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Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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9' . K -..tux ff, --- 1 .MN . . Class Officers Vice President Richard Wesner M 7 President William Dietrich Secretary Russell Ogan Treasurer Winifred Fidler igfn Safran! Home Room Presidents 12A Aramanda Morganti l"B-C Paul Kurtz 1"D Daud Spohn Class Colors Green and Gold Class Flow er Yellow Gold Rose with Asparagus Fern Class Motto Out of school life into life s school Class 0 41 Wluhlenberg High dear school of glory We sing thv honor love and praise Ex en as we leave thy portals Gladly do our voices raise As we all leave thv guiding hand To take our places ln our lives We will all uphold thy teachings 'Ihru all our Joys and strife Hail to thee our Alma 'Vlater' We cherish this our school w ell done And may you all well remember This class of 41 Lloyd Blngaman 12C Francis Valerlano 12C Betty Claire Voeste 12A Our School Our last school year is at a close And we begin on roads we chose But w hen the fixture years fly past Our schoolo Oh' Just a common place Ot' ordmarv size and space She has her stairs her halls and doors Her w ndows desks and several Hoors The sub.1ects taught" Oh' different things There s historv English math and gym Put ex en though she s not the best We lose her more than all the rest She taught us all the things we know So we into the world could go She made us strong and loy al to Her noble flag the gold and blue So w hen we take our place in line In future wears to serse mankind Remember that we got there through The aid or Our illustrous School Rav McKently 12B -. 1 . . . , 1 f , . ' , , . , , ' ' y . A . ' Y l fu . A , , . , , - I Q ' - Af , '- , V , ' !Vhat will we say, when we are asked: av ' I g ' ' , l ' ' , , U . . I . ' ' - 9 S U . L L , , 7 W . ' l , V v v 'Y i 4 , v , . -l I ' , 1 . . . ,, ,tg ,- , , . CLASS HI TORY When the lndran summer made rts appearance n 1931 a group of l90 seventh grade students entered Muhlenberg After many eventful years of partrcrpatron rn every one of the many school aCtlVltlCS a group of l I5 senlors are to be graduated Durrng the seventh grade year one sectron presented a short skrt rn as embly entrtled Aunt Letrtla Prescrrbes rn whrch Charlotte Hermbach and Lynn Althous portrayed leads Also durrng that semester I8 pre ent senrors enacted varrou roles rn the operetta Dawn Boy An Easter pageant Dead and Rrsen was grven by members of what was then the BA group under the drrectron of Mrs H A Ramsay t acher of Engll h It rs also rmportant not to forget the very amusing productron Clark s Famous Crrcus whrch at the tsme brought forth the talent of the 8E sectron Helen Beamesderfer won the Amerrcan Legron Award rn erghth grade and the Woman s Club awards ln nrnth grade went to Wlllram Dretrrch and Betty Llarre Voeste rn recognrtron of therr scholastrc achreve ments At County Freld Day competrtron Harold Lueders won thrrd place rn geography rn erghth grade The comedy Mama s Baby Boy voted one of he best assembly program of that year was pre sented by the nrnth grade under the drrectron of C Ha sler teacher of Englrsh Helen Beamesclerfer and Russell Ogan who took the leadlng parts were assrsted by several other members of the class rn the castrng ln the presentatron of the operetta The Slrp of a Slrpper 33 youthful members of the junror hnh chorus took parts rn the productron ln nrnth grade Rrchard Fuller and Harold Lueders won thrrd rn hrstory and hrst rn geography respec trvely to represent Muhlenberg rn those subjects at the Kutztown Freld Meet When the 4l ers were labonng through therr tenth year of schoolrng a group of twenty one musrcally mrnded students partook rn the light opera The Mrkado The results of heated class electron determrn d that Stanley Clarke should gurde the eleventh grade members as class presrdent Other OHICCYS elected were Paul Kurtz vrce presrdent Emelro Santonr secre tary and Wrnrfred Frdler treasurer As tradrtron had made a junror dance fashion thrs class drdn t fall to contrnue that practrce Durrng the latter part of 39 40 term the Natronal Honor Socrety rncreased rts membershrp so as to rnclude rx members of the pre senror class which won the school s fir t Berks County and Drstrrct 3 soccer champronshrp Through the rndrvrdual efforts of Max Weller who placed econd for two years rn hrs specralty breast stroke at Penn State and the medley relay team whrch won econd at Lancaster brought Muhlenberg du honor The basketball team was prac trcally composed of only senrors The track team rncl.1ded ten twelfth grade students rn rts cope the newly organrzed ball team enlrsted several rn rts ranks Fourteen members partrcrpated rn the senror cla s productron of the comedy Tea Toper Tavern and thrrty two members assrsted Helen Beamesderfer and Ray lVlcKently who took leadmg parts un the productron of the operetta Tun ln Nme rad hopefuls played rn the orchestra srx rn the band and two were members of the schools dance band Thrs year frve senror cheerleaders cheered themselves hoarse durrng the basketball season Durrng the course of the year erght members of the class wer newly elected to the Natronal Honor Socrety The class of 4l holds the drstmctron of havmv had the first Muhlenberg Hr Y Club organrzed under the drrectron of R S Paden teacher of mechamcal 'lrawmv durrng the latter part of the school term havmg had I5 charter members rn rts scop The Hr Y Dance banquct and electron of new offrcers hrgh lrghted the years actrvrtres Oftrcers who piloted the class durrng rts semor year w re Wrllram Dretrrch presrdent Rrchard Wesner vrce presrdent Russell Ovan secretary and Wrnrfred rrdler trea urer The class trip was as usual a scenrc tour ofthe Hudson and a tour of West Pornt Also durrn the last days of school the annual Senror Prom was held On Thursday nrght the emors wrll recerxe their drploma and go on therr varrous ways but whrle the group wrll possrbly never meet as a whole body they wrll never forget therr class assoclatrons . I . i ,.y I K . Q , . . K . . S . l I .. T . 2 . , , S t s , , . V I .1 , ' ' 1 - - . In .Q . . . .. . . , - H .- . , , - . . . . , . . . . s , 5 . , . . y . . . . . y p , - . y - . , . . . S . . . . , . . : 4 . ., - , . - , ' ' v . . S. -w . Y . ln the realm of sports this class was well represented. Ten upper classmen were on the soccer team Q . . N . 7 5' 7 ' Y 1 ' Q ' - ' Q - , - , . , , . . . . 1 . . Q A ' ' . V 1 ' 1 1 1 I - 3 - g A , v , . t' S C . L . . . . D A .- . . . , x ' 5, ' k , : , .' e. 4- ' , J . - 9 ' D , ' 1 ' , S . N ,U . S 4 . i . . 7 1 Y. . S . . P Y . Betty Claire Voeste Academic Llttle Theatre Club 12 Orchestra 10 11 12 Chorus 12 Oh' IBYVQY 12 Glfl R0i0YVGl12 G A A 12 National Honor Soelety 11 12 Betty Claire one of the more actne of the senior girls served as make up edi tor of the Observer was an accompanist to mixed chor us and took part in both the senior class and Little Thea tre Club plays B C would like to be me a pioneer in the field for women radio announcers May the ether be filled with waxes of luck Betty Reed Academic Glrl Reserves 12 A Betty lS a witty but stu dious person whom her class mates have dubbed Butch She IS an ardent sports fan who besides participating herself is always present at games or meets Butch declares that her pet hate 1S her nickname and that she would prefer to be called Jonesy Scotty would like to be a kindergarten or elementary teacher The class W1ShES hei all the luck in the world Marjorie M Kramer Academn: Little Theatre Club I2 Girl Reserves Observer 12 A A Swing could almost be Margies middle name be cause her favorite hobby IS to l1sten to swmg music oi dance to the music of hei favorite dance band Kramers best like is to take a long walk or sit in a cozy corner and read. Marjorie would like to be a school teacher or a nurse but no matter what it is the class wishes her success. Carolyn Hartzell Academic Little Theatre Club 12 Girl Reserves 12 Club A A Carrie has spent most of hex t1me serx mg as senior girls sports managei this year She has also participated in the sen1or class Little Theater Club and home room plays Carxie has the d1st1nc tion of being the first girl to take mechanical drawing at Muhlenberg Carolyn would like to be come an architect May the stone and brick she yields spell success as she builds her hopes higher and higher X Margie Gasche Academic Chorus 12 Natlonal Honor Soclety 11 12 Llttle Theatre Club Grl eserves 12 G A Active lS the word for Margie Coming to Muhlen berg in her sophomore year Margie started right out in the active column Gaschey has a particular passion for uniforms ripe olives football and Strauss Waltzes Goshs home has often been the haven for hungry party seekers Margie IS planning to fur ther her study at Western College May Lady Luck smile her sweetest at Margie Doris Sterner Academic Chorus 12 Girl Reserves hestra 10 I1 12 G A A Sissy IS one the more musically inclined members of the class After graduation she xx ould like to study mu Sl become a music tea Ol is favorite sport IS ice skating and whenever its possible she attends the ice hockey games in Hershey which are her faxorite pas- time. Dory is only 5 feet 3 in- ches in height. She takes great joy in a large dish of ice cream. May she climb the scale to success! Virginia Mae Brown Commercial: Chorus 12: Girl Reservcs 12: c. A. A. 12: 0. c.. A. 12. Meet one of the smallest members of the senior class. Virginia is only 4 feet 11 in- ches tall. As for her hobby, "Ginny" rates letter writing and read- ing quite high. During her senior year, Virginia did work for th office Attei gi aduation Ginny xxants to be .1 secietaiy oi attend Biyland Institute of Beauty Cultuie The class wishes her luck in which ex er she may choose June H Becker C mmercial G A A 12 Ch ck r CIuh12 Girl Reserves 12 0 G A 12 A bashful but humorous blue eyed girl with brown hair describ s June B clser 12B When asked hei favorite food it didnt take her long to reply Spaghetti All kinds of sports rate as her hobbies but during her pas time she prefers to loal As for the future June would like to be somebody s secretary The class hop s she will type the keys to suc cess and good luck Gloria Withers Commercial Girl Rcservcs 12 Pho o raphy Club 2 G This blonde miss ol 12B lates shoithind is hei best liked subject and seixed as secieta1ytoJ E Haiiis tea chei of histoiy duiing hi senioi yeai Go doesnt hue 'my pnticuln hobby but enyoys doing anything Swimming and ice skating ne hei tax spolts As to the tutuie Gloiia hopes to obtain 1 s cietaiial osition T e class ol 41 xxis e you success A Ruby Angstadt Commercial: Chorus 123 Girl Reserves 125 0. o. A. 12. This jolly, brown-eyed miss from 12B who served as secretary to Miss A. H. Horton, music teacher, en- joys hiking, skating and writing letters as her favor- ite pastimes Ruby class s shorthand as her most interesting subject but she is also fond of music After graduation Ruby would like to attend a busi ness school Good luck and success' Helen Kurtyka Con mercial Obscrvcr 12 Library Club 12 National Honor Society 11 12 Girl Reserves 12 0 G A 12 Blonde hair blue eyes fiv feet tall describe Helen who served as secretary to Mrs M C Wertz c1v1cs tea cher during her senior year Blondies favorite pas tim is reading and she en Joys hiking and photography Helen would like to obtain an office position after grad uation and if she doesnt get a 1ob she plans to go to some business school Charlotte Heimbach Commercial Girl Reserves 12 Chorus hrary Club 12 G A Brown han and ha7el eyes describe this energetic miss from 12B who considers dining an automobile hcl tax oxite pastime Charlotte could be seen delix ering potato chips t ioom 112 exery noon She rates sevting music and spoits as her most liked hob bies also she IS one of the fevx seniors who doesn t hate a nickname As to futuie plans Chai lotte is undecided but the class hopes her choice is a plogiessixe one Gertrude Hildebrand Commdrlzialr 0. G. A. 12: G. A. A. 12. "Gert" is another of the quiet members of the class who can usually be found eating potato chips, which she classes her favorite food. Collecting stickers is "Trudy's" favorite hobby and she also enjoys roller- skating and bicycle riding. During her senior year Gertle served as secretary to C Burg history teacher Her ambition 1S to obtain a position with an out of town firm The class of 41 wishes her success' Betty Kline Commercial Girl Reserves 12 L brary Club 12 0 G A 12 Bicycling and listemng to swing music are the ways this lass of 12C spends her leisure while dancing and basketball are her favorite sports During her senior year Dimples served as secre tary to R D Shlpe teacher of science After graduation Kline would like to work in a de partment store and eventu ally become a h0US6Wlfe Geraldine Beck Ccmmerclal Girl Reserves 12 Cheer leading 11 12 Photography Club 11 This blue eyed lass who was a member of the cheer leading squad and secretary to Miss E E Staudt teacher of history during her senlor year is quite popular with members of the opposite s x Fuzzy lS fond of dancing and swimmmg She also likes photography In the future she either hopes to enter the field of commerclal photography or be somebody s stenog Virginia Fick Commercial: Girl Reserves 125 G. A. A. 129 variecy club 12. This small lass is quite fond of dancing and rates roller skating as her favorite sport. If you ever hear anyone exclaiming 'tGosh!" you can be sure it's Ginny, as this is her pet expression Her dis like is carrots After gladuation Ginny plans to attend Bryland In Stltute of Beauty Culture May her paths net er be too steep to cl1mb or her waves too hard to follow Betty Jean Ganter Commercial Library Club 12 Glr Reserves 12 0 G A 12 Betty Jean one of t e mole active girls of Muhlen berg rates dancing and ice skating as her favorite pas times Collecting pins is he1 hobby Deviled eggs have taken Betty s eye and have become her favorite food After graduation Ginny Jean plans to go to McCanns EUSIHGSS School Best wishes fi om the class of 41 Leona Hildebrand Commercial 0 G A 12 Leona 1S another member of the senior class who does not haxe a nlckname She serx ed as secretary to R P Ulmer bookkeepmg teachex during her senior year Her hobby lb collecting snapshots and hex faxorite pastimes are bicycle Ildlflg swimming and ioller skating Aftei gladuation Leoni would 11ke to sing with an orchestra or model clothes in some distant town May she sing hex way to success Angelina Flskaldo Hne Eonomlcs G A A 12 Angelina 1 daik haneol miss from 12D rates type W11t1ng as her favorite sub ject and delights in eating ice cxeam Dena likes to paitieipate in almost any sport and also enjoys dances and movies as a pastime As to the future Angelina hopes to attend Reading Ex ening High School to tales an added course in s Ll tn ial Work The class wish s he1 the best of luck Conception Summons Home Economics Glrl Reserves 11 ustrlal Club 12 G A Dorothy lappacosta Home Economics Glrl lncustrml Club Hail to the shoitest one in thLl2D home ioom who hap p n to stand only 4 lect 10 inch s Fhis quiet littl missiate ehile con cai ne as he1 tax Ol ite tood and typing as h 1 laxoiite subject Do likes to spend he spun time swine She ilso anjoys listeninb to W iyn King, s oi chcstla A loi th tutuie Dot 1 Lndecided but th class Wish Cs he1 the best ot luek Vlrglnla Bow man Ccmmerclal G Res rvcs 12 G A 12 Llhr ry eb 12 0 Bang' Now who could that be?" In case you dont already know its Conception Summons who IS almost al Ways target shooting during her spare moment Bups rates art as he1 ta VOlltE subject and Chocolate cake as her taxorlte tood 1 tallntixe gnl is one e smaller mem beis SGDIOI class Be ing she can oi found eating candy, a with he1 or 1olle1 in hex leisuie houis S seixed is seeietny to Mis M E Coblent7 Eng I Conception lS undecided as to what she would like to do after graduation howexei the class Wishes her success in Whatexer she undertakes Frances Valerlano Commercial Glrl Res rvcs 12 Han rk Club 12 0 G A Kena is one oi the shoit est membeis of the class who hails hom Temple She iates typing and gym as he1 favo11te subjects In he1 spare moments Ken'1 likes to go swimming oi bicycle iiding Meme 'mother member of the class is her favorite pastime. After leaving Muhlenberg. Frances hopes to obtwin ' SCCl'6l'll'l'll position. The class of '41 extends it, best wishes. lish tefichei duiing he1 sen lOl yeai In the tutuie she hopes to bc 1 seeietary Lots ot luck V 1 emi 1' Wlnllred Fldler Home Economics Glrl Reserves 12 Cub Glrs Industrial Arts Club 12 Piesidcnt ol the Cxlll he sc xt is the position xx llCll Tootv held duiing hu sen 1 Besides holding this Winnie 1lso tool ll tliclx ieceixing u ious tr ibl 1 1 mtc 1ls iic ien ' 1 s ' 'Q ooty's" l"1x'orite food whil in her :pare time she i es tisiinff and l'C'l ine. 'inilred 'Q undecided ' rut -' '1 bu he Q 'iss cxtcnds it best wis ies to MV. :CE QF' Rosle Camllll Ccmmerclal G1rIReserves12 G A A Th1s c1111 hancd mlss IQ 11 r ol the fexx senlox xx o docs not 11 IXC 1 Yl1ClxIlllTlQ Xlthouqh Rosle cmoys 111 lc1 subjects he llsts sho1t 11 1nd 18 hc-1 f1xo11te Dunne 11e1 NCll1Ul veal she xx IS sec t11v to I B Sh'1ne1 che1 of xx modshop Re1d111'f sxx1mm1ng and c"1nc11ff const1tut the '1xo 1o1111 1ct1x1t1es QLIICI Qlll H01 KIUXXUIYIQ 1mb1t1on 18 to lc 1 SlC1lOg1l1JhC1 M1y Rowe bloom 1n the held 01 success Ann Schelfele Acadcn IC Nat1cn:1I Honor Soc1ety12 Ch rus 12 Glrl Res rves 12 Obs rver 12 Little Theatre CIub12 G A A 12 To Ann goes the dl5tlI'lC t1on oi Lemg one of th tw1 shoxtest lTl6I'llbGlS of the s n 101 c11ss Sho1ty h1s1e'1ch cd th hewht of 4 feet 11 111 chcs When she 1snt buymg l1ambu1gc1s B1at find t1me ion he1 hobby collect 11112 dolls Thllll mg se11ous1y of b commg 1 gl 1de school te1 che1 Ann IS plannmg to go to college next yea1 May the lamp ot success gu1de he1 1n anvthmg she unde1t'1lxes Helen Beamesderfer Academic Chorus 12 Observer 12 Natlonal I-lunar So lcty 12 Hclcn IS ore of th mo1e quxet ol the 8611101 gnls It hoxxcxe1 when 111 the 12A horn mom you he11 1 gool hentv lxugh the ch111ces 116 Hxe to one that It she He1 hobb1es lnclude col le tmg 1nyth1ng such '1s plctules p1og11ms HOXXCIS 1116 llDD1Yl"'S Xlthoug.,h Helen h1s not dcudcd llljllllllg Cllflllltff 1134 ut hu lutule xoc1t1o11 the 1 c11ss hopes 1 x111 ucceed 111 lexchlng he1 goxl Gene C Koller Academic Glrl Reserves 12 A A Gene 1S one person who llli6S to see professlonal bas lxetball games When she 1sn t '1t '1 game she can be found 1t xxorlx. xv1th he1 f3XOl1t0 hobbv kmttmg Gene classes German a he1 best llked subject and xates chocolate ICE cream 1bout tops ln foods Gene IS plannlng to go to college and study some field of 1eta11 mexchandlsmg 01 1ea1n to be a 11bra11an May exe1y shelf be filled 1x1th xolumes of success Marlan Brlcker Acadcmnc Glrl Reserves 12 Hand work Club 12 G A A Th1s da1k halred ass names Latm as her best lrked subject and th1s prob ably accounts lOl studylng the language four ye11s and decxdmg to become nurse Among Ma lans favor1t sports a1e swlmmmg tenms '1ockey and basketball Read mg and sewmg occupy Mar 1an ln her spare tlme when she xsnt enjoymg her portant foods carrots ap ples '1nd oranges Class of 41 wxshes her the best of success Sally DeSant1s Commerclal Glrl Reserves 12 A Sally IS the glrl vxho boasts thc fact that she has the pott d b1oxxn eyes Pretty oo' Sally s mam lnterests cen te1 alound sports Howexex shes not a11erg1c to hand son1e docto1s CAsk her about her operatlon some tlme 1 Sallys hobby lS xeadmg 1nd thexe 15 nothlng sh xxould rathex do th'1n t11e 1 long xxalk After she leax es the walls of Muh1enbe1g Sally would 11ke to be somebody s sten May dlctatlon be pleasmg sounds 111 he1 ea1 Jane Louisdxliam er Ccnmaercial: Girl Rcsarvc 5 Checker cum 125 cnecr1nauxngl11 12: o. c. A. 125 Chorus 125 G . A. 12. "A tall, smi ing girl with ll false P sylvania-Ge1'- lllillllliflll ' would best de- scribe t s o111n1e1'cial miss 'hcfQBtes orthand as her 1 1 u Ject and spa tt1 and rn at balls is he1 axo11t ood Ji e declaies that Vkll o si ceitain conscripte Q1 hobby pastime and ia X011 e spoit 'J yne xx ould like to be a stc 1 g The cl iss hopes she V111 pou11d hci wiy to the 'op ot th hefip Minnie Mabry Commercial Observer 12 National Honor Society 12 Basketball Reserves 12 0 G A M u May I help you please 1S a much used expression oi Minnies as she spends her Saturdays working in a local StOlG A he1 tavor1te sport Micky 1ates basketball as tops M1n111e seixed as secretaiy to Miss F A Rahn teacher ol heilth duiing he1 sen 1 ll yefn Atte-1 g11duat1on Micky XKOl,1ld like to be somebody s stenog1aphe1 The class f 41 xxishes he1 luck June Kunsman Ccmmercial Dance Band 12 Girls 5 rves 12 G A A A This bioxtn haired blue eyed miss xx as one of the X0 c ilists with the dance band Tunic scucd is secietiiy to Miss T L Knauss com meiciil t8'lCllCl du11ng he1 senio ve11 She classes l1o1thand is he1 faxoute 9LllJlLCl 1 ll d icpicsented 'tluhlcnbeig it Bloomsbuwl lla sen Iune s tix oi ite hobbies ale collecting Jexxeliy and mils ine l1e1 oxxn clothes Xlte1 ,fzmduation Dixie intends to become 1 CIICCI gnl bv singing 111th some 11 ell I non ll oichestx 1 1 +4 Ethel Zerbe Ccmmcrcial: Chorus 125 Girl Reserves 12: Basketball 11: Checker Cluh 123 HM" Club 125 G. A. A. 123 0. G. A. 12. Behold the tallest girl in the senior class' Ethel reach- es to the height ol' 5 feet 10 inches. Bicycling and listening to clas ical rnusic dlB t 6 xx ays in which E o spend her lei u11 g 1 1 ye 1 s ixed his Lsldent oi e ls Athletic Associi an so '1 ecietiiv o C' 1 ues 'ning lV,iUlllOllbClQ NJDLS to ittend Biy I1 stitutc ot Be iuty Cul tuie Evelvn Naftzmger Comlrercial Chorus 12 Little Theatre ub 12 chestra 10 11 s rver 12 Girl Reserves 12 Cheer mg11 12 0 G A 2 A Exelyn lS a da1k haired energetic miss of the senior class She served as secre ta1y to L B Meailg teachei of history and Journalism duling her semor yea1 Epsie s hobby is collect ing xases and her taxoiite pastimes ne playing the X10 lin ieading 1nd dancing Atte1 gi 1du1t1o11 Cookie would like to own dog ken nels The class ot 41 wishes he1 much luck in the future Salome llle Commercial Observer 12 Chorus 12 Whenex 61 you hea1 '1 cute little giggle you Cin be suie Silome is nound 'N Ollxlllg Ill the lllll lly oc cupied much 1 Toots time duiing he1 SCHIUI yc 11 is she nas one ol M1s Roth eimel s assistints 1e1 CINUIC time likes to ieid 111d hike A1te1 gl iduition Sllllllll xx ould lil e to secuxe 1 1ob stenog1aphe1 oi e1the1 t1kc a coui e lll Ifllllfllllslll Thr s 111 lCs 10 s C s 1 0111 1 c Cltuusls Helen Hollenhach Acadcmoc Lltlle Th atre Club 12 Glrl Reservea12 Chorus 12 C A A 12 PIC rates danclng and Slllglflg as hel fax ollte hob blQS Helen enJoys basketball more than any other sport When asked her faxorlte food PIC replled that she llkes anything She partlcl pated ln Dlstrlct Chorus Helen hopes to become a halrdresser after graduatlon The class VV1Sh6S her luck Nora Adams Home ECODOIIIIOS Checker club 12 Glrl Reserves 12 G A A 12 Th1S qulet brown eyed glrl was usually seen study me Slm rates art as her fa vorlte subject and SCWIHU runs a close second Noras preference for her spare tlme recreatlon turns toward hlklng and sewlng She also makes many of her own clothes Thls dlmlnutlve mlss IS undeclded as to what she would llke to do after grad uatlon but the class wlshe her success ln whatever she undertakes Mlldred Graul Commercial lr Reserves 12 A 12 Lubrar Club 12 Mlldred 1S one of the more talkatlve members of the class and rates attendlng moxles as her favorlte pas tlme Another thing Mlm 1lkeS to do IS to go out wlth a group and attend partles Mlm rates basketball and swlmmlng as her favor lte sports Mlldred hopes to secure a posltlon ln a factory after graduatlon The class wlshes her luck ln whatever field of work she chooses 97 0- .' Evelyn Malandra. Home ECOIIOIIIICC lndustnal Arts Club 12 Girl Ruervet12 G A A 12 A frequenter of the gym at lunchtlme lS Evle one of the class Jltterbugs She IS a small dalk halred cheer ful mlss whose chlef llkeS are Guy Lombardo s Orches tra hlklng and sewlng In fact Exelyn has made qulte a few of her own clothes and modeled them at school fash lon shows After graduatlon EVIE hopes to become a halr dresser May her waves always be smooth Mavyn Landls llome EC0ll0l1'lI08 Girl Reserves 12 A Mavyn popular brown halred mlss of the home economlcs sectlon whose lelsure tlme IS spent ln readlng and sewlng She also enJoys danclng and roll er skatlng Typlng IS her fa vorl subject k served as chalr of the Glrl Reserve food ommlttee durlng her sen lor year Mavyn has made no final declslon as to what she wlll do after graduatlon but the class of 41 W1Sh6S her suc cess and happlness Pearl Kaucher Home Economic! ThlS tall brown eyed mlss rates typlng as her favorlte subJect and chocolate cup cakes as her best llked food SIS doesnt find It dlffi cult to use her lelsure hours because readlng hlklng mo tlon plctures and sewlng constltute her advocatlonal actlvltles Pal s ambltlon IS to be a dressmaker Seams llke you should be successful ln your chosen Held of work Pearl If not Pearl would llke to secure a posltlon ln a candy factory Good Luck' WWNCLU Arlene Kauffman Commercial Curl Reserves 12 0 C A 12 Llbrary Club Th1S brown haxred lass1e rates dancmg as her favor1te pastlme She conslders bas ketball her favorlte sport Arlene was G J Hasslers teacher of Enghsh secretary durmg her sen1or year and her faxorlte study 1S office practlce To be somebodys secre tary 1s Arlene s amb1t1on fox the futule The sen1or class w1shes hel much luck ln he1 amb1t1on Mary Jane DeWalt Academic Curl Reserves 12 Hand work Club 12 Chorus 12 C A A 12 Even though th1s sm1l1ng m1ss has chosen a h1gh am b1t1on she doesnt want to become any taller for lt may mterfere Wlth her chance to be an alr hostess Janes favorlte subject 1S mathematxcs but she 11kCS art a great deal too and named lt as her hobby As for sports Mary Jane classes basketball first Heres hopmg Jane w1ll fly hlgh and successfully Mary Lachman Commercial Library Club 12 Cnr Re erves 12 0 C A 12 Playmg the trumpet tak mg snapshots and dancmg are among the fax OFlt6 pas tlmes of th1s lxght halred sen1or Mary can often be seen eatlng pretzels as they are hel l8V01 1te food xxh1le as a hobby dancmg rates tops xx 1th her After graduatlon Mary would llke to be somebody s stenog The class hopes that Maxy vull succeed ln her amb1t1on Grace Weldner Commercial Glrl Relerves 12 Spanish C 12 Chorus 12 0 G A 12 Grace a former Readlng H1gh student Jomed the class ln eleventh grade GFHCIB 1S undec1ded about what shea llke to do but rates shorthand as her fav or1te subJect She was secre tary to L K R1mby Latm and geogra her sen1or year tlme lS occu knlttlng and she danclng as tops May Lady Luck be her compamon Ruth Elchner Commerclal Curl Reserves 12 Variety 12 G A One of the more qu1et g1rls 1S th1s blue eyed mlss Icky rates h1k1ng as her favor1te sport and much of her sparetlme IS used for sew1ng All foods go well w1th her Ruth served as secretary to E S Loose chem1stry tea Cher 1n her sen1or year Af ter graduatlon she hopes to be a f1l1ng clerk The class of 41 W1SheS her all the luck IH the world Elsie Hurst Commercial 0 C A 12 Spanlh Club 12 EISIS IS one of the smaller g1r1s of the class and rates swlmmlng as her favorlte sport Gomg to the movles and llstemng to the radlo take up much of her spare tlme EISIE IS also one of the few g1rls of the sen1or class who does not have a nlckname After graduatlon ElS1C plans to take up cooklng for a certaln young fellow May she Hnd happlness IH all her undertakmgs and may none of her problems be too hard to dxgest Anna l'llIll'Iel"ShltZ Commercial Natlonal Honor Soclety 12 Girl Reserves 12 Library Club Anna lS one of the more studlous members of the class and ranks shorthand as hcr fax orlte subject Eatlng potato ChlpS is one of hex fax orlte pastlmes NVh1lB reading runs a close s cond She xx as the glrl who carr1ed potato chlps to room 207 ex ery noon Anna would llke to be somebody s stenogl aphex The class hopes she w1ll find success Jean Adams Commercial Checker Club 12 Gul Reserves 12 G A A I2 0 G A 12 Jean selects gym and otiice practice as her best 11ked subjects and she served as secretary to M1ss I L Eb ling home economlcs tea cher Correspondmg IS consld ered to be Jeans faxorlte hobby and reading her best pastlme After graduation Jean would like a pos1t1on as a secretary The class of 41 W1SheS her the best of luck' Arlene Ebersole Commcrclal Spanish Club 12 Chorus ThlS blonde miss IS one of th senlors who enjoys danc mg a gxeat deal and can of ten be found 1n the gym at noon tlme Among Allenes hobb1es playing the piano runs a close second to dancing Beans classes shorthano and typing as her faxout subjects and a stenogs posx t1on would please her but being a housewlfe IS an all 11ght task too she finally admltted May she sweep to suc cess WM Mildred Ketner Commerclal 0 G A 12 Spanlsh Club I2 Mlldltd IS one of the more enexgetlc members of the senlox class and may be seen dancing ln the gym practically exery noon Mlm lates typing and shorthand as hel faxorlte subjects Mildred llkes all sports but lce skatlng b1cyclmg and swlmmmg are her fax orltes Collecting mmxatuxe horses 19 Mlms hoboy Aftel gl'ldU3t1OIl M11d1eo 15 plannlng to attend a busl ness school Good luck M11 dxed Jane Roland Commerclal Gnrl Reserves 12 Th1s blue eyed red halred miss could be found working 1n the muslc room as secre tary to MISS A H Horton When asked about her fa xorlte subjects she stated that she enjoys gym and mathematlcs more than any other subjects and rates sew mg as her fax orlte hobby Red would l1ke to ob tain a posltlon 1n the Carpen tei Steel office Best xushes for her suc cess Margaret Rolland Commercnal Glrl Reserves I2 Drum Majorette 12 Photography Club 12 A A E ttel knoxxn as Peg M'uga1 et has serx ed as sec Ietary to M1ss F A Rahn teachel ot health and guld ance Peggy was a member of the drlll team and 1ates Ullfllllg as her hobby Peg has taken major parts 1 tvso Girl Reserxe plays but xx ould rather spend her tlme svummmg Ma1g'net would like to become someones stenog May the woxds of success be typed ln her book of l1fe Carmella Tolomel Commercial Handvuork Club 12 Presenting to you this small dark curly haired lass from 12C who has a dancing ieputation being found very fr quently in the ffym at noon Carmels chooses as h 1 i'1vo11te food dill pickles and al o enjoys skating sewing ID hex lei u1e time After gladuatlon Cal mey hop s to enter the s C 1eta11a1 fl ld ot bus1n ss May hci typewliter spell success Dorothy Schlck Academic Glrl Reserves 12 Hand work Club 12 This homelike miss can al ways be identified by her muslcal Slflglflg voice When Dotty lS not sing mg she can usually be found reading S6W1Hg or cooking It IS these pastimes that help pass her leisure hours Dorothy has a liking for lobster and mushrooms After giaduation Dot would l1ke to become a nurs and obtain some position in the medical depaxtment Heie s hoping her ambxticn lb iealized Betty Fldler Academic Glrl RC rvcs 12 Chorus A Do you hear IHUSICQ If o Be s lb behind it This populn liss with hex iccoi 1111 p eeis 7 music ety 1 1 ia Cl small blovt ll h med biovvn eyel lass with a sp cial flau lOl Jitterbuggmg. She also ha' other loves. such as hikin . swimming, reading detective sorie: 'in p'1 ing in or- chestr'1s. Petty intends to take ur '1 more intensive study of music. May her Uscores al- xx ays be perfect! uf!! If Wayne Huey Industrial Table Tennis Club 12 Wayne can usually be seen walkmg along the halls and very often while doing so he IS thinking of French fried potatoes which are his favor 1te food Wood shop is Waynes fa vorite subJect and skating swimming and bicycling are his major sports Horace Heldt IS his favorite orches ra Wayne 15 undecided as to what he would like to do but the class wishes h1m th best of luck Emelio Santom Industrial H1Y 12 Basketball 12 Participating 1n sports dancing and hanging around Wlth the gang are many of the ways that Meme spends his leisure hours Meme gained his M 1n basketball and can usually be seen playing softball dur mg the summer months Basketball rivals all his other sports act1v1t1es while shop work IS tops ln the subJect field Emelio has made no d9Cl sion as to what he will do .11te1 graduation but the class wishes h1m lots of luck and success Allen How er llldlllfflll Gom my way" IS an ex clamation flequently hearl fiom Gotchie the hitch h1kc1 oi the senxoi class Thi tall blue eyed lad has al ieady 'thumbed hlS way to Ohio, New York and Florida Besides hitch hlklflg Har vey spends his spare time enjoying practically all out- door sports and eating chile con carne. After graduation Gotchie would like to join the navy. With best wishes the class sends him on to his sailpf success 2 V Robert Beaver Academic Art Club 12 Bob who belongs to the qulet category of the class rates art hlstory and me chamcal drawmg as h1s fa xorlte subjects and ln that order Robert has chosen muslc stamp collectlng and travel mg by tram as h1s maJor hobbles MUSIC IS not only a hobby to Bob but a deslre to become a good pxamst After graduatlon Robert plans to attend the Phlladel phla School of Industrlal Art ln order to become a com merclal artlst or deslgner Heres hopmg hell be IH the magazme of fame Harold Lueders Academic Debating 12 Chorus 12 Spamsh Club 12 National Honor Society 12 Track 12 Harolds 1nab1l1ty to un derstand and appreclate Jokes amazes even hlmself In splte of h1s belng stu dlous enough L1pst1ck d1Sl1k6S school Luders mam 1nterest fwell one of them at leastb IS collectmg Junk Someday he would l1ke to become a collector of ant1ques After graduatmn Harold 1ntends to go to college where he w1ll study medl cme The class hopes that some day they ll be able to say they knew h1m when Arthur Gaspan Academic Hydropomcs Club 12 Thls qu1et brown eyed lad can be seen ln the mornmg drlvlng h1S car up and down Kutztown road bxlngmg chlldren to school Clumsy rates chem1stry and health as h1S faxorlte subjects but he does not haxe a favorlte food Arthur serv ed as treasurer of the Hydro pomcs Club xn h1s semor year Art would hke to take a med1cal course after gradu atlng The class hopes he will rude on the road to success Carl Hertzog Academic If you exer want to talk about dance bands you w1ll always find Hlsser w1l11ng to talk with you as th1s IS hls f3XOl1t6 topxc of dlscusslon Carl was the drummer m the school dance band or gamzed th1s year besldes p1CklIlg up spendmg money by playmg 1n a local dance band To be a drummer m a b1g tlme band IS Hertzogs am bltlon after graduatlon The class of 41 wishes h1m the best of luck and hopes that some day 1t may have to pay to see h1m play Richard Wesner Academic Hall Patrol 12 Band 10 11 12 0rchestra12 HIY 12 Table Tenmt Club 12 Swlmmmg 11 12 To ret1re comfortably at the age of 25 lS the ambltlon that th1s brown halred sen 1or hopes to attam Besldes be1ng on the var s1ty swlmmlng team for three years ' Llpneps pastxmed on the soccer eleven and gamed h1s Jayvee basketball letter Dlck hasnt any deflmte plans as to whether he wxll go to college or not but the class wlshes h1m all the luck 1n the world no matter what he asplres to do Lynn Althouse Academlc 0horu912 HlY 12 Swim ming 12 Soccer 12 Basketball 12 Baleball 11 Answerlng to the name of Plow th1s 12A student would hke to take up agu culture fo1 hls l1fes work as can be seen by the mck name When lt comes to sports Lynn rates soccer as the one he hkes best although he eaxned letters ln soccer bas ketball swlmmlng and base ba Worklng on the farm and huntmg durmg vacatlons take up most of Lynn s le1s ure time The class of '41 w1shes h1m good luck as to hxs future success Arthur Youse Commercial Stage Club 12 Tcnms 12 Swlmm ng 12 Arthui is one of the taller lads of the senior class who rates table tennis as his hob by while mechanical draw mg is his best liked subJect Arthur is also one of thos lads who could be s cn working qulte lndustriously as a stagehand Flum is aiming to be '1 draftsman in thc futurc T SCUIOI class s n.1s with him all possible success Richard Fuller Academic Band 10 11 12 Orchestra 1 HIY 12 Ttnnll10 I1 12 Ta e Termls Club 12 If you should have to look skyward to se a passing piotile it will no doubt be Dick Fuller the tallest mem ber of the class who reaches a height of 6 feet 4 inches After graduation Richard expects to attend Lehigh University where he will take up mechanical engm eering The class wishes him suc cess in his future education and vocation whatever it may be J Kenneth Bltner Academlc Chorus 12 Hydroponics Cub 12 HlY12 Jimmy will always be rc membered by his classmates as the red head that ran a miniature taxi service for his friends Jim also finds bicycle iiding enjoyable Bitner is quite an actoi too as he paiticipated in th senior class play op retta and the 12A home room play. Rcd like all men likes to eat. His favorite dish? Ice cream! After graduation Kenneth would like to get a job vxhere he can be out-of-doors. Good luck Jim! Rav Mclientlv Comrrerclal Chorus 11 12 Nntnonal Hcnor Society 12 Little Thnatrc u 12 0 G H Y Meet one of the tillei m mbers of the senioi class who reaches to a height ol six feet He repiesent 1 Muhlenbeig at Disti ict Chor us at Palmerton this year Ray is one of the few sen iors not haxmg a nicknam Durmg his sen1or year he s ned as se retaiy to Coa h C E Buckwoith Ray plans to attend a bus: 1 ss colleffc after gradua tion The class wishes him luck Paul Kurtz Ccmmerclal Table Trnns Club 12 National Honor Society 12 H: Y 12 G A Paul is one of the taller members of the class reach mg to a height of 6 feet 1 inch In th field of sports base ball and hunting rate tops with him and histoiy is his best liked subJect Paul would like to get a commercial Job aftei gradu ation The class wishes him success in his choice QW' arke Jr Academic untmg and Fishing, Club 12 This Jolly lads chief de sue 1510 hunt and llsh in his spaie time Stanley seixed as presi dent of the Junioi class last year He has s xeial deei and i 20 inch biss to his ucdt which accounts toi the tact that he is quite 'i hunter and fisherman. "Skip would like to be 'in arc Welder after gividuation, The class hopes he will weld his vt ay to success 'ind good luck. 3 Sidney Bover ln ustnal Stage Club 12 Natlonal Honor Society I2 It you lx lnt to ltnoxx any thing of mechanical nlture just call on a celtaln blond blue eyed boy by the name of Sidney Boyel Sld IS one of thos boys xlho likes all hls subjects Sldneys hobby and pa tlm lle both linked togethel be caus h1S hobby lS rldlng hlS bicycle and ln hls pastlmeh likes to XVOllx on blk9S auto moblles or anything mechan lca Aftcl graduation Sld ln tends to lealn the machlnlst trade ln the P 81 R shops Bruce Fles ln ustrlal Hall Patrol 12 Hl Y 12 So ccr 12 Basketball 12 Baseball 12 COINS to school dances swimming and camping oc cupy some of the lelsure houls of Bluce FIGS more commonly called Fuzzy by hls pals Fuzzy was the star goalie on the championship soccel tcam and was chosen on Chet Hagans County Scholastic All star soccel squad FIBSIGS most llked sub jects are hlstoly and shop work Bruce plans to attend a mllltary school ln New Jer sey and Cally out hls ambl tlon to become a Illst class m Ch3DlC Thomas L Lelnbach Industrrzll Tommy IS xely fond 01 the outdools and ranks hunt lng and flshlng as hls fax or lte pastlme actlxltles As for subye ts 11 ood shop s tops xxlth Tlnle plefers Tommy Dolsey when lt comes to music. Tom also likes to d xx crk in connection with elec- tricity or airplanes. After receixing his diplo- ma Tommy plans to take up aeronautical engineering. Happy landing, Thomas. Earl P Gardner Academlc Table Tennis Club 12 l IS one f those changeable people It one tlme hes xxlth the gloup making lots of noise xx hlle at othel tlmes he lb studying and p rfe tly quiet Stlange as lt seems hls nickname IS Bloxl del but lt has no polltlcal meaning During EHIIS ICISUIQ tlme he either operates hlS father s sound system or makes mo del allplanes Aftel gladuatlon Earl wants to become .1 chemical englneei Heres hoping he gets th corlect formula to success James Dunkle Commerczal Band 10 11 12 Orchcs t I2 Art Club 12 Jlmmy IS one of the more musically minded students ln the class who has played a baritone horn ln the school band for four years and ln the orchestra one year Butch considers art hls fax orlte class and hamburg ers hlS favorite food Jlm wants to hate a busl ness of hls own after h graduates The class wishes him luck ln XVOIlxlT'lg hls way Sandi Patti Jr Comm rclal Hull 12 Table Tenn Club 12 Sandi IS one of the young est membels of the class be lng the youngest ln the 12B C home room HIS f3XOI1t9 SDOIK IS foot ball Baby Sandi played th posltlon of right tackle on his hlgh school team IH Philadelphia last year. Sandi rate' English and office practice as his favor- ite subjects. Since he is undecided as to what he 11 ill do after gradu- ation the class extends luck to him in whichever field he chooses. Russell Ogan Academlc Swlmmmg 11 12 0bse er 12 Band 10 11 12 Orchestra 10 11 12 Chorus 12 Dance Band 12 Table Tenms Club 12 Tennis 10 I1 12 Hall Patrol 12 Russell Ogan who also answers t Bud ranks hockey and golf as h1s favor 1te sports wh1le mathematlcs lS tops 1n h1s school sub Jects BeSld8S playmg a clarlnet m all lnstrumental organlza tlons Bud served as Edl to1 1n Chlef of the Observer As to the future Ogan hopes to attend a local col lege and h1S ambltlon IS a toss up between bemg a salesman or a muslclan Edward Mench Industrial Collectmg wlld anlmals 1S th1s llght ha1red lad s hobby Durlng the huntlng season you can always find Ed huntlng and when the hunt mg season IS over he IS trap pmg Thxs year Jug head earned a n1ce sum of mon ey w1th the pelts wh1ch he trapped He clalms next year looks prosperous for furs Ed wants to become a far mer after graduatlon HIS classmates would l1ke to see hlm xalse the best crops of a Davld Spohn Industrial Soccer 11 12 Basketball Tr ck 11 12 Hall Patro H Y 12 Athletlcs took up a great deal of D'1wys tlme ln h1s senlox year smce he selxed as manager of the basketball team and was a member ot the soccer and track teams Pope rates shop as h1s 1lX0l'1t8 subject and says sports are h1s hobby Spooner lS undeclded as to the future but slnce he already has one Peg ln h1s ladder to success the class hopes he gets many a boost along the way Wllllam Dletnch Academic Band 10 11 12 Orchestrn 10 11 12 Natuonal Honar Socuety Soccer 1 1 Tra Basketball 11 12 Chorus 12 HIV Tenms 10 11 12 Art Club Tall dark and black curly halr best descrlbes B111 who served as presldent of the class of 41 durmg h1s senlor year Blg B1ll hopes to attend Penn State where he wlll study dalry husbandry for the next four years and poss 1bly become a dairy mspec or Class of 41 hopes that he may have the best of luck Wllllam Beck Academic Observer 12 Chorus 12 National Honor Society 11 12 Mathemancs IS the favor xte subJect of th1s blue eyed brown ha1red member the senlor class B111 choses playlng e plano and readlng lS hobbles and h1k1ng h1S vor1te past1me Beck was one of the copy readers on the Observer staff h1s senlor year Af g13dUatlOI1 he would llke to attend college The class of 41 wlshes h1m luck 1n whatever field he chooses Henry H Kirkpatrick Jr Acadervlc Chorus 12 Swlmmm 10 T nms 11 HI Y Goon has the d1st1nct honol of bemg the youngest member of the graduatmg class Though Bud says h1s ta xomte past1me lS sleepmg Ca certaln brovtn eyed lass knovts bettel he wakes up for a txme to 'lttend hlS fa xorlte sport swxmmmg 11te1 wh1ch grllled steak and Flench f1l6S dont taste so bad Krrk plans to follovx h1s brothers footsteps and enter Penn State and later be come a mecharncal engmeer Best wxshes Klrk .T Robert Yoder Cornmerclal Varlcty Club 2 Thls qulet lad of the sen lor class IS a member of th Varlety Club and h1s hobby IS wrltmg to screen stars and askmg them for thexr auto gxaphed plctures Bobs fax Oflle xx ay to spend h1s lelsuxe hours 1 golng to the moxles Hls fa xollte actress IS Ida LUDIHO xx h11e James Cagney rates high as an actor Bob xx as secretary to E B Remelt QOCl8l scxence teach After graduatlon Bob hopes to contmue bemg a secretary Best of luck Bob' Lee Fetterman Commercual Chorus 12 If one should happen to b m Laureldale and hear a ra d1o blarmg he would prob ably find Lee washlng a cal wlth the radlo turned on Fetterslush enjoyed do mg secletarlal work for R L Brown health tea hr and pestmg Mxss T L Knauss more than anythlng else dur 1ng the school year As for h1s ambltlon would hke to become a m ch1n1st May ex erythlne turn ou for the best Lee Lloyd Bmgamen Commerclal Chorus 12 7 Lloyd lS one of the small cst but extrem ly energetl males of the scmor class There IS nothmg Bmgne llkes better than datlng gxrls and pesterlng M ss T L Knauss Blng Bmff rat s hlstol, and metal shop as h1s fax or 1te subJects 'md sxvxmmlng soccer and flymg as h1s best llked sports Bmgamen spends h1s hours outslde of s hool play 1ng the gultar ln local h1ll b1lly bands After gladuatxon B1ng1 hopes to be ome an axr plane mechanlc We hope he tmkers h1s way to success Warren Weber Academic Beep' Beep' Here comes Weber w1th the LaSalle and his gal 1S an exclamation which IS often stated by h1s fr1ends Durmg hrs lelsure hours Warren emoys horseback rldmg pmg pong swxmmmg and golf Ex ery Saturday mght War ren lndulges ln hamburgers and Juhennes whlch are h1s faxorlte food After graduatlon Warren plans to Joln the navy or work ln h1s father s dalry 'Vlay he sa1l to Gloly Richard Blehl Academic Chorus 12 Little Theatre Club 12 Baleball 10 12 Rlchard Blehl who ha11s from Temple IS another of those semors who can be placed IH the tall slxm and actlve group One of Dxck s mam pleas mes at school was part1c1pat mg IH dramatlcs Plsh Posh goes for base ball 1n a b1g way and rates datmg members of the oppo slte sex as number two on h1s sport parade Rlchard IS undeclded as to the future but we hop h succeeds m the Held he wxll choose Max Weller Academic Chorus 12 Swnmmmg 10 11 12 Soccer 10 11 12 Hall Pa rol 12 Little Theatre Club 12 National Honor Soclety 11 12 Oblerver 12 Tenms I0 11 12 Maxle was the leadmg scorer on Muhlenbergs champronshlp soccer team besldes captammg the Cham plonshlp swlmmmg team durmg h1s sophomore Jumor and semor years He was a letterman on both teams for four years As to h1s further educa twn Weller would hke to study mechamcal engmeer mg at exther Penn State Col lege or Wy0mlSSlng Poly techmcal Instltute Paul Grlilith In ustrlal Paul one of the unusually quiet boys of Muhlenberg rates mechanical drawing as his favorite subject Whenever there is a base ball game Paul is sure to be there as bas ball 1S his favor 1te sport When asked his fax orite food he smiled and replied turkey As for the future Paul is undecided but the class W1ShCS him success in any thing which he decides to do Angelo Cinelli Industrial Hall Patrol 12 Angelo 1S one of the more qu1et boys 1n the senior class and one of the few that doesnt have a nickname Baseball IS Cinelli s favor ite sport and he may often be seen playing in his leis ure time Fishing IS Angelo s one and only hobby When asked his favorite subject Angelo had to think a while but Hnally came through with wood shop Cinelli is undecided as to what he would like to do af ter graduation Whatever he undertakes the class of 41 wishes him luck. Allison R. Phillips Industrial. This brown-haired, brown- eyed lad is one of the quiet members of his class until you know him. L'Al1ey', enjoys all kinds of sports but considers baseball his favorite. He named wood shop as his best-liked sub- ject. Allison is uncertain about his ambition after graduation but no matter what he de- cides upon, the class sends along its wishes for success. Qu Stanley Miller industrial Hall Patrol 11 12 Track 12 Bup could be found at noon n the gymnasium dancing as he rates this pas time as a favorite He also rates swimming tops When Stanley ISU t study ing history you might find him listening either to Glenn Miller s or Gene K1 upa s or chesrta Bub would like to work at the Carpenter Steel aftei graduation Heres WlSh1l'l'T Stanley the best of lucl l Richard Hafer lnaustnal Huntin and Fushn Club 12 Whenever Italian spagh t tl are near by Richard 1S there also as they are his favorite food Buck and Kick are the two nicknames that this lad answers to Dicks favorite way of spending spare moments is to either be hunt1ng or fish ing Metal shop IS his favor ite subject After graduation Richard would like to work at th Crystal Rock Beverage Com pany. Best of luck Dick. Ernest Bechtel Industrial: Chorus 12' Orchestra 10 11 12' Drum Major 12. Behold Muhlenberg s drum major! "Ernie" rates twirl- ing the baton as his hobby. Ernest has played the vio- lin in the school orchestra since seventh grade, while mechanical drawing is his favorite subject. Although Bechtel has no favorite sport, he does like them all. If "Ernie" is unable to se- cure a job soon after gradu- ation, he intends to enlist in the U. S. N. May he sail high to success! QMLJR f Laurence Vlermg Industrial Laurence IS one of the mole qulet membexs of the class and xegalds history as hxs tax o11te subject When asked about h1s hob bles Tlp xeplled that he enjoys stamp collectlng and bas ball more than anythlng ESG To become a welder IS Laurence s ambltlon May work and success be welded securely that he may haxe a happy future Donald Elsenhart In ms r al oc cr 2 Dome IS one of the ath letlcally 1ncl1ned memb the class as sports cons the major part of thls act1v1t1es Pep rates ers 01 tltute lad s base ball as tops 1n the sports field Durmg h1s senlor Don serxed as manag the soccer team Donald IS undeclded what he 1ntends to do gladuatlon The senlor hopes he makes a good year er ot as to afte class SCOI' m whatever he tollows Lee Parr Industrlal Hunting and Fishing Club 12 Halllng from 12D IS thls tall mdustllally mlnded lad xx ho rates flshlng and xeadlng as h1s faxorlt pastimes Lee decldedly lllt9fldS to llx e h1s lxfe as a bachelor but after all many thlngs can happen Parkys ambltlon IS to be an anplane machlmst ansl he 1ntends to enter the Glenn L Mar'1n Alrplane School after graduatxon Here are hopes sky htgh for hxs fu ture Howard Withers Academic Hunting and Fishing I2 Hn Y 12 Whelexer theres nolse theres Shoxty Hes about the nolslest tucklest felloxx ln the semor class As h1s name lnfels he 1sn t xely tall bemg only 5 feet 4 1nches Shoxty rates chem1stry as h1s fawoute subject and basketball comes hrst IH the llne of sports Howard arrlxed at Muh lenbelg as a new membel last yeu He folmelly at tended Flackxllle Hlgh School After graduatlon Howard 1ntends to be a machlnlst May h1s future grow' Russell Sltllnger Academic Table Tcnms Club 12 One ot the many .ur mlnded youths ln the senlor class IS Russell S1tl1nger H1s amb1t1on to become an en s1gn ln the Naval A11 Corps IS probably due to the fact that he spent 30 days ln the Cxtlzens M1l1tary Trammg Camp at Folt Meade Maxy land Among Russ fax orlte sub jects trlgonometry a n d chemlstxy 1ank first He also enjoys target practlce and playmg table tenms Hele hoplng there w1ll b no a1r pockets 1n h1s Hymg caleex Robert Dowling Academic Table Tennis Club 12 Bob rates mechamcal dl3YVlIlg as h1s faxor1te sub ject Whlle not bulldmg 111 planes VVhlCh takes up most of h1s le1su1e tlme Bud can be seen at the bowllng alleys part1c1pat1ng 1n h1s fa xorlte sport Bud 1ntends to pll0t an 'lnplane or be a draftsman after leaxmg Muhlenberg The class wlshes hun the best of luck 1n whatever po sltlon he may dravx Alvin Gerberich Academic: Hydroponics Club 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Orchestra 10, 12. If you have ever heard that familiar Hdeedle dee dee' before band rehearsals began, you may be sure it was Al practicing on his clarinet. He was chosen to play in Eastern District Band this year Gerbeiich like chemistry and mathematics best ot all his subjects while metal shop and eating Cespecially 1C creamy are his faxorit pastim s Although Al hasnt d ter mined his luture the class ol 41 wishes him luck James Ammarell Industrial Admiring the scenery and traveling are two of J1mmy s hobbies which take up most of his spare time as he is a lover of out of doors James ranks wood shop tops over all the subjects he has taken in the industrial course although there IS none that he esp cially dis likes Ammarell is undecided as to the luture but the class wishes h1m luck and success in whatever he may under take Charles Reichart lnrlustrlal BasebaII12 Although Charlie is on ol the smallest boys in the class he is nex ei ox ei looked because he can always be easily heard He classes baseball as his faxolite poit xxlth football iunnlng close second lefty s tix oiite sub1ect is wood hop vt hile chicken is his food xx eakness -Xlthough Charlie has no plans ioi the tutuie the clas xxishes him success in ill he in iv undertake as he mox es along the hlghxx ay ot lite qw Richard Ney Industrial: Hi-Y 127 Basketball 11, 125 Baseball 10, 12: Soccer 10, 11, 12. Dick played center half- back on the Muhlenberg soc- cer team for four years and helped them to obtain the Eastern Pennsylvania and District Junior soccer title. Ney is one of the more versatile athletes, having earned letters IH soccer bas ketball and baseball Camping swimming and playing softball occupy D1 ks l ISUIS hours Ney has no plans for the future but the class hopes he may attain luck and suc cess Carroll Berger ll'lClUSU'lBl Baseball 12 Short quiet but 1ndustr1 ous are the best words to fit the descriptlon of Carroll Berger one of the athlet1c ally minded boys of the sen lor class Carroll played on the bas ketball team for two years but stated that he would ra ther play baseball Berger spends much of h1s leisure building and running model midget racers Carroll is undecided as to what he intends to do aftei graduation but the class ex tends to him success in any thing he undertakes Douglas Shipe Industrial Soccer 11 12 Basketball 11 12 Baseball 10 12 Trac Tovteiing to the height ol 6 feet 1 1nch Douglas is on ot the taller members of th senior class Doug is athleticallv inclin d since he was '1 member 1 tt soccei basketball baseball and tia k teams is the only member of thc seniox class who played on the xarsitv basketball team lol thiee years In the iutuie Doug plan to Get a Job in a steel mill Good luck Doug' Aramanda Morganti Academic: Hall Patrol 11, 123 Hi-Y 12: Swimming 12. 'Ambition should be made of sterner stuff." Meet "Mutz" Morganti who finds complete relaxation most enjoyable. Oddly enough his favorite subjects are mathematics and chemistry. While not practicing the "hand is quicker than the eye" policy, Curly finds equal enjoyment in softball, foot- ball or basketball Running a close second to his intel est in teasing p ople is his interest in eating He vtould like to become an electrical engineer Good luck' Clair Werner lYlZfU8ll'I3l This quite brown eyed lad lat s camping as tops As lor his subJects American histoiy is his fax orite Werner 1S an ardent bi cycle racing advocate A steaming hot bowl of chili con carne runs a close sec ond in his esteem Chubby 1S somewhat un decided as to his future oc cupatlon but he would like to Join the Navy Best wish es Clair and may your ship come in' MW William Webb Industrial The title of the tallest red hailed boy in the senior class belongs to B111 fiom 12D He iates mechanical diawinv as his faxorite study while stamp collecting is his hobby Red is deciding upon either being an apprentice in the diafting loom or an ap prentice in the planing mill at the Reading Car Shops The senior class vushes him luck in his ambition xx hat it may be Stella Greenly ACBUBITIIC Glfl Reserves 12 Hilflff wrkcluuu c A A12 Retuin youi books here is phiase which Spebby often quoted as she vt as one of Mis Rothermels assist ants dui ing hex senioi ye'n Alt is Stella s fax 0lltE sub lect and reading and hiking hei pastimes Spebby could also be found eating potato chips quite often as she classes them hei faxoiite tood Aftei gi iduation Stella would like to become a li brarian Much luck to hex Robert G. Weaver Industrial: Soccer 11, 12: Basket- ball 12. "Ike" is one of the athle- tically-inclined members of the class, as sports consti- tute a part of his time. He has earned letters in basket- ball and soccer. During his leisure time Bob likes to attend automo- bile races. Deviled clams iate tops vxith him After graduation he xx ould like to get a Job as a machin ist Good luck Ike ,M Elmer Reldel Academic Chorus 12 Little Theatre Club 12 Hall Patrol 12 Doc IS planning on 1 medical caieei but if these plans go sky high he mtends to take to the air Micky s favorites include chile con carni Jeannette McDonald English chemis try and Maigaiet This quiet lad spends his leisure time skating hiking 11d1ng and playing baseball Heres hoping he will liy to success Raymond Klemmer Academic Track 10 11 12 Soccer 10 11 12 Swimming 12 Tennis 11 Cheerleading 12 lt is impossible to stay so bei uhen you are around Pefif foi he IS continually joking Dutch rates baseball as his tax oiite spoit and spends his leisule houis fishing by some local stream Attei Ray ieceix es his di ploma he would like to 'it tend Pensacola and become a natal axlator The class wishes him the best of luck V . - 7 ' 1 ' . ,i . Q . . 9 - . ' ' . K Y! . , . V . L T 1 . : g ' - , 5 , . D ' Gt YY " ' 1. yy ' - , . . . . C 1 . , . Q . . I . I ' A I ti ' 1 vu ' ' - , . . ' y y - at is ' - , ' ' . D Q Y 1 1 . . . . . . - V G ' ' ,1 . . 1 1 . . . . ' : , , 9 . - ' Y ' . - - - ' 0 I n s 1 1 I - ' 12: Table Tennis Club 125 .t , , 1: Y . , v - '. , , ' ta is V D A . . . ' ' " - I Y 1 v 1 ut YY , . 1 , Q .4 ' u . ' nu " 1 ' -4 1 ' 1 V- . . ' 3 .... K .1 ' -- . . ' Y K . ,Q Y i. ' " :A Y! 1 1 4 " H ' ' . , ' .. wr V L I 1 k. ' ' . 1 v v ' ' ' . - - - . . , . . , - ' . AL u C ' . . . , ' . .. ,' Q H ' , 1 C v . k . . . . C " ' ' '- Q ' v v ' ' '- N . Q . Chester M Fxes P sltlon on board, II II II Term as dlrertor ress hr Charles A Trout Lester G Kauffman PDSIUOII on hoard, I IN Term as P sltlon on board II I ll I Term as lcctor ress, IIII I director, II Address, I IIIIII George VI Bxehl osutlon on hoard II Te Elun A Adams osltnon cn board I Term :Irv-cw ress I M AM Ill rbmt ll Llmoln Posutnon on hand Tum IS rhrectou Address ln. llarrw f Gensemer pUSItIOI'l I Addr John G Mertz Posltron on board, I Term G nu e lla rtman uca Ion N II' Years at Muhlenberg., I I ' , I s 1 .N I , , X I 3 V. I , VW 0 ' I I-'Iv I . ' ' sn-4'l'v :I 4. 0 ' ' , 'vs sl 'I-', ' , y IgI::1' . Add , TII ILIIIIIIII dr l IyI::1I , Add I iI-I'IIII:III ' 1:47 , II-1 ' Q, II. II IIIIIIII. l.:IIII'I-IfI:III-. III III , Ill'-III YIII:I I . ,4 X I I ' I I I I I I I . I I I . I , I I ., .I , ' A ' ' M III--I-1III. P I"'sIII' fm P " . IIIII-I-II. as director, l1I,:1I . Address, JIJLIIII KIIIA IIII as drrcctor. , Address. II"IIII I , r, ' Add I 'VIIIIIII II-IIII. I.:IIII-II':I!I. I I Ir r I I I , 1 - X VFW I I , , I 4 , , , - I I .5 - X I I I I I I . IFIIII' ' ' Q , 1I.III -IIIIIII ESS, XII'-IIIII III NIIII-IIIIIIII-IIIII -I! N-II I . . III . II II - II II II.,II IIII. I I. IIIII. Ed 1' I-..II,I,II1IIIIII ITIII-I I-.II'I'I:I IIIII III,', NI:IIIII. NI-IIIIIIIY III-III Clinton E. Cole Superintendent Education- Allen Township High School: Kutztown State Teachers College: Penn State: B. S., Muhlenberg College: A M Columbia Unixeisity Years at Muhlenberg 16 Mrs Gladys M Shlpe Secretary to the Principal Education Muhlenberg Township High School Years at Muhlenberg 7 John E Harris Senior home room 12D Sub,lect taught history Education Keystone N01 mal School B S Schuylkill College Graduate uoik Unixexsitw ot Pennsylx ann Penn State Years at 'Vluhlenberg 9 ACtlYltlCS- Model Anplcme Club 18519 tant couch ot debiting team IICISUIGI ol the P S E A Charles S. Crumbling Principal Education- Marysville High School: B. S., Albright College: M. S. in Education, Cornell University: Graduate work. Johns Hop- kins University: University of Pennsylvania: Years at Muhlenberg, 16. Activities 7VlClTllJCI ot the executive c mnnttee P S F A mem lei of Honol Society Coun Mrs Hazel A Ramsay Senior home room 12A SubJect taught English Education Vit Penn High School A B Albllght College Graduate woik University ol Pennsylxanla Years at Muhlenberg 10 Actn ities Spar ish Club piogmm chin man o1P S I' A costumes mike up Luther B Wlearig Senior home room 12B C Sub,1ects taught socml sci ence histolv 1CU1fl'lll5lll Education L1t1t7 High School Millersville State Teicheis College A B Elizwbethtcxxn Ccllege Giaduate woik Unixeisity of Pennsylx anla NI A Te'1che1s College Columbl 1 Unix eislty Years at Muhlenberg 12 Actnities Observer 'adxiser lI1CITlbC1 Honor Society Council mem bel executlxe committee ol P S E A Kcrmlt H Schmehl SubJect taught mathematlcs Educatlon Fleetwood Hlgh School Ph B Muhlenberg College M S Unlxersxty of Penn sylxanla Years at Muhlenberg 16 Actlvltles- Faculty cnculatlon advxser of Observer has charge f school funds secretary Ath letlc Councll has charge of ushers and t1ckets for school exents M04 SubJect taught hlstory Education Wernersv1lle Hlgh School Prov1s1ona1Cert1flcate Kutz town State Teachers Col lege A B Urs1nus College M A Colurnbla Unlverslty Years at Muhlenberg 16 Present home room 10A Actlvlty Wadltaka Camp Fne Glrls Earl S Loose SubJects taught blology physlcs Cl'leI1llStlV Educatlon Ontelaunee Vocatlonal School B S Albrlght College M S Penn State College Years at Muhlenberg ln Present home room 11D Actlvltles HjdlOI3UlllCS Club membel ot Natlonal Honor SOClEtW Councxl Q' Charles E Buckworth SubJect taught physxcal educatlon Education EX6l6l Hlgh School B S 111 Health Educatlon Stroudsburg State Teachers College Years at Muhlenberg 15 Actlvxtles Coach xars1ty basketball baseball soccer 'md track teams Education Albrlght Preparatory School A B Albrlght College M A Columb1a Unlverslty Years at Muhlenberg 15 Present home room 11A ACtlVtl8S Current Exents Club mem bel of Honor Soclety Coun cll member leglslatlxe com mlttee P S E A Harry G Gerberlch SubJect taught mathematlcs Education B S m Educatlon Lebmon Valley College West Chestel St ite Normal School Years at Muhlenberg 14 Present home room 10B ACtlVItlCS Faculty Z1dXQll.lSlIlg adxlsel lOl Obsrrter Checker Club membel of executlxe com mlttee of P S E A f' A 1 . L , ' . , . ' . I ' K ' . ., ' 1 r V - - . ., ' ' - 'T ' , - . v ' , , ' C e , . .x . .5 , K I , 0 . . . in , ' y I -4 .. ' Q Y Y - C I f 4 . 7 X L- I 4, 0 MM' V?- E 'Edith E. Staudt , ' ' .' Subject taught, history v A Y N . 1 ' f f - -, 3 Q I 9 1 . ., 3 . . - 9 V l ' - ! ' 'f - . . T 1 'V 1 4 ' - . . . . , l , . I . . 1 3 ' . . Q . 2 . ' Nr I I . ., Q ' 'Y 3 , , 1 - ' ' ' . A ' 5 1 fx' Mrs M Catherine Wertz SubJccts taught cixics English Education Poiter Township Vocitional School Unix eisity of Pennsylx ania Drexel Institute Penn State B S in Education Lebanon Valley College Years at Vluhlenberg 14 Present home room 9D Activity Handxx ork Club Jason W White SubJects taught tiigonome tiy solid and plane geometry algebra Education Highspne High Schoo B S in Education Bucknell University M S Unixersity ofM1ch1 gan Years at Muhlenberg 13 Present home room 9C Activities Coach xaxsity tennis Table Tennis Club. Mrs. Sara R. Rothermel Librarian Education- Reading High School: B. A., Mt. Holyoke College: Library Science degree, Mil- lersville State Teachers College: Years at Muhlenberg, 12. N Activity- Library Club. N l Xp 1? ,WLM Anna R Slifer Subnet taught physicil education Education xl 'itsontoxxn High School B S in Educatun Temple Umxeisity Giaduate xxoik Penn State College Years at Muhlenberg 14 Present home room 8E Xctnltles Gnls Athletic Association c ach gills ti ack team pies ident Muhlenberg Branch of S E 75 UMW Mrs Lillie K Rlmby Subgects taught Latin geography Education Birdsboro High School A B Dickinson College M A Columbia Univeisity Years at Muhlenberg 13 Present home room 8A Activity Handwork Club James B. Shaner Jr. Subject taught industrial arts, vt oodxx orking Education- Reading Boys' High Schoolg Williamson Trade Schoolg graduate work, University ot Pennsylvania, Penn State College: Muhlenberg Collegeg Years at Muhlenberg, 12: Present home room, 8C. Activity- Girls' Industrial Arts Club. ffi Alta H Horton ubJect taught music ducatlon owanda High School B S in Education Mansfield State Teachers College Giaduate work New York Unixersity Years at Muhlenberg 11 Present home room 8B Activities Diicctoi mixed choius bt vs ind gills choiuscs Clinton D Getz Subject taught English Education Ephrata High School A B Fiankhn and Marshall College M A Ull1VelS1ty of Penn Sylvania Years at Muhlenberg 10 Present home room 11B Activities Little Theatre Club chair in in of Honoi Society Coun cil diiectoi commencement piogiams Frances A. Rahn Subjects taught guidance health Education- Wcst Reading High School: A. B. Hood Collegel Working toward Ed. M. Har- vard University: iears at Muhlenberg 8: Present home room IOC. Activities- Girl Reserves. Photography Club. Estella I Gehris SubJect taught alt Fducatlon Muhlenberg Township High School B S Kutztown State Teach els College Giaduate work at University School of Handcififts Ull1X6lSltV of Pennsylx inn Years at Muhlenberg 8 Activities Alt Club stigc sccneiy Eidegxoc Fredda Keller SubJects taught business training typewriting Education Schickshinny High School B S Indiana State Teachers College Years at Muhlenberg 8 resent home room 9B Activity Typing Club Raymond P. Ulmer ubjects taught bookkeeping junior business Education- ,rsey Shore High School: University of Pennsylv'1ni'1 W h'n'ton School' B. S. in Inconomics Blooms- burg St'1te Feqchers Col- egei Years at Muhlenberg 81 Present home room 7F. A ctivities- l-fxinting and Fishing Club. Gull' Club. Robert D. Shipe, Jr. Subjects taught mathematics. general science senior sc'- ence physics Education- Muhlenberg Township High School' . S. ' Science, Albright College' Graduate work Cornell Uni- versity' Years at Muhlenberg 5: Present home room 9E Actiuties Game Club assistant coach of basketball and baseball teams JUHIOI Vaisity bas ketbill coach membei ith lctlc councll Q Met Kathryn E Humma Sub,1ects taught home economics Education Muhlenberg Township High School B S in Home Economics Albright College Giaduate wolk Penn State College Years at Muhlenberg 4 Present home room in Activity Camp Flre Gills 'NH WV Barton Johnson SubJects taught g e n e 1 metal shop element ny electiicity Education Radnor High School S in IIldUStll3l IS Education Nlilleisxille State Teachers College Years at Wluhlenberg 4 Actnlty Stage Ciatt Club Richard L. Brown Subjects taught biology. health Education- Muhlenberg Township High School' B. S. in Health Education East Stroudsburg State Teachers College' Graduate work New York University' Years at Muhlenberg 5 Present home room IOE Actiuty Co ich swimming teim Ida L Ebllng SubJect taught home economics Education Ontelaunee Vocational High School B S Penn State Diesel Institute of Tech nology Years at Muhlenberg 6 Present home room 7C Activity Boys Cooking Club Mrs 'VI Annetta Kauffman SubJect taught music Education Ontelaunee Vocational High School Keystone State Teachex s College B S in Music Education Penn State College Years at Muhlenberg 6 Activitv Accompanist fox gnls and mixed choruses Q-. '. Russell S Lelnbach Sub,1ect taught geogi iphy Education Muhlenbeig Tom nship High School B S in Education Kut7 town State Teachels Col lege Studying at Temple Unix er sity fox M S degiee Years at Muhlenberg Present home room 10D Activities Boy Scouts hall patrol high Way patrol xice piesident ot S E George J Hassler SubJect taught English Education Muhlenberg Township High School Ph B Muhlenberg College Ed M Temple University Years at Muhlenberg 6 Present home room 7D Activities ariety Club coach of bating team hall patrol highw iy p iti ol E. Brainerd Reinert Subjects taught geography. mathematics Education- Ontelaunee Vocational School: B. S. Certification for Grade Schools, Kutztown State Teachers College: Years at Muhlenberg, 5: Present home room, 8D. Activity- Table Tennis Club. Thelma L Knauss SubJects taught shorthand typevx riting office practice Education Nazareth High School B S in Education Blooms buig State Teacheis Col lege Years at Muhlenberg 6 Present home room 11C Miriam E Moyer Sub,1ect taught English Education Muhlenberg Township High School Albright College B S in Education Kutztown State Teachers College Millersville State Teachers College Graduate work University ot Pennsylx anxa Years at Muhlenberg 6 Present home room 7B Activity Red C1 oss Club Mrs. Mildred E. Coblentz Subject taught English Education- Muhlenberg Township High School: A. B., Ursinus College: Graduate work, University of Pennsylvania: Years at Muhlenberg, 5: Present home room, 9A. Activity- Wasita Camp Fi1'e,Girls. f 7 i V J. Earl Baker Subject taught, instrumental music Education- Bangor High School: B. S. in Music Education, West Chester State Teach- ers College: Graduate work, University of Pcnnsylvanial Years at Muhlenberg, 1. Activities- Coach, cheerleaders, director, dance band, band, orchestra, junior band an or hestra, coach, drill am fftbjoj Ralph S Paden Subyect taught, mechanical drawlng Education Carlisle High School, B S in Education Millers xille State Teachers Col lege, Giaduate woik Temple Uni veisity Millersville State Teachers College Years at Muhlenberg, 1 Present home room, 9F Activities Aiiplane Club H1 Y Club Charlotte E. Guenther Subjects taught, German. English, history, civics Education- Reading High School: A. B. in foreign languages and English, Albright Col- legeg Years at Muhlenberg, ll Present home room, 7E. Activities- Junior Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves. School Song nlll 4 l Ulll I Y t lllll U 1 ll I n 1 nz in 1 l 1 lt llll In 0 el ll!! 4 an hm i loin Ill! I I Q r llbl l Fl hin Q- l swimming team ' nr lx tu v Il t tu x X Ill Illt 1 r lllllrl Q lt n UHLE BERG OBSER ER l-nts-iul 'H ' . ie r in pt sang, XX 450 llllllill l gmbgr st 92l 0 l94 P055 A550059 ll'lNS XNNUI INTIDMHON .4-fa . Qi 1 Q83 ai I-fm 91?-.N Quinn lXltl'll 1 Ntllrllrl I X I, l ul n ir Hi mn l I ll l-tht ir l- thtnr l- thtor ll Q It s Nltll' l llll , Um ry rn mu r from lllnnu Nluhrx NI4 1 1 hlgnn l'lt S lll llc lv-htlt fl ll All NIXI NPRM Xlinmt ll 1 rx l'1ll'f t X N HTS llllllllN X irjorir lxrmnr x l PNIU Q lxurtt A Vlilhuiu Beck X rn llonm r Illll tl 1 Xl lX X5 ell. r llehn llenmesrlerter ll N ui x Q slum N muh 4 4 Dori lium Bernice Schelrcr hathrx n Reichert Nlarilxn Schaeffer Jean Stoudt, All mem . IUP IOP! Pl- -llll PN li:-tt! l' most N lrx llmmr h ll Tl PINTN .ul in tll lx irxn Penh it CIRCLLATION Nlanager ASSI tant Fxchauge Editor ADVERTISING Assistant bers of the Obsener staff All n Volume 14, Number 15 June 10 1941 Of ull the ll'0ilSlll'!'S on this r:1'l1, X Fr lf-orgia to tho- Ink -s, l ' . l-'r rise to setting uf thu' sun. . . .-tnl e-ve-rp fl V -lling: plum-3 f A ' l-'r S4IlllllQ'l'll fl wvrs to stump pvuks ' ' .tnl niisl thu- uw-st:-rn plain- i You i-oulnl not finfl :t hw-tt--I sch--.ul ' . 'l'h:nn this nhl lil: - :nnfl 421-lvl. h f - ' ' ' Vlmrus: - - - 'l'hfn lie-re-'s an rmising shi ut In ht-I' ' ' Y - .Xlll tu he-I' cllurs l lnl, 4 L- v' - ll'1'l c-'er lu- true :anal loyal lu , I Th- null' lllllb' 1 l uulrl. -L " ' , '- 'l'l 'rr-'s s in l' gg vlsn- ut- wish to -:eg .4 , - . 'l'l1:it you may not Ilan- 'n1u'n. r ' ' . -' Nut which we 'l -rish flap hi nlni ' lYit ' these mils il -. . . K . WI' - St'JlSllllS 1-liaiigv fri Ill -run to vllitv ' lui tiny tu sI:l1'l'y lluz Ymfll In-rn-I' finnl :n he-ttvr svlnml 1 'l'h:ln this nhl Hold :Intl lilln-. - I l'h1 rus I , D Unr tl l2lllS :ire he-lil in ln ' L1 thrall . - 'lla this our hon nr l hull. '. . '- lVit ' th sr- walls wt-'rv pn lv-rml nfs-I' . . ' ' The paths thzt h-:ul to :all ' - Th: he-st that wisl in git'-s, wtf gut, Thr prize lwl ngs In ull. 11114 loyal tri nrlships '1 ' ' dixint- 'l'h:lt hinnl- th- lill - :intl 15-vlsl. A 7 l'h1 rns , 'Q I I '- as sri--vlinl-cl:uss lllltll, X- "llllIt'l' ffl, litis. :lt Luurclilzxle-, l':1. l'1-st Uffiva-. lllltl'l' Act of ll1ll'l'lI Ii. lsT5l. 1'Hl,1i,hr1 Q-x.-ry tlm-te in-el-is :luring tl - svlmnnl ymr hg the Slllll1'lllS ol' Nluhl nlwru Tm' ship lligh Svlunvl. l,u11i'e-lflnla-. l'elnils5lx':1i1izt. Suhscriptitm prim- Slim prr polar. iz inks ' Ji" .- '-t QSGKDGV' . 1' ' - M I 4' 0,4I url N I l QVC.: , w 1 ' .ii ,J . . . . ' ' I 5 5 - ' ' 5 f. .. Li F , fu - -.j e F' LI. - fl . S 'rl ,I 1- f . : . '41 124' If-I'f'Yl'IS . . ' HI. 1.3 liussvll llglilll ....,...,........,,.........,.......... I ' r Nl: 'Ln 5t'll2ll'ff'l' b' ' '? Eh-1 Lim- " ' .,......,..........,.... Ass's ant I ' .le-un ' It .lz Q ' - s i '. An S1-ln-ifrlv ...,....,...,...,........, lv: lil - I ' ' A' j wt I-.T-. -- - ................ issisff-r H--f Him- Hllf 1-f -1.1. .,... rin- .,...............,..,........... uf- 1-t-,st li-tty t'l:airc Vw--te' ..,.........,........ Nlzik-'up linl or Jnm,.,. pu, : ,Mk r Em 'GMX .'l'1.' . '.llil'i I TUKS ' 3 l v 'ull Q' u" e" Hull: Nut .' gf-r 5124 'j KH ' . . ' A Huwpll .- , 1 , - -' V . ' ' ,..... .........................., . V Jl'.' Ili l'.tlil-I l'IllI'l' H15 . I' ................,...,..,........ . s Q' Ru ,mrip ' , Mgt '- lu wr . ,' t ....................... . g.j,1y,..r I N 5 Nlu i irtz .,.................................. ' . . '. .' .' I A' A ' '- . gh ' ....................,.........,...... Ill 1 . ' ' Hx -l n t'r:uuf-r .....,....,............... Assistant liflit-ir l 'Pt 1 .' I " I ' li s s '. , Ah '. . Fm-ilti .tflwltising Nl: nerr. ,... ...... l I. ti. li--rln-rii-h LW. VHIM. wily: -pm, I-'zu-vllty Vilvulzuti-m llaunuunr ............. K. ll. Svhlu-lll ' ' 5 IA- H 1-UInylH.1AI,l.jR5 lfznrlllly .t1llisn'l'. ,,.. ..... ,.....,.. ......... l , . Ii, llvniiu llrl'n ' Ak: - 1- ' V - . 4. ,V , Last Wrll and Testament We the Senror Class of Muhlenberg Townshrp Hrgh School rn the borough of Laureldale rn the townshrp of Muhlenberg rn the county of Berks rn the state of Pennsylvanra and the Unrted States of Amerrca berng conscrous of our clorngs do declare thrs our last wrll and testament whrch makes null and vord all former wrlls made by us We do hereby state that all debts and expenses be pard by our executors whrch are herern named Last Wrll and Testament of IZA Item I Lynn Althouse wrlls hrs abrlrty to get along wrth the grrls to Robert Sherpe I IA Item II We bestow Wrllram Becks supply f jujubes to I B Shaner teacher of wood shop Item III Robert Beaver leaves hrs artrstrc abrlrty to Stephen Sprnka IOE Item IV Kenneth Brtner wrllrngly leaves hrs red harr to W Whrte teacher of mathematrcs Item VI Betty Reed bestows her abrlrty mathematrcs to Ruth Boyer I IA Item VII Ann Scherfele grves up her yodelrng talent to the Arlene Sisters Item VIII Raymond Klemmer rs pleased to pre sent hrs brawn to ,I B Shaner teacher of wood shop Item IX Rrchard Brehl hands down to Bruce Kurzweg IOA hrs dramatrc abrlrty Item X Robert Dowlrng gracrously grves up hrs arr mrndedness to Howard Beck 9A Item Xl Rrchard Fuller rs wrllrng to grve hrs abrlrty to do the I..aConga to E Harrrs teacher of hrstory Item XII Marjorre Kramer rs wrllrng to hand her grft to gab to Ruth Holl I ID Item XIII The class takes great pleasure rn wrll rng Henry Krrkpatrrck to Ramarre Glenn I IA Item XIV Harold Lueders grves hrs love for food to Betty Young I IA Item XV Carolyn Hartzell generously passes on her glamour to E. Baker teacher of rnstrumen tal musrc Item XVI Dorrs Sterner cheerfully grants her scope for the keyhole to Walter Wrnchell Item XVII To Morrrs Knouse l0A the class wrlls Howard Wrther s pugrlrstrc abrlrty Item XVIII Max Weller rs wrllrng to grve up hrs drslrke to break a dollar to Wrllram Glenn I IA Item XIX To fern Horst IIB goes the non chalance of Wrllram Dretrrch Item XX Betty Clarre Voeste grves her snort to Ruth Schaeffer I IA Item XXI Elmer Rerdel s sleek harr we grve Albert Hernrrch IOI:. Item XXII Helen Hollenbach grants her grggles to Thomas Clarke IOA Item XXIII We bestow Marran Brrckers stu drousness to Howard Reed IOC Item XXIV Stella Greenly wrllrngly grves up her Irbrary posrtron to Geraldrne Hable I ID Item XXN To R S Lernbach teacher of geo graphy we grve Warren Weber s wavy harr Item XXVI Rrchard Wesner bequeaths hrs drslrke to wash drshes to Wesley Sertzrnger IOB Item XXVII To Marre Bonner I IA Gene Koller wrlls her debutante appearance Item XXVIII Dorothy Schrck rs wrllrng to be queath her matronly arrs to Mary Hrnnershrtz I IA Item XXIX The class regretfully grves Betty Frdlegg abrlrty to play the accordran to Betty Men ge Item XXX Mary ane DeWalt grants to Davrd Phrllrps and Warren Brown I IA her dr abrlrty to ta Item XXXI To Mrss F A Rahn teacher of health the grrls of the class give Helen Beames derfer s calmness Item XXXII Carl Hertzog grves hrs way wrth the grrls to Marvrn Weaver IOA Item XXXIII To Mrss A H Horton goes the fatalrstrc outlook of Armanda Morgantr Item XXXIV Alvrn Gerberrch bequeaths hrs talent for drscussrng agrrculture wrth E S Loose teacher of brology and chemrstry to Douglas Wolfe OA Item XXXV Arthur Gasparr wrlls hrs abrlrty to help to Bernrce Scherrer I IA Item XXXVI Margre Gasche grves not wrthout regret her Hashy coat to Muhlenberg s huntrng en thusrasts Item XXXVII To next years Chemrstry classes Earl Gardner wrlls hrs abrlrty rn that Held Item XXXVIII Russel Ogan generously grves hrs supply of Ha hy socks to E S Loose teacher of brology and chemrstry In addrtron the IZA homeroom would lrke to wrll the followrng thrngs Item I Our senrorrtrs to the junror class Item II Memorres of our angelrc behavror to Mrs H A Ramsay teacher of Englrsh Item III Grrls knowledge of chrld care to C D Getz teacher of Englrsh Last Wrll and Testament of IZB Item I To the I IB shorthand class we the IZB shorthand class bestow our good behavror and obedrence Item ll To Ralph Bloch I IC Paul Kurtz wrlls hrs shyness Item Ill Grace Werdner grves her abrlrty to hang on to her purse to Mrss Rahn Item IV Anna Hrnnershrtz bestows her As rn shorthand to Harold Krstler I IB Item V Betty Mrller I IC rs to recerve Helen Kurtyka s pretty blonde locks Item VI Ethel Zerbe bequeaths her herght to Carmen Becker IOB Item VII To Ruth ones IOC jane Roland grves her red harr Item Vlll Vrrgrnra Brown wrlls her lack f herght to Esther Mrles I ID Item IX The frrendshrp of Mrldred Ketner and Arlene Ebersole we regretfully bestow upon Mrldred Bohr I IC and Betty Strtzel IOB Item X ane Kantner grves her longrng for her frrend rn the Army to Olrvette Krehl I IA Item Xl ,Iune Becker wrlls her dry humor to our home room teacher L B Mearrg fs I ' ! 1 7 1 r I - l , . 1 1 I . I, . ' ' f . . 9 - . . . , I ' I ' . . . - . O , . N. , . : . y , - v - 2 . . J. . , . g I ln . . , 7 ' r 1 I - 1 - . . , . ' - . . ' ' 1 ' 1 r - , . . . . . , ' , . . . ' sr . . .. -1 J . " ' ' I . . , . I - H H . . . . . , . I , . , , ' . . . ' . . . . , , . - . , . , . j. . , - . . , v . , ,. .- . . , - 1 a - I v ' l - - - - rr U . ' ' I I I - . my n iv Y - Z - s v ' , . ' I V . . .r .- . Q - 5 . . . . . ,r , L L0 ,, , . , . 1 J I n 1 ' I 0 . ' , . v ' I y - y , r - , . . .. . I . . , - . . . . . . H . . ! ' I ' , . , . . . Item XII To eanette Schmeck I IB we guve Munnue Mabrv s basketball abuluty Item XIII Arlene Kauffman wulls her po utuon of beung the only chuld un the famuly to Rose Shupe 9B Item XIV To ,Jack Gruenert SD jean Adams guves her lukung to hughjump Item XV Ruby Angstadt bestows her fruend shup wuth Bud to Anna Becker I IC Item XVI To Glorua Heckman I IA goes Charlotte Heumbach s Job as potato chup gurl Item XVII To Mrs L K Rumby Latun teacher une Kunsman bequeaths her long haur Item XVIII Evelyn Naftzunger wulls her cheer leadung abuluty to ean Stoudt IOA Item XIX Ray Mclxently guves hus sungung abul lty to Otto Volt IOA Last Wull and Testament of IZC Item I Wuth deep regrets Rosue Camullu and Sally Desantus wull theur chewung gum to L B Mearug teacher of hustory and Journalusm Item Il We bestow upon Mary Sardo I IB the chubbuness of Elsue Hurst Item III Betty ean Ganter bestows her whustle to Muss A R Slufer gurls physucal educatuon teacher Item V Betty Klune bequeaths her hair to C D Getz teacher of Englush Item V To eanette Schmeck IIB Muldred Graul wulls her nuckname Mum Item VI Gertrude Huldebrand wulls her skat ung abuluty to Esther McKently I IA Item VII The attractuve smule of Carmulla Tolomeu goes to Ruth ones IOC Item VIII Leona Huldebrand wulls her charmung vouce to her suster Irene Huldebrand IOC Item IX The quuetness of Ruth Euchner we be queath upon Fern Horst I IB Item X Mary Lachman wulls her fruendshup wuth fellows to Glorua Ebersole IOC Item XI The pep of Frances Valeruano we guve to Betty Young I IA Item XII Vurgunua Fuck wulls her abuluty of day dreamung to Mary Duetz I IB Item XIII We bequeath to ane S lun 9D Vur gunua Bowman s romantuc unclunatuons Item XIV Geraldune Beck wulls her dustance to walk to school to Ramarue Glenn I IA Item XV Robert Yoder wulls hus offuce as vuce presudent of the Varuety Club to Harold Kustler B Item XVI Lloyd Bungaman wulls hus knowledge of world condltlons to Harold Lebo I IA Item XVII To Willard Coombs IOA Sandu Pattu Jr wulls hus abuluty to get along wuth the fem nune members of the class Last Wull and Testament of IZD Item I Carrol Berger s abuluty to day dream un hustory class we bequeath to Harold Klstler I IB Item ll Charles Reuchert s putchung technuque we happuly bestow to Kenneth Trout I ID Item III To the Pacufuc Ocean we guve the waves of Angelo Cunellu Item IV Ruchard Hater s lukung for farmung we wull to ames Walters I ID Item V Wayne Hueys way wuth the gurls us guven to George Manwuller I IC Item VI The pep vnm and vugor of Conceptuon Summons us handed down to the senuor gurls track team of 42 Item VII The track abuluty of Wunufred Fudler we bestow to The Black Horse Item VIII Mavyn Landus technuque of cookung we guve to Marylun Moyer I ID Item IX oseph Carroll IID us guven Davud Spohn s fruendshup wuth the gurls Item X Nora Adams abuluty un sewung we be queath to the I Ith grade gurls Item Xl Paul Gruffuths boxung technuque we happuly bestow to Robert Rolland 8E Item XII Edward Mench s dopune s ln class we guve to Robert Carr IOE Item XIII Emeluo Santonu and Robert Weav er s basketball playung abuluty we bestow to Wesley Seutzunger IOB Item XIV To ack Herman SB we guve Wul Iuam Webb s heught Item XV Lee Parrs lukung for Hshung we be queath toj E Harrus hustory teacher Item XVI Stanley Mullers strength we gladly bestow to Blaune Trate IOE Item XVII Laurence Vlerung s quuet nature IS guven to Paul Weyandt I IA Item XVIII Allen Howers gay dusposltuon us happuly bequeathed to Arthur Schlappuch I ID Item XIX The fruendshup of Douglas Shupe and ane Roland we guve to Franklun Wertz and Mul dred Bohr I IC Item XX Bruce Fues s abuluty to throw a Javelun us glven to Donald Shell I ID Item XXI To the IID boys we wull Evelyn Malandra s abuluty to dance Item XXII Angeluna Fuskaldo bestows her Jokes to George Holland SB Item XXIII To Mrs IVI E Coblentz Englush teacher Pearl Kaucher bequeaths her workung am butuon Item XXIV Elsue Becker IOB IS to receuve Ernest Bechtel s technuque of leadung a drum corps Item XXV ames Ammarell s abuluty to tue an unvusuble tue IS bequeathed to the unvusuble man Item XXVI The expert bucycle rldung of Claur Werner us handed down to ohn Dussunger 7D Item XXVII Ruchard Ney s posutuon on the soc cer team us wulled to Robert Shelpe I IA Item XXVIII Mildred Graul s pep we bequeath to C D Getz teacher of English Item XXIX Donald Eusenhart s outstandung Irush lgvung abuluty we regretfully bestow upon Harry Haus IOD Item XXX Dorothy Zappacosta guves her quuetne s to Warren Muller 8E Item XXXI Thomas Leunbachs huntung abul 1ty us bequeathed to J E Harrus hustory teacher Item XXXII The I VD home room wull uts smules to Pruncupal C S Crumblung Item XXXIII Sudney Boyer bequeaths hus am butuon to the stage crew Item XXXIV The IZD home room wulls uts good behavuor to ,I E Harrus s next home room We nomunate and appount Bruce Kurzweg IOA to be the executor of thus our last wull and testament wuth full authoruty to carry out all uts provusuons to the utmost effect In testumony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and heals thus tenth day of june A D l94I The Class of 41 lqugnedl Funkelsteun Kennedy Robunsky Attorneys at Law . . - J . , . u . Q . sc vw Z S . , . , . , . . . . . . . .. -. - , . . , . . . . . . , , . . - . . . . . , . . . - .. . .- . . . 9 . . . . , , - - j . , . , , . i . . . , , . . . . J , . . - ' , u , . . j , , - . . . r . . . . ' V ' . . , . . . . . D , u - , , , . . . . . - I u 1 . l Y I 1 - Q I . s ' I ' . . , . . ' ' . , . U J y - - J , , , u 4 Al s vi , . ' l . . - , . 1 ' Z , ' ' ' v . . J I ' I . ' u ' Y ' . . . . , . , . y - , . ' 1 ! 5 ' ' 0 . . y - , i .r .. . J , ' U l y - , I ' . . J ' ' , ,A - . . . . - s- u 1 3 .. . . . . . . . . , I . . . . D , . ' I . . ' ' ' ' , . . . ' ' ' un - . . tl Q Q 1 J II 3 . , ' v ' S , . . . . . . . . , , . - ., ' f . . , . . 1 I . . . . . I. , . . . .. .. 5 - 1 - . . . . . . . . ' . p I ' u . . . . ' ' , . . . . . . J . . , I n A 1 ' : , . ., . . . ' , . ' I QL' 1 ! . . . f FY JC 1 06 'F 12B C homeroom left to rlght flrst rou E A Hmnershltz V Broun second row S DeSant brand A Kauffman J Kantner S Ulle B Gant Kentls A Youse P Kurtv S Clarke J Dunkle Hurst H Kurtyka V Flck B Klme A Iabersole 'W Ketner 'VI Rolland I Roland IS R ElchnerR Camxllx WI Lachman G Weidner J Adams R Angstadt G teacher third ron L Fetterman J Kunsman Nl Wlabrw L Hildebrand G Hllde er S Patti thlrd ron E Zerbe C Helmbaeh E Naftzlnger R Yoder R 'llc Last of the senior class plaw Tea Toper Taxern left to rlght Sltllflg Lx elwn Naftzmger Ann Schexfele Dorothw Sehlek Rlehard Blehl standing Margaret Rolland Kenneth Bltner Betts Claire Xoeste Harold Iueders Nlargle Gasche Sand1Pattl Niax Weller June Kunsman Rawmond Klemmer Larolxn Hartzell :Q 3 I. - lv I -.s 3 -11 K K , U 4' Ft x. g . - g I-A -I All 5 , 'V' A ' ' Q . fr, , . Q 4 K' a , ,V eq, 4 ...f 'iii -' .. 'T 'T A v 0. 1 f , ...- A ' " K H- -ff'. -' 5' - -1 .V ., Q V - .,,, . f 1 ,Z L' - , ' , ' ': . , . , . ' . . - , . ' 1: , ': . , . . 7 , . . Withers, L. Bingaman, L. B. Mearig, home room : ' ': . , . , . A , . , . , . ': ' ': . , , ,, . . , . ,. . V , . . 5 . I , . In A if "1,il"f V ff fl. . W . 3 . jgghilhx f 4 ,f . : Q - A- mt H . , A3 , . "' X . 17 ' . . t ' vs' 5? f,x , P A- V V . . ' 1. v Om v " I, . , lv I . , . . I S . : A 4 .', . , , lv , . , V , 0 hit 11 ,, as U9 38. 44. A Ov flag 'am 'l sv!!! me 'EK Llttle Theatre Club left to rxght first row D Glamottl R Sehaeher M Schaeffer R Glenn F Horst E Sprout WI Hlnner ShltZ B Arnold N Boyer A Schexfele second rovs M Kramer E Naftzlnger C Hartvell II Hollenbar-h C D Getz club spon sor M Bonner B Manderbach 'VI J Gehrls B C Voeste thlrd row W Glenn D Phllllps R Blehl R McKently B Kurzweg D Wolfe M Knouse M Wellel G1rlReserxes left to rlght first ron A Becker A Antonelll S Crefnls B Forse NI Sardo R Schaeher A Schelfele J lunbath W Fldlel B Reed WI Landis Y Bowman X Broun 'N Adams h Nlalandra H Kurtwka P Yalerlano In Gels second ron D Bard NI Bruker S Fuck H Hollenbach Nl Hlnnershltz A Hmnershntz NI Stoner Nl Bohr F Horst B Rothen bergel D Blum .I Pannabecker R Glenn NI Schaeffer A Hlnnershxtz J Rolavd WI Roland thlrd ross D Aulenbach A Remert NI Hover D Schlck D Sternex B Fxdler D Rhme R Brxtegam B Klme NI Graul A Hartmqn E Fehr A You R Angstadt E NIcKentls G Berk G Koller Nllss F A Rahn sponsor fourth ron vllss L E Guenther sponsor O Klehl NI Bauder NI I DeWalt G Kohler .I Sehmeck G Heckman NI Hurst E Naftzlnger Nl Nlabrs J Ixunsman NI Xue NI Bonner .I Adams G Weidner A Plucker tufth you I Summons B Sehelrer E Nllles K Relfhart F fwrl F Crime! I Ntoudt I Becker I-I Zelhe NI Gasche X Gthrlg R Holi A lxauffman 1 Helmhath I Harwell B I Gantt: . -. .1 A-U. f . - , 1 . '7 - -it ' . A ' 'Q . - . ' I 7 .g r - . 5' '9 A f I ' f" ' ' 'W Q3 "ff 2' f'f?'2,f' 'M' ' X Fug' 1 S A V Q 5' ' ' r U 4 f , X, ' ci .f , ff . " ""5 Y ' ' 'Hx'-'3',ff'Fa x 41' Vi A: I 'qi " 1 ' 3' ia v 5 MB' ,, . V N Q N. ,5 fn Q .., ' ' ,T " . ' 1 - 'I 'X x,.2,v+ x an . 51" 'Q' 'gn -- - 4 a 1 f:wg.x3g341:gzg1Q if. ff! , TEFSTQ 254 , .fy 1,, . w f , W JA 1: .AQ 9 I f 'iff , 3 49155445 fz53'f J W, Wg, . 5 bww C E X A ff HER, 'T ,QA ,-1, ,Q wwf 1 if 4 , 4 V' ,Y , H' ,ffl ' , , . 'W f , W if -, , . ff , , Q J, 44 'Alf KG, :S- , rpif' ,Rf A2553 Q -m Q ,fig If-1 is 2 Y. sei Q AP 5' 4 1 QU ZWKJNK . if . ii! 1 1 f mia W E he wa! 21 ' xiw , X 'A 1 N if fig. ' 5 ., ,,,, . x lf if 473. , av HTA, f . 1 Q 3 3,22 3 r , 1 j x Q61 2 ' , xv aff, 4 3, 3 2 v ' 5 uf, ,A I1 W. ! f ' 'l 1 ' ' 1 V . W gt- ' X N x N 3' 'S 4 ff .X , ,WF Q' Q f LMI 'M - Va f A Q ,Q NEUVXKBXQXQ -.-N1 Q x -Lffi X bf- J , . P E , 9 1 E U" Liiviifof 5 7 .- . , 51' , is X Q . . YW M H631 ws, esner D Mlller, M Weller H Kirkpatrick third rom A Morgantl R Kle e R L Brown coach g team, left to right, front row: R. Moll, D. Phillips, H. Ludwig, A. Bortzg s .F .M a . :ff"'f' ' 7 z F ZQIQ . L af, "R 2. uf 0 ' 1 Q1 ENT . patrol Ielt to r1,,t ron row C1 vrer Manwl er Vlern S lllarcl R Swwvcly B QHBIDC R Lerbold C Blchl H Manwlller C Walter J Fchr Hollman scondl row F B1tz M Brsn1 r F Gmeff R Beam sderler M nmcrman M Wrller D Phlll ps R Wcsner R D rr D Boeshare F Fuller, R ntz thtrd row G J H1ssler sponsor R Smyer D Lom., R H Vergcr H Beck Ilg R Wcuhlcy R Phlllnpe A Cn Ill B Rohrhachcr W Glenn, J Hoffman Seltzlngcr f arth row E B Rcmcrt l S enh uh p naors, A ortz hunk W Coombs S Hcum A Morgantl R Shclpe B Kurzweg, S Muller B Fes D Spohn to rlght st ow se wr 0 ae er eu H Lenlnch F Horst .non r D Aulcnhwch M Wewu svconti row Mxss T L Knauss IIC home room teach D Bard J Bol1r D Rl M Schaeller R Glenn M Hnn rshntz Bochrnin A Rennert V Schweyu R Breltlgam D Blum 1 Moyer B Sch lrnr 0 W I s n er 11 n1 tmchu lourth rov r r 1 r r cc r 0 B c H Lib H Jackson rtz A chhppmh R Vuhl y u LY :vs w J ec m1n man We 'ln Sh :pe wug F Wcrtz W GI u Jo rro rou nm sr Sh me R M1cDowe E DeSantus J Walters K Sassaman 0059 up honfvr mom telcmr ssxth rov D Phulllps L rell D a ts W H 1-lan R 1.11 S F Adam R Bare B Kaulman C Koch J Loe YI M Kctn r W Brown F Lmdermuth R Hottcnstun J Lewns K Kls r f-r vlo Br 1 Hall , . "h , I t ID. S l3' . J. 'Il , L. ' . AL-1, .M' . . 1 . .. . . ' , . A , . ' , . , . , w. g 2 : . f . . rc. . . , . 2 , . Zi' . . . . . ' 2 , . ' , . e . . , . . Pc g ' : .. . . z . P' . . . . . . .J. . , . '.. . :3', . , . . . W. A"QOl :.. .T..L1ii'.S'.I"'.B ,D.3. .. .. .- ',. ..i, .E 7 5 . I 1 4 1 . I Q S 1 v A I X I V X A 1 . ' 5 1 . A n . - , L - -F . W : W . .. , 'R Y K X - . X . , V ' - . .b -.2 Y I lr: I R I' , . 3 J , l I - 1' . ., - 1. I l Left I . lar r 1 B. Foo . M. S. d . R. Sch ll . E. G s. G. ahle J. A . . . . M. . . une. . . . . . . e ' . M. " 3. . . . . . ' . . : V . . . .. er: . t. . f . . . . -' . . - . . . . . . Pannahecker, B. Rcthcnherzer. A. Hznnershltz. G. Kuehl. F. Wetdner. M. Dclp. M. Dietz. E. McKlntly. A. Becker. A. Antonclll: :hard row: E. Knoll. G. Kohler. B. Muller. M. . 1 . B. Y ung. M. tr t. M. Bo 1 . A. Vout. A Hartman. E. Fehr. D. Salt. -J. Stouclt. F. Carl. D, Mille. C Grub.. R. L.b ld. C. u g. 1A hir c roo . f : ' 1 1 : A Pluzke . M. Moye . M. Vleru 14.2. V. Weaver. E. C am: . M. Ny 1. R. Doye V. Gehrlzg. R. H ll. R. Io h. . o. . . A. Do . S . F . . l f 2 . M. Ba 11-. E. M I. 5 fvlth ro : K. Reuclmrt. J. Rohm k. G. Heck . . J. Holl . K. Groff. M. Funk. P. y. it. R. e . H. Lud ' . . . , :nn J. Lcrch. F. Sl1:ps'. C. L DI ld. J. Ca Il. K. T t. G. Ma ll: J. e . . . Il, . . . . . . E. 5. L , ,Q g A g L' . . . Cor . J. eS I1 1. . oil: .C. oIln'r. D. chgll, . . , ' . . , . , , h 'g. . :. . . . . . - . . 1 . . tler. K ,, uw, , if Z W- 2' k- l ll run :- MQW' Handuork Club left to rlght front roll G Wurst G Manmlller B Showers R Brlcker R Weawer J Wavne S Lerch A Helster second rou H frexler L Velrlng A Hartzell I Mlller M Luppold R Gardner M Brlcker thlrd row J Lelnbach M Velrlng E Brledensteln L Heffley P Flck M J DeWalt S Greenly fourth row Mrs L K Rlmby sponsor A V0lt F Carl V Gehrlg C Degler D Schlck Officers ofthe Glrls Athletlc Assoclatlon left to rlght seated C Hartzell gurls sports manager E 7erbe presldent M Hmner Shltl secretars treasurer A Schelfele nee presldent second roll E Fehr B Arnold D Schubert M Schaeffer asslstant managers Nllss A R Slller roalh 5f.lll0l' opcretta lclt to rlzht first roll W Glenn R Blehl W Sherwood L Blngaman second ron W Broun C WIZIINXIIICI D Phvlhps Nl Bonner D Shunk B Kurzueg WI J Gehrls R WIcKentlw H Beamesderfer H Klrkpatrlek R Glenn A Hlnner Shlll R Schaeffer WI Knouse thlrd roll Nllss A H Horton dlrectress D Sterner B C Voeste V Broun J Ielnbach J Kantner F Zerbe P Blat! fourth ron J Hassler J Bachman A Relnert J Pannabecker WI Bohr D Kfnlor E Larkin D Broun NI Gasche C llg NI Rlcser E Sprout A x0lt H Hollenbach A Ebersole F Horst fifth roll R Angstadt P Angstadt 'NI Stoner D Blum B SDOIII1 B SCHCIFCI' R Bower E Naftzmger S llle G ws6ldIlCl' C Helmbach C Trevler B Nlanderbach G Jones NI I Ddhllt R Ioms NI Schaeffer L Nleltzner slwitll roll W Beck R Beamesderfer I Fetterman S Helm R lolhrlg R Xlrgfr U Kult l Xlthousl D Wolfe R Spohn R Shelpe VS Hoffman E Reldel VI Weller A Bortz K Bltner , Q 1 s .A . , IX. , . ,M J , I l "0 ' raglan? M5 K 5. g it Q t , l ' V. ' . ' , l , - - , - , - l - , - , - . , - y - 1 - - - v - v - s ' s - s ' 1 - v - . n - , . , . . . , . . , . , . . . . , , . , . f , , . , . . , , , , . ,. , , , , . . J ., , . . - . ' . , ,- . . ' " ,' ' . .. 1 v ..'. .. , ,. A . .. .. , ,. . . , . . .. , .. ,, ,. ,,, . .. . . .l . , ' A ' . , . .',, . , .. , . ,. . . ., .4 . S . . , . , . - .' '-, . . ' v. '. ' ... ' . Y . ' , . , .. ,.. . . .. ,. .. . , .., .. , . ,. , , , , . , , . , .. , t. . . . .. , . ,- - , . ,. . , . 4, . . , . , .. Y . 1 ' . ' ' ' . v. . , , . ,. . . . .. ,. . 1 . v ' , . . . . s , -A u- - H v . -I . Y . - v V- . - I . 5 . . . .. . .. , . K , .. ,-. , . , . , . . , . . . . l, . ... ' ' . .. '.'.. .. ' ' . .. ..', . . , . .' . , .. , .. , . 4 ' , . . . . -. . . , . . . . .. . .- . - . . ,.. ,.. , . . 1- l -4- I Hugh School Band left to ught front row A Gerber IC R Ogan D Phllllps M J Gehrus D Reeser J Lerch Ro hermel 0 Vout :der W Mller B K rz weg second row G Stetzler etzler R N y E kn D Francs W Dletr h R Yerger M Gcrbench B Kiuffman Dmnkle R R ed W Lutz R Loe rug, thlrd row C Decos D Dccd R Burkey Spohn cker P Weller E Pau oyer, W sn r Loehrlg B 0 up J Haas, Manwlller W GI x Baker, Instructor, E Erchtcl R Fuller, S Hum Hydroponics Clah Ilt t ruzht front row A Caspar: W Sherwood A Gerberlch M Nucklnss second row R o er 0 n K Bn ner F Fuller T Lembach third row E S Loose club spon sor H Jackson L Correll ---1 'if 4- .J :ig Hugh School Orchestra, left to rlght front row, slttmg C Konczewska, E Bechtel M Gcrberlch, W Dietrich R Verger, G Gluck W Ferro F Luerssen, second row E Naftzmger N Boyer C Koch J Gehrls, Ph lllps Ogan, A Gerberlch E Kauft man J Manwlller, J Hvas, third row M Ferro, A Volt o er, Dun e, S p fourth row R Reed oehrlg W I er, Kurzweg J Lerch, 0 Volt sanding B C Voeste rn r, J E Baker, ms u ntal teach r D rown, Loehrng wesner Photography Club let o YlL,1f first row P Burley M I pl Lss I BL k"n1 F Kofhel seccnj row Miss A Rahn spcnsor J rexler ol n Lck Kline third r w olshore n Brown M Knu. W Muller w J Junior varsity basketball tram, left to right, front row: D. Redeay, R. Brunner, C. Biehl, A. Brenner: second row: R. Sheipe. I. EIIIIY. J. Sehoener. YV. S0itZillKOI'. R. Greth, L. Correll. J. Loehrig: third row: H. Ludwifz. assistant manager: R. D. Shipe. assistant coach: W. Coomlzs, R. Bare, C. E. Buckworth- coach: S, lleim, assistant manager: D. Spohn, manager. v Jana 3 .n, S 1 l Q Y Y 1 5 Gchrls suond ron sitting Ixaxmond hexder Bruce Kurzxug William Nliller Bruce Nheipe tarl llert7og Donald Francis standing Bcttv Muhlenberg' Dance Band. left to right. first row, sitting: Betty Rothermel. John Lereh. Russell Ogan. Otto Voit. David Boeshore, Mary Mer 'el, June Knnsman, Leona llildchrand, J. I-I. Baker, instructor, lVarren Bron n. William Glenn. 'U' at McNeal J McKently J Dreschel Mrs S R Rotherrrel llbrarran M Hollm er F Naftzmber M Sassaman, A Hrn1ershltz third row J Luerssen H Barley Harvey M Strauss B J Ganter C Hermbach A Kauffman M Lachmnn 49 ,fa- 'lki IWW' ann: -Q wu- QQ CQ 'K pb :apt I3 as. an IIU1 Campfrrc Grrls left to rrzht front now B Kantner B Nlckllss J Graeff I Ludwig M Marhurger R Brown S Helst J DeS1ntls D Nagle D Herst A Gasser J Urffnr secord now H Lerhold D Trouf J Gernert J Rnschell M J Kearney G Moyer N Rauenzahn F Pentz V Brenner M Marhurger E Krogman thlrd w M Steele F e Voun K Kellu R Thefle E Sprou G Densher,I Mrller B Fritz B Arnold D Schubert M Nrcklnss fourth row Mrs M E Cohlen 1 Miss E E Staudt Mass K E Hummi counselors D Klssmger J Funk J Mervme Y Meltzner J Harvey B McNeal E Larkrn E Paul I I ' V H V G . f J ' S E- I- -3- v ., 5, 6 X7 A Y 0 A, S ' 'CB 4 - . . , A1 , Q Library Club, left to right, front row: J. Hinkle. R. Breitegann, V. Bowman, D. Kutz, D. Heist, M Graul H Kurtyka A Kurtyka B Klm., second row R myder fs- ' A er 'L -ff W KG! X r 1 r' . -sr . 4 ' 5' fl 'N' V M, 1 . av . - l if , .R a A ,, - r Q . . .. 5 M' f ' E- vb x , , ,. X , I f v nl 6. f 'Lf A X l' 'Q ' Q y 4 ' - 1 :L - - '49, , 4 -4 1 , 0 uf' , . V . 5 ., , 4 1 l. r H1 hh hts of Present School Year September 3 School opens wrth an enrollment of 1000 the largest rn the hrstory of the school Three new faculty faces greet Muhlenberg students Mrss Charlotte Guenther teacher of German and Englrsh Earl Barrows teacher of mechanrcal drawrng and J Earl Baker teacher of rnstrumental musrc September 16 Herbert Lrncoln elected to the school board to replace Franklrn Lrnk September lr Mrss Anna Slrfer elected presrdent of the Muhlenberg Townshrp branch of the Pennsylvanra State Educatron Assoc1at1on October 2 Senror class elects Wrllram Dretrrch pres rdent Rrchard Wesner vrce presrdent Russell Ogan sec retary W1n1fred Frdler treasurer October 18 School closes for faculty to attend the Eastern D1str1ct Conventlon of the Pennsylvanra State Educatron Assocratron at Readrng Senror Hrgh School October 25 Several members of the Observer' staff attend the conventron of the Pennsylvania School Press Assocratron at Prttsburgh School paper obtarns the Hr t place award for the tenth consecutrve year October Mlss Anna Slrfer organrzes a Grrls Athletrc Assocratron at Muhlenberg J E Baker organrzes a dance band Observer plans to publrsh fifteen numbers November 1 Halloween sport dance November 5 Muhlenbergs soccer team wrns Berks County Scholastrc Champronshrp trtle November 8 Salvr Freund Ensemble entertarns rn senror assembly as one of a serles of Antrlm Lyceum pro grams November 14 Educatron Week program and Open House November 15 A safety program and demonstratron grven at Muhlenberg by Harry M Pontrus of the Farm Bureau Insurance Companres November 19 Grrl Reserves sponsor marronette show Nutcracker Surte rn the hrgh school audrtorrum November 22 Junlor Assembly rs entertarned by an rllustrated lecture The Glory of Chrna Observer subscrrptron drrve shows large rncreases amountrng to a total of 710 subscrrptrons December 6 ASS6ll1bll9S entertarned wrth a lecture on Australra and New Zealand by Arthur Cone December 19 20 Lrttle Theatre Club presents the play Krngs rn Nomanra rn the Chrrstmas rssembly program December Grrl Reserx es sponsor annual toyshop December 23 German students go Chrrstmas carolrng January Muhlenberg IS agarn honored by berng one of the seven secondary Pennsylvanra schools to haxe the upper four fifths of the classes accepted at Pennsylx anra State College January 13 Ralph S Paden replaces Earl Barrows as mechanrcal drawrng teacher January 16 The Salrsbury Players entertarn the senror assembly wrth Modern Daughters January 28 Frrst of a serres of monthly after school dances sponsored by the Grrls Athletrc Assocratron February 13 As the fifth of the Antrrm Lyceum pro grams the Polomene Potters appear before the Junror assembly February 14 Grrl Reserxes and cscor ts dance at Val cntrnes Day dance sponsored by the former February 18 Mt Penn wrns drspute basketball game bv a narrow margrn February 20 22 Senror class presents Tea Toper Tax ern February 22 Srx campfire grrls and guardran trax el to Phrladelphra to see Fantasra February 24 Noxelty Burro basketball game takes place rn the hrgh school gymnasrum haxrng the alumnr playrng agarnst the vrrsrty 'md faculty agarnst the local crtrzens March ll Senror problems of democracy classes vrsrt court March 1415 Mrxed chorus grves senror operetta Tune In March 15 Observer wrns All Columbra award rn typo graphy also nrst place rn N'rt1onal Scholastrc Press Asso cratron contest March 19 Tunror assembly grven an rllustrated lecture In Lron Land wrth tre Camera by Gustav Grahn March 20 Debatrng team composed of one senror and srx sophomores ends the season s debatrng contests wrth a record of no defeats March 21 Natronal Honor Socrety elects eleven new members rncludrng three Junrors and erght senlors March 22 Frve members of Muhlenberg Band play rn the State DlStflCt Band ln a concert at the Mt Penn Hrgh School March 21' Members of Muhlenberg mrxed chorus par trcrpate rn a half hour broadcast over statron WEEU March 27 R S P'rden establlshes a H1 Y Club at Muh lenberg March 28 R L Brown leaves teachrng dutres for the remarnder of the year to tram a Readrng baseball team Teachrng dutles resumed by H J Manderbach Aprrl 4 Lrttle Theatre Club presents Anne of Green Gables rn school audrtorrum Aprrl 5 Twenty members of the Muhlenberg mrxed chorus and orchestra partrcrpate rn the Alvrn F Kemp Nrght of Musrc held rn the Wyomrssrng Hrgh School Aprrl 9 Faculty presents Easter assembly program wrth a play Barabbas Returns Aprrl 13 14 Grrl Reserves present two comedres ln assembly Aprrl 17 The Swrss Fraunfelder famrly a Swrss yodel rng group entcrtarns the senror assembly Aprrl 26 Muhlenberg wrns the Albrrght Track Meet at Albrrght Stadlum represent Muhlenberg rn a contest held at Bloomsburg State Teachers College May 2 Musrcal organrzatrons rncludrng orchestra band dance band and xocalrsts and drrll team g1V6 an nual sprmg concert May 10 Freld Day at Kutztown where Muhlenberg agarn garns nrst place for the twelfth consecutrve year May 15 Muhlenberg seamstresses model rn annual fashron show presented by the home economrcs depart ment May 17 M O and Quill and Scroll Clubs and school dance band sponsor dance rn the local gymnasrum May 29 H1 Y Club grx es banquet at Reesers Restau 1 rnt and 1 dance rn the hrgh school gymhasrum May 31 Senrors attend the class trrp up the Hudson Rlver Iune 6 Class ot 41 dances at annual senror prom June 8 Baccalaureate serxrces at Hrnnershrtz Church June ll 12 Senrors recerxe drplomas at commence ment exercrses June 13 Junrors sponsor sport prom June 17 Students brd gocdbve to schoolrooms for the year June 17 M O md Qurll rnd Scroll Clubs sponsor bar quet and rrrtrrtron June 17 20 Grrl Reserxes camp rn Blue Mountarn W C A Camp June 24 Members ot Lrttle Theatre Club travel to Hedgeroxs Theatre for exenrng productron of Mary Mary Qurte Contrary O O C' ' I T l . I 1 y I K . .1 yt S. L I . . y 1 U t . . , ' l Q . Y l . 1 ' - L ' . ' ' , ' U 77 r- - -. . . . 7 - C . I - . ' ' ' rs ' Tl ' B rv v . . . . . A I . I - , . . . 7 .- W l 1 . , . . I Y C - Y A I U 1 s a ' .' 1 - f 3 7 . 1 , r i It , , 7 ' T . s I ' s . . . 4- . ' --- ' ' ' ' 7 A l - . L . " ' rr. . sv ' l ' T ' . ' ' Y i , . . . - . ' ' ' KC y l - - I ,, . . . . -4 .- . . i ' In I KK ' ' . , ,, . . . . ' . , . T - as ' LT ,, ' at av . 7 ' - , . i I I , . . 5 ' . rr - rv ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' T H ' 11 . l . , . November-J. E, Baker organizes drill team, Four local commercial students travel to Bloomsburg to , F . ' , - 5. . ' . , . l . ' v 4 4 I y ' 'y ' - - T ' 1 . . y J 1 - as ' ' ' 11 ' ' . . . . ,-7 ' . n l 7 ' V . -.. rr - . I ' ' l Y ' - ' in . vs t ' ' C 1 Q . '. V- ' 1 L. . ' 1 ,B , , ' I ' ' ' 1 1 ' ' . 2 . - , . . ,' ' ' y - . Q A ' 1 , ' ,' - Z I A Q V -4 2 'Q 4 -1 ' ' A , . ' .4 , rv . . ' 7 - . ' N 1 , ' 1 'J , A4 ' i rr vu 1 - , . I ' -.4 . . . . C C ' , - - . . .. , . , .. . . ' 2 2 r 1 . r ." - 4- ' 4 ' ' " ' ' Y. ' ' ir n ' 11 ' I U ' . . . - T . ' ' U ' ' ' ' ' 1 r A A 1 ' v' ' . ' . 1 7' . , . Buy Your Furniture Direct from Our Factory Show Rooms JAMES S. BALTHASER Hyde Villa Reading, Pa oi-HN lzvlzxlxns J. G. MERTZ Funeral Director LAURELDALE PA Adam C Stl luse PLUMBING and HEATING Lauieldale axi- VISIT THE New Hyde Vlll 1 Market xt ti ll im ur Stain FREE PARKING SPACE for 300 Cars QUALITY ANTHRACITE Laureldale Coll Co Kutztown Rd Laureldale Half tons delnered 100 lb lots sold at yard Phone 9 2772 More Than a Half Century of Quality and Service St Lawrence Dairy C0 WASNER Sc REDDIG PLUMBING and HEATING 206 NORTH SIXTH STREET READING PA Phone 2021 Furnace Repairs and Hardware Dial 9 1016 Lauieldale Pa Slladel s Rey stone Store Kutztoxxn Road South Temple Groceries Fresh Vegetables Cold Cuts Candy Tobacco Delix ery Serxice Phone 9 1126 Three glasses a day, the doctors say, of Farmers Fairfield Milk Will keep all ills away. PHONE 9751 MANNING-ARMSTRONG Femininc Footuear 604 Penn Street Reading EAT KING S HOMEMADE POTATO CHIPS Reinhold s Route 1 Phone 4 4354 Permanent Waving Scalp Treatments Fmger Waving Marcelmg l atherme Seulers HAIRDRESSER 0 2601 Kutztown Road Reading Pa GOOD FOOD IS GOOD HEALTH the Vlrw Best Dine 'it THE FAMOUS Crystal Restaurant Penn Street Reading Ifstublished 1J11 FRED H SCHOLL fc H EVROLET TEMPLE PA Wlodernxze Your Kitchen 11 ith a Modern Gas Range Glazier Bros Phone 9 2100 LONSUMIR GAS COMPANY 411 Penn Street Reading G AS Sl N OCO OILS BUD HELWIS SFRY ICE STATION 13th St and Hampton Blvd I omplete A to Z Lubrication and Car Washing We call for and deliver Dlal 3-9774 S T I C H T E R ' S For Hardware KEYSTONE DAIRY Pottsville Pike R2 Reading P VISII Our Wen and Modern Plant Charles R Yerger QUALITY FOODS 1518 Elizabeth Axe Lauieldale Phone 9 1117 V South I emple Pool BUY YOUR SEASON TICKETS NOV! AND EN TOY A FULL SEASON OF FUN Russell S Ltllllb ich, Manager 'K W l3wz',?z z if 1 99 ,, A' M, X Are Scorzn g Again We ve rack alter rack of easy Ilfflhg highly Styled Campus Togs They re the kind ol suits hat are wom at the leading Prep schools In burley browns and agate blues. CRULL a HECK 622 Penn Street 7 3 Q , a. 7 . W ' u n L v . .. 4. I 1. , , v 3 I I ' ., c ' Plll J: Q-11111 ' ' - . ' . I 1 Y 1 ' X ' 4 y N. ll1l1l:,'l"s F "1 1 1' ' 0 I I In H L K Plwm- f-2460 . ' ' z . if.-1 - . ' 1 V Y ' ss:-41 ' , Pa. , I 4 ' ' . J.- , I s . ' 1 , . . I , . 1 1 x . . Y. 1-rf' 5 1,3 9' -2.5-.-L"' . Ulu' I,f1i':1l lla-pi--if-11l:1Iiw ls '1if1jfi"-iff. I - -ii ,521-irsff f 2 ci' .1:1-:- jf':I:1. -:I-: QI- :iz Illltf lilimlu-Ili .111-.. l.:1l1n-lnlzilv , f' I 'zlififf' 52:5 :,:,. 21:5-gfgigr , v -.:7E:g::E-W1 .rises 'S jf? 'ij5E5:5IQ55ff1:5,--55:22.A' - . GEO. A. Lb PPOLD gg'ff2g5z11.2. ,,j ' I 41.-'.f5f:5ff215 .. ' . 4 ic- V11 c-I :- 2' .5 .3:: ' 3 ' 1 f J :fjl - L A - 1. 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CHARLES MABRY Paperhanger and Pamter 3539 Hawthorne St Laureldale tm 'nt ll I 9 Inter1o1 Wolk a Spectalty Kmtzer s Meat Market Raymond and Madison Streets Hyde Park FINEST QUALITY MEATS A Good Foundat1on to Success ll Nu- l-IX XOLR su s EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING A Bottone 2540 Kutztown Road Esso 011 Gas to the h1ghWay BIEHL TIRE SERVICE Temple Pa Loren Murchxson Company ll lll Herff Jones Co Nl l l ll XVI I lim s ents Miller Funeral Home 48 N Fourth Street Dlal 4 2239 Reading Pa Baseball Supplles rf'lllllS Rwltels Batlung SIIIIS NEUBLINFS Corner Nmth and Penn Streets Readlng VOLJVWGGQ SGT -FPf9-l-HOVIS - om: LWENTY NORTH FIFTH DRINK MILK tl N tkt FINK S DAIRY TEMPLE PA WM C HINTZ, Inc BOOKS STATIONPRY IlI'l"lING CARDS GIFTS DISRS l'lllNb IABIYFTS 838 840 Penn Street Imperlal Washable Wall Papers Glidden and Moleta Pamts Reading Wall Paper Co 24 250 N Sth Sl RE2dtl'lg P Football Basketball Soccer mn at I svoms K A G E N S 641 Penn Street OUR MOTTO Cleanllness lim tour Xlllk Lremn Iluttermtlk Lhrcolxte Milk and Butter at Dletrlch s Dairy, Inc 'ulmg Ihone 9714 I MERCURY 8 I F I LEE R HFFFNER AUTHORIZED FOR DEALER Mt Laurel Ava Temple Pl 111:11 .J 70 9779 Louase s Beauty Shoppe -th 1 ht Tl'l0XIX ROAD lllr SD6C1dllZ1Ilg ln EUGENE PERMANENTS RF ADING WHOLESAI E IONFI' I TIONFRY CO Whexe H1gh grade Sweets -he Always Avallable 1'18 N NINTH STREET READING I ' I I D,Y I I l' v ' ' ' K- - H 1- ' A "N" HH Us 'f ' ' Q1 E I , F fd Y 9 ,L N X '- -X 1 0 Q . . . . zztz' I . - ' '. lis'1. .VS 1f1m'sh.1f1-ml -2642 Z' ' ' " " A ' ' .wk 'ru sm: 0l'li . . . . 9 I . 1. , . 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Suggestions in the Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) collection:

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Muhlenberg High School - Muhltohi Yearbook (Laureldale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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