Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA)

 - Class of 1941

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Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 10 of 56
Page 10 of 56

Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 9
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Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 11
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Page 10 text:

Jane Louisdxliam er Ccnmaercial: Girl Rcsarvc 5 Checker cum 125 cnecr1nauxngl11 12: o. c. A. 125 Chorus 125 G . A. 12. "A tall, smi ing girl with ll false P sylvania-Ge1'- lllillllliflll ' would best de- scribe t s o111n1e1'cial miss 'hcfQBtes orthand as her 1 1 u Ject and spa tt1 and rn at balls is he1 axo11t ood Ji e declaies that Vkll o si ceitain conscripte Q1 hobby pastime and ia X011 e spoit 'J yne xx ould like to be a stc 1 g The cl iss hopes she V111 pou11d hci wiy to the 'op ot th hefip Minnie Mabry Commercial Observer 12 National Honor Society 12 Basketball Reserves 12 0 G A M u May I help you please 1S a much used expression oi Minnies as she spends her Saturdays working in a local StOlG A he1 tavor1te sport Micky 1ates basketball as tops M1n111e seixed as secretaiy to Miss F A Rahn teacher ol heilth duiing he1 sen 1 ll yefn Atte-1 g11duat1on Micky XKOl,1ld like to be somebody s stenog1aphe1 The class f 41 xxishes he1 luck June Kunsman Ccmmercial Dance Band 12 Girls 5 rves 12 G A A A This bioxtn haired blue eyed miss xx as one of the X0 c ilists with the dance band Tunic scucd is secietiiy to Miss T L Knauss com meiciil t8'lCllCl du11ng he1 senio ve11 She classes l1o1thand is he1 faxoute 9LllJlLCl 1 ll d icpicsented 'tluhlcnbeig it Bloomsbuwl lla sen Iune s tix oi ite hobbies ale collecting Jexxeliy and mils ine l1e1 oxxn clothes Xlte1 ,fzmduation Dixie intends to become 1 CIICCI gnl bv singing 111th some 11 ell I non ll oichestx 1 1 +4 Ethel Zerbe Ccmmcrcial: Chorus 125 Girl Reserves 12: Basketball 11: Checker Cluh 123 HM" Club 125 G. A. A. 123 0. G. A. 12. Behold the tallest girl in the senior class' Ethel reach- es to the height ol' 5 feet 10 inches. Bicycling and listening to clas ical rnusic dlB t 6 xx ays in which E o spend her lei u11 g 1 1 ye 1 s ixed his Lsldent oi e ls Athletic Associi an so '1 ecietiiv o C' 1 ues 'ning lV,iUlllOllbClQ NJDLS to ittend Biy I1 stitutc ot Be iuty Cul tuie Evelvn Naftzmger Comlrercial Chorus 12 Little Theatre ub 12 chestra 10 11 s rver 12 Girl Reserves 12 Cheer mg11 12 0 G A 2 A Exelyn lS a da1k haired energetic miss of the senior class She served as secre ta1y to L B Meailg teachei of history and Journalism duling her semor yea1 Epsie s hobby is collect ing xases and her taxoiite pastimes ne playing the X10 lin ieading 1nd dancing Atte1 gi 1du1t1o11 Cookie would like to own dog ken nels The class ot 41 wishes he1 much luck in the future Salome llle Commercial Observer 12 Chorus 12 Whenex 61 you hea1 '1 cute little giggle you Cin be suie Silome is nound 'N Ollxlllg Ill the lllll lly oc cupied much 1 Toots time duiing he1 SCHIUI yc 11 is she nas one ol M1s Roth eimel s assistints 1e1 CINUIC time likes to ieid 111d hike A1te1 gl iduition Sllllllll xx ould lil e to secuxe 1 1ob stenog1aphe1 oi e1the1 t1kc a coui e lll Ifllllfllllslll Thr s 111 lCs 10 s C s 1 0111 1 c Cltuusls

Page 9 text:

:CE QF' Rosle Camllll Ccmmerclal G1rIReserves12 G A A Th1s c1111 hancd mlss IQ 11 r ol the fexx senlox xx o docs not 11 IXC 1 Yl1ClxIlllTlQ Xlthouqh Rosle cmoys 111 lc1 subjects he llsts sho1t 11 1nd 18 hc-1 f1xo11te Dunne 11e1 NCll1Ul veal she xx IS sec t11v to I B Sh'1ne1 che1 of xx modshop Re1d111'f sxx1mm1ng and c"1nc11ff const1tut the '1xo 1o1111 1ct1x1t1es QLIICI Qlll H01 KIUXXUIYIQ 1mb1t1on 18 to lc 1 SlC1lOg1l1JhC1 M1y Rowe bloom 1n the held 01 success Ann Schelfele Acadcn IC Nat1cn:1I Honor Soc1ety12 Ch rus 12 Glrl Res rves 12 Obs rver 12 Little Theatre CIub12 G A A 12 To Ann goes the dl5tlI'lC t1on oi Lemg one of th tw1 shoxtest lTl6I'llbGlS of the s n 101 c11ss Sho1ty h1s1e'1ch cd th hewht of 4 feet 11 111 chcs When she 1snt buymg l1ambu1gc1s B1at find t1me ion he1 hobby collect 11112 dolls Thllll mg se11ous1y of b commg 1 gl 1de school te1 che1 Ann IS plannmg to go to college next yea1 May the lamp ot success gu1de he1 1n anvthmg she unde1t'1lxes Helen Beamesderfer Academic Chorus 12 Observer 12 Natlonal I-lunar So lcty 12 Hclcn IS ore of th mo1e quxet ol the 8611101 gnls It hoxxcxe1 when 111 the 12A horn mom you he11 1 gool hentv lxugh the ch111ces 116 Hxe to one that It she He1 hobb1es lnclude col le tmg 1nyth1ng such '1s plctules p1og11ms HOXXCIS 1116 llDD1Yl"'S Xlthoug.,h Helen h1s not dcudcd llljllllllg Cllflllltff 1134 ut hu lutule xoc1t1o11 the 1 c11ss hopes 1 x111 ucceed 111 lexchlng he1 goxl Gene C Koller Academic Glrl Reserves 12 A A Gene 1S one person who llli6S to see professlonal bas lxetball games When she 1sn t '1t '1 game she can be found 1t xxorlx. xv1th he1 f3XOl1t0 hobbv kmttmg Gene classes German a he1 best llked subject and xates chocolate ICE cream 1bout tops ln foods Gene IS plannlng to go to college and study some field of 1eta11 mexchandlsmg 01 1ea1n to be a 11bra11an May exe1y shelf be filled 1x1th xolumes of success Marlan Brlcker Acadcmnc Glrl Reserves 12 Hand work Club 12 G A A Th1s da1k halred ass names Latm as her best lrked subject and th1s prob ably accounts lOl studylng the language four ye11s and decxdmg to become nurse Among Ma lans favor1t sports a1e swlmmmg tenms '1ockey and basketball Read mg and sewmg occupy Mar 1an ln her spare tlme when she xsnt enjoymg her portant foods carrots ap ples '1nd oranges Class of 41 wxshes her the best of success Sally DeSant1s Commerclal Glrl Reserves 12 A Sally IS the glrl vxho boasts thc fact that she has the pott d b1oxxn eyes Pretty oo' Sally s mam lnterests cen te1 alound sports Howexex shes not a11erg1c to hand son1e docto1s CAsk her about her operatlon some tlme 1 Sallys hobby lS xeadmg 1nd thexe 15 nothlng sh xxould rathex do th'1n t11e 1 long xxalk After she leax es the walls of Muh1enbe1g Sally would 11ke to be somebody s sten May dlctatlon be pleasmg sounds 111 he1 ea1

Page 11 text:

Helen Hollenhach Acadcmoc Lltlle Th atre Club 12 Glrl Reservea12 Chorus 12 C A A 12 PIC rates danclng and Slllglflg as hel fax ollte hob blQS Helen enJoys basketball more than any other sport When asked her faxorlte food PIC replled that she llkes anything She partlcl pated ln Dlstrlct Chorus Helen hopes to become a halrdresser after graduatlon The class VV1Sh6S her luck Nora Adams Home ECODOIIIIOS Checker club 12 Glrl Reserves 12 G A A 12 Th1S qulet brown eyed glrl was usually seen study me Slm rates art as her fa vorlte subject and SCWIHU runs a close second Noras preference for her spare tlme recreatlon turns toward hlklng and sewlng She also makes many of her own clothes Thls dlmlnutlve mlss IS undeclded as to what she would llke to do after grad uatlon but the class wlshe her success ln whatever she undertakes Mlldred Graul Commercial lr Reserves 12 A 12 Lubrar Club 12 Mlldred 1S one of the more talkatlve members of the class and rates attendlng moxles as her favorlte pas tlme Another thing Mlm 1lkeS to do IS to go out wlth a group and attend partles Mlm rates basketball and swlmmlng as her favor lte sports Mlldred hopes to secure a posltlon ln a factory after graduatlon The class wlshes her luck ln whatever field of work she chooses 97 0- .' Evelyn Malandra. Home ECOIIOIIIICC lndustnal Arts Club 12 Girl Ruervet12 G A A 12 A frequenter of the gym at lunchtlme lS Evle one of the class Jltterbugs She IS a small dalk halred cheer ful mlss whose chlef llkeS are Guy Lombardo s Orches tra hlklng and sewlng In fact Exelyn has made qulte a few of her own clothes and modeled them at school fash lon shows After graduatlon EVIE hopes to become a halr dresser May her waves always be smooth Mavyn Landls llome EC0ll0l1'lI08 Girl Reserves 12 A Mavyn popular brown halred mlss of the home economlcs sectlon whose lelsure tlme IS spent ln readlng and sewlng She also enJoys danclng and roll er skatlng Typlng IS her fa vorl subject k served as chalr of the Glrl Reserve food ommlttee durlng her sen lor year Mavyn has made no final declslon as to what she wlll do after graduatlon but the class of 41 W1Sh6S her suc cess and happlness Pearl Kaucher Home Economic! ThlS tall brown eyed mlss rates typlng as her favorlte subJect and chocolate cup cakes as her best llked food SIS doesnt find It dlffi cult to use her lelsure hours because readlng hlklng mo tlon plctures and sewlng constltute her advocatlonal actlvltles Pal s ambltlon IS to be a dressmaker Seams llke you should be successful ln your chosen Held of work Pearl If not Pearl would llke to secure a posltlon ln a candy factory Good Luck' WWNCLU

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