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CIARLA 1987 Muhlenberg College Allentown, PA Volume XCIV 1 V . L s - . Jx . 1 B , _ l_i 1 V i ■ A-2. Tracy Verga, Robin Schwartz, and Diane Pfeiffer enjoying a beautiful fall afternoon. 6 Suzanne Park, on her way to the library. Andrea Guttermuth and Art Kopacz walk to class together. Margaret Andriani and Diane Mammon enjoy the festivities at ' The Bash ' . For the money, " What fraternity is Jon Kane in? 7 JRi ' r Mark Grossman looks for a pledge to get him a beer. Mike Weiner poses for a candid shot. At Flower sporting the collegiate look. Gebs Fox and Paul Barrett stroll to class together wondering if it ' s really worth going. ATO brothers Doug Schildhaus, Bill Browne, John Ruvo, and Rob Bucich take time out to smile for the camera. 12 Steve Covino stops to socialize with some fraternity brothers. Tim Kelly partying it up at Benfer. Linda Knauss, Andrea Polenstak, and Gina Mele - still great friends after four years. Jennifer Sonnabend, Stephanie Goldman, and Angela Conway chat during halftime. 13 yt - ' Keith Blicht and Maria Catalanello enjoying the halftime entertainment. Emm ami in Charlie Voorhees and Mark Farrell drink to friendship. Liz Callery and Caroline Lussier take in the rockin ' sounds of Risk. Risk provides the entertainment for the ' Bash ' 15 16 Iti-J 0 f ' £ f Ift IJt ' ttyKw Jl k fBfc ; 1 »i 1 . f |n JK : k V | I 6. 3fc, W oBm ik . f m JBr . % k jg| ijSg ium . i i ylr , §f|§ r -. J h u K HKB ' , je IB 1 H Bl ' 1 " , ' ? s - fv 1 ;l Eric J. Abrams Renee R. Aghazadian Jennifer T. Agnello Michelle M. Aimone Robert C. Ashton, Jr, Elaine, Michelle, and Lauren celebrating before a football game. Carla A. Attanasio 20 Glenn T. Ault Suzanne L. Baidasaro Oliver E. Baer Robin L. Bardell Lon S. Bacbrach A. Kim Barbera Paul H Barrett Edward T Beja Lesli J. Bellezza P-Rock waving hello to some of his fans. Roberto Bellu 21 Lisa M. Beninati Susan M. Beppel Louis V. Bellucci, Jr. Maria A. Bortolussi Trudi E. Bottari Eileen and Lynn are all smiles. 22 James D. Bov6 III Christopher Boyd Kathleen A. Brady Jon E. Brndjar Brian J. Broker Robert Brong Michael J. Brooks William J.G. Browne Thomas M. Brotzman Robert P. Bucich Bill Browne and Rob Bucich . . . " The Daring Duo. " James E. Burden Susan Burns 23 Nicholas J. Bushner Elizabeth K. Callery Lawrence Carnovale II Gena M. Casciano Lauren, Tracy and Larry partying it up in Benfer. 1 Lynda J. Chagachbanian ■m Curtis G. Cheatham Elizabeth Y, Clark Maria F. Catalanello Pamela J. Cathers Dana L. Ciaffone Robert A, Christman II 24 Nadia C. Clark spse Daniel C. Connell, Jr. Rebecca S. Cleff Angela M. Conway HH Eileen Collins Robert L. Cook, Jr Renee A. Cormier Mitchell I. Cohen Craig M. Corn Megan M. Costello Mark and Craig hanging out on the PKT bench in the union. Steven W. Covino Michelle Cox 25 William F. Cronin III Russell J. Danson, Jr. Kathleen E. Curran Maria H. Czuzak Peter M. Davenport Andrew M. Defonso " Don ' t we make a cute couple? " . . . Andy and Joy. Robert F. Delaubell, Jr. Gamile P. Dadus Carol A. Demarco Christopher Desantis Michael R. Diaz Laura J. Didomenico 26 Kenneth G. Doyle Nicos C. Elias Kimberly A. Dillon Kim M. Dispoto What do you mean they ' re taking away TKE ' s lounge in the Les Friedman. Union? Linda J. Ely Gregory E. Erdman Andrea L. Dowhower Gerald C. Dragonetti Marc K. Ehrets Dawn I. Everett 27 Linda L. Farpour T. Mark Farrell Mark Farrell Barbara A. Fisher Mindy P Feinberg Brad A. Fischer " Hello. Mom? " Pamela M. Fischer Dean L. Fiergang Alan M. Flower Monica M. Flynn Geraldine M. Fox Robyn F. Frankel Barbara E Freedman I 28 Leslie Friedman Debra J. Gasparik Robert P. Gaffney Valerie J Geissler Karen L Garcia Matthew T. German Dina M. Garibaldi Thomas A. Gillice Kevin R. Gilrain Beth E Glass Robert T. Gleichmann Matt German ' ' scoping ' ' from the bio-building stairs. 29 " What did you say? " .... Daria Guether. Mark A. Grossman Andrew J. Guttieri Allan D. Haeffele Andrea P. Guttermuth Daria A. Guether Dean V. Gumhold 30 Sharon J. Hirshey Elizabeth M. Herb Sharon Hirshey and Mrs. Hirshey enjoying their last parents weekend football game together. Gregory C. Holland John E. Holmgren III Sarah J. Holt Douglas C Holtzman 31 Wayne R. Iskra Gregory W. Julich Linda Knauss and Alex Caiola are glad to be stuck with each other. Jonathan S. Kane Louis J. Kalman, Jr. Sara A. Kazarian Kathleen M. Keilman E. Lee Keiser, Jr. Jonathan A. Keller 32 Diane E. Kimmel Alexander L. Kirifides Carrie L. Kleinle Robert F. Kleinman Beth A. Knickerbocker Barbera A. Koch ' ' Where did you say Steph was? " . . . . Dave Kells Arthur J. Kopacz Jon S. Krasner 33 Debra A. Krause Ronald Kries Diane M. Krill Joy E. Kuchler Laura L. Lemole Marc J. Lenner " You caught me drinking again. " .... Laura Lemole. " What can I say, my kiss me I ' m Italian button didn ' t work.” Sarah A. Lindert Thomas M. Lukasiewicz Joe Loperfido Carolyn J. Lussier Wayne P. Luckenbill Karen E. Lynch Elaine Luglio Lauren A. MacKay 35 Richard S. Manak Natalie T. Marabello Jacqueline Mandell Marguerite Mary Mann Glenn M. Mansfield Lynda and Lucie strolling down academic row to their next class. Lucie A. Marciano Alicia C. Mari Caryl A. Marino Megan L. Marquier Nicole K. Masillo Lewis J. Matyas III Kevin A. McCracken 36 David C. McCulloch Bridget McFadden Katrina M. McGettigan Bernadette McNulty " You must be kidding, I can ' t have seven more courses to take to finish my chemistry major. " -Caryl Jesse J. Merone Julie A. Miles G. Duane Miller Mary Jo Molinari Thomas J. Moyer 37 I I Laureen M Nash Lisa M. Novelline Meagan O ' Donnell Cindy G. Olson Susan M. Now Lynn C. Olson Lynn Olson just hanging around. 4 38 John F. Olsson Tracy Ottinger Robert D Owens Jr. Frederick J. Papera Monica T. Paukovits Donna Pecora Douglas J. Peebles Barb J. Pelham Keith F. Panza Kim A. Parkinson Tracy, always with a cheerful smile on her face. Lauren J Peppier Lori A Peterson ■ Nancy A. Prull Kathryn G. Phelan ■■■ Lisa A. Pettera Diane M. Pfeiffer Andrea E. Polestak Michele I. Posner Leigh A. Primmer 40 Charlotte Reutz Lisa O. Ricciardelli Edward T. Richmond Judith L. Riley Linda J. Rilke Thomas E. Rizzi Stacey J. Rogers Karen M. Romaine Edmund C. Rothwein Richard L. Ruch 41 Cristina F. Russano John B. Ruvo III Gary D. Saginario Lisa L. Salaba Scherelene Schatz Vincent E. Schaller Douglas S. Schildhaus Harold Schinman Darryl O. Schlicher Dennis W. Schlicher Mary Alice Schott 42 Pam Schul John F. Schumacher Robin A. Schwartz Randi E. Schweriner Suzanne L. Seplow Keith Shafto Robert S. Shapiro " It ' s been a great day ... I wonder what tomorrow will be like.” Robin Schwartz. Pam J Sertass Andrew J. Shevin Maryam Sholehvar Susan L. Sickler Sandra Smith 43 Daniel P. Stark Steven R. Starker Arthur Vanden Houten in front of his second home. j Margaret M. Suhadolnik Kevin B. Swill Robert C. Stolz Howard A. Thompson Joe T. Stulack Joan D. Tichansky Kathy Steinberg Margot A. Steinberg warn 44 Christine A. Tiil Gary D. Van Lieu Arthur S. Vanden Houten Tracy A. Verga Charles Voorhees Debra L. Walker Garrett M. Waller Michael P. Walsh Janet Weil Michael W. Weiner Tracy and Kathy enjoying a football game together. 45 ( a Anne E. Whitmore Carole A. Whittlinger Kristein E. Wichert Leslie J. Widmer Wendy Wiebalk John Willauer " No Martha is not my twin sister.” Liz Clark Brian O. Williams Martha R. Wilson f 46 The " Gang " is all together. 47 " We ' ll be buddies for life. " Steven Starker and Brad Fischer. Kim Parkinson taking a break from studying. hi 48 " I can ' t believe I made it to both my classes today. " Mike Diaz 49 i V t m a ■ r ADMINISTRATION - Dr. Jonathan Messerli President of College Dr. Robert Williams Dr. James Bryan Vice President Dean of College Dr. R. Dale LeCount Dean of Student Affairs Dean of Continuing Education 4 . Dr. Walter Wagner Father A. Greg Uhrig Dr. Carol Grener Ms. Debrah Hoff Chaplain Priest Asst. Dean of College Dean of Students Mr. Andy Malone Dr. Ted Ms. Patricia Carpenter Ms. Margaret Finley Schick Admissions Admissions Academic Computing Assistant Director Assistant Director Ms. Beverly Fox Admissions Assistant Director Ms. Rebecca Grace Admissions Secretary Ms. Ginny Hard Ms. Heather Hering Mr Greg Mitton Admissions Admissions Admissions Coordinator Director Director 53 ADMINISTRATION Ms. Constance Pinkus Mr. Howard Reed Admissions Admissions Secretary Associate Director Ms. Arlene Sell Mr. Kurt Theide Admissions Admissions Assistant Director Ms. Alison Neaves Ms. Marci Schick Ms. Cynthia McNally Alumni Relations Alumni Relations Annual Giving Director Director Director Ms. Glenda Boyer Bookstore Manager 54 Ms. Anna Eckensberger Mr. Welles Lobb Ms. Susan Schantz Ms. Regina Conlin Chapel College Relations Dean of Continuing Education Dean of College Secretary S.I.D. Secretary Secretary Ms. Fern Furst Rev. George Eichorn Dr. Richard Kamber Ms. Dorothy Jones Dean of College Church Relations Development Faculty Secretary Director Vice President Secretary 55 ADMINISTRATION Mr. Steven Bell Ms. Carol Frasseto Financial Aid Financial Aid Director Secretary Mr. Lewis " Ossie " Davis Ms. Dorothy Ward Food Service Fiealth Center Director Director Ms. Therese Koller Career Planning and Ms. Jill Robinson Mr. Kurt Salsburg Mr. Thomas Wignot Placement Housing Housing Housing Assistant Director Assistant Director Director Associate Director Mr. Herbert Stocker Mr. Theodore Borek Ms. Barbara Yeager Personnel Plant Operations Purchasing Director Director Director Ms. Eileen Kern Registrar Ms. Grace Schneck Mr. David Seamans Mr. Clair Fetterhoff Seeger ' s Union Seeger ' s Union Finances Secretary Director Vice President Mr. Justin Thyme Winter Storage Director The Art department offers courses in studio arts and fine arts. They sponsor an annual faculty show and an annual student art exhibit. The courses include: photography, drawing, sculpture, painting, art history, American art. Medieval art, and so on. Right: Another Van Gough? A R T Mr. Raymond Barnes Head of Art A T H L E T I C S Dr. Jadviga da Costa Nunes Art-Asst. prof. Mr. Samuel Berdleman Athletics Ms. Helene Hospodar Athletics Ms. Connie Kunda Athletics Mr. John McVan Athletics Mr. Michael Lasko Athletics 58 II ( ATHLETICS The Athletic Department offers a wide variety of physical education programs, courses, and such. They coach all the varsity sports and recently formulated the Wellness program for the campus. Left: Berg ' s own Mike Saeger models the latest Nike sportswear Mr. Ralph Kirchenheiter Director of Athletics Mr. Brian Bodine Athletics Mr. Steve Moore Athletics Mr. William Flamish Athletics Mr. Jeff Tipping Athletics Mr. Karl Foerster Athletics Mr. Raymond Whispell Athletics Ms Patty Foster Athletics Ms. Linda Garret Athletics P E. Head 59 BIOLOGY The Biology department usually has about forty majors a year, keeping Muhlenberg ' s reputation as a fine pre-medical school. The students partici- pate in classes, labs, research projects, and independent studies. The department has a lot of fine equipment, including their electron micro- scrope. The department hosts a party in the winter and a picnic in the spring for all Biology majors. Right: No question about it, the buck stopped here. Dr. James Vaughan Head of Biology Dr. Daniel Klem Biology-prof. Dr. David Much Biology-Asst. prof. Dr. Carl Oplinger Biology-prof. Dr. Irvin Schmoyer Dr. James Blaylock Biology-Asst. prof. Economics and Business-prof. ' “i Muirl.ill ' Dr Francis Watson Mr. Paul Weaver Biology-Asst. prof. Biology-Asst. prof. Dr John Weston Biology-prof. Dr. James Marshall Economics and Business-prof. 60 Dr. Marietta Constantinides Economics and Business-prof Mr. Kenneth Clark Economics and Business-prof. The Business Economic department is definitely sponsoring one of the largest major programs. The majors concentrate on accounting, business administration, and economics. Interviews with the " big-eight " accounting firms and many other large corporations are arranged for the majors through the career Planning and Placement department. Mr. Daniel Bayak Economics and Business-Lect Mr. John Biglin Economics and Business-prof B U s I N E S s Mrs. Gail Eisenberg Economics and Business- Asst, prof Ms. Janet Milan Economics and Business-Lect. Dr. Rohini Sinha Economics and Business-prof. Mr. Brent Sjaardema Economics and Business-prof. Dr. John Voyatzis Economics and Business-prof 61 CHEMISTRY The Chemistry department, provides an excellent array of ex- periences for about forty majors each year. Each student has the opportunity to work on research projects. The department also offers seminars, internships, labs, classes, and such. Students that complete the requirements are given an American Chemical So- ciety Certification. Right: This could be an explosive reaction. Below: " I guess we did learn that in Gen. Chem.l " Dr. Richard Hatch Head of Chemistry Mr Frederick Maurer Chemistry-Tech. Dr. David Stehly Chemistry-prof. Ms. Gail Marsella Chemistry-lnstr. Dr. Marion Smith Chemistry-prof. Ms. Patricia Johnson Chemistry-sec. Dr. G.N. Smart Chemistry-Sr. Prof. Dr. Marsha Baar Chemistry-prof 62 The Classics department offers several different courses. Classi- cal Mythology being their most popular. They offer classes in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin. They also have advanced courses in Latin poetry and an honor society. Muhlenberg and Cedar Crest share the same Communications department. The department has one of the largest major pro- grams on campus. Majors work on field projects and do intern- ships. Left Is this the way to Oz? To Oz? Dr. Donald Shive Chemistry-prof Dr. Robert Wind Head of Classics Ms Reba Marblestone Classics-Lect Ms Mary Redline Classics-Lect. Dr George Custen Head of Communications Mr. Joseph Elliot Communications-prof. Dr. Sue C Jansen Commumcations-prof Mr. Daniel Tate Communications-prof c L A S S I c s c 0 M M U N 1 C A T I O N 63 DRAMA EDUCATION The Drama department hosted many fine productions. The stu- dents learn to perform, they do perform, and the whole college community is enhanced by their works. Courses include back- stage and onstage experience. The majors leave the school pre- pared for professional theatres; this is evident by their ' profession- al ' productions which we all an be can be proud of. Although there is no major program through the Education de- partment, students can earn their teaching certificates. The de- partment offers classes, seminars, and requires two student teaching experiences. Right: Sitting pretty Mr. Charles Richter Drama-Theatre Dr. Ann Wonsiewicz Head of Education Dr. Micheal Carbone Education-prof. Dr. Cynthia Detwiler Education-Lect. ENGLISH The English department sponsors a relatively large number of majors. The English program offers lectures, seminars, and an hon- ors program. The courses range from studying literature to writing literature, from studying ancient to modern literature, from poems to prose, and so on. Unfortunately, Dr. Robert Thornburg (pictured left) will be retiring next year. The center for the Arts houses the English Department Dr. Jay Hartman English-prof. Dr. Linnea Johnson English-prof. D. Kelly Koval Dr. David Rosenwasser English-sec. English-prof. 7iwO dO!Z i H 25 O i- w pa O With about fifty majors each year, the Foreign Language de- partment offers courses in French, Spanish, German, Latin, and Russian, The department further adds opportunities to study abroad with their courses. The department hosts language hours for several languages, puts on productions, and has residential houses for language studenfs. The Dobro Slovo Slavic Honor Society: (L to R) Seth Lerman, Laureen Nash, Karen Potosnak, Stacey Plolmes, Steven Cagnetta. The Phi Sigma lota Romance Language Honor Society: (L to R) Front Row-Lori Mutimer, Gail Dilisio, Meagan O ' Donnell, Diane Kimmel. Back Row- Bridget McFadden, Suzanne Palmerick, Dr. Pearce, Debbie Kupcha, Maria Czerniach. Dr. John Brunner Plead of Foreign Languages Mrs. Anna Adams For. Languages-Lect. Ms. Patricia DeBellis For. Languages-lnstr. Dr. Albert Kipa For. Languages-prof. Dr. Joan F. Marx For. Languages-prof. Dr. Micheal Paulson For. Languages-prof. Dr. John Pearce For. Languages-prof. Dr. Adolph Wegener Dr. Katherine Wixon For. Languages-prof. For Languages-Asst. prof Dr. Arvids Ziedonis For. Languages-prof. ■ 66 HISTORY The History department offers courses in American History, Asian History, Modern European History, the Role of the Military, Constitu- tional History, the Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union, and so on. There is a history colloquium for all majors and opportunities for independent study. Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society- (L to R) Dr Croskey, Dr Croskey. Seth Lerman, Barbara Tarbuck, Evelyn Kolitsky, Nicholas Bushner. Left " I wish the test was on this Bloom County! " Mr Peter Sardo History-Geography Dr Indrikis Sterns History-prof. Dr William Tighe History-prof. Dr Daniel Wilson History-prof 67 M A T H C O M •JLtjl The Mathematics department is continually expanding. Last year they introduced a new major of Information Science. The P Math club sponsors a math clinic which aids many students that are struggling through Calculus. The department offers an Honors program which concentrates on indepth individual studies. Right: " Pythagorean, wasn ' t he a famous philosopher? " I E N C E Dr. Mark Leeney Math Comp. Sci.-prof. Dr. William Seaman Math Comp. Sci.-prof. Mr. Robert Stump Math Comp. Sci.-prof Mr. Robert Wagner Math Comp. Sci.-prof. 68 MUSIC " Aw. it ' s nothing, just a little something me and Clarence Clemmens put together. " Dr. Charles McClain Head of Music The student body has several musical opportunities. One may take musical courses, partici- pate in the college choir, par- ticipate in the college band, participate in the wind or jazz ensemble, take individual music lessons, or simply sit back and enjoy the many performances the department hosts. There are student and faculty recit- als. Mr. Artie Clifton Music-Band Dir. Ms. Rachel Clifton Music-Lect. Ms. Marylene Dosse Music-ArtlnRes. Ms. Marilyn Epstein Music-sec. Dr. Henry Schmidt Music-prof. Mr. Jeremy Slavin Music-Lect. 69 cr k; x SC TJ O O t DC The Physics Department of- fers courses in Atomic and Nu- clear Physics, Electronics, Me- chanics, and Optics. Physic ' s students say that the courses are very interesting as well as challenging. Not only are there a number of Physics majors, but a very active Physics Club. The Philosophy department provides a very challenging collection of courses. These courses are some of the most popular on campus and in- clude: The Meaning of Life, Critical Thinking, Problems of Philosophy, Ethics, Bio-chemical Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Formal Logic, and so on. The department has just recently created a new major, the Hu- manities major, and the de- partment offers seminars along with their courses. Right: Physics is phun! Dr. Walter Loy Dr. Patricia Bronson Dr. Robert Milligan Dr. Joseph Molitoris Head of Physics Physics-prof Physics-prof. Physics-prof. 70 POLITICAL SCIENCE PSYCHOLOGY The Political Science department has one of the largest numbers of majors. The majors are encouraged to have internships in local govern- ment, law offices, and with local attorneys. The department offers semi- nars, research projects, and independent studies along with their classes. The Psychology department also has a very large major program, usually with over a hundred majors each year. The majors are required to do field work and classical laboratory work. Below: Political Science Honor Society. Dr. Chris Herrick Po. Sci.-prof. Dr. Katherine Harring Psychology-prof. Dr. Stwart Lee Pol. Sci-prof. Dr. Theodore Maiser Psychology-prof. Dr. Alton Slane Pol. Sci.-prof. Dr. Vilma Sinha Psychology-prof Dr. Kenneth Graham Head of Psychology Dr. Silas White Psychology-prof. 71 RELIGION SOCIOLOGY- ANTHROPOLOGY The Religion department is very active in the campus communi- ty. Every student is required to take at least two religion classes. Many chooose to take more. The department hosts the Wednes- day morning Coffee and Fellowship. They offer seminars, study abroad in the Holy Land, and study in Washington, D C. (Religion and Politics Semester). The Sociology and Anthropology department also of fers semi- nars, along with field work and internships in Archaeology, Anthro- pology, and Sociology. This year the department began work on restoring a totem pole and hosted an indian artist. Right: The Stairway to Heaven? Dr. William Jennings Religion-prof. Dr. Roger Timm Religion- Asst. prof. Dr. Rodney Ring Religion-prof. Dr. Darrel Joddock Head of Religion Dr. Joseph Francello Head of Soc. Anthro Dr. Roger Baldwin Soc. Anthro. -prof. Ms. Hope Luman Soc. Anthro. -Lect. Dr. Frank McVeign Soc. Anthro. -prof. Top Left Lecturer Jeremy Riffkin Top right Gameroom attendent Left Campus Police Bottom right Buildings and Grounds This page is dedicated to those special people that help this cam- pus continue to run smoothly: the grounds crew, the secretaries, the gameroom people, the bookstore people, the campus police, the cleaning staff, special lecturers, and countless others. The numbers of all the people who contribute to Muhlenberg is so large that we are not able to thank each one individually. This is unfortunate because everyone is important in our campus community, we only hope that they realize that their efforts are genuinely appreciated 73 ¥ ' .Vi ' " - . A % ACCOUNTING CLUB: First Row: Karen Hopper, Cheryl Blum, Robert Kleinman, Gail Dilisio, Leigh Primmer. Second Row: Stefanie Kieserman, Kevin Hardy, Warren Spivak, Bruce Keele. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION: Beth Juliano, Susan Landzettel, Lisa Kaloss, Bar- bara Checkowski, Dr. McVeigh, Gloria Gemmiti ANTHROPOLOGY CLUB: Top Row: Joe Ricker, Jimmy Green. Bottom Row: Ingrid Fisher, Marie Czuzak, Kim Dillion, Nicole Ma- sillo, Lee Keiser. 76 ARCADE: First Row: Dawn Marie Piccolo, Alissa Robinson, Diane Kimmel. Second Row: Paula Halupa, Maria Czuzak, Edmund Weisberg, Janet Gest, Robin Grossman, Lisa Pettera, Sheryl Catz, Christine Till, Russel Glickman, Monica Sztybel. Third Row: Kim Alexander, Bob Gaffney, Nancy Awad, Melissa Hawk, Kim Dillon, Kary Gildersleeve L i ftlEgk •n ' Wi A 5 1 CHOIR: First Row: June-Ann Cappetta, Beth Woolridge, Wendy Wiebalk, Missy Hartfiel, Dr, McClain. Sec- ond Row: Amy Yost, Mark Weissman, Susan Mul- bach, Margaret Becker, Barbara Johnson. Third Row: Lee Herbs t, Charles Odami, Peter Angelini, John Wiilauer, Doug Krewson, Marc Ehrets, Dr. Ryder, Ben Gitterman CIARLA: First Row: Steve Wolf, Veronica Vaughan, Diane Pfeiffer, Robin Schwartz, Maria Catalanello, Tra- cy Verga, Lauren MacKay. Second Row: Lisa Rosen, Sue Altuchter, Nancy Awad, Clea Barth, Meagan O ' Donnell, Linda Knauss, Bill Browne, Kathy Steinberg, Cathy Lusk, Suzanne Palmerick, Diane Revotskie, Sue Landzettel, Lisa Riccardelli. Third Row: Scott Grossfeld, Steve Goldman, Doug Baralo, Rob Bucich, Dionne Ligeralde DANCE CLUB: First Row: Jon Brndjar. Second Row: Lisa Cerullo, Chris Till, Edmund Weisberg, Rob Herb, Lisa Pet- tera, Kristen Morin. Third Row: Dawn Everett, Ma- rie-Grace Witham, Lynn Olson, Beth Knicker- bocker, Mindy Frank EDUCATION: First Row: Linda Rilke, Kelly Kane, Jennifer Jagust. Second Row: Susan Burns, Debra Gaspardt, Tom O ' Brien, Michele Posner 78 R GERMAN CLUB: First Row: Lynell Barndt. Wendy Wiebalk. Tracy Kleppinger, Amy Yost. Second Row: Gail Reidier, Cheryl Holmes, Adrienne Rathje, Janet Weil. HILLEL: First Row: Audrey Liss, Lisa Rosen. Second Row: Pam Chaiken, Kim Alexander, Dr. Baar, Sue Nel- son, Kenny Weissen. Third Row Debbie Katz, Ro- byn Bardel, Sharon Hershey, Rhea Cohen, Neil Phillips, Charles Manlen ICE HOCKEY: First Row: Keith Blicht. Second Row: Buddy Aiken, David Fisher, Adam Dratch, John Phillips, Duane Miller. Third Row: Robert Dratch, Jeftrey Caven- dish, Gary Kramer, Mike Brooks, Andrew Horun, Les Friedman, Eric Tureson, Rob Bucich, Robert Zaffiris, Dave Kells 79 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION: First Row: Rachel Petwail, Al Kondak, Manal An- toun. Nancy Awad, Jay Patel. Second Row: Naila Hamati. Third Row: Nancy Tsibogos, Katrin Ekenberg, Dionn Legeralde, Anna Liza Recto, Tina Rosemeier, Brody Borborglu. Fourth Row: Ashish Mehta, Tom Thanh Trieu, Hung Zuoc Vu, Doug McKeebee, Alex Schmidt, Charles Alain de la Brousse, Ronil Sujan ■ INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL: First Row: Mike Hanlon, Nick Small, Steve Cag- netta, Ken Spiegelman. Second Row: Mark Far- rel. Matt German, Tom Holden, Scott Ryne, Dave Kuntz, Dean Bryan. LUTHERAN STUDENT MOVEMENT: First Row: Ingrid Fisher, Jim Green, Jon Brndjar Elaine Verriest, Sue Muhlbach. Second Row: Am Yost, Janice Tureson, Laura Bernardo, Jan Ei- sasser 80 MAPA: First Row: Alan Merenbloom, Ben Harris, Sean Blitzstein, Carl Salama. Second Row: John Olsson, Anne Whitmore, Edmund Weissberg, Liz Clark, Darin Wolf, Martha Wilson, Leigh-Ann South, An- gie Voelker. MUHLENBERG CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: First Row: Amy Yost, Paula Hering, Joe Livezey, Terry Geiger, Second Row: Tom Vulpis, Diane Krill, Tom O ' Brien, Laura Rasmusser, Angie Voelker 1 MUHLENBERG THEATRE ASSOCIATION: Camille Passegio, Lee Herbst, Beth Woolridge, Mike Mauer, Rick Weber, Spiros Mantzavinos, Debbie Cohen, Kim Parkinson, Jule Miles, Cheryl Irwin 81 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB: PROGRAM BOARD: First Row: Ollie Baer, John Oisson, Reed DuBow. Second Row: Janice Turesson, Amie Feryo, Dan Feit, Mike Brachfield, Dave Ruben, Jackie Feit i 82 JOHN MARSHALL PRE LAW SOCIETY: First Row: Bethann Hankin, Leda Knecht, Tony Fiergang. Jacquie Mandell, Robin Schwartz. Sec- ond Row: Lesli Bellezza, Jeff Gross, Ellen Duffy, Margaret Andriani, Kevin Flardy. APRIL 29 1907 STUDENT AFTAR5 STAFF TREXLER JUNE ADVISING ARRANGEMENT COHN TREXLER CCF 109 SAFETY BELT TASK FORCE 1(3 CP IP LUNCHEON 127 CATHOLIC NAS3 CHAPEL UNDECLARED MAJORS TREXLER I FC LELAH5 ALL ST NNER GARDEN ROOM PSYCHOLOGY CLUB: First Row: Amy Weil, Missy Hartfield, Nancy Al- varez, Mararet Bigelow, Traci Rosenberg Sec- ond Row: Elke Savetsky, Pete Davenport, Karen Garcia, Lauren Peppier, Bart Rein SKI CLUB: First Row: Valerie Geissler, Amy Feryo, Kirsten Haas, Kathy Kulaga, Second Row: Greg Julich, Alex Kirifides, Mark Harris, Al MacKenzie, Third Row: Steve Kupferberg, Eric Gabriel, Ken Doyle, Kevin Novrizadeh, Rich Ruch SPANISH CLUB: First Row: Lisa Pettera, Allyse Milstein, Diane Kimmel. Debra Kupcha. Second Row: Maria Czerniach, Janet Geist, Diana Grazio, Dr. Marx, Susan Widmer, Lisa Hunn, Lisa Kahn. Third Row: Marc Turetzky, Jodie Rizzolo, Dionn Ligeralde, Scott Blair. STUDENT COUNCIL: First Row: Dean James T. Bryant, Kevin B. Swill (President), Randy Schwerner (Vice- President), Andrea Dowhouer (Recording) Secretary). Second Row: Brooke Feld- man, Beth Glass, Lisa Nuerenberger, Tina Nakata, Lisa Feldman, Jennifer O ' Grady, Lois Curfman, Susan Widmer. Third Row: Nancy Bernardin, Leslie Lund, Gary Kramer, Kevin Plardy, Neil Phillips, Karen Krull 84 T ULTIMATE FRISBEE: First Row: Martha Wilson, Kirsten Haas. Second Row: Liz Clark, Cami Goss, Manal Antoun, Jennifer Kopman, Britt Beeden- bender. Sue Landzettel, Evelyn Nauber. WEEKLY: First Row: Christine Bucher, Jim Byk, Kathy Mears, Margaret Andriani, Diane Mam- mon, Sue Sickler. Second Row: Pat Schamberger, Alan Menenbloom, Rebec- ca Cleft, David Joachim, Erik Qualben 85 CLASS OF 1988: First Row: Natalie Caruso, Cheryl Blum, Judy Lubben, Chrissy DiEdwardo, Jennifer Pelligrino, Missy Bogel. Second Row: Dan- ny Manea, Jodi Metzer, Mike Marvin, CLASS OF 1987: First Row: Rita Reichard, Lauren Greber (President), Margot Steinberg, Dana Ciaf- fone, Elaine Luglio (Secretary). Second Row: Carrie Kleinle (Vice-President), Barb Fisher, Dr. Schmoyer, Andy Guttieri, Gina Mele, Kathy Curran 86 CLASS OF 1989: First Row: Jennifer Priester, Lynn Belief, Jennifer Gibbs. Second Row: Fernaz Efa- honi, Donna Tagliaferro, Kyllan Johnson, Angelone Digrigoli, Mindy Levin. Third Row: Debbie O ' Dowd, Reed Dubow, Greg Keil, Ken Kleponis CLASS OF 1990: First Row: Michelle Simmons, Frances Folte Second Row: Jodie Rizzolo, John Phillips, Sharon Beppel, Karen Verga. Third Row: Kelly Oakes, Nancy Franis, Susan Maher, Amy Orawitz. Fourth Row: Matt Brown- stein, Michele Sager. 87 GREEK WEEK CHAMPS i vt uya i. 96 1393 " ll| li Chi C i u, t 100 101 PH ij,i i Sij,i i Delta leta 103 FOOTBALL A VICTORIOUS STYLE The Mules kicked off their season with a scrim- mage against Montclair State, which was sup- posed to prepare them for the tough schedule that waited impatiently ahead. The season be- gan rather inauspiciously when the Mules lost their first outing to a tough Susquehanna Universi- ty team that wint on to compete in the Division 3 National Championships. Fortunately for the Mules, Dickinson College became the ir first victim. Muhlenberg became 1 0 in their conference. All conference tailback Charles Voorhees led the way to victory with a performance that inspired the team to hang on for a tough fought defensive battle. Franklin and Marshall came to Mule field ex- tremely prepared and beat the Mules in the first half of the game. All conference tight end Tom Moyer led a tenacious serge in the second half that fell short of a comeback win, but, led the pattern for a six game winning streak. The Mules travelled to Western Martland and had to prove to themselves that they were in- deed a good football team. This proved to be one of the pivitol points in the season. . A lot of doubters had written off Coach Kirchenheiters squad at this point. But the leadership of the seniors took over and their pride would not let it happen. T. Mark Farrell ' s play at line backer so- lidified a team effort that turned the game into a blowout as they began to gel in the second half and beat a very physical Western Maryland team at their own game. In came Swarthmore, The Mules dominated the game both offensively and defensively. All American Mike Goldfarb had one of his finest performances of his career registering 7 solo tackles, 2 sacks, and a blocked pass. Riding the crest of the last game, the Mules travelled to Johns Flopkins on what is traditionally a tough game because of the bus ride to Balti- more and the problem of being the only people at school during October break. The Mules man- aged to pull off a narrow victory. Flomecoming brought the Bullets of Gettys- bery, a team that went to the final four in the Division3 Natioinal playoffs a year ago. All FCAC offensive tackle Arthur Kopacz had a superb game and allowed the Mules offense to control the ball for most of the game. The huge crowd saw the Mules hold on to victory when Gettysberg missed a long field goal at- tempt with seconds left in the game. The next challenge the Mules had to face was one to Ursinus College, who were playing some of the best football in the college ' s his- tory. Captain Brad Fischer intercepted a pass and had one of the finest games of the sea- son. The thriller of a game saw the lead change hand several times in the final minutes with just about 20 seconds remaining the Mules mouned a drive that culminated with a Moyer touchdown with seconds left. Catholic University travelled to challenge the Mules. The game saw a milestone by Sen- ior fullback Robert Shapiro who had 109 yards on 16 carries and a touchdown. In the final Mules home game for the seniors they played some of their best football on a field that they had all come to love and it showed as they dominated the game against Catholic. The Mules final game of the season was at Moravian College. Game MVP John Hobby All ECAC kept the team spirit up as the defense tried to keep the Mules in the game, but Shapiro and Voorhees sown with injuries the offense could not get on track. The Mules captured a piece of the Centennial Conference championship, the second time in the past four years that they have done so. John Hobby tied a school record for most interceptions. This years graduating senior class had more wins in their four years span than any other previous group. The players would like to thank their families and their fans for their support. Hard work and dedication Pay off. - Robert Shapiro Above: Brad Fischer discussing his strategy Above: Rob Shapiro finds the hole. 108 Above. Charlie Voorhees carrying the ball. Sottom Row: Tom Moyer, D. Miller, E, Abrams, M, Goldfarb, R, Shapiro, Captain trad Fischer, A, Kopacz, M, Farrell, C, Voorhees, J. Hobby, F. Papera, Second tow: C. Dougherty, J. McGuinness, R. McGuinness, M. Ferguson, L. Feinstein, E. Thompson. D. Crossan, D. Pfund, P. Gable, D. Graff, C. Zatorski, H, Large. Third tow: T. Finnegan, J. Zeigler, C. Lutz, B. Mann, M. Kovalski, T. Papa, W. Caton, B. : orte. M. Marino, M. Baraldi, C. Antell, Fourth Row: P. Ferdenzi, J. Harris, J. Sponen- 3erg, C. Harris, J. Mustion, R. Gundrum, J. Potkul, M. Merlino, R. King, A. Schlecter, ). Tritto. Fifth Row: J. Alspach, G. Horun, S. Pyhne, C. Elser, J. Brown, A. Becker, W. Heydlauf, D. Petro, G. DeFranceschi. J. Murphy, A. Castin. Sixth Row F. Piscal. D Menecola, J. Michelin, B. Rice, C. Schlenker, V Deluca. J. Dickinson, J. Biondi, J Murphy, B. Lesko, B. O ' Dowd Seventh Row E. O ' Connell, M Roberts, M Pierre, J Donley, S. Schlenker, J. Aniello, A. Petrillo, T. Concordia. Top Row Manager Regina Heidecker, Head Coach Ralph Kirchenheiter, Asst Coach Brian Bodine, Asst. Coach Tom Doddy. Asst. Coach Ross Reed, Asst. Coach Stan Luckenbill. Asst. Coach Bob Shaffer, Asst Coach Tony Cocca, Trainer Steve Nemes, Man- ager Debbie Wilkens. Below: Left to Right Mike Merlino, Scott Schlenker, John Hobby. Rich King, and F. Piscal SCOREBOARD 13 Susquehana H L 17- 7 20 Dickinson A W 6- 0 27 F M H L 30-20 10 4 Western Maryland A W 36-14 10 11 Swarthmore H W 21- 0 10 18 Jihn Hopkins A W 6- 0 10 25 Gettysburg H W 10- 7 11 1 Ursinus A W 24-18 1 8 Catholic University H H 20- 6 1 15 Moravian A L 14- 0 » » » r‘ t -, 109 mi mm mu Above A bitter defeat- but sweet revenge no Above Eric Abrams — another ' ' 3” Below Art Kopacz, " Patty-cake, Patty-cake " Above Tom Moyer eyes the goalline Below John Hobby, Al Petrillo, Brian O ' Dowd, discuss hairstylists mifiiwi spin Muhlenberg ' s mascot protests a play! Many of Muhlenberg ' s students participated in providing the halftime entertainment at this sea- son ' s football and basketball games. The girl ' s pom- pom squad performed their routines with spirit, while the teams were preparing for the 2nd half. Of course, the Mule mascot can always be found jumping and cheering on the mules, all through the games. From the home stands of many football games came the crisp, inspiring sounds of the Pep Band. They added music and spirit to help the Mules win, and to help the fans keep up their morale. 112 Fans drinking to VICTORY 1 113 The pom-pom girls performing a favorite routine. Muhlenberg Spirit-toward the bitter rivals. The Pep Band marching to the beat ti ' iift MI m-M-l-M Lead by senior co-captains Susan Beppel and Dana Ciaffone, the 1986- ' 87 Muhlenberg cheer- leading squad kept up the school ' s spirit. Deter- mined to dress up their act, the girls held their own fund raising dinner. This paid for new uniforms for the basketball season, They also spiced up the season with a half time show. Three senior girls are leaving the squad this year but, there are many underclass- men to keep up the traditional Muhlenberg Spirit. The time and dedication of the squad was greatly appreciated by both the football and the basket- ball teams. Above: Senior captains Sue Beppel and Dana Ciaffone lead the Mules to victory. 114 Bottom Row: K. Conway. A. Masucci, D. Ciaffone, S. Beppel, Y. Michel, P. Sorentino. Top Row: C. Ritardi, J Wonder. B Walbert, R. Snyder, S. Lubitz, A. Basilone. Christine Ritardi cheers on her team 115 cms tmwm ■ Bepth And ability The 1986 season faced the Muhlenberg Cross Country team with many challenges. Only one sophomore returned from last year, captain Paul Garfinkle. The remaining runners included sopho- more Todd Holmberg, and freshmen Mark Abra- ham, Joe Siwaggio, Rob Herb, Ron Horowitz, and Mark Morginstin. Facing more experienced teams, Mule runners found it very difficult to es- tablish a foothold. However each runner tried to break their own personal best time each race. The last race of the season, the MAC ' S at Gettys- berg, proved to be the season ' s highlight when Muhlenberg defeated one team. Although we didn ' t win often we all became very close and had fun no matter where we were. Next season looks more promising because of returning ex- perience and new recruits. Mark Morginstin SCOREBOARD 9 13 Lebanon Valley Invitational A L 9 20 Moravian Albright Allentown H L 9 24 Franklin Marshall H L 9 27 Dickinson Drew H l 10 4 Lebanon Valley Aivernia A L 10 1 Dickinson Invitational A L 10 16 Scranton A L 10 24 Widener A L 11 1 Swarthmore A L 11 8 MAC championships L Joe Silvaggio keeping up the pace 1st Row Jodd Holmberg, P. Garfinkle. R. Horowitz. 2nd Row: R. Herb, M. Morginstin, J. Silvaggio 3rd Row: Coach W. Flamish. H6 flHB mailj ■ Spirited Success Coach Helene Hospodar lead the lady Mules to 9-4 victorious season. Los- ing four seniors this year, the team will have to rebuild its defense. Leading the defense from her halfback position, captain Andrea Dowhower did an out- standing job, garnering All-MAC honors at the close of the season. Leslie Widmer was also a member of the All- MAC squad. Senior Suzanne Seplow held back the opponents, while a new freshman goal keeper saved the goal. Michele Aimone and Chris Niche kept the offense running, dedicated to bring- ing the ball down the field they worked with Nancy Alverez to score for our team. The squad will surely miss the en- thusiasm and the leadership that the seniors provided. The young lady Mules of 1987 will have a hard image to follow, but look forward to a successful season. SCOREBOARD 9 6 Lehigh Valley Tournament H 9 9 Lebanon Valley H W 6 3 9 12 Marywood A W 3 0 9 16 Dickinson A W 2 1 9 19 Deleware Valley H W 5 1 9 23 Drew H L 1 0 9 30 Kutztown A L 7 2 10 2 Moravian A W 3 1 10 7 F.D.U. A L 5 2 10 9 Cedar Crest H W 3 0 10 10 Bryn Mawr A W 3 2 10 15 Swarthmore H L 2 0 10 23 Albright H W 4 2 19 27 Philadelphia Textile A ' 7 ■ 3 2 Leslie Widmer ready to pass. Row 1 S Seplow, A Dowhower, M Aimone, L Widmer, C. Niche, R Grossman Wierapple. F Estaham, G. Ciolkowski. K Brode, B Maclaren, A McCann, L. Meiser. Row 2: H. Hospodar, D. Burton, L. Williams, S. Peifer, K. Hendrickson, T Frantz, L P Foster Feldman, N. Alierez, E. Koehler, S. George. Row 3 T. Landre, J. Calhorne, D 117 a Mcresfii wn of sflccn i Muhlenberg soccer took on a whole new meaning this year. Jeffrey Tipping, formerly of Hartwick College, accepted the coaching position of a team destined for success. " Tipp " as he is referred to, started his work months before he even came to Muhlenberg. He searched the tri-state area for players who had skill, but more importantly, they had hedrt. He found a handful of guys with more heart than was imaginable. They came to pre season ready to play and ready to win. The returning players felt the pressure and came alive. It was a battle all season to get playing time. This may have been the soul cause of igniting the mules. The season started out very well. The mules met, nationally ranked, Messiah at Muhlen- berg and won. The mules had a 4-0 record going into the fifth game against Delaware Valley. They were nearly the worst team in the league, the mules were upset: " unlucky " . The season progressed, and an NCAA bid was all riding on one game, so they thought. Get- tysburg was leading the league with an unde- feated record. The mules scored and then switched to a low pressure situation. They held Gettysburg off in what turned out to be the most exciting game of the season. They missed the NCAA ' S but qualified for the ECAC tournament. They were defeated there by Mary Washington in the opening round. How- ever, making the tournament was a great success. 12-5-2 was a much improved record over last years 6-10-4. The dramatic perfor- mance was partly attributable to leading scorer Chris Bingman and outstanding goal- tending by Mark Mashrer. However, if it was not for the support and hustle of the entire team, there achievements would have meant nothing. The seniors of 1987 wish next years soccer " Ninjas " the best of luck, though they won ' t need it. Respectfully submitted, Louis V. Bellucci Above: Captain Lou Bellucci getting the cross off early. Below: Mule Soccer returns the favor of support for field Hockey. SCOREBOARD 9 6 Messiah H 3-2 W 9 10 Swarthmore H 3-2 W 9 17 FDU A 2-0 W 9 20 Washington H 3-0 W 9 24 Deleware Valley A 2-1 L 9 27 Albright A 4-1 W 10 1 Wilkes H 3-0 W 10 4 F M H 0-0 T 10 8 Moravian H 3-2 L 10 14 Dickinson H 8-1 W 10 16 Lafayette A 3-1 L 10 21 Western Maryland A 2-1 W 10 25 Lebanon Valley H 7-0 W 10 27 Ursinus H 4-0 W 10 30 Allentown College A 2-0 W 11 1 Gettysburg H 1-0 W 11 4 Lehigh A 1-0 L 11 6 Widner A 0-0 T 11 8 ECAC Playoffs A 2-0 L I Bottom Row: R. Ruck, B. Stolz, M. Runke, D. Robinson, L. Bellucci. Head Coach Third Row: C, Salama, F. Ozcheski, G. Wilson, M, Perrone. V. Bianchini, B. Jenson, Jeff Tipping, K. Mackie, C. Kuntz, Second Row: J. Boies, B. Hart, M. Barnett, C. D. Weiss. Bingman, E, Bredfelt, M. Maher, R. Yaffa, S, Macaller, R, Christman, S, Nemes. Above: Jason Boies and Scott Wilkins go after the unlucky Wilkes opponent. Below: A poised Scott Macaller controls the ball. Above: Barry Hart hustles back on defense. 119 ilOIIFyBRLL - ft ikspectoble finish Led by Senior Captains Geraldine Fox, Lau- ra Lemole, and Sarah Lindert, the Muhlenberg Women ' s Volleyball team posted an overall 11-16 record for the season. Friendships es- tablished among returning players proved to be an important factor in holding the team together while adjusting to a third new coach in four years. The season got off to a slow start but with the experience of the new coach Kathy Carbone and assistant coach Laura Nork, the Lady Mules finished with a respect- able season. The team will be losing five starting seniors, who will all be missed next year; Larua Lemole, Sarah Lindert, Geraldine Fox, Donna Pecora, and Barb Pelham. The underclassmen: Gogo Dayoub, Nicole DiPierre, Chris Fosko, Mindy Flutton, and Sue Vuoio will return next year with high expectations for the fall. Due to the player experience and good repoire with the new coaching staff, the Lady Mules look for- ward to competitive play next season. — Geraldine Fox Above: Donna Pecora bumps to the front line. Left: Captain Febs Fox spikes for a win. Above: Mules showing their style. SCOREBOARD 9 10 Lehigh H L 9 13 Elizabethtown Scranton A 1 L. 9 16 Ursinus A L 9 20 FDU St, Elizbeth A 21-2W 9 23 Cedar Crest H W 9 15 Kutztown H W 9 30 Moravian L 10 2 Swarthmore A L 10 4 Widner Kings H W 10 7 Plaverford rosemont A L 10 9 Albright A L 10 14 LCCC H W 10 16 Allentown College H L 10 23 Delaware Valley A W 10 29 Lafayette A L 11 1 Dickinson Wilkes A L.W H 120 I Standing: Coach C. Carbone; D. Pecora; G. Dayoub; C. Fosko; S. Lindert; S. Vuolo; L. Lemole; A. Scrivanich; L. Nork. Kneeling: N. DiPierre; M. Hutton. G. Fox; B. Pelham. mmmxmws Above Matt German and Sean Mackin take control. Right: Brett Jones dribbling up court. 122 . B A S K E T B A L L Top Row: J. Vaughan; B. Jones; R. Haag; M. Andrews; B. Belitz; M. Greenberg; G. Milton; Assistant Coach. Bottom Row: S. Moore, Head Coach; T. Lutz; D. Kuntz; M. German; S. Mackin; B. Kennedy; D. Madeira; Assistant Coach. Left: Dave Kuntz brings the ball into play SCOREBOARD 11 21-22 Scotty Wood Tournament 11 25 Misericordia 11 30 Lebanon Valley 12 02 Allentown 12 06 Dickinson 12 19 Spring Garden 12 22 Lehigh 1 03 Alvernia 1 05 Eckerd 1 06 Rollins 1 10 Fairleigh Dickinson 1 14 Western Maryland 1 19 Delaware Valley 1 21 Gettysburg 1 24 F M 1 28 Moravian 1 31 Western Maryland 2 04 Dickinson 2 07 Albright 2 11 Lebanon Valley 2 14 Gettysburg 2 18 F M 2 21 Moravian UlOfflHVS BRSKETBHII: B Team Sport Coach Karl Foerster returns for another winning season after breaking the school record last year for the most victories in a season. He dramatical- ly upgraded the team ' s schedule in hope of achieving a higher competitive plane. Three starters returned from last year: co-cap- tains Sharon Andrews and Anne Searles, a guard and forward, respectively, and forward Tracey Herb. All three lead the team with scoring ability and leadership. Guard Joann Dicarlo and center Jill Stetz returned to become important contri- butors to the team ' s winning season. The team gained six new players this year. These girls along with the returning players turned into a competitive team. Standing: C. Rogan, Manager; K. Foerster, Head Coach; S. Andrews; T. Herb; J. Kneeling: R. Emkey; L. Acker; J. DiCarlo; B Whitman, T. Rontz. Eckerson; J. Stetz; A. Searles; N. Lehrer, Assistant Coach; S. Folley, Manager Above: Sharon Andrews hoes up for two 125 Below: Sharon Andrews dribble around the defense SCOREBOARD 11 22 Susquehanna 11 25 Drew 12 02 Ursinis 12 04 Moravian 12 06 Albright 12 29-30 Muhlenberg Holiday Tournament 1 10 Fairleigh Dickinson 1 13 Haverford 1 17 Swarthmore 1 20 Widener 1 22 Ursinis 1 24 Lycoming 1 27 Gettysburg 1 29 F M 2 02 Widener 2 05 Haverford 2 07 Swarthmore 2 10 Wilkes 2 14 Albright 2 16 Scranton 2 17 Moravian Mil MlRBfilM - H Grappling Reason The 1986-87 wrestling season brought new faces to the whole season. The coaches Mike Laporta and Barry Bartek are both new coaches and are very dedicated to improv- ing the wrestling program. This change in the leadership began last year when the overall record was 1-16 but the season coaches turned everything around to a 9-10 record. The coaches recruited many freshmen which contributed to the teams improvement and to their future success. Three seniors on the team helped the team to a courageous effort. Senior Al Flower wres- tled in the second semester to a 4-3 record and help the Mules to their 9-10 record by competing in the 167 or 177 pound weight class. Senior Doug Schildhaus was a captain and wrestled to a record of 8-8. His continued improvement throughout the season made him a contender to place in the 1987 MAC championships. But an unfo rtuante knee injury abrubtly ended his season before the MAC ' S. Senior Garret Waller was a captain and wres- tled at 167 pound weight class. His team lead- ership and dedication were a key factor to the Mules success. He achieved a 16-10 re- cord and took second place in the La Salle tournament. His best match occurred during the MAC championships, where he lost a close match to the second seated wrestler but came back during the wrestlebacks to win four matches. Garrett and the rest of the seniors will be greatly missed. Junior, 158 pound captain, Scott Schlenker finished the year with a 26-2 overall record. Schlenker was the Mules highest place winner in MAC championships and in the finals won the MAC Championships. Schlenker then went to the Nationals and unfortuantely lost twice 7-1 and 7-6. Scott ' s 1987 finish was better than his finish in 1986. He is continually improv- ing and contributing to the success of the team. The other wrestlers who participated this season include: Jeff Martin, Gary Defrancesci, Rob Ukeiley, Rick Gilston, Mark Abraham, Dave Ulrich, and Scott Graybill. Although the team is losing 3 seniors, the captains count on the improvement of the underclassmen on the team. There is a great deal of optimism for the years to come. Above: Doug Schildhaus wrestles for control. Above: Gilston works for the pin. Top row: M. Laporta, D. Schildhaus, G. Waller, S. Flower, G. Defrancesci, K.J., B. Bartek. Second Row: S. Graybil. M. Abraham, R. Gilston, D. Ulrich, S. Schlenker. Bottom Row: J Martin. R, Ukeiley. Above Freshman Dave Ulrich looks for the takedown. SCOREBOARD 11 15 11 22 LaSalle Tournament Susquehanna A H W 11 25 LaSalle A L 11 25 Rutgers Camden A W 12 2 Moravian A L 1 5 Lebanon Valley Tourn. A L 1 6 Upsala A W 1 6 Washington Lee A L 1 20 Upsala H W 1 24 Albright H W 1 28 Ursinus H L 1 31 Lebanon Valley A L 1 31 Swarthmore A L 2 7 Haverford A W 2 7 Baptist Bible A W 2 7 Widener A W 2 11 Kings H L 1 14 Elizabethtown A L 1 14 Juniata A W 1 14 Scranton A L 127 The Muhlenberg Baseball team began their sea- son with their usual spring training program. Their tour started on February 28 and headed south to play small-college baseball teams in North Carolina and Virginia. Headed by Coach Sam Beidleman, and with fourteen returning lettermen on the squad the season began with optimism. The team was led by senior co-captains Tom Moyer and Tom Lukasiewicz. Moyer was a three- year starter in centerfield and Lukasiewicz was a solid performer at first base. Offensively the Mule attack was bolstered by junior Dave Tritto, junior Mike Abel, and sophomore Andy Castin. The pitching mound is the place where the Mules have been most vulnerable. The starting pitcher was Craig Corn. Also filling the pitching positions were sophomore Matt Andes and Mike Delgrande. Another good candidate was freshman Chris Schlenker. Senior Jon Keller and sophomore Ron Binn worked out of the bullpen. Bill Cronin, first-year sen- ior, was behind the plate for the season which gave Dave Tritto more time as a designated hitter. Soph- omore Mike Tremblay played second base and did a fine job at it. Junior Ray Handel covered third base. The overall season was 12-12 with one tie. r if 9 V v III ' ! i jnt Row: A. Castin; M. Yalloff; C. Coffey; T. Lukasiewicz; T. Moyer; M. Tremblay, 3rd Row: B. Cronin; K, Hardy; M. Wegryn; C. Dougherty, C. Schlenker. 4th Row: Binn, 2nd Row: C. Corn, D. Tritto; E. Dieter; R. Handel; J, Keller; M. Abel; S. Polsky. Coach Beidleman; Assistant Coach. SCOREBOARD 3 2 Chowan Univ. L 15- 4 3 3 Eton College L 10- 1 L 11- 3 3 4 N.C. Wesleyan L 22- 4 3 5 Mount Olive L 12- 7 3 7 V.A. Wesleyan L 8- 5 L 11- 3 3 11 Ursinus L 13- 8 3 18 Widener L 12- 6 3 21 Elizabethtown L 19- 6 L 7- 2 3 24 Lafayette W 18- 2 3 25 Dickinson W 11- 5 T 9- 2 3 26 Allentown W 5- 5 3 28 Western Maryland W 4- 3 L 12- 6 3 30 FDU W 7- 3 4 3 Drew W 9- 6 4 4 Lebanon Valley w 5- 3 L 5- 0 4 11 Gettysburg L 11- 0 W 8- 2 4 15 Delaware Valley L 25-14 4 9 Lehigh L 20- 7 4 16 Moravian L 13- 9 W 9- 6 4 20 Swarthmore L 7- 2 4 22 Albright W 7- 6 4 23 E. Stroudsburg W 8- 4 4 25 F8cM L 8- 4 12- 3 ! 129 1 MM11 11 Sl ' fTMLL 130 SCOREBOARD 3 19 Lehigh H W L (DH) 3 21 Kutztown A L 3 25 Dickinson H W W (DH) 3 28 FDU A L W (DH) 4 01 NCACC A W T (DH) 4 08 Delaware Valley H W W (D H) 4 09 Allentown A L 4 11 Widener H W W (D H) 4 14 Moravian H W W (D H) 4 16 Albright H W W (D H) TIMM Hipil? 132 SCOREBOARD 3 20 Kings L 2-7 3 28 Widener L 1-8 3 30 Drew L 4-5 4 2 Moravian W 9-0 4 4 Dickinson L 0-9 4 7 Gettysburg L 0-9 4 10 F8tM L 0-9 4 11 Albright L 0-9 4 15 Kutztown W 6-3 4 20 Scranton L 4-5 4 25 W. Maryland W 5-4 4 27 Wilkes W 8-1 4 28 Ursinus W 7-2 133 Oil TUI COM! SCOREBOARD 3 23 Scranton W 9-0 3 28 Dickinson W 8-1 4 1 Wilkes W 8-1 4 8 Haverford L 4-5 4 9 Albright W 7-2 4 11 Swarthmore W 5-4 4 13 Ursinus w 9-0 4 14 Moravian w 9-0 4 16 Drew w 8-1 4 21 Elizabethtown w 8-1 4 25 FDU w 9-0 MAC,S w 4 27 Scranton L 7-2 4 29 F M 9-0 5 1 Singles: Lemole W Doubles: L Andrews 8c W Marangi W m rm mm . . SCOREBOARD 3 24 F M 4 01 Moravian 4 02 Lehigh 4 10 Lebanon Valley Susquehanna Swarthmore 4 13 Kutztown 4 21 Scranton FDU 4 22 Gettysburg MAC ' S 4 24-5-6 Finished fourth H L H W H L A L W A W A L 135 mmw§ rax 136 I SCOREBOARD 3 23 Beaver W 19- 4 3 25 F M L 23- 8 4 2 Drew L 17-11 4 4 Wash. College W 17- 7 4 8 Haverford L 14- 6 4 11 Dickinson W 8- 4 4 13 Bryn Mawr W 16-10 4 15 Cedar Crest W 19- 8 4 23 Swarthmore L 13-11 4 25 Widener W 24- 4 28 Kutztown L 18- 8 LACROSSE FACT SHEET NICKNAME: Mules COLORS: Cardinal and gray CONFERENCE: Middle Atlantic East AFFILIATION: NCAA Division III HEAD COACH: Patty Foster ASSISTANT: Jill Robinson CO-CAPTAINS: Andrea Dowhower; Suzanne Seplow RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: 10 RETURNING STARTERS: 8 137 rma Building a successful track program at Muhlen- berg and competing successfully against tradition- ally well-established teams in the Middle Atlantic Conference, requires dedication to a training schedule that begins before Christmas break and continues throughout the cold months into the early spring. This is what Coach John McVan had in mind. He took the head coaching job three years ago with the intention of rebuilding the program in five years. He has put together a team of hard working athletes, each of which contributes their own part to the team. To date, team committment has paid off in a number of ways. Twelve athletes achieved five personal best during the indoor season. The com- bined men ' s and women ' s teams set school records in over five events. The women ' s team took a big step toward gaining varsity status. Coach McVan is a hard working coach who is dedicated to having a successful track team. SCOREBOARD 3 21 Widener Haverford Pa. Textile 3 25 F M 3 27 Battleground Relays 4 04 Ursinis 4 07 Lebanon Valley Swarthmore 4 11 Mason-Dixon Relays 4 18 Moravian Lebanon Valley 4 25 Albright Dickinson 5 01 MAC Championships 5 16 ICAAAA Championships 5 20 NCAA Division III Championships iL «2 ! 0 i-t- LL-j r 1 - i ,1 [ i : | . , 1 1 1 1 mm 1986 The Yeai WORLD NEWS Voyager flies nonstop around the world Jeana Yeager and Dick Rutan made aviation history on December 23rd when they successfully completed a nine day flight in an experi- mental plane designed by Burt Rutan, Dick’s brother. The trip was made without having to refuel the plane. The So-Called Subway Vigilante, Bernhard H. Goetz, who in 1984 shot four black youths on a Manhattan subway, was acquitted this summer of the murder charges brought against him. U.S. Violates Iran arms boycott On the 1 3th of November, President Reagan attempted to explain the astonishing revelation that the U.S. had secretly supplied Iran with military equipment. The President failed to provide a reasonable and comprehensive account of the affair and Congress spent the months which followed trying to sort through the whole contradictory mess. America celebrates the bicentennial of the Constitution. A.I.D.S. has, to date, claimed thousands of lives and is expected to reach epidemic proportions in the years to come. MOVIES Top Gun Stand by Me Ferris Beuler’s Day Off Platoon Ruthless People Star Trek IV Aliens y Review 1987 VICTORIES IN SPORTS The New York Mets emerged victorious over the Boston Red Sox in the final game of the series. The score was 8-5. The New York Giants defeated the Den- ver Broncos 39-20 for their first NFL championship title since 1956. The American fleet regained the Ameri- ca’s Cup in Australia. MUHLENBERG NEWS Plans for the new library were actually set in mo- tion on March 14 at the Groundbreaking Ceremo- ny. The expected date of completion is the summer of 1988. There will be no more bowling at Seeger’s Union. The lanes have been ripped our to make way for the expansion of the bookstore and possibly a non- alcoholic pub. Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple ap- peared at Muhlenberg via a satellite broadcast. 146 147 CAST i ■ Ernest in Love is a musical farce based on Oscar Wilde ' s The Importance of Being Earnest, one of the comic masterpieces of the English Theatre. The play revolves around the misfortune of two young men, Algernon and John Worthing, (having been given a surname other than Ernest), and their attempts at keeping the scandalous fact from being discovered. Their attempts lead them to a rather precarious position saved from collapse only by an unexpect- ed fact revealed in the final act. Charles Richter directed the play, and Curtis Dretsch designed the set. The musi- cal score was created by Anne Croswell and Lee Pockriss. Algernon Monories John Worthing . . . Gwendolyn Fairfax Lady Bracknell Cecily Cardew . . . ’Ms. Latitia Prism . . . . . David Savidge John Carhart Kim Parkinson Susan Sweetwood . . . Andrea Jontos . . . Debrah Cohen Lane Dr. Chasuble Effie Perkins Alice Steve Klin .Ted Grossma Beth Woodridg ' Lee Herb ' . . Kelly Conwa The right cravat and hat make the perfect marriage. SL Ki p H b j — " " ' 1 H pit ...» | . Asr ’WJBM ■? mM al ' mm f c!l flB Jj Uk . ) Jl ' i mM ■SfM v jBfTjrwlf rw W ; ' Ip m Well, Lady Bracknell, I was found in a handbag. No, Gwendolyn, you cannot marry Mr. Worthing without our consent. 148 CAST Orsino Sebastian Antonio Sea Captain Valentine Curio Sir Toby Belch Sir Andrew Aguecheek . . . Rusty Jacobs Jason Boies Benjy Gitterman Bob Herb . . . . John Joseph . . John Carhart Curtis Cheatham . Roger Kaufman Malvolio Edwin Booth Fabian Chip Adami Feste, a clown Mark Weissman Olivia Andrea Jontos Viola Alicia Ten Brink Maria Alison Newberg A Priest Scott McLeod Courtiers . Ollie Baer, Christine Brey, Laura Hamrock Feste the clown sings his song Sir Andrew Aguecheek shows what a great warrior he is. . The company sings just loud enough to wake up Malvolio To make a Shakespeare play come alive requires a level of energy and talent only Muhlenberg ' s Theatre Association could provide. And with the production of Twelfth Night this level was not only at- tained but exceeded. On the brilliantly cre- ative " neoclassical” set that Curtis Dretsch designed the mythical land of Illyria came to life. As is true with most Shakespearian comedies, the plot is intricately complex and resolved only in the final act of the play. Up until then the audience is caught up in the tightly woven love triangle involv- ing Viola, Olivia, and Orsino. The actors and actresses showed their superb theatrical ability in rendering the baffling circum- stances of the plot quite clear and easy to follow. Marla tells of her plan to humiliate Malvolio I The production of William Hanley ' s play by the Muhlenberg Theatre Association was an opportunity for many to display tal- ents not yet recognized. Curtis Cheatham, who played a comical character earlier this season, was given the chance to play a serious one in a featured role. The play also gave Alan Cook the opportunity to step out of his familiar role of director and into the role of actor. Julye Miles stepped into Cook ' s position and demonstrated her ability to intelligently direct this complex play. The play itself revolves around the hid- den truth behind appearances, and the inability of people to cope with that truth in the outside world. The benign setting of a candy store serves as a haven for the char- acters — a protected place where their truths will not be judged. Although the can- dy store is a place where the characters feel safe, the set was designed so that the audience feels uncomfortable while the characters reveal their truths. The audience comes to the realization by the end of the play that the candy store is not isolated and protected from the " kill- ing ground, ' ' but has instead served as a place where the three characters have found a way to survive it together. 150 i OKLAHOMAI Is a play that asks the burn- ing philosophical question: " But Aunt Eller, who am I to go to the Box Social with tonight?” OKLAHOMAI is a play with high moral ethics: " I ' m just a girl who can ' t say no. I ' m just a fool when the lights are low.” OKLAHOMAI is a play where money can buy love: " Ado Annie ' s Pa said I could marry her if ever I was worth $50. And I got that $501!” OKLAHOMAI Is OK. Ml 151 HOMECOMING 1986 Jill Vaughan returns to pass on her crown and title. Some Delta Zeta sisters showing their Homecoming Spirit. Phi Sig has caught the true spirit of Mule Magic. Once again alumni returned to the Lehigh Valley in anticipation of the homecoming festivities, beginning Thursday Night October 23 with the George Carlin comedy show. By the time Friday rolled around, alumni had swarmed the campus, parking spaces had be- come few and far between. The band and the cheer- leaders were present at the bonfire, firing the crowd up for what would be the 15th consecutive homecom- ing victory for the football team over Gettysburg. Activities began on Saturday with the Wellness fair, as well as interviews for admission of alumni-related applicants and Departmental Open Houses. By noon, the annual tailgate picnic and Homecoming parade was underway. The parade included cars decorated by the three sororities, student council, the Freshmen class, and Alph Phi Omega. Awards were later given out to Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Phi Omega, and the class of 1990 for the best floats. The football game began at 2:00 and culminated in a 10-7 victory for the Mules, and the crowning of a new homecoming queen, Suzanne Seplow. Following the game was the reception in the solar corridor, and the annual home- coming recital in the Center for fhe Arts that evening. The soccer team was also victorious with a win over Lebanon Valley, they had begun new life under a new coach, and soundly beat the opponents 7-0. The sign on Seegers Union, " Welcome Home Alumni " proudly said it all, for no matter how long you have been away, this is what your school will always be. 152 MULE MAGIC 153 Dana Ciaffone and escort Fritz Kurtz Maggie Mann and escort Desi Correta Homecoming Queen Suzanne Seplow and escort Kevin Swill Michelle Aimone and escort Joe Loperfido Gena Casciano and escort Keith Winter 154 4 . PUB NITES! 156 ut mft « ama ' I mm ? af smmms Mmstvm y»U?IK J ■m»»m ,t,p ia mU 157 THE NEW LIBRARY ■ -yfiVl • THE CAMPAIGN FOR • m MUHLENBERG You are cordially invited to join in A Day of Celebration for Muhlenberg College On Saturday, the Fourteenth of March Nineteen hundred and eighty-seven Library Groundbreaking on Hagen Field three-thirty in the afternoon Reception immediately following Center for the Arts Galleria 158 159 160 161 162 Jr . j J£ SENIOR BALL 163 164 165 SENIOR WEEK Lauren and Michelle enjoying their last week as seniors, Dave and Ray watch out for flying beachballs. I 166 Above: Maria and Kate socializing. Below: John, Dan, and Les taking it easy Jake enjoyed a dunk in the pool May to marked the end of final exams and the beginning of one of the best weeks ever in a student ' s college years — SENIOR WEEK. It was a week for all seniors to enjoy, when old friends reminisced about the past four years, and newly discovered friends were sorry for not having met sooner, but all wished the week could last a year. Margot Steinberg and Lisa Beninati did a fan- tastic job of planning the events. Most people headed to the Jersey shore for the first couple of days. There were pub-nites in the Belmar area and in Atlantic city to satisfy requests for both. After a few days in the sun, it was back to Allen- town for a pub-nite at Ye Olde Ale House, The rest of the week was great and filled with tent parties, beer trucks and frisbee playing on Brown beach, a happy hour with pizza and a pub night at ZBT, and just general sun and fun! Before we knew it, it was Saturday, the last day of Senior Week. A champagne brunch was held before the big senior meeting, when the reality of graduation really hit, as plans were discussed and we were given our caps and gowns. The day and week ended with a final tent party on Brown beach with a beer truck, a video D.J., and all of our favorite friends to make the celebration complete. When looking back on our Muhlen- berg years, the fun of Senior Week will always be one of our favorite memories. CELEBRATIONS! TENT PARTIES Margot bows for the crowd. Steve and Donna enjoy a drink. Lauren and Kathy enjoying the sun. Jake, Joe, Matt, and Dan enjoyed a few days at the shore. Seppie and Daria-great buddies. 169 170 On Sunday, May 17, 1987 Muhlenberg College held its 139th commencement exercises. A Baccalaureate service was held in the morning, (for those graduates abie to wake up, or for those still awake fro m the night before). Then at 2:30, with music by the Allentown Band, the procession of graduates and faculty entered the campus, as proud family members and friends cheered, waved, and snapped pictures from the side. Mike Hanlon delivered the speech for the class of 1987 to his fellow graduates and reminded us of our funfilled four years at Muhlenberg Kevin Swill, student council president, followed Mike in addressing his fellow grads. Michelle Aimone announced the re- sults of the senior class pledge drive and accepted a $10,000 donation from Theodore Lithgow Jr., on behalf of RJR-Nabisco. Mr. Lithgow, graduate of the Muhlenberg class of 1953 and president of Merckens Chocolate Co., then addressed the class of 1987. A combination of the hot sun and a poor audio system made everyone restless and anxious for the ceremony to procede. Final- ly the candidates were presented by Robert C. Williams, Vice- President and Dean of the College, as President Jonathan C. Messerli awarded the diplomas to each graduate. At the close of the ceremony, senior Wendy Wiebalk led in the singing of Muhlen- berg ' s Alma Mater, The commencement program left the class of 1987 with nice final memories of Muhlenberg College, and bright hopes for the future. HZH2M02 Mg gOn 172 Mike Hanlon reminds the class of ' 87 of its past four years. Left: Theodore Lith- gow presents Michelle Aimone with a dona- tion to the class of 1987, on behalf of RJR- Nabisco. 173 174 l i f a | r v ' aeSKaiMn ' — 31 1. 1 wW : i W ‘ B " • - W _ . ms j, r w . iin . B hi: | v »■• In the World of Mules there are no rules! 178 179 Ml 180 181 J 183 ■ 184 185 186 187 SENIOR DIRECTORY ERIC ABRAMS, B.S, Natural Science Biology. 5 Matilda Dr. Ocean, NJ 07712. Zeta Beta Tau, Class of ' 87 - Vice President. RENEE ROSE AGHAZADIAN, B.A. Psy- chology. 312 Trumbull Rd. Manhas- set, NY 11030. JENNIFER AGNELLO, B.S, B.A. Biol- ogy English. 23 Stonewych Dr. Chatham, NJ 07928. Tour Guide, French Tutor, Allentown Osteopath- ic Medical Center Volunteer, Alpha Chi Omega, Yearbook-assistant faculty editor. Weekly-assistant business manager, French Club, Psy- chology Club. MICHELLE M. AIMONE, B.A. English. 56 Old Clinton Rd. Flemington, NJ 08822. Co-captain Varsity Field Hockey, Senior Class Pledge Drive Chairperson, MacGregor Village- Vice President, Freshman Student Advisor. KIM ALEXANDER, B.A. English. 1 14 De- Groff PI. Park Ridge, NJ 07656. Hillel, Education Society, Pre-Law Soci- ety-Secretary, German Club, Ar- cade. DAVID W. ANDERSON, B.S. Biology. 40 Harlan School Rd. Somerville, NJ 08876. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Gaming Club, Student Trainer. KRISTIN ANN ANDERSON, B.A. Psy- chology. 9720 Forest Creek Dr. Bo- zeman, MT 59715. Psychology Club, Delta Zeta, Intramural Volleyball, Housing Committee, Track and Field. KRISTEN MARIE ANDREWS, B.S. Infor- mation Science. RD 1 Bay Rd. Box 249 Glens Falls, NY 12801. Varsity Tennis, Intramural Sports, Activities Club. SHARON M. ANDREWS, B.A. Ac- counting. 602 Barbara Ave. Philiips- burg, NJ 08865. Woman ' s Basketball Team-Captain, Softball Team, Delta Zeta, Omicron Delta Kappa Nation- al Leadership Honor Society. MARGARET ANDRIANI, B.A. English Spanish. 16 Springcrest Dr. Akron, PA 17501. Muhlenberg Weekly-Editor- in-Chief, Spanish Club, John Marshall Pre-Law Society. ROBERT C. ASHTON JR., B.S. Biology Philosophy. 3051 N. East Ave, Vine- land, NJ 08360. Phi Kappa Tau, Aca- demic Judicial Board, Honor Code Task Force, Freshman Orientation Committee, Big Brother of Lehigh Valley, Intramurals. CARLA ATTANASIO, B.A. Psycholo- gy. 225 E. Cedar St. Livingston, NJ 07039. Psychology Club, Anthropol- ogy Club. GLENN T. AULT, B.S. Biology Natural Science. 905 Tremont Street White- hall, PA 18052. Student Council, Council Operations Co-Chairper- son, Resident Advisor, Student Rep. to Board of Associates, ODK. LON S. BACHRACH, B.A. Communi- cations Drama. 7835 Lorna Dr. Phila- delphia, PA 19111. Muhlenberg The- atre Association, WMUH. OLIVER E. BAER, B.A. Psychology. 418 High St. Closter, NJ 07624. MTA, Hillel, Program Board College Bowl Sub- Board Chairman, Psychology Club, Gaming Club, Eve Elizabeth-Social Issues House, Millerheim Community Services House. DONNA L. BAIN, B.A. Business. 60 Fieldstone Dr. Springfield, NJ 07081. Business Club, Alpha Chi Omega. SUZANNE L. BALDASARO, B.A. Psy- chology. 18-50 Chandler Dr. Fair Lawn, NJ 07410. Psychology Club, Senior Ball Committee, Intermural Sports. A. KIM BARBERA, B.A. History. 167 Randall Rd. Shoreham, NY 11786. Freshman Orientation Leader, Tour Guide, Concert Committee-Vice President. ROBIN LYNN BARDELL, B.A. Commu- nications. 324 Shaler Blvd. Ridge- field, NJ 07657. Varsity Tennis, Weekly Newspaper, Arcade Liter- ary Magazine, WMUH Disc Jockey and Newscaster, Pom-Pom Squad. PAUL BARRETT, B.A. Business Political Science. 185 Ellison Ave. Westbury, NY 11590. LESLIE BECKER, B.A. Psychology. 78 Calvert Avenue East Edison NJ 08820. Alpha Phi Omega, Psycholo- gy Club. ROBERTO BELLU, B.A. Philosophy. 59 Continental Ave. Forest Hills, NY 11375. EDWARD T. BEJA, B.S. Biology. Sigma Phi Epsilon-Social Chairman, House Manager, Karate Club. LESLI JOAN BELLEZZA, B.S. Political Science. 3 Deerhill Dr. Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423. Pre-Law Society, Tennis Team. LOUIS V. BELLUCCI, JR., B.A. Business Economics. 18 Lake Dr. Boonton, NJ 07005. Soccer Team-Captain, Var- sity Soccer, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge Trainer, Yearbook-Contri- buting Editor. LISA MARIA BENINATI, B.A. Communi- cations. 90 Banksville Rd. Armonk, NY 10504. Resident Advisor, La- crosse, Field Hockey, Education So- ciety, SUSAN M. BEPPEL, B.A. Business Ad- ministration. 240 6th Ave. College- town, PA 19426. Cheerleading- Captain, Freshman Advisor, Transfer Advisor, Tour Guide, Business Club. MICHAEL BERLINER, B.A. Business Ad- ministration Accounting. 11 S. Derby Rd. Springfield, NJ 07081. Zeta Beta Tau, Pre-Law Society, Student Judicial Board, Varsity Ten- nis-Captain, ODE-Economics Honor Society, The S.O.B. Club. MICHAEL BERTRAM, B.S. Biology: mi- nor-Economics, 47 Westminster St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702. Phi Kappa Tau. STEPHEN BIFULCO, B.A. Business Ac- counting. 34 Astor Place Monsey, NY 10952. Sigma Phi Epsilon-House Manager, Varsity Tennis. SUSAN BLANK, B.S. B.A. Natural Sci- 188 ence Philosophy. ' 1003 Easton Rd. Apt. 906 Willowgrove, PA 19090. Phi Sigma Sigma, Song Chairman, Phil- anthropy Chairman, Judicial Board Chairman, Hillel President, Hillel. ILENE CHERYL BLATT, B.A. Business Administration. 1 Barkley La. Nes- conset, NY 11767. Phi Sigma Sigma- President, Pom-Poms, Hillel. KEITH BLICHT, B.S. Biology Natural Science. 49 Wichard Blvd. Corn- mack, NY 11725. Zeta Beta Tau, Ice Hockey Club, First Aid Corpe. RONALD BLOTNER, B.A. Economics. 14 Dogwood Lane Westport, CT 06880. Alpha Epsilon Pi-Vice Presi- dent, Field Hockey Manager, Varsity Golf. MARIA A. BORTOLUSSI, B.A. English. 4 Aldine Park Nyack, NY 10960. TRUDI E. BOTTARI, B.A. Communica- tions. 272 Pondfield Rd. W. Bronxville, NY 10708. Program Director, Promo- tions Director, WMUH-AM Program Training Director, WMUH-Disc Jock- ey, News, and Weather, MTA. «• JAMES DANIEL BOVE III, B.S. Biology Philosophy. 7 Woodland Ave. Butler, NJ 07405. Rifle Club, First Aid Corp, Tour Guide, Interfraternity Council, Sigma Phi Epsilon-President Guard. CHRISTOPHER BOYD, B.A. Psycholo- gy. 106 Chittenden Rd. Killingworth, CT 06417. Zeta Beta Tau, Varsity Track, Photography Club, Psycholo- gy Club. KATHLEEN ANN BARDY, B.A. Psychol- ogy. 475 Elmwood Ave. Maple- wood, NJ 07040. Psychology Club- Treasurer, Lacrosse Team, Resi- dence Hall Council-Dorm President, French Club. JON ERIK BRNDJAR, B.S. Chemistry: Minor-Religion. 2 Sylvan Circle Con- yngham, PA 18219. Omicron Delta Kappa- Vice President 8t Treasure, Forensics Society-Treasure, LSM- President, Chemistry Club-Vice President, German Club, Dance Club, Math Club, Residence Hall Council, Interfaith Council. BRIAN J. BROKER, B.S. Biology Natu- ral Science. 319 Mulberry Ln. Elkins Park, PA 19117. Zeta Beta Tau-Histo- rian 8c Fund-Raising Chairman, Ulti- mate Frisbee Club, Students Against Multiple Schlerosis-Co-Chairman. ROBERT E. BRONG II, B.A. Psychology. 1806 Fairmont Ave. Whitehall, PA 18052. MICHAEL JON BROOKS, B.S. Biology. 1001 City Line Ave. Apt. 705 Phila- delphia, PA 19151. Ice Hockey Team, Hillel, Weekly, First Aid Corps, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Intramural Sports. THOMAS MICHAEL BROTZMAN, B.A. Communications Psychology. 12 Wilson St. Phillipsburg, NJ 08865. Tau Kappa Epsilon-Social Chairman, WMUH Newscaster. WILLIAM JOSEPH BROWNE, B.A. Busi- ness Economics. 2 Wingate Dr. Liv- ingston, NJ 07039. Varsity Baseball, Business and Economics Club, Year- book Staff, Intermurals, Alpha Tau Omega-Social Chairman. ROBERT PETER BUCICH, B.A. Econom- ics. 2 Sutton Way Livingston, NJ 07039. Ice Hockey Club-President, Yearbook -Greek Section Editor, Al- pha Tau Omega, Business and Eco- nomics Club, Intramurals. JAMES E. BURDEN, B.A. History. 41 Slo- cum Ave. Tappan, NY 10983. Ulti- mate Frisbee Club-President, Tau Kappa Epsilon. SUSAN BURNS, B.A. Psychology. 1 Pimlieo Dr. Commack, NY 11725. Psychology Club, Education Soci- ety, Intramural Soccer, Volleyball. NICHOLAS J. BUSHNER, B.A. History, 103 S. 25th St. Allentown, PA 18104. Phi Alpha Theta-Vice President, Le- high County Historical Society, Red Cross, History Honor Society, John Marshal Society. ELIZABETH CALLERY, B.A. Psycholo- gy. 1101 Mahantongo St. Pottsville, PA 17901. RHC- Vice President, Psy- chology Club. LAWRENCE CARNOVALE, B.A. Eco- nomics Business. 22 Nutley Ave. Nutley, NJ 07 1 10. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Omicron Delta Epsilon-President. GENA CASCIANO, B.A. International Business. Rd. 7, Box 456 Newton, NJ 07860. RHC-President, Class of ' 87-Executive Council, Student Ad- visor, Tour Guide, Alpha Chi Omenga-Historian . MARIA F. CATALANELLO, B.A. Psy- choiogy Education. 2 Versailles Court Brookville, NY 11545. Year- book Editor, Psychology Club, Edu- cation Society. PAMELA J. CATHERS, B.A. English. 333 Lacey Ave. Apt. 4-C Doylestown, PA 18901. Student Council: Council Operations Co-Chair, Communica- tions Chair; SJB, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Sigma lota. Student Advising, Tour Guide, Weekly Reporter, Honor Code Task Force. LYNDA JOAN CHAGACHBANIAN, B.A. Psychology. 88 Logan Lane Wyckoff NJ 0748 1 . Psychology Club, APO-Vice President of Pledge Class and Publicity Committee, IM Basket- ball Captain, Volunteer Big Sister, Freshmen Move-In Committee 1985. CURTIS G. CHEATHAM, JR., B.A. Busi- ness Drama. 22 Polk Ave. Dover, NJ 07801. Alpha Tau Omega, MTA, Football, Executive Council. ROBERT A. CHRISTMAN II, B.S. Chem- istry: Minor-Math. 321 Green way St. Fleetwood, PA 19522. Varsity Soc- cer, Chemistry Club, Intramural Bas- ketball. DANA LYNN CIAFFONE, B.A. Eco- nomics. 4004 Briar Lane Lafayette Hill, PA 19444. Cheerleading Cap- tain, Executive Council, Alpha Chi Omega, Freshman Orientation Committee, National Economics Honor Society. PETER A. CILENTO, B.S. Biology. 121 Pelican Dr. Avalon, NJ 08202. Ski Club, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, I.M. Sports, The S.O.B. Club. ELIZABETH Y. CLARK, B.A. Art Busi- ness. 239 Walnut Rd. Strafford, PA 19087. MAPA, Amnesty Internation- al, World Hunger Task Force, WMUH, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Art Club. NADIA C. CLARK, B.A. Accounting Business Administration. 330 W. Broad St. Telford, PA 18969. Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Softball, ODE- National Economics Honor Society, Business and Economics Club. REBECCA S, CLEFF, B.A. English. 715 Pine St. Philadelphia, PA 19106. Weekly-Assistant Photo Editor, Year- book, Art Club, Committee of Eng- lish Majors. MITCHELL I. COHEN, B.S. Biology Nat- ural Science. 1940 Limekiln Pike Dresher, PA 19025. Tourguide, Tour Guide Reviewing Committee, Soc- cer Intramurals, Basketball Intramur- als, Varsity Soccer, Alpha Epsilon Pi- Social Chairman. EILEEN COLLINS, B.A. Business Psy- chology. 50 Headley PI. Maple- wood, NJ 07040. Alpha Chi Omega- Recording Secretary, Psychology Club, Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Student Receptionist. DAN CONNELL, B.S. Biology: minor- English. 3009 Jefferson Ave. Glen- side, PA 19038. Tau Kappa Epsilon, 189 Ultimate Frisbee-Treasurer, Catholic Campus Ministry-Senior Representa- tive. ANGELA MICHELLE CONWAY, B.A. Art. 105 Clarewill, NJ 07043. Art Club. ROBERT L. COOK J??., B.S. Biology. 1438 Lawrence Rd. Lawrenceville, NJ 08648. Freshmen Class-President, Executive Board, Tau Kappa Epsilon- Commissioner. RENEE CORMIER, B.A. Business Ad- ministration. 2419 South Court Beth- lehem, PA 18017. Pom-Pom Squad, Economics and Business Club, WMUH-DJ. CRAIG M. CORN, B.A. Accounting. 107 Broad St. Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442. Varsity Baseball, Phi Kappa Tau, College Quiz Bowl. MEGAN MARIE COSTELLO, B.S. Biol- ogy. 290 Runner St. Philadelphia, PA 19111. Resident Advisor, Head Resi- dent, Delta Zeta-President, Eta Sig- ma Phi, Art Club, Ski Club. STEVEN COVINO, B.S. Natural Sci- ence. 8 Banksville Rd. Armonk, NY 10504. Sigma Phi Epsilon- Vice Presi- dent, Social Chairman, House Beau- tification Chairman. MICHELE DENISE COX, B.A. Political Science. 6001 Mannington, MD 21206. Program Board, Newman Club, Phi Sigma Sigma, Philanthropy Chairwoman, Activities Chairwo- man, Panhellnie Secretary, Study Abroad in Poland. WILLIAM F. CRONIN III, B.A. Econom- ics Political Science. 31 Melrose Rd. Mt. Lakes, NJ 07046. Phi Kappa Tau, Football, Lacrosse, WMUH-Sports. KATHLEEN CURRAN, B.A. Economics. 9033 Convent Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19136. Sigma Tau Delta-President, Executive Council ' 87, ODE, Intramu- ral Sports. MARIA CZUZAK, B.A. Physical An- thropology. 1230 Crane Dr. Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. Alpha Phi Omega, An- thropology Club-Secretary’ Presi- dent, Arcade. GAMILE PAULETTE DADUS, B.A. Politi- cal Science Spanish. 45 Dale Ln. Smithtown, NY 11787. Hiliel-Vice President, Phi Sigma Sigma-Philanth- rophy Chairman, Dance Club, Pom- Pom Squad, La Fiesta Espanole, In- tramurals-Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, Pre-Law Society, Judicial Advisor- Student Court, Private Tutor-Span- ish. RUSSELL DANSON, B.A. Accounting. 1948 Valley Rd. Millington, NJ 07946. Zeta Beta Tau. PETER DAVENPORT, B.A. Economics. 28 Rehboth Rd. Flanders, NJ 07836. Tau Kappa Epsilon-Vice President, College Council on Student Affairs. ANDREW M. DEFONSO, B.A. Psychol- ogy. Biddeford Circle Doylestown, PA 18901. Phi Kappa Tau-Social Chairman, Psychology Club. ROBERT F. DELAUBELL, JR„ B.S. Com- puter Science. 227 Fans Rock Rd. Hamden, CT 06518. ODE-Economics Honor Society, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Li- feguard, Computer Room Lab Assis- tant. CAROL ANN DEMARCO, B.A. Psy- chology. 2 Park St. Wanaque, NJ 07465. Psi Dhi Honor Society, Psy- chology Club, Education Society. CHRISTOPHER DESANTIS, B.A. Eco- nomics. 60 Old Farmers Lane Staten Island, NY 10304. Zeta Beta Tau, ODE-Economics Honor Society, Golf Team, Intramural Football and Soc- cer, Greek Week Chairman. MICHAEL R. DIAZ, B.S. Biology Natu- ral Science. 1 14 Alta Vista Dr. Ring- wood, NJ 07456. Zeta Beta Tau. LAURA DIDOMENICO, B.S. Biology. 9 Spruce Rd. North Caldwell, NJ 07006. Phi Sigma Sigma-Treasurer, Intramural Sports. GAIL DILISIO, B.A. Accounting. Cher- ry Ridge Rd. Katonah, NY 10536. Al- pha Chi Omega, Photography Club- Secretary, Accounting Club-Secre- tary, Spanish Club-Secretary, Stu- dent Advisor, ODE-Economics Honor Society, PSI-Foreign Language Hon- or Society, ODK-Leadership Honor Society, Intramural Volleyball and Softball. KIMBERLY ANN DILLON, B.S. Psycholo- gy. Box 318 100 Cathcart Rd. Gwyn- eddvalley, PA 19437. Psychology CCub, Arcade, Anthropolgy Club- Secretary. KIM MARIE DISPOTO, B.A. Business Administration. 34 Valley Ct. Secau- cus, NJ 07094. Internship Annual Giv- ing, Work Study Program, Phone-A- Thon coordinator, Cobol Tutor. ANDREA LYN DOWHOWER, B.A. So- cial WRrk. 2106 Ridge Rd. Camp Hill, PA 17011. Lacrosse-Captain, Alpha Chi Omega-Fund Raising Chair, Stu- dent Council-Recording Secretary, Student Advisor, ODK. KENNETH DOYLE, B.A. English. 10 Rex- inger Ln. Avon CT, 06001. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Varsity Soccer. GERALD CHRISTOPHER DRAGONETTI, B.S. Biology. 1130 Tower Lane East Narberth, PA 19072. Zeta Beta Tau, I.M. Soccer and Football, Psycholo- gy Club. HEIDI DIEFNER, B.S. Biology. 131 Rt. 37 New Fairfield, CT 06812. MARC K. EHRETS, B.A. Sociology. 2317 Tilghman St. Allentown, PA 18104. Choir, Christian Fellowship. NICOS C. ELIAS, B.A. Social Science. 827 S. Ott St. Allentown, PA 18103. Christian Fellowship, WMUH. LINDA J. ELY, B.S. Natural Science. 1014 N. 30th St. Allentown, PA 18104. Non-Resident Student Asso- ciation. GREGORY E. ERDMAN, B.S. Biology Natural Science. RD 1 Box 161 Dal- matia, PA 17017. Varsity Football, Ski Club, Photo Club. DAWN I. EVERETT, B.A. Accounting: minor-information Systems. 21 Col- fax Dr. Pequannock, NJ 07440. Dance Club-Publicity Officer, Vice President, Choreographer, Math Club-Secretary and President, TNT Instructor and Coordinator, ODE- Economics Honor Society, Account- ing Club, Pre-Law Society. LINDA L. FARPOUR, B.A. History. 929 Robin Hood Dr. Allentown, PA 18103. APO, NRSA. T. MARK FARRELL, B.A. Business. 106 Bryn Mawr Ave. Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004. Varsity Football, Phi Kappa Tau-Social Chairman, Inter-Fraterni- ty Council-Secretary and Treasurer. MINDY P. FEINBERG, B.A. Communi- cations. 36 Grover Terrace Glen Rock, NJ 07452. Varsity Softball- MVP, Business Economics Club. Communications Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Intramural Sports-Soccer and Bas- ketball, Dean ' s List. DEAN FIERGANG, B.S. Biology. 4 Fox Pond Springhouse, PA 19447. Tau Kappa Epsilon- Sargent at Arms, Student Advisor, Class Secretary Freshman Year, BRAD ALLAN FISCHER, B.A. Human Resources. 17 Carnalry Close Free- hold, NJ 07728. Football Team-Cap- tain, American Society of Personnel Administration-Treasurer, Phi Kappa Tau. 190 PAMELA M. FISCHER, B.A, Psycholo- gy. 30 Dell wood Rd. Norwich, CT 06360. Alpha Phi Omega: Pledge Class President, Sargant of Arms, V.P. of Services, Social Committee Chairperson. BARBARA FISHER, B.A, Accounting Economics. 212 Ruth Ave, Horsham, PA 19044. Program Board- Vice President and Chairman of Special Events, Secretary of Class, Student Council Representative, Tour Guide. ALAN M. FLOWER, B.S, Biology Natu- ral Science. 5 Carr PI, Bayville, NY 11709. Sigma Phi Epsilon, APO, Tour Guide, Hall Representative, Wres- tling, Wellness Program, Chapel As- sistant. MONICA MARY FLYNN, B.S. Biology English. RD 1 Box 302A Belvidere, NJ 07823. Committee of English Majors, Eta Sigma Phi-Vice President, Cur- riculum Committee, Wind Ensemble Officer. GERALDINE M. FOX, B.A. Psychology. 154 Park Ave. Midland Park, NJ 07432. ROBYN FERN FRANKEL, B.S. Natural Science Psychology. 1466 Schirra Dr. Ambler, PA 19002. Founding Sis- ter of Alpha Chi Omega, Class of ' 87 Executive Council-Parliamentarian, Freshman Advising, Psychology Club, Intramural Volleyball, Hillel, Al- pha Chi Omega Chapter Relations Board. BARBARA E. FREEDMAN, B.A. Ac- counting Economics. 1 1 1 Hilburn Rd. Scarsdale, NY 10583. Weekly, Tour Guide, Economics and Accounting Tutor, Hillel, Volleyball Intramurals. " LES FRIEDMAN, B.S. Natural Science Biology, 2403 Bell Dr. West Lawn, PA 19609. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Ice Hock- ey Club. ROBERT GAFFNEY, B.S. Biology Psy- chology. 728 Lincoln St. Easton, PA 18042. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, WMUH, Millerheim Commu- nity Service House, Arcade. KAREN L. GARCIA, B.A. Business Ad- ministration Psychology , 77 Melanie Lane Syosset, NY 11791. Residence Hall Council, Alpha Phi Omega, Busi- ness Club, Psychology Club, I.M. Vol- leyball. DINA M. GARIBALDI, B.S. Biology, 590 Carpenter PI. Ridgefield, NJ 07657. First Aid Corps-President and Instruc- tor, Academic Policy Committee, Tour Guide, Student Advisor, Writing Task Force, Sigma Tau Delta, Ome- ga Delta Kappa, Forensics Club- Secretary, Pom-Pom Squad-CapA tain. DEBRA GASPARIK, B.A. Psychology- Education Certification Program. 1595 Cornelius Ave, Wantagh, NY 11793. Psychology Club, Educations Society, Alpha Chi Omega. VALERIE JEAN GEISSLER, B.A. Psychol- ogy. 14 Kimball Circle Westfield, NJ 07090. Delta Zeta-Vice President, Concert Committee, Psychology Club, Ski Club-Vice President, I.M. Soccer and Volleyball. MATTHEW T. GERMAN, B.S. Biology. 3050 Cedar Crest Blvd. Emmaus, PA 18049. Basketball-Captain, IFC- President, IFC-Representative, Tau Kappa Epsilon. THOMAS A. GILLICE, B.A. Political Sci- ence. 309 N. Maple Ave. Falls Church, VA 22046.. WMUH-Station and Business Manager, MTA, Col- lege Choir. KEVIN REED GILRAIN, B.A. Philosophy Business. 72 Hurdle Fence Dr. Avon, CT 06001. WMUH, MTA, Residence Hall Council-Vice President and Treasurer. BETH E. GLASS, B.A. Psychology: mi- nor-Business Administration. 2143 E, 29 St. Brooklyn, NY 11229. Psycholo- gy Club-Secretary, Student Council Representative-Co-Chair Person and Grievance Board, Alpha Chi Omega, Concert Committee, Hillel. ROBERT CLEICHMANN, B.A. Account- ing. 17 Murphy Circle Florham Park, NJ 07832. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ac- counting Club-Treasure, Student Council, Budget Review Commit- tee. BARRY GLICK, B.S. Natural Science. 1525 Northlake Drive Lakewood, NJ 08701. Educational Planning Com- mittee, Resident Advisor, Head Resi- dent Advisor. LAURIE BETH GODSHALL, B.A. Sociolo- gy. 2530 Nevada St. Allentown, PA 18103. Alpha Chi Omega-Treasurer, Education Society, Freshman Advi- sor, Tour Guide, Junior Prom Com- mittee. MICHAEL GOLDFARB, B.A. History Political Science. 561 Clubhouse Dr. Middletown, NJ 07748. Varsity Foot- ball, Pre-Law Society, Chess Club, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. COLEEN GRASSO, B.A. Accounting English. 105 Breslin Ave. Haddonfield, NJ 08033. Class of ' 87-Treasurer, Field Hockey, Softball, ODK, Student Advisor. MARIE JO GRAZiADEI, B.A. Philos- ophy. RD 4 Box 40 Milford, NJ 08848. LAUREN M. GREBER, B.A. Communi- cations. 7 Gloucester Lane Trenton, NJ 08618. Class of ' 87-President, Al- pha Chi Omega-2nd Vice President. ROBIN GROSSMAN, B.A. Communi- cations. Blauvelt, NY 10913. Field 191 Hockey, WMUH DJ, Arcade-Treasur- er. MARK A. GROSSMANN, B. A. History. 691 W. Johnson St. Philadelphia, PA 19144. Varsity Wrestling, Phi Kappa Tau-Corresponding Secretary, Ex- ecutive Council, House Manager. DARIA ANN GUETHER, B.S. Biology. 184 Rowland PI. Woodbridge, NJ 07095. ALpha Chi Omega- 1st Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Student Judicial Board, Student Court, Freshman Advisor, Class Ex- ecutive Council, Academic Judicial Board. DEAN V. GUMBALD, B.S. Biology. 834 S. 12th St. Apt. 10 Allentown, PA 18103. Social Judicial Board, Non- Resident ' s Students Association. ANDREA PAMELA GUTTERMUTH, B.A. Accounting. 30 Stony Ridge Dr. Hills- dale, NJ 07642. ANDREW GUTTIERI, B.A. Natural Sci- ence Philosophy. 57 Broadview Dr. Commack, NY 11725. Head Resi- dent, Phi Kappa Tau, Interfraternity Council, Sports Editor, Varsity Foot- ball, College Committee on Student Affairs, ' 87 Executive Council, Pledge Drive Committee. ALLAN D. HAEFFELE, B.A. Business Accounting. 6 White Oak Lane Montville, NJ 07045. Sigma Phi Epsi- lon, ODE, Soccer, Track. ROBIN S. HANDWERK, B.A. Account- ing. RD 1 Box 11-F New Tripoli, PA 18066. Business Club, Accounting Club, Delta Zeta, I.M. Soccer. MICHAEL T. HANLON, B.A. English. 228 Hilside Ave. Livingston, NJ 07039. Tau Kappa Epsilon-President, Alco- hol Awareness Steering Committee. BETH A. HANNAN, B.A. Communica- tions. 5 S. Ellwood Ave. Baltimore, MD 21224. MTA, WMUH, Gaming So- ciety-Vice President, Communica- tions Club, Wellness Program. AMY R. HARE, B.A. Economics. P.O. Box 138 Woodstock, CT 06281. Al- pha Chi Omega, Pre-Law Society, Business and Economics Society, Orientation Committee, BENJAMIN A. HARRIS, B.S. Computer Science Natural Science. 8100 Ce- dar Rd. Elkins Park, PA 19117. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel, MAPA, First Aid Corp, IFC. BARRY P. HART, B.S. Chemistry. 257 W. Main St. Newark, DE 19711. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Soccer. ELIZABETH MARGARET HERB, B.S. Physics Mathematics. Rd. 4 Box 4194 East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. SHARON J. HIRSHEY, B.S. Biology Natural Science. 642 Bond Ct. Ni- merrick, NY 11560. Weekly, Hillel, Dining Committee, Pom-Pom Squad, Social Judicial Board, Intra- mural Sports. GREGORY HOLLAND, B.S. Computer Science Communications. 34 Sixth St Manchester Twp., NJ 08733. JOHN EDWARD HOLMGREN III, B.A, English Phiosophy. 17 Summit Dr. Burlington, CT 06013. President in RHC(Martin Luther), Rifle Club-Presi- dent, Senior Class Pledge Drive. SARAH J. HOLT, B.A. Business Admin- istration. 6 Blair Lane Basking Ridge, NJ 07920. Corresponding Secretary of Alpha Chi Omega, Business and Economics Club. DOUGLAS HOLTZMAN, B.A. Business Administration. 311 W. Crystal Lake Ave. Haddonfold, NJ 08033. Table Tennis Club, Hillel. CLAUDIA HOROSCHAK, B.A. Psychol- ogy. 1332 Pin Oak Lane Slatington, PA 18080. Alpha Chi Omega, Tour Guide, Pom-Pom Squad, Freshman Advisor, Psychology Club. KRIS HYMAN, B.S. Political Science Philosophy. RD 8 Box 890 Newton, NJ 07860. WAYNE RICHARD ISKRA, B.S. Physics. 83 Big Piece Rd. Fairfield, NJ 07006. Physics Club-Vice President, Ski Club, Zeta Beta Tau. GREG JULICH, B.A. Accounting Busi- ness. 12 Windsor Dr. Livingston, NJ 07039. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Ice Hock- ey CUub, Accounting Club, Ac- counting Tutor. LOUIS J. KALMAN, B.S. Natural Sci- ence Biology. 3102 Roosevelt St. Bethlehem, PA 18017. JON KANE, B.A. Communications. Box 334 Canadensis, PA 18325. Al- pha Tau Omega. DEBORAH N. KATZ, B.A. Psychology. 18 Manger Rd. W. Orange, NJ 07057. Psychology Club, Pom-Pom Squad, Hillel. ALEXIS A. KAZARIAN, B.A. French Art. 536 Boulevard P.O. Box 23 New Milford, NJ 17646. French Tutor. SARA ANNE KAZARIAN, B.A. Political Science French Literature. P.O. Box 23 New Milford, NJ 07646. French Club. KATHLEEN MARIE KEILMAN, B.A. Busi- ness Psychology. 35 Juniper Rd. Seekonk, MA 02771. EARNEST LEE KEISER, JR„ B.A. Psychol- ogy. Beagle Club Rd. Lewisburg, PA 17837. JONATHAN KELLER, B.S. Biology. 118 Flax Mill Rd. Branford, CT 06405. Phi Kappa Tau-Treasurer, Varsity Base- ball and Football, DAVID E. KELLS JR„ B.A. Business Ad- ministrations. 4 Ned Road Wayne, NJ 07470. Phi Kappa Tau-Recording Secretary, Hockey Club. TIMOTHY A. KELLY, B.A. Accounting. 2119 Elder Ave. Morton, PA 19070. J.V. Basketball, Alpha Tau Omega- Intramural Chairman and Inter Fra- ternity Council Representative. DIANE ELIZABETH KIMMEL, B.A. French: minor-Spanish. 67 Heller Way Upper Mountclair, NJ 07043. Phi Sig- ma lot-Secretary, French Club, Spanish Club, Hillel, Alpha Phi Ome- ga-Chairman of Fundraising Com- mittee, Arcade, French Tutor, Span- ish Tutor. ALEXANDER L. KIRIFIDES, B.S. Chemis- try: minor-Mathematics. 630 Black Gates Rd„ Wilmington, DE 19803. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chemistry Club- Treasurer, Chemistry Tutor, Math Tu- tor. CARRIE LOUISE KLEINLE, B.A. Psychol- ogy. 115-12 Hilltop Rd., Kinnelon, NJ 07405. Alpha Chi Omega-Social Chairman, Class of 1987-Vice Presi- 192 dent. Psychology Club. ROBERT F. KLEINMAN, B.A. Account- ing. 16 Brentwood Dr„ New City, NY 10956. Accounting Society-Presi- dent, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Student Advisor. STEVEN KUNE, B.A. Psychology. 6 Ro- mopock Ct. Mahway, NJ 07430. MTA, Zeta Beta Tau-Social Chair- man, Class Council, Hall Representa- tive, WMUH, Forensics, Senior Class Pledge Drive, I.M. Football, Soccer, Volleyball. LINDA KNAUSS, B.A, Accounting Business. 13 Cornwall Dr. East Wind- sor, NJ 08520. Yearbook, Program Board, Senior Ball Committee, Ac- counting Club, I.M. Volleyball. BETH KNICKERBOCKER, B.A. Commu- nications. 2510 Morgan Hill Rd. Eas- ton, PA 18042. Dance Club-Presi- dent, Weekly, WMUH Newscaster, Alpha Phi Omega, Ciarla-Special Events Editor, Wind Ensemble, Chapel Choir, Dean ' s List. BARBARA KOCH, B.A. Human Re- sources Administration German. 105 Mae Belle Dr. Clark, NJ 07066. Delta Zeta, ASPA. ARTHUR J. KOPACZ, B.A. Account- ing. 6 Remrose Ledge Green Brook, NJ 08812. Football, Executive Coun- cil, Accounting Club, Rifle Ciub. JONATHAN S. KRASNER, B.A. Art. 116 Carpenter St. Rehoboth, MA 02769. DEBRA A. KRAUSE, B.S. Chemistry. 1740 Peachtree Circle Whitehall, PA 18052. Chemistry Club, Dining Com- mittee, Tutor. RONALD D. KRIES, B.A, Business Ad- ministration. 4005 Meadow Dr. Ore- field, PA 18069. DIANE M. KRILL, B.S. B.A. Biology Latin. 3025 Evans St. Allentown, PA 18103. Christian Fellowship-Presi- dent, HSPhi-President, Student Re- presentative to Faculty Meetings, Teacher Education Committee, Tour Guide, Chapel Choir, Dance Club. JOY KUCHLER, B.S. Biology. 817 Pheasant Run West Chester, PA 19832. Phi Sigma Sigma-Social Chairman, Assistant Rush, Senior Pledge Drive-Co-Chairman. DEBRA ANN KUPCHA, B.S. Biology: mi- nor-Spanish. 1912 Troxell St. Allen- town, PA 18103. Wind Ensemble, Spanish Club-Vice President and Re- cording Secretary, Phi Sigma Iota- Vice President, Catholic Campus Ministry. FREDERICK H. KURTZ, B.A. Business. 318 B. Morganvill Rd. Matawan, NJ 07747. MICHAEL JOSEPH LANDIS, B.A. English. RD 4 Box 255 Kutztown, PA 19530. Sigma Tau Delta-Treasurer. SUSAN M. LANDZETTEL, B.A. Human Resources Business Administration . 200 Hillside Ave. Allendale, NJ 07401. American Society of Personnel Ad- ministration-President and Founding Member, Woodrow Wilson Society, Varsity Softball, Concert Choir, Chapel Choir, Intramural Volleyball, Program Board, Student Advisor, Ul- timate Frisbee Club. ALEXIA A. LARR, B.A. Psychology. 6 Fieldstone Rd. Rye, NY 10580. Alpha Chi Omega-Activities Chairman, Psychology Club. LINDA KARIN LAUBE, B.A. Business Art. 105 High wood Ave. Midland Park, NJ 07432. LAURA LEMOLE, B.A. Art. 404 Tomlin- son Rd. Huntington Valley, PA 19006. Delta Zeta, Transfer Advisor, Tennis Team, Volleyball Team-Captain. MARC J. LENNER, B.A. Business Ac- counting. 5 Kenneth Lane Parsip- pany, NJ 07054. Sigma Phi Epsilon- Social Chairman. SETH A. LERMAN, B.A. Russian Stud- ies History. 35 Thomas Dr. Storrs, CT 06268. Zeta Beta Tau, Dorbo Slovo National Honor Society. MARCI ELLEN LEVIN, B.A. Account- ing. 2209 Glen Spring Lane Broomall, PA 19008. Alpha Chi Omega, Stu- dent Advisor, Tour Guide. KENNETH LEVINE, B.S. Biology. 7 Shel- ter Hill Rd. Plainview, NY 1 1803. Varsi- ty Soccer. DIONN M. LIGERALDE, B.S. Chemistry. 40 Willow St. Glen Ridge, NJ 07028. International Student Association, Catholic Campus Ministry, Spanish Club, Tour Guide, Orientation Com- mittee, Eve ELizabeth Social Issues House, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chemistry Club. SARAH LINDERT, B.A. Business Eco- nomics. 186 Stephen Dr. Meriden, CT 06450. Volleyball-Captain. JOSEPH LOPERFIDO, B.A. Business. 120 The Mews Haddonfield, NJ 08033. Tau Kappa Epsilon, ODE, Busi- ness and Economics Club. WAYNE P. LUCKINBILL, B.S. Chemis- try Russian Studies. RD 2 Kempton, PA 19529. Wind Ensemble, Jazz En- semble, Russian Club, Chemistry Club. ELAINE CATHERINE LUGLIO, B.A. Eco- nomics. 27 Woodlawn Ave. Pomp- ton Lakes, NJ 07442. Class Executive Board-Class of ' 86 Secretary, Fresh- man Adviser, RHC-Brown Dorm Vice President, Alpha Chi Omega-Pledge Class President and Warden. THOMAS M. LUKASIEWICZ, B.A. Busi- ness Economics. 26 Gail PI. Secau- cus, NJ 07094. Phi Kappa Tau, Varsi- ty Baseball, ODE-Economics Honor Society. CAROLYN LUSSIER, B.A. Art. Westwood Dr. Middlebury, CT 06762. KAREN ELIZABETH LYNCH, B.A. Busi- ness: minor-Mathematics. 1070 Prin- ceton Dr. Yardley, PA 19067. Dean ' s List, Delta Zeta-Courtesy Chairman, Judical Board Chairman, and Points System Co-Chairman; Calculus Tu- tor. LAUREN MACKAY, B.A. Psychology. 446 Prospect St. Nutley, NJ 07110. Psychology Ciub, Yearbook-Section Editor. RICHARD MANAK, B.A. Accounting Business. RD 2 Box 26 Newton, NJ 07860. Accounting Club, ODE Honor Society, Basketball Manager. JACQUELINE MANDELL, B.A. Political Science. 30 Hemptor Rd. New City, NY 10956. Pre-Law Society-Presi- dent, Pi Sigma Alpha-President. MARGUERITE MARY MANN, B.A. Busi- ness French. 109 Greenlakes Dr. Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. Business Accounting Club-Vice President and President, Pre-Law Society- President and Vice President, Delta Zeta-Social Chairman, French Club, Student Court Attorney, Society for the Advancement of Management, Student Advisor, Orientation Com- mittee, Pom-Poms. GLENN M. MANSFIELD, B.A. Commu- nication. 21 Bergen Ave. Hillsdale, NJ 07642. Varsity Basketball, Intermur- als, Alpha Tau Omega. NATALIE T. MARABELLO, B.A. Art Psychology. 260 65th St. Apt. 26-F Brooklyn, NY 11220. Anthropology Club, RHC, Vice President of East, Art Club. LUCIE A. MARCIANO, B.A. Social Sci- 193 ence. 6 Gregory Ave. West Or- ange, NJ 07052. ALICIA C. MARI, B.A. Political Sci- ence Spanish Literature. Park Rd. Ext. Middlebury, CT 06762. Housing Advisory Committee, Spanish Club, International Club, Coordinator of Spanish Conversation Hour. CARYL A. MARINO, B.S. Chemistry Biology. 367 Seaspray Ct. Seaview Island Neptune, NJ 07753. Chemistry Club, Delta Zeta-Communications Chairperson. MEGAN MARQUIER, B.A. Psychology. 160 Alexander Ave. Upper Mont- clair, NJ 07043. Delta Zeta. NICOLE MASILLO, B.A. Psychology. 160 Alexander Ave. Upper Mont- clair, NJ 07043. Delta Zeta. NICOLE MASILLO, B.A. Political Sci- ence. 1618 Pea Pond Rd. North Bell- more, NY 11710. Pre-Law society. Anthropology Club-President, Art Club, East B-Hall Representative. LEWIS J. MATY AS III, B.A. Business. RD 1 Box 202 Caliton, NJ 07830. Tau Kappa Epsilon. KEVIN ALAN McCRACKEN, B.S. Chemistry Natural Science. 71 Greenbriar Dr. Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922. Chemistry Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Varsity Football. DAVID CHARLES McCULLOCH, B.A. Business Administration. 806 Harbor Rd. Alameda, CA 94501. Alpha Tau Omega, WMUH DJ, Intramurals. BRIDGET McFADDEN, B.A. Communi- cations. 7575 Cambridge St. 1801 Houston, TX 77054. Phi Sigma Iota- President, French Club-President and Secretary, Communications Club. KATRINA M. McGETTIGAN, B.A. Eco- nomics. 3600 Reading, PA 19606. Phi Sigma Sigma, Business and Econom- ics Club. DOUGLAS SCOTT McKEEBY, B.A. Psy- chology: minor-Religion. 24 Crestwood Ave. Hillsborough, NJ 08876. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Internation- al Affairs Club, Lutheran Student Movement-Secretary and Vice President, Varsity Cross Country, Chapel Worship Committee. GINA MELE, B.A. Business Administra- tion. 505 Westview Ave. Ridgefield, NJ 07657. Program Board, Executive Council, Senior Ball Committee, IM Volleyball. JESSE JOSEPH MERONE, B.A. Psychol- ogy. 161-35 83rd St. Howard Beach, NY 11414. YVETTE KATHLEEN MICHEL, B.A. Busi- ness. 369 Pathway Manor Wyckoff, NJ 07481. Cheerleading, Business Economics Club-Chairman of Public- ity, Senior Pledge Drive-Publicity Chairman, CCM. JULIE A. MILES, B.A. Philosophy. 170 Greystone Lane Rochester, NY 14618. MTA, WMUH-Editorial Direc- tor. G. DUANE MILLER, B.S. Management. 2540 Turner Rd. Willow Grove, PA 19090. Football, Hockey Club, Ulti- mate Ciub, Aha Tau Omega. MARY JO MOLINARI, B.A. Business Administration. 100 McKinley St. Schuylkill Hayen, PA 17972. Student Advisor, Business Club, Intramural Volleyball, Tour Guide. THOMAS MOYER, B.A. Business. 951 Poplar St. Coopersburg, PA 18036. Alpha Tau Omega- Worthy Officer, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Business Economics Club, German Club. LAUREEN M. NASH, B.A. Russian Stud- ies: minor-Business Administration. Alpha Chi Omega-Rush Chairman, Dobro Slovo National Slavic Honor Society, EVELYN I. NEUBER, B.S. Biology: minor- Business Administration. 421 Lincoln Ave. Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442. Tour Guide, Yearbook-Photography edi- tor, Archeology Club-vice-presi- dent, Varsity tennis. Ultimate Frisbee Club, IM Volleyball, Photographer- Weekly, DJ-WMUH, Wellness mem- ber, First Aid Club CHRISTINE ELAINE NISCH, B.A. Ac- counting Communications. 65 Spencer Lane, Watchung, NJ 07060. Accounting Club, Varsity Field Hockey, Resident Advisor, Freshman Advisor, Intramural Sports- Captain, Referee, Newspaper Staff, National History Day- Judge. ANTHONY C. NITTOLO, B.A. Political Science Pre-Law. 28 Flanders Way, Bridgewater, NJ. Phi Dappa Tau, Transfer Advisor, Lacrosse Club. LISA M. NOVELLINE, B.A. Business. 74 Willow Ridge Rd., N. Andover, MA 018115. Alpha Chi Omega-Chap- lain, Catholic Campus Ministry-Presi- dent, treasurer. College Committee on Student Affairs. Tour guide. Stu- dent Advisor, Woodrow Wilson Visit- ing Fellow Committee, Class of 1987 executive council. SUSAN NOW, B.A. Psychology CorrV munications. 1521 N. 26th St., Allen- town, PA 18104. Business Manager- WMUH, Psychology Club, Concert Committee, Anthropology Club, Art Club. WILLIAM HENRY NUNZIATA, B.A. Busi- ness. 467 7th St., Fairview, NJ 07022. Alpha Tau Omega, Hockey Club. DAVID NYE, B.A. History. 39 Locha- ven Rd., Bristol, CT 06010. Executive Council, Varsity Golf. MEAGAN O ' DONNELL, B.A. English French. 41 Forty Acres Dr., Wayland, MA 01778. Arcade, Yearbook, Phi Sigma lota, French Club. JOHN B. OESTREICHER, B.A. English. 511 Meetinghouse Dr., Orange, CT 06477. Tau Kappa Epsilon, IM sports. CINDY G. OLSON, B.A. English. 657 E. 23rd St„ Brooklyn, NY 1 1210. Chapel Choir, Education Society, Secre- tary-sigma Tau Delta. LYNN C. OLSON, B.A. Communica- tions. 30 Stephen Ave., Lincoln Park, NJ 07035. MTA, Dance Club-Trea- surer, Tour Guide. JOHN ERIK OLSSON, B.A. Sociology. 709 Drexel Hills Blvd., New Cumber- land, PA 17070. Muhlenberg Alliance for Progressive Action, Program Board, College Bowl Chairman. TRACY OTTINGER, B.A. Psychology Human Resources Administration. 304 Milford Ct., Newtown, PA 18940. Student Advisor, President-Psychol- ogy Club, ASPA, Student Council- Treasurer. ROBERT OWENS, B.A.. Philosophy Business. 901 Kearney Ave., Cape May, NJ 08204. Philosophy Club- President, Flying Squirrels. KEITH F. PANZA, B.A. Economics. 225 High St., Emerson, NJ 07630. Sigma Phi Epsilon. FRED PAPERA, B.A. Business. 78 Douglas Dr., Towaco, NJ 07082. Al- pha Tau Omega- Vice-President, Football Varsity, Hockey Club. KIM ANN ELIZABETH PARKINSON, B.A. Drama, 653 W. Crystal Lake Ave., Haddonfield NJ 08033. MTA-Presi- dent. Mule mascot, WMUH, Student Council. MONICA T. PAUKOVITS, B.A. Busi- ness Accounting. 10 Mary Bell Rd., Audubon, PA 19403. Basketball, La- 194 crosse, German Club, Accounting Club, ODE, ODK, Freshman Advisor. DONNA PECORA, B.A. Economics. 130 E. Cedar St., Livingston, NJ 07039. Phi Sigma Sigma, Pre Law So- ciety, Varsity Volleyball, Business Economics Club. DOUGLAS PEEBLES, B.A. Account- ing Political Science. 10 Annapolis Dr., Englishtown, NJ 07726. Phi Kappa Tau, Chess Club-President, Football, Golf. BARBARA J. PELHAM, B.A. Business Psychology. 56 Irene Dr., Vernon, CT 06066. Tour Guide, Varsity Volley- ball, IM sports. LAUREN JAN PEPPLER, B.A. Drama. 14 Ratna Ct„ Baltimore, MD 21236. Al- pha Phi Omega, Phi Sigma Sigma, Student Trainer, MTA. LORI A. PETERSON, B.A. Communica- tions. 15506 Fawn Villa Drive, Hous- ton, TX 77068. Muhlenberg Weekly, Alpha Phi Omega, Psychology Club. LISA ANNE PETTERA, B.S. Biology. 1903 E. Newton Ave., Shorewood, Wl 53211. Arcade- Editor, Alpha Phi Omega-Sargeant of Arms, La Fiesta Espanola-Secretary, Dance Club, Anthropology Club. DIANE PFEIFFER, B.A. Business Admin- istration. 2365 Fairway Rd., Hunting- don Valley, PA 19006. Yearbook- Business Editor, treasurer. KATHRYN G. PHELAN, B.A. Psycholo- gy. 648 Radnor Valley Dr., Villanova, PA 19085. JOHN R. PISCIOTTA, B.S. Biology. 14 Twixt Hills Rd„ St. James, NY 11780. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Ultimate Fres- bee- Vice-President . ANDREA E. POLESTAK, B.A. Art. 36 Beekman Rd., Summit, NJ 07901. Art Club, Senior Ball Committee, IM sports. MICHELE I. POSNER, B.A. Psychology. 199 North Forest Ave., Rockville Centre, NY 11570. Education Soci- ety-President, Treasurer, Psychology Club, Alpha Chi Onega. LEIGH A. PRIMMER, B.A. Accounting. 29 Columbia Ave., Brunswick, ME 0401 1 . Lacrosse Team, Cl ass Repre- sentative Accounting Club-Vice- President, Photography Club. NANCY ANN PRULL, B.A. Economics Business. 2 Woodview Dr., Cranbury, NJ 08512. JEFFREY DAVID QUINBY, B.A. Political Science German-minor. 81 Cedar Drive East, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510. SUSAN MARIE RAPPOLD, B.S. Biology. 3118 Moravian Ave., Allentown, PA 18103. APO Service Fraternity, Non- Resident Students Assoc. -Treasurer, Vice-President. LAURA RASMUSSEN, B.A. Business Ad- ministration. 30 Deer Path Dr., Flan- ders, NJ 07836. MCF-Vice President, Chapel Choir, Hunger Task Force, Math Club. RITA ANN REICHARD, B.S. Chemistry. 3254 Afton Rd., Dresher, PA 19025. Chemistry Club, Student Adviser, Campus Tour Guide, Alpha Chi Omega, Class of 1987 Executive Council, Senior Pledge Drive co- canvassing chairman. CHARLOTTE JOAN REUTZ, B.A. Busi- ness Administration. 2775 County Road 19, Maple Plain, MN 55359. Varsity Tennis, Business Club. LISA RICCIARDELLI, B.A. Accounting. 16 Tower Dr., Maplewood, NJ 07040. Yearbook Photographer, ASPA, IM volleyball. EDWARD T. RICHMOND, B.A. Ac- counting. 2525 E. Texas Blvd., Allen- town PA 18103. Non-Resident Stu- dents Assoc., Muhlenberg Account- ing Society, Omicron Delta Epsilon. LINDA J. RILKE, B.A. Communications. 3 Ardra Ct. Smithtown, NY 11787. Education Siciery-Vice-President, Tour Guide, YACC, Weekly-Adver- tising, Teacher Education Commit- tee, Dean ' s List. JUDITH L. RILEY, B.A. Economics. 5028 N. 25th Rd., Arlington, VA 22207. Program Board-Executive Chair- man, WMUH, Hall Representative. THOMAS E. RIZZI, B.A. History. 14 Soundcrest Lane, Huntington, NY 11743. ZBT, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, History Tutor, IM sports. STACEY J. ROGERS, B.S. Biology. 5 Trainer Ave., Medford, MA 02155. KAREN ROMAINE, B.A. Accounting. 14 Sturms Place, Park Ridge, NJ 07656. Residence Hall Council, Dor- mitory President, Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Accounting Club, Busi- ness Economics Club, Alpha Chi Omega. ALISSA ROSEN, B.A. Business Art. 117 Almatt Terr., Philadelphia, PA 19115. Hillel-President, VP, Treasurer, Year- book Photographer, American Soci- ety of Personnel Administrators, Pho- tography Club. DAVID L. ROSOLIA, B.S. Biology Nat- ural Science. 4 Woodland Dr., Con- yngham, PA 18219. Muhlenberg For- ensics Society-President, Pi Kappa Delta-President, Founder of Social Is- sues House, WMUH. ED ROTHWEIN, B.A. Business. 630 Northampton Rd., Norristown, PA 19401. Alpha Tau Omega, IM sports. RICHARD L. RUCH, B.A. Social Sci- ence. 133 Susan Dr., Trenton, NJ 08638. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Ski Club- President, Varsity Soccer. CRISTINA ELENA RUSSANO, B.A. Psy- chology. 30 Manor Lane, Morris Plains, NJ 07950. Phi Sigma Sigma, Psychology Club, Business Club, Prob Stat. Tutor, IM sports. Sorority Housing Task Force. JOHN B. RUVO III, B.A. Psychology. 267 S. Orange Ave., Livingston, NJ 07039. Alpha Tau Omega, Lacrosse Club, Psychology Club. GARY SAGINARIO, B.A. Business. 434 Parish Drive, Wayne, NJ 07470. Al- pha Tau Omega, IM sports, Spanish Club, Writing Club, SADD. LISA L. SALABA, B.A. Communica- tions Minor- Accounting. 5007 Lan- disville Rd., Doylestown, PA 18901. Tour Guide, Academic Judicial Board, Accounting Tutor, Student Advisor, Campus Visitation Hostess. ANNE ELIZABETH SANTARELLI, B.A. French. 1038 Carolyn Dr., West Chester, PA 19382. French Club, IM 195 sports, Romance Language House- President, French Tutor, Residence Hall Council Rep. VINCENT E. SCHALLER, B.S. Biology Natural Science. 1170 Hillview Rd., Allentown, PA 18103, Weekly Ad- vertising Manager, Pres.- Non-Resi- dent Student Assoc., Student Re- presentative, ODK. SCHERELENE L. SCHATZ, B.A. Religious Education. 2102 W. Broad St., Beth- lehem, PA 18018. DOUGLAS S. SCHILDHAUS, B.A. Psy- chology. 7 Williams Dr., Massapequa Park, NY 11762. Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Wrestling, Psychology Club, Varsity Football. HAROLD E. SCHINMAN, B.A. Social Re-Education through Fine Arts. 21672 Birch State Pkwy., Boca Ra- ton, FL 33428. DARRYL O. SCHLICHER, B.A. Informa- tion Science. Box 312 RD 1, Zions- ville, PA 18092. Muhlenberg Christian Fellowship-President. DENNIS W. SCHLICHER, B.A. Informa- tion Science. 312 Corning Rd. RD 1, Zionsville, PA 18092, MARY ALICE SCHOTT, B.S. Biology. 1275 Yale Dr., Yardley, PA 19067. Resident Advisor, Dorm President, MTA, Dance Club-Treasurer, Alpha Chi Omega, Pom-Pom ' s-Captain. PAMELA S. SCHUL, B.A. Business. 17 James Thomas Rd., Malvern, PA 19355. Delta Zeta-Recording Secre- tary, Business Eco. Club. JOHN F. SCHUMACHER, B.S. Biology Psychology. 79 Greenridge Ave. White Plains, NY 10605. Sigma Phi Epsilon, WMUH, Concert Commit- tee, Outdoor Track Team, Indoor Track Team. ROBIN A. SCHWARTZ, B.A. Political ■ Science. 70 W. Elizabeth Lane, Rich- boro, PA 18954. Pi Sigma Alpha, John Marshall Pre-Law Society, Yearbook Photography Editor, RANDI E. SCHWERINER, B.A. Political Science Minor: Economics. 333 Sinkler Rd., Wyncote, PA 19095. Stu- dent Council-VP, Omicron Delta Kappa-Pres., Student Representa- tive to Board of Directors, Pi Sigma Alpha, School Mascot. SUZANNE SEPLOW, B.S. Biology Nat- ural Science. 1 Sunset Terrace, Newton, NJ 07860. Alpha Chi Ome- ga-President, Executive Council- Class of 1987, Convocations Com- mittee, Homecoming Queen, Stu- dent Advising for Freshman. PAMELA JANE SERFASS, B.A. Eco- nomics Political Science. North Whitehall Ave. Ext., Allentown, PA 18104. Wilson scholar Committee, Pom-Pom squad, Political Science Honor Society. W, KEITH SHAFTO, B.A. History Psy- chology. Regal Dr., Danbury, CT 06811. Sigma Phi Epsilon, First aid Corp. -Captain, Student Advisor, WMUH. ROBERT SHAPIRO, B.A. Business Politi- cal Science. 23 Foothill Lane, Smith- town, NY 11787. Pre-Law Society, Phi Kappa Tau, Business Economics Club, Varsity Football, Chess Club. ANDREW JON SHEVIN, B.A. Business. 4 Eldredge Court, Rye, NY 10580. Phi Kappa Tau, Lacrosse Club, Business Economics Club, MARYAM SHOLEHVAR, B.S. Natural Sciences. 1831 Nottingham Rd., Al- lentown, PA 18103. NRSA-Vice Presi- dent. SUSAN L. SICKLER, B.A. English Art. 31 89th St„ Brooklyn, NY 1 1209. Week- ly-Photo Editor, Art Club, Photo Club, Yearbook, Phi Sigma Sigma. WAYNE MICHAEL SOLTIS, B.A. Busi- ness. 786 Frederick Ct., Wyckoff, NJ 07481. Phi Kappa Tau, Business Eco- nomics Club. SANDRA A. SMITH, B.A. Accounting. RD 11 Box 809, Allentown, PA 18104. BETH STARK, B.S. Biology Natural Sci- ence. 415 Bound Brook Ave., Pis- cataway, NJ 08854. Delta Zeta, Al- cohol Awareness Steering Commit- ' tee. IM volleyball. DANIEL P. STARK, B.A. Economics. 2 Cambridge Rd., Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Omicron Delta Epsilon. STEVEN ROBERT STARKER, B.A. Busi- ness. 34 Kingsley Dr., Englishtown, NJ 07726. Basketball, Phi Kappa Tau, WMUH. KATHY STEINBERG, B.A. Psychology. 735 Bryn Mawr Ave., Narberth, PA 19072. Yearbook-Clubs Editor, Psy- chology Club. MARGOT STEINBERG, B.A. Communi- cations. 21 Blair Rd., Armonk, NY 10504. Student Court, Tour Guide, Student Advising. ROBERT C. STOLZ, B.S. Math. 2024 Westfield Terrace, Bethlehem, PA 18017. Math Club, Varsity Soccer, Zeta Beta Tau. JOSEPH T. STULACK, B.A. Communi- cations. 1985 Fallow Ct., Macungie, PA 18062. WMUH. MARGARET MARY SUHADOLNIK, B.S. Computer Science. 21 James St., Stanhope, NJ 07874. Education So- ciety, Varsity Basketball. KEVIN B. SWILL, B.A. Political Sci- ence Business. 7332 Carta Valley Dr., Dallas TX 75248. President of Student Body, Treasurer of Student Body, Chairman of Student Loan Services, Chairman of Budget Re- view, Student Rep to Board of Di- rectors, Justice on Social Judicial Board, Zeta Beta Tau, IM soccer. HOWARD A. THOMPSON, B.A. Psy- chology. Box 456, Penllyn, PA 19422. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Psychology Club, WMUH, MTA. JOAN TICHANSKY, B.A. Psychology Education. 32 Ivy Place, Wayne, NJ 07470. Education Society, Psycholo- gy Club, Program Board. CHRISTINE ANNE TILL, B.A. English. 132 Clemson Rd., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010. Alpha Phi Omega, Arcade-Secre- tary, Dance Club-Publicity Chair- man, WMUH, Weekly, Chapel Choir, Hall Rep. GARY VAN LIEU, B.S. Mathematics. 15 Old Orchard Ct., Cedar Grove, NJ 07009. ARTHUR S. VANDEN HOUTEN, B.A. Economics. 603 Ramapo Ave., 196 Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442. National Economics Honor Society, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Planning Commit- tee, Business Eco. Club. - TRACY VERGA, B.A. Business Admin- istration. 29 So. Spring Garden Ave., Nutley, NJ 07110. Editor-in-Chief of Ciarla, Sports Editor-Ciarla, Business Economics Club. CHARLES VOORHEES, B.A. Account- ing. 133 Centre Ave., Secaucus, NJ 07094. Football-Varsity, Chess Club, Phi Kappa Tau. DEBRA L. WALKER, B.A. Russian Stud- ies Business. RD 5 Box 43, Quaker- town, PA 18951. Student Council, Council Operations, Grievance Board, Dining Committee, Program Board, Freshman Advisor, Field Hockey. GARRETT MORGAN WALLER, B.A. Economics. 13 Camelot Dr., Toms River, NJ 08753. Wrestling, Alpha Tau Omega. MICHAEL P. WALSH, B.A. Accounting. 79 Gienmere Terr., Mahwah, NJ07430. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Ulti- mate Frisbee. JAY WALTER WATSON, B.A. Ac- counting. 79 Gienmere Terr,, Mah- wah, NJ07430. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Ultimate Frisbee. JAY WALTER WATSON, B.A. Ac- counting Economics. 162 Rhodes Ave., Hempstead, NY 11550. Varsity Football, Accounting Club, IM bas- ketball, WMUH. PAUL WEIDKNECHT III, B.A. Psycholo- gy. 24 Monterey Circle, Lakewood, NJ 08701. Lutheran Student Move- ment, Chapel Committee, wres- tling. JANET M. WEIL, B.A. Accounting. 19 Laurie Rd., Peekskill, NY 10566. IM Volleyball, Chapel Choir, MTA, Ger- man Club. MICHAEL W. WEINER, B.A. Econom- ics. 150 Inwood Rd„ Scarsdale, NY 10583. Zeta Beta Tau-Treasurer. EDMUND WEISBERG, B.A. Philosophy Russian Studies. 5010 Hesperus Dr., Columbia MD 21044. MAPA, Russian Club-President, Arcade, Forensics Society-Vice-President, WMUH, APO. CHRISTINE E. WEISER, B.A. Communi- cations. Box 367, Springtown, PA 18081. Communications Club, WMUH, MTA, Housing Advisory, Hall Representative. SHARON HILARY WEISS, B.A. History. 310 Gramercy Place, Glen Rock, NJ 07452. Education Club. MICHAEL WEST, B.A. Economics Business. RD 1, Barto, PA 19504. Golf Team, IM sports. ANNE E. WHITMORE, B.A. English Busi- ness. RD 3 Stonesthrow Rd., Bethle- hem, PA 18105. MAPA, Women ' s Ul- timate Frisbee, National English Hon- or Society. CAROLE ANN WHITTLINGER, B.A. Psy- chology. 340 Lynnwood St., Allen- town, PA 18103. KRISTIN ELIZABETH WICHERT, B.A, Psy- chology. 5 Ridgewood Ave., Hope- well, NJ 08525. LESLIE J. WIDMER, B.A. Social Sci- ence. 21 Oak Drive, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458. Field Hockey-cap- tain, Lacrosse, tour guide, IM direc- tor, Psychology Club. WENDY WIEBALK, B.A. English Ger- man. RD 1 Box 68, Belle Mead, NJ 08502. German Club-President, Sig- ma Tau Delta, English Honors Pro- gram, Muhlenberg Opera Group, Muhlenberg College Choir, Lutheran Student Tour Guide, World Hunger Task Force. JOHN P. WILLAUER, B.S. Chemistry. 142 Greenmount Blvd., Dayton, OH 45419. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chapel Council, College Choir, Chemistry Club, tour guide, Student Advisor. BRIAN WILLIAMS, B.S. Natural Sci- ence. 9 Deput Rd., No. Hatfield, MA 01066. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Varsity Soccer, Program Board, Student Advisor. MARTHA R. WILSON, B.A. Sociology. 104 Grover Ave., Princeton, NJ 08540. MAPA, Student Coordinator of Orientation Committee, Wom- en ' s Ultimate Frisbee Team-Cap- tain, WMUH, Hunger Task Force. KEITH WINTER, B.A. Social Science. 1 Howland Rd., Middletown, NJ 07748. Muhlenberg Percussion Ensemble, Tau Kappa Epsilon. JEFFREY DAVID XANDER, B.S. Natural Science Biology. 164 Easton Rd., Riegelsville, PA 18077. Academic Policy Committee, Lutheran Student Movement. MERRITT G. YORGEY, B.A. Philosophy. RD 4 Box 412, Coopersburg, PA 18036. KEVIN BRETT YORN, B.A. Political Sci- ence Human Resources. 2 Boyle- town Rd., Montville, NJ 07045. Stu- dent Government, Pre-Law Society, Student Council, Zeta Beta Tau, IM basketball. AMY MARIE YOST, B.A. German. 10 Robinson Ave., Succasunna, NJ 07876. World Hunger Task Force, MCF, Lutheran Student Movement, Chapel Council, Omicron Delta Kappa, German Club, Chapel Choir. ROBERT T. ZAFFIRIS, B.A. Economics Accounting. 14 Blanchard Dr., Northport, NY 11768. Phi Kappa Tau, Business Economics Club, Ice Hock- ey. ALLEN B. ZDROIK, B.A. Accounting. 888 Country Club Rd., Bridgewater, NJ 08807. Sigma Phi Epsilon, ODE, Accounting Club, Budget Review Committee of Student Council, Football. JILL ROBIN ZIMMERMAN, B.A. Com- munications. 732 Weadley Rd„ King of Prussia, PA 19406. Photography Club, WMUH. 197 CONGRATULATIONS To Our Son John Kane and the Class of ’87. Mr. and Mrs. D. Kane Susan Beppel " The best is yet to come!” Love, Mom, Dad and Sharon Way to go " Pumpkin” The Frankel Clan mi w Congratulations McGurk From You-Know-Who and You-Know-Who-Else! Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Haiffele To Beautiful Natalie Marabello: The world is a better place because you are in it! You have made us proud. Congratulations. We love you. Mommie and Ed Congratulations Jeff We are very proud of you. Mom, Dad, Debbie, Kim and Diane Xander Congratulations and Best Wishes for a happy and successful future to our daughter Karen and the Class of ’87. Dear Keith, May your future bring as much love and pride into your life, as your past has brought to our lives. Congratulations. Love, Mom and Dad The Garcia Gamily 198 Congratulations to the Class of ’87. The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Fred Schumacher, Fred, John, and Joy _ Congratulations Daria and Best Wishes Always! Love, Mom, Dad, Diane, and Richie Kathy, Congratulations! To Someone Special! Love, Mom, Dad, Rich and Tom Congratulations to the Class of 1987. Shelly and Chuck Harris Dear Michelle, Congratulations! We’re proud; we love you; we just stopped the Gravy Train. Love, Mom and Dad GOOD JOB ART 70 Love Ya!!! Mom, Dad, Audra and Alan Dear Stephen, Congratulations and our very Best Wishes always. Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations to the Class of 1987, Especially you Bill. Love, Bob and Pat Browne Congratulations to the Class of 1987. Marge and Walt Rizzo " Be yourself and go to Sleep” All the best to Edmund, Caroline and Dave In support of Muhlenberg Alliance • for Progressive Action Tom and Joan Wilson Congratulations and Best Wishes to Charles and the Class of ’87. The Vorhees Family r Great Success to Goon T uric the Class of ’87. ■IB Hi SI J vUU JUUClv Class of ’87 Gardner and Sondra HH H Gillice Brown Bill and Ulla Ollson Robin, You made us j very proud parents. Love, Neesy and Daddy . Congratulations Donna Bain and the Class of 1987. mmm—m Our Congratulations go out to our daughter Sharon, on this happy occasion. Naomi and Alex Weiss Best Wishes Class of 1987. The Bellucci Family “ iiBBli 200 Best Wishes Class of 1987. The Lugio Family Congratulations for a job well done. The Baers Congratulations " Kev” You have made us all very proud. The Best of everything to our future lawyer. We love you. Mom, Dad, Rick and Petie. mi mu " Congratulations Jennifer” We are so proud of you. Much love, Mom, Dad, Marybeth, Gayle and Christine Linda- May All Your Dreams Come True. We are proud of you and we love you. Love, Mom, Dad, Glenn. Good Luck to the Class of ’87. The Rilke Family HI Larry Carnovale: Congratulations on your special day and great achievement. We are very proud of you and wish you God’s Blessings Always. All our love, Mom, Dad, and Christopher Dear Maria, With very happy hearts we congratulate you on all your accomplishments. Another job well done. We wish you continued success and happiness. With much love and prayer, Mom and Dad - wwmmmm Congratulations and Best Wishes to Michael Weiner. Congratulations Nick: Love, Mom and Dad, Ann and Gary, A Marysue, Rita and Joe From Mom, Dad, Michelle and Steven Good Luck Ed Rothwein. Love, Mom Dad To Rita Ann, with Love and Pride from Your Family. Congratulations Lauren. Congratulations and best wishes to the graduates in Room 305, Benfer Hall. We will miss all of you. The Hartman Family Love from Mom, Dad Erica. Best Wishes to The Class of 1987. Marie and Conrad Andriani ¥ Cindy, V We love you. We are proud of you. Love Mom Dad XOXOXOXO Best Wishes to Robin Grossman and her class. May the Lord who made both Heaven and Earth bless thee. (Ps. 134) Rev. Robert Gloria Willauer Wishing our graduates of 87 continued success. Jim and Audry Soltis 202 Congratulations Greg! Best Wishes for a successful and Happy Future, Love Mom, Laureen, Karen, Grandma and Grandpa. 1 SlBit THANK YOU Muhlenberg for the experience of Andrea L. Dowhower ’87, by her grateful family. Kim, We are Proud! Break a leg! Congratulations and good luck Matt. We’re proud of you. Terry and Collen German. Love, Mom, Kris, Kraig P.S. " You oughta be f in pictures . . . !” Love to Michele and best wishes to the class of 87. The Posner Family Congratulations Class of " 1987” Dr. Mrs. John B. Ruvo, Jr. w Good Luck to Class of 87 Mr. Mrs. Vanden Houten Merritt Yergey and Class of ’87. Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. Mrs. Bertha E. Clarke Dear Susan, Best Wishes for a bright future. Love Mom Dad ■■■■ wmm Mi 203 Congratulations Kathy K. and Nancy P. Mom, Dad, Mike and David mm : J jii Congratulations to Valerie Joan Geissler and the Class of ’87. Love, Mom, Dad, Melanie, Brian, Darren, Sabrina, Charles and Leslie Geissler To my son Jay Watson, ' . . . you are precious in my eyes and I love you Ma Best Wishes to Vi the Class of ’87. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gaffney — , - . - - : Warn ' Congratulations from J Christopher, Laura, Sara, and Devan Gardner. To Valerie Jean Geissler and Class of ’87. To our son Robert, May your future be filled with happiness, success and good health. Love, Mom, Dad and Sara, Good Luck Dawn. Love, Mom, and Steven . Congratulations Randi! With all our love and pride, Mom, Dad and Jeff Best Wishes Class of ’87. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Miller and Family , l|| ■ 204 tplflp pi i iSilliii! 205 Congratulations Kevin, Best Wishes Mom, Dad, Karen, Kathy and Drew. " Lauren, we’re so proud of you and we love you!” Mom Dad Congratulations Megan Our Love, Mom, Dad, Kathleen and Daisy Congratulations Class of 87 The Dilisio Family. Dear Heidi, We are proud to see you graduate and know you will have a bright future ahead. A toast to the Muschter and her four fun years at college. Love, Bryan and Petra Heidi " Goldschatz” 4 years of hard work and you kept that happy smile. Congratulations from your proud Mama Papa Bob, We are very proud of you. Congratulations to you and the Class of 1987. The Gleichman Family Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ’87 The Ault Family - Congratulations Class 1987 Graduates. A Phil and Betty West 206 YOf EE K I M M I E!! Love, Mom, Dad Gary Lots of love and Best Wishes Rebbie Today and Always. Simper Fidelis Mom " Congratulations to our son, Wayne Iskra! We are very proud of your accomplishments and love you very much!” Mom Dad, Dawn Cheryl Class of ’87 Best of Luck in the Future. m | ft WM Mr. Mrs. Robert Pisciotta Congratulations Class of 1987. Congratulations Al, We are very proud of you, Love, Mom Dad Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ’87. William Evelyn Krill The Guttieri Family __ L 3 DA DA DA The Lemole Family To Kathy Steinberg: One of a kind, a wonderful daughter. Love from proud Parents Sister Congratulations Barbara. Love, Mama, Andrew and Patricia Beth, You believed in a dream and made it happen. | Love, Mom, Dad, and Mandi | Congratulations to Linda and the Class of 1987. Congratulations Andrea, and the rest of the " crew” in Benfer 305. Mr. Mrs. Polestek MB Congratulations Class of 1987. The Farpour Family We love you Little Fella! Congratulations Graduates of 1987, and the best to you Michael J. Cardillo Jr. We love you and are very proud. Good Luck and have a great future. Love Always The Cardillo Family Mr. Mrs. Joseph Stuback " 1 Love, Roler, Doc, Mongy and Daisy Doug, I love you and I’ll miss you very much. Love, Wendee For my darling Chris and all of her wonderful friends at school, a lifetime of happiness and many successes. V. J 208 Best of Luck to all members of the Class of ’87. Leah Cohen " If there’s no wind . . row” i ■ 1 Thanks Muhlenberg College Mr. Mrs. Woubar E. Kazarian Robin, Congratulations! You have made us proud. We love You Mom, Dad Joanne To The Class of 1987 - To understand the heart and mind of a person look not at what he has already achieved but at what he aspires to do. Kahlil Gibran We are proud of you Dan. Love, Mom Dad Mitchell, you have accomplished another milestone and we’re very proud of you. Congratulations to the Class of 1987. May each of you achieve success in your chosen endeavors. Love, Mom, Dad, Barry Andy Cohen — : ■: SIP 11 ® Congratulations and Best Wishes in your endeavors to our daughter Debra Ann Kupcha. Congratulations Tom, we’re proud of you. Our love and Best Wishes Mom Dad From William Anna Kupcha Sister Michelle Congratulations Maria! We are so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Roe, and Melissa Good Luck Class of ’87. From Stanley and Jane Primmer Well Done Andrew Love, Mom, Dad, Jo, Teresa Patricia Dear Margaret, You’re 1 in your . class and in our hearts. Love Mom Dad Congratulations and Best Wishes to our " Diane” and the entire " 87” graduating class. Love, Dad, Mom Heidi — MM 4S-. V ' Congratulations Beth and to the Class of ’87. The Glass Family Congratulations to our dear daughter Tracy and the Class of ’87. Love, The Verga Family II — , Congratulations to Donna Pecora and the Class of 1987. With Love and Pride, Mom, Dad and Donald To our wonderful daughter Lauren, We love you and are very proud of you. Love, Mom, Scott, and Mandy 210 Congratulations Angela Conway and Class of ’87, The Conway Family Success to all Seniors. Mr. Mrs. Carmine DeSantis Congratulations Rob Christman and Class of ’87. Good Luck. Love Mom, Dad Lew Dear Suzann, (Seppy) You continue to make us proud! Congratulations! We love you dearly. Mom, Dad, Margery, Rob, Daniel and of course Trouper 1 Congratulations to Tom and the Class of 1987. The Lukasiewicz Family We are proud of you Dionn, You made the right decision to graduate from Muhlenberg College. Love Mom, Dad Davidson Congratulations and Good Luck to the Class of 1987. The Julich Family K Way to go Babe” " Congratulations to all the graduates. We have so much enjoyed knowing Muhlenberg.” Gordon Mary Williams 211 To David Jr., We are so proud. Mom, Dad and Jennifer Kells I mm Congratulations to Carla. We are proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad Christa Linda Laube, We are all proud of you and know that the knowledge you have gained will make you an asset in today’s society. f Your Family Congratulations to the girls in Benfer 305. Remember " Good Friends will last a lifetime.” (X J? I M m Congratulations to all members in Ciarla. V r ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS TRACY VERGA MARIA CATAEANEEEO EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Robin Schwartz Diane Pfeiffer Photo Editor Business Manager Section Editors Seniors Jennifer Pellegrino Douglas Baralo (Assistant) Academics Frances Foltz Organizations Kathy Steinberg Lauren Mackay Greeks Bill Browne Rob Bucich (Fraternities) Kathy Lusk Sue Palmenck (Sororities) Sports Kathy Matthews Diane Revotskie Special Events Meagan O’Donnell Directory Clea Barth PHOTOGRAPHY BY: DAVOR PHOTO PRINTING BY: JOSTENS YEARBOOK From the day we agreed to become co-editors-in-chief of the 1987 Ciarla, we knew it would involve a great deal of work and responsibility, and that we could not do it alone. We have many people to thank for their invaluable contributions. First of all we owe a million thanks to Bill O ' Brien and everyone at Jostens Yearbook Company. They have given us terrific service, quality, and attention. Bill has been like a guardian angel to us from the start. Fie was able to foresee problems that we were headed for and steer us away from them. Fie was always willing to meet with us at any time to review printing techniques, layout designs or any details we had questions about. We are also very grateful to Abe Orlick, who has given Muhlenberg College his special attention for years, and to the rest of Davor Photo for their wonderful quality of pictures, the incredible service of their staff, and the availability of their professional photographers for certain events. Most of the pictures in this book were taken by our photography staff. We wish to thank them and especially Robin Schwartz, our Photography Editor, whose services to us extended far beyond the call of duty. Of course we are thankful to our section editors and staff members who did a great job and worked very hard. Diane Pfeiffer was very helpful as our Business Editor in raising funds to aid with the cost of the Ciarla. We also owe a great big thanks to the families and friends of the class of ' 87 for their monetary donations. Last, but not at all least, thanks to Bob Clark, Arlene Gisolfi, and Welles Lobb of College Relations for all of their help. We, with the help of all these people, have achieved our goal in presenting the class of 1987 with their yearbook; a book which has hopefully captured the spirit of Muhlenberg College and all of its moments. Tracy Verga 8t Maria Catalanello Co-Editors-in-Chief

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