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433-8880 MUHLENBERG CAMPUS POLICE MUHLENBERG COLLEGE NOTICE OF TRAFFIC VIOLATION NV 12116 9 hi Swjw Rote, (o your Sluder,! Handbook or Parking Rules and Regulations lor line Mormatior ve commiied me foUowuM) ' ■nation □ No Campus Reflisitalion iPe m,i □ Illegal □ Paiited m Fve Lano □ Ofhei MUHLENBfRr SATURDAY FKIDAJ OCTOBER 13 4:00 p.m. Women ' s Field Hockey. Muhlenberg vs. Widener. Kern Field. 6:30 p. m. Hall of Fame Induction Banquet. J. Conrad and Hazel J. Seeders Union. Hall of Fame inductees are Milton “Mickey” Weiner ’31, Anthony A. Saddler ' 56, Robert B. Richard 74, and Diane E. Keppa ' 84. The 1972 Soccer Team, best remembered for defeating Philadelphia Textile in the NCAA Tournament, will also be honored. 8:00 p.m. Piano Series Concert. Center for the Arts Theater. Annie Petit, Muhlenberg pianist in residence, will perform. 8:00 p.m. Homecoming Bonfire. Intramural Field. 9:00 p.m. Homecoming Dance. Deitrich Field House. Student sponsored party featuring “The Tbuch, " one of New York’s hottest new rock dance bands. Various times Jewish Sabbath Services in area synagogues. OCTOBER 14 9:00 a.m. to Noon Admissions Open House for alumni-related high school students. Interviews available for seniors. Telephone (215) 821-3200 for details and reservations. 9:30 a.m. 1990 Class Reunion Chairs and Fund Chairs Meeting. J. Conrad arid Hazel J. Seegers Union. 10:30 a.m. to Noon Departmental Open Houses. Various locations. Visit faculty and friends. Locations posted at the Union desk. Homecoming is for Kids Tbo! Outside J. Conrad and Hazel J. Seegers Union (inclement weather— lobby). Entertainment, activities and gifts. Harry C. TVexler Library Tours. Harry C. Trexlcr Library. 1 1 :00 a.m. Soccer. Muhlenberg vs. Messiah. Soccer Field. 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. Post-game Octoberfest. Intramural field ( inclement weather— Life Sports Center). Hearty German food and music. 6:30 p.m. Annual Dinner for Members of the Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Society. J. Conrad and Hazel J. Seegers Union. 9:30 p.m. Young Alumni Party. Local Club. Food, drink and good music. Watch for details. Noon Tailgate Picnic and Homecoming Parade. Administration Parking Lot (inclement weather— box lunches in Union lobby). Box lunches and birch beer available. Reservations for box lunches required. 2:00 p.m. " The Game”. Muhlenberg vs. Johns Hopkins. Football Field. OCTOBER 15 11 :00 a.m. Homecoming Chapel Service. Gideon F. Egner Memorial Chapel. Alumni chapel and choir members arrive for rehearsal at 9:45 a.m. 1:00 p.m. Catholic Mass. Gideon F. Egner Memorial Chapel. 3:00 p.m. The Muhlenberg Singers in Concert. Gideon F. Egner Memorial Chapel. The 1989 Homecoming Committee Ken Ryder 79 Chairman Rosann Perretta Behringer ' 68 Kathy Bernhard ' 90 Frances Foltz ' 90 Debrah Hoff ' 84 Dana Italiano ' 90 TVacy Kleppinger ' 89 Kim Litzke ' 91 Candace Mueller ' 90 Alison Neaves ' 86 Chris Parkes ' 91 Marci Moyer Schick 77 SPECIAL NOTES Homecoming Tickets and Reservations Advance reservations required for tailgate box lunches and Hall of Fame banquet tickets. Pre-registration for the open houses and children ' s program requested. Football and piano concert tickets may be purchased in advance for a reduced fee. All tickets may be picked up at the Union desk on Friday evening or Saturday. Mum Corsages Available at $4.00 each; must be ordered in advance and may be picked up at the Union desk between 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 pm. on Saturday. Life Sports Center Open Pool open to alumni 10:00-11:00 a.m. Saturday. All other facilities available 9:00 a.m. -Noon. Bring your own towel, lock and sport equipment. Other Facilities The bookstore, snackbar and Red Door Cafe will be open during convenient hours throughout the weekend. oo REGISTRATION FORM Return by October 6, 1989 with a check payable to Muhlenberg College, Alumni Office, Allentown, PA 18104. Advance reservations required for meals and mums. Tickets may be picked up on October 13 or 14 at the Union desk. Name Class Year Address State Zip of children participating in children’s program . I We will attend the Departmental Open House. Hall of Fame Piano Concert Box lunches Mum corsages Football tickets Dinner(s) $17.50 Ticket(s) @ 5.00 Lunch! es) @ 5.00 Mum(s) 4.00 Adult! s) @ 2.00 Child(ren) @ 1.50 Total FRI SAT SUN 13TH 14TH 15TH Put on your old grey bonnet, unfurl your cardinal flags, and come home to celebrate “A Show of Color!” Plan to arrive early for our raging bonfire and colorful Homecoming parade. Catch up with old friends at our departmental open houses, tailgate lunch and post-game Octoberfest. Instill mule enthusiasm in your kids with our children’s program or an admissions visit. But most of all, be sure to be there to cheer the cardinal and grey on to Homecoming victory! MUHLENBERG uJ CIARLA 1988 MUHLENBERG COLLEGE ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA OPENING PG. 4 SENIORS ACADEMICS SPORTS PG. 18 PG. 54 PG. 78 AT O C ' ODQl Sctfii: Ccu-w5o • r GREEKS PG. 112 CLUBS PG. 132 EVENTS CLOSING PG. 148 3 T his year started a new tradition on the Muhlenberg campus - the First Annual Homecoming Day Fair. On Friday after- noon, the " front lawn " of the campus was transformed into a fair ground. Members of all the classes and each fraternity sorority joined in the festivities by opening up a vari- ety of booths, some of which included. Alpha Chi Omega ' s " Peg a chi in the face with a pie " booth, the senior class ' " hot pretzels and fan hand " stand, and MAPA ' s ”tie-dye a t-shirt " booth. There was also an artist present who did comical representations of whomever was willing to be a " victim " of his pen and pad. All-in-all, the fair got the ball rolling for a high-spirited, fun-packed weekend. RIGHT: Cheryl Blum and Natalie Caruso getting into the spirit with their fan hands. BELOW: The sophomore class gets into the act. A TIME THESE FRIENDS WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER Erin Kaufman and Leslie Lund " get a little pie in the face " at the Homecoming Day Fai r. HH THE FUN CONTINUES SENIOR FACULTY HAPPY HOUR wj - ow about a toast to the Class of I I 1988 ' ' . . . was a familiar request JL made on a cold afternoon in De- cember as the faculty and students joined together to celebrate the Holidays. The scene was a faculty student Happy Hour at the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house. This year ' s Sen- ior Class Executive Council decided to try a change of pace when, instead of a Senior Class Happy Hour, they chose to invite the faculty. It was a time for students and faculty alike to " kick off their shoes ' ' and " sit back and relax ' . There was no longer " them ' ' and " us " but rather, the two groups seemed to come together as one as they looked back and laughed about fond memories. ABOVE: Karen Cristini - The Dancing Machine " LEFT: Dave Wainwright - " I think 1 found my ca- reer " . BELOW: Pat Spang and Ray Handel philosophizing over a drink. RIGHT: Eric Teleson - Happy after a successful brown-nosing " mission. ' ■ • — MB— M— ABOVE: Diane Revotskie and Mike Abel are all smiles. LEFT: Dr. Herring and the Class of 1988 Executive Council. 9 i CHRISTMAS AT MUHLENBERG ABOVE: Come watch your favorite Christmas Story in the Union. BELOW: A warm fire that will take the chill out of any winter ' s night. RIGHT: Veronica Vaughan gets her picture taken with Santa and his elf. (Ray liandal and Jen Pellegrino). 10 THE HEW CAMPUS PUB T he year 1987-1988, the place Seegers Union - the site of many changes. Among these was the establishment of THE RED DOOR CAFE. The " RED DOOR " opened its " doors " on Sunday, February 14. The scene was a " romantic mood " set by heart-shaped balloons and couples and friends gathering to listen to a live performer. The night was filled with free food and music accompanied by a good time had by all. BELOW: Marla Blicht gives her ' elective ' ' order to Bo-Huge Jensen. RIGHT: Joe and Steve take a break from studying to watch some videos at the RED DOOR. ABOVE: The RED DOOR is an instant success. THE HEW union ABOVE: Theresa and Donna use up all the paper trying to copy the notes they missed all semester. LEFT: Alex enjoying a midnight snack in the snack bar. BELOW: Cindy, Brooke, Lisa, Pam, and Kelly take time out from talking to smile for the camera. S ince we arrived at Muhlenberg in 1984, the Class of 1988 has seen many renovations take place in Seegers Union. Although the Spring and the Fall of 1987 were times of construction and confusion, the results of this chaos are extraordi- nary. The old Union " char- acterized as the home of the bowling alley and ga- meroom " , has been trans- formed into a student cen- ter. Some of the new fea- tures include: TFIE RED DOOR CAFE; the new and expanded bookstore, which now sells everything from soda to compact discs; the Student Activity Center - which houses the various offices of the clubs on cam- pus and provides rooms in which these clubs can hold their meetings; the luxur- ious Commuter Lounge; and who could forget, the ' ' challenging - ' mailboxes. ABOVE: " I can ' t believe the year is almost over and I still can ' t open my mailbox. ' ' BELOW: " I can ' t believe they ' re mak- ing me rewrite the directory just be- cause I was working the night it was stolen. ' ' 13 ABOVE: Aren ' t we cute? (Lisa Muggard and Vince Trosino) RIGHT: We look pretty good for the morning after the Senior Ball - don ' t you think? 14 CAMPUS CANDIDS RIGHT: Sisters and friends forever. SENIORS GO OUT IN STYLE ABOVE: Huey and Jodi, good friends pair up for a night out. LEFT: Jackie and Steve, a very familiar couple, take time out from dinner to pose for a pic- ture. BELOW: Steve and Chris step out in style for the Senior Ball. Good friends enjoying each other ' s company. Everyone smile pretty for the picture. Yeah! Were the Muhlenberg racquetball champs. 17 Michael Z. Abel Stephanie J. Adler Michael J. Agrippine Kelly A. Ahn " SEMIORITIS Spring, with flowers blooming and birds chirping, awakens college students from their hibernation. East Beach evolves into a recreational wonderland, complete with footballs, fris- bees, and, yes, bathing suits. For the senior, who for three and a half years labored through books, lectures, obnoxious professors, difficult tests, and the anxiety of deadlines, this is a time of reflection, a time of relaxation, and a time of total avoidance of responsibility. Blowing off classes, increased partying, severe procrastination, and absolute apathy toward everything serious are the symptoms. The disease is seniori- tis. It strikes the innocent students most heavily; those few who would never think of shunning responsibility. Suddenly, they refuse to study, they look back on the good times and the bad, and somehow they do not want to move on with their lives. Their fears of the future cause them to cling to their friends and hope to find security. They try to cram a lifetime of partying into one month. As for the experienced procrastinators, this is a time to advance their enjoyment and make their last push before the realities of the working world turn them into computerized geeks. Senioritis has no cure; its prognosis is that it can be disastrous. But, for the seniors who have realigned their lifestyles, the motto is " D is for diploma " and they just go and have a good time. -Carolyn Mule Michael Marvin takes in some frisbee golf during finals. 20 Manal Antoun Michael A. Babyak Richard W. Baringer Steven Barlow Michael P. Barnett Josephine A. Bartashus Britt S Beedenbender Victoria C. Bennett A 21 Kari E. Benson Laura L. Bernardo Robert C. Bishop Jonathan E. Black Anne M. Blackburn Scott A. Blair Scott E. Bernstein Margaret M. Bigelow Cheryl A. Blum Kristin E. Boehme Courtney Smith engrossed with the opening of the Red Door Cafe. 22 Kristen A. Bogden Laurie E. Bogle Margaret S. Botbyl Alison A. Botek John W. Boyer Roy F. Borger Michael F. Brachfeld Patti, Debbie, and Ann friends forever. Alice K. Ten Brink Christine Bucher Stephanie A. Branna 23 Alexander T. Caiola Dawn L. Burton James A. Byk Steven J. Cagnetta John J. Carhart III Mike Ferguson waves to the camera. Natalie J. Caruso Jeffery M. Calabrese Stefano R. Carpenetti Karen L. Cavalli Nicole Ceresa Lisa A. Cerullo Pamela S. Chaiken 24 Barbara J. Checkowski Christopher Clyde Joseph M. Coco Rhea E. Cohen Richard J. Costello Jr. Catherine E. Cowan Cheryl L. Craig Karen E. Cristini Tom Holden contemplates going to his next class. David K. Crossan Susan L. Cunningham Robert M. Creveling Lois V. Curfman Chris. Sharon, and Mary Hell hang-out front of the libes between classes Robert Cushing William f1. Davies Maria T. Czemiach Marilyn E. Day Marianne Donohue Beverly R. Dorl Bernadette S. Dome Babette Drummer 26 Holly A. Ennist Lori A. Eakin Renee M. Emkey John R. Ficke Jr. Timothy J. Finnegan Karen Cavelli takes a study break in the CA. Sandra A. Fraim Mindy G. Frank Ina S. Freeman Andrew J. Funk SENIOR FLEDGE DRIVE The Senior Pledge Drive is a program designed for each class to distinguish itself by giving a gift to Muhlenberg at its tenth year reunion. In its fifteenth year at Muhlenberg, the Class of 1988 decided to change the tradition by reducing the length of the drive from ten years to five years. The intent is to keep the class together by shortening the amount of time between re- unions. This year ' s theme was, " Don ' t Stop til We Get Enough.” Our goal was $30,000 which we met during the final week of the semester. Seniors pledge to give donations each year for the next 5 years in the amount of their choice. The average pledge is $35.00. The money will be invested by the college and at the end of five years the entire sum will purchase a gift for Muhlen- berg in the name of the Class of 1988. The gift will be decided by vote at our five year reunion. The Senior Pledge Drive Committee included Trish Donnelly, Brooke Feldman, Jeff Gross, Michele fleck, Lisa Homing and Susan Wright with Chairperson Jodi Meltzer and advisor Doug MacEwan. The Class of 1988 has survived many changes in our four years at Muhlenberg. Though things can not always stay the same, hopefully, we can always remain friends. The Senior Pledge Drive is a commitment to help keep us unified. -Jodi Meltzer 28 Paul J. Galgano Janet Geist Ann R. Goodman Stephanie E. Goldman Joel S. Goldstein Cathy Lusk and Jim laccoca are all smiles at Dukes. 29 Camille S. Goss Melissa J. Graule Diana J. Grazio Heidi Green Bonnie J. Greenberg Jeffrey S. Gross Diana L. Guether Rynard G. Gundrum Jr. Dana B. Guralinck Paula J. Halupa Kirsten A. Haas Raymond F. Handel Jr. Chris Lutz - when he ' s not being an athlete he ' s being an athletic sup- porter. 30 ZBT goes to Chi-Chi ' s for a night out on the town. Kevin A. Hardy Melissa Hartfiel Melissa A. Hawk Michele A. Heck Lisa A. Hefter Steven P. Helm Donna C. Hermey Donna M. Hodges Mary Hodges Thomas P. Holden Richard L. Hollabaugh Stacey A. Holmes 31 Julie E. Howell Lisa M. Huggard Qail S. Hutnick James T. lacocca Stuart M. Jentis Kimberly B. Jessen 32 Marion D. Johnston Caroline L. Jones Don and Derick drink to friendship at pub nite. Davis B. Kaneps Rachael A. Keefe Lori A. Katz Ted S. Keller Brenda T. Kenny Lisa A. Kaloss Gregory K. Kearns Stefanie A. Kieserman James Klick Richard M. King Sharon J. Kinzelberg 33 pa o - 3 A familiar question being asked around cam- pus on Thursday afternoons is " Our you going to pub night? " Every Thursday, and occasional- ly on Wednesday, night the Muhlenberg Senior Class gathers at one of the bars in the area. The various clubs that " house us” for pub nights include Duke ' s in the Lehigh Valley Mall - which usually sponsors pub night for all the schools in the area. Tiffany ' s in Emmaus, Winston ' s on Tilghman Street, Chi-Chi ' s and replacing the " Ale House " , which closed this year, the St. Gregory, also on Tilghman Street. Pub nights serve as a great alternative to the usual fraterni- ty party. ABOVE: Good friends e njoying a night out at Chi- Chi ' s. LEFT: Josie and Margaret scope-out the prospects over a drink. BELOW: East-mates panel-up for a picture. 34 H3D-2 03 C " 0 Jacqueline Kuba I guess she told him. (Melissa Hawk) Gregory S. Krikorian — ---mm Kathy J. Kulaga David G. Kuntz Jr. Stephen B. Kupferberg Michael G. Landsman 36 Audrey B. Liss Cynthia M. Long Caroline T. Lomboy Judy E. Lubben Diana and JoAnn pose for a picture with Santa and his elves. Sheryl L. Lubitz Catherine L. Lusk 37 Lucia A. Mancuso Robert A. Mann Jr. Robert E. Manning Diane C. Mammon Michele C. Marangi John Marut Michael R. Marvin Laura M. Massaia 38 Katherine H. Mathews Meil L. McAslan Linda B. McCullagh Adam J. Mathios Daniel P. McPhillips m Kathleen Mears Scott McLeod Michael T. Melani Can you guess what Kind of a party we are going to? - Elaine and Andrew S. Meyer Marion. Qretchen Meyer Alyse R. Milstein Karen E. Miller Michael Miller Richard J. Morano Miriam Redington smiles for the camera. Lori A. Mortimer Gerald C. Mingin Jr. John A. Morris Susan L. Muhlbach Patricia A. Majda Kathy Mash Lynn A. Meal 40 Alison L. Newberg Kevin A. Nourizadeh Thomas P. O ' Brien Jr. Jennifer L. Packard Qretchen Meyer is all smiles Suzanne P. Palmerick Gabrielle T. Panza Kenneth J. Modes Elizabeth L. Muemberger Jennifer A. O Grady Thomas E. Papa Camille M. Passeggio Susan L. Pearson Valarie A. Pasiecki Cheryl L. Papen Karen L. Parkin Jennifer M. Pellegrino Laura and Jance sporting their Sunday best. Gracia A. Perilli Michael Pesce Christiane C. Petersen Kurt A. Peterson David T. Pfund Dawn M. Piccola 42 Charlotta Poulsen Mary-Hell Prenting Somebody has to Keep up the ATO scoping situation in front of the library. - Bill and Dave Robert S. Pressman Scott W. Pyne Kristin M. Pyskaty T. Wesley Qualls 43 Remy M. Quinones Lisa A. Remaley rr Diane L. RevotsKie Walter J. Rhoades Jr. William C. Raleigh Keeli A. Reardon Miriam E. Redington WHICH WAY DO I GO? This was the question of the year for the senior class. " Now that we have our degrees, what do we do? " There were several possibilities, depending on the route you were going. Those with definite goals for the future began working on them. Then there were those who didn ' t have definite plans. They had to decide between " going out into the real world " , or continuing their education. For those seniors entering the work world, a lot of time and care was put into preparing resumes and seeking contacts. For some, their work began at Career Planning and Placement. Here, the seniors could participate in workshops, such as resume writing, basic interviewing skiils, and informational interviewing. After the resume was perfected, it was time to begin seeking out a job. Some students had interviews through the On-Campus Recruiting Programs, while others had mock interview. Mock interviews were held on campus with major compan- ies and were an opportunity for the seniors to test their abilities to conduct themselves appropriately in an interview. While some seniors will be entering the work world, there are others who plan to continue their education. For these seniors, a lot of time was put into applications, essays, and entrance exams. Then there was the long wait for an interview, and hopefully for that acceptance letter. These seniors, who pursued such areas as law, medicine, and graduate programs spent many hours sweating it out, waiting for that letter to come. Once the student had been accepted, it was time to relax and to celebrate. There are still other ways to go. Some seniors have wedding plans after graduation. Yet there are still others who haven ' t really thought that far in advance. Some of the seniors might travel or just wait to see what comes their way. There are many ways to go and every member of the graduating class will find their answer to " What ' s next? " Good Luck! 44 Joseph P. Ricker Donald L. Rigg Christine A. Ritardi James R. Roberti ABOVE: Barb, Steph, and Lori share a pitcher and some laughs at Dukes. RIGHT: Trish Donnelly trying to keep warm at a game. Alissa Robinson Bruce Robinson fl Christine Rogan 45 James E. Roman Traci M. Rosenberg Tina M. Ruben Lois L. Rugis James J. Sandercock David n. Rubin Jonathan C. Sadow Carlos R. Salama Wendy C. Rush 46 Jill Santore Elke Savetsky Lori B. Scarangella Jennifer B. Schick Samuel Schildcrout Andrew M. Schlechter Hi Heidi L. Schadler Alexander W. Schmidt Barbra F. Schmolze Edwin M. Scholl Lisa J. Schulte The Three Musketeers. ? Kenneth A. Schwab Christopher Sciamanna Anne K. Searles Stuart L. Sears It ' s the Alpha Chi crowd. Jacquelyn Sheehy Dean S. Shulman David M. Simmons Christopher Slocomb Nicholas M. Small Carla M. Smith Courtney Smith Matthew F. Smith 48 Miryam I. Strassberg Karen A. Stratakis Marci H. Steams Howard M. Stein Chanel Summers Susan B. Sweetwood Don ' t we look excited? Eric Tellefsen Edward S. Thompson 49 Jance A. Tureson Susan E. Verge Elaine M. Verriest David A. Viklund Thomas P. Vulpis Suzanne M. Vuolo Matthew B. Wagman Robert E. Wahlers 50 Amy Weil Eric A. Yoder Lisa Zweig Evan B. Weisman Allan M. Wohl Caroline A. Yost Mark P. Weissman Susan L. Wright Allen B. Willner Holly M. Yakman D. Gareth Zebley Claude J. Zullo 51 Ed waves to his fans from his jeep JP Above: Dave Pfund wearing that ever popular athletic department sweatshirt. Right: Amy Flamish and Lisa Hefter enjoying themselves at Pub Might. SENIORS NOT PICTURED: Roy F. Borger Erik A. Bredfeldt Richard Quida Evelyn R. Kolitsky Sirje Kuhl Ashish Mehta Christiane Peterson David Rhodes Walter P. Risley III Scott R. Schlenker W. Keith Shafto Johan T. Strombom Jane F. Wladar John Carl Wolf Jr. 52 Below: Kathy Mathews enjoying the opening night at the Red Door Cafe. Right: Alison Botek and JoAnn Gaughran having a drink at the Biology Pic- nic. 53 A C A D E M I C S ACADEMIC LIFE Muhlenberg College strives to maintain an excellent, yet informal, academic environment. There are many factors contributing to the high quality education at Muhlenberg. The small class size creates a close faculty-student relationship. The tremendous computer and personal resources aid in studies. The diverse requirement courses enable a student to acquire valuable insights in many different aspects of our modern, complex society. The lectures of many accomplished people, such as Martin Marty, reveal even more insights. But the most important factor remains the impressive faculty and administration. 56 II »■ ADMINISTRATION Dr. Jonathan C. Messerli President Lois Erickson Associate Dean of Student Affairs Dr. helvin Vos Vice President Dean of the College Dr. R. Dale LeCount Dean of Continuing Education Dr. Carol Qrener Assistant Dean of the College Dr. Walter PI. Wagner College Chaplain Dr. James T. Bryan Dean of Student Affairs Er. A. Gregory Uhrig Assistant Chaplain ADMINISTRATION Marci Schick Director of Alumni Relations Donald C. Weston Eileen Kern David Seamans Controller Registrar Director of Seegers Union Debrah Hoff Director of Student Activities j David Labe Dr. Linda Wallitsch Faye Ellis Director of Housing Director of Counseling Director of the Health Center 58 Cathy Stewart Glenda Boyer Valerie Ciocca Raymond Defrain Director of Media Services Manager of Berg Bookstore Career Counselor Director of Computer Services 59 ADMINISTRATION Chris Hooker-Haring Senior Assoc. Director of Admissions Kurt Thiede Director of Admissions Heather Hering Associate Director of Admissions Margaret Finley Assistant Director of Admissions Qreg Mitton David Robinson Patricia Carpenter Beverly Fox Assistant Director of Assistant Director of Assistant Director of Assistant Director of Admissions Admissions Admissions Admissions Rev. George Eichom Director of Church Relations Barry Anthony Drug and Alcohol Counselor Ken Lupole Director of Campus Safety and Security nancy Cunningham Director of College Relations Patricia Matteo Director of Career Devpt. and Placement Herbert Stocker Director of Personnel Helen Stralo Superintendent of Mail Operations a Eton Tyme Director of the Speed Reading Clinic 61 ANTHROPOLOGY SOCIOLOGY AND ART Raymond Barnes Dr. Jadviga daCasta Nunes Dr. Frank Me Veigh Head of Art Dept. Professor of Art Professor of Anthro. Soc. The Anthropology Sociology department is very exciting at Muhlenberg. The department runs an Anthropology lab in the basement of Brown Hall which houses an excellent arrowhead collection and other rarities. The department also supports an anthropology club. The club goes on digs and usually takes a trip to related museums. The most popular major from this department is the Social Work major. But many non-majors take courses in the fascinating fields of sociology and anthropology. The Art department also has an excellent reputation on campus. Scott Sherk, one of our professors, recently exhibited some of his works in Hew York City. All in all, the staff ' s skill is successfully passed on to the students. Scott Sherk Professor of Art Hope Luhman Lecturer of Anthro. Soc. Dr. Joseph Francello Dr. Roger Baldwin Head of Anthro. Soc. Professor of Anthro. Soc. 62 BIOLOGY H ii Dr. James Vaughan Head of Biology Dept. Dr. James Weston Professor of Biology Muhlenberg College has an excellent reputation in science. The Biology department has the necessary resources and skilled faculty to create a great pre-medical school or pre-research education. The major has remained one of the top three majors in popularity on the campus for many years now. In addition to their laboratory equipment, the Biology department has a greenhouse and a museum. The department offers great courses for non-majors also. Dr. Frank Watson Dr. Carl Oplinger Dr. Irvin Schmoyer Asst. Professor of Biology Professor of Biology Assoc. Professor of Biology Mr. Paul Weaver Asst. Professor of Biology Dr. Daniel Klem Asst. Professor of Biology 63 CHEMISTRY Dr. Richard Hatch Dr. David Stehly Frederick Maurer Head of Chemistry Dept. Professor of Chemistry Technician Dr. G.Pi. Smart Gail Marsella Dr. Marion Smith [ Senior Prof, of Chemistry Instructor of Chemistry Assistant Professor of Chemistry The Chemistry department has always been impressive at Muhlenberg. Their department offers a very challenging set of requirements. Their graduates have incredible opportunities from the background of chemistry classes and labs. The department also offers excellent courses for non- majors. 64 Dr. Donald Shive 1 Dr. Marsha Baar Professor of Chemistry L Assistant Professor of Chemistry CLASSICS AND COMMUNICATIONS i Dr. Robert Wind 1 I Reba Marblestone Mead of Classics Dept. | p Lecturer of Classics ! The Classics department is small, yet quite impressive at Muhlenberg. The department offers courses in Hebrew, Latin, Greek, classic literature, and the extremely popular Classical Mythology. Reba Marblestone, the lecturer for Hebrew, studies at the International Centre for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization in Jerusalem, Israel. The Communications department has experienced tremendous growth in size and popularity over the last few years. James Schneider Dr. Sue Jansen Professor of Comm. Head of Comm. 65 ECONOMICS The Economics department, the largest department on campus, is also one of the most popular. The department offers degree programs in accounting, business, and economics. The department also always presents an excellent evening lecture series. Dr. Harold Dolenga Head of Economics Dr. Rohini Sinha Professor of Eco. | Dr. James Marshall Dr. Tafere Mogus Brent Sjaardema Professor of Eco. Associate Professor of Eco. Assistant Professor of Eco. ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION Mr. Marietta Constantinides Janet Milan Assistant Professor of Eco. Lecturer of Eco. Dr. James Blaylock Assistant Professor of Eco. Dr. John Voyatzis Dr. Michael Carbone Dr. Ann Wonsiewicz Professor of Eco. Head of Education Dept. Professor of Education The Education department does not offer a major, but a certification in secondary or elementary education. A different major is required, though certification candidates must have field work in the classroom for three years and take an extensive set of education courses. John Biglin George Bannon Professor of Eco. Instructor of Eco. 67 ENGLISH AND FOREIGN LANGUAGES The fine reputation of the English department is evident by the popularity of its courses. The English department offers a wide variety of literature and writing courses. Their majors are excellently prepared to enter a myriad of opportunities in law, business, teaching, and such. Dr. Thomas Cartelli spent the Fall semester studying at Oxford. Dr. Ralph Qraber spoke at the 1987 national convention of the Society for American Baseball Research. Dr. Ralph Qraber head of English Dept. Dr. Jay Hartman Professor of Eng. Dr. David Rosenwasser Assistant Professor of Eng. Dr. Jill Stephen Asst. Professor of Eng. Dr. Linnea Johnson Dr. James Bloom Assistant Professor of Eng. Assistant Professor of Eng. Julie Slim Dr. Thomas Cartelli Anna Adams Lecturer of Eng. Professor of Eng. Lecturer of For. Lang. 68 FOREIGN LANGUAGES Dr. John Brunner Dr. Kathryn Wixon Head of Foreign Lang. Dept. Assistant Professor of French Dr. Jose Lopez Assistant Professor of Spanish Muhlenberg College requires that all of its graduates study a foreign language through the intermediate level. Therefore, the foreign Language department is large. Each language attracts several majors as well. Most majors and many non- majors take advantage of the fantastic study abroad programs that the college offers. Mrs. Patricia DeBellis Dr. John Pearce f Instructor of French Spanish Assoc. Professor of French Spanish Dr. Arvids Ziedonis Professor of Russian Dr. Albert Kipa Professor of Oerman Russian Dr. Adolph Wegener Professor of German Dr. Joan Marx Asst. Professor of Spanish 69 HISTORY Dr. William Tighe Mr. John Gauger Dr. Indrikis Stems Assistant Professor of History Instructor of History Professor of History Mr. Peter Sardo Dr. Daniel Wilson 1 Dr. John Malsberger lj Instructor of Geography Asst. Professor of History 1 Asst. Professor of History j The History department offers an incredible variety of History classes and seminars. The department offers an exciting new major called History Government in which the disciplines of Political Science and History are taught. But do not be fooled, the History major is as strong and popular as ever. Dr. Robert Croskey Asst. Professor of History Dr. Edwin Baldrige Head of History Dept. 70 MATHEMATICS COMPUTER SCIENCE Dr. John Massar Dr. George A. Benjamin Dr. Roland Dedekind Head of Math Comp. Sci. Dept. Asst. Professor of Math Asst. Professor of Math j Mr. Robert Stump Dr. Mark Leeney Asst. Professor of Math Asst. Professor of Math The great skill of the professors and the small, intimate atmosphere of the classes enable any student to succeed in mathematics. This is of great importance because every student is required to take at least one math course. The department also offers Math for Social Science majors, a course linking disciplines. The two majors offered by the mathematics department are in Mathematics or Computer Science Information. Dr. J. Fred Miller Mr. Robert Wagner Dr. Adnah Kostenbauder Assistant Professor of Math Asst. Professor of Math Professor of Math MUSIC AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Dr. Charles McClain Head of Music Dept. Mr. Artie Clifton Band Director Dr. Henry Schmidt Professor of Music Though there are very few majors in Music, many students take music lessons or courses. In fact, the department allows its students to have their own concerts. The department also arranges a choral group, a jazz ensemble, a wind ensemble, and several professional concerts. Ms. Linda Garrett Head of Phys. Ed. Dept. 72 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ms. Helene Hospodar Assoc. Professor of Phys. Ed. Mr. William Flamish Mr. Brian Bodine Assoc. Professor of Phys. Ed. Asst. Director of Phys. Ed. All Muhlenberg students are required to take at least eight quarters of Physical Education. So the department offers a wide variety of classes to please everyone. Some of their more unlikely courses include archery, yoga, weight training, and a Healthy Lifestyles course. The department also has a wellness program which encourages students to live a healthy life spiritually, academically, emotionally, and especially physically. Their classes benefit all. Mr. Samuel Beidleman Assoc. Professor of Phys. Ed. 73 PHILOSOPHY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE The Philosophy department maintains its excellent reputation as one of the best majors for entry into a law school. All the professors share popularity with the students, many of whom are non-majors enjoying the challenge of the field. The department offers majors in Philosophy, Humanities, and Philosophy Political Thought. The Political Science ' s popularity has been increasing tremendously in the past few years. The department recently added a new major. Political Economy. This new major prepares students for government service. Dr. Charles Bednar Head of Poli. Sci. Dept. Dr. Alton Slane Professor of Poli. Sci. 74 POLITICAL SCIENCE AND PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Kathleen Marring Dr. Laura Moravec Dr. Vilma Sinha Asst. Professor of Psychology Professor of Psychology Professor of Psychology The Psychology department offers an exciting array of courses for students interested in education, medicine, counseling, and such. The professors enjoy an excellent reputation on and off the campus. During the academic year. Dr. Moravec spoke at two other colleges: Franklin and Marshall College and Moravian College. Dr. Silas White Dr. Theodore Maiser Professor of Psychology Professor of Psychology 75 PHYSICS AMD RELIGION 76 Dr. Joseph Molitoris Professor of Physics The Physics department offers a challenging major for science students. It also offers a course on the fundamentals of Physics for non-majors. Majors are required to take a variety of classes and labs. Field work and internships are encouraged. Muhlenberg College is one of the only colleges that requires every student to take at least two Religion courses, a beginning and an advanced one. These courses enable the students to understand theirs and others ' spirituality. The Religion department boasts a strong major and a pre- seminary program. Dr. Vera Moreen Professor of Religion Dr. Roger Timm Asst. Professor of Religion Dr. Susan Schwartz Lecturer on Religion Dr. Charles Garrettson Lecturer on Religion RELIGION AND THEATRE ARTS Dr. Darrell Jodock Head of Religion Dr. William Jennings Dr. Rodney Ring Professor of Religion Professor of Religion Mr. Alan Cook Mr. Edwin Booth Mr. Curtis Dretsch Asst. Professor of Drama Technical Coordinator Asst. Professor of Drama Ms. Haney Ross Mr. Charles Richter Lecturer of Drama Assoc. Professor of Drama The excellence of the Drama department is evident in the incredible works it produces. The student works this year included: The Vengence, The Dining Room, Anything Goes (a musical), and An Atomic Play. Two professors, Boniface Leva and Alan Cook, presented Athol Fugard ' s Blood Knot. This play went on tour. Ail in all, the Drama major is very popular and the dramatic skill is very evident at Muhlenberg. 77 GO Dm O Dm H GO SCOREBOARD 9 12 Susquehanna L 22-51 9 19 Dickinson W 34-14 9 26 r fit M L 10-17 10 3 Western Maryland W 27-0 10 10 Swarthmore W 30-9 10 17 Johns Hopkins L 13-29 10 24 Gettysburg W 35-16 10 31 Ursinus W 33-8 11 7 Hampden-Sydney w 24-21 11 14 Moravian w 14-12 " Wiffy " moving off the field as the coaches take a time-out. - DETERMINATION PAYS OFF — . This year ' s team was led by co-cap- tains Dave Pfund and Mike Ferguson. The season started off with a disappoint- ing loss to Susquehanna but the team did not give up. Consequently the year 1987 was a year to remember in the minds of Muhlenberg football fans. For five years of frustration, we have seen the Mules defeated by the Mo-Mo ' s. But, they finally beat Moravian 14-12 in the season ' s Final game. The season built up to this exciting climax. The Mules had won four consectuve games prior to the Moravian game. During the season they beat nationally ranked Gettysburg with the help of Chris Elser ' s passing yardage along with the running yardage of Keith Esposito and John Landino. Then they went on to beat Ursinus and they traveled to Hampden-Sidney Virgin- ia where they won. Sixteen of the Mules are graduating seniors and were considered key play- ers. But the team has many underclass- men that are expected to Fill these gaps. In February, the co-captains for 1988 were named, Chris Elser and John Mur- phy- The Mules Finished the season at 7-3 and expect to do even better in the 1988 season. FIRST ROW: R. McGuinness, R. Bish- op, R. King, D. Tritto, C. Lutz, B. Mann, M. Fergeuson, D. Pfund, D. Crossan, E. Thompson, S. Pyne, T. Papa, S. Schlenker, A. Schlechter, T. Finnegan. SECOND ROW: K. Espo- sito, W. Heydlauf, A. Florun, J. Pot- kul, J. Mustion, A. Becker, J. Donely, J. Ziegler, B. Hartman, C. Dougher- ty, W. Caton, J. Aniello, J. McGuin- ness, C. Antell, M. Baraldi, S. Pauly. THIRD ROW: A. Wolf, C. Elser, J. Murphy, D. Petro, R. Paessler, R. Ba- ker, J. Michelin, J. Sponenberg, D. Graff, J. Brown, B. O ' Dowd, V. De- Luca, C. Schlenker, C. Zatorski, T. Concordia, A. Petrillo, L. Feinstein. FOURTH ROW: P. Joseph, J. Egan, C. Wright, M. Kovalski, J. Alspach, M. Pagan, M. Hoffman, T. Gorman, E. Stubin, E. Moran, B. Masterson, D. Bierals, R. Steich, M. Marino, B. Panny, P. Selfridge, H. Large, D. Men- ecola. FIFTH ROW: R. Lesko, J. Zes- zotarski, J. Jerkovich, D. Keck, L. Maxon, B. Snyder, K. Butz, J. Dickin- son, M. Schweitzer, P. Johnston, J. Landino, R. Jacobs. SIXTH ROW: Head Coach R. Kirchenheiter, Asst. Coaches: B. Shaffer, T. Cocca, T. Doddy, B. Bodine, A. Baranek. 81 THE FACES BEHIND THE HELMETS INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENTS — ABOVE: Bobby Mann taking a breather on the sidelines. BELOW: Ryan smiles after the exciting victory over Moravian. -Chris Elser, junior quarter- back, was named the Cen- tennial Conference offensive player of the week in the win over Dickinson. -Tom Papa, senior fullback, was named the recipient of the Vinny Mulvihill Coura- geous Player Award. This award is given to a senior who displayed leadership, unselfishness, and courage. -Dave Pfund and Mike Fergu- son were named to the 1987 ECAC Southern Region Divi- sion 111 all-star team. -John Murphy, junior line- backer, was named to the ECAC weekly " honor roll " . He lead the team with 82 tackles. -Scott Pyne, senior free safe- ty, was named to the District 11 College Divisional Aca- demic All-American football squad. To be eligible for this award a person must per- form well in academics as well as athletics. 82 II I LEFT TOP: The Mules get ready to de- fend themselves. They are ready to deter- mine the tempo of the game. ABOVE: Player looks on in disappointment of the missed field goal. LEFT: Another touch- down scored. The future Muhlenberg football player. 83 ' W j A SEASON TO BE REMEMBERED SCOREBOARD 9 5 Stockton State W 6-0 9 9 Swarthmore W 4-0 9 12 Widener w 5-0 9 14 Kutztown w 1-0 9 16 FDU-Madison w 8-0 9 19 Washington w 1-0 9 21 Allentown w 2-1 9 23 Delaware Valley w 7-0 9 26 Albright w 6-1 10 3 F M w 5-0 10 7 Moravian w 2-0 10 13 Dickinson w 3-0 10 17 Elizabethtown L 1-2 10 20 Western Maryland w 4-0 10 24 Lebanon Valley w 4-0 10 26 Ursinus w 2-1 10 28 Allentown w 5-3 10 31 Gettysburg MAC Southern Title John Hopkins w 2-0 1 4 w 4-3 1 6 ECAC Ursinus w 3-1 1 7 ECAC Moravian L 1-2 1 10 MAC Elizabethtown L 1-5 This year the Muhlenberg soccer team had its best season ever. It was coach Jeff Tipping ' s second season with the Mules and he led them to a 17-3 overall mark including playoff appearances. This season marks the Mules, best record in over ten years. Along with the division title the Mules won the MAC south but unfortunate- ly lost to Elizabethtown in the MAC final game. Although the Mules just missed making the NCAA tournament they gained top seed in the ECAC tournament. During the tournament the Mules lost a shootout to Moravian in the second round. In addi- tion, the Mules flirted with a top 20 ranking for most of the season. This season also proved to be a record breaking season for the Mules. First, they finished with their most wins ever, 17. They were also undefeated in their division and recorded a record 8 shutouts, including their first six games. Individual records were set by Chris Bingman and Mark Maeher. Chris set a record with the most goals scored in a season and Mark set a record as goalie having 8 shutout games. Overall the Mules had an outstanding sea- son but with a strong sophomore class and more incoming freshmen, the Mules hope to win the MAC ' S and compete in the NCAA tournament. With the talent and attitude of this soccer team, these goals seem very obtainable. -R. Snyder -4 1 , FIRST ROW: B. Mukkulainen, J. Vogel, C. Kuntz, S. MaCleer, M. Barnett, C. Bingman, R. Labrance. SECOND ROW: J. Quinn, Q. Rideler, J. Nelson, Coach Robinson, S. Wilkins, V. Branchini, R. Yaffa, M. Maeher, I. Williams, F. Nawratski, S. Orlick, Coach Tipping. THIRD ROW: D. Weiss, C. Lang, B. Pank, K. Makey, M. Ruhnke, T. Sabo, M. Peifer, M. Dichiarra. V 0 3 $ i ti The Muhlenberg team waits on the sidelines anticipating the second half. 84 LEET: Mike Feifer gets aggressive with the ball. ABOVE: Showing remarkable skill, Rob Labranche steals the ball from his opponent. BELOW: Mike Rahnke kicks the ball in order to score yet another goal. The team looks on in anticipation of next year ' s season. 85 SCOREBOARD ABOVE: Sue Vuolo prepares to spike the ball. RIGHT: Nicole DiPierre serves to her opponents. 9 12 Susquehanna Tournament L 9 15 Ursinus Messiah t W(U) L(M) 9 17 Scranton L 9 22 Cedar Crest Alvemia W(CC) L(A) 9 24 Kutztown L 9 26 N.C.A.C.C. L 9 29 Moravian L 10 1 Swarthmore L 10 1 Lebanon Valley W 10 3 Widener Kings W(W) W(K) 10 6 Haverford L 10 8 Albright Upsala L(A) L(U) 10 15 Allentown W 10 22 Delaware Valley W 10 28 Lafayette L 10 31 Dickinson L 10 31 Wilkes ■ L JHi MM A Season Of New Faces Led by Senior captain, Sue Vuolo, the Muhlenberg Women ' s Volleyball team posted an overall 8-16 record for the season. Although the season was a disappointing one, the team put its best effort forward. This year ' s team consisted of some new faces due to the fact that five of its starting players graduated last year. All in all, old faces and friendships returned to the court to hold the team together. Coach Kathy Carbone and her as- sistant, Laura Nork, both returned fro their second season. This was unusu- al considering that the four years pri- or have seen three new coaches. The returning team members viewed it as a " God-Send " considering that the team had already lost so many of its starting players. The team is losing only one Senior, captain Sue Vuolo. Although she will be missed, the underclassmen start- ers ho pe to fill the gap she leaves. The girls are looking forward to a stronger and more successful 1988 season. FIRST ROW: C. Fosko, J. Staley, S. Vuolo, K. K. Bernhard, J. Fetters, A. Brantly, Coach K. Wicks, Q. Dayoub. SECOND ROW: L. Nork, N. Carbone. DiPierre, N. Stone, M. Hutton, N. Peyakovich, LEFT: Chris Fosko prepares to return serve. BELOW: GO-GO sees her chance and takes it. 87 A Season Of Teamwork And Talent SCOREBOARD 9 15 Dickinson T 1-1 9 18 Delaware Valley W 3-1 9 19 Cedar Crest W 3-0 9 22 Drew L 0-5 9 25 Bryn Mawr W 3-0 9 29 Kutztown L 1-2 10 1 Moravian W 1-0 10 6 FDU-Madison L 1-2 10 8 Lebanon Valley W 4-3 10 14 Swath more L 0-3 10 16 Marywood W 4-2 10 23 Albright W 2-1 10 28 Eastern L 3-0 10 22 MAC Northeastern division second place Moravian W 1-0 10 26 MAC Quarter Final Gettyburg L 0-3 Under the coaching ef- forts of Helene Hospodar, and direction of co-captains — senior Haney Alvarez and junior Sharon Peifer — The woman ' s field hockey team once again ended the season with a winning re- cord, 8-6-1. In addition to a successful season, the team also qualified for the MAC playoffs for the first time since 1981. They ob- tained this spot in the play- offs by prevailing over Mo- ravian (1-0) in a special tie- breaker playoff on Thurs- day, October 22. The wom- en faced Gettysburg in the playoffs — ironically Muh- lenberg and Gettysburg met six years ago in the Mules ' last playoff game appear- ance. At that time, Gettys- burg was ranked as high as third nationally among HCAA. Divisin III schools. and much to Muhlenberg ' s dismay, they defeated the ladies 3-0 on Monday, Octo- ber 26. The co-captains were also selected to be part of the 1987 Middle Atlantic Conference northeast League field hockey all- star squad. Haney Alvarez was the Mules ' second-high highest scorer and Sharon Peifer was the recipient of the Sidney G. Weikert Soph- omore Athlete-of-the-Year Award for her performance in field hockey and softball during the 1986-1987 aca- demic year. The women fielded a rela- tively young squad, which will return as an exper- ienced team for the 1988 season. Hext season the team will be under the lead- ership of Sharon Peifer and Diane Weinapple. 88 BELOW: L. Shamer passes the ball to team- mate A. Searles. LEFT: L. Bennett waits for the action by the Mules goal. V Y » %gkfk gkj a jAvJBTjjyj v 2| J W . j ' r 26 f ,23 )3 . DL f . FIRST ROW: T. Frantz, K. Litzke, L. Powell, M. Alvarez, S. Peifer, F. Estahani, A. McCann, K. Flendrickson. SECOND ROW: L. Meiser, L. Bennett, D. Weinapple, J. Wise, Q. Russo, D. Burton, J. Wunderlick, K. Issac, L. Williams, A. Searles. THIRD ROW: Coach flospodar, K. Downey, E. Gratrix, K. Gratrix, L. Shamer, K. liillestad, R. Bartolini, M. Muraro, B. Maclaren, S. Hottenstein, J. Kalhom, Coach Fosselman. 89 FIRST ROW: M. Malatesta, C. Seiple, T. ROW: Coach W. Flamish, R. Herb, P. Gar- Silvestri, C. Tran. SECOND ROW: G. King, finkle, C. Mule. M. Teeter, J. Silvaggio, H. Michell. THIRD 90 The Muhlenberg harriers put forth a gallant effort in the 1987 season al- though their record was 0-11. The nine-man team was once again coached by William Flamish and the team captain was Joe Silvaggio. The team spends a good deal of the time traveling to away meets and maybe next year they will travel with better results. Hopefully all present members will return next year, in ad- dition to new freshmen, giving the team more support in the hopes for a stronger 1988 year. ABOVE: Two Muhlenberg run- ners outrunning the rest of the competition. SCOREBOARD 9 12 Lebanon Valley L placed 6th 9 19 Moravian Albright L 15-50 9 23 F M L 23-35 9 26 Dickinson L 23-32 10 23 Lebanon Valley L 24-31 10 7 Elizabethtown L 15-49 10 7 Alvemia L 18-39 10 17 Alvemia L 27-29 10 23 Widener L 26-30 10 31 Swarthmore Scranton L 15-50 GET INTO — THE GROOVE — The 1987-88 Muhlenberg Cheer- leading squad was led by senior co- captains Karen Cristini and Sheryl Lubitz. Karen had been on the team since her freshman year while Sheryl was an alternate her fresh- man year, sat out her sophomore year and rejoined the squad her ju- nior year. The rest of the squad consisted of two seniors, four ju- niors, and one sophomore, who were previously on the team, in ad- dition to, three new faces — two of whom were sophomores and the other a freshman. The team kept in the spirit of things throughout both the football and basketball sea- sons. They also continued to enter- tain the fans with " new dance” dur- ing their half-time show. Four sen- iors are leaving the squad this year but they are leaving behind a high- ly spirited and dedicated group. TOP ROW: J. Wonder, P. Sorentino, Co- captain S. Lubitz, S. Beppel, B. Walbert, Co-captain K. Cristini, C. Ritardi, S. Ken- VBOVE: Co-captain, Sheryl Lubitz, always eady to support a squad-mate. RIGHT: rhese girls really know how to move to the eat. nedy. BOTTOM ROW: R. Snyder, A. Ma- succi, K. Conway, E. Dufy. 91 SCOREBOARD 1 16 LaSalle Explorer Inv. 3rd place 1 21 Susquehanna L 18-27 1 24 LaSalle L 13-24 Rutgers Camden W 35-11 12 1 Moravian L 9-34 2 4 Lebanon Valley Tourn. 10th place 1 16 Lebanon Valley Tourny King ' s L 16-31 Baptist Bible W 51-6 Gallaudet College W 33-30 1 19 Upsala W 32-12 1 23 Albright W 31-19 1 27 Ursinus L 20-24 1 30 Swarthmore L 18-28 Lebanon Valley W 24-14 Penn L 18-29 2 3 Gettysburg W 27-20 2 6 Baptist Bible W 51-5 liaverford L 15-24 Widener W 39-15 2 10 King ' s L 8-31 2 13 Juniata W 30-20 Elizabethtown L 19-24 Scranton L 5-41 Co-captain Rick Gilston pins yet another op- ponent. TOP ROW; M. Laporta, J. Dickinson, B. Eckerstrom, D. Allgor, C. Zatorski, M. Sivlerstein, P. Varner, M. Schloss, B. Bartex. BOTTOM ROW: co-captains - S. Graybill, S. Schlenker and R. Gilston. 92 Matmen take to the mat. MATMEN This year ' s wrestling season got off to a shaky start. The Mules entered Thanksgiving break with a 1-2 record and a third place finish out of ten teams at the LaSalle Invitational Tournament - which is where they began their season on Sat- urday, November 14. The team ' s performance was inconsistent in the beginning ac- cording to coach Laporta. This inconsistency was believed to be the result of some wrestlers not being at the right weight. Coach Laporta hoped that once the " weight problem ' ' was remedied that the team ' s performance would improve. However, the first week of December proved to almost shatter this hope. After placing tenth in the Lebanon Val- ley Tournament, the Mules closed out the first half of their schedule at 1-3 record. The sea- son resumed after winter-break. By mid February, the Mules had upped their record to 9-8, after defeating several opponents in- cluding Gettysburg and Widener. The Mules ' season ended on a low note with the team losing to three of its final four opponents. Nonetheless, they ended the season with a 10-11 record - which was one more win than last year. The team captains ' in- dividual records were as follows: Rick Gilston 22-7-1, Scott Gray- bill 18-10, and Scott Schlenker 25-1. Schlenker was undefeated until the final weekend of the dual-meet season where Scran- ton opponent took the victory after a tough 1 point decision. The team ended its season at MAC Championships. Scott Schlenker was defending his weight class title at this cham- pionship. However, much to his dismay, he was defeated in the finals by Delaware Valley ' s Mark Ambrose. Schlenker ended his Muhlenberg career with a 77-12-1 record. He also received the 158 Gold Medal at Susquehanna and was vot- ed Outstanding Wrestler at the Lebanon Valley College Tour- nament. The only other Mule to place in the MAC was soph- omore Scott Graybill, who fin- ished sixth. Muhlenberg placed 12th out of 20 teams. Although the team is losing a valuable asset with Schlenker graduating, the outlook for 1988-1989 is optimistic. 93 SCOREBOARD 11 20 SCOTTY WOOD TOURNAMENT Johns Hopkins W 74-71 11 21 SCOTTY WOOD TOURNAMENT Moravian L 73-78 11 23 Misericordia L 80-82 11 29 Widener L 69-80 12 2 Lehigh L 82-109 12 5 Dickinson W 83-82 12 10 Swarthmore W 74-72 12 12 Allentown W 88-84 12 28 WITTENBERG TOURNAMENT Millikin L 66-91 12 29 WITTENBERG TOURNAMENT Oberlin W 67-61 1 6 Alvemia W 81-64 1 9 FDU-Madison W 88-75 1 13 Western Maryland W 70-68 1 16 Lebanon Valley W 84-76 1 18 Delaware Valley L 79-82 1 20 Gettysburg W 87-68 1 23 F M L 69-79 1 27 Moravian W 68-65 1 30 Western Maryland W 91-66 2 3 Dickinson W 71-69 2 6 Albright W 88-74 2 10 Lebanon Valley W 94-76 2 13 Gettysburg L 72-75 2 17 F M L 71-80 2 20 Moravian L 73-87 ABOVE: Sean Mackin finds the hoop. LEFT: Sean Mackin gets the re- bound. RIGHT: Bill Kennedy makes his move. YWAfA MEN ' S HOOPS The Mules began their 1987-1988 basketball season with the annual SCOTTY WOOD TOURNAMENT on November 20th and 21st. In the opening game, against Johns Hopkins, the Mules rallied from an eight point deficit at halftime to win the thriller in the last minute by a score of 74-71. However, the second night proved to be a disappointment to the Mules when Moravian won the final game in overtime with a score of 78-73. Mules teammates Mackin and Lutz were named to the all-tourney team. The Mules then went on to defeat Dick- inson 83-82 in a game that see-sawed back and forth from point to point. As for the season as a whole, the Mules started with a mediocre five and five start. But, by January they shifted into high gear with an impressive six wins and only two loses. This huge leap, in this first month of 1988, was attributed to the players not having to study for final exams - rather, they focused all their attention on basketball. During the winter recess, the Mules played two difficult Mid- western teams in the Wittenberg Tournament in Ohio. Against Millikin, the Mules were clearly outmatched as they lost the contest by 25 points. In the consolation game, how- ever, the Mules rebounded with an impressive 67-61 win over a talented Oberlin squad. Riding high from the Oberlin win. the Mules returned North to register consecutive victories over Alvemia, FDU-Madison, Western Maryland and Lebanon Valley. In addition, with the Moravian win over Franklin and Marshall, the Mules gained sole possession of first place in the MAC Southwest section. However, the season ended in disappointment with the men ' s basketball team losing their two most important battles of the season - Franklin and Marshall 80-71, and the season finale - Moravian 87-73. With these losses the Mules forfeited a golden opportunity to participate in the postseason Middle Atlantic Conference. The team was led by captain Sean Mackin who reached the 1000th point-mark on Saturday, February 5th in the Albright game. He was also selected to the 1988 Eastern College Athletic Conference South Region Division 111 All-star Squad, Second Team. He completed his four-year career with 1,051 points, 20th best all-time at Muhlenberg. In addition, juniors Bill Kennedy and Jeff Vaughan led the MAC Southwest League in two three-point goals and Jimmy Smith finished second in free throw percentage and third in field goal per- centage among conference leaders. The Muhlenberg men compiled an overall 15-10 record and finished third in the Southwest league at 8-4. W ?rl I ? TOP ROW: Head Coach D. Madeira, J. Smith, M. Betlow, B. McMillan, J. Lund, M. McGeehan, As- sistant Coaches Q. Noack and D. Lutz. BOTTOM ROW: J, Vaughan, E. Haag, B. Kennedy, Mackin, T. Lutz, M. Greenberg, M. Andrews. S. 95 THE INJURED LADIES The Women ' s Basketball team started its 1987-1988 season with the odds against it. Three key members of the Lady Mules suffered injuries in the preseason. The lady Mules started their season at the Eastern Connecticut State " Tip off Tournament” where the walking wounded served to be a painful reminder of reality. In the opening round of the tournament Muhlenberg was pitted against Eastern Connecticut. Although the two teams were evenly matched and tied at the half. Eastern Connecticut pulled away by an eight point margin to defeat the Ladies 52-60. Injuries put the Ladies at a disadvantage in the first game, but the talent of the opposition made them heavy under- dogs in the consolation match against North Carolina Greensboro (6th in the nation). Muhlenberg trailed 38-25 at the half, and went on to a 39-81 loss. In addition, captain Anne Searles suffered a sprained ankle. The Lady Mules ' opening league game occurred on De- cember 1st against Ursinus and ended in Muhlenberg ' s first loss. Unfortunately, the Lady Mules ' second game against Moravian also ended in defeat (81-84). As the season progressed, the Muhlenberg bench began to look more like a wing out of Allentown Hospital than the potent squad. However, the team ' s dedication transformed its record from a dismal 0-4 to 9-6 - which placed them one- half game behind the first place tie between Ursinus and Moravian. Five consecutive league victories against Al- bright, Haverford, Swarthmore, Widener, and Ursinus placed Muhlenberg as a top contender for MAC-Southeast crown. The lady Mules then went on to stun the Mo ' s with a 65-63 victory resulting in a three-way first place tie be- tween the Mules and the Mo-Mo ' s - the winner would claim 1st place in the MAC Southeast Division. We all know how it ended - Muhlenberg was the loser with the final score being 59-74. Overall, the Lady Mules ended their season with a record of 14-11. Captain Ann Searles has set nearly every women ' s re- cord in school history with mind-boggling figures includ- ing 1,400 career points and over 700 rebounds. She was named to the Eastern College Athletic Conference South Region Division III weekly honor roll. Junior forward, Tracy Herb, was named to the 1987-88 MAC Winter All-Academic team. The team is losing three seniors this year - Anne Searles, Renee Emkey and Gracia Perilli. v SCOREBOARD 11 21 EASTERN CONNECTICUT TOURNAMENT Eastern Connecticut L 52-60 11 22 EASTERN CONNECTICUT TOURNAMENT Greensboro L 39-81 12 1 Ursinus L 55-69 12 3 Moravian L 81-84 12 5 Albright W 63-57 12 9 Haverford W 72-39 12 11 Wilkes W 60-57 12 29 RED CHEEK TOURNAMENT Allentown W 63-59 12 30 RED CHEEK TOURNAMENT Montclair L 50-53 1 8 MORAVIAN TOURNAMENT Allentown L 56-66 1 9 MORAVIAN TOURNAMENT Delaware Valley W 67-63 1 16 Swarthmore W 72-51 1 19 Widener W 74-49 1 21 Ursinus W 71-49 1 26 Gettysburg W 76-58 1 28 F M L 54-63 1 30 Dickinson L 45-58 2 1 Widener W 62-51 2 4 Haverford W 77-32 2 6 Swarthmore W 68-52 2 11 Elizabethtown L 66-84 2 13 Albright W 79-53 2 15 Scranton L 56-85 2 18 Moravian W 65-63 2 20 MAC SOUTHEAST PLAYOFF CONFERENCE Moravian L 59-74 96 TOP ROW: Head coach K. Foerster, manager J. Deutsch. MIDDLE ROW: B. Whitman, T. A. Brantly, E. Jahries, L. Predmore, IT Peyako- Herb, L. Acker. BOTTOM ROW: Q. Perilli, A. vich, scorekeeper L. Foerster, assistant coach Searles, R. Emkey. IOVE: Tracy Herb looks BELOW: The Ladies get a teammate. the basket. 97 “ DESPITE RECORD, EXPERIENCE AND MATURITY ARE GAINED _ Women ' s Lacrosse entered its fifth season as a varsity sport at Muhlenberg. This year marked the first time that a coach had returned to the team for a second season. Patty Fosselman is the coach and she is assisted by Leslie Widmer, a 1987 Muhlenberg graduate who lettered in both lacrosse and field hockey. The team was led by tri-captains Lisa liuggard, Victoria Bennett and Emi- ly Dipiro. The team was young with 25 out of 29 players being freshmen or sophomores. They were also inexperi- enced with having only seven returning players and ten with high school exper- ience. Also, due to the graduation loss, the Mules had two unexperienced goal- ies. The season started with a lack of victo- ries with the team losing its first five games - Colby College, F M, Haverford, Drew and Washington. The Mules ' first victory came at Cedar Crest 11-0. They then went on to be defeated by Dickin- son 16-8. The team ended its season with a 1-8 record and 0-3 in the MAC East. First Row: J. Ruconich, J. Houliham, T. Bennett, L. Huggard, P. Loftus, K. Litzke. Second Row: M. Tody, A. liegemann, L. Shamer, C. Thorpe, J. Rohmer, J. Fetters, K. Conway. Third Row: Coach P. Fosselman, E. DePiro, K. Vecchio, D. Anderson, C. Lankenaur, S. Ludwig, M. Prol, C. Schurman, A. McAnn, Assistant Coach L. Widmer. » . LEFT: Muhlenberg player keeps ball away from her opponent. ABOVE: Jean and Jenn race the opposition for the ball. 98 LEFT: Kelly Conway cheers teammates on while keep- ing warm. ABOVE: Emily DiPiro is ready for the pass. SCOREBOARD 3 28 Colby College L 5-1 3 30 F M L 4-1 4 5 Haverford L 3-1 4 7 Drew L 5-1 4 9 Washington College L 5-1 4 14 Cedar Crest W 11-1 4 16 Dickinson L 8-1 4 20 Bryn Mawr L 7-1 4 23 Gettysburg L 5-2 4 26 Kutztown L 6-1 4 28 Swarthmore L 3-1 4 30 Widener L 10-1 99 LEFT: I got it. ABOVE: I ' m going to strike her out. SCOREBOARD 3 17 Lehigh L 4-11 L 0- 1 3 19 Kutztown W 6- 5 3 30 Dickinson W 16- 3 w 20- 1 4 5 NCACC w 10- 1 4 9 Delaware w 10- 0 L 6- 8 4 12 Ursinus W 9- 1 w 4- 1 4 14 Allentown College w 5- 4 4 16 Widener w 12- 1 w 15- 5 4 21 Albright w 20- 5 w 16- 0 4 23 Moravian w 17- 5 L 3- 5 4 26 Lafayette L 12-13 4 28 FDU Madison W 8- 2 4 30 Swarthmore W 2- 1 w 2- 1 5 6 F M L 7- 6 100 V Sharon Peifer is ready to stop the ball. SEASON STRONG WITH TALENTED TEAM In 1987 the Muhlenberg College Softball team was 16-7-1 in winning the MAC Southern Division Cham- pionships - but they lost the championship game. It was the hopes of the 1988 team, coached by Brian Bodine and led by co-captains Gracia Perilli and Anne Searles, that the team would win the championship game this year. This year ' s team was experienced and confident due to the fact that they only lost two players to gradu- ation last year. The Lady Mules started the season out strong with gaining a first victory against Kutztown 6-5. The success continued as Muhlenberg pummeled Dickinson 16-3 and Northampton Country Area Community College 10-1. Freshman pitcher, Elaine Gatrix, was the " wom- an ' ' behind the success story. She is said to pitch with similar composure and success as Dwight Gooden. Muhlenberg played three doubleheaders on foreign turf. The first against Widener, Muhlenberg took both games 15-5 and 12-1. The second against Albright, Muhlenberg once again took both games 16-0 and 20-5. The last doubleheader was against Moravian. In the first game, Muhlenberg cruised to a 17-5 victory but, the winning streak was broken by the Mo-Mo ' s in the second game, Muhlenberg cruised to a 17-5 victory but the berg out of a first place tie with Swarthmore. The Soft- ball team posted a 15-5 record overall, which qualified them for the playoffs, by capturing the MAC Southeast league with a 9-1 record. TOP ROW: Coach T. Doddy, S. Piefer, S. Hottenstein, Coach B. Bodine, S. Gable, D. Johansen, Coach D. Stofflet. MIDDLE ROW: C. Choretta, D. Wil- kins, L. Williams, co-captains A. Searles and G. Perilli, A. Collins, K. Masso- post, M. Peyakovich, K. Gratix, E. Gratix, K. Issac, L. Predmore. TOT UNIFIED TEAM DISPLAYS TALENT - The 1988 baseball team was led by cap- tain Dave Tritto, catcher, and 19th year head coach Sam Beidleman. This year ' s team had many curiosities. On one hand, it had some inexperienced players - that is, players with no college experience, 9 fresh- men and one transfer; and on the other, they returned seven starters who had good seasons last year. This resulted in the team no longer being the " power team” it used to be - every game was going to be a " dogfight " . The team suffered early season blues when they traveled down South during Spring Break and returned winless in seven games. However, as the season pro- gressed so did the Mules. In the beginning of their season, the Mules knew that their toughest competition would be Gettys- burg. The Bullets were the key to their sea- son - the team to beat. But, what the mules did not know was that they would end up in a first place tie with the Bullets. After sweeping Lebanon Valley, this was where the Mules found themselves. Well, the game ended with the Bullets shooting down the Mules ' playoff hopes. At the time, the Mules had a 3-1 league record and a sweep of Western Maryland in the biggest doubleheader of the season. But, just as the sweep had gotten them into the race, another sweep left them with very slim playoff hopes. Gettysburg beat the Mules 9- 0 and 5-1 to drop the Mules to 3-3 in the league. At this point, the Mules had eight games left in their season and it was the hopes of Coach Beidleman and the team that they would win all of these and thus, end the season on a happy note. The team did manage to win 5 out of the 8 games - posting a final record of 15-12-1. The out- look for the 1989 season is very optimistic with most of the team returning and the " first-timers” now being " old-timers " . ABOVE: Ray Handel and Dave Tritto smile pretty in the dug-out. BELOW: Nike Abel awaits the pitch. 4 102 Top Row: C. Pieschal (coach), R. Stem, M. White, M. Hoff- man, T. Fox, J. MacMillan, S. Beidleman (head coach). Mid- dle Row: n. Sutton, C. Coffey, C. Schlenker, C. Armenti, S. Abramson, J. Vogei, D. Sonnenberg, J. Boggio, Bottom Row: M. Tremley, K. Hardy, R. Handel, D. Tritto, E. Dieter, M. Abel, M. DelGrande. Left: Third baseman Ray Handell gets ready for the pitch. SCOREBOARD 3 5 Feroum L 2-13 4 4 W. Maryland L 2-9 3 7 Chowan L 5-10 W 2-1 M. Carolina L 3-12 4 8 Leb. Valley W 4-7 3 8 Wesleyan L 1-3 W 4-0 3 11 Elon L 3-7 4 11 Wilkes L 4-1 3 12 VA Wesleyan L 2-3 4 13 Scranton W 9-5 L 3-9 w 19-9 3 19 Elizabethtown L 4-15 4 14 Lehigh L 4-15 L 2-9 4 16 Gettysburg L 0-9 3 22 Ursinus W 14-13 L 1-5 3 23 Widener L 9-15 4 20 Delaware Valley W 10-3 3 24 Lafayette L 3-21 4 23 Moravian W 14-13 3 27 Swarthmore W 8-7 W 13-5 W 5-1 4 25 Drew W 7-4 3 30 Dickinson w 5-3 4 27 Albright L 6-8 T 8-8 4 28 ESU L 1-1 3 31 Allentown w 3-2 4 30 FfiCM W 7-5 L 6-7 Teal Gilbert leaves the court after winning the match. Above: Huey serves the ball to the opponent. Below Doug Larmour waits for his opponent to serve the ball. SCOREBOARD 3 22 Kings L 4-5 3 25 Glassboro L 4-5 3 28 Ursinus L 3-6 4 5 Drew L 2-7 4 7 Moravian W 6-3 4 9 Dickinson L 2-7 4 12 Gettysburg L 1-8 4 15 F M L 4-5 4 16 Albright L 4-5 4 18 Scranton W 9-0 4 20 Allentown L 4-5 4 23 Widener W 5-4 4 25 Kutztown L 3-6 4 26 Wilkes W 9-0 4 30 W. Maryland W 6-3 104 Huey aces his first serve. — A WINNING SEASON — The 1988 Men ' s Tennis Team was coached by Scott Warwick and led by two-year senior captain Mi- chael Landsman. The team was much stronger than last year ' s with the return of some key veterans. The season included a victory over Moravian with a final score of 6-3 in the Mules ' favor. Top Row: S. Warrick (coach), T. Gilbert, M. Huey ' ' Landsman, J. Sykes, F. Joseph. Bottom Row: D. Larmour, A. McGoey, A. Kumas. 10S CONSISTENCY AND TALENT D. Degnan returns a serve to win the match. The 1988 Women s Tennis Team was coached by L inda Garrett and led by senior captain Michele Marangi. The team lost many key players to graduation but Coach Garrett had high expectations for the younger play- ers to step in and fill the voids. Michele Mar- angi, Connie Cox, and Lisa Hunn were the number one, two and three singles players, respectively. The team opened up with three consecu- tive victories over Dickinson, Scranton, and Wilkes but lost their fourth match to Ursinus. The Mules went on to clinch a playoff by defeating MAC Northeast League rival Drew 5- 4. The win gave Muhlenberg its sixth straight Northeast title under Coach Garrett. The team will be losing number one senior Michele Marangi this year who as a sopho- more transfer has compiled a 28-6 singles and 29-3 doubles record in three seasons. She and graduated partner Kris Andrews were 1987 conference champions. In addi- tion, Michele was the MAC women ' s singles champion. Women ' s tennis has been Muhlenberg ' s most consistently successful sport in the 1980 ' s. The players practice before the match begins. Top Row: A. Bartolussi, M. Assante, M. Marangi, C. Cox, L. Garrett (coach). Bottom Row: M. Mittutton, D. Degnan, P. Albanese. (Missing: L. Munn) 106 ABOVE: Connie Cox prepares to return the ball. RIGHT: Muhlenberg player follows through on her return. - INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT - Michele Marangi won the Middle Atlantic Individual Championship. SCOREBOARD 3 26 Dickinson W 6-3 3 28 Scranton W 6-3 4 6 Wilkes W 7-2 4 8 Ursinus L 2-7 4 11 Albright W 7-2 4 13 liaverford L 1-8 4 16 Swarthmore L 1-8 4 19 Moravian W 7-2 4 21 Drew W 5-4 4 25 FDU Madison W 8-1 4 26 Elizabeth W 5-4 4 29 Susquehanna L 4-5 107 ROW 1: V. Trosino, D. Pfund, K. Haas, S. Kupferberg, M. Perrone. ROW 2: C. Seiple, J. Ziegler, G. King, J. Donley, J. Leird, S. Wainwright, M. Malaterta. ROW 3: A. Geller, D. Klein, M. Muroro, K. Long, T. Calderone, T. Hodges. ROW 4: Coach J. McVan, C. Tron, M. Popp, A. Stark, T. Mendhom, J. Landino, R. Baker, Assistant Coach T. Mullane. GOOD TIMES AMD COMPETITION The 1988 track team was coached by John McVan who put the word " team " back in the Muhlenberg Track Team. Al- though track is an individual sport, it is a team effort - teammates pull for one an- other. McVan took the team to Jamaica to foster the team attitude and for a week of intense training over Spring Break. The 1988 Spring season was a particu- larly special one for the women ' s team because they enjoyed their first season as an officially-sanctioned varsity sport. Vince Trosino runs for the team. 108 §080? " , ' . v .EFT: Ai Qellerand Dave Mein goofing off at prac- ice. BOVE: Tony Calderone :ries out a new dance step. SCOREBOARD Men ' s Track 3 26 Ilaverford Widener 4 9 Ursinus 4 13 Swarthmor e Leb. Valley 4 16 Moravin Scranton 4 23 F M W. Maryland 4 30 Albright Dickinson Women ' s Track 3 26 Ilaverford Widener 4 16 Moravian Lafayette 4 13 Swarthmore Leb. Valley 4 23 F M W. Maryland 4 30 Albright Dickinson L 32- 79 L 32- 62 L 42-103 L 54- 95 W 54- 31 W 53-105 L 53- 14 L 59- 91 W 59- 31 W 60- 49 L 60- 71 L 8- 76 L 8- 31 L 13- 88 L 13- 60 L L L L L L 109 Above: Buddy Aiken practices his swing before he tees off. Right: Joe Holmes takes is easy while his opponent putts. SCOREBOARD 3 29 F M L 451-416 4 5 Moravian W 406-408 Swarthmore L 406-395 4 11 Kings W 438-460 Wilkes W 438-447 4 13 Upsala W 438-459 Allentown W 426-450 4 15 Cabrini W 426-480 Leb. Valley W 424-469 4 18 Susquehanna W 424-430 4 21 Kutztown W 408-455 Del. Valley W 438-446 4 26 Albright W 438-469 Gettysburg w 438-459 4 28 Scranton L 420-400 FDU W 420-447 Wilkes L 420-418 Lafayette L 435-409 LaSalle L 435-409 Top Row: S. Loney, H. Mash, J. Mustion, J. Holmes. Bottom Row: S. Santo, B. Aiken, R. Whispell (coach), K. Duca. 110 team was coached by Ray Whispell and led by senior captain Robert Aiken. The Mules opened up the season on a down note by losing to F M 416-451. In their next two dual meets, the team reg- istered victories against Moravian, Wilkes and Rings while only suffering one loss against Swarthmore. They then went on to sweep over Allentown Col- lege and Cabrini. Finally, they defeated Susquehanna, Lebanon Valley, Gettys- burg and Albright. In addition, the Mules send a five-man team to the MAC championships at Shawnee golf course in Delaware. The team included senior captain Buddy Ai- ken, junior John Mustion, Steve Santo, and Scott Loney, and freshman Howie Mash. Steve Santa walks off the green after winning the hole. Qi ca ra pa o ALPHA CHI OMEGA Chapter: Zeta Chi Colors: Red and Green Symbol: Lyre Chapter President: Pam Sorrentino Left: Karen, Wendy, Diana, Cheryl, Lisa, and Lois: the senior Alpha Chi Girls get together for one of their last pictures. Below: All the senior girls are together for their last drink. 115 hWF ■ ' -yir ■ r ' - " • V ' .vf ; ; C • ’ .- ... . DELTA ZETA Take timeout to hug a sister. ABOVE: Beth and Margo - Good friends, roomates and sisters! LEFT: Sisterhood means friendship. Chapter: Xi lota Colors: Old Rose And Nile Green Mascot: Turtle Chapter President: JoAnn Gaughran 117 PHI SIGMA SIGMA 11Q ABOVE: I ' m proud to be a Phi Sig! BELOW: Some sisters wait anxiously to take the field again. RIGHT: The Seesters are all here! Chapter: Delta Lambda Colors: Blue and Cold Chapter President: Lisa Scholte ALPHA EPSILON PI 120 Alpha Epsilon Pi participates in their first Greek Week. 1988-Official ly a Chapter on campus. Colors: Blue and Gold Chapter President: Kenneth Spiegelman Winner of the Dean of Student Affairs Award Above and Below: The brothers try their best to beat TKE in the Tug-of-War. Below: Alpha Epsilon Pi brother begins to feel sick after the eating contest. ALPHA TAU OMEGA 1 122 ABOVE: Give me some more! RIGHT: It ' s our motto! BELOW: Bill Donovan checks out the crowd. Chapter: Alpha lota Colors: Blue and Gold Chapter President: Thomas Holden I " I did not do that " - Adam Dratch. 123 PHI KAPPA TAU Tom Papa smiles for the camera. 124 ABOVE: These boys are determined! LEFT: John " eats ' his part in Greek Week. Chapter: Eta Colors: Harvard Red and Old Gold Chapter President: Hick Small 125 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Chapter: Pennsylvania lota Colors: Purple and Red Symbol: Heart Chapter President: Todd Ciottieb -V Top Left: Another piece of pizza please? Above: A few Sig Ep brothers watch their team win the Tug-of-War against TKE. Left: Scott Eegley leads his team to victory .jrfrv .♦ TAU KAPPA EPSILON The TKE boys drink a few at a happy hour. TKE is trying vigorously to win the Tug-of-War during Greek Week. Chris Sciammana finds a front row seat to watch the eating contest. 128 Above: A TKE brother playing soccer as usual. Top Right: Brothers having a beer drinking contest. Right: John Boileau, Bruce Robinson, and Chris Sciamanna hanging out at ZBT. i ta r , , f ' J«i « r-. n ’ «» " 1 ° Chapter: Zeta Eta Colors: Cherry and Gray Symbol: Heart Chapter President: David Kuntz Dominic Klein and Rich Morano hang out at the bar at a Pub night at Duke ' s. 129 ZETA BETA TAU 130 ABOVE: Joe Gregorace and Steve Cagnetta pull to a tug-a-war victory in Greek Week. LEFT: Matt Cole cheers his team on. Chapter: Alpha Mu Colors: Blue and Gold Chapter President: Steven Cagnetta J 131 c icflcr n THE LEADERS The most visible leaders on cam- pus are members of Student Council. Student Council is the executive branch of the Student Body Organiza- tion, consisting of the Student Body President and students elected by each of the four classes. The Council transacts all business pertaining to the Student Body. They fund all orga- nizations on campus and function as a liaison between the students and the administration, faculty and Board of Trustees. The Sophomore (middle) and Ju- nior (right) student councils organize individual class activities and fun- draisers. 134 The Greeks have had a substantial and influential role in the life of Muhlen- berg College. Panhellenic Council (right) and the In- ter-Fraternity Council (be- low) promote harmony and cooperation between all the Greek organizations on campus. Both organiza- tions are responsible for or- ganizing and running events and activities to fos- ter unity between the so- rorities and fraternities. From rush and pledging regulations to Greek Week events. Panhellenic Council and Inter-Fraternity Council are busy year around. These two organizations also serve as intermediar- ies between the members of the fraternities and so- rorities and the administra- tion. 135 THE SCHOLARS The scholars are the academic leaders. Each coordinates activities related to their own particular field of interest. They offer stu- dents the opportunity to learn and become involved in academic subjects beyond the classroom environment. The Biology Club (above), the Nath Club (right), the Gaming or Computer Club (below left), and Sigma Tau Delta- the English Honors Society (below, right) are four such academic organizations on campus. 136 niWWl V Scholars in every area of study join together to extend learning outside the classroom through club activities, seminars forums and trips to present students with an awareness of the presence of academics in life outside of Muh- lenberg College. Psychology Club (above left) delves into the human mind, while the Political Science Honors Society (above right) hon- ors outstanding Political Science majors who further the goals of the Political Science department. The Anthropology Club (above) concen- trates on the nature of human development in an attempt to under- stand the growth of our complex society. The Education Society (right) focuses inward with primary concern placed on the develop- ment and growth of so- ciety ' s future intel- lects. 137 Business scholars look to the complex world of economy and money management. The Ac- counting Club (right) and the Business and Economics Club (below) pursue activities as well as schedule trips that provide students with the enriching op- portunity to obtain a taste of the everyday realities of the busi- ness world outside campus to aid them in careers after gradu- ation. Omicron Delta Epsi- lon (above right), the Economics Honors So- ciety, rewards out- standing Economics students for their ex- cellence in the major and furthers the learn- ing goals of the depart- ment. The Classics Club (right) revives in- terest in classical lan- guages and provides activities and events for those students who believe there are no dead languages. ' ' 138 THE LINGUISTS The Linguists bring foreign languages to the campus, and strive to Keep interest in these languages alive. The Russian Club (left). Phi Sigma lota, the Foreign Languages Honors Soci- ety (middle left). The French Club (middle right), the German Club (bottom right), and the Spanish Club (bottom left) offer a taste of foreign cultures to col- lege life. 139 THE EYES AMD EARS The eyes and ears of the campus re- cord and report the events that make Muhlenberg history. The Photography Club (above) indulges in the individual pleasure of preserving special moments on film. The Yearbook Photography Club staff (above right) and the Year- book Editorial staff (right) record all the year ' s events and compile them for sen- iors to reminisce. WMUH (below right) provides music for our ears and records the memorable sounds of Muhlenberg. Each week the Weekly highlights what ' s happening on campus and provides thoughtful commentary on important and controversial issues that affect cam- pus life. 140 JtaM, THE MOVERS The movers on cam- pus aren ' t just varsity and intramural athletes. Students have formed groups for non-varsity sports and other activi- ties. The Dance Club (left) choreographs an amateur dance show with the help of outside professionals. Pom Poms (below) provides half- time entertainment dur- ing fall season athletic events. The Swim Club (middle, left) provides non-varsity competitive swimming for those who love the water. While the Ski Club (bottom left) or- ganize numerous ski trips to area ski slopes during the season for avid skiers on campus. 141 THE HELPERS ■-- w lifcriD m Students are always willing to offer a helping hand when needed. Two service organizations on campus are Alpha Phi Omega (above), a na- tional co-educational service fraternity, and MAPA, the Muhlenberg Alliance for Progressive Action (right). Alpah Phi Omega s members are dedicated to helping or- ganizations and the needy in the community. They also assist the ad- ministration in running campus visitations and other programs. Muhlen- berg Alliance for Progres- sive Action helps stu- dents keep in touch with world affairs. The organi- zation educates the col- lege aeommunity regard- ing relevant social and political issues of the present time. Members of MAPA learn about na- tional politics as well as the government and its politics, and strive to make the whole campus aware of these issues. 142 Students also gather to help fellow students and former students. Muhlenberg Activities Council (right) has launched the " MAC Attack " while the Student Ambassadors for Alumni (below) acts to keep former Muhlenberg students in touch with the campus today. Some of Muhlenberg Activities Council ' s responsibilities include organizing and orchestrating visiting entertainment for the new Red Door Cafe and additional programs and series catering to students ' popular and cultural interests. THE SINGERS ite ' tfL 1 -AH H 1 The musicmakers on campus are the Chapel Choir and the newly reorganized Muhlenberg Singers. The Chapel Choir (top) performs during religious services. The Muhlenberg Singers (left and be- low) perform concerts each semester and combine with the Chapel Choir during the holidays to create rich and resonant tones for the annual Candlelight Carol Ser- vice. 144 THE FAITHFUL Religious organizations Keep the various faiths on campus alive and active in students ' lives. The largest religious group is the Cam- pus Christian Fellowship In- tervarsity Chapter (left). Lutheran Students have joined to form the Lutheran Student Movement (below left), while Roman Catholic students comprise the Catholic Campus ministry (below right), and Hillel (bottom) serves Jewish stu- dents. Each organization fosters the individual faiths and beliefs and provides ac- tivities and events for stu- dents of common faiths to come together. 145 V (N « •m - « U V e C vi w w X 4? C W S’ (Z H 2 pa ta POLITICAL NEWS Marine Lt. Cot. Oliver L. North, was a Key official in the plan to finance anti-govern- ment rebels in Nicaragua with money from arms sales to Iran, Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart was forced to drop his bid for the presidency after it was reported that he was romantically involved with Donna Rice - a 29-year-old aspiring actress and model from Miami. The Senate reject- ed President Reagan s nomination of Rob- ert H. Bork to the Supreme Court by a 58- 42 vote. Nancy Reagan underwent breast cancer surgery. President Reagan and Sovi- et Leader Mikhail Gorbachev held a three- day summit meeting in December and signed a nuclear arms control agreement. WORLDWIDE DISASTERS The Dow Jones Industrial Stock average dropped 508 points, the largest in history, on Monday, Octo- ber 19 - " Black Monday " . It stripped $500 billion from the mar- ket value of U.S. Securities. In the six years since America first heard of a mysterious immunity-robbing disease from which no one recov- ers, AIDS has killed nearly 25,000 Americans - it has been proclaimed " Public Health Enemy No. I, " - as millions of dollars have been poured into medical research. An earthquake that measured 6.1 on the Richter scale hit Southern Cali- fornia in October. It was not a cata- strophic quake but the damage was extensive. 148 FOREIGN RELATIONS In an effort to Keep the Persian Gulf open to navigation, the (J.S. began in July to escort vessels to protect them from Iran, The Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco, celebrated its 50th birth- day - about 250,000 people jammed onto the bridge for an anniversary walk across the span, A barge filled with 5,128 tons of garbage became the national joke and a symbol of the nation ' s worsen- ing problem with solid waste management as it was banned by six states and three foreign coun- tries before an incinerator reduced it to ash. Presi- dent and Mrs. Reagan greeted Pope Paul II when he arrived in Miami to begin a nine city tour of the (J.S. Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev came to the (J.S. for summit meetings in December. ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Television evangelists Jim and Tammy Bakker said farewell to the PTL ministry in March. Miss Michigan, Kaye Lori Kae Rafko, was crowned Miss America 1988. The two top entertainers of the year were Whitney Houston and Madonna. I red Astaire, who epitomized Holly- wood ' s elegance for 25 years dancing in top hat and tails with Ginger Rogers and other stars, died of pneumonia in June at the age of 88. Liberace, the glittering show- man and pianist, died quietly in his home in February at the age of 67. John Huston, who directed such films as " The Maltese Falcon ' ' and The Treasure of the Sierra Mudre, died in August at the age of 81. Fee Marvin, the gravel-voiced Oscar win- ner, died in August at the age of 63. Jackie Gleason, who starred in The Honey- mooiicrs, " died in June at the age of 71. l.oi iic Greene, who played the father of three sons on television ' s ' Bonanza, ' ' died in September at the age of 72. Photographs by World Wide Photos. SPORTS NEWS The Minnesota Twins celebrated their World Series victory over the St. Louis Cardinals with a final score of the series of four games to two games. The NFL players were on strike for twenty-four days until mid-October when the union capitulated and went to court instead of trying to fight the club owners at the bargaining tables. The Washington Redskins won the 1988 Superbowl, Dennis Conner, the man who lost the America s Cup in 1983, won it back this year in Australia. 149 MEW FRATERNITIES — It is official, Muhlenberg now has six fraternity chap- ters on Campus. Alpha Epsilon Pi has been awarded chapter status by the Interfraternity Council as of Febru- ary 1988. In addition, Lamda Chi Alpha received a charter this year. ABC As for " administrative news ' , the Honor Code was revised into the Academic Behavior Code. The Student Ambassadors for Alumni Operations was established. • CAMPUS ■ RECONSTRUCTION The year 1987-1988 was a year for many changes on the Muhlenberg campus, some of which included a newly locat- ed and improved bookstore, the Red-Door Cafe and the Stu- dent Activity Center in the Union. The students and faculty alike also witnessed the construction of the " new library”. In addition to these physical changes, Muhlenberg was consid- ering a closer affiliation with Cedar Crest College. But, after much debate the proposal was turned down. THE SINKING DORM On a more exciting note, in the beginning of February - East Hall B was evacuated because of a sinkhole underneath its foundation. The residents were relocated to Brown ' s and Walz ' s study lounges and some were even moved to the President ' s Manse. They returned to East after about a month. In addition to this " dorm Mews”, 1988-1989 will see Walz and Martin Luther turn coed. THAT ' S THE NEWS IN CASE YOU MISSED IT 150 MUHLENBERG SETS UP SHOP On Tuesday, April 19, WMUH sponsored a Cut-A-Thon at Muhlenberg. Employees of " Outlooks For Hair ' ar- rived on campus and set up shop in Seegers Union. They then proceeded to cut students ' hair for five dol- lars a haircut. The day ' s activity resulted in the transfor- mation of the top floor of the Union into a unisex hair salon where students got that " new look ' ' they wanted at a great price. A fun time was had by all who participat- ed. LEFT: Ellen Duffy before her new look. ABOVE: Ellen with her Tiew-do ' . 151 OLD ? NEW 152 HARRY C. TREXLER LIBRARY Saturday, March 14, 1987, was a day of celebration for Muhlenberg College. It marked the day of the groundbreaking on Hagen Field - which in turn signi- fied the beginning of the construction of the new library It is now the end of April, and the library is sched- uled for completion In October of 1988. Since the day the construction began until September of this year, the new library was unnamed. However, this situation was remedied on September 23, 1987, when it was decided that the " new library ' ' would officially become the HARRY C. TREXLER LIBRARY. A major gift for the library was provided by the Harry C. Trexler Trust. This funding for the library represents the latest of many gifts made by the Trexler Foundation to the college. In the past thirty years, contributions have been made in support of scholarships, faculty development, and construction of the Center for the Arts by this founda- tion. The $12,000,000 structure is constructed of brick, limestone, and granite. It was designed by the Prince- ton architects - Geddes, Brecher, Qualls and Cunning- ham. The library will feature a prominent tower at the entrance and will have 70,000 square feet of usable space. The building will house 300,000 books, perio- dicals, microforms and other learning materials. In addition, it will contain the OCLC LS 200 computer, which will provide a fully automated catalog file and circulation system as well as, a dial-up link with Cedar Crest College library ' s and the Allentown Public Li- brary ' s catalogs. This will afford students and faculty alike access to information found in the city ' s three major libraries. It is the hopes of the campus that the library, func- tioning as the " educational heart of the campus " , will encourage study, scholarship and intellectual explora- tion. r HOMECOMING 87 ' The Homecoming festivities got off to a good start early Friday October 16, 1988. The First Annual Founder ' s Day Fair was held on the Admission ' s lawn. Other Homecom- ing activities included the traditional bonfire, a magic show for kids, special reunions with alumni, picnics, a parade, the big football game, and finally the crowning of the Queen. The theme throughout the weekend, " Mule Mania " , was clearly expressed by all involved. The spirit of Muhlenberg was felt and enjoyed by everyone. Several college organizations set up booths at the Fair in order to raise money and to show their spirit by partici- pating in the activities. Each of the three sororities spon- sored fun-filled attractions. Alpha Chi Omega offered the people the opportunity to throw a pie at a sister, coining the phrase Throw a pie at a Chi " . Phi Sigma Sigma had sisters volunteer to become targets for a wet sponge throwing contest. Delta Zeta had a roulette wheel in their booth. The Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity sold chances to win goldfish for a prize. Student disc jockeys also enter- tained everyone during the fair. That same night the bonfire was held on the baseball diamond. The cheer- leaders led the crowd, drumming up support for the foot- ball team. A skit was also performed in front of the audi- ence where the guys became cheerleaders and the girls were the football players. A good time was definitely had by all. Saturday ' s activities proved to be just as exciting. A magic show was held for the children of alumni. Their parents attended departmental open houses while they were occupied. Lambda Chi Alpha and Alpha Phi Omega held reunions for the alumni too. A pre-game picnic was held for the students and visit- ing alumni. At noon the traditional parade began. The participants followed a mile long route along the streets adjoining the college. Many floats from different organi- zations were featured. It came to a close in the football stadium. After the parade, the Mules played rival John Hopkins in front of many cheering fans. During the half-time of the game, the five Homecoming Queen finalists, Cheryl Blum, Karen Cristini, Lisa Hom- ing, Laura Massaia, and Pam Sorrentino, eagerly awaited the announcement of who would be this year ' s Queen. Homecoming Queen ' 86, Sue Seplow, was there to turn her crown over to the new Queen, Lisa Horning. An old fashioned food fest ws held after the game in the C.A. The Barry Holben trio played music for all who attended. Following this event tlie younger alumni (1978- 87) met at a local restaurant for more fun and also to get reacquainted with each other. Sunday brought about the closing of Homecoming ' 87 with a chapel service held by the college chaplain. Dr. Wagner. This was followed by an alumni soccer game and an organ recital by Caroline Yost ( ' 88). The Home- coming provided an abundance of fun and excitement for all who participated. This year ' s Homecoming Court. LEFT: Lisa Homing and Mark Greenberg are on their way to the crowning of the Homecoming Queen in style. BELOW: Lisa and Mark are excited over the news Lisa ' s the new Queen! ABOVE: Last year ' s homecoming Queen, Suzanne Seplow, relinquishes her crown to an ecstatic Lisa Homing. RIGHT: The proud parents of Sharon Pfeifer beam with happiness at knowing their daughter has just won the Weikert Award for being an outstanding athlete and student. CLOCKWISE: Are these Phi Sig sisters or Lady Mules? Delta Zeta sisters exhibit their enthusiasm and sup- port for the team. Alpha Phi Omega gets into the act. The class of 90 thinks they ' re heading to the beach and not the homecoming game after the parade. CATCH THE SPIRIT 156 Laura Massaia, Cheryl Blum and their escorts are trying to conceal their nervousness with big, smiling faces. 157 MAKE ME LAUGH LEFT: With funny faces and hilarious jokes, Dennis O ' Connell tries to make the audience laugh. CHAj: ABOVE: The three comics ' hilarious antics captivated the audience. LEFT: Members from the audience were called upon to participate in the fun. RIGHT: Tom Dorfmeister has an anything but intense chat with a student. BELOW: Desperately trying to make his victim crack a smile, Tom Dorfmeister tells him what he thinks is a funny joke. Early first semester the Program Board and the Office of Student Activities hosted a comedy show called " We Can Make You Laugh”. This show, which consisted of jokes, parodies and a laughing contest, was hosted by Craig Anton. Tom Dorfmeister from Chicago and Dennis " the Menace” O ' Connell of Minneapolis assisted Craig. In the first part of the show these three men got the audience warmed up by doing their stand-up routines, which were received well by everyone. The second part of the show was the " We Can Make You Laugh ” contest, judged by Muhlenberg seniors Remy Quinones, Amie Feryo, and Beth Juliano. The ob- ject of the contest was to sit for a total of six minutes and keep a straight face while watching the comics attempt to make you laugh. If you succeeded, you would win a t-shirt along with 25$ in cash. Even if you could not control the urge to smile, a t-shirt was still given as a consolation prize. Contestants who survived the six minutes and won the cash prize were " JC”, Joe Maurice, and Rodney Corral. However, Linda Meiser, Lee Reardon, Jon Banker, Greg Hart, and Matt Schloss walked away with only a t-shirt and a smile. — Stacey Glynn T he RED DOOR CAFE opened this year. The new student " pub ' ' affords the student population a new place to gather and eat, listen to music, or just " hang- out In addition, since the RED DOOR is stu- dent run, it provided jobs for many students. Some of Muhlenberg ' s future doctors are now " operating ' ' in the kitchen, while some " lady mules ' ' practice their waitressing ability. So far, the RED DOOR has sponsored many special events including, a magician, a comedian and many other live performers, along with having special movie nights. The outlook for the future success of the " cafe " is very optimistic with a promising calendar of activities to come. ABOVE: Cory, the manager of the RED DOOR, relaxing in the video control room. BELOW: One of the many live performers that have ap- peared at the RED DOOR. E n T E R T A I N M E N T Heather tries her hand at waitressing. 159 " Anything Goes ' , a Cole Porter musical, was a fun, crowd-pleasing show that was performed Feb- ruary 19-20 and 24-27. The original story was writ- ten by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse as a lighth- earted musical concerning shipwreck and its ef- fects on some unique individuals. The entire ac- tion takes place aboard the " S.S. American ' ' dur- ing its transatlantic crossing. The passengers in- clude Billy Crocker, a " broken-down-broker ' ' from Wall Street, who spends much of the evening try- ing to win his former one night fling, Hope Har- court, away from her stuffy English fiancee. Sir Evelyn Oakleigh. Also on voyage is a nightclub singer and part-time evangelist, Reno Sweeny, and her four " angels ' , as well as Public Enemy 13, Moon Face Martin, disguised as a minister, with his shrieking gun moll, Bonnie. The musical included such sure fire numbers as " You ' re the Top,” " It ' s Delovely,” " Anything Goes,” " Let ' s Misbehave,” and " I Get a Rick Out of You.” This is the second time that Charlie Richter has staged " Anything Goes” for the MTA. As always, Charlie kept the stage constantly bustling with ac- tion and movement. The cast consisted of six leads, a chorus, and a ten piece orchestra. The set was designed by Cur- tis Dretsch and the three-level boat actually moved during the play. Thanks to the fine talents, and many un-named members of the company and crew, the production was a success which large audiences enjoyed. 4 i LEFT: The chorus performs one of the high-spirited songs of the play. BELOW: The grand finale of " Anything Goes " . i tM 160 CAST Billy Crocker John Carhart Reno Sweeny Hope Marcourt Beth Woolridge Moon Face Martin Sir Evelyn Oakeigh David Savidge Bonnie Lynn heal Rusty Jacobs Cheryl Irwin 161 THE SENIOR BALL CLOCKWISE: " Benfer-mates " and their dates. Can you guess whose date is missing? Emily and Matty enjoying the romance in the air. This group is all smiles, nick Small demonstrates some moves he picked up from John Travolta. 162 ii MARCH 25, 1988 LEFT: Good friends enjoying the ball together. ABOVE: Eddie and John set the mood as they pick the music. LEFT: Caroline and her date take time out from dancing to pose for a pic- ture. ABOVE: Handsome ac- cessories -I ' m sure you agree. LEFT: The ladies in black. RIGHT: The cameraman gets his picture taken for a change. FRANK ZAPPA ROCKS MUHLENBERG On Saturday, March 18, Memorial Hall rocked with the music, jokes, satire, and hundreds of diehard fans as frank Zappa and his eleven piece band came to Muhlenberg. Each year the Concert Committee sponsors a live concert on campus, and this year Frank Zappa played to an almost- sold out audience. Those people in the audience who had seen Zappa before were not surprised by the stage full of props. Frank Zappa ' s stage sports an assortment of stuffed animals, and var- ious other props including, a red hot-water bottle with the phrase " Republican headache relief ' ' printed on it, a rubber chicken, bear claw slip- pers, red fuzzy dice, a rubber hand, not to men- tion a clothesline of women ' s undergarments which he has obtained from fans all over the country. Amidst all this clutter on stage came a simply dressed, no-frills Zappa. Because of its length, the stage had to be positioned in front of the west bleachers, with the floor of the gym and the east bleachers remaining for seating. Yet be- cause of his popularity, fans even sat behind the stage. His eleven-piece band features Ike Willis on vocals and guitar, Bobby Martin on Keyboards and vocals, Chad Wackerman on drums, Scott Thunes and Mike Keneally on guitars, and a five piece brass section (Bruce Fowler, Walt Fowler, Albert Wing, Paul Karmen and Kurt McGettrick). Throughout the show, Zappa proclaimed venge- ful socia-political satire and poked fun at heavy metal genre. All-in-all, it turned out to be a show not just a concert. Everything else was going on besides the music. 164 Above: Some students decide to create their own music during East Fest. Right: Two stu- dents bring their work to the festivities. SPRING FEVER WEEKEND Omicron Delta Kappa sponsors an an- nual carnival. Unlike other years this carnival was combined with East Fest. These two events combined with Sib- ling ' s weekend was called Spring Fever Weekend. Unfortunately the weather did not hold out and it rained the entire weekend. But people still managed to get out and relax. There was music in East and a barbecue in front of the li- brary. It was a chance for students to enjoy themselves before spring finals begin. Right: The band persevered even through the rain and treat- ed the Muhlenberg students to a great show. Below: Other students decided to be creative and tie-dye sheets and T- shirts. fMMWtfgl 1 1L_ — 165 SENIOR WEEK Over the past years we have all grown accustomed to the " rain valley” that Muhlenberg is located in. However, the rain was out-of-hand during senior week this year. After spending the weekend and the first half of the week at the Jersey shore, the soon-to-be graduates battled mother nature and returned to campus to spend their last week together as a class. Later on that night the festivities of Senior Week began with a Senior Pub night at Duke ' s. The class danced the night away at their last official Pub night. The next day the rain continued but so did the fun. In the afternoon Zeta Beta Tau housed a happy hour and a buffet style dinner was served. The happy hour was followed by a party at Sigma Phi Epsilon. Friday morning was the Senior Brunch in the Union. Despite the early hour, the turnout was impressive and the menu proved to be worth the wake-up. The seniors feasted on mini-bagels, french toast, sausage and peach custard and toasted each other with champagne and orange juice. During the brunch the Senior Superlative Awards were given out to the class, by the Student Ambassadors for Alumni, and a slide show was shown. It was a morning filled with laughter and touched by memories of the past. As the rain continued it began to put a damper on the schedule of activities which were to be held outside. In addition, the news of commence- ment being moved to the gym threatened to bring down the spirits of the class. But, it would take more than rain and mud to bring down the class of ' 88 the Seniors continued to party. The all-day beach party, originally located on East Beach, was moved to the Field House. The day was filled with drinking, playing volleyball, and listening to a live band. Dinner was also served " a Mexican fiesta " . On Friday night, the class returned to the Field House for a party. Finally, on Saturday, the sun came out and so did the seniors the campus was filling with people some playing frisbee, some giving their parents and guests tours and others just soaking in the rays. In the afternoon, the seniors attended their last formal meeting as a class where they received instructions for the next day. Later in the day, the class and their families attended the opening of the new library. Also, Saturday night was the start of a new tradition at Muhlenberg a candlelight ceremony. The class came out to support the start of this ceremony. It was originally supposed to be held on the front lawn but, because of the weather, it was moved indoors to the chapel. The seniors walked in as a class, each with a candle. Cheryl Blum spoke and Jen O ' Grady read a poem as one-by-one we lit our candles. Once again on Saturday night the class gathered in the Field House for their last party at Muhlenberg as students. Despite the rain. Senior Week ' 88 was a week of celebration and good times for the class of 1988. -Jennifer Pellegrino Above: A student getting an ID bracelet so that he could drink for the week. Below: Jen Pellegrino, and Christine Montanti showing off their attractive Red ID bracelets. 167 THE LAST ONE Left: Dom Klein, Manal Antoun, Jim lacoca hanging out by the bar. Above: The Brown Qirls enjoying their last night out together. Joe Coco and Dave Albers kicking back and relaxing. Above: Sheryl Lubitz dancing of course! Right: The Benfer girls get the frosty drinks. 168 ZBT HAPPY HOUR The Delta Zeta girls chow down the free food! Above: Alison Mewberg, Jim Kick, and Jen Sonna- bend partying for the last time at ZBT. Below: Dave Crossan and Chris Lutz talking about old times. bove: Jeff, Cathy, Jen, Michele, and Kath- een, which one does not belong? Right: Fhe Benfer Boys. Above: Ryan McGuinness and Tim Finnegan toast to a great four years. 169 CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH Above: They cannot believe that this is the Union. Right: The girls are enjoying their gourmet breakfast. Below: The Phi Kappa Tau boys are awake for the occasion. Above: They all agree there was something in that orange juice. Below: Carlos, Mindy, Jen, and Neil having their last meal in the Union. Left: Marla Blicht and Tracy Rosenberg. 170 John Carhart and Marci Steams. Courtney Lisecki and Eric Gabriel. Laura Massaia and Andy Schlechter. Dave Simmons and Karen Cristini. ■ John Boyer and Michele Heck. SENIOR SUPERLATIVES i Biggest nozzle Alison Botek John Boileau Class F lirt Christine Ritardi Ray Handel Best Body Courtney Smith Scott Fegley Best Looking Alisha Ten Brink Rynard Gundrum Most Likely to Cindy Long Ryan McGuinness be arrested Best Dressed Amy Feryo Vince Trosino Class Klutz Courtney Lisecki Eric Gabriel Most Gullable Emily Koehler Stefano Carpenetti Did Most for the Cheryl Blum Steve Kupferberg Class Cutest couple Michele Heck John Boyer Most Likely to Sharon Kinzelberg Dave Viklund get Married Most Likely to Judy Lubben Mike Marvin succeed Best Athlete Anne Searles Scott Schlenker Most Theatrical Marci Stearns John Carhart Thinks They are Phi Kappa Tau Best Looking Fraternity House Worst Dressed Don Rigg Don Rigg Most School Karen Cristini Dave Simmons Spirited Class Partier Benfer 202 Mr. Mrs. Muhlenberg Laura Massaia Andy Schlechter Christine Ritardi and Ray Handel. 171 COMMENCEMENT Sunday, Nay 22, 1988 will always be remembered by the class of 88 as the day that we graduated from Muhlenberg College and began the next chapter in our lives. This year ' s ceremony was very different than the ones that some of us witnessed over four years at Muhlenberg. As a result of the weather, commence- ment was moved from the usual location in front of the library, to Memorial Hall. Although, there was a great deal of discontent with the move and the idea of re- ceiving our diplomas in the gym all-in-all we made the best of it. Coretta Scott King was this year ' s graduation speaker. Her speech dealt with many concerns of the 1960 ' s. In addition to Mrs. King, Cheryl Blum was the senior class speaker and Jodi Meltzer spoke about this year ' s Pledge Drive. Despite the warm conditions and " close quarters” of the gym the beach balls were flying and cham- pagne corks popping as the class of 1988 stepped up one by one to receive their diplomas from President Messerli. We as a class made our impression on Muh- lenberg, and we will continue to leave our mark as individuals in all areas and routes we choose to pur- sue. Typical of all parents throughout the ceremony saying, such phrases as, that is my son daughter up there getting their diploma from Muhlenberg College. 172 Above: Dr. Weston leads the procession into Memorial Hall. Below: Kenny Spiegelman helps David Rubin put his hood on his gown. Above: Cheryl Blum, the Senior Class Speaker. Top Right: Coretta Scott King, the commencement speaker. Right: Dave Simmons President of Student Council. Below: Jodi Meltzer Chairperson for the Senior Pledge Drive. 173 Left: Stacey Holmes waits eagerly for her name to be called. Above: A few graduates express their thanks to the people that deserve it the most. Trish Donnelly trying to hold back the tears on this happy occasion. 174 Above: Sandra Fraim enjoying one of her last times at Mulenberg. Right: Kim Jessen trying to keep her cap on. Below: Cindy Long and John Marut waiting to line up. Above: Mindy Frank sees her family in the crowd. Right: Missy laughing with her friends about the good times they shared in the past four years. Time To Say Goodbye - 176 177 Student Life The Benfer Girls decide to party it up. Above: A few students decide to study outdoors. Left: Veronica Vaughan is finally in front of the camera. Michele Marangi and Caiy 178 Jeff Gross and Alison riewberg. Steve Helm, Mike Miller, and Andy Funk having a few beers. sk enjo y a drink together. Christine and Jim having a great time at the happy hour. A couple of students sitting on the library steps taking a study break . 179 Above: A few sisters show that there is no rivalry between sororities. Below: Tom Papa and Margo Trott having a great time at a fraternity party. Above: Studying outside on the front lawn is a familiar sight. Below: A group : Senior girls are ready for their last Pub night at Muhlenberg. 180 The biology building steps is a familiar hang-out in between classes. Above: Some students play softball in Cedar Crest Park. Right: A fun night out with the girls. 181 SENIOR DIRECTORY MICHAEL Z. ABEL, B.A. Business. 140 N. 13th St. Columbia, PA 17512. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Baseball. STEPHANIE JANE ADLER B.A. Communica- tions. 59 H. 6th Ave. Highland Park, NJ 08904. Phi Sigma Sigma-Publicity Chair, Tri- bune, Student Advisor, WMUH, Phi Sigma lota, Weekly-Layout Editor, Writer, intramur- als-Soccer, Volleyball, Hillel-lntercollegiate Activities Chairman. MICHAEL JAMES AGR1PPJNE, B.A. English Philosophy. 1252 Hampshire Dr. Whitehall, PA 18052. MCF-treasurer, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Eta Sigma Phi. KELLY AHM AHN, B.A. Psychology. 375 Pennsylvania Ave. Shillington, PA 19607. Psychology Club, Women ' s Varsity Tennis, College Choir, Alpha Phi Omega. MEPiAKA AHUJA, B.S. Biology German. 1830 Lincoln Ave. Wyomissing, PA 19610. International Student Club, German Club, Dance Club. ROBERT M. AIKEN 111, B.A. Accounting. 644 Liewelyn Rd. Berywn, PA 19312. Varsity Golf- captain, Zeta Beta Tau, Muhlenberg Theater Association. DAVID S. ALBERS, B.A. Business Spanish. 153 Rolling Hill Dr. Millington, NJ 07946. Zeta Beta Tau-V.P. of Finance, Residence Hall Council, Business Economics Club, Spanish Club, IM Sports, Dining Hall Com- mittee, Convocation Committee, Prospec- tive Freshman Program. NANCY JANE ALVAREZ, B.A. Psychology. 116 Ridge St. Cranford, NJ 07016. Varsity Field Hockey-Co-Captain, Psychology Club- Secretary, Jewish Family Services, Big Brothers Big Sisters. MANAL ANTOUN, B.S. Biology Psychology. 39 Seven Oaks Circle Homdel, NJ 07733. Student Adviser, Tour Guide, French Club, International Club, Frisbee Team, Student Tutor, Psychology Club, Psi Chi Honor Soci- ety. MICHAEL BABYAK, B.A. Psychology. 1839 Richmond Ave. Bethlehem, PA 18018. NRSA, Psi Chi. RICHARD WILLIAM BAR1NGER, B.A. English. RD 4 Box 27B Quakertown, PA 18951. Wind Ensemble-President, Chapel Choir- Manager, College Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Sigma Phi Epsilon. STEVEN R. BARLOW, B.A. Psychology: mi- nor Accounting. 68 Birch St. Bloomfield, NJ 07003. Varsity Basketball, WMUH Disc Jock- ey, Intramural Sports. MICHAEL P. BARNETT, B.A. Psychology. 13 Midwood Rd. Rockville Centre, NY 11570. Varsity Soccer. JOSEPHINE AMY BARTASHUS, B.A. Psychol- ogy. 5 E. Washington St. Port Carbon, PA 17965. Campus Christian Fellowship-Presi- dent, Omicron Delta Kappa, TNT Aerobics Instructor, Tour Guide, Psi Chi. BRITT S. von BEEDENBENDER, B.A. Art Communications. 38 Haviland Dr. Stamford, CT 06903. VICTORIA BENNETT, B.A. Psychology: Edu- cation Certification. RD 2 Hackettstown, NJ 07840. Executive Council, Jr. Prom Commit- tee, Lacrosse-Captain, Resident Advisor, Track Club, I.M. Sports, Athletic Trainer, Tour Guide, -Advisory Board, Host Hostess Program, Math Tutor, Senior Pledge Drive Captain, Senior Week Committee, Educa- tion Society, Yearbook Staff. KARI BENSON, B.S. Biology. 268 Edgewood Rd. Kensington, CT 06037. WMUH, Biology Club. LAURA LYNN BERNARDO, B.A. Psychology. 219 Henry St. Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604. YACC, Student ' Directory, MTA, Lutheran Student Movement-President, Alpha Phi Omega, Tour Guide, Student Ambassadors for Alumni, Interfaith Council, Chapel Wor- ship Committee. SCOTT EVAN BERNSTEIN, B.S. Natural Sci- ence Anthropology. 86 Wintercress Lane East Northport, NY 11731. Zeta Beta Tau, Big Little Brothers, Program Board, Math Club. MARGARET M. BIGELOW, B.A. Psychology. 19 Revere Rd. Port Washington, NY 11050. Delta Zeta: Guard, Courtesy Chair, Inter-Var- sity Christian Fellowship: Secretary, Trea- surer, small group coordinator, Business Economics Club, Psychology Club: Presi- dent, Peer Educator, Student Advisor. ROBERT BISHOP, B.A. Psychology. 31 Pitt St. Bloomfield, NJ 07003. Varsity Football. JONATHAN BLACK, B.A. Business. 623 Pine Top Trail Bethlehem, PA 18017. Track And Field, Alpha Tau Omega-Social Chair, Foot- ball. ANNE M. BLACKBURN, B.A. Communica- tion. 235 Mountainview Rd. Sellersville, PA 18960. Photography Club, Program Board. SCOTT ANDREW BLAIR, B.A. Business Spanish. 12 Donsen Lane Scotch Plains, NJ 07076. Alpha Phi Omega, La Fiesta Espan- ola, WMUH, Muhlenberg Theater Associ- ation. MARIA BLICHT, B.S. Biology Natural Sci- ence. 49 Wichard Blvd. Commack, NY 11725. Delta Zeta, Intramurals, Psychology Club, Hillel, Executive Board-Senior Class. ERIC BLOOM, B.A. Marketing. 60 Rowena Rd. Newton, MA 02159. Alpha Epsilon Pi. CHERYL ANN BLUM, B.A. Accounting Busi- ness Finance, 150 Jeffery Rd. Colonia, NJ 07067. Senior Class President, Junior Class Vice President, Alpha Chi Omega-Vice Presi- dent, Swim Team Founder, CCM, SAA, Tour Guide, Student Advisor, Accounting Club, Business and Economics Club. KRISTIN BOEHME, B.A. German: minor- Business. RD 3 Selinsgrove, PA 17870. In- tramural Volleyball, Intramural Basketball. KRISTEN A. BOGDEN, B.A. History. 45 Club- house Lane Natick, MA 01778. LAURIE ELLEN BOGLE, B.A. Economics. 83 Goltrax Dr. Basking Ridge, NJ 07920. Execu- tive Council-Class of 88, Business and Eco- nomics Club, Board of Associates, Library Committee, Social Judicial Board, Alpha Chi Omega. 182 JOHN P. BOILEAU, B.A. Psychology. 208 Stanwood Rd. Fairless Hills, PA 19030. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Psi Chi Honor Society, ODK Leadership Fraternity. MARK BOLENDZ, B.S. Biology Psychology. 30 Imbrock Lane Mata wan, NJ 07747. Ski Club, Psychology Club, Zeta Beta Tau, Intra- mural Football. ROY BORGER, B.A. Accounting. 110 Midland Rd. Allentown, PA 18104. MARGARET BOTHYL, B.A. Accounting. 4 Lenape Court Pompton Plains, NJ 07444. Delta Zeta Sorority-Treasurer, Historian, Ac- counting Club, Dance Club, Business Eco- nomics Club, Intramural Soccer, Muhlen- berg Activities Council, Outstanding College Student ' s of America, Dean ' s List. ALISON ANN BOTEK, B.S. Biology Natural Science. RD 1 Box 103A Lehigh ton, PA 18235. Senior Class Vice President, Execu- tive Council-Class of 88, Delta Zeta Soror- ity-Acedemics Chair, Omicron Delta Kappa Member, Transfer Student Advisor, Fresh- man Orientation Committee, Student Tutor, Student Ambassador for Alumni. JOHN W. BOYER, B.S. Chemistry. 838 F N. Kalaheo Ave. K ailu, HI 96734. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chemistry Club-President, Ski Club-Secretary, Freshman Advisor, Varsity Soccer, SAA. MICHAEL BRACHFELD, B.A. Business Ac- counting. 16 Indian Cove Rd. Mamaroneck, NY 10543. Business Economics Club, Ac- counting Club, Program Board, Zeta Beta Tau. STEPHANIE ANN BRANNA, B.A. Spanish. 35 Georgia St. Cranford, NJ 07016. Phi Sigma Sigma, Spanish Club, Business Economics Club, Intramural Sports. CHRISTINE BUCHER, B.A. English. 572 East King St. Chambersburg, PA 17201. Muhlen- berg Weekly, Sigma Tau Delta, Committee of English Majors, Antistrophe. DAWN LYN BURTON, B.A. Business Ac- counting. 23 Cold Spring Rd. Avon, CT 06001. Alpha Phi Omega, Accounting Club, Outstanding College Student ' s of America, Field Hockey. JAMES A. BYK, B.A. English. 122 Richmond Dr. Manchester, CT 06040. Weekly, Sigma Tau Delta, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble. STEVEN JOHN CAGNETTA, B.A. Russian Studies Accounting. 74 Otsego Rd. Verona, NJ 07044. Russian Studies Club, Dobro Slovo National Slavic Honor Society, ODE Honor Society, Zeta Beta Tau-President, Rush Chairman. ALEXANDER T. CAIOLA, B.A. Communica- tions. 8 Kimball Circle Westfield, NJ 07090. Alpha Tau Omega, IFC Delegate. J. Marshall Pre-Law Society. JEFFREY M. CALABRESE, B.A. Business Economics. 782 Iron Latch Rd. Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417. Phi Kappa Tau, Omicron Delta Epsilon-President, Business Econom- ics Club, Student Advisor, Student Council Class Rep. JOHN J. CARMART HI, B.A. Drama. 50 Stone- henge PI. Cheshire, CT 06410. Muhlenberg Theater Association-President. STEFANO R. CARPENETTI, B.S. Natural Sci- ence Biology. 8322 Fairview Rd. Elkins Park, PA 19117. Biology Club, Future Planning Committee, Tau Kappa Epsilon-Historian. NATALIE J. CARUSO, B.S. Biology: monor- Business. 2183 Joshua Rd. Lafayette Hill, PA 19444. Phi Sigma Sigma, Panhellenic Coun- cil, Student Ambassadors of Alumni, Long Range Planning Committee, Executive Council, WMUH Disc Jockey, Varsity Volley- ball, 50 Mile Club. KAREN LORRAINE CAVALL1, B.A. Political Science Philosophy. 55 Apple Tree Lane Hillsdale, NJ 07642. Phi Sigma Sigma- Founder ' s Day Chair, Panhellenic Council President, John Marshall Pre-Law Society- Treasurer, Vice-President, French Club. NICOLE CERESA, B.S. Math Education. 144 Berkeley Cr. Basking Ridge, NJ 07920, Pom Poms, Education Society-T reasurer. Dance Club, Dance Show. LISA A. CERULLO, B.A. English Education. 21 Jacobs Rd. Rockaway, NJ 07866. Eta Sig- ma Phi-President, Sigma Tau Delta-Presi- dent, Alpha Phi Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Writing Center Coordinator. PAMELA SUE CHAIKEN, B.A. Psychology. 1304 Snowpine Way Potomic, MD 20854. Hil- lel-Secretary, Education Society, The Week- ly, Interfaith Council. BARBARA CHECKOWSKI, B.A. Human Re- sources. 822 Tricorn Dr. Lansdale, PA 19446. A.S.P.A.-President, Secretary, Delta Zeta-Guard, Chaplin. CHRISTOPHER CLYDE, B.S. Natural Science. 1017 Drexel Ave. Drexel Hill, PA 19026. Al- pha Phi Omega, First Aid Corps-Vice Presi- dent. JOSEPH COCO, B.S. Computer Science. Box C28 Huemer Ln. Chester, NJ 07930. RHEA C OHEN, B.S. Chemistry: minor-Eng- lish. 40 Ryan Rd. Engiishtown, NJ 07726. Delta Zeta, Hillel-President, Religious Chair, Chemistry Club. RICHARD COSTELLO, B.A. Accounting. 2041 Trumbauer Rd. Lansdale, PA 19446. Varsity Basketball, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ac- counting Club. CATHERINE E. COWAN, B.S. Physics. 10 Ithaca Dr. Pittsford, NJ 14534. Campus Christian Fellowship. CHERYL L. CRAIG, B.A. Accounting Eco- nomics. Windsor Dr. Oak Ridge, NJ 07438. Business Economics Club, Accounting Club, O.D.E., Field Hockey. ROBERT CREVELING, B.A. Economics. 828 North Ott St. Allentown, PA 18104. Rifle Club. MCF, Business Economics Club, An- thropology Club. KAREN ELLEN CHRISTINI, B.A. English Business. 521 Forrest Brook Dr. Absecon, NJ 08201. Varsity Cheerleading-Captain, Al- pha Chi Omega, Muhlenberg Theater Asso- ciation, Tour Guide, Executive Committee for Class of ' 88, Student Advising Program, Student Ambassador for Alumni, Gradu- ation Committee, Dining Committee, Sigma Tau Delta, Committee of English Majors, Omicron, Delta Kappa. DAVID K. CROSSAN, B.A. Business. 1012 Moss Haven Court Annapolis, MD 21403. Football, Student Ambassadors for Alumni, Business Economics Club, Media Services. SUSAN LEIGH CUNNINGHAM, B.S. Natural Science. 416 N. Rose Ln. Haverford, PA 19041. Resident Hall Council, Junior Prom Committee. LOIS V. CURFMAN, B.S. Mathematics Phys- ics. 640 E. Queen St. Annville, PA 17003. Alpha Chi Omega-Executive Council, Pan- hellenic Council-President, Omicron Delta Kappa-President, Student Advisor-Steering Committee, College Committee on Student Affairs, Student Council-Communications Committee Chair, Executive Council, Bud- get Review Committee, Math Club, Society of Physics Students, Intramural Volleyball. ROBERT CUSHIMG, B.S. English. 31 Unne- berg Ave. Succasunna, HJ 07876. Sigma Tau Delta. MARIA THERESA CZERHIACH, B.A. English Spanish. 124 Galloping Hill Rd. Basking Ridge, HJ 07920. Pre-Law Society, Wellness Program, Phi Sigma lota, Spanish Club- Treasurer. WILLIAM H. DAVIES, B.A. Information Sci- ence. 218 W. Franklin St. Topton, PA 19562. MARILYH E. DAY, B.A. Sociology. Box 295 RD 1. Breininsville, PA 18031. GIHA B. DEB1AK, B.A. Economics Political Science. 157 Oakwood Ave. north Haledon, HJ 07508. John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Business Economics Club. CHRISTIHE AhHE DIEDWARDO, B.S. Biol- ogy Hatural Science. 9 Dodie Dr. Parsip- pany, nj 07054. Student Advisor, Executive Council, Resident Hall Council-MacGregor, Varsity Women ' s Softball, Student Ambassa- dors of Alumni, Curriculum Committee, Academic Policy Committee. ERIC G. DIETER, B.A. Business Administra- tion. 1825 Hanover Ave. Allentown, PA 18103, HRSD, Baseball. PATRICIA Ann DOnnELLY, B.A. English: mi- nor-Philosophy. 43 north Baum ' s Court Liv- ingston, nj 07039. Alpha Chi Omega-Pledge Master, Chapter Relations Board, Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Student Ambassadors for Alumni-Communications Committee, Admissions Office Student Receptionist. MARIAnnE DOnOHUE, B.A. English. 147 Rogers Rd. Far Hills, nj 07931. Delta Zeta Sorority, Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society. BEVERELY R. DORL, B.A. Political Science English. 743 Springfield Ave. Summit, nj 07901. Student Court, Academic Judicial Board, Varsity Lacrosse, Alpha Phi Omega, Student Representative to Faculty, WMUH- Business Manager, Fundraising Director, DJ. BERHADETTE S. DORHE, B.A. Business Ad- ministration. 530 north 29th St. Allentown, PA 18104. BABETTE D. DRUMMER, B.A. Business Ad- ministration. 228 Adrain St. Emmaus, PA 18049. LORI Ann EAKIH, B.A. Business Adminis- traction. 725 Ridge Rd. Kinnelon, nj 07405. Business Economics Club, Women ' s Varsity Tennis, Intramural Sports, Campus Visita- tion Hostess, Resident Hall Council. REHEE EMKEY, B.S. Chemistry. 3735 Kim St. Bethlehem, PA 18017. Women ' s Basket- ball. JEnniFER FAITH EMMER, B.A. Communica- tions. 217 Raymond Ave. South Orange, nj 07079. HOLLY A. EnniST, B.A. Communications. 217 Gravel Hill Rd. Kinnelon, nj 07405. Resident Hall Representative, Softball, MTA, Arcade, WMUH-Production Director, new Age Music Director, Communications Teaching Assistant. JOnATHAn S. Fabricant, B.A. History. 5 Cy- press Terrace Springfield, nj 07081. Varsity Soccer, Zeta Beta Tau, Pre-Law Society, Hil- lel. V. SCOTT FEGLEY, B.A. History Govem- ment. 501 Highland Ave. Jenkintown, PA 19046. Student Council, A.P.C., I.F.C., A.J.B., Sigma Phi Epsilon. DAHIEL B. FEIT, B.A. Accounting. 21 Beaver Dam Rd. Colts neck, nj 07722. Program Board-President, Chair, Renovation of Union Building Committee, Homecoming Queen Selection Committee-Chair, Resident Hall Council-Secretary, Accounting Club, Eco- nomics Club, Pre-Law Club, Zeta Beta Tau, BASH Committee-Co-Chair. BROOKE ALYCIA FELDMAn, B.A. History. 356 Cedar St. South Hempstead, nY 11550. Student Council, Alpha Chi Omega-Chair, Coordinator of Student Advising, Dining Committee Chair, Academic Judicial Board, Student Ambassadors for Alumni-Vice Presi- dent, Senior Class Pledge Drive Committee, Pre-Law Society. MICHAEL J. FERGUSOn, B.A. Sociology. 3226 La Playa Crt. Oxnard, CA 93030. Foot- ball, Phi Kappa Tau. AMIE VIOLA FERYO, B.A. English Secon- dary Education. 1443 Mahantongo St. Potts- ville, PA 17901. College Choir, Program Board-Chairperson Recreation Committee, M.A.C.-Vice President of Campus Activities, Ski Club, Education Society. JOHH FICKE, B.S. Biology. 3919 Martin Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. TIMOTHY FIHHEGAH, B.A. Communica- tions. 16 Fir Place Hazlet, HJ 07730. Varsity Football, Alpha Tau Omega, Interfratemity Council Representative. AMY E. FLAMISH, B.S. Psychology. 1492 Old Country Rd. Whitehall, PA 18052. Alpha Chi Omega, Psychology Club, Ski Club. GRETA FLEDERBACH, B.A. Psychology, RD 6 Box 566 Allentown, PA 18106. Psycholo- gy Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, German Club, German House. ELIZABETH MARIE FLYHH, B.A. Accounting. 18 Hill Rd. Farmingdale, HY 11735. Delta Zeta, Panhellenic Council-Vice President, Treasurer, Accounting Club, Powder Puff Football, Intramurals. BRIAH J. FOSHOCHT, B.S. Biology. 2332 Forest Hills Dr. Harrisburg, PA 17112. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Muhlenberg Jazz Ensemble, Bi- ology Club, College Choir. SAHDRA AHH FRAIM, B.A. Art: minor-Busi- ness. 2905 Burden Rd. Parkside, PA 19015. A.P.O., Art Club, Jr. Prom Committee, Busi- ness Club. MIHDY G. FRAHK, B.A. English Secondary Education. 21 Starlight Dr. Colonia, HJ 07067. Resident Advisor, Dance Club-Vice President, MTA. IHA S. FREEDMAH, B.A. Business. 200 Bal- dwin Dr. Apt. 21D Parsippany, HJ 07054. AHDREW JAY FUHK, B.A. Communications. 35 30-17 Long Beach Rd. Oceanside, HY 11572. Alpha Tau Omega-Rush Committee. ERIC M. GABRIEL, B.S. Hatural Science. Box 182c Cratetown Rd Clinton Township, HJ 08833. Chemistry Club-Treasurer, Phi Kappa Tau, Ski Club. PAUL J. GALGAHO, B.S. Biology. 63 Hichols Dr. Paramus, HJ 07652. Intramurals: Soc- cer, Volleyball, Football, Lacrosse Club. JOAHH P. GAUGHRAH, B.S. Biology. 71 Rus- sell St. Woodbridge, HJ 07095. Delta Zeta- President, Corresponding Secretary, Tour Guide, Student Advisor, Wind Ensemble, WMUH, Program Board. JAHET R. GEIST, B.A. Spanish. 55 Malcolm Rd. Mahwah, HJ 07430. La Fiesta Espanola- President, Alpha Phi Omega, Arcade, Intra- mural Sports, Campus Visitation Program. STEPHAHIE GOLDMAH, B.A. Psychology. 117 Dundee Mew Media, PA 19063. JOEL S. GOLDSTEIH, B.A. Philosophy Po- litical Science. 3022 Riverside Dr. Wantagh, NY 11793. MARK J. GOLDSTEIN, B.A. Business Fi- nance. 418 Doral Dr. Cherry Mill, NJ 08003. Zeta Beta Tau-Vice President of Alumni. ANN ROBERTA GOODMAN, B.A. Drama. Box 81B RD 4 Reading, PA 19606. MTA, Hillel, International Students, Radio, Arcade, Weekly. CAMILLE " GAMI " GROSS, B.A. Art Commu- nications. County Park Rd. RD 4 Pottstown, PA 19464. Art Club, President of Romance Language Mouse. MELISSA JANE GRAULE, B.S. Biology Natu- ral Science. 81 Intervale Rd. Boonton, NJ 07005. Program Board Member-Free Univer- sity Chairperson, Tour Guide, Chapel Choir. DIANA JOAN GRAZIO, B.A. Spanish. 56 La- keview Terrace Ramsey, NJ 07446. Spanish Club-Treasurer, Campus Hostess. HEIDI GREEN, B.A. Psychology. 13 Maxwell Ln. Englishtown, NJ 07726. Hillel, Psycholo- gy Club, Ski Club, First Aid. BONNIE JILL GREENBERG, B.A. Psychology. 19 Rotterdam West Holland, PA 18966. JEFFREY SCOTT GROSS, B.A. Accounting Business. 1410 June Ln. Penn Valley, PA 19072. Pre-Law Society-President, Student Council, Zeta Beta Tau, Omicron Delta Kappa. DIANA LYNN GUETHER, B.S. Biology. 184 Rowland PI. Woodbridge, NJ 07095. Alpha Chi Omega-Panhelienic Representative, Stu- dent AMbassador for Alumni, Student Advi- sor. RYNARD G. GUNDRUM JR., B.A. Human Re- source Administration. Box 23 Grafton, NY 12082. American Society for Personel Ad- ministration-Vice President, Varsity Foot- ball, DANA BETH GURALNICK, B.A. Communica- tions. 424 Larkspur St. Philadelphia, PA 19116. Delta Zeta, Tour Guide Receptionist in Office of Admissions, WMUH. KRISTEN ANNE HAAS, B.A. Communica- tions. Box 504 RD 8 Crocker Hill Rd. Bing- hamton, NY 13904. Muhlenberg Theatre As- sociation-Art Director, Women ' s Track and Field, Ultimate Frisbee Club. PAUL J. HALUPA, B.A. Biology Art. 30 High- wood Dr. Dumont, NJ 07628. Arcade, Intra- mural Volleyball, Intramural Basketball, Art Club. RAYMOND F. HANDEL, B.A. Communica- tions. 283 Herbert Ave. Old Bridge, NJ 08857. WMUH Sportscaster, Phi Kappa Tau- House Manager, Rush Chair, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Baseball. KEVIN ANDREW HARDY, B.A. Accounting Business. RD 2 Oak Ln. Cresco, PA 19326. Student Council Rep., Co-Chair of Council Operations, Baseball, Accounting Club, Team Captain Senior Pledge Drive, Pre-Law Society, Communications Chair Pre-Law So- ciety. MELISSA A. HARTFIEL, B.A. Economics Fi- nance. 54 Colfax Fr. Pequannock, NJ 07440. Alpha Phi Omega, Campus Visitation, Choir- Section Leader, Asst. Manager, Muhlenberg Opera Group, Intramural Volleyball, Busi- ness Economics Club. MELISSA A. HAWK, B.A. Russian Studies: mi- nor-German. 2908 Stoney Creek Rd. Norris- town, PA 19401. Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President of Russian Club, Chapel Choir. MICHELE ANNE HECK, B.A. Communica- tions. 1509 Garfield Ave. Wyomissing, PA 19610. Class President, Executive Council, Track Team, Alpha Chi Omega-Rush Chair, Student Advisor, Student Ambassador for Alumni, Senior Pledge Drive Committee. LISA ANN HEFTER, B.A. Communications: minor-Business. 724 Severn Rd. Wilmington, DE 19803. Pom-Poms, Radio Station, Stu- dent Advisor, Phi Sigma Sigma-Assistant Bursar, Social Chair. STEVEN P. Helm, B.A. Psychology. 538 Dell St. Toms River, NJ 08753. Alpha Tau Ome- ga-House Manager. DONNA C. HERMEY, B.S. Biology. Box 3561 Mt. Vernon, ME 04352. Alpha Phi Omega. DONNA MARIE HODGES, B.A. Business Ad- ministration. 3711 Hereford Ln. Philadel- phia, PA 19114. Dance Club-President, Cos- tume Coordinator, Alpha Phi Omega, Wind Ensemble, Campus Visitation Hostess, Spe- cial Interest House, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Executive Council. MARYFRANCES MARIE HODGES, B.A. Hu- man Resources. 2740 Russell St. Allentown, PA 18104. ASPA. THOMAS P. HOLDEN, B.A. Business. 4 But- ler PI. Butler, NJ 07405. Alpha Tau Omega- President, Worthy Scribe, IFC Member, Var- sity Football. RICHARD L. HOLLABAUGH, B.A. Drama. 1628 Snyder St. Bethlehem, PA 18017. Muh- lenberg Theatre Association. STACEY A. HOLMES, B.A. Russian German. 1098 Cherry St. Montoursville, PA 17754. Resident Advisor, Head Resident, RMS-Presi- dent ODK-Vice President, Muhlenberg Activi- ties Council-President, Peer Educators, Rus- sian Honor Society-President, Russian Club- President. KAREN HOPPER, B.A. Accounting Business Administraction. 68 Woodland Rd. Ring- wood, NJ 07456. Accounting Club-Secre- tary, Business Economics Club-Treasurer, Alpha Phi Omega-Treasurer, Intramural Vol- leyball, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment. LISA J. HORNING, B.A. Business: minor-His- tory, RD 1 Box 1525 Hamburg, PA 19526. Delta Zeta-Panhellenic Rep., Social Chair, Student Council Rep., Executive Council, Ski Club, Business Economics Club, Home- coming Queen. Phi Alpha Theta. JEAN LEAH HOROWITZ, B.A. History Gov- emment. 356 Marbledale Rd. Tuckahoe, NY 10707. Phi Sigma Sigma, Weekly, Hillel. ANDREW LEE HOWARD, B.A. Psychology. 12 Birch Ln. Florham Park, NJ 07932. Tennis 185 Team, Psychology Club, Campus Visitation Program, Radio Station. JULIE ELIZABETH HOWELL, B.A. American Studies Communications. 23 Stratford Rd. Seekonk, MA 02771. Delta Zeta Philanthro- py Chair, Corresponding Secretary, Ski Club-President. WMUH DJ and Hews Direc- tor. LISA M. HUGGARD, B.A. Business. 2 Mon- trose 138 Montrose Ave. Rosemont, PA 19010. Lacrosse, Delta Zeta, Business Club. GAIL HUTH1CK, B.S. Biology Russian Stud- ies. 66 Blackstone Rd. Port Reading, HJ 07064. Delta Zeta, Russian Club, Tour Guide, Program Board. JAMES T. IACOCCA, B.A. Political Science. 3105 Greenleaf St. Allentown, PA 18104. Ski Club, Resident Advisor, Tau Kappa Epsilon- Treasurer, Vice-President. JEHHIFER L. JAGUST, B.A. Psychology. 9 South Virginia Court Englewood Cliffs, HJ 07632. Education Society-Co-President, Secretary, Intramural Volleyball LD Tutor- ing, Dean ' s List, Teacher Education Com- mittee. LORRAIHE JARRAH, B.S. Biology. 2020 E. Cedar St. Allentown, PA 18103. Resident Hall Council, Walz Hall President, Alpha Phi Omega, International Students Assoc., Biol- ogy Club, Junior Prom Committee, Program Board, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. STUART M. JEHTIS, B.A. History. 39 Sha- dowlaws Dr. Livingston, HJ 07039. AXA Fra- ternity-High Phi, Founding Father, Rifle Club, First Aid Squad. KIMBERLY BETH JESSEH, B.A. Accounting Social Science. 4528 Winding Brook Dr. Cornwell Heights, PA 19020. President Resi- dent Hall Council, RHC-Secretary, Program Board-Vice President, Treasurer, Special Events Committee, Resident Life Commit- tee, Homecoming Queen Selection Commit- tee, Bash Committee Co-Chair, Alpha Chi Omega. MARIOH DEBORAH JOHHSTOH, B.A. Art. 83 Lloyd Harbor Rd. Huntington, HY 11743. Delta Zeta, Swim Club, Art Club. CAROLIHE LESLEY JOHES, B.A. Political Science. 20 Middlebrook Farm Rd. Wilton, CT 06897. A.P.O, Big Sister Project of Allen- town, Pre-Law Society, International Affairs Club. LISA AHH KALOSS, B.A. Human Resource Administration Communications. 32 Fox Hill Rd. Middletown, HJ 07748. American So- ciety for Personnel Administration, MAPA, Basketball Statistician. DAVIS BERHHARDS KAHEPS, B.A. Russian Studies German. RD 2 Box 440-H Branch- ville, HJ 07826. Russian Club, WMUH, Track, Cross Country, German Club. LORI ALLISOH KATZ, B.A. Communica- tions Psychology. 22 Allenby Ln. Scotch Plains, HJ 07076. Alpha Chi Omega-Public- ity Chair, Hall Representative. GREGORY K. KEARHS, B.A. Political Service. 106 Yosemite Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15235. RACHAEL A. KEEFE, B.A. Psychology. 115 Buckwood Dr. Hyannis, MA 02601. Muhlen- berg Christian Fellowship-Secretary, Cam- pus Christian Fellowship-Executive Council Member, Arcade. TED S. KELLER, B.S. Business Administra- tion. 4818 Pine Grove Cir. Wescosville, PA 18106. BREHDA T. KEHHY, B.A. Philosophy Politi- cal Science. 28 Wells Hill Rd. Weston, CT 06883. STEFAHIE KIESERMAH, B.A. Accounting. 602 Hoyt Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Business Club, Accounting Club-Vice Presi- dent, Intramural Volleyball. JAMES A. KIICK, B.A. Business. 17 Prospect St. Little Falls, HJ 07474. Varsity Wrestling, Alpha Tau Omega-Historian, intramurals. RICHARD M. KIHG, B.A. Economics. 4 Wil- liams Ct. Monroe, HY 10950. Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Football. SHAROH KIHZELBERG, B.A. Business. 17 Stonehenge Ln. E. Horthport, HY 11731. Business Economics Club. AMAHDA DIAHE KLE1H, B.A. Psychology Elementary Education. 8 Fairway Ave. West Orange, HJ 07052. Phi Sigma Sigma-Execu- tive Board Secretary, Psi Chi, Psychology Club, Tour Guide, Education Society, Hillel. DOMEHICK KLEIH JR., B.S. Biology Philos- ophy. 1008 Hew Brunswick Ave. Manasquan, HJ 08736. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Ski Club. EMILY AHH KOEHLER, B.A. Art Communica- tions. Brookfarm Lane Bedford, HY 10506. Field Hockey, Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Counselor. RAHDI KOEHIG, B.A. Art Sociology. 22F West 34th St. Bayonne, HJ 07002. Dance Club, Intramural Swimming, WMUH, First Aid Corp. STEVEH MITCHELL KRAMER, B.A. Business. 1 Markham Dr. Morganville, HJ 07751. Ski Club, Intramural Sports, Activities Board, Program Board. DOUGLAS M. KREWSOH, B.S. Computer Sci- ence Math. 1243 Essex Ave. Woodlyn, PA 19094. Chapel Choir, College Choir, Pho- tography Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Secretary, President. GREGORY S. KR1KOR1AH, B.A. Economics. 168 Haney Lane Wyckoff, HJ 07481. Busi- ness Economics Club, Phi Kappa Tau, ODE. JACQUELIHE R. KUBA, B.A. Music. RD 1 Box 135. Lehighton, PA 18235. KATHY J. KULAGA, B.A. Accounting. 1210 Lansdale Ave. Lansdale, PA 19446. Phi Sig- ma Sigma-Historian, Tribune, Vice-Presi- dent, Accounting Club, Ski Club, Weekly-Co- Photography Editor, Pre-Law Society, I.M. Sports, Softball Manager, Field Hockey Man- ager. DAVID G. DUHTZ, JR., B.S. natural Science Biology. 658 Oakwood Lane Lancaster, PA 17603. Tau Kappa Epsilon-President, IFC, Varsity Basketball, Student Rep.-Parent s As- sociation, Muhlenberg Board of Associates. STEPHEH BEHJAM1H KUPFERBERG, B.S. natural Science Biology. 34 Lenbome Dr. Cranford, HJ 07016. Varsity Track, ODK, Phi Kappa Tau, Executive Council, Student Ad- visor. MICHAEL " HUEY ' ' LAHDSMAH, B.A. Psychol- ogy Human Resource Administration. 76 Monroe Ave. Edison, HJ 08820. Varsity Ten- nis-Captain, Psychology Club, Hillel, Parlia- mentarian Zeta Beta Tau, American Society for Personnel Administration. MELISSA M. LAHG, B.A. Philosophy. 21 Slate Hill Rd. Poughkeepsie, HY 12603. DOHHA L. LAVISTA, B.A. Spanish Account- ing. 78 Henning Dr. Fairfield, HJ 07006. Pre- Law Society-Secretary, Spanish Club-Vice President, M.A.C. -Secretary, O.D.E.-Treasur- er. Student Advisor, Tour Guide. SUSAH LEGGETT-PEARSOH, B.A. Communi- cations. 2305 Elm St. Allentown, PA 18104. 186 RICHARD D. LEVIN, B.A. Philosophy: minor- Business. 1940 Mather Way Elkins Park, PA 19117. Sigma Phi Epsilon. DARRYL L1EDEL, B.A. Business. 21 Hillcrest Dr. Piscataway, NJ 08854. COURTNEY LISECKI, B.A. Business. 456 Fairfield Rd. Wyckoff, NJ 07481. Business Economics Club-President, Society For Ad- vancement of Management-President, Brown Hall-President, Board Of Directors Rep., Executive Council, Senior Pledge Drive, Senior Ball Co-Chair. AUDREY BRENDA LISS, B.S. Chemistry. 711 Ross Dr. Langhome, PA 10947. Hillel-Presi- dent. Chemistry Club-Secretary, Yearbook, Alpha Phi Omega. CAROLINE T. LOMBOY, B.S. Bioiogy. 2949 Allen St. Allentown, PA 18104. Biology Field Club-President, Forensics Society-Secretary, Rock Climbing Club. CYNTHIA M. LONG. B.A. Economics Philos- ophy. 914 Dolphin Dr. Maivem, PA 18144. Alpha Chi Omega-Activities Chair, Student Advising-Steering Committee, Secretary, Pom-Poms-Captain, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Muhlenberg Activities Council, Publicity Committee, Senior Pledge Drive, Business Economics Club. JUDY ELLEN LUBBEN, B.A. Economics. 725 East Dr. Oradell, NJ 07649. Executive Coun- cil, Business Economics Club-Vice Presi- dent, Student Ambassadors for Alumni, M.A.C., Resident Hall Council-Vice Presi- dent, Housing Advisory Committee-Chair, Tour Guide, Intramural Football, Volleyball, Soccer. SHERYL LUB1TZ, B.A. Art Eiementary Edu- cation. 1830 Lincoln Ave. Wyomissin g, PA 19610. CATHERINE LYNN LUSK, B.A. Business. 21 Manhasset, NY 11030. Yea rbook-G reek Edi- tor, Class Representative, Student Recruiter, Lacrosse, Business Club. CHRISTOPHER F. LUTZ, B.A. Human Re- sources Administration. 950 Windsor Rd. Teaneck, NJ 07666. Varsity Football, Alpha Tau Omega, ASAP. SEAN ANTHONY MACKIN, B.A. Communica- tions. Box M Buck Hill Falls, PA 18323. Bas- ketball-Captain, Zeta Betz Tau, Interfrater- nity Council-Treasurer, Secretary. DARLENE ANN MAHLER, B.A. Psychology. 304 Texas Rd. Murganville, NJ 07751. Psy- chology Club, Romance Language House- President, Housing Advisory Committee. SUSAN MAHOL1C, B.A. Business. 1002 Tim- ber Oaks Rd. Edison, NJ 08820. Transfer Student Advisor, Muhlenberg Activities Club-Vice President, Resident Hall Council Rep. DIANE C. MAMMON, B.A. English Philos- ophy. 36 Stag Trail Fairfield, NJ 07006. Weekly-Editor in Chief, Delta Zeta-Commu- nications Chair, Omicron Delta Kappa-Sec- retary, Sigma Tau Delta-Sergeant at Arms, Committee of English Majors, English Writ- ing Center-Tutor, Catholic Campus Ministry- Lector. LUCIA ANN MANCUSO, B.A. Business Ad- ministration. 25 Hansen Ave. New City, NY 10956. Accounting Club, Business Econom- ics Club-Secretary, Alpha Chi Omega-Secre- tary of Chapter Relations Board, Society for the Advancement of Management-Secretary, 50-Mile Club. ROBERT A. MANN, B.A. Business. 1617 Cot- tage Ave. Bethlehem, PA 18018. Varsity Football, Alpha Tau Omega-Social Chair. ROBERT EARL MANNING, B.A. Psychology Philosophy. 3059 Essex PL Lancaster, PA 17601. Alpha Phi Omega-President, Vice President, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Vice President. MICHELE MARANGI, B.A. Business. 4595 S. Pleasant Ave. Ridgewood, NJ 07450. Varsity Tennis, Yearbook, Business Economics Club. JOHN MARUT, B.A. Political Science. 62 15th St. Toms River, NJ 08753. Pre-Law So- ciety, WMUH Airstaff, intramural Sports, Pi Sigma Alpha-Vice President. MICHAEL R. MARVIN, B.S. Natural Science: minor-Music. 36 Winesap Lane Monsey, NY 10952. Phi Kappa Tau-Sergeant at arms. Senior Class-Treasurer, Jazz Band. LAURA MARIE MASSAIA, B.A. Spanish. 732 Soldier Hill Rd. Okadell, NJ 07649. Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Sigma lota, Alpha Chi Omega-Sunshine Chair, Student Advisor- Steering Committee, Resident Hall Council- Dorm President, Tour Guide, Social Judicial Board, Teacher Education Committee, Edu- cation Society, Spanish Tutor, Sorority Housing Task Force, Spanish Club. KATHERINE H. MATHEWS, B.S. Chemistry. 109 Hunter Rd. Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462. Ciarla-Editor, Sports Editor, Busi- ness Economics Club, Chemistry Club. ADAM J. MATHIOS, B.A. Marketing. 10 Woodcrest Rd. Monsey, NY 10952. Swim Club. NEIL L. McASLAN, B.S. Physics. 6003 Lake- hurst Dr. Baltimore, MD 21210. Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track. LINDA BETH McCULLAGH, B.S. Mathemat- ics Education. 49 Great Neck Rd. Trumbull, CT 06611. Education Society-President, Stu- dent Advisor, Tour Guide, Alpha Phi Omega, Wind Ensemble. RYAN JOHN McGUINNESS, B.A. Psychology. 14 Barrier Dr. Hazlet, NJ 07730. Phi Kappa Tau, Varsity Football. SCOTT C. McLEAD, B.A. Communications. 72 Carter Dr. Tolland, CT 06084. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Muhlenberg Theatre Association, WMUH, Varsity Track and Field, Intramural Football, Basketball, Y.A.C.C. DANIEL P.McPHILLIPS, B.A. Accounting. 2724 South St. Allentown, PA 18103. N.R.S.A., Accounting Club. KATHY MEARS, B.A. Political Science. 27 Ev- ergreen Lane Burlington, NJ 08016. Weekly- Editor in Chief, Delta Zeta-VP of Pledge Edu- cation, Historian, Sunshine, Sorority Educa- tion, Student Advisor, College Committee for Student Affairs, Pi Sigma Alpha, Sigma Tau Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa. MICHAEL T. MELANI, B.A. Spanish. 99 Ro- binhood Way Wayne, NJ 07470. Spanish Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Senior Marshall, In- tramural Sports-Football, Basketball, Vol- leyvall, Pre-Law Society. JODI BETH MELTZER, B.A. Human Resource Administration. 7 Locust Dr. Thiflle, NY 10984. Tour Guide. Phi Sigma Sigma-Pledge Mistress, Vice President, Executive Council, Co-Chair-Junior Prom, ASAP, Orientation Committee-Executive Beard, Senior Pledge Drive-Chair. ANDREW A. MEYER, B.A. Business Spanish. 942 Post Ave. Staten Island, NY 10302. GRETCHEN A. MEYER, B.S. Physics. 8 W. Steven Ave. Valhalla, NY 10595. Physics Club-President, Education Society. KAREN ELIZABETH MILLER, B.A. Social Sci- ence. 90 Brook Ln. Cheshire, Ct 06410. Al- pha Chi Omega-Recording Secretary, Lyre Editor. MICHAEL MILLER, B.A. Accounting. 785 Starview Way Bridgewater, NJ 08807. Alpha Tau Omega-Treasurer, Varsity Football, Ac- counting Club. ALYSE ROBIN MILSTE1N, B.A. Spanish: mi- nor-Business. 48 Carol PL Wayne, NJ 07470. Alpha Chi Omega-Treasurer, Student Advi- sor, Spanish Club-Corresponding Secretary, IM Soccer, IM Volleyball, Spanish Tutor. GERALD C. MINGIN Jr., B.A. Art. 82 Laurel Hollow Ct. Edison, NJ 08820. Art Club, WMUH-Radio Music Director, Residence Hall Council, Muhlenberg Weekly. RICHARD MORANO, B.A. Accounting. 46 Seven Oaks Circle Holmdel, NJ 07733. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Accounting Club, Special Events Chair, Program Board, Accounting Tutor. JOHN A. MORRIS, B.S. Natural Science. 783 Natures Way Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417. Class Secretary, Phi Kappa Tau-Alumni Chair. LORI A. MORTIMER, B.A. English. 45 Old Queens Blvd. Englishtown, NJ 07726. Phi Sigma Sigma, French Club-President, Phi Sigma lota, Sigma Tau Delta, Weekly-Assis- tant New Editor, Writer, Social Judicial Board, College Band Secretary, Vice Presi- dent. KATHERINE E. MOULTON, B.A. Communica- tions. 1362 Main St. Phoenix, NY 13135. SUSAN LORRAINE MUHLBACH, B.A. Human- ities. 407 Gittings Ave. Baltimore, MD 21212. Dance Club-Secretary, Lutheran Student Movement-Treasurer, Secretary, College Choir, Alpha Phi Omega, Humanities Task Force. PATRICIA A. NAJDA, B.A. Business English. 313 Indiana Ave. Shenandoah, PA 17976. Business Economics Club, Arcade, Soccer- Volleyball Intramurals. KATHLEEN E. NASH, B.A. Accounting Busi- ness. 1513 Chew St. Allentown, PA 18102. LYNN NEAL, B.A. Drama Communication. 68 Smith Rd. Collegeville, PA 19426. Muh- lenberg Theatre Association. ALISON L. NEWBERG, B.A. Psychology. 1866 Foot Hill Dr. Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Muhlenberg Theatre Association- Board of Directors, Student Ambassadors for Alumni, Lacrosse Manager, Men ' s Bas- ketball Manager, Psychology Club. LORI ANN NEWCOMER, B.A. French. 31 Bon- ham Dr. Edison, NJ 08837. Phi Sigma Sig- ma. JENNIFER JESSE NEWTON, B.A. Communi- cation. 1800 Darby Rd. Havertown, PA 19083. Gaming Club, Non Resident Student, Rifle Club. KENNETH J. NODES, B.A. Business. Ill Bentley Ave. Old Bridge, NJ 08857. Varsity Basketball, Business Economics Club, In- tramural Sports. KEVIN A. NOURIZADEH, B.A. Political Sci- ence: minor-Philosophy. 50 Birch Hill Drive New Britian, CT 06052. Tau Kappa Epsilon. ELIZABETH L. NUERNBERGER, B.A. Ac- counting. 110 Yellow Bluff Trace St. Marys, GA 31558. Alpha Chi Omega-Vice President, Student Council-Treasurer, Head Resident- Brown, Board of Associates, Tour Guide, Convocations Committee. THOMAS P. O ' BRIEN, B.A. English Spanish Secondary Education. P.O. Box 301 East Rockaway, NY 11518. Muhlenberg Christian Fellowship-President, Education Society- Treasurer, Vice-President, Spanish Club, English Honor Society. JENNIFER ANN O ' GRADY, B.A. English. 4 Re- nault Dr. Flanders, NJ 07836. Alpha Chi Omega-Chaplain, Catholic Campus Minis- try-President, Student Ambassadors for Alumni-President, Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Pre-Law Society. JENNIFER L. PACKARD, B.A. Psychology. 1300 Walker Rd. Freeland, MD 21053 SUZANNE PATRICE PALMERICK, B.A. Com- munications French. 677 East Drive, Ora- dell, NJ 07649. Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Sigma lota, French Club, Student Advisor. GABRIELLE T. PANZA, B.A. Accounting Business. 225 High St. Emerson, NJ 07630. Accounting Club, Business Economics Club, Concert and Pep Bands, Alpha Phi Omega. THOMAS E. PAPA, B.A. Economics. 47 Willis Dr. Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087. Economics Honor Society, Football, Phi Kappa Tau. CHERI PAPEN, B.A. Psychology. 2279 Old Farm Rd. Scotch Plains, NJ 07076. KAREN LESLIE PARKIN, B.A. Psychology Elementary Education. 565 Reeve Ave. Box 57 Mattituck, NY 11952. Alpha Phi Omega, Education Society, Lutheran Student Move- ment, Wind Ensemble. VALARIE ANN PASIECKI, B.S. Biology, 325 Libby Ave. Ridgewood, NJ 07450. Alpha Phi Omega, Biology Field Club. CAMILLE M. PASSEGGIO, B.A. Drama. Ed- ward Bentley Rd. Lawrence, NY 11509. MTA- Artistic Director, College Choir. JENNIFER M. PELLEGRINO, B.A. Business Philosophy. 254 Old Mill Rd. Manhasset, NY 11030. Executive Council, Yearbook-Co-Edi- tor in Chief, Business Economics Club, Yearbook-Photographer, Senior Section Editior, Big Sister, Freshmen Orientation Committee. GRACIA ANN PER1LLI, B.A. Communica- tions. 419 West Broad St. Tamaqua, PA 18252. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Softball. MICHAEL PESCE, B.A. Accounting. RD 3, Box 233A Washington, NJ 07882. Tau Kappa Epsilon-House Chair, Accounting Club, Intramural Football, Volleyball. CHRISTINE C. PETERSEN, B.A. German Business. 81 Hollywood Ave. W. Long Branch, NJ 07764. Phi Sigma Sigma. KURT PETERSON, B.A. Accounting Philos- ophy. 278 Kennedy St. Iselin, NJ 08830. 188 Concert Committee-Chair, Siblings Commit- tee, Accounting Club. DAVID T. PFUND, B.A. Economics Philos- ophy. 732 Parsons Rd. Ridgewood, NJ 07450. Football, Winter Spring Track, Phi Kappa Tau, Business Economics Club. DAWMMARIE VERONICA PICCOLA, B.S. Psy- chology Biology. Anthony Wayne Rd. new Vernon, nj 07976. Arcade-Editor, Dance Club, Student Advisor, Panhellenic Rep., Phi Sigma Sigma, WMUH, Pom-Poms, Ski Club. DAVID P1ERINGER, B.A. Accounting. 2019 Wisteria Ln. Lafayette Hill, PA 19444. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Accounting Club. TODD JOSEPH PIERZCHALA, B.S. natural Science Biology. 107 Woodlawn Ave. Broo- mall, PA 19008. LYnnE C. PILEOQI, B.A. Economics Busi- ness. RD 3 Box 1120 Milton, PA 17847. Women ' s Varsity Lacrosse, Alpha Phi Ome- ga, Business Economics Club. KIMBERLEY A. PinDELL, B.A. Social Work. 1036 Hunt Club Lane Lancaster, PA 17601. APO-Vice President Service, Choir, Tour Guide, Resident Advisor. DEREK A. PAPEIL, B.A. Business. 10 Pearl Crest Ct. Pearl River, NY 10965. Business Club, Pre-Law Society, Co-President, Trea- surer-Ski Club, Outdoor Club, First Aid Club, Phi Kappa Tau. KAREn L. POTOSHAK, B.A. Political Sci- ence Russian Studies. 3945 Longfellow St. Allentown, PA 18104. nonresident Student Association, Pi Sigma Alpha, Debro Slovo. CHARLOTTA POULSEN, B.A. Art. 307 Wash- ington St. Mall Cape May, NJ 08204. Dance Club-Costume Designer, Art Club. MARY-NELL PRENTING, B.A. Economics. 2 Alden Rd. Poughkeepsie, NJ 12603. Phi Sig- ma Sigma Member at Large, Omicron Delta Epsilon, WMUH-DJ, Student Manager MW Wood. ROBERT SCOTT PRESSMAN, B.S. Natural Science Accounting. 724 Timer Trail Ln. Springfield, PA 19064. Tau Kappa Epsilon- Social Chair, Intramural Soccer, Basketball. SCOTT WILLIAM PYNE, B.S. Natural Science. 428 S. 7th St. Emmaus, PA 18049. Football, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Phi Kappa Tau. IFC- Rep., Executive Council. KRISTIN PYSKATY, B.A. Economics Busi- ness Administration. 69 Asbury Rd. Hackett- stown, NJ 07840. Delta Zeta-Treasurer, V.P. of Pledge, Student Advisor, Student Ambas- sadors for Alumni, Program Board, Wind En- semble, Ski Club. T. WESLEY QUALLS, B.A. Psychology Busi- ness. 9 Baker Court Ramsey, NJ 07446. Psy- chology Club-Treasurer, Intramural Sports. REMY MARIA QUINONES, B.A. Philosophy. 27 Nichols St. Newark, NJ 07105. S.A.D.D., Social Judicial Board, Program Board. WILLIAM C. RALEIGH, B.A. Business Admin- istration. 15 Fairway East Colts Neck, NJ 07722. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Interfratemity Council-Vice President, Pre-Law Society. KELLI A. REARDON, B.A. Psychology Rus- sian Studies. 84 Pine View Ave. Worcester, MA 01603. Russian Club, Psychology Club, Alcohol Awaremess Steering Committee. MIRIAM E. REDINGTON, B.S. Biology. 13309 Locksley Ln. Silver Spring, MD 20904. Alpha Phi Omega, Muhlenberg Singers-Assistant Manager, Lutheran Student Movement, Muhlenberg Interfaith Council. LISA A. REMOLEY, B.S. Accounting. 3425 Center St. Whitehall, PA 18052. Varsity Vol- leyball, O.D.E., Latin Honor Society, Ac- counting Club. DIANE LYNN REVOTSKIE, B.S. Biology. 11 Pennlyn Rd. Southhampton, PA 18966. Field Hockey, Executive Council, Yearbook-Co- Editor-Sports, Alpha Chi Omega, Student Ambassador for Alumni Committee. WALTER J. RHOADES, B.S. Natural Science Psychology. 1935 Maria Lane Allentown, PA 18104. Psychology Club. JOSEPH PAUL RICKER, B.A. Sociology. 13 Stonehendge Terr. Sparta, NJ 07871. Army ROTC-Cadet, Anthropology Club-Treasurer, Lambda Chi Alpha-Social Chair, United Way Big Brother, Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Committee. DONALD L. RIGG III, B.A. Business. 11 Hop- per Ter. Ramsey, NJ 07446. Varsity Base- ball, Business Club, Phi Kappa Tau, WMUH- Baseball Announcer. CHRISTINE RITARDt, B.A. Communications. 1 Edward Ct. Basking Ridge, NJ 07920. Al- pha Chi Omega, Cheerleading, Internation- al Affairs Club. JIM ROBERTI, B.S. Finance. Hemlock Farms Box 1194 Hawley, PA 18428. Tau Kappa Ep- silon. ALISSA K. ROBINSON, B.A. English. 23 An- pell Dr. Scarsdale, NY 10583. Arcade-Editor. BRUCE ROBINSON, B.A. Business. 529 Lackawanna Ave. West Peterson, NJ 07424. WMUH-DJ, WMUH-Sports Director, Student Advisor, Tau Kappa Epsilon-Sgt. at Arms. CHRISTINE ROGAN, B.A. Economics: minor- History. 12 Indian Hill Rd. Medfield, MA 02052. Phi Sigma Sigma. PATRICIA A. ROHR, B.S. Chemistry. 49 De- kalb Ave. Ehite Plains, NY 10605. Student Advisor, Delta Zeta-Alumni Coordinator, Nominations Committee Chair, Chemistry Club-President. KIMBERLY ANNE RAMAGNOLA, B.S. Busi- ness. 48 Colonial Court Staten Island, NY 10310. RHC, Dining Committee, Business Club, MAC, Red Door Cafe. JAMES E. ROMAN, B.A. Economics. 13 Terry Ave. South River, NJ 08882. Ultimate Fris- bee-Treasurer, Economics Business Club, Resident Advisor. TRACI ROSENBERG, B.A. Psychology: mi- nor-Hilosophy. 11 Kingsley Dr. Englishtown, NJ 07726. Delta Zeta, Intramurals, Psychol- ogy Club-Vice President, Yearbook, Hillel, Peer Educator. TINA M. RUBEN, B.A. Communications Art. 559 W. Mt. Pleasant Ave. Livingston, NJ 07039. APO-Treasurer, Sgt. at Arms Pledge Class, Publicity Chair, Chapel Choir, Art Club, Weekly, Intramural Sports. DAVID NEAL RUBIN, B.A. Economics Ac- counting. 108 Buckley Terr. Philadelphia, PA 19115. Zeta Beta Tau, Pre-Law Society, Business Economics Club, Accounting Club. JAY M. RUBIN, B.A. English, 18 Saugatuck River Rd. Weston, CT 06883. Arcade-Trea- surer, Intramurals, Sophomore Hall Rep. Committee. LOIS I. RUGIS, B.S. Computer Science. 1237 Washington St. Easton, PA 18042. TNT Aero- bics, Math Club, NRSA. WENDY CAROLYN RUSH, B.A. Accounting. 757 Walnut Dr. Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417. Accounting Club-President, Alpha Chi Ome- ga, Business Economics Club, ODE-Vice President, Pom Pom Squad, Society for the advancement of Management. JOMATHAM SADOW, B.A. Accounting Busi- ness. 19 Lawrence PI. Chestnut Bridge, MY 10977. Phi Kappa Tau-Treasurer, Business Economics Club, Accounting Club. CARLOS SALAMA, B.S. Biology. 10 Lyncrest Rd. Peekskill, MY 10566. Varsity Soccer, MAPA-Steering Committee, Tau Kappa Epsi- lon, Student Advisor, Phi Sigma lota. JAMES J. SAMDERCOCK, B.A. Political Sci- ence. 4021 Briar Ln. Lafayette Hill, PA 19444. Business Economics Club, Varsity Soccer, I.M. Basketball, Drom Representi- tive, Pre-Law Society. JILL CATHERIME SAMTORE, B.A. Psycholo- gy French. 122 Hoyt St. Apt. 5L Stamford, CT 06905. Muhlenberg Theatre Association, French Club, Phi Sigma Iota. ELKE SAVETSKY, B.A. Psychology. 246 E. Clinton Ave. Tenafly, MJ 07670. Choir, Ac- counting Club, Psychology Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Intramurals. LORI B. SCARAMQELLA, B.A. Economics. 80 Ridgewood Ave. Lk. Hiawatha, MJ 07034. Business Economics Club, Program Board, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, International Affairs Club. JEFFREY R. SCHACHERLS, B.A. Business. 30 Resevoir Rd. Parsippany, MJ 07054. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Office of the liypopthetes. HEIDI LYMM SCHADIER, B.A. Communica- tions. 16 Hilltop Rd. Farmington, CT 06032. Residence Hall Council, Executive Council Varsity Tennis. JEMMIFER BOARDMAM SCHICK, B.A. Com- munications. 17 Stonepost Rd. Glastonbury, CT 06033. WMUH, Muhlenberg Theatre As- sociation, Delta Zeta. SAMUEL SCHILDCROUT, B.A. Accounting. 127 Village Rd. Roslyn, MY 11577. Sigma Phi Epsilon. AMDREW M. SCHLECHTER, B.S. Matural Sci- ence Biology. RD 1 Box 248 Center Valley, PA 18034. Varsity Football, Phi Kappa Tau, Lacrosse Club. ALEXAMDER SCHMIDT, B.A. Information Sci- ence. 15, Ysvogellaan Rhode St. Genese Bil- gium 1640. International Club-President In- ternationa! Committee, Varsity Football, Varsity Tennis, Zeta Beta Tau. BARBRA F. SCHMOLZE, B.S. Matural Sci- ence. 1631 Faunce St. Philadelphia, PA 19111. Freshman Advisor, Aerobics Instruc- tor. EDWIM M. SCHOLL, B.A. Art. 487 Booth Ct. Wyckoff, MJ 07481. Art Club. LISA JOY SCHULTE, B.A. Psychology. 4 Mor- ris Ln. Oyster Bay, MY 11771. Psychology Club, Phi Sigma Sigma-President, Pledge Mistress, Scholarship Chair. KEMMETH PAUL SCHWAB JR., B.A. Business: minor-Philosophy. 145 Ronney Ct. Bridgewater, MJ 08807. Business Club. CHRISTOPHER SCIAMAMMA, B.S. Matural Science Biology. 219 Canford Dr. Broomall, PA 19008. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Student Advi- sor, WMUH-DJ. AMME K. SEARLES, B.A. Psychology. 875 E. Princeton Ave. Palmerton, PA 18071. Wom- en ' s Basketball, Fieldhockey, Softball, Psy- chology Club, Student Advisor. STU SEARS, B.A. Political Science. 150-46 Village Rd. Jamaica, MY 11432. Sigma Phi Epsilon. KEITH SHAFIO, B.A. History, Regal Dr. Dan- bury, CT 06811. WMUH-DJ, First Aid Corp- Captain, Student Advisor, Sigma Phi Epsi- lon. JACQUELYM SHEEHY, B.A. Accounting Business. 846 Grubbs Mill Rd. Berwyn, PA 19315. Alpha Chi Omega. DEAM SCOTT SHULMAM, B.A. Accounting Economics. 328 Warren Blvd. Broomall, PA 19008. Zeta Beta Tau, Pre-Law Society, Ac- counting Club, Business Economics Club, Economics Honor Society. DAVID MATTHEW SIMMOMS, B.A. History Government. 115 E. Washington St. Fleetwood, PA 19522. Student Body Presi- dent, Student Council President, Student Ju- dicial Board, Tour Guide, Chapeland Con- cert Shoirs, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Sigma Alpha, Sigma Phi Epsilon. CHRISTOPHER, C. SLOCOMB, B.A. Busi- ness Economics. 2641 W. Robins Dr. Wil- mington, DE 19808. Business Economics Club. MICHOLAS M. SMALL, B.A. Economics Ac- counting. 24 Dacotah Ave. Oakland, MJ 07436. Phi Kappa Tau-President, Class ' 88 Vice President, Business Economics Club, Accounting Club. CARLA M. SMITH, B.S. Mathematics Educa- tion. 236 S. St. Cloud St. Allentown, PA 18104. APO-Historian, Math Club, TMT Aero- bics-Captain. COURTMEY S. SMITH, B.A. History Art. Box 291 Red Tea Ln. Chilmank, MA 02535. Big Brother Big Sister of the Lehigh Valley, Art Club. MATTHEW P. SMITH, B.A. Business Adminis- tration. 463 Jill Dr. Mazareth, PA 18064. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Economics Honor Society, Business Economics Club, Jazz Band. JOHM K. SMOW, B.S. Economics. Ambler Dr. Bedford, MY 10506. Sigma Phi Epsilon. JEMMIFER MARLA SAMMABEMD, B.A. Ac- counting. 8 Yorktowri Terr. Livingston, MJ 07039. Accounting Club, Business Econom- ics Club, Varsity Lacrosse, Basketball Team- Manager, Pre-Law Society, Hillel. PAMELA J. SORREMTIMO, B.A. Drama. 326 Iroquois St. Emmaus, PA 18049. Alpha Chi Omega-President, Cheerleader, MTA, Stu- dent Advisor, Education Society, Hall Repre- sentative, Student Ambassadors for Alumni, Homecoming Queen Finalist. KEMMETH S. SPIEGELMAM, B.A. Political Sci- ence. 13221 SW 70 Ave. Miami, FL 33156. Alpha Epsilon Pi-Secretary, Pledgemaster, President, Pre-Law Society, College Band, WMUH, IFC. MARCI H. STEARMS, B.A. Accounting Dra- ma. 89 Sand Rd. Fairfield, MJ 07006. Muh- lenberg Theatre Association, Delta Zeta- Song Leader, Wellness Program, WMUH, Pre-Law Society, Study Abroad. HOWARD M. STEIM, B.S. Biology. 1509 Jill Rd. Willow Grove, PA 19090. Zeta Betz Tau- Vice President, Yahtzee Club. MIRYAM I. STRASSBERG, B.A. Communica- tions. 138 Woodland Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Alpha Phi Omega-Alumni Histori- an, Russian Club-Treasurer, WMUH Mews- Mews Director, DJ, Publicity and Promotions Director, Tour Guide, Weekly Reporter. KAREM ALEXAMDRIA STRATAKIS, B.A. Ac- counting Economics. 8701 Shore Rd. Brooklyn, MY 11209. CHAMEL SUMMERS, B.A. Communications. 2898 Carter Rd. Treuose, PA 19047. 190 SUSAN BARI SWEETWOOD, B.A. Business Administration. 16 Tisbury Ct. Scotch Plains, NJ 07076. Muhlenberg Theatre Asso- ciation, Delta Zeta-UP Rush, Phi Sigma Iota- President. ERIC TELLEFSEN, B.A. Business Finance. 18 Heritage Rd. Old Tappan, NJ 07675. Zeta Beta Tau. ALICIA KAY TENBRINK, B.A. Drama. 240 Hamilton Ave. Glen Rock, NJ 07452. Muh- lenberg Theatre Association, Wellness Pro- gram, WMUH. EDWARD STEENSTRA THOMPSON, B.A. Business. 31 Pinetree Dr. Wayne, NJ 07470. Varsity Football, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Busi- ness Economics Club. GALE MARIE TREIBLE, B.S. Anthropology. 8 Gap View Dr. Blairstown, NJ 07825. Anthro- pology Club-President, Transfer Student Ad- visor. DAVID TRITTO, B.A. Economics Finance. 35 Edgar PI. Nutley, NJ 07110. Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Pre-Law Society, Business Economics Club, Phi Kappa Tau. ROBUN TROMEUR, B.A. Art History. 313 Pla- za Rd. North Fairiawn, NJ 07410. Delta Zeta- Historian, Ski Club. VINCENT J. TROSINO JR., B.A. Information Science: minor-Business Adminstrator. Bas- ketball, Track and Field, Computer Club, Business Club, Phi Kappa Tau-Vice Presi- dent, Chaplain, WMUH-Sports Announcer, Newscaster. JANCE A. TURESON, B.A. Business Adminis- tration. 33 Fairmount Ave. Morristown, NJ 07960. Alpha Phi Omega-Pledgemaster, President, Campus Visitation Coordinator, Tour Guide, Program Board-Secretary, VP, Treasurer, Lutheran Student Movement-VP, M.A.C. -Assistant President, Library Commit- tee, Dining Committee, Housing Advisory Board, Board of Associates- Student Repre- sentative, Faculty Meetings-Student Repre- sentative. SUSAN VERGE, B.A. Business. 23 Sher- brooke Dr. Florham Pk., NJ 07932. Busi- ness Economics Club, Tour Guide, Student Advisor, Phi Sigma Sigma-Activities Chair, Assistant Bursar. ELAINE M. VERRIEST, B.A. English. 3332 Kennedy Blvd. Jersey Lutheran Student Movement. DAVID ANDREW V1KLUND, B.A. History. 110 Grist Hill Lane Manhesset, NY 11030. THOMAS PETER VULP1S, B.S. Computer Sci- ence Psychology. 15 Cromer St. Staten Is- land, NY 10308. Lamda Chi Alpha, Gaming Club-President, Math Club, Psychology Club, M.T.A., Photography Club, Rifle Club, Karate Club. SUZANNE MARIE VUOLO, B.A. Psychology. 9 Dundee Ct. Mahwah, NJ 07430. Volleyball- Captain, Alpha Chi Omega-Social Chair- man, Student Advisor. MATTHEW B. WAGMAN, B.A. Business. 36 Morehouse La. Norwalk, CT 06850. Concert Committee Chair, Tau Kappa Epsilon, La- crosse Club, Business Club. ROBERT E. WAHLERS, B.A. Psychology Art. 508 Eagle Point Dr. Toms River, NJ 08753. Art Club-Secretary, President, Rugby Club- Co-Captain, Swim Team, Psychology Club. GREGORY S. WARNE, B. 39 Fisher Ave. Washington, NJ 07882. F Head, Senior Abroad-Columbia. AMY WEIL, B.A. Psychology. 704 Gawain Rd. Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462. Psychology Club, Choir, Alpha Phi Omega, Campus Visi- tation, Intramural Volleyb all. EVAN B. WE1SMAN, B.S. Biology Natural Sci- ence. 666 East Ave. Pawtucket, R1 02860. Concert Committee, Biology Club. MARK P. WE1SSMAN, B.A. Music Theatre. 40 Stirling Ct. Metuchen, NJ 08840. Sigma Phi Epsilon-Vice President, Director of Alumni Relations, Rush Chairman, Omicron Delta Kappa, Muhlenberg Theatre Association, College Choir-Asst. Manager, Section Lead- er. ALAN WOGH1N, B.A. Accounting Business Administration. 27 Butterfield Dr. Green- lawn, NY 11740. Zeta Beta Tau, Tennis Team, Accounting Club, Business Econom- ics Club. ALLEN W1LLNER, B.A. Business. 200 Elm Dr. Roslyn, NY 11576. ALLAN MARTIN WOHL, B.A. Political Sci- ence. 7233 Kindred St. Philadelphia, PA 19149. Pre-Law Society. SUSAN L. WRIGHT, B.A. English. 115 Mayer St. Reading, PA 18104. Delta Zeta, WMUH. HOLLY MELISSA YAKMAN, B.A. Communi- cations. P.O. Box 55, June Rd. North Salem, NY 10560. Muhlenberg Theatre Association. WMUH-DJ, Assistant Production Manager, London Temple Semester Abroad, Phi Sig- ma Sigma-Historian, Intramural Basketball, YACC-Division of MTA. ERIC ANDREW A. YODER, B.S. Natural Sci- ence. 1385-B Friedensburg Rd. Mount Penn, PA 19606. MTA-Technical Director, MAC- College Bowl Sub-beard, First Aid Corps- Treasurer. CAROLINE A. YOST, B.A. Political Science German. 1018 Chestnut St. Coplay, PA 18037. Pi Sigma Alpha, Lutheran Student Movement, Non-Resident Student Associ- ation. D. GARETH ZEBLEY, B.A. Economics Ac- counting. 7 Old Nursery Way Furlong, PA 18925. Business Economics Club, Inner Varsity-Exec. Committee Position, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Varsity Golf, Outstanding College Students of Amer- ica. LISA ANN ZWEIG, B.A. History English. 62 Ira Ave. Colonia, NJ 07067. Pre-Law Society, Hillel, Pom-Pom Squad, Ski Club. PERSONAL MESSAGES KEVIN Congratulations and success in your future endeavors. LOVE Mom, Dad, Susann Karen WISHING THE CLASS or ' 88 GREAT SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS THE PELLEGRINO FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS KAREN Continued success in law school and happiness always. LOVE, Mom, Dad and Jayne BRUCE, We are proud of you and which you success in your future. LOVE Mom and Dad Congratulations JENNIFER SONNABEND And The Girls Of Benfer 204 From Lois and Woody Sonnabend BRUCE Good luck to a great big brothe and a great guy. ADAM AND KIM OY! Congratulations Diana! Good Luck an God Bless You! LOVE YOU Mom, Dad, Daria, Richie DEAREST MENA, Congratulations and best wishes for the future. WITH LOVE RAJ, ILA, HEMNA, SONYA OUR NIKI, To know you is to love you!! CONGRATULATIONS Mom, Dad, Danielle and Andrea GOOD LUCK TODD!!! We love you!! Dad, Mom, Denise, Brian and Mom-Mom (Pop-Pop in spirit) Congratulations, ADAM You have cut me " cloth at Muhlenberg. Now, cut the Cloth at Ace! CHERYL Congratulations! LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, and PRIDE are what you have given us. LOVE, MOM, DAD, KENNY OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO ALYSE, DIANA, CHERYL, HEIDI, PATTI, LORI, DONNA AND KAREN DORIS AND PETER STRATAKIS DIANE, We are very proud of you. Congratulations and best wishes. WE LOVE YOU! MOM AND DAD SUZIE BELL May all your dreams and wishes come true. LOVE Mom, Dad And Laura CONGRATULATIONS ANDREW OUR FUTURE DENTIST ALL OUR LOVE, MOM, DAD, MITCHELE, T.C. Congratulations To ANDREW And The Class Of ' 88 Love And Best Wishes MOM Congratulation to the class of 1988. Best wishes, health and happiness. Renee, Howard and Jay Rubin We are very proud of you son! Good Luck BOBBY LOVE Sandy And Bob Mann Congratulations KEN We are very proud of you and your success. LOVE, MOM AND DAD STEVE: A better son, brother, friend, or man, a family could never wish for. SUCCESS!! CAMILLE M. PASSEGIO Kudos We Are Proud To Be Your Family. MOTHER, DAD AND NICOLE CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS and the class of ' 88. Thanks for the memories good luck In the future LOVE, THE LUTZ FAMILY JUDY, FRANK AND CINDY. DAVE We are so proud of you. Your four years at Muhlenberg have been such a pleasure for us. - Congratulations and thanx - Mom and Dad Pfimd GOOSE, I ' m going to miss you next year. Thanks for making college wonderful and for always being there. I love you very much - PUTCH GARETH, We are extremely proud of your accomplishments over the past four years. May you have a happy, healthy and successful future. LOVE DONNA AND DAD Congratulations And Best Of Luck To Everyone In The CLASS OF 1988 Dear Traci (TR) There aren ' t enough words to express how proud we are of you!! Congratulations to Ken Spiegelman AEP and the class of ' 88 Congratulations ' 7 Love forever and always Mom, Dad, Mami, Cud- dles Love, Mom, Dad, Michelle, Jennifer To Our Son John Morris As you have in the past, continuing in the present and will in the future make us constantly very proud of you in your every endeavor. Good Luck in Medical School Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations to our son Ryan Jon - We are so proud of you! - we supported you for four years now you can support us. Love, Mom, Dad and Jen PEEJ, Cherish these memories. We ' ve loved sharing them with you! Congratulations , Robert Creveling, we knew you could do it! Love, Mom, Dad and Mark Mom and Dad Congratulations, Caroline. I Knew you could do it - I ' m very proud of you! Dear Steve Congratulations! We ' re proud of you! Have fun making millions Love, Dad Love, Mom, Dad and Karen Dean, Congratulations, and good luck in law school Love, Congratulations Chris! We are proud to share your achievement with you! Mom, Dad and Jamie Love always. Mom Dad Ceniz You worked - you played - You ' re graduating - ' cause we praypd . . only kidding - Love, Mom and Dad Audrey, Congratulations You did it the hard way You earned it. Love, Mom, Dad Michael Congratulations, Tom! Scott - Pride, conviction, determination and above all love - we re proud of you!! Love Mom, Dad, Ed, Kathy, Kevin, Kelly and Charlie Love, Mom and Dad Those Who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. —Sir James Barrie Dearest Alison, It ' s an everyday thing with you to care about other people, to listen to what they say and to understand how they feel It ' s an everyday thing with you to be very dear and giving. And that ' s why on a special day like your graduation, you ' re thought of so lovingly and wished so much happiness. We are very proud of you and love you very much Mom, Dad, Heather and Grandpop Jim Sandercock Congratulations and best wishes for your Class of 1988 We are proud of your accomplishments! future plans. Love, Love, Mom and Dad Mom, Dad, Bruce Nancy Congratulations Mike Congratulations Gina B. Debiak 4-Down-4 to Go Success in the future Your very proud and loving Mom and Dad Love, Mom, Mark and Michael Stephen (”Kuf " ) Rhea, Congratulations, success and happiness in the future A great accomplishment. We are very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and Louis Love, Mom, Dad and Doug Congratulations and much success to the Class of 88 Kristen - " No woman is an island unto herself " We share your achievement The Willner Family Your Family E.T. ”57 " Congratulations - Best wishes for a Thanks for the happy memories of four wonderful football seasons. happy, healthy future to the " Baby " Ilene - Mindy Mom and Dad Mom - Dad Congratulations to our daughter Margaret and the class of 1988! Congratulations Girls of 304 Amy, Missy, Kim, Nancy, Ellie, Beverly, I From the Bigelow Family Christine, Karen Love the Weils Congratulations! 1 Nancy Jane We are proud of you Dad, Mom, Peter, Carolyn, Dennis, Frosty, Keia 19881! Success! 1989!!! Success! Bruohe To our shining star Swan, Congratulations Lisa Nuemberger All our love and warm wishes! Congratulations! We ' re proud of you! Your Loving Family Mom, Dad, Emily, Doug Dawn, Congratulations Sandra ... I ' m as proud of your accomplishments as ever a father could be . . . You have made us very proud Love, Dad Love, Mom, Dad, Elaine and Brian 1 Stu, We re very proud of you. Donna, May you reach all your dreams for tomorrow to- day. 1 Mom, Dad, Stacey 6f Ricky Love, Mom, Dad and Family Wes Qualls Lori Congratulations! We wish you health, happiness, blessings, and success We are so proud of you! Love, J Love, 1 Mom, Dad, Lee Mom, Steve and Sue Congratulations Laura! Congratulations to Stephani Adler! - we ' re Proud of you. Success in your new career. very proud of your accomplishments! I Love you. Mom and Dad Love, Mom, Dad and Rachel Barbra Schmulze Dear Marla, You are the best We Love You Congratulations 1 May all your dreams become reality. Always be happy and be yourself. You bring us such joy! Susan, Grandmom, Bart, Brenda, Mark, Grandpop, Geri, Bud, Mom, Scuzzy Love you. The Blicht Family Karen: It is with pride that we congratulate you for having the courage to do it your way! " Dave N. Rubin” Lovingly, Dad and Com Onward and upward you ' re flying, as a " Legal Eagle” Congratulations, " Mom " ! Zack We are proud of you Dad, Mom, Lee, Jandy, Jim, Judges Lederer and Krase To Mishu Ann Roberta Goodman Congratulations and may the best of your past be the worst of your future I Congratulations! We are so proud of you - as always. Love, Dad Love you XO Mom - Dad XO Congratulations Holly Melissa Yakman Congratulations Tina! Fly high little bird. Fly straight. All your life you will remember your achievement. Fly ... be free Love, Your Family Love, Your Proud Family Rob, Kevin Congratulations! Lots of luck out in the real world. You had four great years at Muhlenberg! We wish Love Mom, Dad, Scott, David, Cat you success at law school. Mom, Dad 8f Gloria Ann Congratulations Jeff Schacherls Congratulations!! Much success in the future You are great - We all love you Love Mom and Dad Mom, Mashy, Neil, David, Hope, Zo, Spine To Michele Heck Miryam Good luck! God Bless! I ' m proud of you. This is not an endina, it ' s a beainnina to a sue- cessful career! Love, Mom Mom and Dad Tim, j With lo ve and best wishes for every success Amie Dearest 1 Mom, Dad, " G " , Kevin and Brian May your days always be wrapped in the special warmth of our love Jeff Gross Congratulations! You ' ve always made us proud! We love you very much. With all our love. Mom, Dad and Jennifer Best wishes to the Class of ' 88! Four years ago you left us a boy and came back a man, having overcome many academic and personal challenges. We are proud of you and love you greatly. Just remember, Mike, your greatest successes are yet to come! Allan Martin, May all your dreams and accomplishments come true. Love, MOTHER, DAD, SCOTT BUBBIE Congratulations to our son Micheal we wish the class of ' 88 good luck THE LANDSMAN FAMILY Keep Climbing Micheal The Mountain Is High The Best Is Yet To Cornel MAZEL TOY Chrissy, Good Luck! We are so proud of you! LOVE, MOM DAD Congratulations And Good Luck To The Class Of 1988. KATHY AND JEN COLOPHONE Title: Ciarla (chit-chat) Typestyle: Copy: Benquiat Bold (8 pt. captions, 10 pt. body) Headlines 48 pt. Paper: Dull finish Pressrun: 550 204 SOME SENIORS TAKE A BREAK Left: Andy Schlechter enjoying himself at the barbe- que at Cedar Crest Park. Below: Chrissy DiEdwardo and Chris Sciammana resting after a softball catch in the park. Kathy Mathews does not understand how she could eat so much. .. V jJP fBL ■ ' Left: The Bio-Boys tackle Dr. Schmoyer the day after classes ended. Above: Gail, Carlos, Alicia, Sue. Jean and Dana get together for that last good-bye. 205 206 V mj ¥ J Pgjf . y In Closing: Dedication was the name of it. in conclusion, this book serves as our gift to the class of 1988. We tried to fill it with memories that each and everyone of you could look back on. We hope that it will always spark a special feeling in you today, tomorrow and always. We would like to thank Abe Orlick and everyone at Davor for all their help and photographic expertise, We would have never made our deadlines without their help. Also, thanks to Bill O ' Brien and theJosten’s staff for their help in completing the book. In addition, we owe a special thanks to our advisor Bob Clark and. Arlene Gisolfi in the College Relations Office. Mr. Clark helped us with many problems we encountered during the year. Thanks also goes to Welles Lobb for his help with the sports section. Lastly, we would like to thank our staff and the photography staff for all their help. We understand it was hard to work on the yearbook with everything else going on at college. We appreciated any work that was done to help us out. A very special note of appreciation to Veronica Vaughan, our photog- raphy editor, who did a great job of capturing every aspect of Muhlenberg from the campus scenery, to sporting events, to social activities, on film for all of us to remember. We put a lot of time and feeling into this book. We tried to „ cover the year in its entirety. We learned a lot and also had a lot of fun while doing the Ciarla. It was a long road and a difficult task but it is something we took great pride in doing. We wish everyone Good Luck in the future and much happi- ness and success! Kathy Mathews and Jennifer Pellegrino Co-editors-in-ehief June 10, 1988 207 V And To Work And To Play And to Look At The Stars. -Henry VanDy] iSjggs%g « MUHLENBERG COLLEGE independent At udy fpaaa • ' V

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