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Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1963 volume:

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V ,K K KV V K K ,, K 'K , K K - '- 3, K K K M K' -i KK 3 'KW K .VV. .., VVVVVV EW V V. ' if .V QV ,Vs .Dyr- 'K .Q K K? ASK- 'KK V K 4 'N O ,VK S v VV- - f'7 ggi ff' VV1 V in S 'K.-. 5 A VK KBC! .K .. K K . 0 -- KK 'KI ,, 1 K- A V, 5 'K ' --KQV ' ' V 'E' K ' . . 3 if 15, I , 'S-. lm- 15 Y : "1 J if . A sm. .. ,D ,t- nl rv..- y ...m fm! su' A 38 1:4-,,l!" SJQI . ,F , . in ,.,7 I oak, .un f f if an MH' .4 .wp 3 . A "N 105 A .L-i.f,,w .,..---3 .mul ,,,,m 'RMA 112512 . was I wzf 'L , ,Q ., N: l 4 ' -1 , 4- 1 f Dedication "Look not mournfully into the past, it comes not back again. Wisely improve the present, it is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy future, without fear, and with a manly heart." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Today's future is the "Space Age." To those brave astronauts, who face the future "without fear and with a manly heart," and the many unknown others who have contributed to their successes, the 1963 Muhltohi is dedicated. Administration Faculty Page 8 Page 16 Underolassmen Organizations Sports Page 28 Page 11-0 Page 70 Activities Seniors Page 108 Page 128 .WW ,P K KHKKK K . . HQ x ,, K , LW K , W, fs'Hvv-vW-- , wifi, fwappm 'K X ,qafw ,,., WA K ww H , ,- ' "wwf fag ,K KKKKKKW,.,,,. X' ' My K ,sf V' , ,imkv ' . f,15'ff'5V U , ,. 'ff 'b , N.gQ5F3f? V v A Wwggffiw.. .Wi "H ' in --,,-Wm -mx-1, gf- ' -Lf k- fn L V. A V' . -I .A - .. - ,K -...iv S K ,xy gf , m,,,,,wW , , K W ' 1., - ,, 1 . .iw g -fs, - . , , .f1g.fgsffgsT3-i.f-i"'. , 'fpww W.. . f .i S, f,fsi'wtggxffg..- . K ' - W. ,KKK . .fK ,pg--Ks1z" T' f " W aww, X ,., mf- www wi x 3555 EQ 'L .. K 'Q--...MV 1 ssg ' -' M' .432-.' f ff1?5H,'1 I , 'Uv ignl? ... M fgnzff S' J" .f . 32 , '. 1 gfgw N ,V + WK W ,W R .. R zzz, A Q W MMM rv., . '-www., J' .gn B, Nw. I A .K zhwyf' X X I 4 k S E 1 1 1 Q I 2 1 2 I : " l I i , 3 7 Q .1 .4 y. N114 ,-. 1 t 4.5 ms k in, K 1 Q .L , wiv 1 , 3 1 ' a Wa.-I .,.--""7 1 r I 1 v I i i. f-, P WAHM. A 3. Q .. ,X """" W M3 ff f li Members of Board of Education, STANDING: Mr. John W. Khouri, superintendent, Mr. Harry F. Ammarell, Mr. George F. Adam, Mr. Daniel G Rothermel, solicitor, Mr. Matthew A. Rohrbacher, President. SEATED: Mr. John L. Phillips, Mr. Gerald D. Schaeffer, Mr. Bernhard J. Rohrbacher. Board and uthority Analyze Systemvs Problems ,Tf-W! t'ti 'A FE . '53 px rf? min, Members of Muhlen- berg Twp. Authority- Arthur C. Melick, Mr. Daniel Rothermel, soli- citor, Mr. Chester M. Fies, Mr. Harold A. Stoudt, Sec., Mr. John W. Khouri, superin- tendent, Mr. Lester Kauffman, Pres., Mr. W. Laurer Huyett, member, Mr. John D. Fox, treas- urer. Mr. Quentin Keath, faculty repre- sentative, emphasizes a point at monthly meeting. A 3, K' A he i :L A,,,gs3rfax1f.f f eww. , f L 'if ug iiiusf Q V R w .953 -'wg 'eiwigi -,vim fit : , Q'.'fi'i5f3'm. .fiifrfp 'klilliv 2511315 4,us1f1,r A5125 gg f 4 in ..W.....,,, 'K 4 ,.,. M 4 Y. 5. N5 ink: :Hi 2 :Hmm ,ifw V , if 4 1 , QDQYI wg, 3954 2? 9 x 1 ' fa? ' AMP" filfslkf . 5. V 'iff L g M, iff. 5 fl -, 2 :Ek-at 5, S2 ,izeaf six 4 .Els ' K 'fizfgilg 'K ,ci , ' if Wg sf Q MR. KERMIT H. SCHMEHL, Principal of Muhlenberg Township High School. Principal lOl wooo snow N Mr. Schrnehl checks files for information. I E-iq l 0 104 W E METAL SHOP II'- M' S iosl lioe ART M.D. GEN , . . -,.-,U IO3 env. s.LAv, FIRST FLOOR PLAN xnxx' MNC F'-Ill N CAFETERIA W 2.0I E Musicl l202 S Room 203 204- zos 2 SECOND FLOOR PLAN NIZXY YN' I NC Floor Plan Mr. Schmehl introduces guest speaker in assembly. ,hi 2 5: BASEMENT PLAN APT 4' ggi lgumi E 5'-wk ,EEN aw semen aoom wi. LA IO 7 9 ii ca 5"0""""""g a is I7 I9 Il' I5 N GYMNASIUM W .. S '31 109 no I lI2 II4 G.LAV II8 I20 BMV I I WMI Wi ,E -Q -, ,- x mint H5 on Eli H STAGE EIEIZ3 425 '27 AU0':'g:?lUM FIRST FLOOR PLAN ililll Illlll 7 UNI? I C PI AX 219 zzill i Il 225 ZH 2,0 six: g 71,0 Jia .. A 213 'i 2l2 2l5 1- ow S33 suv im - mi N E BALCONY IIIIII if llllll of Building 'W if: A Q M' Mr. Strittmatter checks in a late student in the office. Assistant Principal MR. CARL STRITTMATTER, Assistant Principal of Muhlenberg Township High School. .2 Q-Y BUS DRIVERS Left To rlghf Mr Harry Correnti, Mr. Samuel Leinbach, Mr. Edward Burkhart, Mr. Charles Gassert, Mr. Edward Nichols, Mr Ed ward Melfzler Mr Alvin Dunkelberger, and Mr. Robert Ammarell. Bus Drivers Mrs. Shirley Napolefano School Nurse MRS. GRACE L. HOGUE, School Nurse , 'fr"' x, in f ' Q .R 'xf X .xi 1 13 Mrs. Clara Mrs. NUS' Mrs. Oxenreider Virginia Efhel Helen Stephan Shaner Clay ff ,, ,.. ff' ,W - f . gi ' 3-qv Q .M A Q Q Fm is i -1' ,. , sk 1 'X 7,,,. r-'-', ,..,'-4, .Q I . of Ri 1 M W.. B Nw . , .a Wi.. R ., ,V 4 ws ' I.. . in Miss Sandra Delp Mrs. Helen Rapp CAFETERIA STAFF-Mrs. Carol Owen, Mrs. Helen Rapp, Mrs. Dorothy Shultz, Mrs. Miriam Herb, Mrs. Gladys Evans, and Mrs. Minnie Dunkle, Custodians Mrs. Miriam Herb Mrs. Dorothy Shultz CUSTODIANS-Mr. Harry Dowling, Mr. Herbert Starke, Mr. Meas McKnabb, Mr. Beneville Didyoung, Mr. Floyd Henne, Mr. Floyd Berkemeyer, and Mr, Frederick Schlegel. Attendance Officer Mr. Herbert Starke 2 A Mr. Harry Dowling Sf lVlr. Floyd Henne X, AH d en ance Officer- Raymond Endy Mr. Beneville Didyoung Mr. Floyd Berkemeyer Mr. Frederick Schlegel I f f?-4 . i,g.flfgi my , F ' ,A 3 1-, y . ll , f 1 A ' at G M fi Cafeteria Staff 1 Mrs. f Q Gladys 1 X, Evans .:.. sis. .f-it I ,. Xyt. img.. . L K . W Q . at 2 . F' . 13 -'-. ik g f fi W fi ag , A, H J. Mrs. Carol Owen Mrs. Minnie Dunkle Mrs. Thelma Rowles T 2 . I I 5' 1 -Hx ff? ESE 2 5 5 3555 X E ,il Jiri? KW We f , X xxmwmzs ,ffffff X Q-N In fhmmmr t 1.114 :uhm 4' Hi .ki igliyiw 5.1 K 2 -.7 , r i ,fl si . A 5 Jslfigiggk. I 'R I P n ? ' ww K. ! Ln . Ju wf- k 1 5 23? L , ' 23352- 2 1 I .gre-gv'wmm.....,.,f 4fSQ 2 A .W ,, A grep' 1 !'3Lk'15?'lg E :gk Qgghgzgi ' K wi ,Qi :ill-ew. 111.51 iff ..Q,-,fi 1 ff-W' vw WMM ak A,L .. 1 3. is 5? 3 4 i 1 Mr Lawrence lmboden, Typing instructor. "That's right, IM B O-D-E-N." The Commercial Department is one of great impor tance to our school and its functions. This course ad- ministered bookkeeping, shorthand, business law, typ- ing, and office practice along with everyday assign- ments. Students were engaged With the business staff for the purpose of the financial end of the Muhtohi and Observer. Senior pupils, engaged in this particular course, took part in work experience. This included iobs in local industries and in this manner they became accustomed to the responsibilities as future iobholders. This ex- perience gained by the girls was one of highest value. As a second task, the girls were each assigned to act as secretary to a faculty member and assist with their clerical work. "Fourssore and seven years ago . . . oops! Wrong class." Miss Thelma Knauss teaches typing and shorthand. "Don't tell me A doesn't come after B!" Mr. Norman Wisrner, teacher of commercial subiects. Commercial Department The Law and Mr. Butz-Mr. Joseph Butz instructs a Business Law class. Librarian Director of Guidance Muhlenberg's Library played an important role to the student for any information unknown to him or for the purpose of attaining greater knowledge. Knowledge is something that can never be taken from any individual. Thomas Carlyle once said, "A library is a poor man's university." Mrs. Mary Jo Winings, librarian, returns misplaced book to its rightful position. "Sense and sensibility" were two factors stressed by our Guidance Counse- lor for the students' own benefits. "A friend in need is a friend indeed" and this department was fore- most to students for guid- ance and problems. It equipped individuals with initiative and instilled con- fidence within them. Miss Frances Rahn, guidance director, advises two students concerning their future plans -ggjgvu .f we Ci ' 2 13 t 'r L -N X ' we fb " Miss Marcia. Gehman eagerly stresses, with much enthusiasm, proper English grammar .. J. T' and usage. I Mrs. Mildred Bodolsky instructs in writing research papers as she prepares her pupils for college life. g jp First and foremost in everyone's goal is the ability to converse and write intelligently with whomever you may come in contact. This desire was striven for in the English Department and gained through an itinerary consisting of grammar, vocabulary, composi- tion work, literature, and iournalism. Also included in this department was a World Literature course for all college-bound stu- dents wishing to increase their knowledge of great masterpieces of literature. Go l l Miss Olive Tennant brightens her literature classes with a bit of humor. Mr. Glenn Woods re- sponds to students' reading of The Solid ld Cadillac. Mr. William Abramowicz gives personal assistance in English composition as well as adding a 'Few moments of Latin in- struction. fra s, Qw',,"f gl aggxlp vi f 1 fish? Your feet, boys, your feet!" Mr. Donald Delp tries to teach the members of his class the fundamentals of soccer. Mr. Donald Fetterman, safety education instructor, can often be heard muttering, "Pedestrians are idiots!" as he conducts his classes. A healthy body and mind are essential to every student in order to extend best efforts for all purposes. Many heights progressed and resulted in enioyment in gym class and health courses were for the complete under- standing of each individual. Driver training and safety education were great aids to future motorists and also for the benefits of future society. The Home Economics department developed sewing and cooking skills. This knowledge secured will be of use to any young girl preparing for her future life. Miss Dorothy Boyer, home economics teacher, tries to persuade a student that the hemline should come, "just below the knees!" "You think you have troubles!" Miss Mary Jane Delp, physical eduction teacher, coaches the girls' basketball team during a time out. Physical Education, Driver Trainin and Home Economics Mrs. Maiorie Wagner, Latin ll instructor, assists students with difficult coniugations. The Foreign Language Department gave stu- dents the challenge to engross themselves in a language other than their own. Courses offered here were Latin, Spanish and a four-year German itinerary which some day may be of great value in a foreign country. structs ardent students. Mrs. Annette M. Marth, German and Spanish teacher, reminds a student to turn all volume off before leaving the language lab. 22 "Eins, Zwei, Drei"-Mr. Wilbert Wollenhaupt, German teacher in O Fore1gn Language Department at Industrial rts Department Mr. Ronald Rhode, art instructor ex- claims, "Oh! Another Rembrandt!" Industrial Fine Arts Department included the Art, Shop and Mechani- cal Drawing courses which formed hidden talents and developed them to the fullest degree. Perfection was a determining factor in all accom- plishments! The Art Department was also responsible for all proiects such as scenery for plays, centerpieces for various occasions, and posters for functions within the school. These departments added personal- ity to our school. Mr. Olin Marth instructs students how to read a voltmeter during one of the shop classes. Mr. Robert Bukowski industrial arts teacher ponders over his students work Mr. Quentin Keath, while he instructs a pupil in one of his mechanical drawing classes thinks, 'Ths surely different from directing the maiorettes Mr. Harold Stefl instructs puzzled seniors on Trigonometry problems. A Mathematics can be fun, so people say. Here at Muhlenberg many students found this to be true. Courses in algebra, plane geometry, Trigonometry and calculus developed many "Hamlets," or in plain words, thinkers. These courses developed a sense of values for students and helped to progress the "gray matter" for future problems, whether it be for engineers, technicians, or homemakers. Mr, Robert Knouse goes over homework problems with ninth grade algebra students. Mr. Glenn Miller, new addition to the mathematics department, teaches tenth grade Algebra ll students. Mathematicst Department ilk Mr. Carl Richie explains plane geometry problems to a troubled eleventh grade student. Mr. Henry Hoffman, music director, points out the correct notes and remarks, "The music is on the stand, not on the blackboard." The Science Department provides many The Music De- p a rt m e n t has reached heights in m a n y categories and given students a challenge in many respects. This de- partment r e i g n s over the bands, choruses, and en- tertainments of the school and gives opportunity to any pupil with musical abilities. Miss Alta Horton, music Instructor keeps time as a ninth grade begins its vocal music class Music and Science Departments opportunities tor creativity among students. The annual science fair is composed of proi- ects completed from biology, physics, and chemistry classes. ln this project students display their imagination, brilliancy and knowledge by an intricate or simple exhibi- tion. The science program, promoted by its instructors, is a well-rounded course with excellent supervision to better enable pupils to a fuller understanding of this great me- chanized society in which we live today. ' ka. Mr. Myron Boyer, biology teacher, remarks, "Let's not butcher, remember we're dissecting!" Mr. Claude Spancake, physics and chem- Mr. Robert Stickles, biology and physics in- Mr. Matthan Sell, general science in- istry teacher, says, "Not all specific structor, iokingly asks his class to "Get to the structor, remarks to his students, "Don't gravity tests are always this bad." root of the problem." tell me your notebooks are in the aquarium!" ti 4.1 1' My X511 Mr. Edmond Ettinger, history instructor-"Oh really! You say there's a wall over there?" L N ,M Mr. Victor Yarnell uses visual aids in Mr. Carl Strittmatter, Civics in- class. structor, explains, "Did you knovv William Penn never lived in Mount Penn?" oeial tudies Department "One of these days l'll learn to work this thing, then we'll see the film," remarks Mr. Ray Weitzel as his students impatiently wait. 26 Mr. Natale DeLuca, World Culture and Civics teacher, adds a bit of humor to the discussion of current events. The courses included are World Culture and History, American His- tory and Problems of Democracy. The United Nations club, an out- standing organization of the depart- ment, had bestowed upon them the privilege of attending the Metropoli- tan Toronto Model U.N. in Canada. A few members were delegated to attend this conference which in- stilled in them a broader horizon and understanding of the U.N. and international problems. Also for the fifth straight year various members ot this club attended the East Coast Model United Nations Conference in April, l963. Faculty Directory MR. WILLIAM E. ABRAMOWICZ B.A.-St. Charles Seminary, M.A.- Lehigh University, English, Student Council Adviser. MRS. MILDRED M. BODOLSKY B.S., English, Social Studies-West Chester State College, Graduate Work, University of Pennsylvania, English, World Literature, Commencement, Honor Society. MISS DOROTHY J. BOYER B.S., Home Economics-Cedar Crest College, Graduate Work-Drexel Institute of Technology, Foods and Clothing, Commencement, Fashion Show. MR. MYRON F. BOYER B.S.-Kutztown State College, Temple Univer- sity, Pennsylvania State University, Biol09y, Senior Class Adviser, Biology Club and F.S.A. Club Adviser. MR. ROBERT F. BUKOWSKI B.S.-Millersville State College, Industrial Arts Field, Wood, Graphics, Leather, Ceramics. MR. JOSEPH P. BUTZ B.S.-Bloomsburg State College, General Business, Business Math, Businesss Law, F.B.L.A. Sponsor. MR. DONALD N. DELP B.A., Health and Physical Education-East Stroudsburg State College, M.Ed., Temple University, Health, Physical Education, Adult Education, Boys' Intramural Sports Director, Boys' Bowling Club. MISS MARY JANE DELP B.S., Health and Physical Education-West Chester State College, Health, Physical Education, Girls' Hockey, Girls' Basketball, G.A.A. Club, Girls' Intramural Sports Director, Girls' Bowling Club. MR. NATALE DELUCA B.A.-Albright College, World Cultures, Social Studies. MR. EDMOND A. ETTINGER B.A.-Albright College, M.A.-University of Connecticut, Graduate Work, University of Pennsylvania, U.S. and World History, Director of Dramatics, Dramatics Club, Forum Club. MR. DONALD L. FETTERMAN B.S.-Ursinus College, Temple University, Driver Training, Baseball, Football. MISS MARCIA M. GEHMAN B.A.-Muhlenberg College, English, Civics. MR. HENRY F. HOFFMAN, JR. B.S., Music Education-Lebanon Valley College, Conservatory of Music, University of Pennsylvania, Instrument- al Music,-Blue Band, Show Band, Muhl Revue. MISS ALTA H. HORTON B.S., Public School of Music-Mansfield State College, Vocal Music, Muhlaires, Muhleteers, Mixed Chorus. MR. LAWRENCE L. IMBODEN B.S., Commercial Education, Beckley Col- lege, Bloomsburg State College, Typewriting I and II, Work Experience, Head of Business Education Department. MR. QUENTIN R. KEATH B.S., Education-Major in Industrial Arts- Millersville State College, M.Ed., Maior in Industrial Arts, Pennsylvania State University, Mechanical Drawing, Head of Industrial Arts Depart- ment, Maiorettes, Custodian of Athletic Equipment, Chairman of High School Executive Committee, President of Local Branch P.S.E.A. MISS THELMA L. KNAUSS B.S., Education-Bloomsburg State College, Shorthand I and ll, Office Practice, Observer Advertising and Circula- tion Adviser. MR. ROBERT M. KNOUSE B.S., Mathematics, Albright College, Algebra II. MRS. ANNETTE K. MARTH B.A.-Albright College, Graduate Work, University of Mexico and Temple University, Spanish I and II, German I and II. MR. OLIN R. MARTH B.S., Millersville State College, Metal, Electricity, Stage Crew, Tennis, Director of Civil Defense. MR. GLENN O. MILLER B.S.-West Chester State College, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Graduate Work, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Track and Field Coach, Swimming, Algebra I, and General Mathematics. MR. JEROME MORTARANA B.A.-Albright College, History, Political Science, M.A.-University of Pa., International Relations, Ph.D.-Grad- uate Work, Kutztown State College, P.O.D., American History, United Nations Club. MISS FRANCES A. RAHN A.B.-Hood College, Master of Education- Harvard University, Guidance Director, Public School Psychologist, Y- Teens, F.T.A. MR. RONALD L. RHODE B.S., Art Education, Kutztown State College, Art and English. MR. CARL W. RICHIE B.S.-Bloomsburg State College, Algebra ll, Plane Geometry, Assistant Baseball Coach, Varsity Club. MR. MATTHAN SELL-B.S., Education-Kutztown State College, Graduate Work, Temple University, Biology, General Science. MR. CLAUDE A. SPANCAKE B.S. and Graduate Work-Pa. State Uni- versity, Master of Education-Temple University, Chemistry, Physics, Hi-Y, Hall Patrol. MR. HAROLD STEFL B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Bucknell University, M.Ed., Guidance Temple University, Plane Geometry, Trigonometry, Football. MR. ROBERT N. STICKLES B.S.-Albright College, Summer School- Kutztown State College, Biology, Physics. MR. CARL E. STRITTMATTER B.S., Education-Kutztown State College, M.A.-Lehigh University, Civics. MISS OLIVE TENNANT B.S., Health Education and English-East Stroudsburg State College, Columbia University, Lehigh University, English. MRS. MARJORIE L. WAGNER B.A.-Albright College, Summer Session, Pa. State University, Latin. MR. L. RAY WEITZEL B.A.-Albright College, M.A.-University of II- linois, University of California, Kutztown State College, Temple University, University of Colorado, American History, World Cultures, Debating, Model UN. MRS. MARY JO M. WININGS B.S., Education-Kutztown State College, Graduate Work-Pa. State University, Librarian, Library Club, Audio- visual Aids. MR. NORMAN N. WISMER B.S.-Bloomsburg State College, Master of Education-Temple University, Shorthand I, Bookkeeping I and ll, Jr. Business Training, Savings Club, Bookkeeping Club. MR. WILBERT H. WOLLENHAUPT A.B.-Albright College, Summer Ses- sion, Kutztown State College, German and English. MR. GLENN H. WOODS B.A.-Lebanon Valley College, Shippensburg State College, M.Ed.-Temple University, English, Journalism, Observer, Muhltohi, Muhlitan. MR. VICTOR R. H. YARNELL B.S.-Albright College, M.A.-University of Pa., History, P.O.D., Model U.N. Club, Debating, Graduate Work Pa. State University, Lehigh University. Mr. Jerome Mortarana, new addition to Social Studies department, prepares les- sons for POD classes. He replaced Mr. Victor Yarnell, who was elected to serve in House of Representatives in Harrisburg. Wa, , Q . 51X E. WM Y Q.: 1 X . I h-' N gk " 'iw ' ff Q. P, ff? e,:is'?3S6Lif,g1sRfE,i,l ' 'gig' f1ssiA?g1gfa5+sAf L, M j' ,fy xv ,M xp..- f '- fin-' f MQ N , ,wif Q- IX H V ' .fb . H, 'w.k,,MNw I Kg, M,.,,,, '- f X 3.-,gqygafh " Q KM. J zz' .H .A K , f f . ' ' SX ' ,S Ara n ,. QA ft 7 9: LA . 7 m, L' Jiliff 155: ,.l-gisfxf, f '- ,fn-'L ,. ...e....,,.-f ,,,"f?'5'G,.'S .,.2f"' ,aff A i 4 :S ,,.. if I, ww . ' , V Y' ' .lmffief ' ' AH I Mm, 1 , 'f2f1J.Liwfi.- : , -:fYVW,fi3iS. b"w.,N ' Vza:g-AWA' sfzlggs .'ffH- KSN-wx fl 28.74 -KN. A Q -i x,,, W. -WWWM... .W k..W,,,,m g .. . W ...W-2 'A S 1 A ,L QM S 14 iv Us, S5 ,gf S may ' jaw , 'iflfijff Q4 , , , illh V l L , W1 A ' M kim n' LZ, ,,.V V, "k Pg 1-'- , ' 7 ' A Ag' . -' gb, A frQ,L,6',v 1 Ng Y 28 W-Wanna, ..x. H WWW? . .,....- . , m7V:A M .IW H my E gu, ' or ry , X e l l 4, E vi ' Q r J m e 3, 'B x Q ,M ' C A .fi " 5 N in QW- l ,, ' f r f 'eg ' J ,,. . V2.m?ffM ., I .4 A rr C w e :rr 35 Lf i , N i 'fi xiii' 7 .,,: 1,321 , in f ya L , ' A'-rr 51- r ...,, Q -rf , fm -'B .J ll, . 4221 . VV. gf! Vi ,' A I l"" ,,, farm K N W A aiu. ffl LOUIS PELLIGRINI JOHN GRILL 'Bill E? mr ' ,gr Edwin Adam .loan Adams Mary A ngstadt Paul Angstadl Pierre Annaballi Ronald Aquiline Richard Bahner Thomas Bair Jeanne Bare Donald Barz Bonnie Beaver Sandra Beecher Sandra Benlon Claude Hillman, JoAnne Blewelf Rosalyn Bloedow Gerald Bonnanna Darwin Border Carolyn Boyer Gerald Boyer Karal Boyer Lynn Boyer William Boyer Dennis Branco Timolhy Braun Calhleen Brown Linda Judith Olivia Brown Burns Camilli Carolyn Carl Daniel Clark Charles Cochran Darryl Conner Patricia Corriden Sandra Cramer Class of 964 James Crummell Gerald Dailey Carol Davis Suzclle DeLong Roberv DeWalt Sandra Dleralf if .. . L L ine, 3' Q ...QZNQ ml gif. ,I f x A i 6. Q l Q 'G+ if i .. lf. pdf x fr. f . f e' .N',.i. uf' Judith Dresher Michael Faller w e My V Q. Lolita Eberly Judith Garber A Wrrk , ,, . rw nf. . x 5 Anna Marie Ellis Carol Gehrke 53" S ix" '. Q if KZ QF- in Q Y ig, t I 4, 1 f xy, sw f , Ronald Eyrich Elvira Gogliuzza Sylvia Goodhart Robert Grcenawalt Robert Griesmer Michael C-usleY Larry Dunkle Marcia Ellingsworth GSOVQC Eflele David Fcltcrman Theda Galely Carol Gilbert David Gracfl Janice Gricaskie John Grill CLASS OFFICERS-Robert Snyder, pres.: John Zuchowski, v. pres., and Linda Yakima, treas. Class of 764 Thomas Haas George Hossler Sharon Hodgkins Caro! Haesler William Houck Daniel Hoffman Kerry Keehn Pauline Kosturu Melvin Katzenmoyer Judith Korn is 6 ."+ if-Q,-, S V , if j , Y Q ge if Robert Hafer Donald Heebner Barry Humber? Linda Kitchens Richard Krotl Henry Haier Marilyn Havens Belly Holl Patricia Keller Sharon Kramer .- X 1- 'Y :,-1-, Q f. ix :M V a- 3,3 Y ,,k,i . , .. A V fa li: ' 'tg ' ' .qw ruff'lff -XV tb, S -1 it Q o, 'X I u I xi M , DONNA GREGONlS Ddnna Hann Jackson Heflner Jean Hummel Carolyn Kline Gail Krick J' i fi John Harf K fr Janice Hellner Carol Jackson Holly Knepp Stephen Lessie Donald Hassler Leslyn Herb George Janusczak Irvin Knouse Carol Leibold X?-Sgt. SL' ia.. x , , It . , 5 Carol Hiesler in ' 1 Q' I -fe Jeannette Hoch xx' ww ' 'sl L - . 1' 'Y' f li , , r"i ,f l l 1, it ' 5562 A 'i Barry Irwin . . phi Daniel Jones "" g i ' N: ti N I ' Qi- K? 'ef X124 ' -iy if , it y J y S ' if R - ' - 'Fi' "S .QF Marie Knulson - - ., V 5 -c, 4 I - 0 Judith Kohl A , - 3 Q , 1 if' f ' 9 Q24 if ' 'Q -I-+ 1 - I g I I fx' V ' V . . Q.. ' ' 'raw f ..-' Yr- Judith Leisey Jane Martin Q. -4 Carol Mabry Linda McCartcr Gloria Manley Keith McLaughlin J, if M' 0 in My , 1 ,1 ., , QP' fig 5 mg? .f .lames Marks Scott Meyer Carl Lutz Ronald Maltby Bruce Manwiller Sandra Mattes Michael McGonigal Sharon Mertz is 1' J Q a. xr' 1 x if 1 Q,--v s wx, r LO H .- ' 'E' 2 .i 7,3 ff hs R fn J l L 4' A S afsulltm s V" "'4 , :H ,ul . y y ,J -u,,,,,,,g-as w KATHLEEN GEHO . g ':. xr , I 'UM in If 1 4 jp . . i f: ' 'img 'Q Q R, in .Au----I JAMES FREDERICK Michael Michalski Sandra Mohn John Morgan Janet Moyer Donald Mullen Ronald Mundell Steven Musscr Christine Nagle Eileen Nardo Peggy Oxenreider Margaret Rauenzahn Lynclell Reber Ronald Recd Richard Reescr Lee Reinigcr Michael Richards Filomena Rodino Allan Rohrbach Terry Rohrbacher David Roland Robert Sachelta lngus Salks Kathleen Schoning Donna Schmehl Mary Scianna ,,..,.M-W W -' ,I ,E R ,- ,.., gk-,J J WW.....-v..-.. Petra Paskos Richard Price Linda Rentschler Diane Rhoads Catherine Rothenberger Judy Sabatina 1. if George Seaman June Seaman -iw: l ! Beth Seidel Mary Sekella James Selig Sandy Snatters Jellrcy Sharp Joan Shaver Linda Sherman Gladys Shollenberger Mary Shomper Jeanette Showers Raymond Sidella Dorothy Slcrocld Robert Snyder Cynthia Spohn Linda Stamm Diann Steely Barry Stephenson Carol Stetzler Dale Stoltzfus Dean Stoltzfus Robert Storm Allan Tobias Donald Tobias Stanley Trout Warren Ulle Andrea Valeriano Linda Waldbieser Paul Weidner Daniel Wentzel Rodney Wentzel Sharon White Charles Whitehead Leonard Whitehead Terry Withers Sandra Witman Margaret Wolf Joy Wollskill Linda Yakimo Barry Yeager Joan Yeager Rodney Yeager Gary Zappacosta Ralph Zerr Robert Zoppel John Zuchowski Linda Werley Q-me 1 ,N .-iw, -vw. .QYMYW We 5? is v -N ' ,sf X 'T me iw i q.,, Y F k U .Ui ui h ' , 'gif 'S ' f. , ' 'Nl Yr' we I N , ei "1 "1- S .h A , fl 'li "1 ig- kyst. 'P as--. We if K. s 'Q E x -3- -e. Wd 'ga r ' I fl I 1 .1 ii y f 5 i , gif i 49 tw f t A it ' Q, - if .. . 1 , be 'ew ' 'ff fi Q- A ,t:, k ,A y All "L, T h ' X N 3 V S si T W X or i Q l -ex X T in J ,L Q .,b ... Z Z ...fe S741 x ii Y i' s 'Nr SAND 'fn- A "xy h 1 .A Wi ' 'w 's -fs ,sq ,Q .f .' i A E Milton Becker Carol Beeman Robert Behm Scott Benner Richard D. Adams Richard J. Adams David Althouse Lee Althouse David Annabclli Larry Anlalick Evelyn Auchenbach John Aulenbach RA BENTON Judy Asbell Steve Baur Thomas Bear Sandy Bechtel f 1 ' ,gy C 3'-alll f g 1 "'C"7' 1.. ,...l2S K " A 'U' ' . v E L ' A.. E ' " 3 if , . d Donald Bertschman James Bohr Barry Bollinger Judy Boyer Lois Boyer Craig Brasefield Barry Brown Linda Brown Marcia Brown Larry Brubaker Joanna Brunner Eugene Burkhart Daniel Calabria Dianne Camilli Diane Chura Colette Clark Barbara Cleaver Suzanne Clauser Joanna Coopersmilh Wayne Cox Caral Crooks Clarence Crouch Christine Curtis Dennis Danka Susan Davidson Richard Davis Bonnie Delcollo Donna DeSante if -f 'I W., . an A Class 2 S Bile-f of' William Desmond Sarah Donlop Sleve Durina Karen Dussinger Karl Easterday Carol Ebersole , Wh ,J SHARON HODGKINS as ,Vt f W 4' " N., U T,--qw ., 1 k J I' , ij V . A2476 nga 'K is-..,'e' .QL S A Q ' L Brian Graeff Larry Greer Barbara Grim Brian Grim Patricia Graft Linda Grube ,Q Darlene Guistwile fc' lf Susan Guldin B ' Robert Haddock nh b I I Linda Haesler H f V 'U Dolores Hafter rf Herbert Hafer Linda Hagenman I Glenn Hain 75- Richard Haisch Q sf 4 it Q' 'L Jeffrey Hammond V' ' Linda Handwork K ,X 0- 3 ' -. Joan Hammond frm' of 5 Sharon Eiler Sandra Eisenharl Jaseph Etzel Linda Fairchild Charles Faller Richard Fatkin Sherry Faust Rosalee Fedak Dennis Fetter Terry Fetterman Darlene Fields Linda Fies Robin Fies Enrico Fillipini Judy Filman Marvin Fisher James Frederick Richard Fraelich Kenneth Fulmer Judy Gallagher Peter Galvin Dawn Garis Craig Gassert Kathleen Geha Walter Genhard Jane Gockley Robert Godshall Robert Gosch Class of Class Officers-fleft to right! Mr. Harold Stefl, class adviser Robin Fies secretary: Kent Weitzel, presidentg Mary Wilson, treasurer, Ronald Zigmund, vice president. Jerald Hanley Janice Harbanic Janice Hart Marsha Hassler Nancy Healy David Heckman Jane Heckman Donna Heebner Christine Heere Terry Heise John Heiler Linda Henne "'--. :I ,Vi '91 r uf- t. Y esQgii"3 ' , 'Q 5:41 ,' V: bi 41 WY I .X X X-X L4 'If '-flu lr 5 Y. 'ilk It 3 ig, A rr Mary Johnson Beverly Jones Jacqueline Jost Barbara Kalloach Stanley Kalbach Linda Kauffman Rodney Kauffman Jane Kaufmann Judith Keath Steven Kehr Jeffrey Keim Beverly Keller Laura Kennedy Eleanor Kistler Charlotte Klee Rabin Kleffel Kerry Klick Richard Kline Georgine Kralles Ethel Kramer Daniel Krize 1 ku- : 7 "" im ' .Q-fr ii Paul Hunsberger Peter Hulsko Elizabeth Iezzi Loretta lsett Joseph Januszck Robert Herbein Linda Hess Ruth Hill Darrel Hinkel Patricia Hinkle Kathy Hlatky Fred Hoagland Mary Hoffman Dale Holl Ruth Holl Diana Hoptley Barbara Huber Kathleen Hughes Patricia Hummel IL 4 1+ J' Class W "Qi . ' i , new in-e,,,w - 1 .2 , eaifiglff-.X ill, wiv ,A We . sw .er-V ., LINDA KITCHENS SANDRA DIEROLF f 96M JUDITH KOHL i R l t S 44' -Q., fm ' ' ta RANDY HARTMAN George Losoncy Grace Lumley Kenneth MacDonald James Manegold Phillip Mertz Carl Metz Kent Meyer Alex Miller Aileen Moyer David Moyer Joanne Moyer Patrick Mullarkey Glenn Newcomb David Ney Michael Nay Kathleen Noll James Ott Linda Papola Louis Pelligrini Georgia Pennock John Kutzaman Catherine Laing Dennis Lash Jack Latlerman Suzanne Lebo Cheryl Lenich Bonnie Levengood Kenneth Lienti Debbie Linderman Karen Livinghouse Jacob Lloyd Carlene Long Candace Munzella Joseph Manzella Linda Maurer Martin Miller Tamara Miller Donald Maleski Sandra Murphy Joyce Napior Cynthia Neher Stuart Nye Nancy O'Boyle Darlyn Ott Edward Phillips Lee Phillips Martin Phillips Norbert Pohl Martha Potteiger Nancy Cassidy 91-f-f-N--A s -' . , ch 5' 'esta KM. ty U ' Q, gi X X, 5 xx! 'R ,'sM f , , -- z , 'L s .1 Qs mf. A ww? A ist- ii? hw? -.z,.y,-- 5 .- .- Wvq r. . nf' i ilvn it fe- lx Y ,tit , LW' 5 IQ H S fs ,ani X X F' J Steve Prcdcn Richard Protheroe Daniel Quinter Bary Rapp Nancy Ann Redcay Gregory Reeser Paul Reichenbach Keith Reider Lyndell Rentschler Kerry Reppert Stephen Richards Linda Richardson William Roberts Faith Rollman Tom Ross Mike Roth Ann Rothenberger Carol Rotenberger Carol Santoni Daniel Santoni Richard Savage Susie Scheirer Linda Schlegel Roy Schmeer Linda Schroeder Tina Schrom Timothy Schwambach Dean Shipe James Shoemaker Roger Schrom LINDA BROWN LINDA HESS ALEX MILLER Class James Rothenberger Sharon Rothenberger James Rowe Richard Rowe Forrest Schaefer Jerre Schaeffer Linda Schaich Barry Schearer Paul Schmehl Richard Schmehl Roger Schmidt Linda Schonour Barry Selig llona Sell Michael Shoub Linda Sheetz cw! V' Linda Slagowslci John Smith Sandra Smith Susan Smith of '6 William Smith Fred Snyder Sandra Snyder Kathy Sobresky Arlan Spoyd Rosemary Spohn Faye Stalbat Barry Stalnecker Barbara Sterner Pamela Steiner Eileen Stitzel Darlene Stitzer Eileen Stoeber Barbara Sumrall Douglass Swayer Jan Swayer Barbara Tranquillo Nancy Trout Sandy Vaccaro Judy Valariano Marcaret Van Driel Karl Wagner Randy Waganseller Sharon Walton Darlene Weaver Donna Weaver Kenneth Weaver Joseph Weglinski Ray Weidenhammer Kenneth Weidner Kent Weitzel Michael Westley Sandra Wetzel Jack Williams Marry Wilson Ken Withers Diane Witman Linda Witmer LaMarr Wixon Jeffrey Wolfe Barry Wunder Glenn Yeager X Ye. level --.ab Y,-if gr if Q I 'ff 1' - N 2. f ex Q " ef ww- ,, 3 .J Cx ft S 4 J K . X , Mx 1 .'-3.14 ' T' Q k VJ,,.,.:., Larry Yentsch Q i -V Andrea Young A , .L I .1 Sharon Young " ' V V ' -. "' 'K' Rosemarie Zasztowt i f K' A . Ronald Zygmunt ,, "W Q ..... xi CATHLEEN BROWN 7'2" if y r A S an WW' i x ,i,,,,., 5 if f1fA3'M"ff,,.W-. ., .M ,. 552155: at -: 15 QF' 009' ,wr w w WM F ,, , W, y K. iijfggggfv' , 'QHQQN -,lff .j?35W"" f 'K - A , V, , ' -gggw,-,i,,,,fg ,- N K V9 - ff f ' QM WL, Q 4 NWN 5 ef'g5'fff'.- k "W ,Lk , "Ulm K - M ' Q '-v i ff K ' Mmxm F i X mmf , ,l TV' ' , ,,ffiiiQf4fzp M' K' f. 1 'MW ' Q., .E-2LQQ5'.3',ff'4H, Q .hm . Q -ff7.1?4rifEwi.f-' wifes? ' K " ,f,fi'?12 m . . . , ,,,,'ff.g:v vie - f 34,-lgf,,:,,.,,g51pl.u1Y1,x yfiigw , . ' M. Jswv-faw Ms, sa. , ' 'f.f3-w?gQgffa??+?fzifziizlt,fJz.f,5'M-M1 Q15 f, ,H i2,L2aT2:m,g,.- ', 7:45-kzgwy,:1,:2-5vS3x'ggf , . V SEATS!"-W H 521 - . ,, 41 A 5 J 'f5i,3Ff'2V,'.'if?f:if23E5if.5zlf5?K -in ima. , ,-i-.',1qzi,-mgxggg -w5,vg,,5L: - ' f fzwawgmmf AEM 5111.11 H xi, A ww' W 1 fbggyg In ,L Q L' W jg A C ww rs, sw., L1 " L1 ' 14 ' , HM... f 7 . U , ,, ,X , 5 'll g. ' M-, ..,,,, ,.,,.,.. ,,,, W,,,....A,-m.,,.,,,,,.,,., My M - - . 1 1 1 11 .1 ' 1 ,, ,J 5 ,, . 4, ., 5 I , B fx Q 4 K . ' X ,, .1 .1 nf" gi 40 M ' "' ' 4. 1 'Y an if , ',, x ',,'m '53 ua" "' V2 -'ELM 'ff wx 'X xA 'xx 'K sk 1 X I Xl- x ,.f- pp XS- Q. Cy aff' VLA '61, VJ, x, ,V XHQ fx wx jx .f W-, fx ww, w N 'x f N 1, 5 Q, :Ny 3 XR, xi' xv' xu! Xu xo xp X N , N 1 . ,.,, . ,I .1 . ,4 ,V , X. ,f 'T A ,X .jx , 1, ,N ,fx ,X -X ,A ,X x 1 A is an r lwig Ns yy : , w..-j.,s..xx,fx. x., y,Xf'x,,-xg,'x-,' "s fn 'X Wx 'N fxifx tx my mx . '1 6- Q ' 14 f , L" A- vm xx. QW.. xfz Q1 u.Nf,5g.M.'- ,xv xx x .- f P Q L' U 'L A,-,1,55 - 1 'J 51 1?-Nj KL, , V - A I ,f H yi'-aw wwf A '... V f 'W QS Qigglg ff ,E " X , if V- ff , ' - 7, gm KAW 4 " ' V"'sii2?3 L,j' 52Z?a?2Lf qv qflf ,gqatgi - ,L K '7 ,ifisil ,ifiifa V X ' Qfsii!s55?Ei ,fi 1 5 1 1' Y . E E .1,'f:4::,?4?9f?.?, ,- f' Q Q1 L L A' V fs-'M ,ff W ,,,5,,,ig V V A ,..:,:a5-qaezgig55:--..,., . ' f 'Q in K , - is . .. 15 Y f A ' H Q l ,1Hf'593Eg L . . - - '5 ww,g,gf pg. f' -.. F X U- XfM,W,,, f RW SX,?fs,f,.,A A,. , k I 2-5 :. 5 2if'S2si2S25H::iffsfi1iSi4fsfff -3 Wg, 51,1 A . I E. :- Q E' . . . N -D I .1 ' 'L - 'br 1., g Q, 1 ,ph .L K 5' IM, X 99, mi 11,25-N . . " - ii?" -' k .- . f- ' : W 1 5 13:-E' . 'Eli' ?-ff'i's:'aN Y-TEENS-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Miss Frances Rahn-adviser, Dianne Camilli, Olivia Camilli, Diane Witman, Sandy Eisenharr, Filomena Rodino, Sharon Hodgkins, Elizabeth Iezzi, Carol Jackson-vice pres., Mariann Arbogast-pres. SECOND ROW: Sharon Rothenberger, Linda Werley, Gail Krick, Elvira Gogliuzza, Sandy Mattes, Grace Lumley, Donna Weaver, Michele Czarnecki, Ethel Kramer, Nancy Healy, Evie Auchenbach, Carol Samoni, Linda Haeseler, Rosemarie Zasztowt, Diane Rhoads. THIRD ROW: Georgia Pennock, Linda Schonour, Ginny Kessler, Karen Ford, Sandy Brown, Martha Potteiger, Carlene Long, Donna DeSante, Barbara Kalbach, Linda Schlegel, Judy Dresher, Holly Knepp, Anna Marie Ellis, Marie Knutson, Linda Brown, Bonnie Delcollo. FOURTH ROW: Susan Wertz, Linda Hagenman, Joan Yeager, Judy Sabatino, Aileen Moyer, Judy Boyer, Kathy Geho, Judy Gallagher, Carolyn Sumrall, Carol Rodick, Faye Hoffman, Pat Groff, Candace Manzella, Rosemary Spohn, Pat Hinkel, Darlene Bernstel. FIFTH ROW: Catherine Swoyer, Diane Fairchild, Pat Beecher, Carol Kunsman, Linda Hower, Marcia Brown, Jody Brunner, Sandra Shalters, Carol Gehrke, Lyndell Reber, Dorsey Amenolola, Patricia Starke, Sandy Lessig, Janet Moyer, Leslyn Herb, Eileen Nardo. Y-Teens Girls Give Gateway to Grandeur, Giggles, Genius, Geniality While Gaining Adulthood i ULZJZ fjf Y YY f ff-I 'Nfw YORK sasrl' . A H.., ,,,....,,,..., W ,, ,.,,,,, .., A , ,,.,,- -f-f-- - ' " 42 Left to right, FIRST ROW: Carol Weaver-sec., Nancy Trout, Linda Slagowski, Sandra Vaccaro, Judy Valerino, Sarah Dunlap, Tammy Miller, Judie Kohl, Linda Sherman, Carole Leibold, Susie Scheirer, Susie Guldin, Joan Hammond, Sandi Bechtel, Jane Kaufmann, Sandy Smith. SECOND ROW: Linda Hess, Sharon Young, Dianne Chura, Joan Coopersmith, Dolores Carl, Gail Dunkelberger, Diane Guistwite, Kathleen Hughes, Sharon Bennethum, Sandra Murphy, Carol Rothenberger, Linda Gaspari, Christine Curtis, Debbie Linderman, Sandra Wetzel. THIRD ROW: Loretta Kramer, Barbara Tranquillo, Andrea Valeriano, Linda Fies, Janice Heffner, Mary Hoffman, Rosalee Fedak, Linda Sheetz, Pamm Steiner, Carolyn Carl, Linda Bucks, Shirley Reese, Maxine Tobias, Jane Wilson, Suzi Clouser, Patsy Parfet. FOURTH ROW: Mary Wilson, Lyndell Rentschler, Christine Heere, Carol Lonaberger, Kathleen Kircher, Dawn Dautrich, Gail Grim, Susan Deprill, Christine Schrum, Andrea Young, Linda Schaich, Carol Hiester, Judi Leisey, Jane Martin, Sandy Benton. FIFTH ROW: Pat Corriden, Linda Kitchens, Cheryl Bieber, Carol Wise, Nancy Althouse, Sandra Kocur, Kris Gustantino, Annie Godshall, Jeanne Bare, Peggy Oxenreider, Dolores Hater, Judy Filman, Darlene Waytovich, Kathy Sobresky, Linda ,Grube, Darlene Fields. Y-Teens is an active club at Muhlenberg High School throughout the entire school year. Under the capable leadership of Miss Frances Rahn, guidance counse- lor, it holds six main events which start in December and continue into May. Along with the main occurrences, the club also brings in people from outside the school to talk to the girls on various topics. First happening of the year comes in , the beginning of December when the group holds its annual Spaghetti Supper. Galety and Next on the agenda is the Valentine's Day Dance. This year they approached the dance in a different manner by having nominees for a King of Hearts, who was to have been the most-liked personality in the senior class. Shortly following the dance is the Fashion Show in Reading for brides-to-be. The Y-Teens always con- tribute its senior members to model, which gives them experience and poise while appearing before a group. Then they model in their own fashion show at the school and gather door prizes, which again is another chance for them to meet others. At the end of the year, the senior members of the organization take a trip to New York, giving them a chance to view the city and visit designated places, while they have the opportunity of being together very closely for the last time. , 43 Hl-Y-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Tim Cordier-pres., Walter Dieterle, Royce Gernert, Larry Graeff Walter Gerhard Roger Schmidt Karl Wagner SECOND ROW: Robert Snyder-vice pres., Jeffrey Wolfe, Steve Pradon, Jeff Hammond Orvis Rowe Dwight Moser THIRD ROW Edward Forry -treas., Larry Endy, Peter Hutsko, R. J. Adams, Jack Williams, Glenn Hain, Richard Christ FOURTH ROW Allen Rohrbach Jack Lattemann Larry Yentsch, Robert Smith, Terry Rohrbacher, Steve Nye, Dennis Fronheiser. O H1-Y l-1.- School Support, Spiritual Development and Fmanclal Aid Constitute Clulfs Goals This service organization, which is under the advisership of Mr. Claude Spancake, was established to create, promote, and maintain religious living. These goals were fulfilled under the leadership of Tim Cordier, president, Robert Snyder, vice president, and Jerry Schoener, Chaplain. Douglas Moyer, secretary, and Edward Forry, treasurer, also assisted by maintaining the group's records. During the football season this association decorated the goal posts. At Christmas they performed the kind and charitable act of giving bas- kets of food to needy persons. They contributed to the community welfare by collecting for the heart fund in Nlarch. The members of Hi-Y have shown their dedication to the school by sponsoring an assembly program in October and by presenting the varsity letter- men with trophies. Both Hi-Y and our school were represented by Edward Forry and Walter Dieterle who attended the Hi-Y Model Legislature in Harrisburg. By serving as Senators, they took part in the running of the government. These undertakings and helpful ac- tions are examples of loyalty, consideration, assistance, and sincerity, which merit our lasting appreciation and gratefulness. 44 Horizon Club F Girls Seek 66New', Horizons "Broadening their horizons," the Senior Horizon Club Girls under the leadership ot Mrs. Ralph Rhoades, sponsor, certainly carried out the purpose as they busied themselves with many activities throughout the year. Basically being a service club, these former Camp Fire Girls undertook various community projects. Several of Their meetings were devoted to wrapping bandages for the Reading Hospital while several girls volunteered to give some I of their time to such organizations as the Blind Association, Berks N Heim, Reading Public Library, and Fellowship House, and when W Heart Fund Sunday rolled around, l bet you can guess which girls went from door to door calling for the Heart Fund! Besides these, they took advantage of the opportunities surrounding them as they toured the David Crystal Dress Factory and Quaker Maid Kitchens. Other meetings were devoted to a gift wrapping demonstration by the Bell Telephone Company and cooking at the Metropolitan Edison Company. ln February the club entered a table setting contest. Choosing Springtime as their theme and with a lot of effort, this artistic bunch came out the winners. By engaging in some money making proi- ects, such as cake sales, Italian sandwich sales and a nationwide candy sale, these eager beavers plan to furth- er their horizons by taking a trip to Niagara Falls in June. HORIZON CLUB-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Susan Leinbach-pres., Barbara Reese-treas., Eileen Steely-sec., Mary DeLong-vice-pres. SECOND ROW: Lynda Maurer, Beverly Jones, Suzette DeLong, Carol Burkert, Sharon Walton, Loretta lsett, Christine Tobias, Faye Robertson. THIRD ROW: Linda Handwork, Diana Hoptley, Linda Schroeder, Ruth Hill, Bonnie Beaver, Sandra Manwiller, Judy Keath, Elsa Rhoads. FOURTH ROW: Cynthia Neher, Ruth Hill, Joanne Moyer, Robin Kleffel, Linda Henne, Nancy Redcay, Cheryl Lenich, Robin Fies, Sherry Faust, Barbara Cleaver. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Barbara Reese, RoseAnne Greenawalt, Patricia Starke. SECOND ROW: Carol Kunsman, Mary DeLong, Linda Reed, Linda Bucks, Jane Wilson, Sandra Kocur, Shirley Reese, Eileen Steely, JoElIen Ammarell, Mariann Arbogast, THIRD ROW: Warren Greth, Jerry Schoener, Douglas Moyer, George Vogel, Joseph Julian, Michael Mehle, Elwood Seifert, Robert Germann. 46 ational Honor Society Organization Shines On Outstanding Status Several outstanding seniors were elected by the faculty to an honorary organization, the National Honor Society. This annual elec- tion, which takes place in March, is an acknowledgment of the contributions of these seniors in character, scholarship, lead- ership, and service. The emblem of the Honor Society con- sists of the keystone and the flaming torch. The keystone is placed by the builder as a symbol of the high ideals of this society: character, scholarship, leadership, and serv- ice. The flaming torch is the emblem of its purpose to bear the light of truth to lead so that others may follow in the light, and to keep burning in the school a high ambition for the enduring values of life. With the guidance of Mrs. Bodolsky, these students published the school hand- book and made visitors welcome through- out the school year. The members of the National Honor So- ciety are the outstanding citizens of the fu- ture, but their worth is only as great as the respect they receive or contribute in- dividually. 'x- NArloNAL X HOgOR sociiv 4 P .W E ?- f 2 S 4. T fy 'SN 1 W S if Q1 ' W-5 Vs Lf V 'i' tudcnt Council Environment Enriched By Self-Imposing Democratic Efforts E, g c c STUDENT COUNCIL-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Barbara Reese-treas., Donna Schmehl-vice pres., Eileen Steely-sec., Royce Gernert-pres, SECOND ROW: Bonnie Levengood, Susan Leinbach, Catherine Rothenberger, Patricia Starke, Mangine Tobias, Larry Graeff, John Cozzi, Edward Reese, Mike Roth. THIRD ROW: Mary Wilson, Ruth Hill, Linda Sheetz, Jane Gockley, Judy Boyer, Cheryl Lenich, Scott Meyer, Kent Weitzel, Ronald Zygmunt, Fred Shaich. FOURTH ROW: Judie Kohl, Mariann Arbogast, Bonnie Delcollo, Aileen Moyer, Loretta lsett, Linda Gaspari, Stanley Trout, Robert Snyder, George Ettele IV, Robert Griesemer, Joseph Julian, Dwight Moser, Mike Mehle. The Student Council, under the advisership of Mr. William Abramowicz, works throughout the year trying to better, the school. There are three main proiects which are sponsored by Student Council-the Holly Hop, the Council Kickoff and the selling of programs at football and basketball games. Dur- ing the summer, active members work to gather the needed materials and ideas for the council's programs in order that every thing is ready in September. The Holly Hop, which is one of the biggest dances of the school year, is planned in detail almost one whole year previous to the dance. A lot of time has to be taken for the selection of a good band, decorations, and committee organizations. Council Kickoff is the first dance of the year. Introducing the new students, D Q-A so hs, and freshmen to the Juniors and Seniors, and also to ,...-f f 4 Q enifjich one's high school social life constitute its purposes. In Q-A Sc the beginning of the year, usually in November, Student Q D - I Council members from all over Berks County meet at the N ': 1 Student Council Convention where they discuss their prob- '-.' -, 5 t r"' ,gg lems and share their money making ideas. Every year a dif- " gk T' '-1-Va" ferent school is host to this conference, which is considered an honor to attend. Our school, as well as others, profits greatly from attending the conference. Student Council operates as one voice-a voice to the students of Muhlen- berg. This "voice" does not always reprimand them, but instead asks for their assistance to reach a main goal, making Muhlenberg a better school. 47 wv wa' ' 'f ' 'y 1 . gy' f r . V 'FW '3 5 3 I Q ' 9 Wai Q 93 ' - f ' , A g 2 ,T W ' 1 .. ' 'Z if f ' 1 ' as - ii ' g . 1 ,,n "fi j"i Q I 1. 'A V, .K W,.,.:,,1: K A I l I 1 - A Q m Q, . Q Wg. " K E . MIXED CHORUS-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Joy Wolfskill, Catherine Rothenberger, Beverly Jones, Rose Anne Greenawalt, Grace Lumley, Nancy Healy, Carol WeaVe"- SECOND ROW! DOVOTIWY Skfofkif Sandra MaTfe5, MMV Scianna, Sandra Mohn, Evie Auchenbach, Carlene Long, Mariann Arbogast, Linda Stamm, Linda Hagenman, Jane Gockley, Linda Handwork. THIRD ROW: Judy Dresher, Joan Adams, Beth Seidel, Lolita Eberly, Mary DeLong, Christine Tobias, Barbara Reese, Judy Gallager, Linda Hess, Christine Curtis, Joyce Richards, Beverly Dukeman. FOURTH ROW: Gloria Jean Fink, Eileen Nardo, Karol Boyer, Linda Hower, Carol Jackson, Petra Paskos, Cathy Brown, Sandra Manwiller, Donna Schmehl, Janice Hart, Lyndell Rentschler. FIFTH ROW: Shirley Reese, Linda Bucks, Carol Wise, Kathy Hlatky, Christine Heere, Robin Fies, Cheryl Lenich, Judy Filman, Peggy Oxenreider, Janalee Antolick, Gail Grim, Kris Gustantino. Mixed Chorus Muhl Choral Crew Continues Musical Crusade Each year at occasions such as the Christmas Assembly, Easter Assembly, and Spring Concert, the Muhlenberg Mixed Chorus, under the direction of Miss Alta H. Horton, renders several vocal composi- tions. ln addition to these events, however, there are various other op- portunities for the Muhl songsters to display their voices. Churches in and around the Muhlenberg area were delighted by Miss Horton's nightingales. These churches were Calvary Lutheran, Laureldale, Rosedale Reformed, Laureldale, Faith E. C., Temple, and United Church of Christ, also in Temple. But this was far from all the work ofthe chorus. All these programs needed hours and hours of work tor preparation. Early morning sessions starting at 7:30-8:30 were necessary at least twice a week for the one hundred and four vocalists under Miss Horton's wing.49 it .fr 'E ff J 'iw ,F if ' .2 MUHLAIRES-Lett to right, FIRST ROW: Beth Seidel, Evie Auchenbach, Sandra Mohn, RoseAnne Greenwalt. SECOND ROW: Janice Hart Joan Adams, Judy Dresher, Beverly Jones. THIRD ROW: Shirley Reese, Lyndell Rentschler, Linda Bucks, Petra Paskos. FOURTH ROW: Judy Filman Kris Gustantino, Robin Fies, Christine Heere, Gail Grim. Muhlaires and Muhleteers Guy and Gal Songsters Grant Service to School While the Mixed Chorus supplies music for concerts, The Muhleteers and Muhlaires, The boy group and girl group, respectively, perform for social events around The area. The Muhlaires consist of l7 girls andthe Muhleteers of l7 boys. They sing for functions such as Women's Club meetings and church social groups. ln addition to this, they also render their services by singing vocal numbers in concerts and assemblies. Miss Alta Horton directs These groups. MUHLETEERS-Lett to right, FlRST ROW: Donald Wary, Elwood Seifert. SECOND ROW: Ronald Reed, Tim Cordier, Dennis Paradee, Jerry Bonnano, Gerald Boyer. THIRD ROW: Larry Graeff, David Graeff, Barry Irwin, John Hart. FOURTH ROW: Randy Richards, Richard Christ Larry Yentsch, David Roland, Warren Ulle, Jack Williams. 'm It Libragg Club Association's Aspects Are Assistance and Advice LIBRARY CLUB-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Suzi Clouser-treas., Sandy Smith-sec., Loretta Kramer-vice pres., Sharon Bennethum-pres SECOND ROW JoAnne Blewett, Carol Davis, Sandy Cramer, Barbara Sumrall. THIRD ROW: Sandy Eisenhart, Filomena Rodino, Darlene Stitzer, Eileen Nardo Linda Handwork, Beth Holl, Donna Epting. FOURTH ROW: Diane Witman, Leslyn Herb, Carolyn Sumrall, Judy Garber, Sandy Manwiller Linda Fies Joanne Moyer, Peggy VanDriel. FIFTH ROW: Joan Coopersmith, Judy Keath, Sandy Murphy. Could you help me find this book? Do you have any reference material on John Dewey? These are a few of the many questions which are asked of the members of Library Club by unsure students trying to find their way about Muhlenberg's library. Besides answering questions, the members of the Library Club also busy themselves by keeping the library in a neat and orderly fashion, pasting pockets on books, putting on book iacket covers, and keeping a nice display on the library bulletin board. They also have the unpleasant task of over due book notices to forgetful students. The members help our librarian, Mrs. Mary Jo Winings, by working behind the desk checking books in and out. They perform this task before and after school and during their study periods. As members of Library Club, students learn basic library procedures, library arrangements, and responsibility. it , Blue Band Band PC1'fO1'111S Formations on MH1Ch1Hg F1e1d l BLUE BAND-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Terry Oxenreider, Glenn Hain, Richard Hoffmaster Judith Keath Diane Rhoads Gloria Jean Fink Linda Kauffman, Sandra Cramer, Carol Davis, Beverly Jones, Larry Graeff, Royce Gernert Royce Manwiller Mr Henry Hoffman director SECOND ROW Lee Fink, Lolita Eberly, Marie Knutson, Darryl Conner, James Fredericks, Karl Wagner Lee Remiger Lee Phillips Fred Schaich Dennis Paradee Gail Grim, John Grill, Steve Pratt, Randy Richards. THIRD ROW: Robert Kline, Theodore Hilbert Robert Dewalt Glenn Yeager David Moyer James Rothen berger, David Roland, Richard Savage, Robert Herbine, Norman Dresher, Kenneth Weaver FootbaH garnes, parades, and Nanonal Honor Sodety assembly were just a few of the many times Muhlenberg students were greatly entertained by the sounds of the Blue Band under the duecnon of AAL Henry Hofhnan. Lively drills on the football field, the rendition of pep songs, along vvnh iazz ancl shovv tunes and exceHent ranngs in the Chnsnnas parade requned the band rnenwbers and AAL Hoffman to stand up and receive their well-deserved laurels. To achieve their present standard, band members spent many hours of pracnce and drHHng before schooL dunng acnvny penod and n1secHonalreheamak,xNhkh gave eachinenv ber close instruction and supervision in his particular field. However, all their work was well worth the effort. To round outthe year,the Band heklthen annualconcertin AAay,at which time parents as well as students could review the accontphshrnents and the fnnshed product of the '62J63 year. 52 SHOW BAND-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Royce Manwiller, Jeff Hammond, James Federicks, Lee Reiniger, Lee Phillips, Karl Wagner, Marie Knutson, Mr. Henry Hoffman-director. SECOND ROW: Lolita Eberly, Dennis Paradee, John Grill, Steve Pratt. THIRD ROW: Elwood Seifert, Robert Dewalt, David Moyer, Glenn Yeager, David Roland. how Band Mellow Musicians Master Many Melodies A small group of talented and well-groomed musicians, under the direction of Mr. Henry Hoffman, added much to the enjoyment of assemblies and pep rallies with their presentation of popular and standard music. At pep rallies students were introduced to the '62-'63 band, and were pleased immediately with what they heard. i s it Color Guard U ' omg oust-.1 C 1 C f 11 l , i O OYS HTC ll Y V N . COLOR GUARD "Right Face! Forward march!" Sound like an army sergeant? No, it was just Linda Bucks, color guard captain, as she barked signals at her fellow standard bearers, Cheryl Bieber, Sharon Bennethum, Sandra Kocur, Susan Deprill, Diane Guistwite, Linda Hower during their many half time and pre-game performances during the football season. These girls, under the supervision of Mr. Henry Hoffman, assisted by Nlr. Quentin Keath, spent many hours of drilling during the hot summer months in order to present the colors and standards of Muhlenberg at all the football games, parades, and in the maiorette show. COLOR GUARD-Left to right: Diane Guistwite, Linda Bucks-captain, Sandra Kocur, Cheryl Bieber, Sharon Bennethum, Susan Deprill, Linda Hower. 53 SENIOR LEADERS-Left to right: Susan Wertz, Jane Wilson, Shirley Reese. Throughout the football season the maiorettes with their masterful precision have provided incentive, enthusiasm and spirit for both the team and spectators. Their fine performances are examples of long, hard prac- tice and good supervision by Mr. Quentin Keath, director. This practice began at Red Lion, Pennsylvania, where for three days they were taught new stunts and learned how to im- prove their fundamentals. With the close of the Maiorette Show, the annual high light of the maiorettes' year, the tenth and eleventh grade girls bade farewell to eight seniors who have worked hard and contributed greatly to the maiorettes reputation of excellent skill. These girls were Shirley Reese, field marshal, Jane Wilson, flag leader, Kris Gustantino, Joyce Meck, and Faye Robertson, flag twirlers, Christine Tobias, and Diane Fairchild, senior batons, and Susan Wertz, band maiorette. The perfect co-ordination and team work exemplified by this organization combined with fine leadership and long training are the true reasons why Muhlenberg's maiorettes hold such a high rating. Maj orettesr Steel and Skirts Fly JUNIOR LEADERS-Left to right: Peggy Oxenreider, Mary Sekella, Marcia Ellingsworth. SENIOR BATONS-Left to right: Peggy Oxenreider fleaderj, Christine Tobias, Diane Fairchild, Lyndell Reber, Sandra Shalter. sg V1 J. V. MAJORETTES-Left lo right, FIRST ROW: Loretta lsett, Jody Brunner, Judy Gallagher, Bonnie Delcollo, Linda Haeseler, Georgine Kralles, Evelyn Auchenbach, Nancy Healy. SECOND ROW: Robin Fies, Linda Fairchild, Lyndell Renfschler, Diane Chura, Sharon Young, Christine Curtis, Ruth Hill, Aileen Moyer, Kathy Geho. as High Steppers Strut SENIOR FLAGS-Left io right: Kris Gustanlino, Joyce Medi, ANNOUNCERS AND SOAKERS-Left to right: Linda Reed, Rose Anne Greena- Judy Kohl, Faye ROberTSOn, Holly Knepp, Jane Wilson wall, Dolores Amendola, Janalee Antolick, Linda Handwork, Elsa Rhoads. Mr. Cleaderj. Quentin Keath fadviserj. JOURNALISM I-Left to right, FIRST ROW: George Ettele IV, Annie Godshall, Sandra Kocur. SECOND ROW: John Hart, JoAnne Blewett, RoseAnne Greenavvalt, Sharon Hodgkins, Filomena Rodino. THIRD ROW: Tim Braun, Karal Boyer, Judith Kohl, Linda Brown, Michele Sallade, Mariann Arloogast, Beth Seidel. FOURTH ROW: Linda Kitchens, Carolyn Cari, Bonnie Beaver, Judie Leisey, Jane Martin, Cathy Brown, Mary Shomper, Muhlenberg Observer and Mubltobyi Yearbook Is Published Despite Lack of Staff PHOTOGRAPHERS-Left to right: Mr. Robert Rasbridqe, Mr. Andrew Purdon. MUHLTOHI ART STAFF-Left to right Shirley Reese, James Spinka. Xf .4-94-""" ,ve .,-nv ,fa ,-1 '-,,,-- ,Q ,-w MUHLTOHI AND OBSERVER EDITORIAL STAFF-Left to right: Tim Braun, Susan Wertz, Linda Reed, Shirley Reese, Mr. Glenn Woods-adviser. ,,.......--- ws- sf ',.,,-.,...-T' .. 1-' ' ,,..v ..- ,.,.a- ""' .-- ' .4 - ,- - xx ..- ...- tw ..-. ,',,..-- f- Despite the shortage of staff members, this year's Muhltohi and Observer were published. ln order to be a member of both the staffs, one has to take both Journalism I and ll. The adviser for both of the publications is Mr. Glenn Woods. Both of the publications belong to the Columbia Press Association and the Pennsylvania School Press Association. The Observer staff for this year consisted of Linda Reed, News Editor, Shirley Reese, Feature Editor, Susan Wertz, Back Page Editor, and Tim Braun, Sports Editor. Besides publishing the Observer, this group gained additional experience in writing. This group also tried to maintain the second place rating which last year's Observer vvon in the Pennsylvania School Press Association. BOOKKEEPING CLUB-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Mr. Norman Wismer-adviser, John Potteiger, Cheryl Bieber-Ass't, Business Manager. SECOND ROW: Linda Stamm, Susan McDonald, Linda Waldbiesser, Linda Werley, Catharine Swoyer. THIRD ROW: Diann Steely, Judy Burns, Judy Garber, Carol Gehrke, Lyndell Reber. FOURTH ROW: Diane Fairchild, Joyce Richards, Suzette DeLong, Dolores Carl, Rosalyn Bloedow, Theda Gately, Carolyn Boyer. e Tx, I , ' n FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Lett to right, FIRST ROW: Mary Shomper-vice pres., Jane Wilson-pres., Holly Knepp-sec.-treass. SECOND ROW: Diane Witman, Beverly Jones, Evie Auchenbach, Sandy Snyder, Rosemary Spohn, Barbara Reese, Patricia Starke. THIRD ROW: Frances Rahn-adviser, Sandy Lessig, Linda Haeseler, Carlene Long, Carol Davis, JoAnne Blewett, Patrick Mullarky, Sandy Cramer, Beth Seidel, Anna Marie Ellis, Janet Moyer, Sandra Manwiller, Mariann Arbogast. FOURTH ROW: Kathleen Eluges, Judith Kohl, Judy Keath, Ruth Hill, Andrea Valeriano, Jack Williams, Maxine Tobias, Linda Hower, Carol Burkert, Eileen Steely, Lolita E erly, Marie Knutson. FIFTH ROW: Linda Reed, Susan Deprill, Carol Wise, Peggy Oxenreider, Peggy VanDriel, Cheryl Lenich, David Moyer, Eleanor Kistler, Carolyn Carl, Barbara Tranquillo, Robin Fies, Sherry Faust, Kathy Sobresky. F.T.A. Leaders of Tomorrow Gain Experience Today Q A ill Ay? From apple-polishing to gangster pranking is what you may encounter during a typical day if you enter the famed profession of educational counseling, or more simply, school teaching. To educate others is an honorable privilege which brings satisfatcion. There is one club at Muhlen- berg set up especially to advocate the teaching profession, the Future Teachers of America club. Consisting of about thiry-five members from tenth to twelfth grade, this club's purpose is to aid students in finding out if teaching is the vocation they would like to choose. F.T.A. which meets about once a month is presided over by June Wilson, president, Mary Shomper, vice pres., Hol- ly Knepp, sec.-treas., and Mike Mehle, program chairman. Miss Frances Rahn, guidance counsellor, is adviser. Student teaching and observing are the club's main activities. Once a week each mem- ber goes to observe the classroom of their choice, ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade, dur- ing a free period. At their monthly meetings the future teachers give a summary of what they did and saw. F .B.L. . Better Business Principles Practiced Commercial students in the tenth, eleventh, twelfth grade meet with their adviser, Mr. Joseph Butz, to partic- ipate inthe activities of the Business Leaders of America Club, which is sponsored on the local level and the national level by the National Business Education Association. Activities ofthe club during the year included cake sales, spelling bees and an assembly program entitled "Battle ofthe Classes." Cheryl Bieber was president of the organization. The vice president is Rosalyn Bloedow: secretary Carolyn Boyer and treasurer, Loretta Kramer. The purposes of the club were twelve-told. Among these were to develop competent, aggressive business leaders, to strengthen the confidence of young men and women in their work and in themselves, to create more interest and understanding in the intelligent choice of business occupation and to improve and to estab- lish standards for entrance into store ancl office occupations. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Mr. Joseph Butz, adviser, Carolyn Boyer-sec., Pat Beecher-reporter, Loretta Kramer-treas., Rosalyn Bloedow-vice pres., Carol Crooks-asst. Sec.-treas., Cheryl Bieber-pres. SECOND ROW: Janice Harbonic, Catherine Swoyer, Peggy Rauenzahn, Judith Korn, Judith Sabatino, Sharon Walton, Linda Handwork. THIRD ROW: Judy Burns, Carol Rodick, Sandy Smith, Sandra Wetzel Sandra Benton, Carolyn Kline, Carol' Jackson, Kathleen Schoning, Nancy Trout. FOURTH ROW: Karl Wagner, Charlene Faller, Linda Schaich Darlene Waytovich, Cynthia Gromis, Kenneth Weaver. , - --. - -- sfffglz c 1- - L-1' 1- 'ire l ' 1-ff! c C g: - N .- ew" - . ' Q KXXWMXX f LW- Q A 03 UT U R I 26 s , E U di X , USINESS 9 , 1 J .fe ff, - v If 1 Q- Z, ,, ,L 5 . 1 X ,,, J EADERS - s-2 ei' ' Z ,nfl . - -Ev xfyff :Z " gs 1 iff.: MERICA -A -TA , ' Q STAGE CREW-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Mr. Olin Marth-adviser, Alex Miller, Warren Greth isittingl stage manager. SECOND ROW: Royce Gernert, Douglas Henne. THIRD ROW: David Fetterman, Gary Zappacosta. tage Crew Group Readies World of Sound, Lights and Flats Administering sound effects, setting up scenery, developing new and better lighting techniques are lust a few of the things which are produced by the stage crew. Also included in their busy schedule is helping with props for school assembly programs, class play Muhl Revue, various rehearsals, or whenever their assistance may be called for on the stage. Some of their time is spent during night rehearsals for the school and sometimes activities not concerned with the school. ta e Craft Club Club Centers Activities Around Creativity and Criticism One of MuhIenberg's newly formed clubs is the Stage Craft Club, which is under the leadership of Mr. Ronald Rhode. When the Stage Craft Club was first added to the school's activity program, many students wondered what was the purpose of this club. Mr. Ronald Rhode revealed that the Stage Craft Club was formed to prepare scenery for the special assemblies and programs throughout the year. Members of this club also produce special properties for such events as May Day, the Junior and Senior Class Plays, the Muhl Revue, the Band Concert, and the Spring Concert. Membership of the Stage Craft Club is open to all grades and the club is conducted somewhat like an art class. Another job of stagecraft members is to design stage settings and provide special properties for particular plays. Stage Craft Club was also organized to give the students interested in the theatrical world the opportunity to study theatrical makesup and production techniques. Throughout the school year, stage craft members learn how flats are constructed, the techniques of painting scenery, and to create special effects. If any student is interested in the field of art and the theatrical world, ioining the Stage Craft Club would be a very reliable ex- perience. STAGE CRAFT CLUB-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Mr. Ronald Rhode-adviser, James Spinka, Holly Knepp, AnnaMarie Ellis, Sandra Bechtel Dolores Amendola, Rosemarie Zastowt, Carolyn Sumrall, Virginia Kessler. SECOND ROW: Marcia Brown, Sharon Bennethum, Linda -Bucks Linda Sheetz, Robin Kleffel. THIRD ROW: Eugene Burkart, Darlene Fields, Sherry Faust, Joyce Napior, Peggy VanDreil, Pamm Steiner 40 -v 1.3 wMm"'M""""W"n---W-W. A . A ,, . .K-we 'Y 1.35 " 1 ...:- - . Q , Q --View - A .. new K7 S .6 i ,twq L we 1--,,..-ez WW N"t"Wss,,N,, , HALL PATROL-Left to right, FIRST ROW: George Vogel, Elwood Seifert, David Evans, Robert Snyder, Dennis Paradee, Jerry Schoener, Edward Forry, Joe Julian. SECOND ROW: Mike Mehle, Terry Spinka, Robert Griesemer, Robert Germann, Mike Sharp, Richard DiGuardi, Doug Henne, Dwight Moser. THlRD ROW: James Miller, Walter Dieterle, David Fetterman, Keith McLaughlin, Warren Greth, Barry Humbert. Hall Patrol Students Direct Traffic in Hallways "Hey, turn around! You're walking on the wrong side of the hall!" This might be one of the several com- ments made by the hall patrol to students of M.T.H.S. The hall patrol has the iob of keeping dazzled students moving in the proper direction and at a proper rate of speed to prevent congesting. These boys also help with tire drills and air raid drills. To sum it up they have general supervision of students through the halls. Mr. Claude Spancake, adviser of Hall Patrol, stated that for the service these boys give, they receive a letter at tne end ofthe year. 6I DEBATING CLUB-Left To right, FIRST ROW: Mr. Ray Weitzel-adviser, John Grill. SECOND ROW: Robert Greenawalt. THIRD ROW Mr Jerome Martorana-adviser, Linda Reed, FOURTH ROW: Janet Moyer, Rose Anne Greenawalt. FIFTH ROW: Joseph Manzella, Karal Boyer Debating Club Club Reads, 'Rites, Rebuts Resolved: that the United States should take a more force- ful policy toward Cuba." Through much preparation and hard work, the debating club fully exerted itself in inter- scholastic meets at Hamburg, Muhlenberg, and Schuylkill Valley on March 6, 7, and 8 respectively. With the aid ot advisers, Mr. Ray Weitzel and Mr. Jerome Martorana, this year's debaters learned to take criticism and thus better themselves. Out of the eight members of the club, the "Selected six" represented Muhlenberg on the debate panels. However, all eight members gathered information and shared their accumulated knowledge. Through much research and practice, these ambitious students learned to "dig" for the truth, speak it, and then be ready for the "rabble-rousing" rebuttal by the opposition. s, A The Model United Nations Club, advised by Mr. Ray Weitzel and Mrs. Jerome J. Martorana, added one more thing to their busy schedule this year, a trip to Canada Model U.N. Conference, at which Muhlenberg was the only U.S. school to participate. East Coach Model United Nations Conference was on the agenda again this year at Pierre S. DuPont High School in Wilmington, Delaware. Eight dele- gates represented Norway through the conference, April 5, 6, 7. To attend this conference, students were chosen according to ability, experience, club participation and co-operation, performance at prev- ious Model U.N. conferences, and leadership. The main purposes of the club are to teach students how to think and talk in front of an audience, to learn to understand the problems and viewpoints of the peoples of other countries anol to learn how the U.N. functions and its influence on world affairs. UN Club Diplomacy Develops Democracy fb Ee F 92 ss ! UNITED NATIONS-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Mr. Ray Weitzel-adviser, Rose Anne Greenawalt-pres., Linda Bucks-sec., Linda Reed treas Carol Burkert-historian, Mr. Jerome Martorana-adviser. SECOND ROW: Diane Witman, Bonnie Levengood, Barbara Kalbach, Darlene Weaver Marie Knutson, Janet Moyer, Jacqueline Jost, Andrea Valeriano, Kathleen Huges, Karal Boyer. THIRD ROW: Lynda Maurer, Linda Sheetz Pamela Steiner, Joanne Moyer, Nancy Redcay, Christine Heere, Joyce Napior, Sheery Faust. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Zygmunt, Richard Haiech Roger Schmidt, Jack Lattemann, John Grill, David Moyer, Ray Sidella, Robert Greenawalt, Joseph Manzella. GIRLS' BOWLING CLUB-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Laura Kennedy, Diana Hoptley, Judy Valeriano, Marcia Brown, Sandra Wetzel Suzanna Lebo. SECOND ROW: Linda Schroeder, Sandra Vaccaro, Carol Rothenberger, Patricia Parfet, Nancy Trout, Charlotte Klee, Susan Smith Dolores Hafer. THIRD ROW: Linda Richardson, Georgia Pennock, Cynthia Neher, Martha Pottieger, Joyce Napior, Barbara Huber, Diana Chura Darlene Fields, Nancy Cassidy. FOURTH ROW: Jane Kauffman, Kathleen Hughes, Delores Moatz, Ilona Sell, Christine Curtis, Jody Brunner Darlyn Ott, Faye Stalbot, Lynda Maurer, Tammy Miller, Pat Corriden. Boys' and Girls' Bowling Clubs Strikes and Spares Are Students, Goals X f f P5 R -M "Get that spare" are familiar words when bowling. This is a lot easier said than done. It takes many hours of prac- tice and instruction to perfect this skill. Bowling club is one way of learning to bowl properly. The first step of instruc- tion is films showing form and handling the ball properly. After learning the fundamentals, teams are formed. These teams then compete against each other. The clubs meet weekly at Laurel Lanes Bowling Alley. The purpose of the Boys' Bowling Club is to provide an opportunity to learn an activity with a great deal of carry over value. This club meets each Wednesday during the seventh period. There are twenty boys who participate. Their faculty adviser is Mr. Donald Delp. The Girls' Bowling Club consists of thirty- nine members, who meet every Tuesday during the seventh period. The officers of the club: Joyce Napior, president, Donna DeSante, vice-president, Marty Potteiger, secretary, Christine Curtis, treasurer, Miss Mary Jane Delp, adviser. 64 sl if l X, vkl N X.. 2' FORUM CLUB-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Elsa Rhoads Qstandingl-sec., Mary Wilson, Linda Hess, Diane Rhoads, Carol Davis, Sandy Cramer, Susan Leinbach. SECOND ROW: Phil Mertz, Sandra Kocur, Carolyn Carl, Bonnie Beaver, Robin Keiffel, Theda Gately, Cathy Brown, Dorsey Amendola. THIRD ROW: Darryl Conner, Donald Moleski, Richard Bahner, Robert Germann, Warren Greth, Glenn Yeager, James Fredericks, Alex Miller. Forum Club Inquiring Minds Promote Enlighting and Interesting Discussions 1 T? l r 0' fi- f f f ,.,f Forum Club has been revived again this year tor the purpose ot giving those students, who are properly qualified, extra study in such subjects as literature, history, current events, and many other subjects. ln order to be a member of the Forum Club one must have at least a B average and have a willingness to partici- pate in discussions and club activities. The club's adviser is Mr. Edmond Ettinger. Boys? Bowlin Club Left to right, FIRST ROW: Michael Westly, Tony Pugeise, James Rowe Michael Davis, Jackson Heffner, Steve Richards, Henry Hafer, Barry Smith Fred Hoagland. SECOND ROW: Michael Gross, Steven Kehr, Dennis Spease Lee Althouse, Gregory Bennethum, Kenny Levan, Carl Metz, William Smith Dennis Fetter, Rich Adams, David Ney, Mr. Donald Delp. "r I BIOLOGY CLUB-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Mr. Myron F. Boyer -adviser, Ann Rothenberger Steve Bauer Wayne Cox Martha Potteiger Richard Protheroe. SECOND ROW: Marsha Hassler, Linda Richardson, Linda Schlegel Carol Rothenberger Patsy Parfet Daniel Krize Sandy Murphy, Dolores Hafer, Linda Schonour, Georgia Pennock. B' l Club Activities Stimulate Further Interest in Biological Field Biology club is an organization formed to arouse interest in the biological field. Students, wishing to ioin, have all the opportunity to gain further knowledge in all aspects of the biology realm. lt also serves as an aid to those who plan a biological profession, which includes doc- tors, nurses, and X-ray technicians as well as biochemists, pathologists, biology teachers, bacteriologists and many others in the science profession. Since the start of the year the club has had two speakers, Dr. Jasper S. Chen See, a pathologist at St. Joseph's Hospital, and Mr. John J. Hoffman, Narcotics Investigator for the Department of Public Health. The students themselves have given panel discussions on Radiation and a debate on Socialized Medicine. There have also been films. F. .A. Club Members Obtain Background for Future Occupations Are you interested in continuing your career Through scientific lines? If so why not join other students with the same likes and dislikes who are members of F.S.A., Future Scientists of America? Every Monday during the 7th period, class members, juniors and sophomores, attend a meeting which is conducted by Judy Dresher, president, ll-2, Ronald Reed, vice-president, ll-5, Filomena Rodino, secretary, ll-5, and Philip Mertz, treasurer, lO-6, under the guidance of Mr. Myron Boyer, biology teacher. Every month a different subject is selected and executed for a program. These topics are usually a variety of the scientific fields which holds the interest of someone in the club. For, example during the month of February, the club had a discussion on Mental Health and then in the following weeks a film and a speaker were presented to better illustrate the subiect. ln the be- ginning of the school year this educational club usually plans one large proiect, which will benefit the school or its increasing population. This year they had planned to aid the number of awards which were given at the Science Fair and also give a Grand Champion Award. Unfortunately there was a slight mix-up and the awards were not purchased in time. FUTURE SCIENTISTS OF AMERICA-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Mr. Myron Boyer-adviser, Patricia Keller, Judy Gallagier, Evie Auchenbach, Linda Hagerman, Martha Potteiger, Marsha Hassler, Linda Yakimo-dir. of public relations, Judy Dresher-pres. SECOND ROW: John Kutzamanis, Robert Greenawalt, Richard Haish, Alex Miller, Lynda Maurer, Ruth Hill, Filomena Rodino-sec. THlRD ROW: Donald Moleski, Warren Ulle, Stephen Bauer, Kent Meyer, Mel Katzenmoyer, Joseph Manzella, Michael Westley, Ronald Reed-vice pres., Phil Mertz-treas. 3 L 1 ,. . 1 X8 3:59 fifilflvfi A ' 'U' T P S ? O r AMERX -Q-.- MONDAY TYPING CLUB-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Marilyn Havens, Catherine Rothenberger, Sandy Mattes, Sandy Mohn, Judith Korn, Marcia Ellingsworth. SECOND ROW: Carol Jackson, Jeanette Hock, Beth Holl, Nancy Nieder, Darlene Bernstel, Peggy Rauenzahn, Leslyn Herb, Eileen Nardo. THIRD ROW: Carol Haeseler, Sheri Mertz, Carole Leibold, Linda Sherman, Linda McCarter, Sandy Benton, Pat Corriden, Linda Schaich. I 5 . K fl? Typing Clubs f- , Clubs Created for Learning and Improvement WEDNESDAY TYPING CLUB-Left to right, FIRST ROW: Barbara Sumrall, Linda Hagenman, Eiler, Eileen Stoeber, Grace Lumley, Beverly Jones, Sandy Eisenhart. SECOND ROW: Judy Linda Schroeder, Tammy Miller, Marcia Brown, Carlene Long, Beth Seidel, Susie Scheirer, DeSante. THIRD ROW: Linda Grube, Barbara Cleaver, Judy Filman, Andrea Young, Cheryl Rosalee Fedak, Peggy VanDriel, Joan Coopersmith. FOURTH ROW: Michael Moletrerr, Schearer, Richard Schmehl, Fred Schaich, Dennis Danko, Thomas Bear, Paul Schmehl, Larry A Brian Graeff. Sharon Asbell, Donna Lenich, Barry ntolick, -7, - Q'--f' f " ,K fi 1 " ' 4 O 68 TUESDAY TYPlNG CLUB Left to right FIRST ROW Suzette DeLong, Dorothy Skrocki, Joan Yeager, Linda Werley, Linda Waldbieser, Gail Krick SECOND ROW Judy Burns Jeanette Showers Judy Sabatino Diane Rhoads, Carolyn Boyer, Diann Steely, Linda Stamm. THIRD ROW: Janice Gricoskie Carolyn Kline Rosalyn Bloedow Sharon White Margaret Wolf, Carol Gehrke, Lyndell Reber, Sandra Shalter. Typing for all students was offered during the activities period. A typing club was held for students, primarily academic, who could not fit the course into their daily curriculum. They learned in a relatively short period of time, the basics of typing which could ordinarily be learned in a typing I class. Through much practice both during an activity period and at home, they have learned to become more self-sufficient and thus better collegebound students. Typing ll club was held for any student who previously had typing during a class period. During seventh period, these students could practice technique, etc., and thus ac- quire more skill which will help them become more effi- cient in the secretarial course. Truly, typing club can be stated as an assist to all students. lt not only is an aid to those in the secretarial course but also teaches self-sufficiency and the basic skills to academic students. 69 We .mf Av 70 W ,,,w ,Wg Q... KN '54 Q? 4 ., ..,,,- I, ,an--M' 1 H. I 1 wx- B I f n J' f Y ,-'S a ..-A 4 E gl S li 1 1962-'63 FOOTBALL SQUAD-TOP ROW, left to right: Randolph Wagonseller, Daniel Hoffman, Glenn Newcomb, John Rohrbacher, Leroy Warmkessel, Richard DiGuardi, Gary Badinger, Barry Rapp. MIDDLE ROW, left to right: Norbert Rohl-manager, Kenneth McDonald, Darrel Hinkel, Peter Galvin, Peter Hutsco, Edward Reese, Joseph Julian, James Spinka. BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Barry Browne-manager, Kent Meyer, Ronald Zygmunt, Roger Schmidt, Robert Hanley, Jerry Hanley, Dean Shipe, Robert Snyder. COACHES CONFER-Standing is Head Coach Mr. Harold Stefl. Kneeling are Backfield Coach Mr. Paul McLaughlin, and Line Coach Mr. Jay Schmitt. 72 ophomores The out-weighed ii of the 62-63 season pulled in a 4-6 record. Proud with many games, coach Stefl realized the difficulty of the weight ratio. The practice was hard but worth while. It always helped us in the 3rd and 4th quarters when things started to get rough. The sophomores dominated the squad with 26 members. With 8 iuniors that will be re- turning Coach Stefl will have the iob of shap- ing and conditioning them for the '63-'64 season. 1962-'63 FOOTBALL SQUAD-TOP ROW, left to right: Larry Rothenberger, Lee Phillips, Michael Nye, Richard Fatkin, Kenneth Withers, Jeffrey Wolfe, William Desmond, Donald Wary-manager. MIDDLE ROW, left to right: Barry Wunder, Stephen Pradon, Dennis Danco, Robert Griesemer, George Ettele, Kieth McLaughlin, Kenneth Fulmer-manager. BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Joseph Manzella, Louis Pellegrini, Terry Withers, Paul Weidner, Kerry Klick, Carl Lutz, Thomas Ross. ' 9 '63 S 62' CALLING DR. CASEY-George Ettele, Junior tackle, receives first aid from trainer Dr. O'Brien. ANT SIZED POWERHOUSE-Paul Weidner carries the pigskin against the Pen Argyl eleven. Out-Weighed Muhls S SCHEDULE Muhlenberg 32 Daniel Boone ....... - Muhlenberg ....,eee ,..,. 7 Pen Argyl .,,.e,., Muhlenberg 46 Cornwall .,........... - Muhlenberg 41 Nesquohoning ....,... Muhlenberg 6 Lancasrer CaTholic .... Muhlenberg ,,,o.... ..... 6 Governor Mifflin .,,, Muhlenberg O Schuylkill Haven .,,,, Muhlenberg 6 Wilson ....,...A........... Muhlenberg oo,,.,., ...,. 0 Lebanon Calholic .oo, Won-4 Lost-6 RICHARD Dl GUARDI-END JIM SPINKA-GUARD BOBBY HANLEY-BACK ED REESE-BACK 4-6 L0 With 6 tarting Sophomores '92 FINGER DRIVE-Bob Hanley is stopped PLENTY OF BLOCKING-Paul Weidner I3 sweeps right end and finds Steve Pradon 53 before ioo much yardage is gained. JOE JULIAN-BACK and Bolo Hanley I8 clearing the way. JOHN ROHRBACHER-BACK GARY BADINGER-TACKLE Muhls Are on the March COAST IS CLEAR-Decepfive Paul Weidner ourruns Two Pen Argyl op- ponenfs to Freedom. UP, UP AND AWAY-End Dick DiGuardi prepares to snag a pass as a Lancaster Catholic back defends. . iLeftJ 'EM GOOD-Affer 24 minutes of exhausting play, the Muhls look forward to their well deserved halftime rest. f .... wr K kv Zn! Q W A i QA. yn 55 JL KKVV.: Ax M i a n ..." 'iw , i M A xl A Q Q M, :Tl I 'L L J VE Q A , W X ' A gf- if A, 5 -an wc. f 3 F 'V' 45 K i xr-' . .. -2 V 1' ' lfy T' I , 'K .1 W. xl. I F air , 'I ,, V' W t af' 'if' ,. , ii. .,,1,...H.-W-vf f- A K ,nv ,,., AMa..W.mM4l1by.W W f ! 'f- ' "-""'----fp pf , 6 f-- i - .:,g,, 'Tig , , g 1 - 33 5' k bl M... L- " j. W -f f 5 , . I . 3 .N-w.,M'Q if ' - - 4,,.-7,1It-75-?:.',5QR:'gj.'v3Qai,QX' , 1 K . x E W A wk 'K , k, 1y J- ,Hg ,. X fd: A , X M 2 Sp' 7 -Mlm.. k .....-.--W V-f., in , sin ,. 'KU ww ww 77 Harriers Hamess 4-4 Record COACH MR. ROBERT KNOUSE The Seniors Strut fleft To rightj George Vogel, Jerry Schoener, Terry Oxenreider. ln his initial season as coach, Mr. Robert MUl'1lS --------- -- --,- 21 Mount Penn -AY-YYY-..---V 34 Knouse masterminoled the 1962-63 Cross- Mvhls ----e---- -------- 3 7 Olel' --------.--.------v-----V.A- 13 Country squad 10 3 4-A mark, NlUl"llS ......Y.. ........ 3 2 SCl'lUYlkll Valley ........ 22 Leading the blue and gold aggregation in lVlUl'llS f-------- A-----f' 2 5 Twin Valley f-------AAYYYYY, 30 this grueling sport were Lee Reiniger, a NlUlWl5 --e---,,- -------- l 7 WllSOf1 -YYY-...YYY.-..Y........ 38 Junior, and Kenny Lyons, a freshman. Also NlUl'1lS A---,---- ---4---- 2 3 EXGTSI' ............. -.4.... 2 7 contributing greatly to the cause, were seniors NlUl1lS ---'----- -------, 3 6 GOV- Mifflin --A---,f.f..,- T9 George Vogel, Jerry Schoener, Terry Oxen- Muhls -------e- -------- l 5 VVYOYT1lSSlf19 .--- -----.f 4 0 rider and iuniors lngus Salks and Richard Reeser. FIRST ROW: Jack Long, Martin Phillips, Kenneth Lyons, and Brian Graeff. SECOND ROW: Jeffrey Hammond, Raymond Wiedefnhammer, Lee Althouse, and Richard Adams. THIRD ROW: Glenn Hain, Daniel Calabria, Larry Yentch, Kerry Reppert, and James Rothenberger. 78 FIRST ROW: Lee Reiniger, Tim Braun, and lngus Salks. SECOND ROW: Terry Rohrbacher, Richard Reeser, and Robert Sachetta. THIRD ROW: George Vogel and Stephen Musser. FOURTH ROW: Terry Oxenreider and Jerry Schoener. Chosen as the Outstanding Athlete of Muhlenberg Township High School for the year 1962-63, is James Spinka. Being somewhat short and well-built, Jim repre- sented Muhlenberg in many sports throughout the year. In tall, Jim was found playing football, and later was chosen as a member on the Reading Eagle and Times All-County' teams. Achieving the Knepp trophy in wrestling, he was Berks County champion in the 165 Ib. class. Also active in Intramurals, Jim received trophies in shuffleboard and basketball. During track season, Jim was a weight lifting instructor. As an all-around and devoted athlete, Jim gave his all to every sport, and most certainly deserved to be Muhlenberg's 1962-63 Outstanding Senior Athlete. Pert and lively "Sandy" Lessig is equally capable of carr in the honors of bein In the Muhl Lite Outstanding Sportsmen Whether on the hockey tield playing center halfback, on the basketball court as center guard, Y Q Q an outstanding athlete. Co- starring with Mariann, Sandy is definitely an asset to the Muh- lettes, both in girls' basketball and hockey. ln tenth grade when Sandy was sidelined with a broken shoulder, she proved her 'faithfulness by cheering her team to win. In intramural basketball, volley- ball, hockey, and baseball, this able athlete led her girls on to victory and championship. Out- ot-school recreation, which occupies Sandy's time, is yacht- ing and swimming. With an eye toward the tu- ture, Sandy plans to enter the field of physical education teaching. Muhlenberg will al- ways appreciate the willing- ness and ability of Sandy Les- sig. or at the varsity games cheering, Mariann Arbogast's enthusiasm and zeal could be easily felt by all bystanders. This perky '63 Yell Queen, because ot her out- standing athletic ability and her tremendous school spirit, was selected as an outstanding girl athlete. Though striving throughout the year to improve Muhlen- berg's sportsmanship Mariann believes, "That there is plenty of room for improvement." HOCKEY TEAM-FIRST ROW, left to right: Mariann Arbogast, Sandra Lessig, Sandra Cramer, Susan Deprill, Holly Knepp, Eileen Steely, Gladys Shollenberger, Peggy Oxenreider, Filameno Rodino, Particia Starke. SECOND ROW: Janice Stull, Judith Dresher, Elvira Gogliuzza, Barbara Sterner, Evelyn Auchenbach, Carol Santoni, Linda Hassler, Barbara Huber, Janice Hart, Robin Fies, Judith Boyer, Carol Heister, Marie Knutson, Georgia Pennock. THIRD ROW: Barbara Ney, Ann Arnmarell, Linda Schaich, Susan Davidson, Lolita Eberly, Katherine Hlatky, Linda Witmen, Susan Guldin, Linda Sheetz. Sandra Bechtel, Deborah Linderman, Sandra Murphy, Pamela Steiner, Sandra Martin, Joanne Greenawalt, Ruth Hill, Vicky Sands, and Nancy Redcay.. Muhlettes Tie for Second Completion of the i962 hockey season found the Muhlettes in a tie for second place with Wilson High School, and having a 4-2-2 record. Although their record was not perfect, their spirits were "tops" in both defeats as well as victories. Along with the season the girls gained better sportsmanship, a willing- ness to fight harder for their goals, and never once gave up the challenge until the final whistle was blown. With five seniors leaving, the Muhlettes will find themselves returning with one half of the back field and three-fifths of the forward line, not to mention the coach, Miss Mary Jane Delp. Gladys Shollenberger is clear after re- ln preparation for the Wilson game at home Last minute preparations are made for the ceiving a pass from a teammate. these girls decorated the field. Left to right game as Eileen Steely has her ankle wrapped are: Elvia Gogliuzza, Sandra Lessig, Barbara by Cynthia Spohn. 80 Sterner, and Lolita Eberly. At right two Muhlenberg girls Sandra Cramer and Susan Deprill try to avoid a Wilson opponent Cleftl from taking the ball away Looking on in the back- ground is Muhlenbergs Eileen Steely. COACH AND MANAGERS -FIRST ROW, left to right: Carol Davis, Jack Chockey mascotj, Barbara Amma- rell, Joanne Blewett, Cynthia Spohn. SECOND ROW: Sharon Hodgkins, Dorsey Amendola, Coach Miss Mary Jane Delp, and Carol Lonaberger. At left Mariann Arbogast prepares to tackle a Wilson opponent Crightl as Pat Starke looks on. Sandra Cramer Cleftj and Mariann Arbogast frightl listen attentively as the official Knot picturedj gives the rules for the game, HOCKEY SCHEDULE Muhlenberg ....,,,... . ,.,,, 1 Muhlenberg ...,.. ...... 2 Muhlenberg ...,. .. .... el Muhlenberg ...... ..e,. I Muhlenberg ..,,.. ...... 2 Q Muhlenberg ...... ...., O Muhlenberg ,.e...........,. O Muhlenberg .....,......,.., O Record: -4 wins, 2 ties, 2 Twin Valley .,.,... Governor Mifflin .,..e. 2 West Reading .... .v,.., 0 ' O Wilson .....,e,-.... ,...,e Twin Valley ..... Governor Mifflin West Reading .... .,.,.. l ' O Wilson ,,,.,.,...s losses George Vogel launches iumper against Mount Penn. Seated, left to right: Mr. Carl Richie and Mr. Robert Knouse turned in a fine iob as official score keeper and timer respectively. Kevin McLaughlin and Bobby Steinmetz show their approval during the thick of action. A tired, deiected Muhlenberg team receives half- ' time instruction from Coach Steinmetz. it ophst Dominate ww.. M VARSITY-left to right, kneeling: Terry Oxenreider and George Vogel. Standing: Mr. Robert Steinmetz, Kent Weitzel, Stanley Trout, Lee Reiniger, Daniel Calabria, Kerry Reppert, Timothy Braun, Barry Rapp and Richard Reeser. 82 uhl Scorers ,iff Y-.. Braun quickly mOveS Surrounded by three Mount Penn ball up court. defenders Tim Braun hooks a pass to unseen teammate. Rick Reeser maneuvers as Stan Trout looks on Clielowl Kent Wertzel and David Staley battle for the loose ball A wwe 'QTNX Xxx 'W-M w.,,w Wwvwwwwf Pre-game tension mounts. Hear the latest ioke? "Now this is how l want it run." 83 Kent Weitzel steals a pass and drives past his man for a Muhl Cagers Turn in Satisfactory Season for Coach Steinmetz Under Coach Steinmetz, the 1962-63 edition of the varsity bouncers completed their season with an even scoring record of 11-11. For the first time in the history of basketball at Muhlenberg tour sophomores, Danny Calabria, Kerry Reppert, Barry Rapp, and Kent Weitzel donned varsity uni- forms. Wearing the blue and gold for the last time, were George Vogel and Terry Oxenreider. George, in his record season of Varsity competition, finished second in team scoring behind Calabria. Terry, also a two yearman teamed up with Tim Braun in the backcourt to play hustling and spirited ball through- out the entire campaign. It was truly a year of trial and Tribulation for Coach Steinmetz and the boys. However, the experience gained should be reward enough. All eyes on the ball. SCHEDULE M.T.H.S M.T.H.S M.T.H.S M.T.H.S M.T.H.S M.T.H.S M.T.H.S:1: QQQQQ1 M.T.H.S .,c,c.. c,,ccc, M.T.H.S ...,.,,,,, s..,,.., M.T,H.S ..,,s.,,., ,,,,..., M.T.H.S .,,,,,.,,. ......,, Fleetwood ,,,,,,,, Daniel Boone sY,,,,, Kutztown ,s,........ Oley ,,,,,,,...,..,, M.T.H.S ...,,.. ,,,..,, M ount Penn .,,.,,, M.T.H.S .....,. ,,,,,,, W ilson .,...,,,..,,,,,,,, M.T.H.S Schuylkill Valley M.T.H.S .,s,,.. ....... C onrad Weiser ,,,, M.T.H.S Alumni ,,,,,,,,,, M.T.H.S Exeter ......,.,,,,,.. West Reading ,,,.. Governor Mifflin . Hamburg ,,,,...,,,, Wyomissing ,,,,,, Wilson ,,,....,.,,,..,,,, Schuylkill Valley , M.T.H.S ..,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 6 O Conrad Weiser ., M.T.H.S West Reading ,,,,,, M.T.H.S .s.,,,,,,. ,,,...., 4 1 Governor Mifflin M.T.H.S ....,.,ss, .,.s,,,, 5 1 Hamburg ,,,,,,,..s.. M.T.H.S .,...,,,,. s,s,,,,, 3 6 Wyomissing ,,,,.... Lancaster Catholic vo 4 M ai J km V'-Q F .Q-arf 2 K, ,- 922332 ' I- Ku I' it 'AU 9 W H... -il. 4 L J , fl' 4 .h 'S . 3 , -, ,fi A ' A ' 'fi - ' .. 1 :WiiS Y1f1 i'fa A 5 D A i, fx. , 4AJ1"'. :'-1 gy '10, 1 'z.,,,g, I , Q vii. as ' Q- 4 1. fe , I' 74 Roger Schmidt R 2O, fires a pass across half court against Wilson. L-.-. Baby BOHIICCIS Attam Know How Larry Uruckerj, Yentch manuevers agamst the Mounts. ,V 1? Roger SCl'lmidf, all alone on a fast break, lays it up for two. If I were in there l'd uf' V 'ya -""'i Q, J f'ff':nfF" . f vw if Mfg With his Team trailing by three points in thc final stanza, Dick Savage drives past his man for a basket. Meiiau hlinites Emerge Victorious Team Posts 16-5 Markg Finish Second JUNIOR VARSITY-Left to right: Brian Graeff, Robert Haddock, Larry Yentsch, Fred Snyder, Jeffery Keim, Michael Nye, Richard Savage James Rothenberger, Roger Schmidt, and Mr. Paul McLaughlin-coach. h , .xv Carol Hlester outlumps Twln Valley opponent. Peggy Oxenrider shoots in pre-game practice. Coach Mary Jane Delp relates during time-out. instructions Peggy Oxenrider battles for rebound as Carol Hiester looks on. Muhlenloerg's defense retreats as opponent attempts scor Left to right: Coach Delp and managers Anna Marie Ellis, Carol Lonaberger, Carolyn Carl, Darlyn Ott, Linda Handwork, and Judith Keath. E GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM-Sandy Lessig and Mariann Arbogast. FRONT ROW, left to right: Cathy Sobresky, Nancy Cassidy, Linda Whitman, Andrea Young, Linda Shike, Dolores Hafer, Carol Hiester, Colette Clark, Peggy Oxenreider, Robin Fies, and Sandy Murphy. SECOND ROW: Barbara Sterner, Gladys Shollenberger, Evie Auchenbach, Judy Boyer, Janice Hart, Ann Rothenberger, Debbie Lindermen, Suzi Clouser, Holly Knepp, Leslyn Herb, Lolita Eberly and Linda Schlegel. Lassies Lasso Central Division Laurels Under the fine leadership of coach Miss Mary Jane Delp, the 1963 edition of the Muhlettes ioosted a fine O-1, record and the Central Division Championship. Only a slim 42-41 loss to Wilson, in the final game of the season stopped this fine team from ioosting the initial undefeated girls basketball season in Muhlenberg's history. Setting the scoring tempo during the season were Sandy Lessig, a fine guard, who scored 156 points for a 17 point average and forward Colette Clark, who scored 147 points with a 16 point average. Sandy and Mariann Arbogast, an outstanding defensive demon, represented the only seniors on this year's squad. With outstanding underclassmen like Colette, Peggy Oxenreider, Robin Fies and Holly Knepp SCHEDULE M.T.H.S .,,,,,. ssssss,, 5 3 M.T.H.S .,.,,,, ,ss,..., 2 6 M.T.H.S .,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 4 1 M.T.H.S ....,,, ...,,,,, 4 3 M.T.H.S .,,,,ss .,..... 5 2 M.T.H.S .ss..,, ,,,,..., 4 7 M.T.H.S. ,,,,,, ......., 3 8 M.T.H.S .,,,... ,,,...,, 5 9 M.T.H,S. .,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,., 41 Record-8 Wins-1 Loss Twin Valley Gov. M. Fflin Alumni ,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wilson ..., ,,.. Twin Valley W. Reading Gov. Mifflin W. Reading Wilson ,,,,,,,, Colette Clark attempts a foul shot in the game against Twin Valley. the future looks bright. Phew! This is the feeling expressed by the varsity as they reach for oranges at halftime. Left to right: Carol Hiester, Dolores Hafer, Sandy Lessig, Peggy Oxenreider, Robin Fies, Gladys Sholl- enberger and Mariann Arbogast. H 51151525221 f" igfiswfbjs pr' - I a tg' X, :Lil tw, sg, .,..,,,k R. , ,- ' iF, 1 9 V2 . ..., 7 . -ir, 'Rm F fu 18 16V2 15-5, ' 'C 7V2 sa 2 2 1 5 V2 1 V2 6 Muhls. Record 7-7 G. M. at Muhl. Muhl. at Exeter Muhl. at Boone Conrad Weiser at Muhl. Muhl. at Kutz Fleetwood at Muhl. Exeter at Muhl. Muhl. at Wyomis- sing Muhl. at Conrad Weiser Opp. V2 13 18 2 3 V2 12V2 4V2 18V2 14 -County Tournament- 4,5133 19V2 Kutz. at Muhl. V2 2 Muhl. at Fleet- wood 18 -District Ill Tournament- 4V2 Wyomissing at Muhl. 7V2 18V2 Boyertown at f Muhl. 1V2 1 1 1 The nine of clubs stand Left to right: Phil Mertz, Michael Wesley, Dennis Paradee, Edward Hart, Richard Davis, John Rohrbacher, Herbert Hater, Leroy Warmkessel, and Kent Weitzel ready for action. Golf Record at . OO Mark Mt. Penn at Muhl 19 Losing only three men from this year's squad, the Muhl golf team should be a strong contender for county honors next year. Playing 14 games of golf, the team had a record which stands at the .500 mark. On the green or off the team showed real spirit. Mr. Jay Schmitt coached his team on to many victories and although they didn't run away with all the laurels, they acquired their share. Even though golf is only a minor sport, there are always enough participants to field a team. Each year Muhlenberg golf addicts hike from hole to hole enioying their favorite sport. Time out from instruction, Mr. Jay Schmitt, golf coach. Fans check to see if tallying is correct, after enioying the game. ,Occ 4 r v SCHEDULE OPP. MTHS 2 Mifflin .,.,, A.,,,,,, 3 3 Fleetwood 2 3 Wyomissing .,,, ,,,,, 2 l Hamburg ..,,,, ,,.,.. 4 5 Wilson ,,,,,, ..... O 2 Mifflin ....,.,,. .,,,, 3 3 Fleetwood ,,,.,,, ...... 2 'l Wyomissing 4 3 Hamburg ,,.... ,,,,,, 2 5 Wilson ,,,,,..,.,,,,,,,.,.....,. ....,, O Record: 4 wins-6 losses Left To right: Dean Sfoltzfus, Leonard Whitehead, Barry Humberf, Gerald Dailey, Daniel Clark, Richard Reeser, Dale STolTzfus, and Mr. Olin Marth. etmen Improve Season This year The Tennis Team, composed of seven juniors, improved Their record To 4-6. This record was accomplished under The expert coaching of Mr. Olin MarTh. AlThough Their record This year was not The besT, The fufure should bring a brighter ouTlook for These boys. 3 -ui ...a-.-n Q Ml -g,Ms. I . 1 FE s 3 5 f 'Sr- X is ' S FIRST ROW Cleft to rightl: Richard Miller, John D'Arienzo, Tom Boeshore. SECOND ROW, fleft to rightjz Terry Dombrowski, Steve Richards, William Herehine, Daryl Focht, Ryan Butner, Rich Bittle, Coach Glenn Miller. THIRD ROW, Cleft to rightjz Phil Mertz, Pete Griesemer, Scott Meyer, John Zuchowski, Rich Adams, Mike Richards, Barry Deeds, Jim Osmun. 7 o 0 ' Scott Meyer is a picture of concentration while trying to snare S points for the Muhl Mermen. by Making Mentor erry SWIMMING RECORD M.T.H.S ..... 22 M.T.H.S ..,,. 14 M.T.H.S. .... 22 M.T.H.S M.T.H.S ..... 21 M.T.H.S M.T.H.S ..... 27 M.T.H.S. ..,. 36 Record- ....,23 ..,,.l3 West Reading Gov. Mifflin West Reading 1 win, 7 losses Exeter ....,,,,,.., Gov. Mifflin .,,. Wilson ........,v Exeter ............ Wilson .,........., Phil Mertz springs to a beautiful swan dive at one of the meets. Mr. Glenn Miller, math teacher, reigned as swimming mentor for his initial season here at M.T.H.S. in '63. With potential but not experience the mermen triumphed only by ending their season with a victory over West Reading. Phil Mertz, brought honor to Muhlenberg by gaining a third place finish in the District lll Diving Championships and placing 8th in Reg- ional competition. With James Osmund as the lone senior member of the '63 squad,.Coach Miller looks for a better season next year. 93 TW Q.. ' fswsfef-2 f fer as .. 525 T.. ' V541 'fl 2 ,LQYQQ as -rg ff ' ' -'.::'T?F:f5f:'fr l T Zffg- - 11' A Ji sa, gee U? il c kg .V Q . P, J., R r Y xr ,gg ,., se 1 rs in SCHEDULE M.T.H.S. Opp. 33 Wilson ,,,,,,A.,, ,.Y,,. l 9 39 Pottsgrove ,,,,.,. ..44,, 2 2 5 Gov. Nliff. Y,,, ,,,,,. A A 8 Lan. Cath. ,, ,Y,, , 43 24 Brandywine 32 26 Pottsgrove ,,,,.., ,,,,,, 2 3 15 Gov. Miff. ,,,,,, YY,,,, 2 8 22 Wilson ,,,,,,,,, ..Y,,. 2 5 9 Brandywine ,,,,, ...,,. 4 3 6 Lan. Cath. 48 ,Wk Terry Spinka prepares his Mifflin opponent for a take down. Weightmen Lead Grapplers to 3- Record Jim Spinka defensively holds ground as opponent dives toe ward him. WRESTLING TEAM-Foreground: Gary Badinger, James Spinka. FIRST ROW: Leading The scoring attack Tor the Nluh- lenberg wrestlers in '63 were the "fearsome foursome" comprised of Gary Badinger, Jim Spinka, Bobby Hanley and Terry Spinka. Mr. Jerome Kochinsky, in his second cam- paign as coach, masterminded The blue and gold musclemen To a 3-7 record. Hindering The Muhl attack was The lack of experience in The light weight divisions and also The loss of Terry Spinka. Terry sustained a broken Toot about midseason. His brother, Jim, was The workhorse throughout the campaign losing only once. He later was victorious in District Ill com- petition. Coach Kochinsky confers with Terry Spinka. Robert Desaverio, Robert Hanley, Larry Greer, Forest Shaeffer, Scott Benner. SECOND ROW: Terry Spinka, Warren Greth, Darryl Hinkel, Jeff Wolfe, Mike Delmonico, 94 fs, W X xx W' ,,!' X all X, , "Swing it man!" Mike Sharp attempts to slam the ball to center field. "Boy, am I dirty!" Kozlowski shows his running the bases. KW Af I Ml-6 Eugene talent at i if ., :gi 5 "W'll h h't 't 'll h ' ' " ' h quelstione thbt Igoceg liihlrougeh ciiiiit Iijobh? "You don't say!" Coaches Carl Richie and Donald Petter- ranfs mind man, respectively, sit on the bench and observe their i fielders. "I, 2, 3 Red light!" Barry Rapp rounds the bases after send- ing the ball to center field. 4 W 1:1 25 xi f i Lb . -gf la A . Diamondmen Post .500 Markg Underclassmen Lead Way lt Took a division playoff deTeaT at The hands of Hamburg To remove The Muhls from The TiTle race. The Nluhls finished aT 7-3 To finish second. Neil Brown, catcher and Royce Manwiller, second baseman will be The only sTarTers lost Through graduaTion. These Two co-capTains, both second year VarsiTy compeTiTors, will be long remembered and greatly missed. Charles Cochran and Tim Braun, iunior hurlers, did a fine iolo while spliTTing The piTching assignmenTs in '63. l fi' Friends, Romans, Countrymenf' Coach Donald Fetterman gives instructions to a base runner. "Me kotch 'em" Neil "l'm Qofma lill YOU-H B,-Own Waifs for -the Charles Cochran winds pitch as The umpire UP and Pfepafes T0 de' also waits to call it, l'Ve" "" league Com' petition. "Would you like to dance?" Will Barry Rapp lrightj be safe, or "Fall on your knees," Many Miller Connects with a will Steve Gregor llefll from Hamburg force him out? ball against Hamburg competition. .TJ "I sure hope it's a good one" thinks Royce Manwiller as he anticipates the pitch. "l iust gotta hit it," thinks Dan Calabria as the crowd anxiously him on. Simon Says-"Dan Calabria put your hat on and T ossers Encounter New Competition 111 orthern D1V1S1011 'li gr I , i, i, u.,f V I fi tn x, 1 1 ,1 - if K wg. r 1 - ., . K f , , i ai Q l962-63 BASEBALL TEAM-FIRST ROW: Jerry Hanley, Eugene Kozlowski, John Keiter, Thomas Ross, Barry Stephenson, Robert Zappel, Barry Bollinger, Paul Weidner, Daniel Krize, Barry lrwin, mgr. SECOND ROW: Mr, Donald Fettermcn, coach, Bruce Mcnwiller, Robert Hcfer, Tim Braun, Neil Brown, Robert Haddock, Marty Miller, James Rothenberger, Dan Calabria looks for a "pick-off" but not for the umpire. l i Jim Shollenberger, first baseman Hamburg, keeps a close watch Barry Rapp of Muhlenberg. l I Nb m , . l l by y ,fy A i 'La 5 Q l if , Q l l . 1 "'1'lf1'v i Ki i'- . . fi' l Rapp, Daniel Calabria, Terry Oxenreider, Stanley Trout, Raymond Siclellc, mgr. ROW: Mr. Carl Richie, coach, Stephen Bauer, Mike Sharp, Royce Manwiller, Terry Charles Cochran, William Hauck, James Marks, Richard Bohcer, John Hart, John Benton Wentzel, David Groeff, mgr. N At first base, Coach Richie ponders whether or not to move his man on. BASEBALL SCHEDULE for on M.T.H.S .,..,... ..,,,,, 2 M.T.H.S .,.,,.., ,,,,,,, 2 M.T.H.S ........ ....,, 8 M.T.H.S ........ .es.... 1 "M.T,H.S .,,,,,., ,,,,A. 3 "M.T.H.S ...,..., ,....,. 7 'M.T.H.S .AA.,,.. ea,YaY, 8 'M.T.H.S ..,..... ...,.,, 3 'M.T.H,S ...,,A,, ,,,,,,,, l 2 'M.T.H.S .A.a,... .,...., 4 M.T.H.S .,,e,... eea,,., 0 'M.T.H.S ........ ...... . 5 'M.T.H.S ........ ,.,..., 4 i'M.T.H.S .e,e,,,, ...e,Y, 8 'M.T.H.S ..aa,... a,..... 4 'Denotes league game Muhlenburg .,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Wilson ,,,,..,,...........,. W Daniel Boone ,,,,.,,,, .,,,, Governor Mifflin Cocalico Union ...,.. Kutztown .,..a,,,,. ,, 8 '12 ,.9 W2 2 Hamburg ,,,,,,, ..AA. 0 Brandywine ,,,,,, ee,,, 6 Fleetwood ..,.,,,,.,,,, 2 Schuylkill Valley ., ,. 8 Kutztown ,v,..,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 2 Reading .,,.,,, ,,,,,,, l 8 Hamburg .,,,.,, Brandywine ,,,,,, Fleetwood .,,,.,,,.,,.,, W Schuylkill Valley Won 8 Lost 7 Division Playoff , 3 Hamburg .,,,. W6 IO C4 ,.2 7 99 Keith McLaughlin, discus thrower, performs under the watchful eye of amazed spectators. Cindermen Gain tatus Although not running away with all the laurels, Muhlenberg acquired its share, under the fine coaching of Mr. Glenn Miller, first year man. However, Nlr. Miller was not completely overioyed with the '63 Nluhl putout, but he was satisfied with the team's performance. There were many outstanding sportsmen among the 50 or more boys that participated on this year's track team. Sprinters Jerry Schoener and Dave Evans, Dave Weyandt, javelin and discus, Lee Reiniger, who was a more than adequate miler, and Freddy Snyder, who excelled in the pole vault and high lump, were among the most consistent scorers. Congratulations are in store for Mr. Miller and his fine track team for their efforts and a record well earned. Fred Snyder electrifies spectators as he completes his broad lump. nv in- Gee, I wonder where Mr. Miller is?? l l As the tracksters dig out forthe 880 relay, Jerry Schoener gets off to a good start. E of Come on Lee, lust a little further Coach Glenn Miller OPP 39 DUAL MEETS M.T.H.S. 87 Exeter .....,.......E,EA... 25 Governor Mifflin ,,E,, 57 Wilson ,,,,,,,o...,o.,,o,.A......,v,,,,,,,, ALL COUNTY MEETS Albright 4 Pts. Wilson filth placej Penn Relays C5tl1 place 440 relayt West Reading 68th placel Venske 15th place meclly relayl 97 69 .E wmgq, 'X , . . fs is "'dQg,JjA:Afw S, as we ex' w....,3-es 1 'Q X21 Q5 I 3 -1 , x ff ,I-5-, M Q 2 wa, f 'S 1 1, Q 514 -r 4 I e ' WW X. ' A V.,-L 5 , 2 P i. kim Wi Triumph N W 4 I wonder if Spectators look on in surprise as Lee Philips wgives a mighty heave of ihe discus. Way out in from is Jerry Schoener of Muhlenberg. G.A. . Girls Aid School and Give Assistance in Sports The Girls' Athletic Association, better known as G.A.A., is an organization which is limited to girls who participate in the provided sports program. Miss Mary Jane Delp is the adviser. In order to be an active member, each girl must participate in either intramural or varsity sports sometime during the year. She must also attend meetings which are held every third Thursday of each month. Activities sponsored by the club are the following: a cake sale held at a local drug store, for which the girls themselves baked- the annual January dance, "All School Round-Up," to which Schuyl. Valley, Twin Valley, Governor Mifflin, Wilson, and West Rdg. were invited as opponents of the Muhlettes in the hockey and basketball seasons,-a trip to Swarthmore to view a college tournament of hockey-and a Bowling Play-Day for nearby schools as well-a Volley- ball Play Day participation at another school-the selling of refresh- ments at all home baseball games-and the grand finale is the camp- ing trip to the Blue Mountain Y.W.C.A. Camp, where the girls will have a chance to play sports day in and day out. VARSITY CLUB-Left to right, FIRST ROW: R. DiGuardi-sec., J. Spinka-v. pres., J. Schoener-treas., E. Reese-pres. SECOND ROW: S. Benner, B. Stephenson, K. WeitzeI,- R. Zoppel, P. Weidner, M. Phillips, C. Cockran, D. Shipe. THIRD ROW: L. Reininger, S. Pradon, J. Hammond, J. Rohrbacher, J. Julian, G. Hain, T. Spinka. FOURTH ROW: R. Griesemer, T. Rohrbacher, E. Forry, G. Vogel, J. Rothenberger, D. Calabria, T. Braun. Varsit - Letterman a Life l G.A.A.-Left to right, FIRST ROW: S. Hodgkins, F. Rodino, lC. Spohn, S. Wertz-corr. sec., L. Eberly-v-pres., S. Deprill-pres., P. Starke-sec., M. Tobias-treas., N. O'Boyle, D. Witman, S. Eisenhart. SECOND ROW: L. Maurer, E. Gogliuzza, M. Scianna, L. Schanour, G. Pennock, S. Cromer, C. Davis, J. Adams, B. Kolbcch, L. Schle el, L. Hess, L. Handwork, R. Hill, D. DeSunte, M. Arbogast, D. Amendolo, E. Steely. THIRD ROW: L. Maurer, D. Fairchild, J. Dresher? A. Ellis, H. Knepp, C. Clark, S. Lessig, B. Reese, A. Rothenberger, S. Scheirer, L. Slcgowski, S. Voccoro, N. Trout, J. Boyer, E. Stitzel, K, Dussinger. FOURTH ROW: S. Dunlap, M. Knutson, L. Brown, C. Brown, J. Napior, B. Beaver, R. Kleffel, L. Herb, S. Clouser, D. Lindernjan, J. Keath, J. Kauffman, K. Hughes, S. Bectel, D. Haier. FIFTH ROW: B, Sumrall, J. Wilson, M. Wilson, S. Smith, J. Hart, L. Rentschler, S. Murphy, E. Auchenboch, C. Sontoni, L. Haesler, C. Long, C. Curtis, D. Churo, J. Gallagher, N. Healy. SIXTH ROW: L. Sheetz, P. Steiner, J. Moyer, C. Heere, R. Fies, S. Fuuse, J. Leisey, J. Martin, L. Schaic, A. Young, P. Oxenreider, G. Grim, C. Gromis, K. Gustcntino, cllncl C, Schrum. If you ar a boy interested in athletics at Muhlenberg, then the Varsity Club is the plub to join. Under the leadership of Mr. Carl W. Richie, the C1 b club engages in sports as well as viewing films dealing with sporting u events. J To gain ablmission into this particular club, boys must have received at . least one vailsity letter in one of the sports. IVC Varsity Club president was the outstanding football halfback, Ed Reese, the vice-president was an All-County football player, Jim Spinka as well f Ports as Richard lDeGuardi who served as the club's secretary for the third consecutive iyear, and the last officer, the treasurer, was track star, Jerry Schoener who "ran" the money matters. Selling Easter eggs was the biggest protect of the club's and was for the sole pu pose of paying the services of a football trainer. Among tie members of this year's club were football, baseball, basket- ball players, golfers, swimmers, wrestlers, track, and cross country men which goes to show the club is open to any sports-minded individual. l l los Circle of victory spurs on crowd. Exuberant rooters scream to cheers. Mariann "Yell Queen" Arbogast. Excited Cheerleaders Liven I 'gi 0 s ' gr f 'f if, f ,, N a fl r X. ill ' If 'fw- wa , ,X l VARSITY CHEERLEADING SQUAD-Eileen Steely, Barbara Reese, Patricia Starke, Mariann Arbogast, Dorothy Skrocki, Linda Brown, Maxine Tobias. if V7 ui' S - 4. Q Qi ,V 9- . , w 5- X. X K ' fb ,, - A. 13 X -gk ' if 5 . ' Q 5 Z me hi as 'www ' Mm k,,g,wL, wigs. ? N 'If Www K ggi? , ,, ,.i,2- as , H, .SV .gm 2- .. , 9' " SJ T .- a? - 'F ' ' Wk M R g.,.Al4-'fl D! u, - W- fwy' N- W 4, Z sw Q- Jef I ' .'-f.,-:,a' 9'-,:Qf"x:,, E, " "' . E , gr' j f u fm. 1- fiif , H131 "Eze-it' F ' ' P .IT ki, - H Q:-gg.. V ,-Jfutg z Ei: b. H - ,' "" W 4' Z4 -4 . 5 , gpg, 1 Q 9 H1 ,, gg -'Ma-p . if 1 vi .1 5, 'Y' :. '.:.': 1'."""x 1 ' ,I " H 'I ,517 ' f -1, L.-aw My --K, f, -- 1,.Q-MQIIQQ-agmfi -, Ms, HW A S '1':W3VW?i'EW.fe " .5 113, .. ,V X WWF' K K 5 S Q Q Q Ls fi ff ,. ,, . ,. f,-:UL-mm ',::1?5?5i'7' 'figfim -M 'K Q fs-mg 2-5 .1 if ,- Q . M, -M. ,i w Q-iggw ' 'S - 'fiigzwjs' M my S 4. , K is y M ,,, ,.., ,- -5. -Ziiggyiik' 11,3 s:aif'f2f?,,.f,- 1' i?fQ535'J zfl ' "Lf-as we , .. v 7 - -- :wit If in-5 'F X fx-sw, , www ima 5 53 2- K gf- N M -... , ' 'f' F ' . I ,., A if NA iii ' , A I I 5, if THE ENTIRE CAST OF OUTWARD BOUND-Pictured below is the entire cast of the drama Outward Bound, including narrator, student director, property chairman and cast. fBelowJ ARE WE ALL DEAD, SCRUBBY? Below is James Papola asking Warren Greth the scary question. Seniors Set Sail The Class of 1963 offered as its Senior production the British classic, Outward Bound by Sutton Vane. This allegoric comedy-drama deals with humanistic apprisals of death and immorality. It is a play that utilizes symbolism, good humor, and suspense in a retelling of the human comedy in an eerie, matrix. The passengers of a sinister ocean liner gradually learn that they are destined for Eternity. Al- though the play teems with good British talk, action is not sacrificed, especially as the denouement nears. After many weeks at a "labor of love," the members of the cast presented this difficult and mature production to an audience that was more than receptive and intrigued by its wit, charm, and specula- tion. The entire cast performed yeoman thespian service, moreover, outstanding solo efforts were given by James Papola as the cynic and by David Vogel as the pompous, philistine Mr. Lingleyp The Dif rector, E. A. Ettinger, with much collegiate and university summer theater work among his exploits, feels that mature theater has ar- rived at M.T.H.S. The Class of '63 has certainly vindicated his claims! iRightJ l WON'T LEAVE YOU, ANNE! That is the reply Larry Endy gave to lover, Michele Czarnecki when she asked him, "Can they separate us?" ll0 ,M M., . :if - Q .f fi't"'..TF "Help me, Miss Examiner." This reply came from Dave Vogel when it came his turn to be examined by examiner, Rose Anne Greenawalt. "Do my lines sound O.K., maid?" Asks Sandra Kocur, narrator, as Susan Wertz, maid, listens. 1 i "Oh, yes, Reverend." Elsa Rhoads replies as she speaks at the bar with Robert Ger- mann. Deep in thought is Mr. Edmund Ettinger, director. 2 P 3 E 2 2 ,- s 1 ' 4.1, fAboveJ The cast of Outward Bound. l l l The Class of '64 presents "The part is iust right for you Lorraine dear, so hurry right out here." explains Darryl Conner, who portrays Sheridan Whiteside in the iunior class play. THE CAST The Man Who Came To Dinner is most representative of The American comic theater. It is a satire, Though not in The mode of Swift or Shaw, based on The lite and half-factual, half-legendary exploits of The eminent American author-humorist, Alexander Woollcott. America has never achieved The depth of true European satire, which began with Aristophanes and continues Through Brecht and Beckett. A commercialized and very theatri- cal ending deprives Man of The quality of classic satire, never- Theless, The barbs of invective and The sardonic blasts are in abundance. The character of Sheridan Whiteside Creally Woollcottl is redeemed in Act Ill by having him come to The rescue of true love. This may resemble soap opera or The Perils of Pauline in execution, but The play finds its own redemption in dialogue and biting vviT, which still has much of its impact Twenty-Tour years after its Broadway debut. fl939J. ll2 "But uh . . . uh . . . Mr. Stanley you could . . . could iniure some- one doing things like this . . stammers Henry Hafer, left, as Richard Bohner seems To be ready To hit The floor because of George Ettele's mistaken blow. The only person in a very serene position is Robert Griesemer, center. "Why, it's . . . it's you, Walt old boy!" exclaims Darryl Conner, as Daniel Hoffman and Marie Knutson stand in the background. "Are you planning to chop her up into a salad bowl too Henderson?" asked one of the gangsters. "l think it needs a little more expression here . . ." says Beth Seidel, standing left, student producer. "Oh! You don't know how wonderful you have made me feel, dear," emotionally utters Judy Kohl in to the telephone during Act ll. F, Mrs. Stanley ..,. Miss Preen ,,,,. June ....,,,,, Sarah ,,,,,,,,, , Mrs. Dexter ..,,..,. Mrs. McCutcheon Maggie Cutler .e,,,, Hamet Stanley . Lorraine Sheldon Richard ..,....,.,,.... Mr. Stanley ,,,,, John ,,,,,,,,.,,,,, Dr. Bradley Whiteside ..,.,,,, Bert Jefferson .... Sandy .,..,.,,..,., Beverly ,,,,.. Westcott ..,. Banio ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Lunch Guests ,...,,,,,, THE CAST Carolyn Carl Filomena Rodino Marie Knutson , Sandra Cramer Carolyn Boyer Carol Davis Linda Yakimo , Linda Brown , Judy Kohl ,, , Scott Meyer George Ettele Richard Bahner Henry Hafer Darryl Conner ,. John Hart Daniel Hoffman Steve Musser Robert Griesemer Gerald Bonanno Donald Mullen, Gerald Boyer and Allan Rohrloach Baker ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,A,.,..,,,......,..,,,,,.,,,,,, Donald Hassler Expressman ..... .,.........,,.,.,...,,,,.... D avid Fetterman Deputies ., , ,,,,, Terry Rohrbacher, Dale Stoltzfus Detective Radio Man .. Prof. Metz ,,,,,, Tim Bair lngus Salks ll3 M UHL REVUE 963 Linda Bucks added her vocal talents to the show and proved that a Muhlaire, too, can sing! Three peas in a pod. The pages Steely, Sue Deprill, and Carol Wise their part to the show. Eileen added April 21, 22 Let's kick, girls. The seniors' kick line made its 'Final "Give me a little kiss! Will ya, huh?" The boy-girl dance line combined both vocal and dancing talents to the show. lf you need a fish story, go to Dick Christ. He sat all night without a bite. 4? vfwmmgwg If S E 1 E 2 5 E . s 3 E Q88 I , , NM, ,X . is 4, My tx, , Q5 1 Q' .. bw . FY Q v m JE' wif:-5 ae. V Q ,5.. NS: Q W 49 May 1 - May Day i Il Mariann Arbogast, maid-of-honor, makes the event official by crowning Eileen Steely, "Queen of the May." Seeking Her Maiesty's approval, Peggy Oxenreider curtsies before presenting her dance. ueen and Her Court Herald Ma Presenting Her Majesty, Eileen, and her charming attendants. Steven Musser enlightens song. II6 the festivities with a The Queen. Festivities nik Mrs. Leonard Steely expresses her happiness for her daughter with a kiss. J fa Qs sf It E KSAK . ,, gh s t el V' Eileen takes last steps before crowning. K Ji it Lively entertainment from Paris is the contribution of Jody Brunner and Judy Kohl. II7 4 W Q my vi if Q 3 I 2 may RWM' my im br Q5 Ji" xgih ,I gf- 54 4 f ' 'lain' WW? 'img M gsf :ik -F, 'vs- x, 'Z ui. V QQ 77 An Evening of Music May 10 Miss Alta Horton, Directress 'Q ""'!' '. A 'rf m-+! 'T 'R I 'ii .-an-ff ev' 111' 5441.-70, K, f wh N? ll 5,10 2 .Hamm Q 133 . Blue Band Concert May 23, 1963 1 Mr. Henry Hoffman, Director sf , Q ZA N K :Vg fi, 1 Baccalaureate J une 2, 1963 gi Walk 4' ww' mf.. Z LL ,,.-Q' ffhfmf - V, ew ,QL , -25, 7 up 9 Junior-Senior Prom J une 12, 1963 i If S T"'!!Px.Mw., l""""" if ' w K. . ,." A L,-if 'l 5, 1 aw Q c f ZLQ'?S1i5'2 E97 V My ,NNE-322333 5 'zu J M,- :fil,Q:z ae, , fag U A -3 uQ,.,D""" J' if ,af 5 jggg'-f' 1 A 1 gg ww' , xv J Q M M,,,1Mv,XwwrvQq2F'VW'b" ' k ,mwqrm YL Vu A A Lndnfw, Mi, ykl, ,.., . ' ,ff Q :QVQF-. f-If Q 2 -,gs ,V 9 K .. my k ig," f QQ, 3125 , ' 1 2i5,f.w,w. 'fs-ky ,gm A-f Afx 4 ug 'M QD V 2 v f 4, Q , f W, A L' Kr' ,lv K ., ith, wi, K K ,Mig ..,fV l26 MMR ..V,V k K :ML , K . k,fw:3iQiF wg: - 1.,v-Wyman R Mui: pts, - vi , yssjiff' f an A - 1 J mf , I 1: 'f4.f,,Yf+. W fs,-M gg , ,fgwl K .W L, if K my - MW' "' f'f.f.:ua2pV ' A 5, f 11 f if-A '37Ei5ii5L4:' I 221552 k'3?l3k5' ' TEELS' ' . Q -- 1 ,fb 35 , K I28 balI,10. ' ' ' ' 10, ll, SCOTT ADDIS 837 Hartman Ave., Temple Academic Baseball, 10, Football, 10, Forum, 10. DOLORES AMENDOLA 3921 River Rd., Reading Academic Y-Teens, 11, 12, Blue Horizon Club, 10, G.A.A., 10, 11, 12, Muhl Revue, 12, Hockey Mgr., 10, 11, 12, Basketball, 10, 11, In- tramural Hockey, 12. NANCY ALTHOUSE 704 Las Vegas Dr., Temple Commercial Y-Teens, 10, 11, 12, U.N. Club, 10, 11, Library Club, 10, 11, Typing Club, 12, Bookkeeping Club, 11, 12, Bowling Club, 10, 11. JO ELLEN AMMARELL 3101 Reading Rd., Reading Academic Debating, 10, 11, 12, Blue Horizon Club ll, U.N. Club, 10, 11, V. Pres., 12, World Lit., 12, F.T.A., 12, Hockey, 10, Honor Society 12. MARIANN E, ARBOGAST 2136 N. 17th St., College Heights Academic Mixed Chorus, 10, I1, 12, Y-Teens, 10, V. Pres., 11, Pres., 12, Student Council, 10, 11,gl2, Observer, 12, Muhl- tohi, 12, G.A.A., 10, 11, 12, World Lit., 12, F.T.A., 10, 11, 12, Muhl Revue, 11, 12, Cheerleading, 10, 11, JANALEE ANTOLICK 3315 Eisenbrown Rd., Riverview Park Academic Yell Queen, 12, Hockey, Basketball, Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, Forum, 10, Volleyball, IO, 11, 12, Honor Society, 11, Muhl Revue, 12. 12. .v- GARY J. BADINGER DARTE A. ASBELL 3226 Eisenbrown Rd., Riverview Park 5209 Wilshire Rd., Temple Industrial Academic Varsity Club, 11, Football, Intramural Football, 12, Intramural Bowl- Track, 12, Wrestling, 12, Intramural ing, 11. Basketball, Volleyball, 10, 11, 12. PAT BEECHER 3409 Noble St., Laureldale PAUL C. BAUR General 3427 River Rdr, Recdlng Y-Teens, IO, ll, 12, F.B,L.A., 10 Academic 11, 12, Bowling, 10, Twirling Club BI!-le Buftdf IU, 11: Show 30115, 11: I'Ii'Y, 10, Muhl Revue, 12, Intramural Bas- 10- Library Club 10 11 12' FOOI' ketball 10, ll, Intramural Volleyball, SHERRI BENNETHUM 240 Madison Ave., Hyde Villa Academic Y-Teens, 11, 12, Library Club, 10, 11, 12, Color Guard, 12, F.T.A., 115 Stage Craft, 12, Typing Club, 115 Intramural Bowl- ing, 10, ll. DARLENE J. BERNSTEL 3427 Marion St., Laureldale General Y-Teens, 12, G.A.A., 107 Bowlin Club g , 10, 11, Typing Club, 127 Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, 10, 11. JEANNE BENICOFF 605 El Hatco Dr., Temple Commercial CHERYL BIEBER B31 Hartman Ave., Temple Commercial Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Book- keeping Club 12p Sew- ing Club, 11, Class Flay, 11, Calor Guard, 12, F,B.L.A., Treas., 10, V. Pres., 11, Pres., 125 Intra- mural Basketball, Volleyball, 10. DAWN BIEHL 4419 12th Ave., Temple Academic 10, Library Club, 10, 11. LEGS'-'St ll- TERRY BRITTAIN Chapin Apts., Mt. Laurel Ave., Temple Academic Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, Forum, 10. SANDY BROWN 2606 Kutztown Rd., Hyde Park General tramural Basketball, 12. Y-Teens, 11, Typing, 117 Bowling Club, Y-Teens, 12, Observer, 117 Muhltohi, 117 Intramural Volleyball, 11, 12, ln- NEIL BROWN 3417 Ridgeway Ave., Laureldale Academic Varsity Club, 115 Muhl Revue, 12, Baseball, 10, 11, 12, Basketball, 10, 11, Intramural Volleyball, 117 In- tramural Football, 12. LINDA LOUISE BUCKS 3528 Oak St., Laureldale Academic Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, County Chorus, 11, Muhlaires, 10, 127 Y-Teens, 10, Sec., 11, 12, U.N. Club, 10, 11, Sec., 12, Muhl Revue, 11, 127 Captl of Color Guard, Stage Craft Club, 11, 12, Intramurals Basketball, Volleyball, 10, 11, 127 Intramural Bowling, 10, ln- tramural Hockey, 125 Honor Society, 12. CAROL BURKERT 408 Playground Dr., W. Reading Commercial Mixed Chorus, 11, Debating, 10, 11, Blue Horizon Club, 10, 11, Treas., 11 U.N. Club, 10, 11, 12, G.A.A., 101 Stage Craft, 10, 11: CIGSS Pl0Yr 7 FREDERICK C. BURTNER F 5104 Leesport Ave., Temple Cheerleading, 10. Academic LARAINE BURTNER 500 Park Ave., Temple Academic DOLORES CARL Blue Horizon Club, 10, Muhltohi, 12, 1400 Park Place, Laureldale Warld Lit., 12, Stage Craft Club, 11, Commercial F,T,A., 12, Muhl Revue, 12, Cheer- Y-Teens, 11, 12, Bowling Club, 11, leading, 10. Bookkeeping Club, 12. RICHARD CHRIST 3606 Oak SI., Laureldale Industrial Mixed Chorus, 12, Muhleteers, 12, Hi-Y, WARREN J, CLARK 11, 12, Electronics, 10, Muhl Revue, 12, My, Laurel Rd,, Temple R.D. 1 Intramural Football, Bowling, 10. Academic TIMOTHY CORDIER 1314 Frush Valley Rd., Laureldale Industrial Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, County Chorus, 12, Muhle- teers, 10, 11, 12, Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12, Muhl Revue, 10, 12. DAWN DAUTRICH 2844 Seminary SL, Hyde Park General Y'T99"ISr 10, 12, Bowling Club, 10, 11, Intramural Volleyball, 11. MICHELE CZARNECKI 502 Eisenbrown SI. Academic Y-Teens, 11, 12, Blue Hori zon Club, 10, Class Play 11, 12, Muhl Revue, 12 Sewing Club, 10, 12, Twirl ing Club, 10, Intramura Hockey, 12. DANIEL DeANGELO 3308 Chestnut St., Laurel- dale Industrial of '63 RICHARD DiGUARDI 3400 Montrose St., Laurel- dale Commercial Hi-Y, 10, Chaplain, 11, Hall Patrol, 12, Varsity Club, Sec., 10, 11, 121 Muhl Re- vue, 12, Basketball, 105 Football, 10, 11, 127 Tri- County, 12, All Conference, Track, 10, 11, 12, Wrestling, 117 Intramural Basketball, 11, 12, Intramural Volley- ball, 10, 11, 12, Intramur- al Softball, 2. BRENDA DUNKLE 809 Elizabeth Ave., Laurel- dole Commercial Basketball, 10, lntramural Basketball, 10, 11, 12, In- tramural Volleyball, 10, 11, Intramural Softball, 11. MARY DeLONG Laurel Heights, Temple Academic Mixed Chorus, 11, 12, Muhlaires, Pres., 127 U.N. Club, 115 Honor Soci 12. JEAN DELP Mt. Laurel Rd., Temple General Y-Teens, 10, 11, Bookkeeping Club, Bowling Club, 10. MARIO DeSANTIS 1315 Mt. Laurel Ave., Temple Industrial Blue Horizon Club, 10, Scribe, 11, V. MICHAEL DELMONICO 4013 7th Ave., Temple Industrial Wrestling, ll, 12: Bowling Club, io, lntramural Bowling, 11, 12. SUSAN L. DEPRILL 3316 Willow Grove Ave., Muhlenberg Park Academic Y-Teens, 10, 11, 12, G.A,A., 10, ll, Pres., 127 F.T.A., 11, 127 Muhl Revue, 12, Color Guard, 12: Hockey, 10, 11, 12, Basketball, 10, 11, 12, lntramural Volleyball, Hockey, 10, 11, 12, lntra- mural Basketball, 10, 11, Volleyball, 10, 11, 12. WALTER DIETERLE 3019 Maple Ave., Muhlenberg Park Academic Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, Hall Patrol, 12, Track, 10, ll, 12, Bowling Club, 10, 11, Forum, 10, 11, World Lit., 125 lntramural Football, 12. BEVERLY DUKEMAN Temple R.D, 1 Commercial Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12. GAIL DUNKLBERGER 502 Fairview St., Hyde Park General Y-Teens, 12, Bowling Club, 11. 1 GLORIA JEAN FINK Temple R.D. 1 Commercial Blue Band, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, F.B.L.A., 11, G.A.A., 10, 11, Muhl Revue, 12, Intramural Bowling, 10, 12. EDWARD FORRY 3305 Harrison Ave., Muhlenberg Park Academic Mixed Chorus, 11, Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12 Hall Patrol, 12, Varsity Club, 11, 12 Muhl Revue, 12, Football, 10, Track 10, 11, Intramural Volleyball, 10. CAROL FROMM Elizabeth Ave., Temple R.D. 1 Commercial F.B.L.A,, 10, 11. 32 KENNETH JAMES DUSSINGER Temple R.D. 1 Industrial Mixed Chorus, 12, Library Club, 12, Baseball, 12, ln- tramural Basketball, 10, 11, 12, Intramural Bowling, 10, 11, 12, Intramural Volley- ball, 11. DAVID EVANS 1215 Margaret St., Laurel- dale Academic Mixed Chorus, 11, 12, Hi-Y, 12, Hall Patrol, 11, 12, World Lit., 12, Typing Club, 11, Bowling, 11, Muhl Revue, 12, Basketball, 10, Track, 10, 11, 12, Wrestling, 11, Intramural Bowling, Basket- ball, 10, 11, 12, Intramural Volleyball, 12, Intramural Football, 11. LARRY ENDY 3533 Hawthorne St., Laurel- dale Academic Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, Muhleleers 10, 11, Hi-Y, 11, 12, Varsity Club, 12, U.N. Club, 10, World Lit., 12, Muhl Revue, 10, 11, 12, Class Play, 12, Basketball, io, Baseball, io, 11, 12, Cross County, 11, DIANE FAIRCHILD 628 Hartman Ave., Temple Commercial Mixed Chorus, 11, Y-Teens, 11, 12, Blue Horizon, 12, G,A.A., 10, 11, 12, Class Play, ll, 12, Muhl Revue, 12, Moiorettes, 11, 12, Bas- ketball, 10, Bookkeeping Club, 11, 12, Intramural Basketball, Hockey, Volleye ball, 10, 11, 12, Softball, 11. KAREN FORD 105 Monroe St., Hyde Park General Y-Teens, 10, 11, 12, Bowling Club, 10, Bookkeeping Club, 11, Intramural Vol- leyball, 11. SUSAN FOX 3332 Ridgeway Ave., Laureldole Commercial DENNIS FRONHEISER 771 Floret Ave., Riverview Park Industrial Hi-Y, 11, 12, Library Club, 11, Muhl Revue, 12, Class Officer, 10, Intramural Volleyball, 10, Intramural Basketball, 10, 11. of 963 LAWRENCE GASTON 4854 8th Ave., Temple Academic Typing Club, 11, Bowling Club, 10. ROBERT GERMANN 3617 Raymond St., Laurel- dale Academic Mixed Chorus, 11, 12, Forum, 10, 11, 12, Dramat- ics Club, 12, World Lit., 12, Hall Patrol, 11, 12, Class Play, 11, 12, Muhl Revue, 12, Football, 10, 11, 12, Wrestling, 10, Honor So- ciety, 12. SHARON GEHRIS Elizabeth Ave., Temple R,D. 1 Commercial F.B.L,A., 11, Muhl Revue, 12, Bowling Club, 10, ln- tramural Bowling, 12. ROYCE GERNERT 618 Elizabeth Ave., Laurel dale Academic Blue Band, 10, ll, V. Pres. 12, County Band, 12, Hi-Y, 11, 12, Student Council, I0 V. Pres., 11, Pres., 12, Forum, 10, 11, Dramatics, 12, Class Officer, Pres., 10 Class Flay, Tech. Director, 12, Muhl Revue, 11, 12 Stage Crew, 10, 11, 12 Wrestling 10, Mgr., ll. ANNIE GODSHALL 3528 Rosedale Ave., Laureldale Commercial Y-Teens, 10, 11, 12, Observer, 12, Muhltahi, 12, Muhl Revue, 12, Intra- mural Basketball, 10: Intratmural Vol- leyball, 10, 11. JANICE GOTTSCHALL 4514 10th Ave., Temple General Hockey, 10, 11, Basketball, 10. ROSE ANNE GREENAWALT 500 Madison Ave., Hyde Crest Academic Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, County Chorus, ll, 12, Muhlaires, 11, 12, De- bating, 10, 11, 12, Observer, 12, Muhltohi, 12, U.N. Club, 10, 11, Pres., 12, World Lit., 12, Class Play, Student Dir., 11, 12, Honor Society. PAULETTE GOSS 4406 5th Ave., Temple General Y-Teens, Prog. Chairlady, 10, 11, 12, Sewing Club, I0, Office Practice Club, 12, Typing Club, 12, Twirling Club, 10, Muhl Revue, 12, Intramural Bas- ketball, Bowling, 10, Intramural Shuflle- board, Ping Pong, 12. LARRY GRAEFF 259 Fairview St., Hyde Park Academic Blue Band, ll, 12, Mixed Chorus, ll, 12, County Chorus, 12, Muhleteers, 11, 12, Hi-Y, 11, 12, Student Council, 11, 12, Muhl Revue, 12, Baskeball, 10, Intramural Bowling, Shuffleboard, 12, Intramural Volleyball, 10, 11, 12, Foot- ball, 11, 12. SANDRA GREENAWALT 300 S. Temple Blvd., Temple General Y-Teens, 10, 11, G.A.A., 10, 11, Stage Craft, 12. 133 WARREN GRETH 3422 Boyer St., Laureldale Academic Hall Patrol, 127 Forum, 127 Wor DONNA GREGONIS 127 Dramatics, 127 Class Play, 12, 516 Vesta Place, Hyde Park Muhl Revue, 127 Stage Crew, 10, 11, General Student Mgr., 127 Wrestling, 10 12 Y-Teens,1O,l1. Golf, 10, 117 Honor isociety, 12 GAIL GRIM 3222 Kutztown Rd., Laureldole , Academic Blue Band, 10, 11, 127 County Band, 107 Mixecl Chorus, 10, 11, 127 County Chorus, 127 Muhaires, 10, 11, 127 Forum, 10, 117 Y-Teens, 10, 11, 127 G.A.A., 127 Observer, 117 Muhl Revue, 127 Intramural Basketball, VolleybaLl, 10, 127 Intramural Hockey, 12, CYNTHIA GROMIS 604 Park Ave., Temple General 107 Intramural Basketball and Val DIANE GUISTWITE 3416 Kutztown Rd., Laureldale Commercial Y-Teens, 127 Bookkeeping Club, 127 Sew- THOMAS GRUBER ing Club, 10, 117 Color Guard, 127 ln- Roth's Trailer Pork tramural Volleyball and Softball, 117 General Intramural Basketball, 11, 12. F.B.L.A., 11, 127 G.A.A., 127 Basketball, 10, 11, 127 Intramural Softball, 11 12 leyball, KRIS GUSTANTINO 620 Euclid Ave., Temple Commercial Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 127 County Cliorus, 127 Muhl- aires, 10, 11, 127'Y-Teens, 11, 127 G.A.A., 127 Muhl Revue, 127 Basketball, 107 Maiorettes, 11, 127 Book- keeping Club, 117 Sewing Club, 10, 127 Intramural Volleyball and Basketball, 10, 11, 127 Intramural Soft- ball, 11. EDWARD L. HART Temple R.D, 1 Academic Golf, 11, 127 Intramural Volleyball, 10, 117 Intramur- al Basketball, 10, 11, 127 Bowling, 117 Intramural Football, 11. ROBERT HANLEY 1312 Margaret St., Laurel- dale Industrial Hi-Y, 117 Varsity Club, 117 Football, 10, 11, 127 Wrest- ling, 10, 11, 127 Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, 10, 11, 12. DAWN HECKMAN 4012 Kutztown Rd., Temple General Intramural Basketball, 12. Class Donald of 963 Wary LINDA HOWER 422 Eisenbrown St., Hyde Crest General Mixed Chorus, 11, 12, Y- Teens, 12, Blue Horizon Club, 10, 11, Observer, 11, G.A.A., 10, 11, Class Play, 11, 12, Muhl Revue, 12, Color Guard, 12, Hockey, 10, Basketball, 10, 11, Intro- mural Basketball, Volleyball, 10, 11, Intramural Hockey, 10, 11, Bowling Club, 11, Twirling Club, 10. VlRGlNlA KESSLER 502 Emerson Ave., Laurel- dale Academic Y-Teens, 11, 12, Blue Hori- zon Club, 10, Stage Craft Club, 11, 12, Majoreltes, 10. GREG HEFTER THOMAS HENDERSON 43 Seminary Ave., Reading 907 EI Hatco Dr., Temple General Geneffll Football DOUGLAS L. HENNE 4404 Kutztown Rd., Temple Academic Hall Patrol, 12, Stage Crew, 10, 1l, BARRY HERMAN 12, Stage Craft Club, 11, 12, Track, 10, Roths Trailer Park Wrestling, 10, 11, Muhl Revue, 12. Industrial RICHARD HERTZOG RAY HOPTLEY 1107 Mt. Laurel Ave., Temple Herb St., Temple Industrial Industrial JOSEPH JULIAN 605 Tuckertan Ave., Temple Academic Hall Patrol, Capt., 12, Stu- dent, 10, 11, 12, Varsity Club, 10, 11, 12, World Lit., 12, Class Officer, 10, 11, V. Pres., 12, Muhl Re, vue, 11, 12, Basketball, 10, 11, Basketballl 10, Football, 10, 11, 12, Track, 11, In- tramural Bowling, 12, Intra- mural Volleyball, 11, Honor Society, 12. KATHLEEN KIRCHER 112 Park Ave., Hyde Park Commercial Y-Teens, 11, 12, Volleyball, 11, Bowling Club, 10, 11, 12. SANDRA LESSIG 540 Linden St., Muhlenberg Park Academic Debating, 11, 127 Y-Teens, 10, 127 U.N. Club, 127 G.A.A., 10, 11, 127 F.T.A,, 10, 11, 12: World Lit., 127 Typing Club, 10, 117 Hockey, 10, 11, 127 Basketball, 10, 11, 127 Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, 10, 11, 127 ln- tramural Bowling, Ping Pong, Hockey, 127 Intramural Shutfleboard, Swimming, Softball, 11, 12. CAROL ANN LONABERGER 4205 5th Ave., Temple Commercial Y-Teens, 10, 11, 127 Bookkeeping Club, 11, 127 Hockey Mgr., 11, 127 Basket- ball Mgr., 10, 11, 127 Intramural Volleyball, 117 Ping Pong, 12, SANDRA ANN MANWILLER 4310 8th Ave., Temple Academic Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 127 County Chorus, 107 Blue Horizon Club, 10, 11, 127 U.N. Club, 117 Typing Club, 117 F.T.A,, 11, 12-7 Library Club, 10, 11, 12. SANDRA KOCUR 4717 10th Ave., Temple Commercial 11, 127 Observer, 127 G.A,A., 10, 115 Honor So- ciety, 127 Bowling Club, 107 Forum, 11, 127 Dramatics Club, 127 Class Play, 127 Color Guard, 127 Bowling, 127 Hockey, 117 Basketball, 107 Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, 10, 11. CAROL KUNSMAN 2828 Kutztown Rd., Hyde Park Commercial Y-Teens, 10, 11, 127 Intra- mural Basketball, Volleyball, 10, 117 Bowling Club, 127 Intramural Softball, 11. Debating, 117 Y-Teeris, 10, LORETTA KRAMER 1101 Mt. Laurel Ave., Tem- ple Commercial Y-Teens, 127 F.B.L,A., 127 Library Club, 127 Stage Craft Club, 12. SUSAN LEINBACH Bilmor Rd., Temple R.D. 1 Academic Blue Horizon Club, 10, 11, 127 Student Council, 10, 11, 127 U.N. Club, 117 Forum, 127 Sewing Club, 117 Bowl- Sandra ing Club, 10, 117 Dramatics Club, 12. CHERYL LIVINGHOUSE 1800 Elizabeth Ave., Laureldale General ROYCE MANWILLER 3318 Arlington St., Laureldale Academic Blue Band, 10, 11, 127 Show Band, 10, 11, 127 Mixed Chorus, 127 Muhl Revue, 10, 11, 127 Basketball, 107 Intra- mural Volleyball, 10, 11, 127 Intra- mural Football, 11, 127 Intramural Bas- ketball, 11, 127 Baseball, 10, 11, 12. JOYCE A. MECK 946 Laurelee Ave., Riverview Park General Y-Teens, 107 Majorettes, 11, 127 Bas- ketball, 107 Sewing Club, 107 Office Practice Club, 127 Intramural Basketball, 10, 117 Intramural Volleyball, 10, 11, 127 Intramural Softball, 11, 12. of 963 Lessig MICHAEL MEHLE 929 Lobelia Ave., Riverview Park Academic Mixed Chorus, 10, ll, 127 Hall Palrol, 127 Student Council, 10, ll, 127 World Lit., 127 Forum, 10, 117 Class Play, ll, Baseball, 105 Intramural Bowling, 127 Hon- or Society, 12. JAMES MILLER A25 Elm Ave., Muhlenberg Park 7 Academic Mixed Chorus, 117 Hall Pa- trol, 127 Electronics Club, 10. SUSAN McDONALD 3303 Marion St, Laureldale Commercial Bookkeeping Club, 127 Muhl Revue, 127 Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, 10, 11. SONJA MISEYKO B31 Mt. Laurel Ave., Temple Commercial DWIGHT MOSER 3014 Elm Rd., Muhlenberg Park Academic Hi-Y, 127 Hall Patrol, 127 Student Council, 10, l1, 127 World Lit., 127 Wrestling, 107 Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, 107 Bowling Club, 12. NANCY NEIDER 5311 Allentown Pike, Temple General 107 Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, 10 ll. JAMES W. OSMUN 90B Whitner Rd., Riverview Park Academic Library Club, 117 Muhl Revue, 127 Swim- ming, 11, 12, Intramural Volleyball, 11. Y-Teens, 11, 127 G.A.A., 115 Basketball, DOUGLAS MOYER 324 Hain Ave., Muhlenberg Park Academic Hi-Y, 11, Sec., 127 Hall Palrol, 11, 12, Golf, 107 World Lit., 127 Electronics Club, 107 Bowling, IO, 127 Honor So- ciety, 12, Intramural Volleyball, Basket- ball, 11. FRANK NOLL 900 Laurelee Ave., Riverview Park General Christmas Play, 10, 117 Intramural Foot- ball, 117 Intramural Basketball, Volley- ball, ll, 12. TERRY OXENREIDER 5021 Temple Ave., Temple General Blue Band, 10, 11, 127 Basketball, 10, 11, 127 Baseball, 127 Cross County, 127 Intramural Volleyball, 10, ll, 12. JAMES A. PAPOLA 3526 Earl St., Laureldale Academic Chorus, 11, 12, Muhleteers, 12, Hall Blue Band, 10, 11, Mgr., 12, Debating, Patrol, 11, 12, U.N. Club, 11, Golf, 10 11, Hall Patrol, 11, 12, Forum, 10, 11, 11, 12, Forum, 10, 11, 12, Intramural Pres., 12, Dramatics Club, 12, Class Bowling, 10, 11, Intramural Tennis, , Play, 11, 12, Muhl Revue, 12, Track, 12, District 3 Golf Match, 11, 12, 10, 12, Wreslling, 11. DARLENE PETREE 4842 Kutztown Rd., Temple ROBERT PLANK A General 5124 Allentown Pike, Temple Y-Teens, 12: BowIin9 Club, 10- lnduslflal JOHN POTTEIGER 607 Euclid Ave., Temple Commercial. Bookkeeping Club, 11, 12. DENNIS PARADEE 4427 6th Ave., Temple Academic Blue Band, 10, 11, 12, Show Band, 11, 12, County Band, 10, Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, County Chorus, 11, 12, District County Golf Match, 10, 12. LINDA L. REED 350 Tuckerton Rd., Reading Academic Debating, 10, 11, 12, Berks County Science Fair, 10, Y-Teens, 11, Observer, 11, news editor, 12, Muhltohi, 11, 12, U.N. Club,'10, 11, Treas., 12, East Coast Model United Nations. 10, 11, Metropolitan Toronto Model United Na- tions, 12, F.T.A., 11, 12, Typing Club, 10, Library Club, 10, 11, Maiorette Co- Commentator, 12, Colombia Scholastic Press Association Convention, 11, Honor Society, 12. BARBARA E. REESE 205 Bernhart Ave., Hyde Villa Academic Mixed Chorus, 12, Blue Hori- zon Club, 10, 11, Treas., 12, Student Council,' 10, 11, Treas., 12, U. N. Club, 10, G.A.A., 10, Sec., 11, 12, F.T.A., 10, V. Pres., 11, 12, World Lit., 12, Muhl Revue, 12, Cheerleading, 10, Capt., 11, 12, Hockey, 10, 11, ln- tramurals, 10, 11, 12, Honor Society, 12. SHIRLEY ANN REESE 3406 Mcliently St., Laurel- dale Academic Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, County Chorus, 12, Muhlaires, 12, Y-Teens, 11, 12, Blue Horizon, 10, Observer, 11, 12, Muhltohi, 11, 12, G.A.A., 10, World Lit., 12, Accompanist Club, 12, Muhl Revue, 12, Twirling Club, 10, Maiorettes, 10, 'J.V. Leader, 11, Field Marshall, 12, Hockey, 10, Honor So- ciety, 12. EDWARD H. .l. REESE 205 Bernhart Ave., Hyde Villa Academic Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, Student Council, 11, 12, Varsity Club, 10, 11, Pres., 12, Class Officer, Presl, 11, 12, Football, 10, 11, 12, Track, 10, 11, Wrestling, 10, 11, 12, Bowling, 10, 12, Intramural Basketball, Vol- leyball, 10, 11. ELSA ANN RHOADS 704 Bellevue Ave., Laurel- dale Academic Debating, 11, Blue Horizon Club, 10, 11, 12, U.N. Club, 10, Class Play, 12, Color Guard, 12, Forum, 11, 12, Twirling Club, 10. Class Sandra of 963 Greenawalt LARRY ROTH 3530 Rosedale Ave., Laurel- dale General Intramural Volleyball, 11. ORVIS C. ROWE 1226 Hay Rd., Temple Accdemlc 830 Tuckertcn Ave., Temple Hi-Y, 12, Track, 107 Wrest- indusgriol Img, IO, II- Typing Club, 10. RANDALL RICHARDS FAYE ROBERTSON 4221 8th Ave., Temple LARRY C. ROTHENBERGER 1005 Midway Ave., Temple Industrial Varsity Club, 117 Baseball, 10, 117 Football, 127 Bowl- ling Club, 10, 117 Intra- mural Basketball, Volleyball, 10, 11, 12. HARVEY R. SCHLEGEL JOYCE RICHARDS 416 Fairview St., Hyde Villa 3318 Kutztawn Rd., Laureldale Industrial Commercial Blue Band, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus Mixed Choruss, 11, 12, Y-Teens, 10, 10, II. IQ: MUIWISISSVSI Il, 12: MUIII Bookkeeping Club, 12. Revue. I2- Academic Blue Horiion Club, 10, 11, Sec., 127 CAROL RODICK Twirling Club, 10, World Lit., 12, Sew- 906 Sutters Mill Lane, Temple ing Club, 10, Typing Club, 11, Maiar- Commercial ettes, 10, 11, 12, Intramural Basket- Y-Teens, 11, 127 F.B,L.A., 125 Ar! Club ball, 10, Reading Science Fair, 12. II, 12: Bowling Club, 10. ERIC ROSSITER ,LOUIS ROSSI 1003 Las Vegas Dr., Temple 34?BdKutztciwn Rd., Laureldale lndugffiql n ustria I Muhl Revue, 12, Swimmin . Football, 10, 117 Varsity Club, 10. Intramural Basketball, VolIeygaIl,It'i1J, JAMES W. SLONAKER II04 Bellevue Ave., Laureldale Industrial Bowling Club, I0, Muhl Revue, I2i Track, I0, Intramural Bowling, I0, II, I2. JAMES SPINKA l243 Beaumont Ave., Temple Industrial Muhltohi, I2, Varsity Club, I0, II, I2, Stae Craft Club, II, I2, Bowling 9 Club, I0, II, Track, I0, II, Wrestling, IO, II, I2g Football I0, II, I2, All County, Tri-County Berks County, All Conference, Intramural Basketball I0, ll, I2. I40 BARRY SHUTTER 2200 Rosemont Blvd., Reading Industrial Electronics Club, I 0. ROBERT .l. SMITH 3303 Raymond St., Laureldale Industrial Mixed Chorus, I2g Hi-Y, I2y Observer, Photographer, II: Muhltohi, pher, II, Photography Club, II, Track I0, II, I27 Electronics Club, Ilg Wrest- ling, I2, Intramural Bowling, TERRY L, SPINKA I243 Beaumont Ave., Temple Industrial Hall Patrol, I2, Varsity Clu b, IO, II, I2, Typing Club, I0, II, Muhl Revue, g I0 II I2 l2p Track, I0, II, Wrestlin , Intramural Bowling, Football, I0, II, Intramural Basketball, IO. LYNN SCHMECK 3II4 Harrison Ave,, Muhlen- berg Park Industrial Intramural Bowling, Ilg In tramural Basketball, Volley- ball, I2. ELWOOD SEIFERT 3200 Earl St., Laureldale Academic Show Band, I0, II, I2g Mixed Chorus, I0, II, I27 County Chorus, I2g Muhle- teers, I2, Accompanist Club I0, II, I2, Typing Club, Il Muhl Revue, I0, II, I2 Hall Patrol, II, I2, Elec tronics Club, I0, Wrestling, IO. 1 1 JERRY L. SCHOENER 4008 Frances St., Temple Academic Hall Patrol, II, I2g Varsity Club, IO, Il, Treas., I2, Basketball, IO, Football, I0, Track, IO, II, I2, Cross Country, II, I27 Wrestling, II: World Lit., I2, Hi-Y, Chaplain, I2, Intramural Bas- ketball, II, I2, Shulflebaard, I2. MICHAEL SHARP I008 Midway Ave., Temple Academic Hall Patrol, I2g Typing Club, II, Baseball, IO, Il, I2g Intramural Football, Shutlleboard, I2g Intramural Volleyball, I0, II, I2, Flag Football, II, Intramural Bas- ketball, II, I2. Photogra II, I2. of '63 Burtner RONALD SFOHN 3421 Marlon St., Laureldale Industrial Intramural Basketball, 10, 11, Intramural Volleyball, II, Bowling, 10, 11, EILEEN STEELY 3821 Raymond Street, Laurel- dale Academic Blue Horizon Club, 10, ll, Sec., I2, Student Council, 1o, 11, see., 12, u.N. club, 10, o.A.A., 10, 11, v. Pres., 11, 12, World' L11., 12, Class Treas., I0, 11, 12, Cheerleading, IO, II, 12, Honor Society, 12, Hockey, 10, 11, 12, Basketball, 10, F.1'.A., Prog, Chairlady, II, 12, Intramural Basketball Vo eybcill Hckey I0 II PATRICIA L. STARKE 4011 Frances St,, Temple Academic Y-Teens, 10, II, I2, Student Council, 12, U.N. Club, ll, G,A,A., 10, II, Sec., 12, World Lit., 12, F.T.A., ll, 12, Library Club, I0, 11, Muhl Revue, 12, Cheerlead- ing, II, 12, Honor Society, 12, Hockey, 10, ll, 12, ln- tramurols, 10, 11, I2. CAROLYN SUMRALL 842 Hartman Ave., Temple Academic Y-Teens, II, Typing Club, 11, Stage Craft, 12, Bowl- in Club 10, Library b CATHERINE SWOYER CHRISTINE TOEIAS 3018 Marion St Laureldale 3502 Oak St Laureldale Ge,-,emi Academic xed Chorus 10 II ixed Chorus 12 Horizon Cub I1 I2 Bookkee ing Wor L I2 Twirlrng U u Lrbrar Cu ss ay M are es MAXINE TOBIAS 4006 Kutztown Rd., Temple Commercial - eens, 12, orizon Club, 10, p u- nt Council, I1, , . . ., , , 12, Muhl Revue, I2, Cheerleading, , DAVID VOGEL 41 Park Ave,, Hyde Park , , Academic Class Play, 12, Muhl Revue, 12. 12, Hockey, I0, Intramural Hockey, , , 12, Intramural Volle all, I2, Shuflleboard, 11. GEORGE VOGEL 524 Tuckerton Ave., Temple Academic Hi-Y, I1, Hall Patrol, 11, 12, Varsity Club, I0, ll, 12, Honor Society, 12, Muhl Revue, 11, 12, Basketball, 10, II, ALAN WALKER 12, Baseball, IO, Cross Country, II, 12, Ramich Rdr., Temple R.D. I Intramural Volleyball, 10, 11, 12. Industrial DONALD WARY 405 Madison Ave., Hyde CAROL WEAVER 3415 McKently SI., Laurel- dale Crest Industrial 10, 11, 12, Shuffleboard, 11. 11, 12, Mixed Chorus, 10, Muhleteers, 11, 12, Base- ball, 10, 11, Football Mgr., Intramural Commercial Mixed Chorus, 12, Y-Teens, 11, 12, Forum, 11, Blue Horizon Club, 10, Dramat- ics, 12, Class Sec,, 10, 11, 12, Muhl Revue, 12, Maior- ettes, 10. BENTON WENTZEL RONALD WEIDMAN 915 Elizabeth Ave., Laurel- DENNIS B. WERTZ Mt. Vernon Ave., Temple Academic Bowling Club, 10, Typing Club, 10, 11. DAVID WEYANDT Stoudts Ferry Rd., Riverview Park Academic CAROL WISE 4118 8th Ave., Temple Academic Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, Y-Teens, 11, 12, world Lit., 12, F,r.A., 11, Twirling Club, 10, Class Play, Muhl Revue, 12, Malorettes, 10, Intramural Basketball, 12. 142 2215 Fernwood St., College Heights I Vocational l Intramural Basketball, 12. dale Academic Baseball, 11, 12, Intramural Bowling, 10, 11, 12. SUSAN JANE WERTZ 236 Madison Ave., yde Park Academic Y4Teens, 11, 12, Blue orizon Club, 10, Observer, 11, 12, Muhltohi, 11, 12, G.A.A., 10, 11, Sec., 12, F.T.A., 12, Twirling Club, 10, Class Play, 11 12 Muhl Revue, 11, 12, Maiorettes, 11, Band Mai., 12, Intramural Basketball, 10, 11, 12, Intramural Volleyball, ll, JANE WILSON 5208 Allentown Pike, Temple Commercial Y-Teens, 10, 11, 12, G.A.A., 10, 11, 12 F.T.A., '12, Muhl Revue, 12, Maiorettes, 10, 11, Flag Leader, '12, ockey, 10 Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, 10, 11 Intramural ockey, 10, 11, 12, Intra mural Shuffleboard, 11. JAN WIXON Mt. Laurel Ave., Temple Academic Electronics, 10, Bawling, 10, 11, DICIUUY. ics, 12, Forum, 11, Class Play, 12, Muhl Revue, 12, Track, 12, Intramural Basketball, 11, Intramural Volleyball, 10. MARVIN R. WOERNER 510 S. Temple Blvd., Temple Academic Bowling Club, 107 Typing Club, 11, Intramural Volley- ball, 10, ll, 12, Intramural Basketball, ll, Intramural Football, 11, 12. EDWARD BOYD WOLF 4414 4th Ave., Temple Commercial Mixed Chorus, 11, 12 County Chorus, 117 Football 10, Wrestling, 10, 11, In tramural Volleyball, 10, 12 Intramural Basketball, 12 Intramural Bowling, 10, 11 12. CLASS OFFICERS-President, Edward Reese Treasurer Eileen Steely Vice Presr dent, Joseph Julian, Secreary, Carol Weaver Mrs. Mildred Bodolsky Miss Dorothy Boyer enior Advisers CLASS ADVISER: Mr. Myron Boyer Class of 963 Left to right-FIRST ROW: Jeanne Benicoff, Darlene Petree, Susan McDonald, Virginia Kessler, Susan Leinbach, Susan Wertz, Eileen Steely, treas., Carol Weaver, sec., Edward Reese, pres., Joseph Julian, v.-pres., Linda Reed, valedictorian, Patricia Starke, salutatorian, Rose Ann Greenawalt, Carol Kunsman, Carol Fromm, Gloria Fink, Susan Fox, Christine Tobias, Michele Czarnecki. SECOND ROW: Paulette Goss, Louis Rossi, Patricia Beecher, Michael Mehle, Carol Burkert, Michael Delmonico, Catharine Swoyer, Robert Hanley, Dawn Biehl, Jan Wixon, Brenda Dunkle, Robert DeSavario, Karen Ford, Terry Spinka, Sandra Brown, Orvis Rowe, Sandra Lessig, Larry Graeff, Mariann Arbogast, John Potteiger. THIRD ROW: Jerry Schoener, Susan Deprill, Elwood Seifert, Joyce Richards, Lawrence Gaston, Linda Bucks, Royce Gernert, Darlene Bernstel, Douglas Henne, Sandra Kocur, Harvey Schlegel, Mary DeLong, Timothy Cordier, Carolyn Sumrall, Warren Clark, Elsa Rhoads, Richard Hertzog, JoEllen Ammarell, Mario DeSantis, Dolores Amendola, Ronald Weidman. FOURTH ROW: James Papola, Edward Wolfe, Gail Dunkelberger, Ronald Shewchuk, Janalee Antolick, Barry Shutter, Diane Fairchild, David Weyandt, Gail Grim, Royce Manwiller, Beverly Dukeman, Neil Brown, Nancy Nieder, Walter Dieterle, Janice Gotschall, Kenneth Dussinger, Sandra Manwiller, John Rohrbacher, Dawn Heckman, David Vogel, Carol Rodick, Michael Sharp, I44 Class of 63 Faye Robertson, Donald Wary, Greg Hefter. FIFTH ROW: Ronald Spohn, Carol Lonaberger, Larry Roth, Kathleen Kircher, Dwight Moser, Joyce Meck, Larry Endy, Kris Gustantino, James Spinka, Cynthia Gromis, Randall Richards, Dolores Carl, Dennis Wertz, Maxine Tobias, David Evans, Barbara Reese, Eric Rossiter, Jane Wilson, Thomas Gruber, Shirley Reese, Dennis Paradee, Carol Wise, James Miller, Linda Hower, Benton Wentzel, Dennis Fronheiser. SIXTH ROW: Lorraine Burtner, Frederick Burtner, Linda Schaefer, Gary Badinger, Sandra Greenawalt, Edward Forry, Dawn Dautrich, Richard Christ, Jean Delp, James Slonaker, Sharon Gehris, Raymond Hoptley, Sharon Bennethum, George Vogel, Nancy Althouse, Warren Greth, Cheryl Bieber, Douglas Moyer, Diane Guistwite, Warren Bowman, Sonia Miseyko, Alan Walker, Loretta Kramer, Robert Plank, Donna Gregonis, Robert Smith, Annie Godshall, John Yeager. SEVENTH ROW: James Osmun, Paul Baur, Scott Addis, Darte Asbell, Lynn Schmeck, Terry Oxenreider, Larry Rothenberger, Marvin Werner, Thomas Henderson, Terry Brittain, Robert Germann, Edward Hart, David Spayd, Franklin Noll, Daniel DeAngelo, Richard DiGuardi. l45 A 'S 1 'J C il' fx Z Ranking tenth in the class of '63 was JoEllen Ammarell. De- bating and U. N. Club gave her valuable experience in pub- lic speaking, while her radiant smile and quiet demeanor con- tributed to her ladylike grace. Eight Girls, Achieve Top Nancy Althouse placed ninth in the senior class. Although Nancy was quiet and unassum- ing, she could be depended upon to do her assignment well and accurately whether it was homework, secretarial work, or part of her Work experience program. Placing seventh in the class was Susan Leinloach. Susie, the per- fect individualist, was not afraid to voice her opinion, a trait that gained her much respect and admiration by people less willing to speak. Dwight Moser attained the eighth place. Dwight's love for tropical fish was well known as were his easy going ways which hid a lively sense of humor that at times managed to come to the fore. Carol Fromm attained sixth place in the class of '63. Carol's quiet personality and small stature did not overshadow an alert brain and forceful man- ner. Two Boys rf l cademic Positions . 6 if . s Valedictorian of the class of '63 was Linda Reed. Linda's quiet manner sometimes hid her com- petitive spirit and her deter- mination to do her best to meet and conquer every challenge presented her. y--- .... ..,,, ,, - , -..-.., , l 4 n , . ' u u ' ' U 0 vr s - -.------------x'.l.---.J Fifth in the class was Carol Burkert. Carol, blessed with an independent air, was ready and willing to offer her opinion on almost any subiect that might be suggested. .fgZibf253i5'iiEi . - ilzf' Joseph Julian ranked fourth in the senior class. Joe's satirical sense of humor and high ideals of sportsmanship were evident in both classrooms and sports. Attaining third place in the class of '63 was Eileen Steely. Her election as Many Queen proved that she possesses not only brains but also good looks and a vibrant personality. Patricia Starke was salutatorian of the class of '63, Pat's lively personality was evident not only in the classroom but also in girls' sports and- cheerleading activities. Standing academically at the top ofthe class of '63 are eight girls and two boys. Ot these top ten, seven are academic students and three are commercial students. The top ten displayed their leadership abilities in extracurricular activities as well as in classrooms. Each one is proof that an intelligent individual need not be only a bookworm, but can also be a well rounded person interested in all phases of life. I47 tudents Receive Aea Junior blazer winners. SEATED, Left to right: Jo- Socxety for Academic Achievement. STANDING, Left to right: Jerry Schoener, Christine Tobias, Warren Greth, Joe Julkin. SEATED, FIRST ROW: Patricia Starke, Eileen Steely. SECOND ROW: Susan Lelnbach Mary DeLong, Nancy Althouse. THIRD ROW: JoEllen Ammarell, Linda Reed, Carolyn Sumrall. This year, for the first time, academic awards were given to students excelling in academic subiects in grades ten, eleven, and twelve. Each winner received a blue blazer with the school emblem on the pocket. To win a blazer, the student had to have the highest average in a subiect. This average was tabulated by averaging his classroom grades and the grade he received in a special test on that subject. Four boys and tour girls, a boy and a girl for each subiect, in each grade received the awards. Anne Blewett, Joan Adams, Linda Richardson, Carolyn - - L fc Recognition Y ai-f in 5 l , J 1? Fl! lli Hi Ei! R. i l fi 1' , i az 3' if igala A M Xp Senior blazer winners. SEATED in the usual order: Linda Reed, Eileen Steely, Carol Burkert. STANDING: Joseph Julian, Jerry Schoener, Patricia Starke, Warren Ulle, and Warren Greth. Carl. STANDING: David Fetterman, Charles White- head, Darryl Conner, and Barry Humloert. Sophomore blazer winners. KNEELING: Kathleen Hughes, Robin Fies. STANDING: Jack Laftemann, Christine Heere, Donald Moleski, Jack Williams, Ronald Zygmunt and Ann Rothenberger. 4 f'?' 'K 5 f ,...., N XHEQZW W Af' A , -if ..::x. . "Q . A I 'Kwai ' www? f Ma ai X' up ,M "Ql- l' .XA 4' f mv , nu... A Q-wdiiy "" -1-...i""r1 .M ,, ,M Q N. 4 w s YLOR e GRANT FOR FAST ACCURATE CORRESPONDENCE ABOUT YOUR TAYLOR-MADE YEARBOOK. 0 ' ' "" if A- -' -4 ' MR.,Mvzs..Mxss1 , , R STATE ,.dh'3rem.. 195v--V , 606 2 gun-,eII Ruchd 1028Doug:: I---1-3334, . f ' 1--1 , - D 559' mmm. phoIi:::,E:LynoakAvsShIII--777-37 0 6' Pu on n gf' Q0 LancsfLynoakAvsShIII--777-372 W. ' M5 115UpIndAv --373-23. R ' V IIC pg I on--N ' '2' 01- , Su P of " far bsct. 002, f 009 Q C e 4, lpt. 91' EOQKN3' oalbia Q, J' '00 I Ja, C S19 1 ed Of ' S Ur QW! . 1,3-an fer N 8 N 2- V- 560. Jn, a0 G .fe I - Y A 'f .WHL Daily euuemn H ay 295 19 O E sidelh fa,- : ' ',. Yr-1 Py of"6:o"n, Picture schedule for E'1'1f1:15,f',,NY'5f-La' .33 sa pf,,,fZo,,: I A-L1 pic-,W-res will bel taker, outslde a,,,, '- Senior group pwbufe 1.00 Q eo. S ,Aff-ie-""' for Academlc Achmeve' 'hoo ' PL 3262? Award wif. I 545 '- 4 ' To Q FFIL 1 'ef NJ' ' C M' 'nd I IA' "SCI .s"" f IQ? X on ff '40 0 Pegff LJ, 4 OUQS wife, 66 ff 5 4.2 2' 5 f 'o e f I if -YA 0 .-"-ff op, 000 I ff L M-A Mi" H I X JST COPY PREPARATIQ . . , I N xk sl . fi I by I. Prepare co - V ' u B C Py fbnn In .hp 4 Q of The 'F 3 TIM ' pf P d yearbook.C,rbon I E E To F fl. ro UC6 carbon " IRE C' Co ' - T S Copy envelo ples 5 YI.. Yfxl yn F.. -P' pe U It I 5 y ' saab! : ' "-- I O ably hard pencil 1' 5 , E . , o Pro 5 3 ff If we, the ' Ie 2. , 5 I' I ' " hee ff 1 members ' Draw ourlme gf each : I El rhisfysaibfhanks ,O Hz 'he semo, Edna. work 'fo' Show and S! A To M, ogkdpossible- peome who hex' hsnafff Offer OU, . H . - n copy sheet I A T hirflob Well dgenvg Pwdof' and Mr R b eped Us make 'WOrk' ' 6 'fo ' 0 err R . 3. Numb U asseisio JU?1g:?o9'aPhe:Td f'j'h Patient, Scjgczfge we Say, er pndurgg a To ML RO yearbook, U were inde d -Haturedl and 'Inc P cesfmm Ie-H-1.0 . for fakin meld Rhode ana e mdispengabl number 9 nghi' be- whi h 9 our Them , me art 5 e ne on Such C express 1h - e' SF-"6Ce ' Taff We sa ff numbe' Sequen page' Con' To Mf- Glen e 'deas S0 Welf Hand puffing if Y' Thank You vb ce Ieifenfify 1:33 :ould bg Villgosls we can onl 'mv drawings . 7d '01p"", Senio OT In Vain, W O ' YOUY idea Y say' llwifho 11 of O 7v r memb - e feallz . sf WOrk UT YOU Nydii Vino 411 O80 07361 develop fronfrs If was not a e Wlfh a stan! and headaches Txoxon onisoaaxngi S3395 Afa,-PV? To The adm.1I?e planning S? eaSY Tagk to se of Only three 16 Nf"'e'55 v.,ms1I"""" . 'Viz 'H 'J U N E foopefafion d'nfS"afion and ,age 'O The finishedme Yeafbook vhxves WH" 'N-6, plynlv M T W T FS Vfo Mr- Lawtfflg FOSS fryina5U:f7,We Say, "1ia,,E'OfUC"" 1 1 Ising Th I 8 I I b W IC Ure., S 0 4.8454 EN. 5 5 6 1 H To Mrle of Th: we Say, 51-lL2?1kdaYS." r your 'o353ulhN I-' agjarlk YOU foralahtl lwismer ing indexif, you f0I' super .9qf,v Yo 9507425 lg 3 very impot n ling ,he bu 1 IS business st f 'I f' 2627 7 And last, but ram Perf of thflness end of Th af We say 3-efisfnalism I Whse: lellasr, We v:sP?'?ar1iza1gon.,, e b0ok, you I e Wam d 00 0 0 Th k to create aebogil Siu Tie nrjlgy tzinarnagb jxtielhivggimgers of er s 1h 0 o e a great help, at musf be dogg I 5 2 fu? X . Abramowicz, William E., Mr., 20 Accompanists for Mixed Chorus, 48 Adam, Edwin, 30 Adam, George F., Mr., 10 Adams, Jaan, so, 49, so, 79, 149 Adams, Richard, 34, 65, 78, 92 Adams, Richard J., 34, 44, 65 Addis, Scott, 128 Althouse, David, 34, 78 Althouse, Lee, 34, 65 Althouse-, Nancy, 43, 128, 146, 148 Amendola, Dolores, 42, 55, 60, 65,79,81,128 Ammarell, Ann, 80 Ammarell, Barbara, 81 Ammarell, JoEllen, 128, 146, 148 Ammarell, Harry F., Mr., 10 Ammarell, Robert, Mr., 14 Angstadt, Mary, 30 Angstadt, Paul, 30 Annaballi, Pierre, 30 Annabelli, David, 34 Index - 1963 Muhltohi Benner, Scott, 34, 79, 94 Bennethom, Gregory, 65 Bennethum, Sharon, 43, 51, 53, 60, 129 Benton, Sandra, 30, 43, 59, 68 Bernstel, Darlene, 42, 68, 129 Bertschman, Donald, 34 Biehl, Dawn, 129 Billman, Claude, 30 Biology Club, 66 Bittle, Richard, 92 Blazer Winners, 148, 149 Blewett, JoAnne, 30, 51, 57, 58, 81 Bloedow, Rosalyn, 30, 57, 59, 69 Blue Band, 52, 120, 121 Board of Education, 10 Boidolsky, Mildred M., Mrs. 20, 143 Boeshore, Thomas, 92 Bohr, James, 34 Bollinger, Barry, 34 Bonanno, Gerald, 30, 48, 50 Bookkeeping Club, 57 Border, Darwin, 30 Antolick, Janalee, 49, 55, 128 Antolick, Larry, 34, 68 Aquiline, Ronald, 30 Arbogast, Mariann, 42, 47, 49, 57, 58, 79, 80, 81, 89, 106, 107, 116, 128 Asbell, Darte, 128 Asbell, Judy, 34, 68 Assistant Principal, 13 Attendance Officer, 15 Auchenbach, Evie, 34, 42, 49, 50, 55, 58, 67, 79, 80, 89 Baccalaureate, 122, 123 Badinger, Gary, 72, 75, 94, 95, 128 Bahner, Richard, 30, 112 Bair, Thomas, 30, 68 Bare, Jeanne, 30, 43 Baseball, 96, 97, 98, 99 Basketball, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89 Batz, Donald, 30 Bauer, Stephen, 34, 48, 67 Baur, Paul, 128 Bear, Thomas, 34 Beaver, Bonnie, 30, 45, 57, 65, 79 Bechtel, Sandra, 34, 43, 60, 79, 80 Becker, Milton, 34 Beecher, Patricia, 42, 59, 128 Beecher, Sandra, 30 Beeman, Carol, 34 Behm, Robert, 34 Beiber, Cheryl, 43, 53, 57, 59, 129 Benicoff, Jeanne, 129 Bowling Clubs, 64, 65 Bowman, Warren, 129 Boyer, Carolyn, 30, 57, 59, 69 Boyer, Dorothy J., Miss, 21, 143 Boyer, Gerald, 30, 48, 50 Boyer, Judy, 34, 42, 47, 79, 80, 89 Boyer, Karal, 30, 48, 49, 57, 62, 63 Boyer, Lois, 34 Boyer, Lymm, 30 Boyer, Myron F., Mr., 25, 66, 67, Boyer, 143 William, 30 Branco, Dennis, 30 Brasefield, Craig, 34 Braun, Tim, so, 56, 57, 78, 79, 82, 83, 85 Brittain, Terry, 129 Brown, Cathleen, 30, 39, 48, 57, 65, 79 Brown, Linda, 34, 106, 107 Brown, Linda, 30, 38, 42, 57, 79 Brown, Marcia, 34, 42, 60, 64, 68 Brown Neil, 97, 129 Brown , Sandra, 42, 129 Browne, Barry, 34, 72 Brubaker, Larry, 34 Brunner, Joanna, 34, 55, 42, 64, 117 Bucks, Linda, 43, 49, so, 53, 60, 63, 114, 129 Bukowski, Robert F., Mr., 23 Burkert, Carol, 45, 58, 63, 130, 147, 149 Burkhart, Edward, Mr., 14 Burkhart, Eugne, 34, 60 Burkmeyer, Floyd, Mr., 15 Burns, Judy, 30, 57, 59, 69 Burtner, Frederick, 130 Burtner, Laraine, 130 Bus Drivers, 14 Butler, Bryan, 92 Butz, Joseph R., Mr., 18, 59 Cafeteria Staff, 15 Calabria, Daniel, 34, 79, 82, 84, 85, 99 Camilli, Dianne, 34, 42 Camilli, Olivia, 30, 42 Carl, Carolyn, 30, 43, 57, 58, 65, 88 Carl, Dolores, 43, 57 Cassidy, Nancy, 37, 64, 89 Cheerleaders, 106 Christ, Richard, 44, 48, 50, 114, 130 Chura, Dianne, 34, 43, 55, 64, 79 Clark, Colette, 34, 79, 89 Clark, Daniel, 30, 91 Clark, Warren, 130 Clay, Helen, Mrs., 14 Cleaver, Barbara, 34, 45, 68 Clouser, Suzanne, 34, 43, 51, 79, 89, 107 Cochran, Charles, 30, 79, 96, 97 Color Guard, 53 Commencement, 122, 123 Conner, Darryl, 30, 48, 65, 112, 113 Coopersmith, Joan, 34, 51 Cordier, Timothy, 44, 48, 50, 130 Correnti, Harry, Mr., 14 Corriden, Patricia, 30, 43, 64, 68 Cox, Wayne, 34, 48, 66 Cozzi, John, 47 Cramer, Sandra, 30, 51, 52, 58, 65, 79, ao, 81 Crooks, Carol, 34, 59 Cross Country, 78 Crouch, Clarence, 34 Crummett, James, 30 Curtis, Christine, 34, 43, 49, 64, 79 Custodians, 15 Czarnecki, Michele, 42, 110, 130 Dailey, Gerald, 30, 91 Danko, Dennis, 34, 73 D'Arienzo, John, 92 Dautrich, Dawn, 43, 130 Davidson, Susan, 34, 80 Davis, Carol, 30, 51, 52, 58, 65, 79, 81 Davis, Michael, 65 Davis, Richard, 34, 48, 90 DeAngelo, Daniel, 130 Debating Club, 62 DelCollo, Bonnie, 34, 42, 47, 55 Delmonico, Michael, 95, 131 DeLong, Mary, 45, 49, 131 DeLong, Suzette, 30, 45, 57, 69 Delp, Donald N., Mr., 21, 65 Delp, Jean, 131 Delp, Mary Jane, Miss, 21, 81, 88 Delp, Sandra, Miss, 14 Deluca, Natale, Mr., 26 Deprill, Susan, 58, 80, 81, 114, 131 DeSante, Donna, 34, 68, 79 DeSantis, Mario, 131 Desmond, William, 34, 73 Dewalt, Robert, 30, 48, 52, 53 Didyoung, Berneville, Mr., 15 Dieroff, Sandra, 30, 36 Dieterle, Walter, 44, 48, 61, 131 DiGuardi, Richard, 61, 72, 74, 76, 79, 131 DiSaverio, Robert, 94 Dowling, Harry, Mr., 15 Dresher, Judy, 31, 42, 49. 50, 67, 79, so Dresher, Norman, 52 Dukeman, Beverly, 49, 131 Dunkle, Brenda, 131 Dunkle, Larry, 30, 31 Dunkle, Minnie, Mrs., 15 Dunkelberger, Alvin, Mr., 14 Dunkelberger, Gail, 43, 131 Dunlap, Sarah, 34, 43, 79 Durina, Steve, 34 Dussinger, Harry, 48 Dussinger, Karen, 34, 79 Dussinger, Kenneth, 132 Easterday, Karl, 34 Everly, Lolita, 31, 49, 52, 53, 58, 80, 89 Ebersole, Carol, 34 Eiln, Sharon, 68 Eisenhart, Sandra, 42, 51, 68 Ellingsworth, Marcia, 31, 55, 68 Ellis, AnnaMarie, 31, 42, 58, 60, 79, 88 Endy, Larry, 44, 110, 132 Endy, Raymond, Mr., 15 Epting, Donna, 51 Etta-:lei George, 31, 47, 57, 73, 1 Ettinger, Edmond A., Mr., 26, 111 Etzel, Joseph, 48 Evans, David, 48, 61, 132 Evans, Gladys, Mrs., 15 Evening of Music, An, 118, 119 Eyrich, Ronald, 31 I53 Fairchild, Diane, 42, 54, 57, 79, 132 Fairchild, Linda, 35, 55 Faller, Charlene, 35, 59 Faller, Michael, 31 Fatkin, Richard, 35, 73 Faust, Sherry, 35, 45, 58, 60, 63, 79 Fedak, Rosalee, 35, 43, 68' Fetter, Dennis, 65 Fetterman, David, 21, 31, 60, 61 Fetterman, Donald L., Mr., 21, 96, 98 Fetterman, Terry, 35 Fiels, Darlene, 35, 43, 60, 64 Fies, Chester M., 10 Fies, Linda, 35, 43, 51 Fies, Robin, 35, 45, 48, 49, 50, 55, 58, 79, 80, 89 Fillippi, Enrico, 35 Filman, Judy, 35, 43, 49, 50, 68 Finderman, Deborah, 80 Fink, Gloria, 49, 52, 132 Fink, Lee, 52 Fisher, Marvin, 35 Focht, Darryl, 92 Football Squad, 72, 72, 74 Ford, Karen, 42, 132 Forry, Edward, 44, 61, 79, 132 Forum Club, 65 Fox, John, D., 10 Fox, Susan, 132 Frederick, James, 32, 35, 48, 53, 65 Froelich, Richard, 35 Fromm, Carol, 132, 146 Fronheiser, Dennis, 44, 132 Fulmer, Kenneth, 35, 73 Future Business Leaders of America, 59 Future Scientists of America, 67 Future Teachers of America, 58 Gallagher, Judy, 35, 42, 49, 55, 67, 79 Galvin, Peter, 72 Garber, Judith, 31, 51, 57 Garis, Dawn, 35 Gaspari, Linda, 43, 47 Gassert, Charles, 14 Gassert, Craig, 35 Gaston, Lawrence, Jr., 133 Gately, Tl-ieda, 31, 57, 65 Gealuin, Peter, 35 Gehman, Marcia M., 20 Geho, Kathy, 32, 35, 42, 55 Gehrke, Carol, 31, 57 Gehris, Sharon, 133 Gerhand, Walter, 35, 44 Germann, Robert, 48, 61, 65, 111, 132 Gernert, Royce, 44, 47, 52, 133 Gilbert, Carol, 31 Girls Athletic Association, 79 Gockley, Jane, 35, 47, 49, 107 I54 Godshall, Annie, 43, 133 Godshall, Robert, 35, 57 Gogliuzza, Elivra, 31, 42, 79, 80 Golf, 90 Goodhart, Sylvia, 31 Gosch, Robert, 35 Goss, Paulette, 133 Gottscholl, Janice, 133 Graeff, Brian, 35, 68, 78, 87 Graeff, David, 31, 48, 50 Graeff, Larry, 44, 48, 50, 52, 133 Greenawalt, Joanne, 80 Greenawalt, Rose Anne, 49, 50, 55, 57, 62, 63,111,115,133 Greenawalt, Robert, 31, 62, 63, 67 Greenawalt, Sandra, 133 Greer, Larry, 35, 94, 95 Gregonis, Donna, 31, 134 Greth, Warren, 61, 65, 110, 134 Gricoskie, Janice, 31, 69 Griesmer, Peter, 92 Griesemer, Robert, 31, 48, 61, 73, 79, 112 Grill, lohn, 31, 48, 52, 53, 63 Grim, Barbara, 35 Grim, Brian, 35 Grim, Gail, 43, 49, 50, 52, 79, 134 Groff, Patricia, 35, 42 Gromis, Cynthia, 59, 79, 134 Gross, Michael, 65 Grube, Linda, 35, 68 Gruber, Thomas, 134 Guistwite, Darlene, 35 Guistwite, Diane, 43, 53, 57, 134 Guldin, Susan, 35, 43, 80 Gusley, Michael, 31 Gustantino, Kris, 43, 49, 50, 55, 79, 134 Haas, Thomas, 31 Haddock, Robert, 35, 87 Haeseler, Carol, 31, 68 Haeseler, Linda, 35, 58, 79 Hafer, Dolores, 35, 43, 66, 79, 89, 64 Hafer, Henry, 31, 65, 112 Hafer, Herbert, 35, 90 Hafer, Robert, 31 Hagenman, Linda, 35, 42, 49, 68 67, Hain, Glenn, 35, 44, 48, 52, 78, 79, 102 Haisch, Richard, 35, 63, 67 Hall Patrol, 61, 68 Hammond, Jeffrey, 35, 44, 53, 78, 79, 115 Hammond, Joan, 35, 43 Handwork, Linda, 35, 45, 49, 51, 55, 59, 79, 88 Hanley, Jerry, 35, 72 Hanley, Robert, 72, 74, 75, 94, 95, 134 Hann, Donna, 31, 33 Harbonic, Janice, 35, 59 Hart, Edward, 90, 134 Hart, Janice, 35, 48, 49, 50, 79, 80, 89 Hart, John, 31, 48, 50, 57 Hassler, Donald, 31 Hassler, George, 31 Hassler, Linda, 42, 55, 80 Hassler, Marsha, 35, 66, 67 Hauck, William, 31 Havens, Marilyn, 31, 68 Healy, Nancy, 35, 42, 49, 55, 79 Heckman, David, 35 Heckman, Dawn, 134 Heckman, Jane, 35 Heebner, Donald, 31 Heebner, Donna, 35 Heere, Christine, 35, 43, 49, 50, 63, 68, 79 Heffner, Jackson, 31, 65 Heffner, Janice, 31, 43 Hefter, Gregory, 135 Heist, Terry, 35 Heiter, John, 35 Henderson, Thomas, 135 Henne, Douglas, 60, 61, 135 Henne, Floyd, Mr., 15 Henne, Linda, 35, 45 Herb, Leslyn, 31, 42, 51, 79, 89 Herb, Miriam, Mrs., 15 Herbein, Robert, 36, 52, 92 Herman, Barry, 135 Hertzog, Richard, 135 Hess, Linda, 36, 38, 43, 49, 79 Hiester, Carol, 31, 43, 88, 89 H1-Y, 44 Hilbert, Ted, 52 Hill, Ruth, 36, 45, 47, 55, sa, 67, 79, so Hinkel, Darrel, 36, 72, 94 Hinkel, Patricia, 36, 42 Hlatky, Katherine, 36, 49, 80 Hoagland, Fred, 36, 65 Hock, Jeanette, 31, 68 Hockey, 81 Hockey Mascot, 81 Hodgkins, Sharon, 31, 34, 42, 57, 81 Hoffman, Daniel, 31, 72, 113 Hoffman Jr., Henry F., Mr., 25, 52, 53, 115 Hoffman, Faye, 42 Hoffman, Mary, 36, 43 Hoffmaster, Dick, 52 Hogue, Grace Lease, Mrs., 14 Hail, Beth, 31, 51 Holl, Dale, 36 Holl, Ruth, 36, 45 Hoptley, Diana, 36, 45, 64 Hoptley, Ray, 135 Horizon Club, 45 Horton, Alta H., Miss, 25 Hower, Linda, 42, 49, 53, 58, 135 Huber, Barbara, 36, 64, 80 Hughes, Kathleen, 36, 43, 58, 63, 64, 79 Humbert, Barry, 31, 61, 91 Hummel, Jean, 31 Hummel, Pat, 36 Hunsberger, Paul, 36 Hutsko, Peter, 36, 44, 72 Huyett, Laurer, Mr., 10 lezzi, Elizabeth, 36, 42 lmboden, Lawrence L., Mr., 18, 143 lrwin, Barry, 31, 48, 50 lsett, Loretta, 36, 45, 47, 55 Jackson, Ann Jackson, Carol, 31, 42, 49, 59, 68 Januszak, Joseph, 34 Januszak, George, 31 Johnson, Mary, 36 Jones, Beverly, 36, 45, 49, 50, 52, 68 Journalism, 1, 57 Jost, Jacqueline, 36, 63 Jones, Daniel, 31 Julian, Joseph, 47, 46, 77, 79, 135, 147 Junior Class Play, 112, 113 Junior-Senior Prom, 124, 125 Kalbach, Barbara, 36, 42, 63, 79 Kalbach, Stanley, 36 Katzenmoyer, Melvin, 31, 67 Kauffman, Linda, 36, 52, 107 Kauffman, Lester, Mr., 10 Kauffman, Rodney, 36 Kaufmann, Jane, 36, 43, 64, 79 Keath, Judy, 36, 45, 51, 52, 79, 88 Keath, Quentin K., Mr., 10, 23, 55 Keehn, Kerry, 31, 48 Kehr, Steven, 36, 65 Keim, Jeffery, 36, 87 Keller, Beverly, 36 Keller, Bonnie, 31 Keller, Patricia, 31, 67 Kennedy, Laura, 36, 64 Kessler, Virginia, 42, 60, 135 Khouri, John W., Mr., 10, 11 Kircher, Kathleen, 43, 135 Kissinger, Jean Kistler, Eleanor, 36, 58 Kitchens, Linda, 31, 36, 43, 57 Klee, Charolette, 36, 64 Kleffel, Robin, 36, 45, 60, 65, 79 Klick, Kerry, 36, 73 -Kline, Carolyn, 31, 59, 69 Kline, Richard, 36, 52 Knauss, Thelma L., Miss, 18 Knepp, Holly, 31, 42, 55, 58, 60, 79, 80, 89 Knouse, lrvin, 31 Knouse, Robert M., Mr., 24, 78, 82 Knutson, Marie, 31, 42, 52, 53, 58, 63, 79, 80, 107, 113 Kochinsky, Jerome, Mr., 94 Kocur, Sandra, 43, 53, 57, 65, 111, 136 Kohl, Judith, 31, 36, 43, 47, 55, 57, 58,113,117 Korn, Judith, 31, 59, 68 Kostura, Pauline, 31 Kozlowski, Eugene, 96 Kralles, Georgine, 36, 55 Kramer, Ethel, 36, 42 Kramer, Loretta, 43, 51, 59, 136 Krick, Gail, 31, 42, 69 Krize, Daniel, 36, 66 Krott, Richard, 31 Kunsman, Carol, 42, 136 Kutzamanis, John, 37, 67 Laing, Catherine, 37 Lash, Dennis, 37 Lattemann, Jack, 37, 44, 63 Lebo, Suzanne, 37, 64 Leibold, Carol, 31, 43, 68, 107 Leinbach, Samuel, Mr., 14 Leinbach, Susan, 45, 47, 65, 136, 146 Leisey, Judith, 32, 36, 43, 57 Lenich, Cheryl, 37, 45, 47, 48, 49, 58, 68 Lessie, Stephen, 31 Lessig, Sandra, 42, 58, 79, 80, 39, 136 Levan, Kenny, 65 Levengood, Bonnie, 37, 47, 63 Library Club, 51 Lient, Kenneth, 37, 78 Linderman, Deborah, 37, 43, 79, 89 Livinghouse, Cheryl, 136 Livinghouse, Karen, 37 Lloyd, Jacob, 37 Lonaberger, Carol, 43, 81, 88, 136 Long, Carlene, 37, 42, 49, 58, 68 Long, Jack, 78 Losoncy, George, 37 Lumley, Grace, 37, 42, 49, 68 Lutz, Carl, 32, 48, 73 Mabry, Carol, 32 MacDonald, Kenneth, 37 Maiorettes, 54, 56 Maltby, Ronald, 32 Manegold, James, 37 Manley, Gloria, 32 Manwiller, Bruce, 32 Manwiller, Royce, 48, 52, 53, 136 Manwiller, Sandra, 45, 49, 51, 58, 136 Manzella, Candace, 37, 42 Manzella, Joseph, 37, 62, 63, 67, 73 Marks, James, 32 Martarama, Jerome, Mr., 27, 62, 63 Marth, Annette K., Mrs., 22 Marth, Olin R., Mr., 23, 60, 91 Martin, Jane, 32, 43, 57, 79, 36 Martin, Sandra, 80 Mattes, Sandra, 32, 42, 49, 68 Maurer, Lynda, 37, 45, 64, 67, 79 McCarter, Linda, 32 McDonald, Kenneth, 22 McDonald, Susan, 57, 137 Mccamgal, Miihael, 32 McLaughlin, Keith, 32, 48, 61, 73, 100 McLaughlin, Kevin, 82 McLaughlin, Paul, Mr., 72, 77, 87 McKnabb, Meas, Mr., 15 Meck, Joyce, 55, 136 Mehle, Michael, 47, 61, 137 Meitzler, Edward, Mr., 14 Melick, Arthur C., 10 Mertz, Phillip, 37, 65, 67, 90, 92, 93 Mertz, Sharon, 32, 68 Metz, Carl, 37, 65 Meyer, Kent, 37, 67, 72 Meyer, Scott, 32, 47, 48, 92 Michalski, Michael, 32, 48 Miller, Alex, 37, 38, 60, 65, 67 Miller, 101 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Glenn O., Mr., 24, 92, James, 61, 137 Martin, 37, 97 Richard, 92 Tammy, 37, 43, 64, 68 Miseyko, Sonia, 137 Mixed Moatz, Mohn, Chorus, 49 Delores, 64 Sandra, 32, 49, 50, 68 Moleski, Donald, 37, 48, 65, 67 Moletress, Michael, 68 Morgan, John, 32 Moser, 137, Dwighf, 44, 47, 61, 146 Moyer, Aileen, 37, 42, 47, 55 Moyer, David, 37, 58, 63 Moyer, Douglas, 137 Moyer, Janet, 32, 42, 58, 62, 63 Moyer, Joanne, 37, 45, 51, 63, Napoletano, Shirley, Mrs., 14 Nardo, Eileen, 32, 42, 49, 51, 68 Neher, Cynthia, 37, 45, 64 Neider, Nancy, 68, 137 Newcomb, Glenn, 37, 72 Ney, Barbara, 80 Niey, David, 37, 65 Ney, Michael, 37, 73, 87 Nichols, Edward, Mr., 14 Noll, Franklin, 137 Noll, Kathleen, 37 Nye, Stuart, 37, 44 O'Boyle, Nancy, 37 O'Brien, S. J., Dr., 73 Observer Staff, 56 Office Staff, 14 Osmun, James, 137 Ott, Darlyn, 37, 64, 88 Ott, James, 37 Owen, Carol, Mrs., 15 Oxenreider, Clara K., Mrs., 11, 14 Oxenreider, Peggy, 32, 43, 49, 54, 58, 80, 88, 89, 116 Oxenreider, Terry, 52, 78, 82, 137 Papola, James, 110, 138 Papola, Linda, 37 Paradee, Dennis, 48, 50, 52, 53, 61, 90, 138 Partet, Patsy, 66, 64 Paskos, Petra, 32, 33, 49, 50 Pellegrini, Louis P., 30, 37, 73 Pennock, Georgia, 37, 42, 64, 66 79, 80 Petree, Darlene, 138 Phillips, Edward, 37 Phillips, John L., 10 Phillips, Lee, 37, 52, 53, 73, 103 Phillips, Martin, 37, 78, 79 Plank, Robert, 138 Pohl, Norbert, 37 Potteiger, John, 57, 138 Potteiger, Martha, 37, 42, 64, 66, 67 Pradon, Stephen, 38, 44, 73, 75, 79 Pratt, Steve, 52, 53 79 Muhlaires, 50 Muhleteers, 50 Muhl Revue, 114, 115 Muhltohi Staff, 56 Mullarkey, Patrick, 37, 58 Mullen, Donald, 32 Mundbell, Ronald, 32 Murphy, Sandra, 37, 43, 51, 66, 79, 80, 89 Musser, Steven, 32, 48, 78, 116 Nagle, Christine, 32 Napior, Joyce, 37, 60, 63, 64, 79 Price, Richard, 32 Principal, 12 Protheroe, Richard, 38, 66 Pugeise, Tony, 65 Quinter, Daniel, 38 Rahn, Frances A., Miss, 19, 42, 58 Rapp, Barry, sa, 72, 77, 82, 96, 97, 99 Rapp, Helen, Mrs., 15 Rauenzahn, Margaret, 32, 59, 68 Reber, Lyndell, 32, 42, 54, 57, 69 Redcay, Nancy, 38, 45, 63, 80 Reed, Linda, 55, 56, 58, 63, 138, 147 Reed, Ronald, 32, 48, 50, 67 Reese, Barbara, 45, 47, 49, 58, 79, 106, 107, 138 Reese, Edward, 48, 72, 74, 77, 79, 138 Reese, Shirley, 43, 49, 50, 54, 56, 138 Reeser, Gregory, 38 Reeser, Richard, 32, 78, 82, 83, 91 Reichenbach, Paul, 38 Reider, Keith, 38 Reiniger, Lee, 32, 48, 52, 53, 78, 79, 82, 101 Rentschler, Linda, 32 Rentschler, Lyndell, 38, 49, 50, 55, 79 Reppert, Kerry, 38, 78, 82, 84 Rhoads, Diane, 32, 42, 52, 65, 69 Rhoads, Elsa, 45, 111, 138 Rhode, Ronald L., Mr., 23, 60 65 Richards, Joyce, 49, 57, 139 Richards, Michael, 32, 92 Richards, Randall, 48, 50, 52, 139 Richards, Stephen, 38, 65, 92 Richardson, Linda, 38, 64 Richie, Carl W., Mr., 24, 82, 96, 99 Roberts, William, 38 Robertson, Faye, 139 Rodick, Carol, 42, 59, 139 Rodino, Filomena, 32, 42, 57, 67, 80, 107 Rohl, Norert, 72 Rohrbach, Allen, 32, 44 Rohrbacher, Bernhard J., Mr., 10 Rohrbacher, John, 72, 75, 79, 90 Rohrbacher, Matthew A., Mr., 10 . Rohrbacher, Terry, 32, 44, 78, 79 Roland, David, 32, 48, 52, 53 Rollman, Faith, 38 Ross, Thomas, 38, 73 Rossi, Louis, 139 Rossiter, Eric, 139 Roth, Larry, 139 Roth, Mike, 38, 47 Rothenberger, Carol, 38, 64 Rothenberger, Catherine, 32, 43, 47, 49, 66, 68 Rothenberger, James, 52, 78, 79, 87 Rothenberger, Larry, 139, 73 Rothernberger, Sharen, 42 Rothenburger, Ann, 38, 66, 79, 89 Rothermel, Daniel G., 10 Rowe, James, 65 Rowe, Orvis, 44, 139 155 Wetzel, Sandra, 38, 43, 59, 64 Rowles, Thelma, Mrs., 15 Sabatino, Judith, 32, 42, 69 Sachetta, Robert, 32, 78 Salks, lngus, 32, 78 Sallade, Michaele, 57 Sands, Vicky, 80 Santoni, Carol, 38, 42, 79, 80, 107 Santoni, Daniel, 38 Savage, Richard, 38, 52, 86, 87 Schaefer, Forrest, 38, 94 Schaefer, Jere, 38 Schaerer, Barry, 38, 68 Shollenberger, Gladys, 33, 80 Shollenberger, James, 99 Shomper, Mary, 33, 57, 58 Show Band, 53, 115 Showers, Jeanette, 33, 69 Shrom, Roger, 38 Shultz, Dorothy, Mrs., 15 Shutter, Barry, 140 Sidella, Raymond, 33, 63 Skrocki, Dorothy, 33, 49, 69, 106 Slagowski, Linda, 38, 43, 79 Slonaker, James, 140 Stoeber, Eileen, 39, 68 Stoltzfus, Dale, 33, 91 Stolzfus, Dean, 33, 91 Storm, Robert, 33 Stoudt, Harold A., 10 Strittmatter, Carl E., Mr., 13, 26 Student Council, 47 Stull, Janice, 80 Sumrall, Barbara, 39, 51, 68, 79 Sumrall, Carolyn, 42, 51, 60, 141 Superintendent, 11 Schaich, Fred, 47, 52, 68 Schaich, Linda, 38, 43, 59, 68, 79, 80, 89 Scheirer, Susan, 38, 43, 68, 79 Schaefer, Gerald D., Mr., 10 Schlegel, Frederick, Mr., 15 Schlegel, Harvey, 139 Schlegel, Linda, 38, 42, 66, 79, 89 Schmerk, Lynn, 140 Schmeer, Roy, 38 Schmehl, Donna, 32, 49 Schmelh, Kermit H., Mr., 12, 13 Schmehl, Paul, 38, 68 Schmehl, Richard, 38, 47, 48, 68 Smith Barry, 65 Smith John, 38 Smith Robert, 44, 48, 140 Smith Sandra, 38, 43, 51, 59, 79 Smith Smith, Susan, 38, 64 William, 39, 65 Snyder, Sandra, 39, 58 Snyder, Frederick, 38, 86, 87, 100 Snyder, Robert, 33, 44, 61, 72, 77 Swimming, 92, 93 Swoyer, Catherine, 42, 57, 59, 141 Swoyer, Douglas, 39 Swoyer, Jan, 39 Tennant, Olive, Miss, 20 Schmitt, Jay, Mr., 72 Schmidt, Roger, 38, 44, 63, 72, 86, 87, 102 Schoener, Jerry, 61, 78, 79, 101, 103, 140 Schoening, Kathleen, 32, 59 Schonour, Linda, 38, 42, 66, 79 School Nurse, 14 Schroeder, Linda, 38, 45, 64, 68 Schrum, Christine, 38, 43, 79 Schwambach, Timothy, 38 Scianna, Mary, 32, 49, 79 Seaman, George, 32 Seaman, June, 32 Seidel, Elizabeth, 33, 49, 50, 57, 58, 68, 113 Seifert, Elwood, 48, 50, 53, 61, 140 Sekella, Mary, 33, 54 Selig, Barry, 38 Selig, James, 33 Sell, Ilona, 38, 64 Sell, Matthan, Mr., 25 Senior Class Play, 110, 11 Shalter, Sandra, 33, 42, 54, 69 Shaner, Ethel, Mrs., 14 Sharp, Jeffrey, 33, 61 Sharp, Michael, 61, 96, 140 Shaub, Michael, 38 Shaver, Joan, 33 Sheetz, Linda, 38, 43, 60, 63, 79, 80 Sherman, Linda, 33, 43, 68 Shewchuck, Ronald, 140 Shipe, Dean, 38, 72, 79 Shoemaker, James, 38 156 Sobresky, Kathy, 39, 43, 58, 89 Society for Academic Achieve- ment, 148 Spancake, Claude A., Mr., 25 Spayd, Arlan, 39 Spayd, David, 39 Spease, Dennis, 65 Spinka, James, 56, 60, 74, 79, 94, 95, 140 Spinka, Terry, 94, 95, 79, 140 Spohn, Cynthia, 33, 80, 81 Spohn, Ronald, 141 Spohn, Rosemary, 39, 42, 58 Stage Craft Club, 60 Stage Crew, 60 Stalbot, Faye, 39, 64 Staley, David, 83 Stalneker, Barry, 39 Stamm, Linda, 33, 49, 69 Starke, Herbert, Mr., 15 Starke, Patricia, 42, 47, 58, 80, 81,106,107,141,147 Steely, Diann, 33, 57, 69 Steely, Eileen, 45, 47, 79, 80, 81,106,107,114,116,117, 141, 147 Steely, Leonard, Mrs., 117 Stefl, Harold, Mr., 24, 72, 76, 77 Steiner, Pamela, 43, 60, 63, 79, 80 Steinmetz, Bobby, 82 Steinmetz, Robert, Mr., 82 Stephan, Virginia G., Mrs., 14 Stephenson, Barry, 33, 79 Sterner, Barbara, 39, 80, 89 Stetzler, Carol, 33 Stickles, Robert N., Mr., 25 Stitzel, Eileen, 39, 51, 79, 107 Stitzer, Darlene, 39 Tennis, 91 Tobias, Allan, 33 Tobias, Christine, 45, 49, 54, 141 Tobias, Donald, 33 Tobias, Maxine, 43, 47, 58, 106, 141 rreek, 100, 101, 102, 103 Tranquillo, Barbara, 39, 43, 58 Trout, Nancy, 39, 43, 64 Weitzel, Kent, 39, 47, 48, 79, 82, 83, 84, 90 Weitzel, Ray L., Mr., 26, 62, 63 Wentzel, Benton, 142 Wentzel, Daniel, 33 Wentzel, Rodney, 33 Werley, Linda, 42, 57, 69 Wertz, Dennis, 142 Wertz, susan, 42, 54, 56, 111, 142 Westley, Michael, 39, 48, 65, 67 90 Weyandt, David, 142 White, Sharon, 33, 69 Whitehead, Charles, 33, 48 Whitehead, Leonard, 33, 91 Williams, Jack, 39, 44, 48, 50, 58 Wilson, Jane, 43, 54, 55, 58, 79, 142 Wilson, Mary, 39, 43, 47, 65, 79, 107 Wenings, Mary Jo., Mrs., 19 Wise, Carol, 43, 49, 58, 114, 142 Wismer, Norman N., Mr., 18, 57 Withers, Kenneth, 39, 73 Withers, Terry, 33, 73 Trout, Stanley, 33, 47, 82, 83 Typing Club, 68, 69 Ulle, Warren, 33, 48, 50, 67, 149 U. N. Club, 63 Witman, Diane, 39, 42, 51, 63 Witman, Sandra, 33 Witmer, Linda, 39, 80, 89 Wixon, Jan, 142 Wixon, Lamarr, 39 Underclassmen, 69 Vaccaro, Sandra, 39, 43, 64, 79 Valeriano, Andrea, 33, 43, 58, 63 Valeriano, Judy, 39, 43, 64 VanDriel, Margaret, 39, 51, 58, 60, as Varsity Club, 79 Vogel, David, 111, 141 Vogel, George, 61, 78, 79, 82, 84, 85, 141 Wagner, Karl, 39, 44, 52, 53, 59 Wagner, Mariorie L., Mrs., 22 Wagonseller, Randy, 39, 72 Waldbiesser, Linda, 33, 57, 69 Walker, Alan, 141 Walton, Sharon, 39, 45, 59 Warmkessel, Leroy, 72, 90 Wary, Donald, 48, 50, 73, 142 Waytovick, Darlene, 43, 59 Woerner, Marvin, 143 Wolfe, Jeffrey, 39, 73 Wolfe, Edward, 143 Wolfe, Jeffrey, 44, 94 Wolf, Margaret, 33, 69 Wolfskill, Joy, 33, 48, 49 Wcglienhaupt, Wilbert H., Mr., Woods, Glenn, Mr,, 20, 56 Wrestling, 94, 95 Wunder , Barry, 39, '73 Weaver, Carol, 43, 49, 142 Weaver, Darlene, 39, 63 Weaver, Donna, 39, 42 Weaver, Kenneth, 39, 52, 59, 98 Weglinski, Joseph, 39 Weidenhammer, Ray, 39, 78 Weidma n, Ronald, 142 Weidner, Kenneth, 39 Weidner, Paul, 73, 75, 76, 79 Weidner, Paul, 33 Yakimo, Linda, 33, 67 Yarnell, Victor R. H., Mr., 26 Yeager, Barry, 33 Yeager, Glenn, 39, 52, 53, 65 Yeager, Joan, 33, 69 Yeager, Rodney, 33 Yeager, John, 143 Yentsch, Larry, 39, 44, 48, 50, 78, 86, 87 Young, Andrea, 39, 43, 68, 79, 89 Young, Sharon, 39, 43, 55 Y-Teens, 42, 43 Zappacosta, Gary, 33, 60 Zasstowt, Rosemarie, 39, 42, 60 Zerr, Ralph, Jr., 33 Zoppel, Robert, 33, 79 Zuchowski, John, 33, 92 Zyggnunt, Ronald, 39, 47, 48, af TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 6 "The World's Best Yearbooks Are TayIor4made" M3 L Q L ,Ty 595 ,.,.,, --W5 gf- 44,2513-,U ,jf , L fx-iwglxiga H, k 2 v 4 Q 'w Q,,7E'VfI. 1 , K . 2'3'?7'13,.z. li . 'fi n if 4 Qvvlf- 1: 235' 4 ' 'H 1 3 ff .1- ft Q . v ww xg, I -4. '14 0 gh - y

Suggestions in the Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) collection:

Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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