo, Shea Spooner and Craig Knipe on merit awards. Gary and Shea were both inspirational and dependable in the team. Our im- mediate future looks positive with the success of our under fifteen team and the "Stayers" edging out the "Leavers" by 18 - 17. We were fortunate in not having too many injuries and our final turn-out statistics were as follows: Fullbacks: Andre Adriaanzen, Chad Johnson. Wings: Paul Bevan, Sean Fish, Clinton Louw. Centres: Shea Spooner, Nelson das Fontes. Flyhalves: Craig Knipe, Peter Herweg. Scrumhalves: James Sweetman, Craig Knipe and Garyn 'O'Brien. Props: Marcus Elvin, Glenn Salmon, Jason Viljoen. Hooker: Paul Lane. Locks: Colin Venter, Ross Munro. Flanks: Ed Bremner, Duane de Beer, Jason Viljoen. No. 8: Gary Prinsloo. R.N. Peter Sponsored by Southern Pumps S.A. fPtyJ Ltd. ..,-,..-,......-.--...,.. ' " .. y..,.,.,,1- 1, VN . ,,-,Ev-.N ,ew-xy . figlfp-lthrtftrl. - - "r5Lt lx.z.m . 5iQ"5'lw' JfH FE'----3 - , -X 2 Wh. Back: James Sweetman, Clinton Louw, Chad Johnson, Colin Venter, Ross Munro, Marcus Elvin, Paul Bevan Middle: Paul Lane, Peter Herweg, Jason Viljoen, Craig Knipe Seated: Andre Adriaanzen, Duane De Beer, Gary Prinsloo QcaptainD,Shea Spooner Cvice captainj, Nelson das Fontes, Edward Bremner U19B It was with some alarm that I viewed the 'seconds' at our first official practice. Three boys turned out! However, with a little prodding and coaxing, more boys started coming to practice and by the end of the season we had as many as 22 players to choose from. The standard of our play improved steadily with each game and by the end of the season we were playing good, constructive rugby. Our backs were marshalled by Peter Herweg at fly-half. He is a neat, skilful player who chooses his options well. We used a number of permutations at centre, choosing from Tony Sutter, Jacques Beukman and Aubrey Miller. Our regular wings were Brian Ganser and Arlo Mitchell. Both played with great determination. At full- back we had Andre Adriaanzen, a veritable Gibraltar in the last line of defence! Chippie van Schoor played scrum-half in all the matches. He has a keen eye for a gap and his swiping runs often had the crowd on their feet. Our forwards showed admirable grit and determination. The front row, consisting of Michael Louw, Derek Ross and Marcus Elvin, scrummed powerfully. We used a 1.-:re N ff ......f . I 59 number of players to lock the scrum - with Graham Ross as the most regular player. Todd Morris, our Rotary student from New Mexico, played both lock and flank at times. Todd soon got out of the habit of tackling people without the ball and became a valuable member of the tearnlain Livingstone captained the side from the Nurnber Eight positiong a task he performed very efficiently. A number of players vied for the flank positions. Eric Ord and Andrew Wharton were the most regular, while Paul Johnson and Paul Bevan played the odd game. Gui' utility player was Gareth Qually, who played in almost every position - from full-back to lockl Most of the second teamers will still be school next year and many of them will be strong contenders for first team places. Finally, a word of thanks to our enthusiastic supporters. Even when we played away matches it seemed as if the Muizenberg spectators were in the majority! S. van Wyk cl 3. , ,n .. ,. .,. ..,f'.,, 1- - fill-'ef siag Q N fr 1 0 Y y Q Ji An s! 'W 0 4? K 4 2 4 H. 'Q G .dal , , 3 ...i'A1sf. .3 wW Id' If 1 Q -A, .9 Xi QV X xo The season for the under 14 team waS 21 test Of Cll- durance. Despite the fact that the team COUICI Will no matches during the first half of the season, their will to play never faltered. During the second half of the season we went without a match for four weeks, only to return and beat Fair- mont. More attention will be paid to the fixture list dur- ing the next season to ensure more home games for our side. Although the team won only one of their matches their spirit throughout the season was a deciding factor in making the game worthwhile. M. Havenga U14 A RUGBY EDUCATION NEEDN'T COME TO A FULL STOP! 4? , X WE LL TAILOR YOUR PERSONAL PLAN RIGHT NOW O sllce' I 4 u wil J fl . is NATAL BUILDING SOCIETY P IF C-TX N ' -.J ' T Nu, ' ffu if 1 551, I I ' 'f 11- - ,. - -A---.-yr.--K ,. , -.. 1 wilfwfifibe . .1 . H rn 1' I r u f-f--rv-'vw'-mu-f -- wwf- H---" i'-"jf -' ,, '-f"wi.mEt,umh ' :ir ,ff .gf -11 . jk, .Q .yr wl ' ,y .9 X UNDER XV RUGBY REPORT 1988 A raffle and cake sale organised by the under 15's early in the season enabled each player to own a rugby tog bag depicting the school crest with an individual number identification on each bag. This set the tone for the U-15 team of 1988 - to have a most successful season. We held a total of 30 practices throughout the season with a 980711 average attendance at each practice. This built a fine spirit among the boys as their skills developed with their confidence. Of the of- ficial fixtures, our team won 10 matches. The 3 early losses only strengthened the team's resolve. After a few positional changes, the players settled into new posi- tions with gusto, establishing a sound backline with a useful pack. Although beaten in the two friendlies ar- ranged against A LEAGUE sides CWesterford A and Sacs AJ, valuable lessons were learnt by playing against these more skilled sides. As our record shows, we can only improve our quality and style of play if we main- tain the same spirit, dedication and commitment next year. 4 Lost Simonstown A 04-16 Lost Bergvliet A 08-18 Beat Herzlia A 24-9 Beat St. George's A 26-8 Beat Voortrekker A 30-0 Beat St. Joseph's A 25-16 Beat Wynberg B.H.S. A 32-14 Beat Rhodes A 44-O Beat Batavia A 44-0 Beat Sea Point A 26-0 Beat Simonstown A 16-4 At the close of the season the first hockey team challenged our U-15's to a rugby match. The 40-0 win put the cherry on the top for this crackerjack side of 1988. The parental support, the pre- match warm ups conducted by Vernon Loker, the early fitness training by Marius Havenga and the enthusiastic encouragement, support and refereeing of Schalk van Wyk proved to be invaluable, and all contributed to the totally successful season. Gerald Musikanth lCoachl RESULTS: Beat Camps Bay A 14-6 Lost Stellenbosch A 04-18 gerc -t-s r.-g ---1- '-1. '-,-.1 1 tfrr .-.'- 'V1' 11'- 1' ...- ' f x 1... rr.' 1 .-., I ff j 1 , ..,.. . lf. ,, "'-" . I ,.:. Q g .5 V., . -4 A,., AV: .-. , ..-:-.: i i byvvz 4 i :f2g- ',,,, E ,, .',.. ll-52' ,--'-, W "' T35 , 7f'j,I -- , lv j 'I Q:-.L ff - ',-'ff . ' ,V .5 5,1 . " :Z I5- i,5fSQ5ffj:-,gf .,.,.. ,,., ir . g 1.215 v. ' - -.-- f pre f ff: fi -.1 ,V 1 ,VE , Z, Ik Q .A.l .1 , .4 vvv,, . , V G ,-' ffl- -5- , gig V, . - V.,, sf. 5' -. - -fifjfrig ' I ln, l .:.,. . .,:- V' ' V ' .fff zf y.-v at ' . ... at e'rt-f ,.,..,, " ,,.,,. 4 A "-- 1- . .,.,. 5 -'-: -,,- . '-'2 ':" .'- iii. ,. ,L s .1 ..,.: shud, f. fr A 5 as ft' rt y . , , , if 4. ....,..,.1 ,-..-.. ....,.. :: -f ..., ..,:,. , .,., .... :,. M t--t f q -"f . 4 1. ' - - f ,.., 1 ., 't-- . 1' V tfti ., A Zivli f ""2i1t"".- 1 ..,, A - 'E 5 Z :H . , ,g . x gsm, uvllrzzq x W , lg g it Back Row: Giulianno Coen, Craig Hancock, Kurt Minnie, Lance Crossland, Richard Radford, Paul Habberley, Mark Frankland Middle Row: Dennis Mostert, Leslie White, Michal Zverina. Seated: Grant Tyschen, Jerome Fowler, Byron Loker, Mr G. Musikanth, Scharl du Plessis, Marc Musikanth, Richard du Preez Sponsored by Mr 8: Mrs W.0.W. Munro f-'W' -' 'r te e- -- -- Jt- .V 1:9 wr um .- -ff BOYS' TENNIS The first team namely: S. Fish fcapt.J, R. Graney, C. Knipe, R. Munro, S. Spooner and G. Salmon had a very successful season in that they were only beaten once, even though they moved up two leagues. The second team was not as successful, but did very well and enjoyed the season. On behalf of all the boys, I would like to thank Mr Cole for the organised way in which he handled all our problems, and the arranging of the matches. First team results: Wynberg 4th Cwonj 5-2 Wynberg 5th fwonj 5-2 Bergvliet 4th fwonj 5-2 Rhodes lst fwonj 5-2 SACS 6th fwonl 4-3 Westerford 2nd Clostj 2-5 VS VS VS VS VS VS Sean Fish gg PRINGLE I 1 U-1-1 1 Y l'1.l'LwulllU::: nal.:-nl..J'l +C! B ' SERVICES IPTYI LTD. jess. 1 ll' A A-fee Gyqgi-D 01'-ra g.:, 0 GENERALCARTAGE 0 REFRIGERATION 0 STORAGE AND DISTRIBUTORS A REFRIGER TED ANSPUR SPECIALIS S SPECIALISING IN LOADS FROM 1 - 8 TON CAPE TOWN - GEORGE - PORT ELIZABETH - EAST LONDON AND WEST COAST 54-4461 After hours 61-8920 EPPING INDUSTRIA 16 NOU RSE AVENUE i ..,, V .IW-2 - "-v Q ' "'l .. " x az? . V I . V as V V , 21 V' s fV si- . ..... -1 .V ' .. S . 3 V. f v . E V . ,.., " " ' V W 4- ' :V-:V ..,.. 47? 4221 . .ATI 5 ff . ' f V., 1 , 4 yy . gygy ,f V ,gf ff .nf W, gs, g,g:.,,V:,.g:-, :VS ' dm! Q , V V- '-' -may if f ,, -psf 3 ,rf-1: -if 'f- f., .,.. -. 7-ZW ': ' . .,:5:5z:s:5:j:3:s' , . w' " ity 45 Z V P - -- my .,: fi '- 2:-25:2rse55rs::5i5i:fr::5f.1 . ' ..,. . if ,.,, fi "r -'A'- M we - V. . fV fl-if", ' - f f"'f" , ' ' 'S : f'1 ' ': ":L- g ' ,Q 1 - 1. i f f' A sf ' 'E VV -f , , -" : " ,ff a '07 "' m f 45" . V ' V - V 'I ' . - Ve ' . ' if " f A7 XV ' -5 V -V 1 '::f-F -' ri -'-'- 1- ' he 'f "- 1 -:V r f ff: .. I-:,:2:::-::.1:asifimas f M hs V,,V i :7 4 V V ,. , VJ.. v 'f :M .M ,, ' -M:-V-5:3 - V-V . , .l a-gs- s Var-ff. MZSs+s::,4s 1. .ft- V x ,.., A A W 1 41 X "-V 1 , ' f' Wi? wwe ' ,. if tae. fy f f .Wharf P , 2 ,.V:f 4 -:Q- - .ff :rl wi., -- ,. .,::, f 'A - ,' fin 2 V1 'iffy' L -VV 1:-I as-.V-'Vf"f1:V W ,V V - af ' fi "" , , ' V - ' ' .5 f :Zf fg yff... ,Zyl . Wi? - V. fi?-wg W ', 5129 5 ,Q 2 " " 'f V Wi? 4 fy: ':6IJ,.'-V'ff-,, wx' ' 'f-- 5H5553.'Ir':5I':is'r-'if'-:SI-fff'-:5::gE5Si:I"-E"f .- f 5 V- x ' -' ' ""' I .JV -' ' - Q ' f -gf fw- fu ",:-LV may ,. ' - .I .-6: I '- - Va? f-1 V, .V...,., fzsf2'-r--v:J:- ., , "" . ' ' , I 'HW'Q5'ff4a 4ffff52 f ' 2 H 1.224 ' I " Es-::,:,g: W , 16, 4 . , - VssV ' V ' ' 1. ,,.. ::f15eE'- '- - 1' " ia., 1":'1,+ . . :VI ir: ""' 'eff X , f' Q 5 4 V V ' Q y.a2?.,::?g,g:,,:g :..'f 3 . Q ,j:IQj,ff-55512 , Qr.f-ig?-:f fi'Q,.- ,V-1: V, ,f ,,,V,:,1,V 3,51,: f- -V V -A ,Ve4::J':f4'- ,Vx-2 V,V,'5.'.,f,'-f-:V ,-,. w w... Y. - , . .1. , Vg :j Z! .V .... ' - 1 ' ""' -'-- ' ""' ' ' ' .V ' - 5 V -' ' 11, ,V ' ,, W., L, 3 -,115 . ,.: .V - A: - ,. , sk, . ' -A 4442? V .- ..,. " 3- , 4 Q16 f all 5. Vi-V W " ':'j" V, VV V ,:,. --:fz-V" N .ji .5-1,1 s 'OT - ,.,,' fx, .3132 , ng,-.' , . V t ,V , V., VV V ' V. V' Vwi 'V' 223 44. ,Q 4 ffw Q if s' Ll- ' .V .VV. : 1 . ,. V Q ..gVg ,,V,V:f--P' P f . ff Vw, 1 'V 1- Vf V .. ..-V V .V.VV.. V ,..,..,. ,,,,,,.., , ....,,., .., ..V., I-, - .- V -V-- -- V-V:,g::1i:--: wr-':.V 2 , 2 , V V- V J" .V., " Q ' V V .V ,,.,. 4 . .. . ..,. . . .. , .. . ,.., , ..,... , , ,L 1 ,g.b,V 2 ,,..,,V.Aq . M Iguluv , .. M,.., L N?2 .A .tx Back Row: Paul Johnson, Grant van der Vijver, .,.,V .,,.,, ,,..,V,.,.,. .fm .V... .,,., ..,, . .,,,. .....V...,..V..,,....W.............V ,:. 'V..1.V.!I-,.'f'bh'f-s.-Y - - : - w h Robin Linnow, Steve Jacobs, Aubrey Miller, Bruce Watt, Howard Billings Middle Row: Quinton Atkinson, William Panourgias, Michael Vos Front Row: Glen Salmon, Ross Munro, Sean Fish, Mr D. Cole, Rowland Graney, Shea Spooner, Craig Knipe Sponsored by Mrs R.B. Miller 62 A WW-W V. .. ,V Y, .V-M, yy--1V-Vt' V-qt - -' fr - V 1 'tj V . I I V' V NN me-SM LAKESIDE GARDEN CENTRE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK TEL: 88-7575 SHRUBS - HERBS - ROSES COMPOST - SEEDLINGS POT PLANTS ""u"Qlla if if - 'Y' dnl COl'nel' Boyes Drive Er Main Road GIRLS' FIRST TEAM TENNIS The girls' first team had a successful season, owing to the fine spirit of the team. They completed the season having lost only one game - to Voortrekker who, in fact, went on to win the league. The team was captained by Debbi Meyer who did a great job, keeping the en- thusiasm going. The rest of the team consisted of Theresa Helmbold who made a fine doubles combina- tion with Debbi, Gillian and Nicola Stephens, Claire Robinson and Lisa Schaeffer. Our reserves were Belinda Ikin and Natanya Alberts. Congratulations to Debbi, Gillian and Theresa who received team awards at the Sports Awards Dinner. A word of thanks to Sharon Holgate for giving up her time to help with the coaching. The girls' tennis has promising juniors and the girls should aim at winning the league next season. K. Baxter Standing: Claire Robinson, Lisa Schaeffer, Gillian Stephens, Nicola Stephens, Natanya Alberts Front: Debbi Meyer Ccaptainj, Miss K. Baxter fcoachj, Theresa Helmbold Sponsored by Mr 8: Mrs H.W.E. Meyer A VN .. """'-ax far.-zirwgf w:fmi5a5al'f1"'3'-'Q " . -ffl f5?iv551'2:f'v?f1: 1 iiirifwfii-3sf3:I if 1. ' - 4022: i ' A zQf.v uv ss, 2.1253 fuilil NETBALL ferns' We have seen even greater improvements this year and must thank Mrs Erasmus Uuniorsj and Linda Bulpin tSeniors7 for their help and encouragement this season. The juniors could field only one team which was disap- pointing and led to them being outclassed in the first league. However, they coped well under those cir- cumstances by winning 4 and losing 6 matches. A most enjoyable season for the seniors lay particularly in the fact that their standard of play improved so many of their matches. They won 5, lost 3, and drew 1. X 2 r z . ,af , ,,X!14h g , 7 ' 4 A -.77 " ' M. 4104 pf fn. , ,W 'ffifiii gi? 'ff f 'V 4w W 'af If K, 135:25 it 1 j , , , , . : ,, ,f W ,,,, ' 6.25" fi 7' 'I . , Q ' A . a "1 'f22"f X I4 , t W Interhouse Matches were arranged with Rhodes winningzg and a most enjoyable match against the Old Girls prov-iff ed we definitely have improved, since the girls won 7-Si? Qthis yearj. Since only three players, L. Wilson, Lit. Magennis and J. van der Merwe are leaving, we hope to-gf maintain, if not improve these records next year. Qfffif R. Adriaanzen, G. Stephens, P. Imbriolo earned teamfi awards this season. 1 We particularly thank Mr Meyer for further provements to our poles and rings and to Mr Wise for f' adding a "mini court" for practices only. T ,'V't f X 37 I1 .7 Q 1 'JV t .1 ll at 5 .fir ,U U. t N. Carrington Back Row: Gillian Stephens, Tracey Holland, Nicole Solomon, Suzanne Still, Fabienne Solomon Karen Johnson Front Row: Wendy Craig, Lindsay Edwards, Mrs Bulpin Ccoachl, Louise Magennis Lisa Wilson Sponsored by Mr 8: Mrs R.F. Adriaanzen 64 ,qt UA- J i t ' i Nil' - .fair "' ' P SWIMMING . f INTERHOUSE GALA p There was a very enthusiastic response and great par- ticipationg three entries per House per event were com- mon. I must appeal to swimmers to enter these events in their correct age groups. House Captains were: BRAND: CRAIG: RHODES: J .P. Doyle A. Miller T. Atkinson L. Bosch D. Meyer E. Ord Mrs Mills presented the cup to Brand C102 pointsj with Rhodes 189,51 and Craig f86,5J. G. Lewis and G. Meyer were awarded the best swimmer boy and girl cups respectively. , P INTERSCHOOLS GALA AT NEWLANDS AND OBSERVATORY We were regrouped into the "B" League this year and competed against 6 other schools. We were placed 5th, 12 points behind Rhodes. Since some of our senior girls were unable to attend this Gala, it was with bated breath that we awaited our inter-schools gala against Rhodes. Although we had a very good turnout with entries in every event including Butterfly, Rhodes scored 238 to our 215 in total. Thanks to the teachers who helped their houses and also to Miss Seydel for coaching our pupils. We must also thank Mr Samuels, who due to an operation could help us only at the beginning of the season. C. Barrett and C. Hancock painted a notice for our Gala at very short notice! Gareth Lewis swam in Bloemfontein during the holidays for W.P. Schools. Well done! N. Carrington Back Row: Marlene Meyer, Giles Kirkham, Ross Munro, Edward Bremner, Clinton Louw, Craig Hancock, Angila Jansen Second Row: Linda Bosch, Liezelle Alberts, Jason Viljoen, Gareth Qually, Michal Zverina, Gareth Lewis, Kim Montgomery, Daniella Kuner Third Row: Crispin Howarth, Gene Meyer, Quinton Atkinson Front Row: Tina Atkinson, Mrs N. Carrington Ccoachl, Aubrey Miller, Mr D. Gibbon CPrincipalJ, Troy Flanigan, Miss K. Seydel fcoachj, Katherine Daniels Sponsored by Mr. 8: Mrs D.L. Qually - .fn .:w,., . L , . . if ' . , .A., ., x,.Ax . ,, ,. Q.,'- -,,-, tg ,gm gt f f " V. 123.35-ag. A A , 2 5: gt 'mags Q -. 5 'f,- ,,:- .w4zx4QgQg-a-,H " 4' , A.: f., z f 5 , rj' f I 55,35 AY J Ai.. Krew ifif Qs -. , 0 0 0 .Aff 'iff-Qi ' ,f ,. J X f ' i ' f9"VwWf" .- f - .:4MwMh5e:a:.::m.:::fQ5f1:::1.-W "-' , .wdfrf 454 4 48 BEACH ROAD Qopp. Muizenberg Pavilionj ' yf ' ' V, 't , ,4 A J za' . MUlZENBEFiG 7945 M N . 4 , PH: 88-8028188-8048 South Peninsula Technical College Muizenberg Full-Time Courses Part-Time Courses 1. National Certificate lCommercei N1 1. National Senior Certificate Subjects Prerequisite: St 7 St 10. 2. National Certificate lCommercei N2 2. Beginners Courses: Typing, Accountancy, Prerequisite: St 8 or N1. Shorthand, Mathematics. 3. National Certificate lCommercel N3 3. Language Courses: French, German, Xhosa, Prerequisite: St 9 or N2. Afrikaans, English, etc. 4. National Certificate lSecretariali N4-N6 4. Computer Courses Prerequisite: St 10 or N3. Word Processing: Computer Practice. i-tial-igional Certificate llvlanagementi N4- N5 5. National Certificate lSecretariali N4 Prerequisite: St 10 or N3. National Certificate lMarketing Manage- Hobby Courses: Pottery, Dressmaking, Art mentl lkifftw-N5 Flower Arranging, Interior Decorating, Fwerequieite: St "IO or N3. Pattern Nlaking and Design. Atidress: PO. Box 34, Nluizenberg 7950 Telephone: 88-8373 66 'i -' .Z "nk ".'Q'fS?f'. . '. . J - fb Us VR SURFING 1988 saw the emergence of surfing as a school sport. Some 42 boys participated and two teams competed on a regular basis. 'Surfing has become a highly competitive sport and the structures for competition are many and varied. At school level we have challenges on a weekly basis in order to determine the school teams. Both school teams are entered in the South Peninsula Schools League and at present we are still undefeated. The highlight of the surfing year was definitely our per- formance at the Western Province Interschools com- petition. This annual event is the major event of the surf- ing year and some 30 teams from schools throughout the Western Province entered. Our senior team was placed 8th overall, with Alistair Pepper being placed 6th in the individual competition. The junior team caused an upset when they defeated strong opposition and won the junior division. Richard du Preez was placed 3rd overall and Lance Newton 5th. Lance was further chosen as a reserve for the Western Province side. There are still three major events planned for the re- mainder ofthe year as well as a tour early in 1989. To all who helped make this such a notable year thank you. Keep surfing. M. Havenga KNEEBOARDING REPORT Muizenberg High is one of the two leading schools in this fast growing sport. The Cape Kneelo Club held an interschools kneeboard- ing event in September and the Muizenberg team were beaten only by Wynberg Boys High. The team event consisted of four-man teams with the Muizenberg team consisting of Duane Bosch, Patrick Burnett, Edward Bremner and Jacques Beukman. Duane, Patrick and Jacques have all been regular competitors both locally and nationally during the year. Duane has done very well in scoring high placings in these competitions as well as having been chosen as a reserve for the Western Province junior team. This year's interschools had an entry three times that of last year but it looks as though Muizenberg will remain as one of the leading schools in this sport. K. Baxter 7 tif 1 ,ff- K Q' rrvllf' 'l x A if J . . . . -e f fl ' ' ' .,.,:.e:f5s: h::. I J . - . '4 If X Yi: .- N5 ...s1....w 139211: gm.. .2 ,A Www'-A - ,, , . , ,, W, IAQVI- - I -Y . '- ' -r V M' MQ' f V515 ' 5 A 3 :,.j53:g:3l5555 - vid ,, t5..::, W...,..x.,. X x , .. ..... ' X' . ..,. ..,. Back: Paul Johnson, Dean Bunch, Davin Menhinick, Friedrich Soltau, Edward Bremner, Michael Hodge, Steven Maasch Middle: Ryan Rack, Kevin Trevaskis, Richard du Preez, Patrick Burnett, Jeremy Fowkes Front: Byron Loker, Aubrey Miller, Miss K. Baxter, Alistair Pepper, Mr M. Havenga, John-Paul Doyle, Duane Bosch Sponsored by Mr 8z Mrs H.J. Maasch . 1 ?QfIE"ff"'i1E' ' I' U -3 fm- ' ' i H W F uyynwqxfat y BUY AND SELL eq' PROPERTY EASILY AND ALMOST ANYWHERE THROUGH OUR NATIONAL AND OVERSEAS AGENCY NETWORK , T T CALL JAMES MCOAUSLANO it ' wide 82 6038 AXH 82 1850 NOW :c:: esrATeGRouP:e: t v M i Back row: Kim Montgomery, James Ord, Kathy Daniels, Geoffrey Ord Front Row: Evey Alexiou, Jerome Fowler, Mrs J. Rault, Craig Campbell, Quinton Atkinson Sponsored by Mr 8: Mrs M.G. Sprigg 68 wr: " A ,R h A A f 3 .m A ' TABLE TENNIS Under 19 League The Under 19A team enjoyed a very successful season and ended second in their league, Rondebosch were once again the winners. The team, comprising Rowland Graney, Paul Lane, Sean Fish and Leon van Schoor won 11 of their. 16 matches. Parting with Rowland, Sean and Leon is really sweet sorrow, for they have for years been the backbone of a formidable team. Thank you for your loyalty and for the marvellous spirit you engendered. We shall miss you badly and next year's A team will have their work cut out striving to maintain your high standard. I really must single Rowland out for special praise. He played outstanding table tennis, and with his talent and impeccable sportmanship he earned the respect of his fellow-players. He is unquestionably a worthy recipient of the Honours Award. The Under 19B team, made up of Marcus Elvin, Tony Sutter, Robert Damstra, and David Romaine won seven and drew five of their nineteen matches. We bid farewell too to Tony, and I fervently hope that next year's players will be dedicated and will work at their game to produce table tennis of high quality. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to Mrs Rault who took on the burden of all the organisation during my absence in the second term. I want to thank her especially for her outstanding and valuable press reports on the Under 19A matches: these were read with great interest, appreciation, and admiration. Thank you too to Mrs Van Rensburg who was so helpful to Mrs Rault during the second term. A. van Vuuren ! l r Standing: Leon van Schoor Seated: Rowland Graney fcaptainj, Mrs A. van Vuuren, Paul Lane Absent: Sean Fish. Under 15 League n The under 15 Table Tennis teams rank second to none in terms of sheer enthusiasm and dedication to their game. From the early hours of the morning, through breaks, until late in the afternoon, the sound of table tennis balls could be heard echoing in room 101. Throughout the season there was keen competition to earn a place in the teams, and it was particularly gratifying to see both boys and girls gaining places in the teams. Both the U15A and U15B teams consisted entirely of Standard Six pupils and thus the players were SOmCWh-Ht younger and less experienced than their opponents. Both teams were, in fact, completely outclassed by the highly skilled and experienced Rondebosch and SACS teams. However, the U15A team more than held their own against the other schools and, despite a gruelling season of 20 matches, they took 93 games to come a well-deserved third in the league. The Ul5B team strug- gled to find their feet in the first half of the season, tak- ing only 16 games, but they persevered and in the second half of the season they settled down to play steady games, taking 39 games and ending fourth in the U15B league. These young players must be complimented on the way in which they played as a team and, generally, in a spirit of excellent sportsmanship. They have set a high standard, but, with a full season under their belts, one which they will no doubt surpass next year. I wish all the players the best of luck for next year and hope to see them at the top of the league tables. J. Rault RECENT PROPERTIES SOLD BY US MARINA DA GAMA OTHER AREAS Erf 074 - R43 000 Erf 467 - R27 000 Erf 457 - R27 000 Erf 444 - R27 500 40 Park island Way - R200 000 18 Oudevlei Road - R138 000 603 Chester House Rondebosch - R36 000 4 The Moorings Lakeside - R89 000 100a Boyes Drive St James - R160 000 We can do the same for you, call our area specialists David and Veronica --- Marina Da Gama 88 7090, Rudy and Shelly Barkhuizen Constantia --- Tokai 88 8308, Archie Damstra --- Fish Hoek 82 1343, Lorraine Mckenzie --- Noordhoek 83 3238 WEBBER REAL ESTATE NOVA KITCI-IENS PHONE 71-9144 797-4719 if Free designs, advice i' Kitchen cupboards if Tiling if Plumbing i' Electrical if Building work Complete renovations to your satisfaction 1 .. A B X. 2-f ,I "1 v,,:-:it ' a.'g,','!,!fL:, Xu., 31 1 , .Q .., MAT IQZC ' B 71 RHlXT1RICIE5'88 I didn't think much of school! I'd like to rave with a blonde in Mauritius. In lO years' time I'll definitely not be married and definitely have no kids be- cause if you see all the grey hairs teachers have, you have got to be kidding if you think that I am going to have to go through the same! I . A v J? f Q.,IAm?mi MQfQ' d'wi PAUL BEVAN 2 iii? 1 X Pg- " 5 A - ,wwf ,Nm X xi 5 -if,., . , ,.., .K Y 2 ,. Q "! i so if - ,J A ,elf .llz 3 I I gm psig' w fig SWG ,,'fwL-11-.., A ' , , X5 xvmvnx if 4 ,. W ,.--wr 'i . E .MS .I DAVID BOSCH ygqv I .mw, ,,.y,, J A Thanks to the teachers who laid the foundation for my future. In 10 years' time I see myself protecting wild life that Hprogressn is willing to destroy. I enjoyed school but am glad that it's over. I hope to go to Varsity next year to do a degree in Nursing. In lO years' time I hope to be earning enough money to make it on my own. Maybe I'll be overseas. 4 LINDA BOSCH I A if A A 2 fx ..rf?""F' LY EDWARD BREMNER Regarding school - no comment, for fear of incriminationl Next year I'll cool off for a while. In lO years' time I hope I'll have Overcome my fears and be able to live. Why anyone would willingly go to this place of infernal turmoil and noises, nobody knows! Next year I want to go to Varsity and in lO years' time I'm hoping to still be alive! SEAN FISH School was a rave. I did the least I could, just enough to get through! Now that it's over, the sky's the limit! I enjoyed school but am glad that it's over. I'd like to go into the Medical field and become a doctor. , f w ' -'fgQE,f ' AQEQWQ 2 wma Ms H If , 2 BRIAN GANSER I fha, ifsesvv i .1,.,, 1 ROWLAND GRANEY I was very happy coming here but am even happier to be leaving - sort of! I am going to U.C.T. to study for a B.A. de- gree so that I can teach. Don't ask me why! School was very informative. In IO years' time I see myself making a career in music j yjjvyj DOMINIC HINGSTON "3f'.1,.,:ff.f ' 2.1: 'fi ' f"'?fE 1 Q"1f5 F5'Am9ii "i' N N, ,," if,A THERESA HELMBOLD School was bad enough - at least I didn't let them teach me anything! When I leave school I want to study Social Science and go into Advertising. In 10 years' time I see myself as Businesswoman of the year! School was outrageous at times - at other times it was too much! Next year I want to study a course dealing with diet and also present aerobics classes. In 10 years' time I see myself touring the continent with millions to blow! JOHN DOYLE ,. tey, " A., SARAH INKLEY N ,.,,, -A .-,,,. ,bla 7 if I ,,,,,,,,.,,,,..,,.......-...A.....,.......-...l..1 L, . ,LT ,rm -a..w:,,g, ,Q ' 'wif " 4' 'zisilfinif , ","- F 5 1. V, A- , -.f -5. VE,-1, ,gmj:,q..x . - V L .f ' A ,TWI- EE.. ag. JANE INNES Enjoy school, it's one of the best times of your life! Next year I plan to go to U.C.T. to study B.Soc.Sc. My final aim is to become an accounts executive in ad- vertising. Keep smiling, staff - this is my last year! My school career was a piece of cake. The only problem was that every time exams came round I got indigestion! Next year I want to be working and at the same time, d throu h correspondence In 10 stu y g . years' time I hope to be established in my own business. spsi Xpic fgimwggg pccs,,ss gg N AT A L I E J ON E S V..,ai" i W x X x X Q N N X X Qvrh DEBBI MEYER I am hoping to do a P.R.O. course at Tech. In lO years I hope to be well- off and SINGLE!!! I enjoyed my time at school but am glad that it's over. As to what I'm going to do after school, who knows ROSS MUNRO ALAIN MUSIKANTH I Like life, school had its ups and downs. Next year I want to study for a BA.LL.B. degree, maybe with a B.Mil. at Maties. I'll be glad to leave school at the end of the year. The only thing I'll miss is MR HAVENGA!! I'm not sure what the future at the moment I'm concentrating holds but on getting an 'A' 399119359- SAMANTHA O'RIORDAN ' x High school has been a real challenge. I'd like to become a Food Technologist. CANDICE PHILLIPS fmgggqsg K V , f,.'f". f v SHANE SHAW School had many pros and cons but more cons than pros! I'd like to go into the restaurant business. School days were the worst days of my life. I intend to study next year and I hope to become a successful business- man. DEREK STODDART V KAREN TREVASKIS ptlp ,.i.g, -gg. I hope I'll be successful in whatever I do. The future remains to be seen. I didn't dig school. Next year I'll be in the Navy. X BEN ':Uz EE ffm L ll..--' F .LS MICHAEL VAN JAARSVELDT I'd like to go into Business Management. I see myself in lO years as someone who's tried. The years at Muizenberg High were necessar but, at times, rather painful! Next year I will be studying Beauty Technology and in 10 years' time I'll be fully qualified with my own salon. psig L I s A w 1 L s o N Q A... ,wg ' j Wie fi, ' f 'K X' S: E sw' .s.M: X -1 M X Y qt s zzz,-r 1- : , Q. N1f,f,j", ,fn 4: xxx -f' V1-9: sfgsr fwswa I had my regrets and on the whole, school of the teachers were a job waiting for me I had my moments but, was alright and some quite cool. I have next year but I would also like to learn about Art. JACQUELINE WALLANDER School was okay. I managed to survive until the weekends! I don't know what I'll be up to in lO years' time but hopefully I'll be travelling in the 'fast lane'. .tfe- ywwwgarau SFNQWAWRQ TINA ATKINSON f 'x we 9 Q N-TNS " S X " T: f saws, N: A rqwg 5, Nxvg Af. t..,,.-, ' ' 563 A 'l,y',.'f "1' Qfif M Wg 4' z X a.wg Q AQQQN ' L,5 Aw N555 3 1d"XN is ' 1. . Nwstf wi + rf. 1' ., ,af M EFEQ weNiz.1:l2E ' 'A- 5-.' T' ' " tease INS 1'1 v- -'NF-KNEE-Ik ' 4:- ANITA BOSCH fswmsmmf N I haven't the foggiest idea what I'm going to do next year. In IO years' time I see myself travelling around the world. School was a great challenge and luckily I survived. Next year I'm going to college. BARBARA CLAASSEN JENNIFER CHIVELL School is like vegetables - YUKII In lO years' time I see myself living in Monaco. qi, JJ, -. 'T E .1 ,t UA E DE BEER My years at school went by so quickly that I've decided to do it all again! Next year I am going to Abbott's College to do Matric again as I want to become a surgeon. . sefltence School was great. I enjoyed mY to be- but am glad it is over. I iQtend come a professional cyclist in burg. , Johannes- ROBIN FRANKLAND SANDRA GAVEN 1 enjoyed my school 'career' very much. Being Head Girl, I met a lot of new and interesting people. Now that I've I finished school I'm going to study Hair- dressing and Make-up overseas. School was okay, sometimes. Next year I'll be in the Army. ANDREW HERBERT is t, O ' TERR1 Hoses li School...interesting but not to be re- peated. Next year I'm studying Drama at the Rita Maas Drama College. In lO years' time I see myself single and fancy free! School life is a very relaxing life! Next year I'd like to be either a pro- fessional gigolo or a chef in the Navy- CHAD JOHNSON CRAIG KNIPE S Enjoy school while you are there. There is no time like it. Next year I want to study Building Science and catch up on all the surfing I have missed. In lO years' time I'd like to be Businessman of the Year. Afgim " Tklbywiiiggi . e,Hgggrgwmw H41w A 'wafwkiwmhuiwbni' E EEL ,.a 5Ch001 WHS the 'pits'. I don't know what I'm going to do next year. WAYNE LOTTERS My school days were the best days of my life. Next year I shall either go to the Army or become a professional cyclist. I have no idea what will happen in 10 years' time. t CLINTON LOUW My school career was times. I'm attending the Cape Technikon next year and eventually plan to go into the world of Accounting. I'd also like to travel overseas for a few years. LOUISE MAGENNIS 15s'!sE s Qi '-ist ILSE MEERSHOEK ,livl 3 VA.i,V HM,'A , Well, I guess this is the final lap and it's time to take the world by the hand and say, 'Hey, this is ME!!' and to go all out for my own goal! School was great but I'm glad to be leavi In 10 years' time I hope to be married to Hayley and to have a couple of kids- BARRY MISPLON LAURA PETTIT Thank goodness it's nearly over. In 10 years' time I hope to be rich and famous! I'll get married one day. TheY Baz t women must be in the kitchen, bare 00. and pregnant - but watch out guys' thi? girl is going to be wearing the pants in the familyl TRACY SANDERS ' X ns I must say school wasn't so bad after all. Next year it's Army 'toe' and then Tech- nicon. In 10 years' time I see myself sitting on my ranch with a 'cold cool- drink'. "' GLENN SALMON X 'f' AW N , f MAA, , I , ,us JZ 54 f, J , -17. " ' Why ,ff 'Z-My ,V WQQFQ f , .A K 70MWQ5 f'5f SUZANNE STILL I enJ0Yed the 3 years that I was able to attend at Muizenberg High. Next year I will be studying Fashion Designing. In 10 Years' time I see myself travelling and gaining loads of experience, School has been a breeze except for the teachers! Without them it would have been a 'jo1'. In 10 years' time I will be married and unemployed. RICHARD STOREY 0' TONY SUTTER I They say life is hard but, it simply can't get any worse than school! When I leave school I'll do a bit of studying and a lot of 'raving' - after two years of torture fthe Armyb. In 10 years' time I'll defi- niteley be married to a beautiful, dark- haired girl with 2 kids! LEON VAN SCHOOR I managed to get this far so I can't complain! I am going into the Air Force as people say girls like men in uniform! JUANITA VAN DER MERWE School had its ups and downs. Hopefully I'll be surviving the big, bad world next year. In 10 years' time I hope I'll still be single and enjoying life. 75 f' "' -- x Your Image is reflected in your Car ,n Here are ten good reasons why you FREE RANGE EGGS AND ALL soRrS should bring your investment to OF GOODIES PANEL HEATERS 84 SPR PAENTERS ' 1. The most modern up to date workshop. 2. New chassis straightening machine wlllstralghten out your problems. 3. Repairs carried out by hlghly quallfled Structure Technicians onl . 4. Quality control ghecks at all stages. 5. Colour matching by specialists. TRY OUR HOMEMADE SANDWICHES 6- OU' MONO 'S Peflecllon- WITH A VARIETY OF EXCITING FILLINGS 7. We guarantee our work. 8. Courtesy service. y 9. Breakdown service 05 ' 2? I FRESH FARM 10. We look after you and your car. VEGETABLES' Perhaps one day I , GBREAD all panel beaters will operate like J' ni AL A CTI ON PANEL BEATERS s. 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Mills as well as the parents of the following pupils for their generous donations: Hodge Holland Hobbs Craig and R. Doyle and N. Siebert Johnson van Jaarsveldt Sweetman Jacobs and LC. Billings and N. Stephens Watt Ashley Cooper and L. Pettit Meershoek Radford White and T. Minnie Newton Borkowf and C. Linnow Wagner Fowkes Goldie Montgomery de Haas Koch and W. Spencer Pepper Unsworth van der Merwe Gaven N Louw van Heerden Christensen Adams Shean Bentley van der Vijver Kirkham Lg- ..., i....,..,,h, ...M :.L3.r,,,E42-L MM Mb X Chicken van de Putte Dorfling Edwards van Eeden Shaw Evans Pohl Johnson Salmon Johnson and K. Laufs Hack Ball Bevan and W. Claassen Bottoms Innes Duchenne Damstra Burnett Ikin Millward Viljoen Logan Molloy Bremner Kruger Loker Wharton Menhinick Commerford and R. and W. van Schoor Stoffberg Lewis Truelove Douse Wright Liebenberg Coen 77 Hancock and G. Airey Graney McShane Livingstone Dimopoulos Gough Spooner Hesketh and S. Hoy Ganser Lindsay Taylor Dennis Inkley Rosser and S. Wallander Picknell Rack Hennings Robinson JBFISEH Van VL1LllS'eI'1 Misplon Clement Panourgias Laubscher and G. Kannemeyer Polia and C. Knipe Vos Thomas and M. Frankland Beukman Willcock Lawrenson Collett Flanigan Vos Herweg du Preez -sf? 4331412 I iw! T4--1 A tl -4"'I':ff'f155, gf S.: X f x 1 V I X N XQQQEIII ,A RO. nox no. LW dx t j W TOKAI. me 23' T' D- I ' 'T My SEE HOW THE "WE CARE" LOGO CAN WORK FOR YOU! PHONE PAM IVIUSGRAVE 72-0296 OFFICE Uokcfordg FURNISHING co. 4PTv.y LTD 138 MAIN ROAD TELEPHONE 82 6065 FISH HOEK BLUE ROUTE SERVICE CENTRE TOKAI NOBODY BEATS OUR TYRE AND BATTERY PRICES PHONE US AT 72- 5 1 oo IQNTFAW T I " AB' 'I'T- "'l' 1,E ' I ARTawefywlRgS T'TTOI 9 With Compliments of I HAHRYTSACKS of Sacks Butchery SUPPLIERS OF SUPERIOR MEAT THROUGHOUT THE PENINSULA PHONE 88 8855 xgf-,N-1-my.-A. -,N--.,,f,.A . Q i I f ' f-ff fx an : ii ',,?:?.v-, bail: 'Eff' 75 'E1 E ,,. , fx S,-L. f 1"1"mR wi..- - ,V 5 -X 1 f A ,, ' 2 1 " I 4 gy ,Q .K 'URL yfwf -, :.x j., 'fi 1- X, N I Q ff Q ,fx 4s'.,A:fU' ., ., F11 fl 4' 7' Y' YV 'fla5P'1"-1'-f-xii. f". -A XLL' 1,7 A Y! ..,,i,, .K If-5411755 -4 , K X Y jf: A f jf Y' ' ,w-,NJ ,ff 4 " 06.4,-..' ,flf,:g.,.f' r.yy.', :,.g"' H , f' - f-L,-f.f .,f-- .: -9 I, L-fzznfg Q ,3 ?".-A.:,Lf' , 9- -'1"17 x-Q1 f'I.f4Hx'l ,.' ' -- ff , z.ff,.1f4m--1fw- 1 21' Q .A-7 -- fi 1' 'Z K: --fl i "-'V -ar- filiii 'gi-ff" . f4'f"7'W' ' .1 1, ,Q x" e- f:.."-fwfr. f ,. V - 'f .f1ff,f'-i5iANpw5- --, rg ff-1"fJlff'1 1951--"!.,'f""'-Q:'i'1'T"' ' ' K fi we?-:4.+V+-1?ff,'x'fkQfv:1zg:f1vgG4-W.-.:' . -, 1- ., 1- 12: :.ww1:,u-sef, new ' f "S?ZJP' fy 'P A' J-1,5 1- ' . - 1 Lf , ' - 4-.f .1 As A, . "1..f! y 'HF 'rn LA ' ' Q, X ie 1 1. I J QML 3, .Q 2 -is K, WEL 1.3 A WN 'L ,Ht .- JW 1 2 gp- I "BWzE:s.- AQ 5' ,, 1 s M ymggjwf' x ,gWYf?3' ,gm A- " r f ,-J ef-Air RVPM' Pr- " ,gp . Q+f3,gg,Q5.5Q1 X fr.: .Am mt . 4, ,,, 1' Ye r Af a 1-W, " A FY!" -f-,gr K... gf x yu Principal: Std VR: Std VB: Std 4Re: Std 4R0: Std 3A: Std 3R: Std 2H: Std ZM: Std IG: Std 10: Sub Bus: Sub BH: Sub AG.- Sub AD: STAFF 1988 Mr R.W. Just, B.A., H.P.T.D. Mr A. Raven, B.Ed., B.A., P.T.D., Dip.Sec.Ed. Head of Department. Mr A.H. Broodryk B.A., fStelD H.D.E. fP.E.J Sec fU.C.T.J Mr D.E.F. Read, B. Prim. Ed. Mrs C.H.L. Roynon H.D.E. Senior Primary Physical Education. ' Miss A. Arenhold, B.Prim.Ed Mr P.A. Riel-cards, MA CCantabJ P.T.C. CUCTJ Mrs D. Hunt, B.Prim.Ed. Head of Department. Mrs L. Miles, H.D.E. Miss J. Gardner, N.D.E. Junior Primary Mrs C.A. Otty, J .E.D. Junior Specialist Mrs D. Boerssen, N.T.T.D. Junior Specialist. Senior Teacher. Miss C.S. Hawksworth, Junior Primary. H.D.E. Pre-prim. Senior Teacher. Mrs A. Gibbon, H.P.T.D. Remedial Diploma. Head of Department. Mrs K. Daniels H.D.E. Junior Primary CDenneoordJg H.D.E. School Music CStellenbosch Music Con- servej. Senior Practical Class.' Mrs S. McQueen, D.E., D.S.E. fMentally handicapped and Remedialj Junior Practical Class: Mrs S. Heldzingen, P.T.C., Dip. Spec. Ed. CSpecial Classy Pre-Primary: Mrs K. Prins, Dip. Nursery Ed. Music: Mrs I.K. Rabie, U.P.L.M., U.T.L.M. Senior Teacher. Music: Mrs J. Marrison B.Mus. fEd.J H.D.E. fSec.J Music: Mr. W. Lewis, T.L.D. fPianoJ, T.L.D. fSingingJ. Library: Mrs P. Jansen. Remedial: Miss M. Casey ODSE fReJ D.C. Xhosa: Miss E. Patsalos H.D.E. CXhosaJ. Secretary: Mrs S. du Preez, Dip. N.B.I. Accountant.' Mrs J. Hickey Caretaker: Mr N. Volsteedt. Cleaners: Mrs. S. Claasen, Mr. H. Ludick, Mr. W. Sawyer, Mr. J. Williams. r.- : MUIZENBERG HEALTH cf: FITNESS ST UDIO QQ? es, ,fs- fTH Q F9 SWDEO if WEIGHT TRAINING 'A' CIRCUIT TRAINING i' AEROBICS 'lf KEEP FIT if KARATE i' SAUNAS 'BEACH ROAD - MUIZENBERG OPP. PAVILLION - TEL. 88 1556 CONTACT RUSSELL 80 rd ' - - V' ' . -,f.k,.,1--is :ss:'S1g,, V, - ' ffl'-21. , ,L .. .. ,J ti ,'f.f:-zu i ,.. 3. r 'T' - ,. :. er! if - - . 'S ':ZPA'1t'3f2'6?-tffiii ' - . wi, f 1. eri'1'?eiQ-if f F . g af? FH" We ef' . film 'Y' 'l' 3 . Mrs SANDRA DU PREEZ - TRIBUTE Our School Secretary, Mrs. Sandra du Preez, retires at the end of this year after serving the school for 10 years C1979 -19889. Mrs. du Preez occupies a very special place in our hearts as she has endeared herself to us in her quiet and unobstrusive way by always being ready to lend an ear or to give assistance whenever it was needed, no matter how busy she was at the time. Her official duties were always carried out with meticulous care, without fuss or complaint. Her con- tribution to the progress at M.J.S. was both positive and meaningful. Although a parent of the school fall 3 of her' children at- tended school herej, she never used her position as secretary to push the interests of her children. If anything, she played down their achievements. To describe, on a personal level, what Sandy has meant to me and to MJS over the last 10 years Cyes, 10 yearsj, is perplexing for she has a rare and special quality of character and personality which far transcends the ordinary. To the children she has been a mother, a nurse and a solver of all their troubles and woes, from putting on a plaster to finding change for the telephone or sup- plying the missing lunch money. To the staff, a friend, a shoulder to cry on, someone in whom they could confide at all times. To the parents, a lady to be relied on to help with their own and their children's problems. To me a friend, confidante, adviser, someone to lean on when times were rough and, of course, a secretary supreme. We wish her joy and happiness in her new home in Dur- ban. We bid her adieu with the message that she will never be forgotten by All of Us at M.J.S. 1988 STAFF Back Row: Mrs C. Roynon, Mr W. Lewis, Miss C. Hawksworth, Mr P. Rickards, Mr A. Broodryk, Mrs C. Otty, Mr N. Volsteedt, Mrs K. Daniels. Middle Row: Mrs P. Jansen, Mrs J. Marrison, Mrs B. Baerecke, Mrs K. Prins, Mrs L. Miles, Mr D. Read, Mrs S. Heldzingen, Miss J. Gardner. Seated: Mrs D. Boerssen, Mr A. Raven, Mrs D. Hunt, Mrs S. du Preez, Mr R. Just, Mrs A. Gibbon, Mrs l.K. Rabie, Mrs S. McQueen, Mrs J. Hickey. Absent: Miss A. Arenhold. fur .-55213 ug. ' ff. r1f,fw1' 71, E " J i'f-if jf 'i?'jf'1fTQ.f41 . xlri'iai1:xf1i ' W Tr nte eagull CUSTOM-DESIGNED: ESTATE AGENT SHOW BOARDS BANNERS El- STICKERS SCREEN-PRINTING PERSPEX SIGNS I ALL SIGNWRITING VINYL LETTERS ILLUNIINATED SIGNS Fil 'f7l'a. 4 xl A 5- di 1 ' Q1 Hi ILLUMINATED AWNINGS W. wa Q! I I' if W MW Ca? P T ESI 82 I ,V :,,.'. .E " " ' -I I kSlw?'5:ff'IIaIibix " XX PRINCIPAL'S ANNUAL REPORT INTRODUCTION You will be glad to hear that my report is shorter than usual in that we wish to give the children and the teachers the opportunity of reporting on activities themselves. These can be found elsewhere in the Magazine. I shall report only on the highlights. STAFF ' . The quality of our staff continues to be recognized as first-class, which is one of the chief reasons we have the reputation of being a very good school. Our administrative staff, with Mrs Hickey and Mrs du Preez in charge, is the best you are likely to find anywhere. Having mentioned Mrs du Preez many of you are probably aware that Mrs du Preez is leaving MJ S at the end of this year to join her husband and family in Durban. We wish her joy and happiness in her new home and bid her adieu with the message that she will never be forgotten by All of Us at M.J .S.A. further tribute to Mrs du Preez is published elsewhere in the magazine. Next year sees a number of temporary changes in that some of our teachers will be having babies, studying to im- proving their qualifications, getting married and going overseas. Three of our teachers are leaving. Mrs K. Daniels, we thank you for dedicated service to M.J .S. You will be sorely missed. , Mrs Marrison, one of our music teachers, occupied a temporary post for the 3rd and 4th terms. Her enthusiasm Land refreshing innovations will be missed. We wish her and her husband every happiness in their move to the Transvaal. Our renowned Miss Hawksworth is moving to a higher position - that of Vice-Principal tH.O.D.J - at Good Hope Seminary. Miss Hawksworth, we are indeed proud that only after 4 years' teaching, you should be selected for this important job. Our loss will be great, yet we are proud in that we feel the training you have gained here was instrumental in your securing your new post. We wish you every success. . I think it is appropriate at this point to mention that our school places great emphasis on leadership training and recognition of talent and hard work. In the past two years no fewer than 2 Principals and 4 Vice-Principals fHOD'sJ have been appointed from the staff of this school. This must be some kind of record. Junior Members in the business of running the School are the Prefects. Thanks to them for duties well-performed. Seeing our children safely across the road is a vitally important duty - our thanks to Mrs Brough in this regard. Last but not least thanks to the cleaning staff led by Caretaker Mr Volsteedt. ACADEMIC I CULTURAL I SPORT Significant this year has been the great strides made in the field of soccer, a game played by most boys in the school, to the tune of 5 teams entered. But it has not only been quantity - many games were won and many were close - but also quality with the U13A soccer team promoted to the 'A' League through its fine accomplishments Calso an historic 'first'J. The Senior Netball team also shone, winning their League convincingly. MJS repeated last year's success at the Afrikaans Eisteddfod, coming away with Santam Shield for the greatest numbers participating in any school, as well as a trophy and numerous certificates. Another historic first has been our entry into the Maths Association of South Africa Olympiad, an extremely dif- ficult test of mathematical competence. It is not unusual, even in big schools, to deliver even one pupil. We are proud of the fact that at our very first attempt, a Std 5 pupil, Marc Nadler, gained entry to the finals. Our Senior Choir gained a creditworthy Honours Diploma at the Cape Town English Eisteddfod. It is on the cards that next year we will be entering our music pupils in the Cape Town Afrikaans Eisteddfod, which over the years has become an occasion carrying a great amount of prestige. Another historic 'first' is the entry of a horseridingfshowjumping team, with Bazil Lawrenson, Jason de and Justin Snaith excelling themselves at Championships throughout the country. White and Red Merit Badges for high academic achievement and consistent effort were introduced for the first time this year. Open Day, with a display of pupils' work, interspersed with live cultural items and a video of school activities, was another successful first for M.J.S. 83 fi V- ' L. if" "2 5-...mana-..ei:.4.v....t..,.."' fi.. .T ' ' ' ru- 1 . - In spite of some early fundraising setbacks, the P.T.A. have to ldate raised R18 000, a truly remarkable achieve- ment. If it were not for this injection of capital, you can be certain that the school would not have continued to function as it did having to pay out for maintenance, salaries to administrative staff, sports facilities and the like, especially with cutbacks biting deeper and deeper. In spiteof a tight budget, educational equipment was also pur- chased, details of which can be found elsewhere in the magazine. We say thank you to the parents for supporting our fundraising ventures and we say a special thank you to the P.T.A. Committee for its organization of these functions. A sound and astute leader has emerged in the form of C arol-Anne Sharpe, who in her first year as P.T.A. C hairlady, kept the boat afloat when the storm was at its roughest. To all members of the Committee - you deserve the highest praise. THE P.T.A., PRE-PRIMARY AND FINANCES IN GENERAL- 1 Mrs F. C alverey "retires" from that most fundamental of P.T.A. support systems, the tuckshop. We thank her for the efficient and exacting standards she has brought to this important Job. She now takes on a different mantle - that of School Secretary. We congratulate her on this appointment and wish her well in this demanding post. Our Pre-Primary Committee, under the Chairmanship of Mr Derrick Bunch, has been most positive in its ap- proach and has met all the needs of the Pre-Primary. The Pre-Primary is fully booked for the next two years. THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE Because of adjustments in the new political dispensation, the Provincial Administration authorities decreed that School Committee elections were to be postponed until next year. However, as more than half of our Committee would not be parents of the school next year, it was decided to hold a By-Election in October. Our congratulations go to the following five new members: Mrs C.A. Sharpe, Mrs M. Dednam, Rev. J. Harris, Mr J. Hebbert and Mr A. Hewitt. Congratulations also to Mr J. Kipps and Mrs M. Dednam on being elected as Chairman and Secretary respectively. I wish to re-iterate my thanks to members of the outgoing Committee. It has been my privilege to work with a demanding, yet most efficient, hardworking and concerned Committee. Their achievements have been many, but I wish to highlight their three main contributions which I personally think benefited the school most. Firstly, the problem of providing transport for the many teams and groups that go out from our school week after week. A school bus is an expensive item, especially in a school that has limited funds, yet the Committee spared no effort to resolve this problem. ' Secondly, the introduction of our new school uniform has given our school and pupil image a definite boost. Next year all pupils must be in the new uniform. Thirdly, and most significantly has been the introduction of a detailed school budget, closely monitored and con- stantly being improved upon. As a result our finances have improved considerably. Thus on behalf of the school, my sincere thanks to the Committee for their labours over the past 3 years. . To Mrs Myers, Mrs Montgomery, Mr Poole, Mr Potgieter and Mr Pringle, who have stood down - the school salutes you for a job well done. For long-service a special note must be made of Averil Myers, Maureen Mont- gomery and our hardworking and unflappable Chairman Jeremy Poole, who together have served the school for approximately 25 years. MUIZENBERG HIGH SCHOOL The Junior and High School continue to grow closer together in tangible terms. The School Committees now meet to discuss joint problems and plans, one such plan being the combined High!Junior School Magazine which you are now reading. In August inter-school netball and soccer matches were played and a special soccer trophy made to commemorate the soccer event. Personally I find working with the Headmaster, Mr Gibbon, easy and pleasant. May our two schools go from strength to strength working together, growing together. COMPUTER STUDIES The Computer has become very muchpart of our everydayslives and thus it is important that every child receives at least a basic course in computer literacy. Parents, too, are becoming increasingly insistent that their children receive computer education. To instruct the children effectively, more computers are essential ten at least We , . have four at present. I have approached the School Committee with the problem of financing these computers and they have been most sympathetic in facilitating the purchase of the computers as soon as possible and as and when funds permit 84 r- ' ..: 11 I f 1.wr.wsw 1. -exft 4. - fi '.f'ii"5'1t'fi'.'!"-V41 "wi-.a.l. .-'f1.1J':":i3:.' ' VX k 1---.f?"1i-.1-..w4 ' qffhii-. - f Critical to the whole computer infra-structure is that staff members take their own classes for computer educa- tion. With this in mind, I have arranged that our staff receive basic computer instruction. By June of next year we will have the teachers and the syllabus ready for the bits and bytes. What we expect and would appreciate from you, the parents, is financial support in obtaining the computers. 8. CONCLUSION When one has achieved a high standard in one's professional for any otherj sphere, it is so easy to rest on one's laurels. The same applies to schools. However, I give you the assurance that complacency will never set in at this school - your children are too precious, their education too important if they and this country are to have a viable future. Only the best is good enough for them, but then we need your help - firstly, financially to keep the school support systems running smoothly and secondly, from the home we need your positive encouragement. With this kind of teamwork your child can only benefit. R.W. Just fPrincq9a1l HEAD BOY AND HEAD GIRL REPORT Muizenberg Junior School had a year of many activities and great progress. Red Merit and White Academic badges were awarded to deserving pupils for the first time ever during the 1988 year. The General Knowledge team consisting of Courtney Kipps, Nolan Thomas, Kristien Aird and Michelle Romaine did very well this year. We came first in the first round held at MJ S and so proceeded to the second round at Rustenberg Girls' Junior School. There we did well coming second by a narrow margin of 5 points. The False Bay Mardi Gras, a first for MJS and False Bay,was enjoyed by all but was not the smashing success it was hoped. It started with a parade from Boyes Drive to the Pavilion in which many of our pupils took part. The parade included circus animals, local scout group members and others. MJS had two stalls: a boerewors roll stand and a sweet stall. "Make-a-Rand-Grow" was an enormous success with almost R5 000 being collected. Most of the pupils pitch- ed in to do their bit and many participating on Monday mornings buying or selling goodies. Part of "Make-a- Rand-Grow" was the mini-fete held one Friday evening. This turned out to be a smashing success. Almost all pupils and their families came along to support the sup- per stall, Ghost Tunnel, Mini Golf, Bike Rides, etc. On the 15 August when the school turned 90 years old, we had our Arbor Day tree planting ceremony. Mr Wilson came to speak to us on conservation and then we had our birthday ceremony. Mr T.V. Bulpin, the renowned author and historian,came to talk to us about the history of Muizenberg. The local Minister, Rev. Gerber, came to lead the devotions. Later we had folk dancing and songs taught to us by Mr LEWIS and the teachers. After big break,we had interhouse netball matches of which Rhodes house was the victor. This year the Environment Committee was very active thanks to Mrs Otty. At the beginning of the year the Class Representatives were chosen and recently they travelled to Cape Town to participate in a street parade with a Banner Competition in Adderley Street. A couple of days later we went to the Cape Town Civic Centre for the prize giving of a competition we had entered. This began with our beach clean-up and concluded with a project on conservation by our school. We received a Merit Award. In the second term we went to Pinelands for a seminar in which the Muizenberg Junior Drama Workshop presented "The Loraxl' a play about Conservation. During the fourth term four exciting soccer matches were held: Interhouse Cwon by Rhodesj, fathers versus sons, staff versus pupils C5-2 to the staffj, girls versus boys and primary versus high school Q8-l to MJ SJ. Our U13 squad made it to the Inter-school Knock Out Cup semi-finals and our U11's were almost unbeaten. Scripture Union continues to be very popular and has a large following each Friday. Exciting outings or events take place each term. All those involved with music and singing at MJ S can be proud of the many Eisteddfod achievements and awards gained and once again our Afrikaans Eisteddfod pupils achieved top honours. In the field of long distance running and walking, the Freeman twins are to be congratulated on their fine achievements. All that remains is to wish the standard fives well in their final examinations and good luck for high school and to thank all the teachers who have done so much for all of us. Courtney Kipps Traceyanne Lambert New to Muizenberg 'T 3 RAMING lOpp. Muizenherg Stationi QPENENG OFFER LESS 1096 ON PRESENTATION OF THIS ADVERT For traming of all your tapestries, mirrors, prints, paintings, posters and certificates. Blockmounting, mount cutting and cleaning of framed works undertaken. We also do housecalls after hours and over weekends to assist you in your colour choice ot framing requirements. Call in 8t meet Kareen 81 Tony phone 88-7480 Artists Welcome WE LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU rbi YOUR ATLANTIC PHARMA 'D PHARIVIACYIN IVIUIZENBERG EICHLIN IVIPS Photocopying Special discount to all students on production of this advertisement We're on the corner opposite the new Pavilion in Atlantic Road "A tradition of service for over 4 decades to our community" E 88-7829! 88-7917 Home atomic ctaiateznsnts CHINESE RESTAURANT PHONE 88-7182 fOppo5ite Muizenberg Station car park, Eating out at MENU Hong Kong Charhes Recently l was a guest at Hong Kong Charlies, and though l had dined in many parts of the world l cannot say that l 've had a better meal when considering the essentials which go into evaluating dining out. Of course, quality and palatability of the food are the essentials, and in this sphere Hong Kong Charlies gains I0 out of 10. The food is traditional Chinese prepared by an Englishman who was born and bred in the hub of Chinese epicurean culture - Hong Kong. lt is almost impossible to prefer one of Charlies dishes to another, Everything was delicate, crisp and delicious. But l must confess l could spend an entire evening eating his spring rolls, ln loolcing for a fault, l could perhaps complain that l did at times feel impatient at the delay between courses. Charlies is opposite Muieenberg sta tion. AL CHICKEN MUSHROOM SOUP SPRING ROLL CHICKEN CHOP SUEY SWEET AND SOUR PORK ..... ........OR STEAK SWEETS AND TEAS ALL FOR ONLY .......... R 10.95 ALL ABOVE PRICES CHICKEN MUSHROOM SOUP SPRING ROLL PRAWN FOO YONGfCHOPSUEY SWEET AND SOUR PORK ..... ........OR STEAK SWEETS AND TEAS ALL POR ONLY .......... R. 12,95 SUBIECT T0 ALTERATIONS ' -V '--fi l 7 'if' PTA REPORT The fundraising year of 1988 will be remembered by many as a year of disappointments and successes. Luckily the successes outweigh the disappointments and as the old sayinggoes "We learn by our mistakes". The spirit and enthusiasm of the Committee was such that they refused to give up and we can look back on a suc- cessful year of fundraising even though we were not able to reach our target. Thanks to Mr Just and the staff, we started off the year on a very sound footing with the successful "Edu-Past" project. Our first project was the much talked about "Mardi Gras" in which the co-operation of the parents of MJ S was a joy to behold! Just to be part of that wonderful team spirit made the project worthwhile. Two very enthusiastic PTA ladies then introduced us to their "Make-a-Rand-grow" project and worked very hard at motivating us all. This turned out to be a very successful venture which culminated in the Mini-Fete in September. This was an evening that will long be remembered by all who attended. Another very successful evening was our "60's Dance and Auction Evening" which was held in August. It turned out to be very enjoyable and made a handsome profit! Our Car Boot Sales also got off to a good start and were financially rewarding, but had to be curtailed due to in- clement weather and for security reasons. Hopefully they will be resumed in the future. Unfortunately, this report goes to print while our final fundraising activities are still being planned. I am sure that our "Open Day" at the end of October and the visit of the Cape Welsh Choir will both be highly successful events. I would like to say thank you to the MJ S staff for all their help and support, to Mrs du Preez and Mrs Hickey for all their help and to the parents who have supported us - I know'that financially this has not always been easy but without you there would not have been any successful fundraising events this year. Also a big thank you to all the hardworking MJ S pupils. Finally to the PTA Committee members, who have spent hours on the telephone, walked and driven kilometres and begged and borrowed where necessary, thank you for all the time and effort you have put into the projects you have worked on this year. It has been a privilege to work with you all. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year and a safe and restful holiday! Carol-Ann Sharpe PTA Chairlady 4 Bill'-1 . I , I A ' AMQLIIIIQXTI'-f:1"4 ' ' . ' Hx' I T " " - HIRE H if SERVICES MAIN ROAD, MUIZENBERG SALES LAWN MOWER REPAIRS WE COLLECT Er DELIVER 'is get ,fem w 'li' TEL: 88-4085 ' 'fad opp. MUIZENBERG JUNIOR SCHOOL LAKESIDE BAPTIST CHURCH meets at MUIZENBERG JUNIOR SCHOOL on Sundays, at 9 am : Family Bible Hour IO.3O am : Worship Service Enquiries : Rev. J. Harris BA., DipTh 88-5640 A pf 4:33, .Iii ' , X 1, v ' ' il : 5 5 fir ,f D 'li' Q 2 , .,4, If 2 A - STE? j, jg: . .1 1' i ' ,'-', -- . ff' Y ig. -,n - L -.., gl C , if :Z -if E ' I if , w ' 7-'Q V'-1 -'ff .-,, -all 'v " " T 1 J 'Q " IE ' Q 1 F IU , 1-1 , 0 , g B 1194, ' it 1 1 N nu 3 A " if A za- 5m-N L ..... .--.. 0,-am A f V 'Pl Ik I 3 1 ag , t If i ' A -F l if ."' l V 5 'L 1 "5 -' . .. gb A1 n k ' l 'T ' pr -nn . ' :B X IL s-I A 1 X 5. 5.3. - 3 ., 1 i 4 ' r .1 - .. - , r. ,, ., 1 , .- a f :. I 131, E... .I - I 5 . V'-I 1 2 -0 ,.. I N , r v x Q , F3',,:X'."',lZm 1 ,uh 7 E' 5 ,I 'll Q fl 11111011 fgwnl, 1 D ' .aim , 1 17" f, uw, ,lfvw ' 4 U 1 mf ' I an fab ff 9 , ' 'IV 0 NM , 'fl'-M?nr1f, 0 I -I an ,:,111-If'-it ' dine at the St lamesl St lames Restaurant Specialising in continental cuisine, fresh seafood and international theme dishes, prepared by our continental chefs. Daily A la carte and table d'hote. Saturday night Candlelight dinner-dance with our resident band featuring vocalist Verushka. Sunday Superb traditional family buffet lunch. La Terrasse Continental indoorfoutdoor espresso and cocktail bar. Delicious fresh cakes and pastries from our German pastry chef A tantalising array of light meals, snacks and a selection of irresistible ice cream creations. Red Parrot Ye olde English pub with live evening entertainment. We cater for private and business functions for up to ZOO people. urs BEST BY THE sEA ST 'AMES HQTEL y l hii I Qi - ir 1 if if rvw Main Road, sr games. Tel: 88-8931 W ' - -L L4 Ba1esWel.LsQQUSP Agency 10797C'? - lUllU!fAVE5'T MANUFACTURERS OF SOUTH AFRlCA'S PAY AND DISPLAY PARKING SYSTEM WITH COMPLIMEN TS FROM -XX Percy TgR55in8Co PROPERTY CONSULTANTS Er ESTATE AGENTS MAIN ROAD, MUIZENBERG is PHONE 88-1177 JEREMY POOLE AIH 72-8089 WAVE TECHNOLOGY CAPE lPTYl LTD. MARlNA DA GAMA 88 iiwhiffu ff- A A in , . i.g..rl-,i-'52ff?f:?:fm f A T 'fr " - .ai .7 F s SCHOOL COMMITTEE CHAlRMAN'S REPORT I FOR THE 1988 YEAR My thoughts turn to the year 1988 at Muizenberg Junior School and, in fact, the past three years as Chairman of the school committee. I can only say that they have been good years, years in which the school has grown from strength to strength. The path has not always been smooth, and the decisions taken not always easy. Many decisions have out of necessity had to be made and these were not always popular. They have always, I assure you, been made in what, we, as a committee, felt was in the best interests of the school and our children. We are moving into difficult and trying times in the education of our children and we will have to accept that education is no longer the responsibility of the state. We as parents will have to shoulder the full responsibility for the standard of education from which we wish our children to benefit. This can only be related to the amount of money that we are prepared to invest in our childrenis future. It is each parent's individual and specific responsibility to pay school fees and is indeed not morally acceptable that the few who religiously pay their school fees, should carry the burden for those who do not. There are, and will always be, those who simply cannot pay, and the school, I assure you, is aware of the cir- cumstances in these homes and will not press for pay- ment in these cases. There are many members who can afford to pay, and do not, for reasons we find difficult to comprehend. Should the payment ratio not improve dramatically this coming year, the school will have to consider closing and ceasing to offer certain very essential facilities and services presently offered in the curriculum. For exam- ple, the swimming pool would be closed thus saving the school approximately R3 000 per annum. The bus would be sold thus repatriating certain cash resources to the school coffers. We would have to cease purchasing books for the library and educational aids for teaching. All of these measures, I am sure you will appreciate, will affect your child's education disastrously. By the time you read this report you will all be aware that five members, including myself, who no longer have children at the school, have decided to make way for new members of the school committee via a by- election of the 26th October, thus enabling them to play a more active role in steering the school into the future. I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks to the following long-serving and long-suffering members of the school committee: Mrs Averil Myers Mrs Maureen Montgomery Mr Rob Pringle Mr Dereck Potgieter all of whom have unstintingly given of their time and talents over many years. I am sure the school and the parents will join me in thanking them most sincerely and wishing them well as they take up further respon- sibilities at the new schools to which their children have gone. They all join me in wishing the school, the parents and, particularly the children, the best of luck for the future. Jeremy Poole PRE-PRIMARY 1988 The year is nearly at an end and the Pre-Primary School have had a productive year. I am sure they all enjoyed the outings and the additions to their classroom. First on the agenda was the painting of the jungle-gym and outside equipment which with the help of the parents was completed in quick time. Next was a marathon project by Mr Plastow and Mr Otty which was to build a platform in one section of the classroom, and a really professional job was done. This 'quiet time' area houses the Book Corner and Listening Corner. New toys have been purchased as well as an oven and a really super tape recorder. Our two main events of the last term were a Mini- Market, Fancy Dress and our Annual Concert and Braai to which the new parents and children for next year were invited. We were fortunate enough to have ballet and swimming for the pre-primary children this year - a big thank you to Carol-Anne Sharpe and Irene Dixon. Also a big thank you to all parents and commit- tee members for all the effort put in to make this year a successful one. May I end by wishing you all a safe holiday and a happy Christmas. Derrick Bunch Pre-Primary Chairman l E s .'Qf:1f,.e'1' .V ' - il. ol- ::','::. . 7325. ' ff' lf. api :iff li.:-, -"Z" '2'i:ff?f1'- ,af -3+ - 4322 if , .s. ' " 5'fl,5a.g"lw2,'lgi'- lzilflhla-.,,' 'QV ggi, i 'NEW MAZDA 323 Sedan or Hatch at very special prices, we also have a limited stock of Company demonstrators with low kilometers competitively priced. 'DVER 500 used cars of all makes readily available from R3 000 upward. 'SERVICE facilities available with FREE safety check on all makes of vehicles. ""'PRO PA RT" seniice parts available for all makes of vehicles. ALL READILY AVAILABLE F ROM: You mai a mi PDRTER MOTORS' iiiiiiiini ai mlm Rom: lvlulzslv sac TEL. aa-lioa AlHrs 823018 or 656939 -. I l l 1 l 1 1988 PREFECTS Back Row: Justin Snaith, Neil Cameron, Sonia van Heerden, Bronwen Atkinson, Hector Pereira, Bazil Lawrenson Middle Row: Leigh Goldie, Samantha Knight, Sylvia Webb, Michelle Prinsloo, Haidee Prakke, Iain Harris. Front Row: Nikki Loker CDeputy Head Girll, Justin Howarth CDeputy Head BOYJ, Mr R. Just, Courtney Kipps CHead Boyl, Mr A. Raven, Traceyanne Lambert fHead Girly, Cindy Potgieter. 1988 HOUSE CAPTAINS Back Row: Leigh Goldie, Dyllan Mitchell, Sonia van Heerden. . Front Row: Justin Snaith, Mr R. Just, Bronwen Atkinson, Mr A. Raven, Justin Howarth. 91 2-..m...a.-f,1,,,, .4...ea...e. ch.: r , .4....l-...X ALL FIT AUTO CENTRE HAS MOVED TO TI .. T RS - TOKAI ROAD, TOKAI For all your 'A' MECHANICAL REPAIRS TO ALL MAKES OF VEHICLES if SERVICES A EXHAUSTS , A RADIATORS , ABRAKES W, 18 "1 etc N I' I COLLECTION AND DELIVERY f,,,ff1f + 4,4 N PERSONALISED SER V105 f It Y W PHONE GARY FOURIE 4 I 'I Q, -MII 75-8960 0 'N II-' IREG, NO. 691132341071 MEMBERS OF THE INSTITUTE OF ESTATE AGENTS LICENSED UNDER THE ESTATE AGENTS ACT NO.112 OF 976 148 MAIN ROAD FISH HOEK 7975 38216022 FOR ALL FALSE BAY PROPERTY ENQUIRIES FROM LAKESIDE, MARINA DA GAMA, TO CAPE POINT AND NOORDHOEK, CONTACT YOUR AREA SPECIALISTS : OUHH ESTATES, 148 MAIN ROAD, FISH HOEK 82-8822 CHRIS LAND HOME 39-1773 SYLVIA STAMROOD HOME 88-1719 OOHA HOOS HOME 82-1321 VAL MURPHY HOME 88.7190 ALAIXI MOHLINS HOME ' 794-2275 LETTING: WINNIE JACOBS HOME 88-1889 92 MERIT AWARDS White Badgezlst and 2nd in class Red Badge: Outstanding achievements in other activities. eg. Sport, Music, Perseverance, Diligence, etc. Back Row: Nelia Hoy, Julian Thomas, Carmen Freeman, Ceridwen Sprake-Jones, Shaun Lawley, Dawn Cowan, Jonathan Commerford, Iain Harris, Cara Harding. 2nd Row: Laura Moser, Andrew White, Jackie Dempsey, Sylvia Webb, Nolan Thomas, Gregory Horwitz, Leigh Goldie, Marcello Theunissen, Robin Padbury, Charissa Cameron. 3rd Row: Nina Crowhurst, Allistair Scott, Dominique Howarth, Marc Nadler, Mr R. Just, Courtney Kipps, Gia Crowhurst, Mark van der Vijver, Yvonne Bocker. Front Row: Ruan de Witt, Glen Fourie, Christiaan Dednam, Samantha Gie, Ryan van der Merwe. Recipient of Merit Badge after photo was taken: Mary-Ann Diffenthal. Recipient of Merit Certificate: Shastri Freislich. PERM sl Koo ART coMPETmoN WINNERS Back: Samantha Knight Front: Liga Doyle, Steven Ohlssen, Tracey Van der Merwe Iliff", m " " If'M ' wf" .- g lsaf-I ,f' Pharmacy Pharmacy Aapteek -apteek PASSPORT PHOTOS O SAME DAY PHOTO SERVICE 0 LARGE RANGE OF INEXPENSIVE COSMETICS 0 FASHION SUNGLASSES 0 FREE GIFI' WRAP SERVICE I PROFESSIONAL PHOTOCOPIES O SPECIAL STUDENT DISCOUNTS ON TOILETRIES ALL THIS! AND IVIOREII AT TOCKAR'S PHARMACY MUIZENBERG 68 BEACH ROAD coPP. SURFERS' CORNERI PH: 88-8033 88-7803 RES: 887578 ' .-S., VTX CHARLES KENG ac Ce. TXAZ M Hydraulic Equipment Services SALES XL REPAIRS: 31 NEPTUNE STREET TRUCK PTO DRIVES PAARDEN EILAND PTO GEAR 84 PISTON PUMPS P.O. BOX 3204 HOISTS 8: CYLINDERS CAPE TOWN GARAGE EQUIPMENT 8000 PALLET TRUCKS TEL: 5111470 1SCHOOLWEAR: SPORTSWEAR: CASUAL WEAR, ALL GOOD SPORTS SHOP AT iii' Z5 .' fm f . ., - . . - A 1 c?P9'P5P1'21ff1h1f fini- 5" '4 er: '12-11 Lie- ' ,v-9:55 - ifxfgn 2-25 ,141--7 135' ,,,.z-..,i1'- ,.1:, ., -. 1-3,5 'a-321.5 ilk: i,-A A .,7.-f., 1 - . oi" Ma n Reed FESH HOEK PM 82-6111 94 5, T A M "" "2A'.'.v.v.'4'l ' il" I ' ' '. F .: 5 ' ' fy ' A' ' if E uf 91 - 5355, In A 1523? 5:1 f ' r ' S, 1 Ill 'c,'f-15? f' S bf , Uni ' H -' ' ' , ir i 5f4f7f""""'i" 5' . f , ',:esg+,g-f!?'eqQs l . - Z t J 'E O gag-I L,.,, W-wg . ,n ., ,,.-, jail' Wxybqy E:-" r L' . f 1 lbfffgil. -' "-,L-" 5 3 i V 2 5 , J fflff as i6 A t lli ' , 'I ! T it ,A L.. - T 'I , 'D' I I Z . 3, . 'J I I lik, for W lui Mli 1 4411 E-.-'f ' a 1 ' 'E : 2 E i 2 if Au 'Wf 2 - HUNUUKB I CAPE TOWN EISTEDDFOD 1988 R W SENIOR CHO db Ph'li Lindner Tracey Telford Judith Narrarnore, Cornelia lviielck Back Row: Tasha Wells, Cara Harding, Robin Pa ury, 1 p , , Middle Row: Michelle Parker, Nina Crowhurst, Victoria Batwell, Claire Roukema, Justin Howarth, Tanya Havel, Pia Crowhurst Caroline Kipps 2nd Row: Wanda Wark, Terriann Dunn, Thandi Prins, Sev Kitchen, Jean-Marie de Waal, Rebecca Marais, Deborah Kenney, Scott Sherriff Front Row: Bruce MacArthur, Yvonne Bocker, Wendy Levey, Mrs, J . Marrisson, Traceyanne Lambert, Mr W. Lewis, Michal de Witt, Gail Narramore, Allistair Scott X 95 ,--"""'fir-vw A-me .wwf item, ,, ....,,,,. , 1 Eg , ..,, E, ,... .-.... . .. 3 k.kk Sgulygiiiiz- X ggi gl W mtv C Q ,eg - , gag. .,k , New -are 1 aw 1 422' tins? ff' ,U , ,17f" 1,' -vm-7' ,f 1. ...,. . lf fa- .1 ,Q 1-3 31 ' ,,:,3.::::.3.:::,-- ,:t.'1,31,:.:13ft.3 , . ,. Dx Xxx x 153531 fl! 11 1 'E ,, ,, 405 1 11 -4. .... ' 1 W 5 ,,, I 'fgfiii : ff 5' ,ga 1 f? if: 7 41914 , X g, f Q 1 ff 0 V! fi! f WZ? VZ ,ff nw 4' ,i ,411 1, f ,,., , ff' ff' J 1 x 1 111 1! 4 f M 1 ff! ,r 12 , ff , 1 13 My 1 , if P, ff! 4 I W 9 Z Z1 1 :-' f f J . 1 1 1 ff 42 3 f J 3 WWW 1 J!! 1 1 ,, f I s 1!gf ,W A z:1E5'5 '2:2E:zE:2, ff 333233 if 3 3221533 33 '1' 'ffl -'--" 1 - 1' ""a:3E313i.UH33-, 23 33333391-3333:': ' .Y4:':5' 'F rI..f:-1.1 11 ..,-Vg-.ant-111, .-,n-t-,,,cL. -f, ,.'-:-::g-M,-:- ' ' Wf7'.h'V- . -P 3. - 'S X. 1:5 3:31,--.1:,::-.fa--1: -V-we:.z54.4:sr:a:3-z..-':.:--'.,.-:,,:ggz:Mizz,-3, :a:25:9.fa,fva.:-'.,2:v2r:,,,: - . ....,,,..,3,-1,3-fg,.:f:, 92, f H333 A .V ., .,.. , . . , .. , ., 3 , 3 X.-,,.g..,,s,, 3.52: . 3 ,X .:1fW.::,, ,rw-N sr.g,,.:.3.,5,g' ,,.,.g,. -mm q,f,.,.,.,3.3,s ,.m,.,,3.31,-,:,3.f:.,,,'-.-, I:-, ,-11 1.1355-,,,.-,rf-r M1-gl .f ,W-mr '- -3- 4 2 4,1 X23 , ' 3 Rv X zilgiifzif-:,. i2ff, -Vg: 'W' ? 3",I!"3 , fi, ' . j' Z+?2 v':f4Z 1 2':":-'WI e.,---fEfg2iEz52' :'7 ':l':":' 'W :,:.-.:- ' ',",J "7c.5.IW 'i33A".'f'-f'21'31E.- ,- 1" ., , 11- V: g1515:3:1iz:1r:2gZi5-rz' r'f'5'7,",Q.geiggf3131,-311.-1:35513 3-':'51:-:.5'.g.'g:3Q,5'-"1-f1t:g'.- ,z'zg-3211:-,231-1.3-f'-11121 1:.,,,.g:,1,.-H 3, , ,M X Z ' ' -'-" f .ev ii ,, -"'- X X4 3 X7 X ik bl, f-. fefrkf-fgzgffl-ssfr1f:.' ,, h r. ,,5':-1i:231z:i::,s.. . f ar..i-L,-zE2212.e,-:.,- ...,., f1ii2i1i2if"' HJ '5 11, 1I.4 2 if Q fi ., m y ' "Q 1431-1 -' ff f212izE::af5:i12 -W'-'t"1-11':1E? 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V YN V 47 ' ' 1 I I ,:Z11523:21519222HEffE52:3E1:1EI1IEf1:E122'22i252:1:LE'E1E3:':5:EiE.EI"?:5 :itQ12-511':2:?F'Y5:C?352Z1E2221Ei.2,:5:Zgj:g1:5i:g'E9'E55 ',z,f.p.:,:,p3:v:1:5g"'.'zifixjti.2f:5,5'g:f1ESI-1'':-:fri-5111:-:,j7i,fi31 7 143 fi 'K' ' ' " ' :-:-ww, ,,, ..,,.. ..,,.. . , .,:a:5e:tz-113-zQ:ey5-gf.ez9are-351111515513-3133e:3r5ea?-2z:z:5Q:t:2g 1-1:e1E1Ea:1a:re:-tw-1"+f"'1'1-2'f'-,:5z.5:za1-35.533 2-312:-af--"2 11--1:3.s1:2:f::1:,-3:31:1:231-,:1::'1.. 416 3,3533 M '1 3 'v 1 1 f' "" I A """"' I 'M A'f43i2f:?"-' 1i " " .1 f 4-'MA 13153-I-352122 ,Z 73 Zi I -f 41 11,-ef-:Q ff 2., ,rzyw 1-- fr 9137 13 K ff 1 ., 5' E::2E1E' w - f'51 z2:2s' -513225222121 I-22121 1 ' 5 " 9 MZ? 1 ,. :::221z:1a1s1s2':i'- 'izli ll ' I 1' 3' , 1 iff. . m5b: g3,g-3 1-311. ezav S f 5 1 v ' 1 :,'g,:,:,W:43.:,-1,:mg3a,3.1,.,1 124133: -1-L3 -1-4,:-ga:11.11.13-,W:wzwzzf '36 5,-J, 1,1512-:f,.-,,':-11-.-,,f.13z:.z3f1,z ,,-fc.-:,:41 Q '5 sf ,f J,1,4 , 1 1f,fZs:,.am.4,3.3,, dm- 53:-Q 1.,,:,:Z31,-marry:1-:4w:.1,4:,2,.,.t 3g 31,14 1,5,'..-,::.,-3.-:,',,:1,35,-,.-- w::,r.,4: "'1t' ? if if ? X .-,,-gm,-gr1-:xv-1. 'ff W ' 3' 1 X , s.,.X,2,sQ V N -ll i"lt"' - -' 4 . ', TE: 5: ik: ' 5, '-,Z as-z5..,,.,, ' 1sf'f-5 NY: 'fgNg:,'Xwg,-Yi.. Psa, N s-z12",1-:33is'q,a N ,if s at Y -ff' X..-15f:'ZS" ' ff' -?:'Lff:S1. ,. - sf ' " X' " " 'I f s wr ' 2 3' -'Z '42 I K t iQZi'fQ?4' 55955,-" ' f. ' "' V . ., - , ., -1 1 " L 11' E' " a l- 'aimsinr or .W - if 1 ,.,., . i - " " , ' , Q'-Q , ,. , -- w -3 , ., ' za gi g Z-'ff .5.,:r- J' 5 W' . . 1 .... ..,. 1 .. . , ...., ..,14. .,.,,,, 11,41 . -. . lu, . , vrxfgjfli. .. 12-': '-f - '-'viii5E2:1:':1,sf'f-a ,. , f:1-1 ' .,., . ,pS:-131,-,.,,.g-3 1 , 51, 2:22:E2f21 - , .itf:f'1'f,",, 52g52g:::3:t.3: ':,5g'5.,:::.::35.'2aE1 " i-pst. vga e::::3:,:-::':,,g:3. J " Back Row: Laura Moser, Second Row: Justin Castle Sm 2M I 5 I . , , 1 ,, 1 .,,l ,i1,,. .1',1 , .,,:1,V2,.., , xxxxxwikksiiit Aflnffffif VA? 1 Paul Harris, Gareth Davies, Martin La Grange, James Enstrom, Glen Fourie, Michelle Holland. , Gavin Rawson, Jackie Dempsey, Adrian Haigh, Scott Sherriff, Joanne Horwitz Arthur Pereira. Front Row: Debra Boerssen, Simon Green, Michelle Gaven, fMr f Caroline Kipps. sl L. Miles, Brend a,Schietekat, Jeremy Jans n, f ' " '- 2 - L 1 , , " T ' f - . . . , -' "'s 1 3 ' igssigavfzeeg 1 33 1395617 1 -, :. ..::s:,. y f-,'.-:f1fz:::z'.-af -,Sf ' 3 -, .,,. , .1 " 3 1 ' 3 , , 1, V' , 1 g ' t"" ""' ' 2 ,.,,,, ' - ,.... .,, . . 'lit 3 .r , ,,,,,,, - ,V 33f 33,133 - ii 33 Qi3ii':f3l. 3 ,,,, ,,,. ,..,. . 1 ,,.,., ...,.., ..,.,, ,, '-f'- ' f 3 """' . X f 1 .,,,. ,.,, , a 3 ..,. r wx , 3 Q W -f 3 :E3,:5,:,r1,,t:,1,:,:3. ::::,3,:,3 3g,w,-3 3 w f 1 3:-1-qi :-3 -M:2:3::::: . .:, ::::s --" . ss-::::wQ:::'::s5::5::r:'-:eeti:-::::-::.-we. .,::::e:::-:sf ...Sf a g , ' ii ' 1 , f 'V' " " 4 - "'J fi A 53 f wggff 1- 1 ' X ' fe-42? -1:,g "b l "2 '..-3 :S':s:Irsiaifiisiisisifiiis' Ef: .:i:2i2:5:a1a::?a:.s 155:isSEQ3222:2531523555:Efisf-EW-:':f"f ZYW64' 1' :f:::112.3e-eff 3 ' . f . 1 9.-aa:-:. ,SV 1:-V ,f f ' '1fr::::. : :s:'-a?2ss:1:1s:sa3::::''HSS-P:-av'-'-frrza .5:s- .fa--f g 3 , f . .,,,, , ' , ,.., .--' ,,,. , .,.., ,,13, ,f 3, 3f,f -an 4 f,', if,,191l'1f,1,,1,1,32f1f1in f ' 1f111513a'fff1ae fyf, f ff ff ,f'::71fff-171 ff-3' A51-wif ,',, .f f,-f im Std 2H Back Row: Peter Hingston, Tracy Telford, Michael du Pleissis, Rae Webber, Patrick Skeates, Victoria Batwell, John Briscoe, Bronwen Benton. Middle Row: Allistair Scott, Penny Hardcastle, Neville Mortier, Michelle Van Staden Steven Brgokg Stephen Stradling, Michelle Haigh, Robert Moody. , , Front Row: Hazel Prakke, Bruce MacArthus, Gail Narramore, Christiaan Dedn Chantal Hampson, Trevor Ohlssen, Kevin van der Mer we, Carole am, fMrsJ D. Hunt, Messham. 96 ,, - 1, ... iii E C KAAPSE AFRIKAANSE EISTEDDFOD : 1988 The Eisteddfod was held during August this year at various venues. We'd like to congratulate our teachers and pupils on excellent achievements at the Afrikaans Eisteddfod. The following pupils were entered individually in the poetry section: Paul Harris Gareth Davies James Enstrom Simon Green Trevor Ohlssen Michael du Plessis Jonathan Commerford Neville Nortier Robert Moody Charissa Caneron Debbie Kenney Simon Fraser Barbara van Vuuren Lee-Anne Hayward Ryan Lloyd Tania Boehm Nikki Loker Sev Kitchen Stephen Stradling Debra Boerssen T Laura Moser Joanne Horwitz Brenda Schietekat Rae Webber Gail Narramore Michaelle van Staden Tracey Telford Nina Crowhurst Janine Louw Rebecca Marais Lee-Anne Albrecht Andre Brink Courtney Kipps Candice Freeman Michelle Romaine Tracey-Ann Lambert Hazel Prakke Mark-John Bosch Anthony Brink Eugene Bawden Andrew White Paul Ungerer Sean Laubscher Edgar Boehm Michal de Witt Estelle Fowler Julian Thomas Gia Crowhurst Dominique Howarth Andrew Dettmer Marc Nadler Leigh-Ann John Claire Roukema Wendy Levey Stephen Lange Yvonne Booker Jean-Marie de Waal Cornelia Mielck Kelly Mulock Katherine Smith Carla Trevaskis Wanda Wark Cara Harding Samantha Louw Marcello Theunissen Robyn Picknell Candice Joubert Iain Harris Bronwen Atkinson Belinda Jones Bianca Tulloch Sonia van Heerden Mary-Ann Diffenthal To all these pupils - thank you for your efforts. You all tried your best. TWEEDE TAAL KOORSPRAAK We entered 9 groups from Sub B to Std 5 in this section. Our pupils maintained an excellent standard. M.J .S. hosted this most enjoyable event. At the annual Eisteddfod prizegiving held at the City Hall our school again received a Shield for the greatest participa- tion in the Speech and Drama section. This is indeed a great honour as there were approximately 65 schools both English and Afrikaans, participating in this Eisteddfod. Our large Std 2 Choral Speaking group also received a trophy for the poem "Die trekker se alfabet". We are indeed very proud of our school. To all our pupils and teachers - THANK YOU AND CONGRATULA- TIONS. Debbie Hunt TROPHY AWARDED T0 STD ZH AND STD 2M FOR CHORAL SPEAKING Shield awarded to Muizenberg Junior School for greatest participation in the Afrikaans Eisteddfod. L to R: Traceyanne Lambert, Mrs D. Hunt, Courtney Kipps 97 , V+--H-q-w--aw-.-r.-a1.affefws,v.w vmsasw- -- .rrsvrxef-rrp-np.-f , ..-HV. I if WM U .:,,. ., , 1 V 4 Z. B CHHlSTO'S KwlKsAvE 5 AT YOUR SERVICE MON - SUN 7.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m. . X 'Tr. P . -u .I BQ II Z 1' ' .buff-ff' fxff, - ff'f" "fs-fl'rZ'? - . - A Wm, Iffffebf. 051117: a?!,CQfg?Zf 2: -' Q9 .ff A' Mun:-lggpi ff14i'vf'f'I-2If.' A I ff :ww p jf' , 1147 V!! Nj!" ,L',.2fr'! 7737116 I THE 'RIGHT' PLACE FOR YOUR FRESH FOODS BUY AID If WSA 14' MASTER ff BAKERY, FRESH MEAT, FRUIT AND VEGETABLES I - IIAEIITEFQEDSIED I '05 PHONE 88-4767 if IWMTADGR RESTAURANT -- Burgers Steaks Ghmese I-'oods BRDTESSSERAT Ask for Archie and Tel: 9?-4643 CLAREMONT 98 I I v r A - ' f x wrmfwfwfnfm-we SENIOR SCRIPTUIIE UNION Everybody who goes to Scripture Union thoroughly en- joys themselves. We start off by playing some games such as duster hockey, dodge ball etc. Then we have an exciting story and sing choruses. After a closing prayer we leave. Some exciting things we did this term were: a beach pic- nic at St. James one evening and a travelling supper where we travelled to different houses for a four course meal. We attended the 'Action Palaver' recently held at Wynberg Boys' Junior School where we had lots of fun playing rounders, soccer and relay races. Afterwards we had a 'Sausage Sizzle' and ice-cream crunch. Then we had an exciting story by a mystery man dressed in ar- mour. A wonderful fancy dress, jelly and ice-cream party was held just before the June holiday. The costumes were excellent and were judged by a funny man called Mr Foggerty who thought that Mr Just had also come in fancy dress when he met him. This term we held a 'Sleep-in'. We all had a swim and supper and after a video we finally got to sleep in the hall. Breakfast was enjoyed early the next morning. As you can see, Scripture Union is very popular and has a membership of about 40. Some of our Std 4 pupils attended a special Growth and Leadership camp at the Rocklands campsite in Simonstown. Courtney Kipps JUNIOR SCRIPTURE UNION This group of i 25 meets every Tuesday at second break and concentrates on christian living. This is taught by means of songs, object talks, dramatization and films. We as teachers have been blessed by the simple faith of our children and together we are thankful for the freedom we have to meet in this way. Our prayer is that many may come to know the Lord and be filled with His joy and peace. A. Gibbon and K. Daniels CALLIGRAPHY 1988 Towards the second half of the year, a number of pupils expressed an interest in CALLIGRAPHY. We started lessons. There is only one way to achieve beautiful writing - hours and hours of practice of, sometimes boring, excercises - and to continue these for a long time. Those pupils still in the group have displayed pa- tience and perseverance - and have begun to learn the basics of working with fountain pens. There's a long road ahead, but they're on it and making progress. David E.F. Read THERE ARE AT LEAST REASONS TO BUY TIMESHARE Q .0 Q INVESTMENT as 9. sensors -nr-seswmna week li Rf' 4. N NO OTHER INVESTMENT GROW5 QUWE H5 FHS' Z. OVERSEAS TRHVEL LU, ,Q 437 BERT THF, ctlmuuq RLCONFIODRTIUN C-OSTS 'Jusr some Yoon wsev. WITH ME-EWS 'N OUP-R M- 4' A' ISOO umius am: aesoms 3. VARXETY You uw aemu RBOUT eoolum, HND we Youft week - ' ' - ...-. OR CHOOSE 9:nsFFEREN'Y RESORT AND A- 'DWPEREN1' LQEEK . ll-. GUHRQNTEED HOL-IDHY FOREVER' FREE Y0UdND'f0waHE21as XKUX Wa no Mm-:ER Mow CROIADEU 'me wonw BECOMES A I- 7:0 Manu. How awnwsava Houpfavs escorts -e' -r on 0 . ' W. - - K N THER5 8 FROM . PHONE 7551+ 7 M95 'ro choose Yoon BASE RESORT fi's' f ' ,agent -"Y" " . wfawmlsxw 99 s:EaunmnuunhiiiiEE!i!i!E!l' Ami Ig igim ffff 'W FOR FRIENDLY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PHONE SUE FOURIE, URSULA LIGHT OR HILDA MOIR 'A' YOUR PROPERTY AGENTS FOR MUIZENBERG, MARINA DA GAMA, AND LAKESIDE PHON E: 88-8901 AFTER HOURS: 89-1593, 88-7876 Or 75-3933 XY 85 13071 03 f 6Q6lfQ1'600afs,,.C,.,,,, Free curtain making IRegis 8 Kirschi Custom made lounge suites in any fabric of your choice All types of blinds Rugs to order Re-upholstery 'k 81 MAIN ROAD FISH HOEK PHONE CLIVE HELDZINGEN 82-1589 81 82-1944 After hours: 82-1990 Bay View I T t T I . 'W if'?W " .'.e 'Q 3 .,. ,,4:.,,: ',H5 - l -4 25 ' kia, "f2 ' -aei 7 fig ff ' VII" I 1 K M- -1 .. , - 5,, T:-4.2.1 Retirement Residence if Comfortable surroundings f Pieasant gardens F 24-Hour nursing care F Centrally situated A Companionship T wtf Overlooking Fa se Bay G LL ROA , MUIZENBERG TEL IO21I 88-8911 100 COMPUTER CLUB 1988 The Computer Club has about 70 very enthusiastic members who receive a half hour lesson each week. The time-table is organised by Mrs Ruth Bocker and she and four other parents, Mesdames Cowan, Kipps, Sher- riff and White take small classes during the lunch break or after school, teaching them to do graphics using Logo. In addition, one father, Mr Boehm, is teaching a select group on Monday evenings to write programs in Basic. We have also received invaluable advice and help especially in buying equipment from Mr Benbow- Hebbert. We managed to sell the Apple Computer for a reasonable price and, besides a BBC, we now have three MS Dos computers. We are working very hard to raise the money for at least three, and preferably four, more MS Dos computers because we will then be able to put Computer Studies on to the weekly time-table for all children in the school. In preparation for this, most of the staff started learn- ing Logo last term under the guidance of Mr Rickards. Peter Rickards il PT T X-...U L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L FROFER rv DRGANISA rl0N A NAME YOU CAN DEPEND ON FOR BUYING, SELLING AND LETTING ANYWHERE IN THE FALSE BAY AREA FOR PROMPT EFFI CIEN T A D VICE PHONE.' 82-67 74 MARINA DA GAMA, MUIZENBERG, LAKESIDE PHONE MARGOT NADLER as-aoae CAROL MACFARLANE aa-4687 ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB The involvement of the Environmental Club has encom- passed many varied activities this year. We attended a seminar held at the Old Mutual in Pinelands. We then had a beach clean-up, involving the whole school. This was part of the project we entered for the Willards Environmental Competition. This project was awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the Award Ceremony held in the Banquet Hall of the Civic Centre. We also took part in the Spring Festival displaying our colourful banner. On Arbor Day the school undertook to plant a large number of trees to enhance our school fields. We also completed the mural at False Bay Station. Cheryl Otty LIO.UI-FRUIT CERES mow. PURE FRUIT Juices DISTRIBUTORS CAPE SCHOOL FOODS TEL: 51-4250 51-4386 gf 'HQ :wQf51a."1ff-?:1'.1- .. 8 In, , 1, :gg-2 iuwigel Lgfff , "fir 5332: tr:-if ,iggifv 5,12-I-5' new 'fghg -- JW- .5 55?-.11 F8211 :fag . . f-, -naw: j f Efigiw' 'YH'-5 'I 5.61 P 7 1 .df wI-IY TRAVEL FURTHER AFIELD? PLUGS - POINTS - FILTERS - FAN BELTS, RADIATOR CAPS - GASKETS - SHOCKS ETC. WE ARE RIGHT ON CNR. TOKAI 8. MAIN ROADS, RETREAT YOUR DOORS TEP! TEL: 72-5447 I 725638 I 758960 I.ouMILL LAUNDRETTE 88-5389 LouIvIILI. LAUNDRETTE 88-5389 MAKE WASHDAY A HOLIDAY AT ONE STOP gg LOUMILL LAUNDRETTE F QO8 8: Carpet Cleaners Q E ATLANTIC ROAD, MUIZENBERG. E E Phone: 88-5389 I5 2 Q coin-operated machines or E o We wi!! wash, dry 8 iron for you E 5 DRY CLEANING .......................................... MENDING EI' 5 9 Hire the newest Carpet Shampooers all at one stop LUQJMELEJ LAUNDRETIE 55 Seen 8 days a week, 13 hoursxa day. EASY PARKING LOUMILL LAUNDRETTE 88-8888 LCJUMILI. LAUNDRETTE 88-5389 102 W ..,.-..... , .Ab ,,..,....f.-w....-m-s- Q , Wlgvgfe ' -' .-I '?I'4:s:x3.'L ?5C""sf-!I7..'F- BALLET Once again this has been a very busy year for the MJ S dancers. We had a large number of boys and girls entered in the 1988 Cecchetti Society Grade and Test Examinations which were held during September. Preparing for these really kept us on our toes! Con- gratulations to the following children who passed their examinations: TESTS PRIMARY Angela Freeman, Lyndsay Macleod, Chantal Fish, Suzanne Kenney, Robyn Lewis, Dorothy Cole, Jeanne- Marie Carrington, Jennifer Ungerer. TESTI Andriel Macnish, Rachel Garisch, Victoria Myerson, Samantha Howard-Carr, Leanne Fourie, Jade-Rose Peters, Kathleen Pearlson, Susan Murphy, Fleur Beamish, Tina Jacobs. TEST II Wanda Wark, Janine Louw, Laura Moser, Debbie Boerssen, Kelly Mulock, Michelle van Staden, Laura Munro, Rae Webber, Richard Sharpe, Michal de Witt. GRADES PRE-GRADE Lisa Doyle, Jacqueline Nicholas, Caroline Brennan, Helena Dednam, Joanne Sharpe, Ruan de Witt. GRADE TWO Bronwen Atkinson After the examinations, we held a very successful Demonstration Evening where we were able to show our work to the parents and their guests. We started off with the younger classes and ended with our most senior class, in which a very brave Bronwen Atkinson graceful- ly danced all on her own - Well done, Bronwen and all the other children who danced so well! Thank you parents for your co-operation in bringing your children to rehearsals and thank you boys and girls for working so hard. Have a lovely Christmas! Carol-Ann Leader fSharpeJ SCHOOL 8: LEISURE 24 MAIN ROAD WYNBERG PHGNE 771075 THE OFFICIAL STOCKISTS OE MLIIZENBERG IUNIOR SCI-IDOL LINIEGRM QALSO BALLET WEAR 1 168 MAIN ROAD MUIZENBERG AIRTICKETS HOTEL BOOKINGS TOURS TRAVEL INSURANCE PASSPORTS 81 VISAS ANY TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS FROM A WEEKEND IN HERMANUS TO A MONTH IN HONG KONG A AfH. 664544 O O O CAR RENTAL O O O Ons Iaat die wiele rol. We like to keep you moving. 80 MAIN ROAD MUIZENBERG PETROL 24 HRS - 7 DAYS A WEEK MECHANICAL REPAIRS AND SERVICING CAR WASH AND VACUUM STEAM CLEANING BUY AID AND CREDITICARDS ACCEPTED PHONE: 88-4531 81 88-1925 104 f. vi ' .4 M.-,, i LIBRARY' welcome to Pat Jansen, our new Librarian. Pat an energetic co-worker. Her sound of catalogue cards, Dewey, accessions and has made her an invaluable asset to the M.J.S. A hearty thanks to all parents for supporting the Library Fund and 50150 Club. We have purchased 283 new books this year to relieve project pressure! We welcome the donation of any good second-hand books to add to our shelves. Ramble through your attics, leopard crawl under the beds and search your book cases for all unwanted literature. We give orphaned books a good home and a new lease on life C89 donated this yearj. The Library is always a hive of activity:- Book Educa- tion Lessons, Exhibitions and Project Research are in daily session. The Chess Teams are a credit to M.J.S. and play host to visiting schools in the peaceful at- mosphere the Library provides. The Library is the 'Hub' of school life! Thanks for your support. The 'Hub' Mistress, S.L. McQueen GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 1988 5 X xx 2 -1 N 'f. x . if f. . 'S H 'irix pn53 I Ex Cv Rfk , ia I S 0 The 1988 team once again surprised .us with their awareness of the world and their interest in local events. This year the specialist section was The French Huguenots. It proved to be a popular -choice andnboth competitiors and spectators acquired add1l10I121l knowledge regarding this topic. Our team who consisted of C. Kipps, N. Th0m21S, M. Romaine, K. Aird and J. Howarth did very well and reached the semi-finals of the Inter-Schools General Knowledge Quiz. May we use this opportunity to thank all who assisted and supported us. Mrs Ann Gibbon .favs-V.3,' -K DRAMA womrsnop 1988 . X W 'vi ' Urli B V This year we've seen the growth of an amazing drama workshop that has been flourishing at Muizenberg Junior School for well over six years. Two of our drama workshop children Ruan de Wittand, and Victoria Myerson were chosen from numerous children to play parts in CAPAB's "The Merry Widow" at the Nico Malan Opera House. Congratula- tions to both of them. Michal de Witt also auditioned along with other workshop children to act in "The Pied Piper Project" and reached the finals. Well done! Sally Young has worked with us in the classes all year and has been a wonderful asset. We wish her everything of the best in her forthcoming final Speech and Drama Trinity Col- lege Examinations, London. We were excited to be asked by The Fairest Cape Association to put on a play about our environment. We not only presented it on environment day, but also for a number of shows at the Republic of Hout Bay Festival. It was great fun climbing into the bus along with props, costumes and scenery. Everyone enjoyed the presentation - and so did the actors, especially Courtney Kipps and Phillip Horner who flew in a helicopter with the President of Hout Bay to plant a tree in Hout Bay Village. We look forward to showing you our Drama Workshop kaleidoscope of work that is representative of the type of drama and speech work we have been busy doing all year. "Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain has been explored by the Std 4's and 5's and their workshop production promises to be interesting. Cindy Just CHESS 1988 The year began with many enthusiastic Std 2 Chess players as well as our regular Seniors. This indicates a promising future for chess. Christiaan Dednam, Std. 2, made his debut in the A team and had many wins. The Standard 2's played 3 friendlies which they thoroughly enjoyed. We were also proud to host a Mini Chess Tour- nament at our school which was a great success. The A-Team had many victories and all matches were played with much determination and enthusiasm. Marc Nadler PS. The Teams and Chess teachers would like to thank Marc for his hard work and dedication to Chess. ' 'THE COTTAGE' ' ,-'I 1 -, Q" -.. H ' ' , A. 'Qzjzw-f J- ua."'if'fA'1i:Tan 'A' Sapa Antique Sz Quality Cottage Furniture PRIVATE RESTORATION UNDERTAKEN SPECIALISED REPRODUCTION FURNITURE MADE TO ORDER CONTACT FRANK OR URI r gags YO MUIZENBERG 2 .' . X BLUE nouug HIGHWAY Z 'D TO CAPE TOWN cxo MILITARY ROAD at MAIN ROAD RETREAT ORCHESTRA 1988 This official-sounding group is actually an informal one, seeking to provide an opportunity for pupils to ex- plore music without the rigours of music lessons as a prerequisite. Of course, we also have accomplished musicians as well!! Group music has gone through many stages since our first orchestra was formed in 1982 and other smaller groups like recorder ensembles and the melodian groups have emerged. Shortly after FOUNDERS DAY, it was felt that we should again have a mixed-instrument orchestra because of interest created by the Std IV BOERE-ORKES that came together to perform at that event. We have been meeting on Tuesdays since then and the group is at pre- sent in a developmental stage. We were invited to play two pieces - and an encore - on the Friday of the OPEN DAY programme and were pleased to have our debut at this important event. It is hoped that the members will come back next year and continue to attempt more ambitious works and have lots of fun with music. David E.F. Read fC0nductorj ..,::- - . . I+. - . :-:-:- A . Il S. ....t...,t 1 S555 ' tfhfffwu ' if jffifjfffffffgfgffffjff tfttflt t'1t.t y T, ot . . . s Sf .Em I' , P S, U.1,.,.. , f.. , ,, . ,, ,,,W,lH,w R. MUSIC Y Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music Theory Examination October 1987 - results not available at time of going to press last year: Possible Total: 99 Total To Pass 66 Grade I Jeremy Jansen 84 Gillian Molteno 92 Grade II Yvonne Bocker 79 Grade III Philip Lindner 93 Julian Thomas 74 Grade V Daniella Bocker 66 1988 Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music Practical Examination - 26 August 1988: Possible Total 150, Distinction 130, Merit 120, Pass 100 Grade II Rebecca Marais 123 Judith Narramore 115 Thandi Prins 118 Ryan van der Merwe 131 Grade III Yvonne Bocker 125 Robin Padbury 120 Grade IV Julian Thomas 123 MJS has been a centre for the Associated Board Prac- tical Examinations since 1979 and for the Theoretical Examinations since 1983. In the Theoretical Grades 1 - 4 are entirely voluntary. Grade 5 is compulsory if candidates wish to do the Grade 6 practical. Passing Grade 5 Theory in Junior School is unusual. Con- gratulations to Daniella Bocker and the other can- Duets Yvonne Bocker 3 Ryan van der Merwe j Honours Rebecca Marais 3 Julian Thomas J Pass Sight Reading Ryan van der Merwe Honours Julian Thomas Merit 48-Hour Quick Study Yvonne Bocker Diploma Julian Thomas Diploma Ryan van der Merwe Honours Rebecca Marais Merit Vocal: Senior Choir One Honours and one Merit Junior Choir Two Merits Vocal Solo Robin Padbury Honours, with Recorder Obligato by Traceyanne Lambert didates. CAPE TOWN EISTEDDFOD 1988 Piano: Baroque Ryan van der Merwe Julian Thomas Classical Julian Thomas Ryan van der Merwe Set Work Julian Thomas Ryan van der Merwe Yvonne Bocker Rebecca Marais J S Bach Section Yvonne Bocker Diploma Merit Merit Merit Diploma Honours Honours Merit Merit . .W .walatscawwuu As usual, it has been a very busy year and a successful one. Apart from the aforementioned activities we en- joyed a visit from the Drakensberg Boys' Choir on the 19 October last year. Their singing, delightful presenta- tion and general joie-de-vivre were an inspiration to us all. Our Concert - Staff!Parent!Past Pupils!Pupils was held on 23 March and was well attended by a most en- thusiastic audience. We are very grateful to all who par- ticipated, particularly Marian Foley CPhilip Lindner's motherj who charmed everyone with her beautiful sing- ing, and past pupil Shallice Cockram who played for us. Kirstenhof Primary School's Ensemble Evening took place on 29 March, and several of our musicians per- formed. It was a delightful evening and it is always so interesting to hear what pupils from other schools are doing. We had a further opportunity for listening to others, this time Choral items, when our two choirs sang at the Annual Choir Festival at Kirstenhof on 16 August. Grove Primary School hosted a Musical Eve- ning on Monday 19 September. There were many other schools there presenting a wide variety of items. Once again we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The third term ended with two concerts by our music pupils. The first for our Junior Cin performancej pupils was on the after- noon of Tuesday 20 September. Our Senior players had their turn on Thursday evening, 22 September. We are very grateful to all the parents who supported us, and the Catering Committee of the P.T.A. who supplied the refreshments. A special word of thanks to Mrs Jansen who is the un- tiring Music Representative for two of our music staff and to Mrs Fourie who represents the other music teacher. We really appreciate all they do for us and realise how fortunate we are to have them. Mrs I. K. Rabie WINNERS OF 0PEN LEAGUE OPEN NETBALL TEAM Back Row: Thalia Abrahamse, Samantha Knight, Taryn Higgo, Mary-Ann Diffenthal. Seated: Helen Ross. Leigh-Ann John, Mrs C. Roynon, Sylvia Webb, Michelle Prinsloo. Absent: Mrs L. Telford. Phone 71-9144 vi' Designs and advice 'k 'A' ik Electrical 'k Flooring All plumbing lI'1'EGf'lOl" ClCSlQl'1 Tiling to suit your pocket NOVA BATI-IROOMS 108 , A 3 A A " intl . NETBALL REPORT - 1988 This year we had 4 teams competing in the False Bay Region League. Altogether there were seven schools we played against. Mrs K. Daniels took the beginner netball girls who were always very keen and enthusiastic. With the help of Miss Arenhold and myself the U10 and U11 sides enjoyed their netball, even though they did not fare so well. We would like to congratulate the Open girls on coming first in the league this year. A big thank-you must go to both Mrs C. Roynon and Mrs. L. Telford who coached this team. Our girls benefitted from their help. The U12 girls also played well and improved tremendously throughout the season. Let's hope next year is just as enjoyable and successful. Mrs L. Miles. JUDO REPORT 1988 Muizenberg Junior School has a very enthusiastic Judo Class that trains every Wednesday at 2.30 - 3.30. We have had a very successful year with some very promis- ing Judo Players in the Class. I would like to thank Mr Just and Mrs Du Preez for all their help throughout the year. A.E. Butcher Judo Coach .w...... magma Ma.. W sf f. 1s.....x 1988 SWIMMING Our Inter-House Swimming Gala was held on Saturday 12 March with many parents coming to watch their children swim. Altogether 7 records were broken and these are our trophy winners: Leigh Goldieg Justin Snaithg Bradford Killiang Andrew Kirkham and Fran- cois Hechter. Van der Stel got 182 pointsg Rhodes 129 and Diaz got 108 points. For the first time the Primary Schools League Gala was held at our school. It was a very successful meeting and we would like to congratulate all our swimmers for do- ing so well. Golden Grove came first, Seamount Primary second and Muizenberg came a close third. We ended off our first term with a friendly gala against Krrstenhof Primary. This meeting was enjoyed by all. L. Miles U11 CRICKET The team had a successful and enjoyable season, with some outstanding performances. Paul Ungerer was the top batsman with a total of 83 runs. Sean Laubscher was the top bowler, taking a total of 12 wickets for the season. Not forgetting, that in one match, he took 6 wickets for 1 run including a hat-trick! Paul Louw also featured as a bowler and took 3 wickets for no runs in 1 over! Analysis: Played Won Draw Lost 5 3 - 2 Paul Ungerer fCaptainj CRICKET lU13J Last cricket season our under 13 side played six cricket matches, we won five and lost one. Our two most im- proved players are Iain Harris and Hector Pereira. The two top batsmen are Andrew Dettmer with 128 runs for the season and Dyllan Mitchell with 56 runs for the season. The two top bowlers are Andrew Dettmer with 13 wickets and Michael Laws with 9 wickets. We all hope that this season will be a great one and we hope that Mr Raven will be as good a coach as last year. Andrew Dettmer MINE CRBCESETT Mini cricket has gone from strength to strength this year, due to the enthusiasm of the young boys. We have now entered two teams into the Bakers Mini Cricket League, and anticipate a successful 1989 season. Cheryl Otty BELL SEDDON MOTORS MAIN ROAD RETREAT 620900 SERVICE AND RUSTPROOFING UNDERSEALING OF CARAVANS WORKSHOP MOTOSPOT 629858 REPAIRS TO ALL MAKES OF VEHICLES SPECIALISTS REPAIRS AND SPARES MERCEDES MORRIS NHNORS CONTRACTORS TO BUY-AID CALLING ALL YOU EAT ERS OUT THERE! DID YOU KNOW THAT O You can get FREE SALADS of your choice with your steak, chicken, fish or pizza? O A SUPER RUMP with monkey gland sauce, chips, onions and salads cost ONLY R15,95?? O The FABULOUS SPUR BURGER with chips, onions and garnish costs ONLY R5,25?? O Our chatanooga cheese slice ranch apple pie and chocolate mousse are SO POPULAR we make them FRESH every day? Where are all these fabulous value-fgglgsglzg offers QL , Why, at the I l ' , 1 Copper Creek Spur L --ff of coursel dv' See you there soonl ' 51 Main Rd, Fish Hoek Tel 82 2631 82 2815 Eaves FOR HIS 8L HER HAIR 'E 88-5300 9 Cinnabar Building Main Road, Muizenberg Under new Management ,.-,. nf ,I : ,f .Z . ,151-E21-i 1.57.9 safe-s'::::s. 5 Iwmff .sissfflf f "5f1f.5:-'2zf:ii2iff2 ,- H f J 1-':.f..,:-1: 5 1' Rf 'eflfmfi , ,, , , JY I4' Zi! ' 'xii-" 71 ,T ,QA-few, . " ,sfJft,:fzf'rf?.MR MW' ref 1 f 1 4 . ,,, ,.t,,w,,,,.K,1, , X ,yy 'Q ,,S,g'511fn1"-:i4,e:,'i -, . wW -aw may ' . '23-yg,lFfi,I.g,1fa-,4i.-1 bins. - ,E 1 Q., ,gffle eg.-.11 ,- we Jayfv.',,,'5-.4:.i,g?g1f,,I,151659-5: 3.515215 FOR COMPLETE PROPERTY SERVICES, SALES, LETTING, AUCTIONEERS, INSURANCE AGENTS, PROPERTY MAINTENANCE E .III SE ESTATE AGE S CC J.J. FERNANDES ESTATE AGENTS CC 124 MAIN ROAD MUIZENBERG 7950 TEL: IO21I 88-1618 I IO21I 88-1631 AlH: I021I 88-7566 -. ..,,,. . ,, L J F' ,,-440. f,si.76.f2fr i T G TTY A j I l N1 lx ll , - .,' ' P I ' G so ,itat tl, My ,fax 1 ! giqmf-"1 - ,ai . alla 1 it ' H' xx! 1, ' '. 1 'XF I 555' 2:01 ' li' U -R ' .. 5 h 1 1. BRING iowa I 1 l 4 oWN WINE 1 K' r R S d from ! -5- A Sndy .141 5- an I in Ill :'lL.z?Zlllg-':?"l1l Il ll:: I fun! -flu: ease..-:ragga , T IIS' R 7 -'fe N in , l V 1 gl Open uesday 1 ll 1. to , il X I. 5 un ay -v ,. x - i ' 7 m, ls., 1. 1 I ".""f lu! lsopu u if' ,111 Q, - 'i' l Lunch T . '51 s W: IP 'P--'eff' zggninnl 1 ll 'g Ao I-! ' 3lIl!:il :Ilni-5 ii ",e::::::i55-i51':iie- :lla ikH'hl7iF5ZhTisafzs5iEE:.-5255:-1:' - M' 1?-55.5544 igiiv Isnt!! 9 '! 77'-"?:,C311I3 1v .SFI ..a .igggnniqhnn I -F-'iF1:e"' rs' 521-25.-. . '-e-22:2 f:-.sais-:vi nl I l IIIIII A11 I I .I . "'i "T iv A in S tl 'I . I ' I TENNIS REPORT The tennis team played exceptionally well during the first term this year. We tied with Oakhurst A to come second in our league. The regular team players are Dyllan Mitchell, Andre Brink, Bazil Lawrenson, Lorne McGregor and Iain Harris. We would like to thank Miss Arenhold for coaching us and Mrs Heldzingen for her help on match days. Andre Brink TEN NISETTE This sport continues to be a popular activity and more and more pupils are participating. The sub A's have an opportunity to experience the basic skills, while the sub B's build on these, learn the rules and how to score. Our Std 1 group enjoy playing games and improving their techniques. Mrs Ann Gibbon F ' fi 5 1 ' ATHLETICS REPORT l ii:" M Sports Day was held on a sunny Saturday morning the 20 February. The day was enjoyed by both runners and parents. Rhodes House claimed a runaway victory with 285 points, Diaz second with 181 points and Van der Stel a close third with 176 points. Justin Snaith received the following trophies: Victor Ludorumg 1000m Boys Open Trophy and 400m Boys Open Trophy. The Victrix Ludorum Trophy was won by Leigh Goldie. Carmen Freeman received the trophy for the 1000m Girls Open. The 400m Girls Open Trophy was won by Wendy Levey. We then took our best athletes to compete in the Southern Schools Athletics Meeting which was held on the 26 February at the Green Point Stadium. We were very proud of the performance of our athletes and more than 5 reached the finals. We would like to congratulate Joseph Padbury on being chosen to represent the Southern Schools team at Bellville on Saturday 12 March. The Inter-Schools Quadrangular Meeting was held at Kirstenhof Primary School on Monday 28 March. This day was enjoyed by everyone. Mrs L. Miles CROSS COUNTRY 1988 The 1988 Cross Country season will be remembered for the excellent performances of the Freeman twins and in particular Carmen Freeman's efforts in the senior girls' events. She had a ding-dong battle with Karen Siebritz of Jan van Riebeeck Junior. Carmen is to be con- gratulated on being selected to run for Western Province. A disappointing aspect of the season was the low par- ticipation, but the five or six who turned out regularly for the events can be commended for their commitment to the sport. Regular runners were Carmen and Candice Freeman, Jeff Jones, Jason Dempsey, Roger Burton and Stephen Lange. Thanks to Mr Just for transporting and supporting the team. Mr A. Broodryk '--'f IMPROVE EXAM RESULTS if REDUCE STUDY TIME BY 2!3rds I RETAIN MORE INFORMATION If IMPROVE RECALL BY ssfz, I, EEAD T000 WPM -I IMPROVE MEMORY I- IMMEDIATE BENEFITS O eff 6' ! l C 'Herb0L'MON5Tk..f1Tl0N PHONL' 71-12.122 MUIZENBERG NEWS AGENCY FOR YOUR PRACTICAL TEXTBOOKS With the Compliments FOR of COLLEGE AND SCHOLASTIC STATIONERY PLUS Ulnkai jpharmarg LOCAL AND OVERSEAS MAGAZINES GIFTVVRAP AND GREETING CARDS TOYS AND PAPERBACKS H E ?gkTAO5Q1I5AND MAIN ROAD PHONE: 88-4656 YORK ROAD PHON E 75-1116 1 -.t..,.,.r..,..meg 'sua-an. -1- - ' ,,, -rl.-up 5. , .........,....,,. , , . , V Aj ,Wa 'U13A. SOCCER This season the team has played very well. We participated inithe 'B' League during the first half of the season, but were promoted to 'A' League status in the second half of the season! CAn excellent achieve- ment for a school that has only played soccer one and a half seasonsb. In the first knock-out competition, we progressed to the semi-finals, by beating three experienced 'A' League teams. We lost 3-2, in the semi-final. An eight man squad was chosen for the 6-a-side indoor tournament and we gave a good account of ourselves at that event. Mention must be made of the three players Dyllan Mitchell, lain Harris and Bazil Lawrenson, who par- ticipated in the Western Province Soccer Trials. They were in the final twenty two players from the entire Peninsula. Unfortunately they were not selected. fWell done anyway guys, M.J.S. is still proud of youll Congratulations to Bazil Lawrenson and Ryan Lloyd, as top-scorers for the season with 17 goals and 11 goals respectively. All in all it was a very successful and enjoyable season. Thanks to the parents and teachers who assisted with transport. Analysis: Played Won Draw Lost Goals For .... Against 15 10 2 3 49 22 Dyllan Mitchell lCaptainj INTERHOUSE SOCCER FINAL RHODES VERSUS VAN DER STEL This was no game, it was war! Rhodes, scored first, through a dazzling goal by Bazil Lawrenson. tHe 'floored' the Van Der Stel goal-keeper in the processlj Not long afterwards, Dyllan Mitchell scored for Van Der Stel. One all. It was Jason Gleeson's goal for Rhodes, that really brought the supporters to their feet. Later in the second half, Michael du Plessis 'took possession of the ball from a 'through-pass' and Filip' ped the ball past the goal-keeper to score a vital equaliser. Extra time, and both teams are nervously 'hypedi NO results after full time. - Penalty shoot-out! Rhodes won to the delight of the supporters! Final Score: 4-2 Justin Snaith fCaptainj THE UBB SOCCER TEAM The Ul3B soccer team played tough games and we won a few and drew a few, but all in all we played very well. Gavin Linnow and Andrew Kirkham Cdefendersj have been playing very well and without them many goals would have been scored. Edmund Mielck, Andrew Dettmer and Justin Snaith, playing in the midfield, lined up many goals and scored quite a few as well. Michael du Plessis and Shaun Goldie have improved their game quite a lot. We congratulate Robin Padbury as top scorer for the season U0 goalsj and Henry Wann on his excellent goalkeeping. A big thanks from the team, to all the parents who assisted with transport. Analysis: Played Won Draw Lost Goals for .... Against 13 8 2 3 32 18 Henry Wann I Captain j OWEN'S CYCLES FOR ALL YOUR CYCLING HEQUIHEMEN TS xl' if New and used bikes if Repairs of any sort if Respraying if Custom built cycles if Spares Racing cycles our speciality Normal cycles only pleasure if The Arcade - 104 Maia Read Fish l-loek Tel. 82-Sim Discount Aulo Panel-Boaters Keyser: Road, off Main Road, Retreat Phone 75-3890 OUR AIM IS YOUR SATISFACTION DEAR CUSTOMERS AND FRIENDS AS MANY OF YOU MAY KNOW WE HAVE MOVED OUR BUSINESS FROM RAAPKRAAL ROAD TO KEYSERS ROAD, RETREAT. I HAD THE NEW WORKSHOP BUILT SPECIFICALLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF PANELBEATING AND SPRAYPAINTING WHICH HAS ENABLED ME TO STREAMLINE OUR METHODS CONSIDERABLY. I HAVE HAD A COMPUTERIZED BAKING OVEN INSTALLED WHICH ACTUALLY BAKES THE PAINT ONTO THE CAR. WE ALSO HAVE A COMPUTERIZED PAINT MIXING MACHINE AND USE ONLY SPIES HECKER CAR PAINTS FROM GERMANY. I WOULD LIKE ALL MY OLD CUSTOMERS TO PAY A VISIT NEXT TIME YOU HAPPEN TO BE IN TI-IE NEIGHBOURHOOD. KEYSERS ROAD RUNS OFF THE MAIN ROAD ALMOST DIRECTLY OPPOSITE THE ENTRANCE TO THE RETREAT PICK 'n PAY CENTRE. WE ARE NEXT TO A BIG RED FACTORY CALLED CLOTHING WORLD - YOU CAN IN FACT SEE OUR WORKSHOP FROM THE MAIN ROAD. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON. MATTHEW STEGMANN AND STAFF. , 114 , -I 1 4 x wr . 99. I .U -- QR 'J I 5130. I 'L 14, j' 'rr A Q- X Q47 if I 1 5" 1' f!71 v 'iv f ' I' I s rg N A L . 11111101 l f 5 'Si f. ,tf Q9 91 h ' 5515 455.53 pf' XY -'III 9543551-?"I'? 8 ' 10 0 ,,, THE E - HGLIS ' 'Ti' L L. THE HOME OF TRADITIONAL SOUTH AFRICAN FOODS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK FOR LUNCH 85 DINNER DURING HOLIDAY SEASON Balmoral Beach Road Muizenberg 5' 88-1905 88-8861 115 1 I fl U w vi Kxt gf -'01, .m, Ar: b I V K ff' V -' Pre- Pvimcwy "' 3 A Ai x Egkumaine, 4, ' A- 'YA - I! A --M--,lu-M. n X fa' 1' XS V whsf M ,, .. , .. I 'V ' .", , 'sip L'A . I5 4 'iq dffw IA 2 ,W . .- f .. . fl! 5' -ii Cara!!! 0 ' 1 I .1, . .N : -- I?- Q,-v ..,4f' I Q K x A Q 1 A . X 1 A i , 951 1 1-ADH AI, - U . 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You'll see Qi ,I yellow in everything WLIAT IS BLUE 'Q qu. i Buckets and Brooms M 1' , QM! Brouies and Brewso lg Blue is the colour of the sky S 'L' L Add aromat - and the sea 6 in 214 1 .I yellow to a witch and a pencil crayon used by me ' Stew. its socks and shoes i it QH MICHELLE VAN STADEN ?31?d.Ve1iY gafk Paint gh .Lt is ig QM' -"-- socks and ink 21 FI Pink is the colour of are blue ' Bubble Bath Sad feelings Amd a T059 and paint peelings Arid Pfe'CtY1PiUk bOW5 F' 2 So much is blue QM 4' a etoe 6 -tie you ? I ' HS. Bright ana liqhb O C JONATHAN QOMMFREOP And can be worn A a 21' 6, QM A at night, p B EEIAT is BLACK ? h ... A r 3It's a beautiful colour Q , - ' I fx QH of red and white Black is the colour of a 'ba' X The wonderful 'colour J Cat and 3 bat' 5 ' - 2-VN of Pink. ' ADC? 8. rat. A S a Car and tar. 4 21.1 The blast of a bomb - I pH.IA'j IS R-ED ? E 5 HQ cold E1I1d dafllp. 1 Q-112 pedl. th 1 'I W Both are Black. 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I don't even care if it's an animalu. The fairy said, u0.K. Your wish is granted, but you will Flftwex 'LLKZ flfhil have triplets.H A few days later she went to the doctor. The doctor said that she was pregnant. And, as the fairy said, she had three babies. One the other a little girl the size of a spider,and a normal-sized baby. Rwws'fD'l-41-20vs0l As the years went by, two of the babies died because the creature called the mingwonn caused so much trouble in the kingdom. Al slaves had died trying to kill the mingworm except one slave who was too weak to carry a sword. They sent him to fight the mingworm. He fell on to the same time, he pulled out one hair. The mingwonm was so angry and shouted so loud that he could not take the force of air going out and he suffocated. They made the slave a knight and he married the princess and they all lived happily ever after. looked like a strange worm, I L4LcA.J AMJ l him l the knights and all the l 'lb-rw . 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It wasn't a pretty sight. Rover had the dog, Lassie, by the neck and was swinging her around. I ran in to separate them and carried a bleeding Lassie out. We decided to put her down and called her owner, Mrs Ellis, to come over. Lassie was lying whining on the table. It was hard for me to do it. I ha the syringe in my hand. I said my last goodbyes and put the needle in her neck. Soon she was gone. H. PRAKKE One day Mike Schutte and Gerrie Coetzee were at a restaurant. At this particular one there were mirrors on all the walls. Mike piped up and said : HLook, there's Mike and Gerrie. Let's go and say hello.n Gerrie said, HYa, let's go and have a chat.H So they both got up and went over. They were half way there when Mike said to Gerrie uAg, let's go sit down again. It seems like they're coming over herein Far away, In some lonely bay, Lies a place, An empty space, Not filled with steel Ice cold rusty steel, Framed in concrete And glowing glass. Like here, Where in city gear, Me walk on roads, Lined with robes, of broken glass, And as we pass, The city sighs, Its warning cry. K. GOUGH A DISTANT WARNING Smog, The citys grog, But why should we be drunk on other peoples junk, So why should we let The people who just say get Destroy our earth, our precious earth. ' M. NADLER d 142 iii-lan: wi WEEE 1 We-!:a' 5,1-' 15,53 j, I I , W, I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 15569 if S me STD 5 RAVERS ELLIOT THE HAMSTER WHO WAS ALMOST CREMATED Hi, I'm Kelly Gough. I own the K.G. cemetry in Muizenberg. I'd like to tell you about a strange experience. It all started one day when an elderly lady by the name of wilson came into my office. I had agreed to cremate someone in her family by the name of Elliot. I went to take the measurements for the coffin. These were 5 cm by 3 cm. It was a hamster. At first I did not want to do the job, but after a while she persuaded me. I made the coffin, but I did not put on a latch as I could not find one small enough. The day came for Elliot to be cremated. we put him on the conveyor belt and switched it on. Just then the little lid was flung open and Elliot came clambering out. We switched the belt off and Mrs wilson took him home. Elliot had just been hibernating! K. GOUGH FEELINGS A- LA SONIA EMBARRASSMENT IS .... ... when you go to a restaurant and you drop your knife on the floor and your fingers are smeared with food. when your boyfriend phones you and the line is silent for ten minutes. when you call out an answer in class and it's wrong. GROSS IS .. when someone makes lumpy custard and you have to eat it because you don't want to offend them. FEAR IS ...... thinking about dying and what is going to happen to you afterwards. ... when you have broken your mother's best vase and she hasn't come home yet. S. VAN HEERDEN what do you get when you play a Bles Bridges record backwards? Potjiekos recipes. C. FREEMAN 143 .A M-. .,.. .........-.kxgl 'SEGC5' POLLUTION SOLUTION ?' Smokers have smelly breaths and soon will go to a gruesome death! They foul the air and don't seem to care If God made them to smoke and puff he would have made them out of ashy stuff! Petrol fumes and littered dunes, the Vlei is grey, it's like that every day, Sops always make a mess and people don't even confess. Garbage, junk, rubbish and litter, where is the solution to all this pollution? Orange peels and cabbage leaves Lying in the grimy gutter Is there any solution to all this pollution? I MUTTER Candice Freeman 5B WHY SWEARING Why do people swear these days? Why are there so many foul ways? As you walk down the street, Foul language does your ears meet. When I turn on the TV set,pollution foul language and swearing I get. A programme I have yet to find where someone is without a dirty mind. As I live my life each day and as I see people go their own way,I see in their eyes a look of surprise as someone they meet does not them with a foul word greet. Each night as I pray in my own, special way I ask God to prepare them and gently to spare them. Nikki Loker 5B LITTER LITTER Litter, litter what a mess, is there anyone who can guess. Coke tins whirling down a river making conservationists quiver. Chips, sweets everywhere to see floating by annoying me. Over there a long dead cat nibbled by a filthy rat. What should be a pleasant stream turned into a nightmare dream. You and I must action take not to make the same mistake. Everyone must make a stand Everyone must lend a hand To ensure our land is clean Litter, Litter never seen. Andre Brink 5B STRS GRAFFlTl .' -4? lv no vow CARE ,snow Yoon LAND - Y Q f Do you care about your kids playing in the sand, if so give M.J.S. a hand to clean up all of this grime. If you don't, it's quite a crime. lt doesn't matter where you are youill see the difference from afar! lain Harris and iiristieri Aird SB, 'X Ap J -Wwgjlaf' ,rf MRM. grooutsl ' 72, iw fs QS'::s2g-was 1, S I5 14'E O raw? ' "ass 144 i V , .v--Q---.-Q,--WN.-F-..., ' A V ' - '7 '.t"?"3"f:"'i f i ' " 1' ' ' 'I -. wifi? 1 ,.:-R-. wk U O -Y Humor ilracfwcmfy .Qi fvl' f +f,,1f, Q , ' ulgs ' 1. 4 it mfg J . Q , ..,. U 334 if A l Ur: ' . ,ff f b 6 - A Q fb '. , , f if Q ' 5 'the W' W1 ,, emmwf, U' L 1 4, 1 -td, WMD Q W' oufgll wa 1 Q ' '-"M Makaj - E. , 4 dftch W . . Qs ,G 7 X gf 5 15 ' 'f'-- Fifa: 5- ff XXQXX . --ff XX ' d,1lr1fU ' Q... 4 135 ,,,, fQJQ!,,!Qf" wnaefllfvfnj A U g' ' it iff - 0 51115 A t0l1 i G Q - X ifjfubeab MW -vi' you Clow. .W ' V W mwfffl, gZ1QQ1p,,w --IQ 430071 9 50 Jbrdmn ' j' I ' , If ' , 1 , I - H ,.A!.A' - , v H16 I Un: I . - W' 5018 0 " I 691 0 00 0 ' U, . 'H- 4 . M, fo, 9' Mao 1520 SGW O Wit x E, 5"f,,9 ,1Cf1 s 'A . Id- ' '- f ' ui . 1 , Z.r.: -25 Q ff. .V Mgggh Soup In iermq ' I' Cp ' 1. CUPS G I i d5 vf .-... " ' E 4Ff'g3S of ' S 'H fra-E VV I rffuguii taeap ' 6 CUPS of ra'65 11011 IU- Worms ' " "'f 'I liwpv ' 'l .' m :ra LAI.: :Q 1 f G 5 ' " 1'-A fi H1311 -OU Strgf' to Uwe left JP. and S ir to the ri M: and ' ffm 'U-gen' fake cz Woodeng Spbdn and ' M' 'Jawa 't ML h 'd i Q, V," bgang fh siug if . n I ' B7 wanzam amy EMM fb gf A 145 V .4 11 U .AW 1 ,Q ,fm W, ,L.,.. f 1 ' if 5,1 H fre-xvfff., .At , y , . ., J f fr Mimi-,11f1l1Q:.1fl,:. wfazrlx' U wit You need fine focus on your investment options . . . not a blur of business buzz word You need your money worries worked out . . not vvait-listed. You need original concepts . not conventional wisdom. You need private discussions in depth . . . not print-outs in triplicate. You need to be an individual . . not an index number. You need the personal touch. IZA SI rv VY F i K J .- Personal Tmst t . Ilxyl MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATION OF TRUST COMPANIES IN SOUTH AFRICA 14 L g St t Cape Town. F I rth d t I f services pleasew t t P O BOX 4785 CAPE TOWN. 8000 t I ph 4181140 t range a discu 5, SPECIALISTS IN: 0 Estate and retirement planninq O Money Market 0 Investment Management 0 Corporate finance and tax O Income tax O General financial services 0 Property services 0 Life assurance and Pension Brokers 0 Non resident asset manaqement Admix 75 Kloof Street - PO Box I5-206 - Cape Town ' 8018 Phone 249060 S 146 t 4. .. a tie 1- I '-Egiffli 1. .:, rl-g I w V I " "'34I"iTL-I'-i-' er if I "Sewer pracftcafee' SYLVIA STD V MICHELLE STD v I like it in my class I like my class because I get the t because we get on attention I need' I well together and we cook in class. My teacher makes sure 1 PRACTICAL EDUCATION E Sometimes my mom that I understand the N Com . . es to give cooking Work- I em hot. We are fortunate to have lessons, force? to ee things two practical classes at M.J.S. I can t de rmmedlatehr- They provide the opportunity It isn't such a big , , fOr hVC1Y, happy class and we have I thtergrate Wlth children to be taught lovely desks. other eleeses and on a one-to-one basis. We go on lgts of learn Std' V Work' Through rCIhCdi21ti0h, outings and we can go these DUDUS Df0gress with other Std. V's too. We learn how to Geek et their 0Wh P300 We make coffee and ahd Present meals. and achieve excellent have soup when it is goals. cold. The best is we can go at our own stream O .1 . GREG STD ur pupi s are given I a IV every opportunity to m glad , excel in all school OUT Cla I In hefe - - . a . M h ll d ZA I don? ss is smay a reas IC e e an NNE ST W get rush Hd Sy v1a have been Iam h D HI Iese get sem to Oed' awarded full Prefect' bs-can aDpy her Sons and ther' status and carry out th Se We 6 treated lik We are Hof the' d r' ' Than other do more Q b b. ir u ies in a . er C13 a les' mature and honourable 111 Ou? afe onlysies' fashion. Merit Badges Our t Clase? .3 , l each are awarded for Diligence. .thc work er explai 13 Ver to m Us .V C. W I Std. V pupils proceed f U11 here. It DALE STD to a Senior Special School QBatavia . J 1 7 , good to he 12 De Grendal and Weskusj U xSPtactical GIGS Sk where they are prepared me use we can awe ' for their future betray questions. rw careers e.g. Typists, maths have 10 huo Hairdressers, Motor PRINCESS BEA een work, I E-0 1 Mechanics, Panel- , the dasses for beating etc. Dear Princess Bea other OIL pff-, How sweet are thee woorgd mugs, We encourage So cute as can be I ati 3 responsibility How beautiful you will research skills and I are alder above all self-worth. asdur an iobfe Our Practical Motto eyes O ue Qt is - NDC: Discover: There will never ever Q99 Discuss: Record." Be a Prmcess as Q 5 beautiful as you 9? efped '95 'dt' 'Cr' i 'xg YN' . isehrsstoeo S006 :Ester-ihsfmf kb 'bac ko? 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X 0 ,Wh Lf: L W May, W Q, 4 X V ,f , , 4, ' f ,, ,f 'dm ' f, f fy V 4 Zh ff, ff X 4 ff' vga? .V A x QQ fnmuxuuf,,.L -vw-w--. MUIZENBERG .JUNIOR SCHOOL PRIZE WINNERS 1988 STD II - JAcOB's PRIZES FOR GOOD WORK, PROGRESS AND PERSEVERAIXICS Academic Achievement MRS HUNT Jonathan Ccnnerford Allistair Scott Gail Narramore Hazel Prakke Michael du Plessis Rae Webber Bruce McArthur Chantal Hampson MCLAREN MEMORIAL PRIZE FOR GOOD WORK English Afrikaans Mathe atics Content Subjects Progress Neatness 5 Accuracy Consistancy STD III r FLORENCE Academic Achievement English Afrikaans Mathematics Content Subjects General Good Work Progress Diligence Afrikaans Lees MR RICKARDS Yvonne Bdcker Mark van der Vijver Katherine Smith Jean-Marie de Waal Neil Macleod Edgar Boehm Roger Burton STD IV - LOUIS RIFKIN MEMORIAL PRIZES FOR GOOD WORK MR READ Academic Achievement . Do inique Howarth Shaun Lawley English - Mandy van Deventer Afrikaans : Lee-Anne Hayward Mathematics . Jonathan Cole Content Subjects . Candice Joubert Progress : Dawn Cowan Diligence - Tracy Bowler STD V - SLABBER CCMMEMORATION PRIZES EOR GOOD WORK Academic Achievement English Afrikaans Mathematics Content Subjects Progress Helpfulness 8 Reliability SENIOR SPECIAL CLASS PRIZES Mathematics Outstanding Progress General Knowledge 5 Research Diligence SPECIAL PRIZES MR BROODRYK Nolan Thomas Nicolette Loker Iain Harris Andre Brink Shastri Freislich Kristien Aird Bronwen Atkinson MRS MCQUEEN Sylvia Webb Michelle Prinsloo Gregory Horwitz Dale Evans MRS MILES Laura Moser Jacqueline Dempsey Caroline Kipps Debra Boerssen Sinon Green Glen Fourie Brenda Schietekat Michelle Holland Joanne Horwitz MISS ARENHOLD Nina Crowhurst Charissa Cameron Andrew White Cara Harding Anthony Brink Daniel Soltau Estelle Fowler Keith Logie Deborah Kenney Samantha Louw MRS ROYNON Ceridwen Sprake-Jones Gia Crowhurst Ceridwen Sprake-Jones Judith Narramore Thandi Prins Gia Crowhurst Barbara van Vuuren Shaun Goldie M RAVEN Traceyanne Lambert Courtney Kipps Haidee Prakke Maryann Diffenthal Courtney Kipps Traceyanne Lambert Maryann Diffenthal Justin Howarth Afrikaans EiSteddfOd: SANTAM SHIELD FOR BEST PARTICIPATION IN THE SPEECH - Muizenberg Junior School' LUBBE TROPHY FOR CHORAL SPEAKING - Std 2 150 ,,. l-I.-IP : 1, HPII- Ry, 5 A5,Af!5nN I ' JOHN WYLIE BILINGUAL PRIZE: Maryann Diffenthal .fqaffx I , 'L' , . ROSE DAVIDOWITZ PRIZE FOR PROFICIENCY IN ENGLISH: Sonia VFNH lloerden Af' ill p , Q-sf ' -, BARNEIT PRIZE EOR MATHS: Marc Nadler!Courtney Kipps '.fl7 in , . 'C ENGLISH LANGUAGE PRIZE: Haidee Prakke ROSE DAVIDOWITZ PRIZE FOR PROFICIENCY IN AFRIKAANS: Leigh Goldie DAVID YELLER TROPHY EOR PROGRESS IN APRIKAANS: Leigh-Ann John NEEDLEVIDRK PRIZE: Leigh GoldiefMaryann Diffenthal JAMES MOROM VIDODVDRK PRIZE: Gregory Horwitz ART PRIZE : TROPHY: Traceyanne Lambert THE JOAN ROY BAIIEI' CUP: Bronwen Atkinson THE BUD HENDERSON RECORDER TROPHY: Traceyanne Lambert MUSIC I PROGRESS PRIZE fPIANOl: Julian Thomas MUSIC III PRCBRESS PRIZE : RECORDER : Geoffrey Buys : S TURNER TROPHY UADODWINDJ: Cara Harding SINGING CLASS VOCAL TROPHY: Robin PadburyfPhilip Lindner C H JUST AWARD EOR THE MOST DESERVING DRAHA STUDENT: Courtney KippS MUIZENBERG AMATEUR DRAMATIC SOCIETY AWARD FOR THE MOSTPROMISING JUNIOR DRAMA STUDENT Phillip Horner KANNEMEYER XHOSA TROPHY: Justin Snaith XHOSA MERIT AWARDS: Std 4 - Dominique Howarth Std 5 - Sonia van Heerden THE LANG GOOD FELLOWSHIP TROPHY KGIRLSJ: Sonia Van Hf-'-erden THE BENNQ3il.ANG GOODFELLGNSHIP TROPHY CBOYSl: Kelly Goughfrlustin Howarth THE BRIANWPIPER PREFEXIT TROPHY FOR GIRLS: Sylvia Webb THE ALEX2 PIPER PREFECI' TROPHY EOR BOYS: Justin Snaith PERCY T. MARTIN SPEECH TROPHY: KNEW TROPHY l Iain Harris ARENHOLD "PROGREDIOR" CUP FOR ALL-ROUND PRKSRESS AT SCHOOL: Maryann Diffenthal THE WEDNESDAY CLUB BURSARY AWARD FOR THE MOST DESERVING PUPIL: Justin Howarth SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR: Justin Snaith THE MYERS TROPHY FOR SPORTSMANSHIP cBOYSlZ Dyllan Mitchell HELEN MUZZELL TROPHY FOR SPORTSMANSHIP fGIRLSl: Leigh Goldie MUIZENBERG JUNIOR SCHOOL NETBALL TROPHY: Taryn Hiqqo THE R W JUST CHESS TROPHY: Marc Nadler THE GOLD TENNIS TROPHY: Andre Brink SENIOR SOCCER PLAYER TROPHY: Ryan Lloyd JUNIOR SOCCER PIAYER TROPHY: Mark Van der Vijver THE M.J.S. TROPHY FOR THE MOST OUTSTANDING JUNIOR IN SPORT: Jonathan Srmith CRICKET PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Andrew Dettmer 151 I 1 . .1 - """""'N I f a f : I 9,1-f THE P BUFHA 'CROSS COUNTRY TROPHY FOR BOYS: Justin Snaith THE MUIZENBERG JUNIOR SCHOOL BOYS CROSS COUNTRY: JUNIOR: Jonathan Snaith THE MUIZENBERG JUNIOR SCHOOL GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY TROPHY: Carmen Freeman I THE MUIZENBERG JUNIOR SCHOOL GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY TROPHY: JUNIOR: Gia CrOW1'1llJf5t DAPHNE WYNNE INTER-HOUSE CROSS COUNTRY TROPHY: Rhodes SNAITH BACKSTROKE TROPHY: KNEW TROPHYP : Bradford Kilian SNAITH TROPHY FOR THE MOST OUTSTANDING JUNIOR ATHLETE: KNEW TROPHYJ: BfYan Telford THE CARL VAN DER WEIJDE TROPHY FOR ACHIEVEMENI' IN SPORT: Carmen FIGQITUEII THE VICIOR LUDORUM: Justin Snaith THE VICTRIX LUDORUM: Leigh Goldie INTER-HOUSE WINNER : P J BISHOP SHIELD: Rhodes PREFECTS: Courtney Kippsy Traceyanne Lambert: Justin Howarth: Nicolette Lokery JUStif1 Snaithi Leigh Goldie: Bronwen Atkinson: Bazil Lawrensonp Samantha Knighty Iain Harrisp Cindy Potgieterp Neal Cameron: Sonia van Heerdenp Haidee Prakkeg hiichelle Prinsloog Sylvia NVebb HOINDURS BOARD FOR SERVICE TO SCI-IOOL AS WELL AS THE 1978 STD V CLASS TROPHY: Courtney Kipps HONOURS BOARD : ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT: TraCeyanI1e Lambert WE WISH 'IO 'THANK THE FOLLOWING FAMILIES MOST SINCERELY FOR THEIR DONATIONS : Dempsey fandly Picknell family Sherriff family Fourie family Smith family Macleod family Bosonotto family Ebing fandly Marais family Murphy family Carter fandly Dudecek family Lorimer family Brooks family Beorssen family Calverey family Vaudrey family Watts family Glover family Hampson family Einogg fanuly Jearey family Wallace fandly Kilian family Prins family Mielck family Potgieter family Moser family Nadler family Haigh fandly Penderis family Hogben family Long family Brawn family Kilbride family Lambert family Nagel family Pereira family Hastie fanaly Thomas family Rowe family Horwitz family Albrecht family Peters family Mathers fanaly Dednam family Snaith family Waud 5 Blackman Lascon Lighting onaldson Family WE WISH 'IO THANK THE EOLLOWIINE FAMILIES IVDST SINCERELY FOR THEIR PAGE SPONSORSHIP : Nicholas family Sharpe family Crowhurst family Harris family Macbeath family Singer family Nortier family Snaith family Chinchilla Pre-Primary Green family Goldie family 1.0166 buf nuff le-asf' our ffmnks fo 6514: mcmg vmsvmg Sfolwarfs who Bova wor d so Hard fc: make 65:3 ahe- 1oos5i5fe . ,.f"'t"-"-'TJ' , ' " ' pr "EB5Wl"i'w-.s1.. 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Suggestions in the Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) collection:

Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 119

1988, pg 119

Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 23

1988, pg 23

Muizenberg Junior School - Seagull Yearbook (Cape Town, South Africa) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 113

1988, pg 113

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