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CIARLA MUHLENBERG COLLEGE 1984-85 VOLUME 92 American Yearbook Company A Division Of Josten’s Topeka SENIOR PORTRAITS . . . PG 6 ACADEMICS . PG 34 SPORTS . . . PG 62 CLUBS ETC ... PG 104 SPECIAL EVENTS . PG 146 4 . TION SENIOR It Happened One Year Hi nee upon a time there was a small liberal arts college in Allentown, Pennsylvania. And at that college there lived 1500 boys and girls who were working very hard to prepare themselves for that elusive entity called the “Real World.” The truth of the matter was that our little world of Muhlenberg College, however isolated it may have been, seemed quite real while we were there — with campus issues often taking precedence over the trivial occurences of the outside world. Still, that world kept turning (faster than we could keep up with it) and some of its events even paralleled our own. Imagine that!! We witnessed the furvor of political conventions and Ronald Reagan’s re-election, making him the first president to achieve that distinction since 1972. However, the 1984 election created a bigger first for American women as Geraldine Ferraro became the Democrats vice-presidential candidate. Meanwhile . . . Muhlenberg women were busy making history of their own as three sororities successful- ly completed their colonization period to be installed as active chapters in the fall. So too, while aspiring surgeons spent countless hours in Muhlenberg labs with dissections, William Schroeder became the second recipient of an artificial heart. In music, Michael Jackson’s Thriller lp finally faded into the background and old favorties like Phil Collins and Bruce Springsteen just seemed to get better and better, playing to sellout crowds across the country. Irish sensation U2 also completed a highly successful tour while, right here at ’Berg, Concert Committee brought us the Psycodelic Furs and the Fixx. Excitement ran high when the Villanova Wildcats won the NCAA basketball title. Basketball fever was felt at Muhlehberg, too, when the Mules defeated Moravian to advance to the MAC playoffs. (Meanwhile, a group of enthusiastic Mule fans were lost on a schoolbus somewhere in Delaware.) Unfortunately, things were not so cheerful on the international scene. A silent killer in far away Bhopal, India left 2,000 dead in the worst chemical industry disaster in history when a toxic pesticide gas leaked from a Union Carbide plant. Terrorism once again raised its ugly head in December when four gunmen hijacked a Kuwaiti Airways Airbus for six days torturing the 166 passengers and killing two Americans; vice-president Bush called for us all to believe in “silent but certain justice,” but somehow justice never came. In the meantime, Muhlenberg was trying to enact some justice of its own in dealing with three students who broke into the college’s computer system. Of course, it seemed that not a day’s news went by without some mention of nuclear weapons. . . . The Shultz- Gromyko talks in Geneva proved to be a welcome step toward easing some of the cold war tensions of the last five years. (Not many, but at least they’re talking!) Similarly, at Muhlenberg, the first open Student Forums were held this year; they found students packed into 108 Union to address their concerns directly to the administration in a panel discussion format. (Once again, at least they’re talking.) One of the major issues confronted was the Admissions House decision to relieve itself of the Freshmen Orientation Program. Dr. Edwin Baldrige, history dept, head, graciously volunteered to serve as a “faculty anchor” for the program until a more permanent solution could be reached which would satisfy students and adminis- trators. In March, we witnessed the passing of yet another Soviet leader. Konstantin Chernenko, after being ill for months, was succeeded as the Soviet president by Mikhail Gorbachev, a young and more progressive leader. March also signified transition at Muhlenberg as new President Jonathan Messerli was inaugurated admist great celebration. Previously, fall semester had seen the installation of a new college chaplain, Walter Wagner. And these were just a few of the numerous issues that made national and campus headlines in 1984-85 — as spring drew near, economists continued to predict bright prospects for the Class of ’85. And if they played their cards right, — they all lived happily ever after enior Portraits % f: | Jennifer J. Abrams Irene D. Ackerman Ariel Albert Alicea Beth J. Allen Anthony Charles Andalft Christopher J. Amrick Jeffrey S. Allen JoAnne Andronico Laura E. Armstrong Luette R. Arrowsmith Kwame Asante 8 Wendy E. Ayers Ross Addison Baker Michael Walter Bailey Paul E. Baker Valarie A. Basheda Jorge A. Bastidas BHB Kenneth Beal Pamela Leigh Beauchamp Craig Benner Jeffrey S. Berdahl Guy Brignola demonstrates that his mouth is bigger than Patty Nolan’s and Marinza Haznedari’s Alan Keith Berliner Robert C. Berman Andrew Poison Binnie Alexander S. Black Gail T. Blumenson Janet Brand Boamah Boachie Andrew T. Bollman Lorraine Beth Bottjer Laura Brand Laura Braverman David Brenner 10 Peter J. Broas Jerome M. Canning Lisa Ann Carnivale Elizabeth Buchanan Rebecca Mary Brungard Jane Marie Buonocore William A. Bushnell II Ralph Wayman gets his bright ideas on Advanced Calculus from Lisa Carnivale and Lori Bottjer. I n Sally Elizabeth Clark Jeffrey Marc Cohen Jodi L. Cohen John P. Cossa, Jr. Jane M. D’Lauro Joshua Crasner Aura Lee Ferris Daubney Who says Muhlenberg isn’t for lovers?? Jane D’Lauro Mike Bailey 12 Patrick R. Davey Patricia M. Davis Arthur Joseph DeMartini, Jr. Robert Debbs Jorge, Patty, Pat M.A. take the mandatory seat belt law “one step beyond.” U rjgf. rjjMj Viviane Catherine Dehmel Lora Di Santro Patricia Lynn Dickson Gina Marie DiDio 13 Jacqueline Fierro Susan Fiore Sharon Joan Fortkamp Elin S. Friis 14 Kelly Marie Fullam Zina E. Gambacorta Natalie B. Garber Amy E. Garthly Elizabeth Gelb George M. Giatzis Douglas G. Girton Kenneth B. Goldman Marcie Gardner Suzanne Giordano John Anthony Gisolfi Laurie Goldman The Bathing Beauties of MacGregor 105 go for a (skinny) dip. Bobby, Rice, Laura Brand, Marcie Garder, Betsy Sprenkle. 15 Dawn Gutheil GloriaAnn R. Hardy Dawn A. Heckert Deborah Hadad Cheryl A. Hanau Christine Hann John J. Henderschedt Marinza Haznedari , 16 “Good friends and good drinks; What could be better?” Cherolyn Allen, Cheryl Hanau, Marybeth Kobulsky, Donna Smith John Ivankovits Paul S. Jarossy Robert Michael Johnston Kenneth D. Hughes Robert Josloff Diane E. Juliano Jan Reed Jurden Jeffrey Michael Keating 17 Patricia Kettles Robert Kitei Robert Klein “1 don’t care how hard I try, this is never going to look like me!” -Bob Keator James J. Klocek Kathleen Allison Koar David Kline Karen M. Knott 18 Steven Elliot Labkoff Scott M. Laden Lori Ann Kreidler James Michael Kroninger Emily A. Lagergren Elizabeth Lama Margaret S. Lammey Todd C. Langdon Jeanette A. Larsen Scott W. Lauer 19 James John Levy Howard Luks 20 H Debra Ann Mapkie Laurie MacNamara Alicia L. Mader Catherine A. Mahoney Jeffrey Briggs Major Carla M. Marino Holly Lynn Martin Daniel R. Maioriello Kimberly - An Martin Rose Marie McAndrew Holly Martin, Kim Mills, and Ann Bazanowski are caught in a compromising (?) position. Kitty May Mark P. McGrievy 21 James E. Mitchell Kimberly A. Mills Pamela B. Morse Dave Murch Thomas G. Nader Curtis E. Nagle “The Daves” map-out their latest lunch escapade. Who will be the latest victims? Dave Lee, Dave Murch Seth David Molod Brad Moore 22 Michael B. Norinsberg James E. Norton Daniel Nunziata Dorothy C. Oldham Shari A. Oplinger David G. Orphanides Paul Paray Mitchell I. Parkin John G. Raheb Laura Tam Rampil Cindy Peil Gina Didio share a drink and a smile at Homecoming David Andrew Reichard Doug Reimer Karen Raudibaugh Joseph P. Rebman William S. Reiner Jr. Amy Reumann ‘Oh D.R., I didn’t know you cared!” Dave Reichard, Cherolyn Allen Kenneth G. Rogers Yvonne Lucia Roman James K. Rowland Renee Lynn Rosenfeld Joseph P. Rothwein IV Eileen M. Riker Gizelle Elizabeth Rolando Elizabeth Rooney Megan L. Roxberry Thomas Schmidt Jeffrey F. Scott Janice: Portrait of a Muhlenberg Nozzle David Alan Sabeh Timothy R. Schell Jennifer C. Schoen Janice Lynn Semper 26 “But Tom, I can smoke drink at the same time!” Matthew D. Sidoti Lisa Shapiro Donna L. Smith Martha Scott Smith Suzanne T. Snyder N. Stanton Smoyer Jr. Roger C. Snyder Daniel Snyder Daryl June Solomon Diane L. Sommers Laurel Sue Sonnenschein Lisa Ann Sonzogni 27 Alan Steier Jay Steigerwald Lawrence M. Stein Betsy Ann Sprenkle Lynette K. Steiner Erik T. Steinert Lee A. Stenner Susan L. Stocker Nina Strongylou Birgitta Svensson Betsy Sprenkle at an unlikely place — Her Desk! Richard S. Striefler Robert A. Stutman ■F IRELAND 28 “Hey Boy, don’t you even think about takin’ a picture of me with ma shades on!” Vince Tranchitella, Elizabeth Davenport, Ed Beagell Jeffrey Toll Renee Maura Trabert Vincent J. Tranchitella Karl Robert Trenker Mark Truchan Augusta Tsie Victor G. Tritto Joseph Triolo 29 Michael Tsontakis Deborah J. Turner Andrew Robert Wasson Ellen VanBergen Todd Charles Williams John P. Winter Suzanne Carolyn Witcher R. Scot Woodrum 30 i Donna Fay Wright Barbara Quay Yenser Donald T. Wu Wilma Yip George Christopher Zumberge Anthony G. Wydan Julia Ann Yanoviak A familiar setting for George Zumberge ' s friend. Don’t you dare!” Donna Wright 31 KStVv 1 W, Dr. Jonathan C. Messerli President Dr. Walter E. Lov Dean of the college Dr. Dale Lecount Dean of Education Dr. James Bryan Dean of Students Anne Wright” Ass’t Dean of Students R. Scott Rodgers ! Counseling Psychologist _ jr f jr Tammy Bormann Asst. Dean of Admissions Kurt Theide Dean of Admissions Freshmen Gajl Gardner Asst. Dean of Admissions Heather Hering Asst. Dean of Admissions . " - .SSI 9 ■i i i m u mini Carol Shiner- Wilson Director of Career Planning Placement Ann Raines Marcie Schick Director of Alumni Cynthia McNally Coordinator of Annual Funds Peter Shultz Director of Development Frank Marino Director of Annual Fund s Anna Nakada Corporate Foundation Relations Robert Clark Director of College Relations Rev. George Eichorn Director of Church Relations Lucille Bavaria Director of Financia David Seamans Director of Union Center of the Arts Barbara Yeager Director of Purchasing Thomas Hudspeth Director of the Gallery Steven Bell — 1 IaLi ggji i Up Asst. Dir. Financial Aid Sterling Wilhoit Director of Public Safety Herbert Stocker Director of Personnel Theodore Borak Director of Plant Operations Steve Danhert Admissions • ART Ms. Carol Parker Asst. Professor of Art Mary Ashton Asst. Professor of Speech Drar Jadviga da Costa Nunes Asst. Professor of Art Mr. Raymond Barn? Assoc. Professor of Art » Mrs. Rachel Clifton Instructor in Music Mr. Jeremy Slavin Instructor in Music Marylene Dosse Artist in Residence ENGLISH Dr. Nelvin Vos Prof, of English Dr. Ralph Graber Prof, of English Dr. Helene Knox Asst. Prof, of English Dr. Robert Thornberg Prof, of English Sigma Tau Delta: D. Boxill, V. Basheda. 2nd Row: R. Hendricks. J. Rowland, M. Roxberry, R. VanKeeKem Dr. Thomas Cartelli Asst. Prof, of English ; M-im, Dr. Jay Hartman Assoc. Prof, of English CLASSICS Dr. Robert Wind Mrs. Reba Marblestone li M I |f i K 8|fc t ■ . . .4 ' ' A ' : i : ■ wmm i V 1-’PF§|«P , SAif JL • $ « , i tC i .1. ■.• I JVa.a a . ■ ,• ?• • T; 1 1 i ' ■ li- fe £ ,4 fc W w.i - v- . : 1 J K- HILOSOPHY . ■ Dr. Theodore Schick Dr. Ludwig Schlect Dr. David Reed IHHhHhB m 43 V FOREIGN LANGUAGES Mrs. Patricia DeBellis Dr. Albert Kipa Instructor in Foreign Language Professor of German Russian Dr. John Brunner Professor of German Ms. Anna Adams Instructor in Foreign Language J. Yanoviak. 2nd Row: D. Mackie, L. Sonzogni, B. 44 - Dr. Arvids Ziedonis. Jr. Professor of Comparative Literature Dobro Siovo; Larry Stein ■ ■ : . Di Adoiph Wegener Professor of German Ms. Joan Marx Asst. Prof, of Foreign Language Dr. John Pearce Assoc. Prof, of French Spanish Dr. Carol Richards Professor of French " I ■» Dr. George Custen Asst. Prof. cif Corgmunicatiolf Mr. Joseph Elliot Asst. Prof, of Photography Mr. Daniel Tate Asst. Prof, of Communications Dr. Terri Toles ■ Asst. Prof, of Communications PSYCHOLOGY S Wood rum, R Baker. Psi Chi: 1st Row: £ I D. Mackie, J. Semper Dr. Kenneth Graham Professor of Psychology Dr. Kathleen Harring Asst. Prof, of Psychology Dr. Richard Kimball Asst. Prof, of Psychology Dr. Theodore Maiser Professor of Psychology Dr. Vimla Sinha Professor of Psychology Dr. Silas White Assoc. Prof, of Psychology TsTRow: J. MacNanura, S. Schick, D. Kelley. 2nd Ro«a C. Furiga. D. Orphanides, D. Sander, D. Reichard. Dr. Darrell Jodock Assoc. Prof, of Religion Dr. William Jennings Prof, of Religion WBKmib Dr. John Malsberger Asst. Prof of History Dr. Daniel Wilson Asst. Prof, of History Dr. Robert Croskey Asst. Prof, of History ■ l -v ... Dr. Edwin Baldridge Prof, of History Dr, Indrikis Sterns Prof, of History Dr. Katherine Van Erde I Prof, of History h 49 POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. Christopher Herrick Asst. Prof, of Political Science Dr. Stewart Lee Prof, of Political Science Phi Sigma Gamma: 1st Row: K. Beal, S. Fiore, S., B. Stutman. 2nd Row: S. Taylor, D. Kelley, D. Orphanides, J. Jurden, J. Schoen Dr. Alton Slane Prof, of Political Science Dr. Charles Bednar Prof, of Political Science Dr. Roger Baldwin Prof. Sociology Dr. Frank McVeigh Dr. Michael Carbone H Asst. Prof Education r 1 nr i V fe ML 1 3 1 i __ " f n JS I Dr. Joseph Francelio Prof. Sociology Anthropology Dr. Ann Wonsciewicz Assoc. Prof. Education EDUCATION Mr. Kenneth Clark Asst. Prof. Bus Eco. Dr. Marietta Constantinides Ms. Gail Eisenberg Asst. Prof. Bus Eco. Asst. Prof. Bus Eco. Dr. James Marshall Assoc. Prof. Eco Finance Dr. Rohini Sinha Prof. Economics Mr. Brent Sjaardema Asst. Prof. Accounting Mr. Charles Snow Asst. Prof. Bus Eco. Dr. John Voyatzis Prof. Economics ACCOUNTING Omicron Delta Epsilon: 1st J. Cohen, C Prino, A. McKaig, G. Blumcnson. 2nd K Ihringer, L. Brand, L. Theaman, G. Hardy, H. Comninelius 53 IOLOGY Dr. James Vaughn Ms. Judith Cundall Dr. David Much % Dr. John Weston eaver Dr. Francis Watson CHEMISTRY A Mrs. Colleen Serencsits Instructor Chemistry Ms. Gail Marsella Instructor Chemistry Dr. Marsha Baar Asst. Prof. Chemistry Dr. Richard Hatch Professor Chemistry 56 ] Dr. Donald Shive Dr. Russell Smart chemistry 5 1 L Mr. Rola R " Asst. Pro Jp. Roland Dedekind Asst. Prof: Mathematics Mr. Jordan Goldman Instructor: Mathematics Dr. John Nassar Professor: Mathematics Dr. William Seaman Assoc. Prof: Computer Sciei Mr. Robert Stump Asst. Prof: Mathematics Dr. Robert Wagner Asst Prof: Mathematics Dr. Patricia Fazio Asst. Prof: Physics r. John Maccarthy .sst. Prof: Physics Dr. Robert Millig; Professor: Physics i ’ ... MW y - - . % jf ' -a t ' i Vf m ,. ... , . - ' » 4 pfe; -fiS i Mrs. Linda Garrett Asst. Prof: Phys. Ed. . g% ■$ sm Mr. Samuel Beidleman Assoc. Prof. Phys. Ed. Mr. William Flamish Assoc. Prof: Phys. Ed. = jsPL C X » ■ V Jj «S Mrs. Helene Hospodar Assoc. Prof: Phys. Ed. PHYSICAL 60 Mrs. Connie Kunda Assoc. Prof: Phys. Ed. Mr. John McVan Asst. Prof: Phys. Ed. Mr. Stephen Moore Head Basketball Coach Mr. Raymond Whispell Professor: Phys. Ed. Mr. Ralph Kirchenheiter Director of Athletics FOOTBALL The Muhlenberg Mules opened their 85th football season by de- feating the Red Devils of Dickin- son on Sept. 15. Coach Kirchen- heiter’s squad kept their winning spirit going as they achieved fur- ther victories over F M and Western Maryland. After a few mid-season defeats, the Mules looked ahead to their Homecoming game as an opportunity to rekindle chances for the Centennial Conference championship. A strong defensive line-up proved that victory could be a reality by pounding Gettysburg 15-0. In the final league game of the season, the Mules easily downed Ursinus to finish in second place with a strong 5-2 conference record. All in all twenty-four school records were either set or equalled in Muhlenberg ' s second consecu- tive winning (6-3) season, including records in passing, rushing, and kicking. Although the team will certainly feel the loss of seven starting seniors, Coach Kirchenheiter is looking forward to much of this year’s talent returning in 1985 for what could be one of the Mules best seasons yet. Heads up defense awards Tom Murdock an interception. Another brilliant kick by Tom Mulroy. 9 22 9 29 10 6 10 13 10 20 10 27 11 3 I 1 10 Dickinson F M Western Swarth Johns Hopkins Gettysburg Ursinus Feb. Valley Moravian 64 The Mule offense squares off against Lebannon Valley. First row: J. Merone, B. Allman, S. Hersh, T. Langdon, P. Broas, B. Reiner, T. Ryan, C. Nagle, J. Thomas, C. Peischl, A. McDonald. Second row: M. Goldfarb, G. Erdman, B. Gross, T. Capiobianco, S. Cooperman, G. Ross, R. Shapiro, R. Blank, K. Mei, J. Andrews, T. Neumann, T. Mullane. Third row: T. Murdock, M. Devlin, F. Papera, M. Farrell, A. Kopacz, T. Mulroy, J. Hobby, J. Keller, C. Vorhees, D. Peebles, B. Cronin, M. Ferguson. Fourth row: B. Fischer, S. Schenkler, T. Papa, A. Schmidt, S. Sonkin, K. McCracken, T. Moyer, B. Wolfe, J. Watson, C. Cheatham, W. Qualls. Fifth row: R. Gahwyler, D. Pichalski, M. Mohl, D. Crossman, T. Finnegan, D. Pfund, E. Thompson, S. Helm, M. Miller, R. King, J. Andriulli, D. Tritto, C. Lutz, D. Checcio. Sixth row: R. Bishop, F. Cook, C. Giordano, A. Caibla, T. Holden, D. Brottman, R. Handel, R. Gundman, B. Mann, A. Schlecter, M. Maquera, R. McGuinness, B. Stein, J. Black. 66 Middle right: Neumann fakes one last defender. Middle left: Mike Maquera drives across the end zone. Right: Kevin Mei buries the ball carrier. Left: Coach wants to send in wide receiver Jeff Andrews. 67 rr 03HOO n ALFTIME 1984-85 CHEERLEADERS Halftime . . . Relief . . . Time to make a mad dash for the Sports Life Center before everybody else got the same idea. Halftime found many of us waiting patiently in lines of one kind or another, whether it was the restroom or the concession stand for just one more hotdog. It was a time for the football team to relax and let the band and the pom-pom girls take the field. It was time to run back to the dorm and put on your favorite sweatshirt because it was just too cold , or exchange the oF cords for shorts because it was just too hot!! We utilized halftime to catch-up on all those conversations that went flying over our heads while we watched the game. OR sometimes more correctly, to catch-up on what was happening in the game because we were too involved in our conversations. In any case, we welcomed halftime to socialize and fraternize (especially with friends in the TKE section since they had all the brew) and generally to recharge for the second half. The band stirs the stadium with a tune as only they can play it. Right: Suzanne Snyder “The Mules can’t be Beat . . .” 68 Top: Karl Mundi shows a little of the style that sets Muhlenberg band members apart from the rest. Left: The Muhlenberg Mule, our loveable mascot (alis Mitch Brill) entertains fans of all ages. Right: The pom-pom squad is all smiles on their way to the Homecoming game. 1984-85 POM-POM SQUAD 69 FIELD HOCKEY It was another winning season for the women’s field hockey team this year under the coaching of Helene H. Hospodar. This year was also special in that it marked the thirtieth year of coaching for “H”, as she is affectionately called by her players. This year’s season had many ups and downs with Muhlenberg playing up to their potential one game and having a difficult time with other teams the next game. Two of the high points of the season were Muhlenberg’s defeat of Albright and their game with Drew. At the Albright game nothing could stop the ’Berg squad as they crushed their opponents, 6-0. The teamwork, ballhandling and skill of each player was an amazing sight to see. Another highlight of the season was the game against Drew University. The Drew team has long been a nemesis of the ’Berg women so they were ready for a tough game. With everyone giving 100 percent, the women tied powerhouse Drew in seven minutes of regulation play and went on to play another twenty minutes of overtime. Drew managed to hang onto the tie despite the fact that Muhlenberg dominated the overtime periods. It was an unusual and exhausting year for Muhlenberg in that they had to go into double overtime in three games during the season. Standing: Coach J. Jacob, J. Schoen, R. Grossman, D. Revotskie, J. Canfield, E. Koehler, C. Nisch, L. Manning, Capt. J. Jurden, Capt. G. Hardy, C. Grasso, L. Gosnay, A. Searles, R. Blotner, Coach H. Hospodar. Kneeling: C. Mahoney, N. Alverez, C. Drivas, A. Dowhower, E. Oaks, N. Clark, L. Braverman, G. Didio, J. Duma. Sitting: B. McNulty, E. Chapman, B. Fisher, L. Widmer, M. Aimone, L. Huggard, L. Beninati, C. Craig. 70 There were many outstanding players on the squad this year Freshman Anne Searles proved a valuable asset at link. Returning defensive players, Jaclyn Duma and goalie Colleen Grasso, stopped many shots on goal. The ’Berg women also continued the tradition of a strong midfield as newcomer Andrea Dowhower, players’ player Leslie “Shark” Manning, sophomore Leslie Widmer and senior Cathy Mahoney, played excellent offense and defense, sending free hits far up the field and stopping their opponents from getting too close to the goal. The offense was also talented this season and provided the necessary scoring power. The foreward line, led by senior co-captain and high scorer Gloria Ann Hardy, was composed of two other outstanding senior players Gina DiDio and Lisa Gosnay, sophomore Chris Nisch and freshman Erin Oaks. Senior Laura Braverman and junior Nadia Clark were also valuable players in helping Muhlenberg toward a winning season. The team will sorely miss the enthusiasm, leadership, skill and fun provided by the seniors, Gloria Ann, Gina, Lisa, Cathy, Laura, Jan and Jennifer. With next year’s co-captains, Jaclyn Duma and Leslie Manning helping out Coach Hospodar, there is no doubt that women’s field hockey at Muhlenberg will continue its winning tradition. - Jen Schoen ’85 Albright’s defense is no match for a swift attack by GloriaAnn Hardy. Outstanding goalie Coleen Grasso prepares for the game; “1 always wanted to be a b allerina.” r Michelle Aimone celebrates her goal with Jaclyn Duma. 71 Left wing Gina Didio outmaneuvers the opposing defense. Chris Nisch flicks past her opponents Tough defense: a characteristic of Andrea Dowhower’s style The line rejoices after one of their many goals 72 “Boxer shorts” Mahoney readies herself for defensive action The intensity of the Drew game is apparent on the faces of Seppy, Jan, Judy Nadia 9 1 1 Haverford A L 2-1 9 14 Marywood A W 2-1 9 17 Dickinson A W 2-0 9 19 Albright H W 6-0 9 21 Del. Valley H W 1-0 9 25 Drew H T 1-1 10 2 Leb. Valley H L 1-2 10 5 Moravian H W 2-0 10 9 FDU A L 2-3 10 11 Cedar Crest H W 4-0 10 18 Moravian A T 0-0 F I E L D H O C K E Y 73 SOCCER The Muhlenberg soccer team began practice in late August this year, just like any other year. This, however, would turn out to be one of the most exciting and controversial seasons that could be remembered. The team was lead by two senior captains, Ken- neth Hughes and Scott Eisdorfer, along with senior Andrew Binnie and junior captain Ed Mullane. The team opened its season against Messiah, national- ly ranked 15th in division III. Muhlenberg entered the game with a familiar role as underdogs. This game proved to be like no other as Muhlenberg went on to defeat Messiah 2-1 in overtime. The victory shocked the Allentown area as well as the MAC conference. Howev- er, the young Mule team did not stop at this milestone, but went on to rampage through the next five opponents without allowing a goal. The Muhlenberg defense had become one of the most aggressive and feared league, Jason Boies slides by opposing defenders. Lou Belucci out-maneuvers his opponent. Freshman Carlos Salama shows perfect form setting up his corner kick. 74 I Top left: Captain Scott Top right: Andrew Binnij Left: A brilliant head fo Below: Goalie Mike Dial isdorfer sets up a goal, makes the trap. Tom Probola. with another amazing save. and had given the foundation for a top-notch club. With unprecedented speed, Muhlenberg soccer had made a name for itself in the soccer community. Led only by three seniors, the young team was ranked 7th in the tri-state area. The second half of the season did not end on the same happy note however, as the Muhlenberg team ended with a .500 record for the season. The high hopes of the dedicated players had been crushed. But, the season had provided Muhlenberg with the chance to prove itself in the soccer community, a tradition that will hopefully be carried on. - Ken Hughes ' 85 75 »nnnoc 5 I Front: K. Doyle, J. Oestreicher, LL. Carnovale, M. Fein, A. Binnie, C. Salama, R. J. Boies, J. Fabricant, M. Diaz, D. Kellogg, L. Belucci, K. Hughes, £. Mullane, Cantreell, Center: R. Ruch, B. Hart, K. Hardy, M. Barnett, S. Eisdorfer, T. T. Pezzi, R. Christman Probola, J. Sandercock, J. Boyer, J. Polhaus, Standing: E. Bredfeldt, A. Haeffle, Above: Tim Pezzi waits anxiously on the bench. Far right: Mike Diazis thankful for a moment to breathe. Far right: Ken Doyle brings the Moravian defense to its knees. 74 77 t ouuwa VOLLEYBALL Who says that experience is necessary for a MAC team? The Muhlenberg women’s volleyball team proved the skep- tics wrong. Even after losing five starting seniors the team posted the best record ever and won their third consecutive bid to the MAC playoffs by placing second in their division. How did they accomplish this goal that no other fall sport managed to do? The answer lies in their coach, their addic- tion to volleyball, hard work and off-season play. One of the most important reasons for their success was the closeness of the players; they were more than teammates, they were good friends. This year’s team was led by senior captain Sharon Hil- liard, junior Allison Casparian and sophomores Barb Pel- ham, Sarah Lindert, Linda Laube and Geraldine Fox. Two Kneeling: Sharon Hilliard, Asst. Coach J. Stein, N. Caruso, D. Pecora, C. Buckmaster, B. Pelham, L. Remaley, G. Fox, L. Laube, S. Lindert, C. Lisecki, L. Lemole, A. Casparian 78 of the players were recipients of awards; Allison Ca- sparian was the most valuable player of the FDU tournament and Sarah Lindert earned the most im- proved player award for the team. The Mules also saw strong bench play from sophomores Cindy (we need a joke) Buckmaster, Laura Lemole and Donna Pecora. The outlook for next year looks promising since the team will be losing only one starter, Sharon Hilliard, and will have eleven returning players. CROSS COUNTRY The Muhlenberg cross country team had its ups and downs this season; however they never lost their determi- nation or competative drive despite shortcomings and disappointments . . . The Mule Harriers major weakness was lack of depth. The team had only six dependable runners. The number one runner, Kris Hyman will lead the team next year as its captain. Hyman was consistent- ly the strongest runner throughout the 1984 season and finished very well in the Middle Atlantic Conference Championships. Hyman was followed by Mike Halpern, Neil McAs- lan, Doug MCKeeby, team captian Jeff Berdahl, and Chris Boyd. Hyman set the new course record to lead the Mules to victories over Cheyney State and Allentown College. Next year looks bright for the Mules, the team will still be young as it is losing only one senior this year. -Jeff Berdahl ’85 - 80 I Don’t look now, but I think we’re being followed! Right: Neil Me Aslan runs against the wind. Left: Erick Hyman surges ahead. Below: “Leader of the pack” Doug McKeeby. 9 15 Lafayette Invitational L 9 19 F M LC 50-15 9 Elizabeth- L 40-17 9 22 town L 50-15 10 3 Dickinson L 50-15 Albright L Drew L 42-15 10 6 Allentown W 29-28 Cheyney W 30-27 Moravian L 45-18 10 20 Widner LL 39-16 10 27 Swarthmore L 50-15 King L 41-17 i 81 UKO( K ] BASKETBALL A dream came true for the Muhlenberg men’s basketball team this season — at long last they went to the playoffs. After eleven seasons without seeing any post- season action, the Mules qualified on the strength of their 10-2 MAC Southwest section record. A seven game winning streak including six league games enabled the team to overcome Moravian and finish first in the section. A key to the team ' s late season success was junior guard Mike Doherty; he contributed a career high 17 points in the important overtime defeat of Gettysburg. Doherty strength was joined by junior wing Jim Farrell who was perhaps the Mules steadiest player throughout the ups and downs of the season. Other strong showings were given by Reinout Brugman and Sean Mackin who were ranked first and second respectively in field goal percentage in the South- west Conference. Brugman and Farrell were also named to 1984-85 MAC all-star squad. As a team, the Mules made .515 percent of their field goal tries, breaking the previous mark of .500 set one year ago. Overall, they finished with a 19-7 record as the MAC Southwest titlists, a fine end to a hard-fought season, with all of the starters returning, next season should prove to be even better for Coach Moore’s young Mules squad. The intensity of the Moravian game is evident from the faces on the bench. Going, going, gone . . . Two points for Mike Doherty. ' f ' ii 1st Row: Asst. Coach, M. German, M. Doherty, J. Farrell, D. Sieprt, M. Abel, Asst. Coach. 2nd Row: Coach Moore, M. Mansfield, S. Mackin, R. Brugman, D. Kuntz, D. Nye. 83 How Sweet It Is Top Right: Dave Siepert reaches high for the basket. Above: SWOOOCH! That inimitable Brugman style. Right: “I don’t want it, you take it!” Jim Farrell. 84 Mules Defeat Moravian! cn do WOMEN’S BASKETBALL The Muhlenberg Women’s Basketball team wound up the 1985 season with 9 wins and 13 losses. The “Lady Mules” were a spirited group this year, and made it to the MAC playoffs for the first time at Muhlenberg. Co-captains of the 1985 team were sophomores Suzanne Seplow and Margaret Sudadolnik; other sophomores included Sharon Andrews, Monica Paukovits, and Andrea Guttermuth. Rounding off the squad were six freshmen Chris Rogan, Karen Schwabe, Anne Searles, Gracia Perilli, Gabrielle Panza, and Christen Knosti. The Lady Mules had an impressive .7-3 record in the Mac Southwest Conference games this year, a great improvement over previous seasons. Although they are still a very young team, they have gained much experience and are looking forward to playing together and becoming even stronger in the seasons ahead. — Andrea Guttermuth ’87 Kneeling: C. Roders, C. Nosti, S. Seplow, G. Perilli, S. Andrews. Standing: J. Jurden, Coach Forrester, A. Guttermuth, M. Sudadolnik, M. Paukovitz, A. Searles, G. Panza, K. Schwabe, Asst. Coach Davis. 86 Tough Defense by Anne Searles Monica Paukovitz. 1 I I 1 J « Monica escapes a Drew defender. Above: Sharon Andrews goes in for the kill. Left: Coach Forrester gives a peptalk at halftime, with a little prompting from Monica Seppy. Below: “She’s Poetry in Motion ...” Gracia listens attentively. 88 ■ 1st Row: S. Schlenker, G. Waller, A. Flower, M. Pesce, A. Wasson. 2nd Row: Coach, M. Golstein, M. Grossman, B. Barrick, M. Tsontakis, R. Trenker, Coach. The Muhlenberg Wrestling team finished “on top” this season (literally) with a total; of nine wins and six losses. Significant victories were scored in duals against Albright, Baptist Bible, Messiah, Widener, King ' s, Juniata, and Eliza- bethtown. Strong showings were given all season by seniors Mike Tsontakis, Sam Giha, Andy Wasson, juniors Rusty Trenker and Bill Barrick, and sophomore Garret Waller. The Mule squad was ranked 11th out of 20 in the MAC ' S and with many young members returning, next sea- son should prove to be promising. Above Left: The Mules make wrestling look as easy as ballroom dance lessons. 89 oz — r h w m 50 1 — BASEBALL The Mullenberg Baseball team had some impressive statis- tics this season which allowed them to place two first-team and two second-team players on the 1985 Mid-Atlantic Confer- ence Southern Division all-star squad. Named to the first- team were catcher Chris Peischl and outfielder Dave Kurtz. Peischl ' s .424 batting average led the Mules this year, and Kurtz was the team leader with 36 runs scored and six triples. Second team selections were shortstop Ahky Khan, and third-baseman Rob Endres. Khan led the team in hits, doubles and assists, while Endres belted a school record nine home runs. Despite a 15-19 overall record, the Mules played winning ball after returning from an early season training trip to North Carolina and Virginia. Coach Beidleman’s team finished third in the MAC Southwest section with a 6-4 record. The Mules will lose only one senior this year, team captain and four - time letter winner Vic Tritto, whose leadership will be missed. 90 1st Row: E. Dieter, D. Rigg, S. Cooperman, V, Tritto, A. Khan. 2nd Row: S. Garfield, B. Brown, J. Keller, T. Lukasiewitz, D. Tritto, R. Endres, D. Kurtz. 3rd Row: D. Weiss, C. Peichl, T. Moyer, Coach Beidleman. Tom Moyer hits the bench. Vic Tritto hits a line drive to right field 91 SOFTBALL Fielding a line-up that mixed exper- ienced players with talented new ones, first year softball coach Brian Bodine had a winning combination with this year’s squad. Muhlenberg completed its best-ever softball season under the new coach with a 12-7 record. Leading returnees to the Mule roster included multitalented pitcher Mindy Feinberg, third baseman Coleen Grasso, All-American GA Hardy, and strong defenders Gina Didio and Sharon Andrews. Centerfielder Andrews was named to the 1985 Mid-Atlantic Conference all-star squad with a .375 batting average and nine home runs; she played errorless ball in 18 games. Strength was also shown at first base by freshman Gracia Perilli and junior shortstop Jackie Duma. The team will greatly miss senior co-captains GA and Gina whose leadership led them to a third place finish in the MAC southeast section. A steady eye was the key to Sharon Andrews winning batting average 1st Row: H. Ennist, C. Nosti, S. Clark, G. Didio. 2nd Row: M. Feinberg, K. Vogelsang, C. DiEdwardo, M. McShane. S. Landzettle, J. Duma, D. Sharpe, G. Perilli. Standing: Coach Bodine, D. Sommers, S. Andrews, C. Grasso, N. Clark, G. Hardy, D. McCulloch, S. Hilliard, Coach Pichler. 92 Above: Gina Didio makes the play with ease. Right: Lolipops were a popular way for the team to let off some tension as Chris and “Char” demon- strate Catcher Nadia Clark is poised and ready. ‘Ain’t nobody goin’ mess wit Coleen Grasso at r , r H caH’ iOCA) Top right: Catcher Mary McShane waits for her turn behind the plate, top left: “Go ahead . make my day.” GA Hardy. Bottom right: “Oh no, my leg is stuck; guess I’ll be here for awhile” Bottom left: “See this bat; you take my picture and I’ll be forced to use it.” 94 I I t H t“ l ooH ' T]Oc ) MEN’S TENNIS Mules 7 3 2 3 1 2 6 9 5 9 6 7 47 1985 MEN’S TENNIS RESULTS Scranton King’s Gettsburg Dickinson Drew Franklin Marshall Albright Allentowm Ursinus Western Maryland Wilkes Moravian 7 wins, 5 losses Mid-Atlantic Conference OPP 2 6 6 6 8 7 3 0 4 0 1 2 45 Top: A powerful serve by Alex Schmidt Left: “Take that!!” says Alan Berliner Right: Dave Kline awaits the return. 96 I ■ Mike Berliner mixes skill in tennis with high-steppin dance ability! 1st Row: A. Berliner, A. Schimidt, A. Howard. 2nd Row: J. Susskind, M. Berliner, D. Kline, R. Striefler Ace Jeff Susskind has the serve. I s 21 Z PI H Kneeling: M. Halpern, D. Nye. Standing: C. DeSantis, A. Lussier, R. Blotner, D. Peebles, B. McKernan, Coach Whispell, B. Aiken. Back: T. Neumann, G. Zebly 1985 GOLF RESULTS Mules Swarthmore OPP 465 Franklin Marshall 461 460 Lehigh 408 422 Moravian 397 422 King’s 488 429 Wilkes 416 429 Lebannon Valley 460 433 Susquehanna 447 433 Kutztown 418 433 Albright 427 415 Delaware Valley 428 415 Fairleigh Dickinson 455 437 Scranton 396 437 Gettysburg 391 419 Upsala (forfeit win) 6 Wins, 9 Losses Low Scorer for the season- Dave Nye 414 98 Front: R. Demayo, J. Fierro, E. Zafrani. Standing: L. Lemole, L. Eakin, S. Moyse, C. Reutz, Coach Garrett. The Muhlenberg women’s tennis team had another outstanding season in ’85. They entered the Middle Atlantic Conference play-offs for the third consecutive year to compete for the MAC Northern Division Championship against Susquehanna on April 29. The Mules clenched the MAC Northwest section title with a 4-0 record, outscoring their league opponents 28-5. The winner of the Muhlenberg- Susquehanna match will then contend for the Southern Division championship on May 1. Coach Linda Garrett’s team has been playing stronger than ever this year and should farewell; Junior Elisa Zafrani returned from a wrist injury to play her second consecutive season at No. 1 singles. Skilled play was also contributed by Captain Jackie Fierro (6-5), juniors I lyse O’Desky (8-3), Robin DeMayo (7-5), and sophomore Laura Lemole (6-6). Overall, they came out winners with a 8-4 season finish. WOMEN’S TENNIS TRACK FIELD The Muhlenberg track field team completed their dual meet season with a 5-7 record this year; despite a few more losses than wins, six members of the Mule squad finished strong to qualify for the Middle Atlantic Conference championships at Messiah College. Qualifiers inc luded senior Eric Hyman (shot put), juniors Tom Fritz (200,400), and Tom Mullane (shot, discus), freshmen long jumpers Scott McLeod and Davis Kaneps; freshmen Mike Mohl also qualified as a sprinter, but was unable to participate due to injuries. Mullane captured the gold medal in the discus with a throw of 155’8”. First year coach John McVan was able to recruit 14 women for the squad who competed on a club basis and posted an impressive first year record of 5-2. With the young team gaining more experience and talent everyday, we expect to see great strides made by Muhlenberg track field in ’86. 1st Row: T. Wydan, C. Bucher, E. Hyman, M. Mohl, M. Lawless, D. Lisan. 2nd Row: M. Bertram, V. Wilgar, J. Bartashus, K. Anderson, C. Mayer, M. Heck, T. Fritz, S. Kupfersburg. 3rd Row: D. Kaneps, S. McLeod, C. Boyd, R. Brugman, T. Mullane, J. Holgren, B. Allman, Coach McVan. Pole vaulting prowess is evident on the Mule track team. It’s a bird! It ' s a plane! It’s Scott McLeod Above: Tom Fritz overtakes his opponent. Mike Lawless sizes up his throw. H CC u U. — U j Q LACROSSE Yet, despite the odd n the midst of seven imise t The 1985 Women’s Lacrosse team began their season with a new coach, new uniforms and a new outlook. As a second year varsity sport, the Lady Mules faced several tough oppo- nents. Their best game was against a tough Dickinson squad. Although the Lady Mules lost 9-6, the team displayed their fine talent and spirit. Seniors Lisa “Tower” Gosnay and Sally Clark, the field captains, provided the backbone for the young squad. Sophomore goalie, Suzanne Seplow, played superbly, earning her a ranking of 3rd best goalie in the MAC division — - quite a feat considering “Seppy” had never played Lacrosse before this season. Coach Hospodar, “H”, bravely took the challenge of in- structing the young and eager team. Players and spectators alike will remember, “Ahead of the moving player!”, “An- ticipate”, and “You’ve got to stop playing like LADIES!!!” Adding to the team were the tremendous” efforts of sSPET ire Andrea Dowhower andiTeshmen Lynn Pileggi. U ri- ly, the team was plagued with injuries ranging TgSrte ts to broken nos les Jpef gave up eve cHajfenatches. They finisheqajrafeseason wii °ry t over Lebannon archrival Drew in ' 86! iJamrJurden, co-cafftaitj, ’£5j k W ' d MH Alison Neaves drives toward the goal. 102 Above: The Varsity Invalid Squad. Left: Pressure defense compliments of Sally Clark. r, 1st Row: P. Dickson, L. Beninati, A. Neaves, L. Huggard, L. Manning. 2nd Row: A. Dowhower, M. Kobulsky, L. Pileggi, S. Witcher, B. Dorl, K. Brady, L. Primmer. 3rd Row: Coach Hospadar, S. Clark, L. Gosnay, J. Canfield, M. Paukovitz, S. Sachs, K. Phelan, C. Drivas, M. Bortulussi, S. Seplow, Coach Robinson. 103 mwwOzon r he competition continues!! And so does the glory, the frustration, the sweat, the aching muscles . . . perhaps the suffering grades. We, the 1985 Mules saw our fair share of “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” Through it all, we played hard, and we hurt a little, (O.K., sometimes we hurt a lot) but we also had our share of fun — Hey, maybe we even learned as many valuable lessons on the playing field as we did in the classroom. gf O g wffiH ZO wMrcS (Cjliifos, B)tc. . . ♦ THE GREAT ORGANIZERS Student Council Student Council: 1st Row: G. Wetzel, C. Furiga, L. Greber, E. Chapman, J. Schoen, A. Mader, J. Winter 2nd Row: R. Berman, L. Nuerenberger, K. Swill, J. Jurden, A. Grathly, R. Schwerner, C. Rankin, C. Veltri, 3rd Row: J. Nealy, S. Wright, D. Simmons, L. Nash, D. Walker, A. Dowhower, M. Bailey, E. Sbar,. D. Trinkle, Dean Bryan, J. Rebman ■L Program Board Program Board: 1st Row: L. Gosnay, R. Schwernwer, K. Jessen, P. Rohr, G. Casciano, B. Bergen 2nd Row: C. Allen, C. Hanau, R. Berman, -L. Wernett, S. Stocker, S. Labkoff 3rd Row: J. Crasner, B. Till, D. Sander, D. Feit, S. Smith, L. Kaiser RHC RHC 1st Row: M. Jrosky, M. Schott, G. Casiano, M. Marvin, A. Askinase, L. Sonzogni, R. Sweeney 2nd Row: J. Lieto, J. Semper, J. Mitchell, P. Kettless, C. Reidy, S. Bolendz, C. Connor, S. Beck II a A The Multi ft Media l_i ) Ciarla Left Ciarla: Left to Right: P. Nolan, K. Hauser, L. Joslyn, J. Dubiel, L. Brand. Going up: D. Juliano, J. Leb- lanc, L. Farrell, M. Elston, B. Spren- kle, L. Bottjer, G. Brignola. WMUH r ■■■« ' ■ " ■ i i Weekly Left: Weekly: M. Andriani, M. Mandic, G. Thompson, V. Ba- sheda, T. Burke, L. Braverman 2nd Row: A. Gutteiri, D. Solomon, M. Roxberry, D. Wright, C. Campbell Above WMUH: C. Marino, M. Squires, L. Hong. T. Freedman, J, Miles, D. Juliano, B Sprenkle, C. Gill 2nd Row: E. Gusikoff. D. Wer- fel, S. Bonin, M. Smith. T Bottari, B. Hannon, L. Bjorklund, S. Gross, C. Grasso. D. Gross. M. Halpern. M. Mandic. S. Persing, C. Seivard 3rd Row: J. Mitchell, D. Huang, D. Knaneps, J. Pillar, P Donohue. J. Quinby, J. Javorka, E.-Ederma, D. Sander. D. Muller 109 THE RULING CLASS The class of ’85 Executive Council proved during many successful events they organized throughout our four years that, contrary to popular belief, not everyone at Muhlenberg is apathetic. Some of their more memorable moments included the “Journey to the Emerald Isle” (Junior Prom) numerous PubNights, the Senior Ball, and Senior Pledge Drive. Remember . . . Selling croissants, “Oh come on; they’re great for breakfast.” Somebody stole our Chipwich idea! Who wants to make a banner for Pub Night? . . . Let’s have a raffle . . We’ll go to Ce- dar Crest! . . Can I just say something? . . . Let ' s have a wet willie contest . . Do we have a graduation speaker yet? We have to vote on the Senior Ball theme, again . . Lehigh in the rain (they threw us out) . . Where’s Eileen? . . Groundbagels . . Everybody is going to be on the clean- up committee!! Officers: L. Armstrong, T. Andalft, D. Sabeh, M. Elston 110 Exec. Council: 1st Row: J. Semper, M. Elston, C. Benner, B. Edwards, 2nd Row: P. Morse, V. Tritto, L. Armstrong, T. Andalft. Back: G. Zumberge, P. Nolan, D. Sabeh. Missing: L. Fclbin, C. Campbell, B. Bushnell THE UNDER CLASSES II Class of ’86: K. Mills, C. Svec, J. Leruo, S. Surnamer 2nd Row: B. Salerno, G. Carmody, M. Brill, K. Melchionne 3rd Row: L. Finkle, R. Pollack, B, Maiorello, C. Furiga, R. Flunn Class of ' 87: S. Sonkin 2nd Row: R. Schwerner, B. Fischer, L. Greber, D. Guether, L. Primmer, E. Luglio 3rd: K. Korn, A. Kopacz, L. Novelline, K. Curran Class of ’88: E. Kolitsky, N. Small, M. Heeck. D Manea 2nd: C. Lusk, J. Morris, L. Horning, M. Duenas, C. Blum, C. Sciamanna, P. Rohr 111 SPECIAL INTEREST Arcade Arcade: 1st Row: B. Gaffney, E. Weisberg, R. Grossman, L. Petera, L. Kimmel, M. Schupp, M. Roxberry, 2nd Row: D. Sabeh, B. Keator, E. Ederma, L. Rarnpil, L. Petersen, B. Buchanan, L. Uliana, E. Novak Photo Club Photo Club: 1st row: C. Cohen, J. Garland, A. Bazanowski, D. Dribban, D. Krewson, L. Bottjer, B. Bushnell, M. Estey, L. Brand, E. Magnuson Wargaming Warranting: C. Cohen, B. Hannon, D. Hodges, R. Smith 112 SPECIAL SERVICE APO: 1st Row: A. Andalft, S. Westphal, M. Straussberg, 2nd Row: L. Ryan, L. Malkin, S. Ward, G. Blumenson, K. Mills, E. Weisberg, L. Kimmel, T. Hadjar. 3rd Row: D. Solomon, H. Martin, L. Bottjer, A. Bazanowski, J. Lieto, M. Hudson, R. Gaffney. 4th Row: D. Reichard, M. Parkin, M. McTigue, M. Agrippine, T. Reuben, D. Wright, M. Reid. 5th Row: C. Jones, A. Alicea, D. Block, M. Frank, D. Piccola, L. Petersen. M , ' r . M fit I ■ dfflf v ( First Aid: 1985 Centerfold J.G. Raheb 1st Row: E. Yoder, M. Hudson, M. Perone. A. Bazanowski, S. W ' itcher, P. Dickson. 2nd Row: E. Neuber, J. Garland, S. Moyse, D. Garibaldi, K. Keck, S. Kester, .1 Bastidas, 3rd Row: T. Pierzchala, S. Beck. R. Maycon, C. Sciamanna. K. Shafto, G. Warne, M. Vituli. YACC YACC: L. Petersen, .1 Herbst, S. Ward, F. Presser, L. Bernardo, N. McAslan, R. Cornaglia, L. Rampil, N. Strongylou. S. Oplinger. J. Brewer. J. Carhart, M. Weiman. B. Tucker, C. Bradshaw. L. Rilke. M. Cardillo. S. McLeod, J. Allen. 113 ACADEMIC INTERESTS Anthro. Club Antropology Club: E. Neuber, R. Maycon, S. Beck, B. Edwards. 2nd Row: S. Clark, P. Beaucamp, M. Czuzak, L. Petera, J. Allen. Back: P. Bolter Business Club Business Eco. M. Miller, N. Whang, C. Ricca, J. Vaughn, C. Blum. 2nd Row: M. Mann, T. Bagnell, M. Litsky, R. Thiel, P. Bottbyl ACA ACA: D. Sabeh, L. Felbin, L. Farrell 2nd Row: B. Quay, L. Fleming, D. Liger- alde, D. Trinkle, 3rd: E. Magnuson, T. Lenzi, N. Kowalzyk, S. Moyse 4th: P. Nathan, B. Bratina, S. Lab- koff, S. Pieski 114 Xs T 1 . ■ « » JOk- J 0 ' Forensics Forensics: E. Weisberg, 2nd: M. Reddington, E. Moyer, S. Wright, D. Gari- baldi 3rd: Dr. Schick, J. Bjdndjar, M. Mundi, G. Stevenson, J. Rosalia Education Education: L. Rilke, E. Riker, R. Hendricks 2nd: L. Bottjer, M. Andriani, M. Czerniach, M. Posner. E. Friis, C. Olsen, L. Finkle, T. O ' Brien Bjlf - 1 " - ‘J Psych. Club Psychology: 1st Row: P Nolan. D. Scurnick, L. Gei- ger. 2nd: M. Macksoud, M. McShane, K. Anderson, K. Kleinle, S. Baer, Y. Roman. 3rd: M. Posner, J. McKee, V. Geissler, K. Phelan, D. McCullock, M. Schupp. Back: A. Larr, M. Pagli, M. Squires, D. Driban, .1. Lar- sen, J. Semper. B. Edwards, D. Trinkle 115 Accounting Accounting: 1st Row: T. Novatnack, P. Slowick, G. Hardy, J. Berdahl, B. Cro- nin, S. Giha. 2nd Row: S. Boris, P. Schneider, S. Stocker, L. Braverman, P. Beaucamp, L. Steiner, Mr. Sjaardema. ' S V Numbers, numbers i Math Math Club: L. Novak, W. Schild, A. Smith, K. Mundi, K. Christine. 2nd Row: Mr. Stump, L. Bottjer, L. Carni- vale, S. Bernstein, A. Liss. 3rd Row: R. Wayman, L. Bjorklund, J. Brnjar, D. Ev- erett, Dr. Benjiman. Physics Physics: J Levy, A. Black, A. Peck, 2nd Row: Dr. Bronson, A. Choi, D. Slim- mer. 3rd Row: Dr. McCar- thy, D. Murch, D Cervino, P. Baker 116 Not So Trivial Pursuits ii Concert Committee Concert Committee: M. Sterling, S. Gould, L. Brand, A. Mader, D. Sand- ers, A. Garthly. Internat’l. Students International Students As- soc. R. Kaufman, N. Strin- gylou, D. Ligeralde, A. Se- ban, 2nd Row: L. Sonnens- chein, A. Goodman, A. Tsie, F. Charles de la Brousse, M. Antoun. 3rd Row: N. Lodi, A. Mehta •’ MAPA MAPA: M. Wilson, L. Clark, M. Bernie, 2nd Row: A. Reumann, J. Olsen, B. Harris, D. Von Lauden, E. Klause 117 RELIGIOUS PURSUITS MCF T LSM LSM: B. Moore, S. Ward, D. Ro- solia 2nd: J. Brnjar, J. Reitz, G. Wetzel Hillel L. Kimmel, L. Petera, K. Alex- ander, 2nd: E. Weisberg, P. Chai- ken, O. Baer, S. Labkoff, 3rd: B. Lieberman, R. Berk, Dr. Baar, L. Rosen, J. Goldstein. IVICF (top left) M. Aggrippine, M Hawk, D. Heckert, P. Kettles. 2nd: K. Buckwalter, H. Martin, G. Zumberge, R. Hendricks, A. Bazanowski, M. Hudson. 3rd: L. Buckwalter, J. Schulman, J. Kroninger, J. Bartashus, A. Yost, M. Schupp, S. Kester, M. Bernie. 4th: E. Nicolos, D. Schlicker, L. Rasmussen, R. Keefe. 5th: T. O’Brien, J. Levy, F. Denlinger. Newman Assoc. G. Laguzza, M. Cox, Father John, L. Carnivale, C. Campbell. 2nd: T. Pierzchala, G. Carmody, T. Ro- sata, T. Wydan, G. Holland, J. Winter. FOREIGN FLAIR M. Straussberg, M. Wil son, A. Reumann, G. Dollin. 2nd: D. Solomon, L. Clak. 3rd: J. Henderschedt, E. Weisberg, M. Estey, L. Stein. 4th: D. Von Lauden, E. Sbar, W. Luckenbill, D. Gutheil, C. Dennis. German B. Swabe, G. Flederbach, K. Knott, W. Wiebalk, C. Mayer, M. Schupp. 2nd: J. Brnjar, S. Schick, K. May, M. Vituli, J. Rosalia, A. Yost, A. Reumann. 3rd: E. Ederma, D. Rhodes, B. Wahlers, D. Viklund, D. Knaneps. Oj 1 li | A u 1 -zl: if ' - Jsfl Spanish L. Braverman, B. Edwards, J. Yanoiak, G Smrek, 2nd: E. Novak, A. Goodeman, D. Ligeralde, L. MacNamara, C. Campbell. French (top right) B. Gross, V. Geissler, M. Antoun, R. Silverstein, L. Arndt. 2nd: M. Halsband, M. Squires, M. Mann, N. Moskowitz, K. Phelan, A. Seban, M. Roxberry. 3rd: E. Friis, M. Estey, F. Charles, H. Napolitan, L. Harris THE THINKERS Philosophy E. Weisberg, D. Bress, L. Stein, 2nd: J. Henderschedt, M. Rubenstein, A. Choi, 3rd: M. Walton, S. Fox, M. Lammey, M. Curey. 3rd: P. Paray, Dr. Schick, C. Cohen. Phi Beta Kappa S. Labkoff, A. Reumann, N. Carper, L. Stein, R. Hendricks, M. Roxberry, V. Basheda, C. Hanau, K. Buckwalter. 2nd: R. Van Keekem, L. MacNamara, C. Hann, D. Smith, S. Barmes, H. Kesselman, B. Svenson, D. Wright, D. Lee, B. Stutman, J. Jurden. Panhellenic M. Graham, M. Lee, E. Gusikoff, B. Cleff. 120 THE SPORTING LIFE V II Ultimate Frisbee P. Valvo, J. Strombom, D. Connell, D. Horvath, S. Molod, S. Fox, J. Ferland, M. Walsh. Outing Club Ground: C. Seivard, B. Kenny, J. Strombom, V. Napoliello. Going up: C. Lomboy, J. Roman, B. Gross, D. Fredrickson, D. Brottman, G. Warne. J. Qinby, C. Gill, L. Kaiser. 121 LET THE SONG BEGIN! College Choir S. Ward, W. Ayers, L. Sonnenshein, C. Passegio, 2nd: G. Casiano, K. Decker, K. Ahn, L. Allen. 3rd: K. Molinary, L. Finkle, C. Yost, M. Reddington. 4th: B. Wayman, K. Pindell, M. Whitehead, M. Hartfiel, 5th D. Mackie, S. Fortkamp, B. Beedenbender, L. Buckwalter, 6th: J. Rebman, B. Moore, C. Zander, K. Buckwalter, 7th: D. Simmons, T. Gillice, J. Wilhauer, B. Fosnocht, M. Weisman, D. Krewson, R. Baringer, S. McLeod. Chapel Choir D. Mackie, L. Martin, M. Schupp, M. Johnston, M. Bernie, S. Kester, 2nd: H. Martin, A. Bazanowski, T. Ruben, D. Kroll, J. Schulmann, M. Hawk, B. Edwards, 3rd: L. Bottjer, C. Nelson, L. Errigo, L. Rasmussen, M. Graule, L. Macnamara 4th: M. Agrippine, Dr. McClain, G. Zumberge, R. Baringer, J. Kroninger. 122 If - ■I Wind Ensemble Jazz Ensemble 123 The Muhlenberg Dance Club, under the artistic direction of Randy Thomas, is an extra-curricular activity designed to give students the opportunity to study the fundamentals of movement. Prior dance training is not a prerequisite for membership; all interested students participate in weekly dance class and the annual club performance. Students also play an active role in choreography. Right: Jim Rowland and Maureen McTigue perform a graceful lift in ' CORRELATION " a ballet duet which they choreographed. Below: Wide, syncronized moves are executed in " REPEATINGS " , choreographed by Randy Thomas Right: Beth Knickerbocker ' s “A TIME FOR BAROQUE " was a tribute to classic music and dance styles. Maria Perone in the jazz number “STUFF LIKE THAT.” “HOOKED ON ASTAIRE” shows us a little ballroom grace. M. Estey, M. Mctigue, K. Fullam, C. Ricca, B. Knicker- bocker 2nd: L. Arrow- smith, E. Daven- port, 3rd: D. Everett, D. Hodges, N. Whang, 4th: D. Huang, M. Reid, G. Dadus, S. Mulbach, P. Bottbyl, A. TenBrink, G. Zumberge 125 Eve Elizabeth: C. Buckmaster, J. Stewart, V. Basheda, 2nd: S. Clark, N. Strongylou, L. Braverman, M. Costello, V. Geissler, M. Tancor,; Curtis Gordon St.: C. Grasso, R. Reichard, The Haunted Lady, M. Posner, S. Lindert. FA House: Going up; S. Sonkin, C. Peischl, R. Pollack, R. Hunn, B. Salerno, S. Danek, B. Sweeny, J. Revo, S. Rossiino, M. Brill. 126 Millerheim: L. Bottjer, T. Hajar, L. Martin, W. Ayers, D. Mager 2nd Row: M. Roxberry, E. Miller, L. Lama, B. Edwards, L. Stites, L. Rampil, D. Solomon. 3rd: R. Rosenfeld, A. Bazanowski, K. Mills, L. MacNamara, C. Connor. Henrietta House: J. Rosalia, D. Ligeralde, O. Baer, E. Weisberg, 2nd: G. Thompson, A. Mehta, 3rd: J. Crasner, S. Beck, B. Moore. R. Dana, J. Brndjar, H. Kesselman, R. Kitei. Bernheim: J. Schulmann, M. Vituli, M. Schupp, C. Mayer, G. Flederbach, W. Wiebalk. 2nd: S. Schick, M. Paukovitz, K. Knott, K. May. 127 The AXO " ravishing pig-mama ' s " attack the Seafood Shanty. Elizabeth Davenport is too cute for words in the Elomecoming parade. Lori Katz shows off her outfit for the formal. Jen O ' Grady and Elaine Luglio would rather be eating the popcorn than selling it. 128 Aspiring calendar girls!! Sue Palmerick skillfully demonstrates how AXO’s got their infamous nickname. Self explanatory. Smiles abound on initiation Day. 129 OH ATQ Alpl a 5au ms ul lcubct (ilollccic t STUTZ GATSBY § 1 BERNARD MERSCHEL f Mia % JVJI fSS 4 A THE SNIPPER % HCU-YWCOO MENNES5T Jl MICHAEL JACKSON iX ATO pool shark Doug Reimer. 19 S 5 C 130 Brother John Gisolfi gained fame this year by taking the National Collegiate Body Building title. Andrews and Trenker in search of the Lake Muhlenberg Monster. Stan Smoyer pits mind against machine in the gameroom. The ATO Varsity scoping team 131 Cathy Lee rounds third base. Michele, Carol and AnnMarie decorate for Homecoming festivities. Leeanne, Jennifer, Janet, Libby, and Missy have the DZ spirit. Leslie Geiger is glad she’s watching the game and not participating. 133 MM PZL 136 137 I Mike Cardillo does a little constructive socializing at the Student-Faculty Reception. Allen Zdroik prepares himself for the final tug-of-war. 1 W C£ SSD‘ Sig Ep support during Greek Week. Scot Woodrum friends enjoy a picnic. Mark Pinsky, frisbee enthusiast, prays he ' ll catch this one. “How come he gets all the attention??’’ 139 I ± J TKE Above: A little brewski plus a couple of stoagies equals a TKE football tradition. Right: TKE ' s very own GHOSTBUSTERS (or are they bag-busters?) Winter, Freidman, Klein-man. 140 tu Far Left: The “Hot Tub Club” relaxes while enjoying the fire-brewed taste of Stroh ' s. What a way to go! Top Right: These bawhys really know how ta PAR-TAY! Nice tonsils guys. Bottom: Johnny O. says: “It’s less filling but tastes great, too.” Professional sun worshippers Bob Allman Chip Hurd. 141 Mr. 4 0 Howie Kesselman demonstrates how he ate his way to the top. Right: “ Wow! So that’s how he did it!” Doug Swill, Jim Nealy. 142 14 ) w GREEK E K Well, the sun didn ' t shine much on Greek Week this year (except possibly during the in- door events), but it was still filled with the same fun and heated competition . . . not to mention a very legitimate ex- cuse to spend another few f? hours away from the books. Delta Zeta was this year’s win- ner in the women’s events while Phi Tau took a raucous first place this year for the man. An insider’s view of a little Greek Week hysteria. The three-legged-race proved to be a challenge for Joy Morretti Lois Curfman. Deadly determination is written all over Doug Krewson’s face in the tug war; either that, or he hides fear very well. 144 Above: “Don’t start without me!” Lynn Coffey Below: Dave Bachmann has an easy method to get kegs out of the way. Would two guys compete this hard for a Michelob Light??? “You ' re gonna have to row pretty fast to catch the Love Boat.” jSMpecial Events CAMP M’BERG ’84 Freshman Orientation August 26th was an exciting, busy day for many new students. Both freshmen and transfers were greeted by their faculty and student advisers eager to help them adjust to college life. Orientation was filled with activities designed to let new students ha ve some frivolous fun before the real chal- lenge began. The lovely “basket dinner” in the gym and lunch at the President’s Manse eased freshmen into the shock of Union food. The weekend was a sunny one, ideal for volleyball and frisbee at the picnic in the park. Evening activities in- cluded a squaredance and the infamous Playfair which gave new students a chance to get “up close and personal” with the people they’d be spending the next 4 years with. Remember being a vegetarianburgar or a hamburgar?? And of course who could forget the words “I want a standing ovation!” Seppy, Jan Andrea are 3 reasons Muhlenberg Student Advisers have earned notariety. 1984-85 Student Advisers 148 A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FROSH 7:30 wake-up 7:40 2nd wake-up 8:03 3rd wake-up (by roommate since you have an 8:00 class) 8:05 get to class in time for a pop-quiz 8:20 4th wake-up in time to hand in quiz 9:00 Calculus class 10:05 still in Calculus (class was supposed to end at 9:50) 10:30 get in lunch line (first lunch isn’t served until 11:00) 10:58 45 people cut in front of you 1 1 :20 get lunch 1 1:21 finish eating 11:22 get mail and find $100 phone bill 11:23 drop hometown honey 11:30 find out Spanish is cancelled 1 1:40 bench out; scope for new honey 12:30 Chemistry class 1:30 5th wake-up - leave Chemistry 1:40 see adviser, to change major from Pre-Med to Art 2:15 feel relieved - then realize you must tell your parents 2:25 change into brand-new sweat-suit for 2:30 gym class 2:35 slip into mud 2:40 get up from mud 3:00 watch General Hospital (or Bugs Bunny) 3:30 take a shower 4:00 get out of shower and realize roommate locked you out of room 4:30 get in line for dinner 6:30 return to room after spending $5.00 on pinball 6:31 begin to study 7:00 watch M A S H 7:30 leave Korea: begin studying again 7:45 call your parents to tell them you changed your major 8:15 still trying to explain to Mom that it is not the end of the world 8:30 mother stops crying 8:45 return to books 8:46 find that your calculator has been appropriated 9:10 study for Poly-Sci test 9:15 hunger calls-go to the snack bar 10:15 back to studying 10:16 notice that Poly-Sci notes have been appropriated 10:17 ransom note arrives for Poly-Sci notes 10:20 water fight starts in hall 12:30 R.A. stops water fight 1:00 study again 1:15 go to bed- talk with roommate 3:00 fall asleep “recharge” for another day (Taken from 1982 Student Survival Manual) top left: Freshmen spend what seem like endless hours in the science lecture hall, middle left: Saving quarters will never pay tuition — so why not spend them in the game room? below left: Why does my boxmate always get all the mail? below: This certainly isn ' t Mom’s home cooking! THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS The British group The Psychedelic Furs preformed a rousing show at Muhlen- berg’s Memorial Hall on October 3, 1984. The band played to a small, yet extremely enthusiastic crowd which lent to a fine performance by lead singer songwriter Richard Butler. Butler’s expressive move- ments on the stage coupled with his dis- tinctive raspy vocals provided for a vintage Furs performance. Butler, backed by brother Tim on bass and John Ashton on lead guitar form the core of the group. A drummer, keyboardist, and saxophonist rounded out the personel. The Furs performed many cuts from their fourth and latest album, Mirror Moves, with vintage material from their popular Forever Now and Talk Talk Talk albums mixed in. During the first of two encores, the exuberant crowd rushed the stage in an effort to get a better look at this innovative and up-and-coming British group. The fact that the Furs have a strong, knowledgable following was evi- denced by their success at Muhlenberg. -Dave Sander ’85 151 with special guest A FAMILY OF STRANGERS The British group The Fixx played to an enthusiastic Memori- al Hall crowd on December 6, 1984. The foursome includes key- boardist Rupert Greenall, drum- mer Adam Woods, quitarist Ja- mie West-Oram and lead singer Cy Curnin. Cumin performed a uniquely artistic show with bizarre hand and body motions which lent to an eerie atmosphere on stage. Cur- nin’s use of a large translucent screen at the rear of the stage pro- vided a dramatic twist. The ap- pearance on stage of bassist Dan K. Brown, who stood perfectly still throughout the concert, ad- ded a bit of mystery to the band ' s performance. After an opening performance by local group Family of Strang- ers, The Fixx played songs from their latest album Phantoms in- cluding the hit “Are We Our- selves?” and “One Thing Leads to Another”. In addition, mixed numbers from their first two L. P.’s, Shuttered Room and Reach the Beach were performed. - Dave Sander Concert Committee Chairman The Fixx 153 Muhlenberg Theatre Assoc. top left Mark Wiessman, Chris Bradshaw and Nina Stronglou, members of YACC (Youth are capable and concerned) going over a skit in the green room, top right: Eve Kolitsky after a long night’s morning’s work on the stage, above: While Muh- lenberg students were starting their second semester The Center for the Arts was host while actors and actresses and theatre companies for from colleges on the East Coast competed for prizes in the ACTF semi-finals. 154 first row: K. Cristini, N. Stronylou, D. Mager, K. Parkinson, N. Decker, P. Rosa, second row: J. Carhart, P. Sorrentino, G. Dollin, C. Cheatham, L. Peppier, C. Passeggio, M. Whitehead, third row.D. Cohen, W. Ayers, A. Goodman, S. Sweetwood, E. Kolitsky, D. Keck, fourth row: A. Jontos, R. Hollabaugh, L. Sonnenschein, L. Olsen, T. Botera, E. Yoder, fifth row: L. Bachrach, J. Mitchell, J. Miles, C. Bradshaw, R. Beleu, J. Garland, T. Vulpis, S. Kline, not shown: L. Farrell. Wlml I V id £ wt Simtwi above: Son, (Doug Girton) mother (Jill Brewer) and daughter (Bridget Brown) together as a family- preparing to go to a dinner at a wealthy friend’s house. below left: the “Pig Woman” (Mary Ashton) admonishes Grace for giving up her convictions, below right: After a long hard summer, everyone has grown up. What I Did Last Summer Written by A.R. Gurney, this play made its de- but in 1983. The themes of the play center around Charlie (Doug Girton) as he tries to deal with the pains of going thru adolesence without the guid- ance of his father, who is away fighting World War II. His mother and his sister (Jill Brewer and Brid- get Brown, respectively) also express the problems they face in this turbulent time period. Anna Trumbell known to the community as “Pig Wom- an” (played by acting instructor Mary Ashton), tries to help Charlie find his “true identity”. The play is set in a small Canadian town and also fea- tures Charlie ' s friends, Ted and Bonny (Michael Norinsberg and Nancy Decker), who share in his adventures. Good News Rip roarin ' jazz and good clean fun 1920’s style were brought to the Empie theatre when MTA staged a production of Laurence Schwab and B.G. DeSylvia’s Good News. This musical comedy, writ- ten in 1 927, is a popular depiction of life at a small co-educational college during a time of heavy ma- terialism and changing sexual values. The action revolves aroilnd the weekend of “The Big Football Game”. Football star Tom Marlowe (Doug Girton), far more concerned with his “Col- legiate Man " image than his studies, is the center of attention. When his girlfriend Patricia (Jill Brewer) suggests he get a tutor (Andrea Jontos) she never anticipates losing him. Lively comic relief is provided by campus flirt, Babe O’Day (Bridget Brown), and the two men she is fond ofrBeef Saunders (Laurence Lerman) and Bobby Randall (Mark Weissman). Some of the classic and familiar musical numbers include: “The Best Things in Life are Free”, “The Varsity Drag”, and “Good News”. The performance provided light-hearted enjoyment for all by allowing us to laugh at some of the comical similarities between Muhlenberg and Tait College. Top: Babe leads the college students in expressing the atmo- sphere of the college in “Flaming Youth”. Right: Everyone gets into the Tait spriit! Jazz 20’s Style Top Left: King Belshazzar’s (David Neal) subjects worship him. Top right: Daniel (Howard Carr) in the Lion’s Den. Above: The First Angel (Wendy Ayers) and Second Angel (Lauren Peppier) with the prophet Habakkuk (Bob Debbs) after Daniel has been delivered from the Lion’s Den. The Biblical ' Play Of Daniel ' 1 M | iikCJL Egner Chapel was the stage for the medi- eval drama The Play of Daniel. This liturgi- cal, musical drama was written in the twelfth century for Church performance; it was per- formed in theoriginal Latin with an English translation spoken by Wendy Wiebalk. Be- cause of the operatic nature of the play, it was done in conjunction with the Muhlenberg Opera Company. In addition, such vocally demanding roles as Belshazzar, Daniel, and Daruis were played by members outside of the Muhlenberg musical community. The plot is the biblical story of Daniel who is seen for the first time as a prisoner in Jerusalem. Because he possesses a prophetic gift, he gains favor from the first King Nebu- chadnezzar, then Belshazzar, and finally by Daruis. After his promotion to high office, the lords conspire to have Daniel thrown to the Lion’s Den on a legal technicallity. In the end, however, he is saved by the Lord and conspirators are thrown to the Lion ' s Den and promptly devoured. Daniel is then re- stored to his position of honor and lives out his life peacefully. 159 ' Tis Pity She’s a Whore TIS PITY 160 Top right: The abduction of Putana. top left: Annabella contemplates her fate. Above: The Cardinal and Grimaldi. SHE’S A WHORE Although 77s Pity She ' s a Whore was written by John Ford in 1628, it deals with a theme that even today’s playwrights are wary of, that of incestuous love. It is the story of Giovanni (John Car- hart) and Annabella (Alicia Ten Brink) lovers and brother and sis- ter, thus it is hardly surprising that critics differ significantly in their interpretation of the play. Director Charlie Richter chose to remove the play from its Jacobe- an time frame and place it in Fa- cist Italy to show that the themes are just as relevant there. The tragedy of the two lovers is that they love so deeply and are ideally suited to one another; however there is a barrier be - tween them which renders perma- nent love impossible — the play never seems to suggest that this barrier should or could be re- moved. Thus, we have a play that deals with more than a specific case of incest, but with the prob- lems of a social order held togeth- er by only scraps of piety and un- certainy as all the love relation- ships ultimately end in tragedy. HOMECOMING The football field was decorated with balloons, the tennis courts were covered with banners made by advis- ing groups, people were having tailgate picnics, and many student groups participated in a pre-game parade. This was the setting for the 1984 Homecoming when the Mules defeated the Gettsyburg Bullets thirteen to zero. In the parade prior to the game, several dorms, the three sororities, and other student groups marched or had floats. The freshman class won for the best group in the school spirit category. Muhlenberg Christian Fellow- ship, dressed as angels, won for the most original float. And, Martin Luther Dorm won for the funniest, with two guys dressed as Homecoming King and Queen. It is hoped that the parade will now be an annual event. At halftime, Kevin Mei was honored with the Weikert award, and the annual inductions into the Muhlenberg Hall of Fame were made. Also, Renee Trabert was crowned Homecoming Queen. She was chosen by the Muhlenberg students out of five semi-finalists. Homecoming was an exciting day for the alumni, stu- dents, and everyone present. Bottom left: Band members provide the tunes togas for the festivities. Top: Cheerleaders Giselle Rolando, Kyle Mills, Suzanne Snyder, Nancy Sbarbaro, and Dana Ciaffone march in the parade. Bottom right: Kevin Mei recieves the Weikert Award. MULES SCORE IN ’84 13-0! The processional begins down Liberty Street. Bottom left: These early birds know where the action is before the festivities start. Bottom right: The Class of “88” gives school spirit a lift. 163 Renee Trabert Upper right: Homecoming Queen Renee Trabert and her escort Brian Clark. Congratulations Re- nee! Above: Muhlenberg honors its distinquished alumni with the Hall of Fame Award, right: Jim Iaccoca and Mark Bolendz are crowned Martin Luther’s King and Queen. 164 HOMECOMING QUEEN 1984 top left: Carolyn Ricca, escorted by Brian Som- merville and Jan Jurden, escorted by Butch Leiber are nominees for Homecoming Queen. middle left: Lisa Gosnay and her escort Pat Da- vey. left: Gloriann Hardy escorted by Mike Do- herty. above: Alicia Mader is a tired but spirited mule. Changing Of The Guard Muhlenberg 1 The weekend of March 15-17 is not one which will soon be forgotten at Muhlenberg; it marked the heights of the year’s most celebrated activities to formally welcome Dr. Jonathan C. Messerli to the college community. Festivites culminated on Monday, March 18 with a ceremony to inaugurate our ninth president. The Inauguration, possibly the most extravagant event in the col- lege’s history, put not only Messerli but Muhlenberg in the limelight; it generated a great deal of positive publicity for the institution which led to support from the surrounding community as well as alumnae. Per- haps just as important however, it allowed the entire college communi- ty to “show itself off and have a good time!” Friday ' s Inaugural Ball found the Garden Room filled to capacity with students, faculty, and alumnae at their formal best ready and to sam- ple a little cavier while dancing to the big band sounds of the Lester Lanin Orchestra — the same orches- tra that entertained Ronald Rea- gan ' s inaugural guests. After a series of recitals, lectures and luncheons, the new president appeared relieved and proud as the college medal was placed around his neck to a standing ovation. Messerli came to Muhlenberg from Susquehanna University with an impressive list of achievements in- cluding a Ph.D. from Harvard and a published biography of Horace Mann. But more important than this, he brought with him a strong com- mittment to the future of the liberal arts at Muhlenberg. “I came to Muhlenberg because it is a splendid, intellectually demanding school. Now I am convinced that it can be- come one of the premier liberal arts institutions in the nation. To achieve this, we must preserve the best of our traditions, capitalize on our strengths, and chart a critical path to future excellence.” We wish Dr. Messerli great success and hope that he is able to uphold his high ideals during his term at Muhlenberg. Top: Could it be the arrival of Ronald Rea- gan? Right: Ballroom dance lessons prepared stu- dents for the “big event " 166 Welcomes President Messerli Author Max Lcrncr and the infamous Lester Lanin and his Orchestra were just a few of the distinguished guests to visit Muhlenberg for the Inaugural festivities. Among the other guests were Dr. Warren Bryan Martin, Dr. Maxine Greene, and Dr. Jacquelyn Mattfeld. as well as many delegates from Learned Societies and Pro- fessional organizations. The Inaugural Ball Below: “Sorry, President’s personal bodyguard . . . Not available for comment.” Paul Donohue. Bottom left: And the band played on . . Bottom right: Liz Felbin and Laura Armstrong toast the new president. The End-All Celebration The Senior Ball 1 “I’ve Loved These Days” Top left: A romantic moment for Janet Brand and her date. Top right: “I knew I should have worn a different dress!” Pat Davis. Left: Joni Mason Jim Mitchell “GET DOWN. " Above: One more trip to the bar for Vic Fabietti Chip Hurd. Friday, April 19, 1985 a night to remember! ODK CARNIVAL EAST FEST ’85 LAST, BUT NOT LEAST Here are just a few of the other special events and noted speakers that the college sponsored this year. (1) The Racquetball marathon for world hunger brought together players of all skill levels for a greater cause. (2) “Beat” poet Allen Ginsberg (3) Economist, William Ouchi (4) Kalmbach Lecturer, William Simon (5) The first APO “Men’s Sexy Legs” Contest brought a little humourous role reversal (6) Scenes from the Maryland Dance Theatre. 176 Elin reaches for her bag of tricks. Debbie scopes the crowd. Cheech Dan are “Kitchen Comrades ' e es and MacGregor 10! glues their eyes to the T.V. awaiting Anthony’s debut on Wheel of Fortune. Potatoes Anthony takes his crabs for a swim Laura raises her hands because she’s Sure. Pub night takes its toll on Craig, Holly and Craig (Who’s hand is that, anyway??) “Four years and I am still eating this garbage!”-Mitch Parkin ,i Alfie, Ken and Jerry prepare for “Life After Muhlenberg ' Caf nera PKT does the Bahamas 181 mvv Donna carts Cherolyn home after an exhausting weekend. G Q men Pat, George, John Guy model the hottest thing in outerwear for ’ 85 . Beauty School drop-outs Alicia Mader Janice Semper. A little too much giggle-juice, Patty?? “We always wanted to be cheerleaders.” The Lone “Pool Sharks” strike again! Seppy Jan, the great entertainers, (they’ll sing to anything) the fun part are we having fun yet? (and loving it!) Alison McKaig demonstrates her favorite pastime. of c, eoa eT Jat ' ® 1 Bta ' .ltd 1 A1 practices his technique on Joe. Carla Jane celebrate sanity after 4 yrs. as roommates. rcs secj for Cc ess business after hours . . . . Sr pub NigW- imc-o» ° 1”“ Ley-an, Emily, Megan Daryl are “green gouls” for Hallow- een Vte, fits Ju SgI t yea r . a nif. acts Must be a full moon! Betsy goes for a ride. - Brad Moore, Betsy Edwards that Matters The Only Station Da ve Huang live on 186 , ora DiSa ft «° u. alcohol So, I play a few wrong notes; they ' ll never notice.” -Jim Rowland there’s a bug in my soda!!” 187 The Fashion Queens of Eve Elizabeth hi own fil ' d a expresses hetsetf uin aquety » s always- “If you think I really enjoy tills job, you’re Buchanan B °y, com Miss y f(r a f t p a «rf see n «J a«.- ® «3e t0 Muhlenberg. Tsie. oi ege. esho off th 188 ‘It’s Showtime Folks!!” Yvonne Roman, Vivian! At, ,r « e Jok more f 0r 189 1 BHHMV Bob Klein Howard Luks put their best face forward to pick-up the girls across the bar. “Ouch, you’re standing on my foot!” Dawn Guthiel, Debbie Singer, Laura Brand Jfiu AvAu£ 80 fl fi ; , ' JRXuBg- i V jdE lit 1 , yjf - wBIwMnK % lRjk j |l ' lUSmK™ A A OJ swssik ' M the classic conflict! w s St ' - 0 Ken Lisa Buckwalter have turned sleeping while studying into a fine art. 191 Janice Janet enjoy a spring day. Here comes Joann cottontail .... “I can’t believe you caught me fixing my hair.” Jay Steigerwald. A DAY IN THE LIFE . It’s probably true that there is no such thing as a typical day at Muhlenberg, just as there’s no such thing as a typical Muhlenberg student. But, there are some things you can count on like (1) Endless lunch lines, (2) Running out on your favorite soaps just in time for lab ... only to find that this is the only day of the week that you don’t have lab, (3) having to explain that your check did not bounce to the lady in the bookstore, (4) frequent weather updates to decide whether it’s worth going to class (5) once a month letters from mom (she’s the only one who writes faithfully) (6) gym being the only class that doesn’t give tests. SSJSOMU OU ZWOK WAKE-UP AND mornings ai SMELL THE COFFEE! h morning! Whether the ’ol alarm was set for 6:30, 8:00, or noon somehow every morning sort of felt like Monday until the weekend. Begin with the same morning shower rituals, throw on whatever clothes take the least effort (usually sweats), go to class. ( proper grooming, bed-making, breakfast etc . . . optional time permitting) For some, five cups of coffee was the solution to remaining alert until lunchtime; others didn’t care — morning class was as good an excuse as any to catch those extra winks. Muhlenberg 199 THAT’S ertain days it felt like everything was a test. Tests, tests, tests . . . and don’t forget papers! They test our organizational and intellectual ability, our memory, our analytical skills, our patience — after all, isn’t that why we came to college in the first place, to enrich our minds?? Whatever the reason, many students found methods of beating the system to relieve the emotional pain of studying; a group study session or a scenic spot helped ease the tension for some, for others, the ideal method was not to study at all. Either way, there was always that little hope that one day we would grow to appreciate all those hours spent testing our minimum sleep capacity. M uhlen be rg appPS? S , fi6W 1 riftfiti«fc€Du i Intro, to guerilla warfaTe. " irse this year to help students cope : THIS IS Are you tired of having! because of a mistake at In Are ou tired of having t th i ' morning at the compii ACADEMICS HOW DO (1) Beer was still one of our most popular weekend pastimes. No matter what brand, it was the most frequently consumed party beverage, whereas (2) exotic mixed drinks were preferred by thos with more sophisticated, discriminating tastes. Frequent visits to the Time- Saver (3) saved us from going broke on the weekends. And then there were those who found weekend bliss lounging in front of the T.V. (4) An alternative to partying or being reclusive, the Nite Owl provided student entertainment. he one time of the week that we never could seem to get enough of found us enjoying orselves in many different ways . . . YOU SPEND 202 YOUR WEEKENDS? ( I ) Dancing, in many unusual (2) varieties was also a big weekend activity ... so was eating (3) something other than Union food! Of course the afternoon was an ideal time to shoot some hoops (4), or get together an impromtu team for a little friendly competition in any sport. And, in the true spirit of college, there was always waiting to get into fraternity parties (5) or for theless adventuresome (6) something a little more intimate. 203 ■H ■ y ...c “A smile is the twilight that hovers gently between two friends ... " Henry Ward Beecher BUT, WHAT IT ALL COMES DOWN TO 204 IS FRIENDSHIP “Zrue friendship is infinite and immortal” Plato 205 Parental pride took many forms on Graduation Day Above: Tearful hugs for cherished friends abound, Jane Buonocore. Right: Nothing but Smiles for Marcie Gardner. f ' T ™ ‘Mw k ■- hi 1 • i V J Left: The Grand Poobah leads the recessional. Right: Some moments speak for them- selves. To Janet M. Lieto We Are Extremely Proud Of You And Of Your Accomplishments. God Bless You Always. Love, Mom Dad _ Our Very Best To Everyone, But To Patty Most Of All SCNBE M D You Made It! Good Luck In All You Do — To Megan, Daryl, Ley-An, And Emily. Love, The Roxberrys (And Clickers Too!) To D.R. With Pride And Love From Your Family Mr. And Mrs. Victor A. Fabietti Sr. Congratulations To Our Son David Lisan And His Class Of ’85 Drs. Philip And Selma Lisan C onform Thyself To Thy Present Fortune, And Cut Thy Coat According To Thy Cloth. R. Burton Congratulations Class Of ’85 Mr. And Mrs. John E. Schoen Congratulations Graduates! John And Mary Ann Yanoviak Congratulations Jim And George Muhlenberg Will Never Be The Same. Joan And Jerry Kroninger Congratulations Mitchell! May All Your Dreams Become Reality. We Are Very Proud Of You. With Love — Mom, Dad, Lee And Hope Parkin Congratulations, Babye! The Butler Did It. Duprea From Korea 210 Wendy . . . Way To Go, Kiddo! Love, Morn Dad N V- . Go For It, ’85! Jeff — Winners Don’t Always Finish First . . . But They Never Quit! Congratulations Love, Mom And Dad G. Todd And Edith Williams Our Best Wishes To Guy And The Class Of ’85! Congratulations To Pattie Kettles And The Class Of ’85 Love, Mom Whoever Heard Of A Stud Mole Son? Congratulations To Renee Maura Trabert Love, Mom, Dad, Michael Barbara, Debra, Tigger Frisky, And Libby mmmmi ' John, You Did It The Hard Way — You Earned It - And We’re Very Proud Of You. Love, Congratulations Graduates Betty And Dick Bottjer Dad And Michelle Gisolfi Congratulations Jackie The Class Of 1985 Mr. Mrs. Benjamin Fierro — J Congratulations Class Of 1985 Mr. Mrs. Eustratios Comninellis 211 Patricia Marie Davis Congratulations. We Wish You Health, Happiness And Success. Love, Mom And Dad Congratulations To Our Daughter, Vivian, And Best Of Luck To The Class Of 1985. Antoine And Justine Dehmel To Our Beautiful Zina Debbie, Always Cherish The Memories Of Yesterday. Savor The Joys Of Today, Nurture The Promise Of Tomorrow And Remember We Love You. Dad, Mom Sue And Jill Good Luck In Dental School “Dr. Gambacorta” We Love You Mom, Dad, And Carmine MMHH Joe- Knock Em Dead At Jeff. The Future Is Ours I Love You So Much. Valerie To M.A. And Friends, Whoever You Are, Be Noble, Whatever You Do, Do Well. Whatever You Speak, Speak Kindly, Give Joy Wherever You Dwell. — Pushkin — Mom And Dad Dear Janet Much Success Viel Gluck Mom, Dad, Ernie Auntie Jean Uncle Leo To Sean Taylor And The Class Of ’85 Best Wishes For The Future. From Elfie Taylor Donna Lynn Smith Congratulations On A Great 4 Years At Muhlenburg Two Down And One To Go. Dear Anthony And The Class Of ’85, God Bless You! We Are Proud Of You And Wish You All, Many Years Of Health, Happiness, And Prosperity. Much Love, The Andalfts Dad, Mom, And Alyson a Doc All Our Love And Best Wishes To Mark Congratulations To The Class Of 1985 The McGrievy’s Mom, Dad, Claire iiiiiiiiiiii 1 - A Dear Scott, Congratulations To Ellen May Your Future Bring As Much Love And And The Class Of ’85 Pride To Your Life As Your Past Has Brought May All Your Dreams Come To Our Lives. True! Congratulations, The Van Bergen Family Mom And Dad Happy And Helpful Ambitions And Attractive Radiant And Reliable Open And Optimistic Need We Say More. Love You So Much — Mom, Dad, Elaine And Sugar Gross We Wish The Class Of ’85 Happiness, Health, And Luck. May God Bless Elizabeth Lama And The Class Of 1985 Love, Mom, Dad, Al, Nan Congratulations To Lynette And The Class Of ’85 John And Jean Steiner To Laura Susan Brand, May You Have A Strong Foundation When The Winds Of Change Shift, May Your Heart Always Be Joyful, May Your Song Always Be Sung, And May You Stay Forever Young! You Wear It Well! Love, Mom, Dad Poopsie 5 . .. •: Pamela, Our Pride, Our Support And Always Our Love. Congratulations K-nott We Are Very Proud Of You! Love, Mom And Dad “N Renee Lynn Rosenfeld Congratulations And Best Wishes For A Successful And Happy Future. We Enjoyed Your Great Performances In The Annual Musical Productions. Mom To Suzanne, May The Future Fulfill All Your Hopes And Dreams Love, Mom, Dad, Maria And Frank No Greater Love Than . . . To Major In Accounting For Dad’s Sake Congratulations Janie Love, Mother And Dad 213 Best Wishes To The Graduating Class Of ’85 Compliments Of Marvin And Tanya Goldman To Our Daughter Jodi, We Wish You All The Success And Happiness That You Have Earned. Love, Mom, Dad, And Brother, Lonnie Congratulations Jerry! Move Over Merideth, Gifford, Wolf, Albert, And McGuire!! Love, Dad, Mom, Sheila, Paul, Denise, Eileen, Mike, Dan, And Teresa. ■■ Tv Congratulations “TYKE” % fpl Well Done Jeff And Good Luck ImlSm Congratulations To The We Love You Class Of 1985 Your Parentals The Majors " " ■ -v Best Wishes To The Class Of ’85 From The Lussier Family ; ' ■’» it wm SSgl Congratulations To The Class Of 1985 Mr. And Mrs. Edward Ryan Good Luck A! To The Class Of ’85: Wish You Much Success And Happiness In The Future From Dr. And Mrs. James D. Battaglia Paul And Diane Napolitan Dear Craig, Slainte Agus Bennact! Good Health, Good Luck, And Blessings Love, Mom, Dad, Kevin Kerry, And Fritz Best Wishes Gail And Class Of ’85 Alice And Norman Blumenson 214 Congratulations To Scott Laden And The Class Of 1985 From Lee, Steve, And Drew Laden ’ ' “’RS! . :■ . ' ' ■ . «!S Alicia, We Are Very Proud Of You Love, Mom, Dad, Greg, Pam ■■■ Congratulations Irene! We’re All Very Proud Of You. Love, Congratulations Betsy! We Love You And Are Very Proud Of You. Mom And Dad Best Of Luck To Betsy And The Class Of ’85. Grandma Meckley Mom, Dad, Jonathan And Jane HHHHi Best Wishes And Good Luck To Betsy. Grandma Sprenkle Best Wishes To The Class Of 1985 Dr. Mrs. William L. Bollman Good Luck And Best Wishes To Jan. Love, Mother And Dad Congratulations, Beth! Mom And Dad — With Best Wishes For Your Future Success. Sylvia, Joe, And David Hadad Congratulations Robert A. Stutman From Drs. Fred And Suzanne Stutman 215 Congratulations To Dawn And The Class Of 1985 From Robert And Karen Gutheil Congratulations Claudia We Are Proud Of You Love, Mom And Dad v I 1 1 f " 1 Morgan No Distance Of Place Or Lapse Of Time Can Lessen The Friendship Of Those Who Are Thoroughly Persuaded Of Each Other’s Worth. Good Luck My Friend, I Love You!! Beeg ■i Congratulations Class Of 1985 Dr. And Mrs. Fredric J. Buonocore Congratulations To Howard. We’re So Proud Of Our College Graduate! Love You Dear Jeff, You Were Born To Be Another Dr. Doolittle!! Your Love And Interest For Any Kind Of Animal Surpasses Anything That Could Be Described. As You Graduate From Muhlenberg We Wish You The Best Of Luck In The Future And Acceptance To Vet School. With Pride And Love Always, Mom, Dad Kenny And Linda Mother, Dad Jennifer Andy I ■ W: f i ■ Congratulations Diane Love Mom And Dad DONNA AND JOE Congratulations To Howard Kesselman And The Class Of 1985 Emily: You Have Climbed Another Step On The Ladder To Your Goal. May Your Achievements Continue And As Always Be Happy And Be Yourself. We Are Proud Of You And We Love You. Mom And Dad mm Congratulations To The Class Of 1985 The Rogers’ Family Congratulations Jim And The Class Of 1985 Barbara Norton 216 Congratulations Dan And The Class Of ’85 Mr. And Mrs. Henry Nunziata Gloria Ann Hardy You Had Four Great Years At Muhlenberg — We Wish You Continued Success. Love, Mom, Dad, Kevin Dear Ken And Lisa, Congratulations On Your Graduation From Muhlenberg College. As You Have Reached Another Milestone In Your Lives, Always Remember That Great Learning And Superior Abilities, Which You Both Possess, Must Be Enhanced By Virtue, Honor, Truth, And Integrity. May God Bless You And Give You Faith And Courage To Take The Next Step. Love ’ Mom And Dad Daniel Snyder Congratulations! All Our Love And Best Wishes For Your Success. Mom Lew Congratulations John And Good Luck Parents: John And Anna Petrak Sister: Dr. Betty Ann Petrak ENDNOTE FROM “YE OLDE EDITOR” As if you haven’t heard enough from me already! At this point you’ve probably made it through the 1985 Ciarla at least once, and perhaps now you will understand why I spent what seemed like my entire life in that cute little dungeon of a room below that Union. I sincerely hope that the contents of this book are testimony enough to the incredible amount of time and creative energy that were required to complete it — but most of all, I hope you enjoy the ' 85 Ciarla as much as 1 enjoyed putting it together!! Of Course, as in previous years, this book began with the lofty ambition to be “THE BOOK TO END ALL BOOKS.’’ This was going to be the yearbook that made everybody happy . . . Well, so much for ambition. The one thing I ' m certain I ' ve finally learned is that no matter how good your intentions are, you ' re never going to please everyone. Amen. So, you strive to do what you feel is right, (creatively speaking) and hope that others, if nothing else, will give you credit for trying. I won’t attempt to explain this book; I’ve spent all year working on it, you don’t need to know what it means to me. (Hopefully, it will acquire an individual meaning for all of you.) I will say, though, that our photographers did a superb job of trying to locate each member of the class of ’85 on film, and if not in candids, in club and sports photos came very close to doing so. Enough said. CONGRATULATIONS ’85, this is for you! And farewell Muhlenberg, it certainly has been an EXPERIENCE — one I know I’ll always remember and I’m sure you all will too . . . and if this book helps you in any way, then my task will have been a success. Enjoy! Sincerely, Editor-in-chief ’85 Ciarla JENNIFER J. ABRAMS 336 Woodmont Drive, Downingtown. PA 19335 B.S. Biology-Softball, Tour Guide IRENE D. ACKERMAN 80 Hickman Street, Syos- set, NY 11791 A.B. American Studies English- President Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority, Weekly, John Marshall Society, Alpha Phi Omega, College Bowl, Alcohol Awareness Program Coordinator ARIEL ALBERT ALICEA 1572 Livingston Street, Bethlehem, PA 18017 B.S. Biology-Alpha Phi Ome- ga, Ski Club, Varsity Cross Country, First Aid Corps, Tour Guide BETH J. ALLEN 18 School Street, Enfield, CT 06082 B.S. Chemistry-American Che mical Society, Junior Prom Committee C ' HEROLYN ALLEN 380 Yorkshire Road, Rose- mont, PA 19010 B.S. Natural Science Biology- Pro- gram Board, Student Council, Alpha Phi Omega, Dance Club, Tour Guide, Hostess on Campus JEFFREY S. ALLEN 328 Presway Road, Timon- ium, MD 21093 A.B. Business Administration Mar- keting-Board of Associates, Curriculum Committee, Student Court, Special Events Chairman, President Class ' 85, Alumni Executive Council, Who ' s Who Committee, MTA, YAAC, ISA CHRISTOPHER J. AMRICK 914 N 30th Street, Allentown, PA 18104 B.S. Natural Science- Wind Ensemble, Non-Resident Student’s Association ANTHONY CHARLES ANDALFT 8 Lorenz Place, Wayne, NJ 07470 B.S. Biology Natural Sci- ence-Vice-President of Senior Class, Treasurer Al- pha Phi Omega, Class of 1985 Executive Council, Academic Judicial Board, WMUH, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity JOANNE ANDRONIC ' O 154 Krone Place, Hacken- sack, NJ 07601 A.B. Psychology-WMUH LAURA E. ARMSTRONG 690 Golf View Road, Moorestown, NJ 08057 A.B. Business Administra- tion Economics-Senior Class President, Vice-Presi- dent Sophomore and Junior Years, Student Advisor, POM-POM Squad, Executive Council, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Steering Committee for Advising LUETTE R. ARROWSMITH 1 5 Norwood Avenue, Apt A-6 Kent Court, Summit, NJ 07901 A.B. Com- munications-Weekly, Tour Guide, YACC, Aerobics Instructor, WMUH, Communications Club KWAME ASANTE 590 Flatbush Avenue Apt 4k, Brooklyn, NY 11225 A.B. Accounting Economics- Business and Economics Club, Vice-President Inter- national Students Association, Hall Representative, Freshman Advisor WENDY E. AYERS Box 490 RD1, Slatington, PA 18080 A.B. Humanities Music-College Choir, Muh- lenberg Opera Group, Muhlenberg Theater Associ- ation MICHAEL WALTER BAILEY Box 295 Bridge- port, CT 06601 A.B. Accounting Business Adminis- tration-Student Council, Head Resident, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Varsity Football PAUL E. BAKER 19 Lewis Lane, Port Washington, NY 11050 B.S. Physics Computer Science-Society of Physics Students Index ROSS ADDISON BAKER 40 Holly Hill Road, Cen- terville, MA 02632 B.S. Biology Psychology-Corre- sponding Secretary Sigma Phi Epsilon, First Aid Club, Psi Chi VALERIE A. BASHEDA 325 Ridge Road, Orwigs- burg, PA 17961 A.B. English Business Administra- tion-Editor-in-Chief Weekly, Tour Guide, IABC, Accompanist, Committee of English Majors, Wood- row Wilson Planning Committee, Phi Beta Kappa, Secretary Sigma Tau Delta JORGE A. BASTIDAS 13 Robin Hill Road, North Caldwell, NJ 07006 B.S. Biology ANNE BAZANOWSKI 20 Palmer Drive, Wayne, NJ 07470 B.S. Biology-Vice-President Alpha Phi Omega, President First Aid Corps, Photo Club, MCF Executive Board, Chapel Choir, Advising Steering Committee, Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Budget Review Committee, Student Council, College Bowl, Math Club, Ski Club, Class of ’85, Admissions Student Receptionist EDWARD A. BEAGELL 298 Maple Ave. Phillips- burg, N.J. 08865. Biology Nat. Sci. B.S. -Tau Kappa Epsilon KENNETH BEAL 4 Roy Dr. Nesconset, N.Y. 11767 B.A. Political Science History - President Pi Sigma Alpha, V.P. Phi Alpha Theta, Student Court, Pre-Law Society, ZBT Fraternity PAMELA LEIGH BEAUCHAMP 45 Girard St. Marlboro, N.J. 07746. B.A. Accounting - President Anthropology Club, Business Eco. Club, Account- ing Club, Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority, Intramural Sports CRAIG BENNER RD 1 Box 124 Tannersville, Pa. 18372. B.A. Business Economics - Class of ’85 Ex- ecutive Council, Business Eco. Club, Ski Club JEFFREY S. BERDAHL 4 Haycroft Circle Springhouse, Pa. 19477. B.A. Accounting - President Accounting Club, Cross Country, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Ice Hockey ALAN KEITH BERLINER 11 S. Derby Rd. Springfield, N.J. 07081. B.S. Math - Treasurer Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Tennis Captain, Student Court ROBERT C. BERMAN 1759 Country Club Dr. Cherry Hill, N.J. 08003. B.A. Accounting Business Administration - Program Board President, Student Council, Pre-Law Society President ANDREW POLSON BINNIE 2 Governor’s Lane Bethel, Ct. 06801 . B.A. English - Varsity Soccer, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity ALEXANDER S. BLACK 15 Claremont Ave. Ma- plewood, N.J. 07040 B.S. Physics - President Society of Physics Students, Eta Sigma Phi Treasurer, Class of ' 85 Treasurer, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity GAIL T. BLUMENSON 25 Knollwood Dr. Living- ston, N.J. 07039. B.A. Accounting Business Admin- istration - Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Zeta Sorority, Omicron Delta Epsilon, WMUH’ BOAMAH BOACHIE SHSS 14, Box 10 Obuasi, Ghana. B.A. Accounting Table Tennis Club (USTTA), International Students Association, Beta Mu Epsilon ANDREW T. BOLLMAN 65 N. Walnut St. Ma- cungie, Pa. 18062. B.A. Information Science - Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity Treasurer, Varsity Football LORRAINE BETH BOTTJER 161-01 Laburnum Ave. Flushing, N.Y. 11358. B.S. Mathematics - President Photo Club, Secretary Alpha Phi Omega, Chapel Choir, Math Club, Varsity Volleyball, Ciarla Photographer JANET BRAND 409 New Bridge Rd. New Milford, N.J. 07646. B.A. Spanish Business Administration LAURA BRAND 111 Leamoor Dr. Parisippany, N.J. 07 054. B.A. Business - Omicron Delta Epsilon Secretary, Ciarla Weekly Photographr, Concert Committee, Business Eco. Club, Society for Ad- vanced Management, Photography Club LAURA BRAVERMAN 737 Berwood Rd. Rose- mont. Pa. 19010 B.A. Accounting Spanish - Field Hockey Lacrosse Basketball Manager, Weekly Sports Editor, La Fiesta Espanola President, Arcade, V.P. Eve Elizabeth, Women’s intramural coordinator DAVID BRENNER 54 Fairfield Rd. Havertown, Pa. 19083 B.A. Business GUY RICHARD BRIGNOLA 377 Trevor Ln. Bala- Cynwyd, Pa. 19004. B.A. Communications English - Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Tour Guide, Ciarla Photographer PETER J. BROAS 10 Delaware Rd. Convent Sta- tion, N.J, 07961. B.A. Political Science - Football Co-Captain, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity REBECCA MARY BRUNGARD P.O. Box 389 Barto, Pa. 19504. B.A. Accounting - President Com- muter Club, Wellness Program ELIZABETH BUCHANAN 48 Greenridge Dr Brookfield Ctr. Ct. 06805 B.A. History English- Ar- cade KENNETH LEE BUCKWALTER 753 Vaughan Rd. Pottstown, Pa. 19464. B.A. Classics Music - MCF Concert Coordinator, College Choir-Librarian Manager, Chapel Choir Sexton, Music Dept. Head Usher, Chapel Council member at large LISA SUTCLIFFE BUCKWALTER 1138 Seventh Ave. Swarthmore, Pa. 19081. B.A. English - MCF, College Choir - Librarian, Chapel Choir, Writing Center tutor, ALDC tutor. Band JANE MARIE BUONOCORE 5 South Circle Woodbrige, N.J. 07095. B.A. Communications Spanish - Secretary Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority, Al- pha Phi Omega, Powder Puff Football, Intramural Sports, Phi Sig Plege Advisory Board WILLIAM A. BUSHNELL II 97 Trappe Rd. Colle- geville. Pa. 19426 B.A. History- Weekly Photogra- phy Editor, Class of ’85 Executive Council, Pre-Law Society, Photo Club V.P. BETH BYRNE 260 Oak Ridge Ave. Summit, N.J. 07901. B.A. History Gov ' t. - Student Advisor, Tour Guide, FACT Committee, Student Receptionist, Dorm Representative CRAIG J. CAMPBELL 53 Benedict Ave. Staten Island, N.Y. 10314 B.A. Business Administration Psychology - President Newman Assoc. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, Intramurals, Program Board, Weekly, Spanish Club, Business Eco. Club, First Aid Coorps, Chapel Council ( t 1 ' - S 1 : c » ll Si l( f: 0 !i Ef K » ft 10 h 21 11 h hi II Dr. F« P.V gai PV S« loir Hi JEROME M. CANNING 4 Carter Brook Ln. Prin- ceton, N.J. 08540. B.A. Communicatons - Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity Exec. Council, WMUF1 Sports Direc- tor, Varsity Cross Country LISA ANN CARNIVALE 5 Larkspur Place Living- ston, N.J. 07039. B.S. Mathematics - Alpha Phi Omega, Math Club, Newman Assoc. V.P. NANCY A. CARPER 1 1 Raritan Ave. Ledgewood, N.J. 07852. B.A. Psychology - Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Si, Psych. Club, Alpha Phi Omega, MCF, Eta Sigma Phi, Resident Advisor RICHARD ANDREW CATHERINA 10 Overbrook Rd. Flanders, N.J. 07836 B.S. Natural Science Bi- ology - president Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Foren- sics Club MORGAN CHRISTIANSEN 277 Prospect Ave, Little Silver, N.J. 07739 B.A. Accounting - Account- ing Club KATHLEEN ALISON CLARK 84 Woodrow Ave. Piscataway, N.J. 08854. B.S. Chemistry - ACS Chem. Club, Wellness Aerobics Instructor, Phi Sig- ma Sigma Sorority, Pan-hell Rep. SALLY ELIZABETH CLARK 110 Winfield Dr. Camp Hill, Pa. 1701 1. B.A. American Studies Busi- ness - Co-chair Festival of the Arts, Student Advisor, Treasurer Ski Club, Lacrosse, Delta Zeta Sorority, Intramurals JEFFREY MARC COHEN 18 Winfield Way Springfield, N.J. 07081 BA. Accounting - Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity V.P. of Finance JODI L. COHEN 8945 Haven Place Philadelphi, Pa. 19152. B.A. Accounting Business - Omicron Delta Epsilon, Business Eco. Club Orientation Com- mittee, Tour Guide, Dorm Rep. Tutor HARRY COMNINELLIS 14 Bartel Dr. Greenlawn, N.Y. 11740. B.A. Economics Business - Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Business Eco. Club, Omicron Delta Epsilon JOHN P. COSSA P.O. Box 1428 Malvern, Pa. 19355. B.A. Political Science - Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, I.M. Basketball JOSHUA CRASNER 408 Marvin Rd. Elkins Park, Pa. 191 17. B.S. Natural Science Spanish - WMUH D.J., Weekly, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Free University (Program Board), Spanish Tutor, Day Night on campus Program JANE M. D’LAURO 849 Skyline Dr. Erdenheim, Pa. 19118. B.A. Accounting Art - H.R. Brown, Lacrosse, Hockey AURA LEE FERRIS DAUBNEY 65 N Riverside Dr. Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y. 10520. B.S. Biology - Field Hockey, Values Action Committee MCF, Am- nesty International PATRICK R. DAVEY 2602 Andrew Rd. Broomall, Pa. 19008. B.S. Natural Science - Tau Kappa Epsi- lon Fraternity, Student Advisor, Special Events (Pro- gram Board) PATRICIA M. DAVIS Box 1288 Silver Fox Ln. Sussex, N.J. 07461. Business Administration Eco- nomics - Phi Sigma Sigma Publicity chairman, WMUH, Head Resident East, Omicron Delta Epsi- lon Index ARTHUR JOSEPH DEMARTINI JR. 27 Cherrywood Ln. Port Washington, N.Y. 1 1050. B.A. History - Budget Review Committee, Outing Club, WMUH, Phi Kappa Tau ROBERT DEBBS 243 Barclay Circle Cheltenham, Pa. 19012. B.S. Natural Science - President Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, MTA - leading roles in produc- tions, Who’s Who VIVIANE CATHERINE DEHMEL 2535 Doris Ave. Union, N.J. 07083. B.S. Biology - Dance Club, Transfer Advisor LORA DI SANTRO 927 Broun Ave. Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 19006. B.A. Political Science - Delta Zeta Sorority, Dance Club, Intramurals, Student Advisor, Tourguide, Psychology Club PATRICIA LYNN DICKSON 519 Highland Ave. Upper Montclair, N.J. B.S. Biology - First Aid Corps, Field Hockey GINA MARIE DIDIO 24 Seacliffe Ln. Miller Place N.Y. 1 1764. B.A. English - Student Rep. on Board of Directors, Student Alumni Affairs Committee, Var- sity Field Hockey Softball, Tour Guide. Student Advisor JAMES ROBERT DOHERTY III 1 13 Mona Court Cherry Hill, N.J. 08003 B.A. Business NEAL DRESNER 65 Rockledge Rd. Hartsdale, N.Y. 10530. B.A. Business PATRICIA A. EAGLE 7 Black Pine Dr. Trenton, N.J. 08610. B.S. Biology- Delta Zeta Sorority, Stu- dent Court, Tour Guide, Orientation Committee ELIZABETH D. EDWARDS 1409 Overbrook Dr. Cherry Hill, N.J. B.A. Psychology - Spanish Club Secretary, Class of ’85 Executive Council, Wind En- semble V.P. Psychology Club, Chaepl Choir SCOTT EISDORFER 26 Carlow Way Hazlet, N.J. 07730. B.A. English-Varsity Soccer, Tau Kappa Ep- silon Fraternity GARY M. EISENBUD 39 Delwick Ln. Short Hills, N.J. 07078. B.A. Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, I.M. Football, Soccer, Basketball BOB AISHAVIR EKIZIAN 841 Terrace Place Peekskill, N.Y. 10566 B.A. Communications - Al- pha Tau Omega Fraternity, Baseball, Chess Club V.P. Rifle Club MARY ALLISON ELSTON 9147 Helaine Hamlet Columbia, Md. 21045. B.A. Communications Eng- lish - Ciarla Editor-in-chief, Sorority Search Se- lection Committee, Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Class of ’85 Secretary, Junior Prom Chairman, Student Advisor, Senior Pledge Drive, Tour Guide, College Choir, MTA (Oh What a Lovely War) pom-pom squad, WMUH. MEG ESTEY 1164 Bassett Rd. Watertown, Ct. 06795. B.A. French Business Administration - Dance Club choreographer costume designer, French Club President, Russian Club, First Aid, Tour Guide, Ciarla Photograher, Student Reception- ist, Photo Club, pom-poms, Survival Manual VICTOR A. FABIETTI JR. 106 S Quincy Ave Margate, N.J. 08402 B.A. Accounting Tau Kappa Epsilon, Accounting Club, MFC Rep., Intramurals, Tour Guide ELIZABETH ANN FELBIN 950 Limeiln Pk Ma- ple Glen, Pa 19002. B.S. Chemistry - American Chemical Society President, Class of ' 85 Executive Council, College Choir Librarian, Chemistry tutor D. JOSEPH FERLAND 561 Van Dyke St Ridge- wood, N.J. 07450. B.A. Economics - Ultimate Fris- bee, Nite Owl JAQUELINE FIERRO 25 Ann St. Verona, N.J. 07044. B.A. Business Administration - President Del- ta Zeta, Business Eco. Club, Pre-Law Society, Al- pha Phi Omega, Tennis Captain, Omicron Delta Ep- silon SUSAN FIORE 20 Seaview Dr. Longport, N.J 08403. B.A. Political Science - Resident Advisor, V.P. Pi Sigma Alpha, Senior Pledge Drive Canvass- ing Chairperson, Intramurals SHARON JOAN FORTKAMP 716 N 23rd St Al- lentown, Pa. 18104. B.A. Accounting German - V.P German Club, College Choir Asst. Manager, Student Advisor, Survival Manual ELIN S. FRIIS 19 Shadow Ln. Montvale, N.J. 07645. B.A. French - French Club, Dance Club, Edu- cation Society KELLY MARIE FULLAM 38 N. Middletown Rd. Montvale, N.J. 07645. B.A. Accounting - Dance Club President, V.P. Omicron Delta Epsilon, Delta Zeta Social Chairperson, Pom-pom captain ZINA E. GAMBACORTA 163- 77th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11209. B.S. Natural Science Psychology - Resident Advisor, First Aid Corps, I.M. Basketball NATALIE B. GARBER 3659 Holt Ln. Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 19006 B.A. Communications English - Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority Communications Club Sec. Business Eco. Club, Society for Advancement of Management, Dance Club, WMUH MARCIE GARDNER Box 374 Riverside, Pa. 17868. B.A. Business Spanish - Alpha Chi Omega Rush Chairman, Business Eco. Club, Society for Advanced Management, Ski Club, Senior Ball Com- mittee, Senior Pledge Drive AMY E. GARTHLY 110 S. West St. Doylestown. Pa. 18901. B.A. Communications Religion - Omi- cron Delta Kappa President, Who’s Who, Student Council Academics Comm. Chair, Dining Commit- tee, Grievance Board, Program Board, Free Univer- sity, Concert Committee, Resident Advisor, Commu- nications Club President ELIZABETH GELB 92 Hemlock Terrace Wayne, N.J. 07470. B.A. Business Administration - Housing Advisory Committee, Dance Club, Hall Rep., WMUH D.J., I.M. Volleyball GEORGE M. GIATZIS 29 Fuller Rd. Briarcliffe, N.Y. 10510. B.A. Economics Business - Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Resident Advisor, Concert Com- mittee, I.M. Football, Softball SUZANNE GIORDANO 12 Kenny St. Hauppauge, N.Y. 11788. B.S. Biology Chemistry - First Aid Corps, Special Events, Chemistry Club DOUGLAS G. GIRTON 31 Hawthorne Ave. Gil- bertsville. Pa. 19525. B.A. English - Committee of English Majors, MTA - Special Productions Direc- tor, Organizational Coordinator, Who’s Who, WMUH 219 JOHN ANTHONY GISOLFI 616 N. Leh St Allen- town, Pa. 18104. B.A Business Psychology - Alpha Tau Omega KENNETH B. GOLDMAN 101 Mountain Ave, New Rochelle, N.Y. 10804. B.S. Natural Science LAURIE GOLDMAN 833 S. Filmore St. Allen- town, PA. 18103. B.S. Chemistry - NRSA LISA ANNE GOSNAY 240 Sunnybrook Rd. Springfield, Pa. 19064. B.A. English - Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse co-captain. Program Board Secretary, Special Events, Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Weekly STEVEN ERIC GOULD 320 River Bend Rd Berkeley Heights, N.J. 07922. B.A. Economics - WMUH, Eta Sigma Phi President, Concert Com- mittee SHARON KAY GROSS 52-30 39th Dr. Woodside, N.Y. I 1377. B.A. Communications - Communica- tions Club Sec., WMUH, Dance Club, Tour Guide, Delta Zeta, Hillel STEVEN GROSSWALD 1118 Stratford Ave. Mel- rose Park, Pa. 19126 B.A. Business Administration - Tau Kappa Epsilon, Society For Advancement of Management DAWN GUTHEIL 265 E. 7th St. New York, N.Y. 10009. B.A. Communications - Arcade, Communica- tions Club DEBORAH HADAD RD 1 Box 360F Hightstown, N.J. 08520. B.A. Psychology - Phi Sigma Sigma, Pre-Law Society, Psychology Club CHERYL A. HANAU 422 Eldon Dr. Broomall Pa. 19008. B.S. Biology Psychology - Curriculum Com- mittee, Program Board, College Bowl Chairperson, Psi Chi Secretary, Phi Beta Kappa CHRISTINE HANN 430 Nazareth Dr. Nazareth, Pa. 18064. B.S. Chemistry - Phi Beta Kappa GLORIA ANN R. HARDY Oak Ln. RD 2 Cresco, Pa. 18326. B.A. Accounting Business Administra- tion - Omicron Delta Kappa Sec. Omicron Delta Epsilon Pres., Accounting Club Treas. Varsity Soft- ball Field Hockey (captain). Student Advisor, Dorm Rep. Who’s Who, Wellness Program MARINZA HAZNEDARI 299 Standish Ave., Hackensack, N.J. 07601. B.S. Biology - Alpha Chi Omega Chapter Relations Board, Residence Hall Council, Walz Hall President DAWN A. HECKERT P.O. Box 81 Zion Hill, Pa. 18981. B.A. Psychology Tour Guide, Chapel Coun- cil, MCF Sec., Chapel Choir, Day Night Hostess, MT A JOHN J. HENDERSCHEDT 1017 E. Elm St Al- lentown, PA. 18103 B.A. Russian Studies - Russian Club President, MAPA, Art Club, Philosophy Club RACHEL L. HENDRICKS 639 Highland Ave. Per- kasie, PA. 18944. B.A. English - Sigma Tau Delta Treas., MCF, Education Society Pres., Phi Beta Kappa, Co-editor Antistrophe, tutor for writing cen- ter B. SCOTT HERSH 1642 Whitehall Ave. Allentown, Pa. 18104. B.A. Economics - Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Football, Lehigh Scuba Club Index SHARON HILLIARD P.O. Box 1302 Culpepper Va. 22701. B.S. Math DAVID H. HUANG 360 Fairview Ave. Cedar Grove, N.J. B.S. Natural Science - Dance Club, Alpha Phi Omega, WMUH, Senior Pledge Drive MTA KENNETH D. HUGHES 205 Maple Ave. Hor- sham, Pa. 19044 B.S. Chemistry, Tau Kappa Epsilon Treas., Varsity Soccer Capt. JOHN IVANKOVITS 346 Walnut Dr. Northamp- ton, Pa. 18067. B.S. Chemistry - Alpha Tau Omega, American Chemical Society PAUL S. JAROSSY 91 Annin Rd. West Caldwell, N.J. 07006. B.A. Business - Tau Kappa Epsilon Treas., Society for Advancement of Management, Jr., class fund-raising, I.M. Sports ROBERT MICHAEL JOHNSTON 102 Marcshire Dr. Middletown, N.J. 07748. B.S. Biology - Program Board Film Committee, l.M. Sports, Zeta Beta Tau Rush Committee ROBERT JOSLOFF 539 Evergreen Ln. Lafayette Hill, Pa. 19444. B.S. Chemistry Natural Science DIANE E. JULIANO 102 N. Huntington Ave. Margate, N.J. 08402. B.A. Communications - Ciarla, WMUH, Communications Club JAN REED JURDEN 1113 Parkside Dr. Wilming- ton, Del. 19803. B.A. Political Science - Co-Captain Varsity Field Hockey Lacrosse, Student Council Communications chair, Pi Sigma Alpha, Who’s Who, Pre-Law Society, Homecoming Court, Student Council Exec. Council, Transfer Advisor, Tour Guide JEFFREY MICHAEL KEATING 2 Effingham Rd. Yardley, Pa. 19067. B.S. Chemistry Natural Sci- ence - Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ski Club President, Chem Club, l.M. Sports ROBERT M. KEATOR 4041 Westaway Dr. La- fayette Hill, Pa. 19444. B.A. French - French Club V.P. Sec., International Affairs Club, Arcade SUSAN LYNN KEELE 1300 Dogwood Dr. Bridgewater, N.J. 08807. B.A. Accounting Business Administration DOUGLAS PAUL KELLEY 274 Plantation Rd. Houston, TX. 77024 B.A. History Government - Student Court, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Football, Phi Alpha Theta HOWARD KESSELMAN 32 Bordeaux Dr. Parsip- pany, N.J. 07054. B.S. Biology PATRICIA KETTLES 86 Fairview Ave. Port Washington, N.Y. 11050 B.A. Psychology - MCF, IVCF, Residence Hall Council, Chapel Council, Housing Advisory Committee, Student Trainer ROBERT KITEI 2241 S. 9th St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19148. B.S. Biology Natural Science ROBERT L. KLEIN 329 Shea Dr. New Milford, N.J. 07646. B.A. Business Alpha Tau Omega DAVID KLINE 5036 Dover Court Columbia, Md. 21044. B.A. Accounting - Accounting Club, Zeta Beta Tau, Varsity Tennis JAMES J. KLOCEK 1982 S. Delaware St. Allen- town, Pa. 18103. B.S. Biology Natural Science - TauKappa Epsilon President, l.M. Sports KAREN M. KNOTT 3412 Hillside Ave. Huntington Valley, Pa. 19006 B.A. Accounting Business - Ger- man Club Sec. Treas., Track Soccer Manager, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Accounting Club KATHLEEN ALLISON KOAR 1552 Runyon Ln. Mantoloking, N.J. 08738 B.A. Psychology - Varsity Cheerleading Captain, Psych Club, Education Soci- ety MARYBETH REGINA KOBULSKY 1611 Terrace Dr. Maple Glenn, Pa. 19002 B.S. Biology - Special Events Chairman, Program Board, Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Alpha Phi Omega JO KOENIG 2004 Hilltop Rd. Westfield, N.J. 07090. B.A. Psychology MISSY KRAFT 105 Colony Place BelAir, Md. 21014. B.S. Biology - Chapel Choir, IVCF, Tour Guide LORI ANN KREIDLER 150 Princeton Ave. Pal- merton. Pa. 18071. B.A. Business - Delta Zeta, Busi- ness Club Secretary, Society for Advancement of Management Sec, Tour Guide JAMES MICHAEL KRONINGER 905 Baylowell Dr. West Chester, Pa. 19380 B.A. History - MCF President, Phi Alpha Theta, Cross Country, Track, Chapel Choir, Festival Choir STEVEN ELLIOT LABKOFF 329 Peachtree Dr. Elkins Park, Pa. 19111 B.S. Natural Science Che- mistry - Program Board, Nite Owl Chairman, Photo Club, Jazz Ensemble, Gamong Club SCOTT M. LADEN 108 Windsor Ave. Melrose Park, Pa. 19126. B.A. Political Science - Big Broth- ers of Lehigh Valley, Phi Kappa Tau Exec. Council, Pre-Law Society EMILY A. LAGERGREN 10 Hathaway Ln. Ver- ona, N.J. 07044. B.A. Communications - Dorm Council Rep., Intramural Sports ELIZABETH LAMA 8707 Colonial Rd. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11209. B.A. Social Science Music - MCF, EXEC. Council Class of ’85, Anthropology Club Pres., Program Board- Nite Owl Chairman, Chapel Choir, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, French Club, Photo Club MARGARET S. LAMMEY 27 Flintshire Rd. Mal- vern, Pa. 19355. B.S. Biology - Alpha Phi Omega, Philosophy Club Sec Treas. TODD C. LANGDON 19 Deerfield Rd. Mendham, N.J. 07945. B.A. Communications - Phi Kappa Tau, Varsity Football JEANNETTE A. LARSEN 1036 Washington Ave. Old Tappan, N.J. 07675. B.A. Bus iness Social Sci- ence - Dance Club, Program Board, Delta Zeta, Psy- chology Club, Dining Committee SCOTT W. LAUER 202 Riverbank Dr. Burlington, N.J. 08016. B.S. Natural Science - Alpha Tau Ome- ga, V.P. Chem. Club, Varsity Football, WMUH MICHAEL LAWLESS 318 Center St. Wind Gap, Pa. 18091. B.A. Business Administration - Phi Kappa Tau Seargent at Arms. l.M. Sports Index DAVID E. LEE Richard Mine Rd. Wharton, N.J. 07885. B.S. Chemistry Biology - Ozborne Research Committee, College Choir, Wind Ensemble, Wmuh JOANNA MI LEE 920 Spring Ave. Elkins Park, Pa. 191 17. B.S. Natural Science Biology - International Students Assoc. Sec, Delta Zeta Pan-Hell Sec., Stu- dent Advisor, Hall Rep., Weekly, Tour Guide LAURENCE H. LERMAN 38 Wilk Rd. Edison, N.J. 08837. B.A. Communications - MTA, Weekly Film Critic, Program Board Film Chairman, Zeta Beta Tau, Concert Committee, Festival of the Arts JAMES JOHN LEVY 29 Perrin Dr. Wayne, N.J. 07470 B.S. Physics - Society of Physics Students, MCF JANET LIETO Box 1536 Hemlock Farms Hawley, Pa. 18428 B.S. Biology Natural Science - Alpha Phi Omega, Residence Hall Council- Brown Pres., Ski Club, Newman Assoc., I.N. Sports DAVID A. LISAN 468 Merion Rd. Merion, Pa. 19066. B.A. Psychology Cross-Country, Track Cap- tain GARY LUKAITIS 207 N. Union Ave. Cranford, N.J. B.S. Chemistry Zeta Beta Tau HOWARD LUKS 71 Forest Dr. Jericho, N.Y. 11753. B.S. Chemistry Zeta Beta Tau LISA MARIE LUPOSELLO 62 Watch Hill Rd. Croton, N.Y. 10520 B.A. Communications ALBERT EMERSON LUSSIER III 100 Westwood Dr. Middlebury, Ct. 06762. B.A. American Studies - Ice Hokey Captain, Varsity Golf, I.M. Sports, Alpha Tau Omega, Social Chairman LINDA M. LUTHER 82 Highland Ave. Ansonia, Ct. 06401. B.A. Art Student Advisor, Chapel Choir, MCF Sec. Tour Guide, 1VCF V.P., German Club DEBRA ANN MACKIE 2020 Gilbride Rd. Martins- ville, N.J. B.A. Psychology Spanish - College Choir, Chapel Choir, Weekly Dir. of Circulation, Program Board, Phi Sigma Iota V.P., Psi Chi, Psych Club, Spanish Club LAURIE MACNAMARA 53 Rockleigh Rd. Tren- ton, N.J. 08628. B.A. Political Science Spanish - Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Sigma lota. Pi Sigma Alpha, Wind Ensemble Concert Mistress, Chapel Choir Asst. Mgr, Senior Pledge Drive Publicity Chair, Academic policy committee, Spanish Club, College Choir, Am- nesty International Pit Orchestra ALICIA L. MADER 382 Monroe Ave. Wyckoff, N.J. 0748 1 . B.A. English Art - Student Council V.P. Senior Pledge Drive Chairperson, Concert Commit- tee, Semester Abroad CATHERINE A. MAHONEY 6 Coventry Circle Princeton, N.J. 08540. B.A. Business Administra- tion Philosophy - Field Hockey, Philosophy Club, YACC, Women’s Track DANIEL R. MAIORIELLO 250 Brodhead Ave. E. Stroudsburg, Pa. 18301 B.A. History, Alpha Tau Omega, Wrestling, Track, Rifle Club JEFFREY BRIGGS MAJOR 12520 Edgewater Dr. Lakewood, OH 44107. B.A. Political Science - French Club, German Club, International Affairs, Forensics Society CARLA M. MARINO 55 Blackstone Rd. Port Reading, N.J. 07064. B.A. Communications - WMUH Asst. Program Director, Pre-Law Society, Academic Judicial Board, I.M. Sports HOLLY LYNN MARTIN 27 Reo Court Colonia, N.J. 07067. B.A. Business Administration Religion - College Choir Asst. Mgr, Chapel Choir Mgr, Exec. Council, Alpha Phi Omega Sec., First Aid Corps, Lifeguard, Senior Ball Committee, Junior Prom Comm. Tour Guide, Student Advisor KIMBERLEY ANN MARTIN Box 609 Raymond, Me. 04071. B.A. English Humanities KITTY MAY 17 Leahy Rd. Keene, N.H. 03431. B.A. German ROSE MARIE MCANDREW 230 Powhatton, Ave. Lester, Pa. 19113. B.A. Political Science Psychology - Academic Policy Comm., Pre-Law Society, Psych Club, Tour Guide Coordinator, Cheerleading, I.M. sports, Wellness MARK P. MCGRIEVY 48 Prospect Rd. Wayne, N.J. 07470. B.A. History Political Science - Phi Kappa Tau V.P., Outing Club Pres., MFC Rep. ALISON LEE MCKAIG 16 Wayland Dr. Verona, N.J. 07044. B.A. Economics Spanish - College Choir, Jazz Band Vocalist, MTA, Phi Sigma lota, Omicron Delta Epsilon ALFRED PETER MCKEON 55 Crestmont Rd West Orange, N.J. 07052. B.A. Business History - Phi Kappa Tau Corresponding Sec., Business Club, I.M. Sports EMILY M. MILLER 2462 S. 10th St. Allentown, Pa. 18103. B.S. Chemistry Natural Science - AFROTC, Tour Guide, ACS, Russian Club MIRIAM S. MILLER 226 E. Dorrance St. Kings- ton, Pa. 18704. B.A. Business Administration - Bu- siness Eco. Club V.P., Society for Advancement Of Management V.P., Firtst Aid, I.M. Sports, Hillel KIMBERLY A. MILLS 83 Ascolese Rd. Trumbull, Ct. 06611. B.S. Biology - Chapel Choir, Alpha Phi Omega President, Class of ’85 Exec. Council, MCF V.P., Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Student Recep- tionist, Program Board, I.M. Soccer, First Aid JAMES E. MITCHELL Quail Hill Rd. Lloyd Har- bor, N.Y. 1174 3. B.A. Communications - WMUH Program Director, Station Mgr., Residence Hall Council V.P., MTA, College Choir, I.M. Volleyball, Tour Guide, Barbershop Octet SETH DAVID MOLOD 162 Reni Rd. Manhasset, N.Y. 11030. B.A. Accounting - President Ultimate Frisbee Club, President East, I.M. Sports BRAD B. MOORE 1822 Pine St. Camp Hill, Pa. 17011. B.S. Biology Naturai Science - College Choir, College Bowl, ODK PAMELA B. MORSE 120 Powers Rd. Sudbury, MA. 01776. B.A. Accounting - Lacrosse, Tour Guide, Class of ’85 Exec. Council, Junior Prom Chairperson DAVE MURCH 825 Lawrence Ave. Westfield, N.J. 07090. B.S. Physics Ozborne Research Committee, Secretary of Physics Students THOMAS G. NADER 320 S. Glenwood Allentown, Pa. 18104. B.A. Business CURTIS E. NAGLE 1 I Alden Terrace Flanders, N.J. 07836. B.A. Political Science Russian Studies - Football, Russian Club, Concert Committee, Phi Kappa Tau HOPE GIULIA COLWELL NAPOLITAN P.O. Box 157 Pottersviile, N.J. 07979 B.A. French - Le Cercle Francais, Jr. Year Abroad, Italian Club TODD NEWKIRK 27 Rolling Hill Dr. Chatham, N.J. 07928. B.S. Biology Natural Science - Sigma Phi Epsilon Fundraising Chairman, Ski Club MARLENE NISC ' H 65 Spencer- Ln. Watchung, N.J. 07060. B.A. English Pom-poms, " Hen House, Tou Guide, Alpha Phi Omega PATRICIA EILEEN NOLAN 48 Rockcrest Rd Manhasset, N.Y. 11030. B.A. Psychology - Psychol- ogy Club, Class of ’85 Exec. Council, Ciarla Photog- raphy Editor, Tour Guide, Delta Zeta MICHAEL B. NORINSBERG I Rivercrest Rd Ri verdale, N.Y. 10471. B.A. Business Drama - MTA, Economics Honor Society, Who’s Who JAMES E. NORTON 201 Villanova Rd. Glassboro. N.J. 08028. B.A. Information Science - Tau Kappa Epsilon, Math Club, Ski Club, Computer Lab Asst., Varsity Soccer, I.M. Sports DANIEL NUNZIATA 467 7th St. Fairview, N.J. 07022. B.A. Communications - Alpha Tau Omega. Business Club, Advertising Club, Big Brot hers DOROTHY C. OLDHAM 2010 PA. St. Allentown. Pa. 18104. B.A. English - Sigma Tau Delta (English Honors) SHARI A. OPLINGER 236 Christmas Ave, Bath, Pa. 18014. B.A. Communications - IABC, " Oh What A Lovely War " cast DAVID G. ORPHANIDES 3281 Lower Mountain Rd. Furlong, Pa. 18925. B.A. History Government - History Political Science Honor Societies PAUL PARAY 48 Fairview Dr. Midland Park, N.J. 07432. B.A. English Philosophy - Chess Club Presi- dent, WMUH, Sigm Tau Delta, Alpha Tau Omega MITCHELL I. PARKIN 3139 Burn Brae Dr Dresher, Pa. 19025. B.S. Biology - APO, Hillel ARTHUR M. PECK I 1 Glenview Dr. Princeton, N.J. 08540. B.S. Physics - Ultimate Frisbee Club, Soccer Team, Physic Club, CINDY ANNE PEIL 667 Hillcrest Blvd. Phillips- burg, N.J. 08865. B.A. Business Communications - Dance Club V.P., Delta Zeta Pledge Trainer, Well- ness, Communications Club, Tour Guide, Exec. Council ' 85 MARIA PERONE 171 Old Somerset Rd. Wat- chung, N.J. 07060. B.S. Biology Natural Science - Dance Club costume designer choreographer. Stu- dent Court, Delta Zeta Pan-hell Rep, Lector for Neuman Assoc, First Aid Corps, I.M. Sports THOMAS SCOTT PERSINC 5 Newman Rd Pennsburg, Pa. 18073. B.A. English - Track, Ac- counting Society Sec, WMUH Business Mgr JOHN PETRAK JR. 20 Penn Ave. Staten Island, 221 Index N.Y. 10306. B.A. History - Tau Kappa Epsilon, WMUH, Pre-Law Society, Usher CLAUDIA T. PRINO 33 Glen Rd. Wayne, N.J. 07470. B.A. Psychology Business Administration - Psych Club, Psi Chi President, Omicron Delta Epsi- lon Treas., Weekly Circulation Director, RHC JOHN G. RAHEB 124 Bower Court Staten Island, N.Y. 10309. B.S. Biology Student Advisor, Tau Kappa Epsilon, First Aid Corps President ' 85 Exec, Board LAURA TAM RAMPIL 1 Horseshoe Ln. Roslyn Hts, N.Y. 11577. B.A. Psychology, Wind Ensemble President, Jazz Band, YACC, Arcade, Tour Guide, Millerheim Pres. KAREN RAUDIBAUGH 1412 Lancaster Ave. Reading, Pa. 19607. B.S. Biology German - Presi- dent International Students Assoc, Resident Advisor, Tour Guide JOSEPH P. REBMAN 155 Church St. Landisville. Pa. 17538. B.S. Biology - Student Council, Tau Kappa Epsilon, College Choir, Head Usher, Weekly DAVID ANDREW REICHARD 3254 Afton Rd Dresher, Pa 19025. B.A. History, - Program Board, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Alpha Theta President, Tour Guide, Student Advisor, Student Receptionist, Bud- get Review Committee, Jr. Prom Committee DOUG REIMER 175 Sherwood Ln. Stirling, N.J. 07980. B.S. Natural Science - Alpha Tau Omega, Rifle Club, Chess Club, Ice Hockey WILLIAM S. REINER JR. 1 Darby Rd Monsey. N.Y. 10952. B.A. Business Accounting- Phi Kappa Tau, Accounting Club, Football Co-Captain, Base- ball AMY REUMANN 7206 Boyer St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19119. B.A. Religion International Studies - Resi- dent Advisor, Wmuh, Russian Club V.P., LSM Sec, Convocations Committee, Mid-Atlantic Reaccredi- tation Comm., German Club, Alliance for Progres- sive Action MCF, Values Action Committee, World Hunger Coalition, Lacrosse CAROLYN RICCA 13 Chateau Court Atco, N.J. 08004. B.A. Business Administration - Business Eco. Club President, Society for Advancement of Man- agement President, Wellness, Seniro Pledge Drive Chairman, Delta Zeta Activities Chair EILEEN M. RIKER 30 Knollwood Dr. Livingston, N.J. 07039 B.A. Psychology - Education Society President, Class of ’85 Exec. Council, Psychology Club, Dining Committee KENNETH G. RODGERS 3 Elm Place Armonk, N.Y. 10504. B.A. Communications - Phi Kappa Tau, Football, WMUH Sports GIZELLE ELIZABETH ROLANDO 305 Barcel- lona Dr. Toms River, N.J. 08735. B.A. Business Ad- ministration Accounting - Cheerleading, Student Advisor, Dance Club YVONNE LUCIA ROMAN 22 Hathaway Dr. Prin- ceton Junction, N.J. 08550. B.A. Psychology - French Club, MCF, Psychology Club ELIZABETH ROONEY 14 Mulberry Rd. Glen Mills Pa. 19342. B.A. Social Work - Phi Sigma lota. Psychology Club RENEE LYNN ROSENFELD 1712 Strahle St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19152 B.A. Human Resource Ad- ministration - MTA, Summer Theatre, College Choir, Dance Club JOSEPH P. ROTHWEIN IV 630 Northampton Rd. Norrostown, Pa 19401. B.A. Business Administra- tion JAMES K. ROWLAND 1229 Cedar Ave. Moun- tainside, N.J. 07092. B.A. English Music - Sigma Tau Delta President, Dance Club Publicity Officer, Institution of Sound, Osborne Research comm. Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, WMUH MEGAN L. ROXBERRY 26 Frederick Place, Mor- ristown, N.J. 07960. B.A. English French - French Club, Arcade Editor, Weekly features reporter, Co- editor Antistophe, Phi Sigma lota Sec, Sigma Tau Delta V.P. MICHAEL I. RlIBENSTEIN 27 Brookside Place Livingston, N.J. 07039 B.A. Accounting Economics - Philosophy Club, Pre-Law Society, Hillel, Table Tennis Club, Russian Club LORI A. RYAN 3567 Via LA Primavera Thousand Oaks, Ca. 91360 B.S. Mathematics - Delta Zeta, Alpha Phi Omega TIMOTHY J. RYAN 236 Donaldson Ave. Ruther- ford, N.J. 07070. B.S. Mathematics - Football, Math Club, Phi Kappa Tau Rush Chairman DAVID ALAN SABEH 29 Everett PI. Wayne, N.J. 07470 B.S. Chemistry Class of ’85 Treasurer, Wind Ensemble Treasurer, American Chemical Society V.P., Arcade, Advising Steering Committee, MTA, Tour Guide, Jazz Ensemble THOMAS JOHN SACRAMONE 411 Samp Mor- tar Drive Fairfield, Ct. 06430 B.A. Sociology Eng- lish DAVID J. SANDER 845 Sycamore Dr. Southamp- ton, Pa. 18966. B.A. History - Concert Committee- Chairman, WMUH, Weekly, College Bowl, Tour Guide, Budget Review Committee, Phi Alpha Theta DIANE SANDERS Box 61 Muhlenberg College Al- lentown, Pa. 18104. B.A. Spanish - Alpha Phi Ome- ga, Color Guard TIMOTHY R. SCHELL Box 159 Earlville, Pa. 19519. B.A. Business Accounting- Business Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity THOMAS SCHMIDT 40 Fernhill Rd. Springfield, N.J. 07081. B.A. Business Administration JENNIFER C. SCHOEN 666 McKinley Ave. Westwood, N.J. 07675. B.A. English Political Sci- ence - Student Council President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Ztea Sorority, Field Hockey, Lacrosse JEFFREY F. SCOTT 725 Napoli Dr. Pacific Pali- sades, Ca. 90272. B.A. History - Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega JANICE LYNN SEMPER 963 Midland Rd. Ora- dell, N.J. 07649. B.A. Psychology - Class of ' 85 Executive Council, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Phi Omega, Student Advisor, V.P. Brown Hall, RHC, Senior Ball Committee, Jr. Prom Committee, Psych Club, Psi Chi, Wellness Advisory Comm. Senior Pledge Drive LISA SHAPIRO 22 Hemlock Rd. Livingston, N.J. 07039. B.A. Business Social Science - Alpha Phi Omega, Cardinal Key, tour guide MATTHEW D. SIDOTI 6 Woodhollow Ct. Fort Salonga N.Y. 11 768. B.S. Natural Science - Osborne Research Committee, Ultimate Frisbee, “Backtalk”, Swim Club, Jazz Ensemble, Eta Sigma Phi V.P., Percussion Ensemble DONNA L. SMITH 54 Eagle Rd. Chalfont, Pa. 18914. B.M.S. Natural Science - Tour Guide, Math Club, First Aid Corps, College Bowl, Pres. Gumby Club, Phi Beta Kappa MARTHA SCOTT SMITH 6620 Forest Dr. Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514. B.A. Communications - Delta Zeta, Communications Club Treas., Orientation Committee, WMUH, Business Club N. STANTON SMOYER JR. 326 Canterbury Ln. Wyckoff, N.J. 07481 B.A. Accounting - Alpha Tau Omega- Exchequer DANIEL SNYDER 908 W. University Pkwy. Balti- more, Md 21210. B.A. Business Economics - Eco- nomics Club, Ski Club, I.M. Sports, Alpha Tau Omega ROGER C. SNYDER 514 Whitehall St. Allentown, Pa. 18102 B.A. Accounting Business - Accounting Club, Business Club, Accounting Club, Business Club, Accounting tutor SUZANNE T. SNYDER 1055 Waterloo Rd. Ber- wyn, Pa. 19312. B.A. Psychology - Cheerleading, Psych Club DARYL JUNE SOLOMON 8 Illingworth Ave. Ten- afly, N.J. 07670 Russian Club, Weekly, Alpha Phi Omega DIANE L. SOMMERS RD 1 5145 Herbertsville Rd. Brick, N.J. 08724 B.A. Business Economics Softball, Business Club, Tour Guide LAUREL SUE SONNENSCHEIN 21730 Little Brook Way Strongsville, OH. 44136 B.A. Business Administration - College Choir, French Club, MTA, International Students Assoc. LISA ANN SONZOGNI 405 Briarwood Ave. Had- donfield, N.J. 08033 B.A. Communications - Brown Pres, MacGregor Pres, IABC, Phi Sigma Iota, Com- munications Club V.P., WMUH BETSY ANN SPRENKLE 430 Beaumont Rd. York, Pa. 17403. B.A. Business Administration- Spanish - WMUH Business Mgr, Asst. Program Director, Ciarla Business Mgr, Phi Sigma Iota, RHC, Omicrin Delta Epsilon, Lacrosse, Alpha Chi Omega Chapter Relations Board ALAN STEIER 2128 Ash Ln. Lafayette Hill, Pa. 19444. A. Information Science - Alpha Tau Omega, Math Club, Chess Club JAY STEIGER WALD 5 Brookmawr Rd. Newtown Square, Pa. 19073. B.S. Chemistry - President IVCF, President MCF, Resident Advisor’ Chemistry Club Treas, College Bowl, Hall Rep. Chapel Council LAWRENCE M. STEIN 2525 Kirk Dr. Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 19006. B.A. Philosophy Russian Studies - Russian Club, Pre-Law Society, Philosophy Club V.P., Dobro Slovo President, Table Tennis r ? a i. a » s ft SI II k l ; is It I lit j f " ; i! lit !l 1 ' fs a SE fo ,1 ' ■j I i m i Ik CA flu III IEI 1)1 HE IE 1 He tt Ciii lecti ' W Ell %i tons Club I0SI HCI LYNETTE K. STEINER 1434 Penn St. N. Catasau- qua. Pa. 18032. B.A. Accounting - Accounting Club V.P. Business Eco. Club, Society for Advanced Management, NAA ERIK T. STEINERT 9 Lee Rd. Lenox, MA. 01240. B.A. Communications WMUH, MTA, Institution of Sound, Osborne Research Committee LEE A. STENNER 205 Wilson Road Orange, Ct. 06477. B.A. Economics Business Administration - Student Advisor, Tour Guide, Hall Rep, Lacrosse, Festival of the Arts SUSAN L. STOCKER Box 146 Center Valley, Pa. 18034 B.A. Accounting Accounting Club Sec. Bu- siness Eco. Club, Program Board Special Events RICHARD S. STRIEFLER 57 Somerset Dr. Yon- kers, N.Y. 10710 B.A. Business Alpha Tau Omega, Tennis NINA STRONGYLOU P.O. Box 3610 Nicosia, Cy- prus B.A. Business Drama - International Students Assoc, MTA, YACC ROBERT A. STUTMAN 3892 Warfield Dr. Hun- tingdon Valley, Pa. 19006 B.A. Political Science - Pre-Law Society, Forensics, Student Court, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pi Sigma, Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who BIRGITTA SVENSSON Bergsgardsv 8 Halmstad, Sweden 30271 B.A. Economics Business Adminis- tration SEAN TAYLOR 200 E. 90th St. Apt. 15D New York, N. 10128 B.A. Political Science Pre-Law Soci- ety, Pho Sigma Gamma LISA C. THEAMAN 26 Arundel Rd. Wayne, N.J. 07470. B.A. Finance Spanish - Phi Sigma lota, Omi- cron Delta Epsilon, Dance Club, Tour Guide, Span- ish Club, I.M. Sports JOSEPH J. THOMAS 3233 Clay St. Whitehall, Pa. 18052 B.A. History Secondary Education Phi Alpha Theta, Football GARY HAROLD THOMPSON 22 Valley View Rd. Flemington, N.J. 08822 B.A. Communications - MTA, Weekly News Editor, Festival Choir JEFFREY TOLL 7426 Drexel Rd. Philadelphia, Pa. 19151. B.S. Natural Science Program Board, ZBT, MFC RENEE MAURA TRABERT 930 Minisink Way Westfield, N.J. 07090 B.A. Business Human Re- sources - Coordinator of Freshman Advising, Alpha Chi Omega President, Student Receptionist, Tour Guide, Jr. Prom Committee, Sorority Search Se- lection Committee, Senior Pledge Drive VINCENT J. TRANCHITELLA P.O. Box 355 Pin- eville, Pa. 18946 B.S. Chemistry Natural Science - Tau Kappa Epsilon, WMUH KARL ROBERT TRENKER 749 Norman Place Westfield, N.J. 07090 B.A. Art - Alpha Tau Omega, Cross Country, Wrestling, Track, Rifle Club, Art Club JOSEPH TROLO 204 N. Dwards Ave. Havertown, PA. 19083 B.S. Biology VICTOR TRITTO 35 Edgar Place Nutley, N.J. Index 07110 B.S. Biology Chemistry - Baseball Capt., Resident Advisor, Committee on Student Affairs, Phi Kappa Tau MARK TRUCHAN 18 Oakridge Ave. Nutley, N.J. 07110 B.A. Business Economics - Phi Kappa Tau Rush Chairman AUGUSTA TSIE 3 6th St. Republic Rd. Swatow, Canton China B.A. Economica - International Stu- dents Assoc, IVCF MICHAEL TSONTAKIS 158 Eaton Ln. W. Islip N.Y. 1 1795. B.A. Information Science - Alpha Tau Omega, Business Club, Greek Week Chairman, Wrestling DEBORAH J. TURNER 31 Wilson Ave, West East Hanover, N.J. 07936 Alpha Phi Omega, Program Board, Tour Guide, Orientation Committee Deltz Zeta ELLEN VAN BERGEN 60 Spruce St. Roslyn Har- bor, N.Y. 15576. B.A. Communications ANDREW ROBERT WASSON 110 Memorial Ln Mt. Laurel, N.J. 08504 B.A. Business Administra- tion - Wrestling, Alpha Tau Omega B. RALPH WAYMAN 2301 Yardley Rd. Yardley, Pa. 19067 B.S. Natural Science math - Sigma Phi Epsilon, Math Club LISA A. WERNETT 134 Young Ave. Coopersburg, Pa. 18036. B.A. Social Science - Psychology Club, Business Club, Program Board Special Events, WMUH SUZANNE LYNN WESTPHAL 9 Orange Place Wayne, N.J. 07470. B.S. Biology Natural Science - Alpha Phi Omega, Academic Judicial Board HOWARD WILLIAMS 42 Abbot Rd. Smithtown, N.Y. 11787. B.A. Business Art TODD CHARLES WILLIAMS Box 276 George School Newtown, Pa. 18940 B.S. Biology - Rifle Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon JOHN P. WINTER 11 Scott Ln. Trumbull, Ct. 06611. B.A. Accounting History - Student Council Treasurer, Head Resident Chairman - Budget Re- view Committee SUZANNE CAROLYN WITCHER R 1 Box 231 Farmingdale, N.J. 07727 B.S. Biology - Cheerlead- ing, Lacrosse, Dance Club, First Aid, I.M. Volley- ball, Day on campus hostess, Amnesty International R. SCOT WOODRUM RD6 Valley View Dr. Flem- ington, N.J. 08822. B.S. Chemistry Psychology - Sigma Phi Epsilon President, Psych Club, Ski Club, Chem Club, I.M. Sports Student Advisor, Athletic Trainer DONNA FAY WRIGHT 64 Arbor Rd. Churchville, Pa. 18966 B.A. Communications Sociology - Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Alpha Phi Omega Sec, Delta Zeta, Tour Guide, Coordinator Day Night Program Student Court, Dance Club, Pom-poms, Resident Advisor, Student Advisor, Weekly, WMUH DONALD T. WU 35 Lance Dr. Clark, N.J. 07066. B.S. Natural Science Chemistry - Chemistry Club ANTHONY G. WYDAN 623 Knoll D. Lansdale, Pa. 19446. B.S. Natural Science Biology - Newman As- soc, First Aid Corps, Track JULIA ANN YANOVIAK 11100 NW 33rd St. Cor- al Springs, Fla. 33065 B.S. Biology Spanish - Head Resident, Phi Sigma lota Pres, Delta Zeta, Spanish Club, Student Receptionist, Tour Guide, WMUH, Long Range Planning Comm. Who’sWho BARBARA ALICE QUAY YENSER 2612 Yellow- stone Rd. Cinnaminson, N.J. 08077. B.S. Chemistry - MCF, ACS, Wind Ensemble, Pep Band Jazz Band W ' lLMA NIP 3841 Pleasant Ave. Allentown. Pa. 18103. B.A. Psychology - Psi Chi, Dance Club. Non- Resident Student Assoc. GEORGE CHRISTOPHER ZUMBF.RGE 5 Delta Court Allendale, N.J. 07401 B.S. Computer Science - Class of ' 85 Exec. Council, MCF Committee Chair- man, Eta Sigma Phi President, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Chapel Choir 223 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Mary Allison Elston-Editor-In-Chief Patty Nolan-Photography Editor Betsy Sprenkle-Business Manager Diane Juliano-Copy Editor Robert Clark-Faculty Advisor The 1985 Ciarla was produced with the loyal aid of: Betsy Sprenkle, Diane Juliano- Senior Sections; Kate Hauser, Libby Joslyn - Academics Section; Jennifer Schoen, Andrea Dowhower - Sports; Lisa Farrell - Special Events; Photographers: Lori Bottjer, Laura Brand, Guy Brignola, Meg Estey, John LeBlanc, Evelyn Neuber, Patty Nolan, Jeff Pappas. Special Thanks to Holly Martin for last minute color photos , Weekly photographer Bill Bushnell First and foremost a round of applauds to Josten’s representative Bill O ' Brien - They don’t make ' em like this man anymore. His dedication, patience, advice and encouragement were invaluable! Thanks also to plant consultant Penny Nelson. This book would have never been completed without their guidance. Another saint, advisor. Bob Clark who put up with the editor (or “pest”) above and beyond the call of duty. He, and the entire College Relations staff cannot be thanked enough for being three to supply vital pictures and copy in times of “crisis.” Not to mention the moral support and guidance that was needed. Abe Orlick and his staff at Davor Photo for covering Senior Portraits, Homecoming, and the Senior Ball among other things, and for being so agreeable and supportive; these people bent over backwards. Thanks to all those who answered the call to supply color candids for the Senior informal section! They added a lot of diversity. Thanks to Grace Jones and Dave Seaman for graciously providing office space for 1984 Ciarlas And to the residents of 9 1 47 Helaine Hamlet for “putting-up” and allowing their home to be coverted to an office for the final stages of production. 224

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